Popular Management acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Advice & Executive Search
Advertising and Promotion
Acquisition Assistance
Adaptive Authentication
Authentication Agent
Arthur Anderson
Austin Apartment Association
American Association of Cost Engineering
Applications Access Controls Governor
Association des archivistes français
Average Age of Inventory
Apartment Association of Kansas City
Advanced Asset Management
Adobe Application Manager
Automated Availability Manager
Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition
Alternate Automatic Routing
Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing
Application Approval Workflow
Active Base Costing
Activity Based Cost Management
Associated Business Continuity Professional
Activity Based Method
Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association
Applied Business Research
Abel Building Solutions
Aberdeen Business School
Application and Business Services
Association Business Solutions
Advanced Certificate
Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems Approaches
Accrediting Council for Business Schools and Programs
Accounting Classification Code
Affiliated Club Coordinator
Associate Chartered Certified Accountant
Advantage Credit Counseling Service
Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program
Authorised Corporate Director
Automated Call Distributor
Advanced Calculation Engine
Airport Capacity Enhancement
Annual Catch Entitlement
Annual Catch Entitlements
Auditing Control Environment
Automated Customs Environment
Automated Cost Estimating Integrated Tools
Academy Color Encoding System
Automated Civil Engineering System
Advisory Committee on Fishery Management
Associate in Captive Insurance
Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, and Durable
Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable
Advanced Certified Internet Recruiter
Annual Catch Limit
Annual Catch Limits
Accredited Case Manager
Adaptive Case Management
Adams Capital Management
Advanced Case Management
American Claims Management
Asset Configuration Manager
ArchVision Content Manager
Ariadne Content Manager
Audio Codec Manager
Audio Compression Manager
Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta
American College of Medical Coding Specialists
Association of Consulting Management Engineers
Automated Certificate Management Environment
Automatic Certificate Management Environment
Association for Change Management Professionals
Akamai Configuration Management System
Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique
Assistant Chief Nursing Officer
Accredited Consulting Organisation
Accredited Consulting Organizations
Administrative Contract Office
Alarm Cut-Off
Alarm Cut Off
Agile Certified Professional
Associate Consultant Programme
Average Collection Period
Association of Computer Programmers and Analysts
Advanced Configuration Power Interface
Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
Alpine Capital Research
Asia Case Research Centre
Association for Clinical Research Professionals
Advanced Copy Services
Advanced Customer Services
Advanced Customer Support
Alumni Career Services
Associate, Customer Service
Associate Customer Service
Associate in Customer Service
Audit Collection Services
Audit Collection Service
Auto-Configuration Server
Auto-Configuration Servers
Auto Configuration Servers
Automatic Configuration Server
Automated Cartridge System
Automatic Call Sequencer
Association of Certified Security Agencies
Automated Cartridge System Library Software
Accredited Customer Service Representative
Actual Cycle Time
Advanced Clipboard Utility
Account Director
Acquisition Directorate
Activity Description
Activity Detail
Actual Duration
Advanced Diploma
Analytical Development
Application Diagnostics for Java
Allgemeine Dienstanweisung
Application Delivery Analysis
Ausbildung der Ausbilder
Anti-Doping Administration & Management System
Anti Doping Administration & Management System
Advance Diploma in Business Administration
Automated Dispensing Cabinet
Automatic Device Configuration
Automated Data Collection System
Automated Data Collection Systems
Active Data Dictionary
Automatic Device Detection
Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping
Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping
Atrium Discovery & Dependency Mapping
Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
Active Directory Domain Service
Active Directory Integration
Amazonian Dark Earths
Automated Data Exchange
Adobe Digital Editions Protection Technology
Automated Document Factory
Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft
Application Desktop Integrator
Aubrey Daniels International
Address Data Interchange Specification
Automated Deployment Kit
Abstract Data Model
Account Delivery Manager
Adobe Dialog Manager
Advanced Data Management
Advanced Delivery Management
Advanced Document Management
Application Delivery Management
Advanced Download Manager
Application Data Monitor
Application Dependency Mapping
Application Deployment Manager
Architecture‐Driven Modernization
Arrow Diagramming Method
Arrow Diagram Method
Active Directory Management Agent
Aviation Data Management and Control System
Academy of Dental Management Consultants
Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition
Active Directory Management Gateway Service
Advanced Diploma in Marketing Management
Advanced Disaster Management Simulator
Army Diversity Office
Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor
Asia Disaster Preparedness Centre
Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
Asian Disaster Reduction Centre
Aeroports de Paris Management
Adjudicative Desk Reference
Average Daily Rate
Australasian Digital Recordkeeping Initiative
Active Directory Rights Management Services
Active Directory Rights Management Server
Active Directory Rights Management Service
Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network
Asian Disaster Reduction & Response Network
Active Directory Report Software
Account Development Strategies
Administrative Domains
Adobe Document Services
Adobe Document Service
Advanced Data Systems
Automated Data Systems
Advertisement and Discovery of Services
Alternative Distribution System
Ambulatory Data System
Anger Disorders Scale
Authoritative Data Source
Authoritative Data Sources
Automated decision support
Advanced Distribution Solutions, Inc
Adstar Distributed Storage Manager
Admission Discharge and Transfer
Attention Deficit Trait
Archived Data User Service
Archived Data User Services
Active Data Warehouse
Access Enforcer
Account Executives
Adaptive Enterprise
Addressable Entity
Application Enablement
Automation Engine
Aerospace Experience Auditor
Agile Enterprise Architecture
Area of Environmental Concern
Authorised Examination Centre
Active Event List
Advanced Engine Management
Agentless Exception Monitoring
Amusement Entertainment Management
Arts and Entertainment Management
Associate Emergency Manager
Air & Expedited Motor Carrier Association
Advanced Executive Program
Approved Education Provider
Associate Environmental Professional
Authorized Education Provider
Account Executives
Advanced Enterprise Solutions
Annual Employee Survey
Associated Environmental Site Assessors of Canada
Army Enterprise System Integration Program
Alliance for Enterprise Security Risk Management
Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals
Annual Equivalent Value
Actual Finish
Absetzung für Abnutzung
Air Forwarders Association
Associate Fellow, Australian Institute of Management
Association Francophone de Comptabilité
l'Association Francophone de Comptabilité
Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education
Administrative Functions Disposal Authority
Approval For Expenditure
Authorisation for Expenditure
Authorization for Expenditures
Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas
Association Française de la Gestion
Association Française de Gestion
Adviser Fund Index
Areas for Improvement
Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist
Advanced Financial Management
Advance Financial Management
Accounting for Managers
Accredited Farm Manager
Active Fabric Manager
Active File Management
Active Fuel Management
Adobe font manager
Advanced Fatigue Management
Advanced Firewall Manager
American Forest Management
Authoriteit Financiele Markten
Authority for Financial Markets
Aviation Fleet Maintenance
Additional Fund Needed
Associate Financial Planner
Advanced File and Print Server
Austrian Foundation for Quality Management
Agency Financial Reports
Agency Financial Reporting System
Accenture Federal Services
Apparel and Footwear Solution
Automated Financial System
Automated File Transfer
Active Global
Academy for Global Business Advancement
Advanced Geospatial Intelligence
Avraham Goldratt Institute
Australian Gas Networks
Acquisition and Grants Office
Affero General Public Licence
Active Global Support
Auditor-General of South Africa
Ateneo Graduate School of Business
American Graduate School of International Management
Athens Graduate School of Management
Association Headquarters
Academy of Hospital Administration
Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals
All-Hazard Incident Management Teams
Academy for Healthcare Management
Animal Hospital Management System
Analytic Hierarchical Process
Analytic Hierarchy Proces
Apparel Human Resources Council
Association for Healthcare Resource Materials Management
Alternative Investment
Asset Identification
Associated Infrastructure
Average Inventory
Associate, Insurance Agency Administration
Associate Insurance Agency Administration
Associate In Claims
Avaya Interaction Center
America Institute of Certified Public Accountants
All In Diary
Assessing Institutional Digital Assets
Accademia Italiana di Economia Aziendale
Atrium Integration Engine
Alternative Investment Fund
Alternative Investment Fund Manager
Alternative Investment Fund Managers
Alternative Investment Funds
Application Interface Framework
Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst
Accredited Investment Fiduciary Auditor
Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive
Alternative Investment Funds Management Directive
Alternative Investment Funds Managers Directive
African Infrastructure Investment Managers
Abnormal Indivisible Load
Average Inventory Level
Académie Internationale de Management
Accelerating Implementation Methodology
Access and Identity Management
Advanced Image Management
Advanced Imaging Management
Advanced Information Manager
Advanced Insight Manager
Advanced Infrastructure Manager
Alliance Inspection Management
Alternative Investment Management
Applied Investment Management
Application Implementation Methodology
Applications Implementation Methodology
Application Identity Manager
Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring
Asset Integrity Management
Asset Inventory Management
Avaya Integrated Management
Associate in Management
Authoring Instructional Materials
Automatic Investment Management
Automotive Inventory Management
Advances in Management Accounting
Arbeitskreis Interim Management Provider
Adult Internal Management System
Actuarial & Insurance Management Solutions
Asset Inventory Management System
Asset Integrity Management System
Association Internationale de Management Strategique
Association of Indian Management School
Association of Investment Management Sales Executives
Abnormally Invasive Placenta
Association of International Product Management and Marketing
Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors
Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance
Advanced Internet Recruiting Strategies
Acceptance into Service
Administrative Instructions
Advanced Integration Service
Alternative Investment Services
Analysis in Support
Application Integration Services
Associate in Insurance Services
Advanced International Translations
Alteration Installation Teams
Austin Information Technology Center
Authorized Independent Training Provider
Asynchronous Javascript Asterisk Manager
Aynchronous Javascript Asterisk Manager
Analisis Kimia
Arab Knowledge and Management Society
Army Knowledge Online / Defense Knowledge Online
Asset Ledger
Assurance Level
As Low As is Reasonably Practicable
As Low As Reasonably Practicable
As Low As Reasonably Practical
As low as reasonably possible
Accelerated Learning Center
Asset Life Cycle Management
Annualized Loss Expectancy
Associate, Life and Health Claims
Asset & Liability Management
Asset Life-Cycle Management
Asset Lifecycle Management
Assuria Log Manager
Automation License Manager
Associate, Life Management Institute
Aerial Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres
Advanced Lights Out Management
Advanced Lights Out Manager
Aggressive Link Power Management
Analytical Laboratory System
Automated License Systems
Automatic Link Transfer
Access Management
Accident Management
Account Manager
Account Management
Account Managers
Accounts Management
Action Manager
Acquisition Management
Activation Manager
Air Manager
Adaptive Management
Agent Manager
Alarm Manager
Assets Management
Administration Module
Airway Management
Analytical Module
Appliance Manager
Application Management
Association Management
Audit Management
Availability Manager
Aviation Management
Authentication Management
Authorization Manager
Autonomic Manager
Autonomous Maintenance
Accredited Management Accountant
Adaptive Management Area
Ateneo Management Association
Accredited Management Consultant
Advanced Management Console
Avira Management Console
Airspace Management Cell
Annual Management Charge
Aviation Management Directorate
Asian Management and Development Institute
Association of Management Development Institutions in Pakistan
Association of Management Development Institutions of South Asia
Active Memory Expansion
Approval Management Engine
Approvals Management Engine
Automated Maintenance Environment
Appraisal Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Asset Management Fund
Account Management Interface
Advanced Molecular Imaging
African Management Initiative
Application Messaging Interface
Asterisk Manager Interface
Automated Meter Infrastructure
Acquisition Management and Integration Center
Advanced Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Appropriate Management Level
Appropriate Management Levels
Academy of Management Learning and Education
Autoresponder and Mailing List Manager
Advanced Management Module
Advanced Metering Management
Asia Marketing and Management
Automatic Memory Management
Analysis Management Objects
Analysis Management Object
Allianz Managed Operations & Services
Academy of Management Perspectives
Account Management Panel
Asset Management Plans
Advanced Management Program
Advanced Management Programme
Advanced Management Pod
Automation Management Platform
Approved Maintenance Program
Application Management Pack
Asset Management Project
Asterisk Management Portal
Account Management and Provisioning System
Accounting Management Systems
Account Management System
Asset Management Plans
Academy of Management Review
Academy of Management & Science
Association Management Resources
Alliance of Maritime Regional Interests in Europe
Academic Management System
Academic Management Systems
Account Management Services
Account Managers
Account Management Systems
Accounts Management System
Accreditation Management System
Address Management System
Agency Management System
Agency Management Systems
Administrative Management Staff
Administrative Management Society
Advanced Management Systems
After Market Support
Agricultural Management Solutions
Aircraft Maintenance System
Airport Management Solution
Alert Management System
Alternative Management System
Application Management System
American Mechanical Services
Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation
Analysis, Modeling and Simulation
Antwerp Management School
Application Management Specification
Application Management Services
Application Managed Services
Application Modules
Application Management and Support
Appointment Management System
Archive Management System
Assessment Management System
Asbestos Management Services
Asset Management Suite
Asset Management Solutions
Asset Management Solution
Assistant Managers
Association Membership Software
Asterisk Manager Suite
Attendance Management System
Acquisition Method Suffix Code
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Agency Management Training Course
Address Management Unit
Asset Management Unit
Active Networks
Asset Number
Autonomic Networking
American National Accreditation Board
Association of National Account Executives
Asset Network for Education Worldwide
Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals
Automated Network Management
Advanced Networking Management Lab
Advanced Network Management Lab
Asian Network for Quality
Automatic Neighbour Relationship
Arkansas Natural Resources Commission
Aquatic Nuisance Species
American National Standardization Institute
American National Standardisation Institute
Air Navigation Services Providers
Advanced Nuclear Technology
Australia & New Zealand Academy of Management
Australia and New Zealand Academy of Management
Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management
Australia New Zealand Academy of Management
Australia-New Zealand International Business Academy
Australian & New Zealand Institute of Insurance & Finance
Allocation Order
Area Offices
Asset Optimization
Authorized Official
Association of Otolaryngology Administrators
Analysis of Alternatives
Air Operations Branch Director
Applications on Demand
Acquisition Operating Framework
Azure Operational Insights
Association of Nurse Executives
Annual Operating Plan
Annual Operation Plan
Annual Operation Planning
Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship
Association of Overseas Technical Scholarship
Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association
Accounting Point
Accredited Persons
Acquisition Plans
Adaptive Planning
Agent Platform
Alarms page
Application Provider
Attribute Provider
Application Performance Appliance
Application Portfolio Analysis
Asia Pacific Academy of Business in Society
Asia Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group
Acquisition Program Baselines
Asia Pacific Breweries Limited
Association of Professionals in Business Management
Advanced Practices Council
Area Prescribing Committee
Assessment of Professional Competency
Avaya Proactive Contact
Advanced Planning Command Center
Advanced Planning Document
Advance Planning Document
Advance Planning Documents
Adaptive Project Framework
Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management
Associated Programme on Flood Management
Association of Property and Facility Managers
All Pensions Group
Application Programmatic Interface
Application Processing Interface
Associate in Personal Insurance
AvePoint Privacy Impact Assessment
Advancing Productivity, Innovation, and Competitive Success
Association of Professional Insurance Women
Allowance Parts List
Allowance Parts Lists
Asian-Pacific Logistics Federation
Advanced Physical Layer Lifecycle Management
Access Policy Manager
Advanced Performance Monitoring
Advanced Performance Management
Application Performance Monitoring
Application Performance Monitor
Advanced Project Management
Application Portfolio Management
Application Performance Manager
Application Power Management
Applications Performance Management
Applications Portfolio Management
Asset Portfolio Management
Applied Project Management
Associate in Project Management
Associate Product Manager
Association for Project Management
Association for Project Managers
Association of Project Management
Association Progrès du Management
Authorization Policy Manager
Automatic Power Management
Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor
Advanced Project Management Certification
Asia Pacific Management Conference
Association for Project Management Group
Assistant Program Manager for Logistics
Advanced Plant Management System
Airport Pavement Management System
Aquatic Plant Management Society
Army Portfolio Management Solution
Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium
Accountable Property Officer
Advanced Planning and Optimization
Advanced Planning and Optimizer
Advanced Planner & Optimizer
Advanced Planner and Optimiser
Advanced Planning Optimizer
Align, Plan and Organize
All-in-1 Personal Organizer
Asian Productivity Organisation
Automatic Purchase Order
Association of Professional Office Managers
Accredited Purchasing Practitioner
Advanced Production Planning
Annual Program Plan
Average Payment Period
Association of Physical Plant Administrators
Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade
American Productivity and Quality Council
Advanced Production Quality Planning
Agency Procurement Request
Annual Product Review
Annual Product Reviews
Automated Password Reset
Associate Professional Risk Manager
Accounts Payable System
Acute Pain Services
Advanced Planning Systems
Advanced Planning System
Advanced Planning Solutions
Advance Planning Solutions
Application Program System
Assistant Private Secretary
Association of Productivity Specialists
Axiomatics Policy Server
Advanced Program in Supply Chain Management
Accountable Property System of Record
African Peace Support Trainers Association
Advanced Packaging Tool
Asia Pacific Tourism Association
Allied Quality Assurance Publications
Additional Qualification Designator
Aerospace Qualified Electronic Components
Application Quality Management
Advanced Quality System
Association for Quality and Participation
Audit Quality Review
Absolute Return
Accounts Receivables
Analysis Request
Appropriation Request
Architecture Requirements
Availability Ratio
Availability Requirement
Alternatives and Real Assets
Application Release Automation
Archives & Records Association
Archives and Records Association
Associate, Reinsurance Administration
Agricultural Research Corporation
Applied Research Corporation
Alarm Reporting Control
Approved Risk Consultant
Association of Residential Communities
Audit and Risk Committee
Auditing Regulatory Compliance
Airport Response Coordination Center
Automated Resource for Chemical Hazard Incident Evaluation
Access Request Form
Asset Reporting Format
Authority of Radio Frequency Management
Automotive Resources International
Admin Report Kit for Exchange Server
Archival Resource Keys
Action Reflection Learning
Accounting Research Manager
Accounts Receivable Management
Accounts Receivables Management
Account Reconciliation Manager
Active Risk Manager
Applied Risk Management
Advanced Rail Management
Archives and Records Management
Associate in Risk Management
Associate of Risk Management
Associates in Risk Management
Automatic Resource Management
Automatic Restart Management
Azure Resource Manager
Azure Resource Management
Availability, Reliability and Maintainability
Azure Rights Management
Association of Records Managers & Administrators
Association of Record Managers & Administrators
Association of Records Managers and Administrators
Administrative Resource Management System
Archives and Records Management Services
Automated Records Management System
Automated Records Management Systems
Automated Rental Management System
Automated Resources Management System
Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
Annualized Rate of Occurrence
Annual Rate of Occurrence
Asia Regional Office
Associate in Research and Planning
Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association
Accredited Retirement Plan Consultant
Accounting Research Studies
Action Request System
Airworthiness Review Staff
Agile Release Train
Alternative Risk Transfer
Application Response Time
Association of Retail Technology Standards
Actual Start
Administrative Services
Administrative System
Application Services
Assessment System
Advanced Science and Technology
Advanced Safety Auditing
Advanced Safety Audit
Annual Service Agreements
Annual Service Agreement
Associate of Society of Actuaries
Association for Social Advancement
Avaya Site Administration
Average Speed to Answer
Advanced Services Access Manager
Australian School of Applied Management
American Society of Administrative Professionals
Asynchronous Service Access Protocol
Automated Standard Application for Payments
Automated Standard Application for Payment
Administrative Support Assessment Test
Alliant Small Business
American Small Business Coalition
Acquisition Support Center
Advanced Systems Consultants
Albuquerque Service Center
Apple Solutions Consultant
Association of Security Consultants
Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management
Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology
Ambulatory Surgical Centers of America
Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Air Supply and Cabin Pressure Controllers
Advanced Software Division
Application Services Delivery
Application specific data
Agribusiness Support Fund
Alerting Standard Forum
Alert Standard Forum
Alert Standards Forum
Application Support Facility
American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers
Association of State Flood Plain Managers
Access Security Gateway
American Society of Hospital Engineers
American Society of Hospital Engineering
American Society of Healthcare Risk Management
Acadiana Society for Human Resource Management
Anchorage Society for Human Resource Management
Arabian Society for Human Resource Management
Adaptive Session Intelligence
Advanced Solutions International
Agribusiness Systems International
American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians
Advanced Single Instance Storage
Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance
Accident Scene Management
Accounting Setup Manager
Account Services Management
Adaptec Storage Manager
Advanced System Management
Advanced Systems Management
Advanced Software Manager
Advanced Strategic Management
Air Space Management
Application Security Manager
Application Service Monitor
Buildings and Facilities
Burgess & Niple
Bundesdeutschen Arbeitskreises für Umweltbewusstes Management
Business Architectures
Bronchial Artery Embolization
Booz, Allen and Hamilton
Bachelor of Applied Management
Business Architecture Model
Buyer Auction Manager
Brain Architecture Management System
Business Analytics & Optimisation
Best Agricultural Practice
Before Action Review
Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scales
Business Application Software Integrated Solution
Bulk Administration Tool
Business as an Agent of World Benefit
Best Business Practices
Business to Business Procurement
Brunel Business School
Building Broadband Service Manager
Business Consultant
Business Case Analyses
Business Case Analysis
Business Case Development
Bridge Condition Index
Baywood Continental Limited
Business Capabilities Lifecycle
Basic Call Management System
Business Continuity Planners Association
Business Continuity Planning Workgroup for Healthcare Organizations
Basel Convention Regional Centre
Business Critical Solutions
Business Critical Services
Big Data Extension
Business Decision Makers
Benefits Dependency Network
Branch Distribution Point
Big Data Security Analytics
Business Driven Test Management
Business Edition
Business Excellence
Business Excellence Center
Batch Element Entry
Baseline Execution Index
Behavioral Event Interview
Behavior Event Interview
Biometric Enabled Intelligence
Business Ecology Initiative
Business Ethics Links Library
British Educational Leadership Management & Administration Society
Bordeaux École de Management
Business Event Management
Business Excellence Model
Banquet Event Order
Banquet Event Orders
Business Emergency Operations Center
Back End Processor
Business Event Processing
Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy
Basic Encoding Rules
Bachelor of Environmental Science
BigFix Enterprise Suite
BlackBerry Enterprise Systems
Budget Estimate Submissions
Business Event System
British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards
Business Education Support Team
Business Entity Tax
Business Expert Webinars
Business Framework Architecture
Business Families Institute
Business and Financial Management
Business Financial Manager
Business Function Model
Banking and Financial Services Industry
Barclays Global Investors
Bowne Global Solutions
Bethesda Hospitals Emergency Preparedness Partnership
Being Innovative
Business Impact
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Intelligence Accelerator
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Business Intelligence / Business Warehouse
Business Impact Assessments
Business Impact Analyses
Bank of Ireland Asset Management
Bachelor of International Business
Bank Investment Consultant
Business Information Collection
Business Intelligence Competence Center
Business Intelligence Competency Center
Business Intelligence Competency Centre
Business Intelligence Competency Centers
Business and Industry Council for Emergency Planning and Preparedness
Behavior Intervention Case Manager
Botswana Insurance Fund Management
Bouw Informatie Model
Bouwwerk Informatie Model
Biometrics Identity Management Agency
Barbados Institute of Management and Productivity
Biometric Identity Management System
Branch Intelligent Management System
Business Intelligence Publisher
Business Innovation Services
Business Intelligence Systems
Business Intelligence Solutions
Business Intelligence Unit
Biometric Identification System for Access
Building Interior Space Data Model
Best Known Method
Best Known Methods
Best Known Methods
Business Line
Budget Line Item
Boutique and Lifestyle Lodging Association
Bypass Label Processing
Bachelor of Marketing
Bandwidth Manager
Batch Management
Bearer Manager
Board of Management
Brand Management
Breakdown Maintenance
Buffer Manager
Business Managers
Brasil Música & Artes
Business Management and Administration
Business Management Accountancy and Finance
Baseboard Management Controllers
Baseboard Management Card
Board Management Controller
Baseboard Management Controllers
Business Management Consultants
Business Management Division
Backflow Management Inc
Brooks Macdonald International
Battle Management Language
Bayou Medical Management
Belgian Management and Marketing Association
Bank Medical Officer
Business Management Office
Behavior Management Plan
Best Management Practices
Best Management Practices
Biodiversity Management Plan
Business Management Platform
Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence
Best Management Products
Batch Manufacturing Record
Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation
Battery-management system
Battery Management System
Battery Management Systems
Business Management System
Business Management Systems
Biometric Matching System
Broadcast Management System
Business Management & Strategy
Bean Managed Transactions
Bean Managed Transaction
Battery Management Unit
Buffer Management Unit
Business Management University
Brocade Network Advisor
Base Network Control Center
Border Network Gateway
Botswana National Productivity Centre
Bureau of Administration
Basis of Estimate
Basis of Estimates
BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager
Back of House
Bank of Khyber
Body of Knowledge
Build Operate Lease
Bills of Materials
Business Operating Model
Building Owners & Management Association
Bill of Materials
Bills of Materials
Business Operations Platform
Bill of Resources
Back Office System
Back Office Systems
Base Operations Support
Base Operating Services
Behavioral Observation Scale
Behavioral Observation Scales
Behavior Observation Scale
Behavioural Observation Scales
Business Operations System
Business Operation System
Base Operations Support Services
Business Operation Support System
Building on Talent
Base Performance
Best Practices
Bundle Patch
Business Partner
Business Plan
Business Process
Business Processes
Bill Presentment Architecture
Business Process Analysis
Business Process Analyst
Business Process Alliance
Business Process Analytics
Business Process Analyses
Business Process as a Service
Black Point Compensation
BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation
Business Planning and Consolidation
Business Planning and Consolidations
Business Process Change Analyzer
Business Process Competency Center
Business Process Execution
Business Planning Control System
Business Process Diagram
Business Process Definition Metamodel
Business Process Excellence
Business Process Executable Language
Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
Business Process Framework
Business Process Flows
Business Process Incubator
Business Process Improvements
Best Practices Guide
Best Practice Guide
Best Practice Guides
Business Process Guidance
Business Performance Improvement
Business Process Intelligence
Business Process Integration
Business Process Insight
Business Process and Integration
Business Products Industry Association
Business Performance Improvement Resource
Business Process Library
Busines Process Management
Business-Process Management
Business Process Manager
Behavioral Portfolio Management
Best Practice Modeling
BizAgi Process Modeler
Business Process Model
Business Process Modeler
Business Process Modelling
Business Performance Management
Business Performance Measurement
Business Planning Manager
Business Process Monitor
Business Process Mangement
Business Processes Management
Business Process Monitoring
Business Process Models
Business Process Mgt
Business Process Management Initiative
Business Process Management Notation
Business Process Modeling Initiative
Business Process Modeling Language
Business Process Maturity Model
Business Process Management Institute
Business Process Master List
Business Process Modeling Notation
Business Processing Model and Notation
Business Process Modeling and Notation
Business Process Model Notation
Business Process Management and Notation
Business Process Model & Notation
Business Process Management Systems
Business Process Management Suite
Business Process Management Suites
Business Process Management Solution
Business Process Management Suites
Business Process Networks
Business Process Owner
Business Process Owners
Business Partner Organization
Business Process Orchestration
Business Process Objects
Business Process Outsourcers
Business Process Platform
Baseline Project Plan
Business Process Procedure
Business Process Procedures
Business Process Procedures
Best Practice Replication
Business Process Review
Business Proces Reengineering
Business Process Requirements
Bechtel Procurement System
Bosch Production System
Budget Planning System
Business Performance Services
Business Policy and Strategy
Business Policy & Strategy
Business Process Services
Business Process Solutions
Business Process Standardization
Business Productivity Software
Business Process Transformation Framework
Basis Point Value
Business Process Expert
Bachelor Quarters
Basic Qualification
Biotechnology Quality Management System
Baseline Requirements
Business Requirement
Business Requirements
Business Research
Business Rule
Bevilacqua Research Corporation
Business Recovery Center
Biological Resources Division
Business Requirement Document
Business Requirements Documentation
Business Requirement Documents
Business Requirements Documents
Business Rule Engine
Business Rules Engines
Baroda Rajasthan Kshetriya Gramin Bank
Business Ready Licensing
Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society
Benefit Realisation Management
Benefit Realization Management
Benefits Realisation Management
Benefits Realization Management
Billing & Revenue Management
Bioinformatics Resource Manager
Biological Risk Management
Brand Relationship Management
Brand Reputation Management
Bridge Resource Management
Bridge Resources Management
Business Rules Management
Business Rule Management
Business Recovery Managers Association
Business Relationship Managers
Business Rules Markup Language
Business Rule Markup Language
Backup, Recovery and Media Services
Backup Recovery and Media Services
Business Rule Management System
Business Rules Management Systems
Business Resumption Plan
Business Resumption Planning
Barely Repeatable Processes
Business Research Quarterly
Backup and Recovery Solutions
Baggage Reconciliation System
Bickmore Risk Services
Balanced Scorecard
Barge Supervisor
Business School
Business with a specialization
Balanced Scorecard Approach
Brillstein Security Academy
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science Business Administration
Bachelor of Science of Business Administration
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Balanced Score Card
Balance Score Card
Business Score Card
Building Services Contractors Association International
Basics of Supply Chain Management
Business Services Division
Business System Design
BlackRock Strategic Funds
Bachelor of Science in Management
British Standard Institution
British Standards International
British Standards Institution's
British Standardization Institute
Business Service Insight
Bachelor of Science in Marketing
Base Station Management
Business Scorecard Manager
Business Service Management
Business Service Monitoring
Business Service Monitor
Business Systems Management
Business Systems Modernization
Bharathiar School of Management & Entrepreneur Development
Balanced Scorecard Master Professional
Balanced Scorecard Professional
Business School Netherlands
Business School Nederland
Business Service Network
Barath Sanchar Nigam Limited
Block Storage Option
Business Support Office
Backup Solutions Program
Benefit Street Partners
Bureau of Strategic Planning
Business Strategic Plan
Business School Potsdam
Business Service Providing
Balanced Scorecard Report
Best Service Routing
Barclays Shared Services
Business Support Systems
Banking Software Training
Business Services Unit
Bdjobs Training
Business and Technology
Business Technology Analyst
Business Technology Associates
Business Transformation Agency
Business Transformation Academy
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Block Technology Manager
Business Technology Management
Bridge Team Management
Business Transaction Management
Business Transaction Monitoring
Business Transformation Management
Business Transformation Services
Business Technology Partners
Business Transaction Performance
Business Transactions Protocol
Bank Treasury Risk Management
Business & Technology Solutions
Business Tax Services
Bluetail Ticket Tracker
Business, Technology, and Web
Business Unit
Business Units
Business Unit Leader
Boot-Up Manager
Business Unit Manager
Business Value Assessment
Brahmaputra Valley Fertilizer Corporation Limited
Best Value Procurement
Best Value Performance Indicator
Business Value Realization
Business Warehouse
Business Warehouse Accelerator
Ballast Water Management
Bureau of Waste Management
Ballast Water Management Systems
Ballast Water Management System
Ballast Water Treatment
Broadcast Exchange Format
Computer Assisted Instruction
Cash Conversion Cycle
Customer to Cash
Center Automation
Certificate Attribute
Change Agents
Commercial Account
Cost Accountants
Critical Area
Colorado Apartment Association
Columbus Apartment Association
Civil Aviation Authority Nepal
Change Advisory Boards
Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association
Collaborative African Budget Reform Initiative
Corrective Action Design
Canada Awards for Excellence
Component Acquisition Executive
Continuous Asset Evaluation, Situational Awareness, and Risk Scoring
Cost Accounting and Financial Management
Certified Agricultural Irrigation Specialist
Computer Aided Logistic Support
Center of Automotive Management
Clean Access Manager
Common Array Manager
Community Association Managers
Corporate Account Managed
Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations
Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System
College of Accounting & Management Sciences
Customer Account Managers
Coordinated Assistance Network
Consolidated Afloat Network Enterprise System
Conservation Action Planning
Content Automation Protocol
Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions
Corrective Actions & Preventive Actions
California Association of Public Purchasing Officers
Correction Action Request
Cost Analysis Requirements Document
Cambodian Agricultural Research and Development Institute
Corporate Accounting System
Condition Assessment Survey
Consulting and Services
Contract Administration Services
Custom Ag Solutions
Common Authentication Services Adapter
Computer Assisted Slot Allocation
Continuing Analysis and Surveillance Systems
Cost Accounting Standards
California Association of School Transportation Officials
Cooperative Administrative Support Unit
Climate Assessment Tools
Certified Agile Tester
Computer Aided Test Tool
Computer Aided Testing Tool
Continuity Assistance Tool
Crop Advisory Team
Cybersecurity Assessment Tool
Cross Application Time Sheet
Canadian Administrators of Volunteer Resources
Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services
Concept Bridge
Consumer Business
Certificate-Based Authentication
Certified Behavioral Analyst
Credit Business Associate
Current Best Approach
Contract Budget Base
Certified Business Consultant
Cognizant Business Consulting
Certified Business Continuity Auditor
Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor
Certified by the Business Continuity Institute
Certified Business Continuity Vendor
Closed Book Exam
Critical Business Function
Center for Business Knowledge
Certificate in Business Management
Certified Business Manager
Component Business Model
Condition-based monitoring
Condition Based Monitoring
Conditioned Based Maintenance
Common Body of Knowledge
Core Body of Knowledge
Capabilities-Based Planning
Center for Business Practices
Collaborative Business Processes
Consumption-Based Planning
Consumption Based Planning
Current Best Practices
Current Best Practice
Certified Business Process Professional
Cardiff Business School
Cologne Business School
Core Business Services
Cost Breakdown Structures
Component Based Test Automation
Clinical Business Unit
Centralized Calendar
Competence Center
Core Competencies
Cost Classification
Critical Chain
Certified Cost Accountant
Certified Credit Analyst
Chartered Credit Analyst
Certified Crop Advisor
Chartered Compliance Analyst
Cisco Configuration Assistant
Component Cost Analysis
Critical Cyber Asset
Consultative Committee of Accounting Bodies
Convention on Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources
Call Center Association of the Philippines
Community Conservation Areas
Customer Care & Billing
Customer Care Billing
Central Cooperative Banks
Configuration Control Boards
Certified Cost Controller
Change and Configuration Control
Cisco Conference Connection
Customer Call Center
Customer Competence Center
Camp Coordination and Camp Management
Consumer Credit Counselling Service
Consumer Credit Counseling Services
Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Certified Clinical Data Manager
Contractor Cost Data Reporting
Contractor Cost Data Report
Centers for the Commercial Development of Space
Certified Credit Executive
Contact Center Express
Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation
Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness
Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness
Corporate Compliance Group
Centre for Construction Innovation
Campaign for Clear Licensing
Charge Current Limit
Casualty Claim Law Associate
Call Center Manager
Call Centre Manager
Catalog Content Management
Central Configuration Manager
Certified Case Manager
Certified Cash Manager
Certified Case Managers
Certified Club Manager
Certified Construction Managers
Change and Configuration Management
Change Configuration Management
Client Configuration Manager
Configuration Compliance Manager
Chief Commercial Manager
Ciovacco Capital Management
Cisco Call Manager
Cloud Content Management
Connections Content Manager
Consolidated Chassis Management
Critical Chain Method
Crystal Configuration Manager
Customer Centric Management
Contact Center Manager Administration
Certified Career Management Coach
Cisco Call Manager Express
Certified Change Management Professional
Cross-Channel Marketing Platform
Certified Case Management Specialist
Component Content Management System
Contact Center Manager Server
Cyberoam Certified Network and Security Professional
Certified Compliance Officer
Chief of the Contracting Office
Certified Claims Professional
Certified Computer Professional
Certified Compliance Professional
Certified Compensation Professional
Certified Cost Professionals
Cisco Configuration Professional
Coal Combustion Product
Contact Center Performance Management
Critical Chain Project Management
Center for Catastrophe Preparedness and Response
Contract Change Proposals
Capacity Constraint Resource
Capacity Constrained Resource
Configuration Change Request
Continuing Certification Requirements
Continuing Certification Requirement
Customer Configuration Repository
Certified Credit Research Analyst
Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
Caribbean Catastrophic Risk Insurance Facility
Center for Catastrophic Risk Management
Center for Coastal Resources Management
Change, Configuration and Release Management
Continuing Certification Requirements System
Civil Contingencies Secretariat
Cluster Configuration System
Consumer Credit Solutions
Core Competencies
Certified Checkpoint Security Administrator
Certified in Control Self-Assessment
Certified Compliance Technician
Crisis Communication Team
Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency
Central Computing and Telecommunications Agency
Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency
Central Computer & Telecommunications Agency
Central Computer Telecommunications Agency
Certified Credit Union Executive
Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration
Certified Customer Experience Professional
Change Delivery
Case Discussion
Central Desktop
Commitee Draft
Composite Data
Conflict Detection
Contract Detail
Compensation Discussion and Analysis
Common Data Access
Continuous Descent Arrivals
Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization
Community Development Board
Corporate Data Center Operations
Certified Data Centre Technician Professional
Contract Delivery Date
Certified Demand Driven Planner
Colorado Division of Emergency Management
Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency
Critical Data Elements
Certified Defense Financial Manager
Certified Dangerous Goods Professional
Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop
Customer Data Hub
Customer Data Integration
Centre for Distance Learning
Clinical Data Manager
Clinical Data Management
Cognos Disclosure Management
Collaborative Decision Making
Collaborative Decision-Making
Collision Detection Manager
Common Diagnostic Model
Comprehensive Disaster Management
Configuration and Data Management
Copy Data Management
Content Distribution Manager
Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation
Continuous Diagnostic Monitoring
Continuous Diagnostics Mitigation
Crisis and Disaster Management
Customer Data Management
Center for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
Cloud Data Management Interface
Comprehensive Disaster Management Program
Certified Disability Management Specialist
Certified Disability Management Specialists
Clinical Data Management System
Clinical Data Management Systems
Clinical Data Management Services
Clinical Data Managers
Clinical Data Management Software
Comprehensive Data Management System
Computer Document Management Systems
Crop Data Management Systems
Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission
Consistent Device Naming
Chief Data Officer
Chief Data Officers
Chief Data Office
Chief Data Officers
Chief Diversity Officers
Compagnia delle Opere
Centre for Disaster Preparedness
Certificate Discovery Protocol
Columbia Data Products
Conflict Dynamics Profile
Centre for Disaster Preparedness and Management
Call Detailed Records
Call Detail Records
Call Detail Reports
Call Details Record
Call Details Records
Centralized Data Repository
Conflict Detection and Resolution
Contract Deliverable Requirements List
Contract Data Requirements Lists
Contract Data Requirement Lists
Center for Disaster Risk Policy
City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office
Call Detailed Records
Call Detail Records
Catch Documentation Scheme
Central Data Systems
Certified Debt Specialist
Certified Director of Safety
Content Delivery Server
Controlled Drugs
Customer Delivery Services
Collateral Duty Safety Officer
Center for Digital Technology and Management
Collaborative Drug Therapy Management
Compliance Data Warehouse
Customer Data Warehouse
Centre Europe
Changes in Equity
Conditional Exemption
Continuous Evaluation
Corporate Engagement
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Cost Estimator
Customer Engineering
Customer Experience
Corporate Emergency Access System
Council on Employee Benefits
Certified Employee Benefits Specialist
Certified E-Commerce Consultants
Certified E-Commerce
Certified eCommerce Consultant
Chapter Executive Committee
Customer Engagement & Commerce
Certified Executive Compensation Professional
Center for Executive Education
Centre for Executive Education
Centre of Executive Education
Collaboration for Environmental Evidence
Common Event Format
Certified European Financial Analyst
Collegiate Event and Facility Management Association
Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies
Collection Effectiveness Index
Corporate Executive Information System
Content Encryption Keys
Cisco Expo Learning Club
Certificate in Entrepreneurial Management
Certified Emergency Manager
Companhia de Electricidade de Macau
Comprehensive Emergency Management
Customer Experience Management
Customer Experience Marketing
Customer Experience Manager
County Emergency Management Agencies
Cisco Element Management Framework
Cisco Element Manager Framework
Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
Comprehensive Emergency Management Program
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans
Certified Emergency Management Specialist
Certified in Executive Nursing Practice
Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association
Chief Engagement Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Executive Office
Complete Enterprise Option
Customer Engagement Platform
Civil Emergency Planning Committee
Center for Excellence in Public Leadership
Colorado Emergency Preparedness Partnership
Capital Expenditure Request
Cost Estimating Relationships
Certified Enterprise Risk Analyst
Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary
Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst
Chartered Enterprise Risk Actuary
Cost Estimating Relationships
Customer Experience Solutions
Communications and Electronic Security Group
Centre des études supérieures industrielles
Certified environmental trainer
Certified Environmental Trainers
Comprehensive Engine Trending and Diagnostic System
Celebration of Engineering & Technology Innovation
Continuous Education Units
Content Enabled Vertical Applications
Cost Estimate Validation Process
Capital Facilities
Certification Framework
Competence Framework
Certified Forester
Certificate in Financial Analysis
Certified Financial Accountant
Certified Financial Adviser
Charted Financial Analyst
Chartered Financial Analysis
Chartered Financial Analysts
Cognizant Federal Agency
Component Failure Analysis
Council for Administration
Certified Forensic Accounting Professional
Center For Applied Research
Collaborative Forecasting and Replenishment
Center for Family Business
Certified Financial Consultant
Certified Financial Counselor
Certified Financial Consultants
Chartered Financial Consultant
Certified Federal Contracts Manager
Certified Federal Contracts Managers
Certified Federal Contract Manager
Cumulative Flow Diagrams
Cantor Fitzgerald Europe
Center for Excellence
Certified Facilities Executive
Certified Forensic Examiner
Continuing Forestry Education
Customer Furnished Equipment
Center for Farm Financial Management
Certified Forensic Investigator
Competency Framework for Internal Auditing
Celestron Firmware Manager
Certification in Financial Management
Certified Facility Manager
Certified Facilities Manager
Certified Facility Management
Certified Finance Manager
Certified Floodplain Manager
Certified Floodplain Managers
Certified Food Manager
Certified in Financial Management
Corporate Financial Management
Chartered Finance Manager
Configuration File Manager
Configuration File Management
Connectivity Fault Management
Contractor Furnished Material
Critical Facility Management
Customer Feedback Management
Caribbean Fishery Management Council
Certified Floodplain Managers
Central Flow Management Unit
Chief Financial Officers
Chief Financial Office
Chief Financial Officers Act
Chief Future Officer
Co-Financing Organisation
Chief Financial Officers Council
Chartered Financial Planner
Certified Fellow in Production and Inventory Management
Certified Food Protection Manager
Centre for Retailing
Corporate Financial Reporting
Center for Financial Research and Analysis
Cash Flow Return On Investments
Caribbean Feeder Services
Clinical Financial Services
Clustered File System
Cluster File System
Common Financial System
Core Financial System
Contract Funds Status Reports
Cross Functional Team
Cross Functional Teams
Cross-Functional Teams
Customer Focus Team
Corporate Governance Compliance
Certified Golf Course Superintendent
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
Cap Gemini Ernst and Young
Certified Governmental Financial Manager
Certified Government Financial Managers
Centre for Good Governance
Certified Global Management Accountant
Charted Global Management Accountant
Chartered Global Management Accountant
Chartered Global Management Accountants
Chartered Global Management Accounting
Chartered Global Management Accountants
Certified Government Meeting Professional
Certified Grants Management Specialist
Copy Generation Management System
Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council
Center for Government Services
Certified Hospitality Administrator
Certified Healthcare Access Associate
Certified Hospitality Accountant Executive
Consortium for Housing and Asset Management
Convention on Health Analysis and Management
Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional
Clopidogrel for High Atherothrombotic Risk and Ischemic Stabilization, Management, and Avoidance
Chief Human Capital Officer
Chief Human Capital Officers
Chief Human Capital Officers Council
Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer
Certified Hospitality Educator
Commonwealth Higher Education Management Service
Certified Healthcare Emergency Professional
Certified Healthcare Facility Manager
Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager
Certified Hazardous Materials Practitioner
Community Health Planning Service
Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator
Certified Homeland Protection Professional
Colorado Human Resource Association
Certified Human Resources Executive
Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education
Certified Human Resource Leader
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Certified Human Resources Manager
Certified Human Resource Manager
Certified Hospitality Revenue Manager
Certified Human Resources Management Professional
Certified Human Resource Management Professional
Chicago Healthcare Risk Management Society
Chief Human Resource Officer
Certificate in Human Resource Practice
Certified Hospitality Technology Professional
Client Interface
Competitive Intelligence
Contextual Intelligence
Condition Index
Configuration Identification
Continual Improvement
Continuous Improvement
Critical Incident
Critical Items
Customer Input
Customer Insights
Customer Intelligence
Change Impact Analysis
Chief Internal Auditor
Center Industry Advisory Council
Centre for International Business and Innovation
Central Indiana Chapter
Certified Insurance Consultant
Certified Insurance Councilor
Client Innovation Center
Corporate & Institutional Clients
Center of International Cooperation for Computerization
Certified International Commercial Contracts Managers
Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager
Certified Investments and Derivatives Auditor
Customer Interaction Express
Center of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership
Centre for Integrated Emergency Management
Centre International de Formation
Clemenger International Freight
Client Information Form
Core Interface Function
Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research
Commodity & Ingredient Hedging
Crop Insurance Handbook
Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
China International Intellectech Corporation
Critical Infrastructure Key Resources
Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources
Critical Infrastructure & Key Resource
Critical Infrastructure Key Resource
Computer Information List
Canadian Investment Manager
Centralized Installation Manager
Certificate in Management
Chartered Investment Manager
Common Interface Model
Compaq Insight Manager
Computer Input Microfilm
Concrete Industry Management
Course Inventory Management
Creativity and Innovation Management
Customer Interaction Management
Certified Investment Management Analyst
Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy
Common Information Management Object Model
Center for Innovation Management Studies
Citywide Incident Management System
Coordinated Incident Management System
Chief International Officer
Chief Investment Officers
Catalog Interoperability Protocol
Community Internship Program
Continous Improvement Process
Continuous Improvement Program
Continuous Improvement Process
Continuous Improvement Projects
Continuous Improvement Programme
Continuous Improvement Processes
Certificate in Project Management
Certified International Project Manager
Certified International Purchasing Manager
Certified Institutional Protection Manager
Certified International Project Management Professional
Certified International Procurement Professional
Commercial Internet Protocol Security Option
Commercial Internet Protocol Security Options
Certified International Professional Trainer
Critical Infrastructure Resilience
Cyber Incident Response
Cyber Incident Response Plan
Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor
Certified Insolvency & Restructuring Advisor
Client Initiated Remote Access
Critical Incident Response Center
Cyber Incident Response Team
Catering International Services
Cloud Identity Summit
Collective Investment Schemes
Configuration Items
Continuous Improvement Software
Customer Interaction Solutions
Certified Internal Systems Auditor
Collective Investment Schemes Act
Certified International Supply Chain Managers
Certified International Supply Chain Manager
Certified International Supply Chain Professional
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments
Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments
Critical Incident Stress Management
Critical Incidence Stress Management
Cayman Islands Society of Professional Accountants
Certified Insurance Service Representatives
Certified Insurance Service Representative
Cisco Information Security Specialist
Cologne International Summer University
Collective Investment Trust
Craft Interface Terminal
Certified International Tax Analyst
Color Infrastructure and Translation Engine
Certified Information Technology Manager
Center for Investment and Wealth Management
Canadian Institute of Traffic & Transportation
Certified International Wealth Manager
Centraal Justitieel Incasso Bureau
Certified Jail Manager
Corporate Jet Management
California Joint Powers Risk Management Authority
Coalition Joint Spectrum Management Planning Tool
Center for Knowledge Management
Certified Knowledge Manager
Certified Knowledge Management
Customer Knowledge Management
Centralized Key Management
Constructive Key Management
Certified Knowledge Management Professional
Chief Knowledge Office
Capability Level
Certificate Library
Concerned Listeners
Certified Leadership Consultant
Client Licensor Certificate
Country Legal Changes
Customer Life Cycle
Closed-Loop Corrective Action
Collaboration and Learning Environment
Common Line Interface
Customer Loyalty Index
Construction Lean Improvement Programme
Calling Line ID Restriction
Career-limiting move
Car Location Message
Car Location Messages
Car Location Messaging
Certificate Lifecycle Manager
Citrix Lifecycle Management
Certified Lake Manager
Certified Lean Master
Cisco License Manager
Cloud Lifecycle Management
Customer Lifecycle Management
Council of Logistics Management
Customer Loyalty Management
Contract Labor Management System
Common Logistics Operating Environment
Collateralized loan obligations
Certified Leasing Professional
Certified Licensing Professional
Certified Logistics Professional
Command Line Protocol
Customer Loyalty Programs
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary
Continuous Learning Points
Computer Language Research
Closed Loop Supply Chain
Closed Loop Supply Chains
Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Command-Line Utility
Clustered Logical Volume Manager
Certified Landscape Water Manager
Calculation Manager
Call Manager
Campus Manager
Call Model
Capacity Management
Category Management
Category Manager
Center Manager
Central Manager
Central Management
Certificate Manager
Certificate Management
Certification Manager
Cluster Manager
Certified Manager
Change Management
Change Manager
Channel Manager
Chirurgiae Magister
Client Manager
Cloud Management
Collaboration Manager
Command Menu
Commercial Management
Commercial Manager
Connection Manager
Complex Member
Competency Master
Compilation Manager
Condominium Manager
Configuration Module
Conflict Management
Consequence Management
Configure Memory
Constraint Management
Contact Manager
Content Manager
Context Manager
Contingency Management
Contract Management
Contracts Management
Continuous Maintenance
Continuous Monitoring
Credential Manager
Crisis Management
Crisis Manager
Cryptographic Module
Customer Management
Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor
Cable Management Arm
Capital Markets Analyst
Certificate of Management Accounting
Certification in Management Accounting
Certified Management Accountants
Certified Management Accounting
Certified Managment Accountant
Certified Management Account
Certified Marketing Analyst
Chartered Market Analyst
Chartered Marketing Analyst
Chartered Management Accountants
Chartered Management Accountant
Christian Management Association
Cloud Management and Automation
Collateral Management Agreement
Common Management Agent
Converged Management Application
Content Management and Archiving
Cost and Management Accounting
Connection Manager Administrator Kit
Certified Manager of Animal Resources
Client Money and Asset Return
Construction Manager-at-Risk
Certified Management Accountants
Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist
Central Management Admission Test
Change Management Board
Certified Minority Business Enterprise
Contract Management Body of Knowledge
Call Management Center
Centralized Management Console
Dokumentation ohne Grenzen
Decision Analysis
Desktop Authority
Digit Analysis
Designated Approving Authorities
Data Access Governance
Debian Account Managers
Download Accelerator Plus
Data Authentication Pattern
Data at Rest Encryption
Decision Aid System
Delegated Administrative Service
Delegated Administrative Services
Design Assurance System
Difficult Airway Society
Digital Asset Symposium
Digital Asset Server
Dashboard Application Services Hub
Disaster Assistance Support Program
Damage Assessment Team
Dynamic Bandwidth Manager
Dealer Business System
Distribution Centres
District Coordinators
Document Controller
Defense Cost and Resource Center
Detached Credential Collector
District Central Co-operative Bank
Data Communication Channels
Data Centre Energy Practitioner
Data Center Institute
Data Center Infrastructure Manager
Digital Control Language
Discharge Current Limit
Durgapur Chemicals Limited
Data Centre Management
Data Collection Manager
Desired Configuration Management
Desktop Configuration Management
Dialogic Configuration Manager
Digital Clock Manager
Driver Chain Manager
Deputy Chief Medical Officer
Data Collection Modules
Digital Clock Managers
Data Center Network Management
Data Centre Operator
Defensive Cyberspace Operations
Defense Civil Preparedness Agency
Data Center Runtime Environment
Deer Commission for Scotland
Defense Collaboration Services
Defense Collaboration Service
Delaware County Transportation Management Association
Dependency Diagram
Device Description Framework
Desktop Data Manager
Dual Dynamic Power Management
Daily Drilling Report
Discovery Data Record
Dynamic Device Recognition
Distributed Data Service
Distributed Data Server
Direct Digital Service
Demand-Driven Value Network
Defence Equipment & Support
Data Exchange Agreement
David Evans and Associates
Data Element Dictionary
Data Element Definition
Diplôme Européen d'Etudes Supérieures
Data Encrypting Keys
Division of Emergency Management
District Education Manager
Delaware Emergency Management Agency
Department of Emergency & Military Affairs
Department for Environmental Protection
Device Enrollment Program
Device Enrolment Program
Defence and Evaluation Research Agency
Data Enrichment Service
Department of Enterprise Services
Disaster Emergency Services
Defense Energy Supply Center
Drought Early Warning System
Data Foundation
Dimensional Fund Advisor
DoubleClick for Advertisers
Doubleclick for Advertiser
Digital Flight Data Acquisition Units
Data Facility Data Set Services
Device Fault Manager
Devon Facility Management
Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem
Data Facility Storage Management System
Dynamic Fair Share Scheduling
Data Governance
Diversified Growth Fund
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gute Forschungspraxis
Dialog Generation and Management System
Data Governance Office
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität
Defense General Supply Center
Division of Human Resources Management
Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Defense Health Services System
Department of Humanities and Social Science
Distributor Invoice
Deutsche Immobilien-Akademie
Data Intensive Cyber Environments
Data Item Descriptions
Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom
Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom
Diploma in Management
Distribution Integrity Management Program
Distribution Integrity Management Programs
Distribution Integrity Management Plan
Drilling Information Management System
Days of Inventory Outstanding
Detail Implementation Plan
Digital Item Processing
Directory Integration Platform
Document Imaging Solutions
Device Initiated Power Management
Diploma in Retailing
Data Integration Services
Draft International Standards
Draft International Stage
Deployment Image Servicing and Management
Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management
Deployment Imaging Servicing Management
Deployment Image Servicing Management
Deployment Image Servicing & Management
Do It Tomorrow
Desert Knowledge Australia
Driver Kernel Interface
Distributed Key Management
Distributed Knowledge Management Systems
Data Language
Defense Logistics Agency Instruction
Direct Labor Cost
Dell Lifecycle Controller Integration
Direct Line Feed
Data Location Interface
Data Lifecycle Management
Data Link Manager
Device Lifecycle Management
Diplomate in Laboratory Management
Dynamic Line Management
Defense Logistics Management System
Defense Logistics Management Standards
Defense Logistics Management Standards Office
Distinguished Logistics Professional
Depot Level Reparable
Depot Level Repairables
Data Link Switch Read Port Number
Database Management
Decision Made
Defect Management
Depot Manager
Device Manager
Demand Management
Departmental Management
Desktop Manager
Dialogue Manager
Dialogue Management
Dietary Manager
Directory Manager
Disk Manager
Disclosure Management
Dispersion Management
Display Manager
Driver Manager
District Managers
Doctor of Management
Domain Manager
Domain Managers
Data Migration Assistant
Defect Management Area
Distributed Media Application
Distribution Management Association
District Meter Area
District Metered Areas
District Metering Areas
DuCharme, McMillen & Associates
Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
Digital Media Asset Management
Depot Maintenance Accounting and Production System
Data Management Body of Knowledge
Data Management Book of Knowledge
Data Management Committee
Data Management Center
Data Management Centre
Device Management Center
Disaster Management Center
Dell Management Console
Debt Management and Collections System
Data Management Engine
Data Medium Exchange
Development, Modernization, Enhancement
Device Management Entity
Dynamic Mobile Exchange
Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness
Declarative Management Framework
Data Management Gateway
Dairy Management Inc
Dairy Management, Inc
Digital Management, Inc
Direct Machine Interface
Distributed Management Interface
Data Mining & Knowledge Management
Data Mining and Knowledge Management
Data Manipulation Languange
Definitive Media Library
Demonstrated Master Logistician
Devonport Management Ltd
Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support
Data Maintenance Module
Data Management Module
Data Management Maturity
Data Management Modules
Data Mobility Manager
Data Migration Manager
Digital Media Manager
Digital Media Management
Distributed Management Module
Domain Mapping Matrix
Dynamic Memory Management
Decision Model and Notation
Decision Model Notation
Decision Model & Notation
Decision Modeling and Notation
Decision Modeling Notation
Data Management Office
Data Management Officer
Data Management Organization
Despatch Manager Online
Destination Management Organisation
Destination Management Organizations
Distribution Management Office
Disaster Mortuary Operation Response Team
Dynamic Management Objects
Data Management Plan
Data Management Plans
Data Management Planning
Data Management Platform
Data Management Platforms
Debt Management Program
Debt Management Plan
Data Management Plans
Debt Management Programme
Debt Management Programs
Distributed Memory Parallel Computer
Digital Monitor Power Management
Data Management Platforms
Data Management Resource
Defective Material Report
Discrepant Material Report
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Data Module Requirements List
Data Module Requirement List
Database-managed space
Data Management Summit
Data Management Systems
Data Migration Service
Dealer Management Services
Data Management Software
Dealer Management Software
Data Management Subsystem
Data Management Strategy
Data Management Specialist
Dealer Management System
Dealer Management Systems
Dealership Management System
Dealership Management Systems
Debris Management Site
Debt Management Service
Decision Making Systems
Decision Management System
Device Management System
Defect Management System
Deliverables Management System
Detection Management Software
Digital Marketing Suite
Digital Media Suite
Disaster Management System
Disk Management System
Docket Management System
Distributed Management Systems
Doctorate in Management Studies
Document Management Service
Document Management Solution
Document Management Solutions
Document Management Systeme
Dokument Management System
Document Management Systemen
Dynamic Monitoring System
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Materials Shortages
Diminishing Manufacturing Sources & Material Shortages
Defense Modeling Simulation Office
Department Management Team
Disaster Management Team
Distinguished Member Of Technical Staff
Deer Management Unit
Deutscher Marketing Verband
Dynamic Management Views
Dynamic Management View
Dynamic Management Views
Data Mining Expressions
Drawing Number
Data Network Address
Data Networks Corporation
Delta Nu Alpha
Dialed Number Analyzer
Distributed Network Analysis
Dynamic Network Administration
Direct Numerically Controlled
Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control
Director of the National Reconnaissance Office
Department of Operations
Director's Office
Department Operations Center
Document of Compliance
Documents of Compliance
Department of the Defense
Department of Defense Directives
Data Orchestration Engine
Department of Ecology
Department of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program
Dredging Operations and Environmental Research
Days On Hand
Disclosure of Interest
Department of the Interior University
Department of Management
Department of Navy
Department of the Navy's
Director of Sales
Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System
Digital Optical Recording
Director of Research
Days Of Supply
Director of Safety
Department of Technology
Document of Understanding
Data Preparation
Decision Points
Demand Planning
Deployment Package
Designated Person
Directing a Project
Disaster Preparedness
Distribution Point
Distribution Points
Database Performance Analyzer
Diploma in Public Administration
Defense Property Accountability System
Defense Property Accounting System
Draft for Public Comment
Dynamic Power Capping
Delivery Project Executive
Data Path Module
Data Protection Manager
Data Protection Management
Derivatives Portfolio Management
Digital Project Managers
Digital Performance Management
Disk Pool Manager
Dynamic Power Management
Distributed Power Management
Division of Payment Management
Doctor of Project Management
Dog population management
Defect per Million Opportunity
Defects per Opportunity
Document Process Outsourcing
Digital Pen and Paper
Direct Product Profitability
Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance
Daily Production Report
Disaster Preparedness and Response
Dukas Public Relations
Distribution Points
Data Quality
Data Quality Assessment
Data Quality Assurance
Data Quality Center
Driver Qualification File
Data Quality Index
Data Quality Management
Data Quality Manager
Data Quality Knowledge Base
Documentum Query Language
Deep Query Manager
Dynamic Query Mode
Data Quality Management System
Data Repository
Decision Review
Digital Rights
Data Recovery Advisor
Directory Resource Administrator
Drug Regulatory Affairs
Danish Refugee Council / Danish Demining Group
Dillon Read Capital Management
Disaster Recovery Framework
Disaster Relief Fund
Data Relationship Governance
Direction des Ressources Humaines
Disaster Recovery Initiative
Disaster Recovery Institute International
Disaster Recovery Information Exchange
Decennial Response Integration System
Disaster Recovery Manager
Disaster Recovery Management
Dirty Region Logging
Data Relationship Management
Data Relationship Manager
Device Relationship Management
Data Replication Manager
Data Resource Management
Data Right Management
Data Rights Management
Demand Response Management
Digital Resource Management
Digital Rights Manager
Digitial Rights Management
Division of Risk Management
Dispatch Resource Management
Dynamic Resource Management
Document and Records Management
Defense Reutilization Management Office
Decision and Risk Management Professional
Dairy Records Management Systems
Digital Rights Management Systems
Digital Rights Management System
Directed Research Project
Disaster Recovery Planning
Distribution Requirements Planning
Distribution Requirement Planning
Distribution Resourse Planning
Distribution Resources Planning
Dispute Resolution Research Center
Disaster Risk Reduction and Management
Data Replication Service
Data Replication Services
Data Room Services
Digital Reception Service
Dynamic Resource Scheduler
Dynamic Resource Scheduling
Disaster Response Teams
Disaster Recovery Unit
Disaster Resilient Universities
Danish Research Unit on Industrial Dynamics
Defeasible Reasoning and Uncertainty Management Systems
Database Specification
Database Systems
Data Scheduling
Data Services
Data Synchronization
Decision Sciences
Decision Superiority
Decision Support
Delivery and Support
Delivery Server
Development Size
Directory Service Agents
Deep Security Agent
Disaster Survivor Assistance
Defense Security Assistance Management System
Direct Sales Agents
Digital Supply Chain
Directory Service Connector
Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Defense Supply Centers
Dell Server Deployment Pack
Designated Support Engineer
Directory Server Enterprise Edition
Division of School Facilities
Data Source Integration
Days Sales Inventory
Distribution Solutions International
Dynamic System Initiative
Defence Security Manual
Delhi School of Management
Deputy Stage Manager
Desktop & Server Management
Device Support Module
Disk Station Manager
Dynamic Spectrum Management
Data Stream Management Systems
Data Stream Management System
Data Stream Management Systems
Days of sales outstanding
Defense Spectrum Organization
Departmental Security Officer
Direct Service Organisation
Directory Service Provider
Distributed Server Option
Data Services Platform
Detailed Scheduling and Planning
Distribution Service Provider
Damage Survey Report
Demand Signal Repository
Diameter Signaling Router
Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd
Demand Signal Repositories
Data Services Server
Data Storage System
Decision-Support Systems
Decision-support system
Decision Suport System
Decision Support Systems
Decision Support Service
Decision Support Services
Department of Safety and Security
Directory and Security Server
DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Data Solutions & Technology
Decision Support Tool
Department of State Treasurer
Dynamic Storage Tiering
Dynamic Storage Technology
Dynamic Storage Technologies
Delaware Solid Waste Authority
Delta Technology
Department of Technology
Decision Tree Analysis
Defense Travel Administrator
Data Transparency Coalition
Digital Technical Control
Distributed Transaction Co-ordinator
Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative
Data Transformation Manager
Device Type Manager
Device Type Managers
Device Type Managers
Distributed Transaction Manager
Dynamic Tag Manager
Dynamic Tag Management
Dynamic Thermal Management
Dynamic Traffic Management
Department of Technology, Management and Budget
Department of Technology, Management & Budget
Defense Travel Management Office
Defense Travel Service
Data Transport Services
Defense Transportation System
Defense Transportation Tracking System
Direct Trainer Skills
Document Tracking System
Document Transformation Services
Downstream Technology Solutions
Durham University Business School
Deutscher Universitäts-Verlag
Database Vault Configuration Assistant
Data Visualization Cloud Service
Distributed Virtual Environments
Dynamic Volume Expansion
Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Management
Digital Video Manager
Digital Video Management
Deutscher Verband der Projektmanager
Data Writer
Department of Water Affairs
Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
Dead Weight Cargo Capacity
Defense Working Capital Funds
Data Warehouse Edition
Data Warehouse Environment
Distant Water Fishing Nation
Distant Water Fishing Nations
Decentralized Warehouse Management
Desktop Window Manager
Desktop Windows Manager
Desktop Window Manger
Dynamic window manager
Division of Waste Management
Data Warehouse Management System
Disaster Waste Recovery
Drinking Water Safety Plan
Data Exchange
Define Extent
Digital Experience
Data eXchange Manager
Digital Experience Management
Engineers and Planners
Energy Analysis
Engineering Administration
Enhanced Allocation
Enterprise Analytics
Exchange Administration Center
Exchange Admin Center
Exchange Administration Centre
European Associations of Corporate Treasurers
Environmental Assessment Division
Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management
Extranet Access Management
Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
Earnings at Risk
Employee Aptitude Survey
Enterprise Architecture Solutions
Enterprise Archive Solution
East Africa School of Management
European Air Traffic Management
Exotic Animal Training and Management
Electronic Banking
Electronic Bank Account Management
European Business Programme
Expression des Besoins et Identification des Objectifs de Sécurité
Evidence-Based Leadership
Ecosystem-Based Management
Ecosystem Based Management
Environmental Baseline Surveys
European Business School Librarians Group
Emergency Committee
Enterprise Connector
Environmental Coordinator
Embedded Control Channel
European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning
European Centre for Customer Strategies
Everglades Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area
Enterprise Configuration Management
Environmental Compliance Manager
Extensible Connectivity Management Agent
Exhibitions & Convention Management International
Electronic Content Management Systems
Enterprise Content Management Systemen
Energy Conservation Opportunities
Export Compliance Officer
European Centre for River Restoration
Environmental Cooling System
Enterprise Data
Enterprise Director
Executive Dashboard
Electronic Data Access
Electronic Data Capture
Electronic Data Capturing
Electronic Document Capture
Electronic Document Distribution
Enterprise Data Center
Enterprise Data Centers
Electronic Data Discovery
Electronic Data Delivery
Enterprise Data Governance
Enterprise Data Inventory
Electronic Document Handling
Electronical Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interface
Electronic Date Interchange
Electronic Data Interfaces
Electronics Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Trade
Electronic Data Manager
Emergency Department Management
Enterprise Data Management
Enterprise Data Models
Enterprise Decision Management
Enterprise Document Management
Enterprise Data Management Council
Electronic Database Management System
Electronic Document Management Systems
Enterprise Data Management Suite
Enterprise Document Management System
Electronic Document Management Systems
Employee Development Programme
Electronic Document Preparation and Management
Enterprise Data Quality
Electronic Discovery Reference Model
Electronic Document and Record Management
Electronic Document and Records Management System
Electronic Document Records Management System
Electronic Document & Records Management Systems
Electronic Document Storage
Emergency Dispensing Site
Electronic Document Transfer
Electrified Double Track Project
Enterprise Data Warehousing
Ecological Database of the World's Insect Pathogens
Economically Disadvantage Women Owned Small Business
Emergency Data Exchange Language
Employee Engagement
European Excellence Award
Equipment Engineering Capability
Eurocontrol Experimental Centre
Eurocontrol Experimental Center
Extended Enterprise Edition
Exercise Evaluation Guide
Exercise Evaluation Guides
Exercise Evaluation Guides
Employee Engagement Index
European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System
European Engine Lubricants Quality Management System
Embedded Event Manager
Environmental Evaluation Report
Escape Evacuation and Rescue Analysis
Early Finish
Experience Factory
Executive Forest Agency
External Factor Analysis Summary
External Factors Analysis Summary
Enterprise Fabric Connectivity
Estimated Final Cost
Enterprise Fabric Connectivity Manager
External Factor Evaluation
Embedded Flash File System
Electronic Freight Management
Employee File Management
Enterprise Financial Management
Enterprise Fraud Management
Estates and Facilities Management
Etecad File Manager
European Foundation of Management Development
European Federation of National Maintenance Societies
European Financial Planner
Exempted Fishing Permit
Exempted Fishing Permits
European Foundation Quality Management
European Foundation of Quality Management
Enterprise File Replication
Electronic Filing Software
Electronic Forms System
Enterprise File Sharing and Sync
Electronic File Transfer
European Governing Board
Equipment Guide List
Enterprise Geodatabase Management Associate
European Group for Organization Studies
European Group of Organization Studies
Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance
Enggist & Grandjean Software
Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway
Euler Hermes
Environmental Health and Safety
Education High School
Environmental, Health & Safety
Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability
Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability
Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management
Electronics and High Tech
Employee Involvement
Enterprise Intelligence
Examination Institute
Examination Institutes
Environmental Industry Association
European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management
European International Business Association
Employee Interaction Center
Employee Interaction Centre
Engineer in Charge
Experienced Investor Fund
Event Integration Facility
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute
Environmental Impairment Liability
Excellence in Leadership
Enterprise Integration Manager
Enterprise Incentive Management
Enterprise Integration Management
Enterprise Incident Management
External Independent Review
European Institute of Retailing and Services Studies
Engineering Investigations
Enterprise Integration System
Enterprise Integration Service
Enterprise Knowledge Base
Enterprise Key and Certificate Management
Enterprise Key Management
Encryption Key Manager
Extensible Key Management
Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure
Electronic Key Management Systems
Enterprise Knowledge Portal
Enterprise Knowledge Platform
Executive Leader
European Leadership Academy
European Leadership Centre
European Logistics Associations
Employee Life Cycle
Enterprise Life Cycle
Enterprise Logical Data Model
Emerging Leadership Journeys
Enterprise Learning Management
Enterprise Log Manager
Event Log Management
Event Log Monitor
Everglades Landscape Model
External List Management
Enhanced Local Management Interface
Electronic Lab Notebooks
Extended Leave of Absence
Effective License Position
Effective Licensing Position
Effective Licence Position
Emerging Leader Program
Environmental Leadership Program
Early Learning Services
Early Life Support
Effective Leadership Skills
Engineered Labor Standards
Economic Lot Scheduling Problem
Executive Leadership Team
Extraction, Loading, and Transformation
European Long Term Investment Fund
Emergency Monitoring
Enclosure Management
Engagement Manager
Enterprise Manger
Enterprise Mobility
Entrepreneurial Management
Evaluation and Management
Event Management
Executive Manager
Event Metrics
Extension Mobility
Emergency Management Act
Emergency Management Agencies
Enterprise Management Associates
Environmental Management Accounting
Environmental Management Associates
Emergency Management Assistance Compacts
Environmental Multiple Award Contract
Emergency Management Association of Georgia
Emergency Management Accreditation Program
Eco-Management and Auditing Scheme
Emergency Management Agencies
Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service
Executive Management Aptitude Test
Environmental Management Board
Executive Masters of Business Administration
Executive Masters in Business Administration
Executive Master Business Administration
European Master in Business Studies
Exchange Management Console
Equipment Managers Council of America
European Mentoring and Coaching Council
Emergency Management Department
Emerging market debt
Emerging Markets Debt
Environmental Management Division
Environmental Management Department
European Master in Disaster Medicine
Europe Middle East and Asia
Europe, Mid-East and Africa
Element Management Framework
Event Management Framework
Experience Modification Factor
Emergency Management Issues
Emergency Management for Higher Education
Earthquake and Megacities Initiative
Engine Management Installation Centers
Element Management Level
École de Management Léonard de Vinci
Enterprise Marketing Management
Enterprise Managed Mobility
Enterprise Metadata Management
Enterprise Mobility Management
Enterprise Mobile Management
Enterprise Mobile Manager
Entitlement Management Messages
Entitlement Management Messages
Executive Master in Marketing and Sales
Education Management Organization
Electronic Medical Office
Environmental Management Office
Environmental Management Program
Environmental Management Programs
Europe, Moyen-Orient et Afrique
Emergency Management Port
Emergency Medicine Physicians
Environmental Monitoring Plans
Executive Master in Public Administration
Executive Management Review
Enterprise Medical Record
Ecosystem Management and Restoration Research Program
Economic and Management Sciences
Education Management Systems
Education Management System
Emergency Management Systems
Electronic Management Systems
Element Manager System
Element Management Systems
Element Manager Software
Emergency Management Services
Emergency Management Service
Emergency Management of Stroke
Emergency Management Solutions
Employee Management Suite
Enquiry Management System
Enterprise Management System
Enterprise Management Suite
Enterprise Management Server
Enterprise Management Systems
Enterprise Manager Server
Enterprise Mobility Suite
Enterprise Models
Entitlement Management System
Entitlement Management Solution
Equipment Management System
Equipment Maintenance System
Equipment Management Solutions
Equipment Management Systems
Expense Management Solution
Error Management System
Event Management System
Event Management Systems
Events Management System
Execution Management System
Experiment Management System
Event Monitoring Service
Exchange Management Shell
Exhibition Management Services
Expert Monitoring System
Extended Memory Specification
Emergency Management of Severe Burns
European Master in System Dynamics
Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management
Emergency Management Services International
Event Management Team
Evaluation, Management, Training
European Master in Tourism Management
Executive Master's in Technology Management
Estimated Monetary Value
European Nurse Directors Association
European Network of Environmental Professionals
Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition
Enterprise Network Management Systems
Effective Negotiation Skills
Electronic Navigation Systems
Evaluation Notices
Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Génie Industriel
Environmental Officer
Engineering, Operations & Technology
End of Availability
Emergency Operation Center
Emergency Operation Centre
Emergency Operations Centres
Enterprise Operations Centers
End of Lease
Epsilon Object Language
End of Marketing
Enterprise Output Management
Emergency Operations Plans
Emergency Operations Planning
Economic Order-Quantity
Economic Order Quantities
European Organization for Quality
Esfahan Oil Refining Company
Employee Opinion Survey
End of Task
Emergency Operations Training Academy
Emergency Plan
Emergency planning
Employee Profile
Endpoint Protection
Environmental Practitioner
Extension Point
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Economic Price Adjustment
Economic Price Adjustments
Environmental Protected Area
Estimated Plan Of Action
Electronic Private Automated Branch Exchange
Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
Enterprise Process Center
Enterprise Private Cloud
Event-Process Chains
Event Process Chains
Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning
Environmental Performance Evaluation
Every Part Every Interval
Ekonomsko-poslovna fakulteta
Enterprise and Partner Group
Executive Program in General Management
Executive Program in Human Resource Management
Element Performance Inspection
Emergency Preparedness Initiative
Environmental Professional Intern
Executive Program in International Business
Executive Program in Investment Management
Enterprise Performance Life Cycle
Economic Policy Management
Education Personnel Management
Effective Project Management
Employee Performance Management
Enterprise Performance Management
Enterprise Policy Manager
Enterprise Power Manager
Enterprise Project Management
Enterprise Process Management
Enterprise Product Management
Enterprise Program Management
Enterprise Process Model
Executive Program in Management
Experience and Performance Manager
Enterprise Performance Management Architect
Enterprise Portfolio Management Office
Enterprise Program Management Office
Enterprise Program Management Offices
External Program and Management Review
Employee Performance Management System
Enterprise Program Office
European Platform on Mobility Management
Emergency Preparedness Program
Enterprise Purchasing Program
Environmental Protection Program
Expert Patient Programme
Exotic Pest Plant Council
Enterprise Portfolio Project Management
Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management
Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service
Electronic Procurement System
Enterprise Procurement System
Emergency Planning Society
Enhanced Prudential Standards
Enterprise Project Structure
Enterprise Protection Strategy
Environmental Protection Specialist
Event Per Second
European Public Sector Award
European Quality Award
European Process Safety Centre
Enterprise Project Type
Enterprise Password Vault
External Query
Environmental Quality Laboratory
Enterprise Quality Management System
Enterprise Quality Management Systems
Environmental Qualification Test
Efficient Replenishment
Electronic Records
Emergency Response
Emergency Responder
Enterprise Reporting
Environmental Restoration
Environmental Remediation
Environmental Representation
Exception Report
Executive Resources Board
Emergency Response Center
Emergency Response Centre
Emergency Response and Crisis Management
Environmental Restoration Division
Electronic Records and Document Management System
Emergency Response Data System
Electronic Recruiting Exchange
Environmental Research and Education Foundation
Erasmus Research Institutetute of Management
Electronic Radiology Laboratory
Edge Resource Manager
Embedded Resource Manager
Engine Resource Management
Effective Records Management
Electronic Resource Management
Electronic Reports Management
Electronic Resources Management
Employee Relationship Management
Enhanced Remote Mirroring
Enterprise-Wide Risk Management
Enterprise Resource Management
Enterprise Report Management
Enterprise Records Management
Enterprise Request Management
Enterprise Rights Management
Enterprise Risks Management
Environmental Resource Management
Electronic Resource Management Initiative
Executive Review Meeting
Environmental Risk Management Authority
Enterprise Risk Management Framework
Electronic Resources Management Initiative
E-Mail Response Management System
Electronic Records Management Systems
Electronic Records Management System
Electronic Resource Management Systems
Electronic Resource Management System
Emergency Response Program
Education Research Program
Emergency Response Procedure
Emergency Response Protocol
Engineering Resource Planning
Enterprise Resourse Planning
Enterprise Recourse Planning
Enterprise Ressource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planner
Enterprise Resource Planing
Enterprise Resource Program
Enterprise Requirements Planning
Enterprise Requirement Planning
Enterprise Resource Plannig
Enterprise Resource Programming
Enterprise Resource Product
Enterprise Resource and Planning
Enterprise Research Planning
Entreprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning System
Environmental Results Program
External Review Panel
Emergency Response Planning Guidelines
Emergency Response Plans
Enterprise Random Password Manager
Environmental Resource Permits
Environmental Risk Resources Association
Emergency Response & Rescue Vessel
Enterprise Ready Server
Enterprise Risk Services
Enterprise Reporting System
Equipment-Related Services
Equipment Related Services
European Rail Traffic Management System
European Railway Traffic Management System
European Rail Traffic Management Systems
Emergency Response Teams
European Regional Working Group
Early Start
Earned Schedule
Encryption Sync
Enterprise Services
Entitlement Service
Execution Service
Enterprise Security
Enterprise Suite
Enterprise Software
Enterprise System
Evolution Server
Executive Search
Executive Secretariat
Explorer Standard
Environment, Safety & Health
Environmental Safety and Health
Ecole Supérieure d'Assurances
Electronic Signature Agreement
Emergency Services Act
Enterprise Software Advisor
Enterprise Software Agreement
Extensible Security Architecture
Ecole Supérieure Algérienne des Affaires
Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office
Enterprise Safety Applications Management System
East and Southern Africa Regional Office
Emergency System for Advanced Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals
European School of Business
Ecole Superieure de Commerce
Ecological Site Classification
Emergency Services Coordinator
Enterprise Services Center
Enterprise Service Center
Environmental Steering Committee
Executive Steering Committee
European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis
Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur
École Supérieure de Commerce et de Management
École supérieure de commerce de Paris
Enterprise Services Division
Environmental Services Division
Estimated Start Date
Emergency Support Functions
Emergency Support Functions
Employee Satisfaction Index
Enterprise Software Initiative
Enterprise Systems Integration
Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
Environmental Social Impact Assessment
Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Électronique et Électrotechnique
Enterprise Secure Key Manager
Enterprise Security Manager
Enterprise Security Management
Enterprise Spend Management
Ecole Supérieure Libre Des Sciences Commerciales Appliquées
Ebay Sales Manager
Embedded Server Management
Embedded Syslog Manager
Embedded System Management
Enterprise Security Monitoring
Enterprise Storage Manager
Enterprise Storage Management
Enterprise Systems Management
Enterprise System Management
Enterprise System Manager
Enterprise Services Management System
Environmentally Sound Management
Environmental Science and Management
Environmental Science & Management
Exchange System Management
External Security Manager
External Security Managers
European Securities and Markets Association
European School of Management & Technology
Enterprise Social Networks
Enterprise Social Network
Enterprise Social Networking
Emergency Service Officer
Employee Stock Ownership
Event Security Officer
Extended Security Option
Enterprise Services Oriented Architecture
Environmental Safety and Occupational Health
Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health
Early Support Program
Electronic Security Perimeter
Employee Suggestion Program
Enterprise Security Products
Enterprise Solution Provider
Enterprise Service Platform
Environmental & Safety Professionals
European Safety Programme
External Service Provider
Electronic Service Request
Environmental Science and Resource Management
Environmental and Social Risk Management
Enterprise Security and Risk Management Office
Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System
Emergency Services Sector
Enterprise Scheduler Service
Enterprise Security Services
Enterprise Security Solutions
Enterprise Service Solutions
Enterprise Security System
Enterprise Shared Services
Enterprise Storage Server
Environmental and Social Sustainability
Environmental Support Solutions
Expense Submittal System
Emergency System Survivability Analysis
Europe Sub-Saharan Africa
École Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers
European Systems and Software Initiative
Eastern Scotian Shelf Integrated Management
Enterprise Storage, Servers and Networking
Enterprise Storage, Servers, and Networking
Enterprise Single Sign-On
Enterprise Single Sign On
Entrepreneurs Track
Extension Type
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
Engineering and Technology Acquisition Support Services
Emergency Transportation Center
Enhanced Tactical Computer
Estimated Time to Completion
Estimated Time to Complete
Estimates To Complete
Estimate to Complete
Expected Time of Completion
Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System
Environmental Technology Initiative
European Tourism Indicators System
European Tourism Indicator System
Executive Team Leader
Engineering Technology Management
Enterprise Technology Management
Engine Torque Management
Enterprise Telephony Management
Electrical Technical Officer
Emergency Transportation Operations
Executive Training Program
Excellence Through People
Estimated Time of Repair
Energy Trade Risk Management
Electronic Tracking Systems
Electronic Tracking System
Education and Training Unit
European Union Data Protection Directive
End User Experience
End User Experience Monitoring
End User Services
End-User Monitoring
End User Monitoring
End User Management
End User Recovery
End User Support
Enterprise User Security
End User Training
Earned Value
Earn Value
Economical Value Added
Earned Value Management
Earn Value Management
Earned Value Method
Enterprise Virtualization Management
Earned Value Management Implementation Guide
Earned Value Management Professional
Earned Value Professional
Earned Value Project Management
Earned Value Management Systems
Earned Value Management System
Enterprise Vocabulary Net
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice Presidents
Economic Value Sourced
Earned Value Technique
Early Watch Alert
Electronic Warfare Battle Management
Enhanced Write Filter
Executive Women's Forum
European Water Framework Directive
England Woodland Grant Scheme
Electronic Work Instructions
Electronic Work Instruction
Extended Warehouse Management
European Wound Management Association
Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence
European Women's Management Development
Extended Window Manager Hints
European Water Partnership
European Water Pollution Control Association
Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool
European Water Resources Association
Early Warning Signals
Environmental Waste Solutions
European Welding Specialist
Finance and Administration
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Fulfillment, Assurance, and Billing
Forced Authorization Code
File Access Manager
Financial Asset Management and Engineering
File Area Networks
Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
Functional Area Representative
Farm Aquaculture Resource Management
Fixed Asset Software
Feeding Buffer
Fletcher Building
Final Business Case
Financial Business Management Systems
Foundations of Banking Risk
File-Based Write Filter
File Based Write Filter
Facilities Condition Assessment
Fellow of Chartered Certified Accountants
Federal Continuity Directives
Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
Failover Cluster Manager
Financial Close Manager
Foreign Consequence Management
FileNet Certified Professional
Financial Crime Risk
Financial Crime Risk Management
File Definition Language
Free Download Manager
Fata Disaster Management Authority
Fabric Device Management Interface
Flight Data Management System
Freedom Data Services
Facilities Engineering
Facility Engineering
Flash Environmental Assessment Tool
First Expired First Out
First Expiry First Out
Forefront Endpoint Protection
Front End Planning
Front End Programming Interface
Front End System
Federation of Environmental Technologists
First Financial Asset Management
First Failure Data Capture
Firm-fixed Price
Firm Fixed-Price
Federal Flood Risk Management Standard
Federal Financial System
Forest Genetic Resources
Focused Improvement
Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness
Financial Improvement Audit Readiness
Financial Industry Business Ontology
Fellow of the Institute of Consulting
Federal Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management
Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services
Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning
Financial Instrument Global Identifier
Federated Identity Management
Federated Identity Manager
File Integrity Management
Flight-deck Interval Management
Food Industry Management
Forefront Identity Manager
Forefront Identity Manger
Forefront Identity Management
Forefront Identify Manager
Fresh Item Management
Federation of Investment Managers Malaysia
Forms Interface Management System
Fellow of the Institute of Directors
Financial Improvement Program
Financial Improvement Plans
Fellow in Interventional Pain Practice
Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice
Federal Information Protection Standard
Federal Investigative Services
Federated Identity Service
Fleet Introduction Team
Foundation for Liberal And Management Education
Fleet Logistics Center
Forest Land Enhancement Program
Fellow, Life Management Institute
Fellow of Life Management Institute
Fellow of the Life Management Institute
Finance Leadership Team
Flexible Learning Program
File-Level Retention
Fabric Manager
Facilities Maintenance
Facility Maintenance
Facility Maintenance's
Fault Manager
File Manager
Faculty of Management
Feature Manager
Field Manager
Fleet Management
Fleet Manager
Financial Management
Fixed Margin
Flow Manager
Football Manager
Fund Management
Funds Management
Forwarding Manager
Fraud Management
Framework Manager
Federal Manufacturing & Technologies
Federal Manufacturing & Technology
Failure Modes Analysis
Fault Management Architecture
Fiscal Management Associates
File Management Appliance
Financial and Management Accounting
Financial Management Bureau
Floats Mobile Agent
Frame Mode Bearer Service
Fisheries Monitoring Centre
Facilities Management Department
Flow Measurement Device
Farm Management Deposits
Foundation for Management Education
Fault Modes and Effect Analysis
Forum Management Group
Function Management Header
Field Management Ireland
Field Modification Instruction
Football Manager Live
Fellowship in Manufacturing Management
Financial Management Officer
Facility Maintenance Management System
Future Mode of Operation
Facilities Management Professional
Facility Management Professional
Food Management Professional
Fatigue Management Program
Fisheries Management Plan
Fishery Management Plan
Fishery Management Plans
Fleet Modernization Program
Flow Management Position
Fault Management Resource Identifier
Flash Media Rights Management Server
Fabric Manager Server
Facilities Management Software
Facility Management Software
Facilities Modules
Facility Management and Safety
Fault Management System
Fecal Management System
Field Management System
Faculty Management Studies
Faculty of Management Studies
Faculty of Management Sciences
Fashion Management Solution
Field Marketing Specialist
Fight Management System
Financial Management System
Financial Management Systems
Fleet Management System
Fleet Management Systems
Financial Management Services
Financial Management Solutions
Financial Management Service's
Fleet Management Solutions
Fleet Management Standard
Fluid Management System
Fluid Management Systems
Freelance Management System
Freelancer Management System
Frontier Market Scouts
Fuel Monitoring System
Fleet Management Systems International
Fleet Material Support Office
Fisheries Management Science Programme
Facility Management Software System
Flight Management Systems
Flight Management System Trainer
Facility Management Team
Fuel Management Unit
Fuel Management Units
Federal Ministry of Water Resources
Fondation Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises
Field Organizations
Functional Objective
Family Owned Business
Fund of Fund
Fund of Funds
Full Outturn Guarantee
Fixed Obligation Grants
Front of House
Found on Installation
Fachhochschule für Oekonomie & Management
Faculty of Management
Field Operations Manager
Flight Operations Manager
Formula One Management
Front Office Management
Fixed Order Quantity
Full Outturn Quality
Fellow of the Operational Research Society
Foundations of Success
Front Office System
Federal Office Systems Expo
Factory Planner
Financial Partners
Financial Performance
Financial Position
Financial Planning & Analysis
Financial Planning Analysis
Facilities Planning & Management
Facilities Planning and Management
Financial Planning Advisor
Fixed Price Award Fee
Federal Program Agencies
Financial Planning Association of Singapore
Forest Practices Board
F-O-R-T-U-N-E Personnel Consultants
Fixed Priced Contracting
Fixed Price Economic Price Adjustment
First Patient First Visit
Float Panel Interface
Federal Public-key Infrastructure
Family Practice Management
Federal Personnel Manual
Financial Performance Management
Flows Per Minute
Forefront Protection Manager
Fundamentals of Project Management
Figaro's Password Manager 2
Facilities Planning and Management Officers
Federal Property Management Regulation
Federal Property Management Regulations
First Point of Contact
Fall Protection Plan
Federal Personnel Payroll System
Forefront Protection Server Management Console
Fast Recovery Area
Forest Resource Assessment
Forest Resources Assessments
Fraud Risk Assessment
First Responder Authentication Credential
Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System
Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System
Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System
Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action Systems
Facilitated Risk Analysis Process
Fault Resilient Booting
Forest Renewal British Columbia
Federal Records Center
Federal Records Centers
Federal Records Centers
Financial Reporting Committee
Financial Reporting and Control
Functional Requirements Documents
Functional Requirements Documents
Functional Requirement Documents
Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
Fraud & Risk Intelligence
Forestry Research Institute of Malawi
Fellow in Risk Management
Finance Resource Management
Financial Resource Management
Financial Risk Manager
Financial Risk Management
Forest Resource Management
Finite Resource Planning
Foundations of Risk Management
Fraud Risk Management
Federal Real Property Council
Financial Reporting Releases
Financial Reporting Studio
Fixed Round-Trip Time
Fixed Round Trip Time
Field Replacement Units
Facility Security
Facility Services
Feature Server
Field Supervisor
Functional Specifications
Field Service Automation
Financial Services Associate
Financial Services Advisor
Federated Storage Area Management
Final Safety Analysis Report
Flight Service Automation System
Formal Safety Assessments
Federal Stock Class
Field Support Center
Finance Sub-Committee
Financial Service Center
Food Security Cluster
Forward Schedule of Changes
Financial Supply Chain Management
Field Security Coordination Officer
Federal Security Director
Federal Security Directors
Food Service Director
Field Sales Engineer
Field Support Engineer
Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion
Federated Systems Group
Financial Statement Generator
Financial Services Global Business Unit
File System Interface Module
Financial Systems Integration Office
Financial System Integration Office
Food Security and Livelihood
Field Service Management
Field Service Manager
Field Service Managers
Field Staff Manager
File System Manager
Firebox System Manager
Forest Service Manual
Firewall Security Manager
Flex System Manager
Forest Service's Manual
Functional Safety Management
Food Safety Management System
Food Safety Management Systems
Field Security Operations
Field Security Officer
Financial Services Office
Food Safety Objective
Food Safety Objectives
Food Safety Objectives
Fallback Status Point
Flexible Service Processor
Forest Stewardship Program
Functional Service Provision
Financial Service Providers
Food Safety and Quality Assurance
Financial Statement Reporting
File Server Resource Manager
File Server Resource Management
File System Resource Manager
Financial Services Risk Management
Field Service Solutions
Financial Shared Service Center
Food Safety System Certification
Food Safety Systems Certification
Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification
Field Support Team
Fleet Support Team
Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme
File System Visualizer
Functional Service View
Functional Transformation
Failure Tree Analysis
File-Transfer Access and Management
File Transfer, Access, and Management
File Transfer and Management
First Time Capability
Financial Technologies Forum
First Time Fix
Faculty Training Institute
Financial Training Institute
Field Team Leader
Field Team Member
Fixed Term License
Fixed Time Maintenance
Fine Tune Operation
Fund Transfer Pricing
Federal Travel Regulations
First Time Resolution
First Time Right
Federal Technology Service
File Tracking System
File Transfer Services
Financial Training Scheme
Financial Trading System
First Time Through
Fiber to the Cell Site
First Time Yield
Field Unit
Facilities Use Agreement
Flexible Use of Airspace
Game Assistant
Graduate Australian Institute of Company Directors
Good Automated Laboratory Practice
Governance, Accountability, Management Metrics and Analysis
Gap Analysis Project
Group Address Registration Protocol
German Accounting Standard
Global Air Transportation Execution System
Genie Backup Manager
Gestão do Conhecimento
Global Client and Agency Solutions
Georgetown Climate Center
Global Command Centres
Groupware Competence Center
Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association
Global Customer Service Center
Global Combat Support System-Army
Graduate Diploma
Graphite Description Language
Gnome Desktop Manager
GNOME Display Manager
Guidelines for Definition of Managed Objects
Global Delivery Platform
Good Documentation Practices
Global Directory Services
Group Decision Support Software
Geographically Dispersed Team
Geologist Exploration
Global Equities and Commodity Derivatives
Gestion Electronique de Documents
Gestion Electronique Documentaire
Geoscience for Environmental Management
Graphics Execution Manager
Governance and Economic Management Assistance Programme
General Engine Management Systems
Green Energy Management Systems
Global Emergency Management System
Graphical Evaluation and Review Techniques
Graphical Evaluation & Review Technique
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery
Global Forum on Maintenance & Asset Management
Global financial system
Global Insurance Company
Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining
Governance Interoperability Framework
Global Infrastructure Group
Gujarat Informatics Limited
Generation Investment Management
Geoscientific Information Management
Global Investment Management
Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration
Grid Infrastructure Management Repository
Goods Inward Note
Global India Publishing Group
Global Investment Performance Standard
Global Infrastructure Services
Global Integrated Solutions
Global Investment Solutions
Global Leadership
Global Logistics
Global Logistics Associate
Global Logistics Center
Great Lakes Chapter
Grazing Land Conservation Initiative
Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative
Great Lakes Data Systems
Groundwater Loading Effects Of Agricultural Management Systems
Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
George Little Management
Global Leadership Programme
Global Logistics Specialist
Global Land Tool Network
Games is a media
General Managers
General Management
General Manger
Global Mirror
Grant Management
Grants Management
Grounds Maintenance
Graduate Management Admission Council
Graduate Management Admissions Council
General Motors Asset Management
Graduate Management Admission Search Service
Graduate Management Admissions Test
General Management Aptitude Test
Gadjah Mada Business Case Competition
Global Management Challenge
Global Management Center
General Management and Communication Skills
Global Medicines Development
Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
General Management Programme
General Management Program
General Managers Program
Global Management Program
Graduate Management Program
Green Mark Professional
Gross Margin Return on Inventory
Game Management System
Games Management System
Garage Management System
General Management System
Globalization Management System
Global Management System
Global Medical Safety
Group Management Services
Guest Management System
Greater Nashville Apartment Association
Global Network for Advanced Management
Global Nutrition Cluster
Gateway Network Element
Goods Not For Resale
Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Global Network Management System
Global Name Recognition
Global Network Services
Global Network Service
Great Northern Staff Administrators
Grants Officer
Global Operation Centre
Goods Order Inventory System
Grand Oak Limited
Ground Operations Manager
Generic Object Oriented Database System
Global Order Promising
Global Outreach Programme
Gross Operating Profit
Global Operating System
Government Ordering System
Greater Orlando Society for Human Resource Management
Government Open Systems Interconnect Profile
Global Ocean Surface Underway Data
Gate Pass
Generic Practices
Generic Practice
Goal Programming
Guided Procedures
Global Private Equity Initiative
General Parallel File Systems
Global Procurement Group
Good Practice Guides
Good Practice Guides
Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy
German Project Management
Global Price Management
Group Policy Management
Greek People Management Association
General Plant Projects
Gross Profit Percentage
Gross Potential Rent
Grand Prix Racing Online
Global Public Sector
Global Product Team
Google Publisher Tags
Gas Piping Technology Committee
Global Quality
Global Quality Tracking System
Genetic Resources
Global Regulatory Affairs
Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
Generally Recognised Accounting Practice
Generally Recognised Accounting Practices
Generally Recognized Accounting Practice
Geographical Resources Analysis Support System
General Research Corporation
Gestion de la Relation Client
Gestion de la Relation Clients
Global Response Center
Goverance, Risk and Compliance
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Governance, Risk and Compliance
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Governance, Risk, Compliance
Governance, Risk, & Compliance
Governance Risk and Compliance
Governance Risk Compliance
Governance Risk & Compliance
Government, Risk and Compliance
Governance, Risk, and Control
General Records Disposition Schedule
Gestion des ressources humaines
Global Risk Identification Programme
Global Risk Insight Platform
Guide to Railway Investment Projects
Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative
General Relationship Model
Geospatial Resource Management
Global Resource Manager
Global Red Meat Standard
Global Resource Management System
Global Risk Management Solutions
Global Recycling Network
Good Receipt Note
Good Received Note
Goods Receipt Note
Goods Return Note
Global Remuneration Professional
Global Risk Solutions
Global Relief Technologies
Goldratt Schools
General Service Agent
Global Space Agency
Generalized Sequential Access Method
Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Graduate School of Business Administration
Graduate School of Business & Administration
Global Service Centre
Global Service Center
Global Solutions Center
Global Support Center
Global Supply Chain Forum
Global Supply Chain Management
Global Supply Chain and Process Management
General Services Department
Global Service Desk
Global Services Daemon
Global Service Daemon
Global Service Delivery
Global Services Delivery center
Global Solutions Directory
Global Sustainable Investment Alliance
Goa Shipyard Limited
General Sales Manager
Guest Service Manager
Global Safety Management
Global Service Monitor
Global Services Organization
Graduate School of Management
Graduate School of Marketing
Graham School of Management
Greenbone Security Manager
Granite State Management & Resources
Global Strategic Management Institute
Global Standards Management Process
Global Safety Network
Government Security News
Georg Simon Ohm
Global Security Organization
Global Sign-On
Global Sign On
Georgia System Operations Corporation
Graduate School of Management
Graduate School of Political Management
Global Special Risks
General Support Systems
Global Shared Services
Global Solution Services
Global Support Services
Global Shared Service Centre
Guest Service Solution
Guest Services Solution
General Schedule Supervisory Guide
Graduate School of Technology Management
Geomatic Technologies
Global Tactical Asset Allocation
Ground Theater Air Control Systems
Global Technology Audit Guide
Global Transaction Banking
Global Technical Center
Get Things Done
Getting Things Done
Global Technology Infrastructure
Global Talent Management
Global Traffic Manager
Global Traffic Management
Global Transportation Management
Google Tag Manager
Global Technology & Operations
Game Text Protocol
Gartner for Technical Professionals
Global Technology Portal
Global Technology Services
Government Technology Research Alliance
Global Trade Services
Global Transaction Services
Generalized Update Access Method
Grid User Management System
Group Update Provider
Globally Unique Temporary Identifier
Home to Grid
High Availability Daemon
Habitat Areas of Particular Concern
Highly Available Virtual Machines
Highly Available Virtual Machine
Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager
Havard Business Review
Host Based Replication
Host Channel Adaptor
Human Capacity Development Consultants
Hemispheric Center for Environmental Technology
Hyper Converged Infrastructure Appliance
High Conservation Value Areas
Home Device Manager
Healthcare Delivery Organizations
Hubbard Decision Research
Humanitarian Data Exchange
Hazard Effect Management Process
Highway Economic Requirement System
Health, Environmental and Safety
Hierarchical Holographic Modeling
Healthcare Human Resources Management Association of California
Handicap International
Housing Industry Foundation
Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary
Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis
Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
Hong Kong Society for Quality
Hazard Log
High Level Definition
Hidden Line Manager
Healthcare & Life Sciences
High Level Structure
Hurricane Liaison Team
Hierarchy Manager
Housing Management
Holistic Management
Hellenic Management Association
Herd Management Areas
Hardware Management Consoles
Hardware Management Consoles
Hazardous Material Control and Management
Hyper Media Director
Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme
Holistic Management International
Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement
High Medium Low
Hazardous Materials Management Plan
Hazardous Material Management Plan
Horizon Meds Manager
Healthcare Management Solutions
Health Market Science
Hire Management System
Hospitality Management System
Hospital Management System
Hospital Management Solution
Hostel Management System
Hotel Management System
Hotel Management School Maastricht
Hazard Mitigation Technical Assistance Program
Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre
Harvard Negotiation Project
Hochschule Neu-Ulm University
Head of Department
Head of Departments
Hands-On Lab
Hands-On Labs
Head of Office
Head of Security
Head of Training
Head of Unit
Hardware Platform
Hoshin Planning
Hyperion Planning
Hamburg Port Authority
Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management
Hardware Platform Management
Human Performance Improvement
Hardware Password Manager
Harvard Project Manager
Human Process Management
High Performance Organisatie
High Performing Organization
High-Performance Organizations
High Performance Organizations
Healthcare Performance Partners
Highly Protected Risks
Haryana Prathmik Shiksha Pariyojna Parishad
High Performance Teams
High Performing Teams
Himachal Pradesh University Business School
High Quality Water
Human Reader
Human Recourses
Human Ressource
Herbicide Resistance Action Committee
Human Resource Association of Central Ohio
Human Resources Business Professional
Healthcare Risk Control
Historical Reporting Client
Human Resources Certificate Institute
Human Resources Consulting Inc
Human Resource Competency Study
Human Resource Directorate
Hitachi Rail Europe
Human Resources Leadership Program
Healthcare Risk Management
Human Relations Management
Human Resource Manag
Hyper-V Recovery Manager
Human Resource Management Professional
Human Resources Management Professional
Human Resource Management Solution
High Reliability Organisations
High Reliability Organizations
Human Resource and Organizational Development
Human Resource Planning Society
Human Resources Planning Society
Hospitality & Retail Systems
Human Resource System
Human Resources Section
Human Resource Solutions
Hyper Recruitment Solutions
Hampton Roads Society for Human Resource Management
High Reliability Theory
Historical Simulation
Healthy Schools Act
Hierarchical Sequential Access Method
Hamburg School of Business Administration
Healthcare Supply Chain Network
Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program
Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program
Health, Safety and Environmental Impact Assessment
Homeland Security Emergency Management
Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Health, Safety, Environmental and Security
Hyperion Strategic Finance
Health Sciences Global Business Unit
Homeland Security Intelligence
Hospitality Solutions International
Human Systems International
Hardware Security Module
Hardware Security Model
Hardware Security Modules
Hierarchal Storage Management
Host Security Modules
Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International
Hotel Sales and Marketing Association International
Homeland Security Management Institute
Heterogeneous Sensor Network
Hazardous Substances & New Organisms
Hazardous Substance Process Management
Hosted Service Providers
Hyperion Shared Services
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Human Task Manager
Hospitality and Tourism Management Program
Hyperion Tax Provisioning
Hyperion Tax Provision
Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc
Hitachi Tiered Storage Manager
Handling Unit
Harvard University Information Technology
Handling Unit Management
Heads of University Management & Administration Network in Europe
High Usage Report
High Usage Reports
Hitachi Universal Replicator
Integrated Pest Management
Independent Assessments
Incident Awareness and Assessment
Indiana Apartment Association
International Association of Business and Society
International Association for Business & Society
International Association of Contracting and Commercial Management
Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers
International Aerospace Environmental Group
International Association of Financial Planning
Internal Audit Group
International Association of Hispanic Meeting Professionals
Identity and Access Intelligence
International Asset Management
Investment Account Manager
International Artist Managers Association
Identity and Access Management System
Illinois Association Medical Staff Services
Institut für Angewandte Psychologie
International Airport Professional
International Association of Protocol Consultants
International Association of Project Managers
Interactive Advisory Software
Irrigation Associations
Introduction to Business
Interest-Based Bargaining
Investment Banking Department
Installed Base Evaluation
Integrated Business Management
Integrated Broadcast Management System
Identity, Credential, & Access Management
Individual Competence Baseline
Incident Command Centre
Integration Competence Centre
Integration Competency Centre
International Colour Consortium
International Center for Complex Project Management
International Conference on Construction Project Management
Integration Competency Centers
Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management
Ideal Customer Experience
Independent Cost Evaluation
Inter-Client Exchange
Inter Client Exchange
Inventory Control Expert
International Cost Estimating and Analysis
Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee
Independent Cost Estimates
Identity Connector Framework
Integrated Catalog Facility
Inventory Collaboration Hub
International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education
International Conference on Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management
International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage
International Commission of Irrigation and Drainage
International Critical Incident Stress Foundation
International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations
International Centre for Living Aquatic Resource Management
International Centre for Leadership in Finance
Image Color Management
Incentive Compensation Management
Independent Contractor Management
Infrastructure Configuration Manager
Integrated Color Management
Integrated Crop Management
Intelligent Contact Management
Intelligent Contact Manager
Intelligent Call Management
Intelligent Call Manager
International Cooperating Ministries
International Creative Management
Investigative Case Management
International Conference on Managing the Asian Century
Inter-chassis Management Bus
Incoming Calls Management Institute
International Customer Management Institutetute
International Compliance Management Model
Integrated Conflict Management System
International Convention Management Services
International Commission for the Microbiological Specifications of Foods
International Consortium for Organizational Resilience
International Conference on Public Administration
Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management
Incident Command Posts
Initial Cell Rate
Internal Control Reviews
International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing
International Conference on Ramp-Up Management
International Center for Remote Sensing Education
Intelligent Communication Software
Internal Control Standard
Industry Cooperation on Standards and Conformity Assessment
Informatie en Communicatie Technologie
Initial Configuration Tasks
Inter Cluster Trunk
International Compliance Training
Interface Configuration Utility
Internationaler Controller Verein
Implementation Director
Infrastructure Division
Interactive Detailing
Integrated Data Access
Integrated Data Collection
International Disaster Conference and Expo
Inventory Dollar Days
Indiana Department of Environmental Management
Internet Data Entry System
International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance
Inspection Data Interface
Industrial Data & Information Inc
International Dairy & Juice
Identity Driven Manager
Image Data Manager
Integrated Data Model
Intelligent Data Management
Integrated Digital Marketing
Integrated Document Management System
Integrated Document Management Systems
Intelligent Device Management
Intelligent Data Management Framework
Integrated Drought Management Programme
International Decade of Natural Disaster Reduction
Independent Delivery Networks
Interdivision Revision Authorization
International Disaster Recovery Association
Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller
Integrated Data Retrieval System
Inmon Data Systems
Integrated Deployment System
Integrated Dealer Systems
Integrated Document Solutions
Intelligent Decision Support Systems
Intelligent Decision Support System
International Distillers and Vintners
Integrated Data Warehouse
Investigation Derived Waste
Inter Departmental Working Group
Idaho Department of Water Resources
Intrusion Detection Exchange Protocol
Instituto de Empressa
Intelligence Enterprise
Integrated Ecosystem Assessment
Integrated Ecosystems Assessment
Independent Estimate at Completion
Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
International Electronical Commission
Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance
International Energy Consultants Organisation
Initial Environmental Examination
Integrated Enterprise Excellence
Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol
Indigenous Ecological Knowledge
Illumina Experiment Manager
Inactive Equipment Maintenance
Innovative Education Management
Integrated Enterprise Modeling
Institut Européen de Management International
Integrated Emergency Management System
International Executive Recruiting
International Executive Services
Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation
Integrated Electronic Technical Manual
Interactive Electronic Technical Publication
Interactive Electronic Technical Publications
Interactive Electronic Technical Publications
Intelligence Electronic Warfare and Sensors
Independent Financial Advisory
Independent Financial Advisers
International Food Associates
Internal Factor Analysis Summary
Internal Factors Analysis Summary
Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities
International Finance and Commodities Institute
International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection
International Financial Data Services
Internal Factors Evaluation
International Family Enterprise Research Academy
Institut Français de Gestion
Improved Forest Management
Independent Fund Management
Institut für Facility Management
Integrated Facilities Management
Intelligent Flow Management
Interoperable Fare Management
Income From Operations
International Federation of Operations Research Societies
Independent Financial Partners
International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management
International Foundation of Protection Officers
Interactive Financial Planning System
International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management
Interim Financial Report
International Financial Risk Institute
International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations
International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organizations
International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organisations
International Financial Reporting Services
Integrated Facility Services
Integrated financial system
International Fund Services
International Food Service Executive Association
International Food Services Executives Association
International Group of Controlling
Indofarma Global Medika
Institute for Geospatial Research and Education
International Headquarters
International Head Hunters
Institute for Healthcare Optimization
International Human Resource Certification Institute
International Human Resource Management
Instance Identifier
International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply
Institute of International Business
International Institute for Business Analysis
Industry Interaction Cell
Innovative International Consulting
Intelligent Infrastructure Management
Interagency Incident Management Group
International Infrastructure Management Manual
Internet Inter-Operability Protocol
Investing in People
Investor in People
Investors in People
Informatica Identity Resolution
International Institute of Tourism Studies
International Journal of Computational Engineering and Management
International Jazz Festivals Organization
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
International Journal of Operations and Production Management
International Joint Venture
International Joint Ventures
Inquiring Knowledge Networks on the Web
Integrated Kanban System
Institut Luxembourgeois des Administrateurs
Infrastructure Leakage Index
Identity Lifecycle Manager
Identity Lifecycle Management
Integrated Library Management Systems
Integrated Logistics Management Systems
Integrated Library Systems
Integrated Lights-Out
Integrated Lights Out Manager
Integrated Lights-Out Manager
Integrated Lights-Out Management
Item Level Recovery
Item Level Restore
Identification Lists
Integrated Logistics Solutions
Integrated Logistics Systems
Integrated Logistics Support Management Team
Integrated Logistics Support Plans
Integrated Logistics Support Plans
Item Level Tagging
Innerbetriebliche Leistungsverrechnung
Integrated Land and Water Resources Management
Identity Management
Imformation Management
Implementation Manager
Incident Management
Infrastructure Manager
Inspection Management
Installation Manager
Instance Manager
Integrated Management
Integration Management
Integration Manager
Interaction Manager
International Management
Interval Management
Instruction Memorandum
Integration Module
International Marketing
Inventory Management
Inventory Manager
Investment Management
Indian Management Academy
International Management Academy
Institute for Management Accountants
Institute of Managerial Accountants
Investment Management Agreement
Investment Management Agreements
Install, Move, Add & Change
Insurance Managers Association of Cayman
International Management Assistance Corporation
Incident Management, Analysis, and Reporting System
International Mine Action Standards
Investment Management Association of Singapore
Incident Management Assistance Teams
Institute of Management Berlin
Incident Management Centre
Incident Management Center
Intelligent Management Centre
Incorporated Management Committee
InForm Management Console
Institute for Management Consultants
Integrated Management Controller
International Management Council
Intelligent Management Center
Investment Management Certificate
Institute of Management and Research
Institutetute of Management and Research
Investment Management Enterprise
Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team
Implementation Management Guide
Incident Management Group
Innovation Management Group
Internet Management Group
Incident Management Handbook
Innovative Manufacturing Initiative
Irish Management Institutetute
Integrated Management Information Center
Ingram Micro Logistics
Integrated Management Log
Integrated Management Module
Integrated Marketing Management
Integrated Materials Management
Integrated Management Module 2
Integrated materiel Management
Integrated Materiel Manager
International Marine Management
International Marketing Management
Integrated Modeling Method
Integrated Modelling Method
Interactive Media Manager
Insurance Marketing & Management Services
Integrated Maintenance Management System
Integrated Maritime Operations System
Incident Management Plan
Integrity Management Plan
Integrity Management Program
Integrity Management Programs
Innovative Management Partner
Integrated Master Plan
Integrated Master Plans
Integrated Marketing Plan
Inventory Management Plan
Investigational Medicinal Products
International Marine Protected Areas Congress
Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust
Investment Management Regulatory Organization
Issue Management Resolution System
Identity Management System
Image Management Systems
Incident Management Systems
Infrastructure Management System
Infrastructure Managers
Infrastructure Management Systems
Innovative Management Solutions
Inspection Management System
Installation Management Services
Instructional Management System
Instructional Management Systems
Intelligence Management System
Integrated Master Schedule
Integrated Master Schedules
Integrated Master Scheduling
Intelligent Media Server
Internal Management System
Investment Management System
Interim Management Solutions
International Maritime Security
International Management Studies
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Solution
Issues Management System
Intel Matrix Storage Manager
Intel Management and Security Status
Integrated management team
Intelligent Networking
Intelligent Network Manager
Incident of Non-Compliance
Instituut Nederlandse Kwaliteit
Integrated Network Manager
IronView Network Manager
International Network of Research Management Societies
Instructor Operator
Internal Order
International Organization
International Operations
International Organisation
Inventory Optimization
Intelligent Operations Center
Image Object Change Management
International Operations Division
International Oceanographic Data Exchange
Interactive Onsite Learning
Institute for Organizational Management
Institute of Organization Management
Integrated Offender Management
Integrated Oncology Network
International Organization Network
International Organizations Network
Integrated Ocean Observing System
Integrated Ocean Observing Systems
Institute of Safety Management
Inter Operator Tariff
Implementing Partner
Initiating a Project
Inspection Planning
Installation Plan
Integrated Project
Interface Profile
Inventory position
Investigational Products
Independent Public Accountants
Innovation for Poverty Action
Intelligent Process Automation
International Personnel Assessment Council
Intragovernmental Payments and Collections
Invasive Plant Atlas of New England
Invasive Plant Atlas of New England's
Integrated Public Alert & Warning System
Integrated Public Alerts and Warning System
Income Property Book
Illustrated Parts Breakdowns
International Partnership of Business Schools
Independent Pharmacy Cooperative
Integrated Pest and Crop Management
Integrated Pest and Disease Management
Illustrated Parts Catalogs
Illustrated Parts Data
Internet Portal Data Center
International Product Development Management Conference
Investment Pensions Europe
Investments and Pensions Europe
Intergovernmental Preparedness for Essential Records
Irish Property & Facility Management Association
Image Product Library
Imagery Product Library
Integrated Priority Lists
International Program License Agreement
Innovation Process Management
Infrastructure Performance Management
Infrastructure Performance Monitoring
Insight Power Manager
Integrated Partner Management
Integrated Pesticide Management
Integrated Program Management
Integration Project Management
International Project Management
Intellectual Properties Management
Investment Property Management
Intelligent Print Management
International Perforation Management
Internet Performance Monitor
Interventional Pain Management
International Project Management Commission
International Public Management Network
Intellectual Property Management Office
Intellectual Property Management and Protection
Integrated Program Management Report
Institution of Professionals Managers and Specialists
Integrated Performance Measurement System
Integrated Personnel Management System
Integrated Personnel and Payroll System
Individual Performance Plan
Integrated Program Plan
Independent Power Producer Administrator
Integrated Plant Protection Center
Integrated Production and Pest Management
In-process Reviews
In Progress Review
In-Process Reviews
In Process Reviews
Intellectual Property Rights Management
Improvement Plans
Innovative Prison Systems
Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Integrated Payment Systems
Integrated Procurement System
Integrated Product Support
Integrated project schedule
Integrated Process Solution
Integrated Product Suite
Integration Packs
Investor Policy Statement
International Public Sector Accounting Standards
International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association
Innovative Public Services Group
Integrated Planning Team
Integrated Process Team
Integrated Program Team
Integrated Project Teams
International Programme for Technology and Research in Irrigation and Drainage
Integrated Quality
Integrating Quality
Initially Qualified
Intelligent Query
Intelligent Queuing
Independent Quality Assurance
Internal Quality Audit
Internal Quality Auditing
Integrated Quality Management System
Integrated Research
Integrity Risk
Interactive Response
Internal Review
Insecticide Resistance Action Committee
Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee
Investment Review Board
Investment Review Boards
Independent Review Committee
Internal Review Committee
Integrated Remote Console
International Rangeland Congress
International Register of Certified Auditors
International Register of Certificated Auditors
International Registered Certified Auditor
International Register for Certificated Auditors
Integrated Revenue and Customer Management
International Road Dynamics
Incident Report Form
Industry Reference Group
Job Access and Management System
Job Action Sheet
Jakarta Air Traffic Service Centre
Joint Business Plan
Java Content Repositories
Java Dynamic Management Kit
Joint Effects Model
Joint Emergency Operations Center
Joint Field Offices
Joint Field Offices
Joint Inter-Domain Management
Joint Inter Domain Management
Jamaica Institute of Management
JaCarta Management System
Jail Management Systems
Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee
Java Open Transaction Manager
Joint Project Manager
Joint Pacific Multinational Readiness Capability
Java Platform Security
Java Quick Starter
Joint Resource Council
Joint Radio Resource Management
Job Safety Analysis
Job Safety Environment Analysis
Java Support Package Manager
Joomla Security Strike Team
Jazz Team Server
Key Account Managers
Knowledge Based Decision Support System
Key Business Indicators
Knowledge Base Management
Key Characteristics
Key Characteristic
Knowledge Capture
Key Control Indicator
Key Continuity Management
Kodak Color Management System
Keyboard Controller Style
Key Characteristics
Kansas Department of Emergency Management
Kansas Division of Emergency Management
Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection
Key-encrypting Key
Key Encrypting Keys
Kenya Forest Service
Key Goal Indicators
Key Goal Indicator
Knowledge Intensive Service Activities
Keep It Simple and Specific
Key Manager
Knowledge Manager
Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
Key Management Centre
KSC Management Instituteuction
Knowledge Management International Conference and Exhibition
Key Management Server
Key Management Systems
Knowledge Management Systems
Knowledge Networks
Key Perfomance Indicator
Key Performance Indictor
Key Performance Indexes
Key Process Input Variables
Key Process Output Variable
Kaizen Promotion Office
Key Responsibility Areas
Key Result Indicators
Key Registration Service Specification
Knowledge Service
Keyed Sequential Data Set
Kepner Tregoe
Life and Annuity
Library 4 Universal
Location agent
Latin American Business Association
Lepide Active Directory Self Service
Loadable Authentication Module
Laboratory Automation Systems
Large Area Tracking Range
Landfill Allowances Trading Scheme
Low Activity Waste
Leaf Colour Chart
Life Cycle Cost Estimating
Local Configuration Datastore
Local Configuration Manager
Local Console Manager
Linux Cluster Management Console
Little Color Management System
Life Cycle Replacement
Load Control Switches
London Computer Systems
Link Confidence Test
Local Distribution Center
Lean Daily Management
Logical Disk Manager
Legal Document Management System
Leadership in Environment and Development
Local Environment Agency Plan
Loss Event Database
Log Event Manager
Local Emergency Operations Plans
Local Emergency Planning Committees
Laboratory Execution Systems
Local Fund Agents
Logical File Catalogue
Logical File Name
Livelihoods and Forestry Programme
Lufthansa Global Business Services
Local Government Management Guide
Library-Information Center
Leadership Institute Meeting
Lotus, Intel, Microsoft
Line Item Numbers
Localization Industry Standards
Long Island Software Award
Logistics Invoice Verification
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Logical Layered Architecture
Logistics Learning Alliance
Link Layer Discovery Protocol Data Unit
Lead Logistics Provider
Lead Logistics Partner
Louisiana Land Trust
Lean Management
Layer Manager
Lean Manufacturing
License Manager
License Management
Light Manager
Link Manager
Link Managers
Lock Manager
Local Manager
Location Management
Loyalty Management
Logistics Management
Logistics Manager
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
Loudness Management Batch
Linux Management Console
Lockheed Martin Information Systems
Learning Management Platform
Link Management Protocol
Lodging Management Program
Logistics Management Program
Lab Management System
Labor Management System
Land Management System
Lead Management System
Lean Management System
Learning Management Systems
Learning Managment System
Laboratory Management System
Laboratory Management Systems
Laundry Management System
Learner Management System
Landscape Management System
LAN Management Solution
Learning Management Software
Learning Management Solution
Learning Management Suite
Learning Managment Systems
Learning Management Services
Learning Management for SharePoint
Learning Materials
Library Management System
Library Management Systems
Link Management System
Load Management System
Loan Management System
License Management Services
License Management Service
Local Management Service
Life Management Skills
Lodging Management System
Loyalty Management System
Learning Management Systems
Loudspeaker Management System
Licensed Masters in Social Work
Locally Managed Tablespaces
Lab Management University
Learning Needs Assessment
Line Office
Limit of Authority
Limits of Authority
Leistungsorientierte Bezahlung
Leistungsorientierte Bewertung
Logistics Operations Center
Loss of Continuity
Limits of Disturbance
Line-Oriented Flight Training
Lights-Out Management
Lights Out Management
Layers of Protection
Local Operating Procedure
Learning Outcome Statements
Lodgepole Pine
Logical Partition
Layered Process Audit
Layered Process Audits
Legal Principles Claim Specialist
Livestock and Poultry Environmental Stewardship
Level Platforms Inc
Level Platforms, Inc
Last Patient Last Visit
Leadership & People Management
Lean Project Management
Link Power Management
Live Partition Mobility
Livestock Production & Management
Lock Performance Monitoring System
License Plate Number
Licensed Program Products
Lodhran Pilot Project
Loss Prevention Qualified
Loyalty Partner Solutions
Loss Portfolio Transfer
Language Quality Services
Library Review
Lorry Receipt
Long Range Business Plan
Long-Range Planning
Linear Responsibility Chart
Latest Revised Estimate
Les Roches Gruyère
Lead Response Management
Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance
Learning Record Store
Learning Record System
Linear Referencing System
Linear Referencing Systems
Linear Reference System
Long Range Strategic Plan
Library Server
Logistic Specialist
Logistics Specialists
Local Security Assistant
Local Security Associate
Logistics Support Analysis Record
Logistic Support Analysis Record
Logistic Support Analysis Records
London School of Business and Management
Logistics Section Chief
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Local Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Leadership for Safety Excellence
Life Sciences Hub
Lead Systems Integration
Logistics Systems Incorporated
Large-Scale Manager
Legato Storage Manager
Library Storage Module
Local Security Manager
Local Session Manager
Louvain School of Management
Local Service Management System
Learning Software Organizations
Language Service Provider
Logistics Service Providers
Licensed Safety Professional
Living Systems Process Suite
Lean and Six Sigma
Lean Six-Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma Academy
Logistics Support System
Logistics Support Service
Logistics Support Services
Lifting Supervisor Safety Course
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Late Start Time
Licensed Social Worker
Landscape Transformation
Less Than Adequate
Last Time Buy
Long Term Forecast
Lost Time Incident Frequency
Leadership Training for Managers
Lightweight Transaction Manager
Local Traffic Manager
Local Trial Manager
Leaders Training Program
Leadership Through Quality
Long-Term Strategy
Long-Term Soil Productivity
License Use Management
License Use Manager
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Lahore University of Management Science
Lancaster University Management School
Land Use Systems
Lund University School of Economics & Management
Lund University School of Economics and Management
Life Underwriter Training Council
Logical View
Maintenance & Reliability
Maintenance and Reliability
Master of Science in Human Resources
Machine to Machine Machine-to-Machine
Matter to Man
Mission Assignments
Mission Assurance Analysis Protocol
Moving Average Cost
Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnects
Multi-agency Coordination Systems
Multi Asset Class Solutions
Major Accident Events
Management et Administration des Entreprises
Management Application Function
Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council
Mid Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Member of the Australian Institute of Project Management
Media Asset Manager
Management and Network Orchestration
Management Access Point
Medication-related action plan
Merchandise and Assortment Planning
Member of the Association of Project Managers
Mobility Anchor Points
Managed Aquifer Recharge
Management Agents
Marine Asset Tracker
Managing At The Top
Multi Anti-Virus
Measurement Book
Minor in Business Administration
Member of Business Continuity Institute
Multiple-Byte Character Sets
Multiple-byte character set
Multiple Byte Character Set
Management by Delegation
Medium Business Edition
Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award
Master Batch Records
Moran of the Burning Spear
Maintenance Connection
Management Console
Management Controller
Management Corporation
Military Construction Army Reserve
Multi-Criteria Analysis
Management Communication Channel
My Client Centre
Mission Critical Computer Resources
Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation System
Motherboard Configurable Device
Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management
Mobile County Emergency Management Agency
Message Communications Function
Master in Construction Management
Mortgagee Compliance Manager
Multidisciplinary Cancer Management Course
Modelling, Computation and Optimization
Migration Crisis Operational Framework
Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forests in Europe
Masters Certificate in Project Management