Popular Email acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Atomic Email Autoresponder
Advanced Email Locator
Advanced Email Parser
Business Email Compromise
Better Email Enable Everything
Comments Inline
Disposable Email Address
Email Address Internationalization
Enterprise Email Archive
Email Experience Council
Executive Email Carpet Bomb
Email Marketing
Email Processing System
Email Response Management System
Email Security Appliance
Email Security Appliances
Email Security Gateway Anywhere
Email Service Provider
Email Service Providers
Email Service Providers
Email Sender & Provider Coalition
Email Sender and Provider Coalition
Email Service Provider Coalition
Forum for Responsible and Ethical Email
Java Email Server
Just so you know
Know What yoU Mean
Keep Your Nose Out Of It
Last Year Of Life
Least you should know
Mass Decryption of Email Meassages
McAfee Email Gateway
Mobile Email Management
Meta Email Search Agent
Nelson Email Organizer
No Way Out
New York City Finger Salute
On behalf of
Pennock's Email Notifier
Please Find Subject Attached
Revenue Per Email
Secure Email Gateway
Secure Email Gateways
Stealth Email Redirector
Shut Your Head
See You In The Morning
See you later
See You Later Alligator
See You Soon
See You Tonight
Very very
Vice versa
Very very funny
Very Well Done
Very Well Put
Very Wicked Evil Grin
Very wicked grin
World Email Directory