Popular Employment acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Adoption Assistance
Army & Air Force Exchange System
Affirmative Actions Plan
Administrative Coordinator
Agent of the Certification Authority
American Compensation Association
Automatic Contribution Arrangement
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Advisory, Conciliation, and Arbitration Service
Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Advisory Conciliation Arbitration Service
Advisory Conciliation & Arbitration Service
Access Channel for Employees
Assisted Competitive Employment
All-China Federation of Trade Unions
Aviation Center Logistics Command
Acquisition Career Management Information System
Actual Contribution Percentage
Arizona Civil Rights Division
Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators
Association of Commuter Rail Employees
Academic & Credential Records Evaluation & Verification Service
American Correctional Solutions
Advisory Committee on Safety and Health
American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act
Administratively Determined
Administration Division
Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments
Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary
Arkansas Department of Correction
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Assistant District Director
Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Age Discrimination and Employment Act
Arizona Department of Economic Security
Arizona Department of Administration
Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health
Actual Deferral Percentage
Average Deferral Percentage
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
Application for Employment
Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System
Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union
Appointment Eligible Family Member
Appointment Eligible Family Members
Academic Employment Initiative
Advanced Earned Income Credit
Advance Earned Income Credit
Assistance Eligible Individuals
Affirmative Employment Program
Alien Employment Permit
Adverse Effect Wage Rate
Appropriated Funds
Appropriated Fund
Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism
Average Final Compensation
Air Force Civilian Service
Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act
Australian Federation of Employers and Industries
Annual Funding Notice
Accident Frequency Rate
Assistant Federal Security Director
Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Assistant Facility Security Officer
Adjusted Funding Target Attainment Percentage
Alliance of Filipino Workers
Associate General Counsel
Apprenticeship Grant for Employers
Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report
Assistant General Manager
Association of Graduate Student Employees
Alabama Health Insurance Plan
Academic Human Resources
Association for Human Resource Management
Austin Human Resources Management Association
All India Organisation of Employers
Auto-Inclusion Scheme
Auto Inclusion Scheme
America's Job Exchange
American Job Centers
Annual Leave
Alien Labor Certification
American Law Media
America's Labor Market Information System
Accredited Legal Secretary
Automated Litigation Support
Associated Labor Union
Absence Management
Area Manager
Advanced Modern Apprenticeship
Additional Maternity Leave
Absence Management System
Absentee Management System
Arbitration and Mediation Service
Administration Officer
Administrative Office of Courts
Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association
Assistant Operations Manager
Agent of Record
Adjustment of status
Accounting Practitioner
Advance Parole
Annual Performance Appraisal Report
Anchorage Police Department Employees Association
Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System
Agricultural Personnel Management Association
Academic Personnel Office
Administrative Post Office
Accident Prevention Program
Association of Partnership Practitioners
Annual Performance Review
Administrative Policy Statement
Association for Persons in Supported Employment
Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst
Assignment Request
Assigned Risk Adjustment Program
Administrative Review Board
Annual Required Contribution
Alternative Retirement Plan
American Resource Staffing
Administrative Service
Area Supervisor
Administrative Support Assistant
Arbeiter Samariter Bund
Academic Student Employees
Alaska State Employees Association
American Specialty Health
Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings
After-service health insurance
Aggregate Stop Loss
America's Service Locator
Assistant Store Manager
Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals
Administrative Services Only
Administrative Services Organization
Administrative Service Organization
Administration Services Only
Administrative Service Only
Administrative Services Organizations
Administrative Services Offering
Administrative Service Organizations
Administrative Services Outsourcing
Administrative Service Outsourcing
Associate Supervisor Program
Additional Statutory Paternity Pay
Annual Salary Review
Arizona State Retirement System
Administrative Support Team
Asperger Syndrome Training and Employment Partnership
Administrative Services Unit
Administrative Site Visit and Verification Program
Avionics Technician
Apprenticeship Training Agency
Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance
Arkansas Taxpayer Access Point
Adult Training Centre
American Technology Consulting
Alcohol Testing Form
Attributed Tip Income Program
Advanced Training Institutes
Assistant Team Leader
Associated Third Party Administrators
Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking Systems
Applicant Tracking Software
Application Tracking System
Applicant Tracking Systems
Applied Technology Solutions
Apprenticeship Training Scheme
Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime
Alberta Union of Provincial Employees
Appraised Value Offer
Average Vehicle Ridership
Agricultural Wages Board
Association of Washington Cities
Alliance for Workplace Excellence
Atomic Weapons Employers
Agency for Workforce Innovation
Area Work Incentive Coordinators
Area Work Incentives Coordinators
Alliance for Work Life Progress
Alliance for Work-Life Progress
Absence Without Official Leave
Business to Employer
Business Action on Homelessness
Business Based Action
Background Criminal Investigation
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service
Bureau of Citizenship & Immigration Services
Bobby Dodd Institute
Backlog Elimination Center
Business Education Council
Bangladesh Employers Federation
Boeing Employees Flying Association
Business Enterprise Program
Benazir Employees Stock Option Scheme
Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking
Browning-Ferris Industries
Browning Ferris Industries
Bureau of Human Resources
Behavioral Health Technician
Business Integra
Business-Industry Political Action Committee
Black Lung Benefits Act
Black Lawyers Directory
Bureau of Local Employment
Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics
Business Leadership Network
Bureau of Labor Relations
Bureau of Labor Services
Bureau or Labor Statistics
Business and Legal Resources
Business and Legal Reports
Bureau for Labor Statistics
Balik Manggagawa
Borgess Medical Ctr
Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test
Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training
Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training
Brookings Municipal Utilities
Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees
Branch Office Administrator
Branch Office Administrators
Bureau of the Census
Business Operations Center
Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited
Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd
British Occupational Health Research Foundation
Bank Owned Life Insurance
Bureau of Prison
Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach
Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach
Benefit Payment Control
British Plumbing Employers Council
Baseline Personnel Security Standard
Basic Rate
Business Resource Groups
Benefit and Risk Management Services
Bureau of Rural Workers
Benefit Statement
Business Systems Analyst
Business System Analyst
Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program
Background Screening Credentialing Council
Building Service Employees International Union
Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management
Business Solutions Management
Business Services Representatives
Business Travel Accident
Bridge to Employment
Black Training and Enterprise Group
Bargaining Unit
British Universities Industrial Relations Association
Bargaining Unit Status
Buyer Value Option
Best Workplaces for Commuters
Compensation Analyst
Ct affirms
Capital Associated Industries
Committee on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
Committee on the Application of Standards
Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services
Charlotte Area Society for Human Resource Management
Corporate America Supports You
Cross-Application Time Sheet
Cross Application Time Sheets
Collective Bargaining
Compensation and Benefits
Collective Bargaining Agent
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Chartered Benefit Consultant
Criminal Background Check
Criminal Background Checks
Criminal Background Checks
Community-Based Employment Program
City & Borough of Juneau
Customer Business Manager
Customs and Border Protection Officer
Customs and Border Protection Officers
Customs and Border Protection Officers
City Carrier Assistant
City Compensatory Allowance
Context Challenge Actions Results
Contribution-based Compensation and Appraisal System
Customer Contact Center
Cook County Commission on Human Rights
Camp Coordination & Camp Management
Contested Case Hearing
Chicago Commission on Human Relations
City Commission on Human Rights
Caribbean Congress of Labour
Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration
Consumer Credit Protection Act
Colorado Civil Rights Division
Charleston County School District
Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social
Consumer-Directed Healthcare
Consumer-Driven Health Plan
Consumer-Driven Health Plans
Consumer Driven Health Plans
Consumer Driven Health Plan
Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist
Colorado Department of Labor & Employment
Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
Commercial Driver's License Information System
Commercial Drivers License Information System
Commercial Driver License Information System
Centro de los Derechos del Migrante
Configuration Data Management
Certified Disability Management Professional
Certification of Disability Management Specialists
Coalition for a Democratic Workplace
Commission for Employment Equity
Civilian Employment Information
Center for Employment Opportunities
Chief Evaluation Office
Commonwealth Employment Opportunities
Conscientious Employee Protection Act
County Employees Retirement System
Career and Employment Services
Current Employment Statistics
Center for Employment Training
Comprehensive Employment and Training Act
Combat Engineering Training Camp
Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Computer Fraud and Abuse
Central Florida Employment Council
Council for Global Immigration
Canadian Forces Liaison Council
Comprehensive Financial Management System
Creative Financial Staffing
Commission on Graduates for Foreign Nursing Schools
Career Guide to Industries
Center for Human Resources
Corporate Human Resources
Chesapeake Human Resource Association
Criminal History Records Check
Criminal History Record Check
Criminal History Record Checks
Criminal History Record Information
Chief Human Resources Officer
Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist
Commercial Insurance
Community Integrated Employment
Critical Incident Management
Classification of Instruction Programs
Computerized Interest Profiler
Commission on Industrial Relations
Council on Industrial Relations
Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Services
Citizenship and Immigration Service
Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
Computer Information Systems Management
Customized Job Training
Casual Leave
Casual Leaves
Crew Leader
Collective Labor Agreement
Council of Labor Affairs
Council of Labour Affairs
Computer Linked Application Information Management System
Corporate Leadership Council
Center for Labor Education and Research
Career Limiting Moves
Certified Legal Secretary Specialist
Commission for Mediation and Arbitration
Combined Municipal Campaign
Cypress Minnesota Incorporated
Contract Management Office
Cargo Movement Operations System
Cargo Movement Operation System
Common-Metric Questionnaire
Common Metric Questionnaire
Career Management System
Central Management Services
Compensation Management Specialist
Confederation of Malta Trade Unions
Client Needs Analysis
Collective Negotiation Agreement
Contrat nouvelle embauche
Cherokee Nation Red Wing
Certification Officer
Certification Office
Clerical Officer
Classification Officer
Counter Operational
Class of Admission
Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Consolidate Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
Cash Or Deferred Arrangement
Certificate of Employment
Cost of Employment
Concept Of Employment
Course of Employment
Center for Occupational Employment Information
Confederation of Health Service Employees
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
Cost Of Living Allowances
Corporate-Owned Life Insurance
Corporate Owned Life Insurance
Continuation of Pay
Canadian Office and Professional Employees
Criminal Offender Record Information
Certificate of Sponsorship
Comprehensive Outsourcing Services
Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities
Cabinet Office Statement of Practice
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation
Charging Party
Central Pay Commission
Center for Popular Democracy
Central Personnel Data File
Certified Professional in Disability Management
Certified Professional Disability Management
Central Provident Fund
Central Provident Funds
Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme
Council of Prison Locals
Correctional Peace Officers Foundation
Civilian Personnel On Line
Comprehensive Personality Profile
Civilian Personnel Section
Contributory Pension Scheme
Contributory Pension System
Current Population Survey
Current Population Surveys
Clover Park School District
Contractor Program Security Officer
Curriculum Practical Training
Customer Quality Engineer
Commissioning, Qualification and Validation
Consumer Reporting Agency
Consumer Reporting Agencies
Career Readiness Certification
Civil Rights Center
Civil Rights Commission
Civil Rights Division
Commission for Racial Equality
Civility, Respect, and Engagement in the Workplace
Career Resource Network
Chief Relationship Officer
Centre for Research into the Older Workforce
Career Services
Continuous Service
Civil Service Act
Client Service Agreement
Client Service Assistant
Client Services Associate
Client Support Administrator
Customer Service Advisor
Customer Service Assistant
Customer Service Analyst
Customer Service Administrator
Customer Service Center
Customer Service Centers
Customer Support Associate
Center for the Study and Advancement of Disability Policy
Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters
Council of State Administrators of Vocational Rehabilitation
Career Service Center
Central Secretariat Clerical Service
Client Service Executive
Customer Service Engineer
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Profile
Compliance Safety And Health Officer
Compliance Safety and Health Officers
Civil Service Law
Clinical Services Manager
Court Security Officer
Central States Pension Fund
Civil Service retirement
Civil Service Resourcing
Consumer Service Representative
Customer Service Representative
Customer Services Representative
Customer Service Rep
Customer Support Representative
Civil Service Reform Act
Certified Surgical Technician
Certified Surgical Tech
Career Transition Assistance Plan
Career Transition Assistance Program
Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Central Training Institute
Compensatory Time Off
Career Transition Program
Commute Trip Reduction
Career Transition Services
Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialist
Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialists
Center for Trade Union and Human Rights
Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services
Commission for Unity and Racial Equality
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitaes
Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
Contractor Verification System
Computerized Voice Stress Analysis
Continuing Vocational Training Survey
Combined Wage Claims
Center for Working Families
Civilian Welfare Fund
Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act
Community Work Incentives Coordinator
Community Work Incentive Coordinator
Community Work Incentive Coordinators
Community Work Incentives Coordinators
Center for Work-Life Policy
Contingent Workforce Management
Daily Allowance
Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services
Days Away, Restricted, and Transferred
Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services
Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers
Disability Business Technical Assistance Center
District of Columbia Human Rights Act
Department of Criminal Justice Information Services
Defined Contribution Pension Scheme
District of Columbia Retirement Board
Disability Discrimination Act
Disability Determination Unit
Delegated Examining
Disability Employment Awareness Month
Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation
Disability Employment Initiative
Disability Equality Index
Directorate of Enforcement Programs
Department of Economic Security
Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation
Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation
Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation
Digitel Employees Union
Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit
Department of Employment and Workforce
Defense Finance & Accounting Service
Defense Finance Accounting Service
Division of Federal Employees Compensation
Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance
Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program
Drug Free Workplace
Drug-Free Workplace Act
Drug-Free Workplace Program
Drug Free Workplace Program
Directorate General of Employment and Training
Dubai Government Excellence Program
Directorate General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes
Delta Global Services
Direct Hire
Domestic Helper
Direct-Hire Authority
Direct Hire Authority
Department of Higher and Further Education, Training and Employment
Department of Human Rights
Director of Human Resources
Division of Human Resources
Department of Human Resource Management
Department of Homeland and Security
Disability Income
Department of Industrial Accidents
Decision Information Resources
Division of Industrial Relations
Division of Information Technology
Diversity Leadership Council
Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation
Department of Labor and Industry
Department of Labor and Industries
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Department of Labor and Regulation
Department of Labor and Training
Discrimination Law Review
Department of Labor Standards
District Manager
Diversity Management
Discretionary Merit Compensation
Disability Mentoring Day
Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment
Disability Management Services
Disability Management Service
Data Not Available
Director Operations
Division Office
Data Operations Coordinator
Date Of Entry
Department of Employment
Depending on Experience
Director of Engineering
Department of Employment Services
Date Of Loss
Department of Labor's
Department of Labour
Department of Law
Departments of Labor
Dept of Labor
Department of Labor and Employment
Department of Labor & Employment
Department of Labor Employment
Dept of Labor and Employment
Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration
Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration
Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
Director of Operations
Department of Personnel
Division of Personnel
Department of Personnel & Training
Department of Personnel and Training
Director of Rehabilitation
Department of Rehabilitative Services
Division of Rehabilitative Services
Division of Occupational Safety
Dependant's Pass
Dependant Pass
Deputy Program Director
Deputy Program Manager
Deputy Project Manager
Disability Program Manager
Disability Program Navigator
Disability Program Navigators
Deferred Profit-Sharing Plans
Director of Quality Management
Dearness Relief
Default Retirement Age
Danish Refugee Council
Dependency Ratio Ceiling
Deferred Retirement Option Plan
Deferred Retirement Option Program
Dispute Resolution Program
Dispute Resolution Procedure
Department of Retirement Systems
Department of Rehabilitative Services
Disability Rights Section
Disability Supplier Diversity Program
Dell Services Federal Government
Department of Social Protection
Direct Service Provider
Disability Support Program
Discontinued Service Retirement
Department of State Standardized Regulation
Deferred Stock Units
Direct Support Worker
Drive Safely Work Week
Drug Testing Advisory Board
Davidson Trahaire Corpsych
Diverse Technologies Corporation
Daily Time Record
Department of Unemployment Assistance
Disaster Unemployment Assistance
Division of Unemployment Assistance
Division of Unemployment Insurance
Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Program
Disabled Veterans Insurance Careers
Disabled Veterans Outreach Program
Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Dislocated Worker
Department of Workers Compensation
Division of Workers Compensation
Decent Work Country Programme
Decent Work Country Program
Decent Work Country Programmes
Employment Authorization Document
Employment Authorization Documentation
Employment Authorization Documents
Employees Assistance Professionals Association
Employment Agency Standards
Electronic Consulting Services
European Depression Association
Employers Dental Services
Emergency Department Technician
Economic Dislocation and Worker Adjustment Assistance
Employment Equity
Employment Equity Act
Engineering Employers Federation
Equal Employment Opportunities
Equal Employment Opportunity Act
Equal Employment Opportunity Commision
Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Equal Employment Officer
Equal Employment Opportunities Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's
Equal Employment Opportunity Council
Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint
Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner
Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program
Enhanced Enforcement Program
Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information
Education, Employment and Training
Employment Eligibility Verification
Employment Eligibility Verification System
Employee Free Choice Act
Education for Employment
Experienced First Line Supervisor
Eligible Family Member
Eligible Family Members
Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
Employers Federation of Pakistan
Estes Forwarding Worldwide
European Globalisation Fund
Expert Group on Future Skills Needs
Employer Group Health Plan
Employees Group Insurance Division
Employment Guarantee Scheme
Expert Global Solutions
Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act
Economic Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act
Employer Group Waiver Plan
Expedited Hiring Authority
Elliot Health System
Employer health tax
Earned Income
Employment Intervention Demonstration Program
Employee Identification Number
Employer's Identification Number
Employer Identification Number
Employer Identification Numbers
Employer Identity Number
Employer Identifier Number
Employer Indentification Number
Employment Identification Number
Employer Identification Numbers
Employer Information Requirements
Employers Information Requirement
Employment Information System
Employment Information Service
European Industrial Relations Observatory
Earned Income Tax
Engineering Industry Training Board
Earned Leave
Employers Liability
Entry Level
Employment Law Alliance
Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act
Employers Liability Tracing Office
Employers & Manufacturers Association
Equipment Maintenance Allowance
Expense Management Automation
Employment Medical Advisory Service
Enterprise Management Incentives
Enterprise Management Incentive
Economic Modeling Specialists Intl
Employer Number
Employment Networks
Employment Network
Employment Networks
Employment Non Discrimination Act
European Network for Workplace Health Promotion
Employment Office
Equal Opportunities
Ethics Office
Employees Old-age Benefits Institution
End of Contract
Enter On Duty
Entry On Duty
Entrance on Duty
Equal Opportunity Employment Commission
Evidence of Insurability
Employer Owned Life Insurance
Equal Opportunity Office
Equal Opportunity Publications
Electronic Official Personnel Folder
Employer of Record
Extension of Status
European Observatoire of Sport and Employment
Employment Projections
Equal Pay Act
Electronic Personnel Action Form
Electronic Personnel Action Forms
Electronic Personnel Action Forms
Employee Plans Compliance Unit
Employment Preparation Education
Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate
Employees Provident Funds
Employees Provident Fund Organization
Employee Provident Fund Organisation
Employees Provident Fund Organisation
Employment Practices Liability
Employment Practice Liability
Employee Practices Liability Insurance
Employer Practices Liability Insurance
Employment Practices Liability Insurance
Electronic Performance Monitoring
Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Education Policy Statement
Employee Pension Scheme
Employees Pension Scheme
Employer Payment Summary
Employment Permit System
Employment Pass Services Centre
Employee Profit Sharing Plan
Employee Request
Employee Recreation Association
Employment Relations Authority
Energy Reorganization Act
Employment Relations Board
Employee Resource Center
Employers Resource Council
Equal Rights Division
Early Retirement Incentive
Early Retirement Incentive Plan
Employment Research Institute
Early Retirement Incentive Program
Employees Retirement Income Security Act
Employment Retirement Income Security Act
Emergency Response Organization
Emergency Response Officer
Employees Retirement System
Employer Recognition Scheme
Employment Research Services
Early Return to Work
Electrical Supervisor
Employability Skills
Employer Services
Employment Security
Employment Specialist
Executive Schedule
Environmental Safety & Health
Employment and Support Allowance
Employment Support Allowance
Employment Service Area
Employer Services Assurance Corporation
End of Service Benefit
Employment Security Commission
Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax
Enterprise Service Desk
Expatriate Services Division
Employment and Social Dimension of the Information Society
Employment and Self Employment
European Social Fund
Employer Solutions Group
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
Employer Support of Guard and Reserve
Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve
Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves
employer support for Guard and Reserve
Environmental, Safety & Health
Employees State Insurance
Employee State Insurance
Employment Status Indicator
Employment Support and Income Assistance
Employee's State Insurance Corporation
Employees State Insurance Corporation
Employees State Insurance Scheme
Extended Sick Leave
Employees Stock Option Programme
Employer Supported Policing
Employment Support Services
Employment Services Program
Employment Screening Resources
Employer Self Service
Engineering & Science Services and Skills Augmentation
Employment through Skill Training & Placement
Employer Supported Volunteering
Earnings Threshold
Employment Tribunal
Employment & Training Administration
Employment and Training Administration
Employment and Training Administration's
Employment Training Administration
Employment and Training Agency
Electronic Time Card
Employee Transportation Coordinator
Employment and Training Corporation
Employment Training Corporation
Equal Treatment Directive
Employment Tax Incentive
Earned Time Off
Employment Termination Payments
Eligible Training Provider List
Eligible Training Providers List
Employment and Training Services
Enterprise Training Support
Extended Voluntary Departure
Exemplary Voluntary Efforts
Financial Advisor Associate
Functional Affirmative Action Plan
Fraud and Abuse Control Information System
Final Agency Decisions
Final Agency Decisions
Federal Acquisition Rules
Fraud Detection & National Security
Federal Executive Boards
Federal Executive Boards
Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program
Federal Employees Dental & Vision Insurance Program
Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
Federation Employment and Guidance Service
Federal Employees Health Benefits
Federal Employees Health Benefit
Federal Employees Health Benefits Act
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program
Federal Employees Health Benefit Program
Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan
Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan
Federal Employer Identification
Federal Employer Identification Number
Federal Employment Identification Number
Federal Employers Identification Number
Federal Employment Liability Act
Federal Employers Liability Act
Federal Employees Liability Act
Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program
Fair Employment Practices
Fair Employment Practices Agency
Fair Employment Practices Act
Fair Employment Practice Agency
Fair Employment Practices Agencies
Fair Employment Practices Agencies
Fair Employment Practice Agencies
Fair Employment Practice Commission
Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act
Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act
Family Employment Readiness Program
Federal Employees Retirement Systems
Federal Employee's Retirement System
Fitness for Duty
Fitness for Duty Evaluation
Fred Finch Youth Center
Federal Income Contributions Act
Federal Insurance Contribution Act
Fidelity Investments Management Technology
Filing Information Returns Electronically
Federal Income Tax
Federal Income Tax Withholding
Functional Job Analysis
Federation of Kenya Employers
Family Leave Insurance
Front Line Manager
Family Liaison Office
Fair Labor Standards Act
Fair Labor Standard Act
Fair Labor Standards Acts
Fair Labour Standards Act
Federal Labor Standards Act
Family Member Appointment
Foundation Modern Apprenticeship
Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Federal Mediation Conciliation Service
Family Member Employment Assistance Program
Family and Medical Leave
Family Medical Leave
Family & Medical Leave Act
Family and Medical Leave Act
Family Medical Leave Act
Family Medical and Leave Act
Family Medical Leave of Absence
Federal Medical Leave Act
Fiji National Provident Fund
Federal Occupational Health
Field Operations Manual
Front Office Manager
Financial Professional Associate
Forum of Private Business
Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute
Fire Prevention Plan
Federal Prevailing Rate Advisory Committee
Full Payment Submission
Florida Research and Economic Database
First Report of Injury
First Reports of Injury
Federal Relay Service
Federal Railroad Safety Act
Federal Rail Safety Act
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board's
Free Representation Unit
Flexible Savings Account
Flexible Spending Arrangement
Flexible Spending Arrangements
Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible Spending Arrangements
Flex Spending Accounts
Foreign Service Agreement
Forfeiture Support Associates
Faculty Staff Assistance Program
Flexible Savings Accounts
Federal Salary Council
Family Status Discrimination Ordinance
Field Service Engineer
Field Service Engineers
Field Service Engineering
Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Food Stamp Employment and Training
Food Stamp Employment & Training
Flexible Support Fund
Foreign Service Grievance Board
Fulton State Hospital
Federal Service Impasses Panel
Federal Service Impasse Panel
Federal Services Impasses Panel
Fair Standards Labor Act
Federal Service Labor-Management Relations Statute
Foreign Service National
Foreign Service National Investigator
Facility Security Officers
Financial Services Officer
Financial Service Representative
Flexible Spending Plan
Food Safety Quality Assurance
Federal Staffing Resources
Field Service Representatives
Field Support Representative
Fixed Term Contract
Federal Torts Claim Act
Federal Tax Deposits
Full-time Employee
Full-time Employees
Full Time Employee
Full Time Employment
Full Time Employees
Full Time Employees
Full-Time Equivalents
Full-time Equivalency
Full Time Equivalents
Full-Time Equivalents
Full Time Equivalents
Federal Tax Identification Number
Furmanite Technical Solutions
Freedom to Work
Federal Unemployment Account
Government to Employees
Global Apprenticeship Network
Global Competency Center
General Duty Clause
Global Data Consultants
Government Equality Office
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
Genetic Information and Nondiscrimination Act
Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act
Government Internship Program
Group Insurance Scheme
Guaranteed Interview Scheme
Gangmasters Licensing Authority
Group Life Insurance
Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Employees
Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual Employees
Grant Manager
General Membership Meetings
General Nutrition Center
Global Network Recruiting
Guidelines Oriented Job Analysis
Genuine Occupational Qualification
Government Owned Vehicle
Group Personal Accident
Government Placement Branch
General Provident Fund
General Pay Increase
Graphical, Paper and Media Union
Group Personal Pension
Guia da PrevidĂȘncia Social
General Pension and Social Security Authority
Group Retirement Annuity
Global Recruiters Network
Government Relations Officer
General Schedules
Grade and Step
Grade Scale
Group Supervisor
Government Service Administrators
Guest Service Agent
Graduate Student Employees Union
Graduate Student Research Assistant
Honor Awards Program
Health and Safety at Work Act
High-Deductible Health Plans
Home Development and Mutual Fund
Healthy Families Act
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions
Hiring Manager
Hazardous Materials Management System
Hiring Our Miners Everyday
Houston Organization of Public Employees
Health Professionals and Allied Employees
Health and Productivity Management
High Performance Work Organization
High Performance Work Practices
High Performance Work Practices
Headcount Report
Health Resources
Highly recommend
Hourly Rate
Human Relations
Human Relationships
Human Resource
Human Responsibility
Human Ressources
Health Reimbursement Account
Health Reimbursement Arrangement
Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Health Reimbursement Accounts
Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Health Risk Assessment
Health Risk Assessments
House Rent Allowance
Human Resource Advisor
Human Resource Association of Central Connecticut
Human Resources Association of the Midlands
Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements
Health Reimbursement Accounts
Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Health Risk Assessments
Human Resources Business Partner
Human Resources Consultant
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources Consultants
Human Resource Capability
Human Resource Division
Human Resources Directorate
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Directors
Human Resources and Employment Relations
Human Resources Generalist
Human Resources Institute
Human Resources Information Systems
Human Resources Information System
Human Resource Information Systems
Human Resources Information Solution
Human Resource Information Software
Human Resource Information Services
Human Resource Information Solution
Human Resources Line of Business
Human Resource Management
Human Resources Manager
Human Resource Manager
Human resource managers
Human Resource Managment
Human Resource Management Division
Human Resource Management Department
Human Resources Management Division
Human Resources Management Information System
Human Resource Management System
Human Resource Management Systems
Human Resources Management System
Human Resources Management Systems
Human Resource Management Software
Human Resource Management Solutions
Human Resources Management Service
Human Resources Network
Human Resource Outsourcing
Human Resources Outsourcing
Human Resources Office
Human Resources Organization
Human Resources Officer
Human Resource Office
Human Resource Organization
Human Resource Planning
Healthcare Reimbursement Plan
Human Resources Planning
Human Resources System
Human Resource Services
Human Resources Solutions
Human Resources Services
Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources Service Center
Human Resource Service Center
Human Resources Shared Service Center
Human Resources Shared Services Center
Health, Safety & Environment
Health Savings Arrangements
Health Spending Account
Health Spending Accounts
Health, Safety & Environment
Health and Safety Environment
Health Safety & Environment
Health safety Environment
Health Safety Executive
Health and Safety in Employment
Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland
Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations
Health Savings Plan
Health and Safety at Work
Health and Safety at Work Act
Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers
House Vacancy Announcement and Placement Service
Immigration Accountability Executive Action
Independent Business Association of Wisconsin
Independent Contractors
Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate
Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies
Individual Characteristics Form
Indian Council of Overseas Employment
Independent Contractors
Institute for Compensation Studies
Intra-Corporate Transfer
Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program
Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan
International Chemical Workers Union Council
Illinois Department
Industrial Dearness Allowance
Immigration Driving Entrepreneurship in America
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Industrial Disability Leave
Illinois Department of Labor
Individual Employment Plan
Internal Data Resources
Income Data Services
International Domestic Workers Network
Implementation Engineer
Institutional Employment
Internationally Educated Professionals
Intern Employment Program
Institute of Employment Research
Institute for Employment Studies
Indian Federation of Free Trade Unions
International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers
International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers
Interim Final Rule
Inclusive Growth Programme
Institute for Health and Productivity Management
Illinois Human Rights Act
Interactive Health Solutions
Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
Injury & Illness Prevention Program
Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
Injury and Illness Prevention Plan
Institute of Industrial Relations
Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act
Individual Income Tax
Integrated Joint Special Technical Operations
Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations
Industrial Law Journal
International Labor Organization
International Labor Office
International Labor Organisation
International Labour Organization's
International Labor Organization's
International Labour Organisations
Internation Labor Organization
Industrial Law Society
Institute for Labor Studies
Integrated Logistics Support Manager
Indefinite Leave to Remain
Investment Management Division
Insurance Medical Officer
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Integrated Mission System
Immigration & Nationality Act
Immigration and Nationality Act
Immigration and National Act
Immigration Nationality Act
Indian and Native American
Indian National Defence Workers Federation
Injured on Duty
Injury on Duty
Institute on Disability
International Organization of Employers
International Organisation of Employers
Institute of Recruiters
Iowa Occupational Safety and Health
Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Individual Plan
Interest Profiler
In-Principle Approval
Intellectual Property Agreement
Inter-City Personnel Associates
Individualized Plan For Employment
Individual Plan for Employment
Individual Performance Management
Individual Placement and Support
Independent Qualified Public Accountant
Incident Rate
Industrial Relations Act
Inland Revenue
Investigation Reports
Individual Right of Action
Immigration and Reform Control Act
Incentive Research Foundation
Industrial Relations Law Reports
Industrial Relations News
Industrial Recruitment Partners
Information Returns Program
Institute of Recruitment Professionals
Internal Responsibility System
Impairment Related Work Expense
Information Systems Analyst
Instructional Student Assistant
International Safe Container Act
Industrial Security Letter
Involuntary Separate Maintenance Allowance
Immigration Services Officer
Immigration Service Officers
Immigration Services Officers
Incentive Stock Option
Incentive Stock Options
Incentive Stock Options
Information Security Policy
Information System Security Engineer
Information Systems Security Engineering
Information System Security Engineering
Information System Security Engineers
Information Security Systems Engineer
Immediate Skills Shortage List
Information Systems Security Managers
Information System Security Officer
Information Systems Security Officers
Information Security System Officer
Information System Security Officers
Information Security Systems Officer
Information Security Systems Officers
Industrial Tribunal
Installation Technician
Instrument Technician
Inventory Technician
International Telework Association & Council
Integrated Time and Attendance System
Industrial Training Boards
Industry Training Organisation
Industry Training Organisations
Invitational Travel Order
Information Technology Resources
Information Technology Support Center
Industrial Union Department
International Union of Electrical
Job Accommodation Network
Job Behavior
Jersey City Employment and Training Program
Job Hazards Analysis
Joint Employment Management System
Joint Management Council
Jewish Vocational Service
Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities
King County Developmental Disabilities Division
Kentucky Employers Mutual Insurance
Korean Government Employees Union
Kansas Human Rights Commission
Lesbian and Gay Employment Rights
Local Area Unemployment
Locally Employed
Leadership for the Employment of Americans with Disabilities
Linked Employer-Employee Database
Local Guard Force
Large Group Health Plan
Leading Indicator of National Employment
Lincoln Laboratory
Lower Living Standard Income Level
Labor Management
Labor Management Committee
Labor Market and Career Information
Labor Market Information
Labor Market Information Center
Labor-Management Partnership
Labor Management Relations
Labor Management Relations Act
Labour Market Regulatory Authority
Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act
Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act
Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety
Labour Market System
Leave Management System
Logistics Management Specialist
Leave of Absence
Leaves of Absence
Loss of Pay
Length of Service
Local Office Team
Loss Prevention
Last Pay Certificate
Low Pay Commission
Latent Print Examiner
Loss Prevention Officer
Lawful Permanent Residency
Labor Relations
Labour Relations
Labor Relations Act
Labour Relations Agency
Labour Relations Act
Labor Relations Board
Labour Relations Commission
Language Recruitment Services
Labor Surplus Area
Lead Service Attendant
Labor Standards Law
Leave Travel Assistance
Leave Travel Concession
Long-Term Disability
Limited Term Employee
Limited Term Employees
Limited Term Employees
Long-Term Incentive Program
Lead Transportation Security Officer
Long Term Skill Shortage List
Long Term Social Visit Pass
Long Term Visit Pass
Local Veterans Employment Representatives
Local Veterans Employment Representative
Local Veteran Employment Representative
Local Veterans Employment Representatives
Local Veteran Employment Representatives
Lehigh Valley Workforce Investment Board
Labor and Workforce Development Agency
Local Workforce Development Board
Local Workforce Investment Area
Management Assistant
Medical Advocate Program
Management by Wandering About
Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination
Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax
Management Directive
Michigan Department of Civil Rights
Minnesota Department of Human Rights
Missile Defense National Team
Maine Department of Labor
Manufacturing Engineer
Mission Employment
Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund
Minimum Essential Coverage
Multi-Employer Collective Agreement
Ministry of Employment and the Economy
Malaysian Employers Federation
Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council
Missouri Employers Mutual
Manpower Employment Outlook Survey
Multiple Employer Plan
Multiple Employer Trust
Michigan Employment Relations Commission
Michigan Employment Security Commission
Museum Employment Resource Center
Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan
Municipal Employees Retirement System
Model Employment Termination Act
Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement
Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements
Major Final Output
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan
Mental Health Institute
Managed Health Network
Mental Health Parity Act
Minnesota Human Rights Act
Maine Human Rights Commission
Mental Health Treatment Study
Mechanical Inspector
Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management
Major Incident Manager
Manager in Training
Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education
Maternity Leave
Master Labor Contract
Mass Layoff Statistics
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
Marsh & McLennan Agency
Minnesota Management and Budget
Massachusetts Maternity Leave Act
Masters, Mates and Pilots
Memorandums of Agreement
Military Occupational Classification
Ministry of Employment and Labor
Member of Household
Members of Household
Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security
Ministry of Labor and Social Security
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Manpower
Ministry of Labor and Employment
Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Ministry of Labour and Transport Management
Ministry of Manpower's
Management Position Description Questionnaire
Mandatory Provident Fund
Material Program Manager
Medical Provider Network
Medical Provider Networks
Merit Promotion Plan
Money Purchase Plan
Multiemployer Pension Reform Act
Military Personnel Services Corporation
Missile Procedures Trainer
Minimum Retirement Age
Machine Readable Immigrant Visa
Medical Reimbursement Plan
Moderate Risk Public Trust
Manpower Research and Statistics Department
Medical Record Technician
Medical Records Technician
Management Specialist
Medical Support Assistant
Ministry of Social Affairs
Medical Spending Accounts
Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act
Manpower Services Commission
Military Spouse Corporate Career Network
Minnesota State Council on Disability
Medical Science Director
Maine State Employees Association
Michigan State Employees Association
Mountain States Employers Council
Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers
Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker
Management Science for Health
Mission Support and Modernization
Medicare as a Secondary Payer
Military Spouse Preference
Merit Service Protection Board
Merit Systems Protections Board
Mississippi State Personnel Board
Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire
Member Service Representative
Maryland State Retirement and Pension System
Management Self Service
Manager Self-Service
Manager Self-Services
Manager Self Service
Manager Self Services
Medical Tech
Metal Trades Council
Monthly Tax Deduction
Motorola Training and Education Center
Mountain Top University
Malaysian Trade Union Congress
Malaysian Trades Union Congress
Malta Union of Bank Employees
Minimum Value
Most Valuable Employer
Most Valuable Employers
Network & Affinity Leadership Congress
Non-Compete Agreements
North Carolina Department of Commerce
North Carolina Department of Labor
North Carolina Employment Security Commission
National Committee for Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
National Council of Field Labor Locals
National Conciliation and Mediation Board
National Compliance Management Service
No Call, No Show
National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People
National Center for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People
National Career Readiness Certificate
National Career Readiness Certification
National Career Readiness Certificates
National Careers Service
National Career Service
National Compensation Survey
National Crime Search
National Coalition of State Rehabilitation Councils
National Council of Social Security Management Associations
National Council on Teacher Retirement
Nederlands Christelijk Werkgeversverbond
National Council for Work Experience
National Disability Coordination Officer
National Directorate of Employment
National Directory of New Hires
National Employer
National Erectors Association
Not in Education, Employment or Training
Not in Education, Employment, or Training
Not in Employment, Education or Training
National Emergency Grant
National Emergency Grants
National Employment Program
National Employment Team
National Employment Rights Authority
Nevada Equal Rights Commission
National Employer Survey
National Employment Savings Trust
National Equality Standard
New Earnings Survey
Net Earnings from Self-Employment
Network of Employers for Traffic Safety
National Finance Center's
National Farmworker Jobs Program
National Federation of Labor
New Hire
New Hampshire Employment Security
National Human Resource Association
National Healthy Worksite Program
National Insurance
National Industries for the Blind
National Industrial Court
National Insurance Contributions
National Insurance Contribution
National Insurance Contributions
Northern Ireland Civil Service
Notice of Intent to Fine
National Institute on Occupational Safety and Health
National Insurance Recruiters Association
National Insurance Scheme
National Industries for the Severely Handicapped
National Institute for the Severely Handicapped
National Interest Waiver
National Interest Waivers
Need a job
New Jersey Family Leave Act
New Jersey Law Against Discrimination
New Jersey Staffing Alliance
New Jersey State Employees Deferred Compensation Plan
National Labour Advisory Council
Nation Labor Relations Board
National Labor Relations Act
National Labor Relations Commission
National Labour Relations Commission
National Labor Exchange
National Mentoring Consortium
New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
National Medical Support Notice
National Minimum Wage
National Name Check Program
Nature of Action
No-Objection Certificate
No Objection Certificate
No Objection Certificates
Notice of Intent to Deny
Notice of Intent to Revoke
Not-Ordinarily Resident
Not Ordinarily Resident
Not Ordinarily Residents
National Occupational Standards
National Occupational Standard
Notice of Termination
National Organization of Trade Unions
National Personnel Associates
National Processing Center
National Provident Fund
National Postal Mail Handlers Union
National Project Personnel
National Prevailing Wage Center
National Partnership for Women and Families
National Prevailing Wage and Helpdesk Center
Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
Normal Retirement Date
National Rural Employment Guarantee
National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
National Reassessment Process
National Research Project
National Retail Security Survey
Nehru Rozgar Yojana
National Study of the Changing Workforce
National Study of Employers
Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund
Non-Qualified Stock Option
Nonqualified Stock Options
National Skills Registry
National Skill Standards Board
National Skills Standards Board
National Social Security Fund
Network Support Team
National Security Vetting
National Training Board
National Treasury Employees Union
Non-Traditional Full-Time
National Testing Network
National Test Network
Non-Traditional Source
National Technical Services Association
National Transit Systems Security Act
National Union of Bank Employees
National Union of Banking Employees
National Union of Electricity Employees
Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees
National Union of Public Employees
National Union of Plantation Workers
National Veterans Training Institute
National Whistleblowers Center
National Whistleblower Center
National Wages and Productivity Commission
National Work Readiness Council
National Weather Service Employees Organization
Neighborhood Youth Corps
New York City Automated Personnel System
New York City Commission on Human Rights
New York City Employees Retirement System
National Youth Employment Coalition
National Youth Employment Programme
Office of Chief Administrative Hearing Officer
Ohio Association of Public School Employees
Organizational Commitment
Organizational Culture
Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Office Clerical Unit
Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance
Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance
Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Office of Equal Opportunity
Office of Ethics and Compliance
Overseas Employment Corporation
Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Programs
Occupational Health Advisor
Office of Human Capital
Occupational Health Program
Office of Human Resources Management
Office of Human Resource Management
Oklahoma Human Rights Commission
Occupational Health Unit
Occupational Health and Safety Act
Occupational Health and Safety Administration
Occupational Health & Safety Administration
Occupational Health & Safety Authority
Occupational Health and Safety Services
Office of Internal Affairs
Office of Job Corps
Opportunity Knocks
Office of Labor Management Standards
Office of Labor-Management Standards
Office of Labor Standards Enforcement
Office Of Labor Relations
Operations Memorandum
Onboarding Manager
Organization Management
Ohio Means Jobs
Ordinary Maternity Leave
Operational Management Plan
Occupational Medical Services
Office Management Specialist
Office of Compliance
Occupation Outlook Handbook
Occupational Outlook Quarterly
Office Proficiency Assessment and Certification
Oklahoma Public Employees Association
Other Post-Employment Benefits
Other Post-Employment Benefit
Other Post Employment Benefits
Other Post Employment Benefit
Other Post-Employment Benefits
Other Post Employment Benefits
Office & Professional Employees International Union
Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System
Oregon Public Employees Retirement System
Oregon Public Employees Union
Official Personnel Folders
Official Personnel Folder
Official Personnel File
Official Personnel Folders
Office Personnel Management
Other Potentially Infectious Material
Office of Personnel Management's
Office of Personal Management
Office of Personnel and Management
Office of Personell Management
Office of Personnel Managment
of Personnel Management
Office of Personnel Management's
Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority
Other Personal Services
Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan
Optical Practical Training
Optional Practical Training
Optional Practice Training
Operations Research Analyst
Ontario Retirement Pension Plan
Office of Retirement Services
Ohio Retirement Study Council
Office of Security
Operations Supervisor
Ordinary Seaman
Office of Special Council
Office of the Special Counsel
Office of State Controller
Office of the State Comptroller
One-Stop Career Center
Office of the State Employer
Ontario Self-Employment Benefit
Oklahoma State and Education Employees Group Insurance Board
Office of State Employment Relations
Operational Support Grade
Occupational Safety & Health
Occupational Safety & Health Act
Occupational Safety & Health Admin
Occupational Safety and Health Act
Occupational Safety and Health Administration's
Occupational Safety Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Agency
Occupational and Safety Health Act
Occupational and Safety Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Heath Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Administrative
Occupational, Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Safety Hazard Administration
Occupational Safety & Health Administration's
Occupational Safety and Health Admin
Occupational Safety and Health Administrations
Occupational Safety and Hazard Act
Occupational, Safety, and Health Administration
Occupation Safety and Health Administration
Occupation Safety & Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Center
Occupational Safety and Health Council
Office of State Human Resources
Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission
Operations Support Manager
One-Stop Operating System
One Stop Operating System
Office of State Personnel
Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay
Outside Sales Representative
Occupational Skills Training
Online Transfer Claim Portal
Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act
Permanent and Stationary
Performance Award Center
Presumed asbestos containing material
People Asset Management
Patient Account Representative
Punch Clock
Principal Combined Fund Organization
Personnel Calculation Rule
Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme
Position Descriptions
Physical Demands Analysis
Physical Demand Analysis
Pregnancy Discrimination Act
Protected Disclosures Act
Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar
Position Description Questionnaire
Private Delivery Service
Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer
Performance Evaluation
Private Employment Agencies
Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology
Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology
Public Employees Benefits Agency
Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund
Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Public Employees Federation
Public Employees Health Plan
Performance Enhancement Incentive
Productivity Enhancement Incentive
Professional Engineering Institutions
Professional Employer Organization
Professional Employer Organizations
Professional Employment Organization
Professional Employment Organizations
Professional Employer Organisation
Professional Employer Organizations
Professional Employer Plans
Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health
Personalised Employment Pass
Personalized Employment Pass
Public Employment Program
Public Employees Pension Plan
Performance Evaluation Rating
Public Employment Relations Act
Public Employee Relations Board
Public Employees Relations Board
Public Employment Relations Commission
Public Employees Relations Commission
Public Employees Retirement Fund
Program Electronic Review Management
Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho
Public Employment Services
Public Employment Service Office
Property Essential to Self-Support
Pre-Employment Training
Pre-Employment Transition Services
Pension Fund
Provident Fund
Pension Fund Administrator
Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act
Permanent Full Time
Personal Holiday
Providence Health & Services
Personal Health Advocate
Protection from Harassment Act
Public Health Employment Connection
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Personal History Profile
Personal History Questionnaire
Private health services plan
Private Health Service Plans
Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program
Personal Initiative
Predictive Index
Proprietary Information Agreements
Private Industry Council
Private Industry Councils
Public Interest Disclosure Act
Public Interest Exclusion
Period of Initial Eligibility
Passport Information Electronic Records System
Performance Improvement Guide
Personnel Information Management
Petition Information Management Service
Petition Information Management System
PhilHealth Identification Number
Performance Improvement Program
Performance Improvement Plans
performance Improvement Planning
Performance Improvement Plans
Personal Improvement Plan
Public Liability
Productivity Linked Bonus
Parental Leave Pay
People Management
Personnel Management
Personnel Manager
Plan Manager
Project Manager Assistant
Performance Management Appraisal Program
Prime Minister's Employment Generation Programme
Professionals, Managers and Executives
Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians
Pensions Management Institute
Property Management Officer
Performance Management Program
Performance Management System
Performance Management Systems
Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System
Performance Management and Recognition System
Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act
Project Officer
Probability of Causation
Protection of Children Act
Philippine Overseas Employment Association
Philippine Overseas Employment Authority
Philippines Overseas Employment Administration
Philippines Overseas Employment agency
Post Offer Employment Testing
Post Offer Employment Test
Philippine Overseas Labor Office
Philippine Overseas Labor Offices
Personal Orientation Profile
Premium Only Plans
Premium Only Plan
Premium Only Plans
Perceived Organisational Support
Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act
Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment
Pay Period
Personal Profile Analysis
Philippine Postal Corporation
Personal Protective Equipments
Priority Placement Program
Prohibited Personnel Practices
Prohibited Personnel Practices
Professional Paralegal Register
Partnership for Public Service
Payroll Personnel System
Personal Public Service
Personnel Policies for Staff Members
Permanent Part Time
Post Qualification Experience
Pensions Regulator
Pension Reform Act
Postal Reorganization Act
Premium Reimbursement Account
Professional Research Assistant
Preventing Road Accidents and Injuries for the Safety of Employees
Pay Revision Commission
Policy and Requirements Handbook
Performance Related Incentive Scheme
Performance Related Pay
Profit Related Pay
Phased Retirement Program
Pay Related Social Insurance
Payroll System
professional, scientific, and technical
Professional, Scientific and Technical
Personal Service Agreement
Personnel Security Appeal Board
Personal Services Contract
Personal Service Corporation
Personal Services Contractor
Personal Service Contract
Personal Service Contractor
Personal Services Contracts
Personal Services Contractors
Postal Support Employees
Postal Support Employees
Product Support Engineer
Product Support Engineering
Public School Employees
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
Public Services Health and Safety Association
Planned Systems International
Pipeline Safety Improvement Act
Personnel Security Investigations
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Public Service Motivation
Professional Staff Organization
Program Security Officer
Payroll Service Provider
Payroll Service Providers
Personal Support Programme
Personal Sustainability Project
Pre-Employment Screening Program
Professional Skills Program
Profit Sharing Plan
Public School Retirement System
Public Service Recognition Week
Patient Services Specialist
Port Skills and Safety
Public Sector Superannuation Accumulation Plan
Part-time, Seasonal, Temporary
Public Safety Testing
Primary Threshold
Pre-paid Ticket Advice
Physical Test Battery
Permanent Total Disability
Pathways to Employment
Part Time Flexible
Presidential Task Force on the Employment of Adults with Disabilities
Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number
Quality Coordinator
Rewards & Recognition
Recruiting Agent
Reporting Agents
Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Data System
Regular Day Off
Recruitment & Employment Confederation
Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act
Rural Employment Generation Programme
Railway Employees Information System
Regional Economic Information System
Refugee Employment Program
Real Enforcement with Practical Answers for Immigration Reform
Radio Frequency Mission Planner
Retail Grocery Inventory Service
Restaurant General Manager
Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act
Risk Inventory and Evaluation
Reductions in Force
Regulatory Information Number
Reduction in Recruitment
Relocation Income Tax Allowance
Realistic Job Preview
Realistic Job Previews
Realistic Job Previews
Railway Labor Act
Resident Labour Market Test
Regional Manager
Regional Medical Officer
Registered Nurse Assessment Coordinator
Registered Nurse First Assist
Research Officer
Retired On Active Duty
Return of Earnings
Report of Investigation
Regional Operations Manager
Recruiters Online Network
Results-Only Work Environment
Request for Personnel Action
Retirement Plans Associate
Regional Provident Fund Commissioner
Real Property Installed Equipment
Reemployment Priority List
Recruitment Process Outsource
Remote Pilot Operator
Railroad Retirement
Rincon Research Corporation
Railroad Retirement Tax Act
Rehabilitation Research & Training Center
Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers
Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers
Rehabilitative Services Administration
Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Awards
Retirement Savings Account
Retirement Systems of Alabama
Recognised Seasonal Employer
Retirement Savings Education Campaign
Research and Special Projects Administration
Restricted Stock Unit
Restricted Stock Units
Reemployment Trade Adjustment Assistance
Real Time Information
Substance Abuse Information Database
Seasonal Agricultural Workers
Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Summary of Benefits Coverage
Small Business Efficiency Act
Small Business Job Protection Act
Small Business Owner
San Bernardino Public Employees Association
Small Business Regulatory Enforcement and Fairness Act
Scheduling Coordinator
Security Clearance
Security Commission
Service Coordinator
Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics
Service Computation Date
Service Computation Dates
Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act
Student Career Experience Program
South Carolina Human Affairs Commission
Supply Chain Manager
Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies
Self-Correction Program
Senior Clinical Research Associate
South Carolina Retirement System
State Civil Service Commission
South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department
Service Delivery Area
Service Delivery Areas
Service Delivery Center
Shop, Distributive and Allied
Shop Distributive & Allied
San Diego City Employees Retirement System
Service Delivery and Engineering
State Directory of New Hires
South Dakota Paralegal Association
South Dakota Retailers Association
San Diego Society for Human Resource Management
Saxe Doernberger & Vita
San Diego Workforce Partnership
Sales Engineer
Sales Engineers
Self Employed
Self Employment
Supported Employment
Seafarers Employment Agreement
Self Employment Assistance
Self Employment Assistance Program
Senior Executive Attorney Service
State Extended Benefits
Special Employment Credit
Special Events Coordinator
Standard Employment Contract
Self-Employment Contributions Act
Self Employment Contributions Act
State Employees Combined Campaign
Small Employer Certificate of Recognition
Schlumberger Employees Credit Union
Senior Environmental Employment
Skills for Education & Employment
Supported Employment and Education
Student Educational Employment Program
State Employees Federated Appeal
Special Employer Incentives
Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of South Africa
Systems Engineering Integration and Test
Site Exposure Matrices
Student Employee of the Year
Simplified Employer Pension
Single Employer Plan
Special Emphasis Program
Special Emphasis Programs
Special Emphasis Program Manager
Special Emphasis Programs
Strategic Enforcement Plan
Service Employment Redevelopment
State Employment Relations Board
State Earnings Related Pension Scheme
State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme
School Employees Retirement System
State Employees Retirement System
State Employment Service
Student Employment Services
State Employment Security Agency
State Employment Security Agencies
State Employment Security Agencies
Skills-for-Employment Scholarship Program
Sacramento Employment and Training Agency
State Employment and Training Commission
Standard Forms
Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit
Solicitation For Grant Applications
Special Government Employees
Superannuation Guarantee Ruling
Space Gateway Support
Safety and Health
Sexual Harassment
Safety, Health and Return to Employment
Safety, Health and Return-to-Employment
Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program
Safety Health Achievement Recognition Program
State Health Benefits Program
State Health Benefit Plan
Strategic Human Capital Management
Safety and Health Investment Projects
State Health Plan
Society for Human Resource Management
Society for Human Resources Management
Society for Human Resource Managers
Society for Human Resources Managers
Society of Human Resource Managers
Society of Human Resource Professionals
Senior Investigator
Social Insurance
Standard Industrial Classification System
State Information Data Exchange System
Suitability Investigations Index
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychologists
Savings and Investment Plan
Science Industry Partnership
Superannuation Industry Supervision
State Income Tax
Supported Integration Training and Employment
Seattle Jobs Initiative
Social Jobs Partnership
Student Job Search
Summer Job Service
Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
Senior Level
Sick Leave Bank
Special Law Enforcement Officers
Statewide Learning Management System
Safety Manager
Separate Maintenance Allowance
School of Management and Labor Relations
Senior Maintenance Manager
Summary of Material Modifications
Self-Managed Plan
Statutory Maternity Pay
Search Management Systems
Senior Management Service
Sponsorship Management System
Staff Nurse
Singapore National Employers Federation
Security Officer
Security Officers
Searchable Online Accommodation Resource
Standard Occupational Classification
Standard Occupation Classification
Standard Occupational Classifications
Standard Occupation Code
Standard Occupation Codes
Seattle Office for Civil Rights
Seattle Office of Civil Rights
Security of Employment
Statement of Earnings
Sheffield Occupational Health Advisory Service
State Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
Survey of Occupational Injury and Illness
Solicitor of Labor
Security Operating Procedures
Statement of Recognized Income and Expense
Succession Planning
State Personnel Act
State Personnel Department
Social Protection Committee
Summary Plan Description
Summary Plan Document
Summary Plan Descriptions
Summary Plan Descriptions
Senior Project Engineer
Society for Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
Special Program for Employment of Students
Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America
Security, Police, And Fire Professionals Of America
Senior Professional Human Resources
Senior Professional Human Resource
State Partnership Initiative
Shared Parental Leave
Simplified Pension Plan
Statutory Paternity Pay
Selective Placement Program Coordinator
Stanford Presenteeism Scale
Society for Promoting the Training of Women
Sales Representative
Service Retail
Supplemental Retirement Annuity
Supplemental Retirement Account
Supplemental Retirement Annuities
Supplemental Retirement Accounts
Security Risk Assessments
State Rehabilitation Council
Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists
Sub-Regional Office
Savannah River Remediation
Special Retiree's Resident Visa
State Retirement Systems
Safety Representatives and Safety Committees
Supervising Registered Training Organisation
Social Security Agency
Support Services Alliance
Support Staff Association
Science Systems and Applications Inc
Social Security Agreements
Single-Scope Background Investigation
Single Scope Background Investigations
Social Security Commission
Social Security Numbers
Senior Systems Engineer
System Support Engineer
Social Security Institution
Site Security Manager
Store Sales Manager
Social Security Number Verification System
Social Security Number Verification Service
Social Security Officers
Special Security Representative
Social Security Service
Social Security Wage Base
Secondary Threshold
Security Threat Assessment
Self-Employment Technical Assistance, Resources, & Training
Short-Time Compensation
Short Time Compensation
Short-term Disability
Short Term Disability
Student Temporary Employment Program
Standard Threshold Shift
Supplemental Unemployment Benefit
Supplemental Unemployment Benefits
Telecommunications Device for Deaf
Testing Designated Position
Testing Designated Positions
Testing Designated Positions
Targeted Employed Areas
Targeted Employment Area
Targeted Employment Areas
Target Employment Area
Targeted Employment Areas
Temporary Employment Credit
Tax Exempt and Government Entities
Training and Employment Guidance Letter
Training and Employment Guidance Letters
Training and Employment Guidance Letters
Training and Employment Notice
Tribal Employment Rights Office
Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance
Tribal Employment Rights Offices
Temporary Employment Service
Time Entry System
Transitional Employees
Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation
Trattamento di Fine Rapporto
Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Tennessee Human Rights Commission
Training Integrator
Talent Investment Agency
Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association
Tax Identification Number
Tax Identification Numbers
Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Taxpayers Identification Number
Texas Identification Number
Tax Identification Numbers
Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Tripartite Industrial Peace Council
Technical Information Security Officer
Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Targeted Jobs Tax Credit
Transformational Leadership
Team Members
Texas Municipal Retirement System
Talent Management System
Talent Management Systems
Talent Management Solutions
Time Management System
Time and Motion Study
Tentative Non-Confirmation
Treasury Officer
Time Off in Lieu
Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration
The Pensions Regulator
Temporary Part-Time
Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance
Training Requirement
Tip Reporting Alternative Commitment
Tip Rate Determination Agreement
Teacher Retirement System
Teachers Retirement System
Time Reporting System
Transamerica Retirement Services
Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board
Temporary Service
Time Sheet
Tax-Sheltered Annuity
Tax Sheltered Annuity
Tax Sheltered Annuities
Transportation Spending Account
Transitional Subsidized Employment
The Solar Foundation
Transportation Security Inspector
Transportation Security Inspectors
Transportation Security Officer
Transportation Security Officers
Transportation Security Officers
Transportation Security Regulation
Technical Support Program
Thrift Savings Plan
Thrift Saving Plan
Technical Sales Representative
Technical Service Representative
Technology Support Specialist
Temporary Total Disability
Ticket to Work
Transition to Work
United Nations Association of Greater Boston
United Paperworkers International Union
United Public Service Employees Union
United Public Workers
Uniformed Services
Use the Salary
United States Business Leadership Network
United States Bureau of Labor Statistics
United States Citizenship & Immigration Service
United States Citizen and Immigration Service
United States Citizenship Immigration Services
Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers
United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labor
United States Department of Labour
Ulster Supported Employment Limited
Urban Self Employment Programme
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
Uniformed Services Employment and Re-Employment Rights Act
Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act
Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
Uniformed Services Employment Reemployment Rights Act
Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
Unique Superannuation Identifier
University Support Staff
Unemployment Services Trust
Unemployment Trust Fund
Visa Bulletin
Vendor on Premise
Vendor On Premises
Virtual One Stop
Virginia Occupational Safety and Health
Veteran Opportunity to Work
Veterans Opportunity to Work
Veterans On Wall Street
Voluntary Provident Fund
Voluntary Protection Programs
Vocational Rehabilitation
Voluntary Redundancy
Veteran's Recruitment Appointment
Veteran Recruitment Appointment
Veterans Readjustment Appointment
Veterans Recruitment Appointment
Veterans Recruitment Act
Veterans Recruitment Authority
Veterans Recruitment Appointments
Volunteer Reserve Forces
Vocational Rehabilitation Service
Work Adjustment Training
Wisconsin Fair Employment Act
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment
Wage Loss
Washington Law Against Discrimination
Work-Life Balance
Work Life Balance
Work-Life Certified Professional
Work Opportunity Center
Workplace Outcome Suite
Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Work Opportunity Tax Credits
Work Opportunities Tax Credit
Workers Owed Wages
Work Programme
Whistleblower Protection Act
Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act
Workforce Performance Management
Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act
Worker Population Ratio
Wage Protection System
Work Profiling System
Wonderlic Personnel Test
Work-Related Activity Group
Work Readiness Credential
Worker, Retiree, and Employer Recovery Act
Wage Record Interchange System
Workforce Recruitment Program
Wisconsin Retirement System
Workers Registration Scheme
Work Study
Washington State Business Leadership Network
Washington State Employees Credit Union
Workplace Safety and Health Act
Washington State Human Rights Commission
Wackenhut Services Incorporated
Wackenhut Services, Incorporated
Work-Study Program
Years of Service