Popular Fire acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alarm Association of Florida
Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation
Alarm with Battery
Automated Biomass Burning Algorithm
Assistant Chief Officer
Alarm Detection Systems
Area Command Team
Accelerant Detection Canines
Arkansas Department of Emergency Management
Assistant Divisional Officer
Airport Emergency Services
Activated Fire Alarm
Automatic Fire Alarm
Arkansas Forestry Commission
Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters
Advanced Fire Fighting
Advance Fire Fighting
Aqueous Film-Forming Foam
Aqueous Film Forming Foams
Assistance to Firefighters Grant
Assistance to Firefighters Grants
Assistance to Firefighter Grants
Assistance to Firefighter Grant
Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
Arson and Fire Investigation
Advanced Fire Information System
Active fire protection
Air Force Qualification Course
Alaska Fire Service
Auxiliary Fire Service
Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
Assistant Gunner
All-Hazard Incident Management Team
All-Hazards Incident Management Team
Authorities Having Jurisdiction
Authority Having Jurisdiction
American Helicopter Services and Aerial Firefighting Association
Alaska Interagency Coordination Center
Advanced Lights-Out Management
Aerial Ladder Platform
Abandoned Mine Land Inventory System
Appropriate Management Response
Autonomous Modular Sensor
Apparatus Operator
Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology
Assembly Point
Alat Pemadam Api Ringan
Asia Pacific Fire
Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation
Air-Pressurized Water
Airport Rescue Fire Fighters
Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Service
Australasian Road Rescue Organisation
Alarm Surveillance
Aspirating Smoke Detection
Aspirating Smoke Detectors
Aspirating Smoke Detector
Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association
Association for Specialist Fire Protection
Aerial Supervision Module
Advanced Security Operations Center
Advanced Security Operations Centre
Armored Support Vehicle
Alcohol Type Concentrate
After The Fire
Arson Task Force
Aldine Volunteer Fire Department
Burn Area Emergency Response
Burned Area Emergency Response
Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation
Burned Area Rehabilitation
Bomb Arson Tracking System
Baptized by Fire
Bomb Data Center
Belch Fire
Burst Fire
Basic Fire Fighting
Bureau of Fire Protection
Bureau of Fire and Protection
Baytown Fire & Rescue
Building Fire Research Laboratory
British Fire Services Association
Burning Index
Boise Interagency Fire Center
Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion
Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosions
Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department
Brunswick Volunteer Fire Department
Chief and Assistant Chief Fire Officers Association
Compressed Air Foam System
Compute Abstraction Layer
Connecticut Alarm & Systems Integrators Association
Composite Burn Index
Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Clear Creek Fire Department
Civil Defence
Civil Defence Academy
Continuing Education
County Emergency Operations Center
Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional
Certified Electrical Safety Worker
Cease-Fire Agreement
Combined Fire Authority
Commission on Fire Accreditation International
Compartment Fire Behaviour Training
Calgary Fire Department
Centre for Fire Explosive & Environment Safety
Call For Fire
Certified Fire Investigator
Certified Fire Investigators
Certified Fire Investigation Instructor
Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program
ColdFire Flash Module
Chief Fire Officer
Chief Fire Officers
Coastal Fire Protection
Certified Fire Protection Specialist
Center for Fire Research
Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service
Certificate in Fire Safety
Community Fire Units
Congressional Fire Services Institute
Congressional Fire Service Institute
Cy Fair Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Has Arrived On Scene
Circuit Integrity
Christie Intruder Alarms
Channel Industries Mutual Aid
Common Intelligibility Scale
Close-in-Weapons System
Connection Management Protocol
Control Mode Specific Application
Centrum Naukowo-Badawcze Ochrony Przeciwpozarowej
Centre National de Prévention et de Protection
Course of Fire
Combat Observation Lasing Teams
Candidate Physical Ability Test
Commission on Professional Credentialing
Civil Protection Department
Campbell Prediction System
Center for Public Safety Excellence
Citation Retrieval System
Combat Rifle Scope
Centre de Secours
Command Support Unit
Command Training Center
Chief Training Officer
Channel Tunnel Safety Authority
Crafton Volunteer Fire Department
Craigsville Volunteer Fire Department
Cresaptown Volunteer Fire Department
Crofton Volunteer Fire Department
Crosby Volunteer Fire Department
Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department
Crumpton Volunteer Fire Department
Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department
Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator
Cherry Valley Fire Protection District
Canaan Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Camden-Wyoming Fire Company
Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter
Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team
Dansk Brandteknisk Institut
District Chiefs
District of Columbia Fire Department
Digital Compass Systems
Digital Compass System
Driver Engineer
Direct Fire
Dublin Fire Brigade
Decorative Fuel Effect
Division of Fire Prevention and Control
Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Deaf Message Service
Disaster Management Systems
Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
Dynamic Skip Fire
Distress Signal Unit
Direct To Edit
Dynamic Threat Intelligence
Davis Volunteer Fire Department
Deerfield Volunteer Fire Department
Eastern Area Coordination Center
Evidence Collection Technician
Emergency Dispatch Center
Exit Drills In The Home
Emergency Escape Breathing Devices
End of Evening Nautical Twilight
Emergency Evacuation Plan
Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement
Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition
Emergency Fire Appliance Driving
Effective Full Charge
Emergency Fire Dispatcher
Ellington Field Fire Department
European Forest Fire Information System
Executive Fire Officer
Executive Fire Officer Program
European Flame Retardants Association
European Fire and Security Group
European Fire Sprinkler Network
Expeditionary Fire Support System
Enchanted Lands
Emergency Life Support Apparatus
Emergency Operations Command
Emergency Ops Center
Engine Pressure
Emergency Planning Committee
Emergency Police Dispatch
Emergency Public Information
Environmental Protection Unit
Emergency Ready Profile
Emergency Reporting System
Emergency Responder Safety Institute
Emergency Response to Terrorism
Emergency Response Training Center
Emergency Services
Emergency Service
Emergency Stabilization
Early Suppression Fast Response
East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service
Emergency Services Insurance Program
Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation
Emergency Services Show
Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles
Edwards Systems Technology
Emergency Services Training Center
Emergency Services Training Centre
Eastex Volunteer Fire Department
Emergency Tender
Explosives Unit
Education Under Fire
Emergency Vehicle Driver Training
Fire and Forget
Fire and Blast Information Group
Fire Apparatus Engineer
Firefighter Assist and Search Team
Fire Blast
Fire Boat
Forest Bend Volunteer Fire Department
Fire Command Centre
Fuel Characteristic Classification System
Firefighter Cancer Support Network
Field Division
Fire Demon
Fire Department
Fire Dispatch
Fire District
Fire and Disaster Management Agency
Fire Department New York
Fire Dynamics Simulator
Fire Dynamic Simulator
Fire Effects Information System
Fire Equipment Maintenance
Fire and Emergency Medical Services
Federal Excess Property Program
Fire and Explosion Risk Analysis
Fire & Emergency Services
Fire Emergency Services
Fire Fighting
Fire Fox
Focus Fire
Friendly Fire
Federal Forestry Agency
Fire Fighting Appliances
Federation of Fire Chaplains
Fire Fighting Equipment
Florida Fire Equipment Dealers Association
Fire Fighting Foam Coalition
Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program
Florida Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association
Florida Forest Service
Free Fire Zone
Forsikringsselskapenes Godkjennelsesnevnd
Fire Ground Survival
Fire Island National Seashore
Fire Integrated Recruitment Employment Systems
Fire Information for Resource Management System
Fire In The Booth
Fire in the Hole
Fire Investigation Unit
Friction Loss
Facilitated Learning Analysis
FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering
Fire Life Safety
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshall
Fire Mastery
Fire Management Assistance Grant
Fuel moisture content
Fire Management Officer
Fire Marshal's Office
Factory Mutual Research
Factory Mutual Research Corporation
Factory Mutual Research Corp
Fire Officers Association
Fire Offices Committee
Fire Officer Examination
Fists of Fire
Frets on Fire
Fraternal Order of Leatherheads Society
Fire Prevention
Fire Protection
Fire Prism
Flash Point
Fire Prevention and Safety
Fire Prevention & Safety
Fire Program Analysis
Forest Protection Area
Fire Protection Association Australia
Fire Protection Contractor
Fire Protection District
Fire Prevention Education and Inspection
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
Final Protective Line
Fire Prevention Officer
Fire Protection Publications
Fire Protection Research Foundation
Fire Prevention Week
Fire Protection System
Fire Protection Systems
Fire Rated
Fire Resist
Flame Resistance
Fire Retardant
Flame Retardant
Fire and Rescue Authority
Fire and Rescue Authorities
Fire Retardant Clothing
Flame-Resistant Clothing
Flame Resistant Clothing
Fire Regime Condition Class
Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services
Fire and Rescue Service
Fire Research Information Services
Fire Research Laboratory
Fire Rescue Officer
Fire Radiative Power
Fire and Rescue Services
Fire Rescue Service
Fire & Rescue Services
Fire and Rescue Services
Fire Retardant Treated
Fire Safe
Fire Survival
Fire Safety Awareness
Fire Science Academy
Fire Support Bases
Fire Support Bases
Fire Safe Cigarette
Fire Services Department
Fleet Services Division
Fire Safety Evaluation Systems
Firefighters Support Foundation
Forest Service Handbook
Fire Safety Inspection Certificate
Fire Safety Manager
Fire Safety Management
Fire Safety Managers
Fire Service Management
Fire Safety Order
Firefighter Safety Research Institute
Fire Suppression Rating Schedule
Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician
Fire Safety Systems
Fire Safety System
Forest Service Specifications
Fire, Smoke, Toxicity
Fire Service Training
Firefighter Safety Through Advanced Research
Fire Service Training Institute
Fire Services Training School
Fire Service Training School
Failure to Fire
Fire Test Procedures
Fire Transfer Protocol
Fire Technology Services
Fire Testing Technology
Fire Wall
Fire Warden
Fire Weather
Geographic Area Coordination Center
Geographic Area Coordination Centers
Georgia Association of Fire Safety Equipment Dealers
Go Die In A Fire
Global Fire Emissions Database
Global Fire Monitoring Center
Global Fire Monitoring Centre
Garden Hose Thread
Georgia Mutual Aid Group
Ghana National Fire Service
Ghana National Fire Services
Gonarezhou National Park
Goblet of Fire
General Purpose Vehicle
Galena Park Volunteer Fire Department
Georgia Search and Rescue
Garden Valley Fire Department
Granbury Volunteer Fire Department
Grantham Volunteer Fire Department
Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department
Grant Volunteer Fire Department
Granville Volunteer Fire Department
Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department
Grass Valley Fire Department
Greenhill Volunteer Fire Department
Gregory Volunteer Fire Department
Gretna Volunteer Fire Department
Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department
Greenbackville Volunteer Fire Department
Green Valley Fire District
Grand Valley Fire Protection District
Geronimo Village Volunteer Fire Department
Hlliard Enhanced Learning Programs
High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance
High Capacity Magazines
Hills Conservation Network
How to delete
Hell Fire
Houston Fire Department_
Hostile Fire Indicators
Healthy Forests Restoration Act
Healthy Forest Restoration Act
Hytrans Fire Systems
Hose Layer
Honeywell Life Safety
Hazardous Materials Response Team
Hazardous Material Response Team
Hazard Mapping System
Hearts On Fire
Hazardous Production Materials
High Reach Extendable Turret
Heat Release Rate
Horizontal Return Tubular
Hagar Schon Aaronson Shrieve
Hi-Tech Security Business Directory
Home Safety Council
Health and Safety Officer
Health Screening Questionnaire
High Sensitivity Smoke Detection
Hospital Technical Memorandum
Halons Technical Options Committee
Initial Attack
Internal Affairs Department
Immediate Action Drills
International Aviation Fire Protection Association
Incident Action Plan
Incident Action Plans
Incident Commander
Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting
Idaho City Fire Department
Incident Command Post
Incident Command Team
Incident Command Unit
Initiating Device Circuits
Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Idaho Department of Lands
Immediate Danger to Life and Health
Internal Data System
Illinois Electronic Security Association
Insulating Fire Bricks
Insulating Fire Brick
Inspecting Firestop for Compliance
International Firestop Council
International Fire Consultants
International Fire Code Institute
Institute of Fire Engineers
International Fire Fighter
International Fire Protection
Industrial Fire Precaution Levels
Interagency Fire Program Management
Institute of Fire Prevention Officers
Islamorada Fire Rescue
Inshore Fire Support
Illinois Fire Safety Alliance
International Fire Service Accreditation Congress
Illinois Fire Service Institute
Interagency Fuels Treatment Decision Support System
Inert Gas
Indian Harbour Beach Volunteer Fire Department
Independent Hose Company
Interagency Hotshot Crew
Interagency Incident
Integrated Lights Out Management
Iron Mountain Fire Department
Incident Management Teams
Incident Management Team
International Protective Coatings
Island Park Fire Department
Incident Page Network
Iron Pipe Straight
Ironwood Public Safety Department
Iron Pipe Thread
Innerarity Point Volunteer Fire Department
Incident Qualification and Certification System
Incident Qualifications and Certification System
Incident Qualification System
Integrity Requirement
Illinois River Area Volunteer Fire Department
Iron Ridge Fire Department
Integrated Risk Management Plan
Integrated Risk Management Planning
Incident Response Unit
Indian River Volunteer Fire Company
International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards
International Society of Fire Service Instructors
International Safety Instruments
Incident Safety Officer
Insurance Services Office
Insurance Service Organization
Jacinto City Volunteer Fire Department
Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme
Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles
Joint Fire Observer
Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District
Joint Fire Science Program
Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company
Jamestown Rural Fire Protection District
Jackson Township Fire Department
Jefferson Township Fire Department
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Department
Jim Thorpe Fire Department
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company
Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company
Jersey Village Emergency Services
Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company
Keetch-Byram Drought Index
Kindle Format 8
Kiev International Protection Security
Klamath National Forest
Kingston Volunteer Fire Company
Kinnelon Volunteer Fire Company
Kenova Volunteer Fire Department
Kensington Volunteer Fire Department
Kentland Volunteer Fire Department
Killingworth Volunteer Fire Company
Karns Volunteer Fire Department
Kearney Volunteer Fire Department
Kemah Volunteer Fire Department
Kempner Volunteer Fire Department
Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department
Kenefick Volunteer Fire Department
The Auxiliary of the Budd Lake Fire Department
Lightning Activity Level
Liberty City Ambulance Service
Laser Dust Discrimination
Lamp Driver Module
London District Surveyors Association
Larimer Emergency Telephone Authority
Live Fire
London Fire Brigade
Live Fire Tests
Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer
Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association
Line-of-Duty Death
Line of Duty Death
Line of Duty Deaths
Line of Fire
Limited Oxygen Index
Limiting Oxygen Index
Length of Service Awards Program
Loss Prevention Council
Loss Prevention Certification Board
Loss Prevention Standards
Long Range Land Attack Projectiles
Lightning Safety Alliance
Life Safety Code
Los Santos Fire Department
Life Safety Services
Life Safety Systems
Laser Spot Tracker
Logistics Support Unit
Logistics Support Vehicle
Light Support Weapon
LaPorte Volunteer Fire Department
Mutual Aid
Mutual Aid Box Alarm System
Metro Arson Strike Team
Metropolitan Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
Missouri City Fire Department
Manual Call Points
Miami Dade Fire Rescue
Maritime Equipment Directive
Major Emergency Response Vehicle
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
Melbourne Fire Brigade
Metropolitan Fire Department
Metropolitan Fire District
Mountain of Fire and Miracles
Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
Maryland Fire Rescue Institute
Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute
Maritime Incident Response Group
Moving Infantry Target
Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union
Malware Protection System
Malware Protection Systems
Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact
Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact
Mobile Ship Target
Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity
Missoula Technology and Development Center
Mobile Threat Prevention
Notification Appliance Circuit
Notification Appliance Circuits
National Burns Centre
Normalized Burn Ratio
National Center for Explosives Training and Research
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
New Car Technology
Nevada Division of Forestry
Notre Dame Fire Department
Naval District of Washington
National Fire Protection Association
National Emergency Training Center
National Fire Academy
National Fire Authority
National Fire and Aviation Executive Board
National Fire Code Subscription Service
National Fire Data Center
National Fire Danger Rating System
National Fire Equipment System
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
National Fire Information Council
National Fire Incident Reporting System
National Fire Protection Agency
National Fire Protection Administration
National Fire and Protection Agency
National Fire Protection Assn
National Fire Protective Association
National Fire Protection Agency's
Northeast Fire & Rescue
National Fire Service
Naval Gun Fire Support
Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer
National Hose
National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies
National Institute for Certification of Engineering Technologies
National Interagency Fire Center
Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service
Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board
National Incident Management Organization
Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy
National Institute of Standards and Testing
Notice of Intent to Make a Motion
National Multi-Agency Coordinating
National Pipe Straight Hose
National Rural Fire Authority
National Research Institute of Fire and Disaster
National Response Team
Naval Surface Fire Support
Neighbourhood Safer Places
National Standard Thread
National Volunteer Fire Council
Northwest Volunteer Fire Department
New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department
Nittany Valley Volunteer Fire Company
National Wildfire Coordination Group
National Wildland Coordinating Group
North Wilkesboro Fire Department
North-West Fire Protection District
North Washington Fire Protection District
North Whatcom Fire and Rescue
Office of the Fire Marshal
Out Of Service
Olympic Region Clean Air Agency
Operational Significant Event Imagery
Office of State Fire Marshal
Operational Support Unit
Operational Support Units
Personal Alert Safety Systems
Personal Alert Safety System
Public Address and Voice Alarm
Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue
Pretty Chancy
Pre Determined Attendance
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
Personal Emergency Egress Plans
Precision Extended Range Munition
Portable Fire Extinguisher
Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts
Passive Fire Protection
Precision Fires Rocket and Missile Systems
Prescribed Fire Training Center
Professional Graphics Solution
Probability of Hit
Port of Houston Fire Department
Post Incident Analysis
Public Information Officer
Preparedness Level
Publication Management System
Platoon Operations Center
Presence of Mind
Positive Pressure Attack
Public Protection Classification
Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit
Photoluminescent Safety Products Association
Public Safety Training Facility
Position Task Books
Pierce Ultimate Configuration
Pasadena Volunteer Fire Department
Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department
Ponderosa Volunteer Fire Department
Ponder Volunteer Fire Department
Porter Volunteer Fire Department
Potosi Volunteer Fire Department
Prentice Volunteer Fire Department
Princeton Volunteer Fire Department
Providence Volunteer Fire Department
Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department
Placerville Fire Department
Platte Valley Fire Protection District
Port Washington Fire Department
Quest for Glory
Quadrennial Fire Review
Queen's Fire Service Medal
Queen's Fire Services Medal
Quick Response Services
Quick Response Vehicle
Rescue Ambulance
Road Accident Rescue
Remote Automated Weather Stations
Remote Automated Weather Station
Remote Automatic Weather Station
Recon by Fire
Robie Creek Fire Department
Roscommon Equipment Center
Rapid Fire
Rural Fire Assistance
Rural Fire Department
Rural Fire Service
Retained Firefighters Union
Rate of Heat Release
Rapid Intervention Crew
Reduced Ignition Propensity
Rapid Intervention Teams
Rapid Intervention Vehicle
Rolf Jensen and Associates
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Rate of Spread
Resource Ordering and Status System
Round Per Minute
Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order
Regulatory Reform Order
Rescue Squad
Remote Sensing Applications Center
Remote Sensing Application Center
Road Traffic Collision
Road Traffic Collisions
Rescue Task Force
Response Time Index
Resource Unit Leader
Rosehill Volunteer Fire Department
Rossville Volunteer Fire Department
Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department
Rushmere Volunteer Fire Department
Rusk Volunteer Fire Department
Russell Volunteer Fire Department
Rural Valley Fire District
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Southern Area Coordination Center
Small Arms Fire
Southern African Fire-Atmosphere Research Initiative
Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response
Squad Automatic Weapons
Seattle Building Code
Section Chief
Spread Component
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatuses
System Configuration Card
Singapore Civil Defence Force
Singapore Civil Defense Force
Sheldon Community Volunteer Fire Department
San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
San Diego Fire Department
San Diego Medical Services Enterprise
Senior Divisional Officer
Shift Duty Officer
San Dimas Technology and Development Center
Support Element
Single Engine Air Tanker
Single Engine Air Tankers
Single Engine Air Tankers
Self-Expanding Foam System
Security Equipment Supply
Special Equipment Unit
Standard Emergency Warning Signal
Sustained Fire
State Fire Marshal
State Fire Marshall
Senior Fire Prevention Officer
Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials
Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material
Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials
Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service
Szkoła Główna Służby Pożarniczej
South Houston Volunteer Fire Department
Seismic Joint System
State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
Signaling Line Circuits
South Metro Fire Rescue Authority
Station Officer
Special Operations Assault Rifle
South Oxfordshire District Council
Standard Operating Guidelines
Standard Operating Guideline
Standard Operating Guidelines
Safety Of Life In Tunnels
Special Operations Rescue Team
Southside Place Fire Department
Security Police Fire Professionals of America
Stream Processing Units
Stenis Space Center
Super Select-Fire
Start Scale Models
Senior Station Officer
Specified Technologies Inc
Standards Technical Panels
Sun Valley Fire Department
Sumpter Volunteer Fire Department
Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue
Shawnee Valley Volunteer Fire Company
Southern Webster County Fire Protection District
South Wales Fire Company
South Walton Fire District
South Windsor Fire Department
Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District
South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads
Thermal Barrier
Trial By Fire
Tennessee Burglar and Fire Alarm Association
The Fires of Heaven
Tyco Fire Protection Products
Toronto Fire Services
Texas Forest Service
Task Force Tips
Total Heat Loss
Tentative Interim Amendment
Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Imaging Cameras
Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System
Turntable Ladder
Temagami Lakes Association
Test and Maintenance
Tactical Machine Pistol
Tahoe National Forest
Twin Peaks
Thermal Protective Performance
Training Resources and Data Exchange
Training Resource and Data Exchange
Target Reference Points
Target Reference Points
Technical Rescue Team
Technical Rescue Teams
Technical Response Unit
Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
Tactical Support Unit
Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service
Theissen Training Systems
Toney Volunteer Fire Department
Teague Volunteer Fire Department
Telephone Volunteer Fire Department
Temple Volunteer Fire Department
Thetford Volunteer Fire Department
Toivola Volunteer Fire Department
Torrington Volunteer Fire Department
Townville Volunteer Fire Department
Triangle Volunteer Fire Department
Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department
Troutville Volunteer Fire Department
Tusculum Volunteer Fire Department
Teays Valley Fire Department
Twin Valley Fire Department
Tonto Village Fire District
Town of Watertown Fire Department
Uniform Fire Code
University Heights Fire Department
Universityrsity Heights Fire Department
Underhill-Jericho Fire Department
United Kingdom Rescue Organisation
Upper Leacock Fire Company
Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fire Department
Vulnerability Assessment Program
Voice Alarm System
Volunteer & Combination Officers Section
Volume Damper
Verband der Schadenversicherer
Volunteer Emergency Service
Verona Volunteer Fire Company
Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones
Valley of the Pines Fire Department
Vertical Takeoff Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Vertical Unmanned Aerial System
Water Customer Service
Work Capacity Test
World Fire Atlas
Wildland Fire Assesment System
Wildland Fire Assessment System
Wildland Fire Decision Support System
Wellness Fitness Initiative
Wildland Fire Leadership Council
Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service
World Fire Statistics Centre
Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher
Wildland Fire Use
Warnock Hersey International
West I-10 Volunteer Fire Department
Watch Manager
World Police and Fire Games
World Rescue Challenge
Wilderness Ranch Fire Department
Water Rescue Unit
Washington State Council of Fire Fighters
Wildland-Urban Interface
Wildland Urban Interface
West University Place Fire Department
West Universityrsity Place Fire Department
Webster Volunteer Fire Department
Westfield Volunteer Fire Department
X2-256t Secondary