Popular Information acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Access Signalling Gateway
Authentication Algorithm A3
A single algorithm performing the functions of A3 and A8
Encryption algorithm A5/1
Encryption algorithm A5/2
Encryption algorithm A5/0-7
Ciphering key generating algorithm A8
Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting
Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
Authentication, Authorisation, Accounting
Associate Account Authorization Official
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules
Automatic Audio Remote Test Set
Access Burst
Answer Back
Advanced Broadband Communications
Association for Biodiversity Information
Activity-Based Information System
Alternate Billing Service
Access Charge
Authorisation Code
Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data and Information Service
Automatic Callback Calling
Associated Control Channel
Automatic Call Distribution Systems
Advanced Communications Experiments
Authentication Encryption
Authentication Encryption Key
Association for Conservation Information
All County Information Notices
Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio
Advanced Cargo Information System
Automation, Control, and Information Technology
Advisory Committee on Information Technology Standardisation
Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio
Access Carrier Name Abbreviation
All Call Query
Authorisation and Call Routing Equipment
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center
Advisory Committee on Technical and Operational Matters
ACTS Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access System
Antenna Combining Unit
Abbreviated Dialling
Advertised Distance
Access Deficit Charge or Contribution
Analogue-to-Digital Converter
Analogue-to-digital Conversion
Adaptive Discrete Cosine Transform Coding
Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service
Automatic Data Handling
Advanced Digital Information Corporation
Analogue Digital Interface
Add/Drop Multiplexer
Add Drop Multiplexer
Abbreviated Dialling Numbers
Automatic Data Processing System Security Officer
Asynchronous Data Switching
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Links
Application Data Unit
Automatic Dialling Unit
Alternate Exchange Carrier Name
Additional Elementary Functions
American Educational Gender Information Service
Arizona Earthquake Information Center
Azimuth, Elevation, and Range
Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory
Award Fee Board
Africa Freedom of Information Centre
Asian Food Information Center
Automated Fingerprint Information System
Automated Fingerprint Information Systems
Arab Federation for Libraries and Information
Air Force Manual
Administrative Frequency Management System
African Network Information Centre
Association for Geographical Information
Arizona Geographic Information Council
Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe
Arkansas Geographic Information Office
Abuja Geographic Information Systems
Abuja Geographic Information System
Agricultural Geo-referenced Information System
Air-ground Radiotelephone Automated Service
Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server
Art History Information Program
Access to Information
Acquisition Indicator
Additional Information
Address Information
Advance Information
Application Information
Auto Information
Automotive Information
Authority Information Access
Academic Information Centre
Agricultural Information Center
Alternative Information Center
Akaike's information criterion
Akaike information criterion
Akaike Information Criteria
An Information Criterion
Argo Information Center
Asbestos Information Centre
Acquisition Indication CHannel
Acquisition Indicator Channel
Adoption Information Center of Illinois
Advanced Institute of Convergence Information Technology
Alternative Information & Development Center
Application Information File
Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists
Advanced Information Management
Ambulance Information Management
Advanced Informatics for Medicine
Airman Information Manual
Amplitude Intensity Modulation
Applied Information Management
Accounting and Information Management Division
Academic Information Management System
Accounting Information Management System
Administrative Information Management Systems
Administrative Information Management System
Afghanistan Information Management Service
Agricultural Information Management Standards
Agricultural Information Management System
Airline Information Management System
Asset Information Management System
Audit Information Management System
Automated Information Mapping System
Andean Information Network
Admiralty Information Overlay
Application Information Optimizer
Automatic Identification of Outward Dialling
Advanced Infrastructure Planning
Application Infrastructure Provider
Arabidopsis Information Portal
Archival Information Package
Archival Information Packages
Archive Information Package
Archival Information Packages
Astronomical Information Processing System
Annual Information Return
Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
Asia Information Retrieval Symposium
Academic Information System
Academic Information Services
Academic Information Systems
Accounting Information System
Accounting Information Systems
Address Information System
Administrative Information Systems
Administrative Information System
Advanced Information Services
Aeronautical Information System
Aeronautical Information Systems
Agricultural Information Service
Amadeus Information System
Architecture of Information Systems
Associateship in Information Science
Automated Information Services
Attribute Information Structure
Audit Information System
Automatic Information System
Automatic Information Systems
Accounting Information Systems
Automated Information Systems
Automated Information Security
Applied Information Systems Research Program
Applied Information Technology
Associate in Information Technology
Athens Information Technology
Automated Information Technology
Application Information Table
Art Information Task Force
Accelerating Information Technology Innovation
Acknowledged Information Transfer Service
Administrative Information Technology Services
Air Interface User Rate
An anonymity key
Anonymity Key
Authentication and Key Agreement
Asymmetric Key Index
American-Kurdish Information Network
American Kurdish Information Network
Agricultural Knowledge and Information Systems
Access Line
Autonomous Learning Agents for Decentralised Data and Information Networks
Automatic Line Build Out
Asynchronous Layered Coding
Access Link Control Application Protocol
Approval Liaison Engineer
Alternative Local Exchange Carrier
Application Layer Gateway
Analogue Line Interface
Automated Location Information
Australia Library and Information Association
Arid Lands Information Network
Annals of Library and Information Studies
Autonomic Logistic Information System
Association for Library & Information Science Education
Association of Library and Information Science Educators
Association of Library and Information Science Education
Application Level Subscriber Identity
Acknowledged Mode SAP
Automatic Messaging Accounting
AMA Data Networking System
Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate
Administrative Management Complex
Automatic Message Exchange
Authentication Management Field
Adaptive Multimedia Information System
Agricultural Marketing Information System
Asset Management Information System
Asset Management Information Systems
Availability Management Information System
American Mobile Phone System
Automated Message Processing System Security Officer
Adaptive Multi Rate
Adaptive Multi Rate Wide Band
Automated Maritime Telecommunications System
Access Network
National Communications Authority
Access Network Discovery and Selection Function
Access Network Discovery and Selection Function Server Name
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
Arab Network for Human Rights Information
Advanced Network Information
Automatic Number Information
Automatic Number Identification/Automatic Location Identification
Access Network Identity
Automatic Noise Limiter
Answer Message
Access Network Provider
National Regulatory Authority of Romania
Advanced Network Services
American National Standard for Information
Asian Network for Scientific Information
ADSL Network Terminator
Advanced Network for Unified Building Integration and Services
Advice of Charge
Advice of Charge Charging
All Ones Code
Advice of Charge Information
ad hoc on-demand distance vector
Area Of Emphasis
Application-Oriented Networking
Alternative Operator Services
Access Point; Application Part
Anomalous Propagation
Application Pilot
Attendant Position
Access Provider Architecture
Advanced Passenger Information
Assistant Public Information Officer
Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
Aquatic Plant Information Retrieval System
Advanced Papyrological Information System
Advanced Passenger Information System
Advance Passenger Information System
Advance Passenger Information Systems
Alcohol Policy Information System
Amplitude Phase-Shift Keying
Analogue Private Line
Average Picture Level
Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre
Asia-Pacific Network Information Center
Analogue Private Network Signalling System
Act on the Protection of Personal Information
Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information
Adverse Psychiatric Reactions Information Link
Automatic Protection Switching
Application Pilot Transfer
Telephony Applications System
Access Rate
Alternate Route
Alternative Recall
Access Registration Point
Africa Regional Centre for Information Science
Archives and Records Centers Information System
Automatic Ring Down
Advanced Radio Data Information Service
Assembly and Refurbishment Facility
Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
Autofahrer Rundfunk Information
Archives Records Information Access System
Agricultural Research Information Centre
Army Record Information Management System
Automated Reporting Management Information System
Annual Review of Information Science and Technology
Annual Review of Information Science & Technology
Automated Regional Justice Information System
Alaska Resources Library and Information Services
Alaska Resources Library & Information Services
Advanced Research Program Agency Network
Average Revenue Per User
Access Rule Reference
Arriflex Camera
Administrative Radio System
Audible Ringing Tone
Advanced Regional Traffic Interactive Management and Information System
Alarm Relay Unit
Access Stratum
Analogue Signal
Answer Supervision
Anti Spooling
Application Server
ATM Subscriber Access Multiplexer
Advanced Speech Cal Items
American Standard Code for Information
American Standard Code for Information Infiltration
American Standard Codes for Information Interchange
American Standart Code for Information Interchange
Agency Security Configuration Standards
Agent-Set Control Unit
Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System
American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Application Specific Information
Asynchronous Serial Interface
ATM Service Interface
Aviation Safety Information
Aviation Safety Information Analysis Sharing
Association for Science and Information on Coffee
American Society for Information Science & Technology
American Society for Information Science & Technology
Australian Special Information Systems
American Society for Information Science and Technology
American Society of Information Science and Technology
Amplitude Shifting Key
Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux
ATM Switching Network
Auxiliary Signal Network
Asian Studies Network Information Center
Adjunct Service Point
Advanced Speech Processor
Access to Specialized Patent Information
American Society for Quality
Answer:Seize Ratio
Automatic Send and Receive
Advanced Soldier Sensor Information System and Technology
Armed Services Technical Information Agency
Anti-Sidetone Induction Coil
Agency Security Update System
Analogue Simultaneous Voice and Data
Access Tandem
Advanced Technology
Asynchronous Transfer Mode
command ATtention Command
American Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
Advanced Technology Attachment
Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
All Trunks Busy
Adaptive Transform Coding
Agence des Telecommunications de Cote d’Ivoire
Absolute Time Difference
Asynchronous Time Division Switching
Advanced Time Division Multiple Access
ATM Transmission Hierarchy
Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council
Asian Technology Information Program
Advanced Traffic Information System
Advanced Traveler Information Systems
Advanced Traveler Information System
Advanced Traveller Information Systems
Advance Traveler Information Systems
Air Travel Information System
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Automatic Transmitter Identification System
Active Traffic Management
ATM Management Process
Authority to Operate
Any Transport Over MPLS
Advanced Transportable Optical Tracking System
Answer To Reset
Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Post Agency
ATM Transmission System
Audit Tracking System
Advanced Television Systems Committee
Association of Transportation Safety Information Professionals
ADSL Transmission Unit
ADSL Transmission Unit, Remote
ADSL Transmission Unit, Central
Asset Transition Value
Advanced Technology Extended
ATM Transmission System
Access Unit
Adaptation Unit
Alternative Use
Authentication Centre
Attachment Unit Interface
Acceptable Use Policy
ATM User Service Module
An authentication token
Authentication token
Automatic Digital Network
Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network
Automatic Voice Network
An authentication key in re-synchronisation
Authentication Vector
Advanced Video Coding
Alternate Voice Data
Audio Video Interleave
Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network
ATM Voice Multiplexer
Audio Visual Management
Audio Video Profile
Administrative Weight
additive white Gaussian noise
Animal Welfare Information Center
Arkansas Wireless Information Network
Best-Effort Delivery
Broadband InterCarrier Interface
Broadband Local Exchange
Broadband Network Terminator
Broadband Terminal Adapter
Back Up
Binary/Bipolar Three Zero Substitution
Binary 6-Zero Substitution
Binary 8-zero Substitution
Basic Access
BCCH Allocation
building automation and control networks
Barring of All Incoming Calls
Balanced, Unbalanced Device
Barring of All Outgoing Calls
Blood Bank Information System
Begin Bracket, Exception Response
Binary Phase Shift Keying
Base-Band Unit
Committed Burst
Bhutan Communications Authority
Block Check Characters
Broadcast Control Channel
Binary-coded Decimal
Broadband Communications Distribution System
Base station Control Function
Budget Cross-Flow Model
Broadcast Control Function Entity
Broadcast Control Functional Entity
Broadcast Channel
Baseline Configuration Imaging
Bearer Capability Information Element
Broadband Connectionless Bearer Service
Broadband Connection-Oriented Bearer Service
Business Customer Premises Network
Barred Dialling Number
Telecommunication Development Bureau of the ITU
Baku Education Information Centre
Baltic Environmental Information Dissemination System
Basic Education Information System
Business Exchange Measured Service
Back-end Processor
binary encoding rules
Bit Error Ratio or Rate
Broadband Exchange
Broadband Fixed Wireless Access
Border Gateway
BGP Version 4
BGP Version 4
Block Guard Time
Behavioral Health Information Network
all Barring of Incoming call
Background Information
Business Information
Berufsverband Information Bibliothek
Berufsverbands Information Bibliothek
Baseline Implementation Capabilities
Bayesian information criterion
Bayesian Information Criteria
Bayes Information Criterion
Biotechnology Information Center
Barring of Incoming Calls when Roaming outside the HOME PLMN country
Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System
Bibliothek & Information Deutschland
Binding Identity
Bath Information and Data Services
Bath Information Data Services
Bath Information Data Service
Bath Information & Data Services
International Time Bureau
Barani Institute of Information Technology
Bachelor of Information Management
Base Interface Module
Business Information Manager
Business Information Management Foundation
Business Information Network
Best Information on the Net
Backlit Information Panel
Belgian Institute for Posts and Telecommunications
Bureau of Information Systems
Battlefield Information Services
Biodiversity Information System
Bridge Information System
Business and Information Systems
Business Information Solutions
Business Information Services Library
Business Information Security Officer
Biodiversity Information Sharing Service
Business & Information Technology
Business and Information Technology
Business Information Technology
Bureau of Information and Telecommunications
Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems
Business Information Technology Solutions
Business and Information Technology School
Business Information Warehouse
Block Error Ratio
Bulgarian Library and Information Association
Berkeley IP implementation
Bachelor in Library Information Science
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Library & Information Science
Bachelor of Library & Information Sciences
Bidirectional Line Switch Ring
Full-rate traffic channel
Broadcast-Multicast - Service Centre
Broadcast/Multicast Control
Burning Man Information Radio
Business Model for Information Security
Business Management Layer
Bitmap Picture
Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Navel Connector
Broadband Network Interface
Broadband Network Module
Boundary Network Node
Bit Oriented
Bulletin of Information
Barring of Outgoing International Calls
Barring of Outgoing International Calls except those directed to the Home PLMN Country
Build-Operate-Transfer Agreement
Band Pass
Breakeven Point
Baseline Privacy Interface
Bits per second or bytes per second
Binary Phase Shifting Key
Bipolar Violation Ratio
Bluetooth Qualification Body
Bluetooth Qualification Programme
Radiocommunication Bureau
Brain Resources and Information Network
Broadband Access Server
Block Redundancy Check
Board on Research Data and Information
Bridge Relay Function
Basic Rate Interface Transmission Equipment
Broadband Remote Line Unit
Bearer Service
Basic Serving Arrangement
Business Segmented Accounts
Binary Synchronous Communications protocol
Bachelor of Science in Information
Bachelor of Science in Information Science
Basic Service Group
Branch Systems General Licence
Blind Spot Information
Base transceiver Station Identity Code
BSIC of an adjaceNt CELL
Bachelor of Science in Information and Communications Technology
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Betacam Superior Play
Building Service Provider
Base Station Subsystem; Basic Service Set
Base Station Subsystem Identifier
Base Station System
Base Station Subsystem MAP
Basic Synchronised Subset
Billing Support System
Business Support System
Base Station Subsystem Application Part
Base Station Systems Management Application Part
Base Station Subsystem GPRS Protocol
Base Station Subsystem Operation and Maintenance Application Part
Block Terminal
British Telecommunications PLC
Busy Tone
Botswana Telecommunications Authority
Blind Transport Format Detection
Binding Tariff Information
British Telecom Network Requirement
Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
Base Station Transceiver Station
Base Transceiver Station Terminal
certification and accreditation
Command APDU
Cost-Benefit Analysis Toolkit
Analogue Cellular System Standard
Control PLANE
Cell Radio Network Temporary Identity
Common Tunnel Endpoint IDentifier
Command TPDU
Cut-Through Packet Switching
Combat Information Center
Command/Response field bit
Command/Response Indicator
CPCH Assignment Indication CHannel
Capacity Allocation Acknowledgement
Common Access to Biological Resources and Information
Centralised Alarm Control System
Computer Aided Dispatch - Report Management System
Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
Controllable ATM Fabric
Center for Applied Geographic Information Science
Charge Advice Information
Covert Action Information Bulletin
Colorado Avalanche Information Center
Co-operative Academic Information Retrieval Network for Scotland
The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act
Control and Acquisition Module
Centralised Automatic Message Accounting
Customised Application for Mobile network Enhanced Logic
Customised Applications for Mobile Network Enhanced Logic
Circuit Assignment Management System
Competitive Access Network
Cosmopolitan Area Network
Customer Access Node
Community Access to Natural Resource Information
CAMEL Application Part
camel application protocol
Compact Application Protocol
Carrierless Amplitude Modulation/Phase Modulation
Capital Expanditures
Common ISDN API Service
Character And Pattern Telephone Access Information Network
Current Agricultural Research Information System
Cable Antenna Relay Services
Centralised Attendant Service
Channel Associated Signalling
Code Activated Switch
Cordless Access Service
Cost Accounting Standards Board - Cost of Money - Facilities
Computer Aided System Engineering
Computer Assisted Survey Information Collection
Coalition for Advertising Supported Information and Entertainment
Communications Application Service Provider
Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information
Carrier Access Tariff
Computed Axial Tomodensitometry Scanner
Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
Cell Broadcast
Central Battery
Channel Bank
Context-Based Access Control
Common Badging and Access Control System
Cell Broadcast Centre
Cipher-block chaining
Cell Broadcast CHannel
Cross-Border Interconnect
Computer Based Information System
Computer Based Information Systems
Computer Base Information System
Computer Based Management Information System
Center for Business & Information Technologies
Cell Broadcast Message Identifier
Constant Bit-Rate Adapter
Cell Broadcast Service
Central Battery Signalling
Common Base Station
Computerised Branch Exchange
Common Criteria
Cost Component
Composite Capability/Preference Profiles
Carrier-Controlled Approach
Clear Channel Assignment
Coin Collecting Box
Configuration Control Board Change Control Board
Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber
Completion of Calls to Busy Subscribers
Common Control Channel
Common Configuration Enumeration
Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme
Charging Collection Function
China Chemical & Fiber Economic Information
China Chemical Fiber Economic Information
Communication CHannel
Control Channel
Capability / Configuration Identifier
Carrier-to-Carrier Interface
Center for Copyright Information
Confidential Commercial Information
Comite Consultatif International de Radiodiffusion
Comite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications
Commander's Critical Information Requirements
Commanders Critical Information Requirements
Center for Cyber and Information Security
China Credit Information Service
Client Caseload Information System
Communication in Computer and Information Science
Common Channel Interoffice Signalling
Certified Chief Information Security Officer
Center for Communications and Information Technology
Consultative Committee International Telegraph & Telephone
Complementary Code Keying
Corporate Control Key
Continuous Communications Link
Carrier Common Line Charge
Certificate Configuration Message
Counter Mode with CBC-MAC
Counter Mode with CBC-MAC Protocol
Calling Card Platform
Capability/Configuration Parameter
Common Control Physical Channel
Common Control Redundancy
Call Connect System
Common Channel Signalling
Hundred Call Seconds per Hour
Coded Character Set ID
Cape Canaveral Space Management Office
Common Channel Signalling System No.6
Common Channel Signalling System No.7
Country Code Top-Level Domain
Cable Cutoff Wavelength
Call Deflection
Carrier Detection
Change Direction
Checking Disabled
CountDown counter
Central Distribution and Switching Center
Collision Detection Indicator CHannel
compact disc-read-only memory
Circularly Disposed Antenna Arrays
Call Directing Code
Combined Distribution Frame
Cumulative Distribution Function
Center for Defense Information
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre
China Daily Information Co
Commercial Driver’s License
Chief Data Officer and Information Quality
Coherent Differential Phase-Shift Keying
Call Detail Record
Charging Data Record
Compact Disc Read Only Memory
Control Data Terminal
Combined Data/Video Switch
Conditioning Equipment
Customer Edge
Conditional End Bracket
Common Emergency Communication and Information System
Canadian Emergency Department Information System
Collaborative Engineering Environment
Cisco Express Forwarding
Cisco Express Forwarding for IPv6
Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services
Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science
Comitato Electrotecnico Italiano
Census and Economic Information Center
Central Equipment Identity Register
European Community Legislation Database
Code Excited Linear Prediction Compression
end of charge point
Comité Européen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
Central office exchange
Center for Educational Performance and Information
Conference on European Post & Telegraph
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Information System
Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Information System
Center for Earthquake Research and Information
Common European Research Information Format
Center for Environmental and Regulatory Information Systems
Connection Frame
Carrier Facility Assignment
Call Forward Busy
Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Busy
Contractor-Furnished Equipment
Call for Information
Computer And Financial Investigations
Call Forward No Reply
Call Forwarding on Mobile Subscriber Not Reachable
Call Forwarding on No Reply
Campaign for Freedom of Information
Connection Free Period
Customer Face Plate
Cisco Frame Relay Access Device
Common Functional Specifications
Computer Forensics Tool Testing
Call Forwarding Unconditional
Cryptographically Generated Addresses
Certified in the Governance of Enterprise Information Technology
Charging Gateway Function
Cell Global Identity
Center for Geographic Information
Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
Center for Geographic Information Systems
Centre for Geographic Information Systems
Coast Guard Maritime Information Exchange
Cellular Geographical Service Area
Charging GateWay
Controlled and Harmonised Aeronautical Information Network
Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
Centre for Higher Education Research and Information
China Historical Geographic Information System
Criminal History Information
Cultural Heritage Information Management
CHarging Point
Channel reliability
Criminal History Records Information
Chemical Hazards Response Information System
Cardholder Unique Identifier
Card Holder Verification information
Call Information
Capabilities Information
Cell Identity
Characteristic Information
Compartmented Information
Critical Information
Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity
Colorado Information Analysis Center
Central Industry Administrative Office
Chief Information Assurance Officer
Circuit Inventory and Analysis System
Candidate Information Bulletin
Candidate Information Booklet
Centre for Information Behaviour and the Evaluation of Research
Credit Information Bureau India Limited
Car Information Computer
Combat Information Centre
Command Information Center
Combat Information Centers
Consumer Information Center
Coupon Information Center
Content Indicator Code
Coupon Information Corporation
Community Information Centre of Ottawa
College of Information and Communication Technology
Combat Information Center Watch Officer
Caller Identification
Center for Information Dominance
Certification Information Database
Channel ID
Configuration Identification Document
Context ID
Craft Interface Device Terminal
Center for International Disaster Information
Combined Information Data Network Exchange
Classless Inter Domain Routing
Classless InterDomain Routing
Church Information Form
Crystallographic Information File
Crystallographic Information Files
Ciphered Facsimile
Certified Information Forensics Investigator
Chief Information Governance Officer
Critical Information Infrastructure
Critical Information Infrastructures
Critical Information Infrastructures
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
Communications in Information Literacy
Critical Information List
Call Information Logging Equipment
Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals
Chartered Institute of Library Information Professionals
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland
Centre for Information on Language Teaching
Center for Information Management
Common Information Management
Customer Information Manager
Computer Interchange of Museum Information
Consortium for the Interchange of Museum Information
Criminal Investigation Management Information System
Crisis Information Management Systems
Crisis Information Management System
Common Information Model Object Manager
Core Information for Metabolomics Reporting
Crisis Information Management Software
Catholic Information Network
Center for Information and Numerical Data Analysis and Synthesis
Center for Integration of Natural Disaster Information
Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Office
City Information Office
Corporate Information Officer
Corporate Information Office
Chief Information Officers
Chief Information Officers
Command Information Officer
Chief Information Officers Council
Chief Information Officer Council
Certified Information Professional
Cognitive Information Processing
Customer Information Portal
Customs Information Paper
Classified Information Procedures Act
Classified Information Protection Act
Contact Information for the Presence Information Data
Contact Information in Presence Information Data
Center for Information Policy Leadership
Centre for Information Policy Leadership
Certified Information Privacy Manager
Certified Information Privacy Professional
Certified Information Privacy Professionals
Center for Information Policy Research
Canadian Information Processing Society's
Confidential Information Protection and Statistical Efficiency Act
Certified Information Privacy Technologist
Centre for Information Quality Management
Carrier to Interference Ratio
Circuit reliability
Collaborative Information Retrieval
Committed Information Rates
County Information Resources Agency
Computer Incident Response Capability
Computer Incident Response Center
Communication and Information Resource Centre for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens
Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement
CERIAS Incident Response Database
Chief Information Risk Officer
Circumcision Information and Resource Pages
Computer Incident Response Team
Camelot Information Systems
Campus Information Systems
Campus Information System
Cardiology Information System
Cardiology Information Systems
Career Information System
Career Information Systems
Center for Information Systems
Center for Internet Security
Central Information Service
Chapin Information Services
Certified Information Security
Certified Information Systems
Clinics Information System
Common Information System
Collection Information Statement
Communication & Information Systems
Compass Information System
Computer and Information Sciences
Computer and Information Science
Computer and Information Systems
Computer and Information Security
Computerized Information System
Computer Information Sciences
Computing and Information System
Congressional Information Service
Consumer Information System
Corporate Information System
Course Information System
Crew Information System
Customer Information System
Customer Information Systems
Customer Information Service
Customer Information Services
Customer Information Sheet
Custom Information Services
Certified Information System Auditor
Certified Information Systems Auditors
Certified Information Systems Audit
Certified Information System Audit
Certified Information System Auditors
Certified Information Systems Auditors
Certified Information System Auditors
Cyber-security Information Sharing Act
Cyber Information Sharing Act
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
Cancer Information & Support Center
Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program
Certified Information Security Expert
Computer and Information Science & Engineering
Certified Information Systems Manager
Certified Information System Manager
Certified Information Security Manger
Certified Information Security Management
Certificate in Information Security Management Principles
Certified Information Security Managers
Cancer Information and Support Network
Chief Information Security Officers
Corporate Information Security Office
Chief Information Security Officers
Cardholder Information Security Program
Certified Information Security Professional
Cybersecurity Information Sharing Partnership
Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act
Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act
Center for Information Systems Research
Certified Information Systems Security Officer
Certified Information System Security Professional
Certified Information Systems Security Professionals
Certified Information Security Systems Professional
Certified Information Systems Security Pro
Certified Information System Security Professionals
Certified Information Security System Professional
Certified Information Systems Security Professionals
Certified Information System Security Professionals
Center for Information Security Technologies
Catalog Information Systems Vendor
Centre for Information Technology
Cornell Information Technologies
Concealed Information Test
Cargo Integrated Test Equipment
Consortium of Information and Telecommunications Executives
Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services
Center for Information Technology Integration
Centre for Information Technology Innovation
Computer and Information Technology Institute
Contractor Integrated Technical Information Services
Center for Information Technology and Management
Central Information Technology Office
Certified Information Technology Professional
Certified Information Technology Professionals
Center IT Security Manager
Center for Information Work
Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network
Criminal Justice Information
Criminal Justice Information Services
Criminal Justice Information Service
Criminal Justice Information Sharing
Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science
Ciphering Key
Cipher Key
Ciphering Key Sequence Number
Computer Literacy And Information Technology
Custom Local Area Signalling Service
Common Link Access for Workstations
Customer Local Equipment
Calling Line Identity
Command Language Interpreter
Center for LIDAR Information Coordination and Knowledge
Calling Line Identity Presentation
Center on Law and Information Policy
Council of Library and Information Resources
Council on Library and Information Resources
Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Cross Language Information Retrieval
Cross Lingual Information Retrieval
Consolidated Link Layer Management
Connectionless Layer Network Protocol
Connectionless Network Service
ConnectionLess Server Function
Closed Loop Power Control
Connectionless-Mode Transport Service
Code Management
Connection Management
Certificate Management Authority
Construction and Maintenance Agreement
Cipher-based Method Authentication Code
Coherent Multi Channel
Center for Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research
Center on Materials and Devices for Information Technology Research
Configuration Management Data System
Center for the Management of Information
Center for the Mathematics of Information
Consumer Medication Information
Copyright Management Information
Center for Multisource Information Fusion
Common Management Information Protocols
Common Management Information Service
Case Management Information System
Capacity Management Information System
Central Management Information System
Computer Management & Information Systems
Computer Management Information Systems
Configuration Management Information System
CMIS Element
Channel Mode Modify
Computerized Maintenance Management Information System
Computerized Maintenance Management Information Systems
Connection-Mode Network Service
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors
Cellular Mobile Radio
Communications Material Review
Common-mode rejection ratio
Commercial Mobile Radio Service
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Cryptographic Message Syntax
Common Misuse Scoring System
Connection Management
Cable Modem Termination System
Core Network
Correspondent Node
Change of Number Announcement
Customer Network Access Equipment
Caller Name
Calling Name Presentation
Carrier Non-Compatible Applications
China National Chemical Information Center
Calling Tone
Calling Number Identification
Change of Number Interception
Coalition of Networked Information
Computer Network Information Center
Critical National Information Infrastructure
Channel Navigation Information Service
Co-operative Network List
Customer Network Management System
Carrier-to-noise ratio
Communication Network Riser
Complementary Network Service
Classified National Security Information
Committee on National Security Systems
Central New York Regional Information Center
Call Office
Central Office-Based Local Area Network
Customer Owned and Maintained Equipment
Certificate of Conformity
Connection-Oriented Convergence Function
Cornucopia of Disability Information
Code Division Test Bed
Center Operations Facility
Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
Central Office Frame Relay Access Device
Centralised Ordering Group
Conflict of Interest
Country of Origin Information
Country of Origins Information
Columbia Online Information Network
Country of Origin Information Service
Computer Output Laser Disk
COnnected Line Identity
Connected Line Identification Presentation
Connected Line Identification Restriction
Component Object Model
Continuation Of Message
communication port 1
COMmunication Control
Coordinated Multi-Point transmission and reception
Commission for Communications Regulation
Communications Satellite Corporation
Connectivity exchange
Connection-Oriented Network Service
Cell of Origin
Continuity of Operations
Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
Common Open Policy Service
Country of Origin Research and Information
CWDM Optical Remultiplexer and Regenerating System
companion specification for energy metering
Cooperation for Open Systems Interconnection Networking in Europe
Cooperation for R&D in Science and Technology
Central Office Terminal
Customer Office Terminal
Continuity Test
Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
A frame-dependent input to A5/3
A frame-dependent input to f 8
A frame-dependent input to f 9
Certificate Policy
Check Print
Common Practices
Contention Period
Cyclic Prefix
Certificate Present Administrator
Certificate Present-Third Party
Customer Premise Access Facility
Cellular Priority Access Services
Cell Priority Bit
Calling Party Category
Centralised Power Control
Common Packet CHannel
Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect
Call Processing Control System
Common Part Convergence Sublayer
Common Platform Enumeration
Customer Premises Equipment
customer provider edge
Certified Professional in Health Information Exchange
Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems
Certified Professional in Health Information Management Systems
Certified Professional in Healthcare Information & Management Systems
Certified Professionals in Healthcare Information and Management Systems
Center for Population Health Information Technology
Co-ordinated Project Information
Code Page Information
Compression Parameter Index
Consumer Product Information
Critical Program Information
Common Programming Interface for Communications
Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center
Canadian Police Information Centre
Canadian Police Information Center
China Patent Information Center
Combined Press Information Center
Common PIlot CHannel
Continuous Power Mode
Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure
Customer Proprietary Network Information
Common Public Radio Interface
Carrier Pre-Selection Service
Certification Practice Statement
Common Part Sublayer
Control Packet Switching System
Compatibility Test
Computing and Processing Unit
Custom Queuing
Channel Quality Indication
Channel Quality Indicator
Card Query Language
Channel Reliability
Circuit Reliability
Call Routing Apparatus
Communications Regulatory Commission
Cooperative Research Action for Technology
Cellular Radio Advisory Group
Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism
Cyclic Redundancy Code
Call Ree-establishment procedure
Conduit, Raceway, Equipment Ducts, and FACilitieS.
Canister Rotation Facility
continuity-rambus inline memory module
Cross Impact Model
Child Rights Information Network
Center for Railway Information System
Centre for Railway Information Systems
Centre for Railway Information System
Clinical Research Information System
Cultural Resource Information System
Cultural Resources Information System
Current Research Information System
Current Research Information Systems
Country Response Information System
Certified Risk and Information System Control
Computer Retrieval of Information on Scientific Projects
Continuous Readiness in Information Security Program
Current Research Information Systems
Critical Intelligence Communications
Center for Research on Information Technology and Organizations
Committee on Relations with Information Vendors
Controlling RNC
Control Read-Only Memory
Channelised Reserved Services
Commercial Remote Sensing and Spatial Information
Carrier Selection
Carrier Selection Code
Carrier System
Circuit Switched
Client Server
Coding Scheme
Convergence Sublayer
Circuit Switched Gateway
Circuit Switched Media GateWay
Capability Set 1
Capability Set 2
Called Sub Answered
Carrier Serving Area
Circuit-Switching Centre
Call Server Control Function
Circuit Switched Data
Circuit Switched Digital Network
CAMEL Service Environment
CAMEL Service Indicator
Customer Service Function
Closed Subscriber Group IDentity
Carrier Scale Internetworking
Client and Service Information
Consortium for Spatial Information
Customer-Sited Interconnection
Central Sponsor for Information Assurance
Cyber Security and Information Assurance
Cyber Security Industries Alliance
CPCH Status Indicator CHannel
Centre for Services and Information on Disability
Cyber Security and Information Intelligence Research Workshop
Center for the Study of Language and Information
Computer Security Incident Response Capability
Computer Security Incident Response Team
Center for Secure Information Systems
Computer Science & Information Systems
Computational Science and Information Technology
Center for Spatial Information Science and Systems
Centre for Secure Information Technology
Contract Service Level Agreement
Cisco Security Manager
Communications Services Management
Carrier Sense Multiple Access
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
Carrier-Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
carrier sense multiple access collision detect
Central Summing Network
Computer Security Object
Credentials Service Provider
Circuit Switched Public Data Network
Certificate Signing Request
Customer Service Request
Computer Security Resource Center
Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2002
Center for Science and Social Science Information
Circuit Switching Unit
Circuit Switched Voice
Customer Service Unit
Comma-Separated Values
Common Service Verb
China Summer Workshop on Information Management
Call Transfer supplementary service
Call Transfer
Conformance Test
Cordless Telecommunications Mobility
Cordless Telephone
Cross Talk
European Analogue Cordless Telephone System
Second Generation Digital Cordless Telephone
Call Termination Charge
Camera Terminal Cabinet
Common Traffic CHannel
Cell Transfer Delay
Code Time Division Multiple Access
Channel Translation Equipment
Computer-to-telephony interface
Computer Telephony Integration
Conservation Technology Information Center
Computerized Test of Information Processing
Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory
Common Terrorism Information Sharing Standards
Center for Telematics and Information Technology
Centre for Telematics and Information Technology
Cellular Text telephone Modem
Corporate Telecommunication Network
Common Technical Regulation
Common Technical Regulations
counter mode encryption
Clear to Send / Clear to Transmit
Client To Server
Conformance Testing Service
Cordless Telephony System
Circuit Terminating Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Compatibility Test Van
Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository
Controlled Unclassified Information
Chengdu University of Information Technology
Contract Value
Chemical Vapour Deposition
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information
Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window
Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks
Centre for Visual Information Technology
Center for Women and Information Technology
Continuously Variable Slope Delta Modulation
Common Vulnerability Scoring System
Call Waiting
Carrier Wave
Composite Wave
Course Wave Division Multiplexers
Common Weakness Enumeration
Center for Wireless Information Network Studies
Campus-Wide Information System
Campus-Wide Information Systems
Campus Wide Information System
Campus Wide Information Systems
Canadian Workshop on Information Theory
Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Drift RNC Radio Network Temporary Identity
Dupe Negative
Destination ADress
Destination Address field
Destination Address Field
Deactivate Logical Unit
DECT Authentication Module
Data Access Object
Defense Advanced Research Program Agency
Defense Advanced Research Program Agency network
Damage Assessment and Recovery Team
Days Away From Work, Restricted Work Activity, and Job Transfer Rate
Dual-Attach Station connection
serial communications D-shell connector, 25 pins
9 pin D shell connector
database description packets
Dog Breed Information
Deliverables Based Information Technology Services
decibels referenced to one milliwatt
Milliken Camera
Differential Binary Phase Shift Key
Dedicated Control (SAP)
Dynamic Channel Allocation
Dedicated Control Channel
Data Circuit Terminating Equipment
Data Communication Function
Dedicated Control Function Entity
Dedicated CHannel
DCH Frame Protocol
Depersonalisation Control Key
Data Coding Scheme
Digital Cellular Network at 1800MHz
Direct Dial In
Department of Defense Metadata Specification
database description packets
RAM double data-rate random access memory
SDRAM double data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory
Drupal Ecological Information Management System
Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions
Dedicated File
Direct Fourier Transform Spread -OFDM
Directorate Facilities Utilization Manager
Division of Geographic Information
DMPDU Header
Dynamic Home Agent Address Discovery
DHCP for IPv6
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for Internet Protocol v6
Dairy Herd Information Association
Defense Health Information Technology Services
Diversity Handover
Dependent Information
Drug Information Association's
Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Program
DoD Information Assurance Certification & Accreditation Process
Disability Information and Advice Line
Defense Information Assurance Program
DoD Information Assurance Risk Management Framework
Deviance information criterion
Deviance Information Criteria
Driver Information Center
Driver Information Centre
Drivers Information Center
Drug Information Center
Drug Information Centers
Diploma in Information Communication Technology
Digital Information Display
Digital Information Displays
Driver Information Display
Debugging Information Entry
Differentiated services
DCF InterFrame Space
Dynamic Information Flow Tracking
Domain Information Groper
Defence Information Infrastructure
Department of Information and Innovation
Data Information Knowledge Wisdom
Driver Information Module
Dynamic and Interactive Multimedia Scenes
Defensive Information Operations
Data, Information and Process
Dissemination Information Package
Dissemination Information Packages
Dissemination Information Packages
Dual Inline Package
Dissemination Information Packages for Information Reuse
Data and Information Quality
Department of Information Resources
Department of Information Resource
Diversity Information Resources
Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval
Diabetes Information Resource Center
Damage Information Reporting Tool
Data and Information System
Data and Information Systems
Data Information System
Diagnosis and Information System
Digital Information System
Disaster Information System
Decision and Information Sciences
Department of Information Systems
Diagnostic Information System
Digital Information Signal
Division of Information Services
Docketing Information System
Driver Information System
Driver Information Systems
Defence Information System Agency
Defense Information Systems Agency's
Defense Information Services Agency
Defense Information Security Agency
Defense Information System Agency's
Defense Information System Agencies
Data & Information Services Center
Data and Information Services Center
Data Information Service Center
Discover Information Security Compliance
Defense Information System Network
Defense Information System for Security
Distributed Information Technologies
Doctor of Information Technology
DoD Information Technology Portfolio Repository
Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
Data Layer
Downlink Shared Channel
Data-link connection identifier
Data Link Discriminator
Document-Like Information Objects
Department of Library and Information Science
Downloadable Sounds
Control channel
Device Management
Disaster Management Information System
Dynamic Module
Derived MAC PDU
Dynamic multipoint VPN
Destination Network
Domain Name
Data Network Identifier
DoD Network Information Center
Dialed Number Information Service
Dial Number Information Service
Directory Number Information Service
Directory Name Service
Distributed Naming Service
Domain Name Service or Domain Name System
domain name service or domain name server
Domain Name System Blacklist
Domain Name System Security Extensions
Data Object
Distant Objective Attitude Measurement System
Department of Defense Information Networks
Department of Information
Division of Information
Domain Of Interpretation
Delivery Operations Information System
Department of Information Technology
Division of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Day of Launch
Day-Of-Launch Initialization Load Update
Directory of Online Resources for Information Literacy
Department of Records and Information Services
disk operating system or denial of service
Dial/Dialled Pulse
Dedicated Physical Communication CHannel
Dedicated Physical Channel
Dedicated Physical Data Channel
Department of Public Information
Departure Planning Information
Death Penalty Information Center
Devices Profile for Web Services
Differential QPSK
Discrepancy Report
Data Recovery Agent
Document Release Authorization
Dynamic Resource Allocation Control
Drifting RNC
Drift RNS
Drift Radio Network Controller
Digital Radio Over the Fiber
Direct Radio System
Discontinuous Reception
Delegation Signer
Field differentiated services field
Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access
Direct Sequence CDMA
DS Wideband CDMA Frequency Division Duplex
DS Wideband CDMA Time Division Duplex
Digital Signal level 0
Digital Signal level 1
Digital Signal level 3
Domain Specific Access Control
Data Stream Compatible
Downlink Shared CHannel
DSCH Radio Network Temporary Identity
Differentiated Services Control Point
DSL Access Multiplexer
Dual-Stack Mobile IPv6
Dynamic Separation Of Duty
Dynamic Source Routing
Digital Subscriber Signalling No1
Dual Stack Transition Mechanism
DMPDU trailer
Dedicated Traffic CHannel
Department of Technology and Information
Defense Technology Information Center
Dual Tone Multi-Frequency
Dual Tone Multifrequency
Derived Test Requirement
Defense Threat Reduction Information Analysis Center
Discontinuous Transmission
Diffusing Update Algorithm
DHCP unique identifier
external bit
Enhanced GGSN
Enhanced GPRS
Enhanced HLR
Enhanced Observed Time Difference
E-UTRAN Radio Access Bearer
Evolved UTRA
Evolved UTRAN
European Rotaract Information Centre
E1 system; European Digital Signal 1
European Transmission Level 1
European Transmission Level 3
External Type 1
External Type 2
e2e End-to-End
Extended Address
External Alarms
Evolved Access Network Packet Control Function
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Layer Security
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Tunneled Transport Layer Security
Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN Key Confirmation Key
Extensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN Key Encryption Key
European Alien Species Information Network
End Bracket
Exterior Border Gateway Protocol
External BGP
Elementary Basic Service Group
Ratio of energy per modulating bit to
Electronic CodeBook
Electronic Code-book
Emergency Call Code
Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman
Electronic Chart and Display Information Systems
Electronics, Communications and Information Technology
EPS Connection Management
Equipment Control Number
Enhanced CSD
Explicit Call Transfer
Explicit Call Transfer supplementary service
European Committee of Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs
Export Control Working Group
Error Detection Code byte
Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution
Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution
Europe Direct Information Centre
Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Emergency Department Information System
Emergency Department Information Systems
Electronic Drawing Review System
Employee Data Warehouse
EPS Encryption Algorithm
Electric Echo Loss
End-to-End Test
Elementary File
European Farm Animal Biodiversity Information System
Electronic Flight Information System
Electronic Flight Information Systems
Engineering Federated Information Systems
Enhanced Full Rate
Error Free Seconds
European Geographic Information Infrastructure
Enterprise Geographic Information System
Enterprise Geographic Information Systems
Enhanced GPRS
Extension Header
Equivalent Home PLMN
Education for Information
Electronic Information
End Instrument
Enterprise Information Archiving
European Information Centre
European Information Center
Engineering Imagery Acquisition Distribution Document
Education Information Center
Electronic Information Center
Environmental Information Coalition
Environmental Information Document
European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research
Education and Information Division
Electronic Information Displays
Endeca Information Discovery
Electronic Information for Libraries
Enterprise Information Infrastructure
European Information Infrastructure
Emergency Information Infrastructure Partnership
Integrity Key
Enterprise Information Management
Enterprise Information Model
Enterprise Information Modeling
Environmental Information Management System
Environmental Information Management Systems
Enterprise Information Management System
Environmental Information Network
European Information Network
European Information Network on International Relations and Area Studies
European Information Network Services
Electronic Information Resources
Enterprise Information Portal
Enterprise Information Portals
Enterprise Information Protection
Enterprise Information Platform
Enterprise Information Portals
Electronic and Information Resources
Equipment Identity Register
Excess Information Rate
Education Information Services
Electronic Information System
Electronic Information Services
Enterprise Information Systems
Employee Information System
Enterprise-wide information systems
Enterprise Information Services
Enterprise Information Service
Enterprise Information Server
Ericsson Information Systems
Executive Information Systems
Executive Information Systems
Electronic Information System for International Law
Enterprise Information Security Office
Enterprise Information Security Policy
Enterprise Information Security Systems & Technologies
Excellence in Information Security Testing
Electronic and Information Technology
Electronic Information Technology
Emerging Information Technology
Extra Information Types
Extra Information Types
Event Information Tables
Enterprise Information Technology Data Repository
Estonian Information Technology Foundation
Enterprise Information Technology Services Directorate
European Journal of Information Systems
Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation
Echo Loss
Early Learning Information
Educator Licensure Information System
Educational Management Information Systems
Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science
Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences
European Local Transport Information Service
Element Manager
Electromagnetic Measurement and Analysis
European Marrow Donor Information System
European Medical Information Framework
Education Management Information Systems
Egton Medical Information Systems
Environmental Management Information Systems
European Mathematical Information Service
Element Management Layer
enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption
EPS Mobility Management
Electrical Man Machine Interface
Enhanced Messaging Service
Extended Master Session Key
Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
Evolved Node B
Evolved Node B
European Network Exploring Research into Geospatial Information Crowdsourcing
Electronic News Gathering
European Network of Information Centres
Environment and Natural Resource Information Networks
European Network of Teratology Information Services
Ethernet over MPLS
Earth Observing System Data and Information Systems
Earth Observing Systems Data and Information System
Engineering Print
Enhanced Power Control Channel
Electronic Product Code Information Services
Electronic Product Code Information Service
Evolved Packet Data Gateway
Electronic Privacy Information Centre
Education Personnel Information Management System
Expected Problem Resolution Time
Events Per Second
Evolved Packet System
extended protocol specification for electronic metering
European Proficiency Testing Information System
Eastern Range
Edge Router
European Research Center for Information Systems
European Research Centre for Information Systems
Educational Research Information Center
Educational Resource Information Center
Educational Research Information Centre
Education Resources Information Center
Education Resource Information Center
Education Resources Information Centre
Education Resource Information Centre
Educational Resources Information Clearinghouse
Education Resources Information Clearinghouse
European Roma Information Office
Ear Reference Point
Equivalent Radiated Power
End System-to-Intermediate System protocol
Exploiting Semantic Annotations in Information Retrieval
European Space Components Information Exchange System
Enterprise System Connection
Earth Science Data Information System
Earth Science Data Information Systems
Extended Superframe
Electronic Stored Information
Electronic Supplementary Information
Encoding Symbol ID
Earth Science Information Center
Earth Sciences Information Centre
Earth Science Information Partners
Earth Science Information Partnership
European Space Information System
EPS Session Management
Enterprise Security Management System
Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Empire State Oil and Gas Information System
Encapsulation Security Payload
Electronic Security Surveillance
European Summer School for Logic, Language and Information
Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
European Technical Information Model
Elephant Trade Information System
European Telecommunications Numbering Space
European Telecommunications Standards Institute
European TelecommunicationS Institute
Elementary Time Unit
End-User Identity
Extended Unique Identifier
Extended Unique Identifier 64 bit
extended universal identifier 64-bit
Equipment Under Test
Frames per Second
Full Allocation
Fast Association Control CHannel
Forward Access CHannel
Foreign Agent Care-of-Address
Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research
Federal Agency Smart Credential Number
12-bit file allocation table
16-bit file allocation table
32-bit file allocation table
Frequency Correction Burst
Feedback Information
Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Frame Control field
File Control Parameter
Frequency Control and Analysis
Federal Communications Commission Identification number
Frequency correction CHannel
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Final Checklist List
Federal PKI Common Policy Framework
Feasible Distance
Federated Development and Certification Environment
Fiber Distributed Data Interface Version II
Full Disk Encryption
Frequency Division Multiplex
Fixed Dialling Number
False transmit format Detection Ratio
File Delivery Table
Frame Erasure Rate, Frame Error Rate
Far End Reporting Failure
Full-Function Device
For Further Information
Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
Federal Financial Management Improvement Act
Frequency Hopping CDMA
Family History Information Standards Organisation
First Information and Action Network
Field Information Agency, Technical
Fast Information Block
File Information Block
Forward Information Base
Forwarding Information Bases
Fast Information Channel
Food Information to Consumers
Flight Information Display
Flight Information Display System
Flow Identifier
Fast Information Group
Fraud Information Gathering System
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies
Field Information Manager
Finance Information Management
Financial Information Management
Full Information Maximum Likelihood
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Flight Information Management System
Fisheries Information Network
future Internet design
For Information Only
Fair Information Practices
Fair Information Practice
Fair Information Practices
Fair Information Principles
Fair Information Practice Principles
Food Information Regulation
Facilities Information and Resources Management System
Florida Information Resource Network
Freight Information Real-Time System for Transport
Faculty Information System
Faculty of Information Studies
Financial Information Strategy
Financial Information Services
Fisheries Information System
Flight Information Services
Federal Information Systems Management Act
Flight Information Service Data Link
Forensic Information System for Handwriting
Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002
Federal Information Systems Security Educators’ Association
Faculty of Information Science and Technology
Faculty of Information Science & Technology
Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility
File Information Tool Set
Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications
Financial Information Exchange Markup Language
Federal Logistics Information System
Flexible Layer One
Fixed-Length Subnet Mask
File deLivery over Unidirectional Transport
Fixed Mobile Convergence
For more information
Financial Management Information System
Fiscal Management Information System
Fleet Management Information System
False Match Rate
Function (referring to the function key on a laptop)
Foreign National Information Form
Foreign National Information System
French Network and Information Security Agency
False Non Match Rate
Fixed Network User Rate
Foreign Object Debris
Felony Offender Information Lookup
Fiber-optic Interrepeater Link
Free/Open Source Software
Fiber Optic Wideband
Film Productions
Frame Protocol
Federal Preparedness Circular
Full Prescribing Information
Federal Public Key Infrastructure
Federal Public Key Infrastructure Architecture
Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority
Forbidden PLMN
Future Public Land Mobile Telephony System
Fast Packet Scheduling
Frequency Reuse
Full Rate
Frame Relay Assembler Disassembler or Access Device
ACTS Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access System
Federal Record Center
Florida Research and Economic Information Database Application
A one-time random number chosen by the RNC
Feasible Successor
Frame Status field
Food Security Information and Early Warning System
Food Security Information Network
Facility Space Utilization Database
Federal Trade Commission Act
Federal Tax Information
Florida Transit Information System
Forwarded-to Number
GERAN Radio Network Temporary Identity
Geographical Information Systems
Geographic Information Systems
Geographic Information System
Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System
Gigabit Per Second
Guaranteed Bit Rate
Gender-Based Violence Information Management System
Ground Camera Ascent Imagery Project
Gulf Coast Information Systems
General DataComm
General Definition of Information
Global Disaster Information Network
GSM/EDGE Radio Access Network
Group Encrypted Transport
Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Global Forest Information Service
Global Forest Information System
Global Geospatial Information Management
Gateway-Gateway Protocol
Gateway GPRS Support Node
Geodetic Information
Geographic information
Groupe Information Asiles
Genome Information Broker
Geographic Information Centre
Geographic Information Coordinating Council
Geographic Information and Decision Analysis
Global Information and Early Warning System
Government Information Factory
Geoscience Information Group
Global Information Grid-Bandwidth
Global Information Governance Day
Getty Information Institute
Global Information Infrastructure
Geographic Information Management
Geospatial Information Management
Geographic Information Management Systems
Geographic Information Management System
Global Information Network
Geographic Information Network of Alaska
Geographic Information Network in Europe
Ghana Information Network for Knowledge Sharing
Geographic Information Officer
Geospatial Information Officer
Geographic Information Retrieval and Analysis System
Genetic Information Research Institute
Geodetic Information System
Geograhic Information Systems
Geographical Information Systems
Geographical Information Services
Geographical Information Science
Geographic Information Science
Geographic Information Sciences
Geographics Information System
Geographics Information Systems
Geography Information System
Geography Information Science
Geological Information System
Geospacial Information Systems
Global Information Systems
Geospatial Information Sciences
Geospatial Information Services
Global Information Services
Global Information Security
Graphical Information Systems
Graphical Information System
Graphic Information System
Graphic Information Systems
Geographic Information Science and Technology
Geographic Information Science Center
Global Information System Centre
Global Information System Centres
Global Invasive Species Information Network
Global Integrated Shipping Information System
Geographic Information Systems Professional
Geographic Information System Professional
Geographic Information Systems Professionals
Geographic Information Science and Technology
Geographic Information Science & Technology
Geographic Information Systems Technology
Geographic Information Technology
Geographic Information Support Team
Global Information Security Workforce Study
Geospatial Information Technology
Geospatial Information Technologies
Great Lakes Regional Research Information Network
Global Market Information Database
Group Master Key
Gateway Mobile Location Centre
GPRS Mobility Management
Gateway MSC
Geographic Names Information Service
Geographic Name Information System
GNU Privacy Guard
Ground Operations Readiness Review
Global Observing System Information Center
Ground Operations Working Group
Guard Period
Group Processor Assembly
Graceful Restart
GERAN Registration Area
General Regularly-distributed Information in Binary
Global Resource & Information Directory
Global Resource and Information Directory
GPRS Roaming Exchange
Global Standards One
Global mobile Suppliers Association
Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Graduate School of Education and Information Studies
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Graduate School of Information Sciences
Global Service Information Center
GSM Service Identity Module
Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences
GPRS Support Nodes
Ground Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network
Global Title
Generic Token Card
Geometric Time Difference
Global Trade Information Services
Group Temporal Key
Global Top Level Domain
GPRS Tunneling Protocol
GPRS Tunnelling Protocol
GPRS Tunnelling Protocol for Control Plane
GPRS Tunnelling Protocol for User Plane
Guaranteed Time Slot
Generalized TTL Security Mechanism
Global Text Telephony
Home Agent
Hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest
Hasselblad Camera
Hasselblad Camera, Electric
Header Compression
Human Computer Interaction and Information Management
Hierarchical Cell Structure
High Level Data Link Control
High Definition Media Interface
High Data Rate System
High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line
Home Environment Value Added Service Provider
HyperFrame Number
Hard Handover
Humanitarian Information Centre
Hospital Information Management
Host Information
Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability
HIgh-PErformance Radio Local Area Network
Health Information Privacy and Portability Act
Harvest Information System
Heller Information Services
Historical Information System
Hydrologic Information System
Hospitality Information Technology Association
Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modeling
High Layer Compatibility
Higher Layer Information
High Layer Information
High Level Information Fusion
Hybrid Modulation CDMA
Hypergol Maintenance Area
Hypergolic Maintenance Facility
keyed-hash message authentication code
Hazardously Misleading Information
Hazardous Misleading Information
Hazardous Materials Information System
Hazardous Material Information System
Hazardous Materials Information Systems
Hospital Management Information System
Hospital Management & Information System
Hospital Management and Information System
Higher National Diploma in Information Technology
Home Address
Head Of Bus
call HOLD
Harvard On Line Library Information System
Handover Number
Host Protected Area
High-Performance File System
Home Public Land Mobile Network
Handover Path Switching
Hand Portable Unit
Half Rate
Human Resource Information Management System
Human Resource Management Information Systems
Human Resource Information Professional
Human Resources Information Technology
Handover Resource Reservation
High Speed DPCCH
High Speed DSCH
High Speed DSCH Frame Protocol
High Speed PDSCH
High Speed SCCH
Hypergolic Support Building
Hasselblad Camera
Hasselblad Camera, Electric
High Speed Circuit Switched Data
Hopping Sequence Number
Home Subscriber Server
Hyper Text Caching Protocol
Hyper-Text Markup Language
Information frames
identification and authentication
Information & Organization
Information Block
Interrogating CSCF
Image to Frame
Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection
Incoming Access
Information Analyzer
Information Asymmetry
Interception Area
Information Analysis Center
Information Access Center
Information Analysis Centre
Information Analysis Centers
Information Access Disruptions
Image Analysis Facility
Integrated Academic Information Management System
Integrated Advanced Information Management System
Information Assessment Method
Information Assurance Maturity Modelling
Information Asset Owners
Initial Authority to Operate
Information & Analysis Unit
Information Assurance Vulnerability Assessments
Iterated Block Cipher
Identity-based Encryption
Integrated Biodiversity Information System
IBM Java Secure Socket Extension
Information and Computation
Information Content
Information Character
International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information System
Incident Cost Analysis and Modeling Project
Institutional Computerized Archival System
Incoming Calls Barred
Information and Coordination Center
Information Coding Classification
Integrated Circuit Card Identification
Information Content and Exchange
Information for a Collaborative Environment
Isochronous Convergence Function
Incoming Call Gateway
Incoming Call Information
Institute for Computer and Information Engineering
International Conference on Image Information Processing
International Computer and Information Literacy Study
Inter-Carrier Interface Protocol
International Conference of Information Systems
International Crop Information System
International Conference for Information Systems
International Conference in Information Systems
International Conference Information Systems
International Center for Information Technology and Development
In-Call Modification
Information Classification and Management
Information Centric Networks
Information Commissioners Office
Information Commissioner Office
International Coral Reef Information Network
Intersociety Council for Pathology Information
Information Collection Requests
Information and Computer Science
Information and Computer Sciences
Information and Communication Service
Information and Communication Systems
Information Centers
Information and Computer Security Architectures
International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information
Incoming Call Timer
Information and Computer Technology
Information and Computer Technologies
Information Computer Technology
Information and Communication Technologies Defense
Information Digits
Information Dominance
Information Document
Information Dividend
Identity Federation Framework
Identity Service Interface Specifications
Identity Web Services Framework
Identity Web Services Framework Data Services Template
Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity
Information Dispersal Algorithm
Information Design Assurance Red Team
Information Dispersal Algorithms
Information Dominance Corps
Information Dissemination and Equal Access
Integrated Digital Enhanced Network
International Dismantling Information System
Iowa Drug Information Service
Information Dissemination Management
Intrusion Detection Message Exchange Format
Identity Management System
Intra Domain NAS Node Selector
Intrusion Detection And Prevention System
Information & Digital Resource Management
Information & Decision Solutions
Information & Decision Solution
Information and Decision Sciences
Information Disclosure Statements
Information Disclosure Statement
Information and Decision Support Center
Information Disclosure Statements
Information Dominance Warfare
Information Development World
Information Elements
Information Elements
Information Extraction
Information Entity
Information Enterprise
Information Enterprise Architecture
Information Element Data Length
Information Element Identifier Data Length
Information Exchange Data Model
IEEE Standards Association
Information Element Identifiers
Information Exchange Model
Information Exchange Service
Integrated Enterprise Management Program
Information Exchange Network
Information Exchange Packages
Information Elements
Internet Security Steering Group
Information Environment Service Registry
Internet Engineering Task Force Best Current Practice
Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments
Information Framework
Information Flow Framework
Information Fusion
Information for All Programme
Information Fusion Centre
Interface Device
Inverse Fast Fourier Transform
International Frequency Information Circular
Internet Flight Information System
Institute for Information Systems
International Food Information Service
Iowa Flood Information System
Intermediate Focal Length Optical Tracker
Integrated Financial Management Program
Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science
Information Field Sizes
information flows
Interframe Space
Information Field Size for the UICC
Information Field Size for the Terminal
Information Fair Trader Scheme
Information Governance
Information Gathering
Information Governance Initiative
Indiana Geographic Information Council
Iowa Geographic Information Council
Institute of Geographical Information Systems
Integrated Geographic Information System
Information Governance Professional
Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
Information Governance Reference Model
Information Gathering Satellite
Information Hyperlinked Over Proteins
Internet Hosted Octet Stream Service
Information Handling Services
Information Infrastructure
Information Infrastructures
Information Indicator
Information Integration
Interviews, Information
Inventory Information Approval System
Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Institute of Information Engineering
Information in Identifiable Form
International Information Issues
Institute for Infrastructure and Information Assurance
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Calcutta
International Institute Information Technology
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi
Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management Kerala
International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad
Illinois Integrated Justice Information System
Information Interchange Model
Institute for Information Management
Intelligent Information Management
Information Industry Network
Intelligent Information Network
Interactive Information and Processing Systems
Intelligence Information Reports
Intelligence Information Reports
Italian Information Retrieval
Information Institute of Syracuse
Information Industry Summit
Infosphere Information Server
Internet Information Servers
Institute of Information Scientists
Institute of Information Science
Integrated Information Services
Internet Information Service
Internet Information Services 6
Interdisciplinary Information Sciences
Internet Information System
Internet Information Systems
Internet Information Server 7
Internet Information Services 7
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology
Integrated Information Support System
Institute of Information Technology Assessment
Integrated Information Theory
Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act
Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa
Integrated Information Technology Services
International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology
International Journal of Computing and Information Sciences
International Journal of Computer and Information Technology
International Journal of Business Information Systems
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies
International Journal of Electronics, Information and Systems
International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics
International Journal of Information and Decision Sciences
International Journal of Information Science and Management
International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing
Integrated Justice Information Systems
Integrated Justice Information System
Integrated Justice Information Sharing
International Journal of Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
International Journal for Information Security Research
International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems
International Journal of Public Information Systems
International Journal of Information Technology & Computer Science
International Journal on Information Theory
International Journal of Quantum Information
International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making
International Journal of Information Technology & Decision Making
International Journal of Managing Information Technology
International Journal of Management & Information Systems
International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems Approach
Integrity Key
Internet Key Exchange Version 2
Information and Knowledge Management
Information and Knowledge Technology
Information Literacy Advisory Group of Oregon
Information Life Cycle Management
Information Life-Cycle Management
Information Lifecycle Governance
Information Law Institute
Institute for Language Information and Technology
Institute for Labour Market Information and Analysis
Information Leak Prevention
Information Literacy Program
Information Literacy Test
Information & Library Services
Information and Library Science
Information and Learning Technology
Information and Learning Technologies
Integrated Land and Water Information System
Information Manager
Information Managers
Information Memorandum
Information Media
IP Multimedia
Information Management & Technology
Information Management Associates
Information Management Branch
Inverse Multiplexing for ATM
Inverse Multiplexing on ATM
Internet Mail Access Protocol
IMS Credentials
Information Management Consultants
Information Management & Consulting
Information Management Department
Information Management and Computer Security
Information Management and Communications Support
Information Management & Computer Security
Information Management Division
IMEI and Software Version
International mobile group identity
Information Management International
Internal Market Information
International Meeting on Information Display
International Meeting on Information Displays
International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory
Institute for Management of Information Systems
Integrated Management Information Systems
Irrigation Management Information System
Interactive Multimodal Information Extraction
Information Management Metamodel
Information Management Officers
Information Management Systems
Information Managment System
Initial MAC Protocol Data Unit
IP Multimedia Private Identity
IP Multimedia Public User identity
IP Multimedia PUblic identity
International Market Research Information
Information Memorandums
Information Management Software
Information Management & Services
Information Management Specialist
IP Multimedia System
IMS Media GateWay
IMS Switching Function
Inter-MAN Switching System Interface
Information Management Technology
Information Management Technologies
International Mobile Telephony
Information Management and Technology Assurance
Information Management Unit
International Mobile User Number
Information Network
Information Need
Information Needs
Internegative Print
Information Network of Arkansas
Internet Names Authorization & Information Center
Intelligent Network Application Part
Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services
Inland Navigation Demonstrator for River Information Services
INFormation field
International Network for Information Technology in Agriculture
Information Network Focus on Religious Movements
Internet Network Information Center
Information Network of Kansas
Information Network Security Agency
intraLocal Access Transport Area
Integrated Services
Information Operation
Information Owner
Information Officer
Information Officers
Information Object
Information Operations Center
Information Object Definitions
Information Object Definitions
Institute of Information Technology
Information & Operations Management
Information and Operations Management
Integrated Operations and Maintenance Instruction
Internal Operating Procedure
International Organization for Plant Information
Information Overload Syndrome
Internet Operating System
International Open Source Network
Information & Patent
Information Protection
Information Processing
Information Professional
Information Protocol
Information Policy
Information Providers
Information Pamphlet
Interpositive Film Print
Interpositive Film Print, A-Wind
IP-Connectivity Access Network
IP Multicast
Initial Privacy Assessment
Information Policy Analysis Division
Internet Protocol Payload Compression Protocol
Internet Protocol configuration
Israel Palestine Center for Research and Information
Idle Period DownLink
Information Platform and Experiences
Information Processing & Management
Internetwork Performance Monitor
IP Mobility management Selection
IP Mobility Mode Selection
Integration Project Office
Information Privacy Principle
Information Processing Time
Information Processing Theory
Information Providers
Information Privacy and Security
IP Security
IP for Smart Objects
IP Signalling Point
Information Processing and Technology
IP Version 4
IP Version 6
Internetwork Packet Exchange protocol
International Polar Year Data and Information Service
Information Quality
Information Quest
Information Quality Act
Information Quality Certified Professional
Information Quality Management
Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
Information Rate
Information Requirements
Information Resources
Information Research
Information Report
Information Resource
Information Retrieval for Question Answering
Information Risk Analysis Methodology
Information Risk Assessment Methodology 2
Information Resource Center
Information Resource Centre
Information Resources Center
Information Resource Centers
Information Resources Division
Information Resources Directorate
Information Resource Directory
Information Research Department
Information Resource Dictionary Systems
Integrated Regional Information Networks
Integrated Regional Information Network
Illinois Researcher Information Service
Illinois Research Information Service
Immunization Registry Information System
Incident Reporting Information System
Information Regarding Israel's Security
Inquiry Routing & Information System
Integrated Resource Information System
Institute for Research in Information Systems
Institutional Research Information System
Integrated Research Information System
International Resource Information System
International Rice Information System
Internet Registry Information Service
Information Rights Management
Information Risk Management
Information Right Management
Information Resources Management
Information Resources Manager
Information Resources Management Division
Information Resource Management Commission
Information Returns Master File
Information Return Master File
Information Resources Management Journal
Integration Reference Point
Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee
Interrupt ReQuest line
Interrupt Request
Information and Reporting Services
Information Retrieval Systems
Information Retrieval Service
Information Retrieval Systems
Information Resources & Technology
Information Resources and Technology
Information Security
Information Society
Information Sciences
Information Sharing
Information Source
Information State
Information Server
Information Service
Information Superiority
Information seeking
Information Steward
Intermediate System
Information Systems & Global Solutions
Information Systems & Global Services
Information Systems and Global Services
Information Security and Privacy
Information Systems & Services
Information Services and Technology
Information Science and Technology
Information Systems & Technology
Information Systems and Technology
Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System
IS-IS for IPv6
Industry Standard Architecture
Information Security Assurance
Information Security Assessment
Information Systems Audit
Information Sharing Agreement
Information Science Abstracts
Interconnection Security Agreement
International Society of Automation
International Organization for Standardization
Information Sharing and Analysis Centers
Information Sharing and Analysis Center
Information Sharing & Analysis Center
Information Sharing Analysis Center
Information Sharing and Analysis Centre
Information Sharing and Analysis Centers
Information Sharing Analysis Centers
Information Systems and Audit Control Association
Information System Audit & Control Association
Iowa Substance Abuse Information Center
Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations
Information Security Automation Program
Internet Server Application Programming Interface
Information Sharing Agreements
Information Systems Analysis and Synthesis
Information Science and Technology
Information Sciences and Technology
Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing Protocol
Intra-Site Automatic Tunnel Addressing
Information Services Board
Information Services Branch
International Seminar on Business and Information Management
International Standard Book Number
Information for Social Change
Information Systems Center
Information Systems & Computing
Information Sharing Centre
Information Services Center
Information Service Center
Information Systems Coordinator
Information Sharing Center
Information Systems and Computing
Information Security Certification
Information Security Committee
Institutional Services Contract
International Switching Centre
Information Systems Coordination Committee
Information Security and Computer Forensics
Indian Standard Code for Information Interchange
Independent Schools Council Information Service
Information System Contingency Plan
Interference Signal Code Power
Information Systems Division
Information Statistics Division
Information Services Department
Information Services Director
Integrated Switched Digital Network
Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Isochronous Service Data Unit
Information Security Executive
Information Security Executives
Information Systems and e-Business Management
Information Systems Frontiers
Information Security Foundation
Information Security and Forensics Society
Information Security Indicators
Information Super Highway
InterSystem HandOver
Information Sciences Institute
Information Security Institute
Information Science Institute
Institute for Scientific Information
Institute of Scientific Information
Information Systems & Infrastructure
Information Sharing Initiative
Information Services Interface
l'Institute for Scientific Information
Industrial Security Incident Database
Information Society Innovation Fund
IM Services Identity Module
IMS Identity Module
International School of Information Management
Information Security and Identity Management Committee
Institutional Student Information Record
Institutional Student Information Records
Information Security Incident Response Team
Independent Schools Information Service
Infant Sleep Information Source
Information Science and Information Studies
Integrated Service Information Server
Integrated Shipboard Information System
Integrated Student Information System
Integrated Student Information Systems
International Species Information System
Iowa Student Information System
Information Systems Laboratories
International Service Information Solution
Information Systems Journal
Information Systems Management
Information Security Leadership Achievements
International Society of Life Information Science
Information Security Management
Information System Management
Information Security Manager
Information Services Manager
Information Systems Manager
Information Storage Management
Information Security Management System
Information Security Management Systems
Information Security Management Systeme
Information Security Management Systems
Information Storage and Management
Information Security Marking
International Symposium on Music Information Retrieval
Information Security Management Standard
Information Security Management Standards
Information Systems Network
Information System Network
Information Systems & Networks
Information System Owner
Initial Sequence Number
International Organization for Standardization
Information Security Officer
Information Security Office
Information Services Office
Information Security Officers
Information Systems Officer
Information Security Officers
International Organisation for Standardisation
Information System on Occupational Exposure
Information Systems and Operations Management
Information Security Oversight Office
Information Society Project
Information Service Provider
Information Service Providers
Information Search Process
Information Sharing Protocol
Information Strategic Plan
Information Systems Plan
Information Strategic Planning
Information System Planning
Information Security and Privacy
Internet Service Protocol
Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board
Information Services Procurement Library
Information Security Policies Made Easy
Information Society Project Office
Information Society Promotion Office
Information Support Plans
Information Service Providers
Information Standards Quarterly
Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis
Idle mode Signalling Reduction
Information Storage and Retrieval
Information Systems Research
Information Systems Resources
Information Services and Resources
Information Science Reference
Integrated Services Router
Information Security Risk Assessment
Information Security Risk Analysis Method
Information Security Research Center
Information Security Research Centre
Information Science Research Institute
International Soil Reference and Information Center
Inter-System Routing Policies
Information Systems and Services
Information Systems Services
Information Systems & Services
Information Services & Systems
Information Sharing Services
Information Security Systems
Information System Services
Information Systems Service
Information Systems Science
Information Systems
Information Security Standard
Information Systems Society
Information Systems Solutions
Information Sharing System
Information Systems Support
Information Security Services
Information Security Solutions
Information Services Section
International Systems Security Engineering Association
Information Systems Security Assessment Framework
Information Systems Security Line of Business
Information System Security Manager
Information System Security Managers
Information Systems Security Management
Information System Security Managers
Information System Security Officers
Information Systems Security Officers
Information Systems Security Management Professional
Information System Security Management Professional
Information Systems Strategic Planning
Information Systems Strategic Plan
Information Systems Security Plan
Information System Security Plan
Information Systems Strategic Plans
Information Systems Security Partners
Information Systems Security Representative
Information System Security Representative
Information Society Standardization System
Information Society Standardisation System
Information & Software Technology
Information and Software Technology
Information Society Technologies
Information Systems & Technology
Information Systems Technology
Information Services and Technology
Information Society Technology
Information Services & Technology
Information Societies Technology
Information Science Technologies
Information Society and Technology
Information Services & Technologies
Information Software Technology
Information System Technology
Information Systems Technologies
Information Security Tools
Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Information Science and Technology Abstracts
Information Society Technologies Advisory Group
Information Science and Technology Institute
Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China
Information Systems Technology Management
Information Science and Technology Office
Information Systems Vendor
Isochronous Service User
ISDN User Part
Information Survivability Workshop
Information & Technology
Information & Tech
Information and Technology
Information Technologies
Information Tech
Information Tehnology
Information Technolgy
Information Technologie
Information Tecnology
Information Table
Information Technology-Business
Information Technology Authority
Information Technology Alliance
Information Technology Associates
Information Technology Acquisitions
Information Technology and Communications Directorate
Information Technology & People
Information Technology & Telecommunication
Information Technology Assistance Center
Information Technology Advisory Committee
Information Technology Advisory Council
Information Technology Asset Disposal
Information Technology and Libraries
Information Technology at Purdue
Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences
Information Technology Asset Management
Information Technology Business Management
Information Telegraph Agency of Russia
Information and Technology Branch
Information Technology Branch
Information Technology Building
Information Technology Center
Information Technology Council
Information Technology Centre
Information Technology Committee
Information Technology Centers
Information Technology Commission
Information Technology Consultants
Information Technology Channel
Information Technology Centers
Information Technology and Computing
Information Technology and Communications Division
Information Transfer Capability
Information Technology Communications Complex
Information Technology Certified Professional
Information Technology Division
Information Technology Directorate
Information Technology Department
Information Technology Equipment
Information Technology Enterprises
Information Technology and Disabilities
Information Technology Executive Council
Information Technology Executive Committee
Information Technology Engineers Examination
Information Technology Governance
Information and Technology Educators of Minnesota
Information and Technology Essential Standards
Interrogator Talks First
Information Technology Governance Institute
Information Technology Investment Board
Information Technology in a Global Society
Information Trust Institute
Information Technology Infrastructure
Information Technology Integration
Information Technology Industry Council
Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
International Tsunami Information Center
International Tsunami Information Centre
Information Technology Infrastructure Services
Information Technology Information Library
Information Technology Laboratory
Information Technology Lab
IT Infrastructure Library
Information Technology Investment Management
Information Technology Investment Region
Information Technology Investment Regions
Integrated Taxonomic Information System
Integrated Transport Information System
Interagency Taxonomic Information System
Information Technology Laboratory's
Information & Technology Management
Information Technology Management
Information Technology Manager
Information Technology Management Service
Information Technology Outsourcing
Information Technology Office
Information Technology Operations
Information Technology Leadership Council
Information Technology Leadership Program
Information and Technology Management
Information Technology and Management
Information Technology Management for Business
Information Technology, Mechanics and Optics
Information Technology Management Reform Act
Information Technology News Agency
Information Theoretic Metric Learning
Information Technology Operations Center
Information Technology Research Center
Information Technology Research Centre
Information Technology Resource Center
Information Training and Outreach Centre for Africa
Information Training & Outreach Centre for Africa
Information Technology Research
Information Technology Professionals
Information Technology and People
Information Technology Resources Board
Information Technology Professionals Examination Council
Information Technology Project Management
Information Technology Portfolio Management
Information Technology and Quantitative Management
Information Technology Professional's Resource Center
Information Technology Professionals of South Carolina
Information Technology Research Institute
Information & Technology Services
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Service
Information Technology Security
Information Technology Section
Information Technology Specialist
Information Technologies Security
Information Technologies & Services
Information and Technology Services
Information Technology Systems
Information Technology Solutions
Information Technology Support
Information Tech Systems
Information Transformation Services
Information Technology Services Agency
Information Technology Staff Augmentation
Information Technology Services Branch
Information Technology Service Center
Information Technology Services Center
Information Technology Service Centre
Information Technology Services Centre
Information Technology Services Division
Information Technology Services Department
Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract
Information Technology Standards Committee
Information Technology Steering Committee
Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan
Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
Information Technology Security Evaluation Facility
Information Technology Security Evaluation Manual
Information Technology Systems Installation Methods Manual
Information Technology Service Management Systems
Information Technology Service Management System
Information Technology Service Management
Information Technology Services Management
Information Technology System Management
Information Technology Security Officer
Information Technology Strategic Plan
Information Technology Strategic Planning
IT Security Manager
Information Technology Support Services
Information Technology Systems and Services
Information Technology Training
Information Technology and Telecommunications
Information Tickets and Tours
Information Tickets and Travel
Information Technology Training Center
Information Technology Training Initiative
Information and Telecommunication Technology Center
Information Technology in Teacher Education
Information Technology Task Force
Information Technology Training Institute
Information Technology Unit
International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication
International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications
International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication Standardization Sector
ITU - Telecommunications standardization sector
Information Technology and Web Science
Information Unit
International USIM Identifier
Information Units
Implementation Under Test
Initialization Vector
In-Vehicle Information Systems
Interactive Video Information System
International Veterinary Information Service
International Veterinary Information Services
Integrated Voice Recognition
Information Worker
Information War
International Workshop on Advanced Information Systems for Enterprises
Interworking Function
Java Archive File
Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
Java Card Run Time Environment
Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology
Jonathan Dickinson Missile Tracking Annex
Joint Documented Procedure
Journaling Flash File System, version 2
Joint Handbook
Journal of Information Technology Teaching Cases
Java Naming Directory Interface
Japan Network Information Center
Joint Operating and Support Agreement
Joint Predistortion
Joint Regional Information Exchange System
Journal of Signal and Information Processing
Journal of Strategic Information Systems
Constraint Length of the Convolutional Code
Kennedy Area Recreational Services
KSC Applications System
Kilo-bits per second
ciphering Key
Kennedy Complex Control System
Kennedy Engineering Documentation System
Kennedy Forward Return Link
Key Generation And Distribution
individual subscriber authentication Key
KSC Integrated Console Schedule
Kennedy Integrated Imagery System
Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology
Kashmir Information Network
Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys
Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service
Knowledge and Information Systems Management
KSC Internet System
Koreanstudies Information Service System
Kennedy Metropolitan Area Network
Kennedy Institutional Network
Kennedy NASA Policy Directive
Kennedy NASA Procedural Requirements
Kennedy Program Requirements Document
KSC News Facility
KSC Public Affairs Television
Kennedy System Engineering Review Panel
Key Stream Generator
Key Set Identifier
Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 7
Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
Layer 2 Management Link
Layer 2 Relay
L2R Bit Orientated Protocol
L2R Character Orientated Protocol
Layer 2 Virtual Private Network
Layer 3 Virtual Private Network
Location Area Code
Latin American and Caribbean IP Addresses Registry
Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry
Latin America & Caribbean Network Information Centre
Location Area Information
Location Area Identity
LAN Emulation
Link Access Procedure - Balanced
Link Access Procedure - D Channel
Link Access Procedure - Frame Mode
Link Access Protocol on the Dm channel
Local Area Transport protocol
Location Area Update
Commit Criteria
Letter Ballot
LLN border router
Low Bandwidth Video
Launch Commit Criteria Working Group
Low Constrained Delay
Location Configuration Information
Link Connection Subsystem
LoCation Service
Location Services
LCS Client
LCS Server
Layered Coding Transport
Launch Countdown Working Group
Lower Hudson Regional Information Center
Legal Information Center
Label Information Base
Library & Information Centre
Library & Information Center
Library and Information Commission
Libraries and Information Centres
Lightweight Information Describing Objects
Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems
Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing
LIF Mobile Location Protocol
Library and Information Management
Landscape Information Modelling
Logical Information Machines
Library Information and Management System
Land Information New Zealand
Learner Information Package
lithium-ion polymer
Local IP access
Location Information Request
Leuven Institute for Research in Information Systems
Land Information Systems
Laboratory Information System
Land Information Services
Learner Information System
Learners Information System
Legume Information System
Library Information System
Location Information System
Logical Information Systems
Learning Information Services
Location Information Service
Library & Information Science
Library and Information Science
Library and Information Sciences
Library And Information Services
Library and Information Studies
Library and Information Service
Location Information Server
Logistic Information System
Logistics & Information Systems
Logistics Information Systems
Logistics Information System
Library & Information Science Abstracts
Library & Information Sciences Abstracts
Library and Information Science Abstracts
Library and Information Science Abstract
Library Information Science Abstracts
Library and Information Services in Astronomy
Liquid Information Speaking Assistant
Level of Information System Interoperability
Legal Information Services to the Public
Library & Information Science Research
Library and Information Science Research
Laboratory Information Systems
Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstract
Library, Information Science, and Technology Abstracts
Library, Information Science, & Technology Abstracts
Library Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Library Information Science and Technology Abstracts
Library and Information Statistics Unit
Laboratory of Information Technologies
Legal Information Technology
record length field
Lessons Learned Information System
Low-Power and Lossy Network
Traffic channel with capacity lower than a Bm
Local Mobility Anchor
Labor Market Career Information
Land Management Information Center
Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre
Link Manager Protocol
Local Mobile Station Identity
Location Measurement Unit
Logical Name
Last Number Dialled
L2TP Network Server
location (DNS record)
Lack Of Information
Louisiana Online University Information System
Limit/Loss of View
low-power wireless area network
line printer daemon / line printer remote
Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin
Land Parcel Information System
Local PLMN
line printer terminal 1
Laboratory of Resources and Environmental Information System
Low-Rate Information Transmission
Link State
Link-state advertisement
Localised Service Area
link-state acknowledgment
link-state database
Land Survey Information System
Label Switched Path
Label Switching Router
Link-state Packet
Link-State Request
Listener Sidetone Rating
Link-State Update
Local Terminal Emulator
Local Units
Limited User Account
Media and Information
M-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
MTP3 User Adaptation
Move, Add, or Change
MAC used for authentication and key agreement
A message authentication code for integrity protection
MAC used for data integrity of signalling messages
A message authentication code for re-synchronisation
Mobile Allocation Channel Number
Massachusetts Aging and Disabilities Information Locator
Mobile Additional Function
Multi-mode Authentication Framework
Mobile Access Gateway
Map and Geographic Information Center
Mobile Access Hunting supplementary service
Mobile Assisted Handover
Mobile Allocation Index
Mine Action Information Center
Morris Automated Information Network
Multichannel Adaptive Information Systems
mobile ad hoc network mobility
Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Multi Access PDN Connectivity
Mail Abuse Prevention System
MAP Security
Mississippi Automated Resource Information System
Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service
Maximum Bit Rate
Multicast/Broadcast over Single Frequency Network
MultiCarrier CDMA
Mobile Country Code
Multicast Control CHannel
Multicast Channel
Multi-cell/multicast Coordination Entity
Malicious Call Identification supplementary service
Multiplex Configuration Information
Metals and Ceramics Information Center
Marine Corps Information Operations Center
Multi-Class Multi-Link PPP
MAC Convergence Protocol
Mega-chips per second
multivariant curve resolution
Modulation and Coding Scheme
Modulation Coding Scheme
Marine Corps Training Information Management System
message digest algorithm 5
Model-Driven Enterprise Information Systems
Minerals Data Information Rescue in Alaska
Michigan Department of Information Technology
Management - Data Link
Multimedia Distribution Service
Maintenance Entity
Mobile Equipment
Multi-exit Discriminator
Marine Environmental Data and Information Network
Maintenance Entity Function
Mobile Evaluated HandOver
Mandarin-English Information
Michigan Education Information System
Middle East Network Information Center
Message Exchange Pattern
Message Error Ratio
Missouri Economic Research & Information Center
Missouri Economic Research Information Center
Middle East Research and Information Project
Middle East Reasearch and Information Project
Missouri Education and Research Libraries Information Network
Medical and Environmental Support Contract
Mobile Execution Environment
Master File
Multi-Function Product
Media Gateway Control Part
METRO Group Information
Master of Geographic Information System
Master of Geographic Information Science
Musa Germplasm Information System
Mobile Global Title
Media Gateway
Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group
Minnesota Health Information Management Association
Master of Information
Mutual Information
Minimum information about a bioactive entity
Minimal Information About a Microarray Experiment
Minimum information about a microarray experiment
Minimum Information About Microarray Experiment
Minimum Information About Microarray Experiments
Minimum information about a protein affinity reagent
Minimum Information About a Proteomics Experiment
Management Information Block
Management Information Bases
Master Information Block
Medical Information Bus
Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations
Migration Information Centre
Mobile Information and Communication Systems
Mobile Interface Controller
Monitoring and Information Centre
micro dual inline memory module
Master of Information and Communication Technology
Message IDentifier Multiplexing IDentifier
Multi Information Display
Market Information Data Analytics System
Master of Information and Data Science
Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems
Management Information for the Electronic Library
Mineral Information Institute
Ministry of Information Industry
MITRE Information Infrastructure
Media-Independent Information Service
Media Independent Information Service
Malaysian Institute of Information Technology
Media and Information Literacy
Military Integrated Logistics Information System
Marketing Information Management
Methods of Information in Medicine
Master of Information Management and Systems
Marine Information Notes
Mini Secure Digital
Marine Information Overlay
Mobile Internet Protocol
Mobile IP
Mobile IP version 4
Mobile IP version 6
Management Information Reporting
Management Information Reports
Monitor Information Reporting
Management Information Services
Marine Information Research Center
Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange
Managed Information System
Management in Information Systems
Mammography Information System
Management and Information Systems
Management and Information System
Management Information Sciences
Management of Information Services
Market Information Service
Market Information Services
Managerial Information System
Managing Information Systems
Managing Information System
Market Information Systems
Marketing Information System
Marketing Information Systems
Master of Information Systems
Master of Information System
Masters in Information Systems
Medical Information System
Master in Information Science
Master of Information Science
Master of Information Studies
Medical Information Systems
Management Information Systems Management
Multimedia Information Systems
Master of Information Student Council
Midwest Invasive Species Information Network
Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement
Masters in Information Systems Management
Management Information System Office
Management Information Systems Quarterly
Military Information Support Operation
Malware Information Sharing Platform
Management Information Systems Research Center
Multi-Level Information Systems Security Initiative
Multi-Level Information System Security Initiative
Management Information Technology
Management of Information Technology
Master in Information Technology
Master of Information Technology
Masters of Information Technology
Mathematics and Information Technology
Master in Information Technologies and Innovation Management
Master in Information Technology and Innovation Management
Master of Information Technology Management
Medicaid Information Technology System
Multifamily Information and Transactions Standards
Managed Information Xchange
Microfinance Information Exchange
Mobile Location Centre
Master in Library and Information Science
Master in Library and Information Sciences
Master in Library & Information Science
Master of Library and Information Science
Master of Library & Information Science
Master of Library and Information Studies
Master of Library & Information Sciences
Master of Library and Information Sciences
Master of Library & Information Studies
Masters in Library and Information Studies
Masters of Library and Information Science
Masters in Library and Information Science
Masters in Library and Information Sciences
Mobility Management
MultiMediaCard Mobile
Mobility Management Entity
Mobility Management Entity Code
Maximum Mutual Information
Maintenance Management Information System
Materials Management Information Systems
Master of Management Information Systems
Multimedia Messaging Service
Mobile Node
Mobile Network Code
Massachusetts Network of Information Providers
Mobile Network Node
Mobile Originated
Mobile Originating Location Request
Mobile Originated Short Message Service
MOBility Control
IKEv2 Mobility and Multihoming Protocol
Mobile Originated Call
Mobile Originated Handover
Ministry of Information and Culture
Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center
Mission Operations Directorate
Modular Exponential
Ministry of Information
Michigan Occupational Information System
Maintenance and Operation Protocol
Management of Police Information
Motion Picture
Mean Opinion Score
Multi Operations Support Building
MIME Object Security Services
Mobile Optical Tracking System
Modes of Operation Validation System
Multi-link PPP
Multiprotocol Border Gateway Protocol Version 4
Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
Mobile Prefix Advertisement
Media Presentation Description
MAC Protocol Data Unit
Motion Picture Encoding Group
TS Moving Picture Experts Group Transport Stream
Management - PHysical
Maryland Public Information Act
Motion Picture Laboratory
MultiProtocol Label Switching
Manufacturer Part Number
MultiprotocolOver ATM
Multi-Payload Processing Facility
MultiPoint Relay
Mobile Prefix Solicitation
MQ telemetry transport
MQ telemetry transport for sensor
Maximum Ratio Combining
Media Resource Function
Multimedia Resource Function Controller
Multimedia Resource Function Processor
Marine Resources Geographic Information System
Machine-readable information
Machine Readable Information
Multicast Routing Information Base
Marine Recreational Information Program
Mouth Reference Point
Mobile Subscriber
Management Science and Information Systems
Mobile service Switching Centre
Mobile Switching Center
Mobile Switching Centre
Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
Mobile Station Class Mark
Microsoft configuration
Mobile Station Control Unit
Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
MAC Service Data Unit
Multicast SECurity
Maryland State Geographic Information Committee
Manufacturer Specific Information
Marine Safety Information
Maritime Safety Information
Master of Science in Information
Master of Science in Information Assurance
Master of Science in Information Management
Masters of Science in Information Management
Modeling and Simulation Information Analysis Center
Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center
Munitions Safety Information Analysis Centre
Mobile Station Identifier
Mobile Station Identification Number
Mobile Subscriber Identification Number
Management Science and Information Systems
Master of Science in Information Systems
Master of Science in Information System
Masters of Science in Information Systems
Master of Science in Information Science
Master of Science in Information Studies
Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance
Master of Science in Information Technology
Masters of Science in Information Technology
Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network
Mobile Subscriber ISDN
Mobile Subscriber ISDN number
Master of Science in Information Security Policy and Management
Master of Science in Information Technology and Management
Master of Science in Information Technology Management
Migrant Student Information Exchange
Master Session Key
MBMS Service Key
MicroSoft Knowledge Base
Master of Science in Library and Information Science
Master of Science in Management Information Systems
Master of Science in Managing Information Technology
Mobile Subscription Number
Multiple Subscriber Profile
Multi-service Switch Routing
Mobile Station Subscriber Roaming Number
Maritime Security and Safety Information System
Managed Security Services Provider
Metadata Standards Working Group
Mobile Terminated
Mobile Termination
Mobile Terminating Location Request
Mobile Terminated Short Message Service
Mobile Terminated Call
Multicast Traffic CHannel
Ministry of Telecom & Information Technology
MBMS Traffic Key
Message Transfer Part-3B
Message Transfer Part Layer 3
Message Transfer Part level 3
Multi-Topology Routing
Master Telemetry Unit
Mark Up
Multiple User - Multiple Input Multiple Output
number returned
number sent
Not Required
Neighbor Advertisement
Network Assisted Cell Change
Node Address byte
Next Application Data Unit
Network Access Identifier
Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility
NASA Acquisition Internet Services
not a lowpan packet
NASA Account Management System
Nano web services
National Academic Recognition Information Center
Network Application Server
Non-Access Stratum
National Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Information Center
National Agency for Science and Technology Information
NASA Communications Operating Procedures
NASA Incident Response Center
NAT-Protocol Translation
network address translation-protocol translation
NAT Traversal
Network Address Translation Traversal
Network Allocation Vector
Network Behavior Anomaly Detection
Node B Application Protocol
Node B Application Part
National Biotechnology Information Facility
A parameter in the hopping sequence
Network based mobility management
nonbroadcast multiaccess
Node Confirmation
NASA Consolidated Active Directory
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information
Network Configuration Board
National Centre for Biotechnology Information
National Center of Biotechnology Information
National Center Biotechnology Information
National Center for Biological Information
National Center for Biology Information
National Centre of Biotechnology Information
Network Colour Code
National Center for Environmental Information
National Center for Environmental Publications and Information
North Carolina Electronics & Information Technologies Association
Neighbouring Cell
NetCentric Enterprise Services
National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis
Notification CHannel
National Charities Information Bureau
Network Control Key
Neighbour Cell List
National Checklist Program
Network Control Protocol or Point
National Center for Standards and Certification Information
National Centre for Science Information
National Center for Science Information
National Centre for Statistics & Information
NIST National Center for Standards and Certification Information
National Center for Scientific and Technical Information
Neighbor Discovery
nondiscretionary access control
NASA Data Center
National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program
Natural Diversity Information Source
Network Determined User Busy
Non Exempt
Negotiated Estimated Cost
NASA Electronic Forms
Network for a European Forest Information Service
NASA Electronic Forms System
Network Evaluated HandOver
National Environmental Information Exchange Network
Network Element Layer
Network Mobility
NASA Equipment Management System
National Emergency Medical Services Information System
National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service
National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Services
National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Services
New England State Police Information Network
NF1018 Electronic Submission System
networked basic input/output system extended user interface
Network Basic Input Output System protocol
networked basic input/output system
network-based local mobility management
National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System
Network Function
National Federation of Advanced Information Services
Network Forensic Analysis Tool
National Fraud Information Center
National Forum on Information Literacy
National Forensic Laboratory Information System
National Freedom of Information Coalition
NASA FAR Supplement
Network File Sharing
National Geo-spatial Information
National Geographic Information Institute
Northrop Grumman Information Systems
Northrop Grumman Information Technology
Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems
Next Header
National Historical Geographic Information System
Neighbourhood Information
No Information
Network Induced Location Request
National Information Assurance Program
National Information Assurance Partnership's
Navy Information Application Product Suite
National Information Assurance Research Laboratory
Networked Information Center
National Integrated Ballistic Information Network
National Integrated Ballistics Information Network
Network Independent Clocking
Network Information Computer
Network Information Centers
National Infrastructure Coordinating Center
National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering
National Information Center for Educational Media
Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information
National Integrated Drought Information System
Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
Neuroscience Information Framework
Networking and Information Infrastructure
Networks & Information Integration
Networks and Information Integration
National Information Network
National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council
National Institute of Information Technology
National Institute of Justice
National Institute of Library and Information Sciences
National Introduced Marine Pest Information System
National Information Management System
Network Information Management System
Northern Ireland Neighbourhood Information Service
Navy Information Operations Command
National Information Points
National Indian Parent Information Center
Neural Information Processing Scaled for Bioacoustics
Network & Information Security
Network Information Services
Network Information Server
Network Information Security
Navigation Information Service
Network and Information Security
Network Information Systems
News and Information Service
National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center
National Information Services Corporation
National Information Sharing Consortium
National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre
National Information Standards Organisation
National Information Standards Organization's
Network Information Table
New Information Technology
National Information Technology Agency
National Information Technology Centre
National Information Technology Authority
National Information Technology Center
National Information Technology Acquisitions and Assessment Center
National Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center
Nebraska Information Technology Commission
National Information Technology Commodity Program
NASA IT Requirement
Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership
Network Identity and Time Zone
Naval Information Warfare Activity
not logged in or natural language interface
National Laboratories Information Technology
National Lighting Product Information Program
network-layer reachability information
Network Management Layer
National Marine Data and Information Service
New Mexico Geographic Information Council
Normalized Mutual Information
Network Management Information System
Network Management Process
Network Measurement Results
Network Management Subsystem
Network Management System or Station
National Mobile Station Identifier
Nordic Mobile Telephone
National Motor Vehicle Title Information System
National Motor Vehicle Titling Information System
Network Operator
National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers
Northern Ohio Data and Information Service
Northern Ohio Data & Information Service
NASA Operational Messaging and Directory
National Offender Management Information System
NASA On-line Registration System
NASA On-line Supply Catalog
NASA Policy and Directives
NASA Property Disposal Management System
New Product Information
Non-public Personal Information
Numbering Plan Identifier
National Passport Information Center
National Parent Information Network
National Register Information System
National Poison Information Service
NIST Personal Identity Verification Program
Non-Public Personal Information
nonpublic personal information
NASA Payroll/Personnel System
NASA Procedural Requirements
Node Registration
Natural Resources Geographic Information System
Natural Resource Information System
Network Resource Identifier
Network Resource Model
Normalized Response Mode
Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories
Non-Real Time
Non Real Time
No Return Zero-Level
Non-Return to Zero Inverted
Non-return to zero invert ones
Name Server
Neighbor Solicitation
Network Services Assurance Plan1
Network Services Assurance Plan2
Network Service Access Point Identifier
Network Subset Control Key
Network Service Data Unit
Next Secure
Network Security Information Exchange
National Streamflow Information Program
National Strategy for Information Sharing
National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding
NASA Supply Management System
Network Security Perimeter
Network Security Perimeter Configuration Control Board
NISN Service Request
National Software Reference Library
Network SubSystem
Not-So-Stubby Area
National Space Science and Technology Center
National SCADA Test Bed
National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum
New Type Approval Advisory Board
Narrow-band Time Division Duplexing
Not to Exceed
National Telecommunication and Information Administration
National Telecommunications Information Agency
National Telecommunications and Information Administration's
National Telecommunication Information Administration
National Telecommunication and Information Agency
National Telecommunication & Information Administration
National Technical Information Services
National Technology Information Service
New Technology Loader
North Texas Real Estate Information System
National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act of 1995
Network Termination x
Network User Access
Nebraska University Center for Information Assurance
National User / USIM Identifier
National Water Information System
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
Northwestern University Information Technology
National User Part
National Vulnerability Database
National White Collar Crime Center
New World Information and Communication Order
Netware Link
Operations & Maintenance
operations and maintenance
Optical to Electrical
Outgoing Access
Office of the Australian Information Commission
Open Archival Information Systems
Online Automotive Service Information System
Organisations and Society in Information Systems
Organizations and Society in Information Systems
Over-the-Horizon Airborne Sensor Information System
Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System
Ocean Biogeographic Information System
Optical Carrier Level N
Outgoing Calls Barred within the CUG
Object Content Information
Operations Control Instructions
Outgoing Call Information
Orthogonal Channel Noise Simulator
Organization Computer Security Official
Outgoing Call Timer
Operations Document
Optional for operators to implement for their aim
Operator Determined Barring
Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA
On-Demand Routing
Optical to Electrical to Optical
Optimized Edge Routing
Orthogonal Frequency-division Multiplexing
Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program
Operator Harmonisation Unit
Orangutan Information Centre
Operations and Information Management
Office of Information Resources
Office of Information Services
Occupational Information System
Office of Information Security
Onboard Information System
Oncology Information System
Oncology Information Systems
Operational Information System
Operational Intercommunications System
Operational Intercommunications System Digital
Operational Intercommunications System Quintron
Open Information Security Foundation
Object Linking and Embedding Database
Open Loop Power Control
Optimized Link-State Routing
Operation and Management Centre
Operation and Maintenance Centre
Operation and Maintenance Instruction
Operations Management & Information Systems
Operations Management and Information Systems
Organizational Memory Information System
Operations and Maintenance Link
Operations Maintenance Requirements Specification Document
An Open Specification for Pretty Good Privacy
Operation and Maintenance EXpenditure
Online Product Information
Oil Price Information Service
United States Office of Personnel Management
Offnet Processor Subsystem
Operations Requirements
Optimal Routeing
Open Relay Blacklist
Online Research Information Environment for the Life
Office of Research Information Services
Optimal Routeing for Late Call Forwarding
Operations System
Open Service Architecture
Open Service Access
OSA/Service Capability Server
Operational Support Building
Operational Support Building Number 2
Optic System Control Unit
CLNS Connectionless Network System
Office of Strategic Information
Open Source Information
OSI Reference Model
OSI Reference Model
Online Student Information System
Octet Stream Protocol
OSPF Version 2
OSPF Version 3
Octet Stream Protocol for Internet Hosted Octet Stream Service
original equipment manufacturer service release
Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual
Open Source Vulnerability Database
Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange System
Observed Time Difference
Observed Time Difference of Arrival
Office of Telecommunications and Information Applications
Office of Trade and Industry Information
Primary CCPCH
Proxy CSCF
Primary SCH
Packet TMSI
Prearbitrated segment or slot
Protected Access Credential
Packet Access Control CHannel
Packet Assember/Disassembler
Packet Assembler Disassembler
Peer Authorization Database
Photographic Acquisition Distribution Document
Prearbitrated Function
Packet Access Grant Channel
Pacific Asia Journal of the Association for Information Systems
Printing and Microimaging Information System
Reverse HTTP Binding for SOAP
Policy Access Point
Peak Average Rate
Peak To Average Ratio
Port Address Translation
Practical Algorithm to Retrieve Information Coded in Alphanumeric
Paging and Area Warning System
Pre-boot Authentication
Packet Binary Convolutional Code
Packet Binary Convolution Code
Physical Broadcast Channel
Pre-boot Environment
PhoneBook IDentifier
Pacific Basin Information Node
Policy-Based Routing
Policy Based Routing
Physical Bearer Service
Photo Control Center
Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Code
Paging Control CHannel
Peak Code Domain Error
Point Coordination Function
Physical Control Format Indicator CHannel
Project Co-ordination Group
Packet Clearing House
Paging Channel
Payment Card Information
Payment Card Industry
Peripheral Component Interconnect Extended
Personal Credit Information
personal identity verification card issuer
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Policy Core Information Model
Primary Care Information System
Personalisation Control Key
Plessy Corning Optronics
Protocol Configuration Options
IP Payload Compression Protocol
Physical Communication Packet Channel
Process Control System Forum
Protocol Discriminator
Pacific Digital Communications
Packet Data Channel
Physical Downlink Control CHannel
Packetized DRM Content Format
Packet Data Protocol
Policy Decision Function
Preservation Description Information
Ponce DeLeon
Protocol-dependent module
Packet Data Network
Packet Data Network Gateway
Policy Decision Point
Packet Driver Specification for public domain
Protective Distribution Systems
Physical Downlink Shared CHannel
Packet Data Traffic CHannel
Provider Edge
Public Education Information Management System
Postsecondary Education Quick Information System
Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information
Pedagogical and Educational Research Information Network for Europe
Processing Gain
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security
Parking Guidance and Information
Packet Data Network Gateway
Physical layer SAP
proxy Home Agent
Packet Handler Function
Packet Handler Interface
Pennsylvania Highway Information Association
Physical Hybrid ARQ Indicator CHannel
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Personal Handyphone System
Physical layer standard
Physical Channel
Page Indicator
Patent Information
Payment Information
Project Information
Personal Information
Prescribing Information
Privacy Impact Analysis
Public Information Assist Team
Policy Information Base
Pre-Flight Information Bulletins
Program Information Bulletin
Personal Information Banks
Parent Information Center
Pilot Information Center
Personal Information Collection
Personal Information Carrier
Polar Information Commons
Polymorphic Information Content
Polymorphism Information Content
Public Information Centre
Public Information Centers
Public Information Coordinator
Public Information Committee
Page Indicator Channel
Paging Indicator CHannel
Personal Information Collection Statement
Press Information Department
Protocol Identification
Presence Information Data Format
Passenger Information Display Systems
Public Information Display System
Physicians Information and Education Resource
Product Information File
Product Information Files
Product Information Guide
Program Information Form
Personally Identifiable Financial Information
Point coordination function IFS
Public Information Films
Personal Identity Information
Personal Identifying Information
Personally-Identifiable Information
Personally Identifying Information
Package Information Leaflet
Package information leaflets
Patient Information Leaflet
Patient Information Leaflets
Product Information Leaflet
Patient Information Leaflets
Passenger Information List
Performance Implications of Link Characteristics
Patient Information Management
Personal Information Managers
Personal Information Manage
Plant Information Management
Private Information Manager
Product Information Manager
Produkt Information Management
Project Information Manager
Pacific Islands Marine Resources Information System
Patient Information Management System
Patient Information Management Systems
Peace Information Management System
Pennsylvania Information Management System
Personal Information Managers
Personal Information Management System
PfP Information Management System
Poisons Information Monographs
Parent Information Network
Personal Information Number
Prior Information Notice
Power Information Network
Public Information Network
Personal Information Numbers
Press and Information Office
Public Information Officers
Parent Information Program
Program Initialization Parameter
Proposer Information Pamphlet
Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association
Personal Information Protection Electronic Documents Act
Performance Information Procurement System
Personal Information Questionnaire
Peak Information Rate
Private Information Retrieval
Program Information Report
Protein Information Resource
Purchasing Information Record
Parental Information and Resource Center
Parent Information and Resource Center
Parent Information Resource Centers
Project Information Retrieval System
Passenger Information System
Passenger Information Systems
Patient Information Sheet
Patient Information Sheets
Pharmacy Information System
Pharmacy Information Systems
Project Information System
Public Information System
Purchasing Information System
Product Information Service
Punjab Information Technology Board
Police Information Technology Organisation
Police Information Technology Organization
Path Information Units
Public Information Unit
Personal Identity Verification
Personnel Identity Verification
Protocol Implementation eXtra information for Testing
Public-Key Cryptography Standards
Public Key Cryptography Standard
Privacy Key Management
Privacy Key Management Protocol version 1
Privacy Key Management Protocol version 2
PAD Length
Preferred Languages
PLMN Identity
packetization layer path MTU discovery
Performance Monitoring
Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment
Policy Management Authority
Physical Multicast CHannel
Physical Layer Medium Dependent standard
Pointwise Mutual Information
Proxy Mobile Internet Protocol
Proxy Mobile IP version 6
proxy Mobile IPv6
Performance Management Information System
Port Management Information System
Plant Maintenance Information System
Project Management Information Systems
Property Management Information System
Prescription Monitoring Information Exchange
Pairwise Master Key Security Association
Packet MM
Program Model Number
Path Maximum Transmission Unit
Path MTU Discovery
Packet Number
Paging and Notification Control Entity
Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System
Présentation des Normes Européennes
Portable Networks Graphics
Private Numbering Plan
plan of action and milestones
Plan of Action & Milestones
PSTN Originated Call
PSTN Originating Call
Push to Talk over Cellular
Payload Operations Control Centers
Photo Optical Control System
Path Overhead Identifier
Point of Interconnection
Proof of Receipt
Privacy, Obligations, and Rights in Technologies of Information Assessment
Plain Old Telephony Service
Protection Profile
Program, Planning and Budget Execution
Packet Paging Channel
Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize
Primative Procedure Entity
Paging Proceed Flag
Protected Personal Information
Past Performance Information Retrieval System
Protocol and Parameter Select
Provisioner-provided Virtual Private Network
Paperwork Reduction Act
Packet Random Access Channel
Physical Random Access Channel
Provisional Response ACKnowledgement
Physical Resource Block
Program Requirements Document
Pre-primary Authorization Key
Preferential CUG
Pseudorandom Function
Physical Readiness Information Management System
Pseudo-Random Numerical
Pseudorandom Number Generator
Payload Readiness Review
Packet Scheduler
Packet Switched
Photosonic Camera
Personal System/2 connector
Primary Synchronisation Code
Physical Shared Channel
Program Support Communications Network
Program Support Communications Requirements Document
protocol specification for electric metering
Process Safety Information
Program and System Information
Program Specific Information
Public Sector Information
Product Standards Information Bureau
Program & System Information Protocol
Program and System Information Protocol
Port State Information Exchange
Project Service Level Agreement
Power Save Mode
Packet-switched Streaming Service
Packet Switch Streaming
Primary Synchronisation Sequence
Pacific Strike Team
Privacy Threshold Assessment
Privacy Threshold Analysis
PSTN Terminated Call
Packet Timing advance Control Channel
Path-Terminating Equipment
Parent Training and Information
Parent Training Information
Public Transport Information
Parent-Training and Information Center
Parent Training and Information Center
Public Transport Information and Priority System
PTM Group Call
PTM Multicast
Postal Telegraph & Telephone Ministry Administration
Perceived Target Value
Pan, Tilt, Zoom
Payload Unit
Physical Uplink Control CHannel
Price per Unit Currency Table
Physical Uplink Shared Channel
Q - Adapter
Queued Arbitrated segment slot access function
Q - Adapter Function
Queued Arbitrated Function
QoS Class Identifier
Queensland Government Chief Information Office
Quality Information Framework
reliability and maintainability
Response APDU
Receive-ready Block
Roaming Signalling Gateway
Response TPDU
Removable User Identity Module
Release 1999
Receiver Address
Router Advertisement
Routing Area
Random Access RNTI
Radio Access Bearer
Registration Accreditation Board.
Routing Area Code
Research in Advanced Communications in Europe
Risk Adaptive Access Control
Routing Area Identity
Redundant Array Inexpensive Disks
redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) discs
Random Access Point
Radio Access Network Application Part
RAN Application Part
RANDom Number
Reradiating Antenna System
Radio Access Technology
Remote Administration Tool
Routing Area Update
Radio Bearer
Resource Block
role-based access control or rule-based access control
Residual Bit Error Ratio
Real Time Block List
Rivest Cipher 2
Rivest Cipher 4
Route Cache Entry
Research Center for Information Security
Research in Computing, Library and Information Science
Remote Console Protocol
Remote Copy Protocol
Restricted Digital Information
Records, Document, and Information Management System
Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System
Reject frame
route error
Radio Frequency CHannel
reduced-function device
Route Flap Damping
Routing Function Entity
Routing Functional Identity
Requests For Information
Request For Information/Clarification
Reduced TDMA Frame Number
Reserved for Future Use
Resource Geographic Information System
Request/response header
Regional Health Information Network
Reachability Information
Reading for Information
Route Information Base
Router Information Base
Routing Information Bases
Routing Information Bases
Resource Information Center
Research Information Centre
Rwanda Information Communication and Technology Association
Route Information Field
Rhode Island Geographic Information System
Research Institute in Information and Language Processing
RAN Information Management
Records & Information Management
Reference Information Manager
Research Information Management
Responsible Information Management
Ring Indicator Monitor
Records & Information Management Service
Records and Information Management Services
Records Information Management System
Research Information Management Systems
Research Information Network
Routemap to Information Nodes and Gateways
Rapid Information Overlay Technology
Route Information Protocol
Routing Information Protocols
Routing Information Protokol
Routing Information Protocol 2
NCC Rseaux IP Europens Network Coordination Centre
Reseaux IP Europeens-Network Coordination Center
Routing Information Protocol new generation
Routing Information Protocol Version 1
Routing Information Protocol version 2
Regional Internet Registries
Radiology Information System
Radiology Information Systems
Refugee Information Service
River Information Services
Routing Information Service
Research Information Systems
Research Information System
Retail Information System
Review of Information Science
Russian Information Security Club
Routing Information Table
Regional Integrated Transportation Information System
Research Information Exchange Markup Language
registered jack function 11
registered jack function 45
Radio Link
Radio Link Set
RLC SeQuence Number
Radio Link Control Protocol
Radio Link Protocol
Regional Land Information System
Receiver Loudness Rating
Returned Materials Authorization
Remote Monitoring and Alarm System
Repair and Maintenance Information
Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association
Risk Management Information System
Risk Management Information Systems
Rocky Mountain Information Security Conference
Report Management System
Ring ManagemenT
Reference Node Based Positioning
Radio Network Layer
Radio Network Subsystem Application Part
Range Operations Control Center
Robust Header Compression
Return on Information
routing over low-power and lossy networks
Repository of Student Information
Responsible Person
Registered Public Land Mobile Network
Recovery Point Objective
Recognised Private Operating Agency
Record and Playback Subsystem
Request Counter
Radio Resource
Radio Resources
Receive Ready frame
Resource Record
Route Reflector
Risk Review Board
Radio Resource Management
route reply
route request
Remote Radio Head
Reverse Route Injection
Road Routing Information
Resource Record Signature
Relay Station
Router Solicitation
Recommended Standard 232
Records Staging Area
Rule Set-based Access Control
Received Signal Code Power
Radio System Entity
Reference Safety Information
Radiation Safety Information Computational Center
Role of Science in the Information Society
Radio Signalling Link
Royal School of Library and Information Science
Robust Security Network Association
Robust Security Network Information Element
Reduced Sign-on
Received Signal Strength Indication
Received Signal Strength Indicator
Resource Reservation Protocol
Regional Subscription Zone Identity
Radio Termination
Relative Time Difference
Road and Traffic Information
Road Traffic Information
Real Time Information System
Routing and Management Protocol
Recovery Time Objective
retransmit timeout
Reliable Transport Protocol
Routing Update Protocol
Real-Time Streaming Protocol
Real Time Traffic Information
Run-Time Type Information
Run Time Type Information
Secure Border Gateway Protocol
Supervisory Block
Secondary Communication Control Physical CHannel
Serving CSCF
Secured Multipurpose Internal Mail Extension
SRNC Radio Network Temporary Identity
Secondary SCH
S-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
Source Address field
Stateless Address Autoconfiguration
System Assurance Analysis
Service Area Identity
State Automated Child Welfare Information System
State Automated Child Welfare Information Systems
Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information Systems
Source ADdress
System Architecture Evolution
Secure And Fast Encryption Routine
Security Association IDentifier
Scottish Avalanche Information Service
Senior Agency Information Security Officer
South Asian Network Operators Group
Segmentation and Re-assembly
Single-Attach Station connection
System for Administration, Training, and Educational Resources for NASA
Scheduling Block
Synchronization Burst
Small Business Information Center
Service Based Local Policy
Serving Base Station Controller
Serving Base Station Subsystem
Service Centre
Subscription Channel
Single Carrier - Frequency Division Multiple Access
Service Contract Act
Self-Contained Atmospheric Protective Ensemble
Synchronisation Control CHannel
Scheduled Completion Date
Service Capability Feature
Synchronisation Channel
Sensitive Compartmentalized Information
Sensitive Compartmental Information
Sensitive Compartment Information
Sensitive Compartment Information Facility
Subscriber Controlled Input
System configuration information
State Chief Information Officer
Security Cooperation Information Portal
Supply Chain Information System
Standing Committee on Information Technologies
Standing Committee on Information Technology
Symbiosis Center for Information Technology
Sub-Channel Number
South Carolina Occupational Information System
System Chip Rate
Service Capability Server
small computer system interface identifier
Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information
Service Change and UDI/RDI Fallback
card secure digital card
Standard Definition
Stand-alone Dedicated Control Channel
Serial Data Interface
Synchronous Data Link Control protocol
Service Dialling Number
Service Discovery Protocol
SDL Development Tool
Serial Digital Transport Interface
Signalling Data Unit
Sustaining Engineering
Sector Address Identifier
Scientific Earth Drilling Information Service
Support Entity Function
SEcurity Gateway
Supplemental Enhancement Information
Special Education Information System
Special Education Student Information System
SEcure Neighbor Discovery
Secure Entry Point
Severely Errored Seconds
Student & Exchange Visitor Information System
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System
Student and Exchange Visitor Information Systems
Student Exchange Visitor Information System
Student Exchange Visitors Information System
Spreading Factor
System File Checker
Slow Frequency Hopping
Short EF Identifier
Skills Framework for the Information Age
Shop Floor Information System
Standard Financial Information Structure
System Frame Number
Serving GPRS Support Node
Serving Gateway
Signalling GateWay
Secure hash
Secure Hash Algorithm #1
single-pair high-speed DSL
Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation
Scheduling Information
School of Information
Sensitive Information
Service Information
Sequence Information
Side Information
Statement of Information
Synchronization Information
System Information Block
System Information Blocks
System Information Block 2
System Information Blocks
Stuck in Active
Statewide Information and Analysis Center
Senior Information Assurance Officer
Scientific Information Bulletin
Signalling Information Block
Statistical Indicators Benchmarking the Information Society
Scottish Information Commissioner
Service Implementation Capabilities
Saab Information Display
Scientific Information Database
Security ID
Shared Information and Data
Silence Descriptor
Society for Information Display
Society for Information Display's
Spectral Information Divergence
Student Information Desk
Secure Information Exchange
Security Information Exchange
Security and Information Event Management
Security Information and Event Management
Security Information & Event Management
Security Information & Event Manager
Security Information Event Management
Security Information and Event Manager
Security Information and Event Managers
Security Information Event Monitoring
Security Information and Even Management
Security Information Event Managers
Security Information and Events Management
System Information and Event Management
Secure Information Exchange Network Application
Signalling Information Field
Short IFS
SMDS Interest Group
Special Interest Group TRAN
Standardized Information Gathering
System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe
Strategy of Information Integration
Stateless Ip/Icmp Translation algorithm
School for Information and Knowledge Systems
Service Information Letters
Service Information Message
School of Information and Library Science
School of Information & Library Science
School of Information and Library Studies
School of Information Management
Society of Information Management
Society of Information Managers
Sensitive Information Management
Strategic Information Management
Supplier Information Management
Software Interface for Maintenance Information Collection and Analysis
Studies In Media & Information Literacy Education
School Information Management System
School Information Management Systems
Schools Information Management System
Security Information Management System
Security Information Management Systems
Student Information Management System
Students Information Management System
Security Information Management Solution
Ships in the Night
Signal-to-Noise-and-Interference Ratio
Special Information Operations
Student Information Online
Strategic Information and Operations Center
Session Information Protocol
Social Information Processing
Strategic Information Planning
Submission Information Package
Submission Information Packages
Submission Information Packages
Selective IP Traffic Offload
Security Information Report
Security & Information Risk Advisor
Society of Information Risk Analysts
Sport Information Resource Centre
Sport Information Resource Center
Self-contained Information Retention Format
School of Information Resources and Library Science
Senior Information Risk Owner
Senior Information Risk Owners
Student Information Repository System
Safeguard Information Systems
Sales Information System
Satellite Information Services
School Information Service
Schlumberger Information Solutions
School Information System
School of Information Systems
School of Information Studies
School of Information Sciences
Scientific Information Service
Scientific Information Systems
Security Information Service
Service Information System
Services Information System
Ship Information System
Software Information Systems
Soil Information System
Staff Information Systems
Star Information Systems
Society for Information Science
Species Information Service
State Information Service
Statewide Information System
Strategic Information Systems
Student Information System
Student Information Systems
Students Information System
Strategic Information Systems
Student Information Systems
Subscriber Information Service
Supervisory Information System
Selection Information Table
Special Information Tone
Special Information Types
Special information tones
State Information Technology Agency
Solutions for Information Technology Enterprise
Second Information Technology in Education Study
Schedule Information Unsolicited
System Information Viewer
System Information for Windows
Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
Secure Key Exchange Mechanism
School of Library, Archival and Information Studies
School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies
School of Library, Archive and Information Studies
School of Library and Information Science
School of Library & Information Studies
School of Library and Information Studies
School of Library and Information Sciences
Service Level Agreements
Subscription Locator Function
scalable link interface or system level integration or scanline interleave
Session Level Interface
Scottish Library and Information Council
State Library Information Center
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
School of Library & Information Science
Subscriber LCS Privacy Profile
Send Loudness Rating
Space Life Sciences Lab
Session Management
source metric
server message block or small to midsize business
Short Message Entity
Single-Mode Fiber
Social Media Information
Ships Movement Information Display System
Synchronised Multimedia Integration Language
Studies on Media, Information and Telecommunication
Structure of Management Information Version 2
Service Management Layer
Serving Mobile Location Centre
Short Message Service - Service Centre
SMS Cell Broadcast
Short Message Service/Point-to-Point
Scar, Mark And Tattoo
System Management protocol
simple network access protocol
Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol
Serial NumbeR
Suppress Outgoing Access
Secure Origin Border Gateway Protocol
School of Computer & Information Sciences
Self-Organizing Framework for Information Extraction
Swiss Organisation for Geographic Information
Small Office/Home Office
Source of Information
School of Information Studies
Site for On-line and Learning Resources
Support of Localised Service Area
Self Organised Network
Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System
System Of Records
System Of Records Notice
Switching Point
Scalable Polyphony MIDI
Service Pack 1
Service Pack 2
Shuttle Processing Area
Signalling Point Code
Service Provider Control Key
Sony-Philips Digital Interface Format
Shortest Path First protocol
Security Parameters Indication
Sensitive Personal Information
Specialist in Poison Information
Signal Processing Information Base
Subscriber Profile ID
Special Parent Information Network
Sponsored Programs Information Network
Sponsored Program Information Network
State Property Information Online
Structured Product Labeling
Service Provisioning Markup Language
Space Processing Operations Contract
System Protection Profile for Industrial Control Systems
Structure of Policy Provisioning Information
Shortest Path Tree
Sequenced Packet Exchange
Sequenced Package Exchange
SeQuence Number
Scheduling Request
Service Release
South Repeater
Static Random Access Memory
Secure Remote Access Services
Signalling Radio Bearer
Select Reject frame
Signed RESponse
Stanford Research Institute-Network Information Center
Square Root Information Filter
Science Reference and Information Service
Serving Radio Network Controller
Serving RNC
Serving RNS
Source Route Transparent protocol
Secure Real-time Transport Protocol
The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol
Smooth round-trip time
Subscriber Station
Supplementary Service
Switching System
Signalling System #7
Signalling System No. 7
Source Service Access Point
Secondary Synchronisation Code
Service Specific Co-ordination Function
Service Specific Coordination Function - Network Node Interface
Service-Specific Connection Oriented Protocol
Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol
System Services Control Point
Service-specific convergence sublayer
Service Specific Convergence Sublayer
Simple Service Discovery Protocol
Site Selective DiversiTy
Service Specific Entities
Systems Security Engineering-Capability Maturity Model
Service Switching Function
Secure Shell
Security Sensitive Information
Sensitive Security Information
Server Side Includes
South-South Information Gateway
Standard Schedules Information Manual
Statewide Student Information System
Specialized Security-Limited Functionality
Swedish School of Library and Information Science
Simple Service Location Protocol
Sub-System Number
Single Sign-On
Static Separation Of Duty
Secure Simple Pairing
Space Station Processing Facility
Security Support Provider Interface
Secure Storage and Retrieval of Information
Service Specific Segmentation and Re-assembly sublayer
Security Target
Straight Tip
Semantic Technology and Information Retrieval
Science and Technology Information
Signalling Transport Converter
Section Terminating Equipment
Secured Transfer of Electronic Financial Information
Scientific & Technical Information
Scientific and Technological Information
Security Technical Information Guide
Security Technical Information Guides
Science and Technology Information Institute
Science and Technology Information System
Scientific and Technical Information Program
Structured Threat Information eXpression
Synchronous Transport Module
Synchronous Transport Module level n
Synchronous Transfer Mode or Station Management
Sidetone Masking Rating
Shielded Twisted-Pair
Shielded Twisted Pair
Signalling Transfer Point
Spanning Tree Protocol
System to Retrieve Information from Drug Evidence
Security Token Service
Synchronous Transport Signal Level n
Concatenated Synchronous Transport Signal Level N
State Traffic Safety Information
Space Time Transmit Diversity
Scheduling Unit
Single User - Multiple Input Multiple Output
Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources
Stanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources
Subscription Management
Search using services and information extraction
Switched Virtual Circuit or Signaling Virtual Channel
Super Video Graphics Array
System Volume Information
Transport Signalling Gateway
Test Assertion
Timing Advance
Tracking Area
Type Allocation Code
Terminal Adaptation Function
Tracking Area Identity
The Arabidopsis Information Resource
Toolkit Application Reference
Tracking Area Update
Test Board
Transport Block
Transport Block Size
Temporary Block Flow
Topology Dissemination Based on Reverse-Path Forwarding
Transmission Convergence sub-layer of PHY layer
Technical Committee Technical Report
ISO/IEC Technical Committee 68
Television Control Center
Terminal Count Demonstration Test
Traffic Channel
Transceiver Control Interface
IP Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol
Training and Certification Record System
Transportable Communication System
Time Division-Code Division Multiple Access
Terminal Eequipment
Tunnel Endpoint IDentifier
Tunnel End Point Identifier
Telecommunications and Electronic and Information Technology Advisory Committee
TransFer Allowed
Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information System
Transport Format Combination
Transport Format Combination Indicator
Transport Format Combination Set
Temporary Flow Identity
Transport Format Indicator
Transport Format INdicator
TransFer Prohibited
Transport Format and Resource Combination
Transport Format and Resource Indicator
Traffic Flow Template
Time Hopping CDMA
noise spectral density
The Health Information Network
Total Hospital Information System
Standardisation Committee of TI Communications
Traffic Information
Transaction Information
Transaction Identifier
Tax Information Authorization
Traffic Information Area
Thread Information Block
Tactical Information Broadcast Service
Talking Information Center
Trade Information Centre
Traffic Information Center
Traveler Information Center
Technology Information Center
Transportation Information Center
Tourist Information Center
Tourist Information Centres
Tourist Information Centers
Tourist Information Centres
Traffic Information Centre
Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership
Tag Identifier
Technical Information Documents
Technical Information Exchange
Test Information Distribution Engine
Translingual Information Detection, Extraction and Summarization
Translingual Information Detection, Extraction, and Summarization
Test Information Function
Tagged Information File Format
Transactions on Internet and Information Systems
Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
Total Information Management
Team Information Management System
Trafficking Information Management System
Transportation Information Management System
Transportation Information Mapping System
Tax Information Network
Tibet Information Network