Popular Environment acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Advanced Combat Radio Environment
Appropriate Assessment
Ambient Air Pollution
Aerosol and Air Quality Research
Asbestos Analyst Registry
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric
Atmospheric Brown Cloud
Atmospheric Brown Clouds
African Blackwood Conservation Project
Advisory Board on the Law of the Sea
Australian Battery Recycling Initiative
Alaska Conservation Alliance
Arctic Contaminants Action Program
Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment
American Chemical Council
Adapting to the Challenges of a Changing Environment
Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment
Asthma Coalition on Community, Environment, and Social Stress
Advisory Committee for the Co-ordination of Information Systems
Advanced Combat Environment
Advisory Committee on the Environment
Alaska Center for the Environment
Appreciation Course on Environment
Arctic Collaborative Environment
Automated Commercial Environment
American Congress of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
American Council of Government Industrial Hygienists
Allegheny County Health Department
Academy of Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances
Alternate Concentration Limit
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
Australian Contaminated Land Consultants Association
Advisory Committee on the Marine Environment
Advisory Committee on the Medical Uses of Isotopes
Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste
Administrative Consent Order
Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea
Advisory Committee on Pollution of the Sea
Advisory Committee on Protection of the Seas
Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Seas
Advisory Committee on the Protection of the Sea
Australian Council of Recycling
Advisory Committee on Pesticides
Area Contingency Plan
Area Contingency Planning
Atmospheric Chemistry Program
Ag Container Recycling Council
Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling
Atmospheric Chemistry Studies in the Oceanic Environment
Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program
Amazon Conservation Team
Association of Contract Textiles
American Christmas Tree Association
Avaliação do Ciclo de Vida
Association of Clean Water Agencies
Asbestos-Containing Waste Material
Asbestos-Containing Waste Materials
Asbestos Containing Waste Material
Airborne Data Acquisition and Registration
Agricultural Development Advisory Service
Africa Data Dissemination Service
Applicability Determination Index
Automated Data Inquiry for Oil Spills
Aerially Deposited Lead
Application Description Language
Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Liaison Committee
Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System
Awareness and Education
Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission
Association of Environment Conscious Builders
Asian Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Network
Acute Exposure Guideline Levels
American Environmental Health Foundation
Audubon Expedition Institute
Adverse Effect Level
Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente
Armenian Environmental Network
American-Eurasian Network for Scientific Information
Africa Environment Outlook
Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy
Annual Emissions Report
Annual Emission Report
Atlantic Estuarine Research Society
Antarctic Environment and Southern Ocean Process Study
Assessment Factor
Air Force Civil Engineering Center
Air Force Center for Engineering and Environment
Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator
Alice Ferguson Foundation
Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam
Alliance for Healthy Homes
Air Force Institute for Operational Health
African Forest Law Enforcement and Governance
Africa Fighting Malaria
Animal Feeding Operation
Animal Feeding Operations
Animal Feeding Operations
Air Facility System
Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing
Advancing Green Chemistry
Artisanal Gold Council
Aspen Global Change Institute
Arecibo Galaxy Environment Survey
Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases
Advisory Group on Reliability of Electronic Equipment
Atlantic and Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment
Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers
Australian Heritage Commission
Animal Health Divisional Office
Application Hosting Environment
Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act
Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals
Archeological and Historic Preservation Act
Ad-Hoc Working Group
Ad Hoc Working Group
Avaliação de Impacto Ambiental
Assessments of Impacts and Adaptations to Climate Change
Assessments of Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change
Air Installation Compatible Use Zones
Air Installation Compatible Use Zone
Air Installations Compatible Use Zones
Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment
Access to Information on the Environment
Application Isolation Environments
Applications in Real Environments
All India Forum of Forest Movements
American Industrial Hygienist Association
American Industrial Hygienists Association
American Industrial Health Council
Automatic Infiltration Meter
Analysis, Integration and Modeling of the Earth System
Asbestos in Materials Scheme
Article Information Sheet
Asian Institute for Technology
Advanced Integrated Wastewater Pond System
Acceptable Knowledge
Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers
Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment
Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers
Animas-La Plata
Accra Metropolitan Authority
Atmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program
Arctic Monitoring & Assessment Program
Airborne Molecular Contamination
Abandoned Mine Drainage
Abandoned Mine Lands
Atmospheric Mercury Depletion Events
Australian Minerals and Energy Environment Foundation
Alternative Minerals Management Bill
Adaptive Management Plan
Asbestos Management Plan
Average Most Probable Discharge
Algalita Marine Research Foundation
Advanced Monitoring Systems
Automated Monitoring System
Air Monitors
Arctic Marine Shipping Assessment
Association of Metropolitan Sewerage Agencies
Akajima Marine Science Laboratory
Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies
Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve
Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments
Association of National Park Authorities
Agency of Natural Resources
Audubon Naturalist Society
Administrative Order on Consent
Administrative Orders on Consent
Area of Concern
Areas Of Concern
Argon-Oxygen Decarbonization
Argon Oxygen Decarbonization
American Occupational Medical Association
Arkansas Oil Marketers Association
Arctic Ocean Review
Arctic Ocean Science Board
Alliance of Small Islands States
Advanced Oxidation Technology
Area Of Uncertainty
Air Pollution
Adirondack Park Agency
Asia Pacific Adaptation Network
Affected Property Assessment Report
Air Pollution Control Association
Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level
Applied Environmental Microbiology
Air-Phase Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Association of Public Health Laboratories
Advanced Pollution Instrumentation
American Paper Institute
Assessment on Proponent Information
Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program
Air Pollution Information System
Antarctic Pack-Ice Seals
Associated Protective Measures
Albemarle-Pamlico National Estuary Program
Association for Professional Observers
Action for Protection of Wild Animals
Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships
Air Pollution Research in London
Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland
Air Quality Act
Air Quality Bureau
Air Quality Index
Air Quality Control Commission
Air Quality Division
Air Quality Expert Group
Air Quality Guideline
Air Quality Indices
Air Quality Objective
Air Quality Objectives
Air Quality Objectives
Air Quality Monitoring
Air Quality Management Areas
Air Quality Model Evaluation International Initiative
Air Quality Monitoring Station
Air Quality Related Value
Air Quality Related Values
Air Quality Related Values
Air Quality Sciences
Air Quality Services
Air Quality Standard
Air Quality Standards
Air Quality Strategy
Air Quality Subsystem
Air Quality System
Air Quality Systems
Acid Rain
Administrative Record
Antibiotic Resistance
Atmosphere Revitalization
Aggregate Resources Act
Assistant Regional Administrator
Associate Regional Administrator
Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability
Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy
Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit
Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirement
Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements
Applicable or Relevant and Appropriate Requirements
Acquisition and Restoration Council
Alliance of Religions and Conservation
Asbestos Removal Contractors Association
Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change
Alternative Remedial Contract Strategy
Assessment And Remediation Of Contaminated Sediments
Austrian Research Center Seibersdorf
Acid Rock Drainage
Air Resources Division
America Recycles Day
Atmospheric Research and Environment Programme
Atmospheric Research and Information Centre
Assessment of the Regional Impact of Droughts in Europe
Applied Research Institute Jerusalem
Accidental Release Information Program
Action for the River Kennet
Air Resources Management
Alliance for Responsible Mining
Anhysteretic Remanent Magnetization
Atmospheric Radiation Monitoring
Acid Rain National Early Warning System
Acid Rain Program
Amazon Region Protected Areas
Arctic Resilience Report
Accelerated Reliability Testing
Association of Rivers Trusts
Asphalt Rubber Technology Service
Advanced Research Workshop
Advanced Research Workshops
Amphibian Survival Alliance
Applied Science Associates
Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
Accelerated Solvent Extraction
Accelerated Solutions Environment
Atomic Simulation Environment
Australasian Society for Ecotoxicology
Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining
Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Reauthorization Act
American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Aluminium Stewardship Initiative
Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control Administrators
Approved Supply List
Atomic Safety Licensing Board
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel
Atlantic States Legal Foundation
Antarctic Specially Managed Area
Antarctic Specially Managed Areas
Antarctic Specially Protected Areas
ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre
American Society of Mining and Reclamation
Antarctic and Southern Oceans Coalition
Association of Societies for Occupational Safety and Health
American Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
American Society of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
Antenna Structure Registration
Architectural Science Review
Atmospheric Sciences Research Center
Acid Sulfate Soils
Area of Special Scientific Interest
Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Aboveground Storage Tank
Aboveground Storage Tanks
Aboveground Storage Tanks
Accelerated Stress Testing
Accelerated Stress Test
Accelerated Stress Tests
Annual Surveillance Test
Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
Association of State Wetland Managers
Authority to Construct
Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting
Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings
Automatic Thermal Desorption
Atlantic Testing Laboratories
Armenian Tree Project
Armenia Tree Project
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment
Action Tracking System
Allowance Tracking System
Antarctic Treaty System
Antarctic Treaty Secretariat
Assistive Technology Solutions
Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry
Agency for Toxic Substance Disease Registry
Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Agency of Toxic Substance and Disease Registry
Activity and Use Limitation
Alberta Used Oil Management Association
Augmented Virtuality
Alliance of Veterinarians for the Environment
Average Vehicle Occupancy
Arab Water Council
Alabama Wildlife Federation
Beta Attenuation Monitor
Best Available Retrofit Technology
Best Available Technology
British Antartic Survey
Boulder Area Sustainability Information Network
Best Available Technology Economically Achievable
Best Available Technique Not Entailing Excessive Cost
Biodiversity Conservation Alliance
Base Catalyzed Decomposition
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center
Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program
Breast Cancer Fund
Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem
Bat Conservation Trust
Biological Diversity
Barents Euro-Arctic Council
Business Environment and Concepts
Business Environment & Concepts
Business Environments and Concepts
Border Environment Infrastructure Fund
Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures
Biological effect monitoring
Bangladesh Environment Network
Best Environmental Practices
Business Environment Partnership
Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment
Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Boot Environments
Board on Earth Sciences and Resources
Business Environment Simplification Task
Businesses for an Environmentally Sustainable Tomorrow
Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser
Brominated Flame Retardants
Brominated Flame Retardant
Brominated flame retardants
Bangladesh Forest Research Institute
Broadway Green Alliance
Below Ground Level
British Hydrological Society
Background Information Document
Buoyancy Induced Dispersion
Boiler and Industrial Furnace
Brownfield Incentive Grant
Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service
Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences
Biodiversity Information System for Europe
British Journal of Environment and Climate Change
Brownout Landing Aid System Technology
Biodiversity Management Bureau
Biodiversity Management Committees
Basin Management Plan
Best Management Practice
Best Management Practices
Baseline Monitoring Report
Bahamas National Trust
Biological Opinion
Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem
Board of Scientific Counselors
Building Operating System Services
Billionaire Polluter
Beaumont-Port Arthur
Biocidal Products Directive
Best Practical Environmental Option
Best Practicable Environmental Option
Biodegradable Products Institute
Building Profile Input Program
Best Professional Judgment
Baltic Ports Organization
Barbados Programme of Action
Biopesticides and Pollution Prevention Division
Best Practicable Technology
Biennial Report
Biosphere Reserve
Biopesticides Registration Action Document
Biological Resource Division
Bringing Reductions to Energy's Airborne Toxic Health Effects
Business Resource Efficiency and Waste
Building-Related Illnesses
Biosphere Reserve Integrated Monitoring
Biennial Reporting System
Biological Safety Cabinets
Biological Safety Cabinets
Bureau of Safety and Environment Enforcement
British Society for Ecological Medicine
Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project
British Society for Geomorphology
Botanical Survey of India
Biodiversity Support Program
Bihar State Pollution Control Board
Baltic Sea Regional Project
Basic Science and Remote Sensing Initiative
Bering Sea Sub-Network
British Society of Soil Science
Cleaning and Disinfection
Children & Nature Network
Civic Amenity
Cleanup Activities
Coal Authority
Citizens Against Airport Pollution
Center for Applied Biodiversity Science
Clean Air Coalition
Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution
Confined Aquatic Disposal
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium
Centre for Agri-Environmental Research
Clean Air for Europe
Colorado Association for Recycling
Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
Coastal Area Management
Coastal Area Management Act
Content Aggregation Model
China-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement
Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Continuous Air Monitoring Program
Catchment Abstraction Management Strategies
Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy
Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service
Citizens Awareness Network
Committee on Aircraft Noise
Community Access to Natural Resources Information
Critical Areas Ordinance
Capacity Assurance Plan
Cleanup Action Plan
Corrective Actions Program
Cape Action for People and the Environment
Chemical Accident Prevention Program
Common Air Quality Index
Citizens for Alternatives to Radioactive Dumping
Citizens Against Ruining our Environment
Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment
Cloud and Radiation Testbed
Conservation Authorities
Center for Applied Spatial Analysis
Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee
Compact Airborne Spectral Imager
Catchment Area Treatment
Climate Assessment Tool
Conservation Action Trust
Cities and the Environment
Citizens Against Toxic Exposure
Clean Air Task Force
Clean Air Transport Rule
California Autism Twins Study
Cave Automated Virtual Environment
Central Arizona Water Conservation District
Critical Biodiversity Areas
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
Coupled Biogeochemical Cycles
Convention Biological Diversity
Convention for Biological Diversity
Convention of Biological Diversity
Convention on Biological Diversity
Convention on Biological Diversity's
Cumbria Business Environment Network
Center for Business and the Environment at Yale
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Chesapeake Bay Program
Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge
Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme
Coal Bed Natural Gas
Chesapeake Bay Program Office
Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Critical body residue
Carrying Capacity
Climate Change
Climate Change & Sustainability
Clean Caribbean & Americas
Competition in Contracting Act
Copper Chromated Arsenate
Climate and Clean Air Coalition
Commission on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Chicago Climate Action Plan
Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Seals
Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Seals
Coal Combustion Byproducts
Coalition Clean Baltic
Chlorine Chemistry Council
Climate Change Commission
Center for Climate Change Law
Coast Conservation Department
Convention to Combat Desertification
Clean Construction or Demolition Debris
Citizens Campaign for the Environment
California Council for Environmental and Economic Balance
Center for Commercialization of Electric Technology
Center for Coastal Fisheries and Habitat Research
Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association
Cyngor Cefn Gwlad Cymru
Center for Children's Health and the Environment
Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes
Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste
Caribbean Challenge Initiative
Coastal Conservation League
Canadian Council of Minister for the Environment
Climate Change Media Partnership
Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society
Chemistry Council of New Jersey
Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety
Climate Change Office
Center for Collaborative Policy
Coal Combustion Products
Coal Combustion Products
Coal Combustion Residue
Coal Combustion Residues
Coal Combustion Residuals
Coal Combustion Residual
Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies
Climate Change Research
Climate Change Research Initiative
Climate Change Research Institute
Climate Change Risk Management
Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing
Canadian Center for Remote Sensing
Coal Combustion Residues
Coal Combustion Residuals
Canadian Coastal Science and Engineering Association
Climate Change Science Program
Chagos Conservation Trust
City of Cape Town
Climate Change Task Force
Climate Change Unit
Countryside Council for Wales
Countryside Commission for Wales
Clean Cargo Working Group
Climate Change Expert Group
Carbon Dioxide
Continuous Descent Arrivals
Chemical Data Access Tool
Chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin
Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins
Common Desktop Enviroment
Confined Disposal Facility
Colorado Department of Health
Carbon Dioxide Information and Analysis Center
Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
Centre for Disaster Resilience
Chemical Data Reporting
Catalogue of Data Sources
Climate Disclosure Standards Board
Categorical Exemption
Composition Environment
Computer Environment
Conditionally Exempt
Conservation Education
Canadian Environmental Assessment
Central Environment Authority
Central Environmental Authority
Controlled Environment Agriculture
Controlled Environment Agriculture Center
Cumulative Effects Analysis
Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling
Conservation Effects Assessment Project
Citizens Environmental Coalition
Civil Engineer Corps Officers School
Civil Engineer Corps Officer School
Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource
Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface
Center for Environmental Education
Central and Eastern European Sustainable Agriculture
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
Contact Expert Group
Center for Environmental, Geotechnical and Applied Sciences
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Children's Environmental Health
Children's Environmental Health Network
Cape Eleuthera Institute
Center for Environmental Information
Compliance Evaluation Inspection
Consumer Education Initiative
Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health and Development
Centre on Emission Inventories and Projections
Christian Ecology Link
Center for Environmental Leadership in Business
Controlled Environment Life Support System
Commission on Ecosystem Management
Commission on Ecosystems Management
Continuous Emissions Monitor
Continuous Emissions Monitoring
Continuous Emission Monitoring
Continuous Emission Monitor
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
Continuous Emissions Monitoring System
Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems
Continuous Emission Monitor Systems
Continuous Emissions Monitors
Continuous Emission Monitors
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources
City Environment and Natural Resources Office
Community Environment and Natural Resources Office
Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices
Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Sustainability
Centre for Earth and Ocean Research
Caspian Environment Programme
Copperbelt Environment Project
Council on Economic Priorities
Cumulative Exposure Project
China Environmental Protection Foundation
Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention
Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office
Controlled Environment Room
Comprehensive Environment Response, Compensation and Liability Act
Comprehensive Emergency Response Compensation and Liability Act
Comprehensive Emergency Response, Compensation and Liability Act
Comprehensive Environment Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
Chinese Ecosystem Research Network
Categorical Exclusions
Center for Ecosystem Survival
Cell Electrophysiology Simulation Environment
Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator
Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators
Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators
Corrected Effective Temperature
Central Effluent Treatment Plant
Common Effluent Treatment Plant
Corporate Ecosystem Valuation
Carbon Footprint
Conservation Foundation
Conservation Finance Alliance
Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow
Chloro Flouro Carbon
Common Firmware Environment
Connecticut Fund for the Environment
Consent for Establishment
Center for Fire,Explosive and Environment Safety
Center for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety
Centre for Fire, Explosive and Environment Safety
Catchment Flood Management Plan
Consent for Operation
Chemical Footprint Project
Clean Fuels Program
Certified Forest Products Council
Center for Food Safety
Centre for Food Safety
Center for Wetlands
Colorado Foundation for Water Education
Commission on Geosciences, Environment and Resources
Computer Generated Force
Center for Global Food Issues
Center for Groundwater Research
Coupled Human and Natural Systems
Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management
CHemical AGCM for Study of atmospheric Environment and Radiative forcing
Centre for Human Ecology
Collaborative on Health and the Environment
Collaborative on Health and Environment
Center for Healthy Environments and Communities
Center for Health, Environment & Justice
Center for Health and the Global Environment
California Human Health Screening Levels
Collective Heritage Institute
Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment
Chemical Hazard Information Profiles
Chemical Hazard Information Profile
Common Heritage of Mankind
Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
Certified Hazardous Materials Management
Certified Hazardous Materials Managers
Cultural Heritage Management Plan
Center for Hazardous Materials Research
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee
Conservation International
Conservation International's
Centre for Integrated Assessment Modelling
Cooperative Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Terrestrial Applications
Center for the Inland Bays
Chemicals in Commerce Act
Cooperative Institute for Climate Applications and Research
Cooperative Institute for Climate and Ocean Research
Cooperative Institute for Climate Science
Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment
Center for Industrial Ecology
Common Information Environment
Center for International Environmental Law
Centre for International Environmental Law
Center for International Environment and Resource Policy
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
Centre for International Earth Science Information Network
Certified Industrial Hygienists
Cyprus International Institute
Chemical Injury Information Network
Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research
Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green
Canadian Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Network
Center for Integrated Natural Resource and Agricultural Management
Certified Installer of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Certified Installers of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Centre for Innovative Planning and Development
Certified Infrastructure Preparedness Specialist
Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group
Climate Impacts Research Centre
Climate Impact Research Centre
Cleaning Industry Research Institute
Credit Interpretation Rulings
Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incineration
Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management
Chartered Institute of Waste Management
Canadian Journal of Environmental Education
Contaminated Land
Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims
Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment
Consolidated Land, Energy, and Aquatic Resources
Chemical Legislation European Enforcement Network
Continuous Lower Emissions, Energy, and Noise
Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Validation of Epidemiologic Research
Carbon Leadership Forum
Conservation Law Foundation
Consumer Labeling Initiative
Chemical List Index and Processing System
Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem
Clean Lakes Program
Contract Laboratory Program
Contaminated Land Report
Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Convention on Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Collecte Localisation Satellite
Commission on Life Sciences
Canadian Land Trust Alliance
Catchment Management Authorities
Certified Mold Assessor
Chemical Manufacturing Association
Chemical Manufacturer's Association
Chemical Manufactures Association
Community Multi-scale Air Quality
Certified Microbial Consultant
Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society
Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth
Carbon Mitigation Initiative
Coastal Marine Institute
Compliance Management International
Corrective Measures Implementation
Climate Markets & Investment Association
Coastal Management Program
Coastal Management Plan
Comprehensive Management Plan
Commonwealth Marine Reserve
Council-certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor
Chemical Management System
Continuous Monitoring System
Corrective Measures Study
Corrective Measure Study
Coastal Marine Spatial Planning
Center for a New American Dream
Certificate of Non-Coverage
Certificate of Non Coverage
Committee for the National Institute for the Environment
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning
Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans
Campaign for National Parks
Commission on National Parks and Protected Areas
Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses
Conservation Officer
Clean Ocean Action
Clean Ocean and Shore Trust
Chemical of Concern
Chemicals of Concern
Contaminant of Concern
Current Operating Environment
Community Outreach and Education Program
Conventional Oil and Gas Advisory Committee
Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica
Climate Outreach and Information Network
Committee on Mutagenicity
Control of Major Accidents and Hazards
Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment
Commission on Ocean Policy
Convention of the Parties
Control of Pollution Act
Chemical Of Potential Concern
Contaminant of Potential Concern
Chromite Ore Processing Residue
Common Object Resource Broker Architecture
Carbon Offset Research & Education
Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment
Consortium of Regional Ecological Observatories
Committee on Radioactive Waste Management
Center for Ocean Solutions
Committee on Toxicology
Cartagena Protocol
Caribbean Planning for Adaptation to Climate Change
Circumpolar Protected Areas Network
Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research
Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment
Chemical Producers and Distributor Association
Chemical Producers and Distributors Association
Comprehensive Performance Evaluation
Center for Public Environmental Oversight
Central Point of Expertise on Timber
Captain Planet Foundation
Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines
Comprehensive Procurement Guideline
Contractors Pollution Liability
Certified Permitting Professional
Center for Progressive Reform
Council for the Protection of Rural England
Council for the Preservation of Rural England
Conservation and Production Research Laboratory
Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales
Certified Professional Soil Scientist
Cleanroom Performance Testing
Cone Penetrometer Technology
Catch Per Unit Effort
Corporate Responsibility
Carolina Recycling Association
Comparative Risk Assessment
Convention on the Regulation of Antarctic Mineral Resource Activities
Chemical Registration Centre
Chesapeake Research Consortium
Computer Recycling Center
Coastal Resources Division
Coconino Rural Environment Corps
Centre for Research in Education and the Environment
Chronic Reference Exposure Level
Chronic Reference Exposure Levels
Centre for Research on Environmental Systems
Collaborative Research Events on the Web
Carbon Reduction Institute
Center for Respect of Life and Environment
Coastal Resources Management Council
Certified Residential Mold Inspector
Council-certified Residential Mold Inspector
Cultural Resource Management Plan
Cultural Resources Management Plan
Cessation of Regulated Operations
Chatham Rock Phosphate
Co-ordinated Research Programme
Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment
Coalition for Responsible Transportation
Coalition for Responsible Waste Incineration
Coastal Regulation Zone
Cross-State Air Pollution Rule
Cross State Air Pollution Rule
Clark Seif Clark
Clean Shipping Coalition
Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production
Center for Science and Environment
Centre for Science and Environment's
Centre of Science and Environment
Centre for Sustainability and Excellence
Cancer Slope Factor
Clean Shipping Index
Clear Skies Initiative
Common Sense Initiative
Compliance Services International
Chemical Safety Improvement Act
Council for Science and Industrial Research
Centre for Sustainability Management
Corporate Sustainability Management
Conceptual Site Model
Conceptual Site Models
Conceptual Site Models
Chief Safety Officer
Coastal States Organization
Combined Sewage Overflows
Common Services Platform
Common service platform
Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
Certified Safety Professionals
Corperate Social Responsibility
Corporate and Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibilities
Corporate Social Reporting
Corporate Social Responsability
Corporate Social Responsbility
Corporate Social Responsibilty
Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
Computerized Speech Research Environment
Chemical Safety for Sustainability
Countryside Stewardship Scheme
Center for Sustainable Shale Development
Conservation Society of Sierra Leone
Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing
Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger
Cincinnati Sub Zero
Cooling Towers
Center for Technology Assessment
Citizens Trade Campaign
Center for Transportation and the Environment
Center for Tropical Research
Centre for Transport Research
Climatic Testing Systems
Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment
Crew and Thermal Systems Division
Conservation Technology Support Program
Carbon Trade Exchange
Calspan-University of Buffalo Research Center
Center for the Urban Environment
Center for Urban Forest Research
Certified Unified Program Agency
Certified Unified Program Agencies
College and University Recycling Council
Consortium for Unfavorable Rice Environments
Council of University Transportation Centers
Constrained and Unconstrained Testing Environment
Contingent Valuation
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Collected Volatile Condensable Materials
Collaborative Virtual Environments
Common Virtual Environment
Canaan Valley Institute
Contingent Valuation Method
Contingent Valuation Methodology
Conservation Volunteers Northern Ireland
Curbside Value Partnership
Chemical Watch
Clean Water Action
Clean Water Acts
Clear Water Act
Clean Water Action Council
Clean Water Action Plan
Center for Water and the Environment
Collaborative Work Environment
Collaborative Working Environment
Collaborative Working Environments
Criteria Working Group
Center for Waste Management
Chemical Warfare Materiel
Chemical Warfare Material
Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act
Center for Water Research
China Water Risk
Clean Water Restoration Act
Categorical Exclusion
Categorical Exclusions
Caribbean Youth Environment Network
Cape York Peninsula Land Use Strategy
Central Zoo Authority
Coastal Zone Management
Coastal Zone Management Act
Coastal Zone Management Plan
Coastal Zone Management Program
Decontamination & Decommissioning
Data Archive Centre
Department of Agricultural Resources
Division of Air Quality
Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program
Digital Bathymetric Data Base
Distributed Computer Environment
Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee
Division of Coastal Management
Delaware Center for Transportation
Data Deficient
Decision Document
Deepin Desktop Environment
Desktop Environment
District Department of Environment
dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane
Data Environment
Department of Environmental Conservation
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department for the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs
Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Department For Environment Food & Rural Affairs
Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs
Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs
Department of the Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs
Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Department of Environment and Heritage Protection
Department of Environmental Protection
Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment
Draft Environment Impact Statement
Division of Environmental Law and Conventions
Defense Environmental Network Information Exchange
Defense Environmental Network & Information eXchange
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Department of the Environment and Natural Resources
Dept of Environment and Natural Resources
Data Evaluation Record
Diesel Emissions Reduction Act
Diesel Emission Reduction Act
Data Evaluation Records
Demographic, Environmental, and Security Issues Project
Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions
Department of the Environment, Transport and Regions
Division of Early Warning and Assessment
Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Digital Feature Analysis Data
Division of Fish and Wildlife
Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys
Deep Green Resistance
Degree Heating Weeks
Durrell Institute for Conservation and Ecology
Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science
Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen
Digital Learning Environment
Division of Law Enforcement
Department of Labour Inspection
Department of Land and Natural Resources
Department of Land and Water Conservation
Disclosure of Management Approach
Disclosure on Management Approach
Data Management and Communication
Data Management and Communications
Disaster Management Institute
Dredged Material Management Office
Dredged Material Management Program
Dredged Material Management Plan
Disaster Management Plan
Discharge Monitoring Report
Discharge Monitoring Reports
Data Management Working Group
Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid
Dense non-aqueous phase liquids
Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
Department for Natural Resources
Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Division of the National Toxicology Program
Division of Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
Development Operations Coordination Document
Department of Environment
Department of Environment's
Department of the Environment
Department of Energy Consolidated Audit Program
Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government
Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Dissolved Organic Matter
Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Dredging Operations Technical Support
Defenders of Wildlife
Desert Protective Council
Dual-Phase Extraction
Dual Phase Extraction
Division of Public Health
Department of Public Health and Environment
Deployable Particulate Sampler
Direct Push Technology
Data Quality Indicators
Data Quality Objective
Data Quality Objectives
Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment
Decision Record
Dakota Resource Council
Division of Radiation Control
Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
Desert Research Institute
Disaster Risk Index
Diesel Range Organics
Danube River Protection Convention
Deployment Rule Set
Dichotomous Sampler
Defence Safety Authority
Dry Standard Cubic Feet
Dry Standard Cubic Meter
Decision Support Environment
Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste
Detailed Site Investigation
Direct Sampling Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry
Division of Solid and Infectious Waste Management
Digital Soil Mapping
Defense State Memorandum of Agreement
Digital Soil Map of the World
Definition of Solid Waste
Division of Surface Water
Direct Toxicity Assessment
Detroit Testing Laboratory
Degraded Visual Environment
Earth Liberation Front
Environmental Protection Agency
Environment Agency
Emergency Action Codes
Environmentally Assisted Cracking
Environment Action Programme
Environmental Action Programme
Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
Elektro-Altgeräte Register
Ecosystem Based Adaptation
Environmental Background Information Center
Environmental Bill of Rights
Enterprise Backup System
Environmental Concerns
Environmental Center
Economic Community for Africa
Enforceable Consent Agreement
Environmentally Critical Area
Environmentally Critical Areas Network
Environmentally Critical Area Network
Environment Conservation Act
European Chemical Bureau
Environment Compensation Charge
European Centre for Environment and Health
European Cancer and Environment Research Institute
European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals
European Center for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals
Ecosystem Conservation Group
Enforcement and Compliance History Online
Enforcement Compliance History Online
European Commission Joint Research Centre
European Centre for Nature Conservation
European Center for Nature Conservation
Environmental Conservation Organization
Environmentally Critical Project
Emerging Contaminants
Engineered Compost Systems
European Chlorinated Solvent Association
East China Sea Fishery Research Institute
Environmental Change and Security Program
Environmental Change and Security Project
Environmental Change & Security Program
European Confederation of Soil Science Societies
European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers
Expanded Constituency Workshops
Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds
Endocrine Disrupting Compounds
Electronic Data Deliverable
Electronic Data Deliverables
Electronic Data Deliverables
Equinox Desktop Environment
Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research
Environmental Data Interactive Exchange
Endocrine Disruptor Knowledge Base
Earth Day Network
European Drought Observatory
Executive Director Office
Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program
Endocrine Disruptor Screening and Testing Advisory Committee
Endocrine Disrupter Screening and Testing Advisory Committee
Ecological Evaluation
Evaluation Environment
European Environmental Agency
European Environment Agency
Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
European Environment Bureau
Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia
Electric and Electronic Equipment
Electronic and Electrical Equipment
Emirates Environment Group
Emirates Environmental Group
European Environment and Health Committee
Ecology and Environment, Inc
Extended Environments Markup Language
Ecosystem Enhancement Program
European Environmental Press
European Electronics Recyclers Association
Energy, Environment and Water Research Center
Ecological Footprint
European Federation of Associations of Environmental Professionals
environmental factors in the chronology of human evolution and dispersal
Exposure Factors Handbook
European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism
Environmental Growth Chambers
Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems Association
Ephemeral Gully Erosion Model
Electricity Governance Initiative
Electric Generating Unit
Electric Generating Units
Environment and Gender Index
Electronic Green Journal
Environment, Health and Safety
Environment, Health, and Safety
Environmental Health & Safety
environmental, health and safety
Environmental, Health & Safety
Environmental, Health, & Safety
Environment Health and Safety
Environment and Health Process
Employee Health and Safety
Environment, Health, and Safety
Environment, Health and Safety
Environment, Health & Safety
Environment, Health, & Safety
Environmental, Health, and Safety
Environmental, Health, Safety
Environmental Health Institute
Energetic Heavy Ion Sensor
Environment and Heritage Service
Environment & Heritage Service
Environment Health and Safety
Environment Health & Safety
Environment, Health and Safety Online
Environment, Health, Safety and Security
Environment, Health and Safety Management System
Environment, Health & Safety Management System
Environmental, Health and Safety Services
Emissions Inventory
Environmental Impact Analysis
Environment Investigation Agency
Estudo de Impacto Ambiental
Environmental Information Center
Environmental Information Centre
Environment as an Integrating Context
Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition
Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition
Electronic Industry Code of Conduct
Electronics Industry Code of Conduct
European Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Advisory Commission
Earth Island Institute
Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment
European Environment Information & Observation Network
Electronic Information Products
Electronic Information Products
European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Bureau
Emissions Inventory Questionnaires
Emissions Inventory Questionnaire
Emission Inventory System
Emissions Inventory System
Environmental Justice Program
Empirical Kinetic Modeling Approach
Ecosystems Knowledge Network
Environmental Labeling
Environmental Labelling
Exposure Level
Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk
Environmental Liability Directive
European Liability Directive
Exeter Learning Environment
Earth Liberation Front
Effluent Limitation Guideline
Effluent Limitation Guidelines
Experiential Learning Portfolio
Earth Liberation Prisoner Support Network
Earth Liberation Prisoners Support Network
Ecology Law Quarterly
Environmental Law Review
Early Life Stage
Entry Level Stewardship
End-of-Life Tyres
End of Life Tyres
End-of-Life Tires
Excess Liability Trust Fund
Emission Limit Value
Emission Limit Values
Emission Limit Values
Environment Master
Environment Management
Environment Model
Environmental Management Authority
Environmental Management Act
Environmental Management Agency
Environmental Management Bureau
Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
Eco-Management Audit Scheme
Eco-Management & Audit Scheme
Eco Management and Audit Scheme
Environment Management Bureau
Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping
Environment Mapped Bump Mapping
Environment Map Bump Mapping
Emission Measurement Center
Emissions Measurement Center
Environmental Management Commission
Event Mean Concentration
Environmental Management and Coordination Act
Envirofacts Master Chemical Integrator
Ecosystem Management Decision Support
European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme
European Monitoring and Evaluation Program
Evan Mecham Eco-Terrorist International Conspiracy
Environmental Monitoring Plan
Environment Management Plan
Environmental Management Plans
Environmental Management Programs
Environmental Monitoring Program
Environmental Management Standard
Environmental Management Strategy
Environmental Management Scheme
Environmental Management Systems
Environment Management System
Environment Management Systems
Experience Management System
Environmental Monitoring from Space of East Asia
Emission Measurement Technical Information Center
Euro-Mediterranean Water Information System
English Nature
European Nitrogen Assessment
Environmental News Network
eastern North Pacific
Environment and Natural Resources
Environment and Natural Resources Division
Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund
Environment News Service
Environmental Toxicology
Environmental Satellite
Earth Observation
Enterprise Operating Environment
Extractable Organic Matter
End of Pipe
Earth Observation Satellites
End-Use Product
Environmental protection
Enviromental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency's
Environmental Protection Act
Environmental Protection Agencies
Environmental Protection Agencys
Environmental Protections Agency
Eutrophication Potential
Extraction Procedure
Enhanced Protection for Authentication
Enviornmental Protection Agency
environmental protection authorities
Environment Protection Act
Environmetal Protection Agency
Environtmental Protection Agency
Envrionmental Protection Agency
Evironmental Protection Agency
Environment Protection Agency
Environment Public Authority
Everglades Protection Area
Environment and Policy Assessment and Observation
European Portable Battery Association
Economic Policy Council
Executive Planning Committee
Exposure Point Concentration
Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization
Environmental Protection Department
European Pollutant Emission Register
European Pollutant Emissions Register
Environmental Protection Fund
Environmental Protection Licence
Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Earth Policy Institute
Environmental Performance Index
Estimation Program Interface
Eco-products International Fair
Emergency Preparedness Plan
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Environmentally Preferable Product
Environmentally Preferable Products
Environmentally Preferable Procurement
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing
Environmental Preferable Purchasing
Environmentally Preferred Product
European Plant Protection Organization
Emergency, Prevention, Preparedness and Response
Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response
Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, and Response
Emergency Prevention Preparedness and Response
Environmental Permitting Regulations
Environment Protection Rules
Extended Product Responsibility
Energetic Particle Sensor
Environmental Protection Service
Environmental Protection Society of Malaysia
Environment Protection Training and Research Institute
Environment & Public Works
Environment and Public Works
Environmental Quality Act
Environmental Quality Index
Environmental Quality Objective
Environmental report
Ecological Risk Assessment
Emergency Response Activities
Equipment Readiness Code
Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse
Emergency Response Division
England Rural Development Programme
Estuarine Research Foundation
Electrical Resistance Heating
Electrical Resistive Heating
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
Environmental Research Institutetute of Michigan
Earth Resources Information Network
Effects Range-Median
Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing
Environmental and Resource Management
Environment Resources Management
Emissions Reduction Market System
Emergency Response Notification System
Elizabeth River Project
Enforcement Response Policy
Environmental Restoration Program
Emergency and Rapid Response Services
Environmental Research Satellite
Environment Rating Scales
European Remote-Sensing Satellite-2
Earth Resources Technology
Electronic Reporting Tool
Ecological Services
Environmental Stewardship
Environmental scanning
Environmental Sustainability
Environment, Safety, and Health
Environment, Safety and Health
Environmental, Safety and Health
Environmental, Safety, and Health
Ecologically Sensitive Area
Ecologically Sensitive Areas
Ecologically Sensitive Areas
Environmentally Sensitive Area
Environmentally Sensitive Areas
Emerging Small Business Enterprise
Endangered Species Coalition
Environmental Support Center
Expedited Site Characterization
European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects
Earth Sciences Division
Earth Science Division
Effort Sharing Decision
Explanation of Significant Differences
Explanation of Significant Difference
Earth System Governance
Environment, Social and Governance
Environmental, Social, Governance
Earth System Governance Project
Earth System History
Environment, Safety & Health
Environment, Safety, and Health
Environment, Safety and Health
Environmental, Safety and Health
Environmental Safety and Health
Environmental, Safety, and Health
Environment and Sustainability Institute
Effects Screening Levels
Ecosystem Science and Management
Environment, Safety and Occupational Health
Environment, Safety & Occupational Health
Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health
Earth Science Portal
Environmental Stewardship Program
Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation
Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation
Ecosystems Services for Poverty Alleviation
European Sea Ports Organization
Endangered Species Protection Program
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Ecosystem Services Review
Environment Systems Research Institute
Earth System Science
Earth Systems Science
Earth System Sciences
Explosives Safety Submission
Environmental Sciences Services Administration
European Society for Soil Conservation
Earth System Science Education Alliance
Earth System Science Partnership
Earth System Science and Policy
Earth Systems Science Partnership
Environmentally Sound Technologies
Environmentally Sound Technologies
Exchange and Service Tie to All Test Environments
Environment, Science, Technology and Health
Environment, Science, Technology, and Health
Environment, Science Technology, and Health
Eco-Sensitive Zone
Eco Sensitive Zones
Eco-Sensitive Zones
Emissions Trading
Environmental Technologies Action Plan
European Topic Centre
European Topic Centres
Efficient Transportation Decision Making
Emissions Tracking System
Environment Tobacco Smoke
Environmental Technology Verification
Environmental Toxicology and Water Quality
Environmentally Unsatisfactory
European Union for Coastal Conservation
Forest Advisory Committee
Forest Action Network
Families Against Rural Messes
Field Analytic Technologies Encyclopedia
Fisheries and the Environment
Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming
Fecal Coliforms
Fatigue Crack Growth
Fishery Conservation and Management Act
Forest Carbon Partnership Fund
Four Corners Power Plant
Friends Committee on Unity with Nature
Forestry Department
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Forest Establishment
Firefox Environment Backup Extension
Federal Environmental Executive
Flood Estimation Handbook
Fonds pour l'Environnement Mondial
Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team
Facility for Environmental Nanoscience Analysis and Characterisation
Federal Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Environment Research Agency
Family Environment Scale
Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit
Federally Enforceable State Operating Permits
Finite Element Surface Water Modeling System
First Flush
Fossil Fuel
Federal Facilities Agreement
Forum for the Future of Agriculture
Flood Forecasting Centre
Federal Facility Compliance Act
Federal Facilities Compliance Act
Federal Facility Compliance Agreement
Fonds Français pour l'Environnement Mondial
Fauna and Flora International
Flowers Fair Plants
Focused Feasibility Study
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida Geographic Data Library
Food And Gill Exchange Of Toxic Substances
Finance Initiative
Florida Internet Center for Understanding Sustainability
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Federal Implementation Plan
Federal Implementation Plans
Foundry Industry Recycling Starts Today
Fisheries Improved for Sustainable Harvest
Field Investigation Team
Future Immersive Training Environment
Front Line Defenders
Federal Land Manager
Federal Land Managers
Friends of Living Oregon Waters
Field Level Risk Assessment
Full Material Declaration
Federal Ministry of Environment
Florida Master Naturalist Program
Facility Management Plan
Forest Management Plan
Feed Materials Production Center
Florida Marine Research Institute
Facilities Monitoring System
Facility Monitoring System
Fridtjof Nansen Institute
Federal Network for Sustainability
Finding of No Significant Impacts
Findings of No Significant Impact
Fiber Optic Chemical Sensors
Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth Europe
Friends of the Earth International
Fats, Oil & Grease
Fats Oil and Grease
Friends of the Los Angeles River
Friends of Nature
Federal Operating Permit
Future Of Reefs in a Changing Environment
Findings of Suitability to Transfer
Fine Particulate
Forest Policy
Fine Particulate Matter
Fixed Penalty Notice
Fixed Penalty Notices
Fixed Penalty Notices
Farmland Protection Policy Act
Forest Products Research Society
Forests, their Products and Services
Food Quality and Protection Act
Food Quality Protection Act
Forest Resources
Foundation for Research on Biodiversity
Federal Reporting Data System
Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center
Flood Risk Management
Flood Risk Management Research Consortium
Federal Reference Methods
Facility Response Plan
Facility Response Plans
Facility Response Plans
Forest and Range Practices Act
Facility Registry System
Facility Registry Service
Facility Registry Services
Flame Retardants
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable
Facility Standards
Field Studies Council
Forestry Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Steward Council
Forest Stand Delineation
Food Security and the Environment
Farm Scale Evaluations
Food Service Establishments
Field Sampling Plan
Final Status Survey
Financial and Technical Assistance Agreement
Fast Track Services
Fair Trade Tourism
Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program
Fundacion Vida Silvestre Argentina
Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group
Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act
Generic Assessment Criteria
Generally Available Control Technology
Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance
Geospatial Analysis and Modeling of Ecological Systems
Global Action Plan
Global Atmospheric Watch
Global Biodiversity Forum
Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Geosphere Biosphere Programme
Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program
Global Change Data and Information System
Green Chemistry Institute
Green Cross International
Global Crop Protection Federation
Global Coral Reef Alliance
Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
Global Change Research Program
Gujarat Coastal Zone Management Authority
Green Dining Alliance
Geological Disposal Facility
GEO Data Portal
Government Decontamination Service
Greenhouse Effect
Global Environmental Alert Service
Global Environment Center
Global Environment Centre
Global Environment Information Centre
Gujarat Ecology Commission
Genes and Environment Initiative
Global Emissions Inventory Activity
Geospace Environment Modeling
Graphical Environment Manager
Gujarat Environment Managment Institute
Global Environment Monitoring System
Global Environment Monitoring Systems
Global Environment for Network Innovation
Global Environment for Networking Innovations
Global Environment for Networking Innovation
Global Earth Observations
Global Environment Outlook
Group of Earth Observations
Group on Earth Observations
Group on Earth Observation
Genetically Engineered Organisms
Global Earth Observation System
Greening Earth Society
Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution
Green Enterprise Toronto
Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption
General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean
Greenhouse Gas
Green Hotels Association
Galveston-Houston Association for Smog Prevention
Good Industrial Large Scale Practice
Global Islands Network
Greening of Industry Network
Global Information Network on Chemicals
Geographic Infomation System
Global Invasive Species Database
Global Invasive Species Program
Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute
Geographic Information Technologies
Global International Waters Assessment
Global International Water Assessment
Global Justice Ecology Project
Geotechnical Laboratory
Global Land Cover Characterization
Global Land Cover Network
Global Land Information System
General Lake Model
Global Label Management
Great Lakes National Program Office
Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment
Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment
Global Learning Observations to Benefit the Environment
Global Learning & Observations to Benefit the Environment
Global Land Project
Great Lakes Protection Fund
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
Good Large Scale Practice
Gridded Livestock of the World
Global Monitoring for Environmental and Security
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Global Monitoring for Environment & Security
Global Monitoring for the Environment and Security
Global Monitoring of Environment and Security
Global Methane Initiative
Genetically modified microorganisms
Global Mercury Observation System
Gulf of Mexico Program
Gespe'gewaq Mi'gmaq Resource Council
Global Network of Environment & Technology
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite
Global Observation of Forest Cover
Gulf of Mexico Alliance
Gulf of Maine Council
Global Ocean Observing System
Global Ocean Observation System
Global Observing System
Global Observing Systems
General Permit
General Organization of Remote Sensing
Global Ocean Sampling
Green Procurement
Guiding Principles
Global Programme of Action
Global Program of Action
Graduation Pledge Alliance
Grid Programming Environment
Grams per Gallon
Green Project Management
Global Partnership on Marine Litter
Global Partnership on Nutrient Management
Global Packaging Project
Green Procurement Program
Green Public Procurement
General Quality Assessment
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment
Geant4 Radiation Analysis for Space
Global Reporting Index
Global Reporting Initiatives
Global Report Initiative
Gulf Restoration Network
Gasoline Range Organics
Greater Research Opportunities
Geographic Response Plan
Green Rating Project
Grass Roots Recycling Network
Green Ribbon Schools
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Green Seal
Global Sports Alliance
Guardian Sustainable Business
General Specification for the Environment
Gaseous Secondary Electron Detector
Global Scenario Group
Green Suppliers Network
Green Schools Programme
Goa State Pollution Control Board
Green and Sustainable Remediation
Gulf South Research Institute
Gnome Simple Stateful Music Player
Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria
Graphics System eXtension
Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve
Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve
Global Terrestrial Observation System
Government Transportation Request
Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability
Global Universities Partnership on Environment for Sustainability
Global Vegetation Monitoring
General Verification Protocol
Global Warming
Global Warming International Center
Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light
Global Waste Management Outlook
Good Water Neighbors
Hazard Assessment
Health Advisory
Health Assessment Document
Health Advisory Level
Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement
High Accelerated Life Testing
High Accelerated Life Test
Human Appropriation of Net Primary Productivity
Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production
Hazardous Air Pollutants
Hawaii Agriculture Research Center
Hybrid Augmented Reality Multimodal Operation Neural Integration Environment
Health and Safety Laboratory
High Activity Sealed Sources
Hazardous Constituents
High Country News
High Conservation Value Forest
Host Density
Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle
Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles
Hawaii Department of Health
Human Dimensions Programme
High Density Packaging User Group
Home Environment
Human Ecology Action League
Health Effects Assessment Summary Table
Healthy Environments for Children Alliance
Health Effects Division
Historic Environment Scotland
Hydrology for Environment, Life and Policy
Human Exposure Modeling
Habitat Evaluation Procedures
Habitat Evaluation Procedure
Harbor Estuary Program
Health and Environment Program
Historic Environment Record
Human and Ecological Risk Assessment
Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel
Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Personnel
Healthcare Engineers Society of Northern Illinois
Healthy Forests Initiative
Health Hazards
Human Health
Headwater Habitat Evaluation Index
Highly Hazardous Pesticides
Human Health Risk Assessment
Hull International Fisheries Institute
High Resolution Global Environmental Modelling
High-Intensity Radiated Field
Hazard Identification Tool
High-performance Integrated Virtual Environment
Huge Immersive Virtual Environment
Higher Level Stewardship
Hardness Maintenance
Hazardous Materials Business Plan
Hazardous Materials Business Plans
Harmful to the Marine Environment
Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution
Hazardous Materials Information Exchange
Hazardous Materials Management
Hazardous Materials Management Plans
Hazardous Material Management Program
Hazardous Materials Management Program
Hazardous Material Management System
Habitat Management Plan
Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
Hazardous Material Transportation Act
Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act
Hazardous & Noxious Substances
Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format
Halogenated Organic Compounds
Hands on the Land
Health of Mother Earth Foundation
Honor Our Planet Earth
Health Of The Oceans
Hydraulic project approval
Human Performance in Extreme Environments
High Plains Regional Climate Center
Hydraulic Profiling Tool
High Production Volume Chemicals
High Production Volume Chemical
Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
Hydrogen Release Compound
Human Rights Defense Center
Hudson River Environmental Society
Hudson River Foundation
Hazardous Ranking System
High-Resolution Site Characterization
Haute Resolution Visible
Health & Safety
Health Safety
Hydrologic Sciences
Health, Safety, and Environment
Health, Safety and the Environment
Health, Safety, and Environment
Health, Safety, and the Environment
Health, Safety, Environment
Health, Safety and the Environment
Health, Safety & the Environment
Health, Safety and Enviroment
Hollow Stem Auger
Health Studies Branch
Harbor Safety Committee
Healthy Schools Campaign
Hazardous Substance Data Bank
Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
Health Safety, Environment and Quality
Health, Safety, Environment, Security
Health and Safety Guide
Heat Stress Index
Hazardous Substance Management
Hazardous Substances Management
Hazardous Substance Management System
Hazardous Substances and New Organisms
Health & Safety Officer
Hansen Solubility Parameters in Practice
Human Studies Review Board
Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments
Human Toxicity Potential
Harvard University Center for the Environment
Housatonic Valley Association
High Volume Sampler
Hazardous Waste
Hazardous Wastes
Hazardous Waste Bureau
House of Water and Environment
Hawaii Water Environment Association
Hazardous Waste Identification Rule
Hazardous Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Management Act
Hazardous Waste Management Facility
Hazardous Waste Management Plan
Hydrology and Water Resources
Hazardous Waste Research and Information Center
Installation and Environment
International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators
Inter-Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology
Institute of Arable Crops Research
International Association of Impact Assessment
International Agency for Research and Cancer
International Agency for the Research of Cancer
Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee
Initial Advice Statement
International Association for Society and Natural Resources
Institute of Biomathematics and Biometry
Instituto Brasileiro de Desenvolvimento Florestal
International Baltic Sea Fishery Commission
International Baltic Sea Fisheries Commission
Integrated Coastal Area Management
International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons
International Commission on Continental Erosion
International Cryosphere Climate Initiative
Interagency Coordinating Committee on Oil Pollution Research
Intergovernmental Committee for the Cartagena Protocol
Integrated Collaborative Environment
Interactive Collaborative Environment
Interactive Creative Environment
Institute for Children's Environmental Health
Indonesian Center for Environmental Law
International Council of Environmental Law
International Council for Local Environment Initiatives
Inner City Fund
International Climate Initiative
Integrated Compliance Information System
Institute for Conservation Leadership
Integrated Cleaning and Measurement
Integrated Coastal Management
International Cyanide Management Code
International Council on Metals and the Environment
International Center for Not-for-Profit Law
Institute on Climate and Planets
Integrated Contingency Plan
Integrated Contingency Plans
Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment
Indian Centre for Plastic in the Environment
Information Collection Rule
International Coral Reef Action Network
International Coral Reef Initiative
Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan
Integrated Cultural Resource Management Plan
International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance
International Commission for Radiological Protection
International Committee on Radiation Protection
International Centre for Responsible Tourism
Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities
International Climate Science Coalition
International Council for Scientific Unions
International Center for Technology Assessment
Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments
Interstate Council on Water Policy
Identification Division
Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales
Integrated Digital Environment
Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety
Interface Data Processing Segment
Investigation-Derived Waste
Information Environment
Institute for the Environment
Institute of Ecology
Indian Environmental Association
Integrated Environmental Assessment
Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies
Indoor Environments Division
Industrial Emissions Directive
Initial Environmental Evaluation
Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute for European Environmental Policy
Institute for Environment and Health
International Environment House
Integrated Earth Information Server
Institute of Environmental Management
Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment
Integrated Earth Observation System
Initial Environmental Review
Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Institute for the Environment and Sustainability
Institutetute for Environment and Sustainability
Institute for Environmental Security
Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Institution of Environmental Science
International Environmental Technology Centre
International Environmental Technology Center
Intergovernmental Forum on Chemical Safety
Institute of Fisheries Management
Integrated Farm Management
Integrated Fire Management
Industrial Forest Management Agreement
Integrated Forest Management Agreement
Integrated Forest Management Agreements
Integrated Field Research Challenge
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Forestry Resources and Institutions
International Food Safety Training Laboratory
International Geosphere-Biosphere Program
International Geosphere Biosphere Programme
International Geosphere Biosphere Program
Institute of Global Environment and Society
International Group of Funding Agencies
Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar
International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre
Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research
International Ground Water Modeling Center
International Human Dimensions Programme
International Human Dimensions Program
Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Accreditation Program
Inventory of Hazardous Materials
Institute of Hazardous Materials Management
International Hydrological Program
Industrial Hygiene and Safety
International Humic Substances Society
Industrial Hazardous Waste
Integrating impacts
Integrated Impact Assessment
Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Medio Ambiente
Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment
Incident and Injury Free
International Journal of Digital Earth
International Journal of Environment
International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment
International Journal of Environmental Research
International Journal of Global Warming
International Journal of Risk Assessment and Management
International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
International Journal of Social Media and Interactive Learning Environments
International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments
International Journal of Water
International League of Conservation Photographers
Innovative Learning Environments
International Lake Environment Committee
International Long Term Ecological Research
International Long-Term Ecological Research
Institute of Marine Affairs
Integrated Model to Assess the Greenhouse Effect
International Mire Conservation Group
International Maritime Consultative Organization
Intergovernmental Maritime Organization
International Material Database System
Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea
Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse
Industrial Materials Recycling
Innovative Mobility Research
Internet Map Servers
Institute of Meteorology and Water Management
International Neurotoxicology Association
International Network for Acid Prevention
Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee
Intergovernmental Negotiation Committee
International Negotiating Committee
International Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety
Intended Nationally Determined Contribution
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival
International Nitrogen Initiative
Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society
Image Navigation and Registration
Integrated Natural Resource Management
Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan
Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan
Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans
Innovative Technologies for Remediation of Landfills and Contaminated Soils
International Network on Water, Environment and Health
International Ocean Institute
International Oil Pollution Compensation
Individual Permit
Inhalable Particles
Intercepted Photosynthetically Active Radiation
International Pesticide Application Research Centre
Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Intergovernmental Panel on Climatic Change
Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change
International Panel of Climate Change
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control
International Program on Chemical Safety
International Programme for Chemical Safety
International Programme of Chemical Safety
Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
Integrated Pest Management Plan
Integrated Program Office
Industrial Pretreatment Program
Integrated Product Policy
Industrial Pollution Projection System
Individual Producer Responsibility
International Peat Society
International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative
Institute of Professional Soil Scientists
Information Repository
Installation Restoration
Indoor Radon Abatement Act
Integrated River Basin Management
Information Resources Directory
Interim Reregistration Eligibility Decision
International Regulators Forum
Initiative for Responsible Investment
Integrated Risk Information System
Integrated Risk Information Service
Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group
Internal Resource Lock Manager
Integrated Resource Management
Institute of Reference Materials and Measurements
Installation Restoration Program
International Radiation Protection Agency
International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals
International Referral System
Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management
Initial Study
Intrinsically Safe
Initial Site Assessment
Initial Site Assessments
Innovative Signal Analysis
Integrated Science Assessment
Integrated Science Assessments
Integrated Science Assessments
Interfaith Stewardship Alliance
International Study of Arctic Change
Initiative for Social Action and Renewal
Information Systems for Biotechnology
Industrial Source Complex Long Term
Industrial Source Complex Short Term
Industrial Source Complex Short Term 3
International Society of Doctors for the Environment
Information Sharing Environment
International Society of Exposure Analysis
Internet Search Environment Number
International Society for Environmental Protection
International Society of Exposure Science
International Space Environment Service
International Space Environment Services
Industrial Safety and Hygiene News
International Society of Indoor Air Quality
International Society for Industrial Ecology
Integrated System for Intelligent Regional Environmental Monitoring and Management
Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment
Incremental Sampling Methodology
Integrated Safety Management
International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems
International Symposium on Microbial Ecology
Integrated Safety Management System
Integrated Safety Management Systems
Industry Standards Organization
International Standards on
Interactive System Productivity Facility / Program Development Facility
Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil
Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale
Institute for Sustainable Resources
Institute for Standards Research
Industrial Site Recovery Act
Independent Scientific Review Panel
International Society for Reef Studies
International Symposium on Remote Sensing
Institute for the Study of Society and Environment
Institute for a Secure and Sustainable Environment
International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture
International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology
International Symposium on Toxicity Assessment
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Intermodal Surface Transportation and Efficiency Act
Iowa State University Research Foundation
Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan
Interagency Testing Committee
Integrated Technical Co-operation Programme
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
Internal Terminal Emulator
Integrity Testing Laboratory
International Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management Symposia
International Tourism Partnership
Interstate Technology & Regulatory Council
Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
Interstate Technology Regulatory Council
Interstate Technology and Regulatory Cooperation
Information Unit for Conventions
International Union for the Conservation of Nature
International Union of the Conservation of Nature
International Union for Conservation and Nature
International Union of Conservation of Nature
International Union for Conversation of Nature
International Union for the Conservation of Nature's
International Union for Conservation for Nature
International Union on the Conservation of Nature
Image Understanding Environment
Institute of Urban Environment
International Union for the Protection of Nature
International Union for the Preservation of Nature
International Union of Radioecology
International Union of Radioecologists
Inventory Update Rule
Inventory Update Reporting
International Union of Soil Sciences
Integrated Urban Water Management
Immersive Virtual Environments
Immersive Virtual Learning Environment
Informatics Virtual Learning Environment
International Waters
Industrial Waste Control
International Whaling Committee
Integrating Watershed and Coastal Areas Management
Integrated Water Cycle Management
Iowa Waste Exchange
Index of Watershed Indicators
Integrated Waste Management Board
Integrated Waste Management Facility
International Water Management Institute
International Waterless Printing Association
Institute for Water Research
Institute of Water Research
International Water Supply Association
Iowa Waste Reduction Center
Inter-American Water Resources Network
Ionizing Wet Scrubber
International Whole Vehicle Type Approval
Iowa Water Well Association
Institute for Water and Wetland Research
International Year of Biodiversity
Indian Youth Climate Network
Johnson & Ettinger
Justice & Environment
Java Addition to Default Environment
Java 2 Runtime Environment
Japan-Australia Migratory Bird Agreement
Joint Article Management Promotion
Jungle Environment Survival Training
Japan Fund for Global Environment
Joint Forest Management Committee
Jane Goodall Institute
Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
Joint Information Environment
Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment
Jongeren Milieu Actief
Journal of Marine Systems
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Joint Office for Science Support
Jaringan Pendidikan Lingkungan
Join Research Centre
Java Runtime Engine
Java Runtime Enviroment
Java Runtine Environment
Kansas Administrative Regulations
Key Biodiversity Areas
Kool Desktop Environment
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Kuwait Dive Team
Korean Federation for Environmental Movement
Korea Forest Service
Local Action for Biodiversity
Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands
Land Allocation Decision Support System
Lake Acidification Mitigation Project
Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory
Load Allocations
Los Alamos Study Group
Local Biodiversity Action Plan
Lethal Concentration
Laboratoire de Chimie Analytique Bio-Inorganique et Environnement
Land Cover Classification System
Life Cycle Inventories
Life-Cycle Impact Assessment
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
Laboratory Chemical Safety Summaries
Land Disposal
Learning and Developmental Disabilities Initiative
Light-Duty Diesel Vehicle
Light Duty Diesel Vehicle
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
Land Disposal Restrictions
Lower Duwamish Waterway
Land Empowerment Animals People
Learning Exchange and Resource Network
Least Environmentally Damaging Practicable Alternative
Lake Erie Ecosystem Priority
Latvian Environment, Geological and Meterological Agency
Lowest Effect Level
Low-Frequency Active
Low Frequency Active
Local Government Advisory Committee
Local Governments Reimbursement
Local Governmental Units
Linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise
Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project
Land Information Centre
Learning in a Fun Environment
Long Island Orchestrating for Nature
Long Island Sound Study
Local Law Enforcement
Low-level Mixed Waste
Low-level Waste
Low Level Waste
Low-Level Radioactive Waste
Low Level Radioactive Waste
Low Level Waste Repository
Loyola Mountaineers
Land Monitoring Core Service
Large Marine Ecosystem
Large Marine Ecosystems
Land Margin Ecosystem Research
Lockheed Martin Energy Systems
Lunar-Mars Life Support Test Project
Lake Michigan Mass Balance
Living modified organisms
Light Non-aqueous Phase Liquid
Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
List of Abbreviations
Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Concentration
Lowest Observed Effect Concentration
Lowest Observable Effect Concentration
Level Of Concern
Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability
Local Oversight Program
Law of the Sea Convention
Labor Occupational Safety and Health
Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
Licensed Professional Geologist
Loss Prevention System
Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank
Large Quantity Generators
Large Quantity Generators
Large Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste
Lane Regional Air Protection Agency
Lane Regional Air Pollution Authority
Least Restrictive Environment
Least Restrictive Environments
Least Restricted Environment
Long-range Research Initiative
Land and Resource Management Plan
Land and Resource Management Plans
Land Recycling Program
Lloyds Register of Quality Assurance
Land Resource Regions
Land Resource Region
Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution
Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks
Legal Sector Alliance
Laboratory Safety Committee
Licensed Site Professional
Licensed Site Professional Association
Licensed Site Professionals
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
Learning Support System
Life Sciences in Space Research
Legal and Technical Commission
Long Term Environmental Research
Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
Long-term Monitoring
Long Term Management Strategy
Landing and Take-Off
Long Term Study
Low Temperature Thermal Desorption
Land Treatment Unit
Man and Biosphere
Man and the Biosphere
Maximum Admissible Concentration
Military Advisory Council
Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change
Modern Air Combat Environment
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Foods
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food
Marine Aerosol and Gas Exchange
Multi-Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside
Multi Agency Geographic Information for the Countryside
Major Accident Hazards Bureau
Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere
Mid-Atlantic Integrated Assessment
Marine Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund
March, April, May
Mangrove Action Project
Mediterranean Action Plan
Mitigation Action Plan
Monitoring and Assessment Plan
Materials and Processes Technical Information System
Multi-Agency Radiological Laboratory Analytical Protocols
Monitoring and Remediation Optimization System
Multi-Agent Systems
Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment
Maximum Allowable Toxicant Concentration
Metadata Access Tool for Climate and Health
Marine Board
Mongoven, Biscoe and Duchin
Maryland Biological Stream Survey
Methyl Bromide Technical Options Committee
Marine Conservation Agreement
Multi Criteria Analysis
Moms Clean Air Force
Maryland Coastal Bays Program
Microbial Culture Collection
Multi-Chamber Concentration and Exposure Model
Marine and Coastal Community Network
Missouri Coalition for the Environment
Maximum Concentration Limit
Maximum Containment Level
Mercury Cycling Model
Mexico City Metropolitan Area
Marine and Coastal Protected Areas
Medium Combustion Plants Directive
Military Characteristics
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
Modular Common Spacecraft Bus
Micronesia Conservation Trust
Munitions Debris
Maritime Domain Awareness
Maryland Department of the Environment
Maryland Department of Environment
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment
Model Documentation System
Ministry of Environment
Molecular Environment
Millenium Ecosystem Assessment
Multi-Environment Ammunition
Munitions and Explosives of Concern
Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment
Mid-Continent Ecology Division
Marine Ecosystem Evolution in a Changing Environment
Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences
Molecular Epidemiology Group
Maximum Exposed Individual
Myanmar Environment Institute
Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Centre
Marine Emergency Mutual Aid Center
Maldives Environmental Management Project
Ministry of Environmental Protection
Multiple Extraction Procedure
Malta Environment & Planning Authority
Marine Environment Protection Committee
Maritime Environment Protection Committee
Maryland Environmental Service
Massachusetts Endangered Species Act
Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa
Midcontinent Ecological Science Center
Manager of Environmental, Safety and Health
Minister of Environment, Science and Technology
Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation
Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism
Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme
Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources
Master of Forestry
Modifying Factor
Marine and Fisheries Agency
Material Flow Cost Accounting
Ministry for the Environment
Mixed Flowing Gas
Master of Forest Science
Mines & Geosciences Bureau
Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau
Manufactured Gas Plant
Micronesians in Island Conservation
Mining Industry Coordinating Council
McMaster Institute of Environment and Health
Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
Mafia Island Marine Park
Mariana Islands Nature Alliance
Material Input Per Service
Maximum Incremental Reactivity
Mineral Industry Research Organisation
Major Investment Study
Marine Information System
Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement
Materials International Space Station Experiment
Materials on the International Space Station Experiment
Mariana Islands Training and Testing
Managed Learning Environment
Managed Learning Environments
Managed Learning Environments
Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust
Marine Management Organization
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Malaysian Meteorological Service
Monitored Natural Attenuation
Mitigated Negative Declaration
Mitigated Negative Declarations
Matters of National Environmental Significance
Mother Nature Network
Mindoro Nickel Project
Master of Natural Resources Management
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Malayan Nature Society
Microbial Observatories
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of the Environment
Molecular Operating Environment
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Ministry of Environment and Energy
Ministry of Environment and Forests
Ministry of Environment and Forestry
Ministry of Environment and Water
Ministry of Environment & Water
Microsoft Office Isolated Conversion Environment
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment
Mediterranean Operational Oceanography Network
Manual of Practice
Major Oil Storage Facility
Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment
Management for Optimized Virtual Environments
Manufacturing-Use Product
Marine Protection Area
Marine Protection Areas
Mineral Policy Center
Montana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
Mission Partner Environment
Multi-Phase Extraction
Multi Phase Extraction
Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments
Minnesota Public Interest Research Group
Mobile Phone Partnership Initiative
Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act
Marine Protection Research and Sanctuaries Act
Milieu Programma Sierteelt
Maritime Provinces Water and Wastewater Association
Measurement Quality Objectives
Marine Reserve
Material and Resources
Munitions Response
Missouri Risk-Based Corrective Action
Marine Research Centre
Managed Runtime Environment
Municipal Recycling Facility
Material Recycling Facilities
Minimum Risk Levels
Munitions Response Program
Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program
Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol
Merrimack River Watershed Council
Matrix Spike
Mobile Source Air Toxics
Mobile Source Air Toxics
Meteorological Services Division
Ministerial Steering Committee
Marine Science Co-ordination Committee
Municipal Setting Designation
Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan
Marine Sciences Laboratory
Mountain States Legal Foundation
Maritime Spatial Planning
Marine Scientific Research
Maintenance, Startup, and Shutdown
Many Strong Voices
Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator
Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Municipal Solid Waste Management
Methyl-tert-butyl ether
Methyl Tert Butyl Ether
Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources
Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency
Methods Update Rule
Method Update Rule
Multi-User Virtual Environment
Multi-User Virtual Environments
Mercury Vapor Indicator
Mercury Vapour Indicator
Non-Renewable Energy
National Ambient Air Quality Standard
National Ambient Air Quality Standards
National Agricultural Chemicals Association
National Agricultural Chemical Association
National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory
National Atmospheric Emission Inventory
North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office
National Air Monitoring Stations
National Alliance of Forest Owners
Navigational Aids for the History of Science, Technology and the Environment
National Antimicrobial Information Network
Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
National Action Program
National Adaptation Planning
National Acidic Precipitation Assessment Program
National Association of Professional Environmentalists
National Association of Physicians for the Environment
Non-aqueous phase liquid
Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center
National Air Quality Strategy
Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering
Natural Attenuation Software
National Atmospheric and Space Administration
National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment
National-Scale Air Toxics Assessments
National Air Toxics Assessment
National Air Toxics Assessments
National Air Toxics Trends Station
National Biodiversity Authority
National Biological Service
Noise Control Act
National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides
National Council of Air and Stream Improvement
Nature Conservation Council
North Carolina Coastal Federation
National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
National Center for Coastal Ocean Science
National Climate Change Policy
National Climate Change Response Strategy
National Center for Computational Toxicology
National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center
North Coast Environment Council
Nature Conservation Foundation
Nigerian Conservation Foundation
Nature and Culture International
North Cascades Institute
National Cave and Karst Research Institute
National Contingency Plan
New Chemicals Program
National Cleaner Production Centre
National Cleaner Production Centers
National Cleaner Production Centres
National Cleaner Production Centres
National Cleaner Production Centers
National Consortium on Remote Sensing in Transportation
National Centre for Sustainability
National Children's Study
National Council for Science and the Environment
National Council for Science and Environment
National Center for Sustainability Standards
National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry
National Commission for Science and Technology
Navy Continuous Training Environment
National Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
Non-Community Water System
Negative Declaration
Negative Declarations
Negative Declarations
National Defense Center for Energy and Environment
Natural Diversity Data Base
North Dakota Department of Health
National Directorate General for Disaster Management
Nutrient Delivery System
National Drinking Water Advisory Council
National Drinking Water Clearinghouse
Nevada Division of Water Resources
Nationally Endangered
Natural England
National Environment Agency
National Environmental Agency
National Environment Act
National Environment Appellate Authority
National Environment Awareness Campaign
Natural Events Action Plan
Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture and Technology
National Emission Ceilings
National Emissions Ceilings
National Emission Ceiling
National Emission Ceilings Directive
National Emissions Ceiling Directive
Nutrient Enhanced Coastal Ocean Productivity
National Environmental Data Index
National Emissions Data System
National Environmental Education Act
National Environment Management Authority
National Environmental Education Advancement Project
National Emission Inventory
National Emissions Inventory
National Enforcement Investigations Center
National Enforcement Investigation Center
New Environmental Land Management Scheme
New England Light Pollution Advisory Group
National Environmental Management Act
National Environmental Management Authority
National Environment Management Council
Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials
Nutrition Environment Measures Survey
National Environment Policy Act
National Estuary Program
National Estuary Programs
New Ecological Paradigm
National Environmental Protection Agency
National Environment Protection Act
National Environmental Protection Authority
National Environmental Planning Agency
National Environmental Policy Acts
National Environmental Protection Council
National Environment Protection Measures
National Electronics Product Stewardship Initiative
Natural Environment Research Council
Natural Environmental Research Council
Natural Environment Research Council's
Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative
National Environmental Research Institute
National Exposure Research Laboratory
National Endangered Species Act Reform Coalition
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Environmental, Safety and Health Training Association
National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency
National Environmental Satellite Service
National Emission Trends
National Environmental Trust
National Environmental Tribunal
Natural Environment Teaching
National Enforcement Training Institute
Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute
Northern Forum
National Forest Authority
National Forestry Authority
No Further Action
National Forestry Action Plan
National Forum for Environment & Health
National Forest Management Act
Native Forest Network
National Focal Point
National Forest Protection Alliance
No Further Remedial Action Planned
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
National Green Corps
National Geophysical Data Centre
Next Generation Digital Learning Environment
Non-Governmental Organizational
National Greening Program
National Green Tribunal
National Green Tribunal's
Natural Hazards
New Hampshire Association of Natural Resource Scientists
National Human Activity Pattern Survey
National Human Adipose Tissue Survey
National Honey Bee Advisory Board
Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program
National Household Hazardous Waste Forum
National Heritage Protection Plan
Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials
Non-Hazardous Secondary Material
National Homeland Security Research Center
National Heritage Trust
National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences
National Institute for the Environment
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Nature Improvement Areas
National Institute of Animal Welfare
National Institute for Climate Change Research
Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative
National Interest Determination
Northern Ireland Environment Agency
National Institute of Environmental Health Science
National Institute for Environmental Studies
National Institutetute for Environmental Studies
National Institute of Labour Protection
Not In My Election Year
National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
National Institute for Occupational Safety Health
National Implementation Plan
National Implementation Plans
National Integrated Protected Areas System
National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations
National Interim primary Drinking Water Regulation
Non-Indigenous Species
National Invasive Species Information Center
National Industrial Symbiosis Programme
No-Idle Thermal Environment
National Institute of Water & Atmospheric
National Institutes for Water Resources
New Jersey Aviation Association
New Jersey Geological Survey
New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability
New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
New Jersey Public Interest Research Group
New Jersey Water Environment Association
New Jersey Work Environment Council
National Lakes Assessment
National Land Cover
National Lake Conservation Plan
National Library for the Environment
National Listing of Fish Advisories
Natural Learning Initiative
National Lead Information Center
National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program
National Laboratory Service
National Land Use Act
New Mexico Administrative Code
New Mexico Environment Department
Nuclear Material Events Database
National Metal Finishing Resource Center
New Mexico Oil Conservation Division
National Marine Sanctuaries Act
Nanoscale Materials Stewardship Program
Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds
Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compound
Non-methane volatile organic compounds
Nonattainment New Source Review
Nevada National Security Site
Nitrous oxide
Naturally Occurring Asbestos
Naturally Occuring Asbestos
Notice of Availability
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency
National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin
National Ocean and Atmosphere Administration
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration
National Oceanic Atmospheric Admin
National Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration
National Ocean Atmospheric Administration
No Observed Adverse Effect Concentration
National Ocean Council
National Oceanographic Centre
Notification of Compliance Status
Notice of Determination
Notice of Data Availability
National Oceanic Data Center
No Observable Effect Concentration
No Observed Effect Concentration
National Operational Environmental Satellite
Notice of Intents
National Organization to Insure a Sound-Controlled Environment
Natural Organic Matter
Naval Oceanographic Office
National Oil Recyclers Association
Naturally-occurring radioactive materials
National Oil Spill Contingency Plan
National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency
National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency
National Ozone Unit
Notice of Violation
Notice of Violations
Notices of Violation
Notice of Violations
Notices of Violations
National Program of Action
Noise Pollution Clearinghouse
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System
National Polution Discharge Elimination System
National Performance of Dams Program
National Primary Drinking Water Regulations
Nagoya Protocol Implementation Fund
National Pesticide Information Retrieval System
National Priorities List
National Priority List
National Polar-orbiting Operational Environment Satellite System
National Polar Partnership
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
No Permit Required
Non-Point Source
Non Point Source
New Plant Type
National Pesticide Telecommunications Network
National Pesticides Telecommunications Network
Natural Resources
National Rivers Authority
National Recycling Coalition
National Reference Centres
National Response Centre
Natural Resources Conservation Authority
National River Conservation Directorate
National River Conservation Plan
National Reference Centres
National Research Centre for the Working Environment
Natural Resource Damage
Natural Resource Damages
Natural Resources Division
Natural Resources Damages
Natural Resources Damage
Natural Resource Damage Assessment
Natural Resources Damage Assessment
Natural Resource Damage Assessments
Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration
National Resource Defense Council
National Resources Defense Council's
Natural Resources Defense Council
Natural Resource Defense Council
Natural Resources Defense Council's
Natural Resources and the Environment
Natural Resources and Environment Board
Nationwide Rivers Inventory
Natural Resource Inventory
Natural Resource Management
Natural Resource Manager
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
National Rivers and Streams Assessment
Natural Resources Wales
National Society For Clean Air
National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists
National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations
National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations
National Sedimentation Laboratory
Non-State Market Driven
New Society Publishers
New Source Performance Standard
New Source Performance Standards
New Source Performance Standards
New Source Review
National Survey on Recreation and the Environment
National Soil Tilth Laboratory
New South Wales Land and Environment Court
National Solid Waste Management Authority
National Solid Waste Management Commission
Nam Theun 2
Non-Time-Critical Removal Action
Non-Time Critical Removal Action
National Toxics Inventory
Non-Transient Non-Community Water System
National Urban Air Toxics Research Center
Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory
National Vehicle & Fuel Emissions Laboratory
National Vehicle Mercury Switch Recovery Program
Nitrate Vulnerable Zone
Nitrate Vulnerable Zones
National Wildlife Crime Unit
National Wasteland Development Board
Nevada Water Environment Association
New World Hope Organization
National Water Initiative
Nursing Work Index
Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant
National Waste Management Strategy
National Water Quality Laboratory
National Water Quality Management Strategy
National Waste & Recycling Association
National Water Research Center
National Weather Records Center
National Water Research Institute
National Water Supply & Drainage Board
New York Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
New York League of Conservation Voters
New York Natural Heritage Program
New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development
New Zealand Green Building Council
Office of Air & Radiation
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Office of Air Quality Planning & Standards
Online Access to Research in the Environment
Ocean Conservancy
Ocean Chemistry Division
Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics and Training
Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration
Ocean & Coastal Resource Management
Operational Directives
Orbital Debris Collector
Offline Diagnostic Environment
Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management
Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site
Ozone Depletion Substances
Office of Drinking Water
Operating Environment
Office Environment Assessment Tool
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Office of Federal Activities
Oil & Gas Accountability Project
Office of Grants and Debarment
Office of Health Assessment and Translation
Ocean Health Index
Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series
Occupational Health Safety Assessment Series
Occupational Health and Safety Bureau
Occupational Health Surveillance Program
Office of International and Tribal Affairs
Outlying Landing Field
Onondaga Lake Partnership
Open Microscopy Environment
Operations Management International
Office of Marine Programs
Operations Management Plan
Office of Mobile Sources
Open Networking Environment
Open Network Install Environment
Oregon Natural Resources Council
Outstanding National Resource Waters
Outstanding National Resource Water
Offshore Operators Committee
Oslo Principles
Oil Pollution Act
Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association
Ontario Pollution Control Equipment Association
Operational Programme Environment
Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation
Oil Pollution Emergency Plans
Operational Performance Indicator
Office of Pesticide Programs
Office of Pesticides Programs
Office of Pollution Prevention
Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Onshore Power Supply
Optimum Population Trust
Ocean Policy Task Force
Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances
Office of Quality Assurance
Office of Response and Restoration
Ohio Rapid Assessment Method
Operational Range Assessment Program
Office of Regional Counsel
Oxygen Release Compound
Oxygen Release Compounds
Office of Radiation, Chemical & Biological Safety
Office of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Safety
Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery
Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment
Oak Ridge Office
Office of Radiation Programs
Office of Response and Restoration
Outstanding Resource Water
Office of the Science Advisor
Oil Spill Contingency And Response
Oil Spill Contingency Plan
On-Scene Coordinators
Office of Satellite Data Processing & Distribution
Oil Spill Eater International
Occupational Safety & Health Agency
Occupational Safety & Health Academy
Office of Safety, Health and Environment
Occupational Safety and Health Management System
Office of Surface Mining
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
Office of Satellite Operations
Operational Street Pollution Model
Office of Satellite and Products Operations
Office of Satellite and Product Operations
Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act
Oil Spill Preparedness Regional Initiative
Office of Site Remediation Enforcement
Oil Spill Removal Organization
Oil Spill Response Organization
Oil Spill Response Organizations
Oil Spill Removal Organizations
Oil Spill Response Plan
Oil Spill Response Plans
Oil Spill Response Research
Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
Office of Transportation and Air Quality
Overseas Territories Environment Programme
Over The Horizon Backscatter
Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict
Ozone Transport Region
Occupational Training & Supply
Operable Unit
Operable Units
Office of Unconventional Gas and Oil
Office of Underground Storage Tanks
Purpose and Need
Pump and Treat
Precautionary Approach
Preferred Alternative
Protected Area
Protected Areas
Planning Assessment Commission
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
Programme Activity Centre
Public Advisory Committee
Public Advisory Council
Plan of Action to Combat Desertification
Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds
Protected Areas Conservation Trust
Partnership for Acid Drainage Remediation in Europe
Pilot Analysis of Global Ecosystems
Past Global Changes
poly-aromatic hydrocarbon
Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Protected Area Management Board
Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station
Pesticide Action Network
Priority Action Programme
Pacific Alliance for Sustainability
Protected Areas
Public Agency Safety Management Association
Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau
Protected Area and Wildlife Bureau
Physiologically Based Extraction Test
Professional Building Inspectors
Permit By Rule
Permits by Rule
Petroleum Bulk Storage
Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic
Persistent, Bioaccumulative, Toxic
Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxics
Persistent Bioaccumulative and Toxic
Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic
Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxics
Poly-chlorinated biphenyl
Poly Chlorinated Biphenyl
Post Consumer Carpet
Post-Conflict and Disaster Management Branch
Process Chlorine Free
Processed Chlorine Free
Product Carbon Footprint
Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles
Product Category Rule
Product Category Rules
Personal Carbon Trading
Pollution Control Technology
Programme Coordination Unit
Post-Consumer Waste
Post Consumer Waste
Position Document
Project Development and Environment
Pit Disassembly and Conversion Facility
Parallel Environment
Preinstallation Environment
Preinstall Environment
Protected Environment
Preliminary Endangerment Assessment
Process Environment Block
Probe encapsulated by biologically localized embedding
Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy
Pennsylvania Environmental Council
Primary Energy Demand
Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction
Partnership for European Environmental Research
Pan European Forest Certification
Pan European Forest Council
Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification
Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification
Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification
Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification
Poverty Environment Network
Pacific Environment Information Network
Personal Exposure Limit
Planning and Environment Linkages
Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems
Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies
Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office
Person Environment Occupation
Pakistan Environmental Protection Act
Pre-Environmental Review
Preliminary Environmental Review
Population-Environment Research Network
Payments for Ecological Services
Payments for Ecosystem Services
Practice Environment Scale
Physiological Equivalent Temperature
Paddy Fields
Performance Fluid
Potency Factor
Philippine Federation for Environmental Concern
Process Guidance
Professional Geologist
Partner Government Agencies
Protocol Gas Verification Program
Public Health Assessment
Public Health Assessments
Population, Health and Environment
Population, Health, and Environment
Postgraduate Hospital Educational Environment Measure
Palestinian Hydrology Group
Public Health Inspector
Predicted Heat Strain
Public Health Statements
Pollution Inventory
Population Institute
Prior Informed Consent
Product Of Incomplete Combustion
Project Information Document
Project for Improved Environmental Coverage
Planet in Focus
Powder Impression Moulding
Public Involvement Program
Pollution Incident Prevention Plan
Pesticide Information Profiles
Plant-Incorporated Protectants
Plant Incorporated Protectants
Project Implementation Report
Project Implementation Review
Public Interest Research Group
Public Interest Research Groups
Public Interest Research Group in Michigan
Personalized Learning Environment
Personalized Learning Environments
Personal Learning Environment
Personal Learning Experience
PLATO Learning Environment
Personalized Learning Environments
Personal Learning Environments
Pollution Legal Liability
Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science
Project Learning Tree
Particle Monitor
Philippine Movement for Climate Justice
Presidency of Meteorology and Environment
Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Pollution Monitoring Laboratory
Phytoplankton Monitoring Network
Pre-Manufacture Notification
Proportionate Mortality Ratio
Provincial Mining Regulatory Board
Predicted Mean Vote
Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory
Predicted No-effect Concentration
Predicted No Effect Concentration
Predicted No-Effect Concentrations
Programa das Nações Unidas para o Meio Ambiente
Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente
Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente
Polar Organic Chemical Integrative Samplers
Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential
Point of Exposure
Product Of My Environment
Principal Organic Hazardous Constituent
Principal Organic Hazardous Constituents
Point of Interception
Promotion of Indigenous and Nature Together
Polycyclic Organic Matter
Persistant Organic Pollutants
Persistent Organic Pollutant
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Persistant Organic Pollutants
Persistent Organic Pollutants
Persistent Organic Pollutant Review Committee
Personal Overhead Rapid Transit
Publicly Owned Treatment Works
Publicly Owned Treatment Works
Pollution Prevention
Precautionary Principle
Priority Pollutants
Project Proponent
Proposed Plan
Plant Pest Act
Plant Protection Act
Pollution Prevention Act
Prospective Purchaser Agreement
Pollution Prevention Control
Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency
Preparedness, Prevention, and Contingency
Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied
Predicted Percentage of Dissatisfied
Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee
Performance Partnership Grant
Professional Practice Guide
Pollution Prevention Guidelines
Pollution Prevention Plan
Pollution Prevention Institute
Program Planning and Integration
Process and Production Method
Process and Production Methods
Pilot Project Program
Plant Protection Product
Plant Protection Products
Pollution Prevention and Response
Pollution Prevention Resource Center
Planning Policy Statement 5
Provincial Policy Statement
Permanent People's Tribunal
Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive
Practical Quantitation Limit
Pesticide Registration
Proposed Remedial Action Plan
Permeable Reactive Barrier
Permeable Reactive Barriers
Pacific Rivers Council
Pennsylvania Resources Council
Preliminary Remediation Goal
Preliminary Remediation Goals
Preliminary Remediation Goals
Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment
Principles for Responsible Investments
Principles of Responsible Investment
Pesticide Registration Improvement Act
Producer Responsibility Organisation
Potentially Responsible Party
Potentially Responsible Parties
Potential Responsible Party
Potentially Responsible Parties
Pollutant Release and Transfer Register
Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers
Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry
Pollutant Release Transfer Register
Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers
Pesticide Root Zone Model
Performance Standards
Product Stewardship
Pago por Servicios Ambientales
Pagos por Servicios Ambientales
Preliminary Site Assessment
Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
Punjab State Council for Science and Technology
Pesticides Safety Directorate
Project Summary Document
Personal Service Environment
Pretreatment Standards for Existing Sources
Pollutants Standard Index
Pollution Standards Index
Pollution Standard Index
Preliminary Site Investigation
Principles for Sustainable Insurance
Product Stewardship Institute
Point Source Monitoring
Professional Science Master
Pretreatment Standards for New Sources
Pneumatic Stabilized Platform
Product Stewardship Program
Puget Sound Partnership
Pressure State Response
Puget Sound Refinery
Process To Significantly Reduce Pathogens
Particularly Sensitive Sea Area
Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas
Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas
Petroleum Storage Tanks
Petroleum Storage Tanks
Potential to Emit
Permit to Install
Particle Tracking Model
Permit to Operate
Persistent Toxic Substances
Persistent Toxic Substances
Player vs Environment
Petroleum Vapor Intrusion
Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners
Precious Water
Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum
Public Works Center
Peabody Western Coal Company
Pennsylvania Water Environment Association
Professional Wetland Scientist
Professional Wetland Scientists
Public Water System
Public Water Supply
Public Water Systems
Public Water Supply System
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
Quality Assurance Levels
Quality Assurance Level 2
Quaker Earthcare Witness
Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index
Responsible Authority
Radiation Advisory Committee
Response Action Contract
Remedial Action Cost Engineering and Requirements
Reach Address Database
Random-Walk Advection and Dispersion Model
Radiation Amplification Factor
Risk Assessment Forum
Risk Assessment Information System
Release Abatement Measure
Risk Assessment and Management
Rural Abandoned Mine Program
Remedial Action Objectives
Remedial Action Plans
Remedial Action Plan
Remedial Action Project
Responsibly and Professionally Invigorating Development
Regional Air Pollution in Developing Countries
Reasonable and Prudent Practices for Stabilization
Remedial Action Report
Remedial Actions
Risk Based Concentration
Risk-Based Corrective Action
Risk Based Corrective Action
River Basin Management Plans
River Basin Management Plan
Remote Component Environment
Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Reuter centrifugal sampler
Responsible Drilling Alliance
Red Data Book of the Russian Federation
Raw Data Record
Royal Demolition Explosive
Recovery Environment
Runtime Environment
Reducing Exposure to Asbestos Database
Resources and Energy Analysis Programme
Radiation and Environmental Biophysics
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Regional Environmental Center
Regional Environmental Characterisation
Regional Environment Center
Responsible Endowments Coalition
Research on Coping with Vulnerability to Environmental Risk
Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production
Registration Eligibility Decision
Reregistration Eligibility Decision
Reregistration Eligibility Document
Reregistration Eligibility Decisions
Reference Exposure Levels
Radio Environment Maps
Register of Ecological Models
Regional Environmental Office
Regional Environment Office
Responsible Electronics Recycling Act
Radiological Emergency Response Team
Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform
Randomized Exposure Study of Pollution Indoors and Respiratory Effects
Regional Flood and Coastal Committee
Rainforest Connection
Responsive Forest Governance Initiative
Revolving Fund Program
Rocky Flats Plant
Recycle Florida Today
Remediation General Permit
Responsible Governmental Unit
Rivers and Harbors Act
River Health Programme
Registered Hazardous Substances Professional
Reproductive Health Technologies Project
Remedial Investigation
Remedial Investigations
Responsible Investment
Responsible Investor
River Invertebrate Classification Tool
Rhode Island Department of Health
Research Innovation and Enterprise Council
Rhode Island Environmental Education Association
Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods
Rapid Inquiry Facility
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Research Institute for Knowledge Systems
ReSource Institute for Low Entropy Systems
Recycling Industry Operation Standard
Recycling Industry Operating Standard
Remedy in Place
Remedial Investigation Report
Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment
Reinforcement Learning
Regional Learning Center
Research Laboratories
Resource Management Act
Resource Management Area
Recovered Materials Advisory Notices
Reasonable Maximum Exposure
Rich Media Environment
Resource Management Plan
Risk Management Plan
Risk Management Plans
Risk Management Planning
Resource Management Plans
Risk Management Programs
Risk Management Programs
Recycled Materials Resource Center
Remote Monitor Station
Remote Monitoring Station
Resource Management Unit
Regulated Medical Waste
Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Record of Decision
Record of Decisions
Records of Decision
Record of Decisions
Replicate Organism Detection and Counting
Record of Decision System
Records Of Decision System
Regional Office for Europe
Report on the Environment
Return on Environment
Region of Freshwater Influence
Reactive Organic Gases
Reactive Organic Gas
Regional Oxidant Model
Renewable Operating Permit
Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment
Regional Organisation for the Protection of the Marine Environment
Regression on Order Statistics
Residents Organized for a Safe Environment
Rapid Optical Screen Tool
Regional Office for West Asia
Radon Progeny
Recommended Practices
Recommended Practices
Resource Planning Act
Resources Planning Act
Rebuttable Presumption Against Registration
Regional Priority Credits
Radiation Protection Division
Relative Potency factor
Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist
Rencana Pemantauan Lingkungan
Reactive Plume Model
Remedial Project Managers
Responsible Purchasing Network
Remedial Process Optimization
Radiation Protection Program
Responsible Procurement Program
Radiation Protection Section
Reportable Quantity
Reportable Quantities
Reportable Quantities
Risk Quotients
River Research and Applications
Regional Response Center
River Restoration Centre
Rules Review Commission
Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory
Rainforest Rescue International
Resource Renewal Institute
Radiation Safety
Registered Sanitarian
Registered Sanitarians
Radiation Safety Committee
Record of Site Condition
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
Royal Society for Nature Conservation
Risk-Specific Dose
Risk specific dose
Remote Sensing of Environment
Royal Society of Health
Regional Screening Level
Regional Screening Levels
Regional Seas Programme
Royal Society for Protection of Birds
Royal Society for Protection of Nature
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
Remote Sensing Solutions
Rural Stewardship Scheme
Rio Tinto Alcan
Research Translation Core
Response to Comments
Romberg Tiburon Center
Responding to Climate Change
Run-Time Environment
Run Time Environment
Solidification / Stabilization
Situation Awareness
Support Action
Satellite Accumulation Areas
South Atlantic Area
Science Advisory Board
Science Advisory Council
Special Antarctic Blend
Stakeholder Advisory Committee
Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape
Science Advisory Group
Study of Asthma, Genes and the Environment
Sustainability and the Global Environment
Scientific Advisory Groups
Small Area Health Statistics Unit
Space Applications Institute
Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management
Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management
Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments
Subglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration
Saturated Adiabatic Lapse Rate
Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere
Sahabat Alam Malaysia
Special Area Management Plan
Special Area Management Plans
Secure Active Network Environment
Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks
Sampling and Analysis Plans
Science Advisory Panel
Storage and Retrieval of Aerometric Data
Surfers Against Sewage
South African Scoring System
Soil-adjusted Vegetation Index
Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
Sludge Blanket
Santa Barbara County Action Network
Small Business Environmental Assistance Program
Sustainable Business Institute
Small Business and Local Government Assistance
Standards Based Management System
Small Business Ombudsman
Sierra Club
Stakeholder Council
Stockholm Convention
Sustainable Consumption
Subcommittee on Consequence Assessment and Protective Actions
Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority
Semi-Continuous Activated Sludge
Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique
Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Techniques
Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique
Source Classification Code
Stress Corrosion Cracking
Special Climate Change Fund
Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins
Suffolk County Department of Health Services
Superfund Chemical Data Matrix
Services Creation Environment
Sustainable Consumption Institute
Sustainable Cities Institute
Sustainable Campus Initiative
Safer Chemical Ingredients List
Standing Committee on the Environment
Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment
Scientific Committee on Problems in the Environment
Scientific Committee on Problems of Environment
South Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement
Sustainable Cities Programme
State Coalition for Remediation of Drycleaners
Scientific Certification Systems
Scientific Certification System
South China Sea Fishery Research Institute
Safety Conscious Work Environment
Service Definition
Subsurface Disposal Area
Service Delivery Environment
Software Defined Environment
Software Defined Environments
Syntax Definition Formalism
Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure and Environment
Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment
Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment
Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative
Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative
Safe Drinking Water Information System
Scheduling environments
Security Environment
Structured Environment
Secretaria de Estado do Ambiente
Sustainable Environment-Actionable Data
Sustainable Environment Actionable Data
Sustainable Environments Actionable Data
Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica
Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations
System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation
Software Environment for the Advancement of Scholarly Research
Streamlining European Biodiversity Indicators
Science Express Biodiversity Special
Singapore Environment Council
Space Environment Center
Solvent Emissions Directive
Staged Electronic Data Deliverable
Synthetic Environment Data Representation and Interchange Specification
Synthetic Environment Data Representation Interchange Specification
Sandboxed Execution Environment
Secure Execution Environment
Space Environments and Effects
System of Environmental and Economic Accounts
Society of Environmental Engineers Journal
Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge
State Education and Environment Roundtable
Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department
Science and Environmental Health Network
Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory
Singapore Environment Institute
Sydney Environment Institute
Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority
Shared Environmental Information System
Server Environment Monitoring System
Single European Information Space
Space Environment In-Situ Suite
Society for Environmental Journalists
Safety and Environment Management Systems
Standard Evaluation Procedures
Strategic Environmental Plan
Strategic Environment Plan
Supplemental Environmental Project
Supplemental Environmental Projects
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
State Environment Protection Agency
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
State Environmental Protection Administration
Socialist Environment and Resources Association
Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department
Space Environment Research Center
Space Environment Research Facility
Sustainable Electronics Recycling International
Source Evaluation Society
Space Environment Simulator
Science and Ecosystem Support Division
Space Environment Simulation Laboratory
Space Environment Testbeds
Space Environment Technologies
Science Focus Area
Seychelles Fishing Authority
State Forest Administration
San Francisco Estuary Project
San Francisco Green Film Festival
Sustainable Forest Initiative
School for Field Studies
Sustainable Food Systems
South Florida Water Management District
Scientific Group on Methodologies for the Safety Evaluation of Chemicals
Scientific Guidance Panel
Singapore Green Plan
Small Grant Programme
Small Grants Programme
Strategic Goals Program
Scientists for Global Responsibility
Stakeholder Groups
Soil Guideline Values
Soil Guideline Value
Soil Guideline Values
Sustainable and Healthy Communities
Safety, Health, and Environment
Safety, Health and Environmental
Safety, Health and the Environment
Safety Health and Environmental
Safety Health & Environmental
Sustainability in Higher Education
Stochastic Human Exposure and Dose Simulation
Safety, Health, Environment and Quality
Safety and Health Information Bulletins
Safety and Health Officer
Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center
Site Inspection
Site Inspections
Site Investigation
Spatial Information and Analysis
Screening Information Data Sets
Screening Information Data Set
Social Investment Forum
Significant Impact Levels
Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station
Stable isotope probing
State Implementation Plan
State Implementation Plans
Styrene Information & Research Center
Safety Information Resources on the Internet
Specialized Information System
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
Scientific Knowledge for Environmental Protection
Specific leaf area
Submerged Lands Act
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
State and Local Air Monitoring Stations
Snow Leopard Conservancy
Social Life Cycle Assessment
Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment
Short-Lived Climate Pollutants
Shallow Land Disposal Area
Sustainable Land and Ecosystem Management
Simulation Linked Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
Sea Level Rise
Sustainable Manufacturing
Sustainable Minds
Shoreline Management Act
Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentration
Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentrations
Scottish Marine Biological Association
Significant Monitoring Concentration
Spatial Modelling Environment
Sustainable Materials Management
Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute
Sample Management Office
Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions
Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emission
Safety Management Program
Shoreline Management Program
Smoke Management Program
Shoreline Management Plan
Soil Management Plan
Shoreline Management Plans
Site Management Plan
Statutory Management Requirements
Surface-Water Modeling System
Sustainability Management System
Synchronous Meteorological Satellite
Sequencing and Navigation
Science for Nature and People
Significant New Alternative Policy
Significant New Alternatives Program
Synthetic Natural Environment
Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative
Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership
School of Natural Resources and Environment
Significant new use rule
Southern Organizing Committee
Somali Organisation for Community Development Activities
School of the Environment
Standard Operating Environments
Self-Organized Learning Environment
Self Organized Learning Environment
State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference
Socially Optimized Learning in Virtual Environments
Soil Organic Matter
Spill of National Significance
Sectoral Operational Programme
Sense of Place
State of Practice
Statement of Qualifications
Statements of Qualifications
Save Our Shoreline
Save Our Springs
School of Sustainability
Sensor Observation Services
Southern Oxidants Study
Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology
Single Payment
Stated Preference
Shore Protection Act
Specially Protected Area
Specially Protected Areas
Special Protection Areas
Spill Prevention and Response
Space Physics Archive Search and Extract
Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife
Sustainable Packaging Coalition
Sustainable Product Certification
Sustainable Production and Consumption
Spill Prevention, Containment, and Countermeasure
Service Provider Delivery Environment
State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
State Pollution Discharge Elimination System
Sediment Profile Imagery
Strategic Planning Initiative
Space Physics Interactive Data Resource
Substance Priority List
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure
Semi-Permeable Membrane Device
Semi-permeable membrane devices
Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel
Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
Systeme Probatoire pour l'Observation de la Terre
Science and Public Policy Institute
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Program
Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
South Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Save Philippine Seas
Science for Peace and Security
Strategic Planning System
Sustainability Quotient
Sediment Quality Criteria
Small Quantity Generator
Small Quantity Generators
Small Quantity Generators
Small Quantity Generators
Sediment Quality Guidelines
Small Quantity Handler of Universal Waste
Sediment Quality Triad
Social Responsibility
Socially Responsible Business
Sustainability Report
Sustainability Reporting
Society of Risk Analysis
Sulfate-reducing Bacteria
Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
Sulphate Reducing Bacteria
Superfund Research Center
Sustainable Resources Center
State Review Framework
Ship Recycling Facility Plan
State Revolving Funds
Scientific Review Groups
Socially Responsible Investing
Socially Responsible Investments
Soil Resources Inventory
Superfund Redevelopment Initiative
Sustainability Research Institute
Systems Research Institute
Southwest Research and Information Center
Spatial Reference Model
Ship Recycling Plan
Site Remediation Program
Superfund Research Program
Sustainable Rice Platform
Substance Registry Services
Substance Registry Service
Savannah River Technology Center
Service Request Tracking System
Suwannee River Water Management District
Suspended Sediment
Semiconductor Safety Association
Sole Source Aquifer
Site-Specific Advisory Board
Scientific Support Coordinator
Scientific Support Coordinators
Strategic Sustainability Consulting
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Security and Sustainability Forum
School Sanitation and Hygiene Education
Sewage Sludge Incinerators
Sewage Sludge Incineration
Silent Spring Institute
Student Summer Internship
Soil Screening Level
Soil Survey and Land Research Centre
Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction
Startup, Shutdown, Malfunction
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Sanitary Sewer Overflow
Sanitary Sewer Overflows
Sanitary Sewer Overflows
Source Selection Official
Sewer System Overflows
Sound Speed Profile
Site Specific Risk Assessment
South Saskatchewan River Basin
Single-shell Tank
Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Order
Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards
State and Tribal Assistance Grant
State and Tribal Assistance Grants
Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel
Scientific Technical Advisory Panel
Science To Achieve Results
Self-sustaining Treatment for Active Remediation
Standing for Truth About Radiation
State of Texas Alliance for Recycling
System for Transparent Allocation of Resources
Strategic Targeted Activities for Results System
Superfund Technical Assessment & Response Team
Submarine Tailings Disposal
Sustainable Technology Division
School Transitional Environment Project
Shipboard Technology Evaluation Program
Solving The E-waste Problem
Sustainable Technology Environments Program
Sustainable Travel International
Signal Transduction Knowledge Environment
Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration
Sand Trees Mountains Pacific Ocean
Speciation Trends Network
Site Treatment Plan
Specialty Technical Publishers
Sustainability Transitions Research Network
Sweden Textile Water Initiative
Sewage Treatment Works
Sustainable Urban Environments
Sustainable United Nations
Students United for a Responsible Global Environment
School of Urban and Regional Planning
Sampling Visit
Stream Visual Assessment Protocol
Security for Virtualized Environments
Soil Vapor Extraction
Soil Vapour Extraction
Small Vessel General Permit
Scientific Vector Language
Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group
Sustainable Value Network
Semi-volatile Organic compounds
Semi-Volatile Organic Compound
Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
Solid Waste
Saudi Wildlife Authority
Stop Work Authority
Source Water Assessment Program
State Water Commission
Second World Climate Conference
Soil and Water Conservation Society
Safe Water Drinking Act
Solid Waste Disposal Act
Swedish Work Environment Authority
Sensors for Water Interest Group
Southern Waste Information eXchange
South West London Environment Network
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board
Sustainable Water Management Initiative
Solid Waste Management Plan
Solid Waste Management Unit
Solid Waste Management Units
Solid Waste Management Units
Source Water Protection Area
Storm Water Pollution Prevention
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
Surface Water Quality Standards
State Water Resources Control Board
State Water Resource Control Board
Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable
Society of Wetland Scientists
Solid Waste Solutions
Surface Water Treatment Plant
Transport and Dispersion
Threatened and Endangered
Transport and Environment
Traditional Authority
Trace Atmospheric Gas Analyzer
The Borneo Initiative
Toxicity Characteristic
Tri-County Health Department
Toxic Characteristics Leaching Procedure
Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure
Toxicity Characterization Leaching Procedure
Terrestrial Carbon Observation
Terrestrial Carbon Observations
Time-Critical Removal Action
Tennessee Clean Water Network
Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis
Trinity Desktop Environment
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Totally Degradable Plastic Additive
Toxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children's Health
Total Exposure Assessment Methodology
Technology and Economic Assessment Panel
Thread Environment Block
Total Environment Centre
The Eco Declaration
Turtle Excluding Device
The Endocrine Disruption Exchange
Trusted Execution Environment
Trusted Execution Environments
Trusted Execution Environments
Toxic equivalence factor
Toxicity Equivalency Factor
Toxic Equivalent Quantity
Thailand Environmental Institute
Threshold Effects Level
Threshold Effect Level
Tripartite Environment Ministers Meeting
Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring Sites
Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
Technologically-Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee
Transport and Environment Reporting Mechanism
Terrestrial Ecosystem Science
Threatened and Endangered Species
Total Economic Value
Tropical Forest Action Plan
Task Force on Emission Inventories and Projections
Tropical Forest Foundation
Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling
Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen
The Forest Trust
Tropical Forest Trust
Trees for the Future
Technical Guidance Manual
Three Gorges Reservoir
Temperature Humidity Bias
Toxicology Information Briefs
Tentatively Identified Compounds
Tentatively Identified Compounds
Toxicity Identification Evaluation
Tufts Institute of the Environment
The International Ecotourism Society
Technical Information Manager
Thermal Insulation Manufacturers Association
Technology Innovation Office
Tribal Implementation Plan
Turtle Island Restoration Network
Trade Justice Movement
Total Maximum Daily Load
Total Maximum Daily Limit
Total Maximum Daily Loads
Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost
Transport & Mobility Leuven
Terminal Monitor Program
Texas Mining and Reclamation Association
Theoretical Maximum Residue Contribution
The Nature Conservancy
Transient Non-Community Water System
Traffic Noise Model
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Texas Natural Resources Conservation Commission
The Natural Step
Technology Organization Environment
Total Organic Gases
Tiros Operational System
Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System
Total Phosphorus
Transit Project Assessment Process
Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
Third Pole Environment
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon
Toba Pulp Lestari
Thermal Power Station
Thermal Product Solutions
The Pesticide Stewardship Alliance
Taranaki Regional Council
Toxicity Reduction Evaluation
Toxicity Reduction Evaluations
Taxonomic Resources and Expertise Directory
Thai Research Fund
The Reynolds Group
Toxic Release Inventory
Toxic Releases Inventory
Toxics Release Inventory
Toxics Release Inventory System
Tropical Resources Institute
Total Risk Integrated Methodology
Temporary Revocable Permit
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Texas Risk Reduction Program
Terminology Reference System
Total Reduced Sulphur
Toxicity Reference Value
Toxicity Reference Values
The Sustainability Consortium
Toxic Substances Control Act Test Submissions
Toxic Substances Control Act test submission
Toxic Substance Control Act Test Submission
Technical Support Document
Treatment, Storage, Disposal
Treatment, Storage and Disposal
Treatment, Storage & Disposal
Treatment, Storage, or Disposal
Treatment Storage and Disposal
Treatment, Storage, or Disposal Facility
Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility
Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility
Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities
Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities
Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities
Tailings Storage Facility
Thermal System Insulation
Total Suspended Matter
Total Suspended Particulates
Total Suspended Particle
Toyota Super Olefin Polymer
Tanker Safety and Pollution Prevention
Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series
Tri-State Transportation Campaign
Total Threshold Limit Concentration
Technology Transfer Network
Total toxic organics
Transportable Treatment Unit
Toxics Use Reduction Institute
Trade Union Technical Bureau
Total Volatile Organic Compound
Total Volatile Organic Compounds
Urban Airshed Model
Urban Dispersion Model
Union of Baltic Cities
Union of the Baltic Cities
Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Regulation
Universities Council on Water Resources
Union of Concerned Scientists
Union for Ethical Bio Trade
Upper Green River Basin
Unregulated Heating Oil Tank
Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics
Ultra High Temperature Ceramics
United Kingdom Register of Organic Food Standards
University Leaders for a Sustainable Future
University of Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study
United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity
United Nations Conference on Desertification
United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea
United Nations Disaster Relief Organization
Uniform National Discharge Standards
United Nations Environmental Organization
United Nations Environmental Programme
United Nations Environment Programm
United Nation Framework Convention on Climate
United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change
United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change
United Nation's Institute for Training and Research
University of Natural Resources and Environment
University Operations Services
Urban Pollution Management
Urban Pond Procession
Underground Storage
United States Department of the Interior
United States Department of Commerce
Underground Source of Drinking Water
Underground Sources Of Drinking Water
United State Environmental Protection Agency
United States Environment Protection Agency
United States Fish & Wildlife Service
United States Global Change Research Program
Unilever Sustainable Living Plan
United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission
United States Society for Ecological Economics
Underground Storage Tank
Underground Storage Tanks
Underground Storage Tanks
Underground Storage Tank Indemnification Fund
Utilities Solid Waste Activities Group
Utility Solid Waste Activities Group
United Towns Organization
Universal Treatment Standards
Universal Treatment Standard
Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment
Viable But Non Culturable
Viable But Not Culturable
Virtual Home Environment
Valued Ecosystem Components
Valued Ecosystem Components
Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutant
Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide
Veterinary International Conference on Harmonization
Visibility Information Exchange Web System
Virtual Institute of Microbial Stress and Survival
Vendor Information System for Innovative Treatment Technologies
Vapor Intrusion Screening Level
Virtual Machine Introspection
Valuing Nature Network
Virtual Object
Volatile Organics Analysis
Volitile Organic Compounds
Volatile Organic Compounds
Volatile Organic Sampling Train
Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
Voluntary Party Liability Exemption
Visual Resource Management
Vehicle Recycling Partnership
Voluntary Remediation Program
World Ocean Observatory
wireless application environments
Water Accommodated Fraction
Waste area group
Waste Area Grouping
Waste Analysis Plan
Water and Sanitation for Health
Wide Area Virtual Environment
Wet-bulb globe temperature
Wet Bulb Globe Temperature
Western Colorado Congress
World Conservation Congress
World Commission on Forests and Sustainable Development
Western Channel Observatory
Wider Caribbean Region
World Conservation Union
Washington Conservation Voters
Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
Washington Department of Ecology
World Database on Protected Areas
Writing Environment
Water Environment Association of South Carolina
Work Environment Council
World Environment Day
Western Ecology Division
Water Environment Foundation
Wildlife Enforcement Monitoring System
Women's Environmental Network
World Environmental Organisation
Water Environment Partnership in Asia
Water Effects Ratio
Water Environment Services
Wall Experiment Station
Waste Encapsulation and Storage Facility
Whole Effluent Toxicity
Worker Education and Training Program
Wind Farm
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel
Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel
World Heritage Convention
Worldwide Integrated Assessment
Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts
Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme
Wisdom In Nature
Western Indian Ocean
Waste Isolation Pilot Project
Waste Information System
Web-based Inquiry Science Environment
Water Laboratory Alliance
Waste Load Allocations
Western Lake Superior Sanitary District
Waste Management & Research
Watershed Management Council
Waste Management Division
Water management district
Water Management Districts
Waste Management Licensing
Waste Management License
World Meteorological Office
World Metereological Organization
Water Management Plan
Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore
Waste Management and Research Center
West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
World Naked Gardening Day
Welsh Office
World Overpopulation Awareness
World Ocean Council
Wyoming Outdoor Council
World Oceans Day
Western Organization of Resource Councils
Waters of the United States
War on Waste
Water on the Web
Water Pollution
World Parks Congress
Watershed Protection Division
Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials
Water Quality
Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund
Water Quality Based Effluent Limits
Water Quality Certification
Water Quality Criteria
Water Quality Center
Water Quality Index
Water Quality Information Center
Water quality monitor
Water Quality Laboratory
Water Quality Portal
Water Quality Management Plan
Water Quality Objective
Water Quality System
Water Quality Exchange
Water Resources
Water Resource Associates
Waste & Resources Action Programme
Waste and Resources Action Programme
Waste and Resource Action Programme
Waste and Resources Action Program
Waste Reduction and Prevention
Waste Resources Action Programme
Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy
Water Research Center
Water Resources Council
Water Resources Engineering
Wild Rockies Field Institute
Western Region Hazardous Substance Research Center
Western Research Institute
World Resource Institute
World Rainforest Movement
Water Resource Management Plan
Water Resources Research
Water Resources Research Center
Water Resource Research Center
World Resources Report
Waste Reduction Resource Center
Westminster Sustainable Business Forum
World Soil Day
Washington State Department of Ecology
Water Soluble Fraction
Water, Sanitation and Health
Water Sanitation and Health
Workplace Safety and Health Officers
Web Service Modeling Ontology
World Safety Organization
Western Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Network
Waste Shipment Regulation
Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
World Social Science
Water Sensitive Urban Design
Western States Water Council
Water Supply and Water Resources Division
Water Task Force
Waste Technologies Industries
Water Technology List
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Worker Training Program
Weighted Usable Area
West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection
West Valley Demonstration Project
World Water Assessment Program
World Wilderness Congress
Water & Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association
Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association
Word Wildlife Fund
World Wild Fund
World Wildlife Fund
world wildlife foundation
World Wide Foundation
World Wide Fund for Nature
World Wide Fund for Nature
World-Wide Human Geography Data
World Wide Human Geography Data
World Watch Institute
World Water Monitoring Challenge
World Water Monitoring Day
Yucca Mountain Project
Zero Mercury Working Group
Zero Waste Scotland