Popular Army acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alpha Time Zone
of D Angle of Departure
of P Angle of Projection
of S Angle of Sight
Allocation & Engineering
Armament & Gunnery School
Armament & Instituteument Experimental Unit
Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit
Administrative and Personnel
Airframe and Powerplant
Assessment and Selection
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Acquisition & Technology
Acquisition and Testing
Assistant STRIKE Operations Officer
Alpha Team
Aircrew Receiving Centre
Adjutant General
Air Commodore
Alternate JSIC
Airman First Class
Army Airspace Communications and Control
Army Airspace Command and Control
Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
Active Adjunct
Air Attache
Airman Apprentice
Antiaircraft Artillery
Antiaircraft Artillery
Arakan Army
Armed Forces America
Army Act
Assembly Area
Assessment Agent
Attack Assessment
Attrition Analysis
Australian Army
Australian Archives
Automatic Associator
Avenue of Approach
Air Avenue of Approach
arms ammunition and explosives
Allied Airborne Army
Anti-air Artillery
Anti-Aircraft Artillery
Anti Aircraft Artillery
Army Audit Agency
Arrival and Assembly Area
Assign Alternate Area
Airborne Anti-Armor Defense
Anti-Aircraft Artillery Order of Battle
Amphibious Aviation Assault Ship
Army Air Base
Australian Army Band Corps
Australian Army Cadets
Advanced Airborne National Command Post
Amphibious Assault Bulk Water System
Activity Address Code
Alaskan Air Command
Anti Aircraft Co-operation
Army Acquisition Corps
Army Aviation Corps
Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Program
Aeronautics and Astronautics Coordinating Board
All Arms Commando Course
Army Air Corporation Center
Army Air Corps Center
Australian Army Catering Corps
Australian Army Catering Corporation
Australian Army Canteens Service
Army Alternate Command and Control Element
Anti-aircraft Co-operation Flight
Arrival Airfield Control Group
Army Area Communications System
Attitude and Antenna Control Subsystem
Army Air Corporatione Tactical Development Center
Army Air Corpse Tactical Development Center
Anti-aircraft Co-operation Unit
Airborne Assault Division
Airborne Assault Divisionsion
Anti-Aircraft Defence
Armoured Amphibious Dozer
Anti-Aircraft Defence Commander
Area Air Defense Commander
Army Air Defense Command
Australian Army Dental Corps
Australian Army Dental Corporation
Area Air Defense Command and Control System
Army Air-Defense Command Post
Army Air Defense Command Post
Attack Assessment For Directed-Energy Weapon
Area Air Defense Plan
Anti-aircraft Defense System
Army Acquisition Executive
Aeromedical Evacuation Control Team
Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
Air Assault Expeditionary Force
Albanian Armed Forces
Anti Aircraft Flight
Army Airfield
Army Air Field
Army Air Force
Auxiliary Air Force
Advanced Aviation Forward Area Refueling System
Army Air Force Base Units
Army Air Forces Base Unit
Army Air Force Base Unit
Australian Air Force Cadets
Allied Air Forces, Central Europe
and Air Force Exchange Service
Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Army & Air Force Exchange Services
Army Air Force Exchange Service
Army Air Force Exchange Services
Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Army and Air Force Exchange Services
Army and Air Force Exchange System
Automated Air Facilities Information File
Automated Air Facility Information File
Allied Air Forces Northern Europe
Amphibious Assault Fuel System
Army Air Force School of Applied Tactics
Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics
Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
Amphibious Assault Fuel Supply Facility
Advanced Aerial Fire Support System
Army Air Forces Training Command
Army Artillery Group
Assistant Adjutant-General
Assistant Adjutant General
Air Armament & Gas School
Army air-ground system
Advanced Attack Helicopter
Australian Auxiliary Hospital
Air-to-Air Intercept
Air-to-Air Interface
Aden-Abyan Islamic Army
Air-to-Air Identification Friend or Foe
Airmen Aircrew Initial Training school
Additional Authorization List
Australian Army Legal Corps
Australian Army Legal Corporation
Australian Army Legal Department
Australian Army Medical Corps
Australian Army Medical Corporation
Australian Army Order
Anti-Aircraft Liaison Officer
Air-to-Air Missile
Army Achievement Medal
Air and Missile Defense Command
Army Air and Missile Defense Command
Army Air Missile Defense Command
United States Army Air And Missile Defense Command
Anti-aircraft Machine Gun
Air-To-Air Medium-Range Missile
Australian Army Medical Women's Service
Australian Army Nursing Service
Advanced Air Navigation School
Analysis of the Area of Operations
Approved Acquisition Objective
Army Acquisition Objective
Australian Army Ordnance Corps
Australian Army Ordnance Corporation
Australian Army Pay Corps
Australian Army Pay Corporation
Arrival and Assembly Operations Element
Arrival and Assembly Operations Group
Aircraft acceptance Park
Air to air Missile
Allied Administrative Publication
Annual Acquisition Plan
Army Aircraft Park
Army Ammunition Plant
Army Ammunition Plants
Assign Alternate Parent
Australian Army Printing and Stationery Service
Anti Aircraft Practice Camp
Active Array Radar
After-Action Review
After Action Review
After Action Report
After Action Reviews
All Arms Recruit Course
Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile
Advanced Anti-Radiation Missile
Army Amateur Radio System
Air Armament School
Analyst Automation Segment
Army Apprentice School
Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army
Australian Army Skills at Arms Meeting
Australian Army Service Corps
Australian Army Service Corporation
Advanced Air Striking Force
Army Aviation Support Facility
Anti-aircraft Searchlight
Anti-Aircraft Search Light
Air Assault
Aeromedical Evacuation Administrative Support Team
Artillery and Air Strike Warning Control Centre
Armored Assault Tank
Automatic Analog Test
Aviation Advisory Team
Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine
Air Armament trials Establishment
Air Assault Task Force
Automated Architecture Tool Suite
Automated Architecture Tool Support
Army Air Transport Training & Development Center
Anti-Aircraft and Target Towing Flight
Australian Army Training Team Vietnam
Air Ambulance Unit
Aircraft Acceptance Unit
Aircraft Assembly Unit
Analog Applique Unit
Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Assault Amphibious Vehicle
Australian Army Veterinary Corps
Australian Army Veterinary Corporation
Aerospace Audiovisual Service
Assault Amphibious Vehicles
Anti-Air Warcraft
Anti-air Warfare
Anti Air Warfare
Antiair Warfare
Army Acquisition Workforce
Anti Air Warfare Commander
Air Base
Airman Basic
Army Book
Aviation Boatswain's Mate
ABCS Brigade and Below
Airborne Cigar
Airborne Corps
Airborne Corporation
Army Benefits Center
Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Acronyms
American, British, Canadian, and Australian
American British Canadian Australian Armies Program
Army Bureau of Current Affairs
Alternate/Backup Communications
Army Battle Command System
Army Battle Command Systems
Airborne Brigade Combat Team
Armored Brigade Combat Team
Airbase defense
Airborne Ballistics Division
Airborne Ballistics Divisionsion
Arm-based electronics
Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology
Army Benevolent Fund
Advanced Base Functional Component
Air Bombing & Gunnery School
Army Basic Instructor Course
Army Battlefield Interface Concept
Airborne Imagery Transmission
Airborne Information Transmission
Allegany Ballistics Laboratory
Air Breathing Missile
Anti-Ballistic Missile
AntiBallistic Missile
Automatic Building Machines
Army Ballistic Missile Agency
Air Corps
Airborne National Command Post
Available Bit Rate
Army Base Repair Organisation
Advanced Bomb Suit
Air Bombing Training Flight
Airman Battle Uniforms
Assault Breacher Vehicle
Air Base Wing
Active Component
Area Command
Air Crew
Air Traffic Controlman
Amphibious Corps
Antisubmarine Command
Armoured Corps
Army Component
Active Component / Reserve Component
Aircraftman First Class
Aircraftman Second Class
Army Command and Control Master Plan
Alaskan Command and Control System Military Automated Network
Airspace Control Authority
Alternate Command Authority
Army Contracting Agency
Air Courses of Action Assessment Model
Aircrew Allocation Center
Army Command and Area Communications System
Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistics Activity
Army Career & Alumni Program
Army Career Alumni Program
Army Career and Alumni Program
Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program
Acquisition Category
Air Cadets Adventure Training Center
Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle
Armoured Cavalry Assault Vehicle
Amphibious Construction Battalion
Amphibious Construction Battalions
Assistant Counter Battery Officer
Access Control Center
Air Control Center
Area Control Center
Air Component Commander
Allied Clandestine Committee
Allied Control Commission
Armoured Car Company
Army Cadet College
Army Capstone Concept
Army Co-operation Command
Army Communications Command
Army Component Command
Army Competitive Category
Army Contracting Command
Army Cyclist Corps
Aviation Component Commander
Army Court of Criminal Appeals
Army Configuration Control Board
Army Co-operation Command Communication Flight
Air Cadet Central Gliding School
Allied Command Channel
Allied Command and Control Information System
Automated Command and Control Information System
Automated Command and Control Intelligence Support System
Army Central Control Office
Army Correspondence Course Program
Advanced Communications Control System
Army Command and Control System
Airborne command and control system
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Aircrew Despatch Center
Advanced Combat Direction System
Army College of Dental Sciences
Air Combat Development Unit
Army Co-operation Development Unit
Active Duty Training
Air Crew Disposal Wing
Access Control Encryption
Advance Communications Element
Airborne Command Element
Allied Command, Europe
Analysis Control Element
Armored Combat Earthmover
Armored Combat Earth-mover
Army Compartmented Elements
Army Compartmented Element
Assistant Corps of Engineers
Assistant Corporation of Engineers
Army Computer Emergency Response Team
Army Continuing Education System
Army Continuing Education Services
Automated Command and Control Evaluation System
Air Combat EVALuation
Alternate Command Facility
Army Cadet Force
Army Cadet Force Association
Air Cadets Flying Scholarship Scheme
Air Combat Group
Air Cadet Gliding Flight Safety Officer's Course
Assistant Chief of the General Staff
Advance Combat Helmet
Advanced Combat Helmet
Advanced Chain Home
Air Craft Hand
Army Combat Helmet
Aircrew Holding Unit
Airborne Controlled Intercept
Air Council Instruction
Air Council Instituteuction
Army Council Instruction
Air Council Instructions
Air Council Instituteuctions
Advanced Concept Intercept Missile Demonstration
Acoustic Intelligence
Arms Control Intelligence Staff
Access Control List
Allied Command Atlantic
Advanced Cruise Missile
Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Air Chief Marshal
Airspace Control Measures
Army College of Medical Sciences
Attitude Control Motors
Access Control Officer
Airspace Control Officer
Access Control Point
Advanced Chain Overseas
Air Cadet Organisation
Airspace Control Order
Air Combat Operations Center
Area Communications Operations Center
Army Customer Order Control
Army Customer Order Control System
Army Communities of Excellence
Army Community of Excellence
Army Corp of Engineers
Army Corps of Engineers
Atlantic Command
Assistant Chief of Staff
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Acoustical Intelligence
Air Cadet Publication
Airspace Control Plan
Allied Communications Publications
Alternate Command Post
Ammunition Control Point
Army Campaign Plan
Assault CP
Army Civilian Personnel System
Air Cadets Pilot Navigation Training Scheme
Assistant Command Post Officer
Advanced Combat Rifle
Airfield Control Radar
Armored Cavalry Regiment
Armoured Cavalry Regiment
Armored Cruiser
Army of the Czech Republic
Automated Change Recognition
Air Crew Reception Centre
Air Crew Refresher School
Advanced Combat System
Aerial Common Sensor
Airborne Common Sensor
Afloat Correlation System
Air Cavalry Squadron
Armored Cavalry Squadron
Airfield Construction Squadron
Army Combat Shirt
Army Communication System
Army Community Service
Army Community Services
Assistant Chief of Staff
AUTODIN Switching Center
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Allied Communications Security Agency
Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs
Air Crew Selection Board
Amphibious Contingency Support Briefs
Air Command and Staff College
Army Command and Staff College
Air Command South East Asia
Air Command South East Asia Air Service Squadron
Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Assistant Chief-of-Staff for Intelligence
Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management
Advanced Conventional Standoff Missile
Advanced Change Study Notice
Advanced Communications Technology
Advanced Concepts and Technology
Air Cavalry Troop
Air Combat Tactics
Aircrew Coordination Training
Army Career Tracker
Air Cadet Training Centre
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
Army Civilian Training, Education And Development System
Army Civilian Training, Education, & Development System
Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System
Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
Air Corps Tactical School
Advanced Combat Uniform
Army Combat Uniform
Army Combat Uniforms
Army Combat Uniforms
Antenna Control Unit
Army Compatible Use Buffer
area common-user system
Area Common User Systems
Area Common User System
Army Common User System
Air Cushion Vehicle
Armored Combat Vehicle
Armored Command Vehicle
Armoured Command Vehicle
Anti-Carrier Warfare
Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives
Active Duty
After duty
Aircraft Depot
Aircraft Directive
Air Defence
Air Defense
Air Division
Air Divisionsion
Armored Divisionsion
Armored Division
Artillery Division
Artillery Divisionsion
Aviation Machinist's Mate
Destroyer Tender
Air Defence Area
Air Defense Area
Air Defense Artillery
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Control Program
Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Officer
Air Defense Airspace Management
Area Denial Artillery Munition
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Program
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program
Automated Decisionmaking and Program Timeline
Army Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement
Air Defense Anti-tank System
Advanced Data Base Technology
Aide de Camp
Air Defence Centre
Air Defense Coordinator
Air Direction Center
Alaska Defense Command
Assistant Division Commander
Assistant Divisionsion Commander
Advanced Capability
Air Defence Cadet Corps
Air Defence Cadet Corporation
Air Defense Command Center
Aerospace Defense Command
Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
Air Defence Command and Information System
Administrative Command
Administrative Control
Air Defence Cooperation Squadron
Australian Defence Canteens Service
Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
Air Defense District
Assistant Deputy Director
Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery System
Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System
Associate Deputy Director of Operations
Army Data Distribution System
Additional Duty
Aerial Delivery Equipment
Audio Deception Emitter
Army Development and Employment Agency
Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean
Assistant Director Electrical Mechanical Engineers
Airborne Directed Energy Weapons
Aircraft Delivery Flight
Australian Defence Force
Australian Defence Force Cadets
Air Deployable Forward Headquarters
Deperming Ship
Air Defence of Great Britain
Air Defence Ground Environment
Australian Dermatological Hospital
Air Defense Initiative
Aerospace Defense Intelligence Center
Army Deployable Imagery Exploitation Capability
Additional Duty Intelligence Officer
Advanced Defense Intelligence Support System
Air Defense Identification Zone
Ada Design Language
Armistice Demarcation Line
Air Defence Liaison Officer
Advanced Datalink Program
Air Despatch Letter Service
Acquisition Decision Memorandum
Advanced Development Model
Air Defence Missile
Area Defence Munition
Atomic Demolition Munitions
Assistant Director Medical Services
Automatic Digital Message Switch
ACE DGZ Number
Air Defence Notification Centre
Air Defense Operations Center
Anti-Drug Network
Automated Digital Network System
Access Digital Network Exchange
Army Direct Ordering
Air Defense Operation Center
Active Duty for Operational Support
Active Duty Operational Support
Airborne Data Processing
Automated Data Processing
army doctrine publications
Army Doctrine Publication
Automatic Data Processor
Automated Data Processing Management Information System
Automated Data Processing System
Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation
Automated Data Processing Equipment
Automatic Data Processing Equipment
ASARS Deployable Processing Station
Automated Data Processing Systems Security Manual
Automated Data Processing System Security Program
ADP Special Security Officer
Aerospace and Defense Research
Advanced Digitized Raster Graphics
ARC Digital Raster Imagery
Army Doctrine Reference Publication
Army Doctrine Reference Publications
Air Despatch& Reception Unit
Advanced Distributed Simulation
Air Defence Suppression
Airlift Defensive System
Automated Data System
Army Development and Selection Centre
Air Defense Systems Integrator
Active Duty Service Obligation
Aerospace Defense Systems Subcommittee
Advanced Document Storage & Retrieval System
Active Duty for Special Work
Active Duty Special Work
Active Duty for Training
Active Duty Training
Additional Duty Training
Army Doctrine and Training Literature Program
Air Defense Tactical Operations Center
Adversary Threat Squadron
Aircraft Delivery Unit
Administration Directory Update Authority
Advanced Echelon
Air Defense Warning
Air Defense Zone
Air Defense Exercise
Aerial Exploitation
Air Efficiency
Ammunition Ship
Application Entity
Armed Forces Europe
Army Europe
Army in Europe
Assault Echelon
Atomic Energy
Australian Engineers
Aviation Electrician's Mate
Army Engineer Association
Air Electronics& Air Engineers School
Allied Expeditionary Air Forces
Airborne Emergency Action Officer
Aerial Exploitation Battalion
Army Education Center
Army Evaluation Center
Army Education Corps
Army Educational Corps
Army Environmental Command
Army Environmental Center
Army Evaluation Command
Army Experience Center
ASARS Exploitation Cell
Assessment& Evaluation Centre
Afghanistan Engineer District
Aircraft Equipment Depot
Aviation Engineering Directorate
Atomic Energy Detection System
Airborne ELINT Emitter Location System
Automatic ELINT Emitter Location System
Air Experience Flight
Army Environmental Hygiene Agency
Area Emergency Information Coordination Center
Army Electronic Library
Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
Automated Edge Measurement System
Arbitrary ELINT Notation
Army Educational Outreach Program
Advanced Electro-Optical Sensor
Architecture Evolution Plan
Army Environmental Policy Institute
Academic Evaluation Report
Army Emergency Relief
Army Emergency Reserve
Army Education Requirements Board
Airborne ELINT System
Air Electronics School
Armament Experimental Station
Atomic Energy Site
Active Electronically Scanned Array
Aerospace Environmental Support Center
Army Enterprise Service Desk
Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program
Army Equipment Support Publications
Army Europe Technical Control and Analysis Element
Army Evaluation Task Force
Armored engineer vehicle
Airborne Early Warning And Control
Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment
Air Force
Armed Forces
Army Form
Aviation Photographer's Mate
Stores Ship
Air Force Vice Chief of Staff
Army Fee Assistance
Australian Field Artillery
Australian Field Artillery Brigade
Air Force Airlift Clearance Authority
Armed Forces Acquisition Document
Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center
Air Force Armament Laboratory
Air Force Armaments Test Laboratory
Air Force Achievement Medal
Air Force Automated Message Processing Exchange
Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
Army Family Action Plan
Artillery-Fired Atomic Projectile
Air Force Air Request Net
Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
Advanced Field Artillery System
Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test
Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems
Advance Field Artillery Tactical Data System
Air Force Base
Airframe Bulletin
Anti-friction Bearing
Air Force Ballistic Missile Division
Air Force Ballistic Missile Divisionsion
Air Force Cross
All-source Fusion Center
Army Foundation College
Australian Flying Corporation
Automatic Frequency Control
Aviation Fire Control
Air Force Command, Control, Communications and Computer Agency
Air Force Collection Assets
Air Force Communications Command
Air Force Component Command
Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center
Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association
Allied Forces Central Europe
Master Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman
Army Facility Component System
Automatic Fire Control System
Air Force Cryptologic Support Center
Armed Forces Command and Staff College
Armed Forces Division
Army Functional Dictionary
Auxiliary Floating Drydock
Auxiliary Floating Drydock, Light
Auxiliary Floating Drydock, Medium
Artillery Fire Data Computer
Air Force Doctrine Document
Air Fighting Development Establishment
Air Force Digital Graphic Systems
Air Fighting Development Squadron
Air Fighting Development Unit
AEELS Fixed Downlink Terminal
Airborne Forces Establishment
Air Force Enterprise Defense
Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment
Air Force Emergency Operations Center
Army and Air Force Exchange Service
Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
Air Force Electronic Systems Division
Air Force Electronic Systems Divisionsion
Air Force Electronic Warfare Center
Aqueous Film Forming Foam
Airfield Facilities Information System
Air Force Forces
Air Forces Gulf
Air Force Global Command and Control System
Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
Air Force Global Weather Central
Air Force Global Weather Center
Air Force Global Weather Center/Fleet Numerical Operations Center
Air Force Ground Weather Stations
Army Family Housing
Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program
Airfield Headquarters
Awaiting Further Instruction/Air Force Instruction
Air Force Intelligence Agency
Air Force Intelligence Center
Air Force Information Center
Air Force Information Warfare Center
Air Force Intelligence Command
Air Force Intelligence Communications Plan
Armed Forces Inauguration Committee
Air Forces Iceland
Armed Forces Imagery Exploitation System
Air Force Intelligence Information Systems Plan
Association of Former Intelligence Officers
Air Force Intelligence Plan
Air Force Intelligence Service
Air Force Intelligence Study
Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
American Forces Information Services
Air Force Intelligence Support Agency
Air Force Institute of Technology
Air Force Institutetute of Technology
Air Force Intelligence Training Center
Air Force Knowledge Service
AFSOC Local/Wide Area Network
Air Forces, Atlantic
Air Force Logistics Command
Air Force Liaison Element
Air Force Liaison Office
Air Force Manual
Air Force Medal
Air Force Materiel Command
Armed Forces Medical College
Air Forces of the Military District
Air Forces of the Military District/Group of Forces
Air Force Missile Development Center
Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center
Army Food Management Information System
Air Force Materials Laboratory
Air Force Medical Logistics Office
Air Force Military Personnel Center
Army Force Management School
Air Force Modeling and Simulation Information System
Air Force Mission Support System
Air Force Missile Test Center
Air Force Data Network
Air Force Network
Allied Forces Northern Europe
Allied Forces Northwest Europe
Air Forces Northwest Region
Armed Forces Nursing Services
Armed Forces Nursing Service
Air Force Operations Center
Assault Follow-On Echelon
Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Air Force Office of Security Police
Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute
Armed Forces Pay Review Body
Air Force Regulation
Air Force Reserve
Armed Forces Reserve Center
Armed Forces Recreation Center
Air Force Reserve
Africa Command
Air Force Research Laboratory
Armed Forces Reserve Medal
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institutetute
Air Force Receive Suite
Advance Flying & Refresher Unit
Active Federal Service
Advanced Flying School
Air Force Station
Auxiliary Fighter Squadron
Combat Stores Ship
Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency
Air Force Special Activities Center
Air Force Satellite
Air Force Satellite Communications System
Afloat Forward Staging Base
Army Field Support Brigade
Army Field Support Command
Air Force Specialty Code
Air Force Systems Command
Air Force Southern Command
Armed Forces Staff College
Air Force Satellite Control Facility
Air Force Satellite Control Network
Assistant Fire Support Coordinator
Air Force Satellite Intelligence Program
Army Force Structure Implementation Planning Cycle
Air Force special operations base
Air Force special operations detachment
Air Force special operations element
Air Force Special Operations Forces
Air Force Sorts Data Entry Tool
Air Force Special Operations School
Allied Forces Southern Europe
Air Force Space Command
Air Force Space Command
Air Force Space Command Intelligence Plan
Air Force Space Operations Center
Air Force Space Surveillance Element
Air Force Space Support Team
Air Force Space Technology Center
Armed Forces Tribunal
Air Force Technical Applications Center
Air Force Tactical Imagery Exploitation System
Army Family Team Building
Air Force Troop Carrier Command
Airborne Forces Tactical Development Unit
Air Force Task Force
Air Force Tactical Fighter Weapons Center
Air Tasking Order Confirmation
Advanced Flying Training School
Advanced Flying Training Unit
Air Firing Training Unit
Advanced Flying Unit
Pilots Advanced Flying Unit
Armored Fighting Vehicle
Armoured Fighting Vehicle
Air Force Weather Agency
Air Force Weapons Analysis Laboratory
Air Force Weapons Laboratory
Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
Air Force Warning System
Air Force Wing Command and Control System
Air Forces Western Europe
Air Force Weapons System Group
Adjutant General
Adjutant General's
Aerographer's Mate
Air Gunner
Miscellaneous Auxiliary Ship
Australian Garrison Artillery
Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development
Air Gunnery & Bombing School
Adjutant Generals Corps
Army Geospatial Center
Army Geospatial Enterprise
Army Global Command and Control System
Army Good Conduct Medal
Army General Classification Test
Deep Submergence Support Ship
Auxiliary Ground Equipment
Experimental Auxiliary
Frigate Research Ship
Intelligence Research Ship
Advanced Ground Exploitation System
Army Ground Forces
Miscellaneous Command Ship
Australian General Hospital
Patrol Combatant Support Ship
Intelligence Collection Ship
Above Ground Level
Air Gun Laying
Automatic Grenade Launcher
Buoy Tender
Air-to-ground Missile
Army Golden Master
Army Gold Master
Artillery Gun Module
Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
Missile Range Instituteumentation Ship
Aircraft Gun Mounting Establishment
Major Communications Relay Ship
Air-to-Ground Missile System
Armored Ground Mobility System
Air-Ground Operations System
Adjutant General's Office
Air Ground Operations
Oceanographic Research Ship
Air-Ground Operations School
Air Ground Operations School
Air & Ground Radio School
Air Gunners School
Ocean Surveillance Ship
Patrol Craft Tender
Active Duty Guard
Active Guard & Reserve
Active Guard and Reserve
Army Guard Reserve
Army Group Royal Artillery
Advanced Ground Radio School
Adjutant General School
Aircrew Grading School
Automatic Grenade Launcher
Hydrographic Survey Ship
Advanced Gliding Training
Airwork & General Trading
Airwork Grading Unit
Army Guided Weapons Trials Unit
Actual Ground Zero
Alternate Headquarters
Air Headquarters
Army Headquarters
Apache Helicopter
Apache helicopters
Attack Helicopter
Attack Helicopters
Hospital Ship
Ammunition Holding Area
Assault Helicopter Battalion
Assault Helicopter Company
Army Heritage and Education Center
Adaptive High Frequency
Army Historical Foundation
Army High Frequency Electronic Warfare System
Army Human Resources Command
Army Human Resource System
Advanced Hypersonic Weapon
Airborne Interceptors
Air Intelligence
Army Intelligence
Air Interdiction
All-Source Intelligence
Area Of Interest
Army Instituteuctor
Army Instructor
Artificial Intelligence
ACE Intelligence Architecture
ACE Interface Architecture
Air Intelligence Agency
Army Intelligence Agency
Air Intelligence Agency/Intelligence Reserve Detachment
American Institutetute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Advanced Intercept Air-to-Air Missile
Academic Individual Advanced Development
Advanced Individual Academic Development
Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense
Automated Intelligence Analyst Workstation
Atlantic Intelligence Board
Atlantic Intelligence Command
Afloat Intelligence Center
Army Interoperability Certification
Australian Instructional Corps
Australian Instituteuctional Corporation
Anti-intercontinental Ballistic Missile
AI Conversion Flight
Accident, Incident, Deficiencies
Active Integral Defense
Aerospace Information Digest
Army Information Digest
Analyst Intelligence Information Display and Exploitation System
Automated Intelligence Display and Exploitation System
Acoustic Intelligence Data System
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Advanced Identification System
Army Institute of Education
Army Ideas for Excellence Program
Armament and Instrument Experimental Unit
Armament and Instituteument Experimental Unit
Airfield Installation File
Air Intelligence Flight
Army Industrial Fund
Australian Imperial Force
Australian Imperial Force Order
Australian Imperial Force Orders
Automated Installation File
Automated Installations Intelligence File
Army Industrial Fund Analytical Study
Army Institute of Fashion and Design
Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Address Indicator Group
Air Intelligence Group
Assistant Instructor-in-Gunnery
Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
Anti-Imperialist International Brigade
Advanced Imagery Interpretation Course
Automated Installation Intelligence File
Automated Intelligence Information Retrieval System
Abrams Integrated Management
Active Inert Missile
Airborne Intercept Missile
Army Institute of Management
Assessment of Individual Motivation
Army Institute of Management, Kolkata
Advanced Imagery Management Program
Army Intelligence Master Plan
Army Intelligence Management Plan
Automated Information Management Program
Army Institute of Management & Technology
Army Institute of Management and Technology
Artificial Intelligence Module Testbed
Advanced Intelligence Network
Air Intelligence Officer
Association of Iron Ore Exporting Countries
Air Independent Propulsion
Anti-surface-warfare Improvement Program
Architecture Implementation Plan
Army Institute for Professional Development
Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education
Automated Information Processing Request
Advanced Integrated Propulsion System
Airborne Infantry Regiment
American Institutetute of Research
American Institutetute for Research
OP Air Observation Post
Replenishment Oiler
Air Attache
Air Forces Central Region
Allied Air Forces Central Europe
Air Command
Airborne Communications Terminal
Advanced Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
Airborne Reconnaissance Electronic System
Airborne Infrared Early Warning
Area Interswitch Rekeying Key
Air Liaison Officer
Army Individual Readiness Notice
Air Request Reconnaissance
Advanced Inertial Reference Sphere
Automated Information Retrieval Systems
Aerial Imagery Reconnaissance Tracking and Plotting System
ABCS Information Server
Advanced Indications System
Advanced Indications Structure
Air Intelligence Squadron
Air Interception School
Army Intelligence Survey
Automated Indicator System
Automated Information System
Automated Intelligence Support Activity
Automated Information Systems Security
Air Intelligence Support Team
Action Item
Advanced Individual Training
Advanced Individualized Training
Advanced Infantry Training
Automatic Identification Technologies
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion
Advanced Indications Technology Experiment
AI Training Flight
Adopted Information Technology Standards
Advanced Information Technology Service-Joint Program Office
Army Interrogation Unit
Army Irregular Warfare Center
Air Intelligence Warning Officer
Alternate Joint Communications Center
Adaptive Joint Force Package
Airborne Joint Nuclear Planning Element
Allied Joint Publication
Army Joint Support Team
Armia Krajowa
Automatic Remote Rekeying
Aviation Storekeeper
Cargo Ship
Also Known As
Automatic Key Distribution
Automatic Key Distribution Center
Automatic Key Distribution/Rekeying Control Unit
Advanced Kinetic Energy
Kalashnikov Family of Assault Rifles
Light Cargo Ship
AK-47 Assault Rifle
Apogee Kick Motor
Army Knowledge Management
Automated Key Management Center
Army Key Management System
Automated Key Management System
Army Knowledge On-line
Vehicle Cargo Ship
Army Korea Technical Control And Analysis Element
Air Land
Arab Liberation Army
Arakan Liberation Army
Alaskan Air Command
Alert, Locate and Report Missiles
Air-Launched Anti-Satellite
Alaskan Communications Inc.
Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
Air-Land Battle
Air-launched Ballistic Missile
Air-to-Land Ballistic Missile
Accounting Legend Code
Adelphi Laboratory Center
Advanced Leaders Course
Advanced Leader Course
Advance Leadership Course
Advance Leaders Course
Air Logistics Center
Automated Lines of Communication and Target System
Airlift Control Center
Airlift Control Element
Air-Launched Cruise Missile
Alaskan Command
All Concerned
Alternate Command Post
ARPA Lincoln C-band Observable Radar
Airborne Launch Control System
Airlift Division
Airlift Divisionsion
AIRES Lifecycle Extension
AIRES Life Extension System
Automated Link Establishment
Attack and Launch Early Report to Theater
Auxiliary Landing Field
Advanced Liaison Forward Area
Advance Landing Ground
Advanced Landing Grounds
Air Lift Group
Australian Light Horse
Air Land Integration
All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
Avail All Available
Army Learning Model
Army Logistics Management College
Army Learning Management System
Army Learning and Management System
Automated Logistics Management System
All Navy
Air Liaison Officer
Authorized Level of Organization
Air Line of Communication
Air Lines of Communication
Air Lines of Communication
Assistant Lead Petty Officer
Accidental Launch Protection System
Air-Launched Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile
Army Long-Range Plan for Space
Army Long-Range Planning Guidance
Active Laser Seeker
Airborne Link Segment
Air Landing School
Army Language School
Air-Land-Sea Application
Aviation Life Support Equipment
Advanced Location Strike System
Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
ARPA Long-Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar
ARPA Long-Range Tracking and Instituteumentation Radar
Altitude Reservation
Army Logistics University
American Legation United States Naval Attache
American Legation United States Naval Liaison Officer
Advanced Lightweight Torpedo
Annual Land Warfare Technical Intelligence Conference
Aerographers Mate
Air Marshal
Amplitude Modulation
Ante Meridian
Asset Manager
Aviation Structural Mechanic
Air Mobile Assault Brigade
Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System
Advanced Marine Air Support System
Advanced Marine Airborne SlGlNT System
Automated Map-Based Intelligence Support System
Air Mission Commander
Air Mobility Command
Airspace Management and Control
Army Material Command
Army Materiel Command
Army Missile Command
Army Medical Corps
Army Medical Center
Army Medical Department
At My Command
AMC Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Ashore Mobile Contingency Communications
Ashore Mobile Command Center
Army and Marine Corps Integration
American Citizen
Airborne Mine CounterMeasures
Alternate Master Control Station
Activated Metal Decoy
Air and Missile Defense
Army Master Data File
Air member for development & Production
Air and Missile Defense Planning and Control System
AEELS Mobile Downlink Terminal
Air and Missile Defense Work Station
Airspace Management Element
Aviation Structural Mechanic - Environmental
Aviation Structural Mechanic - Hydraulics
Army Medical Department
American Embassy
Air Ministry Experimental Station
Artillery Meteorological System
Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle
Allied Command Europe Mobile Force
Allied Mobile Force
Army Modular Force
Australian Military Forces
Antenna Mast Group
Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories
Automated Message Handling
Army Management Headquarters Activities
Army Management Headquarters Activity
Automated Message Handling System
Airborne Mine Detection System
Army Modernization Information Memorandum
Army Model Improvement Plan
Army Multispectral Imagery Requirements Study
Advanced Microwave Imaging Sensor
Anti-Missile Missile
Army Modernization Memorandum Ammo Ammunition
Air Ministry Meteorological Flight
Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources
Army Material & Mechanics Research Center
Aviation Maintenance Material Readiness List
Acquisition Milestone Management System
Allowance Material Management System
Air Ministry Order
Air Movement Order
Army Mobility, Opportunity and Development
Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System
Army Mobilization Operations and Planning System
Air Force Maui Optical System
Acquisition Master Plan
Advanced Multi-Purpose
Army Modernization Plan
Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps
Automated Message Processing Dissemination System
Automated Message Processing System
Automated Message Processing Exchange
Aerial Mission Photographic Indoctrination
Aim Point System
Army Mine Planter Service
Automated Mission Planning System
Aviation Mission Planning System
Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle
Armoured Multi Purpose Vehicle
Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle
Atlantic Missile Range
Army Mathematics Research Center
Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center
Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center
Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center
Army Marketing and Research Group
Advanced Missile Remote Interface Unit
Air Ministry Research Station
Advanced Remote Miniaturized Weather Station
Advanced Mapping Spectrometer
Air Missile System
Akash Missile Systems
Army Management Structure
Army Map Service
Army Medical Service
Ascension Monitor Station
ATM Management System
Auto-Manual System
Automated Message System
Autonomous Message Switch
Aviation Structural Mechanic
Advanced Missile System Heavy
Area Maintenance Support Activity
Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
Amateur Radio Satellite
Advanced Military Spaceflight Capability
Army Management Staff College
Army Medical Specialist Corps
Army Management Structure Code
Air Ministry Servicing Development Unit
Army Maintenance Supply Facilities
Army Morale Support Fund
Army Modeling and Simulation Office
Advanced Military Studies Program
Assured Mission Support Space Architecture
Advanced Medium STOL Transport
ACTS Mobile Terminal
Airmobile Task Force
Army Mission Training Plan
Army Marksmanship Training Unit
Army Marksmanship Unit
Astronaut Maneuvering Unit
Adopted Muzzle Velocity
Amphibious Warfare
Air Ministry Works Department
Automation Methodology Working Group
Aircraft Maintenance Group
Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Army Navy
Army Nurse
Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
Army Navy Vehicle Radio Communications
Afghanistan National Army
Afghan National Army
Albanian National Army
Afghan National Army Air Corps
Analyst-to-Analyst Message Format
Analyst-to-Analyst Exchange Message Format
Afghan National Army Officer Academy
Air Navigation & Bombing School
African National Congress
Army National Cemetery
Army Nurse Corps
Army Nurse Corporation
Army Nurse Corps Association
Ashore Navy Communications Capability
Automated Network Control Center
Automated Net Control Device
Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course
Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course
Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil
Air National Guard
Army National Guard
Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit
Army National Guard Base
Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
Alternate National Command Center Improvement Program
Net-Laying Ship
Alternate National Military Command Center
Alternate National Military Intelligence Center
Advanced Non-Commissioned Officers Course
Army Nuclear Power Program
Alaskan NORAD Region
Association of Natural Rubber-Producing Countries
Air Navigation School
Army Nursing Service
Autonomous Navigation System
Afghan National Security Forces
Afghan National Security Force
American National Standards Institutetute
Army National Standby Reserve Agency
Army of Northern Virginia
Aviator Night Vision Imaging System
Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
Australian & New Zealand Army Corps
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Australian and New Zealand Army Corporation
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Action Officer
Aerial Observer
Air Observer
Area Of Operations
Area Of Operation
Areas of Operation
Army Order
Authenticator Organization
Authorized Outage
Administration, Operations and Maintenance
Administration, Operations and Maintenance/Network Management
Airborne Optical Adjunct
Amphibious Objective Area
Angle of Arrival
Army Oil Analysis Program
Advanced Operational Base
Air Order of Battle
Armor Officer Basic Course
Air Order of Battle Textual Summary
Air and Space Operations Center
Air Officer Commanding
Air Operations Center
Army Operations Center
Area of Concentration
Army Operating Concept
Army Ordnance Corps
Army Ordnance Corporation
Auxiliary Output Chip
Air Operations Coordination Centre
Area Operations Control Center
Aviation Officers Candidate School
Andover Operational Conversion Unit
Administrative Officer of the Day
Advance Ordnance Depot
Army of Darkness
Army Ordnance Department
Action Officer Development Course
Army of Excellence
Fast Combat Support Ship
Fast Combat Support-Supply ship, operated by Military Sealift Command
Aid Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance
Army of God
Gasoline Tanker
Area of Influence
Area of Interest
Assistant Officer in Charge
ACE Operational Intelligence Requirements
Area Of Intelligence Responsibility
Absent Over Leave
Area Of Limitation
Army Ordnance Missile Command
Air Observer's Navigation School
Air Observer's School
Air Operations Order
Aviation Ordnance Officer
Air Operations Plan
Area of Probability
Army of the Potomac
Area Of Responsibility
Army Operational Research Group
Amphibious Objective Study
Area Of Separation
Special Liquids Tanker
Army Officer Selection Board
Amphibious Operation Support Graphic
Automated Office Support System
Transport Oiler
Acoustic-Optic Tunable Filter
Aircrew Officers Training School
Auxilliaryman of the Watch
Aircraft Park
Air Police
Air Publication
Ammonium Perchlorate
Ammunition Point
Anti-personnel Bomb
Application Processor
Armed Forces Pacific
Associated Press
Transport Ship
Armor Piercing Incendiary
Armour Piercing - Tracer
Army Procurement Appropriations
Active Phased Array Radar
Acquisition Program Baseline
All Points Bulletin
Self-Propelled Barracks Ship
Advanced Planning Briefing for Industry
Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry
Advance Planning Briefing for Industry
Advance Planning Briefing to Industry
Adaptive Predictive Coding
Area of Positive Control
Area Processing Center
Armament Practice Camp
Armored Personnel Carrier
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Armored Personnel Carrier
Armored Personnel Carriers
Army Proficiency Certificate
Armour Piercing, Capped, Ballistic Capped
Alternate Processing and Correlation Center
Armour Piercing Core Incendiary - with Tracer
Armour Piercing Composite Non-Rigid
Armour Piercing Composite Rigid
Aden Protectorate Communication Squadron
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Army Pay Department
Army Publishing Directorate
Army Physical Disability Evaluation System
Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
Air Photography Development Unit
Ammunition Peculiar Equipment
Authorized Protective Eyewear List
Air Pilotage Flight
Air Portable Ferry Bridge
Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot
Annual Physical Fitness Test
Army Physical Fitness Test
Army Physical Fitness Uniform
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Aberdeen Proving Grounds
Armour Piercing High Explosive
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Application Program Interface
Army Performance Improvement Criteria
Applied Physics Laboratory
Army Promotion List
Barracks Craft
Azanian People's Liberation Army
Azanian Peoples Liberation Army
Army Program Memorandum
Assistant Program Manager
Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative
Advanced Precision Measurement System
Automated Production Management System
Asia Pacific Network Information Center
Air Post Office
Army Post Office
Army Post Offices
Army Post Office; See Also FPO
Aerial Port of Debarkation
Aerial Port of Embarkation
Aerial Ports of Embarkation
Aerial Ports File
Application Approx Approximately
Appropriation Number
Analytical Photogrammetric Position System
Analytical Photogrammetric Positioning System
Army Physical Readiness Test
Air Pilotage School
Air Planning System
Armament Practice Station
Army Pictorial Service
Army Pre-positioned Stocks
Army Prepositioned Stocks
Artillery Pointing System
Automatic Positioning System
Aden Protectorate Support Flight
Army Personnel Test
Automatic Picture Transmission
Army Physical Training Corps
Air Portability Team Leader
Aircraft Preparation Unit
Army Postal Unit
All Protected Vehicle
American Prisoner of War
Advanced Quick Fix
Assistant Quartermaster-General
Action Required
Active Reserve
Army Reserve
Army Reserves
Advanced Readiness
Agent Report
Airman Recruit
Army Regulation
Automatic Rifles
Repair Ship
Aerial Rocket Artillery
Armenian Revolutionary Army
Australian Regular Army
Arab Satellite
Army Reserve Account Maintenance and Provisioning
Army Readiness Assessment Program
Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles
Air Burst Ranging
Armee Revolutionnaire Bretonne
Attack Reconnaissance Battalion
Battle Damage Repair Ship
Accounting Requirements Code
Accounting Requirement Code
Acquisition Review Committee
Adult Rehabilitation Center
Aircrew Reception Centre
Aircrew Recruiting Centre
Air Reserve Component
Armored Reconnaissance Carrier
Army Reconnaissance Course
Cable Ship
Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal
Army Forces Central Command
Army Forces Central Command - Kuwait
United States Army Forces Central Command
Army Forces Central Command - Saudi Arabia
Army Command
Army Commendation Medal
Army Reserve Command
Acquisition Radar and Control System
Australian Red Cross Society Field Force
Automated Reproduction and Collating System
Airborne Regimental Combat Team
Aircraft Repair Depot
Auxiliary Repair Drydock
Air Research and Development Command
Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
Armament Research Development and Engineering Center
Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Armament Research, Development & Engineering Center
Armament Research and Development Engineering Center
Armament Research, Development and Engineering Command
Armaments Research, Development and Engineering Center
Army Research, Development and Engineering Center
Army Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Airborne Radio Direction Finding
Auxiliary Repair Drydock
Air Element Coordinator
Agent Report
Airborne Relay Facility
Aircraft Repair Flight
Air Radar Fitter
Armed Forces Courier Service
Army Forces
Army Force Generation
Amphibious Readiness Group
Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency
Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter
Army Research Institute
California State University Northridge
Army Research Institutetute
Aviation Restructuring Initiative
Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
Army Research Institutetute of Environmental Medicine
Army Records Information Management System
Advanced Range Instrumentation Ship
Advanced Range Instituteumentation Ship
Aerial Reconnaissance Liaison
Army Research Laboratory
Army Research Lab
Landing Craft Repair Ship
Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Imagery
Army Logistics Evaluation Agency
Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer
Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board
Advanced Rifle Marksmanship
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
Army Attache
Army Reserve Military Intelligence Support Element
Army Liaison Officer
Automated Recruit Management System
Automated Resource Management System
Aviation Resource Management Survey
Army National Guard
Army Reserve National Guard
Area Records Officer
Army Recruiting Office
Army Research Office
Auxiliary Readout
Army Requirements Oversight Council
Army Reserve Officers Training Corps
Army Reserve Officer Training Corps
Aircraft Repair Park
Alert Response Plan
Advanced Research Projects Agency
Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Advance Research Project Agency Network
Army Pacific
Advanced Radar Processing System
Advanced Remotely Piloted Vehicle
Radiological Repair Ship
ACE Rapid Reaction Corps
ACE Rapid Reaction Corporation
Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
Allied Rapid Reaction Corporation
Andean Ridge Radar Network
Afloat Readiness Reporting System
Army Reserve Readiness Training Center
Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
Action Report System
Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Airborne Receiver System
Aircraft Repair Section
Salvage and Rescue Ship
Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance Architecture
Annual Reevaluation of Safe Areas
Airborne Reconnaissance SIGINT Ground Systems
Assistant Regional Security Officer
Army Special Operations Aviation
Army Special Operations Command
Army Special Operations Forces
Army Special Operations Forces, Europe
Army Special Operations Forces Support Command
Army Special Operations Task Force
Advanced Reconnaissance Support Program
Army Space Command
Army Space Command
Army space operations center
Army Space Command Space Support Team
Army Staff
Adjustable Ranging Telescope
Aerial Reconnaissance Team
Alarm Response Team
Amateur Radio Transceiver
Army Reserve Technician
Army Tactical Data System
Army Training and Support-Kuwait
Army Training Battle Simulation Systems
Army Recruit Training Centre
Air Route Traffic and Control Center
Army Readiness Training Evaluation Program
Army Training and Evaluation Program
Advanced Requirements Tasking Information and Support System
Airborne Reconnaissance Technology Program Plan
Army Reserve Training Salaries
Automated Remote Tracking Station
Army Reserve Technician Training Center
Int Artillery Intelligence
Tac Artillery Tactical Headquarters
TT Artillery Trade and Training
Aircraft Repair Unit
Aircraft Repair Ship
Ammunition Resupply Vehicle
Armed Reconnaissance Vehicle
Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
Armed Robotic Vehicle
Armored Recovery Vehicle
Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Army of the Republic of Viet Nam
Army Ranger Wing
Advanced Rotary Wing Flight
Advanced Rotary Wing Squadron
Advanced Sensors
Air School
Air Station
Air Surveillance
Analysis Subsystem
Anti Spoofing
Aviation Support Equipment Technician
Submarine Tender
Army Selection and Recruitment Centres
Aircraft Salvage & Repair Unit
Ammunition Storage Area
Army Security Agency
Army Space Agency
Assistant Secretary of the Army
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
All-Source Analysis Branch
All-Source Analysis Center
Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia
Air-Surface Attack Missile
Advanced Sensor Applications Program
Army Substance Abuse Program
As Soon As Possible
Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
AEELS Support Analysis Reporting Terminal
Analysis Support and Reporting Terminal
All-Source Analysis System
All Source Analysis System
All-Source Analysis System-Extended
All-Source Analysis System WARRIOR
All-Source Analysis System All-Source Workstation
All-Source Analysis System Single-Source Workstation
Advance Satellite Antenna Technology
Anti-Satellite system
Anti-satellite Treaty
Air Search and Attack Unit
Air Surveillance Broadcast
Army Science Board
Army Science Conference
Aviation Support Battalion
Advanced Systems Course
Aircrew Selection Centre
Air Support Command
Army of the Southern Cross
Army Service Corps
Army Service Component
Army Service Corporation
Army Services Corps
Army Space Command
Army Sustainment Command
Army Supply Corps
AUTODIN Switching Center
AUTODlN Switching Center
Automatic Switching Center
Artillery Systems Cooperation Activities
Advanced Single-Channel Manpack
Alternate Space Control Center
Army Service Component Command
Army Service Component Commander
American National Standard Code for Information Interchange
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
Anti-Ship C Missile
Anti-Ship Cruise Missile
Australian Services Canteen Organisation
Automatic Switched Communications Network
Army Small Computer Program
Aeroplane Supply Depot
Army shipping document
Assistant Secretary of Defense
Assistant Secretary of Defense
Advanced Space Data Corporation
Advanced Space Data Corporationration
Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Programs
Army Space Exploitation Demonstration
Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Program
All-Source Document Index
Armed Services Documents Intelligence Center
Abbreviated System Decision Paper
Advanced SEAL Delivery System
Automated SlGlNT Dissemination System
Auxiliary SEAL Delivery Vehicle
Airborne Support Element
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Association of South East Asian Nations
Army Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
Army Standards of Electronic Mail Host
Army Spouse Employment Partnership
Aircraft Servicing Flight
Air Survey Flight
All-Source Format
Army Service Forces
Army Stock Fund
All-Source Fusion Center
Army Strategic Forces Command
Army Single Face to Industry
Army Senior Fellows Program
Area Support Group
Army Standard Ground Order of Battle System
Advanced Scout Helicopter
Assault Support Helicopter Company
Anti-ship Missile
Additional Skill Identifier
Additional Skill Indicator
All-Source Intelligence
Army Space Institute
Army Space Institutetute
Authorized Service Interruption
All-Source Intelligence Center
All Source Intelligence Center
All-Source Intelligence Coordinating Center
Airborne Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
Army Standard Information Management System
All-Source Imagery Processor
Army Stationing and Installation Plan
Army Standard Intelligence Plotter System
Army Space Initiatives Study
Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal
Assignment Satisfaction Key
Atmospheric Sciences Laboratory
Authorized Stockage List
Advanced Sea-Launched Cruise Missile
Anti-Ship Missile
Bravo Time Zone
Barrack & Clothing
Bombing & Gunnery Flight
Bombing & Gunnery School
Broadband ISDN
British Expeditionary Force
Brigade and Below Command and Control System
British Army
Budget Activity
Budget Authority
Burmese Army
Broad Agency Announcement
British Army Aid Group
Badger Army Ammunition Plant
Blind Approach Beacon System
Brigade Ammunition Column
British Air Commission
Broad Area Coverage
Budget Activity Code
British Air Command Berlin
Beam Approach Calibration Flight
Blanchfield Army Community Hospital
Battery Ammunition Control Point
Base Ammunition Depots
Baseline Assessment Document
Beam Approach Development Unit
Battlefield Area Evaluation
British Aerospace
Bagram Air Field
British Air Forces in France
British Air Forces of Occupation
British Air Force South-East Asia
Battalion Artillery Group
Basic Allowance for Housing
Backup Aircraft Inventory
Battlefield Artificial Intelligence
Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology
Baltic Approaches
Bad Ass Marine
Brook Army Medical Center
Brooke Army Medical Center
Bad Ass Mother Fucker
Base Area Network
Bragg Area Network for Digital Intelligence Transmission
Basic Air Navigation School
Basic Attack Option
Battery Area of Responsibility
British Army of the Rhine
British Army on the Rhine
Basic Aircraft Qualification
Basic Allowance for Quarters
Beacon-Aided Radar Bombing
Battlefield Area Reconnaissance System
Base Aircraft Repair Unit
British Airways Repair Unit
Basic Allowance for Subsistence
Battalion Aid Station
Battlefield Automated Systems
Beam Approach School
Beam Approach Training
Billet Access System
Broad Area Search
Bomber Airborne Support & Heavy Equipment Dropping Squadron
Basic Active Service Date
Battle Area Surveillance & Integrated Communications
Base Operations
Battlefield Surveillance System
Board on Army Science and Technology
Biometric Automated Toolset
Biometrics Automated Toolset
Brilliant Anti-Tank
Brooklyn Army Terminal
Battlefield Deception
Blind Approach Training & Development Unit
Beam Approach Training Flight
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Balloon-Assisted Take-Off
Ballistic Aerial Target System
Bradley Advanced Training System
British Army Training Support Unit Belize
British Army Training Unit Suffield
British Army Training Team
Beam Approach Technical Training School
British Army Training Unit Kenya
Bomber Activity Weekly Brief
Beddown Base
Battleship Battle Group
Bengal/Burma Communication Squadron
Brevet Brigadier General
Bolt, Beranek and Newman Communications Corporation
Bolt, Beranek and Newman Communications Corporationration
Booster Burnout
Brought Back on Charge
Best Business Practices
Brigade/Battalion Simulation
Bomb Ballistics Unit
Ack Battery Commander’s Assistant
Basic Component
Battalion Chief
Battalion Commander
Battery Commander
Battle Command
Bomber Command
Bradley Commander
Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation
Broadcast Control Authority
Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator
British Commonwealth Air Component
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
Bomber Command Armament School
Bomber Command Bombing School
Battle Command Battle Lab
Base Communications Center
Battery Control Center
Bomber Command Communication Flight
Bomber Command Holding Unit
Battle Command Common Services
Bad Conduct Discharge
Big Chicken Dinner
Birth Control Device
Birth Control Glasses
Birth Control Glasses
British Columbia Dragoons
Battle Command Decision Support System
Bomber Command Development Unit
Battlefield Coordination Element
Bomber Command Film Flight Unit
British Commonwealth Force Korea
Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal
Bit-Count Integrity
Bomber Command Instrument Rating & Examining Flight
Bomber Command Instituteument Rating & Examining Flight
Battlefield Combat Identification System
Bomber Command Instructors School
Bomber Command Instituteuctors School
Bomber Command Radar School
Battle Command Knowledge System
Battle Command System
Beyond Capable Maintenance
Bomber Command Modification Centre
British Commonwealth Occupation Force
Battle Command on the Move
Battery Command Post
Baseline Change Request
Battlefield Communications Review
Battery Computer System
Battle Command Server
Broadcast Control Station
Battle Command Sustainment Support System
Base Consolidated Telecommunications
Basic Combat Training
Basic Common Training
Bde Combat Team
Betac Command Team
Brigade Combat Team
Brigade Combat Teams
Brigade Combat Teams
British Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition
Battle Command Training Center
Brigade Combat Team Modernization
Battle Command Training Program
Battalion Combat Teams
Battle Command Vehicle
Battlefield Distribution
Battle Damage Assessment
Bomb Damage Assessment
Bomb Damage Assessment/Post Strike Assessment
Battle Damage Assessment and Repair
Belize Defence Force
Brigade Division Field Artillery
Balkan Digitization Initiative
Budget Decision Memorandum
Base Defense Operations Center
Battlefield Development Plan
Battle Damage Repair
Base Development Survey
Bulk Data Service
Battle Dress System Project
Bomber Defence Training
Bomber Defence Training Flight
Balloon Development Unit
Bomber Development Unit
Bombing Development Unit
Battle-Dress Uniform
Battle Dress Uniform
Battle Dress Uniforms
Bomb Disposal Unit
Battle Dress Uniforms
Base Ejection
Basic Encyclopedia
Bonus Extension and Retraining
Bridge Erection Boat
Brigade Engineer Battalion
Biometric Enabling Capability
British Expeditionary Force
British Empire Medal
Basic Electronic Maintenance Trainer
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
Beyond Economical Repair
Beyond Economic Repair
Bit Error Rate
Bit Error Rate Tester
Budget Estimate Submission
Basic Enlisted Submarine School
Battlefield Exploitation and Target Acquisition
Battle Force
Battlefield Functional Area
Battlefield Function Area
Battlefield Functional Mission Area
BFA Control System
Ballistic Framing Camera System
Blacker Front End
Battlefield Interdiction
Broad Field of View
Basic Fitness Test
Blue Force Tracking
Blue Force Tracker
British Flying Training School
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Fighting Vehicle System
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems
Battery Guide
Battle Group
Brigadier General
Bridgadier General
Border Guard Bangladesh
Border Guards Bangladesh
Blue Grass Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant
Border Guard Forces
Border Guarding Force
Brigadier-General, General Staff
Brigadier-General General Staff
Brigadier General Staff
Brigadier General, Heavy Artillery
Board on Geographic Names
Border Gateway Protocol
Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System
Broad Gauge Railway Operating
Basic Gliding Training
Battlefield Guided Weapon
Battle Group Workup
Busy Hour
BloodHound Firing Unit
BloodHound Support Unit
Battery Headquarters
Baloch Human Rights Council
Background Investigation
Bohemia Interactive Australia
Basic Integrated Aircraft Command and Control
Battlefield Information Center
Battlefield Information Coordination Center
Business Initiative Council
Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems
Battlefield Intelligence Collection Model
Battlefield Information Distribution System
Biological Integrated Detection System
Basic Imagery File
Bistatic Identification Friend or Foe
Basic Issue Items
Basic Issue Item
Basic Imagery Interpretation Brief
Basic Imagery Interpretation Report
Ballistic Intercept Missile
Biological Defense
Biological Operations
Biological Weapons
Ballistic Impact Point
Bulk Issue Petrol and Oil Depot
Bangladesh Institute of Peace Support Operation Training
Baseline Intelligence Summary Supplement
Binary Digit
Built-In Test
Built In Test Equipment
Base Information Transfer System
Bus Interface Unit
Blue Jacket of the Quarter
Blue Jacket of the Year
Battery Captain
Black Knights
Broadcast Keying Station
Battle Lab
Bomb Line
Breech Loading
Bright Lances
Baloch Liberation Army
Baluchistan Liberation Army
Breech Loading - Central Pillar
Blind Landing Development Unit
Berm-Loaded Explosive Simulation Technique
Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union
Blind Landing Experimental Unit
Background Limited IR Photography
Bombardment Liaison Officer
Beyond Line-of-Sight
Bombing Leaders School
Base Level Self-Sufficiency Spares
Battalion Landing Team
Battalion Landing Teams
Bridge Layer Tank
Bottom Line Up Front
Ballistic Missile
Battle Management
Boatswain's Mate
Battle Management/Command and Control
Battle Management/Command, Control and Communications
Bangladesh Military Academy
Briefcase Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
British Military Advisory and Training Team
Battle Management Cell
Brigade Modernization Command
Beginning of Morning Civil Twilight
Ballistic Missile Defense
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
Ballistic Missile Defense Office
Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center
Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command
Battlefield METeorological System
Battlefield Management System
Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
Basic Mission Guidance
Brevet Major General
British Military Hospital
Beginning of Morning Nautical Twilight
Ballistic Missile Office
Ballistic Missile Organization
Battalion Maintenance Officer
Boatswain's Mate Of the Watch
Brigade Major Royal Artillery
Bandwidth Manager Service
Battle Management Simulation
Battle Management Systems
Ballistic Missile Systems Subcommittee
Basic Military Training Centre
Ballistic Missile Targets Joint Project Office
Bombardier Navigator
Basic Network Availability
Bangladesh National Cadet Corps
Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course
Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course
Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course
Bundesrepublik Nachrichtendienst
Bengal Native Infantry
Basic Ordering Agreement
Basic Ordering Agreements
Broad Ocean Area
Battle of Britain
Branch Officers Basic Course
Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Battalion Operations Center
Board for Coordination of Civil Aircraft
Base Ordnance Depot
Base Ordnance Depots
Bangladesh Ordnance Factories
Beach Operations Group
Bend Over, Here It Comes Again
Bend Over Here It Comes Again
Basis of Issue Plan
Breech Operating Lever
Bupers Online
Basic Officer Leader Course
Basic Officer Leaders Course
Bill of Material
Bombing Report
Battery Observation Post
Bachelor Officers' Quarters
Bachelor Officers Quarters
British Other Ranks
Base Operating Support
Battlefield Operating System
Battlefield Operating Systems
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers
Battle Position
Bearing Picket
Battlefield Psychological Activities
Blanket Purchase Agreement
Beacon Precision Enlarger
Bandpass Filter
Bits Per Inch
Biennial Planning, Programming and Budgeting System
Battery Plotting Room
Business Process Reengineering
Business Process Re-engineering
Basic Psychological Operations Study
Beachman Processing System
Bits Per Second
Burst Pulse Shift Key
British Peace Support Team
Below Primary Zone
Battery Quartermaster-Sergeant
Blade Rate
Balochistan Republican Army
Base Realignment and Closure
Base Realignment and Closing
Battlefield range ballistic missile
Base Repair Depot
Belvoir Research and Development Center
Bistatic Reflected Energy Target
Brigade Reconnaissance Force
Basic Rate Interface
British Commanders-In-Chief Military Liaison Mission
Ballistic Research Laboratory
Ballistic Research Laboratories
Ballistics Research Laboratory
Bomb Release Line
Bomb Release Point
Basic Rifle Marksmanship
Backup and Recovery System
Beachman Reporting System
Beach Reconnaissance System
Broadcast Service
Bosnian Serb Army
Brigade Support Area
Base Support Battalion
Battle Standard Bearer
Brigade Support Battalion
Battery Safety Command Post
Base Supply Depot
Battlefield Surveillance Display
Battlefield Surveillance Device
Burst Safe Distance
Bomber Support Development Unit
Basic Skills Education Program
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle
Band Sergeant Major
Battery Sergeant-Major
Battalion Sergeant Major
Bureau of Special Operations
Base Signal Radar Unit
Battlefield Surveillance System
Broadcast Satellite Service
Battle Staff Support Center
Brigade Service Support Group
Battle Staff Team
Betac Support Team
Brigade Special Troops Battalion
Boost Phase Surveillance and Tracking System
Boost Surveillance and Tracking System
Bomber Support Training Unit
Basic Training
Boiler Technician
Best Technical Approach
Barclay Training Center
Basic Training Centre
Battalion Training Days
Battalion Task Force
Biometrics Task Force
Basic Target Graphic
Balanced Technology Initiative
Basic Termination Liability
Base Table of Organization and Equipment
Field Artillery
Bombing Trials Unit
British thermal unit
By The Way
L Battery Left
R Battery Right
Wksp Battery Workshop
Broken Up
Battle Update Brief
Basic Underwater Demolition
Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL
Back-Up Intercept Control
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
British Underground Nuclear Test
Bureau of Naval Personnel
Bottom Up Review
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
Bureau of Naval Weapons
Black Veil Brides
Battlespace Visual Initiative
Baseline Video Imagery Transmission System
Beyond Visual Range
Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile
Biological Warfare
Black Watch
Bomb Wing
Biological Weapons Convention
Bristol Wireless Flight
British West Indies Regiment
British War Medal
Basic Working Paper
Basic Wind Report
Battlefield Weather Team
Base Exchange
Ballistic Coefficient
Charlie Time Zone
Collection and Exploitation
Communication and Electronic
Communications Electronics
Command and General Staff
Command and General Staff College
Collection and Jamming
Coasts and Landing Beaches
Command and Reconnaissance
Counter Command, Control and Communications
Counter Human Resources Intelligence
Counter-Improvised Explosive Devise
Counter Imagery Intelligence
Community Laser Measurement Program
Counter-Measures and Signature Intelligence
component-Numbered Air Force
Combined Quarterly Intelligence Production Listing
Counter Rockets Artillery Mortars
Counter-Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Target Acquisition
Counter Signals Intelligence
Confined to barracks
Casualty Clearing Station
Canadian Expeditionary Force
Combined/Joint Task Force
Command Master Chief
Carrier to Noise
Cost/Schedule Status Report
Combined Staff Personnel Officer
Combined or Coalition Forces Intelligence Staff
Command, Control, & Intelligence
C2 Information Processing System
Command and Control Support System LAN
Command & Control Warfare
Coalition Staff Operations and Training Officer
Command and Control Communications
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
Command, Control and Communications Networks
Command, Control and Communications Systems
Command, Control, Communications and Computers
Command, Control and Communication CounterMeasures
Coalition Coordination and Communications Integration Center
C3I Systems Committee
C3 Order of Battle
Command, Control, Communications System Master Plan
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Information
C4I for the Warrior
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications and Computer System
Combined Staff Strategic Planning and Policy Officer
Fifth Fleet
Combined Staff Command, Control and Communications Systems Officer
Canadian Army
Canadian Army's
Chief of Army
Chief of the Army
Civil Affairs
Coast Artillery
Combat Assessment
Command Authority
COMSEC Account
Construction Apprentice
Controller, Aircraft
Controlling Authority
Heavy Cruiser
Center for Army Analysis
Combined Arms Army
Command Arrangement Agreement
Concepts Analysis Agency
Crane Army Ammunition Activity
Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
Common Avionics Architecture System
Civil Affairs Battalion
Civil Affairs Brigade
Combat Action Badge
Combat Assault Battalion
Combat Aviation Brigade
Combined Arms Battalion
Combined Arms Battalions
Current Analysis Branch
Civil Affairs Command
Coast Artillery Corps
Collection Advisory Center
Combined Action Company
Combined Arms Center
Combined Arms Command
Common Access Card
Control and Analysis Center
Crisis Action Center
Combined Arms Command and Control Training Upgrade System
Combined Arms Combat Development Activity
Coast Artillery Co-operation Flight
Central Air Command Section
Combined Arms Collective Training Facility
Community/Computer Automated Counterterrorism Intelligence System
Coast Artillery Co-operation Unit
Called to Active Duty
Call to Active Duty
Capabilities Advancement Demonstration
Computer-Assisted Design
Computer Aided Design
Conceptual Architecture Document
Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate
COMIREX Advanced Exploitation System
Canadian Air Defense Identification Zone
Coastal Air Defense Identification Zone
Consolidated Air Defense Order of Battle
College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education
Containerized Ammunition Distribution System
Civil Affairs Direct Support Team
Computer Aided Engineering
Casualty Air Evacuation Unit
Crisis Augmentation Facility
Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit
Computer-Assisted Force Management System
Coalition Air Force Transition Team
Collective Address Group
Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser or Commander
Computer-Aided Instruction
Computer-Aided Instituteuction
Command Automated Intelligence File
Conventional Ammunition Information Management System
Central America Joint Intelligence Team
Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center
Center for Army Leadership
Center for Army Lessons Learned
Da Vinci E-Mail Application
Calibration Flight
Computer-aided Acquisition And Logistics Support
Computer-Aided Lifecycle System
Civil Affairs Liaison Team
Computer-Assisted Modeling
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Manual Operation
Catapult-armed Merchant ship
Cancel At My Command
Chemical Agents and Munitions Destruction
Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System
Camouflage Unit
Common Ada Missile Package
Council on America's Military Past-USA
Compartmented All-Source Analysis System Message Processing System
Computer-Aided Mission Planning System
Computer-Aided Management Planning System
COMIREX Automated Management System
Core Automated Maintenance System
Communications Area Master Station
Coastal Air Navigation Supplement
Consolidated Aerospace Defense Order of Battle
Canadian NORAD Region
Civil Air Navigation School
Chinese Atmospheric Nuclear Test
Canadian - United States
Canada-United States Land Operations Plan
Casualty Assistance Officer
Central Action Office
Chief Administrative Officer
Coordination of Atomic Operations
Crisis Action Organization
Combined Air Operations Center
Combined Air Operations Coordination Center
Combined Air Observers School
Civil Air Patrol
Combined Action Platoon
Connection Approval Process
Countermeasures Advisory Panel
Crisis Action Planning
Crisis Action Procedures
Center for the Army Profession and Ethic
Corrective Action through Physical Exercise
Capabilities Exercise
Combined Air Power Transition Force
Canadian Airborne Regiment
Central Army Registry
Chief, Army Reserve
Chief of Army Reserve
Customer Account Representative
Combined Acquisition Review Board
Corrective Action Review Committee
Central Aircraft Repair Depot
Continental Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment
CONUS Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment
Canadian Armament Research and Development Establishment
Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc.
Crisis Action Review Group
Carrier Group
Caribbean Joint Intelligence Center
Caribbean Regional Operations Center
Caribbean Common Market
Caribbean Free Trade Association
Category Assignment Responsibility List
Combined Arms Research Library
Combat Arms Regimental System
Common Automated Recovery System
Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System
Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability and Effect
Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effects and Recognizability
Chief of Army Staff
Collision Avoidance System
Combined Arms and Services Staff School
Combined Arms and Service Staff School
Crisis Action System
Crisis Action Staff
Crisis Action Support Cell
Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
Computer Aided Software Engineering
Casualty Evacuation
Combined All-Source Intelligence Center
Coast Artillery Searchlight
Command Automated Software Local Area Network
Collection Analysis Support Subsystem
Command Activated Sonobuoy System
Canadian Air/Sea Transport Group
Catalogue of Approved Scientific and Technical Intelligence Tasks
Computer-Assisted Self Training
Computer Assisted Satellite Track
Combined Anti Submarine Tactical School
Cockpit and Sensor Upgrade Program
Chief of the Air Staff's Warrant Officer
Carrier, Ammunition, Tracked
Civil Affairs Team
College of Air Training
Combined Arms Team
Crisis Action Team
Crisis Augmentation Team
Category-1 Receive Equipment
Combined Arms Training Activity
Combined Arms Training Center
Central Air Traffic Control School
Civil Affairs Task Force
Commander, Amphibious Task Force
Computer-Aided Tactical Information System
Computer-Aided Tactical Intelligence System
Computer-Aided Tactical Information System/Imagery Exploitation Support System
Combined Arms Training Development Activity
Combined Arms Training Systems
Cartographic Applications for Tactical and Strategic Systems
Combined Arms Tactical Trainer
Crypto Ancillary Unit
Composite Armored Vehicle
Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
Commercial Analyst Work Station
Combined Arms Exercises
Chemical, Biological
Confinement to Barracks
Construction Battalion
Construction Battalion Center
Counter Battery
Coastal Battery Cooperation Flight
Coastal Battery Cooperation School
Commerce Business Daily
Chemical Biological Defense Program
Central Bomber Establishment
Common Budget Framework
Counter-Battery Fire
Counter-Battery Officer
Complete Background Investigation
Computer-Based Instruction
Computer-Based Instituteuction
Computer Based Instruction
Computer Based Instituteuction
Congressional Budget Justification Book
Congressional Budget Office
Chief Bombardment Liaison Officer
Confidence Building Measure
Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
Chemical Biological Protective Shelter
Case Based Reasoning
Charger, Battery Relay
Chemical, Biological and Radiological
Chemical and Biological Warfare
Constant Bit Rate
Caribbean Basin Radar Network
Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear
Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear Defense
Concept Based Requirements System
Combat Battle Simulation
Cadet Basic Training
Computer-Based Training
Combating Terrorism
Common Bridge Transporter
Combat Developer
Combat Intelligence
Cluster Bomb Unit
Construction Battalion Unit
Confidence Building Zone
Cloud Cover
Collection Center
Collective Call computing centre
Command Center
Command Ship
Communications Controller
Computer Compatible
Confined to camp
Customer Cost & Obligation
Close Combat Attack
Communications Control Authority
Corpus Christi Army Depot
Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Cape Canaveral Air Station
Change Control Board
Configuration Control Board
Captains Career Course
CARDA Control Center
Command and Control Center
Consolidated Command Center
Combat Casualty Care Research Program
Camouflage, Concealment and Deception
Charged Coupled Device
Commander, Coast Defences
Conference of the Committee on Disarmament
Coastal Command Development Unit
Contingency Communications Element
Combined Communications-Electronics Board
Combined Communications Electronic Board
Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program
Central Clearance Facility
Check and Conversation Flight
Chinese Communist Forces
Collection Coordination Facility
Combined Cadet Force
Commonwealth Clothing Factory
Crest Confidence Factors
Iraq Command Communication Flight
Collection Coordination Facility-Support System
Coastal Command Fighter Affiliation & Training Unit
Combat Communications Group
Combat Control Group
Crisis Coordination Group
Communications Control Ground-Narrowband
commander, Coast Guard district
Combat Communications Group
Headquarters Commandant
Controlled Cryptographic Item
Concentrated Counterdrugs Intelligence Collection
Command Center Improvement Program
Commander's Critical Information Requirements
Commander's critical information requirement
Commanders Critical Information Requirements
International Radio Consultative Committee
Charge-Coupled Infrared Imaging Device
Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
Coastal Command Instructors School
Coastal Command Instituteuctors School
Command, Control and Intelligence Support
Command & Control Intelligence Support Squadron
Common Channel Intelligence Signaling
Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office
Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraph
Computer Crimes Investigative Unit
Computer Crime Investigative Unit
CENTCOM Staff Judge Advocate
Capstone Concept for Joint Operations
Cross-Country Movement
Commander, Corps Medium Artillery
Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies
Consolidated Collection Management Facility
Cape Canaveral Missile Test Annex
Crisis Communications Network
Central Control Office
Circuit Control Office
Circuit Control Officer
Central Control Office/Sub-Control Office
Chief, Combat Operations
COMINT Collection Outstation
Communication Collection Outstation
Communications Checkpoint
Concept Capability Plan
Configuration Control Process
Consolidated Cryptologic Program
Contingency Communications Package
Contingency Command Post
Critical Collection Problems Committee
Command Center Processing and Display System
Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement
Coastal Command Preparation Pool
Combat Crew Replacement Centre
Casualty Clearing Station
Change Control Sheets
Collection Capabilities Statement
Combat Control Squadron
COMINT Collection Subsystem
Command and Control System
Command and Control Systems
Command Center Server
Communications Control Set
Constellation Control Station
Customer Coordination Service
Command And Control Subordinate System
CENTCOM Scientific and Technical Advisor
Command and Control System Center
Command and Control Technical Center
Cryptologic Combat Support Console
Command Communications Service Designator
Coastal Command Special Duties Flight
Coastal Command Training Flight
Commodity Command Standard System
Combat Camera Team
Combat Control Team
Combat Coordination Team
Coastal Command Tactical Development Unit
Combat Cairo Task Force
Combined Coalition Task Force
Contingency Communications Test Facility
Continuously Computed Target Point
Close Combat Tactical Trainer
Closed Circuit Television
Combat Control Training Wing
Check and Conversation Unit
Command and Control Unit
Close Combat Vehicle
Command Chief Warrant Officer
Command Center Watch Team
Calendar Day
Certificate of Destruction
Civil Defense
Coastal Defense
Coast Defence
Collateral Damage
Combat Developments
Command Director
Command Ship
Committee on Disarmament
Controlled Dissemination
Counter Drug
Concept Development and Experimentation
Commander's Digital Assistant
Commander, Divisional Artillery
Congressionally Directed Action
Central Data and Applications Support
Career Development Board
Central Data Base
Central Database System
Career Development Course
Caribbean Defense Command
Collins Defense Communications
Collins Defense Communications Division
Combat Development Center
Combat Development Command
Combat Developments Command
Common Distributed Change
Collins Defense Communications Divisionsion
Communications Distribution Control Segment
Coast Defence Development Unit
Center of Distance Education
Chemical Defense Equipment
Compound Damage Expectancy
Conference on Disarmament in Europe
Captured Document Exploitation Center
Combat Development Experimentation Command
Central Document File
Chief of Defence Forces
Chief of the Defence Force
Croix de Guerre
Compact Disc Interactive
Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate
Capability Development Integration Directorate
Consolidated Defense Intelligence Program
Council of Defense Intelligence Producers
Communications Data Interface System
Counterdrug Intelligence System
Canadian Department of Industry, Science and Technology
Combat Desert Jacket
Consolidated Domestic Launch Forecast
Common Digital Map
Code Division Multiple Access
Code Divisionsion Multiple Access
CONUS DSNET Monitoring Center
Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs
Command Duty Officer
Singapore Commandos
Central Data Processor
Company Distributing Point
Coherent Data Processing System
Critical Design Review
Contract Data Requirements List
Commander, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center
Commander, United States Pacific Command
Commander, United States Element NORAD
Commander, United States Army Western Command
Cargo Delivery System
Combat Delivery System
Chief of Defence Staff
Combat Direction System
Cryptographic Device Services
Cryptologic Direct Support Element
Civil Direction of Shipping Organization
C3CM Data Support Team
Central Daylight Time
Communications Data Terminal
Counter Defilade Target Engagement
Chemical Defense Training Facility
Computer-Directed Training System
Compressed Digital Video
Circular Error
Civil Engineer
Collection Emphasis
Combined Endeavor
Command Element
Composition Exploding
Construction Electrician's Mate
Core Element
Corporation of Engineers
Corps of Engineers
Cost Effectiveness
Current Exploitation
Cost and Economic Analysis Center
Combat Engineer Battalion
Civil Engineering Corps
Civil Engineering Corporation
Civil Engineer Corps
Consolidated Expenditure Center
Cooperative Engagement Capability
Communications and Electronics Command
Captured Enemy Document
Collection, Exploitation and Dissemination
Captured Enemy Equipment
Canadian Expeditionary Force
Corps of Engineers Financial Management System
Communications Electronic Instructions
Communications Electronic Instituteuctions
Communications Electronic Officer
Current Emitter Location Testbed
Coastal Engineering Manual
Concepts Evaluation Model
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Central Reserve Pay System
Center for Tactical Communications Systems
Central Region Air Forces
Central Army Group
Central America
Central Command
United States Central Command
Central Sub-Area of Eastern Atlantic Area
Central Treaty Organization
Chief Executive Officer
Central European Operating Agency
Communications Electronics Operations Instructions
Communications Electronics Operations Instituteuctions
Capital Equipment Plan
Circular Error Probable
Civil Emergency Planning
Committee for Energy Policy of OECD
Common Electronic Parts
Concept Evaluation Program
Construction Electrician
Combined Exercise Planning Group
Current Exploitation Photographic Interpretation Report
Compromising Emanation Performance Requirement
Communication Equipment Room
Cryptographic Equipment Room
Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center
Communications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center
Communications-Electronic Research, Development and Engineering Center
Communications Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center
Community Environmental Response Facilitation Act
Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
Construction Engineering Research Lab
Construction Engineering Research Laboratories
Capital Equipment Replacement Program
Combined Economic Reporting Program
Computer Security Emergency Response Team
Civilian Education System
Complete Equipment Schedule
Concept Exploration Studies
Cryptologic Electronic Warfare Support Measures
Contingency Exploitation Support Team
Chinese-English Translation Assistance
Centimetric Early Warning
Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence
Combined Explosives Exploitation Cell
Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell
Canadian Forces
Chaplain to the Forces
Charlie Foxtrot
Communications Flight
Communication Flight
Conversion Flight
Covering Fire
Combined Field Army
Combined Force Air Component Commander
Combined Force Air Component Command
Combined Forces Command
Covering Force Area
Canadian Forces Base
Combined Federal Campaign
Combined Field Command
Combat Feeding Directorate
Common Fill Device
Center for Engineering
Central Fighter Establishment
Communications Front-End
Contractor Furnished Equipment
Conventional Forces Europe
Communications Front-End-Upgrade
CFE Replacement
Combined Forces in France
Call for Fire Trainer
Chief Flying Instructor
Chief Flying Instituteuctor
Communications Flight Iraq
Center for Integration and Interoperability
Communication Flight Iraq & Persia
Combined Forces Command Information System
Combined Force Maritime Component Command
Cease-Fire Line
Coordinated Fire Line
Coalition Forces Land Component Command
Combined Force Land Component Command
Combined Forces Land Component Command
Combat Fuels Management System
Concept Formulation Process
Contingency Force Pool
Commander Force Reconnaissance
Center for Standards
Community and Family Support Center
Center for Systems Engineering
Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations
Contract Funds Status Report
Cadet Field Training
Conversion To Full-Time Military
Continuous Full Time Service
Cavalry Fighting Vehicle
Communication Flight Western Desert
Command Field Exercise
Civil Guard
Coast Guard
Command Group
Commanding General
Consolidated Guidance
Guided-Missile Cruiser
Guided Missile Cruiser
Guided Missile Cruiser
Conspicuous Gallantry Cross
Conspicuous Gallantry Crosses
Commanding General, 8th US Army
Central Group of Forces
Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic
Canadian Grenadier Guards
Canadian Grenadier Guard
Central Gliding Instructors School
Central Gliding Instituteuctors School
Computer Graphics Metafile
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Central Glider Maintenance Flight
Guided Missile Cruiser Nuclear Powered
Central Gliding School
Central Gunnery School
Chief of General Staff
Chief of the General Staff
Coast & Geodetic Survey
Common Ground Station
CONUS Ground Station
Command & General Staff College
Command and General Staff College
Command and General Staff Officer Course
Command and General Staff School
Commanding General United States Army Pacific
CentiGray hour
Aviation Cruiser
Chain Home
Chinook has
Chinook Helicopter-Low
Communication Helmet
Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System
CHAALS Exploitation
Chief, Airborne Command Post
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
Compact Hydrographic Airborne Rapid Total Survey
Cargo Handling Battalion
Communications High Bandwidth Data Link
Chief of Chaplains of the United States Navy
Chief, Cruise Missile Support Activity
Chief, Central Security Service
Chief, Cryptologic Support Service
Chain Home Extra Low
Chief Engineer
Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions
Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions
Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software, and Solutions
Coastal and Hydraulics Engineering Technical Note
Guided-Missile Aviation Cruiser
Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Cruiser
Communications Handbook for Intelligence Planners
Chief, Joint United States Military Assistance Group, Korea
Chief, Joint United States Military Assistance Group, Philippines
Chief, Joint United States Military Assistance Group, Thailand
Chain Home Low
Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory
Chief, Military Assistance and Advisory Group, Dominican Republic
Chaplain of the United States Marine Corps
Chief, Military Defense Office
Nuclear-Powered Aviation Cruiser
Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation
Change Of Operational Control
Change of Operational Command
Chief of Operations
Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
Civilian Human Resources Agency
Combat Health Support
Common Hardware Systems
Common Hardware Software
Container Handling Unit
Chief, United States Military Liaison Office
Chief Instructor
Counter Insurgency
Current Intelligence
Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures
Computer Incident Assessment Capability
Combat Intelligence Applications Division
Combat Intelligence Applications Divisionsion
Command Intelligence Architecture Document
CIA Program
Command Intelligence Architecture/Planning Program
Counterintelligence Analysis Section
Combat Infantryman Badge
Combat Infantry Badge
Controlled Image Base
Combat Information Center
Combat Intelligence Center
Combined Intelligence Center
Command Intelligence Center
Criminal Investigation Command
Criminal Investigation Division
Criminal Investigative Division
Counterintelligence Control and Analysis Center
Consolidated Intelligence Communications Center
Combined Intelligence Center Server
Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam
Combined Intelligence Center Workstation
Combat Intelligence Division
Combat Intelligence Divisionsion
Criminal Investigation Divisionsion
Criminal Investigation Detachment
Combined Intelligence Center Integrated Database Server
Combined Interview and Debriefing Center
Civilian Irregular Defense Group
Civilian Irregular Defense Groups
Classless Inter-Domain Routing
Clothing and Individual Equipment
Communication Intercept and Exploitation
Counter-Improvised Explosive Device
Counter Improvised Explosive Device
Counter Improvised Explosive Devices
Consolidated Imagery Exploitation Facility
Cadet Initial Entry Training
Central Issue Facility
Consolidated Intelligence Facility
Corporation Interrogation Facility
Corps Interrogation Facility
Combined Intelligence Group
Computer Image Generation
Chief of Imperial General Staff
Chief of the Imperial General Staff
Common Imagery Ground Surface System
Classified Information Handling System
Current Intelligence and Indications Center
Command Intelligence Implementation Document
Crypto-Ignition Key
Covert Infrared Lighting and Marking System
Counterintelligence Liaison Officer
Counterintelligence Liaison Office
Conversion In Lieu Of Procurement
Civil Information Management
Corporate Information Management
Contractor Installation Manager
Corporationrate Information Management
CENTCOM Iranian Military Activities Summary
Civil Military Exercise
Civil Military Operations Center
COMSEC Interoperability Master Plan
Cargo Increment Number
Commander in Chief
Commander Of A Combatant Command
CINC, United States Atlantic Command
Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Command
Commander in Chief, United States Air Forces, Atlantic
Commander in Chief, United States Army Forces, Atlantic
Commander in Chief, Alaska
Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe
Commander in Chief, Combined Forces Command, Korea
Commander in Chief, Eastern Atlantic
Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command
Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet
Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Central Europe
CINC, United States European command
Commander in Chief, United States Forces Europe
CINC, United States Pacific command
Commander In Chief, Europe
Commander in Chief, Forces Command
Commander In Chief, Pacific
Commander in Chief, Pacific Command
Commander in Chief, United States Army Forces
Commander in Chief, Channel
Commander in Chief, Iberian Atlantic Area
Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet Detachment SOUTHCOM
Commander in Chief, Military Airlift Command
Commander in Chief, North American Air Defense Command
Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe
Commander in Chief, Continental Air Defense Command
Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force
Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
Commander in Chief, Tactical Air Command
Commander in Chief, Pacific Representative
Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command
Commander in Chief, Southern Command
CINC, United States Special Operations Command
CINC, United States Southern command
Commander in Chief, Special Operations Command
Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe
Commander in Chief, United States Air Forces, Europe
Commander in Chief, United States Army, Europe
Commander in Chief, United States Space Command
Commander in Chief, United Nations Command
Commander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific
Commander in Chief, Specified Command, Middle East
Commander in Chief, Unified Transportation Command
Commander in Chief, United States Transportation Command
Commander in Chief, United Kingdom Air Defense Region
Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Command
Commander in Chief, United States Naval Forces, Europe
Commander in Chief, Western Atlantic
Community Imagery Needs Forecast
Central Imagery Office
Chief Information Officer
Combat Intelligence Operations Center
Combined Intelligence Operations Center
CIO Program
Combined Interoperability Operating Procedures
Combined Interoperability Program
Controlled Intelligence Operational Proposal
Consolidated Intelligence Program
Corps of Intelligence Police
Correlation and Integration Processor
Country Information Package
Critical Intelligence Parameter
Crypto-Ignition Plug
CENTCOM Imagery Production Element
ClNC Integrated Priority List
Career Intelligence Professional Management System
Career Intermission Pilot Program
Consolidated Intelligence Production Requirement
Counterintelligence Production Registry
Counterintelligence Periodic Summary
Central Intelligence Report
Continuing Intelligence Requirement
Continuity Irish Republican Army
Central Information Reference and Control
Central Information Reference and Control On-Line System
Consolidated Intelligence Resources Information System
Common Interswitch Rekeying Key
Current Intelligence Requirements List
Coastal Inlets Research Program
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings
Communications Instituteuctions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings
Canadian Intelligence Service
CASREP Information System
Chief, Intelligence and Security
Combat Information System
Combat Intelligence System
Combat Instituteuction Set
Combat Instruction Set
Commonwealth of Independent States
Communications Intercept System
Communication and Information Services
Communications Information Services Activity
Compensated Imaging System
Country Intelligence Study
C4I Integration Support Activity
Counterintelligence Support Cell
CENTCOM Intelligence Support Element
Corps Intelligence Support Element
Counterintelligence Support Officer
Command Intelligence Strategy Document
Computational and Information Sciences Directorate
Corporation Intelligence Support Element
Centralized Integrated Support Facility
Enciphered Television
Counterintelligence Staff Officer
CI Spot Report
Communications Intelligence Security Regulation
Center for Information Systems Security
Counterintelligence Team
Combat Intelligence and Targeting on Arrival
Center of Industrial and Technical Excellence
Criminal Investigation Task Force
Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service
CENTCOM Imagery Transmission System
Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer
Commander's Independent Viewer
City Imperial Volunteers
Carrier Intelligence Center
Civilian Vulnerability Indicator Code
Civilian Life as defined by Atlantic Fleet personnel
Civilian Life as defined by Pacific Fleet personnel
CMOC Intelligence Watch
Consolidated Intelligence Watch
CIW Commander
Cooperative Interaction Working Group
Conversion Input Work Packages
Close-In Weapon System
Congressional Justification Book
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instituteuction
Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Instituteuction
Coalition Joint Forces Land Component Command
Commander, Joint Interagency Task Force-East
Commander, Joint Interagency Task Force-West
Combined Joint Interrogation Team
Combined Joint Logistics Over-the-Shore
Coalition Joint Task Force
Combined Joint Task Force
Commander, Joint Task Force
Commander, Joint Task Force-Alaska
Commander, Joint Task Force-Full Accounting
Compartment Key
Containerized Kitchen
Cooperative Key Generation
Cruiser Light
Clear Language Technical Report
Completed Leasing Action Message
Close Air Support System
Complementary Low Altitude Weapons System
Complementary Low-Altitude Weapon System
Combat Logistics Battalion
Cadet Leader Course
Cadet Leadership Course
Central Landing Establishment
Commander, Landing Force
Commander Land Forces
Contract Line Item Number
Challenger Lethality Improvement Programme
Admin Clerk Administration
COMSEC Local Management Device
Chief Logistics Officer
Chief of Logistics Staff
Counterdrug Liaison Officer
Contingency Lines of Communication, Europe
Combat Logistics Patrol
Central Landing School
Clandestine Lighting System
Combat Life Saving
Contractor Logistics Support
COMSEC Logistics Support Center
Composite Launch Sequence Plan
Central Loading Unit
Container Launch Unit
Command and Liaison Vehicle
County of London Yeomanry
Capability Milestone
Circular Memorandum
Collection Manager
Collection Management
Collection Management Division
Collection Management Divisionsion
Commander's Manual
Configuration Management
Construction Mechanic
Countermine Activities
Cruise Missile
Chemical Materials Agency
Collection Management Authority
Community Management Account
Countermission Analysis
Chief Master at Arms
Command Master at Arms
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base
Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station
Cheyenne Mountain Air Station
Cruise Missile Advanced Guidance
CINC Mobile Alternate Headquarters
Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center
Coalition Military Assistance Training Team
Collection Management Branch
Combat Medical Badge
Combat Medic Badge
Cheyenne Mountain Complex
Commandant, U.S Marine Corps
Commandant of the Marine Corps
Commandant, United StatesMarine Corporation
Command Master Chief
Commander in Chief, Mobile Command Center
Component Mobile Command Center
Community Multilateral Counterterrorism Database System
Computed Mission Coverage Index
Commandant, Marine Corp Memorandum
Commandant, Marine CorporationMemorandum
COMINT Mission Control System
COMSEC Material Control System
Collection Management Division
Collection Management Divisionsion
Command Cell
Command Master Chief
Command Senior Chief
College of Military Engineering
Communications Monitoring Equipment
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Captured Material Exploitation Center
Computerised Meteorological System
Career Management Field
Career Management Fields
Central Med Forces
Central Mediterranean Forces
Citizen Military Forces
Citizens Military Force
Citizens Military Forces
Combat Mission Folder
Cyber Mission Force
Combined Marine Forces Command
Center of Military History
Congressional Medal of Honor
Combined Military Interrogation Center
British Broadcasting Company
Corporation Military Intelligence Support Element
Corps Military Intelligence Support Element
CONUS MILNET Monitoring Center
Central MASINT Office
Civil-military Operations
Civil Military Operations
Collection Management Office
Communications Management Office
Central MASINT Operations Cell
Civil-Military Operations Center
Civil Military Operations Center
Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
Civil Military Operations Task Force
Combat Mission Planning
Common Message Processor
Configuration Management Plan
Course Management Plan
Corps of Military Police
Confidential Military Purpose Funds
Compartmented Mode Processing System
Contractor Manpower Reporting
Contractor Manpower Reporting Application
Crisis Management Room
Collection Management Requirements System
Collection Management System
Coastal Modeling System
Combat Mission Section
Command and Management System
Common Mapping Standard
Community Management Staff
Career Management System-Interactive Detailing
Community Management Staff, Resource Management Group
Cruise Missile Support Activity
Civilian Multi-Spectral Imagery
Collection Management Support System
Collection Management Support Terminal
Collection Management System Tools
Combat Medical Technician
Crisis Management Team
Cutover Management Team
Critical Mobile Target
Citizens Military Training Camp
Combat Maneuver Training Center
CMTC-Instituteumentation System
CMTC-Instrumentation System
Compliance Monitoring Tracking System
Critical Mobile Target Server
Civilian Maintenance Unit
Compartmented Mode Workstation
Compartmented Mode Workstation
Central Navigation & Control School
Counternarcotics Command and Management System
Center for Naval Analysis
Chin National Army
Coordinates Not Available
Critical Node Analysis
Customs National Aviation Center
Customs National Air Command, Oklahoma City
Conference on NATO Armament Directors
Chief of Naval Air Training
Chief of Navy Reserve
Commander, Navy Space Command
Computerized Numerical Control
Counternarcotics Center
Cryptonet Control Station
Chief of Naval Education and Training
Command Naval Education and Training
Commander, Naval Forces Japan
Commander, Naval Forces Korea
Commander, Naval Forces Marianas
California National Guard
Chief, National Guard Bureau
Chief of the National Guard Bureau
Communicating NATO Intentions
Communications, Navigation, or Identification
Combined Naval Intelligence Center
Composite Network, Front-End Internal Network
Counternarcotics Information Processing System
Cryptonet Key
Cornish National Liberation Army
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Casualty Notification Officer
Chief of Naval Operations
Combined Naval Operations Center
Counternarcotics Operations Center
Chief of Naval Operations Memorandum
Command Not Operationally Ready
Chief of Naval Research
Combat Net Radio
Combat Network Radio
Combat Net Radio Interface Unit
Center for Nonproliferation Studies
Central Navigation School
Commercial Network Survivability
Communications, Navigation, Surveillance
Commander, Naval Special Warfare Task Group
Command Nuclear Target List
Color Night Vision Fusion Device
Central Night Vision Training School
Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
Certifying Officer
Chain Overseas
Commanding Officer
Commissioned Officer
Contracting Officer
Standard Ballistic Coefficient
Combined Staff Public and Governmental Affairs Officer
Combined Staff Judge Advocate
Combined Staff Command Surgeon
Certificate of Achievement
Certificates of Achievement
Chief of Army
Comptroller of the Army
Course of Action
Continuation on Active Duty
Chief of Air Staff
Chief of the Air Staff
Chief of the Army Staff
Chief of Base
Chief of the Boat
Civilians on the Battlefield
Close of Business
Collated Operating Base
Command Operating Budget
Contingency Operating Base
Cosmic Background Explorer
Common Business Oriented Language
Chain Of Command
Combat Operations Center
Combatant Command
Coordinating Committee
Command Ordinance Depot
Combined Operation, Diesel And Gas Turbine
Continuity of Defense Intelligence Systems
Chief of Engineers
Corp of Engineers
Common Operating Environment
Contemporary Operating Environment
Contemporary Operational Environment
Corps of Engineers
Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
Components Of End Item
Compendium of Future Intelligence Requirements
Central Operating Facilities
Chief of Staff
Center of Gravity
Combined Operations Group
Continuity of Government
Combined Operation, Gas Turbine And Gas Turbine
Commandant, Coast Guard
Communities of Interest
Community of Interest
Combat Operations Intelligence Center
Community On-Line Intelligence Network Systems
Community On-Line Intelligence System-II
Consolidated On-Line Intelligence System
Commander Operational Intelligence Requirements
Combat Operations Intelligence System
Community On-Line Intelligence System for End Users and Managers
Collection Opportunity
Combat Observation And Laser Team
Combat Observation Lasing Team
Combat Observation And Lasing Team
Chief Of Mission
Collection Operations Management
Computer Operation Manual
Computer Output to Microform
Commander, Allied Air Forces Central Europe
Commander, Air Combat Command
commander, Air Force forces
commander of Air Force Forces
Commander, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Commander, United States Air Force Special Operations Command
Commander, Air Force Space Command
Commander, Air Force Space Command
Command Maintenance
Commander, Allied Air Forces, Baltic Approaches
Commander, Allied Forces, Baltic Approaches
Commander, Allied Air Forces, Southern Europe
Commander, Alaskan Command
Commander of Airlift Forces
Commander, Army Forces
Commander, Air Mobility Command
Commander, Alaskan NORAD Region
Commander, Anti-lles Defense Command
Commander, United States Army Special Operations Command
Commander, United States Army Special Operations Forces
Commander, Army Space Command
Commander, Amphibious Task Force
Commander, Benelux Sub-Area Channel
Commander, Bay of Biscay Submarine Area
Commander, Canadian Atlantic Submarine Area
Commander Carrier Group
Commander, Central Army Group, Central Europe
Commander, Central Submarine Area
Communication Countermeasures & Deception
Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group
Commander Destroyer Group
Commander Carrier Air Wing
Commander Destroyer Squadron
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Commander, Central Mediterranean Area
Commander, Eastern Mediterranean Area
Commander, Northeast Mediterranean Area
Commander, Western Mediterranean Area
Commander, Southeast Mediterranean Area
CONUS Meteorological Data System
Commence Exercise
Communications Exercise
Committee on Exchanges
Commander, Fleet Air Keflavik
Commander, Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southern Europe
Commander, Field Command, Defense Atomic Support Agency
Commander, Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force Central Europe
Commander, Gibraltar Mediterranean Command
Commander, Guantanamo Defense Command
Commander, Iceland Defense Force
Commander, Middle East Force
Commander, Mine Warfare Command
Communications Intelligence
COMINT Advisory Tasking Message
Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation
Collection Management Information System
Communications Jamming
Commander, Joint Special Operations Command
Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force
Commander, Joint Task Force
Commander, Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
Commander, Land Forces
Commander, Allied Land Forces, Schleswig-Holstein & Jutland
Commander, Allied Land Forces, Norway
Commander, Allied Land Forces, Southern Europe
Commander, Allied Land Forces, New Zealand
Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area
Commander United States Atlantic Fleet
Combat Logistics Network
Commander, Allied Maritime Air Force, Channel
Commander, Marine Corps Base, Pacific
Commander, Marine Corporation Base, Pacific
Commander Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
Commander, United States Maritime Defense Zone Sector, Alaska
Commander, Marine Forces
Commander, Marine Forces, Japan
Commander, Marine Forces, Korea
Commander Marine Corporation Forces, Pacific
Commander, Marine Corps Forces, South
Commander, Marine Corporation Forces, South
Communications Center
Communications Detachment
COMMunications Officer
Communications Center
Communications Zone
Commander, Naval Air Forces
Commander Naval Air Force Reserve
Commander Naval Air Forces
Commander, Naval Air Forces, Atlantic
Commander Naval Air Force Atlantic
Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific
Commander Naval Air Force Pacific
Commander, Naval Forces
Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Baltic Approaches
Commander, Naval Forces, Korea
Commander, Naval Forces, Marianas
Commander, Naval Intelligence Command
Commander, Naval Logistics
Commander, Allied Naval Forces, North Norway
Commander Navy Reserve Forces
Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Scandinavian Approaches
Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
Commander Naval Sea Systems Command
Commander, Naval Space Command
Commander, Naval Security Group
Commander Naval Security Group
Commander, Naval Special Operations Forces
Commander, Naval Surface Forces
Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command
Commander, Naval Special Warfare Unit
Commander, Naval Surface Force, United States Atlantic Fleet
Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific
Commander, Northern Submarine Area, Channel
Commander, Northern Submarine Area
Commander, Northern Army Group, Central Europe
Commander, Ocean Atlantic
Commander, Oceanographic Systems Atlantic
Commander, Oceanographic Systems Pacific Company
Communications Operations Summary
Commander, Pacific Air Forces
Commander Pacific Fleet
Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Group
Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing
Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic
Commander, Amphibious Group
Commander, Plymouth Submarine Area, Channel
Composite Training Unit Exercise
Computer Intelligence
Computer Security
Communication Security
Communications Security
Composite Wing
Composite Wing
Collection Operations Management System
Communications Satellite
Commercial Satellite Communications
Commander, Military Sealift Command
Commander, United States Second Fleet
Commander, United States Seventh Fleet
Commander, United States Sixth Fleet
Commander, Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southeastern Europe
Commander, Special Operations Command
Commander, Special Operations Command, Korea
Commander, Special Operations Command, Europe
Commander, Special Operations Command, Atlantic
Commander, Special Operations Command, Pacific
Commander, Special Operations Command, Southern Command
Commander, Support Operations Task Force, Europe
Communications Spot Report
Communication Status Report
Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic
Commander, Striking Fleet, Atlantic
Commander, Striking Force, South
Commander Submarine Forces
Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service
Commander, Submarine Forces, Allied Command, Atlantic
Commander, Submarine Force, Eastern Atlantic
Commander, Submarine Group
Commander, Submarine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet
Commander Submarine Force United States Pacific Fleet
Commander Submarine Force Atlantic
Commander, Submarines, Mediterranean
Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific
Commander, Submarine Force, Western Atlantic Area
Commander, Supporting Naval Forces
Commander Tactical Air Control Group
Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, North Norway
Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, South Norway
Commander, Allied Task Force, North Norway
Complementary Technical Report
Commander, Third Fleet
Commander, Training Command, Pacific
Commander Training Air Wing
Commander, Second Allied Tactical Air Force, Central Europe
Commander, UK NATO Air Defense Region
Commander, United States Air Forces, Alaska
Commander, United States Air Force Forces
Commander, United States Air Forces, Japan
Commander, United States Air Forces, Korea
Commander, United States Air Force Task Force
Commander, United States Army Forces
Commander, United States Army Forces Southern Command
Commander, United States Forces, Korea
Commander, United States Forces, Azores
Commander, United States Forces, Japan
Commander, United States Forces, Japan
Commander, United States Forces, Korea
Commander, United States Land Forces
Commander, United States Army Forces, Alaska
Commander, United States Army Forces Central Command
Commander, United States Army Space Command
Commander, United States Army Task Force
Commander, United States Forces, Caribbean
Commander, United States Army Special Operations Command
Commander US Forces Country
Commander, United States Joint Task Force
Commander, United States Joint Unconventional WarfareTask Force
Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
Commander, United States Marine Forces Central Command
Commander, United States Marine Forces
Commander, United States Marine Task Force
Commander, United States Naval Forces, Alaska
Commander, United States Naval Forces, Central Command
Commander, United States Naval Forces
Commander, United States Maritime Defense Zone, Atlantic
Commander, United States Maritime Defense Zone, Pacific
Commander, United States Military Group
Commander, United States Naval Forces, Europe
Commander, United States Naval Forces South
Commander, United States Naval Task Force
Commander, United States Naval Forces, Philippines
Commander, Allied Land Forces, New Zealand
Certificate of Networthiness
Continental Air Defense Command
Combined Operation, Nuclear And Gas
Central America Defense Council
Consul General
Congressional Interest
Contingency NMJIC
Conscientious Objector
Concept of Operation
Concept of Operations Plan
Concept of Operations
Chairman, Operational Nuclear Planning Group
Concept Plan
Contingency Plan
Conferencing and Text Manipulation System
continental United States
Continental United States Army
Continuity of Operations Plan
Combat Out Post
Command Observation Post
Crashout Package
Chairman, Operational Planners Group
Comparative Postwar Recovery Analysis
Command Operations Priority Requirements List
Current Operations
Continuity of Operations Plan
Central Office of Record
Command Operationally Ready
Contracting Officer's Representative
Contracting Officer Representative
Correlation Center
Contingency Response
Chief of Receive Location
Collection Opportunity Requirements List
Commission On Roles and Missions
Corporation/Divisionsion Training Coordination Program
Corps/Division Training Coordination Program
Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen
Centers of Standardization
Chief of Staff
Chiefs of Staff
Combat Operations Staff
Commissioned Officers
Communications Segment
Flag Officer's Chief of Staff
Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Atlantic
Consolidated Ship/Squadron Allowance
Corporation Support Command
Corps Support Command
Control Staff Instructions
Control Staff Instituteuctions
Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Pacific
Community Open Source Program Office Cotangent
Chief of Staff Supreme Allied Command
Captain of the Port
Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
Contracting Officer Technical Representative
Commercial Off The Shelf
Commercial Off-The-Shelf
Container Offloading Transfer System
Coastal Operational Training Unit
Counter Measurements and Signature Intelligence
Covert Communications
Commanders Visualization Research Tool
Conversion Output Work Packages
Career Program
Central Processor
Character Position
Civilian Personnel
Command Post
Communications Processor
Concrete Piercing
Contingency Planning
CJCS Preparedness Assessment
Collection Planning Aid
Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
Collection Planning and Targeting
Civilian Police Assistance Training Team
Charged Particle Beam
Capabilities Programming and Budgeting System
Consolidated Program and Budgeting System
Central Processing Center
Coastal Patrol Boat
Collection and Processing Center
Camp Parks Communications Annex
Cadet Professional Development Training
Central Photographic Establishment
Central Production Element
Circular Probable Error
Customer Premise Equipment
Coastal Patrol Flight
Contingency Planning Facilities List
Cadet Practical Field Training
Communications Processor and Interface
Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
Coalition Press Information Center
Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft
Computer Programmers Manual
Consolidated Product-line Management
Cycles Per Minute
China Precision Machinery Import Export Corporation
China Precision Machinery Import Export Corporationration
Custom Product Network
Chief Petty Officer
Chief Petty Officer's Mess
Civilian Personnel Office
Civilian Personnel On-Line
Command Post Officer
Command Project Officer
Command Post Officer Assistant
Command Post Of the Future
Command Post Platform
Communist Party of the Philippines
Complete Package Pricing
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation
Chairman, Program Recommendations
Cost Performance Report
Characters Per Second
Collection Problem Set
COMSEC Parent Switch
Correlation Processing Subsystem
Craft Positioning System
Command Post Systems and Integration
Career Program Selection Board
Command Post Shooting Form
Command Post Safety Officer
Computer Systems Squadron
Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Controller Power Supply Unit
Command Post Terminal
Central Processing Unit
Communications Processing Unit
Computer Processing Unit
Command Post Vehicle
Command Post Exercise
Command Post Exercises
Charge of Quarters
Close Quarters Battle
Close Quarter Battle
Close Quarters Marksmanship
Close Range
Collection Request
Collections Requirement
Combat Radius
Commencement of Rifling
Construction recruit
Crisis Relocation
Collaborative Research Alliance
Commander, Royal Artillery
Commander Royal Artillery
Civilian Record Brief
Contingency Reference Book
Catch Retaining Breech Block Open
Crisis Basis Imagery File
Combat Readiness Center
Command And Reporting Center
Control and Reporting Center
CONUS Replacement Center
Columbus Regional Control Center
Controller of Research & Development
Chemical Research & Development Center
Cathode-Ray Direction Finding
Collateral Recurring Document Listing
Central Reconnaissance Establishment
Combat Readiness Evaluation
Commanding Royal Engineers
Control and Reporting Element
Covert Reconnaissance/Strike
Counter Radio Electronic Warfare
Cable Reports File
Catholic Reaction Force
Crisis Response Force
Coastal Riverine Group
Communications Relay Group
Calibre radius head
Crisis Management Plan
Command Resources Information System
Collaborative Research Into Small Arms Technology
Crisis Condition
Critical Intelligence
Critical Intelligence Communication
Critical Intelligence Message
Critical Intelligence Communications Network
Central Region Joint Operational Intelligence Center
Certificate Revocation List
Collection Requirements Management
Composite Risk Management
Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy
Collection Requirements Management Architecture/Application
Collection Requirements Management Officer
Collection Requirements Management Office
Collection Requirements Management Plan
Collection Requirements Management Program
Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program
Collection Requirements Management System
Combat Radio Net
Criminal record and names check
Central Records Office
Civilian Repair Organisation
Civilian Repair Party
Crete Remote Operating Facility
Continuous Read-Only Memory
Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station
Common Remotely Operated Weapon System
Common Remotely Operated Weapons Station
Common Remote Operated Weapons System
COMSEC Resources Program
Control and Reporting Post
Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite
Customer Requirements Registration System
Catholic Relief Service
Combined Recording Site
COMIREX Requirements Structure
Command Readout Station
Commonwealth Record Series
Community Relations Service
Comprehensive Retrieval Subsystem
Congressional Research Service
Control and reporting school
Combat Readiness Training
Crisis Response Team
Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery
Civilian Repair Unit
Cruiser-Destroyer Group
Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle
Current Requirements Working Group
Capability Set
Capability Sets
Central Servers
Chief of Staff
Close Support
Coalition Support
Combat Support
Command Support
Communications Subsystem
Constant Source
Controller of Supply
Culinary Specialist
Combat Support & Combat Service Support
Critical-Sensitive Level 1
Central Supplies Agency
Chief of Staff of the Army
Chief of Staff, Army
Chief of Staff Army
Combat Support Agency
Combat Support Agencyies
Communication Service Authorization
Corporation Storage Area
Corps Storage Area
Corporation Support Activity
Corps Support Activity
Central and South African Basic Encyclopedia
Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions
Chief of Staff, Air Force
Chief of Staff, Air Force Memorandum
Chief of Staff, Army Memorandum
Cryptologic Support to Amphibious Warfare
Close Silo Basing
Collection Support Brief
Combat Support Boat
Combat Support Cell
Current Situation Branch
Close Support Battery Commander
Commander, Special Boat Squadron
Candidate Soldier Course
Combat Systems Coordinator
Command Senior Chief
Community Support Center
Customer Support Center
Configuration Switch Controller
Culinary Specialist Chief
Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Communications Security Control Group
Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative
Commercial Satellite Communications Initiatives
Computer Software Configuration Interface
Computer System Change Request
Combat Support Coordination Team
Connecting Soldiers to Digital Applications
Central Servicing Development Establishment
Command Supply Discipline Program
Command Spatial Display System
Canadian SIGINT Establishment
Central Signals Establishment
Central Signals Establishment
Client Server Environment
Command Support Element
Communications Support Element
Communi-cations Security Element
Communications and Support Flight
Cryptologic Support Elements
Cryptologic Support Element
Client Server Environment-System Services
Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist
Combat Survivor-Evader Locator
Combined Support Force
Command Support Functions
Comprehensive Soldier Fitness
Chairman Staff Group
Close Support Group
Combat Support Group
Combined Support Group
Corporation Support Group
Corps Support Group
Cryptologic Support Group
Combined Support Group-Indonesia
Combined Support Group-Sri Lanka
Combined Support Group-Thailand
Nuclear Strike Cruiser
Commissary Sergeant
Combat Support Hospital
Combat Support Hospitals
Combat Studies Institute
Commercial Satellite Interconnectivity
Critical Solutions International
Combat Service Identification Badge
Canadian Security and Investigative Service
Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center
Center for Strategic Leadership
Centre for Strategic Leadership
Centralized Selection List
Command Selection List
Communications Security Logistics Activity
Chaos Space Marines
Command Sergeant Major
Command Sergeants Major
Company Sergeant Major
Company Sergeant-major
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
Combat Systems Maintenance Center
Cryptologic Support to Military Operations
California State Military Reserve
Coarse Spatial Resolution, Multispectral
Combined Support Maintenance Shop
Canadian Switched Network
Center for Special Operations
Chief Signal Officer
Chief Sustainment Officer
Consolidated Space Operations Center
Combat Systems Officer Of the Watch
Combat Systems Operational Sequencing Systems
Communications Support Processor
Contingency Support Package
Crisis Staffing Procedures
Communications Support Processor/High Order Language
Central Strategic Processing, Analysis and Reporting
Combined services Project Development Unit
Consolidated SAFE Project Office
Coastal Surveillance Radar
Collection Support Requirement
Combat Search & Rescue
Controlled Supply Rate
Current Situation Room
Communication-Computer Systems Requirement Document
Civil Service Retirement System
Central Security Service
Coded Switch System
Collateral Support System
Combat Service Support
Combat Surveillance Service
Combat Service Support Detachment
Combat Support System
Communications Support System
Command Specific Server
Common Sensor System
Communications System Segment
Communications Security System
Communications and Support Squadron
COMSEC Subordinate Switch
Contingency Support Study
Continuous Signature Service
Cryptologic Shore Support Activity
Combat Service Support Automations Maintenance Office
Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
COMAFFOR Senior Staff Course
Combat Service Support Control System
Combat Service Support Computer System
Combat Service Support Element
Contractor Special Security Officer
Combat Service Support Operations Center
Combined Services Support Program
CSS Replacement
Combat Service Support Team
Coalition Support Team
Central Standard Time
Coastal Survey Team
Combat Support Training
Combat Support Vehicle
Combat Surveillance and Target Acquisition Laboratory
Cadet Summer Training Centre
Consolidated Space Test Center
Combined Strategic Intelligence Training Program
Cargo Short Take-Off & Landing
Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
Channel Service Unit
Communications and Support Unit
Combating Terrorism
Communication Trench
Cryptologic Technician
Training Cruiser
Certification Test and Evaluation
Central Technical Authority
Cognitive Task Analysis
Common Table of Allowances
Continuous-Tone Aerial Imagery
Cypher-Text Auto-Key
Contingency Theater Automated Planning System
Comprehensive Test Ban
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Combat Targeting Center
Combat Training Center
Combat Training Centers
Combat Training Centre
Combat Training Centers
Console Tactical Control
Counterterrorism Center
Charge Transfer Device
Collective Training Directorate
Commercial Training Device Requirements
Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion
Cost and Training Effectiveness Analysis
Combined Task Force
Combined Task Force
Commander Task Force
Crisis Task Force
Counter Terrorism Force
Combined Task Force-Bomber
Combined Task Force-Battle Management
Combined Task Force Director of Intelligence
Central Training Flight
Consolidated Training Facility
Joint Task Force
Commander Task Force Mediterranean
Commander, Task Group
Aviation Training Cruiser
Cryptologic Technician Interpretive
Counter Technical Intelligence Activities
Central Tyre Inflation System
Combat Terrain Information System
Combat Transport Information System
Commander Tactical Information System
Critical Task List
Cadet Troop Leadership Training
Control Zone
Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
Cryptologic Technician Networks
Corporation Tactical Operations Center
Corps Tactical Operations Center
CTOC Support Element
Consolidated Telecommunications Program
Close Target Reconnaissance
Close Target Recce
Cryptologic Technician Collection
Colorado Tracking Station
Arty Director of Artillery
Delta Time Zone
Drill and Ceremony
Detection and Monitoring
Department & Simultaneous Attack
Depth & Simultaneous Attack
Department & Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
Depth & Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
Deployment Cell
Duties - Not Including Flying
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Director, Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
Direct Finding
Director, Tactical Warfare Programs
Data Distribution
Department of the Army
Department of Army
Direct Action
Divisional Artillery
Double Agent
Long-Range Aviation
dendritic arborizations
Defense Accreditation Authority
Designated Accreditation Authority
Designated Approval Authority
Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General
Defense Acquisition Board
Defense Against Ballistic Missiles
Dynamic Air Blast Simulator
Day After Contract
Defense Acquisition Challenge
Defense Ammunition Center
Department of Army Civilian
Department of the Army Civilian
Development Assistance Committee
Discretionary Access Control
Divisional Ammunition Column
Divisionsional Ammunition Column
Department of the Army Central Control Office
Department of Army Command and Control System
Digital Access Cross-Connect System
Digital Access Cross-Connect Switch
Departure Airfield Control Group
Director, Acquisition Career Management
Data Communications
Deputy Assistant Chief of Station
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff-Intelligence
Department of the Army Civilian Police
Deputy Assistant Commander Royal Australian Engineers
Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics
Device Access Control Unit
Device Attachment Control Unit
Dual Air Density
Deputy Assistant Director Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Deputy Assistant Director Electrical Mechanical Engineers
Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
Defense Acquisition Executive
Daily Ammunition Expenditure Rate
Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
Department of the Air Force
Desert Air Force
Desert Air Force Training Flight
Deputy Adjutant-General
Deputy Adjutant General
Divisional Artillery Group
Divisionsional Artillery Group
Director of Army Instruction
Director of Army Instituteuction
Department of the Army Inspector General
Divisional Artillery Intelligence Officer
Daily Summary
Office Symbol for JMITC
Defense Advanced Language and Area Studies Program
Data Logging and Transmission System
Difference Altitude
Demand Assigned Multiple Access
Department of the Army Military Intelligence
Department of the Army Master Priority List
Defense Accounting Office
Defense Attache Office
Designated Acquisition Program
Divisional Ammunition Park
Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
Director of Army Public Relations
Director of Army Postal Services
Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General
Defense Acquisition Regulation
Designated Area for Recovery
District Area Command
Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Daily Aerial Reconnaissance Syndicate
Daily Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Daily Apportionment and Reconnaissance Scheduling
Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Steering Committee
Defense Academic Research Support Program
Deployable Automated Remote Terminal
Developmental Air Reports Tracker
Disaster Assistance Response Team
Digital Anti-jam Radio Teletype System
Data Acquisition Segment
Defense Attache System
Director of the Army Staff
Defence Analytical Services Agency
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army
Direct Air Support Center
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
Direct Access Storage Device
Deployable Automated Support Host
Divisional Artillery Survey Officer
Defense Attache System Property Accounting
Defense Analysis Special Report
Defense Attache System Vehicle Accounting
Direct Action Team
Data Intelligence
Deputy Air Traffic Controller
Decisive Action Training Environment
Data Extract
DISN Asynchronous Transfer Mode System - Classified
DISN Asynchronous Transfer Mode System - Unclassified
Diver Active Thermal Protection System
Divisionr Active Thermal Protection System
Data Automated Tower Simulation
Defense Attache
Defense Attache Worldwide Network
Defense Automated Warning System
Deutsche Bibliothek
Data Base
Detention Barracks
Data Base Administrator
De Bellis Antiquitatis
Data Base Applications System
Digital Base-Band
Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab
depolarizing bipolar cells
Data Base Correlation
Database Control
Data Burst Device
Desert Battle Dress Uniform
Department of Border Enforcement
Destroyed by Fire
Data Base of Imagery-Derived Information
Dominant Battlefield Knowledge
De Bellis Multitudinis
Data Base Management System
Data Base Management Systems
Defense Business Management System
Defense Business Operations Fund
Defense Business Operating Fund
Data Base Query
Data Broadcast System
Direct Broadcast Service
Differential Ballistic Wind
Damage Control
Damage Controlman
Danger Close
Defense Council
Dental Corps
Direct Commission
District Commissioner
Divisional Commander
Document Changes
Damage Control Assistant
Defense Commissary Agency
Defense Communications Agency
Defense Communication Agency
Defense Communications Agency Europe
Defensive Counter Air
Deputy Chief of Army
Directorate of Cadet Activities
Defense Contract Audit Agency
Defense Communications Agency Circular
Deputy Air Wing Commander
Defense Communication Agency Instruction
Defense Communication Agency Instituteuction
DCA Operations Control Center
Dual Criteria Aimpoint Selection System
Defense Contract Administration Services
Defense Contract Administration Service
Defense Contract Administration Services Management Area
Defense Contracting Administration Services Management Area
Defense Contract Administration Services Region
Deployable Communications Applications Shelter
Deployable Consolidated Applications Server
Divisional Counter-Bombardment Officer
Damage Control Central
Direct Commission Course
Dismounted Close Combat
Displacement Correction Calculator
Defense Collection Coordination Center
Dismounted Close Combat Trainer
Deseret Chemical Depot
Data Communications Equipment
Data Communication Equipment
Defense Coordinating Element
Defensive Counter Espionage
DOCS Certification Facility
Deputy Combined Force Maritime Component Commander
Deputy Commanding General
Deputy Chief of the General Staff
Deputy Chief of General Staff
Distributed Common Ground System
Distributed Common Ground Systems
Distributed Common Ground System-Army
Director of Central Intelligence
Director, Central Intelligence Agency
Director of Central Intelligence Directive
Director of Counterintelligence and Security
Defense Counterintelligence Board
Defense Central Index of Investigations
Defense CI Integrated Information System
Deputy Commander In Chief
Defense Counterdrug Intelligence Program
Direct Communications Link
Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
Drill Cadet Leadership Training
Deputy Chief of Mission
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Distinguished Conduct Medals
District Court Martial
District Court-Martial
Database Creation and Management Module
Database Creation and Management Segment
Defense Communications Network
Damage Control Officer
Dial Central Office
Damage Control Petty Officer
Defense Communications Office
Defense Coordinating Officer
Defense Coordinating Officers
Deputy Commanding Officer
Deputy Commander for Operations
Deputy Commander
Deputy Chief of Staff
Direct Commission Officers
Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence Plans and Requirements
Decision Coordinating Paper
Defense Cryptologic Program
Disaster Control Plan
Design Change Package
D-alanyl carrier protein
Defense Civilian Payroll System
Data Change Request
Deputy Commander Royal Engineers
Digital Cassette Recording System
Defense Communications System
Defense Courier Service
Deployment Cycle Support
Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Chief of Staff, Security
Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence
Deputy Chief of Staff, Information Management
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
Deputy Chief of Staff for Safety, Security and Intelligence
Defense Communications System Central Area
DCS Data System
Deputy Commander for Space Operations
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations & Plans
Design Controlled Spare Parts
Design Controlled Spare Part
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
Digital Communications Terminal
Dicarboxylate transport
Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
Defense Commercial Telephone Network
Data Control Unit
Desert Camouflage Uniform
Desert Combat Uniform
Document Control Unit
Deputy Commander, United States Naval Forces Central Command
Division Capstone Exercise
Divisionsion Capstone Exercise
Defense Department
Department of Defense
Deputy Director
Differential Doppler
Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee
Data Distribution Center
Defense Documentation Center
Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination System
Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center
Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
Department of Defense Explosive Safety Board
Guided Missile Destroyer
Guided-Missile Aviation Destroyer
Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Destroyer
Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Destroyer
Aviation Destroyer
Nuclear-Powered Aviation Destroyer
Direct Data Link
Deputy Director Medical Services
Defense Data Network
Defense Dissemination Network
Defense Dissemination Program
Deputy Director of Operations
Deputy Duty Officer
Defense Dissemination Program Office
Deutsche Democratic Republic
Radar Picket Destroyer
Defense Data Repository System
Defense Dissemination System
Dry Deck Shelter
Dual Driver Service
Defense Dissemination System/Receive Location
Defense Development Sharing Project
Document Dissemination and Storage Segment
Distributed Decision-Aid Terminal
Training Destroyer
Director, Defense Test and Evaluation
Data Display Unit
Distant Device Unit
Damage Expectancy
Destroyer Escort
difference in eastings
Directed Energy
Directorate for Estimates
Director of Equipment and Ordnance Services
Dissemination Element-Upgrade
Directed Energy/Electronic Warfare
Defense Estimates Analytical Computer On-Line Network
Destruction of Enemy Air Defences
Defense Estimative Brief
Digital European Backbone
Digital Equipment Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporationration
Defense Commissary Agency
Defense Commercial Communications Office
Defense Commercial Contracting Office
Defense Commercial Communication Office
Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
Defense Electronic Countermeasures
Deception and Denial Analysis Committee
Digital Elevation Data Dubbing Facility
Defense Enterprise Email
DoD Enterprise Email
Defense Condition
Defense Readiness Condition
Defense Courier System
Defense Electronics
Department of Defence
Defense Plan
Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center
Defence Elementary Flying Training School
Directorates of Engineering and Housing
Defense Enterprise Integration Services
Demonstration Exercise
Demonstration System
Data Exploitation, Mission Planning and Communications
Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship
Daily European Naval Activity Summary
Defense Environmental Network and Information Exchange
Defense Estimate for Production
Deflection Error Probable
Delayed Enlistment Program
Delayed Entry Program
Drug Enforcement Policy and Support
Deputy Commander, United States Naval Forces Central Command
Deployment Report
Deputy Secretary of Defense
Defense Environment Restoration Account
Defense Environmental Restoration Account
Defense Environmental Restoration Program
Data Encryption Standard
Digital Encryption Standard
Digital Exploitation System
Directorate of Emergency Services
Disability Evaluation System
Defense Evaluation Support Activity
Defense Electronics Supply Center
DISN Executive Steering Committee
Defense Science Electronics
Destroyer Division
Decision Support and Information System for Terrorism
Destroyer Squadron
Defense Exploitation Support System
Cmdr Detachment Commander
Naval Special Warfare Development Group
Directed-Energy Weapon
Directed Energy Weapon
Distant Early Warning
Distant Early Warning Line
Defensive Fire
Deuterium Floride
Direction Finding
Disposition Form
Tasks Defensive Fire Tasks
Defence Families of Australia
Dining Facilities Administration Center
Digitized Feature Analysis Data
Digitized Features Data
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Defense Finance and Accounting System
Defense Finance Accounting System
Defense Forensics and Biometrics Agency
Depth Fire Call
Distinguished Flying Cross
Day Fighter Combat School
Data Flow Diagram
Data Facility Dataset Services
Deployed Forward Headquarters
Defense Foreign Language Program
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Day Fighter Leaders School
Deterrent Force Modules
Diesel Fuel Marine
Distinguished Flying Medal
Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation
Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare, & Recreation
Dual Field Of View
Defence Force Recruiting
Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
Direction Finding Subsystem
Defense Forensic Science Center
Defense Fuel Supply Center
Deployed for Training Team
Deployment For Training
Defense Guidance
Dragoon Guards
Director General of Aviation
Director General Armed Forces Medical Services
Director General Army Medical Services
DISA Global Control Center
Ground Mobile Forces Control Link
Downsized Ground Control Station
Downsized Ground Control Terminal
Defense General Intelligence Applications Program
Deployable Ground Intercept Facility
Director General Intelligence and Security
Director General Military Intelligence
Digital Graphics Information Tailoring System
Digital Group Multiplexer
Director General of Military Intelligence
Director General Military Operations
Director General of Military Operations
Director Generals of Military Operations
Director General Medical Services
Director General of Research & Development
Deployable Ground Station
Diego Garcia tracking Station
Director of General Stores and Clothing
Downgrade to Unclassified
Designated Ground Zero
Desired Ground Zero
Data Handling Capability Analysis
Direct Hire Foreign National
Defence Helicopter Flying School
Defense Health Program
Directorate of Human Resources
Defense HUMINT Service
difference in height
Daily Inspection
Directorate for Foreign Intelligence
Director of Intelligence
Drill Instituteuctor
Drill Instructor
Defense Intelligence Assessment
Defense Intelligence Agency/Command Support
Defense Intelligence Agency Appraisal
Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
DIA Instituteuction
DIA Instruction
DIA Intelligence Appraisal
Defense Intelligence Agency Liaison
Defense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIA Liaison Office for Japan
DIA Liaison Office
DIA Information Retrieval System
DIA Master Contingency Plan
DIA Analytical Memorandum
Defense Intelligence Air Order of Battle
DIA On-Line System
DIA Part File
DIA Regulation
DIA Tactical Program
DIA Terrorism Summary
Defense Intelligence Brief
Defense Intelligence Board
Defense Intelligence College
Directory Information Base
Defense Intelligence Commentary
Defense Intelligence Community
Difference in Condition
Depressed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
Dedicated Infantry Combat Killer
Directional Controlled Rocket-Assisted Projectile
Defense Intelligence Counterdrug Program
Data Item Description
Data Line Description
Defense In Depth
Defense Intelligence Digest
Detail Issues Depot
Deployable Intelligence Data Handling System
Digital Image Data Output Product
Defense Integrated Data System
Defense Intelligence Dissemination System
Defense-in-Depth Simulation
Defense-in-Department Simulation
Defense-In-Depth Threat
Defense Intelligence Dissemination, Storage and Retrieval System
Defense-In-Department Threat
Defense Intelligence Estimate
Defense Intelligence Facsimile
Defense Intelligence Executive Board
Deployable Imagery Exploitation Capability
Defense Intelligence Estimates Memorandum
Defense Intelligence Electronic Order of Battle
Defense Intelligence Ground Order of Battle
Digital Imagery Exploitation and Production System
Directional Frequency And Ranging
Directional Frequency Analysis and Recording System
Defense Intelligence Security Facsimile Network
Defense Intelligence Functional Manager
Defense Intelligence Facility Report
Digital Geographic Information Tailoring System
Daily Intelligence Highlights
Direct Induced High-Explosives Simulation Technique
Defense Industry Initiative
Defense Information Infrastructure
Defense Information Infrastructure Control Centers
Defense Imagery Intelligence Notice
Defense Intelligence Notice
Defense Intelligence Interoperability Panel
Digital Imagery Interactive Processing System
DIA Integrated Intelligence System
Dedicated Intelligence Loop Circuit
Do I Look Like I Give A Flying Fuck
Defense Intelligence Memorandum
Defense Intelligence Network
Diplomatic, Information, Military, and Economic
Digital Image Manipulation & Enhancement System
Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
Defense Integrated Military Human Resource System
Diver Integral Magnetic Mine Detector
Divisionr Integral Magnetic Mine Detector
Defense Intelligence Missile Order of Battle
DISA Integrated Management Support System
DSN Integrated Management Support System
Digital Intelligence Network
Desktop INterface to AUTODIN Host
Defense Intelligence Naval Order of Battle
Defense Intelligence Order of Battle
Defense Inertial Navigation System
Defense Intelligence Summary
Defence Intelligence Organisation
Defense Intelligence Officer
Defense Intelligence Plan
District Intelligence Officer
Defense Intelligence Order of Battle System
Defense Intelligence Objectives and Priorities
Defense Imagery Program
Defense Intelligence Production Conference
Defense Intelligence Production Council
Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center
Diplomatic Facilities Graphic
Diplomatic Facility
Defense Intelligence Photoreconnaissance On-Line Exploitation System
Defense Intelligence Projection for Planning
Department Industrial Plant Reserve
Defense Intelligence Production Schedule
Def Intelligence Production Study
Digital Imagery Processing System
Defense Imagery Report
Defense Intelligence Report
Defense Imagery Reference Series
Direct Infrared Countermeasures
Defense Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
Director of Intelligence
Direct Liaison Authorized
Director, National Security Agency
DIRector of the National Security Agency
Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service
Directorate Operating Instruction
Directorate Operating Instituteuction
Defense Intelligence Reference Series
Director of Space Forces
Daily Intelligence Summary
Data Integration System
Defence Intelligence Staff
Defense Intelligence Summary
Defense Industrial Security
Defense Information System
Defense Information Service
Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Information System Agency
Defense Investigative Service
Distributive Interactive Simulation
Defense Information Systems Agency-Europe
DISA Circular
Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
Defense Institutetute of Security Assistance Management
Daily Intelligence Summary Cable
Director of Information Systems Command, Control, Communications and Computers
Defense Intelligence Special Career Automated System
Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office
Deployable Intelligence Support Element
Defense Intelligence Space Exploitation and Correlation System
Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
Display and Information Distribution System/Subsystem
Defense Intelligence Strategic Missile Order of Battle
Defense Intelligence Space Order of Battle
Defense Information Systems Network
Defense Information Systems Network - Integrated
Defense Integrated Secure Network
Defense Information Services Organization
Defense Intelligence Support Office
Defense Industrial Security Program
Defense Intelligence Space Electronic Warfare Threat
Daily Indicator Status Report
Defense Indications Status Report
Digest of Intelligence and Security Services
Digital Ionospheric Sounding System
Deputy Information Systems Security Officer
Defense Information Systems Security Program
Digital Imagery Support Terminal
Directing Staff
Defense Intelligence Special Technologies Program
Defense Intelligence Secure Telephone System
Daily Intelligence Summary
Defense Intelligence Summary
Defense Intelligence Thesaurus
Digital Imagery Test Bed
Defense Information Technology Contracting Office
Defense Intelligence Threat Data System
Defense Intelligence Thesaurus Equivalency List
Defense Intelligence Technical Forum
Digital Imagery Transmission System
Defense Intelligence Terrorism Summary
Defense Intelligence Videocassette
Divisional Instruction
Divisionsional Instituteuction
Division Artillery
Divisionsion Artillery
Dead In Water
DoD Information Warfare Center
Duty Intelligence Watch Officer
Defense Indications and Warning System
Digital Imagery Workstation Suite
DOD Intelligence Warning System
Deputy Director of Intelligence
Deputy Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
Defense Joint Military Pay System
Director, Joint Staff
DJS Memorandum
Deployable Joint Task Force
DJTF Augmentation Cell
Democratic Karen Buddhist Army
Democratic Karen Benevolent Army
Deployable Ku-band Earth Terminal
Defense Knowledge Online
Destroyer Leader
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Language Aptitude Battery
Defense Logistics Agency Manual
Defense Leadership and Management Program
Dedicated Loop Encryption Device
Guided Missile Destroyer Leader
Nuclear-powered Guided Missile Destroyer Leader
Defense Language Institute
Defense Language Institutetute
Durham Light Infantry
Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center
Defense Language Institutetute, Foreign Language Center
Defence Logistics Organisation
Defense Liaison Office
Defense Language Proficiency Test
Defense Language Proficiency Tests
Defense Language Proficiency Tests
Distributed Learning System
Defense Logistics Service Center
Data Link Terminal
Daylight Television
Decompression Monitor
Destroyer Minelayer
Dissemination Manager
Illustrator Draftsman
Defense Mapping Agency
Direct Memory Access
Division of Military Aeronautics
Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
Defense Mapping Agency Combat Support Center
DMA Hydrographic and Topographic Center
Defense Mapping Agency Instruction
Defense Mapping Agency Instituteuction
Defense Mapping Agency Liaison
Deferred Maintenance and Repair
DoDIIS Management Board
Defense Mission Category
Distribution Management Center
Defense MC&G Program
Digital Message Device
Digital Message Device Group
Digital Message Entry Device
Darwin Mobile Force
DAWS Message Front End
Distinguished Military Graduate
Deputy Master-General of the Ordnance
Defense Medical Human Resources System
Department of Military Instruction
Director, Military Intelligence
Directorate of Military Intelligence
Director Military Intelligence
Director of Military Intelligence
Defense Management Journal
Division of Military and Naval Affairs
Director of Military Operations
Defensive Missile Order of Battle
Defence Media Operations Centre
Daily Maritime OPINTEL Summary
Deployment Media Production Center Project
Desired Mean Point of Impact
Defense Military Pay Office
Defense Management Reporting Decision
Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute
Data Management System
Defense Mapping School
Defense Message System
Director Medical Services
Defense Medical Support Activity
Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
Defense Meteorological Satellite Program
Defense Meterological Satellite Program
Defense Meteorological Satellite System
Director of Military Training
Digital Master Trainer Course
De-Militarized Zone
Demilitarized Zone
Data Net
Department of the Navy
difference in northings
Duplicate Negative
Defense Nuclear Agency
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Data Network Access System
DODIIS Network Access System
Died Non-Battle
Digital Nautical Chart
Director, Naval Communications