Popular Care acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Area Agency on Aging
Area Agency on Aging & Disability
Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Care
American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Certification Program
Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut
American Academy of Wound Management
Anorexia and Bulimia Care
Arbonne Baby Care
Access to Baby & Child Dentistry
Americans for Better Care of the Dying
American Board of Certification in Medical Optometry
Aged, Blind, and Disabled
Alcohol Brief Interventions
American Boarding Kennel Association
Advanced Burn Life Support
American Board of Managed Care Nursing
American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry
Aneurin Bevan University Health Board
Acute Care
Animal Care
Animal Care & Control
Animal Care and Control
Affordability Care Act
Air Care Alliance
Ambulance Care Assistant
Ambulance Care Assistants
Ambulance Care Assistants
Auto Care Association
Aged Care Association Australia
Ambulatory Care and Diagnostic
Aged Care Assessment Program
Aged Care Assessment Teams
Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists
Accountable Care Collaborative
Accountable Care Community
Acute Care Center
Ambulatory Care Center
Ambulatory Care Centre
Animal Care & Control
Animal Care and Control
Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care
American Car Care Centers
Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services
Association for the Care of Children's Health
Anesthesiology critical care medicine
Assessment, Care in Custody and Teamwork
Advance Care Directive
Advance Care Directives
Agency for Child Development
Acute Care Episode
Acute Care for Elders
Acute Care of the Elderly
Advancing Care for Exceptional
Affiliated Covered Entity
Advancing Care Excellence for Seniors
Animal Care Equipment & Services
Adult Care Facility
Animal Care Facility
Alternate Care Facility
Alternate Care Facilities
Aged Care Financing Authority
Adjusted Clinical Groups
Adjusted Clinical Group
Adjusted Clinical Groups
Accountable Communities of Health
Accreditation Commission for Health Care
Alliance of Community Health Plans
Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse
Assessment of Chronic Illness Care
Advanced Care Life Support
Alarm Communication Management
Appropriate Care Measures
Ambulatory Care Network
Arizona Care Network
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
Accountable Care Organization
Accountable Care Organizations
Accountable Care Organizations
Accountable Care Organizations
Acute Care of at-Risk Newborns
Associate Chief Of Staff
Assessing Care of Vulnerable Elders
Advance Care Planning
Advanced Care Planning
Advanced Care Practitioner
Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Respiratory Care
Adjusted Community Rate
Administrative Case Review
Accountable Care Solutions
Acute Care Surgery
Adult Community Services
Alternate Care Site
Alternate Care Sites
Ambulatory Care Sensitive
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Condition
Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions
Animal Care Services
Aged and Community Services Tasmania
Achieving Competence Today
Accelerating Change and Transformation in Organizations and Networks
Acute Care Training with Simulation
Anesthesia Care Teams
Animal Care and Use
Association of Clinicians for the Underserved
Animal Care and Use Committee
Animal Care and Use Program
Activity Director
allowed dependent
Aged and Disabled Adult
AIDS Drug Assistance Program
Accelerated Death Benefits
Adult Day Care
Adult Day Center
Average Daily Census
Active Duty Dental Program
Ambulatory Diagnostic Group
Ambulatory Diagnostic Groups
Adult Day Health Care
Adult Day Health Center
Adult Dental Health Survey
Alzheimer's Disease International
Activities Daily Living
Activity Of Daily Living
Ambulatory Data Module
Assistant Director of Nursing
Adult Day Program
Automated Data Processing Application Coordinator
Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities
Aging & Disability Resource Connections
Aging and Disability Resource Centers
Aging and Disability Resource Centers
Aging and Disability Resource Consortium
Advance Decisions to Refuse Treatment
Adult Day Services
Advance Directives
Agenţia Domeniilor Statului
Aging & Disability Services Administration
Aging and Disability Services Administration
Admission, Discharge, Transfer
Admission, Discharge and Transfer
Admission Discharge Transfer
Admit, Discharge, and Transfer
Advanced Dental Therapist
Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health
Advancing Excellence
Action on Elder Abuse
Ambulatory Emergency Care
Aravind Eye Care System
Association for Executives in Healthcare Information Security
Automated Eligibility Verification System
Aligning Forces for Quality
Adult Family Care
Angel Flight Central
Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System
Adoption and Foster Care Analysis Reporting System
Adult Family Care Home
Adult Family Care Homes
Adult Family Home
Adult Family Homes
Americans for Free Choice in Medicine
African Federation for Emergency Medicine
Adult Foster Home
Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network
Alternative Family Living
Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
Aboriginal Family Support Services
Adult Failure to Thrive
Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
American General Dentistry
American Geriatric Society
Alpha Hydroxy Acid
Aquino Health Agenda
Affordable Home Care
Alberta Health Care
Aurora Health Care
Angkor Hospital for Children
Agency for Health Care Administration
Agency of Health Care Administration
Australian Health Care Agreements
Arkansas Health Care Access Foundation
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Advance Health Care Directive
Academy of Health Care Professions
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research
Agency for Health Care Policy Research
Agency for Health Care Policy & Research
Agency for Health Care Policy and Research's
Academic Health Centers
Adirondack Health Institute
Allegheny Health Network
Allied Health Professional
Allied Health Professionals
Anesthesia Healthcare Partners
Association Health Plan
American Health Planning Association
Allied Health Professionals
Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's
Agency for Health Care Research and Quality
Agency for Healthcare Research Quality
Agency Healthcare Research and Quality
Area Health Resources Files
Area Health Resource File
Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Adventist Health System
Asian Health Services
Aesthetics International Association
Agency for Integrated Care
Adult Intensive Care Unit
Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals
Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine
Australian Institute of Health Welfare
Advanced Illness Management
American Independent Marketing
Anesthesia Information Management System
Anesthesia Information Management Systems
Australian Incident Monitoring Study
Assistants in Nursing
All India Ophthalmic Society
Arkansas Innovative Performance Program
Aging and Independence Services
Administrator in Training
Asociaţia Internaţională a Transportatorilor Auto
Angka Kematian Neonatal
Australia-modified Karnofsky Performance Status
Assisted Living
Alternate Level of Care
Assisted Living Community
Assisted Living Consumer Alliance
Applicable Large Employer
Applicable Large Employers
Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted Living Facility
Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted Living Federation of America
Assisted Living Program
Assisted Living Programs
Assisted Living Residence
Assisted Living Residences
Assessment of Living Skills and Resources
Arizona Long-Term Care System
Arizona Long Term Care System
Acute Long Term Hospital Association
Aging and Long-Term Support Administration
Assisted Living Workgroup
Association of Maternal Child Health Programs
Association of Maternal and Child Health Program
Arkansas Managed Care Organization
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
Academic Medical Centers
Advance Medical Directive
Associazione Medici Diabetologi
Automated Medication Dispenser
Averting Maternal Death and Disability
Africa Mental Health Foundation
Approved Mental Health Professional
Approved Mental Health Professionals
Alternative Medicine Integration
American Medical Information Association
Associação de Medicina Intensiva Brasileira
Applied Management Systems
Aboriginal Medical Service Alliance Northern Territory
American Medical Specialty Organization
Agenţia Naţională Anti-Doping
Agenţia Naţională de Integritate
Agentia Nationala de Administrare Fiscala
Agentiei Nationale de Administrare Fiscala
Asociatia Nationala a Agentiilor de Turism
Ante-Natal Care
Ante Natal Care
Allow Natural Death
Advanced Nursing Education Expansion
Alabama Nursing Home Association
Assistant Nurse Manager
Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Nursing Practice
American Nurse Practitioner Foundation
Association of Optometric Contact Lens Educators
Association of Organizations for Christian Science Nursing
Answers On Demand
Accredited Organic Land Care Professional
Association of Oncology Social Work
Acute Physiology And Chronic Health Evaluation
Admitted Patient Care
Agenţia pentru Protecţia Consumatorilor
African Palliative Care Association
Alaska Primary Care Association
Australian Primary Care Collaboratives
All-Payer Claims Database
All-Payer Claims Databases
All Payer Claims Database
All Payer Claims Databases
Adunarea Parlamentara a Consiliului Europei
Adult Patient Database
Asociatia Pro Democratia
Ambulatory Patient Group
Associates in Process Improvement
Agentia de Plati si Interventie pentru Agricultura
Alternative Payment Model
Alternative Payment Methodology
Alternative Payment Models
Alternative Provider Medical Services
Advanced Practice Nursing
Advanced Practical Nurses
Advanced Practice Nurses
Advance Practice Nurses
Advanced Practice Providers
Advocate Physician Partners
Alternative Payment Programs
AppleCare Protection Plan
All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin
Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement
Advanced Practice Providers
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Advance Practice Registered Nurses
Acute Physiology Score
American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association
Advanced Premium Tax Credits
Advance Premium Tax Credit
Advance Premium Tax Credits
Advanced Premium Tax Credits
Annual Payment Update
Annual Payment Updates
American Public Welfare Association
Ambulatory Quality Alliance
Alternative Quality Contract
Animal Research Advisory Committee
Adult Residential Care
Aging Resource Center
Avoid Readmissions through Collaboration
Adult Resources for Care and Help
Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing
Association of Rug Care Specialists
Alianța România Dreaptă
Assessment Reference Date
Adult Residential Facility
Adult Residential Facilities
Area Resource Files
Association for Radiologic and Imaging Nursing
Association of Rehabilitation Nursing
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
Advance Registered Nurse Practitioner
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners
Automated Response System
Administrative Simplification
Advanced System
Ambulatory Surgery
Aging Services Access Point
Aging Service Access Point
Aging Services Access Points
Advanced System Care
After School Care
Ambulatory Surgery Center
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Area Service Center
American Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists
Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
Associated Skin Care Professionals
Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality Reporting
American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons
Aging Services Division
Academiei de Studii Economice din Moldova
Autoritatea de Supraveghere Financiară
Accredited Social Health Activists
Accredited Social Health Activists
Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists
American Society for Healthcare Risk Management
Active Service Model
After School Program
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
Ambulatory Sentinel Practice Network
Academiei de Ştiinţe Tehnice din România
Acute Stroke Unit
Asociatia Secular-Umanista din Romania
Approved Social Worker
Advanced Social Work Case Manager
Assessed and Supported Year in Employment
Anaesthesia Trauma and Critical Care
Absolute Total Care
Adoption Tax Credit
Around The Clock
Austin Travis County Integral Care
British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers
British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care
Before and After School Program
Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act
Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification
Breast Care International
Board Certified in Integrative Medicine
Board Certified Master Arborist
Better Care Network
Beneficiary and Family-Centered Care
Beneficiary and Family Centered Care
Big F'ing Deal
Big Fucking Deal
British Geriatrics Society
Behavioral Health
Behavioral Health Care
Behavioral Health Home
Behavioral Health Consultant
Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
Baylor Health Care System
Breast Health Global Initiative
Black Hills Health Care System
Bi-directional Health Information Exchange
Brooklyn Health Information Exchange
Behavioral Health Lab
Behavioral Health Organization
Behavioral Health Organizations
Behavioral Health Organizations
Behavioral Health Tech
Behavioral Health Laboratory
Behavioral Healthcare Options
Banner Health Network
Basic Health Program
Basic Health Plan
Behavioral Health Professional
Behavioral Health Screen
Behavioral Health Specialist
Bureau of Health Workforce
Burn Intensive Care Unit
Based Insurance Design
Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization
British Institute for Learning Disabilities
Balancing Incentive Program
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center
Better Jobs Better Care
British Journal of Nursing
Branch Medical Clinic
Battlefield Medical Information System Tactical
Board of Medical Quality Assurance
Bed Management System
Blocul National Sindical
Bureau of Insurance
Balance of State
Bundled Payment for Care Improvement
Bundled Payments for Care Improvement
Bundled Payment Care Initiative
Bureau of Primary Health Care
Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
Best Practice Spotlight Organization
Best Practice Tariff
Blue Quality Physician Program
Biroul Roman de Audit al Tirajelor
Care and Support
Community Animal Rescue Effort
Certified Nurse Assistant
Coverage to Care
Care to Learn
Certified Arborists
Certified Arborist
Care Area Assessments
Certified Alzheimer Caregiver
Committee on Animal Care
California Animal Control Directors Association
Child & Adult Care Food Program
Child Adult Care Food Program
Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider
Comprehensive Access and Delivery Research and Evaluation
China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries
Christian Alliance for Orphans
Confidentiality Advisory Group
Connecticut Association of Health Care Facilities
Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine
Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative
Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
Consumer Assessments of Healthcare Providers and Systems
Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System
Consumer Assessment of Health Plan Survey
Consumer Assessment of Health Plan Surveys
Consumer Assessments of Health Plans Study
Confusion Assessment Method
Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Ambulatory Care
Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Behavioral Health Care
Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Caregiver Action Network
Camberwell Assessment of Need for the Elderly
Connecticut Association of Optometrists
Community Alternative Program
Center to Advance Palliative Care
Centrul de Analiză şi Prevenire a Corupţiei
Client Assessment Protocols
Client Assessment Record
Cochrane Anaesthesia Review Group
Clinical Assessment Reporting and Tracking
Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting
Child and Adolescent Service System Program
Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities
Care Assessment Tool
Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service
Catheter-acquired urinary tract infections
Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection
Catheter Acquired Urinary Tract Infections
Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection
Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections
Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System
College of Animal Welfare
Community-Based Adult Services
Community Based Adult Services
Cancer Black Care
Capital Breast Care Center
Certified Breast Care Nurse
Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland
Community-Based Health Care
Community Based Health Insurance
Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer
Community-Based Outpatient Clinics
Community Based Outpatient Clinics
Chief Business Office Purchased Care
Canadian Board for Respiratory Care
Community Based Residential Facility
Community Based Warrior Transition Unit
Care Coordination
Child Care
Continuing Care
Continuum of Care
Critical Care
Customer Care
Customer Care & Billing
Customer Care and Billing
Care Continuum Alliance
Child Care Assistance
Child Care Association
Critical Care Assistant
Christian Community Aid
Consiliului Coordonator al Audiovizualului
Customer Care Accelerator
Customer Care and Aftersales
Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
Child Care Attendance Automation
Community Care Access Centre
Community Care Access Centres
Continuing Care Accreditation Commission
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living
Child Care Access Means Parents in School
Child Care Advocate Program
Child Care Assistance Program
Critical Care Air Transport
Critical Care Air Transport Team
Critical Care Air Transport Teams
Critical Care Air Transports Teams
Child Care Benefit
Compliance Certification Board
Consent and Capacity Board
Community Care Behavioral Health
Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics
Child Care Center
Community Care Center
Community Care Centers
Customer Care Center
Clinical Care Classification
Community Care Centre
Community Care Centres
Community Care College
Customer Care Centre
Community Care Collaborative
Comprehensive Care Center
Colorado Child Care Assistance Program
Center for Child Care Career Development
Canadian Child Care Federation
Care and Counseling Center of Georgia
Certified Continence Care Nurse
Collier Child Care Resources
Canadian Critical Care Society
Community Care Centres
Convenient Care Clinics
Canadian Critical Care Trials Group
Child Care Division
Continuity Care Document
Continuity of Care Document
Continuity of Care Documents
Continuity of Care Documents
Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture
Child Care and Development Block Grant
Child Care Development Block Grant
Child Care and Development Fund
Child Care & Development Fund
Child Care Development Fund
Cook County Department of Public Health
Cancer Care Delivery Research
Computerized Clinical Decision Support System
Care Coordination Entity
Community Care for the Elderly
Child Care and Early Education Research Connections
Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Program
Care Coordination Entities
Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work
Child Care Foundation
Community Care Fund
Customer Care Framework
Child Care Food Program
Cancer Care Group
Clinical Commissioning Groups
Clinical Commissioning Groups
Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters
Center for Connected Health
Child Care Health Consultant
Child Care Health Consultation
Cross Cultural Health Care Program
Cook County Health & Hospitals System
Cook County Health and Hospitals System
Cook County Health and Hospital System
Center for Community Health Improvement
Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
Chinese Community Health Plan
Consumer Choice Health Plan
Cultural Competence Health Practitioner Assessment
Christiana Care Health System
Care Coordination Home Telehealth
Center for Care Innovations
Child Care Institutions
Child Caring Institution
Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight
Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight
Centers for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight
Caregiver-Child Interactions for Infants and Toddlers
Chronic Care Improvement Program
Child Care Information Services
Child Care Institutions
Critical Care Information System
Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care
Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement
Child Care Leave
Child Care Licensing
Couldn't Care Less
Children's Creative Learning Center
Continuing Care Leadership Coalition
Center for Case Management
Certified Case Management
Commission for Case Manager
Chronic Care Model
Chronic Care Management
Critical Care Medicine
Commission for Case Manager Certification
Customer Care Measurement & Consulting
Colorado Community Managed Care Network
Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence
Certified Case Managers
Child Care Management Services
Community Care Network
Critical Care Nurse
Council on Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions
Community Care of North Carolina
Care Clinical Nurse Specialist
Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist
Critical Care Nurse Specialist
Community Care Network of Virginia
Cancer Care Ontario
Clinical Care Options
Coordinated Care Organization
Coordinated Care Organizations
Coordinated Care Organizations
Care Capital Properties
Certified Childcare Professional
Child Care Professional
Chronic Care Professional
Customer Care Professional
Community Care Program
Comprehensive Care Program
Concierge Choice Physicians
Coordinated Care Plans
Council on Chiropractic Practice
Critical Care Paramedic
Critical Care Paramedics
Critical Care Paramedics
Customer Care Package
Community Care Program for the Elderly and Disabled
Child Care Provider Information
Child Care Resource
Clinical Case Registry
Continuity Care Record
Continuity of Care Record
Continuity of Care Records
Customer Care Representative
Child Care Resource and Referral
Child Care Resource & Referral
Child Care Resources and Referral
Child Care Resource and Referral
Cancer Communication Research Center
Child Care Resource Center
Continued Care Retirement Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Community
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuous Care Retirement Community
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Continuing Care Retirement Communities
Creative Care for Reaching Independence
Comprehensive Clinical Research Network
Critical Care Registered Nurse
Critical Care Register Nurse
Critical Care Registered Nurses
Child Care Resource Service
Continuity of Care Records
Child Care Services
Child Care Subsidy
Clece Care Services
Community Care Services
Customer Care Services
Clinical Classifications Software
Correct Care Solutions
Customer Care System
Customer Care and Service
Critical Care Societies Collaborative
Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Coordinated Care Services, Inc
Child Care Subsidy Programs
Child Care Subsidy Program
Colorado Choice Transitions
Community Care Team
Critical Care Transport
Critical Care Transportation
Critical Care Transports
Child Care Technical Assistance Network
Community-Based Care Transitions Program
Cardiac Care Unit
Coronary Care Unit
Critical Care Unit
Care Council for Wales
Child Care Workforce
Community Care Waiver
Consumer Direct
Child Development Associate
Child Development Agency
Clinical Data Architecture
Consumer Directed Attendant Care
Cognitive, Dementia and Memory Service
Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service
Chronic Disease Assistance Programme
Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services
Child Day Centers
Child Development and Care
Child Development Center
Child Development Centers
Comprehensive Diabetes Care
Consumer-Directed Care
Consumer Directed Community Supports
Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
Child Development Division
Child Development Home
Certified Diabetes Educators
Certified Diabetes Educators
Chronic Disease Electronic Management System
Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam
Consumer Directed Healthcare
Consumer-Directed Health Plan
Consumer Directed Health Plans
Consumer Driven Health Care
Consumer-Directed Health Plans
Child Development Initiative
Child Development Services
Chronic Disease Management
Chronic Disease Management Plan
Clinical Digital Maturity Index
Consumer Directed Option
Consumer Directed Services
Cancer Detection Program
Certified Dementia Practitioner
Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program
Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
Child Development Programs
Clinical Data Repository
Community Dental Service
Community Development Support Association
Chronic Disease Self-Management Program
Chronic Disease Self Management Program
Computerized Decision Support System
Clinical Decision Unit
Center for Excellence in Assisted Living
Caring Economy Campaign
Childhood Experience of Care and Abuse
College of Early Childhood Educators
Comparative Effectiveness and Efficacy Research and Analysis for Practice
Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey
Curtea Europeană de Justiţie
Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health
Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths
Centre for Effective Practice
Center of Excellence for Pediatric Quality Measurement
Clinical Effectiveness Research
Continuing Educational Units
Continuing Educational Unit
Codul fiscal
Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition
Center for Financing, Access and Cost Trends
Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends
Center for Advancing Health
Canadian Family Advisory Network
Care for Children
Community First Choice
Chafee Foster Care Independence Program
Certified Foot Care Nurse
Community First Choice Option
Calea Ferată din Moldova
California Foundation for Medical Care
Colorado Foundation for Medical Care
Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Central Florida Regional Hospital
Child & Family Service
Child and Family Services
Child & Family Team
Children and Family Services
Child and Family Services Agency
Child and Family Services Division
Child and Family Team
Child and Family Service Reviews
Centre for Workforce Intelligence
Clinician & Group
Comprehensive geriatric assessment
Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development
Certified Geriatric Pharmacist
Cambridge Health Alliance
Community Health Alliance
Center for Healthy Aging
Community Health Ambassadors
Community Hospitals Association
Child Health and Development Interactive System
Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection
Civilian Health and Medical Program for the Uniformed Services
Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Veterans Administration
Community Health Access Network
Community Health Access Program
Community Healthcare Access Program
Community Health Accreditation Program
Community Health Aide Program
Community Health Accreditation Partner
Community Health Applied Research Network
Community Health and Social Services
Cerner Health Conference
Community Health Center
Community Health Centers
Community Health Centre
Community Health Centres
Certified in Healthcare Compliance
Child Health Clinic
Community Health Council
Community Health Clinic
Community Health Councils
Comprehensive Healthcare Center
Comprehensive Health Center
Comprehensive Health Centers
Consumer Health Coalition
Consumer Health Care
Continuous Home Care
Colorado Health Care Association
Continued Health Care Benefit Program
Continued Health Care Benefits Program
Christian Health Care Center
Commission on Health Care Certification
Center on Health Care Effectiveness
Creative Health Care Management
Community Health and Care Partnership
Community Health & Care Partnership
Center for Health Care Quality
Center for Health Care Strategies
Catholic Health Care Services
Community Health Centers
Community Health Centres
Composite Health Care System
Community Health Development
Child Health and Disability Program
Catholic Health East
Certified Home Health Aide
Certified Home Health Agency
Certified Home Health Aides
Certified Home Health Agencies
Certified Home Health Aides
Certified Home Health Agencies
Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aide
Center for Health and Health Care in Schools
Catholic Health Initiatives
Centering Healthcare Institute
Children's Hospice International
City Health Information
Commission for Health Improvement
Community Health Improvement
Community Health Initiative
Consolidated Health Informatics
Center for Health Information and Analysis
Center for Health Information Analysis
Child Health Insurance Program
Child Health Insurance Programs
Children's Health Insurance Program
Children's Health Insurance Programs
Children Health Insurance Program
Childrens Health Insurance Program
Childrens Health Insurance Programs
Community Health Improvement Partnership
Community Health Improvement Project
Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
Child Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act
Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act
Children's Health Insurance Programs
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Colorado Health Medical Group
Center for Health Market Innovations
Center for Health Market Innovation
Child Health Network
Consumer Health Network
Community health nurse
Community Health Nursing
Community Health Needs Assessment
Community Health Needs Assessments
Capital Health Plan
Child Health Plan
Community Health Partnerships
Community Health Partnership
Community Health Partners
Community Health Program
Community Health Profile
Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Administrator
Centura Health Physician Group
Centre for Health and the Public Interest
Certified Hospice and Palliative Nurse
Certified Hospice and Palliative Pediatric Nurse
Community Health Partnerships
Community Health Services
Community Health Plan of Washington
Community Health Resources
Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence
Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation
Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation
Carolinas HealthCare System
Collaborative Health Systems
Contract Health Services
Contract Health Service
Center for Health Transformation
Community Health Team
Community Health Teams
Community Health Teams
Community Health Volunteer
Community Health Volunteers
Community Health Worker
Community Health Workers
Community Health Workers
Center for Health Workforce Studies
Clinical Integration
Cognitively Impaired
Corporate Information Architects
Children in Care
Community Integrated Care
Crisis Intervention Center
Customer Information Centre
Central Indiana Council on Aging
Colorado Indigent Care Program
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
Coronary Intensive Care Unit
Cod de Identificare Fiscala
Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative
Central Illinois Health Information Exchange
Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics
Center for Integrated Health Solutions
Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Clinically Integrated Networks
Clinically Integrated Networks
Cosmetics Ingredient Review
Critical Incident Report
Clinical Innovation and Research Centre
Critical Incident Reporting System
Caregiver Interaction Scale
Clinical Information System
Clinical Information Systems
Classification Internationale des Soins Primaires
Community Intervention Team
Center for Improving Value in Health Care
Covering Kids & Families
Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections
Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections
Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection
Central Line Associate Blood Stream Infections
Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care
Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care
Community Living Assistance Services and Supports
Community Living Assistance Services and Support
Childcare Learning Centers
Community Living Centers
Community Living Center
Community Living Centers
Contact Lens Council
Certified Life Care Planner
Clinical Looking Glass
Current Learning in Palliative
Community Living Program
Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
Community Living Supports
Certification in Long Term Care
Certified in Long-Term Care
Certified in Long Term Care
Certified Long-Term Care
Certified Long Term Care
Community Long-Term Care
Corporation for Long Term Care
Care Management
Care Manager
Case Management
Case Managers
Certified Midwife
Certified Midwives
Certified Medication Assistant
Certified Medical Aide
Certified Medication Aid
College of Midwives of British Columbia
Care Manager Certified
Care Manager Certification
Certification in Managed Care Nursing
Certified Managed Care Nurse
Care Management Entity
Consumer Medical Care
Certified Medical Director
Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program
Case-Mix Groups
Case Mix Groups
Center for Mental Health
Community Mental Health Centers
Community Mental Health Centre
Community Mental Health Centers
Community Memorial Hospital
Community Mental Health Clinic
Correctional Managed Health Care
Center for Medical Home Improvement
Community Mental Health Program
Community Mental Health Team
Community Mental Health Teams
Center for Mental Health Policy and Services Research
County Medically Indigent Services Program
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Center for Medicaid Services
Centers for Medicare Services
Care Management Organization
Care Management Organizations
Computerised Medical Record
Computerized Medical Record
Comprehensive Medication Reviews
Care Management Services
Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers
Certified Medication Technician
Clinical Nurse
Certified Nurse Aid
Certified Nursing Attendants
Certified Nursing Assistants
Certified Nurse Aides
Certified Nursing Assistan
Consiliului Naţional al Audiovizualului
Certified Nurse Assistants
Certified Nurses Assistants
Cochrane Nursing Care Field
Consiliul Naţional al Cercetării Ştiinţifice
Clinical Nurse Educators
Clinical Nurse Leader
Comisiei Naționale de Integritate
Consiliul Național de Integritate
Consiliul Naţional al Întreprinderilor Private Mici şi Mijlocii din România
Care Not Killing
Certified Nurse Life Care Planner
Certified Nurse-Midwife
Certified Nurse Midwives
Certified Nurse-Midwives
Certified Nurse Midwifery
Certified Nurse Midwives
Certified Nurse-midwives
Cod Numeric Personal
Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative
Certified Nurse Practitioners
Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation
Clinical Nursing Research
Canadian Network for Respiratory Care
Cochrane Neonatal Review Group
Community Nursing Services
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Consortium of New York Geriatric Education Centers
Care-of Address
Care of Address
Care for Older Adults
Colorado Optometric Association
Community Oncology Alliance
Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
Canadian Orthoptic Council
Continuity of Care
Community Oriented Correctional Health Services
Certified Ostomy Care Nurse
Central Oregon Council On Aging
Care of the Devil
Care of the Elderly
Commissioning Outcomes Framework
Council of Graduate Medical Education
Council on Graduate Medical Education
Center of Occupational Health and Education
Council of International Neonatal Nurses
Committee on Manpower for Pulmonary and Critical Care Societies
Certificate of Need
Certificates of Need
Care of Patients
Community-Oriented Primary Care
Community Oriented Primary Care
Congestive Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Community Options Program Entry System
Certificate of Public Need
Care of Police Survivors
Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation
County Office of Services for the Aging
Certified Ophthalmic Technician
Community Outreach Vehicle
College of Optometrists in Vision Development
College of Optometrist in Vision Development
College of Vision Development
Community Paramedic
Community Paramedicine
Care Programme Approach
Centre for Policy on Ageing
Child Placement Agency
Child Placing Agencies
Child Placing Agency
Central Plains Area Agency on Aging
Center for Primary Care
Comprehensive Primary Care
Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative
Collaborative Pediatric Critical Care Research Network
Children's Primary Care Medical Group
Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network
Certified Patient Care Technician
Cardiac Progressive Care Unit
Clinical Pastoral Education
Certified Pulmonary Function Technician
Certified Professional in Health Information Technology
Centers Plan for Healthy Living
Certified Professional in Healthcare Management
Clinical Practice Improvement
Community Partners in Care
Certified Professional Midwife
Community Psychiatric Nurse
Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Community Psychiatric Nurses
Care Plan Oversight
Computerized Patient Order Entry
Cumulative Patient Profile
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health
Catalyst for Payment Reform
Classification of Pharmaco-Therapeutic Referrals
Clinical Practice Recommendations
Care Pathways
Clinical Pathways
Clinical Pharmacy Specialists
Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine
Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program
Care and Quality Commission
Care Quality Commission
Care Quality Commissions
Commission on Quality of Care
Commission on Quality of Care and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service
Continous Quality Improvement
Calculating Quality Reporting Service
Certificate of Qualification in Social Work
Charging for Residential Accommodation Guidance
Community Residential Care
Community Residential Care Facility
Continuing Respiratory Care Education
Clinical Risk Grouping
Clinical Risk Group
Clinical Risk Groups
Center for Reducing Health Disparities
Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients
Chief Resident Immersion Training
Certified Residential Medication Aide
Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners
Centrul Roman de Politici Europene
Certified Registered Rehabilitation Nurse
Community Recovery Services
Community Rehabilitation Team
Crisis Resolution Team
Certified Senior Adviser
Certified Senior Advisors
Comisia de Supraveghere a Asigurărilor
Clinical Standards Advisory Group
Core Service Agencies
Consiliul Suprem de Apărare a Ţării
Consiliului Suprem de Aparare a Tarii
Consiliului Suprem de Apărare al Ţării
Clinical Standards Board for Scotland
Cardiac Surgery Certification
Comprehensive Stroke Center
Coordinated Specialty Care
Center for the Study of Child Care Employment
Commission for Social Care Inspection
Clinical Simulation Examination
Clinical Simulation Exam
Children with Special Health Care Needs
Children's Special Health Care Services
Children with Special Health Needs
Children with Special Needs
Center for State Health Policy
Caregiver Strain Index
Clinical Scene Investigator
Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit
Care Services Improvement Partnership
Consiliul Superior al Magistraturii
Children's System of Care
Community Support Programs
Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales
Crisis Stabilization Unit
Crisis Stabilization Units
Community Support Worker
Community Support Workers
Care Transitions
Computer Tomograf
Center for Technology and Aging
Communities That Care
Community Therapeutic Care
Caregivers Training Grant
Care Transitions Intervention
Care Transition Intervention
Care Transitions Measure
Certified Transcultural Nurse
Cristian Tudor Popescu
Connecticut Tree Protective Association
Community Tracking Study
Certified Treecare Safety Professional
Certified Treecare Safety Professionals
Community Treatment Team
Community-University Health Care Center
Cost and Utilization Project
Center for Urban Population Health
Clinical Utilisation Review
Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program
Doctorate in Chiropractic
Division of Aging and Adult Services
Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care
Dear Administrator Letters
Disability-adjusted life expectancy
Disability Adjusted Life Expectancy
Disability, Aging and Long-Term Care Policy
Daily Accommodation Payment
Depression Attitude Questionnaire
Disaster Behavioral Health
Direct Care Alliance
Direct Care America
Devon County Council
Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
Division of Child Development and Early Education
Diabetes Care and Education
Domiciliary Care for Homeless Veterans
Dementia Care Mapping
Depression Care Management
Developmental Center of the Ozarks
Dental Care Professionals
Dental Care Professional
Division of Child Protection & Permanency
Developmental Disabilities
Developmentally Disabled
Division of Disability and Aging Services
Digestive Disorders Center
Doctoral of Dental Surgery
Donated Dental Services
Department of Early Care and Learning
Department of Early Learning
District Elderly Community Centre
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems
Direct-Entry Midwife
Direct Entry Midwife
Directia Generala Anticoruptie
Direcţia Generală de Informaţii a Apărării
Department for Health
Department of Health
Department of Health's
District Health Authority
Dental Health Aide Therapist
Dubai Health Care City
Department of Health Care Finance
Division of Health Care Finance
Division of Health Care Financing
Division of Health Care Finance and Policy
Division of Health Care Financing and Policy
Division of Health Care Services
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Health and Human Service
Departments of Health and Human Services
Dental Hygiene Education
Department of Health and Family Services
Denver Health and Hospital Authority
Department of Health & Human Services
Dept Health & Human Services
Division of Health Improvement
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Denver Health Medical Center
Delivery Healthcare Products
Dental Health Professional Shortage Areas
Division of Health Service Regulation
Department of Health and Senior Services
Department of Health & Senior Services
Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics
Disease Intervention Specialist
Day Kimball Healthcare
Day Kimball Hospital
Disability Living Allowance
Disabled Living Allowance
Disability Law Service
Division of Long Term Care
Disease Management
Data Monitoring Board
Direct Medical Education
Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services
District Mutual Health Insurance Scheme
Division of Medical Services
District Nurse
Division of Nursing
Directiei Nationale Anticoruptie
Do Not Hospitalize
Do Not Resusitate
Do Not Resuscitate Order
District Nursing Services
Department on Aging
Delivery of Chronic Care
Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation
Division of Health
Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
Director of Rehab
Directory of Services
Definitive Observation Unit
Direct Payment
Deferred Payment Agreement
Durable Power Of Attorney For Health Care
Direct Patient Care
Direct Primary Care
Disaster Psychiatry Outreach
Director of Patient Services
Drug Profile Viewer
Division of Quality Assurance
Diabetes Quality Improvement Project
Diabetes Quality of Life
Deficit Reduction Act
Delivering Race Equality
Diagnostic Related Groups
Depression Rating Scale
Disability Rights Wisconsin
Division of Specialized Care for Children
Division of Services for Children with Special Health Needs
Demand Side Financing
Disease Site Group
Data Services Hub
Department of Social and Health Services
Department of Social & Health Services
Diabetes Self-Management
Elderly and Disabled
Equitable Access to Care and Health
Expanded Access to Primary Care
Elder Abuse Suspicion Index
Eastern Association for Surgery of Trauma
Evidence-Based Care
Evidence-Based Decision Making
Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines
Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
Evidence-Based Practice
Environment of Care
Extended Congregate Care
Early Child Care Development
Early Childhood Care and Development
Early Childhood Care Development and Education
Early Childhood Care and Education
Early Childhood Care & Education
Early Childhood care Education
Early Childhood Education and Care
Extended Care Career Ladder Initiative
Essentials of Critical Care Orientation
Early Child Education
Early Childhood Education Linkage System
Extra Care Housing
Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes
European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer
Extended Care Information Network
Early Childhood Indicators of Progress
Electronic Call Monitoring
Extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation
European Council of Optometry and Optics
Emergency Care Practitioner
Emergency Care Practitioners
Emergency Care Practitioners
Eye Care Professional
Eye Care Professionals
Early Childhood Professional Certificate
Essential Community Providers
Emergency Care Research Institute
Emergency Care Summary
Emergency Care and Safety Institute
Extended Care Unit
Evidence Documents
Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance
Equality and Diversity Council
Expanded Diagnosis Clusters
Electronic Dementia Guide for Excellence
Enhancing Developmentally Oriented Primary Care
Extended Day Program
Emergency Department Quality in Myocardial Infarction
Emergency departments
Early Education and Care
Early Education & Care
Early Educator Certification
Essential Electrical System
European federation of Critical Care Nurses associations
European Foundation for the Care of Newborn Infants
Eastern Health
Eastern Health Alliance
Early Heart Attack Care
Essential Health Benefit
Essential Health Benefits
Essential Health Benefits
Education, Health and Care
Education, Health and Care Plan
Effective Health Care
Extended Health Care
Electronic Health Care Record
Electronic Health Records Association
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center
Employee Health Plan
Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care
Early Intervention in Psychosis
Educational Incentive Program
Employee Insurance Program
Early Intervention Services
East London Foundation Trust
End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium
End of Life Nursing Education Consortium
Extracorporeal Life Support Organization
Emergency Medicine
East Midlands Academic Health Science Network
Electronic Medication Administration Record
Eligible Metropolitan Areas
Emergency Medical Care
Emergency Medical Care Attendant
Emergency Medical Care Committee
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
Elderly Mentally Infirm
Emergency Medicine Journal
Emergency Medical Journal
Emergency Medical Service
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Management Strategic Healthcare Group
Emergency Medical Services Systems
Emergency Medical Services System
Emergency Medical Service System
Emergency Medicine Technician
Essential Newborn Care
Executive Non-Departmental Public Body
Emergency Neurological Life Support
Essentials of Nurse Manager Orientation
Emergency Nurse Practitioners
Electronic Network Systems
Executive Office on Aging
Environment of Care
Episode of Care
Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Explanation of Medicare Benefits
European Oncology Nursing Society
Electronic Patient Care Reporting
Educating Physicians on End-of-Life Care
Education for Physicians on End-of-Life Care
Education in Palliative and End-of-Life Care
Education on Palliative and End-of-life Care
Expanded Primary Health Care
Effective Practice and Organisation of Care
Effective Practice and Organization of Care
External Peer Review Program
Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment
European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
External Quality Review Organization
External Quality Review Organizations
Emergency Rooms
Emergency Rooms
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
Employment Related Day Care
Episode Risk Group
Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured
Early Retiree Reinsurance Program
Environmental Rating Scale
Environmental Rating Scales
Environment Rating Scale
European Society of Anaesthesiologists
Edmonton Symptom Assessment System
Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale
European Society for Computing and Technology in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Early Supported Discharge
Eastern State Hospital
Employer-sponsored Insurance
European Society of Intensive Care Medicine
End-Stage Liver Disease
End Stage Liver Disease
Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley
European Society of Paediatric Neonatal Intensive Care
European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care
Employer Shared Responsibility
European Society for Trauma & Emergency Surgery
Enterostomal Therapist
Enterostomal Therapy
Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry
Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry
Foundation for Chiropractic Progress
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians
Feline Advisory Bureau
Federatia Asociatiilor Bolnavilor de Cancer
Family Advisory Council
Florida Association for Child Care Management
Florida Association of Community Health Centers
Fellow, American College of Healthcare Executives
Fellow American College of Healthcare Executives
Fair Access to Care Services
Family and Children Together
Florida Association of Health Plans
Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research
Facility Based Newborn Care
Forța Civică
Foster Care
Foundation Care
Foster Care to Success
Family Caregiver Alliance
Family Centered Care
Family Child Care
Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale
Family Child Care Home
Fundamental Critical Care Support
Fundamentals of Critical Care Support
Family Care International
Florida Council on Aging
Fertility Care Practitioner
Foster Care Review Board
Family Caregiver Support Program
Family Day Care Rating Scale
Family Day Homes
Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan
Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan
Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
Foster Family Agency
Family, Friend and Neighbor
Fee-for Service
Fee For Service
Foundation for Government Accountability
Facility Guidelines Institute
Faculty Group Practice
Fraser Health
Family Health Center
Family Health Centers
Family Health Centers
Florida Health Care Coalition
Family Health Care Decisions Act
Family Health Insurance Assistance Program
Florida Health Information Network
Family Health Plan
Family Health Team
Family Health Units
Family Health Services
Family Health Service
Family Health Services Appeals Authority
Fully Integrated Dual Advantage
Fully Integrated Duals Advantage
Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside
Federația Internațională de Fotbal Asociație
Foundation for Integrity and Responsibility in Medicine
Forum for Injection Technique
Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
Fracture Liaison Service
Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
Federal Matching Assistance Percentage
Family Medicine Clinic
Forum Managed Care
Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy
Florida Medical Directors Association
Family Medicine Education Consortium
Fondul Monetar International
Fondului Monetar International
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System
Family Medicine Residency Program
Family Nursing Care Plan
Federaţia Naţională a Fermierilor din Moldova
Family Nurse Practitioners
Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy
Family Practice Center
Family Proceedings Court
Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging
Federal Poverty Line
Federal Poverty Limit
Federal Poverty Levels
Frontul Popular din Moldova
Fortified Provider Network
Future Purchase Option
Federally-Qualified Health Center
Federally Qualified Health Center
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Federally Qualified Health Clinic
Federal Qualified Health Center
Federal Qualified Health Centers
Federally-Qualified Health Centers
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers
Federally Qualified Health Clinics
Federal Qualified Health Centers
Fondul Roman de Dezvoltare Sociala
First Referral Units
Flexible Spending Account
Flexible Spending Accounts
Flex Spending Account
Flexible Spending Accounts
Flex Spending Accounts
Foreign Service Benefit Plan
Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure
Fiscal Support Entity
Fire Safety Evaluation System
Federally Supported Health Centers Assistance Act
Finnish Student Health Service
General Assistance Medical Care
Geriatric Assessment Program
Guardianship Assistance Program
Guidelines Applied in Practice
Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative
Global Aging Research Network
Global Alliance for Women's Health
Gout Care
Geriatric Care Asia
Georgia Child Care Association
Geriatric Care Manager
Gerontological Clinical Nurse Specialist
Global Care Solutions
Gloucestershire Care Services
Geriatric Education Center
Geriatric Education Centers
Global Emergency Care Collaborative
Geriatric Evaluation and Management
Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit
Georgia Health Care Association
Group Health Research Institute
Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile
General Intensive Care Unit
General internal medicine
Grupul de Investigaţii Politice
Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team Training
Give Kids a Smile
Georgia Medical Care Foundation
Geriatric Mental Health Foundation
Geometric Mean Length of Stay
Georgia Mission of Mercy
Greater Metro South Brisbane Medicare Local
Geriatric Nursing Assistant
Graduate Nurse Education
Geriatric Nursing Education Consortium
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Gerontological Nurse Practitioners
General Ophthalmic Services
Government Pricing
Guinea Pig
General Practice Administration System for Scotland
Home and Community Care
Healthcare Accreditation Certified Professional
Health Alliance International
Hospital Acquired Infections
Hospital-Associated Infections
Hospital Acquired Infections
Health Care-Associated Infections
Health-adjusted life expectancy
Hospice Action Network
Hands-on Automated Nursing Data System
Health Administration Press
Hospital Accreditation Program
Health Administration Responsibility Project
Hospital Admission Risk Program
Health Assessment Service
Hospice Africa Uganda
Home Based Care
Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition
Home Builders Care Foundation
Home Based Life Saving Skills
Home Based Newborn Care
Home Based Service
Health Centers
Health Center
Health Care in America
Health Consumer Alliance
Home Care Alliance
Home Care Allowance
Hospice Care Association
Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey
Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers Systems
Health Care Acquired Infection
Health Care Associated Infections
Home Care Aides
Home Care Association of Washington
Home & Community Based Service
Home and Community Based Waiver
Health Care Club
Health Care Construction
Home Community Care
Health Center Controlled Networks
Health Center Controlled Networks
Health Care Climate Questionnaire
Health Care Financing Agency
Health Care Financing Association
Health Care Financing and Organization
Health Care Financial Services
Health Care Group
Health Care for the Homeless
Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier
Health Care Improvement
Health Care Informatics
Health Care Innovation Award
Health Care Improvement Foundation
Health Care Interpreter Network
Health Coalition on Liability and Access
Health Care and Life Sciences
Health Care Maintenance
Health Care Organizations
Health Care Organizations
Health Care Partner
Health Care Personnel
Health Care Provider
Health Care Providers
Health Care Property
Health Care Practitioners
Health Care Professionals
Health Care Quality
Health Center Program
Home Care Packages
Health & Care Professions Council
Health and Care Professions Council
Health Care and Professions Council
Health Care Professions Council
Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care
Health Care Quality Indicators
Health Care Quality Indicator
Health Care Quality Improvement Act
Health Care Quality Improvement Program
Health Care Quality Unit
Health Care Systems
Home Care Referral Registry
Health Care and Rehabilitation Services
Health Care for Re-entry Veterans
Health Care Science
Health Care Studies
Health Centers
Health Centres
Health Consultations
Home & Community-Based Services
Home and Community-Based Service
Home Community Services
Health Care Services Corporation
Health Care Sharing Ministries
Health Care Team
Health Care Waste
Health Care Technology Assessment
Health Cost and Utilization Project
Hospital Cost and Utilization Project
Health Care Workers
Health Care Worker
Health Care Workers
Health Care Worker Registry
Health Data Consortium
Health Disparities Collaborative
Healthcare Efficiency and Affordability Law
Healthplan Employer Data and Information Set
Healthcare Environment Inspectorate
Health Evaluation through Logical Processing
Hospital Elder Life Program
Hospice Education Network
Health Education North West London
Health Economics Resource Center
Health Environments Research & Design
Health Extension Rural Offices
Health Facility
Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program
Health Facilities Division
Healthcare Financial Managers Association
Health Financial Management Association
Healthcare Failure Mode Effect Analysis
High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilator
Home Health Agencies
Home Healthcare Aides
Home Health Advanced Beneficiary Notice
Health and Hospitals Corporation
Home Health Care Classification
Hispanic Health Care International
Home Health Prospective Payment System
Home Health Quality Improvement
Home Health Quality Initiative
Home Health Resource Group
Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
Hospital Infection Control Committee
Health Informatics Career Framework
Hospital Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
Heath Information Exchange
Health Insurance Exchanges
Health Innovation and Education Cluster
Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
Health Insurance Information, Counseling & Assistance Program
Health Insurance Marketplace
Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society
Healthcare Information Management and System Society
Health Information Management Systems Society
Health Information & Management Systems Society
Health Information Management System Society
Health Information Management & Systems Society
Hospital Issued Notice of Noncoverage
Health Information Organizations
Health Improvement Plan
Health Information Product
Hospital Improvements for Payment
Health Information Quality Authority
Health Information & Quality Authority
Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting
Health Informatics Research Unit
Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Hearing Instrument Specialists
Health Information Service Providers
Health Information Services Provider
Health Internet Service Provider
Health Information and Technology
Health Information Technology and Economic and Clinical Health
Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center
Healthcare Inspectorate Wales
Health Insurance Exchanges
Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics
Healthcare Leadership Council
Healthcare Management Administrators
Harborview Medical Center
Home Medical Equipment
Holston Medical Group
Health Media Network
Healthcare Maintenance Organization
Health Maintance Organization
Health Maintenance Organization
Health Maintenance Organizations
Health Maintenance Org
Health Management Organizations
Health Management Organization
Health Maintenance Organizations
Health Maintenance Organizations
Health Maintenance Organisations
Health Management Organizations
Health Management Platform
Health Management Program
Health Manpower Shortage Area
Home Nursing Foundation
Haven of Hope Christian Service
Home Oxygen Order Form
Health Outreach Partners
Health Outcomes Survey
Health Outcome Survey
Health Professionals
Health Promotion
Health Plan Accreditation
Hospice Patients Alliance
Health Policy Commission
Health Professions Council
Home and Personal Care
Household and Personal Care
Hospice and Palliative Care Association of New York State
Hospice and Palliative Credentialing Center
Healthcare Provider Directory
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
Health Policy Institute
Health Partners of Kansas
Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Health Plan of Nevada
Heritage Provider Network
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association
Hospitals in Pursuit of Excellence
Health Partners Plans
Health Partnership Program
High Plains Research Network
Health Professional Shortage Area
Health Professional Shortage Areas
Health Professions Shortage Area
Health Professional Shortage Areas
Health Professional Shortage Areas
Health Quality Assurance
Hospital Quality Institute
Hospital Quality Incentive Demonstration
Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership
Health Quality Measure Format
Health Quality Measures Format
Hospice Quality Reporting Program
Health Quality & Safety Commission
Health Reform
Health Research Extension Act
Health Research & Educational Trust
Health Research and Educational Trust
Health Research and Education Trust
Healthcare Resource Groups
Hackettstown Regional Medical Center
Health Reform Monitoring Survey
Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
Hospital Readmission Reduction Program
Health and Recovery Services Administration
Health Resources and Services Administration
Health Resources & Services Administration
Health Resources Services Administration
Health Resources and Services Administration's
Health Resources and Service Administration
Health Resource and Services Administration
Health Resources Service Administration
Health Resource Services Administration
Health Resources & Service Administration
Health Resource Service Administration
Health Resources and Services Administrations
Health Resource and Service Administration
Heath Resources and Services Administration
Health Services Administrator
Health Services
Health System
Health Systems Agency
Hospital Service Area
Hospital Service Areas
Health Services Advisory Group
Health Surveillance Assistants
Health and Social Care
Health & Social Care Information Centre
Health and Social Care Information Centre
Health Systems Development
Health System Development
Health Sector Development Programme
Health System Development Project
Healthy San Francisco
Hospital Sisters Health System
Head Start Information and Publication Center
Health Services Management Centre
Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio
Health Safety Net
Hearing Service Plan
Health Systems and Policy Monitor
Health Service Providers
Human Support Robot
Health Sector Reform Agenda
Health Services Restructuring Commission
Health Systems Trust
Home Telehealth
Hemophilia Treatment Center
Health Transition Fund
Health Unit Coordinator
Hospital Value-Based Purchasing
Heart and Vascular Institute
Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group
Intensive Care Unit
Integrity Agreement
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees
Institutional Animal Care Use Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees
Incontinence-Associated Dermatitis
Illinois Action for Children
International Association of Flight Paramedics
Indiana Association for Home & Hospice Care
International Accreditation Programme
Irish Association for Palliative Care
Integrated Behavioral Health Care
Intermediate Care
Iowa Child Advocacy Board
Internet Centre Anti-Racism Europe
Independent Complaints Advocacy Service
Independent Complaints Advocacy Services
Intensive Care Coordination
Intensive Care Coordinator
International Conference on Cancer Nursing
Intensive Cardiac Care Unit
Integrated Chronic Disease Management
Integrated Care Delivery System
Intensive Care Delirium Screening Checklist
Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement
International Conference on Emergency Medicine
Integrated Community Equipment Service
Intermediate Care Facility
Intermediate Care Facilities
Intermediate Care Facilities
International Commission on Health Care Certification
Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association
Institute for Child Health Policy
International Classification of Health Problems in Primary Care
Improving Chronic Illness Care
Intellivue Clinical Information Portfolio
Integrated Clinical Information Systems
Integrated Care Management
Integrated Case Management
International Council on Medical & Care Compunetics
Intensive Care Nursery
Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre
Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre
International Classification for Nursing Practice
International Classification of Nursing Practice
Integrated Care Organizations
Individual Care Plan
Individualized Care Plan
Institutional Care Program
Integrated Care Pathway
Integrated Care Pathways
Intermediate Care Program
International Classification of Primary Care
International Classification for Primary Care
International Classification of Primary Care, second
International Classification for Patient Safety
Intensive Care Society
Intensive Care Units
International Consensus Statement
Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
Institute for Clinical System Improvement
Institute of Clinical Systems Improvement
Intensive Care Units
Intensive Care Unit Safety Reporting System
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Improving Dementia Education and Awareness
International Diabetes Federation
Illinois Department of Human Services
Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Integrated Delivery Networks
Integrated Delivery System
Integrated Delivery Systems
Integrated Delivery Systems
International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology
Illinois Department on Aging
Illinois Department of Aging
Informal Dispute Resolution
Inter-Disciplinary Team
Inter Disciplinary Team
Inland Empire Health Information Exchange
Inland Empire Health Plan
Institute for Education and Professional Development
Income and Eligibility Verification System
Institute for the Future of Aging Services
International Foster Care Organisation
International Federation for Emergency Medicine
Institute for Family Health
International Federation of Health Plans
International Foundation for Integrated Care
Iowa Foundation for Medical Care
Independent Group Home Living
Inspectoratul General al Politiei Române
Information Governance Toolkit
Intermountain Healthcare
Independent Healthcare Association
Integrated Health Associates
Integrated Healthcare Associates
Institute for HealthCare Consumerism
Intermountain Health Care
Individualized Health Care Plan
Institute for Health Freedom
International Hospital Federation
Integrated Health Home
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Institute of Healthcare Improvement
Institute for Health Metrics
In-Home Operations
Indian Health Organisation
Indian Health Organization
Individualized Healthcare Plan
Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation
Individual Health Record
Improving Healthcare Systems
In-Home Services
Irish Health Service Accreditation Board
In Home Supportive Services
In Home Support Services
Individually Identifiable Health Information
International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership
Immediate Jeopardy
International Journal of Integrated Care
International Journal of Palliative Nursing
Institute for Laboratory Animal Resources
Institute of Laboratory Animal Resources
International Longevity Centre
Independent Living Fund
Independent Living Facilities
Independent Living Group
Independent Living Program
Independent Living Plan
Independent Living Programs
Independent Living Systems
Independent Living Skills Training
Independent Lung Ventilation
Internal Medicine Associates
Institutes for Mental Disease
Informed Medical Decisions Foundation
International Master in Early Childhood
Integrated Medical Group
Independent Mental Health Advocacy
Independent Mental Health Advocate
Integrated Management of Newborn and Childhood Illness
Internal Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Integrated Management of Pregnancy and Childbirth
Improving Mood-Promoting Access to Collaborative Treatment
Intensive Neonatal Care
Illinois Network of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies
Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients
International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients
International Nursing Coalition for Mass Casualty Education
International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research
Illinois Neurological Institute
International Nosocomial Infection Control Consortium
Integrated Nurse Leadership Program
Indiana Network for Patient Care
Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative
Infusion Nurses Society
Infusion Nursing Society
Infusion Nurse Society
Institutul National de Statistica
International Network for Simulation-based Pediatric Innovation, Research and Education
Intensive Outpatient Care Program
Intensive Outpatient Program
Institute on Medicine
International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses
International Organization for Terminology in Anesthesia
Infection Prevention
Independent Practitioner Association
Individual Practice Associations
Individual Practice Associations
Ingineria Produselor Alimentare
Independent Payment Advisory Board
Infection Prevention and Control
International Pan Arab Critical Care Medicine Society
Improving Patient Care
Individual Plan of Care
Institute of Public Care
Integrated Personal Commissioning
Interactive Patient Care
Idaho Primary Care Association
International Palliative Care Initiative
International Palliative Care Resource Center
International Primary Care Respiratory Group
Institute for Population Health Improvement
Interactive Preventive Health Record
Improving Performance in Practice
Institute for Palliative Medicine
Institute of Palliative Medicine
Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association
Information Prim Neo
Interdisciplinary Plan of Care
International Psycho-Oncology Society
International Psycho Oncology Society
Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care
Inpatient Prospective Payment System
Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems
Island Peer Review Organization
Interim Payment System
International Patient Safety Goals
Independent Patient Safety Investigation Service
Integrated Practice Unit
Information and Quality Healthcare
Inpatient Quality Indicators
Interagency Research Animal Committee
Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility
Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities
Institute of Rural Health
Include, Respect, I Self-Direct
Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems
Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services
Independent Reviewing Officer
Independent Review Officer
Independent Reviewing Officers
Intensity of Service
International Society of Arborists
International Society of Arborculture
Identification of Seniors at Risk
Innovative Senior Care
Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine
Infant Special Care Unit
Indiana State Department of Health
Institutul de Ştiinţe ale Educaţiei
International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine
Individualized Supported Living
Integrated Service Network
International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care
International Society of Oral Oncology
Individual Service Plans
Individual Service Plan
Individual Services Plan
Individualized Service Plans
Individual Service Plans
Illinois Society for Respiratory Care
International Society for Technology Assessment in Health Care
Independent Sector Treatment Centres
Juvenile Arthritis March
Joint Commision on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Joint Commission Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Organizations
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations
Journal of Clinical Nursing
Journal of Emergency Nursing
Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners
Journal of General Internal Medicine
Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved
Jewish Home for the Elderly
Journal of Interprofessional Care
Journal of Managed Care Medicine
Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy
Journal of Neonatal Nursing
Journal of Comorbidity
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing
Journal of Nursing Administration
Jackson Pratt
Journal of Primary Health Care
Jai Prakash Narayan Apex Trauma Center
Journal of Pain and Symptom Management
Kansas Advocates for Better Care
Keller Army Community Hospital
King Abdul-Aziz Medical City
Kilimanjaro Centre for Community Ophthalmology
Kidney Care Partners
Kansas City Quality Improvement Consortium
Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services
Kansas Department on Aging
Kansas Foundation for Medical Care
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange
Kansas Health Care Association
Kansas Health Institute
Looked After Child
Looked After Children
Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
Leadership Alliance for the Care of Dying People
Learning and Action Network
Lab for Advanced Network Design, Evaluation and Research
Leading Aged Services Australia
Lower Body Negative Pressure Device
Longitudinal Coordination of Care
Life Chiropractic College West
Lowell Community Health Center
Life Course Health Development
Life Care Planner
Liverpool Care Pathway
Local Delivery Plan
Labor, Delivery and Recovery
Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Post-Partum
Local Eye Site
Local Education Training Board
Life Goals Collaborative Care
Local Health Authorities
Local Health Board
Local Health Boards
Landstuhl Hospital Care Project
Licensed Home Care Services Agencies
Licensed Home Care Service Agencies
Local Health Integrated Network
Legal Health Record
Lay Health Worker
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers
Living Independently For Elders
Lucian Leape Institute
Living Longer Living Better
Licensed Midwife
LifeLong Medical Care
Local Medical Doctor
Loudoun Medical Group
Limited Mental Health
Local Mental Health Authorities
Lee Memorial Health System
Licensed Nursing Assistant
Licensed Nursing Assistants
Licensed Nursing Assistants
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator
Louisiana Nursing Home Association
Licensed Nurse Practitioner
Licensed Practicing Nurse
Licensed Professional Nurse
Licensed Practical Nurses
Licensed Practical Nurses
Local Office On Aging
Level Of Care
Level of Care Utilization System
Length Of Stay
Licensed Practical
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
Lone Star Circle of Care
Life Services Network
Little Sisters of the Poor
Long-Term Acute Care
Long-Term Acute Care Hospital
Long Term Acute Care Hospital
Long Term Acute Care Hospitals
Long-Term Care Hospital
Long Term Care Hospital
Long-Term Care Hospitals
Long-Term Care
Long Term Care
Long Term Conditions
Long Term Condition
Long-Term Care Consultation
Long Term Care Center
Long Term Care Facility
Long-Term Care Facilities
Long Term Care Facilities
Long-Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
Long-Term Care Professional
Long Term Care Professional
Long-Term Care Resources
Licensed Tree Expert
Long Term Home Health Care Program
Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
Long Term Neurological Conditions
Long-Term and Post-Acute Care
Long-Term Post-Acute Care
Long Term and Post Acute Care
Long-Term Quality Alliance
Long-Term Services and Supports
Long-Term Supports and Services
Long-Term Support Services
Long Term Services and Supports
Long Term Services and Support
Low-Utilization Payment Adjustment
Low Utilization Payment Adjustment
Low Vision Aid
Licensed Vocational Nurses
Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
Medical Advisory Council
Monitored Anesthesia Care
Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center
Mount Auburn Cambridge Independent Practice Association
Missouri Alliance for Home Care
Medical Assistance Program
Management of Actual or Potential Aggression
Multi-payer Advanced Primary Care Practice
Medical Administration Record
Medication Administration Record
Medicine Administration Record
Medication Administration Training
Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program
Moisture-Associated Skin Damage
Medications at Transitions and Clinical Handoffs
Managed Behavioral Health Organization
Mass Care
Mental Capacity Act
Medical Care Advisory Committee
Maternal Child and Adolescent Health
Maternal and Child Health Centre
Maternal and Child Health Care
Maternal and Child Health Centres
Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey
Medical Care Collections Fund
Managed Care Entity
Managed Care Entities
Membership of the College of Emergency Medicine
Michigan Consumers for Healthcare
Mother and Child Health
Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program
Michigan Care Improvement Registry
Michigan Childhood Immunization Registry
Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Courses
Medical Care Provider
Medical Care Services
Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project
Managed Care Support
Managed Care Support Contractor
Managed Care Support Contractors
Managed Care Support Contractors
Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs
Maryland Day
Melbourne Dermatology
More Dirt
Memorial Delirium Assessment Scale
Medically Dependent Children Program
Medically Dependent Children's Program
Medicare-dependent hospital
Medicare Dependent Hospital
Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
More Disruption Please
Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center
Medical & Dental Staff
Minimal Data Set
Minimum Data Set
Minimum Data Sets
Multi-disciplinary Team
Multi Disciplinary Team
Middle East Cancer Consortium
Modular Emergency Medical System
Medical Emergency Professionals
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
Medical Expenditure Panel Surveys
Medical Education Resources
Managed Education and Registry Information Tool
Medical Emergency Team
Medical Emergency Teams
Modified Early Warning System
Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative
Medical Foster Home
Model for Improvement
Ministerul Finanţelor Publice
Ministerului Finantelor Publice
Money Follows the Person
Medicare Geographic Classification Review Board
Marin General Hospital
Medical Home
Mental Health
Mental Health Act
Mental Health Assessment
Mental Health Authority
Medicare Hospice Benefit
Maryland Health Benefit Exchange
Mental Health Clinic
Mental Health Consultant
Mobile Health Clinic
Mobile Health Clinics
Mental Health Disorders
Mental Health Department
Michigan Health Connect
Missouri Health Connection
Migrant Health Center
Migrant Health Centers
Multicultural Health Care
Maine Health Care Association
Mental Health Care Assistants
Missouri Health Care Association
Maryland Health Care Commission
Minnesota Health Care Programs
Minnesota Health Care Program
Maine Health Data Organization
Mental Health Integration
Mental Health Intensive Case Management
Maryland Health Insurance Plan
Mental Health Integration Program
Mental Health Programme
Mental Health Minimum Data Set
Medical Home Network
Medicaid Health Plan
Mental Health Plan
Mental Health Practitioner
Mental Health Professionals
Mercy Health Partners
Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
Massachusetts Health Quality Partners
Manatt Health Solutions
Medical Health System
Medical Health Systems
Medicare Health Support
Mental Health Specialist
Military Health System
Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Mental Health Services Data Set
Mental Health Team
Mental Health Unit
Maternal Health Task Force
Mobile Health Unit
Mental Health Worker
Medicare and insurance
Mobile Intensive Care Nurse
Mobiele Intensive Care Unit
Mobile Intensive Care Units
Mobile Intensive Care Unit
Mobile Intensive Care Units
Medical Intensive Care Unit
Medical Intensive Care Units
Multidimensional Insurance Data Analytics System
Member Interest Group
Mobile Integrated Healthcare
Maricopa Integrated Health System
Myocardial Infarction National Audit Project
Medicare Integrity Program
Medically Indigent Services Program
Medically Indigent Service Program
Ministerul Justiţiei
Minimum Lower Layer Protocol
Medical Loss Ratios
Managed Long-Term Care
Managed Long Term Care
Managed Long Term Care Plan
Managed Long-Term Services and Supports
Managed Long Term Services and Supports
Managed Long Term Services & Supports
Maternal Mortality
Managed Medical Assistance
Medicare-Medicaid Alignment Initiative
Medicare Medicaid Alignment Initiative
Medicaid managed care
Mobile Medical Clinic
Medi-Cal Managed Care Division
Medicare-Medicaid Coordination Office
Medical Missions for Children
Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care
Masters in Medical Management
Medical Monitoring Project
Medicare-Medicaid Plans
Medicare-Medicaid Plans
Medicare Medicaid Plans
Military Medical Support Office
Mobile Medicare Units
Maternal Newborn
Maryland-National Capital Homecare Association
Maternal and Newborn Health
Maternal and Neonatal Health
Michigan Optometric Association
Model of Care
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment
Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment
Mission of Mercy
Missions of Mercy
Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment
Medicaid Personal Care
Maine Primary Care Association
Montana Primary Care Association
Mississippi Physicians Care Network
Michigan Public Health Institute
Mortality Probability Model
Measure of Processes of Care
Michigan Peer Review Organization
Medicare Patient Safety Monitoring System
Maine Quality Forum
McGill Quality of Life
Making Research Count
Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee
Medicaid Reference Guide
Medical Records Institute
Medical Records Institute's
Most Responsible Physician
Medication Regimen Review
Medicaid Redesign Team
Medical Response Team
Master of Science in Health Care Administration
Minnesota Senior Health Options
Medical Services for Indigents
Malaysian Society of Intensive Care
Medical-Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre
Medical Service Organization
Managed Service Organizations
Management Services Organizations
Medical Security Program
Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary
Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary
Multi-State Plan Program
Minimum Savings Rate
Medicare Shared Savings Program
Medicare Shared Saving Program
Medicare Shared Savings Plan
Medical Social Worker
Medical Social Workers
Medical Social Workers
Multi-Dimensional Treatment Foster Care
Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care
Military Treatment Facilities
My Time, Our Place
Manchester Triage System
Medically Underserved Areas / Populations
Medically Underserved Populations
Medically Underserved Populations
National Association of Children's Hospitals
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
National Coalition on Care Coordination
Nurse Assistant
Nursing Assistants
National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics
National Alliance for Caregiving
National Association of Childbearing Centers
National Association of Epilepsy Centers
National Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
National Asthma Control Initiative
National Advisory Committee for Laboratory Animal Research
National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services
National Academy of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners
National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration
National Association Directors of Nursing Administration
National Adult Day Services Association
National Association of Education of Young Children
National Advisory Group on Clinical Audit and Enquiries
National Association of Health Authorities and Trusts
National Association of Long Term Hospitals
National Assisted Living Week
National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
National Ambulatory Medical Care Surveys
North American Nursing Diagnoses Association
Nutrition and Physical
National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers
National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancers
North American Primary Care Research Group
National Aging Program Information System
National Aging Program Information Systems
Nursing Administration Quarterly
Nursing Alliance for Quality Care
National Association for Regulatory Administration
Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
Nurse Aides
Nursing Activities Score
Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination
National Academy for State Health Policy
National Academy of State Health Policy
National Association of States United for Aging and Disabilities
Needs Assessment Tool
National Association of Vision Care Plans
National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy
National Burn Repository
National Board of Respiratory Care
Nutrition Care
Nurse Competence in Aging
National Care Advisory Service
National Cancer Action Team
National Catholic Bioethics Center
National Center on Caregiving
National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect
National Chronic Care Consortium
Northern Centre for Cancer Care
National Commission on Correctional Health Care
National Commission for Correctional Health Care
National Conference on Correctional Health Care
National Child Care Information Center
National Cancer Care Network
National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
National Citizens Coalition for Nursing Home Reform
National Cancer Control Program
National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
Neuroscience Critical Care Unit
National Cancer Data Base
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
National Center for Elder Abuse
National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death
National Continuing Education Review Service
National Clinical Guideline Centre
National Center for Health Care Technology
North Carolina Health Information Exchange
National Chiropractic Health Month
National Centre for Health Outcomes Development
National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals
National Conference on Health Statistics
National Center for Health Services Research
National Center for Health Workforce Analysis
National Council on Interpreting in Health Care
National Centre for Independent Living
National Chiropractic Legislative Conference
Nurse Case Manager
Nutrition Care Manual
National Center for Medical Home Implementation
National Council on the Aging
National Council of Aging
Northbrook College of Health Care
National Coalition of Oncology Nurse Navigators
National Consensus Project
Neighbourhood Care Points
Nursing Care Plan
Nursing Care Plans
National Cancer Policy Board
National Council for Palliative Care
National Center for Quality Assurance
National Committee for Quality Assurance
National Committee for Quality Assurance's
National Committee Quality Assurance
Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission
National Care Records Service
Neurocritical Care Society
National Council for State Boards of Nursing
National Care Standards Commission
National Cancer Survivorship Initiative
National Center for Trauma-Informed Care
National Center for Trauma Informed Care
National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics
National Committee for Vital and Health Statistics
National Committee on Vital Health Statistics
National Diabetes Audit
National Diabetes Education Initiative
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
National Diabetes Information Service
National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators
National Data Set
Nursing Development Unit
National Domestic Workers Alliance
National Early Childhood Program Accreditation
Network for Excellence in Health Innovation
National Electronic Health Record
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation
Nursing Ethics Network
National End of Life Care Programme
New England Quality Care Alliance
North East Valley Division of General Practice
Newborn Early Warning
National Early Warning Score
Nursing Facility
Nursing Facilities
National Family Caregivers
National Family Caregiver Association
National Family Caregiver Support Program
National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
Nepal Family Health Program
Not For Resuscitation
North General Hospital
National Gerontological Nursing Association
National Gerontological Nurses Association
National Health
Nursing Home
Nursing Homes
National Health Account
Nursing Home Administrator
Nursing Home Administrators
National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey
Nursing Home Acquired Pneumonia
National Health Council
National Health Forum
National HealthCare Corporation
Nursing Home Compare
National Health Care Survey
National Health Care Surveys
National Hospital Care Survey
Nursing Home Care Unit
National Health Center Week
Nursing Home Diversion
National Healthcare Decisions Day
National Healthcare Disparities Report
National Health Expenditures
National Health Expenditure
National Health Expenditure Accounts
National Hospice Foundation
National Hip Fracture Database
National Home and Hospice Care Survey
New Hampshire Health Information Organization
National Health Index
Nursing Homes Ireland
National Health Insurance Administration
National Health Insurance Fund
National Health Information Infrastructure
Nationwide Health Information Network
National Health Information Technology
National Health Insurance Program
National Health Insurance Scheme
National Hospice Organization
National Health Policy
National Health Policy Conference
Neighborhood Health Partnership
Neighborhood Health Providers
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization
National Health Policy Forum
National Health Service Corps
Nursing Hours Per Patient Day
Nursing Home Quality Initiative
National Healthcare Quality Report
Nursing Home Reform Act
National Health Service
National Health Services
National Health System
National Health Service's
National Health Strategy
National Healthcare Services
Nation Health Service
National Healthcare System
Nursing Homes
National Health Service Information Authority
National Health Safety Network
National Health Sector Strategic Plan
National Health Service University
Northern Health Travel Grant
National Information Board
Neonatal Intensive Care
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Neonatal Intensive-Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care Unite
Neonate Intensive Care Unit
Neuro Intensive Care Unit
Nursing Interventions Classification
Nursing Intervention Classification
Nursing Intervention Classifications
Nursing Interventions Classifications
National Initiative on Cancer Care Quality
Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders
Neurological Intensive Care Unit
Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit
Newborn Intensive Care Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care Units
Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program
Nursing Information and Data Set Evaluation Center
National Information Governance Board
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
National Institute for Health Care Management
National Institute of Health Care Management
National Institute for Mental Health in England
National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance
National Institute for Jewish Hospice
National Independent Living Association
National Institute of Nursing Research
National Institute on Nursing Research
New Jersey Cares for Kids
New Jersey Society for Respiratory Care
National Learning Management System
National Long Term Care Survey
National Long-Term Care Survey
Nurse Manager
Namibia Medical Care
Nursing and Midwife Council
National Medical Care Expenditure Survey
National Medical Care Utilization and Expenditure Survey
National Minimum Data Set
Nursing Minimum Data Set
Nursing Minimum Data Sets
Not My Fucking Problem
Nurse Managed Health Clinics
Nurse Managed Health Center
Nurse Managed Health Centers
New Mexico Health Care Association
National Managed Health Care Congress
National Mental Health Development Unit
New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange
Nursing Management Minimum Data Set
New Mexico Primary Care Association
National Network for Child Care
National Nursing Centers Consortium
Number Needed to Diagnose
National Nursery Examination Board
National Neonatology Forum
National Nursing Home Survey
National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance
National Network for Oral Health Access
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Nurse Practitioner
National Nurses Union
Nursing Outcomes Classification
North Ottawa Community Health System
National Organization For Empowering Caregivers
National Oral Health Information Clearinghouse
Notice of Medicare Non-Coverage
National Organization of State Office of Rural Health
New Opportunities Waiver
Nursing Practice Act
National Patient Advocate Foundation
National Pharmaceutical Council
National Patient Care Database
National Parkinson Foundation
National Prison Hospice Association
National Primary Health Care Development Agency
National Provider Identifier
National Provider Identifiers
National Provider Identifiers
National Perinatal Information Center
National Priorities Partnership
Notice of Privacy Practice
National Progressive Primary Health Care Network
Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation
Noninvasive Positive-Pressure Ventilation
Neonatal Pediatric Specialist
Nurse Practitioners
National Patient Safety Agency
Network of Patient Safety Databases
National Patient Safety Goal
National Patient Safety Goals
National Partnership for Women & Families
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
National Quality Center
National Quality Forum
National Quality Framework
National Quality Forum's
National Quality Measures for Breast Centers
National Quality Measures Clearinghouse
National Quality Strategy
National Quality Standard
National Quality Standards
National Research Corporation
National Respite Coalition
National Respite for Carers Program
National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services
National Resource Center for Youth Development
National Resource Center for Youth Services
Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement
Network Spinal Analysis
National Survey of American Families
Nova Scotia Association of Optometrists
National Standards Assessment Program
National Senior Citizens Law Center
National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs
National Survey of Early Care and Education
National Service Framework
National Service Frameworks
National Service Frameworks
National Study of Long-Term Care Providers
National Ski Patrol
National Survey of Residential Care Facilities
National Teaching Institute
Neonatal Therapeutic Intervention Scoring System
National Transitions of Care Coalition
National Volunteer Caregiving Network
Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
Office of Animal Care and Use
Ohio Association of Health Plans
Ohio Assisted Living Association
Office of Animal Resources
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health
Office for the Advancement of Telehealth
Outcome-Based Quality Improvement
Outcome Based Quality Improvement
Office of Child Care
Outpatient Care Center
Office of Child Care Licensing
Office of Child Care Services
Office of Child Development
Office of Children & Family Services
Office of Children and Family Services
Office of Child and Family Services
Oregon Community Health Information Network
Optometric Council on Refractive Technology
Organ Care System
Ohio Department of Health
Operation Enduring Freedom / Operation Iraqi Freedom
Office for the Aging
Office for the Ageing
Options for Recovery
Optometric Glaucoma Society
Ocular Health
Oncology Hematology Care
Office of Health Care Access
Oklahoma Health Care Authority
Office of Health Care Quality
Office of Health Facility Complaints
Office of Health Facility Licensure and Certification
Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner
Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
Office of Health Insurance Programs
Office of Health Information Technology
Oregon Health Management Services
Oral Health Nursing Education and Practice
Oregon Health Plan
Office of the Health Professions Adjudicator
Oregon Health Policy Board
Oregon Health Policy and Research
Occupational Health Safety Network
Occupational Health and Safety Program
Office of Health Transformation
Office of Health Technology Assessment
Organizaţia Internaţională pentru Migraţie
Overnight Intensive Recovery
Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
Office of Licensure and Certification
Ontario Laboratories Information System
Office of Long Term Care
Office of Long Term Living
Organizaţiei Mondiale a Comerţului
Operation Military Child Care
Office of Mental Health
Oncology Medical Home
Office of the Medical Inspector
Organizaţia Meteorologică Mondială
Office of the Medicare Ombudsman
Other Medicare Required Assessment
Ostomy Management Specialist
Oncology Nurse Advisor
Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology
Oncology Nursing Society
Out of Hours
Out-of-Home Care
Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly
Out Of Pocket
Oriented Plan
Oriented Plans
Oregon Project Independence
Office of Patient Protection
Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services
Outpatient Physical Therapy
Optometric Physicians of Washington
Organizational Readiness for Change
Ontario Retirement Communities Association
Office of Rural Health
Office of Rural Health Policy
Oficiul Registrului National al Informatiilor Secrete de Stat
Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network
Payment for Performance
Partnership for Patient Safety
Prior Authorizations
Professional Assessment
Patient Advisory Council
Post-Abortion Care
Post Abortion Care
Pulmonary Artery Catheter
Pima Animal Care Center
Physician Asthma Care Education
Professional Association for Childhood Education
Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly
Patient Assessment of Chronic Illness Care
Primary and Acute Care Systems
Pediatric Advanced Care Team
Prison Advice and Care Trust
Programs for Assertive Community Treatment
Programs of Assertive Community Treatment
Post-Anesthesia Care Unit
Post Anaesthesia Care Unit
Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Post Anesthetic Care Unit
Prepaid Ambulatory Health Plans
Problem Areas in Diabetes
Partnership Access Line
Program Assistance Letter
Program Assistance Letters
Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators
Patient Advice and Liaison Service
Patient Advice Liaison Service
Patients Advice and Liaison Service
Patient Activation Measure
Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute
Pulmonary Artery Occlusion Pressure
Professional Assault Response Training
Personal Assistance Services
Personal Assistance Service
Personal Attendant Services
physician assis
Pre-Admission Screening
Program Administration Scale
Patient Advice and Support Service
Performance Assessment of Self-Care Skills
Pets As Therapy
Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration
Parental Bonding Instrument
Performance-Based National Detention Standards
Performance Based National Detention Standards
Process-Based Quality Improvement
Practice-Based Research Networks
Practice-based Research Network
Practice Based Research Network
Practice Based Research Networks
Practice-Based Research Networks
Practice Based Research Networks
Palliative Care
Perinatal Care
Primary Care
Purchased Care
Personal Care Associate
Primary Care Access Network
Primary Care Assessment Survey
Patient-Centered Care
Patient Care Centre
Patient Care Coordination
Patient Centered Care
Pregnancy Care Center
Primary Care Center
Primary Care Centre
Primary Care Clerkship
Pediatric Critical Care Center
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
Primary Clinical Care Manual
Patient Care Coordinators
Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep
Personal Confidential Data
Primary Care Diabetes Europe
Patient Care Data Set
Primary Care Diabetes Society
Patient Care Encounter
Primary Care Electronic Library
Professional Capabilities Framework
Primary Care Group
Primary Care Giver
Primary Care Loans
Personal Care Home
Personal Care Homes
Personal Connected Health Alliance
Penobscot Community Health Care
Patient Centered Health Care Home
Peninsula Community Health Services
Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society
Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Pre-existing Condition Insurance Program
Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans
Preexisting Condition Insurance Plans
Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan
Primary Care Information Project
Patient Care Information System
Palliative Care Leadership Center
Palliative Care Leadership Centers
Patient Care Manager
Primary Care Manager
Primary Care Management
Primary Care Management Module
Primary Care Managers
Patient-Centered Medical Home
Patient-Centered Medical Homes
Patient Care Medical Home
Patient Centered Medical Home
Patient Centered Medical Homes
Patient-Centered Medical Homes
Patient Centered Medical Homes
Primary Care Medical Home
Patient Care Network
Primary Care Network
Primary Care Networks
Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Primary Care Networks
Primary Care Office
Primary Care Organisation
Primary care organisations
Provisional Clinical Opinion
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Patient Centered Outcomes Research
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute
Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute
Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund
Primary Care and Outcomes Research
Personal Care Provider
Personal Care Plan
Primary Care Physician
Primary Care Physicians
Primary Care Provider
Primary Care Providers
Primary Care Providers
Primary Care Partnership
Pediatric Cerebral Performance Category
Personal Care Products Council
Personal Care Product Council
Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative
Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative
Patient-Centered Primary Care Home
Patient Centered Primary Care Home
Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement
Personal Care Provider Organization
Patient Care Report
Patient Care Record
Prehospital Care Report
Palliative Care Research Cooperative
Primary Care Residency Expansion
Primary Care Research Network
Palliative Care Research Society
Patient Care Reports
Patient Care Services
Patient Care Tech
Primary Care Respiratory Society
Palliative Care Service
Personal Care Services
Primary Care Services
Patient Care System
Patient Classification Systems
Patient Classification System
Patterns of Care Study
Pet Care Services Association
Primary Care Service Areas
Patient Classification Systems International
Patient-Centered Specialty Practice
Patient Care Technician
Patient Care Technicians
Portsmouth City Teaching
Primary Care Trust
Primary Care Trusts
Primary Care Trusts
Patient Care Technology Systems
Patient Care Technicians
Patient Care Unit
Palliative Care Units
Progressive Care Unit
Personal Care Worker
Preferred Drug Lists
Prescription Drug List
Patient Data Management System
Patient Data Management Systems
Participating Dental Network
Private Duty Nursing
Private Duty Nurse
Professional Development Registry
Patient Demographic Service
Personal Demographic Service
Professional Development System
Parlamentul European
Palliative Excellence in Alzheimer Care Efforts
Primary Eyecare Acute Referral Scheme
Public Employees Benefits Board
Public Employees Benefit Board
Public Employee Benefits Board
Program in Evidence-Based Care
Professional Executive Committee
Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre
Public Employment Labor Relations Act
Partial Episode Payment
Perinatal Education Programme
Personal Education Plan
Preliminary Evidence Report
Pediatric Early Warning Score
Pediatric Early Warning System
Patient and Family Advisory Council
Patient and Family Centred Care
Patient and Family Education
Patient and Family Engagement
Program for Persons with Disabilities
Patient and Family Rights
Pet Fostering Service Scotland
Professional Geriatric Care Managers
Patient Generated Health Data
Physician Group Practice
Physical Health
Population Health Alliance
Pennsylvania Health Access Network
Personal Health Care
Personalized Health Care
Plant Health Care
Primary Health Care
Primary Health Centre
Primary Health Centres
Public Health Clinic
Personal and Home Care Aide State Training
Primary Health Care Corporation
Primary Health Care Centres
Primary Health Care Centers
Primary Health Care & Family Medicine
Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner
Primary Health Care Project in Iraq
Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance
Primary Health Care Strategy
Private Health Care Systems
Primary Health Care Unit
Public Health Data Standards Consortium
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council
Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine
Public Health and Health Planning Council
Parkland Health & Hospital System
Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
Partners HealthCare International
Private Health Information
Population Health Management
Primary Health Networks
Physician-Hospital Organization
Physician Hospital Organization
Physician Hospital Organizations
Physician-Hospital Organizations
Physician Hospital Organizations
Primary Health Organisation
Primary Health Organisations
Passport Health Plan
Physician Health Partners
Physicians Health Plan
Prepaid Health Plan
Prepaid Health Plans
Prepaid Health Plans
Patient Health Questionnaire-9
Physician and Hospital Quality
Partners HealthCare System
Partners Healthcare Systems
Public Health System
Public Health Units
Public Health Service Act
Public Health Services Act
Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman
Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman
Partners in Care
Pediatric Interim Care Center
Percutaneous Intravenous Central Catheter
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters
Paediatric Intensive Care Society
Paediatric Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Intensive Care Units
Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit
Pediatric Intensive Care Units
Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit
Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee
Partners In Health
Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan
Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans
Policy Information Notice
Policy Information Notices
Partnership to Improve Patient Care
Performance Improvement Projects
Philippine Institute for Traditional and Alternative Health Care
Program for Infant and Toddler Caregivers
Provider Initiated Testing and Counseling
Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment
Patient Led Assessments of the Care Environment
Professional Lawn Care Association of America
Prepaid Medical Assistance Program
Primary Medical Doctor
Protective Medical Decisions Document
Providence Medical Group
Psychiatric & Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Partidul Mișcarea Populara
Per member, per month
Per Member Per Month
Per Member Per Year
Parenteral Nutrition
Progress Note
Personal Needs Allowance
Post Natal Care
Physicians for a National Health Program
Practice Nurse Incentive Program
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
Patient Navigation Research Program
Pennsylvania Optometric Association
Power of Attorney
Powers of Attorney
Patterns of Care
Plan of Care
Point of Care
Point Of Care-Information
Purchase of Care
Point-of-Care Partners
Point of Care Partners
Point-of-Care Testing
Point of Care Testing
Point of Care test
Point of Care Technologies
Place of Death
Preschool Open Doors
Patient-Oriented Eczema Measure
Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment
Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment
Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment
Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment
Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment
Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment
Physician Orders For Scope Of Treatment
Provider Order Management
Prescribing Observatory for Mental Health
Partnerships for Older People Projects
Projecting Older People Population Information
Palliative Care Outcome Scale
Palliative Outcome Scale
Physician Order Sheets
Physician Organizations
Plan of Treatment
Protection of Vulnerable Adults
Preferred Provider Arrangement
Patient Protection and Affordable Care
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act
Patient Protection Affordable Care Act
Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act
Pediatric Palliative Care
Physician Practice Connections
Professional Practice Committee
Partidul Popular Crestin-Democrat
Partidului Popular Crestin Democrat
Palmetto Primary Care Physicians
Priority Primary Care Providers
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products
Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products
Patient and Public Engagement
Pennsylvania Public Health Association
Prevention and Public Health Fund
Practice Profitability Index
Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy
Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative
Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry, and Dentistry
Personal Preference Program
Potentially Preventable Readmission
Potentially Preventable Readmissions
Patient-Powered Research Networks
Patient Powered Research Networks
Palliative Performance Scale
Palliative Performance Score
Performing Provider Systems
Performing Provider System
Performing Provider Systems
Prospective Payment System
Pain & Policy Studies Group
Positive Pressure Ventilation
Partnership for Quality Care
Perinatal Quality Collaborative of North Carolina
Program Quality Digital Library
Prevention Quality Indicators
Prevention Quality Indicator
Prevention Quality Indicators
Physicians Quality Reporting Initiative
Program for Recovery and Community Health
Polytrauma Rehabilitation Centers
Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative
Patient Review Instrument
Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis
Pain Resource Nurse
Physician Referral Network
Peer Review Organizations
Peer Review Organizations
Provider Reimbursement Review Board
Professional Records Standards Body
Personal Responsibility Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
Primary Service Area
Professional Standards Authority
Polytrauma System of Care
Primary Stroke Center
Professional Support Coordinator
Patient Self-Determination Act
Patient Self Determination Act
Perioperative Surgical Home
Patient Safety Indicator
Patient Safety Organization
Patient Safety Organizations
Patient Safety Organizations
Provider Service Network
Provider Service Networks
Provider Sponsored Network
Provider Service Networks
Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
Provider-sponsored organization
Provider Sponsored Organization
Provider-Sponsored Organizations
Provider Sponsored Organizations
Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire
Patient Service Representative
Professional Standards Review Organizations
Patient Satisfaction Survey
Personal Social Services
Personal Support Specialist
Personal Support Specialists
Personal Social Services Research Unit
Prescribing Support Unit
Personal Support Worker
Personal Support Workers
Personal Support Workers
Physical Therapist
Professional and Technical Advisory Committee
Prehospital Trauma Care
Premium Tax Credit
Premium Tax Credits
Principal Treatment Centre
Puyallup Tribal Health Authority
Person Trade-Off
Pressure Ulcer
Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing
Quality in Australian Health Care Study
Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement
Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement
Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability
Quality Family Planning
Quality in Health Care
Quality Improvements
Quality Improvement Plan
Quality Indicators
Quality Indicator
Quality Improvement Activity
Quality Improvement Council
Quality Improvement Collaborative
Quality Improvement Evaluation System
Quality Innovation Network
Quality Innovation Networks
Quality Improvement Organization
Quality Improvement Program
Quality Improvement Project
Quality Improvement Programs
Quality Improvement Plans
Quality Improvement Programs
Quality Improvement Scotland
Quality Improvement Specialist
Quality Indicators
Quality Indicator Survey
Quality Measures
Quality Measure
Quality and Outcome Framework
Quality Oncology Practice Initiative
Quality Parenting Initiative
Quality Rating and Improvement Systems
Quality Rating and Improvement System
Residential Aged Care
Regional Approach to Cardiovascular Emergencies
Refundable Accommodation Deposit
Resident Assessment Instrument
Richmond Academy of Medicine
Resident Assessment Protocol
Resident Assessment Protocols
Research Animal Resources
Reducing Avoidable Readmissions Effectively
Richmond Agitation Sedation Scale
Relationship-Based Care
Respiratory Care
Resources for Cross Cultural Health Care
Residential Care Facility
Residential Care Facilities
Royal College of General Practitioners
Redwood Community Health Coalition
Respiratory Care Practitioners
Respiratory Care Practitioners
Royal College of Surgeons of England
Research Care and Training Program
Respiratory Care Unit
Research Development Group
Registered Dental Hygienists
Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice
Reaching for Excellence in Adolescent Care and Health
Regional Extension Center
Regional Extension Centers
Respite for Elders Living in Everyday Families
Request for Grant Application
Registered General Nurse
Registered General Nurses
Rural Health Association of Tennessee
Regional Health Bureau
Regional Health Bureaus
Rural Health Care
Routine Home Care
Rural Health Clinic
Rural Health Clinics
Rural Health Clinics
Rural Health Centres
Rural Health Care Pilot Program
Regional Home Health Intermediary
Regional Home Health Intermediaries
Regional Health Information Organization
Regional Health Information Organizations
Regional Health Information Organizations
Regulated Health Professions Act
Rural Health Research Center
Regional Health System
Refugee Health Technical Assistance Center
Regenstrief Institute
Research in Action
Robot for Interactive Body Assistance
Respiratory Intensive Care Unit
Retrieve Information for Display
Rochester Individual Practice Association
Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Elderly
Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care
Rhode Island Quality Institute
Rode Kruis Ziekenhuis
Record Locator Service
Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution
Registered Mental Nurse
Registered Mental Nurses
Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health
Regenstrief Medical Records System
Referral Management System
Real Nurses
Regional Nurse
Registered Nurses
registered nurs
Registerd Nurse
Roles of the Nurse
Registered Nurse Adult
Registered Nursing Assistant
Restorative Nursing Aide
Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution
Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Rural Nurse Organization
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
Respiratory Nursing Society
Resumption of Care
Regulament de Organizare si Functionare
Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care
Recovery-Oriented System of Care
Recovery Oriented System of Care
Recovery Oriented Systems of Care
Ravenswood Physicians Associates
Rochester Primary Care Network
Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist
Regional Perinatal Intensive Care Center
Rapid Process Improvement Workshop
Rapid Process Improvement Workshops
Remote Patient Monitoring
Resource and Patient Management System
Registered Practical Nurse
Registered Practical Nurses
Rapid Quality Reporting System
Rapid Response Teams
Registered Respiratory Therapist
Registered Respiratory Therapists
Respiratory Therapist
Respiratory Therapy
Respiratory Therapists
Renal Replacement Therapy
Risk-Standardized Readmission Rate
Reminiscence Therapy
School-Age Care
School Age Care
School-Age Child Care
School Age Child Care
Sexual Assault Care Centre
Southern Adirondack Child Care Network
School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale
Standard Analytical File
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Admin
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Agency
Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Symptoms Screener
Society for Academic Primary Care
Society of Academic Primary Care
Simplified Acute Physiology Score
Safeguarding Adults Reviews
Sedation-Agitation Scale
Scottish Audit of Surgical Mortality
Skilled Birth Attendant
Skilled Birth Attendants
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
School-Based Health Alliance
School-based Health Center
School Based Health Center
School Based Health Centers
Screening and Brief Intervention
Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral for Treatment
Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment
State-based Marketplace
Senior Care
Surgical Care Affiliates
Surgical Care Affiliates, Inc
Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy
Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care
Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plans
Support and Care After Road Death
Special Care Center
Surgical Critical Care
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Standardisation Committee for Care Information
Society for Critical Care Medicine
Society of Critical Care Medicine
South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Sole Community Hospital
Sole Community Hospitals
Symbiosis Centre of Health Care
State Child Health Insurance Program
state child health insurance programs
State Children's Health Insurance Program
State Children Health Insurance Program
State Children's Health Insurance Programs
State Children's Health Insurance Plan
State Children's Health Insurance Programs
Scottish Care Information
Self Care Inventory
Skilled Care Initiative
State Coverage Insurance
Stone Care International
Social Care Institute for Excellence
Scottish Care and Information on Miscarriage
Strategic Capital Investment Planning
Surgical Care Improvement Project
Surgical Care Improvement Program
Sharp Community Medical Group
Strategic Clinical Network
Senior Care Options
Senior Care Option
Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program
Surgical Clinical Outcomes Assessment Program
Survivorship Care Plan
Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care
South Carolina Primary Health Care Association
South Dakota Health Care Association
Summary Care Record
Summary Care Records
South Carolina Society for Respiratory Care
Specialty Care Transport
Specialty Care Transport Unit
Supervised Community Treatment
Special Care Unit
South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations
Self-Directed Care
Selective Decontamination of the Digestive
State Designated Entity
State Designated Entities
State Designated Entities
Self Directed Health Plan
Shared Decision Making
Substitute decision maker
Self-Directed Support
Self-Directed Supports
Self Directed Support
Sleep Disorder Specialist
Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities
Study of Early Child Care
Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development
Sankara Eye Care Institutions
Safe Environment for Every Kid
State Employees Group Insurance Program
Scottish Executive Health Department
Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety
Society for Emergency Medicine in India
Special Emphasis Notice
State Enrolled Nurse
Single Entry Point
Surgical First Assistant
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium
South Florida Community Care Network
Special Focus Facility
San Francisco General Hospital
Sliding Fee Scale
Special Guardianship Order
System of Health Accounts
State Health Access Data Assistance Center
State Health Access Program
State Health Alliance for Records Exchange
State Health Access Reform Evaluation
Strategic Health Authorities
Shriners Hospital for Children
Student Health Center
Society for Healthcare Consumer Advocacy
Society for Health Care Epidemiology of America
Statutory Health Insurance
Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas
Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders
State Healthcare Innovation Plan
State Health Innovation Plan
State Health Improvement Plan
Strategic Healthcare Programs
Supported Home Living
Society for Hospital Medicine
Social Health Maintenance Organization
Social Health Protection
State Health Planning and Development Agency
Scottish Intensive Care Society Audit Group
Surgery Intensive Care Unit
Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Surgical Intensive Care Units
Serviciul de Informatii Externe
Serviciului de Informatii Externe
Scottish Institute for Excellence in Social Work Education
Supervised Independent Living
Surrey Independent Living Council
Supervised Independent Living Program
State Innovation Models
State Innovation Model
Surgical Infection Prevention
Society for Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling
Special Incident Report
Serviciul de Informații și
Serviciul de Informaţii şi Securitate
Supportive Living
Sydney Local Health District
Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries
Self Management
Social Media and Critical Care
Surrey Memorial Hospital
State Mental Health Agency
Specialist Mental Health Service for Older People
Serious Mental Illness
Severely Mentally Ill
Severe Mental Illness
State Median Income
Southern Maine Medical Center
Statewide Medicaid Managed Care
Skilled Nursing
Student Nurse
Society for Neuroscience in Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Society of Neurosurgical Anesthesia and Critical Care
Sacramento Native American Health Center
Special Newborn Care Unit
Special Newborn Care Units
Skilled Nursing Facility
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
Saving Newborn Lives
Societatea Nationala a Lignitului Oltenia
Safety Net Medical Home Initiative
Special Needs Plan
Special Needs Program
Skilled Nursing Unit
Section on Administration and Practice Management
Sixth Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Standard of Care
Standards of Care
Start of Care
System of Care
Statement of Deficiencies
Sepsis-related Organ Failure Assessment
State Office for the Aging
Severity of Illness
Scope of Practice
Scope of Practice Partnership
Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center & Clinics
State Office of Rural Health
State Offices of Rural Health
Start of Therapy
Service Options Using Resources in a Community Environment
Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
Specialty Pharmacy
School of Public Health and Primary Care
Singapore Programme for Integrated Care for the Elderly
Serious Persistent Mental Illness
Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire
Society of Pediatric Nurses
Serviciul de Protectie si Paza
State Pain Policy Advocacy Network
State Program Report
Setting Priorities for Retirement Years
Scottish Patient Safety Programme
Surgical Quality Alliance
Salford Royal Foundation Trust
School of Rural Health
Serviciul Roman de Informatii
Serviciului Român de Informatii
Shared Responsibility Payment
Summary Statement
Single Shared Assessment
State Survey Agency
Surviving Sepsis Campaign
St Solomon Health Care
Social Services Inspectorate
Surgical Site Infections
Shared Savings Program
Social Services Research Group
Scottish Social Services Council
Society for Technology in Anesthesia
State Training and Registry System
Society of Trauma Nurses
State Tested Nurse Aid
Support Time Recovery
Serviciul de Telecomunicatii Speciale
South Texas Veterans Health Care System
Tender Love And Care
Technology Assisted
Texas Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies
Tennessee Association for Home Care
Targeted Assessment for Prevention
Trauma Audit and Research Network
Traditional Birth Attendant
Traditional Birth Attendants
Traditional Birth Attendants
The Birth Center
Traumatic Brain Injured
Traumatic Brain Injury Model System
Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems
Transition Care
Team Care Arrangement
Team Care Arrangements
Transforming Care at the Bedside
Trail Care Crew
Tactical Casualty Combat Care
Tactical Combat Casualty Care
Tactical Combat Casuality Care
Tri-County Dental Society
The Corridor Group
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention
The Care Manager
Transitional Care Model
Transition Care Management
Take Care Of Yourself
Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative
Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative
The College of Social Work
Transitional Care Unit
Towards Excellence in Adult Social Care
Tactical Emergency Casualty Care
Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition
Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance
Total expenditure on health
Therapeutic Foster Care
Treatment Foster Care
Texas Foster Family Association
Tampa General Medical Group
TRICARE Global Remote Overseas
Teaching Health Center
Total Health Care
Tennessee Health Care Association
The Health Care Blog
Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education
Texas Health Care Information Collection
Texas Health Institute
Trauma-Informed Care
Trauma Informed Care
Trauma Intensive Care Unit
Transitional Independent Living Plan
Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care
The Joint Commission
Think Local, Act Personal
Tender Love & Care
Tender Love and Care
Tender Loving Care
The Laser Center
Total Lawn Care
Texas Licensed Child Care Association
Transitional Living Programs
Therapist Multiple-Choice
Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
Texas Medical Institute of Technology
The Medical Record
Telehealth Network Grant Program
Teaching Nursing Home
Transition of Care
Transitions of Care
Texas Organization of Residential Care Homes
Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent
Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents
Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents
Total Parental Nutrition
Treatment, Payment and Operations
Treatment, Payment, and Operations
TRICARE Prime Remote
Total Performance Score
Total Performance Scores
Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System
Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire
Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes
Translating Research Into Practice
Transfusion Requirements in Septic Shock
Technical Reference Material
Tricare Reserve Retired
Texas Rising Star
Transitional Rehabilitation Unit
Texas Society for Respiratory Care
Uniform Ambulatory Care Data Set
University Behavioral Health Care
Usual Care
Urgent Care Clinic
University of Chicago Medicine
Urgent Care Medicine
Uniunea Democrată a Maghiarilor din România
Uniform Data System
Uniform Data Systems
Uniunii Europene
Unite For Sight
University Health Consortium
Urban Health Center
University of Houston College of Optometry
Uniform Hospital Discharge Data Set
University Health Services
Uniunii Internaţionale a Telecomunicaţiilor
United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum
Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act
Ventilator-Associated Event
Ventilator-Associated Events
Ventilator Associated Events
Ventilator Associated Event
Virginia Alliance of Family Child Care Associations
Veteran Affairs Medical Center
Veterans Administration Medical Centers
Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
Veterans Administration Medical Centers
Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System
Ventilator-associated pneumonia
Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
Voice for the Child in Care
Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Society
Veterans Equitable Resource Allocation
Voice for Adoption
Veterans Health Affairs
Veterans Hospital Administration
Veterans Health Initiative
Very Important Pet
Veterans Integrated Service Networks
Veterans Integrated Services Networks
Visual Impairment Service Team
Valley Medical Center
Veterinary Medical Unit
Veterinary Nursing Journal
Vermont Oxford Network
Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity
Visiting Physicians Association
Voluntary Placement Agreement
Virtual Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care
Volunteer State Health Plan
Very Seriously Injured
Work Appreciation for Youth
Wisconsin Chiropractic Association
Wound Care Certification
Wound Care Certified
World Council of Enterostomal Therapists
World Council of Optometry
Watson Caring Science Institute
Wilderness Emergency Care
World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses
Women's Health
Wisconsin Health Information Exchange
Women's Health Nurse Practitioners
World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule
Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance
Washington Health System
Wound Healing Society
Wessex Intensive Care Society
Winslow Indian Health Care Center
World Innovation Summit for Health
Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing
Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse
Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing Certification Board
Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing Certification Board
Wales Office of Research and Development
Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance
Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging
Wellness Recovery Action Planning
Workload Reporting and Productivity
Whole Systems Demonstrator
World Stroke Organization
Waiver Service Provider
Washington State Residential Care Council
Western Trauma Association
Wound Treatment Associate
Wait Time Information System
World Union of Wound Healing Societies
Willamette Valley Community Health
Young Adult Health Care Survey
Youth with Special Health Care Needs
Youth Transition Funders Group