Popular Community acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Agree to Disagree
Adams Avenue Business Association
Area Advisory Council
American Association for Community Dental Programs
African American Community Health Advisory Committee
Advocates Against Domestic Abuse
ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Programme
ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme
ASEAN Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme
ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Programme Regional Partnership Scheme
ASEAN Automotive Federation
Asian American Federation
Asian American Institute
Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health
Arab American Political Action Committee
Asian-American Pacific Islander
Asian-American and Pacific Islander
ASEAN-Australia Postharvest System Improvement Programme
ASEAN-AVRDC Regional Network for Vegetable Research and Development
Asian-African Sub-Regional Organisation Conference
ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution
Adult Autism Waiver
ASEAN Business Advisory Council
Advisory Body on ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology
Advisory Body of the ASEAN Science Fund
Action for Boston Community Development
Acquired Brain Injury
Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service
Applied Behavioral Science
Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language
Atheist Community of Austin
Allegheny Center Alliance Church
Adult Community Autism Program
Aroostook County Action Program
Alaska Community Action on Toxics
ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
ASEAN Compliance Body
AFTA-CER Business Council
ASEAN China Business Council
ASEAN Central Bank Forum
Acquisition Community Connection
Anacostia Coordinating Council
ASEAN Coordinating Council
Animal Crossing Community
Annandale Christian Community for Action
Athens Community Council on Aging
Adult Catechesis in the Christian Community
ASEAN Common Competencies Program
Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support
AFTA-CER CEP Implementation and Coordination Group
ASEAN-China Cooperative Operations in Response to Dangerous Drugs
Accrediting Commission for Community and Precollegiate Arts Schools
Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance
ASEAN Conference on Civil Service Matters
ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality
ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality-Closer Economic Relation
Appalachian Coal Country Team
ASEAN Convention on Counter-Terrorism
ASEAN Coordinators of Customs Training Centre
Association for Community Design
Albany Community Development Agency
ASEAN Customs Directors on Enforcement and Mutual Assistance
ASEAN Customs Directors on Information and Communication Technology
ASEAN Committee on DIsaster Management
Academic-Community Engagement
Action Community for Entrepreneurship
Adult & Community Education
Adult Community Education
Alternatives for Community and Environment
Alternatives for Community & Environment
Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment
ASEAN Centre for Energy
ASEAN Committee on Education
ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement
ASEAN Centre for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives
Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government
Active Case Finding
Arizona Community Foundation
ASEAN Cultural Fund
Atlanta Community Food Bank
ASEAN Consultative Forum for Competition
ASEAN-China Free Trade Area
Army Community Hospital
Association of Community Health Nurse Educators
Access Crisis Intervention
Advisory Committee on Interdisciplinary, Community-Based Linkages
Advanced Community Information Systems
ASEAN-China Joint Cooperation Committee
Administration for Community Living
Adult and Community Learning Fund
Adult and Community Learning Services
Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer
African Common Market
Alliance for Community Media
Affiliated Community Medical Centers
ASEAN Capital Markets Forum
Anchorage Community Mental Health Services
Accelerated Community Oncology Research Network
Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now
Association of Communities Organized for Reform Now
Adobe Community Professional
ASEAN Cooperation Plan
Albemarle County Police Department
Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach
Action with Communities in Rural England
Alternative Community Service
American Community Surveys
ArsDigita Community System
Autonomous Communities
Albemarle County Service Authority
Avon Community School Corporation
ASEAN-China Senior Officials Consultation
Alliance for Community Trees
Alliance for Community Technology
American Community Television
Appalachian & the Community Together
Appalachian and the Community Together
ASEAN Consultation to Solve Trade and Investment Issues
Assertive Community Treatment
Assertive Community Team
Assertive Community Treatment Association
Assertive Community Treatment Team
Assertive Community Treatment Teams
ASEAN Center for Combating Transnational Crime
ASEAN Common Technical Dossiers
ASEAN Common Technical Requirements
ASEAN Communication Team for Tourism
Active Community Unit
Asset of Community Value
ASEAN Customs Valuation Guide
ASEAN Committee on Women
ASEAN-China Working Group on Development Cooperation
Approval Date
Atmospheric Data Access for the Geospatial User Community
ASEAN Development Cooperation Forum
ASEAN Datacom Coordinating Group
Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
ASEAN Directors-General of Immigration Departments and Consular Affairs Division
ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting
Area Development Program
ASEAN Agricultural Development Planning Centre
Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre
Area Development Programs
Adventist Development and Relief Agency
Adventist Development Relief Agency
Aging & Disability Resource Center
Aging & Disability Resource Connection
Aging & Disability Resource Centers
Aging Disability Resource Connection
Aging Disability Resource Center
ASEAN Defence Senior Officials' Meeting
Alliance Development Trust
Administrative Entity
ASEAN Energy Business Forum
African Economic Community
ASEAN Economic Community
Asean Economics Community
Asia Economic Community
Asian Economic Community
Asean Ekonomi Comunity
Arkansas Economic Development Commission
ASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan
ASEAN Environmental Education Inventory Database
ASEAN-EC Energy Management, Training and Research Centre
ASEAN Experts Group
ASEAN Ad-hoc Experts Working Group on International Forest Policy Process
ASEAN Experts Group on Competition
ASEAN Expert Group on Communicable Diseases
ASEAN Expert Group Meeting on Disaster Management
ASEAN Expert Group on Food Safety
ASEAN Earthquake Information Centre
ASEAN Economic Ministers' Meeting
ASEAN Energy Manager Accreditation Scheme
ASEAN-European Community Management Centre
ASEAN Ministers' Meeting on Energy Cooperation
ASEAN-EU Ministerial Meeting
Aotearoa Ethnic Network
Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency
ASEAN Environmental Partnership
ASEAN Plus Three Emerging and Resurging Infections Surveillance and Response Programme
Alternative Energy Resources Organization
ASEAN Emergency Rice Reserve
ASEAN Environment Year
ASEAN Foundation
Arlington Food Assistance Center
All Faith and None
All Faiths and None
ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services
Army Family Covenant
ASEAN Food Conference
Association of Free Community Papers
Armed Forces Community Service
ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies
ASEAN Forum on Energy Efficiency and Conservation
Asean Federation of Forwarders Association
ASEAN Food Handling Bureau
Air Force Knowledge Now
ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting
Asia Forest Network
Austin Free-Net
ASEAN Forum on Coal
Adult Fan of Lego
ASEAN Fisheries Postharvest Technology Centres
ASEAN Forest Product Industry Club
ASEAN Focal Points on Tobacco Control
ASEAN Food Security Information System
ASEAN Food Security lnformation and Training
ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board
ASEAN Free Trade Area
Away From The Keyboard
Anime Female Wrestling
Assume Good Faith
Agile Government Leadership
ASEAN Government Officials Meetings
Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council
The ASEAN Co-ordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on disaster management
Arctic Human Development Report
Affordable Housing Education and Development
Area Health Education Center
ASEAN Agricultural Hazards Early Warning System
Asian Heritage Foundation
ASEAN Heads of Investment Agencies
Albemarle Housing Improvement Program
ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting
Aboriginal Housing Office
Advocates for Human Potential
Animal Health and Production Information System for ASEAN
ASEAN Hip-Hop Pass
ASEAN Declaration on Heritage Parks and Reserves
ASEAN Heritage Parks
Asian Harm Reduction Network
Aboriginal Health Service
ASEAN Heads of Statistical Offices Meeting
ASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature
ASEAN Harmonised Tariff Nomenclature Review Committee
ASEAN-India Business Council
ASEAN Insurance Commisioner
ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights
ASEAN Industrial Coope.ration
Amsterdam International Community School
ASEAN-India Digital Archive Project
Administration for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
ASEAN-lndia Economic Linkages Task Force
ASEAN Institute of Forest Management
ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organisation Fact-Finding Committee to Combat the Drug Menace
ASEAN-India joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee
ASEAN Industrial Joint Venture
Arlington Independent Media
Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism
Aging in Place
ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly
Asean Inter-Parliamentary Organization
ASEAN Investment Report
Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition
Appalachian Institute for Renewable Energy
ASEAN Insurance Regulators Meeting
Alliance for Information and Referral Systems
African Immigrant Services
Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Asian Institute of Technology
ASEAN Insurance Training and Research Institute
Armenian International Women's Association
ASEAN-Japan Centre
ASEAN-Japan Committee on Comprehensive Economic Partnership
ASEAN-Japan Closer Economic Partnership
ASEAN-Japan Closer Economic Partnership Expert Group
ASEAN-Japan Consultative Group Meeting
ASEAN Japan Development Fund
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
ASEAN Journalist Visit Programme
ASEAN Journal for Science and Technology Development
ASEAN Japan Urban Transportation
ASEAN-Korea Environment Cooperation
ASEAN-Korea Experts Group
ASEAN-ROK Free Trade Area
Aga Khan Rural Support Program
Advancing Kosovo Together
ASEAN-Korea Trade Negotiating Group I Trade Negotiating Committee
Association of Leaders
ASEAN Investment Area
Action Learning, Action Research Association
African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries
ASEAN Law Ministerial Meeting
ASEAN Leadership Forum
ASEAN Legal Information Authority
ASEAN Information Infrastructure
ASEAN Labour Ministers
ASEAN Labor Ministers Meeting
ASEAN Interconnection Masterplan Study
Adult Learning Program
Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal
ASEAN Intellectual Property Association
ASEAN Institute for Peace and. 'Reconciliation
Active Living Research
Active Member
Advanced Member
Alpha Member
Ask me almost anything
ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry
Ask Me Anythings
ASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation
ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Cu lture and Arts
ASEAN Minerals Cooperation Action Plan
Alaska Marine Conservation Council
Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
ASEAN Member Countries
AEM-MITI Economic and Industrial Cooperation committee
ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting
Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim and South Asian
Anime Manga Haven
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Haze
All Malaysia Malayalee Association
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the Environment
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Social Welfare and Development
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Women
ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth
Aboriginal Mapping Network
ASEAN Macroeconomic Outlook
ASEAN Ministers on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication
ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information
ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information Technical Working Group
ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Social Welfare
ASEAN Ministers for Science and Technology
Anime Music Videos
Action for Neighbourhood Change
Adirondack North Country Association
Australian National Development Index
ASEAN Natural Disasters Information Network
ASEAN News Exchange
Auxiliary Nurse Midwives
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
ASEAN Network of Water Resource Agencies
ASEAN-New Zealand Economic Cooperation Programme
Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trading A1Tangement
ASEAN-New Zealand Joint Management Committee
Association of Analytical Communities
Artist of the Month
Assertive Outreach Team
American Planners Association
Austin Polytechnical Academy
ASEAN Port Authorities Association
ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation
All Partners Access Network
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology
ASEAN Policy Blueprint for Small and Medium Enterprise Development
Advancing Partners and Communities
Area Planning Commission
Asian and Pacific Coconut Community
Asian Pacific Coconut Community
Antwerp Port Community System
ASEAN Promotional Chapters for Tourism
Asian Pacific Development Center
ASEAN Poultry Disease Research And Training Centre
Asian-Pacific Economic Community
Asian Pacific Economic Council
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth
Asian Pacific Environmental Network
Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre
ASEAN Programme on Industrial Relations
ASEAN Power Grid
ASEAN Plant Health Cooperation Network
Americans and Pacific Islanders
and Pacific Islander
Asian and Pacific Islander
Asian and Pacific Islanders
Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association
Asian and Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance
Asian Pacific Islander Obesity Prevention Alliance
Asian Pacific Islander Student Union
ASEAN-Pakistan Joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee
Aged Persons Mental Health Services
Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers
Association of Professional Reserve Analysts
ASEAN-EU Programme for Regional Integration Support
ASEAN Poultry Research and Training Center
ASEAN Political Security Community
ASEAN Political-Security Community
Association of People Supporting Employment
Arondizuogu Patriotic Union
Asia-Pacific University-Community Engagement Network
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara
Adult Resource Center
Advocacy Resource Center
Alliance of Rouge Communities
American Refugee Council
ASEAN Research Centre
Associated Recreation Council
ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity Conservation
Area Resources for Community and Human Services
Asia Regional Cooperation to Prevent People Trafficking
Arrowhead Regional Development Commission
ASEAN Regional Development Centre for Mineral Resources
ASEAN Regional Forum
ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-Sessional Meeting on Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime
Atherosclerosis Risk in the Communities
ASEAN ISP Association
ASEAN Regional Internet Exchange
Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services
Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Arab Resource & Organizing Center
Area Redevelopment Plan
ASEAN Regional Programme on Disaster Management
Armenian Relief Society
Association for Research in the Voluntary and Community
ASEAN-Russia Working Group on Trade, Economic Cooperation
ASEAN Rural Youth Development Centre
Activity Start
ASEAN Statisticallndicators
ASEAN Swap Arrangement
After School Activities Program
After School Assistance Program
Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention
ASEAN Services Access Platform
Alliance of South Asians Taking Action
Anti-Social Behaviour
Anti Social Behaviour
ASEAN Security Community
ASEAN Standing Committee
ASEAN Socio-cultural Community
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Health and Nutrition
Agile Software Community of India
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Labour Affairs
Association of Specialized & Cooperative Library Agencies
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Education
ASEAN Council on Petroleum
ASEAN Surveillance Coordinating Unit
Association of Southeast Asia Nations
ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry
ASEAN Chiefs of Police
ASEAN Sectoral Mutual Recognition Arrangement for Electrical and Electronic Equipment
ASEAN Tourism Association
ASEAN Education Ministers Meeting
ASEAN Europe Meeting
ASEAN Subregional Environment Programme
Architecture Sans Frontieres
ASEAN Science Fund
ASEAN Social Forestry Network
ASEAN Senior Finance Officials Meeting
ASEAN Senior Labour Officials Meeting
ASEAN Senior Law Officials Meeting
Accredited Social Health Activist
Asian Services in Action
AIDS Services In Asian Communities
ASEAN Shrimp Industry Task Force
Academic Service Learning
Artisanal and Small-scale Mining
ASEAN Specialized Metvorological Center
ASEAN Network for Environment Management
ASEAN Network for Rapid Exchange for Strong Earthquake Data
After School Online
ASEAN Senior Officials on Drug Matters
ASEAN Senior Officials on Forestry
ASEAN Senior Official Meeting on Minerals
ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment
Adopt-A-School Program
ASEAN Surveillance Process
ASEAN-UNDP Sub-Regional Programme Cycle Five
ARF Security Policy Conference
ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on the Environment
Australian South Sea Islander
ASEAN Science and Technology Community for Innovation, Competitiveness and Knowledge
ASEAN Science and Technology Management and Commercialisation System
ASEAN Science and Technology Information Network
ASEAN Surveillance Technical Support Unit
ASEAN Science and Technology Week
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Women
ASEAN Sub-Committee on Youth
ASEAN Social Work Consortium
ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Agricultural Cooperatives
ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Fisheries
ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Livestock
ASEAN Single Window Steering Committee
Appropriate Technology
At Time
ASEAN Traffic Control
Amador-Tuolumne Community Action Agency
ASEAN Tourism Forum
ASEAN Task Force on AIDS
ASEAN Task Force on Social Safety Net
ASEAN Tourism Information Centre
ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting
Access to Nutrition Index
ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators Council
ASEAN Timber Technology Centre
ASEAN Tourism Training and Education Network
Alternatives to Violence
Association for Utah Community Health
ASEAN University Network
ASEAN University Network Board of Trustee
ASEAN-EU University Network Programme
ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Network
ASEAN University Network lnter-Library Online
ASEAN-UNDP Partnership Facility
Aloha United Way
Army Volunteer Corps
ASEAN Virtual Institute of Science and Technology
ASEAN Vegetable Oils Club
Anti-Violence Project
Anti Violence Project
ASEAN Volunteers Programme
Antelope Valley Partners for Health
American Women's Association
ASEAN Working Group
ASEAN Working Group on ASEAN Seas and Marine Environment
ASEAN Working Group on Coastal and Marine Environment
ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on Agriculture and Training Extention
ASEAN Working Group on Customs Matters
ASEAN Working Group on Environmental Economics
ASEAN Working Group on Environmental Management
ASEAN Working Group on Environmental Information, Public Awareness and Education
ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities
Brother to Brother
Business 2 Community
Boston Alliance for Community Health
Boston Area Community Health
Bay Area Community Resources
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic
Black and Minority Ethnic
Black Asian and Minority Ethnic
Bay Area Restoration Council
Boston Application Security Conference
Before & After School Enrichment
Before and After School Enrichment
British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres
Brand-to-Brand Complementation
British Born Chinese
Brussels British Community Association
Bureau of Behavioral Health
B'nai B'rith International
Be Back Shortly
B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
Battle Creek
Brooklyn Community Access Television
Building a Caring Community
Black Community Crusade for Children
Boone County Community Network
Brooklyn Community Foundation
Boulder Community Health
Boulder Community Hospital
Bwindi Community Hospital
Baltimore City Health Department
Bonobo Conservation Initiative
Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation
Basic Community Profile
Boston Centers for Youth & Families
Bureau of Developmental Services
Bank Enterprise Award
Basic Ecclesial Communities
Basic Ecclesial Communities
Basic Education Community Schools
Based Energy Development
Business and Economic Development Center
Basic Education Development Project
Black Environment Network
Business Emergency Recovery Group
Better Environmentally Sound Transportation
Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training
Blacksburg Electronic Village
Bible Fellowship Church
Bicycle Friendly Community
Brickell Homeowners Association
Bringing Health Information to the Community
Behavioral Health Network
Behavioral Health Services
Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Specialist
Bloomington High School South
Barangay Health Workers
Business Improvement Areas
Baha'i International Community
Bio Intensive Gardening
Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area
Balancing Incentives Program
Biodiversity Information Sharing System
Business in the Community
Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital
Bureau of Jewish Education
Bronfman Jewish Education Centre
Building Learning Communities
Big Lottery Fund
Black Male Development Symposium
Black and Minority Ethnic
Black Male Engagement
Black Minority Ethnic
British Muslim Forum
Bicycle Master Plan
Brownfield Opportunity Area
Brownfield Opportunity Areas
Business Outreach Center
Brandeis Orthodox Organization
Balance Of Payment
Board of the Month
Border Philanthropy Partnership
Bureau for Population, Refugees and Migration
Business Retention & Expansion
Business Retention and Expansion
Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies
Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service
Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization
Bisexual Resource Center
Boca Raton Community Hospital
Business Retention & Expansion
Business Retention and Expansion
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Black River Falls Municipal Utilities
Backup Related Information Collector and Keeper
Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition
Bilateral Swap Agreements
Benefit Sharing Mechanism
Bus Service Operators Grant
Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
Criteria and Indicators
Children and Nature Network
Communities and Technologies
Community Emergency Response Team
Community Emergency Response Teams
Community Oriented Policing Services
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Cluster 2
Committed to Caring
Cradle to Career
Connect to Protect
Connect 4 Mental Health
Civic Action
Community Association
Citizens Academy Alumni Association
Community Action Against Asthma
Community Alliance Against Family Abuse
Community Action Against Homophobia
Community Action Association of Pennsylvania
China Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Community Action Agency of Somerville
Citizen Advisory Board
Citizens Advisory Board
Community Advisory Board
Community Advisory Boards
Consumer Advisory Board
Citizen Advisory Boards
Community Advisory Boards
Community Action Board
Community Advice Bureau
Citizen Advisory Council
Citizens Advisory Committee
Community Advisory Council
Community Activity Center
Community Advisory Committee
Community America Credit Union
Central Arkansas Development Council
Certificate of Ancestral Domain Claim
Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title
Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship
Community Advocates for Family & Youth
Community Advisory Group
Community Advisory Groups
Community Advisory Groups
Community Action on Harm Reduction
Community Anchor Institution
Centre for Armenian Information and Advice
Centre for Armenian Information & Advice
Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies
Community Atmosphere Model
Community Association Managers International Certification Board
China-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Youth
Community Association Management Services
Community AIDS Network
Community Alliance Network
Community Access National Network
Christian Appalachian Project
Community-acquired Pneumonia
Community Acquired Pneumonia
Community Awareness Program
Community Action Project
Community Arts Partnership
Community Advisory Panels
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization
Child Abuse Prevention Program
Community Action for Popular Participation
Community Asthma Prevention Program
Community Awareness of Policing Program
Community-Acquired Pneumonia Recovery in the Elderly
Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy
Community Action Poverty Simulation
Community Action Projects
Community Abuse Prevention Services Agency
Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County
Communities Against Rape and Abuse
Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility
Centre for ASEAN Agriculture Research and Development Database
Community Assistance for Reconstruction, Development, and Stabilisation
Community Assessment Referral & Education
Cooperative Assistance and Relief Everywhere
Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association
Community and Regional Resilience Institute
Communities Advancing Resilience Toolkit
Community Animal Response Team
Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites
Community, Action and Service
Community Alcohol Service
Community and Service
Community Authorization Service
Community Areas
Coalition Against Substance Abuse
Community Amateur Sports Clubs
Community Amateur Sports Club
Community Amateur Sports Clubs
Center for the Advanced Study of Communities and Information
Canadian Association for Supported Employment
Citizenship and Service Education
Community Agency for Social Enquiry
Community Alliance for Self-Help
Community Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods
Communities and Small-scale Mining
Certified Aging Services Professional
Centre for Applied Social Research
Community Arts Stabilization Trust
Community Action Team
Community Action Teams
Community Alcohol Team
Community Assessment Team
Community Action Teams
Community Assessment Tool
Community Access to the Arts
Community Approaches to Total Sanitation
Community Assistance Unit
Community Assistance Visit
Community Adaptation and Vulnerability in Arctic Regions
Community Animal Welfare Footprint
Community Based
Community Board 4
Community Balance and Mobility
Can't Be Asked
Community-Based Adaptation
Community Base Addons
Community Based Assessment
Community Benefits Agreement
Community Benefit Agreements
Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention
Community Based Childcare Centres
Community Based Correctional Facility
Community-Based Disaster Risk Management
Community Based Disaster Risk Management
Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction
Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction
Community-Based Forest Management
Community Based Forest Management
Center for Black Equity
Citizens for a Better Environment
Community-Based Education
Community Based Education
Community-Based Enterprise
Community Based Enterprise
Community Based Economic Development
Community-Based Environmental Protection
Community Behavioral Health
Colorado Behavioral Healthcare Council
Community Breast Health Project
Community-Based Instruction
Community Based Instruction
Community Based Intervention
Community Based Nutrition
Community Based Networks
Community Based Information System
Community-Based Monitoring System
community-based monitoring systems
Community-Based Management
Community Basketball League
Community Beat Manager
Community Bicycle Network
Community Broadband Network
Community-Based Natural Resource Management
Community-Based Natural Resources Management
Community Based Natural Resources Management
Community Based Natural Resource Management
Community-Based Organisation
Community-Based Organization
Community-Based Organizations
Community Based Organizations
Community Based Organization
Community Based Organisation
Community Based Organisations
Community Based Organizations
Community-based Organizations
Community Based Organizations
Community Based Organisations
Community Based Public Health
Commons-based peer production
Community-Based Participatory Research
Community Based Participatory Research
Community-Based Research
Community Based Rehabilitation
Community Based Rehabilitation Services
Community Based Rehabilitation Service
Community Based Research
Community Benefit Society
Community Broadband Scotland
Community-Based Social Marketing
Center for Business and Technology
Columbia Basin Trust
Chevy Chase
Citizen Corps
Clubs and Centres
Code of Conduct
Community Coach
Community Conversations
Constructive Criticism
Customs Code
Christian Community Action
Commonwealth Cancer Association
Community Choice Aggregation
Community Corrections Act
Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction
Community and Corporate Affairs Department
Certified Community Action Professional
Comprehensive Community Action Program
Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery
Citizen Community Board
Community Centered Board
Climate, Community and Biodiversity
Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania
Campaign for Community Change
Chinese Culture Center
Citizen Corps Council
Computing Community Consortium
Community Computer Centre
Community Corrections Center
Community Correctional Centre
Community Correctional Center
Community Counseling Center
Cross-Cultural Center
Coordinating Committee on the Implementation of the CEPT Scheme for AFTA
Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre
Caribbean Community Climate Change Center
Central Coast Center for Independent Living
Climate Change Conference Parties
Centre for Community Development
Centre for Communication and Development
Community Capital Development
Center for Community Engagement
Community Capital Development Corporation
Center for Civic Engagement
Center for Culinary Enterprises
Coordinating Committee on Electronic Commerce
Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service
Center for Community and Economic Development
Community Coalition for Environmental Justice
Community Center for Education Results
Coastal Communities Fund
Compassion Capital Fund
Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants
Cambridge Community Fellowship Church
Codex Committee on Food Import and Export
Codex Committee on Fats and Oils
Codex Committee on General Principle
Center for Community Health
Center for Community Health Development
Community Child Health
Comprehensive Community Health Centers
Center for Community Health, Education & Research
Center for Community Health Education Research and Service
Center for Community Innovation
Center for Community Initiatives
Center for Court Innovation
Chamber of Commerce
Comprehensive Community Infrastructure
Coordinating Committee on Investment
Cross-Community Interoperability
Community Currencies in Action
Community Cross-License
Century Community Learning Centers
Cobscook Community Learning Center
Center for Creative Land Recycling
Community Case Management
Community Climate Model
Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination
Community Coordinated Modeling Center
Cargo Community Network
Coastal Communities Network
Center for Civic Networking
Chebucto Community Net
Communities Connect Network
Conservation Corps North Bay
Centre for Community Networking Research
Community for Creative Non-Violence
Community Corrections Officer
Camden Churches Organized for People
Community Clinical Oncology Program
Community Clinical Oncology Programs
Children's Community Pediatrics
Community Custody Program
Community-Campus Partnerships for Health
Community Campus Partnership for Health
Community Campus Partnerships for Health
Coordinated Community Response
Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Center for Community Research and Service
Central Community Relations Unit
Cargo Community System
Community Combat System
Catholic Community Services
Center for Community Solutions
Children's Community School
Coalition for Community Schools
Community Childcare Subvention
Comprehensive Community Services
Coordinating Committee on Services
Community Charter School of Cambridge
Community Climate System Model
Community Corporation of Santa Monica
Cobb Community Transit
Chicago Community Trust
Cobb County Transit
Commonwealth Community Trust
Community Core Vision
Citizens for Community Values
Churches Community Work Alliance
Conservation Council of Western Australia
Cross-Community Working Group
Cross Community Working Group
Community Development Banking
Community Development Authority
Cooperative Development Agency
Chinese Development Assistance Council
Community Development Advocates of Detroit
Community Drug Action Team
Community Development Councils
Community Development Committee
Community Development Committees
Community Development Centres
Community of Democratic Choice
Cooper Development Center
Center on Disability and Community Inclusion
Community Design Center of Pittsburgh
Community-Driven Development
Community Development District
Community Driven Development
Community Development Entity
Community Development Fund
Community Development Department
Community Developmental Disability Organization
Community Developmental Disabilities Organization
Community Developmental Disability Organizations
Community Developmental Disability Program
Community Drug Distributors
Community Dashboard Editor
Community Development Foundation
Constituency Development Funds
Community Development Finance Corporation
Community Development Finance Institution
Community Development Finance Institutions
Community Dental Health
Community Dental Health Coordinator
Community Dental Health Coordinators
Center for Digital Inclusion
Community Development Initiative
Community Development Library
Community Directed Interventions
Community for Data Integration
Community Disaster Loan
Community Development Loan Funds
Community Development Loan Funds
Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group
Communities Digital News
Cultural Development Network
Community Design Overlay
Community Development Officer
Community Development Office
Community Development Program
Community Development Project
Community Development Plan
Community Development Projects
Community Development Quota
Center for Disaster Preparedness
Child Development Program
Community Development Programme
Community Development and Planning
Center for Disability Rights
Community Dispute Resolution Center
Community Dispute Resolution Program
Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships
Community Day Schools
Community Development Service
Community Development Society
Community Development School
Community Development Worker
Community Development Workers
Confederation of Democratic Simulators
Community Dispute Settlement Center
Community Drug Team
Capital District Transportation Committee
Community Development Trust Fund
Community-directed treatment with ivermectin
Community Directed Treatment with Ivermectin
Community Development Venture Capital
Community Development Exchange
Communaute Europeenne
Community European
Community Edition
Community Engagement
Comunità Europea
Cambridge Energy Alliance
Canadian Electroacoustic Community
Christ Episcopal Church
City of Edinburgh Council
Clean Energy Collective
Commission of the European Communities
Commission of the European Community
Commission of European Communities
Community Education Centers
Community Education Councils
Community Environmental Council
Communauté Européenne du Charbon et de l'Acier
Communauté Européenne de Défense
Community and Economic Development
Community Economic Development
Corporation for Economic Development
Community Economic Development Center
Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Community Economic Development Initiative
Community Economic Development Investment Funds
Community Economic Development Strategy
Center for Economic and Environmental Development
Community Engagement Initiative
Center for Enriched Living
Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
Community Environmental Monitoring
Community Environmental Monitoring Program
Community of European Management Schools
Communities Empowerment Network
Community Empowerment Network
Community Emergency Notification System
Community Eligibility Option
Community Educational Outreach Service
Coastal Environment Program
Community Education Partners
Community Eligibility Provision
Community Empowerment Program
Community Empowerment Project
Community Engagement Program
Community English Program
Community Evaluation Program
Community Energy Plan
Community Engagement Programme
Community Engagement Panel
Community Expansion Pack
Community Experience Partnership
Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Closer Economic Partnerships
Concentrated Employment Program
Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network
Community Empowerment for Progress Organization
Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation
Common Effective Preferential Tariff
Community of European Railway
Community of European Railways
Community Economic Revitalization Board
Community Emergency Response Network
Campus-Community Emergency Response Team
Citizen Emergency Response Team
Citizen Emergency Response Teams
Citizens Emergency Response Team
Community Emergency Response Team
Community Emergency Response Teams
Community Emergency Response Training
Computer Emergency Response Team
Community Emergency Response Teams
Clean Energy Resource Teams
Community-Engaged Scholarship
Community Energy Storage
Community Environmental Services
Community Exchange System
Community of European Shipyards Associations
Community Energy Services Corporation
Community Empowerment and Social Inclusion
Community Earth System Model
Community Energy Saving Programme
Community Engagement Team
Community Epidemiology Work Group
Communities Empowering Youth
Community Forestry
Community Farm Alliance
Communities for All Ages
Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives
Caribbean Food Corporation
Community Fisheries Control Agency
Community First Credit Union
Community Futures Development Corporations
Community Facility Enhancement Program
Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore
Center for Family Policy and Practice
Chicagoland Fun Group
Community Foundation of Greater Flint
Community Foundation of the Great River Bend
Community First Health Plans
Community Forestry International
Community Forest Management
Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute
Christian Friends of Israeli Communities
Communities for People
Community Forests
Community Food Projects
Community Food Project
Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program
Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program
Community First Responder
Community Forest Rights
Center for Rural Affairs
Community Financial Resource Center
Community Fire Safety
Community Food Security Coalition
Community and Family Services International
Centre for the Study of Terrorism
Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide
Common Ground
Contact Group
Cleaner, Greener Communities
Community General Hospital
Consultative Group Meeting
Center for Governmental Research
Community and Government Services
Community Groups
Community Health Assessment
Community Health Advocates
Community Health Assessments
Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies
Community Health Awareness Council
Community Health Action Network
Community Health Access Project
Community Health Assist Scheme
Community Health Assessments
Community Health Assistants
Community Health Assessment Team
Community Health Advocates
Community Health Councils
Community Health Charities
Community Hygiene Concern
Community Health and Counseling Services
Community Health Department
Community Health Education
Community Health Fund
Community Health Funds
Community Health Environment Checklist
Child Hunger and Education Program
Community Health Education & Resources
Community Health Extension Workers
Colorado Health Foundation
Capitol Hill Housing
Community Health Index
Community Health Improvement Plan
Community Health Information Network
Community Health Information Networks
Community Health Information Networks
Community Health Improvement Partners
Community Health Improvement Process
Community Health Improvement Plans
Community Health Improvement Planning
Community Health Internship Program
Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
Community Health Information Technology Alliance
Community Health Information Tracking System
Community Health Initiative by University Students
Community Health Law Project
Council Health Management Team
Community Health Network
Community Health Nurses
Community Health Officer
Community Health Officers
Community Health Plan
Community Health Outreach Program
Community Health Outreach Worker
Community Health Project
Community Health Promotion
Community Housing Partners
Community-based Health Planning and Services
Community Health Planning and Services
Community Health Survey
Community Health Strategy
Community Health Promoters
Community Health Representative
Community Health Representatives
Community Health Representatives
Community Health Systems
Community Health Sciences
Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines
Cherry Hill Seminary
Community Human Services
Community Health Status Indicators
Chittagong Hill Tracts
Community Informatics
Community Information
Community Infrastructure
Community Integration
Community Investment
Community Impact Assessment
Chinese Information and Advice Centre
Community Interest Company
Community Interest Companies
Community Improvement Corporation
Community Investment Cash Advance
Carolinas Institute for Community Policing
Community Information Centres
Centre for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Community Information and Epidemiological Technologies
Community Infrastructure Fund
Community Infrastructure Levy
Community Integration and Habilitation
Community Investment Impact System
Center for Independent Living
Centers for Independent Living
Centre for Independent Living
Community Integrated Living Arrangement
Community Integrated Living Arrangements
Community Information Network
Common Interest Ownership Act
Community Improvement Plan
Community Initiative Programme
Community Involvement Programs
Community Involvement Program
Community Involvement Programme
Community Institute for Psychotherapy
Community Involvement Project
Community Integration Questionnaire
Community Information and Referral
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
Community Informatics Research Network
Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence
Client Information System
Communities in Schools
Communities In School
Community Innovation Survey
Community Innovation Surveys
Community Integrated Services
Community Investment Strategies
Critical Intervention Services
Community Information Strategies Australia
Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture
Chinese Information and Service Center
Community Ice Sheet Model
Cultural Interpretation Services for our Communities
Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species
Community Independent Transaction Log
Community Investment Tax Relief
Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement
Communities Joined in Action
Community Justice Centre
Council for Jewish Elderly
Court of Justice of the European Communities
Cleveland Jewish News
Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community
Community Knowledge Center
Community Knowledge Centers
Community Knowledge Worker
Community Knowledge Workers
Community Liaison
Community License
Civic Leadership Academy
Community Leadership Alliance
Community Legal Advice
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States
Community Living and Support Services
Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend
Christian Life Community
Collaborative Learning Community
Community Learning Center
Community Learning Centers
Community Learning Centre
Community Learning Centres
Community Learning Centres
Community Learning Centers
Communities Liaison Committee
Community Liaison Committee
Community Legal Centres
Connected Learning Community
Central London Community Healthcare
Concentrated Language Encounter
Community Law Enforcement and Recovery
Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility
Community Legal Education Center
Community Legal Information Centre
Centre for Local Economic Strategies
Community Language Learning
Community Led Local Development
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar
Community Land Model
Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam
Community Learning Network
Community Liaison Officer
Classification, Labeling and Packaging
Community Legal Services
Community Legal Service
Community Living Services
Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto
Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida
Community Leadership Team
Community-led Total Sanitation
Community Led Total Sanitation
Community Land Use Game
Community Management
Community Member
Council Member
Community Manager Appreciation Day
Community Mapping Assistance Project
Community Multiscale Air Quality
Community Modeling and Analysis System
Community Management Corporation
Community Medical Center
Community Music Center
Community Mediation Centres
Community Multimedia Centre
Community Multimedia Centres
Certified Managers of Community Associations
Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol
Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction
Community Midwifery Education
Community Modeling Environment
Community Media Forum Europe
Center for Minority Health
County Mental Health
Community Mental Health
Community Mental Health Services
Community Mental Health Services Program
Community Memorial Health System
Caribbean Meteorological Institute
Chiang Mai Initiative
Caribbean Meteorological Organization
Caribbean Meteorological Organisation
Community Ministries of Rockville
Canberra Multicultural Service
Community Music School
Community of Mediterranean Universities
Community Network
Community Network for Manchester
Community Needs Assessment
Community Network Analysis
Community National Bank
Corporation for National & Community Service
Corporation for National Community Service
Center for Nonprofit Excellence
Center for Nonprofit Management
Community Noise Equivalent Level
Collingwood Neighbourhood House
Community Networks Program
Community Network Program
Community Network Services
Community Networks
Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management
Chinese Newcomers Service Center
Caribbean Network for Urban and Land Management
Central New York
Community Organizing
Content Object
Community Outreach And Cardiovascular Health
Community Organizations Active in Disaster
Community Organizations Active in Disasters
Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development
Crisis Outreach and Support Team
Church of the Brethren
Codes of Conduct
Council on Culture and Arts
Council on Culture & Arts
Committee on Culture and Information
Community of Democracies
Certificate of Eligibility
Community of Evaluators
Community Outreach and Engagement Core
Council of Foundations
Council on Foundations
Committee on Finance and banking
Committee on Food and Agriculture
Children of Far East Prisoners of War
Community Organizing and Family Issues
Children of God Relief Institute
Circle of Hope
Community of Interests
Community of Inquiry
Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
Committee on Industry, Minerals and Energy
Community of Interest Network
Clean Development Mechanism
Citizen Observer Patrol
Communities of Practice
Community Of Practice
Community of Practise
Community-Oriented Policing
Community Oriented Policing
Community Outreach Program
Conference of Parties
Community Organization, Planning and Administration
Community Organizing Participatory Action Research
Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving
Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving
Community Oriented Policing & Problem Solving
Communities Organized for Public Service
community-oriented policing services
Community Oriented Policing Services
Community Oriented Police Services
Community Oriented Policing Service
Community Oriented Policing System
Community Oriented Policing Strategy
Christian Outreach Relief and Development
Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies
Chief of Security
Community of Science
Community Outreach Services
Circles of Support and Accountability
Coalition of Services of the Elderly
Committee on Social Development
Committee on Scienced Technology
Caribbean Organisation of Tax Administrators
Church of the Apostles
Committee on Transportation and Communication
Coalition On Temporary Shelter
Committee on Temporary Shelter
Committee on the Shelterless
Committee on Trade and Tourism .
Collaboration Of The Week
Central Oregon Veterans Outreach
Commission on Youth
Community Policing
Community Participation
Community Partners
Consolidated Plan
Citizen Police Academy
Community Preservation Act
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Community Partnership for Arts and Culture
Community Planning Advisory Councils
Community Planning & Advocacy Council
Center for the Pacific Asian Family
Community-based Participatory Action Research
Community Protected Areas
Childs Play Corner
Chinese Presbyterian Church
Climate Protection Campaign
Community Partnership Center
Community Patent Convention
Community Policing Consortium
Community Police Commission
Cooperation with the Professional Community
Country Program Coordinator
Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network
College of Public and Community Service
Cincinnati Police Department
Community Planning and Economic Development
Community Priority Evaluation
Community Provider of Enrichment Services
Community Policing Forum
Community Police Forum
Community Planning Group
Center for Population Health and Health Disparities
Centers for Population Health and Health Disparities
Community Partners International
Community Prevention Initiative
Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs
Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Need
Community of Portuguese Language Countries
Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguesa
Clique Percolation Method
Creative Photographers Markham
Cooperative Programme on Marine Science
Community Partnership Network
Community Power Network
Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program
Community Protection Notices
Chief Program Officer
Community Post Office
Community Patrol Officer Program
Citizen Participation Plan
Community Partnerships for Protecting Children
Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire
Communities Putting Prevention to Work
Common Property Resource
The Committee of Permanent Representatives to ASEAN
Community Partnership of Southern Arizona
Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence
Crime Prevention Through Environment Design
Community Pediatrics Training Initiative
Community Policing Unit
Community Plant Variety Office
Council on Quality and Leadership
Council on Quality Leadership
Community of the Resurrection
Community Residences
Community Relations
Community Recreation Association
Community Redevelopment Agency
Community Redevelopment Area
Community Reinforcement Approach
Community Risk Assessment
Community Reinforcement and Family Training
Creative Recreation for Adventurous People
Community Redevelopment Agencies
Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums
Community Relations Board
Community Rehabilitation Center
Community Resource Center
Community Recycling Centres
Community Relations Coordinator
Community Resource Coordinator
Community Resource Connections
Community Rights Counsel
Convention on the Rights of Children
Community Rehabilitation Companies
Comprehensive Risk Counseling & Services
Community Resource Connections of Toronto
Centre for Rural Development
Community Revitalization through Democratic Action
Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
Cambodian Rural Development Team
Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services
Colorado Rural Health Center
Community Refugee and Immigration Services
Community Resource Information System
Commission for Racial Justice
Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing
Community Reference Laboratory
Coastal Resources Management
Coastal Resource Management
Community Resiliency Model
Customs Reform and Modernisation
Community Relations Officer
Community Relations Office
Community Reuse Organization
Caribbean Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality
Community-based Restoration Program
Community and Regional Planning
Community Rail Partnership
Community Rehabilitation Provider
Community Rehabilitation Program
Community Rehabilitation Providers
Community Resource Persons
Community Residential Rehabilitation
Community Risk Reduction
Community Resource and Referral Center
Community Radio Station
Community Rating System
Community Resources for Science
Center for Rebuilding Sustainable Communities after Disasters
Community Resource Team
Community Right-to-Know
Community Radiative Transfer Model
Community Relations Unit
Community Services
Community Service
Community Specification
Community Specifications
Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council
Centre for Social Action
Community-supported agriculture
Community School of the Arts
Community Service Agency
Community Services Agency
Community Service Areas
Core Service Agency
Community Services Board
Community Services Administration
Community Shared Agriculture
Community Supported Agriculture
Community Support Agriculture
Community Supported Agricultural
Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children
Center for the Study of Asian American Health
Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition
Community Substance Abuse Centers
Community Safety Accreditation Scheme
Community Service Board
Community Service Boards
Community Services Boards
Community Service Boards
Community Supported Beer
Cancer Support Community
Cisco Support Community
Community Services Block Grant
Community Service Block Grant
Community Services Block Grants
Community Services for the Blind and Partially Sighted
Caring School Community
Community Score Card
Chinatown Service Center
Community Service Center
Climate Smart Communities
Community Services Center
Community Service Committee
Community Service Centres
Community Service Commission
Community Service Council
Community Services Council
Computer Science Community
Centre for Sustainable Community Development
Community Supervision and Corrections Department
Computer Support for Collaborative Learning
Comprehensive School and Community Treatment
Collaborative Software Development
Community Services District
Community Services Department
Community Service Day
Community Services Group
Community Standards District
Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System
Community Surface Dynamic Modeling System
Cyber Security Education Consortium
Communications for a Sustainable Future
Community Supported Fishery
Community Support Framework
Community Support Frameworks
Center for Social Inclusion
Charter School Institute
Community Safety Initiative
Community Security Initiative
Community Solutions Initiative
Community Success Initiative
Community Safety Net
Corporate Social Investment
Crime Stoppers International
Citizen Security and Justice Programme
Community Supported Kitchen
Community Support Network
Community Service Learning
Community Services Network
Community Service Network
Community Supported Living Arrangements
Community Service Learning Program
Caribbean Single Market
Climate System Model
Community School of Music and Arts
Community Service Officer
Community Services Office
Community Service Office
Community Service Order
Community Service Officers
Community Services Offices
Community Services Officer
Community Service Orders
Community Supervision Officer
Community Service Officers
Community Service Organizations
Community Support Officer
Community Safety Partnership
Community Sequencing Program
Community Service Program
Community Service Programs
Community Service Provider
Community Service Providers
Community Service Project
Community Strategic Plan
Community Support Program
Community Support Programs
Crisis Stabilization Program
Community Satellite Processing Package
Community and Senior Services
Community Services and Supports
Community Services & Supports
Community Services and Support
Community Support Services
Community Service Society
Community Service System
Community Support Systems
Community Systems Strengthening
Community System Strengthening
Community Service Society of New York
Community Security Trust
Community Services Unit
Community Safety Unit
Coordination and Support Unit
Community Service Volunteers
Community Service Volunteer
Community Science Workshop
Community Speed Watch
Corporation for a Skilled Workforce
Common Transit
Community Transit
Community Transport
Community Training and Assistance Center
Community Training Center
Community Theatre Association of Michigan
Colorado Tree Coalition
Community-based Therapeutic Care
Community Tax Certificate
Community Technology Center
Community Technology Centre
Community Technology Centers
Community Technology Centers
Community Training Centre
Community, Trade and Economic Development
Community Task Force
Community Transformation Grants
Community Transformation Grant
Community Transformation Grants
Committee of Trade and Investment
Critical Time Intervention
Community Trade Mark
Community Trade Marks
Community Technology Network
Community Technology Preview
Community Technology Previews
Community Technology Preview 2
Community Technology Preview 3
Community Treatment Order
Community Treatment Orders
Center for Transit Oriented Development
Community Technical Preview
Community Tech Preview
Community Technical Previews
Community Tree Planting
Community Traffic Safety Team
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
Centro Terra Viva
Center for Third World Organizing
Communities United Against Police Brutality
Community United Against Violence
Communities United For Action
Citrix User Group Community
Community University Partnership
Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
Centro Universitario Regional Este
Community University Research Exchange
Center for Urban Research and Learning
Community Version
Central Valley Air Quality
Caribbean Vulnerable Communities
Community Ventures Corporation
Credit Valley Conservation
Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis
Central Vermont Community Action Council
Countering Violent Extremism
Counter Violent Extremism
Community Voices Heard
Community Volunteer Network
Community Violence Prevention Program
Community Violence Solutions
Council for Voluntary Service
Council for Voluntary Services
Councils for Voluntary Services
Catholic Worker
Community Workforce Agreement
Community Workers Co-operative
Career Work Experience
College Writing Exam
Center for Work Education and Employment
Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation
Community Working Group
Cross-Community Working Group
Community Work Program
Community Working Group on Health
Community Wireless Network
Catholic Women of the Chapel
Community Work Programme
Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Community Wildfire Protection Plans
Community Water Systems
Community Water System
District 7
Dublin 8 Community Education Centre
Drug Alcohol Action Team
Developmental Achievement Center
Diversity Advisory Council
Decide, Announce, Defend
Dallas Association of Directors of Volunteers
Development Alternative Incorporated
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project
Development Assistance Program
Drug Awareness Resistance Education
Direct Action and Research Training
Discussion Board
Detroit Black Community Food Security Network
Department of Behavioral Health
Disaster Behavioral Health Information Series
Data Community
Detrended Correspondence Analysis
Denver Children's Advocacy Center
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency
Deaf Counseling Advocacy And Referral Agency
DeKalb County Community Gardens
Downtown Chandler Community Partnership
Department for Community Development
Department of Community Justice
Douglas County Health Department
Directors of Central Intelligence
Deputy Chief Officer
Developing Communities Project
Data Collection & Reporting
Damascus Community School
Department of Community Safety
Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps
Democratic Dialogue
Developmental Disability
DoD Discovery Metadata Specification
Democracy Development Programme
Developmental Disabilities Resource Center
Daily Deviations
Developmental Disabilities Service Division
Drug Endangered Children
Department of Economic and Community Development
Department of Economic & Community Development
Division of External Relations
Drug-Free Communities
Drug Free Communities
Drug Free Community
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Department for International Department
District Forest Office
Don't Feed The Trolls
Drug-Free Youth
Drug Free Youth
Directors-General of Immigration and Consular Matters
Diabetes Hands Foundation
Dolores Huerta Foundation
Department of Hawaiian Home Lands
District Health Management Team
District Health Management Teams
Department of Health and Wellness Promotion
Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing
Detailed Implementation Plans
Do It Together
Data List
Denise Louie Education Center
Digital Library for Earth System Education
Digital Library for Earth Systems Education
Diversity Leaders Initiative
Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services
Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services
Drug Market Initiative
Declaration on theConduct of Parties
Department of Corrections and Community Supervision
Department of Community Service
Defence Officials' Dialogue
Department of Neighborhoods
Department of Probation
Downtown Orangeburg Revitalization Association
Days of Service
Directly-Observed Treatment, Short Course
Day Of Year
Directorate for Police Community Relations
Directorate for Police Community Relation
Disability Program Navigators
Deaf Queer Resource Center
Disability Resource Agency for Independent Living
Day Reporting Center
Day Reporting Centers
Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting
Developing Radio Partners
Disaster Risk Reduction
Dignity in Schools Campaign
Deep South Center for Environmental Justice
Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing
Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
Dispute Settlement Mechanism
Diabetes Self-Management Program
Developmental Services Ontario
Direct Service Professional
Direct Support Professionals
Direct Support Professional
Direct Support Professionals
Development Support Team
Dakota Transit Association
Development Trusts Association
Drug Treatment and Testing Order
Datatel Users Group
Drupal User Group
Domestic Violence Awareness
Delaware Valley Association for the Education of Young Children
Domestic Violence Council
Domestic Violence Coordinating Council
E-ASEAN Business Council
Emergency Response Team
East Asian Community
Environmental Advisory Committees
East AsianCommon Space
European Atomic Energy Community
EC-ASEAN Energy Facilities
East Asia Emergency Rice Reserve
East Asia Forum
Enterprise for ASEAN Initiative
Euro-Asian Jewish Congress
E-ASEAN Task Force
E-ASEAN Working Group
Eastside Baby Corner
East Bay Community Recovery Project
Effects-Based Operations
Effects Based Operations
Evidence-Based Programs
Europe Broadcasting U nion
European Community's
European Communities Act
European Community International Investment Partner
Edmonds Center for the Arts
Energy Communities Alliance
EC-ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Cooperation Programme
Economic Community of the Central African States
Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary
Experts Committee on Customs Matters
Ethiopian Community Development Council
Ethnic Community Development Organization
Early Childhood Family Education
Early Childhood Initiative
European Community Health Indicators
Epiphany Community Health Outreach Services
European Community Investment Partner Scheme
European Council of Jewish Communities
Educational Community License
European Community Monitoring Mission
Environmental Community Organization
Environmental Cooperation Project Steering COmmittee
Economic Community of the West African States
Economic Community of West Africa States
Economic Community of West African State
Economic Community of West Africa State
Economic Communities of the West African States
European Community Psychology Association
Eastern Catholic Re-Evangelization Center
European Community Respiratory Health Survey
East, Central and Southern Africa
East, Central and Southern African
East, Central, and Southern African
Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
Emergency Community Water Assistance Grant
European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval
Economic Development
Economic Development Agency
Economic Development Center
Engineering for Developing Communities
Entrepreneurship Development Centre
European Defense Community
Economic European Community
Europe, European Community
Economic Development Corporations
Education for Development and Democracy Initiative
Economic Development Districts
Ecovillage Design Education
Economic Development Initiative
Economic Development Intelligence System
Economic Development Program
Executive Development Programme
Early Draft Review
Economic Development Specialist
Environmental Education
Energy Efficiency and Conservation-Subsector Network
Eurasian Economic Community
European Economic Communities
European Energy Community
Experts / Eminent Persons
English Forum
Emergency Food Program
Emergency Food and Shelter Program
Emergency Food & Shelter Program
European Federation of Therapeutic Communities
Europeiska gemenskapen
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
Enterprise Green Communities
Experts Group Meeting on Immigration Matters
Experts Group on Patent Experts
Educational Guidance Service for Adults
Group on Trademark Emerging
Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program
Environmental Health Project
Infectious Diseases Environmental
European Institute of Innovation and Technology
Environmental Justice
Economic Justice Coalition
Environmental Justice and Climate Change
Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island
Environmental Justice Resource Center
Environmental Legal Assistance Center
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic
Improvement Project
European Institute of Public Administration Programme
English Language Training for Officials
East Midlands Ambulance Service
Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy and Resource Center
Eastern Market Corporation
Emergency Management Director
Emergency Management Directors
East Michigan Environmental Action Council
Electronic Media Production
Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community Tracking
Emergency Messaging System
Energy Management Training Courses
Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials
Environmental Nutrition and Activity Community Tool
Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting
Economic Opportunity Act
Economic Opportunity Council
Economic Opportunity Commission
European Political Community
Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths
Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
Emergency Planning & Community Right-to-Know Act
Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act
Energy Policy Governing Group
Ending the Prison Industrial Complex
End the Prison Industrial Complex
Engineering Projects in Community Service
Effective Professional Learning Communities
European Patent Office
Ex-Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement
Energy Policy and System Analysis Project
Elk River Boys Youth Basketball
Environmental Resource Center
European Research Community on Flow Turbulence and Combustion
East of the River Clergy Police Community Partnership
Episcopal Relief and Development
Edmund Rice International
Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center
Engagement Scholarship Consortium
Environmentally Sustainable Cities
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Energy Smart Communities Initiative
Experimental Study Group
Earth Science Information Partner
Epsilon Sigma Omicron
Energy Supply Security Planning in the ASEAN
Elders Share the Arts
Female Body Inspector
Friends Always
Fire Adapted Communities
Family and Community Engagement
Family and Community Education
Families and Communities Together
Family and Community Together
Family and Child Treatment
Family Assertive Community Treatment
Forensic Assertive Community Treatment
First Alaskans Institute
Forum Against Islamophobia Racism
Families Are Magic
Future Air Navigation Systems Federation of
ASEAN Shipowners' Association
ASEAN Shippers Councils Federation of
Japan Foundation for Advanced Studies on International Development
Faith-Based Organizations
Faith Based Organisations
From Bricks to Bothans
Friend Code
Federation of Citizens Associations
Filipino Community Center
Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America
FisheriesConsu ltative Group
Family and Community Health
Family & Community Medicine
Family and Community Medicine
Faith Community Nursing
Faith Community Nurse
Florida Communities Trust
Fairfax Community Theatre Company
Forum Discussion
Funds Dissemination Committee
Family Development Program
Fire Danger Rating System
Feasibility Design Stage
Focused Exposure and Risk Screening Tool
Foundation for Ecological Security
Fresh Food Financing Initiative
Focus Group Discussions
Foster Grandparent Program
Foster Grandparents Program
Forest Genetic Resource Information Database
From the Ground Up
Family Health and Birth Center
Flood Hazard Boundary Map
Federal Investigation Bureau
Federal Investigations Bureau
Federation of International Food Science and Technology Associations
Family Intervention Services
Faculty Learning Community
Faculty Learning Communities
Free Libre Open Source Software
Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed
Fish Inspection and Quality Control
Farmers Market Coalition
Foot and Mouth Disease
Facilities Master Plan
Floodplain Management Plan
Friends of the Animal Community
Future Oriented Cooperation Projects
Future-Oriented Cooperation Projects Fund
Family Policy Council
Food Policy Council
Food Policy Councils
Forest Protection Committee
Foundation for Philippine Environment
Florida Public Health Institute
Free, Prior and Informed Consent
Free Prior and Informed Consent
Free Prior Informed Consent
Fedora Project Leader
Forest Peoples Programme
Fish Product Technology
Florida Redevelopment Association
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Family Resource Center
Family Resource Centers
Family Resource Centre
Family Resource Centers
Family Service Center
Family Support Center
Forest Rights Committee
Family Resource Network
Fixed Stuff
Family Services Association
Fire Safe Council
Full-Service Community Schools
Foundation for Sustainable Development
Full Scale Demonstration Project
Family Support Group
Family Support Groups
Family Support Network
Fire Suppression Mobilization Plan
Free Speech Radio News
Free Trade Areas
For the Weak
For The World
Free The Wookies
Freshman Urban Program
Families United for Racial and Economic Equality
Friendly User Trial
Finite Volume Community Ocean Model
Guardian Angel
Global Alliance on Community-Engaged Research
Gaming Age Forum
Greater Auburn Gresham Development Corporation
Gay and Lesbian Alliance
General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
Greater Boston Interfaith Organization
Grace Community Church
Great Communities Collaborative
GulfCooperation Council
Gulf Coast Community Design Studio
Global Carrier Community Meeting
Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities
Global Community Development Program
Gaza Community Mental Health Programme
Gay Community News
Gay Community Services Center
Global Diaspora Forum
Global Diversity Foundation
Georgia Division of Public Health
Global Diaspora Week
General Exception List
Global Ecovillage Network
Geospatial Free and Open Source Software
General Federation of Women's Clubs
General Federation of Womens Clubs
Global Health Action
Grossmont Healthcare District
Global Hope Network International
Grantmakers In Aging
Global Information Networks in Education
Gender Identity Project
God Job
Gay Lesbian
Greater Los Angeles Chapter
Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development
Gay, lesbian and bisexual
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans
Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgendered
Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual & Transgender
Global Learning Community
Greater Lafayette Commerce
Great Lakes Consortium
Greater Lansing Housing Coalition
Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence
Gay & Lesbian Youth Services
Gay Men of African Descent
Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project
Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service
Greer, Margolis, Mitchell, Burns
Genetically Modified Organism
Global Month of Service
Global Memorandum of Understanding
Good Manufacturing Practices
Greater Mekong Sub-region
Good Neighbor Agreement
Global Network for Disaster Reduction
Greater New Orleans Foundation
Group Owner
General Obligation Bond
Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System
General Plan
Good Participatory Practice
Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange
Green River Area Development District
Genetic Resource Areas
Grand Rapids Community Foundation
Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation
Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
Gulf Region Health Outreach Program
Gila River Indian Community
Gila Resources Information Project
Global Road Safety Partnership
Gang Reduction and Youth Development
Goon Squad
Gender and Sexuality Alliance
Heart to Heart
Home Affairs Bureau
Hazard Analysis and Critica Control Point
Housing Associations Charitable Trust
Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities I Authorities
Housing Action Trusts
Harlem Business Alliance
Howard Brown Health Center
Honour Based Violence
Healthy Communities
Healthy Community Action Teams
Home and Community Based Settings
Home & Community Based Services
Housing and Community Development Act
Harlem Community Development Corporation
Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council
Hispanic Community Health Study
Healthy Community Initiative
Hindu Council of Kenya
Hamilton County Public Health
Home and Community Services Information System
Housing Development Consortium
Health Development Initiative-Rwanda
Heads of Defence Universities, Colleges, and Institutions
Healthy Eating Active Living
Healthy Eating and Active Living
Healthy Eating, Active Living
Health Extension Program
Health Extension Programme
Health Extension Workers
Health Extension Workers
Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley
Head Game Master
Hispanic Health Council
Hispanic Heritage Foundation
Human Impact Partners
Health Indicators Warehouse
Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation
High Level Finance Committee
Healthy Living Pharmacy
Horowhenua Library Trust
High-Level Task Force
Home Management of Malaria
Hazard Mitigation Plan
Healthy Maine Partnerships
Hazardous Materials Training and Research Institute
Hands On Nashville
Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies
Heart of New Ulm
Hanoi Plan of Action
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Health Promotion Council
Haze Prevention Group
Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Program
Health Profession Opportunity Grants
Health Promoting School
Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust
Human Relations Commission
Human Resource Development
Human Resources Development Council
Human Resource Development Council
Human Resource Development and Management
Harmonized System
Head Start
Human Services Advisory Council
Human Services Council
Homeless Services Center
Human Services Coalition
Historic Savannah Foundation
Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Illinois Association of County Officials
lndia-ASEAN Economic Cooperation Committee
Industrial Areas Foundation
Indian American Friendship Council
Independent Advisory Group
Independent Advisory Groups
Initiative for ASEAN Integration
Iranian American Jewish Federation
Informal ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and Technology
Individualized Action Plan
Intensive Aftercare Program
lnter-ASEAN Technical Exchange Programme
Institute for Behavioral and Community Health
Independent Bankers of Colorado
Instituto del Bien Comun
Information Behavior in Everyday Contexts
Intel community
Intelligence Communities
International Community
Intelligence Community's
Institute of Cultural Affairs
Intelligence Community Assessment
International Council for Adult Education
International Civil Aviation Organistion
Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas
Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas
Indigenous Community Conserved Areas
Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence
Institute for Civic and Community Engagement
Integrated Community Centres for Employable Skills
Integrated Community Case Management
Indiana Council of Community Mental Health Centers
Indigenous Cultural Communities
Intelligence Community Directive
Intelligence Community Directives
Intelligence Community Directives
Intelligent Community Forum
Integrated Community Development Project
International Community Health Services
Islamic Center of Hawthorne
Ingham County Health Department
Institute for Community Inclusion
Institute on Community Integration
Iowa Community Indicators Program
Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise
Institute for Community Leadership
International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management
International Commission on Microbiological Specification for Foods
Islamic Center of Nashville
Innovations in Civic Participation
Institute for Community Partnership
Institute for Community Research
International Comparison Programme
Islamic Center of Pittsburgh
Intelligence Community Policy Guidance
International Committee on Phytosanitary Measures
International Community Radio Taipei
Incident Command System
Integrated Community Shelter
Intelligence Community Standard
Inter-Community School
International Community School
Islamic Center of San Antonio
Indigenous Community Support Organization
Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
Iowa Credit Union League
Iowa Commission on Volunteer Service
International Community of Women
Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act
International Development, Community and Environment
Institutional Development Cooperation Forum
Intellectual Developmental Disabilities
Intellectual Developmental Disability
International Disability and Development Consortium
International Day for Disaster Reduction
International Development Design Summit
Initiative for Development in East Asia
Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis
Information on Disability & Education Awareness Services
Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis
Institutional Development for ASEAN Secretariat
International Disaster Response Network
International Business Reply Services
Integrated Data Systems
International Development and Social Change
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade
Information Education Campaign
Indiana Economic Development Association
Individual Engagement Grants
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Federation of Black Pride
International Federation of Black Prides
International Friendship Center
Intergovernmental Forum on Forests
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
Integrated Family Health Program
International Forum of Indigenous Peoples on Climate Change
International Friends of Bookmarks
International Federation of Red Cross I Crescent
Interest Group
Income-Generating Activity
Income Generating Activities
Israeli Gay Youth
Institute for Health and Social Justice
Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines
International Institute of the Bay Area
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
Istanbul International Community School
Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity
Institute for International Programs
Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs
If I Read Correctly
Indian Journal of Community Health
International Journal of Disability, Community & Rehabilitation
International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering
International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking
International Journal of Web Based Communities
Inclusion List
Independent Living
Independent Living Center
Independent Living Centers
Independent Living Centre
Independent Living Centres
Independent Living Centers
International Learning Community
Institute for Local Government
Integrated Land Management Bureau
Independent Living Resource Center
Independent Living Services
International Life Sciences Institute Southeast Asia
Institute for Local Self Reliance
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Indian Muslim Association
Inner-City Muslim Action Network
International Military Community Executives Association
Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership
Investing in Manufacturing Community Partnership
Indiana Minority Health Coalition
In My Holy Opinion
International Merchandise Trade
Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle
Information Network for Public Health Officials
Intelligence and National Security Alliance
Intelligence & National Security Alliance
International Search and Rescue Advisory Group
International Trademark Association
Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local
Islam On Campus
International Organization for Migration
Improvement Partnership
Invision Power Board
International Pepper Community
Island Palm Communities
International Port Community Systems Association
Information Preparation and Dissemination
Illinois Public Health Institute
Institute for Public Health Innovation
Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs
Integrated Pest Management
Indigenous Peoples Organizations
Indigenous Peoples
Illinois Park and Recreation Association
Indigenous Peoples Rights Act
Industrial and Provident Society
Invision Power Services
Individual Residential Alternative
Islamic Religious Community
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
International Roundtable on Community Paramedicine
International Relief & Development
International Relief and Development
Institute for Research on Learning
Integrated Resource Management Plan
Independent Review Panel
Indian Remote Sensing
Illinois Rural Water Association
Islamic Society of Britain
Institute for Sustainable Communities
International Shugden Community
International Sports Coalition
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
India Scrum Enthusiasts Community
International Society for Ecology and Culture
Institute for Social and Economic Development
Inter-Service Family Assistance Committee
Inter-sessional Support Group Meeting on Confidence-Building Measures
Institute for School Innovation
International Standard Industrial Classifications
Institute of Strategic and International Studies
International Service Learning
Inter-sessional Meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime
Inter-sessional Meeting on Disaster Relief
International Trade Secretariats
Individual Support Plan
Individual Support Services
Internet Serv ice Provider
International Ship and P01t Facility Security
Industrial Standards and Quality Assu rance Programme
Indian Space Research Organization
lnternationale Tourisme Bourse
Intermediate Technology Development Group
Information Technology Disaster Resource Center
Information Technology Enterprise
Independent Transportation Network
Invitation to Participate
Intelligent Transport System
International Trade in Services
In The Topic
International Tropical Timber Organization
Journey for Justice
Jewish Agency
Japan-ASEAN Cooperation Promotion Programme
Japan-ASEAN Exchange Projects
Japan-ASEAN Finance Technical Assistance
Japan-ASEAN General Exchange Fund
Joint Action Groups
Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network
Japan Association ofTravel Agents
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Jewish Chronicle
Jewish Community Center
Joint Cooperation Committee
Jacksonville Community Council Inc
Jewish Community Centers
Juvenile Court and Community Schools
Joining Community Forces
Informal Coordination Mechanism
Joint Consu ltative Meeting
Joomla Community Magazine
Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Java Community Process
Jewish Community Relations Council
Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
Japanese External Trade Organisation
Jewish Family and Children's Services
Jacob France Institute
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Junior League of Denver
Junior League of London
Joint Management Comm ittee
Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia
Justice Overcoming Boundaries
Joy of Music Program
Junior Optimist Octagon International
Joint Policing Committee
Joint Planning Committee to the Sub-Com mittee
Joint Planning and Management Comm ittee
Joint Planning and Review Committee
Jewish Policy Research
Java Specification Request
Java Specification Requests
Java Specification Requests
Jimma University
Joint Use Agreement
Korean Advance Institute of Science and Technology
Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries
Knowledge Community
Kidney Community Emergency Response
Kent County Health Department
Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Kabwohe Clinical Research Center
Korean Community Services
King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
Kemptville District Hospital
Kentucky Fairness Alliance
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Kentucky Health Emergency Listing of Professionals for Surge
Kansas Health Foundation
Keep Islip Clean
Key Informant Interviews
Knowledge and Innovation Network
Kirkland Interfaith Transitions in Housing
Korea Institute for Industrial Economics
Korean Meteorology Administration
Kaiserslautern Military Community Center
Knowledge Management Working Group
Korean National Tourism Corporation
Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization
Kenwood Oakland Community Organization
Kings of Gaming
Korea International Cooperation Agency
Korean World Travel Fair
Korean Trade Promotion Corporation
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Lots of stuff
Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Los Angeles County Community Disaster Resilience
Learning Analytics Community Exchange
Los Altos Community Foundation
Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
Latin American Economic Development Association
Los Angeles Education Partnership
Lansing Association for Human Rights
International Association of Insurance Supervisors
Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative
Local Adaptation Plan of Action
Immediate Action Plans
London Borough of Hounslow
Legally Binding Instrument
London Community Gospel Choir
Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth
Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking
Lions Clubs International
Lutheran Campus Ministry
Living Coastal Resou rces
Learning Disabilities Resource Community
Leadership Development Team
International Energy Agency
Leaders for Equality and Action in Dayton
Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service
Lower Eastside Action Plan
Land and Equity Movement in Uganda
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Local Emergency Planning Committees
Local Emergency Planning Commission
Local Emergency Planning Committees
Local Emergency Planning Commissions
Local Exchange Trade System
Living Faith Community Church
Lutheran Family Services
Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender
Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender
Lesbian Gay BiSexual Transgendered
Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender
Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender
lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender
Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Ally
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning
Local Government Commission
Latino Health Access
Local Health Department
Local Health Departments
Leading Health Indicators
Leading Health Indicators
Lady Health Worker
Louisville Independent Business Association
London Irish Centre
Literacy Instruction for Texas
Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth
Lane Independent Living Alliance
Legal Information Network System
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
Local Initiative Support Corporation
Long Island State Veterans Home
Long Island Volunteer Center
Live Journal
London Java Community
Living Learning
Lower Level 3
Leadership Learning Community
Living and Learning Community
Living-Learning Communities
Living Learning Communities
Look, Listen & Feel
Lifelong Learning Institute
Instrument Landing System
International Life Sciences Institute
Low and Moderate Income
Locally Managed Marine Area
Leave No Veteran Behind
Last or Least
Love Our Lord
Latinos Progresando
Leadership Program
Local Pharmaceutical Committees
Local Public Health Agencies
Louisiana Public Health Institute
Local Public Health System Assessment
Lakewood Public Library
Legitimate Peripheral Participation
Local Policing Team
Local Redevelopment Authority
Legal Resources Centre
Land Resources Division
Land Rover Owner
Lucky Strike
Latino Student Alliance
Local School Advisory Team
London Software Craftsmanship Community
Legal Services Corporation of Delaware
Lake Superior Community Partnership
Library Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Local Support Organization
Layer Super Output Area
Local Strategic Partnership
Local Strategic Partnerships
Lincoln Square Synagogue
Lutheran Social Services
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
London Sustainability Exchange
Libraries Transforming Communities
Little Tokyo Community Council
Long-Term Community Recovery
Less then or equal
Land Transport Infrastructure Integration Roadmap
Leadership Training Program
Long-Term Plan
Long Term Recovery Committee
Latinos Unidos
Least Used
Linux User Groups
Lustre User Group
Local User Groups
Land Use and Transportation
Linton Village College
Lutheran Volunteer Corps
Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District
Life With Dignity
Meeting of the ASEAN Tourism Ministers
Multicultural Advisory Committee
Manchester Area Conference of Churches
Media Arts Collaborative Charter School
Martin Army Community Hospital
Men of All Colors Together
Make A Difference
Making A Difference
Make A Difference Day
Men Against Destruction
Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network
Muskegon Area Intermediate School District
Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships
Mobilizing for Action through Planning & Partnerships
Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese Speakers
Many-core Applications Research Community
Mobilizing Action Toward Community Health
Minority-Based Community Clinical Oncology Program
Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance
My Brother's Keeper
Management Committee
Military Community
Maryland Citizens for the Arts
Multnomah Community Ability Scale
Missouri Community Betterment
Metropolitan Community Church
Metropolitan Community Churches
Microsoft Community Contributor
Montgomery Community Church
Muslim Community Centre
Monmouth Chinese Christian Church
Macomb County Community Mental Health
Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health
Minnesota Council on Foundations
Monroe Community Hospital
Maternal and Child Health Integrated Programme
Multicultural Communities for Mobility
Multinational Cultural Mission
Mendocino Community Network
Mobile Crisis Outreach Team
Muslim Community Radio
Multicultural Community Services
Missouri Community Service Commission
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services
Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention
Mississippi Commission for Volunteer Service
Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Michigan Department of Community Health
Maryland Department of Planning
Municipal Development Plan
Michigan Disability Rights Coalition
Minority Ethnic
Ministry of East African Community Affairs
Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching
Media Entertainment & Scientific Systems
Media Entertainment & Scientific Systems-Bay
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Missouri Foundation for Health
Marine Fisheries Research Department
Mental Health and Addictions
Mental Health Board
Mental Health First Aid
Mutual Housing Association
Mental Health Block Grant
Mental Health Center
Morris Heights Health Center
Minnesota Heart Health Program
Mental Health Mobile Crisis Team
Manufactured Home Park
Mental Health Project
Mental Health Support Services
Mental Health Task Force
Mile High United Way
Ministries In Action
Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy
Minnesota Intelligent Rural Communities
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
Membership Join
Magic Johnson Foundation
Michigan Land Use Institute
Mines, Minerals and People
Marine Managed Area
Mid-Michigan District Health Department
Makes Me Think
Madagascar National Parks
Matter of Balance
Massachusetts Office of Business Development
Montachusett Opportunity Council
Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China
Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development
Mothers on the Move
Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission
Malaysia Open Source Conference
My Oracle Support Community
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Minnesota Public Health Association
Maryland Public Television
Multi Purpose Workers
Merge request
Mutual Recognition Arrangement
Mekong River Commission
Migrant Resource Center
Methodist Relief and Development Fund
Mine Risk Education
Maximum Residue Limits
Make the Road New York
Market Research Online Community
Multi-Service Center
Multi-Service Centre
Madison School & Community Recreation
Mid-State Health Network
Migrant and Seasonal Head Start
Multicultural Student Services
Michigan State University Extension
Multimodal Transport and New Information Technology
Ministerial Understanding
Multiple Use Services
Moreno Valley College
Missouri Valley Community Action Agency
Moraine Valley Community College
Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center
Most Valued Professional
Most Valuable Professionals
Most Valued Professionals
Merrimack Valley Planning Commission
Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees
Missouri Work Assistance
Mayors Wellness Campaign
National African-American Reparations Commission
Native Americans for Community Action
Network of Aquaculture Centre in Asia and Pacific
North Austin Civic Association
National Association of Community Action Agencies
Native American Community Clinic
National Association for County Community and Economic Development
National Association for County and City Health Officials
National Association of County and City Health Officers
Native American Center for Excellence
Native American Cancer Research
National Association of Community and Restorative Justice
Neighborhood Advisory Councils
Northwest Alliance for Computational Science & Engineering
Neighbors Allied for Good
Neighbourhood Action Group
National Anti-Hunger Organizations
National Assistance League
National Association of Mental Illness
Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance
National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture
National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture
National Association of Muslim Police
Network of Asia Pacific Schools and Institutes of Public Administration and Governance
North-American Regional At-Large Organization
National Association of State Community Services Programs
National Space Development Agency
National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services
National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disability Services
National Association of Town Watch
Neighborhood Business Development Center
National Black Gay Men's Advocacy Coalition
National Black Justice Coalition
National Biodiversity Reference Units
National Center for Bicycling & Walking
National Community Church
National Community Committee
Next Century Cities
National Center for Creative Aging
National Council on Crime and Delinquency
National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement
National Catholic Community Service
Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories
National Community Education Association
Norwich Community Development Corporation
National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund
North Carolina Environmental Justice Network
North Columbia Environmental Society
Naples Community Hospital
National Center on Health
Northwest Community Healthcare
Norwalk Community Health Center
National Charrette Institute
New Community Instrument
North Carolina Institute for Public Health
National Council of Jewish Women
National Center for Mobility Management
North Coast Opportunities
National Conference on Citizenship
National Coming Out Day
National Crime Prevention Association
National Crime Prevention Council
National Counter Proliferation Center
Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council
Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils
National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education
National Crime Prevention Strategy
National Community Tax Coalition
Nature Conservation Research Centre
North Central Regional Center for Rural Development
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy
National Citizen Service
National Citizenship Service
National Council of Social Services
National Council of Social Service
National Council on Social Welfare
National Credit Union Foundation
National Congress of Vietnamese Americans
National Council of Voluntary Organisations
National Council for Voluntary Organizations
National Crime Victims Rights Week
Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service
National Council for Voluntary Youth Services
Neighbourhood Development Order
New Deal for Communities
National Disaster Education Coalition
Narrowing the Development Gap
National Disaster Interfaiths Network
Network of East Asia Think-tanks
National Education Center for Agricultural Safety
North East Community Development Council
National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
Not Enough Information
National Environmental Justice Advisory Council
North East Lincolnshire
Neighborhood Empowerment Network
National Environmental Performance Track
Natural Environment and Rural Communities
New England Resource Center for Higher Education
National Environment Resource Information Centers
Neighborhood Emergency Response Team
Neighborhood Emergency Team
Neighborhood Emergency Teams
North East Seattle Together
Neighborhood Enforcement Team
Newbie Forum
North Fulton Community Charities
National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers
National Flood Insurance Program
National Flood Insurance Program's
National Floodplain Insurance Program
National Forest Programme
National Forum On Judicial Accountability
National Fire Plan
National Focal Point Working Group
North Gym
Non-Governmental Development Organizations
Non-Governmental Organizations
National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
National Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
Natural Gas Utilization in Transport Programme
National Haze action Plans
Native Hawaiian Education Association
National Hispanic Professional Organization
National Human Services Data Consortium
National Health Security Preparedness Index
Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
National Intelligence Community
Networked Improvement Community
Networked Improvement Communities
Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities
Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action
National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research
Nationallnstitute of Information Technology
National Information Infrastructure
No Interest Loans Scheme
No Interest Loan Scheme
National Intelligence Officers
Northern Ireland Voluntary Trust
Neighborhood Justice Center
New Jersey Citizen Action
New Jersey United Students
National League of Cities
New Leaders Council
Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities
North Lawndale Employment Network
National Liaison Officers
New Member
New Mexico Community Capital
Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation
Nine Mile Run Watershed Association
New Markets Tax Credits
New Markets Tax Credit
New Market Tax Credit
New Markets Tax Credits
New Market Tax Credits
National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership
National Network of Partnership Schools
National Neighborhood Watch Institute
National Organizers Alliance
Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope
Nutrition Outreach and Education Program
New Orleans Kids Partnership
National Outreach Network
Naturally Occurring Retirement Community
Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities
No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds
Network of Victim Assistance
Neighbourhood Policing
North Point
National Peoples Action
No Permanent Address
No personal attacks
Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council
National Partnership for Community Leadership
Neighborhood Purposes Grant
National Public Health Performance Standards
National Public Health Performance Standards Program
New Partners Initiative
Nashville Public Library
Neighborhood Partnership Program
National Probation Service
Neighbourhood Policing Team
Neighborhood Planning Units
North Quabbin Community Coalition
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation
Nonprofit Resource Center
National Religious Coalition Against Torture
National Rural Development Partnership
Natural Resources Management
Natural Resource Management Programme
National Resource Network
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
New and Renewable Sources ofEnergy
Night Shift
National Strategy for Disaster Resilience
Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation
National Service Inclusion Project
National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
National Service Learning Clearinghouse
North Shore Teen Initiative
Non-Tariff Barriers
Non-Timber Forest Product
Non Timber Forest Produce
Non Timber Forest Products
National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program
National Training and Information Center's
Non-tariff measures
National Tourism Organizations
Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program
National Transit Transport Coordinating Committees
National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council
National Union of Domestic Appliances and General Operatives
National Vegetation Classification
National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre
Neighborhood Watch
Nuclear Waste Management Organization
Nuclear Weapon States
North West Territories
National Youth Agency
New York Area Bisexual Network
National Youth Advisory Council
New York Community Bancorp
New York City Community Garden Coalition
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
Open Annotation
Orang Asli
Office on African Affairs
Operations Advisory Group
Offender Aid and Restoration
Open Accessible Space Information System
Other Backward Communities
other Committees
Office of Community Affairs
Old Card Album
Office of Community Beautification
Ohio Community Computing Network
Oxfordshire Community Foundation
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Oromo Community Organization
Office of Community Relations
Online Community Relations
Open Community Runtime
Operation Community Shield
Open defecation
Official Development Assistance
One Day At A Time
Oficina de Derechos Humanos del Arzobispado de Guatemala
Office of the Director of National Intelligence's
Other Eligible Community
Office of Environmental Justice
Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Office of Economic & Workforce Development
Oratory of the Good Shepherd
Order of the Holy Cross
Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market
Officer for Harmonisation in the Internal Market
Ontology for the Intelligence Community
Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs
Official Journal of the European Communities
Official Journal of the European Community
Office on Latino Affairs
Open Language Archives Community
Open Language Archive Community
Online Learning Community
Organisation lntemationale des Epizootics
One More Thing
Office of National Security Intelligence
Oh No They Didn't
Oh No They Didn
Ohio Organizing Collaborative
Out Of Topics
Origional Poster
Ocean Park Community Center
Overseas Projects Corporation of Victoria
Oregon Partnership for Disaster Resilience
Old People Enjoying Life
Oregon Public Health Institute
Ontario Public Interest Research Group
Office of Parks and Recreation
Office of Performance Review
Office of Rural Community Affairs
Orc Roleplaying Community Site
Oregon Small Business Development Center Network
Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Organisation for Sickle Cell Anaemia Research
Onchocercal Skin Disease
Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis
ASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network
Open Source Initiative
Office of Service-Learning
Open Source Matters
Police Athletic League
Police Inspector
Participatory Rural Appraisal
Participatory Appraisal
Parameter 2
Pacific Asian Alcohol and Drug Program
Partners Against Crime
Partnership in Academic Communities
Project Advisory Committee
Project Appraisal Committee
Public Access Channel
People Acting in Community Together
Police and Communities Together
Police and Community Together
Police and Crisis Team
Program for Assertive Community Treatment
Partnership Against Domestic Violence
Partnerships Against Domestic Violence
Philippine Association for Intercultural Development
Planning Aid for London
Police Athletic League
Phoenix Art Lovers Society
Participatory Action Research
Participatory Action-Research
Plant A Row
Physical Activity Resource Centre
Performance Assessment Systems
Partnership for After School Education
Planned Approach to Community Health
Peoples Advocacy for Trails Hawaii
Promoting Access to Health
Professional Agricultural Workers Conference
Participatory Budgeting
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Parish Council
Post-clearance Audit
Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology
Parish Church Council
Portland Common Data Model
Philippine Community Fund
Progress in Community Health Partnerships
Project Concern International
Pima County Interfaith Council
Portland Community Media
Positive Community Norms
Police Community Precinct
Police Community Relations
Philadelphia City Planning Commission
Peace Corps Partnership Program
Police Community Relations Committee
Police Community Relations Group
Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group
Port Community System
Police Community Support Officer
Police Community Support Officers
Police Community Safety Officer
Police Community Support Officers
Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste
Peace Corps Volunteers
Police Citizens Youth Clubs
Positive Deviance
Priority Development Area
Permaculture Design Courses
Project Design Document
Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence
Population and Development International
Person Directed Plan
Professional Development Team
Pearland Economic Development Corporation
Place-based Education Evaluation Collaborative
Project and Event Grants
Public Education Initiative
Policy Exchange Mechanism
Public Education Network
Parent Empowerment Program
Political Empowerment Project
Priority Enforcement Program
Partnerships for Environmental Public Health
Program Evaluation Report
Parent, Family and Community Engagement
Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Partnership for Success
Partnerships for Success
Project Groups
Preferred Gender Pronoun
Public Health Assessments
Public Health Agencies
Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation
Pioneering Healthier Communities
Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development
Philadelphia Health Management Corporation
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nursing
Public Health Nurses
People Helping People
Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange
Public Health-Seattle & King County
personal insult
Positive Impact
Presencing Institute
Prime Implicant
Peace through Interamerican Community Action
Power in Community Alliances
Program in Community and Agroecology
Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition
Partnerships to Improve Community Health
Partnership to Improve Community Health
Pacific Institute for Community Organization
Progressive Intercultural Community Services
Partners in Development Foundation
Partners In Education
Pre-paid Inpatient Health Plan
Public Information Meeting
Picture In Post
Partners in Prevention of Substance Abuse
Public Interest Registry
Private Investment and Trade Opportunities
Policy Implementation and Working Programme
Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
Participatory Learning and Action
Plant Quarantine and Training Institute
Professional Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities
Philippine Institute for Development Studies
Public Library Innovation Programme
Public Library Services
Parent Leadership Training Institute
People Living with HIV/AIDS
Planning Meeting
Please make
Posted by Morry
Privat Message
People's Movement Assembly
Post Ministerial Conferences
Project Management Committees
Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation
Productive Members of Society
Parent Network
Partner Organizations
Program of Action in Transportation and Communications
Power of Community
Port Orford Ocean Resource Team
Problem-Oriented Policing
Problem Oriented Policing
Police Officers of Scottsdale Association
Portuguese Organization for Social Services and Opportunities
Part of the Solution
Post of the Week
Power of Women
Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights
Partnership for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization
Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization
People Organized to Win Employment Rights
Public Policy & Aging Report
Parish Pastoral Council
Pertemps People Development Group
Partnership for the Public Good
Public Participation Geographic Information Systems
Public Policy Institute
Parents for Public Schools
Project for Public Spaces
Planned Parenthood of Southern New England
Participatory Rural Appraisal
Participatory Rapid Appraisal
Pest Risk Analysis
Puerto Rican Action Board
Prevention Research Centers
Prevention Resource Center
Prevention Research Center
Prevention Research Centers
Puerto Rican Cultural Center
Public Realm Design Manual
Program for Resource Efficient Communities
Promotion of Renewable Energy Sou rces in Southeast Asia
Peace and Reconciliation Group
Prisoner Re-entry Initiative
Program Related Investment
Personal Responsibility in a Desirable Environment
People Reaching Out
Promotion of Energy Efficiency and Conversation
Plant Resources on Southeast Asia
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program
Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement
Public Service Area
Public Service Center
Public Service Announcements
Project Steering Committee
Python Software Foundation
Pneumonia Severity Index
Positive Spaces Initiative
Police Service for Northern Ireland
Paint Shop Pro Users Group
Psycho-Social Rehabilitation
Project Team
Philadelphia Trans Health Conference
Parent Teacher Organizations
Progressive Technology Project
Parent Teacher Student Organization
Python Users Berlin
Partnerships to Uplift Communities
Planned Unit Development
Planned Unit Developments
Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience
People United for Sustainable Housing
Philippine United Student Organization
Queer Asian Pacific Alliance
Quality Assurance Systems for ASEAN Fruits
Queens Borough President
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
Queers for Economic Justice
Quick Impact Projects
Question of the Month
Queer People of Color
Queer Resources Directory
Research and Development
Resident Association of Greater Englewood
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
Residents Association
Restoration Advisory Board
Restoration Advisory Boards
Resident Advisory Committee
Regional Arts & Culture Council
Reynolds Army Community Hospital
Research Action Design
Redwood Area Development Corporation
Resurrection After Exoneration
Roma, Ashkalis, and Egyptian
Regional Alliance for Information Networking
Rapid Assessment, Response and Evaluation
Recent Change
Recent changes
Recovery Coach Academy
Rainbow Community Center
Regionalization of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
Rural and Community Health Institute
Regional Training Course on Integrated COastal Management
Research Priorities Committee
Resilient Communities Project
Regional Community Policing Institutes
Recovery Community Services Program
Rural Development Leadership Network
Relative Error
Runtime Error
Regional EC ASEAN Dialogue Instrument
Respect for the Earth and All People
Rural Economic Area Partnership
Regional Economic Community Action Program
Review of European Community and International Environmental Law
Regional Economic Communities
Regional Executive Director
Rural Economic Development Initiative
Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project
Regional Forest Programme
Regional Economic Integration
Regional Economic Policy Support Facility
Regional Technical Assistance
RETA's Project Management Unit
Regional Educational Technology Network
Requests for adminship
Radical Faerie Digest
Request For Enhancement
Request for Feature Enhancement
Request for Project
Reno Gazette-Journal
Regional Growth Strategy
Regional haze Action Plan
Rainbow Health Initiative
Rural Health Initiative
Rainbow Health Ontario
Rural Health Units
Rural Infrastructure Authority
Research Information Center
Rural Information Center
Regional Indicative Programme
Resilience Industry Suppliers Community
Restorative Justice
Renegade Legion
Recovery Learning Community
Recovery Learning Communities
Results Leadership Group
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Rutland Mental Health Services
Regional Ocean Dynamics
Results-Oriented Management and Accountability
Results Oriented Management and Accountability
Results Oriented Management & Accountability
Rules of Origin
Rite of Passage Experience
Rest of State
Regional Planning Commission
Regional Planning Commissions
Regional Project Coordination Committee
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
Regional partnerships scheme
Rockford Public Schools
Regional Plan for Sustainable Development
Random Questions
Residential Re-Entry Center
Rochester Regional Community Design Center
Rights and Resources Initiative
Remote School Attendance Strategy
Research Software Engineer
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony
Race and Social Justice Initiative
Restricted Service Licence
Restricted Service License
Residential Support Services
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Retired Senior and Volunteer Program
Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol
Retired Seniors Volunteer Program
Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts
Radio Television Brunei
Reentry Transition Center
Regional Technology Center
Research and Training Center
Research Training Institute
Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance
Read The Fantastic Manual
Read The Friendly Manual
Regional Trade and Investment Area
Regional Telecommunications Independent Review Committee
Regional Training Programme
Regional Transportation Plans
Regional User Groups
Recreatinal Vehicle
Raritan Valley Community College
Science and Technology
Students Against Destructive Decisions
Students Against Violence Everywhere
Service Authorization
Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Stakeholder Advisory Board
School Advisory Council
School Advisory Councils
Senior Advisory Council
South African Development Community
Strategic Approaches to Community Safety Initiative
Southeast Asian Environment Initiative
Soldiers And Families Embraced
Southern Arizona Gender Alliance
Strategic Alliance for Health
Strategic Applications International
Sons of American Legion
San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
Sexual Assault Resource Agency
San Andreas Regional Center
Search and Rescue Exercise
Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
Sexual Assault Support Centre
Sexual Assault Support Services
Southeast Asian Student Coalition
Southern Border Communities Coalition
Small Business Specialist Community
Secure Communities
Sun City
Shoes and Clothes for Kids
Somerville Center for Adult Learning Experiences
Seattle Community Access Network
Stop Child Abuse Now
Sub-Committee on Biotechnology
South Carolina Bankers Association
School Community Council
Somerset County Council
Sustainable Cities Collective
Stark County Community Action Agency
South Coast Conservation Program
South Camden Community School
Student Conduct & Community Standards
Society for Community Development
Scottish Community Drama Association
Scottish Community Development Centre
Surf Coast Energy Group
Science Collaboration Framework
Sindh Community Foundation
Special Cooperation Fund
Strengthening Communities Fund
Sub-Committee on Food Science and Technology
School of Community and Global Health
State Center for Health Statistics
Sites of Community Importance
Statement of Community Involvement
Sub-Committee on Information
Sustainable Communities Network
Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Safe Communities Incentive Program
Sub-Committee on Science and Technology Infrastructure and Resources Development
Shanghai Community International School
Supported Community Living
Supports for Community Living
Sub-Committee on Meteorology and Geophysics
Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information Technology
Sub-Committee on Marine Science
Sub-Comm ittee on Materials Science and Technology
Seattle Community Network
Small Community Networking
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
Sub-Committee on Non-Conventional Energy Research
Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
Sub-. Committee on Space Technology and Applications
Sub-Committee on Space Technology Application
Senior Companion Program
Sustainable Community Plan
Sustainable Communities Plan
Social and Community Planning Research
School and Community Reuse Action Project
Seniors in the Community Risk Evaluation for Eating and Nutrition
Study of Cardiovascular Risk Intervention by Pharmacists
Seattle Counseling Service
Sustainable Communities Strategy
Sustainable Community Strategy
Sustainable Communities Strategies
Sun Community Source License
Sun Community Source Licensing
School Climate Transformation Grant
Sustainable Design Assessment Team
Sustainable Design Assessment Teams
Social Development Commission
South Durban Community Environmental Alliance
Social Development Foundation
Sustainable Development Foundation
San Diego Futures Foundation
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities
Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities
Selective Dissemination of Information
Shack Dwellers International
Slum Dwellers International
Sustainable Development Institute
Student Diversity Leadership Conference
Sarawak Dayak National Union
San Diego Organizing Project
Self-Directed Services
Stack Exchange
Single European Act
Southeast Asia Fisheries Development Centre
Southeast Asian Human Development Report
Southeast Asia Ministers on Education Organisation
Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
Southeast Asia Regional Centre for Counter Terrorism
Sustainable East Africa Research in Community Health
Social Enterprise Coalition
Sub-Committee on Culture
Socio Economic Development
Stack Exchange Data Explorer
State Employment Leadership Network
Senior Economic Officials Meeting
Someone Else's Problem
Someone Elses Problem
State Emergency Response Commission
Supported Employment Services
Stronger Economies Together
Software Freedom Day
Sustainable Forest Management
State Food Purchase Program
San Francisco Women Against Rape
Smart Growth Implementation Assistance
Smart Growth Leadership Institute
Self-Help Association for a Regional Economy
Statewide Health Improvement Program
Summit Health Institute for Research and Education
Supportive Housing Network of New York
Slough Homeless Our Concern
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
Sikh Human Rights Group
Sender-Keeper Arrangement
Script issue
Similar interests
Structure Index
Social Impact Assessments
Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition
School Improvement Council
Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice
Speed Indication Device
Singapore International Foundation
Social Innovation Fund
Social Investment Fund
Student In Free Enterprise
State Incentive Grant
Supported Independent Living
Savings and Internal Lending Communities
Statewide Independent Living Councils
Semi-Independent Living Services
Serving In Mission
Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
Semantically Interlinked Online Communities
Service Integration Project
Social Inclusion Partnership
Strategic Investment Plan
Southern Indiana Resource Solutions
Social Investment Scotland
Social Justice
Student Judicial Affairs
Singapore-Kunming Rail Link
Sensitive List
Service Learning
Student Liberation Action Movement
Small Local Business
Smaller Learning Communities
Smaller Learning Community
Salt Lake Community Action Program
Second Life Community Convention
Sustainable Local Economic Development
Summer Leadership Institute
Sports Legacy Institute Community Educators
Senior Lead Officer
Supplementary Letters of Agreement
Senior Labour Officials Meeting
Service Leadership Programs
Service Learning Project
School-Led Total Sanitation
Social Mobilization
Start Making A Reader Today
Social Media Command Center
Small and Medium-sized Cultural Enterprises
Small And Medium-sized Enterprises
Small and Medium Enterprise Agencies Working Group
Southern Mutual Help Association
Seacoast Mental Health Center
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Social Media Team
Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center
School Nutrition Action Group
Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare
Special Needs Assistance Program
South Nassau Communities Hospital
Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission
Sustainable Natural Resource Management
Social Network Systems
Social Network Theory
Safer Neighbourhood Team
Safer Neighbourhood Teams
Supporting Organizations
Single Outcome Agreement
Senior Officials Consultation
Simulation Organising Committee
Save Our Cumberland Mountains
State of Environment
Statistical Office of the European Community
State of the Environment Report
Society for Organizational Learning
Study of Latinos
Support Our Local Economy
Senior Officials Meeting
Senior Officials Meeting on Lnvestment
Senior Officials Meeting on Culture and Arts
Senior Officials Meeting on Energy
Senior Officials Meeting on Health Development
South of Market Community Action Network
Senior Officials Meeting on Development Planning
So Others Might Eat
Senior Officials Meeting on Energy -Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry
Senior Officials Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication
Senior Officials Meeting on Social Welfare and Development
Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational Crime
Senior Officials Meeting on Trade and Investment
Senior Officials Meeting on Youth
Southerners on New Ground
Site of Origin
Society of Practitioners of Health Impact Assessment
Save Our Streets
Statement of Significance
Street Outreach Services
State of the County Health
Signature of the Week
Shades of Yellow
Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service
Strategic Plan of Action and the Environment
School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community
Solar Powering America by Recognizing Communities
Secretariat for the Pacific Community
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Secretariat of the Pacific Communities
Secretariat of the Pacific Community's
Strategic Plan of Customs Development
Strategic Prevention Framework
Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
South Park Neighborhood Association
Strengthening Participatory Organization
Saint Paul Public Schools
State Public Service Federation
Senior Resource Alliance
Shared Responsibility Agreement
Single Regeneration Budget
Sodium Reduction in Communities Program
Sub-Regional Climate Review
Sustainable Rural Development
Senior Resource Development Agency
Southern Rural Development Center
Strategic Regeneration Framework
Sub Regional Firefighting Arrangements
Socially Responsible Investment Coalition
Sylvia Rivera Law Project
Sustainable Resource Management
Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Shit Reddit Says
Special Rate Variation
Sustainable South Bronx
Social Services Block Grant
Social Services Block Grants
Social Service Block Grant
Sametime System Console
Sitka School District
Seattle Social Development Project
Scoping the Single European Digital Identity Community
Special Service for Groups
Stanford Social Innovation Review
Social Services Network
School Sisters of Notre Dame
Security, Stability and Resiliency
Scheduled Tribe
Start the Adventure in Reading
Students Taking A New Direction
Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience
Stay Together Appalachian Youth
Special Technical Community
Search the Forum
School Turnaround Learning Community
Senior Transport Officials Meeting
Statewide Transition Plan
Strategy to Reach, Empower and Educate Teenagers
Sahmakum Teang Tnaut
Southern United Neighborhoods
Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods
Showing Up for Racial Justice
Training and Technical Assistance
Thinking for a Change
Traffic Advisory Committee
Treaty of Amity and Cooperation
Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities
Tobyhanna Army Depot
Trial And Error
Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline
Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities
Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities
Treatment Alternatives for Safer Communities
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
Technical Advisory Team
The Art of Warfare
Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network's
To Be Deleted
The Boston Foundation
Therapeutic Community
Topic Creator
Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
Transitional Case Management
The Challenge Network
The Climate Project
Tompkins County Public Library
Time Differential
Trans Day of Remembrance
Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transitional Employment
Treaty of the European Community
Texas Economic Development Council
Trade Electronic Data Interchange
Time Equals Knowledge
Temporary Exclusion List
Telecommunication and IT Ministers
Telecommunication Senior Officials Meeting
Telecommunications Executive Management Canada
Technology Enterprise Network
Treaty on European Union
Task Force for the ASEAN Single Window
Theatre for Development
Transport Facilitation of Goods Roadmap
Trade Facilitation in ASEAN
The Funding Network
Training for Transformation
Think Global Act Local
Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology
Texas Hunger Initiative
The Healing Place
Trade and Investment Framework Agreement
Trade and Investment Promotion Programme
Thai Industrial Standards Institute
Transgender Law Center
Transit for Livable Communities
Transportation for Livable Communities
The Law Project
Transgender Law and Policy Institute
Transitional Living Services
Tomorrow's Leaders Today
Trademark & Licensing Working Group
Teaching and Mentoring Communities
Too Much Effort
Texas Manufactured Housing Association
The Meta Network
Tahoe Metropolitan Planning Organization
Trade Negotiating Committee Working Group on Investment
Trade Negotiating Group Working Group on Investment
Theory of Change Online
The Older Gamers
The Outreach Program
Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
Technical Outreach Services for Communities
Technology Promotion and Assistance Services
Trust for Public Land
Trans People of Color Coalition
The People's United Community
Telephone Questionnaire Assistance
Total Quality Management Control
Tools and Resources
Trans-Regional EU-ASEAN Trade Initiative
Training Resources for the Environmental Community
Trauma Resource Institute
Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
Tropical Medicine and Public Health
Toyota Soluna Community
Transgender Scholarship and Education Legacy Fund
The San Francisco Foundation
University Area Community Development Corporation
Unprocessed Agricultural Products
Unified Astronomy Thesaurus
United Church of Christ
University City District
United Crescent Hill Ministries
University Christian Outreach
United Counseling Service
University Community Service Center
Unified Computing System Manager
User Defined
University District Youth Center
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches
User Groups
Union Gospel Mission
Urban Health Resource Center
United Jewish Appeal
Urban Libraries Council
United Methodist Association
Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute
United Nations Disaster Assessment and Co-ordination
United Nations International Drug Control Programme
United Nations Departments for Economic and Social Affairs
United Nations High Commission for Refugees
United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime
United Nations Statistical Division
United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor
Umbrella Project
User Page
Union of Pan Asian Communities
United Planning Organization
United Reformed Church
Uganda Rural Fund
Urban Rural Mission
Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center
United States Agency of International Development
United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
United South End Settlements
United Students for Fair Trade
United States Patent and Trademark Office
United States Trade Representatives
Urban Serving Universities
United Telekom Austria
Unitarian Universalist
Visit ASEAN Campaign
Volunteer Ambulance Corps
Virginia Association of Community Services Boards
Volunteer Assignment Description
Vital Aging Network
Vietnamese American National Gala
Violence Against Women in Relationships
Visit ASEAN Millenium Year
Virtual Communities
Veterans Conservation Corps
Virtual Communities
Village Education Committees
Village Health Committees
Village Health Worker
Village Health Workers
Volunteers in Public Service
Vientiane International School
Virtual Learning Communities
Virtual Research Communities
Village Organizations
Voluntary Planning Agreement
Violence Prevention Coalition
Volunteer Police Cadets
Vulnerable Persons Registry
Village Public Safety Officer
Village Savings and Loans Association
Volunteer and Service-Learning Center
Veterans Transition Center
Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative
Wireless for Communities
Western Academy of Beijing
Weed Army Community Hospital
Washington Area Theatre Community Honors
Working As Designed
Wikia Activity Monitor
Washington Apple Pi
Web App Security Pen-Testers
Well-Being of Adolescents in Vulnerable Environments
WoltLab Burning Board
Working Class Acupuncture
Working Committee on ASEAN Investment Area
West Central Behavioral Health
World Community Service
Worm Community System
WIPO Copyright Treaties
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
West-East Corridor
World Education Fellowship
Whole Earth Lectronic Link
Wildlife Enforcement Network
Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center
World Federation Against Drugs
Walk Friendly Communities
Water Fluoridation Reporting System
World Federation of Therapeutic Communities
Working Group on ASEAN Seas and Marine Environment
Working Group on Capacity Building in Mineral
Working Group on Environmental Economics
Working Group on Environmental Information, Public Awareness and Education
Working Group on Environment Management
Working Group on Foreign Direct Investment Statistics
Working Group on Industrial Cooperation
Working Group on Intellectual Property Cooperation
Working Group on Livstock
Working Group on Nature Conservation
Working Group on Trade and Economic
Working Group on Transboundary Follution
Washington Health Foundation
Woods In and Around Towns
West Indies Federation
Women in Municipal Government
Washington Interfaith Network
Workers Interfaith Network
Weaving an islander network for cancer awareness research and training
Weaving an Islander Network for Cancer Awareness, Research and Training
World Intellectual Property Organization
Women in Student Affairs
Wellness Initiative for Senior Education
Western International School of Shanghai
Working In The Schools
Westchester Jewish Community Services
World Jewish Relief
West Lafayette
West Los Angeles
Women's Leadership Council
West Loop Community Organization
Western Maine Community Action
West Michigan Environmental Action Council
World Memon Organisation
World Neighbors
Women Organized to Respond to Life-threatening Disease
Widows or Widowers
Woman of Worth
Workshop of the Whole
WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
Western Rural Development Center
World Recreational Fishing Conference
Welfare Rights Organization
Without Rule of Law
World Reference System
Youth Advisory Board
Youth Advisory Council
Youth Advisory Group
Youth Advisory Committee
Yet Another Community System
Young Adult Ministry
You Are Never Alone
Youth Advocate Programs
Youth at Risk
Youth Action Team
You Are Welcome
Youth Center
Youth Council
Youth Development
Youth Development Department
Youth Executive Committee
Youth Empowerment Project
Youth Empowerment Solutions
Youth Empowerment Service
Youth Emergency Service
Youth Engagement Strategy
Youth Engagement Team
Youth and Family Services
Young Health Programme
Youth Information Center
Youth Inclusion Programme
Youth Justice Coalition
Youth Leadership Academy
Youth Leadership Council
Youth Leadership Program
Youth Leadership Team
Young Muslim Organisation
Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice
Youth Organizing
Youth Orchestras of San Antonio
Young Professionals Committee
Young People in Recovery
Youth Service America
Youth Service Bureau
Youth Services Bureau
Youth United for Community Action
Youth Undoing Institutional Racism
Zone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality
Zone One Tondo Organization