Popular Building acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alteration and Improvement
Alteration and Renovation
Administrative and Technical
Advanced Application Controller
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association
Annual Adjustment Factor
Annual Adjustment Factors
American Association of Homes & Services for the Aging
Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate
Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate
Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials
Austin Area Research Organization
American Association of Small Property Owners
Affiliated Business Arrangement
Alberta Building Code
Architecture, Building and Construction
Associated Building Contractors
Asset Based Community Development
Authorized Building Control Specialist
Authorized Building Controls Specialist
Advisory Base Flood Elevation
Association of Building Hardware Manufacturers
Austin Business Journal
Agent Building and Learning Environment
Austin Board of REALTORS
Accredited Buyer Representative
Accredited Buyer's Representative
Accredited Buyers Representative
Accredited Buyer Representative Manager
Alternative Building Solutions
Advance Construction
Area Coordinator
Asset Control Area
Asbestos Control & Abatement Division
Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors
African Capacity Building Centre
African Capacity Building Foundation
African Capacity-Building Foundation
Asbestos-Containing Building Material
Asbestos-Containing Building Materials
Asbestos Containing Building Materials
Asbestos Containing Building Material
Annual Contributions Contract
Annual Contribution Contract
Autoclave Cellular Concrete
Autoclaved Cellular Concrete
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment
Accredited Construction Details
Accredited Construction Details
American Campus Equity
Air Change Per Hour
Air Changes Per Hour
Allegheny County Housing Authority
Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights
Allied Construction Industries
Accredited Community Manager
Alternative Calculation Method
Asbestos-Containing Materials
Asbestos-containing Material
Asbestos Containing Material
Asbestos Containing Materials
Asbestos Containing Materials
American College of Mortgage Attorneys
Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy
Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods
Approved Course Provider
Alternative Compliance Paths
Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration
Ares Commercial Real Estate
Ares Commercial Real Estate's
Automated City Register Information System
American College of Trust & Estate Counsel
Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario
Austrian Construction Technology Platform
Association of College and University Housing Officers
Approved Document
Agra Development Authority
Airtight Drywall Approach
Allahabad Development Authority
Application Domain Extension
Arkansas Development Finance Authority
Abu Dhabi Housing Authority
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Arizona Department of Housing
Area Development Plan
Accredited Distressed Property Representative
Architects, Designers and Planners for Social Responsibility
Architects, Designers, and Planners for Social Responsibility
Abu Dhabi Ship Building
Accessory Dwelling Unit
Accessory Dwelling Units
Affordable Dwelling Unit
Accessory Dwelling Units
Architect and Engineering
Awareness & Education
Association for Energy Affordability
Anti-Eviction Campaign
Architectural & Engineering Design
Anacostia Economic Development Corporation
Advanced Energy Design Guides
Advanced Energy Design Guide
Advanced Energy Design Guides
Austin Energy Green Building
All-Electric Kitchen
Accredited Estate Planner
Alternative Enforcement Program
Alliance for Environmental Sustainability
Applied Engineering Solutions
Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
Al-Futtaim Group Real Estate
Assessment of Fair Housing
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing
Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan
Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act
Airport Fire and Rescue Services
American Guild of Appraisers
Affordable Housing Alliance
Affordable Housing Finance
Affordable Housing Associates
Atlanta Housing Authority
Aurora Housing Authority
Annual Homelessness Assessment Report
Arkansas Home Builders Association
Affordable Housing Corporation
Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
Affordable Housing Institute
Affordable Housing Investors Council
Assisted Housing Manager
Automated Housing Referral Network
Accredited Home-Staging Specialist
Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition
Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Air Handling Units
At Home With Diversity
Analysis of Impediments
Appraisal Institute
Autodesk Industry Advisory Board
Asbestos Insulating Board
American Institute of Building Designers
Appraisal Institute of Canada
Association of Irish Energy Agencies
American Institute of Inspectors
Asset Information Model
Association of Industrial Real Estate
Adjusted Internal Rate of Return
American Insurance Union
Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre
Aga Khan Planning and Building Services
Aga Khan Planning and Building Service
Alabama Listings
Accredited Land Consultant
All-weather Lifeboat Centre
Automated Logic Corporation
Assisted-Living Conversion Program
Accredited Luxury Home Specialist
Agricultural Lands Tribunal
Appraisal Management Companies
Appraisal Management Company
Appraisal Management Companies
Area Median Family Income
Area Median Gross Income
Annual Median Income
Area Median Income
Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority
Area Medium Income
Auction Marketing Institute
Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy
Abuja Metropolitan Management Council
Accredited Management Organization
Accelerated Marketing Program
Applied Measurement Professionals
Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
Ancient Monuments Society
Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development
Apartment and Office Building Association
Award Of Contract
Above Ordnance Datum
Accredited Professionals
Accredited Professional
Asset Protection
Antwerp Port Authority
Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing
Appraisal Practices Board
Alameda Point Collaborative
Association of Professional Energy Consultants
Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance
Assetz Property Group
Andhra Pradesh Housing Board
Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Housing and Urban Development
Assessing the Potential of Plastics Recycling in the Construction and Demolition Activities
Active Partners Performance System
Asian Public Real Estate Association
Asia Pacific Real Estate Association
Accredited Professionals
Alameda Padre Serra
Association of Planning Supervisors
Association for Preservation Technology
Accident Potential Zones
Additional Quantity
Appraisal Qualifications Board
Appraiser Qualifications Board
Allied Representative
Avalonimobi Realtynational
Accredited Rural Appraiser
American Realty Capital
Asian Resource Center
Alberta Roofing Contractors Association
Austin Resource Center for the Homeless
American Realty Capital Trust
Assistant Resident Director
Academy of Real Estate
Alexandria Real Estate
Applied Real Estate Analysis
Asian Real Estate Association of America
Association of Real Estate License Law Officials
Association of Real Estate Women
Accredited Residential Manager
Accredited Resident Manager
Association of Residential Managing Agents
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute
Alliance for Sustainable Building Products
Administrative Services Center
Available Safe Egress Time
Assignable Square Feet
Association of Specialist Fire Protection
American Seniors Housing Association
American Senior Housing Association
American Society of Home Inspectors
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Engineers
American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Accredited Staging Professional
Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre
Accredited Seller Representative
Amsterdam School of Real Estate
American Society of Real Estate Counselors
Advisory Service for Squatters
Apparent Sound Transmission Class
Associated Students of the University of Puget Sound
Architectural & Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Applied Technology Council
Building Code
Building Environmental Science and Technology
Building Environmental Science & Technology
Building to Grid
Budget Amount
Building Automation
Building and Construction Improvement Programme
Building automation and control systems
Building Automation and Control System
Building Analysis Datasets and Gathering Experience Returns for Security
Bay Area Economics
Builders Association of Greater Boston
Base Allowance for Housing
Building as Learning Aid
Business and Labor Coalition of New York
Building Area Network
Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything
Building Automation Products, Inc
Building Air Quality
Bay Area Real Estate Information Services
Benefit Auction Specialist
Builder Application Survey
Building Automation System
Building Automation Systems
Building Automated System
British Automatic Sprinkler Association
Building Assessment Survey and Evaluation
Builders Association of South Florida
Building a True
Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council
Big Blue
Building Block
Better Buildings Alliance
British Board of Agrément
British Board of Agr
Better Buildings Challenge
Better Buildings Initiative
Bureau of Building Inspection
Basic Business License
Building Better Opportunities
Better Buildings Partnership
Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation
Building a Better Response
Belgian Building Research Institute
Belgian Building Research Institutetute
Board of Building Regulations and Standards
Borough Council
Building Code
Building Construction
Building Controller
Buildings Corporation
Building & Construction Authority
Building and Construction Authority
Building and Construction Authority's
Building Construction Authority
Building Codes Assistance Project
Building Control Body
British Columbia Building Code
British Columbia Building Envelope Council
Birmingham City Council
Boston Community Capital
Bulgarian Construction Chamber
Burlington County Community Action Program
Building Code Compliance Office
Beirut Central District
Building Codes Division
Bases Conversion Development Authority
Brick City Development Corporation
Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule
British Construction Industry Award
British Construction Industry Awards
Building Code Identification Number
Building Code Information System
Building Cost Information Service
Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation
Building Construction Industry Training Organisation
Building Center of Japan
Building Component Library
Business Corporation Law
Building Component Manufacturers Conference
Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks
Building Cisco Multilayer Switching Networks
British Council for Offices
British Council of Offices
Building Control Officer
Building Communities of Trust
Belgian Construction Quality Society
Building Cisco Remote Access Networks
Building Cisco Remote Access Network
Building Control System
Building Control Systems
Building Contractors Society
British Council for School Environments
Building Component Safety Information
Building and Construction Technology
Building Construction Technology
Building and Construction Trades Council
Building & Construction Trades Department
Building and Construction Trades Department
Bus Coupling Unit
Building Controls Virtual Test Bed
Brentwood Catholic Youth Service
Building Department
Buildings Department
Building Design
Building Distributor
Building Distribution Frame
Building Design & Construction
Building Design and Construction
Bangalore Development Authority
Bareilly Development Authority
Bhopal Development Authority
Bhubaneswar Development Authority
Bi-Directional Amplifier
Bi-Directional Amplifiers
Building Design and Construction Systems
Builders Digital Experience
Built Environment
Building Environmental Assessment Method
Building Energy Assessment Professional
Building Education and Research
Building Emergency Coordinator
Building Enclosure Council
Building Energy Codes
Building Envelope Contractors
Building Envelope Council Ottawa Region
Building Energy Codes Program
Building Energy Data Exchange Specification
Brownfield Economic Development Initiative
Brownfields Economic Development Initiative
Building Energy Efficiency Certificate
Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability
Building for Economic and Environmental Sustainability
Building Energy Efficiency Through Innovative Thermodevices
Building Educated Leaders for Life
Building & Energy Management
Building Energy Management
Building Energy Modeling
Building Energy Model
Building Energy Rating
Building Energy Ratings
Building Energy Modeling Professional
Business Energy Professional
Building Energy Management System
Building Energy Management Systems
Building Emergency Plan
Building energy performance standards
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
Building Emission Rate
Building the Education Revolution
Building Excellent Schools
Building Educational Success Together
Building Enclosure Science & Technology
Building Engineering Services Training
Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council
Building Environment and Thermal Envelope Council
Build Fabric
Building Functions
Bahrain Financial Harbour
Benefit Fraud Inspectorate
Bona Fide Purchaser
Building and Fire Research Laboratory
British Gypsum
Bachelor Housing
Boston Housing Authority
Bristol Housing Action Movement
Bedroom Hall and Kitchen
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
Building & Housing Research Center
Building and Housing Research Center
Brighton Housing Trust
Building Integrity
Background Image Advertising
Blow In Blanket Contractors Association
Building Information Card
Board on Infrastructure and the Constructed Environment
Building Industry Consulting Service International
Building Industry Consulting Services International
Building Industries Consulting Service International
Bioinformatics Institute
Bioinformatics Institutetute
Building Information Modeling
Building Information Modelling
Building Information Model
Building Information Models
Building Information Management
Building Infomation Modeling
Building Integrated Modeling
Building Information Models
Building Information System
Buildings Information System
Building Identification Number
Building Industry Reporting and Design for Sustainability
Building Integration System
British Iron and Steel Federation
Building Integrated Timing Source
Boston Landmarks Commission
Building Life-Cycle Cost
Building Life Cycle Cost
Building Local Exchange Carrier
Building Learning Power
Building and Land Technology
Building Management
Building Manager
British Marine Aggregate Producers Association
Building Materials and Construction
Builders Merchants Federation
Builders Merchant Federation
Below Market Interest Rate
Below Market Rate
Building Maintenance and Operations
Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Building Management Systems
Building Management System
Building Management Services
Building Monitoring System
Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council
Building Materials & Technology Promotion Council
Building Maintenance Unit
Bangladesh National Building Code
Building Neighborhood Capacity Program
Breaking New Ground
Board of Appeals
Building Operator Certification
Building Operators Certification
Building Operations Center
Building Officials Code Administrators
Building Officials and Code Administrators
Building Officials & Code Administrators
Building Officials and Code Administration
Building Officials Code Administration
Basis of Design
Building Owners Management Association
Building Owners and Management Association
Building Owner and Managers Association
Bachelor Officer's Quarters
Bill of Quantities
Bill of Quantity
Building Opportunities For Self Sufficiency
Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency
Back Of The Envelope
Broker Opinion of Value
Billing Pipe
Building Performance Analysis
Building Performance Assessment Team
British Plaster Board
Battery Park City
Building Partnership Capacity
Battery Park City Authority
Buildings Performance Database
Building Performance Evaluation
British Property Federation
Building Performance Institute
Building Performance Institute Europe
Buildings Performance Institute Europe
Boston Public Library
Building Preservation Notice
Broker's Price Opinion
Broker Price Opinion
Broker Price Opinions
Broker Price Opinion Resource
Broker Price Opinions
Building Performance Simulation
Bletchley Park Science and Innovation Centre
Bill Of Quantities
Bills of Quantities
Bidder Registration
Bonus Rm
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Building Research Advisory Board
Building Regulations Advisory Committee
Building Resource Adaptive Software Systems
Building Resources Adaptive Software Systems
Biomedical Research Building
Buckling-Restrained Brace
Buckling Restrained Brace
Buckling Restrained Braced Frame
Bowery Residents Committee
Building Research Council
British Research Establishment
Building Research Establishment
Bureau of Real Estate
Bahamas Real Estate Association
British Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method
Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method
Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology
Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method
Building-Related Illness
Building Related Illness
Building Research Institute
Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services
Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections
Building Resources in Democracy Governance and Elections
Building Research Information Knowledgebase
Building Restriction Line
Building and Road Research Institute
Before School
Building Science
Building Services
Board of Standards and Appeals
Building Services Authority
Behavioural Sciences Building
Berkeley Student Cooperative
Building Standards and Codes
Building Systems Commissioning
Building Systems Design
Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
Building Scalable Cisco Internetwork
Building Scalable Cisco Networks
Building Standards Division
Building Services Engineering
Building Services and Environmental Engineer
Building Services & Environmental Engineer
Building Schools for the Future
Building Strong Families
Boon Siew Group
Bihar State Housing Board
Building Stone Institute
Building Security In Maturity Model
Build Security In Maturity Model
Binational Softwood Lumber Council
Building Safety Month
Building Standards Register
Biomedical Science Research Building
Building Safety Solutions
Building Staff Solutions
Building Seismic Safety Council
Britannia Staff Union
Basic Services to the Urban Poor
Building Technologies
Building Technology
Buildings Technology Center
Building Technology Engineers
Building Technologies Office
Before Tax Cash Flow
Building Technologies Program
Building Technologies Research and Integration Center
Bonus To Selling Agent
Built-Up Area
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development
Boston University Model United Nations Association
Boston University Shuttle
Buildings of the United States
Buena Vista
Building Virtual Worlds
Cement and Concrete Institute
Cushman & Wakefield
Coalition for Adequate School Housing
Community Advisor
Community Assistant
Certified Active Adult Specialist in Housing
Community Activities Building
Council for Aluminium in Building
Commission for Architecture & the Built Environment
California Association of Building Energy Consultants
Cleveland Area Board of Realtors
China Academy of Building Research
California Administrative Code
Central Advisory Council
Cash Available for Distribution
Capitol Area Development Authority
Chilliwack and District Real Estate Board
Computer-aided facility management
Computer Aided Facilities Management
Computer Aided Facility Management
Computer Assisted Facilities Management
Certified Appraisers Guild of America
Canadian Association of Home Inspectors
Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors
Certified Auctioneers Institute
Certified Auctioneer Institute
Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System
Common Area Management
California Association of Mortgage Brokers
Code Application Notices
Community Action Organization
Canadian Apartment Properties
Client Appreciation Program
County Action Program
Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report
Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
Certified Apartment Property Supervisor
Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor
Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety
Colorado Association of Realtors
Central Access Routing
Certificate Authorizing Registration
Calhoun Area Residents Action Group
Conservation Accreditation Register for Engineers
Community Assessment of Renewable Energy and Sustainability
Council for Affordable and Rural Housing
California Association of Rehabilitation & Reemployment Professionals
Certified Apartment Supplier
Community Advisors
Community Assistants
Community Action for Safe Apartments
Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency
Council of American Structural Engineers
Coalition for Adequate School Housing
Certified Access Specialist Institute
Centre for Alternative Technology
Community Alliance of Tenants
Community Affairs Unit
Constant Air Volume
Common Arrangement of Work Sections
Combustion Appliance Zone
Capacity Building
Capacity Building Assistance
Controlled Business Arrangement
California Building Code
Cantonment Board Clifton
Capacity Building Committee
Certified Building Commissioning Professional
Certified Building Commissioning Professionals
Central Business District
Central Business Districts
Commercial Business District
Commercial Building Disclosure
Center for the Built Environment
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry
Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey
Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey
Consortium for Building Energy Innovation
Capacity Building Grants
Capacity Building Program
Cheltenham Borough Homes
Commercial Building Initiative
Community Building Initiative
Commercial Building Incentive Program
Choice Based Lettings
Confidence-Building Measures
Confidence Building Measures
Confidence-Building Measures
Confidence Building Measures
Capacity Building Network
Chief Business Officer
California Building Performance Contractors Association
Capacity Building for Results
Certified Buyers Representative
Certified Buyer Representative
Certified Buyer Representation
Central Building Research Institute
California Building Standards Commission
Certified Building Service Executive
Certificate of Correction
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
Core Capacity Assessment Tool
Center for Capacity Building
Construction Criteria Base
Climate Change Business Forum
Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes
Coastal Construction Control Line
Center City District
Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities
Chicago Center for Green Technology
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
City and County of Honolulu
Closet Connector Housing
Closet Connector Housings
Cardiff Community Housing Association
Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings
Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Certified Commercial Investment Member
Certified Commercial Investment Members
Certified Commercial-Investment Member
Comprehensive Community Initiatives
Coastal Construction Manual
Canadian Construction Materials Centre
Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Central Control and Monitoring System
Certified Commissioning Professional
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Core Central Region
Coalition of Commercial Real Estate Associations
California Coalition for Rural Housing
Condominium Certificate of Title
Chennai City Traffic Police
Closing Disclosure
Community Development
Capital Development Authority
Cuttack Development Authority
Community Development Agency
Community Development Assistant
Community Development Centre
Community Development Center
Community Development Advisory Committee
Comprehensive Development Areas
Community Development Block Grant
Community Development Block Grants
Community Development Block Grants
Chief Division Counsel
Community Development Corporation
Community Development Corporations
Community Development Corporations
Certified Distance Education Instructor
Community Development Finance Authority
City Developments Ltd
Certified Distressed Property Expert
Community Development Trust
Civil Engineering
Crown Estate
Certified Energy Analyst
Commercial Energy Assessors
Construction Excellence Awards
Council for Estate Agencies
Corban Estate Arts Centre
Clean Energy Building
Compressed Earth Block
California Electrical Code
Community Environmental Center
Committee for the European Construction Equipment
Community and Economic Development Agency
Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation
Civil Engineering and Development Department
Center for Energy and Environment
Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund
Community Empowerment Fund
Construction Employers Federation
Council of Education Facility Planners International
Certified Environmental Inspector
Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing
Certified Elder Law Attorney
College of Estate Management
Certified Energy Managers
Code Enforcement Officials
Code Enforcement Officer
Central Energy Plant
Certified Estate Planner
City Environmental Quality Review
Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation
Civil Engineering Research Foundation
Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator
Certified Estate Specialist
Certified Finance Specialist
Coordinated Entry System
Comprehensive Employment Training Act
Commercial End Use Survey
Commercial End-Use Survey
Common Facilities
Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations
College of Fine Arts and Design
Cash Flow After Taxes
California Fire Code
Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner
Capital Fund Finance Program
Capital Fund Financing Program
Capital Fund Program
Computerized Facility Integration
Council on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
Centre for Facilities Management
Construction & Facilities Management
Certified Graduate Builder
Certified Green Builder
Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organisation
Company Grade Officer
Certified Green Professional
Credential for Green Property Management
Cat Hill
Charlotte Housing Authority
Chicago Housing Authority
Chicago Housing Authority's
Center for Housing and New Community Economics
Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy
Certified Hotel Broker
Chandigarh Housing Board
California Historical Building Code
Certified Housing Counselor
Community Housing Cymru
Community Housing Development Corporation
Community Housing Development Organization
Community Housing Development Organizations
Community Housing Development Organizations
Cooperative Housing Foundation
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Certified Home Inspector
Chicago Housing Initiative
Connecticut Housing Investment Fund
Community Housing Improvement Program
Community Home Lenders Association
Committee on Housing and Land Management
Community Housing Network
Condominium Home Owners Association
Community Housing Partnership
Citizens Housing and Planning Council
Citizens Housing & Planning Council
California High Performance Schools
Collaborative for High Performance Schools
Collaborative for High Performing Schools
Collaborative High Performance Schools
Commission on Human Relations
Capitol Hill Seattle
Congregate Housing Services Program
Containerized Housing Unit
Certification Institute
Coded Information
Commercial Interiors
Construction Institute
Construction Industry Advisory Council
Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines
Committee on Indoor Air Quality
Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager
Council-certified Indoor Air Quality Manager
Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional
Coalition to Insure Against Terrorism
Candidate Information Brochure
Computer Integrated Building
Conseil International du Bâtiment
Chartered Institution of Building Services
Charted Institute of Building Services Engineers
Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers
Chartered Institutetute of Building Services Engineers
Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers
Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers
Community Investment Corporation
Construction Industry Council
Construction Industries Division
Construction Industry Federation
Commercial Investment Division
Comprehensive Interior Design
Civil Engineering
Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings
Chartered Institute of Housing
Cambridge International Land Institute
Canadian Institute of Mortgage Brokers and Lenders
Construction Industry Master Plan
Cleaning Industry Management Standard
Chartered Institute of Building
Chartered Institute of Builders
Community Investment Programme
Certified International Property Specialists
Credit Interpretation Ruling
Credit Interpretation Requests
Construction Industry Research Board
Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Brokers
Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute
Construction Industry Register Ireland
Center for Interactive Research on Sustainability
Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability
Cadastral Information System
Construction Information Technology Alliance
Construction Industry Trading Electronically
Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme
Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Charitable Lead Trust
Canada Lands Company
Construction Leadership Council
Communities and Local Government
Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist
Certified Leasing Officer
Community League of the Heights
Central Library Plan
Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
Common Level Ratio
Commercial Listing Service
Community Land Trust
Community Land Trusts
Cross-Laminated Timber
Cross Laminated Timber
Cooling Load Temperature Difference
Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Comparative Market Analysis
Competitive Market Analysis
Current Market Analysis
Canada Mortgage Bonds
Canada Mortgage Bond
Commercial Mortgage Backed Security
Commercial mortgage-backed security
California Mechanical Code
Certified Mortgage Consultant
Creative Media Centre
Central Massachusetts Housing Alliance
Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp
Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's
Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Certified Master Inspectors
Certified Master Inspector
Central Milton Keynes
Council of Mortgage Lenders
Council of Multiple Listing Services
Capital Master Plan
Carbon Management Plan
Certified Marketing Professional
Community Mortgage Program
Credentialing Maintenance Program
Credential Maintenance Program
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
Convention Management Resources
Custom Model Railroads
Commercial Mortgage Securities Association
Certified Measurement & Verification Professional
Construction News
Capital Needs Assessments
Capital Needs Assessment
Capital Needs Assessments
Certificate of Non-Availability
Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers
Certified Negotiation Expert
Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development
Certified New Home Specialist
Commander Navy Installations Command
Certified Neighborhood Specialist
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Congress for New Urbanism
Congress for the New Urbanism
Certificate of Occupancy
Certificate of Acceptance
Certificate of Appropriateness
Council on Affordable Housing
Church Office Building
Corporate Office Building
Cash on Cash
City of Chicago
Continuum of Care
Cash on Cash Return
Community Organizations Development Institute
Company Operations Facility
Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio
Center on Housing Rights and Evictions
Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions
Center of Influence
Community Outreach Partnership Centers
Community Outreach Partnership Center
Certified Occupancy Specialist
Council on the Environment
Cleveland Park
Commercial Property
City of Palo Alto
Community Partners for Affordable Housing
California Plumbing Code
Community Preservation Corporation
Community Preservation Committee
Construction Productivity and Capability Fund
Certified in Plumbing Design
Community Planning and Development
Crime Prevention Design Advisor
Community Preservation and Development Corporation
Census of Population and Housing
Certified Passive House Consultant
Certified Professional Inspector
Construction Project Information Committee
Construction Put in Place
Chicanos Por La Causa
Certified Property Manager
Certified Property Managers
College of People Management and Development
Commissioning Process Management Professional
Central Park North
Compulsory Purchase Order
Construction Products Regulations
Construction Product Regulations
Construction Product Regulation
Central Park South
Central Park West
City Protocol Society
Competent Person Scheme
Competent Person Schemes
Competent Persons Scheme
Central Public Works Department
County Road
Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
Certified Residential Broker
Center for Resourceful Building Technology
California Residential Code
Center for Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate
Corporate Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate Women
Community Resource Exchange
Counselor of Real Estate
Counselors of Real Estate
Certified Real Estate Appraiser
Chennai Real Estate Agents Association
Calgary Real Estate Board
Continental Real Estate Companies
Commercial Real Estate Finance
California Real Estate Inspectors Association
Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust
Corporate Real Estate Management
Christian Real Estate Network
China Renewable Energy Society
Colorado Renewable Energy Society
Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Review
Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies
Commercial Real Estate for Women
Community Resource Group
Chartered Realty Investor
California Regional Multiple Listing Service
Chief Resilience Officer
Central Referral System
Certified Residential Specialist
Council Of Residential Specialists
Certified Residential Underwriter
Cleveland Restoration Society
Charitable Remainder Trust
Charitable Remainder Trusts
Commercial Rent Tax
Community Revitalization Training Center
Current Replacement Value
Chartered Surveyor
Core and Shell
Commissioning Specialists Association
Community Shelter Board
Certified Sustainable Building Advisor
Confidence and Security Building Measures
Confidence and Security-Building Measures
Confidence and Security Building Measure
Confidence and Security Building Measures
Confidence and security-building measures
Center for Sustainable Building Research
Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust
Customer Service Centre
China State Construction Engineering Corporation
China State Construction Engineer Company
Client Services Division
Community Services Division
Certified Sustainable Development Professional
Center for Sustainable Energy
Centre for Sustainable Energy
Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks
Corporate Services Group
Code for Sustainable Homes
Community Service Hour
Certified Senior Housing Professional
Center for Science and Innovation
Center for Social Innovation
Construction Specifiers Institute
Center for Sustainable Landscapes
Concrete Society of Malaysia
California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program
California Strong-Motion Instrumentation Program
Construction Skills Network
Common Securitization Platform
Certified Senior Specialist
Community and Supportive Services
Community Services Team
Credit Shelter Trust
Chartered Surveyors Training Trust
Client Transaction
Clock Tower
Community Tool Box
Council Tax Benefit
Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
Center for Transit-Oriented Development
Capital Transfer Tax
Chapter Technology Transfer Committee
Collateral Underwriter
Compton Union Building
Center for Urban Community Services
Community-University Institute for Social Research
Center for Urban Policy Research
Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering
Center for Urban and Regional Studies
Construction Users Round Table
Cornell University Sustainable Design
Determinations & Findings
Department of Energy
Danish Automobile Building
Downpayment Assistance Loan Program
Design Approval Primary Inspection Agency
Domestic Asset Protection Trust
Directory Agents
Distributed Antenna System
Distributed Antenna Systems
Distributed Antennae System
District Alliance for Safe Housing
Distressed Asset Stabilization Program
David Baker Architects
Department of Building and Housing
Department of Building Inspection
Digital Building Laboratory
Design, Build, Operate
Design Build Operate
Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Division of Building Research
Department of Building and Safety
Dow Building Solutions
Design, Build and Sell Scheme
Department of Commerce
District Council
Delaware Contractors Association
Department of Community Affairs
Division of Capital Asset Management
Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
Dublin City Council
Dunedin City Council
Department of City Development
Department of Community Development
Division of Code Enforcement and Administration
District of Columbia Housing Authority
Development Cost Levy
Department for Communities and Local Government
Department for Communities & Local Government
Department of Communities and Local Government
Department of Culture Media and Sport
Department of City Planning
Development Control Plan
Debt Coverage Ratio
Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility
Demand Control Ventilation
Demand Controlled Ventilation
Delhi Development Authority
Difficult Development Areas
Difficult Development Areas
Department of Design and Construction
Department of Design & Construction
Direct Digital Control
Direct Digital Controller
Direct Digital Controls
Data Distribution Facility
Dubai Development & Investment Authority
District Department of the Environment
Data Design System
Defence Estates
Design Earthquake
Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure
Domestic Energy Assessors
Departmental Enforcement Center
Display Energy Certificate
Display Energy Certificates
Display Energy Certificates
Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Davis Energy Group
District Energy System
Downtown Emergency Service Center
Design for Aging
Development Finance Corporation
Design for Disassembly
Design Flood Elevation
Department of Fair Employment and Housing
Department of Fair Employment & Housing
Disabled Facilities Grants
Defence Fire Risk Management Organisation
Delhi Fire Service
Dutch Green Building Council
Directorate General Defence Estates
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen
Department of General Services
Dallas Housing Authority
Defence Housing Authority
Denver Housing Authority
Disaster Housing Assistance Program
Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Department of Housing and Community Development
Department of Housing & Community Development
Division of Housing and Community Renewal
Defence Housing Executive
Department of Human Settlements
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Development Infrastructure
Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Dubai Investment Park
Derived Investment Value
Daily Journal of Commerce
Detroit Land Bank Authority
Delhi Land and Finance
Defects Liability Period
Davis Langdon & Seah
DuPage Library System
Deferred Maintenance
Department of Municipal Affairs
Development Management Associates
Digital Media City
Dead Mans Hand
Digital Map Products
Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development
Design Management Services
Determination of Non-Significance
Deny Outward
Dominions Office
Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
Department of Buildings
Doctors Office Building
Department of Energy and Environment
Department of Housing
Division of Housing
Department of Local Affairs
Days on Market
Department of Residence
Department of Sanitation
Dept of State
Daily Plan
Development Plan
Down Payment
Durable Power of Attorney
Department of Planning and Development
Department of Planning and Land Use
Durable Power Of Attorney
Design Quality Indicator
Department of Real Estate
Distinguished Real Estate Instructor
Dubai Real Estate Institute
Disability Rent Increase Exemption
Dictionary of Scottish Architects
Dubai Sports City
Department for Social Development
Delaware State Housing Authority
Delhi State Industrial Development Corporation
Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Energy
Digital Surface Model
Dynamic Simulation Modelling
Door and Shutter Manufacturers Association
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
Dirksen Senate Office Building
Deferred Sales Trust
European Construction Research Network
Energy & Atmosphere
Energy and Atmosphere
Energy Assessment
Emergency Assembly Area
Estate Agents Authority
Estate Agency Affairs Board
Economic Assistance Coordinating Council
Electronic Appraisal Delivery
Employer Assisted Housing
Earth Advantage Institute
Earned Assets Resource Network
Environmental Assessment Statement
Education Building
Existing Building
Existing Buildings
Exterior Building
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
European Builders Confederation
Existing Building Commissioning Professional
East Bay Housing Organizations
Enterprise Building Integrator
Enterprise Buildings Integrator
Eastern Building Material Dealers Association
Environmental Building News
Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors
Environmentally Critical Areas
Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure
Energy Cost Budget
Environmental Control Board
Evaluation Capacity Building
Energy Conservation Building Codes
Energy Conservation Building Code
Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation
Environmental Council of Concrete Organizations
European Council for Construction Research, Development and Innovation
European City Estates
European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Environment and Conservation Fund
Energy Cost Index
Energy Conservation and Management Division
Energy Conservation Measures
Energy Conservation Office
Energy Conservation Opportunities
Environmental Council of Sacramento
Enterprise Community Partners
Energy Conservation and Production Act
Episcopal Community Services
European Construction Technology Platform
Earthquake Damage Analysis Center
Empty Dwelling Management Orders
Energy Design Resources
Environmental Data Resources
Environmental Design Solutions Limited
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency Plan
Energy Efficient Buildings
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Energy & Environmental Building Alliance
Energy Efficiency Commitment
Energy Efficient Codes Coalition
Energy Efficiency Directive
Energy Efficiency Deployment Office
Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard
Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group
Earthquake Engineering Field Investigation Team
Energy Efficient Mortgage
Energy Efficiency Measures
Energy Efficiency Measures
Enterprise Energy Management System
Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Experience Exchange Report
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
Energy Efficiency Standards
Energy Efficiency Standardization Coordination Collaborative
Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing
European Federation of Building Societies
Enterprise Facilities Management
Emerging Green Builders
Effective Gross Income
Estates Gazette Law Reports
European Group of Official Laboratories for Fire
Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt
English Heritage
Experimental Housing Allowance Program
English House Condition Survey
English Housing Condition Survey
English Housing Survey
Emergency Homeowners Loan Program
Emergency Homeowner Loan Program
Educational Housing Services
Exhibitors Housing Services
Environmental Index
Escrow Institute of California
Earned Income Disregard
Earned Income Disallowance
Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems
Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems
Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems
Energy Improvement Mortgage
Energy Improvement Mortgages
Ethnic Integration Policy
Energy Information System
Energy Information Systems
Enterprise Income Verification
Equivalent Lateral Force
Earnest Money
Emergency Management Council
Energy Management Control Systems
Energy Management and Control System
Energy Management Control System
Energy Management and Control Systems
Energy Monitoring and Control System
Earnest money Deposit
Energy Management Software
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
European Network of Building Research Institutes
European Network of Building Research Institutetutes
European Network of Housing Research
East New York
Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development
Education and Outreach Initiative
Equity Office Properties
Engineer of Record
European Organisation for Technical Assessment
English Partnerships
East Palo Alto
Energy Performance of Buildings
Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
Energy Performance of Building Directive
Energy Performance Certificates
Energy Performance Certificate
Energy Performance Contracting
Energy Performance Certification
Energy Performance Contracts
Energy Performance Contracts
Energy Performance Certificates
Environmental Product Declaration
Environmental Product Declarations
Environmental Product Declarations
Earthquake Performance Evaluation Tool
Earthquake Performance Evaluation Tool Online
Estates Project Force
Energy Performance Index
Energy Performance Indicator
Estates and Protected Individuals Code
Estate Planning Law Specialist
Energy Panel Structures
Energy Performance Score
Estates, Powers and Trusts Law
Equipment Room
Emergency Rental Assistance Program
Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse
Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
European Real Estate Network
European Real Estate Society
Economic Redevelopment and Growth
Episcopal Retirement Homes
Energy Rating Index
Emergency Repair Program
Energy Reduction Plan
Environmental Review Record
EnerGuide Rating System
Energy Recovery Unit
Energy Recovery Ventilation
Estimated Rental Value
Energy Recovery Ventilators
Engineering Services
Efficiency Services Agreement
Energy Service Agreement
Earth Sciences Building
Empire State Building
Energy Services Coalition
Environmentally Sustainable Development
Environmentally Sustainable Design
Empire State Development Corporation
Emergency Shelter Grants
Emergency Shelter Grant
Emergency Solutions Grant
Emergency Solutions Grants
Emergency Solution Grant
Emergency Shelter Grant Program
Energy Saving Initiative in the Building
Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness
Enterprise Social Investment Corporation
Energy Savings Improvement Program
Energy Systems Laboratory
Emergency Shelter Program
Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre
Empire State Realty Trust
Energy Systems Research Unit
Energy Saving Trust
Energy Technologies Area
European Technical Approvals
Engineering Teaching Center
External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems
External Thermal Insulation Composite System
Electronics Training Program
Ethical Tea Partnership
Emergency Tenant Protection Act
Engineered Tax Services
Engineering Tool Software
Environmental Upgrade Agreement
Environmental Upgrade Agreements
Finance Agency
Fine Arts Building
Florida Association of Building Inspectors
Faith Action for Community Equity
Forced Air Gas
Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises
Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota
Facility Asset Management System
Floor to Area Ratio
Financial Asset Securitization Investment Trust
Florida Building Code
Florida Building Commission
Foundation for the Built Environment
Federal Buildings Initiative
Florida Building Materials Association
Foreign Building Operations
Foreign Buildings Operations
Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act
Facility Condition Assessment
Facility Condition Assessments
Facility Condition Assessments
Federal Capital City
Fire Command Center
Federal Capital Development Authority
Foundation for Community Empowerment
Facilities Condition Index
Facility Condition Index
Florida Community Loan Fund
Forest City Ratner Companies
Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics
Fairfax County Rental Program
Federal Capital Territory Administration
Faisalabad Development Authority
Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Fault Detection and Diagnostics
Fire Door Inspection Scheme
Financial Data Schedule
Facility Engineering Associates
Facility Energy Decision System
Fair Employment and Housing Act
Fair Employment Housing Act
Fair Employment & Housing Act
Fair Employment and Housing Commission
Federal Emergency Management Assistance
Federal Energy Management Program
Federal Energy Management Programs
Federal Energy Management Program's
Family Eviction Prevention Supplement
Foreign Exchange Transaction
Federal Facilities Council
Federal Fair Housing Act
Funds From Operations
Florida Green Building Coalition
Family Housing
Fair Housing Act
Fair Housing Administration
Federal Housing Administration
Federal Housing Administration's
Fair Housing Amendments Act
Fair Housing Assistance Program
Fair Housing Council of Oregon
Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse
Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity
Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Federal Housing Finance Authority
Federal Housing and Finance Agency
Federal Housing Finance Agency's
Federal Housing Finance Administration
Fair Housing Initiatives Program
Fair Housing Organizations Initiative
Federal Home Loan Bank
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis
Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
Federal Home Loan Bank System
Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
Fellowship for Intentional Community
Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration
Facilities Information Management System
Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act
Florida Land
Family Limited Liability Companies
Family Limited Partnership
Family Limited Partnerships
Family Limited Partnerships
Fire and Life Safety
Foreign Language Student Residence
Facilities Manager
Facilities Management
Facility Management
Facility Manager
Facility Managers
Facilities Management Administrator
Facility Management Administrator
Facilities Management Division
Facilities Management Association of New Zealand
Federation of Master Builders
Facilities Management Certificate
Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority
Facilities Management Institute
Facility Management Institute
Facilities Management Information System
Facility Management Information Systems
Facility Management Information System
Facility Management Systems
Facility Management Journal
First Multiple Listing Service
Facility Maintenance and Operations Committee
Fair Market Rent
Fair Market Rents
Fair Market Rents
Financial Management Rate of Return
Facilities Management Unit
Facility Management Unit
Facility Management Units
Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions
Facilities Office
Faculty Office Building
Federal Office Building
Financial Opportunity Center
Friends of Rock Creek Environment
Finding Of Suitability to Transfer
Facility Performance Evaluation
Federal Public Housing Authority
Facilities Performance Indicators
Fire Protection Plan
Friction Pendulum System
For Real
Fire Risk Assessment
Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board
Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Federal Realty Investment Trust
Fiberglass Reinforced Panels
Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario
Federal Real Property Profile
Fire Research Station
Fire Safety
For Sale By Owner
For Sale By Owners
For Sale by Owners
Fire Safety Director
Florida Solar Energy Center
Fire Sector Federation
Floor Space Ratio
Family Self-Sufficiency
Family Self Sufficiency
Feminist Studio Workshop
First Time Home Buyer
Fiber To The Building
Fibre To The Building
Fiber To The Zone
Family Unification Program
Federal Utility Partnership Working Group
Families United for Racial & Economic Equality
Fraser Valley Real Estate Board
General Post Office
Green Advantage
Green Associate
General Accredited Appraiser
General Academic Building
Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Georgia Association of Home Inspectors
Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance
Green Building
Georgia Building Authority
Green Building Alliance
Green Building Council
Green Business Centre
Green Building Certification Institute
Green Building Institute
Green Building Council of South Africa
Green Building Engineer
Green Building Initiative
Green Building Index
Green Building Studio
Green Building Information Gateway
Global Buildings Performance Network
Green Building Research Center
Green Building Resource Center
Green Building Research Institute
General Contracting
Greater Capital Area Association of REALTORS
General Classroom Building
Good Class Bungalows
Grant Deed
Gorakhpur Development Authority
Gwadar Development Authority
Gwalior Development Authority
Ginsburg Development Companies
General Development Order
Gross Debt Service Ratio
Gross Development Value
Gross External Area
Growing Equity Mortgage
Global Environmental Options
Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum
Green Guide for Health Care
Green Globes Professional
Good Homes Alliance
Gujarat Housing Board
Georgia Housing and Finance Authority
Green and Healthy Homes Initiative
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority
Gross Internal Area
Glazing Industry Code Committee
Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
Gujarat International Finance Tech-city
Gross Income Multiplier
Georgia Institute of Real Estate
Gross Income Tax
Grand Junction
Gawad Kalinga
Greater Los Angeles
Gross Leaseable Area
Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority
Greater London Council
Graduate Master Builder
Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation
Greater Manchester Police Authority
Graduate Master Remodeler
Greater Montreal Real Estate Board
Greater Noida
Good Neighbor Next Door
General Obligations Law
Good Old Lower East Side
Gulf Organisation for Research and Development
Gulf Organization for Research and Development
Green Parking Council
Great Portland Estates
Green Proving Ground
Gross Potential Income
Godrej Properties Limited
Green Plumbing and Mechanical Code Supplement
Green Physical Needs Assessment
Green Physical Needs Assessments
Graduate Personal Property Appraiser
Gross Plot Ratio
Grand Rapids Association of REALTORS
Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
Grantor Retained Annuity Trust
Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
Georgia Real Estate Commission
Ghana Real Estate Developers Association
Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark
Group Residential Housing
Guaranteed Rural Housing
Graduate, Realtors Institute
Graduate, REALTOR institute
Graduate of Realtors Institute
Graduate of the Realtor Institute
Graduate of the Realtor's Institute
Graduate Realtor Institute
Graduate Realtors Institute
Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment
Grantor Retained Income Trust
Gross Rent Multiplier
General Store
Glasgow School of Art
Government Services Agency
Global Sustainability Assessment System
General Services Building
Government Sponsored Enterprise
Government Sponsored Enterprises
Government-Sponsored Enterprises
Gross Square Feet
Gross Square Foot
Gross Square Footage
Golden State Finance Authority
Government Soft Landings
Government Soft Landing
Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League
Generation-Skipping Transfer
Generation Skipping Transfer
Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
Greater Tampa Association of Realtors
Globe Trade Center
Housing Assistance
Housing Authority
Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Housing Assistance Council
Housing Authority of the County of Alameda
Housing Authority of the City of Austin
Housing Authority of Cook County
Housing Authority of the City of El Paso
Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee
Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino
Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara
Home Adaptations for Independence
Housing Affordability Index
Hands Across Long Island
Housing and Neighborhood Development
Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers
Housing Authority of New Orleans
Housing Authority of Portland
Homebuyer Assistance Program
Homeless Assistance Program
Homeowners Assistance Program
Housing Assistance Program
Homeownership Assistance Program
Hourly Analysis Program
Housing Assistance Payments
Housing Assistance Payment
Housing Authorities
Housing Action Trust
House, Block
Housing Benefit
Housing Bureau
House Building Advance
Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago
High-Performance Building Design Professional
Home and Building Electronic Systems
Home Builders Federation
Healthy Buildings International
Healthy Building Network
Home Builders Institute
Hotel Brokers International
Huttig Building Products
Housing and Building Research Institute
Honeywell Building Solutions
Highest & Best Use
Highest and Best Use
Homes & Communities Agency
Homes and Communities Agency
Honolulu Community Action Program
Harlem Congregations for Community Improvement
Housing Credit Certified Professional
Housing & Community Development
Housing and Community Development
Hawaii Community Development Authority
Housing and Community Development Department
Housing, Community and Economic Development
Heritage Canada Foundation
Housing and Community Facilities Programs
Harris County Housing Authority
Homes & Community Renewal
Homes and Community Renewal
Housing Counseling System
Housing Choice Voucher
Housing Choice Vouchers
Housing Choice Voucher Program
Homeless Children and Youth Act
Hall Director
Haridwar Development Authority
Housing Development Agency
Housing & Development Board
Housing and Development Board
Housing Development Corporation
Hart District Council
Historic Districts Council
Heating Degree Days
Housing Development Fund
Housing Development Fund Corporation
Housing Development Fund Company
Home Data Index
Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd
Housing and Development Law Institute
Historic District Landmarks Commission
Homelessness Data Exchange
Historic Environment Advisory Council for Scotland
Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing
Home Energy Conservation Act
Housing and Economic Development
Home Energy Efficiency Database
Health and Education Exclusion Trust
Historic Environment Local Management
Housing & Essential Needs
Housing and Essential Needs
Home Energy Professional
High Efficiency Particulate Arrester
Home Energy Rating
House Energy Rating
Housing and Economic Recovery Act
Housing and Economic Rights Advocates
Home Energy Rating System
Home Energy Rating Systems
Housing First
Housing Finance Agency
Housing Finance Agencies
Housing Finance Authority
Housing Finance Agencies
Habitat for Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity Philippines
Housing & Food Services
Housing and Food Services
Home Guaranty Corporation
Hunt Homes
Human Health Building
Housing and Home Finance Agency
Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Corporation
Healthy Homes Initiative
Halifax House Price Index
Housing Health and Safety Rating System
House Hunting Trip
Heritage Impact Assessments
Habitat International Coalition
Housing Inventory Count
Housing Inventory Chart
Housing Incentive Fund
Housing Innovations Fund
Housing Inspection Foundation
Homeless Individuals and Families Information System
Home Information Pack
Homeownership Incentive Program
Humanitarian Implementation Plan
High Impact Technology
Housing Investment Trust
Hong Kong Green Building Council
Hong Kong Housing Authority
Hong Kong Housing Society
Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling
Hong Kong Institute of Construction Managers
Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
Housing, Land and Property
Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency
Housing Market Index
Homeless Management Information System
Homeless Management Information Systems
Home Modification Loan Program
House in Multiple Occupation
Houses in Multiple Occupation
Housing Management Office
Homes Not Jails
Home Ownership Assistance Program
Home Ownership Program
Home Ownership Center
Housing Opportunities Commission
Housing Opportunities Collaborative
Housing Opportunity Index
Home Owners Loan Corporation
Home Ownership Mortgage Scheme
Housing Opportunity Program
Housing Opportunities Program
Housing for Older Persons Act
Homeownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere
Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere
Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS
Home of Your Own
Home Price Appreciation
Home Purchase Assistance Program
High Performance Building Council
High-Performance Buildings Congressional Caucus Coalition
Health Product Declaration
Health Product Declarations
Housing, Preservation and Development
Housing Preservation and Development
Housing Preservation & Development
Homeownership Preservation Foundation
Housing Preservation Grant
Hawaii Public Housing Authority
Home Price Index
House Price Index
House Price Indexes
Housing Price Index
High Performance Insulation Professionals
House Price Indexes
House Price Indices
Hedonic Pricing Method
Homeowner Protection Office
Historic Preservation Overlay Zone
Homelessness Prevention Program
Historic Preservation Review Board
Heritage Preservation Services
Homelessness Partnering Strategy
High Performance and Sustainable Buildings
Home Purchase Sentiment Index
High Performance Team
Historic Preservation Tax Credit
Home Quality Mark
Housing Quality Standards
High Rise Building
Historic Resources Committee
Homelessness Resource Center
Housing Research Center
Housing Resource Center
Housing Service Center
Housing Rights Center
Hampton Roads Green Building Council
Housing and Residence Life
Housing Recovery Operations
Housing Referral Office
Historic Scotland
Health & Sciences Building
Health Sciences Education Building
Housing Stabilization Fund
Home Sweet Home
Housing Sentiment Index
Haryana State Industrial Development Corporation
Human Settlements Management Institute
Housing Support Services
Housing Strategy Statistical Appendix
Humanities and Social Sciences Building
Historic Tax Credit
Housing Tax Credit
Housing Tax Credits
Housing Trust Fund
Housing Trust Fund Corporation
High Temperature Heating & Ventilation
Health Technical Memorandum
Hard To Sell
Husky Union Building
Housing & Urban Development
Housing and Urban Development
Housing and Urban Development's
Housing and Urban Developments
Housing and Urban Develop
Housing Urban Development
Housingand Urban Development
Haryana Urban Development Authority
Hyderabad Urban Development Authority
Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council
International Association of Earthquake Engineers
International Association for Housing Science
Industrial Area Local Authority
Industrial Asset Management Council
Indiana Association of REALTORS
International Accreditation Service
International Accreditation Services
Indira Awas Yojana
Industrialized Building
Intelligent Building
Intelligent Buildings
Israel Berger & Associates
Indian Buildings Congress
International Building Codes
International Business Center
International Business Centre
International Business Events
International Business District
Institute for Business & Home Safety
Institute for Business and Home Safety
Integrated Building Management
Integrated Building Management System
Integrated Building Management Systems
Intelligent Building Management System
Installed Building Products
Icelandic Building Research Institute
Icelandic Building Research Institutetute
In-Building Solutions
In-Building Solution
In-Building Services
In Building Solution
Industrialized Building System
Intelligent Building Systems
Intelligent Building System
Invensys Building Systems
International Builders Show
Institute for Building Technology and Safety
In-Building Wireless
Instructional Center
Institute for Capacity Building
International Conference on Building Envelope Systems and Technologies
International Council of Building Officials
International Congress of Building Officials
Infrastructure Conditions of Contract
International Codes Council
International Code Conference
International Commerce Centre
International Code Counsel
International Code Congress
International Construction Consortium
International Conference on Computing in Civil and Building Engineering
International Code Council Foundation
Indian Community Development Block Grant
Institute for Continuing Education
Institute for Community Economics
Inventory of Carbon and Energy
International Conference for Enhanced Building Operations
Insulated Concrete Form
Insulated Concrete Formwork
Insulated Concrete Forms
Insulating Concrete Form
Insulated Concrete Forms
Insulating Concrete Forms
Insulating Concrete Forms Association
Interagency Council on Homelessness
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy
International Construction Measurement Standard
International Construction Measurement Standards
Inclusive Communities Project
Investor Confidence Project
International Conference of Shopping Centers
Intensive Community Treatment
Innovation in Design
Interior Design & Construction
Indore Development Authority
Integrated Development Assessment System
Infrastructure Development Charges
Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
International Distance Education Certification Center
Indian Defence Estate Service
Indian Defence Estates Service
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation
Integrated Development Group
Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust
Integrated Disbursement & Information System
Intentionally Defective Irrevocable Trust
Integrated Design Process
International Development Research Council
Internet Data Exchange
Industrial Estates
Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa
Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand
International Existing Building Code
Iowa Energy Center
International Energy Conservation Codes
Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio
Indoor Environmental Quality
Industrial Estates
Integrated Environmental Solutions
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
Iowa Finance Authority
International Federation of Body Building
International Federation of Building and Wood Workers
In-Fixture Controller
Industry Foundation Class
International Fire Code
International Finance Centre
International Framework for Dictionaries
International Federation of Hospital Engineering
International Federation for Housing and Planning
Integrated Facility Management
Interactive Floor Plan
Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network
Integrated Food Safety System
Indian Green Building Council
International Green Building Conference
Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme
International Green Construction Code
Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership
International Green Structures
Indianapolis Housing Agency
Indian Housing Authorities
Indian Housing Block Grant
Inter-House Council
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority
Illinois Housing Development Authority
Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management
Institute of Highway Incorporated Engineers
Independent Home Inspectors of North America
Indian Housing Plan
Individuals and Households Program
Individuals and Household Program
International Housing Solutions
Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme
Institute of Landscape Architects
Israel Lands Administration
International Living Center
Internet Listing Display
Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers
International Living Future Institute
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development
Improving Markets Index
International Masonry Institute
Information Management Network
Institute for Market Transformation
Independent Network of Estate Agents
Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles
Innovation in Operations
International Order of Foresters
Information Paper
Integrative Process
Institutional Property Advisors
International Plumbing Code
Integrated Project Delivery
Integrated Project Insurance
Investment Property Databank
Institute for Professional and Executive Development
Investment Property Forum
Index of Private Housing Rental Prices
International and Philanthropic Innovation
Income Property Management
Investment Properties Management
International Property Maintenance Code
International Property Measurement Standards
International Property Measurement Standard
International Property Measurement Standards Coalition
Institute of Philippine Real Estate Appraisers
Indoor Positioning Systems
International Property Show
International Private Sewage Disposal Code
Institute of Quantity Surveyors Sri Lanka
Information for the Real
Institute for Research in Construction
International Residential Code
Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems
Income In Respect of a Decedent
International Real Estate Business School
International Real Estate Digest
Institute of Real Estate Management
Institute of Real Estate Managers
Institute for Real Estate Management
Institute of Real Estate Studies
International Real Estate Specialist
International Real Estate Society
Investors Real Estate Trust
Institute of Residential Marketing
Institute of Residential Property Management
Integra Realty Resources
Implementing Rules and Regulations
Inversiones y Representaciones Sociedad Anonima
Independent Sales Associate
International Sustainability Alliance
International Seismic Application Technology
Information Services Building
Interagency Security Committee
International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering
Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment
Institution of Structural Engineers
Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia
Institution of Surveyors Malaysia
Internation Standards Organization
Integrated Security Operations Center
International Student Placements
Intelligent Safe and Secure Buildings
Interagency Sustainability Working Group
Inspection Training Associates
International Union for Housing Finance
Interim Upgrading Programme
International Union of Tenants
Individually Ventilated Cage
International Window Cleaner Certification Institute
Internal Wall Insulation
Imperial War Museum North
Integrated Workplace Management Systems
Integrated Workplace Management System
Integrated Workplace Management Solution
Integrated Workplace Management Solutions
International Wildland Urban Interface Code
International Year of Shelter for the Homeless
Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers
Jane Addams Senior Caucus
Journal of the American Society of Civil Engineers
Joint Analysis Unit
Joint Base Anacostia Bolling
Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling
Journal of Building Enclosure Design
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Journal of Building Information Modeling
Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Joint Base Lewis McChord
Jersey City Housing Authority
Joint Center for Housing Studies
Jabalpur Development Authority
Jalandhar Development Authority
Jammu Development Authority
Jodhpur Development Authority
Jardine Engineering Corporation
Juneau Economic Development Council
King Abdullah Economic City
Keesler Air Force Base
King Abdullah Financial District
Karachi Building Control Authority
Kingdom Building Ministries
Kuehn Bauer Partner
Kandy City Center
Kigali City Council
King County Housing Authority
Korea Concrete Institute
Kansas City Power and Light
Kanpur Development Authority
Karachi Development Authority
Ketchikan Gateway Borough
Kelvin Grove Urban Village
Karnataka Housing Board
Kentucky Housing Corporation
Knowsley Housing Trust
Kilroy Realty Corporation
Listing Agent
Local Agent
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Local Authority Building Control
Local Advisory Council
Los Angeles Community College District
Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
Los Angeles Housing Department
Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Lambda Alpha International
Logical Argument Mapping
Low-Income Affordable Marketplace Program
Language Access Plan
Local Area Planning Process
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham
Living Building Challenge
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Lumber and Building Material
Lead-based Paint
Lead Based Paint
Licensed Building Practitioners
Land and Buildings Transaction Tax
Low Carbon Buildings Programme
Low Carbon Building Programme
Launch Control Centre
Leeds City Council
London County Council
Low Carbon Consultants
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
Low Carbon Energy Assessor
Life Care Planning Law Firms Association
Land Department
Land Disposition Agreement
Lucknow Development Authority
London Docklands Development Corporation
Limited Denial of Participation
Local Development Plan
Local Energy Alliance Program
Low Emission Capacity Building
Latino Economic Development Corporation
Leadership Energy and Environmental Design
Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design
Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design
Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design
Leadership in Energy Environmental Design
Leadership in Engineering and Environmental Design
Leadership in Environmental and Engineering Design
Leadership in Energy & Environment Design
Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design
Leadership on Energy and Environmental Design
Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking
Location Efficient Mortgage
Local Education Partnership
Local Education Partnerships
Legal & General Property
Light House
Local Housing Authority
Local Housing Allowance
Local Housing Allowances
Longworth House Office Building
Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration
Long Island Board of Realtors
Long Island City
Low-Income Forum on Energy
Low Income Group
Low Income Housing
Low-Income Housing Credit
Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
Low Income Housing Tax Credit
Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
Low Income Housing Tax Credits
Low Income Housing Institute
Low Income Investment Fund
Land Information Memorandum
Local Initiative Program
Low Income Purchase Assistance
Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity
Local Initiatives Support Coalition
Local Initiatives Support Corp
Location & Linkages
Living-Learning Communities
Living-Learning Community
Living Learning Community
Living Learning Communities
Living Learning Program
Language Models
Large Moving Base Carriage
Lumbermens Merchandising Corporation
Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center
Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
Liverpool Mutual Homes
Louisville Metro Housing Authority
Leading Markets Index
Loan Management Set-Aside
Letter of No Objection
Legislative Office Building
Line of Credit Control System
Level of Development
Letter of Guaranty
Level of Information
Local Operating Network
Local Operating Networks
Local Operation Network
List of Properties
Land & Property
Lis Pendens
Luxury Properties
Local Planning Authority
Local Planning Authorities
Landmarks Preservation Board
Landmarks Preservation Commission
Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois
Lighting Power Density
Listed Property Trusts
Living Quarters Allowance
Louisiana Real Estate Commission
Layout Regularisation Scheme
Life Sciences Building
Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors
Lego Serious Play
Lands Tribunal
Location & Transportation
Location and Transportation
Landlord and Tenant Board
Leadership Training Graduate
Low Temperature Hot Water
Little Tokyo Service Center
Land Use Commission
Lift Upgrading Programme
Mechanical & Electrical
Movement for Innovation
Managing Agent
Mapping Agent
Medical Arts Building
Mortgage Advice Bureau
Mastic Asphalt Council
Military Aid to the Civil Community
Mid-America Earthquake
Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition
Member, Appraisal Institute
Member Appraisal Institute
Member of the Appraisal Institute
Miami Art Museum
Management Assessment Program
Multifamily Affordable Properties
Michigan Association of REALTORS
Mortgage Asset Research Institute
Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing
Main Building
Mission Bay
Mortgage Banker Association
Metropolitan Borough Council
Metal Building Contractors & Erectors Association
Master Builder International
Metal Building Insulation
Modular Building Institute
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme
Metal Building Manufactures Association
Montana Board of Housing
Modern Building Services
Mortgage Credit Availability Index
Michaelson, Connor, & Boul
Master Certified Business Appraiser
Mysore City Corporation
Mandatory Continuing Education
Maximum Considered Earthquake
Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association
Master Certified Estate Planner
Marine Corps Family Team Building
Major Capital Improvement
Marine Corps Logistics Base
Minha Casa Minha Vida
Marshall Capital Partners
Married Child Priority Scheme
Manchester Cancer Research Centre
Management Corporation Strata Title
Motorized Damper
Moradabad Development Authority
Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority
Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency
Monolithic Dome Institute
Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act
Multi-Dwelling Units
Multi Dwelling Units
Multiple Dwelling Units
Mechanical & Electrical
Mission Economic Development Agency
Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure
Mechanical Engineering Lab
Miscellaneous Electric Loads
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Mission Essential Minor Construction
Minimum Energy Performance Standards
Medicaid Estate Recovery Program
Multi-source Energy Storage System Integrated in Buildings
Main Floor
Mortgage Finance Authority
Modified Funds from Operations
Military Family Housing
Multi-Family Housing
Median Family Income
Missouri Growth Association
Malaysia Green Building Confederation
Manufactured Housing
Mobile Home
Memphis Housing Authority
Multi Housing Association
Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority
Military Housing Areas
Mississippi Home Corporation
Missouri Housing Development Commission
Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
Manufactured Housing Institute
Massachusetts Housing Investment Corporation
Mental Hygiene Law
Massachusetts Housing Partnership
Minnesota Housing Partnership
Mobile Home Park
Multifamily Housing Program
Military Housing Privatization Initiative
MODern Housing Solutions
Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance
Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
Mortgage Investment Corporation
Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts
Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts
Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange
Mechanical Insulation Design Guide
Master Information Delivery Plan
Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate
Move-In Housing Allowance
Moving In Housing Allowance
Mortgage Insurance Premium
Mortgage Insurance Premiums
Mortgage Insurance Premiums
Mortgage Interest Relief At Source
Master in Residential Marketing
Member, Institute of Residential Marketing
Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization
Mortgagee Letter
Malaysia Landscape Architecture Awards
Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited
Mobilising Local Energy Investments
Mail Lists
Multi-Lingual Support
Multi Language Support
Multiple Listing Service
Multiple Listing Services
Multiple Listings Service
Multiple Listing System
Multiple Listing Services
Mud Mixture
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Modern Method of Construction
Modern Methods of Construction
Multihazard Mitigation Council
Mutual Mortgage Insurance
Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund
Mumbai Metropolitan Region
Ministry of National Development
Model National Energy Code for Buildings
Medical Office Building
Medical Office Buildings
Ministry of Construction
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Ministry of Housing
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Mark Prisk
Modular & Portable Building Association
Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit
Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
Malaysia Property Incorporated
Multifamily Production Index
Master Property Manager
Multifamily Performance Program
Master Personal Property Appraiser
Minimum Program Requirements
Minimum Property Standards
Maintenance Request
Materials & Resources
Materials and Resources
Medical Research Building
Mortgage Revenue Bond
Master in Real Estate
Master of Real Estate
Master of Real Estate Development
Midwest Real Estate Data
Moment Resisting Frame
Mortgage Redemption Insurance
Member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Metropolitan Regional Information Systems
Metropolitan Regional Information System
Mobilehome Residency Law
Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development
Military Relocation Professional
Mortgage Resolution Partners
Montachusett Regional Planning Commission
Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program
Malaysian Standard
Malaysian Standards
Metro Service Area
Massachusetts School Building Authority
Modern Steel Construction
Massachusetts State College Building Authority
Maine State Housing Authority
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Master of Science in International Real Estate
Master of Science in Real Estate
Masonry Standards Joint Committee
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Funds
Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing
Main Terminal Building
Midfield Terminal Building
Moving to Opportunity
Mountain Theme Pack
Mass Transit Railway Corporation
Market Transformation to Sustainability
Moving to Work
Neighbor to Neighbor
National Association of Appraisers
New Academic Building
National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers
National Association of Condo Hotel Owners
Nevada Association of Certified Real Estate Inspectors
National Association of Distinguished Professionals
Network Automation Engine
National Alliance to End Homelessness
National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
National Association of Elder Law Attorneys
National Association of Estate Planners and Councils
National Association of Financial and Estate Planning
National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals
National Affordable Housing Act
National Association of Home Building
National Affordable Housing Professional
National Association of Independent Housing Professionals
National Association Of Industrial & Office Properties
National Association of Industrial Office Properties
National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders
National Apartment Leasing Professional
Not Against My Business or Industry
North American Passive House Network
Nationwide Association of Realtors
National Association of Real Estate Investment Trust
National Assembly of Wales
Neutral Buoyancy
North Bay
National Building Code
National Building Code of Canada
National Building Construction Corporation
National Buildings Construction Corporation
New Building Institute
New Buildings Institute
National Building Information Modeling Standard
National Building Information Model Standard
Naval Base Kitsap
National Building Organisation
National Buildings Organisation
National Building Regulations
National Building Research Organization
National Building Research Organisation
New Construction
North Central
National Council of Architecture Registration Board
National Certification Board for Alzheimer Care
National Council of Building Designer Certification
National Coalition Building Institute
Nordic Construction Company
Northern California Chapter
National Council for Cement and Building Materials
National Congress for Community Economic Development
Northern California Community Loan Fund
National Center for Energy Management and Building Technologies
Nottingham City Homes
North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
National Center for Healthy Housing
National Center for Housing Management
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
National Calculation Method
Network Control Module
North Carolina Museum of Art
Navy College Office
National Compliance Professional
North Carolina Professional Appraisers Coalition
National Capitol Planning Commission
National Captial Region
National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries
National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards
National Council of Structural Engineering Associations
National Council of State Housing Agencies
National Community Stabilization Trust
New City Vision
Neighborhood Development
Not Disclosed
National Data Collective
North Dakota Housing Finance Agency
National Disaster Resilience Competition
National Disaster Resiliency Competition
New England Affordable Housing Management Association
National Electrical Benefit Fund
Network Equipment Building Systems
Network Equipment Building System
Network Equipment-Building System
Network Equipment-Building Systems
Neighborhood Energy Connection
New Embassy Compound
National Energy Code for Buildings
North East Derbyshire District Council
National Energy Efficiency Action Plan
Northwest Energy Efficiency Council
National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
National Energy Foundation
National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program
National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program
National Elder Law Foundation
New Executive Office Building
Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission
National Energy Services
National Evaluation Service
New Economics for Women
Nontraditional Employment for Women
New England Women in Real Estate
National Federation of Builders
National Fire Code
National Fireproofing Contractors Association
National Fair Housing Training Academy
National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling
National Facilities Management and Technology
National Green Building Standard
Nasri Group Of Companies
Next Generation Estate Contracts
Next Generation Estates Contracts
Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
National Green Specification
New Hampton
North Hampton
National Housing & Rehabilitation Association
National Housing Agency
National Housing Authority
National Housing Act
National Housing Bank
National Housing Fund
Newark Housing Authority
Namibia Housing Action Group
New Headquarters Building
Norman Hackerman Building
National Home Builders Association
National House-Building Council
National Home Builders Registration Council
National Housing Conference
National Housing Corporation
New Hampshire Coalition to End Homelessness
National Health Care for the Homeless Council
National Home Equity Mortgage Association
National Home Energy Rating
National Health Investors
National Housing Institute
Natural Hydraulic Lime
National Housing Law Project
National Housing Locator System
National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation
New Housing Marketplace Plan
National Housing Policy
National Housing Quality
Nationwide Health Properties
Neighborhood Housing Services
National Housing Trust
National Housing Trust Fund
Nursing Home Transition
New Home Warranty Program
Net Internal Area
Northern Illinois Building Contractors Association
National Institute of Building Inspectors
National Institute of Building Science
National Institute for Building Sciences
National Investment Center
National Insulation Contractors Exchange
National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering
National Institute of Certified Estate Planners
Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation
National Institute of Environmental Research
Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers
Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers
Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Net Investment Income
Net Investment Income Tax
National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management
Not In My Back Yard
Nigerian Institute of Building
National Infrastructure Planning Association
Nigeria Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis
Nigerian Institute of Town Planners
Neighborhood Improvement Zone
New Jersey Association of Counties
New Jersey Community Capital
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
New Jersey Redevelopment Authority
New Jersey Schools Construction Corporation
North Lawn Building
National Lumber & Building Material Dealers Association
National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty
National Low Income Housing Coalition
Northern Liberties Neighbors Association
Neighborhood Lending Services
National Land Use Database
National Modular Housing Council
National Multi Housing Council
National Multifamily Housing Council
National Mechanical Insulation Committee
Nigeria Mortgage Refinance Company
Nigerian Mortgage Refinance Company
National Master Specification
Neighborhood Networks
National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
Northern New England Real Estate Network
Notice of Approval
Neighborhood of Affordable Housing
New Orleans Building Corporation
No Objection Certificates
Notice of Funding Availability
Notice of Funds Availability
Notice of Fund Availability
Notice of Funds Available
Notice of Funding Available
Notices of Funding Availability
Net Operating Income
Net Property Income
Non Owner Occupied
New Orleans Redevelopment Authority
Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities
Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate Services
Notice of Sale
Not Over There Either
National Policy and Advocacy Council on Homelessness
National Plumbing Code
National Planning Policy Framework
National Partnership for Reinventing Government
National Rental Affordability Scheme
Non-Resident Aliens
New Research Building
Newark Regional Business Partnership
National Research Council Canada
National Real Estate Information Services
Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
National Residence Hall Honorary
National Registry of Historic Places
National Resilience Initiative
Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative
Neighborhood Revitalization Program
Norwich Research Park
Neighbourhood Renewal Unit
No Sign
National Solar Centre
Natural Stone Council
National Structural Code Of The Philippines
National Slum Dwellers Federation
National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal
Namibian Standards Institution
National Statistics Institute
Neighborhood Service Organization
Neighborhood Stabilization Program
Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2
Neighborhood Stabilization Program 3
North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors
National Training and Information Center
North Texas Real Estate Information Systems
Northern Vermont
Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau
Naval Weapons Station
National Wood, Window and Door Association
New York
New York Building Congress
New York City Economic Development Corporation
New York City Economic Development Corp
New York City Housing Development Corporation
New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation
New York City Housing Authority
New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey
New York Main Street
New York State Energy Research & Development Authority
New York State Energy Research Development Authority
New York State Society of Professional Engineers
Operations & Checkout
Other Peoples Money
Occupancy Agreement
Office of Affordable Housing Preservation
Office of Affordable Housing Programs
Ohio Association of Realtors
Ohio Building Code
Ontario Building Code
Ontario Building Envelope Council
Office of the Building Official
Overseas Buildings Operations
Overseas Building Operations
Oregon Building Officials Association
Occupancy Certificate
Office of Consumer Advocate
Operating Cost Adjustment Factors
Operating Cost Adjustment Factors
Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool
Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
OmniClass Construction Classification System
Office of Community Development
On Construction Domestic Energy Assessor
Office of Community and Economic Development
Orange County Housing Authority
Ontario Construction Secretariat
Omega Center for Sustainable Living
Original Certificate of Title
Ohio Department of Commerce
Office of Energy Efficiency
Old Executive Office Building
Occupant Emergency Plan
Office of Environmental Remediation
Office of Economic Workforce Development
Oregon Fire Code
of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
Office of Housing
Oakland Housing Authority
Omaha Housing Authority
Orlando Housing Authority
Overseas Housing Allowance
Ontario Home Builders Association
Office of Housing and Community Development
Oregon Housing and Community Services
Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
One Housing Group
Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control
Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes
Office of Interstate Land Sales Registration
Orchestrator Integration Toolkit
Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability
Office of Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring
Owner Occupied
Owner-occupied housing
Occupation Permit
Office of Property Management
Other People's Money
Other Peoples Money
Office of Planning & Research
Owner's Project Requirements
Owner Project Requirements
Owners Project Requirements
Owners Performance Requirements
Onuma Planning System
Oak Ridge
Old Road Campus Research Building
Office of Real Estate Appraisers
Office of Residential Life
Office of Recovery and Resiliency
Office of the State Architect
Operations Support Building
Off-Site Construction Council
Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate
Office of Special Enforcement
Open Site Explorer
Ohio School Facilities Commission
Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities
Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development
Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa
Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa
Office of Space Planning
Oregon Structural Specialty Code
Office of the Tenant Advocate
Occupational Training Services
Overall Thermal Transfer Value
Overseas Union Bank
Optimum Value Engineering
Purchase and Sale
Presidential Decree
Public Works Department
Paging agent
Park Avenue
Pen Argyl
Planning Authority
Power of Attorney
Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association
Precast Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
Performing Arts Building
Physics and Astronomy Building
Police Administration Building
Private Activity Bond
Private Activity Bonds
Political Action Center
Project Assistance Contract
Property Administrator Certificate
Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations
Performing Arts Center Eastside
Property Advisers to the Civil Estate
Pennsylvania Association of Elder Law Attorneys
Public and Affordable Housing Research Corporation
Public Authority for Housing Welfare
Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development
Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center
Progressive Affiliated Lumbermen
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Perceived air quality
Performance Assessment Review
Petition for Administrative Review
Pittsburgh Applied Research Center
Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards
Philippine Association of Real Estate Brokers
Premiere Asset Services
Psychogeriatric Assessment and Treatment in City Housing
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing
Partnership for Advanced Technology in Housing
People Assisting the Homeless
People Attempting to Help
Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing
Prevention Assistance & Temporary Housing
Pay As You Save
Partnership Building Activity
Planning and Building Act
Paharpur Business Centre
Peace Building Commission
Public Building Commission
Performance-Based Contract Administration
Performance Based Contract Administration
Professional Building Maintenance
Private Blog Network
Private Blog Networks
Project-Based Rental Assistance
Project Based Rental Assistance
Public Buildings Service
Public Building Service
Public Buildings Services
Public Building Services
Performance-Based Seismic Engineering
Project-Based Voucher
Project-Based Vouchers
Project Based Voucher
Project Based Vouchers
Project-Based Vouchers
Property Condition Assessment
Property Condition Assessments
Property Condition Assessments
Pacific Coast Builders Conference
Plain Cement Concrete
Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board
Pre-stressed Concrete Institute
Precast Concrete Institute
Property Council of New Zealand
Primary Capital Programme
Property Condition Report
Private Client Services
Permitted Development
Policy Development and Research
Policy Development & Research
Policy Development and Research
Planning and Development Authority
Primary Distribution Center
Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation
Project Definition Rating Index
Product Data Templates
Partner Energy
Planning Estimate
Physical Education Building
Pre-Engineered Buildings
Pre-Engineered Building
Pre Engineered Building
Pre Engineered Buildings
Pre Engineering Buildings
Power Electronic Building Blocks
Power Electronic Building Block
Personal Emergency Egress Plan
Philippine Energy Efficiency Project
Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal
Private Enforcement Initiative
Public Establishment for Industrial Estates
Prince Edward Island Real Estate Association
Private Equity Real Estate
Pulled From the Air
Proposal for Change
Precast Flooring Federation
Public Finance Initiative
Partnership for Food Protection
Plutonium Finishing Plant
Professional Green Building Council
Potential Gross Income
Preservation Green Lab
Property Group Partners
Permanent Housing
Property Holdings
Public Housing
Pakistan Housing Authority
Philadelphia Housing Authority
Public Housing Agency
Public Housing Authorities
Public Housing Authority
Public Housing Agencies
Public Housing Agencies
Public Housing Authorities
Public Housing Administration
Public Housing Assessment System
Portland Housing Bureau
Population and Housing Census
Professional Housing Consultant
Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Public Housing Drug Elimination Program
Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
Proximity Housing Grant
Passive House Institute
Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Coalition
Public Health Law & Policy
Public Housing Manager
Public Housing Primary Care
Passive House Planning Package
Pennsylvania Housing Research Center
Pending Home Sales Index
Property Investment Analysis
Planning Information Center
Pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development
Public and Indian Housing
Public and Indian Housing, Real Estate Assessment Center
Project Information Model
Project Information Memorandum
Property Information Network
Property Institute of New Zealand
Productivity Improvement Project
Property Improvement Program
Placed in Service
Participating Jurisdiction
Participation Loan Program
Private-Label Securities
Private Label Securities
Parcel Map
Property Management
Property Manager
Project Management Advisors
Property Management Financial Proficiency
Professional Marketing International
Probable Maximum Loss
Purchase Money Mortgage
Performance Management Network
Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Physical Needs Assessment
Physical Needs Assessments
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Preservation of Affordable Housing
Physician Office Building
Professional Office Building
Post-Occupancy Evaluation
Post Occupancy Evaluations
Payment Order Form
Power Organizing Module
Property Owners and Managers Survey
Planning Permission
Preliminary Project Assessment
Physical Plant Management
Planned Preventative Maintenance
Parenthood Priority Scheme
Planning Policy Statement
Planning Policy Statements
positive-pressure ventilation
Public-Private Venture
Public Private Venture
Personal Representative
Project Rental Assistance
Project Rental Assistance Contract
Project Rental Assistance Contracts
Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service
Professional Real Estate Investors Group
Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust
Practical Recommendations for Sustainable Construction
Professional Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Pinellas Realtor Organization
Pearl Rating System
Private Rented Sector
Plant Replacement Value
Police Service Area
Police Service Areas
Property Services Agency
Purchase and Sale Agreement
Public Safety Building
Partnership for Sustainable Communities
Postal Service Center
Public Safety Complex
Public Safety Center
Per Square Foot
Philadelphia Savings Fund Society
Permanent Supportive Housing
Passive Solar Industries Council
Preferred Stock Purchase Agreements
Passenger Terminal Building
Queen Anne
Quality Assessment Framework
Qualified Allocation Plan
Quad Building Block
Quebec Building Envelope Council
Quit Claim Deed
Qualified Census Tract
Qualified Census Tracts
Qualified Funeral Trust
Qatar Green Building Council
Quality Insulation Installation
Queens Museum of Art
Qualified Personal Residence Trust
Qualified Residential Mortgage
Qualified Residential Mortgages
Quantity Surveyors
Repair and Alteration
Resident Assistant
Resident Assistants
Resident Assistant
Registered Architects
Resident Advisors
Resident Advisors
Residential Accredited Appraiser
Resident Advisory Board
Regulated Asbestos Containing Materials
Regulated asbestos-containing material
Rental Assistance Demonstration
Residential Assistance for Families in Transition
Registered Apartment Manager
Registered in Apartment Management
Regional Asthma Management and Prevention
Rehabilitation and Preservation
Rental Assistance Program
Resident Assistants
Reactor Building
Rentable Building Area
Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse
Radiant Barrier Systems
Radiant Barrier Sheathing
Registered Building Service Manager
Residential Commons
Real Capital Analytics
Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Rawalpindi Cantonment Board
Regional Capacity Building Initiative
Resources for Community Development
Replacement Cost New
Rules of the City of New York
Residential Code of Ohio
Room Condition Report
Raipur Development Authority
Rural Development Agency
Reconstruction and Development Programme
Residence Directors
Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure
Real Estate Assessment Center
Real Estate Alliance of Long Island
Real Estate Buyer's Agent Council
Real Estate Buyers Agent Council
Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Real Estate Commission
Real Estate Council of Austin
Real Estate Council of Alberta
Rural Economic and Community Development
Resident Energy Conservation Program
Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist
Residential Energy Consumption Survey
Real Estate Development
Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria
Real Estate Economics
Residential Energy Efficiency Program
Real Estate Excise Tax
Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Finance Association
Real Estate and Facilities Management
Real Estate Investment Advisory Council
Real Estate Institute of Canada
Real Estate Institute of New Zealand
Real Estate Institute of Queensland
Real Estate Investment Trust
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Real Estate Investment Today
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Real Estate Investment Trust Scheme
Real Estate Investments Zambia
Real Estate Limited Partnership
Real Estate Management
Real Estate Magazine
Real Estate Management Institute
Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit
Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits
Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits
Real Estate Management System
Real Estate News Exchange
Real Estate Operating Company
Real Estate Professional Assistant
Real Estate Regulatory Agency
Real Estate Regulatory Authority
Real Estate Research Corporation
Real Estate Research Institute
Real Estate Salesperson
Real Estate Service Act
Real Estate Standards Organization
Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act
Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act
Real Estate Settlement Practices Act
Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act
Real Estate Securities and Syndication Institute
Real Estate Success Tracker
Real Estate Transaction Standard
Real Estate Transaction Standards
Real Estate Training Systems
Recognised European Valuer
Real Estate Virtual Assistant
Registered Exterior Wall Consultant
Royal Fine Art Commission
Research Facilities Design
Request for Expressions of Interest
Request for Tenancy Approval
Rent Guidelines Board
Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited
Resident Housing Association
Rajasthan Housing Board
Rural Housing and Community Development Service
Rural Housing and Economic Development
Registered Home Inspector
Registered Inspector
Rental Housing Integrity Improvement Project
Regional Housing Needs Allocation
Regional Housing Needs Assessment
Rayburn House Office Building
Rural Housing Service
Rural Housing Services
Regulatory Impact Assessment
Royal Institute of Architects in Scotland
Regional Innovation Cluster
Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents
Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors
Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor
Roofing Industry Educational Institute
Rental Integrity Monitoring
Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation
Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia
Residential Intensive Support Team
Rumah Inti Tumbuh
Retirement Industry Trust Association
Robinsons Land Corporation
Realtors Land Institute
Revocable Living Trust
Reactive Maintenance
Rescue Module
Rocky Mountain Institute
Republic Mortgage Insurance Company
Residential Management Professional
Residential New Construction
Remote Network Interface
Realtors National Marketing Institute
Regional Office for Capacity Building
Right of First Refusal
Royal Ordnance Factories
Resident Opportunities and Self Sufficiency
Resident Opportunity and Self-Sufficiency
Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency
Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency
Resident Opportunity & Self Sufficiency
Resident Opportunity Self-Sufficiency
Rapid Observation of Vulnerability and Estimation of Risk
Regional Priority
Real Property Administrator
Real Property Administration
Residential Property Act
Residential Property Management
Realtor Political Action Committee
REALTORS Political Action Committee
Real Property Asset Management
Rental Property Manager
Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law
Registered Professional Engineer
Real Property Gains Tax
Real Property Gain Tax
Real Property Law
Real Property Tax
Resale Price Index
Residential Price Index
Regent Park Neighbourhood Initiative
Rental Partnership Program
Residential Property Price Index
Residential Property Prices Index
Real Property Report
Realtors Property Resource
Rancho Palos Verdes
Robinson Ranch
Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program
Ronald Reagan Building
Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation, and Mitigation
Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation
Residential Remodeling Index
Radon-Resistant New Construction
Radon Resistant New Construction
Registered Roof Observer
Rajiv Rinn Yojana
Resale Service
Resale Services
Resident Services
Residential Services
Russian Society of Appraisers
Required Safe Egress Time
Section 8
Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors
Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate
Student Activities Building
Swanston Academic Building
San Antonio Board of Realtors
Sofia Airport Center
South African Council for Project and Construction Management Professions
Salesperson Apprentice Education
Salesperson Annual Education
Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters
Specially Adapted Housing
Specially Adaptive Housing
San Antonio Housing Authority
Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future
Southeastern Affordable Housing Management Association
State Apartment Incentive Loan
South African Institute of Steel Construction
Strategic Actions for a Just Economy
Strategic Assessment Model
South African National Standard
Safety Assessment Program
Standard Assessment Procedure
Sarasota Association of Realtors
Support and Services at Home
Sustainable Attributes Verification and Evaluation
South African Women in Construction
Sustainable Building Advisor
Standard Building Code
Standard Building Contract
Sustainable Building Center
State Building Code Council
Southern Building Code Congress International
Southern Building Code Congress, International
Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative
Sustainable Buildings & Climate Initiative
Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative
South Bay Community Services
Savings By Design
Sustainable Built Environments
Sustainable Building Envelope Centre
Sustainable Building Research Centre
Simplified Building Energy Model
Sale of Balance Flats
Single Burning Item
Site Build It
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council
Sustainable Building Industry Council
School Building Leader
Scottish Building Standards Agency
Specific Business Tax
Singapore Citizens
Singapore Citizen
Sustainable Communities
Sprayed Concrete Association
Southern California Association of Non-Profit Housing
Santa Clara County
Somerville Community Corporation
Sustainable Cities Design Academy
Sonoma County Energy Independence Program
Singapore Certified Energy Manager
Suicidator City Generator
Sustainable Communities Initiative
Self-Canceling Installment Note
Synagogue Church Of all Nations
Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption
Site Compliance Specialist
Society of Chartered Surveyors
Society of Chartered Surveyors of Ireland
Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland
Sim City Urban Renewal Kit
Srinagar Development Authority
State Designated Agencies
Seismic Design Category
Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia
San Diego Housing Commission
Site Development Plan
Sunny Day Real Estate
San Diego Regional Energy Office
Service Engineer
Service Engineering
Structural Engineering
Structural Engineers Association of Georgia
Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics
State Energy Conservation Office
Standard Embassy Design
Sarawak Economic Development Corporation
Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance
Saudi Energy Efficiency Center
Standard Energy Efficiency Data
Sustainable Energy Ireland
Supplemental Environmental Impact Study
Section Eight Management Assessment Program
Statement of Energy Performance
Structural Engineer of Record
Science and Engineering Research Center
Society of Environmentally Responsible Facilities
Scottish Energy Rating Tool
Spar European Shopping
Single Family
Square Feet
San Francisco Community Land Trust
Single Family Dwelling
Society of Facade Engineering
Single Family Home
San Francisco Housing Authority
San Francisco Housing Development Corporation
Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form
Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan Program
Standard Flood Insurance Policy
Single Fraud Investigation Service
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Solicitation for Offers
San Francisco Organizing Project
Strategic Facility Planning
Sustainable Facilities Professional
Sale Foreclosure Resource
Sales and Foreclosure Resource
Single Family Residence
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material
Society of Golf Appraisers
Singapore Green Building Council
Singapore Green Building Week
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Smart Growth Network
Smith Hall
Supported Housing
Sacramento Housing Alliance
Sarasota Housing Authority
Special Home Adaptation
Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association
Special Housing Areas
Solar Heating and Cooling
Specialist in Housing Credit Management
Social Housing Finance Corporation
Solar Heat Gain Factor
Subsidized Housing Inventory
Sahara Housing Investment Corp Ltd
State Housing Initiatives Partnership
State Housing Initiative Partnership
Supportive Housing In Peel
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
Strategic Housing Market Assessment
Single Homeless Project
Supportive Housing Program
Scottish Housing Quality Standard
Scottish Housing Regulator
Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency
Senior Housing Specialist
Social Housing Services Corporation
Special Housing Unit
Special Housing Units
Staten Island Board of Realtors
Sealed Insulating Glass Manufacturers Association
Supervised Independent Living Placement
Society of Industrial and Office Realtors
Society of Industrial & Office Realtors
Sector Investment Programme
Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulating Panels
Structural Insulated Panel Systems
Structurally Insulated Panels
Savings-to-Investment Ratio
Sahara India Real Estate Corp Ltd
Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd
Singapore Institute of Standards & Industrial Research
Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers
Singapore Institute of Surveyors and Valuers
Steel Joist Institute
Single Living Accommodation
Specific Leakage Area
Softwood Lumber Board
Student Life Building
Supportive Living Facility
Seismic Load Resisting System
Special Land Use Permit
Sales and Marketing Council
Special Moment Frame
South Middlesex Opportunity Council
Special Moment Resisting Frame
Standards Norway
South Northamptonshire Council
Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority
Supplemental Needs Trust
Standard Network Variable Types
State Office Building
State of the Cities Data Systems
State of the Cities Data System
Sphere of Influence
Skidmore Owings and Merril
Standards of Practice
Southern Pine
Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centres
Single Page Apps
Southern Pine Council
Student Performance Criteria
Supplementary Planning Document
South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource
Sustainable Public Procurement
Singapore Permanent Resident
Singapore Permanent Residents
Senior Preservation Rental Assistance Contracts
Single-Ply Roofing Institute
Single Ply Roofing Industry
Seward Park Urban Renewal Area
Special Project Vehicle
Strategic Planning Working Group
Standard Quality
Security Rating
Senior Residential Appraiser
Slum Rehabilitation Authority
State Rental Assistance Program
Student Resource Building
Siemens Real Estate
Senior Real Estate Specialist
Seniors Real Estate Specialist
Seniors Real Estate Specialists
Solar Reflectance Index
Solar Reflective Index
Shanghai Research Institute of Building Sciences
Single-Room Occupancy
Single Room Occupancy
Singapore Residential Price Index
Seller Representative Specialist
Sam Rayburn Tollway
Sustainable Sites
Social Sciences Building
Student Services Building
Scottish Sustainable Communities Initiative
Services in Supportive Housing
Scottish Special Housing Association
Soil-structure interaction
Standing Standard Project Committee
Single Student Residence
Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse
Sold Subject to Contract
Subject to Contract
Subject Summary Tape File
State Street Village
Sierra Tower
Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance
Standards Technical Committee
Site To Do Business
Schaumburg Township District Library
Total Area
Test and Balance
Testing, Adjusting & Balancing
Testing, Adjusting, Balancing
Testing Adjusting Balancing
Technical Assistance Collaborative
Technical Assistance Panels
Tour Andover Controls
The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council
Technology in Architectural Practice
Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors
Triangle Area Residential Realty
Team Building and Events
Threaded Building Blocks
Threading Building Blocks
Total Building Commissioning
Thomas Beckham Hall
Tenant-Based Rental Assistance
Tenant Based Rental Assistance
Tight Building Syndrome
Tempelhof Central Airport
Tax Credit Allocation Committee
Tompkins County Area Development
Tax Credit Assistance Program
The Community Builders
Trammell Crow Company
Total Customer Experience
The Chatterjee Group
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
Town and Country Planning Act
Transaction Costs
Transfer Certificate of Title
Tema Development Corporation
Technical Due Diligence
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs
Tourism Development and Investment Company
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
Truckee Donner Public Utility District
Transfer of Development Rights
Transferable Development Rights
Transfer of Development Rights
Tax Exempt Bond
Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility
Trust and Estate Practitioner
Trust and Estate Practitioners
Target Emission Rate
Texas Facilities Commission
Timber Framers Guild
Today's Facility Manager
Task Force Team
Technical Guidance Documents
Transitional Housing
Tampa Housing Authority
Tenderloin Housing Clinic
Tennessee Housing Development Agency
Townscape Heritage Initiative
Transitional Housing Program
Transitional Housing Placement Program
Transitional Housing Unit
Transportation and Housing and Urban Development
Transportation, Housing and Urban Development
Transportation, Housing & Urban Development
Tenant Improvement
Tenant Improvements
Tenant In Common
Tenants in Common
Tenant Interim Lease
Transbay Joint Powers Authority
Transmission Line
Temporary Lodging Allowance
Transitional Living Center
Temporary Lodging Expenses
The Last Straw
Talaat Moustafa Group
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Telecommunications Main Grounding Busbar
Transitions-Mental Health Association
Tax Map Key
Tanzania Mortgage Refinancing Company
Transaction Management System
Traditional Neighborhood Development
Tamil Nadu Housing Board
The Office Building of the Year
The Outstanding Building of the Year
Transfer On Death
Transit-oriented Development
Transit Oriented Development
Transit Orientated Development
Transit Oriented Developments
Temporary Occupation Permit
Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act
Terminal Position Assurance
Transfer of Physical Assets
Tenant Participation Advisory Service
Town Planning Institute
Tenancy Preservation Program
Technical Preservation Services
Temporary Residence Adaptation
Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre
Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre
Tenants Resource & Advisory Centre
Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System
Transnational Referral Certified
Toronto Real Estate Board
Texas Real Estate Commission
The Real Estate Council
Telangana Real Estate Developers Association
The Reinvestment Fund
Troy Rehabilitation and Improvement Program
The Resurrection Project
Tun Razak Exchange
Test Reference Year
Tenant Services Authority
Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation
The Solution Group
Testamentary Trust
Thermal Test Facility
Total Tenant Payment
Transition Town Totnes
Tower Vinnytsia
Utility Allowance
University of Asia & the Pacific
Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments
Uniform Appraisal Dataset
Uniform Building Codes
Universal Building Code
Unrelated Business Taxable Income
Uniform Construction Code
Ulster County Development Corporation
Uniform Collateral Data Portal
University College of Lands and Architectural Studies
Urban Development Authority
Urban Development Corporation
Urban Development Action Grant
Urban Development Action Grants
Uniform Dwelling Code
Urban Development Commission
Uttlesford District Council
Unrelated Debt Financed Income
Urban Development and Housing Act
Urban Development Institute
Urban Exploration
University Endowment Lands
Under Floor Air Distribution
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards
Unified Facilities Criteria
Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation
Unified Facilities Guide Specifications
Unified Facility Guide Specifications
Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development
Unaccompanied Housing
University Hall
Urban Homesteading Assistance Board
Utah Housing Corporation
University of Hawaii Maui College
Urban Initiatives
International Union of Building Centres
Urban Land Conservancy
Urban Land Institute's
Urban Land Interests
Uniform Land Use Review Procedure
Uniform Land Use Review Process
Universitas Medan Area
Uniform Mortgage Data Program
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
United Nations Housing Rights Programme
Unit of Property
University Park
Uniform Probate Code
Uniform Physical Condition Standards
Uniform Physical Condition Standard
Umbrella Partnership Real Estate Investment Trust
University Parking Services
University Services Building
Uniform Relocation Act
Uniform Relocation Assistance
Urban Redevelopment Agency
Urban Renewal Authority
Uniform Residential Appraisal Report
Urban Strategy America
Uniform Statewide Building Code
Usable Square Feet
United States Green Building
United State Green Building Council
United States Green Building Council
United States Housing Authority
United States Interagency Council on Homelessness
United Steel Products
Uniform Trust Code
University of Technology in Sydney
University Village
Vehicle Assembly Building
Vertical Assembly Building
Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition
Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors
Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing
Virtual Building Environment
Voluntary Compliance Agreement
Vancouver Convention Centre
Virginia Community Capital
Vermont Community Development Program
Virtual Counselor Network
Virtual Design and Construction
Virtual Design & Construction
Virtual Design Construction
Vista del Campo
Ventilated Double Facade
Virginia Enterprise Zone
Virginia Housing Development Authority
Vermont Housing Finance Agency
Victoria Island
Vinyl Institute
Virginia Individual Development Accounts
Veterans in Progress
Vancouver Island Technology Park
Valuation Limit
Virginia Main Street
Voucher Management System
Virtual Office Website
Virtual Office Websites
Virtual Real Estate
Variable Refrigerant Flow
Value Range Marketing
Vendor Resource Management
Volkshuisvesting, Ruimtelijke Ordening en Milieubeheer
Washington Association of Building Officials
Write and register
Washington Building Congress
Whole Building Design Guide
Walls and Columns
Wyoming Community Development Authority
World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
What Do They Know
Water Efficiency
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Worldwide Employee Relocation Council
World Federation of Building Service Contractors
World Financial Center
Wood Frame Construction Manual
Washington Fine Properties
Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
World Green Building Council
Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
Women in Housing and Finance
Walsall Housing Group
Women in Building Services Engineering
Wood Innovation and Design Centre
Women in Real Estate
Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research
Washington Intern Student Housing
Watts Labor Community Action Committee
Women's Leadership Initiative
Wheel Mounting Surface
Women-Owned Business
Wood Products Council
Working Party on Land Administration
Western Regional Advocacy Project
Water-Resistive Barrier
Excel Building Supervisor
Yerba Buena Island
Yangon City Development Committee
Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority
Young Engineers Network
Yes In My Back Yard
Young Leaders Group
Yosemite Lakes Park
Zero Carbon Building
Zero Energy Building
Zero Energy Buildings
Zero Net Energy Buildings
Zero Energy Home
Zero Energy Homes
Zero Energy House
Zero Net Energy
Zero Energy Nanotechnology
Zero Energy Ready Home
Zillow Home Value Index
Zoning Resolution