Popular Institute acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alikhanov Institute
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
American Butter Institute
Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis
Aptech Computer Education
Association of Cooperative Educators
Automotive Centre of Excellence
Agile Certification Institute
American Concrete Institute's
Asian Culinary Institute
Audit Committee Institute
Associate, Chartered Insurance Institute
Associateship of the Chartered Insurance Institute
Art & Creative Materials Institute
Advanced Centre for Material Science
American Crime Prevention Institute
Arkansas Career Training Institute
Aachener Centrum für Technologietransfer in der Ophthalmologie
Atlanta Clinical & Translational Science Institute
American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
Advance Diploma in Business Management
Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications
Advance Diploma in Computer Application
Advance Diploma in Computer Teacher Training
American Dental Institute
Assistance Dog Institute
Advanced Diploma in International Taxation
Advanced Diploma in Retail Management
Advance Diploma in Materials Management
Anxiety Disorders Research Center
Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute
Albert Einstein Institute
Albert Ellis Institute
American Film Institute's
Agape English Language Institute
Association of European Market Research Institutes
Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute
Agri-Food Biosciences Institute
Assessment of Fundamental Competencies
Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute
Amagansett Food Institute
Agricultural and Food Research Council
Audacious Goals Initiative
Aspen Global Leadership Network
Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute
Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington
American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute
American Hellenic Institute Foundation
Arbeitsgemeinschaft historischer Forschungseinrichtungen
American Home Inspection Training
Air-Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Institute
Armauer Hansen Research Institute
Applications Institute
American Institute of Architect's
American Institutes of Architects
Archeological Institute of America
Associate of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia
Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute
Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal
Alpha Institute for Advanced Study
Alpha Institute for Advanced Studies
American Institute of Applied Science
American Institutetute of Chemists
Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology
Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology
American Institute of Certified Planner
Asian Institute for Distance Education
Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants
Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen
American Institute of Financial Gerontology
American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
Adventist International Institutetute of Advanced Studies
American Institute of Implant Dentistry
Albanian Institute for International Studies
Afghan Institute of Learning
Advanced Institute of Management
Asian Institute of Management
Ashland Institute of Massage
Advanced Institute for Materials Research
Allana Institute of Management Sciences
African Institute of Mathematical Sciences
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences
Allied Institute of Management Studies
Astrophysical Institute Potsdam
Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam
American Institute of Professional Geologist
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
Australian Institute of Personal Trainers
African Institute for Remittances
Africa Institute of South Africa
Accounting Institute Seminars
Auckland Institute of Studies
Autonomous Intelligent Systems
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Amsterdam Institute of Social Science Research
African Institute of Science and Technology
African Institutes of Science and Technology
Accra Institute of Technology
Aichi Institute of Technology
Asia Institute of Technology
Asian Institutetute of Technology
Asian Institute of Tourism
Athlone Institute of Technology
Association of India Universities
Astronomical Institute, University of Bern
Annual of the Japanese Biblical Institute
Aachener Kompetenzzentrum Medizintechnik
American Law and Legal English Institute
Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute
American Law Institute-American
Arabic Language Institute
Arabic Language Institute in Fez
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Leitende Kardiologische Krankenhausarzte
Associate Life Management Institute
Academy of Leisure Sciences
Advanced Medical and Dental Institute
Advanced Medical Discovery Institute
Association of Management Development Institutes of South Asia
Akademi Musik Indonesia
Amnye Machen Institute
Appalachian Media Institute
Associated Marine Institutes
American Meat Institute Foundation
Advanced Measurement Laboratory
Advanced Magnetic Research Institute
Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute
American Medical Resource Institute
Advanced Mobile Systems
Association of National Accountants of Nigeria
Afghanistan National Institute of Music
America National Standards Institute
American National Standars Institute
l'American National Standards Institute
Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria
Association of Population Centers
Advanced Performance Institute
Alabama Policy Institute
l'American Petroleum Institute
Animal Protection Institute
Applied Physics Institute
Atlantic Planners Institute
Asian & Pacific Islander Institute on Domestic Violence
Asia Pacific Management Institute
American Prosecutors Research Institute
Animal Production Research Institute
Austrian Polar Research Institute
Advanced Placement Summer Institute
Advanced Placement Summer Institutes
Australian Professional Skills Institute
Anesthesia Quality Institute
Agriculture Research Center
Agriculture Research Centre
Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria
Architects Registration Council of the United Kingdom
Applied Research Enhancement
Agricultural Research Institute
Animal Research Institute
Ashlag Research Institute
Asia Research Institute
Astronomical Research Institute
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute
Angel Resource Institute
Asian Rural Institute
Ayn Rand Institute
Arthritis Research Institute of America
Applied Research Institute, Jerusalem
Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland
Advanced Science Institute
Advanced Science Institutes
Advanced Study Institute
Advanced Study Institutes
Advanced Studies Institute
Agrarian Research and Training Institute
Ayurveda Regional Research Institute
Academy of Sciences of Albania
American Society of Certifyed Public Accountants
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Advertising Specialty Industry
African Scientific Institute
American Swedish Institute
Ambulance Service Institute
Australasian Society of Immunology
Austrian Standards Institute
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Advanced Study Institutes
Abra State Institute of Science and Technology
Akademi Seni Karawitan Indonesia
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
American Sports Medicine Institute
American Strategic Management Institute
Asher Space Research Institute
Advanced Science and Technology Institute
Advanced Technology Institute
Akademi Seni Tari Indonesia
Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development
Applied Statistics Unit
Advanced Training
Allen Telescope Array
Aerospace Technology Campus
Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist
Advanced Technical Institute
Advanced Training Institute
Assessment Training Institute
Automotive Training Institute
Applied Technology Institute
Assessment Technologies Institute
Assessment Technology Institute
Agricultural Training Institute
Agricultural Technical Institute
Alan Turing Institute
Auckland Technical Institute
Advanced Telecommunication Research
Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute
Fraunhofer-Arbeitsgruppe für Toxikologie und Umwel
Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute
American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute
American Watchmakers Clockmakers Institute
American Watchmakers Institute
alfred-wegener institut
Alfred-Wegener Institute
Alfred Wegener Institut
Alfred Wegener Institutetut
Alfred Wegener Institute
Alfred Wegner Institute
Animal Welfare Institute
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Bulgarian Antarctic Institute
Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute
Business Continuity Management Institute
Business Enterprise Institute
Bilingual Education Institute
Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde
Beginning Farmer Institute
British Film Institute
British Horological Institute
Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Beijing Genomics Institute
Beijing Genomic Institute
Beijing General Research Institute of Mining & Metallurgy
Bachelor in Hospital Management
Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
Bachelor of Hotel Management Catering Technology
Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Babraham Institute
British Institute at Ankara
British Institute of Agricultural Consultants
Brown International Advanced Research Institutes
British Institute for Brain Injured Children
Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management
Bengal Institute of Business Studies
Brown Institute for Brain Science
Boreskov Institute of Catalysis
Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research
Buck Institute for Education
Bureau international d'éducation
British Institute in Eastern Africa
Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology
British Institute of Facilities Management
British Institute of Facility Management
Beijing Institute of Genomics
Berlin Institute of Health
Baha'i Institute for Higher Education
Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research
Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies
Bangladesh Institute of International Strategic Studies
Bangladesh Institute of Journalism and Electronic Media
British Institute of Learning Disabilities
Bangladesh Institute of Management
British Institute of Management
Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte
Broadcasting Institute of Maryland
Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology
Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing
British Institute of Non Destructive Testing
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
British Institute of Posthuman Studies
British Institute of Persian Studies
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science
Bangladesh Institute of Planners
British Institute of Professional Photography
British Institute of Radiology
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Ballarpur Institute Of Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology
Birla Institute of Technology
British Institute of Technology & E-commerce
Birla Institute of Technology & Science
British Journal of Radiology
Beckman Laser Institute
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
Baltic Management Institute
Battelle Memorial Institute
Black Male Institute
Brain and Mind Institute
Brain Mind Institute
Business Marketing Institute
Business and Management Research Institute
Battelle National Biodefense Institute
Budapest Neutron Centre
Barrow Neurological Institute
Bernhard Nocht Institute
Building Officials Institute of New Zealand
Bangladesh Paediatric Association
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Best Practice Institute
Best Practices Institute
Bhai Parmanand Institute of Business Studies
British Postgraduate Medical Federation
Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute
Betriebswirtschaftliche Projektgruppe für Unterneh
Biological Research Center
Biotechnology Research Center
Beckman Research Institute
Biblical Research Institute
Biological Research Institute
Biosecurity Research Institute
Brain Research Institute
Brigham Research Institute
Building and Realty Institute
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
Biomanufacturing Research Institute and Technology Enterprise
Business Relationship Management Institute
Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute
Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
Behavioural Sciences Institute
Big Sky Institute
British Standard Institute
British Standard Institutes
Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
Business and Society Program
Bangladesh Sweden Polytechnic Institute
Blood Systems Research Institute
Belarusian State University
Belarus State University
Board for Student Welfare
Bachelor of Technology in Applied Design
BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute
Bioprocessing Technology Institute
Berks Technical Institute
Bachelor in Tourism Management
Bangladesh Tea Research Institute
Bournemouth University Dementia Institute
Bristol Urological Institute
Barkatullah University Institute of Technology
Botswana Vaccine Institute
Clerics Regular Minor
Construction Specifications Institute
Complexity and Modeling Program
Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
Central Agricultural Research Institute
Center for Applied Research in Electronics
Centro Astronomico de Yebes
Consortium Board
Certificate in Business Accounting
Chemical Biology Consortium
Certificate of the Business Continuity Institute
Carnegie Bosch Institute
Conrad Blucher Institute
Conservation Biology Institute
Certified Business Innovation Manager
Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute
Central Bee Research and Training Institute
Centre for Biochemical Technology
Certificate in Computer Application
Cultural and Creative Arts
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
Course on Computer Concepts
Caribbean Center for Education and Research
Centre Culturel Francais
Canadian Condominium Institute
Canadian Conservation Institute
Cardiff Catalysis Institute
Collingwood Collegiate Institute
Competency & Credentialing Institute
Competency and Credentialing Institute
Cross Cancer Institute
Certification Candidate Management System
Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations
Certificate in Computer Programming
Center for Continuing and Professional Studies
Central Cotton Research Institute
Children's Cancer Research Institute
Cancer Center Support Grant
Center for Climate System Research
Center for Cognitive Therapy
Consumer-Driven Health Care Institute
Chemical Diversity Research Institute
Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute
Centre for European Constitutional Law
Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
Central and Eastern European Law Initiative
Computer Ethics Institute
Continuing Education Institute
Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research
Classification of Eye Movement Abnormalities and Strabismus
Continuing Education Programmes
Collaborative European Research Conference
Church Education System
Chartered Financial Analyst Institute
Centre for Food and Agribusiness Management
Centre for Formal Design and Verification of Software
Certified Financial Engineer
Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management
Center for Forced Migration Studies
Centre for Forced Migration Studies
Certification in Functional Manual Therapy
Canadian Foreign Service Institute
Central Food Technological Research Institute
Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
Center for Global Environmental Research
Chulabhorn Graduate Institute
Corporate Governance Institute
Cancer Genomics Research
Chatham House
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
Cooking & Hospitality Institute of Chicago
Center for Hazards and Risk Research
Caucasus Institute
Combustion Institute
Confucius Institute
Confucius Institutes
Cordage Institute
Cebrowski Institute
Computation Institute
Cryonics Institute
Culinary Institute of Aristocrat
Chengdu Institute of Biology
COMMECS Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences
Confucius Institute for Business London
Crane Institute Certification
Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators
Central Institute of Coastal Engineering for Fishery
China Institute of Contemporary International Relations
China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations
China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations
Chartered Institute of Credit Management
Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accountants
Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants
Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace
Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites
Central Institute for the Deaf
Catholic Institute for Deaf People
Centre for Innovation in Distributed Systems
Catholic Institute of Education
Cleveland Institute of Electronics
Central Institute for Experimental Animals
Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors
Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages
Centre for International Environmental Studies
Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research
Cooperative Institute For Alaska Research
Certified Islamic Finance Executive
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies
Canadian Institute in Greece
Chartered Institute of Horticulture
Comité International d'Histoire de l'Art
Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies
Certificate in Insurance
Chartered Insurance Institute
Chartered Institute of Insurance
Central Institute of Indian Languages
Cyprus International Institute of Management
Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria
China Institute of International Studies
Commission Internationale de Juristes
Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
Cebu Institute of Medicine
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Chartered Institute of Management
Chartered Institute Marketing
Cyprus Institute of Marketing
Certified Institute of Management Accountants
Charted Institute of Management Accountants
Chartered Institute of Management Accounting
Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology
Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
Channel Islands Marine and Wildlife Institute
Clinical Institute Narcotic Assessment
Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region
Canadian Institute for Non-destructive Evaluation
Cancer Institute of New Jersey
Chartered Institute of Taxation
Cancer Imaging Program
Certified Identity Protection Advisor
Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys
Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
Chartered Institute of Professional Financial Managers
Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement
Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria
Canadian Institute for Procurement and Materiel Management
Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply
Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply
Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
Chartered Institute of Purchase and Supply
Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management of Nigeria
Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training
Central Institutional Review Board
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science
Certified Identity Risk Manager
Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers
Confucius Institutes
Confucius Institute Scholarship
Chartered Institute of Supply Chain Management
Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment
Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
Central Institute of Technology
Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
Club and Institute Union
Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment
Commonwealth Judicial Education Institute
Criminal Justice Institute
Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute
Caddo Lake Institute
Catholic Leadership Institute
Christian Leaders Institute
Critical Languages Institute
Center for Liberty in the Middle East
Clinic and Laboratory Integration Program
Chemistry of Life Processes
Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
Central Leprosy Teaching and Research Institute
Cost & Management Accountant
Cost & Management Accountants
Cost and Management Accountant
Calibration and Measurement Capabilities
Cell Migration Consortium
Certified Management Consultant
Certified Management Consultants
Chartered Management Consultant
Certified Management Consultants
Certified Municipal Clerk
Can Manufacturers Institute
Caribbean Maritime Institute
Czech Metrology Institute
Caucasus Media Institute
Change Management Institute
Chartered Management Institute
Cleaning Management Institute
Communications Management Institute
Crisis Management Institute
Clay Mathematics Institute
Content Marketing Institute
Certified Municipal Manager
Certified Marketing Management Professional
Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies
Children's Medical Research Institute
Center for Marine Simulation
Centre for Marine Simulation
Center for Multidisciplinary Studies
Chesapeake Marine Training Institute
Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Metiers
Centre National de Documentation
Center for National Health Development in Ethiopia
Coastal Neurological Institute
Colorado Neurological Institute
Center for New Performance
Centre de Neurosciences Paris-Sud
Communications Network Research Institute
China National Rice Research Institute
China Outbound Tourism Research Institute
Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique
Conseil National de Recherche Scientifique
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique
Center for Nuclear Studies
Centre for Nuclear Studies
Computational Natural Sciences
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Clarkson Open Source Institute
Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense
Central Officials Training Institute
Center for the Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts
Center for Predictive Computational Phenotyping
Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters
Corporate and Professional Education
China Policy Institute
Crisis Prevention Institute
Certified Professional Internal Auditor
Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs
City Planning Institute of Japan
Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria
Certified Professional Programmer
Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe Association
Conflict Prevention and Resolution
Conflict Prevention & Resolution
Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas
Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas
Certificate Programme in Resource Mobilization & Management
Certified Posture Specialist
Certified Professional Supply Management
Center for Political and Strategic Studies
Center for Policing Terrorism
Chartered Quality Institute
Coffee Quality Institute
Collaborative Research Center
Collaborative Research Centre
Clinical Research and Clinical Data Management
Cosmic Ray Detector
Calicut Regional Engineering College
Centre for Research in Engineering Surface Technology
Centre for Research and Education in Science and Technology
Central Research Facility
Cambridge Research Institute
Cancer Research Institute
Centerstone Research Institute
Christian Research Institute
Chulabhorn Research Institute
Clinical Research Institute
Cotton Research Institute
Canyon Ranch Institute
Carpet & Rug Institute
Carpet and Rug Institute
Clinical Research Initiative
Crop Research Institute
Crops Research Institute
Crown Research Institutes
Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana
Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria
Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine
Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation
Certified Records Manager
Certified Records Managers
Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon
Center for Remote Sensing
Concrete Reinforced Steel Institute
Conflict Research Unit
Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes
Carl Sagan Center
Center for the Study of Complex Systems
Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions
Centre for Social and Educational Research
Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology
Canadian Securities Institute
Cyber Security Institute
Coastal Studies Institute
Computer Science Institute
Conservation Science Investigation
Customer Service Institute
Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology
Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology
Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute
Cancer Statistics Review
Center for Scientific Review
Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering
Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research
Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute
Chartered Tax Advisers
Chartered Tax Adviser
Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events
Centre for Trade and Economic Integration
Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program
Car Training Institute
Coaches Training Institute
Charles Telfair Institute
Computer Technology Institute
Cooling Technology Institute
Cooling Tower Institute
Centre Technique Industriel de la Construction Métallique
Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia
Center for Technology in Medicine and Health
Clinical and Translational Research Institute
Clinical & Translational Science Institute
Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute
Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
Clinical and Translation Science Institute
Clinical Translational Science Institute
Clinical Translational Sciences Institute
Centre for Technical Support
Clinical and Translational Science Awards
Clinical and Translational Sciences Award
Chartered Trading Standards Institute
Doctor of Spiritual Science
Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation
Duke Cancer Institute
Doheny Eye Institute
Deccan Education Society
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Doha Film Institute's
Documentary Film Program
Diploma in Footwear Technology
Data Governance Institute
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Immungenetik
Deutsches Historisches Institut
Diploma in Hearing, Language and Speech
Diploma in Hotel Operations
Diploma in Health Promotion Education
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Digital Humanities Summer Institute
Detroit Institute of Arts
Diploma in Animation
Dundee Institute of Architects
Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Deutsches Institut für Betriebswirtschaft
Deutsches Institutetut für Betriebswirtschaft
Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing
Diploma in Commodities Market
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
Deutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung
Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, Berlin
Deutsches Institutetut für Entwicklungspolitik, Berlin
Deutsches Institutetut für Erwachsenenbildung
Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists
Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts
Deutschen Instituts für Normung
Deutsches Institut für Normung
Deutsches Institute fuer Normung
Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Science
Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research
Daffodil International Professional Training Institute
Daiwa Institute of Research
Danish Institute for Study
Deggendorf Institute of Technology
Detroit Institute of Technology
Dili Institute of Technology
Divers Institute of Technology
Dublin Institute of Technology
Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Deutsches Institutetut für Wirtschaftsforschung
Deutsches Jugend Institut
Deutsches Jugend Institutetut
Dedicated Life Institute
Defence Language Institute
Distance Learning Institute
Drycleaning & Laundry Institute
Drycleaning and Laundry Institute
Defense Language Institute English Language Center
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Diploma Lanjutan Kemahiran Malaysia
Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences
Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft
Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft
Deutsche Morgenlaendische Gesellschaft
Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft
Danish Maritime Institute
Danish Meteorological Institute
Digital Marketing Institute
Disaster Management Institute of Southern Africa
Deutsches Maritimes Kompetenz Netz
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma in Marketing Management
Dorris Neuroscience Center
Deutsches Orient-Institut
Department of Management Studies
Deutsche Psychoanalytische Gesellschaft
Dutch Polymer Institute
Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management
Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Diploma in Population Studies
Deutschen Psychoanalytischen Vereinigung
Deutsches Primatenzentrum
Dairy Research Institute
Defense Research Institute
Defense Research Institute's
Diabetes Research Institute
Dyslexia Research Institute
Disaster Recovery Institute
Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
Diploma in Retail Management
Defense Resources Management Institute
Defense Resource Management Institute
Donor-Specific Antibodies
Decision Support Application
Dimension Stone Design Manual
Data Storage Institute
Decision Sciences Institute
Decision Science Institute
Diploma in sanitary inspector
Direction des Sciences de la Matière
Danish Space Research Institute
Department of Science Service
District Training Centers
Danish Technological Institute
Defence Technology Institute
Diversified Trading Institute
Duke Translational Research Institute
Deutsches Textilforschungszentrum Nord-West
Developmental Therapeutics Program
Demographic Training and Research Centre
European Academy of Science and Arts
European Addiction Training Institute
European Bioinformatics Institute
European Bioinformatic Institute
European Brain Research Institute
European Capital Market Institute
Enrico Fermi Institute
European Forest Institute
Executive General Management Program
Europäische Geschichte Online
Environmental Hazards Management Institute
Evaporative Heat Transfer Systems
Earth Institute
Entrepreneurship Institute
Environment Institute
European Institute for Asian Studies
European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management
European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research
European Institute of Computer Antivirus Research
Earth Institute Center for Environmental Sustainability
European Institute of Education
Environmental Institute for Golf
Environmental Institute of Houston
European Institute for Gender Equality
Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management
European Institute for Molecular Imaging
European Institute of Public Administration
European Institute of Purchasing Management
Eidgenössisches Institut für Reaktorforschung
Educational Institute Of Scotland
Elementary Institute of Science
English Institute of Sport
English Language Institute
Eastern Institute of Technology
Euskal Kultur Erakundea
Earth and Life Institute
English Language Instruction
Environmental Law Institute
Earth-Life Science Institute
European Molecular Biology Laboratory, European Bioinformatics Institute
Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Ethiopian Management Institute
Executive Masters in International Business
Emergency Management Professional Program
Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute
European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes
Emory National Debate Institute
Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tunis
École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tarbes
European Network in Universal and Global History
Electronic Navigation Research Institute
École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Économique
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie
École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris
Ecole Nationale des Sciences Geographiques
European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines
Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit
Economic Opportunity Institute
Economic Opportunities Program
Electro-Optical Systems Laboratory
Executive Program in Business Management
Ecole Polytechnique Fédéral Lausanne
Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Capital And Financial Markets
Executive Post Graduate Diploma in International Business
Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Marketing
Executive Post Graduate Programme
Educational Policy Institute
Environmental Policy Institute
European Patent Institute
Emory Personalized Immunotherapy Center
European Policy Institutes Network
Education Research Institute
Electronics Research Institute
Tunisia Polytechnic School
Earthquake Research Institute
Education and Research Institute
Enterprise Research Institute
European Research Institute
Economic Research Institute's
Erasmus Research Institute of Management
European Rail Research Institute
External Scientific Advisory Committee
Eastern and Southern African Management Institute
Educational Seminars Institute
Erwin Schroedinger Institute
European Society for Isotope Research
Embedded Software Labs
English as a Second Language Institute
European Standards Organization
European Space Policy Institute
Earth Sciences and Resources Institute
Economic & Social Research Institute
Environmental System Research Institute
Environmental Science Research Institute
Environmental Systems Research Institute's
Environmental Systems Research Institutes
Education Statistics Services Institute
Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zurich
Edista Testing Institute
Environmental Training Institute
European Training Institute
Executive Training Institute
Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute
Electronics Telecommunications Research Institute
European Telecommunication Standard Institute
European Telecommunications Standard Institute
European Telecommunications Standards Institute's
European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute
European Telecoms Standards Institute
European Union Democracy Observatory
Federated Enterprise Architecture Certification
Fisheries Ecosystems Advisory Services
Financial Economics Institute
Forschungszentrum für Elektro-Magnetische Umweltverträglichkeit
Florida Environmental Research Institute
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute
Finnish Geodetic Institute
Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries
Forum for Industry Interaction
Fashion Institutetute of Technology
Florida Institute of Technology
Fundraising Institute of New Zealand
Faisalabad Institute of Research Science and Technology
Frontier Institute of Science and Technology
FedEx Institute of Technology
Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie
Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Informationstechnik
Fraunhofer-Institutetut für Angewandte Informationstechnik
Free Knowledge Institute
Family Leadership Institute
Foreign Language Institute
Friedrich Loeffler Institute
Fritz Lipmann Institute
Future of Life Institute
Fellow Life Management Institute
Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
Finish Meteorological Institute
Food Marketing Institute
Fakultas matematika ilmu pengetahuan alam
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas
Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas
Family Online Safety Institute
Fellow Programmes in Management
Foreign Policy Research Institute
Field Robotics Center
Fisheries Research Institute
Food Research Institute
Friends Research Institute
Forest Research Institute Malaysia
Forest Research Institute of Malaysia
Forestry Research Institute of Malaysia
Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria
Forest Research Laboratory
Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique
Foreign Services Institute
Forensic Science Institute
Freeman Spogli Institute
Fraternities, Sororities, and Independent Living Groups
Faculté des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques
Global Brain Institute
Glen Canyon Institute
Google Cultural Institute
Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen
Graduate Diploma Programme
Global Future Institute
Governance of Forests Initiative
Galileo Galilei Institute
Guy Harvey Research Institute
Gold Institute
Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health
Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers & Architects
German Institute for Global and Area
Geophysical Institute of Israel
Galilee International Management Institute
Gordon Institute for Music Learning
Global Institute of Medical Sciences
Global Institute of Sustainability
Global Institute of Regulatory Affairs
General Institute Requirements
Genome Institute of Singapore
Gestalt International Study Center
German Institute of Science and Technology
German Institute of Science & Technology
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Gwangju Institute of Science Technology
Gebze Institute of Technology
Gebze Institutetute of Technology
Georgia Institute of Technology
Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Getty Leadership Institute
Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute
Globalization and Localization of Business Exports
Global Language Online Support System
Gesellschaft für medizinische Datenverarbeitung
Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung
German-Malaysian Institute
Geological and Nuclear Sciences
Global Peacebuilding Center
Genetics Policy Institute
Glass Packaging Institute
Global Press Institute
Great Plains Institute
Graduate Programme in Islamic Studies and Humanities
Global Public Policy Institute
Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training
Graduate Research on Earthquake and Active Tectonics
Gandhigram Rural Institute
Getty Research Institute
Geoscience Research Institute
Geosystems Research Institute
Graduate Research Institute for Policy Studies
Geographical Survey Institute
Global Security Institute
Global Studies Institute
Global Sustainability Institute
Goa Swiss Institute of Hotel Management
Graduate School of International Policy and Management
Girl Scout Research Institute
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Gran Sasso Science Institute
Graduate School for Social Research
Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education
Heavy Aeroplanes
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Health Care Institute
High Conflict Institute
Hitachi Central Research Laboratory
House Ear Institute
Health and Environment Integrated Methodology and Toolbox for Scenario Assessment
Heinrich Hertz Institute
Hemispheric Institute on the Americas
Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology
Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation
Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
Harvard Institutes for Higher Education
Hussman Institute for Human Genomics
Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust
Hungarian Institute of International Affairs
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences & Research
Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Helsinki Institute of Physics
Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin Institute Technology
Hokkaido Institute of Technology
Hellenic Institute of Transport
Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
Hans Knöll Institute
Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology
Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management
Hong Kong Institute of Project Management
Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers
Highway Loss Data Institute
Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership
High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Hahn-Meitner Institute
Henry Mancini Institute
Hetrick-Martin Institute
High Mountain Institute
Hypnosis Motivation Institute
Houston Methodist Research Institute
Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan
Higher National Diploma in Management
Hoag Orthopedic Institute
High-Performance Materials Institute
Human Resource Certification Institute
Human Resources Certification Institute
Human Resource Certification Institute's
Humanitarian Resource Institute
Humanities Research Institute
Hybrid Rice Development Consortium
Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Heffter Research Institute
Horticultural Research Institute
Horticulture Research Institute
Human Resource Institute of New Zealand
Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Institute of Automation
Institute Cargo Clauses
Institute for Interstellar Studies
Institute Affiliate
Institute of Astronomy
Institute for Applied Autonomy
Institute of Applied Astronomy
Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya
Institute Animal Ethics Committee
Instituto Astronomico e Geofisico
Inter American Institute
Institute of Advanced Motorists
Istituto Agronomico Mediterraneo di Bari
Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation
Institute for Agricultural Research
Institut d'Aeronomie Spatiale de Belgique
International Academy of Wood Science
Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience
Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging
Institute of Biodiversity Conservation
Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives
Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Institute for Bulgarian Language
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology
Institute for Building Physics
Institute of Behavioral Psychology
Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel
Institute of Charity
Institute Contemporary Arts
Institute of Contemporary Art
Institute of Contemporary Arts
Institute of Cardiometabolism and Nutrition
Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis
Institute of Computational Biology
Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts
Institute of Certified Financial Managers
Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education
Institute of Counter Fraud Specialists
Institute of Career Guidance
Institute of Careers Guidance
Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda
Institute of Cultural Inquiry
Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
Integrated Coaching Institute
International Career Institute
International Coaching Institutes
Institute of Certified Locksmiths
Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science
Institute of Configuration Management
Institute of Credit Management
Institute of Commercial Management
Instituto de Ciencias del Mar
Institute of Certified Management Accountants
Institute of Cost and Management Accountants
Institute of Certified Management Accountant
Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh
Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan
Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan
Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology
International Council of Management Consulting Institutes
International Customer Management Institute
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
International Conference on Manufacturing Systems
Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis
Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry
Institute of Clinical Psychology
Intensive Classroom Program
Institute of Certified Practising Accountants
Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya
Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda
Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria
Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan
Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management
Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals
Institute for Computer Policy and Law
Institute of Certified Professional Managers
Institute for Cancer Research
Institute for Creation Research
Institute for Consciousness Research
Institute of Cancer Research
Institute of Clinical Research
Institute for Clinical Research Education
Institute for Cosmic Ray Research
Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats
Institute of Certified Records Managers
Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management
Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
Institute for Civil Society
Institute of Computer Science
Institute of Cognitive Science
Institute of Complex Systems
Institute of Customer Service
Institute of Customer Service of Nigeria
Institute for Critical Social Inquiry
Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan
Institute for Cognitive Science Studies
Institute of Computer Science and Technology
Institute of Computer Technology
Institute for Clinical Social Work
Institute Chemical Technology
Institute for Creative Technologies
Institute for Chemical Technology
Institute of Chemical Technology
Institute of Chemistry and Technology
Institute of Certified Travel Agents
International Counter-Terrorism Academic Community
Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science
Institute for Clinical & Translational Research
Institute for Defense Analyses
Institute for Digital Archaeology
Institutetut für Datenverarbeitung und Betriebswirtsch
Institut für Datenverarbeitung und Betriebswirtsch
International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Centers
Institute of Distance Education
Institute for Democracy, Education, & Access
Institute for Data Exploration and Applications
Institute of Documentary Film
Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
International Diving Institute
International Dialogue Initiative
Irish Decontamination Institute
Institute for Dental Implant Awareness
Institute of Direct Marketing
Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies
Institute of Distance and Open Learning
Industry Defined Problem
Institute of Data Processing Management
Institute on Disability and Public Policy
Institutetut für Deutsche Sprache
Institut für Deutsche Sprache
Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies
Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer
Institute of Education
Institute of Electronics
Institute for Educational Advancement
Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics
Institute of East Asian Studies
Institute of Electronic Business
Institute of Experimental Botany
Institute of Electronics and Computer Science
Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers
Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer's
Institute of Electric Electronic Engineers
Institute of Ecology and Evolution
Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineer
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer
Institute of Electrical and Electronical Engineers
L'Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management
Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women
Intensive English Institute
International Enamellers Institute
International Education Institute
Institute for Educational Leadership
Institute for Educational Leadership's
Intensive English Language Institute
Institute of English Language Studies
Institute of Experimental Medicine
Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology
Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
Integrated Emergency Management Courses
Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology
Instituto Espanol de Oceanografia
Instituts d'Etudes Politiques
Institute of Education and Research
Institute of Economic Research
Institute for Environmental Studies
Institute for Environmental Solutions
Institute of Educational Sciences
Institute of Educational Science
Institute of Earth Sciences
Institute of Environmental Sciences
Institute of Environmental Sustainability
Institute of European Studies
International Education of Students
Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser
Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Tamaulipas
Institute of Educational Technology
Institute of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineers
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Institute for Astronomy
Institute For Financial Analysts
Institute of Financial Accountants
Institute of Financial Advisers
Institute of Fine Arts
Institute of Field Archaeologists
Institute of Foresters of Australia
Institutetute of Financial Accountants
Institute of Financial Consultants
International Federation of Accountants
Institute for Applied Geodesy
Institute of Forensic Accountants of Pakistan
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
Institute for Families
Instituto Federal Electoral
Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership
Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships
Institute for Individual Investors
Institute for Justice
Institute for Learning
Institute for Faith and Learning
Institute of Foreign Languages
Institute for Leadership and Sustainability
Institute for Food Laws and Regulations
Institut du Fer à Moulin
Institute for Frontier Materials
Institute for Functional Nanomaterials
Institute for Manufacturing
Institute for Financial Markets
Institute of Financial Management
Institute of Financial Operations
Institute of Facility Management
Institute of Facilities Management
Institutetut für Neurobiologie
Institut für Neurobiologie
Institute Francais du Petrole
Institute of Financial Planning
International Fine Particles Research Institue
International Federation of Purchasing & Supply Management
Institute for Research in Africa
Institut français des relations internationales
Institute of Fundamental Studies
Inland Fisheries Society of India
Instituts de Formation en Soins Infirmiers
Instituts de Formation aux Soins Infirmiers
Institute of Food Technologists
Institute of Food Technologies
Institute of Family Therapy
Institute for the Future
Institute of Gerontology
Institute for Genomic Biology
Institute of Genetics and Biophysics
Institute for Genomics, Biocomputing & Biotechnology
Institute for Global Ethics
Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research
Institute of Grassland & Environmental Research
Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics
Institute of Geologists of Ireland
International Gemological Institute
International Gemmological Institute
Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology
Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Institute for Global Law and Policy
d'informatique Gaspard-Monge
Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences
Institute of Geological Sciences
Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics
Institute for Governance and Policy Studies
Institute Gustave-Roussy
Institute for Global Studies
Institute for Graduate Studies
Institute of Graduate Studies
Institute of Governance Studies
Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research
Institute of Geographic Science and Natural Resources Research
Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy
Institute of Graduate Studies and Research
Institute of Hydrology
Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology
Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies
Institute of Higher Education
Institutes of Higher Education
Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales et du Développement
Institute of Human Genetics
International House Institute
Institute of Higher Learning
Institutes of Higher Learning
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Institute for Human & Machine Cognition
Institute of Human Origins
Institute for Historical Research
Institute of Hearing Research
Institute for Human Services
Instituts für Höhere Studien
Institute for Homeland Security Solutions
Institute for Homeland Security Solution
Institute of Human Virology
International Institute
Institute for Internal Auditors
Institute of Internal Audit
International Institute for Analytics
International Institute of Analytics
Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia
Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems
Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific
Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation
International Institute of Administrative Sciences
International Institute of Administrative Science
International Institute for Advanced Studies
International Institute for Asian Studies
International Institute of Asian Studies
Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa
International Institute of Applied System Analysis
International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration
Institute for Independent Business
Institute for International Business
Institut International des Brevets
International Institute of Boston
International Institute of Business
International Institute of Business Analysis
International Institute of Business Analyst
International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis
Institute for Integrated Catalysis
International Institute for Conservation
Institute of International Commercial Law
Institute for International, Comparative, and Area Studies
Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship
Institute of International Container Lessors
Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education
Irish Institute of Credit Management
Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
Institute for International Education
Institute for International and Development Economics
Institute for Infectious Disease Research
Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship
Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Institute of International Education
International Institute of Education
Institute of Intensive English
Institute of International and European Affairs
Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers
International Import Export Institute
Indian Institute of Emergency Medical Services
International Institute of Forecasters
Institut International du Froid
Imperus Institute of Global Certifications
International Institute for General Systems Studies
Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs
International Institute of Humanitarian Law
Interuniversity Institute for High Energies
Indian Institute of Human Rights
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's
Insurance Institute Highway Safety
International Insolvency Institute
Institute for Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine
Institute of International Law
International Institute of Learning
International Institute for Learning
Institute for International Law and Justice
Institute of International Licensing Practitioners
Indian Institute of Language Studies
Institute of Interim Management
International Institute of Management
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad
Institute for International Medical Education
International Irrigation Management Institute
Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode
Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
International Institute of Marketing Professionals
Indian Institute of Millets Research
International Institute of Marine Surveying
Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli
Institute for International Management & Technology
International Institute for Nanotechnology
International Institute for Outsource Management
Institute for Integrative Nanosciences
Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums
International Institute of Object Relations Therapy
Indian Institute of Petroleum
International Institute for Peace
International Institute on Peace Education
International Institute of Philosophy
International Institute of Predictive Astrology
International Intellectual Property Institute
Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction
International Institute of Project Management
Institute for International Public Policy
International Institute for Peace through
Indian Institute of Pulses Research
International Institute of Political Sciences
International Institute for Qualitative Methodology
International Institute for Research and Education
International Institute for Restorative Practices
Institute of International Relations and Political Science
Indian Institute of Rice Research
Institute for International Studies
Institute of International Studies
Institute for Intelligent Systems
Institute of Islamic Studies
Institute of Ismaili Studies
Institute of Informatics Systems
International Institute of Sociology
Institut International des Sciences Administratives
Independent Institute of Social, Economic and Political Studies
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research
International Institute of Social History
International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism
International Institute for the Sociology of Law
Indian Institute of Spices Research
Indian Institute of Soil Sciences
International Institute for Strategic Studies
International Institute of Strategic Studies
International Institute for Software Testing
Indian Institute of Science and Technology
Indian Institute of Space and Technology
International Institute for Software Technology
International Institute for Science,Technology and Education
International Institute for Science, Technology and Education
Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management
Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Institutetute of Technology
Informatics Institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology-Joint
Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications
Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications
Italian Institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
International Institute of Tropical Forestry
International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals
International Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Institute of Infrastructure, Technology, Research and Management
Institute of Justice
International Journal of Acoustics and Vibration
Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti
Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
Institute Jozef Stefan
Institut Jozef Stefan
International Journal of Small Craft Technology
Institute of Java and Technological Studies
Institute for Knowledge Management
Institute of Leisure and Amenity Management
Institute for Life Coach Training
Institute for Law and Finance
Independent Living Institute
International Language Institute
International Leadership Institute
Islamic Leadership Institute of America
Institute for Law and Justice
Institute Laue-Langevin
Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Institutetute of Technology
Institute for Legal Reform
International Life Sciences Institute
Institute for Laser Science
Institute of Life Sciences
Institute for Labor Studies and Research
Institute for Learning Technologies
Institute for Learning and Teaching
Institute of Logistics and Transport
Institute of Mechanics
Institut du Monde Arabe
Institute of Mathematics & Applications
Institute of Municipal Assessors
Institutetut für Musik und Akustik
Institut für Musik und Akustik
Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances
Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute for Mathematics and Advanced Supercomputing
Institute for Molecular Biosciences
Institute of Medical Biology
Institute of Molecular Biology
Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology
Institute of Management Business and Law
Institute of Management Consultants
Institute of Management Consultancy
International Marine Certification Institute
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences
Institute of Marine and Coastal Science
Institute of Makers of Explosives
Institutetut für Metallurgische Prozesstechnik und Metallrecycling
Institut für Metallurgische Prozesstechnik und Metallrecycling
Instituts Médico-Educatifs
Institute of Materials Engineering Australasia
Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa
Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics
Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences
Institute of Motor Industry
Institute Of The Motor Industry
Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation
Institute for Medical Immunology
Institute of Medical Illustrators
International Management Institute
International Mycological Institute
International Mediation Institute
International Migration Institute
International Materials Institutes
Irish Management Institute
International Management Institute of St-Petersburg
International Maritime Law Institute
Institute of Museum & Library Services
Institute of Museums and Library Services
Institute of Museum and Library Service
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Institutetute for Molecular Manufacturing
Institute of Marketing Management
Institution of Mining and Metallurgy
Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology
Institute for Metal Physics
Institute of Metal Physics
Institute of Materials Processing
Institute of Materials and Processes
Institute of Molecular Pathology
Institute of Modern Physics
Institute of Modern Russia
International Max Planck Research School
Institute for Materials Research
Institute for Marine Research
Institute of Marine Research
Institute of Medical Research
Institute of Marine Sciences
Institute for Molecular Science
Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Institute for Materials Science
Institute for Mediterranean Studies
Institute of Management Sciences
Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Institute of Medical Sciences
Institute of Materials Science
Institute of Medical Science
Institute of Management Specialists
Institute of Molecular Systems Biology
Institute of Management of Sri Lanka
Institute for Microstructure Technology
Institute of Microstructure Technology
Institute of Management Technology
Institute of Management and Technology
Institute of Management & Technology
Institute of Metals and Technology
Institutions, Markets, Technologies
Institutions Markets Technologies
International Maritime Training Centre
Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
Institute of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona
Institute of Neuroscience
Instituto de Neurociencias
Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon
Institute of Network Cultures
Institute of Nano Electronic Engineering
Indiana Institute of Technology
Indiana Institutetute of Technology
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies
Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis
Institute for National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation
International Neuroscience Institute
Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata
Institute of Naval Medicine
Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine
Institute for Nuclear Materials Management
Institute of Nuclear Materials Management
Institute of Nuclear Material Management
Institute for Neuroscience and Muscle Research
Institute for Nuclear Research
Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University
Institute for Nuclear Problems
Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics
Institute for Nanoscale Physics and Chemistry
Institute of Nuclear Research
Institute of Natural Resources
Institute for Natural Resources in Africa
Institute National de la Recherche Agronomique
Institute of Natural Resource Sustainability
Institute of Natural Resources Sustainability
Institute for Nuclear Studies
Institute for Nuclear Study
Institute for National Security Studies
Institute for Nuclear Theory
Institute of Natural Sciences
International News Safety Institute
Institute for National Strategic Studies
Institute of Nano Science and Technology
Institute of Oceanography
Institute of Astronomy
Institute of Biology
Institute of Bankers
Institute of Banking
Institute of Coaching
Institute of Education
Institute of Business Management
Institute of Financial Management
Institute of Builders Merchants
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Institute of Creative Technologies
Institute of Directors
Institute of Export
Institute of Directors in Southern Africa
Institute of Optics and Electronics
Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
Institute of Fundraising
Institute of Fluorescence
Institute of Groundsmanship
Institute of Government
International Ombudsman Institute
Institute for Open Leadership
Institute of Linguists
Institutetute of Medicine
Institute for Organization Management
Institute of Materials
Institute of Operations Management
Institute of Management and Administration
International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots
Institute of Neurology
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Institute of Oriental Philosophy
Institute of Physics
Institute of Politics
Institute of Packaging
Institute of Physics Publishing
Institute of Refrigeration
Institute for Objectivist Studies
Institute of Oriental Studies
Institute of Supply Chain Management
Institute of Science and Technology
Institute of Transport Administration
Institutes of Technology Ireland
Institute of Videography
Institute of Petroleum
Institute of Psychology
Institute for Public Administration
Institute for Public Accuracy
Institute of Public Administration
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
Institute of Practioners in Advertising
Institute of Professional Accountants
International Peace Academy
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics
Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics
Institute of Policy Analysis and Research
Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing
Institute of Plant Breeding
Institute of Plant Biochemistry
Instituto Politécnico de Bragança
Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement
Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics
Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
Institute for Professional Education
Institute for Peace and Democracy
Institute for Peace and Dialogue
Institute for Paralegal Education
Institute of Public Enterprise
Institute of Photonics and Electronics
Institute of Professional Environmental Practice
Institute of Professional Engineering Technologists
Institute of Professional Financial Managers
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
International Plant Genetic Resource Institute
Integrierte Produktion Hannover
Image Permanence Institute
Institute for Policy Innovation
Intellectual Property Institute
International Press Institute
International Peace Institute
International Potash Institute
International Psychotherapy Institute
Institute for Political and International Studies
Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas
Institute of Professional Legal Studies
Institute for Physics of Microstructures
Institute of Project Management
Institute of Popular Music
Integrated Program in Management
Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
International Programme in Management for Executives
Institute of Pediatric Nursing
Instytut Pamieci Narodowej
International Plant Nutrition Institute
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
Institute for Plasma Physics
Institute of Packaging Professionals
Institute of Plasma Physics
Institutetuut voor Publiek en Politiek
Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek
Instituto Politécnico do Porto
Institute for Policy Research
Institute of Primate Research
Institute of Production and Recording
International Performance Research Institute
Islamabad Policy Research Institute
Institute of Policy Studies
Institute of Physics Singapore
Institute of Professional Studies
Institute of Professional Sound
Institute for the Protection and the Security of the Citizen
International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute
International Purchase and Supply Chain Management Institute
International Peace & Security Institute
International Playground Safety Institute
Institute of Peace and Security Studies
Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies
Institute for Physical Science and Technology
Institute for Professionals in Taxation
Institute for Production Technology
Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research
Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta
Institute of Public Utilities
Institute of Professional Willwriters
Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare
Interactive Qualifying Project
Institute for Quantitative Social Science
Institute of Religion
Institute of Radio Astronomy
Instituts régionaux d'administration
Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Istituto di Ricerca in Biomedicina
Institute for Regional Conservation
Investment Research Challenge
Institute de Recherche pour le Développement
Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics
Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics
Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics
International Republic Institute
Institute for Research, Extension and Training in Agriculture
Informatics Research Institute
Institute of Research and Innovation
Insured Retirement Institute
International Republican Institute
International Research Institute
Islamic Research Institute
International Relations Institute of Cameroon
Indian Railways Institute of Logistics & Materials Management
Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines
Institute for Regional and International Studies
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
l'Institut des relations internationales et stratégiques
Institute for Research in the Social Sciences
l'Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
Indian Railways Institute of Transport Management
International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
International Research Institutetute for Zen Buddhism
Institute of Risk Management
Japan Automobile Research Institute
Japan Concrete Institute
Joint Global Change Research Institute
Jewish Historical Institute
Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering
Joint Institute for High Temperatures
Japan Institute for International Affairs
Japan Institute of Metals
Japan Institute of Light Metals
Joint Institute for Marine Observations
Japan Institute for National Fundamentals
Joint Institute of Nuclear Research
Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences
Journal of Institute of Medicine
Japan International Transport Institute
Julius Kuehn-Institute
Julius Kühn Institute
Journal of Laser Applications
Japan-Malaysia Technical Institute
Japan Petroleum Institute
Joint Quantum Institute
Joint Research Centres
Korea Basic Science Institute
Karmanos Cancer Institute
Kyoto Costume Institute
Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Korea Forest Research Institute
Kunming Institute of Botany
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Korea Institute of Machinery & Material
Korea Institute of Materials Science
Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety
Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology
Kirchhoff Institute of Physics
Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement
Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute
Kavli Nanoscience Institute
Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute
Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science
Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry
Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute
Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute
Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy
Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Advisory Council
Laboratory of Genetics
Lanka Hydraulic Institute
Language Institute
Learning Institute
Laser Institute of America's
Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science
Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics
Laureate Institute for Brain Research
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology
Limerick Institute of Technology
Learning & Performance Institute
London Middle East Institute
Laboratory of Nuclear Problems
Laboratoire National de Santé
Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Laboratory for Neutron Scattering
Large Number of Small Dishes
Licence Professionnelle
Level Playing Field Institute
Lebedev Physical Institute
Linus Pauling Institute
Lightning Protection Institute
Linux Professional Institute Certification
Linux Professional Institute Certifications
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Lunar Planetary Institute
Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée
Laboratory of Particle Physics
Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie
London Research Institute
Lupus Research Institute
Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute
Linguistic Society of America
Maison de l'Archéologie et de l'Ethnologie
Maharashtra Academy of Engineering & Education Research
Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program
Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute
Marina Abramović Institute
Machines Assisting Recovery from Stroke
Multi-mission Archive at Space Telescope
Molecular Biology Core Facilities
Max-Born Institute
Max Born Institute
Marine Conservation Biology Institute
Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport
Master in City Planning
Masters of City Planning
Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme
Michigan Career and Technical Institute
Media Diversity Institute
Maryland English Institute
Medical Education Institute
Middle East Institute
Middle East Medievalists
Medical Education & Research Institute
Manufacturing Extension Partnership National Advisory Board
Marine Environmental Research Institute
Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute
Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Middle Eastern Texts Initiative
Member of the Expert Witness Institute
Master in Financial Management
Master of Fashion Management
Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach
Malaysian Forestry Research and Development Board
Master of Fashion Technology
Mahatma Gandhi Institute
Malaysia Genome Institute
Midrand Graduate Institute
Mona GeoInformatics Institute
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Marine Hydrophysical Institute
Master in Human Resource Development & Management
Masters in Human Resource Development Management
Manhattan Institute
Marine Institute
Marine Institute's
Marketing Institute
Medieval Institute
Metropolitan Institute
Millennia Institute
Musicians Institute
Malaysia Institute of Accountants
Malaysian Institute of Accountants
Malaysian Institute of Accountant
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Maryknoll Institute of African Studies
Manchester Institute of Biotechnology
Minority Innovation Challenges Institute
Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountant
Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
Marino Institute of Education
Mauritius Institute of Education
Mountain Institute for Educational Development
Michigan Institute for Educational Management
Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology
Maritime Institute in Gdansk
Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies
Manufacturing Innovation Institute
Malaysia Institute of Integrative Media
Middlebury Institute of International Studies
Monterey Institute of International Studies
Monterey Institute for International Studies
Malawi Institute of Management
Malaysian Institute of Management
Malta Institute of Management
Master in Information Management
Masters in Information Management
Multifrequency Imaging Microwave Radiometer
Maharajahs Institute of Medical Sciences
Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences
Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences
Manchester Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Maharashtra Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Malaysian Institute for Nuclear Technology
Malaysian Institute of Nuclear Technology
Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy
Malaysian Institute of Planners
Medieval Institute Publications
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology
Maryland Institute of Research
Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy
Machine Intelligence Research Institute
Marketing Institute of Singapore
Mathematics in the Sciences
Mexican Institute of Sound
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
Military Institute of Science and Technology
Military Institute of Science & Technology
Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre
Machakos Institute of Technology
Manukau Institute of Technology
Mapua Institute of Technology
Massachusets Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's
Massachusetts Institute Technology
Massachusettes Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technolgy
Massachussets Institute of Technology
Michigan Institute of Technology
Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies
Monterey Institute for Technology and Education
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
Machine Intelligence Unit
Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz
Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology
Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology
Master in Management Administration
Master Municipal Clerk
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Maine Medical Center Research Institute
Marine Mechanics Institute
McLean Meditation Institute
Medical Management Institute
Michigan Molecular Institute
Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
Master in Marketing Management
Masters in Marketing Management
Masters of Marketing Management
McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute
Master's in Management Studies
Master in Management Studies
Master of Management Studies
Masters in Management Studies
Masters of Management Studies
Master of Management Science
Moderate Muslim Society
Master in Medical Science and Technology
Masters in Medical Science and Technology
Montreal Neurological Institute
Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute
Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics
Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik
Management Program for Executives
Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische
Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Businesses
Max Planck Florida Institute
Max-Planck Institute
Max-Planck Institut
Max Planck Institut
Max Planck Institute
Max-Planck Gesellschaft
Max Planck Gesellschaft
Macau Polytechnic Institute
Master Painters Institute
Max Planck Institutetut
Medical Professional Institute
Metal Processing Institute
Migration Policy Institute
Migration Policy Institute's
Motion Palpation Institute
Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy
Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Max Planck Institute for Informatics
Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research
Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung
Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Masters of Personnel Management
Metal Polymer Research Institute
Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute
Master of Population Studies
Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung
Majlis Perbandaran Taiping
Major Qualifying Project
Marine Research Institute
Materials Research Institute
Medical Research Institute
Medical Research Institutes
Meteorological Research Institute
Mochtar Riady Institute for Nanotechnology
Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute
Management Studies
Matière et Systèmes Complexes
Microbial Sequencing Center
Marine Science Institute
Marine Systems Institute
Marketing Science Institute
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute
Mountain Studies Institute
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
Malaysian Social Research Institute
Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Mathematical Science Research Institute
Maharishi Shiksha Sansthan
Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
Maritime Services Training Institute
McCormick Tribune Campus Center
Mahurangi Technical Institute
National Institute of Justice
National Advisory Council on Drug Abuse
National Agricultural Extension, Research and Liaison Services
National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National Botanical Institute
National Bureau of Standard
National Center for Human Genome Research
National Cancer Institute's
National Captioning Institute
National Cancer Institute Thesaurus
Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
Neurological Clinical Research Institute
National Center for Scientific Research
National Centre for Scientific Research
National Child Welfare Workforce Institute
National Dance Institute
National Doctoral Fellowship
Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study
National Diaconate Institute for Continuing Education
National Dairy Research Institute-Recruitment
New England Adolescent Research Institute
New England Culinary Institute
New England Complex Systems Institute
National Executive Institute
Neuroscience Education Institute
North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda & Homoeopathy
North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology
North East Wales Institute
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
New Mexico Institutetute of Mining and Technology
National Foreign Affairs Training Center
Norwegian Forum for Freedom of Expression
National Film Institute
Norwegian Film Institute
Nederlands Forensisch Instituut
Netherlands Forensic Institute
Networks Financial Institute
Northern Gulf Institute
National Framework for Qualifications
National Food Research Institute
National Floor Safety Institute
National Food Service Management Institute
National Federation of Women's Institutes
Nationaal Geografisch Instituut
National Graphene Institute
Norwegian Geotechnical Institute
Nottingham Geospatial Institute
National Home Education Research Institute
National Highway Institute
National Historical Institute
National Holistic Institute
New Hair Institute
National, Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's
National Hispana Leadership Institute
Nuclear Heating Reactor
National Hellenic Research Foundation
Nautical Institute
Namibia Institute of Architects
National Institutes of Aging
National Institute of Aerospace
National Institute of Ayurveda
National Institute of Agricultural Botany
Nuclear Institute for Agriculture and Biology
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education
National Institute of Art & Disabilities
National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases
National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease
Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Disease
National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolism, and Digestive Diseases
Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence
National Institute of Biology
National Institute of Biotechnology
National Institute for the Blind
National Institute for Basic Biology
National Institute of Business Management
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research
Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
National Institute of Business Studies
National Institute for Biological Standards & Control
National Institute of Corrections
National Institute of Cancer
Northeastern Institute of Cannabis
Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis
National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases
National Institute of Culture and History
National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics
Northern Institute of Cancer Research
National Institute of Crop Science
National Institute for Chemical Studies
Namibia Institute for Democracy
National Institute for the Deaf
National Institute of Drug Abuse
National Institutes of Drug Abuse
Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute
National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
National Institute on Disability Rehabilitation and Research
National Institute on Disabilities and Rehabilitation Research
National Institute of Disability Rehabilitation Research
National Institute for Digital Learning
National Institute for Discovery Science
National Institute of Discovery Science
National Institute for Discovery Sciences
National Institute of Discovery Sciences
National Institute for Defense Studies
National Institute of Education
National Institute of Electronics
National Institute for Education
National Institute of Epidemiology
Northern Ireland Economic Council
National Institute for Early Education Research
National Institute of Environmental Studies
National Institute for Electoral Integrity
National Institute for Educational Planning and Administration
National Institute of Finance
National Institute of Financial Markets
National Institute of Food and Agriculture
National Institute for Food and Agriculture
National Institutes of Food and Agriculture
National Institute of Food and Agriculture's
Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture
National Institute of First Assisting
National Institute for Direct Instruction
National Institute for Literacy
National Institute for Fusion Science
Nigerian Institute of Food Science and Technology
Netherlands Institute of Government
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
National Institutes of General Medical Sciences
National Institute of Geological Sciences
National Institute of Governmental Purchasing
National Institute of Homeopathy
National Institute of Health Policy
National Institute of Informatics
National Insurance Institute
Nigerian Institute of International Affairs
National Institute of Invasive Species Science
National Institute for Interdisciplinary Science & Technology
National Institutes of Justice
National Institute for Justice
Northwest Institute of Literary Arts
Norwich Institute for Language Education
Netherlands Institute for the Law of the Sea
National Institute for Latino Policy
National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics
Nanyang Institute of Management
Nigeria Institute of Management
Nigerian Institute of Management
National Institute of Metrology
National Institute of Management and Administration
National Institute of Medical Aesthetics
National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences
National Institute on Media and the Family
National Institute of Medical Herbalists
National Institue of Mental Health
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria
National Institute of Materials Physics
National Institute for Medical Research
National Institute of Malaria Research
National Institute of Medical Research
National Institute for Metalworking Skills
National Institute for Materials Science
National Institute for Material Science
National Institute of Material Science
National Institute of Materials Science
National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences
Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences
Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology
National Institute of Metrology Thailand
National Institutes of Natural Sciences
National Institute of Natural Sciences
Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience
National Institute of Neurological Disease and Blindness
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Blindness
National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Blindness
National Institute of Neurological Disease and Stroke
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke
National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries
National Institute for the Orthopedically Handicapped
National Institute for the Orthopaediaclly Handicapped
Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research
National Institute of Oilseed Products
National Institute of Open Schooling
National Institute on Out-of-School Time
National Institute of Physics
National Institute of Pathology
Nigerian Institute of Physics
National Institute of Public Administration
National Institute of Pension Administrators
Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management
National Institute for Public Policy
National Institute of Polar Research
Nigeria Institute of Public Relations
Nigerian Institute of Public Relations
National Institute for Physiological Sciences
National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies
National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies
National Institute for Research in Dairying
National Institute of Relationship Enhancement
Nonwovens Innovation & Research Institute
National Institute of Radiological Sciences
National Institute for Standards
Norwegian Initiative on Small Arms Transfers
National Institute for School Leadership
Nigerian Institute of Science Laboratory Technology
Nicholas Institute of Sports Medicine and Athletic Trauma
Nigerian Institute of Safety Professionals
National Institute of Statistical Sciences
National Institute for Standards and Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technology's
National Institutes of Standards and Technology
National Institute of Standards and Technologies
National Institute of Science and Technology
National Institute of Standard and Technology
National Institute for Standards & Technology
National Institute for Science and Technology
National Institute of Standards of Technology
National Institutes of Science and Technology
National Institute of Sciences and Technology
National Institute of Standars and Technology
National Institute of Skilled Training
Nairobi Institute of Technology
Northern Institute of Technology
National Institute of Transport
Netherlands Institute in Turkey
National Institute for Trial Advocacy
National Institute for Transport and Logistics
Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research
National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases
Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology
National Institute of Technical Teachers Training & Research
National Institute for Urban School Improvement
National Institute of Virology
National Judicial Institute
New Jersey Institute for Disabilities
New Jersey Institutetute of Technology
National Kidney and Transplant Institute
National Latino Children's Institute
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Centers
National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center's
National Leadership Institute
National Lightning Safety Institute
National Metrology Centre
National Marine Fisheries Research Institute
National Maritime Institute
National Measurement Institutes
National Metrological Institute
National Metrology Institute
National Metrology Institutes
National Museum Institute
Natural Marketing Institute
Northeast Maritime Institute
National Microelectronics Institute
Netherlands Music Institute
New Media Institute
National Measurement Institute, Australia
National Metrology Institute of Japan
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
National Metrology Institutes
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
National Maritime Research Institute
Naval Medical Research Institute
National Neuroscience Institute
National Nutrition Institute
National Network for Manufacturing Innovation
National Observatory of Athens
Neuro Orthopaedic Institute
New Organizing Institute
New Orleans Regional Leadership Institute
National Open School
National Public Health Institute
National Preservation Institute
National Procurement Institute
Newport Psychoanalytic Institute
Nuclear Physics Institute
Nevada Policy Research Institute
National Personal Training Institute
National Personal Trainer Institute
Neuropathogenesis Unit
National Radio Institute
National Research Centre
National Research Center
Natural Resource Governance Institute
Nanosystem Research Institute
Nomura Research Institute
Neuroscience Research Institute
Nile Research Institute
National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics
National Research Laboratory of Metrology
National Reference Laboratories
Neurosciences Research Program
National Regulatory Research Institute
Natural Resources Research Institute
Nationally Recruited Staff
National Science Center
National Science Centre
National Standardization Council
National Science Development Board
National Self-Defense Institute
National Space Institute
National Sports Institute
National Statistical Institute
National Spa & Pool Institute
National Swimming Pool Institute
Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute
National Sea Rescue Institute
National Security Research Institute
National Soil Resources Institute
National Teachers Institute
National Teacher Institute
Natural Sciences and Science Education
National Technology Institute
National Tax Institute
Network Team Institute
Norwich University Applied Research Institutes
Northwestern University Clinical and Translational Sciences
Netherlands Universities Foundation for International Cooperation
Netherlands University Foundation for International Cooperation
National Veterinary Institute
National Veterinary Research Institute
National Wind Institute
New Venture Institute
Nordic Volcanological Institute
National Vocational Training Institute
New York Institute of Finance
New York Institutetute of Technology
New York Prosecutors Training Institute
New York State Psychiatric Institute
Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Polytechnic Institutetute of New York Universityrsity
New Zealand Institute of Architecture
New Zealand Institute of Chemistry
New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
New Zealand Institute of Environmental Health
New Zealand Institute of Economic Research
New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology
New Zealand Institute of International Affairs
New Zealand Institute of Medical Laboratory Science
New Zealand Institute of Physics
New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys
Oriens antiquus
Oromia Agricultural Research Institute
Oregon Climate Change Research Institute
Ontario Institute of Cancer Research
Oil Heat Institute of Long Island
Orthopaedics Institute
Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania
Open Medical Institute
Open Medicine Institute
Organic Materials Review Institute
Organic Material Review Institute
Otto-Meierhof-Zentrum, Universität Heidelberg
Otto-Meierhof-Zentrum, Universityrsität Heidelberg
Osaka National Research Institute
Observatoire de Paris
Outdoor Power Equipment Institute
Organisational Project Management
Organizational Project Management
Oregon Research
Operations Research Center
Oregon Renewable Energy Center
Ocean Research Institute
Osteopathic Research Institute
Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies
Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer
Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre Mer
Ooty Radio Telescope
Organized Research Units
Preecha Aesthetic Institute
Pan African Institute for Development
Port and Airport Research Institute
Polish Academy of Sciences
Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania
Parc Científic de Barcelona
Powder Coating Institute
Plumbing & Drainage Institute
Plumbing and Drainage Institute
Professional Education and Knowledge
Paul Ehrlich Institute
Private Education Institute
Public Entity Risk Institute
Public Enterprises
Physics Frontiers Centers
Plasma Fusion Center
Paulo Freire Institute
Pellet Fuel Institute
Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Data Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs
Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services
Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade
Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business for Young Managers
Post Graduate Diploma in Materials and Logistics Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Materials Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Material Management
Post-Graduate Diploma in Project Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management
Peter Grünberg Institute
Post Graduate Institute
Post Graduate Medical Institute
Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education Research
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Post Graduate Programme
Post Graduate Programmes
Post Graduate Programme in International Management
Post Graduate Programme in Management
Post Graduate Program in Management
Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute
Packard Humanities Institute
Purdue Homeland Security Institute
Pacific Institute
Partner Institution
Performance Institute
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology
Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences of America
Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Partner Institute for Computational Biology
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Paterson Institute for Cancer Research
Pfleger Institute of Environmental Research
Pasteur Institute of Iran
Pakistan Institute of International Affairs
Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung
Pakistan Institute of Management
Postgraduate Institute for Medicine
Postgraduate Institute of Management
Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
Pakistan Institute of Medical Science
Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences
Pravara Institute of Medical Science
Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology
Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology
Pakistan Institute of Prosthetics & Orthotics Sciences
Pak Institute for Peace Studies
Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Philippine Institute for Peace, Violence and Terrorism Research
Pakistan Institute of Quality Control
Parent Institute for Quality Education
Pakistan Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences
Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive
Panos Institute West Africa
Pretrial Justice Institute
Pasaran Kewangan Malaysia Certificate
Practicing Law Institute
Practising Law Institute
Practising Law Institute's
Pharmaceutical and Molecular Biotechnology Research Centre
Pacific Maritime Institute
Performance Management Institute
Production Management Institute
Program Management Institute
Project Management Institut
Project Management Institutes
Project Managment Institute
Project Managers Institute
Project Management Institute's
Project Management Institue
Project Management Institute, Central Indiana Chapter
Project Management Institute Educational Foundation
Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Project Management Institute of Tampa Bay
Project Management Training Institute
Physique et Mecanique des Milieux Heterogenes
Public Management and Policy
Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics
Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute
Proceedings of the Natural Institute of Science
Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute
Pacific Oceanological Institute
Promotion Optimization Institute
Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Polytechnic Institutetute of New York Universityrsity
Peace Operations Training Institute
Project of the Year
Pusa Polytechnic
Plant Protection Division
Plastic Pipe Institute
Plastics Pipe Institute
Public Policy Research Institute
Product Quality Research Institute
Professional Qualifying Examination
Paint Quality Institute
Project Research Assistant
Project Research Engineer
Population Research Centre
Powers Resources Corporation
Protocol Review Committee
Peace Research Institute, Oslo
Peace Research Institute Oslo
Peace Research Institute of Oslo
Peace Research Institute in Oslo
Platt Retail Institute
Postural Restoration Institute
Practical Robotics Institute Austria
Polar Research Institute of China
Parents Resource Institute for Drug Education
Peace Research Institute Frankfurt
Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Peace Research Information Unit Bonn
Philippine Rice Research Institute
Passenger Ship Familiarization
Public Systems Group
Paul Scherrer Institute
Paul Scherrer Institut
Paul Sherrer Institute
Planetary Science Institute
Public Software Institute
Public Software Institutetute
Public Service Institute of Nigeria
Prague Security Studies Institute
Fraunhofer-Patentstelle für die Deutsche Forschung
Pre-Service Teacher Institute
Public Service Training Institute
Police Training Institute
Polotsk State University
Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt
Physikalisch Technischen Bundesanstalt
Professional Truck Driver Institute
Professional Truck Drivers Institute
Pacific Training Institute
Performance Training Institute
Pennsylvania Transportation Institute
Petroleum Training Institute
Pittsburgh Technical Institute
Power Tool Institute
Public Technology Institute
Quality Assurance Review Center
Research Areas
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Radio College of Canada
Research Department
Ranaco Education & Training Institute
Resilient Floor Covering Institute
Réseau français des instituts d'études avancées
Registered Financial Planners Institute
Rare Genomics Institute
Research Institute
Robotics Institute
Royal Institute
Rothman Institute
Research Institute on Addictions
Research Institute for Applications of Computer Algebra
Research Institute of Atomic Reactors
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
Royal Institute Dictionary
Regional Institute of Education
Regional Institute of English
Regional Institutes of Education
Research Institute for Fragrance Materials
Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies
Reliance Institute of Life Sciences
Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research
Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Russian Institute for Public Networks
Research Institute for Peace and Security
Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time
Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti
Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere
Robotics Institute Summer Scholars
Rochester Institutetue of Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology's
Reynolds Journalism Institute
Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin
Robert Koch-Institut
Robert Koch Institut
Robert Koch-Institutetut, Berlin
Rotary Leadership Institute
Reference Materials
Rural Marketing
Rehman Medical Institute
Research Management Institute
Risk Management Institute
Royal Meteorological Institute
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Regional Metrology Organisation
Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute
Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Royal National Institute of Blind
Royal National Institute of the Blind
Royal National Institute for Deaf
Royal National Institute for the Deaf
Royal National Lifeboat Institute
Radiation Oncology Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutetute
Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute
Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland
Roswell Park Memorial Institute
Robotics Research Centre
Russian Research Centre
Russian Research Center
Raman Research Institute
Reutlingen Research Institute
Research Science Institute
Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
Railway Supply Institute
Rice Space Institute
Rural Transit Assistance Center
Regional Technical College
Rabindranath Tagore Institute
Regional Training Institutes
Research Triangle Institutetute
Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences
Resistance Training Professional
Riga Technical University
Rechenzentrum der Universität Stuttgart
Royal United Services Institute
Royal United Service Institute
Servants of Charity
Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute
Sternberg Astronomical Institute
South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport
South African National Bioinformatics Institute
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Spatial Analysis and Visualization Initiative
Small Business Institutes
Systems Biology Institute
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
Seamen's Church Institute
Stanford Cancer Institute
Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis
Symbiosis Centre for International Education
Supply Chain Management Institute
Scottish Crop Research Institute
Scottish Crops Research Institute
Seattle Children's Research Institute
Singapore Command and Staff College
Systems Centered Training
Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology
San Diego Art Institute
Service Desk Certification
Service Desk Institute
Sleep Disorders Institute
Swami Dayanand Institute of Management
Stephenson Disaster Management Institute
South East Asia Association for Institutional Research
South Egypt Cancer Institute
Senior Executive Institute
Summer Educational Institute
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute
Semiconductor Equipment & Materials Institute
Search for Extra-Terrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations
Samsung Economic Research Institute
Singapore Eye Research Institute
Sustainability Education Research Institute
Social and Economic Survey Research Institute
San Francisco Baking Institute
San Francisco Estuary Institute
Santa Fe Art Institute
Santa Fe Institute
Sport Fishing Institute
Sea Fisheries Research Institute
Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry
Social Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry
Serious Games Institute
Statens geotekniska institut
Solutions & Global Media
Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin
Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology and Sciences
Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences
Singapore Human Resources Institute
Singapore Human Resource Institute
Seletar Institute
Seoul Institute
Signal Institute
Signals Institute
Seminaries & Institutes
Summer Institute
Swedish Institute
Shenyang Institute of Automation
State Institute for Administrative Careers
Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Some Institutes for Advanced Study
Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatic
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
Singapore Institute of Commerce
Serotta International Cycling Institute
Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research
Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Summer Insitute for the Gifted
Summer Institute for the Gifted
Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics
Symbiosis Institute of Geo-informatics
Sasin Institute for Global Affairs
Sisterhood is Global Institute
State Institute of Health & Family Welfare
Scottish Institute of Human Relations
Securities & Investment Institute
Swedish Institute of International Affairs
Symbiosis Institute of International Business
Shanghai Institute for International Studies
Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology
Summer Intensive Language Program
Shipley Institute of Living Scale
Singapore Institute of Management
Scalabrini International Migration Institute
Singapore Institute of Materials Management
Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research
Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research
Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
Second Institute of Oceanography
Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute's
Southeastern Institute of Research
Singapore Institute of Retail Studies
Science in Society
Standardiseringen I Sverige
Swedish Institute Study Scholarships
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Singapore Institute of Technology
Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments
Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation
Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation
Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies
State Justice Institute
Stanford Juggling Research Institute
Sri Lanka Foundation Institute
Summer Language Institute
Sunset Learning Institute
Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education
Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technical Education
Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
Synchrotron Light Research Institute
School of Language Studies
Swiss Light Source
Sri Lanka Standards Institution
Sri Lanka Television Training Institute
The Swedish Massage and Electrical Institute
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
Social Movement Institute
Summer Math Institute
Summer Music Institute
Supply Chain Management Institute
Supply Chain Management Institutetute
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences
Sree Mookambika Institute of Medical Sciences
Senior Management Institute for Police
Shapiro Negotiations Institute
Swiss Nanoscience Institute
Stratosphären-Observatorium für Infrarot-Astronomie
Schmidt Ocean Institute
School of Marine and Environmental Technology
School of Professional and Area Studies
Schweizerische Physikalische Gesellschaft
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
Software Patent Institute
Space Policy Institute
Summer Peacebuilding Institute
Seed and Plant Improvement Institute
Scott Polar Research Institute
Scripps Research Institute
Silsoe Research Institute
Safe Quality Food Institute
Software Quality Testing
Space Research
Scientific Research Center
Strategic Research Center
Standard Reference Data
Southern Research Institutetute
Space Research Institute
Standard Research Institute
Standford Research Institute
Stanford Research Institute
Summer Research Institute
Stanford Research Institutetute
Steam Railroading Institute
Steel Recycling Institute
Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy
Sinor Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies
Shanghai Research Institute of Materials
Standard Reference Materials
Space Research Organization Netherlands
Space Research Organisation Netherlands
Scientific Remote Viewing
Six Sigma Black Belt Professional
Six Sigma Institute
Software Sustainability Institute
Space Science Institute
Summer Science Institute
Space Studies Institute
Strategy and Security Institute
Summer Success Institute
Stevens Institute of Technology
Social Sciences Research Institute
Surveying and Spatial Science Institute
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning
Stevens Institutetute of Technology
Science and Technology Institute
Semantic Technology Institute
Science Technology and Research
Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center
Sirius Training & Education Institute
Southern Technical Institute
Summer Training Institute
Summer Transportation Institute
Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Science and Technology Research Institute
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution
Sports Turf Research Institute
Special Topic Sessions
Space Telescope Science Institute
State Universityrsity of New York Institutetute of Technology
Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility
Study of the United States Institute
School of Vocational Education
Tahoe-Baikal Institute
The Center for the Advancement of Genomics
The Coaching Institute
The Data Warehousing Institute
The Data Warehouse Institute
Tax Executive Institute
Tribeca Film Institute
Taiwan Forestry Research Institute
Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute
Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute
Texas Heart Institute
Technology Institute
Tanzania Institute of Accountancy
Tanzania Institute of Education
Texas Institute of Continuing Legal Education
Tbilisi International Centre of Mathematics and Informatics
The International Customer Service Institute
The International Customer Service Standard
The Institute for Effective Education
The Institute for Environmental Modeling
The Institute for Genomic Research
The Institute of Genomic Research
Tonga Institute of Higher Education
Translation and Interpreting Institute
Taida Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology
Technological Institute of the Philippines
Textile Institute of Pakistan
Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts
Turkish Institute for Police Studies
Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Transitional Justice Institute
Transformative Learning Centre
Technological Leadership Institute
Technology Leadership Institute
Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute
Traffic Management Data Dictionary
The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
Tennessee Military Institute
The Monroe Institute
Toshkent Moliya Instituti
Tourism Management Institute
Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
Tourism Management Institute of Singapore
Tropical Marine Science Institute
Tyndall National Institute
The Objectivist Center
Training Officers Consortium
Technology Policy and Assessment Center
Titelist Performance Institute
Titleist Performance Institute
Total Quality Institute
Terrorism Research Center
Tycho Reference Catalogue
Teaching Research Institute
The Research Institute
Toyota Research Institute
Training and Research Institute
Transport Research Institute
The Refractories Institute
Thailand Securities Institute
Trading Standards Institute
Transformative Studies Institute
Texas Transportation Institute
Texas Transportation Institute's
The Scripps Research Institute
Telecommunications Software and Systems Group
Textile Technology
Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program
Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute
Takoradi Technical Institute
Toyota Technological Institute
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Tiburcio Tancinco Memorial Institute of Science and Technology
Taiwan Textile Research Institute
Toxic Use Reduction Institute
Unité de Formation et de Recherche
University Institute of Animation & Multimedia
University of Minho
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute
University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
University of Minnesota Informatics Institute
University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Usha Mittal Institute of Technology
Unités Mixtes de Recherche
University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute
Urban Natural Resources Institute
United Nation University
Université de Ouagadougou
University of Ontario, Institute of Technology
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute
Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche
United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease
United States Hispanic Leadership Institute
University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study
United States Institute of Theater Technology
Universite Science et Technique du Languedoc
University of Texas at Arlington Research Institute
Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology
Van Andel Institute
Veterinary Bioscience Institute
Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energies
Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology
Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology
Virus Research Centre
Veterinary Research Institute
Vinyl Siding Installation
Van Swinden Laboratory
Victoria Transport Policy Institute
World Data Centre for Glaciology, Cambridge
Walter & Eliza Hall Institute
Wide Field Astronomy Unit
Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft für Produktionstechnik
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Wistar Institute
Waseda Institute for Advanced Study
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Waikato Institute of Education
Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies
Women's Institute for Incorporation Therapy
Work Integrated Learning Program
Wales Institute of Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology
World Institute for Nuclear Security
World Institute of Pain
Worm Institute for Research and Medicine
Weizmann Institute of Science
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research
Wits Institute for Social & Economic Research
Women's Institute for Secondary Education and Research
Waterford Institute of Technology
Waterford Institutetute of Technology
Waiariki Institute of Technology Student Association
Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki
World Journalism Institute
World Languages Institute
Washington Kurdish Institute
Wagner Leadership Institute
Working Lives Research Institute
Washington Leadership Training Institute
Wilderness Medicine Institute
Working Managers Programme
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Wisconsin Procurement Institute
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Worcester Polytechnic Institute's
Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
Water Research Institute
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Welding Research Institute
Women Research Institute
Windber Research Institute
World Security Institute
Women's Research Institute of Nevada
Water Resources Research Institute
World Savings Banks Institute
World Shotokan Institute
Washington State Institute for Public Policy
Wright State Research Institute
Water Technology Centre for Eastern Region
World Trade Center Institute
Western Transportation Institute
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Welder Training and Testing Institute
West Virginia University Institute of Technology
West Virginia Universityrsity Institutetute of Technology
Youth Empowerment Institute
Young Offenders Institute
Zentrum für Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft