Popular Communication acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Advocacy & Communications
Authentification, Authorization and Accounting
Alternative and Augmentative Communication
Alternative Augmentative Communication
Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Augmentative Alternative Communication
Augmentative & Alternative Communication
Assistive and augmentative communication
American Academy on Communication in Healthcare
Army Airways Communication System
Application to Application Interface
Accounting Authority Identification Code
Avaya Aura Messaging
Automatic Alternate Routing
Antenna Array System
Alternate Access Vendors
Action By
Antiquarian Booksellers Association of Japan
Address, Binding and Contract
Adaptive Beam Forming
Advanced Base Station
Advanced Communicator
Analog Communications
Augmentative Communication
Authentication Centre
Authentication Center
Adaptive Channel Allocation
Australian Communication Authority
Aircraft Communication Addressing & Reporting System
Aircraft Communications, Addressing, and Reporting System
Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting Systems
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Report System
Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit
Access Class Barring
Access Control Block
Advanced Computer Communications
Agent Communication Channel
Area Control Centres
Area Control Centers
Area Control Centres
Automotive Communications Council
Academic Computing and Communications Center
African Council for Communication Education
Advanced Computer & Communication Systems
Advanced Computing and Communications Society
Air Command & Control Systems
Automatic Call Director
Agricultural Communications Documentation Center
Asynchronous Communications Device Interface
Adaptive Communication Environment
Adaptive Communications Environment
Agile Communication Environment
Agile Communications Environment
Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications
Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
Algebraic Code Excited Linear Predictive
Advanced Communication Function
Advanced Communications Function
Advanced Communications Functions
Autonomic Communications Forum
Alcatel-Lucent Certified Field Expert
Asian Coordinating Group for Chemistry
Active Communications International
Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
Advisory Committee on International Communications and Information Policy
Assessment of Communication and Interaction Skills
Agent Communication Language
Agent Communication Languages
Application Connectivity Link
Asynchronous Connection Link
Adaptive Code and Modulation
Adaptive Coding and Modulation
Avaya Communication Manager
Avaya Communications Manager
Australian Communications and Media Authority's
Advanced Communications Networks
Airborne Communications Node
Aeronautical Communication Panel
Allied Communication Publication
Allied Communications Publications
Audio Control Panels
Audio Control Panels
Audio Control Protocol
Anonymous Communication Rejection
Advanced Combat Radio Environment
Adaptive Communications System
Advanced Communications System
Advanced Communication System
Advanced Communication Systems
Advanced Communications Services
Advanced Communicator Silver
Advanced Communication Services
Advanced Communication Service
Alaska Communications System
Alaska Communications Systems
Audio Communication System
Alternative Communication Services
Auxiliary Communications Service
Auxiliary Communications Services
Auxiliary Communication Service
Antenna Control System
Applied Communication Sciences
Abstract Communication Service Interface
Annual Conference on Social Studies, Communication
Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers
Advanced Communication Technologies
Advanced Communication Technology
Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow
Administrative Council for Terminal Attachment
Advanced Communication Technology Satellite
Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
Advanced Communication Technologies and Services
Advanced Communications Technology and Services
Antenna Control Units
Administering Cisco Unified Communications Manager
African Centre for Women, Information and Communications Technology
Advanced Digital Communications
American Digital Cellular
Automatic Degaussing Circuit
Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures
Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol
Advanced Data Communication Control Procedure
Above-Deck Equipment
Above Deck Equipment
Application Dedicated File
Add-Drop Multiplex
Advanced Digital Privacy
Application Development Partner
Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation
Acoustically Distinguishable Spaces
Assymetrical Digital Subscriber Line
Asymetric Digital Subscriber Loop
Asymmetric Digital Subscribe Line
Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Loop
Automatic Dialing Unit
Avaya Desktop Video Device
Agency for Electronic Communications
Aquitaine Europe Communication
Association for Educational Communication & Technology
Advanced Extremely High Frequency
Association for Education in Journalism
Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication
Active Energy Management
Aeronautical Earth Station
Aerospace and Electronics Systems
Application Enablement Server
Amplify and Forward
Advanced Fiber Communications
Advanced Fibre Communications
Antennas for Communications
Air Force Communication Agency
Air Force Communications Service
Air Force Communication Service
Adaptive Frequency-hopping
Avaya Financial Services
Air Ground Air
Adaptive Gain Control
additive Gaussian noise
Activation Indication
Attachment Identifier
Application of Information and Communication Technologies
Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication
Alarm Indicating Signal
Application Interface Specification
Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Airborne Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Authority for Information-communications Technology Industry
Avaya In-building Wireless Server
Army Key Management Systems
Ambience Listening
Analog Line Card
Application Link Enabling
Automatic Link Establishment
Artificial Language Evolution on Autonomous Robots
Application Layer Protocol
Active Message
Angle Modulation
Aircraft Modernization and Maintenance
Active Member Address
Aggregated Maximum Bit Rate
Aastra Mobile Client
Adaptive Modulation Coding
Adaptive Modulation & Coding
Albania Mobile Communications
Albanian Mobile Communications
Asynchronous Message Communication
Automated Message Delivery System
Automatic Message Handling System
Automatic Message Handling Systems
Amplitude Modulation Equivalent
Assured Mobile Environment
Aeronautical Message Handling System
Alternative Mark Inversion
Asian Media Information and Communication
Advanced Meter Management
Automatic Meter Management
Advanced Mobile Phone System
Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Advance Mobile Phone Systems
American Mobile Phone Service
Analog Mobile Phone Service
Adaptive Multiple Rate
Advanced Multi Rate
Automatic Meter Reading System
Aeronautical Mobile Satellite
Aeronautical Mobile Services
American Mobile Satellite
Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Services
Aeronautical Mobile Satellite System
Aeronautical Mobile-satellite Service
Asynchronous Message Service
American Mobile Satellite Corporation
American Mobile Satellite Corp
American Mobile Telecommunications Association
Ambient Network
Access Network Controller
Architecture for Networking and Communications Systems
Architectures for Networking and Communication Systems
Automatic Network Dialing
Access Network Gateway
Automatic Number Indicator
Access Network Selection
Avaya Notification Solution
Agence Nationale des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
Aeronautical Operational Communication
Aircraft Operational Communication
Atlantic Ocean Region
Atlantic Ocean Region-East
Atlantic Ocean Region West
Add Or Subtract
Access Preamble
Access Preamble-Acquisition
Adaptive Power Control
Asia-Pacific Cable
Association for Progressive Communications
Association for Progressive Communication
Association of Progressive Communications
Association of Progressive Communication
Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications
Asia Pacific Conference on Communications
Association of Professional Communication Consultants
Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation
Associated Public-Safety Communications Officers
Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials
Association of Public Communications Officers
Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International
Association of Public Communications Officials
Association of Public-Safety Communications Officers
Application Protocol Data Unit
Australasia Pacific Extension Network
Asia Pacific Information Communication Technology Alliances
Amplitude Phase Modulation
Asia Pacific Mobile Telecommunications
Asia Pacific Optical Communications
Advanced Peer to Peer Communication
Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communication
Advanced Program to Program Communication
Advanced Program-to-Program Communication
Advanced Program-to-Program Communications
Advanced Program to Program Communications
Advanced Peer-to-Peer Network
Accreditation in Public Relations
Accredited in Public Relations
Advertising & Public Relations
Antennas & Propagation Society
Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council
Amplitude and Phase Shift Keying
Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
Analogue Proprietary Telephone
Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
Asia Pacific Telecommunity
Asia Pacific Telecentre Network
Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium
Application Relation
Affinity, Reality and Communication
Affinity, Reality, Communication
Airborne Radio Communications
Astra Radio Communications
Annual Report Competition
Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques
Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes
Autorité de Régulation des Communications Életroniques et des Postes
Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship
Amateur Radio Communications Team
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service
Amateur Radio Emergency Network
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Amateur Radio Relay League
Amateur Radio Service
Access Rights Identity
Association of Radio Industry Businesses
Association of Radio Industries & Businesses
Aggregate Remote Memory Copy Interface
Allied Radio Matrix for Emergency Response
Annenberg Research Network on International Communication
Association of Radio Operators for India
Address Resolution Protocol / Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications
Autorite de regulation des Telecommunications
Angle Spread
Antenna Systems
Adjunct-Switch Application Interface
Adjunct Switch Application Interface
Automatic Service Activation Program
Access Service Class
Access Service Classes
Access Service Classes
Advanced Speech Call Items
Aftermarket Safety Device
American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association
American Speech-Language & Hearing Association
American Society for the History of Rhetoric
Adjacent Satellite Interference
Association des Services Internet Communautaires
Application Specific Integrated Chips
Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice
Advanced Skills Management
Application Specific Messages
Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems
Acoustic Sensor Networks
Abstract Service Primitives
Antenna Support Structure
Antenna Switching Unit
Acknowledge Telegram
Advanced Technologies for Communications
Ancillary Terrestrial Component
Ancillary Terrestrial Components
Army Tactical Command and Control Systems
Ancillary Terrestrial Components
Automatic Train Control System
Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing
Asynchronous Time Division Multiple Access
Automatic Telephone Exchange
Asynchronous Transfer Model
Asynchronous Transfer Module
Aeronautical Telecommunications Network
Aeronautical Telecommunications Networks
Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing
Access Terminals
Answer To Select
Applications Technology Satellite
Applications Technology Satellites
Application Technology Satellite
Automatic Train Supervision
AlliedSignal Technical Services Corporation
Business Communication Service
Balanced Asynchronous
Body Area Network
Basic Alternate Route Selection
Bay Area Research Wireless Access Network
Bay Area Research Wireless Access Networks
Bit-Rate Allocation Signal
Brain-to-Brain Interface
Broadcast Channel
Behavior Change Communication
Behavioural Change Communication
Behaviour Change Communication
Block Character Check
Block Check Code
Body-Coupled Communication
Basic Communication Certificate in English
Baltic Congress on Future Internet Communications
Back-Up Communications Module
Broadband Communication Network
Broadband Communications Products
Binary Communications Protocol
Better Communication Research Programme
Bachelor of Communication Studies
Basic Communication Skills
Broadband Communications and Wireless Systems
Block Diagonalization
Batch Data Communications
Below Deck Equipment
Burroughs Data Link Control
Boston Exchange Automated Communication Order-Routing Network
Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency
Block Error Ratio
Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications
Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications
Binary Frequency Shift Keying
Binary Frequency-Shift Keying
Binary File Transfer
Bus Guardian
Busy Hour Call Completions
Busy Hour Call Completion
Bus Interface
Book Industry Communication
Book Industry Communications
Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology
Bearer Independent Protocol
Broadband Interface Unit
Bus Interface Units
Bachelor of Journalism
Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subprograms
Binary Large Object Block
Beyond Line of Sight
Beyond Line of Site
Battlefield Management Systems
Broadcast Multicast Service Center
Base Node
Buffer Occupancy
Bank of Communications
Bureau of Emergency Communications
Beginning of Frame
Bit-Oriented Protocol
Bit Oriented Protocol
Bit Oriented Protocols
Broadband over Power Line
Broadband over Power Lines
Broadband Power Line
Binary Pulse Position Modulation
Baud Per Second
Bi-Phase Shift Key
Bi-Phase Shift Keyed
Binary-Phase Shift Keying
Binary Phase Shift Keying
Baud Rate
Broadcast Recognizing Access Method
Baud Rate Generator
Baud Rate Generator High
Billing and Revenue Management
Base Stations
Broadcasting Satellite
Broadcast Satellite
Base Station Control
Basic Station Controller
Base Station Manager
Binary Synchronous Control
British Sign Language
Basic Safety Message
Broadband Satellite Multimedia
Bundle Security Protocol
Base Station Subsystems
Base Station Subsystems
Base Station Systems
Broadcasting Satellite Services
Broadcast Service Satellites
Base Station Subsystem Management Application Part
Base Station System Mobile Application Part
Base Station Transceiver
Basic Trading Areas
Basic Trading Area
Basic Trading Areas
Business to Business
Bermuda Telephone Company
Block Turbo Coding
Base-Station Transceiver System
Base Transceiver Stations
Base Transceiver Subsystem
Base Transceiver Subsystems
Base Transceiver Sites
Base Transceiver Site
Base Trasceiver Station
Base Transceiver Stations
Base Transmission System
Business Telephone System
Base Transceiver Station Management
Block Up-Converters
Block Up Converters
Block Up Converters
Broadband, Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications
Broadband Wireless Internet Forum
Communications and Information
Communications and Navigation
Communication and Information Technology
Communications & Security
Controller to Controller
Communications for Development
Carrier Allocation
Communications Assistants
Centre for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Channel Access Code
Communication Across the Curriculum
Communication Architecture for Clusters
Community Affairs Committee
Center for Advanced Computing and Communication
Center for Advanced Communications Policy
Center for Advanced Communication Policy
Central Ambulance Communications Centre
Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People
Computer Aided Dispatch System
Channel Access Data Unit
Common Air Interfaces
China Academy of Information and Communication Technology
Capital Area Internet Service
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act
Communication Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act
Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Agencies
Cooperative Awareness Message
Communication and Media Research Institute
Controller-area network
Controller Area Network
Controller Area Networks
Controller Area Networking
Communication Access Network
Communications and Navigation Demonstration on Shuttle
Carrier-less Amplitude and Phase
Channel Access Priority
Channel Access Protocol
Communication Aids Project
Contention Access Period
Controlled Access Phase
Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Control and Planning Segment
Communication Access Realtime Translation
Communications Assistants
Crosstalk Application Scripting Language
Cognitive Affective Training
Communications Authority of Thailand
Communication Assessment Tool
Community Assistance & Technical Services
Communications Authority of Zambia
Citizen Band
Common Battery
Communication Barring
Communication Bus
Coordinated Beamforming
Certified Business Communicator
Communications in Biometry and Crop Science
Communications-Based Process Automation
Committed Bit Rate
Centralized Base Station Controller
Commercial Broadband Satellite Program
Communications Based Train Control
Communication Based Train Control
Communications-Based Train Control
Communication-based train control
Computerized Branch Exchange
Clear Channel
Communication Controller
Communications Committee
Computer Conferencing
Connection Confirmation
Content of Communications
Content of Communication
Contents of Communications
Corporate Communications
Crisis Communication
Call Control Agent
Cloud Connected Audio
Controller of Communication Accounts
Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning
Common Carrier Bureau
Communication Control Block
Connection Control Block
Car Communication Computer
Catholic Communication Campaign
Central Communications Command
Chaos Communication Congress
Computing and Communications Center
Command, Control and Communications
Command Control Computer
Complaints and Compliance Committee
Computing & Communications Center
Creative Communications Concepte
China Communications Construction Company
China Communications and Construction Company
Committee on Computers in Composition and Communication
Chaos Computer Club France
Call Control Discovery
Conference Call Device
Computer and Communication Engineering
Computer and Communications Engineering
Combined Communications Electronics Board
Combined Communication Electronics Board
Centre Commun d'Etudes de Telediffusion et Telecommunications
Common Communication Format
Common Communications Interface
Creative Communications Group
Customer Communications Group
Command and Control Interface
Controlled Cryptographic Items
Corporate Communication International
Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling
Communications in Computer and Information Science
Chinese Cryptology and Information Security Association
Communication, Culture and Information Technology
Computing, Communications, and Information Technologies
Comité consultatif international télégraphique et téléphonique
Consultative Committee for International Telephony and Telegraphy
Consultative Committee on International Telegraph and Telephone
Common Cipher Key
Communication Commission of Kenya
Communications Commission of Kenya
Communication Command Language
Communication Control Language
Communication Control Module
Communications Control Module
Communication Controller for Linux
Communications Controller for Linux
Communications in Contemporary Mathematics
Communications Center Manager
Council of Communication Management
Customer Communication Management
Customer Communications Management
Communications Consortium Media Center
Critical Communications Middle East
Church Communication Network
Church Communications Network
Communication and Computer Networks
Computer Communication Networks
Computer Communication Network
Consumer Communications and Networking Conference
Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Communication Officer
Chief Communications Officers
Center for Communication Programs
Center for Communications Research
Communications Control Program
Crisis Communication Plan
Centre for Communications Research
Centre for Communication Research
Computer Communications Review
Computer Communication Review
Corner Cube Reflector
Call Completion Service
Central Computer System
Communications-Computer Systems
Computer & Communications Systems
Communications Control System
Communication Control Systems
Communication Control System
Communications and Creative Services
Communications and Computer Security
Computer and Communications Security
Computer and Communication Security
Computer and Communication Systems
Contact Center Suite
Converged Communications Server
Counter Communications System
counter communication system
China Communication Standard Association
Centre pour la Communication Scientifique Directe
Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
Communications and Control for Smart Energy Systems
Centre for Communications Systems Research
Centre for Communications System Research
Control Channel Segmentation and Reassembly Layer
Communication Control Toolkit
Common Control Unit
Communication Control Unit
Communication-Control Unit
Communication, Culture, and Technology
Computer and Communication Technologies in Agriculture Engineering
Channel Control Unit
Cross Cultural Understanding
Communications Consulting Worldwide
Content & Communications World
Computer Communications Workshop
Content and Communications World
Critical Communications World
Communication Disorders
Communications Division
Communication Disorder
Communication Division
Communication Data
Computer Decency Act
Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities
Cobham Defence Communications
Common Data Class
Common Data Classes
Communication Device Class
Communications Device Class
Communication Daughter Card
Continuous Dynamic Channel Selection
Communication for Development Foundation Uganda
Code-division Multiplexing
Code Division Multiplexing
Code Division Multiplexed
Code Division Multiple
Code Divisional Multiple Access
Code Division Multiplie Access
Code Division Multi Access
Code Division for Multiple Access
Control Display Navigation Unit
Cellular Digital Packet Data
Call Detail Report
Clock & Data Recovery
Clock Data Recovery
Common Data Representation
Communication Disorders and Sciences
Cubic Defense Systems
Consumer Digital Subscriber Line
Communications and Digital Signal Processing
Channel Estimation
Cincinnati Electronics
Communications Engineer
Communication Engineering
Communication Event
Complex Envelope
Compromising emanations
Correspondent Entity
Communications Enabled Applications
Communication Enabled Applications
Communications Enabled Business Processes
Communication Enabled Business Process
Communications Enabled Business Process
Communication-Enabled Business Processes
Communication Enabled Business Processes
Communications-enabled business processes
Cisco Employee Connection
Commission on Education and Communication
Communications Engineering Company
Communications Engineering & Design
Corporate Executive Council
Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research
Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research
Communications Engineering and Design
Communications Engineering Lab
Centre for English Language Communication
Code-Book Excited Linear Predictive
Code Excited Linear Predication
Communication-electronics operations instructions
Communications-Electronics Operating Instructions
Communications Ear Plug
Communication, Education and Public Awareness
Consumer Electronics Powerline Communication Alliance
Consumer Electronics Powerline Communications Alliance
Certification in Education for Public Relations
Conference Europeene des Postes et Telecommunications
Conference of European Post and Telecommunication
Conference of European Posts and Telegraphs
Communication, Electrical and Plumbing Union
Cisco Emergency Responder
Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication
Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication
Crisis and Emergency Risk Communications
Crisis Emergency Risk Communication
Coast Earth Stations
Connection Endpoint Suffix
Communications-Electronics Security Group
Communications Electronics Security Group
Communication Electronics Security Group
Communication with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Communications Facility
Communication Facility
Communication for Change
Communication Fraud Control Association
Communication Federal Credit Union
Consumer Forum of Malaysia
Connection Frame Number
Carrier Frequency Offset
Carrier Frequency Offsets
Communications Futures Program
Communications Focal Point
Communication for Social Change
Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System
Communications Group
Complementary Ground Component
Center for Global Communication Studies
Charging Gateway Functionality
Cell Global Identifier
Cellular Geographic Service Area
Communication Graduate Student Association
Correspondent Host
Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry
Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute
Chemical Hazards Communication Society
Concentration Highway Interface
Call Indicator
Carrier Interferometry
Communication and Information
Communication Interface
Communication Interval
Communication Instructor
Customer Internet Access
Communications Industry Association of Japan
China Institute of Communications
Circuit Identity Code
Communication Intelligence Corporation
Communications Intelligence Corporation
Communications in Computing
Center for Information and Communication Sciences
Center for Information and Communication Technology
Centre for Information and Communication Technology
Centre for Information and Communications Technology
Certified Information Communication Technologist
Commission of Information and Communications Technology
Commission on Information and Communications Technology
Cryptographic Ignition Key
Communication Interface Module
Communications Interface Module
Control Interface Module
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
Communication and Information Policy
Channel Impulse Response
Communication & Information Resource Centre Administrator
Centre for International Research on Communication and Information Technologies
Canadian Investor Relations Institute
Communications and Information Systems
Communications And Information Services
Communications Information Systems
Communication and Information Systems
Communication and Information System
Communications & Information Systems
Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme
Communication and Information Technology
Communications and Information Technology
Communication and Information Technologies
Communications and Information Technology Commission
Communication and Information Technology Commission
Communication and Information Technologies
Communication Interface Unit
Communications Interface Unit
Computer Interface Unit
Comite Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne
Canadian Journal of Communication
Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Communications and Knowledge Management
Communications Leadership Development Program
Center for Literacy and Disability Studies
Caller Location Information
Calling Line Identifier
Cercle de Liaison des Informateurs Financiers en France
Communications Lifecycle Management
Consultant Liaison Program
Cornell Local Roads Program
Call Management
Coded Modulation
Communication Management
Communication Module
Communications Module
Communications Management
Context Management
Communications Manager Administration
Center for Multimedia Communication
Community Multimedia Centers
Communications and Media Commission
Computer-Mediated Communication
Computer-Mediated Communications
Computer Mediated Communication
Computer Mediated Communications
China Mobile Communication Association
China Mobile Communications Corporation
China Mobile Communication Corporation
Center for Media and Communications Studies
Center for Media and Communication Studies
Computer-Mediated Discourse
Communications Manager Express
Communication Manager Express
Common Message Format
Communication Manager Messaging
Communications & Management Institute
Common Management Interface Protocol
Communication Media Module
Coordinated Management of Meaning
Communications Media Management Association
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Communication and Mass Media Complete
Communication Management Professional
Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna
Common Message Servers
Communications and Multimedia Security
Communication Management System
Communications Management System
Communications and Media Studies
Cellular Mobile Telephone
Communications, Media & Technology
Communications Management Units
Communications Management Unit
Communication Management Units
Communications Management Units
Communication Management Units
Cellular Network
Cognitive Network
Communications Network
Connectionless Networks
Control Node
Converged Network Analyzer
Communications and Network Consulting
Caller Number Delivery
Centre National d'Etudes des Telecommunications
Corporate Network Group
Communications, Navigation And Identification
Communication, Navigation, Identification
Communications, Navigation, Identification
Communication Navigation Identification
Communication Network Interface
Control Network Interface
Communications Network Management
Communication Network Management
Calling Number Identification Presentation
Communications and New Media
Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering
Combat Net Radios
Communication and Network Riser
Communications, Navigation & Surveillance
Communications, Navigation and Surveillance
Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance
Communications Network Services
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance
Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance
Communication Navigation and Surveillance
Communications and Network Security
Communications Nova Scotia
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation
Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations
Communications Networks and Services Research
Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium
Channel Outage
Communications Officer
Consultation on Agricultural Information Management
Communication on Engagement
Coded orthogonal frequency division modulation
Central Office of Information
Community of Interest Networks
Communication, Ocean, and Meteorological Satellite
Communication, Ocean and Meteorological Satellite
Connection-Oriented Network Protocol
Connection Oriented Network Protocol
Character-Oriented Protocol
Character Oriented Protocol
Communication on Progress
Communications on Progress
Change of State
Conference on Telecommunications and Information Markets
Comms on the Move
Communications on the Move
Communication Processor
Communication Processors
Communications Provider
Communication Protocol
Communications and Public Affairs
Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics
Call Processing Control
Conference Policy Control Protocol
Center on Public Diplomacy
Controller to Pilot Data Link Communication
Costumer Premises Equipment
Continuous-phase frequency-shift keying
Continuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying
Conference Preparatory Group
Communication Profile for the Hearing Impaired
Calling Party Identification
Common Program Interface
Communications and Power Industries
Communications & Power Industries
Communication & Power Industries
Common Programming Interface for Communications
Central Processor Module
Communications Processor Module
Communication Privacy Management
Continuous Phase Modulation
Cross-Phase Modulation
Cross phase modulation
Customer Premises Network
Cordless Portable Part
Cost Per Performance
Call Processing Server
Call Processing System
Communications Providers
Communication Providers
Certified Professional Technical Communicator
Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication
Communication Quality
Channel Quality Information
Channel Quality Indicators
Communications Quality and Reliability
Carrier Recovery
Communication Relations
Configuration Request
Communications Regulatory Authority
Communications Regulatory Agency
Communication Regulatory Authority
Cognitive radio ad hoc networks
Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia
Centre for Research Communications
Communications Regulation Commission
Cyclical Redundancy Check
Cyclical Redundancy Code
Cyclical Redundancy Coding
Cyclical Redundancy Checks
Cyclic Redundancy Check-16
Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media
Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams
Communications Research Group
Communication Research Lab
Communication Rights in the Information Society
Communications Research Laboratory
Communication Research Laboratory
Circuit Reservation Message
Communications Resource Manager
Cisco Rich Media Communications
Call Reference Number
Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks
Common Reference Signal
Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
Cellular radio telephone
Call Server
Cell Station
Communication Services
Communications Server
Communications Services
Communication Server
Communication Studies
Communication Systems
Communications System
Communication System
Communication & Syst
Communication & Systemes
Communication Satellite
Communication Skills
Communications Satellite
Communication Subsystem
Communications-Computer Systems
Communications Section
Cyber Security and Communications
Carrier Service Area
Communication Signal Analyzer
Conjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales
Call Session Controller
Common Signaling Channel
Common Signalling Channel
Communications Systems Center
Communications Supply Corporation
Communication for Social Change
Computer Science and Communications
Consortium for Strategic Communication
Customer Service & Communications
Columbus Society of Communicating Arts
Communications Sector Coordinating Council
Call State Control Functions
Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Communication Science Disorders
Communication Science and Disorders
Communication Service for the Deaf
Communications Systems Division
Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative
Circuit Switched Data Network
Circuit Switched Data Service
Commission on State Emergency Communications
Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecommunicazioni
Client Services Framework
Communication Systems Group
Called Subscriber Identification
Channel State Information
Communications Systems International
Communication Sciences Institute
Chaos Shift Keying
Code Shift Keying
Communication Systems Networks and Digital Signal Processing
Communication Systems, Networks & Digital Signal Processing
Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing
Communication Systems and Network Technologies
Composite Signals Organisation
Client-Server Protocol
Common Security Protocol
Communication Service Provider
Communications Service Providers
Communication Service Providers
Communications Service Provider
Communications Services Provider
Communications Services Providers
Communication Service Providers
Communications Service Providers
Communication Service Providers
Communications Services Providers
Conferencing Service Providers
CompuCom Speed Protocol
Communication Service Request
Communications Service Request
Communications Standards Review
Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council
Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council
Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council's
Communications Security Reliability and Interoperability Council
Communications, Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council
Communications, Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council
Communication Support System
Communication Support Workers
Console Sub-System Interface
Communications Services Tax
Computer-Supported Telephony Applications
Computer-Supported Telephony Application
Computer Supported Telephony Application
Computer Supported Telephony Applications
Communications Technician
Communication Technology
Communication Technologies
Communications Team
Computer Telephony
Cordless Telecommunications
Cordless Terminal Adapter
Convolution Turbo Code
Computer Telephony Distributing
Centre for Testing and Interoperability
Communications Technology Innovations
Computer Telecommunication Integration
Computer Telephony Integrated
Communications Technology Laboratory
Communication Technology Laboratory
ComSoc Technology News
Communications Training Officer
Communications Training Officers
Communication Transformation Platform
Communications Technology Professionals
Communications and Transmission Systems
Communication and Transmission Systems
Communications and Transmissions Systems
Cordless Telephone System
Commander's Tactical Terminal
Caribbean Telecommunications Union
Central Terminal Unit
Communication Theory Workshop
Communication Unit
Cisco Unified Communications
Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Cisco Unified Communication Manager
Cisco Unity Connection
Cisco Unity Connections
Communication University of China
Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager
Cisco Unified Communications Manger
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express
Cisco Unified Communication Manager Express
Cisco Unified Communications Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator
Cisco Unified Call Manager Express
Cisco Unity Design & Networking
Cisco Unified Operations Manager
Cisco Unified Presence
Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager
Cisco Unified Presence Server
Channel Units
Comprehensive Universal Unified Communications Platform
Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing
Communications and Video Accessibility Act
Collaborative Virtual Environments
Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure Systems
Communication Virtual Machine
Clear Voice Technology
Communication Waiting
Communication World
Cable and Wireless Communications
Center for Wireless Communications
Center for Wireless Communication
Device to Device
Data Acquisition and Control
Digital Aeronautical Communication System
Distributed Application Environment
Digital Access Index
Distributed Artificial Intelligence
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Device Access Key
Data Access line
Demand-Assigned Multiple-Access
Demand-Assigned, Multiple-Access
Demand Assignment Multiple Access
Desktop Area Network
Dispatch Application Processor
Delivered Audio Quality
Dutch Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Demand Access System
Digital Autonomous Terminal Access Communication
Digital Advanced Wireless Service
Deaf Blind
Dummy Burst
Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy
Dwight Bentel Hall
Data Channel
Defence Communications Agency
Design Communication Association
Digital Communication Analyzers
Disability and Communication Access Board
Domestic Communications Assistance Center
Device Control Block
Data Communications Channel
Data Communications Channels
Data Communication Channels
Debug Communications Channel
Digital Communication Channel
Differential Chain Code
Digital Cross Connect
Data Carrier Equipment
Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
Data Circuit-Termination Equipment
Data Communicating Equipment
Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
Device Configuration File
Design and Communication Graphics
Data Communications Link
Data Communication Link
Direct Communication Link
Dual-Carrier Modulation
Dual Carrier Modulation
Data Communication Networks
Data Core Network
Defence Communications Network
Digital Cellular Network
Data Collection Platform
Data Collection Platforms
Data Communication Processor
Data Control Protocol
Distributed Communications Processor
Distributed Communications System
Distributed Communication System
Data Communications Subsystem
Digital Communications System
Digital Cellular System
Digital cellular system-цифровая
Display and Control System
Display Control System
Differential Chaos Shift Keying
Digital Cordless Telephone
Delta Clear To Send
Device Descriptions
Data Description Indicator
Digital Dataphone Service
Delta Data Set Ready
Diploma in Electronics and Communication
Disaster Emergency Communications
District Emergency Coordinator
District Emergency Coordinators
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony
Digital European Cordless Telephone
Digital European Cordless Telephony
Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone
Development and Educational Communication Unit
Digital Electronic Message Service
Decentralized Environmental Notification Messages
Data Exchange Protocol
Data Encryption Unit
Decision Feedback
Decision Feedback Equalizer
Decision Feedback Equalization
Decision Feedback Equaliser
Differential Global Positioning Service
Directorate General of Telecommunications
Digital Home Communications Terminal
Direct Healthcare Professional Communication
Direct Healthcare Professional Communications
Duplex High Speed Data
Dedicated Inquiry Access Code
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
Department of Information and Communications Technology
Department of Information and Communication Technology
Digital Intermediate Frequency
Device Identification Number
Distributed Inter-Process Communication
Disaster Information Reporting System
Digital Identification Signal
Data Interface Unit
Data Interface Units
Down Link
Data Link Communication
Digital Line Circuit
Distribution Line Carrier
Data Link Initiation Capability
Device Language Message Specification
Direct Link Protocol
Data Link Services
Data Link Solutions
Delta Modulation
Downlink Message
Division Multiple Access
Digital Media Communication
Discrete Memoryless Channel
Device, Media and Call Control
Device Media and Call Control
Direct Matrix Inversion
Direct Mode of Operation
Direct Mode Operations
Digital Mobile Radio
Digital Mobile Radios
Digital Modular Radio
Digital Modular Radios
Digital Modular Radios
Discrete Multi-Tone
Discrete Multi Tone
Discrete Multitone Transmission
Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff
Distributed Network Protocol
Department of Communication
Department of Communications
Design of Communication
Development Outreach and Communications
Document Output for Customer Communications Management
Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
Directorate of Information
Dynamic Optimal Random Access
Department of Transportation and Communications
Department of Transportation & Communications
Department of Transportation and Communication
Department of Transport and Communications
Disconnection Process
Digital Patch Cable
Distributed Power Control
Digital Power Line
Dual Port Memory
Digital Private Mobile Radio
Direct Print Protocol
Dual Port Random Access Memory
Digital Quotient
Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Digital Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Direct Radiating Array
Data Radio Bearer
Data Rate Control
Design of Reliable Communication Networks
Disability Rights Office
Data Rate Select
Demodulation Reference Signal
Direct Satellite Broadcasting
Digital Switch Corporation
Drug Safety Communication
Direct Sequence Code Division Multiple Access
Defense Satellite Communication System
Defense Satellite Communications Systems
Deep Space Networks
Differential Satellite Navigation Systems
Digital Service Provider
Dedicated Short Range Communications
Dedicated Short-Range Communication
Dedicated Short-Range Communications
Dedicated Short Range Communication
Digital Short Range Communications
Digital Short Range Radio
Data Signal Rate Selector
Deep Space Station
Deep Space Stations
Digital Switching System
Digital Subscriber Signaling System
Digital Service Units
Dallas Society of Visual Communications
Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
Digital Traffic Channel
Digital Traffic Channels
Data-terminal equipment
Data Terminal Equipments
Digital Terminal Equipment
Data Transmission Equipment
direct to Earth
Datagram Transport Layer Security
Dual Tone Modulation Frequency
Delay-Tolerant Networks
Delay Tolerant Networks
Delay-Tolerant Networks
Delay Tolerant Networks
Digital Telephone Network
Disruption-Tolerant Networks
Disruption Tolerant Networks
Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services
Digital Trunked Radio System
Data Terminal Set
Digital Telephone Systems
Dial-up Networking Profile
Digital Verification Color Code
Digital Voice Privacy
Diplomatic Wireless Service
Emergency Access Advisory Committee
Extended Access Barring
East Africa Communications Organisation
Emergency Action Messages
Equipment Authorization System
Electronics & Communication
Electronics and Communication
Electronics and Communications
Elimination Communication
Emergency Communications
Evangelyze Communications
Educational Communications Board
Electronic Communication Committee
European Communications Committee
Emergency Call Center
Emergency Call Centre
Error Control Coding
European Communication Council
Electronic Clinical Communications Implementation
Electrical, Communications, and Cyber Systems
Emergency Communications Department
Electrical and Communication Engineering
Electronic Communication Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Eclipse Communications Framework
Eclipse Communication Framework
East Caribbean Fiber System
Environmental Communication Network
Electronic Communication Services
Earth Communications Office
Emergency Communications Officer
European Communications Office
European Conference on Optical Communications
European Conference on Optical Communication
Electronic Communications Policy
Electronics Communications Privacy Act
End-to-end Cyclic Redundancy Check
Enhanced Communication Services
Enterprise Communication Server
Enterprise Communication Services
Enterprise Communications Solution
European Communication Satellite
Expeditionary Communications Squadron
Enhanced Circuit Switched Data
Enhanced Circuit-Switched Data
Explicit Communication Transfer
End Cryptographic Unit
End Cryptographic Units
End Crypto Unit
End Cryptographic Units
Ecole de Communication Visuelle
External Device
Enhanced Digital Access Communications System
Enhanced Digital Access Communication System
Engineering Design Graphics
Event Detail Records
European Data Relay Satellite
Event Driven Scheduling
Electronic Document Systems Foundation
Electronic Document Scholarship Foundation
European Deaf Telephone
Emergency Electronic Brake Lights
European Electronic Communications Market Authority
Enterprise Express Messenger
Energy Efficient Networking
Electrically Erasable Read-only Memory
End of file
École française des attachés de presse
Emergency Fire Dispatch
Ethernet Global Data
Extra High Frequency
Extreme High Frequency
Extremely High Frequencies
Emulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface
Emulator High-Level Language Application Programming Interface
Emulator High-Level Language Applications Programming Interface
Electronic Industries Assoc
Emergency Interoperability Consortium
Enghouse Interactive Communications Center
Electrical Information and Communication Technology
Electrical Information and Communication Technologies
Electronic Information Exchange System
Electronic Identification Number
Energy Interference Patterning
Equipment Identify Register
Equipment Identification Registry
Equipment Identity Registration
Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power
Emergency Information System
External Interface Unit
Electronic Journal of Communication
Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
Electronic Key Telephone Systems
Electronic Key Telephone Service
English as Lingua Franca
extremely low-frequency
Elaboration Likelihood Model
Enterprise License Manager
Enterprise Licensing Manager
Electronic Messaging
Emerging Media and Communication
Emerging Media and Communications
Extendable Mobile Ad-hoc Network Emulator
Emerging Markets Communications
Equipment Manufacturer Code
Equipment Manufacturer's Code
Emergency Medical Communication Centre
Extension Mobility Cross Cluster
Emergency Management Information System and Reference Index
Emergency Mass Notification System
Emergency Mass Notification Systems
European Mobile System
Element Management Systems
Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service
Enhanced Milieu Teaching
Eastside Multichannel Tactical Scratch Communications
Electronic Networking Association
Emergency Notification Service
Emergency Notification Services
Embedded Operations Channel
Emergency Operation Centers
Emergency Operating Centers
End Of Conversation
Electric Organ Discharge
Everything over Internet Protocol
End of a message
End Of Procedure
End of Procedures
End of Retransmission
Error Probability
Exceptional Parent
Enhanced Performance Architecture
Enhanced Programmable Communications Interface
Electronic Postal Certification Mark
Electrical Power Distribution System
Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain
Enhanced Position Locating Reporting System
Enhanced Position Locating and Reporting System
Electronic Protection Measures
Enterprise Private Network
Editorial Required
External Relations
Error-Resilient Entropy Coding
Error Resilient Entropy Code
Emergency Response Interoperability Center
European Radiocommunications Office
Experimental Radio Service
Enhanced Serial Communications Controller
Enhanced Serial Communication Controller
Emergency Services Interconnection Forum
Encrypted Session Key
Enhanced Special Mobile Radio
Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
Enhanced Specialised Mobile Radio
Electronic Security Number
Electronic Security Networking Technician
Enterprise Survivable Server
Earth Terminals
Extended Total Access Communication System
Extended Total Access Communications System
Emergency Telecommunications Cluster
Emergency Telecommunication Cluster
European Telecommunications Office
Estimated Time to Repair
Emergency Telephone System
European Technical Standards Institute
European Technical Standard Institute
European Telecommunications Standardization Institute
European Telecommunication Standard Institution
European Telecommunications Standards Institution
European Telecommunication Standardisation Institute
Emerging Telecommunications Technologies
European Transactions on Telecommunications
Ethernet Universal Service Module
European Utilities Telecom Council
Executive Vice Chairman
Emergency Voice Communications System
Emergency Voice Communication System
Enhanced Variable Rate Coder
Federal Communications Commission
Femtocell Access Points
Frequency Allocations
Functional Area Services
Fleet Broadband
Function Block
Function Blocks
Feed Back Information
Filter Bank Multi-Carrier
Facilitated Communication
Fixed Channel Assignment
Fraternity Communications Association
Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology
Frequency Correction Burst
Federal Communication Commission
Federal Communication Commission's
Federal Communications Commission's
Federal Communications Commision
Federal Communications Commissions
Federal Communications Commissioner
Federal Communication Commision
Federal Communciations Commission
Federal Communications Communication
Forward Control Channel
Facsimile Control Field
Fibre Channel Loop
Federal Communicators Network
Fast Cell Selection
Field Control System
Facilitated Communication Training
Functional Communication Training
Filler data
Frequency-division duplex
Frequency-division duplexing
Frequency Division Duplex
Frequency Division Duplexing
Frequency Division Duplexed
Frequency Duplex Division
Frequency-Domain Equalization
Frequency Domain Equalization
Frequency Division Modulation
Frequency-division multiple access
Frequency-Division Multiple-Access
Frequency Division Multiplexing Access
Frequency Division Multiplex Access
Frequency Division Multiple Access-a
Frequency Domain Multiple Access
Forward Error Correction
Forward Error Correcting
Forward Error-Correcting
Forward Error Correct
Far-end camera control
Far End Camera Control
Front End Interface
Front-End Processor
Front-End Processors
Front End Processors
Fixed-End System
Fixed End System
Fixed Earth Station
Fast Frequency Hopping
Frequency Hop
Future Generation Communication Technologies
Frequency Hopping Multiple Access
Frequency Hopped Multiple Access
Fast Hadamard Transform
Facsimile Information Field
Fieldbus Interface Module
Factory Interface Network Service
Factory Instrumentation Protocol
Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
Foundation for Intelligent, Physical Agents
Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe
Formal Language for Business Communication
Forward Link Trilateration
Freguency Modulation
Frequency Management
Faculty of Multimedia Communications
Federal Ministry of Communication Technology
Fixed Mobile Integration
Federated Mission Networking
Fieldbus Message Specification
Fieldbus Messaging Specification
File Management Subsystem
Fixed-to-mobile substitution
Fade Mitigation Techniques
Frame Number
Future Narrow Band Digital Terminal
Fujitsu Network Communications
Future Networks and Communications
Fixed Network Equipment
Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making
Fiber-Optics Communications
Fiber Optic Communications, Inc
Free and Open Communications on the Internet
Fiber-Optic Gulf
Freedom of Multimedia Access
Future of Research Communications and e-Scholarship
Fiber Optic Terminal
Frequency of Optimum Transmission
Fiber Optics Transmission System
Fiber Optic Transmission System
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication Systems
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications Systems
Frame Quality Indicator
Federal Radio Commission
Frazier Rehab Institute
Facilities Restriction Level
Facility Restriction Level
Facility Restriction Levels
Family Radio System
Fixed Satellite
Fixed Station Interface
Frequency-Shift Keying
Fine Steering Mirror
Frame Sequence Number
full-service network
Full Service Network
Full Service Networks
Free-space optical
Free Space Optics
Free Space Optical
Free Space Optic
Forefront Security for Office Communications Server
Free Space Photonics
Fixed-satellite service
Fixed-satellite Services
Fixed Satellite Service
Fixed Satellite System
Fixed Service Satellites
Fixed Service Satellite
Fixed Subscriber Unit
Flight Simulator Universal Inter-Process Communication
Forward Traffic Channel
Forward Voice Channel
Flexible Time-Triggered
Fiber Termination Unit
Frame User Network Interface
Federal Universal Service Charge
First Virtual Communications
Fixed Wireless Communications Coalition
Frame Waiting Time
For Your Acknowledgement
For Your Action
Group Message
Greater Austin Area Telecommunication Network
Geographical Area Description
Global Alliance for Media and Gender
Global Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Ground Based Beam Forming
Global Broadcasting System
Global Broadcasting Service
Global Broadcasts Service
Government Code
Group Controllers
Government Code and Cypher School
Global Communication Center
Gateway Control Center
General Communications Channel
Government Communications Head Quarters
Government Communication Head Quarters
General Communication, Inc
Global Cell Identity
Genesis Communication Network
Government Communications Network
Global Communications Services
Government Communications Security Bureau
Government Communications and Security Bureau
Government Communication Security Bureau
Group Communication System Enablers
Geo-stationary Earth Orbit
Geostationary Earth Orbit
Geostationary Earth Orbits
Gateway Earth Stations
Ground Earth Station
Ground Earth Stations
Gateway Earth Stations
Government Emergency Telecommunication Service
Gaussian-filtered Frequency Shift Keying
Global High Frequency System
Government Information and Communication Service
Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication
General Inter-ORB Protocol
General Industry Systems
Group Key Encryption Key
Group List Management Server
Global Memory
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
Global Maritime Distress Safety System
Global Maritime Distress & Safety System
Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems
Global Maritime Distress Signal System
Global Mobile Personal Communications Services
Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite
Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite
Global Mobile Personal Communications via Satellite
Global Mobile Personal Communication System
General Mobil Radio Service
Global Media Services
Gaussian-filtered minimum shift keying
Gaussian minimum-shift keying
Gaussian Minimum Shift-Keying
Global Mobile Satellite Systems
Ground Multi-band Terminal
Ground Network
Georgian National Communications Commission
Ground Operations Control Center
Generic Object Models for Substation and Feeder Equipment
Generic Object-Oriented SubStation Event
Glover Park Group
Generation Partnership Project
Global Packet Radio Service
Global Packet Radio System
Group Resource Allocation
Generic Radio Access Network
Global RadioData Communications
Geographical Service Area
Generalized Selection Combining
Global Serial Channel
Global Standards Collaboration
Generic Substation Events
Generic Substation Event
Global System for Mobile
Global Systems for Mobile
Global System for Mobiles
Global System for Mobil
Global Systems for Mobiles
Global Satellite Mobile
Global System Mobile
Global Systems Mobile
Global Systemfor Mobile
Global System of Mobile
Global Systems of Mobile
Global System for MobileCommunication
Groupe Speciale Mobile
Groupe Spécial Mobile
Group Speciale Mobile
Hansen, Language
Human to Machine
Haute Autorité de la Communication Audiovisuelle
High Altitude Long Operation
Human Area Network
Human Area Networking
High Altitude Platform
High Altitude Platforms
High-Altitude Platform Systems
High-Altitude Platforms
High-Altitude Platform Stations
High Altitude Platform Stations
High Altitude Platform Station
Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate
Highway Addressable Remote Transducer
Human Body Communications
Home Base Station
Home Bus System
Health Communication
HART Communication Foundation
Health Communication and Informatics Research Branch
High Capacity Line of Sight
High Capacity Line-Of-Sight
Health Communication Resources
Hubbard Communications Office
Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin
Health Communication Partnership
Human Communication Research Centre
Header Check Sequence
Home Communication Terminal
Home Communications Terminal
Helicopter Direction Center
High Date Rate
Hospital Disaster Support Communications System
Hospital Emergency Administrative Radio
High Frequencies
High-Frequency Data Link
High Frequency Global Communication System
High Frequency Global Communications System
Hybrid Fiber Radio
Hybrid Fibre Radio
Hutchinson Global Communications
Host Interface Processor
Health Literacy
Home Location Registry
Hybrid Location Technology Solution
Hashing for Message Authentication Codes
Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre
Hub Management Interface
Highband Networking Waveform
Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics
High Power Amplifier
High Power Amplifiers
Hosted Payload Alliance
High-Performance Computing and Communications
High Performance Computing and Communications
High Performance Computing and Communication
High Performance Computing & Communications
Home Phoneline Network Association
High Power Speaker Arrays
High Performance Waveform
Home Radio Frequency Working Group
Hughes Space & Communications
Hughes Space and Communications
Hands-free Speech Communication and Microphone Arrays
Hokkaido-Sakhalin Cable System
High Speed Data
High-Speed Data Bus
High Speed Data Bus
Home Satellite Dish
Hearing, Speech & Deafness Center
High Speed Networks and Multimedia Communications
Home Subscriber System
Information and Communications
Industrial Communication Engineers
Information and Communications Technology
Information Access Alliance
Inter-Application Communication
Induced After Death Communication
International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies
International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication
International Association for Mass Communication Research
International Association of Media & Communication Research
International Association for Media in Science
Institute of Advanced Telecommunications
Integrated Broadband Communications
Integrated Broadband Communication
Internal Communication
Internet Business Journal
Intelsat Business Services
Implementation Component
Include Call
Intercultural Communication
International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology
International Conference on Antennas and Propagation
Int'l Conference on Communications
International Communications Conference
International Conference Communications
International Camp on Communication and Computers
International Conference on Computer Communications
International Conference on Computer Communication
International Council for Computer Communications
International Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems
Inter-Client Communication Conventions Manual
Inter-Client Communications Conventions Manual
Inter-Client Communication Convention Manual
Inter Client Communications Convention Manual
International Conference on Computer Communication and Management
International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks
International Conference on Computer Communication Networks
International Conference on Communications and Electronics
International Conference on Communication and Electronics Information
International Conference on Communications and Information Technology
Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
Institute of Communications and Computer Systems
International Conference on Communication Systems
International Conference on Communication Systems and Applications
International Conference on Communication Software and Networks
International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing
International Conference on Communication Technology
International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expo
Information and Communications Engineering
Intelligent Communications Environment
Internet Communications Engine
Internet Communication Engine
Interactive Connection Establishment
Internet Connectivity Establishment
International Conference on Electrical, Computer, Electronics and Communication Engineering
International Conference on Electronics, Information, and Communication
International Conference on Electronics, Information and Communication
Internet Communication Framework
Intersystem Communication Function
International Conference on Future Communication Networks
Inter Channel Interference
Intercultural Communication Institute
Indiana Center for Intercultural Communication
International Conference on Information and Communications Security
International Conference on Information and Communication Security
International Conference on Information, Communications and Signal
International Conference on Information and Communication Systems
International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies
Innovating Communication in Scholarship
Interagency Communications Interoperability System
Information and Communications Laboratory
Information and Communication Management
Information and Communication Network
Intelligent Communications Management
Information and Communication Mobile
Intelligence Collection Management
International Conference on Military Communications and Information Systems
International Conference on Networking
Iowa Communications Network
Iowa Communication Network
Integrated Communications, Navigation, and Identification Avionics
Information-Centric Networks
Information Centric Networks
Integrated Communications Navigation and Surveillance
Integrated Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance
Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance
Interface Control Officer
Intermediate Circular Orbit
Intermediate Circular Orbits
Integrated Communications Provider
Integrated Communications System
Integrated Communications Platform
Integrated Communication Platform
Internet Communications Protocol
Institute of Communications Research
Institute of Communications Studies
Institute of Communication Studies
Incident Communication Solutions
Information and Communication Science
Information Communication System
Instant Communications Suite
Institute for Communication Systems
Integrated Communication Systems
Integrated Communication System
Integrated Communication Services
Integrated Communications Systems
Internal Communication System
Internal Communications System
Iridium Communications System
International Code of Signals
International Calling Services
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Internet Cellular Smart Access
Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd
International Conference on Signal Processing, Communications and Computing
International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems
Information and Communication System Security
International Communications Satellite Systems Conference
Informatics and Communication Technology
Information & Communication Technologies
Information & Communications Technology
Information & Communications Technologies
Information & Communication Tools
Information, Communication and Technology
Information, Communications and Technology
Information, Communication & Technology
Information, Communication, and Technology
Information, Communication and Technologies
Information, Communication & Telecom
Information, Communications, Technology
Information, Communication, Technology
Information, Communications, and Technology
Information, Communication Telecommunication
Information-Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technologies
Information and Communications Technologies
Information and Comunication Technology
Information and Communication Techonology
Information and Communcation Technology
Information and Comunication Technologies
Information Communication Technologies
Information Communication and Technology
Information Communications Technology
Information Communications and Technology
Information Communication & Technology
Information Communications Technologies
Information Communications & Technology
International Communication Technology
Internet, Communications and Technology
International Conference on Telecommunications
Internet Communications Technology
Information and Communication Technologies for Development
Information and Communication Technology for Development
Information and Communications Technology for Development
Information and Communications Technologies for Development
Information Communication Technologies for Development
Information Communication Technology for Development
Information and Communication Technology for the Muslim
Information and Communication Technologies Institute
Information and Communications Technology Office
Information & Communications Technology Authority
Information and Communication Technologies Authority
Information and Communication Technology Agency
Information and Communications Technology Authority
Information and Communication Technology Authority
Information Communication Technology Agency
Information Communication Technology Authority
Information and Communication Technology Center
Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program
Information and Communication Technology Convergence
Information and Communication Technology for Development
Information and Communication Technologies and Development
Information and Communications Technologies for Development
Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare
Information Communication Technology for Development
Information and Communication Technology Office
Information & Communication Technologies
Information & Communications Technologies
Information & Communication Technology Show
Information & Communication Technology Services
Information and Communications Technologies
Information and Communication Technology Section
Information and Communication Technology Show
Information Communications Technologies
Information and Communication Technology Unit
Information and Communication Technology Standards Board
International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication
Information and Communications University
International Conference on Ultra-Wideband
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks
International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication
International Conference on Universal Personal Communications
Introductory Communications User Training
International Conference on Wireless Communication and Sensor Computing
International Conference on Wireless Information Technology and Systems
International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications
Information-Communications Development Authority
Indiana Data and Communications System
Icom Digital Advanced System
International Data Service
Interleave Division Multiple Access
Integrated Digital Network
Integrated Digital Networks
Intermediate Data Rate
Information Delivery System
Information Distribution Service
information, education, communications
Information, Education & Communication
Information, Education, and Communication
Information, Education and Communication
Information, Education, Communication
Information Education and Communication
Information Education Communication
Information Education & Communication
Interstate Electronics Corporation
Institute of Electronics and Communications Engineers of the Philippines
Interoperable Emergency Communications Grant Program
Information Element Data
Intelligent Electronic Device
Information Element Identifier
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electronics,Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electronics, Information and Communications Engineers
Information Exchange Requirements
Intelsat Earth Station Standards
Information for All Program
International Federation for Choral Music
Intra-Flight Data-Link
Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access
Inverse Fast Fourier Transformation
In-Flight Interceptor Communications System
In-Frame Response
Interest Groups
Improved Gaussian Approximation
Inter-Gateway Alternate Routing
Institute for Global Communications
Institute for Global Communication
Intelsat General Corporation
International Government Communication Forum
Institute of General Semantics
Interactive Health Communication
Interactive Home Systems
Institute for International Business Communication
International Institute of Communications
International Institute for Information Design
Institute of Informatics & Communication
Inter-Integrated Circuit
Inter Integrated Circuit
Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Indian Institute of Mass Communication
Indian Institute of Mass Communications
Integrated, Intra-Squad Radio
Integrated Intra Squad Radio
International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems
International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication
International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering
International Journal of Advanced Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering
International Journal of Computer and Communication Engineering
International Journal of Computers, Communications & Control
International Journal of Computer Communications and Networks
International Journal of Communications Law and Policy
International journal of Computer Networks & Communications
International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security
International Journal of Information and Communication Technology
International Journal of Communication Systems
International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Engineering
International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Technology
International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering
International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering & Technology
International Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology
International Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology
International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education
International Journal of Information and Communications Technology Education
International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology
International Journal of Information Communication Technologies and Human Development
International Journal of E-Health and Medical Communications
International Journal of Embedded and Real-Time Communication Systems
International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering
International Journal of Innovative Technology & Adaptive Management
International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking
International Journal of Mobile Communications
International Journal of Sport Communication
International Journal of Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications
International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications
International Journal of Mobile Network Communications & Telematics
International Journal of Next Generation Network
International Journal of Public Opinion Research
International Journal of Research in Electronics & Communication Technology
International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication
International Journal of Trust Management in Computing and Communications
International Journal of Wireless Information Networks
International Journal of Wireless Networks and Broadband Technologies
Integration Key
International Leased Carrier
Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation
Interworking Location Register
Intensity Modulation
Intermediate Mobile
Image Management and Communication System
Improved Multi-Band Excitation
Improved Multi Band Excitation
Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Marketing Communication
International Media and Communications
Insurance Marketing Communications Association
Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance
Interactive Multimedia Collaborative Communications Alliance
Intercompany Media Engine
Internet Media Guide
Inmarsat Mobile Number
Interception Modernisation Programme
International Mobile Subscriber Identification
International Mobile Satellite Organisation
International Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
International Multimedia Telecommunication Consortium
Information Networking Architecture
Information Network Architecture
Intelligent Network Architecture
Initial National Communication
Interplanetary Network Directorate
In-line Network Encryptors
In-line Network Encryptor
Inline Network Encryptors
Integrated Network Management
International Nortel Networks Users Association
Intelligent Network Processor
Intelligent Network Services
Intelligent Network Service
Information Network System
Inter Networking Systems
Internet Over the Air
Instrument Protocol
Interface Package
Internet Prototcol
Interaction Process Analysis
Integrated Public Alert and Warning System
Integrated Public Alert Warning System
Integrated Public Alert and Warning Systems
Inter-Personal Communication
Inter-Processor Communication
Inter-Process Communication
Inter-Process Communications
Inter Process Communication
Inter Process Communications
International Professional Communication Conference
International Packet Communications Consortium
International Performance Computing and Communications Conference
International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference
International Programme for the Development of Communication
Inmarsat Packet Data Service
Internet Protocol Next Generation
Institute for Public Relations
Institute of Public Relations
Internet Protocol Router
Internet Protocol Suite
Institute of Public Relations Malaysia
International Public Relations Research Conference
Interpersonal Perception Task
Inter Packet eXchange
Impulse Radio
Intelligent Roaming
Infra Red Data Association
Independent Regulators Group
Investor Relations Group
Isochronous Real Time
Isochronous Real-Time
Inbound Satellite
Interim Standard-41
Interim Standard-95
International Society of Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Information Society and Development
Internet Security and Key Management Protocol
Integrated Satellite Business Network
Institute for Sustainable Communication
Instruction Set Computer
Integrated Strategic Communication
International Symposium on Communications, Control and Signal Processing
International Symposium on Communications, Control, and Signal Processing
International Symposium on Control, Communications and Signal Processing
Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers
International Symposium on Communications and Information Technologies
International Symposium on Communication and Information Technology
International Satellite Communications System
Integrated Subscriber Digital Network
Integrated Systems Digital Network
Integrated System Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Networks
Integral Systems Europe
Integral Satcom Initiative
Inter-symbol Interference
Inter Symbol Interference
International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies
International Symposium on Information Theory
Inter-satellite link
Inter-Satellite Links
Inter Satellite Link
International Symposium on Low Power Electronics Design
International Symposium on Low Power Electronics & Design
Industrial, Scientific, and Medial
Industrial Scientific and Medial
Industry, Science and Medical
Instrument, Scientific and Medical
Instrumentation, Scientific and Medical
International Symposium on Medical Information and Communication Technology
International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications
International School of Media and Entertainment Studies
Integrated Software on Silicon
Inter-System Protocol
Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems
Intelligent Signal Processing and Communications Systems
Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance
Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance
Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
Intelligence Surveillance, Reconnaissance
Integrated Sensor Systems
Integrated Sensor System
Individual Short Subscriber Identity
Inter-Switching System Interface
International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications
Institut des Sciences et Techniques de la Communication
Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators
Integrated Service Unit
Iridium Subscriber Unit
International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems
International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems
Information Technology and Communication
Information Technology and Communications
Information Technology and Communication
Information Technology and Communications
Information Technology, Electronics and Communications
Information Technology and Informatics
Internet Technical Committee
Interoperable Train Control
Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center
Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Council
Institute of Telecommunications Professionals
Information Transport Systems
Information Transfer State
Institute of Telecommunication Sciences
Institute of Telecommunications Sciences
International Telecommunications Symposium
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
International Telecommunications Satellites Organization
International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation
Intelligent Transport Systems Telecommunications
International Telegraph and Telephone
International Telephony Union
Internation Telecommunication Union
International Tele-communications Union
International Universal Communication Symposium
Inter-User Communication Vehicle
Inter-User Communications Vehicle
International User Requirements
International Visual Communications Association
Just Another Jabber Client
Joint Aerial Layer Network
Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling
Japan Communications Inc
Japan Center for Intercultural Communications
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Journal of Computer Networks and Communications
Jewish Communication Network
Journal of Communications and Networks
Joint Communication Support Element
Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association
Joint Communications Unit
Joint Detection
Japan Digital Cellular
Japanese Digital Cellular
Joint Deployable Intelligence Support Systems
Journalism Education Today
Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society
Joint Information Centers
Joint Information Operations Warfare Command
Journalism & Mass Communication
Journalism and Mass Communication
Jerusalem Media and Communications Center
Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre
Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre
Jerusalem Media & Communication Centre
Journal of Optical Communications
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking
Joint Range Extension Applications Protocol
Jam Resistant Secure Communication
Journal of Selected Areas in Communications
Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Journal on Selected Areas in Communication
Journal on Selected Areas of Communications
Journal on Selected Areas of Communication
Joint Source Channel Coding
Java Shared Data Toolkit
Javascript Session Establishment Protocol
Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
Japanese Total Access Communication System
Journalism and Technical Communication
Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems
Kentucky Conference on Health Communication
Korea Communications Standards Commission
Korea Information and Communications Society
Korean Institute of Communication Sciences
Knowledge Management and Communication
Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation
Key Press Markup Language
Kahn Process Network
Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language
Knowledge Query Manipulation Language
Key Storage Device
Link Access Control
League of American Communication Professionals
Local Area Identification
Location Area Identifier
Location Area Identities
Language Acquisition through Motor Planning
Local Area Networks
Loughborough Antennas & Propagation Conference
Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference
level Application Programming Interface
low-level Application Programming Interfaces
Lightweight Aerostat System
Link Active Scheduler
Local Area System Transport
Local Battery
Layered Coding
Line Control Block
Least Connected Countries
Lightweight Communications and Marshalling
Lightweight Communications and Marshaling
Local Communication Networks
Local Computer Networks
Laser Communications Relay Demonstration
Laser Communication Relay Demonstration
Laser Communication System
Live Communications Server
Language and Communication Technologies
Laser Communication Terminal
Laser Communications Terminal
Low Cost Terminal
Line Control Unit
Local Control Units
Lancaster County-Wide Communications
Low Duty Cycle
Learning Development Institute
Local Dynamic Map
Low-Density Parity-Check
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Low Earth Orbiting Satellites
Low Earth Orbiting Satellite
Low Earth Orbit Satellite
Land Earth Stations
Lincoln Experimental Satellite
Lincoln Experimental Satellites
Land Earth Stations
Line Interface Coupler
Local Interconnect Network
Local Interconnection Network
Laboratory of Information, Network and Communication Sciences
Location Information Protocol
Language Independent Specifications
Locked-in Syndrome
Link Interface Units
Logical Key Hierarchy
Lunar Laser Communications Demonstration
Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration
Logical Link Control Protocol
Link Level Protocol
Long-line Public Address
Low-Level Reader Protocol
Low Level Reader Protocol
Land Mobile
Land Mobile Communications Council
Local Multipoint Communication Systems
Local Multipoint Communications System
Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems
Local Multichannel Distribution Service
Layer Management Entity
Land Mobile Earth Stations
Land Mobile Earth Station
Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications
Land-Mobile Radio
Land Mobile Radios
Land Mobile Radios
Land Mobile Radio System
Line Monitoring System
Link Monitoring System
Location and Monitoring Service
Least Mean Square Error
Local Mobile Subscriber Identity
Logical Node
Logical Nodes
Line Of Communications
Lines of Communications
Loss of Sync Word
Language Pathologist
Linear Power Amplifier
Low Probability of Exploitation
Low Probability Of Interception
Link Protocol Data Unit
Low Profile Module
Link Peripheral Processor
Low Power Radio Frequency
Low Power Radio Service
Low Power Transceiver
Link Quality Analysis
Master in Journalism
Machine-to Machine
Market for Machine-to-Machine
Multi Amplitude
Multiple Access
Marketing and Communications
Master of Arts in Communication
Media-specific Access Control
Medium Acess Control
Media Access Channel
Medium Access Channel
Medium Access and Control
Metropolitan Area Communications Commission
Multi Agency Communications Center
Marine Air Command and Control System
Media and Communication Studies
Mobile Assisted Hand Off
Multi Access Interference
Multiple Access Interference
Mobile Allocation Index Offset
Manufacturing Application Protocol
Media Access Plan
Mobile Access Protocol
Multiple Access Protocol
Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research
Multi-Agency Radio Communications System
Military Affiliate Radio Service
Military Auxiliary Radio Service
Media Applications Server
Multi Agent System
Master of Arts in Technical Communication
Master of Arts in Technology and Communication
Multi-Beam Antenna
Museum of Broadcast Communications
Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Service
Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Communication
Mobile Broadband Systems
Multi-Media Broadcast over a Single Frequency Network
Managerial Communication
Media and Communication
Mobile Command
Media Communications Association International
Multicast Channel Allocation Protocol
Message Control Block
Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School
Mobile Computing and Communications Review
Message Communication Function
Minister of Communications and Information Technology
Master of Communication and Information Studies
Media and Communication Management
Multi-Carrier Modulation
Multi Carrier Modulation
Multiple Carrier Modulation
Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission
Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission
Mobile Cloud Networking
Mobile Communication Network
Multi-hop Cellular Network
Mass Communications Organisation of Thailand
Media Communications Processor
Multi Carrier Power Amplifier
Mission Critical Push To Talk
Mission Critical Push-to-Talk
Mass Communication Research Center
Maritime Communication Systems
Mobile Communication System
Mobile Communication Systems
Master Control System
Microsoft Communications Server
Mixe Communication Solutions
Mobile Cellular System
Modulation and Coding Set
Multimedia Communication Server
Multimedia Communications Server
Multimedia Communication Suite
Mobile Communication Terminal
Mobile Computer Terminal
Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity
Main Control Unit
Maintenance Control Unit
Media Control Unit
Mobile Control Unit
Multi-point Control Unit
Mobile Command Vehicle
Mobile Data Computer
Mobile Data Computers
Motorola Data Communications
Motorola Data Link Communication
Multiple Description Coding
Medical Device Data Language
Mobile Data Link Protocol
Managed Data Network
Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex
Madrid Deep Space Communication Complex
Master Data Telegram
Minimum Essential Emergency Communication Network
Mean Effective Gain
Medium-Earth Orbit
Medium Earth Orbits
Medium Earth Orbiting
Mid-Earth Orbit
Middle Earth Orbit
Mid Earth Orbit
Medium Earth Orbiting Satellites
Message Exchange Patterns
Mobile Emergency Response System
Master Earth Station
Mobile Earth Station
Mobile Earth Stations
Mobile Earth Stations
Mobile End Systems
Mobile End System
Mobility for Emergency and Safety Applications
Mobile Earth Terminal
Modified Final Judgment
Modified Final Judgement
Multiple Frequency Shift Keying
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Information and Communications
Ministry of Information and Communication
Master Information Blocks
Manufacturer Installed Certificate
Manufacturer-Installed Certificates
Master in International Communication
Master International Communication
Ministry of Information & Communication
Ministry of Information & Communications
Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad
Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad
Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmadabad
Malaysia International Conference on Communications
Media Integration and Communication Center
Modular Integrated Communication Helmet
Master in International Communication Management
Medical Implant Communications Service
Medical Implant Communication Service
Medical Implant Communication System
Modular Integrated Communications System
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
Ministry of Information & Communication Technology
Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
Mission Integration Division
Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference
Mobile Instant Messaging
Multi-Input, Multi-Output
Multi Input Multi Output
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output
Multiple-Input Multiple Output
Multiple-input, Multiple-output
Multiple Input, Multiple Output
Multiple Input-Multiple Output
Multiple Inputs Multiple Outputs
Multiple inputs and multiple outputs
Multiple-Input Single-Output
Multiple-Input, Single-Output
Mobile Intelligent Network
Motorola Integrated Radio system
Ministry of Information and the Arts
Modem Interface Unit
Master of Journalism
Master of Journalism and Mass Communication
Masters of Journalism and Mass Communication
Multi-Line Controller
Maximum Likelihood Detector
Multi-Link Interface Driver
Multi-Layer Protocol
Maximum Likelihood Sequence Detection
Multimedia Mobile Access Communication
Mission Management Center
Microwave Multipoint Distribution Systems
Microwave Multipoint Distribution System
Multipoint Multichannel Distribution Service
Military Message Handling System
Military Message Handling Systems
Modular Multifunction Information Transfer System
Modular Multifunction Information Transfer Systems
Mobile Multi-Hop Relay
Mobile Multihop Relay
Manufacturing Message Specification
Manufacturing Messaging Specification
Manufacturing Message Specifications
Multimedia Management System
Multi Message Service
Multiple Messaging Services
Maritime Mobile Service Identifier
Mobile Network Operators
Mass Notification Systems
Mass Notification System
Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radios
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of Communication
Ministry of Information and Communications
Multiuser Object Oriented
Management of Optical Networks
Multi-Service Operational Test and Evaluation
Ministry of Transportation and Communications
Ministry of Transportation and Communication
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ministry of Transport and Communication
Message Oriented Text Interchange Systems
Multi-protocol communications controller
Multi-processor Communication Mode
Mobile Packet Data Service
Mobile Packet Data System
Motion Pictures Entertainment Group
Multi-Point Interface
Multi Point Interface
McCartney Productions Limited
Message Passing Library
Marketing and Public Relations
Message Passing System
Multi-Page Signal
Michigan Public Safety Communications System
M-ary phase shift keying
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
Ministry of Post & Telecommunication
Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications
Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Communications
M-ary quadrature amplitude modulation
Multi-Radio Access
Mobile Radio Conference
Mobile Radio Communications
Message Reference Number
Mobile Radio Service
Mobile Relay Station
Mobile Station
Mobile Stations
Member of the Register of Sign Language Interpreters
Master Reference Terminal
Media Richness Theory
Mobile Satellite
Multiplexing Section
Mitel Solutions Alliance
Mobile Service Area
Multi Service Access Platform
Mobile Station Based
Mabuhay Satellite Corporation
Master Switching Center
Message Switching Center
Multiple Systems Coupling
Mixed Signal Device
Marine Systems International
Mobile Station Identifier
Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications
Minimal Shift Keying
Minimum-shift Keying
Message Sequence Number
Mobile Subscriber Number
Mobile Sensor Networks
Mobile Switching Office
Mobile-satellite service
Mobile Satellite Service
Mobile Satellite Services
Mobile Satellite System
Mobile Satellite Systems
Mobile Service Satellites
Mobile Stations
M2M Standardization Task Force
Mass Storage Unit
Mobile Satellite Ventures
Major Trading Area
Major Trading Areas
Major Trading Areas
Metropolitan Trading Areas
Machine-Type Communications
Machine-Type Communication
Machine Type Communications
Machine Type Communication
Ministry of Transport and Communication
Mobile Terminating Call
Mastering the Internet
Mutual Transport Layer Security
Mobile To Mobile
Maritime Telecommunications Network
Media Termination Points
Mobile Terminals
Movement Tracking Systems
Mobile Telecommunications Switching Office
Mobile Unit
Mobile Units
Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London
Multi User Detection
Multi-User Game
Multi User Game
Multi-User Interference
Multiple User Interference
Multi User Interference
Mobile-User Objective System
Mobile User Objective System
Mobile User Objective Systems
Multi-Use Radio Service
Multiple Use Radio Service
No Message
Node Address
Network Adapter Board
Network Access Identifiers
Network Access Method
North American Digital Cellular
Network Address Identifier
Notice of Apparent Liability
Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Narrowband Advanced Mobile Phone System
Number Assignment Modules
Near-Me Area Network
Network Access Providers
North Atlantic Radio System
National Association of State Telecommunications Directors
Network Address Translation-Protocol
Network Address Translation -Protocol Translation
Network Address Translators
Normal Burst
Narrow Band Emergency Messaging Software
Narrow-band frequency modulation
Narrow Band Frequency Modulation
National Broadcasting Society
National Communication
National Communications
Network Code
National Communications Association
National Communications Centre
National Communication Commision
National Conference on Communications
National Coordination Centre
National Coordinating Centre
Network Communication Controller
Network Communication Control Facility
Network Control Centers
Network Control Facility
National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media
National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media
National Center for Health Marketing
Non-coded information
Non Coded Information
Network Control and Management System
National Communications Network
Network Communications News
Network Communication System
Network Control Program
Network Control Processor
National Cyber Security
Naval Communications Station
Naval Communication Station
Network Centric Solutions
Network Control Stations
Network Control Server
Network Coordination Station
Network Coordination Stations
Network Control Terminal
National Communications Support Programme
National Council for Science and Technology Communication
National Communications Union
Network-Centric Waveform
National Domestic Communications Assistance Center
National Deaf Education Project
Network Definition Language
Normal Disconnected Mode
Normal Disconnect Mode
Network Domain Security
Network Elements
Network Entity
National Electronics Conference
National Electrical & Communications Association
National Emergency Communications Plan
National Electrical Manufacturers Assocation
Network-Enabled Operations
Network Enabled Operations
Network Element Processor
Network Emergency Response Vehicle
Network Elements
Nortel Enterprise Solutions
Norme Europeenne de Télécommunications
Norme Européenne de Télécommunication
Near Field
Near-Field Communication
Near-field communications
Near Field Communication
Near Field Communications
Near Filed Communication
Near Frequency Communication
Next Fifteen Communications
Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol
Near Field Communication Interface and Protocol -2
National Federation of Press Women
National Federation of Telephone Workers
Next Generation 9
Networked Group Communication
Networked Group Communications
Non-Geographic Call Services
Non-Geographic Calling Service
Non Geographic Call Services
New Generation Internet
Next-Generation Networks
Next Generation Networks
Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit
Next Generation Wireless Systems
Network Identification
Network Interface Adapter
National Institute of Amateur Radio
National Information and Communication Infrastructure
New Information and Communication Technologies
New Information and Communication Technology
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders
National Interoperability Field Operations Guide
Network Interface Processors
National Investor Relations Institute
National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources
Network Interface Units
New Jersey Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association
New Jersey Interoperability Communications System
Network Layer Address
Next-Level Communications
Non Line-Of-Sight
Not Life-Safe
No Message
Network Management Agent
Network Management Centre
Network Management Entity
Network Management Level
Network Monitor and Control
New Media Communications
Network Management Interface
Network Mode of Operation
Not Mind-Safe
National Mobile Subscriber Identity
Navy Multi-band Terminal
Navy Multiband Terminal
Network Management Terminal
Network Management Vector Transport
Network-Node Interface
network-to-network interconnection
Networks and Optical Communications
Notice of Inquiry
Network Operations Management
Network Outage Reporting System
Networking On-The-Move
Network Printing Alliance
Network Printing Alliance Protocol
Network Printer Alliance Protocol
Navy Public Affairs Support Element
Natural Product Communications
Network Problem Determination Application
Network Processing Element
National Public Health Information Coalition
National Private Leased Circuit
National Private Lease Circuit
National Private Leased Circuits
National Public Safety Broadband Network
Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network
Non-deterministic Random Bit Generator
Network Reliability & Interoperability Council
No Reply Needed
No Reply Requested
No Reply Required
Nuclear Risk Reduction Center
Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers
Network Routing Service
Network Routing Server
National Radio Science Conference
Naval Radio Transmitting Facility
No Return to Zero
National Security / Emergency Preparedness
Network and Service Analyzer
Natural Speech Communication
Network Systems Corporation
Nicholson School of Communication
Network Service Entity
Non-Standard Facilities
Non-Standard Facility
Non Standard Facilities
Not Suitable For Work
Network Security Laboratory
Network Service Processor
National Security Solutions
Network and Switching Subsystem
Network and Switching Sub-system
Network Switching Subsystems
Network Sub-System
Network Sub System
Network Switching System
Not School-Safe
Not School-Suitable
National Society for the Study of Communication
Networks Security Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing
Networks Security, Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing
No Text
National Telecom Agency
National Telecommunications Conference
National Telecommunication Conference
Near Term Data Radio
Naval Tactical Data Systems
National Telecommunications and Information Association
Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
Network Terminal Option
Network Terminal Unit
Non-Violent Communication
Non Violent Communication
Non Verbal Communication
Near Vertical Incidence Skywave
Originator Address
Office of the Associate Director for Communication
Office of the Associate Director for Communications
Output Back-Off
Office of Communications
Operator Console
Oral Communication
Oral Communications
Ohio Communication Association
Offshore Communications Backbone
Operational Communications Centre
Orthogonal Code Division Multiplexing
Orthogonal Code Division Multiple Access
Outbound Call Management
Oracle Communication and Mobility Server
Office Communications Server
Office Communication Server
Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration
Optical Communication Systems and Networks
Object Dictionary
Office of Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Out-Door Unit
Out Door Unit
Operational Element
Originating Equipment
Office of External Affairs
Office of Emergency Communications
Office of Emergency Management & Communications
Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference
Octet Encoding Rules
Official Emergency Station
Optical Fiber
Optical Fiber Communication
Optical Fiber Communications
Optical Fiber Communication Systems
Optical Frequency Division Multiplexing
Orthogonal Frequency Division Modulation
Orthogonal Frequency Domain Multiplexing
Optical Flow Switching
Odette File Transfer Protocol 2
Office of Global Communications
Optical Ground Station
Optical Interface
Optical Interface Unit
Office for Interoperability and Compatibility
Optical Inter-Orbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite
Office of Information and Communications Technology
Optical Interface Module
Open Interoperability Program
Objective Interface Systems
On-line Learning Center
Optical Line Terminating Equipment
Operation and Maintenance Center
Operations and Management Centre
Office of Managing Director
Office of the Manager, National Communications System
Office of Media Relations
Operations Management Technology
One Number Service
Out Of Synchronization
Office of Public Affairs
of Public Affairs
Open Platform Communications
Office of Plans and Policy
Office of the Press Secretary
Optical Power Transmitted
Offset Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
Organization for Research on Women and Communication
Orbital Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
Open Source and Design of Communication
Open Systems Inter-connection
Operating System Interconnection
Order and Service Management
On Site Notification
Office of Strategic Planning
Office of Science Policy and Communications
Operator Service Providers
Operation Sub-System
Operation Sub System
Operation Support Subsystem
Orthogonal space time block coding
Office of Telecommunications
Over-The-Air Function
Over the Air Programming
Over-The-Air Rekey
Over the Air Rekeying
Over The Air Rekey
Over-the-air Re-keying
Over the air re-keying
Over the Air Re-Key
Over the Air Transfer
Picture Exchange Communication System
Presence Agent
Phased Array Antenna
Private Access Branch Exchanges
Personal Access Communications
Personal Access Communications Systems
Personal Access Communication System
Personal Access Communication Systems
Personal Access Communications System-a
Picture Archival and Communication Systems
Picture Archive and Communications System
Picture Archival And Communications System
Picture Archive and Communication Systems
Picture Archiving and Communication Systems
Public Automated Land Mobile
Phase Amplitude Modulation
Pre-Assigned Multiple Access
Parallel Active Message Interface
Peak to Average Power Ratio
Per-Antenna Rate Control
Per Antenna Rate Control
Peripheral Board Controller
Packet Based Network
Paging Block Periodicity
Prioritized Bit Rate
Panasonic Communications
Phone Communication
Pennsylvania Communication Association
Personal Communications Assistant
Power Control Bit
Protocol Control Byte
Program communication blocks
Portable Computing Device
Proximity Coupling Device
Proximity Coupling Devices
Proximity Communication Equipment
Path Computation Element Communication Protocol
Policy Control Function
Publishers Communication Group
Personal Communications Interface
Programmable Communications Interface
Programmable Communication Interface
Porsche Communication Management
Process Communication Model
Paired Carrier Multiple Access
Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Adapter
Personal Communications Network
Personal Communications Networks
Personal Communication Network
Personal Communication Networks
Personal Communication Networks
Personal Communications Networks
Public Call Office
Presidential Communication Operations Office
Private Cable Operators
Partitioning Communication System
Personal Communication System
Personal Cellular Service
Personal Communication Systems
Personal Communications Systems
Personal Communications Sector
Personnel Communication System
Portable Communication System
Personal Communication Systems
Population Communication Services
Portable Computer Systems
Primary Control Ship
Professional Communication Society
Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc
Private Communications Technology
Private Communication Technology
Pilot Control Unit
Packet Control Units
Processor Control Unit
Pima County Wireless Integrated Network
Packet Data Analysis
Pacific Digital Cellular
Personal Digital Communication
Personal Digital Communications
Personal Digital Cellular-Packet
Polarization division multiplexing
Polarization Division Multiple Access
Process Data Object
Process Data Objects
Process Data Objects
Philippine Digital Strategy
Premise Distribution System
Premises Distribution System
Protected Distribution Systems
Packet Data Serving Node
Packet Data Service Node
Packet Data Service Nodes
Packet Data Serving Nodes
Packet Data Service Nodes
Plain English Campaign
Policy Engagement and Communications
Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems
Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations
Picture Exchange Communication System
Picture exchange communication systems
Public Electronic Network
Partitioned Emulation Program
Packet Encoding Rules
Packet Error Rate
Program to Enhance Relational and Communication Skills
Professional Group on Communications Systems
Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism
Polish-German Teletraffic Symposium
Presentation Header
Publicis Healthcare Communications Group
Personal Health Device Communication
Personal Handy Phone
Power Headroom Report
Packet Header Suppression
Personal Handyphone Service
Peripheral Interface
Parallel Interference Canceller
Public Information and Communication Services
Public Information and Communications Services
Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies
Palestine Information and Communications Technology Incubator
Presence Information Document Format
Pulse Interval Modulation
Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communications
Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communication
Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications
Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communication
Public Information Officers
Parallel interface port
Program Initialization Parameters
Program on Information Resources Policy
Physical Layer
Power-Line Communications
Power-Line Communication
Power Line Communications
Power Line Communication
Power Line Carriers
Power Line Carrier Communication
Private Long Code Mask
Public Long Code Mask
Product Licensing and Delivery System
Position Location Information
Power Line Modem
Pulse Length Modulation
Public Land-Mobile Network
Public Land Mobile Network
Public Land Mobile Networks
Public Lands Mobile Network
Public Land Mobile Networks
Private Land Mobile Radio
Private Land Mobile Radio Service
Private Land Mobile Radio System
Private Land Mobile Radio Services
Power Line Networking
Physical Layer Packet
Position Location and Reporting System
Position Location Reporting Systems
Personnel Locator System
Power Line Telecommunications
Power Line Telecommunication
Power Line Telecom
Power Line Transceiver
Primary Logical Unit
Palau Mobile Corporation
Platform Management Components Intercommunication
Programming Metadata Communications Protocol
Pre-coding matrix indicator
Private Mobile Network
Private Mobile Radio
Private Mobile Radiocommunications
Private Mobile Radios
Professional Mobile Radio
Public Mobile Radio
Power Measurement Report Message
Probe Node
Process Network
Pseudorandom number
Physical-Layer Network Coding
Pritish Nandy Communications
Palau National Communications Corporation
Probably Not For the Office
Programmation Neuro-Linguistique
Possibly Not Safe For Work
Probably Not Safe For Work
Paging Occasion
Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display
Pacific Ocean Region
Plain Old Telephone Systems
Path Protection
Power Plus Communications
Program-to-Program Communications
Public Protection Disaster Relief
Physical Protocol Data Unit
Partial Parallel Interference Cancellation
Precise Participant Location And Identification
Pulse position modulated
Pulse Position Modulator
Partial Page Signal
Preferred Power Supply
Protocol Parameter Selection
Performance Recognition
Position Report
Public Relations
Public Relation
Prentke Romich Company
Public Relations and Communications
Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal
Public Relations Division
Public Relations Manager
Public Relations Officer
Public Relation Officer
Public Relations Global Network
Public Relations Network
Public Relations Institute of Ireland
Public Relations Institute of New Zealand
Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa
Phase Reversal Keying
Performance Report Messages
Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety
Personal Role Radio
Personal Radio Service
Personal Radio Services
Public Relation Society of America
Public Relations Society of Slovenia
Personal Station
Point of Service Activation
Public Safety Alliance
Public Safety Agency
Public Safety Answering Position
Public Safety Broadband Licensee
Public Safety Broadband Network
Puget Sound Chapter
Public Safety Communication Center
Public Safety Communication Europe
Public Service Communications Manual
Public Safety Communications Research
packet-switched data
Packet Switched Domain
Personal Security Device
Packet-Switched Data Network
Packet Switching Data Network
Public Switched Data Networks
Packet Switching Network
Pocket Switched Networks
Public Switched Packet Data Network
Physical Service Data Unit
Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau
Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau
Public Safety Interoperable Communications
Phase Shift Keyed
Public Safety Mobile Broadband
Personal Satellite Network
Public Switched Networks
Public Safety Networks
Packet Switch Nodes
Packet Switching Nodes
Per-Survivor Processing
Public Safety and Professional Communications
Public Safety Radio Communication Project
Public Safety Technology
Private Switched Telephone Network
Public Switched Telephon Network
Public Telephone Switched Network
Public Telephone Switching Network
Public Service Telephone Network
Public Switched, Telecommunications Network
Primary Service Units
Public Safety Wireless Advisory Committee
Public Safety Wireless Network
Pass Token
Protocol Translation
Packet Traffic Arbitration
Post and Telecom Administration
Pacific Telecommunications Conference
Public Telephone Operator
Private Telephone Operators
Quadrate Amplitude Modulation
Quadrature-AMplitude Modulation
Quadrature Amplitude Shift Keying
Quantum Cryptography
Queue Control Block
Qualcomm Code Excited Linear Prediction
Qualcomm Code Excited Linear Predictive
Quadrature Differential Phase Shift Keying
Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
Quadrature Phase Shift Keyed
Quadrature Phase-Shift Keyed
Quality Indication
Quarterly Journal of Speech
Quadrature Modulation
Quint Networking Technology
Quadrate Phase Shift Keying
Quarternary Phase Shift Keying
Quaternary Phase Shift Keyed
Queued Telecommunications Access Method
Radiocommunications Agency
Radio Access Capabilities
Routing Area Identifier
Router Alert Option
Random Access Procedure
Reply By
Report By Exception
Relay Base Station
Receive Clock
Religious Communication Association
Regional Communication Commonwealth
Regional Communication Centers
Reverse Control Channel
Radio Communications Foundation
Radio Control Interface
Rapid Communications in Mass
Radio Communication System
Radio Communication Systems
Regional Communications System
Return Channel Satellite Terminal
Reverse Direction Grant
Receiver Data Ready
Receive Data Register Full
Rapidly Deployable Radio Network
Radio Determination Satellite Service
Rapid Deployment Voice Switch
Radio Enabler
Receive Enable
Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams
Radio Emergency Associated Communication Team
Radio Emergency Associated Communications Team
Radio Equipment Control
Receive Error Counter
Radio Environment Map
Radio Front End
Radio Frequency Data Communications
Ravenswood Family Health Center
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
Radio Frequency Tag
Radio Frequency Unit
Remote Ground Stations
Regional Interoperable Communications System
Research, Information and Communications Unit
Receive Interrupt Enable
Recorder Interface Module
Remote Interface Module
Relative Intensity Noise
Regulation of Investigatory Powers
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act
Radio Interface Unit
Remote Interface Units
Return Link
Radio Link Control
Random Linear Network Coding
Radio Link Protocols
Received Line Signal Detector
Radio Management Panels
Radio Management System
Relay Node
Radio Network Controller
Radio Network Control
Radio Network Controllers
Radio Port Controller
Radio Network Sub-system
Radio Network Subsystems
Radio Network Terminal
Remote Operations
Rapid Offer Design and Order Delivery
Radio over Fiber
Return On Marketing
Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access
Rise Over Thermal
Remote Operations Video Enhanced Receiver
Relations Presse
Reverse Power Control
Regional Planning Committees
Radio Port Control Unit
Rich Presence Information Data
Registered Public-Safety Leader
Radio Regulation
Reply requested
Reply Required
Return Routability
Radio Relay Link
Ryšių reguliavimo tarnyba
Radio Station
Receiving Station
Recommended Standard
Recommended Standart
Recommended Standards
Repeater Station
Rural Service Area
Rural Service Areas
Rural Service Areas
Radio Spectrum Committee
Remote Spooling Communication Subsystem
Road Side Equipment
Required Surveillance Performance
Radar Signal Simulator
Remote Sensing Unit
Remote Service Unit
Remote Subscriber Unit
Road Side Unit
Road Side Units
Road-Side Units
Road Side Units
Relevance Theory
Real-Time Command
Real Time Collaboration
Reseau Telephonique Commute
Record Type Definition
Reader Talks First
Receive Transition Gap
Real-Time Media Flow Protocol
Real Time Media Flow Protocol
Radio Telephone Mobile System
Radio Transport Protocol
Ready-to-Send signal
Real Time Service
Remote Terminals
Remote Terminations
Real Time Text
Road Traffic and Transport Telematics
Remote Telemetry Unit
Remote Telemetry Units
Remote Terminal Units
Remote Telemetry Units
Remote Terminal Units
Reverse Voice Channel
Radio Wire Integration
Selected Areas in Communications
Space and Advanced Communications Research Institute
Speech Activity Detector
Service Advertisement Framework
South African Far East
Speech and Language Therapy
System Area Networks
Service Access Points
Single Audio System
South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Supervisory Audio Tones
Synchronization byte
Situation Background Assessment Recommendation
Social & Behavior Change Communication
Social and Behavior Change Communication
Social and Behavioral Change Communication
Social and Behaviour Change Communication
Social and Behavior Change Communications
Session Boarder Controllers
Smart Business Communications System
Smart Business Communication System
Selector Bank Subsystem
Selective Combining
Send Common
Set Communications
Session Controller
Signal et Communication
Slot Control
Strategic Communications
System and Communications
School of Communication and Information
School of Communications and Arts
Selective Call Acceptance
Serial Communications Adapter
Stored Communications Act
Stored Communication Act
Subsidiary Communications Authorization
Subsidiary Communications Authority
Supervisory Control and Data Access
Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement
Single Channel Anti-Jam Man Portable
Space Communications and Navigation
Science Communicators Association of New Zealand
Status Control Alerting and Reporting System
Single Carrier Block Transmission
Satellite Communications Controller
Satellite Control Centre
Satellite Control Center
Serial Communication Controller
Serial Communications Controller
Serial Communications Controllers
Serial Communication Controllers
School of Computing and Communications
Schwarz Consulting Company
Signaling Communication Channel
Signalling Communication Channel
Systems, Communications and Coding
Serial Communication Controllers
Serial Communications Controllers
Serial Communications Interface
Serial Communication Interface
Serial Communication Interfaces
Situational Crisis Communication Theory
Social Communication Disorder
Substation Configuration Description
Service Creation Environments
Scalable Communications Framework
Southern Caribbean Fiber
Single Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access
Service Control Functions
Society for Chemical Hazard Communication
School of Communication and Information
School of Communication & Information
Service Capability Interaction Management
Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol
Secure Communication Interoperability Protocol
Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan
Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan
Statewide Communications Interoperability Plans
Statewide Communication Interoperability Plans
Static Cipher Key
School for Communication and Management
Spatial Channel Model
Security in Communication Networks
Signaling Communication Network
Signaling Communications Network
Signalling Communication Network
Switched Circuit Network
Space Communications Network Services
Special Communications Organization
Synchronous Connection-Oriented
Synchronous Connection Oriented
Science Communicators of North Carolina
Signal Communication by Orbiting Relay Equipment
Smart Card Operating System
Serial Communication Protocol
Smart Card Platform
Switch-Service Control Point
Space Communications Protocol Standards
Space Communications Protocol Specifications
Space Communications Protocol Specification
Space Communication Protocol Specification
Space Communication Protocol Standards
Space Communications Protocol Standard
Social Communication Questionnaire
Source Controlled Rate
Special Communications Requirements
Single Channel Radio Access
Satellite Communications Systems
Satellite Communication Systems
Secure Communications System
Special Communications System
Software Communications System
Superior Communication Services
System Control Segment
Specific Communication Service Mapping
Secretariat of Communications and Transportation
Society of Communications Technology Consultants
Simple Control Transport Protocol
System Control Unit
Symposium on Communications and Vehicular Technology
Short Data Burst
Soft Decision Decoding
Space division duplex
System Description Document
Software Defined Data Network
Synchronous Digital Heirarchy
Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications
Specification and Description Language
Serial Data Link Control
Synchronous Data Link Communication
Short Data Message
Short Data Service
Space-division Multiplexing
Space Division Multiplexing
Space Division Multiplex
Spatial Domain Multiplexing
Space-Division Multiple-Access
Space Division Multiple Access
Spatial-Division Multiple Access
Spatial Division Multiple Access
Software Define Radio
Software Definable Radio
Software Defined Radio Forum
Software Defined Radios
Satellite Data Systems
Small, Deep-Space Transponder
Small Deep Space Transponder
Science Education and Communication
State Emergency Communications Committee
Symposium on Experiences with Distributed and Multiprocessor Systems
Signed Exact English
Subsea Electronics Module
Satellite Emergency Notification Device
Sensor Enabled Notification System
Ship Earth Station
Ship Earth Stations
Standard Frequency Action Format
Space-frequency block coding
Space Frequency Block Codes
Space Frequency Coordination Group
Saturation Flux Density
Société Française de Génie des Procédés
Sampling Frequency Offset
Semaphore Flag Signal System
Speech Generating Devices
Speech Generating Device
Speech Generating Devices
Signaling Gateway Function
Space Ground Link Subsystem
Stratos Government Services Inc
Super High Frequencies
Speech and Hearing Science
Scripps Howard School of Journalism and Communications
Serial Interface
Signals Intelligence
Service Industry Advertising Awards
System Information Broadcast
System Interface Board
State Interoperability Executive Committee
Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee
Statewide Interoperability Executive Council
Special Interest Group for Design of Communications
Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication
Subject Is Message
Subscriber Identity Model
Subscriber Identity Mobile
Subscriber Identity Security
Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication
Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication
Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication
Single-Input Multiple-Output
Single-input and multiple-output
Synchronous Interprocess Messaging Project for Linux
Session Initiation Protocal
Session Internet Protocol
System Improvement Program
Signal-to-interference Ratio
Signal to Interference Ratio
Satellite Interactive Terminal
Satellite Interactive Terminals
Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
Satellite Interactive Terminals
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Service Logic
Smart Link Communication
Sorenson Language and Communication Center
Space Link Extension
Service Life Enhancement Program
Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System
Subscriber Line Interface Chip
Sea Lines of Communications
Sea Lines of Communications
Speech and Language Pathology
Speech and Language Professional
Spoken Language Processing
Specified Low Power Radio
Speech-Language Pathologists
Speech Language Pathologists
Speech and Language Therapy
Speech & Language Therapists
Shared Memory
Spatial Modulation
Spatial Multiplexing
Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical
Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Time-bound
School of Media and Communications
Serial Management Controllers
Shared Memory Communication
Systems Management Center
Standard Marine Communication Phrases
Stored Mission Data
Session Management Edition
Social Media in Emergency Management
Social Media in Strategic Communication
Social Media in Strategic Communications
Smart Message Language
Substation Modernization Platform
Social Media Press Release
Specialised Mobile Radio
Specialized Mobile Radio
Special Mobile Radio
Short-Messaging Service
Short Message Service
Short Messages Service
Short Messaging Services
Shot Message Service
Small Message Service
Small Messaging Service
Short Message Service Centre
Short Message Systems
Short Messaging System
Spectrum Monitoring System
Short Message System Center
System Management Workstation
Sequence Number
Serving Network
Space Network
Standard Network Architecture
System Network Architecture Distribution Service
Systems Network Architecture Distribution Services
Second National Communication
Secured Network Communication
Secure Network Communications
Secure Network Communication
Society for New Communications Research
Satellite News Gathering
Signal to Noise and Interference Ratio
Single Network Management Protocol
Signal to Noise Radio
Single Number Reach
Set Normal Response Mode
Signal-to-Noise Ratios
Signal to Noise Ratios
Social Networking Sites
Social Network Sites
Social Networking Systems
Systems Operation Center
Satellite Operations Control Center
Satellite Operations Centers
Single Overriding Communication Objective
Subcommittee on the Communication Requirement
Service on Demand
School of Journalism and Communication
School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Start of Message
Self-Organizing Traffic Information System
Satcom on the Move
Signal Processing
Service Program Applications
St Petersburg Amateur Radio Club
Signal Processing Advances in Wireless Communications
Signal Processing Advances for Wireless Communications
Signal Processing for Communications
Stored Programme Control
Smart Phone Control Protocol
Switch Processing Element
Serial Peripherical Interface
Serial Pheripheral Interface
Serial Port Interface
Serial to Peripheral Interface
Signal Processing and Integrated Networks
Self-phase Modulation
Self Phase Modulation
Secure Personal Radio
Schweizerisches Public Relations Institut
Semi-Persistent Scheduling
Signal Processing Subsystem
Single Point Status
Strategic Products and Services
Sub Quarter Common Intermediate Format
Signal to Quantization Noise Ratio
Staggered Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Status Request
Special Routing Arrangement Service
Short-Range Business Radio
Short Range Business Radio
Split-channel Reservation Multiple Access
Server Relay Protocol
Software Reprogrammable Payload
Space Research Service
Standard Radio System Plan
Secure Real-time Transport Control Protocol
Secure Realtime Transport Protocol
Satellite Switch
Space Systems
Spatial Spreading
Spread Spectrum
Supervisory System
Switching Subsystem
Ship Security Alert
Service Specific Access Control
Secondary Synchronization Channel
Spread Spectrum Communication
Systems Services Control Point
Synchronous Serial Data Adapter
Site Selection Diversity Transmission
Sign Supported English
Social Skills Inventory
Submarine Satellite Information Exchange Sub-System
Shared Secret Key
Space Shift Keying
Space Systems Loral
Switched Service Network
Support Service Provider
Support Service Providers
Support Service Providers
Solid-State Power Amplifier
Solid-State Power Amplifiers
Solid State Power Amplifier
Solid State Power Amplifiers
Solid-State Power Amplifiers
Solid State Power Amplifiers
Society of Satellite Professionals International
Satellite Terminal
Signalling Terminal
Special Temporary Authority
Space-Time Block Codes
Space-Time Codes
Space Time Coding
Simple to Complex
Society for Technical Communication
Society for Technical Communications
Society of Technical Communication
Society of Technical Communications
Selective Transmit Diversity
Synchronous Time Division
Statistical Time Division Multiplexer
Statistical time-division multiplexing
Synchronous Time Division Multiplexing
Self-organising Time Division Multiple Access
Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access
Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access
Secure Telephone Equipment
Standard Telephone Equipment
Short Training Field
Simple Transportation Management Framework
Space-Time Processing
Space Technology Research Vehicle
Shared Tenant Service
Synchronous Transmission Signal
System Tools Suite
System Tool Suite
Small Tactical Terminals
Space Time Trellis Coding
Secure Telephone Units
Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group
Small Unit Operations
Sametime Unified Telephony
Satellite Vehicle
Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System
Secure Voice Module
Terminal Address
Transition Administrator
Time-Aware Applications, Computers, and Communication Systems
Telecommunications Administration Centre
Tennessee Advanced Communications Network
Total Access Communications System
Total Access Communication System
Total Access Communication Systems
Total Access Communications Systems
Total Access Communication Service
Telecommunication Advancement Organization
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
Trans-Atlantic Telephone
Transmission Buffer
Token Bus Controller
Transport Block Set
Technical Communication
Total Communication
Transformational Communications
Transmit Complete
Task Control Area
Transformational Communications Architecture
Tactical Communications And Protective System
Technical Communication Body of Knowledge
Turbo Convolutional Code
Technical Committee on Computer Communications
Technical Committee on Cognitive Networks
Target Communication Framework
Target Communications Framework
Transit Communications Interface Profiles
Transportation Communications Newsletter
Telephone Central Office
Transmission Communication Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol
Technical Communication Quarterly
Telemetry, Command and Ranging
Telephony Control Specification
Terminal Control Unit
Time Division Code Division Multiple Access
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf
Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf
Telephone Device for the Deaf
Time-Division Duplexing
Time-division duplex
Time Division Duplex
Time Division Duplexing
Time Division Duplexed
Time-division multiplexing
Time-Division Multiplexed
Time Division Multiplexing
Time Division Multiplexers
Telecom Data Intelligence
Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc
Trade Data Interchange
Trading Data Interchange
Tower Data Link System
Time-division multiple
Time Division Multiplexor
Time-division multiple access
Time-Division Multiple-Access
Time-Division Multi-Access
Time Division Multiplex Access
Time Divisional Multiple Access
Time Division Multiplexing Access
Time Division, Multiple Access
Time Division Multiplexed Access
Time Division Multiple-Access
Time Domain Multiple Access
Tactical Data Network
Time Distance of Arrival
Technology Demonstrator Programme
Telocator Data Protocol
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
Tracking and Data Relay System
Tracking & Data Relay Satellite System
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite Systems
Tracking and Data Relay Satellites
Tracking Data Relay Satellite System
Transmitter Enable
Treasury Enforcement Communications System
Tail-End Hop-Off
tail-end hop off
Trans-European Lines
Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce
Telephony Earth Station
Transportable Earth Station
Time Frequency Code
Times Fiber Communications
Transport Format Resource Combination
Terrestrial Flight Telecommunications System
Terrestrial Flight Telephone System
The Health Communication Unit
Tomlinson-Harashima precoding
Tomlinson Harashima Precoding
Transmit Holding Register
Transmit Hold Register
Time Hopping Spread Spectrum
Transmit Interrupt
Telecommunication Industrial Association
Telecommunications Industry of America
Telecommunications Industry Associations
Telecommunications Industry Association / Electronic Industries Alliance
Teknekron Information Bus
Technologie de l'information et de la communication
Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
Technologies de l'Information et des Communications
Texas Internet Consulting
Technologies de l'Information et de La Communication dans l'Enseignement
Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication pour l'Enseignement
Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication pour l'éducation
Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan
Transmit Interrupt Enable
Transmitting Interrupt Enabled
Telephone Interface Module
Terminal Identification Number
Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture
Transparent Inter Process Communication
Transparent Inter-Process Communication
Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonisation over Networks
Telecommunications and Information Policy Institute
Terminal Interface Unit
Telecommunication Laboratories
Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication
Transaction Layer Packets
Top Level Specification
Transmitter Location System
Transfer Module
Technology, Media & Communications
Technology Marketing Corporation
Telecommunications Management Group
Trunked Mode Operation
Text Messaging Service
Temporary Mobile Station Identity
Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identification
Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identify
Timeslot Number
Terminal Node Controller
Third National Communication
Telecommunications Network Management
Telecommunication & Network Services
Test Of English For International Communication
Test of English for International Communications
Transaction Program
Transition Point
Turbo product codes
Transmission Protocol Data Units
Transmission Protocol Data Unit
Two Person Integrity
Telecommunications Policy Research Conference
Telecommunications Research Laboratory
Telecommunications Regulatory Agency
Telecom Regularity Authority of India
Transcoder Rate Adapter Unit
Transcoding and Rate Adaptation Unit
Transmit Reject Filter
Telecommunications Research Institute of Ontario
Tamper Resistant Module
Token Ring Network
Telecommunications Relay Services
Telecom Relay Service
Telephone Relay Service
Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve
Trunking System Controller
Technically Safe For Work
Totally Safe For Work
Transformed Social Interaction
Trans-Siberia Line
Telecommunication Service Provider
Telecommunications Service Provider
Transport Service Providers
Transmit Shift Register
Telemetry Tracking and Control
Telemetry Tracking & Command
Tracking, Telemetry and Control
Tracking, Telemetry, and Command
tracking, telemetry, and control
Tracking, Telemetry & Control
Tracking Telemetry and Command
Tactical Terminal Adapters
the Time-Triggered Protocol
Telemetry Tracking and Control
Time-Triggered Controller Area Network
Time Triggered Controller Area Network
Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation
The Time-Triggered Ethernet
Through The Earth
Team Telecom Group
Terminal Translation Initialization
Transmission Timing Interval
Transmit Time Intervals
Transparent Tone In Band
Transparent Tone-In-Band
Telephone Twisted Pair
Time-Triggered Protocol
Time Triggered Protocol
University of Asia
User Authentication Key
Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory
Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter
Universal Asynchronous Receive and Transmit
Universal Asynchronous Receive Transmit
Universal Asynchronous Receive-Transmit
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitters
Unicast Access Terminal Identifier
Utah Communications Agency Network
Uganda Communication Commission
Unified Command Center
Universal Communications Identifier
Universal Communications Language
University Communications and Marketing
Unrestricted Digital Information
University of Electro-Communications
Universal Encoder Communication Protocol
User Equipments
Universal Identity Module
User Identity Modules
User Identification Module
l'Union internationale des télécommunications
Union Internationale des Telecommunications
Upper Layer Protocols
Univeral Mobile Telecommunications System
Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service
Universal Mobile Telecomunications System
Universal Mobile Telephone Standard
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System-Time-Division
United Pan-Europe Communications
United Nations Information and Communication Technologies
Universal Paging Access Module
Uplink Power Control
Unlicensed Personal Communications Services
Unlicensed Personal Communications Service
University Relations
Unsolicited Result Code
Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa
Universal Service and Access Fund
Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter
Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
Ultra Small Aperture Terminals
United States Digital Cellular
United States Internet Council
United States International Communication Agency
User Service Identity Module
User Services Identity Module
Uniform Service Order Code
Universal Service Provision
Universal Software Radio Peripheral 2
Universal Synchronous Receiver Transmitter
User Security Settings
United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
United States Telecommunications Training Institute
United States Telecommunication Training Institute
Ultra Short Wave
User Terminal
User Terminals
Utilities Telecom Council
Utilities Telecommunications Council
United Technologies Microelectronics Center
Unix to Unix Communication Protocol
Usability and User Experience
Vehicle to Roadside
Vehicle to Vehicle
Vehicle Adapter Amplifier
Voice Broadcast Service
Visual Communication
Visual Communication Design
Vicinity Coupling Device
Vehicle Communication Interface Module
Video Communication Processor
Vehicle Communication Scanner
Virtual Channels
Voice Communication Switching System
Vietnam Data Communication
Vehicular Delay-Tolerant Networks
Vehicular Delay Tolerant Network
Variant Field
Voice Group Call Service
Virtual Institute of Information
Video Image Processing
Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders
Voice Information System
Vehicle Interface Unit
Visible Light Communication
Visible Light Communications Consortium
Visited Location Register
Visit Location Register
Visitor Location Registers
Virtual Machine Communication Interface
Vehicle-Mounted Earth Stations
Visited Network
Vehicular Networking Conference
Virtual Network Embedding
Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems
Vehicle Navigation System
Voice Output Communication Aid
Voice Output Communication Aids
Vovida Open Communication Application Library
Vector Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Voice-Over Network
Voice Over Network
Voice on the Net
Voice over Secure Internet Protocol
Voice Operated eXchange
Video Programming Accessibility Advisory Committee
Virtual Private Branch Exchange
Verizon Partner Program
Variable Pulse Position Modulation
Voice Processing Unit
Variable Pulse Width Modulated
Voice Quality Testing
Virtual Resource Block
Vehicle-to-Roadside Communication
Vehicle Safety Communications
Video Relay Service
Video Relay Services
Very Small Aperature Terminal
Vehicle Safety Communication Consortium
vector-sum excited linear predictive
Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictive
Vector Sum Excited Linear Predictors
Vehicular Sensor Networks
Vehicular Technology
Virtual Team
Video Tele Conference
Virtual Traffic Lights
White Alice Communications System
Wireless Access Communications System
Wireless And Mobile
Windows Activation Service
Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments
Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments
Wireless Access for Vehicular Environment
Wireless Body Area Networks
Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
Wavelength Converter
Wireless Communication Centre
Web Cache Communication Protocol
Web Cache Communications Protocol
Wideband, Code Division Multiple Access
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access-Цифровои
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access-Цифровой
World Chemical Engineering Council
Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Communications Foundation
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Wireless Communications and Networking
Wireless Communications Network
Wireless Computer Networks
Wireless Communications Networks
Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
Wireless Communication and Networking Conference
Wireless Communications, Networking and Information Security
World Complexity Science Academy
Wireless Communications and Signal Processing
Weapons Data Link
Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge
Westchester Emergency Communications Association
Wireless Emergency Response Team
Workshop on Factory Communication Systems
Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications
white Gaussian noise
Wideband Gapfiller Satellite
Wideband Gapfiller System
Wideband Gapfiller Satellites
White House Communication Agency
Wireless Information Networking Group
Wireless Metro Area Network
Wireless Local Area Networks
Wireless Local Area Networking
Wireless Local Are Networks
Wireless Local Area Networks
Wireless local-area networks
Workshop on Internet Scale Event Notification
Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information
Wireless Media Access Control
Workshop on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
Wireless Mobile Communications
Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference
Wireless Networking and Communications Group
Wireless Monitoring Organisation
Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Wireless Next Generation
Wireless Optics
Wireless and Optical Communications
Wireless and Optical Communications Conference
Wireless and Optical Communication Conference
Wireless and Optical Communications Networks
Wireless & Optical Communications Conference
Wireless Office System
Wireless Personal Area Network
Wireless Personal Area Networks
Wireless Personal-Area Network
Wireless Personal Area Networking
Wireless Private Branch Exchange
Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications
Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication
Wireless Point-to-Point Link
Wireless Point to Point Link
Wireless Priority Service
Wainhouse Research
Women's Rights Programme
Workshop on Smart Antennas
Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Wireless Sensor Actuator Networks
Wireless Sensor Network
Wireless Sensors Networks
Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
Wireless Sensor Networks
Washington Space Business Roundtable
World Satellite Business Week
World Spirit Forum
Wireless Systems Laboratory
Wireless Systems Lab
Weapon System Manager
Wave Short Message Protocol
Wavelength Switched Optical Networks
Wireless Service Provider
Wireless Soft Switch
World Service Trust
Wired Train Bus
Extended Data Rate
Extendible Markup Language
eXpress Transport Protocol
Zone of Exclusion