Popular Construction acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Admission & Discharge
Accident and Emergency
Automation and Robotics
As Drawn
Above Finished Floor
Above Finished Grade
Air Conditioner
Australian Aerospace
Architects Association of Australia
Architectural Aluminium Association)
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block
Australian Academy of Design
Annual Average Daily Traffic
Assembly of Australia Fire Authorities
Air Arc Gouging
Associate of the Australian Institute of Building
Associate of the Australian Institutetute of Building
Associate of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors
Associate of the Australian Institutetute of Building Surveyors
Associate of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Associate of the Australian Institutetute of Quantity Surveyors
Associate of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects
Associate of the Australian Institutetute of Landscape Architects
Associate of the Australian Institute of Valuers and Land Economists
Associate of the Australian Institutetute of Valuers and Land Economists
Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers Association
Australian Association of Planning Consultants
Alkali Aggregate Reaction
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences & Engineering
Air Admittance Valve
Air Brick
Aluminium Bronze
As Before
Accelerated Bridge Construction
Association of Builders & Contractors
Air-blast Circuit-breaker
Australian Building Industry Contract
Acoustical and Board Products Manufacturers Association
Association of British Plywood & Veneer Manufacturers
Association of British Roofing Felt Manufacturers
Australian Building Systems Appraisal Council
Australian Building Trades Association
Accredited Checker
Air Conditioning;
Air Conditioner
Architecture et Construction
Articulation Class
Atmospheric Contaminant
Auxiliary Crane
Architectural Cladding Association
Association of Consulting Architects
Association of Consultant Architects
Association of Consulting Architects Australia
Australian Council of Building Design Professions
Association for Coordinated Building Information in New Zealand
American Council of Construction Education
Architects Construction & Consulting Engineers Specialist Services
Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structure
Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structures
American College of Construction Lawyers
Agency Chief Contracting Officer
Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health
Advisory Committee for Construction Safety and Health
Aviation Capability Development Group
Architecture, Construction and Engineering
Architecture Construction Engineering
Association of Consulting Engineers
Association of Consulting Engineers Australia
American Construction Engineers Council
Ateliers de Constructions Electriques de Charleroi
Association of Consulting Engineers of New Zealand
Ancillary Control Facility
Area Cost Factors
Australian College of Health Services Executives
Alabama Concrete Industries Association
Accelerated Change In Design
Access Control Intruder Detection
Active Change Initiating Document
Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors
Associate of the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers
Associate of the Commonwealth Institutetute of Valuers
Airfield Control Lighting
Australian Chamber of Manufacturers
Australian Council of Professions
Administrative & Clerical Officers Association
Asphalt Concrete Pavement
Associated Construction Publications
Australian Clay Products Association
Air Changes Per Hour
Association of Construction Project Managers
Advanced Construction Systems
Architectural Construction Services
Australian Construction Services
Association of Consulting Surveyors Australia
Alliance of Construction Trades
Advanced Construction Training Academy
ACT Electricity & Water
ACT Planning Authority
Advanced Construction Technology Services
Australian Ceramic Tile Society
Australian Design Council
Assumed Datum
Aluminium Development Association
Australian Development Assistance Bureau
Australian Defence Air Training System
Analogue to Digital Converter
Automatic Data Collection
Advanced Diploma in Construction Management
Australian Defence Force Publication
Activities of Daily Living
ActiveX Data Object
Alabama Department of Transportation
Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
Automatic Door Seal
Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Lines
Articulated Dump Truck
Architectural Design & Teaching Research Association
Air-entraining Admixture
Air Entraining Agent
Annual Equivalent Cost
Architectural Engineering and Construction
Architecture Engineering & Construction
Architecture, Engineering, & Construction
Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations
Australian Education Commission
Association of Environment Conscious Building
Association of Equipment Distributors
Australian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers Association
Australian Electronics Industry Association
Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association
Above Floor Level
Access Flooring Association
Approved For Construction
Australian Federation of Construction Contractors
Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
Australian Federation of Consumer Organizations
Automatic Fill Limiter
Allowance for Funds Used During Construction
Above Ground
Aerial Guy
Agricultural Drain
Agricultural Pipe
Aeronautical Ground Lights
Advance Global Recruitment
After Hours
Age Hardened
Australian Height Datum derived
Australian Housing Industry Development Council
Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology
Australian Housing & Urban Research Institute
Australian Housing & Urban Research Institutetute
Architect's Instruction
Articulation Index
American Institute of Architects or American Insurance Association
Associate of the Institute of Arbitrators of Australia
Associate of the Institutetute of Arbitrators of Australia
Arsenic-inhibited Brass
Australian Institute of Builders
Australian Institutetute of Builders
Australian Institutetute of Building Surveyors
Australian Institutetute of Energy
American International Contractors, Inc
Application Interpreted Constructs
Association of Independent Construction Adjudicators
Associate of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Associate of the Institutetution of Civil Engineers
Arabian Integrated Construction Services
Australian Institute of Construction Supervisors
Australian Institutetute of Construction Supervisors
Automatic Inlet Control Valve
Australian International Development Assistance Bureau
Australian Institute of Engineering Associations
Australian Institutetute of Engineering Associations
Associate of the Institution of Electrical Engineers
Associate of the Institutetution of Electrical Engineers
Australian Institutetute of Landscape Architects
Application Interpreted Model
Association of Insulation Manufacturers
Australian Institute of Management
Australian Institutetute of Management
Australian Institute of Metal Finishes
Australian Institutetute of Metal Finishes
Australian Institutetute for Non-destructive Testing
Australian Institutetute of Project Management
Australian Industrial Property Organization
Asset Information Requirements
Asset Inspection Report
Airconditioning and Heating
Australian Industrial Research and Development Incentives Board
American Institute for Steel Construction
American Institute Steel Construction
Australian Institute of Steel Construction
Australian Institutetute of Steel Construction
Australian Institute of Science Technology
Australian Institutetute of Science Technology
Australian Institute of Tropical Architecture
Australian Institutetute of Tropical Architecture
Australian Institute of Valuers and Land Economists
Australian Institutetute of Valuers and Land Economists
Asosiasi Kontraktor Indonesia
Air Leakage
Airfield Lighting Control
Australian Land Development Association
Airfield Lighting Equipment Room
Advanced Loss of Profits
Advance Loss of Profit
Australian Liquid Petroleum Gas Association
Aircraft Life Support
Alloy Steel
Amplitude Modulated
Airconditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association
Australian Model Code for Residential Development
Air Moving Device
Australian Mineral Development Laboratories
American Forest and Paper Association
Arizona Masonry Guild
Automated Machine Guidance
Associate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Associate Member of the Institutetution of Civil Engineers
Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers
Associate Member of the Institutetution of Electrical Engineers
Australian Mineral Industries Research Association
Asset Management And Maintenance System
Aircraft Maintenance Officer
Associate Member of the Town Planning Institute
Associate Member of the Town Planning Institutetute
Australian Metal Worker Union
Ammonium Nitrate
Aircraft noise attenuation
Australian Nature Conservation Agency
Australian noise exposure class
Australian Noise Exposure Index
Ammonium Nitrate And Fuel Oil
Agence Nationale des Grands Travaux
American National Metric Council
Aircraft Noise Reduction
Australian National Scientific and Technological Library
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organization
Australian and New Zealand Association of Building Centres
Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association
Access Opening
As Ordered By Engineer
Attestation of Conformity
Australian Overseas Construction Council
Australian Overseas Projects Corporation
Australian Overseas Projects Corporationration
Australian Organization for Quality Control
Acoustic Plaster
Acoustic plaster ceiling
Application Protocol
Asphalt Pavement Alliance
Asphalt Pavement Association
Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana
Air Pollution Council
Associated Pennsylvania Constructors
Architectural Precast Cladding Association
Australasian Procurement and Construction Council
Australian Procurement & Construction Council
Agricultural Pipe Drain
Alkyd Phenol Ethoxylate
Association of Professional Engineers Australia
Acid-proof Floor
Australian Property Group
Assistant Project Manager
Association of Project Managers
Australian Pump Manufactures Association
Australian Product Number
Association for Project Safety
Association of Professional Scientists of Australia
Aged Persons Unit
Air Quality
Accredited Quality Assessor
Australian Quality Council
Acceptable Quality Level
Acid Resistant
Alcohol Resistant
As Rolled
Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-forming Foam
Associate of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects
Associate of the Royal Australian Institutetute of Architects
Architects Registration Council of the UK
Australian Research Grants Scheme
Aggregate Research Industries
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Institute
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Institutetute
Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
Associate of the Royal Institutetution of Chartered Surveyors
Application Reference Model
Arkansas Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Associate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Associate of the Royal Melbourne Institutetute of Technology
Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association
Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association
Advanced Reusable Reliable Objects Warehouse
Alignment Stone
Automatic Sprinkler
American Subcontractor Association
Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates
Australian Shopfitters Association
American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas
Association of South African Quantity Surveyors
American Sports Builders Association
American Segmental Bridge Institute
Active Storage Capacity
Asphaltic Concrete
Associated Schools of Construction
Associated Specialty Contractors
American Society of Concrete Contractors
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners of Australia
Allowable Stress Design
Architectural & Specialist Door Manufacturers Association
Australian Society of Engineers
Architects and Surveyors Institute
Architects and Surveyors Institutetute
Australian Steel Institutetute
Adhesives and Sealants Manufacturers Association of Australia
American Society for Nondestructive Testing
American Society of Professional Estimators
Assumed Datum
Anti-syphon Trap
Associate of the Sydney Technical College
Australian Science & Technology Council
American Society for Testing & Materials
Angle Stop Valve
Anti-syphon Vent Pipe
Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers
Ablution Trough
Access Tunnel
Acoustic Tile
Air Temperature
Autopsy Table
Acoustic Tile Ceiling
Australian Tin Information Centre
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
Atmospheric Pressure
Asphalt Treated Permeable Base
Australian Timber Producers Council
Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program
Abstract Test Suites
Active Treatment System
Arizona Technical Testing Institute
Australian Timber Workers Union
Astronomical Unit
Australasian Universities Building Education Association
Australian Uniform Building Regulation Coordinating Council
Asset Under Construction
Australian Underground Construction and Tunnelling Association
Australian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
Australian Telecommunications Commission
Air Valve
Annual Value
Air Vapor Barrier
Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker
Alarm Verification Facility
Australian Valve Manufacturers Association
Aviation Turbine
Arc Welding
American Wood Council
Association of Women Contractors
Association of Wall and Ceiling Contractors
Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries
Association of Wall and Ceiling Industry
Association of the Wall & Ceiling Industry
Animal Welfare Foundation
Australian Welding Institute
Australian Welding Institutetute
Australasian Wire Industry Association
Automatic Washing Machine
Advanced Work Packaging
American Wood Preservers' Association
American Wood Preservers Institute
Australian Wood Panels Association
Australian Welding Research Association
Bath and Basin
Building & Construction
Back to Back
Bottom of footing
Bill of Material
Bottom of wall
Basement 1
Bright Annealed
Building Application
Building Approval
Building Area
Burglar Alarm
Blindmakers Association of Australia
Bachelor Unit
British Adhesives & Sealants Association
Ball Bearing
Beam Bolster
Before Backfill
Breakfast Bar
Bâtiment Basse Consommation
Brenner Base Tunnel
Bar Chair
Between Centres
Bituminous Concrete
Bottom Centre
Bottom Chord
Box Culvert
Building Cost
Bahamian Contractors Association
Built Construction Area
Building Codes of Australia
Building Control Alliance
Bureau of Construction Codes
Building Construction Core Model
Building Cost Index
Broom Closet
British Concrete Masonry Association
Benefit-to-Cost Ratio
British Constructional Steel Association
Building Construction Supervisor Safety
Building Development Display Centre
Bridge Design Manual
Brick Development and Research Institute
Brick Development and Research Institutetute
Building Employers Confederation
Building Employers Superannuation Trust
Base Flood Elevation
Boiler Feed Pump
British Flat Roofing Council
Bolted Gland
British Geotechnical Society
Bath Heater
Bore Hole
Business Hours
Black Iron
Business Integrator
Brick Institutetute of America
Building Industry Advisory Council
Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Building Information Centre/Dublin Institute of Technology
Building Information Centre/Dublin Institutetute of Technology
Building Industries Federation of South Africa
Built-in Robe
Building Industry Specialist Contractors Organization of Australia
British Iron & Steel Research Association
Between Kerbs
Bitumen Lined
Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion
Builders League of South Jersey
Board Measure
Building Material Assessment
Base Metal Thickness
Building Material & Technology Promotion Council
Building Material Technology Promotion Council
Back Outlet
Buildings Ordinance
Business Object
Building Officials Conference of America
Bid Opening Date
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
Bottom of pipe
Bills of Quantities
Bills of Quantities
Building Over Sewer
Bleed-off Valve
Bladder Plate
Boiling Point
Base Pressure Index
Building Price Index
Building Product Innovation Council
Building Project Information Committee
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes
Boiler Pressure Vessel Code
Bed Pan Washer
Building Research Association New Zealand
Building Research Establishment's
Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method
Building Related Occupant Complaint Syndrome
Building Research Review Committee
Building Science Forum of Australia
British Standards Society
Basic Semantic Repository
Basic Semantic Unit
Bulk Storage Vessel
Bath Tub
Bench Top
Back To Back
Bureau of Transport & Communications Economics
Building Thermal Envelope Coordinating Council
Breaker Technology Inc
Built-up Roofing
Back View
Balancing Valve
Branch Valve
Brick Veneer
Brick Vent
Building Valuation Data
Base Volume Index
Components and Cladding
Cement & Concrete Association
Construction & Demolition Recycling
Construction and demolition waste
Competence & Qualificiations
COINS Building Information Model
Center to Center
Construction document
Civil Engineer
Cubic feet per minute
coulomb metre
Clean Out
Certificate of Recognition
Centre To Centre
Configuration and Change Management Plan
Cycles Per Minute
Care Of
Certificate Of Title
Catchment Area
Construction Administrator
Construction Administration
Contact Adhesive
Construction Analysis for Pavement Rehabilitation Strategies
Crushed Aggregate Base
Cadmium or Computer-Aided Drafting
Computer Aided Design And Draughting
Centre for the Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies
Compressed-air Foam System
Colorado Association of Home Builders
Confederation of Australian Industry
Computer Assisted Intelligent Systems/Software Engineering
Caulked Joint
Computer Aided Manufacture
Core Area Node
Contractor All Risk
Critical Application Rate
Chemical Abstract Service
Contract Administration System
Construction and Skilled Trades
Computer Aided Tomography
Carbon-arc Welding
Cast Brass
Cement Base
Centre Bead
Combined Bend
Concrete Block
Cost Benefit Analysis
Connecticut Building Congress
Certified Business Enterprise
Certified Business Enterprises
Confidential Business Information
Coordinated Building Information
Clay Brick Manufacturers Association
Construction Battalion Maintenance Units
Common Business Object
Clay Brick and Paver Institute
Clay Brick and Paver Institutetute
Californian Bearing Ratio
Colour Both Sides
Construction Battalions
Center for Building Technology
Cement Coated
Chaos Constructions'2015
Charpente Couverture
Chemical Closet
City Council
Coat Closet
Coat Cupboard
Colour Code
Concrete Ceiling
Concrete Cloth
Cooling coil
County Council
Cranked Column
Cubic Centimetre
Certified Construction Auditor
Construction Contract Administration
Copper Chrome Arsenate
Construction Civic Action Detail
Current Construction Costs
Cape Coral Construction Industry Association
Construction Change Directive
Civil and Construction Engineering
Cost Classification by Elements
China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation
Capital Construction Fund
Construction Clients Group
City Cost Index
Construction Cost Index
Content Construction Kit
Construction Certification Institute
Connecticut Construction Industries Association
Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional
Contractor Controlled Insurance Program
Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs
Completed Contract Method
Chief Contracting Officer
Contract Change Order
Certified Construction Project Manager
Certified Construction Product Representative
Constant Current Regulator
Confederation of Construction Specialists
Coordinated Classification System
Centre Distance
Clothes Dryer
Compact Disk
Construction Division
Construction and Demolition
Control Device
Comprehensive Development Agreement
Copper Development Association
Common Draft for Comment
Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines
Common Data Environment
Component Description Language
Cement Deep Mixing
Construction Design Management
Construction, Design & Management
Construction Design & Management
Construction and Design Management
Concept Design Report
Construction Dispute Resolution Services
Cold-Drawn Steel
Construction Documents and Service
Construction Documents and Services
Construction Documents
Construction Documents Technology
Construction Document Technology
Cement Deep Soil Mixing
Certified Document Technologist
Chilled Drinking Water
Carbon Equivalent
Cast Enamel
Cleaning Eye
Concurrent Engineering
Construction Electricians
Construction Electrician
Construction Engineering
Construction Equipment
Construction Engineer
Construction Electrician's
Cost Estimate
Construction Employers Association
Cost Effective Analysis
Calculation Element Catalogue
Cation Exchange Capacity
Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau
Committee for European Construction Equipment
Concurrent Engineering Environment
Construction Education Foundation
Construction Equipment Guide
Construction Engineering Inspection
Construction Engineering and Inspection
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Construction Engineering Management
Computerized Exchange of Information in Construction
Certified Equipment Manager
COINS Engineering Method
Construction Engineering and Management
Construction Environmental Management Plan
Comite European de Norme
Construction Education Network
Constructing Excellence in the North East
Certified Electrical Professional
Central Energy Power System
Complex Equipment Spares
Civil Engineering Support Equipment
Civil Engineer Support Equipment
Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement
Construction Engineering Technology
Construction Education and Training Authority
Cement Floor
Cold Finish
Concrete Floor
Cooling Fan
Construction Forecasting Committee
Certified Forensic Claims Consultant
Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations
Centre for Design
Contractors for Kids
Construction and Facilities Management
Construction & Facility Management
Construction and Facilities Management Office
Cold-finished Seamless
Cold-Formed Steel
Cold formed steel
Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute
Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute
Chief Fire Safety Officer
Ceramic Floor Tile
Contracts Follow Up
Ceiling Grille
Clear Glass
Construction General
Computer Graphics Array
Certified General Contractor
Corrugated Galvanized Iron
Construction General Permit
Certified Graduate Remodeler
Certified Graduate Remodelor
Certified Graduate Remodelers
Capital Gains Tax
Ceramic Glazed Unit
Case Harden
Clothes Hoist
Centre for Health Assets Australasia
Committee of Heads of Architectural Schools of Australia
Concrete Hollow Blocks
Certified Healthcare Constructor
Catalogue of Historical Rates
Circular Hollow Section
Construction Health and Safety Group
Construction Health and Safety Technician
Chilled water
Concrete International
Carpet Institute of Australia
Carpet Institutetute of Australia
Concrete Institutetute of Australia
Construction Industry Arbitration Commission
Construction Industry Action Group
Chartered Institute of Building
Construction Industry Board
Construction Industries Board
Construction Industry Development Board
Computer Integrated Construction
Construction Industry Development Council
Construction Intelligence Center
Cast Iron Cement Lined
Construction Industry Crime Prevention
Construction Industry Development Agency
Control And Indicating Equipment
Construction Industry Electronic Trading Group
Construction Industries Federation
Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Construction Industry Institute)
Construction Industry Institutetute)
Critical Installation Level
Construction Industry Licensing Board
Civil Integrated Management
Construction Information Management System
Chartered Institutetute of Building
Construction in Progress
Construction in Process
Construction Industry Payment and Adjudication Act
Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Component Information Repository
Construction Industry Research & Information Association
Construction Industry Scheme
Construction Information Service
Construction Information Services
Ceiling & Interior Systems Construction Association
Ceiling and Interior Systems Construction Association
Communications And Information Services Centre
Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control
Cast Iron Soil Pipe
Canberra Institute of Technology
Canberra Institutetute of Technology
Construction Industry Technician
Construction Industry Training Association
Construction Industry Training Board
Construction Industry Trading Exchange
Capital Improved Value
Ceiling Joist
Construction Joint
Ceiling Level
Cement Lined
Cleaned Date
Construction Labor Market Analyzer
Construction Loan Note
Cement Lined Pipe
Containment Liner Plate
Cable Marker
Cement Mortar
Centre Matched
Construction Management
Construction Manager
Construction Mechanics
Contract Manager
Contracts Manager
Corrective Maintenance
Concrete Masonry Association of Australia
Construction Manager At Risk
Construction Management at Risk
Certified Master Builder
Construction Manager Certification Institute
Construction and Maintenance Division
Construction Management and Engineering
Construction Market Data
Construction Manpower Development Foundation
Construction & Mining Equipment Association of Australia
Construction Materials Engineering Council
Construction Mining and Equipment Industry Group
Construction Materials Engineering and Testing
Construction Material Testing
Construction Manager General Contractor
Construction Manager in Training
Construction Management Team
Central Maintenance Management System
Computerized Maintenance Management System
Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie
Construction Mecanique de Normandie
Commercial Marine & Piling
Construction Manager at Risk
Construction Manager-at-Risk
Cement-Modified Soils
Cement Modified Soil
Cement Masonry Unit
Concrete Masonry Units
Concrete Masonry Units
Cellulose Nitrate
Compressed Natural Gas
Change Order
Clear Out
Course Of Construction
Chemical Oxygen Demand
Construction Objects and the INtegration of processes and Systems
Construction and Operating License
Computer Models for the Building Industry in Europe
Composition Mortar
Compression Ratio
Concrete Floor
Convention Centre
Circular On Plan
Code Of Practice
Coefficient Of Performance
Change Order Request
Committee Of Review
Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Colour One Side
Council on the Aging
Convention Concerning International Carriage By Rail
Cut-Off Valve
Cover Plate
Clerk of Work
Change Point
Chrome Plate
Chromium Plate
Clay Pipe
Constant Pressure
Copper Pipe
Cost Planning
Cost Price
Cross Passage
Contractors Plant & Equipment
Critical Path Analysis
Concrete Pipe Association of Australia
Construction Productivity Advancement Research
Certified Professional Constructor
Certified Professional Estimator
Canadian Portland Cement Association
Construction Plant Competence Scheme
Construction Products Directive
Construction Product Directive
Construction Products Europe
Continuing Professional Development
Construction, Property & Engineering
Construction, Property and Engineering
Contractors Plant & Equipment
Charles Pankow Foundation
Contract Preparation Forms
Consumer Price Index
Coordinated Project Information
Certified Public Infrastructure Inspector
Ceiling Plate
Capital Program Management
Capital Project Management
Construction Project Management
Critical Path Method
Critical Path Management
Charles Perry Partners, Inc
Capital Planning and Project Management
Concrete Pavement Restoration
Construction Products Regulation
Critical Path Scheduling
Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council
Central Processor Unit
Commercial Quality
Construction Quality Assurance
Construction Quality Control
Contractor Quality Control
Construction Quality Management
Construction Quality Manager
Ceiling register
Cement Render
Chloroprene Rubber
Constructability Review
Control Room
Corrosion Resistant
Centre for Rationalised Building
China Road and Bridge Corporation
Collaborative Resource Centre
Construction Research Council
Cyclic Redundant Code
Consolidated Rental Car Facility
Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements
Constant Rate Of Extension
Condensation Resistance Factor
Contrast Rendering Factor
Control Rendering Factor
Critical Radiant Flux
Contractor's Risk Insurance
Construction Risk Insurance Specialist
Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist
Constant Rate of Penetration
Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
Contingent Resource Solutions
Contractors Registration System
Concrete Reinforced Steel Institutetute
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
Crown Tangent Point
Constant Rate Of Uplift
Calcium Silicate
Carbon Steel
Cleaners Sink
Compressive Strength
Compressor Station
Construction Specialties
Corrugated Sheet
Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing
Construction Safety Alliance
Construction Suppliers Association
Contract Sum Adjustment
Construction Safety Council
Construction Supervision Consultant
Construction Safety Campaign
Computer-supported Collaborative Design
Construction Supply Chain Management
Construction Safety Course for Project Managers
Construction Safety Course for Project Manager
Construction Skills Certification Scheme
Construction Skills Certificate Scheme
Colombo School of Construction Technology
Computer Supported Collaborative Work
Catalogue of Standard Descriptions
Convoy Security Element
Construction Safety Excellence Award
Construction Site Fire Safety Manager
Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement
Construction Specifications Institute
Construction Specifications Institute's
Construction Standards Institute
Chimney Safety Institutetute of America
Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction
Corporate Service & Infrastructure Group
Corporationrate Service & Infrastructure Group
Corporate Service & Infrastructure Group - Infrastructure Division
Corporationrate Service & Infrastructure Group - Infrastructure Divisionsion
Construction Supervisor License
Construction Supervisors License
Component Supplier Management
Cutter Soil Mixing
Construction Site Operative
Construction Safety Orientation Course
Competitive Sealed Proposal
Competitive Sealed Proposals
Concise Standard Phraseology
Concrete Society of Southern Africa
Central Sterile Supply Department
Construction Site Safety Technician
Construction Surveillance Technicians
Construction Surveillance Technician
Construction Safety Training System
Construction Safety Training Systems
Control Switch
Cap Tapped
Cement Tile
Cement Tub
Circular Tie
Cleaners Trough
Coffee Table
Collar Tie
Computerized Tomography
Community Television Aerial System
Cable Terminal Box
Cement-Treated Base
Cement Treated Base
Centre Technique du Bois et de l'Ameublement
Centralized Traffic Control
Cost To Complete
Copper Technical Data Centre
Ceramic Tile Floor
Construction Technology Laboratories
Controlled Tariff Load
Controlled Tariff Meter
Construction Traffic Management Plans
Construction Training Qualification Program
Construction Technology Training Institute
Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education
Central Utility Plant
Central Utilities Plant
Central Utility Plants
Cumulative Sum
Coefficient Of Variation
Contract Variation
Control Valve
Control Vocabulary
Conventional Vibrated Concrete
Collaborative Virtual Environment
Collaborative Virtual Product Development
Certified Value Specialist
Cross Ventilation System
Cavity Wall
Civil Works
Clothes Washer
Continuous Welded
Curtain Wall
Clerk of Works Institute of Australia
Clerk of Works Institutetute of Australia
Construction work in progress
Construction Waste Management
Construction Work Packages
Circulating Water Pump
Condensate Waste Return
Condensate Waste Supply
Dressed and matched
Down spout
Double Circuit
Double Garage
Development Application
Digital to Analogue Converter
Double Acting Door
Department of Administrative Services
Design & Build
Dispute Board
Draining Board
Dry Bulb
Double Bowl Sink
Double Bowl Stainless Sink
Dry Bulb Temperature
Dimensional Coordination
Downpipe Circular
Division of Capital Assets Management
Document Content Definition
Direct Current Electrode Negative
Direct Current Electrode Positive
Door Closer
Design and Construction Network
Defense Construction Supply Center
Double-check Valve
Degree Day
Detail Design
Dry Density
Dished End
Distributed Engineering Environment
Department of Employment Education and Training
Defence Estate Management Guide
Dynamic Essential Modelling Of Organizations
Defence Estate Management System
Direct Equivalent Rating
Data Exchange Standard
Defence Engineering Service Network
Douglas Fir
Division of Facilities Construction and Management
Division of Facilities and Construction Management
Deep Foundations Institute
Deep Foundation Institute
Double Glazing
Double Glass Doors
Double Grate Gully Pit
District General Hospital
Discomfort Glare Rating
Double Glass Sliding Door
Drill hole
Drill Hole And Wing
Double-hung Window
Design Institutetute of Australia
Defence Integrated Secure Communications Network
Dismantling Joint
Drawing List
Derrick Lay Barge
Dry Lean Concrete
Double Lock-up Garage
Deep Maintenance
Duct Marker
Ductile Moment-resisting Space Frame
Division of Materials and Waste Management
Daily Noise Dose
Det Norske Veritas
Directorate of Construction
Diaphragm Operated Double Action
Declaration of Performance
Diaphragm Operated Spring Closing
Diaphragm Operated Spring Opening
Department of Transportation & Development
Damp proofing, Dew Point or Distribution Panel
Deposition Plan
Diametrical Pitch
Dip Point
Down Pipe
Drain Pipe
Digital Pre-Assembly
Damp-proof Course
Differential pressure indicator
Damp-proof Membrane
Digital Product Model
Dezincification Resistant
Dispute Resolution Board
Dispute Review Board
Disputes Review Board
Dispute Review Boards
Dispute Resolution Board Foundation
Detailed Route Plan
Dressing Table
Dip Soldering
Double Strength
Downpipe Square
Department of State Architects
Department of the State Architect
Department of State Architect
Division of State Architects
Division of the State Architect
Distribution Switch Board
Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Double Strength Glass
DYWIDAG Systems International
Double Shrinkage Joint
Deep Soil Mixing
Defence Security Network
Daily Site Report
Door Stop
Disconnecting Switch
Disconnector Trap
Drainage Time
Dust Tight
Differential Thermal Analysis
Department of Trade & Industry
Defence Training Network
Defence Voice Network
Distance To Run Marker
Design Throat Thickness
Dental Unit
Disposal Unit
Department of Urban Development and Building Construction
Double Width
Double Window
Drinking Water
Exhaust fan
Each way
Exhaust Air
Electronic Access Control System
Electron-beam Cutting
Electric Bath Heater
Electron-beam Welding
Earth Closet
Electricity Current
Equivalent Cost
Evaporative Cooling
Eastern Contractors Association
Electronic Commerce Australia
Excess Construction Charges
European Council of Civil Engineers
Electrical Construction & Maintenance
Element Construction Set
European Communities Number
Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
Emergency Control Panel
Estate Capability Proposal
European CAD Standardisation Initiative
European Construction Ventures
Environmental Design
Ecological Design Association
Enterprise Development Agreement
Electrical Distribution Board
Electronic Data Management
Early Decay Time
Eased Edge
Engineer's Estimate
Extended Enterprise
Ethylene-ethyl Acrylate
Extension Eye Bolt
European Extremely Large Telescope
Earliest Finish
Exhaust fan
European Federation of Concrete Admixture
European Federation of Foundation Contractors
Earliest Finish Time
Edge Glued
Evolved Gas Analysis
Evolved Gas Detection
Effective Height
Extremely High
Elliptical Hollow Section
Extra High Voltage
Electric Hot Water Service
Enterprise Integration
Environmental Impact Assessment
European International Contractors
Excellence in Construction
European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances
Environmental Impact Statement
European IT Industry Round Table
Enterprise Java Bean
Engineering Joint Contracts Documents Committee
Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee
Engineers Joint Contracts Documents Committee
Extended Kerb Inlet
Extended Kerb Inlet Gully Pit
Elastic Limit
Extremely Low
European Landscape Contractors Association
Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Electric Light Fitting
Equivalent Linear Feet
Electric Light Pole
Extra Low Voltage
End Matched
Expanded Metal
Electronic Messaging Association of Australia
Equilibrium Moisture Content
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Instructions
Expanded Metal Lath
Energy Management Program
Environmental Management Plan
Electronic Meeting Room
Engineering-News Record
Engineering News-Record
Engineering News Record
Engineering News Record's
Engineering New Record
Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingenieurs de Constructions Aeronautiques
Equipment Operators
Extra Over
Explosive Ordnance Apron
Explosive Ordnance Device
End Of Main
Equivalent Opening Size
Extension Of Time
European Organization for Technical Approvals
European Organisation for Technical Approvals
Earth Pressure
Electricity Pole
Engineer, Procure & Construct
Engineering, Procurement And Construction
Engineering, Procurement, & Construction
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Engineering Procurement and Construction
Engineering Procurement & Construction
Engineer Procure Construct
Engineering Procurement Construction Installation
Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management
engineering, procurement & construction management
Engineering Procurement Construction Management
Estimated Project Cost
Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management
Engineering Procurement and Construction Management
Ethylene-propylene Diene Monomer
Engineer Proving Ground
European Process Industry STEP Liaison Executive
East Property Line
Engineering Policy & Planning
Environmental Protection Plan
Earth Potential Rise
Electronic Plan Room
Ethylene-propylene Rubber
Earthquake Protection Systems
Emergency Power Supply
Emergency Power Supply Systems
External Pipe Thread
European Quality Association for Recycling
Enterprise Quality Improvement
Epoxy Resin
Expansion Ratio
Environmental Risk Assessment
Ethiopian Road Authority
Energy Research & Development Corporation
Energy Research & Development Corporationration
Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
European Ready Mixed Concrete Organisation
Electric Resistance Welded
Earliest Start
Earliest Start Time
Earth Stake
Edison screw
Exposure Standard
East Side Access
Electricity Supply Association of Australia
Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Estimated Service Life
Exchangeable Sodium Percentage
Engineering Support Plan Review
European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology
Earth Sheath Return
Ecole Supérieure des Techniques Aéronautiques et de Construction Automobile
Electric Stove
Effective Temperature
End Trimmed
Extinction Time
European Technical Assessments
European Technical Assessment
European Technical Assessments
Electricity Technical Advisory Centre
Electronic Toll Collection System
European Trade Information Communication
Epping to Thornleigh Third Track
European CALS Industry Group
European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Educt Vent
Ethylene-vinyl Acetate
Educt Vent Pipe
Exhaust Ventilation System
Exhaust Ventilation Tunnel
Efficient Windows Collaborative
Emergency Warning And Intercommunication System
Electric Wall Oven
Electric Wall Oven & Hot Plate
Experienced Worker Practical Assessment
Emergency Warning System
Expansion Bolt
Expansion Joint
External Face
Face to Face
Floor clean out
Floor drain
Finished floor level
Field Notes
Flexible Automation
Fire Alarm Bell
First Aid Box
Finished All Over
Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training
Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope
Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope
Full Brick
Field Book
Foot Bath
Footing Beam
Furnace Brazing
Fibrous Cement
Filing Cabinet
Fume Cupboard
Flux Cored Arc Welding
Fibre Cement Board
Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors
Finished Ceiling Lining
Fire Damper
Fire Detector
Fluid Dynamics
Foam Destroying Action
Functional Design Brief
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
Fully Enclosed Covered Area
Federated Engine Drivers and Firemens Association
Facilities, Engineering, Maintenance, and Construction
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene
Fair Face
Fixed Fanlight
Floor Flatness
Flush Fitting
Free Float
Fully Furnished
Furan Formaldehyde
Fixed Fee/commission
Functional Floor Area
Fédération Française du Bâtiment
Fire Fan Control Panel
Furniture, Finishes & Equipment
Furniture, Furnishings & Equipment
Fluorine-free Foam
Finished Ground Level
Field Grade
Fine Grain
Fixed Glazing
Flame Gouging
Facility Guidelines Institutetute
Fire Hydrant
Fire and Hemlock Door Association
First Home Owners Scheme
Flammability Index
Flow indicator
Fencing Industry Association of Australia
Fully Integrated and Automated Project Processes
Federation of India Chambers of Commerce & Industry
Financial Institutetutions Duty
Full Indicator Movement
Fire Indicator Panel
Flood Insurance Rate Map
Flood Insurance Study
Finger Jointed
Fence Line
Floor Level
Floor Levelness
Fluorescent Lamp
Fusible Link
Floor Plate
Flame Spraying
Facility Managers Association
Florida Marine Contractors Association
Factory Mutual International
Flexible Membrane Liner
Federation of Master Painters and Signwriters Australia
Flexible Manufacturing System
Fitting Out
Foreign Objects Damage
Facilities Planning and Construction
Factory Production Control
Fiber Reinforced Polyester
Florida Transportation Builder's Association
General Contractor
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt
Ground Fault Interrupt
Glazed tile
Geotechnical Baseline Report
Goal-based standards
Geometric Constructions
Gene Construction Kit
General Industry Safety Orders
General Industry Safety Order
Greater Montgomery Home Builders Association
Giant Magellan Telescope Organization
Greenman-Pedersen, Inc
Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil
Golden State Builders Exchanges
Gold Seal Certified
Global School of Technology and Management
Global Village Construction Set
Glass Washer
Ground Wire
Ground Works
George Washington Bridge - known informally as the GW Bridge, the GWB, the GW,
Gypsum Wallboard
Hose bib
Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning
Hot water
Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings
Hayward Baker
Horizontal Bend
Home Builders Association of Maryland
Heavy Construction Contractors Association
Handicapped, better if referred as 'Accessible'
Heavy Equipment Operators
Habtoor Leighton Group
Hot-Mix Asphalt
High Performance Concrete
Hydro Power Plant
Hydro Power Plants
Haute Qualité Environnementale
Holdfast Rubber Highway
High Reactivity Metakaolin
Hampton Roads Transportation Authority
High-Strength Concrete
High Strength Concrete
High-Speed Dozer
Health and Safety Plan
Heavy Timber
Homeowner's & Trades Resource Center
Homeowners & Trades Resource Center
Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association
International Conference of Building Officials
International Auxiliary Language
Idaho Building Contractors Association
International Building & Construction Trade Fair
International Builder Show
International Construction Code
Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors
Integrated Concurrent Engineering
Indian Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association
Insulated Concrete Foundation
Indian Concrete Institute
Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional
Industrial, Commercial & Institutional
Industrial, Commercial, Institutional
Industrial, Commercial and Institutional
Institute of Construction Management
International Construction Project Management Association
Infection Control Risk Assessment
International Concrete Repair Institute
Institute of Concrete Technology
Institute of Construction Training and Development
Instructor Certification Training Program
International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition
International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo
Initial Decision Maker
Illinois Department of Transportation
Indiana Department of Transportation
Integrated Design Team
Issued for Construction
Issue for Construction
Issue Forecast Construction
Integrated Form of Agreement
International Fluid Power Exposition
Issued for Review
Irish Home Builders Association
Indiana Limestone Institute
Integrated Lean Project Delivery
Information Measurement Theory
Inspector of Record
Industrial Power Alliance
Integrated Product Delivery
Integrated Project Design
International Partnering Institute
Integrated Project Management System
Institute of Quantity Surveyors of Kenya
International Residential Codes
Integrated Refinery Expansion Project
International Risk Management Institute
Illinois Road and Transportation Builders Association
International Steel Fabricators
Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
Instytut Techniki Budowlanej
Invitations to Bid
Initial Type Testing
International Union of Elevator Constructors
International Union of Operating Engineers
Journal of Light Construction
Jinnah Naval Base
Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement
Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements
Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavement
Jointed Reinforced Concrete Pavements
Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Korea Institute of Construction Technology
Konsortium Jaringan Selangor
Kick Plate
Kilometer Point
Key Route Plan
Kitchen Sink
Kips Per Square Inch
Keyed Shrinkage Joint
Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture
Kilowatt Hour
Laminated Veneer Lumber
Louisiana Associated General Contractors
Pounds per Square Foot
Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
Leadership, Energy and Environmental Design
Linear Foot
Linear feet
Long Island Contractors Association
Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal
Limit of Moderate Wave Action
Labourers International Union of North America
Long Leg Back-to-Back
Latex-Modified Concrete
Limited Notice to Proceed
Lean Project Delivery
Last Planner System
Load & Resistance Factor Design
Load and Resistance Factored Design
Load Resistance Factor Design
Lump Sum
Library Services and Construction Act
Linear Scheduling Method
Mechanical & Plumbing
Meters Per Second
Multiple Award Construction Contracts
Mitigation Assessment Team
Marin Builders Association
Mobile Construction Battalions
Minnesota Concrete Council
Master of Construction Management
Malaysian Construction Research Journal
Mobile Construction Vehicle
Mast Climbing Work Platforms
Maine Department of Transportation
Middle East Concrete
McGraw-Hill Construction
Maximum Instantaneous Charge
Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety
Mixed in Place
Madsen, Kneppers & Associates
Material Logistics Plan
Material of Construction
Materials of Construction
Master Municipal Construction Documents
Modular Manufacturing Facility
Material Management Plan
Ministry of Construction and Transportation
Mobile Offshore Drilling Units
Ministry of Works
Maryland Procurement Office
Ministry of Public Works
Michigan Residential Code
Metal Roofing Contractors Association
Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction
Master of Science in Construction Management
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
Model View Definition
Mixed Widths
Minor Works Contract
Ministry of Works and Development
Main Wind Force Resisting System
Not In Contract
Not to scale
National Association of Construction Auditors
National Association of Home Builder
New Austrian Tunnel Method
Naval Construction Brigade
Naval Construction Battalions
North Coast Building Industry Association
National Construction Career Test
New Civil Engineer
National Construction Safety Team
National Construction Workforce
Nevada Department of Transportation
National Design Specification
National Design Specifications
New Engineering Contract
National Electrical Contracting Association
National Electric Contractors Association
National Economic Development Office
National Equipment Register
National Federation of Demolition Contractors
National Geodetic Survey
National Geodetic Vertical Datum
National Hispanic Construction Association
National Highways Construction Cost Index
National Highway Construction Cost Index
National institute for Building Science
National Institute of Construction Management and Research
National Institute of Construction Management and Research
New Jersey Schools Development Authority
Navy lighterage
National Maintenance Agreements Policy Committee
National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee
Notice of Commencement
Notice of Construction
National Projects and Construction
National Projects Construction Corporation
National Project Construction Corporation
Not Recommended
National Resource Conservation Service
National Subcontractors Alliance
New Safe Confinement
National Specialist Contractors Council
New Semi-submersible Crane Vessel
National Stone Sand & Gravel Association
National Structural Steelwork Specification
New Track Construction
North Tarrant Express
Notice to Owner
Notice to Proceed
National Trench Safety
National Work Zone Awareness Week
New York City Department of Buildings
New York City Department of Transportation
New York State Department of Transportation
New York City School Construction Authority
Net Zero Energy
Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility
New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors
Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists
On Center
Oregon Building Congress
Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement
Offshore Construction Vessel
Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
Office of Facilities Planning and Construction
Officer in Charge of Construction
Object-Oriented Software Construction
Office of Planning, Design and Construction
Opening or Rough Opening
Ontario Provincial Standards
Ontario Provincial Standard Specification
Oklahoma Ready Mixed Concrete Association
On-site Assessment & Training
Occupations Safety and Health Administration
Operational Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health State Plan Association
Oriented Strand Lumber
Ontario Stone, Sand and Gravel Association
Ontario Stone Sand and Gravel Association
On-Screen Takeoff
Ontario Sewer & Watermain Construction Association
Oregon Transportation Investment Act
Office Technique pour l'Utilisation de l'Acier
Opening Window
Open Waste
Property line
Pounds per square foot
Pounds per square inch
pounds per linear foot
Permis de construire
Prospective Change
Principal Certifying Authority
Professional Construction Estimators Association
Pre-Construction Risk Assessment
Project Control System
Pre-Construction Services Agreement
Pre-Construction Safety Report
Planning, Design and Construction
Project Document Controls
Professional Engineers in Construction
Progressive Edge Growth
Project Engineering and Management
Project Engineering Manager
Project Execution Plan
Personal Fall Arrest System
Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works
Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors
Project Information Management
Project Information Portal
P J Townsend Associates
Project Labor Agreements
Project Labor Agreement
Project Labor Agreements
Project Labor Agreements
Portland Limestone Cement
Public Lands Highways
Plan Local d'Urbanisme
Permanent Modular Construction
Project Management Consultant
Project Management Consultants
Project Management International
Project Management and Control
Project Management and Construction Services
Philippine National Construction Corporation
Product Oriented Design and Construction
Power Plants
Planned Percent Complete
Portland Pozzolana Cement
Perbadanan Perwira Harta Malaysia
Pavement Quality Concrete
Professionally Qualified Person
Project Quantity Surveyor
Public Roads Administration
Provo River Constructors
Permit Registration Documents
Project Resource Manual
Project Rework Reduction Tool
Pumping Station
Pump Station
Principal Supply Chain Partners
Project Supervisor Design Process
Private Service Line
Post Tension
Post Tensioned
Post Tensioning
Prevention Through Design
Post-Tensioning Institute
Post Tensioning Institute
Post Tension Institute
Public Works Association
Professional Women in Construction
Public Works Committee
Roof drain leader
Rough Opening
Right of way
Recovery Advisory
Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Royal Corps of Naval Constructors
Reclamation District
Roof Drain, Round or Receptacle Distribution Panel
Requests for Equitable Adjustments
Rain Event Action Plan
Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure Management
Rick Franklin Corporation
Rhode Island Department of Transportation
Recordable Injury Rate
Rapid Interactive Structure Analysis
Responsible Land Disturber
Ready Mix Concrete
Rocky Mountain Construction
Responsible Managing Employee
Responsible Managing Officer
Resident Officer in Charge of Construction
Rough Order of Magnitude
Resident Project Representative
Reducing Radon in New Construction
Reinforced Soil Slopes
Reinforced Soil Slope
Smoke detector
Square Yard
Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques
Society for American Military Engineers
Seacoast Anti-Pollution League
Self-Anchored Suspension
State Building Code
Southern Building Codes Congress International
Scottish Building Services Certification
Small Business Set-Aside Program
Specialty Contractor
School Construction Authority
Singapore Contractors Association Ltd
Self-Compacting Concrete
Self Compacting Concrete
Self-Consolidating Concrete
Standing Committee on Construction
Steel Construction Certification Scheme
South Carolina Department of Transportation
Station Construction Grants
Steel Construction Institute
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities
Specification Consultants in Independent Practice
Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team
Society of Construction Law
Sprayed Concrete Lining
Steel Construction Manual
Steel Construction New Zealand
Standing Committee on Structural Safety
Safety Construction Orientation Training
Social Construction of Technology
Sand Compaction Pile
Singapore Construction Productivity Week
Salford Centre for Research and Innovation
Soil Conservation Service
Shop Drawings
School Development Authority
Schools Development Authority
School of Design and Construction
Ship Design and Construction
Strategic Development Council
Steel Deck Institute
Steel Door Institute
Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic
Site Environmental Awareness Training Scheme
Skills Evaluation Certificate
Structural Engineering Institutetute
Sequential Excavation Method
Shoot Em Up Construction Kit
School Facilities Board
Special Flood Hazard Area
School Facility Program
State Highway Agency
State Highway Agencies
State Highway Agencies
Salon International du Batiment
Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering
South Island Line
Surety Information Office
Standards Improvement Project
Structurally Insulated Panel
Structured Insulated Panels
Structural Insulation Panels
Short Leg Back-to-Back
Sigma Lambda Chi
Sea, Lake and Overland Surges from Hurricanes
Site manager
Strategic Marketing Associates
Sydney Motorway Corporation
Site Management Safety Training Scheme
Soil Mixing Wall
Security of Payment
Schedule of Values
Sustainable Projects
Safe Plan of Action
Special Projects Division
Self Propelled Modular Transport
Self-Propelled Modular Transporters
Singapore Parallel Train
Square Foot
Square feet
Square inches
Steel Reinforced Concrete
Seabee Readiness Group
Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization
Sustainment Restoration and Modernization
Segmental Retaining Wall
Segmental Retaining Walls
Stainless Steel, Set Screw, Soil Stack, Service Sink and/or Slop Sink
Semi-submersible Crane Vessel
Société Suisse des Entrepreneurs
Site Safety and Health Officer
Site Safety Health Officer
Standard Special Provisions
Site-specific Risk Assessment
Site Safety Supervisor
Short Span Steel Bridge Alliance
Site Specific Safety Plan
Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme
Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme
Safety Task Analysis
State Transportation Agencies
Safety Training and Evaluation Process
Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme
Supervisory Training Program
Safety Trained Supervisor
Short-term statistics
State University Construction Fund
State Universityrsity Construction Fund
Steel Workers
Stillwater level
Site Waste Management Plans
Site Waste Management Plans
Safe Work Method Statement
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Top of
Top of Beam
Top of curb
Top of footing
Top of joist
Top of masonry
Top of wall
Top Back of Curb
Temporary bench mark
Temporary Bench Marks
Tunnel Boring Machines
Tributylin Oxide
Transportation Development Foundation
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Total Dissolved Solids
Tunnel Engineering Consultants
Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facilities
Tempered Glass
Time Impact Analysis
Transportation Infrastructure Finance & Innovation Act
Technology Implementation Group
Transportation Infrastructure Model for Economic Development
Trade Institute of Victoria
Trus Joist MacMillan
Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directive
The Masonry Society
Thirty-Meter Telescope
Thirty Metre Telescope
Thai Nippon Steel
Task Order Contracting
Total project cost
Thermal Power Plant
The Railroad Associates Corporation
Tennessee Road Builders Association
Texas Residential Construction Commission
Toowoomba Second Range Crossing
Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy
Tee Valve
Target Value Design
Unless Noted Otherwise
Underground Construction
Underground Construction Association
Urban Design Associates
Universal Design Living Laboratory
Unit Price Book
Union Pacific Rail Road
United States Committee on Large Dams
Ultimate Strength Design
Utility Transportation Contractors Association
Ultra-Thin Whitetopping
Under Track Crossing
Underground Utility Contractors of Florida
Vapor barrier
Verify in field
Variable Air Valves
Virus Construction Lab
Value Engineering Change Proposal
Virtual Project Delivery
Vinyl Siding Institute
Wrought Iron
Walk In Closet
Washington Asphalt Pavement Association
Wood Frame Construction Manual
Workers Defense Project
Wisconsin Highway Research Program
Works Inspection Records
Water Management Administration
Waste Management Plan
World of Concrete
Web-Based Project Management System
Waste Treatment Plant
Water Heater
Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association
Welded Wire Fabric
Western Wood Products Association
Yerba Buena Island Transition Structure
Zero Correlation Zone