Popular Finance acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Automated Customer Account Transfer Service
Adjusted Cost Base
Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants
American-Canadian Connection for Efficient Securities Settlement
Automated Communication Exchange System
Associate Chartered Management Accountant
Automated Confirmation Transaction Service
Automated Confirmation Transaction
Advance/Decline Line
Appui au Développement Autonome
Adjusted Debit Balance
Abu-Dhabi Department of Economic Development
Andorran Franc
Additional Day Off
Alternative Delivery Procedure
Andorran Peseta
ADvanced Purchasing and Inventory Control System
American Depositary Receipt
American Depositary Receipts
Alternative Depreciation System
Average Daily Trading Volume
Average Directional Index
Account Executive
Actual Expense Allowance
Arab Emirates Dirham
United Arab Emirates Dirham
Aggregate External Finance
Australian Equipment Lessors Association
Annual Equivalent Rate
Accounting and Finance
Adaptation Fund
Administration and Finance
Administration & Finance Division
Afghan afghani
Afghanistan Afghani
Accredited Financial Counselor
Administrative and Finance Committee
Africa Finance Corporation
African Finance Corporation
Automotive Finance Corporation
Australian Financial Futures Market
Africa Finance & Investment Forum
Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals
Amman Financial Market
Authorised Futures And Options Funds
Annual Financial Plan
Annual Financial Report
Applicable Federal Rate
Annual Financial Reports
Academy of Financial Services
Academy of Financial Training
Agence France Tresor
Adjusted Gross Income
After-Hours Trading
Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance
Association of International Bond Dealers
Attention Interest desire conviction action
Automatic Interprofessional Dealing System
Automated International Market System
Automatic Investment Plan
Assumed Interest Rate
American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
American Institutetute of Real Estate Appraisers
American Legal Finance Association
American Legal Financing Association
Albanian old lek
Albanian Lek
Adjustable Long-term Puttable Security
Asset Management
Armenia Dram
Armenian dram
Asset Management Division
AMEX Options Switching System
Auction Market Preferred Stock
Automatic Order Matching and Execution System
Alternative Minimum Tax
Netherlands Antilles Guilder
Netherlands Antillean guilder
Association of National Numbering Agencies
Analysis of Variance
Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Authorizing Official
Angolian New Kwanza
Angolan New Kwanza
American Stock Exchange Options
Academy of Finance
Administration Operations and Management
Australian Options Market
All or None
Angolan kwanza readjustado
Asian-Oceanian Standard-Setters Group
Asian-Oceanian Standard Setters Group
Asian-Oceanian Standards Setters Group
Associated Person
Accounting Processing Code
Agency Program Coordinator
Association of Private Client Investment Managers and Stockbrokers
AlterMed Alternative Private Equity Fund
Administrative Policy Group
Above Poverty Line
Asosiasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan Indonesia
Annual Percentage Yield
Arbitrage Pricing Theory
Asset Protection Trust
Automated Pit Trading
Automated Pit Trading System
Adjusted Present Value
Average Qualitative Opinion
Argentine austral
Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
American Real Estate Society
Accounting Research Institute
Argentine peso ley
Argentine Peso
Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Argentine peso moneda nacional
Account Receivable Officer
Argentine peso argentino
Argentinean Nuevo Peso
Argentinian Nuevo Peso
Accounting Rate Of Return
Amsterdam Security Account System
Advertising Standards Board of Finance
Asset Swapped Convertible Option Transaction
American Stock Exchange
Amsterdam Stock Exchange
Athens Stock Exchange
Association of Swiss Exchanges
Association of Southwest Asian Nations
American Society for Testing Materials
Australian Stock Exchange Derivatives
Agrarische Termijnmarkt Amsterdam
Across the Board
Association Tripartite Bourses
Automated Trade Execution System
Afghan Threat Finance Cell
Amsterdam Treasury Bond Market
Asset Turnover
Ability to repay
Average True Range
Alternative Trading Systems
Automated Trade System
Automated Trading System
Austrian Schillings
Austrian Schilling
Annual Tax Unit
Austrian Traded Index
Accounting Unit
Assets Under Management
Association of Unit Trusts and Investment Funds
Aruba Guilder
Aruban guilder
Asia Ex-Japan
Azerbaijani manat
Budget & Finance
Broadcast Advertising Standards Board of Finance
Bay Bithaman Ajil
Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act
Boston Stock Exchange Automated Communication and Order-routing Network
Belgian Franc
Belgian Franc
Belgian Franc
Belgian Futures and Options Exchange
Belgium Futures and Options Exchange
Business Expansion Scheme
Bond Equivalent Yield
Bachelor of Finance
Business and Finance
Baltic Futures Exchange
Baltic Freight Index
Bulgarian lev
Bulgarian lev
Bulgarian Lev
Bulgarian Lev
Bahraini Dinar
Bank Indonesia
Bank Interchange Code
Bank Investment Contract
Burundian franc
Burundi Franc
Baltic International Freight Futures Market
Business India Institute of Finance
Buy in Management Buy Out
Stock Exchange International System
Bureau of Local Government Finance
Bolsade Mercadorias and Futuros
Basic Minimum Capital
Bermudian Dollar
Bolsa Mexicana de Valores
Brunei Dollar
Banque nationale suisse
Bolivian Boliviano
Bratislava Options Exchange
Bank of Botswana Certificate
Business Objective Interface
Branch Office Manager
Buying-in, Odd-lot, Off-market and Married
Bolivian Peso
Bolivian Mvdol
Board of Trustees
Bolsa de Valores de São Paulo
Bolsas de Valores de Sao Paulo
Boston Options Exchange
Bond Equivalent Yield
Business Process Guide
Bank Payment Obligation
Bank Payment Obligations
Bank Payment Obligations
Basis Point
Book Value per Share
Brazilian cruzeiro novo
Brazilian cruzado
Brazilian cruzeiro
Brazilian cruzado novo
Brazilian cruzeiro real
Brazil, Russia, India and China
Brazilian Real
Book Rate of Return
Budget Review Team
Brazilian cruzeiro
Business Service Centers
Bahamanian Dollar
Bahamian Dollar
Big Swinging Dick
Bangkok Stock Exchange
Beirut Stock Exchange
Boston Stock Exchange
Botswana Stock Exchange
Budapest Stock Exchange
Boston Stock Exchange Clearing Corporation
Boston Stock Exchange Clearing Corporationration
Bachelor of Science in Finance
Botswana Share Market
Bratislava Stock Exchange
BSTY is the abbreviation for GlobalBoost-Y Digital Money. The currency is traded under $BSTY symbol.
Bermuda Stock Exchange
Bons du Trésor à Intéret Annuel Normalisé
Bhutan Ngultrum
Budapest Interbank Offered Rate
British Universities Finance Directors Group
Budapest Stock Exchange Index
Belgische Vereniging van Banken
Bolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro
Bank of Western Australia
Botswana Pula
Capital Expenditures
Configuration Accounting System
Certificates of Accrual on Treasury Securities
Computer-Assisted Trading System
Compound Accreted Value
Current Bid
Centrally Billed Accounts
Classified Baseline Accounting And Reporting System
Chicago Board Brokerage
Civilian Board of Contract Appeals
Cent Bank Home Finance Limited
Collateralized Bond Obligation
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Candidate Body of Knowledge
Chicago Board of Trade
Currency and Banking Query System
Chartered Cost Accountant
Commodity Credit Corporation
Commodity Credit Corporationration
China-Commodity Futures Exchange
Commerce Clearing House
Central Clearing House and Depository
Commodity Channel Index
Chambre de Compensation des Instruments Financiers de Paris
Chambre de Compensation des Instituteuments Financiers de Paris
Common Control Interface Signaling Network
College Construction Loan Insurance Association
Connie Lee - College Construction Loan Insurance Association
Computerized Call Market
Canadian Capital Markets Association
Central Counterparty
Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions
Central Certificate Service
Current Cost of Supplies
Centralized Collections Unit
Capital Dividend Account
Capital Divisiondend Account
Capital Development Board
Commercial Distribution Finance
Congolese Franc
Franc Congolais
Certificado de Depsito Interbancrio
Central Directorate of National Savings
Collateralized Debt Obligation
Cash Distribution Per Unit
Chinese Depository Receipt
Canadian Depository for Securities Ltd
Credit Default Swap
Contingent Deferred Sales Charge
Capital Employed
Commodity Exchange Authority
Commodities Exchange Center, Inc
Centrale de Livraison de Valeurs Mobilières
Canadian Exchange Group
Cash Earnings Per Share
Coupon Equivalent Rate
Comprehensive Environment Response Compensation and Liability Act
Clearing and Settlement Advisory and Monitoring Experts Group
Committee of European Securities Regulators
Centre for Custody and Financial Settlement of Certificates and Bonds
Cash Flow
Computational Finance
Corporate Finance
Corporate Financier
Credit From
Chartered Financial Analyst
Corporate Finance Associates
Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business
Certificate in Finance Accounting and Business
Certificate in Finance, Accounting & Business
Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Cash Flow at Risk
Campaign Finance Board
Centre for Finance and Business Research
Casablanca Finance City
Cooperative Finance Corporation
Central Finance & Contracts Unit
Central Finance Contracts Unit
Contract For Deed
Corporate Finance Division
Composite Financial Index
Capital Fund Management
Centre for Financial Management
Center for Financial Planning
Certified Financial Manager
Certified Financial Management
Corporate Finance Management
Certified Financial Planner
Certified Financial Management Planner
Canadian Financial Network
Cancel Former Order
Chief Future Officers
Centre de Formation de la Profession Bancaire
Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
Cash flow per share
Campaign Finance Reform
Code of Federal Regulations
Cost and Freight
Computational Finance and Risk Management
Cash Flow Return on Investment
Cash Flow Statement
Certified Fund Specialist
Certified Fund Specialists
Certified Financial Technician
Combating the Financing of Terrorism
Commodities Futures Trade Board
Commodities Futures Trading Commission
Certified Government Auditing Professional
Controller General Defence Finance
Capital Gains Exposure
Certified Government Financial Manager
Certified Government Finance Officer
Corporate Governance Quotient
Corporationrate Governance Quotient
Contrôle de Gestion Stratégique
Clearing House Automated Payments Service
Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
WIR euro
Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System
Swiss franc
Chartered Financial Consultant
Committee on Hemispheric Financial Issues
Clearing House Interbank Payments Systems
Clearinghouse Interbank Payments System
Commercial Hire Purchase
WIR franc
Chicago Stock Exchange
Certificate of Indebtedness
Certified Internal Auditor
Configuration Identification Accounting
Copenhagen Interbank Offered Rate
Chartered Investment Counselor
Chartered Investment Councilor
Chartered Investment Councelor
Cost, Insurance and Freight
Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities
Church Interlinked Financial Management System
Certified Investment Management Analysts
Certified Investment Management Consultant
Certified Investment Management Specialist
CUSIP International Numbering System
Capital Improvement Program
Canadian Investor Protection Fund
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy
Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accounting
Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants
Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment
Collateralized Increasable Yield Bond
Chilean escudo
Unidad de Fomento
Certified Lease & Finance Professional
Credit Linked Note
Collateralized Loan Obligation
Computer Loan Origination
Central Limit Order Book
Currency Linked Outperformance Unit
Certified Lease Professional
Chilean Peso
Chili Peso
Combined Loan To Value
Combined Loan To Value Ratio
Chartered Life Underwriter
Charter Life Underwriter
Close Location Value
Capital Markets Authority
Certified Management Accountant
Capital Market Board
Centralized Master Bidders List
Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporationration
Currency and Monetary Instrument Report
Currency and Monetary Instituteument Report
Capital Market Line
Capital Markets Origination
Central Money-markets Office
Central Money Market Unit
Credit Marketing Officer
Collateralized Mortgage Obligation
Current Market Price
Chartered Market Technician
Configuration Management Verification Accounting System
Certificate Not Issued
Continuous Net Settlement
Chinese People's Bank dollar
China Yuan Renminbi
Chinese Yuan
Chinese Yuan Renminbi
Capital Outlay
Chart of Accounts
Contingent Convertibles
Cost Of Equity
Cost of Goods Sold
Cost of Living Adjustment
Company Owned Life Insurance
Common Stock
Commodity Exchange, Inc
Commodity Exchange
Gen Comptroller General of the United States
Continental/Contiguous United States
Certificate of Occupancy
Call Or Put Warrant
Certificate of Participation
Colombian Peso
Columbian Peso
Computer-assisted Order Routing and Execution System
Computer-assisted Order Routing and Execution System for Futures
Computer-assisted Order Routing and Execution System for Options
Copenhagen Stock Exchange International
Credit Ombudsman Service Limited
Unidad de Valor Real
Certificate of Government Receipts
Certified Public Accountant
Constant Portion Debt Obligation
Certified Public Finance Administrator
Chartered Public Finance Accountant
Certified Professional Finance Broker
Certified Personal Finance Counselor
Certified Public Finance Officer
Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer Price Index for Urban Consumers
Component Program Manager
Civilian Payroll Office
Commodity Pool Operator
Certified Payroll Professional
Corporate Personal Property Replacement Tax
Corporationrate Personal Property Replacement Tax
Conditional Prepayment Rate
Cost Per Thousand
Clearing Processing System
Certificate in Quantitative Finance
Consolidated Quotation System
Counter Receipt
Credit Note
Commodity Research Bureau
Commodity Research Bureau Index
Costa Rican Colon
Chicago Rice and Cotton Exchange
Central Registration Depository
Criminal Referral Form
Client Relationship Manager
Commercial Reservation System
Computer Readable Service
Canadian Securities Course
Certified Senior Consultant
Slovenian Central Securities Clearing Corporation
Slovenian Central Securities Clearing Corporationration
Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange
Central Securities Depository
Serbian Dinar
Casablanca Stock Exchange
Center for Special Education Finance
Commodity Selection Index
Czechoslovak koruna
Czechoslovak koruna
China Securities Regulatory Commission
Central Shares Register of Finland
Credit To
Commodity Trading Adviser
Commodity Trading Advisor
Consolidated Tape Association
Cheapest To Deliver
Civilian Travel Determination
Counter Threat Finance
Customer Type Indicator
Customer Type Indicator Codes
Commercial Travel Offices
Computerized Trading Reconstruction
Cuban convertible peso
Cuban Peso
Computer Updated International Database
Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures
Committee on Uniform Securities and Identification Procedures
Current Use Value
Continuing Value
Cape Verde Escudo
Cumulative Volume Index
Convertible Preferred
Debt Exchangeable for Common Stock
Debt Exchange for Common Stock
Dividend Enhanced Convertible Stock
Divisiondend Enhanced Convertible Stock
Deutsche Mark
German mark
Department of Environmental Quality
Delivered Ex Ship
Dually Employed With Kids
Debit From
Department of Finance and Administration
Department of Finance & Administration
Dimensional Fund Advisors
Director of Finance and Administration
Defense Finance and Accounting Services
Defense Financing and Accounting Service
Defense Finance & Accounting Services
Directorate for Finance, Defense Finance and Accounting Service-Headquarters
Development Finance Certified Professional
Dotation globale de fonctionnement
Director General of Fair Trading
Direction Générale des Impôts
Defense-wide Information Assurance Program
Dublin Interbank Offer Rate
Dependency and Indemnity Compensation
Designated Investment Exchange
Dubai International Finance Centre
Dubai International Finance Center
Deferred-Interest Mortgage
Dual Income, No Kids
Debtor-in-Possession Financing
Debtor In Possession
Dow Jones AIG Commodity Index
Djibourti Franc
Djibouti Franc
Dow-Jones Industrial Average
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Dow Jones Transportation Average
Dow Jones Utility Average
Don't Know/Didn't Know
Danish Krone
Deutsche Knowledge Services
Dislocation Allowance
De Lage Landen
Discounts For Lack Of Marketability
Direct Market Access
Directional Movement Index
Directional Move Index
Direct Member Input
Distributable Net Income
Do Not Increase
Do Not Reduce
Disbursing Office
Department of Defense Financial Management Regulation
Department of Finance
Dept of Finance
Director of Finance
Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals
Distribution of Operational Resources
Dominican Peso
Dominican Republic Peso
Due On Sale Clause
Designated Order Turn-around
Delhi On-line Trading System
Days Payable Outstanding
Direct Participation Program
Dividends per Share
Divisiondends per Share
Department of Revenue and Customs
Depreciated Replacement Cost
Dividends Received Deduction
Divisiondends Received Deduction
Duet Real Estate Finance
Do It Right The First Time
Dividend Reinvestment Plan
Divident Reinvestment Plan
Divisiondend Reinvestment Plan
Due On Sale
Dealer Services Corporation
Debt Service Coverage Ratio
Dhaka Stock Exchange
Days Sales Of Inventory
Doha Securities Market
Delivery Status Report
Debt Service Reserve Account
Dematerialised Securities System
Dividend Settlement Service
Divisiondend Settlement Service
Disbursing Station Symbol Number
Debit To
Defense Travel Administration
Deutsche Terminbörse
Depository Trust Company Tracking
Direct Tax Code
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporationration
Department of Taxation and Finance
Debt-To-Income Ratio
Degree of Total Leverage
Decentralized Trade Management
Deposit Taking Microfinance
Defense Travel Region 6
Defense Travel System
Daily Transaction Statements
Defense Travel System-Limited
Ecuador Unidad de Valor Constante
Earned Discount
Empirically Derived, Demonstrably and Statistically Sound, Credit Scoring System
European Depository Receipt
Enter Day Stop
Exchange Delivery Settlement Price
Element of Expense/Investment Code
Estonian Kroon
Exports Enhancement Program
Environmental Financial Advisory Board
Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington
Exchange Fund Bills and Notes
Entrepreneurs Financial Centre
Expenditure Finance Committee
Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation
European Futures Clearing Corporation
European Futures Clearing Corporationration
Environmental Finance Center Network
Environmental Finance Centers
Enterprise Finance Guarantee
European Financial Management and Marketing Association
Exchange for Physicals
European Financial Reporting Advisory Group
Exchange of Futures for Swaps
Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale
Egyptian Pound
Egyptian Pound.
EVE Galactic Stock Exchange
Equal Housing Lender
Earned Income Credit
Examiner in charge
Expected Internal Rate of Return
Emerging Issues Task Force
Estonian Kroon
Copenhagen Stock Exchange's electronic trading system
Enterprise Multiple
Exponential Moving Average
Executive Management of Business Finance
Earnest Money Contract
Equity Market Capitalization
Emerging Market Debt Index
Europe, Middle East and Africa
Efficient Market Hypothesis
Ecole de Management de Strasbourg
Efficient Market Theory
Executive Management Team
Euro Medium Term Note
European Economic and Monetary Union
Europay, Mastercard and Visa
Expected Net Present Value
European Options Clearing Corporation
European Options Clearing Corporationration
European Options Exchange
Euro Over-Night Index Average
Economic Order Quantity
Electronic Order Delivery System
Enter Open Stop
Equity Premium Puzzle
Electronic Quote and Order-driven System
Exchange Rate Agreement
Employee Retirement Income Security Act
Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
Eritrean Nafka
Employee Retirement System
Exclusive Right to Sell
Spanish peseta
Spanish peseta
Spanish peseta
Electronic Stock Exchange Trading System
Ecole Supérieure de Gestion
École Supérieure de Gestion et Finance
Electronic Securities and Information System
Employee Share Ownership Trust
Exchange Stock Portfolio
Funding Authorization and Certificate of Expenditures
Finance and Admin Officer
Five Arrows Outsourcing Solutions
Finance Charge
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Federal Financial Institutetutions Examination Council
Florida Export Finance Corporation
Financial Executives International
Financial Executive International
Federation of European Stock Exchanges
First European Exchange
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
Furniture, Fixture and Equipment
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Federal Finance Administration
Fourteenth Finance Commission
Florida First Capital Finance Corporation
Federal Farm Credit System
Federal Financial Participation
Finance House Base Rate
Federal Housing Financing Agency
Fair Housing Home Loan Data System
Federal Home Loan Bank System
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporationration
Flood Hazard Officer
Financial Institute
Financial Institutetute
Financial Inventory Accounting
Freedom of Information Act
Futures Industry Act
Federation of Ibero-American Stock Exchanges
Frankfurt Interbank Offered Rate
Foreign Investment Committee
Fixed-Income, Currencies and Commodities
Fair Isaac Credit Organization
Foundation for Investment and Development
Fixed Income Exchange
Foreign-Invested Enterprise
Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance
Financial Instituteument for Fisheries Guidance
Foreign Institutional Investor
Foreign Institutetutional Investor
Financial Institution Letters
Financial Institutetution Letters
Financial Institutetution Letter
Finance and Information Management
FInnish Markka
Financial Intermediaries Managers and Brokers Authority
Federal Identification Number
Fix It Now
Functional Identification Number
Financial Information Net Directory
Financial Institution Numbering System
Financial Institutetution Numbering System
Financial Information System
Foreign Interest Payment Security
Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
Financial Institutetutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act
Financial Information Services Division
Financial Information Services Divisionsion
Financial Intelligence Unit
Financial Information eXchange Extensible Markup Language
Fiji Dollar
Falkland Islands Pound
Finance & Legal
Financial Leverage
Financial Leverage
Finance Leadership Program
Flexible Exchange Option
Finance Manager
Financial Manager
Financial Management System
Financial Management Program
February, May, August and November
Financial Markets Control Area
Federal Minister of Finance
Federal Ministry of Finance
Free Money Finance
Financial Management Group
Farmers' Home Administration
Financial Management Network
Finance Management System
Financial Management School
Financial Management Unit
Financial Obligations
Financial Operations
Foreign Official Dollar Reserves
Futures and Options Dund
Futures And Options Funds
Fill or Kill
Finnish Options Market
Financial Operating Plan
Free of Payment
Funds Only Settlement Service
Finnish Options Index
Futures and Options Exchange
Financial planning
Finance Planning & Analysis
Financial Planning and Analysis
Financial Planning & Analysis
Foreign Private Investment
Flexible-Payment Mortgage
Forward Rate Agreement
For Rent By Owner
Financial Reporting Council
Finite Life Real Estate Investment Trust
Andorran Franc
French Franc
Financial Reimbursement Information System
Financial Risk Managers
Fixed-rate Mortgage
Floating-Rate Note
Floating Rate Note
Floating-Rate Negotiable Certificate of Deposit
Foreign Official Dollar Reserves
Finance Requirements Planning
Financial Rules and Regulations
Finance Staff
Frankfurt School
Farm Services Administration
Financial Services Center
Financiële Studievereniging Amsterdam
Forward Spread Agreement
Fifth Street Asset Management
Financial Services Action Plan
Fortune Small Business
Financial Sector
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Fast Start Finance
Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
Fiscal Station Number
Financial Services Policy Group
Finance and Support Services
Finance Shared Services
Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Funds Transfer
Financial Futures Market Amsterdam
Financiele Termijnmarket Amsterdam
Federal Tax Deposit
Forward Triangular Merger
Funds Transfer Pricing
Federal Travel Regulation
Financial Times Stock Exchange
Financial Times and London Stock Exchange
Group of 10
Group of 30
Group of 5
Group of 7
Group of Five
Group of Seven
General Anti-Abuse Rule
General Council on Finance and Administration
Group Chief Financial Officer
Gujarat International Finance Tec-City
Gujarat International Finance Tec
Gibraltar pound
Global Investment Policy Standards
Global Investment Performance Standards
Gain or Loss
Global Electronic Exchange
Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit
Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit
Gross Margin
Gambian Dalasi
Guaranteed Minimum Future Value
Global Master Repurchase Agreement
Gross Market Value for Assessment Purposes
Global Minimum Variance Portfolio
Guinean syli
Guinea Franc
General Obligation Bond
Governor's Office of Budget, Planning and Policy
General Purpose Financial Statements
Graduated Payment Mortgage
Gross Processing Margin
Gross Profit Return on Investment
Equatorial Guinean ekwele
General Revenue
Greek Drachma
Guaranteed Return On Investment
Global Registered Share
Glass-Steagall Act
General Services Administration Board of Contract Appeals
Government Security Clearing Corporation
Government Security Clearing Corporationration
Government Securities Clearing Corporation
Government Securities Clearing Corporationration
Global Supply Chain Finance
Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
Guayaquil Stock Exchange
Government Securities Eligible Dealers
General Salary Increase
Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement
Global Straight Through Processing Association
Good 'Til Canceled
Good Til Canceled
Good Till Canceled
Global Trade Finance Program
Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
Hong Kong Option
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Corporation
Hong Kong Securities Clearing Corporationration
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Highly leveraged transaction
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
Hyundai Motor Finance
Home Marketing Incentive Payment
High Minus Low
Honduran Lempira
High Net Worth Individual
Holding Company Depository Receipt
Croatian kuna
Croation Kuna
Institute of Consumer Financial Education
International Corporate Finance Group
Intermediate Capital Group
International Capital Markets Group
International Council of Securities Associations
International Central Security Depositories
International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
Interpolated Yield Curve
Interbank Deposit
Islamic Dinar
Interdealer Broker
Intermediary Dealer Broker
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
Italian Derivatives Market
Inter-Dealer Market
Indonesian Rupiah
Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
Industrial Development Revenue Bonds
International Equity Market
Irish pound
Irish Punt
Illinois Finance Authority
Indiana Finance Authority
International Forfaiting Association
International Finance and Accounting
International Finance & Banking
Invitation For Bids
International Financial Business Solutions
International Finance Corporationration
International Finance & Commodities Institute
International Faculty of Finance
International Factors Group
Institute of Finance and Management
Integrated Financial Management System
Integrated Financial Management Systems
Irish Futures and Options Exchange
Islamic Financial Planner
Income Fund Reimbursement
International Financing Reporting Standards
Institute of Financial Services
Interbank Fund Transfer
Index Growth Linked Unit
International Group of Treasury Associations
Indian Institute of Finance
Industrial Investment Bank of India
International Institutional Delivery
International Institutetutional Delivery
Individual Investor Express Delivery Service
Institute for International Film Financing
India Infoline Finance Ltd
International Journal of Accounting and Information Management
Interbank Liability Control Records
Israeli lira
Israeli sheqel
Israeli new sheqel
Israeli New Shekel
Israel New Shekel
Institutetutional Management Accounting System
Institutional Management Accounting System
Institute for Management & Innovation
International Market Index
Institutetut Monetaire Luxembourgeois
Institut Monetaire Luxembourgeois
International Monetary Market
Investment Managers' Regulatory Organisation
Investment Management Regulatory Organization Ltd
National Continuous Index
Indian Rupee
Indian Ruppee
Immigration and Naturalization Services
Institutional Net Settlements
International Net Settlement Service
Institutetutional Networks Corporationration
Institutional Networks Corporation
International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutetutions
Interest Only
Immediate Or Cancel
International Options Clearing Corporation
International Options Clearing Corporationration
Institute of Finance & Management
Institute of Finance and Management
Index and Options Market
Index and Option Market
International Organization for Standardization
International Organization of Securities Commissions
International Organisation of Securities Commissions
International Organization Securities Commissions
Indian Post & Telecommunication Accounts and Finance Service
Inflation-Protected Annuity
International Petroleum Exchange
Inflation-Protected Security
Investment Policy Statement
Iraqi Dinar
Integrated Quotation Management Service
Interpretive Ruling
Investor Relations
Individual Retirement Account
Internal Revenue Code
Inland Revenue Division
Interest Rate Differential
Interest Rate Guarantee
Indian Railways Finance Corporation
Indian Railway Finance Corporation
Information Resource Manager
Independent Registered Municipal Advisors
Interest Rate Parity
Iranian Rial
Information System
Information Services
Information Science
Indian School of Business & Finance
Indian School of Business Finance
International Securities Clearing Corporation
International Securities Clearing Corporationration
Investment Services Directive
Iceland Stock Exchange
International Stock Exchange
Irish Stock Exchange
Islamabad Stock Exchange
Istanbul Stock Exchange
International Securities Exchange
Irish Stock Exchange Equity Index
Irish Stock Exchange Quotient
Intermarket Surveillance Group
International Securities Identification Number
Icelandic old krona
Iceland Krona
Institutetute for Supply Management
Issuer Set Margin
Independent Sales Organization
International Securities Regulatory Organization
CBOE Israel Index
Interest Charge
Joint Finance Committee
Last Three Month
Sri Lankan Rupee
Sri Lanka rupee
Leveraged Management Buy Out
Long Market Value
Loan Officer
London Options Clearing House
Letters of Intent
Limit Order Trading System
Large Order Execution Rule
Loan Participation Notes
Lease Rental Discounting
Liberian Dollar
Long Run Incremental Cost
London School of Business and Finance
London School of Business & Finance
Lesotho Loti
Loan to Cost
Long-Term Capital Management
Long Term Capital Management
Long-Term Financial Plan
Lithuanian Litas
Last Twelve Months
Long-Term Option
London Traded Options Market
Loan to Value
Loan to Value Ratio
Latin 15 Index
Luxembourg Franc
Land Use Intensity
Miller and Modigliani
Mega Auto Finance
Marketing Corporate Executive
Management's Discussion and Analysis
Market Data Definition Language
Moldova Lei
Moldovan leu
Market Data System
Management and Employee Buy Out
Mission Equipment Configuration Accounting System
Ministry of Economy and Finance
Ministry of Economic and Finance
Expense Ratio
Management Expense Ratio
Mercadode Futuros y Opciones
CBOE Mexico Index
Master of Finance
Ministerstwo Finansów
Municipal Finance Authority
Master of Finance & Control
Master of Finance Control
Micro-finance institutions
Micro Finance Institute
Money Flow Index
Master Financial Manager
Master of Finance Management
Master Financial Professional
Municipal Finance Management Act
Management of Financial Services
Malagasy ariary
Malagasy Franc
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Minimum Guarantee Fill
Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Corporation
Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Corporationration
Maximum Gross Outstanding Position
Minority Interest
Milano Indice Borsa
Madrid interbank bid rate
Madrid Interbank Offered Rate
Management Internal Control
Market Identifier Code
Mortgage Investment Corporationration
S&P MidCap 400 Index
MidAmerica Commodity Exchange
Market-maker Information and Dealing System
Master in International Finance
Masters in Finance
Mercato Italiano Futures
Manila International Futures Exchange
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive
The Markets in Financial Instituteuments Directive
Modified Internal Rate Of Return
Moscow International Stock Exchange
Market If Touched
Merrill Lynch Market Index Target Term Securities
March, June, September, December
March, June, September and December
Macedonia Denar
Old Macedonian denar
Makati Stock Exchange
Money Laundering
Minimum Liquid Assets
Meat and Livestock Commission
Mali franc
MultiLevel Marketing
Money Laundering Suppression Act of 1994
Market Makers
Merton Miller
Money Market Demand Account
Material Management and Accounting System
Medium-sized Corporate Market Bremen
Medium-sized Corporationrate Market Bremen
Million British Thermal Units
Malaysian Monetary Exchange
Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd
Major Market Index
Myanmar Kyat
Money Market
Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance
Money Market Statistical Reporting
Multinational Corporation
Mongolian Tughrik
Municipals-Over-Bonds Spread
Market On Close
Minister of Finance
Ministry of Foreign
Ministry of Finance and Economy
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Mercado de Opciones Financieras Español
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Ministry of Finance & Planning
Message/Music On Hold
Manager of Managers
Macau Pataca
Montreal Exchange Registered-Representative Order-routing and Execution
Mutual Offset System
Moscow Interbank Offered Rate
Market Order System of Trading
Master Planned Community
Master Portfolio Theory
Modern Portfolio Theory
Maximum On-line Publication Level
Master of Quantitative Finance
Mandatory Quote Period
Mandatory Quotation Period
Minimum Quote Size
Minimum Required Distribution
Mauritanian Ouguiya
Mauritanian Quarter
Most Recent Quarter
Medical Savings Account
Merit Salary Adjustment
Morgan Stanley Capital Index
Morgan Stanley Capital International
Manila Stock Exchange
Midwest Stock Exchange
Manufacturing, Science and Finance
Master of Science in Finance
Masters of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Global Finance
Master of Science in Quantitative Finance
Multiple Streams of Income
Master of Science in Mathematical Finance
Matched Sale-Purchase Agreement
Mortgage Servicing Rights
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
Maximum SAEF Size
Marketable Securities Tax
Medium-Term Budget Framework
Motor Trade Finances
Multilateral Trading Facility
Maltese Lira
Multi-Level Marketing
Medium-term Note
Monster Under the Bed
Monetary Union Index of Consumer Prices
Mauritius Rupee
National Consumer Credit Protection
Northern California Grantmakers
Normal-Course Issuer Bid
Non-Clearing Member
No Credit Needed
Non-Circumvent and Non-Disclosure
National Change of Address
National Cooperative Services Corporation
National Central Securities Depositories
Non-Disclosure Bid
Non-Deliverable Forward
Non-Deposit Investment Products
National Depository for Securities
Non-Deliverable Swap
Nasdaq 100 Index
Network Execution And Transfer System
National Endowment for Financial Education
Net Financial Assets
Net Financial Expense
Neuer Finanzausgleich
National Finance Commission
Neighborhood Finance Corporation
Newfoundland dollar
Nonprofit Finance Fund
Net Financial Income
Net Financial Obligations
Neue Finanzordnung
National Guarantee Fund
Nigerian Naira
Not Held
Net Income
New In the Box
Nordic Investment Bank
National Institutional Delivery System
National Institutetutional Delivery System
Netherlands' Interprofessional Securities Centre
Nassau Interim Finance Authority
National and International Institutional Delivery System
National and International Institutetutional Delivery System
Nikkei 300 Index
Net Income Multiplier
Net Interest Margin Securities
Cordoba oro
Nicaraguan Cordoba
Nominee Incorporation Services
No Load
Dutch Gilder
Netherlands guilder
No Meaningful Figure
New Mexico Finance Authority
National Market System
Normal Market Size
Net Operating Assets
Net Operating Loss
Note Against Bond
Note Against Bond Spread
Notes Over Bonds
Norwegian Krone
Nominated Adviser
Nordic Securities Market
Negotiable Order of Withdrawal Account
Non Performing Finance
Nepalese Rupee
Nepal Rupee
No Par Value
No Quote
National Quotation Bureau, Inc
Non-Resident Alien
Northstar Realty Finance
Neighborhood Reinvestment Program
Non-Resident Shareholders Tax
National Rural Utilities
Net Realizable Value
Non-Resident Withholding Tax
National Safety Associates
National Securities Clearing Corporationration
Nagoya Stock Exchange
Nairobi Stock Exchange
Namibian Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange
National Stock Exchange of Lithuania
Insufficient Funds
National Security Letter
National Securities Markets Improvement Act
National Stock Market System
National Securities Trade Association
National Securities Trading System
New Trading System
Net Unrealized Appreciation
Open, High, Low, Close
Open, High, Low, Close Chart
Operating Income
Original Issue Discount
Overseas Investment Exchange
Offical Index Period
Operating Liabilities
Odd Lot Execution Service
Operating Leverage
Operating Liability Leverage
Ordinary Least Squares
Operating Liability Leverage Spread
Options Market
Oman Rial
Rial Omani
Operation, Maintenance, Rehabilitation/Repair/Replacement
Options Margining System
Order Management System
Option Market System International
Option Market Index
Open Order Book
Optimized Portfolio as Listed Securities
Operational Expenditure
Official Parallel Market
Options Price Reporting Authority
Operating revenue
Ordinary Share
Osaka Securities Exchange
Osaka Stock Futures 50
Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction
Off-Track Betting
Over-The-Counter Market
Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board
Over-The-Counter Exchange of India
Out Of The Money
Policy Advisory Group
Private Client Group
Personal Contract Hire
Personal Contract Purchase
Pacific Exchange
Per Diem Determination
Project Director
Planning & Development Services
PDT Permanent Duty Travel
Price-Earnings Ratio
Price to Earnings
Printer Error
Private Equity
Platform for Electronic Access to Exchange
Premium Adjustable Convertible Security
Price-to-Earnings Growth
Price/Earnings To Growth
Price/Earnings to Growth Dividend Yield
Price/Earnings to Growth and Dividend Yield
Price/Earnings to Growth and Divisiondend Yield
Price/Earnings to Growth Divisiondend Yield
Peruvian sol
Post Employment Health Benefits
Peruvian inti
Public Expenditure Management Peer Assisted Learning
Nuevo sol
Peruvian Nuevo Sol
Personal Equity Plan
Politically Exposed Person
Post Execution Reporting
Preferred Equity Redemption Stock
Preferred Equity Redemption Cumulative Stocks
Personal Finance
Private Finance 2
Public Finance
Public Finance Act
Power Finance Corporation
Power Finance Corporation Limited
Preferred Stock
Polarized Fractal Efficiency
Private Finance Initiative
Private Finance Initiatives
Private Financing Initiative
Private Finance Initiatives
Public Finance Management
Passive Foreign Investment Company
Public Finance Management Act
Personal Financial Specialist
Personal Finance Society
Post Graduate Diploma in Banking
Post Graduate Diploma Banking Operations
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance
Post Graduate Diploma in Finance
Pay-out Guarantee Fund
Papua New Guinea Kina
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
Philippine Peso
Paris Interbank Offered Rate
Private Investment Company
Price Indication and Clearing System
Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance
Payment In Kind
Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee
Personal Identification Number
Public Income Notes
Private Investment in Public Equity
Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants
Principal, Interest, Taxes And Insurance
Principle Interest Taxes and Insurance
Pakistani Rupee
Pakistan Rupee
Profit and Loss
Projet de loi de finances
Polish Zloty
Polish Zloty
Public Limit Order
Public Limit Order Board
Public Limit Oder Board
Parent Loans for Undergrad Students
Payroll Manager
Performance Measure
Profit Margin
Potato Marketing Board
Purchase Money Deed of Trust
Private Mortgage Insurance
Purchasing Managers' Index
Public Key Infrastructure
Private Market Value
Portfolio Management with R
Principle Only
Public Order Book
Project Management Office-Defense Travel System
Privately Owned Conveyance
Port of Debarkation
Pacific Options Exchange Trading System
Public Order Member
Planting Our Pennies
Public Offering Price
Palm Oil Refinery Association of Malaysia
Public Offering of Securities
Property, Plant And Equipment
Property, Plant and Equipment
Pension Protection Act Of 2006
Prompt Payment Act
Public Private Finance
Principle-Protected Note
Percentage Price Oscillator
Preferred Provider Organization
Protected Payments System
Plunge Protection Team
Procurement Policy Unit
Preferred Redeemable Increased Dividend Equity Security
Preferred Redeemable Increased Divisiondend Equity Security
Price Risk Margin
Price Reporting System
Public Securities Association
Public Securities Association Standard Prepayment Model
Public Sector Borrowing Requirement
Public Securities Corporation
Public Securities Corporationration
Pacific Stock Exchange
Philippine Stock Exchange
Private Sector Facility
Performance Salary Increase
Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995
Price-To-Sales Ratio
Payable Through Account
Permissive Temporary Duty
Portuguese Escudo
Press Trust of India
Payable Upon Proper Identification
Present Value
Price Value of a Basis Point
Price Value Of Basis Point
Reconfirmation And Pricing Service
Reference Entity Database
Resolution Fudning Corporation
Resolution Fudning Corporationration
Regulation National Market System
Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Investors Association
Real Estate Licensing Act
Real-Time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities
Real Estate Owned
Residual Operating Income
Sale and Repurchase Agreement
Request for Announcement
Registered Floor Clerk
Regional Financial Centers
Reason For Outage
Request for Quote
Rural Finance Project
Risk-Free Rate Puzzle
Review of Financial Studies
Registered Floor Trader
Rural Housing Fund
Registered Investment Advisor
Residual Interest Bonds
Reuters Instituteument Code
Reuters Instrument Code
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act
Recognised Investment Exchange
Recognized Investment Exchange
Restricted Life Option
Required Minimum Distribution
Risk Management Officer
Return On Net Financial Assets
Return On Net Operating Assets
Regulatory News Service
Reviewing Official
Rate of Change
Rate of Return on Common Equity
Recognized Overseas Clearing House
Return On Equities
Rotterdam Energy Futures Exchange
Return On New Invested Capital
Recognized Overseas Investment Exchange
Romanian Leu
Romanian New Leu
Romanian Leu
Romanian New Leu
Roll-Over Mortgage
Return Over Maximum Drawdown
Return on Operating Assets
Registered Options Principal
Return On Revenue
Registered Options Trader
Return on Total Assets
Recognized Professional Body
Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies
Retail Price Index
Revenue Seat Miles
Registered Representative
Retention Rate
Relative Strength
Serbian Dinar
Risk-Sharing Finance Facility
Risk Sharing Finance Facility
Relative Strength Index
Relative Strength Indicator
Required Supplementary Information
Revenue To Be Recognized
Regular Trading Hours
Rent To Own
Reverse Take-Over
Russian Trading System
Round Trip Transaction Costs
Russian Rouble
Russian ruble
Russian Rouble
Residual Value
Requirements Verification and Accounting System
Relative Vigor Index
Receive Versus Payment
Solomon Islands Dollar
Swiss Federal Bonds
Small Business Investment Firm
Senior Budget Officials
Securities Clearing Automated Network Services
Stock Clearing Corporation
Stock Clearing Corporationration
Shariah-Compliant Finance
Standing Committee on Finance
Survey of Consumer Finances
Self-Cancelling Installment Note
Société de Compensation des Marchés Conditionnels
Small Corporate Offering Registration
Small Corporationrate Offering Registration
System on Computerized Order Routing and Execution
Securities Communication Order Routing and Execution
Seychelles Rupee
Share Depository Center
Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
Sudanese Dinar
Sudanese Pound
Sudanese Pound
Specially Designated Nationals
Singapore Depository Receipt
Special Depository Receipt
Special Drawing Right
Special Drawing Rights
Same-Day Settlement
Small Denomination Treasury Bonds
Securities and Exchange Act
Stock Exchange Automated Quotations system
Stock Exchange Automated Quotation System
Stock Exchange Automated Trading Service
Securities and Exchange Board of India
Securities Exchange Commission
Stock Exchange Commission
Stock Exchanges Control Act
System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval
Stock Exchange Daily Official List
Swiss Electronic Exchange
Special Education Expenditure Project
Small Enterprise Finance Centre
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Stock Exchange Hong Kong
Special Expiration Index
Swedish Krona
Swedish krona/kronor
Mauritius Stock Exchange
Shared-Equity Mortgage
Simplified Employee Pension
Stock Exchange Pool Nominees
Substantially Equal Periodic Payment
Select Equity Indexed Notes
Stock Exchange of Singapore
Stock Exchange of Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation Systems
Securities Exchange of Thailand
Stock Exchange of Thailand
Stock Exchange Electronic Trading Service
Simple Forecast
Strategic Finance
Securities and Futures Authority
Senior Financial Analyst
Statements of Financial Accounting Standards
Senate Finance Committee
Standing Finance Committee
State Finance Commission
Seoul Finance Center
State Finance Commissions
Student Finance England
Sydney Futures Exchange Clearing House
Six-Figure Income
Swiss Finance Institute
Structured Finance Industry Group
Senior Finance Manager
Student Finance Northern Ireland
School Finance and Operations
Senior Financial Officer
Student Finance Office
Siemens Financial Services
Schools Financial Value Standard
Selling, General & Administrative
Selling, General and Administrative
Selling, General & Administrative Expense
Singapore Dollar
Sustainable Growth Rate
Singapore Stock Exchange
Saint Helena Pound
St. Helana Pound
St. Helena Pound
Securities Industry Act of 1983
Securities Industry Automation Corporation
Securities Industry Automation Corporationration
Securities and Investments Board
Securities and Investment Board
Interconnected Stock Market System
Siberian Stock Exchange
Singapore Interbank Offered Rate
Service Industry Code
Singapore Commodity Exchange
Somali International Financial Centre
Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
Securities and Investment Institute
Singapore International Monetary Exchange
Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees
Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers
Stock Exchange of Thailand Information Management System
Securities Investor Protection Act
Securities Investor Protection Corporation
Securities Investors Protection Corporation
Securities Investors Protection Corporationration
Securities Investor Protection Corporationration
Securities Investors Protection Fund Inc
Slovenian Tolar
System for Institutional Trading of Unregistered Securities
System for Institutetutional Trading of Unregistered Securities
Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance
Slovak Koruna
Sierra Leone Leone
Service Mark
Simple Moving Average
Securities Markets' Automated Regulated Trading
Stock Market Automated Trading System
Swiss Market Fees
Swiss Market Index
Swiss Market Index Linked Issue
S&P Small Cap 600 Index
San Marinese lira
Security Market Line
Single Member Limited Liability Corporation
Single Member Limited Liability Corporationration
standard Malaysian rubber
Stockholm Money Market Exchange
Small Order Execution System
Swedish Options and Futures Exchange
Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange
Finnish Options Market
Finnish Options Exchange Ltd
Senior Options Principal
Somali shilling
Philadelphia Semiconductor Index
Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
Stockholm Bond Exchange
Sales and purchase agreement
Sole Placing Agency
Standardized Portfolio Analysis
Standard Portfolio Analysis of Margin
Stock Participation Accreting Redemption Quarterly-Pay Securities
Single Premium Deferred Annuity
Standard and Poor's Depository Receipt
Single Payment Options Trading
Special Purchase and Resale Agreement
Standard & Poor's 500 Index
Standard Quality Quotation
Shariyah Review Bureau
Solvency Ratio Directive
Surinam dollar
Suriname Dollar
Suriname Dollar
Salmon Recovery Funding
Suriname guilder
Surinam Guilder
Socially Responsible Investment
Self-Regulatory Organization
Self Regulatory Organization
Senior Registered Options Principal
Securities Supervisory Board
Shanghai Securities Central Clearing Registration Corporation
Shanghai Securities Central Clearing Registration Corporationration
Shanghai Securities Exchange
Surabaya Stock Exchange
Single Stock Future
Swiss Sustainable Finance
Student Services Finance Committee
Supplemental Security Income
Sub-Sovereign Obligation
Sponsoring Self-Regulatory Organization
Scripless Securities Settlement System
Scripless Securities Trading System
Software Suitability Supportability Statement
Supervisor Trainee
Securities Transfer Association Medallion Program
Securities Trading Automated Quotation system
Stoller Average Range Channels
Securities Training Corporation
Securities Training Corporationration
Sao Tome/ Prinicipe Dobra
Sao Tome/Principe Dobra
Securities of The Netherlands
Straits Times Index
Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate
Short Term Interest Rate
Straight-Through Processing
Strategic Expenditures
Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities
Securities of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities
Structured Yield Product Exchangeable of Stock
Structured Yield Product Exchangeable For Stock
Service Unit
Soviet Union rouble
State Unemployment Act
Treasury Department Form
Taiwan Depository Receipt
Transportation Efficiency Act
Total Expense Ratio
Tax-Exempt Special Savings Account
Total Enterpise Value
Tax Free
Toronto Futures Exchange
Toyota Financial Services
Toyota Financial Services Corporation
Terrorist Finance Tracking Program
Tokyo Grain Exchange
Thai Government Securities
Thai Baht
The Housing Finance Corporation
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund
Times Interest Earned
Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act
Treasury Investment Growth Receipts
Treasury Investment Growth Receipts
Truth in Lending
Truth in Lending Act
Time Information Management
Taxpayer Identification Number
Transportation Improvement Program
Treasury Investment Program
Toronto 35 Index Participation Units
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities
Tajikistani ruble
Tajikistan Somoni
Time and Labor
Temporary Lodging Expense
Trading Member
Turkmenistani manat
Turkmenistan Manat
Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index
Tunisian Dinar
Transportation Office
Tokyo Commodity Exchange
Traded Options Market
Tonga P'anga
Teletex Output of Price Information by Computer
Teletext Output of Price Information by Computer
Tokyo Price Index
Tokyo Stock Price Index
Tender Panel
Third Party Administrator
Portuguese Timorese escudo
Third Party Liability
Third-Party Service Provider
Turkish Lira
Turkish New Lira
New Turkish Lira
Turkish Lira
Trade Roll Over
Trade Registration System
Transferable Revolving Underwriting Facility
Trust Preferred Securities
Transportation & Security Administration
Taiwan Securities Central Depository
Thailand Securities Depository
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Tehran Stock Exchange
Toronto Stock Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange Company
Total Shares Outstanding
Time Segmented Volume
Telegraphic Transfer
Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
Trinidad and Tobago dollar
Terminal Value
Terminal Value
Tie the Money Knot
Travel and Transportation Reform Act
Trading to Total Volume
Trade Volume Index
Universityrsal Declaration on Human Rights
United PanAm Financial Corporation
United PanAm Financial Corporationration
Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporation
Uttar Pradesh Financial Corporationration
Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligations
Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation
Uniform Rules For Demand Guarantees
Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism
Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct
Uniform Statewide Accounting System
United States Dollar
United States dollar
Unlisted Securities Market
United States dollar - next day
Volume Price Trend
Volume Price Trend Indicator
Variable-rate Demand Obligation
Variable-rate Mortgage
Variable-Rate Note
World Bank Institutetute
Zimbabwean dollar