Popular Force acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Auxiliary Air Force
Arditi Distruttori Regia Aeronautica
Atoll air-to-air
Advanced Air-to-Air Missile
Assault Amphibian Battalion
Afghan Air Force
Anti-Afghan Forces
Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command
Association of Air Force Missileers
Army Air & Missile Defense Command
Aeromedical Airlift Squadron
Amphibious Assault Vest
Aft Bulkhead Carrier
Air Base Defense
Angkatan Bersenjata Diraja Brunei
Air Base Group
Air Battle Managers
Afghan Border Police
Automated Business Service System
Air Commodore
Aircraft Control & Warning
Air Craftsman
Assistant Commandant
Assistant Chiefs of Air Staff
Air Component Command
Air Component Coordination Element
Assistant Chief of Defence Staff
Allied Command Europe
Air Combat Information Group
African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises
African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crisis
Advanced Cruise Missiles
Advanced Cruise Missiles
Air Chf Mshl
Air combat manoeuvering
Anti-Coalition Militia
Allied Command for Operations
Advanced Cooling System
Agile Combat Support
Agile Combat System
Air Combat Systems
Assistant Commandants
Absence Compliance Tracker
Air Control Team
Allied Command Transformation
Allied Commander Transformation
Allied Command for Transformation
Allied Command Transformation's
Animal Cruelty Task Force
Air Combat Training System
Air Combat Training Systems
Air Commando Wing
Air Depot
Air Divisions
Australia Defence Association
Active Duty Air Force
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment
Area Defense Counsel
Allied Democratic Forces
Arab Deterrent Force
Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation
Air Defence Group
Air Defense Group
Air Defence Great Britain
Air Defence Ground Environment System
Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program
Asian Defence Journal
Advanced Distributed Learning Service
Advanced Distributed Learning Services
Advanced Distributed Learning System
Air Defence and Operations Command
Air Defence Region
Air Defense Sectors
Air Defense Radar
Airfield Damage Repair
Air Defense, Tactical Air Command
Air Defense Tactical Air Command
Air Defense Wing
Aeromedical Evacuation
Assault Element
Airman Education and Commissioning Program
Aerospace Expeditionary Force
Aerospace Expeditionary Forces
Air Expeditionary Force
Air Expeditionary Forces
Aerospace Expeditionary Forces
Air Experience Flights
Air Expeditionary Groups
Air Expeditionary Group
Advanced Electro-Optical System
Advanced Electro Optical System
Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
Aeromedical Evacuation System
Air Education & Training Command
Air Education Training Command
Air Expeditionary Wing
Air Expeditionary Wings
Acronym Finder
Adaptable Force
Agency Fact
Allied Force
Allied Forces
Assistance Fund
Air Force Academy
Airborne Forward Air Controlled
Airborne Forward Air Controllers
Air Force Assistance Fund
Air Force Aid Society
Air Force Bases
Air Force Basic Military Training
Armed Forces Committee
Armed Forces Chapter
Air Force Cost Analysis Agency
Air Force contract augmentation program
Air Force Common Admission Test
Armed Forces Chaplains Board
Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals
Air Force Combat Climatology Center
Air Force Culture and Language Center
Air Force Central Medical Establishment
Air Force Cambridge Research Center
Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories
Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratory
Armed Forces Compensation Scheme
Armed Forces Classification Test
Air Force Departmental Publishing Office
Air Force District of Washington
Aircrew Flight Equipment
Armed Forces Entertainment
Air Force Enlisted Classification Directory
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Air Force Equipment Management System
Air Force Engineering and Services Center
Air Force Financial Services Center
Air Force Eastern Test Range
Agrupacion De Fuerzas Especiales Urbanas
Air Force Enlisted Village
Army Field Forces
Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
Air Force Frequency Management Agency
Armed Forces of the Federated Suns
Advanced Force Gauge
Air Force Good Conduct Medal
Air Force Global Logistics Support Center
Air Force Guidance Memorandum
Air Force Global Strike Command
Air Force Global Strike Command's
Air Force Handbook
Air Force Historical Research Agency
Air Force Human Resources Laboratory
Air Force Health Study
Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center
Air Force History Support Office
Air Force Instruction
Air Force Instructions
Air Force Intelligence
Armed Forces Insurance
Auxiliary Force India
Air Force Inspection Agency
Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning
Air Force Installation Contracting Agency
Armed Forces Information Film
Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Air Force Instructions
Air Force Joint Instruction
Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency
Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency
Armed Forces Journal
Air Force Judge Advocate General
Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps
American Forces Korean Network
Armed Forces of Liberia
Armed Forces Legal Assistance
Air Force Material Command
Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
Air Force Logistics Management Agency
Air Force Legal Operations Agency
Armed Forces Memorial
Armed Forces of Malta
Atomic Force Microscopes
Atomic Force Microscop
Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations
Air Force Materiel Command's
Armed Forces medical examiner
Armed Forces Medical Examiners
Armed Forces Medical Examiner System
Air Force Material Laboratory
Air Force Medical Operations Agency
Air Force Medical Support Agency
Air Force Manpower Standards
Air Force Manpower Standard
Air Force Medical Service
Air Force Medical Services
Armed Forces Medical Services
Atomic Force Microscopes
Air Force Network Integration Center
Air Force Network Operations Center
Air Force Network Operation Center
Air Force News Service
Air Force National Security Emergency Preparedness
Advanced Force Operations
Authorised Firearms Officer
Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools
Air Force Officer Classification Directory
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
Air Force Officer Qualification Test
Air Force Operational Test & Evaluation Center
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award
Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards
Armed Forced of the Philippines
Armed Forces of the Philippines
Armed Forces of the Philippine
Armed Forces Philippines
Air Force Plant 4
Air Force Public Affairs Agency
Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency
Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System
Air Force Personnel Center
Armed Forces of the Philippines Commissary and Exchange Service
Air Force Policy Directive
Air Force Program Executive Office
Armed Forces Pest Management Board
Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center
Air Force Print News
American Forces Press Service
Armed Forces Pension Schemes
Armed Forces Pensions Scheme
Armed Forces Qualification Test
Armed Forces Qualifications Test
Air Force Qualification Training Package
Air Force Review Boards Agency
Air Force Reserve Command
Air Force Reserve Component
Airman and Family Readiness Center
Armed Forces Revolutionary Council
Armed Forces Recreation Centers
Air Force Rescue Coordination Center
Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office
Atomic-scale Friction Research and Education Synergy Hub
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Air Force Research Institute
Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences
Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Science
Air Force Research Lab
Air Force Research Laboratories
Air Force Research Laboratory's
Air Force Research Labs
Air Force Record Office
Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps
Air Force Recruiting Service
Air Force Regulations
Armed Forces Radio Service
Armed Forces Radio Saigon
Armed Forces of the Republic of Sierra Leone
Armed Forces Radio and Television Services
Air Force Specialty
Air Force Specialty Codes
Atomic Force Spectroscopy
Air Force Scientific Advisory Board
Air Force Security Assistance Center
Air Force Selection Boards
Air Force Safety Center
Air Force Sustainment Center
Air Force Space Command
Air Force System Command
Air Force Speciality Code
Armed Forces Services Corporation
Air Force Security Forces Association
Armed Forces Service Medal
Air Force Security Service
Air Force Special Operations Air Warfare Center
Air Force Special Ops Command
Armed Forces Special Powers Act
Air Force Suicide Prevention Program
Air Force Space Surveillance System
Armed Forces Special Weapons Project
Advanced Flying Training
Aerobic Fitness Test
Air Force Technical Application Center
Air Force Theater Hospital
Advanced Force & Torque Indicator
Air Force Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
Armed Forces Vacation Club
Air Force Virtual Education Center
Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories
Air Force Women Officers Associated
Air Guard Station
Air Historical Branch
Air Intelligence Centre
anti-Iraqi forces
Air Inflatable Retarder
As I recall
Air Intelligence Service Squadron
Advanced Jet Trainers
Armstrong Laboratory
Air Launched Anti Radiation Missile
Air Logistics Complex
Air Logistics Centers
Air Logistics Command
Air-Launched Cruise Missiles
Air Launched Cruise Missile
Air Launched Cruise Missiles
Air Logistics Centers
Air Logistics Complexes
Advanced Low-observable Embedded Reconnaissance Targeting
Advanced Landing Ground
Advanced Light Helicopter
Advanced Light Helicopters
Advance Light Helicopter
Advance Light Helicopters
Admissions Liaison Officer
Admissions Liaison Officers
Air Liaison Officers
Afghan Local Police
Airman Leadership School
Advanced Light Strike Vehicle
Assault Landing Zone
Aeronautica Militare
Air Medal
Air Medals
Actual mechanical advantage
Appeal Medical Board
Air Mobility Command's
A'chik Matgrik Elite Force
Achik Matgrik Elite Force
Afghan Militia Forces
Africa Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership
Air Mobility Liaison Officers
Air Mobility Liaison Officer
Air Mobility Operations Group
Air Member for Personnel
Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
Academy of Military Science
Academy of Military Sciences
Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Avionics Maintenance Squadron
Air Mobility Squadron
Assignment Management System
Air Mentoring Team
Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc
Aeronautica Militare Virtuale Italiana
Air Mobility Warfare Center
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Australian Navy
Afghan National Army Air Force
Afghan National Auxiliary Police
Afghan National Army Special Forces
Afghanistan National Security Forces
Afghan National Civil Order Police
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces
Afghan National Defence and Security Forces
Afghan National Defense Security Forces
Anti-Narcotics Force
Anti Narcotics Force
Anti Narcotic Force
Atlantic Nuclear Force
Air National Guard Base
Automated Navigation and Guidance Experiment for Local Space
Autonomous Nanosatellite Guardian for Evaluating Local Space
Air National Guard Readiness Center
Air National Guard of the United States
Afghanistan National Police
Afghan National Police
Armée Nationale Populaire
Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force
Area Of Operations
Awaiting Orders
Aerospace Operation Center
Air Operation Center
Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Air Operations Centre
Air Operation Centre
Automatic Opening Device
Association of Graduates
Area of Operation
Area of Operational Responsibility
Areas of Operational Responsibility
Areas of Responsibility
Areas of Responsibilities
Air Operations Squadron
Avon Park Air Force Range
Alliance des patriotes pour un Congo libre et souverain
Armed Personnel Carriers
Armed Police Force
Aden Protectorate Levies
Acting Pilot Officer
Afghan Public Protection Force
Aerial Port Squadron
Audio Processing Unit
Additional Qualification Designators
Assam Rifles
Army Reserve Command
Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse
Amphibious Readiness Groups
Amphibious Ready Groups
Amphibious Readiness Groups
Active-Reserve Integration
Air Reserve Personnel Center
Aerospace Research Pilot School
Aerospace Rescue Recovery Service
Air Refuelling Squadron
Air Reserve Station
Air Reserve Technicians
Air Reserve Technician
Air Refuelling Wing
Aerospace Studies
Air Support
Air and Space Basic Course
Aeronautical System Center
Army Service Component Commands
Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program
Airmen Selection Centres
Alabama State Defense Force
Alaska State Defense Force
Afghan Security Forces
Afghan Security Forces Fund
Afghan Security Forces Funds
Afghan Security Guards
African Standby Force
Airport Security Force
Airports Security Force
Auxiliary Security Force
Army Strategic Force Command
Afghanistan Security Forces Fund
Aerospace Science Instructor
Afghan Security Institution
Air-to-Surface Missiles
Air-Sol Moyenne Portee
Air Staff Officer
Air Support Operations Group
Army Special Operations Command
Air Support Operations Squadron
Air Support Operations Squadrons
Assistant Superintendent of Police
Assault Support Patrol Boat
Air and Space Power Journal
Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
Anti-Spam Research Group
Anti Spam Research Group
Air Sea Rescue Unit
Avionics System Software Tornado in Ada
Airport Security Unit
Anti-Submarine Warfare Commander
Ampere Turns
Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection
Afghan Transitional Authority
Autonomous Target Acquisition
Android Tactical Assault Kit
Air Training Command
Air Transport Command
Advanced Technology Demonstration
Advanced Technology Demonstrations
Army Test Evaluation Command
Animal Task Force
Armored Task Force
Amphibious Task Force
Anti Terrorist Force
American Task Force Argentina
American Task Force on Palestine
Anti-terrorism and Force Protection
Anti Terrorism Force Protection
Adversary Tactics Group
Advisor Training Group
Afloat Training Group
Afloat Training Groups
Air Tasking Order
Air Tasking Orders
Air Task Order
Air Tasking Orders
Amphibious Task Group
Air Transportable Hospital
Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Air Technical Intelligence Center
Angkatan Tentera Malaysia
All Terrain Mobility Platform
Advanced Targeting Pods
Allied Tactical Publication
Army Training Requirements & Resources System
Aircrew Training System
Aircrew Training Systems
Ability to Survive and Operate
Auto Theft Task Force
Angkatan Udara
Authorization for Use of Military Force
Authorization to Use Military Force
Authorization for the Use of Military Force
Authorization of Use of Military Force
Authorization of the Use of Military Force
Authorized Use of Military Force
Aberdeen Universities Officer Training Corps
Afghan Uniform Police
Afghan Uniformed Police
Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia
All-Volunteer Force
All Volunteer Force
Air Vice-Marshal
Air Vice Marshall
Air Vehicle Operator
Advanced Video Processor
Air Weather Association
Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
Air War College
Air Weapon Complex
Air Weapons Complex
Automated Weather Distribution System
Advanced Warfighting Experiment
Advanced Warfighter Experiment
Border Security Force
Battlefield Airman
Bold Alligator
Base Air Defense Ground Environment
Benefield Anechoic Facility
British Air Force
British Armed Forces
Brigade Aérienne des Forces de Sécurité et d'Intervention
British Armed Forces Special Vouchers
Base Aerea Militar
Base d'aéronautique navale
Baltic Air Policing
Broad Area Review
Basic Attributes Test
British Army Training and Support Unit Belize
Base Commander
Battle Damage Assesment
Bahrain Defence Force
Barbados Defence Force
Barbados Defense Force
Bophuthatswana Defence Force
Botswana Defence Force
Botswana Defense Force
Botswana Defense Forces
Battle Dress Utility
Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources
Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resource
Basic Expeditionary Airman Skills Training
Basic Expeditionary Airmen Skills Training
Base Engineer Emergency Force
Base Engineer Emergency Forces
Brazilian Expeditionary Force
British Expeditionary Forces
Business and Enterprise Systems
Border Enforcement Security Task
British Forces Broadcasting Service
British Forces Broadcast Service
Brake Force Display
Basic Force Gauge
Blue Force Gear
British Forces Germany
British Forces Network
Brigada de Fusileros Paracaidistas
British Forces Post Office
British Forces Post Offices
Business and Force Support
British Forces South Atlantic Islands
Brigade des Forces Spéciales Terre
Battle Force Tactical Training
Bombardment Group
Bomb Group
Brig Gen
Border Guard Forces
Black Hawk Down
Boko Haram Terrorists
Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces
Bataillon d'Intervention Rapide
Baloch Liberation Front
Baluch Liberation Front
Base-level service delivery model
Battalion Landing Teams
Bending Moment
Ballistic Missile Division
Burundi National Defense Force
Broadcast Operations Detachment
Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors
Basic Officer Training
Basic Orientation Training
Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer
Boom Operator Weapon System Trainer
Boom Operator Weapons Systems Trainer
Base Post Office
Basic Reconnaissance Course
Baltic Region Training Event
Baltic Region Training Events
Bomber Squadron
British South Africa Police
British South African Police
Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten
Ballistic Systems Division
Bojna za specijalna djelovanja
Boarder Security Force
Border Security Force
Border Security Forces
Black Sea Rotational Force
Court of Military Appeals
Custom sec
Commander, Seventh Fleet
Castle Air
Chanute Air
Chief of Air
Civil Air
Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
Central Air Defense Force
Canadian Air Defence Sector
Colombian Air Force
Croatian Air Force
Chhattisgarh Armed Force
Continental Air Forces
Civilian Armed Force Geographical Unit
Coalition Air Force Training Team
Combat Applications Group
Combat Application Group
Commander's Action Group
Commander of Air Group
Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile
Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missiles
Combined Arms Maneuver
Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance
Convulsive Antidote for Nerve Agent Autoinjector
Coalition Air Operations Center
Combined Air Operations Centre
Combined Air Operation Centre
Combined Air Operation Center
Combined Air Operations Centres
Combined Air Operations Centres
Combined Air Operation Centres
Combat Avionics Programmed Extension Suite
Centre for Air Power Studies
Combat Assault Rifle
Chief of Air Staff
Chief of the Air Staff
Close Air Solutions
Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility
Commando d'Action Sous-Marine
China Air Task Force
Commander Amphibious Task Force
Combat Arms Training and Maintenance
Combined Aerial Target Service
Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force
Chemical and Biological Incident Response Force
Chemical Biological Incident Response Force
Capability-Based Planning
Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear
Cluster Bomb Units
Cluster Bomb Units
Cape Canaveral
Command Chief
Coastal Command Boat
Command & Control Central
Command and Control Central
Command Chief Master
Command and Control North
Command & Control South
Command and Control South
Contingency Contracting Officer
Contingency Contracting Officers
Center for Cyberspace Research
Combat Commanders School
Caribbean Corridor Strike Force
Combat Controller Team
Compagnie de Commandement et de Transmissions
Career Development Courses
Chief of Defense Forces
Ciskei Defence Force
Civil Defence Forces
Civil Defense Force
Civil Defense Forces
Commander-Directed Investigation
Community Defense Initiative
Common Diagnostics Model
Chief of Defence Procurement
Combat Divers Service
Combined Defence Services Examination
Combined Defense Service Exam
Clearance Diving Team
Central Detective Unit
Command Elements
Continuity of Education Allowance
Conducted Energy Devices
China Expeditionary Force
Chinese Expeditionary Force
Combat Evaluation Group
Chief Enlisted Manager
Combined Effects Munitions
Contractor Engineering Technical Services
Chairman of the European Union Military Committee
Coalition Forces
Conventional Forces
Cyber Force
Combined Forces Air Component Commander
Canadian Forces Aptitude Test
Caribbean Financial Action Task Force
Cadet Force Adult Volunteer
Canadian Forces Auxiliary Vessel
Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre
Canadian Forces Bases
Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer
Canadian Forces Dental Service
Conventional Force in Europe
Career Field Education and Training Plan
Commander, Fleet Forces Command
Commander Fleet Forces Command
Canadian Forces Health Services
Connected Forces Initiative
Canadian Forces Language School
Canadian Forces Military Police Academy
Canadian Forces Recruiting Group
Canadian Forces Station
Canadian Forces Superannuation Act
Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations
Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistics
Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies
Canadian Forces School of Intelligence and Security
Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence
Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command
Canadian Forces Service Prison and Detention Barracks
Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue
Canadian Forces School of Survival and Aeromedical Training
Canadian Forces Support Training Group
Canadian Forces Support Unit
College of Flying Training
Canadian Forces Technical Order
Computer Generated Forces
Centimeter-gram-second system
Confédération générale du travail-Force
Chinook he
Chinook heavy-lift
Contemporary Historical Examination of Current Operations
Commando Helicopter Force
Cadet in Charge
Criminal Investigation Department
Civilian Irregular Defense Groups
Coming into force
Counter Insurgency Jungle Warfare School
Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility
Central Industrial Security Force
Central Industry Security Force
Central Industries Security Force
Central Industrial Security Forces
Communications Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement
Combat Information transport System
Combat Information Transport Systems
Chairman Joint Chief of Staff
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual
Combined Joint Expeditionary Force
Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit
Chief of Joint Operations
Combined Joint Operations Area
Combined Joint Operations Center
Combined Joint Operational Access Exercise
Combined Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
Combined Joint Special Operations Task Forces
Career Job Reservation
Combined Joint Task Forces
Combined Joint Task Forces
Combined Joint Task Force, Horn of Africa
Commander Landing Force
Combat Logistics Regiment
Combat Logistics Regiments
Contract Logistics Support
Command Master Chief Petty Officer
Civil-Military Relations
Combat Mission Ready
Chief Master Sergeant
Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
Compulsory Military Training
Civilian Mechanical Transport Driver
Cheyenne Mountain Upgrade
Commander, Naval Air Forces
Civil Nuclear Constabulary
Commander Naval Forces Japan
Commander Naval Forces Korea
Cypriot National Guard
Chief Naval Operations
Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command
Commander Naval Surface Forces
Counter Narco-Terrorism
Cyberspace Operations
Certificate of Clearance
Commandant of Cadets
Combat Operations Division
Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analyses
Center of Pressure
Commandement des Operations Speciales
Chiefs of Staff Committee
Commissioned Officer Training
Capability Plan
Centre of pressure
Commissioner of Police
Counter Proliferation
Club Penguin Air Force
Canadian Parachute Centre
Contact Potential Difference
Central Paramilitary Forces
Central Para Military Force
Central Police Force
Central Police Forces
Chairman's Program Recommendation
Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal
computerized pilot selection system
Command Post Terminals
Coastal Riverine Force
Contingency Response Group
Contingency Response Groups
Crisis Response Group
Combat Rescue Officer
Combat Rescue Officers
Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System
Criminal Records Office
Central Reserve Police
Central Reserve Police Force
Central Reserved Police Force
Collective Rapid Reaction Force
Collective Rapid Response Forces
Combat Rescue Sling
Civil Relations Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines
Coral Reef Task Force
Civil Support
Chief of Staff of the Air Force
Chief of Staff Armed Forces of the Philippines
Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
combat, search and rescue
Center for Strategy and Technology
Center for Strategic & Budgetary Assessments
Central Security Control
Chief Security Commissioner
Coalition Shared Data
Command Senior Enlisted Leader
Center for Security Forces
Central Security Forces
Continuum Surface Force
Critical Skills Operators
Critical Skills Operator
Capability Sustainment Programme
Chief Superintendent of Police
Computer Sciences Raytheon
Commander's Support Staff
Combat Survival Training
Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan
Civil Society Task Force
Combat Support Unit
Combat Support Wing
Command Task
Continuation Training
Counter-terrorism Team
Counter Terrorism Bureau
Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
Citizens Task Force
Coalition Task Force
Cyber Task Force
Combined Task Forces
Commander, Task Force
Commander Task Group
Counter-Terrorism Service
Counter Terrorism Task Force
Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force
Counter terrorism Implementation Task Force
Career Transition Partnership
Counter Terrorism Response Unit
Combat Training System
Distinguished Flying Cross
Distinguished Flying Medal
Disturbed Areas Act
Digitally Aided Close Air Support
Dover Air Force Base
Department of the Army General Orders
Direct Action Platoons
Direct Action Platoon
Defence Acquisition Programme Administration
Defense Acquisition Performance Assessment
Direct Action Resource Center
Defense Atomic Support Agency
Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-processor
Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Preprocessor
Defensive Counter-air
Democratic Control of the Armed Forces
Deputy Chief of Air Staff
Deputy Chiefs of Air Staff
District of Columbia Air National Guard
Dedicated Crew Chief
Deputy Chief Constable
Deputy Chief of Defence Staff
Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Destruction of Enemy Air Defence
Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System
Defense Enterprise Accounting Management System
Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative
Dark Forces
Defence Forces
Driving Force
Driving Force Pro
Defense Forces & Public Security
Defense Forces and Public Security
Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal
Defence Force Service Medal
Digital Force Technologies
Directorate General of Forces Intelligence
Defence Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Centre
Distributed Ground Station
Darul Islam / Tentara Islam Indonesia
Due-In From Maintenance
Defense Institute for Medical Operations
Defence Intelligence and Security Centre
Deployable Joint Staff Element
Deployable Joint Task Force Augmentation Cell
Defense Language and National Security Education Office
Dynamic Launch Zone
Defense Media Activity
Davis Monthan Air Force Base
Defence Management Journal
Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb
Distributed Mission Operations
Distributed Mission Operation
Distributed Mission Operations Center
Distributed Missions Operations Center
Distributed Mission Operation Center
Defensive Management System
Distributed Management Task Force's
Duty Not Involving Flying
Defense Nuclear Weapons School
Defense Operations
Distributed Operations
Designed Operational Capability
Dance or Die
Director of Test and Evaluation
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities
Decisive Points
Defense Procurement Agency
Dissipative Particle Dynamics
Diver Propulsion Device
Directorate of Public Relations
Defense Policy Review Initiative
Defence Public Sector Undertaking
Desert Patrol Vehicles
Defence Review
Defence Security Cooperation Agency
Defense Support to Civil Authorities
Defense Support of Civil Authority
Director of Special Forces
Director Special Forces
Defense Safety Oversight Council
Defence School of Photography
Defense Support to Public Diplomacy
Detasamentul Special de Protectie si Interventie
Dynamic Super Resolution
Defense Superior Service Medal
Defence Science Technology Agency
Defense Science and Technology Laboratory
Drug Task Force
Defensive Tactics Instructor
Defence Training Review
Escape & Evasion
Evasion and Escape
Earth Defense Force
Edwin Andrews Air Base
Egyptian Air Defense Command
Eastern Air Defense Force
Eastern Air Defense Sector
Ethiopian Air Force
European Air Force
Expeditionary Aerospace Force
England Air Force Base
European Air Group
East African Standby Force
European Air Transport Command
Electronic Brake-force Distribution
Emergency Close Air Support
Electronic Combat & Reconnaissance
Expeditionary Combat Support
Earth Defense Force
Eritrean Defence Forces
Eritrean Defense Forces
Estonian Defence Forces
Egyptian Expeditionary Force
Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles
Enlisted Evaluation System
Earth Federation
Expeditionary Force Institutes
Electric Force Microscopy
Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Expeditionary Fighter Squadron
European Forces Swim League
European Gendarmerie Force
Eastern Gas Gathering System
Electronics Information
Environmental Impact Analysis Process
European Infrastructure Consolidation
Entry Into Force
Enterprise Integration and Service Management
Enterprise Integration and Services Management
Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite
Emerging Issue Task Force
Eastern Military District
Electro-Magnetic Force
Electro-Motive Force
Electro Magnetic Force
Electro Motive Force
Embarked Military Force
Explosive Method of Entry
Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Expeditionary Mobility Task Forces
Expeditionary Mobility Task Force
Ethiopian National Defense Force
Ethiopian National Defense Forces
Ethiopian National Defence Forces
Ethiopian National Defence Force
Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training
Electro-Optic / Infra-Red
Explosive Ordnance Devices
Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
End Of Tour
Elite Penguin Force
Escadron Parachutiste d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale
Enlisted Performance Reports
Emergency Response Brigade
Enlisted Retention Board
Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School
European Rapid Reaction Force
Enhanced survivability
Electronics Systems Center
Electronic Systems Center
Electronic System Center
Enota za specialno delovanje
Expeditionary Strike Force
Expeditionary Strike Group
Expeditionary Strike Groups
Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron
Escadron Special d'Intervention
Emergency Services Teams
Efficiency Task Force
Estimated Time In Commission
Enhanced Technical Information Management System
Electronic Target Range
Fuerza Aérea Argentina
Functional Area Analysis
Fernando Air Base
Fitness Assessment Cell
Forces armees congolaises
Forward Air Controllers
Forces Aeriennes Francaises Libres
Forces Armees du Nord
Forces Armees Nationales Khmeres
Fuerza Aérea Del Peru
Fuerza Aérea Peruana
Force d'Action Rapide
Fuerza Aerea Revolucionaria
Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias
Forces Armées de la République Démocratique du Congo
Forward Air Refueling Point
Forward Arming and Refueling Points
Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña
Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team
Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team
Fly Away Security Teams
Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team
Forces Armées Tchadiennes
Fuerza Aérea Venezolana
Fast Attack Vehicles
Free Body Diagram
Fighter-Bomber Group
Fighter-Bomber Wing
Fighter Bomber Wing
Fighter Bomber Squadron
Fighter Controllers
Fighter Controller
Frontier Constabulary
Frontier Corps
Frontier Corp
Fleet Cyber Command
Forcible Cell Extractions
Force Commander Reserve
Fighter Conversion Unit
Forces for the Defense of Democracy
Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda
Forces démocratiques pour la libération du Rwanda
Force de Défense Nationale
Forward Deployed Naval Forces
Forca de Defesa de Timor Leste
Forças de Defesa de Timor-Leste
Far East Air Forces
Far Eastern Air Force
Força Expedicionária Brasileira
Field Force
Force Feedback
Force Field Analysis
force feed back
Fleet Forces Command
Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur
French Forces of the Interior
Friendly Forces Information Requirements
Friendly Force Information Requirements
Friendly Force Information Requirement
Force Feedback Joystick
Forces Françaises Libres
Frictional Force Microscopy
Front des Forces Socialistes
Friendly Force Tracking
Fighter Group
Fuerza de Guerra Naval Especial
Flying Hour
Force Health Protection
Force Health Protection & Readiness
Force Index
Force Intelligence Bureau
Force Intervention Brigade
Foreign Internal Defence
Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces
Friends of the Israeli Defense Force
Free Iraqi Forces
Fighter Interceptor Group
Facility Improvement Program
Flight Instruction Program
Force Investigation Team
Flight Lieutenant
Force Management
Fiji Military Forces
Force Modulation Microscopy
Force Mobile Reserve
Full Mission Simulators
Full Mission Trainers
Foreign Military Training Unit
Forces Nouvelles
Functional Needs Analysis
Forces Nouvelles de Côte d'Ivoire
Forces Navales Francaises Libres
Finnish Navy Ship
Flight Officer
Flying Officer
Force Ouvrière
Field Operating Agencies
Field Operating Agencies
Full Operating Capability
Full Operation Capability
Follow on Forces Attack
Field Operations Group
Forward Operation Location
Forward Operating Locations
Follow on Test and Evaluation
Force of the Breaker
Force Points
Force Protection
Force Protection Company
Force Public Relations Officer
Facilities Protection Service
Facility Protection Service
Foot Pound Second
Force Protection Systems
Flight Refuelling Aircraft
Flight Refueling Limited
Fleet Response Training Plan
Forces Recruitment Services
Federal Reserve Unit
Flt Sgt
Forced Switch
Full Spectrum Battle Equipment
Flight Security Controller
Foothills Special Enforcement Team
Federal Security Force
Forces de Sécurité Intérieure
Force-Sensing Resistor
Force Sensing Resistors
Force Sensing Resistor
Force Sensitive Resistor
Force Sensor Resistor
Force Support Squadron
Force Service Support Groups
Fleet Synthetic Training
Field Training
First Term Airman Center
First Term Airmen Center
Feminist Task Force
Field Training Preparation
From the Sea
Front uni pour le changement
Gruppo di Intervento Speciale
Gateway Algorithms and Data Structures
General of the Air Force
Georgian Air Force
Georgian Armed Forces
Ghana Armed Forces
Griffiss Air Force Base
Ground Air Transmit Receive
Ground Based Strategic Deterrent
Geographic Combatant Commands
Geographic Combatant Commanders
Ground Combat Elements
Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force
Global Cyberspace Integration Center
Greatest Common Multiple
Groupement de Commandos Parachutistes
Graphics Double Data Rate 3
Guyana Defence Force
Guyana Defense Force
Grup Especial d'Intervencio
Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance
Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep-Space Surveillance
Grupo Especial de Seguridad
Guardian Forces
Grand Forks Air Force Base
Global Force Management
Gerup Gerak Khas
Grup Gerak Khas
Global Internet Freedom Task
Groupe d'Intervention Gendarmerie Nationale
Grupo de Intervenção de Operações Especiais
Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
Gruppo d'Intervento Speciale
Gruppo di Intervento Speciale
Gruppo Intervento Speciale
Ground-Launched Cruise Missiles
Ground Launched Cruise Missiles
Ground Launch Cruise Missiles
Ground Launch Cruise Missile
Ground Launched Cruise Missiles
Goes Like Hell
G-Induced Loss of Consciousness
Ground Laser Target Designator
Ground Master
Ghana Military Academy
Greater Manchester Police
General of the Air Force
Grupo de Operaciones Especiales-Spain
Gruppo Operativo Incursori
Gruppo Operativo Subacquei
Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems
Graphics Processing Clusters
Global Protection Force
General Purpose Machine Guns
Global Peace Operations Initiative
Global Peace Operation Initiative
Grupa Reagowania Operacyjno-Manewrowego
Guidance Replacement Program
Graduated Resettlement Time
Global Strike
Global Strike Command
Ground Self-Defense Force
Ground Self-Defense Forces
Ground Self Defense Force
Groupement de Sécurité et d'Intervention de la Gendarmerie Nationale
Grupul Special de Protectie si Interventie
Geosynchronous Space Situational Awareness Program
Global Strike Task Force
Geographically Separated Units
Geographically Separate Unit
Geographically Separate Units
High Accuracy Direction Finding
Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief
Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief
High-Altitude, High-Opening
High Altitude-High Opening
High Altitude High Opening
High Altitude, High Opening
High Altitude High Open
high-altitude, low-opening
High Altitude Low Opening
High Altitude-Low Opening
High Altitude, Low Opening
Humanitarian Assistance Rapid Response Team
Head Constable
House of Commons Defence Committee
Household Cavalry Regiment
Helicopter Combat Support
Human Exploitation Team
High Force
Holloman High Speed Test Track
Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force
Hong Kong Police Force
Hong Kong Police
Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Hybrid Launch Vehicle
Helmet Mounted Cueing System
High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle
High Mobility Transporter
Host Nations
Hellenic National Defence General Staff
Host-Nation Support
Host Nation Security Forces
Hrvatske Obrambene Snage
High-Precision Dynamic-Range
Hezen Parastina Gel
Human Performance Wing
High Resolution Anti Aliasing
High Readiness Force
Homeland Response Forces
Homeland Response Forces
Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques
Helicopter Rope Suspension Training
Health Services Inspection
Humanitarian Service Medal
High School Scholarship Programs
Hohenfels Training Area
Helicopter Training School
Head-Up Display Weapon Aiming Computer
High Value Assets
High Value Assets
High Value Individual
High Value Individuals
High Value Individuals
Indications & Warning
Indications & Warnings
Intelligently Controlled Targeting System
Integrated Air Command and Control System
Intelligent Assist Devices
Integrated Air Defense Systems
Invitation to Apply for Eligibility and to Bid
Indian Armed Forces
Iraqi Armed Forces
Internal Affairs Office
Inshore Boat Units
Internet Crimes Against Children
Information Coordination Center
Ion Conductance Microscopy
Iraqi Counter Terrorism Force
Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force
International Cyber Threat Task Force
Integrated Defensive Aids Suite
Independent Duty Corpsmen
International Defence Exhibition and Seminar
Israeli Defense Forces
Israeli Defence Force
Israeli Defence Forces
Integrated Defence Systems
Imitative Electromagnetic Deception
Improvised Explosive Devises
Indian Expeditionary Force
Installation Emergency Management
Interim Fast Attack Vehicle
Indentification Friend or Foe
Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals
Initial Flight Screening
Introductory Flight Training
Internet Governance Task Force
Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology
Integrated High Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technologies
Integrated High-Payoff Rocket Propulsion Technology
Iraqi Intervention Force
Imperial Iranian Navy
Illinois Joining Forces
Intermediate Jet Trainers
International Law Enforcement Forum
Ideal Mechanical Advantage
Individual Mobilization Augmentees
International Mine Action Training Centre
Integrated Maintenance Data System
Integrated Maintenance Data Systems
Impossible Mission Force
Impossible Missions Force
Information Management Tool
Intermediate Nuclear Forces
Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force
Intermediate Nuclear Force
Integrated National Police
Iraqi National Police
Influence Operations
Israeli Occupation Forces
Israeli Occupation Force
Initial Operational Test & Evaluation
International Obesity Task Force
International Police Task Force
Inspector of Police
Iraqi Police
Indian Peace Keeping Force
Indian Peace Keeping Forces
Innocent People Killing Force
Intelligence Preparation of the Operational Environment
Individual Partnership Program
Iraqi Police Service
Iraqi Police Services
International Peace Support Training Centre
Indigenous Peoples Task Force
Inspection and Repair As Necessary
Intermediate-range ballistic missiles
Instrument Refresher Course
Immediate Reaction Force
Immediate Reaction Forces
Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy
Iranian Republican Guard Corps
Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods
Information Resources Management Service
Internet Research Steering Group
Individual Resettlement Training Costs
Internet Research Task Force
Industrial Security
Internal Security
International Security Assistance Force
International Security Assistance Forces
International Security Assitance Force
International Security Assistance Force's
International Security and Assistance Forces
International Security Assistant Force
Intelligence Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines
Intelligence Service Armed Forces of the Philippines
Intelligence Services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Internal Security Division
Internal Security Forces
Internal Security Force
International Security Force
Instinctive Shooting International
Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network
Inter-Service Public Relations
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Initial Service Release
Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Intelligence Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Group
Integrated Systems Sector
Internet Safety Technical Task Force
Indo-Tibetan Border Police
Indo-Tibet Border Police
Indo-Tibetian Border Police
Indo Tibetan Border Police
Indo Tibet Border Police
Indo Tibetian Border Police
Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force
Indo Tibetan Border Police Force
Individual Training Course
Jedi Apprentice
Joint Arms Control Implementation Group
Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement
Jordan Armed Forces
Joint Air Force-Army-Navy
Joint Air Power Competence Center
Joint Aircraft Recovery and Transportation Squadron
Japan Air Self-Defense Forces
Joint Air-to-Surface Stand-off Missile
Joint Air-to-Surface-Standoff Missiles
Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile
Joint Air to Surface Stand-off Missile
Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended
Joint Amphibious Task Force
Jet Bomb
Joint Base
Joint Base Balad
Joint Battlespace Infosphere
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam
Joint Base San Antonio
Joint Capabilities
Joint Close Air Support
Joint Combined Exchange Training
Jamaica Constabulary Force
Joint Civil-military Operations Task Force
Japanese Defense Agency
Jamaican Defense Force
Joint Data Network
Japanese Defense Ship
Joint Expeditionary Force Experiments
Joint Expeditionary Forces Experiment
Joint Force Air Component
Joint Forces Air Component Commander
Joint Forces Land Component Commander
Joint Forward Air Control Training and Standards Unit
Joint Force Commanders
Joint Force Commander's
Joint Forces Command
Joint Forces Commander
Joint Force Commanders
Joint Force Commands
Joint Functional Component Command
Joint Functional Component Commands
Joint Force Intelligence Group
Joint Forces Intelligence Group
Joint Fires Integration and Interoperability Team
Joint Forces Land Component Command
Joint Forces Maritime Component Commander
Joint Force Protection Advanced Security System
Joint Force Requirements Generator
Joint Forces Special Operations Component Commander
Joint Forces Training Center
Joint Forces Training Centre
Joint Force Training Centre
Joint Force Training Center
Japanese Ground Self Defense Force
Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force
Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force
Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces
Japan Ground Self Defense Force
Japan Ground Self Defence Force
Japan Ground Self-Defence Force
Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System
Jemiah Islamiah
Joint Inter Agency Task Force
Joint Intelligence Centre
Joint Intelligence Centers
Jewish Internet Defense Force
Joint Information Operations Center
Joint Intelligence Preparation Of The Battlespace
Joint Integrated Unit
Jammu and Kashmir Police
Joint Logistics Operations Center
Joint Logistics Support Group
Joint Maritime Facility
Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force
Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force
Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force
Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force
Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces
Japan Marine Self Defense Force
Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force
Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
Joint Military Training
Joint Multinational Training Center
Joint National Training Capability
Joint Operating Area
Joint Operating Concept
Joint Operations Command
Joint Operation Command
Joint Operations Cell
Joint Operations Centers
Joint Operational Planning and Execution System
Joint Operations Planning Process
Joint Operational Requirement Document
Joint Personnel
Joint Personnel Administration Centre
Joint Precision Air Drop System
Joint Precision Air-Drop System
Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex
Joint Public Affairs Support Element
Joint Prioritized Effects List
Joint Personnel Recovery
Joint Personnel Recovery Center
Joint Publications
Joint Requirements Oversight Committee
Joint Rapid Reaction Forces
Japanese Ship
Japanese Self-Defense Force
Japanese Self Defense Force
Japanese Self Defence Forces
Japanese Self Defense Forces
Japanese Self Defence Force
Japanese Self-Defence Force
Japanese Self-Defence Forces
Japan Self-Defense Force
Japan Self Defense Forces
Japan Self Defense Force
Japan Self Defence Force
Joint Strike Force
Joint Support Group
Joint Special Operations Group
Joint Special Operations Air Component
Joint Special Operations Task Forces
Joint Special Operations Task Forces
Joint Special Operations Task Force, Philippines
Joint Special Operations University
Joint Service Publication
Joint Service Publications
Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force
Joint Surveillance Target and Attack Radar System
Joint test assembly
Joint Tactical Air Controllers
Joint Terminal Air Controllers
Joint Terminal Attack Controller
Joint Terminal Attack Controllers
Joint Terminal Attack Control
Joint Terminal Attack Controllers
Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization
Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization's
Joint Targeting Coordination Board
Joint Task Force-Civil
Joint Task Force-Bravo
Joint Task Force 2
Joint Task Forces
Joint Task Force Two
Joint Tactical Information Data System
Joint Tactical Information Display System
Joint Terrorism Task Force
Joint Terrorist Task Force
Joint Terrorism Task Forces
Joint Terrorism Task Forces
Joint Urban Operation
Joint United States Military Assistance Group
Joint Unmanned Surveillance and Target Acquisition System
Jednostka Wojskowa
Khawr Al Amaya Oil Terminal
Kawthoolei Armed Forces
Kirtland Air Force Base
Kansas Air National Guard
King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center
Khalistan Commando Force
Kenya Defence Forces
Kenya Defence Force
Kenyan Defence Forces
Kenyan Defense Forces
Kelvin Force Microscopy
Khalistan Liberation Force
Light Attack Armed Reconnaissance
Lebanese Army Forces
Line of the Air Force
Langley Air Force Base
Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infra Red for Night
Low Altitude Vocal Parachute Extraction System
Low Altitude Safety and Targeting Enhancements
Low Altitude Tactical Navigation
Local Base Rescue
Light Combact Aircraft
Light Combat Aircrafts
Logistics Coordination Centre
Logistics Combat Element
Launch Control Facilities
Light Combat Helicopter
Light Combat Helicopters
Low Cost, Low Altitude
Landing Craft Mechanical
Life Cycle Management Plan
Local Defence Forces
Local Defense Force
Local Defense Initiative
Lien Doc Nguoi Nhia
Law Enforcement and Armed Forces
Law Enforcement Forces
Launch Facilities
Lebanese Forces
Liberation Forces
Large Force Employment
Large Force Exercises
Large Force Exercise
Large Force Exercises
Lateral Force Microscopy
Lateral Force Microscope
Lateral Force Mode
Lateral Force Variation
Laser-guided bombs
Laser Guided Bomb
Laser Guided Bombs
Laser Guided Bombs
Little Group Of Paratroopers
Left Hand Rule
Lead Intelligence Agency
Laser Light Module
Low Level Transportable Radars
Lightspeed Memory Architecture
Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems
Land Mobility Technologies
Letter of Admonishment
Laws Of Armed Conflict
Letter of Counseling
Loss Of Consciousness
Letter of Evaluation
Letters of Reprimand
Liaison and Observation Teams
Lao People's Liberation Army
Light Protected Patrol Vehicle
Long Range Aviation
Long Range Air-to-Air Missile
Long Range Acquisition Estimate
Libya Revolutionaries Operations Room
Long Range Radar
Logistics Readiness Squadron
Long Range Search
Long Range Strike
Long-Range Strike Bomber
Long Range Strike Bomber
Micro Air Vehicle's
Malaysian Army
Mechanical Advantage
Mediterranean Allied Air Forces
Military Advisory and Assistance Group
Military Assistance & Command Vietnam
Multi-function Advanced Data Link
Malaysia Armed Forces
Malaysian Armed Forces
Missile Alert Facilities
missile alert facilities
Mobility Air Forces
Myanmar Air Force
Modernisation of Air Field Infrastructure
Military Airlift Group
Marine air-ground task forces
Marine Air Ground Task Force
Marine Air Ground Task Forces
Marine Air Ground Task Forces
Marine Air-Ground Task Forces
Marine Air Ground Task Forces
Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command
Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence
Miniature Air Launched Decoy
Miniature Air-Launched Decoy
Miniature Air Launched Decoy-Jammer
Mobile Air Movements Squadron
Mobile Air Operations Team
Military Advisory Panel
Military Assistance Plan
Minimally Attended Radar
Mediterranean Amphibious Ready Group
Mid-Air Refuelling Squadron
Mobile Aeromedical Staging Facility
Military Airlift Support Squadrons
Modular Aerial Spray System
Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Force
Military Academy and Training School
Military Air Transportation Service
Marine Amphibious Units
Memory Bus
Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions
Mutual Balanced Force Reductions
Mutual Balanced Force Reduction
Marine Corps
Mission Coordinator
Maritime Craft Aerial Delivery Systems
Maritime Component Command
Marine Corps Installation
Marine Corps Logistics Command
Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity
Military Community Outreach Unit
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
Marine Corps Prepositioning Program
Mission Communication System
Multi-mission Combat Ship
Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group
Military Clothing Sales Store
Maritime Counter Terrorism
Maritime Counter-Terrorism
Major Crimes Task Force
Mean Cycles to Failure
Marine Corps Total Force System
Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training
Marine Corps Test Unit
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Defence Police
Missile Division
Maintenance Data Collection
Mars Defense Force
Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency
Modular Data Processing Unit
Most Dangerous Soldiers
Main Effort
Middle East Area of Operation
Marine Expeditionary Brigades
Malaita Eagle Force
Marine Expeditionary Forces
Marine Expeditionary Units
Marine Expeditionary Units
Marine Expeditionary Units
Maritime Expeditionary Security Force
Minimum Essential Force
Military Emergency Management Specialist
Middle East and North Africa Financial Action Task Force
Middle East Navigation Aids Service
Military Equal Opportunity
Middle East Strategy Working Group
Materials Exposure and Technology Innovation in Space
Marine Expeditionary Unit's
Maritime Exclusion Zone
Missile Engagement Zone
Mouvement des Forces Démocratiques de Casamance
Military Free Fall
Mobile Field Force
Mnogofounksionalni Frontovoi Istrebitel
Magnetic Force Microscopy
Magnetic Force Microscope
Multi-National Forces and Observers
Multinational Forces and Observers
Multinational Force and Observer
Multinational Force of Observers
Multi-Function Training Aid
Motor Gun Boats
Mobile Guerrilla Force
Mountain Home Air Force Base
Maritime Interception Force
Multinational Interim Force
Maritime Interdiction Operation
Maritime Interdiction Operations
Maritime Interception Operations
Maritime Interception Operation
Maritime Interdiction Operations
Maritime Infrastructure Protection
Materials on International Space Station Experiment
Military Intelligence Unit
Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit
Math Knowledge
Mihail Kogalniceanu
Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre
Marine Luchtvaart Dienst
Military Leadership Diversity Commission
Marine Logistics Group
Medium Lift Helicopters
Modular Low Power Radio Frequency
Motor Launches
Mid-Life Update 2
Mission Management
Merck molecular force field
Military Merit Medal
Man Marker Round
Multi-Mission Satellite Operations Center
Multi-Mission Tanker Transport
Multi Mission Tanker Transport
Mega Newton
Multi-National Forces
Multi National Forces
Maldives National Defence Force
Maldives National Defense Force
Massive Ordnance Air Burst
Main Operating Bases
Main Operating Bases
Maritime Operations Centers
Maritime Operations Centre
Maritime Operation Center
Military of Defence
Minister of Defence
Minister of Defense
Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics
Mid-Ocean Escort Force
Maximum On Ground
Maintenance Operations Squadron
Military Operational Specialty
Military Police Corps
Mishap Pilot
Multi-Purpose Attack Craft
Multi Purpose Attack Craft
Military Police Command
Mission Planning Environment
Maritime Pre-positioning Force
Maritime Prepositioning Force
Maritime Preposition Force
Maritime Prepositioning Forces
Medium Power Radar
Medium Power Radars
Maritime Pre-positioned Ships
Maritime Prepositioning Ship
Military Personnel Section
Mission Ready
Munitions Response Area
Marshal of the Royal Air Force
Major Regional Contingency
Major Regional Contingencies
Mission Readiness Exercise
Maritime Raid Force
Military Reconnaissance Force
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy
Magnetic Resonance Force Microscope
Maritime Reaction Squadron
Mobility Requirements Study
Mountain Rescue Teams
Mine-Resistant Utility Vehicle
Mine Resistant Utility Vehicle
Military Support to Civil Authorities
Military Security Department
Mobile Security Detachment
Maritime Self Defence Force
Military Sealift Fleet Support Command
Maritime Security Operations
Marine Special Operations Advisor Group
Marine Special Operations Battalions
Marine Special Operations Company
Marine Special Operations Companies
Misawa Security Operations Center
Marine Special Operation Regiment
Marine Special Operations School
Marine Special Operations Support Group
Marine Special Operations Team
Marine Special Operations Teams
Marine Special Operations Teams
Maritime Special Purpose Force
Mission Support Squadron
Mission Support Site
Maritime Safety and Security Teams
Military Technical Agreement
Mission Training Center
Mission Training Centers
Marine Task Force
Maritime Task Force
Military Training Instructor
Military Training Instructors
Military Training Instructors
Military Training Leader
Mediterranean Theatre of Operations
Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems
Multispectral Targeting System
Mobile Training Teams
Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza
Northwest African Air Forces
Northwest African Air Force
Northwest African Coastal Air Force
National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement
Naval Advisory Detachment
National Armed Forces
Netherlands Air Force
Nigerian Armed Forces
Numbered Air Forces
Nellis Air Force Range
Numbered Air Forces
National Air Intelligence Center
National Air & Space Intelligence Center
National Air and Space Intelligence Center
Norway Air-Landed Marine Expeditionary Brigade
Northwest African Strategic Air Force
Northwest African Tactical Air Force
Naval Air Stations
National Automotive Service Task Force
National Atlantic Treaty Organization
Naval Beach Group
Nordic Battle Group
Nacionālie bruņotie spēki
National Command Authorities
North Carolina Air National Guard
North Carolina National Guard
Naval Component Commander
Network-Centric Collaborative Targeting
Network Centric Collaborative Targeting
Navy Combat Demolition Units
National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force
National Character and Leadership Symposium
National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces
North Caucasus Military District
non comissioned officer
Non-Commissioned Officers Academy
Non-Commissioned Officer-in-Charge
National Call to Service
National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces
Naval Computer Telecommunications Area Master Station
Net-Centric Warfare
Net Centric Warfare
National Defense Academy
National Defense Act
North Dakota Air National Guard
Namibia Defence Force
Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation
Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force
Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force
National Disaster Response Force
National Directorate for Security
National Defence Volunteer Forces
Naval Enlisted Classification
Navy Enlisted Code
Naval Expeditionary Combat Command
Navy's Expeditionary Combat Command
Nurse Enlisted Commissioning Program
North East Dialogue Forum
Naval Expeditionary Force
Navy Expeditionary Intelligence Command
New Employment Model
Non-combatant Evacuation Operation
Noncombatant Evacuation Operations
Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations
Noncombatant Evacuation Operations
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
National Guard Reaction Force
NATO Helicopter Industries
Navy Individual Augmentee Combat Training
North Inner City Drugs Task Force
Negative Inspiratory Force
Naval Integrated Fire Control-Counter
National Image and Mapping Agency
Naval Information Operations Command
Naval Information Operation Commands
National Industrial Security Academy
National Insider Threat Task Force
National Joint Terrorism Task Force
Nationaal Leger
Non-Lethal Training Ammunition
Non-Lethal Weapons
Non-Lethal Weapon
non lethal weapons
Newton Meter
Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Command
Not Mission Capable Supply
National Major Gang Task Force
Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza
Network Operations Group
Naval Operational Support Center
Network Operations Security Center
Network Operations and Security Centers
Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force
National Police
Neighbourhood Police Centre
Nigerian Police Force
Nigeria Police Force
Neighbourhood Police Post
Neighbourhood Police Posts
National Police Reserve
NATO Response Force
Non-Regular Permanent Staff
Naval Secretary
Naval Selection Board
Naval Special Clearance Team
National Support Elements
National Secessionist Forces
National Security Force
National Security Forces
National Strike Force
Naval Security Force
Navy Security Force
National Security Guard
Naval Strategic Forces Command
National Strike Force Coordination Center
National Security and Intelligence
Nuclear Surety Inspection
Nuclear Surety Inspections
No-strike List
National Security Operations Centre
Nearfield Scanning Optical Microscopy
National Security Space
National Stockpile Sites
National Security Space Institute
National Security and Stabilization Plan
Nuclear and Space Talks
Nothing Significant To Report
Navy Special Warfare
Naval Special Warfare Center
Naval Special Warfare Command
Narodowe Sily Zbrojne
Narodowe Siły Zbrojne
National Target Base
Narcotics Task Force
National Task Force
Naval Task Force
Objective Area
Operation Active Endeavour
Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense
Officer in Command
Output Compare 2
Office of the Chief of the Air Corps
Operational Capabilities Concept
Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces
Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force
Organised Crime and Triad Bureau
Organised Crime Task Force
Organized Crime Task Force
Operation Conversion Unit
Operation Detachment Alpha
Operations Detachments Alpha
Operational Detachment Bravo
Operational Data Link
Operational Diving Team
Operations Enduring Freedom
Office of Force Readiness and Deployment
Optimized Fleet Response Plan
Office of Force Transformation
Observation Group
Operational Groups
Operational Group
Operations Group
Observer Group Golan
Operation Inherent Resolve
Ozel Kuvvetler Komutanligi
Opposing Militant Forces
Operational Maneuver from the Sea
Operational Mentoring and Liaison Teams
Open Mission System
Organizational Maintenance Squadron
Operation Noble Eagle
Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo
Operation Northern Watch
Observation, Orientation, Decision, and Action
Operation Onward Liberty
Operation Ocean Shield
Oil Protection Force
Ocean Patrol Vessel
Operational Record Books
Operationally Ready Date
Open Ranks Inspection
Operational Readiness Inspections
Operational Readiness Inspections
Operationally Responsive Spacelift
Operational Readiness Training
Operational Sea Training
Operations Squadron
Office of the Secretary of the Air Force
Office of Security Cooperation
Offensive Systems Operator
Office of Strategic Studies
Operational Support Squadron
Provost and Security Services
Pacific Air Command
Passive Air Defence
Pakistani Armed Forces
Protestant Action Force
Plattsburgh Air Force Base
People's Armed Police
Peoples Armed Police
People's Armed Police Force
Perimeter Acquisition Radar Characterization System
Pacific Area Senior Officers Logistics Seminar
Physical Ability and Stamina Test
Physical Ability Stamina Test
Physical Ability & Stamina Test
Precision Acquisition Vehicle Entry
Precision Avionics Vectoring Equipment
Predictive Battlespace Awareness
Participation Command
Partnership Coordination Cell
Protective Combat Uniform
Public Display Authority
Panamanian Defense Forces
People's Defense Force
Peoples Defense Forces
Popular Defence Forces
Popular Defense Forces
Popular Defence Force
Personnel Deployment Function
Parliament Duty Group
Program Depot Maintenance
Philippine Defense Reform
Personnel Data System
Personnel Data Systems
Police Dog Unit
Peacetime Establishment
Promotion Eligibility Cutoff Dates
Productivity Enhancing Capital Investment
Processing, Exploitation, Dissemination
Posebna Enota za Specialno Taktiko
Promotion Fitness Examination
Path Finder Force
Police Field Force
Punjab Frontier Force
Personnel Force Innovation
Piezoelectric Force Microscopy
Piezoresponse Force Microscopy
Pulsed Force Mode
Policia Federal Preventiva
Pentagon Force Protection Agency
Principe Fondamental de la Statique
Presidential Guard
Presidential Guard Brigade
Pressure Gradient Force
Precision Guided Needle-Dropping and Larynx Munitions
Preventive Health Assessment
Punjab Irregular Force
Person Indicted for War Crimes
Persons Indicted For War Crimes
Pilot Instructor Training
Para Jumpers
Pararescue Jumpers
Pararescue Jumpers
Parachute Jumping Instructors
Peace-Keeping Force
Peace Keeping Force
Peace Keeping Operations
Peace Keeping Operation
Phillips Laboratory
People's Liberation Armed Forces
Peoples Liberation Army Naval Air Force
Paya Lebar Air Base
Precision Laser Guidance Set
Philippine Marines
Predator Mission Aircrew Training system
Precision Measurement Equipment
Precision Measurement Equipment Lab
Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory
Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories
Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure and Information
Para Military Force
Police Mobile Force
Popular Mobilisation Forces
Puntland Maritime Police Force
Popular Mobilization Units
Popular Mobilization Units
Partner Nation
Partner Nations
Police National Database
Private Organization
Petty Officer 1st
Petty Officer 1st-Class
Pacific Ocean Areas
Professional Officer Course
Professional Officers Course
Preservation of the Force and Family
Post Operational Tour Leave
Plans, Policies and Operations
Plans, Policies, and Operations
Pasukan Polis Hutan
Puerto Rico Air National Guard
Populace and Resource Control
Parts and Repair Ordering System
Personal Reliability Program
Propulsion Replacement Program
Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron
Provisional Reconstruction Team
Performance Summary
Prince Sultan Air Base
Philippine Special Forces
Production Sustainment and Follow-on Development
Personnel Systems Management
Public Security Police
Police Support Units
Pilot less Target Aircraft
Police Task Force
Qatar Emiri Air Force
Quick Reaction Forces
Quick Reaction Team
Quick Reaction Teams
Qualification Training Package
Qualified Weapons Instructor
Rules of Engagement
Reducing Administrative Distractions
Rapid Action Force
Regionally Aligned Forces
Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Service
Royal Air Force Police
Royal Air Force Reserve
Rapid Attack, Identification, Detection, and Reporting System
Rapid Attack Identification, Detection and Reporting System
Random Antiterrorism Measure
Rigging Alternate Method Zodiac
Readiness Action Plan
Replenishments at Sea
Regional Auto Theft Task
Regional Auto Theft Team Law Enforcement Response
Royal Bahrain Air Force
Royal Brunei Air Force
Royal Brunei Armed Forces
Royal Bahamas Defence Force
Royal Bahamas Defense Force
Royal Bahamas Police Force
Royal Barbados Police Force
Royal Brunei Police Force
Radar Bomb Scoring
Reusable Booster System
Regional Commander
Regional Commands
Royal Cambodian Armed Forces
Regional Command Capital
Reserve Components Common Personnel Data System
Radar Counter Measures
Royal Canadian Medical Service
Royal Canadian Navy Reserve
Rapid Capabilities Office
Rapid Deployment Forces
Rwanda Defence Forces
Rwanda Defence Force
Rwanda Defense Forces
Rwanda Defense Force
Rwandan Defense Forces
Rwandan Defense Force
Rapid Execution and Combat Targeting
Reaction Force
Red Flag
Russian Federation
Russian Federation Air Force
Reserve Forces Commando Course
Republic of Fiji Military Forces
Reserve Forces Policy Board
Regional Force Surveillance Units
Response Force Task Group
Radial Force Variation
Reconnaissance Group
Republican Guard
Radio Group, Mobile
Royal Guard of Oman
Royal Grenada Police Force
Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
Royal Hong Kong Police
Royal Hong Kong Police Force
Red Hammer Studios
Royal Malta Artillery
Royal Marines Forces Volunteer Reserve
Readiness Management Group
Royal Malaysian Navy
Royal Malaysian Police
Royal Malaysia Police
Radar Modernization Program
Royal Marine Reserve
Royal Marines Reserve
Royal Naval Reserve
Risk Management Task Force
Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve
Roll-On Beyond-line-of-sight Enhancement
Republic of China Marine Corps
Republic of Korea Marine Corps
Rule Of Engagement
Republic of Korean
Republic of Korea Ship
Republic of Korean Air Force
Republic of Korea Armed Forces
Reduced Operating Status
Reports of Survey
Retrofit Of Strike Element
Reserve Office Training Corps
Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receivers
Remote Operated Video Enhanced Receiver
Remotely-Piloted Aircraft
Remotely Piloted Aircrafts
Railway Police Force
Rehabilitation Project Force
Reserve Personnel, Navy
Royal Pakistan Navy
Railway Protection Special Force
Rigid Raiding Craft
Rapid Reaction Forces
Rapid Response Force
Rapid Reaction Forces
Rapid Support Forces
Rapid Support Force
Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces
Royal Singapore Air Force
Requester Service Center
Royal Security Force
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Helicopter
Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
Rocket Systems Launch Program
Rocket System Launch Program
Resolute Support Mission
Royal Saudi Naval Forces
Royal Saudi Naval Force
Reception, Staging and Onward Movement
Ranger Special Operations Vehicles
Regional Security System
Republic of Singapore Ship
Rung Sat Special Zone
Royal Thai Armed Forces
Royal Thai Air Force Base
Rough Terrain Cargo Handler
Sense and Respond Logistics
Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman
Special Air Service
Special Boat Squadron
Special Operations Command
Sherut Avir
Surface Attack Aircraft
Special Allied Airborne Reconnaissance Force
Senior Assistant Commissioner
Somali Air Corps
Special Action Company
Strategic Air Command's
Supreme Allied Commander
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police
Special Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities
Supreme Allied Commander Transformation
Supreme Allied Command Transformation
Singapore Air Defence Command
South African Defence Forces
Semi-automated Forces
Semi-Automated Force
Slovenian Armed Forces
Somali Air Force
Spanish Armed Forces
Special Action Force
Special Action Forces
Special Action Group
Sudanese army forces
Sultan's Armed Forces
Syrian Air Force
Scott Air Force Base
Synchronised Armed Forces Europe
Specijalna Antiteroristicka Jedinica
School of Aviation Medicine
South African National Defence Forces
South African National Defense Force
South African National Defense Forces
South Africa National Defence Force
South African Naval Forces
Special Air Operations
South African Police
Special Armed Police
Special Amphibious Recon Corpsman
Special Activities Staff
Special Air Services
Special Air Squadron
Su Alti Savunma
Security and Stabilization Operations
Stability and Support Operations
Sabotage Alert Teams
Security Alert Team
Special antiterrorist unit
Strategic Aerospace Wing
Sick Berth Attendant
Sovereign Base Areas
Special Boat Service
Special Boat Section
Special Boat Services
Special Boat Squadron
Space-Based Space Surveillance
Space Based Space Surveillance
Space Based Surveillance System
Special Boat Teams
Special Boat Team
Special Boarding Unit
Station Commander
Supreme Council of the Armed Forces
Service Complaints Commissioner
Seychelles Coast Guard
Strategic Choices and Management Review
Strategic Choices Management Review
Signal Corps Radar
South Carolina State Guard
Special Commando Unit
Small-Diameter Bomb
Small Diameter Bomb
Scottish Defence Force
Self-Defence Forces
Self-Defense Force
Self-Defense Forces
Self Defence Forces
Self Defence Force
Self Defense Forces
Self Defense Force
Sony Defense Force
State Defense Force
State Defense Forces
State Defense Forces
Syrian Democratic Forces
Syrian Democratic Force
Strategic Defence Review
Strategic Defense Review
Strategic Defence & Security Review
State Disaster Response Force
Strategic Defence and Security Review
Strategic Defense and Security Review
South-East Asia Command
Special Experience Identifier
Senior Enlisted Leader
Special Electronic Missions Aircraft
Sector East Military Police Unit
Surrendered Enemy Personnel
Survival Evasion Resistance Escape
Safety Enhanced Reentry Vehicle
Support Elements
Special Effects Small Arms Marking Systems
Syrian Emergency Task Force
Security Forces
Security Force
Shear Force
Side Force
Special Force
Special Force 2
Strike Force
Sales Force Applications
Security Force Assistance
Security Forces Assistance
Special Forces Association
Surface Force Apparatus
Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques Course
Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance, Target Analysis, and Exploitation Techniques Course
Special Forces Assessment & Selection
Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat
Special Forces Brigade
Special Forces Communicator
Strategic Forces Command
Strategic Force Command
Sheer force diagram
Special Forces Detachment
Sales Force Effectiveness
Special Forces Groups
Special Force Group
Security Forces Group
Scanning Force Microscope
Scanning Force Microscopy
Special Forces Medical Sergeants
Special Forces Qualifications Course
Special Forces Readiness Evaluation
Security Forces Squadron
Security Forces
Special Forces Uniform
sensor-fuzed weapon
Sensor Fused Weapon
Sensor Fuzed Weapons
Sensor Fuzed Weapon
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces
Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe
Scanning Hall Probe Microscopy
Station Inspector
Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction
Servicio de Informacion de la Guardia Civil
Single Integrated Operations Plan
Single Integrated Operation Plan
Senior Inspector of Police
Special Intervention Unit
Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy
Specialty Knowledge Test
Squadron Leader
Sri Lankan Armed Forces
Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition
Sabaot Land Defence Force
Sabaot Land Defense Force
Sri Lanka National Guard
Space Launch Squadron
Strategic Missile Forces
Space and Missile Center
Space and Missile Command
Selected Marine Corps Reserve
Select Marine Corps Reserve
Subject Matter Expert Exchange
Subject Matter Expert Exchanges
Supply Management Inspection
Strategic Master Plan
Senior Master Sergeant
Strategic Missile Squadron
Square Mesh Track
Special Missions Training Branches
Special Mission Units
Special Mission Unit
Special Missions Unit
Special Mission Units
Special Mission Wing
Space Maneuver Vehicle
Senior Non-Commissioned Officers
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy
Saudi Naval Expansion Program
Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean
Sous-marin nucléaire lanceur d'engin
Special Naval Landing Force
Scanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy
Senior National Representative
Serial Number Tracking
Sensor Operator
Special Operation
Separate Operating Agency
Separate Operating Agencies
Special Operations Air Regiment
Special Operation Aviation Regiment
Special Operations Brigade
Special Operations Commands
Sector Operation Center
Special Operation Capable
Special Operations Community
Special Operations Component
Sector Operations Control Center
Sector Operations Control Centers
Special Operations Component Command
Special Operations Combatives Program
Special Operations Craft Riverine
Sector Operations Centers
Special Operating Forces
Special Operational Forces
Special Operations Forces-Intelligence
Special Ops Force
Special Ops Forces
Status of Forces
Status of Forces Agreements
Status of Forces Agreements
Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar
Special Operation Group
Special Operations Groups
Standing Operation Procedure
State Of Readiness
Special Operations Recruiting Battalion
Special Operations Research, Development, and Acquisition Center
Special Operations and Response Team
Special Operations and Response Teams
Status of Resources and Training Systems
Squadron Officer School
Special Operations Training
Special Operations Training Group
Stand-Off Weapon
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Special Operations Weather Teams
Special Operations Weather Technicians
Special Operations Weather Technician
Special Operations Weather Teams
Sailors of the Year
Security Policeman
Shader Processor
Special Police
Stability Policing
Special Police Constable
Singapore Police Force
Somali Police Force
Special Protection Force
Special Patrol Insertion and Extraction
Self-Protection Jammer
Scanning-Probe Microscopy
Scanning Probe Microscopy
Scanning Probe Microscope
Scanning Probe Microscopes
Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force
Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Forces
Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces
System Program Offices
Sea Port Of Embarkation
System Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre
System Platform Processor
Security Police Squadron
Self Protection Suite
Social Performance Task Force
Special Police Units
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
Service Personnel & Veterans Agency
Surveillance Reconnaissance
Skid Recovery Force
Special Response Force
Special Ranger Groups
Special Rangers Group
Special Ranger Group
Special Republican Guard
Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
State Reserve Police Force
Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems
Serbian Radio Television
Search and Rescue Tactical Vehicle
Security Squadron
South Sudan Armed Forces
Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association
Small Smart Bomb
Special Services Bureau
Special Service Bureau
Special Service Brigade
Strategic Support Branch
Space Systems Division
Sensitive Site Exploitation
Special Security Forces
Special Security Offices
Senior Staff Officer
Solid State Phased Array Radar
Solid-State Phased-Array Radar System
Solid State Phased Array Radar System
Strategic Studies Quarterly
Small Scale Raiding Force
Straits Settlements Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Senior Staff Sergeant
Services Sound and Vision Corporation
Services Sound & Vision Corporation
Special Tactics
Seal Team 6
Seal team Assault Boat
Special Tactics and Rescue
Subsidiary Training Centre
Strategic Technical Directorate
Security Task Force
Special Task Force
Special Task Forces
Specialist Task Force
Special Tactics Group
Special Tactics Officers
Special Tactics Officer
Special Tactics Officers
Seferberlik Taktik Kurulu
Small Tactical Multi-Payload Aerostat System
Short Take Off
Survive to Operate
Ship-to-Objective Maneuver
Ship To Objective Maneuver
Specialist Teams Royal Engineers
Special Tactics Squadrons
Specialty Training Standard
Special Tactics Team
Special Tactics Training Squadron
Short-Term Training Team
Specialized Undergraduate Navigator Training
Small Unit Tactics
Space Vehicles
Space Vehicle
Suicide Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device
Space Wing
Strategic Warfare
South Western Air Command
South West African Territorial Force
Technical Orders
Transparency Anti-Aliasing
Tengah Air Base
Technical Applications Center
Tactics and Air Combat Development Establishment
Turkish Armed Forces
Transnational Anti-Gang
Theater Air and Missile Defense
The Civilian
Troop Carrier Group
Troop Contributing Nations
Tactical Combat Training System
Troop Carrier Wing
Tentera Darat Diraja Brunei
Transkei Defence Force
Test And Evaluation Group
Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
Task Forces
Texture Filtering
Total Force
Total Force Fitness
Task Force 5
Task Force 7
Task Force 8
Task Force Alpha
Task Force Black
Task Force for Business and Stability Operations
Task Force for Business & Stability Operations
Task Force Cyber Awakening
Task Force Climate Change
Task Force Detainees of the Philippines
Task Force Fox
Total Force Integration
Task Force Leader
Task Force Radio
Traction Force Microscopy
Task Force Officer
Technical Flight Officer
Task Forces
Total Force Service Center
Target Focus Training
Tactical Fighter Training Wing
Tactical Fighter Wings
Task Force Uruzgan
Task Groups
Theater High Altitude Air Defense
Training Instructor
Troops in Contact
Transport Isolation System
Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing
Trans-Jordan Frontier Force
Top Level Budget
Temporary Living Facility
Temporary Lodging Facility
Temporary Lodging Facilities
Temporary Lodging Facilities
Turkish Land Forces
Turkish Land Forces Command
Tactical Leadership Programme
Tactical Leadership Program
Telecommunications Monitoring and Assessment Program
Tactical Missile Squadron
Texture Mapping Units
Tactical Missile Wing
Tuas Naval Base
Theatre Nuclear Forces
Tentara Nasional Indonesia
Technical Orders
Table of Allowance
Tactical Operations Group
Technical Operations Group
Tactical Operations Units
Technology Perspective and Capability Roadmap
Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data
Time Phased Force Deployment Data
Time Phased Force and Deployment Data
Test Pilots
Test Pilot School
Tactical Provost Wing
Tactical Questioning
Traditional Reservists
Traditional Reservist
Tactical Response Force
Tactical Reconnaissance Group
Training Systems Acquisition
Theater Security Cooperation
Theater Security Cooperation Plan
Team Special Forces
Tan Son Nhut
Theater Special Operations Commands
Theater Security Package
Training Systems Product Group
Tri-Service Stand-off Attack Missile
Training Systems Support Center
Time-sensitive Target
Time-Sensitive Targeting
Time Sensitive Targeting
Time Sensitive Target
Time Sensitive Targets
Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
Training Task Force
Transportation Task Force
Unified and Specified
Unconventional Assisted Recovery
Universal Aerial Refueling Receptacle Slipway Installation
Unmanned Aerial Surveillance
Unmanned Aerospace System
Unmanned Aerospace Systems
Upper Body Round Robin
United Cracking Force
Unit Compliance Inspection
Universal Code of Military Justice
Union Defence Force
Union Defence Forces
Union of Democratic Forces
Unit Deployment Manager
Underwater Demolition Teams
Underwater Demolition Teams
Underwater Demolition Teams
Underwater Demolition Units
Underwater Demolition Unit
Units of Employment
Unidad Especial de Buceadores de Combate
Union des forces pour la démocratie et le développement
Union of Forces for Democracy and Development
Union des Forces de la Résistance
Unified Field Theory
Unit Interventie Mariniers
United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
United Kingdom Special Forces
University of London Air Squadron
United Nations Advance Mission in Cambodia
United Nations Confidence Restoration Operation
United Nations Disengagement Observer Forces
United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon
United Nation Interim Force in Lebanon
United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon
United Nations Observer Mission in Uganda-Rwanda
United Nations International Police Task Force
United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei
United Nations Military Observer
United Nations Observer Group in Lebanon
United Nations Protected Area
United Nations Protected Areas
United Nations Peace Forces
United Nations Peace Keeping Force
United Nations Security Force
Universal Needs Statement
United Nations Space Command Defense Force
United Nations Special Service Medal
Undergraduate Navigator Training
United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation
United Nations Truce Supervisory Organisation
United Nations Yemen Observation Mission
Uniform of the Day
Unidad de Operaciones Especiales
Use of Force
Urgent Operational Need
Ugandan People's Defense Forces
Ugandan Peoples Defense Force
Uganda People's Defence Forces
Uganda People's Defense Force
Uganda Peoples Defense Force
Uganda Police Force
U-2 spy
Urban Search
Urban Search & Rescue
United States Armed
United State Air Force
United States Air Forces Europe
United States of America Air Force
United States Air Forces in Europe
United States Air Force Reserves
United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
United States Air Force Supervisory Examination
United States Air Force, Special Operations Command
United States Air Force Weapons School
United States Forces
United States Forces, European Theater
United States Fleet Forces
United States Fleet Forces Command
United States Forces Japan
United States Marines Corps
United States Naval
United States Navy Public Affairs Alumni Association
United States Preventive Services Task Force
Urban Search and Rescue
United States Strategic Air Forces in Europe
United States Security Coordinator
Villamor Air Base
Vandenburg Air Force Base
Visiting Airmen's Quarters
Vertical Bomb
Véhicule Blindé de Combat d'Infanterie
Vehicule blinde leger
Vessel Boarding Search and Seizure
Vessel Board Search and Seizure
Vice Chief of Air Staff
Vojska Crne Gore
Vice Chief of Staff of The Air Force
Viceroy Commissioned Officer
van der Waals
Visiting Forces Agreement
Volunteer Gliding Squadron
Volunteer Gliding Squadrons
Virtual Italian Air Force
Viet Nam Air Force
Victim Operated Improvised Explosive Device
Voice Over Net
Visiting Officers Quarters
Visiting Officer's Quarters
Visiting Officer Quarters
Visiting Quarters
Vietnam People's Air Force
Video Processing Engine
Visual Reconnaissance
Volunteer Reserve
Weapons and Armaments
Wide Area Airborne Surveillance
Western Air Defense Force
Western Air Defense Sector
Women's Air Force
Women in the Air Force
Williams Air Force Base
World's Armed Forces Forum
Wind-Corrected Munitions Dispenser
Wind Corrected Munitions Dispensers
Wind Corrected Munition Dispenser
Western Desert Air Force
Western Desert Force
Western Development Division
Weapon Delivery and Navigation System
Weapon Engagement Zone
War Force Clan
Western Group of Forces
Wideband Global SATCOM
Weapons Instructor Course
Weapons Intelligence Team
Word Knowledge
War and Mobilization Plan
West Midlands Police
Week of Training
White Power
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Wright Patterson Air Force Base
War Pensions Scheme
Wreck Removal Convention
War Reserve Material
Weather Reconnaissance Squadron
Experimental Satellite System-11
Young's modulus
Zimbabwe Defense Forces
zero-insertion force