Popular Aircraft acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
Aircraft and Armament Testing Unit
Airframe & Powerplant
Air to Air
Anti Aircraft
Advanced Aircraft Analysis
Advanced Amphibious Aircraft
American Affordable Aircraft
Active Array Antenna Unit
Agência de Aviação Civil
Airworthiness Advisory Circular
Amphibian Aircrafts of Canada
Amphibian Airplanes of Canada
Associated Air Center
Australian Aerobatic Club
Australian Aircraft Consortium
Autonomous Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
Army Airways Communications System
Argentine Air Force
Advanced Arresting Gear
Anti-Aircraft Gun
Associated Aircraft Group
Adam Aircraft Industries
Air Accident Investigation Branch
Air Accidents Investigation Branch
Air Accidents Investigation Board
Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau
Aircraft Accident Investigation Board
Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research
Air to Air Missile
Air-to-Air Missiles
Air-to-Air Refuelling
Air-to-Air Refueling
Air to Air Refuelling
Airport Arrival Rate
Air to Air Refueling
Automated Aerial Refueling
Autonomous Aerial Refueling
Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance Systems
Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance System
Advanced Airborne Sensor
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Armed Aerial Scout
Advanced Aviation Training Device
Advanced Air Transportation Technologies
Active Aeroelastic Wing
Anti-aircraft warfare
Anti-Air Warfare Commander
Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition
Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition
Aircraft-based augmentation system
Aircraft Based Augmentation System
Advancing Blade Concept
Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
American Bonanza Society
Aerodynamic Center
Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Commander
Air Combat Command
Army Co-operation
Agile Combat Aircraft
Aircraft Carrier Alliance
Advanced Composite Airframe Program
Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System
Aircraft Communications and Reporting System
Aircraft Communication and Reporting System
Airborne Collision Avoidance System
Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems
Aircraft Collision Avoidance System
Assistant Chief of the Air Staff
Assistant Chief of Air Staff
Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology
Area Control Centre
Advanced Composite Cargo Aircraft
Airborne Command and Control Squadron
Adaptive Cycle Engine
Aviation Combat Element
Advanced Countermeasures Electronic Systems
Advanced Countermeasures Electronic System
Advanced Common Flightdeck
Air Combat Fighter
Area Control Facility
Aviation Capital Group
Aviation Consulting Group
Airbus Corporate Jet Centre
Automatic Carrier Landing System
Additional Crew Member
Air Combat Maneuvering
Air combat manoeuvring
Air Combat Manoeuvres
Air Combat Mode
Air Cycle Machine
Air Cargo Management Group
Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation
Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation
Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
Air Combat Maneuvering Range
Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
Aircraft Condition Monitoring Systems
Aircraft Certification Office
Aircraft Certification Offices
Audio Control Panel
Audio Control System
Aircraft Crashes Record Office
Active Control System
Advisory Circulars
Air Commando Squadron
Armament Control System
Air Charter Safety Foundation
Aviation Communications and Surveillance Systems
Active Control Technology
Air Conditioning Unit
Air Control Wing
Aircraft Control and Warning
Airworthiness Directive
Airworthiness Directives
Airworthiness Directives
Air Defence Alert
Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System
Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System
Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investment
Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technologies
Air Data Computer
Air Data Computers
Air Data Computers
Air Defence Command
Air Defense Command
Aircraft Derived Data
Air Defense Fighter
Airline Dispatchers Federation
Automatic Direction Finder
Automatic Direction Finding
Automatic direction-finding
Automatic Direction Finders
Air Driven Generator
Attitude Director Indicator
Air Data And Inertial Reference System
Air Data Inertial Reference System
Air Data Inertial Reference Unit
Airborne Data Link Processor
Air Data Module
Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association
Automated Dry Material Placement
Aircraft Data Network
Aircraft Data Networks
Aircraft Dealer Network
Advanced Development Program
Advanced Development Projects
Air Data Reference
Air Data System
Air Defence Ship
Airworthiness Directives
Automated Dependent Surveillance
Automatic Dependent Surveillance
Automatic Dependant Surveillance
Automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
Air Data Unit
Air Defence Variant
All Environment
Aviation Electrician
Aviation Electronics
Aerial Experiment Association
Airborne Electronic Attack
Aircraft Electronics Association
Aircrew Equipment Assembly
All Environment Capable Variant
Airline Electronic Engineering Committee
Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
Air Expeditionary Forces
Aircraft Evaluation Group
Aircraft Evaluation Groups
Aircraft Engineers International
Air Electronics Officer
Aerotransportes Entre Rios
Aircraft Earth Station
Active Electronic Scanned Array
Active Electronically Steered Array
Active Electronically Scanning Array
Advanced Electronically Scanned Array
Aircraft Electronics Technician
Air Education and Training Command
Airborne Early Warning
Airborne Electronic Warfare
Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems
Airborne Early Warning and Control System
Airborne Early Warning and Control
Airborne Early Warning and Control System
Airborne Early Warning, Command and Control
Airborne Forward Air Controller
Air Force Board
Australian Flying Corps
Automatic Flight Control
Automatic Flight Control System
Advanced Flight Control Systems
Auto Flight Control System
Adaptive Flight Display
Autopilot Flight Director
Autopilot Flight Director Computer
Autopilot Flight Director System
Automated Flight Following
Air Force Flight Standards Agency
Air Force Flight Test Center
Automatic Flight Guidance System
Automated Flight Information Reporting System
Airborne Flight Information System
Automatic Flight Information Service
Aeroplane Flight Manual
Aircraft Flight Manual
Airplane Flight Manual
Air Forces Monthly
Airplane Flight Manuals
Airplane Flight Manual Supplement
Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association
Armstrong Flight Research Center
Automatic Flight System
Air Force Special Operations Command
Air Force Special Weapons Center
Air Force Test Center
Advanced Fighter Technology Integration
Air Force Technical Order
Air Force Test Pilots School
Anglo-French Variable Geometry
Anglo French Variable Geometry
Air Force of Zimbabwe
Automatic Ground-Air Communications System
Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development
Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments
Automatic Gain Control
Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System
Air-Ground Data Link
Aerospace Ground Equipment
Aircraft Geometric Height Measurement Element
Automatic Gun-Laying Turret
Automatic Gun Laying Turret
Alliance Ground Surveillance
Analysis Ground Station
Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
Aviation Ground Support Equipment
Artificial Horizon
Attitude Heading Control
Attitude Heading Computer
Advanced Hit Efficiency And Destruction
Army Helicopter Improvement Program
Aircraft Health Management System
Altitude Heading Reference System
Attitude & Heading Reference System
Attitude and Heading Reference Systems
Attitude Heading Reference System
Attitude Heading Reference Systems
Airborne Intercept
Airborne Interception
Air Intercept
Air Intercept Controller
Attitude Indicator
Aircraft Industries Association
Accidents Investigation Branch
Aircraft Interface Device
Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation
Aerospace Industrial Development Corp
Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suites
Advanced Integrated Defensive Electronic Warfare Suite
Aircraft Integrated Data System
Air India Engineering Services Limited
Advanced Identification Friend or Foe
Air Intercept Missile
Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department
Aircraft Interiors Middle East
Aurora Incremental Modernization Project
Aircraft Information Management System
Airplane Information Management System
Aircraft Improvement Program
Aircraft Illustrated Parts Catalog
Aerospace Information Report
Aerospace Information Reports
Aircraft Inventory Record
Attack and Identification System
Avionics Intermediate Shop
Analog Interface Unit
Aeronautical Information eXchange Model
Advanced Jet Training
Advanced Jet Trainer
Advanced Jet Trainers
Autonomic Logistics
Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association
Australian Licenced Aircraft Engineers Association
Air-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
Air Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
Air Lease Corporation
Automatic Level Control
Advanced Light Combat Aircraft
Available Landing Distance
Aircraft Landing Dynamics Facility
Aviation Leasing Group
Autonomic Logistics Global Sustainment
Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System
Airborne Laser Laboratory
Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment
Aircraft Leasing Services
Automatic Landing System
Altitude Hold Mode
Altitude Select
Air Ministry
Aircraft Maintenance And Regeneration Center
Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group
Airport Movement Area Safety System
Airborne Mission Commander
Air Material Command
Avionics Maintenance Conference
Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
Advance Medium Combat Aircraft
Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel
Aviation Maintenance Duty Officer
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Aviation Maintenance Engineer
Aircraft Maintenance Licence
Air Maintenance Estonia
Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association
Aero Maintenance Group
Airline Modifiable Information
Advisory Material Joint
Airborne Multi-Intelligence Laboratory
Approved Model List
Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
Aircraft Maintenance Manuals
Airplane Maintenance Manual
Airport Moving Map
Aviation Machinist's Mate
Approved Maintenance Organisation
Approved Maintenance Organization
Assistant Maintenance Officer
Alternate Means of Compliance
Alternative Method of Compliance
Aircraft Maintenance Program
Aircraft Modelers Research
Advanced, Medium-Range Air to Air Missile
Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles
Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles
Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile
Advanced Medium-Range, Air-to-Air Missile
Advanced Medium-Range Air to Air Missile
Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles
Air Management System
Aviation Management System
Aviation Management Systems
Avionics Management System
Advanced manned strategic aircraft
Accelerated Mission Testing
Aircraft Maintenance Technician
Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Aviation Maintenance Technicians
Aviation Maintenance Technician
Aviation Maintenance Technicians
Aircraft maintenance unit
Aviation Maintenance Tech
Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer
Airborne Moving Target Indicator
Aviation Maintenance Technician School
Audio Management Unit
Air Mobility Wing
Australian National Airways
Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil
Australian Naval Aviation Museum
Active Noise Cancellation
Airport Noise and Capacity Act
Australian Noise Exposure Forecast
Air Nation Guard
Air Navigation Order
Actual Navigation Performance
Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion
Active Noise Reduction
Aviation Ordnanceman
Aviation Ordnancemen
American Overseas Airlines
Angle Of Attack
Aeronautical Operational Control
Airline Operational Control
Aircraft Operations Center
Aircraft Operating Certificate
Airline Operational Communications
Airline Operational Communication
Air Operators Certificate
Aviation Operations Center
Aircraft Operations Division
Aircraft On the Ground
Aircraft Operating Manual
Aircraft Operations Manual
Air Observation Post
Airport Operating Plan
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
Aviation Pilot
Aviation Products
Army Parachute Association
Auxiliary Power Breaker
Auto Pilot Computer
Aircraft Performance Group
Advanced Procurement and Logistics System-aircraft
Aircraft Performance Monitoring
Aircraft Personality Module
Aircraft Procurement, Navy
Asset Project Office
Automatic Power Reserve
Aeroplane Photo Supply
Auto Pilot System
Advanced Pilot Training
Auxilary Power Unit
Auxiliary Power Unit
Auxiliary Power Units
Auxillary Power Unit
Auxilliary Power Unit
Average Procurement Unit Cost
Aerial Refueling
As Removed
Aircraft Research Association
Atmospheric Research Aircraft
Aviation Rulemaking Advisory Committee
Aviation Rulemaking Committee
Air Registration Board
Aerial Refuelling Boom System
Airworthiness Review Certificate
Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation
Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting
Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre
Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre
Airborne Real-time Cueing Hyperspectral Enhanced Reconnaissance
Air Refueling Control Point
Air Refueling Initial Point
Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites
Aircraft Research and Development Unit
Aircraft Reactor Experiment
Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting
Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter
Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting
Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group
Advanced Range Instrumentation Aircraft
Apollo Range Instrumentation Aircraft
Apollo Range Instituteumentation Aircraft
Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated
Airborne Reconnaissance Low
Anti-Radiation Missile
Anti-Radiation Missiles
Anti Radiation Missile
Aviation Resource Management System
Aerospace Recommended Practice
Aerospace Recommended Practices
Automatic Radar Periscope Detection and Discrimination
Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron
Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron
Air Refueling Squadron
Air Rescue Squadron
Airlift Squadron
Air Rescue Service
Aeronautical Repair Station Association
Airport Radar Service Area
Aircraft Repair and Supply Center
Air Route Traffic Control Centers
Air Refueling Wing
Air Service
Aviation Support
Aircraft Surveillance Applications
Aircraft Survivability Equipment
Air Sovereignty Alert
Autoland Status Annunciator
Aviation Suppliers Association
Air Surveillance And Control System
Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
Avionics Standard Communication Bus
Avionics Standard Communications Bus
Air Standardization Coordinating Committee
Aeronautical Systems Division
Aircraft Situation Display
Air Self-Defense Force
Aircraft Situation Display to Industry
Aircraft Situational Display to Industry
aeronautical satellite data link
Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory
Altimetry System Error
Automatic Stabilization Equipment
Authorized Service Facility
Aeronautical Systems Inc
Aeronautical Systems, Inc
Air Speed Indicator
Aviation Safety Inspector
Aviation Safety Inspectors
Aviation Safety Inspectors
Aviation Safety Letter
Air and Space Interoperability Council
Aircraft Service International Group
Avionics & Systems Integration Group
Aircraft Structural Integrity Program
Aircraft Services Lemwerder
Air Service Liège
Air-to-Surface Missile
Air to Surface Missile
Aircraft Schematic Manual
Address Supporting Organisation
Aircraft Shopper Online
Airborne Surveillance Platform
Audio Selector Panel
Airborne Self-Protection Jammer
Airborne Self Protection Jammer
Airport Surveillance Radar
Air Sea Rescue
Air Staff Requirement
Air Staff Requirements
Authorized Sales Representative
Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile
Advanced Short Range Air to Air Missile
Airborne Surveillance Testbed
Air Staff Target
Air Superiority Target
Aircraft & Systems Testing Establishment
Aircraft Systems Testing Establishment
Aircraft System Testing Establishment
Advanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
Aircraft Shield Test Reactor
Autonomous Systems Technology Related Airborne Evaluation and Assessment
Aircraft Sector Understanding
Air Starter Unit
Air Start Unit
Air Start Units
Avionics Switching Unit
Anti-Surface Unit Warfare
Anti-Submarine Warfare
Anti-Surface Warfare
Anti Submarine Warfare
Anti Surface Warfare
Air to Surface Vessel
Advanced Trainer
Air Tractor
Auto Throttle
Aviation Technology
Advanced Tactical Aircraft
Air To Air
American Transport Association
Airborne Tactical Advantage Company
Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
Advanced Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance System
Aircrew Training and Rehearsal Support
Advanced Technology Bomber
Advanced Technology Fighter
Air Traffic Control
Air Traffic Control Unit
Approved Type Certificate
Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
Air Traffic Control System
Air Traffic Control Signalling System
Airport Traffic Control Tower
Airport Traffic Control Towers
Airborne Tactical Data System
Aviation Technology Group
Air Tactical Group Supervisor
Aero Trasporti Italiani
Air Transport International
Airport Terminal Information Service
Automated Terminal Information Service
Air Transfer Officers
Advanced Targeting Pod
Advanced Targeting Pods
Advanced Turbo Prop
Aircraft Technical Publishers
Atlantic Test Range
Avions de Transport Regional
Air Traffic System
Aviation Technical Services
Air Transport Safety Bureau
Aging Transport Systems Rulemaking Advisory Committee
Air Traffic Services Unit
Air Traffic Service Unit
Air Transport Training College
Aircraft Tracking Task Force
Aerodrome Traffic Zone
Avionics Upgrade Program
All-Up Weight
Air Vehicle
Airborne Vertical Atmospheric Profiling System
Air Accidents Investigations Branch
Aviation Boatswains
Advanced Composites Solutions
Automated Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
Automatic Fixed
Air Interception Missile
Airborne Network
Aircraft Operators
Aviation Recorders
Aircraft Structural Maintenance
Authorization to Offer
Active Vibration Control System
Aviation Electronics
Airborne Vibration Monitor
Airborne Video Tape Recorder
Agusta Westland
Airlift Wing
Armstrong Whitworth
Aviation Week and Space Technology
Airborne Warning and Control System
Apollo / Range Instrumentation Aircraft
Archer air-to-air
Aircraft Airworthiness & Sustainment
Angola Air Charter
Arrival Aircraft Interval
Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitor
Approved Aircraft Inspection Program
Air-to-Air Missiles
Advanced aerial refueling boom
Advanced Air Transportation Technology
Aircraft-Based Augmentation Systems
Airborne battlefield command & control center
Air Carrier
Aircraft Control
Attack Cargo
Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System
Aircraft Communications Addressing & Reporting System
Air Collision Avoidance System
Avion de Combat Futur
Air Cargo Global
Air Combat Maneuver
Air Cycle Machines
Abbreviated Component Maintenance Manual
Alternating Current Motor Pump
Air Control Officer
Airborne Command Post
Antonov Design Bureau
Altitude direction indicator
Attitude Display Indicator
Aircraft Data Link Processor
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Addressed
All Engine Operative
Active Electronic Scanning Array
Automatic Flight Control Equipment
Adaptive Flight Displays
Automatic Flight Director System
Automatic Flight Following
Air Force Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Advanced Flight Management System
Airport Fire Service
Air Group
Airlift Group
Aviation Ground Power Unit
Altitude and Heading Reference System
Altitude Heading Reference Systems
Attitude-Heading Reference System
Aeronautical Inspection Directorate
Airborne Integrated Data System
Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Departments
Advanced Interdiction Weapon System
Association of Licensed Aircraft Engineers
Air Logistic Center
Aviation Life Support System
Aviation Metalsmith
Aeronautical Mobile Communication Panel
Approved Maintenance Organizations
Aircraft Modernization Program
Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles
Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport
Artillery Observation
Aeronautical Operational Communications
Airline Operation Control
Aviation Officer Candidate
Airline Operations Control Center
Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association
Auxiliary Power Plant
Airborne Polar Experiment
Air Proving Ground Command
Air Position Indicator
Airport Reference Code
Aviation royale canadienne
Aileron-Rudder Interconnect
Anti-Radar Missile
Anti-Submarine Patrol
Advanced Self Protection Jammer
Altimeter Setting Region
Airport Surface Traffic Automation
Advanced Technology Aircraft
air-traffic control radar beacon system
Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
Along-Track Distance
Airborne Tactical Data Systems
Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infra-Red
Air Traffic Information Service
Automatic Throttle System
Business & Commercial Aviation
Bombing and Gunnery School
British Overseas Airways Corporation
Bahrain Amiri Air Force
Beam Approach Beacon System
British Aerospace Corporation
British Aircraft Corporation
Baltic Air Charter Association
Battlefield Airborne Communications Node
Battlefield Airborne Communication Node
Bangladesh Air Force
Belgian Air Force
Brazilian Air Force
British Air Ferries
Business Aircraft Handling
Battlefield Air Interdiction
Bird Avoidance Model
British Airways Maintenance Cardiff
Broad Area Maritime Surveillance
Block Aircraft Registration Request
Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement
Bird Aircraft Strike Hazard
Bureau of Air Safety Investigation
Basic Aviation Training Device
Battlefield Air Targeting Micro Air Vehicle
British Airways World Cargo
British Business and General Aviation
Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Business Jets
Boeing Business Jet 2
Boeing Business Jet 3
Boeing Business Jets
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Blue Bear Systems Research
British Civil Airworthiness Requirements
Battery Charge Limiter
Back Course
Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation
Bearing Distance Indicator
British European Airways
British European Airways Corporation
Bombardier Enhanced Vision System
Basic Empty Weight
Buyer Furnished Equipment
Basic Fast Jet Training
Balanced Field Length
Basic Fighter Manoeuvres
Basic Flight Maneuvers
Bombardier Flight Test Center
Bomb Glider
Broadcast Global Area Network
Block Hours
Board of Inspection and Survey
Built-In Test Equipment
Business Jet Traveler
Buttock Line
Boundary Layer Control
Bomber, Long Range
Boeing Military Aircraft
British Midland Airways
British Microlight Aircraft Association
Bleed Monitoring Computer
Block Number
Britten Norman
British Overseas Airways Corporation
British Overseas Airways Company
Basic operating weight
Bus Power Control Unit
British Pacific Fleet
Bomber and Reconnaissance
Bomber Reconnaissance
Bearing, Range, Altitude
Bomb Rack Assembly
Basic Area Navigation
Ballistic Recovery System
Ballistic Recovery Systems
Bomb Release Unit
Bombardment Squadron
Bomb Squadron
Controls and Display
Center Of Gravity
Conflict Alert
Course Angle
Civilian Aviation Authority
Civil Aviation Authority of Israel
Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands
Civil Aviation Advisory Publication
Chengdu Aircraft Corporation
Close Air Combat
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation
Core Avionics Computer
Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee
Cartridge Activated Device
Civil Aviation Directorate
Civil Aviation Division
Component Advanced Development
Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection
Conformal Airborne Early Warning
Canadian Air Force
Chinese Air Force
Combat Air Forces
Combat Air Force
Commemorative Air Force
Confederate Air Force
Civil Aviation Flying Unit
Civil Aviation Flight University of China
Carrier Air Group
Carrier Air Groups
Commander, Air Group
Commander Air Group
caution annunciator indicator
Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group
Carrier Aircraft Inertial Navigation System
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory
Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missile
Common Affordable Lightweight Fighter
Cabin Assignment Module
Certified Aviation Manager
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations
Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization
Civil Aircraft Missile Protection System
Cargo Aircraft Only
Chief Aviation Pilot
Combat Air Patrol
Combat Air Patrols
Combat Air Patrols
Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System
Cirrus Airframe Parachute System
Canadian Aviation Regulation
Civil Aviation Regulations
Civil Air Regulations
Civil Aviation Requirements
Combined Altitude Radar Altimeter
Computed Air Release Point
Calibrated Airspeed
Calibrated Air Speed
Close-Air Support
Close Air Support
Control Augmentation System
Crew Alerting System
Corporate Aircraft Service Program
Civil Aviation Safety Regulations
Civil Aviation Safety Regulation
Civil Aviation Safety Regulations
Complete Airframe Static Test
Carrier Aircraft Service Unit
Clear-air Turbulence
Clear Air Turbulence
Cooperative Avionics Test Bed
Civil Aviation Training Center
Civil Aviation Training Centre
Carrier Air Traffic Control Center
Operational Performance Category 1
Operational Performance Category II
Operational Performance Category Iiia
Operational Performance Category Iiib
Operational Performance Category Iiic
Captive Air Training Missile
Catapult Assisted Take-Off Barrier Arrested Recovery
Catapult Assisted Take Off But Arrested Recovery
Catapult Assisted Take-off but Arrested Recovery
Civil Aviation University of China
Canadian Business Aircraft Association
Carrier Battle Group
Carrier Controlled Approach
Central Charter Airlines
Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace
Croatian Civil Aviation Agency
Cursor Control Devices
Cursor Control Device
Compound Coaxial Helicopter
Common Configuration Implementation Program
Continuously Computed Impact Point
Contract Change Proposal
Continuously Computed Release Point
Cabin Communications System
Commander, Carrier Strike Group
Combat Crew Training Squadron
Combat Crew Training School
Combat Crew Training Wing
Control-Configured Vehicle
Control Configured Vehicle
Continuous Descent Approach
Continuous Descent Approaches
Continuous Descent Approaches
Continuous Descent Final Approach
Combat Direction Center
Course Deviation Indicator
Common Data Link
Container Delivery System
Control Display System
Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
Center Display Unit
Central Display Unit
Cockpit Display Unit
Control Display Unit
Control Display Units
Central Europe Private Aviation
Cabin Electronic System
China Electronic Technology Corporation
Centre d'Essais en Vol
Canadian Fighter
Canuck fighter
Course to a Fix
Canadian Forces Air Navigation School
Centralized Fault Display Interface Unit
Centralized Fault Display System
Controlled Flight Into Terrain
Cleared Flight Level
Computer Flight Plan
Crash Fire Rescue
Central Flying School
Conformal Fuel Tank
Conformal Fuel Tanks
Cargo Glider
Center of Gravity
Centre Of Gravity
Chinook Helicopter
Chinook Helicopters
Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft
Combat Information Center Officer
Central Interface Control Unit
Controlled Impact Demonstration
Common Integrated Processor
Common Integrated Processors
Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely Piloted Aircraft Studies
Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies
Combined Interrogator Transponder
Ching Kuo
Center of Lift
Combat Logistics Support Squadron
Combat Mix
Central Monitoring Agency
Common Mode Analysis
Central Maintenance Computer
Cruise Missile Carrier Aircraft
Counter Measures Dispensing System
Counter Measure Dispensing System
Colored Multi-Function Display
Component Maintenance Manual
Certificate Management Office
Certificate Management Offices
Certification Maintenance Requirements
Composite Main Rotor Blade
Cabin Management System
Cabin Management Systems
Central Maintenance System
Common Missile Warning System
Common Missile Warning Systems
Commander Naval Air Force
Clyde North Aeronautical Preservation Group
Communications, Navigation, and Identification
Communication, Navigation and Identification
Communication, Navigation, and Identification
Communication, Navigation, Surveillance
Communication and navigation system
Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management
Certificate of Authorization
Carrier Onboard Delivery
Carrier On-board Delivery
Cockpit Operating Manual
Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association
Continued Operational Safety
Change Proposal
Conflict Probe
Cessna Pilots Association
Cabin Pressure Controller
Cabin Pressure Control System
Controller Pilot Data Link
Controller-pilot data link communications
Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication
Controller-Pilot Data-Link Communications
Controller Pilot Data Link Communications
Controller Pilot Data Link Communication
Controller Pilot Data-Link Communications
Crash Position Indicator
Cycles Per Second
Civilian Pilot Training Program
Carrier Qualifications
Civilian Reserve Air Fleet
Civil Reserve Air Fleet
Continuous Repetitive Chime
Control and Reporting Centre
Canadian Runway Friction Index
Combat Rescue Helicopter
Certification Review Item
Canadair Regional Jet
Certificate of Release to Service
Certified Repair Station
Cathode Ray Tube
Cargo Resupply Unmanned Aircraft System
Certification Specifications
Certification Specification
Common Support Aircraft
Combat Search and Rescue
Constant Speed Drive
Carrier Strike Group
Carrier Strike Groups
Carrier Strike Groups
Cycles Since New
Combat Systems Officer
Combat System Officer
Constant Speed Unit
Centro Tecnico Aeroespacial
Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
Carrier Task Force
Combined Test Force
Composite Tool Kit
Conventional Take-off and Landing
Distress and Diversion
Decision Altitude
Drift Angle
Danger Area Activity Information Service
Douglas Aircraft Company
Dissimilar Air Combat Training
Digital Automatic Flight Control System
Development Assurance Level
Design Approval Organization
Dryden Aircraft Operations Facility
Department of Aircraft Production
Downlink Of Aircraft Parameters
Designated Airworthiness Representative
Designated Airworthiness Representatives
Designated Airworthiness Representatives
Defence Aviation Repair Agency
Defense Advanced Research Products Agency
Downed Aircraft Recovery Team
Defensive Aids System
Defensive Aid Suite
Defensive Aid Suites
Designated Alteration Station
Display And Sight Helmet
Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter
Drone Anti Submarine Helicopter
Defensive Aids Sub-System
Defensive Aids Sub System
Design Bureau
Damaged beyond repair
Dual Band Radar
Data Base Unit
Douglas C-47
Douglas C-47B
Douglas C-54
Douglas Commercial
Data Link Control And Display Unit
Datalink Control and Display Unit
Dutch Dakota Association
Digital Display Indicator
Digital Data Link
Difference in the Depth of Modulation
Declaration of Design and Performance
Digital Distance and Radio Magnetic Indicator
Destruction of Enemy Air Defense
Digital Electronic Control Unit
Digital Engine Control Unit
Digital Electronic Engine Control
Domestic Events Network
Departure End Of Runway
Departure End of the Runway
Designated Engineering Representative
Designated Engineering Representatives
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Defence Evaluation Research Agency
Digital Electronic Warfare Systems
Digital Electronic Warfare System
Digital Fly-By-Wire
Development Flight Center
Digital Flight Control Computer
Digital Flight Control System
Digital Flight Data Acquisition Unit
Digital Flight Data Recorder
Derivative Fighter Engine
Dual Frequency Multiple Constellation
Dryden Flight Research Center
Directional Gyroscope
Directional Gyro
Directorate General of Aeronautical Quality Assurance
Director General Civil Aviation
Differential Global Positioning System
Docking Guidance System
Decision Height
de Havilland
Dove De Havilland
Dragon De Havilland
de Havilland Canada
Digital Information Transfer System
Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod
Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung
Direct Lift Control
Design Limit Load
Depot Level Maintenance
Data Link Recorder
Data Link Unit
Direct Maintenance Cost
Display Management Computer
Designated Mechanic Examiner
Distance-measuring equipment
Distance Measuring Equipment
Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representative
Direct Noise Canceling
Design Organisation Approval
Design Organization Approval
Direct Operating Costs
Direct Operating Cost
Domestic Object Damage
Date of Flight
Dry Operating Index
Dry Operating Weight
Departure Procedures
Data Recorder
Defence Research Agency
Dual-Role Fighter
Dual Role Fighter
Dryden Remotely Operated Integrated Drone
Due Regard Radar
Domestic Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
Defence & Space
Defence and Space
Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering
Defense Systems Evaluation Squadrons
Delta Sierra Juliet
Digital Stores Management System
Defensive Systems Operator
Defensive Systems Officer
Defense Satellite Program
Digital Signal Processing
Display Select Panel
Douglas Sleeper Transport
Electronic Attack
Engine Alliance
Experimental Aircraft Association
Experimental Aircraft Association's
Experimental Aviation Association
Emergency Airworthiness Directive
Emergency Airworthiness Directives
Electronic Attitude Director Indicator
Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator
European Aeronautic Defense and Space
Egyptian Air Force
Engine Anti-Ice
Eastern Air Lines
European Aviation Maintenance Training Committee
Experimental Aircraft Programme
Experimental Aircraft Program
Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Airplane Systems
Engine Air Particle Separator
Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron
Equivalent Air Speed
Executive Air Services
Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
European Air Safety Agency
European Aviation Safety Association
European Aviation Suppliers Organisation
European Aviation Safety Seminar
European Air Transport
European Air Traffic Management Programme
Expeditionary Air Wing
Expeditionary Air Wings
Expeditionary Air Wings
European Business Aviation Association
European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition
European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition
European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition
European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition
Electronic Combat
Escadron de Chasse
Essentiality Code
Electronic Centralised Aircraft Monitor
Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring
Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor
Electronic Control Box
Eclipse Concept Jet
Electronic Counter Measures
Electronic Counter Measure
Electronics Counter-Measures
Electronics Counter Measures
Electronic Counter Measures Officer
Engine Conditioning Monitoring
Electronic Combat Reconnaissance
Electronic Combat Squadron
Environmental Control System
Environmental Control Systems
Environmental Conditioning System
Engine Control Unit
External Compensation Unit
Emergency Descent Mode
Engine Driven Pump
Eddy Dissipation Rate
Extended Diversion Time Operations
Electronic Display Unit
Electronic Flight Display
Engine Diagnostic Unit
English Electric
Electronic Engine Control
Electronic Engine Controller
Engine Control Unit
European Fighter Aircraft
Electronic Flight Bag
Electronic Flight Bags
Electrical Flight Control System
Electronic Flight Control System
Engine Flight Hours
Electronic Flight Instrument System
Electronic Flight Instrument Systems
Electronic Flight Instrumentation System
Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability
Elementary Flying Training School
Elementary Flying Training Schools
Enhanced Flight Vision Systems
European General Aviation Safety Team
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
Exhaust Gas Temperature
Electric Green Taxiing System
Electro-Hydrostatic Actuator
Electro-Hydrostatic Actuators
Engine Health Monitoring
Engine Health Management
Enhanced Surveillance
Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
Engine Indication Crew Alerting System
Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System
Engine Indicating Crew Alerting System
Engine Indicator and Crew Alerting System
Engine Indication & Crew Alerting System
Electronic Instrument System
Engine Instrument System
Engine Indication System
Engine Indicating System
Entry Into Service
Electronic Interface Unit
Engine Interface Unit
Engine Interface Units
Electrical Load Analysis
European Light Aircraft
Emergency Locator Beacon Aircraft
Engine Lease Finance Corporation
Enhanced Laser Guided Training Round
Enhanced Laser Guided Training Rounds
Electrical Load Management System
Equivalent Level of Safety
Emitter Location System
Emitter Locator System
Electronic Locator Transmitter
Emergency Locator Transmitter
Emergency Locator Transmitters
Emergency Location Transmitter
Emergency Locater Transmitter
Emergency Locator Transmitters
Electro-magnetic Aircraft Launch System
Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System
Enhanced Medium Altitude Reconnaissance Surveillance System
Engine Maintenance Manual
Engine Monitoring System
Electronic Noise Canceling
Electronic Noise Reduction
Engineering Order
Early Operational Capability
European Participating Air Force
European Participating Air Forces
External Power Contactor
Enhanced Performance Engine
Effective Perceived Noise
Effective Perceived Noise Level
Engine Pressure Ratio
Emergency Power Supply Unit
Emergency Power Unit
Electronic Reconnaissance
Environmentally Responsible Aviation
En Route Supplement Australia
Ejector Release Unit
Extended Squitter
Extended Service Goal
Electronic Standby Instrument
Electronic Standby Instrument System
Electronic Surveillance Measures
Electronic Stability Protection
External Stores Support System
Enhanced tactical fighter
Engine Trend Monitor
Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operation
Extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards
Empire Test Pilots School
Empire Test Pilot School
European Technical Standard Order
European Technical Standard Orders
Emergency Vision Assurance System
Function and Reliability
Flying Accident
Federal Aeronautics Administration
Federal Aviation Administration
Federation Aviation Administration
Federal Aviation Agency
Federal Aviation Admin
Fleet Air Arm
Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements
Fleet Air Arm Museum
Forward Air Controller
Forward Air Control
Forward Air Controllers
Forward Air Controllers
Fleet Air Defense
full-authority digital engine control
full-authority digital electronic control
Full Authority Digital Engine Control
Full Authority Digital Engine Controls
Full Authority Digital Electronic Control
Full Authority Digital Engine Controller
Full Authority Digital Electronics Control
Full Authority Digital Engine Controls
Final Approach Fix
Finnish Air Force
French Air Force
Fighter Attack Guy
Final Assembly Line
Future Air Navigation System
Flight Attendant Panel
Forward Attendant Panel
Federal Air Regulation
Federal Air Regulations
Federal Aviation Regulations
Federal Aviation Regulations
Federal Aviation Requirements
Final Approach Segment
Fuel And Sensor Tactical
Free Air Temperature
Future Aircraft Technology Enhancements
Fighter All Weather
Fleet Air Wing
Fighter Bomber
Fly by Light
Fixed-base operator
Fixed Base of Operation
Fixed Base Operator
Fighter-Bomber Squadron
Fly By Wire
Flight Control
Future Cargo Aircraft
Future Carrier Borne Aircraft
Flight Control Computer
Flight Control Computers
Functional Check Flight
Field Carrier Landing Practice
Flight Crew Operating Manual
Flight Crew Operations Manual
Flight Crew Operation Manual
Flight Control Primary Computer
Flight Control Secondary Computer
Flight Control System
Flight Control Systems
Flight Control Unit
Flight Deck
Flight Director
Fairey Delta 2
Flight Data Acquisition and Management System
Flight Data Acquisition Unit
Flight Data Acquisition Units
Flight Data Interface Unit
Fighter Data Link
Flight Dynamics Laboratory
Flight Deck Officer
Flight Plan Data Processing System
Flight Data Recorders
Flight Data Recorders
Flight Data Recorder System
Flight Director System
Fire Detection Unit
Flux Detector Unit
Flight Envelope
Far Eastern Air Transport
Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group
Free Flight
Fuel Flow
Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket
Folding-Fin Aerial Rockets
Folding Fin Aerial Rocket
Folding Fin Aerial Rockets
Floats and Fuel Cells
Flight Guidance
Flight Guidance Computer
Flight Guidance Computers
Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft
Flight Guidance System
Flight Hours
Flight Hour Services
Federal Interagency Committee on Aviation Noise
Flight Into Known Icing
Fault Isolation Manual
Future International Military Airlifter
Functional Item Number
Flight Information Regions
Flight Information System
Fighter-Interceptor Squadron
Fighter Interceptor Squadron
Fighter Intercept Squadron
Fighter Interceptor Wing
Flight Information Services - Broadcast
Flying Infrared Signature Technology Aircraft
Fully Integrated Tactical System
Future Joint Combat Aircraft
Flight Level
Future Large Aircraft
First Limit Indicator
Forward-Looking Infra-Red
Forward Looking Infrared Radar
Forward Looking Infra Red
Forward Looking Infra-Red
Forward Looking Radar
Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System
Forward-Looking Terrain Avoidance
Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance
Flight Management
Flight Mode Annunciator
Fábrica Militar de Aviones
Flight Management Computer
Flight Management Computers
Flight Management Computers
Full Mission Capable
Flight Management Computer System
Flight Management and Guidance Computer
Flight Management & Guidance System
Flight Management Guidance System
Future Medium Range Air-Air Missile
Future Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
Flight Management System
Flight Management Systems
Foreign Military Sales Order
Full Mission Trainer
Fuel Metering Unit
French Navy
Future Organic Airborne Early Warning
Future Offensive Air System
Fuel On-Board
Fuel On Board
Flight Operations Briefing Notes
Final Operational Clearance
Federal Office for Civil Aviation
Foreign Object Damage
Flight Operations Evaluation Board
Flight Operations Manual
Flight Operations Quality Assurance
Fiber Optic Towed Decoy
Flight Path Angle
Flight Path Marker
Flight Plan Route
Flight Planning System
Flight Path Vector
Fuel Quantity Indicator
Fuel Quantity Indication System
Fuel Quantity Indicating System
Fighter Reconnaissance
Fighter Regiment
Flight Refueling Aircraft
Fleet Requirements and Air Direction Unit
Fleet Readiness Center
Fuel Return Isolation Valve
Flight Refuelling Limited
Fleet Response Plan
Fleet Readiness Squadron
Fleet Replacement Squadron
Fleet Replacement Squadrons
Federal Standard
Fighter Squadron
Flight Simulator
Fuselage Station
Full-Scale Aerial Target
Full-Scale Aerial Targets
Full Scale Aerial Target
Full Scale Aerial Targets
Flight Standardization Board
Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Part
Full-Scale Development
Full Scale Development
Full-Scale Engineering Development
Full Scale Engineering Development
Flight Standards District Office
Flight Standards District Offices
Flap Slat Electronics Unit
Flight Standards Information Management System
Front-Sector Optronics
Flight Service Station
File Server Unit
Forward Swept Wings
Forward Swept Wing
Flight Test
Flying Training
Flying Test Bed
Flight Test Center
Flight Test Centre
Flight Test Engineer
Field Training Detachment
Flight Technical Error
Flight Test Instrumentation
Flying Training School
Ferry Training Unit
Flight Test Vehicle
Flight Test Vehicles
Flying Training Wing
Future Vertical Lift
Fighter Wing
Fixed Wing
Flight Warning Computer
Glide Slope
General Aviation
Ground Attack
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
General Aviation District Office
Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System
German Air Force
Government Aircraft Factories
General Aviation Maintenance
General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Generale Aeronautique Marcel Dassault
General Aviation Propulsion
Ground-to-Air Pilotless Aircraft
General Aviation Revitalization Act
GBAS Approach Service Type
Global Air Traffic Management
German Business Aviation Association
Ground Based Augmentation System
Ground Based Sense and Avoid
Ground Based Training System
Glide Bomb Unit
Ground Controlled Approach
Ground Collision Avoidance System
Ground-control intercept
Ground-controlled interception
Ground Control Intercept
Ground Controlled Interception
Ground Control Stations
Ground Control Stations
Generator Control Unit
Geometric Dilution of Precision
Ground Data Terminal
General Electric Aircraft Engines
General Electric Capital Aviation Services
Gliding Federation of Australia
Government Flying Service
Global Positioning System Ground Station
Ground Handling Equipment
Ground Handling Manual
Ground Handling Operations Safety Team
GPS landing and navigation system
GPS Landing And Navigation Unit
Global Navigation Satellite System
Global Navigation Satellite System
GBAS Landing System
GPS Landing Unit
Glenn Martin Bomber
Ground Movement Control
Garuda Maintenance Facility
Global Market Forecast
General Maintenance Manual
Greenwich Mean Time
Ground Moving Target
German Navy
Global Navigation Air Data Inertial Reference System
Go Around
German Operating Aircraft Leasing
General Operational Requirement
Guiness Peat Aviation
Ground Position Indicator
Global Positioning System
Global Positioning System / Inertial Navigation System
Ground Power Unit
Ground Power Units
Ground Power Units
Ground Proximity Warning Computer
Ground Proximity Warning System
Ground Proximity Warning Systems
Glide Ratio
Green Regional Aircraft
Glide Slope
Ground Speed
Ground Stops
Ground Support Equipment
Ground Support Unit
Glide Torpedo
Gas Turbine Alternator
Gas Turbine Compressor
Heavy Aeroplane
Hispano Aviaci
Heavy Anti-aircraft
Hughes Aircraft Company
Hughes Aircraft Co
Hellenic Air Force
Hellenic Aerospace Industry
Harbin Aircraft Industry Group
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd
Hindustan Aircraft Limited
High-Altitude Long-Endurance
High Altitude Long Endurance
High Altitude, Long Endurance
Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan
Helicopter Active Protection System
High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile
High-speed Anti-Radiation Missiles
Historical Aircraft Restoration Society
High Alpha Research Vehicle
Hardened Aircraft Shelter
Hardened Aircraft Shelters
High Altitude Sampling Program
Hybrid Air Vehicles
High Asset Value Combat Air Patrol
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company
Hawker Beechcraft Services
Heavy Conversion Unit
Head-Down Display
Head Down Displays
Head Down Display
Heading Select
Horizontal Dilution Of Precision
Heavy Drop System
Hose-drum Unit
Hose Drum Unit
Helmet Equipment Assembly
High Energy Advanced Trainer
Hybrid-Electric Integrated Systems Testbed
High Frequency
High Frequency Data Link
Heavy Fuel Engine
Horizontal Figure of Merit
Head-Up Guidance Systems
Heading Hold
High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research
Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System
Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control
Helicopter In-Flight Refueling
Hover In Ground Effect
Horizontal Integrity Limit
Hercules Integrated Operational Support
High-Intensity Radiated Fields
High Intensity Radiated Field
High Intensity Radiated Fields
High intensity radio transmission area
Highway In The Sky
Hindustan Jet Trainer
Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department
Heavy Lift Helicopter
Heavy Lift Replacement
Heavy Logistics System
Helicopter Landing Trainer
Helmet Mounted Avionics
Helmet-Mounted Display
Helmet Mounted Integrated Targeting
Health Monitoring Systems
Health Monitoring System
Helmet-Mounted Sight
Helmet Mounted Sight
Helmet Mounted Sights
Helmet Mounted Sight and Display
Health Management Unit
Height Monitoring Unit
Hydro Mechanical Unit
Heavy Maintenance Visit
Hub Mounted Vibration Suppressor
Hover-Out-of-Ground Effect
Hover Out Of Ground Effect
Horizontal Or Vertical Takeoff Or Landing
Handley Page
High Performance Aircraft
Human Powered Aircraft
High Pressure Compressor
High Pressure Rotor
High Pressure Turbine Active Clearance Control
Hawker Siddeley
Helicopter Squadron
Hawker Siddeley Aviation
Hawker Siddeley Dynamics
High-Speed Civil Transport
High Speed Civil Transport
High-Speed Data
Horizontal Situation Display
Horizontal Situation Indicator
Horizontal Situation Indicators
Hot Section Inspection
International Civil Aviation Organization
Inspection Authority
Inspection Authorized
Indian Aircraft Carrier
Integrated Aviation Consortium
Integrated Avionics Computer
Integrated Avionics Computers
International Aerobatics Club
International Aerobatic Club
Interstate Aviation Committee
International Air Distress
Integrated Air Defence System
International Aero Engines
Independent Air Force
India Air Force
Indian Air Force's
Indonesian Air Force
Israel Air Force
Israeli Air Force
Israeli Air Force's
Italian Air Force
Israel Aerospace Industry
Israel Aircraft Industries
Israel Aircraft Industry
Israeli Aircraft Industries
Israeli Aircraft Industry
Iranian Aviation Industries Organization
International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
International Air Parts
Integrated Avionics Processing System
Integrated Avionics System
Institute for Aerospace Research
Indicated Airspeed
International Aviation Safety Association
Individual Aircraft Tracking
International Airlines Technical Pool
International Air & Transportation Safety Bar Association
International Bureau of Aviation
International Business Aviation Council
Inlet Barrier Filter
Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
International Commission for Air Navigation
International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
International Center for Air Transportation
International Conference on Research in Air Transportation
Internal Countermeasures System
International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Indigenous Defensive Fighter
Indigenous Defense Fighter
Israeli Defence Force / Air Force
Integrated Drive Generator
Integrated Driven Generator
Information Display System
Integrated Display System
Integrated Display Unit
Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument
Information & Electronic Warfare Systems
International Fighter Aircraft
Ilyushin Finance Company
Intelligent Flight Control
Intelligent Flight Control System
Integrated Flight Deck
Intra-Flight Data Link
Intra Flight Data Link
In-Flight Emergency
In-flight entertainment
In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity
Identification Friend or Foe
Identification Friend of Foe
Identification of friend or foe
Information Friend or Foe
Interrogator Friend or Foe
Integrated Flight and Fire Control Computer
Integrated Flight Information System
Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System
International Field Office
In-Flight Refuelling
In-Flight Refueling
Instrumental Flight Rules
Instrument Flight Rules
Instrument Flight Rating
Instrument Flying Rules
Intermediate Gain Antenna
Improved Gray Eagle
In Ground Effect
Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering
Imperial Iranian Air Force
Introduction Into Service
Imperial Japanese Army Air Force
Imperial Japanese Naval
Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service
Intermediate Jet Trainer
International Lease Finance Corp
Instrumental Landing System
Instrument Landing System
Instrument Landing Systems
Inventory Locator Service
Integrated Modular Avionic
International Miniature Aircraft Association
Instrument Meteorological Conditions
Integrated Maintenance Information System
Indicated Mach Number
Inch Of Mercury
Integrated Noise Model
Indian Navy Ship
Inertial Navigation System
Inertial Navigation Systems
Inertial Navigation Set
Internal Navigation System
Inertial Navigation Unit
Inertial Navigation Units
Initial Operational Clearance
Initial Operating Clearance
Initial Operation Clearance
Initial Operational Test
Indian Production Agency
Instrumented Production Aircraft
Illustrated Parts Catalog
Improved Performance Engine
Increased Performance Engine
Increased Performance Engines
International Powered Lift Conference
Integrated Propulsion System
Integrated Power Unit
Initial Qualification Training
Implementing Rules
Inertial Reference
Inspect and Repair As Necessary
International Register of Civil Aircraft
Inertial Reference System
Inertial Reference Systems
Inertial Reference Unit
Infra-Red Search & Track
Infra Red Search and Track
Inertial Reference Units
Inertial Reference Units
Instrumented Runway Visual Range
Innovative Solutions & Support
International Standard Atmosphere
International Society for Aviation Photography
Industry Steering Committee
In-Service Date
In Service Date
Integrated standby Flight Display
Integrated Standby Instrument System
Integrated Switching Panel
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Integrated Surveillance System
Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance
Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
Integrated Systems Test and Certification Rig
International Trans Air Business
Integrated Training Center
Joint Airworthiness Authorities
Japanese Aero Engines Corporation
Joint Airworthiness Requirements
Joint Aviation Regulations
Japan Air System
Joint Aircraft System Component
Japan Air Self Defense Force
Japan Air Self-Defence Force
Japan Air Self Defence Force
Japan Air Self-Defense Force
Japanese Air Self Defense Force
Japanese Air Self-Defense Force
Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces
Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office
Joint Advanced Strike Technology
Joint and Allied Threat Awareness System
Jet Assisted Take-Off
Jet Blast Deflector
Joint Cargo Aircraft
Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau
Jet Engine
Joint Elementary Flying Training School
Joint Expeditionary Force Experiment
Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance
Jet Engine Modulation
Joint Estimate Team
Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff
Joint Force Harrier
Jet Fuel Starter
Joint Future Theater Lift
Joint Heavy Lift
Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System
Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems
Joint Multi-Role
Joint Precision Approach and Landing System
Joint Precision Approach Landing System
Joint Primary Aircraft Training System
Joint Primary Air Training System
Joint Planning and Development Office
Joint Primary Pilot Training
Kuwait Air Force
Korea Aerospace Industries
Korean Aerospace Industries
Kerbal Aircraft Expansion
Knots Equivalent Air Speed
Knots Indicated Air Speed
Korean Helicopter Program
Killed in Flying Accident
Knots True Airspeed
Knots True Air Speed
Anti-submarine Warfare Operations Center
Air-Launched Anti-Radar Missile
Airborne Vibration Monitoring
Air Vehicles
Airborne Warning and Control Systems
Airborne Warning and Command System
Airborne Warnings And Control Systems
Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance
Air Warfare Center
Aviation Working Group
Aircraft Wiring Manual
Aircraft Warning Service
Boeing Airplane Company
Low Altitude
Latchable Addressline 5
Latchable Addressline 7
Latchable Addressline 9
Light Aircraft Association
Light Anti-aircraft
Light Attack and Armed Reconnaissance
Local-Area Augmentation System
Local Area Augmentation System
Local Area Augmentation Systems
Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition
Low-Altitude Bombing System
Low Altitude Bombing System
Local area differential GPS
Licensed Aircraft Engineer
Load Alleviation Function
Light Attack Helicopter
Low Altitude Long Endurance
Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Low Altitude Night Attack
Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infra-Red for Night
Low-Altitude Parachute Extraction System
Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System
Light Aircraft Pilot License
Launch Acceptability Region
Launch Acceptable Region
Libyan Arab Republic Air Force
Light Air Support
Lineas Aereas Suramericanas
Lidar Atmospheric Sensing Experiment
Large Aircraft Security Program
Low-Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement
Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancement
London Air Traffic Control Center
Light Bomber
Light Combat Aircraft
Liquid Crystal Display
Large Cargo Freighter
Lease Corporation International
Load Classification Number
Light Canard Research Aircraft
Local Area Differential Global Positioning Satellite
Laser Designation pod
Lightning Detection System
Light-emitting Diode
Life Extension Programme
Leading-edge root extensions
Leading Edge Root Extension
Landing Gear Control Interface Unit
Landing Gear Control and Interface Unit
Light Helicopter
Landing Helicopter Assault
Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company
Lead-In Fighter Training
Lead-In Fighter Trainer
Lead In Fighter Training
Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace
Life Limited Parts
Life Limited Part
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Lockheed Martin Corporationration
Locator Middle Marker
Locator Outer Marker
Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems
Low Observable
Letter of Deviation Authority
Light Observation Helicopter
Level of Interoperability
Lean of Peak
Layout of Passenger Accommodations
Layout of Passenger Accommodation
Letter of Request
Long-Range Navigation
Landing Pilot
Low Pressure Rotor
Localizer Performance With Vertical Guidance
Long Range Combat Aircraft
Launch and Recovery Element
Long Range Maritime Reconnaissance and Anti Submarine Warfare
Laser Rangefinder and Marked Target Seeker
Laser Ranger and Marked Target Seeker
Low Range Radio Altimeter
Line-Replaceable Unit
Line Replaceable Unit
Line Replaceable Units
Line Replacement Unit
Line Replaceable Units
Line Replaceable Units
Line Replacement Units
Light-Sport Aircraft
Light Sport Aircraft
Landing Signalman Enlisted
Line Select Key
Landing Safety Officer
Landing Signal Officer
Landing Signal Officers
Missed Approach
Modern Ark
Monogram Aviation
Model Aeronautical Association of Australia
Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership
Mobile Aircraft Arresting System
Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems
Mean Aerodynamic Chord
Mean Aerodynamic Cord
Military Air Command
Military Airlift Command
Multi-Static Active Coherent
Mid-Air Collision Avoidance
Marine Air Control Group
Missing Air Crew Report
Missing Air Crew Reports
Magnetic Anomaly Detector
Magnetic Anomaly Detectors
Multi-utility Aeroelastic Demonstration
Micro Air Data Computers
Mexican Air Force
Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System
Marine Aircraft Group
Marine Air Group
Myanmar Airways International
Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance
medium-altitude, long-endurance
Medium Altitude Long Endurance
Medium Altitude Long-Endurance
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron
Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons
Manifold Absolute Pressure
Missed Approach Point
Minimum Aviation Performance Standards
Major Accident Response Exercise
Modification and Replacement Parts Association
Military Assumes Responsibility for Separation of Aircraft
Medium Altitude Reconnaissance and Surveillance System
Marine Air Reserve Training Detachment
Military Airlift Squadron
Maritime Airborne Surveillance and Control
Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center
Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards
Manual of Air Traffic Services
Military Air Transport Service
Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
Multi-Axis Thrust-Vectoring
Multi-Axis Thrust Vectoring
Modular Avionics Units
Modular Avionics Unit
Marine Aircraft Wing
Marine Air Wing
Military Airlift Wing
Missile Approach Warner
Missile Approach Warning
Mission Adaptive Wing
Marker Beacon
Medium Bomber
Mission Capable
Mission Computer
Medium Combat Aircraft
Minimum Controllable Airspeed
Mean Cycles Between Failures
Maintenance Control Center
Maintenance Control Centre
Maintenance Cost Conference
Multi-function Control and Display Unit
Multi-Function Control Display Unit
Multi-Purpose/Multi-Function Control And Display Unit
Multifunction Control and Display Unit
Multipurpose Control and Display Unit
Multifunction Control Display Unit
Multifunctional Control Display Unit
Multipurpose Control Display Unit
Multipurpose Control & Display Unit
Mission Control Element
Maintenance Control Manual
Maintenance Cost Per Hour
Master Cross Reference Data
Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme
Max Continuous Thrust
Mission Computer Upgrade
Modular Concept Unit
McDonnell Douglas
Minimum Decent Altitude
Mutual Defense Assistance Program
Maintenance Diagnostic Computer
Maintenance Diagnostics Computer
McDonnell Douglas Corporation
Main Deck Loader
Maintenance Data Recorder
Mission Design Series
McDonnell Douglas Technical Services Company
Maintenance Engineering
More Electric Aircraft
Middle East Air Force
Minimum Equipment List
Minimum Equipment Lists
Mission Enhanced Little Bird
Middle East Propulsion Company
Multiple Ejector Rack
Main Engine Start
Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array
Medium Frequency
Main Fuel Control
Multi-Function Display
Multi-Function Display System
Multi-Function Displays
Manned Flight Simulator
Military Flying Training System
Mobile Ground Control Station
Multi-Mission Helicopter
Multi-Mission Helicopters
Manufacturing Inspection District Office
Manufacturing & Inspection District Offices
Manufacturing Inspection District Offices
Multi-functional Information Distribution System
Multifunctional Information Distribution System
Multifunction Information Distribution System
Military Specification
Maintenance Information System
Modernizirovannyi Kommercheskiy Indiski
Multi-Function Keypad
Marker Beacon
Missile Launch Detector
Main Landing Gear
Microwave Landing System
Microwave Landing Systems
Mid-Life Update
Mid-Life Upgrade
Mid Life Update
Mid Life Upgrade
Maximum Landing Weight
Middle Marker
mission Maritime Aircraft
Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft
Multimission Maritime Aircraft
Multi-Mission Aircraft
Modular Mission Computer
Maintenance Material Control Officer
Moving Map Display
Master Minimum Equipment List
Master Minimum Equipment Lists
Mist Mobility Integrated Systems Technology
Multi-Mode Radar
Multi-Mode Receiver
Multi Mode Receiver
Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft
Medium Multi Role Combat Aircraft
Mission Management System
Munitions Maintenance Squadron
Minimmum Navigation Performance Specifications
Military Operations Area
Military Operating Area
Maintenance Operations Center
Mitigation of Obsolescence Cost Analysis
Minimum Operational Performance Standard
Minimum Operational Performance Specification
Minimum Operational Performance Standards
Maintenance Operations Quality Assurance
Minimum Off Route Altitude
Modular Open System Architecture
Manually Operated Visual Landing Aid System
Maritime Patrol
Maritime Patrol Aircraft
Multi-Purpose Computer
Multi-Purpose Color Display
Multi-Purpose Display
Maintenance Planning Document
Maintenance Planning Data
Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft
Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Force
Multi-Point Refueling System
Mission Planning System
Mission Planning Station
Mission Planning Systems
Mission Qualification Training
Maritime Reconnaissance
Multi Role Aircraft
Military Region Air Force
Middle River Aircraft Systems
Maintenance Review Board
Maintenance Review Board Report
Modular Radio Cabinet
Multi-Role Combat Aircraft
Multi Role Combat Aircraft
Multi-Role Fighter
Mitsubishi Regional Jet
Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul
Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul
Maintenance, repair, overhaul
Maintenance, Repair Overhaul
Maintenance Repair and Overhaul
Maintenance Repair Overhaul
Maintenance Repair & Overhaul
Maintenance Repair Organization
Multi-Role Tanker Transport
Multi Role Tanker Transport
Maximum Ramp Weight
Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
Minimum Safe Altitude
Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
Mandatory Service Bulletin
Multiple Site Damage
Maintenance Steering Group
Multi-Sensor Integration
Multi-Stage Improvement Program
Multinational Staged Improvement Program
Manufacturer's Serial Number
Manufacturer Serial Number
Maintenance Service Plan
Modes S-Specific Protocol
Mission Support System
Mode S-Specific Services
Mode Selector Unit
Medium Transport Aircraft
Multi-role Transport Aircraft
Multirole Transport Aircraft
Mean Time Between Failures
Mean Time Between Removals
Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removals
Maintenance Test Flight
Maintenance Training Organisation
Maximum Take-Off
Maximum Take-Off Mass
Mediterranean Theater of Operations
Maintenance Training Organisation Exposition
Maximum Take-Off Weight
Maximum Take Off Weight
Multi-Spectral Targeting System
National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
National Advisory Council for Aeronautics
National Advisory Committee of Aeronautics
National Airlines
North American
National Aeronautics Association
National Airworthiness Authority
National Aviation Authority
National Aviation Authorities
National Aviation Authorities
North American Aviation
North American Aircraft
National Aircraft Appraisers Association
Naval Auxiliary Air Station
National Airways Corporation
Nepal Airlines Corporation
New Air Combat Capability
Naval Aircrew Common Ejection Seats
Navy Aircrew Common Ejection Seat
Navy Air Combat Fighter
Naval Air Development Center
Noise Abatement Departure Procedure
Naval Aircraft Factory
Nigeria Air Force
Nigerian Air Force
National Aircraft Finance Association
National Aerospace Laboratories
National Aeronautics Laboratory
Naval Auxiliary Landing Facility
Newark Air Museum
National Airspace Management Agency
Nihon Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation
Naval Aviation Maintenance Program
Naval Air Reserve
National Aircraft Resale Association
Naval Air Rework Facility
Naval Air Reserve Training Unit
National Aerospace Standards
National Aerospace Standard
National Aircraft Standard
National Airspace System
National Airspace Systems
National Air Space
Naval Air Squadron
Naval Air Squadrons
National Association of State Aviation Officials
National Air & Space Museum
Naval Air Test Center
Naval Air Test Facility
Naval Air Warfare Center
Navalized Advanced Tactical Fighter
Navy Advanced Tactical Fighter
Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
Naval Aviation Training and Operating Procedures Standardization
Naval Air Transport Service
North Atlantic Track System
Navigation Receiver
Navigational Aid
Navigation And Communications Equipment
Navigation Satellite Timing And Ranging
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
Norwegian All-Weather Search and Rescue Helicopter
Narrow Body Aircraft
Nusantara Buana Air
National Business Aviation Association
National Business Aviation Association's
National Business Aircraft Association
National Civil Aircraft Development
National Consortium for Aviation Mobility
Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations
National Center for Aircraft Technician Training
National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies
No Computed Data
Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
Navigation Computer Unit
Navigational Display
Navigation Display
Navigation Displays
Non-Directional Radio Beacon
Non-Directional Beacons
Nuclear Depth Bomb
Non-Directional Beacons
Non-Destructive Inspection
Non-destructive inspections
Non Destructive Inspections
National Emergency Airborne Command Post
New England Air Museum
Noise Exposure Forecast
Netherlands East Indies Air Force
New Engine Option
Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft
Night Fighter
New Fighter Aircraft
No Fault Found
National Free Flight Society
Naval Flight Officer
Naval Flight Officers
Naval Flight Officers
Night Fighter Squadron
National Flight Test Centre
Naval Fighter Weapons School
Navy Fighter Weapons School
Next Generation Fighter
Next Generation Identification Friend or Foe
Nitrogen Generation System
Next Generation Trainer
Next Higher Assembly
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen
Navigation Integrity Category
Nobody Kicks Ass Without Tanker Gas
New Large Aircraft
Nose Landing Gear
Nautical Mile
Nautical Mile
Near Mid-Air Collision
Near Mid Air Collision
Naval Missile Center
Not Mission Capable
Naval Multi Role Helicopters
National Museum of the United States Air Force
Noise and Number Index
Noise and Operations Monitoring System
No Radio
Notice to Airmen
Neutral Point
Non-precision Approach
Non Precision Approaches
Notice of Proposed Amendment
National Police Air Service
New Surplus
Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center
Navigation System Error
Nuclear Test Aircraft
National Track Analysis Program
Non-Textile Flooring
New Training Helicopter
National Test Pilot School
No Transgression Zone
North Vietnamese Air Force
Night Vision Device
Overhaul and Repair
Operational Training Unit
Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner
Operational Advisory Group
Omni Air International
Office of Aircraft Services
Outside Air Temperature
Optical Bar Camera
On-Board Inert Gas Generating System
On-Board Inert Gas Generation System
On Board Inert Gas Generating System
On-Board Oxygen Generation System
On-Board Oxygen Generating System
Omni-Bearing Selector
Omni Bearing Selector
Omnibearing Selector
Offensive Counter Air
Offensive Counter-Air
Obstacle Collision Avoidance System
Operations Control Center
Operational Capability Upgrade
Operational Conversion Units
Organization Designation Authorization
Organizational Designation Authorization
Operations Engineering Bulletin
One Engine Inoperative
Operating Empty Weight
Operational Empty Weight
Operational Flight Program
Operational Flight Programs
Operational Flight Plan
Observation Helicopter
Optical Landing System
Optical Locator System
Outer Marker
Outer Mold Line
Onboard Maintenance System
Open Mission Systems
Overseas National Airways
Optionally Piloted Aircraft
Optionally Piloted Vehicle
Operational Record Book
Oman Royal Flight
Operational Readiness Inspection
Observation Scout
Operational Suitability
Operational Support Airlift
Operational Support Aircraft
Operational Support Airlift Agency
Out-of-Service Date
Out of Service Date
Optronique Secteur Frontal
One System Ground Control Station
One System Remote Video Terminal
Operation Southern Watch
Operational Test Director
Over The Horizon Targeting
Organized Track System
GPS Precision Code
Precision Area Navigation
Piper Aircraft
Porte-Avions 2
Public Address System
Primary Aircraft Authorizations
Primary Aircraft Inventory
Philippine Army Air Corps
Philippine Air Force
Philippines Air Force
Premier Aircraft Design
Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation
Pakistan Air Force
Pakistani Air Force
Portuguese Air Force
Presidential Airlift Group
Production Approval Holder
Pilot Activated Lighting
Professional Aviation Maintenance Association
Precision Approach Path Indicator
Precision Approach Radar
Presidential Aircraft Recapitalization
Program Acquisition Unit Cost
Personal Air Vehicle
Patrol Bomber
Provincetown-Boston Airline
Passenger Boarding Bridge
Portable Breathing Equipment
Power By the Hour
Pre-Conditioned Air
Propulsion Controlled Aircraft
Portable Collision Avoidance System
Plenum Chamber Burning
Panoramic Cockpit Display
Pilot Controlled Lighting
Passenger Control Unit
Preliminary Design
Profile Descent
Portable Data Loader
Periodic Depot Maintenance
Programmed Depot Maintenance
Pilot Decision Making
Position Dilution of Precision
Pilot Display Unit
Power Drive Unit
Power Drive Units
Precision Engagement
Personal Equipment Connector
Personal Electronic Device
Portable Electronic Device
Portable Electronic Devices
Pilot Flying
Popular Flying Association
Primary Flight Computer
Primary Flight Display
Primary Flight Displays
Primary Flight Displays
Primary Flight Control System
Primary Flight Director
Post Flight Report
Portable Ground Control Station
Probe Heat Computer
Planned Incremental Availability
Pilot in Command
Provisional International Civil Aviation Organisation
Pilot Information Manuals
Pilot Induced Oscillation
Pilot Induced Oscillations
Performance Improvement Package
Passive Infra-Red Airborne Tracking Equipment
Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone
Probability Of Kill
Professional Loadmaster Association
Peoples Liberation Army Air Force
People's Liberation Army Naval Air Force
Pilot Landing Aid Television
Precision Location Strike System
Parts Manufacturer Approval
Parts Manufacturing Approval
Parts Manufacturing Authority
Portable Maintenance Aid
Program Manager, Air
Portable Maintenance Access Terminal
Predator Mission Aircrew Training Systems
Power Management Control
Perspective Multi-role Fighter
Permanent Magnet Generator
Principal Maintenance Inspector
Pacific Missile Test Center
Primary Navigation Display
Pilot Non Flying
Passive Noise Reduction
Pilot's Night Vision System
Pilot Night Vision System
Production Organisation Approval
Production Organization Approval
Phase of Flight
Pilot's Operating Handbook
Pilot Operating Handbook
Pilot Operating Handbooks
Pilots Operating Handbook
Principal Operations Inspector
Patrol Plane Commander
Pacific Precision Products
Predator Primary Satellite Link
Photographic Reconnaissance
Photo Reconnaissance
Particular Risks Analysis
Pre-Recorded Announcement
Proximity Switch Electronics Unit
Production, Sustainment and Follow-on Development
Precision Strike Package
Programmable Signal Processor
Primary Surveillance Radar
Primary Surveillance Radars
Passenger Service Unit
Quick Attach Detach
Quick Access Recorder
Quick Engine Change
Qualified Flying Instructors
Barometric Pressure Adjusted To Sea Level
Quick Reaction Alert
Quick Reference Handbook
Quiet Supersonic Platform
Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft
Quad Tilt Rotor
Repair and Overhaul
Area Navigation
Royal Aircraft Establishment
Royal Aeronautical Establishment
Royal Aircraft Establishment
Radio Altimeter
Radio Altitude
Regulatory Articles
Regulatory Article
Resolution Advisory
Recreational Aviation Australia
Royal Australia Air Force
Runway Awareness and Advisory System
Runway Awareness & Advisory System
Runway Awareness Advisory System
Raytheon Aircraft Company
Russian Aircraft Corporation
Raytheon Advanced Combat Radar
Research Aviation Facility
Rotary Air Force
Royal Aircraft Factory
Royal Air Force
Royal Air Force's
Royal Air Force of Oman
Replacement Air Group
Radio Altimeter Indicator
Radio Altimeter
Receiver-Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
Remote Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
Radar Altimeter
radar-absorbent materials
Radar Absorbent Material
Radar Absorbent Materials
Required Avionics Modernization Program
RAM Air Temperature
Ram Air Turbine
Radar Air Traffic Control Center
Rocket-Assisted Take Off
Rocket-Assisted Take-Off
Rocket Assisted Take Off
Rocket Assisted Take-Off
Rolls-Royce Barnoldswick
Relative bearing indicator
Real Beam Map
Rivet Card
Royal Canadian Air Force
Royal Canadian Air Force's
Royal Danish Air Force
Radio Communication Failure
Radio Control Panel
Reverse Current Relay
Runway Condition Reading
Remote Data Concentrator
Reference Datum Height
Radio distance magnetic indicator
Radar Data Processing System
Runway End Identifier Lights
Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program
Runway End Safety Area
Radio Frequency
Radius to Fix
Rescue and Fire Fighting
Radio Frequency Interference
Review of the General Concept of Separation Panel
Regulatory & Guidance Library
Remote Ground Station
Radar Homing And Warning System
Reduced Horizontal Separation Minimal
Royal International Air Tattoo
Recorder Independent Power Supply
Rotor Ice Protection System
Regional Jet
Regional Jets
Rivet Joint
Royal Jordanian Air Force
Rotary Launcher Assembly
Ring Laser Gyroscope
Radio Management
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Royal Malaysia Air Force
Royal Moroccan Air Force
Radio Magnetic Indicator
Radio Magnetic Indicators
Radio Management Panel
Radio Management Panels
Reconnaissance Management System
Radio Management Unit
Royal Netherlands Air Force
Royal Navy Air Service
Royal Navy Historic Flight
Required Navigation Performance
Required Navigational Performance
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Radar Operator
Remotely Operated Aircraft
Remotely Piloted Aircraft
Remote Piloted Aircraft
Rate Of Climb
Republic Of China Air Force
Rate Of Descent
Republic of Korea Air Force
Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
Remotely Piloted Aircraft System
Remotely Piloted Air System
Remotely Piloted Air Systems
Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems
Remote Pilot License
Revolutions Per Minute
Rapid Prototyping and Military Derivatives Completion Center
Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle
Remotely Piloted Vehicle
Remote Processing Unit
Remotely Piloted Vehicles
Remote Piloted Vehicle
Remotely Piloted Vehicles
Runway Protection Zone
Royal Rhodesian Air Force
Russian Regional Jet
Reconnaissance Squadron
Republic of Singapore Air Force
Republic of Singapore Air Force's
Reconnaissance Systems Officer
Regional Support Office
Regional Support Offices
Route Surveillance Radar
Rotor System Research Aircraft
Rotor Systems Research Aircraft
Repair and Salvage Unit
Regional Transport Aircraft
Required Time of Arrival
Royal Thai Air Force
Spanish aeronautical
Surface Attack
Sport Aircraft Association of Australia
Special Aircraft And Aircrew Authorization Required
Special Assignment Airlift Mission
Ship-Aircraft Bio-Optical Research
Scalable Agile Beam Radar
Stabilizing Automatic Bomb Sight
Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation
Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Strategic Airlift Capability
Situational Awareness Data Link
Situation Awareness Data Link
Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute
Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries
Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft
Safety Alerts for Operators
Surface to Air Guide Weapon
Standby Attitude Indicator
Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin
Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins
Singapore Aircraft Leasing Enterprise
Scale Aircraft Modelling
Special Airlift Mission
Special Air Mission
Special Air Missions
Surface-to-Air Missile
Surface-to-air missiles
Surface To Air Missile
Surface to Air Missiles
Surface to Air Missiles
Semi-Armor Piercing
Search and Rescue
Smart ACMS Recorder
Specific Air Range
Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft
Search And Rescue Combat Air Patrol
Semi-active radar homing
Scandinavian Air Service
Specific Airworthiness Specifications
Single Advanced Signal Processor
Static Air Temperature
Satellite Communication
Satellite Navigation
Short Airfield for Tactical Support
Small Aircraft Transportation System
Special Air Warfare Center
Scout Bomber
Service Bulletins
Soviet Bomber
Society of British Aircraft Constructors
Sukhoi Business Jet
Surveillance and Broadcast Services
Shore-based Test Facility
Shore Based Test Facility
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
State Civil Aviation Authority
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company
Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance
Special Certification Review
Sea Control Ship
Secure Digital
System Data Acquisition Concentrator
Small Diameter Bombs
Small Diameter Bombs
Sukhoi Design Bureau
Signal Data Converter
Smoke Detection Control Unit
System Design and Development
System Development & Demonstration
Simplified Directional Facility
Software Development Institute
Standard Depot Level Maintenance
Service Difficulty Reports
Service Difficulty Report
Satellite Data Unit
Support Equipment
South East Asia Command
Suppression Of Enemy Air Defenses
Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
Suppression of Enemy Air Defences
Sidewinder Expanded Acquisition Mode
Seat Electronics Box
Single Event Level
Sound Exposure Level
Selective Calling
Super Etendard Modernise
Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
Society of Experimental Test Pilots
Special Freighter
Single Frequency Approach
Special Federal Aviation Regulation
Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program
Slat Flap Control Computer
Seller Furnished Equipment
Supplier Furnished Equipment
Special Flight Rules Area
Society of Flight Test Engineers
Strategic Fighter Wing
Swept Forward Wing
Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft
Standard Ground Handling Agreement
Stabilised Glide Slope Indicator
Sea Hawk
Sea Hawks
Seahawk Helicopter
Seahawk helicopters
Seahawk Helis
Seasprite Helicopter
Seasprite helicopters
Sierra Hotel
Support Helicopter
Swedish Highly Advanced Research Configuration
Sensing Hazards with Operational Unmanned Technology
Shaft Horse Power
Safety Information Bulletins
Safety Information Bulletin
Safety Investigation Board
Standard Instrument Departure
Selective Identification Feature
Successor Identification Friend or Foe
Standard Industry Fare Level
System Integration Lab
Systems Integration Lab
Suite of Integrated Radio Frequency Countermeasures
Satellite Interface Unit
Surya Kiran Aerobatic Team
Station Keeping Equipment
Sri Lanka Air Force
Stand-Off Land Attack Missile
Side-Looking Airborne Radar
Side Looking Airborne Radar
Sideways-Looking Airborne Radar
Supercooled Large Droplet
Supercooled Large Droplets
Supercooled Large Drops
Service Life Extension Programme
Service Life Extension Plan
Service Life Extension Programs
Self Launching Motor Glider
Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure
Side Looking Radar
Special Light Sport Aircraft
Snark missile
Seattle Model Aircraft
Special Mission Aircraft
Special Operations Aircraft
Standard Message Identifier
Short Messaging Service
Store Management System
Surface Management System
Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Sud-Est
Société Nationale de Constructions Aeronautiques du Sud-Ouest
Signal-to-noise Ratio
Scout Observation
Sultan of Oman's Air Force
Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program
Supervisor of Flying
Stand-Off Jammers
Specific Operational Requirement
Special Operations Squadron
Stand-Off Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar
Submarine Over-The-Horizon Organic Capabilities
Special Operations Wing
Stand Off Weapon
Single Pilot
Seaplane Pilots Association
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery
Secondary Power Distribution Assembly
Seven Q Seven
Strategic Reconnaissance
Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Short Range Air-to-air Missile
Short Range Air to Air Missiles
Safety Regulation Group
Structural Repair Manual
Structural Repair Manuals
Structure Repair Manual
Speed Reference System
Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron
Swing Role Surveillance System
Search and Rescue Unit
System Safety Analysis
Solid-State Cockpit Voice
Solid-State Cockpit Voice Recorder
Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder
Solid-State Cockpit Voice/Data Recorder
Static Source Error Correction
Structural Significant Item
Supplemental Structural Inspection Document
Secondary Surveillance Radar
Surface Search Radar
Super Sonic Transport
Scheduled Time of Arrival
Standard Terminal Arrival Route
Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
Supplemental Type Certificates
Supplemental Type Certificate
Supplemental Type Certification
Supplementary Type Certificate
Supplementary Type Certification
Supplementary Type Certificates
Supplement Type Certificate
Supplemental Type Certificates
Supplemental Type Certificates
Short-Term Conflict Alert
Surface treatment document and classification
Small Tactical Munition
Short Take Offs
Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery
Short Take-off And Landing
Short Take Off and Landing
Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing
Short Take Off and Vertical Landing
Short Take-Off Vertical Landing
Short Take-Off, Vertical Landing
Short Take-Off & Vertical Landing
Short Take Off Vertical Landing
Standard Temperature And Pressure
Sustained Turn Rate
Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System
Small Tactical Unmanned Air System
Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Small Unmanned Aircraft System
Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Small Unmanned Aircraft
Special Use Airspace
Transcontinental and Western Air
Technical Order
Thrust Reverser
Transmitter Receiver
Traffic Advisory
Traffic Advisories
Transition Altitude
Technologically Advanced Aircraft
Technical Analysis and Applications Center
Transportes Aéreos Bolivianos
Total Accumulated Cycles
Tactical Air Navigation System
Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System
Terrain Awareness Display
Transport Aircraft Division
Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces
Terminal Area Forecast
Territorial Air Force
Turkish Air Force
Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux
Turkish Aerospace Industries
Tactical Air Launched Decoy
Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
Tactical Air Navigation System
Terminal Area Productivity
Tornado Advanced Radar Display Information System
Tactical Airborne Reconnaissance Pod System
Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System
Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
Theater Airborne Reconnaissance System
Traffic Advisory System
Traffic Advisory Systems
Traffic Advisories
Traffic Avoidance System
True Airspeed
Typhoon Availability Service
Tactical Air Support Group
Tactical Air Support Squadron
Total Air Temperature
True Air Temperature
Touraine Air Transport
Terrain Avoidance and Warning System
Terrain Avoidance Warning System
Terrain Awareness Warning System
Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems
Terrain Awareness & Warning System
Terrain Awareness and Warning System
Terrain Awareness Warning Systems
Torpedo Bomber
Turbine Based Combined Cycle
Time Before Overhaul
Time Between Overhaul
Time Between Overhauls
Turn Coordinator
Type Certificate
Type Certification
Type Certificates
Terminal Control Area
Throttle Control Assembly
trainer-cargo aircraft
Trainer Cargo Aircraft
Terminal Control Areas
Terrain Collision Avoidance System
Traffic and Collision Avoidance System
Traffic Collision Avoidance System
Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems
Traffic Collision and Avoidance System
Transport Canada Civil Aviation
Tactical Common Data Link
Type Certificate Data Sheets
Type Certificate Data Sheet
Terrain Clearance Floor
Tactical Control Group
Teledyne Continental Motors
Tactical Command System
Television Camera System
Television Camera Set
Touch Control Steering
Troop Carrier Squadron
Time Compliance Technical Order
Time Compliance Technical Orders
Time Compliance Technical Orders
TACAN Control Unit
Time Dilution Of Precision
Technology Demonstration Programme
Trans European Airways
Turbine Exhaust Case
Trailing Edge Down
Triple Ejection Rack
Triple Ejector Rack
Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node
Terminal En Route Procedures
Terminal Instrument Procedures
Test & Evaluation Squadron
Test and Evaluation Squadron
Tactical Electronic Warfare System
Tactical Electronic Warfare Systems
Terrain Following
Torpedo Fighter
Track to Fix
Tactical Fighter Group
Things Falling Off Aircraft
Temporary Flight Restrictions
Terrain-following radar
Terrain Following Radar
Tactical Fighter Squadron
Tactical Fighter Training Squadron
Twelve-Five Standard Security Program
Thin-Film Transistor
Tactical Fighter Experimental
Tactical Group
Training Glider
Turbine Gas Target
Turbine Gas Temperature
True Heading
Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer
Type Inspection Authorization
Tactical Information Display
Tactical Information Exchange Capability
Total In-Flight Simulator
Tactical Input Segment
Traffic Information Service
Traffic Information System
Traffic Information Services
Traffic Information Systems
Tactical Jamming System
Track Angle
Track-Angle Error
Three-letter acronym
Thrust Lever Angle
Target Level of Safety
Transponder Landing System
Tactical Landing Zones
Terminal Maneuvering Area
Thrust Management Computer
Tactical Munitions Dispenser
Type, Model, Series
Top of Climb
Top Of Descent Point
Top of Descent
Training and Operation Support System
Time Over Target
Turbine Outlet Temperature
Take-Off Weight
Take Off Weight
Tactical Reconnaissance
Temporary Revision
Temporary Revisions
Thrust Reverser
Transmitter Receiver
Terminal Radar Approach Control
Target Recognition and Attack Multi-Sensor
Target Recognition and Attack Multisensor
Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel
Technical Research and Development Institute
Terrain Referenced Navigation
Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
Transformer Rectifier Unit
Transformer Rectifier Units
Test Squadron
Torpedo Scout
Temporary Segregated Area
Tactical Situation Display
Traffic Situation Display
Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption
Time Since New
Technical Service Order
Technical Standard Order
Technical Standards Order
Technical Standard Orders
Time Since Overhaul
Technical Standard Order Authorization
Technical Standard Orders
Tornado Sustainment Programme
Tailored Ship's Training Availability
Total Temperature
Tactical Training Area
Tactical Targeting Networking Technology
Time To Station
Total Time Since New
Tri-national Tornado Training Establishment
Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System
Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Total Vertical Error
Training Wing
Transcontinental and Western Airlines
Transcontinental & Western Air
Terminal Weather Data Link
Two-Way Data Link
Terminal Doppler Weather Radar
Trans World Express
Utilization and Training Workshop
Unmanned Aircraft
United Aircraft Corp
United Arab Emirates Air Force
Universal Armament Interface
Universal Aerial Refuelling Receptacle Slipway Installation
Universal Air Refueling Receptacle Slipway Installation
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
University Air Squadrons
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Unmanned Aircraft System
Unmanned Air Systems
Unmanned Air System
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Unmanned Air Systems
Universal Access Transceiver
Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle
Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle
Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles
Uninhabited Air Vehicle
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle
Unmanned Airborne Vehicle
Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle
Unmanned Air Vehicles
Unmanned Air Vehicle
Unmanned Ariel Vehicle
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles
Unmanned Air Vehicles
Unmanned Ariel Vehicles
Uninhabited Air Vehicles
Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle
Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle System
Unmanned Combat Air Systems
Unmanned Combat Air System
Unmanned Combat Aircraft System
Unmanned Combat Aerial System
Uninhabited Combat Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles
Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles
Unmanned Carrier-launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike
Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike
Universal Control System
Utility Control System
Universal Ground Control System
Up Front Controller
Up Front Control Panel
Ultra High Bypass
Ultra-High Frequency
United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority
Underwater Locator Beacon
Unmanned Little Bird
Undergraduate Military Flight Officer
Undergraduate Pilot Training
Unit Recurring Flyaway
United States Army Air Corps
United States Army Air Forces
United States Army Air Force
United States Army Air Service
United States Air Force
United States Air Forces
United States Air Force Europe
United States Air Force's
United States Air Force Museum
United States Air Force in Europe
United States Aircraft Insurance Group
Universal Serial Bus
Upper Surface Blowing
United States Navy
United States Ultralight Association
Utility Transport Aircraft
United Technologies Aerospace Systems
Universal Technology Corporation
Universal Time Coordinate
Vertical Navigation
Voltage Regulator
Reference Velocity
Vertical Speed
Vertical Track
Vectored-thrust Aircraft Advanced Control
Visual Approach Chart
Vulcan Air Defense System
Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform
Visual Approach Slope Indicator
Visual Approach Slope Indicator System
Variable Bleed Valve
Virtual Cockpit
Volga-Dnepr Airlines
Vertical Display Indicator
VHF Data Link
VHF Digital Radio
Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display
Vertical Flight
Variable Frequency Oscillator
Visual Flight Rules
Visual Flight Rule
Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke
Vertical Gyroscope
Vertical Gyros
Vertical Gyro
Vertical Gyroscope/Directional Gyroscope
Video Graphics Array
Visual Guidance System
Very High Frequency
Visual Information Display System
Vectoring In Forward Flight
Variable-Stability In-Flight Simulator Test Aircraft
Vertical Landing
Very Light Aircraft
Very Large Commercial Transport
Very Light Jet
Very Light Jets
Very Light Jets
Visual Line of Sight
Very Long Range
Visual Meteorological Conditions
Virtual Maintenance Trainer
Virtual Mission Training System
Never Exceed Speed
Velocity Never Exceed
Maximum Structural Cruising Speed
VHF Navigation Receiver
Vertical On-board Delivery
Very-high-frequency Omni Range
Very-high-frequency Omnidirectional Range
VHF Omnidirectional Range And Ranging
VOR With Distance Measuring Equipment
VOR Marker Beacon
VOR And TACAN Combination
Voice Transmission
Vertical Path Approach
War Assets Administration
Wide Area Augmentation System
Wide Body Aircraft
Weight and Balance System
Western Canada Aviation Museum
Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser
Wind Corrected Munitions Dispensers
Wind Direction
Wind Direction
Weapon Data Link
White Eagle Aviation
Weapons Evaluation Group
War Emergency Power
Window Heat Computer
Wide-angle Infinity Display Equipment
WXR Waveguide Adapter
WXR Indicator Mount
Wide-Area Master Station
Weather Message Switching Center
Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
Wiener Neustadter Flugzeugwerke
Weight On Wheels
Warner Robins Air Logistics Center
Weapon Replaceable Assemblies
Weapons Replaceable Assemblies
WXR Receiver Transmitter
Weapon System Evaluation Program
Weapon System Integration
Weapons Systems Operator
Weapon Systems Officer
Weapon Systems Officers
Weapon System Operator
Weapon System Officer
Weapon Systems Trainer
Wing Tip Brake
Work Unit Code
Within Visual Range
Experimental Bomber
Experimental Survivable Testbed
Extra Wide Body
Yaw Damper
Zambia Air Force
Zero Fuel Weight
Zonal Safety Analysis
Zenitnaya Samokhodnaya Ustanovka
Acrid air-to-air
American Aviation
Air Safety Reports
Avionics System Software Tornado Ada
Aircraft Systems and Testing Establishment
Air Starter Units
Application Server Unit
Airborne Technician
Air Traffic Control Radio Beacon System
Aerospace Technology Group
Air Technical Intelligence
Available Tonne Kilometre
Air Test Vehicle
Baby Albatross
British Aerospace
Bilateral Airworthiness Agreement
Bill of Work
Business and Regional Systems
Bristol Siddeley Engines Ltd
Basic Trainer Aircraft
Coordinating Agency for Supplier Evaluation
Cable Airport
Chino Airport
Commonwealth Aircraft
Corporate Aircraft Association
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
Commonwealth Aircraft Company
Custom Aircraft Cabinets
Controller-to-Pilot Data Link Communication
Central Panel Display System
Cost Per Flying Hour
Crash Position Indicators
Capability Request for Information
Certification Review Items
Common Support Data Dictionary
Combat Systems Officers
Conventional Take Off and Landing
Conventional Take Off & Landings
Chief Test Pilot
Composites Technology Research Malaysia
Combat Training Squadron
Cabin Telecommunications Unit
Double Annular Combustor
Digital Air Data System
Design Approval Representative
Designated Airworthiness Representatives
Docked Planned Incremental Availability
Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner
Defense Systems Evaluation Squadron
Diverterless Supersonic Inlet
Datalink Service Provider
Defensive System Upgrade Program
Delta Trikes Aviation
Data Transfer Cartridge
Data Transfer Equipment
Digital Terrain Elevation Database
Digital Terrain System
Dilog Training & Services
Direct User Access Terminal
Display Units
Distinguished Visitors
Diverse Vector Area
Eastern Air
Experimental Airplane Association
Electronic Attitude Display Indicator
Engineering Orders
End of Runway
Emergency Oxygen System
European Part Approval
Environmental Research and Consultancy Department
Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron
European Staff Requirement
Engine Vibration Monitoring
Federal Avaition Administration
Full All-Cargo Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program
Flying Tiger
General Aviation Commission
Government Aircraft Factory
General Aviation Manufactures Association
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited's
high-altitude, long-endurance
high-altitude long endurance
Horizontal Protection Limit
Hamilton Sundstrand
Heading Select
High-Speed Research
High Speed Research
High Speed Strike Weapon
Heavier Than Air
Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems
Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System
Helicopter Travel Munich
Heat Transfer Reactor Experiments
Heat transfer reactor experiment
Helicopter Utility
Head-up Display
Head Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer
Health & Usage Monitoring Systems
Health & Usage Monitoring System
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems
Health and Usage Monitoring System
Health Usage Monitoring System
High Velocity Aircraft Rocket
High Velocity Maintenance
Hybrid Wing Body
Integrated Air Defence Systems
International Aero Engine
Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting
Joint Airworthiness Authority
Japanese Air Self Defence Force
Japan Business Aviation Association
Joint Precision Approach and Landings System
Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering
Joint Strike Fighter
Joint Strike Fighters
Joint Strike Fighters
Joint Stand Off Weapon
Joint Stand-Off Weapons
Jet Support Services Inc
Joint Surveillance, Target Attack Radar System
Joint Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
Joint Technology Demonstrator Engine
Joint Test Force
Kuwaiti Air Force
Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
Long Range Navigation
Light Sports Aircraft
Merging and Spacing
Mishap Aircraft
Mid-air collision
Mid Air Collision
Maintenance & Repair Organization
Maintenance and Repair Organization
Medium Range Surveillance
Manual Release Tool
Multi-Role Tanker-Transport
Multi Role Transport Tanker
Maintenance Squadron
Maintenance Steering Group 3
Maintenance Significant Items
Maintenance Service Program
Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal
Mean Time To Failure
National Air Cargo
Nordic Aviation Contractor
Non-Radar Airspace
Non-Traditional Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
NATO Tiger Meet
Night Vision Imaging Systems
Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System
On Board Oxygen Generating System
Paint and Interior
Pacific Aerospace Corporation
Philippine Air Force's
Production Planing
Primary Radar
Photo-Reconnaissance Unit
Personnel Recovery Vehicle
Project Specific Certification Plan
Proximity Switch Electronic Unit
Preliminary System Safety Analysis
Passenger Service Units
Personal Service Unit
Passenger Service Units
Pilot in Training
Primary Trainer
Pilotless Target Aircraft
Patrol Torpedo Bomber
Power and Thermal Management System
Program Tracking and Reporting Subsystem
Pilot-Vehicle Interface
Pilot Vehicle Interface
Pratt & Whitney
Pratt and Whitney
Queen Elizabeth-class
Repair & Overhaul
Radar Altimeter and Altitude Warning System
Radar Set
Runway Safety Areas
Runway Safety Areas
Runway Surface Condition
Repair Turn Around Time
Registration Task Force
Real-Time Information in the Cockpit
Real Time Information in the Cockpit
Radar Technology Insertion Program
Royal Thai Navy
Rejected Take-Off
Radio Tuning Panel
Release to Service
Return To Service
Radio Tuning Units
Runway Visual Range
Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum
Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
Sense and Avoid
Short / Vertical Take Off and Landing
Single Aisle
Surface to Air
Supplemental Type Certifications
Small Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft
Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research
Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft
Suspected Unapproved Parts
Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training
Signal Underwater Sound
Synthetic Vision
Synthetic Vision Systems
Synthetic Vision System
Tailored Arrival
Track Angle Error
Technical Standing Order
Tanker Task Force
Tornado Weapons Conversion Unit
Terminal Weather Radar
Terminal Weather Information for Pilots
Turbulence Weather Radar
Threat Warning System
Unmanned Aerial Survey
Universal Access Transceivers
Vertical Path
Velocity Search
Vertical Speed
Vertical Situation Display
Vertical Speed Indicator
Vertical Speed Indicators
Vertical Separation Limit
Vertical Separation Minimum
Stall Speed In Landing Configuration
Vehicle Sketch Pad
Voltage-Standing Wave Ratio
Visual Target Acquisition System
Voice, Throttle and Stick
Vectored Thrust Ducted Propeller
Vertical take-off
Vertical Take Off
Weight and Balance
Wide-Area Airborne Surveillance
Wide Area Aerial Surveillance
Wing Anti-Ice
Weight, Altitude, Temperature
Withdrawn from use
Zodiac Inflight Innovations