Popular Development acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Acquisition and Development
Artificial Mind & Movement
Apps for the Army
Academic Alliance
Arrange, Act, Assert
Arrange Act Assert
Association for the Advancement of African Women Economists
Afghan Amputee Bicyclists for Rehabilitation and Recreation
Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority
Android Application Development India
African Agricultural Fund
Adult Attachment Interview
Academy for Academic Leadership
American Association of Mental Retardation
Adult Attachment Projective
Annual Action Plans
Annual Action Plans
African Association of Political Science
Android Application Records
African Academy of Science
Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
American Association of University Affiliated Programs
Association of Builders and Developers
Assessment Battery for Children
Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development
Australian Blueprint for Career Development
Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States
Abstract Binary Interface
Arnold Bergstraesser Institute
Advisory Board for the Research Councils
Agile Business Rule Development
Amy Business Solutions
Accredited Coaching
Assembly code
Associate Contractor Agreement
Avanade Connected Architectures
Avanade Connected Architecture
Africa Capacity Building Foundation
Administrative Committee on Coordination
Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum
Auckland City Council
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Caribbean
Africa Climate Change Fund
Asian Cultural Centre for UNESCO
Advanced Chemistry Development
Association for Child Development
Agricultural Cooperative Development International
Artefaktur Component Development Kit
App Configuration for Enterprise
Associated Computer Experts
Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development
Addison County Economic Development Corporation
Africa Clean Energy Finance
Asia Clean Energy Forum
All-China Environment Federation
Advanced Custom Fields
Africa Carbon Forum
Asian Cultural Forum on Development
African Centre for Gender and Social Development
Advisory Committee on Genetic Testing
Advance Cargo Information System
Allegro Common Lisp
Advanced Content Management
Approved Consolidated Methodology
African Centre of Meteorological Application for Development
African Centre of Meteorological Applications for Development
African Centre for Meteorological Applications for Development
Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific
Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific
Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific
Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific
Africa Caribbean Pacific
African, Carribean and Pacific
African Caribbean and Pacific
African Caribbean Pacific
Afrique, des Caraïbes et du Pacifique
Africa Climate Policy Centre
African Climate Policy Centre
Association of Career Professionals International
All Children Reading
America's Career Resource Network
Access Client Solutions
African Centre for Statistics
Appcelerator Cloud Services
Advocating Change Together
Against Corruption Today
Annual Change Traffic
Army Civilian Training, Education and Development Systems
Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation
African Center for Technology Studies
Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid
App Discovery
Application Developer
Application Development & Delivery
Application Development & Innovation
Adobe Developers Association
Advanced Development for Africa
Armenian Development Agency
Austrian Development Agency
African Development Aid Association
Australian Development Assistance Agency
Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
Antibiotic Development to Advance Patient Treatment
Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
Africa Development Bank
Agriculture Development Bank
Asean Development Bank
Asia Development Bank
Asian Developmen Bank
Africa Development Corps
Android Debugging Bridge
Android Development Bridge
Agricultural Development Bank of China
Asian Development Bank Institute
Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan
Academic Development Center
Acquisition, Development, and Construction
Agricultural Development Corporation
Airport Development Corporation
Andean Development Corporationration
Antibody Drug Conjugate
Antibody Drug Conjugates
Antibody-Drug Conjugates
Antibody Drug Conjugates
Apple Developer Connection
Application Development Consultant
Area Development Committee
Austrian Development Cooperation
Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development
Avionics Data, Control and Software Systems
Abu Dhabi Dialogue
Action on Disability and Development
Agency for Defense Development
Agency for Defence Development
Agricultural Development Division
American Dream Demonstration
Android Developer Days
Architecture Description Document
Asshole Driven Development
Asansol Durgapur Development Authority
Academic Drug Discovery Consortium
Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organisation
Aeronautical Development Establishment
Application Development Environments
Association for Development of Education in Africa
Arts Development in East Cambridgeshire
Aquaculture Development and Enhancement Programme
Autism Distance Education Parent Training
African Development Forum
Agriculture Development Fund
Airport Development Fee
Albanian Development Fund
Aviation Development Fund
Application Developer Framework
Applications Development Framework
Arab Democracy Foundation
Abu Dhabi Fund for Development
Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security
Appalachian Development Highway System
Academic Development Institute
African Development Indicators
Application Development and Integration
Autism Diagnostic Interview
Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised
Accessory Development Kit
Application development kit
Application Developer Kit
Android Development Kit
Advanced Distributed Learning
Application Development Language
Application Development & Maintenance
Application Development Management
Application Development and Management
Applications Development & Maintenance
Agricultural Development Led Industrialization
Application Development Lifecycle Management
Application Development and Maintenance
Applications Development and Maintenance
Automatic Differentiation Model Builder
Application Development, Maintenance and Support
Agriculture Development Officer
Agricultural Development Project
Agricultural Development Program
Alabama Development Office
Accelerated Data Program
Accelerated Development Program
Accenture Development Partnerships
Adult Development Program
Annual Development Program
Annual Development Programme
Allscripts Developer Program
Annual Development Plan
Application Development Platform
Application Development Platforms
African Diaspora Policy Centre
Association for the Development of the Person Centered Approach
Ajuda de Desenvolvimento de Povo para Povo
Agricultural Development Projects
Acção para o Desenvolvimento Rural e Ambiente
Adventist Development & Relief Agency
Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment
Asian Development Research Institute
Airport Development Reference Manual
Academic Development and Support
Academy of Development Science
Agriculture Development Strategy
Application Development Services
Application Download Server
Associate Directors
Automated Directives System
Automated Directive System
Automated Directives Systems
Automated Directive Systems
Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development and Protection Plan
Adult Day Training
Agribusiness Development Team
Android Development Tools
Android Developer Tools
Android Development Tool
Android Development Toolkit
Android Developer Toolkit
Application Development Tool
Application Development Toolkit
Application Development Trends
Application Development Team
Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
Affordable Dwelling Units
Agency for the Development of Women and Children
Application Execution
Atomic Energy Commission
African Enterprise Challenge Fund
Academy for Educational Development
Academy for Education Development
Academy of Educational Development
Accelerated Economic Development
Albuquerque Economic Development
Arlington Economic Development
Allentown Economic Development Corporation
Alternative Energy Development Board
Amarillo Economic Development Corporation
Arnold Engineering Development Center
Arnold Engineering Development Complex
Arnold Engineering Development Complex's
Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics
Application Execution Environment
Africa Enterprise Fund
Astana Economic Forum
Adobe Experience Manager
Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination
African Economic Outlook
Asia Environmental Partnership
Automated Error Prevention
Agricultural Engineering Research Institute
Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle
Adult Educators
Application Enhancement Tool
Agricultural Extension Workers
Action Fiche
Additional Financing
Application Framework
Architecture Framework
Assistance Foreign
African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services
Action for Agricultural Renewal in Maharashtra
Agricultural Finance Corporation
Agency for Development
Asian Football Development Project
Action for Enterprise
Arab Forum for Environment and Development
Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Asian Financial Forum
Assets for Independence Act
African Facility for Inclusive Markets
Agriculture and Fishery Modernization Act
African Financial Markets Initiative
Active FoxPro Pages
Alliance for Full Participation
Asia Forest Partnership
Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development
Access to Finance Rwanda
Agriculture and Food Security
Agriculture Fast Track
Aid for Trade
Alberta Family Wellness Initiative
African Governance Architecture
Advisory Group for Aerospace Research & Development
African Gender and Development Index
Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change
Africa Growth Initiative
App Game Kit
African Governance Report
Adventure Game Studio
Alliance for Global Sustainability
Africa Growing Together Fund
Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board
Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board
Arab Human Development Report
Afghan Health and Development Services
Animal Health for the Environment and Development
Ab Initio
Appreciative Inquiry
Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcast Development
Advanced Interrupt Controller
Appreciation Influence Control
African Institute of Corporate Citizenship
Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic
Action In Development
Advocacy Initiative for Development
Africa Industrialization Day
Alliance for International Development
Aid & International Development Forum
Accessible Information on Development Activities
Azerbaijan International Development Agency
Anti-Infective Drugs Advisory Committee
Aero Industry Development Center
Assam Industrial Development Corporation
Automotive Industry Development Centre
Alternative Information and Development Centre
Alternative Information Development Centre
Arkansas Industrial Development Commission
Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
Alaska Industrial Development Export Authority
Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group
All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization
Alabama Industrial Development Training
Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank
Accessing International Markets
Autism Internet Modules
Artificial Intelligence Mark-up Language
Advanced Information Management System
Aid Information Management System
Aid Information Management Systems
Agricultural Information Management Systems
Alberta Infant Motor Scale
All India Oracle Users Group
Annual Investment Program
Adobe Integrated Runtime
Anaren Integrated Radio
Associates for International Resources and Development
Accessible Information Solutions
Agricultural Innovation Systems
All India School Education Survey
African Information Society Initiative
Australian Institute of Training & Development
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development
Australian Journal of Career Development
African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development
Aga Khan Agency
Aga Khan Fund
Aga Khan Agency for the Habitat
Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance
Aga Khan Development Network
Aga Khan Education Services
Aga Khan Education Service
Aga Khan Health Services
Aga Khan Health Service
Aga Khan Foundation
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development
Aga Khan Foundation Pakistan
Aga Khan Music Initiative
Aga Khan Rural Support Programme
Agricultural Knowledge Science and Technology
Action Learning
Apache License
Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit
African Leadership Centre
Africa Leadership Forum
American Leadership Development Association
Advanced Leadership Development Program
Adult Learning and Education
Adult Literacy Index
Application Lifecycle Intelligence
Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business
Agile Lifecycle Management
Application Lifecycle Management
Application Lifecycle Manager
Agricultural Land Management
Adult Literacy and Numeracy
Accelerated Leadership Program
Advanced Leadership Program
Aspiring Leader Program
Artificial Lift Research and Development Council
Advantage Local Server
Application Lifecycle Service
Advanced Logic Technology
Agile Methods
Agile Model
Agreement Management
Application Module
Application Modules
Application Model
Application Maintainer
Application Maintenance
Archetype Model
Attachment Module
American Management Association International
Accelerated Microenterprise Advancement Project
Advance Market Commitment
African Ministerial Council on Science and Technology
African Ministers Council on Water
Agricultural Market Development
Analytical Method Development
Autonomous Mental Development
African Minerals Development Centre
Agile Model Driven Development
Agile Modelling Driven Development
African Media Development Initiative
Academy of Management Executive
Association for Management Education and Development
African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development
African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development
Apache Mobile Filter
Alliance Messaging Hub
African Media Initiative
Agriculture Market Information System
Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge
Agile Maturity Model
Application Management Outsourcing
Accelerated Massive Parallelism
Advanced Manufacturing Park
Aid Management Platform
Alfresco Module Package
Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program
Annual Ministerial Review
Aviation & Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center
Aviation & Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center
Aviation Missile Research Development and Engineering Center
Agent Management System
Application Maintenance Services
Application Management Software
Advanced Mobile Subscriber Software
Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center
Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team
Africa Mining Vision
African Mining Vision
Apple Notification Center Service
Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs
Afghanistan National Development Strategy
Afghan National Development Strategy
Association for Nursing Professional Development
Adjusted Net Saving
Advanced Navigation Technology
Applied New Technologies
Android Open Accessory
Arab Organization for Agricultural Development
Application Object Library
Adaptive Object Model
Application Object Model
Aspect-Oriented Modeling
African Ombudsman and Mediators Association
Annual Operational Plan
Annual Operating Plans
Adverse Outcome Pathways
Android Open-Source Project
Android Open Source Project
Application Object Tree
Arab Office for Youth and Environment
Applications Programs
Attachments Profile
Association of Personal Assistants
Asia Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions
Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development
Advanced Processing Build
Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority
Academy for Peace and Development
Asian and Pacific Development Centre
African Project Development Facility
Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme
Asia-Pacific Development Information Program
Asia Pacific Development Information Programme
Asia Pacific Development Information Program
Acquisition Professional Development Program
Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programme
Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme
Application Performance Explorer
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative
Asia Pacific Economic Commission
Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency
Asian and Pacific Energy Forum
Australasia-Pacific Extension Network
Adequate Public Facilities
African Peace Facility
Africa Partnership Forum
Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development
Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development
Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development
Asia Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development
Astellas Pharma Global Development
Acrobat Plug-in
Advanced Programming Interface
Application-Program Interface
Application Programmers Interface
Application Programmer Interface
Application Programmer's Interface
Application Programme Interface
Application Programmable Interface
Application Programmer Interfaces
Advocacy and Policy Institute
Application Platform Interface
Application Protocol Interface
Application Procedural Interface
Applications Programming Interface
Applications Programmer's Interface
Application Programming Interfaces
Application Program Interfaces
Application Programming Interfaces
Application Program Interfaces
Application Programmer Interfaces
Application Programme Interfaces
Application Programmers Interfaces
Applications Programming Interfaces
Annual Poverty Indicator Survey
Adaptable Program Lending
Agile Project Leadership Network
Agile Project Management
Agile Process Maturity Model
Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants
Apple's Push Notification Service
Apple Push Notification Service
Asian Productivity Organization
Asia Productivity Organization
Associate Professional Officer
Associate Professional Officers
Agricultural Policy Programme
Asia Pacific Partnership
Atom Publishing Protocol
Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement
African Peer Review Mechanism
Africa Peer Review Mechanism
Asia Pacific Research Network
Arabian Peninsula Regional Program
Asia Pacific Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production
Agricultural Production System
Annual Program Statement
Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation
Association for Psychological Type
Association of Psychological Type
Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum
Azim Premji University
Agricultural Products Utilization Commission
Asia Pacific Women's Watch
Advanced Query Tool
Alternate Reality
Aeronautics Research and Development Board
Agricultural Research for Development
Architected Rapid Application Development
Army Risk Assessment Modeling System
Amhara Regional Agricultural Research Institute
Action for the Rights of Children
African Regional Coverage
Agriculture Research Council
Appalachian Regional Commission
Automatic Reference Counting
Agrarian Reform Communities
Acquisition Requirements Development
Agricultural and Rural Development
Agricultural Research and Development
Agricultural and Rural Development Authority
Agricultural Research for Development
American Research and Development
Applied Research and Development
Advanced Research & Development Activity
American Resort Developers Association
Appalachian Regional Development Act
Aeronautical Research & Development Board
African Refugee Development Center
African Refugee Development Centre
Agriculture and Rural Development Day
Armament Research & Development Establishment
Armament Research and Development Establishment
Armament Research Development Establishment
Armaments Research and Development Establishment
Accounting Research and Development Foundation
Alternatives Research & Development Foundation
Alternatives Research and Development Foundation
Access to Research for Development and Innovation
African Retail Development Index
Augmented Reality Experience Language
Advanced Research Institute
Advanced Research Institutions
Advanced Research Institutes
African Rice Initiative
Accessible Rich Internet Application
Agricultural Registers and Information Board
Association of Research Managers and Administrators
Agricultural and Rural Management Training Institute
Application Resource Optimizer
Amiga Research Operating System
African Research and Resource Forum
Annual Report on Results and Impact
Asian Regional Research Programme in Energy, Environment and Climate
Aisle Rocket Studios
Automated Regression Testing
Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion
Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management
Application Security
Aspergers Syndrome
Asynchronous Scaleout
Autism Spectrum
Action for Social Advancement
Arid and Semi-Arid Land
Arid and Semi-Arid Lands
Arid and Semi Arid Lands
Academics Stand Against Poverty
Adaptation for Smallholder Agriculture Programme
Additional Skill Acquisition Programme
Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa
Alabama Small Business Development Center
America's Small Business Development Center
Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center
Autism Services Center
Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
Agriculture Skill Council of India
Association of South Central Oklahoma Governments
Accredited Standards Developer
Accredited Symbian Developer
Adaptive Software Development
Agile Software Development
Alliance for Space Development
Association for Social Development
Austism Spectrum Disorder
Austism Spectrum Disorders
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network
Alberta Sport Development Centre
Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties
Aglets Software Development Kit
Alaska Staff Development Network
Agricultural Sector Development Program
Agricultural Sector Development Strategy
Autism Spectrum Disorders
African School of Economics
Assistant Systems Engineer
Assistant System Engineer
Asia Solar Energy Initiative
Aqaba Special Economic Zone
Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa
Adam Smith International
Asian Social Institute
Automotive Safety Integrity Levels
Attitude, Skills, Knowledge
Accredited Scrum Master
Agile Scaling Model
Airport Strategy and Marketing
Adobe Solutions Network
Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Assistant Secretaries of the Navy
Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products
App Store Optimisation
Active Service Page
Active Sever Pages
Application Solutions Provider
Application Solutions Partners
Application Server Page
Assessment and Strengthening Program
Association of Software Professionals
Automotive Supplier Park
Asian South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education
Asia South Pacific Bureau of Adult Education
Ages & Stages Questionnaires
Ages & Stages Questionnaire
Ages and Stages Questionnaire
Ages Stages Questionnaires
Ages Stages Questionnaire
Autism Spectrum Screening Questionnaire
Automated Speech Recognition
Advocacy for Societal Rights Advancement and Development Initiative
Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
Alberta Science and Research Investments Program
Arab States Regional Office
Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation
Agricultural Support Services Project
Application Server Toolkit
Aviation Security Training Centers
American Society for Training and Development
American Society of Training & Development
American Society for Training Development
American Society of Trainers and Developers
Achieving Sustainable Urban Development
Application Security Verification Standard
Acceptance Test
Acceptance testing
Aerospace Testing Alliance
Agricultural Transformation Agency
Agricultural Transformation Agenda
Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines
Advanced Training Consultants
Advanced Technology Development Center
Advanced Technology Development Facility
Advanced Technology Demonstrations
Association for Talent Development
Armenian Tourism Development Agency
Acceptance Test-Driven Development
Acceptance Test Driven Development
Acceptance Testing Driven Development
Ajman Tourism Development Department
Academic Talent Development Program
Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development
AJAX Toolkit Framework
Ajax Tools Framework
Authoring Tools Framework
Appropriate Technology International
Army Training Information Architecture
Advanced Technical Intelligence Center
Accelerated Training for Illinois Manufacturing
Alabama Technology Network
Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex
Asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex
Alternative Trading Organization
Arab Towns Organization
Advanced Technology Program
Area Transportation Partnerships
Area Transportation Partnership
African Trade Policy Centre
Africa Technology Policy Studies
Advocacy Training and Resource Center
Acceptance Tests
App Transport Security
Axibase Time Series Database
African Telecommunication Union
African Union Commission
Association of University Administrators
Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority
Abstract User Interface
Agile Unified Process
Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development
Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments
Android Virtual Devices
Android Virtual Devices
Australian Volunteer for International Development
Automatic Vehicle Locating System
ActionScript Virtual Machine
ActionScript Virtual Machine 2
African Virtual Open Initiatives and Resources
Armed Violence Reduction
Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center
Alexa Voice Service
African Women in Agricultural Research and Development
African Women's Development Fund
African Women Development Fund
Approval Workflow Engine
Afghan Women's Educational Center
Adaptive Website Framework
African Water Facility
Aquaculture without Frontiers
Association for Women in Development
African Women Lawyers Association
Advantage West Midlands
Agricultural Water Management
Arab Women Organization
Ada Web Server
Abstract Widget Toolkit
Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development
Australian Youth Ambassador for Development
Business to Client
British Agencies Afghanistan Group
Bridges Across Borders Cambodia
Business Activity Management
Business Application Platform
Business Application Software
Buenos Aires Plan of Action
Binational Agricultural Research & Development
Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development
Bangladesh Academy of Rural Development
British Ability Scales
Bulgarian Association of Software Developers
Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Service
Bangladesh Association of Software Information Services
Basic Acceptance Test
Binary Analysis Tool
Building Blocks
Berkeley Bioinformatics Open-Source Projects
Black Box Software Testing
Binding Components
Business Connector
Beta Cell Biology Consortium
Bergen County Economic Development Corporation
Byte Code Engineering Library
Bradford Centre for International Development
Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research
Burdwan Development Authority
Brownfield Development Area
Business Development Board
Business Development Analyst
Bhutan Development Bank
Berwyn Development Corporation
Behavioral Driven Development
Behaviour Driven Developement
Blog Driven Development
Bio Diesel Fuel
Business Development & Innovation
Business Development Incubator
Battelle Developmental Inventory Screening Test
Background Debug Mode
Background Debug Module
Basic Development Needs
Block Development Officer
Business Development Officers
Business Development Rep
Bussiness Development Services
Bureau for Development Policy
Bangladesh Development Research Center
Borland Developer Studio
Business Expansion and Retention
Business Enabling Environment
Basic Economic Development Course
Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority
Bali Export Development Organization
Bangladesh Enterprise Institute
Business Employment Incentive Program
Basic Education and Policy Support
Bahrain Economic Quarterly
Bureau of Education & Research
Break Even Time
Business ecosystem training
Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center
Burma Environmental Working Group
Business Facade
Business & Finance Consulting
Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation
Bangladesh Forest Industries Development Corporation
Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program
Bureau for Food Security
Battle Field Surveillance Radar
Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority
Baishampayan Ghose
Brain Gene Expression Map
Borlaug Higher Education for Agricultural Research and Development
Basic Human Needs
Business Inteligent
Business Intelligence Analyst
Bangalore International Airport Area Planning Authority
Business and Industry Advisory Committee
Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority
Batam Industrial Development Authority
Bank Information Center
Bank Information Centre
Business Information Centre
Business Information Centers
Business Information Centers
Biomedical Innovation Center
Business Incubator Center
Business Intelligence Competence Centre
Business in Development
Barbados Investment & Development Corporation
Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies
Business Improvement Districts
Business Intelligence Development Studio
Business Intelligence Developer Studio
Bank of Investment and Development of Vietnam
Board for International Food and Agricultural Development
Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener
Biodiversity Indicators Partnership
Business Improvement Process
Business Improvement Review
Business Intelligence Reporting Tool
Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools
Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment
Big Kernel Lock
Biological License Application
Better Life Association for Comprehensive Development
Bluetooth Low Energy
Business Leaders Forum
Bureau of Local Government Development
Business Link North Carolina
Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute
Base Line Survey
Better Link Tester
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Business Modeling Method
Bahrain Management Society
Business Management Software
Big Modeling Up Front
Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale
Buffalo Niagara Enterprise
Buffalo Niagara Human Resource Association
Business Natural Languages
Bank Netherlands Partnership Program
Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha
Basic Needs Trust Fund
Bureau of Agriculture
Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation
Birds of Feather
Bureau of Finance and Economic Development
Business Opportunity and Information Centre
Base Object Model
Biomarkers of Nutrition for Development
Build Operate Own Transfer
Business Object Repository
Business One Stop
Business Operating Systems
Bank of Southern Sudan
Business Opportunities to Success Summit
Board on Science and Technology for International Development
Bruininks-Oseretsky Test
Build, Operate, Transfer
Build, Operate, And Transfer
Build, Operate & Transfer
Build-Operate and Transfer
Build Operate and Transfer
Build Operate Transfer
Build Own Transfer
Built Operate Transfer
Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency
Building Partnerships
Business Process Definition
Bangladesh Power Development Board
Business Processing Execution Language
Best Practice Forums
Basic Package of Health Services
Basic Package of Health Service
Business Process Management Systems
Barbados Program of Action
Brussels Programme of Action
Bureau for Policy and Programme Support
Bureau of Police Research and Development
Bureau of Police Research & Development
Bureau of Police Research and Development
Bureau of Police Research & Development
Business Process Server
Business Quality Messaging
Biosphere Reserves
Basic Rate / Enhanced Data Rate
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee
Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
Bratislava Regional Centre
Business Resource Center
Business Resource Centers
Business Resource Centers
Business Reform and Competitiveness Project
Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Business Requirements Document
Bio-research and Development Growth
Biomass Research and Development Initiative
Business Research and Development and Innovation Survey
Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development
Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development
Business Rule Framework
Business Rules Framework
Backward Region Grant Fund
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function-Preschool
Bangladesh Rural Improvement Foundation
Budget and Resource Management
Business Rules Management Systems
Business Rule Management Systems
Business Resource Network
Business Retention and Relocation Assistance Grant
Business Requirements Specification
Business Requirement Specifications
Business Requirements Specifications
Big Requirements Up Front
Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
Black Sea Bank for Trade and Development
Berkeley Systems Development
Berkeley System Development
Beet Sugar Development Foundation
Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization
Big Sky Economic Development
Bayley Scale of Infant Development
Bayley Scales of Infant Development
Bureau of Standards Jamaica
Board Support Package
Board Support Packages
Board Support Packages
Bug Squashing Party
Business Server Pages
Business Server Page
Business Service Providers
Baltic Sea Region
Black Sea Region
Bihar State Road Development Corporation Ltd
Basic Social Services
Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation
Base Service Unit
Background Transfer
Broader Topic
Belgian Technical Cooperation
Belgium Technical Cooperation
Belgische Technische Coöperatie
Botswana Technology Centre
Business, Tourism, Culture and Rural Development
Bounded Task Flow
Biomass Technology Group
Basic Transmitter Station
Batch Terminal Simulator
Bureau of Technical and Vocational Education
Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts
Boston University Conference on Language Development
Bangladesh Urban Forum
Browser User Interface
Biomass Users Network
Basic Unified Process
Business Value Index
Business Warehousing
Business Works
Bangladesh Water Development Board
British Web Design and Marketing Association
Business Women Forum
Budget Working Group
Connect for Change
Center for Competitive Management
Core Animation
Combating Autism Act Initiative
Composite Application Blocks
Composite Application Block
Central American Commission on Environment and Development
Clinical Assessment of Depression
Center for Alternative Development Initiatives
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development
Coastal Area Facilities Review Act
Canadian Autism Intervention Research Network
Collaborative Application Markup Language
Centre for Applied Microbiology & Research
Computer Aided Manufacturing System
Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing
Climate Action Network South Asia
Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy
Common African Position
Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa
Cooperative Annual Performance Report
Career Ability Placement Survey
Computer Aided Prototyping System
Center for Autism Research
Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development
Centre for Agricultural Research and Development
Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology
Centre for Arts Research in Education
Common Anatomy Reference Ontology
Consumer Advocates in Research and Related Activities
Church's Auxiliary for Social Action
Church Auxiliary for Social Action
Center for Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship
Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts
Computer Aided Systems Engineering
Council for Advancement and Support for Education
China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
Center for Advanced Study of International Development
Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations
Centre for Agrarian Systems Research and Development
Country Assistance Strategies
Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism
Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
Capability Assessment Tool
Competency Assessment Tool
Citizens Against Virtually Everything
Center for Arab Women Training and Research
Center of Arab Women for Training and Research
Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research
Container Base
Capabilities Based Assessment
Capability Based Assessment
Certified Business Advisor
Cross-Border Area
Cross Border Area
Competency-Based Curriculum
Cross-border Cooperation
Cross Border Cooperation
China Business Council for Sustainable Development
Component Based Development and Integration
Common but Differentiated Responsibility
Common But Differentiated Responsibilities
Certified Business Enterprises
Congo Basin Forest Fund
Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies
Core Body of Knowledge
Community Base Organization
Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network
Community Based Rehabilitative Services
Center for Business Research and Development
Child Behavior Rating Scale
Church of Bangladesh Social Development Programme
Competency-Based Training
Capacity Building Task Force
Consultative Committee
Customer Collaboration
Climate Change Adaptation
Common Country Assessment
Common Country Assessments
Cooperation Committee for Cambodia
Customs Cooperation Committee
Center for Child Development
Climate Change Division
Climate Change and Development
Climate Compatible Development
Cloudera Certified Developer
Convention on Combating Desertification
Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh
Centre for Community Dialogue and Change
Canadian Career Development Foundation
Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding
Communication and Capacity Development Unit
Certified Chamber Executive
Climate Change Education
Climate Change Fund
Climate Change Education for Sustainable Development
China Carbon Forum
Country Cooperation Framework
Center for Child and Family Studies
Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research
Center for Child Health and Development
Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure
Council for Competitiveness and Innovation
Canadian Career Information Association
China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development
Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies
Continental Carbon India Limited
Climate Change Knowledge Network
Cambridge Consultants Ltd
Center of Creative Leadership
Centre for Creative Leadership
Centre of Creative Leadership
Cerner Command Language
Clozure Common Lisp
Collaborative Center for Literacy Development
Component Content Management Systems
Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members
Climate Change Programme
Center for Career & Professional Development
Concurrency and Coordination Runtime
Configuration Change Requests
Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association
Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
Champaign County Regional Planning Commission
Content Conversion Specialists
Custom Computer Services
Cyprus Computer Society
Certificate of Completion of Staff Development
Certified Cyber Security Expert
Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future
Center for Cancer Training
Capability Development
Capability Drop
Capacity Development
Career Development
Color Developing
Cognitive Delay
Committee on Development
Component Definition
Concept Definition
Continuous Delivery
Continuous Deployment
Custom Development
Customer Development
Concept Development & Experimentation
Combat Development and Integration
Capacity Development for the Clean Development Mechanism
Career Development Award
Career Development Awards
Chaguaramas Development Authority
Chilika Development Authority
Coast Development Authority
Child Development Associates
Child Development Account
Clinical Development Analytics
Cluster Development Agent
Coconut Development Authority
Connecticut Development Authority
Commonwealth Development Authority
Comprehensive Development Agreements
Consiglio di Amministrazione
Content Delivery Application
Cooperative Development Authority
Cooperatives Development Authority
Career Development Association of New Zealand
Child Development Accounts
Child Development Associates
Career Development Boards
Coconut Development Board
Cotton Development Board
Career Development Boards
Caribbean Development Bank
Caspian Development Bank
China Development Bank
Career Development Center
Career Development Centre
Career Development Centers
Citizens Development Corps
Clark Development Corporation
Collection Development Committee
Commonwealth Development Corporation
Consultancy Development Centre
Consultancy Development Center
Council for the Development of Cambodia
Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum
Curriculum Development Centre
Curriculum Development Committee
Customer Development Center
Child Development Centers
Center for Development in Central America
Country Development Cooperation Strategy
Center for Democratic Development
Centre for Democracy and Development
Centre for Democratic Development
Center for Development and Disability
Centre for Disability in Development
Childhood disintegrative disorder
Collaborative Drug Discovery
Compatibility Definition Document
Curriculum Development Division
Common Development and Distribution Licence
Common Distribution and Development License
Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law
Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law
Career Development Event
Career Development Events
Career Development Events
Career Development Events
Career Development Facilitator
Center for Development and Environment
Center for Development and Enterprise
Centre for Development and Enterprise
Centre for Development and Environment
Collaborative Development Environments
Common Data Elements
Concept Development and Experimentation
Culture and Development East Africa
Cumbria Development Education Centre
Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency
Career Development Fellowship
Child Development Fund
Cooperative Development Fund
Cultural Development Fund
China Development Forum
Compound Documents Format
Constituency Development Fund
Council of Development Finance Agencies
Career Development Facilitators
Career Development Grant
Career Development Institute
Child Development and Family Studies
Capability Development Grant
Career Development Group
Corporate Development Group
Child Development Group of Mississippi
Congenital dislocation of the hip
Congenital Dysplasia of the Hip
Center for Development Innovation
Career Directions Inventory
Category Development Index
Centre for Development Innovation
Centre for Development Informatics
Centre for Development Initiatives
Child Development Inventory
Child Development Infoline
Communicative Development Inventory
China Development Institute
China Development Institutetute
Cobalt Development Institute
Cooperative Development Institute
Cities Development Initiative
Clinton Development Initiative
Cluster Development Initiative
Commitment to Development Index
Context and Dependency Injection
Contexts and Dependency Injection
Cities Development Initiative for Asia
Capabilities Development Integration Directorate
Center for Development Information and Evaluation
Committee on Development and Intellectual Property
Clinical Data Interchange Standard Consortium
Chemical Development Kit
Chemistry Development Kit
Cloud Development Kit
Component Development Kit
Curses Development Kit
Cluster Development Kit
Content Developer Kit
Connector Development Kit
Climate & Development Knowledge Network
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Climate Development Knowledge Network
Career Development Loans
Career Development Loans
Center for Development and Learning
Constraint Definition Language
Common Data Link Management System
Carbon Development Mechanism
Clean Development Mechanism
Clean Development Mechanisms
Center for Disaster Management
COMODO Device Management
Customer Development Manager
Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization
Contract Development Manufacturing Organization
Comprehensive Disaster Management Programme
Clean Development Mechanisms
Climate Data Management System
Career Development Network
Cisco Developer Network
Cisco Developers Network
Career Development Office
Career Development Organization
Career Development Officer
Chief Development Officer
Connected Data Objects
Centre for Development of Stones
Centre for Development of Telematics
Candidate Development Program
Capability Development Programme
Capability Development Programmes
Capacity Development Program
Career Development Program
Character Development Program
Cooperative Development Program
Career Development Plan
City Development Plan
Clinical Development Plan
Child Development Project
Coastal Development Partnership
Commercial Development Program
Committee for Development Policy
Course Data Processing
Child Development Project Officer
Child Development Project Officers
Centre for Development Policy and Research
Career Development Quarterly
Career Development Services
Career Development Service
Center for Disability Resources
Council for Development and Reconstruction
Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
Cambodia Development Research Institute
Cambodia Development Resource Institute
Cambodian Development Resource Institute
Centre for Development Studies
Child Development Supplement
China Development Society
Cognitive Development Society
City Development Strategies
City Development Strategy
Class Data Sharing
Cloud Data Services
Core Data Service
Comprehensive Development Strategy
Center for Development of Security Excellence
Context Driven Testing
Career Development Unit
Career Development Workshop
Central Development Working Party
Consumer Edition
Composite Environment
Customized Employment
Country Environmental Analysis
Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council
Council of Europe Development Bank
Corporate Executive Committee
Centre for Early Childhood Development
Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development
Centre Of Excellence For Cyber Security Research And Development In India
Cabinet for Economic Development
Center for Economic Development
Committee for Economic Development
Center for Education and Development
Center for Educational Development
Center for Executive Development
Centre for Educational Development
Center for Entrepreneurship Development
Centre for Entrepreneurship Development
Christian Engineers in Development
Coverage with Evidence Development
Caribbean Export Development Agency
Center for Economic Development and Administration
Central Energy Development Authority
Centre for Economic Development and Administration
Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe
Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe
Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region & Europe
Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria
Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies
Center for Environment Education
Centre for Environment Education
Central and East European
Committee for European Economic Co-operation
Center for Early Education and Development
Center for Empowerment and Economic Development
Center for Empowerment & Economic Development
Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Center for Environmental Economic Development
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Centre for Enterprise and Economic Development Research
Centre for Energy Environment Resources Development
Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy
Center of Excellence in Finance
Clean Energy Fund
Commonwealth Education Fund
Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility
Center for Effective Global Action
Caribbean Energy Information System
Centre for Environmental Law
Commission on Environmental Law
Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurship Education
Consumer Electronics Linux Forum
Center for Early Literacy Learning
Christian Education Movement
Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs
Center for Effective Mental Health Consultation
Corporation for Economic Opportunity
Caribbean Environment Programme
Centre for European Perspective
Chamber and Economic Partnership
Committee on Environmental Policy
Country Environmental Profile
Continuing Education and Professional Development
Council for Economic Planning and Development
Clean Energy Programme Office
Center for Economic Research
Centre for Economic Research
Certified Emission Reductions
Certified Emissions Reductions
Comparative Education Review
Center for Educational Research and Development
Centre for Energy Research and Development
Communications Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center
Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction
Centre for Educational Research and Innovation
Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling
Certificate in Employment Relations, Law and Practice
Cities Environment Reports on the Internet
Certified Emission Reductions
Certified Emissions Reductions
Committee on Energy Research and Technology
Center for Economic and Social Development
Centre for Economic and Social Development
Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development
Clean Energy Standard Offer Program
Centre for Economic and Social Studies on the Environment
Center for Economic Transformation
Clean Energy Technology
Continuing Education & Training
Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation
Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards
Commission of the European Union
Center for Energy Workforce Development
Consultative Expert Working Group
Cloud Foundry
Code Freeze
Cohesion Fund
Cold Fusion
Compact Framework
Cross Functional
Commission for Africa
Comprehensive Framework for Action
Consolidated Funding Application
Country Financial Accountability Assessment
Call for Collaboration
Common Facility Centre
Common Fund for Commodities
Centre for Development Alternatives
Central Florida Development Council
Clean Fuels Development Coalition
Corporation for Enterprise Development
Corporation for Economic Development
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Carolina for Kibera
Certified Family Life Educator
Career Field Manager
Country Finance Manager
Cold Fusion Markup Language
Child and Family Policy
Central Forest Reserves
Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation
Consultative Group
Clark Green City
Center for Global Development
Centre for Global Development
Computer Game Developers Association
Center for Global Health and Development
Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research
Consultative Group for International Agriculture Research
Consultative Group of International Agricultural Research
Consultative Groups on International Agricultural Research
Carrier Grade Linux
Covent Garden Market Authority
Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development
Consultative Group on Sustainable Development Indicators
Client Header
Counterpart Humanitarian Assistance Program
Cooperative and Human Aspects on Software Engineering
Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens
Center for Health Development
Center for Health and Development
Center for Human Development
Congenital Hip Dislocation
Centre for Heritage Development in Africa
Center on Human Development and Disability
Clinton Hunter Development Initiative
Canon Hack Development Kit
Center for Higher Education
Commonwealth Human Ecology Council
Coastal and Hydraulics Lab
Child Health Management Services
Center on Human Policy
Center for Human Rights and Development
Centre for Human Rights and Development
Chicago Historic Resources Survey
Commission on Human Security
Core Humanitarian Standard
Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board
Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility
Cinematic Happenings Under Development
Component Integration
Continous Integration
Continuous Integration
Contrast index
Cooperating Institution
Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
Cumulative Impact Assessment
Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development
Central Informatics Bureau
Center for Industrial Competitiveness
Center on International Cooperation
Center for International Career Development
Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Prosperity
Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness and Economic Prosperity
Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania
Center for International Development
Center for International and Development Education
Canadian International Development Authority
Coney Island Development Corporation
Center for International Development and Conflict Management
Center for International and Development Economics Research
Centre for International Development Issues Nijmegen
Component Implementation Definition Language
Consortium of Institutions for Development and Research in Education in Europe
Career Information Delivery Systems
Career Information Delivery System
Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services
Centre for International Development and Training
Center for Innovations in Education
Centre for International Environment Law
Central Institute for Economic Management
Continuous Improvement Framework
Children's Investment Fund Foundation
Common Interest Groups
Commission on Investing in Health
Center for International Health Information
Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development
Catholic Institute for International Relations
Center for Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Rural Development
Cell Image Library
Center for International Legal Cooperation
Centre for International Migration
Computation-Independent Model
Computational Independent Model
Center for International Media Assistance
Career Information Management System
Comprehensive Information Management System
Chief Information Officers Forum
Catalogue Interoperability Protocol
Competitive Industrial Performance
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development
Chartered Institute of Professional Development
Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development
Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development
Commission on Intellectual Property Rights
Centre for International Research and Advisory Networks
China Institute for Reform and Development
Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
Computer Incidence Response Team
Cisco Information Server
Common Information Space
Commonweath of Independent States
Corporate Information Systems
Centre for International Sustainable Development Law
Connected Information Security Framework
Ceylon Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research
Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
Center for Information Technology and Development
Centre for Information Technology and Development
Centre for Instructional Technology and Development
City Improvement Trust Board
Cooperation in Urban Development and Dialogue
Cooperation in International Waters in Africa
Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network
Cambodia-Korea Cooperation Center
Collaborating, Learning and Adapting
Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting
Collaborative Labeling & Appliance Standards Program
Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process
Center for Leadership Development
Center for Leadership Development Research
Centre for Learning and Development
Connected, Limited Device Configuration
Certificate in Learning and Development Practice
Commercial Law Development Program
Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence
Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Chief Learning Officer
Chief Learning Officers
Conditional Letter of Map Revision
Chief Learning Officers
Certified Lotus Professional
Chars Livelihoods Program
Common Lymphoid Progenitor
Computer Literacy Project
Continuous Learning Program
Common Language Run-time
Common Language Run
Comprehensive Land Use Plans
Code Modification
Competency Management
Consultative Meeting
Curriculum Manager
Customer Master
Center for Migration and Development
Chicago Minority Business Development Council
Canadian Management Centre
Chemistry and Manufacturing Controls
Chemistry and Manufacturing Control
Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority
Casterbridge Music Development Academy
Cambodia Millennium Development Goals
Council for Mutual Economic Aid
Center for Middle East Development
Content Management Frameworks
Children's Memorial Hospital
Center for Mediterranean Integration
Christian Michelsen Institute
Chronically Mentally Ill
Corporate Management Information System
Chemistry Markup Language
Conceptual Modeling Language
Capability Maturity Models
Conflict Management and Mitigation
Capability Maturity Models Integration
Capacity Maturity Model Integration
Columbia Mental Maturity Scale
Competency Matrix Management System
Contract Manufacturing Organization
Career Management Program
Change Management Plan
Continuous Monitoring Program
Central Mississippi Planning & Development District
Christian Michelsen Research
Container Managed Relations
Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute
Container-Managed Relationships
Container Managed Relationships
Case Monitoring System
Change Management System
Change Management Service
Change Management Systems
Code Management System
Comfortable Mexican Sofa
Common Modules
Complaint Management System
Consultant Management System
Content Management Suite
Content Management Scripts
Content Management Servers
Contractor Management Systems
Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Council
Carrier Mortar Tracked
Content Management Tool
Core Management Team
Configuration Management and Version Control
Concept Note
Common Navigator Framework
Citizen Network for Foreign Affairs
Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs
Center for Natural Resources and Development
Centre for Natural Resources and Development
Central New York Technology Development Organization
Coordinating Official
Country Office
City of Albuquerque
Clinical Outcome Assessment
Clinical Outcome Assessments
Clinical Outcomes Assessments
Conditions of Approval
Corporation for Olympic Development in Atlanta
Committee on Development Information
Committee on Development Information, Science and Technology
Central Oklahoma Economic Development District
Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
Commonwealth of Learning
Core Object Model
Central Ohio Minority Business Association
Council on Physical Education for Children
Child Observation Record
Center for Occupational Research and Development
Center for Outreach and Services for the Autism Community
Corporate Office of Science and Technology
commercial-off-the-shelf software
Commercial Off-The-Shelf Software
Commercial off the self
Components off the Shelf
Cleaner Production
Colombo Plan
Concept Plan
Country Programme
Country Programmable Aid
Content Provider Access
Cotonou Partnership Agreement
Curaçao Ports Authority
Common Public Attribution License
Country Programme Action Plan
Country Programme Action Plans
Capsule Parachute Assembly System
Cooperation for Peace and Unity
Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst
Capabilities Production Document
Capability Production Document
Capability Production Documents
Center for Policy Dialogue
Centre for Policy Dialogue
Center for Professional Development
Centre for Professional Development
Continual Professional Development
Certified PowerBuilder Developer
Commission on Population and Development
Continued Professional Development
Continuing & Professional Development
Continuing Personal Development
Continuining Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development Unit
Continuous Professional Education
Country Programme Document
Country Programme Documents
Caribbean Policy Development Centre
China Petrochemical Development Corp
China Petrochemical Development Corporation
Chevron Project Development and Execution Process
Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives
Centre for Poverty and Development Studies
Center for Professional and Executive Development
Core Platform Expert Group
Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Review
Country Programme Framework
Country Programming Framework
Crop Post-Harvest Programme
Certified Professional Human Resources Management
Child Protection Initiative
City Prosperity Index
Cost Per Install
Critical Path Initiative
Critical Path Institute
Certified Professional in Learning and Performance
Certified Professionals in Learning & Performance
Country Program Manager
Central Project Office
Code Project Open License
Certified Program Planner
Critical Process Parameter
Center for Personal and Professional Development
Center for Prevention Research and Development
Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum
Common Property Resources
Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Chronic Poverty Research Centre
Chronic Poverty Research Center
Centre for Poverty Reduction and Social Policy Development
Cambridge Philosophical Society
Collaborative Portal Server
Cooperating Partners
Country Programmes
Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management
Clear Quest
Controllerate of Quality Assurance Vehicles
Command-Query Responsibility Separation
Change Requests
Careers Research and Advisory Centre
Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
Collaborative Research and Development Agreements
Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
Centre for Research in Autism and Education
Committee to Review Arrangements for Institutional Credit for Agriculture and Rural Development
Change Review Board
Cross River Basin Development Authority
Capital Resource Corporation
Center for Research Computing
Class Responsibility Collaborator
Combined Research and Curriculum Development
Capital Region Council of Governments
Central Research Department
Centre for Research and Development
Charles River Development
Capital Region Development Authority
Capital Regional Development Authority
Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board
Civilian Research and Development Foundation
Civilian Research & Development Foundation
Comprehensive Rural Development Programme
Conflict-free Replicated Data Type
Centre for Renewable Energy
City Real Estate Advisors
Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments
Consortium for Research on Educational Access, Transitions and Equity
Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness
Center for Regional Economic Development
Chicago Real Estate Council
Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency
Capital Region Economic Development Council
Columbia River Economic Development Council
Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade
Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme
Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development
Consortium pour la Recherche Economique et Sociale
Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed At Risk
Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism
Consulting Resource Group
Climate Resilient Green Economy
Calgary Region Home Builders Association
Charlotte Research Institute
Coconut Research Institute
Computer Resources International
Common Repository Interface Group
Canadian Research Institute for Social Policy
Centre for Research on Innovation and Science Policy
City Revitalization and Improvement Zone
Center for Research in Language
Central Research Laboratory
Climate Risk Management
Center for Research for Mothers and Children
Clinical Research Management System
Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery
Contract Research Organization
Contract Research Organizations
Contract Research Organizations
Careers in Research Online Survey
Contract Research Organisations
Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed
Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed
Collaborative Research Program
Collaborative Research Support Program
Collaborative Research Support Programme
Collaborative Research Support Programs
Community Recovery Program
Compliance Review Panel
Centre for Research on Peace and Development
Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development
Catholic Relief Services
Creditor Reporting System
Credit Reporting System
Cross River State
Customer Requirements Specification
Customer Requirement Specification
Cancer Research Technology
Committee on Regional Trade Agreements
Center for Research and Technology Development
Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete
Civil Registration and Vital Statistics
Canton Sarajevo
Cart Services
Cart shopping
Component Studio
Content Server
Customized Solutions
Central Statistics Agency
Civil Society Advisory Group
Child Study Center
Christian Service Committee
Commonwealth Science Council
Center for Sustainable Development
Centre for Sustainable Development
Civil Society Challenge Fund
Computer Software Configuration Items
Center for Social Development
Center for Software Development
Centre for Science Development
Centre for Social Development
Chemical Systems Division
Child Survival and Development
Civil Service Department
Civil Society Days
Commission for Sustainable Development
Commission for Social Development
Commission on Sustainable Development
Committee for Sustainable Development
Computer Systems Development
Connected Systems Division
Child Study and Development Center
Counseling and Student Development Center
Civil Society Development Center
Center for the Study of Drug Development
Center for Social Development and Education
Client Software Development Kit
Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle
Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies
Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions
China Software Developer Network
Chinese Software Developer Network
Certified Software Development Professional
Collaborative Standards Development System
Center for Science and the Environment
Centre for Science and Environment
Center for Software Engineering
Centre for Software Engineering
Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Combat Systems Engineering Development Site
Center on Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundation for Early Learning
Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development
Custom Search Engines
Corporate Sustainability Forum
Cement Sustainability Initiative
Civil Society Index
Civil Society Organizations
Computer System Innovations
Corporate Social Invesment
Canadian Sustainability Indicators Network
Citation Style Language
Civil Service Learning
Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture
Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry
Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations
Client Side Object Model
Civil Society Organisations
Caché Server Pages
Certified Scrum Practitioner
Content Security Policy
Country Strategy Paper
Country Strategy Papers
Country Strategy Papers
Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
Crisis States Research Centre
Climate Science Research Partnership
Centrally Sponsored Scheme
Centre for Social Studies
Client Services System
Client Support Services
Computer Science Society
Computer Software Services
Computer Support Systems
Computing & Software Systems
Consulting and Support Services
Cyber Security Systems
Chesapeake Science & Security Corridor
Civil Society Support Center
Computer Society of Sri Lanka
Certified Software Security Lifecycle Professional
Civil Society Support Programme
Combat Systems Test Activity
Civil Service Training Centre
Centre for Satellite Technology Development
Commission on Science and Technology for Development
Computer Software Unit
Center for Sustainable Urban Development
Consortium for Sustainable Village-Based Development
Commission on Status of Women
City Social Welfare and Development Office
Continuous Test
Convergent Technologies
Core Team
Certified TestStand Architect
Chief Technical Adviser
Clinical Trial Approval
Civilian Technical Assistance Programme
Center for Training and Consultancy
Climate Technology Centre and Network
Certified TestStand Developer
Commissionerate of Tribal Development
Center for Technology in Education
Committee on Trade and Environment
Center for Technology and Economic Development
Core Technology Group
Contract to Hire
Climate Technology Initiative
Computer Training Institute
Clinical Trial Material
Component Transaction Monitor
Chief Technical Office
Cognizant Technical Officer
Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization
Corporate Technology Office
Corporate Technology & Risk
Certificate in Training Practice
Certified Training Practitioner
Centre for Trade Policy and Development
Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development
Caribbean Trade Reference Centre
Change and Transport System
Correction and Transport System
Client Tracking System
Common Terminology Service
Compliance Test Suite
Conformance Test Suite
Correspondence Tracking System
Creative Technosoft Systems
Course Training Task List
Concern Universal
Cisco Unified Application Environment
Corporate University Best in Class
Connected Urban Development
Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
Canadian Urban Institute
Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
Centre for the Use of Research & Evidence in Education
Certificate in University Teaching
Constantly Usable Testing
Centre for Vaccine Development
Compaq Visual Fortran
Children's Vaccine Initiative
Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment
Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment
Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment
Combat Vehicle Research & Development Establishment
Code Versioning System
Current Version Support
Collaborative Work
Children with Autism
Center for Workforce Development
Centre for Women Development
Certified Web Designer
Certified Web Developer
Children's Workforce Development Council
Colorado Workforce Development Council
Certified Workforce Development Professional
Centre for Women's Development Studies
Commonwealth Workforce Development System
Cluster Working Group on Early Recovery
Child Well-Being Index
California Workforce Investment Board
Common Warehouse Metamodel
Common Warehouse Model
Chief Web Officer
Centre for Water Resources Development and Management
Christian World Service
Common Weakness Scoring System
Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association
Component Extension
Cover Your Ass Engineering
Center on Young Adult Health and Development
Commonwealth Youth Council
Career Youth Development
Community Youth Development
Child and Youth Development
China Youth Development Foundation
Detect and Avoid
Development & Acquisition
Demonstration and Validation
Delhi Development Authority
Data for Development
Development Applications
Device Attach
Documentum Administrator
Development Advisory Board
Documentum Application Builder
Diplomate of American Board of Toxicology
Diplomat of the American Board of Toxicology
Development Aid Committee
Development Assistant Committee
Disability Action Council
Disciplined Agile Development
Demining Agency for Afghanistan
Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File
Database Abstraction Layer
Domain Analysis Models
Database Access Objects
Delivering as One
District Agricultural Officer
Development Academy of the Philippines
Defence Avionics Research Establishment
Developing Areas Research Group
Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory
Domain Availability Service
Detailed Assessment of Speed of Handwriting
Division for the Advancement of Women
Development and Well-Being Assessment
Development Alternatives with Women for a New
Developmental Assessment of Young Children
Double byte character support
Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism
Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch
Data Base Scripting Pages
Developed Countries
Danish Church Aid
Department for Culture & Creative Development
Development Coordination Disorder
Development Cooperation Directorate
Development Cooperation Ireland
Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre
Doctoral Career Development Scholarship
Division on Career Development and Transition
Development Cooperation Instruments
Development Cooperation Report
Development Cleaning Suite
Division of Cancer Treatment
Debian Developer
Development Department
Developmentally Delayed
Development Disorder
Device Debugging
Diagram Definition
Difficult Development Area
Downtown Development Authorities
District Development Committees
Design, Development and Implementation
Design, Development, and Implementation
Dubai Development and Investment Authority
Driver Developer Kit
Driver Development Kits
Drivers Development Kit
Driver Development Kits
Database Development Life Cycle
Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
Dalvik Debug Monitor Service
Dams and Development Project
Debian Documentation Project
Desert Development Programme
Digital Development Processing
Disability and Development Partners
Distributed Data Protocol
District Development Plans
Developers Diversified Realty
Doha Development Round
Director of Defense Research & Engineering
Director of Defense Research and Engineering
District Disability Rehabilitation Centre
Danish Development Research Network
Data Description Specification
Data Dictionaries
Department of Disability Services
Department of Development Services
Department on Disability Services
Department for Development Support and Management Services
Data Definition Tables
Drug Development Tools
Distributed Defect Tracking System
Diagnostics Development Unit
Developer Edition
Development Environment
Development Economics
Distribution Element
Domain Engineering
Development and Energy in Africa
Directorate of Environmental Affairs
Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
Development Experience Clearinghouse
Division for Early Childhood
Division of Early Childhood
Directorate of Energy and Climate Change
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Department of Economic Development
District Education Department
Division of Economic Development
Department for Energy Development and Independence
Department of Energy Development and Promotion
Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources
Department of Economic Development and Tourism
Department of Employment and Economic Development
Digital Empowerment Foundation
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Department for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Division of Energy and Mineral Development
Department of Economic Opportunity
Delaware Environmental Observing System
Distributed Engineering Plant
Development Economics Research Group
Defence Electronics Research Laboratory
Department for Economic and Social Affairs
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
Decade on Education for Sustainable Development
Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy Analysis
Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education
Distant Early Warning System
Demo Framework
Development Facilitation Act
Development Food Assistance Program
Documentum Foundation Classes
Division of Facilities Development
Data Format Description Language
Development Fund for Iraq
Development Finance International
Departement for International Development
Department for International Development
Department for International Developments
Department for International Development's
Dept for International Development
Distance and Flexible Learning
Defence Fire Training and Development Centre
Democracy & Governance
Democracy and Governance
Democratic Governance Facility
Director General
Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement
Development Gateway Foundation
Democratic Governance Group
Dutch Good Growth Fund
Development Grants Program
DigiPen Game Studios
Directorate General of Training
Declared Global Temporary Tables
Developmentally Handicapped
Disability and Human Development
Digital Hub Development Agency
Department of Human Development, Education and Culture
Druk Holding and Investment
District Health Information Software
District Health Information System
Department of Human Resources Development
Democracy and Human Rights Fund
Demographic and Household Surveys
Demographics and Health Surveys
Defense Health Services Systems
Desktop Integration
Directing Implementation
Director of Industries
Development Impacts Assessment
Defense Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process
Division on Investment and Enterprise
Device Independent Authoring Language
Development International Birth Date
Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research
District Industries Centers
Department for International Development
Department of International Development
Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik
Deutsches Institut fuer Entwicklungspolitik
Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre
Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood
Department of International Economic and Social Affairs
Development Impact Fee
District Improvement Financing
Development Innovations Group
Development In Gardening
Document Interoperability Initiative
Developments in Literacy
Development Initiative Network
Defence Institute of Physiology & Allied Science
Defence Institute of Psychological Research
Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based
Development and International Relations
Data Information Services
Development Information System
Development Initiative for Social Advancement
Defining Issues Test
Development of Imaging Technology
Development Innovation Ventures
Development Innovation Venture
Developer Kernel
Domain Knowledge
Developer Kit 2
Daystar Leadership Academy
Department of Land Affairs
Department of Land Conservation and Development
Department of Livestock Development
Development Loan Fund
Defence Laboratory Jodhpur
Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Dual Language Learners
Database Lifecycle Management
Defence Lines of Development
Developmental Leadership Program
Daily Living Skills
Department of Livestock Services
Data Management Facility
District Mineral Foundation
Development Media International
Development Management Institute
Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation
Dynamic Management Kit
Desert Margins Program
Desert Margins Programme
Department of Mineral Resources
Development Milestone Releases
Defense Medical Research and Development Program
Developing Management Skills
Digital Marketing System
Documentation Management System
Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment
Defence Materials & Stores Research & Development Establishment
Data Management Tool
Disaster Management Training Programme
Designated National Authority
Designated National Authorities
Designated National Authorities
Duke Nukem Forever
Development Objective
Development Officer
Depended On Component
Development Operations Coordination Office
Director of Development
Designated Operational Entity
Designated Operating Entity
Division of Energy Resources
Digital Opportunity Index
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads
Department of Labor and Workforce Development
Direct Object Model
Domain Object Model
Development Objectives
Department of Science & Technology
Denver Open Source Users Group
Development of Telematics
Digital Opportunity Task
Digital Opportunities Task
Distributed Object Technologies
Department of Transportation and Development
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Material, Leadership, Personnel, and Facilities
Danish Oracle User Group
Defect Prevention
Developer Preview
Development Planning
Development Partners
Development and Partnership in Action
Development Policy and Analysis Division
Division for Public Administration and Development Management
Drought-Prone Area Programme
Drought Prone Area Programme
Drought Prone Areas Programme
Drought Prone Area Program
Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development
Deputy Project Director
Development Plan Document
Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship
Data Plane Development Kit
Data Plane Developer Kit
Development Policy Forum
Development Partners Group
Development Partner Group
Development Policy Institute
Debian Project Leader
Development Policy Loans
Deputy Programme Manager
Development Project Management
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Development Project Management Institute
Development and Production Plan
Development Plan Overlay
District Planning Officer
Disabled Persons Organisations
Demonstration Power Plant
Development Policy and Practice
Detailed Project Report
Detailed Project Reports
Development Policy Review Network
Development Policy Research Unit
Development Projects System
Development Partners
Development Planning Unit
Data Quality Review
Delta Regional Authority
Development Reading Assessment
Development Review Board
Development Research Centre
Development Research Center
Department for Regional Development
Department of Rural Development
Deputy Regional Director
Disability Resource and Development
District Rural Development Authority
District Rural Development Agency
District Rural Development Agencies
District Rural Development Agencies
Digital Radio Development Bureau
Defence Research and Development Lab
Defense Research & Development Establishment
Defense Research & Development Laboratory
Defence Research and Development Organisation
Defence Research and Development Laboratory
Defence Research & Development Laboratory
Defence Research Development Laboratory
Defence Research and Development Laboratories
Defense Research and Development Laboratory
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Defence Research & Development Organisation
Defence Research & Development Organization
Defence Research Development Organisation
Defence Research Development Organization
Defence Research and Development Organization
Defence Research and Development Organisation's
Defense, Research and Development Organization
Defense Research and Development Organization
Defense Research and Development Organisation
Defense Research Development Organization
Defense Research & Development Organization
Defense Research & Development Organisation
Defence Research & Development Service
Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors
Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors
Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors
Department of Resources and Economic Development
Development of Regional Impact
Developments of Regional Impact
Development Research Institute
Development Reality Institute
District Rural Industries Project
Developer Resource Kit
Disaster and Risk Management
Disaster Risk Management
Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector
Disability Rights New Mexico
Disability Rights Ohio
Disaster Risks Reduction
Development Research and Training
Development Research Uptake in Sub-Saharan Africa
Data Sets
Data size
Development Studies
Document Source
Drug Substance
Development Services Agency
Direct State Access
Data Structure & Algorithm Library
Defense System Acquisition Review Council
Development and Sustainment Contract
Development Support Center
Digital Signal Controllers
Department of Social Development
Department of Skills Development
Development Services Department
Directorate of Staff Development
Director of Staff Development
Disorder of Sex Development
Disorders of sex development
Disorders of Sexual Development
Distributed Software Development
Division for Sustainable Development
Dynamic System Development Method
Dynamic Systems Development Model
Dynamic Systems Development Methodology
Dynamic System Development Methodology
Dynamic System Development Model
Device Software Development Platform
Delhi Sustainable Development Summit
Data Source Explorer
Development Service Exchange
Debugger Services Framework
Digital Solidarity Fund
Django Software Foundation
Development Strategy and Governance Division
Development Strategy and Investment Plan
Data Services Layer
Domain-Specific Languages
Domain Specific Languages
Domain Specific Languages
Domain-Specific Languages
Department of Small and Local Business Development
Domain Specific Languages
Domain Specific Modeling Language
Decision Support Module
Domain-Specific Modeling
Domain Specific Modeling
Dynamic Screen Manager
Device Software Optimization
Development Support Programme
Development Services Platform
Division for Social Policy and Development
Developer & Solution Partner Program
Diagnostic Study Report
Department of State and Regional Development
Decentralized Software Services
Decision Support Systems
Dynamical Systems Theory
Defence Science and Technology Agency
Decision Support Tools
Development Safety Update Report
Development Safety Update Reports
Development Safety Update Reports
Department of Social Welfare
Developer Studio Workspace
Direct Service Workforce
Department of Social Welfare and Development
Department of Social Work and Development
Dept of Social Welfare and Development
Date Three
Date Title
Development Transformations
Development Testing
Development, Test and Evaluation
Development, Test, and Evaluation
Development, Test, Acceptance, and Production
Defined Term Contractual
Development Technology Center
Developer Tools Deployment Planning Services
Digital Training Facility
Defense Technical Information Center's
Diagnostic Trade Integration Study
Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies
Developer's Tool Kit
Developer Tool Kit
Developer Transition Kit
Data Tools Platform
Data Tools Project
Development Therapeutics Program
Docker Trusted Registry
Defence Terrain Research Laboratory
Defect Tracking System
Draft Technical Specification
Development Technology Unit
Deployment Unit
District Urban Development Agency
Dynamic User Interface
Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development
Denver Urban Renewal Authority
Dual Use Science and Technology
Distributed Version Control System
Distributed version control systems
DynPort Vaccine Company
Dengue Vaccine Initiative
Dalvik Virtual Machine
Development Variance Permit
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Decision Validation Services
Data Visualization Tools
Development Workshop
Development Workshop France
Department of Women Affairs
Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
Debug With Arbitrary Record Format
Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
Department of Workforce Development
Directorate of Water Development
Division of Workforce Development
Development Working Group
District Water Management Agency
Direct Web Remoting
Department of Water Supply and Sewerage
Developer Experience
Environment Africa
Evolutionary Acquisition
Embedded-Application Binary Interface
Embedded Application Binary Interface
Embedded Applications Binary Interface
Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp
European Academy for Childhood Disability
Entertainment Analysis & Development
Entertainment Analysis and Development
Environmental Assessment Forms
External Advisory Group
Early Access Programs
Externally Aided Project
Ethnographic Action Research
Ethiopian Agricultural Research Organization
Enterprise Addressing System
Empirical Assessment in Software Engineering
Electronic Arts Standard Template Library
Early Brain and Child Development
Europejski Bank Odbudowy i Rozwoju
European Bank for Restructuring and Development
Event-Based Sampling
Established Conditions
European Consortium
Events Calendar
Earth Council Alliance
Easington Catchment Area
Economic Commission of Africa
Early Childhood Advisory Council
Environmental Compliance Assistance Programme
European Consortium for Agricultural Research in the Tropics
Emacs Code Browser
Early Childhood Behavior Questionnaire
Early Childhood Development Center
Early Childhood Development Centre
Early Childhood Development Centers
Early Childhood Dev
Early Childhood Development Virtual University
European Community Host Organisation
Early Childhood Intervention
Early Childhood Interventions
Early Communication Indicator
Earth Charter Initiative
Early Childhood Integrated Data System
Early Childhood Intervention Program
Early Childhood Program
Eclipse Compiler for Java
Emergency Contact List
European Computer Manufactures Association
Early Childhood Project
Enterprise Cache Protocol
Early Childhood Personnel Center
European Center for Peace and Development
Entity Component System
Ethiopian Civil Service University
Early Childhood Technical Assistance
European Computer Trade Show
Environmental Change Unit
Expanded Constituency Workshop
Enterprise Development
Entrepreneurship Development
Economic Development Administration
Economic Development Authority
Economic Development Alliance
Economic Developers Alberta
Economic Development Assistance
Economic Development Board
Economic Development Administration's
Executive Development Associates
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Economic Development Association of Minnesota
Economically Distressed Areas
Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada
Engineering Development Board
Export Development Board
Eurasian Development Bank
Export Development Bank of Iran
Economic Development Board of Madagascar
Economic Development Corporation
Economic Development Council
Economic Development Commission
Economic Development Committee
Economic Development Coalition
Economic Development Colorado
Educational Developers Caucus
Educational Development Center
Educational Development Centre
Education Development Center
Education Development Centre
Enterprise Development Center
Enterprise Development Centre
Entrepreneurship Development Centres
ESRI Development Center
European Development Centre
Evans Data Corporation
Evans Data Corp
Executive Development Centre
Export Development Council
Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City
Enterprise Development Centres
Economic Development District
Economic Development Department
Economic Development Division
Economic Development Districts
Element Definition Document
European Development Days
European Development Days
Example-Driven Development
Embedded Development Environment
Economic Development Fund
Education Development Fund
European Development Fund
European Development Funds
Environmental Development and Family Health Organization
Economic Development Finance Professional
Economic Development and Globalization Division
Economic Development for a Growing Economy
Executive Development and Growth for Excellence
Equality Development and Globalization Studies
Economic Development Initiatives
Enterprise Development Institute
Executive Development Institute
Entrepreneurship Development Institute
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India
Entrepreneurship Development Institutions
Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information Service
Economic Development and Industrial Corporation
Export Development and Investment Fund
Educational Developers in Ireland Network
Energy Development in Island Nations
Engineering Development Models
Enterprise Data Manager
Enterprise Development and Market Competitiveness
Enterprise Development & Market Competitiveness
Early Development Network
Enterprise Development Network
Economic Development Organizations
Employee Development Plan
Employee Development Program
Engineer Development Program
Engineering Development Program
Entrepreneurship Development Programme
Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
Entrepreneurship Development Program
Entrepreneurial Development Programme
Entrepreneurial Development Programs
Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
Executive Development Program
Executive Development Programs
Executive Development Programs
Economic Development Partnership of Alabama
Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina
Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy
Economic Development Quarterly
Eastern Development Region
Electronic Dictionary Research
Ethiopian Development Research Institute
Economic Development South
Executive Development Scholarship
Economics-Driven Software Engineering Research
Endocrine Disruption Screening Program
Environmental Decision Support Systems
Environmental Decision Support System
Eiffel Development Tools
Engineering Development Trust
Engineering Development Unit
Energy Development Unit
Enterprise Development Unit
Executive Development Unit
Export Development Unit
East Demerara Water Conservancy
Economic Development Zone
Enterprise Edition
Essentials Enterprise
Execution Environment
Ethiopian Economics Association
Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Loan Program
Education & Early Development
Environmental Enteric Dysfunction
East of England Development Agency
Edison Engineering Development Program
Enterprise Expert Group
Environment and Energy Group
Evolved Expandable Launch Vehicle
Enhanced Emulation Module
Early Experience Program
Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
Employment First
Entity Framework
Eurasia Foundation
Executive Function
Entity Framework 5
European Forum for Agricultural Research for Development
Embedded Flash Controller
Environmental Facilities Corporation
European Fusion Development Agreement
Expeditionary Force Development System
English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
Enlightenment Foundation Library
European Foundation for Management Development
Eclipse File System
Education for Sustainable
Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development
Economic Growth
Expert Groups
Economic Growth, Agriculture, and Trade
Economic Growth, Agriculture and Trade
Ethical Globalization Initiative
Early Grade Mathematics Assessment
Employment Generation Program for the Poorest
Expert Group on Technology Transfer
Education and Human Development
Endowment for Human Development
Excellence in Higher Education
Early Intervention
Early Interventionists
Education Index
Effective Implementation
Environmental Impact
Extractive Industries
Economic Impact Analysis
Economic Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessments
Environmental Impact Assesment
Environmental Impacts Assessment
Environment Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessments
Evaluation and Impact Assessment
Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research
Ethiopian Institute of Agriculture Research
European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development
Economic Institute of Cambodia
European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights
Environmental Impact Evaluation
Enhanced Integrated Framework
Enterprise Innovation Fund
Economic Interest Groups
Eco-industrial park
Employment Incentive Program
Enterprise Integration Platform
Examination In Public
Economic internal rate of return
Early Intervention Service
Early Intervention Section
Environmental Information Systems
Environmental Information System
Environment Impact Statement
Environmental Impact Study Project
Early Intervention Training Program
Enterprice Java Beans
Enterprise Java Beans
Enterprise Java Beans
Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries
Efficient Java Matrix Library
Easier Java Persistence
European Journal of Psychology of Education
Evaluation Kit
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Embedded Linux Consortium
Experiential Learning Center
Environment Liaison Centre International
English Language Development
English Language Development Assessment
Expressive Language Delay
European Land Data Assimilation System
Embedded Linux Development Kit
European Launcher Development Organisation
Emerging Leaders Development Program
Engineering Leadership Development Program
Executive Leadership Development Program
Early Learning and Development Standards
Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute
Executive Leadership Institute
Extremely Low Income
East London Industrial Development Zone
Early Language Milestone
Enterprise Lifecycle Management
Environment and Land Management Sector
Emerging Leaders of New York Arts
Effective Lines of Code
Executive Leadership Program
Enhancing Learning and Research for Humanitarian Assistance
Enhancing Learning & Research for Humanitarian Assistance
Entry Level Training Program
Enterprise Modernization
Execution Mode
Ethiopian Mine Action Office
Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project
Environmental Management Center
Executive Management Committee
Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa
Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research
Engineering & Manufacturing Development
Engineering, Manufacturing, and Development
Engineering Manufacturing and Development
Engineering Manufacturing Development
Engineering Manufacturing & Development
East Midlands Development Agency
Emerging Markets Development Advisers Program
Eastern Maine Development Corporation
European Marine Energy Centre
European Marine Energy Center
Environmental Management Framework
Eclipse Model Framework Technology
Eclipse Modeling Framework Technologies
Environmental Management Group
Environmental Monitoring Group
Environment Management Group
Education Management Information System
Emergency Management Information System
Emergency Management Information Systems
Enterprise Management Information System
Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis
Enterprise Mashup Markup Language
Emerging Markets Program
Environmental Management Programme
Environmental Management Unit
Environment Management Plans
Enterprise Mobility Services
Estate Management System
Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council
Economic Modeling Specialists Inc
European Malaria Vaccine Initiative
Earth Negotiations Bulletin
Egyptian National Competitiveness Council
Egypt National Cleaner Production Center
European Neighbourhood Instrument
Extensible Non-Interpreted Game Maker Augmentation
Ewaso Ng'iro North Development Authority
European Network for Rural Development
Environment and Natural Resources Information Network
Early Operational Assessments
Ecological Organic Agriculture
Economic Opportunity Area
Employee & Organizational Development
Eastern Oklahoma Development District
Enterprise Objects Framework
Export-Oriented Industrialisation
Export Oriented Industrialization
Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems
Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development
Earth Observation Market Development
End of Phase 2
Eclipse on Swing
Executive Office of the Secretary-General
Executive Office of the Secretary General
European Oracle Users Group
European Oracle User Group
Eliminating Poverty
Enterprise Portals
Environmental Planning
Economic Partnership Agreement
Ethiopian Press Agency
European Productivity Agency
Economic Partnership Agreements
Economic Partnership Agreements
Economic Planning Board
Environmental Protection Committee
Elite Player Development
Engineering Professional Development
Employee Performance Evaluation
European Partners for the Environment
Eclipse Process Framework
European Parliamentary Forum
Engineering Process Group
Environmental Public Health Leadership Institute
Economic Prosperity Initiative
External Peripheral Interface
Entrepreneurship Program for Innovation in the Caribbean
Enterprise Procurement Model
Environmental Planning and Management
Enterprise Performance Management System
Eclipse Packaging Project
Executive Potential Program
Economic Policy Research Centre
Economic Policy Research Center
Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles
Environmental Protection Society
Expanded Programme of Technical Assistance
Expanded Program of Technical Assistance
Economic Planning Unit
Extended Public Works Programme
Educational Quality of the Workforce
Exploratory research
Economics Research Associates
Editorial Review Board
Environmental Research Centre
Environment Research Centre
Economic Relations Divisions
Economic Relations Division
Economic Relation Division
Episcopal Relief & Development
European Report on Development
European Regional Development Fund
Energy Research and Development Administration
Energy Research and Development Agency
Ecosystem Research and Development Bureau
Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau
Engineering Research Development Center
Engineer Research and Development Laboratories
Engineering Research and Development for Technology
Energy Research Institute
Electronic Registrar Online
Economic Recovery Programme
European Recovery Program
Education for Rural People
Education Reform Program
Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement
Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement
Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements
Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement
Emission Reductions
Erlang Run-Time System
Enterprise Report Writer
Environmental Research and Wildlife Development Agency
Economic and Social
Enhanced Strategic
Economic and Social Affairs
Extended Structural Adjustment Facility
Energy Sector Assistance Program
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Economic and Social Council
Educational Software Cooperative
Economic & Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific
Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
Economic and Social Commission for West Asia
Education for Sustainable Development
Empire State Development
Enterprise System Development
Environment and Sustainable Development
Exploration Systems Development
Environmental and Social Due Diligence
Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship
European Sustainable Development Network
Eco-Social Development Organization
Education Sector Development Program
European Spatial Development Perspective
Environment and Sustainable Development Unit
Education for Sustainable Energy Development
Economic Support Funds
European Structural Funds
Energy and Security Group
Environmental Support Group
European Small Hydro Association
Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment
Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
Emergy Sustainability Index
Environmental Sustainability Index
European Structural and Investment Fund
European Structural and Investments Funds
European Survey of Information Society
Early Support for Infants and Toddlers
Evaluation Society of Kenya
Embedded Software License
Energy Sector Management Assistance Programme
Environmental and Social Management Framework
Environment and Social Management Framework
Environmental and Social Management Plan
Environmental and Social Management Plans
Education Sector Plan
Education Sector Planning
Education Strategic Plan
Education Support Program
Enterprise Services Platform
Enterprise Scheduling Service
Entrepreneurial Signature Program
Event Stream Processor
Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement
European Spatial Planning Observation Network
Epithelial splicing regulatory protein 2
Engineering Support System
Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia
Essential Unified Process
Environmentally Sustainable Transport
Environmentally Sound Technology
Environmentally-sound technology
Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission
Environmental Security Technology Certification Program
Electronic Software Updates
Economic and Sector Work
Embedded Trainer
Executive Team
Economic Target Area
Environmental Technology Action Plan
Economics and Trade Branch
Embedded Trace Buffer
Early Transition Countries
Education & Treatment of Children
Emerging Technology Center
Emerging Technology Centers
Extension Training Centre
Education, Training and Development
Electronics Test & Development Centre
Education, Training and Development Practices
Exploration Technology Development Program
Economic and Technological Development Zone
Economic and Technological Development Zones
European Training Foundation
Extract, Transformation, and Load
Extract, Translate and Load
Extraction, Transforming and Loading
Extraction Transform and Load
Extract Transformation and Load
Education and Training Programme
Entrepreneur Training Program
Education and Training Quality Assurance
Educational Technology Research and Development
Educational Technology Research and Development
Easy Template System
Employment Training Specialist
Enterprise Technology Services
European Teratology Society
European Think Tanks Group
Evaluation Unit
European Union Delegation
European Union Energy Initiative
Enhanced-Use Lease
Enhanced Use Leasing
Enhanced Use Lease
Enhanced Use Leases
Entrepreneurial University Leaders Programme
Enterprise Unified Process
European Union Water Initiative
Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner
European Vaccine Initiative
Enterprise Vocabulary Service
Economic and Workforce Development
Every Woman Every Child
East West Management Institute
Enterprise Web Services
European Year for Development
Faculty and Organizational Development
Functional Assessment
Field Army Ballistic Missile Defense System
Federal Agricultural Coordinating Unit
Family Applications Development System
Food and Agriculture Policy Decision Analysis
for Agricultural Research in Africa
Forum for Agricultural Research for Africa
Fast Application Switching
Forecasting and Assessment in Science and Technology
Folke Bernadotte Academy
Form Based Code
Farmer Based Organization
Flow-Based Programming
Feature Complete
Franklin County Area Development Corporation
Framework Convention for Climate Change
Foundation for Child Development
Flexible Content Element
Future Climate for Africa
Free Component Library
Faculty Development
Family Development
Fort Detrick Business Development Office
Faculty Development Center
Film Development Corporation
Film Development Council of the Philippines
Fear Driven Development
Faculty Development Institute
FrameMaker Developer Kit
Faculty Development Programme
Faculty Development Program
Faculty Development Programmes
Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development
Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning
Foreign Data Wrappers
Feminist Economics
Financial Expenses
Functional Emotional Assessment Scale
Further Education Development Agency
Front End Loading
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission
Fellowship for Emerging Leaders in Public Service
Far East Organization
Freidrich Ebert Stiftung
Fixtures for Easy Software Testing
Foundation for European Sustainable Tourism
Flash Emulation Tool
frog embryo teratogenesis assay-Xenopus
Further Education Unit
Feedback Friday
FoxPro Foundation Classes
Fragrance and Flavour Development Centre
Fulbright Faculty Development Program
Food For Peace
Full Function Point
Full Function Points
Fund for Peace
Foreign Financing Projects Management Center
Financing Facility for Remittances
federally-funded research and development center
Federally Funded Research and Development Center
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
Federally Funded Research & Development Center
Federally Funded Research Development Center
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
Federally Funded Research and Development Centers
Federally Funded Research & Development Centers
Farmer Field School
Farmer Field Schools
Förderung Freier Software
Fibroblast growth factor 3
Fibroblast Growth Factors
Forest Governance Markets and Climate
Future Harvest
Food for the Hungry International
Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource
Franchise Hockey Manager
Foundation for Human Resources Development
File Interface
Form Interpreter
Fiber Industry Development Authority
Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development
Food Innovation Network Europe
Future in Our Hands
Finance and Investment Protocol
Fund for Internet Research and Education
Facilities Information System
Family Infant and Toddlers
Final Integration Test
Fixed Interval Timer
Framework for Integrated Test
Framework for Integrated Testing
Framework for Integrated Tests
Functional Integration Testing
Friends in Village Development Bangladesh
Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping Systems
Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping System
Field Length
Fiduciary License Agreement
Forest Land Allocation
Fund for Local Cooperation
Finance Leadership Development Program
Financial Leadership Development Program
Future Leaders Development Programme
Full Lifecycle Object-Oriented Testing
Free, Libre, and Open Source Software
Free, Libre and Open Source Software
Financial Leadership Program
Family Life Surveys
Flight Models
Failure Mode Avoidance
Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Financial Management Division
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe
Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investment
Forest Management Service
Flash Media Server 2
Florida Minority Supplier Development Council
Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
Fifth National Development Plan
Foreign Operations Administration
Friends of the Chair
Facilities Operations and Development
Federation Object Models
Federation Object Models
Freedom of Mobile Access
Foundation of Occupational Development
Feature Oriented Programming
Feature-Oriented Software Development
Feature Oriented Software Development
Free & Open Source Software
Free Open-Source Software
Free Open Source Software
Free and Open Source Software Foundation of Pakistan
Free Pascal Compiler
Foundation for the Philippine Environment
Frank Porter Graham
Family Planning Logistics Management
Fast Process Manager
Floor Plan Manager
Federated Portal Network
Farmer Producer Organizations
Fieldable Panels Panes
Farmer Participatory Research
Flexible Payment Service
Flexible Payment System
Function Points
First Public Working Draft
Facebook Query Language
Formal Qualification Testing
Functional Qualification Testing
Functional Qualification Test
Fiduciary Risk Assessment
Flood Risk Assessment
Flood Risk Assessments
Fredericksburg Regional Alliance
Florida Rural Broadband Alliance
Foundation for Research Development
Forum for Renewable Energy Development in Scotland
Forum for Research on Eastern Europe
Focusing Resources on Effective School Health
Focussing Resources on Effective School Health
Food Retail Expansion to Support Health
Fellow, Royal Geographical Society
Field Research Laboratory
Forestry Research Programme
File Release System
Foundation for Research Science and Technology
Full Scope
Florida Small Business Development Center
Finance Skills Development
Financial Systems Development
Free Software Definition
Free Software Federation
Functional Specifications Document
Financial Sector Deepening Trust
Free Standard Group
Free Software Initiative of Japan
Forest Science Institute of Vietnam
Full Systems Life Cycle
Financial Services Logical Data Model
Firmware Support Package
Food Security Policy
Functional Service Providers
Farming Systems Research
Final Security Review
Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development
Food Security Working Group
First-Time Claimant Advisory Service
First Time Claimant Advisory Service
Foreign Trade Development Centre
General Educational Development
Gender Analysis
Global Alliance on Armed Violence
Global Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture
Gender And Development
Gender and Development for Cambodia
Google App Engine
Global Agriculture and Food Security Programme
Generating Antibiotic Incentives Now
Generating Antibiotics Incentives Now
Global Alliance on Media and Gender
Gender Action for Peace and Security
Global Business Development
Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility
Global Business Solutions Center
Governing Council / Global Ministerial Environment Forum
Global Call to Action Against Poverty
Global Climate Adaptation Partnership
Golf Cooperation Council
Gold Coast City Council
Global Citizenship Education
Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council
Greater Cincinnati Oracle Users Group
Global Command Support System
Global Development Centers
Global Development Centers
Global Dialogues on Emerging Science and Technology
Geothermal Development Facility
Gnutella Developer Forum
Game Developers Gathering
Google Developer Groups
Guideline Development Groups
Gender-related Development Index
Gender Development Index
Global Development Innovation Ventures
Game Development Kit
Glass Development Kit
Gender and Disaster Network
Genomic Diversity and Phenotype Data Model
Global Development Research Center
Global Development Research Centre
Global Development Studies
Game Developers Turkey
Guideline Development Tool
Global Education Database
Green Economic Development
Global Entrepreneurship Development Index
Global Entrepreneurship & Development Index
General Educational Development Testing Service
Google Earth Engine
Graphical Editor Framework
Graphical Editing Framework
Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards
Goodman European Logistics Fund
Gender Evaluation Methodology
Generic Eclipse Modeling System
Global Environmental Outlook
Global Environmental Objective
Green Earth Organization
Group on Earth Observation System of Systems
Geronimo Eclipse Plugin
Global Engineering Program
General Education Quality Improvement Program
Gross Enrolment Rate
Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative
Group on Faculty Affairs
Global Forum on Agricultural Research
Global Financial Development Database
Global Financial Development Report
Government Financial Institutions
Global Forum for Media Development
Global Forum on Migration & Development
General Formal Ontology
Google Fusion Tables
Global Gender and Climate Alliance
Groningen Growth & Development Centre
Global Geothermal Development Plan
Global Game Jam
Good Governance Learning Network
Glute Hamstring Developer
Global Higher Education for Sustainability Partnership
Global Health Fellows Program
Get Hot New Stuff
Global Health Workforce Alliance
Genetic Improvement
Governance and Inclusive Development
Goshree Islands Development Authority
Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board
Great Indian Dream Foundation
Gujarat Institute of Development Research
Great Indian Developer Summit
Global Innovation Fund
Gender Inequality Index
Global Information Infrastructure Commission
Global Information Network in Education
Geneva Internet Platform
Garment Industry Productivity Center
Guj Information Petro Limited
General Information Systems
Geographical Information Software
Global Information Society
Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency
Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency
Global Innovation and Technology Alliance
Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit
Greater Jamaica Development Corporation
Good Jobs First
Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology
Giant Java Tree
Global Knowledge
Global Knowledge Economics Council
Ganga Kalyan Yojana
Gender Links
Global Leadership for Climate Action
Griffiss Local Development Corporation
Global Leadership Foundation
Global Learning Objects Brokering Exchange
Global Logistics Support Center
Gender Mainstreaming
Global Mechanism
Gold Master
Geoscientific Model Development
Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority
Global Ministerial Environment Forum
Gross Motor Function Measure
Global Migration Group
Global Mobile Games Conference
Global Mining Initiative
Geographical Markup Language
Global Microbicide Project
Global Migration Policy Associates
Greater Mekong Subregion
Generative Modeling Technologies
Generative Model Transformer
Guidance Notes
Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council
Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute
Global Network on Energy for Sustainable Development
Gross National Happiness
Gross National Happiness Index
Gross National Happiness Commission
Good Neighbors International
Government of Afghanistan
Government of Albania
Government of Bangladesh
Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition
Government of the Dominican Republic
Government of Ethiopia
Governor's Office of Economic Development
Government of Ghana
Government of Georgia
Government of Haiti
Government of Malawi
Government of Indonesia
Government of Jamaica
Government of Malaysia
Government of Kenya
Government of Nepal
Government Office for London
Global Organizational Leadership Development
Government of Madhya Pradesh
Government Office North East
Graphical Object-Oriented Programming
Graphical Object Oriented Programming
Government of the Philippines
Government of Rwanda
Government Organizations
Government of Uganda
Gulf Organisation for Research & Development
Gulf Organization for Research & Development
Grails Object Relational Mapping
Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Government of Senegal
Government of Yemen
Government Open System Interconnect Profile
Government of Sri Lanka
Government of Sierra Leone
Government Open Source Software
Government of Zimbabwe
Green Productivity
General Plan Amendment
Graphics Performance Analyzer
Global Poverty Action Fund
Graduate Professional Development
Global Partnership for Disability and Development
Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
Global Partnership for Education
Google Plugin for Eclipse
Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation
Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation
Growing Places Fund
Gas Powered Games
Global Public Goods
Global Public Goods and Challenges
Global Partnership Initiative
General Purpose Languages
Global Project Manager
Green Power Market Development Group
General Procurement Notice
General Procurement Notices
General Procurement Notices
Global Public Policy
Government Purpose Rights
Global Poverty Research Group
Global Personnel Recruitment System
Global Product Support
Ghana Private Sector Development Facility
Google Publisher Tag
Goal Question Metric
Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement
Graduate Recruitment and Development
Grades of Recommendation, Assessment, Development and Evaluation
Grades of Recommendation Assessment, Development and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development, and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendation Assessment, Development and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendations Assessment Development and Evaluation
Grading of Recommendation Assessment, Development, and Evaluation
Grid Resource Allocation Management
Ghana Regional Appropriate Technology Industrial Service
Gender Responsive Budgeting
Global Retail Development Index
Gross Regional Domestic Product
Grievance Redress Mechanism
Global Resilience Partnership
Global Research Services
Global Research Technologies
Government of the Republic of Zambia
Google Storage
Gram Sabha
Geological Survey of Bangladesh
Global Software Development
General Secretariat for Development Planning
Governance and Social Development Resource Centre
Governance and Social Development Resource Center
Geological Survey of Ethiopia
Graduate School of Economics and Management
Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda
Global Shale Gas Initiative
Gender and Social Inclusion
Graduate School of International Development
Georgian Small and Medium Enterprises Association
Geodesic Sensor Net
Grassroots Support Organization
Global Strategic Partners
Global Search and Replace
Gujarat State Road Development Corporation
General Systems Theory
General System Theory
Global Systems Technologies
Global Sustainable Tourism Alliance
Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program
General Support Technology Programme
Gujarat State Watershed Management Agency
Green Technology
Google Test Automation Conference
Governance and Transparency Fund
General Transit Feed Specification
Google Transit Feed Specification
Greater Toronto Home Builder's Association
Gas Technology Institute
Global Transparency Initiative
Gimp Tool Kit
Google Toolbox for Mac
Growth and Transformation Plan
Glass Technology Services
Global Technical Strategy
Group Trucks Technology
Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit
Georgetown University Center Child and Human Development
Gujarat Urban Development Mission
Gimp User Group
Graphical User Interface Development Environment
Global Urban Observatory
Global University Partnership on Environment and Sustainability
Guide to Usability for Software Engineers
Global Value Chain
Global Value Chains
Global Village Energy Partnership
Genesys Voice Portal
Global Virtual University
Gender and Water Alliance
Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition
Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility
Gender Working Group
Global Water Initiative
Group on Women in Medicine and Science
Global Water Operators Partnerships Alliance
Global Water Partnership Organization
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation
Google Web Toolkit
HyperNext Android Creator
Hardware Abstraction Library
Heavy Axle Load
Hypertext Application Language
Hybrid Annuity Model
Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index
Health And Nutrition Development Society
Housing Assistance Plan
High Amplitude Sucking
High Contrast
Hershey Center for Applied Research
Human Capacity Development
Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii
Habitat Conservation Plans
Host Cell Protein
Hararghe Catholic Secretariat
Humanitarian Coordinators
Humanitarian Country Team
Human Development
Health Development Agency
Health Development Advice
Human Developmental Anatomy Center
Human Development Center
Human Development and Family Studies
Human Development & Family Studies
Human Development and Family Science
Human Development Initiative
Human Development Indicators
Human Development Indices
Human Development Institute
Hardware Development Plan
Handheld Devices Markup Language
Healthy Development Measurement Tool
Human Development Network
Human Development Report
Human Development Reports
Human Development Report Office
Human Development Research Paper
Household Economy Analysis
Higher Education for Development
Higher Education Development Centre
Higher Education Development Center
Hawaii Early Learning Profile
Human Early Learning Partnership
Higher Education Qualification Framework
Higher Education Research and Development
Higher Education Research & Development
Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia
Higher Education Solutions Network
Higher Education Video Game Alliance
Harvard Family Research Project
Helping Hand For Relief & Development
Human Hookworm Vaccine Initiative
Himalayan Institute of Development
Himalayan Institutetute of Development
Health, Infectious Disease and Nutrition
Health Information Exchange Accreditation Program
Housing Innovation Fund
Hersteller Initiative Software
Health Information System Programme
Health Information Systems Programme
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre
Humanitarian Logistics Association
High-Level Committee on Management
High Level Committee on Management
High-Level Committee on Programmes
High Level Committee on Programmes
High-Level Dialogue
High Level Dialogue
High Level Forum
Himalayan Light Foundation
High-level Meeting
High Level Meeting
High-Level Panel
High Level Panel
High-Level Segment
High Level Policy Dialogue
High-Level Political Forum
High Level Political Forum
High-Level Shader Language
High Level Shader Language
Health Metrics Network
Heritage Management Plan
Hungarian Meteorological Service
Houston Minority Supplier Development Council
Human Network International
Health Nutrition Population
Human Opportunities Index
Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment
High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption
Home Office Scientific Development Branch
Helion products
Helion provides
Hypertext Preprocessor
Health Poverty Action
Honda Performance Development
High Performance Extensible Logging
Humanitarian Policy Group
Health Policy Initiative
Hogan Personality Inventory
Human poverty index
Habitat Programme Manager
Human Potential Movement
Health, Population and Nutrition Sector Development Program
Health Population and Nutrition Sector Development Program
Humana People to People India
Hard Processor System
Himachal Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund
Historical Resources Board
Human Rights-Based Approach
Human Rights Based Approach
Human Resources Department
Human Resources Development
Human Resource Department
Human Resources and Development
Human Resource and Development
Human Resource Development Centre
Human Resources Development Centre
Human Resource Development Corporation
Human Resource Development Center
Human Resources Development Fund
Human Resource Development Fund
Hurricane Research Division
Human Rights and Development Foundation
Human Resources Development Program
Human Resource Development Strategy
Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance
Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture
Humanitarian Response Fund
Human Resources for Health
Human Rights Impact Assessment
Health Results Innovation Trust Fund
Human Resource Leadership Program
Human Resources Management Department
Human Resource Management and Development
Human Resource Management Office
Human Resource Practice
Human Resources and Organizational Development
Human Resource & Organisational Development Consultancy
Health Risk Screening Tool
Hampton Roads Veterans Business Outreach Center
Human Right to Water and Sanitation
Healthy Steps
Hughes Systique Corporation
Human Security Collective
Health Service Delivery
Human and Social Development
Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation
Heads of State and Government Implementation Committee
Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation
Health Sector Reform
Human Services Research Institute
Health System Strengthening
High Speed Systems Test
Honeywell Technology Center
High Technology Development Corporation
Hyper Text Mark-up Language
Hyper Text Mark Up Language
Hypertext Transfer Markup Language
High-Technology Park
High Throughput Research
Habilitation Training Specialist
Health Unlimited
Information & Education
International Alliance for Biological Standardization
Inter-Agency Committee
International Agricultural Center
International Association of Contract and Commercial Management
International Anti-Corruption Day
Institute for African Development
Institutional Analysis and Development
Internationally Agreed Development Goals
Inter-Agency and Expert Group
Inter-Agency Expert Group
International Arid Lands Consortium
International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees
Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development
Indian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development
International Agricultural Research Centre
Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
Institute for Applied System Analysis
International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
Internet Access & Training Program
Inter-Agency Task Team
Interface Builder
International Business Accelerator
International Bureau of Education
International Brain Injury Clubhouse Alliance
Infant Brain Imaging Study
Infant Behavior Questionnaire
International Basic Sciences Programme
International Board for Soil Research and Management
International Cooperation
International Consultant
Independent Commission on Aid Impact
Interactive Collaborative Autism Network
International Cooperative for Aerosol Prediction
Initiatives in Critical Agrarian Studies
International Consortium of Aeronautical Test Sites
International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups
Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee
International Centre for Climate Change and Development
International Council for Coaching Excellence
International Climate Change Information Programme
Indian Council of Child Welfare
In-Circuit Debugger
In Circuit Debugger
In Circuit Debug
Initial Capabilities Document
Initial Capability Document
Initial Capabilities Documents
Institute for Child Development
Institute of Child Development
International Child Development Initiatives
Islamic Corporation for Development
International Coalition for Development Action
Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities
Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy
International Center for Development and Decent
International Centre for Development and Decent
Integrated Child Development Services
Integrated Child Development Scheme
Integrated Child Development Service
Islamic Centre for Development of Trade
Information & Content Exchange
Information Content Exchange
Integrated Content Environment
International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development
International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Career Development
Indonesia Clean Energy Development
India-Canada Environment Facility
International Center for Economic Growth
Intergovernmental Committee of Experts on Sustainable Development Financing
Interim Cooperation Framework
International Climate Fund
Integrated Coastal and Fisheries Governance
International Consortium on Governmental Financial Management
International Center for Geopolitical Studies
International Centre for Integrative Studies
International Committee for Harmonization
International Center for Human Development
Innovation Centre Kosovo
International Centre for Local Democracy
International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives
International Centre for Migration Health and Development
International Council on Mining & Metals
International Council on Mining and Minerals
International Council on Metals and Mining
Illinois Coastal Management Program
International Centre for Migration Policy Development
International Center for Migration Policy Development
International Center for Professional Development
Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology
International Committee on Large Dams
International Council on Security
International Commission on Peace and Food
International Cooperating Partners
International Child Resource Institute
Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations
International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics
Integrated Coastal Resources Management Project
Integrated Computer Solutions
Integration Cloud Service
Investing in Children and their Societies
International Council of Shopping Centers
International Council of Shopping Center
International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development
International Center on Small Hydro Power
Incremental Commitment Spiral Model
International Council on Social Welfare
In Country Training
International Coalition of Tourism Partners
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development
International Centre on Trade and Sustainable Development
International Components for Unicode for Java
International Conference on Water and the Environment
Indian Committee of Youth Organizations
Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan
Implementation Directive
Information Development
Institutional Development
International Development
Intellectual Disability
Individual Development Account
Individual Development Accounts
Industrial Development Authority
Infocom Development Authority
Infocomm Development Authority
Industrial Development Agency
Industrial Diamond Association
Infocommunications Development Authority
Institute of Defense Analyses
Irish Development Authority
International Development Agencies
Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Integrity Development Action Plan
Individual Development Accounts
Industrial Development Agencies
Industrial Development Board
Industrial Development Bond
Industrial Development Bureau
International Development Advisory Services
Institute for Defense and Business
Islamic Development Bank's
Industrial Development Bank of India
Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme
Instrument Development for Biological Research
Industrial Development Bonds
Industrial Development Corporation
Industrial Development Centre
Industrial Development Council
Instructor Development Courses
Instructor Development Course
International Development Centre
International Development Committee
International Development Cooperation Agency
Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa Limited
Image Dissector Camera System
Intellectual & Development Disabilities
International Development Department
International Development Division
Integrated Development Enviroment
Integrated Development and Debugging Environment
Integrated Developer Environment
Integration Development Environment
International Drug Development Institute
Independent Development Environment
Individual Development Environments
Institute for Developing Economies
Institute of Developing Economies
Institutetute of Developing Economies
Integrated Data Environment
Integreted Development Environment
Intelligent Development Environment
Interactive Development Environments
Integrated Development Environments
International Development Enterprises
International Development Enterprise
International Development Enterprises, India
Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
Institute of Development and Education for Africa
Intelligent Data Exploitation and Analytics System
International Development Economics Associates
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
International Demo and Education System
Independent Development Fund
India Development Foundation
Integrated Development Foundation
Intel Developers Forum
International Development Forum
International Development Fund
International Development Group
International Development Goal
International Development Initiative
Institute for Development of Freedom of Information
International Development Fellows Program
Inspirational Development Group
Institutional Development Grant
Industrial Development Grant Fund
Institute on Disability and Human Development
International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies
Intercultural Development Inventory
Institute for Domestic and International Affairs
Infrastructure Delivery Improvement Programme
Industrial Development Kit
Industrial Development Policy
Independent Directorate of Local Governance
International Development Law Organization
International Development Law Organisation
International Development Office
Institute of Development Management
Institutional Development Plan
Integrated Data Management
Interactive & Digital Media
Interactive Digital Media
International Development Markup Language
Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit
Integration Developer News
Individual Development Plans
Individual Development Planning
Individual Development Program
Instructor Development Program
Integrated Development Program
Integrated Development Programme
Integrated Development Plan
Integrated Development Planning
Integrated Development Plans
Integrated Dissemination Program
Individual Development Plans
Individual Development Plans
International Day of Persons with Disabilities
International Development Planning Review
Informatica Data Quality
Industrial Development Report
Iskandar Development Region
India Development and Relief Fund
Infectious Disease Research Institute
Imaging Development Systems
Informix Database Server
Innovative Development Strategies
Institute for Development Studies
Institute of Development Studies
International Development Studies
International Development Strategy
International Development Statistics
International Development Solutions
International Development Targets
Internet Delivery System
Institute of Development Studies Kolkata
Institute for Development Studies and Practices
Instrument Development Team
Indiana Department of Workforce Development
Industrial Development Zone
Industrial Development Zones
Intel Developer Zone
Impact Evaluation
Integration Engine
Internet Explorers
Institute for Economic Advancement
International Economics Association
Independent Expert Advisory Group
Interactive Entertainment Business
Institute for Environment and Development
Institute of Economic Development
Indiana Economic Development Corporation
Initial Environment Examination
Indian Energy and Economic Development
International Environmental Education Programme
Intra-European Fellowship
Independent Expert Group
International Environmental Governance
Initiative to End Hunger in Africa
Illinois Early Learning
International Environmental Law Research Centre
Institute of Environmental Studies
International Executive Service Corps
Implementers Forum
Innovation Fund
Integration Framework
Investment Framework
International Foundation for Information Technology
International Fund for Agriculture Development
International Fund for Agriculture and Development
International Fund of Agricultural Development
Investment Facilitation Action Plan
International Foundation for Development Alternatives
International Fertilizer Development Center
International Fertilizer Development Centre
International Faculty Development Seminars
Institute for Entrepreneurship
International Foundation for Education and Self-Help
Illicit Financial Flows
Integrated Flood Management
Invitation for Proposals
Invitation for Proposal
International Foundation for Population and Development
International Forum for Rural Transport and Development
Institute for Software
Instrument for Stability
International Futures
Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development
Individual Family Support Plan
Individualized Family Service Plan
Individualized Family Service Program
Integrated Food Security Programme
International Federation of Training and Development Organisations
International Federation of Training & Development Organizations
International Four-H Youth Exchange
Internet Governance
Internet Governance for Development
Income Generating Activities
Income Generating Activity
Income Generation Activities
Inter Governmental Authority on Development
Initiative for Global Development
Individual Growth and Development Indicator
Individual Growth and Development Indicators
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Institute for Global Environment Strategies
Institute of Global Environmental Strategies
Independent Games Festival
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
Indira Gandhi Institutetute of Development Research
Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme
Integrated Guided Missile Development Program
Integrated Guided Missiles Development Programme
Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojna
Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme
International Government Organisations
International Government Organizations
Indian Grameen Services
International Geosynthetics Society
Integration Group for the Safety Case
Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development
Indo-Global Social Service Society
Institute for Human Development
Integral Human Development
Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health
Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index
Infant Health and Development Program
Individual Habilitation Plan
Individualized Habilitation Plan
Integrated High Performance Turbine Engine Technology
Indian Himalayan Region
International Harm Reduction Development
Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa
International Human Resources Development Corporation
Institute of Human Resource Management
International Human Rights Network
International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation
International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization
Income Index
Institutional Infrastructure
International Investment Agreements
International Investment Agreement
International Investment Agreements
International Investment Bank
Interamerican Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture
International Institute for Communication and Development
International Institutetute for Communication and Development
Urban Redevelopment Authority
Institute for International Development
Institute for Integrated Development Studies
International Institute for Environment & Development
International Institute for Management Development
Institute for Integrated Rural Development
Internet Initiatives Development Fund
International Institute for Energy Conservation
International Institute for Environment and Development
International Institute for the Environment and Development
International Institute of Environment and Development
International Institute for Educational Planning
International Institute for Education Planning
International Insurance Foundation
Institute for Information Industry
Indigenous Information Network
International Inland Port of Dallas
Infrastructure Investment Programme for South Africa
International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
International Institute of Rural Reconstruction
Intelligence & Information Systems
International Implementation Scheme
Incident Investigation Team
Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
International Institute for the Urban Environment
International Journal of Basic and Applied Science
International Journal of E-Business Development
International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management
Ivar Jacobson International
International Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development
International Journal for Scientific Research & Development
International Journal for Scientific Research and Development
I'll know it when I see it
International Knowledge Management
Indigenous Knowledge Systems
Integration Layer
International Land Coalition
Innate lymphoid cells
Integrated Low Cost Sanitation
Indian Leather Development Programme
International Library and Information Group
Integrated Landscape Management
Initial Learning Program
International Livestock Research Institute
Integrated Logistic Support Plan
Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
International Lead and Zinc Research Organization
Intervention Mapping
Independent Monitoring for Quality
Interactive Media Ads
Illinois Medical District
Institute for Management Development
Institute of Management Development
Institute of Management and Development
Instructional Materials Development
International Management Development Programme
Institute of Management Development and Research
Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center
Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division
Integrated Management Framework
Infrastructure Management Group
Investment Management Group
Information Management Policy
Intelink Management Office
Inclusive Market-Oriented Development
Integrated Management Plan
Integrated Management Practices
Integrated Management Plans
Integrated Management Practices
Initiative for Multipurpose Prevention Technologies
International Master in Rural Development
Indian Multi Role Helicopter
Information Management Strategy
Institute for Management Studies
Internal Monitoring System
International Mountain Society
Inventory Management System
Inventory Management Systems
Italian Mars Society
Integrated Mission for Sustainable Development
International Master in Sustainable Development
Indiana Minority Supplier Development Council
Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
Information Management and Technology
International Management Teachers Academy
Inter-Ministerial Working Group
International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
International Network on Conflict and Fragility
Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies
International Network for Environmental Management
Indicators of National Education Systems
International Network for Family Poultry Development
International Non-Governmental Organization
International Non-Governmental Organisation
International Non-Governmental Organizations
International Non-Governmental Organisations
International Non-Government Organization
International Non Governmental Organisation
International Non Government Organization
International Non-Governmental Organizations
International Non-Governmental Organisations
Instituto Nacional Indigenista
International Network on Migration and Development
This is the most awful website ever
Interaction Network Ontology
International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management
Integrated Network for Societal Conflict Research
International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises
Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Agropecuaria
Inter-Islamic Network on Water Resources Development and Management
In order
Indian Ocean Commission
Institute of Organization Development
Independent Office of Evaluation
International Outgoing Fellowship
Implementing Organizations
Indian Ocean Software
Indiana Office of Tourism Development
Implementing Partners
Incentive Professional
Industrial Policy
Industry Position
Indonesian Peoples Alliance
Instrument for Pre-Accession
Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance
Indigenous Peoples Assistance Facility
Institute for Poverty Alleviation and International Development
Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development
Investment Promotion Agencies
International Poverty Centre
International Policy Center
Intellectual Property Creators Challenge
Initial Professional Development
Institute of Professional Development
Institute of Personnel and Development
International Professional Development Association
Indonesia Professional Development Center
International Program for the Development of Communication
Individual Professional Development Plan
Individual Professional Development Plans
Integrated Product Development Process
Integrated Personal Development System
Integrated Product Development System
Integrated Power Development Scheme
Indicative Planning Figure
Intergovernmental Panel on Forests
Integrated Public Financial Management Reform Project
Investment Policy Framework for Sustainable Development
International Public Goods
Institute of Post Harvest Technology
Institute of Post-Harvest Technology
Information Processing Ltd
Indeks Pembangunan Manusia
Institute of People Management
Institute of Personnel Management
Integrated Performance Management
International Partnership for Microbicides
Independent Power Project
Individual Program Plan
Individual Program Planning
Innovative Partnerships Program
Innovative Partnership Program
Integrated Planning Process
Intellectual Property Protection
Integrated Product & Process Development
Integrated Process and Product Development
Infrastructure Project Preparation Facility
Independent Project Review
Investment Policy Review
Institute for Policy Research & Development
In Progress Reviews
Investment Policy Reviews
Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
Industrial Promotion Services
Innovation Platforms
Institute for Public Service
Integrated Personnel System
Inter-Press Service
Institute for Population and Social Research
Integrated Project Teams
Integrated Product Teams
Image Processing Unit
Investment Promotion Unit
Indefinite Quantity Contracts
Integrated Quality Management
Implementation Review
Intermediate Result
Individualized Residential Alternative
Individualized Residential Alternatives
Individual Residential Alternatives
Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards
Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award
Independent Research and Development
Internal Research and Development
Integrated Research & Development
Interactive Research & Development
Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning
Industrial Revenue Bond
Industrial Revenue Bonds
Industrial Revenue Bonds
International Research Centre
Institut de Recherche pour le Dévelopment
Institute of Research for Development
Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India
Iskandar Regional Development Authority
Instrument Research and Development Establishment
Instruments Research & Development Establishment
Instruments Research and Development Establishment
India Rural Development Fund
Integrated Rural Development Foundation
Impact Research and Development Organization
Institute of Rural Development Planning
Integrated Rural Development Program
Integrated Rural Development Programme
Integrated Rural Development Project
International Recruitment Development Program
Interface Requirements Documents
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency
Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization
International Roads Federation
Island Resources Foundation
International Recruitment Integrity System
Integration Readiness Level
Innovative Resource Management
Intermediary Relending Program
International Rubber Research and Development Board
Interface Requirement Specification
International Research Scientist Development Award
International Refugee Trust
Institutional Strengthening
Intelligent System
International Secretariat
Information Services & Technology
Independent South Asian Commission on Poverty Alleviation
Internet Server Application Programmer Interface
International Software Benchmarking Standards Group
Innovation Support Centre
Interim Secretariat of the Carpathian Convention
Indian Society of Clinical Research
Information System Division
Institute for Social Development
Integrated Systems Development
International Sustainable Development Foundation
Information Systems Development Methodology
Information System Development Methodology
Institute for Security & Development Policy
Institute for Security and Development Policy
Institutetute for Security & Development Policy
Institute for Strategic and Development Studies
International Sustainable Energy Development Centre
Integrated Software Engineering Environment
International Software Engineering Research Network
Intelligent Systems Group
International Study Group
International South Group Network
Import Substitution Industrialisation
Information Society Initiative
Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development
Institute for Studies in Industrial Development
International Society on Infant Studies
International Society for Infant Studies
India Software Lab
International Service for National Agricultural Research
Information Support Plans
International Society of Performance Improvement
Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria
International Sava River Basin Commission
Indonesian Soil Research Institute
Innovations for Successful Societies
Institute for Social Studies
Institute of Social Studies
Instruction Set Simulator
International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development
International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development
Integrated Seed Sector Development
International Society for Small and Medium Enterprises
Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses
Institute for Science and Technology
International Science and Technology Institute
Indian Society for Training and Development
Indian Society for Training & Development
International Society of Tropical Foresters
International Services Trade Information Agency
Initiative on Science and Technology for Sustainability
Information Systems Unit
Independent Software Vendors
Independent Software Vendors
Independent Service Vendors
International Secretariat for Water
Integrated Solid Waste Management
Implementation Toolbox
Industrial Transformation
Industry Type
Intermediate Technology
International Technology
Integrated Template
International Trade Assistance Centers
Internet Technical Advisory Committee
Information Technology Association of New Zealand
Industrial Training Board
Infotonics Technology Center
Infant and Toddler Coordinators Association
International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization
International Training Center of the International Labour Organization
Information Technology for Development
Institute of Training and Development
Institute of Technology and Development
International Tax Dialogue
International Training & Development
Integrated Tribal Development Agency
Integrated Tribal Development Agencies
Indian Tourism Development Corporation
India Tourism Development Corporation
Information Technologies Development Center
Information Technology Development Center
Industrial Technology Development Institute
Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
Institute for Transport and Development Policy
Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
Institute for Transportation Development Policy
Institute for Transportation Development and Policy
Integrated Tribal Development Project
Integrated Tribal Development Program
Integrated Test Environment
International Trade and Economic Development
Iowa Test of Educational Development
Iowa Tests of Educational Development
International Traineeship Exchange Program
Industrial Training Fund
Infrastructure Trust Fund
Independent Test Group
Information Technology Industry Development Agency
Intel Technology Journal
Information Technology Leadership Development Program
Integrated Talent Management
Information Technology in Medicine and Education
Institute of Training and Occupational Learning
Information Technology Outreach Services
Individual Training Plan
Integrated Transport Planning
International Training Programme
Investment and Technology Promotion Office
Investment and Technology Promotion Offices
International Trade Resource Center
Implementation Technology Specification
Integrated Tax System
Integrated Tool Set
International Technical Support Organization
Information Technology Shared Services
Institute for Trade, Standards and Sustainable Development
Integrated Test Team
Intelligent Terminal Transfer Protocol
Inter-University Consortium for International Social Development
International Union for Conservation of Nature
Integrated Urban Development Framework
International Union of Local Authorities
Integrated University Management System
International Urban Planning and Environment Association
Institute of Urban Transport
International Union of Telecommunications
International Urban Training Center
International Volunteering Cooperation Organizations
Indian Volunteers for Community Service
International Volunteer Day
Integrated Village Development Project
In Vitro-In Vivo Correlation
Innovation Voucher Program
Initiative for Vaccine Research
In Vitro Release Testing
Iowa Workforce Development
International Women's Development Agency
Industry Working Group
Interim Working Group
Interoperability Work Group
Intersessional Working Group
Integrated Watershed Management
Integrated Watershed Management Programme
Integrated Water Resources Management
Integrated Water Resource Management
Integrated Work Plan
Impromptu Web Reports
International Water Resources Management
Information Worker Solutions
Institute of Water and Sanitation Development
Inland Waterways Transport
Improve Your Business
Institute for Youth Development
International Youth Day
International Year of Deserts and Desertification
International Year of Ecotourism
International Youth Foundation
International Year of the Family
Java 2, Enterprise Edition
Java 2, Micro Edition
Java 2 Mobile Edition
Java 2 Software Development Kit
Java 2, Standard Edition
Java Agent Development Environment
Joint Advanced Distributed Learning
Java Application Generator
Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Java Activation Framework
Java Application Manager
Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server
Java Annotations Pattern Engine
Java in Administration Special Interest Group
Java Authentication Service Provider Interface for Containers
Just Add Water
Java Connectivity Architecture
Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
Java Card Development Kit
Joint Capabilities Integration and Development Systems
Java Class Library
Joint Core Strategy
Java Coding Standard Checker
Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations
Johannesburg Development Agency
Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics
Java Developer Connection
Journal of Development Economics
Journalists for Democracy and Human Rights
Java Developers Journal
Jave Development Kit
Java Development Kits
Java Distribution License
Java Data Object
Java-based document object model
Java Document Object Model
Joint Development Project
Justice and Development Party
Java Development Tools
Java Development Toolkit
Java Development Tool
Java Development Tooling
Jobs and Economic Development Impacts
Jobs and Economic Development Impact
Java Enterprise Edition 7
Journal of Environmental Research And Development
Java Expert System Shell
Joint Health and Nutrition Programme
Join Implementation
Japan International Cooperative Agency
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
Just-In-Time Training
Just In Time Training
Joint Mission Environment Test Capability
Japan Nuclear Cycle
Jordanian National Commission for Women
Journal for Nurses in Professional Development
Java Native Runtime
Junior Olympic Archery Development
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer
Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
Journal of Development
Java Optimize and Decompile Environment
Joint Operation Planning Process
Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics
Junior Programmer
Joint Parliamentary Assembly
Joint Practice Development
Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
Java Print Dialog Framework
Java Plugin Framework
Justice, Peace and Human Development
Johannesburg Plan of Implementation
Java Persistence Query Language
Java Print Service
Jean Piaget Society
Java Persistence Tools
Java Query Language
Joint Research and Development Board
Java Run-Time Environment
Java Runtime Edition
Java Runtime Environments
Java Runtime Environments
Java Runtime Interface
Java Research License
Joint Research Program
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development
Java Script
Java Scripts
JavaScript Source
Joint Semi Automated Forces
Joint Staff Assessments
Joint Steering Committee
Japan Society for Composite Materials
Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research
Java Servlet Development Kit
Java Standard Edition
Java Server Face
Java Speech Grammar Format
JavaScript Simple Object Notation
Java Server Page
Java Server Pages
Java Server Pages
Joint Strategic Plan
Java Transaction Architecture
Java Test Runner
Knowledge for Development
Knowledge Acquisition
Korea Agency for Digital Opportunity
Kagera Basin Organization
Knowledge-Based Systems
Knowledge Based Software Assistant
Kraus Curriculum Development Library
Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme
Knowledge Development
Kapampangan Development Foundation
Key Development Indicators
Knowledge Discovery System
Knowledge Engineer
Kindergarten Entry Assessment
Korean Educational Development Institute
Korean Energy Development Organization
Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development
Kulim High Tech Park
Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development
Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research
Kansas Inservice Training System
Kentucky Manufacturing Assistance Center
Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute
Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute
Kenya Property Developers Association
King Prajadhipok's Institute
Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training
Kuali Student
Knowledge and Skills Framework
Leachables and Extractables
Local Application
Location Application
Latin America countries
Linux Audio Development
Linux Audio Developers
Look and Feel
Latin America Investment Facility
Leadership and Management Program
Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia
Land Administration System
Learning Accomplishment Profile
Local Area Plan
Ligand Binding Assay
Leadership Beyond Boundaries
Liberia Better Business Forum
Location Based Solution
Linux Binaries on Windows
Life Cycle Architecture
Local Council Development Area
Local Council Development Authority
Learning Content Development System
Low-Carbon Development Strategy
Liquid Crystal Display User Interface
Lake Champlain-Lake George Regional Planning Board
Leadership Competency Model
Linked Data
Leader Development and Education
Lake Development Authority
Land Development Agency
Land Development Bank
Lithuanian Development Agency
Library Development Bureau
Law Development Centre
Leadership Development Course
Lesser Developed Countries
Low Developed Countries
Lesser Developed Countries
Land Development Department
Leadership Development Institute
Leadership Development International
Life Development Institute
Linux Development Kit
Least Developed Member Countries
Logical Data Models
Linux Developer Network
Luminis Developer Network
Leadership Development Plan
Land Deal Politics Initiative
Land Deal Politics Initiatives
Land Deals Politics Initiative
Linux Development Platform Specification
Land Development Regulations
Land Development Regulations
Laboratory-Directed Research and Development
Laboratory Directed Research and Development
Laboratory Directed Research & Development
Lua Development Tools
Low Energy
Leadership, Education, and Development
Leadership, Education and Development
Leadership Education and Development
Leadership Enhancement and Development
Leadership Exploration and Development
Logan Economic Alliance for Development
Local Environmental Action Plan
Less Economically Developed Countries
Local Economic Development Organizations
Legal Empowerment of the Poor
Local Environmental Plans
Local Environmental Plan
Local Environment Plans
Local Environmental Plans
Learning Education Training Systems Interoperability
Linux Foundation
Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
Less Favoured Regions
Live-Fire Test and Evaluation
Linux For You
Local Government Academy
Local Government Engineering Department
Loyola Generativity Scale
Looks Good To Me
Lifelong Health and Ageing
Lake Habitat Survey
Leadership Initiative
Lebanese International Business Council
Lieber Institute for Brain Development
Low-Income Country
Low Impact Developement
London International Development Centre
Law and International Development Society
Land Information System
Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research
Learning Leadership
Leadership & Management
Linden Lab
Lodge Leadership Development
Leadership and Management Development
Laguna Lake Development Authority
Land-locked Developing Countries
Life Management
Labor Market Assessment
Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation
Linked Media Framework
Leadership Management International
Labour Market Information System
Learning Metrics Task Force
Learning Needs Analysis
Lesotho National Development Corporation
Lao National Mekong Committee
Leasing Officer
Lines of Business
Lines of Development
Linked Open Data
Linking Open Data
Line of Operation
Language-Oriented Programming
Language Oriented Programming
Law and Order Trust Fund for Afghanistan
Lists of Values
Legislative and Public Affairs
Limited Population Antibacterial Drug
Local Professional Development Committee
Land Policy Initiative
Learning and Performance Institute
Life and Peace Institute
Leuven Research & Development
Leuven Research and Development
Long-Range Development Plan
Local and Regional Economic Development
Logical Record Facility
Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council
Learning Resource Management and Development System
Live Sequence Charts
Local Systemic Change
Large Scale Drupal
Lean Software Development
Learning and Skills Development Agency
London Sustainable Development Commission
Lagos State Development Property Corporation
Life Support Equipment
Lanka Software Foundation
Local Self Governments
Life Styles Inventory
Linaro Stable Kernel
Living Standards Measurement Study
Landmine Survivors Network
Local Support Organizations
Leadership Skills Profile
Local Service Providers
Life Sciences Research Board
Linux Security Summit
Local Scholarship Scheme
Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council
Law & Society Trust
Long-Term Agreement
Lincoln Trail Area Development District
Logic Technology Development
Long-Term Development Plan
Long Term Development Plan
Learning Technology Standardization Committee
Learning Through Work
Land Use Bylaw
Language Use Inventory
Monitoring & Appraisal
Migration and Development
Management & Data Systems
Modelling & Simulation
Modeling, Simulation
Method and apparatus
Millennium Alliance
Movement Assessment Battery for Children
Metallic Alloys and Compounds
Modified Area Development Approach
Ministerial Advisory Group
Miller Assessment for Preschoolers
Mobile Application Platform
Mouse Atlas Project
Municipal Assistance Program
Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center
Master of Arts in Rural Development
Master of Arts Rural Development
Middle Atlantic Reproduction and Teratology Association
Missile Alternative Range Target Instrument
Medical Architecture Research Unit
Member of British Computer Society
Mandela Bay Development Agency
Meghalaya Basin Development Authority
Model Based Drug Development
Minority Business Executive
Masters in Business Leadership
Model Based Software Engineering
Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator
Micro Controller
Microsoft Certified Application Developers
Mennonite Central Committee
Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Minnesota Career Development Association
Multinational Capability Development Campaign
Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health
Ministry of Children and Family Development
Ministry of Child and Family Development
Ministry of Culture and Information
Mississippi Consortium for International Development
Mission, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions
Multi Country Office
Multiple Chip Package
Microsoft Certified Software Developer
Microsoft Certified Solution Developers
Microsoft Certified Solution Developers
Mobile Cloud Service
Mobile Cloud Services
Mediterranean Commission for Sustainable Development
Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development
Maternal and Child Survival Program
Magna Carta of Women
Management Development
Markdown Documentation
Master Directory
Management and Development Associates
Market Development Assistance
Marketing Development Assistance
Market Development Agreement
Market Development Approaches
Metropolitan Development Association
Mississippi Development Authority
Model Driven Architectures
Model Driven Approach
Multan Development Authority
Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
Malawi Development Corporation
Management Development Centre
Maputo Development Corridor
Milk Development Council
More Developed Countries
More Developed Country
More Developed Countries
Multimedia Development Corporation
MUMPS Development Committee
Michigan Department of Career Development
Maritime Development Center of Europe
Maritime Development Centre of Europe
Microsoft Development Center Serbia
Media Development and Diversity Agency
Model-Driven Engineering
Model Driven Engineering
Management Development Foundation
Mineral Development Fund
Market Development Fund
Market Development Funds
Marketing Development Fund
Media Development Fund
Market Development Grant
Measure Data Format
Mediterranean Development Forum
Message Development Framework
Municipal Development Fund
Municipal Development Fund Office
Medical Development Group
Millenium Development Goals
Millenium Development Goal
Millennium Development Goals
Millennium Develop Goals
Millenium Development Goals
Millennium Development Goals
Millennium Development Goal 4
Millennium Development Goal 5
Milenium Development Goals
Millenium Development Goals
Millennial Development Goals
Millennium Development Goals
Millennium Develop Goals
Millennium Developing Goals
Management Development and Governance Division
Management Development Institute
Management Development International
Media Development Indicators
Mental Development Index
Mental Developmental Index
Management Development Institute of Singapore
Microcontroller Development Kit
Mobile Development Kit
Model Development Kit
Module Developers Kit
Meteorological Development Laboratory
Master in Development Management