Popular Science acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Application Satellite
Auto house or private garage
Able and Available
abatement and commitments
Abatement and Control
Agreements and Commitments
access and clearance system
Arming and Firing
Alternative and Innovative
Automation and Measurement Science Department
Administrative and Program Support
Appraisal and Review
Acceptance and routing history
Avionics and Surveillance Group
attrition and special materials
Acceptance and Verification
Assembly and Verification
Aircraft and Weapon Systems
Army Artillery Board
Army Armor Board
Albuquerque-Bernalillo County/Air Quality Control Board
Architect And Engineer
Advanced GEM Task Force
Army Infantry Board
agility primed
Atlantic THORPEX Regional Campaign
America Association for the Advancement of Science
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Allergiekrankes Kind
Academiae Americanae Socius
année courante
Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
Altitude Control Equipment
Association of Consulting Engineers
Australian Computer Society
Allgemeiner Deutscher Waffenring
Army Electronics Command
Association of Electrical Industries
Apical Gland
Arts and Humanities Research Board
Active Ingredient
anno inventionis in the year of the discovery
Artificial Intellige
American Melting Point
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Automobile Racing Club
Army service number
Astronomical Unit
Atomic Weight Unit
Air Bus
Activated Carbon
Air to Cloth Ratio
Air-to-Fuel ratio
Architect and Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Services
Accident Investigation
Adsorption Isotherm
Assembly and Test
AA for Tracking and Data Acquisition
Air/Water Pollution Report
Atoms to Products
Accounts Assistant
Accreditations & Affiliations
Activation Analysis
Advanced Alloys
Advices of Allowance
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Alpha Alkylated
Analysis and Applications
Analysis Assumptions
Angle Analyzer
Annulus Air
Antiproton Accumulator
Applicability Assessment
Arithmetical Average
Artificer Apprentices
Assistance Administration
Assisted Ascent
Audits and Assessments
Aerodynamics, Aerothermodynamics and Hypersonic Propulsion
Advanced Acquisition/Assistance Plan
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity
AA for tracking and Data Acquisition
Adaptive Anti-Aliasing
Advanced Accelerator Application
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Agricultural Adjustment Act
Amino Acid Analysis
Aminoadipic Acid
Antarctic and Astronomy and Astrophysics
Asian Art Archive
Assistant Associate Administrator
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine Acronyms
Accelerated Access Authorization Program
American Association for Aerosol Resaerch
American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science
American Association for the Advancement of Technology
Army Aviation Board
Axis-Aligned Bounding Box
Axis Aligned Bounding Boxes
Acceptable Ambient Concentration
access alarms custodian
Advanced Airspace Concept
Advances in Automotive Control
Aeronautics Advisory Council
Aerospace and Advanced Composites
Affirmative Action Compliance
Airborne Activity Confinement
Alachua Astronomy Club
Archaeology Advisory Council
Associated Analysis Centre
Association of Accredited Certifiers
ambient atmosphere conditions and aging
American Association of Coast Engineers
Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials
Association of American Cancer Institutetutes
Average Absolute Control Movement
Angle-American cataloging rules
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules
Airborne Activity Confinement System
Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystem
Attitude and Articulation Control Subsystems
Automated Airspace Computer System
Aerosol-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
Aerosol assisted chemical vapour deposition
Advanced alloy development
Advanced alloy duct
Atomic Absorption Detector
Attitude Anomaly Detection
Australian Antarctic Division's
Australian Antarctic Divisionsion
Australian Antarctic Divisionsion's
Army Air Defense Board
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation
Arab Administrative Development Organization
Administrative Automatic Data Processing
Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System
Acides Aminés Excitateurs
Anovulatory Androgen Excess
Australasian Antarctic Expedition
Average Absolute Error
Aeroplane and Armament Experiment Establishment
Advanced Analytical Electron Microscope
Ann Agric Environ Med
Australian Association for Exercise and Sport Science
Army Airborne, Electronics and Special Warfare Board
Andrews AFB
Advance Applications Flight Experiment
Aero Assist Flight Experiment
Anaerobic Attached Film Expanded Bed
Asymptotically Adjusted Free-electron-gas Exchange
Activos Financieros
Association of American Geologists
Aerobic Attached Growth Process
Advanced Animal Habitat
Analyzer alarm high
Automatic Attitude Hold
Analyzer alarm high-high
Advanced Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging system
American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Assistant Administrator for Human Resources
abbreviation, acronyms and initialisms
American Association of Immunologist
Area of Archaeological Importance
American Academy of Industrial Hygienists
American Association of Investigative Pathologists
Advanced Atmospheric sounder and Imaging Radiometer
Atomic Absorption Inhibition Titration
Acceptable Ambient Limit
Acceptable Ambient Level
Acceptable Ambient Levels
allowable ambient levels
Applied Action Level
Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory
Arctic Aeromedical Lab
Astronomy Australia Limited
Automated Anatomical Labeling
Advanced Avionics Module
Algal assay medium
Atmospheric Angular Momentum
automated Auger microprobe
Al Ain Men's College
Ambient Air Monitoring Group
An Approximate Molecular Orbital Method
Aggregate Area Management Study
Aggregate Area Management Study Report
Aggregate Area Management Study Responses
Asian AWS Network
Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Center
Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Amarillo Area Office
Amino Acid Oxidase
Antarctic Airborne Ozone Experiment
American Academy of Occupational Medicine
American Academy of Opthamology and Otolaryngology's
Americom Asia Pacific
antenna aperture package
Apollo Application Program
Asbestos Abatement Program
Asbestos Action Program
asbestos action plan
Associated Artists of Pittsburgh
Auxiliary annunciator panel
Aviation Applications Program
American Association of Pest Control Officials
Association for American Pesticide Control Officials
Anisotropic Atom Point Dipole
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
ATOVS and AVHRR Pre-processing Package
American Association of Philosophy Teachers
Association for Adoptive Parents of the Territory
Australian Associated Press Telecommunications
ambient air quality criteria document
Accumulation-area Ratio
Affirmative Action Representative
Air Augmented Rocket
AMAP Assessment Report
American Associations of Railroads
Archives Audiovisuelles de la Recherche
Authorized area representative
After Action Report / Improvement Plan
Alliance for Acid Rain Control
Auroral Atmospheric Radiance Code
Application Association Response
Archaeological Area of Regional Importance
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institutetute
Arkansas Association of Registered Land Surveyors
Associate Administrator for Regional Operations and State/Local Relations
American Association of Retired Perons
A-Associate Request
Application Association Request
Automatic Aircraft Reporting System
African Association for the Remote Sensing of the Environment
Acid Addition System
Advanced Automated System
Alternate Air Source
Alternative Air Source
Aminoadipic Semialdehyde
Annual activities summary
Atom Absorption Spectrometry
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Australian Antarctic Science
Automated Accrual System
Astronomy and Astrophysics Survey Committee
Anaerobic Activated Sludge Digestion
Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Experiment
Adopt-A-Stream Foundation
Advanced Atmospheric Sounding and Imaging Radiometer
Army Aeronautical Service Office
administrative assistant scholarship program
Annual Aquaculture Statistics Report
Australian Association for the Study of Religion
Automatic Agent Sampling System
Arab Academy for Science & Technology
Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport
Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport
Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport
Aquatic Ape Theory
Asbestos Awareness Training
Aspartate AminoTransférase
Atomic Axial Tensor
American Association of Tissue Banks
Army Arctic Test Board
Autos del Tribunal Constitucional
American Assoc of Textile Chemists and Colorists
Asociación Argentina de Tecnología Espacial
Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities
American Association for Teachers of German
American Association of Thoracic Surgery
Audit Action Tracking System
Automated Action Tracking System
Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer
American Association of Teachers of Turkic Languages
accelerated aging unit
Amendment to Allege Use
Association of African Universityrsities
Aalborg University Cubesat
airborne atmospheric uranium sensor
Adeno-associated Virus
Adeno-associated viral
American Association of Variable Stars Observers
American Association of Variable-Star Observers
American Association of Variable Star Obser
Air acetylene welding
Arctic aviation weather reporting station
Adhesive Bonding
Advanced Bus
Agent Based
Arc Brazing
Architect Building
Arctic Bibliography
Authorization Basis
Axial Blanket
airburst/surface burst
Aberrated Beam Analyzer
Abscisic Acid
Acid-base Account
Acid Base Accounting
Acrylonitrile-butadiene Acrylate
Allen Brain Atlas
Arctic Biodiversity Assessment
Abies amabilis
absolute ampere
Albuquerque/Bernalillo County air quality
Atomic Billiard Ball Orbital Theory
Aberrant Behavior Checklist
Aberrant Behaviour Checklist
Absorbing Boundary Condition
Accelerator-Based Conversion
Advanced Ball Concept
Advanced Battery Consortium
Alternatives of benefits and cost
Analysis of Benefits and Costs
Amis des Bonobos du Congo
Approximate Bayesian Computation
Aquatic Biogeochemical Cycling
Artificial Bee Colony
Atmospheric Brown Clouds
ATP-binding cassette
auto-adjustment of image brightness and contrast
Avidin-biotin Complex
Activity Based Costing and Management System
American, British, Canadian and Australian
automated bar coding of air samples at Hanford
Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Centre
Access to Biological Collection Data
Access to Biological Collections Data
Annual Bulletin of Chinese Earthquakes
Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals
As Built Configuration Report
assembly boundary-controlled monolayers
Antarctic Basic Climatological Network
Area Based Community Nutrition
Alpha-Beta counting system
American Business Centers
As-Built Drawings
Acceptor Bound Exciton
Acetone Butanol Ethanol
Advisory Board on Energy
Agent Building Environment
Army Background Experiment
ABnormal ENDings
Acetate Buffer Extraction Procedure
Average Bit Error Rate
Alliance for Balanced Environmental Studies
Alliance for Balanced Environmental Solutions
Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.
Air Bearing Floor
Ammonium Bifluoride
Air-Based Free-Electron Laser
Agua Blanca Fault Zone
Angola Benguela Frontal Zone
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Anti Basal Ganglia Antibody
Abies grandis
American Board of Heath Physics
Argon blower heater unit
Applied Biosystems, Inc.
Aquired Brain Injury
Austrian Biotech Industry
Automated Ball Indentation
Airborne Beacon Interference Locator
Antenna Built-In Test Equipment
Adjustable Buoyancy Jacket
Aircraft Based Laser
Army Biological Labs
Army Biological Labs.
Affiliated Black Laboratory Employees
Amazon Boundary Layer Expedition
Arctic Boundary Layer Expedition
Arctic Boundary Layer Expeditions
Argonne Boundary Layer Experiment
Adjustable Buoyancy Life Jacket
armored box launcher system
asymetric boundry layer transition
Agent Based Modelling
Anat Baniel Method
Apogee Boost Motor
Apogee Boost Motors
Association of British Manufacturers of Agricultural Chemicals
Army Ballistic Missile Development Agency
Army Ballistic Missile Defence Agency
Association of British Mining Equipment Exporters
Association of British Manufacturers of Printers' Machinery
Anti-ballistic missile range
Atomic Beam Magnetic Resonance
Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation
Apogee Boost Motors
Associação Brasileira de Mecânica dos Solos
Acid-based neutrons
Acid-base neutrals
American Bank Note Company
American Board of Nutrition
adiabatic Born-Oppenheimer
Antibonding Bond Orbital
automatic burnout safety factor
Acoustic Backscatter Probes
Aegean Blue Pearl
Air Bearing Pallet
Androgen-Binding Protein
As-Built Parts List
Activity-Based Protein Profiling
Agency BRIO Pilot Project
Abies procera
Activity-based probes
Agent Breakdown Products
Acute Bee Paralysis Virus
Acrylate-Butadiene Rubber
Advanced Battery Research
Advanced Breeder Reactor
Anaerobic Baffled Reactor
Arora Board Review
Average Basin Rainfall
Addictive Behaviors Research Center
Abscisic Acid-responsive Element
A Broadband Imaging X-ray All-sky Survey
Advanced Ballistic Reentry System
Access and Benefit-sharing
Access and Benefit Sharing
Advanced Baseline Sounder
Africa Biofortified Sorghum
Agent Based Simulation
Alkyl benzene sulfonates
Arc Bond Sputter
Architectural Building Systems
As-built specifications
Atacama B-mode Search
Atomic Beam Scattering
Automatic Backup Shutdown
Automatic Block Signaling
automatic backup shutdown of safety computer
Agent Based Software Engineering
African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum
Absolute feedback encoder system
Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring
Alberta Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
Antarctic Basic Synoptic Network
Arctic Beaufort Sea Oilspill Research Body
Agent Based Social Simulation
average base shear stress
Abrasive Technology
Applied Biotreatment Association
Adult Brain Tumor Consortium
Abatement and Residual Forecasting Model
Acceptance for Beneficial Use
Adult Bovine Unit
African Bible University
Adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine
Adriatic Bottom Water
airborne waste
apparent beam width
Academic Coordinator
Accelerated Cleanup
Access Copyright
Accident Condition
Accountability Measurement
Action Congress
Actual Commitment
Adirondac Conference
Aerospace Center
Affinity Chromatography
Affinity Chromatograph
Agent Controller
Air Corporation
Alaminos Canyon
Algebra Colloquium
American Cartographer
American coast
Analysis Centre
Ancho Canyon
Animals Committee
Anticipated Convection
Antonio Castro
Aranzadi Civil
Aromatic Carbon
Associate Counselor
Assurance Council
Astrographic Catalogue
Astrographic Catalog
Atlas Centaur
Atomic Commitment
Austin College
Author's Corrections
Autistics and Cousins
Catalogue Astrographique
Building and Facilities
Boggs and Lewis
Bid and proposed
Barneby and Sutcliffe Corporationration
Buildings and Utilities
Convective available potential energy
Convective inhibition
Broadcasting Satellite
Baccalaureus Artium
Basic category
Beyond Freedom
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
British Patent
Baccalaureus Scientiae
Biology and Society
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Breathing Air
Biddability and Constructability
Bridge Crane
Bag Filter
Back Ordered
Budget obligation
Budget Outlay
Business to Nobody
Bipolar 8 Zero Substitution
Basic Assembly
Best Atom
Boeing Aerospace
Booksellers Association of Great Britain and Ireland
Boeing-Aerospace and Electronics
Budget authority/budget outlay
Board of Assistance Appeals
British Arabian Advisory Company
Business and Application Architecture Modeling Team
British Association for Advancement of Science
Back arc basin basalt
Bio-Augmentation Batch Enhanced
Baltic Sea Seismic Programme
Beam Attenuation Coefficient
Bio Affinity Company
Biological Activated Carbon
Biologically Activated Carbon
Bioremediation Action Committee
Biosphere-Atmosphere Chemistry
Biotechnology Advisory Committee
bond additive corrections
Bond Additivity Correction
Bordeaux Astrographic Catalog
Biological and Climatological Effects Research
British Association of Christians in Psychology
BASTE Coordinate Distribution Network
Bayesian Approach to Cognitive Systems
Bogus Application Date
Best Available Demonstrated Technology
Bay Area Digital Geo-Resource
Bay Area Digital GeoResource
best available developed technology
Boeing Aerospace Engineering
Bay Area Environmental Research Institute
Beltsville Assembly Facility
Biological Aerated Filter
Bathymetric Attributed Grid
Boulder Aeronomy Group
Backscatter Absorption Gas Imaging
Biosphere Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle
Biosphere Aspects of the Hydrologic Cycle
Biospheric Aspects of the Hydrologic Cycle
Biospheric Aspects of Hydrological Cycle
Biospherics Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle
BAHC Scientific Steering Committee
Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor 3
Building America Industrialized Housing Partnership
Biological Atlas of Insulin Resistance
Baja California
British Archaeological Jobs Resource
Badan Koordinasi Survey dan Pemetaan Nasional
Broad Absorption Line
BALtic sea region on-Line Environmental information Resources for Internet Access
Bone Alkaline Phosphatase
Broad Absorption Line Quasi-stellar Object
Broad Absorption Line Region
Baghdader Mitteilungen
ballistic advance missile
Baseline analysis matrix
Berkeley Abstract Machine
Beta And Advection Model
Binary alignment map or binary alignment matrix
Brackett Alpha Measurement
Brewster angle microscopy
Brooklyn Arts Museum
Bayesian Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution
barium magnesium germanate garnet
Business and Administrative Management Information Services
Best Available Mitigation Measures
Baseline Analysis Matrix System
Beta Attenuation Monitors
Bulletin of the American Metorological Society
Brown Associates Management Services, Incorporated
Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands
Bell Administration Network Communications System
Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detector
Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detectors
Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Publicos
Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, Supplement Series
Balloon and Nike-Scale High-Explosive Experiments
Beam Accelerator for Novel Super High Energy Electron
Burning Anomaly Rate Factor
Bendix Albuquerque Operations
Business Analytics & Optimization
Baseline Action Plan
Benefits Analysis Program
Best Achievable Protection
Blood Agar Plate
Branch arm piping and enclosure
Bettis Atomic Power Lab
Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network
Background Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring Network
Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network
Baseline Air Pollution Monitoring Network
Background Atmospheric Pollution Monitoring
Baseline Air Pollution Station
Branch arm piping shield
Bearing and Pover Transfer Assembly
Block Adaptive Quantization
Bureau of Air Quality Control
Born Again Rocketeer
backside antireflective coating
Bottom Anti-Reflective Coating
Bottom Anti-Reflective Coatings
Burned Area Reflectance Classifications
BARCode Information System
Best available radionuclide control technology
Best Available Retrofit Facility
Barrier Injection Transient Time
Barents and Kara Seas oceanographic Data Base Project
Balloon Array for Radiation-belt Relativistic Electron Losses
behavioral anchored rating system
Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales
Bell audit related system
Bistatic Auroral Radar System
Backlog acceptance review team
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Bay Area Rapid Transit District
Bay Assessment Response Team
Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
Best Alternative Retrofit Technology
Biological Activity Reaction Test
Biosphere Atmosphere Research and Training
Basic Systems
Bell audit system
Biological Advisory Subcommittee
Boeing advanced systems
Boston Audio Society
Bassia scoparia
Board on Atmospheric Sciences & Climate
Beaufort and Arctic Storms Experiment
Boston Area Semiconductor Education
Cloud Base
Biomass burning Airborne and Spaceborne Experiment-Amazonia
Biomass-burning Aerosols in South East-Asia
Badische Anilin- und Soda-Fabrik
Ball Aerospace Systems Group
Band Selective Homonuclear Decoupling
Bell Atlantic System, Incorporated
Barrier analog studies identification and characterization
Bay Area Shared Information Consortium
Biogeosphere-Atmosphere Stable Isotope Network
Better Assessment Science Integrating Point and Nonpoint Systems
Barents Sea Impact Study
Battelle's Automated Search Information System
Burst and All-Sky Imaging Survey
Burst and All Sky Imaging Survey
British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit
best available sampling port
Bioaccumulation and Aquatic System Simulator
Burning and Suppression of Solids
BAse Solaire Sol 2000
Bay Area Sewage Toxics Emissions
Bay Area Science and Technology Education Collaboration
Beam-assisted Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Back Arc Tectonics
Base Acres Treated
Beam Assembly Teleoperator
Bench Acceptance Test
Best Availability Technology
Borehole Acoustic Televiewer
Burst Alert Telescope
Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporationration
Business Administrative and Technical Computer Services
Best Available Treatment Economically Achievable
Best Available Technology Economically Available
Best available technology economic analysis
Ballistic Test and Evaluation System
Biosphere-Atmosphere Trace Gas Exchange
Billing and Tracking System
Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme
Biosphere Atmosphere Transfer Scheme
Broadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology
Broadband Advanced Technologies Satellite
Burst and Transcient Source Experiment
Burst and Transient Source Experiment
Burst and Transient Source Explorer
Beryllium Atomization and Thermal Spray Facility
Bisei Asteroid Tracking Telescopes for Rapid Survey
Bus Avionics Unit
Bay Area Wilderness Training
Biologically Active Zones
Big Bang
Big Business
Biomass Burning
Bottom Brazed
Bread Board
Bellas Artes
Balanced Biological Communities
balanced biological community
Base-Band Converter
Bursty Bulk Flow
Bursty Bulk Flows
bond-bending force model
Best-basis inventory
Bioluminescent Bioreporter Integrated Circuits
Baltimore Biological Laboratories
Broad bean leaf mottle nepovirus
Bilateration Blade Multiplexer
Big Bang nucleosynthesis
Building Better Neighbourhoods
Bonner Ball Neutron Detector
Baffin Bay North Water Project
Bonding Bond Orbital
Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking
Butyl Benzyl Phthalate
Bedford Basin Plankton Monitoring Program
Ball Brothers Research
Ball Brothers Research Corporation
Bending Beam Rheometer
Benefits Base Rate
Ball Brothers Research Corporationration
Ball-backup safety system
Behavior Based Safety Training
Bachelor in Business Teacher Education
Bright Basic Wire
Broad Bean Wilt Fabavirus
Broad-Band X-Ray Telescope
Broad Band X-Ray Telescope
Broadband XRay Telescope
Bankcard Coordinator
Bechtel Corporation
Bechtel Corporationration
Bias Contrast
Black Canyon
Bolometric correction
Bond Centered
Boundry Condition
Buired Capacitance
Buoyancy Compensators
Bureau of the Census
Business Cooperation Network
Bilateral Compliance Agreement
Binary-collision Approximation
Bragg Crystal Assembly
Branched-chain Amino Acids
Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
Business Computer-Aided Design
business computer-aided manufacturing
Biological Component of the Air Pollution Studies
Bangladesh Centre for Advance Studies
Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences
Binary Colloidal Alloy Test
Binary Colloid Alloy Test
Binary Colloidal Alloy Tests - 3
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee
Backup Control Center
Below core canister
Bibliographic Control Committee
Bioaccumulative Chemical of Concern
Bioaccumulative Chemicals Of Concern
Black Canyon City
Body-Centered Cubic
Body-centred Cubic
Body Centered Cubic
Boeing Capital Corporationration
Brevard Community College
British Coal Corporationration
Brueckner coupled cluster
Burial compliance checksheet
Business Cooperation Centre
Baseline Change Control Board
Betaine Calcium Chloride Dihydrate
Board for certified Consulting Meteorologists
Building Code Compliance Office's
Business Continuity and Contingency Plan
Baseline Configuration Document
Basic Calibrated Data
Biological Conservation Database
Blue Compact Dwarf
bulk chemical distribution
Bi-Component Droplet Combustion Experiment
Broadband Cable Distribution Systems
bridge-coupled drift tube linac
Banco Central Europeo
Before Complete Extinction
Beta CEPhei
Beneficiated Coal Fuel
BioCarbon Fund
bulked continuous-filament
Fog Patches
Biological Crystal Growth
Blue Compact Galaxy
Board of Coast and Geodetic Survey
British Columbia Hydrometeorological Network Coordinating Committee
Beyond Consequences Institute
Brand CRL Identifier
Bunch Crossing Identity
British Cast Iron Research Association
Battle Cube Information Exchange Systems
Branched-chain Keto-acid
Battelle's Columbus Laboratories
Battelle Columbus Laboratories
Battelle Columbus Laboratory
Battelle Columbus Laboratory Decommissioning Project
Battelle Columbus Laboratory Demolition Project
Battelle Columbus Laboratories Decommissioning Project
Beam Conditions Monitor
Boiler-Condenser Mode
Bond Charge Model
B cell maturation antigen
Backbone Concentration Node
Biomedical Communication Network
Biofilm-Controlled Nitrifying Trickling Filter
Bendix Connector Operations
bounded crystal orbital
barrels of crude oil equivalent
Bear Creek Operable Unit
B-cell precursor
Biphasic Calcium Phosphate
Biochemical Pharmacology
Biphase Communications Processor
Broadband Communications Product
Best Conventional Pollutant Control Technology
Best Conventional Pollutant Technology
Barium Chloride Potassium Permanganate
Bioastronautics Critical Path Roadmap
B cell receptors
Bubble Column Reactor
Bureau Communitaire de Reference
Bending-Corrected Rotating Linear Model
bending corrected rotating nonlinear model
Barycentric Celestial Reference System
Bibliography on Cold Regions Science and Technology
Bus Controller Remote Terminal
bridge contacted ridge waveguide
Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies
Bardeen, Cooper and Schrieffer
Bardeen, Cooper, and Schrieffer
Bardeen, Cooper, Schrieffer
Bardeen Cooper Schriefer
Bardeen cooper schrieffer
Bragg Crystal Spectrometer
Bergen Child Study
British Chemical Standard
Broadband Cable System
Bulk Chemical Storage
British Chemical Standard-Certified Reference Material
British Computer Society, Specialist Group on Expert Systems
Buried Contact Solar Cell
Bismuth Calcium Strontium Copper Oxide
Bristol Conservation and Science Foundation
BCS Richland, Inc.
Battlefield Command Support System
Bundle compression testing
Baguio Central University
Bench Checkout Unit
Burden, CAS and Universityrsity of Texas
Bibliographic Catalogue of Variable Stars
Bibliographic Cat of Variable Stars
Biodiversity Conservation Working Group
Budgeted Cost of the Work Scheduled
Bank Cubic Yards
Blood Donation
Bonner Durchmusterung
Booster Development
Brown Dwarf
Brownian Dynamics
Budget Divisionsion
Bus Director
Bus Duct
Butane Diol
Big Data Analysis
Biotinylated Dextran Amine
beacon data acquisition and display system
Background Draw a Secret
Best Demonstrated Achievable Technology
Best Demonstrated Available Treatment
Big Dumb Booster
Burner Design and Control
Business Development Committee
Blood Dendritic Cell Antigens
Baseline Data Collection Facilities
Best Demonstrated Control Technology
Boron-doped diamond
Base Data Distribution Server
Balance Dynamic Display Units
Bengston, DeBell, Elkin and Titus Ltd.
behavior-level deviation
BioSemi data format
Biological Diversity of the Guianas
buoyant displacement gas release event
British Drug House
Behavioral Diabetes Institute
Belief, Desire, Intention
Beliefs, Desires and Intentions
blast door interlock
Bundle-duct interaction
Below Detection Limits
Bureau des Longitudes
BDM Corporationration
Braddock, Dunn and McDonald
Basalt Deformation Measurement System
Bacteria-derived nuclei
branched DNA
Big Dumb Object
Board, Department or Office
bilateral datum plane
Biological Data Profile
Biopharmaceutical Development Program
Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter
Batch Data Processing Software
Basic Data Set
basic door structure
Bioreactor Development Systems
Bioreactor Demonstration System
British Defence Staff
Brown Dwarfs
Brownian Dynamics Simulation
Bulk Drain Station
Biologically Derived Succinic Acid
Business and Defense Services Administration
Bibliographic Data Set Description
Basic Data Set Project
Bed Depth Service Time
Bayesian decision theory
Bomb Disposal Technician
Brittle-Ductile Transition
burst delay timer
Brittle-To-Ductile Transition Temperature
Band Edge
Basal Eurasian
Beacon Explorer
Beyond Einstein
Biomonitoring Equivalents
Boundary Element
Bound Exciton
Brick enclosed elevator
Baseline Environmental Assessment
Baseline Environmental Assessments
Bernhard, Eisenbraun and Associates
Bile Esculin Agar
Binary Encounter Approximation
Board of Educational Affairs
building evacuation area
Bureau of Economic Advisors
Bureau of Environmental Analysis
Biological and Economic Analysis Divisionsion
Bigelow Expandable Activity Module
Bridging Education And Mobility
Becoming Enthusiastic About Math and Science
Basic Education in Africa Programme
Beam Experiment Aboard A Rocket
Berkeley experiments with accelerated radioactive species
Bondville Environmental and Atmospheric Research Site
Baseline Environmental Assessments
Bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees
BLAST Enhanced Alignment Utility
Bayes empirical Bayes
Big European Bubble Chamber
Bournemouth English Book Centre
Binary Erasure Channel
Bose-Einstein Condensation
Bose-Einstein condensate
Bose-Einstein Condensates
Bose Einstein Condensation
Business English Certificates
Basic Environmental Compliance And Monitoring Program
Beijing City Air Pollution Experiment
Bechtel National Incorporated
Bose-Einstein condensates
Boeing Electrical Compatibility Unit
Baltic Ecosystem Database
Baltic Environmental Database
Banana Equivalent Dose
Block Error Detection
Building emergency director
Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction
Bureau of Elementary Education
Basic Electricity and Electronics
Business Efficiency Exhibition
Ballistic Electron Emmission Spectroscopy
Benignus EEG Evoked Potential
Built Environment Forum
Ballistic Electron Emission Spectroscopy
Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science
Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Bartlett Experimental Forest
Biomass Energy Foundation
bottom end fitting
Bureau of Economic Geology
Betula glandulosa
Bureau for the Educationally Handicapped
British Education Index
Biomedical and Environmental Information Analysis
Biogenic Emissions Inventory System
Best Engineering Judgment
Best Engineering Judgement
Best Expert Judgment
Best expert judgement
Backscattered Electron Kikuchi Pattern
Business, Economics and Law
Board of Editors in the Life Sciences
Belgian Scientific Research Program
Bays Eutrophication Model
BE Method
Block Edge Mask
Boundary Element Method
Bug-Eyed Monster
Bug Eyed Monster
Brief Electricity and Magnetism Assessment
Boulder Emergency Management Center
Betula nana
British Empire Naturalists' Association
Bull's Eye Non-Uniformity
bull's eye nonuniformity
Barrow Environmental Observatory
Building Emergency Organization
Betula occidentalis
Back-end of Line
back end-of-line
balloon electronics package
Beam Equivalent Pressure
Business Education Program
Black Employment Program
Bureau Enforcement Procedures
Betula papyrifera
Bureau of European Policy Advisors
Beijing Electron-Positron Collider
Beijing Electron Positron Collider
Biological Excess Phosphorus Removal
Boreal Ecosystems Productivity Simulator
Basic Encode Rules
beryllium electrorefining
Biological and Environmental Research Advisory Committee
Bartlesville Energy Research Center
Biofilm und Ecoystem Research Group
Building Effects Review Group
Business Environment Risk Intelligence
Biological and Environmental Research Program
Burner Engineering Research Laboratory
Biological and Environmental Reference Materials
Boreal Ecosystem Research and Monitoring Sites
Bureaus of Enforcement and Regional Support
Bit Error Rate Testers
Bachelor of Environmental Studies
backscatter electron signal
Battery emergency station
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering
Biomonitoring Equivalents
British Ecological Society
Bureau of Environmental Service
Biological Environmental Specimen Banking
Bering Sea Impact Study
bonded and etchback SOI
Bare Essentials of Surface Transfer
Bare Essential of Surface Transfer
Basic Education & Skills Training
Basic English Skills Test
Basic Extractive Sludge Treatment
Beginning Educator Support and Training
Bering Ecosystem Study
Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature
Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures
Berlin Exoplanet Search Telescope
Biomedical Excellence for Safer Transfusion
Black Educational Science Trust
Boulder Environmental Sciences and Technology
Boundary Effects on the Superfluid Transition
Beckmannia syzigachne
Consultation and Cooperation
Coating and Chemical Lab
Charge and Discharge
Clad and duct
Command and Data Acquisition
Command and Data Handling Subsystem
characterization and development report
City & Guilds
Contracts & Grants
Climate and Global Change Program
Coast and Geodatic Survey
Commercial and Government Systems
Corona and Heliosphere
Cosmic and Heliospheric
Cost And Lead Time Estimate
Communication and Measurement Technologies Ltd.
Contracts and Pricing
Contracts and Programs
Curriculum and Pedagogy
Classification and Regression Trees
Criteria and Standards
Communications & Tracking
Container and transfer basket assembly
Command and Telemetry Controller
Case to Ambient
Central Automated Data Editing And Switching System
Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
case to board
Centre for Cold Oceans Resources Engineering
Combustion Engineering
case to lead
Coastal-Marine Automated Network
C&DH Module Interface Card
complementary metal oxide semiconductors
Chair of the OPAG
Corporationrate and Personal Integrity Program
Case to Sink
Chemical Abstract Service Registry
Centre for Alternative Technology
Circuit Court of Appeals
Competition and Credit Control
Court of Customs and Patents Appeals
Carbon Capture and Storage
Chinese Electronic Periodical Services
Cephalic Gland
Cephalic Gland
Color Index
Colour Index
Certified Internal Auditor
Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage
Crack Opening Displacement
Customs and Patents Appeals
Christian Rose Cross
Cellular Technology Ltd
Coarse Acquisition Code
chemical/biological defense
Cuenta Corriente
Code of Conduct Personal Integrity Program
Command and Data Handler
Configuration/Data Management
Communication/Navigation Outage Forecast Satellite
Communications / Navigation Outage Forecasting System
Carry Over Funds
Check out
cost/price analysis
Common Spacecraft
Containment and Surveillance
Cycle Per Second
Cost/schedule change authorization
Cost/Schedule Control Branch
cost/schedule change request
Cost/Scheduling Control Systems Criteria
cost and schedule control systems criteria
cost and schedule control systems concepts
Carbon/Silicon Carbide
Ch3 Albedo Test
Command, Control and Communications System
Center for Command, Control and Communications Systems
Coupled Carbon Cycle Climate Model Intercomparison Project
can induce chromosome aberrations
cause chromosomal aberrations
causing chromosomal aberrations
Carbon Absorber
Cartographic and Architectural
Cbfa2t1h contains a
Cell Allocation
cells utilizing chromosome aberration
Chemical Addition
Chromosomal Abberation
chromosomes using chromosomal aberrations
chromosone aberration
chromosome analyses
CIM architecture
classes of chromosomal aberrations
classical chromosomal aberrations
classified as cerebellar atrophy
Cloud-Air Lightning
Cluster Anlaysis
Cognitive Apprenticeship
Collection Area
Collision Activation
Combustion Air
Common Ancestor
Communication Apprehension
Computer Assistant
Conjunction Assessment
Compliance Analyses
Compliance Assessment
Compliance Assurance
Compressor, Air
concentrations of clavulanic acid
concerns chromosome aberrations
considered chromosome aberrations
conditionaly accepted
constituents and carbonic anhydrase
Contamination Area
Control Authority
control Chromosomal aberrations
conventional chromosomal aberration
Cooperative Amendment
criteria chronological age
cultivated for chromosomal aberrations
Current Awareness
Custodial Agent
cyclophosphamide chromosomal aberrations
Cytotoxicity and chromosome aberrations
Central Arid Asia
Chinese Arctic Administration
Chronic annual average
CIM applications architecture
Cleanup and Abatement Account
Cluster Active Archive
Cold Air Advection
Compliance Assurance Agreement
Computer Aided Analysis
Contaminant Analysis Automation
Countryside Archaeological Advisor
Critical alarm annunciators
Criticality alarm annunciator
critical assembly area
Clean Air Act Ammendments
clones showed a
Codes for Australian Aquatic Biota
Centralized Archiving and Analyzing Center
Cartographic and Architectural Archives Divisionsion
College of Architecture, Art, and Design
Consortium on Automated Analytical Laboratory Systems
Castilleja ambigua
Canadian Acid Aerosol Measurement Program
criterion affirmative action management system
criterion affirmative action planning system
Community Affirmative Action Program
Composition and Acidity of Asian Precipitation
Composition of Acidity of Asian Precipitation
Clean Air Act Permit Program
Carex arcta
Center for Accelerated Application Readiness
Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences
Centre for Arabic and African Studies
Chloride Aqueous Actinide Separation
Computer Assisted Area Source Emissions
Carex athrostachya
Compatibility Assessment Automation Tool
Computer Aided Auditing Techniques
CCSM Advisory Board
Center for Advanced Bioimaging
Center for Algae Biotechnology
Combination Of Atomic Boxes
Competitive Analysis Benchmarking
Complement Activation Blocker
Continental Arc Basalt
core and bond
calcium-modified boroaluminate
Carrier Balloon System
Carex bebbii
Computer-aided business engineering
Cochran's approximation to the Behrens-Fisher
Copper and Brass Research Association
Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and Innovation
Computer Aided Budgeting System
Capsella bursa-pastoris
Central Analysis Center
Climate Analysis Centre
Chemical Ammunition Company
Chief Air Command
Citizens' Advisory Council
Coaches Association of Canada
Conformity Assessment Certificates
Contaminated area communications
continuous annular chromatograph
Contract Advisory Committee
Corrective Action Contractor
Critical Aggregation Concentration
Center for Advanced Computing and Communications
Credibility Assessment Coordinating Center
Citizens' Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster
Citizens Action Committee on Childhood Cancer Cluster
Combined Arms Center Development Activity
Center for Adult and Continuing Education
calculation in cells for containment
Commission of Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution
Committee on Atmospheric Chemical And Global Pollution
Committee on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution
Cardaria chalapensis
Central Asia-Caucasus Institutetute
Cost Account Charge Number
Carex comosa
Corporationrate Administrative Contracting Officers
Clean Air Climate Protection
Chinese Advisory Committee for Polar Research
Center for Applied Coastal Research
Commission on Air Chemistry and Radioactivity
Civil Air Carrier Turbojet
Coordinated Applied Capitol Technology University Satellite
CAlifornia Clay Loam
Cartridge-activated device
Cell arrangement diagram
Characterization and Assessment Division
Characterization and Assessment Divisionsion
Charged Aerosol Detector
Composition of Asian Deposition
Computer Aided Drilling
Consortium for ASDAR Development
Control Alternate Delete
Control and Debug
Conversor A/D
Cost Analysis Division
Cost Analysis Divisionsion
Criticality alarm detector
Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Engineering
Computer-Aided Dispatch/Mobile Data Terminal
Centralized Automated Data Acquisition System
Controlled Avionics Data Acquisition System
Computer Aided Design and Testing
Canadian Association of Divisionng Contractors
Canadian Astronomical Data Center
Canadian Astronomical Data Centre
Computer-aided-drawing computer
Computer Aided Drug Designing
Carex deweyana
Computer Aided Deposit Evaluation
Czech Automated Data Interchange Network
Compliance Analysis Database and Information System
Configuration Administration and Data Management
Criticality alarm detector module
Computer-aided drafting, mapping and photogrammetry
Computer-aided design, manufacturing and test
Construction acceptance data package
Coordinator for Automatic Data Processing
Cardaria draba
Center for Analysis of the Dynamics of Regional Ecosystems
Computer-Aided Design for Research and Engineering
Computer-aided data review and evaluation
Coupling and Dynamics of Regions Equatorial
CubeSat investigating Atmospheric Density Response to Extreme driving
Compressed ADRG
Computer Aided Dead Reckoning Tracer
Corrective Action Data System
Crustal Accretion-Differentiation Superevent
Control Application Development Tool
Converged-adiabatic Distorted-wave
Computer aided drafting work system
Canadian Academy of Engineers
capillary affinity electrophoresis
cases childhood absence epilepsy
childhood absence epilepsies
Cis-acting Element
Constant Analyzer Energy
contains the cbh2 activating element
Cooler, Air Evaporative
computer-aided engineering/ rocket system
Climate and Atmospheric Environment Activities
Center for Analysis of Environmental Change
Committed annual effective dose equivalent
Computer-Aided Engineering and Design for Electronics
Canadian Aboriginal Economic Development Strategy
Computational Aquatic Ecosystems Dynamic Model
Corrective action evaluation group
Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology
Continuous Air Effluent Monitor
Complex atmospheric energetics experiment
Chemical Awareness and Emergency Response
Clean Air and Environmental Reporting Division
Clean Air and Environmental Reporting Divisionsion
Center for Advanced Educational Services
Computer Aided Engineering Services
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
catalytic enhanced solar absorption receiver
Canadian Alliance of Education and Training Organizations
International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Inc.
Cathotic Annodic Filaments
Combustion Air Flow
command authority function
Conductive Anodic Filament
controlled ambient facility
Critical Assessment of Function Annotations
Critical Assessment of Functional Annotation
Critical Assessment of Fully Automated Structure Prediction
Chemically Active Fluidized Bed
Cobblestone Area Forming Cells
Computer Assisted Flow Control and Analysis
Carex feta
Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence
Corporationrate Avergae Fuel Economy
Classically Approximated Free-electron-gas Exchange
Central American Meteorological Service Flash Flood Guidance
Combined Agent Fire Fighting System
Construction and Agricultural Film Manufacturers Association
computer-aided air force management
Coded Aperture Fast Neutron Analysis
Concentrated Animal Feedlot Operation
Confined Animal Feed Operation
Consent Agreement/Final Order
Consent Agreement Final Order
Cancer Assessment Group
Carcinogenic Assessment Group
Competitive Analysis Group
Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca
Computing Advisory Group
Continental-arc Granitoids
Cost Analysis Guide
Capillary Affinity Gel Electrophoresis
Case generator and evaluator
Central Arctic Geological Expedition
Cerebral Arterial Gas Embolism
Continental Africa GATE Experiment
Controlled Active Global Experiments
Compressed Air and Gas Institutetute
center advisory group for information systems
Cartography and Geographic Information Science
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems
Commission for Agricultural Meteorology
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming
Carex gynocrates
case of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
cause of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
causes of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Central Arctic Herd
chronic active hapatitis
Conference on Asian History
configuration-averaged Hartree-Fock
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Calcium Aluminum Inclusion
carcinogen activity indicator
Carcinogenic Activity Indicator
certified asbestos inspector
Clear Air Initiative
Communications, Avionics and Informatics
Computer Assisted Intruction
Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Conodont Alteration Index
Conodont Altration Index
Controlled Air Incinerator
Columbia Accident Investigation Board
Chemically-Assisted Ion Beam Etching
Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etching
Coaxial Impact Collision Ion Scattering Spectroscopy
Computer Aided Imagery Interpretation System
Controlled Access by Individual Number
Checkout and initial operations
Clean Air Inerstate Rule
Comprehensive Assessment Information Rule
Comprehensive Assessment of Information Rule
Cost analysis information report
Cohort Analysis of Increased Risks Deaths
Cohort Analysis of Increased Risks of Deaths
Civil Aviation Integrated Radar Display Equipment
Computerized Accident/Incident Reporting System
Chief Architect of Information Systems
Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies
coded aperture imaging system
Condition Assessment Information System
Contractual Action Item Tracking System
Cambridge Archaeological Journal
Cdk-activating Kinase
Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement
Canadian Agricultural Library
Central Analytical Laboratory
Chemical Assessment Laboratory
Cold Atom Lab
completely assembled for launch
Conservation Analytical Laboratory
Continental Air Lines
California Environmental Protection Agency
California Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Calibration and Validation
Carex laeviculmis
Carex pellita
Caribbean-Latin American Meteorological Education and Training
Calamagrostis canadensis
Computer Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon
California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations
California Computer Products, Inc.
Council of Australian Law Deans
Calibration Database
Carex ovalis
Carex lenticularis
Caltha leptosepala
Centre for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies
Carex microptera
Calibration of nOe intensity versus distance bonds
California Line Source Model
Cloud Aerosol Lidar and Infrared Pathfinder Satellite Observations
California Institute of Technology
California Institutetute of Technology
Collaborative Asteroid Lightcurve Link
Common Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
common acute lymphocytic leukemia antigens
Caltha leptosepala
California Academia Libraries List of Serials
Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring
Consolidated Assessment and Listing Methodology
Criticality alarm logic module
CALifornia METeorological model
California Public Interest Research Group
California Puff Model
Cloud and Aerosol Lidar System
Computer Assisted Land Survey System
computer-aided acquisition and logistic support operational network
Calibration Sphere
Chemical-activated Luciferase Expression
California Waste Extraction Test
Carex lyngbyei
California Assessment Manual
Cartographic Automatic Mapping
Cell Adhesion Molecules
Cellular Adhesion Molecule
Center for Advanced Microscopy
Centrifuge Accomidation Module
Centrifuge Accommodation Module
Centrifuge Accommodations Module
Centrifuge Accomodation Module
Collaborative Adaptive Management
Collision Avoidance Manoeuvre
completely assembled missile
Complex Angular Momentum
Compliance Assurance Monitoring
Computer-automated measurement
Computer aided mapping
Consortium on Array Magnetometers
Content-addressed memory
Continuous Air Monitoring
Contract advisory memorandum
Contract Area Manager
Coronographic Apodizer Mechanism
Corrective Action Management
Coupled Angular Modes
Computer Aided Manufacturing-International
Central Arctic Management Area
Computer-aided mass appraisal system
central alarm monitoring and assessment system
Corrective Action Management Board
Center for Advanced Microelectronics Biomolecular Research
Carlsberg Automatic Meridian Circle
Central American and Mexico Coniferous Resources Cooperative
Clean Air Markets Divisionsion
Computer-Aided Molecular Design
Computer Aided Material Design
Clean Air Markets Divisionsion Business Systems
Chemically Active Material Ejected in Orbit
Chemically Active Materials Ejected in Orbit
color augmented microscopy by electromagnetic offset
Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations System
Computer-aided management/emergency operations
Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations
Central American Meteorological Service
Coastal AMOS
Convection and Moisture Experiment
Center for the Assessment and Monitoring of Forest and Environmental Resources
Ctr for the Assessment and Monitoring of Forest and Environmental Resources
Carex microptera
Computer automated mapping and information system
Computer-aided Molecular Modeling
Cumulative Atomic Multipole Moment
Charge and Mass Magnetosperic Ion Composition Experiment
Charge and Mass Magnetospheric Ion Composition Experiment
Campanula sp.
Capital Asset Management Process
capital assets management program
Catchment Management and Poverty
Cleveland Area Manufacturing Program
Coastal Area Management Programme
Code Assessment and Maintenance Program
Committee on Aeronautical Meteorological Problems
Community Arctic Modeling Project
corporate asbestos management program
Corporationrate Association of Microcomputer Professionals
Corrective Action Management Program
crypto algorithm message processor
cyclic amp
cyclic AMP , etc.
Council of Applied Masters Programs in Psychology
Computer Aided Message Processing System
computer assisted mission planning system
Corrective Action Monitoring Report
Consortium for Advanced Modeling of Region Air Quality
Cost Accounting and Medical Rates Divisionsion
Calibrated Airborne Multispectral Scanner
Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance
Central Alarm Monitoring System
Central alarms monitoring system
Central Atmospheric Monitoring Systems
Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
compared with Caucasian American males
Container automatic marking system
Containment Activity Monitoring System
Corrective Action Management System
Corrective Active Management Unit
Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine System
Center for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures
Combined Area Management Units
Corrective Action Management Units
Campaign to Abolish Nuclear
Cellulose Acetate Nitrate
Centre for Analysis of Science
Ceric Ammonium Nitrate
ceric ammonium nitrate\par
Clean Air Network
Community Alert Network
Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields
Computer Aided New Drug Application
Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey
Carbon And Nutrient Diagenesis
Canadian deuterium-uranium reactor
Canadian Deuterium Uranium
Canadian Emergency Response Model
Canadian Experiments
Constant And Neverending Improvement
Canopy Near-IR Observing Project
Canadian Auroral Network Open Program Unified Study
Combination Area Neutron Spectrometer
Canadian Space Geodesy Forum
Canadian Advanced Nanospace Experiments
CubeSat Astronomy by NASA and Yonsei using Vision ALignment eXperiment
Calcium Oxide
Carlsbad Area Office
Central Aerological Observatory
Cleanup and Abatement Order
Cost accumulation order
Carex obnupta
Central Asian Orogenic Belt
Centre for Applied Organic Geochemistry
Cardamine oligosperma
Cincinnati Accounting Operations Office
Configuration-averaged Optimized-potential Model
Combined Arms Operation Research Activity
Center for Atmosphere/Ocean Studies
Computer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
Computer Assisted Organic Synthesis
Consent Admin Orders
Control Authority Offices
Carex ovalis
Calibration Assistance Program
Calorimeter Analogue Processor
Capital Accumulation Provision
Cellulose Acetate Proprionate
CGD Advisory Panel
Chicago Alternative Policing
Civilian Application Program
Clean Air Plan
code-activated processor
Collaborative Arrival Planner
computer-aided plotting
Computer Application Profile
Consolidated Action Plan
Contingency Action Plan
Consolidation by Atmospheric Pressure
Consumables Acceleration Program
Consumer Association Penang
Continuous Absorption Process
Contracts administrative procedure
Control access processor
Control Anticipation Parameter
Controlled Acceleration Propulsion
Coordinated Aid Programme
Corporationrate Affiliates Program
Cost Account Program
Cost Allocation Procedure
Craft alignment process
Crew Activity Planning
Criticality alarm panel
Callitriche palustris
Critical Aquifer Protection Area
Carex pachystachya
Callitriche palustris
Carex parryana
Council for the Advancement of People's Action & Rural Technology
Center for Asia Pacific Area Studies
California Agricultural Production Consultants Association
California Air Pollution Control Officers Assoc
California Air Pollution Control Officers Association's
California Air Pollution Control Officers' Association
Carolina Air Pollution Control Association
Center for Advanced Polymer and Composite Engineering
Corrective Action Plan Cost Estimates
Capital Area Planning Council
Canadian Association of Public Data Users
Cajun Advanced Picosat Experiment
capability and proficiency evaluation
Carex pellita
Certified Adapted Physical Educator
Civilian Application Programs Engineering
Communications and Public Engagement
Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences
Computer-Aided Pattern Engineering
Convection and Precipitation/Electrification Experiment
Cardamine pensylvanica
Center for Air Pollution Impact and Trend Analysis
Coastal Anti-Pollution League
College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
Chemical Abstracts Plus
Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network
Center for Applied Parallel Processing
Citizen Ambassador Program of People to People International
Cost account performance report
Cost account planning and reporting
Clopidogrel versus Aspirin in Patients at Risk of Ischaemic Events
compensation and performance review system
California Association of Professional Scientists
Captive Animals Protection Society
Career Advising and Planning Services
Cassini Plasma Spectrometer
Cationic antimicrobial peptides
Centre for Asia-Pacific Studies
Center for the Analysis and Prediction of Storms
Cleaved Amplified Polymorphic Sequences
cleaved amplified polymorphisms
Clinician Administered Posttraumatic Stress
codominant cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence
Collins Adaptive Processing System
Collins Adaptive Processor System
Comet/Asteroid Protection System
Comprehensive Atmospheric Prediction System
Computer-Assisted Problem Solving
computer automated publishing system
Cooling, Annealing, Pointing Satellite
Computational Analysis and Programming Support Services
Compact Advanced Pulse Solid State Laser
Cross-Appalachian Tracer Experiment
Calamagrostis purpurascens
Cardaria pubescens
cancer Chromosome aberration rate
Census Agriculture Region
Center of Academic Resources
Centrate Ammonia Recovery
Chemically amplified resist
Chimeric Antigen Receptor
Cilia-Associated Respiratory
Corrective Action Reporting
Compliance assessment and resolution
Comprehensive, Adequate and Representative
Computer-Aided Repair
Computer Access Request
Concept Assessment Report
Conformity Assessment Reports
Construction Authorization Request
Continual Azimuthal Rotation
Contract Administration Report
Contract Administrator Representative
Contract advisory release
Coxsackievirus and Adenovirus Receptor
Curriculum, Accreditation and Registration Committee
Customer Account Review
Chemical Assessments and Related Activities
Conjunction Assessment Risk Analysis
Carex amplifolia
Calfornia Air Resources Board
Carbon-relayed Band-selected Homonuclear-decoupled
Carbon Dioxide Intercalibration Experiment
Cameron Applied Research Center
containment air recirculating and cooling
critical aspect ratio collapse
Carex canescens
Computer-assisted Rocking Curve Analysis
Caspase Recruitment Domain
Center for Autism and Related Disorders
Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping
Civil Aviation Research and Development
Cask railcar dynamic simulator
Carex sp.
cataloging and rapid entry process
Centre for Atmospheric Research Experiments
Charged Aerosol Release Experiment
Computed-aided Risk Evaluation
Computer Aided Reliability Estimation
Aspartic Acid
Digital to Analog
Deployment and Configuration
Drilling and Completion
Data and computer systems
Decontamination and Demolition
deposit and exit
discharge and exit
Disassembly and Inspection
Drop and Insert
Design and Management
Directors and Officers Liability
Decontamination and repair
dehydration and transportation
Development and Technology
Davis-Bacon Act
Digital Marine Weather Dissemination System
Destructive Test
Duly Authorized Telecommunications Entity
Das ist
Direct Injection
doctor of public hygiene
Digital Signal Processor
Died young
Director of
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Die Bonding
Data Code
Delivery, Delivered
Disinfectants and Disinfection By-Products
Decision estimator
Dredge and Fill
dense vs. isolated
Develop Inspect
Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
Design/Non-Advocate Review
Design, Operating and Maintenance Procedures
Differential Pressure
Document against Payment
Digital Radar Experiment
Disassembly/reassembly equipment
Disassembly/resassembly equipment station
Disassembly/reassembly fixture
Dynamic/static analysis
density at 23 °C
Diploma to Degree
Digital Design Data
Data Analytics
Data Assimilation
Decent Advisor
Deferred Action
Deflection Amplifier
Departure from Average
Descent Alone
Design Administration
Design Agency
Destructive Assay
Detroit Arsenal
Differencing Assembly
Dilution Air
Directive Authorization
disappearing after distamycin A
Discontinuous Action
Discrete Analyzer
discretionary absence
Distillation Assembly
Dose Assessment
Dry Air
Data Acquisitions and Systems Maintenance
Design Agency/Production Agency
Data Acquisition Assembly
days after anthesis\par
Deputy Assistant Administrator
detailed analysis of alternatives
Distributed Active Archive
Document Availability Authorization
Data and Access Center
Distributed Active Archives Center
Distributive Active Archive Centers
Deputy Assistant Administrator for Modernization
Danish Agricultural Advisory Service
Defense Automated Addressing System Center
data acquisition and analysis system
data acquisition box
Designated Audit Body
Dipole Adapted Basis
Daily Administrative Check
Data Access Center
Data Administration Council
Data Assembly Centre
Debutanized Aromatic Concentrate
Defense auxiliary closure
Departmental Asbestos Coordinator
Derived Air Concentrations
Derived air concentration
Derived air contamination
derived air concentratios
Dialog-to-Analog Converter
Diamond Anvil Cell
dielectric aging chamber
Diocesan Archaeological Consultant
Director's Advisory Committee
Disabilities Awareness Committee
Disaster Assistant Center
discharged assembly cooling
Disk Array Controller
Divisionsion of Analytical Chemistry
Door, Air Curtain
Dual Attach Concentrators
Derived air concentration-hour
Daucus carota
Dispersed Aircraft Cell Control Center
Deputy Assistant Chief Hydrologist
Data Collection and Management Committee
Data Acquisitions and Control System
Digital acquisition control system
Data Acquisition and Control Unit
Data Assembly Centers
Data Assembly Centres
Distributed Automatic Control System
Development Activity Description
Double Air Density
Direct Analysis Of Daughter Ions
Directorate of Air Defence Operations
Data Acquisition and Display System
Data Access and Dissemination System Office
Data Archive and Distribution Service
Data Archiving and Distribution System
Digital Assisted Data Base System
Deeper Access, Deeper Understanding
Differential-Algebraic Equation
Dynamics Augmentation Experiment
Danish Atomic Energy Commission
Documenting Aerosol Electromagnetics, Defining Aerosol Lifetimes and Understanding Sources
Distributed Activation Energy Model
Data Adaptive Evaluator and Monitoring System
Dual Axis Fourier Shape Analysis
Denver Area Employees Service and Recreation Association
Data Archive Facility
Decay Accelerating Factor
Department of Air Force
Dilution/attenuation Factor
Dilution and Attenuation Factor
Distributed Approximating Functional
DNA amplification fingerprinting
Dynamic Amplification Factor
Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food
Diffusion Analogy Flow
Double Annular Factory for Nice Experiments
Damage Analysis and Fundamental Studies
Diffraction Anomalous Fine Structure
Dissolved Air Flotation Thickener
Dissolved Air Flotation Thickeners
Department of Agriculture
Directorate of Geographic Affairs
Dactylis glomerata
data-gathering system
Daily Acoustic Immission
Data Access and Integration
Data Assimilation Initiative
Digital Author Identification
Directorate of Air Intelligence
Deputy Assistant Inspector General
Deformed Atoms In Molecules
Direct Altitude Identity Readout
Digital Airborne Imaging Spectrometer
Digital Airborne Imagery System
Distributed Ad-hoc Intelligent Sensor-Intrusion Detection System
Delivering Alien Invasive Species Inventories for Europe
Dark Archive in the Sunshine State
Data Analysis Laboratory
Defect Action Level
Deployable Air-Land Exploration Robot
Day light
Documentation and location identification system
Declarative Agent Languages and Technologies
Damaszener Mitteilungen
Data Access Management
Departmental Asbestos Manager
Detection and mapping
device adapter module
Digital acquisition module
Demand Assigned Multiple Access Network
Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution
Dam Break Forecasting Model
Directed Amplification of Minisatellite-region DNA
Duct Air Monitor Device
Diurham Air Monitoring Demonstration Facility
Durham Air Monitoring Demonstration Facility
DAASC Automated Message Exchange System
Defense Automated Message Exchange Service
Downrange Antimissile Measurement Program
Data Acquisition And Monitoring System
Data Assimilation and Model Evaluation Experiments - North Atlantic Basin
Divisionr's Alert Network
Divisionrs Alert Network
Dynamic of Albedo Neutrons
device for advanced neutron capture experiments
Drag and Atmospheric Neutral Density Explorer
Dictionary of the Ancient Near East
Delay Alternating with Nutation for Tailored Excitation
Delays Alternating With Nutations For Tailored Excitation
Data Assimilation Office
Data Assimilation Office's
Dayton Area Office
Department Adjutant Oscillator
Data Acquisition Package
Depreciation, Amortization and Property
Diallyl Phthallate
diazinon abatement project
Discipline Action Plan
Distributed Array Processors
Documentation and analysis for packaging
Donor Acceptor Pairs
Draft Action Plan
Death Associated Protein Kinase
dystrophin associated proteins
Data Acquisition and Process Control
Data Acquisition and Process Control System
Department of Air Pollution Control
Data Acquisition Program Manager
Data Acquisition and Processing Program
Desorption Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization
Delivery Algorithm Packages
Document and Personnel Security System
Data Acquisition and Processing Unit
Divisionsion of Air Quality
Data Acquisition Request
Data acquisition report
Data Acquisition Rack
declassification areas
Deviation Authorization Request
Differential Absorption Radiometry
Direct Assistance Request
Divisionsion of Atmospheric Research
Driver's accident report
Deutsche Agentur fur Raumfahrtangelegenheiten
Deutsche Agentur fuer Raumfahrtangelegenheiten
Disposal Area Remedial Action
Description, Acquisition, Retrieval and Correlation
Ditch and Reservoir Company Alliance
Development and Readiness Command
Development and Research Command
Device for Automatic Remote Data Collection
Digital Automated Recording Data Collector
Dark Ages Radio Explorer
Denuder Atmospheric Research Experiment
Document Acceptance Review Form
dual-axis radiograph hydrotest
Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Satellite
Data Acquisition Requests
Diode Array Rapid-scan Spectrometer
Damage Assessment Regulations Team
Decomposed Ammonia Radioisotope Thruster
Demonstration of Automated Rendezvous Technology
Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technologies
Demonstrator for Autonomous Rendezvous Technology
Direct Analysis In Real Time
Double Asteroid Redirection Test
Dual Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
Data ARchive and Transmission System
Departmental Audit Report Tracking System
digital alarm, remote telemetry system
DOE Audit Reporting and Tracking System
Developmental Aeronautics Revolutionizing Wind-tunnels Intelligent
Data Analysis Software
Data Automation Subsystem
Dataset Attribute Structure
Days After Sowing
Debris Assessment Software
Deflection Amplifier Subsystem
Delaware Association of Surveyors
Demand Access Service
Dendrite Arm Spacing
Denver Astronomical Society
Digital Analysis System
Digital Audio System
Document Analysis Systems
Digital Signature Algorithm
Dimer-Adatom Stacking
Direct Absorption Spectroscopy
Double Antibody Sandwich
Draw a Secret
Draw A Story
Dual Attach Stations
Dynamic Angle Spinning
Double antibody sandwich indirect
Data for Structural Analysis
Dependent Activity Scheduling Algorithm
Double-Action Shock Absorber
Data Aquisition and Signal Conditioning
Deep Atmosphere Spectral Camera
Division of Advanced Scientific Computing
Divisionsion of Advanced Scientific Computing
Data Assimilation System Computing Environment
Discriminant Analysis With Shrunken Covariances
Direct Access Storage Drive
Dendritic Alloy Solidification Experiment
Double antibody sandwich ELISA
Department of the Arts, Sports, the Environment, Tourism and Territories
Demonstrator of Atmospheric reentry System with Hyperbolic velocity
Dynamic Allele Specific Hybridization
Degree Angular Scale Interferometer
Defense Atomic Support Information Analysis Center
Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab
design and analysis support model
Direct Access System Module
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Military Application
DAS Operating System
Discontinuous Activated Sludge Process
Data Archive and Science Support
Differential Algebraic System Solver
Drones for Aerodynamic and Structural Testing
Data Acquisition Test
Digital Archive Tape
Disassembly actuating tool
Disconnect actuating tool
Diversity Action Team
Drugs of Abuse Testing
Hydrologic Data Network Analysis Software
Digital Automated Tracking and Resolving
Direct Application of Thermal Energy
Digital Airborne Topographic Imaging System
Disconnect actuating tool redesign
Despun Antenna Test Satellite
Data Acquisition Telecommand and Tracking Station
Datura sp.
data authentication unit
Drug Abuse Urine
Deutscher Alpenverein
DOE Automated Visitor Access Control System
Desorption and Vapor Extraction System
Device for the Acquisition and Visualization of Interesting Data
digital automatic video intrusion detection
Distributed Access View Integrated Database
Direct Analysis of Very Intricate NMR Spectra
Dry Active Waste
Data Assimilation Working Group
NASA Science Mission Directorate Discovery Program Mission
Denied Boarding
Depth Bomb
Design Basis
Directing Board
Diversion Box
Divisionrsion Box
Divisionsion Burden
dome breach
Drive barrel
Double Block and Bleed
Design-basis analysis
Diode Box Assembly
Double Bend Achromat
Detect Before Break
Deutsche Bundesbahn
Digital Base Band Converter
DeciBell below Carrier
Diode Box Controller
Drexel Brook Company
District Business Conduct Committee
Data Buoy Cooperation Program
Drifting Buoy Cooperation Panel
Disease associated balanced chromosomal rearrangements
Disease associated balanced chromosome rearrangements
Design-basis documents
Design-basis event
Dielectric barrier discharge
DNA binding domain
Digital Bathymetry Data Base
Design-basis earthquake
Design Base Earthquake
Donor Bound Exciton
Division of Biomedical and Environmental Research
Divisionsion of Biomedical and Environmental Research
dBase format for files
Design-basis fault
Design-basis flood
design basis fire
design basis flood
Diameter breast height
Dissolver Basket Handling System
Database Indexing
Diazepam Binding Inhibitor
Duct/bundle interaction
Duct/bundle interference
Duncan binary of known
Diffusive Boundary Layer
Dense Bituminous Macadam
Direct Broadcast Mission
Deutsche Bank Operations International
data processing board
Deferred Bonus Plan
Design-basis power failure
Data Base Population Planning Working Group
Data Base Population Working Group
Dragon's Back Pressure Ridge
Design Basis Report
Dienst Bodemkartering
distributed Bragg reflector
distributed Bragg reflectors
Division of Biometry and Risk Assessment
Divisionsion of Biometry and Risk Assessment
Developmental Biology Research Initiative
Double Barrier Resonant Tunneling
double-barrier resonant tunneling structure
Data Base Specifications
DBS Microwave Inc.
debris barrier system
Direct Binary Search
Direct Broadcast Sounder
Doppler Broadening Spectroscopy
design basis and scope and planning documents
Decibel Sound Pressure Level
Directed Balloon Sounding System
Design-basis tornado
Dynamic Binary Translation
ductile-to-brittle transition strain
Ductile-Brittle Transition Temperature
Ductile-to-brittle Transition Temperature
Design-basis tornado and windstorm
Demonstration Bulk Vitrification System
Design-basis explosion
Data Camera
Data Challenge
DCIR dendritic cell
Decentralized Cooperation
defects in dorsal closure
Delta Clipper-Experimental
Demagnetization Codes
derived from dendritic cells
Descent cluster
Design Calculations
Design Change
Desorption chamber
Detector Controller
diagnosis of dyskeratosis congenita
Dielectric Constant
differentiate into dendritic cells
differentiate into dendritic cell
Dilute complex
Direct Charges
Direct Chill
Div. Chief
Division Chief
div class
DKC1 cause dyskeratosis congenita
Docking Compartment
Document Coordinator
Double Capture
Double Cladding
Drain Channel
Dump Condenser
Data Collection and Analysis
data collection assignment
Developing Country Forecasting Demonstration Projects
Direct Current/alternating Current
Design calculations and analyses
Detailed Configuration Accounting
detonation chamber assembly
Direct Chip Attachment
Direct Configurational Averaging
discriminant component anal.
Divisionsion of Community Assistance
Document Control Assistant
Dressed-cluster Approximation
Dynamical Cluster Approximation
Defense Contract Administration Agency
Distributed Computing and Applications to Business, Engineering and Science
Dietary Cation-anion Difference
Distribution and Control Analysis File
Document Control and Analysis File
Diffusion-controlled Crystallization Apparatus for Microgravity
DOE Contracts and Assistance Management System
Decompression Computation and Analysis Program
data collection analysis request
Design Concept Activities Review
Defense Contract Auditing Service
Deputy Commander Aerospace Systems
Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sensing
Digital Cartographic Software System
double-contained acid transfer system
Differenzierten Cellulite Behandlung
Document Control Board
Double Cantilever Beam
distorted-coupling Born approximation
dark coat
Departamento de Ciência da Computação
department computer coordinators
dextran-coated charcoal\par
dialog corporate connection
Disability Cultural Center
discharge consent conditions
Document Control Coordinator
Drying Control Chemical Additive
Droplet Counter Current Chromatography
Digital Concentrator Centre Exchange
Discounted Cumulative Cash Flow
Dissociation-Consistent Configuration Interaction
disposal of contaminated/classified property
Dump condenser condensate pump
Dump condenser coolant pump
Dynamic Cell Culture System
Data Carrier Detector
DC Demagnitization
Developmental Coordination Disorders
Double-Crystal X-ray Diffractometry
Double Channel Duplex
Digital Cartographic Data Base
Decision Center for a Desert City
Design Characteristics Definitions Document
designated central delivery point
design critical drawing release
Data Collection Event
Deployment Control Electronics
Detector Control Electronics
Detailed Cost Element
Digital Communications Experiment
distal conserved element
Droplet Combustion Experiment-2
Direct Current Electroluminescent
Direct Current with Electrode Negative
Delta CEPhei
design criteria engineering release
Dublin Core Element Set
Data Capture Facility
Digital Cartographic File
Dose Conversion Factor
Dynamic Coersive Force
density-constrained full-configuration-interaction
double color fluorescence in situ hybridization
Developing Countries Farm Radio Network
Distortion Correction Functions
direct coal-fired turbine
Data Coordination Group
Definite Clause Grammar
Derived Concentration Guides
Design concentration guide
distortion calibration grid
Domain Coordination Group
Direct Containment Heating
Digital Chart Update Manual
Decompression Illness
Depot of Charts and Instruments
Depot of Charts and Instituteuments
Differential Corrections, Inc.
display control iinterface
dimensionless circular intensity difference
Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine
Defence and Civil Institutetute of Environmental Medicine
Dendritic Cell Immunoreceptor
Data Call-In Staff
diagnose ductal carcinoma in situ
Ductal carcinomas in situ
d irect-current current-voltage
Detector Characterization Lab
diffuse centroblastic lymphomas
Diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis
Digital configuration line
display communication log
Donor cell leukemia
Double Crucible Liquid Encapsulated Czochralski
Data Collection Location System
Data Circulation Mission
Deep Chlorophyll Maximum
Deep Convection Model
Displays and Control Module
Division Computing Management
Divisionsion Computing Management
Docking Cargo Module
Double-Chirped Mirror
Dry Color Manufacturers Association
Dry Color Manufacturers' Association
Direct Contact Membrane Distillation
dominant cystoid macular dystrophy
Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
Dublin Core Metadata Iniziative
Deep cerebellar nuclei
Direccion de Cartografia Nacional
Direct change notice
Directive Completion Notice
Data Communications Network Architecture
DNA copy number aberrations
Deep Carbon Observatory
Delayed Compliance Order
detonator circuit ohmmeter
discharge cleanup organization
Document Control Office
Dissolved Chemical Oxygen Demand
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
Data and Command Processor
Delayed Command Processor
Deluge control panel
Department of Consumer Protection
device control program
differential chromosome painting
Digital Cartographic Production
Digital Control Platform
Direct chromosome preparations
Directives Control Point
Discrimination Complaints Program
Document Control Plan
Dynamic Control plan
dry chemical planarization
Dual Circular Polarization
dynamic coherent potential approxn.
Direct Current Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry
Dual CEPT Primary Access Transceiver
Double-channel Planar Buried Heterostructure
dielectric compound parabolic concentrator
Divisionsion of Cancer Prevention and Control
Data Collection And Platform Location System
Digital Cartographic Production Segment
Data Center Policy and Usage
Dicaffeoyl Quinic Acid
Data Collection Quality Assurance Plan
daily change report
data collection request
data communication request
Dedicated Control Room
Design Calculation Report
Design Concept Review
design criteria report
Differential Color Refraction
Direct Conversion Reactor
Director's Conference Room
Discrete Chromosome Rings
Document Control Register
Dominant Control Region
Drawing Change Record
Detailed Control Room Design Review
Die Casting Research Foundation
Dashpot cup retention nut
Danish Center for Remote Sensing
double-contained receiver tank
Double-contained receiver vessel
Data Cycle System
Date Capture System
Decommissioning Conceptual Study
Decompression Sickness
dedicated cleanup system
Dendritic cells
dense chromatin structures
Developing Countries Staff
Diamond Coring System
Differential Cross Section
Differential Centrifugal Sedimentation
Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy
Digital Cartographic Studio
Digital Cartography Section
Digital color separate
Direct Connect Service
Directorate of Colonial Surveys
Disaster Communications Service
Document Control Station
Document Cover Sheet
Dome Control System
drawing control system
Drive Control System
Dynamic Coordinate System
NOAA Data Collection System
Data collection system receiving site equipment
Dependent Care Spending Account
Desktop Computer Support Center
Diba Consulting Software Engineers
Dry Caisson Storage Facility
distributed CSL
Distributed Computer Systems Management
Distributed Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Dnipropetrovsk Center for Social Research
Data collection system tape
Data Communication Systems and Techniques
Database Configuration Tool
defect control tool
Diffraction Contrast Tomography
direct current transducer
Discovery Channel Telescope
Distal convoluted tubules
Distributed Computing Toolbox
Divisionsion of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
Defense Commercial Telecom. Network
direct-current tast polarography
direct current voltage withstanding
discharging current transient spectroscopy
DOE Concurrence Tracking System
Data Command Unit
Destination-Coded Vehicle
Drosophila C virus
dieletric chemical vapor deposition
Division Cell Wall
Delta Clipper Experimental
Double-charge exchange
Double Crystal X-Ray Diffraction
Danon disease
Data Deliverable
dated, delivered
Data Discrepancy
Daylight Discs
Dead of Disease
Decimal degrees
Decontamination and Decommissioning
Defect Density
Definitive design
Deformation Donor
Dentin Dysplasia
Developmental Dyslexia
Development District
Dewey Decimal
Diamond Drilling
Dictyostelium discoideum
digital deficiencies
Dihydrodiol Dehydrogenase
Direct Downlink
Directional Diagram
Director's Discretionary
Discoidin Domain
Dislocation density
Dissociative Disorders
Distant disease
DNA diploid
Double donor
Dual Damascene
Duct dilation
Dynamic Database
Design disclosure and base document
Dedicated Displays & Control Subsystem
Data descriptive area
Defence Diversification Agency
Defence Divisionrsification Agency
Deployment Drive Assembly
Designated Disposition Authority
Division of Dynamical Astronomy
Divisionsion of Dynamical Astronomy
Document Description Architecture
Deutscher Automobil-Club
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride
Dicretized Distributes Approximating Function
Dosimetry Data Acquisition System
delayed direct broadcast
Dortmund Data Bank
Dna Data Bank Of Japan
Deck Decompression Chamber
Defense Documentation Center's
Density Driven Convection
Digital Data Control
Digital data conversion
District Directorate of Customs
Document Development and Control
Drifter Data Center
Divisionsion Director Contracting Officer's Representative
Data Display and Control System
Data Distribution and Command System
District Development Councils
Data Display Computer Unit
DC-to-DC Converter Unit
Deciphering Developmental Disorders
defective dorsal discs
Digital Differential Display
Drug Discovery and Development Summit
Design & Development Engineering
Developmental Defects of Enamel
Digital Definition Exchange
Discharge Detection and Elimination
Distributed data environment
Distributive Data Environment
dominant dystrophic EB
Double-lined eclipsing binary
Defence Diver Extended Medical Skills
Defence Divisionr Extended Medical Skills
Deputy Director for Extramural Research
Digital Data Editing System
Department of Defence Explosives Safety Board
Depth Duration Frequency
Depth Distribution Function
Dideoxy Fingerprinting
digital data formatter
Director's Discretionary Fund
drugs quinidine and dideoxy forskolin
Data Dependence Graph
Denaturing Gradient Gel Elecrophoresis
Drosophila DGK gene
Direct-to-Digital Holography
Digial Data Handling and Display System
Digital Data Handling and Display System
Digital Data Handling System
Decisions and Designs, Inc.
Design Data Inc.
Discado Directo Internacional
doubled delayed intensification
decontamination and decommissioning integrated demonstration
Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant
Dry Deposition Inferential Monitoring
Deputy Director for Intramural Research
Depository Distribution Information System
Dynamic Drainage Jar
Data Definition Loading
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma
Detector Development Laboratory
Distributed Double Looped Computer Network
Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering
Decoupled Direct Method
Direct Decoupled Method
denuder difference method
Deployment Drive Mechanism
Digital Distance Model
Documents Data Miner
differential density matrix overlap
Defect Data Management System
Design and Data Management System
Data Defense Network
Discado Directo Nacional
David Dunlop Observatory
Digital Data Ouput Conversion Equipment
Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies
Deputy Director of Operations-Russia
Desktop Digital Photogrammetry System
Double Direct Quadratic Random Phase Approximation
Data Delivery Ratio
Data Descriptor Record
decontamination, decommissioning, demolition and restoration
Deficiency and Disposition Report
Definitive design review
described human discoidin domain receptor
Discoidin domain receptor
Deutsches Demokratisches Republik
Directorate of Defense Research and Engineering
Danish Defense Research Board
Diving Disease Research Center
Diving Diseases Research Center
District Disaster Relief Committee
Divisionng Disease Research Center
Divisionng Diseases Research Center
Document Distribution Requirements List
Direct Delayed Response Program
Double Direct Random Phase Approximation
Differential display reverse transcriptase-PCR
Data Delivery Services
Data Delivery System
Data Disposition System
Discipline Data Systems
Data Distribution Server
Deep Diving System
Deep Divisionng System
Delivery and Deployment System
Driver decay storage
dysplastic dentin score
Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
dual-dual stronglink assembly
Dynamic Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Digital Derived Services Network
Dilute double-shell slurry feed
Deputy Director for Science and Technology
Double-door sealed transfer system
Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition
Deflagration To Detonation Transition
Design data transmittal
design demonstration testing
Dichloro-diphenyl trichloro-ethane
Differential display technique
Director's Discretionary Time
Director Discretionary Time
Disk diffusion test
Design, Development, Test and Evaluation
Design, Development, Test and Evaluation
Design, Development, Test, and Evaluation
Derivative Differential Thermal Analysis
Digital Data Technologies, Inc.
Double Door Transfer System
Design, Development, Test and Verification
Delivered Dose Uniformity
Description Data Unit
Drug Discovery Unit
Double Distilled Water
Eastern Longitude
Glutamic Acid
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Events and Causal Factors
environmental and degrading
Energy and Environment
Earth and Environmental Sciences Center
Electrical and mechanical optical
Education and Public Outreach
engineering and quality assurance
Error and Sensitivity
Emission and surface scan
Electron Beam
Electronic Catalog System
European Extremely Large Telescope
EPS Module Interface Card
Electronic News and Notes
electronic open-centre load sensing system
Electronically Programmable Read-Only Memory
electron radiography
Electronically Scanned Antennas
Educational SaTellite @ politecnico di Torino
Electronic Theater
European THORPEX Regional Campaign
Electronic VLBI
Enzyme Commission
Environmental Institutetute for Technology Transfer
Electricity and Magnetism
Executive Officer
European Space Agency
Errata and Addenda
Engineer Constructor Contractor
Engineering/Construction Contractor
Ethylene - propylene
experiment/test engineers
Ethylene/Vinyl Acetate Copolymer
Early Equipment Evaluation
Environments for Multi-Agent Systems
Element Six
EBV early antigens
EBV early antigen
East Antarctica
EBNA and early antigen
Eclipsing Algol
Economic Affairs
Educator Ambassador
Eesti Allveeliit
Effective Area
Electron Acoustic
Email Address
Emergency Activities
Employee Awards
Endangerment Assessment
Enforcement Agreement
Engineered Applications
Environmental Action
Environmental Agency
Environmental Assurance
Equilibrated Aggregate
Evolution Artificielle
Expedited Acknowledgement
Experimental Activities
environmental analysis and control
Environmental analysis and monitoring
Electron Attachment-equation Of Motion Coupled Cluster
Enterprise Associate Administrator
Enterprise Associate Administrators
Experimental Airborne Advanced Research Lidar
Electrothermal Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
East Asia Analytical Unit
Exclusion Area Boundary
Exposure Assessment Branch/Exposure Evaluation Division
Exposure Assessment Branch/Exposure Evaluation Divisionsion
engineering as-built program
Early Action Compacts
Electrical Application Committee
Employee Activities Committee
Employee Advisory Council
Energy Absorption Capacity
Energy Advisory Committee
Environmental Aeroscience Corporation
Environmental Aeroscience Corporationration
Environmental Assistance Center
Environmental Assisted Cracking
Equipment Activities Controller
Euro-Asia Centre
European Aminocarboxylates Committee
European Astronauts Centre
European Astronaut Centre
Experiment Apparatus Container
Extruded activated carbon
European Air Cargo Carriers Association
Expeditionary Air Command and Control Squadron
Engineering Assessment and Cost Estimate
Enzyme Affinity Capillary Electrophoresis
Environmental Air Control, Inc.
electron-alkali close coupling
European Air Chemistry Network
European Atmospheric Chemistry Network
Environmental Area Characterization Report
Emergency Air Cleaning System
Emergency Action and Coordination Team
Emergency Action and Coordinating Team
Electron-assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
Economic Analysis Divisionsion
Effective Air Depth
Effective Air Department
Energy and Air Division
Energy and Air Divisionsion
Equivalent Air Depth
Equivalent Air Department
erythrocyte adenosine deaminase
Engineering and Data Analysis System
etiology of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
European Atomic Energy Committee
European Association of Exploration Geophysicists
Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land
East African Force
Electric Arc Furnaces
Experiment Analysis Facility
Experimenters' Analysis Facility
export authorization form
Effective Aerial Film Speed
East Asia Forum on Terminology
English Architectural Glazing
Environmental Awareness Group
Environmental Assessments Group
Environmental Assessment Guidelines
Experimental Astrophysics Group
Exposure Assessment Group
extended absence greeting
Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research
European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Funds
Energy Absorbing Gas Lithium Ejector
ESPA Augmented Geostationary Laboratory Experiment
Eating in the absence of hunger
East Asian Institutetute
Electronic Associates Inc
Electronics Associates, Incorporated
Enterprise Application Interface
Excalibur Almaz, Inc.
European Association of Institutional Research
East Antarctic Ice Sheet
Emergency Action Levels
Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature
Engineering Analysis Language
Environmental Analytical Laboratory
East Asian Languages and Civilizations
East Asian Languages & Civilizations
Electron Acoustic Microscopy
Energy Absorbing Molecules
Engineering of Advanced Materials
Exploration Augmentation Module
exposure assessment model
East Asian Monsoon Experiment
Exposure Analysis Modeling System
Effective Atomic Number
Enriched Air Nitrox
Enriched Air Nitrox
European-American Nuclear Data Committee
Economy Act Order
Enhanced Annual Observing Period
Enhanced Annual Observation Period
Environment Australia Online Service
Emission Assessment Program
Enterprise Architecture Plan
Environmental Assessment Plan
Environmental Affairs Program
Experimental activity proposal
EAP Regulatory Policy, Planning and Analysis Staff
EAP Regulatory Permits Staff
EAP Tri-Party Agreement Project Staff
Employee Accident Prevention Council
Employee Assistance Program Referral Option
employee assist. program referral option
Earth Atmospheric and Planetary Science
East Asian and Pacific Studies
environmental aspects of product standards
enbedded-attenuated phase shift mask
External Auxiliary Power Unit
Engineering applications quality assurance
Division of Earth Sciences
Divisionsion of Earth Sciences
Enforcement Action Request
enforcement action referral
Environmental Auditing Roundtable
Environmental Assessment Report
Environmental Aspects Report
Ethics Advisory Review
European Asthenospheric Reservoir
European Addiction Research
Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center
Energy And Angle Resolved Ion Scattering Spectroscopy
European Association for Research into Learning and Instruction
European Asteroid Research Node
Explosive actuated repair plug
East Asian Research Society
Environmental Activities Reporting System
EUMETSAT ATOVS Retransmission Service
Emergency Assistance Response Team
Environmental Assessment and Risk Tools Homepage
Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer
Earth Clouds Aerosols and Radiation Explorer
Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle School Students
Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle-schoolers
Earth Satellite Corp.
Earth Satellite Corporation
Early Ammonia Servicer
Economic Analysis Staff
Educational Access Scheme
Electronic Authorization System
Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
employee accounting system
Employment Assurance Schemes
Engineering Adminstration System
Environmental Analyses Section
essential auxiliary support
Ethiopian Academy of Sciences
Event Analyzers
Experiment Assurance System
Exposure Assessments
Extensive Air Shower
Enterprise Access Server
Engineering and Survey-Exchange
Eastern Administrative Support Center
Extended Anaerobic Sludge Contact
Earth Science and Applications Data System
European Aerospace Supplier Evaluation
Electronic Absorption Spectroscopy Experiments
Equal-Area Scalable Earth
Equal Area Scalable Earth
equipment and software emulator
Eva Assembly of Structures Experiment
Experimental Assembly of Structures in EVA/Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structures
Experimental Assembly of Structures in EVA/Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Stru
Early Apollo Science Experiments Package
Early Apollo Scientific Experiments Package
Engineering Analysis and Scientific Interface
Estimate Of Adversary Sequence Interruption
Environment for Application Software Integration and Execution
Experimental Avionics Simulation and Integration Laboratory
East Asian Summer Monsoon
European Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Expt.
Electric Arc Spraying
East African Submarine System
East African Satellite Telecomunication
Examiner's Automated Search Tool
Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak
European Academy of Surface Technology
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Environmental Advisory Service for Technology Transfer
Engineered applications technology
Enterprise Acceptance Test
Estimated Arrival Time
European Association of Technical Divers
European Association of Technical Divisionrs
Entering air temperature dry bulb
Entering air temperature wet bulb
Emissions and Allowance Tracking System
Exercise Action Tracking System
easily cause experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis
Engineering analysis unit
European Allowance Unit
evacuation alarm unit
Entity, Attribute and Value
Experimental Aerospace Vehicle
Expired Air Ventilation
electrically aimable warhead
Energetically-Active Zones of the Ocean
Energetically Active Zones of the Ocean
Eclipsing Beta
Eclipsing Beta Lyrae
Eclipsing Binary
effect of ethidium bromide
Electrolyte binder
Electronics Box
Electronics Bay
Engineering Beacon
Event Builder
Executive Body
Exploding bridge
Exposure to ethidium bromide
eikonal Born approxn.
Electronics Bay Assembly
European Bridge Assembly
Evolution and Biodiversity in Antarctica
Expanded Bed Adsorption
Exponentiated Born Approximation
Energy Balanced and Filled
Electron-beam Addressable Memory
Electron-beam-addressable Memories
Electronic Book and Map Company
Electron Bombardment Active Pixel Sensor
Epidemiology and Biomarkers Branch
Energy Balance and Bowen Ratio
Eastern Boundary Currents
Eastern Boundary Current
Electron Beam Cutting
electron-beams control electronics
Employee Benefits Committee
Environmental Biosafety Committees
equivalent boron content
Extended Binary Coded Data Interchange Code
Extended Binary Codes Decimal Interchange Code
Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indian
Environmental Business Council of New England
Environmental Barrier Coatings
Empty Bed Contact Time
electron beam cold-wire feed
electron beam doping
Emotional and Behavior Disorders
equilibrium brownian dynamics
Emergency Breathing Equipment
Evaluation Basis Event
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
extended bond energy bond order
Enclosed Bays and Estuaries Plan
European Bioanalysis Forum
electron-beam fusion accelerator
Electronic Bay Group Assembly
electron beam hardening treatment
electron beam high throughput lithography
Economic Breeding Index
Equivalent Background Illumination
European Bioinformatics Institutetute
Electron-Beam-Induced Current
Electron Beam-induced Current
Electron Beam Induced Current
Energy Based Integral Retention
Electron-beam Ion Source
Electron Beam Ion Trap
Explanation-Based Learning
Explanation Based Learning
Extragalactic Background Light
Electron-beam Machining
Electron-Beam Melting
Early Buddhist Manuscripts Project
Example-Based Machine Translation
East bound
EOSDIS Backbone Network
European Biotechnology Node for Interaction with China
European Biotech Node for interaction with China
Equivalent Bond Orbital
effective bond-orbital method
Experimental beryllium oxide reactor
Electron Beam Pumping
Electronics Based Plate
European Biocidal Product Forum
enhanced bilogical phosphorus removal
enhanced biol. phosphorus removal
Electron-Beam Physical Vapor Deposition
East Baton Rouge
etchback rate
Experimental Breeder Reactor-II
Equipment Budget Review Committee
Empty-bed Residence Time
Earle's Balanced Salts
Electron Bombarded Silicon
ETR biological shielding
Extended Basis Set
Ecologically and Biologically Significant Areas
Electron Backscattering Diffraction
Electron Back Scattered Diffraction
Extended Breathing Shell Model
Electron back-scattering patterns
Environmental Baseline Survey for Transfer
Eccentric Bottom Tapping
extended Brillouin theorem
Electronics Bay Test Equipment
Engineered Barrier Test Facility
Electronics Bay Unit
Exploding Bridge Wire/Firing Unit
Experimental Boiling-water Reactor
Department of the Environment of Canada
Earth consortium
Electrical Conductivity
Electric Capture
Electron Correlation
Electronically Challenged
Electronic Classroom
Elifrits Constant
Embedded Cluster
Emergency Capability
Emergency Cleanup
Enforcement Coordinator
Enhanced cooling
Environmental Chamber
Environmental Conservation
Equipment Custodian
Equivalent Concentration
European Coatings
European Conference
Evaluation Coordinator
event in endometrial cancer
Exceptional Contributor
Expedited Cleanup
Experimental compliance
Explorers Club
Explosives Chemistry
expressed in Escherichia coli
expressed in endothelial cells
EC Advisory Group on Climate and Environment
Executive Committee, Western Traffic Association
Environmental Control/Life Support System
Earth-Crossing Asteroids
Earth Crossing Asteroid
Ecological Community Analysis
Ecological Society of America
Economic Commission for Africa's
Electrical Component Assembly
Electronic Components and Assemblies
elemental criticality analysis
Enforceable Consent Agreements
engineering capability assessment
Environmental compliance assurance
Equipment and Supplies Association
Equivalent Core Approximation
European Climate Assessment & Dataset
Electronics Computer Aided Design
Engineering Computer-Aided Design
Existing Chemical Assessment Division
Existing Chemical Assessment Divisionsion
Electronic Computer-Aided Engineering
Equal Channel Angular Extrusion
Equipment Class Application Guideline
environmentally conscious advanced manufacturing
ERTS Command Auxiliary Memory
European Conferences on Applications of Meteorology
E. coli AntiMicrobial Satellite
Electron Configuration Analysis For Many-system Interactions
Electronic Calibration and Normalization
Employee Counseling and Assistance Program
Employee Counselling and Assistance Program
Energy-compensated Atom Probe
Energy Compensated Atom Probe
Equal Channel Angular Pressing
European Conflict Analysis Project
European Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China
Environmental Conservation Acreage Reserve Program
Electronic Commerce Acquisition Team
Environmental Center for Arab Towns
Environmental Centre for Arab Towns
Electronic Controlled Braking
extranuclear chromatin bodies
Eastern Caribbean Center
Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography
Emergency Core Cooling
Emergency Core Coolant
energy conversion centre
Eukaryotic cells contain extrachromosomal circular
Executive and Congressional Communications
Electronic Components Certification Board
electrical compatibility control drawing
Electron Cyclotron Current Drive
Exciton-coupled Circular Dichroism
Emergency Communications Center Dispatch Area
Escherichia coli cytidine deaminase
Extensible Computational Chemistry Environment
Employing Consolidated and Cost-Effective Leadership
Equilibrium Charge-Charge Flux
exchange correlated crystal field
electron capture chemical ionization
Electron Channeling Contrast Imaging
Electronic Commerce of Component Information
emergency core coolant injection
electronic counter-counterintelligence measure
extended coupled-cluster method
Export Control Classification Numbers
Employee Customer Concerns Office
Estimating Circulation and Climate of the Ocean
Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean
European Community on computational methods in Applied Sciences
electronic card catalog and ordering system
Echinochloa crus-galli
electro-coated chromium steel
Emergency Core-cooling System
Emergency core cooling water
Ex-containment chilled water
Electrical Critical Dimension
Electro-Chemical Deposition
Electrochemical Deposition
Electron-capture dissociation
electron-capture detector
Electron Capture Dissociation
Electron Capture Detectors
electron capture diameter
Electron Capture Detection
Environmental Cleanup Division
Environmental Cleanup Divisionsion
Early Childhood Development Education
Emissions Certification Data Base
Energy Child Development Center
Extended Chandra Deep Field South
External Cavity Diode Laser
Enhanced Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
E. Coyote Enterprises
Einstein Cartan Evans
Engineering Cost Estimate
Environmental Center of Excellence
Effective Cation Exchange Capacity
European Centre for Environmental Communication
European Center for Environmental Communication
EarthCentered EarthFixed
Electron Cyclotron Emission Imaging
Epithermal Critical Experiments Laboratory
Empirical Conformational Energy Program for Peptides
EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist
Electric Crystal Field
Enclosed Count Fractions
European Climate Forum
European Coordinating Facility
Explosives Components Facility
Engineering Consulting Firms Association
Endothelial Colony Forming Cells
Extended Coherent Flame Model
Enhanced Cyan Fluorescent Protein
excess chromosome fragments
Environmental Coordinating Group
European Centre for Geodynamics and Seismology
European Center for Geodynamics and Seismology
extreme concordant high
European Centre/Hamburg Model
European Center HAMburg 4
Electro-Catalytic Hyper-Heaters
electro-catalytic hyper-heater
Evaporative Compact High-intensity Cooler
Evaporative Compact High Intensity Cooler
Each Community Helps Others
Emergency Call Handling Operation
Environmental Compliance History Online
EOS Clearing HOuse
Expanded Characteristic Option
Experiment for Coordinated Helioseismic Observations
Early Career Investigators
Electron Capture Ionization
Emergency call-in
Environmental Change Institutetute
Essential controls and instrumentation
electron capture induced decomposition
European Construction Industry Federation
Essential Controls and Instituteumentation System
estimated chronic in stream toxicity
Energy and Climate Information Exchange
Euroepan Court of Justice
Earthquake controller lateral
Effluent comparative level
emergency cooling limits
Engineering Configuration List
Enhanced Chemiluminescence
Environmental Chemical Laboratory
Environmental Chemistry Laboratory
Environmental control limit
environmental checklist
Execution Control Language
extreme concordant low
environmental checklist/action description memorandum
Encoded Combinatorial Libraries on a Polymeric Surface
Experimental Cloud Lidar Pilot Study
Emergency Centre for Locust Operations
Emitter-coupled Logic Operator
Environmental Control and Life Support Subsystem
Environmetal Control and Life Support System
Electrical Conductivity Measurements
eligible coastal municipalities
Embedded Cluster Method
Energy conservation measure
Energy Conservation Manual
engineering Configuration Management
enhanced chromosome mobilizing
Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
Environmental Compliance Manual
Epidemic Cerebrospinal Meningitis
exchange-charge model
Executive control meeting
Extra-Cellular Matrix
Electrochemical-mechanical Deposition
early childhood myoclonic epilepsy
Experimental Center for Mesoscale Ocean Predictions
Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System
European Chemical Market Research Association
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
European Chemical Marketing & Strategy Association
European Centre for Medium Weather Forecasts
European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting
European Center for Medium Weather Forecasts
European Center for Medium-range Weather Forecasting
East Central Nuclear Group
Electron Capture Negative Ionization
electron capture negative ion chemical ionization
electron capture negative ionization mass spectrometry
Ecological Risk
edge control only
Edit Change Order
Environmental Children's Organization
Environmental compliance order
Eternally Collapsing Object
Evidence Code Ontology
export controlled operations
Export Control Operations Division
ESF Consortium for Ocean Drilling
Export Control Operations Divisionsion
Ecological Committee On FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods
Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms
ecology of the continental margins
electron correlation polarization
European Committee on Ocean and Polar Sciences
European Committee on Ocean and Polar Science
Estimate of costs and obligational requirements
Electronic coordinate Determination System
Experiement Computer Operating System
Environmental Cleanup Objectives Standard Procedures
Exclusive Correlation Spectroscopy
ecology tracking
European Committee for Water Resources Management
Early chronic phase
Electrochemical Plating
Electron Channeling Pattern
Element Control Packet
Employee Contribution Plan
Environmental Compliance Plan
external compliance plan
Estimated Critical Position
exchange core polarization
Exchange Coupled Pair
Experimental Communication Payload
Experimental Communications Payload
exponential corrugated potential
External Compliance Programs
effective core potential-core polarization potential
Experimental Climate Prediction Center
Experimental Climate Prediction Centre
expedited complete plume delineation
Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory
extended coupled pair many electron theory
Environmental Circuit Prosecutor Project
Energy control plan review
Effective Core Potentials
electrochemical quartz crystal balance
Effective Cleaning Radius
Electron Cyclotron Resonance
emergency conference room
Energy Conservation Report
Enforcement Case Review
engineering capability release
Equivalent Circuit Rate
eriochrome cyanine R\par
Estimate change request
Explosive Containment Room
extensive chromosome replication
extragenic control region
Economic Cleanup Responsibilities Act
Economic Cleanup Responsibility Act
Environmental and Contaminants Research Center
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source
Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Sources
European Conference on Research in Chemical Education
Employee Commute Reduction Programs
Environmental Characterization and Remediation Services
evolutionarily conserved regions
Evolutionary Conserved Regions
expanded chromosomal regions
expanded chromosome regions
Eastern Caribbean Station
Electro-Chemical Society
Emergency Control Station
Emergency Cooling System
Energy-Corrected Sudden
Entry Control System
Environmental control shroud
Environmental compliance support
Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity
Estrous cow serum
Exit Clearance System
Expense Commitment System
Experimental Communication Satellite
Export Control Specialist
External Calibration Source
Extra Capsular Spread
energy-corrected sudden-exponential polynomial
energy-corrected sudden-polynomial
Early Career Scientists Assembly
Flanged and Dished
fuzing and firing
Fluids & Gases System
Force and moment
facility and operational requirement
Functional and Operational Requirements
Functional and organizational requirements
Functions and Requirements
Fenix and Scisson
Facility and systems analysis technology
feature mapping
Florida Pesticide Use Risk Evaluation
Fuel Air Explosive
Fellow of the Geological Society
Fellow of the Royal Society
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
Fuel Assembly
Fuel/Blanket Properties Task Group
Fibers per Cubic Centimeter
Final Inspect
Food to Microorganism Ratio
Fiber Optic
Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Figure 5
Aviation Area Forecast
eight Fanconi anemia
faactory automation
families with Friedreich ataxia
Featured articles
feature of Fanconi anemia
features of Fanconi anemia
findings of Fanconi anemia
fibroblasts from amemia
Field Authorization
Financial Agent
Financial Agents
Finds Advisor
Fine Aggregate
Fire Alarm Box
Flow Alarm
Focus Amplifier
Force Account
found in Fanconi anemia
seven Fanconi anemia
the Friedreich ataxia
Fuel Assembly
Full Arc
Fully Aerobic
Fulvic Acid
Funds Advance
seven Fanconi anaemia
fuzing, arming and firing
Federal Agricultural Administration
Flame Atomic Absorption
Focus on Atmospheric Aerosols
free available ammonia
Fresh Acid Add
Fuel assembly area
functional area appraisal
Federal Assistance Award Data
Federal Assistance Award Data System
Forward Area Air Defence System
Free-atom Atomic Orbital
Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists
Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines
Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
Fully Analytical Aerotriangulation
Federal Aviation Administration Technical Center
Fast-atom bombardment
Fast Atom Bombardment
Filter, Air, Bag
Forecast Applications Branch
Forestry & Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
Fabrication isometric
Field Army Ballistic Missile Defence System
Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectroscopy
Fatty Acid-binding Protein
Fatty Acid Binding Proteins
Facilities Advisory Council
Feature analysis code
Filter, Air, Cleanable
final acceptance criterion
First Article Capability
Flexible Atomic Code
Flow Assisted Corrosion
Freight Assembly Center
Funds at completion
Federal Advisory Committees Act
Financial Assurance for Corrective Action
Fanconi anaemia group C
Fanconi anemia group C
Feature and Attribute Coding Catalog
Ford Aerospace Communications Corporation
Ford Aerospace Communications Corporationration
Frontal Analysis Continuous Capillary Electrophoresis
Field Ancillary Computer Effort
findable accurate, comprehensive and effective
Florida Area Cirrus Experiment
Fluorophore-assisted Carbohydrate Electrophoresis
Free-Air CO2 Enrichment
Free Air CO2 Enrichment
Free Air Concentration Enrichment
Facilitating Academic Careers in Engineering and Science
Family Abstinence Comprehensive Educational Services
Facilities Construction, Engineering and Technical Services
Flexibility And Control Interaction Linearized Equations
Fibril-Associated Collagens with Interrupted Triple helix
Florida Association of Cadastral Mappers
Friable Asbestos-Containing Material
Field Artillery Command
Federal Advisory Council for Occupational Safety and Health
facts, analysis, conclusions and recommendations
final acute chronic residue
fast access to critical solutions
Feature Attribute Coding Standard
Feature Attribute Coding System
Financial Accounting and Contractual Status
Financial and Contractual System
Fluorescence Atom-coincidence Spectroscopy
future armored combat system
Facility Automated Control Team
Facility for Calibration and Test
Facility for the Analysis of Chemical Thermodynamics
Fuel and Combustion Technology
Fully Automatic Compiler-translator
Facilities and Company Tracking System
Field Analytical and Characterization Technologies System
Flavin-adenine dinucleotide
forms of familial Alzheimer disease
Formulation Authorization Document
fuzing and arming device
fuzing arming device
file access data unit
Final Archive Definition Committee
Focus, Analyze, Develop and Execute
Focus on Analysis and Documentation in the Enduring Stockpile
Fertilizer Advisory Development and Information Network for Asia and the Pacific
fatty acid desaturase
Final Acute Equation
Fuel/air Explosives
Fuel adjacency effect
factor analysis with equilibrium constraints
fatty acid ethyl ester synthases
Flame Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
fuzing, arming, firing
fluorescent length polymorphism
fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphisms
Flame atomic fluorescence spectroscopy
Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Services
Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services
Fast Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
Fluorescence Assay with Gas Expansion
filter, air, HEPA
Flow alarm high
Fail as is
Field-Aligned Irregularity
Field Aligned Irregularity
Field Aligned Irregularities
fuel assembly identification
fuel assembly integrity devices
Freight Accounting & Information Management Association
High-Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Facility Alarm and Information System
Foreign Affairs Information System
Final Analysis Inc. Satellite
facilities asbestos implementation team
Facility Action Items Tracking System
Focal Adhesion Kinase
Fast Accurate Kinetic-energy
five Fractional allele loss
the fractional allelic loss
Fish and Aquatic Life
frequencies and fractional allelic losses
fission-activated laser concept
Fahrenheit Agency Liason Division
Fahrenheit Agency Liason Divisionsion
fractional allelic losses
facility assessment methodology
Filter, Air, Mat
Friable Asbestos Material
Fluorescent Antibody Membrane Antigen
Facilities Management Excellence
Florida Area Mesoscale Experiment
Framework for Achieving Managerial Excellance
Framework for achieving managerial excellence
Full-sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer
Fusion applications and market evaluation
familial atypical melanoma
familial atypical multiple
Floating-gate Avalanche-injection Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
French-American Mid-Ocean Undersea Study
Fire alarm monitoring specialist
Florida Atmospheric Mercury Study
facilities asbestos management team
File Array Notation
Final Acceptance Notice
Fixed Account Number
Flaming Arrow Network, Europe
Forecast for Ascending Node for Automatic Satellites
Federal Agency Order
Flatland Atmospheric Observatory
Flight Activity Officer
Floating Atomic Orbital
Frozen Atomic Orbital
Fluorescent Activated Organelle Sorting
Facility Activation Procedure
families with familial adenomatous polyposis
family with familial adenomatous polyposis
human familial adenomatous polyposis
the familial adenomatous polyposis
Federal Agency Programs
Food Additive Petitions
form called familial adenomatous polyposis
form of familial adenomatous polyposis
Fraction Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme
Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Furnace Atomization Plasma Emission Spectrometry
Financial Assistance Policy Letter
Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institutetute
Fate of Atmospheric Pollutants Study
Faculty Awards for Research
filter, air, replaceable
Final Administrative Review
Fourth Assessment Report
Financial Accumulation and Reporting
Flight Acceptance Review Board
fly-away round
Federal Archives and Record Center
Fixed-angle Reactor Model
Frame Acceptance and Reporting Mechanism
Flare Activated Radio-biological Observatory
Forecast of Aerosol Radiative Optical Properties
failsafe and risk-reduction
Flight Assurance Review System
Fatty Alcohol Sulfates
Federal Accounting Standards
Ferrous ammonium sulphate
Flame Absorption Spectroscopy
Flow alarm switch
Food Additive Series
Forecast Assistant System
Forecaster's Analysis System
Electronic Road Pricing
Freeway Acquisition Server
Fulvic acids
Functional Address Symbol
Federal Acquisition Streamling Act
functional analysis of separated allele in yeast
Fast Atmosphere Signature Code
Foundation for the Advancement in Science and Education
Foundation for Advancement in Science and Education
Facilitation Awards for Scientists and Engineers with Disabilities
Field-amplified Sample Injection
fuel-assembly structural material
Frequency Addition Source of Optical Radiation
Field Analytical Support Program
Field Analytical Service Program
Frequency-Agile Solar Radio
Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope
Frequency Agile Solar Radiotelescope
Field-amplified Sample Stacking
FOC Autonomous Safing Sequence
FAst Scan Submillimeter Spectroscopy Technique
Fast Scan Submillimeter Spectroscopic Technique
facilities accelerated system teams
Fast Atom Sample Tester
Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer
Field Assessment Services Team
Final Assembly and System Testing
Forward Alpha Scattering Technique
Forward Alpha Scattering Techniques
Fuel assembly stability test
Fugitive Assessment Sampling Train
Functional Alignment Search Tool
Future Analytical Support Team
future artillery systems technology
Field and Analytical Service Teaming Advisory Committee
Fronts and Atlantic Storm-Track Experiment
Fronts Atlantic Storm Track Experiment
Fast Automatic Shimming Technique By Mapping Along Projections
Formation Autonomy Spacecraft with Thrust, Relnav, Attitude and Crosslink
Flagstaff Astrometric Scanning Transit Telescope
Fabrication, Assembly and Test
Fixed Analyzer Transmission
Flight Acceptance Test
Feedbacks and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems
Functional Attributes in Terrestrial Ecosystems
fuzing, arming, testing and evaluation
FIFRA and TSCA Enforcement System
FIRFA and TSCA Enforcement System
Factory Acceptance Test Specification
FORTRAN Automatic Timing System
Fracture-appearance Transition Temperature
Formazin Attenuation Units
Federation of Australian Underwater Instructors
Federation of Australian Underwater Instituteuctors
Federal Aid Urban System
Far Ultraviolet Space Telescope
Final Acute Value
Failure Analysis Expert System
Federal Building
Field Breaker
Filter Box
Fleischmann Building
Floating Body
Fluidised Bath
Free to Bound
Freytag-Berndt und Artaria
Funds Budgeted
Fellows of the British Academy
first Born approximation
Fluidized Bed Afterburner
Fluorescent Brightening Agent
Force-Balance Accelerometer
forecasting by analogy
Fluidized Bed Biofilm Reactor
Fluidised bed combustors
Fluidised Bed Combustion
Fixed Bed Circulating Bioreactor
Fragment Based Drug Discovery
Flat Bed Electrophoresis
fixed beam electron microscopy
Film and Bag Federation
fluid bed fluorination
Fossil Bluff Group
Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array
Fluidized Bed Heat Exchanger
Fachbereich Informatik
Feedback Inhibition
Ferrous Basic Integral
Fluidized Bed Incinerator
Foliar Browse Index
Force, Magnetic, Current
Fungi, Bacteria and Insects
Fungi, Bacteria and Invertebrate
force-balance integrating accelerometer
Foreign Broadcast Information System
Forwarding Burdened Join Delay
fixed bed loop
French Brazilian Microsatellite
fleet ballistic missile/improved accuracy program
Forwarding Burdened Multicast Latency
Federal Based Network
Federal Base Network
Facility Boundary Point of Compliance
Fibronectin binding proteins
Fast burst reactor
Filter Backwash Recycling
Finite Basis Representation
Fixed-Bed Reactor
Fixed Bed Reactor
Fluidized Bed Reactor
Focused Beam Reflectance Measurement
Fixed block rotating mass storage
Filter Backwash Recycle Rule
First Byurakan Survey
Freight Billing system
female B transmission
Fast Breeder Test Reactor
fluidized bed unit
Fecal Coliform
familial febrile convulsion
Fermi contact
Ferrite Core
Field Command
Field completion
Field Component
Field Cooling
Field Core
Film Cooler
Fine control
Flame Cell
Flip Chip
Flux Cloud
found in fibrillar centers
Fractional Contribution
Frozen Core
Fuel Cycle
full contributor
Functional Complexity
Field Command/Defense Nuclear Agency
Fast Critical Assembly
Figure Control Actuators
Fixed contamination area
Formal Concept Analysis
Frozen-core Appproximation
Fuzzy Cluster Analysis
Forward Calorimeter
Fuel Cycle Advanced Project
fibrillar centers adjacent regions
flow cytometer analysis
Focused Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer
Flux Core Arc Welding
Fluxed Core Arc Welding
Facilities Construction Branch
Facility Change Board
free cutting brass
Fuel Cell Bus
Functional Cargo Block
Fabrication control card
Face-centered Cubic
Face Centered Cubic
Facilities Coordination Committee
Facilities Command Center
Federal Construction Council
Fiscal Control Center
Fisher Controls Company
flat collect circuit
Flexible Current Carrier
Fluid-cracking Catalyst
Fluidized Catalytic Cracking
Fornax Cluster Catalog
Fornax Cluster Catalogue
Freeman Chain Code
Fueled Clad Canister
Fuel-cladding chemical interaction
Fluorescence Cross-correlation Spectroscopy
Federal Coordinating Committee for Science, Engineering and Technology
Fluidized Catalyst Cracking Unit
Fault Consequence Digraph
Final Consent Decree
Fine control damper
Flow Configuration Document
Final canister decontamination chamber
flexible confined detonating card
Fresno County Department of Community Health
Fleet Consolidated Data Set
Facility Collateral Equipment
Full Compliance Evaluation
Full Compliance Evaluations
Fluid and Combustion Facility
Fluids & Combustion Facility
Franck-Condon Factor
Fueled clad fabrication line
Fueled Clad Fabrication Process
Fueled Clad Fabrication System
Furnace Creek Fault Zone
Fellow of the City and Guilds of London Institutetute
Federal Centre of Geoecological Systems
Federal Construction Guide Specification
families with familial combined hyperlipidemia
human familial combined hyperlipidemia
frequent in familial combined hyperlipidemia
Frozen Core Hartree-Fock
Feedback Controlled Heat Pipes
French Colonial Historical Society
Fertilizers Corporation of India
Flowmeter components irradiation
Fluid Controls Institutetute
Force Concepts Inventory
Fuel coolant interaction
Full Configuration-interaction
Full Configuration Interaction
Farm Crop Insurance Corporationration
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building
Fellow of the Chartered Institutetute of Building
Fellow, Chartered Insurance Professional
Flip Chip In Package
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport
Fellow of the Chartered Institutetute of Transport
Fault Current Limiter
follicle centre lymphomas
FORTRAN command language
Fine Control Law Error Detection
full calling line identity
fibroblasts cell lines
Facilities Cost Model
Feature change map
Financial Consolidation Management
Finite-Cluster Model
Flight Contamination Monitor
Food Chain Multiplier
Fossilized Coral Mineral Granule
Fuel-cladding mechanical interaction
Facilities change notice
Free Core Nutation
Flavor Changing Neutral Current
Flavour Changing Neutral Current
Facility change order
Final Change Order
Forms Control Officier
Forms Control Officer
Flip Chip on Board
Forth Code
Flip Chip on Flex
Flip Chip On Leadframe
Flip Chip on Lead
Federal Coordinators Office of Meteorology
Fuel Compliance Officers
Few-Chip Package
Field Command Post
Field control point
Forward Control Point
Flight Control Procedures
fluid coupled plate
Fuel Cycle Plant
fuel cycle program
Fuel Cycle Program Office
Functional Control Program
full-core plus correlation
Flight Control Procedures
fucoxanthin chlorophyll proteins
Financial Compliance and Quality Assurance Staff
final cover quality control plan
facilities customer representative
Fast ceramic reactor
Final Cost Report
Foreign Credential Recognition
Fuel Consumption Ratio
Failure characterization subsystem
Financial Coding Structure
Flat Crystal Spectrometer
Flow Cytometry Standard
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Fluorescent Correlation Spectroscopy
Focus Camera Stage
Foetal calf serum
frequency-corrected sudden approxn.
final cover system evaluation report
Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development
Federal Code for Suppliers and Manufacturers
field command stockpile management
Free and Cued Selective Reminding Test
flow cytometric seed screen
Face-centered Tetragonal
Fundação de Ciência e Tecnologia
Fever clearance time
Filtrate catch tank
Food and Chemical Toxicology
Forestry Commission Tasmania
fuel coolant thermal interaction
Furniture Conservation Training Program
Fuel cladding transient tester
Familial Cold Urticaria
Field Camera Unit
Fast cyclic voltammetry
Final Chronic Value
Filtered Cathodic Vacuum Arc
Fisheries Conservation Zone
Future control zone
Fabry disease
Facility documentation
Farber disease
Field desorption
Field Directive
Final Design
Fitness for Duty
Flavescence dorée
Functional Decomposition
Fur deficient
Field Desorption Mass Spectrometry
Fault Detection and Accommodation
Finite Difference Analysis
Food and Drag Administration
fuel distribution analyzer
Functional Data Analysis
Field Director of Ammunition Plants
Field Data Acquisition System
Financial Data Access System
field distribution box
Flexor Digitorum Brevis
finite difference boundary value method
Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Family Drug Court
Federal Data Corporationration
Floppy Disc Controller
Fluid Dynamics Conference
France Développement Conseil
full donor chimerism
Functional Design Criteria
Federal Drug and Cosmetics Act
Fluorescence detected circular dichroism
Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Follicular Dendritic Cells
Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform
Facility Design Description
facility design document
Familial Danish Dementia
Foreign Documents Division
Foreign Documents Divisionsion
Freezing Degree Days
Fiber Distributed Data Interface
Fiber Distributive Data Interface
Frequency Domain Differential Equation
Fluid Dynamics Experiments
Frequency Domain Experiments
fuel-damage equation
Freight deemed earned on completion loading
Fluid Dynamics in Earth and Planetary Sciences
Fast Data Finder
Final Dosage Form
Flight Dynamics Facility
Flight Dynamic Facility
Forced Draft Fan
Fundamentally Different Factor
Fundamentally Different Factors
First degree female relatives
Failure Detection and Handling
Failure Detection and Isolation
features of focal dermal hypoplasia
Finnish Disease Heritage
Fluor Daniel Hanford
Fluor Daniel Hanford, Inc.
Fluor Daniel, Inc.
Furon Dekoron International
Frequency Domain Integral Equation
Fault Detection, Isolation, and Recovery
FD Information System
Formal Draft International Standard
Final Determination Letter
Forecast Difficulty Level
Fiji Department of Lands and Survey
Facility description manual
Field-Desorption Microscopy
Fill and Drain Module
Finite Difference Model
first division metaphases
fixed detection mode
Frequency Domain Multiplexing
Fugitive Dust Model
full-depth model
Frequency-Divisionsion Multiple Access
Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexing Access
Full Diameter Motirized Door Assembly
Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing
Fluorescence Detected Magnetic Resonance
Field Desorption Mass Spectrometry
Flash Desorption Mass Spectrometry
Filter Dynamic Measurement System
Fluor Daniel Northwest, Inc.
Facility delayed-neutron detector
finite-difference Navier-Stokes
Fee Determination Officer
Final Decision and Order
Fisheries Development Officer
facility descriptions and operational plan
Fatigue Decreased Proficiency
final distribution frame
Fluorinel Dissolution Process
Full-Disk Patrol
Frequency-domain Photon Migration
Framework Demonstration Projects Program
Federal Data Quality Act
Facility data report
False Discovery Rates
Final Design Report
final development report
Final Dress Rehearsal
Fire Danger Rating
First Division Restitution
Flight Data Review
fork displacement rates
Fractional degradation rate
Frame Delivery Ratio
Frame Discard Ratio
Frequency-dependent rejection
Functional design requirement
Field Data Reporting System
first degree relatives
Facility Data Standard
Failure detection subsystem
fence disturbance sensor
fetal Down syndrome
field desorption spectrometry
Filter Difference Spectrometer
Financial Data System
Functional Discipline Specialists
Flagstaff Dark Skies Coalition
Flight Data Systems Development and Integration Center
Flight Dynamics Support System
Fully Developed Turbulence
Finite-difference Time-domain
Finite Difference Time Domain
Facial Eczema
Facilities Express
Faculty of Engineering
Familial eosinophilia
Fan, Exhaust
Feature extraction
Fermi Energy
fetal echography
Fetal Erythroblasts
Field Emission
Field engineering
Finite Element
Finite Elements
Flow Element
Forest Engineer
Frame enclosed elevator
Free Exiton
Fundamental of Engineering
Fund Eligibility
Faculdade de Engenharia de Alimentos
Fluid Experiment Assembly
fluorescence emission analysis
Front End Assembly
Fusion Energy Advisory Committee
Field and External Affairs Division
Field and External Affairs Divisionsion
Flow Enclosure Accomodating Novel Investigations in Combustion of Solids
Schedonorous phoenix
Federal Environmental Assessment and Review Office
Federal Environmental Assessment Research Office
Fire Equipment Automated Recall System
Facility for Exotic Atom Trapping
fuel-efficiency automotive testing
Facility Evaluation Board
Falling-Evaporating Body
Fetal echogenic bowel
Functional Electronic Block
Forward Edge Battle Area
Forced Electron Beam Induced Arc Discharge
free energy Born-Oppenheimer
Fabrication Evaluation Chip
formal enforcement conference
Front End Cards
Ferroelectric Capacitor
Ferrocyanic acid
Fringes of Equal Chromatic Order
Far East Command
Federation European Chemical Societies
flanking evolutionarily conserved sequences
Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología
Facilities Engineering Division
Facilities Engineering Divisionsion
Field-emission displays
Field Emissive Display
Field engineering directive
Forum for Energy and Development
Fusion engineering device
Fuel element detection and location
Failed element detection location
Fusion Engineering Design Center
For Early Domestic Dissemination
Federal Library and Information Network
Fusion engineering development plan
Federal Energy Data System
forced entry deterrent system
Front End Data Server
Front End Data System
Federation Satellite One
Federation Satellite
Federal Standard Requisition and Issuing Procedures
Federal User Conference
Fuel Element Development Working Group
Feature Extraction Environment
Field Electron Energy
Forward Equipment Enclosure
Field Emission Energy Distribution
Field Electron Emission Microscopy
Field Electron Energy Spectroscopy
fuel efficient engine operation
Field Emission Electric Propulsion
Field-Emitted Electron Spin Polarization
Frontal Eye Field
Fuel Examination Facility
Free Energy Force Field
Federal Employees Family Friendly Leave Act
Fuel element failure propagation
Fuel element failure propagation loop
Forecast Entry and Formatting System
Field Emission Gun
Finite Element Graph
Front-End Gateway
Far East Geological Institute
floating ellipsoidal gaussian orbital
Federal Emploees Health Benefits
Federal Employees' Health Benefits Program
Facility Emergency Hazards Identification Checklist
Fire and Explosion Index
Flexible External Insulation
Frequency Electronics, Inc.
Festuca idahoensis
Fugitive Emissions Information System
Family Emissions Limit
First Element Launch
Fixed Emission Limit
Frank Effect Level
Free-Electron Lasers
Free-electron lasers
Front-End Loader
Free Electron Laser for Infrared Experiments
free-electron laser physical process code
Failed Element Location Team
Facility effluent Monitoring
Field-Electron Microscopy
Field-Emission Microscopy
Field Emission Microscope
Field Emission Microscopy
Field engineering memo
final energy magnet
Finite Element Modeling
Finite Element Modelling
Focus-exposure Matrix
Free Electron Model
Federal Emergency Management Association
Flavor Extract Manufacturers Association
Free-Electron Molecular Orbital
Facility Effluent Monitoring Plan
Fernald Environmental Management Program
free of empirical parameters
Fabrication Engineering Management System
Fumigant Exposure Modeling System
Vulpia myuros
Free Electron Network
Fusion Evaluated Nuclear Data Library
Finitely Extensible Nonlinear Elastic
Facility Emergency Organization
Vulpia octoflora
Full Equalization of Orbital Electronegativity
front end-of-line
Festuca idahoensis
Facility Excellence Program
Fair Employment Practice
Feature Extraction Processor
Field Evaluation Program
Forecast Expenditure Plan
Fountain Effect Pumps
Free Energy Perturbation
Federal Energy Policy and Conservation Act
Federal Environmental Pesticides Control Act
Federal Environmental Pollution Control Act
Fair Employment Practices Commission, California
Facility Emergency Preparedness Program
Schedonorus pratensis
Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Field excitatory postsynaptic potentials
Feed efficiency ratio
Freeze Exemption Request
Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
Federal Emergency Response Coordinator
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Audit Group
Fuel Element Rupture Detector
Frost Effects Research Facility
Fusion Engineering Reactor Facility
Fernald Environmental Restoration Management Corporation
Fernald Environmental Restoration Management Corporationration
Fermi National Acceleration Laboratory
Fernald Field Office
Fiber-fed Extended Range Optical Spectrograph
Fibre-fed Extended Range Optical Spectrograph
Faculty Early Retirement Program
Federal Emergency Radiological Plan
field emission retarding potential
Facilities Engineering and Real Property Division
Facilities Engineering and Real Property Divisionsion
Federal Employee Retirement System Act
Facility for Environmental Remote Sensing and Test
Failed Element Response Team
Fuel Element Rupture Test Facility
Festuca rubra
Fabric Energy Storage
Facilities Engineering Services
Faculty of Engineering and Science
Feature Extraction Segment
Fellow of the Entomological Society
Fine Error Sensor
Fine Error Sensors
Fine Error Signal
Flame Emission Spectroscopy
Flash Evaporator Subsystem
Flash Evaporation System
Flemington Elementary School
flight environment sensor
Fluids Experiment System
Fuzzy Expert System
For European Serbia
Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy
General and administrative/common support pool
geophysical and geodedic
Geography and Map
geography and Map Divisionsion
Greenhorne and O'Mara Inc.
Greenhorne and O'Mara, Inc.
Geiger-Mueller counter
guanine-nucleotide-binding regulatory protein
Global Rank
G-Tunnel Underground Facility
Geoscience Information Society
Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Geodetic Observatory
Guinier-Preston zone
Gallons per minute
Global Positioning Systems
gravimetric rapid pore distribution
ground/airborne integrated terminal
Gas-to-Cloth Ratio
Grams per Day
Grams Per Dry Standard Cubic Meter
grams per meter cubed
Grams per mile
Gain Offset
G2 Systems Corporationration
Geant 4
Galvanizers Association
Gas Analysis
Genetic Algorithms
Geographic access
Glauber approximation
Graduate Assistantships
Grapple adapter
Group Administrator
Gun assembled
Gallium Arsenide
Global Amphibian Assessment
gallium-aluminum arsenide
Galium aparine
Grid Authentication and Authorization with Reliably Distributed Services
Grants ADABAS Access and Retrieval Package
Global Atmospheric Aerosol and Radiation Study
Ground Analog Box
-Aminobutyric Acid receptor
γ-Aminobutyric Acid receptor
GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study
Galium boreale
Generic Artificial Consciousness
Global Aerospace Corporation
Global Area Composite
Global Atmospheric Chemistry
Granular Activated Carbon Treatment
German Association for Computational Mechanics
Global Aerosol Climatology Project
Global Aerosol Cliatology Project
Granular Activated Carbon Treatment
German Astronomical Directory
growth and DNA
growth arrest and DNA damage
General Area Detector Diffraction System
Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System
Gravity or Acceleration Due to Gravity
Grievance and discipline great event tracking
GATE Aircraft Data Management Program
gamma detector response and analysis software
Geographic Access Database System
Global Aerosols Data System
Global Aerosol Data Set
gas-assisted etch
Global Atmospheric Electricity Measurement
Generalized Atomic Effective Potential
Global Atmospheric Gasses Experiment
Generalized Antisymmetrized Geminal Power
Grapple adapter handling fixture
Geospatial Applications and Interoperability
Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics
Graphical Astronomy and Image Analysis
Global Alliance of Information Industry Associations
global Analysis Interpretation and Modeling
Global Analysis, Integration and Modeling
Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements
GSM Analog Interface Module
GAME Archive Information Network
Global Air-ocean IN-situ System
Gate Array Logic
GenePix Array List
Gallons Per Minute
Geoscience Airborne Laser Altimeter
Greenwich Academic Literature Archive
Giga-bit Astronomical Large Array with cross connect
Graduate Aeronautical Lab., California Institute Technology
Graduate Aeronautical Lab., California Institutetute Technology
Galactic Arecibo L-Band Feed Array
Galium sp.
Gallium Experiment at Gran Sasso, Italy
Good Automated Lab Practices
Grapevine Algerian latent tombusvirus
Generalised Additive Model
Generalized Additive Model
Genomic Assemblies Merger
Groundwater Availability Model
Groundwater Availability Modeling
Galaxy And Mass Assembly
General Aircraft Manufacturers Association
generation and maintenance area
Galium mexicanum
GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment
GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment-Tropics
Gravity and Magnetic Earth Surveyor
Gravity and Magnetics Earth Survey
Global Atmospheric Measurements Experiment on Tropospheric Aerosols and Gases
Gamma Site
Global Atmospheric Measurements Program
Global Atmospheric Measuring Sounder
Group Agromet Monitoring Project
Gas Analyzer Mass Spectrometer
Gas and Aerosol Monitoring Sensorcraft
General Algebraic Modelling System
GSFC Acquisition Management System
Gas Analysis
Grant Adjustment Notice
Georgians Against Nuclear Energy
German Antarctic North Victoria Land Expedition
GI autonomous nerve tumors
Goal Achievement Objective
Global Association of Online Foresters
GATE Advisory Panel
General Accounting Plan
Generator Assistance Program
Geographic Application Program
Global Agricultural Productivity
Glycidyl Azide Polymer
Greenland Aerogeophysics Project
groundwater assessment plan
Group administrator page
Galium parisiense
Great Alaska and Pacific Experiment
Ground-based Atmospheric Profiling EXperiment
General Administrative Policy Papers
GEWEX Americas Prediction Project
global atmospheric research program
Global Aspects of Plasma Structures
GTPase activating proteins
Generalized Atomic Polar Tensor
George assembly routine
Greater Alpine Region
Gross As Received
groundwater assessment reports
Goddard Amateur Radio Club
GSFC Antenna Range Facility
Global Applied Research Network
GSI Advanced Radiotelescope NETwork
GEMPAK Analysis and Rendering Program
Genetic Algorithm for Rule-set Prediction
Global Atmospheric Research Program's
global atmosphere resesarch project
Gruppo per l'Armonizzazione delle Reti della Ricerca
Geological Applications of Remote Sensing
German Antarctic Receiving Station
Genotypic Antiretroviral Resistance Testing
General area services
Genome Automation System
Get Away Special
Get Away Specials
global antenna system
Grid Acronym Soup
GSM Application Server
Gate And Source And Drain
Get-Away Special Cannister
Gaultheria shallon
General Applied Science Laboratories
General Applied Science Laboratory
Gamma Astronomy at the South Pole
General Aviation Synthesis Program
Generalized Aerodynamic Simulation Programs
Global Air Sampling Program
Global Atmospheric Sampling Program
Global Assimilation and Prediction
Guide star Astrometric Support Package
Get Away Special Passive Attitude Control Satellite
Galactic All Sky Survey
Greenwich Apparent Sidereal Time
Graphical Assessment of Sustainability in Universities
General aviation transponder
Generic Addressing + Transport
Geography Association of Thailand
Goodyear Atomic Corporation
Goodyear Atomic Corporationration
Galeopsis tetrahit
Global Acoustic Transmission Experiment
Grid Analysis of Time-Series Expression
ground-to-air telerobotic system
Grappling Adaptor to On-Orbit Railing
Global Air Traffic Awareness and Optimizing through Spaceborne Surveillance
Galium trifidum
Galium triflorum
Global Applications and Transferability Strategy
Graphical Aviation Time Series
General Ageeement on Tariffs and Trade
General Agreement on Traffic and Trade
General Accounting Unit
Genetic Algorithm Utility Library
Gaumer Company, Incorporated
Geoscience Australia
Grapevine ajinashika virus
Galvanized After Weaving
graphic arts work request
Glancing Angle X-ray Diffraction
General Beacon
Geologische Bundesanstalt
geophysical boreholes
George's Bank
Green Bay
Ground-Based HIS
generalized born approxn.
Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
GeoBusiness Association
George Butler Associates, Inc.
GBS Master Series, Inc.
Great Britain Aeronautical Research Council
Genome Database Of The Mouse
Greater Boston Autodesk User Group
gene glass bottom boat
General Binding Company
graphics-based control architecture
Grain Boundary Character Distribution
Green Building Council Indonesia
Global Business Development Institute
GARP Basic Data Set
Governor's Business Executives for Education
Gulf Breeze Environmental Research Laboratory
Geographic Base Files/Dual Independent Map Encoding
Global Boreal Forest Mapping
Georgia Basin Futures Project
Great Blue Hill
graduate business internship
Green Bank Interferometer
Green Biomass Index
Geo-Based Information System
Global Business Intelligence Solutions
Grapevine Bulgarian latent nepovirus
Geosphere-Biosphere Model
Galveston Bay National Estuary Program
Geo-Biosphere Observatories
Gigabase pair
Global Business Research
ground-based radar experiment
Generic Block Recording System
generalized Bohr-Sommerfeld
Genotyping by Sequencing
Geograpic Base System
Grain Boundary Sliding
Ground Based Spectroscopy
Group B streptococci
graphics-based supervisory architecture
Geodetic Base Station Software
Generalized Brillouin Theorem
Great Big Telescope
Green Bank Telescope
Galvanized Before Weaving
Galactic Center
Gas Chromatography-Mass
Gas Cooled
gene encoding glycoprotein C
General Capabilities
General Catalog
General Chromatography
Genetic Communities
Globular Cluster
glycoproteins glycoprotein C
gravimetric calibrator
Grip Clutch
Grout Containers
Guardia Civil
Gas chromatography-atomic emission detection
Gas Chromatograph with Electron Capture Detector
Gas Chromatography/Electron Capture Detector
Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer
Gas Chromatograph with negative ion mass spectrometer
Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrograph
Gas Chromatograph with mass selective detector
Gas Chromatography/Conductivity Detector
gas chromatography/conductivity detector
Gas Chromatography/Flame Ionization Detector
Gas Chromatograph/Flame Ionization Detector
gas chromatograph/flame photometric detector
Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer
Gas Chromatographic Mass Spectrometer
Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer
gas chromatograph/mass spectograph
Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry
gas chromatography/mass spectrometry/data system
Gas chromatography/mass selective detector
Ground Control/Observational Sequence Table
gigacycles per second
General Council Audit
generator coordinate approxn.
Goddard Center for Astrobiology
Graphic Communication Association
Global Change Assessment Modeling
Gamma CASsiopeiae
Graphitized Carbon Black
Gasification Combined Cycle
General Construction Contractor
Generalized Cross Correlation
Generic Cell Controller
German Conference on Chemoinformatics
Global Carbon Cycle
Global Collecting Centre
Global Climate Change Digest
Generic Control Center Development Facility
Ground Control Checkout Equipment
Gulf Coast Community Exposure Study
Gas-cooled closed loop
germ cell cancer lines
Global Carbone Cycle Modeling
Global Climate Change Program
Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Registry
Global Command, Control System
Gas Chromatography Distillation
General and Complete Disarmament
Greater Confinement Disposal
German Cluster Data Centre
glutaryl CoA dehydrogenase
Global Change Data Information System
Glassy Carbon Electrode
Goddard Cumulus Ensemble
Goddard Cumulous Ensemble
Global Change and Ecological Complexity
Gas Chromatography Electron Capture Detector
Grand Canonical Ensemble Monte Carlo
Gas Centrifuge Enrichment Plant
Grid Characterization Facility
Gas-cooled Fast Breeder Reactor
Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor
Gas Cooled Fast Reactor
Geocartographics Subdivison
Grants, Contracts and General Law Division
Grants, Contracts and General Law Divisionsion
Gilmore Creek Geophysical Observatory
Global Change Climate and History
Green Color Histogram
Gulf Coast Hydroscience Center
generator coordinate Hartree-Fock
Gasoline Compression Ignition
Generic Channel Interface
Genetics Citation Index
Global Change Institutetute
Global Commons Institute
Global Cloud Imagery
Gas Cluster Ion Beam
GCIP Central Information Source
Global Change Impact Studies Centre
Gas-cooled loop
Geo-synthetic Clay Liner
Geosynthetic Clay Liners
Government Chemist Laboratory Agency
geosynthetic clay liner evaluation report
GIS in Canadian Libraries Initiative
GCOS Cooperation Mechanism
General Circulation Model
Global Circulation Models
Generator Coordinate Method
Germinal Cell Mass
Global Catalogue of Microorganisms
Global Change Model
Ground Control Message
Geospatial Center and Map Collection
Grand canonical Monte Carlo
glassy carbon mercury film electrode
Global Climate Modeling Group
Ground Configuration Message Request
Ground Control Message Request
Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry
Gas Chromatograph-mass Spectrometer
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy
Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer
General Circulation Models
Global Circulation Models
Global Centroid-Moment-Tensor
Grapevine Chrome Mosaic Nepovirus
GLOSS Core Network
Ground Communication Network
Ground Communication Outlet
Germ Cell Nuclear Factor
Gas Company of New Mexico
general coupling operator
Generation Certification Official
Gettysburg College Observatory
Government Conference on the Environment
Global Change Observation Mission
Global Carbon Observing System
Global Change Observation System
Global Climate Observation System
Global Change Of Support
Geodetic control point
Glass Cloth Phenolic
Global Carbon Project
Global Change Program
Global Chemistry Program
Global Consciousness Project
Goddard Corporate Park
Goddard Corporationrate Park
Ground Control Procedures
Groundwater Characterization Project
Galveston County Pollution Control District
General Catalogue of Photometric Data
general contractors pollution liability
General Contractor's Pollution Legal Liability
general contractors pollution occurrence
genotypic class profiles
Galactic Cosmic Rays
Gas Cooled Reactors
Gauteng City-Region
General Conformity Rule
Generalized Cambridge Ring
Geological Characterization Report
Gulf Coast Repository
Geographic and Cartographic Research and Applications Section
Global Chemical Regulations Conference
Gas-cooled reactor experiment
Geocentric Celestial Reference System
Gulf Centre for Remote Sensing
Galactic Clusters Survey
General Communications System
Generic Checkout System
Geo-Common Subsystem
glycine cleavage system
Graphite cooling shield
Graphite cooling system
Guider Control System
Gas Composition Support Aids
Grating-coupled Surface-emitting Laser
Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing
Green Cross Solar
Green Cross Solar V1.1
GWEX Cloud Systems Studies
Global Carbon and Terrestrial Ecosystem
GCTE Scientific Steering Committee
Global Change Technology Initiative
Groundwater Cleanup Target Level
Global Chemical Tropospheric Modeling
General Coordinate Transformation Package
Geographic Coordinate Transformation Package
Global Coordinate Transformation Package
Generic construction test procedure
germa cell tumors
Grand Cross of the Victorian Order
General Catalog of Variable Stars
Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission
Groundwater Circulation Well
General Categorical Exclusion
Gametic disequilibrium
Gene Diversity
Genetic Diversity
Genetic Distance
Geologic Division
Geospatial Data
Gestation day
Gestation days
Giclas Dwarf
Glow Discharge
Gonadal dysfunction
gonadal dysgenic
Governing Document
Graphic digitization
Green Diamond
Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy
General Dynamics/Convair
Geographic Data Analysis System
Groundwater data analysis system
Glow Discharge Atomization
Global Data Assembly Centers
Global Data Assimilation and Prediction System
Global Data Assimilation System
Global Disaster Alert System
Genome Data Base
Genome Database
GARP Data Center
General Dynamics Corporation
General Dynamics Corporationration
Genomic Data Commons
Geographic Data Council
German Data Centre
Global Drifter Center
Glow Discharge Cleaning
Glycine Decarboxylase Complex
Graphic Demonstration Center
Global Daily Climatology Network
GIS Data Depot
Gnathodiaphyseal Dysplasia
Graphics Data Display Manager
Geographical Data Description Directory
Gemini Deep Deep Survey
Gas Diffusion Electrode
General Dynamic Equation
Genetic Data Environment
geologic disposal evaluation
Gimbal Drive Electronics
Graphic Developer's Engine
Great Divide Expedition
Global Data on Events, Location and Tone
Generalized Digital Environmental Model
Geoscience Diversity Enhancement Program
Gene-directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy
Generalized Density Functional
Geographic data file
Grout Disposal Facility
Grouted disposal facilities
Growth/differentiation Factor
Glioma Derived Growth Factor
Genomic Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
Glasgow distributed Haskell
gobal data handler
GDP dissociation inhibitor
genetically determined immune deficiency
Geometry Direct Inversion in the Iterative Subspace
generalized diatomics-in-molecules
Gas Dynamics Laboratory
Glow Discharge Lamp
GNU Data Language
Gas Driven Lift Fan
Geospatial Data Management
Goddard Directive Management
Geometry Description Markup Language
Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry
Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometer
Glow Discharge Optical Spectroscopy
Goddard Directives Management System
Glial-derived Neurotrophic Factor
Generalized Diatomic Orbital
geothermal drilling organization
Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
GARP Data Processing
Gas Distribution Plate
Gentle Deep Pond
Global Drifter Programme
Glow discharge plasma
GNT data processor
Ground Data Processor
Good Developmental Principles
Ground Data Processing
Global Data-processing and Forecasting System
gas drive plasma pinch
Global Data Processing System
Government Development Platforms
Geophysical Data Records
Glucose Disposal Rate
Geographical Date Range Data
genetically directed representational difference analysis
Gas Delivery System
Geo-Data System
Geographic Data Service
GeoMet Data Services, Inc.
geometry definition system
Global Daily Summary
Global Dynamics Section
Glow Discharge Spectrometer
Graphical Design System
graphical design software
Graphic Data Systems Corp
Grapple Drive System
Great Dark Spot
Great Dark Spots
Ground Data System
Ground Data Systems
Grumman Data Systems
Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer
Geographic Data Service Center
Global Digital Sea-Ice Data Bank
Ground Data System Information Requirements Document
generalized dilatation transformation
Geographic Data Technology Inc.
generalized diffusion tensor imaging
generalized distorted-wave Born
Garlic Extract
genome equivalents
Genomic equivalents
Geographic equivalent
Geology and Paleontology Program
Glandular epithelia
Global Electrodynamics
glycoproteins E
Gradient Extremal
Green Eye
General Electric, Breeder Reactor Divisionsion
General Electric, Valley Forge
Gamma Energy Analysis
Geographical Edit and Analysis
Gimbal Electronics Assembly
Glossary of EPA Acronyms
gradient-expansion approxn.
GEometry ANd Tracking
gradient-expansion approxn. self-interaction correction
Global Energy Budget Archive
General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans
Geranium bicknellii
Geneva Executive Center
Geospace Electrodynamic Connections
Global Earth Coverage
Global Electric Circuit
Geranium carolinianum
Group of Experts for Chemical Agents
Geospatially Enabling Community Collaboration
generalized exponential cosine screened coulomb
Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center
Global Element Distribution
Global Engineering Dean's Council
GEnealogical Data COMmunication
Global Environmental Data Directory
Geospace Environmental Data Display System
Geranium dissectum
General Environmental Data Base System
Gravitational Effects on Distortion in Sintering
Generalized Estimating Equations
Geochemistry, Exploration, Environment, Analysis
General Electric experimental loop
Global Environmental Epidemiology Network
Group of Experts on Effects of Pollutants
Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration
Giobal Environment Facility
Global Environment Facitilty
General Electric follow on
Global and Entrepreneurial Finance Research Institute
Global Ensemble Forecast System
Geobiology and Environmental Geochemistry
Grade Evaluation Guides
General Establishment of Geology and Mineral Resources
Generalized Effective Hamiltonian
Geocentric Equatorial Inertial
Greenguard Environmental Institutetute
Ground Environmental Instrumentation
Ground Environmental Instituteumentation
Global Emissions Inventory Assessment
Global Emission Inventory Activity
Generic Edited Information Set
Global Energy Information System
Geological Electrconic Information Exchange System
Generalized Extended Koopmans Theorem
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Gravity Effects in Lyophilization
Gridded Earth Location and Determination System
Galactic Emission Mapping
Galileo Europa Mission
Gas Expansion Module
Gene Expression Microarray
Gene Expression Microarrays
General engineering management
General Environmental Management
General Equilibrium Model
generator, electronic marker
Generic Electronics for Microbolometers
Genetically engineered machine
Genetically Engineered Mouse
Giotto Extended Mission
Global Environmental Multiscale
Goddard Earth Model
graduate in engineering for minorities
Ground Equipment Model
Group for Environmental Monitoring
Geochemical, Microbiological and Hydrological Experiment
Geum macrophyllum
Geocoded Emission Modeling and Projection
Geocoded Emissions Modeling and Projections
General European Multilingual Environment Thesaurus
Gemini Observatory
general mesonetwork interpolation interface
Gene Expression Markup Language
Geranium molle
GEneral Meteorological PAcKage
General Executive Management System
Generalized Equipment Monitor System
Genetically Engineered Microorganisms
Genetically Engineered Microbes
GeoMap Society
Geotechnical Engineering and Marine Surveys
Global Environmental Monitoring Systems
Goddard Earth Modeling System
Graphical Exposure Modeling System
graphic exposure modeling system
Graphite Epoxy Motors
Gravity and Extreme Magnetism Small
Gravity and Extreme Magnetism SMEX
Genetically Engineered Materials Science and Engineering Center
Generalized Environmental Modeling System for Surfacewaters
Global Electronic Messaging Star
Goddard Earth Model T1
Goddard Earth Model T2
GEM verification system
GENome research in AUstria
General regulations and practices for radiation work
General Electric Neutron Devices
General Electric Neutron Device Department
Geography Education National Implementation Project
Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy
General Processor
Generic Spacecraft Analyst Assistant
Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas
Geosciences Directorate
Geospatial Metadata Application Profile
Geostationary Earth Orbiter
Geostationary Earth Orbiting
Geotechnical Engineering Office
Geographic catalog of political and statistical areas
Geostationary Cloud Algorithm Testbed
Geo-Centers Incorporated
Geocoding and Compositing System
Geographic Correspondence Engine
Geodetical Data Archive Facility
Geophysical Data System
Geosciences data analysis toolkit
Ground-based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance
Grid Enabled Occupational Data Environment
Geoscience Data Evaluation System
Geospatial Data and Exploration System
Geometry Laboratory
Geological local area network
Geology Digital Inventory
General Earth Or Lithology Of Great Yarmouth
Geometric Correction Module
Geological and Mining Information System on the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Geosciences Network
Ground EMP Optical NUDET System
GPS-Enhanced Orbit Navigation System
Geological Reference
Geographical reference
General Earthquake Observation System
Global Earth Observing System
GEodetic Orbiting Satellite
Geosciences group