Popular Computing acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Accessories and Supplies Group
Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System
Advanced Fringe Field Switching
Advanced Global Positioning System
Assisted Global Positioning System
Audio Local Area Network
Accelerated Graphics Port
Artifial Intelligences
Artificial Intellect
Automatic Image Refinement
Alternating Current
AT&T Novell Telephone Services
Apple UniX
Active Application
Aiming Algorithm
Ancient Anguish
Application Agent
Auto Answer
Aces of ANSI Art
Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
Authentication Authorization, Accounting
Anonym Association Against Acronym Abuse
Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing
American Association of Artificial Intelligence
Axis Aligned Bounding Box
Abbreviated Address Calling
Advanced Audio Coding
Apple Assistance Center
Apple Audio Compression
Authorization and Access Control
Advanced Audio Coding - Low Complexity
Advanced Audio Coding - Low Complexity
Advanced Audio Coding - Long Term Production
Advanced Audio Coding - Long Term Production
Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education
Advanced Access Content System
Attitude and Articulation Control System
Access to Archival Databases
Authorized AutoCAD Dealer
American Association of Domain Names
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Amdahl Australian Intelligent Tools Program
Andere Arbeiten Lassen
Anytime Anywhere Learning
Application Adaptation Layer
ATM Adaptation Layer
ATM Adaption Layer
Authentication Assurance Level
ATM Adaptation Layer Connection
Automatic Acoustic Management
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems
Advanced Architecture Microprocessor
Active Appearance Models
American Association for Medical Systems Informatics
American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators network
Address Allocation Protocol
Application Access Point
Applications Access Point
Agile All-Photonic Network
Agile All-Photonic Networks
Association for Automated Reasoning
Automatic Alternative Routing
Australian Academic Research Network
AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
Asset Authorization Review Process
All-to-All Scatter
ASCII Asynchronous Support Package
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport
Apple Advanced Typography
Application Assembly Tool
Average Access Time
Authorized Academic Training Provider
Apple Attachment Unit Interface
American Academy of Veterinary Informatics
Automated Attendant Exchange
Abort Session
Advanced Business Application Programming/4
Advanced Business Application Programming/4
Automatic Bit Access Test System
Anti-Big Brother Association
Apple Bulletin Board System
Absolute Binary Code
Abstract Base Class
Access Basic code
Activity-Based Computing
Application Building Classes
Atanasoff-Berry Computer
Atanasoff Berry Computer
Algorithm Beam Center And Shape
Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
Advanced Biological and Chemical Discovery
Altavista Business Card Directory
Association of Better Computer Dealers
As-Built Configuration File
Advanced Boolean Expression Language
Abnormal End
Absent By Enforced Net Deprivation
Auto Bit Error Rate Test
America Online Business Exchange
Algorithm-Based Fault Tolerance
Average Busy Hour Calls
Adaptive Brain Interfaces
Adaptive Brain Interface
Aktionsbuendnis fuer Barrierefreie Informaionstechnik
Application Binary Interface
Advanced Basic Input Output System
Advanced BIOS
Automatic Built In Self Test
Automatic Built-In Self-Test
Automatic Built-In Self Test
Algorithm Beam Jitter
Algorithm Beam Line Of Sight
Acquisition Bus Monitor
Asynchronous Balanced Mode
Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
Augmented Backus-Naur Form
Alternate BiPolar
Alternating bit protocol
Answer Bit Ratio
Area Border Router
AutoBaud Rate
Automatic Baud Rate
Automatic Beacon Removal
Automated Book Request System
Advanced Business System
Apple Business Systems
Agent-Based Systems
Agent Based Systems
Albatron BIOS Security
Alternative Billing Service
Average Busy Season
Average Busy Season Busy Hour
Agent-Based Social Simulation
Abort Timer
Answer Back Tone
Application Business Unit
Association of Banyan Users International
Access Concentrator
Acoustic Coupler
Advanced Cluster
Advanced Computing
Advances in Computers
Affective Computing
Algorithmic Complexity
Alignment Check
Amiga Club
Application Context
Applied Cryptography
Area Code
Authenticate Code
Autonomic Computing
Autonomic Components
Auxiliary Computer
Audio Compression - 3
Audio Compression - 3
Architecture Centric Model Driven Software Development
Alternating Current/Direct Current
Audio CODEC 97
Asynchronous Communications Adapter
Automatic Circuit Assurance
Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms
Automatic Corporations-based Acquisition of Binary Terms
Asia Computer Animation Festival
Australian Conference on Artificial Life
Application Configuration Access Protocol
Application Control Architecture Services
Audio Computer-Assisted Self-Interview
Audio computer-assisted self-interviewing
Automatic Calling and Answering Unit
Annoyance Call Bureau
Automatic Call-Back
Average Consistent Busy Hour
Academic Computer Center
Atari Competence Center
Adaptive Computing Controller
Area Communication Controller
Area Control Computer
Audio Communications Controller
Adaptive Cruise Control
Advanced Computer Communication
Advances in Cloud Computing
Application Client Container
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design
Advanced Computing Center for the Arts & Design
Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design
Award for Call Center Excellence
Asynchronous Character Control Map
Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing
Advances in Computing, Control and Networking
Automated Calling Card Service
Association of C and C++ Users
Access Control Definition
Adaptive Call Distributor
Automated Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distributor
Apple Corps of Dallas
Audio Compact Disk
Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Disposition Analyzer
Alternating Current/Direct Current
Automated Control for Datacenters and Clouds
Access Control Decision Function
Asynchronous Communication Device Interface
Apple Certified Desktop Technician
Advanced Computing Environment
Access Connection Element
AccessData Certified Examiner
Ace Coin Equipment
Adobe Certified Expert
Adobe Color Engine
Advanced Communication Engine
Adverse Channel Enhancement
APRISMA Certified Engineer
ASCII Compatible Encoding
Assured Computing Environment
Attempto Controlled English
Authentication Server for SecurID
Automatic Calling Equipment
Automatic Computing Engine
Autonomous Computer Engine
Access Control Enforcement Function
Autorit canadienne pour les enregistrements Internet
Art Com Electronic Network
Accelerated Cost Effective Network
Alliance for Computing at Extreme Scale
APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation
Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology
Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
Access Control Field
Access Control Framework
Advanced Communication Facility
Advanced Computer Feasability
Apple Communications Framework
Application Configuration File
Attribute Configuration File
Advanced Communications Function/Network Control Program
Advanced Communications Function/TeleCommunications Access Method
Advanced Communications Function/Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
Advanced Communications Function/Virtual Telecommunications Access Method Entry
Access Control Facility 2
Address and Control Field Compression
Association canadienne des fournisseurs Internet
Advanced Computation Group
Association for Computers in the Humanities
Attempt Per Circuit Per Hour
Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist
Advances in Computer-Human Interactions
Access Control Information
Advanced Chip Interconnection
Advanced Computing Initiative
Advanced Computing Infrastructure
Animal-Computer Interaction
Algorithms and Complexity in Durham
Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases
ANSI Creators in Demand
Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability
Atomicity - Consistency - Isolation - Durability
Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction
Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems
American Committee for Interoperable Systems
Applications & Consulting Information Technology
Arab Conference on Information Technology
Amsterdam Compiler Kit
Access Compatibility Layer
Access Control List Facility
Active Current Loop
Advanced CMOS Logic
Advanced Computing Laboratory
Advanced Concepts Laboratory
Agent Control Language
Appletalk Class Library
Arbortext Command Language
Asynchronous Connectionless Link
Autodesk Campus License
Adaptive Computing Machine
Address Complete Message
Advances in Computational Mechanics
American Computing Machinery
Application Configuration Management
Assocation for Computing Machinery
Association for Computational Machinery
Association for Computing Machiner
Association of Computing Machinery's
Association of Computing Machines
Association of Computing Machinary
Associationfor Computing Machinery
Authenticated Code Module
Authenticated Code Modules
Auxiliary Core Memory
Australian CEFACT Management Committee
Architecture Centric Model Driven Software Development
Automated Classification of Medical Entities
AMD Core Math Library
Application Control Management System
Area Code Number
Academic Computing and Networking Services
Academic Computing and Network Services
Application and Content Networking System
Applied Cryptography and Network Security
AMP Communications Outlet
Attendant Control Of Facilities
Automatic CPU Overheating Prevention System
Apple Classrooms Of Tomorrow
Access Control Points
Action Point
Active Configuration Profile
Administrative Challenge Panels
Ancillary Control Program
Algebra of Communicating Processes
Allied Communications Publication
Analog Content Protection
Associate Computing Professional
Association for Constraint Programming
Atomic Commitment Protocol
Automatic Channel Programming
Auxiliary Control Process
Auxillary Control Process
Audio Capture and Playback Adapter
Apple Communications Protocol Card
Advance Configuration and Power Interface
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
Advanced Configuration and Power Integration
Advanced Control and Power Interface
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - Component Architecture
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - Component Architecture
Association Control Protocol Machine
Apple Certified Portable Technician
Automated Corporate Planning Tool
Automated Corporationrate Planning Tool
Abandon Call and Retry
Access Control Register
Adobe Camera Raw
Advanced Communications Riser
Allowed Cell Rate
Anonymous Call Rejection
Artificial Content Recognition
Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
Automatic Call Recording
Automatic Character Recognition
Australian Conference on Robotics and Automation
Advanced Computing Research Centre
Archaeological Computing Research Group
Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning
Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning
Academic Computing Services
Access Control System
Access Control Store
Ackerman Computers Sciences
Adaptive Computing Systems
Advanced Computing Systems
Administrative Computing Services
Advanced Console Server
Adventure Construction Set
Alternate Character Set
Application Control Services
Architekten, Computer, Systeme
Array Controller Software
Asynchronous Communication Server
Asynchronous Communications Server
Atheros Configuration Service
Auto Configuration Server
Australian Computer Science
Automatic Calling System
Automatic Class Selection
ATM Circuit Steering Management Information Base
ATM Circuit Steering Management Information Base
Apple Certified System Administrator
Annual Computer Security Applications Conference
Association Control Service eLement
Artifact-Centric Service Interoperation
Academic Computing Services NETwork
Australian Computer Science Network
Apple Certified Support Professional
Algebra of Communicating Shared Resources
Alcatel Certified Switch Specialist
Aural Cascading Style Sheets
Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers
Advanced Channel Service Unit
Ada Core Technologies
Administrative Computing and Telecommunications
Adobe Color Table
Apple Certified Trainer
Application Compatibility Toolkit
Application Center for Technology
Applied Computing Technologies
Architecture Characterization Template
Association for Computers & Taxation
Alliance of Computer-based Telephony Application Suppliers
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
ACcess TEchnologies Forum
Attendant Control of Trunk Group Access
Association of Computer Telephone Integration Users and Suppliers
Activate Logical Unit
ACTivate Physical Unit
Adobe Certified Training Provider
Advanced Combinatorial Testing System
Automated Coin Toll Service
Automated Coin Toll System
Automatic Coin Telephone System
Access Control Unit
Address Control Unit
Alarm Control Unit
Array Control Unit
AutoCall Unit
Automatic Calling Unit
Automatic Call Unit
Automatic Client Update
Association of College and Universityrsity Telecommunication Administrators
Association of College and Universityrsity Telecommunications Administrators
Airbus Cockpit Universal Thrust Emulator
Airbus Cockpit Universityrsal Thrust Emulator
Ada Compiler Validation Capability
Alliance for Computers and Writing
Active Directory
Activity Discard
Administrative Domain
Administrative Domains
Algorithmic Differentiation
Automatic Differentiation
Application Development
Authorized Dealers
Authorized Distributor
Autonomous Domain
Activity Discard Acknowledgment
Atom Development Administration
Automatic Data Acquisition
Automatic Data Acquisitions
Ada design and documentation language
ALEPH Digital Asset Module
Algorithm Development and Mining
Aerodynamic Data Analysis Program
Automated Data Analysis Program
Association of Data Processing Service Organisation
Association of Data Processing Service Organizations
Architecture Design, Analysis and Planning Tool
Advanced Directory Assistance System
Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems
Allied DATa processing Publication
A DeBugger
Apple Data Bus
Apple Desktop Bus
AppWare Distributed Bus architecture
Advanced Data Broadcasting System
Active Database Connector
Adaptive Data Compression
Advanced Data Control
Analog-to-digital Converter
Analog-to-Digital Computer
Analog Digital Converter
Analog to Digital Converter
Analysis Date Concentrator
Apple Display Connector
Apple Distribution Center
Automated Data Collection
Automatic Data Capture
Advances in Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Journal
Automatic Display Call Indicator
Association for the Development of Computer-based Instructional Systems
Advances in Computational Mathematics
Avesta Device Control Protocol
Australian Document Computing Symposium
Association of Data Communications Users
Adapter Device Driver
AGP Digital Display
Apple Data Detectors
Authorized Digital Dealers
Automatic Digital Data Acquisition And Recording
Automatic Data Direction Control
Administrative Directory Management Domain
Applied Digital Data Systems
Adobe Digital Edition
Application Development Environment
Administrative Data Entry for Processing Transmission
Automatic Data Extractor and Plotting Table
Automatic Digital Encoding System
Andrew Development Environment Workbench
Access Control Decision Function
Access Control Decision Information
Adapter Description File
Adapter Description Files
Application Development Framework
Application Development Facility
Automatically Defined Functions
Automatic Document Feeder
Advanced Disc Filing System
Association of Digital Forensics, Security and Law
Advanced Data Guarding
Authorized Distributor Group
Automated Deduction in Geometry
Alliance of Digital Humanities Organization
Application Directory
AutoCad Device Interface
Autodesk Device Interface
AUTODIN-to-DISN Interface
Advanced Digital Information Corp
Asynchronous Dual Inline Memory Module
Automated Download and Installation of Operating Systems
Additional Decryption Key
Agent Development Kit
Advanced Digital Logic
Advances in Digital Libraries
Adventure Definition Language
Adventure Description Language
Assertion Definition Language
Aerospace Design Laboratory
Automatic Data Link
Advanced Data Link Controller
Asynchronous Data Link Control
Assertion Definition Language Translator
Adaptive Delta Modulation
After Dark MultiModule
Aggregate Data Manager
Application Discovery Manager
Advanced Direct Memory Access
Area Division Multiple Access
Area Divisionsion Multiple Access
Army Desktop and Mobile Computing
Administration Management Domain
ADMinistration Function
Automated Data Management System
Active Directory Migration Tool
Abbreviated Dialing Number
Autodesk Developer Network
ActiveX Data Objects
Ampex Digital Optics
ActiveX Data Objects for WindowsCE
ADvanced On-Screen Information System
Advanced Distributed On-board Processor
Accelerated Data Path
Active Distribution Panel
Administrative Data Processing
Advanced Data Processing
Automatic Data Processing
Automatic Data Processing System
Automated Data Processing/Telecommunications
Automated Data Processing/Telecommunications
Advances in Distributed and Parallel Computing
Adaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation
Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
Automated Data Processing Liaison Office
Advanced Digital Recording
After Dark Randomizer
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Applied Data Research
Automated Distance Regulation
Automatic Dialogue Replacement
Adaptive Document Recognition Technology
Active Directory Services
Active Directory Service
Advanced Digital System
Agent-Directed Simulation
Alternate Data Stream
Application Development System
Artwork Delivery System
Attitude Display System
Audio Distribution System
Automatic Distribution System
Auto Data Switch
Automated Data Service
Automated Deployment Services
Automated Deployment Service
Automatic Documenting System
Autonomous Decentralized System
Autonomous Decentralized Systems
Auxiliary Data System
Advanced Driver Software Architecture
Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering
Advance Diploma in Software Engineering
Active Directory Service Interfaces
Active Directory Services Interface
Active Directory Service Interface
Analog Display Services Interface
Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop
Asymmetric DSL
Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks
Advanced Digital Signal Processor
AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
ATM Data Service Unit
Abstract Data Type
Access Developer's Toolkit
Apple Disk Transfer
Application Development Tools
Application Data Type
Atlantic Daylight Time
Automated Deployment Toolkit
Average Daily Theoretical
Automated Digital Terminal System
Application Definition Utility
Automatic Duplexing Unit
Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Users and Computers
Active Directory Users & Computers
Administrative Directory User Agent
Advanced File System
Application Development Workbench
Automatic Data Exchange
Above or Equal
Activity End
Adaptive Equalizer
Apple Events
Application Executive
Arithmetic Element
ASCII Express
Activity Entity Acknowledgment
American Entrepreneurs Association
Asynchroner Emulations Adapter
Analog Expansion Bus
Analogue Expansion Bus
Adaptive Echo Cancellation
Advanced Error Correction
Andrea Electronics Corporation
Ars Electronica Center
ALGOL extended for design
Automatic Email Distribution
Applied Electrical Engineering and Computing Technologies
Access control Enforcement Function
Address Extension Facility
Application Expert Group
Automatic Exploit Generation
Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System
Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instituteumentation System
AIDS Education and General Information Service
Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education
Application Enabling Interface
Automatic Equipment Identification
Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol
Asterisk Extension Language
Active Energy Manager
Automatic Emulation Management
AppleEvent Object Model
Apple Events Object Model
AppleTalk Echo Protocol
Application Environment Profile
Asociacion Espanola Para la Inteligencia Artificial
Application Error Reporting
Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open
Advanced Embedded Solutions
Advanced Encryption Standard
Application Environment Specification
Application Environment Service
Application Environment Specifications
Application Environment Services
Audio Engineering Society
Automatic Electronic Systems
Automatic Emulation Switching
AES Counter mode CBC MAC Protocol
AES Counter mode CBC MAC Protocol
Auto Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union
Auto Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union
An Evolutionary System for On-line Programming
Algorithm Evaluation and Test
Application Entity Title
Apple Event Terminology Extension
Apple Event User Terminology
Architecture Excellence
Address Field
Anisotropes Filtern
Anisotropic Filter
Anisotropic Filtering
Auxiliary Flag
AFrican EDIFACT Board
Association Fournisseur d'Access et service internet
Automatic Facilities Test System
Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
As Far As I Can Recall
As Far As I Recall
Alkaline Fuel Cell
Application Foundation Classes
Automatic Font Change
Advanced Function Common Control Unit
Avesta Flow Control Protocol
Acceptance For Data
Analytical Fluid Dynamics
Ancillary Function Driver
Ancilliary Function Driver
Automatic File Distribution
Aid to Families with Dependent Children
Active Framework for Data Warehousing
Apple File Exchange
AFrican EDIFACT Board
Antigen File Filtering
Advanced Fringe Field Switching
Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition
Adaptive Frequency Hopping
AppleTalk Filing Interface
Authority and Format Identifier
Authority and Format Indicator
Authority Frame Identifier
Association for Font Information Interchange
Air Force Information Network
American Federation of Information Processing Societies
Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match
Asian Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture
Abstract Family of Languages
Automata and Formal Languages
Automated Formal Methods
Advanced Fiber Network
Association Francaise de Normalisation
A Friend Of A Friend
Air Force Office of Sponsored Research
Advanced Function Presentation
Advanced Function Printing
Apple Filing Protocol
AppleTalk Filing Protocol
Advanced Function Printing Architecture
Advanced Function Printing Data Stream
Aladdin Free Public License
Artifex Free Public License
Alternate Frame Rendering
Annualized Failure Rate
ARCNET Fragmentation Protocol
Andrew File System
Andrews File System
Audio Frequency Shift Keying
Automatic Frequency Shift Keying
Application File Transfer
Authenticated Firewall Traversal
Anonymous File Transfer Protocol
All Fouled Up
Association Francaise des Utilisateurs d'Unix
Access Grid
Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
Advanced Graphics Adapter
Average Group Busy Hour
Access Grant Channel
Adobe Graphics Engine
Artificial General Intelligence
Asterisk Gateway Interface
Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute
Agriculture Network Information Center
AT&T Global Network Services
A GNU/Linux Audio distribution
Accelerated Graphic Port
Accelerated Graphics Ports
Advanced Graphic Port
Advanced Graphics Processor
Apply Group Policy
Advanced Group Policy Management
Advanced Global Positioning System
Assisted Global Positioning System
Asynchronous Gateway Server
Advanced Gaming Systems Inc
Adventure Game Toolkit
Address Generation Unit
Active Hub
Adaptive Hypermedia
Application Header
Authentication Header
Accelerated Hub Architecture
Advanced Host Controller Interface
Advanced Help Desk
Altera Hardware Description Language
Analog Hardware Description Language
Analytical Hierachy Process
Army High Performance Computing Research Center
Audio Home Recording Act
Adaptive Hardware and Systems
Average Holding Times
Abstract Interpretation
Action Item
Adapted Information
Adobe Illustrator
Angewandte Informatik
Artifical Intelligence
Artificial Inteligence
Artificial Intelligent
Artificial Intellegence
Artificial Intelegence
Authentication Information
Automated Information
Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations
Artificial Intelligence Applications & Innovations
Automatic Image Annotation
Add In Card
AIX windows Interface Composer
Application Integration Components
Application Integration Component
Artificial Intelligence Center
Automatic Intercept Center
Automatic Intercept Communications Controller
Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence
Apple Internet Connection Kit
American Institutetute of Certified Public Accountants
Advanced Institute for Computational Science
Automated Information Control System
Advances in Information and Communication Technology
Application IDentifier
Artificial Intelligence in Design
Attention Interrupt Device
AUTODIN Interface Device
African Internet Development Action Team
Automated Identification and Data Collection
Automatic Identification and Data Capture
Automatic Identification and Data Collection
Accenture Intelligent Digital Platform
Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response
Apple Infected Disk Syndrome
Automatic Installation and Diagnostic Service
Architected Interface Facility
Auto Increment Field
Audio Interchange File Format
Advanced Interfaces Group
Active Input Interface
Artificial Intelligence & Information Analysis
Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Attestation Identity Key
Attestation Identity Keys
Automated Installation Kit
Ames Imaging Library Server
Access Isolation Mechanism
Acquisition Interface Modules
Acquisition Interface Module
Advanced Interconnect Modeling
Advanced Invar Mask
Alternate Input Method
Analog Intensity Modulation
Apple, IBM, Motorola
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Ascend Inverse Multiplexing
ATM Inverse Multiplexer
Association of Imaging Manufacturers
Asynchronous Interface Module
Automatic Identification Manufacturers
Automatic Interface Management
Advanced Information Manager/Shared Resource Control Facility
Advanced Information Manager/Shared Resource Control Facility
Additive-Increase Multiplicative-Decrease
Active Input Method Manager
Agent-based Information Management System
Automated Information Management System
Advanced Information Management System
Agents, Interactions, Mobility, and Systems
Apple Internet Mail Server
Auto-Indexing Mass Storage
Advanced Intelligent Network
Auto Insert Notification
Advanced Information Networking and Applications
All in Ones
Asynchronous Input/Output
Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing
Accountable Internet Protocol
Adaptive Internet Protocol
Advanced Information Processing
Associazione Informatici Professionisti
ATM Interface Processor
Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition
Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
Adaptive Intra Refresh
Additive Increase Rate
Adobe Intergrated Runtime
Advanced Integration Research
Apple Internet Router
Audio Information Retrieval
Automated Image and Restore
Automatic Image Refinement
American Internet Registrants Association
Academy & Industry Research Collaboration Center
Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies
Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control
Account Information Security
Advanced Information Security
Applied Information Security
Alarm Indication Signal
Alarm Indication System
Application Information Service
Applied Information Systems
Applied Information Sciences
Archaeological Information Systems
Artificial Immune Systems
Artificial Intelligence System
Artificial Intelligence Systems
Artificial Intelligences
Autonomous Intelligent System
Asset Inventory Service
Assured Information Security
Automatic Intercept System
Alarm Indication Signal-External
Alarm Indication Signal-External
Alarm Indication Signal External
Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour
Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation
Australasian Information Security Conference
Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group
Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing
Association for Internet Service Providers
Association of Information Systems Professionals
Advances in Information Sciences and Service
Automated Information Systems Security Officer
Advanced Information System Technology
Advanced Information Technology
Advanced Information Technology System
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
Australasian Information Security Workshop
Advanced Intelligent Tape
Algorithmic Information Theory
Automatic Identification Technology
Applied Information Technologies Research Center
Abort Interface Unit
Austrian Institute for Virtual Education Techniques
Austrian Institutetute for Virtual Education Techniques
All In Wonder
APPN Implementers Workshop
As It Was
As It Were
Advanced Interactive eXecutive
Advanced Interactive eXecutive/Enterprise Systems Architecture
Advanced Interactive eXecutive/Enterprise Systems Architecture
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
Association of Japanese Business Studies
Asian Journal of Information Technology
Application Kit
Austin Kyoto Common Lisp
Authority Key Identifier
Authority Key Identifier
Andorra Kernel Language
Access List
Account Librarian
Active Link
Application Layer
Arbitrated Loop
Arbitration Loop
Artificial intelligence
Artificial Life
Assembly Language
Audio Local Area Network
AppleTalk Link Access Protocol
ARCTalk Link Access Protocol
Asociacion Latinoamericana de Seguridad
Analog Loopback
Automatic Line Buildout
Adaptation Layer Controller
Arithmetic and Logic Circuits
Assembly Language Compiler
Authorised Learning Center
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
Algorithm Line-Of-Sight Comparison
Adaptive Lossless Data Compression
Advanced Lossless Data Compression
Access List Entry
Adaptive Learning Environment
Address Lifetime Expectation
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts
Atomic Layer Epitaxy
Authorized Linux Education Center
Accelerator Library and Framework
Algebraic Logic Functional
Analog Line Front End
Application Level Gateway
Algorithimic Language
Algorithmic Language
Algorithmic computer Language
Acer Laboratories, Inc.
Automatic Location Identification
Automatic Location Information
Adaptive Location of Internetworked Bases of Information
Automatic Line Insulation Testing
Artificial Life Interactive Video Environment
Archie Like Indexing in the Web
Applied Logic Laboratory
Association of Literary and Linguistic Computing
Application Loadable Module
AppWare Loadable Module
Asynchronous Line Multiplexer
Asynchronous Line Module
Arabic Language Multilingual Application
Adaptive Logic Network
At Least Once
Apple Library for Object Embedding
Amsterdam Library of Object Images
Algorithm Line-Of-Sight Angle
Abstract Local Primitive
Access Linux Platform
Appliance Link Protocol
Assembly Language Processor
Association of Logic Programming
Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committe
Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee
Advanced Local Procedure Call
Auto Laser Pulse Saving
Automatic Line Record Update
Ada Language System
Adaptive Learning Systems
Adjacent Link Station
Advanced Logistics System
Application Layer Structure
Automated List Service
ALS Software
ALTERnative Network Information Center
ALTernating Phase Shift Mask
Australasian Language Technology Workshop
and Logic Unit
Application Layer User
Arithmatic and Logic Unit
arithmetic & logic unit
Arithmetic-Logic Unit
arithmetic-logical unit
Arithmetic/Logic Unit
Arithmetical and Logical Unit
Arithmetic and Logical Unit
Arithmetic and Logic Units
Arithmetic Logic Units
Arithmetic Logical Unit
Aritmatic & Logical Unit
Aritmetic Logic Unit
Arithmetic and Logic Units
Arithmetic Logic Units
Autonomous Land Vehicle
Access Method
Accounting Management
Active Matrix
Active Messages
Active Monitor
Administrative Module
Agile Modeling
Associative Memory
Asynchronous Mode
Audio Mostly
Auxiliary Memory
Authorization Management & Advanced Access Control Models
Amplitude Modulation with Phase Shift Keying
Automatic Message Accounting
AMA Collection System
Automatic Message Accounting Collection System
Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
AMA Recording Center
AMA Standard Entry
Automatic Message Accounting Standard Entry
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology
AMA Transmitter
Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter
AMA Teleprocessing System
Automatic Message Accounting TeleProcessing System
Advanced Memory Buffer
Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture -Advanced eXtensible Interface
Adaptive Modulation and Coding
Advanced Mezzanine Card
Alternate Master Clock
Applied Mathematics and Computation
Area Management Center
Active Matrix Color Display
Active Matrix Display
Activity Monitoring Completion Detection
Annual Maintenance Contracts
Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
Advanced MicroDevices
Advanced Micro Designs
Air Movement Device
American Micro Devices
Agile Model-Driven Development
Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects
AccessData Mobile Examiner
Advanced Metal Evaporated
Advanced Modeling Extension
Asynchronous Modem Eliminator
Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System
Active Matrix Electro Luminescent
American Information Technologies
Account Metering Function
Action Message Format
Application Message Handling
Automated Material Handling
Alternate Mark Inversion
American Megatrends Incorporation
American Megatrends, Inc.
American Megatrends Inc.
Asynchronous Method Invocation
ATM Management Interface
Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration
Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration
Australian Medical Informatics Association
Apple Memory-mapped I/O Controller
Amiga Digital Environment
Advanced Mobile Integration in General Operating Systems
Agile Manufacturing Information Infrastructure
Atari Message and Information System
Audio Message Interface Standard
Audio Messaging Interchange Standard
ACPI Machine Language
Agent Modeling Language
Agent Management Module
Astronomical Markup Language
Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
Advanced Memory Management Architecture
Automated Multi-Media Exchange
Abstract Machine Notation
Allgemeines Mailbox NETzwerk
America's Multimedia Online
A Modular Operating Kernel
Amusing Misuse of Resources
Alpha Microsystems Operating System
Active Monitor Present
Advanced Multimedia Processing
Airwave Management Platform
Algorithms, Machines, and People
Asymmetrical Multi-Processing
Asymmetric Multiprocessing System
AT&T Mathematical Programming Language
Abstract Meta-Physical Speculation
Amplitude Modulation with Phase Shift Keying
Antistropic Magneto-Resistant
Audio Modem Raiser
Audio Modem Riser
Access Method Services
Active Middleware Services
Advanced Monitor System
Advanced Multimedia Systems
Advertising Management System
Andrew Message System
AUTODIN Mail Server
AMStrad Disk Operating System
AMStrad Disk Operating System
Association of Microsoft Solutions Providers
Active Management Technology
Active Matrix Technology
Active Media Technology
Active Memory Technology
Address Mapping Table
Apple Media Tool
Apple Media Toolkit
Asset Management Tool
Association for Machine Translation in the Americas
Average Modulation Transfer Function
Active Matrix Thin Film Transistor
Apple Media Tool Programming Environment
Apple Media Tool Programming Environment
Atomic Mass Unit
Amplitude Modulation Voice Frequency Telegraph
Architecture Methodology Working Group
Active Message Waiting Indicator
Access Node
Alternating Network
Area Network
Associated Number
Advanced Network Architectures
Automatic Natural Acquisition
Automatic Number Announcement
Automatic Number Announcement Circuit
Architecture Not Allowed In Source
Alternative Network Address Types
Average Network Busy Hour
All Number Calling
AT&T Netware Connect Services
AT&T NetWare Connect Services network
Architecture-Neutral Distribution Format
Anarchy 'N' Explosives
AppleTalk Networking Forum
adaptive neuro-fuzzy interface system
ANimation HeaDer
Access Node Hub Router
Artificial Narrow Intelligence
Automatic Number Identification
Automatic Number Identification Failure
Automatische Netzwerk Installation
Applied Natural Language Processing
Advanced Network Management
Apple Network Managers Association
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
Account Network Management Program
Artificial Neural Network
Artificial Neural Net
Auditing Network Needs
Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering
Advanced Network Option
Advanced Network & Services
Advanced Network Systems
Advanced Network System
Alternative Natural Philosophy Association
Access Node Router
Active Network Systems
Automatic Network Shutdown
American National Standards Committee
American National Standard Institutetute
American National Standard Institude
American National Standards Institute Structured Query Language
American National Standards Institutetute Structured Query Language
Advertised Neighbor Sequence Number
Advanced Network System Performance and Application Group
Advanced Network Technologies
Analysis of Network Traffic
Another Neat Tool
Advanced Networking Test Center
ANother Tool for Language Recognition
Advanced Networks and Telecommunication Systems
Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium
AT&T Novell Telephone Services
Australian National University Meta Language
Australian National Universityrsity Meta Language
Automotive Network Exchange
Arvutikasutaja Oskustunnistus
Audio Out
Always On, Always Connected
Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications
Apple Open Collaboration Environment
Apple Open Collaborative Environment
AVCS On-board Computer Program
Attitude and Orbit Control System
Advanced Optical Disc
Application Operating Environment
ATA over Ethernet
Active Output Interface
Agent-Oriented Information Systems
Agent Oriented Information Systems
Add One and do not Jump
Alert On LAN
Always Off Line
Army Of Lamers
Assholes On Line
Application OSI Management
Aspect Oriented Middleware
Agent-oriented programming
Aspect-Oriented Programming
Aspect Oriented Programming
Aspect Orientated Programming
Association of Online Professionals
Application Owning Region
Academic Operating System
Advanced Operating System
Add One and do not Skip
Algebraic Operating System
All Optical Switch
Alternate Operator Service
Alternate Option Selection
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
Agent Oriented Software Engineering
Airline Open Systems Interconnection Profile
Auxiliary Operator Service System
Art of Technology
Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation
Australian Overseas Telecommunications Corporationration
Art of Technology Digest
Arithmetic Output Unit
Asia and Oceania Workshop
Asia Oceanic WorkShop
Access Point
Access Provider
Accounts Payable
Adaptive Programming
Advanced Pick
Array Processor
Attached Processor
Application Profile
Automata Processor
Automatic Pagination
Auto Precharge
Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing
Abort Programmer Assembly
Adaptive Packet Assembly
All Points Addressable
Arithmetic Processing Accelerator
Asia-Pacific Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning
APache AutoConf-style Interface
Applied Artificial Intelligence
Asia-Pacific Advanced Network
Authorized Program Analysis Report
Advanced Peripheral Bus
Analytical Processing Benchmark
Analytical Processing Benchmark 1
Alternative PHP Cache
AMARC Protocol Converter
Automatic Power Conversion
Area Processing Centers
Asynchronous Procedure Call
Asynchronous Pool Cleaning
Automatic Program Control
Association of Professional Computer Consultants
Asia-Pacific Conference on Conceptual Modelling
Application-Layer Protocol Control Information
Association of Personal Computer User Groups
Additional Product Documentation
Avalanche Photodiode
Apple Programmers and Developers Association
Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computational Models
ADA Programming Design Language
Advanced PDF Password Recovery
Adaptable Persistence Engine
APplication Engineering
Atari Peripheral Emulator
A Portable EMACS Library
Advanced Packet EXchange
Advanced Patterning Film
Advanced Printer Function
All PINs Fail
Apple File System
Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization
American Pirate Industries
Associacao Portuguesa de Informatica
Advanced Peripheral Interrupt Controller
Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
Automated Process Information File
All Party Internet Group
Automatic private IP address
Automatic Private IP Addressing
Arbeitsdatei PIOS Innere Sicherheit
Adobe Product Key Finder
A Pattern Language
A Perspicuous Language
Applications Program Library
A Programming Language
Array Processing Language
Array Processing Languages
Association for Persian Language, Linguistics and Computing
Applications Program Library Maintenance
A Programming Language with Shared Files
Advanced Private Line Termination
Advanced Power Management
Advanced Power Manager
Advanced Power Managment
Application Management
Application Programming Model
Application Performance Management
Automated Precision Manufacturing
Attention Profiling Markup Language
Access Point Name
Asia Pacific Networking Group
Asian Pacific Network Information Center
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
Advanced Planner and Optimizer
Automated Project Office
A Single Point Of Control
Arbeitsdatei PIOS Organisierte Kriminalitaet
ATM Passive Optical Network
Authenticated Post Office Protocol
Adjusted Peak Performance
Applications Portability Profile
Automatic Page Positioning
Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications
Application Program to Program Converter
Advanced Program-to-Program Communications/Personal Computers
Access Protection and Priority Control Mechanism
Advanced Program to Program Communications Protocol
A P3P Preference Exchange Language
Advanced Peer to Peer Internetworking
Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
Advanced Program-to-Program Internetworking
Application ID
Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity
Arrogance Produces Profit Losing Entity
Accelerated Parallel Processing Math Libraries
Application Packaging Problems & Solutions
Apache Portable Runtime
Arbeitsdatei PIOS Rauschgift
Automatic Picture Replacement
Accunet Packet Service
Active Pixel Sensor
Advanced Planning Solution
Amercian Program Service
Analog Protection System
Application Page Server
Application Processing Services
Application Service Provider
Asynchronous Protocol Specification
Automatic Protection Switching system
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference
Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
Ada Programming Support Environment
Ada Programming Support Environments
Agfa Publishing Systems Environment
Apple Public Source License
Address Pass Through
Advanced Package Tool
Advanced Photoscale Technology
Advanced Processor Technologies
American Phone Terrorists
Automatically Programmed Tools
Automatically Programmed Tool
Automatically Programmed Tooling
Automatic Programming Tool
Automatic Programmed Tool
Advanced Processor Temperature Control
Application Program to Transaction Manager
Advanced Public Transportation
Arithmetic Processing Unit
Attached Processing Unit
Auxiliary Processing Unit
Amiga Power Up System
Audio, Photo, Video, Express
Arbeitsdatei PIOS Waffen
Anti-Pishing Working Group
APache eXtenSion
A Query Language
Active Queue Management
Analytical Query Time
Accounts Receivable
Activity Resume
Address Register
Administrative Request
Alarm Report
Aperture Ratio
Augmented Reality
Automated Reasoning
Adaptive Routing Algorithm
Administrative Request Acknowledge
Affiliate Registration Authority
Attribute Registration Authority
Apple Remote Access
Apple Remote Access Protocol
Appletalk Remote Access Protocol
Address Record Buffer
Application Review Board
Advanced Research Computing
Advanced Resource Connector
Advance Resource Connector
Advanced RISC Computing
ALEPH Reporting Center
Almaden Research Center
Asynchronous Research Center
Augmentation Research Center
Augmentation Research Centre
Archival Research Catalog
Attached Resource Computer
Audio Response Controller
Advanced RISC Computing Architecture
Accessible Retired Computers in Biology
Attached Resource Computer Network
Association of Really Cruel Viruses
Apple Remote Desktop
Application Remote Database
Automatic Ringdown
Advanced Research and Development Activity
Advanced National Radio Data Service
Agent Runtime Environment
All Routes Explorer
Amiga Restructured EXtended eXecutor
Alarm Reporting Function
asoziale Randgruppe Frankfurt
Attributed Relational Graph
A Really Good Open systems interconnection
Address Recognized Indicator bit
Accessible Rich Internet Applications
Association of Radio Industry and Business
Algorithm for Recovery and Isolation Exploiting Semantics
ATM Research and Industrial Enterprise Study
Audichron Recorded Information System
Archive Robert Jung
Alternate Reality Kit
Abuse Resistant Key Distribution
Access Rights List
Adjusted Ring Length
Attendant Release Loop
Advanced Run-Length Limited
Advanced Run Length Limited
Advanced RISC Machines
Annotated Reference Manual
Application Response Measurement
Asynchronous Response Mode
Association for Records Managers and Administrators
Association of Records Managers and Administrators, inc.
Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair
Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation
Access Request Management System
Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage
Automation Resources Management System
Advanced Remote Node
Appletalk Remote Network Server
Advanced Registry Optimizer
Affiliate Registration Organization
After Receipt Of Order
Alterable Read Only Memory
Address Resolution Protocol
Address and Routing Parameter Area
Advanced Research Projects Administration
Association of Rehabilitation Programs in Data Processing
Automatic Repeat Request
Automatic Repeat Request
Annual Return Rate
Attributes for Representing Relationships
Announced Retransmission Random Access
Advanced Replacement Service
Alternate Route Selection
Automatic Route Selection
Automated Repair Service Bureau
Arctic Region Supercomputing Center
Adaptive Resonance Theory
Advanced Resolution Technology
Another Ray Tracer
Asset Reconciliation Tool
Asynchronous Remote Takeover
Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server
Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal
Automated Reasoning Tool
Automatic Revision Tracking
Apple Real Time Architecture
Analysis and Retrieval of Tracked Events and Motion in Imagery Streams
Accelerated Ray-Tracing System
Audio Response Unit
Access Server
Action Semantics
Advanced Server
Answer Set
Application System
Application System/400
Application System/400
Authentication Service
Autonomous System
Active Server Application
Adaptive Security Appliance
Adaptive Server Anywhere
Advanced SCSI Architecture
Adult Sites Against Child Pornography
Another Slight Atari Player
Automatic Switching And Processing
As Soon As You Can
Advanced System Buffering
Asynchronous Balanced Mode
Autonomous System Border Router
Autonomous System Boundary Router
Accredited Standards Committee
Active Signal Correction
Additional Sense Code
Advanced Scientific Computing
Advanced Simulation and Computing
Alabama Supercomputer Center
American Society for Cybernetics
Annual Service Contract
Apple Sound Chip
Applied Soft Computing
Association for Survey Computing
Authorized Support Center
Authorized Support Centers
Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee
Academia Sinica Computing Centre
Academia Sinica Computing Center
Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator
Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator
Automatic Sequence Control Calculator
Accelerated Strategic Computing Initiative
Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative
Advanced Simulation and Computing Initiative
Agent to Server Communication Interval
American Standard Code Information Interchange
American Standard Coded Information Interchange
American Standard Code for International Interchange
America Standard Code for Information Interchange
Advanced Scientific Computing Research
Advanced Small Computer Systems Interface
Action Semantic Description
Advanced Semiconductor Development
Architecture Summary Design
Automatic Skip Driver
Abstract Service Definition Convention
Abstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language
Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor
Analog-Signal-to-Discrete-Time-Interval Converter
Application-layer Service Data Unit
Academy of Science and Engineering
Active Storage Element
Aladdin Smartcard Environment
Amplified Spontaneous Emission
Application Service Element
Application Specific Extension
Automated Software Engineering
Automation Science and Engineering
Ain Shams Engineering Journal
Army Standards Electronic Mail Host
Auto-Start Extensibility Points
Application Software Entity Security
Australian Solid Earth Simulator
Advanced Streaming Format
Algebraic Specification Formalism
Analytical Solutions Forum
Apache Software Foundation
Auto Sheet Feeder
askSam File Pointer
Abstract Semantic Graph
Academia Sinica Grid Computing
Almquist SHell
Advanced Shading Language Interface
Application-specific handlers
Adapter Support Interface
Advanced Switching Interconnect
Alternate Space Inversion
Amorphous SIlicon drum
Aquarius Systems International
Asynchronous SCSI Interface
Automatic System Installation
Annual Symposium on Information Assurance
Application Specific Integration Circuit
Australian Securities and Investment Commission
Arbeitskreis Simulation und Kuenstliche Intelligenz
Audio Stream Input/Output
Audio Stream Input Output
Application-Specific Instruction-set Processor
American Society for Information Science
Application Software Installation Server
Advanced Switching Interconnect Special Interest Group
Akademische Software Kooperation
Amplitude Shift Keying
ACPI Source Language
Action Semantic Language
Adaptive Speed Levelling
Algebraic Specification Language
Alpha Systems Laboratories
Arithmetic Shift Left
Astaro Security Linux
Address Space Layout Randomization
Address Space Load Randomization
Advanced Solid Logic Technology
Abstract State Machines
Advanced Server Management
Aktueller Software Markt
Asset Management
Association for Systems Management
Association for System Management
Association of Systems Management
Automatic Storage Management
Asus System Monitoring Agent
Advanced Storage Magneto Optical
Advanced Storage Magneto-Optical
ASymetric MultiProcessing
Asymmetrical Multi-Processing
Asymmetric Multiprocessing
ASymmetrisches MultiProzessor
Abstract State Machines
Abstract Syntax Notation
Abstract Syntax Notation One
Abstract Syntax Notation 1
Advance Ship Notice
Advance Shipping Notice
Autonomous System Number
Amalgamated Software of North America
Address Supporting Organization
Application Service Object
Administrative Service Oversight Center
Abstract Service Primitive
Active Server Pages
Active Server Page
Advanced Signal Processing
Advanced Signal Processor
Advanced Simple Profile
Answer-set programming
Answer Set Programming
AppleTalk Session Protocol
Application Service Part
Application Service Providing
Authorized Service Provider
Association of Shareware Professionals
Attached Support Processor
Administrative Systems Projects Advisory Committee
Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference
Asia South-Pacific Design Automation Conference
Asia South Pacific Design Automation Conference
Advanced SPectre Entropy Coding
Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network
Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
Advanced SCSI Programmable Interrupt Controller
Arizona State Public Information Network
Application Specific Programmable Product
Advanced Signal Processing System
Automated Software Quality
American Society of Quality Control
Arbeitskreis Software-Qualitaet Franken
Access Service Request
Ada Software Repository
Arithmetic Shift Right
Asynchronous Signal Routine
Automated System Recovery
Automatic System Recovery
Automatic Send/Receive
Automatic Server Restart
Automatic Speech Recognition
ADEPT Subsystem for Scanning of Electronic Received Traffic
Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology
Automated Special Security Information System Terminal
Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing
Application Specific Standard Product
Agreed Set of Security Rules
Association of Statistics Specialists Using Microsoft Excel
Bearer Channel
Broadband Code Division Multiple Access
Broadband Code Divisionsion Multiple Access
Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband Inter-Switching System Interface
Broadband ISDN User's Part
Broadband Low Layer Information
Basic Local OPeration
Broadband Network Termination
B-ISDN Network Termination 1
B-ISDN Network Termination 2
Broadband Terminal Equipment
B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
B-ISDN Terminal Equipment
Bureau of Astral Troubleshooters
Back Log
Bipolar with 6 Zero Substitution
Bipolar with 8 Zero Substitution
Binary 8 Zero Suppression
Basic 911
Bee Algorithm
Behavior Aggregate
Bell Atlantic
Binary Addition
Binary Arithmetic
Block Address
Byzantine Agreement
Battle Against Any RAID Five
Basic Access Control
Basic Air Control
Basic Access Interface
Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology
Building Automation and Control Network protocol
Building Automation and Control NETwork
Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
Bayerische Akademie Der Wissenschaften
Bay Area GNU Enthusiasts League
Bristol's Anti-Gay Society
Bidirectional Associative Memory
Bellcore Automatic Message Accounting Format
BSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP
Bell Administrative Network Communications System
Bell Atlantic Network Integration
Bandwidth Allocation Potocol
Brain Aid Prolog
BellSouth Advertising and Publishing Company
Business Application Performance COrporation
Bridge Application Program Interface
Business Application Programmer's Interface
Base Address Register
Base Address Registers
Bay Area Regional Research NETwork
Battlefield Augmented Reality System
Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
BioArray Software Environment
Bourne-Again Shell
Bourne Again Shell
Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Beginner’s All-purpose Symbollic Instruction Code
Bundesweites Alternatives Studentisches InformationsNetzwerk
Baby Advanced Technology
Baby AT
Baby AT Board
BATch file
Browser-based Application Toolkit
Bounce Address Tag Validation
Bits At Unit Density
BAY networks' Switched Internetworking Services
Battery Backed-up
Bolt, Beranek & Newman
Big Brother Awards
Budget By Account
Broadband Bearer Capability
Berlin Brain-Computer Interface
Battery Backed-up Dynamic Random Access Memory
Bouncing Busy Hour
Bye, Back In A Second
Baseband Processor
Bread Board System
Bulletin Board Systems
Bulletin Board Services
Bulletin Board Systems
Bulletin Board Systems
Bulletin Board Services
Battery Back-Up
Bumpless Build-Up Layer
Blind Copy
Block Check
Burst Chop
Bus Coupler
Basic Communication Access Method
Before Component-Based Development
Blank Carbon Copy
Blind Courtesy Copy
Block Check Character
Binary-Coded Data
Binary-Coded Hexadecimal
Blocked Calls Delayed
Blocked Calls Held
Boot Configuration Data
Broadband Connectionless Data Bearer Service
Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
Broadband Code Division Multiple Access
Broadband Code Divisionsion Multiple Access
Bus Control Element
Binary Color File
Business Center Group
Balkan Conference in Informatics
Brain-computer Interface
Brain-Computer Interfaces
Brain Computer Interface
Brain Controlled Interface
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
Base Class Library
Bult Changed Map
Boyce-Codd Normal Form
Broadband Class of Bearer
Basic Call Process
Binary Control Protocol
Business Communications Project
Byte-Control Protocols
Basic Combined Programming Language
Basic Computer Programming Language
Blocked Calls Released
Barcode Sorter
Bar Code Sorters
Basic Catalog Structure
Basic Combined Subset
Basic Control System
Batch Change Supplement
Binary Compatibility Standard
Boston Computer Society
Business Communications Systems
Basic Call State Model
Boot Connection Vector
Business Continuance Volume
Business Continuity Volume
Burst Code-Word
Binary Decoder
Binary Digit
Binary Discrete
Binary To Decimal
Biological Distributed Algorithms
BIOS Data Area
Borland DAtabase
Basic Direct Access Method
Backup Domain Controller
Big Data Computing
Broadband Digital Cross-Connect System
Binary Decision Diagrams
Block Diagram Editor
Borland Database Engine
Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing
Bitmap Description Format
Bitmap Display Format
Berkeley Database Information Index
Beans Development Kit
Bilgisayar Destekli Mühendislik
Bell Data Network
Basic Disk Operating System
Backup Designated Router
Bus Device Request
BREW Distribution System
Building Distribution System
Bilgisayar Destekli Tasarım
Billing Data Transmitter
Block Data Transfer
Best Enhanced Advanced Technology
Binary Exponential Backoff
Backward Error Correction
Booth Engineering Center for Advanced Technology
Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
Burst EDO
Burst Extended Data Out
Burst Extended-Data Out
Burst Extended Data Output
Burst Extended Data Out DRAM
Burst Extended Data Out DRAM
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
Band Elimination Filter
Back End Generator
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
Business Equipment and Information Technology Association
Bell Communications Research
Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Basic Encoding Rules
BERlin KOMmunikation
Bit Error Rate Test
Block Ended by Symbol
Broadband Exchange over Trans-European Links
Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
Business Engineering Workbench
Bad Flag
Boundary Function
Bridge Function
Bus Fraction
Bus Frequency
Binary File Descriptor
Binary Format Description
Blank formatted disk
Binary File Format
Best Friend Forever And Ever
Bus Functional Model
Basic Formal Ontology
Boot File System
Breadth-First Search
Breadth First Search
Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
Ball Grid Array
Branch if Greater or Equal
Borland Graphics Interface
Border Gateway Multicast Protocol
Broadcast and Group Translators
Branch and Hang
BSAFE Hardware Application Programming Interface
Busy Hour Calls
Busy Hour Call Attempts
Broadband High Layer Information
Browser Helper Objects
Browser Help Objects
Black Hand Society
Backplane Interconnect
Beginning Inventory
Brain Informatics
Business Informatics
Branch Indicator
Business Intelligence
Business Integration - Information Conformance Statements
Burned-in Address
Bus Interface Adapter
Berkeley Integrated Audio Software
Burroughs Integrated Adaptive System
Bild in Bild
Bus Interface Board
Bibliographic Markup Language
Berkeley Internet Broadcasting System
Bit Independence Criterion
Bus Interface Controller
Bus Interface Chip
Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
British International Conference on Databases
Berkeley Institute of Design
Bugtraq IDentification
BIDirectional COmmunication Standard, BidCoS
Basic Interoperability Data Model
Berkeley Institute for Data Science
Borland International Data Structures
Benchmark Interchange Format
Benchmark Interface Format
Binary Image Format
Bombardier's Information File
Bombardiers Information File
Built In Function
Bionet Intelligent Gateway
Business Integration - Information Conformance Statements
Barrierefrei Informieren und Kommunizieren
Barrierefreie Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie fuer Alle
Basic Industry Marketing
Broadband Interface Module
Business Information Management
Bus Interface Model
British Interactive Multimedia Association
Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Binary Automatic Computer
Berkeley Internet Name Domain
Berkeley Internet Name Daemon
Bing Is Not Google
Boot Information Negotiation Layer
basic input-output system
Basic Input/Output System
Basic Input and Output System
Basic Input Output Support
Basic Input Output Services
Basic Input Output Systems
Basic Input Output Software
Binary Input Output System
Built-in Operating System
Basic Imaging Profile
Bit Interleaved Parity
Bit Interleave Parity
Bit Interleaved Parity Violation
Business Infrastructure Program
Business Infrastructure Services
Billion Instructions Per Second
Billions Instructions Per Second
Billions of Instituteuctions Per Second
Boot Instituteuctions Per Second
Bachelor of Information Systems
Bachelor of Information System
Bibliographic Information System
Boot Integrity Service
Boot Integrity Services
Border Intermediate System
Buraq Integrated Solutions
Business Information System
Basic Indexed Sequential Access Method
Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Buffalo Information System Online
Business Information System Program
Broadband Inter-Switching System Interface
Broadband Inter Switching System Interface
Built-In Self Test
B-ISDN User Part
Broadband ISDN User's Part
Binary Synchronous Communications
Binary Synchronous Communication
Binary Synchronous Control
Bisynchronous communications
Bachelor of Information Technology
Basic Information Technology
Behaviour & Information Technology
Basic Information Unit
Basic Interconnection Test
Behaviour and Information Technology
Bipolar Integrated Technology
Bipolar Integrated Technologies
Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
Beaten It To Death
Because It's Time NETwork
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Basic Information Unit
Buffer Interface Unit
Business Intelligence Warehouse
Byte Information eXchange
Beauty and Joy of Computing
Bubble Jet Color
Bureau of Justice Statistics
Bipolar Junction Transistor
BlocK Error Rate Tester
Block Error Rate
Block Error Rate Test
BLock Error Rate Tester
Bach Khoa Internetwork Security
Blue Lightning
Branch if Less
Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines
Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms
Basic Linear Algebra for Distributed Environments
Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms Technical
Bell Labs Layered Space Time
Bell Layered Space-Time
BLocked ASynchronous Transmission
Blocked Asynchronous/Synchronous Transmission
Berkeley Lab Checkpoint Restart
Blue Light Emitting Diode
BLock Error Rate After
Busy Lamp Field
Busy Line Field
Basic Language for Implementation of System Software
Broadband Low Layer Information
Brown Laboratory for Linguistic Information Processing
Broadband Local Network Technology
Binary Large Object
Basic Local OPeration
Basic Link Unit
Busy Line Verification
Broadcast Multiple Access
Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies
Baseboard Management Controller
Base Management Controller
Basic Monthly Charge
Block Multiplexer Channel
Bulk Mail Center
Business Management Center
Biomedical Package
Bird-Meertens Formalism
Bitmap Header
Behaviour Monitoring and Interpretation
Brain Machine Interface
Bus Master Interface Controller
Business Modeler Integrated Development Environment
Biomedical & Multimedia Information Technology
Biomedical Multimedia Information Technology
Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Bytex Matrix Operating System
Basic Multilingual Plane
Batch Message Processing
Bean-Managed Persistence
BER Management Protocol
Berkeley Multimedia Research Center
Banyan Mail Services
Basic Mapping Support
Business Machine Security
Bean-Managed Transactions
Biel Mean Time
Backbone Message Transfer Agent
Basic Measurement Unit
Bus Monitor Unit
Berkeley Macintosh User Group
Berkeley Macintosh Users Group
Beam me up, Scotty
British Machine Vision Conference
Bridge Number
Barrel Nut Connector
Bayonet Nut Connection
Bayonet Neill Concelman
Bayonet Navy Connector
Bayonet Nut Connector
Business Network Consulting
British National Conference on Databases
Bachus-Naur Form
Backus-Naur Form
Backus-Naur Formalism
Backus Normal Form
Before Next Interaction
Business Narrative Markup Language
Billed Number Screening
Broadband Network Service
Broadband Network Termination
B-ISDN Network Termination
Basic Networking Utilities
Basic Object Adapter
Branch On Bug
Big Oxford Computer Company
Boston Computer Exchange
Books on Demand
Business Object Document
Business Object Documents
Beginning Of File
Begin Of File
Basic Operators Interface
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Berkeley Open Infrastructure Network Computing
Business Office Information Systems
Beginning Of Message
Beginning Of Media
Begin of Message
Bill of Materials
Byte-Order Mark
Byte Order Mark
Bandwidth On Demand Interoperability Group
Bandwidth On Demand InterNetworking Group
Block Oriented Network Simulator
Binocular Omni-Orientation Monitor
Beginning of Partition
Billion Operations Per Second
Basic Output Report
Broken Once Running Everywhere
Base Operating System
Basic Operating System
Batch Operating System
Basic Object System
Basic Overseer Server
Billing and Order Support System
BSI OSS Security Suite
Business Organizer Scheduling System
Beginning Of Tape
Beginning Of Table
Begin Of Transaction
Brotherhood of Warez
Base Pointer
Bletchley Park
Business Process & Data Architecture
Basic Process Algebra
Business Partners Agreement
Business Process Automation
Business Publications Audit
Basic Partitioned Access Method
BIOS Parameter Block
Broadcast Protection Discussion Group
Bridge Protocol Data Unit
Business Process Execution Language
Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
Business Process Flow Management
British Phonographic Industry
Business Process Improvement
Business Process Management
Byte Per Inch
Bytes Per Inch
Best Play for Imperfect Player
Business Process Language
Business Process Modelling Language
Business Process Markup Language
Business Process Management Language
Business Process Query Language
Books Per Minute
BiPolar Non-Return-To-Zero
Bell Point of Contact
Broadband Passive Optical Network
Binary Packing Problem
Bits Per Pixel
Bridge Port Pair
Bipolar Return-to-Zero
Basic Programming Support
Bytes Per Second
Business Process and Services Computing
Bi-Phase Shift Keying
Basic Packet Switching Service
Bell Packet Switching System
Branch Processing Unit
Bipolar Violation
Berkeley Quality Software
Boundary Representation
Byte and Run
Basic Rate Access
Berlin Research Area Information Network
Broadcast Recognition Access Method
Broadband Radio Access Network
Broadcast Recognition with Alternating Priorities
Broadband Remote Acess Server
Business Residence Account Tracking system
Business Residence Custom Service
Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless
Benchmark Report Format
Budapesti Radiotechnikai Gyar
Bridge Router Interface
Bridge/Router Interface Module
Bridge Router Interface Module
Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility
Ballistics Research Lab
Basic Remote Module
Business Relationship Manager
Business Reply Mail
Business Reply Mail Accounting System
Behavior Research Methods, Instruments and Computers
Behavior Research Methods, Instituteuments and Computers
Batch Simple Message Transfer Protocol
Business Readiness Rating
Bibliographics Retrieval Service
Bibliographic Research Service
Bibliographic Retrieval Services
Bibliographic Retrieval System
Business Recovery Services
Banded Signaling
Behave Strangely
Burst Static
Backbone Service Area
Basic Service Arrangement
Business Software Alliance
Basic Sequential Access Method
Back Side Bus
Busy Season Busy Hour
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
Barcelona Supercomputer Center
Binary Synchronous Communications
Binary Synchronous Communication
BiSync Communication
Business Service Center
Barium Strontium Calcium Copper Oxide
BiSynchronous Communications Module
Business Service Configuration Manager
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Berkeley Software Distribution
Berkeley System Distribution
Blind Spot Detection
Blue Screen of Death
Berkeley Socket Data Interface
Berkeley Software Design Incorporated
Berkeley Software Design, Incorporated
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Basic Service Element
Basic Service Elements
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Bell Shock Force
Bentley Systems, Incorporated
Boot Sector Infector
British Standards Institutetution
Bundesamt fuer Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
Base Station Identification Code
Bachelor of Science Information Technology
Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language
Batched Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Broadband Service Node
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
Bell Systems Operating Company
Black Screen of Death
Blue Screens Of Death
Bell System Practice
Biller Service Provider
Binary Space Partitioning
Boot Strap Processor
Bulk-Synchronous Parallel
Bulk Synchronous Parallel
Bulk Synchronous Parallelism
Burst Static Random Access Memory
Basic System Reference Frequency
Bell System Reference Frequency Standard
Basic Synchronized Subset
Block Started by Symbol
Broadband Switching System
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Base Station System Management Application Part
Basic Services Terminal
Bell System Technical Journal
Broadcast Switched Virtual Connections
Buried Service Wire
Burst Tolerance
Bus Terminator
B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
Basic Tape Access Method
Basic Telecommunications Access Method
Basic Telecommunications Access Message
Basic Telecommunication Access Method
Biometrics Theory, Applications and Systems
Branch Target Buffer
Binary Time Code
Bit Test and Complement
Block Transfer Complete
Block Truncation Coding
Block Turbo Codes
Been There, Done That, Got The T-shirt
B-ISDN Terminal Equipment
Broadband Terminal Equipment
Bidirectional Texture Function
Base Transport Header
Backplane Transceiver Logic
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Bell Telephone Labs
Benchmark Timing Methodology
Billing Telephone Number
Binary To Ascii
Batch Transfer Program
Business Transaction Protocol
Bit Transfer Rate
Bus Transfer
Basic Transmission Unit
Bus Terminal Unit
Business, Technology and Web
Balanced Technology Extended
Backup Computer
Browser Upgrade Campaign
Bus Unit Controller
Bus Interface Unit
Brighton University Resource Kit for Students
Binary Unit System
Broadcast and Unknown Server
Billing Validation Application
Budget vs Actual
Billing Verification and Authorization for Payment Process
Billing Validation Center
Banyan Vines Control Protocol
Broadband Wireless Access
Because We Are Mean
Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications
Broadcast Wave Format
Block-Write Mode
Broadcast Warning Message
Broadcast Warning TWX
Creativity & Cognition
Creativity and Cognition
Computers and Graphics
Combinatorics and Optimization
Candidate Rendezvous Point
Computer Aided Service Handling
Canadian Information Processing Society
Computer/Standards Coordinating Committee
Core 2 Duo
Combat 2 Gun
Cell Arrival
Cellular Automaton
Cellular Automata
Channel Adapter
CleverPath Aion
Collision Avoidance
Computer Animation
Concept Algebra
Connection Agent
Computer Associates - Trusted Open Source License
Computer Associates - Visual Objects
Computational Aeroacoustics
Computer-aided assessment
Computer Aided Animation
Coherent Adaptive Array Divisionrsity
Computer-aided architectural design
Computer-Aided Assembly-Line Inspection System
Computer-Aided Assembly Tool
Computer-Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques
Cabnet Files
Change Advisory Board
Computer Address Bus
Change Advisory Board/Emergency Committee
Computer Aided Business Simulation
Call Admission Control
Calling-card Authorization Center
Cantilver Array Chip
Carrier Access Code
Center for Autonomic Computing
Circuit Administration Center
Computer-Aided Composition
Computer Aided Crime
Computing Accreditation Commission
Context-Aware Computing
Customer Administration Center
Computer-Aided Control Engineering
Computer-Assisted Circuit Engineering and Allocating System
Call Appearance Call Handling
Call Appearance Call Handling Electronic Key Telephone Service
Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery
Center for Advanced Computing Research
Collaboratory for Advanced Computing and Simulations
Computer Audit, Control and Security
Customer Administration Communication System
Computer-Aided Control System Design
Computer-Aided Control Systems Design
Community Automated Counter-Terrorism Intelligence System
Collaborative Agent Design
Computer-Aided Design
Computer-Aided Detection
Computer-Aided Dispatch
Computer-Aided Dispatching
Computer-assisted dispatch
Computer Aided Dispatch
Computer-aided Diagnosis
Computer-assisted Diagnosis
Computer-Assisted Diagnostics
Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Design Drafting
Computer-Graphics Augmented Design and Manufacturing
Computer-assisted drug design
Computers in Art and Design Education
Computer Aided Design Development
Computer-Aided Design System
Computer Aided Document Engineering
Can't Add Doesn't Even Try
Communications and Data Handling
Client Authenticated DNS Request
Computer-Aided Dispatch System
Computer-Assisted Display System
Control and Display Unit
Combined Alternate Data/Voice
California Association of Employers
Client Application Enabler
Command Application Environment
Common Application Environment
Computer-Aided Education
Computer Aided Education
Computer Aided Engineering and Manufacturing
Computers and Academic Freedom
Controllers Automatic message accounting Format Description
Content Addressable File Store
Computer-aided Geometric Design
Computing Alliance for Hispanic-Serving Institutions
Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions
Computing Alliance of Hispanic Serving Institutions
Call Assembly Index
Computer-Assisted Instruction
Computer Aided Instruction
Computer Aided Instituteuction
Computer-Assisted Interventions
Computer-Assisted Interviewing
Computer Assisted Instituteuction
Cooperative Applications Initiative
Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Applications
Computer-Aided Industrial Design & Conceptual Design
Canadian Association of Internet Providers
Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns
Centre for Applied Internet Research
Collocated Automatic Intercept System
Common APSE Interface Specification
Central Academy of Information Technology
Computer-Aided Instruction Trainer
Computer-Aided Instruction Terminal
Computer-Aided Instituteuction Trainer
Computer-Aided Instituteuction Terminal
Commonwealth Alliance for Information Technology Education
Computer-Aided Logistics
Computer-Aided Learning
Computer Aided Learning
Computer Aided Logistics
Computer-Assisted Learning
Computer Assisted Learning
Conversational Algebraic Language
Cray Assembler Language
Cray Assembly Language
Creative Application Labs
Carrier Access Line Charge
Customer Access Line Charge
Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction
Computer-assisted language instruction
Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium
Computer Assisted Language Instituteuction Consortium
Computer-Assisted Language Learning
Computer-Assisted Legal Research
Centralized Automatic Loop Reporting System
Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
Computer-Aided Logistics Support
Computer-Aided Logistic Support
Computer-Aided Logistics System
Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support
Cellular Automata Machine
Channel Access Method
Common Access Method
Common Access Model
Computer-aided Manufacturing
Computer AIDS Ministries
Computer Annunciation Matrix
Concentrator Access Module
Conditional Access Modul
Content-Addressable Memory
Content Addressable Memory
Common Access Method AT Attachment
Camera-Augmented Mobile C-Arm
Categorical Abstract Machine Language
Computer Assisted Material Management
Computer-Aided Message Processing
Cygwin Apache MySQL PHP
Campus-Area Network
Cluster Area Network
Complete Area Networks
Computer Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits, Excluding Radiation
Cryptology and Network Security
Client Activated Object
Computer Aided Office
Control Area Operator
Carrierless Amplitude Phase
Carrierless Amplitude Phase Modulation
Carrierless And Phase
Columbia Appletalk Protocol
Common Alerting Protocol
Component Approval Process
Computer-Aided Publishing
Computer Aided Printing
Computers and Philosophy
Computing and Philosophy
Controlled Access Protection
Current Active Position
Customer Administration Panel
Computer Applications in Production and Engineering
Common Application Programming Interface
Communication Application Program Interface
Crypto Application Programming Interface
Cryptography Application Programming Interface
Certified Associate in Project Management
Computer-Aided Process Planning
Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System
Classic Amiga Preservation Society
CAnnon Printing System Language
Computer-Aided Planning and Scheduling System
Cannon Advanced Printing Technology
Compressed Audio Recording
Computer-Aided Research
Computer-Assisted Reporting
computer-assisted radiology
Computer Assisted Radiology
Contents of the Address Register
Control Address Register
Center for Advanced Research Computing
Candidate Access Router Discovery
Contact-Based Architecture for Resource Discovery
Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software
Card Virtual Machine
Computer Assistance Resource Exchange
Content Analysis and REtrieval Technologies to Apply Knowledge Extraction to massive Recording
Computer Aided Real Language Orthographic System
Centralized Automatic Reporting On Trunks
Cache Array Routing Protocol
Common Address Redundancy Protocol
Computer-Assisted Radiology and Surgery
Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
Center for Adaptive Systems
Centralized Attendant Service
Centralized Attendant System
Channel Associated Signaling
Circuit Associated Signaling
Code Access Security
Column Access Strobe
Column Address Select
Common Access System
Common Analysis System
Communicating Applications Specification
Communicating Application Specification
Communication Application Specification
Computer-Aided System
Computer Algebra System
Computer Application Software
Computerized Autodial System
Computing at School
Conditional Access System
Content Addressed Storage
Covering Arrays
Customer Administrative Services
Computer-assisted Semen Analysis
Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing
Common Application Service Element
Common Application Service Elements
Computer-aided Systems Engineering
Computer-Aided System Engineering
Computer-aided Software Engineering
Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation
Computer-Automated Software Engineering
Computer Assisted Software Engineering
Computer Aided Service Handling
Computer-assisted self-interviewing
Computer-assisted self interviewing
Condition Access System IDentification
Common Algebraic Specification Language
Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering
Coding Accuracy Support System
Carlisle Adams and Stafford Tavares
Centre for Advanced Spatial Technologies
Collaborative Agents for Simulating Teamwork
Computer Aided Software Testing
Central Alaska Time
Committee on Applications and Technology
Common Authentication Technology
Computer-Adaptive Testing
Computer-Adaptive Tests
Computer-Aided Translation
Computer-aided Test
Computer-aided Testing
Computer-Aided Training
Computer-Assisted Translation
Computer Aided Testing
Computer Aided Transcription
Computer Aided Test
Computer-Aided Tomography
Computerized Axial Tomograph
Computer-assisted telephone
Computer-assisted Training
Computer-Assisted Testing
Computer-Assisted Test
Computer Aided Telephony
Computer Aided Technology
Computer Aided Technologies
Computerized Adaptive Testing
Computerized Adaptive Test
Condition Access Table
Craft Access Terminal
Crisis Aversion Tool
Computers and Their Applications
Computers and Advanced Technology in Education
Computer-Aided Telephone Interviewing
Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing
Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application
Computer-Assisted Tactical Information System
Centralized Automatic Trouble Locating and Analysis System
Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol
Common Architecture for the Internet Protocol
Computer Associates - Trusted Open Source License
Center for Advanced Telecommunications Systems and Services
Computer-Aided Test Tool
Cable Television
Community Access Television
Community Antenna Television
Concentrator Access Unit
Controlled Access Unit
Controlled Access Unit/Lobe Attachment Module
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Computer-Aided Verification
Constant Angular Velocity
CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment
Cave for Automated Virtual Environment
Cave Automatic Virtual Environments
Computer-Aided Virtual Environment
Computer-Assisted Virtual Environment
Context-Adaptive Variable Length Coding
Computer Associates - Visual Objects
Channel Address Word
Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing
Carrier Board
Citizens Band
Clean Boot
Computer-Based Assessment
Current Byte Address
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Computerized Bulletin Board System
Center for Biomedical Computing
Cipher Block Chaining of Message Authentication Code
Cipher Block Chaining of Message Authentication Code
Center for Biological and Computational Learning
Certified Business Continuity Planner
Compliance by Design
Component Based Development
Common Base Event
Common Base Events
Currency and Banking DataBase
Character Bitmap Distribution Format
Connectionless Broadband Data Service
Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act
Cell Broadband Engine
Certified Banyan Engineer
Computer-based exam
Computer-based Education
Computer-Based Examinations
Computer-based exams
Common Biometric Exchange Format Framework
Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association
Code Behind Form
Computational Biology Group
Ceramic Ball and Grid Array
Child Bearing Hips
Charles Babbage Institute
Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling
Compatibility Basic Input Output System
Content-Based Image Retrieval
Content-Based Information Retrieval
Content Based Image Retrieval
Content Based Image Recognition
Computer-based Information System
Computer-Based Information Systems
Computer-Based Messaging System
Computer-Based Medical Systems
Common Body of Knowledge
Computer-Based Learning
Computer Based Learning
Contextual Browsing Language
Cam Brain Machine
Commodore Business Machines
Computers in Biology and Medicine
Continuous Bitstream Oriented
Class Based Queuing
CAS before RAS
Computers and Biomedical Research
Content-Based Retrieval
Continuous Bit Rate
Cluster-Based Routing Protocol
Cluster Based Routing Protocol
Certified Banyan Specialist
Common Bom System
Component Based Setup
CrossBar Switching
Component-Based Software Development
Component Based Software Development
Component-Based Software Engineering
Computer-Based Testing
Computer-Based Test
Computer-Based Teaching
Computer-Based Tests
Core Based Tree
Call by value
Crypt Breaker's Workbench
Computerized Business Exchange
Call Center
Calling Card
Central Control
Clearing Center
Cloud Computing
Cluster Controller
Common Control
Compass Course
Comp Center
Computer Center
Computing Center
Compiler Construction
Computational Complexity
Computing Commons
Computer Concepts
Connect Confirm
Connection Confirm
Contact Center
Cost Center
Continuity Cell
Controller Card
Courtesy Copy
Creative Commons
Critical Computing
Cycle Clock
Cache-Coherent Non Uniform Memory Access
Certified Citrix Administrator
Citrix Certified Administrator
Circuit Card Assembly
Cisco Clean Access
Clear Channel Assessment
Cloud Computing Association
Computability and Complexity in Analysis
Conceptual Communications Area
Center for Computer-Aided Design
Check Point Certified Addressing Expert
Call Control Agent Function
Communications and Computer Applications in Public Health
Command Control Block
Cloud Computing and Big Data
Canadian Computing Competition
Catalyst Control Center
Central Communication Center
Central Computer Complex
Central Control Complex
Ceramic Chip Carrier
Chaos Computer Club
Chaos Computing Club
Clear Channel Capability
Cluster Computing Conference
Commercial Crypto Contract
Computational Complexity Conference
Computer Checkout Console
Computer Control Center
Computing Consultants Cooperative
Conference Control Channel
Coordinate Conversion Computer
Copyright Clearance Center
Campus Computer Communication Association
Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry
Center for Cyber Communities Initiative
Certified Cloud Computing Professional
Compilers Creating Custom Processors
Conference Control Channel Protocol
Computing, Communications and Control Technologies
Central Command Decoder
Charge-coupled Device
Customer Configuration Document
Cisco Certified Design Associate
Cisco Certified Design Expert
Corporationrate Consolidated Data Network
Cisco Certified Design Professional
Cloud Computing Environment
Common Computing Environment
Computer Command Engineer
Control Creation Edition
Convention Card Editor
Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator
Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer
Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets
Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets
Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician
Cisco Certified Entry-level Network Technician
Center for Computing Education Research
Center for Computational Engineering Science
Central Computer Facility
Cloud Computing Futures
Computing and Communication Foundations
Computing and Communications Foundations
Connection Control Function
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
Centro de Computação Gráfica
Chemical Computing Group
Client Computing Group
Computational Chemistry Grid
Centre for Computing in the Humanities
Connections per Circuit per Hour
Harmonization Coordination Committee Permanent Secretariat
Cambridge-Cranfield High Performance Computing Facility
Carolina Computing Initiative
Center for Collective Intelligence
Center for Comprehensive Informatics
Centre for Computational Intelligence
Citrix Certified Instructor
Citrix Certified Instituteuctor
Cloud Computing Initiative
Common Content Inspection
Compagnie Internationale d'Informatique
Cyber Crime International
Citrix Certified Integration Architect
Committee on Computing, Information and Communications
Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
Computing, Control and Industrial Engineering
Computing Control and Industrial Engineering
Collaborative Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses
Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum
Command Computer Input Multiplexer
Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection
Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
Committee on Communications and Information Policy
Comite Consultatif Internationale de Radiocommunications
Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks
Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networking
Cloud Computing and Intelligence Systems
Command and Control Information System
Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
Clemson Computing and Information Technology
Cloud Cover IT
Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation
Comite Consultatif International Telephonique et Telegraphique
Committee Consultif Internationale Telegraphie et Telephonie
Computational Color Imaging Workshop
Client Customization Kit
Center for Connected Learning
Concise Command Language
Computational Chemistry List
Construction of Computational Logics
Core Component Library
Cursor Control Language
Compliance Control Model
CORBA Component Model
Counter with CBC-MAC
Cybergraphic's Component Manager
Computing Center Management System
Custom Computing Machines
Campus Computing Network
Computer Components and Networking
Cordless Communication Network
Common Channel Network Controller
Computer Communications Network Center
Cisco Certified Network Professional
Certified Cloud Professional
Certified Computing Professional
Cloud Certified Professional
Cache-Coherent Non Uniform Memory Access
Cache Coherent NonUniform Memory Architecture
Close Combat Optic
Close Combat Optics
Cloud Computing Open Architecture
CAN Calibration Protocol
Center for Computational Physics
Computer Control Panel
Concurrent Constraint Programming
Console Command Processor
Concurrency and Computation, Practice and Experience
Cognos Certified Professional Program
Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition
Check Point Certified Quality of Service Expert
Center for Computational Research
Channel Control Register
Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery
Current Cell Rate
Customer Controlled Reconfiguration
Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement
Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Commitment, Concurrency and Recovery Service Element
Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium
Calculus of Communicating Systems
Calling Card Service
Center for Computational Sciences
Center for Computational Science
Centre for Computational Science
Central Computer and Sequencer
Centum Call Seconds
Color Calibration System
Common Channel Signaling
Common Command Set
Computing Classification System
Computer Conservation Society
Computer Core Segment
Computing Classification Scheme
Check Point Certified Security Administrator
Common Control Switching Arrangement
Centre for Computational Science and Engineering
Check Point Certified Security Engineer
Coded Character Set IDentification
Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
Cloud Computing Security Knowledge
Computing, Communication and Sensor Network
Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications
Computing and Communications Services Office
Cisco Certified Security Professional
Citrix Certified Sales Professional
Center for Complex Systems Research
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Common Channel Signaling System
Common Channel Signaling System 7
Common Computing Security Standards
Common Configuration Scoring System
Center for Computation & Technology
Center for Computation and Technology
Central Control Terminal
CNMA Conformance Testing
Computer-compatible Tape
Cumulative Cycle Time
Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
Computer Communications Trouble Analysis Center
Carriage Control
Country Code Top Level DOMAIN
Country code top-level domains
Cluster Control Unit
Communications Control Unit
COLT Computer Unit
Cyber Crimes Unit
Cylinder Control Unit
Corrupt Computer Underground TaskForce
Calling Card Validation
Cloud Computing and Virtualization
Centre for Cyber Victim Counselling
Cisco Certified Voice Professional
Certified Corporate Webmaster
Certified Corporationrate Webmaster
Channel Command Word
Computer Center Werner
Continuous Composite Write
Cisco Certified Extensions
Call Control eXtensible Markup Language
Capability Data
Carrier Detect
Change Directory
Collision Detection
Combo Drive
Combo Drives
Committee Draft
Commodore Dynamic
Compact-Disk Digital
Compact Disc-Read
Compact Disc-Recordable
Compact Disc-ReWritable
Compact Disc-Write
Compact Disc-Read-Only
Compact Disc-Interactive
Complete Disconnect
Compact Disc digital Interactive
Compact Disk - Interactive
Compact Disc-Magneto-Optical
Compact Disk-Magneto
Compact Disk-Digital
Compact Disk - Digital Audio
Compact Disk-Video
Consumer Device
Current Data
Compact Disk + Musical Instruments Digital Interface
Compact Disk + Musical Instituteuments Digital Interface
Compact Disc Digital Audio
Compact Disc Magneto-Optical
Compact Disc-Recordable
Compact Disc Recordable
Compact Disk - Recordable
Compact Disc-Rewritable
Compact Disc Rewritable
Compact Disk - ReWritable
Compact Disk ReWritable
CD Read-Only Memory
Compact Disc-Read Only Memory
Compact Disc Read Only Memory
Compact Disk, Read Only Memory
Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
Consumer Device, Rendered Obsolete in Months
Consumer Device, Rendered Obsolete Monthly
Compact Disk - ROM / eXtended Architecture
Call Data Accumulator
Capability Data Acknowledgment
Clinical Document Architecture
Compound Document Architecture
Coin Detection and Announcement
Communications Decency Act
Compact Disk Audio
Crash Dump Analyzer
Canter for Development of Advance Computing
Center for Development of Advanced Computing
Center for Development of Advance Computing
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Centre for Development of Advance Computing
Centre for Development in Advanced Computing
Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing
Centre of Development of Advanced Computing
Customer Dialed Account Recording
Character DATA
Central Data Buffer
Command Data Base
Computer Data Bus
Common Data Buffer
Center for Disease Control
Coalition to Diversify Computing
Command and Data Handling Console
Computer Development Center
Connected Device Configuration
Consolidated Data Center
Cult of the Dead Cat, Inc.
Current Data Checking
Control Data Communications Control Procedure
Cumulative Discounted Cash Flow
Common Data Dictionary
Center for Dynamic Data Analytics
Compact Disc Digital Audio
Compact Disk - Digital Audio
Compact Disk Digital Audio
Copper Distributed Data Interface
Common Development and Distribution License
Certified Directory Engineer
Collaborative Development Environment
Cooperative Development Environment
Common Desktop Environment
Compact Disc Erasable
Control DEfinition Functions
Central Data Facility
Central Distribution Frame
Combined Distributing Frame
Channel Definition Format
Combined Data File
Comma Delimited Format
Common Data Format
Compound Document Framework
Compound Document Format
Cyberspace Description Format
CD-ROM File System
Compact Disc File System
Compact Disk File System
Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists
Consortium of Digital Forensics Specialists
CDMA Development Group
Control Dependence Graph
Circle Digit Identification
Compact Disc digital Interactive
Compact Disk - Interactive
Compact Disk Interactive
Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation
Certified Document Imaging Architech
Certified Document Imaging Architect
Certified Document Imaging Architech
CASE Data Interchange Format
Ceramic Dual In-line Package
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium
Conduit Development Kit
Control Development Kit
Component Definition Language
Certificate in Data Management
Custom Device Module
Code Division Mutiple Access
Commercial Data Masking Facility
Certified Data Management Professional
Command and Data Management System
Command and Data Management Unit
Communication Driver Maintenance System
Content Delivery Network
Content Distribution Network
Chinese DOMAIN Name Consortium
Collaboration Data Objects
Common Data Objects
Community Dial Office
Common Desktop Operating Environment
Certified Data Processor
Command Data Processor
Cisco Discovery Protocol
Continuous Data Protection
Customer Dial Pulse Receiver
Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies
Call Detail Recording
Call Dial Rerouting
Compact Disc Reader
Compact Disk Recordable
Contents of the Decrement Register
Corel Draw
Compact Disk Raed/Write
Character Data Representation Architecture
Cached Dynamic Random Access Memory
Cache Dynamic Random Access Memory
Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Cross Domain Resource Manager
Compact Disc Read Only Memory
Compact Disk Read Only Memory
Compact Disk Read-Only Memory
Compact Disk - ROM / eXtended Architecture
Compact Disc ReWritable
Cell Directory Service
Cell Directory Server
Circuit Design System
Compound Document Service
Computer Design and Simulation
Conceptual Data Store
Content Distribution Services
Content Download Service
Craft Dispatch System
Current Directory Structure
Center for Domain-Specific Computing
Center for Domain Specific Computing
Cultural Diversity Steering Group
Cultural Divisionrsity Steering Group
Computer Data System Laboratory
Consumer DSL
Creative Decision Stimulation Systems
Cambridge Display Technology
Cell Delay Tolerance
Center for Democracy and Technology
Common Documentation Tool
Compressed DOMAIN Transcoder
Configuration Data Table
Corel Draw template
Computer Display Unit
Coupling Display Unit
CRT Display Unit
Cooling Distribution Unit
Coupling Data Unit
Computer Down-Under-Ground Digest
Cell Delay Variation
Compact Descriptors for Visual Search
Cell Delay Variation Tolerance
Command Data Word
Computer Data Word
Compact Disc - Read Only Memory
Compact Disc – Read Only Memory
Cognitive Engineering
Compute Engine
Communications Entity
Computational Environment
Computing Environment
Computing Environments
Compute Element
Computing Element
Computers in Education
Connection Endpoint
Consumer Electronics
Customer Engineer
Customer Engineers
Certified E-Business Associate
Computer Engineering Associates
Cooking and Eating Activities
Cisco Educational ARCHive
Capital Equipment Corporation
Center for Educational Computing
Central Electronics Complex
Certified E-Business Consultant
Channel Editorial Center
Commerce and Enterprise Computing
Conference on Evolutionary Computation
Conference on Electronic Commerce
Consolidated Electrodynamics Corporation
CICS Enhanced Command Interpreter
Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics
Computational Exposure Division
Council on Electronic Design Automation
CICS Execution Diagnostic Facility
Central & Eastern Europe
Computers & Electrical Engineering
Computers and Electrical Engineering
Consumer Electronics Edition
Control Execution Environment
Central and Eastern European Countries EDIFACT Board
Central and Eastern European Countries EDIFACT Board
Certified Electronic Evidence Collection Specialist
Cable Entrance Facility
Computing in Economics and Finance
Cognitive Ergonomics Group
Continuous Edge Graphics
Computers in Education Group of South Australia
Certified Ethical Hacker
Comparably Efficient Interconnection
Conducted Electromagnetic Interference
Connection Endpoint Identifier
Customer Experience Improvement Program
Center of Excellence in Information Systems, Assurance, Research, and Education
Crew Equipment Interface Test
Cognitive Engineering Laboratory
Crystal Entity Layer
Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology
CIP/Ethernet Library for Linux
Code Excited Linear Predictive Coding
Common Evaluation Methodology
Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing
Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education
Comité Européen de Normalisation
Comite Europeen de Normalisation Electrique
Central Exchange
Central European Olympiad in Informatics
Centre for Efficiency Oriented Languages
Canon Express Protocol
Certificate Enrollment Protocol
Certified E-Business Professional
Connection Endpoint
Connection EndPoint Identifier
Council of European Professional Informatics Societies
Color Electronic Prepress Systems
Comite Europeen des Administrations des Postes et des Telecommunications
Cell Error Ratio
Channel Error Register
Computing Education Research
Corporate Error Reporting
Corporationrate Error Reporting
California Education and Research Federation Network
Cryptographic Engineering Research Group
Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security
Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
Conseil Europen pour la Recherche Nuclaire
Conseil European pour la Recherché Nucleaire
Circuit Emulation Service
Circuit Emulation Specification
Computational Engineering and Science
Cyberspace Electronic Security Act
Center for Engineering Science Advanced Research
Central Employment Search And Retrieval
Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications
Center for Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences
Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences
Computers in Education Society of Ireland
Computer-Enhanced Telephony
Continuing Education Unit
Control Environmental Vault
Controlled Environment Vault
Content-Enabled Vertical Application
Carrier Flag
Carry Flag
Coin First
Compact Flash
Computers and Fluids
Configurtion File
Conversion Facility
Coupling Facility
Certificate in Financial Accounting
Code Field Address
Code Fields Address
Computerized Financial Accounting
Call Forwarding All Calls
Cipher FeedBack
Color Frame Buffer
Culler Facer Canceller
Coupling Facility Control Code
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Cybercrime Forensics Education and Training
Compact Font Format
Critical Fusion Frequency
Context-free Grammar
Context Free Grammar
Control Flow Graph
CAD Framework Initiative
Common Flash Interface
Component Failure Impact Analysis
Code Fragment Manager
Common Functional Model
Configuration Management
ColdFusion Markup Language
Centre for Modelling and Simulation
Certified Fiber Optic Specialist
Certified Fiber Optic Technician
Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Computers, Freedom, and Privacy
Computers, Freedom & Privacy
Computers Freedom and Privacy
Contention Free Period
Certified Function Point Specialist
Committed Flow Rate
Computers for Schools Kenya
Corporate Financial Services
Corporationrate Financial Services
Cryptographic File System
Certified Field Support Technician
Cross File Transfer
Computers for Youth
Chassis Ground
Computational Geometry
Computers & Graphics
Computers and Geosciences
Computing and Graphics
Computer Graphic Virtual Device Interface
Color Graphics Adapter
Color Graphics Array
Color Graphics Adaptor
Colour Graphics Adapter
Computational Geometry Algorithms Library
Computational Geometry Algorithm Library
Committee for Graphics Arts Technologies Standards
Cloud and Green Computing
Command Guidance Computer
Certified Graphic Communications Manager
Computer-Generated Forces
Computer Generated Hologram
Comman Gateway Interface
Common Gateway Interface
Computer Generated Imagery
Computer Graphics Interface
Computer Graphics International
Computer Graphics Reference Model
Computer Graphics Unit
Computer Graphics & Visual Computing
Computer Graphics Image Processing
Computer Graphics Metafile Interchange Format
Cisco Group Management Protocol
Computer Graphics, Multimedia and Security
Content Generation Management System - Analog
Content Generation Management System - Analog
Concentrator Group Number
Code Generation and Optimization
Cartesian Genetic Programming
Computer Graphics Society
Constructive Solid Geometry
Cellular Geographic Serving Area
Computational Graph Theory
Computers Get Together
Computer Graphic Virtual Device Interface
Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality
Computer Graphics World
Cracow Grid Workshop
Contract Header
Chi-square Automatic Interaction Detector
CHisquard Automatic Interaction Detector
CHisquard Automatic Interaction Detection
Challeng-Handshake Authentication Protocol
Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
Compuserve Host Access Program
Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science
Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
Computers in Human Behavior
Canadian Human-Computer Communications Society
Change Code Page
Certified Help Desk Director
Change Directory
Certified Help Desk Manager
Certified Help Desk Professional
Computers in Higher Education Economics Review
Center for Hybrid and Embedded Software Systems
Combined Higher Education Software Team
Certified Hacking Forensics Investigator
Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
Computer-human interaction
Computer-Human Interface
Computer-to-Human Interface
Computer Human Interaction
Computer Human Interface
Conference for Human-Computer Interaction
Computer-Human Interaction Forum of Oregon
Computers in the Human Interaction Loop
CCITT HIgh Level programming Language
CCITT High Level Language
Communist Hackers In North America
Children's Hospital Informatics Program
Certified Hardware List
Computer History Museum
Cooperative HyperMedia
Complementary High-density metal-oxide-semiconductor
Center for Hybrid Multicore Productivity Research
Center for High Performance Computing
Center for High-Performance Computing
Centre for High Performance Computing
Channel Path Identifier
Common Hardware Reference Platform
Cyber-Human Systems
Cylinder-Head-Sector addressing
Cylinder Head Sector
Cylinder Head Sectors
Cylinders, Heads, Sectors
C Hardware Specific Module
Call Holding Time
Compact HyperText Markup Language
Card Holder Value
Call Intrusion
Card Input
Check In
Cluster Interconnect
Computer Interconnect
Collective Intelligence
Computational Intelligence
Command Interpreter
Common Interface
Component Interface
Configuration Item
Congestion Indicator
Connect Indication
Container Inherit
Control Interval
Copy Inhibit
CAN In Automation
Complex Interface Adapter
Control Interface Assembly
Controller Interface Assembly
Control Interface Block
Cooperative Information Agents
Corporate Internal Audit
Corporationrate Internal Audit
Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata
Computer Incident Advisory Capability
Context, Information and Ontologies
Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office
Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security
Center for Information Assurance and Security
Channel Input/output Bus
Collective Intelligent Brick
Computer Integrated Business
CRC32 Indicator Bit
Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Record
Carrier Identification Code
Certificate in Computing
Certified IT Consultant
Command Interface Control
Committee on Information and Communications
Computing, Information, and Communications
Coordination and Information Center
Center of Innovative Computer Applications
Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks
Customer Interface Control System
Customer Information Control System/Enterprise Systems Architecture
Customer Information Control System/Enterprise Systems Architecture
Customer Information Control System / Virtual Storage
Customer Information Control System Performance Analysis Reporting System
Computer Interface Conditioning Unit
Central Information Display
Character Identifier
Charge Injection Device
Computer Interface Device
Communications Interface Equipment
Configuration, Installation, Distribution
Configuration - Installation - Distribution
Confirmation ID
Cooperative Intrusion Detection Evaluation and Response
Common Intrusion Detection Framework
Classless Internet Domain Routing
Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering
Commission Internationale de l'Eclairaqe
Computability in Europe
Computers in Entertainment
Customer-Initiated Entry
Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network
Cells in Frames
Common Intermediate Format
Center for Information Forensics and Assurance
Common Internet File System
Commercial Internet Exchange
Communications and Interface Group
Computational Intelligence and Games
Computational Intelligence in Games
Computer-interpretable guidelines
Call Identity Index
Compagnie Internationale pour l'Informatique
Computer-implemented inventions
Consortium for Instructional Innovation
Consortium for Instituteuctional Innovation
Critical Information Infrastructure Protection
Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval
Computational Intelligence in Image and Signal Processing
Communications, Internet and Information Technology
Conference of Information and Knowledge Management
Conference on Information Knowledge Management
Common Intermediation Language
Computer Integration Laboratories
Component Integration LABoratorieS, CILabs
Computer-integrated Manufacturing
computer-integrated manufacture
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Computers in Libraries
Certificate in Multimedia
Cisco Interactive Mentor
Collaborative Information Manager
Customer Information Management
Common Information Model
Common Information Models
Component Information Model
Computer Information Model
Computer-Integrated Manufacturing-Open
Computers in Manufacturing
Computer Input Multiplexer
Cisco Integrated Management Controller
Cloud Infrastructure Management Interface
Center for Information Management, Integration and Connectivity
Center for Information Management and Information Technology Innovation
CIM Object Model
CIncinnati Milacron Operating System
Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Technology
Computers, Informatics, Nursing
Computers Informatics Nursing
Cisco Information Online
Carrier Identification Parameter
Channel Interface Processor
Communications Interface Processor
Commerce Interchange Pipeline
Common Industrial Protocol
Common ISDN Profile
Computer Integrated Processing
Control and Interface Panel
Cost Improvement Project
Camera & Imaging Products Association
Children's Internet Protection Act
Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing
Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law
Center for Image Processing Research
Customer Information Quality
Computer Integrated Reporting
Computer Integrated Research
Center for Integrated Research Computing
Cross-Interleave Reed-Solomon Code
Circuit Calculus
Computational Intelligence Research Laboratory
Certified in Integrated Resource Management
Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology
Cambridge Interactive Systems
Card Information Structure
Card Information Space
Cascade Inline Scripting
Center for Information Security
Client Information Server
Computing & Information Services
COM Internet Services
Command Information System
Communications in Information and Systems
Compuserve Information Systems
Compuserve Information System
Commercial Instituteuction Set
Communication Interface System
Compuserve Information Services
Computational Intelligence Society
Computational Intelligence and Security
Computing & Information Sciences
Computing and Information Science
Computing and Information Services
Computing and Information Systems
Contact Image Sensor
Contact Information Sr
Cooperative Information System
Customer Interaction Software
Customized Intercept Service
Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems - Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics
Center for Information Security and Assurance
Certified Information Systems Auditor
Complex Instituteuction Set Computer
Complex Instituteuction Set Computing
Complex Instruction Set Code
Computational Intelligence for Security and Defense Applications
Computational Intelligence in Security and Defense Applications
Computing and Information Science and Engineering
Computing and Information Sciences and Engineering
Communications in Information Science and Management Engineering
Computational Intelligence in Security for Information Systems
Composite Information Systems Laboratory
Certified Information Security Manager
Certified Information Security Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Comite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques
Cyber and Information Security Research
Cybernetics & Intelligent Systems - Robotics, Automation & Mechatronics
Chinese Internet Security Response Team
Communication and Information Systems Security
Common Internet Scheme Syntax
Confirmation Interactive Site Server
Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education
Colloquium on Information Systems Security Education
Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Certified Information Systems Security Practitioner
Center for Information Technology
Center for Information Technologies
Certificate in Information Technology
Computing & Information Technology
Conference on Information Technology
Center for Information Technology Accommodation
Computing and Information Technology Center
Colorado Institute of Technology
Committee on Information Technology
Common Inventory Technology
Computer Integrated Telephony
Computer Intergrated Tooling
Computing and Information Technology
Computing and Informatics Technology
Conference on Information Technology in Asia
Copyright in Transmitted Electronic Documents
Center for Information Technology Innovation
Center for Information Technology Policy
Center for Information Technology Research
Center for Information Technology and Society
Commonwealth Information Technology Initiative
Computing and Information Technology Interactive Digital Educational Library
Chartered Information Technology Professional
Chartered IT Professional
Computing and Information Technology Research and Education New Zealand
Computing and Information Technology Research and Education, New Zealand
Croatian Information Technology Society
Corporationrate Information Technology Training Manager
Controller Interface Unit
Core Interface Unit
Cyclone Integrated Video Interfaces Controller
Conference on Image and Video Retrieval
Content-based image and video retrieval
Certified Internet Webmaster
Certified Internet Webmaster-Security
Commercial Internet Exchange
Commercial Information Exchange
Chronological Julian Day
Chinese, Japanese and Korean
Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese
Chemical Journals Online
Cryptographic Key Management
Cryptographic Key Management Systems
Chief Knowledge Officer
Cygwin Keeper of Acronyms
Celestial Knights
Computational Linguistics
Computation and Language
Control Language
Conversion Layer
Claim Token
Challenges of Large Applications in Distributed Environments
Centralized Local Area Selective Signaling
Custom Local-Area Signaling Services
Custom Local Area Signaling Service
Common Logic Board
Component Load Balancing
Computer Liaison Committee
Coarse Locking Daemon
Connected Limited Device Configuration
Calling Line Directory Number
Cray Linux Environment
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Cross-Language Evaluation Forum
Certified Lotus End-user Instructor
Certified Lotus End-user Instituteuctor
Common-Language Equipment Identification
Concurrent DB Linux (e)nginx node.js security
Clear Language for Expressing Orders
Common Log Format
Call Level Interface
Certified Lotus Instructor
Certified Lotus Instituteuctor
Class LIbrary
CLear Interrupt
Clearly Less Intimidating
Command-line Interface
Command Language Interface
Command Line Interpreter
Common Language Infrastructure
Compare Logical Immediate
Chemnitzer LInux Cluster
Computer Liability Insurance Coverage
Center for Library & Instructional Computing Services
Calling Line Identification
Common LISP Interface Manager
Calling Line Identification Presentation
Calling Line Identification Restriction
Computational Linguistics and Information Processing
Command Line Interfaces
Computer-aided Learning In Veterinary Education
Configurable Long Instruction Word
Configurable Long Instituteuction Word
Chinese Language Kit
Clock Multiplier
Common-Language Location Identification
Consolidated Link-Layer Management
Client Management
Common Lisp Music
Content Lifecycle Management
Connectionless Network Access Protocol
Connectionless Networking Protocol
Connectionless Network Protocol
Connectionless Network Services
Common Lisp Object System
Cross-Layer Optimized Wireless Networks Symposium
Cell Loss Priority
Certifies Lotus Professional
Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing
Cell Loss Ratio
Clear An Operand
Common Language Runtime
Common Language Specification
Central Laboratory of the Research Councils
Cable Library System
Call Logging System
Certified Lotus Specialist
Clear Screen
Computational Life Sciences
Connectionless Server
ConnectionLess Service Function
CLasS IDentifier
CLaim ToKen
Connectionless Transport Protocol
Connectionless Transport Service
Command Line Utility
Command Line User Environment
Color Look-Up Table
Constant Linear Velocity
Cache Memory
Call Menu
Compatibility Mode
Computing Module
Configuration Manager
Connection Machine
Connection Machine 5
Content Management
Communication Manager /2
Communication Manager /2
Communication Managers Association
Computers & Mathematics with Applications
Concert Multi-thread Architecture
Centralized Maintenance and Administration Center
Computer Misuse and Detection
Connection Manager Administration Kit
Computer methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Connection Manager
Cambridge Multiple Access System
Cellular Mobile Carrier
Channel Management Center
Command Module Computer
Common Mail Calls
Common Messaging Calls
Computers, Materials & Continua
Computers, Materials, & Continua
Construction Maintenance Center
Content Management Center
Crew Module Computer
Centralized Maintenance Computer System
Connection Manager Control
Creative Micro Designs
Customer Management Division
Customer Management Divisionsion
Configuration Management Date Base
Configuration Management Database
Combined Main Distributing Frame
Centralized Message Data System
Common Malware Enumeration
Component Management Entity
Core Managed Environment
Content Management Framework
Computer Measurement Group
Community of Massive Gaming Agents
Connection Manager Gateway
Connection Manager Interface
Coded Mark Inversion
Component Management Interface
Computed Maxillofacial Imaging
Computer-Managed Instruction
China Medical Informatics Association
Common Management Information Protocol
Common Management Information Protocol Data Unit
Common Management Information Protocol Machine
Common Management Information Service
Computer Management Information System
Common Management Information Service Element
Chemical Markup Language
Current-Mode Logic
Capability Maturity Model
Cloud Maturity Model
Color Management Module
Color Management Method
Capability Maturity Model Integration
Capability Maturity Model Integrated
Common Music Notation
Change Management Office
Complementary Metal Oxide Substrate
Complementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor
Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-conductor
Common Management information services and protocol Over TCP/IP
Certificate Management Protocol
Common Management Protocol
Change Management Process
Chip MultiProcessing
Container-Managed Persistence
Container Managed Persistence
Cooperative Management Protocol
Cross Media Publishing
Cell Misinsertion Rate
Commercial Mail Receiving Agency
Concise Message Routing Language
Call Management System
Catalog Management System
Color Management System
Cambridge Monitor System
Cloud Monitor System
Compiler Monitor System
Circuit Maintenance System
Cluster Management System
Code Morphing Software
Communications Management Subsystem
Computing & Mathematical Sciences
Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Control and Management Software
Conversational Monitor System
Conversational Monitoring System
Computational Methods in Systems Biology
Command Monitor System Interface
Content Management System Made Simple
Creative Multi-Speaker Surround
Center for Machine Translation
Container Managed Transactions
Cable Modem Termination Shelf
Computerized Maintenance Test System
Carnegie Mellon University
COLT Measurement Unit
Cryptographic Module Validation
Cryptographic Module Validation Program
Compartmented Mode Workstations
Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Cloud Management Working Group
Cloud Management Work Group
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK
Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK
Canonical Name
Common Name
Change Notice
Copy Network
Compute Node
Country Name
Customer Name
Customer Network
Center for Numerical Analysis
Certified NetWare Administrator
Certified Novell Administrator
Communications Network Application
Communication Network Architecture
Customer Name/Address Bureau
Center for Neural Basis of Cognition
Centre for Novel Computing
Computer Numerical Control
Computer Numerically Controlled
Configurable Network Computing
Customer Network Control Center
Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Canadian National Canadian Pacific
Caldera Network Desktop
Cyber Network Defense
Certified NetWare Engineer
Certified Novell Engineer
Certified Novel Engineer
Certified Novell Engineers
Certified Network Expert
Certified Netware Engineers Professional Association
Chomsky Normal Form
Crypto Next Generation
Certified Netware Instructor
Certified Netware Instituteuctor
Certified Novell Instructor
Certified Novell Instituteuctor
Coalition for Networked Information
Common Network Interface
Coalition for Networked Information DIRectories
Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
Compute Node Linux
Customer Network Management
Communications Network for Manufacturing Applications
Communications Network for Manufacturing Application
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies
Cylink Network Management System
Cellular Neural Networks
Composite Network Node
China interNet Network Information Center
Cluster Name Object
Computer Network Operating System
Certified Network Professional
Communications and Networking Riser
Computing and Network Services
Computing and Networking Services
Complex Node Representation
Corporationration for National Research Initiatives
Centre Nationale de Recherche Scientifique
Center for Networked Systems
Certified Novell Salesperson
Color Naming System
Complementary Network Services
Complimentary Network Service
Compuserve Network Services
Conference on Network and Service Management
Committee on National Security Systems Instruction
Certified Network Expert
Central Office
Computational Object
Connection Oriented
Customer owned
Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange
Certificate of Authority
Cloud-Oriented Architecture
Council of Administration
Customer Owned And Maintained
Caldera Open Administration System
Cache On A STick
Competence Network for Advanced Speech Technologies
Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
Control Objectives for Information and related Technology
Control Objectives for Inrformation and related Technology
Common Business-oriented Language
Completely Obsolete Business Oriented Language
COmmunication technology: Basic Research and Applications
Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COntent-Based image retrieval on the WEB
Central Office Connections
Channel Operation Complete
Circuit Order Control
Clip On Ceramic
Corporationrate Operations Committee
Cost Of Cracking Adjustment
Connection Oriented Convergence Function
Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
Control and Computers
Customer Owned Coin Operated Telephone
Cache on Die
Capacity On Demand
Computer Originated Document
Connection Oriented Data
Conference of Data Systems Language
Conference On DAta Systems Languages
Central Office Data Connecting Facility
Campaign for an Open Digital Environment
Client-Server Open Development Environment
COlor Department Enhancement
COlor Depth Enhancement
Crackers of Digital Equipment
COnnection-mode Data Link Service
Central Office Equipment
Central Office Equipment Engineering System
Center of Excellence in Information Assurance
Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
Central Office Equipment Reports system
Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Coded Orthogonal Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexing
Common Object File Format
Corporate Office of Information Architecture
Corporationrate Office of Information Architecture
Checkout Interpreter Module
Corporate Office of Information Management
Corporationrate Office of Information Management
Connection Orientated Internet Packet eXchange
Conference on Office Information Systems
Caldera Open Linux
Caldera OpenLinux
Common Object-oriented Language for Design
Computer Output to Laser Disk
COprozessor fuer LISP auf der Basis von RISC
COnstraint LOcal Search Solver
Central Office Line Tester
Client Object Linking Technology
Conference on Learning Theory
Common Object Model
Data Channel
Design and Test
Dual Dual Inline Memory Module
Dual Single Inline Memory Module
Dynamic - Voltage IDentification
Dutch Independent Shareware Programmer
Dynamic Overclocking Tool
Dynamic Overclocking Technology
Digital to Analog
Dextrose 5% in normal saline
Data Area
Design Agent
Destination Address
Digital Audio
Discovery Agent
Data Automation
DatenAustauschphase 11
DatenAustauschphase 81
DatenAustauschphase 82
DatenAustauschphase 83
DatenAustauschphase 84
DatenAustauschphase 85
DatenAustauschphase 86
Data Access Arrangement
Designated Approving Authority
Device Access Architecture
Digest Access Authentication
Direct Anonymous Attestation
Distributive Active Archive Center
Data Analysis and Assessment Center
Digital Audio Access Protocol
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Design and Automation Conference
Design Automation Conf
Development of Advanced Computing
Development of Advance Computing
Discretionary Access Controls
Domain Access Controls
Dual Address Cycle
Dual Attached Concentrator
Dual Attachment Concentrator
Directory Access Control Domain
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Distributed Academic Computing Network Operating System
Data Acquisition, Control and Processing
Data Acquisition Control Processor
Data Analysis Center for Software
Digital Access Control System
Distributed Access Control System
Directory Assistance Charging System
DAta Compression Technology
Data Acquisition and Distribution
Desktop Adapted for Dad
Desktop Application Director
Desktop Application Driver
Digital Animation Dreammachine
Direct Access to Data
Draft Addendum
Duplicate Address Detection
Digital Audio Disc Corporationration
Data Acquisition and Documentation Equipment
Dependable and Adaptive Distributed Systems
Data Acquisition Equipment
Digital Audio Extraction
Disk And Execution MONitor
Design Automation for Embedded Systems
Data Analysis Facility
Directory Authentication Framework
Distributed Application Framework
Direct Access File System
Data Acquisition Frequency Table
Defense Agencies Group
Direct Acyclic Graph
Directed Acyclic Graph
Directed Acyclic Graphs
Device Application Interface
Digital Audio Input
Distributed Artificial LIfe
Deutsches AgrarInformationsNETz
Database Access and Integration Services
Distributed Application Integration System
Distributed Automatic Intercept System
Database Access and Integration Service Group Registry
Dynamically Architected Instruction Set from Yorktown
Data Acknowledge
Data Access Language
Data Access Manager
Data Acquisition List
Data Addressed Memory
Debian Account Manager
Direct Access Method
Direct Access Mode
Discrete Applied Mathematics
Distributed Abstract Machine
Draft Amendment
Data Assigned Multiple Access
DARPA Agent Markup Language
DARPA Agent Markup Language and Ontology Inference Layer
Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming
Dynamically Adaptive Multicarrier Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
Departmental Area Network
Desk Area Network
Deutschsprachige ANwendervereinigung TEx
Destination Address Omitted
Directory Assistance Operator
Disc At Once
Disk At Once
Data Access Page
Data Access Protocol
Developer Assistance Program
Developers Assistance Program
Directory Access Protocol
Directory Application Protocol
Document Application Profile
Dynamic Application Partitioning
Distributed and Parallel Databases
Distributed Application Programming Environment
Distributed Application Processing Environment
Document Application Processing in a Heterogeneous Network Environment
Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions
Developer API Extensions
Developer Application Programming Interface Extensions
Device Address Register
Divisionsion Alarm Recording Center
Designing Augmented Reality Environments
Database Application Remote Interface
Defense Automation Resources Management Program
Defense Advanced Research Project Administration
Defense Applied Research Projects Agency
Department's Advanced Research Project Agency
DoD Advanced Research Projects Agency
Degree Audit Reporting System
Data Access and Retrieval Technologies
Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset
Dynamic Advertising Reporting & Targeting
Defense Advanced Research Testbed Network
DAIS Audio Response Unit
Data Archive Server
Database Access Service
Database as a Service
Device Access Software
Digital Arts & Sciences
Directory Assistance Service
Distributor And Scanner
Dual Attached Station
Dual Attachment Station
Dynamic Allocation Scheme
Dynamically Assigned Sockets
Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing
Direct-Access Storage Device
Dell Advanced SCSI Host
Dial Access Signaling Interface
Design and Architectures for Signal and Image Processing
Digital Assisted Service Program
Disk Anti Shock Protection
Drive Action/Slave Present
Drive Active, Slave Present
Design Automation Standards Subcommittee
Digital Access Signaling System
Distributed Authentication Security Service
Diploma in Advanced Software Technology
Distributor And Scanner Watch Dog Timer
Direct Access Transport
Duplicate Address Test
Dynamic Address Translation
Dynamic Address Translator
Defense Air Transport Administration
Design Automation Technical Committee
Design Automation and Test Europe
DATEnVerarbeitungszentrale der steuerberatenden Berufe
Data Exchange
DATa EXchange - Jedermann
DATa EXchange - Jedermann
DATa EXchange - Multimegabit
DATa EXchange - Multimegabit
DATa EXchange - Packetized / Packetvermittlung
DATa EXchange - Leitungsvermittlung
DATa EXchange - Packetized / Packetvermittlung
District Attorneys' Technology Theft Association
Data Acquisition Unit
Duemmster Anzunehmender User
Dümmster anzunehmender User
Data Above Voice
Data Available
Digital Audio Video
Digital Audio-Video
Distributed Authoring diVersioning
Distributed Authoring and Versioning
Do Anything Very Easily
Digital Audio Visual Interoperatibility Council
Digital Audio-Visual Council
Digital Audio Video Interactive Decoder
DAimler-Benz Vertragspartner-InformationsSystem
Data Available Low
Dynamic Aspects Workshop
DAta WArehousing and Knowledge discovery
Data Access Working Group
Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Networks
Developer API eXtension
Developer API eXtensions
Data Buffer
Data Bus
Adjusted Decibel
Database Administrator
Digital Business Architecture
Drei Buchstaben Akronym
DataBase Administration Center
DataBase Administration System
Dynamic Bass Boost
Database Creator
Data Buffer Coupler
Data Bus Coupler
Data Bus Control
Digital Business Center
Data Base Change Request
Database Descriptor
Database Driver
Data Base Design Document
Descriptor Based Direct Memory Access
Data Bus Element
Double Buffer Extension
Dynamic Beam Forming
Data Bus File Number
Data Bus Group
Debug Format
Data Bus Generation and Maintenance Package
Data Base Interface
Data Bus Interface Adapter
Data Bus Isolation Amplifier
Delivery Bit
Data Bus Interface Unit
Digital Bibliography & Library Project
Data Base Manager
Database Manager
Database Management System
Data Base Management Software
Data Bus Network
Distribution Board of Directors
Deterministic Bit Rate
Dos Boot Record
Data Base Relational Application Directory
Database Request Module
Data Bank Release Notice
Data Base Server
Database Service
Data Bus Simulator
Duplex Bus Selector
Defect-Based Testing
Data Base Task Group
Database Task Group
Data Bank Update Request
Digital Broadcast Video
Data Bus Wire
Digital Branch Exchange
Data Cartridge
Data Control
Data Coordinator
Disconnect Confirm
Distributed Computing
Domain Computers
Domain Controller
Device Control 1
Drive Comparison
Dendritic Cell Algorithm
Digital Communications Associates, Inc.
Digital Controlled Amplifier
Diploma in Computerized Accounting
Distributed Communication Architecture
Document Center Architecture
Dynamic Cache Architecture 2
Dual Call Auto Answer
Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering & Science
Distributed Console Access Facility
Distributed Computing Application Management
Data link switching Client Access Protocol
Data Collection And Reduction System
Data Collection and Analysis System
Data Control Block
Data Control Board
Directory Cache Buffer
Disk Coprocessor Board
Damage Control Center
Desktop Control Center
Data Collection Computer
Data Computation Complex
Data Compression Conference
Data Compression Conf
Data Country Code
Designing Correct Circuits
Digital Command Control
Digital Customer Center
Direct Cable Connection
Dynamic Command Center
Debian Common Core Alliance
Dependable Computing for Critical Applications
Distributed Component Computing Architecture
Defense Cyber Crime Institute
Dependable Computing and Communications Symposium
Dependable Computing and Communication Symposium
Distributed Capability Computing System
Data Carrier Detect
Document Content Description
Distributed Computing Design System
Desktop Compositing Engine
Distributed Computing Environments
Distributed Computing Environment Remote Procedure Call
Distributed Computing Environment / Remote Procedure Call
Defense Communications Engineering Center
Data Collection and Evaluation Plan
Data Communications Function
Data Communication Facility
Data Control Facility
Distributed Coordination Function
Distributive Computing Facility
Document Composition Facility
Driver Configuration File
Deterministic Context Free Language
Discrete & Computational Geometry
Discrete and Computational Geometry
D Channel Handler
Data Capture Interface
Device Control Interface
Digital Camera Images
Direct-Coupled Interlock
Display Control Interface
Distributed Computing Infrastructure
Data Communication Input Buffer
Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems
Data Communications Interface Unit
Digital Control and Interface Unit
Data Control Language
Data and Control Management
Data Control Module
Delay Calculation Language
Digital Costas Loops
Digital Carrier Line Unit
Data And Configuration Management
DECOM Control Memory
Decommutator Control Memory
Differential Changed Map
Digital Carrier Module
Display and Control Module
Distributed Computing Management,
Document Control Matrix
DOMAIN Controller Master
Dual Core Modul
Data Center Management Interface
Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
Distributed Call Measurement System
Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit
Data Center Networking
Data Communications Network
Data Change Notice
Declaration Control Number
Design Communicate Network
Distributed Computer Network
Data Communication Network Architecture
Device Configuration Overlay
Distributed Component Object Mode
Data Collection Program
Data Communications Processor
Digital Communications Processor
Data Compression Protocol
Demand for Critical Parts
Desktop Color Proofer
Device Color Profile
Digital Color Printing
Display Control Program
Duplex Central Processor
Dynamic Content Processor
Display Control Program End Item
Detailed Contuing Property Record
Differential Coherent Phase Shift Keying
Direct Current Resistance
Document Change Request
Data Circuit Switches
Data Conditioning System
Defined Context Set
Desktop Color Separation
Desktop Color System
Digital Colour System
Distributed Computer System
Distributed Computing Systems
Dynamic Channel Selection/Dynamic Frequency Selection
Dynamic Channel Selection/Dynamic Frequency Selection
Digital Computer Switching Unit
Digital Computer Unit
Data Collect Tool
Digital Carrier Trunk
Discrete Cosine Transform
Discrete Cosine Transfer
Direct-Coupled Transistor Logic
Data Center Technical Specialist
Dimension Custom Telephone Service
Definitive Computer Underground Archives
Data Center Unified Computing Implementation
Data Center Unified Computing Troubleshooting Specialist
Data Definition
Depacketization Delay
Destroy Disk
Disk Drive
Data Distribution Assembly
Distributed Data Access
Digital Dealers Association
Digital Differential Analyzer
Disk Drive Adapter
Domain Defined Attribute
Device Dependent Bitmap
Distributed Database
Distributed Database Management System
Direct Department Calling
Display Data Channel
Distributed Document Component Facility
Digital Data Communications Messaging Protocol
Direct Digital Color Proofing
Distributed Database Connection Services /2
Distributed Database Connection Services /2
Direct Distance Dialing
Digital Data Downlink
Domain Driven Data Mining
Digital Data Distribution System
Direct Data Entry
Dynamic Date Exchange
Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems
Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library
Digital Data Exchange System
Digital Data Exchange
Data Decryption Field
Data Description File
Distributed Database Facility
DTC Device File Access
Data Description File for Information Interchange
Device Dependent Graphics Layer
Digital Distributed Hardware
Distributed Document Handling
Device Dependent Interface
Device Driver Interface
Digital Display Interfaces
Direct Dialing In
Discrete Data input
Dual Dual Inline Memory Module
Doctor Dobb's Journal
Device Development Kit
Device Driver Kit
Driver Development Kit
Database Definition Language
Data Description Language
Data Downlink
Display Description Language
Data Display Module
Data Distribution Management
Discrete Data Management
Distributed Data Manager
Distributed Data Mining
Domain Decomposition Method
Distributed Data Management / Distributed Relational Data Access
Distributed DMA
Distributed Database Management System
Defense Department Network
Defense Data Network Network Information Center
Distributed DOMAIN Naming Service
Dynamic DOMAIN Name Service
Device Display Object
Discrete Data Output
Digital Data Over Voice
Data Distribution Plan
Data Distribution Panel
Datagram Delivery Protocol
Direct Distribution Panel
Distributed Data Processing
Data Driven Query
Data Descriptive Record
Data Display and Review
Data Display Room
Dial-on-Demand Routing
Double-data rate
Double Data-Rate
Double Data Rate
Double Data Rated
Dual Data Rate
Double Data Rate Two
Double Data Rate-Random
Double Data Rate-SDRAM
Double Data Rate Three
Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Dual Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Dual Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
Double Data Rate Static Random Access Memory
Distributed Data RAID
Double Data Random Access Memory
Data Dictionary System
Dataphone Digital Service
Deployable Device Seizure
Digital Data Storage
Digital Data System
Digital Data Service
Digital Data Set
Digital Distributed Software
Direct Digital Sampling
Distributed Data Services
Document Distribution Service
Digital Data Service Adapter
Digital Database for Screening Mammography
Double Dynamic Suspension System
DEC Debugging Tape
Direct Deployment Unit
Dynamic Data Visualization Tool
Digital Display Working Group
Distributed Data eXchange
Device End
Differencing Engine
Discard Eligibility
DEutscher Commercial Internet eXchange
DEutsches Network Information Center,
Data Encryption Algorithm
Deterministischer Endlicher Automat
Directory Entry Block
DMA Extended Bus Interface
DDAP Electronic Business Information Exchange Specification
Distributed Event Based Systems
Distributed Event-Based Systems
Digital Electronic Corporation
Digital Equipment Corp
Digital Equipment Corporation's
Digital Equipment Corporations
Digital Equipment Corportation
Digital Equipament Corporation
Do Expect Cuts
Defense Enterprise Computing Center
Defense Enterprise Computing Centers
Digital Equipment Corporationration Distributed Name Service
DEutscher Commercial Internet eXchange
Digital Equipment Corporationration Management Control Center
Digital Equipment Corporationration Network architecture
Division of Engineering Computing Services
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
Digital Equipment Computer User Society
Digital Equipment Corporation Users Society
Digital Equipment Corporation User Society
Double-bit Error Dectection
Double Error Detection
Department of Electrical Engineering
Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform
Digital Eye Fatigue
Direct Equipment Failure
Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria
Digital Enterprise and Information Systems
Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications
Data Engineering and Internet Technology
Data Encryption Key
Decode-Encode Language
Decode Encode Language
Digital Enterprise Lean Manufacturing Interactive Application
Digital Ethernet Local Network Interconnect
Data Entry Manager
Desktop Error Monitoring
Digital Elevation Model
Data Entry Management Association
Distributed Enterprise Management ARChitecture
Digital Equipment Corporationration MultiPort Repeater
DEbian MUltimedia DIstribution
Directory-Enabled Networking
DEutsches Network Information Center,
Directory-Enabled Net Infrastructure Model
Data Execution Prevention
Data Execution Protection
Digital Exchange Pirate Board Alliance
Distinguished Encoding Rules
Defense Evaluation and Research Agency
Defective Equipment Replacement Program
Date Encryption Standard
Data Entry System
Destination End System
Distributed End System
Discrete Event Simulation
Discrete Event Systems
Data Encryption Standard-Cipher Block Chaining
DEsign by Simulation and REndering om parallel architectures
Directory of European Information Security Standard Requirements
Directory Entry Table
Double Extended Three Letter Abbreviation
Dead-End User
Display Electronics Unit
Digital Ethernet Unibus Network Adapter
Device Exclusion Vector
DEVice File System
Database and Expert Systems Applications
Digital Forensics
Direction Flag
Distance Field
Distributing Frame
divide floating
Drawing File
Design For Assembly
Deterministic Finite Automaton
Deterministic Finite-state Automaton
Diploma in Financial Accounting
Disk File Controller
Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Center
Data Facility Distributed Storage Management
Data Flow Engineer
Diagnostic Front End Processor
Data Flow Graph
Digital Function Generator
Display Format Generator
Data Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager
Design for Innovation
Digital Facility Interface
Digital Forensics Investigators
Digital Forensic Investigations
Don't Force It
Deutsches Forschungszentrum fuer Kuenstliche Intelligenz
Distributed Feedback Layer
Damn Four Letter Acronym
Data Flow Modeling
Design For Manufacturing
Dynamic Frequency Management
Dynamic Frequency Selection
Digital Facility Management System
Deutsches ForschungsNetz
Deutsches ForschungsNetz Computer Emergency Response Team
Deutsches ForschungsNetz Computer Emergency Response Team
Decimal Floating Point
Digital Flat Panel
Digital Free Press
Distributed Functional Plane
District Focus Person
Document Filing and Retrieval
Department First Search
Depth-first Search
Depth First Search
Disc Filing System
Disk Filing System
Distributed File System
Distributed File Service
Direct File System Access
Differential Frequency Shift Keying
Data Facility System Managed Storage
Demand Flow Technology
Design for Testing
Distributed Function Terminal
Drive Fitness Test
Data File Utility
Distributed Foundation Wireless Medium Access Control
Data General
Dependency Graph
Display Generator
Direct Graphics Access
Distributed Grid Accounting System
Data General Corp
Diploma in Graphic Designing
Diploma in Graphics Design
Direct Graphics Interface Standard
Digital Graphic Imaging Technical Association
Data Generation Language
Dynamic Graphics Project
Defense Goal Security Architecture
Duh Hubby
Destination Hardware Address
Delinquent Hacking Corporationration
Dynamic Host Control
Distributed Host Command Facility
Dynamic Host Connection Protocol
Distributed Heterogeneous Information Systems
Diploma in Hardware and Networking
Dead Hackers Society
Definitive Hardware Store
Directory Hash Table
Distributed Hash Table
Digital Home Technology Integration
Dynamic HTML
Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language
Data Integrity
Delete Inhibit
Department of Informatics
Destination Index
Disk Interface
Document Imaging
Dynamic Imaging
Deutsche Informatik Akademie
Document Image Analysis
DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process
Dial In Access to LANs
Digital Idle Asset Listing
Descriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation for ADA
DIrect Access Network for Europe
Digital Information Archiving System
Defense Information Base
Device Independent Bitmap
Director Interface Board
DOS Information Block
Dual Independent Bus
Device Independent Backup Interface
Drain Induced Barrier Lowering
DIgital Business Oriented Language
Digital Interface Controller
Danish International Center for Analytical Reporting
Data Intensive Computing Environment
Data Intensive Computing Environments
Delivering Information in a Cellular Environment
Digital Innovation through Cooperation in Europe
Digital Interactive Consumer Electronic
Dictionary Markup Language
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
Destination ID
Digital Image Design
Direct Inward Dialing
Direct Inwards Dial
Data Input and Distribution Card
Dumb Interpretatively Evaluated String Expression Language
Digital Interface Electronics Unit
Data Interchange Format
Digital Interface Frame
Directory Interoperability Forum
Documentation Interchange Format
Document Interchange Format
Differentiated Services
Differentiated Service
Decentralized Information Group
Digital Imaging Group
Digital Imposition Geometry
Digital Electronic Signature Test
Deutsche InteressenGemeinschaft Internet
Device Independent Graphics Layer
Dynamic Invocation Interface
Defense Information Infrastructure Control Concept
Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment
Digital Impairment Learning
Data Integration in Life Sciences
Data In the Middle
Demand Integration Meeting
Design Interface Meeting
Desktop Information Manager
Device Interface Module
Device Interface Modules
Digital Identity Management
Data Information Management Architecture
Desktop Integrated Media Environment
DIrect Memory Execute
Double In-Line Memory Module
Double Inline Memory Module
Dual-In-Line Memory Module
Dual-Inline Memory Module
Dual In-line Memory Module
Dual In-line Memory Modules
Dual Inline Memory Module
Dual Inline Memory Modules
Dual-In-Line Memory Modules
Dual In-line Memory Modules
Dual Inline Memory Modules
Digital Identity Management Service
Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment
Deutsche Industrie Norm
Deutsche Ingineering Normilization
Deutsches Institut fuer Normung
Deutsches Institutetut fuer Normung
Deutsches Institutetut für Normung
Deutsche Initiative fuer Netzwerkinformation
Deutsches InterNet Organisationssystem
Digital Information Network Service
Disk Identification Number
Direct Input Output
Data Integrated Plan
Dial-up Internet Protocol
Dialup Internet Protocol
Digital Image Processing
Display Input Processor
Display Interface Processor
Document Imaging Processing
Document Image Processing
Dual In-line Package
Dual Inline Pin
Distributed Interactive Processing Environment
Drystone Instituteuctions Per Second
DIstributed and Reconfigurable MUltiprocessor
Division of Information Systems
Designing Interactive Systems
Digital Immune System
Distributed Information System
Document Imaging Solution
Draft International Standard
Direct Inward System Access
Direct Inward Switch Access
Defense Information System Council
Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Systems
Digital Information Systems External Resources
Data Interchange Standards Education and Research Foundation
Defense Information Systems Network - Near Term
Defense Information Systems Network - Near Term
Distributed Office Support System
Distributed Office Supported System
Directory Information Shadowing Protocol
Directory Information Shadow Protocol
Disposition Parameter
Draft International Standardized Profiles
Dutch Independent Shareware Programmer
Defense Information System Security Program
Digital Image Scaling Technology
Data ID Table
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma of Information Technology
Directory Information Tree
Domain Information Technik Internet Beratung
DoD Information Technology Security Certification & Accreditation Process
Digital Interface Unit
Direct Interface Video Extensions
Direct Interface Video Extension
Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment
Digital Video Express
D-Inside Wire
DEC, Intel, Xerox
Digital Identity Exchange
Description In Zip
Dynamic Job Descriptor Entries
Dow Jones News Retrieval
Derivation Key
Display Keyboard
Distributed-Knowledge Authorization Language
Distributed Knowledge Authorization Language
Data and Knowledge Engineering
Delhi Kannada Education Society
Domain Keys Identified Mail
Domain/Key Normal Form
Don't know yet
Data Link
Density Line
Digital Libraries
Digital Library
Direct Labor
Discrete Logarithms
Distribution List
Dense Linear Algebra
Data Link Connection
Data Link Control
Desktop Linux Consortium
Digital Learning Center
Digital Loop Carrier
Data Link Control Field
Data Link Circuit Identifier
Data Link Connection Identifier
Digital Line Carrier Unit
Deutsche Linux Distribution
Display List Driver
Data-Link Escape
Data Link Escape
Digital Line Graph
Data Link Layer
Delay Locked Loop
Digitally Locked Loop
Dial Long Lines
Dial Long Line
Direct Link Library
Dynamic-link Library
Data Line Monitor
Distributed Lock Manager
Document Lifecycle Management
Determine Left Most Zero Byte
Digital Library Network
Digital Living Network Alliance
Data Line Occupied
Data Link Processors
Digital Light Processing
Discrete Logarithm Problem
Disjunctive Logic Programming
Data Link Provider Interface
Dial Line Service
Digital Link Service
Data Link Switching
Distributed Load Sharing
Distributed Link Service
Document Library Services
DOS LAN Services
Data Link-layer Service Access Point
Data Link-layer Service Data Unit
Data Link Summary Message
Data Link Switching
Digital Linear Tape
Distributed Language Translation
Divisible Load Theory
Data Link Terminal Repeater
Data Link Transmission Repeater
Digital Line/Trunk Unit
Dependent Logical Unit
Digital Line Unit Pair Gain
Dependent Logical Unit Requester
Data Management
Dead Memory
Decimal Multiply
Dense Mode
Dependable Multiprocessor
Dimension Modeling
Direct Manipulation
Disconnected Mode
Disconnect Mode
Discrete Mathematics
Display Machine
Distributed Management
Distributed Memory
Distributed Manufacturing
Document Management
Data Management Application
Digital Media Archive
Diploma in Multimedia & Animation
Diploma in Multimedia Animation
Direct Memory Addressing
Direct Memory Addresss
Direct Memory Acces
Document Management Alliance
Domain Migration Administration
Dynamic Memory Access
Direct Memory Access Controller
DMA Controller
Distributed Multimedia Applications Group
DECT Multimeda Access Protocol
Digital Media Access Protocol
Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Digital Multimedia Broadcast
Data Management Computer
Display Management Computers
Data Management in the Cloud
Direct Multiplex Control
Dynamic Motion Control
Digital Modem Command Language
Digital Mirror Device
Digital Micromirror Device
Direct Manipulation Device
Directory Management Domain
Dual MAC Dual Attached Concentrator
Digital Media and Digital Content Management
Distributed Multiplexing Distributed Demultiplexing
Design and Management of Data Warehouses
Digital Management Education
Distributed Management Environment
Digest Message Format
Distributed Management Framework
Distribution Media Format
Definition of Management Information
Desktop Management Interface
Digital Multiplexed Interface
Direct Media Interface
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Database Manipulation Language
Data Management Language
Data Manipulation Language
Data Manipulate Language
Data Manipulation/Modification Language
Data Manipulation Logic
Development Markup Language
Distributed Mode Loudspeaker
Digital Multimeter
Diploma in Mobile Maintenance
Distributed Memory Machine
District Manufacturing Manager
Data Mining for Medicine and Healthcare
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Distributed Management Objects
Domain Management Organization
Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Data Management Processor
Data Merger Processor
DEU Message Processor
Designated Mailers Protocol
Dot Matrix Printer
Derived Medium access control Protocol Data Unit
Dashboard and Metrics Reporting
Dennis M. Ritchie
Dual Modular Redundancy
Data Memory Systems
Desktop Management System
Data Management System Simulator
Deadline Monotonic Scheduling
Defense Messaging System
Digital Management Solutions
Digital Marketing Service
Digital Multiplexed System
Diskless Management Service
Disk Masher System
Disk Monitor System
Document Management System
Dynamic Message Sign
Defense Message System Implementation Group
Data Management for Sensor Networks
Distributed Mail System Protocol
Distribution, Marketing, Sales and Service
Domain Name System Security
Defense Message System Transition Working Group
Data Monitoring Tool
Design Maturity Test
Dictionary Managed Tablespace
Digital Multi-Tone
Discrete Monitor Timings
Discrete Monitor Timing
Discrete Multitone Technology
Discrete MultiTone
Desktop Management Task Force
Desktop Management Task Force's
Distributed Management Task Force
Data Manipulation Unit
Digital Mock-Up
Digital Music Express
Directory Number
Distinguished Name
Distribution Network
Digital Named Accounts
Digital Noise Alliance
Direct Network Attach
Distributed InterNet Applications
Distributed Network Application
Dynamic Network Address Translation
Dedicated Network Bus
Dynamic Network Controller
Division of Networking and Communication Research and Infrastructure
Divisionsion of Networking and Communication Research and Infrastructure
Divisionsion of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure
Drag and Drop
Distributed Network Design System
Dynamic Non-Hierarchical Routing
DECnet Network Interface
Data Network Identification Code
Dialed Number Identification Service
Dalhousie Natural Language Processing
Distributed Network Processing
Data Network Routing
Dialed Number Recorder
Domain Name Rights Coalition
Developmental Networks
Domain Name Server
Domain Name System
Domain Name Systems
Domain Naming Service
Domain Naming System
Domain Network Service
Domain Name Supporting Organization
DOMAIN Name Service Round Robbing
Departmental Network eXchange
Dynamic Network X-connect
Distributed Object
Distributed Objects
Diploma in Office Automation
Distributors of Anarchy
Distributed Office Applications Model
Description of a Project
Diploma in Office Automation & Publishing
Digital Oscillator Chip
Distributed Object Computing
Dynamic Overload Control
DISA Operations Control Complex
Display Operator Console System
Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification