Popular Power acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alternating Current
Alternative Current
Audible Alarm
Audio Bandwidth
Asea Brown Broveri
Adapter Cha
Adapter & Chargers
Adapter, Compatible
Adapter Couplers
Adapter for Charging
Adaptor & Charger
Adaptor Chargers
Adapter comes
Adaptive Clock
Adapter Current
Adaptor is connected
All Clear
Apply Charging
Atmospheric Corrector
Air Circuit Breakers
Air Circuit Breaker
Air Circuit Breakers
Auto Connect Battery Saver
Air-cooled Condenser
Air Cooled Condenser
Air Cooled Condensers
Aluminum Conductor Composite Core
Adaptive Critic Designs
Active Constellation Extension
Advanced Computing Engine
Adjacent-channel interference
Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio
Allied Command Operations
Adjacent Channel Power
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio
Adjacent Channel Rejection
Annual Contract Quantity
Aluminium Conductor Steel Re
Assistant Chemist Trainee
Associated Components Technology
Average Daily Consumption
All Digital Design
Advanced Diesel Engine Control
Attach Detection Protocol
Advanced Display System
Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technology
Active Directory Web Service
All Electric Aircraft
Aerospace Education Member
All Electric Ship
Alternative Energy Technology
Amplification Factor
Atmospheric Fluidised Bed Combustion
Automatic Frequency Compensation
Area for Improvement
Air Field Lighting
Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor
Abrams Gentile Entertainment
Absorbent Glass Matt
Absorbent Glass Mat
Accellerated Graphics Port
Advanced Gas Path
Ampere Hour
Amp Hour
Amp Hours
Austrian Hydro Power
Aqueous Homogeneous Reactor
Average Hourly Wage
Acquisition Indication
Akaike info criterion
Alberta Interconnected Electric System
Air Insulated Switchgear
Air insulated substation
Active Low
Additive Latency
Accountability, Learning and Planning System
Advanced Low-Power Schottky
Automatic Line Switching
Airframe Mounted Accessory Drive
Alabama Municipal Electric Authority
Association of Municipal Electricity Utilities
Automated Metering and Information System
Azure Machine Learning
Advanced Mammography Platform
Alternative Maritime Power
Aggregated Micro Power Holdings
Abbingdon Music Research
Absolute Maximum Rating
Automatic Meter Read
Automatic Meter Readers
Active Memory Sharing
Analysis and Measurement Services
Accelerator Molten-Salt Breeder
Administración Nacional de Electricidad
Alay ni Ignacio
Application Optimization
Autonomous Operations
Abnormal Operating Conditions
Astronomical Observation Request
Ability Power
Aboitiz Power
Advanced Piloting
Attack Power
Application Processors
American Power Boat Association
Advanced Power Components
Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout
Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout
Asian Pasific Economic Cooperation
Active Power Filter
Active Power Factor Correction
Axis Powers Hetalia
Advanced Power Mode
Accessory Power Outlets
Auto Power Off
Automatic Power Reduction
Accessory Power Supply
Active Phase Switching
Advanced Power Solutions
Advanced Power System
Advanced Power Supply
Angular Power Spectrum
Automatic Power Savings
Advanced Power Technology
Advanced Power Technologies
Associated Power Technologies
Affymetrix Power Tools
Application Processor Unit
auxillary power units
Auxiliary Power Units
Auxiliary Power Units
Advanced Power Virtualization
All Purpose Vacuum
Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor
Abundant Renewable Energy
Asymptotic Relative Efficiency
Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance
Arc Reflection Method
Automated Railroad Maintenance Systems
Auction Revenue Rights
Accounting Research Study
Ancillary Services
Australia Standards
Azure Stream Analytics
Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland
Average Service Availability Index
Advanced Stirling Convertor
Advanced Storage Concepts
Adjustable Speed Drives
Authorized Service Delivery Partner
Admin Script Editor
Amplified Stimulated Emission
Alimentations sans interruption
Atomic Safety and Licensing Board
Application Specific Memory
American Samoa Power Authority
Active-State Power Management
Active State Power Management
Automatic System Restart
Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator
Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generators
Advanced Sensor System
Application Specific Signal Processor
Advanced Technology Centers
Advanced Turbine Engine Gas Generator
Application Transparent Failover
Alexander the Great
Advanced Triple Junction
Alternate Transients Program
Alternative Transients Program
Alternative Transient Program
Advanced Thermal Reactor
Aided Target Recognition
Acceptance Testing Specifications
Automated Test System
Automated Test Systems
Automatic Test System
Automatic Test Systems
Automatic Transfer Switch
Automatic Transfer Switches
Automatic Transfer Switching
Auto Transfer Switch
Antenna Unit
Analog Value
Audio Video Broadcast
Active Voltage Conditioner
Application Virtual Environment
Black and Veatch
Balancing Authorities
Boot Assist Module
Battery-Assisted, Passive
Branch and Reduce Optimization Navigator
Beagle Bone Black
Bread Board Model
Battery Backup Units
Battery Back Up
Battery Charge Regulator
Battery Circuit Breaker
Battery Charge Discharge Units
Bulk Current Injection
Boundary Conduction Mode
Binary Coded Octal
Balance Delay
Beam Dump
Battery Disconnect Unit
Battery Eliminator
British Electricity Authority
Background Emission Anisotropy Scanning Telescope
Battery Eliminator Circuits
Battery Eliminator Circuits
Bujagali Energy Ltd
Basic Earning Power
Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission
Bacterial Foraging
Balance Forward
Body Floating
Breaker failure
Bare Fiber Adapter
Boiler Feed-water Pump
Butt-Head Astronomer
Berkshire Hathaway Energy
Brake Horse Power
British Human Power Club
Brinell hardness test
Business Intellegence
Basic Insulation Level
Basic Insulation Levels
Bi-polar Junction Transistor
Bipolar Junction Transistors
Beyond Local Repair
Base Module
Black Mamba
Break Mean Effective Pressure
Basic Measuring Instruments
Battery Monitoring System
Basic Motion Time
Branch metric unit
Besser Mercedes wählen
Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant
Beginning of cycle
Biology Oxygen Demand
Brown-Out Detection
Brown-out Detector
Boosted Over Fire Air
Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership
Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around A Table
Beginning Of Life
Build, Own, and Operate
Build, Own and Operate
Build Own and Operate
Build, Own, Operate and Transfer
Balance of Plant
Balance of Power
Brown-Out Reset
Brown Out Reset
Built, Operate and Transfer
Built Operate and Transfer
Battery Pack
Brake Power
Business Propensity Indicator
Business Propensity Indicators
Buying Power Index
Blows Per Minute
Backup Power Supply
Battery Protection System
Bulk-Power System
Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
Burst Performance Technology
Berkley Standard Distribution
Best System of Emissions Reduction
Best System of Emission Reduction
Bombay Suburban Electric Supply
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
Battery Status Indicator
Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection
Budget Strategic Plan
Bulk Supply Tariffs
Broadcast Transmitters
Branch Target Instruction Cache
Boat Trim System
Basic Unit
Battery Unit
Block-Up converter
Block Up-Converter
Block Up Converter
Bias Voltage
Basic Weight
Beam Width
Board of Water & Light
Backward Wave Oscillator
C2 are 100
Central American Bank of Economic Integration
Customer Average Interruption Frequency Index
Commercial Asset Visibility
Capacitor Bank
Circuit Breakers
Connection Block
Control Buffer
Central Board of Irrigation & Power
Covered Bond Purchase Programme 2
Central Battery System
Cost Components
Concrete Cutter
Constant Current
Correction Coils
Constant Current / Constant Voltage
Climate Change Advisory Group
Capacitor Commutated Converters
Constant Current Charging
Constant Current Constant Voltage
Complementary Cumulative Distribution Function
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
Continuous Conduction Mode
Capacitive Coupled Plasma
Capacitively Coupled Plasma
Combined-Cycle Power Plant
Combined Cycle Power Project
Constant Current Regulators
Continuous Commercial Service
Condenser Cooling Water
Component Cooling Water System
Capacitor Diode
Clamping Diode
Clock Divisor
Command & Data Handling
Command and Data Handling
Code Division Multiple Acess
Code Domain Power
Circulating Dry Scrubber
Cabinet Distribution Units
Capacitor Discharge Unit
Chip Enable
Conducted Emission
Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche Annettoni
Common Engineering Criteria
Central Electricity Generating Board
Chip Enable Output
Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition
China Electrotechnical Society
Communication Emitter Sensing and Attacking System
Communications Emitter Sensing and Attack Systems
Council for European Specialist Medical Assessments
Central Electronics Unit
Cap Factor
Cluster Foundation
Crest Factor
Crossed Field Antenna
Cross Field Antenna
Cross Field Amplifier
Crossed-Field Amplifiers
Circulating Fluidized Bed
Circulating Fluidized-Bed
Circulating Fluidised Bed
Cable Fault Locator
Cardinal Flyers Online
Code of Federal Rules
Constant Failure Rate
Crest Factor Reduction
Core Flight System
Clean Fuel Vehicle
Commercial Grade Items
Clock Generator Module
Continuous Ground Monitoring
Chemical Hamiltonian Approach
Coal Handling Plant
Cache Inhibit
Conducted Immunity
Commision Internationale de l'Eclairage
China International Exhibition on Nuclear Power Industry
Conseil International des Machines a Combustion
Carrier-to-Interference Ratio
Complicated Instruction Set Computer
Corona Inception Voltage
Compact Line
Current Limiting
Current Limiting Fuse
Connecticut Light & Power
Capability and Leadership Framework
Concurrent Logical Framework
Current Limiting Reactor
Cell Master
Conversion Mode
Cubic Metric
Chassis Management Controller
Chassis Management Controllers
Common Mode Choke
Common Mode Noise
Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
Chip Multi-Processor
Coupled Magnetic Resonance System
Compliance Monitoring Strategy
Compare Match Timer
Common Mode Transient Immunity
Cloud Motion Vectors
Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax
Citizens Nuclear Information Center
Chinese nuclear power
Cooper Nuclear Station
Comisión Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias
Coke Oven Gas
Complementary Output Generator
Construction and Operations License
Code Offload by Migrating Execution Transparently
Capability Package
Change Proposals
Character Points
Common Part
Computer Products
Constant Potential
Carry-Propagate Adder
Chirped-Pulse Amplification
Chirped Pulse Amplifier
Continuing Power of Attorney
Correlation Power Analysis
Compact Portable Blending
Critical Power & Cooling Services
Cummins Power Generation
China Power Investment
Converged Physical Infrastructure Management
Central Processing Module
Counter Power Meter
Cleveland Public Power
Canadian Power and Sail
Caterpillar Production System
Central Power Supply
Compact Power Supplies
Controlled Power Technologies
Computer Power User
Condition Register
Constant Resistance
Cost Recovery
Calculation of Reactor Accident Consequences
Chemistry Research Building
Centre de Recherches Math
Comment Resolution Matrix
Coaxial Resonator Oscillator
Coordinated Research Program
Condition Register Unit
Chain Saw
Charge Sensitive Amplifier
Conditional Sum Adder
Contractual Services Agreement
Contractual Service Agreements
Chip-Scale Atomic Clock
Chip Scale Atomic Clock
Customer Solution Center
Computer Science Computing Facility
Cross-Sector Cyber Security Working Group
Cross Sector Cyber Security Working Group
Cross Spectral Density
Customer Service Division
Container Security Devices
Customer Service Index
Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Symposium
Community Sensor Model
Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear
Center for Space Nuclear Research
Commence Search Point
Completely Self-Protected
Current Sensing Resistor
California Sanitation Risk Management Authority
Closed Transition
Concept Technologie
Client Test Data Program
Critical Technical Parameter
Community Technology Preview-3
Customer Technology Preview 3
Chirp Transform Spectrometer
Component Transaction Server
Current Transformers
Commonwealth Utilities Corporation
Commonwealth Utilities Corp
Command User Interface
Constant Voltage
Continuously Variable
Copper Vapor Laser
Cascode Voltage Switch Logic
Capacitive Voltage Transformer
Capacitor Voltage Transformer
Capacitor Voltage Transformers
Direct Current
Digital Amplifier
Direct Access Archive
Direct Access Objects
Dell Active Power Controller
Digital Audio Video Entertainment
Direct Bonded Copper
Data Buoy Co-operation Panel
Demand Bid Program
Dynamic Brake Resistor
Dynamic Braking Resistor
Dynamic Braking Resistors
DC Converters
Digitally Controlled
Down Controllers
Dimmable Constant
Distribution Cable
Distribution Cabinets
Data Challenge 2
Discontinuous Current Mode
Dedicated Charging Port
Dipole Coil Resonant System
Differential Cascode Voltage Switch
Direct Detection
Driver Door Switch
Diesel Electric
Duke Energy Generation Services
Double End of Line
Data Encyption standard
De-Energized Tap Changer
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
Deblocking Filter
Duty Factor
Dry Flue Gas Desulphurization
Digital Fault Recorder
Digital Fault Recorders
Dounreay Fast Reactor
Designed for Surface
Dynamic Frequency Scaling
Digital Fourier Transform
Digital Generator
Distributed Generators
Dissolved Gas Analysis
Diesel Generators
Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Decay Heat Removal
Data Handling System
Driver Input
Dutch Infrastructure Fund
Daya Kuda
Dummy Load
Dynamic Line Rating
Depot Level Repairables
Differential Mode
Drive Motor
Dhrystone million instructions per second
Digital Multi-meters
Digital Multi Meters
Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Dynamic Memory Scan
Diode Outline
Department of Engergy
Defence of the Realm Act
Do One Thing
Diastatic Power
Differential Protection
Display Processor
Dual Processor
Divine Power
Dynamic Power
Digital Power Controller
Direct Power Control
Deep Power Down
Digital Pre-Distortion
Displacement Power Factor
Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure
Digital Power Meter
Ducati Power Launch
Digital Panel Meters
Digital Panel Meters
Digital Power Magazine
Display Power Optimizer
Device Power Supply
Digital Power Station
Dual Power System
Dynamic Power Steering
Dynamic Power Save
Diode-Pumped Solid-State
Diode-pumped Solid State
Diode Pumped Solid State
Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers
Dual Pole Single Throw
Digital Pulse Width Modulation
Dynojet Quick Shifter
Damping Rings
DIN Rail
Disturbance Recorder
distributed Raman amplifier
Dell Remote Access Controller
Dell Remote Access Card
Dell Remote Access Controllers
Dell Remote Access Cards
Distributed Renewable Generation
Dell Real Mode Kernel
Degrees of Reading Power
Dual Role Port
Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies
Desired State
Driver Strength
Desired State Configuration
Digital Signal Controller
Dell Server E-Support Tool
Dell System E-support Tool
Direct Steam Generation
Digital Signal Procesor
Digital Signal Processors
Dounreay Site Restoration Limited
Digital Switching Systems
Distribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research
Distribution Tariff
Data Transfer Controller
Dynamic Thermal Circuit Rating
Dynamic Transmit Power Control
Distribution Utilities
Demonstration Using Flattop Fissions
Deputy Under Secretary
Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling
Dynamic Voltage & Frequency Scaling
Digital Volt-Meter
Emergency Action Levels
External Bus Controller
Energy Conserving
Electri-Cable Assemblies
Error Checking & Correction
Energy Conversion Congress and Exhibition
External Combustion Engine
Electron Cyclotron Heating
Electro-Catalytic Oxidation
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating
Economic Dispatch
Electricité de Djibouti
East Delta Electricity Production Company
Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifier
Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier
Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers
Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers
Electricity Distribution Industry
Electric Double Layer Capacitors
Electricidade de Mocambique
Event Data Model
European Directorate for Quality Medicines
Energy Emergency Alert
Enugu Electricity Distribution Company
Ethiopian Electric Light and Power Authority
Energy Efficient Technology
Equipment & Engine Training Council
Equipment and Engine Training Council
Earth Fault
Emitter Follower
Electric Generating Units
Electricity Generating Units
Event Header
Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
Electro Hydraulic Power Steering
Extremely High Tension
Extra-High Voltage
Extremely High Voltage
Elastic Interface
External Interrupt Flag Register
Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center
Eastern Interconnect Phasor Project
Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power
Equivalent Isotropic Radiation Power
Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions
Efficiency Line
Electronic Load Controller
Equivalent Lithium Content
Economic Load Dispatch
East London Food Access
Effluent Limitations Guidelines
Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory
Escravos-Lagos Pipeline System
Enclosed Layout Transistor
Electronics Module
Exponential multiplication
Electric Membership Corporation
Electro Magnetic Interface
Enclosure Management Modules
Electric Motor Pump
Environmental Monitoring Probe
Electro Mechanical Relay
Electro Mechanical Relays
Electro Magnetic Transients Program
Encapsulated Nuclear Heat Source
Encapsulated Nuclear Heat-Source
Electromagnetic News Report
End of Line Resistor
Emergency Operating Procedures
Emergency Procedures
Electrical Over Stress
Electrical Over-Stress
Electro-Optics Technology
Electro Optics Technology
Economy Power
Electric Power
Extended Power
Enduring Power of Attorney
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Electrical Penetration Assemblies
Electrical Power Assisted Steering
Electric Power Assisted Steering
electric power-assisted steering
Electric Power Assist Steering
Electric Power Board
Efficient Power Conversion
Equilibrium Problem with Equilibrium Constraints
Explosively Pumped Flux Compression Generator
Electric Power Generation
Electrically Powered Hydraulic Steering
Emergency Power-Off
Electrical Power Plant
Engineering Prototype Report
European Pressurised Reactor
Energy Per Resource Element
Electrically Powered Steering
Electrical Power Supply
Electricity Power Source
Electric Power Steering
Electronic Power Steering
Electrical Power Subsystem
Electric Propulsion System
Electric Power-Assisted Steering
Electronic Power Shift
Electronic Power Supplies
Emergency Power System
Emergency Power Systems
External Power Supply
External Power Supplies
Emergency Power Supply System
Emergency Power Units
Equivalent Potential Vorticity
Emergency Planning Zones
Emergency Planning Zones
Equipment Reliability
Extinction Ratio
Emission Rate Credits
Engine Storage
Electronic Service Agent
Engine Speed Control
Extended Service Coverage
European Space Components Coordination
Electricity Supply Commission of Malawi
Energy Storage Device
Electron stimulated desorption ion angular distribution
Early Site Permits
Electronic Systems Protection
Electro Static Precipitator
Emergency Standby Power
Enhanced Service Program
Essential Sound Products
Environmental Satellite Processing Center
Energy Smart Solution Advisor
Earth To Orbit
Emitter Turn-Off
Ennore Thermal Power Station
Estimated Time of Restoration
Electric train supply
Electronic Trailer Steering
European Test and Telemetry Conference
European Trade Union Council
European Utility Requirements
Electrical Vehicle
Electrical Vehicles
Ethylene Vinyle Acetate
Electricity of Viet Nam
Electronic Variable Orifice
Enterprise Voltage Regulator-Down
Extreme Voltage Shutdown
Electric Vehicle Service Equipment
Exempt Wholesale Generator
Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study
East-West Power
Eastern Wind Power
Figure 15
Flow-Accelerated Corrosion
Flow Accelerated Corrosion
Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems
Father A Nation
False Alarm Probability
Financial Accounting & Reporting Section
Flip Chip Ball Grid Array
Full Charge Capacity
Federal Columbia River Power System
Fuel Cell Systems
Field Controlled Thyristor
Frequency Divider
Fully Depleted
Flow Duration Curve
Flat Display Panel
Front-End Electronics
Front End Electronics
Front-End Integrated Circuit
Front-End Module
Front Electronics Module
Flourinated Ethylene Propylene
Future & Emerging Technologies
Federal Electricity and Water Authority
Fixed Frequency
Forever Green
Fixed Gain amplifier
Flue Gas Desulphurization
First Gas Power
First Gas Power Corporation
Faraday isolator
Full Interchangeability
Facilities Instructions, Standards, and Techniques
Full Load Amps
Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration
Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration
First Line Marker
Fix Level Recommendation Tool
Fail Meja
Fine Motion Control Rod Drive
Friction Mean Effective Pressure
Fiber Nickel Cadmium
Fast Neutron Reactors
Fusion Neutron Source
Fiber Optic Current Sensor
Foreign Object Detection
Forced Outage Hours
Figures of Merit
Forced Outage Rate
Full Power
Fuel Pump
Florida Power and Light
Football Power Index
Fantasy Powers League
Fiber Power Meter
Fine Print Note
Floating-Point Registers
Fairchild Power Switch
Fiat Powertrain Technologies
Focal Plane Unit
Functional Query Language
Field Reverse
Final Report
Frequency Response Analysis
Ferric Reducing Ability of Plasma
Fast Recovery Diode
Field Stop
Federal Supply Classifications
Full Speed No Load
Flexible Service Processors
Full Scope Simulators
Fort Saint Vrain
Fixed Termination
Frequency Translation
Fluidized Thermal Backfill
Generation 6
Green Convergence
Gas core reactor
Gate Controlled Switch
Guitar Cabinet Simulator
Gate driver
Grapple Fixture
Ground Fault Circuit Interruption
Ground Fault Interupter
Geomagnetically induced currents
Geomagnetically Induced Current
Geomagnetic Induced Currents
Geomagnetically Induced Currents
Generic Interface Definition
Gate induced drain leakage
Gas Insulated Lines
Georgia Interfaith Power & Light
Giga-Instructions per Second
Gas Insulated System
Gas Insulated Switchgear
Gate Leakage
Global Muon Trigger
General Notes
Generic Number
Guangdong Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company
Gas Powered
Geographic Position
General Purpose Events
General-Purpose Heat Source
General Purpose Heat Source
Guyana Power and Light
Gaza Power Plant
Ground Potential Rise
Global Public Service
Great Plains Synfuels Plant
General Purpose Timer
Gas Processing Unit
Grade Resistance
General Rate Application
Gas Station
Generation Scheduling
Georgian State Electrosystem
Gestore Servizi Energetici
Giga Scale Integration
Gas Turbine
General Tool Company
Gas Turbine Combined-Cycle
Gas Turbine Engine
Gas Turbine Generator
Gas Turbine Generators
Grid Tie Inverter
Gate Turn-Off
Gate Turn Off
Gas Turbine Unit
Gas To Wire
Get Unique
Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Limited
Global VeriChip Subscriber
Good Will
Harmonic Analyzer
Hang Clean
High Current Density
Heat Collector Element
High Electron Mobility Transistors
Head-End Power
Head End Power
Hotel Electric Power
Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors
Highest Frequency Mode
High Frequency Mode
Hybrid Hydraulic Vehicle
High Impact Low Frequency
Hardware Instrumentation Package
High Level Clearance Authority
Humane Machine Interface
Host Media Processing
Host Named Site Collections
Hour of Power
Hardware Project
Heart Points
High Power
Hot Plug
Hydraulic Pumps
High Power Amplifiers
High Powered Amplifiers
Human Powered Boat
Hydraulic Power Brake
Half-Power Beam Width
Half Power Beam Width
Hi-Power Cycles
Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited
Haryana Power Generation Corporation Ltd
Host Processor Interface
High-pressure injection system
High Pressure Injection System
High Power LED
Hardware Performance Monitor
High Powered Microwave
Higher Power Marketing
High Pressure Oil Pump
High Power Rocketry
High Power Rocket
Hydraulic Power Recovery Turbine
Hubbell Power Systems
Hydraulic Power Steering
Hybrid Phase Shift Keying
High Pressure Unit
Haryana Power Utilities
Homogeneous Reactor Experiment
Halden Reactor Project
High Resolution Spectrometers
Hydrogen Refueling Stations
Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Heat Sink
Home Switch
Heatsink Small Outline Package
Hydro Tasmania
High Temperature Gate Bias
High temperature reactor
High-Threshold logic
High Threshold Logic
High Temperature Reverse Bias
High-temperature superconducting
High Temperature Superconductors
High Voltage Alternating Current
High Voltage Alternate Current
High Voltage Circuit Breakers
High-voltage direct current
High Voltage Direct Current
Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
Internal Billing System
Itty Bitty Telescope
Internal Connection
Internal Connections
In the case
Inverter Circuit
Isolation Condenser
International Conference on Clean Electrical Power
International Collegiate Licensing Association
Integrated Communications Processor
Integrated Communication Processor
Ignition circuits
Ignition Control System
International Committee on Ultra-High Intensity Lasers
Inner Detector
International Down and Feather Laboratory
International Developed Low Volatility
Interference Detection and Mitigation
Inverse Definite Minimum Time
Independent Evaluator
Integrated Equipment Assembly
Incident and Emergency Centre
Inertial Electrostatic Confinement
International Electro-technical Commission
International Electrical Commission
International Electro-technical Committee
International Electromechanical Commission
International Electrotechical Commission
Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference
Intelligent Electronic Devices
Intelligent Electronic Devices
Injection Enhanced Gate Transistor
International Electric Machines & Drives Conference
India Energy Exchange
Independent Fusion
International Fuel Cells
Instruments for Industry
Integrated Facility System
Integrated Fight Through Power
Isolated Ground
Insulated-gate bipolar transistor
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
Integrated Gate Bipolar Transistors
Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors
Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistor
Integrated Gate Bipolar Transistors
Insulated Gate Commutated Thyristor
Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor
Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristor
Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristors
Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristors
Impulse Graphite Reactor
Induction Heating
Institute of High Fidelity
Indicated Horse Power
Integrated High Voltage Transformer
Insertion Loss
Insulation Monitoring Device
Inter-Modulation Distortion
Inter Modulation Distortion
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency
Insulated Metal Substrate
Insulated Metallic Substrate
Intel Mobile Voltage Positioning
International Nuclear Events Scale
Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Intertial Navigation System
International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group
Input Optics
Inductive Output Tube
Inductive Output Tubes
Image Processor
Intelli-Pro 3
Intermountain Power Agency
Isolated Phase Bus
Infrastructure Planning Commission
Intelligent Power Devices
Intelligent Power Device
Intelligent Power Devices
Iran Power Development Company
Integrated Power Module
Interline Power Flow Controller
International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy
Integrated Planning Model
Intelligent Power Module
Intelligent Power Modules
Ionization Profile Monitor
Integrated Production Processes
Instant Power Supply
Inverter Power Supply
Intelligent Power Switches
Impact Power Technologies
Inductive Power Transfer
Intermediate Pressure Turbine
Instruction Queues
Initial Quality Study
International Rectifier
Integrated Starter-Alternator
Integrated Starter Alternator
Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Systems
International Security and Development Cooperation Act
Integrated Scripting Environment
International Solar Energy Conference
Integrated Starter Generator
International Symposium on Low Power Electronic Design
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
International School on Nonsinusoidal Currents and Compensation
Independent Systems Operators
Image Synthesis Processor
Ivanovo State Power Engineering University
Ivanovo State Power University
Interrupt Source Register
Integrated Systems Test
Instrument Transformer
Inspections, Tests, Analyses, And Acceptance Criteria
International Tokamak Experimental Reactor
Interagency Task Force
Japan Atomic Energy Research Inst
Japan Automotive Research Institute
Junction to Case
Joint Coordinated System Plan
Just Enough Administration
Job Submission Service
Key Distribution Server
Kansas Electric Transmission Authority
Korea Electric Testing Institute
Kesintisiz Güç Kaynağı
Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power
Kawasaki Integrated Power-Valve System
Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System
Kansas Municipal Utilities
Kemampuan Paket
Klystron Power Amplifier
Kais Power Tools
Korean Standard Nuclear Plant
Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research
Latin America and Caribbean Solar Alliance
Lawyers Are Wimps
lead bismuth eutectic
Load Bus Synchronization
Lifecycle Controller
Line-commutated converters
Liquid Cooling System
Laser Diodes
Littoral Expeditionary Autonomous PowerBuoy
Leading Edge Blanking
Light Emission Diode
Light Emitting Diodes
Licensee Event Reports
Line Frequency
Linear Feet per Minute
Lowest Frequency Mode
Low Frequency Mode
Large Generator Interconnection Agreement
Large Generator Interconnection Procedures
Logical Host Ethernet Adapter
Linear Interface
Lateral Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor
Line Impedance Stabilizing Network
Low Intensity Test Reactor
Land Lease Agreement
Lock Mode
Large Mode Area
Liquid-Metal Fast-Breeder Reactor
Locational Marginal Pricing
Location Marginal Price
Location Marginal Pricing
Line Matching Unit
Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod
Law of Armed Combat
Lasers and Optical Accelerator Systems Integrated Studies
Large Optical Cavity
Loss of Carrier
Lost Opportunity Cost
Loss of coolant accidents
Loss of Load Probability
Loss of Power
Leland Olds Station
Loss of Vehicle
Low Power
Lasting Power of Attorney
Lasting Powers of Attorney
Low Power Brown Out Reset
Linear Power Controller
Leadless Plastic Chip Carrier
low-power double data rate
Low Power Double Data Rate 2
Low Power Double Data Rate 3
Low Power on Intel Architecture
Low-Power Mode
Low Power Radio Solutions
Laser Power Supply
Limited Power Source
Link Quality Indicator
Locked Rotor Amps
Locked Rotor Amperage
Long Range Acquisition Forecasts
Line Replaceable Modules
Line Replaceable Module
Likelihood Ratio Test
Light Sources
Load Shedding
Low-power Schottky
Logistics Support Activity
Low Speed External
Low Sulphur Heavy Stock
Low Speed Internal
Library Support Staff Certification Program
Low-power Schottky Transistor-Transistor Logic
Linear Technology
Linear Technology Corp
Line Trap
Lecture Theatre 6
Linear Technology Corporation
Lithium Thionyl Chloride
Load Tap Changer
Load Tap Changers
Load Tap Changers
Long Term Maintenance
Long Term Operation
Long Term Operations
Long Term Outage
Low Temperature Over-pressure
Latency Tolerance Reporting
Long Term Service Agreement
Lews Therin Telamon
Light Triggered Thyristor
Low Voltage Detector
Low Voltage Detect
Low Voltage Disconnect
Low Voltage Disconnects
Low-voltage direct current
Low Voltage Direct Current
Low Voltage Differential Swing
Low-Voltage Interrupt
Low-Voltage Power Supply
Low Voltage Ride-Through
Logistic Vehicle System
Low Voltage Technology
Light Water Breeder Reactor
Memory Address Bus
Multiple-Access Channel
Multiple Access Channel
Maximum Available Gain
Magenn Air Rotor System
Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor
Missing Cycle
Molten Carbonate
Multi Core Debug Solution
Minimum Coupling Loss
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage
Maximum Continuous Rating
Modular Common Rail System
Micro Controller Units
Merk Dagang
Multiply Double
Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis
Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converter
Multiplying Digital-to-Analog Converters
Main Distribution Board
Memory Data Bus
Minimum Detectable Concentration
Modem Data Pump
Motor-Driven Power Steering
Motor Driven Power Steering
Material Data Sheets
Minimum Detectable Signal
Multinational Decision Support Center
More-Electric Aircraft
Municipal Electric Association
Memory Expansion Card
Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Major Event Log
Mission Element Need Statement
Message Error Rate
Modulation Error Ratio
Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma
Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
Main Electronics Unit
Ministry of Electricity and Water
Mid Frequency
Materials and Fuels Complex
Micro Fuel Cell
Mode-Field Diameter
Mode Field Diameter
Master Ground Bar
Manitoba Hydro
Meridional Heat Transport
Magnetic Induction
Magnetically Insulated Line Oscillator
Maintenance Index Pages
Minimum Instruction Set Computer
Marine Jet Power
Ministry of Knowledge and Economy
Main Linac
Match Line
Mach-Lorentz Thruster
Messaging module
Military Message
Mixed Mode
Modular Multilevel Converters
Mean Mission Duration
Multi-Mode, Multi-Band Power Amplifier
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mong Man Wai
Mission Need Statement
Master Oscillator
Ministry of Electricity
Ministry of Electric Power
Myanmar Oil, Gas & Power
Mac On Linux
Multi-dimensional On Line Analytical Processing
Maximum Output Power
Methods of Procedure
Master Oscillator Power Amplifier
Master Oscillator-Power Amplifier
Main Oscillator Register
Model Order Reduction
Metal Oxide Surge Arrester
Metal-oxide-silicon field effect transistor
Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
Metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors
Metal Oxide Semi-conductor Field Effect Transistor
Multiple Object Tracking Radar
Modified Off The Shelf
Metal Oxide Varister
Metal Oxide Varistors
Motor Operated Valves
Manifold Pressure
Medium Power
Mini Power
Music PowerSorter 3
Magnetospheric Plasma Analyzer
Maximum Power Consumption
Microscale Power Conversion
Magneto Plasma Dynamics
Motive Power Depot
Mail Processing Equipment
Mean Power Frequency
Middle Powers Initiative
Microwave Power Module
Microwave Power Modules
Microwave Power Modules
Maximum Power Output
Maximum Power Point Tracking
Maximum Power Point Tracker
Maine Power Reliability Program
Machine Protection System
Main Power Supply
Mobile Power Station
Modular Power System
Monolithic Power Systems
Machine Perception Toolbox
Mobile Power Unit
Mobile Power Units
Motor Pump Unit
Magneto Resistance
Maximum Rate
Mobile Receiver
Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory
Material Research Corp
Mission Research Corp
Memory Read Line
Materiel Release Order
Master Station
Main Steam Isolation Valves
Main Steam Line Break
Meter Service Provider
Multiple Shared Processor Pools
Mega Samples Per Second
Machine State Register
Moisture Separator Reheater
Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment
Molten Salt Reactor Experiment
Majlis Sukan Sekolah Daerah
Microsystems Technology Laboratory
Multiple Times Programmable
Multi-tone power ratio
Manual Transfer Switch
Multi-tower solar array
Measurement Update
Merging Units
Mobile Utilities Support Equipment
Mobile Utility Support Equipment
Multi Voltage
Mega Volt Ampere
Mega Volt Amperes
Medium Voltage Direct Current
Magyar Villamos Muvek
Mean Well
New Power Generation
Nederlandse Aardappel Organisatie
Negative Big
North China Electric Power University
Non-condensable Gas
National Center of Research Resources
National Dispatch Centre
Navy Data Environment
No Effect
National Electric Coil
National Electronic Code
National Energy Efficiency Agency
National Electronics Manufacturers Association
Nuclear Electric Propulsion
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority
National Electric Reliability Council
Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission
Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry
Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space
North-East Workshop on Circuits and Systems
Nuclear Field
National Grid Corporation of the Philippines
National Grid Corp of the Philippines
National Generators Forum
National Gas Turbine Establishment
Nuclear Installations Inspectorate
Nuclear Instrumentation Module
Nuclear Instrumentation Modules
Nuclear Instruments Modules
National Independent Power Projects
National Integrated Power Project
National Integrated Power Projects
National Integrated Power Plants
National Integrated Power Projects
Nuclear & Industrial Safety Agency
Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
Nuclear and Industry Safety Agency
Nuclear Industrial and Safety Agency
National Joint Powers Alliance
National Joint Power Alliance
Near Junction Thermal Transport
Noise Margin
New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice
National Nuclear Corporation
Naval Nuclear Power School
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature
National Occupational Licensing System
National Oil Spill Disaster Contingency Plan
Next Page
Nintendo Power
Normal Point
Nuclear Proliferation
National Power Authority
Neutral Point Clamped
Normative Power Europe
Nabha Power Limited
Nishat Power Limited
Nuclear Power Plants
Northwest Power Planning Council
Nuclear Power Production and Development
Noise Power Ratio
Negative Phase Sequence
Nuclear Power School
Non-Punch Through
Nuclear Power Training Unit
Naval Reactors
Nyquist Rate
Nuclear Regulatory Authority
Nuclear Regulatory Agency
Nuclear Regulation Authority
Nuclear Regulatory Committee
Nuclear Regulatory Comission
Nuclear Regulator Commission
Nuclear Regulation Commission
Node Route Processor 2
Nuclear Systems
Nuclear Safety Commission
Nuclear Safety and Security Commission
Nuclear Steam Supply System
Nuclear Steam Supply Systems
Network Terminator 2
Nuclear Technology
National Transmission and Despatch Company
New Technology Report
Near-Term Task Force
Near Term Task Force
Natural Uranium Equivalent
Neutral Voltage Displacement
Non-Volatile Systems Laboratory
New York Control Area
New York Power Pool
Output Back Off
Open Circuit
Output Coupler
Over Current
Ohio Coal Development Office
Output Capacitor-Less
On-Channel Repeater
Open Document Presentations
Output Data Rate
Okinawa Electric Power Company
Office of Engineering Technology
Open Firmware
Opto Isolator
One Income, No Kids
Output Low
Optical Loss Tester
Optical Loss Test
On-Load Tap-Changer
On-Load Tap Changers
On Load Tap Changer
Operation Maintenance
Optical Modulation Index
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
Oil Natural Air Natural
One Power
Operation Point
Output Power
Optimal Power Calibration
Optimal Power Flow
Outdoor Power Equipment
Optical Power Ground Wire
Optical Power Meters
Optical Power Meter
Over Power Protection
Occulted Powers
Optically Pumped Semiconductor
Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser
Optically Pumped Semiconductor Lasers
Operational Requirements Documents
Optical Return Loss
Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch
Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics
Optics Section
Operational safety assessment
Open Transition
Power and Energy
Perturb & Observe
Public Power Corporation
Primary Thread
Power Amps
Power Affiliate Club
Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy
Power-Added Efficiency
Power Added Efficiency
Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cells
Power and Airline Intervention Fund
Power Analog Microelectronics
Peak-to-Average Power Ratio
Peak Average Power Ratio
Phase Angle Regulator
Power Assisted Steering
Power Analysis and Sample Size
Power Bar
Partner Business Center
Power Base Converter
Power Burst Facility
Plum Brook Station
Power of Chaos
Point of Common Connection
Post Combustion Capture
Power Conversion Efficiency
Power Cost Equalization
Power Conversion Intelligent Motion
Power Cooling Modules
Price Coupling of Regions
Power Converter Unit
Peripheral Control Unit
Power Conditioning Units
Portable Device
Port Dues
Power Down
Power Delivery
Powered Devices
Power Distance
Power Distribution
Power distribution boxes
Power Distribution Assembly
Power Distribution Board
Project Data Base
Power Distribution Center
Power Distribution Cabinet
Power Distance Index
Polarisation Dependent Loss
Power Delay Profile
Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program
Powered Devices
PowerShell Deployment Toolkit
Power Distribution Units
Power Distribution Units
Performance Efficiency
Permanently Engaged
Power Enrichment
Power Equipment
Product Establishment
Provincial Electricity Authority
Power Equivalent Bandwidth
Progress Energy Carolinas
Pacific Economic Co-operation Council
Positive emitter-coupled logic
Period End Date
Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference
Power Electronics Drive Systems and Technologies Conference
Power Electronics, Drive Systems & Technologies Conference
Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Power Entry Module
Processor Expansion Module
Proton Exchange Member
Power Electronics and Motion Control
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells
Predictive Emissions Monitoring System
Predictive Emission Monitoring System
Peak Envelope Power
Polarization Extinction Ratio
Programmable and Erasable Read Only Memory
Pepco Energy Services
Power Engineering Technology
Phase Factor
Power Feed
Power Focus
Power Forward
Pressurised Fluidised Bed Combustion
Pressurized fluidized bed combustion
Power Factor Correctors
Policy Feature Card 2
Power Fail Output
Primary Frequency Response
Power of Food Scale
Private Fuel Storage
Power Failure Transfer
Power Good
Power Guard
Power house
Portland General Electric
Portable Hard Drive
Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor
Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standard
Power Hardware-in-the-Loop
Protected Hollow Point
Primary Input
Power Interface Boards
Plastic Insulated Conductor
Power Integrated Circuit
Product Integrated Control
Process Integration, Devices and Structures
Position and Intended Movement
Power Inverter Module
Photon Induced Positron Annihilation
Parallel Input Parallel Output
Phenomena Identification And Ranking Table
Push Jerk
Path Loss
Phase Loss
Power Lock
Puncturing Limit
Post-Launch Assessment Review
Power Line Carier
Polarization Loss Factor
Perusahaan Listrik Negara
Production Line Testing
Power Limited Tray Cable
Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Uap
Power League Wrestling
Permanent Magnet
Permanent Magnets
Portable, Medium-power
Power Meters
Protection Monitor
Power Matters Alliance
Power Mobility Devices
Power Mobility Devices
Protective multiple earthing
Permanent magnet generators
Permanent Magnet Generators
Physical Media Specific
Power Money Sex
Phasor Measurement Units
Petri nets
Phase Noise
Pakistan Nuclear Society's
Power Output
Power Optimised Aircraft
Performance Optimized Data
Power Oscillation Damping
Pseudo Open Drain
Power On Hours
Planes of Power
Per Outlet Power Sensing
Power On Reset
Power Over Time
Power of the Duelist
Power of Veto
Power Operated Vehicles
Power Pack
Power Pack 3
Power Pivot
Power Points
Power Play
Primary Point
Punctum Proximum
Purchased Power Adjustment
Power Purchase Arrangements
Power Plant Frame
Power-play goals
Power Play Goals
Power Play Goal
Pazifik Power Inc
Pazifik Power, Inc
Private Power and Infrastructure Board
Private Power & Infrastructure Board
Pulp and Paper Industry Conference
Performance Power Magazine
Pounds per Minute
Processor Power Module
Pure Power Mouthguard
Per-pin Parametric Measurement Unit
Power Projection Platform
Purchasing Price Parity
Power Plant Research Program
Power Point Slideshow
Proton Power Systems
Powerful Presentation Techniques
Putting the Pieces Together
Prime Power Unit
Power Quality
Power Query
Power Quality Data Interchange Format
Power Quad Flat No-Lead
Power Quotient International
Phantom Ranger
Probabilistic Risk Assessments
Probability Risk Assessment
Probabilistic Risk Assessments
Process Review Committee
Passive Residual Heat Removal
Product Release Instructions
Pressure-retarded osmosis
Power Recovery Turbines
Power Recovery Turbine
Power Save
Power Saving
Power State
Power and Sample
Power Seller
Power Snatch
Power Source
Power Sword
Power Strike
Present State
Program Studi
Protection and Switchgear
Protection Switching
Power Supply Adapter
Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Power Sum Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
Preliminary Safety Analysis Report
Power System Analysis Toolbox
Power Signal Box
Personal Super Computer
Power Sleep Controller
Power Spectral Densities
Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne
power-sourcing equipment
Power Source Equipment
Power Sourcing Equipment
Power Supply Electronics
Product Safety Electrical
Power Supply Module
Power Supply Monitor
Power Steering Pressure
Product Support Plan
Punjab State Power Corporation Limited
Power Steering Pressure Switch
Pelan Strategik Pengajian Tinggi Negara
Power Supply Rejection
Power-Supply Rejection Ratio
Power Supply Rejection Ratio
Power and Sample Size
Power System Simulation
Power System Stabilizers
Power supply to transponder interface bus
Phase Transition
Power Tools
Power Train
Punch Through
Peripheral Touch Controller
Power Test Code
Performance Test Codes
Power Transmission & Distribution
Power Triple Lock
Product Training Module
Power Take-Off
Power Take Off
Power Take-Offs
Power Take-off Unit
Partial Transmit Sequence
Perkins Technical Services
Portable Test Set
Protocol Type Selection
Power To The People
Power Transfer Units
Power Transfer Units
Public Utilities Commissions
Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka
Power Utilisation Efficiency
Power Utility Pak
Power Units
Power Up Timer
Processor Version Register
Program Visits
Process, Voltage, Temperature
Process Voltage Temperature
Paschimanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited
Power Window
Power Windows
Pressure Washer
Power Window Control
Power Wala Danda
Present Worth Factor
Preemptive Wear Leveling
Pulse Width Modulated
Pulse Width Modulating
Power Washers of North America
Pasadena Water & Power
Quad Core Module
Quadri-Phase Shift Keying
Quaternary Phase-Shift Keying
Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
Residual Current Device
Radio Frequency
Remote Access Card
Remote Alarm Monitor
Running Average Power Limit
Raw Address Strobe
Reaktor Bolshoy Moshchnosti Kanalniy
Rack Chassis
Radio Configuration
Row Cycle
Reverse-conducting Thyristor
Reverse Conducting Thyristor
Removable Disk
Radiated Emission
Radiated Emissions
Receiver Enable
Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Radiation Emitting Devices
Regional Electricity Distributors
Red Electrica de Espana
Rural Energy Foundation
Radioisotope Electric Propulsion
Remote Emergency Power Off
Rear Engine Power Take-Off
Radio Frequency Heating
Receiver Functional
Ripple Factor
Raman fiber amplifier
Radio Frequency Generator
radio-frequency interference
Radio Frequency Interferences
Room For Improvement
Regional Haze Rule
Residual heat removal system
Radioisotope Heater Units
Ring Input
Remote Intelligent Gateway
Remaining Life
Return Loss
Rack Mount
Rack Mounted
Reference Measurement Channel
Reformed methanol fuel cell
Remote Monitoring Panel
Radiation Monitoring Systems
Remote Metering Systems
Root-Mean Square
Remote Monitoring Units
Research Note
Radio Operations
Rate of Change of Frequency
Reactor Oversight Process
Reverse power
Review Panel
Remote Power Control Module
Remote Power Off
Remote Power Panel
Radioisotope Power Systems
Radioisotope Power Systems
Redundant Power System
Redundant Power Systems
Regulated Power Supply
ResMed Power Station
Radio Planning System 2
Remote Power Unit
Reactor Pressure Vessel
Reference Signal
Reference Signals
Regional State Committee
Regional Security Complex Theory
Rental Solutions & Services
Ray Tracing
Real-Time Clocks
Real-Time Counter
Real Time Counter
Real Time Clocks
Real-Time Clocks
Real Time Clocks
Real-Time Digital Simulator
Real Time Data System
Radioactive Thermal Generator
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators
Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generator
Radioisotope Thermo-electric Generator
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators
Radioisotope Thermal Generators
Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generators
Rear Transition Modules
Remote Temperature Sensor
Run-Time Self-Programming
Real Time Thermal Rating
Special Police Dekaranger
Second 2 None
Sense Amplifier
School Assessment Coordinator
Standards and Conventions
Solar Array Drive Mechanisms
Site Area Emergency
System Administration Power Tools and Miscellany
Standard Authorization Request
Standard Bidding Documents
Station Black Out
Smart Battery Specification
Spare Battery Slot
stimulated Brillouin scattering
Storage Battery Systems
Systems Build and Update Utility
Short-Circuit Current
Solar Cell
Stability Class
Synchronous Condenser
Side Channel Attack
Solar Collector Assemblies
Solar Collector Assembly
Short Circuit Capacity
Single-chip Cloud Computer
State Corporation Commission
Source Control Drawings
Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch
Shell Coal Gasification Process
System Configuration Language
Santa Clara Plastics
Short Circuit Protection
Selective Catalytic Reactor
Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers
Silicon Controlled Rectifier
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
Silicon Controled Rectifiers
Silicone Controlled Rectifiers
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
Series Digital
Standard Duty
Special District 4
Strategic Deployment Document
Single Device Data Correction
Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
Significance Determination Process
Series DIN Rail
San Diego Renewable Energy Society
Supply Discrepancy Reports
Standard Drafting Team
Scheduling Entity
Soft Entry
Single Event Burnout
Sarangani Energy Corporation
Safe Energy Communication Council
Single Event Gate Rupture
Solar Electricity Generating Systems
Single-Event Latch-Up
Single Event Latch-up
Sequence of Event Recorder
Survey of Energy Resources
Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd
Single Event Upsets
Space-Frequency Block-Code
Superconducting Fault Current Limiter
School Family Community Partnership
Spent Fuel Pool
Smart Grid Clock
Small Gas Turbines
Smart Grid Technologies
Spark Gap Tesla Coil
Smart Grids Task Force
Standby Gas Treatment System
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe
Supreme Headquarter Allied Powers Europe
Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers in Europe
Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers, Europe
Stationary High Altitude Relay Platform
Standard Hot-Plug Controller
Standard Hot Plug Controller
Somewhat Important
Standard International
Sistema Interconectado Central
Spark Ignited Direct Injection
Solid Insulation Distribution Transformer
Sound Intensity Level
Surge Impedance Loading
Simple Instruction Multiple Data
School Improvement Plan
Surge & Inrush Protection
Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award
Serial Input Serial Output
Swept Impact Seismic Technique
Static-Induction Transistor
Static Induction Transistor
San Juan Generating Station
Sistem Kesehatan Daerah
Stationary Low-Power
Street Lighting
Switch Locator
sealed lead-acid
Sealed Lead Acid
Submarine Learning Center
Subscriber Line Interface Circuits
Subscriber Line Interface Circuits
Subscriber Line Interface Circuits
Selective Level Meter
Single Longitudinal Mode
Stabilized Light Source
Shift Left Word
Secure Micro
Series Mode
Series Multi-Stage Protection
Significant Market Power
Surface Mount Power
switch-mode power supply
Switch-Mode Power Supplies
Switched-Mode Power Supply
Switched-mode Power Supplies
Switched Mode Power Supply
Switching-Mode Power Supply
Switching Mode Power Supply
Switching Mode Power Supplies
Switch Mode Power Supplies
Switch Mode Power Supply
Small Medium Reactor
Side-Mode Suppression Ratio
Side Mode Suppression Ratio
Source-Measure Units
Source Measurement Unit
Source Measurement Units
Source Measure Units
Source-Measure Units
Source Measure Units
Source Measurement Units
Space Nuclear Auxiliary Power
System for Nuclear Auxiliary Power
Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power
Systems Nuclear Auxiliary Power
Signal-to-Noise Distortion Ratio
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
State Nuclear Power Technology Corp
Signal-noise ratio
Signal Noise Ratio
Signal to Noise Ratios
State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine
State-of-the-Art Reactor Consequence Analyses
State-of-the-Art Reactor Consequence Analysis
Submarine Officer Basic Course
Significant Operating Experience Report
State of Function
State Office for Nuclear Safety
Science on Saturday
Select On Test
S03 Portable
Series Power
Spell Power
Silicon Power
Start pulse
Storage Processor
Surge Protection
Single-Pole, Triple-Throw
Single Pole Triple Throw
Simple Power-Analysis
Special Power of Attorney
Society for the Protection of Animals Liable to Vivisection
State Procurement Board
Saskatchewan Power Corporation
Space Patrol Delta
Spectral Power Distribution
Spectral Power Density
Surge Protection Device
Surge Protection Devices
Surge Protector Device
Surge Protection Devices
Signal Processing Extension
Sitecore PowerShell Extensions
Solid Particle Erosion
Synergistic Processor Element
Synergistic Processing Elements
Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm
Soccer Power Index
Scottish Power Kite Association
Sentry Power Manager
System Power Management
Side-of-Pole Mounts
Smart Power Module
Surface Permanent Magnet
System Power Management Interface
Shared Processor Pool
Space Photovoltaic Research and Technology
Soft Point Round Nose
Special-purpose registers
Special Purpose Registers
Solar Power System
Secure Power Supply
Smart Power Stage
Special Protection Systems
Special Protection Scheme
Spectrum Planning Subcommittee
Stand-by Power Supply
Standby Power Supply
Switching Power Supply
Special Protection Systems
Soft Punch Through
Synergistic Processor Unit
Synchronous Rectification
System Resource Affinity Table
Safety Review Board
Series Resonant Converter
Short Range Device
Spectral Repeat Finder
Synchronous Reference Frame
Signal Reference Grid
Software Resources International
Staff Requirements Memorandum
Shift Right Word
Sample Size
Select Standby
Solution Set
Spectrum Supportability
Subsystem Specification
Search Service Application
Self-Service Business Intelligence
Sensor Signal Conditioner
Solid State Contactor
Structures, Systems, and Components
Soft Shut Down
Ships Service Diesel Generator
Solid State Devices Inc
Secondary System Description Table
Sales Satisfaction Index
Switching Systems International
Solid State Laser
System Support Module
Small Satellite Program
Solid-State Power Controllers
Solid State Power Controllers
Sub-Synchronous Resonance
Super Self Refresh
Student Success Skills
Solid State Transformer
Solid State Tesla Coil
Shanghai Science & Technology Development and Exchange Center
Solid State Transfer Switch
Screw Terminal
Sound Terminal
Source term
String Trimmer
Smart Traffic Center
Suspend To Disk
South Texas Project
Short Term Energy Market
Student Transition & Elevation Partnership
Steam Turbine Generator
Scientific and Technical Issues
Short-Circuit Testing Liaison
Solar Thermal Propulsion
Submarine Thermal Reactor
Suspend To Ram
Static Transfer Switches
Static Transfer Switch
Speak Truth to Power
Standard Unit
Survei Upah Buruh
Server Update Utility
Standard Voltage
Surface Visibility
Static Var Compensators
Static Var Compensation
Static VAR Compensators
Suppressed Voltage Ratings
Supply-Voltage Supervisor
System Views
Sine Wave
Single Weight
Samoa Water Authority
Steel Wire Armour
Steel Wire Armoured
Size, Weight, and Power
Size, Weight and Power
Size Weight and Power
Space, Weight and Power
Single Wire Multiswitch
Single Wire Multi-Switch
Space Weather Operations
Truth & Justice
Total Harmonic Distortion
Transaction Advisor
Transfer Acknowledge
Top Of Active Fuel
Turbo Air Guide
There ain't no such thing as a stupid question
Thermal Assist Unit
Tesla Coil
Transmission Congestion Contracts
Texaco Controlled Combustion System
thyristor-controlled reactor
Thyristor Controlled Reactor
Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor
Tunnel Diode
Thermal Design Current
Total Demand Distortion
Thulium Doped Fiber Amplifier
Transistor Devices, Inc
Time Domain Reflection
Transmitter Data Register Empty
Time Delay Relays
Termination Enable
Timer Enable
Tractive Effort
Total Estimated Cost
Thermo-Electric Generator
Tunnel Field Effect Transistors
Thin Film Technology
Turbine Gas Control
Tidal Generation Ltd
Total Harmonic Distorsions
Total harmonic distortions
Thorium High Temperature Reactor
Trans-Impedance Amplifier
Total Ionization Dose
Telephone Influence Factor
Telephone Interference Factor
Totally Integrated Power Module
Totally Intergrated Power Module
Tenaga Kerja Waktu Tertentu
Tape Library
Technology Level
Territorial Level 3
Three Letter Abbreviations
Transportation Learning Network
Tandberg Linux Package
Transaction Layer Packets
Technical Meeting
Terminal Module
Three Mile Island
Tenaga Nasional Bhd
Tenaga National Berhad
True North Logic
Tradeswomen Now and Tomorrow
Total Ownership Costs
Third Order Intercept
Take-off power
Transfer of Operating Rights
Transfer Port
Transformer Plant
Tournament Pack 8
The Power Company
Transmitter Power Output
Total Power Exchange
Target Peripheral List
Top-of-Pole Mounts
Thin Plate Pure Lead
Thermal Power Research Institute
Technical Panels
Tracking Power Supply
Timer Pulse Unit
Technology Refresh
Tone Reservation
Ton of Refrigeration
Tons of Refrigeration
Transient Response
Transmit Receive
Technical Report 2
Temporary Reserved Areas
Texas Reliability Entity
Tehran Regional Electric Company
Transportation Refrigeration Units
The Right Way
Test Statistic
Technology Services Corps
Thyristor-switched capacitor
timer system control register 2
Target Specific Imaging
Test Script Processor
Transmission Service Provider
Time Transformation
Turbine Trip
Total Transfer Capability
Total Transfer Capacity
The Turbo Shop
Transformer Utilization Factor
Tennessee Valley Authority's
Tennesse Valley Authority
Teollisuuden Voima Oyj
Teollisuuden Voima Oy
Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
Transient Voltage Surge Suppression
Transient Voltage Suppression Systems
Utility-Scale Solar
Universal Battery Elimination Circuit
Universal Battery Eliminator Circuit
Unit Commitment
Univeral Disk Format
Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited
Universal Input
Universal Interrupt Controller
Ultra Low Noise
Ultra Low-Power
Unified Motherboard Architecture
Uranium Nitride
Uranium Naturel Graphite Gaz
Unified Program Agency
Universal Power Modules
Uninterruptible Power Module
Universal Power Over Ethernet
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited
Uninterruptable Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Uninterruptable Power Systems
Uninterruptable Power Sources
Uninterrupted Power Source
Uninterrupted Power Systems
Uninterruptible Power Source
Uninterruptible Power Sources
Uninteruptable Power System
Uninteruptible Power Supply
Uniterrupted Power Supply
Uniterruptible Power Supply
Uniterruptible Power Supplies
Universal Power Supply
Universal Power Supplies
Unterruptible Power Supply
Uninterruptible Power Systems
User Requirements
Underground Residential Distribution
Utility Requirements Document
Ultra Super Critical
Ultra Supercritical Coal
Unified Server Configurator
Universal Serial Communication Interfaces
Unified Shading Clusters
United States Power Squadrons
United States Power Squadron
United States Power Soccer Association
Volt Amp
Volt Amperes
Volt Alternating Current
Vector Arithmetic Logic Unit
Variable Assist Power Steering
Voltage Amplifier Stage
Vertical-axis wind turbines
Vertical Access Wind Turbine
Vertical Access Wind Turbines
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Video Codec Engine
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers
vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers
Voltage Divider
Volt Direct Current
Volts, Direct Current
Verband Deutscher Electrotechniker
Vertical external-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Vector Fitting
Voltage to Frequency Converter
Voltage and Frequency Dependent
Very Fast Transient Overvoltage
Virtual Heliospheric Observatory
Very Low Voltage
Vector Linear
Value of Interest
Voltage Plus
Vehicle Power and Propulsion
Voltage Protection Rating
Vector Register
Voltage Regulators
Voltage Regulator Down
Voltage Regulator Module
Valve-regulated Lead-acid
Valve Regulated Lead Acid
Vacuum System
Volt Switch
Variable Speed Reversible
Voltage Standing Wave Ration
Visual Studio Extension
Web-based Assessment Module
Word Before
watch-dog timer
Wind Energy Update
Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium
Wait for Event
Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization
Wet Flue Gas Desulphurisation
Wait for Interrupt
Wing Ice Protection System
Wire Leads
Wyoming Municipal Power Agency
Will to Power
Wireless Power Consortium
Western Power Sports
Wiper Register
Wound-rotor induction motor
Wound-rotor synchronous motor
Working Standard
Western Services Corporation
Extra Lounge
Yet Another Object Description Language
Yellow Dog Linux
Yamaha Power Valve System
Zero Crossing
Zero Cross Detect
Zinc Germanium Phosphide
Zone Of Initial Dilution
Zerro Insertion Force
Zero Voltage Transition
Day-Ahead Demand Response Program
Nordic Association of Electricity Traders
Pressurised Water Reactor
Pressurized-Water Reactor
Pressurized Water Reactors
Pressurised Water Reactors
Pressurized Water Reactors
Pressure Washing Resource Association
Power Exchange India Ltd
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
Tera Watt
Trading with the Enemy Act
Turkish Wind Energy Association
Transuranic Waste Processing Center
Transfield Worley Power Services
Traveling-Wave Reactor
Traveling Wave Reactor
Travelling Wave Reactor
Two-Way Satellite Time Transfer
Traveling Wave Tube
Travelling Wave Tube
Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers
Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers
Alkaline, Adapter
Constant Voltage Transformers
Center Wavelength
Continous Wave
Continuos Wave
China Wind Energy Association
Chinese Wind Energy Association
Centre for Wind Energy Technology
Condenser Water Pump
Movement Differential
Mega Watt
Mega Watts
Mega Watts
Motors wrote
Multiply Work
Motoren-Werke Mannheim
Municipal Waste Water
Remote Auxiliary Power System
Supreme White Power
Standing-wave ratio
Standing Wave Radio
Small Wind Turbine
Small Wind Turbines
Safety Zone