Popular School acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Art & Design
Architectural Association
American Bandmasters Association
Australian Brain Bee Challenge
Aeries Browser Interface
Abingdon Boys School
Audiologisch Centrum
Association of China and Mongolia International Schools
Academy of Cosmetic Arts and Sciences
Adult Career and Continuing Education Services
Accrediting Council for Continuing Education Training
Association of Commercial Diving Educators
Accelerated Christian Education
Achieving Classroom Excellence
Arts in Community Education
Advisory Centre for Education
Alliance for Catholic Education
Alliance for Climate Education
Alternative Cooperative Education
Architecture, Computing and Engineering
Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia
Aviation Career Enrichment
Alabama Christian Education Association
Ateneo Center for Educational Development
Association of Childhood Education International
Accreditation and Co-ordination of English Language Services
Advisory Council for English Language Schools
Area Cooperative Educational Services
Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors
Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors
American Culinary Foundation
Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate
Action Coalition for Media Education
Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education
Academic & Career Planning
Alexandria City Public Schools
Adelaide Central School of Art
Arkansas Comprehensive School Improvement Plan
American Collegiate Schools of Planning
American Council for School Social Work
All Children Together
Arkansas Comprehensive Testing, Assessment and Accountability Program
American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages
Artist's Diploma
Average Daily Attendance
Arizona Department of Education
Abu Dhabi Education Council
Abu Dhabi Educational Council
Approved Driving Instructor
Arts and Digital Industries
Abu Dhabi Indian School
Average Daily Membership
Average Daily Memberships
Average Daily Participation
Ateneo Debate Society
Art Education
Alternative Education Accountability
Area Education Agencies
Auckland English Academy
Australian Education Assessment Services
Adult Education Center
Alternative Education Campus
Alliance for Excellent Education
Aspen Education Foundation
Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students
Academic Excellence Indicator System
Appalachia Educational Laboratory
Advanced Elective Modules
Advanced Elective Modules
Arts Education in Maryland Schools
Additional Educational Needs
Art Elective Programme
Annual Education Reports
American Education Reaches Out
Aviation & Electronic Schools of America
African American Studies
Amor, Fe y Esperanza
Averaged Freshman Graduation Rate
Arabic as a Foreign Language
Advanced Functions and Modeling
Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers
Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers
African Studies
Application for Graduate Admission
Advocacy for Gifted and Talented Education
Academy for Global Citizenship
Annual Giving Campaign
Association Genevoise des Ecoles Privées
Achievement Gap Initiative
Annual General Inspection
Association of German International Schools
Asia Graduate School of Theology
Academic Growth over Time
Athletes Helping Athletes
American Health and Beauty Aids Institute
Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts
Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act
Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia
Anglican High School
Alternative High School Assessment
Alabama High School Graduation Exam
Andrews International
Aston International Academy
American Institute of Certified Educational Planners
Association of Independent Colleges and Schools
Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts
Academic Institutional Membership
Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards
Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards
African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa
Academic Intervention Services
Advance Informatics School
AlHuda International School
Asian International School
Abilene Independent School District
Allen Independent School District
Arlington Independent School District
Austin Independent School District
American International School in Egypt
Association of Independent Schools of Florida
American International School of Johannesburg
Association of Independent School Librarians
Association of Indiana School Library Educators
American International School of Rotterdam
American Institute of Trucking
Assistant Instructor Training Course
Allegheny Intermediate Unit
Alliant International University
Authentic Intellectual Work
Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar
Aga Khan Academies
Aga Khan Higher Secondary School
All Kinds of Minds
Aga Khan School
Active Learning
Admission Letter
Ateneo Lingua Ars Cultura
Athens Laboratory of Business Administration
Active Learning Center
Adult Learning Center
Alternative Learning Center
Alternative Learning Centre
Alternative Learning Experience
Alternative Learning Environment
Arabic language instruction
Additional Learning Needs
Accelerated Learning Programme
Advanced Learning Plans
Advanced Learner Programs
Alternative Learning System
Achievement Mentoring
As Many
American Math Competition
American Music Conference
Arizona Music Educators Association
Annual Military Inspection
Association of Montessori Internationale
Annual Measurable Objectives
Annual Measurable Objective
Annual Measurable Objectives
Alaska Measures of Progress
Ateneo Musicians Pool
Advanced Montessori Studies
Algemene Middelbare School
Allegheny Mountain School
Applied Math and Science
Army Medical School
Advanced Math and Science Academy
Alliance of Medical Student Educators in Radiology
American Studies
Applied Mathematics
Army Mountain Warfare School
Adult Night High School
Annual Nationwide Search for Young Arts Scholars
Alpha Omega Alpha
Areas of Concentration
Administrator on Duty
Academy of Excellence
Arizona Online Instruction
Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin
Algebra-Based Physics
Alternate Proficiency Assessment
Arizona Paralegal Association
Augenblick, Palaich and Associates
Asia Pacific Activities Conference
Advisory Panel on Astrological Education
Association of Professional Astrologers International
Australian Principals Associations Professional Development Council
Advanced Professional Certificate
Australian Parents Council
Applied Physics
Academy for Precision Learning
Association of Placentia Linda Educators
Alabama Public Library Service
Andhra Pradesh Open School Society
Assessing Pupil Progress
Australian Primary Principals Association
Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors
Annual Professional Performance Review
Annual Professional Performance Reviews
Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusion
Academia del Perpetuo Socorro
Action Plans
Albuquerque Public Schools
Aurora Public Schools
Algemeen Pedagogisch Studiecentrum
Assisted Places Scheme
Ateneo Professional Schools
Average Points Score
Asian Planning Schools Association
American Pacific University
Accelerated Reader
Accelerated Reading
Academic Review Board
Appalachia Regional Comprehensive Center
Archaeological Studies
Admission, Review, Dismissal
Association of Racing Drivers Schools
Association of Recognised English Language Schools
Association of Recognized English Language Schools
Association of Recognised English Language Services
Association of Recognized English Language Services
Alabama Reading Initiative
Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test
Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
Association of Recovery Schools
Academic Research Track
A2 subject
Advanced Subsidiary
Annual Survey
Assistant Superintendent
Accounting Student Association
Advancing Student Achievement
Alabama Science Assessment
Alaska School Activities Association
Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Services
After School Activities Partnerships
After School Academics Program
Australian School Based Apprenticeships
American School Band Directors Association
After School Club
After School Club-Behind
Autistic Spectrum Condition
American School Counselor Association
Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development
American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Abington School District
Achievement School District
After School Detention
American School for the Deaf
American School of Dubai
American School of Doha
American Society of Dermatology
American Student Dental Association
Active Shooter Defense School
Actors Studio Drama School
Association of Science Education
American School of Gas Measurement Technology
American School Foundation
American School in Japan
American School Food Service Association
Ateneo School of Government
Association for Support of Graduate Students
Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad
Accelerated Schools Infrastructure Development Initiative
American School of Kuwait
American School of London
American Student List
Astana School of Management and Business
American Schools of Oriental Research
American School of Oriental Research
Alabama Scholastic Press Association
Alaska School Performance Index
Army School of Physical Training
Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences
Aboriginal Student Support and Parent Awareness
Advanced Skills Teacher
Alexandria School of Theology
Association of Science Teacher Educators
Aikido Schools of Ueshiba
Assistant Teacher
Athletic Trainer
Alberta Teachers Association
Aviation Technical Education Council
Association for Theological Education in South East Asia
Admissions Test for Graduate Study in Business
Approaches to Learning
AIMS Test for Management Admissions
Aviation Training Organisations
Aviation Training Organization
Airline Training Programs
Airline Transport Pilots
Association of Texas Photography Instructors
Absent Teacher Reserve
Associated Training Services
Association of Theological Schools
Athletic Trainers
Acute Traumatic Stress Management
Accra Technical Training Center
Arellano University
Acceptable Use Agreement
Aquinas University of Legazpi
Academy for Urban School Leadership
Academy of Urban School Leadership
Arellano University School of Law
American University of Sharjah Model United Nations
Alta Vista
Atlanta Virtual Academy
Audio Visual Aids
Audio Visual Aid
Almaden Valley Community Association
Advanced Vocational Certificate of Education
Arbor View High School
Ausable Valley High School
Anti-Violence Initiatives
Advancement Via Individual Determination
Audio-Visual Room
Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
Arab World and Islamic Resources
Anthony Wayne High School
Appleton West High School
Archbishop Williams High School
Arthur Williams Middle School
Australian Workshop on Requirements Engineering
Annie Wright School
Association of Washington School Principals
Army Wives Welfare Association
American Youth Academy
Automotive Youth Educational Systems
Albina Youth Opportunity School
Academic Yearly Progress
Academic Year Program
Annual Yearly Progress
Business and Agriculture
Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council
Bundesverband Beruflicher Naturschutz
Baseball Coaches Association
Bachelor of Commercial Science
Burlington Community School District
Basic Education Circular
Basic Education Curriculum
Botswana Examinations Council
Basic Education Data System
Bachelor in Elementary Education
Basic Education High School
British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society
British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society
Billed Entity Number
Biomedical Engineering
Block Education Officer
Biomedical Enterprise Program
Birmingham Education Partnership
Building Excellent Schools Today
Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda
Building Excellent Schools Together
Bachelor in Finance
Battelle for Kids
Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education
Battle Ground Public Schools
Brisbane Graduate School of Business
Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies
British Horseracing Education and Standards Trust
Belgian Hematological Society
Bachelor of Innovation
Brasilia International School
British International School
Big Island Interscholastic Federation
Behavior Intervention Plan
Bachelor in International Relations
Bavarian International School
British International School of Prague
British International School Shanghai
Basic Leadership School
Bachelor of Media Arts
Berlin Mathematical School
Board of Nurse Examiners
Birmingham Ormiston Academy
Basic Officer Course
Boards of Cooperative Educational Services
Best of Out-Of-School-Time
Board of Secondary Education Manipur
Boulder Outdoor Survival School
Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards
Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards
Beginning of School Year
Beginning of Year
Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre
Bangkok Patana School
Bangkok Pattana School
Boston Public Schools
Boston Public School
Buffalo Public Schools
Beroeps Praktijk Vorming
Block Resource Centre
Bedford Road Invitational Tournament
British Record Industry Trust
Block Resource Persons
British Racing School
British Studies
Bradford Robotic Telescope
Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services
Beauty Schools of America
British School at Athens
Boston Student Advisory Council
Bay Shore Athletic League
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science in Education
British School of Brussels
British School of Bucharest
British School of Beijing
Bureau of Secondary Education
Bihar School Examination Board
Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab
Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service
Blavatnik School of Government
British School of Kuwait
British School of Motoring
British Schools in the Middle East
British School of Osteopathy
Bulletin of the School of Oriental
Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative Therapies
Bishop Strachan School
Board of Senior Secondary Studies
Behavior Support Team
British School in Tokyo
Business Studies Teachers Association of Ireland
Bukidnon State University
Board of Trustees
Buffalo Teachers Federation
Beginning Teachers
Bound To Stay Bound
Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance
Behavior tracking tool
Baltimore Teachers Union
Behind the Wheel
Boston University Brussels
Baltimore Urban Debate League
Building Understanding through International Links for Development
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Boston University School of Theology
Blossom Valley Athletic League
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Bachelor of Vocational Education
California Academic Decathlon
Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning
Canadian Association of Private Language Schools
Children at Risk
Carolina Approach to Responsive Education
Canadian Association of School Administrators
Connecticut Association of School Business Officials
Collaborative for Academic, Social, & Emotional Learning
Colorado Association of School Libraries
Central Algoma Secondary School
Canadian Achievement Tests
Common Assessment Task
Computer Adapted Test
Career and Technical Education
Career and Technology Education
Class Act Theatre School
Commonwealth Accountability Testing System
Center for Asymmetric Warfare
College of Business
Center for Business Communication
Competency Based Curriculum
Complementary Basic Education
Cooperative Business Education
Council for Basic Education
College Bound Scholarship
Catholic Boarding Schools Association
Central Board of School Education
Central Board for Secondary Education
Central Board Secondary Education
Clarendon College
Certified Culinarian
Cultural Committee
California Culinary Academy
Co-Curricular Activities
Co-Curricular Activity
Columbus College of Art and Design
Co-Curricular Activities
Chaklala Cantonment Board
California Catholic Conference
Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative
Core Curriculum Content Standards
Character & Citizenship Education
Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management
Christ Church Grammar School
Cambridge Centre for Health Leadership & Enterprise
Children Challenging Industry
Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan
Center for Civil Military Relations
Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy
Center for Continuing and Professional Education
Chesterfield County Public Schools
Coordinated Compliance Review
Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators
Council for Cadet Rifle Shooting
Center for Cartoon Studies
Central Coast Section
Common Core Standards
Clark County School District
Center for Constitutional Studies and Democratic Development
Center for Children with Special Needs
Common Core State Standards
Common Core State Standard
Common Core State Standards Initiative
Common Core States Standards Initiative
Common Core State Standards for Math
Core Curriculum State Standards
Council Chief State School Officers
Council for Chief State School Officers
Council of Chief State School Officers
Chittenden Central Supervisory Union
Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance
Common Core Technology Project
Career Day
Commercial Diving Academy
Connecticut Debate Association
Center for Digital Education
Colorado Department of Education
Center for Digital Literacy
Commercial Driving License
Commercial Drivers Learning Center
Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation
Credit by Demonstrated Mastery
Canyon del Oro
Career Development and Occupational Studies
Community Development Officers
Country Day School
Center for Developmental Services
Children's Depression Scale
Central Dauphin School District
Church Divinity School of the Pacific
Crossroads Discipleship Training School
Centre for Entrepreneurship
Church of England
Common Entrance
Creative Education
Colorado Education Association
Cosmetology Educators of America
Christian Educators Association International
Council of Educational Administrative and Supervisory Organizations of Maryland
Central Educational Center
Consortium for Educational Change
Council on Exceptional Children
Center for Education and Career Innovation
Center for Educator Compensation Reform
Council for Environmental Education
Center for Evaluation and Education Policy
Center for Evaluation & Education Policy
Catholic Education Foundation
Centre for Education and Finance Management
Council for Educational Facilities Planners International
Careers Education Guidance
Center for Educational Innovation
Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Colorado Education Initiative
coordinated, early intervening services
Coordinated Early Intervening Services
Colorado English Language Assessment
Center for Educational Leadership and Technology
Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching
Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults
Certificate in English Language Teaching Adults
Center for Educational Measurement
Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring
Canadian Executive Master of Business Administration
Center for Emerging Market Enterprises
Chemical Engineering
Centre of Excellence for National Security
Chief Education Officer
Chief Educational Officer
Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving
Catholic Education Office Melbourne
Catholic Education Office of Western Australia
Character Education Partnership
Comprehensive Educational Plan
Comprehensive Education Plan
Center for Executive and Professional Development
Center for Education Reform
Catholic Education Service
Cooperative Educational Services
Centre for English Studies
Christ Episcopal School
Cooperative Educational Service Agency
Cooperative Educational Services Agency
Cooperative Education Service Agency
Cooperative Educational Service Agencies
Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations
Computer Education Society of Ireland
Changing Education Through the Arts
Certified Education Technology Leader
Centro Escolar University
Council for Education in World Citizenship
Center for Comparative Conflict Studies
Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Consortium of Florida Education Foundations
Center for Gifted Education
Carter Flygare, Inc
Centre de Formation des Journalistes
Center for Learning
Centre for Learning
Conditions for Learning
Consistent Financial Reporting
Chicago Freedom School
Cincinnati Federation of Teachers
Center for Global Affairs
Culver Girls Academy
Council of Great City Schools
Center for Global Environmental Education
Campaign for Grade-Level Reading
Council of Graduate Schools
Council of Graduate Students
Cognitive Science
Campbell Hall
Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
Center for Health and Social Policy
Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools
Christian Home & Bible School
Cincinnati Hebrew Day School
Council of Higher Education
Christian Home Educators of Colorado
Child Study Center
Charter High School
Colorado High School Press Association
Centralised Institute
Curriculum & Instruction
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference
College Information Book
Center for International Business Studies
College of Immaculate Conception
Check In Check Out
Chicago International Charter School
Commission on Information & Communications Technology
Curriculum Implementation Division
Cambridge International Examinations
Cambridge International Education
Cambridge International Examination
Capital Improvement Fund
Condition Improvement Fund
Centre for India & Global Business
Canadian International Hockey Academy
Centre for International Human Resource Management
Center on Innovation & Improvement
Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System
Cork International Language Academy
Center for Irish Music
Certificate of Initial Mastery
Continuous Improvement and Monitoring System
Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Bio-Oncologia
Campus Improvement Plans
Continuous Improvement Plan
Canadian International School
Concordian International School
Chinese International School
Commission on Independent Schools
Council of International Schools
Council of International School
Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination
Canadian International School of Egypt
Center for the Improvement of Student Learning
Converse International School of Languages
Canadian International Student Services
Concordia International School Shanghai
China International Schools Sports Association
Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries
Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation
Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation
Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology
Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island
Core Knowledge
Christ the King College
Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative
Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools
Christian Liberty Academy School System
Continuous Learning Center
City Learning Centre
Content Literacy Continuum
Classical Civilization
Chinese Language Education
Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation
Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online
Cabot Learning Federation
Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice
Centre for Language in Primary Education
Colorado Measures of Academic Success
Center for Math and Science Teaching
Clarksville-Montgomery County School System
College of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
Children Missing Education
Civics and Moral Education
Classical Music Ensemble
Contemporary Music Ensemble
Centre de Management Hotelier
Carmelites of Mary Immaculate
Center for Media Literacy
Central Management Office
Connected Math Program
Connected Math Project
Connected Mathematics Program
Church Music Quarterly
Center for Marine Resources and Environmental Technology
Career Management Services
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Chicago Medical School
Computational Materials Science
Chicago Math and Science Academy
Connecticut Mastery Test
Cardiff Metropolitan University
Caribbean Medical University
Carnegie-Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University's
Cooper Nursing
Child Nutrition Act
Comprehensive Needs Assessment
Center for a New Generation
Canadian Network for Innovation in Education
Center for New Music & Audio technology
Council on Naturopathic Medical Education
Child Nutrition Programs
Child Nutrition Program
Center for Nursing Research
Child Nutrition Services
Cicero-North Syracuse
Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education
Council of British Independent Schools
Career Opportunities Center
Center of Development
Centers of Development
College of Dentistry
Church of England
Collection of Evidence
Cooperative Office Education
Council on Occupational Education
County Office of Education
Career Online High School
Council of International Schools
Colorado Online Learning
Center on Leadership and Ethics
Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation
College of Nursing and Health Care Professions
Committee on Public Education
Communities Organizing Resources to Advance Learning
Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation
Cadet Officer School
Course of Study
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators
Congress of South African Students
Council of Small Towns
Child Opportunity Zone
Career-related Programme
Corporal Punishment
Creative Partnerships
Computing and the Arts
Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School
Certified Pastry Culinarian
Center for Public Education
Certificate in Proficiency in English
Certificate of Primary Education
Clinical Proficiency Examination
Council for Private Education
Council of Private Education
Certification in Public Health
Center for Public Health Practice
Center for Public Health Preparedness
Center for Public Health Readiness and Communication
Central Pennsylvania Institute
Church of the Province of Kenya
Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey
Consortium for Policy Research in Education
Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Public School
Cincinnati Public Schools
Community Performance Series
Computer Science
Committee for Preschool Special Education
Committee on Preschool Special Education
Counseling Psychology & Special Education
Counseling Psychology and Special Education
Columbia Pacific University
Certificate of Pre-Vocational Education
Center for Responsible Business
Centre for Responsible Business
Civil Rights Compliance
Cluster Resource Centre
Consumer Resource Center
Computer Resource Center
Computer Resource Centers
Criminal Reference Check
Charles River Creative Arts Program
Civil Rights Data Collection
Christian Religious Education
Coordinated Review Effort
Capitol Region Education Council
Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work
Center for Research on Girls
Christian Religious Knowledge
Center for Resource Management
Central Regional Office
Center for Reinventing Public Education
Center on Reinventing Public Education
Canadian Rockies Public Schools
Christian Religious Studies
Critical Race Studies in Education Association
Criterion-Referenced Test
Criterion-Referenced Tests
Criterion Referenced Tests
Consortium for Robotics and Unmanned Systems Education and Research
Cold Spring
Computer Science for High School
Colegio San Agustin
Council of Supervisors and Administrators
Country School Association of America
Colorado State Assessment Program
Colorado Student Assessment Program
Cyber Security Awareness Week
Cameron School of Business
Chief School Business Official
Certified School Counselor
Certified Sous Chef
College Sports Council
Colegio del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus
Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation
Colorado Springs Christian Schools
Christina School District
Cooperating School Districts
City School District of Albany
District Assessment Coordinators
Discovery Canyon Campus
Disney Channel Original Movie
Disney Channel Original Movies
Downtown Community School
Dulwich College Shanghai
Developing Excellence in Medical Education Conference
District Education Officers
Department of Education & Skills
Documentary Filmmaking School
Doctor of Hebrew Letters
Destination ImagiNation
Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Districts in Need of Improvement
District Improvement Plan
Designated Instruction and Services
Designated Instructional Service
Design Institute of San Diego
Discovery Learning Alliance
Digital Learning Day
Dental Loan Organizer and Calculator
Dual Language Programme
De La Salle Canlubang
De La Salle College
De La Salle Philippines
District Leadership Team
Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria
Doctor of Music
Dentariae Medicinae Doctorae
Deputy Mayor for Education
Doctor in Marriage & Family Therapy
Doctor of Modern Languages
Did not graduate
Did Not Pass
Dental Outreach Community Service
Department of Defense Dependent Schools
Department of Defense Dependents Schools
Department of Defense Dependent School
Department of Defense Education Activity
Department of Defense Educational Activity
Department of Education's
Dept of Education
Director of Education
Division of Education
Duke Of Edinburgh
District of Residence
Diploma in Photography
Diploma Programme
Department of Public Instruction
Division of Private Occupational Schools
Director of Pupil Personnel
Dayton Public Schools
Denver Public Schools
Detroit Public Schools
Doctor of Professional Studies
Delhi Public School International
Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education
District Representative
Daily Report Card
Data Recognition Corp
Doctor of Religious Education
Davis Renov Stahler
Directed Studies
Direct School Admission
Daytona State College
Department of School Education
Directorate of School Education
Delaware State Education Association
Dedicated Schools Grant
Duke Student Government
Designated School Officer
Designated School Officials
Direct Subsidy Scheme
Defence School of Transport
District Test Coordinator
Directorate of Teacher Education, Research and Training
Discipleship Training School
Discipleship Training Schools
Disciple Training School
DePaul University
Dillard University
Dyslexia Unit
Duke University Union
Diablo Valley College
Delaware Valley High School
Dakota Valley High School
Deer Valley High School
Da Vinci High School
Education Administration
Escola Americana de Belo Horizonte
Education Advisory Group
Entered by
East Bay Athletic League
English courses
Escuela Campo Alegre
Education Development Plans
Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Empowering Effective Teachers
Education First
Education Foundation
English First
Education Funding Advisory Board
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
Early Grade Reading Assessment
Electronic High School
Economic Impact Aid
Entrepreneurs in Action
Eastern Indiana Athletic Conference
Education Information and Accountability Services
Eisendrath International Exchange
Early Intervention Foundation
Ecole Internationale De New York
Educational Information and Resource Center
Ekamai International School
Emirates International Schools
Examination for Japanese University
Engelbert Kämpfer Gymnasium
Eastern Kansas League
English Learner
Expeditionary Learning
English Language Academy
English Language Acquisition
English Language Course
English Language Centres
English Learner Advisory Committee
English Learners Advisory Committee
English Language Arts, Reading
Early Learning Center
Eastern Leadership Centre
Educational Leadership Constituent Council
English Literacy Development
Essential Learning Outcomes
Expanded Learning Opportunities
Extended Learning Opportunities
Expanded Learning Opportunities
Experiential Learning Programme
Educational Longitudinal Study
English Language School
English Language Training
English Language Unit
Europese Lagere School
Emotional Literacy Support Assistants
Expanded Learning Time
Extended Learning Time
English Language Tutorial Academy
Ensino Médio
Everyday Mathematics
Ethnic Minority Achievement
Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication
Edusave Merit Bursary
Executive Master of Business Adminstration
Educational Media Center
Ecole des Mines de Nantes
Educational Management Organization
Eastern Mennonite Seminary
Engineering and Applied Science
Ecole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion
English Language and Literature
English as a New Language
English as New Language
Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees
Ecole Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs
Edinburgh Napier University
Environmental Engineering
Education Officer
End of Class
End-of-Course Examination Program
End-of-Course Tests
End of Course Tests
End of Instruction
Equal Opportunity Schools
End of School Year
End of the Year
Educational Plan
Employee profiles
Ethics, Politics, and Economics
Education Protection Account
Education Policy Analysis Archives
Educational Policies Commission
Effective Practice Incentive Community
Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancees
Education Policy and Leadership Center
European Public Law Organization
Educational Proficiency Plan
Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan
Extended Project Qualification
Educational Psychology Service
Essential Programs and Services
Education Policy Studies Laboratory
Educational Plan for Student Success
Educational Quality Assessment
Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
East Ridge Athletic Association
Educational Retirement Board
Education Records Bureau
Education Resource Centre
European Research Centre for Anti-Corruption and State-Building
Enhanced Registration Framework
Ecole Royale Militaire
Educational Review Office
Education Review Office
Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative
Education Rights Project
Earth Restoration Service
Education Resource Strategies
Education Society
Educational Staff Associate
Educational Service Agencies
Education and Skills Authority
European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology
English Speaking Board
Education Service Contracting
Education Service Center
Education Service Centers
Educational Service District
Effective Schoolwide Discipline
Educational Service Districts
Education Service Districts
Elementary & Secondary Education Act
Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Earth Science Education Unit
English Schools Foundation
Education Support Grant
European School of Hematology
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Elmore Stoutt High School
Eligible Services List
Eastman School of Music
East Syracuse-Minoa
Education Support Officer
Elementary Science Olympiad
European School of Radiology
Educational Support Personnel
Education Support Personnel
Educational Support Professional
Enhanced School Profile
Elementary School Proficiency Assessment
Education Standards and Practices Board
Education Sector Reforms
Educators for Social Responsibility
Educational Support Services
Educational Service Unit
Educational Service Units
Educational Support System
Education Support Team
Exceptional Student Services
Extended Student Services
Electronic Systems Technician
East Stroudsburg University
Enugu State University of Technology
Extended School Year
Educational Theatre Association
Educational Technology Advisory Committee
Education and Training Boards
Entertainment Technology Center
Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Education Tax Fund
Education Tax Refund
Education Transition Fund
Education Trust Fund
Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario
Evaluation Team Report
Education Technology Solutions
Evangelical Theological Seminary
East Texas State University
Elementary Teachers of Toronto
Educational Technology Training Centers
Education Value-Added Assessment System
Education Value Added Assessment System
Education Voucher Scheme
Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation
Environmental Studies
Education Workforce Council
Edmonds Woodway High School
Energiewirtschaftliches Institut der Universität Köln
Energiewirtschaftliches Institutetut der Universityrsität Köln
Early Warning Indicator System
Eastern Wrestling League
Educational Welfare Officer
Education Welfare Officer
Economically Weaker Sections
Economically Weaker Section
Feinstein College of Arts and Sciences
Fairfax County Democratic Committee
Fund for the City of New York
Forest Education Initiative
Federal Education Right to Privacy Act
Future Farmers of American
Foundation For The Carolinas
Fellowship Hall
Forest Hills Northern
Francis Howell North
Forte International Exchange Association
Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development
Flight Instructor Glider
Film and Media Studies
Florida Inclusion Network
Future Is Now
Family Involvement Network of Educators
Formative Instructional Practices
Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas
Families In Schools
Frankfurt International School
Frisco Independent School District
Federation of International Youth Travel Organizations
Florida Kindergarten Council
Foreign Language Elementary School
Foreign Language Immersion Program
Flexible Learning Option
Florida League of Christian Schools
Fulton Montgomery Community College
Family Ministry School
Film & Media Studies
Further Mathematics Support Programme
Faculty Office Hours
Focus on Learning
Full Option Science System
Friends of the Arts
Free Primary Education
Florida Parent Educators Association
Foundation Public School
Florida Polytechnic University
Federal Resources for Education Excellence
Free and Reduced Lunch
Funding Request Number
Foreign Schools
Federation of Schools of Accountancy
Florida Standards Assessments
Florida Standards Assessment
Florida Standard Assessment
Foundation Skills Assessment
Flight School Berlin
Florida School Board Association
Forest School Camps
Fiji Seventh Form Examination
Federal Stafford Loans
First School Leaving Certificate
Florida School of Massage
Family-School Partnership
Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry
Florida Society for Technology in Education
Florida State University Schools
Florida Tax Credit
Free the Children
Freehold Township High School
Fountain University
Fudan University
Fairfield Union High School
Fortuna Union High School
Fremont Union High School District
Fontana Unified School District
Fork Union Military Academy
Fort Vancouver High School
Fountain Valley High School
Fuquay-Varina High School
Fox Valley Lutheran Academy
Fox Valley Lutheran High School
Florida Virtual School
General Certificate Examinations
Gaston College Preparatory
Girls in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science
Global Education Management Systems
Geelong Grammar School
General History of Africa
Georgetown International Academy
Georgia Independent Christian Athletic Association
Gulf International Private Academy
Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills
Global Affairs
Grade Level Content Expectations
Grade Level Expectations
George Lucas Educational Foundation
Georgia Library Media Association
Global Learning Project
Graduated Licensing Program
Georgia Learning Resources System
German Language School Conference
Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educational Network
Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Teachers Network
Germanic Languages and Literatures
Global Maritime and Transportation School
Green Mountain Farm-to-School
Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support
Gift of a Lifetime
Gompers Preparatory Academy
Grade Point Averages
Gender Parity Index
Gilbert Public Schools
Graduation Qualifying Exam
Graduation Rate
General Record Examination
Graduate Records Exam
Graduate Record Exams
Ancient Greek
Gunn Robotics Team
General Student
Gay-Straight Alliance
Gay-Straight Alliances
Gay Straight Alliance
Gay Straight Alliances
Gay Student Alliance
Gay-Straight Student Alliance
General State Aid
Guildford School of Acting
Gay-Straight Alliances
Gay Straight Alliances
Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Glasgow School for Business and Society
Goldman School of Dental Medicine
Graduate School of the Environment
Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions
Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Graduate School of Education & Human Development
Grade Span Expectations
Garden School Foundation
Ghana School Feeding Programme
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Graduate Student Instructor
Graduate School of International Management
Graduate School of International Studies
Gyeonggi Suwon International School
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Graduate School of Library & Information Science
Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Generator School Network
Georgia Special Needs Scholarship
Graduate School of Oceanography
Graduate School Office
Georgia Scholastic Press Association
Graduate School of Public & International Affairs
Governor's School for Science and Mathematics
Garden State Scholastic Press Association
Ghana Secondary Technical School
General Scottish Vocational Qualification
Gifted and Talented
General Teaching Council for Wales
Graduate Teacher Programme
Graduate Teaching Programme
Guiding Tools for Instructional Problem-Solving
Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering
Graduate Theological Union
Gonzaga University
Georgetown University Grilling Society
Global University System
Global University Systems
Global Work Experience Association
Holy Angel University
Handsome Boy
Holy Cross of Davao College
Health Career Opportunity Programs
Horry County Schools
Hazard Community & Technical College
Home Education
Harvard Extension Alumni Association
Harvard Extension Student Association
Hojere Forberedelseseksamen
Hopital General Juif
Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying
Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying
Hanoi International School
Home Independent Study
Houston Independent School District
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong International School
Hong Kong Library Association
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Holistic Life Foundation
Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Global Health Studies
Head Master
Her Majesty's Inspectors
Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education
Human Rights
Human Modeling and Simulation
Head of School
Hands-On Universe
Hazel Park
Humanities Programme
High Performance Boards
Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education
Health Policy & Management
Hyde Park Neighborhood Club
High Priority Occupations
Highly Qualified Teachers
Highly Qualified Teacher
High Schools
Home School
Holy Spirit
Home Study
High School and Beyond
Harlem Success Academy
Hawaii State Assessment
High School Assessments
High School Assessment
High School Assistant
High School Assessments
History of Art
Higher School Certificate
High School Certificate
Historical & Special Collections
Home and School Club
High School Computer Competition
Higher School Certificate Examination
High School Competency Test
Hispanic Student Dental Association
High School Equivalency Tests
High School Equivalency Test
High School Forensics
High School Graduate
High School Graduation Qualifying Exam
High School Graduation Qualifying Examination
History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health
Home Study International
High School Journalism
High School Musical 2
High School Proficiency Assessment
High School Proficiency Exam
High School Proficiency Examination
High School Placement Test
Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
Humanities and Social Science
Higher Secondary School Certificate
High School Survey of Student Engagement
Hawaii Society for Technology in Education
High School Transcript Study
High Schools That Work
Home Teacher
High Tech High
Hawaii Technology Academy
Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme
Hebrew Theological College
Higher Teachers Certificate
Holy Trinity School
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft
Hamline University School of Law
International Business College
International Bible College
Illinois Basketball Coaches Association
Islamic Center of Irving
Institut Commercial de Nancy
International Christian School
International Corporate Strategy
International Correspondence School
International Correspondence Schools
International and Comparative Studies
Intro to Computer Science
International Christian School of Budapest
International Christian School of Cascais
Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
Indian Certificate for Secondary Education
Indian Council of Secondary Education
International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement
Instructional Consultation Teams
Integrated Co-Teaching
Inner-City Teaching Corps
International Christian Youth Exchange
Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index
Instituto de Desarrollo Empresarial
Iowa Department of Education
Illinois Drafting Educator's Association
Illinois Drug Education Alliance
Individual Disability Education Act
Individual Disabilities Education Act
Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act
Institute for Democratic Education in America
Internet Delivered Education for Arkansas Schools
Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act
Independent Distance Learning
Idaho Digital Learning Academy
Indiana Department of Education
Inclusive Education
Instituto de Empresa
Intensive English
International Education Academy
Independent Examinations Board
Istituto Europeo di
Independent Education Evaluation
Independent Educational Evaluations
Institute on Education and the Economy
Institut d'Estudis Financers
Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute
Istanbul Erkek Lisesi
Intensive English Language Programme
Interfaith Education Ministries
Individualised Educational Plan
Individual Education Plans
Individualized Educational Plans
Individual Educational Plans
Individual Education Plans
Individualised Education Programme
Instituto Europeo de Posgrado
Individualized Educational Programs
International Educational Services
International Education Service
Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa
Interpreting Functions
Indonesian Future Leaders
International Forum of Public Universities
Institute of Guidance Counsellors
International General Certificate of Secondary Examinations
Interactive Games and Media
Integrierte Gesamtschule
International Graduate School of Business
Individual Health Care Plan
Individual Healthcare Plans
Individual Home Instruction Plan
Illinois High School Baseball Coaches Association
Indiana High School Press Association
International House World Organisation
Illinois Interactive Report Card
Instructional Improvement Systems
International Indian School Dammam
Institute for International Studies in Education
International Junior Golf Academy
Integrated Learning
Institute for Latin American Concern
Independent Learning Centre
Independent Learning Center
Interactive Learning Center
Improving Learning for Children with Disabilities
Inner London Education Authority
Individualized Learning Plan
Individual Learning Plans
Individual Literacy Plan
Individual Learning Plans
Interscholastic League Press Conference
Illinois Learning Standards
Integrated Laboratory School
Integrated Learning System
International Language School
International Make-up Association
Instructional Materials Center
Indiana Music Educators Association
Information Management and Learning Services
Illinois Math and Science Academy
Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Indiana Non-Public Education Association
Integrated Programme
Instructional Psychology & Technology
Integrated Physics and Chemistry
International Primary Curriculum
International Preschool Curriculum
Irish Primary Principals Network
Interim Progress Report
Identification, Placement, and Review Committee
Indianapolis Public Schools
Information, Production and Systems
International Postgraduate School
Introductory Physical Science
Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture
Independent Panel for Special Education Advice
Intern Placement Tracking
International Quality Accreditation
Institut Químic de Sarrià
Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre
Idaho Reading Indicator
Islamic Religious Knowledge
Institute for Research and Reform in Education
International Research School of Planetary Sciences
Institute for Recruitment of Teachers
Institutional Setting
International Section
Institute for Student Achievement
International School of Amsterdam
International School of Athens
International School of Advanced Learning
Independent School Association of Northern New England
Independent Schools Association of South Africa
Idaho Standards Achievement Test
Idaho Standards Achievement Tests
Illinois Standard Achievement Test
International School of Beijing
International School of Bangkok
International School of Brussels
International School Basel
International School Bangkok
International School of Business & Media
International School of Business and Management
Indiana School Boards Association
Indian School Certificate
Instructional Services Center
Intermediate Service Center
International Schools of China
International School of Curitiba
International Student Center
Independent Schools Careers Organisation
Indiana School for the Deaf
Intermediate School District
Intermediate School Districts
Iceland School of Energy
International School Eastern
Independent Schools Examination Board
Independent Schools Examinations Board
Independent School Entrance Examination
Independent School Entrance Exam
Individual Student Enrollment System
International Student Education Services
Independent Schools Foundation
Institutetut für Schulentwicklungsforschung
Institut für Schulentwicklungsforschung
Internationale Schule Frankfurt
Institut Superieur de Gestion
International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement
Iola-Scandinavia High School
Independent Schools Inspectorate
International Study Institute
International Studies Institute
International School of Kenya
International School Lagos
International School of Minnesota
Independent School League
Independent School Management
International School of Luxembourg
Illinois Shared Learning Environment
Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium
Institute of Sacred Music
Indian School of Management & Studies
Interactive Student Notebook
Interactive Science Notebook
International Society of New Institutional Economics
International School of Islamabad
International School of Central Switzerland
Individual Study Plan
International School of Panama
International School of Prague
Indonesian Science Project Olympiad
International School of Phnom Penh
Illinois Service Resource Center
Indian Springs School
In School Suspension
International School Services
International Schools Services
International Schools Singapore
International School Singapore
International School for Social and Business Studies
International Studies Schools Network
International Successful School Principalship Project
Instructional Support Team
Instructional Support Teacher
International School of Tanganyika
International School of Uganda
International Society of Technology Education
International Society for Teacher Education
Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress
Isabela State University
International Summer University Program
International School Yangon
International School for Young Astronomers
International Schools for Young Astronomers
International School of Zug and Luzern
International School Zurich North
Islam Terpadu
Indian Trail Academy
Information Technology Academy
Institute of Theoretical and Applied Physics
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills
Interdenominational Theological Center
International Teacher Certificate
Infectious and Tropical Diseases
Instructional Technology Department
Instructional Technology Initiative
Initial Teacher Education
Information Technology High School
Island Trees High School
Innovation and Technology Management
International Training Massage
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
International Teachers Program
Initial Teacher Training
International Thai Therapists Association
Indiana University-Bloomington
Inoorero University
Intermediate Unit
International University Bremen
International Universityrsity Bremen
International University in Geneva
Institute for Urban Education
International University of the Health Sciences
International University of Health Sciences
Indiana University Kokomo
International University of Monaco
International University of Nursing
International University of Professional Studies
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
Indiana University School of Dentistry
Indiana University School of Medicine
International University School of Medicine
Illinois Valley Central High School
Illinois Valley High School
Indian Valley High School
Indus Valley School
Imhotep Virtual Medical School
Incarnate Word Academy
Isle of Wight Academy
Java Education and Development Initiative
Japanese International School
Jane Lathrop Stanford
Japanese Language School
Joint Science Education Project
Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation
Kamehameha Elementary Education Program
Kentucky Education Savings Plan Trust
Knowledge & Human Development Authority
Kempsville Presbyterian Church
Last modified
Local Authorities
Los Angeles High School of the Arts
Livingston American School
Los Angeles Unified School District's
Le Bocage International School
Language Centre of Ireland
Local Educational Authorities
Learning Environment Survey
Lutherans For Life
Lycee Francais de San Francisco
Loughborough High School
Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Language Impaired
Long Island Muslim Society
Lewisville Independent School District
Leyte Institute of Technology
Library & Learning Commons
Library Learning Commons
Local Leader of Education
Local Leaders of Education
Lake Leman International School
Library Media
Local Management Board
Library & Media Center
Library Media Center
Library Media Connection
Louisiana Music Educators Association
Library Media Specialist
Leeds Metropolitan University
Lindsey Nicole Henry
Learning Opportunities Center
Lord Of Life
Letter of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendation
Letters of Recommendations
Logistics Operations School
Learning Partner
Learning Platform
Local Planning Committee
Lincoln Public Schools
Lafayette Parish School System
London Rare Books School
Little Rock School District
Lenoir-Rhyne University
Lab School
Learning Space
Lecture Series
Learning Support Assistant
London School of Astrology
Learning Support Assistants
Local School Council
London School of Computer Education
London School of Diving
Louisiana School for the Deaf
La Salle Green Hills
Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools
Language Skills Institute
Language Specialists International
London School of Marketing
Legislative Studies & Practice
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology
Law School Survey of Student Engagement
London School of Theology
Linn State Technical College
Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Louisiana State University in Shreveport
Lead Teacher
Lawrence Township Education Foundation
Long-Term English Learner
Local Task Force
Learning through Landscapes
Local Universities and Colleges
Lanzhou University of Technology
La Verdad Christian College
Louisiana Virtual School
Mid America High School Hockey League
Michigan Association of School Nurses
Ministry of Community Development and Sports
Montgomery County Public Schools
Montgomery County Public School
Murree Christian School
Memphis City Schools
Memphis City School
Missouri Council of School Administrators
Muscogee County School District
Marine Combat Training
Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Marine Corps University
Mater Dei
Miami-dade County Public Schools
Miami Dade County Public Schools
Michigan Department of Education
Mississippi Department of Education
Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Mid-Day Meal
Master of Development Policy
Market Data Retrieval
Materials Distribution Services
Miami-Dade Schools Police Department
Magic of Electrons
Ministry of Education
Music Education
Maine Educational Assessment
Michigan Education Assessment Program
Ministry of Education and Culture
Music Education Council
Maryland Educators of Gifted Students
Mental and Emotional Health
Marketing English in Ireland
Monticello Empire League
Mechanical Engineering
Music Elective Programme
Math Engineering and Science Achievement
Multnomah Education Service District
Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology
Mathematical Education of Teachers
Michigan Educational Technology Standards
Modern Foreign Languages
Modern Foreign Language
Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy
Median Growth Percentile
Master of Global Policy Studies
Modern Greek
Master of Human Resource and Organisational Development
Maine High School Assessment
Malayan High School of Science
Mary Immaculate
Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association
Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
Management of International Business
Model International Criminal Court
Maine International Center for Digital Learning
Music In Our Schools Month
Master of International Public Policy
Munich International School
Military Impacted Schools Association
Macomb Intermediate School District
McAllen Independent School District
Mercer Island School District
Moms In Touch International
Mathematical Knowledge
Modern Knowledge School
Middle Level
Montana Library Association
Mobile Learning Center
Moderate Learning Difficulties
Modern Languages in Primary Schools Initiative
Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association
Maine Learning Technology Initiative
Making Learning Visible
Master of Musical
Master of Musical Arts
Modesto Maidique Campus
Modesto Metro Conference
Michigan Merit Examination
Michigan Merit Exam
Maine Music Educators Association
Massachusetts Music Educators Association
Minnesota Music Educators Association
Modern Middle East Studies
Making Middle Grades Work
Maria Montessori International School
Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership
Multiple Measurements Rating
Multiple Measurement Ratings
Minnesota Middle School Association
Madison Metropolitan School District
Manchester Metropolitan University
Mount Mansfield Union
Metro Nashville Public Schools
Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools
Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Michigan Oil & Gas Producers Education Foundation
Methods of Instruction
Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education
Mobility Opportunities Via Education
Move On When Reading
Mt Pleasant
Masters in Professional Accounting
Master in Public Administration and Management
Music Performance Assessments
Master of Pacific International Affairs
Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam
Mandal Praja Parishad
Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center
Milwaukee Public Schools
Minneapolis Public Schools
Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Mary Queen of Peace
Morton Ranch Junior High
Media Resource Library
Middle School
Media Specialist
Medical Student
Meets Standard
Manchester School of Architecture
Maryland Scholastic Association
Medical Student Affairs
Medical Students Association
Middle States Association
Mid-State Athletic Conference
Medical School Admissions Test
Manning School of Business
Missouri School for the Blind
Montreux School of Business
Medical School Berlin
Missouri School Boards Association
Medical Students Committee
Multimedia Super Coridor
Minnesota School Counselors Association
Middle School Cadet Corps
Malawi School Certificate of Education
Michigan School for the Deaf
Maryland State Department of Education
Mean Subject Grade
Medical School Hamburg
Maryland Scholastic Hockey League
Master of Science in Historic Preservation
Minnesota State High School League
Master of Science in Investment Management
Missouri School Improvement Program
Mount San Jacinto College
Master of Science in Management Engineering
Medical-Surgical Nurse
Measurement of Student Progress
Measurements of Student Progress
Maryland State Performance Assessment Program
Medical Student Performance Evaluation
Medical Student Performance Evaluations
Maryland School of Public Policy
Metropolitan School of Professional Studies
Matriculating Student Questionnaire
Metropolitan School Readiness Subtest
Makes Sense Strategies
Model Secondary School for the Deaf
Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
Montessori School of Tokyo
Mandated Training
Modern Tibetan
Maritime Training Council
Mississippi Teacher Corps
Massachusetts Test for Education Licensure
Music Theatre International
Masters in Teaching and Learning
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
Maharashtra Talent Search Exam
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
Multi-Tiered System of Support
Multi-Tiered System of Supports
Multi-Tier System of Supports
Multi Tiered System of Supports
Millersville University
Makerere University Business School
Middlesex University Business School
Mahidol University International Demonstration School
Macquarie University Law Society
Mercer University School of Medicine
Michigan Virtual High School
Mountain Valley League
Maharishi Vidya Mandir Schools
Mississippi Virtual Public School
Mystic Valley Regional Charter School
Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
Mascoma Valley Regional High School
Miami Valley School
Michigan Virtual School
Mount Vernon Township High School
Mount Whitney High School
Messages Which Are Hopeful
Madrid-Waddington Central School
Magnolia West High School
Maine West High School
Midd-West High School
Millard West High School
Monroe-Woodbury High School
Maritime Warfare School
National Association of College Admission Counselors
National Association of Christian College Admissions Personnel
National Accelerated Literacy Program
National Association of Law Students with Disabilities
National Association for Mediation in Education
National Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
Naval Aviation Schools Command
Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities
North Bay League
Northern Business School
not contains
Noel Community Arts School
National Catholic College Admission Association
National Catholic Forensics League
National Center For Educational Statistics
National Center of Educational Statistics
National Center on Education Statistics
North Country Education Services
North Carolina Final Exams
National Commission for Further and Higher Education
National Coalition of Girls Schools
National Children's Home
National Christian HomeSchool Championships
National Center for History in the Schools
National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment
North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association
North Coast League
National Center for Learning and Citizenship
National Center for Learning Disabilities
North Carolina Music Educators Association
National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector
National Council of Private School Accreditation
North Central Regional Resource Center
National Center for Research on Teacher Learning
National Correspondents
North Carolina School of the Arts
Nationally Certified School Counselor
National Children's Science Congress
North Carolina Standard Course of Study
North Carolina School for the Deaf
National Center for Science Education
National Center for School Engagement
National Council for Special Education
National Center for Special Education Accountability Monitoring
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition
National Center for Systemic Improvement
North Carolina Scholastic Media Association
North Carolina Science Olympiad
Nationally Certified School Psychologists
National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education
National Charter School Research Project
National Capital Secondary Schools Athletic Association
National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association
National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology
National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science, and Technology
National Centre for Technology in Education
National Center for Technology Planning
National Council for Teachers of English
National Council of Teachers of Math
National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training
National Center on Time & Learning
National College for Teaching and Leadership
National College for Teaching & Leadership
National College of Teaching and Leadership
National College of Teaching and Learning
National Center for Urban School Transformation
North Carolina Virtual Public School
Nebraska Department of Education
Nevada Department of Education
National Drug Education Program
Notre Dame of Greater Manila
National Diffusion Network
National Department of Education
Nevada Department of Education
National Dropout Prevention Center
National Dropout Prevention Network
North Dakota State Assessment
National Dance Team Championship
New England Association of School and Colleges
National Education Commission
Nokia Education Delivery
New England Environmental Education Alliance
North East Florida Educational Consortium
National English Honor Society
Nueva Ecija High School
National Education Inspectorate
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
National Educational Longitudinal Study
National Education Policy
Negotiated Education Plan
National Educational Psychological Service
New England Prep School Athletic Conference
New England Preparatory School Athletic Council
New England Prep School Athletic Council
Net Enrollment Ratio
Net Enrollment Rate
Net Enrolment Ratio
Net Enrolment Rate
New England Recruiting Report
New England School of English
National Education Standards and Improvement Council
New England School Library Association
National Education Trust
Native-speaking English Teacher
Nursing Education and Testing
Naval Education and Training Center
National Education Technology Plan
National Education Technology Standards
Native English Teachers
New England Tractor Trailer Training School
National Education Welfare Board
National Federation of High School
National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
National Forensic League
National Forensics League
National Federation of State High School Associations
Nike Football Training Camp
National Film and Television School
National Grid for Learning
Next Generation Learning Challenges
Next Generation Learning Challenge
Next Generation Science Standards
New Hanover County Schools
National Home Education Network
National Household Education Survey
New Hampshire Music Educators Association
National Human Rights Consciousness Week
National Honor Society
National Honors Society
New Hampshire School Administrators Association
National High School Ethics Bowl
New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education
Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education
National Institute for Dispute Resolution
National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
National Inventors Hall of Fame
New Indian Models
National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association
Nexus International School, Singapore
Niseko International Snowsports School
New International School of Thailand
Not joined
New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge
New Jersey Career Assistance Navigator
National Junior Classical League
National Junior Honor Society
New Jersey League for Nursing
New Jersey Music Educators Association
New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum
New Jersey Restaurant Association
New Jersey School Counselor Association
North London Collegiate School
National Leaders of Education
National Leader of Education
National Leader of Governance
New Leaders for New Schools
National Longitudinal Study
National Longitudinal Transition Study
National Longitudinal Transition Study-2
National Longitudinal Transition Study 2
National Lutheran School Accreditation
North Middlesex
New Mexico Common Core State Standards
Nebraska Music Educators Association
Nellie Mae Education Foundation
New Mexico Music Educators Association
Newport News
No Name-Calling Week
Navy National Defense Cadet Corps
New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
National Outdoor Leadership School
New Orleans Public Schools
Notice of Recommended Educational Placement
Notice of School Assignment
National Ocean Science Bowl
Navigating Our World
Nanyang Polytechnic
Not Proficient
National Policy Board for Educational Administration
National Police Cadet Corps
New Pedagogies for Deep Learning
National Public Education Financial Survey
Nevada Proficiency Examination Program
North Park Elementary School
National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership
National Percentile Rank
Newark Public Schools
Navy Postgraduate School
National Primary School Examination
National Parent Teacher Association
North Park University
Northwest Polytechnic University
Namibian Qualifications Authority
Newly Qualified Teachers
Newly Qualified Teachers
No Rank
No Rating
Not Ranked
National Record of Achievement
National Research Center for College and University Admissions
National Robotics League
Nationaal Regieorgaan Onderwijsonderzoek
New School for the Arts and Academics
National Secondary Achievement Test
National Secondary Assessment Test
National Science Bowl
National School Boards Association's
North Slope Borough School District
Negros State College of Agriculture
National Science Club Month
National School Deworming Day
New Secondary Education Curriculum
Naval Science Instructor
National School League
Not So Much
National Student Number
National Student Numbers
National School Nutrition Programme
National School Orchestra Association
National Schools of Character
National Schools Partnership
National Scholastic Press Association
National School Psychology Certification Board
National School Reform Faculty
New Senior Secondary
National Swim School Association
National Scholastic Sports Foundation
National Science Summer School
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
National Substitute Teachers Alliance
New Science Teacher Academy
New Science Teachers Academy
Nova Scotia Teachers Union
National Threat Assessment Centre
New Teacher Center
Northeast Technology Center
National Throws Coaches Association
National Teacher Enquiry Network
Network for Transforming Educator Preparation
Non-Tamil Indian Language
National Teacher of the Year
Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Technical University
Newark Teachers Union
Nazarbayev University
Northrise University
Northwest University
Nottingham University Academy of Science and Technology
Nagoya University of Commerce and Business
National Union of Elementary Teachers
National University of Mongolia
Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search
Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center
Newcastle University Postgraduate Student Association
National University of Singapore's
National Union of Teachers
Nigeria Union of Teachers
North Valleys High School
North Vermilion High School
National Volunteer Month
Northern Virginia Scholastic Hockey League
Nashoba Valley Technical High School
National Vocational Technical Honor Society
Napa Valley Unified School District
Niles West High School
Northwest Whitfield High School
North Wilkes High School
New Westminster Secondary School
New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
New York City Department of Education
New York City Museum School
New York City Teaching Fellows
New York Military Academy
Nelsonville-York High School
Northwest Yeshiva High School
New York State Alliance for Arts Education
New York State Association for College Admission Counseling
New York State Association of Independent Schools Athletic Association
New York State Beauty School Association
New York State Association of School Business Officials
New York State Council of School Superintendents
New York State Education Department
New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test
New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners
New York State Science and Engineering Fair
New York University's
New York Univeristy
National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center
New Zealand Church Missionary Society
New Zealand Educational Administration and Leadership Society
New Zealand Educational Institute
New Zealand National College
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Original Advocacy
Office of Distance Education
Ohio High School Lacrosse Association
Oratorical Interpretation
Osaka International School
Office of Language and Cultural Education
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Sorrows
Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy
Odyssey of the Mind
Oklahoma Modified Alternate Assessment Program
Oregon Music Education Association
Oregon Music Educators Association
Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment
Office of New Schools
Online Notice of School Assignment
Original Oratory
Our Overnight Planning System
Out-of-School Children Initiative
Outifts of the Week
Oregon Public Education Network
Original Prose and Poetry
Omaha Public Schools
Office of Pupil Transportation
Operations Report Card
Ongoing Resourcing Scheme
Oxford Reading Tree
Office for Student Affairs
Office of Student Affairs
Office of Standards and Assessment
Old Students Association
Order of Saint Augustine
Overseas School of Colombo
Oxford Study Courses
Oregon School Counselor Association
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Office of Special Education
Office of School Improvement
Officer Selection Office
Officer Selection Officer
Office of Strategic Partnerships
Online School Payments
Ontario Skills Passport
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Office of School Readiness
Old School Renaissance
Old School Revival
Old School Reference and Index Compilation
Old School Reference and Indexing Compilation
Out of School Suspension
Office of State Superintendent of Education
Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation
O'Reilly School of Technology
Ottawa Student Transportation Authority
Occupational Training Center
Officer Training Command Newport
Old Town High School
Other Than Personnel Services
Overseas Trained Teachers
Overseas Trained Teachers
Ontario Truck Training Academy
Overseas Trained Teacher Programme
Ottawa University
Oxford University School
Office of the Under Secretary
Ocean View School District
Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy
Ocean View High School
Orchard View High School
Oley Valley High School
Otter Valley Union High School
Philippine Accrediting Agency of Schools, Colleges and Universities
Philippine Accrediting Agency of Schools, Colleges and University
Parents Against Bad Books in Schools
Practical Assessment Exploration System
Progressive Achievement Tests
Project Advisory Team
Pan Atlantic University
Positive Behavior and Intervention Support
Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports
Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports
Positive Behavioral Support Systems
Professional Diploma in Accounting
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Pupil Deprivation Grant
Phi Delta Kappa
Panel on Education
Phoenix East Aviation
Physical Education Activities
Public Education Association
Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools
Promoting Equality in African Schools
Public Education & Business Coalition
Public Education Business Coalition
Public Education Department
Punjab Education Foundation
Private Education Institutions
Private Educational Institutions
Pupil Evaluation Inventory
Professional Educator License
Public Education Leadership Project
Personal Education Number
Personal Education Plans
Personalized Education Plan
Philippine Educational Placement Test
Philippine Education Placement Test
Private Education Retirement Annuity Association
Public Education Reform Amendment Act
Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council
Physical Education and Sports Teacher Academy
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Education Teachers
Physical Education Training
Peer Facilitator
Parents and Friends Association
Philosophy for Children
Private Funding Initiative
Parent Financial Statement
Parents Financial Statement
Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers
Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association
Post-Graduate Certificate in Education
Post Graduate Certificate of Education
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology
Post Graduate Teachers
Piled Higher and Deeper
Port Huron Area School District
Parental Involvement
Parent Involvement Advisory Committee
Partnership for Innovation in Education
Photo Imaging Education Association
Pennsylvania Interscholastic Hockey League
Portland Interscholastic League
Parent Involvement Policy
Parents in Partnership
Performance Indicators in Primary Schools
Parental Information and Resource Centers
Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study
Plano Independent School District
Persistently Lowest Achieving
Persistently Low Achieving
Parent Leadership Action Network
People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools
Parent Leadership Council
Platoon Leaders Class
Platoon Leaders Course
Prague Linguistic Circle
Professional Learning Center
Primary Leaving Examinations
Personalized Learning Plans
Personal Learning Plan
Personal Learning Plans
Personalized Learning Plans
Personal Learning Scholarships Accounts
Political Science
Parent Meeting
Presentation of Mary
Pennsylvania Music Educators Association
Prescribed Music List
Permanent Military Professors
Progress Monitoring Plan
Philomath Middle School
Piedmont Middle School
Prevention Needs Assessment
Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools
Principles of Business
Partners for Our Children
Primary Online Database
Physically or Otherwise Health Impaired
Program on Non-Profit Organizations
Problem of the Week
Planning, Preparation and Assessment
Public-Private Cooperation
Per Pupil Expenditure
Progress and Performance Index
Phoenix Public Library
Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
Protection of Pupil Rights Act
Pittsburgh Public Schools
Pupil Personnel Services
Perfect Picture School of Photography
Planning and Placement Team
Post Primary Teachers Association
Parent Resource Center
Performance Rating for Educational Progress
Parental Rights in Special Education
Parents Reaching Out
Problem Resolution System
Pupil Referral Unit
Pupil Referral Units
Pupil Referral Units
Personal Statement
Physical Science
Public School
Public School 7
Parent and Staff Association
Public Schools Association
Parent Support Adviser
Public School Academy
Pupil Services and Attendance
Prairie State Achievement Examination
Prairie State Achievement Exam
Private School Aid Service
Psychological Services Bureau
Philippine School of Business Administration
Primary School Certificate
Primary School Examination
Public School Choice
Pulsar Search Collaboratory
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Poudre School District
Program for Students with Disabilities
Personal & Social Education
Psychological Studies in Education
Punjab School Education Board
Puget Sound Educational Service District
Post-School Education and Training
Permanent School Fund
Philippine Science High School
Pechersk School International
Post Secondary Institution
Paris School of International Affairs
Private Schools Interscholastic Association
Private School Interscholastic Association
Private Schools Management Association
Protocol School of Washington
Professional School Photographers Association
Public Schools Personnel Cooperative
Pacific School of Religion
Parish School of Religion
Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel
Parent Self Serve
Prague Summer Schools
Professional Scuba Schools
Pennsylvania System of School Assessment
Pennsylvania System of School Assessments
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Professional Student Services Personnel
Problem Solving Teams
Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses
Parent Training
Parents-Teacher Association
Parents and Teachers Association
Parent Teachers Associations
Parents-Teachers Associations
Parents and Teachers Associations
Parents Teachers Associations
Parent-Teacher Conference
Parent Teacher Club
Parent Teacher Council
Principals Training Center
Physical Therapy Central Application Service
Parent Teacher Councils
Professional Technical Education
Parent Teacher Fellowship
Parent Teacher League
Parent Teacher Meeting
Postsecondary Transition Plan
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences
Parent-Teacher-Student Association
Peters Township Swim Club
Permanent University Fund
Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine
Parents Unified for Local School Education
Physics Union Mathematics
Parents United for Responsible Education
Performing and Visual Arts
Pennsylvania Value Added Assessment System
Piedmont Virginia Community College
Philippine Validating Test
Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Paradise Valley Unified School District
Parkway West High School
Proviso West High School
Penn Wood High School
Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School
Portsmouth West High School
Port Washington High School
Prior Written Notice
Queensland Dance School of Excellence
Qualified Purchasing Agent
Roman Catholic
Regional Alternative Licensing Centers
Regular Class
Resolving Conflicts Creatively Program
Retired Deacon
Resource Development Agency
Religious Education Association
Regionaal Expertise Centrum
Regional Education Service Centers
Raffles Institution
Required Improvement
Rhode Island Interscholastic League
Researchers in Schools
Roots International Schools
Ruamrudee International School
Rotterdam International Secondary School
Religious Studies
Religious and Moral Education
Regional Mathematical Olympiad
Rashtriya Military School
Royal Marines School of Music
Rocky Mountain School of Photography
Robert Morris University
Record of Achievement
Reach Out and Read
Regional Occupational Center
Registered Professional Nurse
Resource Persons
Royal Queensland Aero Club
Raphael Recanati International School
Rights, Respect and Responsibility
Ralph Regula School of Computational Science
Rice School of Architecture
Recovery School District
Regional System of District and School Support
Relationship and Sexuality Education
Russian and East European Studies
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
Refrigeration School, Inc
Ryerson School of Interior Design
Rajaratnam School of International Studies
Reconnaissance and Surveillance Leader Course
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Reform Support Network
Regional Studies Programme
Resource Specialist Program
Reading and Study Skills
Royal School of Signals
Rate Setting Unit
Resource Teacher
Regional Training Centre
Response to Instruction
Response to Invervention
Race to the Top
Race to the Top
Regional Training Unit
Responsible Use Agreement
Renmin University of China
Responsible Use Policy
Rutgers University Student Assembly
Rice University School Mathematics Project
Southern Association for College Admission Counseling
Southern Association of College Admission Counseling
Students Against Drunk Driving
Small Arms Firing School
School of Allied Health Professions
School for Arts In Learning
Student Attendance Management System
Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials
School of Advanced Technologies
Student Based Budgeting
School-Based Health Centers
Small Basketeers Philippines
Surrey Business School
School for the Creative and Performing Arts
School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education
Southwest Center for Advanced Studies
State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards
State Collaboratives on Assessment and Student Standards
School of Computer and Communication Engineering
Senior Class Council
Seward County Community College
South Carolina Connections Academy
Scottish Consultative Council on the Curriculum
South Carolina Department of Education
South Carolina Department of Education
Scottish Certificate of Education
Service Children's Education
South Carolina Education Association
Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School
State Council for Educational Research and Training
Scottish Catholic Education Service
State Council for Higher Education for Virginia
South Carolina High School League
School-Centred Initial Teacher Training
School Centred Initial Teacher Training
Society for Classical Learning
Scottish Candidate Number
Student Code of Conduct
Schools of California Online Resources for Education
State Collaborative on Reforming Education
Swaziland College of Technology
School of Creative and Performing Arts
South Carolina Press Association
South Carolina Public Charter School District
Strategic Communication and Public Relations Center
School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Secure Central Registry
School of Computer Science
School of Continuing Studies
Shelby County Schools
Sunday Church School
San Carlos School District
Syracuse City School District
Seattle Children's Theatre
Southwestern Christian University
South Carolina Virtual Charter School
School Direct
School Distinction Award
School of Design and Arts
School of Dramatic Arts
School for the Deaf and Blind
Special Day Class
Special Day Classes
School of Distance Education
State Department of Education
Schools Division Office
School District of Philadelphia
Strategic Data Project
South Dakota School of Mines
Special Education Assistant
State Education Agencies
South East Asia Association for Dental Education
Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board
Special Education Advisory Committee
Special Education Advisory Committees
Social Emotional Assets and Resilience Scales
State Education Agencies
Student Executive Board
Supreme Education Council
Special Education Department
Scottish Executive Education Department
Severe Emotional Disorder
Special Education Data System
School for Ethical Education
Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity
Student Excellence Equals Degree
Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy
Special Education Fund
Steiner Education Group
Social & Emotional Learning
Social-Emotional Learning
Socio-Emotional Learning
Special Education Local Planning Area
Schoolwide Enrichment Model
Science and Engineering Magnet
Special Educational Needs
Special Education Needs
Special Educational Need
Special Educational Needs and Disability
Special Educational Needs & Disability
Special Educational Needs Organiser
Senior Education Officer
State Education Office
Student Education Occupation Plan
School Experience Programme
Science Enhancement Programme
Special Education Plan
Sports Education Programme
Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Special Education Parent Advisory Committee
Special Education Parents Advisory Council
State Education Policy Center
Special Education Resources for General Educators
Special Education Resource Teacher
School Emergency Response to Violence
School Evaluation Services
School of Educational Studies
Sunnyside Environmental School
Special Education Services
Supplemental Educational Services
Supplemental Educational Service
Supplemental Education Service
Supplementary Educational Services
Special Education Service Agency
Specialized Education Services, Inc
Social, Environmental and Scientific Education
Special Education School Improvement Specialists
School of Education and Social Policy
Special Education Support Service
School-wide Evaluation Tool
Schoolwide Evaluation Tool
Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
State Education Technology Directors Association
Special Education Unit
Student Financial Assistance Agency
School of Foreign Languages
Sierra Foothill League
Scholarship Funding Organization
Scholarship Funding Organizations
Statistical First Release
School Funding Reform Act
School of Foreign Service
Seoul Foreign School
State Fiscal Stabilization Funds
State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
San Francisco Theological Seminary
Small Group Instruction
School of Global and International Studies
School of Global Studies
Swiss Group of International Schools
Student Growth Objective
Scholarship Granting Organizations
Student Growth Percentile
School of Government and Public Policy
School of Graduate Professional Studies
Sacred Heart
Sandy Hook
School of Hospitality Administration
School of Hotel Administration
School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Sacred Heart Church
Schools, Health & Libraries Broadband
Sydney Church of England Grammar School
School Home Support
Senior High Schools
Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association
Specialized High School Admissions Test
Specialized High Schools Admissions Test
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
School of International Affairs
School of Integrative Biology
Self-Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System
Significant Identifiable Emotional Disability
Schools Interoperability Framework Association
Student Investment Fund
Students with Interrupted Formal Education
Seminar in Field Instruction
School of International Graduate Studies
Study of Instructional Improvement
Systemic Initiative for Montana Mathematics and Science
Second International Mathematics Study
School In Need of Improvement
Schools in Need of Improvement
Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative
Stichting Internationaal Onderwijs
School Improvement Planning
School Improvement Process
Schools Integration Project
State Improvement Plan
School of International and Public Affairs
School of International & Public Affairs
School Improvement Plans
School of International Relations
Student Intent to Register
School Improvement Resource Center
Senri International School
Shekou International School
Swiss International School
Singapore International School
Singapore International School of Bangkok
Society of International School and Event Photographers
Specialized Instructional Support Personnel
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati
Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
School Improvement Team
Student Intervention Team
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
St Joseph's Institution
Szkoła Języka i Kultury Polskiej
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Subject Knowledge Enhancement
Sai Kung International Pre-school
School of Languages
School of Liberal Arts
Seattle Language Academy
School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies
Sobriety, Learning and Motivation
Student Labor Action Movement
Special Libraries Association Pittsburgh Student Group
School Library Association of Queensland
School Library Association of Victoria
Slavic Languages and Literatures
School Leaving Certificate
Service Learning Center
Service Learning Clearinghouse
Smaller Learning Communities
Student Leadership Committee
Schools and Libraries Division
State Longitudinal Data Systems
Specialist Leaders of Education
Specialist Leader of Education
Student Language Exchange
Student Learning Expectations
Sign Language Interpreter
Student Launch Initiative
School Leaders Licensure Assessment
School Library Month
School Library Media Specialist
School Liaison Office
School Liason Officer
Student Life Office
School Liaison Officers
Speech and Language Pathologist
School Leaders Scotland
School Leadership Series
Squadron Leadership School
Second Level Support Service
School Leadership Team
School Leadership Teams
Saint Louis University Museum of Art
School-Located Vaccination
Science and Math Academy
Student Movement Against Cancer
Students Modeling A Research Topic
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama
School of Modern Languages
School Mathematics Project
School of Media and Public Affairs
School of Media & Public Affairs
School of Military Packaging Technology
School of Mathematical Sciences
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science
School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Southern Methodist University
Southern Methodist University's
Starting New At Golf
Special Needs Assistants
Student Non-Discrimination Act
School Number One
Santo Niño Parochial School
School of Natural Sciences
Senior Naval Science Instructor
Senior Naval Science Instructors
Student Outcomes
School of Accountancy
School of the Arts
Standards of Accreditation
Students Organized Against Racism
School Of Oriental And African Studies
School of Oriental & African Studies
Squadron Officer College
School of Evangelism
Scottish Office Education Department
Scottish Office Education and Industry Department
School of Ocean and Earth Sciences and Technology
School of Fine Art
System for Observing Fitness Instruction Time
School of Hospitality
School of Humanities
Standards of Learning
School of Life Sciences
School of Model
School of Metaphysics
September, October, November
September, October, and November
School of Pharmacy
Statement of Purpose
Student Oral Proficiency Assessment
School of Rock
Save Our Schools
Save Our School
School of Sciences
Star of the Sea
School of the Bible
School of Unity & Liberation
School of Visual Arts
School of Worship
Saint Paul Academy
Summer Principals Academy
State Parent Advisory Council
School Public Accountability Report
School Public Accountability Reports
Supporting Partnerships to Assure Ready Kids
South Pacific Association of Theological Schools
Secretariat of the Pacific Board for Educational Assessment
School of Professional & Continuing Studies
School of Professional and Graduate Studies
School of Physical Education
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
School of Policy, Government and International Affairs
School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs
Special Divisional Major
Special Program in Foreign Language
Saint Paul Federation of Teachers
Supreme Pupil Government
Technology and the Arts
Teaching & Learning
Texas Association for School Nutrition
Toledo Botanical Garden
Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship
Texas Christian Athletic League
Tri-City Athletic League
Tri-County Conference
Tactical Decision Games
Technology Exploration
Teacher Education and Leadership
The Education Cooperative
The Entrepreneurial Manager
Test of Early Numeracy
Tertiary Entrance Ranking
Tertiary Entrance Statement
Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association
Texas Home School Coalition
Texas High School Lacrosse League
Theater Studies
Torah Institute
Teachers International Consultancy
Team Implementation Checklist
Test of Interactive English
The International Educator
Teacher Incentive Fund
Trends in Mathematics and Science Study
Trends in Math and Science Study
Theatre In Our Schools
Teacher Improvement Plan
Teacher Improvement Plans
Technology Immersion Pilot
Technology Integration Program
Team Initiated Problem Solving
Tokyo International School
The International School of Hospitality
Transitional Kinder
Te Kete Ipurangi
The Language Academy
The Learning Accelerator
The Learning Center
Teaching and Learning Committee
Temporary Learning Centers
The Language Company
The Learning Connection
The Learning Connections
Transition Learning Center
Technology Literacy Challenge Fund
Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund
Teacher and Leader Effectiveness
Technology & Livelihood Education
The Language Gallery
Teaching-Learning Material
Teacher Leaders Network
Technology Leadership Network
Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative
Toronto Montessori Institute
Texas Math and Science Coaches Association
The Nation
The New Teacher Project
Theater of Arts
Test on English as a Foreign Language
Theory of Knowledge
Teacher Orientation Program
Teachers of Promise
Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools
Teacher on Special Assignment
Teacher of the Year
Teacher of the Year
Temasek Polytechnic
Teacher-Pupil Ratio
Texas Performance Reporting System
Toledo Public Schools
Texas Performance Standards Project
Teacher Resource Center
Truth & Reconciliation Commission
Teacher Resource Exchange
Targeted Reading Intervention
Teaching, Research, and International Policy
Teaching, Research and International Policy
the State
Teacher on Special Assignment
Technical Student Association
Territory-wide System Assessment
Toronto School of Art
Texas School Book Depository
Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired
Texas School Counselor Association
Thadomal Shahani Centre For Management
Texas School for the Deaf
Teacher-Student Data Linkage
Teacher-Student Data Linkages
Teacher Student Data Link
Texas Student Data System
Total Student Load
The School Psychologist
Traffic Survival School
Technology Standards for School Administrators
Technical Training
Teacher Training Agency
Think Through Math
Tanglin Trust School
Tuskegee University
Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge
Trial Urban District Assessment
Technischen Universität München
Teachers Union Reform Network
Teacher Union Reform Network
Tracy Unified School District
Tucson Unified School District
Treasure Valley Community College
Technical Vocational Education
Technical and Vocational Education Initiative
Tippecanoe Valley High School
Tri-Valley High School
Tri-Village High School
Tug Valley High School
Twin Valley High School
Tygarts Valley High School
Thompson Valley High School
Tuscarawas Valley High School
Thomas Walker High School
Teacher of the Visually Impaired
Technical-Vocational Institutions
Traffic Violator School
Thomas Worthington High School
Topeka West High School
Tri-West High School
University College Lahore
Universityrsity College London
Universit Libre de Bruxelles
University of Miami
United Martial Arts Center
University of Missouri-Columbia
University Matriculation Examination
University of Minnesota
Universityrsity of Minnesota
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of South Africa
Universityrsity of South Africa
University of Northumbria at Newcastle
University of Nevada at Reno
United Nations Refugee Works Agency
University of Chicago
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh
University Primary
Universal Primary Education
Undergraduate Psychology Association
University Planning Council
University of the Philippines Integrated School
University of the Philippines Rural High School
Union of Psychiatric Nurses
University of Papua New Guinea
University Parents Nursery School
University of Puerto Rico at Río Piedras
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah
Under-Represented Minorities
Universal School
Universities such
University of South
University of Stellenbosch
Universityrsity School
Universityrsal School
University School
Upcoming SlideShare
Ursuline School
Union Springs Academy
Aerospace Studies
Uniform School Accounting System
Utah State Board of Education
university of south California
University of Southern Colorado
University of Southern California's
University Southern California
Upper St. Clair High School
Unified School District
Universal Secondary Education
Uniform System of Financial Records
United South High School
Upper Sandusky High School
Universityrsity School of Jackson
University School of Jackson
Universityrsity School of Milwaukee
University of San Jose Recoletos
University of San Jose-Recoletos
University of Southwestern Louisiana
University School of Milwaukee
University Science Malaysia
United States Military Academy Prep School
Universityrsity School of Nashville
University School of Nashville
United States Naval Test Pilot School
Utah State Office of Education
University of Sao Paulo
United Studios of Self Defense
University of Saint Thomas
University of Texas
University of Texas at Austin
United Technical Center
United Technologies Center
Urban Teacher Center
United Teachers of Dade
United Township High School
Universal Technical Institute
University of Technology, Mauritius
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Video Game High School
Vocational High School
Valley Oak League
Visual & Performing Arts
Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
Voortgezet Speciaal Onderwijs
Vocational Technical Education
Working Against Violence Everywhere
Western Buckeye League
Woulda Coulda Shoulda
Washington District Football Officials Association
Winnipeg High School Football League
World-Class Instruction Design and Assessment
World Inequality Database on Education
Warnborough Intensive School of English
Wisdom International School for Higher Education Studies
Writers in the Schools
World Instructor Training Schools
Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examinations
Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination
Wisconsin Knowledge & Concepts Examination
World Languages
Washington Music Educators Association
World of Animal Welfare
Washoe Online Learning for the Future
World Orphan Week
Writing of the Week
Work-related learning
Work Related Learning
Woodcock Reading Mastery Test
Western Regional Office
Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Whole School Approach
Wisconsin Student Assessment System
Wroclaw School of Banking
Whiting School of Engineering
Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System
Wisconsin School Music Association
Westlake School for the Performing Arts
Work Sampling System
Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol
Wayne State University
Westminster Theological Seminary
Washington Teachers Union
West Virginia Board of Education
West Virginia Department of Education
West Virginia Department of Education
Wisconsin Virtual Learning
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
West Virginia Secondary School Activities Commission
Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho
Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho
Walt Whitman High School
Western Wayne High School
West Wilkes High School
Waukesha West High School
Wausau West High School
West Warwick High School
Winton Woods High School
Woodrow Wilson High School
Whistling Woods International
West Windsor-Plainsboro
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South
Washington Waldorf School
Woodrow Wilson School
Wheaton Warrenville South High School
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universityrsität
Walla Walla Valley Academy
Young Musicians Programme
Zone Integration Server
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Bellevue West High School
Billings West High School
Big Walnut High School
Del Valle High School
Dougherty Valley High School
Desert View High School
Desert Vista High School
Desert Winds High School
Deutsche Verkaufsleiterschule, München
Direct Writing Assessment
Divine Word College of Laoag
Dublin West Education Centre
Doniphan West High School
Downingtown West High School
East View
Fraser Valley Distance Education School
Fort White High School
Fort Walton Beach High School
Fort Worth Country Day School
Fairfield Warde High School
Federal Way High School
Flowing Wells High School
Happy Valley High School
Hatch Valley High School
Hidden Valley High School
Hoopa Valley High School
Individual Education Plan
Institute on Trauma and Trauma-Informed Care
Illini West High School
Incarnate Word High School
Institute of World Politics
International Youth Leadership Institute
Integrated Youth Support Service
Junior Technical School
Jesuit School of Theology
Jefferson Township High School
John Tyler High School
Justice Under God
Jersey Village High School
Jordan Valley High School
Network for Learning
Oshkosh West High School
Opening the World of Learning
Older Wiser Law Students
Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program
Union Theological Seminary
University of Visayas
Upper Valley Educators Institute