Popular Control acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Advanced Two
Acceptable Action
Automatic Air Conditioning
Automatic Air Condition
Auxiliary Air Control
Advanced Access Control System
Advanced Alarm Management
All Activity Module
Automatic Air Recirculation
Auto Adjusting suspension
Audio Access Unit
Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
Auxiliary Air Valve
Accept broadcast
Accumulator Buffer
Attribute-Based Access Control
Attribute Based Access Control
Attributed Based Access Control
Always Be in Control
Animal Birth Control
Automated Border Control
Automatic Beam Control
Automatic Bias Control
Automatic Balance Control
Automatic Bandwidth Control
Automatic Beam Limiter
Antilock Brake Module
Asynchronous Balance Mode
Anti-Lock Brake System
Anti-lock Braking Systems
Anti-lock Brake Systems
Anti Blocker System
Antiblock Brake System
Air By-Pass Valve
Air Bypass Valve
Anti-Backfire Valve
Above Center
Access Category
Access Condition
Access Conditions
Access Controls
Adaptive Control
Address counter
Assist Control
Air-Traffic Controller
Alarm Communicator
Analysis Controller
Attention Control
Available Capacity
Air Control and Warning
Airspace Coordination Area
Access Control and Alarm Monitoring System
Adapter Control Block
Application Control Block
Articulating Concrete Block
Active Cornering Control
Active Cruise Control
Active Cylinder Control
Advanced Combustion Control
Air Control Centre
Airport Control Center
Airspace Control Center
Alarm Control Center
Attitude Control Computer
Automatic Chrominance Control
Automatic Climate Control
Automatic Color Control
Automatic Combustion Control
Automatic Congestion Control
Air Command and Control System
Air Command and Control Systems
Air Command & Control System
Air Conditioning Control Systems
Air Conditioning Demand
Arms Control Disarmament Agency
Access Control Function
Admission Control Function
Arms Control, Disarmament and International Security
Access Control Element
Access Control Entries
Access Control Facility
Access Control Filter
Advanced Control Equipment
Appetite Control and Energy
Application Control Engine
Application Control Environment
Associate Certified Entomologist
Associate Certified Entomologists
Audit Control Environment
Activity Control File
Access Control Instruction
Access Control Instructions
Access Control Items
access-control list
Access Control Lists
Access Control Level
Access Control Levels
Accessory Control Interface
Activated Carbon Injection
Asynchronous Communications Interface Adaptor
Acoustic Control Induction System
Acoustic Controlled Induction System
Access Control Library
Acess Control List
Access Control Lists
Access-Control Lists
Access Control Lists
Access Control Manager
Access Control Matrix
Allowable Cabin Load
Audit Control Language
Automatic Chassis Lubrication
Access Control Module
Access Control Model
Accessory Control Menu
Airbag Control Module
Airbag Control Modules
Air Control Module
Alternator Control Module
Asset Condition Monitoring
Attitude Control Motor
Audio Control Module
Application Control And Management System
Advanced Control Network
Access Control Object
Access Control Objects
Access Control Objects
Adaptive Control Optimization
Animal Control Officer
Automatic Cut Off
Access Control Protocol
Air Control Point
Automation Control Products
Auxiliary Control Panel
Auxiliary Control Register
Asthma Control Questionnaire
Access Control Server
Access Control Service
Access Control Systems
Active Control Retractor
Actual Cell Rate
Arms Control and Regional Security
Access Control Set
Access Controller's
Account Control System
Actuator Control System
Adaptive Control System
Alarm Control System
Almyta Control System
Assembly Control System
Asset Control System
Active Comfort Seats
Air Conditioner Sensor
Air Control Squadron
Area Control Surveillance
Attitude Control Subsystem
Automated Control Systems
Automatic Control System
Automatic Control Systems
Auxiliary Control System
Automation and Control Solutions
Automation Control Solutions
Auxiliary Cooling System
Azure Control Service
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System
Active Control of Structural Response
Access Control Table
Advanced Control Technologies
Adaptive Control of Thought
Alternative Control Technique
Analysis Control Team
Arms Control Today
Asthma Control Test
Advanced Concepts, Technologies, and Information Strategies
Alternative Control Techniques
Access Control Units
Actuator Control Unit
Airbag Control Unit
Air Control Unit
Analog Control Unit
Automatic Control Unit
Autopilot Control Unit
Auxiliary Control Unit
Antenna Control Units
Adjustable Choke Valves
Administrative Control Violation
Air Control Valve
Automatic Control Valve
Automatic Control Valves
Actual Cost Work Performed
Analog Digital
Attitude Determination
Attitude Determination And Control System
Automatic Data Acquisition System
Automatic Differential Brake
Automatic Differential Braking
Automatische Differantial Bremse
Advanced Digital Control
Animal Damage Control
Alcohol and Drug Control Officer
Attitude Determination and Control Officer
Attitude Determination and Control System
Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem
Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority
Advanced Driver Information Systems
Additive Dosing Module
Advanced Diagnostic Modules
Asynchronous Disconnected Mode
Air Defence Operations Centre
Air Defence Operation Center
Air Defence Operations Center
Adaptive Dynamic Programming
Approximate Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning
Automatic Distance Regulation
Active Disturbance Rejection Control
Automatic Damping System
Automatic Dependence Surveillance
Air Defense System Integrator
Adaptive Digital Signal Processing
Advanced Detection Technology
Air Data Terminal
Analog-Digital Unit
Acoustic Echo Control
Automatic Error Correction
Automatic Exposure Control
Arms Export Control Act
Alarm Event Display
Advanced Electronic Ignition
Advance Electronic Ignition
Allowance Equipage Lists
Airborne Early Warning & Control System
Adaptation Function
Annotation Framework
Automation Federation
Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme
Air Flow Control
Air Flow Controller
Adaptive Focus Control
Area Frequency Coordinator
Automatic Flatness Control
Automated Fund Control Orders System
Air Force Corrosion Prevention and Control Office
Automated Flight Control System
Adjustable Frequency Drives
Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie
Autopilot & Flight Director System
Active Front End
Advanced Function Printer
Air To Fuel Ratio
Active Front Steering
Anti-fouling Systems
Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment and Control
Auxiliary Fault Status Register
Autogenic Feedback Training Exercise
Agencia Gubernamental de Control
Auto Gain Control
Automated Gain Control
Automatic Gain Controller
Automatic Generation Control
Automatic Genset Controller
Automatic Gen-set Controller
Automatic Generation Controls
Adaptive Getriebe-Steuerung
Autonomous Guided Vehicle
Automatically Guided Vehicles
Activity Hazard Analysis
Auxiliary Heater Control Module
Adaptive Head Light
Active Head Rest
altitude and heading reference systems
Automated Highway Systems
Air Handling Unit
Acquire & Implement
Address Indicator
Air Injection
Air Intercept Control
Automatic Idle Control
Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control
Assessment of Internal Controls Support Services
Accuracy Improvement Initiative
Airborne Infection Isolation
Airborne Instruments Laboratory
Alarm Interface Module
Analog Input Module
Analogue Input Module
Additive Increase Multiplicative Decrease
Additive Increase, Multiplicative Decrease
Additive Increase-Multiplicative Decrease
Aircraft Information Management Systems
All In One Control Panel
Aerodynamic Interface Plane
Application Interrupt and Reset Control Register
Air Injection Valve
Active Kinematics Control
Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officials
Adaptive Light Control
Auto Level Control
Automatic Leveling Control
Automatic Lamp Control
Automatic Light Control
Automatic Lighting Control
Airborne Launch Control Center
Assembly Line Communications Link
Assembly Line Communication Link
Associate in Loss Control Management
Access List Entry Token
Automatic Line Insulation Test
Air Liaison Officers
Arithemetic Logic Unit
Acknowledged Mode
Alignment Mask
Active Magnetic Bearing
Active Magnetic Bearings
Active Managerial Control
Advanced Motion Control
Automatic Mixture Control
Automatic Modulation Control
Air Movement Control Association
Advanced Micro Controls Inc
Advanced Maritime Emissions Control System
Advanced Maritime Emission Control System
Análisis de Modo y Efecto de Falla
Automatic Mains Failure
Advanced Manufacturing & Inventory Control Software
Automated Manufacturing Research Facility
Alarm Management System
Asset Management Systems
Audio Management System
Automated Management System
Alarm Monitoring System
Apron Management Service
Automated Manufacturing Systems
Assisted Mechanical Ventilation
Autonomous Marine Vehicle
Application Note
Application Notes
Access National Agency Check and Inquiries
Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers
Active noise control
Access Node Control Protocol
Adaptive-Network-based Fuzzy Inference System
Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System
Access-Network Interface
Access Network Interface
Automatic Network Routing
Air Navigation Services Provider
Air Navigation Service Providers
Advance Networking Test Center
Anti Narcotics Task Force
Analog Out
Automated Operator
Abnormal Operating Conditions
Airline Operation Centre
Airline Operations Control Centre
Air Operations Centers
Air Operations Centers
Air Operations Command
Airport Operations Control Center
Airport Operations Control Centre
Attitude and Orbit Control Electronics
Attitude & Orbit Control System
Attitude and Orbital Control System
Attitude and Orbit Control Systems
Attitude and Orbital Control Systems
Add-on Profile
Alert Operator Transmission
Accelerator Pedal
Auto Pilot
Adaptive Pilot Control
Advanced Power Control
Advanced Process Control
Automatic Power Control
Air Pollution Control
Air Pressure Control
Air Pollution Control Division
Application Program Command
Automatic Performance Control
Animal Poison Control Center
Air Pollution Control District
Air Pollution Control Districts
Air Pollution Control Device
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Air Pollution Control Ordinance
Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers Association
Air Pollution Control System
Automatic Process Control System
Automated Process Equipment Corp
Active Power Filters
Authorized Program Facility
Annual Parasite Incidence
Association for Professionals in Infection Control
American Production Inventory Control Society
Active Power Line Conditioners
Advanced Pest Management
Advanced Process Manager
Aquatic Plant Management
Auxiliary Power Module
Adaptive Performance Optimization
Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
Advanced Product Quality Planning
Advanced Product Quality Plan
Advance Product Quality Planning
Atmospheric Pressure Sensor
Automatic Program Search
Auxiliary Power Source
Adaptive Pressure Ventilation
Analytical Quality Assurance
Analytical Quality Control
Air Quality Control
Air-Quality Control Region
Air Quality Control Region
Air Quality Control Regions
Air Quality Control Regions
Air Quality Control Systems
Air Quality Control System
Accepted Quality Level
Adaptive Queue Management
Air Quality Management Plan
Air Quality Sensor
Automation Quality and Testing Robotics
Attention Routine
Audit Risk
Adaptive Rate Base
Active Radio Control
Active Risk Control
Aspect Ratio Control
Automatic Ride Control
Automation Research Corporation
Agencia de Regulación y Control Hidrocarburífero
Air Refueling Control Time
algebraic Riccati equation
Average Run Length
Assistive Robotic Manipulator
Automation, Robotics, and Mechatronics
Access Request Object
Access Request Objects
Access Request Objects
Airborne Remotely Operated Device
Active Rollover Protection
Azimuth Reference Pulse
Automation and Robotics Research Institute
Active Rear Steering
Automatic Restraint System
Access Register Translation
Automated Radar Terminal System
Automated Radar Terminal Systems
Access System
Active Suspension
Actuator Sensor
Air Suspension Automatic Ride Control
Anti-Skid Brake
Acceleration Skid Control
Active Sound Control
Active Stability Control
Anti Skid Control
Advanced System Controller
Anti-Slip Control
Anti Slip Control
Application Server Control
Application Specific Controllers
Automatic Sensitivity Control
Automatic Slope Control
Automatic Speed Control
Automatic Stability Control
Automatische Stabilitaets-Control
Address Space Control Block
Automatic Speed Control Device
Auto Speed Control Device
Adaptive Signal Control Technology
Adjustable Speed Drive
Application Service Data Unit
Analog Signal Generator
Application Specific Integrated Circuitry
Automotive Simulation Models
Auxiliary Storage Manager
Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
Air Support Operations Center
Air Support Operations Centre
Access Service Ordering Guidelines
Automatically Switched Optical Networks
Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials
American Society for Quality Control
Acceleration Slip Regulation
Acceleration Slip Reduction
Airport Surveillance Radars
Air Surveillance Radar
Anti Schlupf Regelung
Antriebs Schlupf Regelung
Anti-Slip Regulator
Automatic Slip Regulation
Advanced Skills Training
Active Skid and Traction Control
Automatic Switched Transport Network
Automatic Switched Transport Networks
Air Switching Valve
Access Terminal
Action Threshold
Air Traffic
Alliance Teleconferencing
Anti-Theft Alarm
Anti Theft Alarm
Advanced Traceability and Control
Asthma Therapy Assessment Questionnaire
Aberdeen Test Center
Active Thermal Control
Active Torque Control
Active Traction Control
Adaptive Traffic Control
Adaptive Transmission Control
Advanced Traffic Controller
Airport Traffic Control
Air Traffic Controllers
Air Traffic Controller
Air Traffic Controler
Air Traffice Control
Aldridge Traffic Controllers
Area Traffic Control
Advanced Transportation Controller
Alcohol and Tobacco Control
American Technology Corporation
Asynchronous Transfer of Control
Automated Train Control
Automatic Train Control
Automatic Traction Control
Automatic Temperature Control
Automatic Temperature Controls
Automatic Temperature Controller
Automatic Timing & Control
African Tobacco Control Alliance
Air Traffic Control Center
Air Traffic Control Centres
Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems
Air Traffic Control And Landing System
Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator
Army Tactical Command and Control System
Airborne Toxic Control Measures
Air Traffic Control Officers
Air Traffic Controller School
Area Traffic Control System
Active Thermal Control System
Advanced Train Control System
Advanced Train Control Systems
Air Traffic Control Squadron
Air Traffic Control Towers
Automatic Track Finding
Automated Terminal Information System
ActiveX Template Library
Actuator Test Mode
Adaptive Transmission Management
Air Traffic Managment
Analog Trunk Module
Advanced Traffic Management System
Advanced Traffic Management Systems
Air Traffic Management System
Air Traffic Management Systems
Automated Traffic Management Systems
Automated Traffic Management System
Air to open
Automatic Train Operation
Automatic Train Stop
Automatic Transmit Power Control
Audio Tape Recorder
Adult Tobacco Survey
Advanced Tracking Sensor
Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control
Air Traffic Service Providers
Automatic Takeoff Thrust Control System
American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems
Advanced Tomahawk Weapon Control System
Advanced Tomahawk Weapons Control System
Anti-Theft Warning System
Anti Theft Warning System
Active Understeer Control
Active Vibration Control
Automatische Umluft Control
Automatische Umluft-Control
Automatic Volume Control
Advance User Interface
Application Visibility and Control
Application Visibility Control
Application Visibility & Control
Automatic Voltage Control
Advanced Vehicle Control System
Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety Systems
Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety System
Audio Video Distribution Transport Protocol
Axisymmetric Vectoring Exhaust Nozzle
Automatic Vehicle Identification
Board of Control for Cricket in India
Byte Address
Based Access Control
Building Automation Controls
By-Pass Air Control
Bypass Air Control
Broadcom Advanced Control Suite
Bureau of Air Pollution Control
Brake Assistant System
Berlin Air Safety Center
Brake Booster Vacuum
Brake By Wire
Bearer Control
Battery Control
Buffer Control
Bottom Center
Brightness Control
Bus Control
Buffer Control Block
BizTalk Control Center
Broadcast Control Channel
Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program
Board for Control of Cricket in India
Board of Control of Cricket in India
Border Control Function
Brain Computer Interfaces
Brain Computer Interfaces
Battery Control Module
Body Control Module
Body Control Modul
Body Control Modules
Body Control Modules
Body Computer Module
Body Control Multifunction
Base Control Program
Birth Control Pills
Bridge Control Protocol
Bridging Control Protocol
Battle Control System
Boost Control System
Best Control Technology
Battery Control Unit
Body Control Unit
Burst Detector
Body Domain Controller
Blow Down Valve
Body Electronics Area Network
Battery Eliminator Circuit
Battery Eliminating Circuit
Battery Elimination Circuitry
Battery Energy Control Module
Battery Energy Storage Station
Basic Functions
Behavioral Framework
Blood Flow
Burst Flag
Bonded Fibre Matrix
Brake Fluid Sensor
Behavior Generation
Breakout Gateway Control Function
Bottom Hole Pressure
Bloomberg Initiative
Bounded Input Bounded Output
Binary Increase Congestion
Bearer-Independent Call Control
Bearer Independent Call Control
Built-In Logic Block Observation
Bio-Integral Resource Center
Bureau of Industry & Security
Bureau of Industry Security
Built-In Testing
Babe In Total Control of Herself
Being In Total Control, Honey
Build-In Test Equipment
built-in-test equipment
Block Learn Memory
Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Advisory Committee
Bilge Level Switch
Basic Module
Battlespace Management
Bottom margin
Basic Mode Control Register
Brain-Machine Interface
Brain-machine interfaces
Brain Machine Interfaces
Batch Management System
Boiler Management System
Burner Management Systems
Burner Management System
Bradford Non-Lethal Weapons Research Project
Beginning of Packet
Blow Out Preventer
Brake Operating Unit
Back Pressure
Board of Pesticides Control
Boost Pressure Control
Basic Process Control System
Basic Process Control Systems
Better Process Control School
Break Permitted Here
Brake Pressure Modulator Valve
Business Process Owners
Brake Pedal Position
Barometric Pressure Sensor
Battery Power Source
Back Pressure Valve
Base Pulse Width
Break Request
Broadband Radio Access Networks
Binary Rate Multiplier
Business Support and Control System
Brake Traction Control System
Black Start Diesel Generator
Block Sequence Number
Buffer Status Report
Buffer Status reporting
Buffer Status Reports
Branch Target Cache
British Taekwondo Control Board
Behind-the-Tape Reader
Behind Tape Reader
Control and Management
Caution & Warning
Caution and Warning
Channel Address
Commutator Assembly
Conditional Access
Congestion Avoidance
Controlled Availability
Chinese Association of Automation
Controller, Antilock Brake
Controller Antilock Brake
Connection Admission Controller
Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
Cuban Asset Control Regulations
Computer Aided Enginering
Compact Airborne Early Warning
Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse
Center for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Consolidated Alarm Management Software
Control Area Network
Controlled Area Network
Combined Air Operations Centers
Central Access Policy
Central Access Policies
Current Address Register
Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations
County Animal Rescue Team
Call Agents
Car Access System
Control Access System
Combined Antenna System
Control Areas
Clean Air Technology Center
Cold air Unit
Control Banding
Control Board
Control Bus
Control byte
Control Block
Control Burst
Control Blocks
Corner Brake Control
Corner Braking Control
Cornering Brake Control
Computer-Based Interlocking
Certification Board of Infection Control
Continuous Built-in-Test
Communications Based Overlay Signal System
Call Blocking Probability
Cost Breakdown Structure
Computer Based Train Control
Cache Control
Call Control
Carriage Control
Certified Controller
Central Computer
Central Controller
Contention Control
Channel Control
Connection Control
Connection Controller
Climate Control
Command & Control
Color Control
Congestion Control
Contact closure
Contamination Control
Continuous Controller
Control Center
Control Center 4
Control Change
Crime Control
Cruise Control
Control Center Agent
Call Control Block
Contamination Control Area
Credit Control Application
Control Center Application Program Interface
Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System
Central Control Board
Change Control Boards
Channel Control Block
Context Control Block
Command Control Center
Computer Controlled Brake
Central Control Computer
Configuration Control Boards
Change Control Boards
Caballero Control Corporation
Casino Control Commission
Command, Control, and Communications
Command and Control Centre
Comprehensive Cancer Control
Compressor Controls Corporation
Computer Command Control
Converter Clutch Control
Cross Connection Control Program
Computer Controlled Dwell
Center for Control, Dynamical-systems, and Computation
Consultant in Communicable Disease Control
Climate Control Driver Information Center
Control Channel Element
Control Channel Elements
Coordinating Center for Environmental Health and Injury Prevention
Continuous Control Electronic Suspension
Control Channel Elements
Call Control Function
Central Control Facility
Configuration Controls Governor
Control Commission for Germany
Constant Conductance Heat Pipe
Command Control Interface
Commodity Control List
Copy Control Information
Command & Control Information Systems
Command and Control Information Systems
Commerce Control List
Common Control Library
Connection Control Language
Central Control Module
Check Control Module
Check Control Modul
Combination Control Module
Comfort Control Module
Cloud Control Matrix
Cloud Controls Matrix
Continuous Controls Monitoring
Critical Control Module
Carrier Comfort Network
Category Control Number
Claim Control Number
Common Control Object
Combat Control Orientation Course
Change Control Process
Charcoal Canister Purge
Climate Control Panel
Cloud Control Panel
Container Control Programme
Compression Control Protocol
Critical Control Point
Critical Control Points
Critical Control Points
Critical Control Points
Crowd Control Productions
Cache Control Register
Cancer Control Research
Cargo Control Room
Central Control Room
Condition Code Register
Configuration Control Register
Credit Control Request
Credit Control requests
Clark County Regional Flood Control District
Constant Control Relay Module
Command & Control Research Program
Command and Control Research Program
Command and Control Research and Technology Symposia
Call Control Server
Cancer Control Society
Central Control System
Change Control System
Climate Control System
Combustion Control Systems
Command Control System
Common Control System
Command and Control Server
Common Controls
Component Control System
Compressor Control System
Continuous Control Solutions
Control Compliance Suite
Coordinated Control System
Cost Control System
Cruise Control System
Custom Control Sensor
Certification in Control Self-Assessment
Certification in Control Self Assessment
common-control switching arrangement
Common Control Switching Arrangements
Certified Control Systems Technician
Cognitive Control Training
Combat Control Teams
Controller Configuration Tool
Cache Control Unit
Call Control Unit
Camera Control Unit
Climate Control Unit
Clock Control Unit
Close Control Unit
Closed Control Unit
Computer Control Unit
Channel Codec Unit
Connectivity Control Unit
Crowd Control Unit
Canister Close Valve
Canister Control Valve
Channel Command Words
Channel Control Word
Channel Command Words
Channel Command Words
Channel Control Words
Communicable Disease
Communicable Diseases
Consistency Determination
Control Desk
Controlled device
Control Domain
Cross Direction
Command Data Buffer
Center's for Disease and Control
Center Disease Control
Center for Disease Control's
Center for Disease and Control
Center for Diseases Control
Center of Disease Control
Centers for Disease and Control
Centers for Disease Control's
Centers for Diseases Control
Centers of Disease Control
Centre for Disease Control
Centre of Disease Control
Centres for Disease Control
Communicable Disease Center
Communicable Diseases Centre
Communicable Disease Centre
Continuous Damping Control
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Control of Diarrheal Diseases
Control Data Flow Graph
Central Drugs Laboratory
Constant Density Recording
Crankcase Depression Regulator Valve
Communicable Diseases
Compare Double and Swap
Control and Display System
Control and Dynamical Systems
Control Data Systems
Control Data Set
Control Data Services
Controls and Data Services
Central Drugs Standard Control Organization
Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation
Central Drug Standard Control Organization
Central Drug Standards Control Organization
Central Drug Standards Control Organisation
Cab Display Unit
Control & Display Unit
Control and Display Unit
Control and Display Units
Capture Efficiency
Control Element
Control Elements
Control Entity
Control Equipment
Computerized Engine Control
Consumer Electronics Control
Consumer Electronic Control
Crankcase Emission Control
Central Electronic Control Unit
Corps of Engineers Guide Specifications
Central East Pacific
Control Engineering Practice
Control Event Rate
Cyber Emergency Response Team
Control Elements
Committee to End Sterilization Abuse
Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead
Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Lead
Control Field
Control Fields
Control File
Control Footing
Control Frame
Control Function
Control Functions
Cryptographic Facility
Combined Force Air Component Commander
Continuous Function Chart
Control Flow Diagram
Control Flow Diagrams
Capstan Frequency Generator
Control-Flow Graph
Control Flow Guard
Control Flow Graphs
Continuous Fuel Injection
Control Format Indicator
Center for Intelligent and Networked Systems
Code of the Federal Regulations
Certified Functional Safety Expert
Configurable Fault Status Register
Control Gate
Control Group
Control Groups
Computer Graphics Adapter
Catheter Guidance Control and Imaging
Community General Export Authorisation
Code Holder
Control Heading
Certified Hazard Control Manager
Camera Head Unit
Cell Interval
Component Instrumentation
Control Information
Control Intervals
Control Interface
Control Intercept
ControlNet International
Certification in Infection Control
Certified Infection Control
Certified in Infection Control
Certified Internal Controls Auditor
Certified Internal Control Auditor
Centro de Información y Coordinación Conjuntas
Customer Information Control Systems
Customer Information and Control System
Configuration Item Data List
Components in Electronics
Computer Integrated Enterprise
Control in the Field
Computer Image Generator
Controlled Inventory Item Code
Chassis Integration Module
Column Integration Module
Computer Intergrated Manufacturing
Center for Invasive Plant Management
Cyber Initiative and Resource Fusion Unit
Control Intervals
Committee on International Security and Arms Control
Control Interface Unit
Commodity Jurisdiction
Centre Line
Closed Loop
Confidentiality Level
Controlled Language
Controlled Load
Control Logic
Course Lock
Critical Limits
Cutter Location
Cleared Level Adherence Monitoring
Closed-Loop Control
Closed Loop Carburetor Control
Checkout and Launch Control System
Control Language Programming
Controlled Language Programming
Closed Loop System
Central Module
Command Memory
Congestion Manager
Control and Management
Control Manager
Control Mark
Control Memory
Control Module
Control Monitor
Corrective Measure
Cerebellar Model Articulation Controller
Configuration Management Board
Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls
Chemistry, Manufacturing And Controls
Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control
Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control
Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls
Chemistry, Manufacturing & Control
Chemistry, Manufacturing, & Controls
Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls
Chemistry Manufacturing and Control
Chemistry Manufacturing Control
Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls
Connection Mobility Control
Canadian Mission Control Centre
Control Moment Gyro
Control Moment Gyroscope
Control Moment Gyros
Control Moment Gyros
Control Moment Gyroscopes
Control Momentum Gyros
Call Mediation Node
Configuration Management Officer
Caribbean Memorandum of Understanding
Catalyst Monitor Sensor
Changeable Message Signs
Control & Monitoring System
Control Micro Systems
Congestion Notification
Control Number
Computerized Numeric Control
Computerized Numerical Controllers
Computerized Numeric Controlled
Computerized Numerical Controls
Computerized Numerical Controlled
Computer Numeric Control
Computer Numerical Controlled
Computer Numeric Controlled
Computer Numerical Controls
Computer Numerical Controller
Computerized Numerical Controllers
Contract Net Protocol
Central Neural System
Control Object
Code of Best Practice
Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill
Creative Organizational Design
Control of Major Accident Hazards
Control of Major Accident Hazard
Control of Major Accidents Hazards
Common Operation Picture
Communications Oriented Production Information and Control System
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Cross Origin Resource Sharing
Control Operating System
Combat and Operational Stress Control
Combat Operational Stress Control
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations
Committee of Sponsoring Organization
Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control
Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response
Computer Off-The-Shelf
Capability Process
Central Processors
Control Processor
Collective Pitch
Command Posts
Contingency Plan
Control Plan
Control Plans
Continuous Path
Control of Pollution
Control Point
Control Points
Control Period
Control Processors
Control Process
Control Protocol
Control Program
Crypto Period
Control Panel Applet
Center for Process Analysis and Control
Collaborative Process Automation System
Calling Party Control
Computer Process Control
Computer Process Controls
Central Processing Complex
Corrosion Prevention & Control
Corrosion Prevention and Control
Central Pollution Control Board
Connecticut Poison Control Center
Control of Power and Energy Systems
Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control
Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control
Certified Professional in Erosion & Sediment Control
Control Program Facility
Clock pulse generator
Catalytic Products International
Capital Planning and Investment Control
Capital Planning Investment Control
Consumer Product Information Database
Control Performance Monitoring
Control Program for Microcomputers
Critical Path Monitor
Canadian Pest Management Association
Cursor Position Report
Control Performance Standard
Control Points
Control Processors
Control Processing Unit
Control Processor Unit
Cylinder Pressure Sensor
Certified Product Safety Manager
Control Power Transformer
Central Processor Units
Critical Quality Attribute
Command Register
Compliance Report
Configuration Registers
Control Region
Control Register
Control Relay
Control Risk
Control Register 4
Control Repository
Computer Room Air Conditioner
Computer Room Air Conditioning
Control and Reporting Centers
Control Reporting Centers
Control Reporting Centre
Control Reporting Center
Control and Reporting Centers
Control Rod Drive
Converging Runway Display Aid
Control rod drive mechanism
Centre of Research, Development and Simulation
Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Protection
Change Request Form
Control Risks Group
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Controls
Certified Risk and Information Systems Control
Control of Remotely Interfaced Systems using Touch-based Actions in Living
Control Room Management
Control Room Operator
Control Room Operators
Cyclic Reservation Multiple Access
Controlling Radio Network Controller
Control Read Only Memory
Common Relevant Operational Picture
Control Relay Panel
Controlled Slip
Controlled Sound
Controlled Space
Control Signal
Control Store
Control Section
Control Station
Control Stations
Control Segment
Control Software
Control Strobe
Control Surface
Control Systems
Control System
Cycle Steal
Common System Area
Control Self Assessment
Controls Self-Assessment
Cisco Secure Access Control Server
Canadian Standard on Assurance Engagements
Combat Stress Control
Combination Stick Commands
Convertible Static Compensator
Critical Security Controls
Critical Security Controls
Current Source Converter
Call Session Control Function
Call Session Control Functions
Call State Control Function
Call State Control Functions
Computer Software Components
Control Structure Diagram
Control Shift Enter
Control Standard Endotoxin
Control Systems Engineering
Control Systems Engineer
Control System Engineering
Control Systems Engineers
Control Systems Group
Cyber Security Evaluation Tool
Control System Flowchart
Cyber Security Framework
Controls-Structures Interaction
Control Sequence Introducer
Current Source Inverter
Central Security Module
Communication Support Measures
Control Strip Module
Collision Sense Multiple Access
County Sheriffs of Colorado
Control Switching Point
Control Status Register
Control and Status Registers
Clock Security System
Coarse Sun Sensors
Control Stick Steering
Control System Studio
Cold Start Spark Advance
Control System Security Centre
Control System Security Center
Control System Security Program
Continuous System Simulation Language
Control Systems Technology
Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications
Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor
Computer Software Units
Closed Throttle
Constant Time
Controlled Term
Control terminal
Control Tower
Control Techniques
Center TRACON Automation System
Centralised Traffic Control
Cluster Tool Controller
Control de Tráfico Centralizado
Control Technology Center
Control Technology Corporation
Centre for Tobacco Control in Africa
Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education
Chinese Train Control System
Control of Tropical Diseases
Concurrent Time Domain Multiple Access
Calculated Transport Format Combination
Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Control Techniques Guidelines
Control Technique Guidelines
Control Technique Guideline
Control Techniques Guideline
Control Technique Guidelines
Collegiate Training Initiative
Control Technology Inc
Central Timing Module
Convertible Top Module
Control Tower Operators
Closed Throttle Position
Common Tactical Picture
Control Time Slot
Calibration Unit
Controller Unit
Control Units
Control Units
Control Union
Corrosion Under Pipe Support
Common Version
Control Variable
Control Vertex
Control Vertices
Control Voltage
Countdown Value
Counter Value
Centralized Version Control System
Chemical Volume Control System
Concurrent Versions System
Concurrent Versioning System
Concurrent Version System
Concurrent Versions Systems
Concurrent Version Systems
Communication Vector Table
Communications Vector Table
Continuous Variable Transmision
Current Value Table
Contention Window
Control Word
Control Words
Data Acquisition
Device Adapter
Designated Approval Authorities
Domain Access Control Register
Downhill Assist Control
Driver Alert Control
Deployable Air Command and Control Centre
Data Acquisition Control System
Data Acquisition and Control Systems
Divert and Attitude Control System
Delayed Automatic Gain Control
Direct Altitude and Identity Readout
Data Access Lines
Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface
Data Acquisition Processor
Data Acquisition Subsystem
Dual Automatic Temperature Control
Dynamic Boundary
Downhill Brake Control
Dynamic Brake Control
Data Bus Enable
Driving Brake Standard Open
Drive By Wire
Dedicated Control
Defocus Control
Defocus-image Control
Demand Code
Design and Control
Deviation Correction
Device Control
Dynamic Control
Direct Command
Display Controllers
Drive Circuit
Duty Cycle
Device Control 3
Device Control 4
Device Control Three
Distance Control Assist
Digitally-Controlled Attenuator
Digitally Controlled Attenuator
Drug Control Agency
Democratic Control of Armed Forces
Development Control Committee
Digital Color Code
Digital Control Computer
Drive Control Chart
Dynamic Cruise Control
Diameter Credit-Control Application
Driver Controlled Centre Differential
Datagram Congestion Control Protocol
Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences
Diabetes Control and Complications Trial
Diabetes Control And Complication Trials
Downlink Control Information
Data Control Languages
Dialog Control Language
Device Control Module
Door Control Module
Discontinuous Conduction Mode
Display Control Module
Digital Controlled Oscillator
Digital Control Panel
Display and Control Panel
Division of Cancer Prevention and Control
Disease Control Priorities Project
Development Control Plans
Development Control Regulation
Damage Control Resuscitation
Debug Control Register
Device Control Register
Disease Control Rate
Department of Civil Service
Design Control System
Detector Control System
Device Control String
Diagnostic Codes
Distribute Control System
Distributed Control Systems
Dive Control Specialist Instructor
Destination Control Table
Digital Cable Terminal
Dust Control Technology
Device Control Unit
Diesel Control Unit
Digital Control Unit
Display Control Unit
Distributed Concurrent Versions System
Device Control Word
Digital Data Converter
Direct Digital Controllers
Dynamic Damping Control
Digital Diesel Electronics
Digitale Diesel Elektronik
Detroit Diesel Electronic Control
Detroit Diesel Electronic Controls
Document Distribution Matrix
Drivers Door Module
Directional Discontinuity Ring Radiator
Data Display System
Detail Design Specification
Detailed Design Specification
Department of Defense Trade Controls
Directorate of Defense Trade Controls
Directorate of Defense Trade Control
Dialog Data Validation
Direct Drive Valve
Dialog Data eXchange
Decision Element
Digital Electronic Controller
Digital Electronic Engine Controls
Digital Excitation Control System
Diesel Emission Control-Sulfur Effects
Discrete Event Dynamic Systems
Discrete Event Systems
Digital Engine Electronics
Data Exchange Mechanism
Debug Exception and Monitor Control Register
Data Entry Panel
Data Entry Terminal
Data Flow
Describing Function
Distortion Factor
Dry Flowable
Dry Flowables
Data Flow Control
Download File Control
Dynamic Fluid Control
Data Format Control Book
Decel Fuel Cut-Off
Decel Fuel Cut Off
Doubly-Fed Induction Generator
Doubly Fed Induction Generator
Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis
Debug Fault Status Register
Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer
Distributed Generator
Distributed Generators
Digital Graphics Engine
Division of Global Migration and Quarantine
Decora Home Controls
Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology
Debug Halting Control and Status Register
Department of Health and Environmental Control
Department of Health & Environmental Control
Division of Health Informatics and Surveillance
Deactivation Indication
Digital Input
Digital inputs
Dipslide Incubator
Disabled Individual
Discrete Input
Drive Inhibit
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica ed
Dash Integration Module
Data Interface Modules
Data Interchange Protocol
Director of Infection Prevention and Control
Device Identification Register
Dutch Institute of Systems and Control
Divisor Latch Access Bit
Data-Link Control
Data Link Controller
Direct Load Control
Dynamic Laser Cruise Control
Data Line Escape
Divisor Latch High
Data Link Interface
Distributor Less Ignition
Desert Locust Information Service
Data Link Layer Packet
Data Link Layer Packets
Data Link Module
Digital Lighting Management
Data Link Reference Point
Division of Laboratory Sciences
Division of Laboratory Systems
Dialog Manager
Digital Motor
Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control
Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
Define Measure Analyze Improve Control
Digital Motor Controller
Dynamic Matrix Control
Device, Media, and Call Control
Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander
Data Monitor and Control Interface
Digitale Motor Elektronik
Digitale Motor-Elektronik
Digital Motor Electronics / Digital Diesel Electronics
Driver Machine Interface
Digital Monitoring Products
Direct Model Reference Adaptive Control
DameWare Mini Remote Control
Distribution Management Systems
Distribution Management System
Department of Narcotics Control
Digital Noise Control
Direct Numerical Control
Distributed Numerical Control
Direccion Nacional de Control de Drogas
Distributed Network Protocol 3
Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Discrete Output
Dynamic Optimization
Division of Budget
Division of the Budget
Data Output Line
Direct on line
Digital Output Module
Data Output Register
Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course
Definite Purpose
Distributed Power
Distributed Periphery
Digital Pitch Control
Distributed Power-Flow Controller
Dynamic Process Control
Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance
Delhi Pollution Control Committee
Drug Price Control Order
Drug Prices Control Order
Drug Pricing Control Order
Diabetes Prevention and Control Program
Double-Pole Double-Throw
Dual Plug Inhibit
Door Position Switch
Distributed Processing Unit
Department of Public Utility Control
Data Quality Control
Ducati Quick Shift
Detection Risk
Digital Readout
Digital Remote
Dynamic Ride Control
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
Distributed Revision Control Systems
Distributed Revision Control System
Data Recording Device
Dual Reader Interface
Detection Response Task
Decode & Select
Digital Sight
Distribution Systems
Datalogging and Supervisory Control
Diameter signaling control
Digital Signal Controllers
Digital Security Controls
Dynamic Stability Control
Dynamische Stabilitaets-Control
Data Set Control Block
Dynamic Separation of Duties
Digital Signal Generator
Dust Suppression Hopper
Data Search Information
Digital Signal Interface
Distributed Systems Interface
Dry Sorbent Injection
Dynamic Simulation Language
Data Storage Module
Digital Storage Media
Digital Storage Medium
Driver Seat Module
Drivers Seat Module
Departure Sequencing Program
Display System Replacement
Distributed Systems Software
Dynamic Stability and Traction Control
Dynamic Stability Traction Control
Dynamic Stability & Traction Control
Dead time
Discontinuous Transmission
Due Time
Defense Trade Controls
Defense Trade Control
Design-Time Control
Direct Torque Control
Direct Torque Controlled
Domain Technologie Control
Ducati Traction Control
Dynamic Traction Control
Dynamische Traktions Control
Defense Trade Controls Compliance
Distance To Go
Discovery Technology International
Dual Tone Multiple Frequency
Display Units
Delivery Verification
Digital Valve Controller
Digital Vibrance Control
Distributed Version Control
Erosion and Sediment
Electronic Accelerator
Enterprise Access Control
Electronic Air Control Valve
Electronic Aids to Daily Living
Electronic Aids for Daily Living
Electronically Alterable Read Only Memory
Electronic Active Steering
Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
External Active Thermal Control System
Electronic Brake Assist
Engine Braking Control
European Biological Control Laboratory
Electronic Brake Control Module
Electronic Brake Traction Control Module
Externally Blown Flap
Electronic Brake Management
Electron Beam Recording
Engine Brake Regulation
Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module
Experimental Boiling Water Reactor
Environment Control
Error Control
Emotional Control
Equipment Controller
Encryption Control
Enhancement Control
Entry Code
Emission Controlled Areas
Emission Controlled Area
Emissions Control Areas
Emissions Control Areas
Engine Control Assembly
Emergency Control Center
Emergency Control Centre
Emergency Control Centres
Emission control computer
Error Correction Circuit
Evolution Control Committee
Electronic Control Devices
Electronic Control Device
European Centre for Disease Control
European Center for Disease Control
Engine Coolant Level
Exit Control List
Environmental Control and Life Support
Environmental Control and Life Support System
Environmental Control and Life Support Systems
Environmental Control & Life Support System
Environmental Control Life Support System
Environment Control and Life Support System
Electric Control Module
Electronic Control Module
Electronics Control Module
Entitlement Control Messages
Entitlement Control Message
Entitlement Control Messages
Ethernet Control Model
Encoding Control Notation
Environmental Control Officers
Emergency Contraception Pill
Encryption Control Protocol
Exposure Control Plan
Extended Control Register
Electronic Control Suspension
Embedded Computer System
Emission Control System
Evaporation Control System
Evaporative Control System
Engine Control Switch
Enviromental Control System
Environmental Control Subsystem
Electronic Control Transmission
Electronic Controlled Transmission
Electronic Control Units
Electronic Controlled Unit
Electronic Controller Units
Electronics Control Unit
Erosion Control Technology Council
Electrical Control Units
Electrical Control Unit
Emotion Control Unit
Energy Control Unit
Engine Control Units
Engine Control Units
Environmental Control Units
Environmental Control Units
Electronic Control Units
Engine Control Units
Electronic Control Weapon
Environmental Control Units
Exhaust Control Valve
Enhanced Data Acquisition System
External Data Bus
Economic Dispatch Control
Electronic Dampening Control
Electronic Damper Control
Electronic Damping Control
Electronic Diesel Control
Elektronische Daempfer-Control
Elektronische Daempfer Control
Engine Drag Control
Engineering Documentation Control
Electro-Drive Fan
Emergency Diesel Generators
Eberle Design Inc
Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications
Electronic Direct Ignition System
Enhanced Direct-Memory-Access
Enhanced Direct Memory Access
Engineering Data Management Information and Control System
Electronic Document Management Software
Electronic Dissolution of Memory
Electronic Data Processing Auditors Association
Electric Drive System
Engine Diagnostic System
Electrical Distribution Unit
Electronic Driving Unit
Early External Active Thermal Control System
Electronic Engine Computer
Engine Electronic Controller
Engine Electronic Control
Evaporative Emission Controls
Evaporative Emission Control
Evaporative Emission Control System
Evaporative Emissions Control System
Electric Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Electronically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory
Equipment Engineering Systems
Electronic Flow Control
Electronic Fuel Control
European Fisheries Control Agency
Engineering Flow Diagrams
Extended Feature Enable Register
Electronic Fuel Injection
Electrical Flying Lead
Electronic Flow Meter
Electronic Flight Strip
Event Generation
Experimental Group
Eurocontrol Guild of Air Traffic Services
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Vent
Electro Hydraulic
Electro Hydraulic Actuator
Electro-Hydraulic Brake
Electro-Hydraulic Braking
Electro Hydraulic Brake
Electro-Hydraulic Control
Electro Hydraulic Control
Electronic Height Control
Electro-Hydraulic Control Unit
Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit
European Home Systems
European Home System
Environmental, Health and Safety Office
Electro-Hydraulic Servo Valve
Electro-Hydraulic Valve
Electronic Ignition
Electronic injection
Encryption Items
Encryption Item
Energy Index
External Interrupt
Erasure Indicator Bit
Error Interrupt Enable
Economic Injury Level
Employee Internet Management
Emergency Isolation Valve
Encryption Key Sequence
Electronic Lean Burn
Entity Level Controls
Evaporative Loss Control Device
Eaton Logic Controllers
Extra Low Frequency
Edge Localized Mode
Embedded Local Monitor Board
Enterprise Manager
Electro-Mechanical Actuator
Electro Magnetic Compatability
Enhanced Machine Controller
Enhanced Machine Control
Erotic Mind Control
External Memory Controller
Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant
Export Management and Compliance Program
Export Management Compliance Program
Export Management & Compliance Program
Energy Management & Control Systems
Energy Management System
Energy Management Systems
Electronic and Mechanical Engineering and Information Technology
Encryption Mode Indicator
Energy Management Module
Energy Management Solution
Entitlement Management Message
Electronic Management System
Engine Management System
Engine Management Systems
Entry Monitoring system
Engine Monitoring Unit
Equivalent Mud Weight
Ente Nazionale Assistenza al Volo
Eighteen Nation Disarmament Committee
Empowered Official
Engagement Operations
End Of Block
End Of Character
Every Other Month
Electronic Overload Protection
End of Packet
End of passage
End Of Segment
Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
End of Track
End of Travel
Engine Order Telegraph
Executive Process
External Pilot
End of Protected Area
Event Processor Array
Electronic Pneumatics Control
Electronic Power Control
Electronic Pressure Control
Electronic Process Control
Engineering Process Control
Engine Power Control
Enhanced Power Control
Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative
Electronic-Controlled Power Steering
Electrical Power Unit
Electric Power Unit
Electrical Power Distribution
Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System
Emergency Power Off
Electronic Pressure Regulator
Exhaust Pressure Regulator
Electrical Power System
Electrical Power Steering
Electronic Protection System
Elektro Power Steering
Engine Position Sensor
Even Parity Select
Electronic Quality Control
Equivalent Quality Control
External Quality Control
Environmental Quality Control
Electronic Quality Management System
End of Record
Explicit Rate
En-Route Automation Modernization
En Route Automation Modernization
En Route Automation Modernisation
Easy Remote Control
Emergency Response Facility
Explicit Rate Indication for Congestion Avoidance
Edge Solution
Electronic Switch
Electronic Seat Adjustment
End of Selected Area
Electrical Stimulation Of The Brain
Electronic Stimulation of the Brain
Electric Speed Control
Electronic Skid Control
Electronic Spark Control
Electronic Speed Controller
Electronic Speed Control
Electronic Speed Controllers
Electronic Speed Controls
Electronics Speed Controller
Electronic Suspension Control
Electronic System Controller
Electronic Stability Control
Electronic Stabilisation Control
Electronic Systems Consultants
Equitable Stroke Control
Erosion & Sediment Control
Erosion & Sediment Controls
Erosion and Sediment Control
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
Energy Sector Control Systems Working Group
Emergency Shut Down
Emergency Shut-Down
Emergency Shutdown Device
Entry Sequence Data Set
Evaporative System Integrity Monitor
Extended State Observer
Electronic Stabilization Program
Electronic Stability Programme
Electronic Stabilisation Program
Electronic Stability Programm
Elektronic Stability Program
Electronic Security System
Emergency Shutdown System
Engine Speed Sensor
Expandable Sand Screen
Expandable Sand Screens
Emergency Shutdown Valve
Economic Threshold
Enlisted Terminal Attack Controller
Electronic Time and Alarm Control System
Electronic Throttle Body
Electronic Throttle Control
Electronic Throttle Controls
End of Text Block
End Transmission Block
Elec Theatre Controls
Electronic Theatre Controls
Electric Throttle Control
Electronic Temperature Control
Electronic Traction Control
Electronic Throttle Control System
Electronic Throttle Control Systems
Electronic Transmission Control
Electronic Touch Climate Control
Electronic Throttle Control System-intelligent
European Train Control System
European Train Control Systems
European Traffic Management Layer
Electronic Train Management System
Electronically Tuned Receiver
Electronic Throttle System
Electronic Throttling Valve
Electronic Valve Timing
Equipment Under Control
End-User Undertaking
End User Undertaking
Electronic Vessel Control
European Vital Computer
External Vehicle Speed Control
Engine & Warning Display
Exponential Weighted Moving Average
Feeder Automation
Forward Alert
Flight Augmentation Computers
Fatality Assessment & Control Evaluation
Fire Alarm Control Unit
Federation Aeronatique Internationale
Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System
Fertility Awareness Method
Fertility Awareness-Based Methods
Federation of Asian & Oceania Pest Managers Associations
Fuel-Air Ratio
Fuel Air Ratio
Fieldbus Access Sublayer
Full Automatic Temperature Control
Function Block Diagrams
Fail Close
Fail Closed
Fan Control
Final Control
Fire Controlmen
Flow Compensation
Format Control
Forward Control
Fragmentation Control
Free Cooling
Friction Curve
Function Code
File Control Bank
File Control BlockS
Forms Control Buffer
Fertility Control Club
Flight Control Center
Flood Control District of Maricopa County
Flight Control Electronics
Feature Control Frame
Frame Control Field
Fire Control Group
Frame Control Header
Feedback Control Information
Feedback Control Loop
Fluid Controls Institute
Fluid Control Institute
Functional cover interface
Front Controls Interface Module
Fuzzy Control Language
Flight Control Module
Front Control Module
Flight Control Officer
File Control Parameters
Fire Control Radars
Flow Control Protocol
Function Control Protocol
Fieldbus Control System
Financial Control System
Fire-control system
Fire Control Subsystem
Fire Control Unit
Frequency Control Symposium
File Control Table
Framework Convention for Tobacco Control
Fan Control Unit
Field Control Unit
Flap Control Unit
Flow Control Unit
Flow Control Valves
Fault Detection
Flight Data
Frequency Domain Analysis
Fault Detection & Classification
Final Drive Control Module
Flow Diversion Device
Fault Detection And Identification
Fault Detection & Isolation
Flight Director Indicator
Fire Detection Installers Association
Failure Detection, Isolation and Recovery
Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery
Flight Data Processing
Flight Data Processor
Field Device Technology
Force Elements
Forwarding Element
Forwarding Elements
Functional Element
Forward Error Control
Flexible Engine Diagnostic System
Flash Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
Food and Environment Protection Act
Federal Environmental Pesticide Control Act
Frame Error Rate
Frame Error Rates
Force Elements
Forwarding Elements
Flywheel Energy Storage System
Fabric Filter
Feed Forward
First Frame
Forward Flight
Foundation Fieldbus
Free Fire Area
Feed Forward Control
Future Flight Central
Free Form Deformation
Fuel Fired Heater
Free Fuzzy Logic Library
Flexible Fuel Sensor
For Further Study
Fine-Grained Access Control
Fine Grained Access Control
Federal Geodetic Control Committee
Flexible Growth Medium
Focus Group on Next Generation Networks
Fire & Gas Systems
Fire and Gas System
Frame Header
Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team
Format Indicator
Flow Indicator Controller
Firearm Injury Center at Penn
Fuel Injection Control Module
Fuel Injection Control Modules
Fuel Injector Control Module
Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation
Fast Initial Response
Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual
Federal Information Systems Controls Audit Manual
Full Load Amperage
First Level Control
Fluid Loss Control
Fuzzy Logic Controller
Fuzzy Logic Control
Fuzzy Logic Controllers
Frequency-Locked Loop
Frequency Locked Loop
Frequency Lock Loop
Forward Looking Sensors
Function Module
Flexible Mandatory Access Control
Financial Management & Control
Facilities Management Evaluation Program
Factory Management System
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Flight Management Unit
Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation
Fail open
Field-Oriented Control
Field Oriented Control
Flight Operations Control Centre
Flight Operations Control Center
Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence
Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence
Flight Operations Director
Fixed Pitch
Frame Processor
Floating Point Control
Florida Pest Control Association
Fuel Pump Control Module
Field Programmable Logic Device
Florida Pest Management Association
Fuel Pressure Regulator Control
Floating-Point Status Register
Final Quality Control
Federal Quality Institute
Flow Rate
Frame Rate Control
Fail Safe Controller
Flag State Control
Fundamental Research Exclusion
Face Recognition System
Flight Spare
Fully Supervised Loop
Fast Steering Mirror
Finite Sate Machine
Food Safety and Modernization Act
Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance
Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act
Fine Sun Sensor
Flight Stability System
Furnace Safeguard Supervisory System
Generic Authorization and Access
Genetic Algorithm Optimization Toolbox
Global Alliance for Rabies Control
Guidelines for Authority and Reference Entries
Generic Audio Video Distribution Profile
Grid Control
Ground Control
Guidance Control
Ground-controlled Approach
Ground Control Approach
Gun Control Australia
Generic Connection Admission Control
Global Command & Control System
Global Command Control System
Good Control Laboratory Practice
Governor Control Module
Ground Control Point
Ground Control Points
Gas Control Systems
Gate-Controlled Switch
Ground Control Unit
Guidance Control Section
Guidance Control Unit
Gasifier Control Unit
Global Disease Detection
Garage Door Opener
General Electronic Module
Guidance Electronics Unit
Generalized Electric Vehicle Control Unit
Generalized Framework for Access Control
Gas Flow Computer
Gun Fire Control Systems
General Interrupt Control Register
Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional
Guidance Integrated Fuze
Gugus Kendali Mutu
German Lloyd
Generalized Likelihood Ratio
General Module
General Motion Control
Generalised Multi-Protocol Label Switching
Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching
Generalized Multi Protocol Label Switching
Guidance, Navigation & Control
Guidance, Navigation, and Control
Guidance Navigation and Control
Guidance Navigation & Control
Guidance, Navigation, and Control
Guidance, Navigation & Control
Guidance, Navigation and Control
Guidance and Navigation Control
Guidance Navigation and Control
Global Network for Neglected Tropical Disease Control
Generalized Predictive Control
Geometric Process Control
Glow Plug Control
Glow Plug Control Module
Gujarat Pollution Control Board
General Purpose Digital Computer
General-Purpose Interface
General Purpose Input
General Purpose Inputs
General Purpose Inputs
Global Plan for Insecticide Resistance Management
Global Positioning System Module
General-Purpose Timer Modules
Generator Protection Unit
Gas Reactor Column
Generation Rate Constraint
Gaming Regulators European Forum
Global Road Technology
Ground Stations
Group Switch
Guidance Section
Hill-Start Assist Control
Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points
Hazard Analyses at Critical Control Points
Hazard and Critical Control Point
Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points
Home Appliance Control System
Healthcare-Associated Infection
Healthcare Associated Infection
Healthcare-Acquired Infections
Healthcare Acquired Infections
Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventative Controls
Home Automation System
Hazardous Air Traffic Report
High Beam Control
Hormonal Birth Control
Hand Control
Hand Controller
Handheld Controller
Handover Control
Healthy controls
Healthy Control
High Clutch
Host Controller
Hysteresis Current Controller
Historical Collections Division
Handgun Control Incorporated
Human Control Interface
Headlamp Control Module
Hosting Control Panels
Harvest Control Rule
Harvest Control Rules
Headlamp Cleaning System
Hybrid Control System
Heat Control Valve
Hill Descend Control
Hill Descent Control
high-level data-link control
High-Level Data Link Controller
High-Speed Data Link Control
High Data Link Control
HighLevel Data Link Control
Healthcare and Emergency Responder Organization Education through Simulation
High Fan Control
Hyper Frame Number
Hard Fault Status Register
Higher Harmonic Control
Hill Hold Control
Hospital Infection Control
Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee
Harvard Injury Control Research Center
Hardened Intersite Cable System
Hardware in-the-Loop
Hardware in the Loop
Hardware in the Loop Simulation
Hardware In the Loop
Human in the Loop
Healthcare Infection Society
Human-Machine Interfaces
Health Locus of Control
High Level Interface
Higher Layer Protocols
Hardware Limit Timer
History Module
Human Machine Inteface
Human Machine Interfaces
Human-Machine Interfaces
Human Machine Interfaces
Heat Management System
Hydro Mechanical Transmission
Hand Off Auto
Host and Oceanic Computer System Replacement
High Octet Preset
Huntsville Operations Support Center
High Pressure Accumulator
High Pressure Relief Valve
Hammond Power Solutions
Honeywell Process Solutions
High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat
Hybrid Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Unit
Hydraulic Power Units
Hydraulic Power Units
Hydraulic Pumping Unit
Hydraulic Pump Unit
Headlamp range adjustment
High Redundancy Actuation
Ham Radio Deluxe
Hot Standby
Hybrid Systems
High Speed Bus
High Speed Counter Encoder
Higher Speed Ethernet
High Speed Ethernet
High Speed Input
Hot Surface Ignition
High Speed Output
Holding Timer
Horizontal Tab
Horizontal Tab Set
Hierarchical Token Bucket
Hierarchical Token Buckets
Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol
Home Theater Direct
Horizontal Tabulation with Justification
Horizontal Tabulation Set
High Throughput Testing
Hydraulic Unit
Human User Interface
Host Vehicle
Heating Ventilation and Air
Heater, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
Heater-Vent-Air Conditioning
Heater Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Idle Air Control
Idle Air Controller
Intake Air Control
Idle Air Control Valve
Idle Air Control Valves
Integrated Air Command & Control System
Intake Air Control Valve
Integral Absolute Error
Internet Assigned Numbers Association
Injection Actuation Pressure Control Valve
Internet Access Scheduler
International Association on Water Pollution Research and Control
Interconnection Border Control Function
Intelligent Building Management Systems
Ignition Control
Imaging Control
Infection control
Input Control
Insert Cursor
Institutional Control
Interactive Control
Infection Control Africa Network
Internet Corp for Assigned Names and Numbers
Image Control Assessment Series
Internal Control and Accounting Systems
Institute of Control, Automation and Systems Engineers
Interrupt Control Block
Instrument Control Center
Instrument Control Centre
Integrated Chassis Control
Intelligent Cruise Control
International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies
International Council for the Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders
International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders
Inter-Control Center Protocol
Internet Congestion Control Research Group
International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium
Integrated Chassis Control System
Impulse Control Disorders
Information Control Division
Interface Control Documents
Interface Control Documents
Infection Control Exam
Instrumentation, Control & Electrical
Instrument Control Electronics
Internal Controls Evaluation
Internal Control over External Financial Reporting
Internal Control Framework
International Committee for Harmonisation
Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology
Industrial Control Links
Ignition Control Module
Ignition Control Modules
Integrated Control Module
Infotainment Control Module
Internet Control Messaging Protocol
Internet Control Messages Protocol
Internet Control Message Protocols
Infection Control Nurse
Information Control Net
Infection Control Nurses Association
Integrated Communications, Navigation and Identification Avionics
Interim Control Ordinance
Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Input, Control, Output, Mechanism
Infection Control Practitioner
Infection Control Professionals
Infection Control Professional
Injection Control Pressure
Injector Control Pressure
Integrated Control Panel
Internal Compliance Program
Internal Control Program
Inventory Control Points
International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control
Infection control professionals
Internal Control Questionnaires
Internal Control Questionnaires
International Convention on Quality Control Circles
Industrial Control Systems
Industrial Control System
Interrupt Clear Register
Injury Control Research Center
Injury Control Research Centers
Idle Control Solenoid
Image Control System
Incident Control System
Institutional Controls
Instrument Control System
Instrument Control Software
Integrated Control System
Integrated Control Systems
Intelligent Control Systems
Internal Control System
Inventory Control System
Internal Control Staff
Inventory Control Specialist
Irish Cleanroom Society
Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group
Industrial Control System Joint Working Group
Interrupt Control State Register
Integrated Control and Safety System
Industrial Control Trainer
Infection Control Today
Infection Control Team
Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres
International Coalition for Trachoma Control
Ignition Control Unit
Image Control Unit
Industrial Control Unit
Instrument Control Unit
Interrupt Control Unit
Idle Control Valve
Inflow Control Valve
Interval Control Valve
Infectious Disease Control
Infectious Disease Control Manual
Information, Decision and Control
Intel Desktop Control Center
Initiating Device Circuits
International Data Links Symposium
Internal Direct Memory Access
Interactive Driving System
Inverter Drive Systems
Industrial Electronics
Integrated Electronic Control
Integrated Electronic Control Centre
International Electric Code
Industrial Electronics and Control Instrumentation
Intelligent Electrical Devices
Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research
Institute of Electricaland Electronics Engineers
Interrupt Enable Register
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
Institute of Environmental Science and Technology
Integrated Framework
Imported Fire Ant
Intelligent Flight Control Systems
Indirect Fuel Injection
International Fluid Power Society
Information Field Size
Induction Generator
Insect Growth Regulator
Insect growth regulators
Insect Growth Regulators
Insulated-Gate Transistor
Insulated Gate Transistor
Institute for Global Tobacco Control
Inlet Guide Vanes
Intelligent Headlamp Control
Integrated Instrumentation
Institute for Internal Controls
Industrial Information Management
International Infection Prevention Week
Interrupt Identification Register
Industrial Indexing Systems
International Journal of Control
International Journal of Chaos, Control, Modelling and Simulation
International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology
International Journal of Humanoid Robotics
International Journal of Innovative Research in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control Engineering
International Journal of Power System Operation and Energy Management
Integrity Levels
Idle Load Compensator
Intelligent Lighting Controller
Intelligent Lighting Controls
Insurance Loss Control Association
International Loss Control Institute
Instrument Loop Diagram
Interferometric Laser Imaging for Droplet Sizing
Interactive Learning Module
Induction Machine
Induction Motor
Instruction Manual
Instrument Module
Integrated Metrology
Interface Manager
Image Motion Compensation
Instruction Memory Management Unit
Interrupt Mask Registers
Intake Manifold Runner Control
Intelligent Motion Systems
Intelligent Management System
Intake Manifold Temperature
Inertial Measuring Unit
Inertial Measuring Units
Intergovernmental Negotiating Body
Industrial Noise Control
International Narcotics Control Board
International Narcotic Control Board
Institute for Noise Control Engineering
Institute of Noise Control Engineering
Institute of Noise Control Engineers
International Narcotics Control Strategy Report
International Nonproliferation Export Control Program
Integrated Navigation System
International Organization for Biological Control
input-output controller
Intelligent Orientation Control
Input Output Controllers
International Organization of Citrus Virologists
Input-Output Module
Input Output Module
Indian Ocean Memorandum of Understanding
Index of Performance
Internet Protocol-протокол
Infection Prevention and Control
Information Protection and Control
Integrated Power and Attitude Control System
Industrial Process Control
In Process Control
Information Protection & Control
Instrument Panel Cluster
Instruments panel cluster
Integrated Pest Control
Integrated Pollution Control
Integrated Process Control
Intelligent Pump Control
Indian Pollution Control Association
Illinois Pollution Control Board
Intermittent Pilot Ignition
Integrated Plant Management
Intelligent Processing of Materials
Interior Permanent Magnet
Intelligent Power Modules
Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control
Integrated Pollution Prevention Control
Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control
Impulse Pay-Per-View
In-process Quality Control
In Process Quality Control
Incoming Quality Control
Inspection Quality Control
Integrated Quality Control
Internal Quality Control
Interrupt Pending Register
Integrated Power Systems
Integrated Power System
Intelligent Power System
Invensys Process Systems
Intermountain Power Service Corporation
Individualized Quality Control Plan
Individualized Quality Control Plans
Implementing Regulation
Infrared Receiver
Infrared Remote
Infrared Repeater
Infra Remote
Inherent Risk
Input Ready
Input Register
Input Registers
Instrument Remote Control
Immigration Reform and Control Act
Immigration Reform & Control Act
Insecticide Resistance Management
Indoor Residual Spraying
Indoor Residual Spray
Interchange Record Separator
Information Separator
Insect Services
Instrumentation System
Instrument Systems
Idle Speed Actuator
Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation
Instrumentation, Systems and Automation
Instrumentation Systems and Automation
Instrumentation Society of America
International Society for Automation
International Standard Archival Authority Record
Information Systems and Control Association
Information Systems and Controls Association
Information Systems Auditing and Control Association
Information Systems Audit and Control Foundation
International Small Arms Control Standards
International Standard Authority Data Number
Invasive Species Awareness Month
Idle Speed Control
Idle Speed Controller
Idle Speed Control Valve
Integrated Ship Control
Integrated Ship Controls
Integrated Systems & Controls
International Scientific Council for Trypanosomiasis Research and Control
Integral of the Squared Error
Integral Square Error
International Society for Infectious Diseases
International Symposium on Industrial Robots
International Security and Nonproliferation
International Standard Name Identifier
International Space Orchestra
Integrated System Peripheral
International Standard on Quality Control
Interrupt Status Register
Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Vehicle
Industrial Solid State Controls
International Symposium on Space Flight Dynamics
International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing
Information Systems Security Program
Information System Security Program Manager
Information Systems Security Program Manager
Initial Sector Suite System
Instrumentation Technology
International Traffic in Arms Regulation
International Trafficking in Arms Regulations
Intermediate Transmission Block
Innovative Turnaround Controls
International Tobacco Control
Internet Transfer Control
Interval Time Counter
Ignition Timing Control System
Incremental Train Control System
Internal Thermal Control System
Integrated Test Facility
International Task Force for Disease Eradication
Interoperability Test Kit
Insecticide Treated Nets
Idle Tracking Switch
Idle Track Switch
Interrupt Unit
Intra Uterine Devices
Industrial Video and Control
Innovative Vector Control Consortium
Interactive Vehicle Dynamics
Java Application Control Engine
Joint Air Operation Center
Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association
Job Control
Joint Command
Java Call Control
Journal of Control Engineering and Technology
Java Control Panel
Job Control Table
Job Demand-Control
Joint Forward Air Controller Training Standards Unit
Job File Control Block
Joint Fires Observers
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics
Job Hazard Analysis
Joint Integrating Concept
Joint Interface Control Officers
Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications
Journal of Power Electronics
Johnson Space Center's
Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution
Joint Services Operational Requirement
Kite Aerial Photography
Korean Institute of Power Electronics
Kill Mud Weight
Key Process Input Variables
Key Process Input Variable
Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
Keyless Vehicle Module
Layer 2 Control
Line of Actual Control
London Area Control Centre
Link Aggregation Control Protocol Data Unit
Link Aggregation Control Protocol Data Units
Lactational Amenorrhea Method
Link Access Procedure-Balanced
Link Access Procedure, Balanced
Link Access Protocol for D-channel
Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control
London Air Traffic Control Centre
Launch Control
Load Control
Local Controller
Local Control
Line Circuit
Loop Count
Local Control Accountability Plan
Local Control & Accountability Plan
Local Control Accountability Plans
Local Control and Accountability Plans
Launch Control Centers
Logitech Control Center
Launch Control Centers
Library of Congress Control Number
Library of Congress Card Number
Launch Control Facilities
LOWER Control Limits
Lamp Control Module
Local Control Module
Logical Connection Number
Launch Control Officer
Limit Cycle Oscillations
Local Connection Option
Local Control Processor
Limited Combat Ready
Launch Control System
Library Control System
Loader Control System
Logic Display
line drop compensation
Longitudinal Dynamics Management
Leak Diagnosis Pump
Linear Data Sets
Liquid Delivery System
Lower Data Strobe
Local Display Unit
Load enable
Lumension Endpoint Management & Security Suite
Laboratory Fortified Blank
Logical Function Block
Logical Functional Block
Laminar Flow Control
Load Frequency Control
Load Frequency Controller
Low Fan Control
Loop Heat Pipes
Level Indicating Controller
Linear Induction Motor
Linear Induction Motors
Liquid Injection Thrust Vector Control
Linux Kernel Stream Control Transmission Protocol
Link Layer Control
Link Level Control
Liquid Level Controller
Low Level Controller
Local Link Control
Logical-Link Control
Logical Link Controller
Load Local Descriptor Table
Left Margin
Load Management
Logic Manager
Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District
Linear Matrix Inequality
Linear Matrix Inequalities
Liquid Mud Plant
Linear model predictive control
LonWorks Network Services
Light Off Assessment
Lists of Properties
Local Operating Panel
Limited Operation Strategy
Loss of Thrust Control
Logical Processors
Lighting Power Densities
License Plate Inventory
Linear Pulse Motor
Loop Performance Manager
Low-Profile System
Local Processing Unit
Linear Parameter Varying
Linear Parameter-Varying
Linear Quadratic
Line Quality Control
linear quadratic Gaussian
Linear Quadratic Regulator
Link Quality Report
Lower Right
Left-to-Right Embedding
Left-to-Right Override
Lower Riser Package
Local Road Research Board
Left Stick
Life Safety
Load Sensing
Link State Control
Low Speed Data
Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative
Last Segment Flag
Low Speed Following
Line Select Keys
Linear Synchronous Motor
Linear Synchronous Motors
Linux Security Module
Load Sharing Module
Least Significant Portion
London Streets Traffic Control Centre
London Terminal Control Centre
Laser Surface Velocimeter
Long-Term Control Plan
Long Term Control Plan
Land Use Control
Land Use Controls
Lock-Up Solenoid
Limit Value
Low Voltage Cutoff
Low-voltage Detection
Low Voltage Detection
Low Voltage Drive
Linearly Variable Differential Transformer
Measurement and Test Equipment
Maintenance Action
Mission Assignment
Movement Authority
Mandatory Access Controls
Media Access Controller
Media Acces Control
Media Acess Control
Medium Acces Control
Medium Access Control-high
Multiple Access Control
Mandatory Access Controls
Model Algorithmic Control
McMaster Advanced Control Consortium
Middeck Active Control Experiment
Maximum Achievable Control Technologies
Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission
Multiple Analog Input
Morphing Aircraft Structures
Mitsubishi Active Stability Control
Mitsubishi Active Traction Control
Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure
Mixed Air Temperature
Marine Air Traffic Control and Landing System
Micro-Aerial Vehicle
Micro Aerial Vehicle
Micro Aerial Vehicles
Micro Aerial Vehicles
Magnetic Bearing
Measurement-Based Admission Control
Measurement Based Admission Control
Magic Body Control
Moderate Risk Background Investigation
Mobile Base Unit
Mind Control
Motor Controller
Memory Control
Minimum control
Mission Control
Multi-point Controller
Multipoint Controller
Medicine Control Agency
Main Control Board
Memory Control Blocks
Manual Climate Control
Michigan Cancer Consortium
Missile Control Centre
Mission Control Centers
Mission Control Centre
Mission Control Centres
Motor Control Centers
Motor Control Cabinet
Missile Combat Crew Commander
Maritime Command and Control Information System
Monitor Control Command Set
Multiple Clock Domain
Multipurpose Control and Display Units
Media Center Edition
Media Control Function
Multimedia Control Interface
Motor Control Module
Maintenance Control Officer
Mode Control Panels
Malaria Control Programme
Master Control Programs
Memory Control Program
Master Control Processor
Machinery Control Room
Main Control Room
Master Control Room
Mission Control Room
Master Control Relay
Master Control Stations
mode control register
Modem Control Register
Mathematical Control and Related Fields
Machinery Control System
Machinery Control Systems
Maintenance Control System
Management Control System
Material Control System
Management and Control System
Mission Control Systems
Modular Control System
Monitor-Control System
Motion Control System
Motion Control Systems
Movement Control System
Mixture Control Solenoid
Mobile Control Station
Monitoring, Control and Surveillance
Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems
Mathematics of Control, Signals and Systems
Mission Control Technologies
Motion Control Tool
Military Critical Technology List
Memory Controller Unit
Motor Control Unit
Multiple Control Unit
Memory Control Units
Microprocessor Control Unit
Microprocessor Controlled Unit
Multipoint Control Units
Main Control Valve
Mixture Control Valve
Malaria Control in War Areas
Modulated Displacement
Multiplicative Decrease
Machine Data Acquisition
Microsoft Data Access Controls
Medical Device Control Office
Media Device Control Protocol
Management Data Interface
Manual Data Input
Multi-Drug Resistant Organism
Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms
Modular Development System
Modified Data Tag
Multi-Network Datagram Transmission Protocol
Motor Electronics
Multilateral Export Control Regime
Martronic Engineering, Inc
Modular Engine Management System
Mission Evaluation Room
Management Execution System
Manufacturing Enterprise Systems
Main Frame
Multiplicative Factor
Model-Free Adaptive
Mass Flow Controller
Mass Flow Controllers
Material Flow Control
Master of Finance and Control
Multi-Function Control
Multi-Function Consoles
Multi Function Console
Multifunction Fire Control Radar
Medicaid Fraud Control Units
Multi-Functional Displays
Multi-Functional Displays
Multi Function Displays
Multi Functional Displays
Multiport Fuel Injection
Multi-Function Timer
Multi-Function Unit
Media Gateway
Media Gateways
Media Gateway Control
Media Gateway Controllers
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Media Gateway Control Function
Marine Growth Protection System
Moving Horizon Estimation
Multidimensional Health Locus Of Control
Manual Input
Mark Idle
Mode Indicate
Mode Indicator
Multivendor Integration Architecture
Manager Internal Controls
Mandatory Integrity Control
Minimum Internal Control Standards
Mail Isolation Control and Tracking
Multilateral Interoperability Program
Multilateral Interoperability Programme
Mixed Integer Quadratic Programming
Memory Information Register
Malaria Indicator Survey
Malaria Information System
Main Instrument Vendor
Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force
Michigan Liquor Control Commission
Mixed logical dynamical
Multi-Level Secure
Modular Multilevel Converter
Modular Multi-level Converter
Man-Machine Interfaces
Man Machine Interfaces
Man Machine Interfaces
Multi Media Interface
Mobile Microwave Landing System
Machine Monitoring System
Maintenance Management Systems
Malfunction Management Unit
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Morbidity Mortality Weekly Report
Multi-Org Access Control
Multi Org Access Control
Mission Operations Control Room
Mission Operations Control Rooms
Message Output Descriptor
Mission Operations Director
Method of Levels
Media Orientated Systems Transport
Motor Operated Valve
Mandatory Present
Maximum Power
Measurement Point
Mission Planning
Multipoint Processors
Management Planning and Control
Manufacturing Planning and Control
Media Presentation Controllers
Mobile Passport Control
Model Predictive Control
Model Predictive Controller
Multi-Purpose Controller
Microbial Pest Control Agent
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's
Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
Managed Pressure Drilling
Multi-Purpose Displays
Model Performance Evaluation Program
Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder
Multi Purpose Flight Recorder
Mask Programmable Gate Array
Modular Prosthetic Limbs
Management Plane Protection
Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board
Maximum Power Reduction
Message Processing Region
Master Project Schedule
Measurement Points
Multi-Processor Unit
Manufacturing Quality Assurance
Mode Request
Modulation Rate
Moving Range
Model Reference Adaptive Control
Model Reference Adaptive Controller
Model Reference Adaptive System
Model Reference Adaptive Systems
Magnetic Ride Control
Mini Remote Control
Multi-Robot Control
Model Rectifier Corp
Mark Roberts Motion Control
Manufacturing Resourse Planning
Minimum Risk Route
Multi Radar Tracker
Modulation Selection
Modeling, Simulation & Analysis
Minimum Safe Altitude Warnings
Mission Support Centre
Multiconference on Systems and Control
Multiple Services Credit Control
Multi-Service Control Gateway
Media Server Control Markup Language
Multi Server Control Panel
Mark Stack Control Word
Maserati Stability Program
Motor Starter Protector
Multivariate Statistical Process Control
Master Status Register
Modem Status Register
Motor Schleppmomenten Regelung
Marine Systems Simulator
Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium
Manufacturing Science and Technology Center
Master Setup Unit
Management Terminal
Mean Time Between Replacement
Manual Temperature Control
Maserati Touch Control
Motorcycle Traction Control
Model Toxic Control Act
Model Toxics Control Act
Medium-Term Conflict Detection
Money Transfer Control Number
Money Transfer Control Numbers
Minimum Triggering Level
Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems
Master Terminal Operator
Maximum Torque Per Ampere
Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research
Master Terminal Unit
Master Timing Unit
Main Unit
Master Unit
Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Device
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Canada
Manipulated Value
Measured Value
Multi Variate Analysis
Model View Control
Multi-Version Concurrency Control
Network Access Controls
National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit
National AIDS Control Organization
National AIDS Control Program
National AIDS Control Programme
North American Freedom Foundation
National Air Pollution Control Administration
National Animal Poison Control Center
National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program
National Air Traffic Control Services
No Break Here
Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn
Network Clock
Network Control
Normal controls
Numerical Control
Normally close
Normaly Closed
Numerical Codes
Narmada Control Authority
Narcotic Control Bureau
Narcotics Control Bureau
Narcotics Control Board
National Coalition to Ban Handguns
National Control Center
National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
National Cancer Control Programme
Naval Center for Combat and Operational Stress Control
Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center
Naval Command, Control, and Ocean Surveillance Center
Nuclear Command and Control System
Numerical Control Computer Sciences
National Control Devices
National Centre for Disease Control
National Center for Disease Control
Noise Control Engineering
National Center for Environmental Health
National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
National Center for Health Statistics
Network Control Interface
Nuclear Control Institute
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Non-Conforming Materials Report
Network Control Panel
Network Control Protokol
Network Control Protocols
National Center for Public Health Informatics
Net Control Stations
Network Control Systems
Networked Control System
Networked Control Systems
Networked Control Systems
Newsroom Computer Systems
National Computer Security Conference
National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
National Drug Abuse Control Council
National Defense Control Center
National Drug Control Policy
National Drug Control Strategy
National Diabetes Education Program
New Data Indicator
Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion
Navigation Displays
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission
New England Pest Management Association
New En Route Centre
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Filaria Control Programme
Naval Fire Control System
Naval Fires Control System
Not greater
Nevada Gaming Control Board
Neutral Gear Switch
Notebook Hardware Control
Network Information Base
National Institute for Biological Standards and Control
National Institute of Biological Standards and Control
National Institute for Biological Standard and Control
National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme
National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme
Network Interface Modules
New Jersey Poison Information and Education System
National Lotteries Control Board
Nebraska Liquor Control Commission
National Liquor Law Enforcement Association
Network Layer Protocol
No License Required
National Latino Tobacco Control Network
National Malaria Control Programme
National Malaria Eradication Programme
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
National Narcotics Control Commission
National Nosocomial Infections Study
Network Operations Control
Network Operation Control
Network Operations Control Center
Network Operations Control Centre
Network Operation Control Center
Network Parameters Control
No Overall Control
National Operations Control Center
Normal Operating Range
No parity
National Pest Advisory Panel
National Programme for Control of Blindness
Non-Powered Control Unit
National Poison Data System
Network Processor Engines
National Pesticide Information Center
Neutral Position Switch
National Pest Technicians Association
Not quantifiable
Nucleated Red Blood Cell
No Record Found
Net Radio Interface
National Resource for Infection Control
National Renewable Security Standard
National Roadside Vegetation Management Association
Nonce Sum
Non-Selective Catalytic Reduction
New Smear Positive
Newborn Screening Quality Assurance Program
Non-Steady State
National Security Study Memoranda
National Security Study Memorandums
National Traffic Control Centre
National Tobacco Control Programme
National Tobacco Control Program
National Tuberculosis Control Programme
National Tuberculosis Control Program
Neglected Tropical Disease
National Tuberculosis Programme
National Tuberculosis Program
Non Uniform Rational B-spline
National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme
Oceanic Area Control
Oceanic Control Areas
Office of Animal Welfare
Optical Bench
Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
Occurrence Count
Operator Clear
Oral Contraceptive
Organismo de Certificación
Out of Control
Output Control
Operational Control Centre
Operations and Control Center
Operations Control Centers
Output Circuit Check
Organized Crime Control Act
Open Channel Flow
Onchocerciasis Control Program
Onchocerciasis Control Programme
Open Control Platform
Overhead Control Panel
Output Control Register
Ownership and Control Report
Observatory Control System
Operating Control System
Operation Control System
Operations Control System
Open Control System
Operations Control Unit
Operator Control Unit
Operator Control Units
Overdrive Cancel Switch
Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors
Oil Control Valve
Orange County Vector Control District
Operation Control Word 2
Office for Drug Control & Crime Prevention
Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
Office of Drug Control Policy
Optical Data Link
Oracle Enterprise Manager
Output Enable Register
Open fiber control
Open Fibre Control
Operator Function Model
Ott, Grebogi, and Yorke
Operator Interface
Operator Interface Unit
Overload Indicator
Open Individual Export Licence
Optical Interworking Forum
Operator Interface Station
Operator Interface Terminal
Operator Interface Terminals
Open literature
Over Load
Oregon Liquor Control Commission
On-Line Data Interchange
Online Log Data Set
Over Load Relay
Output Module
Oracle Management Agent
Open Modular Architecture Controls
Open Modular Architecture Control
Office of Munitions Control
Official Medicines Control Laboratory
Official Medicines Control Laboratories
Operator-Machine Interface
Operator Machine Interface
Oracle Management Repository
Oracle Management Service
Oracle Management Services
Oregon Micro Systems
Overhead Message Train
Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Open Marsh Water Management
Office of Noise Abatement and Control
Office of the Narcotics Control Board
Office for national drug control policy
Office of the National Drug Control Policy
Operation Panel
Operator Panel
Operator Panels
Operator Presence Control
Optical Picture Control
Optimum Power Control
Office of Pest Management
Outgoing Quality Control
Operation-Request Block
Operation Request Block
Output Radio Frequency Spectrum
Operational Readiness Test System
Orifice Spark Advance Control
Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures
Operating System Command
Operational Stress Control
Ovation Security Center
On-screen display
On-screen displays
On Screen Display
On Screen Displays
On-Screen Displays
Open Supervised Device Protocol
Office of Smoking and Health
Office on Smoking and Health
Operating System Management
Optical Signal Processor
Orissa State Pollution Control Board
Open Shortest Pass First
Optical Solar Reflector
Optical solar reflectors
Output Status Register
Output Signal Switching Device
Process & Instrumentation
Permission Assignment
Phase Angle
Perceptive Admission Control
Presentation Abstraction Control
Problem Animal Control
Password Authenticated Connection Establishment
Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco
Program of Action for Cancer Therapy
Problem Analysis Diagram
Powertrain As-Installed Driveline Subsystems
Product Acceptability List
Policy Administration Point
Policy Administration Points
Program Address Register
Power Application Software
Primary Alerting System
Pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campaign
Push Buttons
Policy-based Access Control
Policy Based Access Control
Perceived behavioral control
Park Brake Module
Path Control
Personal Control
Player Controlled
Pressure Controller
Primary Control
Pilot Channel
Precision Control
Programmable Controller
Pulsating Current
Pest Control Advisor
Pollution Control Agency
Positive Controlled Airspace
Pressure Control Assembly
Propulsion-Controlled Aircraft
Protocol Control Block
Project Control Board
Poison Control Center
Policy and Charging Control
Policy Control & Charging
Process Control Center
Poison Control Centers
Page-Level Cache Disable
Process Control Daemon
Policy and Charging Enforcement Function
Preventive Controls Governor
Pollution Control Hearings Board
Power Control Lever
Presentation Control Information
Prevention and Control of Infections
Process Controls Industrial
Process Control Monitor
Process Control Module
Process Control Monitoring
Program Controlled Interruption
Programming Communication Interface
Power Control Loop
Power Control Module
Print Control Language
Printer Control Manager
P0607 Control Module
power-train control module
Program Control Module
Program Control Program
Portable Changeable Message Signs
Pre-Congestion Notification
Process Control Network
Process control plan
Pest Control Operator
Power Control Register
Pollution Control Officer
Peripheral Control Processor
Port Control Protocol
Process Control Plan Audit
Port Control Register
Production Control Room
Project Change Request
Project Change Requests
Policy and Charging Rules Function
Policy Control Rules Function
Plant Control System
Plant Control Systems
Pointing Control System
Power Control System
Precision Control System
Process Control System
Production Control System
Project Controls System
Property Control System
Propulsion Control System
Process Control Systems
Power Control Station
Pre-Crash System
Pressure Control Solenoid
Process Control Solutions
Project Control Specialist
Process Control Security Requirements Forum
Perceptual Control Theory
Phase Control Thyristors
Program Control Table
Program Control Unit
Programmable Communicating Thermostat
Programmable Communicating Thermostats
Packet Control Units
Process Control Unit
Propeller Control Unit
Pump Control Unit
Power and Control Unit
Powertrain Control Unit
Primary Control Unit
Pressure control valve
Pressure Controlled Ventilation
Pressure Control Ventilation
Propelling Control Vehicle
Priority Designator
Proportional Derivative
Pulse Distribution
Park Distance Control
Parking Distance Control
Phasor Data Concentrators
Phasor Data Concentrator
Program Delivery Control
Programme Delivery Control
Plan Do Check Adjust
Packet Data Convergence Protocol
Praseodymium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Paladin Digital Fire Control System
Power Distribution, Incorporated
Process Device Manager
Policy Decision Points
Port Data Register
Partitioned Data Set Extended
Packet Data Units
Packet Data Units
Protocol Data Units
Product Definition Exchange
Parity Even
Physical & Environmental
Physical and Environmental
Position Error
Power Electronics
Protection Enable
Peripheral Event Controller
photo-electric cell
Platform Environment Control Interface
President's Export Council Subcommittee on Export Administration
Power Enrichment Control Valve
Policy Enforcement Point
Program Elements
Programmable electronic systems
Programmable Electronic System
Power Electronics Unit
Power Function
Programmable Feature
Pulse Frequency
Passive Final Approach Spacing Tool
Power Factor Control
Priority-based Flow Control
Priority Flow Control
Pilot Fault List
Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Proportional gain
Pesticide General Permit
Public Health Associate Program
Power Headroom Reporting
Plant Information
Progress Indicator
Proportional Integral
Proportional Integrator
Proportional and Integrating
Pharmacological Intervention in Atrial Fibrillation
Pressure Indicating Controller
Programmable Interruption Controller
Pressure Independent Control Valves
Pressure Independent Control Valve
Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
Proportional, Integral, Derivative
Proportional, Integral And Derivative
Proportional, integral, and derivative
Proportional Integrative Derivative
Proportional, Integral, & Derivative
Proportional Integral-Derivative
Peripheral Interrupt Expansion
Plant Information Management System
Plant Information Management Systems
Process Information Management Systems
Process Information Management System
Plant Information Networking
Policy Information Point
Policy Information Points
Product Information Sheets
Process Knowledge System
Performance Level
Protection Level 4
Programed Logic Array
Process Logic Controller
Progammable Logic Controllers
Programable Logic Controller
Programable Logic Control
Program Logic Controller
Programmable Logic Controllers
Programmable Logic Circuit
Programmable Logic Controls
Programmable Logical Controller
Programmable Logic Computer
Programmable Logic Controler
Programmable Logical Controllers
Programmable Logic Controlers
Programmer Logic Controller
Programming Logic Controller
Programming Logic Control
Programmable Logic Controllers
Programmable Logic Controls
Programmable Logic Controllers
Programmable Logical Controllers
Programmable Logic Controls
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board
Partial Line Down
Programmable Logic Relay
Partial Line Up
Power Module
Privacy Model
Processor Module
Process Measurement and Control
Process Module Controller
Project Monitoring and Control
Production & Material Control
Programmable Machine Controller
Project Monitoring & Control
Project Monitoring Control
Power Management Control System
Performance Motion Devices
Pesticide Management Education Program
Permanent Magnet-Synchronous Motors
Power Management Mode
Power Mode Master
Pest Management Plan
Parking Management System
Parking Management Systems
Plant Management System
Power Monitoring System
Power Monitor Unit
Power Monitoring Unit
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
Phase Measurement Unit
Power Management Units
Pressure Modulator Valve
Priority Number
Pakistan Narcotics Control Board
Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty
Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Treaty
Presidential Nuclear Initiatives
Parallel Output
Parity Odd
Payload Operator
Program of Action
Point of Control
Payload Operations Control Center
Payload Operation Control Center
Patrol Order Management System
Progestin only pills
Point of Regulation
Power-on reset flag
Production Planning & Control
Positive Product Control
Production Planning and Control
Production Planning & Control
Program Planning and Control
Pollution Prevention and Control
Pressure Point Control Tactics
Perishable Products Export Control Board
Print Production Format
Production Planning & Inventory Control
Production Planning and Inventory Control
Product Planning Inventory Control
Percent Per Million
Pulse Phase Modulation
Point-to Point Protocol
Plant Protection & Quarantine
Phased Period Reinvestigation
Personnel Protection System
Production Planning and Scheduling
Production Planning System
Processing Program Table
Program Processing Table
Power Processing Unit
Packet Rate
Pesticide Regulation
Pressure Reducing
Pressure Relief
Pressure Reducing Valves
Prestigio Remote Control
Proportional Rate Control Algorithm
Project Revision Control System
Periodic Reinvestigation
Plant Resource Manager
Pulse Rate Modulation
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome
Pressure Regulating Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure-regulated Volume Control
Pressure Regulated Volume Controlled
Personnel Screening
Physical Sequential
Presentation Space
Pressure Switch
Power Systems & Controls
Power Steering Control
Prefixed Save Area
Pressure Switch Assembly
Power Supply Board
Port State Control Officer
Port State Control Officers
Port State Control Officers
Packet System Information
Physical Security Information Management
Passenger Seat Module
Power Seat Module
Physical Security Perimeter
Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority
Power System Stabilizer
Power Systems Security
Power Split Transmission
Paper Trading Control
Passive Thermal Control
Passive Thermal Control System
Pending Trouble Code
Positive Train Control
Predictive Torque Control
Permanent Total Enclosure
Peripheral Transaction Server
Positive Train Separation
Peripheral Unit
Processor Unit
Pollution Under Control
Pollution Under Control Certificate
Process Value
Process Variable
Proportional Valves
Polytron Version Control System
Proportional Valve Group
Protected-mode Virtual Interrupts
Position Velocity Time
Quality Control Inspector
Quality Control Laboratory
Quality Control Plans
Quality Control Review
Quality Control Supervisor
Quality Control Standard
Quiet Eye
Quadrature Encoder Interface
Quality Function Deployement
Quantitative Feedback Theory
Queue Length
Receiver Active
Reverse Activity
Reverse Acting
Ritual Abuse
Radio Admission Control
Random Access Control
Remote Access And Control
Radio Access Control Function
Resource and Admission Control Function
Resource and Admission Control Functions
Router Access Control List
Reasonably Available Control Measures
Resource and Admission Control Sub-System
Resource and Admission Control Subsystem
Rotary Air Control Valve
Robotic Appliqué Kit
Russian American Nuclear Security Advisory Council
Recognized Air Picture
Run Advertised Programs
Regional Air Pollution Control Agency
Remedial Action Scheme
Return Air Temperature
Receive Buffer
Resource-Based Access Control
Role-Based Access Control
Role-Based Access Controls
Role Base Access Control
Role Based Access Controls
Role Based Authentication Control
Roles-Based Access Control
Roles Based Access Control
Role-Based Access Controls
Resource Block Groups
Rate Based Satellite Control Protocol
Radio Controller
Rate Control
Read Control
Receive Control
Remote Controlled
Remote Controls
Reset Control
Repeater Controller
Replica Coast
Resource Control
Return on Carry
Room Criteria
Route Control
Route Coloniale 4
Riot Control Agents
Riot Control Agents
Rhinitis Control Assessment Test
Range Control Center
Regional Control Centers
Regional Control Centre
Remote Climate Control
Rescue Coordination Centres
Rotating Control Device
Resource Control Enforcement Function
Radio Control Function
Routing Control Field
Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device
Restraints Control Module
Record Control Number
Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer
Radiation Control Program
Rapid Control Prototyping
Routing Control Platform
Reaction Control System
Reaction Control Systems
Remote Control System
Remote Control Systems
Ride Control System
Real-Time Control Systems
Records Control Schedules
Records Control Schedule
Robotic Control System
Radiological Control Technician
Randomised Control Trial
Randomized Control Trial
Randomized Controlled Trial
Randomized Control Trials
Randomised Controlled Trials
Randomized Controlled Trials
Randomized Control Trials
Request Disconnect
Reifen Druck Control
Raw Data Records
Resource Element
Rolled Erosion Control Products
Rolled Erosion Control Products
Resource Element Group
Resource Element Groups
Resource Elements
Random Early Marking
Room Energy Management System
Remote Electrical Tilt
Remote Electronics Unit
Rating Function
Return Fan
Remote Function Actuation
Rotor Flux Control
Ready for Sending
Radio Frequency Transmitter
Rate Gyro Assemblies
Role Hierarchy
Receding Horizon Control
Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control
Radio Hypnotic InterCerebral Control
Rear Heated Seats
Relative Humidity Sensor
Request Initialization
Retail Inventory Control System
Rate Increase Factor
Red Imported Fire Ant
Radio Interface Module
Red de Institutos Nacionales de Cancer
Remote Input Output
Reset to Initial State
Reduced Instruction Set Controller
Repository of Industrial Security Incidents
Robotics, Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing
Research for International Tobacco Control
Rear Left
Record Length
Radio Link Controller
Radio Link Control / Medium Access Control
Right-to-Left Embedding
Relay Ladder Logic
Reconfiguration Module
Relay Module
Remote Module
Remote Monitoring and Control
Resource Monitoring and Control
Returned To Military Control
Radar Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment
Robust Multivariable Predictive Control Technology
Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Remote Measurement System
Resource Management Suite
Remote Monitoring Unit
Remote Neural Monitoring
Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme
Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program
Radio Network Temporary Identity
Radio Network Temporary Identifiers
Register Output
Remote Operation
Remote Operations Centre
Remote Operations Controller
Region Operations Control Center
Runway Occupancy Time
Restricted Operations Zone
Radar Processor
Reference Position
Regional Processor
Remote Pilot
Remote Processor
Remote Processor Unit
Remote Power Control
Remote Power Controller
Remote Power Controllers
Remote Power Module
Rod Pump Controller
Relative Percent Difference
Remote Power Distribution Units
Royal Philips Electronics
Rotary Pulse Generator
Real-Time Performance Management
Revs Per Minute
Registered Parameter Number
Reference Preparation for Proteins in Human Serum
Receive Ready
Receiver Register
Receiver Report
Receiver Reports
Recommendations and Reports
Risk Response
Radio Resource Control
Radio Resource Controller
Radio Ressource Control
Railway Recruitment Control Board
Risk Reduction Factor
Reverse Rate Indicator
Reader Stop
Reference System
Remote Sensors
Remote Station
Reverse Switch
Right Stick
Rockwell Software
Rule-Set-Based Access Control
Rule Set Based Access Control
Revelation Software Concepts
Roll Stability Control
Rail Safety Improvement Act
Rain Sensor Module
Royal Society of Public Health
Royal Society for the Promotion of Health
Reference Signals
Remote Support System
Remote Switching System
Real Time Automation
Real-Time Application Interface
Real Time Application Interface
Real-Time Application Platform
Real-time Controller
Real Time Control
Remote Tower Center
Remote Tower Centre
Return to Control
Real-Time Control Protocol
Real Time Control Protocol
Real-time Transport Control Protocol
Realtime Transport Control Protocol
Rotating Tool Center Point
Real Time Dampening
Real Time Damping
Reconfigurable Tactile Display
Real-Time Data Monitoring
Real-Time Digital Simulators
Real Time Digital Simulator
Request to Exit
Radio Terminal Function
Ready to Install
Real-Time Interface
Real-Time Interrupt
Real Time Interrupt
Real Time Interface
Return to Normal
Real Time Optimization
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
Real-Time Reporting
Response to Request
Radio Technology Somfy
Ready to Start
Real Time Subsystem
Remote Terminal System
Remote Terminal Units
Remote Termination Unit
Real Time Extension
Receive Unit
Repeater Unit
Redundancy Version
RAMAC Virtual Array
Regulated Voltage Control
Reaction Wheels
Reaction Wheel Assemblies
Smart Emissions Reducer
Special Infection Control Kids
Selectable Four Wheel Drive
Semi Active
Set Attribute
Security Access Control List
Strategic Air Command Digital Information Network
Shunt Active Power Filter
Small Arms & Light Weapons
Small Arms and Light Weapons
Scientific Apparatus Makers Association
Scientific Apparatus Manufacturers Association
Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction
Segmentation And Reassembling
Segmentation And Reassemble
Scientific Applications and Research Associates
Seismic Attenuation System
Sistema de Alerta Temprana
Supply Air Temperature
Stop and Wait
Subtract Byte
Schengen Borders Code
Sensotronic Brake Control
Security By Design
Single Board Engine Controller
Serial Bus Interface
Serial Bus Interfaces
Small Business Inventory Control
Service-Based Local Policy
Supercharger Bypass Solenoid
Serial Bus Traveller
Steering by Wire
Should Be Zero
Scan Control
Set Controller
Sector Control
Service Control
Session Control
Series are certificated
Series could
Speed Controller
Stock Control
Super Control
System Controller
System Control
Station Control
Storage Control
Supervised Control
Supervisory Control
Security Control Assessor
Security Controls Assessors
Security Controls Assessor
Security Control Assessments
Smoke Control Association
Supervision Control and Data Acquisition
Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition
Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition
Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisitions
System Control and Data Acquisition
Security Control of Air Traffic and Navigation Aids
Shell Control Box
Slip Control Boost
Speedway Control Bureau
System Control Block
System Control Board
Saab Combustion Control
Security Control Center
Ship Control Center
Ship Control Centre
Source Code Control
Switching Control Centers
Spark Control Computer
Static Control Components
Source Code Control Interface
Software Configuration and Change Management
Steering Column Control Module
Steering Column Control Modules
Signal Connection Control Part
Signalling-Connection-Control Part
Signaling Connection Control Part-подсистема
Skinny Call Control Protocol
Short-Circuit Current Ratings
Short Circuit Current Rating
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
System Control Element
Service Control Functions
Subsystem Control Facility
System Control Fair
Serial Control Interface
Single Character Introducer
Solution Control Interface
Switch Control Interface
System Control Interface
Squirrel-Cage Induction Motor
Special Comprehensive License
Structured Control Language
Systems and Control Letters
Steering Column Locking Module
Steering Column Module
Service Control Module
Source Control Management
Source Control Manager
Siren Control Module
Steering Control Module
Subsea Control Module
Subsea Control Modules
Suspension Control Module
Switch Control Module
System Control Manager
System Controller Module
System Control Panel
Software Configuration Management System
Secondary Control Panel
Service Control Points
Services Control Point
Service Control Point-узел
Signal Control Processor
Signaling Control Processor
System Control Processor
Simple Control Protocol
Simple Control Panel
Spacecraft Control Processor
Service Control Points
System Control Register
Silicon-controlled Rectifier
Silicon Control Rectifier
Silicone Controlled Rectifier
Silicon Controled Rectifiers
Sistemas de Control Remoto
Strip Chart Recorder
Studio Control Room
Safety Control Rod Axe Man
Safety Control System
Sequence Control System
Ship Control System
Slide Control System
Solution Control Server
Source Control System
Speed Control System
Stability Control System
Static Control Systems
Stock Control System
Stop Control System
System Control Space
Supervisory Control System
Supervisory Control Theory
Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve
Shift Control Solenoid Valve
Simple Control Transmission Protocol
Steam Control Transmission Protocol
Stream Control Transport Protocol
Streaming Control Transmission Protocol
Seat Control Unit
Signal Conditioning Unit
Signal Control Unit
Suspension Control Unit
Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering
Selective Control Valve
Suction Control Valve
Severe Duty
Signal Distributors
Signal Distributor
System Data Acquisition Concentrators
Serial Data Bus
Satellite Development Center
Security Door Controls
Statistical Disclosure Control
Service Data Control Center
Serial Data Control Protocol
Slave Damper Control Relay
Serial Digital Data Interface
Simple Device Discovery Protocol
Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module
Service Data Flow
Service data flows
Saugdiesel Direct Injection
Shaft drilling jumbo
Serial Data Link
Synchronous Data-Link Control
Specially Designated National
Specially Designated Nationals
Service Data Point
Surveillance Data Processing System
State Disposal System
System Display and Search Facility
Signal Distribution Unit
Spark Delay Valve
State Estimator
Siemens Energy & Automation
Series Elastic Actuators
Software-Enabled Control
Software Enabled Control
Spoiler and Elevator Computer
Spoiler Elevator Computers
Stationary Emissions Control
Sulphur Emission Control Area
Sulphur Emission Control Areas
Standard Electronic Modules
Subsea Electronic Modules
Study Of The Efficacy Of Nosocomial Infection Control
Selsius Ethernet Phone
Sequence of Events Recorder
Sequential Event Recorder
Servicio Ecuatoriano de Sanidad Agropecuaria
Secure European System for Applications in a Multi-vendor Environment
Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Seat Electronics Unit
Single Frame
Status Field
Sequential Function Chart
Sequential Function Charts
Sequential Function Charts
Shop Floor Control
Sigma Frequency Control
Static Frequency Converter
Shop Floor Control System
Safe Failure Fraction
Security Function Policy
Simple File Transfer
Single Graphic Character Introducer
Simple Gateway Control Protocol
Set Graphic Rendition
Small Hive Beetle
System Handler Control and State Register
Society for Healthcare Epidemiologists of America
Signaling Indication
Significant Items
Similarity Index
Status Indication
Synergy Index
System and Information
Strategic Interaction Approach
Short Interval Control
Statistical Inventory Control
Shut-In Casing Pressure
Shut In Casing Pressure
Serial Input Data
Single-Inductor Dual-Output
Shut-In Drill Pipe Pressure
Standard Individual Export Licence
Standard Individual Export Licences
Standard Individual Export Licences
Safety Instrumented Function
Safety Instrumented Functions
Safety Instrumented Functions
Safety Integrity Levels
Safety Integration Level
Safety Integrity Level 2
Systems Insight Management
Single Input Multi Output
Single-Input Single-Output
Single-Input, Single-Output
Single-Input and Single-Output
Single Input Single Output
Signal Interference Ratio
Safety Instrumented Systems
Safety Instrumented System
Safety Instrument Systems
Safety Instrumentation System
Safety Integrated System
Safety Interlock System
Simple Instruction Set
Safety Instrumented Systems
Sterile Insect Technique
System Initialization Table
Selectable Joystick Controls
Selectable Joystick Controlled
Starter Kit
Specification Limit
Safety Life Cycle
Signaling Line Circuit
Single Loop Controller
Standby Liquid Control
Street Light Control
Software Life Cycle Management
Self-Levelizing Suspension
Seat Module
Select Mode
Set Mode
Stepper Motor
Systems Manager
Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel
Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency
Signal Mast Base Kit
Service Monitoring and Control
Ship Motion Control
Sliding Mode Control
Synergis Master Controller
Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
Sequenzielles Manuelles Getriebe
Surface Movement Guidance Control System
Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
Surface Movement Guidance Control Systems
Scalable Memory Interface
Safety Manager Module
Sliding Mode Observer
Service Management Point
Surface Movement Radar
Surface Movement Radars
Security Management Systems
Signal Measurement System
Small Negative
Single Network Adaptive Critic
Simplified Network Application Process
Student Number Control
Signal-to-noice ratio
System Operations
System Operation
Selectable Output Control
Service Organization Controls
Service Organization Control
Service Organisation Control
Span of Control
Sphere of Control
Start of Combustion
Stochastic Optimal Control
System Operator Code
Sparse Optimal Control Software
Separation of Duties
Sequence of Events
Start of Record
Small Off-Road Engines
Start of String
Sensory Organization Test
Shannon Oceanic Transition Area
Shut-Off Valve
Solenoid Operated Valve
Signal Present
Single Phase
Small Positive
Start of Protected Area
Smart Power Control
Soft Permanent Connection
Soft Permanent Connections
Software Process Control
Statistical Process Control
Statistical Process Controls
Statistic Process Control
Stored Program Controller
State Pollution Control Boards
State Pollution Control Board
State Pollution Control Boards
Structural Pest Control Board
Ship Parts Control Center
Ships Parts Control Center
Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures
Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure
Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures
Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure
Spill Prevention, Control, & Countermeasure
Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan
Safer Pest Control Project
Statistical Process Controls
Structural Pest Control Service
Service-based Policy Decision Function
Service Policy Decision Function
Screen Protected Drip Proof
Safety Parameter Display System
Standard project flood
Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology
Software Phase Lock Loop
Software Phase Locked Loop
Signal Processing Module
Serial Port Monitoring Control
Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Special Project Office
Single Point Of Control
Siemens Power Plant Automation
Subscription Profile Repository
Speed-sensitive Power Steering
Switching Points
Sensitivity to Punishment and Sensitivity to Reward Questionnaire
Signal Quality
Software Quality Control
Statistical Quality Control
Statement on Quality Control Standards
Standby Ready
System Registers
Service Request Block
Selective Ride Control
System Resource Control
Safety-Related Electrical Control System
Switched Reluctance Generator
Sensor Resource Management
Switched Reluctance Motor
Switched Reluctance Motors
Serving Radio Network Subsystem
Selector switch
Single Seat
Single Shift
Space Segment
Space Switch
Station System
Sub System
Single Shift Three
Shared Situational Awareness
Start of Selected Area
Statement of Standards for Attestation Engagements
Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements
Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements
Single Scope Background Investigation
SSBI Period Reinvestigation
Static Separation of Duties
Serial Synchronous Interface
Space Station Integration and Promotions Center
Space Station Integration and Promotion Center
Select Shift Manual
System Security Manager
Systems Security Plan
Solid-State Power Controller
Solid State Power Controllers
Solid State Power Controller
Satellite System Receiver
solid-state relays
Solid-State Relay
Solid State Relay
Solid State Relays
Sudanese Sanctions Regulations
Solid-State Relays
Solid State Relays
Server Side Sort
Static Synchronous Series Compensator
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum
Simple Serial Transport
Space Science and Technology Department
Space Station Training Facility
Surface Safety Valve
Surface Safety Valves
String Terminator
Structured Text
Safety Trip Alarm
Strategic Trade Authorization
Strategies of Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administrators
Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics
Stanford Testbed of Autonomous Rotorcraft for Multi-Agent Control
Standard Terminal Automation Replacement Systems
State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation
State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory
Step Timing Control
Stability & Traction Control
Stability and Traction Control
System Traction Control
Short Term Conflict Alert
Segment Table Entry
Segment Table Origin
Safety Thermal Limit Recorder
Specific Transmission Module
Set Transmit State
Strategic Trade Scheme
state-transition table
Switching Unit
System User Manual
Terminal Authentication
Tactical Advanced Computer
Tactical Air Control
Tactical Air Coordinator
Tactical Air Control Centre
Telemetry and Command
Throttle Actuator Control
Transactions on Automatic Control
Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System
Tactical Air Command Center
Tactical Air Control Parties
Tactical Air Control Parties
Thermal Anti-Icing
Transmission Adaptive Pressure
Terminal Area Radar
Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
Test Access Unit
Trailer Brake Control
Token Bucket Filter
Theater Battle Management Core System
Theatre Battle Management Core System
Transport Blocks
Transmission-based Train Control
Tactical Controller
Terminal Control
Test Control
Tension Control
Territory Control
Time Constant
Topology Control
Traffic Control
Translation Control
Transport Control
Transmitter Commands
Tray Cable
Track Control Arm
Task Control Blocks
Thread Control Block
Transmission Control Blocks
Transport Control Block
Transmission Control Code
Torque Converter Control
Traffic Control Center
Traffic Control Centre
Toyota Computer Control System
Trace Contaminant Control System
Traffic Control Devices
Translation Control Entry
Tactical Control Flight
Test Control Facility
Transactional Control Language
Transaction Control Language
Transmission Control Indicator Lamp
Tranmission Control Module
Transmission Control Module
Transmission Control Modules
Transmission Control Modul
Tool Control Language
Thermostat Control Module
Trans Control Module
Tobacco Control Network
Tobacco Control Program
Transaction Control Number
Traffic Control Next Generation
Transactions on Control of Network Systems
Tactical Combat Operations
Testing Control Officer
Total Control Products
Traffic Control Plan
Traffic Control Plans
Traffic Control Points
Transfer Control Protocol
Transmision Control Protocol
Transmission Control Protokol
Transmission Control Protocols
Transmission Control Protoco
Transmisson Control Protocol
Transport Control Protocol
Thyristor Controlled Phase Shifter
Thought Control Questionnaire
Timer Control Register
Transmit Control Register
Tactical Control System
Tactical Control Systems
Tactical Control Station
Tactical Control Squadron
Thermal Control System
Thermal Control Systems
Traction Control System
Thermal Control Subsystem
Traction Control Systems
Transmission Control Switch
Transmission Controlled Spark
Trusted Computer System
Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation
Telematic Control Unit
Timing Control Unit
Target Designation
Time Delay Control
Total Distributed Control
Transient Data Queue
Television Distribution System
Temperature element
Transmit Enable
Torque Equilibrium Attitude
Technologies Enabling Agile Manufacturing
Training Events Calendar
Total Energy Control System
Thermo-Electric Device
Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module
Treasury Executive Office of Asset Forfeiture
Tobacco Etiology Research Network
Toxic Exposure Surveillance System
Transfer Function
Transfer Functions
Transmit Field
Transmitter Failure
Transport Format
Transport Formats
Transport Format Set
Transmission Fluid Temperature
Team Foundation Version Control
Trajectory Generator
Tank Gauging System
Temperature & Humidity Control
Temperature And Humidity Control
Topology Hiding Inter-network Gateway
Transmission Hydraulic Switch
Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuators
Temperature Heat Water
Technical Instructions
Technical instruction
Terminal Input
Traffic Information Broadcast by Aircraft
Temperature Indicating Controller
Temperature Indicator Controller
Transfer In Channel
Transport information and control systems
Transactions on Industrial Electronics
Trusted Identity Platform
Technical Information Papers
Total Indicated Run-out
Tuned Liquid Damper
Test Model 5
Terminal Manoeuvring Area
Traffic Management Coordinator
Traffic Management Centre
Trinamic Motion Control Language
Trend Micro Control Manager
Thermo-Mechanical Control Process
Tactical Mobile Robot
Triple-Modular Redundant
Target Management System
Target Management Switch
Thermal Management System
Traffic Management System
Traffic Management Systems
Transmission Management System
Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board
Transfer of Control
Timer Overflow Flag
Timer Overflow Interrupt Enable
Track Occupancy Permit
Test Procedure
Tie Pair
Touch Panel
Transport Path
Tire Pressure Control
Transmission Power Control
Transmitter Power Control
Texas Poison Center Network
Trade Policy Information System
Throttle Posicion Sensor
Topcon Positioning Systems
Total Plant Solution
Total Plant Solutions
Time Processing Unit
Time Processor Unit
This register
The Robotics
Transmitter Register
Transmitter Ready
Thrust Reverser Actuation System
Technical Reference Manual
Turf Reinforcement Mats
Time Reference System
Transmission Range Switch
Thermostatic Radiator Valve
Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Thermostatic Radiator Valves
Target Start
Temporary Storage
Transactions on Systems
Technical Systems Audit
Trade Security Controls
Trailer Sway Control
Toxics Substances Control Act
Toxic Substances Control Act
Toxic Substance Control Act
Toxic Substances and Control Act
Total System Design
Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation
Transmission Sequence Number
Transport Sequence Number
Transmission Sequence Numbers
Technical Standards Program
Tripura State Pollution Control Board
Temporary Storage Queues
Technology and software under restriction
Time Slots
Turbine Speed Sensor
Temporary Storage Table
Technology and Software Unrestricted
Telemetry, Tracking, and Control
Timing, Trigger and Control
Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium
Translation Table Base Control Register
Temporary Traffic Control
Testing and Test Control Notation
Technology Transfer Control Plan
Tactical Tomahawk Weapons Control System
Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System
Terminal Unit
Test Unit
tuners Voltage
Thrust Vector Control
Thrust Vectoring Control
Unit Address
Unnumbered Acknowledge
using ATmega32
User Access Control
User Access Controls
Upper Area Control
User Account Controls
User Account Controller
User Authentication Control
Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles
User Based Access Control
Universal Bibliographic Control
Unidad de Control
User Control
Unit Control Block
Ubuntu Control Center
Uplink Control Information
University Consortium on Instructional Shake Tables
Understeer Control Logic
Unified Control Plane
Universal Control Panel
Upper Control Panel
User Control Panel
Union of Democratic Control
Urban Drainage and Flood Control District
United Electronic Industries
Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control
Underground Injection Control
User Interface Controller
Union for International Cancer Control
User Interface Module
United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Scheme
Upper-Layer Protocol
Ultra-low volume
Ultra Low Volume
Unacknowledged Mode
Unacknowledged Mode Data
Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act
Unbalanced Normal
United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs
United Nations Drug Control Programme
United Nations Fund for Drug Abuse Control
United Nations Office for Drug Control
United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
Unnumbered Poll
Universal Protocol Converter
User Parameter Control
Unity Power Factor
Unified Power Flow Controller
Unified Power Flow Controllers
Unified Power Quality Conditioner
Ur-Quan Masters
Universal Remote Console
Universal Remote Control
User Request Evaluation Tool
Ultimate State
Union Switch & Signal
Vehicle Actuated
Vehicle Control
Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial
Volume-Assured Pressure Support
Volume Assured Pressure Support
Visual Basic 5 Control Creation Edition
Vector Borne Disease
Variable Bleed Valves
Version Control
Vertical Control
Virtual Control
Visocous Coupling
Version Control Agent
Version Control Agents
Voltage-Controlled Amplifier
Vehicle Control Centre
Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act
Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
Vigilance Control Device
Voltage Controlled Filters
Video Controller Hub
Variable Conductance Heat Pipe
Virtual Call Identifier
Vehicle Control Module
Virtual Control Panel
Virtual Communication Relationship
Vario Compact System
Version Control System
Version Control Systems
Video Control System
Video Control Unit
Vehicle Dynamic Control
Vehicle Dynamics Control
Vacuum Control Valve
Volume Controlled Ventilation
Vienna Document
Video Disk Control Protocol
Vehicle Dynamics Control Systems
Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management
Vehicle Dynamic Integrated Management
Vehicle Dynamics Management
Vehicle Dynamics Module
vehicle dynamic module
Variable Displacement Orifice Tube
Vacuum Delay Valve
Vapor Emission Control
Vapour Emission Control
Vehicle Emission Control Information
Vehicle Emissions Control Information
Variable-frequency drive
Variable Frequency Drive
Variable Force Solenoid
Virtual Finite State Machine
Vortex Generators
Variable-Gain Amplifier
Variable Gain Amplifier
Versatile Interface Adaptor
Virtual Image Display
Virtual Integration Environment
Virtual Link Aggregation Control Protocol
Variable Load Control Module
Virtual List View
Vane Meter
Vehicle Management Computer
Virtual-8086 Mode Extensions
Vacuum Modulator Valve
Virtual Output
Voice Operated Switch
Vacuum Operated Throttle Modulator
Valve Position Indicator
Variable Pitch Propeller
Video Programming System
Video Programming Signal
Video Programme System
Video Recording System
Variable Rate
Variable Resistor
Voltage Relay
Voice Recognition Module
Voice Recording System
Vacuum Reducer Valve
Voluntary Sterilisation
Vehicle Stability Assist
Virtual Storage Access Methods
Variable Speed Control
Vehicle Speed Control
Vehicle Skid Control
Vehicle Stability Control
Vehicle System Controller
Voltage-Sourced Converter
Voltage Source Converter
Voltage Sourced Converters
Voltage Source Inverter
Voltage Source Inverters
Very Simple Control Protocol
Variable-Speed Drive
Variable Speed Drives
Variable Speed Fan
Vehicle Stability Enhancement System
Vehicle Specific Module
Visual State Manager
Variable Structure System
Visual Source Safe
Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility
Whole Arm Manipulator
Wide-Area Measurement System
Wide Area Measurement Systems
Wide Area Protection
Windows Audio Volume
Write Control
Write Control Character
Wireless Control Module
Wildlife Control Operator
Weapon Control System
Weapons Control System
Writeable Control Store
Westinghouse Digital
Watch Dog Reset
Write Enable
Wind Energy Conversion System
Windows Firewall Control
Windows Integrity Control
Western Flower Thrips
Wireless Interface Module
Wireless Operator Interface
Weight-control Information Network
Writable Instruction Set Computer
Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System
Wayside Interface Unit
Work Locus of Control Scale
Wheeled Mobile Robot
Website Management System
Wireless Networked Control System
Wing Operations Centre
Weather Proof
Wettable Powder
Wettable Powders
Workspace Pointer
Water Pollution Control
Water Pollution Control Act
Water Pollution Control Authority
Water Pollution Control Federation
Water Pollution Control Facility
Water Pollution Control Facilities
Work Planning and Control
Windows Presentation Framework
Water Quality Act
Water Quality Control Commission
Water Quality Standards
Water Quality Standard
Wireless Remote
Written Request
Westchester Radio Aero Modeler
Explicit Control Protocol
Extended Report
Yet Another Auto Brightness
Yamaha Ride Control
Yaw Rate Sensor
Zangger Committee
Zone Controllers
Zone of Control
Zero Crossing Point
Zone Marker
Zero Moment Point
Ziegler Nichols
Zero Order Hold