Popular Server acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Authoritative Answer
Alternate Access Mapping
Alternate Access Mappings
Access-based Enumeration
Access Based Enumeration
Admin Base Objects
Address Book Synchronization
Address Book Web Query
Administrative Contact
Administration Console
Asherons Call
Advantage Client Engine
Application Configuration Files
Access Control Instructions
Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable
Array Configuration Utility
Array Config Utility
Automatic Client Upgrade
Active Director
Application Directory
Active Directory-Based Activation
Admin Domain
All Domains
Authentic Data
Active Directory Administrative Center
Active Directory Administration Center
Active Directory in Application Mode
Active Directory Connector
Additional Domain Controller
Advanced Data Connector
Active Directory Certificate Services
Active Directory Certificate Service
Active Directory Certification Services
Active Directory Directory Services
Active Directory Domain Controller
Active Directory Domain Services
Active Directory Federation Services
Active Directory Federated Services
Active Directory Federation Service
Active Directory Federation Server
Active Directory Federations Services
Active Directory Federated Service
Active Directory Integrated
Application Deployment Engine
Application Definition File
Application Definition Files
Anonymous Diffie-Hellman
Active Directory Import
Assesment and Deployment Kit
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services
Active Directory Lightweight Directory Service
Apple Drive Module
Active Directory Migration Toolkit
ActiveX Data Objects
All Distribution Optimization Platform
Active Directory Server
Advantage Database Server
Avamar Data Store
Active Directory Sites and Services
Active Directory Web Services
Active Directory Topology Diagrammer
Array Diagnostic Utility
Array Diagnostics Utility
Active Directory Users and Computer
Advantage Extended Procedure
Access Function
Allocation Failure
Application Framing
Apple Filling Protocol
Adaptive Fault Tolerance
Access Gateway Enterprise Edition
Authenticated Header
App Inventor
Automated Installer
Application Integration Components
Application Isolation Environment
Arch Installation Framework
Access and Information Protection
Allied Intent Xtended
Alternate Key
Antharas Lair
Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation
Application Layer Protocol Negotiation
Address Lists
Authentication Module
Authentication Mechanism Assurance
ActionScript Message Format
Amazon Machine Images
Amazon Machine Images
Application Management Platform
Analysis, Migrate, and Report
Associazione Nazionale Alpini
Ambiguous Name Resolution
Authentication Option
Advanced Open File Option
Application Object Server
Axapta Object Server
All Out War
Abyss Points
Admin Postal
Authentication Provider
Advanced Policy Firewall
Advanced Product Line
Apache's Portable Runtime
Apache Portability Runtime
Automated Process Scheduler
Arizona Process Servers Association
Action Quake 2
Application Requester
Amine Reactive 2nd Generation
Adjustable Replacement Cache
Account Request Form
Auditing and Reporting Module
Application Request Routing
Application Request Router
Administrator Role Separation
Admin Street
Admin Street1
Applications Server
Analysis Services
Authentication Server
Authorization Server
Agrarian Skies 2
Atomic Secured Linux
Application Specific Modules
Active Server Pages
Automatic Server Recovery
Azure Site Recovery
Analysis Services Scripting Language
Advanced Server for UNIX
Advanced Settings Utility
Access and Terminals
Application-to-Transaction Monitor Interface
Application to Transaction Monitor Interface
Apache Traffic Server
Allocation Unit
Automatic Updates
Active User Object
Acceptable User Policy
Application Unique String
Attribute Value Assertion
Attribute Value Assertions
Application Verification Kit
Automatic Virtual Machine Activation
Back-to-Back User Agent
Back-to-Back User Agents
Back-to-Back User-Agent
Back to Back User Agent
Basic Authentication
Binding Authentication
Backup and Restore
BlackBerry Administration Service
Borland Application Server
Bless Bug
Bulletin Board Liaison
Burning Crusade
Boot Console Handler
Bulk Changed Map
Business Continuity Servers
Bynari Collaboration Suite
Black Dragons
Buffer Descriptor
Buffer Descriptors
Bund Deutscher Baumeister
Binary Delta Compression
Business Data Catalogue
Business Data Connector
Backup Exec
Boot Environments
Back End Server
Berry Enterprise Server
BlackBerry Enterprise Server
BlackBerry Enterprise Servers
Blackberry Enterprise Sever
BlackBerry Enterprise Service
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
Blackberry Express Server
Blackberry Exchange Server
Built-in guests
Business Intelligence Developer Network
Berkely Internet Name Domain
Berkley Internet Naming Daemon
Business Intelligence Semantic Model
Bureau Krediet Registratie
Black List
Batch Markovian Arrival Process
Blade Management Controller
Bare Metal Disaster Recovery
Bare Metal Recovery
Bare Metal Restore
Basic Object Adaptor
Bank of Bhutan
Battle of the Immortals
Branch Office Infrastructure Solution
Box of Kundun
Book On Line
Books on Line
Buffer Pool
Best Practices Analyzer
Best Practice Analyzer
Best Practices Analyser
Buffer Pool Extension
Buffer Pool Extensions
Business Productivity Infrastructure Optimization
Blackberry Professional Server
Backup and Restore
BlackBerry Resource Kit
BladeLogic Server Automation
Boot Service Discovery Protocol
Central Admin
Certifcation Authority
Certifiate Authority
Certificate Authentication
Certificate Autority
Certificates Authority
Certificates area
Cohesion Application
Client Acces License
Client Access Licences
Connection Authorization Policies
Connection Authorization Policies
Central Authentication Server
Client Access Server
Client Access Servers
Classloader Analysis Tool
Customer Advisory Team
Cluster-Aware Updating
Cluster Aware Updating
Channel Buffer
Compute Blades
Connection Broker
Claims Based Authentication
Claims based access
Composite Blocking List
Composite Block List
Channel Binding Token
Command Complete
Consistency Check
Clear Command Channel
Compute Cluster Pack
Carbon Capture Report
Cluster Continuous Replication
Continuous Cluster Replication
Central Certificate Store
Change Cipher Spec
Client Configuration Server
Cloud Connection Server
Configuration detail
Context Directory Agent
Change Data Capture
Changed Data Capture
Common Driver Interface
Client Drive Mapping
Certificate Distribution Point
Calculate Directory Server
Context Dependent Symbolic Link
Current Date and Time
Cache Enabled
Compact Edition
Configuration Element
Compact Electronics Bay
Common Event Infrastructure
Certificate Enrollment Policy
Certificate Enrollment Service
Centreon Enterprise Server
Command Flags
Conselho Federal de Odontologia
Cabin File Server
Content Federation Services
Cancer Genomics Data Server
Central Installation Directory
Common Internet File Service
Core Infrastructure Suite
Core Infrastructure Server
Core Infrastructure Suites
Client Installation Wizard
Clear Lake City Water Authority
Calculate Linux Desktop
Common Logfile Format
Common Log File
Command-Line Processor
Calculate Linux Scratch
Clan Match
Calculate Media Center
Central Management Console
Citrix Management Console
Configuration Management License
Chassis Monitoring Module
Central Management Server
Central Management Store
Central Management Solution
Certificate Management Services
Clustered Mailbox Server
Crystal Management Server
Computer Memory Test Labs
Common Names
Comon Name
Change Notification
Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertes
Common Names
Cache Operation
Cluster on Die
Call of Duty 4
Common Object Request Brokerage Architecture
Component Object Request Broker Architecture
Cross-Origin Request Sharing
Claims Provider
Connectivity Provider
Certified Public Cloud
Call Processing Language
Corporate Preview Program
Club Penguin Private Server
Central Processors
Certified Process Server
Chemistry Preprint Server
Citrix Presentation Server
Connection Point Services
Continuous Protection Server
Coordination Points
Common Query Language
Call Quality Methodology
Crystal Reports
Computer Room Air Conditioners
Conselho Regional de Contabilidade
Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences
Common Reference Database Centre
Croce Rossa Italiana
Custom Report Item
Certificate Revocation Lists
Certificate Revokation List
Certificate Revoke List
Certification Revocation List
Certification Revocation Lists
Certificate Revocation Lists
Certificate Revocation Lists
Certificate Revocations Lists
Certification Revocation Lists
Carriage Return Line Feed
Carriage return line feeds
Communication Resource Manager
Canadian Railway Observations
Core Rule Set
Core Rules Set
Cache Status
Case Sensitive
Cipher Suite
Console Server
Connection Start
Counter Strike
Custom Support Agreement
Center za socialno delo
Computer Services Division
Client Side Encryption
ConfigServer Security & Firewall
Connected Services Framework
Connected Service Framework
Citrix Secure Gateway
Computer Science House
Common Secure Interoperability
Cluster Systems Management
Client-Side Object Model
Caché Server Page
Certificate Service Provider
Critical Systems Protection
Certificate Signing Requests
Certificate Sign Request
Cert Signing Request
Certificate Signing Requests
Client Side Rendering
Customer Self Repair
Calculate Scratch Server
Computing Services & Solutions
Configuration Storage Server
Configuration Storage Servers
Content Servers
Counter Strike Source
Certified Server Validation
Comma Separated Value Directory Exchange
Cluster Shared Volumes
Catalog Service for Web
Catalog Services for Web
Change Tracking
CH Tech
Connection Timeout
Create Table As Select
Client-To-Client Protocol
Client To Client Protocol
Common Table Expression
Common Table Expressions
Common Table Expressions
Certificate Trust Lists
Cisco TelePresence Manager
Customer Technology Preview
Community Technology Preview 4
Customer Technology Preview 4
Community Technology Previews
Community Technical Previews
Customer Technical Preview
Chess Tactics Server
Cumulative Updates
Cumulative Update
Cumulative Update 2
Cumulative Update 3
Cumulative Update 4
Cumulative Update 5
Cumulative Update 6
Cumulative Update 7
Cumulative Update 8
Cumulative Update 9
Cumulative Updates
Combined Upgrade & Unicode Conversion
Customer Use 2
Capacity Upgrade on Demand
Calibrated Vectored Cooling
Communicator Web Access
Disk to Tape
Distribution Agent
Datacenter Activation Coordination
Domain Assurance Council
Datacenter Activation Coordination Protocol
Data Access Descriptor
Database Access Descriptor
Database Access Descriptors
Database Access Descriptors
Data Access Modules
Domino Attachment and Object Service
Direct Access Recovery
Domain Administration Server
Data Base 2
Domain Controllers
Domain Controllers
Dead Connection Detection
Distributed-Component Object Model
Distributed Common Object Model
Distributing Component Object Model
Device Communication Server
Digital Certificate Server
Distributed Computing Server
Domain Controllers
Data Collector Sets
Distributed Computing Technologies, Inc
Data Dictionaries
Digit Day
Desktop Delivery Controllers
Drunk Drivers Club
Dynamic Diameter Engine
Data Defination Language
Digital Dashboard Resource Kit
Drive Extender
Domino Enterprise Connection Services
Database Encryption Key
Data Encryption Keys
Domain Functional Level
Domain Function Level
Dynamic Feedback Protocol
Distributed File Systems
Distributed File Services
Distribute File Service
Documentum Foundation Services
Distributed File System Namespace
Data Flow Task
Distributed Garbage Collection
Dragon Go Server
Directory Harvest Attacks
Directory Harvest Attacks
Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral
Diffie-Hellman Exchange
Dutch Hosting Provider Association
Dialog Instance
Dynamic Interface Invocation
Darkness is Spreading
Domain Key Identified Mail
Data Life Engine
Distributed Link Tracking
Dynamically Loadable Zones
Database Mount
Delete a mailbox
Dynamic Memory
Domain Master Browsers
Digital Media Controller
Dynamic Memory Control
Database Master Key
Data Manipulating Language
Data Manuplation Language
Data Manupulation Language
Data Modification Language
Dead Message Queue
Data Movement Service
Dynamic Monitoring Service
Data Management Views
Data Management Views
Data Mining Extensions
Database Name
Data Node
Directory Name
Distinguised Name
Distinguished Names
Distinguish Name
Dragon Nest
Distributed Numeric Assignment
Directory Name Lookup Cache
Digital Name Server
Distinguished Names
Domain Name Services
Domain Name statistics
Domain Naming Services
Dynamic Name Services
Dynamic Naming Services
Dynamic Name Servers
Distinguished Name Tag
Data Operation
Degree of Parallelism
Database Property
Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit
Digital Photo Access Protocol
Data Protection Application Programming Interface
Database Partitioning Feature
Data Protection Server
Data Quality Services
Data Quality Service
Directory Replication Agent
Distributed Replicated Block Device
Diskless Remote Boot in Linux
Database Resident Connection Pooling
Device Registration Service
Directory Replication Service
Distributed Resource Scheduling
Database Server
Data Source
Data Sources
Data Store
Dedicated Server
Dedicated Servers
Devil Square
Dial Shelf
Directory Services
Directory Server
Directory Synchronisation
domain SHOULD
Data Service Center
Directory Services Connector
Directory Service Control Center
Domain Services for Windows
Data Server Interface
Device-Specific Module
Device Specific Module
Device Specific Modules
Delivery Service Notification
Dynamic Shared Objects
Directory Server Resource Kit
Directory Services Restore Mode
Directory Service Restore Mode
Directory Services Recovery Mode
Darwin Streaming Server
Datacenter Scalable Solutions
Datacenter Scalable Solution
Debug Server Scripting
Data Source View
Data Source Views
Data Tier
Data Type
Data Through
Default Temporary
Direct Table
Database Tuning Advisor
Distributed Transaction Controller
Data Transaction Language
Data Transformation Service
Dial-up User List
Dell Update Packages
Desktop Virtualization Solutions
Desktop Virtualization Solution
Enrollment for Application
Exchange Administrative Center
Exchange Administration Console
Email Address Policies
Entity Bean
Emergency Bug Fix
Emergency Bug Fixes
External Connector License
Elastic Cloud 2
Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Ephemeral
Enrolment for Core Infrastructure
Excel Calculation Service
External Collaboration Toolkit for SharePoint
Enterprise domain
European Data Centre
Ephemeral Diffie-Hellman
Exchange Development Kit
External Data Source
edisi Enterprise
Experts Exchange
Enterprise Engineering Center
Ertel & Friends Multimedia
Enterprise File Services
Eastern Inter-Club Ski League
Erdas Imagine Raw
Entreprise Java Beans
Enterprise Java Beans Certificate Authority
Extended Key Usage
Enhanced Key Usage
Enterprise Linux
Eternal Lands
Elastic Load Balancer
Elastic Load Balancers
Extended Log File
Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana
Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana
Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana
Európai Levelező Oktatás
Enterprise Linux Server
Error Monitoring
Enterprise Memory Architecture
Electronic Mail Service
Enterprise Messaging Service
Enterprise Message Service
Event Notification
Exchange Online Archiving
Exceed on Demand
End of Support
Execution Plan
Explicit Policy-based Electronic Signature
European Pro Gamers
End Point Mapper
Erlang Port Mapper Daemon
Error Recovery Level
Entropy Source
Exchange Server
Enterprise Security Client
Energie Service Deutschland
Enlightened Sound Daemon
Exchange Storage Engine
Edge-Side Includes
Edge Side Includes
Edge Side Include
Evil Snake Lord
Extended Simple Mail Transport Protocol
Edge Security Pack
Extended Stored Procedures
Exchange Solution Reviewed Program
Enterprise Security Suite
Erich Schmidt Verlag
Enemy Territory
Extraction, Transform, and Loading
Erlang Term Storage
Enterprise Vault
Enterprise Voice
Extended Visual Information
Exome Variant Server
Enrollment for Windows Azure
Excel Web Access
Flexible Authentication Secure Tunneling
Form-based authentication
Form Base Authentication
Form Based Authentication
Forms Based Authentication
Fast Connection Failover
File Distribution Service
Filter Encoding
Front End Server
Final Flag
Forest Functional Level
Federazione Italiana Danza Sportiva
Fabric Interconnects
Federazione Italiana Sport Bowling
Foreign Keys
Field Manipulation Language
Flash Media Live Encoder
Flash Operator Panel
Flash Operator Panel 2
Forefront Online Security for Exchange
Forefront Protection for Exchange
Frags Per Second
Front Page Server Extensions
fully-qualified domain name
Fully Qualifed Domain Name
Fully Qualified Distinguished Name
Fully Qualified Name
Feature Releases
Fault Resilient Boot
File Replication Services
File Replication System
File Repository Server
File Repository Servers
Field Replaceable Unit Sensor Data Record
Federation Server
Federation Services
Federation Service
Fujitsu Siemens Computer
File Server Capacity Tool
Federazione Scacchistica Italiana
Flexible Single-Master Operation
Flexible Single Master Operation
Flexible Single Master Operations
Flexible Single-Master Operations
Flexible Single Master of Operation
Floating Single Master Operations
Flexible Single Master Operations
File Server Migration Toolkit
File Scripting Object
Forefront Server Security Management Console
Federation Service Proxy
Full text
File Type Association
Find the best
Full-Text Indexing
File Transfert Protocol
File Transfer Planet
Global Assemble Cache
Grand Chase
Google Cloud Messaging
Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer
Graphics Draw
Generic Data Access
Good Game Guys
Google ist Dein Freund
Global List Exchange
Group Managed Service Accounts
Gannett Media Technologies International
Global Network Management Center
Guest Physical Address
Green Revolution Cooling
Granular Recovery Technology
Granular Restore Technology
Game Server
Government Services Online
Gaming Service Provider
High Five
High Availabilty
Hierarchical Address Book
Host-Bus Adapter
Host Based Adapter
Host Based Authentication
Host-Initiated Processing
Hardware Load Balancer
Hardware Load Balancing
Hide My Ass
Hashing for Message Authentication Code
Hardware Node
Hybrid On-Line Analytical Processing
Heap-Only Tuples
Heroes of Three Kingdoms
Higiene Pessoal
High Performance File Systems
Home Realm Discovery
Heterogeneous Services
High Speed Connect
Hot-Swap Controller
Hot Swap Controller
Helsingin seudun liikenne
Hardware Security Modules
Hardware Storage Module
Hardware Security Modules
High Security Module
Hub Transport
Hierarchical Triangular Mesh
Hyper Test Transfer Protocol
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure
Host Upgrade Utility
Hardware Virtualized Machine
Hostable Web Core
Identity Association
Internal Certificate Authority
International Computer Concepts
International Correspondence Chess Federation
Internal Coupling Facilities
Issued Certificate List
Infraestructura de Datos Espaciales de España
Internet Data Query
Intelligent Disaster Recovery
International E-mail Chess Club
Install from Media
Image Header
Identity Integration Feature Pack
Internet Information Services Manager
Issuance License
Island Life Gaming
Information Life Management
Infrastructure Master
Internet Mail Access Protocol 4
Image Media Block
Integrated Media Block
Inter-Module Bus
Inter Module Bus
Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Publicos
Intelligent Monitoring Framework
Instytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej
Intelligent Music Player Client
Igreja Mundial do Poder de Deus
Integrated Media Server
Internet Mapping Server
International Music Score Library Project
InterScan Messaging Security Suite
InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance
Instituto Mexicano del Transporte
Instance number
Irish Nationwide Fireplace Organisation
Internet Naming Service
Interoperable Naming Service
Integration Objects
Integration Object
Ireland On-Line
Interoperable Object Reference
Interoperable Object References
Interoperable Object References
Identity Provider
Index Partition
in Preferred
in Process
Install Perl
Installation Procedure
Internal Port
Internet Publishing Services
Implementation Repository
Initial Replication
Islamic Republic
Inherited Rights Mask
Identity Server
Integrity server
Initialization state
Integration Services
Integration Service
Intent Share
Intent Shared
Integrated Systems & Solutions
Informix Server Administrator
Internet and Security Acceleration
Investigaciones Sociales Aplicadas
Internet Server Application Programmers Interface
Inter-System Communication
Inter-Systems Communication
Instant Support Enterprise Edition
Integrated Systems Management Processor
Interactive Structured Query Language
Industry Standard Servers
Instituto de Seguridad Social del Estado de Guanajuato
Inter-Site Topology Generator
Idaho Technology Authority
Integrated Transaction Service
Intersite Transfer Service
Index Tuning Wizard
Java Authentication & Authorization Service
Just a Box Of Disks
Java Crypto Extensions
Java Name and Directory Interface
Java Naming & Directory Interface
Job Queue
Join Request
Java Rich Client Application Faces
Java Required Files
Java Remote Method Protocol
Job Scheduler
Java Servlet Page
Java Security Services
Java Secure Sockets Extension
Java Secure Socket Extensions
Kerberos Constrained Delegation
Kerberos Constraint Delegation
Kerberos Distribution Center
Key Distribution Centre
Key Distribution Centers
L3, Double
Lineage 2
Linux Apache MySQL PHP
Load Balance
Load Balancer
Live Business Gateway
Leightweight Directory Access Protocol
Lightweght Directory Access Protocol
Lightweight Directory Services
Location Generator
Low Gravity
Location Information Answer
Least Loaded
Local Launch
Logging Last Resource
Lost Log Resilience
Low Latency Transport
Live Migration
Linux Malware Detect
Linux Malware Detection
Let me google that for you
Lock Manager Server
Local Mail Transfer Protocol
Local Mail Transport Protocol
Legends of Equestria
Logical Processors
Local Procedure Calls
Line Print Daemon
Line Printing Daemon
Lync Phone Edition
Legal Process Services
Lucent Personalized Web Assistant
Local Registry
Link-based Resource Descriptor Discovery
Load-Reduced Dual Inline Memory Module
Local Remote Procedure Call
Lync Server Control Panel
Live Slow Motion
Logical Sequence Number
Licensed Service Provider
Local Survivable Processor
Large Systems Performance Reference
Lookup Table
Mutual Authentication
Metal as a Service
Multiple Active Result Sets
Multiple Active Result Set
Multiple Active Results Sets
Microsoft BizTalk
Microsoft Baseline Configuration Analyzer
Master Business Function
Memory Controller Hubs
Mod-Cluster Management Protocol
Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions
Machine Creation Service
Managed Cloud Servers
Microsoft Cluster Service
Moorbek Computer Systeme
Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer
Message Delivery Agent
Mail Delivery Agents
Myanmar Dental Association
Microsoft Data Access Component
Message-Driven Beans
Message Driven Beans
Message Driven Bean
Message Driven Beans
Multi-Domain Certificate
Multi Domain Certificate
Memory Dump Diagnostic for Java
Master Database File
Master Data File
Multiple Device Management
Managed Dedicated Server
Mandriva Directory Server
Meta Data Store
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
Multi-Dimensional Expressions
Multi Dimensional eXpressions
Multi Dimensional Expression
Muse Elf
Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security
Microsoft Federation Gateway
Money Grabbing Trolls
Microsoft License Pack
MapPoint Location Server
Metro Mirror
Mainframe Migration Alliance
Microsoft Managment Console
Microsoft Message Queue Server
Multi-Master Replication
Multi Master Replication
Mobicents Media Server
Media Object Servers
Majority Node Set
Managed Object Browser
Multiplayer Online Game
Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services
Morning Open Thread
Maintenance Plan
Multi Player
Music Player Daemon
Microsoft Provisioning Framework
Multi Path Input Output
Multi-Processing Module
Multi-Processing Modules
Microsoft Partner Program
Media Processing Server
Mailbox Rename
Mail Rename
Media Relay Authentication Service
Memory Reference Code
Mailbox Replication Service
Maple Story
Microsoft SharePoint
Modify Service
Message Submission Agent
Managed Service Account
Managed Service Accounts
Modular Storage Array
Mail Submission Agents
Managed Service Accounts
Modular Service Container
Media Server Encryption Option
Microsoft Services for Network File System
Mail Submission Program
Microsoft Search Server
Microsoft Solutions for Security
Medien Service Untermain
Mail Tranfer Agent
Mail Transport Agents
Multi Theft Auto
Microsoft Technical Audience Contributor
Moving Target Gaming
Microsoft's Transaction Server
Microsoft Transaction Service
Microsoft Transaction Services
Multi Threaded Server
More Updates
Naukowa i Akademicka Siec Komputerowa
National Association of State Student Council Executive Directors
Nederlandse Bridge Bond
Network Boot Service
Naming Context
No Cache
Nemzeti Civil Alapprogram
Network Connectivity Assistant
North Carolina Association of Professional Process Servers
Novell Cluster Services
Novell Clustering Services
North Carolina Surplus Lines Association
Northern Collaborative Technologies
Novell Directory Access Protocol
Non-Delivery Reports
Non Delivery Report
Netscape Directory Server
Name Error
Native File Access Pack
Native File Access Protocols
Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure
New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs
Not Listed
NetWare Loadable Modules
Novell Licensing Services
Name Node
Notes Object Services
No Progress
Non Parsed Header
Next Protocol Negotiation
Netezza Performance Server
Network Policy Servers
Nested Page Tables
Nested Page Table
Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
Name Resolution Policy Table
Novell Replication Services
Nebraska Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous
Name Servers
Name Service
Name Space
Natural Selection
Natural Selection 2
Name Service Cache Daemon
Name Server Daemon
Name Server Switch
Native Structured Storage
Netscape Security Services
Novell Storage Services
Note that this
Ordem dos Advogados
Outlook Anywhere
Offline Address Book
Offline Address Books
One And Only
Open Boot PROM
Open Confirm
Output Compare 4
Open Client Adapter
Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool
Oracle Client Interface
Open Directory
Object Descriptors
On Disk Structure
Original Equipment Installer
Oracle Enterprise Linux 5
Open Enterprise Server 2
One-Boot Flash Update
Originating Identification Restriction
One In The Chamber
Oracle Linux
Oracle Linux 6
On-Line Transactional Processing
Operation Masters
Operations Master
Open Net Environment
Oracle Notification Service
Oracle Notification Server
Oracle Notification System
Out Of Memory Errors
Office Online Server
Office des Postes et Telecommunications
Object Remote Procedure Call
Object Remote Procedure Calls
Origin Server
Object Storage Daemon
Oracle Servlet Engine
Object Storage Targets
Object Table
Open Tibia
Oracle Transparent Gateway
Open Table Service
Open Tibia Server
Open Tibia Serwer
Open Tibia Servers
Oracle Type Translator
Organization Validation
Organizational Validation
Physical to Physical
Physical to Virtual
Point 2 View
Preferred Architecture
Plugable Authentication Modules
Private Certificate
Proxy Certificate
Portable Compiled Font
Professional Club Marketing Association
Personal Domain
Primary Domain Controler
Personal Developer's Edition
Parallel Database Query
Project Data Service
Parallel Data Warehouse
Parallel Data Warehousing
Performance Equations
Pool Element
Puppet Enterprise
Platform Event Paging
Private Enhanced Mail
Portal Exame de Ordem
Password Export Server
Password Export Service
Perfect Forwarding Secrecy
Portal Group
Process Global Area
Persistent Group Reservations
Proxy Granting Ticket
Pool Handle
Personal Home Pages
Platform Installer
Polling Interval
Petita i Mitjana Empresa de Catalunya
Point-In-Time Recovery
Polski Komitet Normalizacyjny
Podcasting Kit for SharePoint
Procedural language
Processor License
Performance Logs and Alerts
Physical Machine
Policy Module
Posted in Microsoft
Progressive Networks Audio
Portable Object Adaptor
Portable Object Adapters
Packet of Disconnect
Ping of Death
Pulses Per Minute
Performance Point Services
Prefix Query Format
Parallel Query Option
Persistent Reservation
Persistent Reservations
Pool Registrar
Process Resource Monitor
Passive Requestor Profile
Password Replication Policy
Project Reality Teamwork Alliance
Port Service
Privilege Service
Processor Sharing
Proxy Server
Plesk Server Administrator
Password Settings Container
Password Settings Object
Password Settings Objects
Platform Services Controller
Platform Service Controller
Primary Site Controller
Platform Support Module
Portal Structure Markup Language
Password Setting Object
Password Setting Objects
Password Settings Objects
Persistent Shared Object Model
ProLiant Support Pack
ProLiant Support Packs
ProLiant Support Packs
Persistent State Service
Primary Site Server
Process Status Structure
Post-Setup Security Updates
Pacific Standard Timezone
Permission Table
Proxy Ticket
Performance Tuning and Optimization
Pivot Table Services
Pool User
Public Updates
Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
Proxmox Virtual Environment
Player vs Monster
Player verses Player
Query Analyzer
Queue Descriptor
Quick Homepage Maker
Quick Mail Queueing Protocol
Query Optimizer
Register 2
Release 2
Recursion Available
Remote Activate
Repository Access
Resource Adapter
Redundant Array Independent Disk
Remote Administration Protocol
Resource Authorization Policies
Resource Adapters
Raid Boss
Row By Agonizing Row
Remote Boot Floppy Generator
Real-time Blackhole List
Real-time Blackhole Lists
Real-time Block List
Realtime Black List
Row-Based Replication
Replay cache
Result Cache
Read Committed Snapshot Isolation
Recursion Desired
Remote Desktop
Redundant Disk Array Controller
Remote Desktop Configuration
Remote Desktop Connection Broker
Remote Desktop Gateway
Remote Desktop License
Raw Disk Mapping
Remote Data Protocol
Remote Desktop Problem
Remote Desktop Services
Remote Desktop Servisi
Remote Desktop Web Access
Remote Desktop Web Connection
Remote File
Replicated Folder
Red Hat Advanced Server
Red Hat Compatible Kernel
Red Had Enterprise Linux
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation
Red Hat Storage
Resource Hosting Subsystem
Remote Install Services
Resource Kit
Replica Location Index
Replica Location Service
Resource List Server
Row Level Security
Relay Master
Remote Method Invokation
Remote Method Invocations
Replay Markup Language
Reverse Number Lookup
Ragnarok Online
Ran Online
Reseller Option Kit
Running Object Table
Resource Pool
Remote Procedure Calling
Remote Procedural Calls
Remote Procedural Calls
Report Page Layout
Requests Per Second
Response Policy Zone
Response Rate Limiting
Resource Records
Registry Services
Reporting Services
Resource Server
Remote Supervisor Adapter
Remote Server Administrative Tools
Remote Server Admin Tools
Remote Server Administrator Tools
Rackmount Storage Chassis
Required Support Files
Registry Size Limit
Really Small Message Broker
Remote Serial Protocol
Remote Stored Procedure
Roku Server Protocol
Relay Spam Stopper
Remote Storage Service
Remote Storage Services
Real Time Data
Real Time Loading
Real Time Services
Ready To Market
Real-Time Messaging Protocol
Real Time Media Protocol
Real Time Messaging Protocol
Real Time Messaging Protocol Tunneled
Service for User
Schema administrators
Security Advisory
Surface Area Configuration
Server Application Function
Simple Authentication Security Layer
Spam Block List
Sociedade Brasileira de Pediatria
Small Business Servers
Small Business Sever
Small Business Support
Small Business Solutions
Small Businesses
Step by Step
Server Check
Silstar com
Status Code
Site Collection Admins
Session Control Block
Single Copy Cluster
Single Copy Clusters
Slowly Change Dimension
Slowly Changing Dimension
Slowly Changing Dimensions
Server Cloud Enrollment
Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol
Simple Common Gateway Interface
Self Cleansing Intrusion Tolerance
Service Connection Points
Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism
Secure Console Server
Shared Content Store
Signaling Cipher Suite Value
Signalling Cipher Suite Value
Signed Certificate Timestamps
Server Configuration Utility
Server-Based Certificate Validation Protocol
Security Configuration Wizard
Smart Card Web Server
Spatial Data Option
Scalability Experts
Session Establishment
Shillen Elder
Single Exchange
Storage Engine
Sun Enterprise Authentication Mechanism
System Error Log
Symantec Enterprise Protection
Speech Engine Services
Skype for Business
Storage Facility Image
Societe Francaise du Radiotelephone
Simple Feature Specification
System Fault Tolerant
Shadow Groups
Survival Games
Shared Global Area
Suppress Go Ahead
Server-Gated Cryptography
Server Gated Cryptology
Server header
Source Host
Secure Hash Algoritm
Secondary Index
Snapshot Isolation
Service Integration Bus
Speed is King
System Integrity Monitor
Single Instance Storage
Session Key
Shillen Knight
Second-Level Address Translation
Single Label Domain
Styled Layer Descriptor
Styled Layer Descriptors
Styled Layer Description
Style Layer Descriptor
Styled Layer Descriptors
SharePoint Learning Kit
Server Messaging Block
Session Message Block
Service Master Key
Server Management Licenses
Symmetric Multi-Threading
Symmetric Multi Threading
Simple Mail Tranfer Protocol
Short Name
Source Name
Subject Name
Server Name Identification
Server Name Indication
Server Name Indicator
Service Orgs
Stalker Online
State of Authority
Simple Object Access Protocols
Simple Object Access Protokol
Standard Object Access Protocol
Service-Oriented Database Architecture
Scroll of Escape
Scale-Out File Server
Scale Out File Server
Stan's Own Server
Select Processes
Server Pool
Service Packs
Service Plan
Shared Pool
Starting Point
Stored Procedures
Support Processor
System Platform
Server Pack 2
Service Pack 4
Secure Password Authentification
Server Performance Advisor
Stored Procedure Builder
Scalable Performance Data
System Policy Editor
Secure Parameter Filter
Sender Protection Framework
Signed Public Key and Challenge
Stored Procedure Language
Stored Procedural Language
Standard Port Monitor
Server Principal Name
Service Principal Name
Service Principal Names
Service Principle Name
Service Principle Names
Service Principal Names
Service Principle Names
Support Pack for ProLiant
Scalability Port Switch
Service Packs
Service Provisioning System
Stored Procedures
Sequential Query Language
Server Query Language
Simple Query Language
Sequential Read
Session Reliability
Storage Repository
Synchronized Replication
Student-Run Computing Facility
Simple Railroad Command Protocol
System Resource Manager
Secure Remote Protocol
Security Rollup Package
Service Routing Protocol
Shortest Remaining Processing Time
Storage Repositories
Secure Real-Time Protocol
Secure Real Time Protocol
Support Repository Updates
Shared Secret
Smart Storage Administrator
Secure Searchable Automated Remote Email Storage
Symantec System Center
Support Software Diskette
Server-Sent Events
Server Sent Events
Security Strength Factor
See server-side include
Server-side includes
Server-Side Include
Single-System Image
Single System Image
Server-side includes
Server Side Includes
SQL Server Integration Services
SQL Server Intergration Services
Secure-Socket Layer
Secured Socket Layer
Secured Sockets Layer
Secured Socket Layers
Secure Socket Layers
Secure Socket Layering
Secure Sockets Layers
Secure Sockets Level
Secure Sockets Layering
Server Server Location
Secure Socket Layer 3
Specialized Security Limited Functionality
Shared Storage Option
Single Signe On
Single Sing-On
Security Service Provider
Shared Service Provider
Shared Services Provider
Shared Services Providers
Shared Service Providers
Share Service Provider
System Service Processor
System Security Services
Security Service Provider Interface
Shared Service Providers
Shared Services Providers
Server-Side-Request Forgery
Server Side Request Forgery
Secure Store Service
Secure Store Services
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol
Secure Sockets Tunneling Protocol
Secure Socket Tunnel Protocol
Service Ticket
Secure Ticket Authority
Secure Ticketing Authority
Security Token Server
SharePoint Team Services
Steam Translation Server
Security Update Manager
Smart Update Manager
System Update Package
Shell Update Release
Server Under Test
Storage Virtualization
Storage Volumes
Security Virtual Appliance
Table 2
Trust Association Interceptor
The Burning Crusade
Transient Data
Transparent Data Encryption
Transparent Database Encryption
Time Differential Factor
Technical Decision Maker
Trusted Domain Object
Tag Data Translation
Team Explorer
Transaction End
Team Explorer Everywhere
Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
Tivoli Enterprise Portal
Team Fortress Classic
Team Foundation Client
Team Foundation Services
Team Foundation Sever
Thank for sharing
thanks for share
Trivial File Transfer Protocol Daemon
Ticket-Granting Server
Ticket Granting Server
Ticket Granting Service
Ticket Granting Tickets
Ticket to Get Tickets
The Hackers Choice
The Hemp Connection
Transaction Integrator
Telephony Interface Manager
Turn It Off
Time Limit
Tag Library Definition
The Linux Documentation Project
Test Lab Guide
Test Lab Guides
Test Lab Guides
Top Level Hierarchy
Transport-Layer Security
Transport Level Security
Transport Layer Security / Secure Sockets Layer
Tiled Map Services
The Next Level
The Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique
Time of Day
Tales of Pirates
Team Project
The process
This parameter
Technical Preview 2
Technical Preview 3
Technical Preview 4
Team Project Collection
Transaction-Processing Performance Council
Transaction Performance Council
Transaction Processing Performance Council
Team Project Collections
Tracking Profile Editor
Trading Partner Management
Transaction Per Minute
Transaction Per Second
Tested Reference Configuration
Topic Related Searching
Team Speak
Terminal Service
Terminal Services Edition
the Service
The Specialists
Total Sessions
Tivoli System Automation
Terminal Services Advanced Client
Terminal Services Client
Terminal Services Gateway
Trustix Secure Linux
Temporary Table
Tracking Table
Two-Task Common
Time to First Byte
Time to Last Byte
Travian Troops Tools
Trouble in Terrorist Town
Transaction User
User Agents
User Agent Client
User Agent Clients
User Agent Clients
User Agent Server
User Agent Servers
User Agent Servers
User-Defined Aggregates
Universal Developer's Edition
User-Defined Functions
User Defined Function
User Define Function
User Defined Functions
User-Defined Functions
Unix domain socket
Unix Domain Sockets
User-defined Type
User-defined Data Type
User-Defined Types
User Defined Types
User Defined Types
user defined Table Type
Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 2
User Friendly Name
Unified File and Object
Upload from your mobile
User Global Area
User Mode Scheduler
Ultima Online
User Process
Universal Printer Driver
User Profile Disks
User Profile Disk
User Profile Disks
Universidade de Passo Fundo
Universal Principal Name
User Principle Name
User Principal Names
Universal Print Server
User Profile Synchronization Service
Universal Restore
Update Rollup
Update Rollup 2
Update Rollup 8
Update Rollup 9
Uniform Resource Indicator
Uniform Resource Indentifiers
Uniform Resource Identifiers
Uniform Resource Indicators
Uniform Resource Locators
Universal Routing Server
Unique Sequence Number
Update Sequence Numbers
Upload Speed Sense
Unterbrechungsfreie Strom-Versorgung
Univerzita Tomáše Bati
Virtual Appliance Management Infrastructure
Vignette Application Portal
Virtual Address Space
Virtual Block Device
Virtual Block Devices
Vouch By Reference
Varnish Configuration Language
Virtual Computer Object
Virtual Disk Images
Voice Enabler
Virtual Fibre Channel
Virtual Hard Disks
Virtualization Infrastructure Driver
Virtual Load Balancer
Virtual Log Files
Virtual Machine Configuration
Virtual Machine Component Protection
Virtual Machines
Virtual Machine Remote Console
Virtual Machine Storage
Virtual Machine Suspended State
Virtual Organization Membership Service
Virtual Processors
Virtual Private Server
Virtual Private Servers
Virtual Private Servers
Virtual Server Agent
Virtualization Service Client
Virtual Processors
Vendor-Specific Attribute
Vendor-Specific Attributes
Vendor-Specific Attributes
Vendor Specific Attributes
Virtual Storage Appliances
Virtual Storage Console
Veritas Storage Foundation
Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon
Virtualization Service Provider
Virtual Service Provider
Virtual Service Providers
Virtualization Service Providers
Volume Shadow Service
Volume Shadowcopy Service
Volume Shadow-copy Service
Volume Shadowcopy Services
Visual Studio Team Foundation
Virtual Table Server
Windows Authentication
Web Application Companion
Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit
Windows Automated Install Kit
Windows Automation Installation Kit
Write-Ahead Logging
Write Ahead Logging
Web Application Proxy
WebSphere App Server
Windows Activation Services
Windows Azure Storage Blobs
Web Capacity Analysis Tool
Web Coverage Service
Web Coverage Services
Web Coverage Server
Websphere Commerce Server
Windows Failover Cluster
Web Farm Framework
Web Feature Server
Web Feature Services
Web Feature Servers
Web Features Service
Web Hosting Canada
Web Hosting Manager
Web Interface
Windows Integrated Authentication
Windows Internal Database
Windows Identity Framework
Work Item Template
Work Item Tracking
Work Item Web Access
Well-Known Binary
Well-Known Services
Well-Known Service
Well Known Service
Web Map Context
Wireless Markup Language Script
Web Mapping Services
Web Mapping Server
Windows Media Services
Windows Media Server
Web Map Tiled Service
Web Map Tile Service
Web Map Tile Services
Web Map Tiling Service
Wodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe
World of Tanks Statistics
Web Proxy Auto-Discovery
Web Proxy Auto Discovery
Web Proxy Auto Detect
Web Proxy Auto Detection
Web Platform Installer
Web Processing Service
Web Protection Service
Web Publishing Wizard
Windows Resource Kit
WebLogic Server
Web Servers
Whois Server
Web Services Deployment Descriptor
Web Service Extension
Windows Server Essentials
Workgroup Server Edition
Web Service Meta Language
Web Services Meta Language
Web Service Proxy
Web Service Providers
Web Services
Windows Storage Server
Windows SharePoint Service
Windows Server Updates Services
Execution Disable
eXtensible Server Pages
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
eXtended Server Side Includes
Yet Another Minecraft Server
Yet Another Proxy Hunter
Yellow-dog Updater and Modifier
Zimbra Collaboration Suite
Zope Enterprise Objects
Zone-Signing Key
Zone Signing Keys
Zone Signing Keys