Popular Network acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Agent Advertisement
Arbitrary Access
Authenticator Address
Access Authentication Authorisation
Accounting, Authorization and Authentication
Authentication Authorization and Accounting
Authentication Authorization Accounting
Authentication, Authorization & Accounting
Authentication, Authorization Accounting
Authentication Authorisation Accounting
Authentication, Authorization, Auditing
Authentication Accounting & Authorization
Authorization and Accounting
Autonomous Agents for Intrusion Detection
All American Poker Network
Active Antenna Systems
Adaptive Antenna Systems
Advanced Antenna System
Advanced Antenna Systems
Alteon Application Switch
Available Bandwidth
Adaptive Bidirectional Associative Memory
Always Best Connected
Appropriate Byte Counting
Appropriate Byte Count
Alaska Brain Injury Network
African Biodiversity Network
African Broadcast Network
Allied Business Network
African Biosafety Network of Expertise
Application-Based Network Operation
Area Border Routers
Associativity Based Routing
Associativity-Based Routing
Area Border Routers
Almost Blank Subframe
Almost Blank Subframes
Almost Blank Subframes
Alto Broadcasting System-Chronicle
Access Categories
Access Channel
Address Copied
Attack Computer
Assured Compliance Assessment Solution
Automated Construction of Application Signatures
Account Card Calling
Application Command Center
Australian Communications Consumers Action Network
Active Cyber Defense
Address Conflict Detection
Automatic Call Distributer
Accredited Configuration Engineer
Angel Capital Electronic
Application Characterization Environment
Association Control Function
Automatic Code Gapping
Automatic Code Gap
Associated Channel Header
Application-Centric Infrastructure
Application Centric Infrastructure
Adaptive Code Modulation
Adaptive Coding & Modulation
Adaptive Coding Modulation
Associated Chamber Music Players
Active Citizenship Network
All Communications Network
Apple Consultants Network
Advanced Core Operating System
Access Control Router
Automatic Cell Planning
Accounting Continuing Professional Education Network
Adaptive Clock Recovery
Apply Charging Report
Attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio
Attenuation Crosstalk Ratio
Average Cell Rate
Advanced Cisco Router Configuration
Anti-Corruption Research Network
Access Categories
Admission Control Service
American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
Advances in Computer Security and Forensics
Applied Computer Technology
Arabidopsis Co-expression Tool
Aerohive Certified Wireless Administrator
Aerohive Certified Wireless Professional
Access Device
Activity Detection
Additional Data
Anomaly Detection
Application Delivery
Audit Data Analysis and Mining
Application Delivery Controller
Application Delivery Controllers
Application Detection and Control
Application Delivery Controllers
Automated Device Enablement
Alternate Digit Inversion
African Digital Library Support Network
add-drop multiplexing
Add-Drop Multiplexors
Asynchronous Disconnect Mode
Add-drop multiplexers
Add-Drop Multiplexers
Add-Drop Multiplexors
Add Drop Multiplexers
After Diversity Maximum Demand
Abbreviated Dialing Numbers
Application Delivery Networking
Application Delivery Network
Application Defined Networking
Application Defined Network
Automated Digital Networking System
Automated Digital Network Systems
Application Delivery Partitions
Atopic Dermatitis Research Network
Access Domain Selection
Activity Diagrams
Anomaly Detection Systems
Attack Detection System
Asynchronous Data Service
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop
Air Distribution Unit
Application Data Units
Application Data Units
Active Ethernet
Australian Environment Business Network
Alignment Error Rate Monitor
Arkansas Educational Television Network
Application Function
Application Functions
Authentication Framework
Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team
Application Front End
Authority Format Identifier
Application Fluent Network
Automatic Frequency Planning
Apple File System
Apple File Sharing
Application Functions
Adoptive Family Support Network
Asian Forensic Sciences Network
Adapter Fault Tolerance
Address Family Translation
Automatic File Transfer
Access Gateway
Access Gateways
Attachment Group Identifier
Accountants Global Network
Automatic Geophysical Observatory
Advanced Gateway Server
Adaptive Heuristic Critic
Automated Health Check
Additional Header Segments
Access Interface
Air Interface
Alarm Interface Controller
Air Interface Encryption
Attachment Individual Identifier
Attachment Individual Identifiers
Additive Increase and Multiplicative Decrease
Advanced Intelligent Networks
Advanced Intelligent Networking
Advance Intelligent Network
Advanced Intelligent Networks
Artificial Immune Network
Advanced Information Service
Alarm Indicator Signal
Alarm Indicator Signals
Artificial Immune System
Advanced Junos Enterprise Security Troubleshooting
Advanced Juniper Networks Routing
Apache JServ Protocol v1.3
Advanced Junos Service Provider Troubleshooting
Authentication Key
Authentication and Key
Authentication Key Agreement
Authentication & Key Agreement
Agha Khan Development Network
Acute Kidney Injury Network
Adaptation Layer
Adaptive Load Balancing
Advanced Load Balancing
Asynchronous Layer Coding
Access Link Control Application Part
Application Layer Framing
Application-level gateway
Application-Level Gateways
Application Level Gateways
Application Layer Gateways
Application Level Multicast Infrastructure
Aviation Logistics Network
African Leadership Network
Asynchronous Learning Network
Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance
Asynchronous Learning Networks
Annual Linux Showcase
Application Layer Traffic Optimization
Accept Multicast
Access Multiplexer
Asian Muslim Action Network
Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
Audio Messaging Interchange
Access Management Function
Automotive Multimedia Interface Consortium
Advertising and Marketing International Network
Access Media Network
Afghan Mission Network
Artificial Mains Network
Advanced Mobile Phone Services
Advanced mobile phone standard
Advance Mobile Phone Service
Analog Mobile Phone System
Analogue Mobile Phone System
Advanced Multimedia System
Attack Mitigation Systems
Automatic Multicast Tunneling
Access Networks
Active Network
Ambient Networks
Automatic Network Analyzer
Analog Network Coding
Access Network Discovery Selection Function
Assistant Network Engineers
Active Network Encapsulation Protocol
Additional Network Feature
Adaptive-Network-based Fuzzy Inference Systems
Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy Inference System
Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems
Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems
Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
Application Network Interface
Autism Network International
Automated Network Installations
Advanced Networking Infrastructure and Research
Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Advances in Network Localization and Navigation
Adult Numeracy Network
Adventist News Network
Anime News Network
Aero-News Network
Arab News Network
All-Nippon News
All-Nippon News Network
Artifical Neuronal Network
Artifical Neural Network
Artifical Neural Networks
Artificial Neuron Network
Artificial Neural Nets
Artificial Neural Network Investing
Artificial Neural Nets
Analytical Network Process
Analytic Network Process
Arab Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Access Network Query Protocol
Automated Neighbor Relations
Automatic Neighbor Relation
Automatic Neighbour Relation
Automatic Neighbor Relations
Automatic Neighbour Relations
Autonomous Networks Research Group
Access Nodes
Advanced Network Service
Application Networking Services
Applied Network Solutions
Authoritative Name Server
Affiliated Network for Social Accountability
Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources
ANSI Mobile Application Part
Actor-network theory
Actor Network Theory
Advanced Network Tester
Advance Network Tester
Activity on Arc
Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector
Adhoc On-demand Distance Vector
Ad-hoc On-demand Multipath Distance Vector
Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
Active Optical Network
Active Optical Networks
All-optical Network
All Optical Network
All Optical Networks
Active optical networks
Application-Oriented Network
Application Oriented Networking
Application Oriented Network
Air & Ocean Partners
Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network
Application Object Template
Access Points
Address Present
Aggregation Point
Authentication Policy
Authentication Protocol
Access Points
Auto Port Aggregation
Asia Pacific Advanced Network
Asia Pacific Area Network
Asia Pacific Advance Network
Asia-Pacific Board
Adjacent Point Code
Asia Pacific Engineering and Planning Group
Access Point Identifier
Application Programmatic Interfaces
Application Policy Infrastructure Controller
Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer
Average Path Length
Advanced Professional Logistics Network
Asia-Pacific Migration and Environment Network
Access Point Names
Adaptive Private Networking
American Peace Network
Arab Press Network
Asia-Pacific Network
Asia Pacific Network
Ask Partner Network
Asian Pacific Neural Network Assembly
Asia-Pacific Quality Network
Alternative Public Radio International
Access Ports
Ad-Hoc Positioning System
Adjunct Processors
Application Protection System
Application Protocols
All People Seem To Need Data Processing
Asia Pacific Science Technology & Society Network
Asia Pacific Telecom
Access Router
Access Routers
access requestor
Activate Request
Active Router
Address Recognized
Aggregation Router
Ambiguity Resolution
Authentication Request
Authenticated Routing for Ad-Hoc Networks
Application Resource Broker
Asylum Research Consultancy
All-Routes Explorer
All Route Explorer
Alabama Research and Education Network
Alternative Religions Educational Network
Auto Rate Fallback
Assist Request Instruction
Admin Report Kit for Windows Enterprise
Active Reliable Multicast
Adaptive Radio Management
Arabian Radio Network
Arctic Research Office
Address Resolusion Protocol
Address resolution process
Address Resolution Protocal
Address Routing Protocol
Address Resolution Protocol
Allocation and Retention Priority
Allocation Retention Priority
Alternative Roaming Provider
Access Routers
Arab Radio and Television
Armenian-Russian Television Network
Alpha Repertory Television Service
Access Switch
Adjacency State
Antenna System
Authentication Servers
Autonomus System
Authorized Shared Access
Autistic Self Advocacy Network
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
Aggregate Server Access Protocol
Any Service, Any Port
Any Service Any Port
Autonomous System Border Routers
Autonomous System Boundary Routers
Autonomous System Border Routers
Advanced Switching Communications
Auditor Security Collection
Application Specific Device
Agile Supply Demand Networks
Atomic Scale Design Network
Accredited Sales Expert
Amplifier Spontaneous Emission
Analysis Service Element
Application Service Elements
Autonomous System External
Arbor Security Engineering & Response Team
Arbor Security Engineering and Response Team
Application Service Elements
Astaro Security Gateway
Actionable Security Intelligence
Agere System Interface
Automated Security Incident Measurement
Access Security Key
Agents Sharing Knowledge
Any-Source Multicast
Any Source Multicast
Application Specific Module
Application Services Module
Automated Storage Manager
Access Service Network
Access Services Network
Access Service Networks
Alcatel Submarine Networks
All Sports Network
All Sports Networks
Alternative Schools Network
American Sports Network
Arabian Shopping Network
Ariba Supplier Network
Access Service Networks
Automatically Switched Optical Network
Automatic Switched Optical Network
Automatic Switching Optical Network
Automatic Switch Optical Network
Automatic Switched Optical Networks
Automatically Switched Optical Networks
Amsterdam Science Park
Application Server Process
Application Server Processes
Application Server Processes
Associated Schools Project
Application Specific Packet Filter
Aggregation Service Router
Answer-Seizure Ratio
Answer Seizure Ratio
Arab States Research and Education Network
Access Service Requests
Aggregation Services Routers
Autonomous System Scanner
African Security Sector Network
Advanced Set-Top Box
Automatically Switched Transport Network
Active Set Update
Arbitrary Strength Unit
Access Tandems
Allied Telesis
Asynchronous Transfer
ARCNET Trade Association
Advanced Telecom Computer Architecture
Advanced Threat Detection
Advanced Threat Defense
Asynchronous Time Division
Access Technology Higher Education Network
Any Time Interrogation
Application and Threat Intelligence
Active Threat Level Analysis System
Advanced Traffic Management
Asenkron Transfer Modu
Asychronous Transfer Mode
Asynchonous Transfer Mode
Asynchroner Transfer Modus
Asynchronous Transport Mode
Asynchronous Transfer Method
Asynchronous Tranfer Mode
Asynchronous Transfer-Mode
Asynchronus Transfer Mode
Asynchrous Transfer Mode
Asyncronous Transfer Mode
ATM Adaptation Layer 1
ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4
ATM Adaptation Layer 5
ATM LAN Emulation
Adventist Television Network
American Technology Network
Ariana Television Network
Animal Telemetry Network
Army Training Network
Augmented Transition Network
Automated Transit Networks
Augmented Transition Networks
Autism Treatment Network
Australian Telecommunications, Networks and Applications Conference
Australian Telecommunications Networks and Applications Conference
Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc
AppleTalk Transaction Protocol packet
African Technology Policy Studies
Apollo Token Ring
Abstract Test Suite
Access Tandems
American Trigger Sports Network
Access Units
Administrative Unit
Administrative Unit Group
Access Unit Interface
Attachment User Interface
Acorn Universal Networking
American Urban Radio Networks
Automatic Urban and Rural Network
Action Value
Authentication Vectors
Attribute Value Change
Audio-visual Profile
Authentication Vectors
AVS WLAN Capture header
Automated Weather Data Network
Ad-hoc Wireless Distribution Service
Better Approach To Mobile Adhoc Networking
Better Approach to Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking
Black Entertainment Television
Behavior Aggregates
Binding Acknowledgement
Binding Acknowledgment
Block Acknowledgement
Building Automation and Control Network NPDU
Brocade Accredited Data Center Specialist
Bone-Assisted Hop Greedy
Bone Assisted Hop Greedy
Bay Area Juniper Users Group
Broadcast Announce Message
Boundary Access Node
Broadband Access Server
Better Approach To Mobile Ad-hoc Networking
Business Assistance Virtual Network
Back-to-Back Connection
Background Block Errors
Background Block Error
Background Block Error Ratio
Bible Broadcasting Network
Bearer Capability
Betweenness Centrality
Billing Centre
Binding Cache
Blade Cluster
Boundary Clock
Boundary Clocks
Base-station Color Code
Bay Command Console
Binding Cache Entry
Base Control Function
Bearer Control Function
Backward Call Indicator
Backbone Concentrator Node
Backward Congestion Notification
Bee Colony Optimization
Basic Call Processing
Block Check Sequence
Basic Call State Machine
Basic Call State Models
Bridge Domain
Bi-Directional Affinity
Bluetooth Device Address
Backward Defect Indicator
Bandwidth-delay product
Bandwidth Delay Product
Bridge Domains
Backoff Exponent
Best Effort
Backbone Edge Bridges
Binary Exponential Back-off
Backward-Explicit Congestion Notification
Backwards Explicit Congestion Notification
Block Extensible Exchange Protocol
Backward Error Indication
Black Employee Network
Breakable Experimental Network
Best Effort Service
Bursty Errored Seconds
Bi-directional Forwarding Detection
Bad Frame Indication
Beam Forming Network
Broadcast File System
Billing Gateway
Border Gateways
Border Gateway Control Function
Border Gateway Function
Border Gateway Functions
Boarder Gateway Protocol
Black Googler Network
Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious
Border Gate Protocol
Border Gateway Protocols
Border Gateway Patrol
Border Gateways
Burst Header Packet
Beacon Interval
Burned In Address
Backward Indicator Bit
Broadband Inter Carrier Interface
Brain Injury Network
Biomolecular Interaction Network Database
Burst Information Rate
Bump In the Stack
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks
Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network
Building Integrated Timing Supply
Building Integrated Timing System
Bump In The Wire
Binary Logarithmic Arbitration Method
Broadband Loop Carrier
Broadband Loop Emulation Service
Broadband Loop Emulation Services
Base Level Information Infrastructure
Backbone Link Node
Bi-Directional Line Switched Ring
Bidirectional Line Switched Ring
Bidirectional Line-Switched Ring
Bidirectional Line Switched Rings
Boltzmann machine
Broadcast Multi Access
Best Master Clock
Best Master Clock Algorithm
Best Matching Unit
Benchmarking Methodology Working Group
Backbone Network
Black Network
Backbone Node
Bayesian Networks
Border Node
Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
Broadband Network Gateway
Broadband Network Gateways
Broadcast Network Gateway
Broadband Network Gateways
Brunei Next Generation Network
Business Networking International
Business Network International
Business Networkers International
Banana News Network
Barts Neverending Network
Boston Neighborhood Network
Broadcast Network Processor
Business Network Radio
Bayesian Networks
Broadband Network Systems
Brocade Network Subscription
Bayes Net Toolbox
Basic Network Utilities
Breaking News Video Network
Border object
Boardwalk Boot Parameters
Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks
Bandwidth On Demand
Breath of Life
Beginning of a Message
Biomolecular Object Network Databank
Bootstrap Protocol
Boot Parameters
Back Propagation
Base Port
Beacon Period
Bridged Protocol Data Units
Bridge Protocol Data Units
Bernese Processing Engine
Berkley Packet Filter
Baseline Privacy Key Management
Broadband Power-line Communication
Back Propagation Neural
Black Professionals Network
Back Propagation Neural Network
Back Propagation Neural Networks
Broadband Passive Optical Networks
Backup Power System
Business Policy Switch
Business Process Specification Schema
Backbone Router
Backup Router
Backward Reporting
Bandwidth Request
Border Router
Border Routers
Broadband Remote Access Service
Broadband Remote Access Server
Broadband Remote Access Servers
Binary Run-time Environment for Wireless
Base Rate Interface
Basic-Rate Interface
Basic Rate Interfaces
Basic Rate Interfaces
Basic Reference Model
Bordercast Resolution Protocol
Border Routers
Border Router Security Tool
Bearer Services
Basic Service Area
Base Station Controllers
Base Station Center
Base Station Centre
Base Station Controllers
Base Switching Centre
Bootstrapping Server Function
Base Station Interface
Beyond Sports Network
Big Switch Networks
Blue Sky Network
Body Sensor Networks
Broadband Services Node
Body Sensor Networks
Basic Security Option
Basic Support Protocol
Broadband Services Router
Broadband Service Router
Boot Strap Router
Baltic Sea Region University Network
Base-Station Subsystem
Base Station Sub-system
Base Station Systems
Base Station Sub
Base Station Sub-systems
Base Stations
Base Station Switch
Basic Service Sets
Basis Service Set
Broadcasting Satellite Service
Broadcasting-Satellite Service
BSS GPRS Protocol
basic service sets
Business Trunking
Big Telecom Event
Bhutan Telecom Ltd
Bit Timing Logic
Busy Tone Multiple Access
Big Ten Network
Broadband Technology Report
Base Tranceiver Station
Base Transceiver System
Base Transciever Station
Base Transmission Station
Base Transmission Stations
Base Transceiver Station Equipment
Base Transceiver Systems
Binding Updates
Buffer Unit
Binding Update List
Binding Updates
Broadcast Unknown Server
BSS GPRS Protocol Virtual Connection
BSS GPRS Protocol Virtual Connection Identifier
Bridge Group Virtual Interface
BACnet Virtual Link Control
BACnet virtual link layer
Berkeley Vision and Learning Center
Beam Wave Guide
Broadband and Wireless Networking
Broadband Wireless Networking
Block Waiting Time
Cradle to Cradle Network
Carrier Aggregation
Channel Access
Channel Assignment
Cloud Application Delivery Platform
Coordination Action of the European Network of Territorial Intelligence
Copy All Frames
Content Adressable Memory
Customised Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic
Customised Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic
Customized Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic
Customized Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic
Customized Application Mobile Enhanced Logic
Capital Access Network
Child Amputee Network
Content-Addressable Network
Content Addressable Network
Content Addressable Networks
Converged Access Network
Corporate Angel Network
Community Area Networks
Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems
Cable Access Point
Carrierless Amplitude and Phase-Modulation
Cellular Access Point
Configuration and Provisioning for Wireless Access Points
Candidate Access Router
Commited Access Rate
Connectivity-Aware Routing
Context-Aware Adaptive Routing
Collision-Aware Rate Adaptation
Call Associated Signaling
Context Aware Service
Customer Administration System
Christian Association Serving Adult
cable, and then
China Academy of Telecommunication Technology
Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology
Cell Broadcast Centers
Content Based Multicast
Childhood Bereavement Network
Christian Broadcast Network
Constraint-Based Routing
Constraint Based Routing
Cluster Based Routing Protocols
Cell Broadcast System
Cisco Broadband Troubleshooter
Core-Based Tree
Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing
Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing
Class Based Weighted Fair Queue
Columbia Basin Watershed Network
Coded Cooperation
Component Carriers
Component Carrier
Common Channel
Connectivity Check
Coordination Centre
Cisco Certified Architect
Clear-Channel Assessment
Controlled Channel Access
Cisco Certified Academy Instructor
Cisco Certified Academic Instructor
Common Control And Measurement Plane
China Content Broadcasting Network
Call Completion on Busy Subscriber
Call Completion to Busy Subscriber
Circuit Cross Connect
Circuit Cross-Connect
Credit Card Calling
Cube Connected Cycles
Center for Convergence and Emerging Network Technologies
Cisco Certified Entry-level Networking Technician
Call Control Functions
Cisco Certified Internetwork Engineer
Cisco Certified Internet Engineers
Common Channel Inter-office Signalling
Common Channel Interoffice Signaling 7
Consultative Committee for International Telegraph and Telephone
Consultative Committee on International Telephone and Telegraph
Consultative Committee on International Telephony and Telegraphy
Consultative Committee for International Telegraphy and Telephony
Complimentary Code Keying
Connectivity Check Message
Connectivity Check Messages
Continuity Check Messages
Continuity Check Message
Connectivity Check Messages
Certified Contractors NetWork
Charging Control Node
Christian Coaches Network
Certified Cisco Network Administrator
Certified Cisco Network Associate
Cisco Certified Networking Associate
Cisco Certified Network Administrator
Cisco Certified Network Associates
Cisco Certified Network Assosiate
Cisco Certified Network Associated
Cisco Certified Network Administration
Cisco Certified Network Architect
Cisco Certified Network Associates
Customer Carrier Name Abbreviation
Certified Cisco Network Professional
Certified Cisco Networking Professional
Cisco Certified Networking Professional
Cisco Certificated Network Professional
Cisco Certified Network Professionals
Cisco Certified Network Profesional
Call Completion on No Reply
Completion of Call on No Reply
Center for Complex Network Research
Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional
Capacity and Coverage Optimization
Coverage and Capacity Optimization
Cell Change Order
Cisco Connection Online
Call Control Point
Call Completion Rate
Call Completion Ratio
Customer-Controlled Reconfiguration
Computer Communication Research Group
Component Carriers
Common Channel Signaling 7
Common Channel Signalling 7
Common Channel Signalling System
Checkpoint Certified Security Associate
Checkpoint Certified System Administrator
Checkpoint Certified Security Engineer
Cisco Certified Systems Instructor
Cisco Certified System Instructor
Common Channel Signaling Network
Common Channel Signalling Network
Call Completion Success Rate
Centre for Communication Systems Research
Common Channel Signalling System 7
Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System
Crime and Criminal Tracking and Network System
Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems
Certified Cabling Test Technician
Computer Communication Workshop
Candidate Default
Cell Delay
Connectivity Degree
Central Data Center
Content Delivery Cloud
Content Delivery Engine
Charging Data Function
Code Devision Multiple Access
Code Division Multiplexing Access
Code Division Mobile Access
Code Division Multiple Access-множественныи
Computer Data Networks
Cooperation and Development Network
Content Delivery Networks
Content Delivery Networking
Content Distribution Networks
Content Delivery Networks
Controlled Directory Number
Content Delivery Networks
Content Distribution Networks
Cabletron Discovery Protocol
Call Dropping Probability
Call Drop Rate
Coordinated Dialing Plan
Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
Charge Detail Record
Charging Detail Record
Charging Detail Records
Charging Data Records
Committed Data Rate
Charging Data Records
Charging Detail Records
Connected Dominating Set
Content Delivery Service
Content Delivery Services
Content Directory Service
Cross-Domain Solutions
Cross Domain Solutions
CDS Clerk Server Calls
Carrier Ethernet
Classic Ethernet
Channel Element
Channel Elements
Congestion Encountered
Congestion Experienced
Correlation Engine
Customer Equipment
Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation Research
Cargo Equipment Experts
Converged Enhanced Ethernet
Convergence Enhanced Ethernet
Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa
Caribbean Entertainment Everyday Network
Carrier Ethernet Network
Central Executive Network
Connecticut Education Network
Computer Emergency Notification System
Connection End Point
Connection End Points
Customer Edge Port
Cell Error Rate
Contivity Extranet Switch
Customer Edges
Customer Equipments
Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery
Circuit Emulation Service over Packet
Carrier Ethernet Switches and Routers
Carrier Ethernet Transport
Cisco Encryption Technology
Controlled Environmental Vault
Carrier Ethernet World Congress
Coordination Function
Correction Field
Call Forward Always
Call Forwarding Always
Circuit Facility Assignment
Contention-free burst
Contention Free Burst
Call Forwarding Busy Line
Compact Forwarding Engine Board
Crown Fibre Holdings
Call for Innovation
Canonical Format Indicator
Canonical Format Identifier
Connection Fault Management
Commercial Fueling Network
Call Forwarding No Reply
Contention-Free Period
Contention Free Periods
Call Failure Rate
Computer Forensic Specialist
Carrier Grade
Canadian Genetic Diseases Network
Corporate Governance Network
Cluster-head Gateway Switch Routing
Clusterhead-Gateway Switch Routing
Clusterhead Gateway Switch Routing
Call Hold
Call Holding
Cell Header
Content Hash Key
Comcast Hometown Network
Call History Recording
Canadian Home Shopping Network
Compact Hyper Text Markup Language
Cooperative Human Tissue Network
Carrier Interconnect
Communication Infrastructure
Concern Index
Content Inspection
Craft Interface
Crime Investigation
Customer Installation
Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment
Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer
Circuit Identification Codes
Circuit Identification Codes
Certified Infoblox Core Engineer
Configuration, Installation, and Distribution
Craft Interface Device
Class Inter-Domain Routing
Collective Intelligence Framework
Common Insecurities Fail Scrutiny
Computational Intelligence for Homeland Security and Personal Safety
Core Information Model
Caribbean International Network
Cloud Intelligent Network
Carrier to Interference and Noise Ratio
Committed Information Rates
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Complex Systems
Cancer Immunotherapy Trials Network
Configuring Juniper Networks Routers
Confidentiality Key
Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network
Cisco Knowledge Network
Cancel Location
Cluster Leader
Comcast Local
Convergence Layer
Connectionless Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Connection Limited Device Configuration
Customer Located Equipment
Clearcase NFS
Competing Local Exchange Carrier
Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
Cisco Learning Institute
Connected Line Identification
Calling Line Identity Restriction
Common Language Location Identifier
Common Language Location Identification
Cisco Learning Network
Computer Learning Network
Corporate Learning Network
Cowboy Lifestyle Network
Connection-Less Network Protocol
Connection-Less Network Service
Connection Less Network Service
Cell-Loss Priority
Cell Loss Probability
Congestion Loss Priority
Cell-Loss Ratio
Cell Loss Rate
Cache Line Size
Canadian Learning Television
Cable Modems
Cellular Message
Compressed Mode
Connection Matrix
Cable Music Channel
Call Modification Completed
Common Management-Information Protocol
Common Management Information Services Element
Cisco Modeling Lab
Customer Minutes Lost
Catholic Marketing Network
Consumer Media Network
Contemporary Music Network
Crystal Media Networks
Certified Meraki Networking Associate
Crustal Movement Observation Network of China
Converged Management Platform
Codec Mode Request
Cable Modems
Central Management System
Cloud Management System
Cloud Management Systems
Communication and Media Solutions
Concurrent Multipath Transfer
Cable Modem Termination Systems
Cable Modem Transmission System
Cable Modem Termination Systems
Compact Modem Unit
Cache Node
Capacitor network
Cartoon Network
Collaborative Networks
Client Node
Collegiate Network
Content Network
Content Networks
Content Networking
Computer Network
Consultancy Network
Corporate Network
Corporate Networks
Core Node
Correspondent Nodes
Corresponding Node
Certified Network Associate
Certified Network Administrator
Computer Network Administrator
Cisco Networking Academy
Computer Network Attack
Converged Network Adapters
Converged Network Adapter
Converged Network Adaptor
Cisco Network Admission Control
Cisco Networking Academy Program
Cisco Network Academy Program
Converged Network Adapters
Consumer News and Business Channel
Consumer News & Business Channel
Computer & Networking Center
Certified Network Cable Installer
Computer Network Defense
Computer Network Defence
Certified Network Defense Architect
Controller Network Data Extracting Protocol
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Certified Network Engineer
Certified NetWare Engineers
Computer Network Exploitation
Customer Network Gateway
Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Telecomunicazioni
Computer Networking Laboratory
Centralized Network Management
Corporate Network Management
Cable Network News
Cable New Network
Cambridge Networks Network
Cellular Neural Network
Convolutional Neural Network
Convolutional Neural Networks
Convolutional Neural Networks
Clinton News Network
Chief Networking Officer
Chief Network Officer
Computer Network Operations
Computer Network Operation
Cisco Network Registrar
Combat Net Radio Interface
Cargo Network Service
Cisco Networking Services
Cisco Network Service
Commercial Network Services
Cognitive and Neural Systems
Communications and Networking Symposium
Computer and Network Systems
Computer and Network Services
Computer Networking Services
Compact Network Storage
Computer Network Solutions
Computer & Network Systems
Computer Networking Systems
Core Networks
Corresponding Nodes
Customer Networking Solutions
Certified Network Security Engineer
Corporacion Nacional de Telecomunicaciones
Coaxial Network Unit
Connected Nation Exchange
Cyber Operations
Canadian Over-the-Counter Automated Trading System
Code on Demand
Content on Demand
Connection-Oriented Ethernet
Change of Frame Alignment
Carrier of Last Resort
Cell on Light Trucks
Configuration and Orchestration Manager
Counter Olympics Network
Control On-the-Move Network, Digital Over-the-Horizon Relay
Connection Oriented Network Service
Connection Oriented Network Services
Conversation Manager
Common Operational Picture
Constraint Optimization Problem
Central Outdoor Router
Central Office Re-architected as Datacenter
Central Office Re-architected as Data
Common Open Research Emulator
Common Operational Research Environment
Continuously Operating Reference Station
Continuous Operating Reference Station
Class of Services
CoSine IPNOS L2 debug output
Central Office Trunk
Cursor on Target
Connection-Oriented Transport Protocol
Connection Oriented Transport Protocol
Connection-Oriented Transport Service
Connection Oriented Transport Service
Cell On Wheel
Cell On Wheels
Cells on Wheels
Cell on Wheels
Cells on Wheels
Call Processor
Complete Partitioning
Congestion Point
Contents Provider
Continuous Presence
Cooperative Positioning
Coordination Processor
Customer Premises
Customer Premise
Control Period 5
Clickbooth Publisher Affiliate
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network
Child Protection in Crisis
Cognitive Pilot Channel
Continuous Packet Connectivity
Customer Premises Cabling
Common Part Convergence Sub-layer
Common Part Convergence Sublayer-Service
Common Path Distortion
Consumer Premise Equipment
Customer Premise Environments
Customer Provided Equipment
Customer Premises Equipments
Customer Premise Equipments
Central Pattern Generator
Central pattern generators
Call Party Handling
Check Point High Availability Protocol
Common Part Indicator
Combined Public Key
Common Photonic Layer
Cost Per Mile
Canon Professional Network
Cargo Partners Network
Cognitive Packet Network
Command Post Node
Customer Premise Network
Customer Premises Networks
Customer Premises Networks
Calling Party Name Display
Call Party Name Display
Cisco Prime Network Registrar
Cable Patch Panel
Channel Partner Program
Classical Public Radio Network
Call Processing Subsystem
Cells Per Second
Cerebral Palsy Support Network
Conditional Probability Table
Conditional Probability Tables
Channel Quality
Channel-Quality Indication
Cisco Qualified Specialist
Call Request
Call Retention
Cell Relay
Certificate Repository
Cognitive Radio
Cognitive Radios
Connection Request
Connections Request
Connect Request
Constraint-based Routed
Contention Resolution
Content Router
Core Router
Core routers
Correspondent Router
Customer Router
Collision Resolution Algorithm
Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data at Dartmouth
Customer Response Center
Customer Response Centre
Cyclical Redundancy Checks
Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network
Cell Range Expansion
Children's Rights Erasmus Academic Network
Corporation for Research and Educational Networking
Centre for Real-Time Information Networks
Child Rights International Network
Cisco Resource Manager
Cholesterol Reference Method Laboratory Network
Cable Radio Network
Cognitive Radio Networks
Cognitive Radio Network
Cognitive Radio Networks
Cancer Research Network
Clinical Research Network
Clinical Research Networks
Collaborative Research Network
Clinical Research Networks
Chemical Reactor Network
Climate Reference Network
Cartoonists Rights Network International
Cell Radio Network Temporary Identifier
Cell-specific Reference Signal
Cell-Specific Reference Signals
Cell Relay Service
Cognitive Radios
Continuous Research Service
Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks
Client routing table
Compressed Real-time Transport Protocol
Compressed Real-Time Protocol
Compressed Real Time Protocol
Call Setup
Carrier Sense
Carrier Sensing
Circuit Switching
Circuit Switch
Clock Synchronization
Closed Subscriber
Complete Sharing
Connection Server
Convergence Sub-Layer
Conversational Service
Cooperative Security
Coordinated Scheduling
Current Sensor
Cisco Secure Agent
Cyber Security Assessment and Management
City Security and Resilience Networks
Carrier Supporting Carrier
Call Session Control Functions
Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering
Circuit-Switched Data
Circuit Switch Data
Computer Science Division
Computer Security Day
Circuit Switched Digital Capability
Circuit Switch Digital Capability
Communication Server for Enterprise
Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni
Cloud Services Forum
Circuit-Switched Fall Back
Circuit Switch Fall Back
Circuit Switched Fall Back
Cell Site Gateway
Civil Society and Human Rights Network
Cellular Specialties, Inc
Computer Security Incident Response Center
Computer Security Incident Response Teams
Computer Security and Incident Response Team
Computer Security Laboratory
Child Support Lien Network
Citra Sari Makmur
Continuous Security Monitoring
Carrier-sense Multiple Access
Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access
Carrier Sence Multiple Access
carrier sense multiple access / collision avoidance
Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection
Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detect
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Resolution
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance
Canadian Stroke Network
Carlton Sports Network
Columbus Sports Network
Chemical Speciation Network
Children's Safety Network
Child Safety Network
China Support Network
Christian Satellite Network
Circuit Switched Network
Civil Society Network
Comcast Sports Net
Connectivity Service Networks
Connectivity Services Network
Core Service Network
Computer Systems and Networks
Consumer Support Networks
Complete Sequence Number Packet
Commercial Service Provider
Content Service Provider
Content Service Providers
Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
Circuit-Switched Public Data Network
Circuit Switched Public Data Networks
Constrained Shortest Path First
Constraint-based Shortest Path First
Constraint Shortest Path First
Cab Secure Radio
Call Success Rate
Cell Site Router
Cell Switched Router
Cell Switching Router
Cell Switch Router
Canadian Seismic Research Network
Center for Security Studies
Centre for Security Studies
Charter Sports Southeast
Comcast Sports Southeast
Cisco Security Solutions
Cooperative Spectrum Sensing
Call Setup Success Rate
Call Setup time
Computer Service Technician
Cox Sports Television
Channel Service Units
Channel Service Unit / Data Service Unit
Channel Service Units
Cloud Service User
Customer Service Units
Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks
Channel Termination
Common Transport
Context Transfer
Craft Terminal
Channel Time Allocation
Cisco Trust Agent
Cisco Trusted Agent
Central Texas Angel Network
Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
Cisco Transport Controller
Charging Trigger Function
Charging Trigger Functions
Center for Tropical Forest Science
Computer Telephone Integrated
Cordless Terminal Mobility
Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch
Cambodian Television Network
Chinese Television Network
Certified Transportation Network
Children's Treatment Network
Christian Television Network
Clinical Trials Network
Clinical Trial Network
Coordinated Timing Network
Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist
Communications Tasking Order
Communications Tasking Orders
Circuit to Packet
Cisco Transport Planner
Collection Tree Protocol
Connection Termination Point
Cell Traffic Recording
Center for Telecommunications Research
Centre for Telecommunications Research
Cyberoam Threat Research Labs
Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya
Clinical Trials Units
Clinical Trial Units
Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research
Channel Unit
Currently Unused
Credit Union Auto Loan Network
Cisco Unified Computing System
Call User Data
Chargeable User Identity
Common UNIX Printing System
Connectivity Unlimited Resources Enterprise
Cisco Unified Wireless Networking
Cisco Unified Wireless Network
Cisco Unified Wireless Networks
Code Violation
Connectivity Verification
Continuous View
Columbia Video Network
Cisco Virtual Private Network
Course Wave Division Multiplexing
Course Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
Cisco WAN Manager
Cisco WebEx Meetings Server
City Women Network
Certified Wireless Network Administration
Certified Wireless Network Admin
Certified Wireless Network Associate
Certified Wireless Network Expert
Certified Wireless Networking Expert
Certified Wireless Network Professional
Certified Wireless Network Professionals
Certified Wireless Networking Professional
Certified Wireless Network Trainer
Certified Wireless Network Trainers
Cable & Wireless Optus
Center for Wireless Systems and Applications
Cisco Works for Switched Internetworks
China Wireless Telecommunication Standard Group
Chinese Wireless Telecommunication Standard
Data Aggregation
Datamover Architecture
Destination Addresses
Discover Agent
Dynamically Assigned
Distributed Access Architecture
Digital-Analog Conversion
Digital Analog Conversion
Dual-Attachment Concentrator
Deployable Aerial Communications Architecture
Digital Access Cross-Connect Systems
Digital Access & Cross-Connect System
Duplicated Address Detection
Direct Access Line
Digital Archive Network for Anthropology
Data Access Points
Destination Advertisement Object
Direct Access Provider Library
Destination Addresses
Distributed Authentication System
Distributed Antennas
Dual-Attached Station
Dual-Attachment Station
Dual-Attachment Stations
Dual Attachment Stations
Dual Attach Station
Dynamic Authorization Server
Digital Access Signaling System 2
Digital Access Signalling System 2
Data Access Unit
Dynamic Bandwidth Circuit Emulation Service
Dynamic Bandwidth Circuit Emulation Services
Dynamic Bandwidth Management
Digital Broadcasting Network
Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Depth-Based Routing
Dual Busy Tone Multiple Access
Defense Center
Demand Circuits
Direct Connect
Data Center Bridging
Data Centre Bridging
Double-Covered Broadcast
Data Center Bridging Exchange
Data Center Bridge Exchange
Decentralized Congestion Control
Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse Protocol
Downlink Channel Descriptor
Data Centre Ethernet
Data Circuit Equipment
Direct Code Execution
Distribute Coordination Function
Distributed Coordinate Function
Distributed Coordinating Function
Data Center Interconnection
Data Center Interconnects
Distributed Cache Invalidation Method
Display Campaign Optimizer
Distributed Component Object Module
Data-Centric Storage
Digital Cellular Service
Digital Collection System
Digital Cross-connect Systems
Digital Cross-connect Switch
Digital Cross-connect Systems
Distributed Call Signaling
Distributed Compressed Sensing
Data Center Transmission Control Protocol
Directed Diffusion
Distributed Data Interface
Data Distribution System
Dial on Demand Routing
Distributed Dynamic Routing
Data Dissemination Service
Digital Data Services
Dynamic DNS Tools Protocol
Discard Eligible
Diameter Edge Agent
DEC Spanning Tree Protocol
Drop Eligibility Indicator
Drop Eligible Indicator
Dialogic Exchange Network
Data Encription Standard
Discrete Event Simulator
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni
Disaster and Emergency Warning Network
Decode and Forward
Default Forwarding
Delay Factor
Do not Fragment
Dark Fibre Africa
Dial Feature Card
Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation
Disability Funders Network
Discrete Fracture Network
Domestic Fiber Optic Network
Double Frequency Shift Keying
Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service
Decision Graph
Domain Generation Algorithm
Domain Generation Algorithms
Domain Generation Algorithms
Dead Gateway Detection
Digital Gaming Network
Data Highway
Distant Host
Dinamic Host Configuration Protocol
Domain Host Configuration Protocol
Dynamic Host Configure Protocol
Dynamic Host Communication Protocol
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Daemon
Distributed Hash Tables
Distributed Hash Tables
Deny incoming
Data Integrity Assurance
Diameter Protocol
Device Information Block
Distributed Intrusion Detection System
Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems
Distributed inter frame Space
Disconnected, Intermittent and Limited
Data in Motion
Database of Interacting Proteins
Designated Intermediate System
Dynamic Inter-Switch Link
Distcc Distributed Compiler
Digital, Intel, Xerox
Digital Intel Xerox
Digital, Intel and Xerox
Digital, Intel, and Xerox
Deep Learning
Deep Learning for Java
Dynamic Load Balancing
Data Link Connections
Data Length Code
Digital Loop Carriers
Data-Link Control Identifier
Data Link Connection Identifiers
Data Link Connection Indicator
Data-link Connection Identifiers
Data Link Connection Identifiers
Data Link Connections
Digital Loop Carriers
Data Local Exchange Carrier
Dental Lifeline Network
Digital Learning Network
Distance Learning Network
Destination Local Reference
Distributed Logical Router
Direct-Link Setup
Direct Link Setup
Distribution Layer Switches
Degraded Minutes
Degraded Minute
Delay Measurement
Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications
Digital Media Downloader
Digital Media Download
Data Message Handler
Device Management Interface
Distributed Multi-Link Trunking
Decision Making Model
Default Mode Network
Digital Media Player
Digital Media Servers
Digital Media Uploader
Defense Management Report Decision
Data Multiplexing System
Data Multiplex System
Digital Multiplex System
Digital Multiplexing System
Degraded Minutes
Discrete Multitone Technique
Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network
Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Networks
Digital Media Exchange
Data Management Zone
Data Network
Destination Node
Distributed Next
Data Network Affiliates
Debit Network Alliance
Detection of Network Attachment
Distributed Network Attack
Distributed Network Analyzer
Dynamic Network Analyzer
Dynamic Network Analysis
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Distributed Network Audio Server
Destination Network Address Translation
Distributed Network Address Translation
Digital Network Control System
Deterministic Network Enhancer
Dynamic Network Factory
Digital Network Intelligence
Discovery Networks International
Dual Node Interconnection
Data Network Identification Codes
Digital Network Interface Circuit
Deep Neural Network
Disaster News Network
Distribution Network Operators
Dell Networking Operating System
Dial-up Networking Profile
Domain Name Resolver
Do Not Revert
Data Network Solutions
Data Network Services
Decca Navigator System
Dynamic Network Service
Dynamic Name System
Dynamic Naming System
Direct Network Service Provider
Data Optimized
Distributed Object Architecture
Disability-Owned Business Enterprises
Data Operations Center
Data-Over-Cable System Interface Specification
Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specifications
Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specification
Data Over Cable System Interface Specifications
Downstream on Demand
Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph
Distributed Overlay Virtual Ethernet
Data Packet
Data Period
Data Plane
Destination Port
Detection Points
Drop Precedence
Data Plane Abstraction
Disk Performance Analyzer for Networks
Dietetics Practice Based Research Network
Data Path Controller
Destination Point Codes
Destination Point Codes
Dense Port Concentrators
Data Processing Equipment
deep-packet inspection
Deep Packet Inspection
Digital Preservation Network
Defense Point Security
Distributed-Parallel Storage System
distributed-queue dual-bus
Distributed-Queue Dual Bus
Distributed Queued Dual Bus
Dynamic Quality of Service
Delegating Router
Designated Receiver
Directed Retry
Diameter Relay Agent
Diameter Routing Agent
Diameter Routing Agents
Dynamic Resource Allocation
Data Radio Bearers
Dynamic Resolution Conversion
Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research
Datastream Recognition Definition Language
Distributed Reflection Denial of Service
Data Redundancy Elimination
Distance Routing Effect Algorithm for Mobility
Digital Residential Gateway
Dickey Rural Networks
Digital Recognition Network
Disaster Response Network
Director Response Protocol
Distributed Reservation Protocol
Differential Services
Differentiated Services
Direct Spread
Disk Station
Distance Support
Distributed Services
Distribution Server
Dual Stack
Directory Server Agent
Directory System Agents
Dynamic Service Add
Dynamic Service Addition
Dynamic Service Change
Dynamic Site Acceleration
Dynamic Site Accelerator
Diameter Signaling Controller
Diameter Signalling Controller
Diameter Signaling Controllers
Distributed Source Coding
Diff-Serv Code Point
Diff Serv Code Point
Differential Service Code Point
Differentiated Service Control Point
Diameter Signaling Controllers
Dynamic Service Delete
Dynamic Service Deletion
Destination-Sequenced Distance-Vector
Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector
Destination Sequenced Distance Vector
Destination Sequence Distance Vector
Destination Sequenced Distance-Vector
Dynamic Single Frequency Networks
Dynamic Single Frequency Network
distributed sloppy hash table
Data Stream Interface
Distributed Signaling Interface
Deep Space Instrumentation Facility
Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexor
Digital Subscriber Line Access Module
Digital Subscriber Loop Access Multiplexer
Digital Switching Module
Distributed Split Multi-Link Trunking
Deep Space Mission System
Data Sequence Number
Digital Signage Network
Dynamic Spectrum Optimization
Data Service Provider
Domain-Specific Part
Distributed Speech Recognition
Data Storage Server
Digital Switching Subsystem
Direct Satellite Service
Distribution System Service
Dual-Stack Transition Mechanism
Data Service Units
Digital Service Units
Digital Service Units
Data Transmission
Deutsche Telekom
Direct Tunnel
Data Transfer Agent
Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
Data Termination Equipment
Data Terminal Equipments
Deception Tool Kit
Designated Transit List
Designated Transit Lists
Dual Transfer Mode
Data Transfer Node
Delay Tolerant Mobile Networks
Data Transmission Network
Disruption-Tolerant Networks
Data Transport System
Distributed Time Service Provider
Data Transfer Time
Digital Trade and Transportation Network
Digital Trunk Unit
Downstream Unsolicited
Directory User Agents
Data Units
Data and Voice
Data Voice
Distance Vector Algorithm
Distance Vector Algorithms
Digital Voice Card
Distributed Video Coding
digital video disc or digital versatile disc
digital video disc - recordable
digital video disc-recordable
digital video disc-random access memory
digital video disc - read only memory
digital video disc-read only memory
digital video disc - rewritable
digital video disc-rewritable
Distance Vector MulticaRouting Protocol
Distance Vector Routing Protocol
Digital Vision Network
Digital Video Server
Dynamic Virtual Networks
Dynamic Virtual Private Network
Dynamic Virtual Private Networks
Delaware Valley Nursing Computer Network
Distance Vector Routing
Distributed Virtual Router
Distributed Virtual Switch
Educational / Informational
Editor Address
Extended Authentication Protocols
Extensible Authorization Protocol
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Tunneled
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible
External Border Gateway Protocol
Emergency Broadcast Network
Error Back Propagation
Equal Cost
Erasure Coding
Error Concealment
Enterprise Content Delivery Network
European Combined Geodetic Network
Equal-Cost Multi-Path
Equal Cost Multi-Path
Equal Cost Multiple Path
Equal Cost Multiple Paths
Equal Cost Multi Path
Equal Cost Multi-Paths
Equal Cost Multipath Protocol
Early Congestion Notification
Engine Combustion Network
Executive Control Network
Explicit Congestion Notifications
Executive Cellular Processor
Elliptic Curve Qu-Vanstone
Event Charging with Unit Reservation
European Conference on Wireless Technology
Edge Device
End Device
Ethernet to Digital
Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, and Lifetime-Balancing
Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network
Electronic Dispersion Compensation
Enhanced Distribution Coordination Function
Ethernet Demarcation Device
Environmental Data Exchange Network
Everglades Depth Estimation Network
Enhanced Data for Global Evolution
Enhanced Data-Rates for Global Evolution
Ethernet Dedicated Internet
Event Definition Language
eDonkey Protocol
Extreme Discovery Protocol
Event Detection Points
Endpoint Detection and Response
Early Detection Research Network
Enhanced Ethernet
Enterprise Extender
Everything Everywhere
Ethernet Equipment Clock
Energy Efficient Clustering Scheme
Energy efficient heterogeneous clustered
End-to-End Delay
Enterprise Europe Network
Evangelical Environmental Network
Earliest Event Time
Encircled Flux
Expedite Forwarding
Express Forwarding
Explicit Forward Congestion Indicator
Enhanced Forward Error Correction
Enhanced Feature License
Ethernet in First Mile
Ethernet in the First Mile Alliance
End of Frame Sequence
Errored Free Second
Early Field Trial
European Forum for Urban Safety
European Group of International Accounting Networks
Exterior Gateway Protocols
External Gateway Protocol
External Gateway Protocols
Exterior Gateway Protocols
Enhanced General Packet Radio Service
Enhanced General Packet Radio Services
Ethernet Hardware Address
Eurasian Harm Reduction Network
evolved High Rate Packet Data
European Home System Association
Electrical Industry Association
Euro Information Centre
Extended Inter-Frame Space
Extended Inter Frame Space
Extended Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
Endpoint-Independent Mapping
Endpoint Independent Mapping
Emerging Infections Network
Europe Jazz Network
Ethernet Interconnect Points
Equipment Identity Registers
Extended Information Rate
Ethernet Interface Unit
Emulated Local Area Networks
Extending the Littoral Battlespace
Efficient Log-Structured Flash
Emergency Location Identification Numbers
European Leadership Network
Ethernet Linear Protection Switching
Enterprise Module
Ericsson Multi Activation
Expedite Message Authentication Protocol
European Map of Intergenerational Learning
European Minimum Income Network
Error Management Logic
Environmental Media Services
Edge Node
end nodes
Enterprise Network
Enterprise Networks
Exchange Network
Extreme Networks Associate
European Network Against Arms Trade
European Network of Agricultural Journalists
European Network of Academic Sports
OpenBSD Encapsulating device
European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres
European Network of Cancer Registries
European Network for Cyber Security
Exchange Network on Exposure Scenarios
European Network of Fibromyalgia Associations
Elastic Network Interfaces
Ethernet Network Interface Card
European Network on the Instruments of Devotion
Elastic Network Interfaces
External Network Network Interface
External Network-Network Interface
Ethernet Network Interface Unit
European Neurological Network
European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education
Edge Nodes
Ethernet Network Service
Enterprise Networking Solutions
Enterprise Network Solutions
Event Notification Services
Extreme Networks Specialist
Earth Networks Total Lightning Network
Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials
Empower Network Version 2
Electricity North West Limited
European Network Exchange
End Offices
Enterprise Operations Console
Enterprise Operation Center
Ethernet over Cable
Ethernet over Fiber
Events of Interest
End of Option List
End of Options List
Elastic Optical Networks
Enhanced Other Network
European Off Network
Ethernet over Power
Extensible Operating System
Echo Protocol
Error Protocol
Event Protocol
Elementary Procedure
Enforcement Point
Enhanced Platform Awareness
Event Processing Agent
Event Processing Agents
Enhanced Packet Core
Evolve Packet Core
Evolved Pack Core
Early Packet Discard
Echo Path Delay
Evolved Packet Gateway
Ethernet Private Line
Ethernet Private Lines
Endpoint Mapper
eBay Partner Network
Electronic Payment Network
Environmental Paper Network
Environmental Professionals Network
Equity Poker Network
Event Processing Network
Evolved Programmable Network
Evolved Programmable Networks
Expansion Port Network
European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence
Ethernet over Passive Optical Networks
Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
Ethernet Passive Optical Networking
Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
Ethernet Packet Processor
Equipment Protection Switching
Evolved Packet Systems
External Power System
Ethernet Protected Switched Ring
Edge Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
Efficient Retransmission
Epidemic routing
Explicit Route
Ecological Research as Education Network
Environmental Response Laboratory Network
Emergency Response Network
European Rivers Network
European Reference Network for Critical Infrastructure Protection
European Research Network on System Identification
Explicit Route Object
Explicit Route Objects
Extended Rate Physical
Extended Rate PHY
Ethernet Rings Protection Switching
Ethernet Routing Switch
Edge Routers
Expanding Ring Search
End Systems
End Station
End System-to-Intermediate
Errored Seconds
Ethernet segment
Extension Segment
Ethernet Switch
Emergency Services Access
Emergency Stand Alone
Emergency Stand-Alone
Enhanced Subscriber Authentication
Extended Service Area
Ethernet Service Access Node
Ethernet Service Access Platform
Ethernet Service Assurance Platform
Enterprise Session Border Controllers
Enterprise Services Cloud
Exploration and Space Communications
End of Stream Delimiter
European Spatial Data Infrastructure Network
European Skeletal Dysplasia Network
Edge Services Gateway
End Station Identifier
Elastic Services Manager
End-System Multicast
Ethernet Synchronization Message Channel
Ethernet Synchronization Messaging Channel
Electronic Serial Number-электронныи
Electronic Serial Number-электронный
Equipment Serial Number
Erasmus Student Network
Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining
Emergency Service Numbers
Ensemble Service Orchestrator
Enterprise Security Operations Center
Encapsulated Security Protocol
Encapsulated Secure Payload
Encapsulation Security Protocol
Encrypted Security Payload
Enhanced Service Providers
Enterprise Service Provider
Enterprise Security Platform
Entertainment and Sports Programming
Ethernet Switched Path
Entertainment Sports Programming Network
Entertainment & Sports Programming Network
Encapsulating Security Payloads
Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations
Event-to-Sink Reliable Transport
Ekahau Site Survey
End Systems
Ethernet Service Switch
Extended Service Sets
Extended Services Set
Extended Service Sets
Exchange Terminal
Exchange Terminator
Expiry Timer
East Timor Action Network
Electrically Trainable Artificial Neural Network
Enhanced Throughput Cellular
Establish Temporary Connection
External Transmit Clock
End To End
Educomp Tele Education Network
Explicit Transport Error Notification
Enhanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol
Ethernet over IP
Ensemble Transport Interface
Education Technology Industry Network
Enterprise Threat Management
Electronic Trading Network
Electronic Trading Networks
European Training Networks
European Travel Network
European Telecommunication Network Operators
Egress Tunnel Router
Emergency Telecommunications Services
Emergency Telecommunications Service
Emergency Telecommunication Services
Ethernet Transport Service
Ethernet Transport Services
European Telecommunications Standard
European Teletraffic Seminar
Event Trigger System
External Time Source
European Telecom Standards Institute
European Telecomunications Standards Institute
Expected Transmission Time
Ethernet To The Home
Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System
European Union Archive Network
European Universities Continuing Education Network
End User Diagnostics
Extended Unique Identifier-64
Extended Universal Identifier
European Urban Knowledge Network
End User Terminal
Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access
Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network
Evolution-Data Optimized
Edge Virtual Bridging
Ethernet Virtual Connection
Ethernet Virtual Connections
Ethernet Virtual Circuit
Ethernet Virtual Circuits
Ethernet Virtual Connections
Ethernet Virtual Circuits
Enhanced Voice-Data Optimized
evolution data optimized or evolution data only
extended video graphics adapter/array
Ethernet Virtual Interconnect
Ethernet Virtual Private Line
Ethernet Virtual Private Lines
Easy Virtual Networking
Easy Virtual Network
Enhanced Virtual Private Network
Ethernet Virtual Private Network
Elastic Virtual Switch
enhanced voice service
European Vapers United Network
Enhanced Web Filtering
Enhanced Wireless Router
Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor
Electronicious Whal System Digital
Electronic Worldwide Switch Digital
European Workshop on Software Defined Networking
Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks
Fairness Algorithm
Foreign Agent
Foreign Agents
Forwarding Adjacency
Forwarding Adjacencies
Frequency Assignments
Frame Alignment Error
Floor Acquisition Multiple Access
Faith Action Network
Franchise Action Network
Family Area Network
File Area Networks
Fast Artificial Neural Network
Feedforward Artificial Neural Network
Femto Access Point
Field Area Router
Facility Associated Signaling
Facility Associated Signalling
Forwarding Adjacencies
Frame Alignment Signal
Frame Alignment Sequence
Florida Automated Weather Network
Flow Based Charging
Fast Base Station Switching
Fast Binding Update
Fibre Channel
Forwarding Class
Frame Content
Frequency Capability
Fusion Center
Fibre Channel Name Server
FC Fabric Configuration Server
Fibre Channel Single Byte Command
Fibre Channel Security Protocol
Fibre Channel SW_ILS
Fibre Channel Common Transport
Fibre Channel Forwarders
FC Extended Link Svc
Fibre Channel Fabric Zone Server
Forward Call Indicator
Full Common Intermediate Format
Functional Component Modules
Family Christian Network
Fibre Channel Protocol for SCSI
Firewall Control Protocol
Freenet Client Protocol
Frame Control Sequence
Fibre Channel Security Protocol
Frame Delimiter
Full Duplex
Fiber-Distributed Data Interface
Fiber Digital Data Interfaces
Fiber Distributed-Data Interface
Fibre Data Distributed Interface
Fibre Distributed Data Interface
Fiber Distributed Data Interfaces
Full Duplex Ethernet
Forward Defect Indication
Forward Defect Indicator
Fiber Delay Line
Fiber Delay Lines
Foundry Discovery Protocol
Federation of Digital Seismographic Networks
Fast Data Transfer
Forwarding Engines
Far-End Alarm and Control
Far-End Block Error
Far End Block Errors
Fast Ether Channel
Fast Ethernet Channel
Forward Equivalency Class
Forward Erasure Correction
Forward-Explicit Congestion Notification
Forward Explicit Congestion Notifications
Forward Equivalence Classes
Forwarding Equivalence Classes
Forwarding Equivalent Classes
Fair Elections Legal Network
Frame Erasure Rate
Frame Error Ratio
far-end receive failure
Functional Entities
Famine Early Warning Systems
Fixed Filter
Frame Format
Fast Failure Detection
Full Function Devices
Full Function Devices
Fairly Fast Packet Filters
Fractional Frequency Reuse
Flex Gain
First Hop Router
First Hop Routing Protocols
Frequency Hoping Spread Spectrum
Failure Identification
Format Identifier
Family Inclusion Network
Facebook Immune System
Financial Inclusion Strategy Peer Learning Group
Fill In Signal Unit
Fill In Signaling Units
Fill In Signaling Unit
Fill-In Signal Units
Fill-in Signaling Units
Fill In Signaling Units
Fiber IN The Home
Fiber in the Loop
Financial Information EXchange Protocol
Frame Loss
Freedom, Legality and Rights in Europe
Fiber Loop Carrier
Family Life Network
Fuzzy Lattice Neurocomputing
Florida Lambda Rail
Frame Loss Rate
Fixed-Mobile Convergence
Fixed-to-mobile convergence
Fixed and Mobile Convergence
Fixed to Mobile Convergence
Fox Movie Channel
Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance
Fixed Mobile Convergence Alliance
Follow-Me Diversion
Freenet Message System
Fixed Node
Foreign Network
Functional Network
Federal Network Agency
FOX News Channel
Foundry Networks Certified Network Engineer
Feed-forward Neural Network
Feedforward Neural Network
Financial News Network
Fuji News Network
Flat Neighborhood Network
Federal Network Resilience
Federal Network Systems
Fiber-optic inter-repeater link
Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link
Fiber Optic Transceiver
Focal Point
Format Prefix
Forwarding Plane
Fault Passage Indicator
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System
Future Public Land Mobile Telephone System
Franchise Payments Network
Fast Pattern Processor
Flexible Plug and Play
Five Phase Reservation Protocol
Fast Packet Switch
Field-Programmable Port Extender
Fair Queueing
Fair Queuing
Fast Retransmit
Frame Relay Access Devices
Frame Relay Access Devices
Frame Relay Bearer Service
Fixed Reference Channel
Frame-Relay Forum
Frame Relay Fragmentation
Frame Relay Interface
Food Recovery Network
Foundations Recovery Network
Free Radio Network
Furniture Re-use Network
Fast Reservation Protocol
Fast Re-Route
Fast Re Route
Frame Relay Services
Frame Relay Traffic Shaping
Fibre Serving Area Modules
Full Service Access Network
Full Service Access Networks
Full Services Access Network
Fiber-Switch Capable
Fiber Switch Capable
Filtered Symmetric Differential Phase Shift Keying
Food Safety Knowledge Network
Forward Short Message
Fox Sports Network
Food Security and Nutrition
Fox Sports Net
Fiber Service Platform
Fisheye State Routing
Fighting Sioux Sports Network
Fast-Sequenced Transport
Fast Sequenced Transport
Field Services Unit
Failure, Temporary
Free Topology
Frequency and Time Division Multiple Access
Format-Transforming Encryption
Family Television Network
Faulkes Telescope North
Fidonet Technology Network
Fidonet Technology Networks
Fixed Telecom Network
Fixed Telecoms Network
Forward-To Number
File transfer protocol-based
File Transfer Protocol Data
Foil Twisted-Pair
Foil Twisted Pair
Fair Trade Resource Network
Flooding Time Synchronization Protocol
Free Topology Transceiver
Fiber to the Antenna
Fiber to the Business
Fiber to the Cell
Fibre To The Curb
Fiber To The Desk
Fiber to the Basement
Fibre To The Basement
Fiber to the Desktop
Fibre to the Desktop
Fiber to the Exchange
Fiber to the House
Fiber to the Node
Fibre to the Node
Fiber To The Office
Fibre to the Office
Fiber To The Remote
Fiber to the Street
Fibre to the Street
Fiber to the Tower
Geographic Adaptive Fidelity
Greater Akron Innovation Network for Sustainability
General Attribute Registration Protocol
Generic Attributes Registration Protocol
Gratuitous Address Resolution Protocol
Generic Advertisement Service
Grenada Broadcasting Network
Ground Based Observatory
Guarantee Bit Rate
Gateway Controller
Global Constraints
Generic Call Admission Control
Global Call for Climate Action
Gamma-Ray Coordinates Network
Generic Cell Rate Algorithms
Gateway Device
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
Golden Eagle Broadcasting
Global Editors Network
Global Education Network
Generic Event Notification Architecture
Government Emergency Telephone Service
General Flow Control
Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing
Green Film Network
General Framing Procedure
Generic Frame Procedure
Global Genome Biodiversity Network
Giant Global Graph
Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network
Global Health Network
Geographic Hash Table
Graphical Interface Format
Global Impact Investing Network
Global Issues Network
Grupo Interdisciplinar de Sistemas Complejos
Genome-Linked Application for Metabolic Maps
Global Load Balancing Protocol
Gay & Lesbian Equality Network
Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network
Global Lambda Integrated Facility
Global Language Network
Global Logistics Network
Global Leadership Network
Gateway Location Protocol
Gateway Location Register
Grid Location Service
Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Education Network
Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network
Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network
Gay, Lesbian Straight Education Network
Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network
Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network
Global Media Arts
Gospel Music Channel
Group Method Data Handling
Global Muon Detector Network
Gateway Mobile Location Center
Global Multimedia Mobility
Global Music Network
Generic Mapping Procedure
General multi protocol label switching
Gateway Mobile Switching Centre
Gateway Mobile Switching Center
Gateway Mobile-services Switching Centre
Gateway Mobile-services Switching Center
Gateway Mobile Switch Center
Groucho Marx University
General Network
Global Network
Globewide Network Academy
Global Network of Domestic Election Monitors
Global Network for Environmental Science and Technology
Growing Neural Gas
Gaussian Network Model
Global News Network
Good News Network
Global Network Solutions
Guerrilla News NetworkGuerrilla
Geographic Number Portability
Global Nepali Professional Network
Global Network of Religions for Children
Global Network of Rainbow Catholics
Gene Network Sciences
Global Name Service
Global Network Security
Graphical Network Simulator
Graphical Network Simulator 3
Growl Network Transport Protocol
Gnutella Protocol
Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network
Global Payroll Gateway
Global Project Logistics Network
GeekDad Podcast Network
Global Partner Network
Global Pastors Network
Great Plains Network
Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks
Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network
Gigabit Passive Optical Networks
Gigabit Passive Optical Networking
Gigabyte Passive Optical Network
Global Public Policy Networks
Generalized Packet Radio Services
Generalized Packet Radio System
General Packed Radio Service
General Packet Radio Systems
General Packet Radio Switching
GPRS Network service
Generalised Processor Sharing
Generalized Processor Sharing
general processor sharing
Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing
Grant Per Subscriber Station
Generic Reliability
Generic Requirement
Global Re-ordering
Greek Research
General Routing Encapsulation
Generic Router Encapsulation
Graceful Routing Engine Switchover
Governance for Railway Investment Projects
Gene Regulatory Networks
Global Research Network
Global Resorts Network
Global Resort Network
Generalized Regression Neural Networks
General Regression Neural Network
Global Research Network Operations Center
Global Roaming Quality
Gateway Stations
Gateway Switch
Gigabit Switch
Guerin Sportivo
Global Security Analysis Lab
Gay-Straight Alliance Network
German Stem Cell Network
Germplasm Services Laboratory
Global Service Logic
Global Service for Mobile
Global Services for Mobile
Global System for Mobility
Global Standard for Mobile
Global System for Mobiles Association
Global Systems for Mobile Association
Global System for Mobile Communications
Group Special Mobile
Group System Mobile
Gigabyte System Network
Global Seismographic Network
Global Sensor Network
Google Search Network
Government Service Network
Grocery Shopping Network
Generic Segmentation Offload
Giant Send Offload
Global State Routing
General Support System
Global Surveillance Systems
Generic Security Service Application Program Interface
Gujarat State Wide Area Network
Global Titles
Global Title Address
Global Technical Assistance Centre
Global Technical Assistance Center
Global Title Indicator
Global Telecom Markets
Gainesville Television Network
Global Taxi Network
Global Training Network
Global Trend Network
Generic Tunneling Protocol
Government Telephone Preference Scheme
Generic Traffic Shaping
Guaranteed Time Slots
Global Title Translations
Global Unicast Addresses
Health and Status
Hardware address
Home Address
Host Address
Home Agents
Home Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
Handoff-Aware Wireless Access Internet Infrastructure
Human Body Communication
Hop Count
Hybrid Channel Allocation
Hybrid Controlled Channel Access
Hummingbird NFS Daemon
Hierarchical Cell Structures
High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data
Half Duplex
High-Speed Data Module
Home Delivery Network
Header Data Split
Header Error Correction
HTTP Enabled Location Delivery
Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial
Hybrid Fiber and Coax
Hastily Formed Networks
Hudson Fiber Network
Handover Initiate
Handover Initiation
Host Identifier
Host Identity
Host Intrusion Detection Systems
Host Intrusion Detection System
Host Identity Payload
Host Information Profile
Host Identifiers
Host Identity Tag
Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network
Hong Kong Federation of Environmental Protection
Hong Kong Telecom
Header length
Higher Layer Compatibility
Horizon League Network
High-Level Output Specification
High Level Output Specification
Higher Layer Protocol
Higher Layer Protocols
Home Location Registrar
Home Locator Register
Hengyang node
Home Networking
Healthcare Network Accreditation Program
Home Network Devices
Home Network Identity
Hacker News Network
Headline News Network
Houston Networking News
Host Network Operator
Home Network Prefix
Home Network Prefixes
Hughes Network Systems
Hughes Network System
Hyper-V Network Virtualization
High Output Ballast Cleaner
Head of the Line
High-Capacity Optical Networks and Enabling Technologies
Higher Order Neural Networks
Hybrid Optical and Packet Infrastructure
Hybrid Optical Packet Infrastructure
Hand-off Test
Homes Passed
HP Extended Local-Link Control
Highest Priority First
Human Protein Interaction Database
Home Public Mobile Network
Home Public Mobile Network's
Home Phoneline Network
Home Phoneline Networking Alliance
Home Phoneline Network Alliance
Hierarchical Quality of Service
High Rate / Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
Hop-Reservation Multiple Access
Hop Reservation Multiple Access
High-Rate Packet Data
High Rate Packet Data
Hs can stand
High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data
High-Speed Circuit Switched Data
High Speed Circuit Switch Data
High Speed Circuit-Switched Data
Hague Security Delta
High Speed Data Network
Homeland Secure Data Network
Home Server Data Network
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
High Sped Downlink Packet Access
High Speed Download Packet Access
High Speed Data Transport
High-Speed Encryption
Home Sports Entertainment
High-Speed Interface
Hay Systems Ltd
High-speed link
High Speed Link
High Speed Links
Hazy-Sighted Link State
Homeland Security Network
Human Services Network
High-Speed Packet Access
High Speed Packet Access
High Speed Packet Data Access
Hierarchical State Routing
Host Standby Router Protocol
Hot-Standby Routing Protocol
High Speed Serial
Home Subscriber Service
Home Subscriber Servers
Home Subscriber Services
Home Subscriber Servers
High-Speed Serial Interfaces
High-Speed Token Ring
High Speed Token Ring
High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
Hard Threshold
Hello Timer
Hierarchical Task Network
Hierarchical Task Networks
Home Team Sports
Hypertext Text Transfer Protocol
Hypertext Trasfer Protocol
Installation and Testing
Interface to the Routing System
Internal Address
Individual Address Block
Individual Address Blocks
Illinois AfterSchool Network
Integration and Application Network
International Airline Travel Agent Network
Inter-Asterisk eXchange
Identity-Based Cryptography
Identity Based Cryptography
Interconnect Border Control Function
Integrated Building Distribution Network
Interior Border Gateway Protocol
Independent Brokers Network
Indian Business and Professional Women
Independent Basic Service Sets
Independent Basic Service Sets
Infranet Controller
Interface Card
International Coastal Atlas Network
Internet Corporationration for Assigned Name and Numbers
Industry Carriers Compatibility Forum
Inter-Chassis Communication Protocol
Integrated Contact Distribution
Intelligent Content Delivery
Interactive Connectivity Establishment
International Conference on Intelligence in Networks
Inter-Carrier Interface
Inter Carrier Interface
Inter-Cell Interference
Inter Cell Interference
Inter-Cell Interference Coordination
Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks
Internet Control and Message Protocol
Internet Control Message Protocol v6
Internation Creative Network
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices
Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices 2
Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices 2
Integrated Communications Providers
Integrated Communications Platforms
Intelligent Call Processing
International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network
International Conference on Personal Wireless Communications
Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration
Implementation Conventions
Inter-Exchange Carriers
International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks
Information and Computing Sciences Division
Internet Community Text Analyzer
Integrity Check Vector
Integrity Check Values
Influence diagram
Intra Domain
Investigation Discovery
Interface Descriptor Blocks
Inter-Domain Controller
Internet2 Driving Exemplary Applications
Integrated Digital Enhanced Networks
International Democratic Education Network
Intrusion-Detection Expert System
Independent Distribution Frame
Intermediate Distribution Frames
Intermediate Distribution Frames
Inter Domain Multicast Routing
International Directory Network
International Data Number
International Data Numbers
Independent Distribution Network Operator
Initial Detection Point
Intrusion Detection and Protection
Intrusion Detection Prevention
International Drug Policy Consortium
Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
Intrusion Detection & Prevention System
Intrusion Detection Prevention System
Intrusion Detection Systems / Intrusion Protection Systems
Integrated Directory Services
Intrusion-Detection System
Intrusion Detection Systems
Intrusion Detection Software
Intrusion Detecting Systems
Intrusion Detection Systems
Integrated Digital Subscriber Line
International Dalit Solidarity Network
Immediate Event Charging
Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers
Institute for Electronics and Electrical Engineers
International Electronic and Electrical Engineers
Idaho Education Network
International Emergency Preference Scheme
International Engineering Task Force
Internet Engineering Task Forc
Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications of Rennes
Intermediate Functional Block
Independent Film Channel
Initial Filter Criteria
International Farm Comparison Network
International Franchise Consultants Network
Inter-frame Gap
Inter Frame Gap
International Freight Logistics Network
International Freight & Logistics Network
Information-Fuzzy Network
Inverse Functional Property
Inter-Frame Space
Inter-frame Spacing
Inter Frame Space
Inter Frame Spacing
Inside Global
Interface Groups
Indonesia Global Compact Network
Irrigation and Green Industry Network
Inter-Governmental Meeting
Interior Gateway Protocols
Internal Gateway Protocol
Internal Gateway Protocols
Imagine Games Network
Iodine Global Network
Interior Gateway Protocols
Internal Gateway Protocols
Inter-Gateway Routing Protocol
International Ground Station
Internet Handle
In-Home Digital Network
Interfaith Hospitality Network
Irish International Business Network
International Haemovigilance Network
International Household Survey Network
International Halley Watch
Interface Identifier
Interworking and Interoperability Function
Initial Industry Plan
Internet Integrated Services
Interim-Interswitch Signaling Protocol
Interim Inter-switch Signaling Protocol
Interim Inter-Switch Signalling Protocol
Interim Interswitch Signalling Protocol
International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network
International Journal of Computer Science & Engineering Survey
International Justice Network
Internet Key Management Protocol
Integrated Load Balancer
Irish Local Development Network
Independent Local Exchange Carriers
Incoming Label Map
International Librarians Network
Integer Linear Problem
International Monitor for Auroral Geomagnetic Effects
Integrity Measurement Collector
International Mobile Equipment Identification
International Mobile Equipment Identity and Software Version
Integrated Media Gateway
Intelligent Media Gateway
Interactive Multimedia Jukebox
Interim Ministry Network
International Music Network
Iraqi Media Network
Improved Many-On-Many
Interactive Multimedia Services
Internet Multimedia System
International Monitoring System
International Mobile Subscriber
International Mobile Subscriber Identifier
International Mobile Subscriber Identify
International Mobile Station Identity
International Mobile Station Identifier
International Mobile Subscribers Identity
International Mobile Subscriber Identities
International Mobile Subscriber Identities
Inter Machine Trunk
International Mobile Telecommunication
International Mobile Telecommunications-2000
International Mobile Telecommunication-2000
Integrity Measurement Verifier
Infrastructure Node
Interaction Network
Interactive Network
Intermediate node
Isolated Network
Integrated Network Access
Integrated Network Analyzer
International Networks Archive
Interactive Network Adapter
Intelligent Networks Application Part
Intelligent Network Applications Protocol
Intelligent Network Applications Part
Intelligent Network Application Protocols
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications
International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publication
IDeA Network for Biomedical Research Excellence
IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence
Intelligent network component
Independent Networks Cooperative Association
International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art
International Network for Cultural Diversity
Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
Inline Network Encryptor
Intelligent Network Elements
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency
Interagency Network for Education in Emergencies
International Network for Education in Emergencies
International Network of Engineers and Scientists
International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation
Integrated Network Electronic Warfare
Inspiration Network International
Internal Network Interface
Intelligent Network Interface Controller
Intelligent Network Interface Card
Interfaith Network on Mental Illness
International Network of Museums for Peace
Independent News Network
Investigative News Network
International Network of Next Generation Ecologists
International Network of Next-Generation Ecologists
Intelligent Networking Pack
Intelligent Network Platform
International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
International Network of Pensions Regulators and Supervisors
International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education
Intelligent Network Recorder
Intelligent Network Server
Innovative Network Solutions
Integrated Network Solutions
Intermediate nodes
International Network Services
Iowa Network Services
International Nuclear Security Education Network
International Network of Social Network Analysts
International Network of Street Papers
International Network of Universities
Intermediate Offices
Indicator of Compromise
Indicators of Compromise
Inter-Office Channel
Independent Operating Companies
Intelligent Object Detection
Incident Object Description and Exchange Format
Inter-Operator Identifier
Inter Operator Identifier
Inter Operator Identifiers
Illinois Online Network
International Ocean Network
Integrated Operating Plan
Intelligent Optical Switch
Implementation Plan
Implementation Procedures
Implementation Procedure
Independent Provider
Index Pointer
InFusion Partner
Initial Position
Initial Provisioning
Initiation Protocol
In Particular
in Practice
Integrity Protection
Intelligent Peripherals
Interception Point
Interconnection Profile
Interface Profiles
Interface Parameters
Interface Program
Interfaces per
International Private
Internetwork Packet
Internets, Prentice-Hall
Interworking Protocol
It is protected
Intelligent Peripherals
Interleaved Polling with Adaptive Cycle Time
IP Payload Compression
Internet Protocol Data Cast
Intelligent Peripheral Equipment
Intelligent Policy Enforcement
International Plant Exchange Network
IP Over FC
Internet Protocol Header Compression
International Private Line
Infor Partner Network
International Partnership Network
International Peace Observers Network
Internet Pluribus Packet Core
Instrusion Prevention System
Intelligent Peripherals
Intelligent Protection Switching
Interface Practices Subcomittee
Internet Protocol Storage
Intrusion-prevention system
Intrusion and Prevention Systems
Intrusion Prevention Systems
Intrusion Prevention Service
Intrusion Prevention Sensor
Intrusion Prevension System
Intrusion protection systems
Intrusion Protection Service
Intrusion Prevention Systems
International Portable User Identity
Illinois Public Works Mutual Aid Network
Internetworking Packet Exchange
Internetwork Package Exchange
IPX Message
IPX Routing Information Protocol
Service Advertisement Protocol
Internal Router
Inter Radio Access Technology
Innovation Relay Centres
Innovation Relay Center
Innovation Relay Centres
Internet Router Discovery Protocol
Intelligent Resilient Framework
Islamic Republic of Iran News Network
Inter-Repeater Link
Inter Repeater Link
Institution Recycling Network
International Rivers Network
International Research Networks
International River Network
International Research Network
International Research Network Connections
Idaho Regional Optical Network
Integration Reference Points
Intelligent Routing Platform
Interior Routing Protocol
Incident Response Teams
Indefeasible Right of Use
Indefeasible Rights of Use
International Research Universities Network
Integrated Services
Integrated Service
Interface Specification
Interim Standard
Interim Standards
Intermediate Systems
Intermediate System-Intermediate
Integrated Services Architecture
Integrated Service Access
Integrated Services Access
Internet Security, Applications, Authentication and Cryptography
International Seafarers Assistance Network
International Softswitch Consortium
International Switching Centers
Irish Science Centres Association Network
Int'l Symposium on Circuits and Systems
International Symposium on Computers and Communications
International Sustainable Campus Network
Integrated Service Control Point
Integrated Services Control Point
International Symposium on Communication Theory and Applications
Integrated Services Digital
Inter Site Distance
Integrated-Services Digital Network
Integrated Services for Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Networks
Integrated Sevices Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Net
Integrated Services for Digital Networks
Integrated Serviced Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Networking
Integrated Services Data Networks
Integrated Switched Digital Networks
Integrate Service Digital Network
Integrate Services Digital Network
International Services Digital Network
Integrated Services Digital Network User Part
In-Service Engineering Activity
Intermediate System Hello
Inter-System Interface
Inter System Interface
Irish Software Innovation Network
Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems
Intermediate System-Intermediate System
Industry, Science, Medicine
Instrumentation, Scientific, and Medical
Instrumentation Scientific and Medical
Istituto Superiore Mario Boella
Inter-System Mobility Policy
Impedance Stabilization Networks
Impedance Stabilization Network
Incursion Shiny Network
Intelligent Systems & Networks
Integrated Service Networks
Intelligent Services Network
Intelligent Service Node
International Security Network
International Student Network
International Symposium on Neural Networks
Improved Solar Observing Optical Network
Implementing Service Provider
Internal Service Provider
Intermediate Service Part
Intermediate Services Part
International Signalling Point Code
Integrated Switch Router
Intermediate Session Routing
Inter-System Routing Policy
Intelligent Switching Solution
Intermediate Systems
International Switching Symposium
Integrated Services over Specific Link Layers
International Symposium on Subscriber Loops and Services
In Service Software Upgrade
In Service Software Upgrades
Inter-Switch Trunk
Inter Switch Trunk
International Symposium on Telecommunications
Internet Signaling Transport Protocol
Integrated Services User Part
Integrated Service User Part
International Seafarers Welfare and Assistance Network
International Symposium on Wireless Pervasive Computing
Ike Theodore
Infrastructure Threat
Infrastructure Testing
International Telecom
International Technology Alliance
Internet Telephony Administrative Domains
Independent Telephone Company
International Teletraffic Congress
International Trade Data Network
Internet Telephony Gateways
Immune Tolerance Network
Independent Television Network
International Television Network
Initial Training Network
Initial Training Networks
Innovative Training Network
Innovative Training Networks
International Training Network
Integrated Transport Network
Interplanetary Transport Network
Image Transport Protocol
Ingress Tunnel Router
Ingress Tunnel Routers
Iran Telecommunication Research Center
International Terrestrial Reference Frame
Intelligent Traffic System
Invitation to Transmit
International Telephone Union
International Telecomunications Union
International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network
Interval Usage Code
Implementing Unified Wireless Networking Essentials
Impairment Validation
Integrated Voice and Data
Integrated Voice and Data
International Value-Added Network Services
Interactive Video Data Service
In-Vehicle Network
International Virtual Private Network
Initial Window
Inside Wire
Inside Wiring
International Workshop on Cross Layer Design
International Workshop on Cross-Layer Design
Inter-Working Function
Inter Working Function
Information Warfare Monitor
Interworking MSC
Integrated Wireless Network
Industrial Wireless Sensor Network
International Workshop on Sensor Network Engineering
International Workshop on Self-Organizing Networks
International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems
International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications
Inter-Working Unit
Inter-Working Units
Inter Working Unit
International Workshop on Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Internet Exchanges
Internet eXchange Point
Internet Exchange Points
Internet Exchange Architecture
Inter-Exchange Carrier
Inter-Exchange Carriers
Inter eXchange Carriers
Interexchange Carrier
Jabber XML Messaging
Java Advanced Intelligent Network
Justification Control
Japan Computer Access
Juniper Control System
Japan Institute of Navigation
Jurisdiction Information Parameter
Java Network Launching Protocol
Java Network Launch Protocol
Jamaica News Network
Java Network Simulator
Joint Protection Enterprise Network
Japan Pacific Resource Network
Josef Stefan Institute
Jaringan Syaraf Tiruan
Japanese University Network in the Bay Area
Jumping Window
Joint Warning and Reporting Network
Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications Systems
Kerberos Administration
Kerberos Authentication Server
Kentucky Assistive Technology Service
Key-Based Routing
Korea Computer Congress
Kernel Intrusion Detection System
Key Individual Network
Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen
Kernel Lock Manager
Knowledge Networking
Kabataan News Network
Kurdish News Network
Kahn Process Networks
Key Signing Key
Keyword Signed Key
Kids Sports Network
Layer Two
Layer-2 Forwarding
Layer Two Forwarding
Level 2 Forwarding
Layer 2 Multi-Pathing
Layer-2 Tunneling Protocol
Layer-2 Tunnelling Protocol
Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol
Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol
Layer 2 tunneling protocols
Layer Two Tunneling Protocol
Level 2 Tunneling Protocol
Level 2 Tunnel Protocol
Layer-2 virtual private networks
Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks
Layer Three
Link Aggregation
Locally Administered Addresses
Locally Administered Addresses
Laboratory of Algorithmics, Cryptology and Security
Location Area Identification
Location Area Identifiers
Local Area Mobility
Live Architecture Network
Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet
Link Access Protocol-Balanced
Link Access Protocol D-Channel
Link Access Protocol, D-channel
Link Access Procedure Balanced Ethernet
Link Access Procedure, channel D
Link Access Procedure, D-Channel
Link Access Procedure D-Channel
Link Access Procedure on the D-Channel
Link Access Procedures on the D-Channel
Link Access Procedure for the D-Channel
Link Access Protocol on the D-channel
Link Access Procedure on D-channel
Link Access Protocol for the D-Channel
Link Access Procedure for Frame
Link Access Procedure Frame
London Air Quality Network
Linux Administrator's Security Guide
local-area transport
Los Angeles Youth Network
Laser Bias Current
Less than Best Effort
Line Build Out
Low Bit-Rate Voice
Liberty Broadcasting System
Location Based Social Networks
Link Control Entity
Longitudinal Conversion Loss
Logical Channel Numbers
Logical Channel Numbers
Las Cumbres Observatory
Line Delay
Lysosomal Disease Network
Label Distribution Protocols
Logical Data Unit
Load Equivalence
Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy
Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall
Localized Encryption and Authentication Protocol
Link Error Monitor
Label Edge Routers
Label-Edge Routers
Link Error Rate
Loop Emulation Service
Loop-Free Alternate
Loop-Free Alternates
Loop Free Alternate
Loop Free Alternates
Link Fragmentation and Interleaving
Label Forwarding Information Base
Log File Monitor
La Familia Network
Local Fixed Node
Local Fixed Nodes
Long Fat Networks
Long Fat Networks
Link Going Down
Large Graph Layout
Last Hop
Local Health Integrated Networks
Last Hop Router
Lawful Intercept
Leap Indicator
Length Identifier
Length Indication
Link Interface
Logical Interface
Laboratoire Informatique d'Avignon
Line Interface Card
Leaf Initiated Join
Leaf Initiated Joins
Line Interface Modules
Learning about Interacting Networks in Climate
Loop Initialization Protocol
Length Indicators
Line Impedance Stabilization Network
Line Impedance Stabilization Networks
Locator Identity Separation Protocol
Link Layer
Local Loopback
Link-Layer Address
Link-Local Address
Link Local Address
Link Load Balancing
Local Location Broker
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network
Logical Link Connection
Lower Layer Compatibility
Low Layer Compatibility
Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media
Lower Layer Interface
Low Layer Information
Low-Power and Lossy Networks
Lower Level Protocol
Least Loaded Routing
Link-Local Signalling
Learning Matrix
Local Mobility Anchors
Local Master Browser
Local Multipoint Distribution System
Local Multi-point Distribution Service
Link Management Interface
Locally-Managed Marine Area
Lifetime Movie Network
Local Mobile Node
Loop Maintenance Operation System
Latvijas Mobilais Telefons
Local Maintenance Terminal
Location Measuring Unit
Line Network
Local Network
Legacy Network Gateway
Levy News Network
Local Operations Center
Loss of Cell Delineation
Louisiana Optical Network Initiative
Loss of Service
Loss Of Synchronization
Local Processor
Low Priority
Lower-order Path Connection
Line Printer Daemon Protocol
Link Protocol Discriminator
Linear Programming Formulation
Low Power Listening
Longest Prefix Matching
Lenovo Partner Network
Low Power Node
Line Printer Queue
Line Printer Request
Link Power Transceiver
Large Public Venue
Low Power Wide Area
Link Quality
Link Quality Control
Link Quality Source Routing
Line Rate
List Restrictions
Loudness Rating
Location Registration
Location Request
Location Requests
Logical Router
Long Range Dependence
long range dependent
Long Range Ethernet
long-run incremental costs
Long-Run Incremental Cost
Long Run Incremental Costs
Long Reach Multi-mode
Local Reference Number
Large Receive Offload
Long-Reach Optical Access Network
Lazy Receiver Processing
Long Range Signaling and Control
Large Scale
Liaison Statement
License Server
Link Status
Link service
Loosely Synchronized
Link-state advertisements
Link State Algorithm
Link State Announcement
Link State Announcements
Localized Service Areas
Local Security Architecture
Label Switch Controller
Lambda-Switch Capable
Lambda Switch Capable
Lambda Switching Capable
Link State Database
Link State Data Base
Low Speed Links
Label Switched Multicast
Lucent Security Management Server
Last Sequence Number
Lead System Network
Learning and Skills Network
Life Science Network
Light Sensory Network
Light Sensory Networks
Local Sales Network
Local Session Number
Large Send Offload
Lifecycle Service Orchestration
Local Serving Office
Label Switched Paths
Label Switching Path
Label Switch Path
Label Switch Paths
Link State Packets
Link State Protocol
Label-Switched Paths
Labeled Switch Paths
Label Switched Paths
Label Switching Paths
Label Switch Paths
Label-Switching Router
Label Switching Routers
Layered Service Providers
link-state packets
Link State Packets
Link State Records
Link State Record
Link State Requests
Link State Routing
Loose Source Routing
Loose Source Route
Link-State Routing Protocol
Link State Routing Protocol
Loose Source Record Route
Label Switching Routers
Link State Records
Local Switches
Link Status Signalling Unit
Link Status Signaling Unit
Long Short-Term Memory
Long short term memory
Link State Updates
Lease Time
Link Trace
Local Termination
Line Terminal Equipment
Long-Term Evaluation
Long-Term Evolution
Long Term Evaluation
Long Term Evolution
Long Term Evolved
Long Term Evolution-Advanced
Long-Term Ecological Research
Link Trace Message
Licklider Transmission Protocol
Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences
Learning and Teaching Support Network
Line Terminating Unit
Line Termination Unit
Line Termination Units
Logical Units
Logical Units
Location Update
Location Updating
Logical Unit for Applications
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Layered Video Multicast with Retransmission
Layered Video Multicast with Retransmissions
Learning Vector Quantization
Learning Vector Quantizer
Light Weight Access Point
MTP 2 Peer Adaptation layer
MTP 2 User Adaptation layer
MTP 3 User Adaptation layer
MTP 2 Transparent Proxy
Machine Address Code
Mobility Agent
Mobility Agents
Machine Access Code
Master Auxiliary Concept
Media-Access Control
Media Access and Control
Move, Add and Change
Multiservice Access Concentrator
Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance for Wireless
Media Action Grassroots
Mobility Access Gateway
Mobility Access Gateways
Mobile Access Gateways
Mobile Assisted Hand Over
Metropolitain Area Network
Metropolian Area Networks
Metropolitant Area Network
Media-Aware Network Element
Media Aware Network Element
Media-Aware Network Elements
Media Aware Network Elements
Metropolitan Access Networks
Mesh Access Points
Mobile Application Protocol
Mapping of Address and Port
Mobile Anchor Point
Mobility Anchor Point
Microsoft Exchange MAPI
Maximum Allowable Path Loss
Mesh Access Points
Mobile Access Points
Mobile Access Router
Multicast Address Resolution Servers
Maintenance Associations
Mobility Access Switch
Multicast Address Set Claim
Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Systems
Mobile Agent Technology
Multistation Access Units
Media Attachment Units
Medium Access Units
Multi-station Access Unit
Medium Attachment Units
Mobile Business Briefing
Multiprotocol Border Gateway Protocol
Multicast Broadcast Multimedia Services
Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service
Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Services
Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services
Multimedia Broadcast Multicast System
Mobile Backbone Network
Monte Bubbles Network
Maximum Burst Rate
Mobile Broadband System
Mobile Broadband Services
Multicast and Broadcast Service
Multicast Broadcast Services
Multicast Broadcast Service
Multicast-Broadcast Single Frequency Network
Multicast-broadcast single-frequency network
Multicast Broadcast Single Frequency Network
Multimedia Broadcast Single Frequency Network
Multimedia Broadcast over Single Frequency Network
Mesh Basic Service Set
Mobile Broadband Wireless Access
Mapping and Configuration
Multicast Capable
Mobile Competence Centre
Minimum Connected Dominating Set
Malicious Call Identification
Mesh Connectivity Layer
Multihop Cellular Networks
Multimedia Car Platform
Multiple Channels Per Carrier
Multiple Channel Per Carrier
Maximum Cell Rate
Memory Control Register
Media Convergence Servers
Modulation and Coding Schemes
Multi-Chassis Trunking
Maximum Cell Transfer Delay
Multipoint Controller Unit
Multi-point Control Units
Multicast Domain
Media Dependent Adapter
Media Dependent Adapters
Mesh Deterministic Access
Mobile Data Base Station
Mobile Data Base Stations
Mobile Data Collector
Multitenant Device Context
Media Delivery Index
Mercury Deposition Network
Market Data Network Architecture
Mobile Data Offload
Maintenance Domains
Mediation Devices
Minimum Dominating Set
Minimisation of Drive Tests
Minimization of Drive Tests
Minimization of Drive Test
Minimization of Driving Test
Multicast Distribution Tree
Multicast Distribution Trees
Multi-Dwelling Units
multi dwelling units
Metro Ethernet
Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks
Minimum Expected Delay
Maintenance Entity Groups
Mobile Equipment Identity
Midokura Enterprise MidoNet
Metro Ethernet Network
Metro Ethernet Networks
Metro Ethernet Networks
Metropolitan Ethernet Network
Maintenance End Point
Maintenance End Points
Maintenance End-Point
Minimum Energy Requirements
Metro Ethernet Routing Switch
Microsoft Messenger Service
Mobile Evolution Transport Architecture
Multi-Frequency Code
Military Families Learning Network
Marine Family Network
Multi-frequency Network
Multi Frequency Network
Multi-Link Frame Relay
Managed Firewall Service
Maximum Frame Size
Metropolitan Fiber Systems
Multisource File Transfer Protocol
Media Gateway Controller Function
Multimedia Gateway Control Protocol
Marcus Graham Project
Media Gateways
Minimum Hop
Minimum Hops
Mobile Host
mobile host's
Mobile Hosts
Mobile Handheld Devices
Mobile Host Routing Protocol
Mean Holding Time
Multi Hypothesis Tracking
Modulator Interface
Message Integrity Checks
Modular Interface Card
Modular Interface Cards
Mobile Internetworking Control Pro
Media Independent Command Service
Media Independent Command Services
Multics Intrusion Detection and Alerting System
Media-Independent Event Service
Media Independent Event Service
Media Independent Event Services
Media-Independent Handover
Media Independent Handover
Media Independent Handover Function
Media Interface Module
Message in Message
Micro Interface Module
Molecular Interaction Maps
Mobile Identity Number
Mobile Identification Numbers
Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa
Maintenance Intermediate Point
Mega-frame Initialization Packet
Megaframe Initialisation Packets
Mobile IPv6
Minimum Information Rate
Multiple Instances Spanning Tree Protocol
Multiple Instance Spanning Tree Protocol
Media Interoperability Unit
Motion Joint Photographic Experts Group
Multipoint Junction Units
Multi Layer
Modular Layer 2
Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Group
Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Groups
Mobility Load Balancing
Multiple Logical Channels
Multi-Lane Distribution
Multicast Label Distribution Protocol
Multi-Layer Feed Forward
Multiple Link Interface Drivers
Manage Large Networks
Multi-Level Marketing
Multi Level Marketing
Multi-Level Marketing International Association
Markov logic network
Markov Logic Networks
Markov Logic Networks
Minuteman Library Network
Multi-Layer Network
Missouri Library Network Corporation
Multi-Layered Perceptron
Multi-Layer Perceptrons
Multi-Layer Perceptron
Multi Layer Perceptron
Multi Layer Perceptrons
Multi layer perception
Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption
Multi Level Precedence and Preemption
Multi-Link Point to Point Protocol
Media Loss Rate
Mobile Location Service
Mozilla Location Service
Mechanized Loop Test
Metallic loop testing
Multi-Media Domain
Multi-point Multi-channel Distribution System
Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System
Mobile Management Entities
Multi-Mode Fiber
Man Machine Language
Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas
Media Monitoring System
Multimedia Messaging Service Centers
MMS Message Encapsulation
Mobile Node's
Mobile Nodes
Molecular Networks
Masters in Network Administration
Mobile Network Codes
Mobile Network Codes
MikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol
Multi-image Network Graphics
Multiple Network Graphic
Media Networks Latin America
Manhattan Neighborhood Network
Michigan Nutrition Network
Mission Network News
Mobile Network Nodes
Mobile Network Operator
Mobile Network Operators
Modular Neural Network
Mobile Network Prefix
Multi-process Noise Reduction
Managed Network Services
Managed Networked Services
Managed Network Solutions
Media Network Services
Mobile Nodes
Mobile Originating Call
Multimedia over Coax Alliance
Multimedia Over Cable Alliance
Multi-Operator Core Network
Multi Operator Core Network
Managed Object Conformance Statement
Managed Object Conformance Statements
Mission Operations Centers
Metropolitan Optical Network
Middle of the Pyramid
Meteorite Observation and Recovery Project
Maintenance Operating System
Mean Option Score
Mobile Operators
Mobile and Online Social Networks
Mobile Opportunistic Traffic Offloading
Mount Service
Maintenance Point
Maintenance Processor
Measurement points
Mediation Point
Mesh Point
Mesh Points
Multilink Point-to-Point
Multipoint Processor
Media-independent Pre-Authentication
Message Passing Algorithm
Maine Public Broadcasting Network
Mobile Packet Core
Modular Port Concentrator
Modular Port Concentrators
Multi-Protocol Controller
Multi-Point Control Protocol
Multimedia Policy Engine
Maximum Packet Lifetime
Multi-Protocol Label Switched
Multi-Protocol Label Switch
Multi-Protocol Layer Switching
Multi-Protocol Layer Switch
Multiple Protocol Label Switching
Multiple Protocol Label Switch
MultiProtocol Label Switching Header
Multi Protocol Lable Switching
Multi Protocol Labelled Switching
Multi Protocol Label Switch
Multi Protocol Labeling Switching
Multi Protocol Layer Switching
Multi Protocol Level Switching
Multi Protocol Label Switching-Transport
Metra Potential Method
Mobile Private Network
Microsoft Partner Network
Minority Professional Network
Main Point of Entry
Mesh Point Portal
Moving Picture Quality Metric
Multi-Packet Reception
Multiple Packet Reception
Multi-Point Relay
Multi Point Relay
Multi-Provider Router
Multiple Provider Router
Multi Protocol Router
Maximum Packet Size
Myanma Post and Telecommunications
Myanma Posts & Telecommunications
Multi-Program Transport Stream
Multi Program Transport Stream
Map Resolver
Master Router
Multi-hop Relay
Multicast-Enabled Router
Multiple Regression Analysis
Multiple Routing Configurations
Multicast Router Discovery
Multicast Router DISCovery protocol
Multimedia Resource Function
Media Resource Function Controller
Media Resource Function Processor
Multicast Routing Monitor
Marketing Retail Network
Motor Racing Network
Multi-Region Network
Mobility Robustness Optimisation
Mobility Robustness Optimization
Multicast Routing Protocols
Multiple Registration Protocol
Multi-Radio Resource Management
Maximum Received Reconstructed Unit
Maximum Receive Reconstructed Unit
Maximum Reconstructed Receive Unit
Media Resource Server
Maximally Redundant Trees
Multi-Router Traffic Grapher
Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Mobile Subscribers
Mobile Switching
Multiplexer Section
Multi-Service Access
Multi-Service Access Node
Multi Service Access Node
Multi Services Application Module
Multi-Service Access Network
Multi-Service Access Platform
Master Switching Centre
Message Service Center
message servicing center
Mobile Servicing Center
Mobile Service Center
Midwest Sports Channel
Mission Support Center
Mobile Service Centers
Mobile Switching Centres
Mobile Switching Centers
Mobile Switching Centres
Mobile Switching Center Server
Mobile Switching Center / Visitor Location Register
Multi-Purpose Serial Data Link
Mobile Service Delivery Platform
Multi-Service Edge
Multi Service Edge
Mathematics and Science Education Network
Multi-Service Edge Router
Multi Service Edge Router
Mobile Subscription Identification Number
Mobile Subscriber Identity Number
Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Number
Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number
Mobile Subscriber Integrated Service Digital Network
Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network-Number
Master Session Keys
media-support module
Mediation Support Network
Medical Staffing Network
Micro Soft Network
Mobile Sensor Networks
Multiple Subscriber Numbering
MSN Messenger Service
Major Service Outage
Multi-Service Operators
Multi-Service Operator
Multiple Service Operator
Multi Service Operator
Multi Service Operators
Multi-Service Operators
Multiple Service Operators
Malone Schools Online Network
Mobile Service Provider
Multi-Services Platform
Multi-Service Platform
Multi-Service Provisioning Platform
Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms
Multi Service Provisioning Platform
Multiplexer Section Protection
Multiplexing Section Protection
Multiplex Section Protection
MS Proxy Protocol
Mobile Support Router
Molecular Sequence Reduction
Multi-Standard Radio
Multi Standard Radio
Mobile Station Routing Number
mobile station roaming numbers
Mobile Switching System
Maximal Segment Size
MetaFlows Security System
Mobile Satellite Spectrum
Mobile Softswitch Solution
Mobile Soft Switch
Monitoring Stations
Mobile Subscriber Stations
Mobile Switching Subsystem
Multiple Spanning Tree Instances
Multiple Spanning Tree Instances
Mid-South Tactical Network
Multi-Service Transmission Platform
Multi Service Transport Platform
Multiple Spanning-Tree Protocol
Message Signaling Unit
Message Signal Units
Message Signalling Unit
Message Signal Units
Message Signalling Units
Mobile Subscriber Unit
Multi Topology
Multicast tunnel
Microwave Transition Analyzer
Multimedia Terminal Adapter
Multimedia Terminal Adaptors
Multimedia Telephony Application Server
Mean Time Between Outages
Mobile Terminating Calls
Multicast Tunnel Interface
Maximum Time Interval Error
Main Telecommunication Network
Mobile Telecommunications Network
Manage the network
Microbicides Trial Network
Microbicides Trials Network
Minneapolis Telecommunications Network
Mobile Telephone Networks
Multi-Technology Operations System Interface
Multi-Technology Operation System Interface
Message Transport Part
Message Transfer Parts
Message Transfer Part Level 2
Message Transfer Part Level 3
Message Transfer Part 3
Message Transfer Part Level 2
Message Transfer Part Level 3 Management
message transfer part level two
Mobile Telecommunications Privileged Access Scheme
Mobile Termination Rate
Mobile Telecommunication Switching Office
Mobile Telephone Switching Offices
Mean Time To Diagnose
Mean Time To Know
Mean Time to Restore
Maximum Transmit Unit
Maximum Transport Unit
Maximum Transmission Units
Max Transmission Unit
Max Transfer Unit
Multi-Tenant Unit
Multi-Tenant Units
Multiple Tenant Unit
Multiple Tenant Units
Multi Tenant Unit
Maximum Transfer Units
Multi-Tenant Units
Message Units
Multi User
Mobile User Identifier
MBMS User Key
Multi User Mobile Station
Mobile User Part
Mean-Value Analysis
Mean Value Analysis
Multichannel Video Distribution and Data Service
Mobile Virtual Network
Mobile Virtual Network Enablers
Mobile Virtual Network Enablers
Mobile Virtual Network Operator
Mobile Virtual Network Operators
Mobile Virtual Network Operations
Mobile Virtual Network Operators
Mobile Virtual Private Network
Military Veteran Peer Network
Multicast Virtual Private Network
Multicast Virtual Private Networks
Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks
Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks
Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Message Waiting Data
Materials World Network
Maintenance Work Order
Network Security Scanner
Network Address
Network Availability
Network Aspects
Network Audio
Network Address Authority
Network Addressing Authority
Network Access Code
Network Access Center
Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia-Pacific
Network Access Devices
Nearest Active Downstream Neighbor
Network Application Function
Network Appliance Forensic Toolkit
Network Administration Guide
Network Administrator Guide
Nature of Address Indicator
Network Abstraction Layer
Network Application Launcher
Network Abstraction Layer Units
Network Abstraction Layer Units
Network Access Module
Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research
North American Marine Protected Areas Network
North American Missing Persons Network
National Angel Organization
Network Access Profile
Network Access Policy
Network Address Protection
Network Applications Platform
Network Address Port Translator
Network Access Restrictions
Network Access Servers
New Access Router
Neighbor Advertisements
NetWare Access Server
network accessed storage
Network Addressable Storage
Network Audio System
Network Audio Server
Non Access Stratum
North American Soccer Network
Net Address Translation
Network Access Translation
Network Address Translators
Network Address Translate
Network Address Translated
Network Adress Translation
Network Address Traversal
Net Allocation Vector
Network Allocation Vectors
Network Behaviour Analysis
Network Based Application Recognition
Network Based Application Recognization
Networked-Based Application Recognition
Nile Basin Capacity Building Network
Network Block Device
NetBIOS Datagram Service
NetBIOS over IPX
North Bound Interfaces
Non-Broadcast Multi-Access
Non-Broadcast, Multiple Access
Non-broadcast multiple-access
Non-Broadcast Multi Access
Non Broadcast Multiple Access
Non Broadcast Multi Access
NetBIOS Name Service
Network Byte Order
Network Border Switch
NetBios Session Service
Neighbor Cache
Network Card
Network Connect
Networking and Communications
Not Connected
Network Cache and Accelerator
Network Capable Application Processor
Non Call Associated Signaling
Network Config Audit Tool
Network Control Board
Network Charging and Control
Network Color Code
Network Coordinating Center
Network Connectivity Function
Netomata Config Generator
Network Channel Interfaces
Network Code Key
Neighbor Cell List
Nagasaki Cable Media
National Check Network
Network-Centric Operations Industry Consortium
Network-Centric Operation and Warfare
NetWare Control Protocol
NetWare Core Protocols
Network Call Processor
Network Co-Processor
Network Control Panel Applet
Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure
Network Critical Physical Infrastructure
National Clean Plant Network
North Carolina Research and Education Network
National Cancer Research Network
National Council for Research on Women
Network-based Call Signaling
Network-based Call Signalling
Network Call Signalling
Network Characterization Service
National Cyber Security Strategies
National Cable Television Cooperative
National Clinical Trials Network
National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Network Configuration Utility
Network-Centric Warfare
Network Centric Warfare
Neighbourhood Discovery
Network Deployment
Network Disk
Network Direct
Network Driver
Network Discovery
Network Daughter Cards
Network Distribution Centers
Network Diagnostic Framework
New Data Flag
National Dark Fibre Infrastructure Service
Network Development Group
Network Device Group
Network Driver Interface Specifications
Network Data Management
Network Data Mover
Northern Distribution Network
Neighbor Discover Protocol
Nortel Discovery Protocol
Network Device Protection Profile
Network Devices Protection Profile
NetWare Distributed Print Services
Novell Distributed Print System
Network Disaster Recovery
National Delivery Service
Network Directory Service
Network Display Station
Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change
Network and Distributed System Symposium
Network Direct Station Selection
Network Diagnostic Tool
Network Digital Video Recorder
Network Equipment
Network Endpoint Assessment
Neuro-Evolution of Augmenting Topologies
Network Equipment Building Standard
Network-eNabled Capability
Network Enabled Capabilities
Network Enabled Capability
Network Element Control Protocol
Network Enabled Embedded Devices
Network for Early European Research
Network Engines, Inc
Network Encryption Key
Network-Extension Mode
Network Equipment Manufacturer
Network Equipment Manufacturers
Network of European Museum Organisations
Network Equipment Manufacturers
National Education Network
National Entertainment Network
National Enterprise Network
Near-Earth Network
New England Network Solutions
National Ecological Observatory Network
New Era of Networks
Network Enabled Optimization System
Network Equipment Providers
Network Equipment Providers
Network Effectiveness Ratio
Network Efficiency Ratio
Network Emergency Response Vehicles
Networked Embedded Systems
Network Element Switching
Network for European Studies
Net-Centric Enterprise Solutions for Interoperability
Network for Education and Support in Immunisation
New England Sports Network
Networked Embedded Systems Technology
National Educational Television
New England Telehealth Consortium
Microsoft Windows Logon Protocol
Network Enabled Weapons
Network Enabled Weapon
Network of Empowered Women
Network of Enterprising Women
Network of Executive Women
Network Early Warning System
Network of East-West Women
National Farm Attractions Network
Non-Facility Associated Signaling
Non Facility Associated Signaling
Network File Copy
Network Flight Recorder
Networked File System
Networked File Server
Network File Service
Network File Systems
Network File Services
Network File Storage
Network Files System
Network File Share
Network Filing System
Network Functions
Network Fault Tolerance
Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Network-Function Virtualization
Network Function Virtualization
Network Functions Virtualization
Network Functions Virtualisation
Network Function Virtualisation
Network Function Visualization
Network Functions Visualization
Networks Functions Virtualization
Nnetwork Functions Virtualization
Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure
Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure
Network Gateway
New Generation Access
Next Generation Access
Next Generation Access
Next Generation Access Network
Next-Gen Gaming Blog
Next Generation Broadcasting
Next Generation Broadcast
Next Generation Corporate Networks
Next Generation Corporate Network
Next-Generation Enterprise Network
Next-Generation Networks
Next Generation Data Centers
Next Generation Ethernet
Next Generation Handheld
Next-Generation Intelligent Network
Next Generation Intelligent Networks
Next Generation Intelligent Network
Next Generation Mobile Networks
Next Génération Net
Northern Gas Networks
Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network
New Generation Networks
Network Game Simulator
Next Generation Switching
Nortel Government Solutions
Next Generation Service Overlay Network
National Geographic Ventures
Next Generation Wireless Networks
Next-Hop Client
Next-Hop Label Forwarding Entry
Next Hop Label Forwarding Entry
Next-Hop Server
National Healthcare Safety Network
Network Identifier
Network Indicator
Network Inventory
Network Instruments
Network Interface Backup
Network Interface Component
Network Independent Clock
Network Information Criterion
Network Intent Composition
Network Interface Circuit
Network Interface Connector
Network Interface Controllers
Network Interface Devices
Network Interface Demarcation
Network Interoperability Consultative Committee
Network of International Christian Schools
Network-based intrusion detection systems
Network Intrusion Detection Systems
Network-based intrusion detection systems
Network Integrated Evaluation
Network Interface Events Logging Daemon
Nodal Interworking Function
Network of Independent Forensic Accountants
Network Interconnection Interoperability Forum
Network Interface Modules
Network Implementation Plan
Network Intrusion Prevention
Network Intrusion Prevention System
Network Intrusion Prevention Systems
Network-Based Intrusion Prevention System
Network for Improved Policing in South Asia
New Inter-Domain Routing Architecture
National Implementation Research Network
Network Infrastructure Solutions
Network Inspection System
Network Interfaces
NIS+ Callback
Nanoscale Informal Science Education
Network Interface Tap
Network Interface Units
New Jersey Business Incubation Network
New Jersey Immigration Policy Network
National Juvenile Justice Network
New Jersey Network
National Justice and Peace Network
Network Kernel Extension
Network Kernel Extensions
Network Links
Network Load Balacing
Next-Level Aggregation
Next Level Aggregation
Network Load-Balancing
Network Load Balancer
Network Load Balanced
Network Load Balancing Service
Network Load Balancing Services
National Lightning Detection Network
New Local Government Network
Network Lock Manager Protocol
National Learning Network
Near Line of Sight
Near Line of Site
Non-Line of Sight
None Line of Sight
Network Layer Packet
National Lambda Rail
Network Layer Signaling
Network Location Server
NetWare Link-Services Protocol
Networked Marketplaces
Network Mic
Network Middleware Applications
New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Navy-Marine Corps Intranet
Network Module Enhanced
National Microbial Germplasm Program
Network Merchants Inc
Network-Integrated Multimedia Middleware
New Media Networking
Network Modes of Operation
Network Management Processor
Network Multimedia Player
Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network
Name Management Protocol over IPX
Networked Media Product Requirements
Network Monitor System
Nordic Mobile Telephony
National Network
Network Number
Neural Net
Not Necessary
National Network for Youth
Neural Network Analysis
Neural Network Example
Nortel Networks Certified Support Expert
National Network to End Domestic Violence
National Network of Embroidery Professionals
National Network of Forest Practitioners
Network-Network Interface
Network-to-Network Interfaces
Network-to Network Interface
Network Network Interface
Network Node Interfaces
Node Network Interface
Network to Network Interconnection
Network to Node Interface
National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
Network-Network Interfaces
Network-to-Network Interfaces
Network to Network Interfaces
Network nodes
National Network for Mental Health
National Nanomanufacturing Network
National Numeracy Network
National New Play Network
Nippon News Network
Norman Network Protection
Neural Networks
Nigl Network Solutions
Neural Network Toolbox
Naval Network Warfare Command
Network Ontology Analysis
Network Operations Centre
Network Operating Center
Network Operation Centre
Network Operation Centers
Network Operating Centre
Network Operating Centers
Network Operating Centres
Network Operating Centers
Network Operations Command Center
Networks of Diasporas in Engineering and Science
Network on Humanitarian Action
Network Operation Mode
Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
Non Orthogonal Multiple Access
Network Operations Portal
Network Operation System
Number of packets
Nack-Oriented Reliable Multicast
Network Optimization Service
Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video
NAP of the Americas
Network of Wisdoms
Network of Women
Network on Wheels
Network Processor
Network Programming
Network Providers
Network Protocol
Node Processor
Number Portability Administration Centers
Network Path and Application Diagnosis
Network Performing Arts Production Workshop
Network Packet Broker
Network Packet Brokers
Network Packet Brokers
Network Performance Channel
Network Performance Improvements
Network Processing Card
Network Processing Engine
Network Processing Engines
Network Processor Forum
National Plant Diagnostic Network
Network Processor Engine
National Parenting Education Network
National Plant Germplasm System
Network of Preferred Installers
Network Program Interface
Network Programming Interface
Network Performance Monitor
Network Performance Monitoring
Network Processor Module
Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics
Neighborhood Partnership Network
New Public Network
Network Policy Service
Network Processors
Network Processor Unit
Network Processing Units
Network Processing Units
Network Processor Units
Native Packet Transport
Network Planning Tool
Network Query Tool
Network Personal Video Recorder
Name Resolver
Network Rail
Network Route
No Requirement
Network Reliability Council
Nuclear Reaction Data Centres
National Research and Education Networks
Network Reliability and Interoperability Council
National Radio Network
National Research Networks
Network Routing Number
National Representatives
Neighbour Relation Table
Network Real Time Kinematic
Native Service
Networked Storage
Network Stack
Network Storage
Network Selection
Network Simulator
Network Simulation
Network Simulators
Network Simulator 2
Network Simulator-2
Network Subsystem
Network Systems
Network System
Network Security Appliance
Network Security Administrator
Non-Service Affecting
Network Service Access Points
Network Security Analysis Tool
Network Science Center
Network Services Engine
Network Simulation Cradle
Nordic Sustainable Campus Network
Networked Systems for Developing Regions
Network Service Data Units
Network Service Data Units
Network Security Expert
Network-Specific Facilities
Network Specific Facilities
Network Specific Facility
Network Services Framework
Network Services Gateway
Network Service Header
Network Services Header
Network Services Headers
Network Service Headers
Network Security Intelligence
Network Service Interface
Network Services Interface
Next Step In Signaling
Next Step in Signalling
Next Steps in Signalling
Network Systems Lab
Network Security Monitor
Network Security Monitoring
Network Services Module
Network Service Module
Network Status Monitor
National Storytelling Network
Night Sky Network
Nokia-Siemens Networks
Nokia Siemens Networks
Nokia Siemens Network
Nokia Solutions & Networks
Nokia Solutions Network
Nokia Solutions and Networks
Nortel Secure Network Access
Network Service Orchestrator
Network Services Orchestrator
Network Service Operator
Network Services Part
Network & Security Operations Centre
Network Security Operations Center
Network and Space Operations and Maintenance
Native Service Processing
Network Services Platform
Network Service Platform
Network Support Package
New Service Provider
National Signalling Point Code
Non-Stop Routing
Non Stop Routing
Network Security Server
Network Security System
Network Security Scanner
Network Services Switch
Network Service Switch
Network Storage Server
Network Storage System
Network Surveillance System
Network Switching Sub-system
Network Services Unit
Network Service Vendor
Network Services Virtualization
Network Service Virtualization
Network Science Workshop
Network of Sex Work Projects
Network Terminator
Network Terminal
Network Terminating
Network Transport
Node Type
Network Termination 2
NetFlow Traffic Analyzer
Nigerian Television Authority
Network and Telecommunications Concepts
Network Telecommunication Concepts
Network Telecommunications Concepts
Network Termination Device
Network Termination Equipment
Near-Term Digital Radio
Near Term Digital Radio
Network Teaming Intermediate Driver
NTLM Secure Service Provider
Network Topology Mapper
Network Traffic Monitor
National Tenant Network
National Truck Network
National Terminal Number
Neural Tree Network
New Tech Network
Net Tool Optimizer
Network Termination Point
Network Termination Points
Network Terminations
Net Time Protocol
Network Time Protokol
Network Timer Protocol
Network Timing Protocol
Network Timing Reference
Network Time Server
Network and Telecommunications Services
Networking and Telecommunications Services
National Television Standard Code
Network Termination Unit
Network Terminating Units
Network Termination Units
Network Unit
Network User ID
Naval Undersea Center
Network Unlock Code
Network Utility Maximization
Network Unified Storage
National University Technology Network
Network Virtualization
Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation
Network Virtualization Generic Routing Encapsulation
Network Virtualization Overlay
Network Virtualization Platform
Network Video Recorder
Network Video Recorders
Network Video Recording
Network Video Recorders
Network Video Technologies
Network Vulnerability Tests
Nordic Virtual Worlds Network
Network Walkman
Network World Alliance
Nomadic Wireless Access
Network Executive
Network Extension Unit
New York Anti-Trafficking Network
National Youth Leadership Network
National Youth Network
Non-zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber
Optical Access
Operation, Administration & Maintenance
Operation Administration & Maintenance
Operations, Administration & Management
Operations, Administration & Maintenance
Operations, Administration, & Maintenance
Operations Administration & Maintenance
Over-the-Air Activation
Odyssey Access Client
Off Air Call Set Up
Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers
Optical Add Drop Multiplexing
Optical Add Drop Multiplexers
Oregon Angel Fund
Operations Administration Maintenance
Operations, Administration, Maintenances and Provisioning
Open Access Network Austria
old Access Router
Opportunistic Auto Rate
Oxford Advanced Seminar on Informatic Structures
Optical Arbitrary Waveform Generation
Optimal Brain Damage
Optical Burst Switching
Optical Burst Switched
Optimal Brain Surgeon
Orange Business Services
Object Based Storage Devices
Optical Carrier-3
Ordinary Clock
Optical Connection Controller
Optical Code Division Multiplexing
Optical Code Division Multiple Access
Old Colony Library Network
On-line Charging System
Online Charging Systems
Online Charging Systems
Optical Carriers
Optical Circuit Switching
Originating-Call Screening
Originating Call Screening
Object Data Base Connectivity
Optical Directional Coupler
Open Datalink Interface
Optical Distribution Networks
Optical Ethernet
Oklahoma Educational Television Authority
Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access
Objective Functions
Outside Global
Operators Harmonization Group
Operator Identifier
Open Invention Network
Oxford Investment Opportunity Network
Online Insertion and Removal
Outside Local
Optical Line Amplifier
Optical Line Amplifiers
Other Licensed Operator
Other Licensed Operators
Overall Loudness Rating
Optical Label Switching
Optimised Link State Routing
Optical Line Terminal
Optical Line Terminals
Optical Line Termination
Optical Line Terminals
Operations, Maintenance, and Administration Part
Operations, Maintenance and Administration Part
Operations and Maintenance Application Part
One Maryland Broadband Network
Optical Multiservice Edge
Optimized Multi-Layer Transport
Open Network
Open Networking
Operation and Maintenance Subsystem
Operation and Maintenance System
Operation and Maintenance Terminal
Operational Measurements
Operation Maintenance Terminal
Operation and Maintenance Unit
Omidyar Network
Organisational Network Analysis
Organizational Network Analysis
Open Network Foundation
Open Network Forum
Open Network Ecosystem
Opportunistic Network Environment
Optical Networking Edge
Open Networking Foundation
Open Networking Forum
Open Networking Foundation's
Open Network Linux
Open Network Lab
Ottawa Network For Education
Ohio News Network
Open Networking Operating System
Open Network Operating System
Open Networking Platform
Open Network Platform
Open Network Provision
Open Networking Research Center
Object Name Service
Open Networking Summit
Open Networking Suite
Optical Network Unit
Optical Network Units
Optical Networking Unit
Optical Networking Units
Open Network Software
Opportunistic Networks
Optical Networking System
Optical Networking Solution
Optical Networks & Systems
Optical Network Terminals
Optical Network Terminal
Optical Network Termination
Optical Network Terminals
Optical Network Terminations
Optical Networks Technology Consortium
Optical Node Unit
Optic Network Unit
Optical Orthogonal Code
Ocean Observatory Initiative
Outage Probability
Originating Point Code
Origination Point Code
Originating Point Codes
Oncology Patient Enrollment Network
Optical Pan-European Network
Oregon Program Evaluators Network
Open Pluggable Edge Services
Online Predicted Human Interaction Database
Optical Performance Monitoring
Optical Performance Monitor
Open Policy Network
Open Projects Net
Open Platform for Network Function Virtualization
Optical Packet Switching
Optical Packet Switched
Optical Protection Switching
Organ Procurement and Transplant Network
Organ Procurement & Transplantation Network
Opportunistic Routing
Optimized Routing
Outbound Route Filtering
Outbound Route Filter
Outbound Route Filters
Offshoring Research Network
Outdoor Recreation Network
Office of Rail and Road
Office of Rail Regulation
Office of the Rail Regulator
Observer Reporting Server
Originating Switch
Open Systems Adapter
Open Systems Adapters
Opportunistic Spectrum Access
Optical Switching Architecture
Optical Service Channel
Optical Supervision Channel
Orthogonal Sub-Channel
On-Demand Secure Circuits and Advance Reservation System
Oklahoma Supreme Court Network
Opens Systems Interconnection
Open Standards Interconnect
Open Standard Interconnection
Open System Interconnections
Open System Interface
Open System Interconection
Open Systems Interface
Open Systems Interconnections
Open Standards Institute
Open Standard Interface
Open System Inter-connection
Open Systems Integration
Online Social Networks
Online Social Network
Online Social Networks
Online Social Networking Sites
Open Services Networking
Oracle Supplier Network
Orbit Showtime Network
Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Open Service Platform
Out Side Plant
Open Shortest Path First-Traffic
Optical Service Router
Operation and Support System
Operation and Support Systems
Operations and Support System
Operations and Support Systems
Operations Support Systems
Operational Support Software
Operation and Support Subsystem
Operation Support System
Operation Support Systems
Operations Support Systems
Operation Support Systems
Object Storage Targets
Over The Air Function
Over-the-Air Parameter Administration
Over the air parameter administration
Over-The-Air Service Provisioning
Over The Air Service Provisioning
Originating Trunk Group
Optical Transport Hierarchy
Optical Terminal Multiplexer
Optical Transport Module
Optical Transport Modules
Open Transport Network
over the Network
One-Time Password
Optical Transport Platforms
Optical Transport System
Optical Transport Systems
Open Transport Switch
Optical Transmission Section
Optical Transponder Unit
Optical Transport Unit 2
Overlay Transport Virtualization
Operational Television Digital
Organisational Unique Identifier
Organizational Unique Identifier
Organizational Unique Identifiers
Organizationally-Unique Identifier
Organizationally Unique Identifiers
Ontario Volunteer Centre Network
Online Video Network
Online Video Networks
Open Virtual Network
Optical Virtual Private Network
Optical Virtual Private Networks
Online Vulnerability Scanner
Open Virtual Switch
Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor
One-way Active Measurement Protocol
Open Web Application Security Project
One-Way Delay
One Way Delay
Our World Is Not For Sale
Web Ontology Language for Services
Older Womens Network
Point to Multi Point
peer-to-peer peer-to-peer
Peer-to-Peer Protocol
Posture Attribute
Process Algebra
Protocol Analyzer
Protocol Analysis
Provider Address
Porting Authorization Code
Packet Assembler-Disassembler
Packet Assembler And Disassembler
Port Access Entity
Protocol Analysis Module
Protocols and Applications with Multi-Homing Support
Personal Access Network
Personnel Area Network
Pesticides Action Network
Personal Area Networks
Personal Area Networking User
Positive Acknowledgment and Retransmission
Positive acknowledgment with re-transmission
Power-Aware Routing
Previous Access Router
Portable Access Rights Key
Pro-Am Sports System
Poisson Arrivals See Time Averages
Port Address Translator
Port Adress Translation
Pathway Analysis Tool for Integration and Knowledge Acquisition
Protect Against Wrapped Sequence
Protect Against Wrapped Sequences
Protection Against Wrapped Sequence
Protocol to Access White Space
Posture Broker
Provider Backbone
Provider Bridge
Provider Bridges
Proxy Binding Acknowledgement
Proxy Binding Ack
Provider Backbone Bridge
Provider Backbone Bridging
Provider Backbone Bridges
Provider Backbone Bridged
Packet Binary Convolution Coding
Packet Binary Convolutional Coding
Packet Backbone Network
Power Back-Off
Pipe Binding Protocol
Provider Backbone Transport
Proxy Binding Update
Packet Core
Point Coordinator
Path Computation Client
Path Computation Clients
Path Computation Clients
Premises Connection Device
Path Computation Element
Path Computation Elements
Path Computation Engine
Path Computation Elements
Path Computation Entity
Policy Charging Enforcement Function
Packet Control Function
Point Co-ordination Function
Point Control Function
Point Coordinated Function
Physical Cell Identity
Physical Cell ID
Physical Cell Identities
Protocol Composition Logic
Power Controlled Multiple Access
Pc Nfs
Pulse Coupled Neural Network
Primary Connection Point
Priority Code Point
Preventive Cyclic Retransmission
Policy & Charging Rules Function
Policy and Charging Rule Function
Policy Charging and Rules Function
Policy Charging Rules Function
Policy Charging and Rule Function
Policy Charging & Rules Function
Partitioning Communications System
Packet Controller Unit
Packet Data
Prefix Delegation
Propagation Delay
Privacy-preserving Data Aggregation
Per-Domain Behavior
Per Domain Behaviour
Personal Digital Cellular
Primary Digital Carrier
Praseodymium-doped fiber amplifier
Packet Data Gateway
Pleisiochronous Digital Hierarchy
Plesiochronic Digital Hierarchy
Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchies
Pattern Description Language
Packet Description Language Module
Packet Description Language Modules
Packet Description Language Modules
Protocol Dependent Module
Protocol Dependent Modules
Packet Data Networks
Packet Data Networks
Public Data Networks
Premises Distribution Network
Peer Discovery Protocol
Power Distribution Panels
Packet Delivery Ratio
Packet Drop Rate
Passive Double Star
Premise Distribution Systems
Protective Distribution System
Packet Data Servicing Node
Packet Data Serving Nodes
Packet Data Switching Node
Piedmont Down Syndrome Support Network
Printer Discovery Tool
Payload Data Unit
Payload Data Units
Protocol Data Units
Protocol Data Units
Packet Delay Variation
Physical Entity
Physical Entities
Policy Element
Policy Enforcer
Protocol Engine
Protocol Extension
Provide Edge
Providers Edge
Provider Equipment
Provider Edge Bridge
Policy Enforcement Function
Policy Enforcement Firewall
Peripheral Equipment Interface
Pacnet Enabled Network
Parent Education Network
Primary Eyecare Network
Private Enterprise Numbers
Progressive Education Network
Pan-European Network Services
Private Enterprise Numbers
Performance Enhancing Proxy
Performance Enhancement Proxy
Performance Enhancing Proxies
Princeton Earth Physics Project
Packet Error Ratio
Provider Edge Router
Pakistan Education & Research Network
Pakistan Education and Research Network
Pakistan Education Research Network
Population Environment Research Network
P-bit Errored Seconds
Personal Earth Station
Provider Edges
Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality
Packet Filter
Path Failure
Policy Function
Proportional Fairness
Packet Flow Context
Protocol Field Compression
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital
Philippine Federation for Environmental Concerns
Packet Forwarding Engines
Packet Flow Identifier
Pulse Forming Network
Pretty Good Multicast
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Processing Graph Method
Per Hop Behaviour
Poly-Harmonic Distortion
Pediatric Heart Network
Personal Handy System
Personal Handy-phone System
Packet Interface
Physical Interface
Physical Interface Card
Physical Interface Cards
Prime Infrastructure
Profile Index
Points in Call
Port Interface Card
Port Interface Cards
Policy Innovators in Education
Protocol Independent Interface
Protocol-Independent Multicast
Protocol Independent Multicasting
Physical Interface Module
Protocol Independant Multicast
Protocol Independent Multicast-Dense
Protocol Independent Multicast, Sparse Mode
Personal Indoor Mobile Radio Communications
Physical Interface Modules
Places in the Network
Private Integrated Network Exchange
Pending Interest Table
Pacific Island Telecommunications Association
Pointer Justification Event
Privacy and Key Management
Priority Level
Planned Lifetime Assistance Network
Packet Loss Compensation
Payload Length Indicator
Physical Layer Impairment
Parallel Line Interface Protocol
Physical and Link Layer
Physical Link Layer
Personal Learning Networks
Personal Learning Network
Professional Learning Network
Personal Learning Networks
Professional Learning Networks
Physical Layer Operations, Administration and Maintenance
Packet-Layer Protocol
Packet-Level Protocol
Packet Level Protocol
Packet Loss Priority
Packet Loss Rate
Packet Loss Ratio
Physical Layer Pipe
Physical Layer Pipes
Physical Layer Signalling
Point of Local Repair
Personal Locator System
Provider Link State Bridging
Positive Medium
Passive Measurement and Analysis
Physical Medium Dependant
Pattern Matching Engine
Performance Modeling and Evaluation in Computer and Telecommunication
Pair-wise Master Key
Pairwise Master Keys
Packet Mobility Management
Pakistan Microfinance Network
Public Mobile Network
Paris Metro Pricing
Point to Multi Point
Port Mapping Protocol
Progress Monitoring & Reporting Network
Provider Multicast Service Interface
Path Maximum Transmission Unit Discovery
Personal Network
Port Network
Port Number
Primary Node
Public Network
Probability, Networks and Algorithms
Palau National Communications Corp
Portable Network Graphic
Preferred Network List
Proactive Network Maintenance
Palestine News Network
Police National Network
Poor News Network
Probabilistic Neural Network
Private Network Node Interface
Private Network-Network Interface
Private Network Network Interface
Private Network-to Network Interface
Private Network-Network Interfaces
Public Network Operator
Prime Network Registrar
Pacific Northwest Seismic Network
Private Network Transport
Point of Attachment
Power of Ethernet
Plastic Optical Fiber
Plastic Optical Fibre
Protocol Oblivious Forwarding
Point of Initiation
Points of Light
Points of Interconnect
Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis
Passive Optic Network
Passive Optical Networking
Passive Optical Networks
Passive Optic Networks
Point of Present
Points of Presence
Point of Presences
Packet Over Synchronous
Personal Operating Space
Plain Old Telephone Services
Plain Ordinary Telephone System
Packet Processor
Payload Pointer
Periodic Posts
Point to Point
Pay per Channel
Power Personal Computer
Pre-emptive Priority Call
Pre-Paid Charging
Partial Packet Discard
Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize
Public Packet Data Network
Public Protection and Disaster Relief
Physical-layer Protocol Data Unit
Packet Processing Engine
Packet Processing Engines
Payload Protocol Identifier
Per-Packet Information
Protein-Protein Interaction
Probabilistic Packet Marking
Path-Protected Mesh Network
Power of Peace Network
Processor Port Network
Public Procurement Network
Point-to-Point Protocol PPP
Point-to-Point Protocols
Pointto-Point Protocol
PPP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
PPP Bandwidth Allocation Protocol
PPP Callback Control Protocol
PPP CDP Control Protocol
PPP Compressed Datagram
PPP Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
PPP Compression Control Protocol
PPP IP Control Protocol
PPP IPv6 Control Protocol
PPP Link Control Protocol
PPP MPLS Control Protocol
PPPMux Control Protocol
PPP Multilink Protocol
Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
PPP-over-Ethernet Discovery
PPP-over-Ethernet Session
PPP Multiplexing
PPP VJ Compression
Partial Packet Recovery
Pacific Packet Radio Society
Packet per second
Private Pre-Shared Key
Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol
Point-to-Point-Tunneling Protocol
Point-to-Point Tunnel Protocol
Point to Point Tunnelli