Popular Security acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Authentication and Authorization
Active Authentication
Additional Authentication Data
Arkansas Association of Professional Private Investigators
Application Boundaries Enforcer
Asset Baseline Monitor
Asset-Backed Securities
Asset Backed Securities
Attribute-Based Signatures
Access Complexity
Attack Complexity
Advanced Cyber Defense
Advanced Classification Engine
Automated Continuous Evaluation System
Austrian Center for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies
ArcSight Certified Security Analyst
Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology List
Air Cargo Screening Technology List
Automated Confirmation of Transactions
Authenticated Data
Application Defense Center
Android Data Extractor Lite
Algemene Dienst Inlichting en Veiligheid
Additional Decryption Keys
Advanced Detection System
Alternate Data Streams
Abu Dhabi Securities Market
Alternate Data Streams
Authenticated Encryption with Additional Data
Application Elementary File
Advanced Encryption System
Advanced Encryption Standart
Advanced Encryption Standards
Advanced Encryption Standard-Cipher
Advanced Enterprise Security
Attachment Execution Service
Anti Fraud Command Center
Ankit Fadia Certified Ethical Hacker
Armed Forces Security Agency
Aquila Food Security Initiative
Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice
An Garda Siochana
Authentication Headers
Analog High Definition
Analogue High Definition
Administrative Inquiry
Afghan Interim Administration
Annual Implementation Assessment Meeting
Air India Air Transport Service Limited
Agency for Investigation and Documentation
Automated Installation Entry
Assistant Inspector General of Police
Attestation Identity Keys
Adaptive Identification and Mitigation
Average Indexed Monthly Earnings
Advanced Inspection and Prevention
Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna
Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Interna
Annual Information Security Summit
Advanced Imaging Technology
Advanced Imaging Technologies
Abyei Joint Oversight Committee
Authorization Key
Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State
Annual Loss Expectancy
Awareness and Localization of Explosives Related Threats
Advanced Logistics Program
Average Monthly Earnings
Annual Maintenance Fee
Annual Maintenance Fees
African Maritime Law Enforcement Partnership
Advanced Message Security
Area Maritime Security Plan
Area Maritime Security Committee
Area Maritime Security Committees
Afghanistan New Beginnings Programme
Autonomic Networking Infrastructure
Advance Notice of Arrival
Advance Notification Service
Awareness of National Security Issues and Response
Account operators
Attestation of Compliance
Alleged Onset Date
Armed Opposition Groups
All Provisioned
Authorized Problem Analysis Reports
Acquisition Professional Career Program
Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Programme
Afghan Peace and Reintegration Programme
Africa Partnership Station
Airline Pilots Security Alliance
Allow Partially Trusted Callers Attribute
Alarm Processing Unit
Acquiescence Ruling
Acquisition Resource Center
Alarm Receiving Centre
Alarm Receiving Centres
Alarm Receiving Center
Alarm Response Center
Autonomic Resources Cloud
Assistant for Randomized Monitoring Over Routes
Acceptable Risk Safeguards
Auction Rate Securities
Auction Rate Security
Automated Reasoning for Security Protocol Analysis
Authorization Service
Asian Securities Analysts Federation
Arab Security Consultants
African Securities Exchanges Associations
Aviation Security Group
Advanced Security Inc
Asian Securities and Investments Federation
Australian Secret Intelligence Organization
Australia Security Intelligence Organisation
Australia Security Intelligence Organization
Agency Secure Image and Storage Tracking
Authentication and Session Management
Air Security Officer
Advanced Spectroscopic Portal
Advanced Spectroscopic Portals
Advance Spectroscopic Portal
Agency Strategic Plan
Airport Security Plan
Alternate Security Program
Authentication Service Provider
Annual Statistical Report
Attack Surface Reduction
Automotive Security Review Board
Automated Security Self-Evaluation Tool
Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas
Advanced Security Tool
Approved Scanning Vendor
Approved Scanning Vendors
Approved Scan Vendor
Authorized Scanning Vendor
Approved Scanning Vendors
Armored Security Vehicle
Armor Security Vehicle
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sicherheit der Wirtschaft
Anti Terrorism
Active Threat Analytics
Advanced Threat Analytics
Advance Threat Analytics
Advanced Targeted Attacks
Atlantic Treaty Association
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
Advanced Technologies Class
Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act
Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number
Attack Tool Kit
Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency
Approval to Operate
Authorities to Operate
Authorization to Operate
Authorized to Operate
Advanced Threat Protection
Advance Threat Protection
Automated Target Recognition
Apple Type Services
Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge
African Union Peace and Security Council
Access Vector
Access Vector Cache
Asset Value
Attack Vector
Authenticity Verification
Active Virus Control
Application Vulnerability Description Language
Automated Vulnerability Detection System
Advanced Volatile Threat
Applix Words
Acceptance, Waiver and Consent
Average Wage Index
Area Work Incentive Coordinator
Annual Wage Reporting
Built-in administrators
Basic Audit and Reporting Tool
Blum Blum Shub
Biometric Consortium Conference
Bilinear Diffie-Hellman
Base Defense Operation Center
Bruteforce Exploit Detector
Basic Electronic Signature
Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool
Basic Fuzzing Framework
Bahamas International Securities Exchange
British Locksmiths Institute
Bell-La Padula
Bottled Liquid Scanner
Bottle Liquid Scanner
Balanced Magnetic Switch
Back Orifice
Backup operators
Benefits Offset National Demonstration
Business Risk Profile
Baseline Requirements
Business Ready Security
Bank Security Act
Bilateral Security Agreement
Buster Sandbox Analyzer
Building Security Certified Professional
Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
Basic Security Module
Basic Security Profile
Business Services Online
Border Security Operations Center
Border and Transportation Security
California Association of Licensed Investigators
Cain & Abel
Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program
Controlled Access Protection Profile
Capital-Asset Pricing Model
Capital Asset Pricing Models
Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening
Computer-Assisted Passenger Screening
Computer Analysis Response Team
Clean Access Server
Carlisle Adams Stafford Tavares
Cyber Action Team
Cybercrime Action Taskforce
Certificate of Accrual on Treasury Securities
Card Authentication Value 2
Content-Based Access Control
Cypher Block Chaining
Capabilities Based Planning
Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear
Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear and Explosives
Chosen Ciphertext Attack
Critical Cyber Assets
Critical Cyber Assets
Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap
Center for Contemporary Conflict
Cyber Clean Center
Certified Computer Crime Investigator
Common Core Definitions
Common Core Definition
Cooperative Cyber Defence
Cooperative Cyber Defense
Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence
Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence
Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence
Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence
Common Criteria Evaluation & Validation Scheme
Common Controls Framework
Certified Computer Forensic Technician
Certified Computer Forensics Technician
Command Consulting Group
Center for Cyber & Homeland Security
Command, Control, and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis
Command, Control and Interoperability Center for Advanced Data Analysis
Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts
Checkpoint Certified Managed Security Expert
Credit Card Number
Credit Card Numbers
Certified Confidentiality Officer
Cyber Center of Excellence
Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator
Certified Cargo Screening Facility
Certified Cargo Screening Facilities
Common Criteria Testing Laboratories
Common Criteria Testing Laboratory
Common Criteria Test Laboratory
Close Circuit Tele-Vision
Closed Circuit Tele Vision
Computer Crimes Unit
Cyber Consequences Unit
Closed Circuit Video Equipment
Central Depository
Cyber Defense
Combined Data Authentication
Certain Dangerous Cargo
Certain Dangerous Cargoes
Card Data Environment
Cardholder Data Environment
computational Diffie-Hellman
Center for Defense and Homeland Security
Centre for Defence Information
Chief of Defence Intelligence
Cooperative Disability Investigations
Continuing Disability Reviews
Certified Data Recovery Professional
Cross Domain Solutions
Central Department of Social Affairs
Content Delivery and Security Association
Class Descriptor Table
Cyber Defense Exercises
Consultative Exam
Cyber Essentials
Common Event Expression
Content Encryption Key
Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs
Common Evaluation Process
Corporate Executive Programme
Center for European Policy Analysis
Common Electronic Purse Specification
Canonical Encoding Rules
Computer Emergency Response Teams
Covered Entities
Cyber Essentials Scheme
Common European Security and Defence Policy
Common European Security and Defense Policy
Communications and Electronics Security Group
Civilian Expeditionary Workforce
Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Standards
Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard
Cyber Fusion Centre
Classification of Financial Instruments
Committee on Food Security
Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission
Crop and Food Supply Assessment Mission
Crop and Food Supply Assessment Missions
Common Foreign and Security Policy
Common Foreign & Security Policy
Common Foreign Security Policy
Cryptographically Generated Address
Cryptographically Generated Addresses
Cyber Grand Challenge
Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation
Coast Guard Intelligence
Corporate Governance Task Force
Card Holder Data
Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property
Card Holder Verification
Counter Intelligence
Critical Infrastructure
Critical Infrastructures
Central Intelligence Authority
Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability
Card Identification Number
Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy
Core Infrastructure Initiative
Crypto Ignition Keys
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources
Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource
Certificate Issuing and Management Components
Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council
Center for Infrastructure Protection and Physical Security
Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg
Computer Incident Response Centre Luxembourg
Computer Incident Response Plan
Controlled Impact Rescue Tool
Counter-Intelligence and Security
Computer Investigative Specialist
Center for International Security and Cooperation
Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments
Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment
Common Intrusion Specification Language
Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
Center for International Strategic Studies
Centre for International Strategic Studies
Center for International Security Studies at Maryland
Certified Information Systems Security Profession
Computer Information Systems Security Professional
Cash In Transit
Counter Illicit Trafficking
Commercial Identity Verification
Cryptographic Key Data Set
Conference for Lasers and Electro-Optics
Collateralized Loan Obligations
Capital Market Authority
Chosen Message Attack
Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement
Cipher-based Message Authentication Code
Capital Markets Board
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
Commercial mortgage backed securities
Capital Market Committee
Cooperative Monitoring Centre
Crisis Management Cell
Commercial Mobile Device
Capital Markets Development Authority
Content Monitoring and Filtering
Classified Military Information
Collateralised Mortgage Obligation
Collateralised Mortgage Obligations
Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
Certificate Management Protocols
Crisis Management Plan
Crisis Management and Planning Directorate
Computer Matching and Privacy Protection Act
Certificate Management Solutions
Comodo Mobile Security
Criticom Monitoring Services
Crowd Management Services
Capital Markets and Securities Authority
Capital Market and Securities Authority
Capital Markets and Services Act
Cryptographic Module Testing
Congressional Notification
Congressional Notifications
Counter Narcotics
Center for Naval Analyses
Centre for New American Security
Commander Naval Installations Command
Colombia National Police
Certified Network Security Administrator
Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office
Counter Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office
Crypto Officer
Consultative, Objective and Bi-functional Risk Analysis
Conditions of Entry
Chemicals of Interest
Cost-of-living Adjustments
Cost of Living Adjustments
Cost-of-Living Adjustments
Cost of Living Adjustments
Cost of Living Allowances
Common Operating Picture
Common Operation Pictures
Corporately Owned Personally Enabled
Connecting Organisations for Regional Disease Surveillance
Correlation Optimized Retention and Retrieval
Chrome Object Wrapper
Certificate Practice
Certification Policy
Center for Policy and Compliance
Chosen-plaintext attack
Chosen Plaintext Attack
Center for Peace and Security Studies
Conflict Prevention Centre
Conflict Prevention Center
Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability
Check Point Daemon
Certified Port Executive
Comprehensive Political Guidance
Coppermine Photo Gallery
Cyberspace Policy Institute
Certified Payment-Card Industry Security Manager
Check Point Management Interface
Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution
Credit Privacy Number
Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure
Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure
Close Protection Officers
Chief Privacy Office
Chief Privacy Officers
Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism
Certified Protection Professional
Certified Protection Professionals
Certified Protection Professionals
Common Point of Purchase
Cultural Property Protection
Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Material
Convention on Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials
Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise
Constant Prepayment Rate
Chemical Personnel Reliability Program
Card Personalization Specification
Certificate Practice Statement
Certificate Practice Statements
Certificate Policy Statements
Certification Practice Statements
Certified Protection Specialist
Content Protection Security
Content Protection and Security
Content Protection & Security
Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement
China Public Security Expo
Certified Penetration Testing Specialist
Certified Pen Testing Specialist
Critical Patch Update
Critical Patch Updates
Certificate Request
Co-operative Research and Development Agreement
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events
Cyber-security Research Ethics Dialog & Strategy
Cyber-Security Research Ethics Dialogue & Strategy
Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers
Compression Ratio Information-leak Made Easy
Collaborative Research Into Threats
Certificate Request Message Format
Chief Risk Management Officer
Central Registry of War Crimes and Security Suspects
Cyber Resilience Review
Center for Research in Security Prices
Centre for Research in Security Prices
Clergy Retirement Security Program
Core Root of Trust for Measurement
Core Root of Trust Measurement
Computer Security
Consejo de Seguridad
Contraceptive Security
Critical Sensitive
Cyber Security
Campus Security Authority
Campus Security Authorities
Cognizant Security Authority
Central Security Agency
Chief Security Adviser
Chief Security Advisor
Cloud Security Alliance
Cloud Security Alliance's
Cloud Services Agreement
Combat Support Associates
Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement
Computer Security Act
Cyber Security Agency
Cisco Security Agent Management Center
Campus Security Authorities
Chemical Security Assessment Tool
Cloud Service Consumer
Cloud Service Consumers
Collective Security Council
Contemporary Services Corporation
Content Security and Control
Cyber Security Centre
Cyber Security Challenge
Certified Secure Coding Engineer
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
Certified Security Compliance Specialist
Central Securities Depositary
Central Securities Depositories
Cisco Secure Desktop
Computer Security Division
Consignment Security Declaration
Container Security Device
Common Security and Defence Policy
Common Security and Defense Policy
Common Security Defence Policy
Central Securities Depositories
Common Security Framework
Credential Store Framework
Commercial Solutions for Classified
Computer Security Foundations Workshop
Container Security Initiative
Computer Security Investigator
Corporate Security and Investigations
Coping Strategies Index
Coping Strategy Index
Cyber Security Inspection
Computer Science Intern Program
Cyber Security Incident Response Team
Computer Security Incident Response Plan
Centre for Strategic and International Studies
Centre for Secure Information Technologies
Central Station Monitoring
Certificate in Security Management
Cloud Security Model
Code Security Module
Container Status Messages
Container Status Message
Content Security Manager
Card Serial Number
Chief Security Office
Corporate Security Officer
Cyber Security Operations Centers
Client Service Officers
Certification Service Provider
Cloud Service Provider
Cloud Services Provider
Cloud Service Providers
Communication Support Processor
Conservation Security Program
Credential Service Providers
Critical Security Parameter
Cryptographic Service Providers
Cyber Secure Pakistan
China Security & Protection Industry Association
Chief Security and Privacy Officer
Cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator
Cloud Security Providers
Cloud Services Providers
Commercial Service Providers
Credential Service Providers
Compact Surveillance Radar
Cyber Security Research and Development Center
Cross-Site Request Forgery
Cross-Site Request Forgeries
Cross Site Reference Forgery
Cross Site Request Forgery
Cross Site Request Forgeries
Cross Site Request Forger
Cloud Security Readiness Tool
Central Security Services
Certified Security Solutions
Computer Systems Security
Covenant Security Services
Cross-Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Certified SonicWALL Security Administrator
Comprehensive Social Security Assistance
Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor
Conference on Security, Stability, Development and Cooperation in Africa
Certified in Security Supervision and Management
Collective Security Treaty
Cryptographic and Security Testing
Cyber Security Task Force
Collective Security Treaty Organisation
Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence
Center for Science, Technology and Security Policy
Confined and Shallow Waters
Cambodian Securities Exchange
Cambodia Securities Exchange
Certificate Transparency
Cipher Text
Cyber Trust
Chief Technology Architect
Cognitive Threat Analytics
Counter Terrorism Action Group
Counter-Terrorism Committee
Counter Terrorism Committee
Counter-Terrorist Check
Counter Terrorist Check
Cyber Threat Defense
Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate
Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate
Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program
Counter Terrorism Fellowship Program
Competitive Training Grant Program
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Computing Technology Industry Association
Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center
Computer Technology Investigators Network
Certificate Trust List
Certificate Trust Lists
Certificate to Operate
Countering Transnational Organized Crime
Certification Test Plan
Cloud Trust Protocol
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism
Cisco Threat Response
Computer Technology Review
Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contract
Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers
Cosmic Top Secret
Counter Terrorism Service
Counter Terrorism Security Advisers
Center for Terrorism and Security Studies
Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office
Counter Threat Unit
CyLab Usable Privacy and Security
Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures
Cisco Unified Service Monitor
Cyber Vulnerability Assessment
Critical Vulnerability Analysis
Card Validation Code
Card Validation Code 2
Card Verifiable Certificate
Card Verifiable Certificates
Card Verification Data
Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure
Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures
Common Vulnerability Exposure
Common Vulnerability & Exposures
Common Vulnerabilities and Exploits
Common Vulnerabilities Exposures
Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
Common Vulnerability and Exposures
Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures
Cash and Valuables in Transit
Card Verification Key
Card Verification Value
Card Verification Value 2
Card Verification Number
Cloud Video Platform
Content Vectoring Protocol
Cross Validation Rules
Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework
Common Vulnerability Reporting Format
Credit Verification Value
Cyber Warfare
Cyber Warriors
Central Web Authentication
Comodo Web Application Firewall
Cleveland Water Department
Common Weaknesses Enumeration
Cloud Web Security
Certified Wireless Security Engineer
Certified Wireless Security Professional
Cross Connect Terminal
Discovery and Assessment Server
Defence Education Enhancement Programme
Data Encapsulation Mechanism
Data Execute Protection
Distinguished Encoding Rule
Distinguish Encoding Rules
Data Encryption Standart
Data Encryption Standards
Dedicated Files
Differential Fault Analysis
Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network
Dubai Gold Securities
Directory Harvest Attack
Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Diffie-Hellman Problem
Defense Intelligence
Disability Insurance Benefit
Deutsche Industrial Norms
Defense Intelligence Staff
Defense Institutional Reform Initiative
Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking
Discover Information Security and Compliance
Discover Information Security & Compliance
Data In Transit
Derived Key
Discrete Logarithm
Date Last Insured
Data Leakage Protection
Dynamic Method Invocation
Director National Intelligence
Data Owner
Department of Defenses
Digital Original Gene
Default Password Enumeration
Department of Peace Keeping Operations
Dignitary Protection Unit
Delegated Path Validation
Drug Quality and Security Act
Drug Quality Security Act
Draft Resolution
Data Recovery Agents
Deterministic Random Bit Generators
Deterministic Random Bit Generators
Delayed Retirement Credit
Delayed Retirement Credits
Delayed Retirement Credits
Defense Reform Initiative
Defence & Security
Department of State
Digital Signature
Diplomatic Security
Domestic Surveillance
Debian Security Advisory
Digital Signal Algorithm
Digital Signature Algorithms
Defense Security Command
Diplomatic Security Command Center
Deputy Secretary of Defense
Damascus Securities Exchange
Defence & Security Equipment International
Defence Security and Equipment International
Defence Security Equipment International
Distributed Security Infrastructure
Decision Sciences International Corporation
Dynamic Symmetric Key Provisioning Protocol
Defense Services Marketing Council
Data Security Officer
Data Security Operating Policy
Data Security Standard
Data Security Standards
Defense Security Services
Defense, Security, and Sensing
Department of State Security
Department of State Service
Department of State Services
Department of Security Service
Department of Security Services
Directorate of State Security
Digital Signature Services
Diplomatic Security Service
Diplomatic Security Services
Diplomatic Security Special
Directorate of Security Service
Document Security Store
Document Security Systems
DoD Security Services
Dynamic Signature Service
Defence & Security Systems International
Digital Signature Trust
Defense Science and Technology Agency
Dynamic Signature Verification
Developmental Testing & Evaluation
Data Transfer Devices
Domain Type Enforcement
Directorate of Terrorist Identities
Directive Type Memorandum
Derived Test Requirements
Derived Unique Key Per Transaction
Developed Vetting
Domain Validation
Delivery Versus Payment
Evaluated Assurance Level 4
Evaluation Assurance Level 4
East African Securities Exchange Association
Export Address Table
Elliptic Curve
Eliptic Curve Cryptography
elliptic-curve cryptography
Elliptical Curve Cryptography
Elliptic Curve Crypto
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
Elliptic Curve Cryptographic
Elliptical Curve Diffie-Hellman
Elliptic curve Diffie Hellman
Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Exchange
Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme
Export Control Office
EC-Council Certified Security Specialist
End Entity Certificate
Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders
End Entities
European Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative
Elementary Files
Exchange Fund Note
Endorsement Key
Endorsement Keys
Exploit Kit
Encrypted Key-Exchange
Early Launch Anti-Malware
Equity Linked Note
Equity Linked Notes
Equity Linked Notes
Emerging Markets Committee
Enhanced Metal Detector
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit
Electronic Municipal Market Access
Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa
Eurocard Mastercard Visa
Executive News Service
Electronic Protect
European Political Cooperation
Extended Period of Eligibility
Ex-Police in Industry and Commerce
Ex Police in Industry and Commerce
Endpoint Protection Platforms
Executive Protective Service
Executive Protection Unit
Earnings Record
Electronic Records Express
Espionage Research Institute
Employee Retirement Income Securities Act
Early Release Patch
Emergency Response and Research Institute
Electronic Systems
E-mail Security Appliances
Emerging Security Challenges
European Securities Committee
Energy Security and Climate Initiative
European Security and Defense Identity
European Security and Defence Identity
European Security and Defence Policy
European Security and Defense Policy
European Security Defence Policy
Earnings Suspense File
European Securitisation Forum
European Securitization Forum
Electronic Systems Group
Enterprise Security Implementation
European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center
European Securities Market Authority
European Securities Markets Authority
European Securities & Markets Authority
European Securities and Markets Authorities
European Security Operations Center
Encapsulating Security Payloads
Evident Security Platform
Extended Support Release
European Security Strategy
Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual
Encrypted Salt-Sector Initialization Vector
Enterprise Scanning Tool
Emerging Threats
Explosives Trace Detection
Explosives Trace Detectors
Explosives Trace Detector
Explosive Trace Detectors
Explosive Trace Detector
Endpoint Threat Detection and Response
Evaluation Technical Report
European Travel Retail Council
European Union Border Assistance Mission
End User Devices
End-Use Monitoring
End Use Monitoring
European Union Military Committee
Enhanced Validation
Extended Validated
Extended Validation
False Acceptance
Future Attribute Screening Technologies
Food Consumption Score
Food Consumption Scores
Full-Disk Encryption
Full Disc Encryption
Full Drive Encryption
Full Domain Hash
Failure to Enroll Rate
Foundation for Environmental Security and Sustainability
First Financial Security
Future Fibre Technologies
Fine-Grained Auditing
Fine-Grained Audit
Fine Grain Auditing
Fine Grained Auditing
Field Investigation
Fixed Income Clearing Corporation
Fully Integrated Defense Operation
Filter Input, Escape Output
File Integrity Monitoring
File-Level Encryption
Female Legal Investigative Professionals
Field-Level Security
False Non-Match Rate
Forward Operating Sites
Fast Patrol Craft
Federal Prison Camp
Federal Prison Camps
Federal Prison Camps
Full Packet Capture
Format-Preserving Encryption
Format Preserving Encryption
Flexible Packet Matching
Federal Protective Services
Federal Protection Service
Formed Police Units
Full Retirement Age
Facilitated Risk Analysis and Assessment Process
Firmware Reverse Analysis Konsole
First Responders Group
Freight Remaining On Board
Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones
Farm Securities Administration
Food Security Analysis Unit
Federal Security Bureau
Full-Scale Exercise
Full-Scale Exercises
Full Scale Exercise
Full Scale Exercises
Federalnaya Sluzhba Kontrrazvedki
Family Security Matters
Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit
Facility Security Requirements
Food Security Programme
Freight Security Requirements
Federal Security Service
Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council
Federal Service for Technical and Export Control
Foreign Terrorist Fighters
Foreign Terrorist Fighter
Foreign Terrorist Fighters
Global Controllers
Global Conflict Prevention Pool
Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre
Great Grand Master Key
Global Institute of Cyber, Intelligence & Security
Global Intelligence Files
Gramm Leach Bliley
Graham-Leach-Bliley Act
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
Gramm-Leach Bliley Act
Gramm Leach Bliley Act
Galois Message Authentication Code
Global Monitoring for Food Security
Graduate Mathematics Program
Geneva Peacebuilding Platform
Generic Read
GuruCul Risk Analytics
Global Response Intelligence Defense
Google Rapid Response
Global Security Challenge
General Staff Department
Global Strategic Framework
Global Security Industry Alliance
Global Security Office
General Security of Military Information Agreement
Ground Surveillance Radars
Global Threat Intelligence
Host Access Table
Household Dietary Diversity Score
Hacking Displays Made Interesting
High Definition Print
Household Economy Approach
Hidden Field Equation
Host Function Table
Hubbard Guidance Centre
Host Integrity Check
Host-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems
High Light Masking
Hash-based Message Authentication Codes
Hashed-based message authentication code
Hashed Message Authentication Codes
Hearing Office
Hackers Online Club
High Orbit Ion Cannon
Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability
Hacker Profiling Project
Hackers Profiling Project
Human Portable Radiation Detection System
Human Portable Radiation Detection Systems
Human Rights Due Diligence Policy
Human Recognition Systems
Human Recognition Service
Help and Support Center
Herve Schauer Consultants
Homeland Security Enterprise
Hardware Security Modul
Host Security Module
Host Security Modules
High Security Printing
Human Security Report Project
Held to Maturity
High Technology Threat Brief
Interagency Advisory Board
identity based encryption
Identity Base Encryption
Internet Banking and Technology Risk Management
Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence
International Conference on Food Security and Nutrition
Interdisciplinary Center for Technological Analysis and Forecasting
Issuer Database
Intrusion Detection Alert
Individual Dietary Diversity Score
Intrusion Defense Firewall
InfoWatch Device Monitor
Income Deposit Securities
Initial Executable
Integrated Encryption Scheme
International Fixed Income and Derivatives
Integrated Fixed Towers
Integrated Fixed Tower
Issuer Identifier
Infrastructure Information Collection Division
Improvised Incendiary Device
Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center
International Intelligence History Association
Institute of Information Security
Impact level
Integrity Level
Insurance-Linked Securities
Insurance Linked Securities
Insurance Linked Security
Interagency Modeling and Atmospheric Assessment Center
Identity Metasystem Interoperability
International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats
International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Threats
Integrated Mission Planning Process
International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement
Israel National Police
Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social
Iraq Nuclear Verification Office
Intelligence Oversight
Indicators of Attack
Intelligence Officers
Identity Providers
Integrated Phase Classification
Individual Partnership and Cooperation Programme
Individual Partnership Programme
Integration Partner Program
Images Per Second
Indonesian Peace and Security Center
Institute for Peace and Security Studies
Infrastructure Protection Task Force
Integrated Police Unit
Incident Response
Infosec Registered Assessor Program
Integrated Risk Management Services
Incident Response Plan
Incident Response Platform
Incident Response Planning
Incident Response Procedure
Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund
Incident Response Service
Incident Response Team
Interagency Reports
International Revenue Share Fraud
Impairment-Related Work Expenses
Impairment Related Work Expenses
Interoperability Specification
Interconnection Security Agreements
Internal Security Assessor
Internal Security Assessors
Israeli Security Agency
Israel Security Agency
Israel Securities Authority
International Security Advisory Board
International and Security Affairs Centre
International Standards for Assurance Engagements
International Stabilization and Assistance Force
Internal Security Assessors
Imperial Security Bureau
International Symposium on Biometrics and Security Technologies
Intelligence and Security Committee
Intelligence Services Commissioner
International Solutions Consulting
Interrupt Sense Control 2
Information Security and Control Act
International Security & Counter-Terrorism Reference Center
Internal Security Department
International Security Driver Association
International Security and Defense Systems
Importer Security Filing
Importer Security Filings
Import Security Filing
Internal Security Fund
International Securities Identification Numbers
International Securities Identifying Number
International Security Identification Number
International Securities Identification Numbering
International Securities Identification Numbers
Institute for Science and International Security
Integrated Systems Improvement Services
Information Security Leadership Achievement
In-Kind Support and Maintenance
International Seal Manufacturers Association
Internal Security Operation
Israeli SIGINT National Unit
Internal Security Organisation
Internal Security Organization
International Security Policy
Internal Security Operation Command
International Ship and Port Security
Information Security Research Group
Internet Security Research Group
Intelligence and Security Service
Intelligent Security Systems
Internal Security Strategy
International Security Sector Advisory Team
International Ship Security Certificate
International Ship Security Certificates
International Security and Stabilisation Support Strategy
Institute for Security, Technology, and Society
Intelligence and Threat Analysis
Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group
Integrated Task Force
Income Tax Identification Number
Individual Tax Identification Number
Individual Tax Identification Numbers
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers
Inventory Tool for Microsoft Update
International Terrorism Operations Section
Inter-site Transfer Service
Illinois Terrorism Task Force
International Telecommunciations Union
Initializing Vectors
Intelligent Video Analytics
Intelligent Video Analysis
Intelligent Video Surveillance
Java Cryptographic Extensions
Java Card Runtime Environment
Joint Operations Centres
JavaScript Security Analyzer
Jet Security Operation Center
Jet Security Operations Center
Joint Targeting Toolbox
Key Agreement
Korean Certificate-based Digital Signature Algorithm
Key Derivation Functions
Key derivation functions
Key Encryption Algorithm
Korean Internet & Security Agency
Kernel Patch Protection
Key-Scheduling Algorithm
Key Scheduling Algorithm
Korea Securities Dealers Association
List Alternate Data Streams
List Children
Low Income Food Deficit Countries
Libyan Mine Action Centre
Local Master Key
Letter of Denial
Learning Parity with Noise
Learned Port Security
Lightweight Portable Security
Local Packet Transport Service
Local Registration Authorities
Last Stage of Delirium
Lump-Sum Death Payment
Lump Sum Death Payment
Leading Security Experts
Linux Security Modules
Linux Security Modules
Labeled Security Protection Profile
Language Services Section
Log Source Extension
Lightweight Third Party Authentication
Least-Privilege User Account
Least User Access
Linux Unified Key Setup-on-disk-format
Linux Unified Key Setup-on-disk
Lone Worker Protection
Measurement Agent
Mobile Access
Malware Analysis Appliance
Message Authentication Algorithm
Message Authentication Codes
Message Authentication Codes
Malware Attribute Enumeration and Characterization
Microsoft Active Protections Services
Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome
Modular Arithmetic Secure Hash
Mortgage Backed Securities
Microsoft Base Security Analyzer
Malformed Configuration
Multi-Category Security
Multi categories security
Multi Category Security
Militarily Critical Technology List
Message Data
Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile
Mobile Device Fundamental Protection Profile
Mobile Data Protection
Multi Domain Server
Micro Enterprise
Mission Essential Functions
Middle East Scientific Institute for Security
Mobile Handset Exploitation Team
Menwith Hill Station
Maritime Intelligence Centre
Medical Improvement Expected
Medical Improvement Not Expected
Modeling Income in the Near Term
Maritime Intercept Operations
Medical Improvement Possible
Monthly Income Preferred
Monthly Income Preferred Securities
Milestone Integration Platform Symposium
Market Index Target Term Securities
Master Keyed
Master Keys
Mailing List Agent
Multi-Level Protection Scheme
Multi Level Security
Multi Level Secure
Media Monitoring Capability
Military Maritime Consultative Agreement
Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding
Market Misconduct Tribunal
Mechanism Name
Ministry of National Guard
Month of Apple Bugs
Month of Browser Bugs
Ministry of Public Security
Maritime Operational Threat Response
Mid-term Planning Conference
Material Protection, Control, and Accounting
Material Protection, Control and Accounting
Materials Protection, Control, and Accounting
Modular Policy Framework
Microsoft Point to Point Encryption
Ministry of People's Security
Ministry of Public Security
Maintenance Release
Mine Resistant Armored Protection
Machine Readable Travel Documents
Machine Readable Travel Document
Maritime Security Agency
Maritime Situational Awareness
Microsoft Security Assessment Tool
Mobile Surveillance Capability
Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa
Marine Security Guards
Making Security Measurable
Muscat Securities Market
Managed Security Program
Microsoft Security Response Alliance
Microsoft Security Response Center
Microsoft Security Response Centre
Microsoft-Spurned Researcher Collective
Microsoft Security Research Center
Microsoft Security Risk Self-Assessment Tool
Maritime Security Response Team
Maritime Surveillance Systems
Master of Security Science
Masters of Security Science
Medical Source Statement
Military Security Service
Minister of State Security
Ministry of State Security
Monitor Stations
Multipurpose Security and Surveillance Mission Platform
Maximum Security Unit
Minimum Security Unit
Multi-Tier Cloud Security
Multi-Tiered Cloud Security
Managed Threat Defense
Mid-Term Defense Program
Military Unit Cover Designator
Matters Under Inquiry
Multi-Vector Virtual Execution
McAfee Web Gateway
Microsoft Word Intruder
National Assessments Bureau
National Association for Broadcasters
National Armament Director
Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related
National Cyber League
North Capital Private Securities
National Cargo Security Program
National Computer Security Survey
National Coast Watch Center
National Electronic Security Authority
National Electronic Security Alliance
National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization Resources
Nepal Food Corporation
National Food Security Act Manual
National Food Service Security Council
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency's
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Next-Generation Trust Protection
Next Generation Threat Prevention
Number Holder
National Hearing Center
National Homeland Security Agency
National Homeland Security Knowledgebase
National Intelligence Authority
Nigerian Intelligence Agency
National Intelligence Bureau
National Intelligence Centre
National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center
National Intelligence Directorate
National Intelligence Department
Non-Intrusive Inspection
Non Intrusive Inspection
Non Intrusive Learning Pattern
New Issue Market
National Intelligence Officers
Naval Intelligence Professionals
National Intelligence Priorities Framework
National Intelligence Priority Framework
National Intelligence Strategy
Naval Intelligence Service
Nonproliferation and International Security
National Intelligence and Security Agency
National Intelligence Security Agency
National Interest Security Company
New Issues in Security Course
National Internal Security Policy
National Internal Security Plan
National Intelligence and Security Services
National Institute of Standards for Technology
National Institute on Standards and Technology
National Institute for Standards and Testing
New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell
National Level Exercises
National Level Exercises
Network Messaging Application Protocol
National Monitoring Centre
National Military Establishment
National Maritime Information Centre
National Mobile Property Register
National Maritime Security Advisory Committee
Nigerian Navy
National Numbering Agencies
New Net Technologies
National Office Of Security Enforcement
Notice of Requirements
Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness
National Passport Center
Nokia Public Certificate
Nuisance Prevention Circuitry
National Police Chiefs Council
National Preparedness Goal
Non Public Personal Information
Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project
National Planning Scenarios
Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
Normal Retirement Age
National Risk Register
Network Resources
Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations
Nationally Recognized Statistical Ratings Organizations
National Security
National Security Agencies
National Security Agency's
National Security Agent
National Security Authority
National Security Archive
National Security Archives
National Security Alliance
Negative Security Assurance
Negative Security Assurances
National Security Agency / Central Security Service
National Security Advisory Committee
National Security Advice Centre
National Security Advisory Council
National Security Analysis Center
National Security Action Memorandums
National Security Action Memoranda
National Security Action Memorandums
National Security Cutter
Network and Security Business Unit
National Security Branch
National Security Bureau
National Security Cutters
National Securities Commission
National Security Conference
National Securities Corporation
National Security Council's
National Support Center
Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps
Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps
Nigeria Security & Civil Defence Corps
National Security Council Intelligence Directives
National Security Cutters
National Security Coordination Secretariat
National Strategy for Combating Terrorism
National Security Directorate
National Security Department
National Settlement Depository
Network Security Deployment
National Securities Depositories Limited
Nairobi Securities Exchange
National Security Higher Education Advisory Board
National Security Intelligence
National Security Investigation
National Security Management System
National Strategy for Maritime Security
National Security Organization
National Security Organisation
Nigerian Security Organization
Nigerian Security Organisation
Nuclear Smuggling Outreach Initiative
National Security Project
National Space Policy
National Security Presidential Directive
National Security Presidential Directives
National Security Preparedness Group
National Security Service
National Security Staff
Nuclear Security Summit
National Social Security Advisor
Nova Scotia Securities Commission
National Security Study Directives
National Social Security Institute
National Securities and Stock Market Commission
National Security Space Strategy
Nigeria Security Tracker
National Strategy for Trusted Identity in Cyberspace
National Security Workshop
North Texas Alarm Association
National Targeting Center
National Targeting Centre
NT LAN Manager Protocol
North Texas Private Investigators Association
National Vulnerabilities Database
Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular
New Vehicle Security Ratings
Nuclear Weapon
Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
Nuclear-Weapons-Free Zone
Nuclear Weapon Free Zone
Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone
Nuclear Weapon Free Zones
Nuclear Weapons Free Zones
New York State Emergency Management Association
New York Statewide Police Information Network
New Zealand Intelligence Community
New Zealand Information Security Manual
Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding
On Access Scan
Oracle Auditing Tools
Open Checklist Interactive Language
Organised Crime Intelligence Unit
Office of Disability Adjudication Review
Off duty police
Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness
Oracle Label Security
Open Multimedia Applications Protocol
Office of Market Intelligence
Out-of-Band Authentication
Offshore Patrol Cutters
Organisation for the Prohibition for Chemical Weapons
One-time Passwords In Everything
Other Procurement, Navy
Object Reuse
Organizational Registration Authority
Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance
Office of Systems
Open Source Agency
Operation Safe Commerce
Offensive Security Certified Expert
Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe
Organisation of Security and Co-operation in Europe
Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe
Organisation for the Security and Cooperation in Europe
Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe
Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe
Offensive Security Certified Professional
Office of Security and Counter Terrorism
Online Security Device
Offensive Security Exploitation Expert
Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness
Open Security Foundation
Overseas Security Policy Board
Operating System Protection Profile
Offensive Security Web Expert
Oberthur Technologies
Operations Technology
Operation Technology
Online Trust Audit
One Time Code
Operational Testing and Evaluation
Office of Transnational Issues
One-Time Passcodes
One Time Passcode
One-Time Password Specifications
Office of Technology Research and Investigation
Office for Transportation Security
Office of Transportation Security
Open Threat Exchange
Problem Auto Config
Password analysis and cracking kit
Payment Application Data Security Standard
Password-Authenticated Key
Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange
Pluggable Authentication Modules
Protection and Security
Plans to Achieve Self-Support
Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis
Partnership Against Terrorism
Password-Based Encryption
Password Based Encryption
Password-Based Key Derivation Function
Password Based Key Derivation Function
Process Control Domain
Panda Cloud Systems Management
Premise Control Unit
Presumptive Disability
Police Dispatch Quality
Protocol Description Unit
PIN Entry Device
PIN Encryption Key
Privacy-Enhanced Mail
Principal Exchange Rated Linked Securities
Principal Exchange-Rated-Linked Securities
Property Essential to Self Support
Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
Privacy Enhancing Technologies
Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis
Parallel History Project
Premium Handset Protection
Protective Intelligence
Public Intelligence
Primary Insurance Amount
Policing Intelligence and Counter Terrorism
Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems
Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
Position-Independent Executable
Position Independent Executables
Personal Identification Numbers
Personal Identity Portal
Personal Identity Provider
Permanent Joint Council
Public Key Accelerator
Public Key Cryptosystem
Public-Key Cryptography Standard
Public-Key Cryptographic Standards
Public Key Certificates
Public Key Cryptographic Standard
Public Key Cryptographic Standards
Public Key Enablement
Public Key Enabling
Private Key Infrastructure
Public-Key Infrastructure
Public Key Infrastructures
Public Key Infrastucture
Public Key Partners
Public Key Pinning
Protection Level
Protection Levels
Programming Languages and Analysis for Security
Port Management Association of West and Central Africa
Private Military Firms
Pakistan Maritime Security Agency
Private Maritime Security Contractors
Presumed Maximum Value
Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament
Plans of Action and Milestones
Plans of Actions and Milestones
Project On Government Oversight
Points of Interaction
Pattern of Life
Peace of Mind
Programs Operations Manual System
Project on Nuclear Issues
Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption
Proof of Possession
Port Security Training Exercise Program
Public Order and Security Act
Public Offering of Securities Insurance
Protected One-Time-Password
Protected One-Time Password
Physical Protection
Positive Passenger Bag Match
Plaid Parliament of Pwning
Phased Periodic Reinvestigation
Privacy Policy Statements
Personal Property Securities Act
Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response
Periodic Reinvestigation
Periodic Reinvestigations
Personal Retirement Accounts
Personal Radiation Detectors
Pseudo-Random Function
Pseudo-Random Functions
Pseudo Random Function
Pseudo-Random Functions
Preferred Redeemable Increased Dividend Equity Securities
Parameter Request List
Presidential Review Memorandums
Pseudo Random Permutation
Pseudo-Random Number Generator
Pseudo Random Number Generator
Pseudo random number generators
Psuedo Random Number Generator
Provincial Reconstruction Teams
Psychiatric Review Technique Form
Past Relevant Work
Participating Security
Policies and Standards
Protective Services
Personal Savings Account
Personal Security Account
Port Security Advisory
Private Security Authority
Protective Security Advisors
Peace and Security Council
Peace Security Council
Political and Security Committee
Private Security Contractors
Private Security Contractor
Professional Security Consultants
Presidential Security Division
Personal Security Investigation
Peace and Security Initiative
Personnel Security Investigations
Praeger Security International
Private Sector Mechanism
Privileged Session Management
Privileged Session Manager
Political Security Office
Political Security Organization
Private Sector Office
Protective Security Officer
Protective Security Officers
Peace Support Operations
Passenger Screening Program
Perimeter Surveillance Radar
Protective Security Specialist
Presidential Security Service
Preventive Security Service
Preventive Security Services
Physical Security and Stockpile Management
Payments Security Task
Privacy, Security, and Trust
Port Security Units
Patch Set Updates
Penetration Testing
Practical Threat Analysis
Penetration Testing Execution Standard
Penetration Testers Framework
Pass the Hash
Person to Person
Platform Trust Services
Proprietary Trading Systems
Pan, Tilt & Zoom
Pan Tilt Zoom
Pan Tilt Zoon
Potentially Unwanted Apps
Potentially Unwanted Applications
Potential Unwanted Application
Physically Unclonable Function
Physically Unclonable Functions
Physical Unclonable Function
Physical Unclonable Functions
Physically Unclonable Functions
Physical Unclonable Functions
Physical Uncloneable Functions
Potentially Unwanted Modification
Pixel Value Differencing
Protection Vessels International
Quadratic Residuosity
Quick Remote
Recent Advance in Intrusion Detection
Remote Administration Trojans
Role-Based Access Control Protection Profile
Role Based Access Control Protection Profile
Redundancy Check
Report Confidence
Role Compatibility
Ron's Code 4
Remote Code Execution
Rutherford Controls Int'l
Russian Depositary Receipt
Reliable Datagram Sockets
Rapid Enhanced-Security Asymmetric Cryptosystem Transform
Reputation Enabled Defense
Retirement Earnings Test
Residual Functional Capacity
Reflected File Download
Remote File Include
Reproductive Health Commodity Security
Red Hat Security Advisories
Red Hat Security Advisory
Renegotiation Information
Restricted Identification
Retirement Insurance Benefits
Retirement Insurance Benefit
Remote Keyless Ignition
Remediation Level
Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
Residential Mortgage Backed Securities
Residential Mortgage-Backed Security
Residential Mortgage Backed Security
Recurring Monthly Revenue
Random Oracle
Regional Organizations
Route Origination Authorizations
Report of Compliance
Report on Compliance
Return-Oriented Programming
Return Oriented Programming
Report on Validation
Recurrent Pattern Detection
Radiation Portal Monitors
Radiation Portal Monitors
Response Policy Zones
Risk Rating
Rivest, Shamir, Adelman
Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman
Rivest, Shamir and Adelman
Rivest Shamir Adelman
Rivest Shamir Aldeman
Rivest-Shamir-Adleman algorithm
Retirement Survivors Disability Insurance
Recognised Security Organisation
Recognised Security Organisations
Recognized Security Organization
Recognized Security Organisation
Recognized Security Organizations
Regional Security Office
Regional Security Officers
Regional Security Service
Rocket Support Services
Request for Security Token
Request Security Token
Request for Security Token Response
Request Security Token Response
Raytheon Trusted Computer Solutions
Request Tracker for Incident Response
Real Time Tomography
Recapture Tactics Team
Real Time Trade Matching
Safeguards & Security
Securities Analysts Association
Security Associations Database
Securities America Financial Corporation
Secure Access Modules
Small Arms and Light Weapons
Security Application Modules
Suspicious Activity Monitoring Protocol
Security Account Manager Remote
Securities Borrowing and Lending
Secure Chip
Security Context
Smart Card Centre
South Carolina Department of Revenue
Script Check Engine
Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialist
Seized Computer Evidence Recovery Specialists
Solaris Cryptographic Framework
Smart Call Home
Special Compartmented Intelligence
Security Cooperation Organization
Secure Channel Protocol
Secure Card Reader
Securities Contract Regulation Act
Symantec Certified Security Practitioner
Supply Chain Security Specialist
Supply Chain Security Specialists
Security Conversion Tool
Signed Certificate Timestamp
Secure Configuration Verification
Security Digital
Security Deposit
Security Descriptors
Security Directive
Security Director
Security & Defence Agenda
Security and Defence Agenda
Static Data Authentication
Special Defense Acquisition Fund
Security Distributing & Marketing
Security Distributing and Marketing
Single Decision Maker
Site Data Protection
Security Descriptors
Securities and Exchange
Securities Exchange Act
Security Enhancements
Social Engineer
Securities & Exchange Commission
Securities & Exchange Commision
Securities and Exchange Commission's
Securities and Exhange Commission
Securitiesand Exchange Commission
Securities Exchange Commision
Security and Exchange Commission
Security and Exchange Commission's
Security Executive Council
Simple Event Correlator
Self-Employed Contributions Act
Standards for Efficient Cryptography Group
Self-Encrypting Drives
Self-Encrypted Drive
Self Encrypting Drive
Self Encrypting Drives
Self-Encrypting Drives
Self Encrypting Drives
Secure Execution Engine
Structured Exception Handler
Structured Exception Handler Overwrite Protection
Student Earned Income Exclusion
Securities and Exchange Law
Security Enhanced Linux
Standardized Equipment List
Security Engineered Machinery
Stock Exchanges Medallion Program
Security Engineering Officers
Security Engineering Research Team
Secure Enterprise Search
Secure Export Scheme
Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission
Securities Exchange and Surveillance Commission
Security Exchange Service Element
Scientific Engineering & Technical Assistance
Securities and Futures Act
Single Factor Authentication
Securities and Futures Commission
Secure Freight Initiative
Securities and Futures Ordinance
Security Functional Requirement
Signature Fidelity Rating
Securities financing transaction
Security Guard
Security Guarding
Siber Güvenlik Enstitüsu
Security Governance Initiative
Service Général du Renseignement et de la Sécurité
Singapore Government Securities
Secure Hash Algorithms
Secure Hash Algorithm-1
Secure Hash Algorithm-3
Secure Hashing Algorithm
Secure Hardware Extension
Single Intelligence Account
Security Industry Automated Corporation
Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity
Secure Internal Communication
Security and Intelligence Division
Signal Intelligence Directorate
Signals Intelligence Directorate
Security in Government
Stanford in Government
Special Inspector General for Iraqi Reconstruction
Space for International Global Maritime Awareness
Systems Integrity Management Platform
Special Intelligence Operations
Single Integrated Operational Plan-Extremely
Securities Investment Protection Corporation
Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute
Swedish International Peace Research Institute
Security Intelligence Report
Serious Incident Reports
Securities Industry Regulatory Authority
Security Industry Regulatory Department
Security and Information Risk Advisor
Secret Intelligence Services
Senior Intelligence Service
Service Interface Specifications
Serviсo de Informaсoes de Seguranca
State Intelligence Service
Strategic Intelligence Service
Sensitive Investigative Unit
Secure Information Exchange
Short-Term Keys
Secret Key Cryptography
Subject Key Identifier
Security Lab
SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert
Securities Lending and Borrowing
Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team
State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness
State and Local Government Securities
State, Local, Tribal, and Private Sector
State, Local, Tribal and Territorial
Secure Mobile Access
Small and Medium Businesses
Small and Midsize Businesses
Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities
Stripped Mortgage-Backed Security
Stripped mortgage backed securities
Smart Mobile Devices
Secure Mobile Environment
Supervisor Mode Execution Prevention
Security Middle East Show
SecurityTube Metasploit Framework Expert
Supplementary Medical Insurance
Syrian Military Intelligence
Single Mast Solution
Scars, Marks, and Tattoos
Scars, Marks and Tattoos
Stability Operations
Security Operations Centre
Special Operations Center
Strength Of Function
Staff Operations Officers
Staff Operations Officer
Same-Origin Policy
Same Origin Policy
Systems of Records Notice
Service-Oriented Security
Service Oriented Security
Security Offences Special Measures Act
Special Operations Unit
Secure Provisioning
Solicitud Para
Secure Payment Application
Single Packet Authorization
Smart Payment Association
Strategic Partnership Agreement
Security Policy Board
Symantec Protection Center
Strategic Plans Division
Strategic Planning Division
Strategic Plan Division
Self-Protecting Digital Content
Simple Password Exponential Key Exchange
Security Policy Framework
Smartphone Pentest Framework
Special Planning Group
Society of Professional Investigators
Subject Public Key Information
Simple Public Key Mechanism
Search Processing Language
Special Political Missions
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Strategic Police Matters Unit
Screening of Passengers by Observational Techniques
Screening Passengers by Observation Technique
Standard Practice Procedure
Standard Practices & Procedures
State Preparedness Report
Security Professional Services
Security Protective Service
Security Protective Specialist
Special Publications
Symantec Protection Suites
Security, Privacy, and Trust
Security Protocols Workshop
Secure Quick Reliable Login
Secure Remote Access
Security Risk Analysis
Securities Regulation Code
Security Research and Defense
Security Research & Defense
Security Runtime Engine
Security Requirements Guide
Security Requirements Guides
Security & Risk Management
Security and Risk Management
Security Reference Monitor
Security Reference Model
Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge
Secure Remote Password
Security Readiness Review
Security Requirements Traceability Matrix
Static Root of Trust Measurement
Security Service
Securities Services Act
Security Status
Supplemental Security
Surveillance Service
Surviving Spouse
Sector-Specific Agency
Sector Specific Agency
Sector Specific Agencies
Security State Assessment
Ship Security Assessment
Signals Security Agency
State Security Agency
Social Security Administration's
Social Security Adminstration
Social Security Advisory
Systems Security Authorization Agreement
Social Security Advisory Committee
Social Security Board
Security Systems Alarm Inspection Board
Sector-Specific Agencies
Sector Specific Agencies
Ship Security Alert Systems
Social Security Benefits
Security Services Card
Security Standards Council
State Security Council
State Securities Commission
State Security Committee
State Securities Committee
State Security Commission
Supreme Security Committee
Supreme Security Council
Secure Signature Creation Device
Secure Signature-Creation Device
Systems Security Certification Practitioner
Systems Security Certified Professional
SecuriTeam Secure Disclosure
Social Security Disability
State Security Department
Supplementary Security Domain
Social Security Death Index
Social Security and Disability Insurance
Social Security Death Master File
Secure Store and Forward
Social Security Insurance
Security Service Federal Credit Union
Security Sales & Integration
South Sandwich Islands
State Security Intelligence
State Security Investigations
Suplemental Security Income
Supplemental Security Insurance
Supplemental Social Income
Supplementary Security Income
Supplement Security Income
supplimental security income
Software Security Incident Response Process
Secure Socket Layers
Secure Socket Layout
Security Services Modules
Senior Systems Managers
Site Security Managers
Safety and Security Management Studies
Social Security NumberWith
Social Security National Insurance Trust
Samsung Super Noise Reduction
Senior Security Officer
Social Security Office
Simplified Sign-On
Special Source Operations
Support Services Office
Sector-Specific Plan
Sector Specific Plan
Security Software Provider
Security Support Provider
Ship Security Plan
Ship Security Plans
Site Security Plan
Site Security Plans
Systems Security Plans
Ship Security Plans
Site Security Plans
Systems Security Plans
Sector Specific Plans
South Sudan Police Service
Special State Protection Service
Security Sector Reforms
Social Security Retirement
Software Security Response Team
Social Security Rights Victoria
Social Security Systems
Social Security Services
Special Security Service
Special Security Services
State Secret Service
Security Solutions for Systems Engineers
Security Solutions for System Engineers
Secure Single Sign-On
Secondary Security Screening Selection
Secure Stateless Tokenization
Security Support Teams
Security Support Team
Site Security Team
Smart and Secure Tradelanes
Spread-spectrum Technology
Spread Spectrum Technology
Security Services Technical Committee
Stability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction
Stability, Security, Transition and Reconstruction
Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction
Security Service of Ukraine
Special Security Unit
Security Targets
Security Test & Evaluation
Security Testing & Evaluation
Security Test and Evaluations
Securities Transfer Association
Security Threat Assessments
Service Technique de l'Aviation Civile
Securities Traders Association of New York
Security, Trust & Assurance Registry
Security, Trust and Assurance Registry
Security, Trust, and Assurance Registry
Security Trust and Assurance Registry
Socio-Technical Aspects in Security and Trust
Securing the Cities
Secure Tamper Evident Bags
Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center
Secure Technical Implementation Guide
Secure Technical Implementation Guides
Security Technology Integrated Program
Security and Trust Management
Secure Trade Partnership
Security, Trust and Privacy
Standard Test Piece
Strategic Technology Protection Program
Screening Threshold Quantities
Screening Threshold Quantity
Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal of Securities
Separate Trading of Registered Interest and Principal Securities
Secure Token Service
Secure Token Services
Security Targets
Security Technical Specialists
Security Technical Specialist
Security Token Services
Security Token Services
Securities Transaction Tax
Security Transaction Tax
Secure Television System
Security Vulnerability Assessment
Security Vulnerability Assessments
Security Vulnerability Assessments
Security and Vulnerability Management
Special Veterans Benefits
Special Veterans Benefit
Secure Virtualization Framework
Secure Virtual Network
Status Verification Interface
Security Value Map
Securities Valuation Office
Secure Voice over Internet Protocol
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Securing Web Application Technologies
Secure Web Fingerprint Transmission
Secure Web Gateway
Secure Web Gateways
Secure Web Services
Threat Assessment Group
Threat Analysis and Modeling
The art of fuzzing
Trusted Code Base
Theft Deterrent Module
Treasury Enforcement Communications Systems
Two-Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication
Traffic Flow Confidentiality
Technical Feasibility Exceptions
Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense
Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments
The Hacker News
Team High Tech Crime
Treasury-Inflation Protected Securities
Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities
Treasury Inflation Protection Securities
Treasury Inflated Protected Securities
Treasury Inflation Protected Security
Treasury Inflation-Protection Securities
Treasury Inflation-Protected Security
Temporary Key
Threat Level
Traffic Light Protocol
Terminal Master Key
Tactical Message Systems
Time-Memory Trade-Off
Thermal Neutron Analysis
Trust No One
Transnational Organized Crimes
Targets of Evaluation
Technology and Operations Group
Trusted Port
Trust Policy
Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Trade Partners Against Terrorism
Tritium Producing Burnable Absorber Rods
Trusted Path Execution
Trust Preferred Securities
Threat Risk Assessments
Threat and Risk Analysis
Threat Research Analysis and Communications
Threat Research, Analysis, and Communications
Tamper Resistant Security Module
Transaction Statement
Taking Sense Away
Thorough Sexual Assault
Tranportation Security Administration
Transport and Security Administration
Transportation Security Agency's
Transport Security Administration
The Senior Citizens League
Technical Security Counter Measures
Theater Security Cooperation Programs
Trust Service Integration Kit
Trust Services Integration Kit
Transport Security Program
Trusted Service Provider
Trusted Service Providers
Trust Services Principles
Trust Service Provider
Trust Service Providers
Trust Service Principles
Trusted Service Providers
Trust Service Providers
Trust Services Principles and Criteria
Trucking Security Requirements
Truck Security Requirements
Top Secret Security
Total Support Services
Texas State Securities Board
Time-Stamp Token
Terrorist Threat Integration Center
Tactics, Techniques & Procedures
Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures
Tactics Techniques and Procedures
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission
The Update Framework
Threat & Vulnerability Management
Threat and Vulnerability Management
Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment
Transport Video Interface
Target Value Rating
Transportation Worker Identification Credential
Transportation Worker Identity Credential
Transportation Worker Identification Credentials
Transportation Workers Identification Credential
Transportation Worker Identification Card
Transportation Workers Identification Card
Transportation Workers Identity Card
Transportation Workers Identity Credential
Transportation Workers Identification Credentials
Universal 2nd Factor
Universal Composability
Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities
User-Changeable Password
User Changeable Password
Utah Data Center
User and Entity Behavioral Analytics
United Nation Mission in South Sudan
United Nations Office to the African Union
Uniform Practice Code
Ubuntu Privacy Remix
Unsupported Request
United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team
United States Cyber Command
Unified Security Hub
United Security Products
United States Penitentiary
Up The Coax
Under Vehicle Inspection Systems
Unsuccessful Work Attempt
Vulnerability Assessment Methodology
Virtual Fragmentation Reassembly
Vista Gateway Module
Vehicle Intrusion Protection
Vulnerability & Malware Research Labs
Virtual Private Database
Virtual Private Databases
Variable Rate Demand Obligations
Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool
Vulnerability Self-Assessment Tool
Virtual Smart Card
Virtual Smart Cards
Vietnam Securities Depository
Very Smooth Hash
Word Auto Key Encryption
Web-Based Access and Retrieval Portal
Workshop on Digital Forensics & Incident Analysis
Wired Equivalent Proxy
Web Hacking Incidents Database
Written Information Security Plan
Wireless Location Appliance
Web Protection Library
WiFi Protected Setup
Women, Peace, and Security
Waterway Suitability Assessment
Web Security Appliances
Web Security for Field Engineers
Web Testing Framework
Web Vulnerability Scanner
Zed Attack Proxy
Zone Based Firewall
Zone Based Policy Firewall
Zone-Based Policy Firewall
Zero Day
Zero Day Initiative
Zeroday Emergency Response Team