Popular Military acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

AreAAir Defense Commander
Arrival and Assembly
Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment
Assistance and Advisory Services
Admission and Disposition
Administrative and Direct Support Logistics
Allocation and Engineering
Ammunition and Explosives
Arms and Explosives
Airworthiness and Flight Characteristics
Audit and Inspection
Alert and Notification
Airfields and Pavements
Airframe and Power
Alert and Que
Armament and Standardization Divisionsion
Operations Directorate
Plans Directorate
Automatic Built-in-Test
Arresting Gear
Advanced Man-Portable Air Defense System
Anticipated-Not Operational Ready Supply
Acoustic Rapid Commercial Off-the-Shelf Insertion
A System Specification
Advanced Tactical Engagement System
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Australian Capital Territory
Army Combat Uniform
Automatic Flight Control Equipment
Armed Forces of Malta
Armor and Infantry soldiers
Advanced Light Infantry Combat Equipment
Amateur Radio Relay League
Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Agenzia Spaziale Italiana
Aerial Target
Army Transport Service
Alliance of Valiant Arms
Airborne Antenna
Alerting Authority
Avenue of Approach
Air Control
Aircraft Commander
Alternating Currents
Aircraft Attrition
Analogue to Digital
Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group
Arrival / Departure Airfield Control Group
Arrival/departure Control Group
Airfields Engineering
Airport/Facility Directory
Arming/Firing Unit
Air To Ground
Air Gunner
Accident/ Incident/ Malfunction
Administrative and Logistics
Air Land
Approach And Moor
Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corp
Administrative/network Management
authorized outage
Authorize to Pay
Area Search
Amperes Per Second
Air Vehicle
Automation One Association
Airman 1st Class
Airmen First Class
Air Force Intelligence Staff Officer
Algorithmic Architecture
Army Airspace Command and Control
Army Airborne Command and Control
Army Air Command and Control
Army Airspace
Army Aviation
Access to Archives
Anti-Access Area-Denial
Anti-Access Area Denial
Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstration
Airborne Command and Control System
Army Airborne Command and Control System
Army Aviator Command and Control System
Analog to Digital
Advanced Airborne Electronic Decoy
ArmA 2 Free
Army Airborne Intelligence 2000
Automated Assistance with Intelligence Preparation of the Battle Space
AFATDS Application Software Segment Specification
Active Army Strength Forecaster
Armor/Anti-armor Master Plan
Achieved Availability
Acquisition Activities
Active Army
Air Army
Adaptive Automation
Additional Attributes
Address Announced
Aetherian Archive
Affordability Analysis
Air Assault
Air America
Air Armament
Airborne Antenna
Alerting Authority
Alamo air-to-air
Alarm Assignment
Algorithmic Architecture
Allied Affairs
ANDVT Airterm
Anti Air
Aphid air-to-air
Appointing Authority
Area of Action
Armored Ambulance
Arrival Angle
Atchisson Assault
Auto Assault
Auto Assault-12
Automatic Assault
Automatic Anti-Aircraft
Axis of Advance
Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General
Aware-Adaptive and Cognitive Radio
Adaptive Antenna Array
Advanced Adaptive Autopilot
Advanced Amphibious Assault
Advanced Assault Amphibians
AEGIS Acquisition Agent
air avenues of approach
Airborne Assault Area
Allocations, Assessments and Analysis
Allocations Assessment and Analysis
Alternate Assembly Area
Alternate Assemble Area
Anti-Air Armament
Antiaircraft Artillery; Air Avenue of Approach
Area Advisory Authority
Army Ammunition Activity
artifacts, agents and activities
Assessment of Aircraft Attrition
Australian Airports Association
Authorization Accounting Activity
Authorized Accounting Activity
Automated Airlift Analysis
Automatic Anti-Aircraft
Awaiting Aircraft Availability
Anti-Aircraft/Defense Artillery
Anti Aircraft Artillery Operations Center
Army Aviation Association of America
Anti-Armor Automatic Cannon
Army Airborne/Airlift Coordinating Office
Accuracy Analysis of Artillery Cannon Systems
all arms for air defense
Area Automated Air Defense
Anytime anywhere anything, bar none
Antiaircraft Artillery Order of Battle
Anti-Aircraft Artillery Simulator
Advance Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicles
Advanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle
Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle - Command
Advanced Airborne Command Post
Advanced Airborne Command Post
Air Assault Brigade
Aircraft Accident Board
Airport Advisory Board
Aviation Armament Bulletin
Army Acquisition Basic Course
Assembly Area Blocking Force
Amphibious Assault Bulk Fuel System
Advanced Atmospheric Burst Locator
Advanced Airborne Command Post
Advanced Acquisition Concept
Aerial Ambulance Company
Air Armament Center
Air Command and Control System Advisory Committee
Aircraft Armament Change
Alasken Air Command
Army Accessions Command
Army Acquisition Corporation
Army Aviation Center
arrival area control
Aviation Armament Change
Alaska Air Carriers Association
Army Airlift Clearance Authority
Assembly Area Counter Attacking Force
Air Approach Control Center
Automatic Air Control Center
Allied Tactical Air Force Airspace Coordination Center
Anti Air Command Center
Army Atlanta Contracting Center
Auxiliary Analog Control Channel
Amphibious Assault Command and Control System
Analytical Approach To Candidate Constellation Selection
Aircraft Alerting Communications Electromagnetic Pulse
Aircraft Alerting Communication EMP
Interface Architecture
Army aircraft
Army Acquisition Career Management Information System
Army Acquisition Corps Management Office
Army Acquisition Corporation Management Office
America's Army Community Managers
Army Automation Command Operating Budget
Army AreACommunications System
Advanced Airborne Command Post
Allied Acquisition Practices Publication
Advanced Atmosphere Control System
Airborne Air Control Squadron
Airborne Alternate Control Station
Airways and Air Communications Service
Airways and Air Communication Service
Area Airspace Control System
Asynchronous Address Communication Systems
Attitude and AntennAControl Subsystem
Australian Army Canteen Service
Army Automation and Communications Steering Committee
Air-to-Air Combat Test
Autonomous Aerial Cargo Utility System
Access Approval Document
Active Airborne Denial
Admission and Disposition
Advanced Ammunition Depot
Aerospace and Defence
Analysis and Application Divisionsion
Anniston Army Depot
Area Air Defense
Army Air Defense
Army Automation Directorate
Automatic Activation Device
Army Air Defense Brigade Fire Direction Center
Australian Air Defence Artillery Association
Afloat Automated Data Acquisition and Retrieval System
Army Air Defense Artillery System
Automated Aircraft Discrepancy Book
Advanced Avionics Digital Computer
Air Area Defense Commander
Area Air-Defense Capability
Area Air-Defense Commander
Army Air Defense Commander
Army Air Defense Command
All Applications Digital Computer
Anti-aircraft Defence Command
Army Air Defense Command and Control
Army Air Defense Command and Control System
AreAAir Defense Command and Control System
Army Air Defense Control and Coordination System
army air defense Commander
Advanced Air Defense Electro Optical Sensor
Advanced Air Defense Electro-Optical Sensor
Advanced Air Defense Electro-Optical System
Advanced Air Defense Electro-Optic System
ACE Air Defence Ground Environment
Allied Command Europe Air Defense Ground Environment
Axiomatic Architecture Description Language
Automatic Air Defense Notification System
AreAAir Defense Plan
Algorithmic Architecture Data Processing System
Algorithmic Architecture Data Processing Subsystem
Advanced Airbreathing Dual Range Missile
Advanced Air Delivered Sensor
Alaskan Air Defense Sector
Amphibious Assault Direction System
antiaircraft defense system
Army Aviation Decontamination Station
Army Aviation Dehuminification System
Army Air Defense Surveillance and Control System
acquisition aid vehicle
Administration Acquisition Executive
Agency Acquisition Executive
Army Acquisition Executive's
American Alternatives Energy
Arms, Ammunition and Explosives
Army Aviation Element
Artillery Accuracy Effectiveness
Automatic Adaptive Equalization
Advanced Allied Expeditionary Air Force
Auxiliary Area Environmental Control System
Active Airborne Expendable Decoy
Advanced Airborne Expendable Decoy
Airborne Active Expendable Decoy
Advanced Airborne Electronic Decoy
Auxiliary Area Emergency Gas Treatment System
Active Army, Enlisted
Army Acquisition Executive Program Control Central System
Army Acquisition Executive Support Agency
Army Acquisition Executive Support Activity
Allied Air Forces
Army Advantage Fund
Army Air Forces
Army Availability Factors
Australian Air Force
Auxiliary Airfield
Army Aviation Flight Activity
all arms for air defense
Advanced Aviation Forward Air Refueling System
Army Air Forces Base Units
Air Adventure Flying Club
Automated Artillery Fire Control System
Army, Air Force Exchange Service
Army Air Force in Britain
An Architecture For Intrusion Detection
Automated Airfield Facilities Information File
Automated Air Facilities Intelligence Files
Automated Air Facilities Information File
Advanced Avionics Fault Isolation System
Army Air Forces Intelligence School
Army Air Force Postal Service
Army/Air Force Reconnaissance Surveillance Study
Allied Command Europe Automated Financial System
Army Availability Factors
Army Air Forces Service Command
Advance Aerial Fire Support System
augmented assault fire units
Australian Armed Forces, Vietnam
Army-Air Force Wage Board
Army Air Forces Weather Service
Aeromedical Airlift Group
Aeronautical Assignment Group
Aircraft Adapter Group
Analysis and Assessments Group
Army Advisory Group on Energy
Air-to-Air Gunnery Range
Army Air Ground System
Ada Adoption Handbook
Apache attack helicopter
Army Attack Helicopter
Aircraft Available Hours
Awaiting Action Higher Authority
Army Aviation Heritage Foundation
American Airpower Heritage Museum
Additional Authorized Items
Aeronavigation Academy International
Aircraft Armament Inc
American Armament, Inc.
All Acter Integration
Angle of Approach Indicator
Angle of Attack Indicator
Ansar al Islam
Army Analysis Intelligence
Authorized Active Inventory
Automatic Autodin Interface
Allied Command Europe Automated Command and Control Information System Implementation Architecture
American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
American Academy and Institutetute of Arts and Letters
Air Accident Investigations Branch
Air Accidents Investigations Board
Active Addressing Integrated Circuits
Army Acquisition Intermediate Contracting Course
Allied Command Europe Annual Infrastructure Guidance
Advanced Technology Demonstration Interconnection Network
Allied Command Europe Implementation Plan
Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure Project
Airport/Air Carrier Information Reporting System
Advanced Airborne Interceptor Simulator
Allied Command Europe Implementation Strategy
Allied Command Europe Implementation Steering Group
Army Automation Information System
Automated Acquisition Information System
Army Aircraft Inventory, Status and Flying Time
Australian Army Journal
Account Access Layer
Acquisition After Launch
Additional Authorizations List
Authorized Allowance List
Aircraft Approach Limitations
Alloy Annotation Language
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer
Advanced Airdrop for Land Combat
Amphibious Assault Landing Craft
amphibious assault landing craft
Autonomous Approach Landing Capability
Autonomous Approach and Landing Capability
Active Addressing Liquid Crystal Display
Active Army Location
Automated Air Load Planning System
Automated Air Loading Planning System
Automated Air Load Planning Systems
Automated Air Load Planners System
Automated Airload Planning System
Acoustic Artillery Location System
Active Army Locator System
Australian Air Liaison Unit
Assembled Air Launched Weapon
Access and Authentication Module
Air-Air Missile
Air to Air Missiles
Aircraft Availability Model
Amphibious Assault Model
Anti-Aircraft Missile
Aircraft and Missile
Application Architectural Model
Architecture Assessment Methodologies
Army Aircraft Maintenance
Automated Acquisition Module
Area Airspace Management Authority
Army Aviation Mission Area Analysis
Army Automation Master Plan
All Aspect Missile Defense
air and missile defense combat
air and missile defense coordination
Area Air and Missile Defense Command
Army Air and Missile Defense Commands
Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System
Army Award for Maintenance Excellence
Army Award for Maintenance Excellent
Army Awards for Maintenance Excellence
Annual Maintenance Manhours
AMC Automated Manpower Management Information System
Active Army Military Manpower Program
Anti-armor Munitions Master Plan
Army Automated Multimedia System
Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officer
Allied Command Europe Management Plan
Army Aviation Modernization Plan
Annual Available MOS Productive Man-hours
Anti Army Master Plan Studies
AUTODIN Automatic Maintenance Program System
Automated Aircraft Mission Planning System
Army Air Movement Requirements Office
Air-To-Air Missile System
Air to Air Missiles
Air Attack Mobility System
Area Airspace Management System
Army Aircraft Maintenance Shop
advanced antitank missile system-heavy
Antiaircraft Missile
Army Air Movement Support Unit
Army ACTS Mobile Terminal
American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators
Air-to-Air MEP/Weapon Integration Demonstration
Air-to-Air MissionWeapons Demonstration
Afghanistan Analysts Network
Army After Next
Assignment Action Number
Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
Australian Army Nursing Corps
Australian Army Nursing Corporation
Air to Air Override
Analysis of the AreAof Operations
Authorized Acquisition Objective
Army Acquisition Organization
Anti-Aircraft Operations Center
Army Air Operations Center
Antiaircraft Operations Center
Army Aviation Operating Detachment
Arrival and Assembly Operation Elements
Active Army, Officer
Anti Aircraft Operations Room
Army Agent Orange Task Force
Abbreviated Acquisition Programs
Advance Authority To Procure
Advanced Automation Program
Alert Adaptation Parameters
Allied Administrative Publications
Allowance Appendix Pages
Alternative Approval Procedures
Area Air Picture
Army Ammunication Plant
Army Apprenticeship Program
Army Automation Program
Association for Aviation Psychology
Autonomous Airborne Platform
Army Automation Program Budget Guidance
Advanced armored personnel carrier
Army Acquisition Professional Development System
Army Acquisition Program Executive Reporting System
Army Acquisition Program Executive Review System
Associate of the Association of Public Health Inspectors
Attack Assessment Predicted Impact
Allied Aerial Photographic Interpretation Unit
Arrival and Assembly Plan
Army Aerial Port Liaison Office
Army Aviation Planning Manual
Annual Available Productive Man Hours
Affirmative Action Program Plan
Affirmative Action Program Plans
Army Automation, Planning, Programming and Automation System
Army Automation Planning, Programming and Evaluation System
Army Acquisition Pollution Prevention Support Office
Army Aviation Program Review
Army Aviation Personnel Requirement for Sustained Operations
Army Aviation Personnel Requirements for Sustained Operations
Advanced Antenna Prototype Subsystem
Automated Aid Positioning System
Associate of the Association of Psychiatric Social Workers
Active Antenna Radar
Administrative Adjustment Report
Air-to-Air Radar
Air-to-Air Receive
Air-to Air Receive
Air alert range
Aircraft Accident Report
Aircraft Availability Rate
Arrival and Assembly Railroads
Automatic Adaptive Routing
Access and Amendment Refusal Authority
After Action Reconstruction and Analysis
Air-to-Air Refuelling Area
Army Armament Research And Development Command
Air-to-Air Refuelling Controller
Automatic Agent Radio Communications System
Army air reconnaissance for damage assessment in the continental
Army Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment in CONUS
Advanced Airborne Radio Frequency Expendables
Affordable Accurate Robot Guidance
Aircraft In-Flight Refueling Data
Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory
Advanced Aerial Radiac System
Advanced Airborne Radar System
Advanced Airborne Radiac Systems
After Action Reports
After Action Review System
Automated Analyst Request System
Assessment and Recovery Team
Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript Service
Allied Artillery Publicatio
Advance and Secure
Aerospace Application Study
Alert Area Supervisor
Appropriation Accounting System
Architectural Automatic Data Processing System
Army Apprentices School
Automatic Announcement Subsystem
America's Army Server Admins
Active Army Seasonalized Accession Model
Advanced Audio Server Base
Aerospace Application Studies Committee
Alameda Applied Sciences Corporation
Alameda Applied Sciences Corporationration
Army Air Support Center
Army Area Signal Center
Army Area Signal Center
Army Automation Steering Committee
Anti-armor Systems Detect Ability
Army Aviation Support Element
Augmentation Awards for Science and Engineering Research Training
Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation
Advanced Air-to-Surface Missile
Advanced Audio Server Override
Advanced Audio Server Set
Airfield Ammunition Supply Point
American National Standard Code for Information Interchange Asynchronous Support Package
Army Automation Security Program
Air-to-Air System Performance Evaluation Model
Army Aviation System Program Review
Advanced Airborne Surveillance Radar
Advanced Automated Signals Search System
Army Aerial Scout Test
Army Aviation Systems Test Activity
Allied Ammunition Storage and Transport Publications
Allied Storage and Transportation of Ammunition and Explosives Publication
Advanced Analytic Tools
Advanced Antenna Technology
Advanced Armament Technology
air-assault task
Architecture Analysis Tool
Army Assault Team
Automatic Analog Tester
Aviation Applied Technology
Allied Command Europe Target Architecture
Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
Automated Training Application System
Amphibious Air Traffic Control
Asian Aviation Training Centre
Amphibious Air Traffic Control Center
Army air traffic control center
Army Air Traffic Coordinating Office
Advanced Avionics Technology Demonstration
Army Advanced Technology Demonstration
Aviation Advanced Technology Directorate
Advanced Avionics Technology Insertion
Army Aviation Technology Directorate
Automated Articulation Testing Device
Army Air Transport and Development Centre
Air Assault Task Force Commander
Analog Augmentation Test Group
Advanced Air Traffic Management System
Automated Air Tasking Order
air-to-air transmit/receive mode
Air-to-Air Transmit/Receive
Army Air Traffic Regulation and Identification
Armament Auxiliaries Test Set
Army aerial towed targets
Advanced Airlift Tactical Training Center
Australian Army Training Team, Vietnam
Center for the Study of Language and Information
Announcement Amplifier Unit
Active Adjunct Undersea Surveillance
Administrative Area Units
Assistant for Administration to the Under Secretary of the Navy
Advanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle
Amphibious Assault Vehicles
Assault Amphibian Vehicle
Assault Amphibian Vehicles
Assault Amphibious Vehicles
Airborne Assault Vehicle
Armored Amphibious Vehicle
Authentication Algorithm Version
Autonomous Air Vehicle
Autonomous Armored Vehicle
Amphibious Assault Vehicle/Intelligent Munitions
Autonomous Aerial Vehicle/Intelligent Munitions
Amphibious Assault Vehicle
Amphibious Assault Vehicle 7
Amphibious Assault Vehicles
Assault Amphibian Vehicles
Army Aviation
Army Audiovisual Program
Assault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel
Assault Amphibian Vehicle Recovery
Aerospace Audio-Visual System
Allied Avionics Publication
Advanced Attack Weapon
Air-to-Air Warfare
Air-to-air weapons
Anti-Aircraft Automatic Weapon
Anti-Air Warfare Area
Air-to-Air Warfare Aircraft Control Unit
Anti-Air Warfare Aircraft Control Unit
Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Basic Operator Trainer
AAW Commander
AAW Coordinator
Air-to-Air Warfare Commander
Air-to-Air Warfare Coordinator
Anti-Air Warfare Command
Anti-Aircraft Warfare Coordinator
Anti-Air Warfare Coordinator
Anti-Air Warfare Command Net
Anti-Air Warfare Combat System
Anti-Air Warfare System
Army Armaments Working Group
Active Army, Warrant Officer
Anti-Air Warfare Reporting
Advanced Anti-Tank Weapon System
Automated Attack Warning System
Advanced Anti-Armor Weapons System - Heavy
Advanced Anti-Armor Weapons System - Medium
Army Atomic Weapons Systems Safety Committee
Army Aviation Warfighter Software Support Portal
Advanced All-Weather Weapon System
Airborne Adverse Weather Weapon System
Airborne Adverse Weather Weapons System
Able Bodied Seaman
Access Bursts
Ada based
Air Bases
Address Bus
Admiralty Board
Aero Bravo
Aerodrome Beacon
Air Burst
Airmen Basic
Alpha Bravo
Arathi Basin
Armor Brigade
Assembly Building
Attack Bonus
Aviation Brigade
Crane Ship
Armor Brigade/Divisionsion
Able Bodied Driver
Army Brigade and Below
Air Battle Command System Brigade and Below
Adaptive Battlespace Awareness
Advanced Ballistic Algorithm
Agent Based Application
Agent Based Architecture
American, British, Australian
Appropriation and Budget Activity
Australian Business Aviation Association
Aggregate Bearer Admission Control
Air Battle Analysis Divisionsion
Automatic Board Assembly, Inspection and Test
Alternate Battery Acquisition Radar
Air Base Advisory Team
AirLand Battle Advanced Technologies
Analog Based Automatic Test Equipment
Advanced Base Aviation Training Unit
Activity Based Benefits
Airborne Brigade
Accelerator Based Conversion
Acquisition Basic Course
Adhesive-Bonded Closure
Advanced Base Components
Advanced Blade Concept
Aerospace Basic Course
Agent-Based Computing
air battle captain
Air Borne Corporation
Allied Command Europe Capability
America, Britain, Canada
American, British and Canadian
American Broadcasting Companies
analog backup computer
Annual Budget Cycle
Approval by Correspondence
Army Battle Command
Association of Boxing Commissions
Atomar, Biologisch, Chemisch
Atomic, Biological, Chemical
Atomic, Bacteriological, Chemical
Atomic Biological and Chemical
Automatic Bar Code
Airborne Battlespace Command and Control
airborne command and control
Advanced Buoyant Cable Antenna
America, Britain, Canada, Australia
America Britain Canada Australia
American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies Standardization Program
ABC Air Standardization Agreement
Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Capsule
Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Communications
Airborne Battlefield Command Control and Communication
Airborne Command and Control Center
Airborne Communications Center
Airborne Command Center
Airborne Command and Control Communications
Airborne Command, Control and Communications
Air Base Command and Control Information System
Advanced Base Combat Communication Training Center
Advanced Base Construction Depot
AirLand Battle Conventional Defense Enhancement/Synergy
Allocated Baseline Configuration Index
Army Battle Command Master Plan
Army's Battle Command System
Army Battle Command System's
Army Board for Correction of Military Records
Aeromedical Biological Containment System
airfield-battlefield countermeasures and survivability
Antimonide-based compound semiconductor
Army Battle Control System
Army Battlefield Command Systems
Army Battlefield Command System's
Automated Battle Command Software
Atmospheric, Biological and Chemical Simulation
Army Battle Command System Laboratory
Army Battle Command Systems
Airborne Battalion Combat Team
Armored Brigade Combat Teams
Air Bleed Control Valve
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Ada Based Document
Advance Base Dock
Advanced Base Dock
Agile Beam Director
Airborne Division
Airborne Divisionsion
Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front
Attack By Drawing
American-British-Dutch-Australian Command
American British Dutch and Australian Command
Ada Based Development Design Document
Air Battle Damage Report
Army Battle Damage Repair
Aircraft Battle Damage Repair
Aircraft Battle Damage and Repair
Airfield Battle Damage Repair
Answer Back-Day and Time
Agile Big Design Up-Front
Acquisition Business Enterprise
Activity Based Effectiveness
Advanced Boresight Equipment
Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol Broadcast Emulator
Ammo Bay Equipment
Army Battlespace Environment
Army Budget Estimate
Assistant Brigade Engineer
Autonomous Benthic Explorer
Analog Backup Engine Control
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Ada-Based Environment for Test
Adaptive Beam-Forming
Advanced Beam Former
Advanced Bomb Family
Agile Bandpass Filter
Asset Balance File
Attack By Fire
Australian Ballooning Federation
Availability Balance File
Advance Base Functional Components
Advanced Base Functional Component System
Advanced Base Functional Components
Advanced Base Functional Components
Aerial Bulk Fuel Delivery System
Airborne Field Mill
Advanced Base Facilities Requirements List
Amphibious Bulk Fuel System
Assistant Boat Group Commander
Air Base Ground Defense
Auxiliary Building Gas Treatment System
Activity-Based Intelligence
Activity Based Intelligence
Ada Binding Interface
Advanced Briefings to Industry
Airborne Broadcast Intelligence
AWACS Broadcast Intelligence
Airborne Broadcast Intelligence System
Alabama Bureau of Investigations
Alaska Bureau of Investigation
Alaska Bureau of Investigations
Army Basic Instituteuctor Course
Ada-Based Integrated Control System
Automatic Budget Interactive Data Environment System
Army of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Army Broadcast Intelligence Office
Advanced Base Initial Outfitting List
AFATDS/BATES Interoperability Program
Average Bit Information Rate
Advanced Battlespace Information System
Advanced Base Initial Support List
Advanced Built-In Test
Airborne Information Transmission System
Automatic Built In Test
automatic built-in test
Avionics Bay Interface Unit
Air-borne Laser
Air Borne Laser
Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory
Allegheny Ballistic Laboratory
Allegheny Ballistics Lab
Allocated Baseline
Ammunition Basic Load
Armored Box Launcher
Armored Box Launchers
Atmospheric Burst Locator
Aviation Battle Laboratory
Acquisition Based on Logistics Effects
Advanced Base Logistics Envelope
Army Buffer Link-1 Europe
Airborne Laser Extended Atmospheric Characterization Experiment
Airborne Laser Experiment
Acquisition and Business Management
Adaptive Bandwidth Management
Advance Bill of Materials
Aggregate Bearer Measurement
Air Bursting Munition
Air Burst Munition
Armor Breakpoint Model
Automated Budget Module
Automated Battle Management Aids
Automated Battle Management Aid
Aviation Battle Management Concept
Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense
Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense
Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Agency
Advanced Ballistic Missile Defense Center
Air Battle Management Operations Center
Automated Business Mail Processing System
Air Battle Management System
Air Bursting Ammunition System
Air Bursting Munition System
Ammunition Budget Management System
Assault Breach Marking System
Ahlul Bayt News Agency
Airborne Command and Control
Airborne National Command Operations Center
Allied Radio Frequency Agency Basic Notification Form
Airborne Operations Center
Airborne and Special Operations Test Board
Air Base Operability
Air Base Order
Air Board Order
Army Budget Office
Assistant Boarding Officer
Asynchronous Bidirectional Optical Branching Amplifier
Amended Basis Of Issue Plan
Army Business Opportunities Page
Airbase Operations Product
Program Element Code
Air Battle Plan
Answer Back Procedures
Assumption Based Planning
Air Base Port Biological Detection
Ada Based Product Design Document
Administrative Board Procedures Letter
Army Blood Program Office
Automation Budget and Program Resources Review
Automated Barrier Plan System
Aviation Binary Phase Shift Keying
Agile Beam Radar
Agreement for Boat Repairs
Airborne Relay
Army Board of Review
Assault Breaching System
Average Bit Rate
Army Biomedical R&D Lab
Airborne Regiment
Advanced Ballistic Reentry Systems
Airborne Regiment
Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia
Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia
Assault Ballistic Rocket System
Action Battle System
Active Battle System
Advanced Battle Simulation
Advanced Battle Simulations
advanced battlefield simulation
Agent-Based System
Air Base Squadron
Airman Battle Shirt
American Bureau of Shipping's
Army Broadcasting Service
Assault Breaching System
Automated Bakery System
Automated Briefing System
Automated Battlebook System
Aww-Busting System
Absolute Business Solutions Corporationration
Air Battle Staff Course
Advance Base Section Dock
Advanced Base Sectional Dock
Advanced Battlespace Solutions Directorate
Approved Basic Stock Level Allowance
Answer Back Service Message
Automated Battlefield Spectrum Management and Engineering
Advanced Broadcasting Systems Of Canada
Advanced Battlefield Surveillance Radar
Automated Business Services Systems
Airbase Status Report
Armoured Battlefield Support Vehicle
Armoured Battlegroup Support Vehicle
Auxiliary Building Special Ventilation System
Adaptive Block Transform
Advanced Backplane Technology
Advanced BiCMos Technology
Air-Breathing Target
Air-Breathing Threat
air-breathing threats
Air Breathing Threat
Digital Compression System
Air Battle Tasking
Assign Bulk Transfer
Analog Backup
Avionics Baseline Upgrade
Accepted But Uninstalled System
Assault Breaching Vehicle
Airbase Wing
Diamond-Star Motors
A Baseline Weight Estimate
Accomplishment Criteria
Acquisition Center
Acquisition Corporation
Acquisition Corps
Ad Hoc Committee
Advanced CMos
Advanced Course
Aerospace Corporation
After Colony
Airborne Component
Air Combat
Air Coordinator
Aircraft Certification
Aircraft Command
Air Crewman
Airspace Control
Alex Christopher
Alliance Council
Altitude Code
Amplitude Comparison
Analysis Console
Analyst Console
Approach Chart
Arctic Combat
Arithmetic Coding
Armament Computer
Armored Car
Armored Core
Armored Cruiser
Armour Class
Army Corps
Army Corporation
Aspiring Champion
Assault Cannon
Associate Contractor
Association Council
Ative Component
Atlantic Council
Augmentation Capability
Automatic Correlation
Automation and Communications
Companion of the Order of Australia
Acquisition Construction and Improvement
Aircraft Control and Warning System
AFSOF Spectre Gunship
Analysis Console-Maneuver Control System
Analyst Console-Maneuver Control System
Armored Cavalry Company
Acknowledge/Negative Acknowledge
Active Component/Reserve Component
Active Components/Reserve Components
Assistant Chief of Staff
Assistant Chief of Staff, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
Aerospace Command and Control Agency
Automated Command and Control Facility
Aerospace Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center
Advanced Command and Control Program
Acquisition Capability Assessment
Acute Care Area
Advanced Cargo Aircraft
After Contract Award
Agence Centrale des Approvisionnements
Agency Contest Authority
Airborne Collection Assembly
Airlift Clearance Authority
Airlift Clearance Authorities
Air Clearance Authority; Airlift Clearance Authority; Area Clearance Authority
Air Combat Command
Air Command Academy
Air Commerce Act
Air Control Authority
Airspace Control Area
Arms Control Authority
Airspace Control Agency
Ammunition Container Assembly
Arctric Control Area
Arms Control Agreement
Army Cargo Aircraft
Associate Contractor Agreements
Astronautics Corporation of America
Astronautics Corporationration of America
Automatic Channel Assignment
Automatic Collision Avoidance
Automatic Conference Arranger
Ada Conformity Assessment Authority
Army Concept Analysis Agency
Army Concepts Analysis Agency
Automatic Chemical Agent Alarm
Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm
Authorized Commanders Atomic Air Defense
Air Courses of Action Assessment Module
Air Cavalry Attack Brigade
American-Canadian-Australian-British urban game
Army Combined Arms Center
Army Command and AreACommunications System
Advanced Computer Aided Design
Automatic Chemical Agent Detector
Automatic Chemical Agent Detector and Alarm
Automatic Chemical Agent Detection Alarm
Academy Information System
Air Carrier Activity Information System
Army Contracting Acquisition Logistics Activity
Ada Conformity Assessment Laboratories
Ada Conformity Assessment Procedure
army computer-aided acquistion and logistics support
Army Computer-Aided Logistics System
Allied Camouflage and Concealment Publication
Army Container Asset Management System
Automated Critical Asset Management System
Advanced Capabilities
Advanced Composite Air Frame Program
Advanced Composite Aircraft Program
Advanced Composite Airframe Programme
Air Common Acoustic Processing
Army Cost Analysis Paper
Army Cost Analysis Position
Assessment Correlation and Analysis Process
Avionics for Composite Aircraft Plan
Area Communications Electronics Capabilities
Air Concepts And Requirements Study
Aircraft Communications Adressing and Reporting System
Airline Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ARINC Communication Addressing and Reporting System
Adverse Conditions Alerting Service
Airborne Collision and Avoidance System
Air Cargo Advanced Screening
Airlift Clearance Authorities
Airspace Coordination Areas
Army Commissary Automated System
Army Crisis Action System
Automated Collision Avoidance System
Advanced Close Air Support System
Architect-engineer Contract Appraisal Support System
Ammunition Containerization Assessment Team
Army Combined Arms Training Centre
ADEA/CECOM Advanced Technology Test Bed
Automatic Calling/Answering Unit
Air Commander Australia
Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicles
Advanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform
Advanced Capability Build
Air Campaign Branch
Air Cavalry Brigade
Air Combat Brigade
Air Contigency Battalion
Alert Contingency Battalion
aircrew bulletin
Analysis Control Board
Architectural Control Board
Army Classification Battery
Army Communications Branch
Automatic Circuit Breaker
Advanced Capability Baseline/Technical Insertion
Airborne Communications Bus Architecture
Allied Command, Baltic Approaches
Active Duty Base Date
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
Aircraft Carrier Battle Group
Afghan Campaign to Ban Landmines
Automatic Cross Band Operation
Access Control Center; Air Control Center
Accountability Control Clerk
Acquisition Compliance and Certification
Administrative Coordinating Committee
Advanced Communications Controller
Aegis Computer Center
Tigrayan People's Liberation Front
Air Asset Coordinator
Air Combat Command's
Air Command Combat
Air Component Commander's
Alternate Control Center
Aircraft Controlling Custodian
aircrew change
Airspace Control Cell
Airspace Coordination Center
Alternate Command Center
American Communications Corp
Approach Control Centre
Architecture Coordination Council
Area Coordination Center
Army Catering Corps
Army Catering Corporation
Army Civilian Corps
Army Civilian Corporation
Army Command Center
Army Commanders' Conference
Army Component Commander
Army Comptroller Course
Asia Chemical Corporation
Association of Corporationrate Counsel
Asynchronous Computer Conferencing
Audio Circuit Control
Automated Carrier Control
Automatic Carrier Control
Automatic Code Changing
Automatic Control Channel
Army Contracting Command, Rock Island
Allied Command Europe Contingency Assets Pool
Administrative Center for the Coordination of Assistance and Public Participation
Air Cavalry Combat Brigade
Aircraft Change Control Board
Allied Command Europe Centralized Communications Budget
Configuration Control Board
Airborne Command, Control and Communications
Airborne Communications, Command and Control Platform
Alternate Consolidated Command Center
Area Control Computer Complex
International Women's Media Foundation
Artillery Combat Command and Control System
Airborne Command and Control Display
Area Control Center Display System
Abrams/crusader Common Engine
Cross-Over Barrier Pattern
Boat and Aircraft
Benchmark and Improve
Business and Industrial Loan Program
Block Parity
Broadband Code Divisionsion Multiple Access
Broadband Code Divisionsion Multiple AccessBDCS Below Deck Communications System
Backbone Data Communications Network
Broadband ISDN User Part
Broadband Lower Layer Information
Broadband Private Integrated Services Network
Broadband User Network Interface
Bidirectional Video Object Planes
Beale Airmen Against Drunk Driving
Beale Airmen Against Drunk Driving
Browning Automatic Rifle
Basic Certificate
battery control console
Bronze Cross of Rhodesia
British Empire
British Forces Posted Overseas
Beirut International Airport
Brussels International Airport Company
British Kinematograph Society
Battle of Britain
British Society of Cinematographers
British Standards Specification
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Blade Fold
Bomber Force
Brother of
be-prepared mission
Boots to Business
Bravo to Sea
Brigade/Battalion Command and Control
Brigade and Below Command and Control
Business to Distributor
Business to Person
Bipolar Three Zero Substitution
Binary Eight Zero Substitution
Basic 911 Emergency Service
Baccalaureus Artium
Bad Attitude
Balloons and Airships
Bank of America
Basal Area
Basic Allowance
Basic Allowances
Battery Activate
Battery Adjust
Batting Average
Battle Area
Battlefield Area
Battlefield Awareness
Battlefield Airmen
Battlespace Awareness
Behaviour Aggregate
Benefits Administrator
Binary Add
Booksellers Association
Broker Associate
Boston Acoustics
Botrytis Affected
Bowling Alley
Braking Action
Branch Assistant
Brandy Alexander
Bridge Administration
Bridging Alternative
Bridle Arrester
British Africa
British American
Bronze Age
Budget Activities
Budget Activity 01
Budget Analysis
Budget Authorization
Buffer Amplifier
Buoyancy Aid
Bus Adapter
Business Area
Business Aviation
Budget Activity 01 - Basic Research
Budget Activity 02
Budget Activity 03
Budget Activity 04
Budget Activity 05
Budget Activity 06
Budget Activity 07
Budget Activity 02 - Exploratory Development
Budget Activity 07 - Operational Systems Development
Budget Activity 03 - Advance Technology Development
Budget Activity 04 - Demonstration/Validation
Budget Activity 05 - Engineering and Manufacturing Development
Budget Activity 06 - Management Support
Battlefield Automation Appraisal
Bomber Alert Area
Budget Activity Account
Bottom Attack Anti Armor Device
Badger Army Ammunition Plant
Badger Army ammunition plant
Base Access Area Automated Reporting System
Basketball Against Alcohol and Drugs
Basic Army Aviation Medicine Course
Budget Authorization Account Number
Health Care Service Corporation
Battalion Anti-Armor System
Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies
Battalion Automated Battle Simulation
Base Area Command
Basic Airborne Course
Battle Area Clearance
Battle Assault Course
Bilateral Agreement Conference
Breathing Air Compressor
British Ammunition Column
British Aircraft Corporationration
Broad Area Chaff
Budgeted Activity Code
Budgeted Cost at Completion
Barge Aboard Catamaran
Brigade Airspace Coordination Element
Battlespace Atmospheric and Cloud Impacts on Military Operations
Battlefield Air Communications Node
Battle Area Control Unit
Base Ammunition Depot
Behind Armor Debris
British Air Display Association
Battle Awareness and Data Dissemination
Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination
Battlefield Awareness Data Dissemination
Battlefield Awareness Data Disemination
Battlefield Awareness and Data Distribution
Battlefield Awareness Data Distribution
Base Air Defence Ground Equipment
Basic Air Defense Ground Environment
FINDER Proper Name of System
KEEPER Proper Name of System
Biological Agent Detection System
Battlefield AreAEvaluation
Brigada de Acciones Especiales
Brigade Aviation Element
British Aerospace Engineering
Buque de la Armada de Ecuador
Brandt Aero Engine Modular Management Aid
Basal Adverse Event Reporting
Backup Alert Force
Battle Analysis Facility
Bellcore Accounting Format
Bulgarian Armed Forces
Burmese Air Force
Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrant Affairs
Base Accounting and Finance Office
Ballistic Attack Game
Budget Activity Group
Budget Activity Groups
Bombing and Air Gunnery School
Basic Allowance Housing
Behavior Analysis Interview
Baseline Advanced Industrial Management
Battlefield Automation Integration Review
Battlefield Automation Interoperability System
Battlefield Airborne Illumination System
Battlefield Automation Interoperability System Engineering Management Plan
Body Armor Load Carriage System
Balloon + Parachute
ballistic winds
Battalion Air Liason Officer
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation
Barometric Altitude
Broad-Ass Marine
Broad Ass Marine
Broad-Ass Marines
Balkans Air Mission
Baseline Assessment Memorandum
Basic Access Module
Battlefield Automation Management
Battlefield Automation Management Program
Broad Area Maritime
Business Administration Manager
Business Associate Messaging
Battlefield Automation Management Directorate
Balloon Altitude Mosaic Measurements
Broad Area Marine Surveillance
Base AreANetwork
Battlespace Area Network
Biological Autonomous Networked Detector
Bragg AreANetwork for Digital Intelligence Transmission
Battlefield Air Operations
Bomb Appraisal Officers
Bomb Appraisal Officer
Brigade Aviation Officer
Brookhaven Area Office
Bridge Adapter Pallet
Bridge Adaptor Pallet
Buque Armada Peruana
Business Application Program
Binary Application Program Interface
Business Application Program Interface
beds and patient report
Battery Acquisition Radar
Bimonthly Activity Report
Browning Automatic Rifle
Browning Automatic Rifles
Barge, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo
Barge, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo
Barge - Amphibious Resupply Cargo
Biker Advanced Recon Commando
Barrier Cap
Barrier Combat Air Patrol
Battlefield AreAReconnaissance System
Boat Accident Reporting Data
Boating Accident Report Database
Barrage Jammer
Barrier Operations
Breathing Air Reducing Station
Bridge Analysis Record System
Barking Sands Tactical Underwater Range
Billing Analysis Reporting Tool
Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Ballistic Addon Studios
Baseline Assessment Strategy
Battlefield Automation Systems
Bomb Alarm System
Boundary Annexation Survey
Bradley Acquisition Systems
Broad AreASearch
Breathing Apparatus Search And Rescue
Basic Air and Space Course School
Base Account Screening Exercise
Basic Analysis and Security Engine
basic Army strategic estimates
Brigade Automated Simulation Exercise
Brigade Automated Simulation Exercise--Apache
British Aerospace Systems and Equipment
British Approval Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres
Beam Approach Seeker Evaluation System
Battlefield Surveillance Electronic Warfare Analysis Model
Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard
Battlefield Area Surveillance and Integrated Communication
Battle AreASurveillance & Integrated Communications
Body Armor Set, Individual Countermine
Broad Area Satellite Imagery Collection
Buffer Allocation Size
Base Operating Information System
Bleed Air Shut Off Valve
Base and Station Planning Group
Barrier Ammunition Storage Site
Base Augmentation Support Set
Base Automated Service Store
Base Automated Support System
Battlefield Automated Systems
Battlefield Automated Support System
Battlefield Area Surveillance System
Battlefield Automated Subordinate Systems
BCE Automated Support System
Building Automation Systems
Basing and Ship Stability Integration Center
Bulk Avalanche Semiconductor Switch
Board of Army Science and Technology
Bunkerfaust or Barricade and Street Encounter Weapon
Ballistic Aerial Target
Base Assistance Team
Baseline Analysis Tool
Basic Agent Tutorial
Basic Airborne Training
Basic Amphibious Training
Bell Advanced Tilt
Biodosimetry Assessment Tool
Biometric Automated Tool
Boresight Alignment Tool
Branch Assistance Teams
Brilliant Anitarmor Munition
Build Acceptance Tests
Bushmaster Armored Turret
Bushmaster Armored Turret, 2 Man
Battlefield Area Terrain Advisor
Bat Bulletin
Battlefield Automation Test Directorate
Battlefield Automation Technical Data Directorate
Battleship Division
Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
Battlefield Artillery Target Equipment System
Bureau of Alcahol Tobacco & Firearms
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Basic Air Training Information System
Battle Manager
Basic Attributes Test Score
Biometric Automated Toolset
Brilliant Anti-Tank System
Battalion Analyzer and Tactical Trainer for Local Engagements War Games
Battalion Analyzer and Tactical Trainer, Local Engagements War Games
Basic Air Tactics Trainer
Ballistic Aerodynamic Test Vehicle
Base Audio Package
Bus Adapter Unit
Beds Available
British Airways Virtual
Blinded American Veterans Foundation
British Association of Viewdata Information Providers
Base Audiovisual Manager
Biological Aerosol Warning Sensor
Battle Area Complex
Ball Bullet
Base Bleed
Bell Buoy
Black Bandits
Bottom Bounce
Break Bulk
Broadband Remote Access Server
Basic Build Analysis
Battalion Budget Advisory Committee
British Balloon and Airship Club
Battleship Battle Group
Backup Bus Controller
Biotherapeutics and Bioinnovation Center
British Borneo Civil Affairs Unit
Bulk Billing Data Files
Basic Binary Disk Loader
Billiard Ball Example
Bare Bones Editor
Battlefield Broadcast Information Services
Barrels/Hundreds of Barrels
Blocking, Bracing Material
Blocking and Bracing Materials
Broadband Network
Bulk Billing Number
Broadband Network Service
Border Boundary Police
Break Bulk Point
Breakbulk Point
Biennial Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution System
Blocking, Bracing, Packing, Crating and Tie -down
Blocking, Bracing, Packaging, Crating and Tie-Down Material
Block Bad Queries
Battlefield Blank Round
Baseband Switch
Battalion/Brigade Battle Simulation
Battalion and Brigade Simulations
Battalion Battle Simulation
Brigade Battle Simulation
Brigade Battle Simulator
Bare Base Support Package
Blowback Shifted Pulse
Budget Based Transfer
Broadband to the Home
Blueprint of the Battlefield Update
Bored By Work Routines and Activities
Basic Course
Ballistic Coefficient
Based Costing
Battle Cruisers
Battle Cruiser
Battle Cube
Battlespace Characterization
Body Count
Bottom Contour
Bottom Current
Bow Contest
Budget Code
Buffer Center
Bulk Cargoes
Bus Controller
Bureau of Construction and Repair
Ballistic Computer / Weapon Controller
Battle Force Command and Control
Battlespace Command and Control
Bosnia Commandand Control Augmentation
Battlefield Command and Control Systems Review
Base Closure Account
Battery Control Area
Belgian Courier Association
Benefit/Cost Analysis
Board of Contract Appeal
Body Composition Assessment
Border Crossing Authority
Broadcast Command Authorities
Buoyant Cable Antenna
Buoyant Cable Array Antenna
Benefits Counseling and Assistance Coordinator
Bureau de la coordination des affaires humanitaires
Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
National Youth Leadership Training
Battle Management and C3 Architecture Simulator
Biological Combat Assessment System
Broadcast Control Authorities
Beddown Capability Assessment Tool
Beddown Capability and Assessment Tool
Battle Command
Battle Command Battle Library
Battle Command Battle Laboratory
Battle Command Battle Library-Huachuca
Brigade Command and Battle Staff Training
Brigade Command Battle Staff Training
Base Cluster Commander
Base Communication Center
Base Computer Center
Tanganyika African National Union
Basic Control Channel
Battery Control Central
Battery Control Centre
Battle Control Center
Battle Command Computer
Battlefield Command Computer
Battlefield Circulation Control
Battlefield Circulation and Control
battlefield coordination center
Block Calls Cleared
Block Check-Sum Character
Block Check Count
Block Cycle Change
Brigade Coordination Cell
Budget Classification Code
Bus Control Card
Board Committee on Conformity Assessment
Base Configuration Control Board
battlefield command and control center
Battle Creek Customer Contact Center
Bar Code Controller/Decoder
Binding and Collections Care Divisionsion
Buried Channel Charge-coupled Device
Baghdad Central Confinement Facility
Base Case Coordinating Instituteuctions
Business Continuity Contingency Plan
Battlefield Command and Control System
Basic Close Combat Training
Battle Command and Communications Test Directorate
Baseline Concept Description
Battlefield Coordination Detachment
Battlefield Coordination Detachments
Battlefield Control Detachment
Battlefield Coordination Detachments
Brigade, Corporation and Divisionsion
Brigade, Corporation, Divisionsion
Broadband Content Delivery
Broadband Content Delivery Forum
Battle Commander's Development Course
Beaufort County Developmental Center
Broadband CDMA
Base-level Commercial Equipment, Baseline Cost Estimates
Base Civil Engineer
Battlefield Control Element
Bradley crew evaluator
Battlefield Electronic CEOI System
Backup Computation Facility
Backward Control Field
Budget Control Figure
British Commonwealth Far East Strategic Reserve
Battalion Command Group Refresher Course
Bose, Chaudhuri and Hocquengham
Battlefield Combat Identification
Battlefield Combat Identification
Block count indicator
Budgetary Cost Information
Battle Command Integration Directorate
Battle Command and Intel Integration
Battle Command Integration Program
Battlefield Command Improvement Program
Battlefield Combat Identification System -Near Term
Battlecube Information Exchange System
Battlefield Coordination Line
Binary Cutter Location
Bar Code Line Printer
Back Channel Message
Back Course Marker
Band Corporal Major
Baseline Correlation Matrix
Basic Capability Modules
Beyond Capability of Maintenance
Boards for Correction of Military Records
Board of Corrections of Naval Records
Battleforce Composite Networks
Billet Control Number
Build Control Number
Bureau Control Number
Battle Command Network Support Directorate
Base Central Office
Base Contracting Office
Baseline Costing Official
Battalion Commander
Backup Command Operations Centre
base camp operations center
Base Cluster Operations Center
Base Cluster Operation Centers
Battalion Combat Outcome Model
Base Communications Offices
Base Communications Processors
Basic Cadet Program
Best Commercial Practices
Border Crossing Points
BRAC Cleanup Plan
Budget Change Proposal
Bulk File Copy
Bradley Crew Proficiency Course
Board of Cost and Performance Review
Border Crossing Points
Baseband Combiner Radio
Battle Casualty Replacement
Battle Command Reengineering
Benefits Cost Ratio
Block Cell Rate
Bureau Central de Renseignements et d'Action
Bureau Central de Renseignement et d'Action
Business Clearance Review Board
Bar Code Reader
Backbone Communications System
Ballast Control System
Ballistic Computer System
Baseline Comparison System
Basic Communications Services
Battery Commanders
Battery Command System
Battle Command Seminar
Battlefield Computer System
Bench Check Serviceable
Binary Synchronous Communication
Branch Condition Select
Broadcast Control Site
Buoy Camera System
Buoy Communications System
Business Critical System
Battle Control System - Fixed
Battle Command Sustainment and Support System
Battle Command Support Center
Battle Command, Simulation and Experimentation
Basic Commercial Security Requirements
Battlespace Command Support System
Battle Command Staff Training
Battle Command and Staff Training
Battle Command Training
Battle Command Systems Trainer
Baku Cargo Terminal
Battalion Combat Team
Battlefield Communications Terminal
BiCMos Technology
BRAC Cleanup Team
brigade combat train
Basic Combat Training Brigade
Battle Command Training Brigades
Battle Command Training Branch
Battle Command Training Centers
Battle Command Training Course
Battle Command Training Division
Battle Command Training Directorate
Battle Command Training Program's
Battle Command Training Divisionsion
Battle Command Training and Integration Divisionsion
Battlefield Control Terminal Interface
Backup Courier Time Server
Battery Computer Unit
Battery Coolant Unit
Beach Clearance Unit
Buffer Control Unit
Brake Control Valve
Buffer And Conversion Unit
Battlefield Command Vehicle
Binary Chemical Warhead
Binary Chemical Weapon
Battlespace Commanders Work Station
Base Detonating
Baseline Description
Battle Drill
Battlefield Digitization
Begin Decommission
biocular display
Biological Detector
Biological Defense
Battle Damage Assessments
Battlefield Damage Assessment
Beer Drinking Area
Bilateral Destruction Agreement
Brigade Design Analysis
Browning Double Action
Browning Double Action Or Bomb Damage Assessment
Business Domain Architecture
Battle Damage and Repair
Battlefield Damage Assessment And Repair
Battle Damage Assessment Report
Battle Damage Assessment Team
Best Demonstrable Achievable Technology
Binary Data
Binary Data path
Battle Damage Assessment Working Group
Base Development Board
Berkeley Database engine Extensible Markup Language
Backgrounds Data Center
battlefield deception cell
Blood Donor Center
Blood Donor Centers
brigade data center
Broadcast System
Based Deductive DataBase
Base Development Doctrine
Benefits to be Delivered at Discharge
Binary Decision Diagrams
Blanket Delivery Date
British Defence Doctrine
base defensive effort
BitLocker Drive Encryption
brigade landing team
Bright Dawn Enhancement Program
base defensive force
Business Design Facility
Business Development Fund
Basic Daily Food Allowance
Blanking duty factor limit parameter
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
Bearing-Distance-Heading Indicator
Bearing Distance Heading Indicator
bearing distance and heading indicator
Battle Damage Indication
Battle Damage Information
Belgian Defense Industry Group
Battle Damage Indication Imagery
Business Development Kit
Braun Debus Kayser Rocket Science
Battery Data Link
Beach Discharge Lighter
Black Dog Machine
Bund Deutscher Mädel
Bunker Defeat Munition
Bunker Demolition Munition
Ballistic Defense Missile Mission
Baseline Database Management System
Build Directive Number
Business Development & New Ventures
Basic Delivery Order
Battle Dress Overgarments
Behavioral Detection Officers
Base Defense Operating Center
Basic Load Days of Supply
Base Development Plan
Baseline Data Package
Battlefield Deficiency Plan
Battlefield Deficiency Priority
Baseline Data Package Integration
Battle Damage Report
battlefield damage repair
Buyer Directed Request for Quotation
Battlefield Distributed Simulation
Battlefield Data System
Battlefield Data Systems
Blank Detail Specification
Boost Defense Segment
Briefing and Display Subsystem
British Defense Staff
Bundle Delivery System
Business Defense and Security
Battlefield Distributed Simulation-Developmental
Beretta Defence Shooting Academy
Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center
British Defense Staff, Washington
Basic Drilling Technology
British Dependent Territories
Builders Dock Trial
Bulk Data Transfer System
Battery Display Unit
Battle Dress Unifrom
Bomb, Dummy Unit
Bomb Dummy Unit
Biological Detection and Warning System
Base Defense Zone
Base Defense Zones
Buffer Demodulator Zero
Bandwidth Expansion
Bombing Encyclopedia
Batch Environment
Battlefield Environment
Battlefield Encyclopedia
Begin Exercise
Border Element
Brilliant Eyes
Build Environment
Battlefield Environmental Effects
Budget Execution Activity
Bureau Enquetes Accidents
Bureau Enquêtes-Accidents
Belgian Air Force
BEA Client-Side JAR File
Bandwidth-Efficient Advance Modulation
Base Engineer Automated Management System
Ballistic Engineered Armored Response
Basic Expeditionary Airfield Reasources
Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot
Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot
Battlefield Extraction and Retrieval
Beam Experiments Aboard a Rocket
Beam Experiments Aboard Rocket
Budget Execution Activities
Bibliographic Enrichment Activities Team
British Encryption for Packet Switching
BEA WebLogic Server
Brass Enclosed Base
BRAC Environmental Coordinator
Ballistic Environmental Characteristics and Measurement Program
Biometrics Enterprise Core Capabilities
Backward Error Correction Notification
Backup emergency COmmunications Network
brigade effects coordinator
Battlefield Electronic Communications System
Battlefield Electronic CEOI System
British Electric Cable Testing Organization
Boeing Employee Credit Union
Battlefield Environment Directorate
Best Estimated Delivery Dates
Barrage Emission Decoy of Laser Aided Munitions
Business Enumerated Domains
Bio-Environmental Engineer
Big Explosives Experimental Facility
Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy
Black Executive Excellence Program
Basic Electronic Environment Simulator
Battlefield Environmental Effects Software
Battalion Expeditionary Force
Belgian Fourragere
Brigade Engineer Group
Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust
Background Environment Information
Biometrics Enabled Intelligence
Bridge Effectiveness Index
Business Enterprise Information Services
Budget Enhancement List
Battlefield Electromagnetic Cover And Deception
Battlefield Electromagnetic Cover and Deception
Bell Communications Research
Bradley eye-safe laser range finder
Big Emerging Markets
Blade Element Model
Backlog of Essential Maintenance and Repair
Belgian Military Communications Network
Basic Electronics Maintenance Trainer
Basic Electronic Maintenance Training
Base Encyclopedia Number
Basic Encyclopedia number
Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg Sub-Area Channel
Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
Beneficial Suggestion
Beginning Evening Nautical Twilight
ballistic eye protection
Basic Emergency Plan
Business Enterprise Priority
Business Enterprises Program
Business Enterprise Priorities
Basic Error Rate
Budget Execution Review
Berlin Airlift Device
Banque européenne pour la reconstruction et le développement
Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors
Barrel Erosion Research Measurement Instituteument
British Experimental Rotor Programme
Back-End Services
Background Environment Simulator
Battle Effects Simulator
Bonneville Enterprise System
Business Enterprise Systems
Budgeted End Strength
Budget End Strength
Budget Estimates Submission
Budget Estimate Submit
Budget Estimate Submittal
Budget Execution System
Basic Enlisted Service Date
Base Electronic Systems Engineering Plan
Behavior and Systems Research Laboratory
Bit Error Sensing System
Blast Effects Sensor Suite
Back-End Service Transaction
Base Engineering Support, Technical
Battlespace Enhanced Survivability Technology
Bids Evaluation Support Tool
Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport
Business Enterprise Solutions Trainee
Basic Electronics Training
Belle Enterprise and Technology
Best Estimate of Trajectory
Bi-Strategic Command Evaluation Team
Ballistic Coefficient
Battlefield Exploitation Target Acquisition
Battlefield Evaluation and Target Acquisition
Beginning-End Tag
Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems Evolutionary Test Environment
Basic Exchange Telephone Radio Service
Battery Emergency Unit
Battlefield Environments Weapons Systems Simulation
battlefield effects weapons simulation system
Battle Force Electronic Warfare Trainer
BFTT Electronic Warfare Trainer
Budget Execution
budget execution
DUTY Proper Name of System
Basic Function
Battle Fatigue
Battle Field
Battle Forces
Battle Fury
Bayerische Flugzeugwerke
Beginning of Fallout
beginning of radioactive fallout
Blade Fold
British Forces
Brute Force
Budget Function
Bypass Filter
blade fold/wing stow
Basic Fitness Assessment
Battlefield Functional Areas
Battlefield Function
Battle Functional Area
Blank-firing adaptor
Blank Firing Adapter
Blank-Firing Attachment
Blank Firing Attachment
Blue Flag Augmentee Course
Battlefield Functional Area Control Systems
Battlefield Functional Area Control System
Battlefield Functional Area Review
BFAControl System
Bonneville Financial Assistance Instructions
Bonneville Financial Assistance Instituteuctions
Battlefield Functional Area Master Plan
Battlefield Functional Area Modernization Plan
Battlefield Functional Areas
Battle Force Action Officer
Battlefield Functional Assets
Battle Focus Battle Lab
Battle Force Capable
Battle Force Capability
Battle Force Combatants
Biometrics Fusion Center
Battle Force Command and Control
Basis For Cost Estimating
Backup Flight Control Module
Ballistic Framing CamerASystem
Blade Fold Control Unit
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
Bidirectional Forward Detection
Budget Formulation Directive
Blue Force Data Link
Body Freedom Flutter
Basic Flight Instructor
Battle Force Interoperability
Battle Force Integration Test
Bearing Frequency Indicator
Briefing for Industry
Bulk Fuel Installation
Bradley Fire Support
Bradley Fire Support Team
Battle-Force In-Port Training
Battle Force Inport Trainer
Battle Force In-port Training
Battle Focused Instructor Training Course
Battle Focused Instituteuctor Training Course
Basic Field Manual
Basic Fighter Maneuvers
Basic Fighter Manouvers
Basic Fighter Maneuvering
Basic Finisher Module
Battlefield Forecast Model
Battlescale Forecast Model
Battle scale Forcast Model
Best and Final Offer
Business and Financial Manager
Business and Finance Manager
Base Fuels Management Office
Bridge-to-the-Future Network
Bridge to Future Networks
Burst Frequency Offset
Battle Force Operation Replenishment Model
budget formulation
Budget, Funding and Procurement Review Board
Biannual Flight Review
basic facilities requirements list
Belgian Flight School
Bundesanstalt für Flugsicherung
Brigade Forward Support Area
Battle for Skull Pass
Bradley Fire Support Vehicle
Battle Focused Trainer
Battle Force Tank
Battle Focused Training Center
Bombardier's Flight Test Centre
Basic Flying Training School
Bomber-Fighter Training System
Battle Force Tactical Trainer
Battle Force Tactical Training System
Battle Force Tactical Trainer, Battle Force Tactical Training
battle force tactical training exercise
Bradley Fighting Vehicles
Bradley Fighting Vehicles
Bradley Fighting Vehicle Series
BFV Operation Desert Storm Sustainment Training
Blade Fold Wing Stow
Budgetary Fiscal Year
Battle Groups
Beach Group
Business and General Aviation
Battle Group Anti-Air Warfare Coordination
Battle Group Battle Management System
Battle Group Commander
Boat Group Commander
Blue Grass Depot Activity
Battle Group Effectiveness Model
Battlefield Geometry
Brigadier General, General Staff
British General Hospital
Battle Group In-port Exercise
Battle Group Integration Test
Battle Group Interopability Testing
battle group inport training
Battle Group Information Exchange System
Bhatnagar Gross Krook
Bomb Laser Guided
Battle Group Logistics Coordinator
Basic Guided Missile
Battle Group Manager
Burma Gallantry Medal
Bradley Gunner and Missile Target System
Bureau de Gestion OTAN HAWK
Bureau de gestion de projet
Broader Gateway Protocol
Border Gateway Protocol Version Four
battle group planning conference
Algemene Wet Bijzondere Ziektekosten
Battle Group Project Engineer
Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System Program
Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System-Surface Terminal
BGPHES-Surface Terminal
Battle Group Project Officer
Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company
Battle Groups
Brigadier, General Staff
Battle Group Systems Advisor
Battle Group Systems Integration Testing
Battle Group Systems Integration Test
Battalion Ground Surveillance Section
Bradley Gunnery Skills Test
Bradley Gunner's Skill Test
Brigade Combat Team
Battle Group Tactical Training
Basic Generation Unit
Battle Group Unmanned Air Vehicle
Basic Generation Unit Interface Device
Battle Group Unmanned Aircraft
Boost Glide Vehicle
Base Housing
Black Hawk
Blessed Hammer
Boeing Helicopters
Black Hills Ammunition
Bomb Hit Assessment
Bosnia-Herzegovina After Action Report
Bosnia-Herzegovina Command
Branch Health Clinic
Busy Hour Call Attempt
Bosnia-Herzegovina Communications Control Centre
British Historical Games Society
Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
Biodirectional Health Information Exchange
Battle Handover Line
Battle Handover
battle handover line
Brinnell Hardness Number
Bolt Hold Open
Browning Hi-Power
British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association
Bureau of Humanitarian Response
Behavioral Health System
Beryllium Health Surveillance Program
Bell Helicopter Textron
Background Investigations
Battalion Infantry
Battlefield Interdiction
Battlefield Identification
Battlefield Information
Battlefield Illumination
Battle Injury
Battlespace Infosphere
Bohemia Interactive
Branch Immaterial
Briefing to Industry
Bureau of Immigration
Bi-Strategic Command Automatic Information System
Bi-Strategic Command Medical Advisory Group
Battlefield Information Architecture
Brothers in Arms
Behavioral Influences Analysis Center
Business Information Analysis and Integration Technique
Baghdad International Airport
Battlefield Illumination Assistance System
Backward Indicator Bits
Budget in Brief
Ballistic Impact Chamber
Basic Instituteuctor Course
Basic Instructor Course
Battlefield Integration Center
Battle Inoculation Course
Binary Correlator
Broadcast and Ship-Shore System Initial Capability
battlefield center
Battlefield Information Control Center
Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems Initial Core Capability
Bonn International Center for Conversion
Brigade Intelligence and Communications Company
Battlespace Integrated Concept Emulation Program
Boeing International Corporation India Private Limited
Boeing International Corporationration India Private Limited
BCTP Intelligence Collection Model
Blount Island Command
Bureau Internal Control Officer
BIstatic COherent Measurement System
Battlefield Information Control System
Base Interior Defense
Built-In Diagnostics
Bulk Information Device
Base Information Data Distribution System
Basic Identity Data Element
Ballistic impact detection system
Broadband Internet Delivery System
Broadband Interactive Data Solution
Billing Information Data Tapes
Business Information Entity
Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems Integration Facility
Bipolar MOS
Battlefield Identification Friend or Foe
Battlefield Identification, Friend or Foe
Battlefield Identification Friend-or-Foe
Battlefield Identification
Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Biological Isolation Garments
Business Interest Group
Breitbandige Integriete Gefechtsstandfernmeldnetz
Basic Issue Item List
Basic Issue Items List
Basic Issue Items Lists
Imagery Interpretation Brief
Baseline Integrated Infantry Combat System
Battlefield Interface Implementation Plan
Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Blacker Ignition Key
Bulk Items List
Beacon Illuminator Laser
Bofors, Infantry, Light and Lethal
Baseband Improvement Modification
Baseband Improvement Modifications
Blade Inspection Method
Business and Information Modeling
Bus input message
Base Individual Mobilization Augmentee Administrator
BIstable MAgnetic Core
Battlefield Information Management System
Battlespace Information and Notification through Adaptive Heuristics
Berkeley Internet Name Domain Server
Bureau of International Narcotics Matters
Bundled Information Notification System
Basic Interoperability for Terminals for Telematic Services
Background Information Objects
Background Investigation Official
Bureau of International Organizations
Basic Identity Object Class
Biological Report
BIOlogical RADAR
Biological Research
Biological Weapons Systems
biological weapon system
British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee
Best Interest of the Service
Baseline Implementation Plan
Basic Interface for Parallelism
Basic Interoperability Protocol
Battlefield Interoperability Program
Battlefield Imaging Projectile
Biomedical Informatics Program
Blood Inventory Program
Blow In Place
Blunt Impact Projectile
Budget Increment Package
Battlefield Imaging Projectile System
Battlefield Information Reporting System
Benefit/Investment Ratio
Biannual Infrastructure Review
Battery Integration and Radar Display Equipment
Battery Integration and Radar Display
Burroughs Information Retrieval and Dissemination System
Battlefield Inoculation Remote Initiation System
Battlefield Information System
Beneficiary Identification Record Locator Subsystem
Base Infrastructure
Battalion Information System
Beam Induced Stripping
Boeing Information System
Business Information Systems
Bohemia Interactive Studio
Bohemia Interactive Studios
Brought Into Service
British Interplanetary Society
Broadcast Info System
Broadcast Information System
Broadcast Intelligence System
Built-in simulation
Built In Simulation
Business Information System Analysis and Design
Broadband Integrated Services for Aircraft Maintenance
Battlefield Information Systems Applications
Binary Integrated Services Digital Network
Balkans Intelligence Support Element
British Independent Steel Products Association
Base Installation Security System
Base Intrusion Security Systems
Basic Interoperable Scrambling System
Best Instituteumentation Source Selector
built-in Systems Test
Built-In Software Test
Binary Stream
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network User Part
Binary Synchronous Communications Protocol
Base Item Types
Basic Instructor Training
Battlefield Information Technology
Binary Inspector Tool
Broadband Infrastructure Technology
Built In Training
Business Implementation Time
Boulder Industry Test Bed
Base Information Transfer Center
Basic Instrument Training Device
Built In Training Equipment
Built-In Tracking Generator
Banking Industry Technology Secretariat
Baseline Information Transfer System
Basic Information Transfer System
Battlefield Information Transmission System
Battlefield Information and Targeting System
British Isles Traveller Support
Baseband Interface Unit
Beach Interface Unit
Business Information Warehouse, SAP
Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich
Based Industrial Zone
British Joint Communications-Electronics Board
Brass Jacketed Hollow Point
Brass Jacket Hollow Point
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Budget Justification Materials
Bolted Joint Stress Field Model
Boosted Kinetic Energy Penetrator
British Karate Kyokushinkai
Band Ligation
Base Level
Base Locator
Basic Load
Battle Laboratories
Biocontainment Level
Boundary layer
Bradley Linebacker
Butt Line
Blind Load and Plug
Biosafety Level 2
British Liberation Army
Base Level Assessment
Battle Lab Assessment
Bottom Limited Active Classification
Basic Level Automation of Data through Electronics
C is the symbol used for the speed of light
Combined Staff Personnel Officer
Combined Staff Strategic Planning and Policy Officer
Combined Staff Command, Control and Communications Systems Officer
Command, Control, and Communications
Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
Command and Control; Combined or Coalition Forces Intelligence Staff
Cost and Lead Time Estimate
high level programming language
Collection and Classification
Control and Coordination
Guidance and Control
Contingency and Confidential Intelligence
Communication and Customer Support
Command and Decision
Command and Display
Controls and Displays
Cover and Deception
Command and Decision/Auxiliary
Central and Eastern Europe
Checkout and Integration
commands and indications
Commonality and Interoperability
Compatibility and Interoperability
Compatibility and Interoperability Testing
Compatibility and Interoperability Testing
Collections and Jamming
Communications and Jamming
Control and Line
Cargo And Loading Analysis Table
Collection and Processing
Control and Processing
Construction and Repair
Coordination and Reporting
Curio & Relic
Curio and Relic
Casualty and Survivability
Command and Support
Command or Support
Computing and Software
Control and Signaling
Collection and Transfer
Concept and Technology Development
C++ Programming Language
Globemaster III
coalition Intelligence Directorate counterintelligence and human intelligence staff element
Continuous Built in Test Equipment
Counter Command, Control, and Communications
Cross Country
Close-Combat Laser Weapon
Communication And Computer Systems
Day in Which Movement From Origin Begins
Unnamed Day On Which A Deployment Operation Begins
Counter-Force Automated Surveillance and Targeting
Counter-human Intelligence
Counter-Imagery Intelligence
counter-image intelligence
Counter Human Resources Intelligence Operational Control
Category Level
Condition Level of Unit Resources
Cobra-night-integrated thermal equipment
Centralized ReProcurement
Counter-Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
Control Read Only Memory
Combined Second Echelon Interdiction
Chief/Senior Enlisted Manager
Counter-Signals Intelligence
Circuit Switched Public Data Network
Commander for Support
United States Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Cost, Volume, Profit
Coalition Wide Area Network
Certificate of Arts in Apologetics
Cargo Airlines Ltd
Civilian Association of Retired Employees
Commander of the British Empire
Certificate in Data Processing
Correctional Emergency Response Team
Centralized Examination Station
Comptroller General
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Commission Internationale Permanente
Critical Incident Response Team
Commanding Officer
Certificate of Competency
Computer Output Microfiche
Civilian Observation Youth
Community Partners
Certified Professional Logistician
central proccesing unit
Close Quarters Battle
Close Quarter Battle
Center for Special Studies
Code Coarse/Acquisition Code
Computer/Bus Architecture
Cabin Cruiser
cast off and clear
Crew Chief
Counter Drug
Carrier to Interface Ratio
Ratio of carrier to noise in a
Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit
Commander/Joint Task Force
Cost Per Man-hour
Container/Material Handling Equipment
Cost/Pricing Data
Computer/Radio Subsystem
Chief of Staff
Commanders in Chief/Services
Course and Speed
Client/Server Architecture
Cost/Schedule Performance Criteria
Cost/Schedule Performance System
Cost and Schedule Status Report
Carrier to Noise Temperature Ratio
Compass/Vertical Angle Measurement
Carbon Dioxide
command & control
Command and Control Class C2
Command and Control Battlelab
Controlled Access Protection
a defensive form of command and control warfare
Command and Control Information Exchange
Command and Control Battlefield Function Mission Area
Command and Control Battlefield function mission Area Analysis
Command and Control/Battle Management Communications
Command and Control Communication System
Command and Control Communications System
Computer to Computer
CECOM Center for Cmd, Control and Communications Systems
Command and Control Concept and Management Plan
Command and Control Core Data Model
Commercial Communications Technology Laboratory
Command and Control Countermeasures
Command and Control Element
Contracts to Data
Command and Control Decision Aid
Command and Control Duty Officer
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
continuous comprehensive evaluation
Command and Control Framwork
Command and Control Guard
Command, Control and Intelligence
Command and Control Module
Command and Control for Mobile Operations
Command and Control Integration Council
Command and Control Information Processing
Command and Control Information System
Command and Control Initiatives Program
C2 Information Systems
Command and Control Information Processing System
Command and Control, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Course Curriculum Model Manager
Command and Control Mission Area Analysis
Command and Control Mission Area Development Plan
Command and Control Mission Area Materiel Plan
Command and Control Microcomputer Users Group
Command and Control on the Move
Command and Control Processor
Command and Control Planning
command and control protection
Command and Control Protect
Command and Control System
Command and Control Systems
Command and Control Support
Command and control software
Command and Control Personal Computer
Controlled Access Protection Level for Trusted Systems
Command and Control Requirements Analysis
Command and Control Resource Management
Client to Services
Command and Control Systems Command and Control Support
Command, Control and Subordinate Systems
Command and Control Support Activity-Europe
Command and Control System Program Review
command and control strength reporting system
Commercial Communications Technology Testbed Close Combat Tactical Trainer
Commercial Communications Technology Test Bed
Command and Control Vehicle
Command and Control Warfare
Command and Control Warfare Commander
Command and Control Warfare Coordination
Command and Control Warfare Coordination Module
Command, Control and Communication
command, control & communication
Consultation, Command and Control
Command, Control and Communications Advisory Group
C3 -Countermeasures
C3 and Countermeasures
Consultation, Command and Control Communications Subsystem
Command, Control and Communications Evaluation Model
Command, Control, Communication and Information
Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence
Command, Control, Communication and Information Systems
Command, Control and Communications Master Plan
C3 Intelligence
coalition coordination, communications and integration center
C3 Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
Command, Control, Communications, Intel and Electronic Warfare
Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Integration Test
Consultation, Command and Control Master Plan
Consultation, Command and Control Systems
control and communications software
Command, Control and Communications Systems Master Plan
Command, Control and Communications - Tactical
Command, Communications, Control and Computers
Command, Control, Communication and Computers
command, control, communications, and computers
Command and Control, Communications and Computers
Command, Control, Communications Theater Exploitation Demonstration
Central Customs Clearance Cells
Composition 4
C4 Automated Decision Aid
command, control, communications and computer countermeasures
Command, Communications, Control and Computers and Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence
Jaguar Clubs of North America
Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Integration
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
Command and Control, Communications and Computers and Intelligence
Command Control Communications Computers & Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information and Intelligence
Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Intelligence and Information Systems
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Integration
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Dissemination
C4 Intelligence and Information
Get With The Guidelines
C4I Battle Center
C4I Countermeasures
C4I and Electronic Warfare and Sensors
Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Sensors
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence for the Warrior
American Unitarian Association
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence for the Warfighter
Command, Control, Communications and Computers For The Warrior
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Support Plan
Command, Control, Communications and Computer Information Management
Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Navigation
Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems
C4I Power Projection
C4I Surveillance and Reconnaissance
C4I, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Targeting
Command, control, communications, computing, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communication, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications and Computer Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications, computers and information, surveillance and reconnaissance
Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Architectu
C4 Requirements Definition Program
C4 Systems
Command, Control, Communications, Computer Systems
Command, Control, Communications and Computer Systems
Center for Security and Emergency Management
Command, Control, Communications and Computers System Master Plan
Cost and Lead Time Estimate
Certification Acceptance
Challenge Athena
Channel Aggregation
Chinese Army
Church Army
Civil Administration
Code Available
Combat Advantage
Combat Aircraft
Combat Arms
Combat Assault
Combined Arms
Commercial Activities
Commercial Activity
Communications Activities
Common Applications
Communication Application
Burma Independence Army
Communications Security Account
Computer Auxiliary
Configuration Audits
Configuration Audit
Consortium Administrator
Construction Agent
Contracting Agency
Contracting Activity
Conversational Analysis
Coordinating Altitude
Coordinating Authority
Coordination Area
Cost Analysis
Counter Air
Course of Action
Crewman's Associate
Crewman Apprentice
Cruiser, Armored
Customer Advisory
gun cruiser
Canadian Aviation Administration
Cellular Activity Analyzer
Central Adoption Authority
Civil Air Augmentation
Civil Air Authority
Civil Airworthiness Authority
Civil Aviation Authority's
Command Arrangement Agreements
Command Arrangement Agreements; Competent Authority Approval
Commander, Atlantic Area
Comunidad Americana de Arma
Concepts Analysis Agency Combined Arms Agency
Conference of American Armies
Conformal Antenna Array
Counter Air Attack
Crypto Access Authorization
Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh
combined arms air defense
Corporation Area Air Defense
Corps Area Air Defense
Computer Assisted Action Information System
Composite Area Analysis Model
Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology
Computer Assisted Artillery Meteorology System
Conventional Airfield Attack Missile
Citizens for the Abatement of Aircraft Noise
Combined Arms Assessment Network
Common Avionics Architecture for Penetration
Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant
Combined Arms And Support
Commercial Activity Automated System
Contractor Assistance and Advisory Service
Center for Advanced Aviation System Design
Captive Air Amphibious Transporters
Captive Air Amphibious Transporter
Combined Anti-Armor Team
Combined Arms Assessment Team
Crewman's Associate Advanced Technology Demonstration
Close Air Attack Unit
CECOM Acquisition Board
Civilian Advisory Board
Civil Affairs Branch
Combat Action Badges
Combat Aviation Battalion
command aviation battalion
Combat Aviation Brigade's
Combat Aviation Brigades
Combined Arms Battalion-Light
Command & Attack Battalion
Contract Adjustment Board
Contract Award Board
Cost Analysis Brief
Current Awareness Bulletin
Current Awareness Bibliography
Colorado Aviation Business Association
Context-Based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding
Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform
Consular Affairs Bulletin Board
Central Advisory Board of Education
Consolidation of Administration at Battalion Level
Collaborative Air Battle Management
Cockpit Air Bag System
Combat Aviation Brigades
Command Automated Budget System
Crashworthy Air Bag System
Cadet Advisory Council
Canadian Armoured Corps
Carbon Arc Cutting
Casualty Area Command
Casualty Assistance Command
Casualty Assistance Center
Civic Action Centers
Civic Assistance Command
Civilian Access Card
Command Access Card
Combat Air Command
Combat Analysis Capability
Combined Arms Center, Civilian Army Corporation
Command Aviation Company
Consolidated Access Card
Common Avionics Computer
Commonwealth Aircraft Corporationration
Community Activities Center
Compressed Aeronautical Chart
Computer Aided Classification
Contract Action Code
Contract Audit Coordinator
Contract Awards Committee
Control Analysis Center
Crisis Action Cell
Cumulative Average Cost
Cumulative Average Curve
Current Actions Center
United States Army Combined Arms Center
Combined Arms Command-Training
Combined Air Component Commander
Combined Air Component Command
CECOM Acquisition Center-Washington
Combined Arms Command and Control
Common Aviation Command and Control System
Catch As Catch Can
Central Access Control Center
Combined Analysis Control Center
Computer Application Control Code
Combined Arms Command Combat Development
Collins Avionics and Communications Division
Collins Avionics and Communications Divisionsion
Combined Arms Command Developer
Commander's Appreciation and Campaign Design
Combined Arms Combat Developments Activity
Combined Arms Combat Development Agency
Computer Aided
contractor acquired operational equipment
Cost Analysis Cost Estimating
Computer Assisted
Census Address Control File
Consolidated Alliance Capability Goal
CAC Management Information System
Combined Arms Command Management Information System
Casualty Assistance Call Officer
Casualty Assistance Calls Officers
Community Activities Coordination Office
Congressional Affairs Contact Officer
Computer Assisted Command System
Contract Audit Closing Statement
Command Air Crew Training
Community Automated
community automated intelligence system
Compact Automated Centroid Tracker Instituteumentation System
Computer Automated Counter Terrorism Intelligence System
Combined Arms Common Task List
Canadian Air Division
Capabilities and Acquisition Division
Capabilities and Acquisition Divisionsion
Cartridge Actuated Device
Cartridge Activated Devices
Certifying Activity Designator
Civil Affairs Divisionsion
Collective Address Designator
Combined Arms Division
Combined Arms Divisionsion
Computer Assistant Designs
Condemned At Depot
consolidated acquistion directive
Contingency Augmentation Detachment
Contract Award Date
Counter Anti-radiation missile Decoy
Course Administrative Data
Computer-Aided Design and Design Automation
Computer-Assisted Design and Design Automation
Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Engineering
Computer-aided Design and Engineering
Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacture
Computer Automated Design Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Assisted Data Acceptance
Coordinated Air Defense Area
Computer Aided Design for Built-In Test
Corporation Air Defense Center
Common Air Defense Communications Interface
Current Active Duty Date
Close Air Defence Detachment Engagement Trainer
Commercial Ada Development Environment
Computer Aided Design Equipment
Corporation Air Defence Element
Corps Air Defence Element
Computer-Aided Data Exchange Standards/Specification
Conventional Ammunition and Delivery Execution Tracking System
Computer Adjunct Data Evaluator-X
Commutated Aerial Direction Finding
Coordinated Air Defence in Mutual Support
Coordinated Air Defense in Mutual Support
Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Test
computer administrative instruction
Configuration Automated Data Management Support System
Chemical Agent Network
Coordinated Air Defense Operations
Continental Air Defense Objectives Plan
Circuit Switched Public Data Network
Central ADPE Room
Communication Automatic Data Processing Interface Program
Computer-Aided Design Reliability
Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education
College of Aerospace Doctrine Research and Education
College of Aerospace Doctrine Research & Education
Cover and Deception Research Encyclopedia
Cadet Regulation
Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics
Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphic
Compressed Arc Digital Raster Graphics
Compressed ARC Digital Raster Imagery
Compressed Attached Resource Computer Digitized Raster Graphics
Transportation Workers Identification Credential
Computer-Aided Design and Reuse with Intelligent Support
Concern And Deficiency Reporting System
Computer-Aided Dead Reckoning Tracer
Calculated Air Data System
Computed Air Data System
Center for Advanced Defense Studies
Chemical Agent Detecting Solution
Combat Air Deconfliction System
Combat Airspace Deconfliction System
Computer Anomaly Detection System
Computer Assisted Display System
Concept and Design Study
Continental Air Defense System
call signs or address group remain same
civil affairs direct-support team
Contamination Avoidance Detector Test Suite
Commande Automatique de Vol
Commander Aiiled forces Europe
Computer Aided Exercise
Conjecture, Analysis, Evaluate
Control Area Extension
Crisis Action Element
Computer-Aided Engineering and Documentation System
Center for Advanced Electronic Imaging
Conversion Actuator Electrical Interface Unit
Computer-Aided Embarkation System
Computer Aided Embarkation Management System
Computer Aided Earthmoving System
China Academy of Engineering Physics
Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection
Component Acquisition Executives
Computer Aided Exploration of Synthetic Aperture Radar
Computer Aided Electronic Warfare Information System
Carrier Airborne Early Warning Weapons School
Central Action File
CMM Appraisal Framework
Combat Air Force's
Combined Arms Flavor
commander, airborne/air assault force
Commercial Activities Program
Conceptual Architectural Framework
Contractors Accompanying the Force
Controlled Access File
Core Asynchronous Transfer Mode Function
Create a Fighter
Crisis Augmentation Facility; Combat Air Forces
Combined Arms For Air Defense
Cost Advisory and Financial Analysis Divisionsion
Consumer Affairs and Financial Assistance Program
Consumer Affairs, Financial Assistance Program
Columbus Air Force Base
Charleston Area Federal Credit Union
Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
computer-aided file of engineering drawings
Computer Aided File of Engineering Drawings
Combined Arms Force Effectiveness Evaluation
Combat Air Force Headquarters
Computer-Aided Fault Isolation Testability
Commercial Air Freight Movement
Combined Amphibious Force Mediterranean
Computer-Aided Force Management System
Computer Aided Force Management System
Computer Assisted Force Management System
Computer Assisted Forces Management System
Computer Assisted Flight Management System
Computer Force Management System with X-Windows/Motif
Combined Air Force Operating Base
Carrier and Field.Service Unit
Carrier and Field Service Unit
Center for Anti-Fratricide Technology
Chemical Air Filtration Unit
Combat Air Forces Weather Software Package
Combat Air Force Weather Software Package
California Alliance for Golf
Catapult and Arresting Gear
Civil Affairs Group
Clothing Advisory Group
Combat Arms Group
Combined Arms Group
Common Avionics Group
Community Action Groups
Commande Automatique de Gain
Commander Air Group's
Cyberathlete Professional League
Cost Accounting Guide
Cost Ascertainment Grouping
Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser
Commercial and Government Entity Code
Commercial and Government Entry
Contract and Government Entity Code
Combined Aerospace Ground Equipment List
Common Air-Ground Electronic combat Suite
Child and Adolescent Health Program
Council on the Application of Health Information Technology
Canadian Aviation Historical Society
Computer Assisted Health Services Simulation
Client Application Interface
College on Artificial Intelligence
Combined Arms Initiative
Combined Arms Initiatives
Committee for Ammunition Logistic
Computer Aided Instructor
Computer-Assisted Instituteuction
Computer-Assisted Inspection
Computer Aided Instituteuctor
Capital Regional District
Cooperative Aircraft Identification
Counter Air Interdiction
Critical Application Item
Cubic Applications, Inc
Community Action and Information Board
Conventional Ammunition Information Bulletin
Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation
Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation
Clear Accountability In Design
Cost and Analysis Improvement Group
Customer Area Inventory Management
Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System
Computer Assisted Instituteuctional Evaluation System
Carrier Airborne Inertial Navigation System
Carrier Aircraft Intertial Navigation System
Content Analysis and Information Retrieval
Chemical Accident or Incident Response and Assistance
Chemical Accident Incident Response and Assistance
Collaborative Advanced Internet Research Network
Common Ada Interface Set
Common APSE Interface Set
Common Apse Interface Set
Common Ada Programming Support Environment Interface Set
Corporationrate Administrative Information Systems
Combat Service Support Automated Information System Interface
Combat Service Support Automation Information System Interface
Cost as an Independent Variable
Cooperative Angle Jamming
Central American Joint Intelligence Team
Canadian Arsenals Limited
China Air Lines
Center of Army Leadership
Centre for Army Lessons
Compliance Action List
Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics
Confined Area Landing
Critical Asset List
Combat Aircraft Loading Area
Customer Access Line Charges
Common Affordable Lighweight Fighter
Common Affordablle Lightweight Fighter
Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise
Computer Assisted Language Instituteuctional System
California Land-falling Jets Experiment
Call for Army Lessons Learned
CALL Collection Plan and Observer ManagementSystem
Computer-Aided Load Manifest System
Computer Aided Load Manifesting
Computer-Aided Load Manifest System
Computer Aided Logistics Management Systems
Computer Aided Load Manifesting System
Computer Aided Load Management System
Computer Assisted Load Manifest
calculating logistics management information system
Calibration ManagementInformation System
Computerized Air Launched Missile Management System
Combined Allowance for Logistics and Maintenance Support
Conventional Ammunition Logistics Management Support System
Common Air Launched Navigation System
Contingency and Limited Objective Operations
Contingency/Limited Objective Warfare
Contingency and Low Objective Warfare
Committee for Ammunition Logistics Support
Committee on Ammunition Logistics Support
Computer-Aided Lifecycle Support
Computer-Aided Logistic Support Analysis
Computer-Aided Aquisition and Logistic Support
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
Computer Aided Acquisitions and Logistics Support
CALS/Technical Information Management System
Computer-Aided Logistics Analysis
Calibration Satellite
Combat Air Lift Support Unit
clearance altitude
control altitude
Capability Maturity Model Integration Assessment Method
Catapult Aircraft Merchantman
Chemical Agent Monitoring
Chief Air Marshall
Civil Affairs Model
CMMI Assessment Method
Cockpit Area Mike
Cockpit Area Microphone
Combined Army and Marine
Commercial Air Movement
Commercial Assets Mobilization
Communication Access Methos
Consolidated Assessment Model
Constant Addressable Memory
Continuing Airworthiness Management
Core Automated Maintenance
Correlated Attack Modeling
Crisis Action Module
Civil Aviation and Meteorological Authority
Combined Arms Mission Area Analysis
Computer Aided Measurement and
Common-Aperture Multifunction Array Radar
Combined Arms Maneuver Battalion
Cambridgeshire Regiment
Central Asia Military District
Computer Aided Manufacturing Environment
Corporation Air Management Element
Corporation Airspace Management Element
Call Management Language
Critical Aeronautical Material Equipment List
Customized Application for Mobile-Enhanced Logic
Collaboration on Advanced Multispectral Earth Observation
Computational Algorithm for Missile Exhaust Radiation
Computer Assisted Map Exercise
Convective and Moisture Experiment
Capability Maturity Model Integration Assessment Method Framework
Socialist Labour Party
CMMI Assessment Method Framework
Continued Action Maintenance Instituteuction
Commercial Activities Management Information System
commercial activities management and information system
Continental Army Management Information System
Television and Radio Industries Club
Customs Accounting and Management Information System
Cargo Aircraft Mine Laying
Combined Arms Multi-Purpose Missile System
Combined Arms Multi-Mission System
computer-aided maneuver management system
Computer Aided Maintenance Management System
Computer Assisted Map Maneuver System
Computer Assisted Map Maneuver Simulation
Computer Assisted Map Maneuver Systems
Central Ammunition Management Office
Collaborative Ammunition Management Online
Corporation Automation Management Officer
Central, Ammunition Management Office - Pacific
Career Acquisition Management Portal
CNET Ammunition Management Program
International Conference on Computer Vision
Command ADP Modernization Program
Common ABCS Message Parser
Common Ada Missile Packages
Common Ada Missile Parts
Competitive Acquisition Management Panel
Computer-Aided Maintainability Predictor
Computer-Aided Message Processing System
Computer Aided Message Processing
Computer-Assisted Message Preparation
Computer Assisted Match Program
Camp Pendleton Marine Base
Centralized Automated Military Pay System
Compartmented ASAS Message Processing System
Consolidated Air Mission Results Analysis
Card and Application Management System
Central Air Monitoring System
Central Atmosphere Monitor System
Collection Automated Management System
Combat Autonomous Mobility System
Communications Area Master Stations
Communications Area Master Station Atlantic Area
Communications Area Master Station Pacific Area
Continual Army Management System
Crisis Action Management System
Core Automated Maintenance
Crisis Action Modules
Carrier Aircraft Maintenance/Supply Effectiveness Evaluation
California Medium Shelter System
Cameron Station
Countering Air And Missile Threats
Civil Affairs Mobile Training Team
Corporation of Army Music
Cable Area Network
Capabilities Needs Analysis
Center for Naval Analysis
Combined Arms Network
Commander's Narrative Analysis
Computer Network Attack
Conseil de l'Atlantique Nord
Control Account Number
Cognitive Airborne Networks for Defense Operations
Convalescent Antidote For Nerve Agent
Convulsant Antidote, Nerve Agent
Convulsant Antidote Nerve Agent
Convulsive antidote nerve agent
Wing Operations Center
Command Analysis Process
Cancellation Reason Code
Canadian Commander Army Pacific
Commercial and Non-Developmental Item
Combined Arms Nuclear/Chemical Environment
combined arms in a nuclear environment
Consolidated Afloat Networks & Enterprise Services
Consolidated Afloat Networks Enterprise Services
Canadian Atlantic Sub-Area
Cabinet for Noise Suppression
Civilian Announcement Notification System
Can't Comply
Cannot Comply
Cannot Process
Cannot process
Catalog of Navy Training Courses
United States Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Canada/United States
LANDOP Canada-United States Land Operations Plan
Casualty Assistance Office
Chief Armour Officer
Civil Affairs Operations
Civil Aviation Office
Classification Advisory Officer
Collateral Action Officer
Collateral Action Office
Communications Allocation Order
Competency Aligned Organization
Congressional Activities Office
Consumer Affairs Office
Contract Administrative Officer
Contracting Administration Office
Contracts Administration Office
Control Authority Office
Cooperative Airspace Operations
Coordinated Atomic Operations
Coordination of Automic Ops
Counter Air Operation
Combat Air Operations Center
Combined Aerospace Operations Center
Combined Air Operations Centers
Combined Air Operation Centers
Combined Air Operations Command
Combined Air Operations Center-Nellis
Combined Aerospace Operations Center-Experimental
Contractor Acquired Operational Equipment
CENTCOM area of interest
Combined Arms Operations Research Activity
Casualty Assistance Officers
Contract Administration Offices
standing operating procedures for coordination of atomic operations
Cable Order Wire
Capability Applications Project
Carrier-Less Amplitude Modulation Phase Modulation
Carrierless Amplitude-Phase
Carrier Air Patrol
Carrier Assessment Program
Cartridge Actuated Device
Caution Advisory Panel
Certified Acquisition Professional
Civil Air Patrol's
Civil Augmentation Program
Combined Action Program
Combined Action Platoons
Combined Aggregate Program
Combustible Augmented Plasma
Common Acoustic Processor
Common Air Picture
Common Altering Protocol
Competitive Assessment Phase
Composite Airdrop Platform
Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program
Configuration And Alarm Panel
Control and Alarm Panel
Configuration Audit Plan
Connection Approval Program
Connection Approval Package
Consolidated Appeal Process
Consolidated Aerial Post
Continuous Assisted Performance
Contribution Assessment Process
Conventional Armaments Plan
Cooperative Agency Profilers
Coordinated Appeals Process
Corpsman Assault Pack
Corrective Action Processing
Covering Agent Program
CPU Access Port
Crisis Action Phase
Critical Acquisition Position
Critical Acquisition Processes
Current Approved Program
Custodial Accounting Project
Combat Air Patrol 2
Computer-Assisted Protective Action Recommendation System
Carrier Aircraft Plane Commander
Civil Air Patrol Certificate
Computer Assisted Processing of Complaints
Combat Arms Pre-Command Course
Const Appropriations Program Ctrl and Exec System
Capability Package Coordinator
Capability Package Coordination Officer
Combat Air Patrol Control Unit
Chemical Agent Point Detection System
Chemical Agent Point Defense System
Chemical Agent Point Detector System
Computer Aided Project Engineering
Computer Aided Parametric Estimating
Cost Analysis and Program Evaluation
chemiluminescent light-assisted personnel exit system
Civil Air Patrol Form
Civil Air Patrol Manual
Common Integrated Services Digital Network
Comprehensive Authority, Power and Influence
Cryptographic Application Programming Interfaces
Cryptographic Application Program Interfaces
Civil Air Patrol Inspector General College
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
C4I Alerts Presentation Layer
Command Alerts Presentation Layer
Civilian Acquisition Personnel List
Critical Acquisition Position List
Contractor Acquision and Performance Monitoring
CPU Access Port Monitor
Capabilities Manual
Capability Package
Commercial Activities Program Office
Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
Computer Aided Processing of Cardiograms
Civil Air Patrol Pamphlet
Civil Air Patrol Phamphlet
Computer Aided Process Plan
constant altitude planned position indicator
Career Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System
Career Acquisition Personnel & Position Management Information System
Cooperative Agency Profilers Profile Network
Centralized Army Passenger Port Call System
Capability Request
Capability Requests
CAP Regulation
Civil Ait Patrol Regulations
Combat Active/Passive Radar Identification System
Capital Assets Planning System
Carrier Availability Planning System
Centralized Assignment Procedures System
Channel Access Protocols
CINCPACFLT Automated Priority System
Coastal Area Protective System
Combat Airdrop Planning Software
Combined Action Platoons
Commanders Analysis and Planning Simulation
Common Airlines Procedure Set
Communications/Aural Protective System
Computer-Aided Prototyping System
Computer-Aided Publishing System
Computer Aided Paperless System
Computer Aided Prototyping Systems
Consolidated Acquisition of Professional Services
Consolidated Aerial Port System
Consolidated Acquisition Program Support
Contingency Analysis Planning System
Coordinated Adaptive Planning System
Council of Advanced Policy Studies
Counter Active Protection System
counterproliferation, analysis and planning system
Critical Acquisition Positions
Common Authentication Protocol Specification Language
Civil Air Patrol Serial Number
Civil Air Patrol Social Serial Number
Civil Air Patrol Senior Officer Course
CAP School Program
Camp Alert Perimeter Security System
Corrective Action Program Support System
JACK Proper Name of System
Civil Affairs Planning Team
Civil Air Patrol Test
Combined Active-Passive Towed Array Sonar
Combined Active/Passive Towed Array Sonar
Civil Air Patrol Visual Aid
Casualty Accounting Reports
Center Axis Relock
Chief of Army Reserve's
Chief of the Army Reserve
Civil Aviation Regulation
Civil Aviation Rules
Clinical Analysis Reporting
Colt Automatic Rifle-15
Combined Arms Regiment
Commanders Availability Report
Commissionerate for Afghan Refugees
Communications Automation Review
Communications Assessment Report
Condition And Recommendation
Configuration Audit Review
Configuration Analysis Report
Conflict Armament Research
Corrective Action Reports
Current Action Report
Core Antenna Radar
Corporation Automation Requirements
Canadian Aviation Regulations
Combat Aircrew Rescue Aircraft
Compositional Abstraction and Refinement for Aspects
Coherent All-Radio Band Sensor
CARrier BATtle GRoUp
Chemical Agent Resistant Coating
Chemical Agent Resistive Coating
Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings
Chemically Active Reagent Coating
career counselor
Catalog of Approved Requirements Documents
Computer Aided Remote Driving
Conventional Armaments Review Document
Cost Analysis Requirement Description
Cost Analysis Requirement Document
Cost Analysis and Requirement Document
Cost Analysis and Research Division
Cost Analysis and Research Divisionsion
continental United States airborne reconnaissance for damage assessment
CONUS Air Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment
continental United States area reconnaissance for damage assessment
Compressed ARC Raster Digital Graphic
Cargo Data Interchange System
Carrier Division
Card Packet System
Catalog of Approved Requirements Documents
Catalog of Approved Requirement Documents
Comprehensive Aerological Reference Data Set
Comprehensive Aerologicial Reference Data Set
Cost Analysis Requirements Descriptions
Cost Analysis Requirements Documents
Carrier Access Records Exchange
Computer Aided Reliability Evaluation
Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere
Conventional Ammunition Readiness Evaluation System
Central Altitude Reservation Function
Compounded Annual Real Growth
Con Afloat Reqn Guide Overseas
Caribbean Regional Operational Control Center
Caribbean Common Market and Community
CNET Automated Resource Information System
Community Automated Resource Management System
Combined Arms Reserach Library
Common Automated Recovery & Landing System
Common Automated Recovery and Landing System
Capability Maturity Model Rating Method
Countermeasures Against Active Radar Missile Engagement
Commander, Army Mission
Combined Arms Model - Antiarmor Munitions
Central Army Records Office
Calculated Air Release Point
California Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
Call Accounting Reconcilliation Process
Contingency Alternate Route Plan
Corrective Action Review Process
Corrective Action Rev Process
Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
Certification and Accreditation Repository System
Combat Arms Regimental Systems
Common Automatic Recovery System
Community Antenna Relay Service
Community Antenna Relay Station
Consolidated Acquisition Reporting System
Consolidated Analysis and Reporting System
Contingency Air Reconnaissance System
Common Automated Recovery System-Prototype
Carrier Strike Force
Capability Maturity Model Application Rating Team
Cargo Afloat Rig Team
Central Automated Replenishment Technique
Clouds and Radiation TEstbed
Java Platform Debugger Architecture
CMM Application Rating Team
Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team
Compact Array Radiolocation Technology
Compact Array Radio-Ocation Technique
Concept analysis and Review Team
Contingency Assets Recovery Team
Control and Alert Reporting Terminal
Conventional Arms Reduction Treaty
Cargo Afloat Rig Teams
Common Ada Run-Time System
Common Ada Run-Time Working Group
Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, and Effect
Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effect, Recognizability
Call Accounting Subsystem
Caution Alerting System
Center/Aft Section
Clean Air System
Combat Air Support
Collaboration at Sea
Combat Alert Status
Combat Ammunition System
Combat Ammunition Systems
Command Automation System
Component Anesthesia Systems
Computer Aided Servicing
Computer Aided Software
Condition Assessment Scheme
Consolidated Aircraft Support
Contract Action Status
Covert Action Staff
Contract Administrative Surcharge
Contract Administration Svcs
Contracts Administration System
Contract Analysis System
Control Actuator Section
Control Actuator System
Coordinating Agencies
Cost Accounting Skills
Crises Action System
Customer Account Specialist
Customer Alert Signal
Close Air Support Rotor/Wing
Combat Ammunition System-Base
Close Air Support/Battlefield Interdiction
Computer Aided Servicing/Maintenance
Combined Arms Services and Staff School
Chapitre, Article, Sous-Article
Computer-Assisted Slot Allocation
Cost Analysis Strategy Assessment
Cost Analysis Support Agreement
Court Appointed Special Advocate
Chief of the Air Staff Advisory Committee
Canadian Aviation Safety Board's
Close Air Support/Battlefield Interdiction
Cataloging and Standardization Center
China Aerospace Science Corp
Commander, Army Service Corporation
Casualty Cancelled
Committee on Conformity Assessment
Combined Arms Support Command
Casualty Corrected
Casualty Correct
Common Approach to Software Development and Maintenance
Close Air Support Duty Officer
Combined Arms Synthetic Experiment
Computer Automated Software Engineering
Conformity Assessment System Evaluation
Corporation Area Support Element
Corps Area Support Element
Corporation and Subordinate Echelons
Corps and Subordinate Echelons
Close Air Support Electronic Countermeasures System
Comprehensive Aircraft Support Effectiveness Evaluation
Capabilities Assessment Expert System
Capability Assessment Expert System
Contingency Assessment Simulation and Evaluation System
Combined Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise
Composite Air Strike Force
Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group
Combat Army Support Hospital
Computer-Aided Systems Human Engineering
CSS Automated Information Management Interface
CSS Automated Information Management Interface/Network Encryption System
Computer Assisted Security Investigative Analysis Tool
China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp
Common Application Service Model
Combat Analysis Sustainability Model
Cataloging and Standardization Office
Common Application Standards for On-Line Data Interchange
Contract Administration Services Office
Conventionally Armed Stand Off Missile
Conventionally Armed Standoff Missile
Conventionally Armed Stand-Off Missile
Crisis Action Standing Operating Procedures
Casualty Organization
Centralized Ammunition Stock Point
Chemical Ammunition Supply Point
Civilian Acquired Skills Program
Computer Aided search Planning
Computer Assisted Search Planning
Coordinated Air-Sea Procedure
Coordinated Air/Sea Procedures
Country Assistance Strategy Papers
Computer-Aided Spares Evaluation and Reporting
Computer Aided System For Planning Efficient Routes
Consolidated Army System for Processing Entitlements to Army Reservists
Contact Area Summary Position Report
Continuous Activity Scheduling, Planning Execution and Replanning
Contamination Avoidance at Sea Ports of Debarkation
Commonly Accepted Security Practices & Recommendations
Computer Aided Software Reliability Estimation
Casualty Report
Casualty Report
Casualty Report
Close Air Support Request
Categories of Sensitive Subjects
Central Applicant Self-Service
Centralized Aircraft Support System
Command-Activated Sonar System
Command Active Sonobouy System
Command Active Sonobuoy System
Common Air Satellite Structure
Common Army Battle Command System Support Software
Common ATCCS Support Software
Common ATCCS Software Support
Computer Aided Schematic System
Consolidated Automated Support System
Consolidated Automatic Support System
Consolidated Automated System Support
Country Assistance Strategy Statement
Cross Agency Support Services
Customer Account Specialists
Combat Automated Support Server - Medical
Corporation Aviation Safety and Standardization Detachment
Casualty Simulation
Casualty Stratification Study
Close Air Support Summary
Common ATCCS Support Software Working Group
Data Distribution
Deciduous; Density
Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination
Surface drift
total drift, data
Denial and Deception
Design and Development Phase
Demonstration and Exercise
Discovery and Invention
Doctrinal and Organizational
Department and Simultaneous Attack
Depth and Simultaneous Attack
Department and Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
Detection and Warning
Distribution Box
Dismounted Data Automated Communications Terminal
Day in which a particular operation
unnamed day on which operations commence or are scheduled to commence
Deployable Force-on-Force Instituteumented Range System
Depot Level Maintenance
DARPA Syndromic Surveillance System
Dual Single In-Line Memory Module
D-Shaped Optical Fiber Transmission
Digital-Video Disc Recorder
Direct Action
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Direct Operational
Digital Operations Guide
Displaced Person
Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Order
date time group
Density Altitude
Digital to Analogue
Director, Counterintelligence and Security Programs
Director, DARO and Intelligence
Direction Finding
Direction Finder
Distinctive Insignia
Due In
Data/Information Exchange Annex
Day/Night Adverse Weather Pilotage System
Due Out
equipment flat plate drag area
DoD/Systems Integration, Design, Development, Operations and
Delay Unit
Died of Wounds
Degrade and Destroy
Display Two Dimensions
Decide, Detect, Deliver
Degrade, Disrupt, Deny
Decide, Detect, Deliver and Assess
Degrade, Disrupt, Deny, Destroy
Aerospace Drift
Danger Area
Data Adapter
Data Administrator
Database Administration
ddata adapter aerospace drift
Density Altitude
Decision Architecture
Declaration Alliance
Departure Airfield
Design Agent's
Developing Activity
Development Assistance
Developing Agency or Activity
Device Analysis
Direct Analog
Direct Attack
Direction Action
Directorate for Administration
Directorate of Administration
Directors Assistant
Directory Access
Display Assignment
Divisionsional Artillery
Double Action
Double Attack
Deputy Adjutant and Quarter Master General
Department of the Army Automatic air Load Planning System
Double Action / Single Action
Decision Aid Application
Designated Accrediting Authority's
Detect and Avoid
display alternate area routing lists
Distributed Applications Architecture
Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General
Department of the Army Allocation Committee, Ammunition
Department of the Army Alternate Command and Control Element
Direct Airfield Attack Combined Munition
Deputy Area Air Defense Commander
Distributed Array Acoustic Locating System
Department of Army Avionics Master Plan
Depot Area Air Monitoring System
Daily Air Activity Report
Digital After Action Review Tool
Directorate of Army Ammunition, Range and Targets
Defense Automated Addressing System
Defense Automated Addressing Systems
DOD Automated Addressing System
Defense Automatic Addressing System Office
Digital Advanced Automation System
Digital Analog Automatic Test System
Defense Acquisition Board's
Defense Acquisitions Board
Director, Army Budget
Director of the Army Budget
Daily Airspace Bulletin Switzerland
Demand Assigned Bandwidth System
Director of the Airborne Battle Staff
Data Assembly Center
Data Automation Center
Date of Award of Contract
Day After Contract Start
Days After Contract Award
Defense Acquisition Circular
Defence Animal Centre
Defensive Aids Computer
Demodulator and Access Controller
Department of the Army Civilians
Departmentof Army Civilian
Deployable Air Command and Control System Component
Deputy Assistant Commandant
Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Designated Acquisition Commander
Designated Acquisition Commanders
Development Assistance Committee of OECD
Digital Autopilot and Control
Disarmament and Arms Control
Disposal Authority Code
Diversity Advisory Committee
Divisionrsity Advisory Committee
Divisional Activities Committee
Divisionsional Activities Committee
Divisional Ammunition Company
Division Ammunition Column
Divisionsion Ammunition Column
Divisionsion Artillery Column
Divisionsional Ammunition Company
Department of the Army Central Announcement Distribution System
Department of the Army Civilian Announcement Distribution System
DA Cryptographic Access Program
Department of the Army Cryptographic Access Program
Data Adapter Control Block
Daewoo Advanced Composite Center
Department of the Army Communications Center
Divisionng Air Control Console
Defense Area Communication Control Center
DA Command and Control System
Department of the Army Command and Control System
Digital Access and Cross Connect System
Digital Access Cross-Connect System/Switch
Decision Support System Applied Center of Excellence
Digital Acquisition and Control Electronics
Defense Automated Cost Engineering System
departure area control group
Data Adapter Control Mode
Defense Acquisition Career Manager
Director of Acquisition Career Management
Defense Air Combat Maneuver
Departure Airfield Control Officer
DLA ADP/T Contracting Office
Data Control
DA Consolidated Topographic Program
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff
Direct Allocable Cost Recovery
Department of the Army Communication Resources Plan
Department of the Army Civilians
Digital Access and Cross-Connect System
Digital Access and Cross-Connect Service
Digital Aeronautical Chart Supplement
Digital Analog Crossconnect System
Digital Audio Communication Systems
Divert and Attitude Control Systems
Divisionrt and Attitude Control System
Divisionrt and Attitude Control Systems
Data Automated Communications Terminal
Data Automated Communications Terminals
Data Automation Communication Terminal
Defensive Air Combat Training
Digital Automated Communications Terminal
Data Administrator
Defense Acquisition Decision
Defense Appellate Division
Defense Appellate Divisionsion
department of the army Distribution/Allocation Committee
Digital Air Data Computers
Divisionsion Air Defense Command and Control
Dawn And Dusk Combat Air Patrol
Distributed ApplicationDevelopers Conference
DA Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
Department of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Personne
Data Archived and Distribution Device
DA Data Element Management System
Data Administrator Data Element Management System
Data Administration Data Element Management System
Data Administration
Deputy Assistant Director Medical Services
Deputy Assistant Director Ordinance Services
Front National
Deployable Air Defense Radar
Data Base Analysis and Development System
Defense Accounting and Disbursing System
Deficiency Analysis Data System
Digital Automated Data System
Digital Audio Distribution System
Digital Automated System
Distributed Ada Development System
Dynamic Analysis and Design Software
Durability and Damage Tolerance
Data Access and Exchange
Data Analysis Element
Destacamento de Acções Especiais
Digital Antenna Electronics
Department of the Army Emergency Action Procedures
DA Equipment Data Review Committee
Defense Acquisition Executive Summaries
Defense Acquisition Execute Summary
Department Of The Airforce
Device Assembly Facility
Direct Aerial Fire
Directory Access Function
Digital Advanced Flight Control System
Dayton Air Force Depot
Department of Army Forward Depot
Department of the Army Forward Depot
Department of the Army Forward Floating Depot
Digital Automatic Flight and Inlet Control System
Departmental Accounting and Financial Information System
Deployable Advanced Fire Observation Simulator
Direct Aerial Fire Support
Duty Air Force Specialty Code
Dust and Aerosol Measurement Feasibility Test
Data Authentication Group
Defense Special Security Communications Systems Address
Director's Action Group
Drawing and Graphics Committee
Distributed Advanced Graphics Generator and Embedded Rehearsal System
Defense Advanced GPS Receiver
Direct Attack Guided Rocket
Dual Air-to-Ground Range
Dual-Axis Head Assembly
Damage Assessment Indicator
Domestic Air Interdiction Coordinator Center
DA Inspector General
Dual All Source Analysis System Interface Module
Dual ASAS Interface Module
Department of Army Information Network
Department of the Army Intelligence Plan
DA In Process Review
Direct Altitude-Identification Readout
DA International Rationalization Office
Department of the Army International Rationalization Office
Distributed Aperture Infrared System
Advanced Imagery Reproduction System
Data Adapter Interface Software
Defense Automatic Integrated Switching
Defense Automatic Integrated Switch
Digital Airborne Intercommunications Switching System
Digital Airborne Intercommunications and Switching System
Defense Automated Information System
Disposal Automated Information System
Deutsches Afrika-Korps
Deutsches Afrika Korps
Double Action Kellerman
Defended Asset List
Defended Assets List
Digital Access Line
Dissemination Authority List
Defense Advanced Language and Area Studies Program Group
deployment area location code
Defense Acquisition Logistics Career Management Board
Disaster Assistance Logistics Information System
Danish Army Low Level Air Defense System
Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organization
Disaster Area Liaison Officer
DA logistics readiness liaison visits
DA Long Range RDA Plan
DA Long Range Research, Development and Acquisition
Digital Army Library Service
Downed Aviator Locator System
DA Logistics Staff Officer
DA Logistics Support Officer
Department of the Army Liaison Team
drop altitude
Defended Area Model
Diagnostic Acceptability Measure
Diagnostic Acceptability Measurement
Display Aided Maintenance
Divisional Ammunition Column
Divisionsional Ammunition Column
Domain Analysis Methodology
Department of the Army Materiel Annex
DA MSE Action Plan
Direct Attack Munition Affordable Seeker
Damage Control
Defense Against Methods of Entry
Distance and Altitude Measuring Equipment
Division Airspace Management Element
Divisionsion Airspace Management Element
DAASC Automatic Message Exchange System
defense automatic addressing system automated message exchange system
Defense Automated Message Execution System
DLSC ADPE Minimum Essential Systems
Defense Acquisition Management Information Retrieval
Defense Acquisition Management Information Resource
Defense Analysis and Management Information System
Department of the Army Management Information System
DA Movement Management System
DA Movements Management System
DA Movement Management System Revised
Department of the Army Movement Management System
Department of the Army Movements Management System
Department of Army Movement Management System
Department of the Army Movement Management System-Revised
Department of the Army Movement Management System-Redesign
DA Movement Management System Cargo Movements Module
DA Movement Management System Movement Planning Module
DAMMS Cargo Movements Module
DAMMS Movement Planning Module
DAMMS Redesign
DA Military Operations-Force Development
DA Military Operations-Force Development Aviation
DA Military Operations
DA Military Operations-Requirements
DA Military Operations-Training
Damage Monitoring and Control Expert System
Defense Acquisition Management Policy
Defense Acquisition Management Procedure
Defense Acquisition Management Process
DGM Antenna Mast Program
DA Master Placement List
DA Master Precedence List
DA Master Priority List
Department of the Army Military Personnel Management Team
Drill Attendance Monitoring Procedures and Report
Desktop Automated Message Processing System
Distributed Atmospheric Modeling Prediction System
Distributed Atmospheric Mesoscale Prediction System
DMINS Automated Messsage Preparation System
Damage Report
Department of the Army Management Review and Improvement Program
Display Aided Maintenance System
Divisionsion Ammunition Management System
Discourse Annotation and Markup System of Labeling
DA Modification Work Order
Deployment Adjustment Notification
Document Access Number
Document Accountability Numbers
Distributed Adv Naval Combat System
Distributed Advanced Naval Combat System
Data Administration Network
Directory and Name Service
Distributed Access Node System
Detection Avoidance Navigation/Threat Avoidance Navigation
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Services
Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
Defense Agency Operations
Defense Attaché Officer
Defense Attache's Office
Defense Attach Office
Defense Attache Offices
Division Ammunition Officer
Division Ammunition Office
Divisionsion Ammunition Office
Divisionsion Ammo Office
Divisionsion Ammo Officer
Double Action Only
Deputy Air Officer Commanding
Deputy Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
Distributed Air Operations Center
Data Administration Program
Decon Apparatuses: Portable
Decontamination Apparatus, Portable
decontaminate apparatus, portable
Defense Acquisition Policy
Defense Acquisition Program
Defense Automated Printing
Deltoid and Axillary Protector
Department of the Army Publication
Departure and Arrival Point
Depot Acceptance Program
Design Analysis Phase
Developmental Assignment Program
Digital Avionics Processor
Direct Access Program
Direct Action Penetrator
Director of Army Programs
Display Adjust Panel
Distant Aiming Point
Distributed Adaptation Processor
Deterministic Adaptable Priority Network Access Delay
Department of the Army Pamphlet
Data Analysis Programming Group
Data Administration Program Manager
Deputy Assistant Provost Marshall
Domain Analysis Process Model
Deputy APML
Deterministic Adaptable Priority Network Access Delay
Deep Attack Program Office
DA Program Review
Department of Army Program Report
Defense Automated Printing Services
Defense Automation and Production Service
Defense Acquisition Policy Steering Group
Data Aquisition
Daily Activity Reporting
Daily Audit Report
Data Access Register
Data Automation Requirement
Data Automation Requirements
Data Automation Request
Daughters of the Revolution
Defense Acquisition Radar
Defense Acquisition Regulations
Deployment Adjustment Request
Designated Area of Recovery
Development Analysis Report
Digital Array Radar
Disabled Aircraft Recovery
Distortion Adaptive Receiver
Data Acquisition and Reports Control
Data Acquisition Review Committee
Defense Acquisition Regulations Council
Data Arrival and Retrieval Enhancement
Damaged Airfield Reconnaissance Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Department of Army Secure facsimile
Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test
Dual Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test
Defense Automation Resources Information Center
Defense Automated Resources Information Center
Display Attack and Ranging Inertial Navigation
Display Attack Ranging Inertial Navigation
Disaster Automated Reporting and Information System
Distributed Ada Real-Time Kernel
Defense Against Rocket Mortar Attack
Department of the Army Material Development and Readiness Command
Data Requirements Management Information System
Data Automation Resource Management System
Developmental Army Readiness and Mobilization System
Developmental Army Readiness and Mobilizations System
Director of the Army National Guard
Defense ADPE Reutilization Office
Defense Aerial Reconnaissance Office
Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office's
Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Programs
Deployable Range Package
Dynamic Area Record Placement
Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency
Defence Advanced Research Project Agency
Defence Advance Research Projects Agency
Defence Advance Research Project Agency
Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency
Defense Advaced Research Projects Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's
Defense Advanced Research Protects Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Activity
Defense Advance Research Projects Agency
Defense Advanced Research Programs Agency
Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's
Defense Advanced Research Procurement Activity
Defenses Advanced Research Projects Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's
Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Projects Office
Department of Army Regional Representative
Department of the Army Requisitioning, Receipt and Issue System
Daily Activity Reports
DA Relocation Sites
Data Acquisition and Response System
Databased Accounting Reconciliation System
Defense Acquisition Regulatory System
Defense Architecture Repository System
Department of the Army Relocation Sites
Data Analysis and Review Team
Data Analysis and Reduction Tools
Decentralized Advanced Replenishment Technique
Defense Adaptive Red Team
Demonstration for Autonomous Rendezvous Technology
Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology
Design Assessment Reliability Testing
Detection, Action and Response Technique
Direct Access Repository Toolkit
Direct Action Response Team
direct advisory of recorded transactions
Director of Army Research and Technology
Display for Advanced Research and Training
Documentation Assistance Review Team
Driven Ammunition Reduced Time-of-flight
Driven Ammunition Reduced Time
Dual Anamorphic Reflector Telescope
Dynamically Adaptive Receiver Transmitter
Dynamic Analysis and Replanning Tool
Dynamic Analysis Replanning Tool
Dynamic Analysis Resource Tool
Dynamic Analysis Replenishing Tool
Dynamic Analytical Replanning Tool
Dynamic Application of Rapid Transportation
Data Analysis and Reconciliation Tools
Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software
Design and Analysis of Reference Threat Signature
Design Approach for Real-Time Systems
Digital Airborne Radar Threat Simulator
Digital Antijam Radio Teletype System
Distributed Architecture Robust Tactical System
Dynamic Analytical Reporting Web-based Interactive Navigator
Data Authentication System
Decimal Adjust for Subtraction
Deep Air Support
Defense Avionics Systems
Defense Aids Suite
Defensive Aids Suite
Defensive Aids Suites
Defense and Space
Defense Attache System; Data Acquisition
Defense Audit Service
Defensive Aids Subsystem
Defensive Armament System
Detailed Support Arrangement
Direct Access Subscriber
Direct Access Service
Direct Air Support
Direct Automotive Support
Director of the Army Staff's
Dissipation Array Systems
Distributed Aperture System
Door Answering System
Decentralized Automated Service Support System
Divisionsion Automated Service Support System
Defense Atomic Support Agency's
Defense Satellite Communications System Automatic Spectrum Analyzer
Department of the Army staff agencies
DSCS Automatic Spectrum Analyzer
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Environment, Safety and Occupational Health
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Operations
Dynamic Assembly for System Adaptability, Dependability and Assurance
Director of Army Safety
Distributed Aperture Semi-Active Laser Seeker
division area support battalion
Division Aviation Support Battalion
Divisionsion Aviation Support Battalion
DAS Central
DA System Coordinator
Department of the Army Systems Coordinator
Direct Air Support Center
DLA Administrative Support Center
Documented Ada Style Checker
Direct Air Support Center Airborne
Daily Flying Schedule GUI Application
Daily Schedule
Digital Automotive System Control Unit
Deputy ASD
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Environment
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Information Management
Defense Against Sound Equipment
Digital Automatic Stabilization Equipment
DTV Application Software Environment
Department of the Army Suitability Evaluation Board
DAzzling laSER
Dissemination of Ada Software Engineering Technology
Department of the Army, Surgeon General
Density and Scale Height
Deployable Automation Support Host
Deployable Automated Support Host Segment
Display and Sighting Helmet
Distributed Agile Submarine Hunting
Defensive Aids Suite Integration Project
Department of the Army Strategic Logistics
Direct Access Storage Medium
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy
Demonstration and Shakedown Operation
demonstration and shakedown operational
Demonstration and Shakedown Operations
Department of the Army Special Order
Data Administration Strategic Plan
Demountable Artillery Surveillance Pod
Department of the Army Special Photographic Office
DA Standard Port System
DA Standard Port System-Enhanced
DA Standard Port System Enhanced
Digital Airspace Surveillance Radar
Direct Air-to-Satellite Relay
Direct Air to Satellite Relay
Defense Automated Supply System
Defensive Aids Subsystem
Defensive Aircraft Survivability Suite
Digital Access Signalling Standard
Digital Acoustic Sensor Simulator
Distress Alerting Satellite System
Department of the Army Systems Staff Officer
Decentralized Automated Service Support System
Direct Air Support Team
Data Analysis Tool
Days After Term Award
Defence Against Terrorism
Defense Against Terrorism
Deployment Action Team
Development Acceptance Test
Drawings for Army Training Aids
Design Authority Technical Assistance Contract
Depot Activation Task Force
Detection And Tactical Alert of Radar
Depressed-Angle Towed Array Sonar
Detection and Analysis of Threats to the Energy Sector
Desert Air Task Force
Director of Army Technical Information
Data Intelligence
Dummy Air Training Missile
DISA ATM-Classified
Divisionsion Artillery Tactical Operations Center
Divisionsion Artillery Tactical Operations Center
Detection and Tracking of Satellites
Defense Against Terrorism Program of Work
Data Acquisition and Transmission System
Data Automated Tower Simulator
Department of the Army Training and Support Committee
Development and Test Support System
District Attorneys Technology Theft Association
Data Adapter Termination Unit
Direct Antenna Television
Data Acquisition Units
display adapter unit
Disabled Veteran
Department of Audio-Visual Education
DA Vocabulary of Information Elements
Department of the Army Visual Information Production and Distribution
Department of the Army Visual Information Production and Distribution Program
Defense Audiovisual Information System
Defense Audio Visual Information System
Defense Automated Visual Information System
Divisionsion Aviation
Doctrinal Audio-Visual Program
Deployment Asset Visibility System
Debris Analysis Workstation
Deep Attack Weapon
Davidson Advanced Warhead Development Facility
Division Advanced Warfighting Experiment
Divisionsion Advanced Warfighting Experiment
Documentation Architecture Working Group
Difference Acoustic Wave Generation System
Defense Aquistion Workforce Improvement Act
Deep Attack Weapons Mix Study
Distributed Automated Weather System
Daimler Benz
Dalniy Bombardirovschik
Dawn Blitz
Defensive Back
Defensive Backs
Disciplinary Barracks
Douglas Bomber-7
Dozer Blade
Dry Battery
Database to Database
Decibels per Degrees Kelvin
Database to Database Interface
Dahlgren Bridge Assembly
data base administrator/manager
Data Base Administrator
Data Base Administration
Design Based Analysis
Dominant Battlespace Awareness
Dominant Battlefield Awareness
Western Behavioral Sciences Institute
Dynamic Bandwith Assignment
Detector Back Bias
Detector Balanced Bias
Dismounted Battlespace Battle Laboratory
Data Base Control
Deputy Brigade Commander
Digital Battlefield Communications
Depot Bench Check Man-hours
Digital Battle Command System
Data Base
Data Base Design
Digital Bearing Discrimination
Day by Day Armageddon
Digital Bathymetric DataBase
Database Design Document
DataBase Display Function
data base design review
data base design specification
Digital-Based Exciter
Disadvataged Business Enterprise
Diesel boats forever. common useage among submarine sailors serving on diesel boats
DataBase Generation
Defense Budget Issue
Deep Battle Integration Training
Dominant Battlespace Knowledge
Dominant Battle Knowledge
Data Base Kernel Interface
Damage Before Launch
Development Baseline
Digitization Battlespace Land-Combat Infrastructure and Platform
Decibel referenced to the power of 1 milliwatt
decibels referenced to 1 mW
Decibels Referenced to 1 MV
Dual Bitmap
Dynamic Battle Management
Data Base Administrator
Data Base Monitor Controller
Database Maintenance Daemon
Digital Burst Message Device
Database Maintenance Function
Double badged mother fu***r
De Bellis Magistrorum Militum
Database Maintenance System
Director of Base Medical Services
Disassembled by Owner
Defense Business Operation Fund
Defense Business Operations Funds
Development Basis of Issue
Decentralized Blanket Purchase Agreements
Defense Business Practices Concept
Defensive Battle Planning System
Differential Binary Phase-Shift Keying
Dual-Band Radar
Data Base Record Area
Data Base Review Board
Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission
Decibels per square meter
Defense Broadcast System
Digitize Battle Skills
Division Battle Simulation
Dismounted Battle Space
Dismounted Battle Space Battle Lab
Divisionsion Battle Simulation
Doppler Beam Sharpening
Drawing Breakdown Structure
Defense Business Systems Acquisition Executive
Deep Battle Synchronization Line
Data Base Systems Manager
Decibel per Square Meter
Decibels Per Square Meter
Defense Business Systems Management Committee
Defense Business System Management Committee
Distributed Battle Simulation Program
Digital Battlestaff Sustainment Trainer
Digital Battle Staff Trainer
Defense Business Transformation
Depot Balance and Transaction Register Program
Decibels Referenced to One Watt of Power
Data Bus Accelerator
Dangerous Cargo
Dark Crusade
Data Complexity
Defense Counsel
Defense Courier
Democratic Centre
Dental Corporation
Department Charge
Depth Charge
Deployable Capable
Detachment Commander
Development Coordinator
Differential Correction
Difficulty Check
Difficulty Class
Directionality Classification
Director of Ceremonies
Discrete Circuit
Dislocated Civilian
Displaced Civilians
Dismounted Countermines
Display Computer
Display Console
Display Control
Distributed Center
Distributed Control
Division Commander
DOD Command
Domain Context
Drone Controller
Data Collection and Processing
Directorate of Contracting and Production
Detection, Classification and Tracking
Data Channels
Director of Communications-Electronics
Direction Center-Ground Controlled Intercept
Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Chief of Staff for Reserve Affairs
Display and Control/Storage and Retrieval
Distributed Command and Control
Damage Control Assistant's
Data Collection and Analysis
Defense Cooperation Agreements
Defense Cooperation in Armaments
Defense Courier Agency
Defensive Coastal Area
Deferred Compliance Authorization
Delegated Classification Authority
Dubai Civil Aviation
Development Cost Avoidance
Digital Computer Association
Digital Computer Assembly
Director of Community Activities
Distributed Communications Architecture
Document Control Architecture
Dual-Capable Aircraft
Dual Capable Aircraft
Dynamic Capacity Allocation
Défense Contre Avions
Defence Contract Audit Agency
Defense Contract Audit Administration
DoD Contract Audit Agency
Defense Contract Audit Agency's
Defense Contract Audit Agency Pamphlet
Defense Contract Audit Agency Regulation
Defense Contract Audit Agency Instituteuction
Digital Concepts Analysis Center
Defense Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Orientation
Defense Contract Action Data System
Defense Contracting Action Data System
Data Collection and Analysis Group
Defense Communications Agency Instruction
Defense Communications Agency Instituteuction
Defense Contract Audit Institute
Defense Contract Audit Institutetute
Divisionsion of Capital Asset Management
Defense Commercial Activities Management Information System
Damage Control Asset Management Software
Defense Communications Agency Operation Center
Deployable Combined Air Operations Center
Deployable Combined Air Operations Centre North
Deployable Combined Air Operations Centre South
Deficiency Corrective Action Program
Demonstration Competency Assessment Program
Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution System
Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments
Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution System
Deliberate Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segment
Damage Control Assistants
Database Commitment Accounting System
Databased Commitment Accounting System
Data Computer Application software
Defense Contract Audit Service
Deployable Consolidated Applications Server;
Deputy Chief of the Air Staff
Defense Contract Administration Services District
Defense Contract Administration Services Management Office
Defense Contract Administration Services Office
Defence Contract Administration Services Representative
Defense Contract Administration Services Regions
defense contratcts administration systems agency
Defense Contracts Administration Systems Agency
Defense Contract Administration Services Plant Representative Office
Defense Commo and Army Switched System
Defense Communications and Army Switched Systems
Defense Commo and Army Switched System
Dedicated Communications Advanced Transmission System
Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems
Digital code analog tone synthesizer
Data Collection and Analysis Working Group
Damage Control Book
Design Change Board
Design Control Board
Directional Control Beacon
Dynamic Component Bulletin
Digital Conference Bridge Unit
Data Collection Coordinator
Data Control Cabinet
Defence Capability Centre
Defense Control Center
Deployment Control Center
DISCOM control center
Drone Control Center
Defense Center Control Building
Development Coordination Committee
Digital Communications Controller
Digital Control Channel
Display Control Console
Divisionsion Computer Center
Document Control Card
Dynamic Component Change
developer configuration control board
Developing Country Combined Exercise Program
Digital Control Channel
Design Change Completed Report
Display Channel Complex Rehost
Display Control Console Replacement
Deputy Commander for Clinical Services
Digital Cross-Connect System
Distributed Command and Control System
Data Collection Device
Defense Courier Division
DESCOM Candidate Depot
Digital Capture Device
Directorate of Combat Development
Directorate of Combat Developments
Director of Combat Developments
Domestic Collections Division
Domestic Collection Division
Domestic Collection Divisionsion
Domestic Collections Divisionsion
Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre
Directorate of Combat and Doctrine Development
Defense Center Data Processing
Defence Command and Data Processing Centre
data collection and distribution units
Dangerous Cargo Endorsement
Defense Combat Evaluation
Defense Coordinating Elements
Defensive Counter Espionage;
Digital Cellular Equipment
Direction du Contre Espionnage
Distributed Collaborative Execution
Dstributed Computing Environment
Defense Communication Engineering Center
Distributed Continuous Experimentation Environment
District of Columbia Emergency Management Agency
division communications-electronics officer
Data Communications Facility
Data Composition Facility
Democratic Control of Forces
Document Control File
Document Control Form
Drone Control Facility
Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory
Draft Concept Formulation Package
Draft Concept Formulation Paper
Dearborn Catalogue of faint red stars
Danger Close Gaming
Deception Group
Deputy Commanding General / Chief of Staff
Deputy CG for Combat Development
digital command guidance electronics
Distributed Common Ground Surface
Distributed Common Ground Sensor
Distributed Common Ground System-Army
Distributed Common Ground System Navy
Distributed Common Ground Surface System
Distributed Common Ground Surface system - Navy
Distributed Common Ground System Interoperability
Deputy Commanding General for Training
Data Collection Integrator
Defence Capabilities Initiative
Defense Capabilities Initiative
Defense Capability Initiative
Defense Communication Infrastructure
Department of Central Intelligence.
deputy for combat intelligence
Director Combat Intelligence
Digital Consulting Incorporated
Director for Central Intelligence
Drum Corp International
Dual Channel Interchange
Dependent Converging Instrument Approaches
Dependent Converging Instituteument Approaches
Director Central Intelligence Directive
Director of Central Intelligence Directives
Damage Control Information Display System
Defense Central and Investigations Index
Defense Central Investigative Index
Defense Clearance Investigations Index
Defense Counterintelligence Integrated Information System
Defense Counterintelligence Information System
Defense Criminal Investigative Organization
Deputy Chief Information Officer for Technology
Defense Critical Infrastructure Program
Defense Casualty Information Processing System
Dedicated Communications Interface Server
Defense Commissary Information System
Discrete Command Interface Unit
Department of Criminal Justice
Deputy Commander, Joint Task Force
Design Capability Line
Detection Classification Localisation Acoustic Signal Processor
Data Conversion Language Engine
Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry
Deputy Congressional Liaison Officer
Bar to Distinguished Conduct Medal
Data Channel Multiplexer
Data Communications Manager
Defense Contract Management
Defensive Counter Measures
Deployable Communication and Information Systems Module
Deployable Communications Module
Deputy Chief of Maintenance
Described Content Matching
Desired Configuration Monitor
Director of Civilian Marksmanship
Defense Contract Management Agency's
Defense Contract Management Agency Directive
Defense Contract Management Area Operations
Defense Contract Management Area Office
Digital Milennium Copyrite Act
Defense Control Management Area Operations
Defense Contract Management Area of Operation
Defense Contracting Military Assistance Office
Deputy Chairman Military Committee
Deputy Chairman Military Committee NATO
Office of Deputy Chairman, Military Committee
Defense Contract Management Command International
Def Cont Management Dist
Defense Contract Management District
Defense Contract Management District East
Defense Contract Management District South
Defense Contract Management District West
Disclosable Classified Military Information Statement
Deputy Chief Military Observer
Deputy to the Commander for Military Operations
Defense Contract Management Region
Defense Contract Management Regions
Departmental Cash Management System
Deployable Communications Modules
Deputy Commandant for Mission Support
Digital Circuit Multiplication Systems
Digital Communications Management System
Damage Control Mobile Wet Trailer
Data Coordination Net
data link coordination net
Datalink Coordination Net
diplomatic clearance number
Distributed Control Network
District of Columbia National Guard
Deputy Chiefs of Naval Operations
Dismounted Combat Net Radio Interface
Defence Core Network Services
Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff
Deputy Chief of Naval Staff
Design Change Notices
Debark Control Officer
Data Collection Office
Defense Courier Operations
Delay Compliance Order
Deputy Commander of Operations
Direct Commission Officer
Direct Commissioning Officer
Director of Combat Operations
Deputy Chief of Staff
Deputy Commandant
Deputy Commander Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corporation
Deputy Commander ACE Rapid Reaction Corporation
Defense Committee On Research
DLA Contract Review Office
Deputy Chief of Supply
Directorates of Customer Operations
Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence Plans
Data Communications Protocol
Data Control Processor
Datalink Control Processor
Decision Coordination Paper
Defense Capability Plan
Defense Continuity Program
Defense Communications Plan
Defense Comptrollership Program
Defense Cryptological Program
Defense Crytologic Program
Dental Continuation Pay
Department Charge Projector
Designated Collection Point
Detainee Collecting Point
Design Change Proposal
Development Concept Paper
Digital Connectivity Probing
Director of Civilian Personnel
Director of Combat Plans
Disaster Control Plan and
Drone Control Panel
Distributed Collaborative Planning
Distribution Common Point
Dual Circularly Polarized
Direct Combat Probability Code
Distributed Characteristics and Performance Database
Defense Communications Planning Group
Digital Clock Pulse Generator
Defense Civilian Personnel Management Service
Damage Control Petty Officers
Divisionsion Chief Petty Officer
Data Communications Protocol Standard
Data Communication Protocol Standards
Decision Coordinating Papers
DLA Civilian Personnel Support Office
Defense Cryptologic Program Working Group
Damage Control Quarters
Deputy Commander for Resources
Deputy Country Representative
Device Credentials Repository
Digital Coded Radar
Distribution Control Report
Document Change Requirements
Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs
Dynamic Communications Resource Allocation
Dublin Community Recreation Center
DISC Contractor Review List
Direct Current Reverse Polarity
Damage Control Repair Station
Digital Camera Receiving Station
Document Control and Records System
Damage Control System
Damaged Control System
Data Collecting Subsystem
Defence & Communications Systems
Defense Clandestine Service
Defense Communications Systems
Defenses Communication System
Defense Courier Station; Trailer Tracking Service
Defensive Counter Space
Defensive Counterspace
Department of Combat Support
Deployable Cargo Screening
Deployable Cellular System
Desk-Top Color Separation
Developmental Centers
Digital Cell Site
Digital Combat Simulator
Digital Consulting Services
Digital Selective Calling
Direct Commercial Sales
Displaced Civilians
Display Control Subsystem
Distributed Centers
Distributed Comnuting System
Divisionsion Cavalry Squadron
DMA Customization System
Defense Communications Systems - CONUS
Defense Communications Systems - Europe
Defense Communications Systems - Pacific
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence Requirements
Deputy Chief of Staff for Professional Development
Deputy Chief of Staff for Safety,
Defence Communications Services Agency
Deputy Chief of Staff for Analysis
Deputy Chief of Staff for Ammunition
Defense Communications System Automatic Digital Network
Deputy Chief of Staff for Automation and Information Management
Deputy Chief of Staff for Base Support Operations
Deputy Chief of Staff, Communications-Electronics
Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments
Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Development
Deputy Chief of Staff for Concepts, Doctrine and Development
Deputy Chief of Staff, Comptroller
Dual Capability Servo Control Unit
Deputy Chief of Staff for Doctrine
Deputy Chief of Staff of Engineering
Deputy Chief of Staff for Environmental Management
Deputy Chief of Staff for Engineering
Deputy Chief of Staff for Information Management
Deputy Chiefs of Staff for Information Management
DCS for Environmental Management
Deputy Chief of Staff, Force Development
Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
Distributed Common Ground Station
Data Channel Status Indicators
DCS for Intelligence
Deputy Chief of Staff for Industrial Readiness
DCS for Logistics
Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, US Army
Deputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations
Defense Commercial Systems Office
Defense Communications System Organization
Delegated Competitive Sourcing Official
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations - Training
Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans, United States Army
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Force Development
Design Controlled Spare Part &
Digital Call Service Position
Direct Current Straight Polarity
Direction Centrale de la Sécurité Publique
Deputy Chief of Staff, Personnel and Administration
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Administration and Logistics
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, United States Army
Defense Communications System Performance Simulator
Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development and Acquisition
Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management
Deputy Chief of Staff, Resource Management
Deputy Chief of Staff for Reserve Officers' Training Corporation
Defense Courier Service Station
Deputy Chief of Staffs
Digital Communications Subsystem
Digital Communications Satellite Subsystem
Digital Communication Satellite Subsystem
Digital Conference Switching Systems
Deputy Chief of Staff for Simulations and Analysis
Defense Contributory Support Team
Defense Logistics Agency Contingency Support Team
Deputy Chief of Staff for Training
Deputy Chief of Staff for Training and Schools
Deputy Chief of Staff for Test and Evaluation
Damage Criteria Study Target Data Base Security,
Deployable Crew-Served Weapons Trainer
damage control tpnr
Data Calling Tone
Deputy Commander for Training
Design, Code, Test
Desktop Computer Terminal
Detection, Classification and Targeting
Developing Critical Technologies
Developmental Certification Test
Digital Communication Terminal
Director Control Tower
Digital Communications Terminal Gateway
Defense Tactical Common Data Link
Defense Commercials Telecommunications Network
Defense Commercial Telecommunications/Teleconferencing Network
Defense Communications Tactical Network
Divisionsion/Corporation Tactical Operation Center Support Element
Defense Critical Technologies Plan
Developmental Certification Test Plan
Defense Collaborative Tool Suite
Damage Control Training Team
Debark Control Unit
Deployment Control Unit
Drum Control Unit
Defense Coordinating Unit
Desert Camo Uniform
Dynamic Component Upgrade
Dynamic Component Upgrade Program
Desert Camouflage Uniforms
Display Control Units
Drone Control Upgrade System
Director of Civil Works
Damage Control Wirefree Communications System
Direction, Control and Warning System
Digitized Capstone Exercise
Data Devices
Data Directory
Data Distribution
Delayed Delivery
Delivery Date
Delivery Destination
Destroyer Plans
Destructive Devices
Details Depot
Direct Digital
Discovery Document
Doctrine Development
Double Double
Dual Director
Electric Field Intensity
End-to-End Encryption
Empires & Allies
Establishment and Administration Department
Electronics and Communications
Evaluation And Data Collection Plan
emergency and extraordinary expense authority
Escape and Evade
Escape and Evasion
Emergency And Extraordinary Expense
special signaling leads
Engineering and Manufacturing Development
Exercise and Plans
Engineering and Scientific
E2C Hawkeye
joint surveillance, target attack radar system aircraft
en route automated radar tracking system
Evaluation Brigade Combat Team
Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Effective Date
execution day
Start Day of an Exercise Directive
Electronic Departure from Specification
Expanded Defense Resources Board Data
Enhanced Fiber Optic Guided Missile
Electric Gun
Enroute High Altitude
Enroute Low Altitude
Electronic Map
Electronic Mail System
Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter
electro-optical tactical decision aid
Electronic Packaging and Assembly Concept
Electronic Pilot Reports
Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing
Entity-Relationship Model
Enroute Supplement
Electronic Scanning
Electronic Staff Summary Sheet
Electronic Treasury Enterprise Card
Endurance-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Electronic Waiver and Deviation
European Aviation Safety Agency
Engineering College Council
Electro Magnetic Pulse
Explosive Ordinance Disposal
Estimated Time of Arrival
European Theater of Operations
Emergency Trauma Response Team
Electrical/Electronic Distribution
Equipment List
End Use
Echelon 1
Echelon 2
Echelon 3
European and International Telephone and Telegraph Consultative Committee Digital Standard
exponential elevation display
Exponential Elevation
Exoatmoshperic/ Endoatmoshperic Interceptor
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
Electromagnetic Environmental Effects
Electromagnetic Environment Effects
Electromagnetic Environmental Effect
Electronic Environment Effects Analysis
electromagnetic environmental effects control program
Exploitation of 3-D data
Echelon 4
Echelon 5
Earth Alliance
Easily adaptable
Edgewood Area
Electrical Actuator
Electronically Attack
Electronic Architecture
Endeavor Architecture
End Article
Enemy Aircraft
Environmental Assessments
Escort Aircraft
Evaluation Authority
Executing Agent
Extended Attributes
Economic Analysis Application
Engineer Assistance Agreement
Equipment Approval Authority
Electronic Automatic Activation Device
Enhanced Applique Armor Kits
Enhanced Applique Armor Kit
Eastern ARNG/Aviation Training Site
European Advanced Airlift Tactics Training Course
Echelons Above Brigade
Emergency Actions Book
Emergency Action Book
Emergency Air Breathing
Emergency Air Breathing Station
Eastern Area Command
Echelon Above Corporation
Emergency Action Consoles
Emergency Action
Emergency Action Console; Echelons
Enhanced Analyst Client
Estimated Cost at Completion
Estimate of Completion
European Astronauts Center
European Astronaut Corps
Evaluation Analysis Center
Evaluation and Analysis Center
Exercise and Activities Conference
Expected Approach Clearance
Extranet Access Client
Emergency Alternate Command Center
Emergency Area Control Centre
Expeditionary Airborne Command and Control Squadron
Echelon-Above-Corps Intelligence Center Above
Echelons Above Corps Intelligence Center
Echelons Above Corporation Intelligence Center
echelons above corps and intelligence center
Emergency Action Checklist
Emergency Actions Checklist
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff for Cooperation
European Area Communications Plan
Expeditionary Air Control Squadron
Echelons Above Division
Electronic Airspace Database
Entered Active Duty
Equipment Availability Date
Estimated Availability Date
Estimated Arrival Date
Executive Agent Developer
Explosives Advanced Development
Extended Active Duty
Extended Air Defence
Extended Air Defense Command and Control
Enhanced Automatic Direction Finder
Economic Analysis for Decision Making
Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Cell
Euro Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre
Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Unit
Echelons Above Division Study
Echelons Above Divisionsion Study
European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company
Expeditionary Air Defense System
Expeditionary Air Defense Systems
Extended Air Defense Systems
Extended Area Defense System
Extended Air Defense Test Bed
Extended Air Defense Testbed
Extended Air Defense Test Best
Extended Air Defence Task Force
Extended Air Defense Task Force
East Asia Economic Group
Economic Analysis Fundamentals
Emergency Actions File
Euro-Atlantic Foundation
Expeditionary Aerospace Forces
Expeditionary Air Force
Elmendorf Air Force Base
Enterobacter agglomerans
Element Assembly Group
ELINT Advisory Group
Extended Active Gate
Enhanced Application of Ground Laser Equipment
Extended Airborne Global Launch Evaluator
Equipment Availability Hours
Electronic Attitude Indicator
Engine Air Inlet
Engineering Animation, Inc.
Equipment Authorization Inventory Data
Enlisted Assignment Information System
Extended Average Level
Earliest Anticipated Launch Time
Emergency Action Message; Event
Emergency Action Message/Officer
Enterprise Architecture Maturity
Electro-Absorption Modulator
African States Associated with the EEC
Emergency Action Message Authentication System Analysis Corps
Emergency Action Messages
Enlisted Aviation Maintenance Trainee Management Unit
Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverage
East Asia Nonproliferation Program
Eastmain Resources Inc.
Emergency Actions Officer
Enhanced Artillery Observation System