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List of acronyms

Always and Forever
Also Known As
Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
Author's Note
Age, Sex and Location
Age / Sex / Location
Addicted to texting
Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Avenged Sevenfold
Adios Amigo
Alcoholics Anonymous
As above
Automobile Association
American Association Against Acronym Abuse
Average At Best
Always and forever
As A Friend
Alive And Kicking
Asleep At Keyboard
As A Matter Of Fact
As A Matter Of Interest
Always A Pleasure
At Any Rate
At Any Rate
Alive And Smiling
As always, Sheldon has the answer
Always At The Keyboard
After awhile crocodile
And Also With You
As Always, Your Friend
Adult Baby
Ass Backwards
Already Been Chewed
Already Been Posted
A bad computer professional
Adult Baby Diaper Lover
All but face
Actual Bodily Harm
A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
Asshole By Nature
About To
Avatar Chat
All Cops Are Bastards
Alt Control Delete
Access Control Entry
Asian Cowgirl
A Company that Makes Everything
A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty
Automatic Colt Pistol
Anno Domini
Another day, another dollar
Another Day Another Dollar
Another Day In Hell
All done, bye-bye
All Done Bye Bye
All Dogs Go To Heaven
All Day I Dream About Sex
Another Day in Paradise
All Day Long
Ay dios mio
¡Ay Dios Mío
Advanced Digital Network
Any Day Now
Always Dependably Politically Incorrect
Aim Down Sights
Aiming Down Sights
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
A Day To Remember
American Eagle
Area Effect
And Ever And Ever
As Early As Possible
April Fools
As Fuck
Aunt Flo
As far as I can tell
A Friend As Good As You
A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
As Far As I Am Aware
As Far As I Am Concerned
As Far As I'm Concerned
As Far As I Am Concerned
as far as Im concerned
As Far As I Can See
As Far As I Can Tell
As Far As I Know
As Far As I Remember
As Far As I Understand
As Far As I Understand It
As Far As Possible
As Fast As Possible
As Far As You're Concerned
Away From Brain
Away From Computer
All Fucking Day
A Few Days Ago
A Few Days Back
Any Fucking Day Now
Another Fucking Growth Opportunity
A Fire Inside
As Far As I Am Aware
A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
April Fool's Joke
April Fools Joke
A Free Kill
Away From Keyboard
Away From Keyboard To Pee
Away From Keys
All for Now
Adult fan of
A Fresh Pair Of Eyes
About Fucking Time
All Fucked Up
Anyway, for what it's worth
Acronym Free Zone
Almost Good Bridge
Ain't Gonna Happen
And God Knows What Else
Annual General Meeting
Accelerated Graphics Port
Advanced Graphics Port
All going well
At home
Always here for you
Artifitial Intelligence
As If
And I'm A Monkey's Uncle
And I am a money's uncle
Am I Boverd
As I See It
All In Good Fun
All Right
As If I Care
AOL Instant Messenger
AOL Institutent Messenger
As I Mentioned Before
Artificial Intelligence Markup Language
Always In My Prayers
And It's Not Even Close
All In One
Agreement In Principle
As I Remember
Stupid person
As I Said
Ass in Seat
As I Said Before
As it should be
As I Said Earlier
As I See It
Adult In The Room
And I Think You Do
As I Understand It
Apple Juice
Assault rifle
Always Keep The Faith
As Late As Possible
As Little As Possible
As Long As Possible
School exam
Alien Life Form
Animal Liberation Front
Ain't Life Grand
Best Friend
Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
At Least I Have A Life
Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
A Load Of Bollocks
Actually Laughing Out Loud
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
A lot
Act Locally, Think Globally
Arithmetic Logic Unit
Against Medical Advice
Ask Me Anything
As Many/Much As Possible
As Many As Possible
As Much As Possible
All my boundless love
All My Best Wishes
American Motors Corporationrtation
Advanced Micro Devices
American Express
Adios, My Friend
Adios Mother Fucker
Ah My God
Am I Right
All my love
As a matter of fact
Alpha Male Of Group
All My Roommates Thank You For The Show
Ask me something
Absence makes the heart grow fonder
American passenger railroad corporation
Anime Music Video
Americas most wanted
And Now A Word From Our Sponsor
And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors
Abercrombie & Fitch
And Now For Something Completely Different
Almost Nearly Good Bridge
As New, in Box
Adult Nursing Relationship
Adults Only
Anarchy Online
All Of A Sudden
Abuse Of Bandwidth
Any Other Business
Another One Bites The Dust
Available on cell
Area of Effect
Areas Of Interest
Ass on ice
All OK
American Online
America Online
Age of Mythology
Always on my mind
All or Nothing
Apropos Of Nothing
As Of Now
All Options Stink
Among Other Things
As Opposed To
All of the above
All Of The Sudden
Angel On Your Pillow
Apple Pie
Attached Parenting
All Praise And Credit
Armoured Personnel Carrier
Application Programming Interface
Actions per Minute
Authorized Personnel Only
Annoying Piece Of Shit
Annual Percentage Rate
As Per Usual
As quick as possible
Assault Rifle
Acronym-rich environment
Acronym rich environment
Alternate Reality Gaming
Act of Random Kindness
Another Subject
Ape Shit
And So On
As Soon As Friggin Possible
As Soon As Fucking Possible
As Soon As I Can
As A Matter Of Fact
As soon as sensible
As Soon As You Get This
Anti Social Behaviour Order
And So Forth
And so it goes
age, sex & location
Age, sex, location
Age, Sex, LocationS
Age Sex Location
Age, Sex, Location, Availability
Age, sex, location, picture
And So On
Adult Service Provider
Adult Service Providers
After Show Party
At some point
Ait To Air
Ain't That A Bitch
All The Best
Any Two Cards
Attention To Detail
At The End Of The Day
At The End Of This Lesson You Will Be Able To
All Time Favorite
All The Gear All The Time
All the time
According To My Opinion
Any Time Now
About to pee myself
Answer The Question
All The Stars In The Sky
Along The Same Line
Along the same lines
At The Same Time
At This Time
Ain't That The Truth
Attraction To A Twitter User
Addicted To Twitter
Anything That Turns You On Baby
All Terrain Vehicle
All The Very Best
All the way
All the Web
Around the Web
All The Way Alive
Agree That We Disagree
AnyThing You Say
Alternate Universityrse
Are You Bored
Are you there
I don't know
Adult Video
Audio & Video
Audio Video
Angels and Airwaves
Angry Video Game Nerd
A Very Potter Musical
Attention Whore
As Well As
As Well As Can Be Expected
After While, Crocodile
Are We Going To Have To Go Through All This Again
Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
Are We Having Fun Yet
Absent Without Leave
Always with love
Avoiding Work Like The Plague
All We Need Is Another Chair
Absent while online
Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle
As We Speak
At what time
A word to the wise
Are We There Yet
Any Which Way
Awaiting Your Reply
All Your Base
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
All your base are belong to us
Aren't You Cheeky
Aren't You Clever
Are you coming
All You Can Eat
As You Can See
Are You Done Yet
At Your Earliest Convenience
All Your Fault
Are You Fucking Kidding Me
Are You Kidding Me
Are You For Real
Are You Free Today
As You Know
Are You Listening
At Your Own Risk
And Your Point Is
As You Requested
At your request
Ain't You Special
Are You Serious
Are You Stupid Or Something
Are You There
And you're telling me this because
Buck teeth
Blow and Go
Smiley with sunglasses
Brain fart
Back To Keyboard
Back To Work
Bullet For My Valentine
Bye For Now
Before You
Before You Know It
Bad ass
Bitch Ass
Bad Ass Bitch
Back At Computer
Bad Ass Chick
Blood Alcohol Content
Before Anyone Else
Bored As Fuck
Bring A Friend
Big Ass Grin
Bursting A Gut
Busting A Gut
Bust A Gut Laughing
Bored As Hell
Boy am I confused
Back At Keyboard
Back at the keyboard
Below Average Mentality
Bad Ass Motherfucker
By Any Means Necessary
Be Aware Of
Buy Abroad, Rent in Britain
Breathing a sigh of relief
Bitch Ass trick
Better-looking across the street
Bronies Austrlaia
Back at ya
Be Back
Big Brother
Blessed be
Bright blessings
Bye Bye
Be Back After Meal
Big Bad Ass Mother Fucker In Charge
Bis bald, Baby
Boring Beyond Belief
Bugging Beyond Belief
Bye Bye Babe
Bye Bye Be Good
Bare Back Blow Job
Bare Back Blow Job to Completion
Big Beautiful Black Woman
Big Bad Challenge
British Broadcasting Corporationration
Big Black Dick
Big Bad Evil Guy
Butt Buddy Forever
Body By Fisher, Brains by Mattel
Best Buds Forever
Best Buds For Life
Bye-bye for now
Bye Bye For Now
Bare Back Full Service
Best Be Going
Be Back In A Bit
Be Back In A Few
Be Back In A Flash
Be back in a minute
Be Back In A Sec
Be Back In A Second
Be Back In A While
Bare Blow Job
Be back late
Be Back Later
Be Back Later
Big Beautiful Man
Blackberry Messaging
Brains by Mattel
Big Bad Mother Fucker In Charge
Be Back Much Later
Be Back Never
Bye, bye now
Bye-bye now
Bye Bye Now
Be back on later
Burnt Beyond Repair
Be Back Soon
Bulletin Board System
Be back soon darling
Be Back Sooner or Later
Be back soon sweetie
Be Back Tomorrow
Be back whenever
Big Beautiful Woman
Big Beautiful Women
Big black women
Be back way later
Be cool
Before Christ
Beggars Can't Be Choosers
Belle Cu Belle Geulle
Big Company, Big School
Bow Chica Bow Wow
Blind Carbon Copy
Behind Closed Doors
Be Careful, Don't Hurt Me
Before Common Era
Be seein' you
Be Seeing You
I'll Be Seeing You
Big crush on
Big crush on you
Best Current Practice
Birth Control Pill
Baby Dance
Big Deal
Brain Drain
Busy Daydreaming Back In 5 Minutes
Bad Boy
Big Dot Com
Best Dramatic Effect
Big Damn Number
Big darn number
Bad and Wrong
'Bout Darn Time
Big Dumb User
Best Email Friend
Best Friend
Best Friend
Best Friend
Best Enemies Forever
Big Evil Grin
Best Regards
Black Entertainment Television
Bitch Features
Brain fart
Best Friends For Life
Best Friend Forever For Life
Best Friends Forever For Life
Boyfriend for Life
Best Friends Always
Brother from Another Mother
Best friend at work
Better From Behind
Big Fucking Can
Big Freaking Deal
Bum Fuck Egypt
Best Friend Forever
Best Friends Forever
Big Fat Female
Big Fat Friend
Best Friends Forever And Ever
Best Friends For All Eternity
Best friends forever
Best Fucking Friends Forever
Best Fucking Friends For Life
Best friend for life
Best Friends For Life
Best friend for now
Best Friends For Now
Best Friends For Sex
Best Friend Forever For Life
Best Friends For Like Ever
Best friend for life and beyond
Best friends for life, no matter what
Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part
Best friends forevermore
Best Friends Forever Til The End
Best Friend Forever With Benefits
Big freaking grin
Big Fucking Grin
Big Friendly Giant
Big Fucking Gun
Bitch From Hell
Big Fat Hairy Deal
Brute Force And Ignorance
Big Fat Kiss
Brute Force and Massive Ignorance
Bullet For My Valentine
Bye, for now
Bye For Now
Blouse Full Of Goodies
Bad For Pics
Big Fat Positive ie pregnant
Big Fucking Rock
Bull Fucking Shit
Best friends till death
Blast from the Past
Bezny Franta uzivatel
Brain free user
Butt Fucking Ugly
Best Friends Until Tomorrow
Best Friend With Benefits
Baby gangster
Bad Game
Big Grin
Black Gangster Disciples
Best Gay Friend
Best Girl Friend
Best guy friend
Big Game License
Background Music
Boy girl relationship
Be good to yourself
Better Get Used To It
Be Gentle With Me
Be Happy
Better Half
Big Head
Bloody hell
Be home at
Big, Hairy Audacious Goal
Bad Hair Day
Big Hearted Girl
Big Hearted Guy
Bless Her Heart
Bless His Heart
Bloody Hell, I Must Be Getting Old
Be Home Late
Big Handsome Man
Barak Hussein Obama
Bald Headed Old Fart
Be home soon
Bad Influence
Back In Five
Best Information Available
Boss In Area
Back In A Bit
Back in a minute
Boss is back
Bye Bye
Basic Information Before Leaving Earth
Beer In, Beer Out
Boss Is Back On Your Site
Best In Class
Butt in chair
But I could be wrong
Best I Ever Had
Basis In Fact
Before I Forget
Butt in Front
Best Friend
Best Internet Friend For Life
Best friends for life
Burn in hell
Boss is listening
Brother In-Law
Brother In Law
Boss I'd Like to Fuck
Brother I'd Like to Fuck
Buy It Now
But It's Not Google
Break It Off In Your Ass
Believe It or Not
Basic Input Output System
Beauty is only skin deep
Blow It Out Your Ass
Blow It Out Your Ear
Blow It Out Your I/O Port
Blow it out your nose
Books in Print
Best in Slot
Boy, I sure feel like a turquoise monkey
But I Still Love You
Because I Say So
Basically In The Clear Homey
Back In The Day
Bring It The Fuck On, Bitch
But In The Mean Time
Back in the Saddle
Beaten It To Death
Better ignorant than too wise
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Blood is thicker than wine
Best In The World
Bisexual White Male
B job
Blow Job
Billy Joel Just Drove In
Blow Job to Completion
Burger King
Better Known As
Between Keyboard And Monitor
Bad Luck
Belly Laugh
Belly laughing
Bottom Line
Buddy List
Back Like Bull, Brain Like Bird
Bussi links, Bussi rechts
Bad Life Decision
Boys Like Girls
Overly Flashy Jewellery
Blink 182
Better Luck Next Game
Better Luck Next Time
Big Laugh Out Loud
Blown Like Shit
Bottom Lip Stuck out
Better Late Than Never
Believe me on that
Bite Me
Black Man
Blond Moment
Bowel Movement
Byte Me
Best Mates For Life
Best Mates Forever
Best Mates For Life
Best mates always
Bite My Ass
Bebo Me Back
Blow my brains out
Body Modification Ezine
Bad Mother Fucker
Be My Friend
Blowing Money Fast
Be my guest
Busting my gut with laughter
Banging My Head Against The Keyboard
Banging My Head Against The Wall
Be My Hot-Water Bottle
Bitting My Lip
Bless My Life
But Maybe Not
Big Man On Campus
Bite Me Old Fart
Bite Me On The Arse
Byte Me On The Ass
Basic Military Training
Before My Time
Brilliant Minds Think Alike
Bring Me The Horizon
Brilliant Minds Think In Parallel Gutters
Best Mates Until The Very End
Bavarian Motor Works
Big Money Waster
Bicycle Motocross
Bad news
Bad News Bears
Been Nowhere Done Nothing
Big Name Fan
Batteries Not Included
Brand New In Box
Brand New In Packaging
Brand New Never Worn
Boys night out
British National Party
But Now Something Completely Different
Brand New Without Tags
Brand New With Tags
Back Off
Body Odor
Bug Off
Birds of a Feather
Back Off Bitch
Battery Operated Boyfriend
Replacement swear word
Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch
Butt on chair
But Of Course There Are Always Exceptions
Bind On Equip
Book of Exalted Deeds
Birds Of a Feather
Big Old Fat Fluffy Thing
Bastard Operator From Hell
Buy One Get One
Buy One Get One Free
Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking
Back Of Hand On Forehead
Best Of Its Kind
Be on later
Best of luck
Be On the Look Out
Better On Lips Than On Paper
Believe it Or Not
Bored Out Of My Mind
Bored Out Of My Skull
Bootstrap Protocol
Boring Person
Bind On Pickup
Blitzed Open Proxy Monitor
Big Orange Switch
Boyfriend Over Shoulder
Brat over shoulder
Bending over smacking my knee laughing
Back On Topic
Be on that
Back of the book
Benefit of the Doubt
Blood On The Dance Floor
Back-of-the-envelope calculation
Back Of The Envelope Calculation
But On The Other Hand
Back On To The Subject
Back off you dipstick
Beautiful People
Big Person Little Mind
Be Quiet
Best regards
Blow Job
Bathroom break
Be Right Back
Be Right Back Bitch
Be Right Back, Bathroom Break
Be Right Back, Coffee Break
Be Right Back, I Gotta Pee
Bathroom, be right back
Black Rock Departments
Brother Brother
Best Regards
Be Right Here
Broke Ribs Laughing, Call For Help
Brother Romance
Be rrright back
Big Red Switch
Be Right There
Big Smile
Brain Strain
Bull Shit
Big Smile And A Wink
Backstreet Boys
Big Shit Eating Grin
Back Stabber
But Seriously Folks
Big Smiling Grin
Broad Sweeping Generalization
Big Sloppy Kiss
Blue Screen of Death
Big Smile On Face
Big Smile On Face Now
But Seriously Though
Better safe than sorry
Be seeing you
Boring Status Update
Between technologies
Bite This
Byte This
British Telecom
Before The Attacks
But Then Again
But Then Again I could Be Wrong
Be That As It May
By The By
Bye, take care, have fun
Beyond the Call of Duty
Bored To Death
Been There, Done That
Been There Done That
Been There Done That, Got the T-Shirt
Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt
Been There Done That Got The T-shirt And Wore It Out
Best Time Ever
Build To Forecast
Back The Fuck Off
Back the heck off
Bend The Fuck Over
Been There, Fixed That
Boiler The Fuck Up
By The Fucking Way
By The Grace Of God
Beat the Hell Outta
Beats The Hell Outta Me
Beats The Heck Out Of Me
Back the heck up
Brothers in the Wind
Back To Keyboard
Between The Lines
Be There Moment
Bite me
Better Than Nothing
Be There Or Be Dead
Be There Or Be Square
Be There or It's Your Ass
Back To School
Be There Soon
By the Same
Beats The Shit Out Of Me
Beats the shizzle out of me
Beats The Sh Out Of Me
Beat the stufing out of me
Back To Topic
Bump to top
Bump To The Top
Back To The Basics
Back to the Future
Boot To The Head
Back To The Top
Back To The Truth
Been There, Tried That
Be There With Bells On
By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You
By the way, I think I am in love with you
By the way, I think I am in love with you
By the way, I think I'm in love with you
By the way, I think I love you
Back To You
Blessings To You
Between You And Me
Between you and I
Been Up To Much
Butt Ugly ASCII Font
Butt Ugly ASCII Graphic
Big, Ugly, Fat
Butt Fuck
But You Knew That
But You Knew That Already
Bring Up My Post
But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet
Backup Plan
Bad Vibe
Beautiful Woman
Best Wishes
Be well
Black and White
Brunette with blonde roots
But Who Cares
But What Do I Know
Big wide grin
Big Wet Kiss
Big Wet Kiss On The Lips
Bursting With Laughter
Black, White or Other
Big Word Quotient
Buzz Word Quotient
But What The Hell
But what the heck do I know
But Wait, There's More
Between You And Me
Bless your heart
Before You Know It
But You Knew That
But You Knew That Already
Bring Your Own
Bring Your Own Booze
Bring Your Own Beer
Bring Your Own Advil
Bring Your Own Bottle
Bring Your Own Computer
Bring Your Own Computer Gear
Bring Your Own Device
Computer language
Speed of light
Very happy
Very Sad
Microsoft programming language
Chuckle & grin
Come On
Cross Post
Change of Subject
Cam To Cam
Cam for Cam
Comment for Comment
Ciao For Now
Cool As A Cucumber
Can't Be Assed
Cool as a cucumber
Do you understand
Do you understand
Can't Add, Doesn't Even Try
Chick Acquisition Guide
Clear As Shit
Clothing Aquisition Syndrome
Crack A Smile
Completely Absurd Sarcastic Explanation
Computed Axial Tomography
Cool person
A Person Assuming A False Identity
Crazy in a nice way
Chat Board
Chat Brat
Chat break
Chris Brown
Cock Block
Coffee Break
Crazy bitch
Can't Be Arsed
Charity Begins at Home
Ciao, Bye, Au Revoir
Can't Be Bothered
Can't Be Fucking Bothered
Children's BBC
Can't Be Fucked
Can't Be Fucking Arsed
Country, Blue Grass and Blues
Californian Bureau of Investigation
Confederation of British Industry
Covered Blow Job
Come Back Later
Can't Be Stuffed
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Carbon Copy
Clan Chat
Country Code
Credit Card
Crowd Control
I understand
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Compact Car
Coricidin Cough & Cold
Cock Craving Disorder
Collectable Card Game
Can't Conceive Intelligent Thoughts Today
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Closed-Circuit Television
Cross Dresser
Code 9
Parents are watching
Parents are no longer watching
Crudely Drawn Cock
Cult of the Dead Cow
Cracking Da Fuck Up
Cold Day In Hell
Couldn't Do It Without You
Calm Down Please
Compact Disc Recordable
Common Era
Creative Editing
Consumer Electronics Show
Central European Time
Cluster Fuck
Coffee Freak
Call For Discussion
Canadian Football League
Come Fuck Me
Copy For Me Please
Ciao for now
Clothed Female Naked Male
Chief Financial Officer
Care For Secret
Covered Full Service
Call For Vote
Call For Votes
Call For Voting
Complete Friendly Waste Of Time
Calling For You
Computer Fine User Drunk
Computer Graphics
Computer-Generated Imagery
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
Cat Got Your Tongue
Click Here Asshole
Creating Heavenly Extraordinary Food
Chilling and relaxing
Chill and relax
Chat lingo
Chill as Fuck
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers
Cash In Advance
Could It Be Magic
Coffee In, Coffee Out
Coffee in Coffee Out
Can I see you
Can I Copy Your Home Work
Consider It Done
Crying In Disgrace
Cash In First
Cum In Face
Cash In Hand
Can I Help You
Critical Items List
Cum in Mouth
Check It Out
Cell it please
Committed Information Rate
CompuServe Information Service
Consumer information service
Complex Instituteuction Set Computers
Complex Instruction Set Computers
Caught in the Act
Chain Letter
Craig's List
Cap lock alert
Crying Like A Baby
Come Late And Start Sleeping
Creepy Little Bastard
Command Line Interface
Group of friends
Career Limiting Move
Call Me
Chat Manager
Chat Master
Chat Moderator
Cover My Ass Partner
Cry Me A River
Call me back
Casi Me Cago
Checking my e-mail
Crying My Eyes Out
Count My Fingers
Chief Crazy Mother Figure What's in Charge
Cross My Heart
Count Me In
Correct Me If I'm Wrong
Correct Me if I'm Wrong
Catch Me If You Can
Call Me Later
Clothed Male Naked Female
Content Management System
Crack Me Up
Cracks Me Up
Cheap and Chearful
Continued in Next Post
Continued Next Post
Chuck Norris roundhouse kick you in the face
Chill out
Corrections Officer
Counter Offer
Certificate Of Authenticity
Code of conduct
Call of Duty
Cash on Delivery
Cause Of Death
Change Of Dressing
Crotch on display
Cum On Face
Cum on Hair
Church of Scientology
Church of Scientology
Collapses on Floor Laughing
Cry Out For Revenge
City of Heroes
Come On In
Coca Cola
Crying Out Loud
Come Out Of The Closet
Close of Play
Copy and Paste
Change Of Subject
Child over shoulder
Commercial On-line Service
Crawling On The Floor Laughing
Crawling On The Floor Laughing Guts Out and Having A Heart Attack
Car of The Year
Conditions Of Use
Chick of the week
Come On You Blues
Come On You Spurs
Chat Post
Child Porn
Club Penguin
Certified Piece of Ass
Cost Per Click
Coolest Person Ever
Can Pigs Fly
Characters Per Inch
Cyberathlete Professional League
Cost Per Thousand
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Come Quick, Danger
What Was to Prove
Chuckle Quietly To Myself
Can't Remember A Fucking Thing
Can't Remember A Thing
Cheap, redundant assorted products
Can't Remember Anything Worth A Shit
Come right back
Crying Real Big Tears
Crying really big tears
Chat Room Chuckle
Cyclic Redundency Check
Credit Check
Cash Rules Everything Around Me
A Socially Invasive Person
Group Of Friends
Community Restoration in Progress
Critical hit
Can't Remember Shit
Can't remember stuff
Can't Remember the Three-Letter Acronym
Can't Remember The Three Letter Acronym
Crazy and drunk
Career Suicide
Cheap Shot Artist
Cool Sweet Awesome
Cool Story, Bro
Cool Story Bro
Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
Chuckle Snicker Grin
Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
Crime Scene Investigation
Can't stop laughing
Crafty Syntax Live Help
Casual Sex Partner
Can't Stop Smiling
Cascading Style Sheet
Counter-Strike Source
Counter Strike: Source
Count Some Sheep
Catch Some Sleep
Catch Some Zee's
Can't Talk
Call To Action
Call the cell
Care To Chat
Choking The Chicken
Capture The Flag
Claim To Fame
Calm The Fuck Down
Chill The Fuck Out
Cheer The Fuck Up
Cracking The Fuck Up
Cracking the heck up
Can't Talk Now
Can't Talk Now
Chuckling To Myself
Chuckles to Self
Check This Out
Computer to plate
Can't Talk Right Now
Cant Talk Right now
Changing the subject
Cut That Shit Out
Cute Things They Do
Cute Things They Say
Cracking Up
See You
See you tomorrow
See you around
See You Around
See You Again
See You Around
See You Again
Catch you later
Call you later
Catch You Later
Call you later
Cracking Up All Over the Place
See You Around The Universe
See You Around The Universityrse
Call You Back
See you before you decay
See You for Now
See You In A Bit
See You In Church
See You In the Other Life
See you later
See You Later
See You Later
See you later
See You Later, Mate
See You Later, Alligator
See You Later Alligator
See You In School
See You OnLine
See You On Line
See you on the net
See You Soon
See You There
See You Tomorrow
Crawling Under The Table Laughing
Catch Up With The Acronyms
Can't wait to hold you
Can't Wait to See You
Complete waste of my time
Complete Waste Of Time
Can't Wait To See You
Chat With You Again Soon
Chat With You Later
Chat With Ya Later
Chat With You Later
Calm Yourself
See You
See Ya
See You
Cover Your Ass
See You Later
Chat Your Arse Off
Call you back
Count Your Blessings
Can You Believe It
Can You Believe That Happened
Can ya dig it
Can You Dig It
Check your e-mail
Check Your Email
Check Your Mail
Close your eyes partner
Check your Facebook
Check your Facebook
Consider Yourself Hugged
Can You Help Me
Catch ya later
Catch You Later
See You Later
See You Later
Check your MySpace
See You Online
Cover your own ass
Can You Pick-Up on This
Deep and Meaningful
6th June 1944
Doing Business As
Don't care
Day to day
Dusk To Dawn
Dead to Me
Direct to You
District Attorney
Dumb ass
Diamonds are a girls best friend
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Day After Drinking Shits
Does anybody else
Divisionrced Asian Female
Divorced Asian Female
Divisionrced Asian Male
Drunk as Fuck
Dumb ass hole
Dead At Keyboard
Divorced Asian Male
Don't Ask Me
Don't ask me how I know
Don't Ask Me How I Know That
Do all possible
Don't Ask Questions
Dumb asked question
Drug Abuse Resistance Education
Duck And Run For Cover
Ducking And Running For Cover
Drunk As Fuck
Dining at the O
Dine at the Y
Dining At The Y
Dining At The Y Till Completion
Dumb Ass User
Digital Audio Workstation
Do as you would be done by
Douche Bag
Doing Business As
Don't Be A Bitch
Don't Be A Bitch About It
Designed By An Idiot
Doing business as usual
Double-byte Character Set
Don't Be Dumb
Don't Believe Everything You Read
Dear Boyfriend
Divisionrced Black Female
Divorced Black Female
Divisionrced Black Male
Don't be gay
Don't Beg It
Douche Bag Index
Divorced Black Male
Don't bug me now
Doing Business, NOT
Don't Bother Next Time
Dad behind shoulder
Don't Be So Stupid
Don't Believe That Stuff
Dragon Ball Z
Don't Care
Direct Client-to-Client
Direct Client to Client
Direct Client Connection
Direct Client Connections
Department of Children and Families
Do Call Me Any Time
Don't Count On It
Distributed Component Object Model
Don't cry over spilt milk
Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched
Big Breasts
Darling Daughter
Darling or Dear
Dear Daughter
Designated Driver
Direct Distance Dial
Doesn't do extras
Drug And Disease Free
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Day Month Year
Different Day, Same Old Shit
Don't Do That
Don't Even Bother
Dear Daughter
Don't Even Go There
Don't even think it
Diesel engine road vehicle
Don't Even Trip
Don't Even Think About It
To Delete A Tweet
Dumb End User
Dear Fiance
Dear Friend
Dumbass Frankenstein
The Fuck
Don't Fucking Care
Dead Fish Experience
Deep French Kiss
Deep French Kissing
Don't Fucking Know
Dead freaking last
Dead Fucking Last
Disenhanced four-letter acronym
Dance Floor Make Out
Dating For Sport
Don't forget to be awesome
Don't Feed The Troll
Down For Whatever
Don't Fuck with Me
Don't Go
Digital Guardian Angel
Don't go anywhere
Don't give a fuck
Don't Give A Rats Arse
Don't Give a Fuck
Dirty Ghetto Kids
Don't Give Me an Answer Now
Don't Give Me That Shit
Don't Go Over There
Don't Go There
Don't Go There Girlfriend
Don't go there, girlfriend
Don't Go There With Me
Damn Girl You're Fine
Dang Girl, You're Fine
Darling Husband
Darn Husband
Dear Husband
Dear Hubby
Don't Have A Fucking Clue
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Department of Health Services
Dinosaur hugs
Demonstration of Higher Value
Don't Hold Your Breath
Die In A Fire
Do I Care
Damned If I Know
Damned if I known
Darned if I know
Damned If I kNow
Do I know you
Do I know you
Daughter In Law
Dad I'd Like to Fuck
Does It Look Like I Care
Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
Do I Look Like I Give A Darn
Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck
Do I look like I give a flip
Do I Look Like I Give A Sh
Does it look like I give a flying flip
Do I look like I give a sugar
Do It Myself
Double Incomes, No Kids
Double Income No Kids
Dual Income No Kids
Do I Know You
Do It Right the First Time
Did I Say
Desperately In Search Of
Did I Say That Outloud
Details in Thread
Discretion is the better part of valor
Down in the Gutter
Dancing In The Rain
Did I tell you I'm distressed
Do It Yourself
Dinner Jacket
Disc Jockey
Disk Jockey
Dow Jones
Don't judge a book by its cover
Divisionrced Jewish Female
Divorced Jewish Female
Divisionrced Jewish Male
Divorced Jewish Male
Don't Judge Me
Don't Know
Don't know, don't care
Don't Know Don't Care
Don't Know For Sure
Don't Kill Me
Donna Karan New York
Dragon Kill Points
Don't Kill The Messenger
Drop Kick Ugly
Dead Link
Doing Laundry
Down Low
Don't Laugh at Me
Don't let bed bugs bite
Downloadable Content
Devilish Little Grin
Dynamic Link Library
Don't leave me
Don't Leave Now
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
Dirty Little Secret
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down
Don't let them catch you
Digital Line Termination Module
Don't lie to me
Don't Like You Very Much
Demonstration of Lower Value
Direct Message
Doesn't Matter
Do me
Don't Mind
Dungeon Master
Do Me A Favor
Don't Make A Fuss
Drop Me A Line
Don't make a mountain out of a molehill
Dave Matthews Band
Deep Meaningful Conversation
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Dumb Mother Fucker
Don't Mention It
Don't Mind If I Do
Don't Make Me Laugh
Dude Man No Offense
Dirty Minds Think Alike
Dead Man Walking
Dark Man X
Day Month Year
Don't Mess Yourself
Doing Nothing
Did Not Answer
Do Not Answer
Did Not Attend
Does Not Apply
Do Not Be Late
Democratic National Committee
Does Not Compute
Do not compute
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Fucking Disturb
Don't Know, Don't Care
Don't Know
Did Not Finish
Do not feed the trolls
Do Not Feed The Troll
Do Not Know
Deep and Meaningful
Does Not Matter
Do Not Pass Go Do Not Collect Two Hundred Dollars
Damn Near Pissed Myself
Darn Near Pissed Myself
Did not qualify
Does not qualify
Do Not Quote
Do Not Resuscitate
Did Not Start
Do Not Use
Do Not Want
Deteriorate On Approach
Drug Of Choice
Day Of Defeat
Daughter of Eve
Dying of Laughter
Depends On Experience
Degree Of Freedom
Depth of Field
Dual Overhead Cam
Destruction of language through simplicity
Dirty Old Man
Domainant person
Days Of Our Lives
Dead On Road
Department of Redundancy Department
Dad over shoulder
Denial of Service
Dozing Off Soon
Damage over Time
Defence of the Ancients
Day of the year
Dear partner
Display Picture
Domestic Partner
Don't put all your eggs in one basket
Don't push it
Dots Per Inch
Deep Passionate Kiss On the Lips
Don't Piss Me Off
Damage Per Second
Dont put the cart before the horse
Don't Poop Your Pants
Don't Play With Me
Don't Pick Your Nose
Don't quote me on this
Dumb Question Of The Day
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Didn't Read
Double Rainbow
Don't Recognize Acronyms
Dressed as a woman
Dirty Rotten Bastard
Don't really care
Directly Responsible Individual
Don't read if busy
Don't really know
Digital Rights Management
Dead Right There
Darling Son
Dear Son
Do Some Damage
Dear Special Friend
Desperately Seeking Help
Don't sweat it
Digital Subscriber Line
Dick Sucking Lips
Department of Social Services
Daylight Saving Time
Damn Straight
Dang typos
Down Town
Don't Trust Anybody
Don't Trust Anyone
Don't Text Back
Deep Throaty Chuckle
Down To Cuddle
Drunk Till Dawn
Drunk Till Death
Down to Earth
Down to Fuck
Drosophila tyrosine hydroxylase
Delighted To Hear That
Dump The Mother Fuckker Already
Disturbing The Peace
Define the relationship
Does This Really Matter
Do The Right Thing
Don't Think So
Down The Shore
Down To Snuggle
Don't talk so loud
Don't Touch That
Don't touch that dial
Don't Try This At Home
Don't throw the baby out with the bath water
Don't Talk To Me
Don't Take Your Time
Darn you
Don't understand
Did You See That
Do You See What I See
Do you see why
Driving Under the Influence
Didn't you know
Do you love me
Do you love me
Do You Masturbate
Do you miss me
Don't Know
Do You Remember
Damn You Are Sexy
Do You Scream Loud
Did You See That
Do You See What I See
Do you understand that
Do You Want To White Board
Do You Want to White Board
Digital Versatile Disc
Digital Visual Interface
Digital Video Recorder
Darling wife
Dear Wife
Don't Worry
Don't Worry About It
Don't write back
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Don't Worry Be Happy
Don't Worry 'Bout It
Drunk Tweet
Divisionrced White Female
Divorced White Female
Divisionrced White Male
Do we have to go through this again
Deal With It
Driving While Intoxicated
Done When It's Done
Do What I Mean
Do What I Mean
Do What I Mean, Correctly
Do What I Mean Correctly
Do What I Mean, Not What I Say
Do What I Say, Not What I Do
Do What I Say Not What I Do
Deep Wet Kiss On The Ass
Deep Wet Kiss On The Lips
Dying with laughter
Divorced White Male
Drunk while on line
Double word
Drunk While Posting
Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On the Lips
Deep Wet Passionate Kiss On The Lips
Deep Wet Passionate Kissed On The Lips
Driving While Stupid
Driving While Texting
Dancing With The Stars
Don't Wait Up
Does What You Mean
Damn You Auto Correct
Do Your Best
Dumb Young Bitch
Don't you dare
Damn Your Eyes
Did you find it
Dude, you fascinate me
Dude You Fascinate Me
Do You Have A Boyfriend
Do You Have A Boyfriend
Do You Have A Girlfriend
Do You Have A Girlfriend
Do You Hear What I Hear
Do Your Job
Don't you just hate it when
Did You Know
Do You Know What I Mean
Do You Like Me
Do You Love Me
Did you mean
Do you mean
Do You Mind
Do your own due diligence
Do Your Own Fucking Dirty Work
Online dating
Electronically OK
Easy as One, Two, Three
Ear To Ear Grin
Eat A Bag Of Dicks
Eat A Dick
Encoded Archival Description
Extended Attribute Definition
Eating at keyboard
Eavesdropping On Twitter Conversations
Error Between Chair And Keyboard
Error between keyboard and chair
Easy come
Easy come, easy go
Every cloud has a silver lining
Every computer has a software lapse
Erase Display
Erectile Dysfunction
Estimated Delivery Date
Email address
Energy Drink Junkie
Electronic Dance Music
Electronic Emission
Extremely Evil Grin
Edited For Accuracy
Epic Fail Guy
Enough For Now
Easy Go
Evil Grin
For example
Extremely Good Action, Dumb Story
Every Good Boy Deserves Favor
Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
Elegant Gothic Lolita
Eat it
Enough is Enough
Exercise In Futility
Editing in progress
Earliest Known Use
Evil Laugh
Everybody Love Everybody
Every Lady's Fantasy
Electric Light Orchestra
Evil laugh out loud
End of message
Excuse Me
E-mail Address
Every Man A Wildcat
Excuse me for butting in
Excuse My Ignorance
Email Me Later
Email Me Later
E-mail Me Back
Excessive Multiple Posting
Extremely Miserable Person
Evil Monkey's Rule The World
E-Mail Shorthand
Eat My Shorts
E-mail Message
Email Message
Expected Monetary Value
End Item
Extraverted, iNtuative, Feeling, Perceiving
Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging
Extraverted, iNtuative, Thinking and Perceiving
End Of Article
End Of Business
End Of Conversion
End of Day
End Of Discussion
Equal Opportunity Employer
Expert on Everything
End Of File
End of Life
End Of Line
End of Grade
Expressioms Of Interest
End Of Lecture
End of Message
End Of Rant
End Of Show
End Of Thread
End of Transmission
End Of The World
End Of The World As We Know It
End of week
End of Year
Extended Play
Extremely awesome
Every Person Is Different
Epic Win
Emotional Quotient
Easy Quick Efficient
Emergency Room
Oh My Gosh
Erotic Role-Play
Eres tz
Erase screen
Eat Shit And Die
Eat Shit And Die You Fucking Asshole
Escape key
Electro-static Discharge
Every Second Every Minute Every Day
Experience, Strength and Hope
English as Second Language
Eat Shit Mother Fucker
Equipment Smarter than Operator
Endless Snorts Of Stupid Laughter
Extra Sensory Perception
Entertainment Software Rating Board
Extra Terrestrial
Edited To Add
Estimated time arrival
Early To Bed
Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
Escape The Fate
Excuse the hell out of me
ETLA Extended Three-Letter Acronym
Extended Three Letter Acronym
Extended Three-Letter Acronym
Every Tub on Its Own Bottom
Early To Rise
End of Text
European Union
End User Agreement
Excellent used condition
Expected Value
Every One
Ei Voi Tietää
Exclamation of disgust
Everything Will Be Alright
Evil wicked grin
E-mailing While Intoxicated
Experience points in games
Excitable, Yet Calm
Forever And After
Fucking Asshole
Face to Face
Female to male
Files To Peers
Free To Talk
Female Seeking Man
Fat Admirer
Fuck All
Fucking Awesome
Falling Asleep At Keyboard
Feed a cold and starve a fever
Looking Through Someone's Pictures On Facebook
Fit as Fuck
Funny as fluff
Funny As Fuck
For A Friend Without Access
Fucking A Hot
Funny as heck
Fuck You
Forget About It
Frequently Argued Issue
far as I know
For All I Know
Falling of My Chair Laughing
Fuck And Never Touch Again
For Attention Of
Fucking A Pissed
Frequently Asked Questions List
Frequently Argued Waste Of My Fucking Time
For A Second
Funny Ass Shit
Fast Ass Son Bitchii
For sure
Fuck All This Shit
Funny At The Time
For Anyone Who Cares
Fuck Buddy
Fucking Bitch
Funny Business
FaceBook Bitch
FaceBook Chat
Facebook Friend
Fat boy food
Flashback Friday
Fucking Brilliant Idea
Failure Between Keyboard and Seat
Fine by me
Facebook Official
For better or worse
Fucking BullShit
Full body sensual massage
Fingers Crossed
Full card
Full Combo
First Come First Served
For Crying Out Loud
For Christ's Sake
Fall Down Go Boom
First day of issue
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Falling Down Rolling On The Floor Laughing
Field division routing table
Fuck Dat Shit
Fair Enough
Fatal Error
Federal Police
Fast enough for you
Further Extended Three Letter Acronym
Final Fantasy
Flying Fadoodle
Follow Friday
Forever Friends
Friends Forever
Freeze frame
Fresh Fields and Pastures New
Family Force 5
Field Force Automation
Free For All
Fre For All
Friends Forever And Ever
Fight for first
Two Females and a Male
For Future Reference
For Fuck's Sake
For Fuck Sake
For Fucks Sake
Full Flat Square Tube
Fan Fucking Tastic
Fast Fourier Transform
Frequently Fought Topics
First Full-Term Delivery
For The Feeble Minded
From First to Last
First Full-term Pregnancy
Finds fault with everything
Federal Fiscal Year
Family Guy
Fat Girl
Forget About It
For Great Justice
For God's Sake
For Goodness Sake
Feeling Great Today
Fucking Heck
Fucking Hell
Future Husband
Family Hold Back
First Hand Experience
Fuck His Life
For Him Magazine
For Him Monthly
Friends Hanging Out
Freeware Hall of Fame
Friendly Handshake
Forget It
Fuck It All
Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino
Found In Bed Dead
Federal Insurance Contributions Act
Frankly, I could care less
Frankly I couldn't care a less
Frankly I Couldn't Care Less
Fucking Idiot
Fifth Amendment
Fuck I'm Funny
First In First Out
Fixed It For You
Forget It, Got My Orders
Fucked If I Know
Fuck If I Know
Forget it, I'm out of here
Father In Law
Father I'd Like to Fuck
First in, last out
Failed In London, Try Hong Kong
Foot In Mouth
Forever in my heart
Fucked up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional
Figure it out
Figure It Out For Yourself
First In, Still Here
First In Still Here
Fill In The Blanks
Fill In The Blank
Fucking bitch
Figure It The Fuck Out
Fucked In The Head
Foot Job
French Kiss
Formerly Known As
Frequently Known As
Fuck You
Fake Laugh
Four-letter acronym
Four Letter Acronym
Foot Loose And Fancy Free
Feels Like Coming Home
Four Letter Extended Acronym
Funny Looking Kid
Fucking Love
Flu-Like Symptoms
Famous Last Words
Fly For Fun
Freqeuncy modulation
Full Metal Alchemist
Freezing My Ass Off
Fuck My Computer
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Fuck Me Dead
Fuck My Fucking Life
F*** My Life
For Him Magazine
Fuck me in the ass
Full Metal Jacket
Fuck My Life
Fuck My Sex Life
Family and Medical Leave of Absence
Fuck My Love Life
Fuck Me Like The Whore I Am
Forget Me Not
Fuck Me Now
Fuck Me Pumps
From My Point Of View
Fuck Me Sideways
Far More Than Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know
Far more than you ever wanted to know
From Me To You
Fuck Me Up The Ass
Full Motion Video
For Necessary Action
Football and beer
Free And Easy
Far out
Freaking out
fucking out
Fuck Off
First Of All
Fall Over And Cry
Fall Over And Die
Fuck Off And Die
Friend of a Friend
Father Of A Friend Of A Girlfriend
Father Of A Girlfriend
Fuck Off And Google
Fell outta bed laughing
Fall Out Boy Rock
Falling Off Chair Laughing
Falling off the chair laughing
Fell Off Chair Laughing My Ass Off
Finger Of Death
Fuck off and die
Full of Fail
Fuck Off
Falling On Floor Laughing
Falling on the floor laughing
Falling On Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
Falling on the floor laughing my ass off
Fourty Four caliber gun
Fuck Outa Here
Fuck Outta Here
Fond of Leather
Fuck our lives
Falling Off My Chair
Fell Off My Chair
Falling off my chair laughing
Fell off my chair laughing
Fell out of my chair laughing
Falling out of my chair laughing
Fell out of my chair laughing
Fear of Missing Out
Fear Of Missing Out On Hockey
Freak of Nature
FTP Operation Over Big Address Records
Fat in belly area
Fake Cops
Fixed Or Repaired Daily
Fix Or Repair Daily
Flipped Over and Rebuilt Dodge
Found On Road Dead
Fucked Over Rebuilt Dodge
Faith, Obedience, Righteousness, Grace, Inheritance, Victory, Edify
Freedom Of Speech
Full Of Shit
For Sure
For Sure
Fresh out of the box
Flight of the Conchords
Falling Off The Chair Laughing
Face of the day
Falling On The Floor Laughing
Falls to the floor laughing
Falling on the floor laughing my ass off
Falling on the floor, laughing out loud
Front of the line
Flavor of the Month
Fellowship of the Ring
Fuck Off You Loser
Fucking Pissed Myself Lauging
First-Person Shooter
Frames Per Second
Fuck You
For Real
Facebook Rape
Fucking Ridiculous Electronic Device
Free Berkeley Software Distribution
Endless Friend
Finished Room Over Garage
Free Noob
Family Radio Service
File Replication Service
For real though
Field Replacable Units
For Sale
Fucks Sake
Full Scene Anti-Aliasing
First shot after lunch
Famous Stars and Straps
Front Side Bus
Full Sensual Body Message
Fools Seldom Differ
Father Son And Holy Spirit
Full Service History
For Sure
Fuel stratified ignition
Female Seeking Male
For Some Reason
Fucking Super Sweet
Film SuperTwist Nematic
Friends Stand United
Fuck Shit Up
For Some Value Of
For Trade
Fuck That
Free to air
From The Fucking Article
Fun Travel and Adventure
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
Fuck the BS
From The Bottom Of My Heart
Fixing to die
Fresh To Death
Full Time Equivalent
For the epic loss
For the epic win
Face to Face
First to find
Fuck That's Funny
For The Fucking Lose
For The Fuck Of It
Fuck The Fuck Off
For The Fun Of It
For The Fucking Win
Fixed That For You
Full time full year
For the group
Freedom that's gone
From The Horse's Mouth
For The Kids
For the Kill
Faster Than Light
For The Loss
For The Love Of God
Female To Male
For The Mother Fucking Win
For the most part
Fiber Transmission Network
Fuck That Noise
Failure to Obey
Failure To Operate
Fault Tolerant Option
Field Training Officer
Figure The Odds
Filtered tachometer output
For The Record
Fuck That's Really Funny
Fixing To Start
Fuck This Shit
Fears to say diddly
For The Time Being
Fibre To The Home
From Time To Time
For The Ultimate Win
far more positive
File Tree Walk
For The Win
Fuck The World
Fuck You
Fully understood
Fuck You Too
Frequently Used Acronyms
Fuck You Ass Hole
Fat Ugly Bastard
Fouled Up Beyond All Repair
Fucked Up Beyond Recognition
Fouled Up Beyond Belief
Fucked Up Beyond Belief
Faulty Unit Between Chair and Keyboard
Fouled Up Beyond Use
Fucking Affirmative
Face up deal
Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation
fall um den Hals und knuddel
Fucking Ugly
Fucking Ugly
Fucked Up Individual
Fuck You Jack I'm Movin' On
Fucked Up Mess
Fuck You Mother Fucker
Fat Upper Pubic Area
Frequently Unasked Questions
Fuck You
Filled Up and Ready To Burst
Full Up Ready To Burst
Fouled up situation
Follow up to
Freedom, Unity, Truth, Knowledge
Friends United in Truth and Kindness
Fuck You Vehicle
Final Value Fee
Future Wife
Fixed Wireless Access
Friends With Benefits
Friend With Benefits
Fine words butter no parsnips
Four wheels but no passengers
For What It's Worth
For What It's Worth
Fine with me
Fuck With Me
Friend With Privileges
Fate Worse Than Death
Fuck You
For Your Amusement
For Your Edification
For Your Entertainment
For Your Eyes Only
For Your Fun
From your Friend
Fuck Your Face
For Your Fucking Information
For Your Guidance
Fuck you, I'm fully vested
For Your Information Only
Gotta go
Gotta go
Got To Go
Good One
Go To Bed
Got to Eat
Got To Fly
Good To Go
Got To Go To Bed
Got to go in a minute
Got To Go Love Ya So
Got to go pee
Go To Hell
Got to Leave
Got to Pee
Go To Sleep
Got To Leave Keyboard
Gone to pee
Got to pee badly
Got To Run
Got to tell you
Go For It
Good For Nothing
Good For You
Good Night
Go Ahead
Good afternoon
Getting A Beer
Get A Clue
Guilty As Charged
Gay Asian Female
Get a fucking clue
Get Away From It All
Get Away From Me
Get A Fucking Move On
Got any gossip
Get a Job
Get A Life
Group of girls
Give A Little Get A Little
Get A Load of Her
Get A Load of Him
Get a life loser
Go away, leave me alone
Get A Life Program
Gay Asian Male
Go Ahead Make My Day
Global Area Network
Getting Another Beer
Gang kill
Gay And Proud
Gay Ass People
Got A Pic
Gear Aquisition Syndrome
Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
Greetings and Salutations
Go Away, Silly Person
Go ahead, whet my appetite
Gay Radar
Good Bridge
Get back to work
Gay Best Friend
Gay Black Female
Gay Best Friend Forever
Goodbye For Now
Great Big Grin
Great big hug
Gastric bypass gone bad
Great back hug
Grievous Bodily Harm
Great Big Hug And Kiss For You
Gay Black Male
Good Bye My Love
Gone But Not Forgotten
Garbled Beyond Recovery
Gotta Bitch Rolling
Gay Butt Sex
General Bull Shit
Get Back To Me
Get back with me
Got better things to do
Get back to work
God Bless You
God bless you
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
God Bless You and Yours
Garbage Collect
Good Contition
Good Crib
Groovy cat
Guild Chat
Good Clean Fun
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Global Communications Network
General Certificate of Secondary Education
Gangsta Disciple
Good Day
Grinning, Ducking
Grin, Duck and Run
Grinning, Ducking, and Running
Grinning, Ducking and Running Fast
Grinning, ducking and