Popular Business acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

class A stocks
Australian dollar
Accounting and Auditing
Acquisition and Assistance
Acquisition and Disposition
Additions and Amendments
Aid & Attendance
Aid and Attendance
Assessing and Authorizing
Assessment & Authorization
Authorization and Accreditation
Advisory & Assistance Services
Advisory & Assistance Service
Advisory and Assistance Service
Advisory and Assistance Services
Anchors and chains proved
Acquisitions & Divestitures
Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace and Defense
Automation & Drives
Automation and Drives
Alarms and Events
Architect and Engineering
Architects & Engineers
Architects and Engineers
Architectural and Engineering
Architectural & Engineering
Arts and Entertainment
Abercrombie & Fitch
Abercrombie and Fitch
Administration and Finance
Airman & Family Readiness Center
Airman and Family Readiness Center
Acquisitions and Grants
Administrative and General
Administrative & General
Atlantic and Great Western Railroad
Accident and Health
Abstracting & Indexing
Accident and Indemnity
Analysis & Information
Admin & Logistics
Additions and Maintenance
Alvarez & Marsal
Arkansas & Missouri
Andaman and Nicobar
Admissions & Orientation
Admissions and Orientation
Allen & Overy
Audit & Oversight
Administrative and Professional
Advertising & Promotion
Atlantic & Pacific
Administration and Program Support
Admissions & Records
Air and Radiation
Analysis and Recommendation
Artist & Repertoire
Artist and Repertoire
Artists & Repertoire
Assembly and Repair
Automation & Robotics
Accident and Sickness
Activity and Service
Assessment & Selection
Acquisition and Technology
Alive & Thrive
Allen and Wright
Alphabetically, Z-A
After arrival
Always afloat
Associate of Arts
Associate of Art
Arizona Administrative Code
Annual aggregate deductible
Against All Risks
Associate in Applied Science
Associate of Applied Science
Associate of Applied Sciences
Associate of Arts and Sciences
Arabian Gulf
As brokers only
Arts & Crafts
Asociación Civil
associate chartered accountant
Association des Centres Distributeurs
Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute
Associate of Chartered Insurance Institutetute
All Concerned Notified
Actual cash value
Air cushion vehicle
After date
Allgemeiner Deutscher Burschenbund
Allgemeiner Deutscher Beamtenbund
Associate in Engineering Science
Asociación en Participación
Advanced freight
Associate in Fine Arts
Air freight bill
Attorney General
American hull form
Alliierte Hohe Kommission
Artificial Insemination
American Immigration Lawyers Association
American Institute of Marine Underwriters
American Institutetute of Marine Underwriters
Air Injection Reactor
Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce
Automatic Identification System
Authentic Jersey
Allotment Letter
Advanced Logistics Developments
Automated Law Enforcement Incident Report
Air Mail Transfer
Ancient Order of Foresters
Any one occurrence
Ancient Order of United Workmen
After peak Tank
Accounts payable
Allgemeine Polizeiliche Bestimmungen
Accredited Purchasing Practitioner
Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange
Annual Percentage Rate
Accounts receivable
All Risks
Annual Report
Atlantic Research Marketing Systems
Arizona Revised Statutes
Anti-Resonance Technology
Anti Resonance Technology
Account Sales
After Sight
Akciova spolecnost
Akciova Spolocnost
Anonim Sirket
Applied Science
Associate in Science
Associate of Science
As Soon As Possible
annual sinking fund
Angewandte System Technik
American Trucking Association
Advanced Test Engineering
Automatic Test Equipment
Actual total loss
Associate of Technical Studies
Air Waybill
American Welding Society
Account Of
Account Current
Air Conditioned
Accounts payable
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
After Date
Accrued Expenses
Also for
Above Ground Pool
Advice Note
Additional Premium
After Peak
After peak Tank
Aft perpendicular
All Purposes
Authority to pay
Accounts Receivable
All Risks
Account Sales
After Sight
At sight
Audio / Video
Actual weight
Address Bi
Application to Application
Administration to Consumer
Access to Information
Application to Person
Address 3
Address 4
A4 Quattro
A6 Quattro
A8 Quattro
Avant 4
Avant Quattro
Alliance for Affordable Internet
Advocates for International Development
Agriculture for Nutrition and Health
Accounting for Sustainability
Aid for Trade
Accepted for Value
Alliance for Wireless Power
Alpha Five Web
Address 7
Address 8
Abbreviated Analysis
Abbreviation for amino
Accelerated Approval
Acceptance Agent
Access Authorization
Access Authorisation
Accountable Area
Account Administrator
Account Allocation
Accounting Authority
Accuview Antialiasing
Acetic Anhydride
Acting Appointment
Activated Alumina
Activity Area
Adams Arms
Adjoint Administratif
Administering Agency
Administrative Agent
Administrative Approval
Administrative Assistant
Administration Authority
Administrative Assistants
Administrative Associate
Advance Agreement
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analysis
Advanced Apprenticeship
Adverse Action
Affirmative Action
Against Actuals
Against Actual
Airport Authority
Alabama Alaska
All Acronyms
Altered Assembly
Alternative Analysis
Alternatives Analysis
Always Accessible
Always Afloat
Ambient Air
American Academy of Actuaries
American Arbitration Association
American Atlantic
Analytical Accounting
Anchor Assembly
Anesthesiologist Assistants
Animal Aid
Ann Anderson
Anonymous Access
Appellate Authority
Application Activity
Appropriate Authority
Approximate Absolute
Aptitude Area
Area Administrator
Arithmetic Average
Arthur Andersen
Asset Accounting
Assets Accounting
Asset Allocation
Assistant Administrators
Assistant Administrator
Associate Administrator
Associate in Accounting
Associate of Arts
Associate of Art
Associates of Arts
at ActionAid
Atomic Absorption
Attainment Area
Attendance Allowance
Audible Audio
Audible audiobook
Audio Amplifier
Audit & Assurance
Audit and Assurance
Audit Agent
Audit Authority
Augusta Arsenal
Augustinians of the Assumption
Authentication and Authorization
Author's Alteration
Author alteration
Authors Alterations
Authorized Absence
Auto Attendant
Automated Attendant
Automatic Adjust
Automatic Answer
Average Audience
Aviation Authority
Arms, Ammunition and Explosives
Accountability and Assessment
Accra Agenda for Action
Accumulated Adjustment Account
Accumulated Adjustments Account
Acts as an
Adult Album Alternative
Advanced Academic Achievement
Advanced Audit and Assurance
Advanced Audit Assurance
Air Assist Airless
Air Assisted Airless
Alabama Accountability Act
American Academy of Actuaries
Anesthesia Administration Assembly
Armenian Agricultural Academy
Asset Adequacy Analyses
Asset Allocation Approach
Associate of Applied Arts
Association of Accounting Administrators
Association of Average Adjusters
Association of Administrative Assistants
Atlanta Apartment Association
Authentication and Accounting
Authentication, Accounting and Authorization
Authentication, Authorization, and Auditing
Authentication, Accounting, and Authorization
Authentication, Authorization and Access
Authorization, Authentication, and Accounting
Authorization, Authentication and Accounting
Automated Airline Assignment
American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants
Addis Ababa Action Agenda
Always Accessible Always Afloat
Always afloat and accessible
Always Afloat Always Accessible
All Aluminium Alloy Conductor
All Aluminium Alloy Conductors
All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
Atlantic Alliance of Aerospace and Defence Associations
Applied Academics for Adult Education
Associate of the Institutetute of Administrative Accountants
Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio
Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand
Asociación Argentina de Agencias de Viajes y Turismo
Associate of the Association of Accountancy Practitioners
Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences
Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority
Advanced Automotive Batteries
Albanian Association of Banks
Analytical Accreditation Board
Associate of Arts in Business
Asuransi Astra Buana
Authorized Agent Bank
Anne Arundel Bar Association
Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs
Association for Accountancy & Business Affairs
Advanced Automotive Battery Conference
Amsterdam American Business Club
Associated Air Balance Council
Aid to the Aged, Blind, and Disabled
Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled
Aid to the Aged, Blind or Disabled
African American Business Enterprise
Africa-Asian Business Forum
All Africa Business Leaders Awards
Alliance of Area Business Publications
Academic and Business Research Institute
Association of African Business Schools
Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana
Aam Admi Bima Yojana
Academic Advising Center
Accredited Agricultural Consultant
Acquisition Advice Code
Active Air Clean
Actual Acquisition Cost
Advance Audio Coding
Advanced Acoustic Concepts
Advanced Antivibration Components
Advanced Armament Corporation
Advanced Armament Co
Advanced Armament Corp
Advanced Automation Corporation
Advanced Audio Coder
Aerated Autoclaved Concrete
Aerated Autoclave Concrete
Affiliated Acceptance Corporation
Agricultural Adaptation Council
Agricultural Advisory Committee
Alaska Administrative Code
Alaska Aerospace Corporation
All Aluminium Conductor
All Aluminium Conductors
All Aluminum Conductor
Aluminium Association of Canada
Amino Acid Chelate
Anderson Alumni Council
anniversary of the Asian-African Conference
Annual Activity Certificate
Annual Allowable Cut
Application Authentication Cryptogram
Asian African Conference
Australian Accommodation Council
Autoclave Aerated Concrete
Average Acquisition Cost
Average Avoidable Cost
American Alliance of Creditor Attorneys
Associate of the Association of Certified Book-Keepers
Australian Association of Convention Bureaux
Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools
Afghan American Chamber of Commerce
Anne Arundel Community College
Avaya Aura Contact Center
American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
American Association of Crops Insurers
Association for Advancement of Cost Engineering
Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International
Application Access Controls Governor
Arizona Association of Chicanos for Higher Education
Accredited Appraiser, Canadian Institute
Accredited Appraiser, Canadian Institutetute
Alamo Area Council of Governments
American Alliance Certified Paralegal
Actual Average Cost Per Successful Mission
Autoritatea Aeronautica Civila Romana
American Association of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Officers
American Association of Colleges and Schools of Business
American Association of Classified School Employees
Automated Access Control System
Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business
Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business
Aluminum-Alloy Conductors, Steel Reinforced
American Association of Community Theatres
Arkansas Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus
Asian Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaux
Administrative Accompanying Document
Africa Aerospace and Defence
Africa Aerospace & Defence
Application Accounting Definition
Automotive Aftermarket Division
Abbreviated Antibiotic Drug Application
Asia Australia Discussion Agreement
Australian Automobile Dealers Association
Accountancy & Actuarial Discipline Board
Accountancy and Actuarial Discipline Board
Al Ain Distribution Company
American Association of Dental Consultants
Arizona Association of Defense Counsel
Automated Area Distribution Center
All About Developmental Disabilities
Association of African Development Finance Institutetutions
Alberta Aids to Daily Living
Anesthetic and Analgesic Drug Products Advisory Committee
Azure Active Directory Rights Management
Account Authority Digital Signature
Ameritech Advanced Data Services
Average Annual Daily Truck Traffic
Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship
Ahaus Alstätter Eisenbahn
Aircraft Armament Equipment
Arizona Archery Enterprises
Automobile Adaptive Equipment
American Agricultural Editors Association
Arkansas Advanced Energy Association
American Association of Exporters & Importers
Asosiasi Analis Efek Indonesia
Accounting and Auditing Releases
Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release
Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Releases
Advanced Authoring Format
Affordable Art Fair
African Agriculture Fund
All Aboard Florida
Asean Aceh Fertilizer
Asociatia Administratorilor de Fonduri
Asset Allocation Fund
Automatic Auto Finance
African Accounting and Finance Association
Association of Accountants, Financial Workers and Auditors
Andrews Air Force Base
Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Associate of the Association of Financial Controllers and Administrators
American Association of Feed Control Officials
Association of American Feed Control Officials
Army Air Force Exchange System
Associated Accounting Firms International
American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association
Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association
American Association of Foundations for Medical Care
Affirmative Action Group
Assistant Attorney General
Association of American Geographers
At A Glance
Audit and Accounting Guides
Audit and Accounting Guide
Award & Administration Guide
Award Administration Guide
Award and Administration Guide
Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School
Apartment Association of Greater Dallas
Administrative Analysis Grade Evaluation Guide
Annual Average Growth Rate
Average Annual Growth Rate
American Association of Handwriting Analysts
American Association of Hispanic CPAs
Al Ahli Holding Group
Alliance Against Hunger and Malnutrition
American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists
Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators
Accredited Adviser in Insurance
Accredited Advisor in Insurance
Accredited Advisor of Insurance
Airport Authority of India
Airports Authority of India
All Appropriate Inquiries
All Appropriate Inquiry
Arizona Automotive Institute
Asosiasi Advokat Indonesia
Austrian Aeronautics Industries
Automatic Accounting Instruction
Associate International Accountant
Associate of the Association of International Accountants
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week
Arab African International Bank
Associate of the Australian Institutetute of Bankers
Associate of the Australian Institute of Bankers
Airlangga Accounting International Conference
American Association of Insurance Management Consultants
Aviation Alliance Insurance Risk Retention Group
Asia Africa Intelligence Wire
Asosiasi Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia
Asosiasi Asuransi Jaminan Sosial Indonesia
All About Kids
Antragskalkulation auf Kostenbasis
Active Assisted Living
Add a Leaf
American Auto Logistics
Austral Asia Line
Alberta Association of Landscape Architects
Australian Amusement Leisure and Recreation Association
American Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences
Accountants And Actuaries Liaison Committee
African American Labor Center
Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee
Asian-African Legal Consultative Organization
Asian-African Legal Consultative Organisation
Advanced Area Lighting Group
Archival Association Leadership List
Adventure Activities Licensing Scheme
Association for Advanced Life Underwriting
Association of Advanced Life Underwriting
Aberdeen Asset Management
Advisors Asset Management
Alliance for Audited Media
Application Acceleration Manager
Application Access Management
Application Activity Model
Associated Asset Management
Associate in Automation Management
American Apparel Manufacture Association
American Architectural Manufacturing Association
American Association of Medical Assisting
Asosiasi Ahli Manajemen Asuransi Indonesia
Australian Association of Men Barbershop Singers
Accredited Association Management Company
Anne Arundel Medical Center
Acquisition And Assistance Management Divisionsion
Acquisition and Assistance Management Division
Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instruments
Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation
Airborne Asbestos Management And Monitoring Plan
American Association of Medical Personnel
Australian Association of Manutention Practitioners
Amtrak Accounting Materials And Purchasing System
Accredited Asset Management Specialist
Air Automated Manifest System
American Association for Medical Transcriptionists
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administration
Alternative Agriculture Network
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Application Aware Network Performance Management
Administrative Appeals Office
Administrative Appeal Office
Assistant Administrative Officer
Asst Administrative Officer
Assistant Accounts Officer
Assistant Accounts Officers
Average Age of Accounts
Abort All Open Exchanges
Aig Asian Opportunity Fund
Assistant Administrator Of Operations And Finance
Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutetutions
Asia Academy of Management
Always Afloat or Safe Aground
Abbreviated Acquisition Program
Adaptive Antenna Polarity
Adoption Assistance Program
Africa Adaptation Programme
Advance Auto Parts
Advanced Attachments Processor
Affirmative Action Plan
Affirmative Action Programs
Affirmative Action Plans
Affirmative Action Planning
All Access Pass
Amazon Advertising Platform
Annual Action Plan
Annual Action Programme
Annual Action Programmes
Aqua Accelerated Protocol
Ask A Professor
Associated Artists Productions
Association of Accountancy Practitioners
Automotive Association of the Philippines
Associate of the Association of Authorised Public Accountants
Advanced Acquisition Planning Board
Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools
Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools
Accounting and Auditing Policy Committee
Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier
American Academy of Professional Coders
American Association Of Paging Carriers
American Association of Professional Coders
Area Agency Program Coordinator
Adjusted Average Per Capita Cost
Adjusting Average Per Capita Cost
Albany Area Primary Health Care
American Association of Professional Landman
Asian Agricultural Products Ltd
Affirmative Action Program Planning
Affirmative Action Plans
Affirmative Action Programs
Average All-Pig Price
Average All Pig Price
Annualised Average Percentage Rate
American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration
Arable Area Payments Scheme
Academy of Applied Personal Training Education
Application Assistance Payment Unit
Academy of Aerospace Quality
Ambient Air Quality
Ambient Air Quality Standard
Accredited in Appraisal Review
Administrative Adjustment Request
Advanced Address Recognizer
Against All Risksiçin
Air America Radio
Appearance Approval Report
Apple Authorized Reseller
Approved Auto Repair
Asbestos Analysts Registry
Association Of Authors Representatives
Authority for Advanced Ruling
Authority of Advance Ruling
Authority on Advance Ruling
Average Accounting Return
Average Annual Return
Alberta Allied Roofing Association
Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
Alamo Area Resource Center
Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization
Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation
African Asian Rural Development Organization
Afro-Asian Rural Development Organization
Average Annual Rate of Growth
Advanced Anti Radiation Guided Missile
Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missiles
Asset Allocation Related Liability
Association Against Retired Persons
Approval, Adjustment and Reject Response
Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization
After Action Reviews
American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists
Accounting Advisory Services
Active Antenna System
Adaptive Antenna System
Administrative Assistant and Secretarial
Advanced Automation System
Advanced Automation Systems
Advisory and Assistance Services
Agro Advisory Services
Alternate Access to Station
Ambucore Ambulance Services
American Academy of Science
Appellate Authorities
Aquatic Agricultural Systems
Assisted Acquisition Services
Assisted Acquisition Service
Associate in Applied Science
Associate in Applied Sciences
Associate of Applied Science
Associate of Applied Sciences
Associates in Applied Science
Associates of Applied Science
Associate of Arts and Science
Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers
Attribute Authorities
Auditing & Assurance Standards
Australian Accounting Standard
Automated Accounting System
Airline Association of Southern Africa
Alabama Association of School Boards
Auditing and Assurance Standards Board
Australian Accounting Standards Board
American Association Of Schools And Colleges Of Business
Arkansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Asian Academy for Sports & Fitness Professionals
Amphibious And Afloat Support Group
Assurance Audit Services Group
Advanced Aerodynamics and Structures Inc
AME Assisted Special Issuance
Asset Advisory Services Inc
Arkansas Administrative Statewide Information System
Airline Allied Services Limited
Airac Adherence Stakeholder Meeting
Armement Air-Sol Modulaire
Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
Auditing and Assurance Standards Oversight Council
Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships
Apple Authorised Service Provider
Apple Authorized Service Provider
American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal
Australian Accounting Standards
Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport
Advanced Adhesive Technologies
Advanced Analog Technology
Advanced Aquarium Technologies
Advantage Aviation Technologies
AeroCool Advanced Technologies
Agrium Advanced Technologies
Airport Authority of Thailand
Armoured Assault Tank
Asia Airfreight Terminal
Associate of Arts in Teaching
Associate of Applied Technology
At All Times
Automated Acceptance Tests
Automatic Antenna Tracker
American Automobile Touring Alliance
Adobe Authorized Training Center
Apple Authorized Training Centers
Advanced Automatic Train Control
American Association Of Textile Chemists Colorists
American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists
African Agricultural Technology Foundation
Approved Authorised Treatment Facility
Adobe Approved Trust List
Association of African Trade Promotion
Authorized Academic Training Program
Austin Area Terminal railroad
Aerospace Auditor Transition Training
Arab Association of Tourism and Travel Agents
Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle
Academy of Art University
Addis Ababa University
Anand Agriculture University
Assam Agricultural University
Assigned Amount Unit
Assigned Amount Units
Asosiasi Asuransi Umum Indonesia
Average Assets under Management
American Association of University Professionals
Assigned Amount Units
All Activity Vehicle
Alternative Access Vendor
Alternative Accessible Version
American Association For Vocational Instruction Materials
American Association For Vocational Instituteuction Materials
Associate Administrator For Veterans Programs
Advanced Audio Visual Solutions
Automatic Add-Value Service
Asian American Women's Coalition
American Academy of Water Resource Engineers
Alliance To Abolish Workplace Surveillance
Aviation and Allied Workers Union
Antodaya Anna Yojana
Antyodaya Anna Yojana
Able Bodied
Above bridges
Accountant in Business
Accounting in Business
Adjustment Balances
Accreditation Body
Additions and Betterments
Administrative Bulletin
Administrative Burdens
Advanced Bond
Advisory Board
Aggregate Base
Agri Business
Aid To The Blind
Akron Barberton Cluster Railway
Allen Bradley
American Bureau
Angela Brown
Anggota Bursa
Anheuser Busch
Annual Budget
Apache Bench
Appellate Body
Applied Baccalaureate
Applied Biosystem
Arne Beurlings
Assembly Bill-Bill
Assembly Bill-Chaptered
Assembly Bill-Enrolled
Aurora Borealis
ausser Betrieb
Awarding Body
Acceptable Behaviour Agreement
Accredited Business Accountant
Accredited Business Advisor
Agile Business Analyst
Air Brake Association
Amateur Bodybuilding Association
American Bankers Assosiation
American Bar Associations
Associate of Business Administration
Associação Brasileira de Anunciantes
Australian Booksellers Association
Australian Business Access
Austrian Business Agency
l'American Bar Association
Australian Business Aircraft Association
APEC Business Advisory Council
Advanced Budget Accounting Control and Information System
Association of British Accountants in France
Asosiasi Broker Asuransi Indonesia
African Business Angels Network
Advance Business Application Programming
Advanced Business Application Program
Advanced Business Application Programming
Advanced Business Application and Programming
Associação Brasileira dos Agentes da Propriedade Industrial
Accredited in Business Appraisal Review
Aircraft Based Augmentation Systems
Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa
Advancement of Black Accountants in Southern Africa
American Bankers Association Securities Association
Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of South Africa
Associacao Brasileira de Agentes de Viagem
Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents
Able-Bodied Adult Without Dependents
Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents
Activity-Based Budgeting
Activity Based Budgeting
Akron & Barberton Belt
Akron-Barberton Belt railroad
Anybody But Bush
Application Building Block
Asea Brown Boveri
Asea Brown Boweri
Asean Brown Boveri
Asset Backed Bond
Association Belge des Banques
Association des Banques Belges
Australian Bed and Breakfast Council
Awarding Body for the Built Environment
Antigua and Barbuda Bureau of Standards
Aboriginal Business Canada
Acceptable Biological Catch
Access Benefit Consultants
Accredited Business Communicator
Achieving Behavioural Change
Acorn Business Computer
Active Body Control
Activity-based Costing
Activity-Based Cost
Activity Based Costing
Activity Based Cost
Activity Base Costing
Advanced Bar Code
Aerial Bundled Cables
Alberta Blue Cross
Alcohol Beverage Control
Alcoholic Beverage Control
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
All Blocks Covered
Allevatori Bufalini Casertani
Alliance for a Better Community
Almond Board of California
Always Be Closing
Always Be Creating
Always Better Control
Always Bring Cash
American Blood Commission
American Biogas Council
Amy's Baking Company
Anglo Belgian Corporation
Annual Business Conference
Anti-Bribery and Corruption
Anything But Chardonnay
Approved Budget for the Contract
Approved Budget for Contract
Arab Business Council
Ardeshir B. Cursetjee and Sons Limited
Arkansas Baptist College
Art Books Canada
Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
Associated British Corporation
Associated Broadcasting Company
Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative
Association of Biotechnology Companies
Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia
Audit Bureau of Circulations Inc.
Audit Bureau of Circulations
Audit Bureau of Circulation
Australian Broadcasting Corporation's
Automatic Bank Check
Automatic Brightness Control
American Business Communications Association
Australian Bus and Coach Association
Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission
Arab British Chamber of Commerce
Australian British Chamber of Commerce
Asian Business Case Centre
Association for Bridge Construction & Design
Association of Bridge Construction and Design
Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics
Advanced Business Certificate Examination
Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals
Advanced Blade Casting Facility
Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group
Automation and Bar Code Group
American Board of Certified Haircolorists
Association of Business Communicators of India
As Built Configuration List
Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors
Administrative Billing and Collections
Association of Bureau De Change Operators of Nigeria
Associate Business Continuity Professional
Associate Business Continuity Planner
Annual Bilateral Consultations
Application Business Connector Services
Application Business Connector Service
Audit Bureau of Circulations
Association of British Credit Unions
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
Associação Brasileira dos Criadores de Zebu
Aged, Blind & Disabled
Aged, Blind, Disabled
Aged, Blind and Disabled
Agri Business Division
Alcoholic Beverages Division
Already Been Done
Archives Be Damned
Associated Broadcasting Development Company
Australian Business Deans Council
Accessory Belt Drive System
Academy of Business Education
Alternative Basic Education
Application for Benefits Eligibility
Automated Barcode Evaluator
Annular Bearing Engineering Council
Annular Bearing Engineering Committee
Annular Bearing Engineers Committee
Associated Banks' of Europe Corporationration
Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
Academy of Business and Emerging Markets
Abnormal Ending
Aboriginal Business Education Program
Annual Branch Expansion Plan
Applied Business Economics Program
ABC Family
Air Blown Fiber
Aligned Business Framework
Americas Business Forum
Application By Forms
Asian Bond Fund
Associated British Foods
Annual Budget Funding Amount
Association of British Factors and Discounters
Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research
Advance Briefing For Industry
Alberta Business Family Institutetute
Alberta Business Family Institute
Area Budget and Fiscal Office
Association of Biotech Financial Officers
American Business Financial Services
Azores Bank Fracture Zone
Absolute Best Guaranteed
Ads by Google
African Barrick Gold
Alliance Benefit Group
Advanced Behavioral Health
Accreditation Bureau of Health Education Schools
American Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
Absolute Breadth Index
Advanced Baseline Imager
Allied Business Intelligence
American Business Initiative
Anita Borg Institute
Annual Business Inquiry
Applied Biosystems Inc
Architecture Billing Index
Area Based Initiatives
Association of Italian Bankers
Automated Broker Interface
Automated Brokerage Interface
Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority
Austin Bergstrom International Airport
Association of British Independent Accounting Firms
Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference
Aggregate Business Information Entity
American Board of Industrial Hygienists
Ag-Based Industrial Lubricants
Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers
Allowable business investment loss
Associate of the Bankers' Institutetute of New Zealand
Asset Based Income Program
Association of Bermuda Insurers & Reinsurers
Academy of Business in Society
Automated Biometric Identification System
Automated Biometrics Identification System
Automated Biometric Identification Systems
Automatic Biometric Identification System
Asosiasi Bank Kustodian Indonesia
Adaptive Bass Linearisation
Adaptive Business Leaders
Advanced Business Language
Always Be Learning
Application Behavior Learning
Asset-Based Lending
Asset Backed Lending
Asset Based Lending
Achieving a Better Life Experience
Association of Boston Law Librarians
Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine
Accountant's Business Manual
Active Block Mapping
Activity-Based Management
Activity Based Management
Advanced Battery Management
Advanced Biological Marketing
Agri-Business Management
Agri Business Management
Air Battle Manager
Akademi Binaan Malaysia
Alaska Business Monthly
Always Be Marketing
Asia Bond Monitor
Assistant Brand Manager
Assured British Meat
American Bearing Manufactures Association
Association of Business Managers and Administrators
American Belgian Malinois Club
Account Balance Management Function
Asian Bond Market Initiative
Asian Bond Markets Initiative
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Agent-based modeling and simulation
Academy of Business Management, Tourism & Research
Advance Beneficiary Notification
Advance Beneficiary Notice
Advanced Beneficiary Notice
Asia Business News
Australian Bookkeepers Network
Andy Burnett Narrowboat Brokerage
Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd
American Board of Neuroscience Nursing
American Board of Opticianry
Associacao Brasileira de Normas Tecnicas
Accelerated Benefit Option
Applied Benefits Option
Accounting, Behavior, and Organizations
Accumulated Benefit Obligation
Adaptive Binary Optimization
Admin Base Object
Algae Biomass Organization
As brokers only
Authorities Budget Office
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago
Academic Business Officers Group
American Board for Occupational Health Nurses
American Board for Occupational Health Nursing
Arizona Board of Regents
Al Basra Oil Terminal
American Board of Trial Advocacy
American Board of Trial Attorneys
Academic Bridge Program
Accelerated Bridge Program
Activity-Based Planning
Address Book Policy
Address Book Provider
Alternative Benefit Plan
Ananda Bazar Patrika
Animal By-Products
Associated British Ports
Automated Business Power
Automatic Bill Payment
Automatic Budget Postings
Average-Benefit Percentage
Auto Body Parts Association
Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries
Associação Brasileira de Propriedade Intelectual
Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Africa Biogas Partnership Programme
Address Based Population Registration System
Associação Brasileira de Química
American Board of Quality Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians
Accelerated Benefit Rider
Adaptive Bit-Rate
Adaptive Bit Rate
Africa Business Roundtable
Answer Bid Ratio
Athens line
Audio Broadcast Receiver
Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration
African Biofuel and Renewable Energy Company
Ahmed Bin Rashid Free Zone
Automotive Body Repair News
Air Bag Restraint System
Accreditation Bodies
Acrylonite Butadiene Styrene
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Acrylonitrile Butadine Styrene
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styren
Acrylonitrile-butadiene Styrene
Acylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Adarsh Business School
Advanced Benefit Strategies
Air Brake System
Alabama Southern railroad
All Blacks
Alternative Business Structure
Alternative Business Structures
Alto Broadcasting System
American Breeders Service
American Bureau of Shipbuilding
Amity Business School
Arnhem Business School
Asian Business School
Aston Business School
Anti-Bumping System
Appointment Booking System
Asia Broadcast Satellite
Asset-backed Security
Asset-Backed Securities
Asset-Backed Securitization
Asset Backed Securities
Asset Backed Security
Asset Back Security
Atlas Business Solutions
Auto Balance System
Auto Battery Switching
Automated Billing System
Automated Bond System
Automotive Business School of Canada
Agri-Business Support Facility
Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project
Automated Business Services System
Aboriginal Study Assistance Scheme
Always Be Testing
Applied Business Technology
Availability Based Tariff
Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority
Airman Battle Uniform
Airman Battle Uniforms
Asian Broadcasting Union
Automotive Business Unit
Automated Breast Ultrasound System
Accreditation in Business Valuation
Accredited Business Valuation
Accredited in Business Valuation
Accredited in Business Valuations
Assertion-Based Verification
Assertion Based Verification
American Board of Vascular Medicine
Automated Best Value System
Activity Based Working
Adult Benefits Waiver
Agresso Business World
Accountancy Bodies in West Africa
Advanced Boiling Water Reactor
Advanced Boiling Water Reactors
Advanced Boiling Water Reactors
Academic Competitiveness
Accelerator Centre
Acceptable Content
Acceptance Criteria
Access Card
Access Carrier
Access Control
Access Controller
Access Controllers
Accession Countries
Account Code
Account Consignor
Account Current
Ace chassis
Action Codes
active carbon
Active Components
Activity Customer
Actual Cost
Actual Costs
Actual Count
Adapter & Cables
Adapter & Cord
Adapter, Cable
Adapter Cable
Adapter and Cord
Adapter Camera
Adapter Car
Adapter Charging
Adapter Cord
adaptor, Car
Adapter Charger
Adapter Chargers
Adapters & Chargers
Adaptor Charger
Adaptors & Chargers
Adapter Color
Adapter Compatible
Adapter Compatibility
Adapter Connector
Adapter Connectors
Adaptor Connector
Adapter for Canon
Adaptor Converts
Adjustment Calculation
Adjustment Center
Administrative Control
Admission Control
Air Control
Air Controller
Advanced Conveyor
Agency Coordinator
Air Con
Air Condition
Air Conditioned
Air Cooled
Air Coolers
Air Cooling
Air compressor
Air Curtain
Airline Checkable
Akademikernes Centralorganisation
Alachua County
Alerting Channel
Alerts Configuration
Algoma Central
All-Terrain Crane
All Call
All Country
Allis Chalmers
Allowable Cost
Allowed Containers
Alternative Care
Alternative Current
American College
Analysis Center
Analysis Centers
Analytical Controls
Andersen Consulting
Android Central
Android continue
Angelina College
Appeals Council
Application Cryptogram
Application Control
Arc Cutting
Area Commissioner
Arizona Coyotes
Armored Cable
Arms Control
Arts & Crafts
Arts and Communications
Asbestos Cement
Ashtabula Campus
assembly Category
Assembly Complete
Assesment Center
Assessment Centre
Assessment Center
Assigned Channel
Assigned Channels
Assistant Camera
Assistant Controller
Associate Consultant
Associazione Calcio
Atmosphere Control
Attendant Console
Attribute Certificate
Audit Commission
Audit Committee
Authentication Code
Auto Carrier
Auto Check
Automatic clutch
Automatic Computer
Autoridade Certificadora
Auxiliary Contact
Average Cost
Advanced Communications & Media
Advanced Concepts and Technologies
Akron, Canton and Youngstown Railroad
Advisory Circulars
Accessory Charger Adapter
Accountable Care Act
Accreditation Council for Accountancy
Accredited Claims Adjuster
Adaptive Conjoint Analysis
Additional Central Assistance
Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship
Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act's
Afordable Care Act
African Capital Alliance
African Cashew Alliance
Beneficial owner
Bahamian dollar
Bermuda dollar
Brunei dollar
Boston & Albany
Badger & Blade
Bed & Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast
Bath & Body Works
Bath and Body Works
Billing and Collection
Building and Contents
Business & Economics Society International
Budget and Finance
Business and Finance
Baby & Family Care
Bell & Gossett
Bath and Hammondsport Railroad
Benson And Hedges
Business and Industry
Bruel & Kjaer
Brüel & Kjær
Bessemer & Lake Erie
Bessemer and Lake Erie
Boiler and Machinery
Boston & Maine
Boston and Maine Railroad
Brick & Mortar
Brick and Mortar
Bricks & Mortar
Bricks and Mortar
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Barnes & Noble
Barnes and Noble
Baltimore and Ohio
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Bang & Olufsen
Business and Occupation
Bid & Proposal
Boiler and Pressure Vessel
Bait & switch
Brown & Sharpe
Black & Veatch
Bowers & Wilkins
Bowers and Wilkins
Brown & Williamson
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Art
Bachelor of the Arts
Bachelors of Arts
Bar Admissions
Business Administration
Business Admin
Business Analytics
Business and Accounting
Bachelor of Applied Arts
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
Battery Assist Device
Bachelor of Arts in Education
Bunker Adjustment Factor
Bureau of Automotive Repair
Bundesdeutschen Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management
Break Bulk
Better Business Bureau
Branch of the Canadian
British Columbia
British Columbia's
Business Council
Bachelor of Computer Applications
Bolt Circle Diameter
Bachelor of Civil Law
Bachelor of Computer Science
Bills Discounted
Both Dates Included
Bank of England
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Bachelor of Engineering Technology
Bachelor of General Studies
Bill of Health
Bordeaux & Hamburg
Business Intelligence
Business Initiative Directions
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Bachelor of Information Technology
Bill of Lading
Bachelor of Musical Arts
Branch Office
Broker's Order
Buyer's option
Better Online Solutions
Board of Directors
Between perpendiculars
Bills Payable
Boiling Point
By procuration
Bachelor of Public Administration
Business Process Analysis
Bon Pour Francs
Bank Rate
Bills Receivable
Bernard Richards Manufacture
Bills Receivable
Boiler survey
Bunker Surcharge
Business, summa
Bottom sediment and water
Bachelor of Science in Business
Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service
British Standards Institution
British Summer Time
Berth terms
Besloten Vennootschap
Book Value
Panamanian balboa
Bills for Collection
Banker's Draft
Barrels Per Day
Barrels per hour
Brought down
Bill of Entry
Bill Of Exchange
Both Ends
Break even
Brought forward
Business/Financial Management Trainee
Bill of Lading
Booking Note
Brought Over
Bulk/oil carrier
Bills Payable
Bills Receivable
Bordeaux of Rouen
Balance Sheet
Bill of Sale
Buy After Sell Limit Order
Book value
Business to Administration
B2B Business B2B
Back to Back
Back to Basics
Bride to Be
Business 2 Business
Business to Business
Business to business B2C
Business to Bussiness
Busines To Business
Business to Business to Consumer
Business-to-Business Marketing
Business to Consumer
Business to Consumers
Business to Customer
Business to Customers
Business to Citizen
Business to consumer commerce
Backup to Disk
Business To Employees
Business to Employee
Business to Government
Bridges 2 Health
Business to Manufacturing Markup Language
Bottle to Pen
Boarding 4 Breast Cancer
Boarding For Breast Cancer
Business for the Environment
Broadband for the Rural North
Bachelor's of Arts
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of the Arts
Bachelors of Arts
Balanced Armature
Balancing Authority
Bandwidth Allocator
Banker's acceptances
Bankruptcy Act
Basic Agreement
Bay Area
Beneficiary Assessment
Benefits Agency
Beschaffung Aktuell
Bigelow Aerospace
Biological Agent
Biological Assessments
Bolt Action
Boltzmann Annealing
Brand Ambassador
Breathing Air
Breathing Apparatus
Broadband Access
Budget Adjustment
Budget Administration
Budget and Accounts
Bundesagentur für Arbeit
Bus Admin
Business Administration
Business Administration-Accounting
Business Administration-Management
Business Analytics
Business Analysis
Business Analyst
Business Analysts
Business and Accounting
Business Associate
Business Associates
Butyl Acetate
Butyl Acrylate
Business Analytics & Strategy
Business After 5
Brodmann area 8
Bachelor of Applied Arts
Basic Ambulance Assistant
Biro Administrasi Akademik
British Accounting Association
British Airports Authority
British Animation Awards
Broad Agency Announcements
Broad Area Announcement
Broad Area Announcements
Business Action for Africa
Business Administration Accounting
Business Area Analysis
Business Associate Agreement
Business Associates Agreement
Business Associate Agreements
Business Associate Agreements
Budget Apportionment Allotment Allowance and Database System
Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives
Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives
Board of Accreditation of Accountancy Educational Courses
Big Area Additive Manufacturing
Blackstone Alternative Asset Management
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science
Broad Agency Announcements
Business Application Administrators
Bahrain Association of Banks
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Bar Association of Baltimore City
Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
Business Analysis Book of Knowledge
Business Analyst Body of Knowledge
British Association of Barbershop Singers
British Approvals Board for Telecommunications
British Approvals Board of Telecommunications
British Approval Boards for Telecommunications
British Approval Board for Telecommunications
Care Baby Care
Baltimore Air Coil
Baltimore Aircoil Company
Baryshnikov Arts Center
Baseline at Completion
Battersea Arts Centre
Bay Area Council
Beijing Arbitration Commission
Belmont Abbey College
Benefits Advisory Committee
Bids and Awards Committee
Billing Action Code
Bindon Aiming Concept
Brain Attack Coalition
Branch Address Calculator
Brewers Association of Canada
Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Bricklayers and Allied Craft
Briggs Automotive Company
British Aircraft Company
British Athletes Commission
Budget Advisory Committee
Business Advisory Committee
Budget at Completion
Budget at Complete
Budgeted At Completion
Buffalo Athletic Club
Business Accounting Council
Business Action Center
Business Advisory Center
Business Assistance Center
Business Availability Center
Business Advisory Council
Business Associate Contract
By Any Chance
Bay Area Climate Collaborative
Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre
Business Analysis Core Concept Model
Bangladesh Association of Call Center & Outsourcing
British Association of Conference Destinations
Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
Bay Area Compliance Laboratories
Best Available Control Measures
Best Available Control Measure
Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
Business Affairs & Consumer Protection
Bank Automated Clearing System
Bankers' Automated Clearing Services
Bankers' Automated Clearing Service
Bay Area Community Services
Business Against Crime South Africa
Best Achievable Control Technology
Best Available Control Technology
Best Available Control Technologies
British Amusement Catering Trades Association
Bangor Area Comprehensive Transportation System
Bad As Designed
Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento
Before and After Demo
Best Available Data
Best Available Evidence
Bikers Against Diabetes
Biological Assessment Dossier
Broken As Designed
Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
Business Accounting Deliberation Council
Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology
Border Area Development Programme
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Biro Administrasi Efek
Bureau of Agricultural Economics
Black Alliance for Educational Options
Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
Biosecurity Authority of Fiji
British Abrasives Federation
British Athletic Federation
British Athletics Federation
Bunker Adjustment Factor
Bunkerage Adjustment Factor
Bussan Auto Finance
British Accounting and Finance Association
British Arts Festivals Association
British Approvals for Fire Equipment
Building African Financial Markets
Best and Final Offers
Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards
Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards
Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade
Business Advisory Group
British Agricultural & Garden Machinery Association
Booz-Allen and Hamilton
Booz Allen Hamilton
Belize Agricultural Health Authority
British Association of Hospitality Accountants
Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership
Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers
Bank Administration Institutetute
Bank Administrative Institutetute
Bank Administrative Institute
Bertelsmann Asia Investments
Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
Build, Acquire and Implement
Bureau of Animal Industry
Business Attributes Inventory
Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation
Bay Area International Development Organizations
Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation
British Association of Investigators and Process Servers
Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass
Bachelor of Academic Laws
Bajaj Auto Limited
Benefits Administration Letter
Branch and Link
Business Action Language
Business Application Language
Business and Liberal Arts
Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals
Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions
Bachelor of Arts in Management
Balanced Air Movement
Bank Al-Maghrib
Baseball Advanced Media
Benefit Accuracy Measurement
Blacks at Microsoft
Block Accounts Manager
Block Attribute Modifier
Books A Million
Brand Asset Management
British Academy of Management
Brookfield Asset Management
Business Activity Monitoring
Business Activity Monitor
Business Activity Model
Business Administration and Management
Business Application Modernization
Business as Mission
Convertible marks
British Art Market Federation
Basic Acrylic Monomer Manufacturers
Ban Asbestos Network
Bank anticipation notes
Basel Action Network
Benefit Advisors Network
Billing Account Number
Billing Account Numbers
Breath Actuated Nebulizer
Broadband Access Network
Budget Advocacy Network
Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody
Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone
Built Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody
Ban Asbestos Network of India
Bioenergy Alliance Network of the Rockies
Bond Anticipation Notes
Business Angel Network South East Asia
Business Analyst Online
Business Analytics and Optimization
Bandwidth Allocation Protocol
Bandwidth Analyzer Pack
Bankruptcy Appellate Panel
Battery-Assisted Passive
Battery Assisted Passive
Best Aquaculture Practices
Beta Alpha Psi
Boiler Auxiliaries Plant
Business Acceleration Program
Business Auto Policy
Bilingual Articulation and Phonology Assessment
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act
Baden Pelaksana Pasar Modal
Biometric Application Program Interface
Biometric Application Programming Interface
Business Application Programming Interface
Business Application Programming Interfaces
Business Application Programming Interfaces
Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Ltd
Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited
British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies
British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies
Badan Arbitrase Pasar Modal Indonesia
Base Army Post Office
Biodiversity Action Plans
British Association of Private Security Companies
Better Air Quality
Bureau of Air Quality
Backup Archive & Restore
Best Available Rate
Billing & Accounts Receivable
Billing and Accounts Receivable
British Accreditation Registry
Broadhead Adapter Ring
Bureau of Agricultural Research
Bureau of Agriculture Research
Bureau of Automotive Repair
Bureau of Auto Repair
Board of Airline Representatives of Australia
British Automation and Robot Association
Broadcasters Audience Research Board
Baba Atomic Research Centre
Bay Area Research Center
Bhaba Atomic Research Centre
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council
Bangladesh Agriculture Research Council
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
Broadcast Audience Research Council
Business Application Research Center
Best Available Retrofit Control Technology
Binational Agricultural Research and Development
British Association of Record Dealers
Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority
Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority
Business Agreement Request Data Sheet
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
British Association of Road Races
Baseline Accounting and Reporting System
Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale
Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales
Behaviorally Anchored Rating System
Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale
Bid Analysis and Reporting System
Biodiversity Action Reporting System
Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa
Bay Area Regional Transit
Broome Airport Relocation Team
Berks Area Reading Transportation Authority
bachelor in applied science
Bachelor of Administrative Studies
Balancing Authorities
Barbados Agricultural Society
Basic Accounting System
Budget Accounting System
Basic Activity Subset
Basic Allowance for Subsistance
Basic Allowance for Sustenance
Belt-driven Alternator Starter
Benefit Auctioneer Specialist
Beogradska Autobuska Stanica
Berthing Aid System
Board for Actuarial Standards
Branch And Store
Broadband Access System
Bureau of Agricultural Statistics
Business Activity Statement
Business Activity Statements
Business Activity Services
Business Advice Service
Business Address Services
Business Advisory Subcommittee
Business Advisory Services
Business Analysts
Business and Administrative Services
Business Angel Scheme
Business Applications Solutions
Business Associates
Business and Arts South Africa
Business Alliance for Secure Commerce
Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition
British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors
Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy
Business Action for Sustainable Development
Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy
Baseline Assessment for Security Enhancement
Business, Accounting and Skills Education
Buyer Attitudes and Sales Experience
British Approvals Service for Electric Cables
British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres
Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students
Background Affiliation Status Information Center
Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category
Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category
Bill's Attempt to Seize Industry Control
Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories
Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories
Behavior Analysis Safety Improvement Categories
Behavior Analysis & Safety Improvement Categories
Business Access to State Information and Services
Business Action to Support the Information Society
British Association for Sport and Law
Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association
Black and Azov Seas Ports Association
Business Administration Student Society
Best Available and Safest Technologies
Best Available and Safest Technology
Bachelor of Applied Technology
Basic Agent Training
Basketball Arbitral Tribunal
Beit-Alfa Technologies
Best Available Technologies
Best Available Techniques
Best Available Technique
Best Available Treatment
Bloomberg Aptitude Test
Bloomberg Assessment Test
Breath Alcohol Technician
Breath Alcohol Testing
British American Transfer
Buoyant Airborne Turbine
Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
Bureau of Apprenticeship Training
Business Activity Tax
Bay Area Toll Authority
Bay Area Transit Consultants
Bangalore Agenda Task Force
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives
Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement
Best Alternative to a Negotiation Agreement
Best available techniques not entailing excessive cost
Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost
Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Costs
Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Costs
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations
Best Available Techniques
Best Available Technologies
Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems
Business As Usual
Industriegewerkschaft Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt
Brand Asset Valuator
Bay Area Video Coalition
Bells And Whistles
Bay Area Wireless Users Group
Burlington Air Express
Bay Line Railroad
Bachelor of Business
Balfour Beatty
Ballast bonus
Bandwidth Broker
Bandwidth Brokers
Bangladesh Bank
Bar Bound
Bare Boat
Base Benefits
Baseboard Heat
Battery Battery
Beauty Balm
Bed and Breakfast
Beginning Balance
Below Bridges
Berlinetta Boxer
Big Bets
Bill Book
Black Belt
Black Berry
Black Body
Black Burst
Block Bucket
Blood Bank
Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Band
Bolted Bonnet
branded business
Bright Blue
Buckingham Branch Railroad
Buildings and Bridges
Bukit Bintang
Bulbous Bow
Bumble Bee
Buyer's bank
Bolt, Beranek and Newman
Bolt Beranek and Newman
Bye Bye For Now
Bachelor Business Administration
Bachelor in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelors in Business Administration
Bachelors of Business Administration
Balanced Budget Act
Balanced Budget Amendment
Bangladesh Bridge Authority
Bank Bribery Act
Belgian Bankers' Association
Belgian Bankers Academy
British Bankers' Association
British Bankers' Association.
Belgian Bioindustries Association
Birmingham Business Alliance
British Board of Agreement
British Business Awards
Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance
British Bankers' Association Interest Rates and Currency Swaps
British Bankers Association Interest Settlement Rate
British Bankers' Association Interest Settlement Rate
Babcock & Brown Aircraft Management
Basic Bank Account Number
Bachelor of Business Administration in Retail Operations
Borrower-Based Academic Year
Bank Board Bureau
Banker's Blanket Bond
Bankers' Blanket Bond
Before Breaking Bulk
Berkeley Berry Birch
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureaus
Better Business Bureau's
Better Business Burea
Burn Baby Burn
Busy Beyond Belief
Bye Bye Baby
British Boxing Board of Control
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
Better Business Bureaus
Bangkok Bank of Commerce
Better Business Cases
Better Business Case
Big Block Chevy
Billionaire Boys Club
Boston Beer Company
British Broadcasting Corporation
British Broadcasting Company
British Broadcast Corporation
British Broadcasting Corportation
British Broadcasting Corp
Building Business Capability
Bumper to Back of Cab
Business Boomers Coffee
Business Breakfast Club
Billy Blue College of Design
British Business Club in Ukraine
Bank Bumi Daya
Barbadian or Bajan Dollar
Barbados Dollar
Bigger Better Deal
Bachelor of Business Economics
Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystems Conservation
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
Bureau of Business and Economic Research
Basic Business Finance
Big Block Ford
Bolsa Brasileira de Futuros
Bay of Bengal Gateway
Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Brown Brothers Harriman
Behavior Based Interviewing
Berlin-Brandenburg International
Berlin Brandenburg International
Bio-based Industries
Basic Business Information Entity
Broad Band Installation Group
Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal
Bachelor of Business Information Systems
Bachelor of Business & Information Technology
Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Business and Information Technology
Babson Business Journal
Black Business Journal
Big Band Jump
Boston Business Journal
Budapest Business Journal
Bursa Berjangka Jakarta
Businesspersons Between Jobs
Big Brake Kit
Balgzand Bacton Line
Bank Bruxelles Lambert
Black Box Logistics
Blocked Bidder List
Bond Beter Leefmilieu
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum
Bachelor in Business Management
Bachelor of Business Management
Bad Block Management
BlackBerry Messenger
Break Before Make
Bulk Business Mail
Bureau of Broadcast Measurement
BadrEldin Babkir Mukhtar Musa
Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike
Blood Bank Management System
Bolt, Beranek and Newman
Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
Bolt, Beranek & Newman
Bolt, Beranek, Newman
Bolt Baranek and Newman
Bolt Beranek & Newman
Bolt Beranek and Newman
Bolt Beranek Newman
Bristol Bay Native Corporation
Bharat Broadband Network Limited
Bangladesh Bank Order
Best Bid/Best Offer
Best Bid Offer
Business and Biodiversity Offsets Programme
Blue Book Online Services
Bed and Breakfast Provisions
Best Business Practice
Better Buying Power
Bruto Binnenlands Product
Business-to-Business Procurement
Business Blue Print
Better Be Quick
Bureau of Business Research
Balanced Budget Refinement Act
Bravo Brio Restaurant Group
British Beet Research Organisation
Beyond Budgeting Round Table
Bachelor in Business Studies
Bachelor of Business Studies
Bachelors in Business Studies
Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
Bar Bending Schedule
Baton Broadcast System
Behavior-Based Safety
Behavioral Based Safety
Behavior Based Safety
Behavioural Based Safety
Behaviour Based Safety
Big Broadcast Survey
Broker Benefit Solutions
Bronze Bauhinia Star
Bulletin Board Service
Bulletin Board Sets
British Blind and Shutter Association
Black Business Supplier Development Programme
Black Business Student Forum
Barrett Business Services Inc
Barrett Business Services, Inc
Bournemouth Business School International
Balkan and Black Sea Petroleum Association
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council
Broker Booth Support System
Bid Bond Service Undertaking
Bank Bill Swap Bid Rate
Bare Board Testing
Bare Board Test
Best Beschikbare Technieken
Big Bore Throttle Body
Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions
Backup Battery Unit
Battery Back-up Unit
Battery Backup Unit
Bharat Bhari Udyog Nigam Limited
Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions
Bolivian Stock Exchange
Bolsa Boliviana de Valores
Bath & Body Works
Belgian Blue Whetstone
Build-A-Bear Workshop
Battery-Backed Write Cache
Battery Backed Write Cache
Best Boats Yachting
Besluit bijstandverlening zelfstandigen
Back Cover
Baja California
Baking Contrast
Bank Clearing
Bank connection
Bank of Canada
Bare Copper
Barron County
Base Curve
Basic Check
Basic Controller
Basic Control
Basis Component
Basis Components
Battery Charger
Bayonet Cap
Beam Clamp
Bearing Chile
Beauty Care
Before Computers
Behaving Cat
Bella Coola
Bellevue College
Beneficial owner as Custodian
Benefit Categories
Betty Crocker
Bills for Collection
Billing Center
Binary Counter
Black Creek
Blue Cross
Board Camp
Board Computer
Board Certified
Bolt Circle
Bolted Cap
bolted cover
Branch Cache
Branch Chief
Branch Chiefs
Brandenburg Capital
Bravo Concealment
British Channel
British Colombia
British Columbian
British Columba
Broward College
Brunswick Corporation
Brunswick Corp
Bryan Cave
Budgetary Control
Budget Constraint
Budgeted Cost
Buffalo Creek
Buffing Compound
Building And Construction
Bulk Cargo
Buoyancy Compensator
Business Case
Business Class
Business Catalyst
Business Center
Business Collection
Business Component
Business Copy
Business Configuration
Business Constituency
Business Continuity
Business Council
Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
Business Components for Java
Bachelor of Commerce and Administration
Bank Credit Analyst
Bedrijfs Cultureel Abonnement
Benefit-Cost Analysis
Benefit Cost Analysis
Board Certified in Annuities
Boeing Commercial Airplanes
Budget Control Act
Bus and Coach Association
Business Capability Architecture
Business Case Analysis
Business Case Analyses
Business Certified Appraiser
Business Computer Applications
Business Critical Applications
Business Consumer Alliance
Business Council of Australia
Board Certified in Asset Allocation
Branched-chain amino acids
Branched Chain Amino Acids
Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst
Broward County Aviation Department
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group
British Columbia Arbitration and Mediation Institute
Biomass Crop Assistance Program
British Code of Advertising Practice
Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice
Best's Capital Adequacy Ratio
British College of Applied Studies
British Compressed Air Society
British Columbia Agritourism Association
British Columbia AgriTourism Alliance
Business Continuity Awareness Week
Bed and Continental Breakfast
Brisbane Convention Bureau
Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires
Bon Chic, Bon Genre
Bon Chic Bon Genre
Bar Coded Boarding Passes
Bar Coded Boarding Pass
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's
Blue Cross & Blue Shield
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee
Banker, Charnes and Cooper
Banque Centrale de Compensation
Barakat Computer Consulting
Behavioral Change Communication
Behavior Change Communications
Bellevue Community College
Bergen Community College
Benue Cement Company
Berliner Congress Centre
Billing and Customer Care
Billing Currency Code
Billing Cycle Code
Biocides Consultative Committee
Biometrics Consortium Conference
Blantyre City Council
Bulawayo City Council
Blocked Call Cleared
Board Certified Coach
Board of County Commissioners
Boeing Capital Corporation
Boise Cascade Company
Boise Cascade Co
Breast Cancer Care
British Chamber of Commerce
British Chambers of Commerce
British Coal Corporation
Broadcast Call Control
Bump Chip Carrier
Burlington County College
Business Communication Center
Business Conduct Commission
Business Conduct Committee
Business Continuity Coordinator
Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Baltimore City Community College
Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce
Baltimore Computer Conference and Exposition
Business Continuity Certified Expert
Bandung Creative City Forum
British Columbia Community Forest Association
Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
British Columbia Council for International Education
British Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Borneo Convention Centre Kuching
Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited
Bharat Coking Coal Ltd
Bharat Coking Coal Limited
Bharat Cooking Coal Limited
Belgian Coordinated Collections of Microorganisms
Business Crisis and Continuity Management
Bangladesh Center for Communication Programs
Business Continuity and Contingency Plans
Business Continuity Certified Planner
Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator
Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professional
Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund
Board of Commissioners of Currency, Singapore
Border Crossing Cards
British Chamber of Commerce in Spain
Business Consulting & Client Services division
Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program
Banking Control Department
Barcelona Centro de Diseño
Basic Customs Duty
Bistable Cholesteric Displays
Bolt Circle Diameter
Buoyancy Compensator Device
Buoyancy Control Device
Business Computer Design
Business Cooperation Database
Bases and Conversion Development Authority
Bases Conversion and Development Authority
Bay Conservation and Development Commission
Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments
Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution
Bahrain Chamber of Dispute Resolution
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Buoyancy Control Devices
Baltimore City Department of Social Services
Banca Centrală Europeana
Baseline Cost Estimate
Beijing Commodity Exchange
Bermuda Commodities Exchange
Bell Canada Enterprises
Bergbau, Chemie, Energie
Bing Crosby Enterprises
Blue Cash Everyday
Board Certified in Estate
Board Certified In Estate Planning
Board Certified Entomologist
Board of Customs and Excise
Broadcasting Center Europe
Budapest Commodity Exchange
Business and Community Engagement
Business Class Email
Business Commitment to the Environment
Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
Business & Community Economic Development
Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Engineer
Brocade Certified Ethernet Fabric Professional
Beijing Construction Engineering Group
Building Codes Effectiveness Grading Schedule
Bonanza Creek Energy Inc
Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis
Barre City Elementary and Middle School
Business Coalition for Education Reform
Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference
Bead and Crevice Free
Better Care Fund
Big Cloud Fabric
Billion Cubic Feet
Boating Camping Fishing
Breast Cancer Foundation
Burlington Coat Factory
Business Coalition for Fair Competition
Brocade Certified Fabric Designer
Brocade Certified Fabric Professional
Barakat Consulting Group
Boston Consulting Group
Boston Consultancy Group
Beijing Capital Group
Board for Certification of Genealogists
Bolt Carrier Group
Boston Consulting Group's
Buffalo Computer Graphics
Brunswick Commercial and Government Products
Brunswick Commercial & Government Products
Biosafety Clearing-House
Biosafety Clearing House
British Columbia Hydro
Beach Cities Health District
Bureau of Community Health Services
Banco de Credito e Inversiones
Barnard Chemical Information
Basic Capabilities Index
Bat Conservation International
Battery Council International
Behavioral Coaching Institute
Business Coaching Institute
Bell Canada International
Better Cotton Initiative
Broadcasting Commission of Ireland
Business and Community Interaction
Business Climate Index
Business Confidence Index
Business Competitiveness Index
Business Continuity Institute
Business Cycle Indicators
Byte Code Instrumentation
Birmingham Construction Industry Authority
Brown Coal Innovation Australia
Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Bangalore Chambers of Industry and Commerce
Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation
British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre
Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation
Bangladesh, China, India and Myanmar
Brainbench Certified Internet Professional
Build in Canada Innovation Program
Bachelor in Computer Information System
Business Computer Information Systems
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Business Council for International Understanding
Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange
Bachelor of Criminal Justice
Bank Capability Letter
Bank Comfort Letter
Bank Confirmation Letter
Binary Code License
Business Capability Lifecycle
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
Business Civic Leadership Center
British Columbia Land Surveyor
Billion Cubic Meters
Billion cubic metres
Board Certified in Mutual
Bow to Center Manifold
Branch Circuit Monitoring
Bravo Company Manufacturing
Bus Converter Module
Business-Centric Methodology
Business Centric Methodology
Business Centric-Methodology
Business Capacity Management
Business Change Manager
Business Contact Manager
Business Communications Manager
Business Communication Management
Business Communication Manager
Business Communications Management
Business Continuity Management
British Columbia Museum Association
British Columbia Medical Association
British Cable Makers Confederation
Beverage Can Makers Europe
Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps
British Columbia Museum of Mining
Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality
Board for Correction of Military Records
British Cattle Movement Service
Business Continuity Management System
Business Continuity Management Systems
Banco Central de Nicaragua
Batch Clearance Notice
Berkshire County Network
Blue Care Network
Business Center North
Brocade Certified Network Designer
Brocade Certified Network Engineer
Business Council on National Issues
Brocade Certified Network Professional
Board for Correction of Naval Records
Board for Corrections of Naval Records
Board of Correction of Naval Records
Ballast Control Operator
Bank Companies ordinance
Bargain Catalog Outlet
Base Communications Office
Beneficial Cargo Owner
Beneficial Cargo Owners
Bristol Community Organization
Bituminous Coal Operators Association
Biometric Center of Excellence
Ball Commercial Platform
Ball Configurable Platform
Basel Core Principles
Bağımsız Cumhuriyet Partisi
Best Common Practice
Best of Corporate Publishing
Blood Centers of the Pacific
Blue Cash Preferred
Board Certified Practitioner
Broadband Current Probe
Brownfield Cleanup Program
Bulk-Copy Program
Bulk Copy Program
Bureau of Consumer Protection
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Plans
Business Continuity Program
Business Contingency Planning
British Crop Protection Council
British Crop Production Council
Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics
Badruka College Post Graduate Centre
Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Limited
Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
Brahmaputra Cracker & Polymer Limited
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited
Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Ltd
Brahmaputra Crackers and Polymers Ltd
British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program
Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Business Continuity Plans
Banco Central de Reserva
Bar Code Reader
Basic Capital Requirements
BC Rockies Tourism
Benefit-Cost Ratio
Benefit/Cost Ratio
Benefit Cost Ratio
Benefit Cost Ration
Benefit to Cost Ratio
Bibliographical Center for Research
Binding Corporate Rules
Binding Corporate Rules
British Columbia Railway
Bureau of Collection Recovery
Business Card Reader
Beef Cattle Research Council
Benefits Coordination & Recovery Center
Business & Company Resource Center
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Business Continuity and Resiliency Planning
Business Crime Reduction Partnership
Business Continuity and Recovery Services
British Committee on Radiological Units
Barrie-Collingwood Railway
Bachelor in Computer Science
Bandwidth Constraints
Banking Communication Standard
Baptist Community Services
Bar Code Sorter
Basic Content Services
Bayer Crop Science
Biofertiliser Certification Scheme
Biomass Combustion Systems
Board Certified in Securities
Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton
Body Condition Score
Boeing Computer Services
Boost Control Solenoid
Brake Cylinder Stopper
Brightness Contrast Saturation
British Computing Society
Brooklyn Community Services
Budget Casting Supply
Budget Control System
Business Control System
Bureau of Child Support
Bureau of Consumer Services
Bureau of the Census and Statistics
Business & Commercial Services
Business Communication Services
Business Communications Services
Business Communication Service
Business Connectivity Services
Business Connectivity Service
Business Consulting Services
Business Continuity Services
Business Communications System
Business Critical Systems
Bar Code Sorter/ Output SubSystem
British Columbia Safety Authority
British Columbia Securities Commission
British Council of Shopping Centres
Brighton Central School District
Business Council for Sustainable Development
Business Council on Sustainable Development
Business Council for Sustainable Development in Malaysia
Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange
Bureau for Child Support Enforcement
Bureau of Child Support Enforcement
Business Customer Satisfaction Index
Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Buckeye Cable Sports Network
Board of Certified Safety Professionals
Board of Certified Safety Professional
Behavioral and Cognitive Science Research Branch
Building Construction Supervisors Safety
Baltic Container Terminal
Bhoruka Charitable Trust
Business Cards Tomorrow
Business Chinese Test
BC Trucking Association
Beaver County Transit Authority
Baruch Computing and Technology Center
Bluegrass Community and Technical College
British Columbia Transmission Corporation
Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers
Bakery Confectionery Tobacco and Grain Millers
Business Critical Thinking Skills Test
Business Coalition for Transatlantic Trade
Balanced Configuration Unit
Bank Controller Unit
Body Central Unit
Basic Command Unit
Battle Creek Unlimited
Birmingham City University International College
Business Continuation Volume
Business Context Viewer
Budget Cost for Work Performed
Budget Cost of Work Performed
Budget Costs for Work Performed
Budgeted Cost of Work Performed
Budgeted Cost for Work Performed
Budgeted Cost Work Performed
Budget Cost for Work Scheduled
Budgeted Cost for Work Scheduled
Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity
Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity
Budget Cost of Work Scheduled
Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled
British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association
BC & Yukon Hotel Association
Bahrain Dinar
Bahraini Dinar
Bank Draft
Bar Draft
Barcelona Design
Base Diameter
Basic Data
Basic Dungeons
Bass Drum
Becton, Dickinson
Becton Dickinson
Becton Drive
Before Discount
Below Deck
Berne Declaration
Bid Details
Big Data
Binary Divide
Black Diamond
Black Dragon
Black Dog
Blowing Dust
Blu-ray Disc
Blu-ray Discs
Blue-Ray Disc
Blue-ray Disk
Blue Diamond
Blues Driver
BluRay Disc
BluRay Disk
Board of Directors
Bolt Down
Bomb Disposal
Book Depreciation
Broker Dealer
Budget Distribution
Budget Division
Business Day
Business Development
Barbados Dollar
Balochistan Development Authority
Bathinda Development Authority
Bangsamoro Development Agency
Bank Deposit Agreement
Beijing Development Area
Bensinger, DuPont & Associates
Berkeley Design Automation
Big Data Appliance
Brian Dermott and Associates
Business Development Associate
Broadcast Designers Association
Business Debtors Anonymous
Business Development Agency
Business Development Bond
Basic Data Access Method
Banco de Desarrollo de América del Norte
Berkeley Data Analytics Stack
Best Demonstrated Available Technology
Bahrain Development Bank
Banc De Binary
Bharat Diamond Bourse
Bulgarian Development Bank
Baltimore Development Corporation
Botswana Development Corporation
Business Development Corporation
Batch Data Communication
Big Dumb Company
Block Down Converter
Bond Dealers Club
Boston Design Center
Bottom Dual Coil
Bullet Drop Compensator
Business Data Catalog
Business Data Connectivity
Business Development Bank of Canada
Business Development Company
Business Development Centre
Business Development Center
Business Development Companies
Bay Delta Conservation Plan
Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme
Beneficiary Developing Countries
Business Development Companies
Business Development Corporations
Business Development Centers
Business Development Department
Balanced Data Distributor
Bantam Doubleday Dell
Behavior-Driven Development
Behavior Driven Development
Behaviour-Driven Development
Behaviour Driven Development
Business-Driven Development
Benefits Delivery at Discharge
Bureau of Disability Determination
Business Desktop Deployment
Business Development Division
Below-Deck Equipment
Big Data Extensions
Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungs
Bundesverband der Deutschen Entsorgungswirtschaft
Business Development Executive
Business Development Group
Bahrain Defense Force
Baltic Development Forum
Binary Distribution Format
Blu-ray Disc Founders
Bulk Data Facility
Battery Distribution Fuse Bay
Bundesverband der Deutschen Gießerei-Industrie
British Drug Houses
British Deputy High Commission
Baltic Dry Index
Behavioral Description Interview
Both Dates Inclusive
Both days inclusive
Brand Development Index
British Design Innovation
Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
Bundesverbandes der Deutschen Industrie
Business Data Israel
Business Development Initiative
Business Development Institute
Business Development and Innovation
Broadband Data Improvement Act
Basic Driver Improvement Course
British Dental Journal
Base Derivation Key
Bank deutscher Länder
Benchmark Description Language
Bharat Dynamic Limited
Bharat Dynamics Ltd
Bharat Dynamics Limited
Business Data List Connector
Block Data Manager
Business Decision Management
Business Decision Maker
Business Decision Makers
Business Development Manager
Business Development Managers
Business Development Managers
Belgian Direct Mail Association
British Damage Management Association
Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments
business data management and invoicing system
Bangkok Dusit Medical Services
Birner Dental Management Services
Business Decision Management System
Bangor Daily News
Bank Dagang Negara
Bank Dagang Nasional Indonesia
Boutique Design New York
Banco de Oro
British Darts Organisation
Business Development Office
Bangladesh Diesel Plant
Benchmark Development Program
Business Development Program
Blu-ray Disc Player
Business Data Processing
Black Data Processing Associates
Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center
Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre
Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science
Branch Distribution Points
Bridge Design Quality Control Divisionsion
Backup & Disaster Recovery
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Backup Disaster Recovery
Before Debt Ratio
Billion Dollar Roundtable
Business Development Resources
Business Development Services
Bio-Dynamic Research Institute
Brazilian Depositary Receipts
Bangladesh Development Research Working Paper Series
Battery Disconnect Switch
Beam Delivery System
Bibliographic Data Services
Biscom Delivery Server
BlackBerry Device Service
Boycott Divest Sanction
Breach Detection Systems
Broadcasting Data Services
Bulk Drug Substance
Business Development Service
Business Development Team
Business Development Specialist
Business Dynamics Statistics
Big Data Science Certified Professional
Belt Drive Sack Induction Station
Bangladeshi taka
Bangladesh Taka
Behavior Driven Testing
Berkeley Design Technology
Best Demonstrated Technology
Bill Data Tape
Billing Data Tape
Bulk Data Transfer
Bureau of Domestic Trade
Business Data Toolset
Ballard Terminal Railroad
Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion
Batched Data Transmission System
Brain Dead User
broadcasting distribution undertaking
Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater
Business Development Unit
Big Design Up Front
Brussels Definition of Value
Bighorn Divide and Wyoming Railroad
Bighorn Divisionde and Wyoming Railroad
Big Data Working Group
Brighton Digital Exchange
Bachelor of Economics
Back End
Consumers expenditure
Cayman Islands Dollar
Constant dollars
Nicaraguan córdoba
Certification & Accreditation
Certified and Accredited
Computing & Automation
Contracts and Acquisitions
Control and Automation
Comptroller & Auditor General
Comptroller and Auditor General
Compensation and Benefits
Communications and Computing
Computer and Communications
Computers and Communications
Computing and Communications
Concept and Creation
Contraction and Convergence
Cease and Desist
Collection and Delivery
Construction & Demolition
Construction & Demolition Debris
Control and Display
Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations
Cause and Effect
Chicago and Erie Railroad
Communications and Electronics
Customs & Excise
Customs and Excise
Customs and Excise Department
Clearing and Forwarding
Cost & Freight Free Out
City and Guilds
Contract & Grant
Climate and Global Change
Commercial & Institutional
Conformance and Interoperability
Control & Instrumentation
Controls & Instrumentation
Controls and Instrumentation
Cost and Insurance
Criteria and Indicators
Chicago & Illinois Midland
Contest & Judging
Classification and Labelling
Communications & Liaison
Coopers & Lybrand
Chesapeake and Ohio
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad
Characteristics and Performance
Compensation & Pension
Compromise and Release
Control and Reporting
Curios & Relics
Curios and Relics
Census and Statistics Department
Consulting & Systems Integration
Chips & Technologies
Communications and Tracking
Communication and Tracking
Cable & Wireless
Cable and Wireless
Chicago and Western Indiana Railroad
Consumer - Certified Real Estate Consultant
Ceiling Fan
Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountancy
Current Account
Cash Against Documents
Computer Aided Design
Currency Adjustment Factor
Consumer And Farmer Equity
California Air Resources Board
California Air Resource Board
Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers
Contrast Automatic Tracking System
Cash Book
Cumulative Bulletin
Cash Before Delivery
Confederation of British Industry
Central Bank of Nigeria
Carbon Copy
Consulting Co
Customs Centralized Examination Facility
Convention Contracts of International Sale of Goods
Collective company signing agreement
Cash Discount
Certificate of Deposit
Cum Dividend
Cum Divisiondend
Cum Divisiondend
Current domestic value
Consumption Entry
Continuing Education
Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche
Conferenza Episcopale Italiana
Chief Executive Officer
Computerized Email Selection System
Certified Engineering Technologist
Cyber Formula Collection
Certified Fraud Examiners
cubic feet of gas
Certified Financial Planner
Container Freight Station
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Custom House
Community Interest Company
Captain's imperfect entry
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
Cost, insurance, freight
Cost, Insurance, Freight
Cost, Insurance and Freight
Cost, Insurance, and Freight
Cost Insurance And Freight
Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
Cost, insurance, freight and exchange
Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest
Cost, insurance, freight and exchange
Cost, insurance, freight and interest
Cost, insurance, freight and interest
Cost, insurance, freight, interest and exchange
Cost, insurance and freight, London terms
Cost, insurance, freight and free out
Chartered Insurance Institute
Chartered Insurance Institutetute
Certified in Management
Centro Internazionale Matematico Estivo
Committee on International Trade of Endangered Species
Completely Knocked Down
Car Load
Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange
centimetres per second
Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Nurse Aide
cargo oil
case oil
Country of origin
Certificate of Origin
Cash On Delivery
Collect on Delivery
Concerns of Police Survivors
Cash on shipment
Carriage Paid
Charter Party
Chemically Pure
Customs of Port
Certified Public Accountants
Certified Public Accountant
Claims payable abroad
Charters pay duties
Certified Purchasing Manager
Critical Path Method
Certified Professional Purchaser
Certified Protection Professional
Certified Sales Professional
Controllable Pitch Propellers
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Company Secretary
Container Service Charge
Closed shelter deck
Constructive Total Loss
Constructive total loss only
Commanditaire Vennootschap
Constant Velocity
Curriculum Vitae
Cash Versus Documents
Canadian Welding Bureau
Cash With Order
Container Yard
Capital Account
Credit Account
Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning
Current Account
Cost/Benefit Ratio
Cost/Burden Reduction
Carried down
Carried forward
Clearing house
Certificate of Insurance
Consular Invoice
Call of more
Consignment Note
Cover Note
Credit Note
Cash Order
Cash Out
Center or Office
Certificate of Origin
Claim of Ownership
Completed Operations
Charter Party
Currency Surcharge
Cost/Scheduling Performance System
Cable Transfer
Central Vacuum
Central Vacuum
Certificate of Value
Cable, victuals and entertainment
Certificate of Value and Origin
Certificate of Value & Origin
Commercial weight
ClayFighter 2
Configuration 2
Corvette Second
Consumer to Business
Consumer to Consumer
Car to Car
Containers to Clinics
Cradle to Cradle
Customer to Customer
Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Cloud to Device Messaging
Committed to Excellence
Commitment to Excellence
Cables To Go
Citizen to Government
Consumer to Government
Car to Infrastructure
Cleantech to Market
Coated on two Sides
Coated Two Sides
Claims to Windows Token Service
Class 3
Clean Energy Education and Empowerment
Clean Energy Education & Empowerment
Channel 4
Channel Four
Com For Business
Center for Commercialization
Challenge for Charity
Channel 4 Corporation
Cloud for Customer
Copyright for Creativity
Contracts for Excellence
Customer 4 State Code
Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom
Concord 8
Cabin Air
California Air
California Avenue
California Attorney
Call Accept
Call Agent
Call Appearances
Call Appearance
Capacity Allocation
Capital Account
Carbon Abatement
Career Avenues
Carer's Allowance
Carers Allowance
Carlos Airport
Cash Advance
Catalina Airport
Cell Averaging
Cellulose Acetate
Census Agglomeration
Census Agglomerations
Certificate Authority
Certificate Authorities
Certificate Attestation
Certificate Authorithy
Certificate of Authority
Certificate of Authorization
Certificates of Authority
Certification Authority
Certification Authorities
Certification Authority's
Certificate Application
Certificate for additional
Certificate of Achievement
Certification and Accreditation
Certification, Accreditation
Certification Agency
Certification Agent
Certified Accountant
Certified Adjuster
Certified Administrator
Certified Archivist
Certified Agreement
Certifying Authority
Certifying Authorities
Change Administration
Channel Adapters
Charging Analysis
Charted Accountant
Charted Accountancy
Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountants
Chartered Accountancy
Chattered Accountant
Chartered Accountany
Check Additional
Chief Accountant
Chief Architect
Chip Authentication
Cinzia Araia
Cities Advocate
City of Albany
Claims Analyst
Clarity Agile
Class Action
Clean Air
Client Associate
Client Automation
Clinical Assistant
Closing Assist
CloudMinder Advanced
Codex Alimentarius
Collection Agency
Colorado Aurora
Color Analyzer
Column Address
Comments about
Commercial Agent
Communication Agent
Commonwealth Act
Communications Assistant
Communication Assistant
Communication Adapter
Communications Authority
Community Affairs
Competent Authority
Competent Authorities
Communications Area
Community Advantage
Companies Act
Competition Authority
Competition Advocate
Competitive Advocate
Competitive Advantage
Comprehensive Approach
Computer Aided
Computer Assembly
Computer Associates
Computer Automation
Confidentiality Agreement
Consulting Agreements
Configuration Automation
Configuration Agent
Configuration Assistant
Conformity Assessment
Constant Acquisitions
Contingency Analysis
Continuous Access
Continuous Annealing
Continuous Application
Continuous Auditing
Contract Action
Contract Advice
Contract Authority
Corrective Actions
Contract Administration
Contract Agents
Contract Award
Control Account
Controller of Accounts
Cost Account
Control areas
Control Arm
Controlled Atmosphere
Corporate Associates
Correspondence Account
Cost Accountant
Cost Accounting
Cost Allocation
Count associated
Countryside Agency
Course After
Coverage Area
Cranking Amps
Create an Account
Credit Account
Criticality Analysis
Cross Application
Current address
Current Affairs
Current Assets
Customer Activity
Customer Address
Customer Addresses
Customer Administration
Customer Alliance
Customer Analytics
Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
Cylindrical Array
Certificate Authorities
Certification Authorities
Care Area Assessment
Career Advancement Accounts
Career Assistance Advisor
Caribbean Actuarial Association
Certificate Authority Authorization
Certification Authority Authorization
Certified Acceptance Agent
Certified Acceptance Agents
Certifying Acceptance Agent
Certifying Acceptance Agents
Certified Annuity Advisor
Clean Air Asia
Coastal Aquaculture Authority
Command Arms Accessories
Commission of Academic Accreditation
Community Action Agency
Competent Authority Agreement
Component Application Architecture
Comprehensive Area Assessment
Computer-Aided Accuracy
Computer-Aided Analysis
Congressional Accountability Act
Connecticut Airport Authority
Constant Attendance Allowance
Constitutional Amendment Act
Consumer Affairs Authority
Consumer Affairs Agency
Controlled Access Area
Controlled Access Areas
Cost account authorization
Creative Artists Agency
Creative Artist Agency
Creative Arts Agency
Community Action Agencies
Cache Altered Address 2
China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics
Clean Air Act Amendments
Clean Air Act Amendment
Clean Air Act advisory Committee
Capital Area Asset Builders
Civil Aviation Administration of China
Civilian Agency Acquisition Council
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Programme
Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme
Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program
Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme
Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program
Caring Activists Against Fur
Conditioned Air Association of Georgia
Compound Annual Average Growth Rate
Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs
Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles
China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
China Association of Automobile Manufactures
Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Sciences
Clean Air Action Plan
County Adult Assistance Programs
California Ambient Air Quality Standards
Certificate for Advisory and Assistance Services
Contract Advisory and Assistance Services
Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services
Certifying Acceptance Agents
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science
Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services
Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services
Community Action Agencies
Center for Advanced Aviation Systems Development
Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation
Canadian Association of Accident and Sickness Insurers
Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft
Campaign Against Arms Trade
Campaign Against the Arms Trade
Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques
Computer-Assisted Audit Technique
Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques
Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques
Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques
Council of Advanced Automotive Trainers
Canadian Automated Air Traffic System
Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée
Commonwealth-Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs
Cable Advertising Bureau
Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau
Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau's
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate
Certified Angus Beef
Change Approval Board
Citizen's Advice Bureau
Citizen Advice Bureau
Citizens Advice Bureau
Citizens Advise Bureau
Civil Aeronautic Board
Client Advisory Board
Corporate Advisory Board
College of Applied Business
Computer Aided Brainstorming
Conditionally Active Biologic
Conformity Assessment Body
Conformity Assessment Board
Conformity Assessment Bodies
Consumer Affairs Branch
Corrective Action Board
Cost Audit Board
Cotton Advisory Board
Customer Advisory Board
Criminal Assets Bureau
Current Account Balance
Change Advisory Board / Emergency Committee
Carrollwood Area Business Association
Center for Applied Behavior Analysis
Central Atlantic Bridge Associates
Certified Agile Business Analysis
Certified Associate Business Analyst
Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires
Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus
Currency and bunkering adjustment factors
Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor
Content Adaptive Brightness Control
Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans
Communal Aerial Broadcast Distribution
Charterer's agents both ends
Consortia of American Businesses in Eastern Europe
Cooperative Agreements to Benefit Homeless Individuals
Cooperative Agreement to Benefit Homeless Individuals
Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries
Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology
Council for a Better Louisiana
Certified Associate Business Manager
Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment
Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative
Carrier Access Billing System
Carrier Access Billing Systems
Chartered Association of Business Schools
Conformity Assessment Bodies
Customer Advisory Boards
Central Asia Border Security Initiative
Cairo Airport Company
California Arts Council
California Avocado Commission
Call Acceptance Control
Canadian Advisory Committee
Canadian Advocacy Council
Cash And Carry
Casing and Cementing
Categorical Assistance Code
Ceiling Attenuation Class
Center Advisory Committee
Center for Advanced Computing
Center for Advanced Computation
Central Air Conditioning
Central Arbitration Committee
Central Arizona College
Central Asia and the Caucasus
Central Asian Commonwealth
Certification Advisory Council
Certified Addiction Counselor
Certified Application Counselor
Certified Application Counselors
Certified Ambulance Coder
Certified Annuity Consultant
Certified Asbestos Consultant
Changi Airfreight Centre
Charge Air Cooler
Charge Air Coolers
Cinema Advertising Council
Cloud and Autonomic Computing
Coalition Against Corruption
Cold Aisle Containment
Collaborative Accountable Care
Collective action clause
Combined Additional Coverage
Commercial Air Conditioner
Common Access Cards
Community Action Coalition
Community Action Council
Community Alternative Care
Compagnie des Agents de Change
Compressed Air Challenge
Computer-Assisted Coding
Computer Assisted Coding
Computer Applications Corporation
Connection Admission Control
Consumer Advisory Council
Corporate Advisory Council
Consumer Advisory Committee
Contractor Advisory Committee
Context Aware Computing
Cooperate Affairs Commission
Corporate Affairs Commission
Corrective Action Code
Cotation Assistée en Continu
Criteria Air Contaminants
Customer Acquisition Cost
Customer Acquisition Costs
Customer Advisory Council
Customer Assistance Center
Customs Area Controller
Compagnie des Agents de Change-40
Central Asia and the Caucasus Association of Agricultural Research Institutions
Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation
Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Colorado Association of Career Colleges and Schools
Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors
Canadian Association of Counsel to Employers
Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education
Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers
Central African Customs and Economic Union
Child and Adult Care Food Program
College Access Challenge Grant
College Access Challenge Grant Program
Chicago Area Consolidation Hub
Chambre Algérienne de Commerce et d'Industrie
Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank
Central Asian Countries Initiative for Land Management
Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management
Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network
Cargo Conference
Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy
Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices
Cuban Assets Control Regulations
Certified Application Counselors
Cold Aisle Containment System
Cold Aisle Containment Systems
Collective Action Clauses
Common Access Cards
Center for Applied Competitive Technologies
Centers for Applied Competitive Technologies
Central Association of College and Universityrsity Business Officers
Canadian Dollar
Card Acceptance Device
Card Accepting Devices
Cartridge Actuated Devices
Cash Against Documents
Caution and Advisory Display
Command Area Development
Commercial Affairs Department
Computer-Aided Drawing
Computer-Aided Disaster
Computer-Aided Designing
Computer Added Design
Computer Aided Drafting
Computer Aided Drawing
Computer Aided Designing
Computer Aided Despatch
Computer Aided Designs
Computer Assisted Design
Computer Automated Design
Computer Assisted Dispatch
Computer Assisted Drafting
Computer Assisted Drawing
Consumer Affairs Division
County Appraisal Districts
Custom Application Development
Command Area Development Authority
Commercially Available Decentralized Acquisition
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Drafting and Design
Connecticut Art Directors Club
Capital Administration and Development Division
Computer-Aided Drafting & Design
Computer-Aided Design & Drafting
Computer Aided Drafting Design
Computer Aided Drafting & Design
Computer Aided Design & Drafting
Computer Aided Design Drafting
Computer Aided Design & Draft
Corrective Action Decision Document
Commission on Accreditation of Dietetics Education
Computer-Assisted Data Entry
Customer Account Data Engine
Customer Account Data Engine 2
California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources
Cloud Auditing Data Federation
Central Asia Development Group
Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron
Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals
Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse
Command Area Development Programme
Clean Air Delivery Rate
Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution
College Academic Distribution Requirements
Computer Assisted Delivery Revision
Cartridge Actuated Devices
Cash Available for Debt Service
Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research
Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health
Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health
Carboxy Alkyl Esters
Council for American Education
Centre for Accessible Environments
Certified Agile Essentials
Chief Audit Executive
Communications and Electronics
Computer-aided Engineering
computer aided eLearning
Computer Aided Engeneering
Computer Assisted Engineering
Council for Aid to Education
California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority
Council for Asia Europe Cooperation
Capital Area Early Childhood Training Institutetute
Capital Area Early Childhood Training Institute
Canadian Automated Export Declaration
Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
Council for Adult and Experiential Learning
Council for Adult & Experiential Learning
Council on Adult and Experiential Learning
Center for The Advancement of Energy Markets
Center for Advanced Energy Studies
Cámara Argentina de Empresarios Mineros
Central Africa Economic and Monetary Community
Central African Economic and Monetary Community
Centro de Altos Estudios Nacionales
Committee on Accreditation for Evaluation of Quality
Center for Advanced Engineering and Research
Community Awareness and Emergency Response
Community Awareness Emergency Response
Community Awareness & Emergency Response
Chief Audit Executives
Compressed Air Energy Storage
Computer-Assisted Execution System
Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences
Council of Arab Economic Unity
Connecticut Association for the Education of Young Children
Call Attach Facility
Canadian Apparel Federation
Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
Central Adjudication Facility
Central Adjudication Facilities
Centralized Authorization File
Centre for Analytical Finance
Certificate in Accounting and Finance
Challenged Athletes Foundation
Charities Aid Fund
Charities Aid Foundation
Chemical Analysis Facility
Children, Adults and Families
Common Area Factor
Common Assessment Framework
Composite Application Framework
Composite Applications Framework
Compressed Asbestos Fibre
Consolidated Adjudications Facility
Construction Advancement Foundation
Cosmetology Advancement Foundation
Cooperativas Agrarias Federadas
Corrective action form
Cost And Freight
Currency Adjustment Factor
Customer Acquisition Form
Customer Application Form
Customer Agreement Form
Class Action Fairness Act
California Association of Food Banks
Capital Area Food Bank
California Alliance for Families and Children
Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre
Company Average Fuel Consumption
Corporate Average Fuel Economy
Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit
Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit
Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa
Central Asian Faculty Development Programme
Canadian Association of Family Enterprise
Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Community Alliance for Family Farmers
Credit And Finance Information System
Compagnie des Ateliers et Forges de la Loire
Certified Aboriginal Financial Manager
Christian Action Faith Ministries
Computer-Aided Facilities Management
Computer Asset Facilities Management
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Concentrated Animal Feed Operations
Confined Animal Feeding Operation
Confined Animal Feeding Operations
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
Consent Agreement and Final Order
Canadian Association of Financial Planners
Camera Auditorilor Financiari din România
China Academy of Financial Research
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Comprehensive Annual Report
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting
Consolidated Annual Financial Report
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports
Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act
Coastal Area Facility Review Act
Current Agriculture, Food and Resource Issues
Central Adjudication Facilities
Certification in Applied Functional Science
Certified Air Filter Specialist
Compressed Air Foam Systems
Content-Addressable File Store
Control Air Force Specialty Code
Center for Advanced Food Technology
Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
Central American Free Trade Act
Carcinogen Assessment Group
Central African Gold
Chairman's Advisory Group
Citizens Advisory Group
Changi Airport Group
Chassis Air Guide
Cheap Ass Gamer
Chemical Analysis Group
Citrix Access Gateway
Commissioners' Advisory Group
Comptroller & Auditor General
Comptroller and Auditor General
Comptroller Auditor General
Consensus Audit Guidelines
Consultative Advisory Group
Customer Advisory Group
Corporate Affairs Group
Corporationrate Affairs Group
Canadian Association of Geophysical Contractors
Controller and Accountant General's Department
Commercial and Government Entity
Contractor and Government Entity
Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy
Compressed Air and Gas Institute
Compressed Air & Gas Institute
Cartography and Geographic Information Society
Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System
Community Alliance for Global Justice
Citizens for Accountable Governance Malaysia
Consumer Analyst Group of New York
Central Asian Gas Pipeline
Componded Annual Growth Rates
Compound Annual Growth Rate
Compound Average Growth Rate
Compounded Annual Growth Rate
Compounded Annual Growth Rates
College of Adult and Graduate Studies
Computer Aided Gear Selection
Certified Auto Glass Technician
Coalition for America's Gateways and Trade Corridors
Citizens Against Government Waste
Commission on Accreditation for Home Care
Council for Affordable Health Insurance
Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems
Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education
Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education
College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences
Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems
Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey
Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers & Systems
Consumer Assessments of Health Plans Survey
Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Study
Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council
Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies
Center for Advanced Human Resources Studies
Critical Access Hospitals
California Association for Health Services at Home
California Analytical Instruments
Central Asia Institute
Centro Argentino de Ingenieros
Chartered Accountants Ireland
Clean Air Initiative
Cold Air Induction
Cold Air Intake
Cold Air Intakes
Collector Accreditation Initiative
Common Air Interface
Community Anchor Institutions
Composites Affordability Initiative
Computer-Aided Inspection
Computer Aided Inspection
Computer Associates International
Consensus Assessments Initiative
Consultancy Africa Intelligence
Copyright Association of Ireland
Corporate Accountability International
Czech Accreditation Institute
Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst
Chartered Alternatives Investment Analyst
Chemical and Allied Industries Association
Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker
Computer-Aided Industrial Design
Computer Aided Industrial Design
Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Chartered Accountants Independent Financial Services
Cost Analysis Improvement Group
China Aviation Industry General Aircraft
Certified Associate Industrial Hygienist
Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program
Community Adjustment and Investment Program
Corrective Action Investigation Plan
Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies
Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office
Computer-Assisted Immigration Processing System
Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System
Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
Consensus Assessments Initiative Questionnaire
Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire
Clean Air Interstate Rule
Commercial Air
Commercial Air
Collaborative Advanced Interagency Research Network
Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals
California Alliance of Information & Referral Services
Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization
Center for the Application of Information Technology
computer aided inspection and test
Confederation of All India Traders
Cost As Independent Variable
Canadian Automotive Jury
Commission on Administrative Justice
Chartered Accountants Joint Ethics Committee
California Association of Joint Powers Authorities
Central Accounting Journal Voucher
Community Acquisition Joint Venture
Card Authentication Key
Communications Authority of Kenya
Competition Authority of Kenya
Computer-assisted Keyboard Training
Capital Allocation Line
Cash Assistance Loan
Certified Automotive Locksmith
Clean Air in London
Client Access License
Client Access Licenses
Client Access Licence
Client Access Licensing
Cloud Appliance Library
College Access Loan
Column Array Loudspeaker
Comprehensive Automobile Liability
Continuous Active Learning
Continuous Annealing Line
Contract Advice Letter
Canadian Agricultural Loans Act
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
Croydon Adult Learning and Training
Citrix Authorized Learning Center
Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering
California Association of Legal Document Assistants
China Auto Logistics Inc
Chief Administrative Law Judge
Canadian Association of Logistics Management
Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring
Coalition for Automotive Lightweighting Materials
Communications access for land mobiles
Computer Aided Leadership & Management
Department of Conservation and Land Management
California Public Employees Retirement System
Catenary Anchor Leg Rigid Arm Mooring
Client Access Licenses
Client Access Licences
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Computer Aided Logistics Support
Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors
Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle Support
California Student Opportunity and Access Program
Cable Access Module
Campus Administrative Manual
Capacity and Availability Management
Capital Asset Management
Certified Asset Manager
Card Authentication Method
Centre for Automotive Management
Centro de Arbitraje de México
Certified Administrative Manager
Chartered Asset Manager
Chemical Agent Monitors
Colorado Alternative Medicine
Commerce Acquisition Manual
Commercial Accommodation Monitor
Commercial Aviation Management
Common Area Maintenance
Compressed Air Meter
Computer-Assisted Manufacture
Computer Assisted Manufacturing
Computer Automated Manufacturing
Computer Aided Management
Conditional Access Module
Conditional Access Modules
Content Assembly Mechanism
Continuous Air Monitor
Continuously Aware Mode
Contract Audit Manual
Control Account Manager
Control Account Managers
Control Account Management
Cost Account Manager
Cost Account Management
Customer Account Management
Cost Allocation Mechanism
Cost Allocation Methodology
Canadian Appliance Manufacturers Association
Central Automatic Message Accounting
Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
Centralized Automated Message Accounting
Chronic and Acute Medical Assistance
Companies and Allied Matters Act
Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal
Computer-Aided Measurement and Control
Computer Automated Measurement And Control
Charleston Area Medical Center
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract
Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Centre for the Americas
Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries
Clean Air Markets Division
China Association for Medical Devices Industry
Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies
Continued Airworthiness Management Exposition
Central African Mining & Exploration Company
Capital, Asset, Management, Earnings, Liability
Capital Assets Management Earnings and Liquidity
Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Asset/Liability Management
California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity
Central American Metrology Cooperation
Coated Abrasives Manufacturers Institute
Coated Abrasive Manufacturers Institute
Conference of the African Ministers of Industry
Customs Automated Manifest Interface Requirements
Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Systems
Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Long Term Care
Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing
Common Assurance Maturity Model
Coastal and Marine Operators
Continuous Airworthiness Management Organisation
China Association for Management of Technology
Cellular and Molecular Platforms
Central Area Motivation Program
Certified Asset Management Professional
Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris
Cleveland Advanced Manufacturing Program
Cloud Application Management for Platforms
Community Air Monitoring Program
Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Program
Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program
Compensatory Afforestation Management and Planning Authority
Character, Ability, Means, Purpose, Amount, Repayment, Interest and Insurance
Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound
Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research
Clean Air Mercury Rule
Centre for Asset Management Research & Investments
Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments
Capital Asset Management System
Capital Asset Management Systems
Central Atmosphere Monitoring System
Certified Aviation Managers
Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social
Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social
College of Accounting and Management Sciences
Commerce Administrative Management System
Competence Assurance Management System
Compromised Account Management System
Customer Account Management System
Computer Age Management Services
Content-Addressable Memories
Control Account Managers
Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council
Canadian Aboriginal & Minority Supplier Council
Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Council
Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems
Corrective Action Management Unit
Corrective Action Management Units
Calgary Agile Methods User Group
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
Campus Area Network
City Area Network
Computer and Network
Computer Area Network
Career Alumni Network
Center for Applied Nanotechnology
Change America Now
Claim Account Number
Common Accounting Number
Clean Air Now
College Access Network
Community Access Network
Commonwealth Assistance Notice
Community Action Network
Consumer Action Network
Community Agroecology Network
Context-Aware Network
Customs Assigned Number
Canadian Dollar
the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act
Computer Assisted New Drug Application
Cost and Freight
Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services
Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise Services
Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services
Constant And Never-ending Improvement
Canada Center for Mineral and Energy Technology
Canada Center for Mineral and Energy Technology - Department of Energy, Mines and Resources
Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner
campus area networks
China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry
Civil Air Navigation Services Organization
Civil Air Navigation Service Organisation
Canadian Transport Emergency Center
Career & Attachment Office
Central Applications Office
Chief Accounting Officer
Chief Accounts Officer
Change of Appointing Office
Chief Academic Officer
Chief Acquisition Officer
Chief Acquisition Officers
Chief Administrative Office
Chief Administration Officer
City Administrative Officer
Cost Administration Office
Chief Agency Officer
Chief Analytics Officer
City Assessor's Office
Colorado African Organization
Company Announcements Office
Computer Aided Optimization
Computer Assisted Ordering
Contract Administration Office
Corrective Action Order
County Assistance Office
Cultural Affairs Officer
Customs Administrative Order
Central Agency for Organization and Administration
Chief Acquisition Officers Council
Consumer Attorneys of California
Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation
Chief Administrative Officers
Canadian Association of Pathologists
Canada Assistance Plan
Canadian Action Party
Capital Access Program
Capital Accumulation Plan
Capital Asset Plan
Capitol Chapter
Card Authentication Package
Career Advancement Program
Career Advantage Program
Career Analyst Program
Career Assignment Program
Career Assistance Program
Caregiver Assistance Program
Cebu Action Plan
Cellulose Acetate Propionate
Center for Applied Probability
Central Answering Position
Centrally Authorised Product
Certification and Accreditation Professional
Certified Administrative Professional
Certified Automation Professional
Certified Automation Professionals
Change Acceleration Process
Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy
Chip Authentication Protocol
Christians Against Poverty
Church Action on Poverty
City Action Partnership
Clean Air Partnership
Clean Air Power
Client Access Point
Collection Appeal Program
Collection Appeals Program
Climate Action Plan
Collective Action Plan
Climate Action Partnership
Closing Agreement Program
Code of Advertising Practice
Collection Appeals Process
College Achievement Program
College Automotive Program
Combined Asset Program
Combined Assessment Program
Command Advancement Program
Commercialization Assistance Program
Committee of Advertising Practice
Committee on Accounting Procedures
Common Access Point
Common Agricultural Policy
Common Agriculture Policy
Common Application Platform
Community Access Program
Community Action Programme
Community Alternatives Program
Community Assistance Program
Community Action Plan
Community Action Planning
Community Action Partnership
Community Alcohol Partnership
Community Advisory Panel
Community Advantage Program
Competitive Access Provider
Competitive Acquisition Program
Competitive Advantage Period
Competitive Access Providers
Compliance Action Plan
Comprehensive Action Plan
Compliance Advisory Panel
Compliance Assurance Process
Compliance Assessment Program
Compliance Audit Program
Computer-Aided Planning
Computer Aided Planning
Computer-Assisted Purchasing
Computer Assisted Programming
Computer Application Program
Condition Assessment Program
Conformity Assessment Programme
Conformity Assessment Program
Conformity Assessment Programmes
Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal
Connection Authorization Policy
Conservation Activity Plan
Conservation Activity Plans
Consolidated Appeals Process
Consumer Assistance Program
Content Access Point
Contractor-Acquired Property
Contractor Acquired Property
Control Account Plan
Control Account Plans
Cost Account Plan
Cooperative Agreements Program
Corporate Affiliates Program
Corporate Alliance Program
Corporate Automation Plan
Corporationrate Automation Plan
Corrective Action Plan
Corrective Action Program
Corrective Action Plans
Cost Account Package
Cost Allocation Plan
Council of Advanced Practitioners
Council of Atlantic Premiers
Country Action Plan
Crimes Against Persons
Criteria Air Pollutant
Critical Application Partner
Cross-Agency Priority
Cross Agency Priority
Cumulative Average Point
Custom Automated Prosthetics
Customer Access Point
Customer Access Portal
Customer Advantage Program
Customer Assistance Program
Customer Assurance Program
Customer Advisory Panel
Capital Related
California Alliance of Paralegal Associations
Certified Accounts Payable Associate
Certified Asset Protection Analyst
Chabalier & Associates Press Agency
Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants
Confederation of Asia Pacific Accountants
Confederation of Asian & Pacific Accountants
Corrective Action and Preventative Action
Corrective Action and Preventive Action
Corrective Action Preventative Action
Corrective Action Preventive Action
Corrective Action, Preventive Action
Corrective and Preventive Action
Corrective and Preventative Action
Corrective and Preventive Actions
Corrective and Preventative Actions
Corrective and Preventive Actions
Canadian Association of Publishers, Arrangers and Composers
Community Action Partnership Association of Idaho
Commonwealth Association of Public Administration and Management
Canadian Association of Professional Access and Privacy Administrators
Controlled Access Program Coordination Office
Community Academy Public Charter School
Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation
California Award for Performance Excellence
California Awards for Performance Excellence
Camarillo Academy of Progressive Education
Cape Cod
Center for Advanced Product Evaluation
Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure
Computer-aided production engineering
Concurrent Art-to-Product Environment
Concurrent Art to Product Environment
Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation
Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation
Cyclically Adjusted Price-to-Earnings
Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings
Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification
Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers
Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report
Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report
Capital Expenditure
Certificate Authority Proxy Function
Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants
Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute
Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants
Center for Asian and Pacific Islanders
Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface
Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
Creating a Passive Income
Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants
California Association of Public Information Officials
Capital Asset Pricing Model
Capital Asset Pricing Modell
Capital Assets Pricing Model
Certified Associate of Project Management
Certified Associate Project Manager
Compensation, Accessions, and Personnel Management
Computer-Aided Production Management
Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics
Credited Advanced Payment for Metering Implementation
Community Action Partnership of Oregon
Canadian Association of Petroleum Production Accounting
Certified Accounts Payable Professional
Certified Asset Protection Planner
Civil Access Pilot Project
Computer Aided Process Planning
Computer Aided Production Planning
Conference of Actuaries in Public Practice
Council of Accountable Physician Practices
Community Alliance for Progressive Positive Action
Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal
California Association of Private Postsecondary Schools
Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services
Capitalization Rate
Compensation and Pension Record Interchange
Compensation and Pension Records Interchange
Center for Advanced Power Systems
Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies
Centralized Automatic Payment System
Centralized Automated Payment System
Centralized Account Payment System
Centralized Account Processing System
Certified Aging in Place Specialists
Certified Aging in Place Specialist
Childcare and Parent Services
Collective Action Plans
Commerce Alternative Personnel System
Community Action Programs
Community Advisory Panels
Competitive Access Providers
Computer Aided Planning System
Computer Aided Product Selection
Conservation Activity Plans
Continuing and Professional Studies
Control Account Plans
Convertible Adjustable Preferred Stocks
Convertible Adjustable Preferred Stock
Corrective Action Plans
Centre for Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture
Central Association of Private Security Industry
Certified Advanced Practice Social Worker
Canon Advanced Printing Technology
Capital Asset Pricing Theory
Center for the Advancement of Process Tech
Center for Audit Quality
China Association for Quality
Computer-Aided Quality
Computer Aided Quality
Coronary Artery Quality
Computer Aided Quality Control
Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare
California Aid Report
Canada Atlantic Railway
Capital Adequacy Ratio
Capital Appropriation Request
Capital Appropriation Requests
Capital Asset Ratio
Carribean Islands
Casualty Assistance Representative
Causal Analysis and Resolution
Center for Automotive Research
Central Apparatus Room
Central Asian Republics
Central Asian Region
Challenge, Action, Result
Cisco Access Registrar
Civil Air Regulation
Climate Action Reserve
Climate Action Registry
Colt Automatic Rifle
Commerce Acquisition Regulation
Commission for Aviation Regulation
Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers
Comparative Analysis Report
Compound Annual Return
Computer-assisted retrieval
Computer Aided Retrieval
Computer Assisted Review
Conference of Automotive Remarketing
Construction All Risks
Construction All Risk
Contractor's All Risks
Contractors All Risk
Contractors All Risks
Consumer Affairs Representative
Contamination Assessment Report
Contemporary Accounting Research
Contract Action Report
Contractual Action Request
Corrective Action Report
Contract Approval Review
Control of Asbestos Regulations
Corrective Action Request
Corrective Action Requests
Cost Accounting Report
Council for Administrative Reform
Credit Approval Request
Credit at Risk
Criminal Alien Requirement
Crops at Risk
Cumulative abnormal return
Central Africa's Rights & AIDS (CARA) Society
California's Air Resources Board
California Air Resources Board
California Air Resource Board
California Air Research Board
California Air Ressources Board
California Air Regulatory Board
Californian Air Resources Board
Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board
Claim Adjustment Reason Code
Claim Adjustment Reason Codes
Claims Adjustment Reason Code
Consolidated Asset Recovery Corporationration
Cooperative Agricultural Research Center
Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure
Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure
Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure
Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
Council for Agricultural and Rural Development
Council for Agriculture and Rural Development
Certificate for Amortizing Revolving Debt
Certificates for Amortizing Revolving Debt
Coalition for African Rice Development
Cost Analysis Requirements Description
Custom Adjustable Rate Debt Structure
Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute
Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development and Stabilisation
Comprehensive Automated Risk Data System
California Alternate Rates for Energy
California Alternative Rates for Energy
California Alternate Rate for Energy
Career Average Revalued Earnings
Center For Advancement Of Roofing Excellence
City for Atomic and Renewable Energy
Clean Affordable Renewable Energy
Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere
Communications, Assistance, Research & Education
Community Action for a Renewed Environment
Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders
Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness
Concerned Alliance of Responsible Employers
Create A Rewarding Experience
Credit Abuse Resistance Education
Customer Account Record Exchange
Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation
Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation
Chicago Association for Research and Education in Science
Contractors Analysis and Reporting System
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities
Caribbean Free Trade Association
Coalition of Alternative Risk Funding Mechanisms
Coordinated Advertising, Rate and Form Review Authority
Cargo Interchange Message Procedures
Central Agriculture Research Institute
Central Avian Research Institute
Child Abuse Record Information
Canadian-Caribbean Basin Initiative
Caribbean-Canada Preferential Trading Arrangement
Consortium for Aerospace Research and Innovation in Canada
Caribbean Community
Caribbean Economic Community
Caribbean Metrology Cooperation
Camden Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network
Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program
Centre for the Analysis of Regional Integration at Sussex
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program
Corrective Action Required List
Convertible Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Center for the Advancement of Research Methods and Analysis
Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator
California Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs
Company Annual Reports On-Line
Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutetutions
Caching Array Routing Protocol
Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel
Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels
Central African Regional Program for the Environment
Carriage Forward
Computer Assisted Review Reference Model
Canadian Automotive Repair and Service
Congress of Automotive Repair and Service
Car Allowance Rebate System
Certificate for Automobile Receivables
Certificates for Automobile Receivables
Change-of-Address Record Server
China Academy of Railway Science
Competitive Automotive Regulatory System
Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy
Condition Acquisition and Reporting System
Configuration Accounting and Reporting System
Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save
Corrective Action Requests
Corrective Action Reports
Common Air Route Surveillance Radar
Classification And Regression Trees
Cleveland Area Rapid Transit
Committee-Appointed Review Team
Committee Appointed Review Team
Common Admission Retail Test
Communication Access Real-time Translation
Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa
Children's Advertising Review Unit
Commissioner's Annuity Reserve Valuation Method
Certified Advanced Resume Writer
Call Accounting System
Cam Angle Sensor
Canadian Auditing Standards
Career Advancement Services
Case Analysis System
Casualty Actuarial Society
Casualty Actuary Society
Catalog Address Space
Center for Advanced Study
Certificate of Advanced Study
Central Accounting System
Central Administration Site
Central Administration for Statistics
Central Administration of Statistics
Central Asian States
Certificate Authorities
Certification Authorities
Certifying Authorities
Certified Advertising Specialist
Certified Annuity Specialist
Chartered Accountants
China Academy of Science
China Academy of Sciences
China Association for Standardization
Chinese Accounting Standards
Citizens Advice Scotland
Coating Application Specialist
College of the American Soldier
Commercial Air Services
Common Awards System
Communication Assistants
Competent Authorities
Complex Adaptive Systems
Computer-Aided Selling
Computer Aided Selling
Computer Aided Styling
Computer Aided System
Computer Aided Service
Computer Applications Systems
Computer Assisted Surgical
Computer Audit Specialist
Computer Audit Specialists
Computerized Accounting System
Automation & Control
Balled & Burlapped
Commodities & Commercial
Center for Advanced Systems
Civil Aviation Security
Common Accounting System
Gambian Dalasi
Delivery and Acceptance
Depreciation & Amortization
Design and Art Direction
Design & Build
Design and Build
Dunn & Bradstreet
Dunn And Bradstreet
Displays and Controls
Design and Decoration
Determination and Finding
Determinations and Findings
Dolce & Gabbana
Dangerous and Hazardous
Delaware & Hudson
Delaware and Hudson Railroad
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion
DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Detroit & Mackinac
Director and Officer
Development and Production
Dardanelle & Russellville
Defense and Space
Deloitte and Touche
Documentation & Training
Daniel Amos
Debtors Anonymous
Direct Armor Attachment System
Direct Algebraic Logic
Documents Against Payment
Delivered Alongside Ship
Direct Berthing
Doctor of Business Administration
Diploma in Business Management
Department of Commerce
Department of Consumer
District of Columbia
Days After Date
Delniska druzba
Demand Draft
Dionicko Drustvo
Damage done in collision
Direct Data Entry
Double Entry
Dead freight
Distrito Federal
Doctor of Health Administration
Doctor of Management
Druzba z neomejeno odgovornostjo
Delivery Order
Denominação de Origem Controlada
Department of Defense
Department of Labor
Drustvo S Ogranicenom Odgovornoscu
Druzba z omejeno odgovornostjo
Department of Transportation
Department of Transport
Direct port
Director of Public Instruction
Damaged received in collision
Days after sight
Document Signed
Decessit Sine Prole
Deep Tank
Date To Be Advised
Department of Trade and Industry
Desk Top Publishing
desait vito matria
decessit vito patria
Days After Acceptance
Deposit Account
Disbursement Account
Discharge Afloat
Documents Against Acceptance
Documents Attached
Document Bill
Deviation Clause
Direct Continuation
Demand Draft
Documentary Draft
Demand Loan
Debit note
Despatch Note
Delivery Order
Direct Order
Direct port
Documents Against Payment
Deposit Receipt
Direct/Reimbursable Flag
Dunnage, removal and disposal
Days after sight
Drop Ship
Dock warrant
data Bi
Diesel 2
Dealer to Client
Direct to Consumer
Dealer to Dealer
Doorways to Dreams
Disk To Disk To Tape
Direct To Home
Discovery to Product
Diploma 3
Designated Third Party
Disinterested 3rd Party
Design for Sustainability
Daniel Amos
Dansk Arbejdsgiverforening
Data Administration
Department Administrator
Data Aggregator
Data Analysis
Data Analyst
Data Architecture
Data Available
Dearness Allowance
Decision Authority
Delegated Authority
Default Assets
Deferred Annuity
Delivery Agent
Delivery Application
Demand Addresses
Departmental Administration
Departmental Administrator
Department of Agriculture
Department of the Army's
Department of Agricultural
Deposit Administration
Desktop Administration
Devolved Administration
Desert Aircraft
Designated Agent
Designated Agency
Design Authority
Design Automation
Desk Accessory
Developing Agency
Development Alternatives
Development Approval
Differentiated Accountability
Digital to Analogue
Digital Access
Direct Access
Director of Administration
Directory Assistance
Disbursement Account
Disciplined Agile
Discovery Accelerator
Discretionary Account
Disk Adapter
Disk Array
Disney Accounting - as in 'Whishing will make it so'
Display Audio
Distribution Area
Distribution Automation
Distribution Amplifier
District Agent
Disturbance Allowance
Document against Acceptance
Documents against Acceptance
Domain Analysis
Domain Authority
Domestic Agency
Driver Alert
Dual Action
Dynamic Allocation
Selskap med delt ansar
Diploma in Arts and Craft
Director of Administration/Chief Financial Officer
Data Authentication Algorithm
Digital Advertising Alliance
Discharge always afloat
Dominion Automobile Association
Dose Administration Aid
Double Alpha Academy
Dublin Airport Authority
Dynamic Asset Allocation
Detroit Area Agency on Aging
Division of Anesthesia, Analgesia, and Addiction Products
Deputy Assistant Attorney General
Defense Automatic Addressing System
Defense Automatic Address System Center
Data Acquisition Board
Departmental Appeals Board
Digital Audio Broadcasting
Directors Across Borders
Direkt Anlage Bank
Dispute Adjudication Board
Dispute Adjudication Boards
Dortmunder Actien Brauerei
Dutch Association of Barbershop Singers
Data-tier Application Component
Data Access Component
Data Acquisition And Control
Data Authentication Code
Days After Contract
Defence Acquisition Council
Defence Acquisition Committee
Deferred Acquisition Costs
Deferred Acquisition Cost
Delivery Against Cost
Department of Agriculture and Cooperation
Department of Agriculture & Cooperation
Design Automation Conference
Deutscher Arzneimittel Codex
Development Assistance Committee's
Development Assistance Center
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Digital-to-analouge converter
Digital-to-Analog Convertor
Digital Analog Converter
Digital Analogue Converter
Digital Analogue Convertor
Digital Analogue Converters
Digital Analog Convertor
Digital Audio Converter
Digital to Analog Converters
Digital to Analog Convertor
Digital to Analogue Convertor
Digital to Audio Converter
Digital Art Center
Digital Assurance Certification
Digital Audio Convertor
Direct Attach Copper
Direct Attach Cable
Direct Attach Cables
Direct Attached Copper
Disability Advisory Council
Disabled Adult Child
Disabled Adult Children
Disaster Assistance Center
Disciplinary Action Criteria
Disciplinary Action Committee
Document Availability Code
Donation to Any Charity
Dubai Academic City
Dubai Accreditation Centre
Dubai Accreditation Center
Duck and Cover
Dynamic Access Control
Dynamic Airspace Configuration
Digital to Analog Converters
Digital-to-Analog Converters
Days After Contract
Directory Assistance Call Completion
Dona Ana Community College
District Assembly Common Fund
District Assemblies Common Fund
District Associate Contest and Judging Chairman
Discretionary Access Control List
Discretionary Access Control Lists
Discretionary Access Control Lists
Defense Acquisition Challenge Program
Data & Analysis Center for Software
Data Acquisition and Control System
Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Design and Analysis of Communication Systems
Design and Artists Copyright Society
Digital-To-Analogue Converters
Digital to Analog Converters
Digital Access Cross-connect System
Digital Access and Cross-Connect Systems
Digital Access Cross-Connect Switch
Digital Audio Control System
Direct Attach Cables
Division of Aging and Community Services
Dartmouth Assertive Community Treatment Scale
Data Access Diagram
Defense Acquisition Deskbook
Deposit Assistance Department
Designated Advisor for Disclosure
Development Assistance Database
Digital Audio Disc
Diode Array Detector
Disciplined Agile Delivery
Document Access Definition
Destination Area Distribution Center
Digital Audio Disc Corporation
Driving Aids Development Corporation
Diploma in Accounting and Data Processing
Day Ahead Demand Response Program
Defense Accounting and Disbursing Systems
Department of Aging & Disability Services
Driver Alertness Detection System
Data Entity
Department of Atomic Energy
Department of Agriculture Extension
Department of Agricultural Extension
Department of Applied Economics
Digital Agenda for Europe
Dubai Aerospace Enterprise
Designated Agency Ethics Official
Deliver At Frontier
Delivered At Frontier
Delivery At Frontier
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine
Dilution Attenuation Factor
Direction Administrative et Financière
Discretionary Adjustment Factor
Dissolved Air Flotation
Dissolved Air Floatation
Dissolved Air Filtration
Donor-Advised Fund
Donor Advised Funds
Digital Aeronautical Flight Information Files
Dose Adjustment For Normal Eating
Department of Administrative and Financial Services
Directors of Administration and General Services
Direct Answers from Search
Diploma in Air Fare and Ticketing
Days Away From Work
Day Away From Work Case
Dubai Airport Free Zone
Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
Data Availability Group
Deutsche Angestelltengewerkschaft
Deutsche Angestellten-Gewerkschaft
Development Assistance Group
Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results
Department of the Army General Order
Domestic Animal Genetic Resources Information System
Demonstrator Application Grant Scheme
Department of Animal Health
Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries
Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation
Data Acquisition and Handling System
Data Acquisition and Handling Systems
Data Acquisition Information System
Day Activity and Health Services
Defense Agencies Initiative
Defense Agency Initiative
Development Alternatives Incorporated
Dynamic Ad Insertion
Down-and-In Option
Disaster Assistance Improvement Program
D&I Railroad
Debit Accounting Information Retrieval
Data Abstraction Layer
Datacenter Abstraction Layer
Data Access Layer
Data Access Logic
Dedicated Access Line
Dedicated Advertiser Location
Design Assurance Level
Detached Address Label
Detached Address Labels
Deutsche Afrika-Linien
Deutsche Afrika Linien
Digital Asset Library
Denver Acquisition and Logistics Center
Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization
Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation
Dedicated Access Lines
Disability, Aging, and Long-Term Care Policy
Data Acquisition Module
Data Acquisition and Monitoring
Database Activity Monitoring
Day-Ahead Market
Department of Agricultural Marketing
Dhaka Ahsania Mission
Digital Artist Management
Digital Asset Management
Digital Assets Management
Digital Asset Manager
District Accounts Manager
Demand Activated Manufacturing Architecture
Diamond Awards for Media Excellence
Damages for Detention
Digital Added Main Line
Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook
Danish Authorized Market Place
Defensively Armed Merchant Ships
Digital Asset Management System
Digital Asset Management Systems
Direct Attack Moving Target Capability
Deferment Account Number
Divers Alert Network
Dental Assisting National Board
Dental Assistant National Board
Dental Assisting National Board's
Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica
Database of Archives of Non-Governmental Organisations
Displayed average noise level
Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dubai Air Navigation Services
Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support
Data Access Objects
Data Access Point
Defense Attache Offices
Department Administrative Order
Does anyone own
Dark Age of Camelot
Down-and-Out Option
Data Administration Plan
Data Archiving Process
Days all purpose
Dearborn Assembly Plant
Deferred Action for Parents
Delivered at Place
Delivered At Point
Delivery at Place
Deltoid and Axillary Protectors
Deming Application Prize
Deposit Administration Plan
Detailed Area Plan
Di-Ammonia Phosphate
Di-Ammonium Phosphate
Digital Access Pass
Digital Army Program
Digital Audio Processor
Digital Audio Player
Digital Audio Processing
Disaster Accountability Project
Disbursement Acceleration Program
Distinguished Achievement Program
Distributed Array Processor
Distributed Art Publishers
District Agriculture Plan
Diversity Awareness Profile
Dutch Accounting Principles
Defence Acquisition Program Administration
Defense Acquisition Program Administration
Defense Acquisition Programme Administration
Defense Acquisition Program Agency
Defense Acquisition and Procurement Agency
Distribution and Pricing Agreement
Division of Air Pollution Control
Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program
Destination Access Point Identifier
Development Aid from People to People
Days all Purposes
Digital Audio Players
Distributed Application Platforms and Services
Document Automation and Production Service
Document Automation & Production Service
Document Automation and Production Services
Daily Activity Report
Data At Rest
Days in Accounts Receivable
Debt to Asset Ratio
Decision Analysis Report
Decision Analysis and Resolution
Decision Analysis & Resolution
Decision Analysis Resolution
Defense Access Roads
Defense Access Road
Department of Agrarian Reform
Deposit Activity Report
Detailed Analysis Report
Digital Audio Recording
Digital Audio Recorder
Direct Access Restore
Division of Animal Resources
Dressed All Round
Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
Delete Automatic Renewal Clause
Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Department of Agricultural Research and Education
Department of Agricultural Research & Education
Days After Receipt of Order
Downlink Advanced Receiver Performance
Defense Advanced Research Project Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration
Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency
Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances
Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
Defense Acquisition Regulations System
Defense Acquisition Regulation System
Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
Digital Audio Radio Service
Digital Audio Radio Satellite
Digital Audio Radio Services
Days Away, Restricted, or Transferred
Days Away, Restricted or Transferred
Days Away, Restricted, and Transfer
Days Away, Restricted and Transferred
Days Away Restricted or Transferred
Days Away Restricted Time
Daily Average Revenue Trades
Data Access Service
Data Access Server
Data Access Services
Data Acquisition Systems
Data Acquisition Station
Data Acquisition Software
Data Analysis Systems
Defense Acquisition System
Data Analytics Supercomputer
Database Administration Server
Debt Arrangement Schemes
Debt Arrangement Scheme
Delegated Administration Services
Density Analysis System
Dependable Auto Shippers
Depositor and Asset Services
Deputy Assistant Secretaries
Digital Access Service
Digital Addressable System
Digital Archiving Systems
Direct Access System
Digital Aerial Solutions
Diploma of Advanced Studies
Direct-Attached Storage
Direct Access Storage
Direct Attached Storage
Direct Attach Storage
Directly Attached Storage
Directory Assistance System
Disk Array Subsystem
Distributed Application Services
Distributed Acoustic Sensing
Distributed Acoustic Sensor
Distributed Antennae Systems
Diversified Agency Services
Division of Administrative Services
Division of Addiction Services
Division of Aging Services
Division of Apprentice Standards
Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Document Access Service
Driver Advisory System
Driver Assistance Systems
Driver Authorization System
Dual Address Space
Dutch Auction System
Dynamic Animation Systems
Dynamo Application Server
Department of Administrative Services, Human Resources Enterprise
Direct Access Storage Devices
Direct Access Storage Devices
Direct Access Storage Devices
Downingtown Area School District
Data Across Sectors for Health
Distributed Application Specification Language
Doors & Access Systems Manufacturers Association
Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Dormitory Authority State of New York
Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
Dormitory Authority, State of New York
Disk Anti-Shock Protection
Digital Airport Surveillance Radar
Distributed Antenna Systems
Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team
Distributed Applications Support Team
Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport
Dynamic Application Security Testing
Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
Data Access Tool
Data Acquisition Terminal
Decision Analysis Team
Delivered at Terminal
Design Aptitude Test
Differential Aptitude Test
Digital Audio Tape
Digital Audio Tapes
Direct Access Trading
Direct Access Testing
Direct Airside Transit
Discharge Air Temperature
Discovery Analysis and Technology
Distress Alert Transmitter
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Data Access and Transparency Alliance
Data Accountability and Trust Act
Data Actuating Technical Association
Digital Accountability and Transparency Act
Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection
Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection
Design Automation & Test in Europe
Diesel Advanced Technology Education
Division of Academic and Technical Education