Popular Design acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Analysis and Design
Art and Design
Architect and Engineer
Architektur & Wohnen
Architectural Registration Exam
Applied Aerodynamics
Algorithm Architecture Adequation
Asociación Andaluza de Diseñadores
Architecture Analysis Design Language
Avionics Architecture Description Language
American Architecture Foundation
Academy of Architecture for Health Foundation
Assael Associates, Inc
American Association for State Highway and Transportation Officials
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official
Audio Branding Academy
American Brugmansia and Datura Society
Always Be Knolling
Analog Behavioral Model
Address Based Sampling
Animal Crossing
Austin Center for Design
Academy of Couture Art
Association of Curators of Art and Design Images
Advanced Concepts Center
Activity Centered Design
Associate Creative Director
Association of Composite Door Manufacturers
Aruba Certified Design Expert
Accurate Circuit Engineering
Associated Compiler Experts
American Clearinghouse on Educational Facilities
Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society
Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger
Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Adobe Certified Instructor
Autodesk Certified Instructor
Advanced Circuitry International
Argus Center for Information Architecture
Anti Copying In Design
Architecture Centre Network
Adobe Certified Professional
Adaptive cluster sampling
Ant Colony System
Advanced Computer Systems Engineering Laboratory
Applied Creative Thinking
Association for Contract Textiles
Autodesk Certified User
Australian Council of University Art and Design School
Air-cushion vehicle
Active Disassembly
Ann Demeulemeester
Architecture Document
Art & Design
Art Director
Attention to detail
Aqua Design Amano
Audio Design Associates
Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Application Design for Analytical Processing Technologies
Advanced Design Concepts
Analog-to-Digital Convertor
Art Directors Club
Authorized Design Center
Art Directors Club Italiano
Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington
Architecture Definition Document
American Design and Drafting Association
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation
Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate
Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation
Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate
Analog Design Environment
Art Directors Guild
Applied Dynamics International
Art Design International
Association of Designers of India
Associazione per il Disegno Industriale
Alpha Design Labs
Aluminum Design Manual
Apparel Design and Merchandising
Art, Design & Media
Art, Design and Media
Austin Drawing Office
Accessible Digital Office Document
Acyclic Dependency Principle
Advisory Design Panel
All-digital phase locked loop
All Digital Phase Locked Loop
All Digital Phase-Locked Loop
Architects, Designers & Planners For Social Responsibility
Architects, Designers, Planners for Social Responsibility
Action Design Research
Activity Data Sheet
Advanced Debugging System
Advanced Design System
Aeronautical Design Standard
Architectural Design Session
Administrative Delay Time
Advanced Design Technology
Average Daily Truck Traffic
Additional Dwelling Unit
Age Exploration
Altera Edition
Architect Engineer
Automotive Electronic Council
Advanced Engineering from Germany
Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems
Aircraft Engine Historical Society
Affiliated Engineers, Inc
Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience and Interior Design
Annual Exceedance Probability
Application Engineers
Add Floating
Additive Fabrication
Anticipatory Failure Determination
Approved For Design
Automatic Fire Detection
analog front-end
Analog Front End
Analogue Front End
Analog Front Ends
Asia Fashion Federation
Artists For Humanity
Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement
Automatic Feature Recognition
Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
Academy of Fashion Studies
Africa Fashion Week London
Association of Graphic Communications
Air Gun Designs
Alliance Graphique Internationale
Advisory Group on Computer Graphics
Automated Guideway Transit System
Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants
Attribute Hiding Factor
Affordable Housing Plan
Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia
Air Handling Units
Air Handling Units
Agency Interest
Assigner's Initials
American Insitute of Architects
American Institue of Architects
American Institute of Architect
American Institute of Architects Students
American Institute of Architect Students
American Institute of Architects, San Fernando Valley
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development
Associazione Italiana Calcestruzzo Armato e Precompresso
Australian Institute of Creative Design
Adobe In Design
Association of Interior Design Professionals
Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing
All India Entrance Examination for Design
Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture
American Institute of Graphic Art
Accelerated Insertion of Materials
Authoring Instructional Material
Automated Inventory Management System
Aircraft Interior Products
Approval in Principle
Approval in Principal
Artistic Infusion Program
Australian Industrial Property Organisation
Affordable Interior Systems
american iron steel institute
All India Selection Test
Adobe Illustrator Template
Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Technischer
Acoustic Induced Vibration
Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts
American Jewelry Design Council
Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer
Architectural Lighting
Advanced Learning and Research Institute
Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts
Associated Landscape Contractors of America
Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado
Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer
Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland
Advanced Library Format
Advanced Lighting Guidelines
Adaptive Logic Modules
Additional Living Quarters
Accidental Limit States
Abstract Model
Art Moore
Availability Management
Advanced Microprocessor Bus Architecture
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
Akademie Mode & Design
Advanced Model for Extreme Lift and Improved Aeroacoustics
Additive Manufacturing File
Ashley Marc Hovelle
Advanced Management Institute
Algorithmic Modeling Interface
Adaptive Modeling Language
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Advanced Microcomputer System
Advanced Microcomputer Systems
Analog and Mixed-Signal
Analog Mixed Signal
Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology
Apparel Manufacture & Technology
Art, Media, and Technology
Association of Northwest Landscape Designers
Atelier National de Recherche Typographique
Agent Name Server
Antenna Optimizer
Adaptive Optics Associates
Academy of Design
Association of Illustrators
Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals
Archetype Object Model
Aquatic Organism Passages
Art is Open Source
Actual performance
Adobe Photoshop
Area Planning
Altair Partner Alliance
Allegro Package Designer
Analysis Process Designer
Asia Pacific Design
Associação Portuguêsa de Designers
Association of Professional Design Firms
All-Party Parliamentary Design and Innovation Group
Avaya Professional Design Specialist
Asian Packaging Federation
Application Processor Interface
Architectural Publications Index
Association of Professional Landscapers
Association of Professional Landscape Designers
Average Planar Linear Heat Generation Rate
Association of Project Safety
Audio Pro Solutions
Auxiliary Processor Unit
Aggregate Root
Alter Reality
Architecture Review
Architectural Registration Exams
Architecture Registration Examination
Alex Racing Design
Association for Retail Environments
Alternate Reality Game
Alternate Reality Games
Alternate Reality Games
Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario
Advanced Reactors Information System
Access Research Network
Adaptive Real-Time
Advanced Rendering Tools
Advanced Research and Technology
Allowable Stress
Application Specific
Architect Schools
Architectural Services
Albert Speer & Partner
American School & University
Annular Slot Antenna
American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers
American Society of Architectural Perspectivists
Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry
American Society of Body Engineers
Active Sound Design
Advanced Service Designer
Advanced Spring Design
Allowable Strength Design
Aluminum Standards and Data
Avaya Solution Designer
Aerospace Systems Design Lab
Accelerated Solution Environment
Adobe Swatch Exchange
Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines
Atmel Software Framework
American Society of Furniture Designers
Application Support Group
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Acceleration Severity Index
American Society of Irrigation Consultants
Aplication Specific Integrated Circuit
Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Applications Specific Integrated Circuit
Applications Specific Integrated Circuits
Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
Application Specific Integrated Circuits
American Society of Interior Decorators
American Society of Naval Engineers
Abnormal Situation Management
Algorithmic State Machine
American Society Mechanical Engineers
American Society for Precision Engineering
American Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Alta Scuola Politecnica
Aplication Service Provider
Access Service Requests
Application-specific standard product
Application-Specific Standard Products
Application-Specific Standard Products
Application Specific Standard Products
Application Specific Standard Parts
Agreed Service Time
American Society of Tool and Manufacturing Engineers
Automotive Simulation World Congress
Aid to Artisans
Associative Topology Bus
Alternative Technical Concepts
AutoCAD Training Center
Autodesk Training Center
Alternative Technical Concepts
Accredited Tier Designer
Apparel and Textile Design
Apparel Training and Design Centre
Apparel Training & Design Centre
Appropriate Technology Design Team
Above the Fold
Accessibility Task Force
American Type Founders
Anti-Terrorist Force Protection
Automatic Test Generation
Amateur Telescope Maker
Anthony Thomas Melillo
Acceptance Test Plan
Automatic Test Pattern Generation
Automatic Test Program Generation
Automatic Test Pattern Generator
Automatic Test-Pattern Generation
Acceptance Test Report
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
Adaptive Technology Resource Center
Accredited Tier Specialist
Anti-Torpedo Torpedo
Advanced Technology Transit Bus
Architecture, Urban
Autodesk University
Aplin Uno Creative
Autodesk Utility Design
Alabama Urban Forestry Association
Application User Interface
Audio User Interface
Atlassian User Interface
Audio Video Electronics
Audio Video Engineering
Audio Video Export
Advanced Visualization Lab
Adaptive Vehicle Make
Advanced Verification Methodology
Advanced Vehicle Technology
Architect View Products
Adaptive Voltage Scaling
Audio Visual Systems
Adaptive Web Design
Association of Web Design Professionals
Association of Woodworking and Furniture Suppliers
Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Arbitrary Waveform Generation
Association of Women Industrial Designers
All Walks of Life
Applied Wave Research
Bigelow & Holmes
Building, Ecology, Science and Technology
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Block 2
Business-to-Business B2C Business-to-Consumer
Bachelor of Architectural Engineering
Bayerische Akademie für Fernsehen
Bellevue Arts Museum
British Art Medal Society
Bau Beratung Architektur
Beyer Blinder Belle
Building Back Better Communities
Beginning of Curve
Bounded Context
Buried Capacitance
Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials
Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design
Business Card Maker
Bonded Concrete Overlay
Basic Design
Boutique Design
Building Designers Australia
Beyond design basis accident
Behavior Driven Design
Behaviour Driven Design
Bachelor of Design
Bund Deutscher Grafik-Designer
Byte Data Link Controller
Building Design Suite
Basic Engineering
Business Extension Bureau
Basic Engineering Design
Basic Engineering Design Data
Bureau of European Designers Associations
Bureau of European Design Association
Bureau of European Designer Associations
Bureau of European Designers Association
British European Design Group
British Engineering Excellence Awards
Built Environment Education Program
Basic Engineering Package
Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design
Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design
Biostatistics, Epidemiology, & Research Design
Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design
Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Research Design
Bridge Engineering Software & Technology
Bildung Formation Biel-Bienne
British Fashion Council
Bachelor in Fashion Design
Basis for Design
Block Flow Diagrams
Block Flow Diagram
Block Flow Diagrams
Buckminster Fuller Institute
Bangladesh Furniture and Interior De
Bus Functional Models
Bus Function Model
Business Forms Management Association
Be File System
Bard Graduate Center
Brand Identity
Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design
Balanced Incomplete Block
Building Industry Consulting Services
Bachelor of Industrial Design
Bachelor of Interior Design
British Interior Design Association
British Institute of Interior Design
Built-In Logic Block Observer
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools
Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool
British Invention Show
Built-In Self-Repair
Build-in Self Test
Built-In-Self Test
Built-In Self-Test
built in self testing
Body in White
Bachelor in Landscape Architecture
Building Loads Analysis and System Thermodynamics
Branch Library Improvement Program
Beam Loss Monitor
Business Leaders of Charlotte
Business Model
Black Magic Design
Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design
British Materials Handling Board
Board Management Reference
British Maritime Technology
Bit Number
Back of the book
Best of Best
Board of Engineering of Trinidad and Tobago
Business of Fashion
Benelux Office for Intellectual Property
Build of Materials
Business Object Notation
Bill of Process
Bill of Quantities
Business Objects
Buffalo Organization for Social and Technological Innovation
Best Product
Building Practitioners Board
Business Process Design
Band Pass Filters
Ballistic Particle Manufacturing
Beam Position Monitor
Beam Propagation Method
Best Practice Network
Business Processes Reengineering
Beautiful Revolution
Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames
Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio
Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete
Breault Research Organization
Boundary Scan
Base System Builder
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
Band-Stop Filter
Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte
Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering
Boris Simon Konzeption & Design
Browser Safe Palette
Boundary Scan Test
Building Technology Educators Society
Build to order
Built To Order
Borneo Tropical Rainforest Foundation
Capabilities and Limitations
Corrosion Allowance
Creative Arts
Creative Associates
Computer Assisted Animation
Critical Area Analysis
Cyprus Architects Association
Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico
Cartridge-actuated device
Computer Aided Desing
Computer Aided Draughting
Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Aid Drafting & Design
Center for Advanced Digital Applications
Computer Aided Drug Design
Computer Aided Drafting and Design
Computer Aided Design and Drawing
Computer Assisted Drafting & Design
Computer Aided Designs
Computer Assisted Design and Drafting
Computer Aided Design System
Computer Aided Engineering Design
Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture
Center for Accessible Environments
Computer Aided Geometric Design
Computer Aided Molecular Design
Composite Affordability Initiative
Computer Architecture Laboratory
Computer Assisted Manufacture
Computer Aided Machining
College of Arts, Media and Design
Computer Assisted Molecular Design
Centro Administrativo Nacional
Certificado de Aptidão Profissional
Colors and Placements
Computer Aided Process Engineering Center
Center for Architectural Science and Ecology
Computer Aided Software Engeneering
Computer Aided Software-Engineering
Copy And Steal Everything
Council for Advancement & Support of Education
Centre for Applied Technology
Creative Ability Test
Creative Aptitude Test
Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access
Computer Aided Technology, Inc
Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application
China Academy of Urban Planning and Design
Computer Assisted Virtual Environment
Carte Blanche
Center Of Buoyancy
Center for Book Arts
Choosing By Advantage
Choice-Based Conjoint
Certified Bath Designer
Certified Bathroom Designer
Certified Bathroom Designers
Cloud-Based Design and Manufacturing
Concentrically Braced Frames
Coatings by Sandberg
Computer Based Tutorials
Computer Based Tutorial
Color Code
Column Cap
Components Consumed
Configuration Channel
Conformance Class
Conformance Classes
Content Creation
Creative Cloud
Circuit Card Assemblies
Centre for Creative Arts and Media
Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda
Central Composite Design
Concrete Capacity Design
Cape Craft and Design Institute
Controlled Combustion Engine
Center for Cold-Formed Steel Structures
Composites Consulting Group
Component Capacity Management
Composite Crew Module
Ceiling Cavity Ratio
Center for Creative Studies
Composite Current Source
Concrete Colour Systems
Constraint Cascading Style Sheets
Composite Concept Vehicle
Center Distance
Coefficient Of Drag
Collection Detail
Contextual Design
Corporate Design
Cover Design
Cover Designer
Creative Digital
Creative Director
Center for Digital Arts
Conceptual Design Activities
Clock-Domain Crossing
Clock Domain Crossing
Crystal Design Center
Certified Data Center Design Professional
Certified Data Centre Design Professional
Certified Data Center Management Professional
Certified Data Centre Management Professional
Conceptual Design Document
Chairs in Design Engineering
Cooke Douglass Farr Lemons
Card Driven Game
Costume Designers Guild
Collector-Diffusion Isolation
Computer Design & Integration
Conceive Design Implement Operate
Camp, Dresser and McKee
Conceptual Data Model
Conceptual Data Models
Custom Development Method
Computation for Design and Optimization
Cloud Design Patterns
Center for Design Research
Conceptual Design Review
Conceptual Design Report
Critical Design Reviews
Critical Design Report
Contract Deliverables Requirements List
CubeSat Design Specification
Craft Design Technology
Counter Display Unit
Coverage Driven Verification
Civil Engineers
Coded Element
Concept Exploration
Consulting Engineer
Custom Electronics
Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association
Center for Employment Dispute Resolution
Centre for Electronics Design and Technology
Center for Energy Efficient Design
Common Entrance Examination for Design
Council for Educational Facility Planners International
Council of Educational Facility Planners International
Council of Educational Facility Planners, International
Council of Educational Facilities Planners International
Common Electrical Interface
Coupled Eulerian Lagrangian
Centre for Effective Learning Environments
Conveyor Equipment Manufacturing Association
Conveyor Equipment Manufacture Association
Conveyors Equipment Manufacturers Association
Centre for Efficiency-Oriented Languages
Computer Engineering Research Center
Consulting Engineers South Africa
Centre for Employability Through the Humanities
Crew Exploration Vehicle
Crew Exploration Vehicles
Computational Flow Dynamics
Computational Fluid-Dynamics
Computer Fluid Dynamic
Council of Fashion Designers of American
Center for Innovation
Continuous Flow Intersections
Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation
Certified Food Service Professional
Certified Food Service Professionals
Configurable Fault Tolerant Processor
Caribbean Fashion Week
Collaborative Group
Computer & Graphics
Certified GeoExchange Designer
Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing
Computer Graphics and Game Technology
Computer Generated Image
Computer Generated Images
Computer Generated Imaging
Computer Generated Images
Computer Graphics Imagery
Computer Graphics Metafiles
Certified Green Professionals
Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks
Computer Graphics Technology
Carolina Herrera
Certificate Holder
Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code
Center for Health Design
Computer Hardware Description Language
Certified Human Factors Professional
Composite Hull High Altitude Powered Platform
Coherent Hub Interface
Computer Human Interaction Forum of Oregon
Computer Human Interaction for the Management of Information Technology
Collaborative of High Performance Schools
Certified Horticultural Technician
Cascaded Integrator Comb
Certified Irrigation Contractor
Chip Implementation Center
Centre for Innovation in Complex Care
Center for Instructional Design
Certified Interior Designer
Certified Interior Decorators
Certified Interconnect Designers
Certified Irrigation Designer
Cisco Internetwork Design
Coverings Installation and Design
Council for Interior Design Accreditation
Cross-disciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research
Chicago Interactive Design & Development
CalTech Intermediate Form
Caltech Intermediate Format
Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering
Close-In Gun System
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition
Computer Integrated Manufacture
Contact Information Management System
Component Information Portal
Component Information System
Central Illinois Riding Therapy
Corporate Identity System
Contract Industrial Tooling
Center for Information Technology and Architecture
Central Institute of Tool Design
Computer Integrated Textile Design Association
Certified Internet Web
Charles Jourdan
California Jewelers Association
Color Jet Printing
Complete Joint Penetration
Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
Certified Kitchen Designer
Certified Kitchen Designers
Claesson Koivisto Rune
Center for Knowledge Societies
Centre for Knowledge Societies
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation
Curve Length
Carry Look-Ahead Adder
Carry Look Ahead
Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Board
Configurable Logic Block
Configurable Logic Blocks
Configurable Logic Cell
Certified Lead Carpenter
Certified Lighting Consultant
Closed Loop Color
Centre for Learning Design and Development
Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional
Collaborative Learning Flow Patterns
Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
Certified Landscape Professional
Certified Landscape Technician
Circuit Layout Record
Center for Life Safety Education
Centre for Learning and Teaching in Art and Design
Color Mode
Conceptual Model
Conceptual Modeling
Content Management Application
Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
Compact Modeling Council
Compact Model Council
Center for Media Design
Common Mode Failure
Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer
Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer
Current Mode Logic
Circuits Multi-Projects
Central Mine Planning and Design Institute
Cambridge Materials Selector
Cellular Manufacturing System
Church Management System
Client Management System
Color Managment System
Computer Management Systems
Contact Management System
Client Music Synthesis
Conceptual Models
Constraints Management Systems
Content Management Systems
Content Management Solutions
Content Managment System
Content Management Services
Content Management Solution
Content Management Systemen
Content Management Sytem
Content Manager Software
Content Managemen System
Content Management Sys
Contents Management System
Crisis Management System
Customer Management System
Custom Management System
Content Management Simplified
Content Mangement Software
Customs Management System
Content Management Systems
Clock Management Tile
Clock Multiplier Unit
Carmen Marc Valvo
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key
Cyan, magenta, yellow, and key
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key
Cyan Magenta Yellow Key
Creative Nail Design
Center for New Media
Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information
Course Outcomes
Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research
Cycon Online Gaming
Council of Industrial Design
Computer On Module
Computer On Modules
Common On-Chip Processor
Create Once Publish Everywhere
Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessels
Congress of Residential Architects
Center of Reliable Power Electronics
Center of Standardization
Committee on Specifications
Customer-Owned Tooling
Customer Owned Tooling
Committee on the Environment
Constant Power
Cleveland Public Art
Concrete Pavement Analyst
Continued Prosecution Application
Continuing Prosecution Application
Consejo Profesional de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
China Productivity Center
Collaborative Product Commerce
Collaborative Product Development
Collaborative Product Design
Communication Power Corporation
Concurrent Product Development
Concrete Products Group
Collaborative Product Development Associates
Certified Process Design Engineer
Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing
Centre for Pavement Engineering Education
Center for Power Electronics Systems
Common Power Format
Characters Per Line
Common Parts Library
Complementary Pass-transistor Logic
Complex Programmable Logic Device
Complex Programmable Logical Device
Complex Programmable Logic Devices
Chip Power Model
Critical Process Parameters
Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber Physical Systems
Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber Physical Systems
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Crime Prevention Though Environmental Design
Centeral Processing Unit
Certified Professional Webmaster
Critical Quality Attributes
Critical Quality Attributes
Command and Query Separation
Certified Remodeler
Certified Remodelers
Combine Room
Control Register 3
Camera Ready Art
Circuit Realization At Faster Timescales
Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
Class Responsibility Collaboration
Continuously Reinforced Concrete
Continuous Reinforced Concrete Pavement
Completely Randomized Design
Center for Research and Education on Aging and Technology Enhancement
Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technology
Case Report Form
Case Report Forms
Case Report Forms
Criterion Referenced Instruction
Cultural Research in Technology
Columbia River Knife and Tool
Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan
Computer Resources Life-Cycle Management Plan
Continual Reassessment Method
Composite Reuse Principle
Certified Remodeling Project Manager
Center for Renewal of Science and Culture
Campus Recreation and Unions
Calendar Store
Case Study
Clock Shaped
Computer Services
Creative Suite
Cuckoo Search
Capabilities Set 2
Capability Set 3
Capability Set 4
Class Selector 2
Class Selector 3
class selector 5
Class Selector 6
Creative Suite 3
Creative Suite 4
Creative Suite 6
Computer Systems Advisers
Customer Solution Adoption
Center for Science and Culture
Computer Software Component
Computer Software Components
Computer Software Configuration Item
Computer Software Configuration Items
Computer Supported Co-operative Work
Chartered Society of Designers
Computer System Designers
Context Sensitive Design
Canadian Satellite Design Challenge
Conceptual Schema Design Procedure
Center for Sustainable Design Studies
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
Consulting Specifying Engineer
Complex Specified Information
Computer Society International Design Competition
Central Saint Martins
Computational Structural Mechanics
Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers
Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering
Corrugated Steel Pipe
Concept Study Report
Casading Style Sheets
Cascaded Style Sheets
Cascade Style Sheet
Cascade Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Styles Sheets
Cascading Sytle Sheets
Cascading Style Sheet 2
Cascading Style Sheets 3
Cascading Style Sheet 3
Cascading Style Sheets
Computer Service Support
Computer Software Service
Context Sensitive Solutions
Context Sensitive Solution
Customer Service System
Custom Silicon Solutions
Customer Specific Standard Product
Customer Specific Standard Products
Center for Scholarly Technology
Compound Semiconductor Technologies
Computer Simulation Technology
Contemporary Stone & Tile Design
Centre for Speech Technology Research
Computer Science Technical Reports
Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor
Computer Software Units
Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts
Component Testing
Composite template
Curriculum Transformation and Disability
Coast to Coast
Composite Technology Development
Core Test Language
Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
Continuous-Time Linear Equalizer
Continuous Time Linear Equalizer
Continuous Time Linear Equalization
Compute Through Power Loss
Cooling Technologies Research Center
Certified Technical Specialist
Clock Tree Synthesis
Continuous Transverse Stub
Critical to Satisfaction
Commercial Use
Commercial Use for Commercial Use
Customer Use 3
Certified Usability Analyst
Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Center for Universal Design
Center for Universal Design in Education
Cisco Unity Design and Networking
Comparative Usability Evaluation
Character-based User Interface
Common User Interface
Center for Urban Pedagogy
Center for Usability Research and Engineering
Circuit Under Test
Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study
Cisco Validated Design
Cisco Validated Designs
Cisco Validated Designs
Chief Visionary Officer
Computer-controlled Vehicle System
Chicago Women in Architecture
Cognitive Work Analysis
Design & Analysis
Design analysis
Deep & Meaningful
Design and Manufacturing
Design and Reuse
Design and Technology
Design & Applied Arts Index
Design and Applied Arts Index
Design and Art Australia Online
Dictionary of Australian Artists Online
Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
Design, Art, Architecture and Planning
Design, Architecture and Building
Design Assistance Corporation
Design Augmented by Computer
Design & Artists Copyright Society
Dipartimento di Architettura e Design
Dynamic Analysis and Design System
Design Analysis Kit for Optimization and Terascale Applications
Design Assurance Levels
Design Assurance Levels
Direct Analysis Method
Digital Arts and New Media
Design Assistance Program
Design Abstracts Retrospective
Design Against Radiation Effects
Design Automation Standards Committee
Design Basis Accident
Design Basis Earthquake
Design, Build, Fly
Design Build Fly
Design, Build, Operate and Maintain
Design Basis Threat
Divide By Zero
Design Certification
Design Compiler
Designed Circuit
Design Criteria
Diagnostic Coverage
Dubai Culture and Arts
Dubai Culture and Arts Authority
Designs, Codes and Cryptography
Duty Cycle Distortion
Deterministic Clock Gating
Digitally Controlled Impedance
Denton Corker Marshall
Double Crystal Monochromator
Design Change Notices
Drawing Change Notice
Digitally Controlled Oscillator
Data Connection Resource
design change requests
Discreet Cosine Transform
Design Document
Design Drawing
Digital Designs
Dynamic Design Analysis Method
Danish Design Center
Design and Development Center
Digital Down-Converter
Digital Down Converter
Digital Down Converters
Domain Development Corp
Database Design Document
Domain Driven Development
Distributed Domain Driven Design
Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer
Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis
Diverging Diamond Interchange
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Detailed Design Review
Device Description Repository
Device Description Repositories
Design Data Sheet
Detailed Design Specifications
Detailed Engineering Design
Diamond Design Studios
Dominion Dealer Solutions
Database Design Tool
Design Driven Testing
Design, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Design Development Test and Evaluation
Design & Environment
Design Engineering
Data Environment Designer
Design and Equipment
Desktop Engineering
Dissemination Element
Domain Entity
Detail Engineering Design
Designing Enabling Economies and Policies
Design Exchange Format
Design Engineered Interface
Design and Engineering Practices
Design and Engineering Practice
Diversified Educational Systems
Design and Engineering Support Program
Design Factor
Digital Filter
Designs for Change
Design for Additive Manufacturing
Design for Cost
Data Flow Diagrams
Data Flow Diagramming
Data Flow Diagrammer
Data Flow Diagrams
Design for Debug
Diploma in Fashion Designing
Design for Excellence
Design for the Environment
Design for Fabrication
Design for Health
Designs for Health
Design for Logistics
Design for Lean Six Sigma
Design for Manufacturability
Design for Manufacture / Assembly
Design for Manufacture and Assembly
Design for Manufacturing & Assembly
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Design for Manufacture & Assembly
Design for Manufacturability and Assembly
Design for Manufacturing Assembly
Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis
Design Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
Design Failure Modes Effects Analysis
Dual Flat No-lead
Design for Performance
Design For Power
Design for Procurement
Design for Production
Design for Recycling
Design for Quality
Decreasing Failure Rate
Design for Reliability
Design For Testability
Design for Service
Design for Sustainability
Design for Test
Digital Frequency Synthesizer
Design for Six Sigma
Design for Trustworthy Software
Dhaka Fashion Week
Design For eXcellence
Design for Yield
Design Goals
Design Guide
Dolce Gabbana
Diehl Group Architects
Defected Ground Structure
Design and Human Environment
Design Human Engineering
Design History File
Design History Files
Device History File
Design History Files
Device History Record
Dynamics Hyper Text Markup Language
Design Hourly Volume
Design Hour Volume
Design Information Bulletin
Device Interface Board
Design Innovation and Craft Resource Centre
Design Innovation and Craft Resource Center
Duplication is Evil
Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems
Disruptive Innovation Festival
Designers Institute of New Zealand
Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology
Dependency Inversion Principle
Design Innovation in Plastics
Doing It Right This Time
Design, Innovation, and Society
Document Information System
David Johnson
Discrete Jitter
Domain Key Normal Form
Dynamic Knowledge Repository
Desain Komunikasi Visual
Drafting Libraries
Design Lighting Consortium
Digital Logic Circuit
Digital Logic Circuits
Detailed Level Design
Digital Library Integrated Task Environment
Day Light Opening
Data Local Reconstruction Layer
Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifiers
Daily Meter
Data Model
Data Modeling
Design and Manufacturing
Design and Modeling
Design Managers
Design Manual
Design Modification
Digital Media
Digital Media Arts
Dimensional Modeling
Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
Design Media Arts
Doesn't Mean Anything
Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify
Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, and Verify
Digital Media Access Group
Digital Media and Design
Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation
Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute
Design, Manufacture, and Industrial Innovation
Digital Manufacturing Design Innovation Institute
Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement
Decision Making Framework
Down Memory Lane
Design Mod Project
Digital Media Production
Device Master Record
Device Master Records
Design Manual for Roads and Bridges
Database Management System
Design and Manufacturing Services
Design Maintenance System
Design Management System
Digital Media Services
Digital Media Technology
Diplôme National d'Arts Plastiques
Dot Net Nuke
Design Office
Domain Object
Drawing Office
Design of Experiements
Design of Experiments
Diffractive Optical Elements
Design Options for Home Visiting Evaluation
Domino Object Model
Department of Shipping
Design of the Times
Design & Pricing
Design and Pricing
Design Parameters
Design Project
Design Pressure
Digital Project
Dynamic Power Analysis
Digital Pre Distortion
Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks
Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association
Direct Power Injection
Direct Programming Interface
Defective Parts Per Million
Dell Precision Performance Optimizer
Department of Parks & Recreation
Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration
Disability Programs and Resource Center
Design Printing Services
Digital Publishing Suite
Digital Publishing Solution
Double Page Spread
Digital Principles and Systems Design
Dataplane Processor Units
Design Qualification
Design Quality Assurance
Design Review
Digital Routing
Design Reference Architecture
Dielectric Resonator Antenna
Design Review Based on Failure Mode
Design Review Based on Failure Modes
Design Rule Checking
Design Rule Checker
Design Rule Checks
Design Rules Check
Design Rule Checks
Design Requirements Document
Dual Role Device
Design, Research, and Education for Additive Manufacturing Systems
Design Research Laboratory
Design Reference Mission
Design Reference Missions
Design Requirements Manual
Dielectric Resonator Oscillator
Dynamic Reconfiguration Port
Design Review Team
Deformation Resistance Welding
Do not Repeat Yourself
Data Service
Data Strategy
Design Science
Design Specification
Design Specifications
Design Study
Design Stage
Digital System
Digital Systems
Design Studio for Social Intervention
Design Sensitivity Analysis
Digital Step Attenuators
Detailed System Design
Digital Smile Design
Dispute Systems Design
Dynamic Software Development Method
Double Skin Facade
Display Serial Interface
Design Science License
Dependency Structure Matrix
Dependency Structure Matrices
Design Structure Matrix
Design Structure Matrices
Dependency Structure Matrices
Design Structure Matrices
Direct Strength Method
Design Services Network
Digital Signal Process
Domain-Specific Program Development
Detailed Standard Parasitic Format
Digital Signal Processors
digital signal process
Design Science Research
Design and Technology
Defense Science & Technology Agency
Don't Shoot the Messenger
Designer Shoe Warehouse
Definition Term
Design Technologies
Design Temperature
Document Templates
Design to Cost
Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
Design-Technology Co-Optimization
Diploma in Textile Designing
Document Type Defination
Design that Matters
Desk Top Manufacturing
David Taylor Model Basin
Data Transfer Objects
Design to Order
Desk-top Publishing
Desk Top Publishing
Digital Up-Converter
Digital up conversion
Digital Up Converters
Delft University of Technology
Design Under Test
Displacement Ventilation
Delaware Valley Green Building Council
Design Value Index
Design Verification Plan
Design Verification Testing
Design Verification Tests
Design Verification & Testing
Digital Video Production
Design Verification Plan & Report
Design Verification Plan and Report
Design Variables
Design and Verification Tools
Design Validation Test
Design Validation Testing
Data View Web Part
Data View Web Parts
Diploma in Web Designing
Diploma in Web Design
Design Web Format
Enterprise Application Architecture
Expressive Arts and Design
Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor
European Academic Software Award
Engineering Brief
Effective Branding Awesome Quality
Evidence-Based Design
Evidence Based Design
Eccentrically Braced Frame
Eccentrically Braced Frames
Eccentric Braced Frames
Eccentrically Braced Frames
Electromagnetic Band Gap
Electronic Bill Of Material
Engineered Barrier System
Engineered Barrier Systems
Engine Build Up
End of Curve
Equivalence Checking
Enhanced CANDU 6
Electrical Computer Aided Design
Electronic Computer Aided Design
Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne
Evidence-Centered Design
Evidence Centered Design
Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Exemplary Course Program
Environmental Claims Validation
Engineering design
Engineering Development
Experimental Design
Electronic Design and Automation
Electronics Design Automation
Engineering Design Automation
Engineering Design Activities
Engineering Design Activity
Engineering Design & Analysis
Evidence-based Design Accreditation & Certification
Electronic Design Centre
European Design Centre
European Design Center
Exabytes Designer Club
Engineering Design and Development
Engineering Design & Development
Edison Design Group
Experimental Design Generator And Randomiser
Ecological Design Institute
Educational Design Institute
Engineering Dynamics Incorporated
Escuela de Diseño del Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes
Escola de Design Interativo e Tecnologia
Electronic Direct Marketing
Email Direct Marketing
Engineering Design Process
Engineering Data Management System
Electrical Design News
Electronic Design Processes
Engineering Design Package
Environmental Dimension Partnership
Electronic Design Process Symposium
Educational Design Research
Engineering Design Review
Engineering Design Services
Engineering Design Team
Engineering Design Test
Engineering Design Unit
Electrical Distribution Systems
Electrical Distribution System
Electronic Distribution System
Electronic Design Services
Electronic Design and Solution
Embedded Design Suite
Engineering Data System
Embedded Deterministic Test
Electronics Engineer
Electronic Engineering Times
Excellent Effort
Energy Efficiency Design Index
Earth Entry Vehicle
Exchange Forms Designer
Experimental Fluid Dynamics
Ethical Fashion Initiative
Early Failure Rate
Experimental Game Lab
European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group
European Hygienic Equipment Design Group
Effective Horse Power
European Internet Accessibility Observatory
Excellence in Design
European Institute for Design and Disability
Earth Imaging System
Engineering Information Systems
Expansion Joints Manufacturers Association
Expansion Joint Manufactures Association
Electronic Journal of Structural Engineering
Engineering Knowledge Manager
Elementary Key Normal Form
Element Layer
Ecological Landscape Alliance
Entity Life History
Entity Life-Histories
East London Small Business Centre
Electrical Model
Engineering Model
Engineering Models
Electro-Mechanical Actuators
Eisenhower Memorial Commission
Electro Magnetic Capability
Engineering Ministries International
External Memory Interface
Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge
Educational Modelling Language
Educational Modelling Languages
Experiment Modules
Eastern Mediterrenean University
Emirates Nuclear Energy Company
European Networking Group
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs
Evolution News and Views
End of Row
Engineering Prototype
Engineer Pamphlet
Environmental Performance Criteria
Electronic Product Design
Electronics Packaging Designer
Electromechanics and Power Electronics
Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency
Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency
European Pressure Equipment Research Council
Engineering Policy Guide
Erasable Programmable Logic Devices
Electronic Product News
Extensible Processing Platform
Equivalent Parallel Resistance
Electronic Power System
Encapsulated Post Script
Encapsulated PostScript supported
Essential Principles
Extended Packages
Electronic Performance Support Systems
Efficiency Quotient
Electric Quilt
Engineering Report
Equipe Recherche
Entity Relationship Diagrams
Entity Relationships Diagram
Entity-relationship diagrams
Entity Relationship Diagrams
Electrical Rule Check
Electrical Rule Checks
Entity-Relation Diagram
Entity-Relations Diagrams
Entity Relational Database
Entity Relation Diagrams
Environmental Research & Design
Ecole de Recherche Graphique
Environmental Resource Guide
Entity-Relationship eXpert
Entity Relationship eXpert
Embedded Software
Engineering Silicon
Engineering Systems
Ergonomics Society
Enterprise Suite 2
Electronically Steered Array
Embedded System Access
Escola Superior de Artes e Design
Equivalent Single Axle Load
Equivalent Single-Axle Load
Equivalent Standard Axle Loads
Electronic Standard Book Number
Engineering Service Centers
Electronic Systems Contractors
Electronic System Design
Embedded Systems Design
Engineering and Systems Design
Engineering Systems and Design
Electronics System Design and Manufacturing
Electronic System Design and Manufacturing
Electronic System Design & Manufacturing
Engineering Sciences Data Unit
Engineering Science Data Unit
Enterprise Solutions Engineering
Engineering Services Group
Essex Safety Glass
Early Supplier Involvement
Ergonomics Society of Korea
Electronic System Level
Engineering Standards Manual
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing
Enhanced Screen Quality
Electronic Safety and Security
Equivalent Single Wheel Load
Edward Tufte
Embedded Technology
Envelope Tracking
Equipment Templates
Experimentation Testing
Engineering Technical Letter
Fashion Institute of Technology
Frequency Analysis
Full Adder
Field Application Engineering
Fellows of the American Institute of Certified Planners
Fast Adaptable Next-Generation
Forum Alpine Renault
Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America
Fashion and Student Trends
Features from the Accelerated Segment Test
Facilitating Analysis and Synthesis Technologies for Effective Reconfiguration
Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Filter Bank
Font Bureau
format block
Form-Based Codes Institute
Form Based Codes Institute
Fogg Behavior Model
Flexible Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Faculty of Creative Multimedia
Fritsch, Chiari & Partner
Filter Design
Functional Diagram
Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines
Fashion Design Council of the Philippines
Furniture Design Competition
Frequency Domain Duplex
Functional Design Documents
Fachverband Deutscher Floristen
Facilities Design Guidelines
finite-element analysis
Finite Elements Analysis
Finite Element Analyses
Front-End Engineering and Design
front-end engineering design
Front-End Engineering & Design
Front End Engineering Design
Front End Engineering and Design
Front End Engineering & Design
Front End Engineering Designs
Fatal Error Infotable
Front End Modules
Front End Modules
Finite Element Model
Finite Element Models
Focus Exposure Matrix
Functional Elements
Feet First
Feet Forward
Functional Failure Analysis
Functional Flow Block Diagrams
Fractional Factorial Design
Feed-Forward Equalization
Feed-Forward Equalizer
Feed Forward Equalization
Feed Forward Equalizer
Form Follows Function
Fashion for Life
Fit Fast Structured Array
Facilities Guidelines Institute
Fashion Group International
Flag Institute
Furnishing Industry Association of Australia
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
Fashion Industry Gallery
First In-Last Out
Fisher information matrix
Fashion Industry New Zealand
Finite-duration Impulse-Response
Finite-duration Impulse Response
Finite-Impulse Response
Finite Integral Technique
Floating License
Facilitated Learning to Advance Geriatrics
Federal Lands Highway
Free Lossless Image Format
Failure Mode
Fundamental Modeling Concepts
Fashion Merchandising and Design
Fashion Model Directory
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Failure Mode Effects Analysis
Failure Mode Effect Analysis
Failure Mode Effective Analysis
Failure Models and Effects Analysis
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
Failure Modes Effect Analysis
Failure Modes & Effect Analysis
Failures Modes and Effects Analysis
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis
Failure Mode, Effects and Critical Analysis
Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis
Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis
Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis
Free Model Foundry
Factory Mutual Global
Food Management Group
Fashion Manufacturing Initiative
Fakulta multimediálních komunikací
Final Major Project
Field Management Services
Form Management System
Forms Management System
Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas
Footwear News
Flow Network Modeling
Field Operations
Factory Outlet Center
Factor of Safety
First Order Second Moment
Flags of the World
Flash of Unstyled Text
Final Production
Floor Plan
Forward Perpendicular
Focal Plane Assembly
Focal Plane Assemblies
Field Programmable Analog Array
Field Programmable Analog Arrays
Field-Programmable Analog Arrays
Friction Pendulum Bearing
Field Programmable Device
Field Programmable Devices
Front Panel Designer
Fire Protection Engineer
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Field Programable Gate Array
Field Programmable Gate-Array
Field Programmable Gated Array
Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Field Programmable Logic Arrays
Field-Programmable Logic Devices
Field Programmable Logic Devices
For Print Only
Fixed Pitch Propeller
Field Programmable System Chips
Field Programmable System Level Integrated Circuit
Fashion Rocks
Fire Resistance
Flange Rib
Fully Restrained
Flight-Releasable Grapple Fixture
Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Flexibilis Redundant Switch
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Factor Of Safety
Fashion Show
First Stage
Formula Society of Automotive Engineers
Forest Stewardship Certified
Future Surface Combatant
Federal Systems Division
Functional Specification Document
Fire Safety Engineering
Florida Structural Engineers Association
Final Safety Evaluation Report
Free-Standing Insert
Free Standing Inserts
Finite-state machine
Finite-State Machines
Finite State Machines
Flying Spaghetti Monster
Food Service Systems
Frequency Selective Surface
Fire Safety Technology
Functional Tolerancing and Annotation
Fashion and Textile Courses
Fault Tolerant Control
Fault Tolerant Computer
Foundation for Thought and Ethics
Geijutsuka Art
Global Accessibility Awareness Day
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Gray Area Foundation for the Arts
General Aircraft Limited
General Aircraft Ltd
Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous
Globally Asynchronous and Locally Synchronous
Graphic Arts and Photography
Green Building Certification Institute's
Gerber Bottom Overlay
Global Combat Ship
Global Conceptual Schema
Geometric Dimension
Good Design
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Geometric dimensions and tolerances
Geometric Dimension and Tolerance
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances
Generic Design Assessment
Game Development Club
General Design Criteria
Game Design and Development
Game Design Document
Graphics Display Designer
Global Design Effort
Gate Diffusion Input
Group Design Project
Graduate Diploma Programme in Design
Graphic Database System
Graphic Data System
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Game Designer's Workshop
Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Circular
Guided Experiential Learning
General Electric Plastics
Ground effect vehicle
Good Fulton & Farrell
Green Home Builders of the Triangle
Global Innovator's Award
Garment Industry Development Corporation
Graphical Image Format
Graphic Image Format
Graphics Image File
Global Internet Management
Graphic Information Technology
Gem & Jewellery Skill Council of India
Germanisher Lloyd
Guided Language Acquisition Design
Gate Level Simulation
Gordon Murray
General Operating Permit
Giga Operations Per Second
General Operational Requirements
Geometric Programming
Glossary Page
Graphics Package
General Purpose Amplifier
Global Product Data Interoperability Summit
Goddard Procedures and Guidelines
Greenhouse Product News
General-Purpose Processors
General Pavement Studies
German Patent and Trademark Office
Gallery for Russian Art and Design
General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns
Gearbox Reliability Collaborative
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
Game Research and Immersive Design
Granite River Labs
Green Roof Organisation
Great River Technology
Guaranteed Service
General Services Administation
General Systems Design
Generative Shape Design
Geotextile Sand Filter
Gigascale Systems Research Center
Geophysical Software Solutions
Gold Standard Simulations
Grid Style Sheets
Group Technology
Groupware Task Analysis
Gran Turismo Compact
Hyphenation and Justification
Heaven and Earth Designs
Harmonic Balance
High Bridge
Hirsch Bedner Associates
Hood By Air
Health Building Note
Health Building Notes
Human Centered Design & Engineering
Human Centered Design and Engineering
Human Computer Interfaces
Human Computer Interaction and Design
Helicopter Design
Hydrostatic Design Basis
High Density Binary 3
Hydroelectric Design Center
Hardware Development Kit
Hardware Descriptive Language
Hardware Description Languages
Human Engineering
Haute école d'art et de design
Human Environment and Design
Heat Exchanger Design Handbook
Home Energy Efficient Design
Human Error Identification
Heat Exchanger Network
Higher Education Program
Henry Ford Academy
Human Factors Design Guide
Human Factors & Ergonomics Society
Human Factors and Ergonomic Society
Home Fashion Products Association
High-Frequency Structure Simulator
High Frequency Structure Simulator
Human Interface
Human Integration Design Handbook
Human Interface Guideline
Human-Information Interaction
Hierarchical Input Process Output
Hierarchy Input Process Output
High Integrity Protection Systems
High Integrity Protection System
Holon Institute of Technology
Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
High-Level Design
High Level Design Document
High Liquid Level
High Level Model
High-level synthesis
High Level Synthesis
Human-Machine Interaction
HyperText Markup Language
Holonic Manufacturing Systems
How might we
Hacker News
Home Office
Highway Occupancy Permit
Highly Optimised Tolerance
High-Performance Audio
High Power Density
Health Product Declaration Collaborative
High Pressure Decorative Laminate
High Pass Filter
High Performance Software Defined Radio
Human Performance Technology
Human Powered Vehicle
Human Powered Vehicles
Human-Powered Vehicle Design Team
Hardware Requirements Specification
Homeowner Services of America
High Speed Craft
High Speed Digital Design
Hierarchical Scan Description Language
Human-Systems Integration
Human-System Integration
Human Systems Interface
High-Speed Inter-Chip
High Speed Inter Chip
High-Speed Mezzanine Card
High Speed Mezzanine Card
Home Staging Resource
Highway Safety Research Institute
Hollow Steel Section
High Speed Transistor Logic
Health, Safety, and Welfare
Health, Safety and Welfare
Health, Safety, Welfare
Health, Safety & Welfare
Health, Safety, & Welfare
Health Safety and Welfare
Health Safety Welfare
Hassan Sheheryar Yasin
Hierarchical Task Analysis
High Tech Campus
hyper-text mark-up language
Hyperlink Text Markup Language
International Association of Web Masters and Designers
Innovative Applications
Instrumentation Amplifier
Integrated Arts
Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam
Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil
International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineers
Illinois Accessibility Code
International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives
Institute of Art, Design & Technology
International Academy of Design & Technology
International Association for Energy-Efficient Lighting
Irish Architecture Foundation
International Association of Lighting Designer
International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences
International Association for Shell and Spatial
Integrated Bus Analyzer
Internal Block Diagram
Issue Based Information Systems
Integrated Building System
Integrated Building Technology
Identification Circuit
Implementation, Circuit
Internet Component Assistant
Institute of Classical Architecture and Art
Informal Compiler Algorithm Notation
Internal Configuration Access Port
Integrated Computer Aided System
International Conference of Computer Design
Imaging and Configuration Designer
Incentive-Centered Design
Indian Creek Designs
Integrated Circuit Engineering
Integrated Command Environment
Intel Custom Foundry
International Casual Furnishings Association
International Contemporary Furniture Fair
Integrated Clock Gating
Interactive Computer Graphics
Interactive Command Language
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering
Integrated Computational Material Engineering
In Case of Emergency
International Corrugated Packaging Foundation
Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute
Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute
Interlocking Concrete Pavers Institute
Internet Consulting Services
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design
International Commission on Technology and Accessibility
Indie Designers
Innovative Design
Industrial Design
Innovation and Design
Institute of Design
Instructional Designer
Instructional Designers
Instructional Development
Instrumentation Division
Intelligent Design
International Design
Intelligent Database
International Design Centre
International Design Alliance
Institute of Destination Architects and Designers
Industrial Design Centre
Industrial Design Center
Industrial Design Consultancy
International Design Center
Instructional Design Central
Industrial Design Council of Australia
Interior Design Continuing Education Council
Instructional Design & Development
Instructional Design and Development
Instrument Design Development Centre
Industrial Design Engineering
Integrated Design Environment
Inclusive Design & Environmental Access
Industrial Design Excellence Awards
International Design Excellence Awards
International Design Excellence Award
Institute for Dynamic Educational Advancement
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness
Interaction Design and Electronic Arts
Infrastructure, Design, Engineering, Architecture, and Integration
Industrial Design Excellence Awards
Interior Design Experience Program
Inflow Design Flood
Intermediate Data Format
Installation Design Guide
International Design Guild
Independent Design House
Industrial Designers Institute
Instituto Design Innovation
Interactive Design Institute
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
Information Design Journal
Instructional Design & Learning
Interaction Design Lab
Installation Design Plan
Identify, Design, Optimize, Validate
Integrated Development Platform
Initial Design Review
Inclusive Design Research Centre
Instructional Design Services
Instructional Designers
International Design Services
Integrated Design Solutions
Integrated Design System
Intelligent Data Services
Interior Design Society
International Design Supplies
Internet Developer Suite
Information Design Tool
Information Design and Technology
Instructional Design and Technology
Information Designer Tool
Institute of Design & Technology
İstanbul Design Week
Internationales Design Zentrum
Intelligent Engineering
Interconnect Element
Innovative Electronic Designs
Institution of Engineering Designers
Introduction to Engineering Design
Intro to Engineering Design
Integrated Energy Design
Istituto Europeo di Design
Institute for Energy & the Environment
Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
Industrial Ethernet Infrastructure
Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Intelligent Energy Manager
International Electronic Packaging Society
Illuminating Engineers Society
Illumination Engineering Society
Integrated Engineering Software
Illumination Engineering Society of North America
Imaginary Forces
Interchange Format
Interface Frame
Issued for Approval
International Furniture Fair Singapore
Innovation First, Inc
International Federation of Interior
International Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Group
Institut Français de la Mode
Interaction Flow Modeling Language
Instrument Flight Procedures
Independent Group
Instrumentation Group
International Graphics Exchange Specification
Interactive Games & Media
Institute for Human Centered Design
Innovative Hydraulic Designs
International Hydrofoil Society
Interactive Highway Safety Design Model
Institution of Highways & Transportation
Implementation Issues
Innovative Interactivity
Indian Institute of Art and Design
Information Integration for Concurrent Engineering
Incremental and Iterative Development
Iterative and Incremental Development
Invention, Innovation & Design
Invention, Innovation and Design
International Institute of Fine Arts
International Institute of Fashion Technology
Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery
Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery
Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing
Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing
Indian International Jewellery Show
International Journal of Art, Culture and Design Technologies
International Journal of Computer Engineering and Technology
International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development
International Journal of Application or Innovation in Engineering & Management
International Journal of Computer Communication and Information System
International Journal of Computer Games Technology
International Journal of Conceptual Structures and Smart Applications
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education
International Journal of Mobile Human Computer Interaction
International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Technology Research
International Journal of Vehicle Design
Interior Lighting
Integrated Logic Analyzer
Integrative Learning Design Framework
Institute of Lighting Engineers
Institution of Lighting Engineers
Integrated Learning Environment
International Load Line Convention
Interface Logic Models
Interaction Model
Institution of Lighting Professionals
Implementation Margin
Interactive Management
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Interactive Media Awards
Interactive Media Design
Interactive Media Division
Interactive Media Foundation
Interactive Media Group
Istituto di Moda Burgo
In My Campaign
Interactive Multimedia Instructional
Intermediate Moment Frame
Interactive Media and Game Development
Interactive Media & Game Development
Information Management Model
Insulated Metal Panels
International Microwave Symposium
Inter National Institute of Fashion Design
integral non linearity
Intentional Naming System
Indirect Operating Cost
Indirect Operating Costs
Item of Interest
Items of Interest
International Offshore Rule
Innovation Platform
Instrument Panel
Integration Process
Instructional Psychology and Technology
Institute for Printed Circuits
Image Process Design
Infrastructure Planning and Design
Infrastructure Planning & Design
Institute for Protein Design
Integrated Passive Device
Integrated Product Design
Interdisciplinary Product Development
Institut Perekabentuk Dalaman Malaysia
Integrated Product Development Team
Integrated Product Development Teams
Institute of Piping Engineering & Building Services
Integrated Petroleum Environmental Consortium
Integrated Power Electronics Module
Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand
Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand
In-Page Logging
Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
In Place Optimization
Integrated Product and Process Development
Integrated Product and Process Design
Integrated Product Process Development
Integrated Project Team
Integrated Product Solutions
Internet Publishing System
Iranian Petroleum Standard
Intelligent Pluggable System Specification
Interaction Region
Interface Requirements
Interface Requirement
International Representative
Internal Research & Development
Indian Road Congress
Indian Roads Congress
Inouye Regional Center
Institute for Research Design in Librarianship
Interior Redesign Industry Specialists
International Reactor Innovative and Secure
International Review of Research on Open and Distance Learning
Information Retrieval System
Interface Requirements Specifications
Interface Switch
Instrument Society of American
International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation
Inter-Society Color Council
International Society for Complexity Information and Design
International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design
In-System Debugging
Information and Service Design
Instructional System Development
Instructional Systems Development
Institute for Sustainable Design
Institut Supérieur de Design
Instructional Systems Design
Instructional System Design
Instructional Systems Designer
Instructional System Designer
International School of Design
Iron Speed Designer
Istituto Superiore di Design
International Society for Design and Development in Education
Indian School of Design and Innovation
Integrated Service Engineering
Integrated Systems Engineering
Integrated Software Environment
International Symposium of Electronic Arts
Instruction Set Extension Fabric
Interconnect Systems, Inc
Integrated Systems Laboratory
Institute for System Level Integration
Integrated Security Management
Individual Serial Number
Institute for Sustainable Power
Institute of Store Planners
Instruction Set Processor
Integrated Space PLan
Interface Segregation Principle
Illinois Society of Professional Engineers
International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
Int'l Symposium on Quality Electronic Design
International Symposium on Quality of Electronic Design
Internal Service Request
Internal Service Requests
Ink Supply Station
International Superyacht Society
International Society for Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization
Imperial Software Technology
Institute of Spring Technology
Integrated System Test
International Society of Typographic Designers
International Symposium on Wearable Computing
Indent Tab
Innovation and Technology
Independent Technical Assessment
Interface Test Adapter
Interface Test Adapters
Interface Test Adapters
International Textile & Apparel Association
Institute Technology of Bandung
International Typeface Corporation
Italian Trade Commission
Interconnect Technology Format
Internet Technology Group
Internet Technical Group
Interactive Telecommunications Program
Interconnection Technology Research Institute
International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor
Information Transport System
Interactive Training Systems
International Talent Support
Information Technology Technical Assistance and Training Center
Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia
Interactive User Interface
International University of Languages and Media
Incisive Unified Simulator
Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design
Information Visualization
Intra Vehicular Activity
Institute of Vocational Education
In-Vehicle Information System
In-Vehicle Networking
International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation
International Window Coverings Expo
Integrated Web Services
International Wool Secretariat
Internet Web Solutions
Jurisdiction 6
Java Astrodynamics Toolkit
Jacobi Conjugate Gradient
Job Characteristics Model
Jointed Concrete Pavement
Joint Cognitive System
Journal of Design Communication
Jackson Design & Remodeling
Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering and Applied Sciences
Jakarta Fashion Week
Joint Integrated Avionics Working Group
Journal of Integrated Circuits and Systems
John Moses Browning
Journal of Mechanical Design
Java Modelling Language
Java Optimized Processor
Joint Photographic Electronic Group
Joint Photographer's Expert Group
Joint Photographic Group
Jean Paul Gaultier
Jewish Quality Singles
Journal of Quality Technology
James River Green Building Council
Jeremy Scott
Jackson System Development
Jackson Systems Development
Japan Society of Kansei Engineering
Jersey Shore Public Relations and Advertising
Journal of Solid-State Circuits
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Kansas City Art Institute
Kinetis Design Studio
Kent Institute of Art & Design
Korean Institute of Design Promotion
Köln International School of Design
Keep It Simple and Stupid
Keep It Simple Sweetie
Keep It Stupid Simple
Keep It Simple Silly
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA
Keystroke-Level Model
Keystroke Level Model
Kimora Lee Simmons
Knowledge Media Design Institute
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Level Three
Land Art Generator Initiative
Library of American Landscape History
Laboratory for Advanced Media Production
Library Analytics and Metrics Project
Learning Activity Management System
Le Arti Orafe
Learning by Design
Logic Built-In Self Test
Logic Built-In Self-Test
Logic Built in Self Test
Lower Case
Legrand Cabling System
Learning Design
Lighting Design
Lighting Design Collective
Literacy Design Collaborative
Land Development Desktop
Larson Design Group
LilyPad Design Kit
Listener Driven Radio
Learning, Design and Technology
Learning Design and Technology
Learning Design & Technology
Learning Design Tool
Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Program
Low-Energy Beam Transport
Low Energy Beam Transport
Leadership for Energy Efficient Design
Library Exchange Format
Load Equivalency Factor
Leading edge root extensions
Logic Elements
Load Factor Design
Lagos Fashion & Design Week
Low Frequency Periodic Signaling
Lead-Cooled Fast Reactor
Log-structured File System
London Fashion Week
Libre Graphics Meeting
Local Government News
Light Gage Structural Institute
Latin Hypercube
Livable Housing Australia
Left Hand Circular
Latin hypercube design
Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts
London International Creative Competition
Low Impact Design
Long Island Nursery & Landscape Association
Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics of Montpellier
Low Impact Urban Design and Development
Lightly loaded
Load Line
Load Lines
Library and Learning Centre
Library Learning Center
Little Louise Designs
Low-Level Design
Low Level Design
Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor
Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactors
Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space
Low Noise Amplifiers
Low-Noise Amplifiers
Local Needlework Shop
Local Needlework Store
Logic Non-Volatile Memory
Learning Object
Learning Objects
Learning Objective
Linear Objects
Law of Demeter
List of Links
Life of Project
Learning Object Review Instrument
Learning Objects
Lubrication Orders
Lines Per Centimeter
Low Power Coalition
Lean Product Development
Lighting Power Densities
Laser Programmable Gate Arrays
Large Project Leader
Library of Parameterized Modules
Lightning Protection System
Lightning Protection Systems
Load Ratio
Lighting Research Center
Liquid Rocket Engine
Load and Resistance Factor Rating
Load Resistance Factor Rating
Looney Ricks Kiss
Language Reference Manual
Lloyd's Register of Shipping
Lloyds Register of Shipping
Light Reflectance Value
Lighting System
Logistic Support Analysis
Latin Square Design
Lead System Designer
Limit state design
Limit States Design
Latin Sisters Design Productions
Large-scale Integrated
Large Scale Integrated
Liskov's Substitution Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle
Life Support Systems
Local Scrapbook Store
Level-Sensitive Scan Design
Level Sensitive Scan Design
Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle
Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic
Long Term Employment
Low Temperature Operating Life
Link Training and Status State Machine
Long Term Training
Master of Industrial Design
Master of Architecture
Memetic Algorithm
Mission Analysis
Modern Atlanta
Malaysia Airport Berhad
Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe
Materials and Design Exchange
Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship
Modular Artificial Reef Structure
Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time Embedded
Mini Air Vehicle
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
Master Bedroom
Model-Based Development
Model-Based Engineering
Multi-Buoy Moorings
Metal Building Software
Model-Based Systems Engineering
Model-Based System Engineering
Model Based Systems Engineering
Model Based Testing
Middle Center
Monte Carlo 6
Minimum Cost Design
Mission Critical Design Review
Maximum Credible Earthquake
Master Certified Green Professional
Mads Clausen Institute
Member of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation
Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional
Master Certified Remodeler
Mission Concept Review
Mercury Computer Systems
Micro Computer Set
Micro-Controller Unit
Machine Design
Medical Design
Marvelous Designer 5
Michael Doret
Modular Design
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry
Medical Design & Manufacturing
Main Distribution Area
Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics
Multiplying Digital to Analog Converter
Mailpiece Design Analysts
Mathematics Design Collaborative
Model-Driven Design
Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry
Multiple Design Environment
Multiple Document Environment
Medical Design Excellence Awards
Medium Density Fireboard
Module Development Kit
Material Definition Language
Material Design Lite
Model Description Language
Material Data Management Consortium
Minimum Design Metal Temperature
Multi-Disciplinary Optimization
Multi-Disciplinary Optimisation
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization
Multidisciplinary Design Program
Maximum Data Rate
Mission Definition Review
Model-Driven Systems Development
Model Driven Systems Development
Maintenance Down Time
Mechanical Engineers
Method Engineering
Medical Engineering Design and Innovation Centre
Mask Error Enhancement Factor
Makers of Entertaining Games Association
Machine Evaluated Lumber
Midwest Ecological Landscape Association
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
Mechanical Electrical Plumbing
Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing
Media embedded Processor
Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide
Mechanical Event Simulation
Master of Entertainment Technology
Masters of Entertainment Technology
Military Engineering Experimental Establishment
Market Feedback Analysis
Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology
Maria Francesca Pepe
My Favorite Things
Media Group
Marc Grand d'Hauteville
Mechanical Ground Support Equipment
Multi-gigabit Transceiver
Multi-Gigabit Transceivers
Massachusetts Highway Department
Method Hiding Factor
Material Handling System
Malaysia Institute of Art
Malaysian Institute of Art
Malaysian Institute of Arts
Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design
Microwave Integrated Circuits
Master of Industrial Design
Masters in Industrial Design
Masters of Industrial Design
Minimal Impact Design Standards
Memory Initialization File
Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show
Memory Interface Generator
Moore Iacofano Goltsman
Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers
Multi input and multi output
Museum of Image and Sound
Multiple-Input Signature Register
Multiple Input Signature Register
Magnusson Klemencic Associates
Masters in Landscape Architecture
Masters of Landscape Architecture
Mel Lim Design
Molded Leadless Package
Monitoring and Maintenance
Multiple Master
Module Management Controller
Master of Mechanical Engineering
Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
Man-Machine Interface System
Maison Martin Margiela
Microelectronics Manufacturing Science and Technology
Method of Characteristics
Map On Demand
Maps on Demand
Museum of Design Atlanta
Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms
Museum of Modern Art
Multi-Objective Optimization
Mission Operations System
Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer
Museum of Science and Technology
Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards
Modified Off-the-shelf
Medium Power Amplifier
Mask Programmable Gate Arrays
Manufacturing Process Management
Multi-Port Memory Controller
Materials and Processes for Medical Devices
Mechanical Power Transmission Association
Multi-Project Wafer
Multi-Project Wafers
Multi Project Wafer
Media Queries
Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin
Manual for Railway Engineering
Moment Resisting Frames
Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Mind Reading Markup Language
Martine Sitbon
Model Software
Message Sequence Charts
Material Selection Diagrams
Mechanically Stabilized Earth
Mobility Services Framework Design
Maximum Stable Gain
Model Support Group
Materials Sustainability Index
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
Massachusetts Society of Professional Engineers
Missouri Society of Professional Engineers
Market Statistics Service
Marine Specialised Technology
Modular Space Vehicle
Maria Tikhonova
Marin Teknikk
Mean Time Between Service Incidents
Material Take-Off
Material Take Off
Multiple-time Programmable
Multiple Time Programmable
Ministry of Transportation of Quebec
Marvin Test Solutions
Master in Urban Planning
Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device
Model, View, Controller
model-view controller
Multi-valued Dependency
Model View Definitions
Multi-Valued Logic
Manufacturer Vantage Point
Model View Presenter
Minimum Viable Products
Main Wind-Force Resisting System
Mobile Web Initiative
Managing Experience
National Annex
Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti
National Application Document
Norske arkitekters landsforbund
National Association of Museum Exhibition
National Academy of Needlearts
National Association for Students of Architecture
National Association for Schools of Art and Design
Naval Advanced Tactical Fighter
North American Vexillogical Association
Nowoczesne Budownictwo Inżynieryjne
Non-intrusive Board Test
Negative Bias Temperature Instability
National Council for Architectural Registration Boards
National Center for Academic Transformation
Network Cybernetics Corporation
National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Non-Contradictory Complementary Information
National Council for Diplomas in Art and Design
National Centre for Design and Product Development
National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying
Netlist Constraints File
National Council for Interior Design Certification
National Council for Interior Design Qualifications
NULL Convention Logic
National Council on Systems Engineering
National Clay Pipe Institute
National Crime Prevention Institute
National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions
National Council on Qualification for the Lighting Professions
National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professional
National Centre for Research on Earthquake Engineering
National CAD Standard
Network Design
Neufville Digital
National Diploma in Design
Nissan Design Europe
National Design Engineering Show
Numerical Design Limited
Nationally Determined Parameters
Naming and Design Rules
National Design and Research Forum
Naming and Design Rules
Norman Disney & Young
Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems
Numerical Electromagnetic Code
Numerical Electromagnetics Code
National Engineering Design Challenge
National Entrance Examination for Design
New England School of Art and Design
North East Sustainable Energy Association
North East Transformation System
Normal Form
No Free Lunch
Next Generation Luminaires
National Geographical Research Institute
National Institute of Steel Detailing
National Institute of Steel Detailers
Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical
National Institute of Design
National Institute for Design
National Institue of Design
Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design
Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology
National Institute of Intellectual Property Management
National Institute Occupational Safety & Health
Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts
New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association
Next Linear Collider
Natural Laminar Flow
Normal Liquid Level
New Media
New Media Design
Numerical Master Geometry
Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit
New Mexicans for Science and Reason
Nortel Networks Certified Design Specialist
Network on Chip
New Orleans, Louisiana area
National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association
Network of Networks on Impact Evaluation
Network Processors
New Pedestrianism
National Productivity Council
New Product Design
New Product Development Center
National Professional Engineer Register
National Plant Specification
Numerical Propulsion System Simulation
Non-plated Through Hole
National Research Center for Coal & Energy
Non-recurring engineering
Non-Recurring Expense
Non Recurring Engineering
National Retail Federation Student Association
Not Recommended for New Designs
Not Recommended for New Design
New River Valley Home Builders Association
Next State
Noise Spectral Density
Networked Systems Design and Implementation
Networked System Design and Implementation
National Society for Education in Art and Design
Non-Solder Mask Defined
Natural Swimming Pool
No Spam Policy
National Society Professional Engineers
Natural Swimming Pools
National Stationery Show
Nissan Technical Centre Europe
Not Too Much
National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors
Network Technology Systems
Network Transport Systems
National Taipei University of Technology
Norwich University of the Arts
Natural User Interfaces
National University of Singapore Society
Noise, Vibration and Harshness
Noise, Vibration and Handling
Non-Virtual Interface
Orthogonal Array
Occasionally Asked Questions
Open Artwork System Interchange Standard
Open-air test sites
Operating Basis Earthquake
On Chip Bus
Obsessive Creative Disorder
Open Compression Interface
On-Chip Memory
On Chip Memory
Ohio Certified Nursery Technician
Open-Closed Principle
Open Closed Principle
Open Close Principle
Organizational Design and Management
Orion Design Group
Origami Design for Integration of Self-assembling Systems for Engineering Innovation
Optical Design Manufacturing
Ontology Design Patterns
Ontology Design Patterns
Ontario Engineering Competition
Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
Objective Function
Open Font Format
Open Font License
Open Hardware
Open hatch bulk carrier
Ontario Highway Bridge Design Code
Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market
Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market
Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market
Office of Harmonisation in the Internal Market
Open Hardware License
Open Hardware Repository
Office of Instruction and Assessment
Object Interaction Diagram
Open Innovation Platform
Open Library Architecture
Oregon Landscape Contractors Association
Overhead Line Equipment
Option Modeler
Outstanding Merchandising Achievement
Ordinary Moment Frame
Ordinary Moment Resisting Frame
Open Model Interface
Operational Management System
Object Modeling Techniques
Office of Materials Technology
Other Neutrals
Other Neutral
Office of New Drug Quality Assessment
Object Orientated
Object-Oriented Analysis
Object Orient Analysis
Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Object-Oriented Databases
Object Oriented Database
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Object-Oriented Design
Object-Oriented Development
Object Oriented Development
Object Orientated Design
Observe, Orientate, Decide, Act
Object Oriented Design Patterns
Object-Oriented Modeling
Object-Oriented Methodology
Object Oriented Methodology
Own Opinions Only
Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Object-Oriented Systems Engineering Method
Object Oriented Systems Engineering Method
On-Chip Peripheral Bus
Offshore Patrol Cutter
Offshore Patrol Cutters
Optical Proximity Correction
Office of Policy and International Affairs
Open Policy Making
Optimal Routing
Optical Research Associates
Output Response Analyzer
Office of Research Facilities
Object-Role Model
Other Specialty
Object-oriented Systems Analysis
Open Source Architecture
Open Source Appropriate Technology
Open Source Content Management Systems
Offshore Ship Designers
On-Site Detention
Open Source Ecology
Old Style Figures
Open Source Hardware
Optics Software for Layout and Optimization
Organizational Theory
Operational Transconductance Amplifiers
Outside the Box
One Team Conference
Online Training Library
Optical Transmission Network
Offshore Technology Research Center
Orbital Transfer Vehicle
Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
Piping & Instrumentation Drawing
Piping and Instrument Diagrams
Piping and Instrumentation Drawing
Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams
Piping and Instrument Diagrams
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
Process & Instrumentation Drawing
Process and Instrumentation Diagrams
Process and Instrument Diagram
Pretty clever
Party Animal
Project Approval
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
Principled Assessment Designs for Inquiry
Principled Assessment Design for Inquiry
Phoenix Analysis & Design Technology
Planning for All Learners
Partnership for Academic Leadership in Sustainability
Pulse-Amplitude Modulation
Power Amplifiers
Power and Timing Modeling, Optimization and Simulation
Power and Timing Modelling, Optimization and Simulation
Personal Air Vehicle Exploration
Performance Based Earthquake Engineering
Pebble Bed Reactors
Performance Based Specifications
Pattern Corrections
Point of Curvature
Pavement-Transportation Computer Assisted Structural Engineering
Perfume, Cosmetics & Design
Physical Constraints File
Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger
Progress in Complexity, Information, and Design
Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion
Product Change Notice
Post-Construction Stage
Processor-Controlled Test
Product Characterization Tool
Partially Depleted
Participatory Design
Physical Design
Plans Design
Processor Division
Product Design
Production & Design
Program Design
Product Development
Published Document
Presence Detect 6
Production Design Associates
Pressure Design Basis
Permaculture Design Certificate
Product Development Centre
Project Design Consultants
Preliminary Design Document
Program Design Document
Project Design Documents
Project Design Documents
Project Development and Design Manual
Park Development Framework
Product Development Group
Product Design and Innovation
Plan Design Implement Operate Optimize
Process Design Kits
Plastics Design Library
Physical Data Model
Physical Data Models
Product Data Model
Physical data models
Project Data Management
Project Design Matrix
Plant Design Management System
Power Delivery Network
Power Distribution Network
Product Development Process
Project Definition Phase
Project Development Plan
Project Development Procedures Manual
Product Data Quality
Preliminary Design Reviews
Preliminary Design Report
Preliminary Design Reviews
Pallet Design System
Process Data Sheets
Project Data Sheets
Product Design Specification
Product Development System
Product Development Services
Product Development Team
Product Development Technologies
Project Delivery Team
Prometheus Design Tool
Product Design Technical Group
Product Development Teams
Prep, Environmental
Prince Engineering
Principal Engineer
Progressive Enhancement
Project Engineer
Protection Engineering Consultants
Protein Engineering Design and Selection
Proton Engineering Frontier Project
Piping Engineering Lead
Program Evaluation and Methodology Division
Professional Engineers in Private Practice
Professional Ethics Report
Performance Engineered Solutions
Power Estimation Tool
Process Engineering Tools
Personal Electric Vehicle
Polymorphism Factor
Production Flow Analysis
Permeable Friction Course
Power Factor Corrected
Process Flow Diagrams
Process Flow Diagrams
Personal Floatation Device Manufacturers Association
Prerequisite for Success
Prerequisites for Success
Primary Flow Signal
Pattern Generation
Product Generation
Programmable Gate Array
Programmable Gate Arrays
Programmable Gain Amplifiers
Post Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design
Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Design
Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Design
Passive House
Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
Public Health Group
Pre-Hypertext Processing
Programmer Hire Programmers
Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation
Package Interface
Power Integrations
Product Innovation
Peace In Action
Plantscape Industry Alliance
Product Innovation Award
Product Innovation Awards
Professional Interest Area
Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement
Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design
Philippine Institute of Interior Designers
Philippine Institute of Interior Design
Parsons Institute for Information Mapping
Product Information Model
Professional in Multimedia
Place in the Network
Priority Inheritance Protocol
Process Industry Practice
Programmable Interconnect Point
Program Implementation Unit
Professional Landscape Architect
Programmable Logic-Array
Programmable Logic Arrays
Programable Logic Device
Processor Local Bus
Performance Level Categories
Programmable Logic Devices
Programmable Logic Devices
Professional Lighting Designers Association
Professional Lighting Design Association
Professional Lighting Design Convention
Pacific Lumber Exporters Association
Programming Language Interface
Phase-Locked Loops
Phase locked loops
Phase Lock Loops
Product Life Management
Product life-cycle management
Product Lifestyle Management
Project Lifecycle Management
Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association
Power Line Systems
Programmierbare Logik & Systeme
Produktion von Leiterplatten und Systemen
Please mail
Product Manager
Polymer Modified Concrete
Precious Metal Clay
Progressive Machine & Design
Professional Mechanical Engineer
Product and Manufacturing Information
Piping Material Specifications
Product Managers
Photo-Mechanical Transfer
Photo Mechanical Transfer
Power Management Units
Project Navigator
Project Overseer
Police Officer Association
Pat on Back
Piece of Cloth
Preventing Obesity by Design
Project Open Door
Physics of Failure
Point Of Load
Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby
Plaster Of Paris
Point of Purchase
Professional Online Presence
Prototyping on Paper
Point of Purchase Advertising Institute
Program of Requirements
Program to Optimize Simulated Trajectories
Paperboard Packaging Alliance
Power, Performance and Area
Pre-Production Approval Process
Pages Per Inch
Plans Preparation Manual
Physical Properties Measurement System
Physical Property Measurement System
Physical Property Measurement Systems
Physical Protection System
Pixel Perfect Precision
Portland Pattern Repository
Pigeon Point Systems
Professional Photo Service
Protection Reliability
Pentaho Report Designer
Product Requirements Document
Product Requirement Document
Product Realization Group
Product Realization Lab
Product Realization Process
Power reactor inherently safe module
Production Readiness Review
Production Readiness Reviews
Production Readiness Reviews
Pattern Search
Paul Smith
Photo shop
Pipe Support
Positive Space
Post Scriptum
Plans, Specifications, and Estimates
Plans, Specifications & Estimates
Plans, Specifications & Estimate
Plans, Specifications, and Estimate
Plans, Specifications and Estimate
Part Stress Analysis
Proven System Blocks
Partner Ship Design
Power System Division
Power Systems Design
Product Specification Document
Professional Skills Development
Power System Electronics
Product Systems Engineering
Pakistan School of Fashion Design
Professional Service Group
Parameter Space Investigation
Present Serviceability Index
Pipeline Simulation Interest Group
Property Specification Language
Phase Shifting Mask
Phase Shift Mask
Problem Solving Matrix
Product Structure Management
Professional Services Management Association
Programmable System-on-Chip
Programmable System on Chip
Programmable System on a Chip
Paint Shop Pro
Penn State Philips
Processor Support Package
Programs for Sustainable Planning and Development
Present Serviceability Rating
Primary-Side Regulation
Product Service System
Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico
Performance Support Tools
Primary Sampling Unit
Primary Sampling Units
Primary Sampling Units
Platform Supply Vessel
Platform Supply Vessels
Pressure safety valve
Pressure Safety Valves
Pressure Safety Valves
Platform Supply Vessels
Point of Tangent
Passive Tunable Integrated Circuits
Pass Transistor Logic
Predictive Technology Model
Professional Traffic Operations Engineer
Professional Traffic Operations Engineers
Presentation Unit
Provisions Update Committee
Power Use Effectiveness
Power Utilization Effectiveness
Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
Quantum-dot Cellular Automaton
Quantum Computer Emulator
Quad Flat Packages
Questions, Options and Criteria
Quality Online Course Initiative
Quote of the Week
Requirements & Targeting
Rider Approved Designs
Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Inspectability
Response Amplitude Operators
Recovery Block
Requirements Baseline
Reverse Body Bias
Randomized Block Design
Registered Building Practitioner
Root Complex
Ripple Carry Adder
Randomized Complete Block Design
Regional Class Research Vessels
Remedial Design
Report Designer Component
Regression Discontinuity Design
Roadside Design Guide
Reference Design Report
Research, Design, and Standards Organization
Resource Elements
Reactor Effluent Air Cooler
Research & Enterprise in Arts & Creative Technology
Recognized Educational Facility Planner
Release-Reuse Equivalency Principle
Release Equivalence Principle
Reuse-Release Equivalence Principle
Reuse Equivalency Principle
Resolution Enhancement Technique
Receiver Front-end
Register File
Reject Filters
Reach file 3
Response for a Class
Reykjavik Fashion Festival
Radio Frequency Front End
Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuit
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
Request for Qualifications
Radio Frequency Simulation System
Remote Handling
Royston Hanamoto Alley & Abey
Roads & Highways Department
Rockwell International
Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland
Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Royal Institute of Naval Architects
Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association
Reusable Information Object
Reusable Learning Objects
Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation
Registered Information Technology Professional
Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky
Research in Learning Technology
Reconfigurable Module
Roland Mouret
Raffles Millennium International
Reduced Media Independent Interface
Relationship Management Methodology
Road Materials and Pavement Design
Reconfigurable Machine Tool
Rick Owens
Ring Oscillator
Read-Out Driver
Review Of Design
Return of Investiment
Read Out Integrated Circuits
Report Object Model
Real Object Oriented
Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling
Rate of Progress
Rapid Prototyping Lab
Reference Publication
Retail Planning Associates
Rapid Product Development
Random Pattern Generator
Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
Realtyna Property Listing
Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
Relationally Placed Macro
Relationally Placed Macros
Rochester Precision Optics
Rapid Prototyping System
Rapid Prototyping Technology
Retail Ready Packaging
Richard Rogers Partnership
Recursive Running Sum
Response Surface Analysis
Road Safety Audits
Road Safety Audit
Royal Society of Arts
Royal Society of the Arts
Research Software Design
Research Support Facility
Residential Site Improvement Standards
Response Surface Method
Response surface methodology
Response Surface Model
Response Surface Modeling
Reduced Standard Parasitic Format
Reserve Strength Ratio
Radio Sub-System
Radio Sub System
Root Sum of Squares
Royal Society of Ulster Architects
Radiation Tolerant
Register-Transfer Level
Real-Time Operating Systems
Release to Production
Research Unit
Sail Area
System Analysis
Systems Analysis
System Analysis and Design
Systems Analysis and Design
Safety Analysis Checklist
School of Architecture and Design
System Analysis & Design
Special Activities Group
Situation Awareness Global Assessment Technique
School of Art Institute of Chicago
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
School of the Art Institute of Chicago's
Switching Activity Interchange Format
Stitch A Long
Software Architecture Review and Assessment
Space Activity Suit
System Basis Chip
Secure by Design
Secured By Design
Set-Based Design
Simulation Based Design
Sustainable by Design
Structure Based Drug Design
Society of British and International Design
Synthetic Biology Open Language
Scandinavian Business Seating
Society of British Theatre Designers
Sequential Build-Up
Special Condition
Structure Chart
Side-Channel Attack
Side Channel Analysis
Special Concentrically Braced Frames
Special Concentrically Braced Frame
Safety Concept Car
Self Consolidated Concrete
Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture
Silicon Cloud International
Source Coupled Logic
Service Capacity Management
Service Catalogue Management
Service Catalog Management
Service Continuity Management
Supplier and Contract Management Information System
Supply Chain Network Design
Steel Catenary Riser
Seeman Composite Resin Infusion Molding Process
Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process
Scrapbook & Cards Today
Subversive Choppers Urban Legion
Software Design
Sound Designer
Sound Designer 2
Stage Directions
Strength Design
System Design
Sound Designer 2 File
Sound Designer 2 Format
Sign Design Association
Society for Design Administration
Software-Defined Architecture
Solar Design Associates
System Design Authority
Standard Data Access Interface
Schroff Development Corporation
Seattle Design Center
Seismic Design Criteria
Seismic Design Competition
Seismic Design Categories
Society of Designer Craftsmen
Student Design Competition
Synopsys Design Constraints
Synopsys Design Constraint
Synopsys Design Compiler
System Design Description
Software Design Documentation
Software Design & Development
Software Design Engineer
System Design & Development
System Design Development
School of Design & Environment
School of Design and Environment
Seat Design Environment
Software Development Group
Software Design Engineer in Test
Standard Delay Format
Standard Delay File
Soul Design Group
Sustainable Design Group
System Design Kit
Schematic Driven Layout
Specification and Design Language
Specification Description Language
System Design Languages
Software Design Life Cycle
System Design Life Cycle
Systems Design Life Cycle
System Development Life-Cycle
Systems Development Life Cycle
Systems Development Life-Cycle
Simulation Data Management
Software Development Methodology
System Development Methodology
System Design and Management
System Design & Management
Systems Design and Management
Steel Detailing Neutral File
State Design Office
Stable-Dependencies Principle
Stable Dependencies Principle
System Design Plan
Simulation Driven Product Development
Software Designed Radio
System Definition Review
Systems Design Review
Software Defined Silicon
Sun-Dew Solutions
System Design Specifications
Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures
Simulation Engine
Simultaneous engineering
Specialty Engineering
System Engineering
System Engineers
Sanjary Educational Academy
Systems Engineering Analysis
Structural Engineers Association of Oregon
Structural Engineers Association of New York
Structural Engineering Certification Board
Structural Engineers Certification Board
Scottish Ecological Design Association
Safety Evaluation Earthquake
Site and External Events Design
State Energy Efficient Design
Single-Event Effects
Single Event Effects
Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory
Scientific Equipment Furniture Association
Society for Environmental Graphic Design
Society for Experiential Graphic Design
Society of Environmental Graphic Design
Society of Environmental Graphic Designers
Systems Engineering Handbook
Standard Electronic Module
Systems Engineering Methodology
System Engineering Management Plan
Search Engine Optimized
Search Engine Optimize
Search Engine Optomization
Search Engine Optimizing
Site Engine Optimization
Single Ended Primary Inductor Converter
Space and Equipment Planning System
Space Engineering Research Center
Surface Effect Ship
Simulated Environment for Theatre
Single Event Transients
Single-Event Upset
Single-Event Upsets
Single Event Upset
Single Event Upsets
Single Event Upsets
Safety Factor
Service Functions
Space Foundation
Stability Factor
Service Failure Analysis
Sustainable Furnishings Council
School of Fashion and Design
Singapore Furniture Industries Council
Singapore Furniture Industry Council
Sodium-cooled fast reactor
System Functional Review
Second Floor Studios & Arts
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
Seasonal Garden
Society of Garden Designers
Swiss Graphic Designers
Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor
Standard Graphics Markup Language
Seismic Hazard Analysis
School for Higher and Professional Education
Sustainable Homes Professional
Semiconductor Insights
Separated Interface
Signal Integrity
Society of Illustrators
Summit International Awards
Society of Industrial Artists and Designers
Society of Iranian Architects & Planners
School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Safety in Design
School of Interior Design
Symbiosis Institute of Design
Systems Integration Evaluation Remote Research Aircraft
Special Interest Group in Urban Settlement
Software Integrity Level
Silicon Intellectual Property
Serial Interface Protocol
Singapore Institute of Planners
System in a Package
Software Intensive Systems
Success In Style
Sculpture in the Environment
Schweizerisches Informatik-Zertifikat
Soft Kill Option
Style Lines
Stereo Lithography Apparatus
System Level Design
System Level Integration
System Level Design Language
Small Local Emerging Business
Science Learning through Engineering Design
Sri Lanka Institute of Architects
Side Lobe Level
Society of Light and Lighting
Simulation Lifecycle Management
Saint Laurent Paris
Systematic Layout Planning
Sea Level Static
Selected Laser Sintering
Service Limit State
Space Launch System
Static Margin
Sugar Maple
Surface Mount
Stairway Manufacturers Association
Stone Mastic Asphalt
Social Media Campaign
Solder Mask Defined
Steel Market Development Institute's
Single Model Environment
Subject Matter Experts
Specialist Modelling Group
Social Media Integration
Spring Manufacturers Institute
Spring Manufacturer's Institute
Security Management Information System
See-ming Lee
Small Medium Large
Society for the Museum of Original Costume
Society for Marketing Professional Services
Survey Management System
Senior Member of Technical Staff
Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology
Safe Modular Underground Reactor
Signal To Noise
Structural Number
Society for News Design
Society of News Design
Signal-to-noise and distortion ratio
Signal to Noise and Distortion Ratio
Seoul National University of Technology
State of the Art Presentations
Separation of Concerns
Separation of Concern
System on Chip
System on One Chip
Systems on Chip
Systemic Operational Design
Sculpture Objects and Functional Art
School of Fashion Technology
Symposium of Fusion Technology
Scripting Object Model
Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill
Subject Oriented Programming
System on a Package
System on Programmable Chip
Statement of Requirement
Statements of Requirement
Statements of Requirements
Save our Software
System Planning
Seismic Performance Category
Scuola Politecnica di Design
Site Planning and Design
Society of Publication Designers
Sabri Paşayiğit Design Office
Society of Piping Engineers and Designers
Standard Parasitic Exchange Format
Standard Parasitic Format
Signal Processing Group
Standard Project Hurricane
Serial Peripheral Interconnect
Serial Protocol Interface
Serial to Parallel Interface
Signal Processing Interface
Signal Propagation on Interconnects
Special Packaging Instruction
Special Packaging Instructions
System Packet Interface
Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
Sound Performance Lab
Simple Programmable Logic Device
Simple Programmable Logic Devices
Shore Protection Manual
Single Point of Truth
Smart Plant Review
Signal Processing Systems
Signal Processing System
Signal Processing WorkSystem
Signal Processing Workstation
System Performance Specification
Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Static Quality
Signal Quality Analyzer
Shrink Quad Flat Pack
Serialized Quick Turn Programming
Semiconductor Research Council
Semiconductor Research Center
Software Requirement Document
Software Requirements Engineering Methodology
Shift Register Latch
Solid Rocket Motor
Switched Reluctance Machine
Solution Reference Network Design
Solution Reference Network Designs
Solutions Reference Network Design
Subtractive Rapid Prototyping
System Requirements Review
System Requirements Reviews
Systems Requirements Review
Systems Requirement Review
Safety Requirement Specification
Software Requirements Specifications
Square Root of the Sum of the Squares
Scottish Register of Tartans
Submarine Rescue Vehicle
Segmental Retaining Walls
Shooting Star
Simple Sequencing
Simply stitch
Sustainable Site
Sx signs
Single-Shift 2
Single Shift 2
Single Shift Two
Software Service Agreement
Structured Systems Analysis
Structured Systems Analysis & Design
Structured System Analysis and Design
Structured Systems Analysis and Design
Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology
Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method
Structured System Analysis and Design Method
Structured Systems Analysis & Design Methodology
Structured System Analysis Design Methodology
Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology
Structured System Analysis & Design Methodology
Ship Structure Committee
Structures, Systems and Components
Solid State Circuits Society
Stopping Sight Distance
Safe Shutdown Earthquake
Space Station Freedom
Stacked Silicon Interconnect
Server Side Includes
Service Science, Management, Engineering, and Design
Southwest Symposium on Mixed-Signal Design
Simultaneous Switching Noise
Simultaneous Switching Output
Solution Sources Programming
Style Sheet Proposal
Smith Seckman Reid
Structural Stability Research Council
Suspended Substrate Stripline
System Segment Specification
Silicon Space Technology
Spectroscopic Survey Telescope
School of Technology for the Arts
Silverman Trykowski Associates
Static Time Analysis
Static Timing Analysis
Self-Test and Repair
Self-Testing and Repairing
Self Test And Repair
Semiconductor Technology Academic Research Center
Society for Technical Communicators
Stirling Technology Company
Simple to Design
Society of Typographic Designers
State Transition Diagrams
State Transition Diagrams
State Transition Graph
Structured Transaction Definition Language
Standard for the Exchange of Product
Silver Thomas Hanley
Standard Test Interface Language
Standard Tessellation Language
Standard Triangulation Language
Special Truss Moment Frame
Simulating Transportation for Realistic Engineering Education and Training
Set To Work
Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
Sustainable Urban Drainage System
Subsurface Utility Engineering
Simplified User Interface
Speech User Interface
Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series
Software Usability Measurement Inventory
Small Undergraduate Research Grants
Singapore University of Technology & Design
System Verilog
System Verilog Assertions
Scaleable Vector Graphics
Task Analysis
Technical Activity Committee
Total Area Coverage
Technoculture, Art and Games
Test Access Mechanism
Terrain Analysis Package
Texas Board of Architectural Examiners
Technical Contradiction
Technology Computer Aided Design
Transactions on Computer Aided Design
The Cool Hunter
Tightly Coupled Memory
Task Completion Time
Time Critical Targets
Target Designer
Technical Director
Technical Directors
Type Directors Club
Technical Design Document
Test-driven design
Test Driven Design
The Designers Foundry
Test Description Language
Tailored Design Method
Total Design Method
Team Data Manager
Top Design Magazine
Timing Diagram Markup Language
Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual
Technical Data Package
Technical Development Programs
Technical Design Report
Technical Design Review
Technical Document Register
Test Data Registers
Tirana Design Week
Trial Elements
Textile Environment Design
tokyo electron device
Traffic Engineering Manual
Tri-Mode Ethernet Media Access Controller
Teaching Every Student
Technical Feasibility
Technical File
Tea For Two
Technical Guidance
Tecnologia de Informação
Textile Institute
Technology Informatics Design Endeavour
Tilley Inflatable Design and Engineering Ltd
Tensilica Instruction Extension
Tagged Image Format
Technical Information Management System
Technical Interchange Meetings
This Is Not A Game
Total Internal Reflector
The Knitting Guild of America
Technology License Agreement
Troy Lee Designs
Timing Library Format
Transaction-Level Modeling
Transactional Level Modeling
Transaction Level Modeling
Transaction Level Modelling
Technical Memorandum
Template Method
The MathWorks
Town Manage
Three Mirror Anastigmat
Tuned Mass Dampers
Text Mode Kernel
Triple-Modular Redundancy
The More You Know
Traditional Neighborhood Design
The One and Only
Table of Contents
Transit-Oriented Design
Transit Oriented Design
Trade Only Design Library
Target Operating Model
Target Operating Models
Tikkun Olam Makers
Top of Production
Think Outside The Box
Test Pattern Generation
The Paciello Group
Truss Plate Institute
Tokyo Polytechnic University
Technology Review Board
Targeted Reference Design
Test Requirements Document
Test Requirement Document
The Rocketry Forum
Test Readiness Review
Test Readiness Reviews
Tangent to Spiral
Technical Sub-Committee
Technical System Design
Triple Speed Ethernet
The Systems Group
Turf Solutions Group
Texas Society of Professional Engineers
Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions
Thermo Structured Surface
Technical Site Survey Report
User Interface
User Area
Universal Access Device
Universal Access Devices
University of the Arts London
Urban Art Projects
Unified Building Code
Understanding by Design
Used Building Materials Association
University for the Creative Arts
Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design
User Constraints File
Use Case Maps
Universal Design
Universal Design in Education
Universal Design of Instruction
Universal Design for Instruction
Universal Design for Learning
Universal Design of Learning
Urban Design Lab
User-Defined Primitives
User Defined Primitives
User Defined Primitive
Usability Engineering
User Environment Design
Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais
Universal Format
Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard
Ubiquitous Fashionable Computer
Unified Facility Criteria
Up-Front Display
Up Front Display
Unified Font Object
Upload Images
User Interaction
Unitedworld Institute of Design
Universal Instructional Design
User Interfaces
User Interface Development Systems
User Interface Specification
Uniunii Internaţionale a Telecomunicat
Ultra-Low Power
Ultra Low Power
User Language Program
User Language Programs
Ultimate Limit State
Ultimate Limit States
Unified Modeling Langauge
Uniform Modeling Language
Universal Modeling Language
Universal Modelling Language
United Nations Disaster Relief Organisation
United Nations Regional Information Centre
United Nations World Health Organization
University of Brighton
Upgrade Present
Urban Prototyping
Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya
Unified Power Format
Uninterrupted Power Service
Ultimate Reduced Instruction Set Computer
User Requirement Specification
User Requirement Specifications
User Requirements Specification
User Requirements Specifications
Unmoderated Remote Usability Test
Unternehmensberatung Rubow Weber
United Scenic Artists
Urban Street Design Manual
Unified Software Development Process
Ultra Shallow Floor Beam
United States Institute for Theatre Technology
United States Institute of Theatre Technology
United States Institute for Theater Technology
United States Institute of Theater Technology's
User Testing
Universal Trail Assessment Process
Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard
Université Technologique de Compiegne
Universal Technical Systems
Universal Verification Methodology
University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team
Unified Web Evaluation Methodology
User Experience
User Experiences
User Experience Center
User Experience Design
User Experience Designers
User Experience Hong Kong
Victoria & Albert
Victoria and Albert
Van Alen Institute
Visiting Artists Program
Visual Arts Program
Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Vertical Center of Gravity
Virtual Component Interface
voltage-controlled oscillators
Voltage Controlled Oscillators
Voltage Control Oscillator
voltage-controlled oscillators
Voltage Controlled Oscillators
Verilog Compiled Simulator
Virtual Component Exchange
Video Direct Memory Access
Vehicle Design Rules
Virtual Design Team
Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab
Virtual Functional Bus
Vancouver Film School
Vector Graphics
Visual Graphics Corporation
Visual Graphics Display Designer
Verilog Hardware Description Language
Verilog hardware description languages
Very-High-Speed Hardware Description Language
very-high-speed integrated circuit
Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuits
Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit
Very High Speed Integrated Circuits
Versatile Interface Adapter
Vectored Interrupt Controller
Vibration Isolation System
Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo
Virtual Learning Studio
Very Large Scale Integrations
Visual Mobile Designer
Verification Methodology Manual
Value Object
Visual OpenType Layout Tool
Virtual Platform
Virtual Prototyping
Virtual Prototype
Vision Processor
Visual Presentation
Verification Process Automation
Virtual Product Model
Virginia Power Electronics Center
Visual Programming Interface
Valor Parts Library
Variable Supply
Variation Simulation Analysis
Vehicle Systems Architect
Virtual Services Architecture
Very Small Business
Vertical Soak Diffusion
Virtual Socket Interface
Virtual Socket Interface Alliance
Virtual Sockets Interface Alliance
Visual User Interface
Virtual System Platform
Virtual System Prototypes
Virginia Society of Professional Engineers
Visual System Simulator
Very Slender Vessel
Vertical Take-Off & Landing
Virtual Trade Show
Voice User Interface
Voice User Interfaces
Voice User Interfaces
Web Accessibilty Initiative
Web Access Initiative
We are Music
Wind and Structural Health Monitoring System
World Crafts Council
Worst Case Circuit Analysis
Wafer Chip Scale Package
Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council
Web Development Reading List
Web Developers Virtual Library
World Entrepreneurship Day
Web Embedding Fonts Tool
Web Embedding Font Tool
Web Embedding Font Technology
Woodside Energy Limited
Wing In Ground
Wing In Ground-effect
Works in Progress
Web-based Information Systems
Web Information Systems
Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association
Western Mountain Region
Work Management System
Web Open Font Format
Windows of Opportunity
Ways of Working
White on White
Water Plane Area
Working Public Architecture
Water Pollution Abatement Plan
Web Page Design for Designers
Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition
Welding research council
Wire Reinforcement Institute
Workgroup Repository Manager
Web Resource Modeling Language
Winchester School of Art
Working stress design
Washington State Department of Health
Xilinx Automotive
eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language
eXtensible Hyper-Text Markup Language
Xilinx Microprocessor Debugger
Xilinx Netlist Format
Xanadu Operating Company
Xilinx Platform Studio
Xilinx System Generator
Xilinx Synthesis Technology
Xilinx Synthesis Tool
eXtensible Telephony Markup Language
Xilinx University Program
Young Game Designers
Yale School of Architecture
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
Zoomable User Interface
Zooming User Interface