Popular Networking acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alarms & Events
Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
Authentication, Authorisation, and Accounting
Authentication and Authorization
Authentication, Authorization, & Accounting
Authorization, and Accounting
Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, and Auditing
Active Antenna Unit
Add Backwards
Air-Blown Fiber
Airport Base Station
Authority Center
Automatic call-back
Automatic Call Back
Asynchronous Control Character Map
Automated Contact Distribution
Advanced Cyber Defense Center
Anaphylaxis Community Experts
Avaya Certified Expert
Anglican Communion Environmental Network
Adjacent Cell Interference
Autism Campus Inclusion
Analysis Console for Intrusion Detection
Adaptive Coded Modulation
Address Complete Messages
Admission Control Mandatory
Application & Content Networking System
Additional Call Offering
Authenticated Ciphering Offset
Action Control Point
Automatic Call Processor
Advanced Communications Research Institute
Access Classes
Advances in Complex Systems
Applied Computer Solutions
Auto Channel Select
Azure Community Singapore
Avaya Certified Solutions Architect
Advanced Cyber Security Center
Accredited Compaq Technician
Advanced Computer Technology
Advanced Computer Technologies
Advanced Cyber Threat
African Conservation Tillage
Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments
Automated Computer Time Service
Administrative Distance
Admin Down
Application Destination
Associated Data
Attribute Dictionary
Aotearoa Digital Arts
Auxiliary Disconnect Outlet
Access Directory Server
Active Directory Scripting Interface
Analog Display Service Interface
Asynchronous Data Unit
Authentication Extension
Avionics Environments
Association of Executive and Administrative Professionals
Airport Extreme Base Station
Authoritative Edge Device
Africa Earth Observatory Network
Advanced Encryption Security
Advanced Encryption Scheme
Application Entities
Address Family
Address Filter
Appointed Forwarder
Apple File Protocol
AppleTalk File Protocol
Application Firewall Pack
Address Handling
Authenticating Header
Authentification Header
Action indicator
Arbitration Inter Frame Spacing
Arbitration Inter Frame Space
Advanced Interface Module
Advanced Integration Modules
Adaptive Impedance Matching Module
Accredited Integration Specialist
Alarm Indication Signaling
Alarm Indication Signals
Anti Jam
Al-Jazeera English
Al Jazeera English
Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing
Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing
Authentication And Key Management
Authentication Key Management
Alternate Location
Application Layer Enforcement
Application Level Framing
Application Layer Gateways
Academic Learning Series
Alternative Line Service
Arbitrated Loops
Asian Migrant Center
Acknowledge Mode Data
Advanced Memory Devices
Airborne Maritime Fixed
Afghanistan Mission Network
Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis
Advanced Malware Protection
Advanced Media Platform
Asynchronous Messaging Protocol
Automatic Migration of Port Profiles
Advance Mobile Phone System
Advances Mobile Phone System
Applied Measurements for Power Systems
Average Margin Per User
Asia Monitor Resource Centre
Attack Mitigation System
Affordable Moving Surface Target Engagement
Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry
Advanced Media Workflow Association
Acknowledge Number
Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault
Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Assistant Network Engineer
Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference Systems
Advanced Networking Option
Automatic Network Replenishment
Application Network Services
African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions
Application Originated
Alcatel Operating System
Alexander Open Systems
Access Port
Access Ports
Access Profile
Access Processor
Aggregation Proxy
Asia & Pacific
Asia Pacific
Authentication Proxy
Asia-Pacific Area Network
Alternate Provisioning Mode
Automatic Path Migration
Attention Profiling Mark-up Language
African Peacebuilding Network
Amazon Partner Network
Application Program-to-Program Communication
Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium
Asia Pacific Quality Network
Access Point Roaming
Access Providers
Application Profiles
Automatic Protect Switch
Automatic Power Save Delivery
Automatic Power Saving Delivery
Advanced Passive Safety Network
Advanced Persistent Threat
Advanced Persistent Threats
Advanced Persistant Threats
Advance Persistent Threat
Advanced Persistent Threats
Advance Persistent Threats
Adaptive Radio
AppleTalk Remote Access
Annual Report Card
Address Recognized Indicator
Advanced Research Infrastructure for Archaeological Dataset Networking in Europe
Address Resolution Logic
Astronomical Research Network
Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood
Advanced Research Program
Advanced Research Projects
Average Revenue Per Minute
Automation & Robotics Research Institute
Analise de Redes Sociais
Automatic Rate Selection
Access Services
Adaptive Services
Address Setup
Address Space
Advanced Switching
Adaptive Security Appliances
Adaptive Security Appliances
Adaptive Security Algorithm
Autonomous System Boundary Routers
Academy Support Center
Advanced Security Center
Application Session Controller
Asylum Seekers Centre
Automated Security Enhancement Tool
Actuator Sensor Interface
Application Specific Integrated Chip
Acoustical Society of Korea
Alumni Sharing Knowledge
Active Speech Level
Adaptive Services Module
Advanced Systems Management Adapter
Achievement Standard Network
Achievement Standards Network
Advanced Security Option
Advanced Security Options
Accredited Sales Professional
Adaptive Security Platform
Aggregated Services Router
Aggregation Service Routers
Answer Seize Ratio
Answer Seizure Rate
Application Specific Routing
Analog Services Unit
Adjacency Table
Allied Telesyn
Apple Talk
Accredited Technical Associate
Advanced Threat Appliance
Analog Terminal Adapter
Analog Telephony Adapters
Authority to Connect
Asynchronous Terminal Emulation
Allied Telesyn International
Announcement Traffic Indication Message
Alliance for Telecommunication Industry Solutions
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solution
Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions
Aynchronous Transfer Mode
Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa
Advanced Technology Partner
Authorized Technology Partner
Advanced Threat Prevention
Agent Transfer Protocol
AppleTalk Transaction Protocol
Authorized Training Partners
Australian Telecommunications User Group
Alliance of Technology and Women
Administrative Units
Attached Unit Interface
Acceptable Usage Policy
Appropriate Use Policy
Appropriate Use Policies
Automatic Uplink Power Control
AppleTalk Update-Based Routing Protocol
AppleTalk Update Routing Protocol
Access Verification
Attribute-Value Pairs
Attribute Value Pairs
Active Virus Defense
Asexual Visibility and Education Network
Asexual Visibility & Education Network
Audio Video Kernel
Adaptive Virtual Queue
Automatic Voice Recognition
Application Virtual Switch
Africa Virtual University
Association of Women in Computing
Afghan Wireless Communication Company
Afghan Wireless Communications Company
Advanced Wireless Network
Advanced Wireless Networks
Adaptive White Gaussian Noise
Australian Women's Health Network
Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network
Afghan Women's Network
Beyond 3rd Generation
Block Acknowledgment
Block Ack Request
Basic Audit Reporting Tool
Base Band Unit
Bandwidth Constraints
Bearer Capabilities
Burst Committed
Bearer Channel Connection
Binary Convolutional Code
Binary Convolutional Coding
British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark
British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines
Best Chance Network
Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand
Business Communication Solutions
Business Data
Barred Dialling Numbers
Big Data Science and Engineering
Big Endian
Building Enhanced Cisco Security Networks
Bit Error Rates
Bit Error Rate testing
Bursty Errored Second
Based Expert System Toolset
Bases Expert System Toolset
Black Entertainment Television's
Bandwidth Factor
Bona Fide Request
Broadband Global Access Network
Busy Hour Traffic
Buffer Index
Barring of Incoming Calls
Book Item and Component Identifier
Bus Interface Module
Boycott Israel Network
Berkely Internet Name Daemon
Belgian Institute for Post and Telecommunications
Building Integrated Timing Supplies
Bump in the Stack
Between Jobs Ministry
Bootstrapped Learning
Base Media File Format
Burma News International
Billions Of Operations Per Second
Bottom Of Stack
Burst Period
Business Process Contingency Plan
Border Protection Device
Bridge Protocol Data Units
Berkeley Packet Filter
Berkeley Packet Filters
Berkeley Packet Filters
Bites per second
Bytes Per Seconds
Business Publications Spain
Beacon Period Start Time
Business & Professional Women
Byte Queue Limits
Base Radio
Burst Rate
Barracuda Reputation Block List
Biospecimen Research Network
Blind Return Oriented Programming
Broadcasting Service
Broadband Service Aggregator
Berkeley Software Development
Berkeley Source Distribution
Berkely Software Distribution
Basic Security Mode
Backward Sequence Number
Blind Signal Processing
Buffered Serial Port
Base Station System-Mobile-services
Billing Support Systems
Base Station Unit
Base Station Units
British Telekom
Business Telecommunications
Business & Technology Center
Business and Technology Strategies
Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board
Branch Unit
Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunications
Bridged Virtual Interface
Bridge Virtual Interface
Broadband Wireless Internet Access
Business Women in International Trade
Customers Are Really Everything
Command / Response
Customer Apparatus
Channel Availability Check
Central-Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences
Central Asian Institute for Applied Geosciences
Constant Awake Mode
Constantly Awake Mode
Customized Application of Mobile Enhanced Logic
Cisco Active Network Abstraction
Carrier Amplitude Phase
Carrierless Amplitude and Phase
Common Application Program Interface
Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability
Committed Access Rate
Committed Access Rates
Channel Adapters
Content-addressable storage
Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service
Carrier Acceptance Test
Cordless Advanced Technology
Customized Alerting Tone
Cisco Academy Training Center
China Academy of Telecommunication Research
China Academy of Telecommunications Research
China Academy of Telecommunications Technology
Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs
Capital Alliance of Young Professionals
Call Barring
Connexion by Boeing
Consensus-Based Bundle Algorithm
Cambodian Broadcasting Network
Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network
Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist
Cisco Broadband Operating System
Class Bases Queuing
Content-Based Routing
Content Based Routing
Cloud Based Services
Committed Burst Sizes
Core Base Trees
Customer Business Exchange
Capability Code
Cascade Chain
Computer Consulting
Customer Carrier
Cisco Clean Access Agent
Clear Channel Assesment
Competitive Carrier Association
Converged Cable Access Platform
Cole Computer Consulting
Cyberoam Central Console
Church Credit Champions Network
Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician
Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert
Cisco Certified Internet Expert
Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts
Cisco Certified Internet Professional
common-channel interoffice signaling
Complementary Coded Keying
Cisco Centralized Key Management
Central Configuration Management
Cache Coherent Network
Consumer Citizenship Network
Completion of Calls on No Reply
Certified in Convergent Network Technologies
Citrix Certified Professional
Computer Consulting & Repair
Continuity Check Request
Command Cyber Readiness Inspection
Command Cyber Readiness Inspections
Command Cyber Readiness Inspections
Cambridge Communication Systems
Centi-Call Second
Centum Call Second
Custom Calling Services
Certified Cisco Systems Instructor
Certified Cisco Systems Instructors
Center for Computer Systems Security
California Cable Television Association
Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology
Cisco Client Extension
Cisco Compatible Extension
Campus Distributor
Common Domain
Cyber Defense Agency
Control Data Block
Core Data Center
Cisco Data Center Networking Sales Specialist
Code Division Multiplex
Code Division Multiple Accessing
Code Division Multiple Access-2000
Code Division Multiple Access-множественный
Code Division Multiplexed Access
Citrix Developer Network
Cisco Discovery Protokol
Crustal Dynamics Project
Call Detailed Record
Call Detail Records
Collaborative Digital Reference Service
Cell Directory Services
Cross Domain Solution
Cache Engine
Classical Ethernet
Circuit Emulation
Classification Engine
Common Equipment
Computation Engine
Content Engine
Community of Expertise in Educational Technology
Codebook Excited Linear Predictive
Center for Educational Networking
China Entrepreneur Network
Center for Embedded Network Sensing
Computer Emergency Response Teams
Cooperative Education Service Agencies
Comcast Entertainment Television
Contention Free
Coordination Framework
Coupling Flag
Carrier Failure Alarm
Connecting Facility Assignment
Certified Fiber to the Home Professional
Call for Interest
Call Forwarding Number
Canadian Football Network
Cisco Feature Navigator
Call Forwarding on No Reply
Cisco Fabric Services
Cisco Fabric Service
Call Forward Unconditional
Cellular Floating Vehicle Data
Companion Guides
Cisco Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module
Canadian Geoscience Knowledge Network
Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities
Connected Grid Routers
Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite
Child Helpline International
Centro de Hidrografia da Marinha
Converged Headend Platform
Carrier to Interference
Certified Installer
Channel Interface
Chief Investigator
Converged Infrastructure
Conditional Independence
Congestion Indication
Cloud Innovation Center
Core Impact Certified Professional
Computational Intelligence in Cyber Security
Common Interface Format
Common Internet File Services
Carrier-to-Interference-and-Noise Ratio
carrier-to-interference and noise ratio
Carrier to Interference Noise Ratio
Combined Input Output Queued
Commited Information Rate
Communications Industry Researchers
Computer Incident Response Teams
Cisco Intercloud Services
Common Internal Spanning Tree
Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
Cisco Internetworking Troubleshooting
Centro de Informatica da Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Cypher Key
Common knowledge
Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research
Connection Layer
Common Link Access to Workstation
Connection-less Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Calling Line Identification
Common Link Integration Processing
Connected Line Identification Presentation
Calling-Line Identification Restriction
Calling Line Identification Restriction Override
Cisco Learning Partner
Cisco Learning Partners
Cisco Learning Partners
Context Likelihood of Relatedness
Converged Multiservice Access Platform
Coaxial Media Converter
Coax Media Converter
Comcast Media Center
Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition
Compatibility Mode Driver
Computer Misuse Detection System
Chassis Management Module
Cluster Management Module
Cluster Membership Monitor
Connectivity Management Processor
Call Management Records
Call Management Server
Call Management Service
Calix Management System
Centralized Management Software
Centralized Management System
Central Management Unit
Certificate Management Server
Call Management Server Signaling
Country Music Television
Cable Modem Terminal System
Cisco Mobile Exchange
Certified Novell Administrators
Certified Novell Administrators
China Netcom Corporation
Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative
Center for Networking and Distributed Systems
Certified Novell Engineers
Comfortable Noise Generator
Comfort Noise Generation
Criminal News Network
Change Number of Sessions
China Network Systems
Converged Network Services Group
Committee of National Security Systems
Carrier Overlapping
Central Offices
Connection only
Change of Authorization
Childhood Obesity Action Network
Consistent Overhead Byte Stuffing
Checksum Offload Engine
Circle of Influence
Cell on Light Truck
Computer Output on Microfilm
Coastal Ocean Observations Panel
Common Open Policy Services
Computer Oracle and Password System
Common Object Request Broken Architecture
Continually Operating Reference Stations
Central Office Switch
Central Office Switches
Common Operating System
Commission on the Status of Women
Commodity Off The Shelf
Commodity Off-The-Shelf
Cluster of Workstation
Call Processing
Check Point
Cloud Provider
Collaborative Project
Connection Process
Content Provider
Channel Port Adapter
cost per actions
Control Plane Assurance Manager
Common Part Convergence Sublayer-Protocol
Computer Performance Evaluation
Consumer Premises Equipment
Customer's premise equipment
Customer-premises equipment
Customer Premises Equipments
customer-provided equipment
Catalogue of Projects in Electronic Text
Cyber-Physical Networking Systems
Customer Proof of Concept
Centralized Protection Policy
Call Processing Record
Critical Problem Resolution
Cyber Physical System
Carrier Packet Transport
Completion Queues
Completion Queues
Completion Queue Entry
Channel Quality Indications
Configuration Record
Constraint-based Routing
Card Random Access Memory
Concurrent Routing and Bridging
Call Ring Back Tone
Customized Ring Back Tone
Centre for Research in Computing
Commercial Real Estate Network
Cognitive Radio Experimentation World
Computing Research Infrastructure
Canadian Research Knowledge Network
Cambridge Research Laboratory
Cognitive Radio Systems
Computer Repair Services
Configuration Report Server
Cisco Router Web Setup
Commander Switch
Convergence Sublayer-Protocol
Center for Supercomputing Applications
Channel Switch Announcement
Channel Switch Announcements
Cisco Sales Associate
Cisco Security Agent
Compression Service Adapter
Centre for Studies in Advanced Learning Technology
City Security and Resilience Network
Computer Security Center
Computer Services Centre
Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination
Canadian Society for the Computational Studies of Intelligence
Computer Services Department
Certified Systems Expert
Consulting Systems Engineer
Consulting System Engineer
Computer Science and Electronics Engineering
Cyber Security Experimentation and Test
Content Services Gateway
CAMEL Subscription Information
Centre de Sociologie de l'Innovation
Cloud Storage Initiative
Convergence Sublayer Indication
Convergence Sublayer Indicator
Customer Support Identification
Cyber Security Industry Alliance
Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System
Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection Systems
Computer Security Incident Handler
Computer Systems Laboratory
Cell Site Modem
Carier Sense Multiple Access
Carrier Sense Multiple-Access
Carrier Sensed Multiple Access
Carrier Sensing Multiple Access
Cognitive Science Network
Consumer Sentinel Network
Cisco Storage Networking Design Specialist
Complete Sequence Numbers Protocol
Cisco Storage Networking Support Specialist
Central Services Organization
Computer Security Officer
Converged Services Platform
Cisco Secure Policy Manager
Critical Security Parameters
Cloud Services Router
Cloud Service Router
Card and Socket Services
Cluster Switch System
Directory Agents
Device Access Code
Digital Access and Crossconnect System
Dual Attached Stations
Digital Access Signalling System
Deficit Counter
Demand Circuit
Dynamic Channel Assignment
Data Center Bridging Extensions
Dynamic Channel Change
Distributed Computing Environment / Remote Procedure Calls
Distributed Cisco Express Forwarding
Data Circuit-terminating Equipments
Distribution Coordination Function
Data Center Operator
Distributed Component Object Modules
Device Control Protocol
Digital Crossconnect System
Dynamic Channel Selection
Device Configuration Utility
Database Description
Discovery Domain
Discovery Domains
Diverse Device
Djibouti Data Centre
Digital Digital Digital
Digital Diagnostics Monitoring Interface
Data Delivery Protocol
Datagram-Delivery Protocol
Direct Data Placement
Dynamic Document Review
Discovery Domain Set
Discovery Domains
Document Distribution System
Defense Enterprise Computing Centers
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication
Digital European Cordless Telecommunications
Digital European Cordless Telecommunication
Dual Ended Line Test
Dual End Loop Test
Digital Electronic Messaging Service
Drug Evaluation Network System
Data Encryption Security
Division of Enterprise Technology
Dependable Embedded Wireless Infrastructure
Designated Forwarder
Dynamic Fabric Automation
Desert Fireball Network
Distributed Files System
Distribute File System
Data High
Dynamic Host Control Protocol
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol version 6
Distribution Interface
Digital Item Adaptation
Distributed Inter-Frame Space
Data Integration Hub
Direct Inward Station Access
Distributed k-ary System
Data Link Control Identifier
Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol
Destination Lookup Failure
Data Leak Prevention
Data Leak Protection
Data Loss Prevention
Data Lost Prevention
Design Layout Record
Design Layout Records
Data Link Service
Data Link Switch Write Port Number
Data Mover
Decision Module
Disconnect Messages
Digital Multi-media Broadcasting
Domain Master Browser
Digital Media Controllers
Digital Media Encoder
Differential Manchester Encoding
Digital Modem Module
Digital Media Players
Digital Media Renderer
Digital Media Renderers
Digital Media Server
Digital Media Receiver
Digital Media Recorder
Data Mobility Switch
Digital Matrix Switch
Digital Multiplexing Switch
Directed Multicast Service
Distributed Mission Training
Digital Meter Unit
Device Name
Dialed Number Identification
Dialled Number Identification Service
Distributed Network Name
Distributed Network Operators
Dial Number Recognition
Directory Name Services
Directory Naming Service
Distributed Name System
Domain Name Space
Dynamic Name Server
Dynamic Name Service
Dynamic Naming Service
Data Only
Disability-Owned Business Enterprise
Dial on Demand
Direct Order Entry
Digital Optical Monitoring
Deleting Online Predators Act
Denial of Services
Denied of Service
Deny of Service
Data Packets
Drop Preference
Data Path Acceleration Architecture
Digital Place Based
Downstream Power Back Off
Digital Private Branch Exchange
Disabled Parents Network
Dial Pulse Originate
Designing Perimeter Security
Dial Pulse Terminate
Dynamic Packet Transport
Distribution Point Unit
Distribution Point Units
Device Profile for Web Services
Dial-up Router
Digital Rate Control
Disaster Reduction Hyperbase
Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research
Deterministic random number generator
Dynamic Rate Repartitioning
Data simultaneously
Device Server
Digital Section
Digital signals
Directory System Agents
Distributed Service Architectures
Dynamic Spectrum Access
Digital Service Analysis Meter
Dynamic Services Controller
Differentiated Service Code Point
Differentiated Services Code Points
Differentiated Service Code Points
Data Services Engine
Digital Social Innovation
Digital Social Innovations
Digital Subscriber Loop
Digital Switching Matrix
Digital Storage Media Command and Control
Data Serving Node
Deep Space Net
Draft Standard Proposal
Demand Side Platforms
Direct Server Return
Direct Short Range Communication
Digital Satellite Services
Distributed system services
Distributed System Service
Distribution System Services
Dunvegan Space Systems
Direct-Sequencing Spread Spectrum
Direct Sequencing Spread Spectrum
Digital Services Unit
Delimiter Type
Drive Test
Digital Transmission Content Protection
Data Terminating Equipment
Date Terminal Equipment
Delivery Traffic Indication Map
Delivery Traffic Indication Messages
Digital Transmission Licensing Administrator
Digital Trunk Module
Direct Termination Overflow
Data Term Ready
Data Transport Service
Distributed Traffic Shaping
Data Transmission Unit
Data Termination Units
Directory User Agents
Dial-Up Network
Dial Up Network
Distance Vector
Distributed Virtual Routing
Distributed Virtual Switching
Digital Video Subcommittee
Distributed Virtual Switch Controller
Domestic Violence Services Network
Digital Video Transport System
Digital Wrapper
Device Wire Adapter
Dense Wave-Division Multiplexing
Dense Wave Division Multiplexing
Dense Wave Division Multiplexer
Dense Wave Division Multiplex
Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Ear & Mouth
Earth and Magneto
Emergency Alert Message
Ethernet Access Point
Extensible Authentication Protocols
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Message
Extensible Authentication Protocol-Subscriber
Emergency Alerting Service
Echo Canceller
Echo Cancelling
Erasure Code
Establish Connection
Equal Cost Multi-Pathing
Electronic Communications Networks
European Competence Network on Mastocytosis
Edge Control Protocol
European Cultural Parliament
Enabling Capabilities
European Conference on Social Intelligence
European Climate Support Network
Extended Content Verification
Equinix Cloud Exchange
Equipment Distribution Area
Enhanced Distributed Channel Access
Ethernet Demarcation Devices
Enhanced Datarates for Global Evolution
Enhanced Datarate for Global Evolution
Electronic Data Interexchange
Embedded Distant-end Monitor and Control
Event Delivery Network
Event Detection Point
Event Detection Points
Electronic Data Sheets
Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks
Enhanced Error Handling
Entrance Facility
Entrance Facilities
Expedited Forwarding
External Functionality Interface
Ethernet in the First Mile
Early Field Trials
End Host
Environmentally Hardened
Exceptional Human Experience Network
Electrical Interface
Enterprise Interoperability
Entity Identifier
Engineers for the Integrity of Broadcast Auxiliary Services Spectrum
Enterprise Identity Mapping
Ethernet Interface Processor
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions
Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology
Emergency Location Identification Number
Explicit Loss Notifications
Enhanced Locked Print
Exchange Link Parameters
Exchange Link Parameter
Extended Link Services
Enterprise Log Search and Archive
Electronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer
Equilibrium Mode Distribution
Event Monitoring Enabling Responses to Anomalous Live Disturbances
Entertainment, Movies and Gaming Network
European Molecular Imaging Laboratories
Ericsson Mobile Organizer
Enhanced Media Processor
Europe Media Port
European Molecular Quality Network
Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services
European Network for Better Regulation
European Nature Conservation Agencies
Electric Network Frequency
Emergency Network Los Angeles
External Network-to-Network Interface
External Network to Network Interface
European Network of Quality Assurance
Endpoint Name Resolution Protocol
Electronic Network Services
Event Notification Service
Entrepreneurs Organization
Ethernet over Coax
Everything on Demand
End of Engineering
Event of Interest
Entertainment Operating System
End of Service Period
Enhanced Object Tracking
Embedded Packet Capture
End Point Groups
European Peacebuilding Liaison Office
Education Podcast Network
Elementary Procedures
Extrusion Prevention System
Ethernet Protection Switching Ring
Entreprise des Postes et Telecommunications
Early Retransmit
European Research Centre
European Research Center
Emergency Repair Disks
Environmental Research and Education
Electronics Research Group
Electronic Reference Library
Educational Research Network for West and Central Africa
Edge Switch
End State
Encryption Service Adapter
Electricity Supply Board
Enterprise Session Border Controller
European Support Centre
European Spinal Cord Injury Federation
End-of-Stream Delimiter
Extended Service Discovery Profile
Edge Services Extender
Enterasys Systems Engineer
European Strategic Forum for Research Infrastructure
Enterprise Security Group
Enterprise System Group
Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane
Ethernet Service Instance
Electronic Serial Numbers
Electronic Switching Network
European Shortsea Network
Electronics, Sensors, Photonics
Encapsulating Security Protocol
Enhanced Services Platform
Evolved Services Platform
Enterprise Security Practice
Electronically Steerable Passive Array Radiator
Embedded Service Processors
Embedded Services Router
Edge Services Routers
Edge Services Router
Environmental Sustainability Resource Center
Emergency Service Routing Keys
Emergency Services Routing Proxy
Efficient Short Remote Operation
Electronic Support Systems
Embedded Services Switch
Enterprise Social Software
Enterprise Storage Services
Ethernet Services Switch
Earth System Science and Environmental Management
Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking
Enterprise Servers, Storage, and Networking
Enterprise Server Storage and Networks
External Switch Tagging
Exchange Terminal Circuit
Education Technology and Computer Science
Enterprise Technology Research
Egress Tunnel Routers
Enhanced Transmission Selection
European Telecommunication Standardization Institute
End User Device
European University Foundation
Embedded Virtual Machine
Enhanced Voice Services
Frame Alignment
Fabric Address Notification
Franciscan Action Network
Fast and Secure Protocol
Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology
Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling
Fixed Access Unit
Filter-based forwarding
Filter Based Forwarding
Filter-Bank Multi-Carrier
Fabric can
Fabric Components
Failure Condition
Failure Count
Feasibility Condition
Feasible Condition
Fiber Connectivity
Fibre Channel-Arbitrated
Frame's Class
Frame copied
Fibre Channel, Generic Services
Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop
Fiber Channel Forwarder
Fibre Channel Forwarder
Fibre Channel forwarding
Fiber-Channel Protocol
Fiber Channel Protocol
Fibre Channel Name Server
Fibre Channel Switch
Frame Checking Sequence
Frame Check Sequences
Failure Detection
Frequency Division
Function Discovery
Forward Data Channel
Feeder Distribution Interface
Fibre Distribution Hub
Flat Datacenter Storage
File Descriptor Table
Formal Description Techniques
Fast Ethernet Alliance
Forward Error Corrections
Forward Equivalent Class
Forwarding Equivalency Class
Fast Ethernet Interface Processor
Front-End Optimization
Fast Filtering Processor
Fast Filter Processor
Feistel Finite Set Encryption Mode
Feta Freight Systems International
Flash File Uploader
Fine-Granular Scalability
Fixed Host
Federico Heinz Consultora
First Hop Redundancy Protocols
First Hop Redundancy Protocol
Frequency Hop Synchronization
Frequency Hopping Synchronization
Frequency-hopping spread spectrum
Feature Interaction
Fibre-optic Industry Association
Forward Indicator Bit
Flexible Interface Cards
Flexible Interface Cards
Future Intelligent Earth Observing Satellites
Feature Interaction Manager
Fill-In Signal Unit
Fill-In Signal Units
Fill In Signalling Unit
Fill-In Signalling Units
Fibre In The Loop
Fiber Link
Fault Location
Flow Label
Flipped Learning Network
Forward Link Only
Fast Link Pulses
Frame Loss Ratio
Federated Media
Fast Messaging Network
Film Music Network
Fixed Mobile Substitution
Flexible Monitoring System
Fluhrer, Mantin, Shamir
Far More Than Everything You Ever Wanted To Know
Flight Message Transfer Protocol
Fixed Number Portability
Florida Nurse Practitioner Network
Fiber Optic
Friends of a Friend
Fiber Optics Designer
Free on Demand
Fibre Optic Inter-Repeater Link
Full Outdoor Radio
Fiber Optic Test Procedures
Fast Path
Fiber Pair
Fiber Passive
Flexible Port Partitioning
Fully Qualified Domain
Fully Qualified Domain Names
Fully-Qualified Domain Names
Fully Qualified Domain Names
Fixed-Radio Access
Fixed Radio Access
Frame Relay Access Support
Frame Relay Engine
Frequency Reuse Factor
Forward Resource Management
Fugitive Recovery Network
Frame-Relay Traffic Shaping
File Sharing
Fox Sports
Framing and Signaling
Framing and Signalling
Fiber Switching Capable
Fast Secure File System
Fast Serial Interface Processor
Forward Sequence Number
Fast Secure Roaming
Fault Tolerance
Fractional T-1
France Telecom
File Transfer Application
Fiber to the Home
Fixed Telecommunications Network Services
File-Transfer Protocol
File Transer Protocol
Foiled Twisted Pair
Foiled Twisted Pairs
Federal Telecommunication System
Fidonet Technical Standard
FidoNet Technical Standards Committee
Free Topology Twisted
Fiber to the Premise
Fiber to the User
Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien
Fondazione Ugo Bordoni
Firmware Update Management Object
G-Cloud 4
Generic Access
Generic Application-Level Protocol Analyzer
Generic Communication Channel
Generic Connection Framework
Graphical Configuration Tool
General Deployment
Global Dialling Scheme
Giga-bit Ethernet
Guaranteed Frame Rate
Guard Interval
General Integration of the Applications of Complexity in Science
Global Intelligence Network
Globally Interconnected Object Databases
Graphical Interface System
Girls in Technology
Global Location Broker
Great Lakes Comnet
Gigabit Libraries Network
Graphical Models
Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment
Global Missing Children's Network
Graph Modeling Language
Global Network of Astronomical Telescopes
Genome News Network
Grid Naming Service
Global Navigation Satellite Service
Global Outbreak Alert Response Network
General Object Exchange Profile
Generic Object Exchange Profile
Grant Per Connection
Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict
General Purpose Serial Interface
Generalized Pre-Shared Key
Generic Requirements
Global Routing Header
Global Response Intelligent Defense
Global Resource Network
Global Resources Network
Generic Receive Offload
Gigabit Route Processor
Grand Rapids Young Professionals
Generic Stream
Global Survival Network
Global Satellite Phone Services
Global Service Providers
Global Secure Systems
Global Site Selector
Group Switching Subsystem
Generic Substation State Events
Global Service Exchange
Global Telecom
Guard Time
Global Telecom Brokers
Game Tool Chest
Georgia Tech Cable Network
Generic Transparency Descriptor
Global Telescope Network
Global Telecom Solutions Sector
Global Unicast Address
Gaphical User Interface
Graphical Unit Interface
Global University Network for Innovation
Generic User Profile
Global Union Research Network
Globally Unique Temporary Identity
Graph Visualization Framework
Global Virtual Network Service
Global Virtual Private Network
Ground-Wave Emergency Network
Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network
Hybrid Adaptive Caching
Hydrometeorological Automated Data System
home Access Point
Host Bus Adaptors
Hydrologic Benchmark Network
Hybrid Coordinator
Host Credential Authorization Protocol
Host Credentials Authorization Protocol
Hardware Compatible List
Hard Copy Replacement Profile
Hosting & Distribution
High-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line
High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line
High Density Service Modules
High Density Voice
High Density Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Host Ethernet Adapter
Header Error Checksum
High Gain Antennas
Hutchison Global Crossing
Host Identifiers
Host Interface
Host-based Intrusion Detection System
Host-Based Intrusion Detection Systems
Host Monitor
Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition
Home Network Administration Protocol
Home Phone-line Networking Alliance
Home Owners Network
Head Of Queue
Heat Orchestration Template
Heat Orchestration Templates
Herba Penawar Alwahida Indonesia
High Probability of Completion
Hard Polymer Clad Fiber
High Performance Data
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Services
Hybrid Petri Nets
High-Performance Trading
Hierarchical Queueing Framework
Hierarchical Queuing Framework
Health Registration Authority
Highest Random Weight
Harmony Search Algorithm
High System Availability
High-Speed Ethernet
High Speed Encryptor
High Speed Mode
Health Sciences Libraries Consortium
Hardware-Specific Module
High-availability Seamless Redundancy
High Speed Router
Hot-Standby Router Protocol
Hot Standby Redundancy Protocol
Hot Swappable Router Protocol
Higher Speed Study Group
High Speed Study Group
High-Throughput Satellites
High Throughput Satellite
High-Throughput Study Group
High Throughput Study Group
Intelligent Antenna
Initial Address Messages
International Academy of Mathematical Chemistry
Instant Access Points
Internet Authenticate Service
International Airlines Travel Agent
Identity-Based Networking Services
Identity Based Networking Services
Integration Consortium
Interchange Carrier
Interexchange Carriers
International Conference on Advanced Infocomm Technology
Inter-Card Communication
International Conference in Communications
International Christian Dance Fellowship
Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness
International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation
Inter-Chassis Link
Interconnection Cisco Network Devices
Inter-Cache Protocol
Implementing Cisco Storage Network Solutions
Implementing Cisco Storage Networking Solutions
International Conference on Service Science
International Conference on Theory and Applications of Mathematics and Informatics
International Deployment of Accelerometers
Interface Descriptor Block
International Datacasting Corporation
Institute for Data Center Professionals
Intrusion Detection & Prevention
Instrusion Detection System
Intruder Detection Systems
Intrusion Detection Sensor
Intrustion Detection Systems
Intrusion Detection Systems / Intrusion Prevention Systems
Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System
Intrusion Detection Services Module
In-Door Unit
In Door Unit
Interactive European Network for Industrial Crops and their Applications
International Ethernet Private Line
Internet Enhanced Service
Informal European Theatre Meeting
International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies
Integrated Fiber In The Loop
Inter-Facility Link
Inter Facility Link
Insights Guild of the Asia Pacific
Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing
Implementing Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Investigative Journalism Center
International Journal For Technological Research In Engineering
Independent Local Exchange Carriers
Innovation Lab Network
Intercluster Lookup Service
Integrity Management Architecture
Instant Message Access Protocol
Integrated Mobile Broadcast
Independent Media Center
Independent Media Centers
International Music Council
Infinite Memory Engine
Iraq Media Network
Information Model Objects
Infrastructure Monitoring System
International Mobile Subscription Identity
Institut Mines-Telecom
Intelligente Netze
International Network for Availability of Scientific Publications
International Network of Customs Universities
Inverse Neighbor Discovery
Intelligent Network Interface Controllers
Insurance Networking News
Irish Network for Nonviolent Action Training and Education
International Network of Paediatric Surveillance Units
Impulse Noise Protection
International Networking for Young Scientists
Intelligence Online
Intelligent Open Network
Inter-network Operating System
Internetwork Operating Systems
Internetworking Operating Systems
Inter-Operator Tariff
Industry Partner
Infusion, please
Integrating Project
Intercom and Paging
Intercom Profile
Interface Processor
in the Preferred
In the present
Introduction and Preview
Internet Protocol Automatic Configuration
International Plant Diagnostic Network
Internet Protocol over Fibre Channel
Inter Packet Gap
International Private Leased Circuit
International Private Leased Circuits
International Private Lease Circuit
Internet Printer Protocol
Interface Processors
Intrusion Prevention Services
Intrusion Protection Services
International Preservation Trades Workshop
Internetwork Packet eXchange / Sequenced Packet Exchange
International Quality Network
Integrated Routing
Intentional Radiator
Integrated Routing and Bridging
Intelligent Resilient Fabric
Infrastructure Resource Management
Isochronous Resource Manager
Information Request Response
Initial Receive Sequence
International Revenue Share
International Research Staff Exchange Scheme
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies
Incident Response Teams
Integrated Receiver Transcoder
Intermediate System-to-Intermediate
Integrated Service Adapter
Integrated Services Adapter
Intelligent Software Agents
Intelligent Service Access Manager
Independent Street Arts Network
Innovative Solutions Consortium
International Switching Center
International Switch Center
International Software Consulting Network
Insert Subscriber Data
Institute for Strategic Dialogue
International Symposium on Data, Privacy, and E-Commerce
Identify Services Engine
Identity Services Engine
Identity Service Engine
Independent Security Evaluators
Intelligent Storage Element
International Special Events Society
Intelligent Services Gateway
Information Storage Industry Center
Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System
Intermediate System to Intermediate System
Inter-Switch Link
Inter-Switch Links
Inter Switching Link
Inter Switch Link
Inter Switch Links
Inter-Switch Links
Integrated Services Line Unit
In-Service Monitoring
Industry, Scientific, Medical
Industry, Scientific and Medical
Industry Scientific and Medical
Integrated Service Module
Interactive Storage Management Facility
Initial Sequence Numbers
Initial Sequence Numbers
Internal Standards Organization
Information Security Officer's Assistant
International Standardised Profiles
Integrated Service Routers
Integrated Service Router
Initial Send Sequence
Internal Sublayer Service
Interoperability Specifications
International Serial Standard Number
Issue-Specific Security Policy
In-Service Software Upgrade
In-service Software Upgrades
In Service Software Update
Internal Spanning Tree
Israel Symposium on Theory of Computing and Systems
Institute for Security Technology Studies
Infrastructure That
Infrastructure Technical
Infrastructure Training
Infrastructure Technology
Infrastructure Technologies
infrastructure, Telecommunications
Infrastructure Test
Instituto de Telecomunicações
Internet Telephony Administrative Domain
Instructor Training Center
Instructor Training Centre
Intelligent Traffic Director
Instructional Television Fixed Service
Identification Tasking and Networking
Innovative Training Networks
Institute for Telecommunications Research
International Transactions on Systems Science and Applications
International Telecoms Week
International Telecom Week
International Telecommunication Union-Standardization
Inter Unit Transfer
Implementing Unified Wireless Network Essentials
Initiation Vector
Initialization Vectors
Inside Vapor Deposition
Instant Virtual Extranet
Integrated Virtual Ethernet
Initialization Vectors
Interactive Weather Information Network
Intelligent Work Station
Interactive Warning System
International Workshop on Smart Appliances and Wearable Computing
Just Another Day Of The Admin
Junior Chamber International
Junior Chambers International
Java Dial-up Networking
Just Fast Keying
Java in Simulation Time
Joint Programme of Activities
Joint Radio Company
Joint Telecommunications Resources Board
Junos Unified Threat Management
Key Health Indicators
Kognitiv Networking Over White Spaces
Knowledge Object
Kingdome of Saudi Arabia
Kids Sports News Network
Kenya Television Network
Key Telephone Systems
Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes
Link Adaptation
Link Aggregate Control Protocol
Link Aggregation Group
Link Aggregate Group
Local Area Identity
Line Alarm Indication Signal
Lightweight Access Points
Local Access Transport Areas
Line Cards
Linux Computer
Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network
Line Control Protocol
Low Chip Rate
London Communication Symposium
Low-Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction
Link Encapsulation
Large Effective Area Fiber
Large-Scale Exploits and Emergent Threats
Local Environmental Observers
Line Errored Second
Loss of Frame Alignment
Latest Finish Time
Lock Instruct
London Irish Business Society
Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures
Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6
Local Loop
LocalTalk Link-Access Protocol
Link Local Multicast Name Resolution
Local Link Multicast Name Resolution
Lightning Location and Protection
Low-Latency Queue
Low Latency Queueing
Low Latency Queue
linear least-squares
Link-Local Signaling
Link Local Signaling
Link Local Signalling
Link-Layer Topology Discovery
Link Layer Topology Discovery
Local Multi-point Distribution Services
Local Multipoint Distribution Systems
Local Measured Service
Library of National Intelligence
Lower Order
low-orbit ion cannon
Loss Of Multiframe
Local port
Lockout of Protection
Local Policy Modules
Line Printer Requester
Line Print Remote
Low Power Radio
Line Processing Unit
Low Quad Flat Pack
Link Quality Reports
Link Request
Location Routing Numbers
Linux Router Project
Link Reset Response
Link Reversal Routing
Learning Session
Link Set
Lip Synchronization
Local Server
Local Switch
Local Switching
Licensed Shared Access
Link-State Acknowledgement
Link State Acknowledgement
Link State Acknowledgment
Link-State Algorithm
Link State Algorithms
Link State Ack
Linux Security Auditing Tool
Locally Significant Certificate
Local Session Controller
Link-Support Layer
Labeled Switch Path
Layered Service Providers
License Service Provider
Labeled Switched Paths
Label-Switched Router
Label-Switch Router
Label Switched Routers
Label Switch Routers
Learning and Skills Research Network
label-switched routers
Label Switched Routers
Label Switch Routers
Layer Setting Services
Link Status Signal Units
Link Status Signal Units
Link Status Signalling Units
Link State Update
Link State Updates
Line Terminal
Link Trailer
Line Termination Equipment
Long Training Field
Land Transformation Model
Local Traffic Mgr
Linux Tips & Tricks
Line Units
Label Virtual Circuit
Move Add Change
Moves, Adds & Changes
Moves Adds Changes
Media Access Controller for Ethernet
Multi-Active Detection
Maximum Allocation Model
MultiService Access Points
Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite
Machine Access Restriction
Mobile Agent System
Moving Anthropology Social Network
Multi-Boot Agent
Multi Beam Antenna
Multicast Border Gateway Protocol
Measat Broadcast Network Systems
Mobile Broadband Router
Must Be Zero
Multiport Communications Interface
Motion Compensated Prediction
Media Convergence Server
Miscellaneous Control Subsystem
Mission Critical Systems
Modulation & Coding Scheme
Modulation Coding Schemes
Microsoft Certified System Associate
Microsoft Certified Solution Providers
Multi-point Conferencing Unit
Malware Detection
Main Distribution Frames
Media Dependant Interface
Media Dependent Interface
Medium-Dependent Interface
Medium Dependant Interface
Media Dependent Interface Crossover
Medium dependent interface crossover
Mobile Data Network
Modified Deficit Round-Robin
meta-data server
Meta Data Server
Multilayer Director Switches
Multicast Distribution Trees
Multi-Dwelling Unit
Multi Dwelling Unit
Multiple Dwelling Unit
Mobility Enabled Access
Media Endpoint Discovery
Multi Exit Descriminator
Multi Exit Discriminator
Multi-Exit Discriminators
Middle East North Africa Financial Network
Mobile Equipment Personalization
Marine Expeditionary Rifle Squad
Multilingual Europe Technology Alliance
More-Fragments Flag
More Fragment
Multi-Frequency, Time Division Multiple Access
Multi Frequency Code
Multi-Function Center
Multi Function Device
Multicast Forwarding Information Base
Multi-Function Peripheral
Multi-Functional Peripheral
multi function peripheral
Managed Firewall Services
Memory File System
Medium-Grain Scalability
Medium Grain Scalability
Mast Head Amplifier
Manufacturing Installed Certificate
Message Integrity Codes
Media-Independent Interface
Media Independent Interfaces
Merritt Island Launch Annex
Man in the Middle
Molecular Interaction Maps
Molecular Interaction Map
Multiple-In, Multiple-Out
Multiple-In Multiple-Out
Multiple In, Multiple Out
Multiple In Multiple Out
Maximal Independent Set
Michigan Information Technology Center
Man in the Middle
Morgan Kaufmann
Mining and Learning with Graphs
Multi-Link Gearbox
Mobile Location Protocol
Maximum Likelihood Quantization
Multi-Layer Switching
Multi-Link Trunking
Multi-Link Trunk
Mind Module
Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Systems
Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution Service
Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service
Multi-Mode Fibre
Multi Mode Fiber
Multi Mode Fibre
Massive Multiplayer Online Games
Massive Multiple Online Role Playing Game
Modified Modular Plug
Media Networking Alliance
Multiple Network Graphics
Microcom Network Protocols
Mobile Origination
Mobile Originator
Media on Demand
Multimedia on Demand
Message Oriented Middleware Association
Method of Procedures
Mean Opinion Scores
Mean Opinion Scoring
Member Organizations
Modular Open Systems Approach
Modular Open System Approach
Media Processor
Multi Protocol
Manchester Phase Encoding
Multi-Protocol Encapsulation
Multi Protocol Encapsulation
Marketing Part Number
Multifiber Push-On
Multiple-Fiber Push-On
Minimum Point Of Entry
Microwave Packet Radio
Media Renderer
Media Routing
Minimum Route Advertisement Interval
Multimedia Ring Back Tone
Monthly Recurring Charge
Monthly Recurring Costs
Market Representation Partner
Multiservice Route Processor
Managed Services
Monitor Stations
Mobility Server
Multiplex Section
Multiplex Section Adaptation
Multi-Source Agreement
Multi-Sourcing Agreement
Multiple Source Agreement
Multi Source Agreement
Multi-Source Agreements
Multi Station Access Unit
Multi-Service Blade
Media Services Center
Mobile Services Center
Master Slave Determination
Massively Scalable Data Centers
Multi-rate Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Mobility Services Engine
Mobility Service Engine
Multilayer Switch Feature Card 2
Multilayer Switch Feature Cards
Media Services Interface
Master Subsidiary Lock
Media Server Markup Language
Multiple Subscriber Numbers
Multi Subscriber Number
Multiple Services Operator
Multiple-System Operator
Multiple System Operator
Multiple System Operators
Multi System Operators
multiple-system operators
Multiple System Operators
Managed Solutions Provider
Media Services Platform
Multiservice Switch Router
Message Session Relay Protocol
Message Sessions Relay Protocol
Max Segment Size
Multiple Spanning Trees
Multiple Spanning Tree Instance
Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
Mobile Terminal
Mobile Terminating
Media Terminal Adapter
Multimedia Terminal Adapters
Multicast Trivial File Transfer Protocol
Mahanagar Telephone Mauritius Ltd
Message Transfer Part 2
Multimedia Transport Protocol
Mobile Termination Rates
Managed Technology Services
Message Toll Service
Mean Time to Detection
Mobile Units
Multi-User Detection
Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network
Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence in Networks
Multi-User Telecommunications Outlet Assembly
Multifunction Vehicle Bus
Microwave Video Distribution System
Multiple Virtual Line
Multiple Virtual Lines
Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor
Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributors
Multichannel Video Programming Distributors
Mobile Wireless Access
Mesh Wide Area Network
Mobile Wireless Routers
Mobile Wireless Router
Mobile Web Services
Mobile Wireless Transport Manager
Myrinet Express
Neighbor Advertisements
North American Dial Plan
Number Assignment Module
Numeric Assignment Module
Network of Academics and Professionals
News and Public Affairs
Network Airline Services
NetApp Accredited Sales Professional
Network-Based Application Recognition 2
Name-Binding Protocol
Network Boot Program
Network Bootstrap Programs
Neighbour Cache
Net Coordinator
Node Consistency
Network Capable Application Processors
National Cybersecurity Assessments and Technical Services
Network Communications Controller
National Color Code
Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia
Novell Certified Linux Professional
Network for Computational Nanotechnology
National Coordination Office
Novell Core Protocol
Necessary Conditions
NetApp Certified Storage Associate
NetApp Certified Storage Associates
Nigeria-Cameroon Submarine Cable System
National Computer Science and Engineering Conference
National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos
Neighbor Discover
Network Device Admission Control
National Datacomm Corporation
Network Distribution Center
Network Distribution Centers
North Dallas Chamber of Commerce
Netflow Data Export
Network Device Enrollment Service
Network Device Enrollment Services
Network Driver Interface Specification Wide Area Network
Neighbour Discovery Protocol
Non-Dispersion Shifted Fiber
Non-Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
Non Dispersion Shifted Fiber
No Dial Tone
Near End
Network Enterprise Domain
Network Express Module
New European Media
NetWare Enterprise Print Services
Networked Embedded Systems for Enterprise Applications
Network of European Technocrats
Non-Facilities Associated Signaling
Non-Facility Associated Signalling
Network Facilities Provider
National Family Preservation Network
NetFlow Generation Appliance
Next Generation Encryption
Next Generation Digital Loop Carrier
Next Generation Frame
National Group on Homeworking
Next Generation Hotspot
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems
Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System
Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems
New Global Telecom
Next Generation Wireless
Network Header
National Hosts
Next Hop Servers
Network Interface Board
Notification Indicator
Network of International Business Schools
Network in Canadian History and Environment
Northern Ireland Electricity
Neighbor Information Frames
Networking Infrastructure Grant
National Institute for People with Disabilities
Network Integrity Systems
National League 3 Midlands
Next Level Aggregator
National LAN Exchange
NetWare Loadable Modules
Normal Link Pulses
Network Modules
Network Media Devices
New Media Literacy Education
Network Modules
Network Mobility Services Protocol
Notes Named Network
National Nursing Network Organization
National Network of State Teachers of the Year
National Operations Centre
National Operation Centre
National Operations and Intelligence Watch Officer Network
National Ozone Units
Named Port
Number Portability
Network Policy and Access Services
Network for Public Education
Numbering Plan Identification
National Pacific Islander Educator Network
Norwegian Post and Telecommunications
Network Quality Analyzer
National Road Authority
National Religious Broadcasters
National Research Mentoring Network
Network Routing Specialist
Neighbor Relation Table
Non-return Zero
Non-Stop Bridging
National Small Business Chamber
National Scalable Cluster Project
Network Security Engineers
Nomadix Service Engine
Network for Science, Engineering, Arts and Design
National Society for Hispanic Professionals
Network Store Interface
Non Stop Kernel
Neural Simulation Language
National Senior Living Providers Network
Node Switch Processor
Name Servers
Name Switch Service
Not-So-Stubby Areas
Not So Stubby Areas
Not-So-Stubby Areas
Name translation
Notification Type
Named Telephony Event
Network Technology Group
Number Translation Service
Number Translation Services
National Television Standards Comittee
Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network
Network of Ugandan Researchers and Research Users
National Virtual Incubator
NAT Virtual Interface
Near-Video On Demand
National Vice President
Network Video Transmitters
Network Vulnerability Tests
Next-generation and Wireless Communications Laboratory
National Welfare Rights Network
New York Association of Business Brokers
New York Entrepreneurs & Startup Network
Operations, Administration, and Maintenance
Optical Add-Drop Modules
Operation, Administration and Maintenance
Oracle By Example
On Board Processor
Open Connectivity
Originally Called Number
Open Computer Project
Open Cloud Server
Origin Content Server
Oracle9 i Data Mining
On Demand Routing
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple
Orthogonal Frequency Divisional Multiplexing
Orthogonal frequency-division multiple
Open Fabrics Enterprise Distribution
Optical Fiber Nonconductive
Optical Fiber Non-conductive Plenum
Optical Fiber Solutions
Oficina de Gerencia y Presupuesto
OpenStack Interoperability Lab
Open Innovation Network
Originating Identification Presentation
Opportunistic Key Caching
Offentlig Landmobil Telefoni
Optical Loss Test Sets
Optical Loss Test Set
Outreach Messaging
Optical Multi-Service
Optical Multi-Service Nodes
Orthogonal Mode Transducer
Open Mobile Exchange
Operational Node
Optimistic Node
Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs
Orchestra Network for Europe
Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Ocean Observatories Initiative
Online Presence Ontology
Optical Power Received
Off Premise Station
Off-Premises Extension
Off Premise Extension
Open Relay Black List
Ocean Research Interactive Observatory Network
Operations Research Society of Japan
Object Servers
Open Systems
Operator Services
Open Services Access
Open System Authentication
Optical Supervisory Channel
Open Systems Interconnecting
Operating System Interface
optical signal-to-noise-ratio
Operator Service Provider
Open Shortes Path First
Open Shortest-Path First
Operator Services Position System
Office Support System
Operator Services System
Operations Support System Interface
Object Storage Servers
Open-Source Security Testing Methodology
Object Storage Target
Offensive Security Wireless Professional
Operation Test and Evaluation
Over-The-Air Programming
Optical Time Domain Multiplexing
Optical Time Division Multiplexed
Optical Time Domain Reflectometers
Optical Time Domain Reflectrometry
Optical Time Domain Reflectometers
Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers
Optical Time Domain Reflectometers
One Touch Intelligent Security Technology
Online Training Program
Organisationally Unique Identifier
Organizationally Unique Identifiers
Oulu University Secure Programming Group
Open Vulnerability Assessment Language
Operator Virtual Connection
Operator Virtual Connections
Open View Performance Insight
Open Wireless Architecture
Optical Wireless Broadband
Office of Women in Higher Education
Protected Access Credentials
Protected Access Credentials
Proxy Auto Config
Port Access Control List
Pan Africa Chemistry Network
Public Area Network
Password Authentication Procedure
Payment for Anonymous Routing
Practical Applications of Stochastic Modelling
Protection Against Wrapped Sequences
Protocol to Access White-Space
Peripheral Buffer
Pairing-Based Cryptography
Push-Button Configuration
Push Button Configuration
Policy base routing
personnel computer
Point Coordination
Putih Coklat
Point Coordinate Function
People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty
Panduit Certified Installer
Personal Communications Manager
Personal Computer Manufacturer
Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Association
Process Change Notification
Private Cable Operator
Programmable Communicating Thermostats
Physical Device
Powered Device
Public Display
Partial Directed Coherence
Parallel Data Lab
Protocol Dependent Modules
Paramount Domestic Television
Power Distribution Unit
Path Delay Value
Payload Encoding
Policy Enforcement
Policy Engine
Provider Edges
Partner E-Learning Connection
Partner Education Connection
Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service
Performance Enhancing Proxies
Pakistan Educational Research Network
Pool Elements
Perceptual Evaluation of Video Quality
Planned Engineering Works
Packet Filtering
Proportional Fair
Packet Forwarding Engine
Power Feed Equipment
Packet Fair Queuing
Protocol Gateway
Protocol Handler
Per-Hop Behaviour
Per-Hop Behaviors
Per Hop Behavior
Per Hop Behaviors
Per-Hop Behaviors
Per Hop Behaviors
Per Hop Behaviours
Penultimate Hop Popping
Payload Header Suppression
Prefix Hash Tree
pseudo-Hadamard transform
Physical Interfaces
Physical Infrastructure Access
Physical Interface Cards
point in calls
Prefix-Independent Convergence
Prefix Independent Convergence
Project for Integrated Catalogue Automation
Power Intrusion Detection System
Protocol Independent Interfaces
Protocol Independent Multicast-Sparse
Program Item Number
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Proactive Key Caching
Partition Knowledge Table
Panhandle Library Access Network
Personal Localized Alerting Network
Personal Localized Alert Network
Planned Lifetime Advocacy Networks
Packet Loss Concealment
Philippines Long Distance Telephone
Payload Label Mismatch
Pulse Link Repeater
Page Load Time
Physical-Medium Dependent
Physical Medium-Dependent
Pair-Physical Medium Dependent
Poll Mode Driver
Printer Management Language
Presentation Number
Physical Node
Public Network Provider
Peer-to-peer name resolution protocol
Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network
Push-To-Talk Over Cellular
Public Office Dialing Plan
Polymer Optical Fiber
Polymer Optical Fibers
Polymer Optical Fibre
Parallel Optimized Host Message Exchange Layered File System
Priority of Service
Plain Old Telephone Set
Plain-Old Telephone Service
Plain Ordinary Telephone Service
Personal Printer Data Stream
Per Packet Keying
Periodic Pulse Metering
Public Performance Measure
Priority Queueing
Packet Radio
Path Replacement
Physical Resource Blocks
Personal Ring Back Tone
Performance Routing Engine
Primary-Rate Interface
Primary Rate Interfaces
Primary Rate Interfaces
Potential Router List
Preferred Roaming Lists
Performance Report Message
Performance Report Messages
Partners Resource Network
Physicians Resource Network
Proportional Rate Reduction
Persistent Surveillance
Physical Slot
Port Security
Power Sum-Attenuation-to-Crosstalk
Presence Server
Presence Services
Puget Sound American Marketing Association
Phase Shaped Binary Transmission
Persistent Storage Device
Power Spectrum Density
Power Supplying Equipment
Physical Security Interoperability Alliance
Pre-Shared Keys
People with Special Needs
Policy Services Node
Policy Service Node
Professional Social Networking Group
Power Save Polling
Power Save Poll
Power Saving-Poll
Power Saving Poll
Professional Services Partner
Professional Service Provider
Public Secure Packet Forwarding
Public Safety Radio Communications Project
Primary Synchronization Sequence
Privacy, Security & Trust
Publicly Switched Telephone Network
Packet Tracer
Public Transport
Packet Too Big
Pacific Telecom Council
Penetration Testing Engineer
Pairwise Temporal Key
Preservation Trades Network
Public Telecommunication Operators
Port to Port
Peace Training and Research Organization
Pass-Through Switching
Precision Time System
Post, Telephone, and Telegraph
Public Telephone & Telegraph
Packet Utilisation Standard
Partial Usage of Sub-Channel
Product Upgrade Tool
Packet Video
Protocol Version
Pseudo Wires
Pseudo Wire Emulation
Public Wireless Local Area Network
Professional Women's Network
Portable Wireless Router
Programmable Work Station
Progressive Women's Spiritual Association
Personal Wireless Telecommunications
Pre-boot Execution Environment
Preboot Execution Environment
Quantum Bit Error Rate
Queue Engine
Quick Fair Queue
Qualified Incident Response Assessors
Router Advertisements
Router Advertisment
Router Alert
Remote Antenna Driver
Remote Access Dial-In User Service
Remote Access Dial In User Service
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Services
Remote Authentication Dial In User Services
Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory
Redundant Arrays of Independent Libraries
Relationship Action Plan
Root Access Point
robust-audio tool
Robust Audio Tool
Router Audit Tool
Receive Buffer Descriptors
Route Bridge Encapsulation
Routed Bridged Encapsulation
Restricted Boltzmann Machines
Radio Commander
Required for Compliance
Resistor Capacitor
Routing Controller
Radio Control Module
Remote Copy Program
Received Channel Power Indicator
Reported Distance
Remote Differential Compression
Reverse Data Channel
Remote Direct Data Placement
Rare Diseases International
Reliably Delivered Message
Russian Doll Model
Russian Dolls Model
Real-time Data Viewer
Remote Edge Access Point
Radio Equipment Controllers
Remote Ethernet Devices
Remote Error Indicator
Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise
Reliable Event Logging Protocol
Recursive Flow Classification
Receive Frame Descriptor
Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection
Radio Frequency Interface
Radio Frequency Subsystem
Radio Frequency Spectrum
Receive Flow Steering
Radio Frequency Terminal
Radio Grade
Remote Gateway
Router Guide
Router-port Group Management Protocol
Routing Header
Regional Hub Nodes
Rank Indicator
Reduced Inter-Frame Spacing
Reference Interconnection Offer
Remote Install Service
Research Infrastructures
Radio Instruction to Strengthen Education
Radio In The Loop
Radio Interface Technologies
Registered Jack-45
Registered Jack-11
Routing Key
Relay Layer
Radio Link Aggregation
Radio in the Local Loop
Redundant Link Management Technology
Radio-Link Protocol
Read Link Status
Radio Link Timeout
Release Link Trunk
Redirect message
Release Note
Reach North Asia Loop
Remote Network Driver Interface Specification
Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity
Research Networking Programmes
Requirements October
Réseau Ouest et Centre Africain de Recherche en Education
Return on Prevention
Remote Operations Service
Remote Operations Services
Remote Operations Services Element
Root of Trust
Radio Port
Radio Ports
Route Processor
Router Port
Reverse Path Broadcasting
Reverse Path Broadcast
Rackspace Private Cloud
Remote-Procedure Call
Remote Procedure Calls
Rochester Professional Consultants Network
Return Path Demodulator
Regular Pulse Excitation-Long
Research Promotion Foundation
Reverse-Path Forwarding
Revenue Per Mille
Reverse Path Multicasting
Receive Packet Steering
Rendezvous-Point Tree
Route Processors
Receive Queue
Rapid Response
Resource Request
Route Relay
Routing and Remote Access
Routing and Remote Access Server
Round-Robin Database
Remote Radio Equipment
Record Route Object
Redundant Ring Protocol
Rapid Ring Protection Protocol
Registration Records
Real Server
Registry Service
Resource Sharing
Router Shelf
Rivest, Shamir, Aldeman
Receive Segment Coalescing
Route Switch Controller
Receive Signal Level
Remote Serial Port
Route Switch Processor 2
Rural Support Programmes Network
Radio Spectrum Policy Programme
Reference Signal Received Power
Reference Signal Receiving Power
Receive-Side Scaling
Receive Side Scaling
Radio Signal Strength Indication
Received Signal Strength Indicators
Received Strength Signal Indicator
Receive Signal Strength Indicator
Receive Strength Signal Indicator
Receiving Signal Strength Indicator
Recieved Signal Strength Indicator
Routing & Switching Solutions for System Engineers
Rapid Spanning Tree
Running Status Table
Reference Signal Time Difference
Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol
Retransmission Timeout
Russian Television
Remote Triggered Black Hole
Reduced Ten Bit Interface
Research Task Force
Read The Fscking Manual
Real Time Kinematic
Real Time Location Services
Request Time Out
Release To Pivot
Real-Time Publish-Subscribe
Real-Time Publish Subscribe
Reliable Transaction Router
Response Time Reporter
Radio Transmission Technologies
Radio Transmission Technologies
Real Time Traffic
Received Total Wideband Power
Rack Units
Security and Dependability
Station Adapter
Server Assignment Answer
Set Asynchronous Balance Mode
Set Asynchronous Balance Mode Extended
Service Access Controller
Simultaneous Authentication of Equals
Sequential Assignment Routing
Server Assignment Request
Smart Antenna Systems
Spectrum Access System
Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference
Student Branch Congress
System Biology Markup Language
Siemens Base Station
Social Business Software
Sociedade Brasileira de Silvicultura
Secure Copy
Sequence Count
Shelf Controller
Slave Clock
Speed Calling
Square Connector
Switch Commander
Secure Cisco Auditor
Secure Content Accelerator
Sustainable Commodity Assistance Network
Secure Content Automation Protocol
Symposium Call Center Server
Southern California Dog Trainers Forum
Self-Clocked Fair Queuing
Self-Clock Fair Queuing
Self Clocked Fair Queuing
Spinal Cord Injury Association of Kentucky
Single-Carrier Modulation
Sparse Code Multiple Access
Sun Certified Network Administrator
Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center
Social Cognitive Network Academic Research Center
Security Consensus Operational Readiness Evaluation
Switching Control Point
Sustain Cell Rate
Sustained Cell Rate
Serbian Chemical Society
Solaris Certified System Administrator
Small Computer Storage Interface
Society for Computer Simulation International
Salerno Container Terminal
Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers
Serious Crash Unit
Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine
Session Directory
Signal Degrade
Signal Degraded
Space-Security Director
Space Diversity
Spatial Diversity
Software Defined Architecture
Software Defined Application Delivery
Secure Data Center
Secondary Domain Controller
Software Defined Computing
Software Defined Compute
Software-Defined Data Center
Software-Defined Data Centre
Software-Defined Data Centers
Software Defined Data Center
Software Defined Data Centers
Software Defined Data Centre
Software-Defined Everything
Software Defined Everything
Software Defined Enterprise
Search Data Format
Signature Definition File
Server and Domain Isolation
Spatial Division Multiplexing
Software-Defined Perimeter
Software Defined Perimeter
Service Discovery Protocols
Secure Domain Router
Service Discovery Service
Software-Defined Security
Symmetric Digital Subscriber Loop
Service Delivery Unit
Service Edge
Service Element
Spectral Efficiency
Scalable Encryption Algorithm
Shared Ethernet Adapter
Shared Ethernet Adapters
Site Event Buffer
Society for Economic and Basic Advancement
Single Ended Line Test
SmartStream Encryptor Modulator
Satellite Earth Stations
Secure Easy Setup
Severely Errored Second Ratio
Switched Ethernet Services
Similarity-Enhanced Transfer
Store and Forward
Super Frame
Switch Fabric
Switch Fabric Card
Switch Fabric Cards
Start-of-Frame Delimiter
Standard Formatted Data Units
Small Form Fit
Software Fault Injection
Spatial Filtering for Interference Reduction
Small Form-factor Pluggables
Small Form Pluggable
Stochastic Fairness Queuing
Start of Frame Sequence
Secure File Transport Protocol
Single Family Unit
Switch Fabric Unit
Secure Gateway
Security Gateway
Symantec Gateway Security
Security Hash Algorithm
Sender hardware address
Super High Definition
Short Haul Data Service
Single-Pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Line
Short-Haul Modem
Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network
Simple Hierarchical Ordered Planner
Self Healing Rings
Security Health Validator
System Health Validators
Scan Interval
Service Identity
Service Instance
Sitem Informasi
Stream Identifier
Smart Interface Cards
Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum
Services Identity Module
Subscriber Identity Modules
Subscriber Identity Modul
Subscribers Identification Module
Subscriber Identity Modules
Subscriber Identification Modules
Session Initation Protocol
Session Initiation Protocol's
Session Initiating Protocol
Session Interface Protocol
Sessions Initiation Protocol
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network
Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network
Service Interface Specification
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation
Simple Internet Transition
Software Integration Test
System Integrity Verifiers
Shared Key
Signalling Link
Subscriber Line
Standford Linear Accelerator Center
Service Level Guarantee
Synthetic Loss Measurement
Sending Loudness Rating
Short Messages
Spare Mounting
Spectrum Monitor
Standby Monitors
Stream Mode
Subscriber Module
Switching Module
Switch Modules
Sub Miniature Assembly
Server Message Blocks
Service Message Block
Server Message Block 2
Small & Medium Business
Surface Mount Boxes
Social Media Club
Single-Mode Fibers
Single Mode Fibre
Single Mode Fibers
Serial Mobile Interface Card
Superior Modular Products
Shared Metallic Path Facility
Steiner Minimum Tree
Selectable Mode Vocoders
Storage Node
System Number
Social Networks and Archival Context
Systems and Network Analysis Center
Sub-Network Access Protocol
Sub Network Access Protocol
Storage Networking Certification Program
Sony Network Entertainment America
Sequence Number Field
Sequence Number Packet
Sequence Number Packets
Signal-to-Noise Ratios
Signal-to-Noise Ration
Signal-to Noise Ratio
Signal to Noise Ration
SportsNet New York
Service Order Administration
Security Operation Center
Security Operations Centers
Scale-out File Services
Section Over Head
Stochastic Opponent Modeling Agents
Stellar Observations Network Group
Server Operating System
Systems of Systems Common Operating Environment
Service Oriented Storage Solutions
Services Oriented Storage Solutions
Scan Period
Security Policy
Security Primer
Service Providers
Source Port
Static Priority
Synchronisation Profile
Synchronization Profile
Security Posture Assessment
Sender protocol address
Shared Port Adaptor
Shared Port Adapters
Single Parent Action Network
Solar Particle Alert Network
Service Provider Code
Signal Processing Controller
Selective Packet Discard
Smart Power Down
Shortest-Path First
Security Policy Index
Service Programming Interface
Statefull Packet Inspection
State Packet Inspection
Senior Planners Industry Network
Secure Port Module
Security Policy Manager
Service Performance Manager
System Performance Monitor
Suspect Parameter Numbers
Single Point of Failure
Single Points of Failure
Single Points of Failures
Shared Product Object Tree
Silicon Packet Processor
Seattle Professional Photographers Association
Secure Packet Shield
Sensor Processing System
Spam Prevention Solution
Symantec Product Specialist
Signal Post Telephone
Sony Pictures Television
Source Path Tree
Send Queue
Sub-Quarter Common Intermediate Format
Sequence Query Language
Software Query Language
Structured Query Langauge
Secure Router
Send Ready
Service Routers
Short Reach
Schedule Risk Assessments
Seamless Rate Adaptation
Supercomputing Research Center
Session Request Delay
Symp on Reliable Distributed Systems
Structural Return Loss
Symantec Research Labs
Storage Resource Manager
Storage Resource Managers
Service Resource Module
Single Router Mode
Software Release Note
Server-Requester Programming Interface
Server Requester Programming Interface
Status Report Request
Self-Regenerative Systems
Survivable Remote Site
Survivable Remote Site Voicemail
Secure Reliable Transport
Secure Real-Time Transfer protocol
Speed and Range eXpansion
Signal Slots
Signal System
Special Session
Special Sessions
Station Services
Space Situation Awareness
System and Switch Board
Secure Services Client
Service Signaling Channel
Small System Controller
Special Services Center
Special Service Center
Spread Spectrum Carrier
Service specific connection oriented protocol in a multilink and connectionless environment
Service Support Data
Start-of-Stream Delimiter
Start of Stream Delimiter
Simple Services Discovery Protocol
Sum Squared Error
Secure Services Gateway
Secure Shell Layer
Security Services Module
Security Service Module
Sync Status Messaging
System Services Module
Standard Single Mode Fiber
Species Survival Network
Surveillance Studies Network
Simplified Swarm Optimization
Shared Services and Outsourcing Network
Signal Switching Points
Silicon Switch Processor
Storage Service Provider
Storage Service Providers
System Security Policy
Systems Security Policy
Secondary Synchronization Sequence
Shadow Security Scanner
Strict Sense Stationary
Storage Systems Standards Committee
Signal Sustain Technology
Subsystem Status Test
Smart Server Update Mechanism
session termination
Spanning Tree
Steiner Tree
Subscriber Terminal
Security Testing and Evaluation
Single-time aggregation packet
Simultaneous Transmit and Receive
Special Technical Community on Social Networking
Tip and ring
Terminal Adapters
Technical Assistant Center
The Asia Network
Telematics Applications Programme
Technology and Policy for Accessing Spectrum
Tiger Analytical Research Assistant
Trust-Aware Routing Framework
Topology Change
Transaction on Computers
Transactions on Computer
Technical Committee 6
Topology Change Acknowledgement
Topology Change Acknowledgment
Transactional Capabilities Application Part
Transaction Capabilities Applications Protocol
Transaction Capabilities Application Protocol
Transaction Capability Application Protocol
Transactions Capabilities Applications Part
Thematic Collections Networks
Topology Change Notifications
Topology Change Notifications
Telephony Control Protocol
Time of Closest Point of Approach
Traffic Classes
Time Domain Duplex
Time Domain Duplexing
Tactical Data Links
Tunnel Direct Link Setup
time-division multiplex
time-division multiplexer
Time Devision Multiplexing
Time Division Multiplexed
Time Division Multiple Acces
Time Division Multiple Access-множественнныи
Tag Distribution Protocol
Trigger Detection Point
Trigger Detection Points
Time-Dependent Routing
Tracking Data Relay Satellite
Tactical Data System
Telecommunications Enclosure
Tunnels Example
Transit Europe-Asia
Technical Exchange Meetings
Telecommunications Executive Network
Top Executives Net
The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
The Executive Network of Seattle
Technical Evaluation Plan
Threat Evaluation and Weapon Assignment
Transformation Function
Transport Format Combinations
Tech Field Day
Tag Forwarding Information Base
Toll Free Number
Toll Free Service
Transport Format Sets
Trival File Transfer Protocol
Trunking Gateway
Trans-Hybrid Loss
token hold timer
The International Alliance for Women
Tag Information Base
Tactical Information Communication Network
The Indus Entrepreneurs
Transducer Independent Interface
Telecom Italia Mobile
Time-based Inductive Machine
Traffic Indication Map
Traffic Indication Message
Traffic Indicator Map
Traffic Indication Messages
Top Industrial Managers Europe
Transmission Impairment Measurement Set
Technology Implementation Plan
Telepresence Interoperability Protocol
Terminating Identification Restriction
Technical Infrastructure for Swedish Directory Access Gateways
Tail Loss Probe
Transport Layer Service
Terrestrial Low Power Service
Tranport Layer Security
Transmission Layer Security
Trunk Module
Tower Mounted Amplifiers
Technology Means Business
Transmission Medium Requirements
Threat Management Services
Time Multiplexed Switching
Trending News Portal
Temporary Offset
Terahertz Optical Asymmetric Demultiplexer
Technical Operations Center
Technical Operations Centre
Time Of Delivery
Type of Services
Tail Pointer
Terminal Portability
Termination Point
Test Purpose
Test Purposes
Theoretical Performance
Transition Plan
Transmit Power
Transport Protocol Data Units
Trans-Pacific Express
Trading Process Network
Transaction Programs
Transmission Parameter Signalling
Triple Play Service
Technical Review
Telecommunications Room
Terminating Resistor
Traffic Restart Allowed
Transcoder and Rate Adaption Unit
Technical Research Center
Toshiba Research Europe Ltd
Token Ring Interface Processor
Triangle Research Libraries Network
Truncated Reverse Path Broadcasting
Travel Retailers Universal Enumeration
Technology Services
Topology Services
Telephony Server
Toll Switching
Training Sequence
Tunnel Servers
Technical Systems Bulletin
Technical Steering Committee
Time-slot Interchange
Transport Stream Interface
Transient Session Key
Telecom Services Kiribati Ltd
Texas State Network
Telecommunications Service Ordering
Telecom Server Platform
Telephone Service Provider
Telephony Service Providers
Tag Switching Router
Tag Switch Router
Transmit Status Register
Thursby Software Systems
Test Suite Structure and Test Purpose
Time space time
Translation Type
Telecommunication Technology Committee
Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society
Transmit Transition Gap
Transmission Time Intervals
Transmission Timing Intervals
Table Type Patterns
TacNet Tactical Radio
Target Transfer Tag
Trunk Unit
Technische Universitat Berlin
Tele Vida
Threat Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
Trident Warrior
Time Warner Cable Business Class
Texas Wireless Summit
Two-way Simultaneous
Traditionalist Youth Network
User Authentication Service
Unified Border Element
Utility Controller
Uplink Channel Descriptor
Upstream Channel Descriptor
Unified Configuration Interface
Ubiquitous Computing Systems
Universal Card Slot
Unreliable Datagram
Ultimate Deployment Appliance
User Data Base
Unified Device Manager
User Data Request
Universal Distributed Storage
User Entities
Uplink Failure Detection
Unsolicited Grant Services
Unified Lunar Control Network
Ultra Lightweight Encapsulation
Upper Level Protocol
Universal Multimedia Access
User Mode Linux
Universal Mobil Telecommunications System
Upstream Neighbor Address
Universal Network Driver Interface
User Parts
Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya
Unified Physical Infrastructure
User Payload Identifier
User Registration Area
Uniform Resource Locaters
Uniform Resource Names
Universal Resource Identifiers
Universal Resource Names
Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
User Registration Tool
Universal Small Cell
Unique Service Name
Universal Service Order Code
Universal Service Ordering Code
Universal Service Order Codes
Universal Service Ordering Codes
Universal Service Order Codes
Unstructured Supplementary Services Data
Unstructured Service Supplementary Data
United Telecom Council
University Technology Enterprise Network
Uganda Telecom Ltd
Union des transports publics
Universal Twisted Pair
Unscreened Twisted Pair
User Threat Quotient
University Technology Services
University of Technology of Troyes
Ultrasonic Test Unit
Unix-to-Unix Copy Program
Unix to Unix Copy Program
User-to-User Information
User to User Indication
User to User Information
User-User Information Element
User User Signaling
UniFi Video Camera
Universal Voice Module
Ultra Wide Band
Voice Activated Dialing
Voice Activated Detection
Vancouver Amateur Digital Communications Group
Vendor Access System
Very Broad Band
Virtual Chassis
Virtual Connect
Virtual Channel Identifiers
Variable Coding & Modulation
Virtual Cluster Switching
Virtual Device Contexts
Virtual Device Context
Virtual Data Objects
Video Distribution Profile
Virtual Drive Test
Virtual Editions
Virtual Ethernet Module
Virtual Ethernet Modules
Virtual Function
Virtual Functions
Voice Frequencies
Virtual Fabric Adapter 5
Virtual Fragment Reassembly
Virtual Functions
Virtual Guest Tagging
Video Hits
Valley Industry Association
Video Inspection Probe
Virtual Links
Versioning Machine
Virtual Machine Queue
Virtual Machine Queues
Virtual Machine Queues
Visited Mobile Switching Center
Visited Mobile Switching Centre
Virtual Personal Computer
Virtual Private Line
Virtual Private Wire Services
Visual Quality Experience
Video Ready Access Device
Versatile Routing Platform
Virtual Reference System
Vulnerability Research Team
Voice Switch
Virtual Service
Vendor Specific Attribute
Virtual Service Communities
Variable Spreading Factor
Virtual Services Gateway
Virtual Switch Link
Virtual Supervisor Module
Virtual Supervisor Modules
Video Service Provider
Virtual Switching System
Virtual Switching Systems
Virtual Switch System
Venture Tech Network
Wisdom & Sense
Web-based Access Control
Wireless Application Protocol Bearer
Write Ahead Physical Block Logging
Warning Alert and Response Network
Web Analytics Wednesdays
Wireless Device
Wave Division Multiplex
Wavelength-division multiplexing
Wavelength-Division Multiplexed
Wavelength Division Multiplexed
Wireless Distribution Service
Wired-Equivalent Privacy
Wired Equivalent Protocol
Wired Equivalence Privacy
Wire Equivalent Privacy
Wildcard Filter
Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
Weighted-fair queuing
Web File System
Wireless Gateway
Web Hacking Incident Database
Wavelength Independent Coupler
Women in Marketing
Wednesday Is Networking Day
Worldwide Intelligence Network Environment
Wireless Intrusion Protection
Women in Science at Columbia
Wireless Local Loops
Wireless Location System
Wireless Marketing Association
Wi-Fi multi-media
Wi-Fi Multi Media
Wireless Multi Media
Windows Network Load Balancing
Web Notification Services
Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol
Wireless Outdoor Routing Protocol
Web Object Scaler
Win16 on Win32
White Paper
WiFi Protected Access 2
Winsock Packet Editor
World Presidents Organization
WiFi Protected Set
Wireless Provisioning Services
Wireless Router Application Platform
Wireless Research Centre
Wireless Residential Gateway
Weighted Round Robin
Weight Round Robin
Window Scaling
Wireless Security
Workgroup Switch
Windows Sockets Direct
Web Security Essentials
Wireless Security Gateway
Washington State Microenterprise Association
Windows Server Migration Tool
Washington Sports Network
Wavelength-Selective Switch
Wavelength Selective Switching
Wireless Terminal
Wireless Telephony Applications
World Telecom Labs
Windows Time Service
Wireless Telephone System
Windows Unified Data Storage Server
Web User Interface
World Wide Antimalarial Resistance Network
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann
Wizarding Wireless Network
World Wide Number
Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework
Young Environmental Professionals
Zero-Byte Time Slot Interchange
ZigBee Coordinator
ZigBee Device Object
ZigBee End Device
ZigBee Device Profile