Popular Service acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Accumulator Register
Address field
Application Layer
Application Layer Service
Archive Library
Hypertext Anchor
Arts and Entertainment Network
Additions and Modifications
Architecture & Transport
Analog to Analog
Analog to Digital
Analogue-to Digital
Actual Operators to Final Operators
Authentication key
A-field MAP
Actual Operators to Required Operators
ASE Service Alteration Element
ASE Service Notification Element
Advanced Time Division Multiple Access
A-wire of the two wire PSTN line
Air Conditioning
American Water Works Association
Automated Teller Machine
Analog to Analog
Analog / Digital
Analog to Digital to Analog
Actual to Estimated
Additional Outlet
Auto PC
Alternate Route
Alarm, Status, and Control
Access System
Analog Tie Trunk
a-wire connection at the terminal equipment input port
a-wire connection at the output port of a series-connected terminal equipment
All Ones
Encryption Algorithm A5
Encryption Algorithm A5
Algorithm A8
Ability Answer
Access Agent
Ad Astra
Alternate Addressing
Application Assistant
Assessment Area
ATM Adaptor
Audit Analytics
Authentication and Authorisation
ATM Adaptor, Type 1
Authentication, Authorization, Administration
Automated Acquisition Access
Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists
Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services
Auto Answer Back
Automatic Alternative Billing
Automatic Answerback
AMA Alternate Billing Number
Automated Alternate Billing Service
Automated Alternate Billing Service Plus
Advanced Audio Codec
Application Access Conditions
Air and Airways Communication System
Analog Alignment Disk
Azure Active Directory
ATM Adaptation Entity
Auxiliary Access Equipment
Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms
Alarm/Action Indicator
American Agricultural Insurance Company
Answer Agent Key
Analog PSTN Access Line
ATM Adaptive Layer
ATM Adaptation Layer 1
ATM Adaptation Layer 2
ATM Adaptation Layer 3
ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4
ATM Adaptation Layer 4
ATM Adaptation Layer 5
ATM Adaptation Layer 1
ATM Adaptation Layer 2
ATM Adaptation Layer 3
ATM Adaptation Layer 4
ATM Adaptation Layer 5
Azure Authentication Library
AAL Composite User
ATM Adaptation Layer 5 Composite User
AAL Management
AAL Management Entity
ATM Adaptation Layer Parameters
ATM Access Node
Auto Answer
Alternate Access Provider
Atomic Action Protocol
Attribute Acceptance Policy
Applet Application Programming Interface
Association of Australian Port and Marine Authorities
A-Associate Response
A-ASSOCIATE response/confirm
A-ASSOCIATE request/indication
Abbreviated Address Signal
Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens
Agent Architecture Team
Automatic Answer Trunk
Automation of Analysis Tools
Availability Analysis Tool
Away Across The Pond
Advanced Audio Package
Automatic Answering Unit
Agile Autonomous Vehicle
ATM Adaptor, Type x
Abbreviated Business Group Extension Number
Affected By
Auto Body
Automated Bibliography
Postal code for Alberta
Additional Buffer Allocation
American Banks Association
Aggregate Building Block
Assea Brown Boveri
Average Bouncing Busy Hour
Automatic Board-to-Board Testing
Advanced Behavioral Counseling
Alcatel Business Communication
Answer-Back Code
ATM Bus Controller
Auto Billing Calling
Automatic Background Control
Automatic Bass Control
Automatic Business Connections
AB Control Block
ATM Broadband Control Element
Automatic Bridged Call Exclusion
Automatic Bridged Call Exclusion Access Codes
Automatic Bridged Call Exclusion Toggle Access Code
AMA Business Customer ID
Abbreviated Dialing
Acute Behavioural Disorder
Average Business Day
Automated Bilingual Directory Assistance
A/B Trunk Data Block
Arctic Biodiversity Data Service
Aggregate Business Entities
Audited Build Executor
Activity-Based Funding
American Burglary & Fire
Application By Form
Arkansas Best Freight
ABCD Bit Handler
Average Busy Hour
Agri-Business Insurance Services
Area Business Listing
Australian Business Limited
Automatic Business Listing
Access Bandwidth Manager
ATM Buffer Manager
Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board
Advance Beneficiary Notices
Advanced Beneficiary Notices
Advance Beneficiary Notices
Augmented BNF
Add Bridged Night Number
Automatic Build-Out
A-bis Operations and Maintenance
Associated Baptist Press
Answer/Bid Ratio
American Bio-Recovery Association
A-ABORT request/indication
Absolute Value
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene copolymer
Alarm Battery Supply
All Business Solutions
Alternate Billing System
ATM Bearer Service
Authorized Bearer Services
Automatic Balance Selection
Automated Broadband Surveillance System
ATM Block Transfer
ATM Block Transfer with Delayed Transmission
ATM Block Transfer with Immediate Transmission
Advisory Board on Technical Trends
Assistance by Way of Representation
Accepting contact
ACceptor control
Access Connection
Access Class
Access Control, or Alternating Current, or Authentication Center
Access Customer
Acknowledged Connectionless
Action Coordinator
Administration Centre
Advocacy Center
Agent Command
Airports Commission
Announcement Controller
Answer Complete
Answered Calls Only
Application Continuity
Assignment Channel
Audio Conferencing
Authentications Centre
Authorization Center
Authorization Code
Auto Configuration
Automatic Callback
Automatic Control
Awaiting Connection
Audio Coding Revision 3
Automatic Callback/Any Designated Call
Advanced Computer Application
American Correction Association
American Collectors Association
Area Coverage Analysis
Authorization Code Assurance
Automated Cable Analysis
Air Carriers Access Act
Advanced Common Application Platform
Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme
Advisory Council for Applied Research and Development
Access Charge Analysis System
Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service
Advisory Committee on Advance Television Service
Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Systems
Access Barred message
ACcess Barred signal
Account Code Billing
Address Control Block
Automatic Callback
ISDN Automatic Callback
Automatic Callback Activate
Automatic Callback/Automatic Recall
Automatic Callback Active/Inactive Status
Automatic Callback Access Codes
Automatic Callback Billing Records
Automatic Callback Business Group
Automated Component Based Development
Automatic Callback Deactivate
Automatic Callback Intra-Switch Only
Automatic Callback Maximum Allowed
Automatic Callback Toggle
Automatic Callback Timer 1
Automatic Callback Timer 3
Automatic Callback Timer 4
Automatic Callback Timer 5
Automatic Callback Type
Automatic Callback Toggle Access Code
Access Code
Access Node
Access Control
Accident Compensation Corporation
Accident Compensation Commission
Account Code
Active Customer Care
Adaptive Channel Control
Analog Control Channel
Address Complete Coin
Air China Cargo
Analysis Center Coordinator
Anonymous Credit Card
ANSI C++ Compiler
Association for Clinical Cytogenetics
Augmented ClearCase
Australian CCITT Committee
Automated Calling Card
Automated Credit Card
Automatic Congestion Control Information message
Automotive Credit Corporation
Air Conditioner Contractors of America
Air Courier Conference of America
Alaska Center for Children and Adults
All-Channel Concentric Allocation
Alternate Credit Card Account Number
ANI/Coin Control Block
Account Code Digits
Address or Command Collection Dialog
Access Delivery Information
Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International
Attendant-Extended Calls to Call Forwarding Busy
Attendant-Extended Calls to Call Forwarding No Answer
Association of County Commissioners of Georgia
Asynchonous Control Character Map
Access Mode
Alternate Credit Card Number
Access Overload Class
Automated Calling Card System
Automatic Calling Card Service
ACCes Time
Account Codes
Association of Counseling Center Training Agencies
Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women
Accumulated Connection Delay
Active Call Dialog
Adobe Capture Document
Agent Command Dictionary
Alarm Control and Display
Association for Children with Disability
Automatic Call Distributing
Automatic Call Distribution Base
Automatic Cash Dispenser
Average Call Duration
Average Call Distance
Automatic Call Distributor-Electronic Switching System
Automatic Call Distribution Management Information System
Automatic Call Distribution Management Information System
Agent Command Database
Alabama Council for Developmental Disabilities
Automatic Call Distribution Directory Number
Arizona Commission for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing
ACD Management Reports
Automatic Call Distribution Not-Ready
Automated Call Distributors
ACD Real Time Display
Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service
A-Interface Control Element
Advanced Computer Environment
Access-Control Entry
Accreditation for Cardiovascular Excellence
Accredited Center of Excellence
Achievement in Catering Excellence
Advanced Coding Efficiency
Adverse Channel Enhancements
Application Connection Element
Application Creation Environment
Assessment and Conversion Environment
Assistant Chief Executive
Asynchronous Communication Element
ATM Crossbar Element
Audio Compression/Expansion
Automated Cable Expertise
Automatic Cable Expertise
Automatic Crossconnect Equipment
Auxiliary Control Element
Advisory Committee on EMC
Attendant Console End-to-End Signaling
Alternating Current Equipment Ground
Adaptive CELP
Algebraic Codebook-Excited Linear Prediction
Access Certificates for Electronic Services
Agency Consolidated End-User Services
Agency Consolidated End-User Service
Aerial Capture, Eradication and Tagging of Animals
Aerial Capture, Eradication, and Tagging of Animals
Access Configuration File
Active Component Framework
Admission Confirm
Admission Confirmation
Advanced Collaborative Filtering
Advanced Communications Facility
Authentication Control Function
Auto-Correlation Function
Advanced Communication Function for the Network Control Program
Advanced Communication Function for the VTAM
Alternative Current Field Measurement
Adjacent Charging Group
Agent Command Generator
Assistant Comptroller General
Automatic Call Gap
Automatic Call Gapping
Additional Calling Party Number
Adult Care Home
Attempts Per Circuit Per Hour
AMA Chargeable End
Application Channel Interface
Average Call Handling Times
Access-interface Channel Identifier
Additional Call Information message
Adjacent Channel Interference
Air Cargo Inc
Ameritech Communications, Inc.
Application Context Identifier
Area of Common Interest
Asphalt Contractors Inc
AT&T Communications Customer Interface
AT&T Communications ISDN
Automatic Call Identification
Automatic Channel Installation
Access Control Inner Area
Access Indentifier
Application Context ID
Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability
Association of Independent Scientific, Engineering and Testing Firms
Advisory Committee on Information Technology Standardization
Anglican Church of Kenya
Positive/Negative ACKnowledgement
Application Call Leg
Applications Connection-Less
Asynchronous Connection Language
Automatic Congestion Level
Access Control Machine
Access Control Mechanism
Accumulated Call Meter
Active Call Model
Adjunct Call Model
Architecture Capture Method
Array Class Manager
Anchored Constant Modulus Algorithm
Atlantic Cable Maintenance Agreement
African Center of Meteorological Applications for Development
Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance
Automatic Customer Message Outputting System
Adobe Connect Managed Services
Advanced Call Management Services
Apple Certified Mac Technician
ACount Number
Actual Carrier Number
Air Cargo Netherlands
ATM Carrier Networks
Automatic Customer Name and Address
ATM Carrier Network Services
Attendant Console Night Service
Accounting Control Office
Attendant Console Camp-On
Audible Cutoff
Augmented Channel Occupancy
Additional Call Offering- Restricted
Additional Call Offering- Unrestricted
Additional Call Offering Billing Records
Access Code Digits
Advance Circuit Order and Layout Information
Attendant Console Operational Measurements
Additional Connected Party Number
Additional Call Offering- Restricted
Additional Call Offering- Unrestricted
Additional Call Offering Unconditional
Advisory Committee on Safety
IEC Advisory Committee on Safety
Analog Central Office Terminal
Adjunct Call Processing
Advanced Communications Protocol
Alarm Control Process
Anywhere Call Pick-Up
Application Change Package
Application Circuit Pack
Architecture Control Process
Association of Child Psychotherapists
Authorization Code Prefix
Authorized Contractor Program
Automatic Circuit Provisioning
Auxiliary Communications Processor
Aviation Continuation Pay
Application Call Processing Engine
Allen County Public Library
Additional Called Party Number
Automated Charge Quotation Service
Absolute Category Rating
Access Charge Recording
Account Code Required
AC Voltage On Ring
Adaptive Controlled Routing
Aggregate CND Recording
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Allowed Current Rate
Alternate Carrier Routing
Anonymous Call Rejection
Automatic Call Routing
Anonymous Call Rejection Active/Inactive Status
Anonymous Call Rejection Billing Records
Authorization and Call Routing Equipment
Any Concise Rendering of Obfuscatory Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics
Anonymous Call Rejection Restricted Control
Australian Cabler Registration Service
Administrative CRT
Advanced Cathode Ray Tube Controller
Address Change Service
Address Correction Service
Adolescent Counseling Services
Advanced Cellular System
Advanced Chemical Synthesis
Advanced Collection Services
Air Charter Services
Air Conditioning Systems
Air Conditioning Services
Air Conditioning Service
Alaska Communication Systems
Arizona Computer Services
Assertion Consumer Service
Association Connection Segment
ATM Circuit Steering
ATM Core Switch
Automatic Configuration Service
Automated Conveying Systems
Automatic Call Setup
Automatic Call Back/Recall
Automobile Consumer Services
Access Control Specific Area
Australian Custodial Services Association
Amplitude Companded Single Side Band
Automatic Calling Station Identification
Amplitude-Compounded Single-SideBand modulation
Abstract Conformance Test
Access Code Translations
AC Voltage On Tip
Advance Catastrophe Technologies
Air Cargo Terminal
Applied Card Technologies
Applied Computerized Telephony
Architecture Capture Team
Ask the Contractor Teleconferences
Asynchronous Communication Tree
Audiographic Teleconference Terminal
Adaptive-Cycle Tunable-Access
American Carriers Telecommunication Association
Alliance of Computer-Based Telephony Applications Suppliers
Advisory Committee for Terminal Equipment
Approval Committee for Terminal Equipment
Approvals Committee for Telecommunications Equipment
Action Identifier
Activity Identifier
Active Logical Unit
Active Physical Unit
Addison County Transit Resources
Automatic Call Type Recognition
Automated Coin Telephone Service
Automatic Circuit Test System
Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago
Advanced Communication and Timekeeping Technology
Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit
Advanced Compatible TeleVision
Acknowledgement signal unit
Antenna Coupling Unit
Airport Common Use Service
Association of College and University Telecommunications Administrators
Air Compassion for Veterans
Annualized Contract Value
Automobil-Club Verkehr
Adams County Volunteer Emergency Services Association
Address Code Word
After Call Work
Administration on Children Youth and Families
Administration for Children Youth and Families
Abbreviated Dialing
Accidental Damage
Addendum Document to an OSI standard
Application Dispatch
Architecture Defined
Architecture Designed
Area Director
Assembly Drawing
Autonomous Circuit-Mode Data
Awaiting Disconnect
ISO country code for Principality of Andorra
Administrative Back-End Services
Advertising-Digital Interface
Add Authcode
Administration Agent
Advanced Directory Assistance
Aldus Developer's Association
American Disabilities Association
American for Disabilities Act
AutoDirectional Antenna
ADA Accessibility Guidelines
Automatic Directory Assistance Call Completion
Automatic Directory Assistance Call Completion with Alternate Billing
Advanced Digital Audio Interface
Active Directory Application Mode
Adaptive Profile
Adaptive Digital Access Protocol
Ada-Based DARTS
Abu Dhabi Airport Services
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services
Automated Directory Assistance Service
Automated Directory Assistance Service Plus
Automated Directory Assistance System Plus
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Center
Advanced Digital Broadcast
Alarm Detector Base
Axis Data Binding
Access Data Base System
Address Code
Address Complete
ADdress complete, Charge
Address Complete, Charge signal
Add with Carry
Administration Center
Advanced Data Controller
Applied Data Communications
Area Distribution Center
Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
Army Data Center Consolidation Plan
Association of Dive Contractors International
Automated Data Changes Process
Add line to existing hunt group
Agent Data Decoupling
Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development
Add/Change Packet Handler Options
Application Data Delivery Service
Attribute Design Database System
Automatic Direct Dialing System
Advanced Development Environment
Automatic Design Engineering
Analysis Data Extraction and Performance Tool
Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School
Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School
Access Data Function
Adaptive Digital Filter
ADdress Field
Affected Destination Field
Agent Data Framework
AMA Data File
Application Data File
Authentication Data Function
Auxiliary Distribution Frame
Azure Data Factory
Action Data Flow Diagram
Advanced Diploma of Financial Services
Advisory Group on Data Transmissions
Accidental Damage from Handling
Accidental Damage Handling
Ad Hoc Authentication Group
Address Incomplete message
ADdress Incomplete signal
Advanced Diagnostic Imaging
Analog Devices Inc.
Asset Distribution Interface
Asynchronous Digital Interface
Automatic Deactivation Indication
Automatic Deactivation Indicator
Australian Drilling Industry Association
Adolescent Drug Involvement Scale
Agence pour la Diffusion de l'Information Technologique
Applications Development Kit
Abbreviated Dialing
Abbreviated Dialing List
Address Data Latch
ADSL without underlying POTS or ISDN
All Digital Loop
Animation Description Language
Automatic Determination of Location
Automatic Door Lock
Advanced Data Link Control
Automatic Determination of Location and Guidance
Adaptive Data Multiplexing
Add-Drop Multiplexer
Add/Drop Multiplexing
Add/Drop Multiplex
Add-on Data Module
ADMinistrative department
Administrative Management Domain
Agent Data Model
Amazon Device Messaging
Amplitude Division Multiple Access
ADSI Data Message Format
Alabama Department of Mental Health
Abbreviated Dialling Number
ADdress complete, No charge
Address Complete, No-charge signal
Ama Dnic
Add Option
Add Order
Asynchronous Data Option
Accidental Damage Protection
Adaptation Sublayer
Admiralty Digital Publications
Answer Detection Pattern
Aéroport de Paris
d'Aéroports de Paris
Automated Data Processing And Communication Service
Automatic Data Processing Center
Adaptive Delta-PCM
Adaptive Differential Pulse Coded Modulation
Adaptive Differential PCM
Asosiasi Dana Pensiun Indonesia
ADaPTor, ADaPTer
Almost Differential Quasi-ternary
Abbreviated and Delayed Ringing
Adaptive Routing
Additional Documentation Request
Advanced Design Research
Aeroporti di Roma
Application-Dependent Route
Availability Data Report
Aging and Disability Resources for Colorado
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Active Double Star
Addiction Dependency Solutions
Address Screening
Administration and Data Server
Airborne Data Services
Agent Distributor Service
Announcement/Detection Subsystem
Any Digital Switch
Application Developer's Seat
ASIC Design System
Asynchronous Data
ATM Distributed Switch
Audiogram Delivery Service
Austrian Digital Switch
Austrian DMS System
Automatic Data Set
Audio Stream Handler
Active Directory Services Interfaces
Advanced Display Services Interface
Analogue Display Services Interface
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop
ADSL Forum
Active Duty Service Members
American Defense Service Medal
Active Duty Service Members
Apple Datastream Protocol
Automatic Dead System Recovery
Access for Windows Developer's Toolkit
Advanced Display Technology
Asynchronous Data Teleservice
Asynchronous Data Terminal Equipment
Audit Driver Task
Automatic Data Transmission
Automatic Deactivation Threshold
Automatic Deactivation Threshold Exceeded
Austrian Digital Trunk Controller
ACR Decrease Time Factor
Automated Data and Telecommunication Service
Automatic Data Test System
Automatic Digital Transmission System
Advanced Digital Television
Accumulation and Distribution Unit
Anesthesia Delivery Unit
Alternatives to Domestic Violence
Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs
Aid in Design Verification for IC Engineering
Adaptive Delta Modulation Voice Modem
Aerial Distribution Wire
Analysis and Design Workstations
Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services
Active Digital Cross-Connect
Address Complete, Coin-Box signal
Automatic Exchange
Acceptor Error
Address Extension
Applications Environment
Automatic Electric Co.
Automation Environment
ISO country code for United Arab Emirates
Ambulance Emergency Assistant
Acoustic Echo Controller
Acoustic Echo Canceller
Address Element Correction
Army Education Centre
Alternate Exchange Carrier
b-wire of the two wire PSTN line
Bi-directionally predicted
Billing and Collections
Broadband Bearer Capability
Broadband Bearer Channel Connection
Broadcasting Broadcast/Unknown Server
Broadband Computer-Telephony Integration
Backbone Data Communication Network
Broadband Digital Cross-connect System
Broadband High Layer Information
Broadband High Layer Identifier
BISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
Broad band Inter-Carrier Interface
Broadband ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
Bell-Independent Relations
Broad band Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband PISN
Broadband QSIG
Bidirectional Logical Channel Signalling Entity
Broadband Lower Layer Information
Broadband Local Management Interface
Broadband-Locking Shift
Broadnand-Non-Locking Shift
B-field MAP
Broadband Network Termination Equipment
Broadband Network Termination- Type 1
Broadband Network Termination- Type 2
Broadband Passive Optical Network
Broadband-Repeat Indicator
Broadband-Sending Complete
Broadcasts Short Message Service
Broadband SSP
Broadband STP
Battery and Ground
Bits Per Second
b-wire connection at the TE input line
b-wire connection at the output port of a series-connected TE
Business to Business to Customer
Bipolar with 3 Zeros Substitution
Bipolar with 6 Zeros Substitution
Bipolar with 8 Zeros Substitution
Bipolar violations every 8th pulse, Return to Zero
Asynchronous Balanced Mode
Basic Algorithm
Behavioral Aggregate
Bridger Amplifier
Broadcast Control CHannel Allocation
Buffer Allocation
Bus Arbitration
Business Administrator
ISO country code for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Backup as a Service
Basic Automation Board
Balanced Asynchronous Class
Billing and Collection
Block-Acknowledged Counter
Buffer Address Counter
Bus Access Circuit
Bus Access Controller
Basic Automatic Call Distribution
British Association of Cleaning in Higher Education
Bank ACount Number
Bankers Automated Clearing Service
Advisory Committee on Telecommunications of Small Businesses
BRI Agent Decoupling
Bellcore AMA Format
Broadband Access Facilities
Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen
Circuit Group Blocking Acknowledge message
Bay Area Gigabit Network
Broadband Adaptive Homing Asynchronous Transfer Mode Architecture
Board Accredited Investigator
Border Area Indicator
Backup File
BAtch Length
Bearer Channel Allocate
Burst Admission Based on Load and Interference
Basic Access Method
Bell Atlantic Mobile
Biconic Connector
Block Allocating Map
Beacon-Assisted Multiple Access
Bidirectional Asymmetric Multipoint-to-Multipoint
Bank of America Merchant Services
Bipolar Analog CMOS
OUTWATS Band Numbers
BAND Interexchange Carrier
Benefits Administration Outsourcing
Basic Assembler Program
Business Affiliate Program
Barcelona-Pisa Italy submarine cable
Barcelona-Genoa submarine cable
Barcelona-Rome submarine cable
Bidirectional Asymmetric Point-to-Multipoint
Bundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation
Bearing and Power Transfer Assembly
Basic Algorithm with Reassignment
ETSI SAGE standard encryption algorithm for audiovisual services
BARRier Injection and Transit time diode
Basic Automatic Route Selection
Base Layer
Bearer Channel Associate
Bit Allocation Signal
Bit Rate Allocation Signal
Book of Alternative Services
Broadcast Auxiliary Service
Building Agents Supporting Adaptive Retrieval
Base Layer
Basic ASE
Broadband ATM/STM Electrical dual bus
Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
British Agrochemical Standards Inspection Scheme
Built-in Assembler
Block-Acknowledged Sequence Number
Basic Session Service
Bandwidth Allocation Threshold
Bearer Channel Attribute
Bell Atlantic
Billing Architecture Team
BRI Architecture Team
Block Address Translation
Block Address Translation Cache
Baseband Adaptive Transversal Equalizer
Bipolar Analog Telecommunications Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Bipolar Analog Telephony CMOS
Bit Access Test System
Bulk Acoustic Wave
Broadband DACS
ISO country code for Barbados
Broadband Access
Bearer Channel Break Connection
Bjarne's Better C
Broadband Coupler
Broadcast Bearer Control
Bucket-Brigade Device
Blue Box Fraud
Basic Business Group
Basic Business Group Identifier
ISDN Basic Business Group
Basic Business Group Name
Basic Business Group Number
Basic Business Group, Subgroup
BBG Intercom Number
Basic Business Group Dialing Plan
BBG Digit Collection, Translations, and Routing
Begin Bracket Indicator
Beginning of BIU
Backbone Leg
Bandwidth Balancing Mechanism
Browser Based Nigeria
Broadband Optical Network Interface
Binary Backoff Procedure
Belize Bureau of Standards
Basic Bearer State Machine
Board to Board Testing
BroadBand Technologies
Broadband Task Group
Baseband Unit
Backward Congestion Indicator
Banking Contact
Bar Code
Bearer Controller
Batch Counter
Bearer Channel
Bell Canada
Billing Collector
Binary Checksum
Binding Component
Bon de Commande
Business Centre
Buyer's Contract
Committed Burst Size
Postal code for British Columbia
Borland C++
Borland C++ 4.0
Borland C++ 4.5
Borland C++ 5.0
Borland C++ 5.0
Backwards-Compatible Broadcast Services
B-Channel Availability
Basic Coverage Area
Building Condition Assessment
Building Condition Assessments
Building Consent Authority
Bearer Control Agent Function
Borland C++ Add-on for Java
Basic Coin Access Line
Basic EKTS Call Appearance
Bearer Capability
Borland C++ Builder
Base Station Color Code
Base transceiver station Colour Code
Battery Charge Controller
Bearer Connection Component
Bearer Connection Control
Bellcore Client Company
Bit Character Count
Block-Completed Counter
Blocked Calls Cleared
Bluetooth Control Center
Bucks County Council
Bulk-Channel Charge-Coupled Device
Broadcast Channel
Bell Canada Circuit Inventory System
BUNI Command and Control Message Set
Business Customer Communications Switching Study
Binary Coded Digits
Binary Coded Decimal/Binary
Booked Call Database
Binary Coded Decimal/Quaternary
Bellcore Corporate Data Contract
Base Station Control Equipment
Bridged Call Exclusion
Bridged Call Exclusion Activate
Bridged Call Exclusion Toggle
Bridged Call Exclusion Type
Bridged Call Exclusion for Analog Member of EKTS
Bridged Call Exclusion Deactivate
Bandwidth Change Confirmation
Bandwidth Confirm
Burst Control Function
Bearer Control Function
Bridge Control Facility
Bell Communications Group
Broadband Content Guide
Business Communication Group Digits
Bearer Channel
Bids per Circuit per Hour
Bose, Chaudhuri, and Hocquengham
Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenguem
Traffic channel
Backward Call Indicators
Backward Congestion Indication
Bearer Control Identifier
Bearer Channel Identifier
Begin Chain Indicator
Bit Count Integrity
BroadCast Interference
Buck Consultants International
Billing Correlation Identifier
Base ConLan
Broadcast Listener
Bulk Calling Line Identification
Buffer of Copies of Local Packets
B-Channel Manager
Basic Call Manager
Basic Call Model
Bearer Channel Manager
Bell Cablemedia
Benchmark Cost Model
Binary Coded Matrix
Bit-Compression Multiplexer
Buried Coarctate Mesastructure
B-Channel Common Maintainable Resource Aggregate
Bearer Channel Manager Surrogate
Bearer Capability Not Implemented
Basic Call Network Service Participant
B-Channel Observer
Battery Cut-Off
Borrow with Channel Ordering
Broadband Connection Oriented Bearer
Bearer Capabilities Per OE/DN
BCO with Reassignment
Business Class of Service
Basic Call Participant
Billable Calls Per Hour
Book of Common Prayer
Barker Code Position Modulation
Board of Certification for Professional Organizers
Bearer Channel Rate
Bearer Channel Resource
Bell Communications Research
Block Coding Rate
Branch Condition Register
Business Communications Review
Byte Count Register
Community Bureau of Reference
Bell Customer Records Information System
B-channel Circuit-Switched
Basic Coding Structure
Bearer Channel Server
Bearer Channel Surrogate
Binding Components
Block Control Signal
Boundary Control Stabilization
Branch if Carry set
Bulk Change Software
Bulk Change Supplement
Bus Control System
Business Career Services
Business Communication System
Business Critical Support
Binary Compatibility Specification-1
Banking Code Standards Board
Business Customer Service Center
BCS Monitor
Block-Completed Sequence Number
Bank of Charles Town
Business Communications Terminal
Business Cordless Telecommunications system
Business Cordless Telephone
Basic Call Transfer Protocol
Buffer of Copies of Transit Packets
Broadcasting and Communications Technology Satellite
Bilateral Closed User Group
Bilateral Closed User Group with Outgoing access
Basic Call-Unrelated Process
Basic Call User Service Participant
Basic Call View
BasiC Virtual Terminal
Borland C++ for Windows
Better Customer Experience
Broadband Descrambling
ISO country code for People's Republic of Bangladesh
Big Data and Analytics
Business Development Agreement
Basic Direct-Access Method
British Digital Broadcasting
Bon de Commande
Borland Developers Conference
Borrowing with Directional Channel Locking
Baseband Distribution Equipment
Baseband Distribution Frame
Bitmap Distribution Format
Broadband Digital Forward
BNR Design Group
Board Day Hour
Burroughs Data Link Control protocol
Background Debug Monitor
Bit Demodulator
Boot Device Manager
Barred Dialing Number
Basic Disk-Operated System
Binary Differential Phase-Shift Keying
Backup and Data Recovery
Baseband Digital Reverse
Bell Doesn't Ring
Border Format File
Boot Data Reserved Area
Basic Data Service
Billing Data Set
Blower Drive Service
Broadband Distribution Shelf
Business Document Service
Bisymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
Bisymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Basic Method with Double Transmission
Billing Data Template
Billing Design Team
Bureau for Telecommunication Development
Telecommunication Development Bureau
Bulk Data Transfer Subsystem
Baseband Distribution Unit
Breakdown Voltage
Block Descriptor Word
Buried Distribution Wire
Band Elimination
Begin-End Tag
Below or Equal
Analoge Beschaltungseinheit
Excess Burst Size
Internet country code for Belgium
ISO country code for Kingdom of Belgium
Business Explorer for Web Services
Beschaltungseinheit fur Analogen Anschluss
Federation of British Electrotechnical and Allied MAnufacturers
Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement
Basic Error Correction
Basic Error Control
Belgisch Elektrotechnish Comite
Business Enterprise Centres
Band-Edge Component Maximization
Beschaltungseinheit fur Digitalen Anschluss
Digitale Beschaltungseinheit
Block Error Detection Code
Bit Encoding Errors
Business Environment Element
Bell Communications Research, Inc.
Bridges Eligibility Manual
Birmingham East and North
Bramalea Engineering Office
Broadband End of Frame Delimiter
Building Entry Protector
Burst Error Processor
British and European Polygraph Association
Block Effective Page Index
Brevet Européen de Premiers Secours
BITE Entity Query Language
Bit Error Ratio
Block Exemption Regulation
Bus ERror
Bus Error
Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communication
Broadband-Enhanced Remote Line Unit
Bit Error Rate Performance
Bit Error Ratio Test
Bit Error Ratio Testing
Basic Encoding Scheme
Basic Execution Service
Basic Execution Services
Blackberry Enterprise Services
Bell Laboratories Storage System
Base Employee Satisfaction Team
Business Effectiveness Team
Berenson-Eggers Type of Service
Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio
Bearer Channel Event
British Ex-Services Wheelchair Sports Association
Basic Exchange Radio
Bearer Function
Branching Filter
ISO country code for Burkina Faso
Borrow First Available
British Forces Broadcasting Services
Base Flexible Calling
Briefcase file
Binary Facility Coding Value
Basic File Directory
Battery Failure Detector
Base Filtering Engine
Burst Frame Error Rate
Bad Frame Indicator
Basic File Index
Block Failure Mode Analysis
Bayonet Fiber Optic Connector
Basic Format Packet
Basic Format Packetization
Basic Freephone
Back-Face Removal
Bridged Frequency Ringing
Backplane File System
Bangkok Flight Services
Business & Financial Services
Bureau of Fiscal Service
Bureau of Fiscal Services
Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman
Broadcast Fixed System Identity
Busy-Flash Seizure Ratio
Binary-File Transfer- Non-Standard Facilities Frame
Background File Transfer Program
Bit-Field Unit
Booster Fan Unit
Battery Ground
Below Ground
Business Gateway
Billing Group
Boston Globe
Bus Grant
ISO country code for People's Republic of Bulgaria
Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosure
Business Group 2-Way
Brokerage General Agency
Business Group Automatic Callback
Business Group Call Waiting
Business Group Call Waiting
Business Group Dialing Plan
ISDN Business Group Dialing Plan
Business Group Element
ISDN Business Group Element
Bakrie Graduate Fellowship
Business Group Identification
Business Group Identifier
Business Group Inward
Business Group Line
Business Group Outward
Business Group Member Access Originating Restrictions
Business Group Member Access Terminating Restrictions
Background Noise Conditions
Border Gateway Protocol 4
Businesses Getting Results
Baltic Ground Services
Beckett Grading Services
Business Group Type
Basic Grid Unit
Base Register High Half
Buried Heterostructure
ISO country code for State of Bahrain
Behavioral Health Administration
Basic Half Call
Busy Hour Call
Busy Hour Call Volume
Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals
Broadband Host Digital Terminal
Bus High Enable
Busy Hour Load
Basic High Layer Function
Baggage Handling Systems
Begin-Hunt Terminal
Begin Hunt
all Barring of Incoming call services
Backward Indicator
Barring of All Incoming Calls
Become an Insider
Behaviour Inopportune
Bibliographic Instruction
Bilingual Interface
Billing Instructions
Borland International
Building Inspector
Business Insight
ISO country code for Republic of Burundi
Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
B-ISDN Conferencing
B-ISDN Multi-Casting
B-ISDN Multiple Connections Point to Point
Brain Injury Australia
Brain Injury Association of Indiana
Biometric Identity Assurance Services
Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin
British Interactive Broadcasting
Backward Indicator Bit Received
Backward Indicator Bit Transmitted
Backward Indicator Bit Expected
Bearer Identification Code
BRISC Interrupt Controller
Business and Innovation Centre
Business Innovation Centre
Business Innovation Center
Business Innovation Centres
Business Integrity Commission
Bus Interface Card
BInary CAPacitor
BISDN Inter-Carrier Interface
Bipolar CMOS
Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon
Building Industry Consulting Service
Business Intelligence Consumer Services
Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File
Base IDentity code
Billing ID Numbers
Base Information Digital Distribution System
Bidirectional Display
Broadband Integrated Distributed Star
Broadband Interactive Data Services
B-Channel Incoming Default Throughput Class
Bus Interface
Base Interface Front-end Processor
Bipolar Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
Binary Interchange of Information and Signalling
Basic impulse Insulation Level
Binary Load Generation
Binary Load Image
Billing Data System
Billing Types
Broadcast Information Memo
Byte-Interleaved Multiplexer
B-Channel Incoming Maximum Packet Size
Ballard Integrated Managed Services
Bearer Channel Set Integrity
Bandwidth ping
Bureau Integriteit Nederlandse Gemeenten
Basic Intrinsic Noise Ratio
Bit Input/Output
Broadcast Interoperability Protocol
Basic Input/Output Services
Batterers Intervention Program
Bit Interleaved Parity N
Breaker Interface Panel
Belgium Institute for Posts and Telecommunications
Bureau International De La Recuperation
Bankers Institute of Rural Development
Bearer Independant Service
British Imperial measurement System
Businesses Innovation and Skills
Bank Insurance Securities Association
Business Information Systems-Communications System
Business Information System/Customer Service
Broadband ISDN
Busy/Idle Status Indicator
Business Information System/Trunks and Special Services
Broad band ISdn User Part
Broadband ISdn User Part
Billing Infrastructure Team
Bit-Block Transfer
BIT Boundary BLock Transfer
Backward Interworking Telephone Event
BNR Integrated Test Environment
Bildschirm Telefon
BITNET Network Information Center
Background Intelligent Transfer Services
Background Intelligence Transfer Service
Bits per Symbol
Base Station Interface Unit
Business Intelligence Web Services
Building Interoffice Crossconnect
ISO country code for People's Republic of Benin
Block Error Rate
Black Knight Financial Services
Base Register Low Half
Blocking Acknowledgement Signal
Blocking Acknowledgment message
Balanced Logic Asynchronous Synchronous Transceiver Chip
Billing Collector
Buffer Location Counter
Binary Load Dump
Block of Logical Drawers
Build File
Blank Directory Number Treatment
Billing DN Per TSP
British Library Document Supply Centre
Block Error Rates
Block Error Result
Block Error Rate Testing
Error Free Block Rate
Bit-Loss Error Rate Testing
Business Licensing Electronic Support System
Circuit Group Blocking message
Bimos Line Interface Circuit
Basic Calling Line ID
Bibliography of Linguistic Literature
Basic Low Layer Function
Basic Line Monitoring
Business Line Management
Business Line Manager
BLOcking message
Blocking Signal
Bar Line Printer
Buffer of Local Packets
Bell Laboratories Record
Blocking/Unblocking Signal Reception
Blocking/Unblocking Signal Sending
Basic Line Services
Block Link Sets
BLock Transfer
AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Journal
Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Technical Journal
Busy Line Verification/Operator Interrupt
Basestation Module
Bearer-Mobile Channel
Buffer Memory
Button Message
By Mail
ISO country code for Bermuda
Board Management Agent
Broadband Multiple Access
Broker Market Analysis
Business Maturity Assessment
Business Management System
Bearer Channel Make Connection
Best Measurement Capability
Billing Media Converter
Billing Media Converter II
Broadcast and Multicast Control
Broadcast Message Control
Building My Career
Burst Mode Controller
British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce
Block based Motion Estimation
Business Mail Entry
Bulk Mail Entry Unit
Base Station, Mobile Switching Center, and Interworking Function
Branch if Minus
British Midlands International
Bay Mills Indian Community
Burst Mode Link Analyser
Bilingual Man-Machine Interface
Basic Monthly Pension
Bearer Channel Monitor Reliability Stop
Bearer Channel Monitor Reliability Start
Bitmap File
Microsoft Windows Bitmap
British Manufacturing Plant Constructors Association
Baby Mail Preference Service
Backup Management System
Bandwidth Management Service
Buffer Management System
Broadcast Message System
Building Maintenance Service
Business Message Standards
Base Station Manufacturer Code
Business Management System Description
BMS Manager
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
Bit Manipulation Unit
Bureau of Minority and Women Business Opportunities
Backward Explicit Congestion Notification
Basic Numbered
Billing Number Records
Bonding Network
Button Notification
ISO country code for Brunei Darussalam
Backbone Network Architecture
Billing Name and Address
Burst Not Acquired
Bayonet Normalized Connector
British National Connector
ID Backbone Network Connection Identifier
Basic Non-Call-Associated State Model
Blank Number Intercept
Broadband Networks Inc.
Before the Next Interaction Globally
Before the Next Interaction Locally
Bureau de Normalisation de la Mechanique
Business Network Management
Business Network Modernization Research
Balanced Network Number
Bit-Error-Rate in the Noise Notch
Bridged Night Number
Bureau de normalisation du Québec
Burst Not Qualified
Billing Number Record
BNR Japan
Billing Number Selection
Broadband Network Services
Broadband Networking Services
Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
Binary File Transfer
Bi-National Task Force
Bi-National Task Group
Balance Network Value
Bi-National Working Group
Binary N Zeros Substitution
all Barring of Outgoing call services
Barring of All Outgoing Calls
Business Office
Byte Ordering
Invalid Behaviour
ISO country code for Republic of Bolivia
Basic Order Agreement
Blanket Ordering Agreement
British Overseas Airline Corporation
Bell Owned and Maintained
Barring of Outcoming Calls
Build-Out Capacitance
Bellcore Operations System Network Communications Protocol
Battery On Discharge
Broadcast on Demand
British Oceanographic Data Center
B-Channel Outgoing Default Throughput Class
Bit-Oriented Embedded Operations Channel
Bureau of Health
Blind Operator Interface
Bit-Oriented Line Discipline
Base Operational Measurements
Bit-Oriented Message
Build Operate Manage
B-Channel Outgoing Maximum Packet Size
Business Object Management Special Interest Group
Better Object Notation
Type "B" Off-Network Access Lines
Bandwidth On Demand
Bandwidth On Demand Interest Group
Broadband Optical Network Termination
Build, Operate, Own and Transfer
Beginning of Recording
Block Oriented Random Access Memory
Battery Feed, Overvoltage Protection, Ringing, Supervision, CODEC, Hybrid, and Testing
Battery Overvoltage Ringing Signalling Coding Hybrid Test
Base Operation Support
Basic Operation System
Bell Operating System
Bergen Oilfield Services
Billing Output Specifications
Billing Outputs Specifications
Bristol Online Survey
Build Options Specification
Business Object Summit
Back Office Shared Services
Back Office Support Solutions
Back Office Support System
Billing and Order Support Systems
Binary Object Storage System
Binary Object Streaming Service
Broadband Operations Support System
Business Operations Services and Systems
Business One-Stop Shop
Business One Stop Shop
Busy Override Tone
Beginning Of Tape Mark
Business Operational View
Back Plane
Basic Position
Basic Purpose
Bearer Path
Billing Profile
Block Parity
Boundary Point
British Plastics and Rubber
Benefit Plans Administrators
Binary Synchronous Communication Packet Assembly/Disassembly
Basic Partition Access Method
Business Process Association Philippines
Blanket Purchase Agreements
Bearer Path Connection
Bilateral Private Circuit
Bits Per Character
B Party Control
Broadband Processing Card
BellSouth Personal Communications Inc.
Broadband PCS
Backplane Driver
CCR Service
Central side
Control field
Control and Indication
Commissioning and installation
Consulting & Integration
Conferencing and Messaging
Construction and Maintenance Agreement
Communication & Networking of Information
Chesapeake and Potomac
Card and Socket
Control & Switching functions
Container-Level 11
Container-Level 12
Container-Level 2
Container-Level 3
Container-Level 4
Container-Level n
4/6 GHz frequency range
Core Side Busy
Core Side
Channelized Bus
Channel Transport Bus
Call History log
Complementary Metal-Oxide Silicon
Convolutional coding OFDM
Call Park
Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network
Civil Defence
Cell Controller
Control and Display
Critical Dimension
Carrier to Interference Ratio
Carrier-to-Noise Ratio
Carrier to Noise Ratio
Challenge/Response pair
Carrier power to noise Temperature ratio
Cost per Work Second
Click to Call
Code to Documentation Tool
Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
Coverage, Capacity and Quality versus Cost
CCS6 Test Utility
CCITT Common Channel Signaling System No. 7
CCS7 Functional Parameter Group
CCS7 Test Driver
CCS7 Test Utilities
Call Accepted
Call Attempt
Call Announcer
Card Authenticator
Career Advisor
Carrier Agent
Central Agent
Certificate Agency
Circuit Assigned
Cluster Alpha Tested
Community Address
Competitive Analysis
Component Architect
Consumer Affairs
Content Address
Content Alignment
Content Archive
Control Agent
Customer Access
Internet country code for Canada
ISO country code for Canada
United States postal code for California
Calgary Airport Authority
Companion Animal Association of Arizona
Customer Administration of Authorization Codes
Customer Administration of Alternate Facility Restriction Levels
Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services
Cache Address Register
Cabinet file
North America's Home and Building Automation Association
Call Management System Automatic Recall Blocking to Private Numbers
Campus Area Bus Service
Call ACcept
Central Air Compressor
Centralized Arbitration Control
Certified Acceptance Corporation
Commercial Action Committee
Customer Access Connection
Carrier Access Code Error Treatment
Communication Automation and Control, Inc.
Cache Control Register
Centralized Alarm and Control System
Call Acceptance Delay
Card Accepting Device
Call Authorised by Dispatcher
Computer-Assisted Dialing
Computer-Assisted Dialing Design
Connected-Address Display
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture
Compact Asynchronous Data Adapter
Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacture
Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Call Attempt Data Collection Services
Call Attempt Data Collection System
Computer Aided Detector Design
Cooperation in Automation of Data and Documentation for Imports/exports and management and Financial control of Agricultural markets
Computer Aided DMS Engineering System
Call Diversion Information
Content-Addressable Data Manager
Computer-Aided Design, Manufacture and Testing
Cellular Access Digital Network
Circuit Administration
Continuous And Discrete SIMulation
Change Application Engineering
Customer Application Engineering
Communications Applications Environment
Credit Agricole Egypt
Customer Application Engineering Support System
Common Application Framework
Content Application Form
Corel Application Framework
Comptroller's Automatic Message Accounting Format Description
Credit and Financial Information System
Call Agent
Community Action of Greater Indianapolis
Canadian Advisory Group on Joint Electrical Safety Committee
Call History Information
Carrier Access Information
MDII: Address Incomplete Signal Received
Collected Address Information Number
Computer Aids to Industrial Productivity
Client Access to Integrated Services and Information
Commercial Automated Key Escrow
Calendar file
Common Application Language
Customer Access Link
Caribbean and Latin America
Call Block
Call Leg
Call Processing
Call Proceeding message
Central Alarm Monitoring
Centralized Alarm
Common Assembly Language for Microprocessors
Credit and Load Management System
Called Line Identification Presentation
Computer aided Acquisition, Logistics and Support
Continuous Acquisition and Lifecycle System
Call Accepted Message
Call and Agent Manager
Cell Arrival Monitoring
Channel Adapter Manager
Common Analysis Model
Communications Authority of Maldives
Communication Access Method
Communications Application Module
Communications Application Module, Type 1
Communications Application Module, Type 2
Connections Access Manager
Contract Air Mail
Controlled Attachment Module
Customer Access Module
Centralized Automatic Message Accounting-Computerized
Centralized Automatic Message Accounting-Operator Number Identification
Computer Application to Measurement And Control
Customer Access Maintenance Centre
Customized Applications for Mobile-network Enhanced Logic
Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic
Computer Aided Manufacturing Engineering
Customer Access Management Function
Child Adolescent Mental Health Service
Centralized Access Maintenance and Monitoring System
Cambodia Airport Management Services
Central Administration and Maintenance Subsystem
Cancel Abbreviated Number Delivery
Central Administration for NDAF
Camara Nacional de la Industria de Transformacion
Canadian Network for Advancement of Research, Industry, Education
Canada-Bermuda submarine cable
Cancel To
Cancel From
Camara Nacional de la Industria Electronica Y de Communicaciones Electricas
Camara Nacional de la Industria Television por Cable
Cancel Transmission
Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System
Customer Access Network Transmission Standards
Compania Anonima Nacional Telefonos de Venezuela
Call Appearance
Carrierless Amplitude/Phase
Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation
Carrierless AM/PM
Cell Arrival Pattern
Cellular Access Processor
Cellular Application Processor
Central Arbitration Point
Change Application Procedure
Circuit Access Point
Communication of Act Parameters
Conformance Assessment Process
Cable Packet Communications
Call Appearance for Analog Member of EKTS
Congestion Avoidance with Proportional Control
Cellular Auxiliary Personal Communications Service
Control of Application Process Group
Call Appearance Identifier
Common API
Common API for ISDN
Cryptographic Application Programming Interface
Cryptographic Application Program Interface
Capacity Management
Captive Network
Call Appearance Sequence
Call Attempts per Second
Call Appearance Terminal
Computer Aided Quality control
Call Request
CAl Request
Cartoon Network
Channel Assignment Record
Communication of Act Relationship
Computer Access Restriction
Computer Aided Radiology
Connection Address Resolution
Content Addressable Random Access Memory
Channel Assignment with Borrowing and Reassignment
Call Reference
Customer Account Record Exchange/Industry Support Interface
EKTS Call Appearance Reservation
Community Assistance for the Retarded and Handicapped
Center for Applied Research on Information Networking
Carrier Pretest and Cutover
CARriage RETurn
Cable Television Relay Station
Communication Analysis Reporting System
Computerized AMA Recording System
Computer Assisted Real-Time Transcription
Carrier Accounting Records Transport System
Circuit Assignment Record Transfer System
Call Attendant Services
Civil Aid Service
Community Associations
Communications Application Specification
Component Administration System
Computer-Assisted Signaling
Computer Aided Systems
Conditional Access Systems
Conditional Access Server
Conseil de la Audiovisuel Superieur
Content Addressable Storage
Control Automation System
Courts Administration Service
CPE Alerting Signal
CPS Architecture Summary
Craft Administration System
Customer Access Systems
Customer Account Services
IBM Centre for Advanced Studies
Composite Application Service Assembly
Connection Arrangement for Switched Access
Cloud Access Security Broker
Cloud Access Security Brokers
Cloud Application Security Brokers
ISO council Committee on COnformity ASsessment
Computer Aided System Design
Computing and Systems Evolution
CMS AR Screening Of Private Calls
Chemical Abstract Services Registry Number
Chemical Abstract Service Registry Number
Carlisle Adams-Stafford Tavares
Child Abuse Services Team
Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking
Computerized Automatic System Tester
Computer Aided Software Verification Environment
Ceres Area Transit
Card Application Toolkit
Catalog File
Cellular Action Team
Centrex Access Treatment
Comite des Activites Techniques
Component Assembly Tool
Computer Aided Typesetting
Computer Assisted Testing
Council for Automation Tools
Customer Access Treatment
Customer Activated Terminal
Category 5
Canadiabn Advanced Technology Association
Crawford Area Transit Authority
Customer Access Treatment Code Restriction
CMTS AMA Tape Formatted Output Program
Computer Aided Test Generation
Combined Air Terminal Operations
China Academy of Telecommunications Research and Planning
Calling Card and Third Party Number Settlement
Capacity Tracking System
Cellular Air Traffic System
Center for Academic and Tutorial Services
Computer-Accessed Telemetry System
Computer Aided Testing System
Consortium for Audiographics Teleconferencing Standards
Consulting and Technical Services
Crossconnect And Transfer System
Centralized Automatic Toll Ticketing
Centralized Automatic Trunk Test System
Cable Television or Community Antenna Television
Community Antenna TV
Cell Antenna Unit
Cable Access Unit
CDMA Application Unit
Community Access Unlimited
Control Arithmetic Unit
Customer Access Unit
Card Access Valid
Certificate of Authentication and Verification
Component Analog Video
Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption Algorithm
Computer Automatic Virtual Environment
Cellular Authentication and Voice Privacy Unit
Certification Authority Workstation
Command Address Word
Conformity Assessment Working Group
Community Automatic Exchange
Blue Chrominance
Call Forwarding Busy
Carrier Band
Cell Broadcasting
Central Bureau
Chrominance colour difference, Blue
Citizen's Band
Clear Back
Coin Box
Companion of the Bath
Compatibility Bulletin
Connecting Block
Count of bytes
Custom Bond
Connection Broker-Connection Control
Circuit Breaker- Thermal
Clear-Back No. 1 signal
Clear-Back No. 2 signal
Clear-Back No. 3 signal
Canadian Braille Authority
Changebank Acknowledgement message
Circuit Board Assembly
Coin Box Accounting for Revenue Allocation
Caribbean Basin Agricultural Trade Office
China-Britain Business Council
China Britain Business Council
Call Bearer Control
Calvary Baptist Church
Can't Be Called
Cell Bus Controller
Central Buying Consortium
Channel Bus Controller
Circuit Bearer Channel
Cologne Broadcasting Center
Connectionless Bearer Control
Consecutive Blank Column
Common Control Channel
CallBack Control Protocol
Call By Call Service Selection
Call Box Discrimination
Changeback Declaration message
Confirmable Bank Draft
Circuit Board Design System
Constant Bit Rate Data Service
Can't Break Dial Tone
Call Forwarding Busy Internal Calls Only
Centralized Branch Exchange
County Business Enterprise
Computer-Based Education
Computing Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Census Block Group
Can't Be Heard
Call Forward Busy Intragroup
Channel Bus Interface
Criminal Background Investigation
Complimentary Bipolar Integrated Circuit
Control Bus Interface Chip
Compatibility BIOS
Cincinnati Bell Information Systems
Change Back
Clear-Back signal
Clear Back message
Code Blocking
Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel
Charge-Buffered Logic
Check Back Later
Citizens Band Licencing Unit
Cell Broadcast Message
Central Bank of Malta
Component Business Models
Conventional Buoy Mooring
Customer Behavior Modeling
Computer-based Message System
Computer Based Message Service
Computer Based Message Switching
Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Services
Common Bonding Network
Compromise Balance Network
Chief Building Official
Community-Based Organisations
Continuous Bit-Stream Oriented
Cooperative Business Object
Central Bank of Sudan
Coded Block Pattern
Coded Block Pattern for Chrominance
Coded Block Pattern - Chrominance
Coded Block Pattern for Luminance
Call Back Queuing
Carrier and Bit timing clock Recovery
Cavity-Backed Radiator
Content Based Router
Constant Bit Rate ATM Adaptation Layer
Citizens Broadband Radio Service
Cambodian Broadcasting Service
Cell Broadcasting Service
Card Buffer Storage
Columbia Broadcasting System
Centralized Business Service
Commercial Broadcasting Service
Committed Burst Size
Communal Base Station
Communication Base Station
Common Battery Signaling
Component-Based Servicing
Component Based Servicing
Condition Based Service
Constant Bitrate Services
Cyprus Bureau of Shipping
CDMA Base Station Controller
Common Board Software
C-Side Busy
Computer-Based Terminal
Computer Based Testing
Corporate Booking Tool
Cursor Backward Tab
Canadian Business Telecommunications Alliance
Canadian Business Telecommunications Association
Call Forwarding Busy Unrestricted
Caribbean Broadcasting Union
Computational Biology Unit
Call Before U Dig
Control Bus
Convert Byte to Word
Class-Based Weighted Fair Queueing
Class Based Weighted Fair Queueing
Community-Based Warrior Transition Unit
Call Busy Work Volume
Computer-Based Exchange
Computer-Controlled Branch Exchange
Computerized Private Branch Exchange
C++ Compiler/Translator
Cable Connector
Call Connect
Call Connected
Call Code
Call Configuration
Call Connected packet
CAM Controller
Call Control Entity
Capability Complete
Card Column
Card Count
Carrier Connect
Carrier Current
C Compiler
Certification Committee
Channel Control information element
Charge Certificate
Checks Collected
Chip Carrier
Code Complete
Coin Completing
Coin Collect
Collect Call
Command Chaining
Common Controller
Communication Capability field
Communication Control
Contact Centers
Composite Call
Composite Clock
Conference Call
Conference Calling
Connection Coordinator
Continuity Check
Control Channel
Control Console
Control Component
Convolutional Code
Coordinating Commitee
Cornwall Council
Countdown Counter
Cross Connection
Crystal Controlled
Currency code
Cursor Control
Customer Connect
Cyclic Check
ISO country code for Cocos Islands
Can't Call-No Dial Tone
Cache-Coherent NUMA
Coin Collect/Operator Released
Calling Card- Type 1
Calling Card- Type 2
CAM Controller, Type 1
CAM Controller, Type 2
Central China 4
Corse-Continent 5
Call Center Agent
Call Centre Agent
Call Classification Analysis
Carrier Central Agent
Cenelec Certification Agreement
Common Cryptographic Algorithm
Communication Channel Adapter
Conceptual Communication Area
Contact Centre Association
Continuing Care Assistant
Control Channel Acquisition
Call Control Agent Functional Entity
Call Control Agent Function Plus
Call Control Agent Function
Cluster Control Agent Function
Customer Control of Automatic Flexible Routing
Computer Consulting Associates International
Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
Calling Card Account Number
Credit Card Account Number
Communication Control Application Program
Context, Challenge, Action, Result
Call Control Application Services
Centre Communal d'Action Sociale
City Carrier Assistants
Call Condense Block
Caribbean Commercial Bank
Channel Command Block
Coast Center Base
Communications Control Block
Credit Collections Bureau
Cyclic Check Byte
Coordinated Call Back Queing
Call Completions to Busy Subscribers
Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber Call Indicator
Carpet Cushion Council
CDMA Cluster Controller
Cenelec electronic Components Certification
Coinless, Charge-a-Call
Color Conversion Context
Communication Command and Control
Common Customer Code
Community Christian Church
Consumer Credit Counseling
Copyright Clearance Centre
Corrective Content Complete
Coventry City Council
Credit Card Control
Custom Charge Calling
Customer Contact Council
Conductively Connect Charge-coupled Device
Command, Control, Communication & Intelligence system
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Cyprus Chamber of Comerce and Industry
Council Committee on Consumer Matters
CPE Controlled Cable Modem
Connection Control Protocol
Community Counseling Centers
County Childcare Committees
Consolidated Community Credit Union
Central Control Disabled
Class Communication Diagram
Coin Collect Detect
Calling Card Database
Channel Compatible Digicipher
Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Corporate Consolidated Data Network
Cannel Control Error
Center for Credentialing & Education
Central Control Enabled
Chief Civil Engineer
Consistency Check End message
Corporate Component Engineering
Consistency Check End Acknowledgement message
C++ Constraint Expression Language
Call Connection Elapsed Time Limitation
Centrally Controlled Equaliser System
Common Control Echo Suppressor
Call Centre Focus
Call Control Functional Entity
Cluster Control Function
Coin, Coin First
Common Control Function
Common Control Fixed Part
Communications Control Field
Complex Call Framework
Conditional Call Forwarding
Continuity-Failure signal
Continuity Check Failure message
Custom Calling Feature
Call Control Function Plus
Customer Control of Facilities
Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor
Cold-Cathode Fluoresecent Lamp
Central Control Fixed Part
Computer Communications Group
Catholics Confront Global Poverty
Cancel Previous Character
Comite Consultatif pour l'Harmonisation
Common Control Channel
Continuity Check Indicator
Coordination Committee on Harmonization
Children's Community Health Plan
Call Completion Internet
Canine Companions for Independence
Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie
Common Customer Identifier
Computer Consoles Incorporated
Concorde-to-Concorde Interface
Conference Circuit Interconnection
Content Control Information
Continuity Check Incoming
Correct Coding Initiatives
Customer-Centric Initiative
Customer Centric Initiative
Computer and Communication Industries Association
Call Count- Information Delivered
Call Control Information Element
Call Control Interface
Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories
Coordinating Committee for International Research Networking
Common Channel Interoffice Signaling System No. 6
International Telegraph Consultative Committee
ClearCase International Users Group
Continuity ChecKtone Failure
Continuity Check Tone
Calling Party Clear message
Casing Collar Locator
Change Control Log
Common Communication Link
Comon Carrier Line
Computer Concepts Limited
Call Connection Management
Central Customer Manager
Circuit Supervision Message
Common Channel Signalling Module
Common Control Module
Communication Channel Management
Complex Call Model
Composite Call Model
Connection Control Message
Constant Coding and Modulation
Cross-Connect Multiplexor
Current Call Meter
Customer Configuration Management
Customer Control and Management
DMS-100 Common
Computer Communications Maintenance Center
Centralised Control and Monitoring Function
Call Centre Management Information System
Call Completion
CC Message Processor
Credit Card Mobile Phone
Certified Consulting Meteorologists
Calling Card Number
Common Channel Network
Call Center Network Group
Completion of Call No Reply
Cambridge Companions Online
Code Compliance Officer
Colorado Communications Operation
Component Coordinator
Contact Center Outsourcing
Continuity-Check Outgoing
Continuous Climb Operations
Country Code
Credit Card on File
Customer Control of Outgoing Facility Group Queuing
Coaxial Cable Organization Module
Code Coverage
Calibrator Characteristic Parameter
Character Control Protocol
Communication Control Package
Connection Control Protocol
Content Check Point
Credit Card Processor
Connecticut Community Providers Association
Churches Child Protection Advisory Service
Cabinetized Common Peripheral Equipment
Control Channel Protocol Entity
Carolina Center for Public Service
Call Count- Information Private/Unavailable
Cable Control Room
Call Charge Record
Call Connect Reliability
Central Contract Register
Cluster Configuration Repository
Commitment, Concurrency, and Recovery
Comparison Category Rating
Computer Controlled Retrieval
Consistency Check Request message
Continuity Check Request message
Console Card Reader
Cumulative Charge Restriction
Current Controlled Resistor
Customer Controlled Routing
Customized Code Restriction
Delta channel
Delivery confirmation bit
Dun and Bradstreet
Deployment and Operations Support
Directory and Operator Services
Drop and Repeat node
Digital to Analog
Digital to Analogue
Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
Digital AMPS
Delivery confirmation Bit
Dynamic Capacity Management
D-field MAP
Differential Quaternary Phase-Shift Keying
Detailed Simulation Testbed
Data VHS
Digital Data VHS
Dense-Wavelength Division Multiplexer
Detailed Application Form
Digital to Analog Converter
Down Converter
Digital to Digital
Digital Tie Trunk
Directory One
Number of User-Assigned Call Control TEI Values
Number of Switch-Assigned Call Control TEI Values
2048 kbit/s Digital Unstructured ONP leased line
Direct 3D
64 kbit/s Digital Unstructured
Demand Assignment
Dept Of Agriculture
Design Accepted
Destination Allocation
Development Agreement
Device Attributes
Digit Absorbing
Digital Announcer
Direct Attribute
Disciplinary Authority
Discretionary Assurance
Distinctive Alerting
Distortion Adjustment
Distributed Access
Doesn't Answer
Double Armor
Double Armored
Draft Addendum
ISDN Distinctive Alerting Indication
Distributed Access MSP
Distinctive Alerting/Call Waiting Indication
Data/digital Access Arrangement
Directory Assistance Automation
Dynamic Automatic Alternative Routing
Deactivation of Automatic Bridging Call Exclusion
Deny All But Emergency
Distinctive Alerting Call Waiting Business Group
Distinctive Alerting for BBG Members
Dual Access Buffer Memory
Data Address Breakpoint Register
D/A Converter
Data Access Card
Datafield Access Conditions
Demand Assignment Circuit establishment
Digital Addressable Controller
Directory Access Command
Dual Attach Station Concentrator
Dial Carrier Access Code
Data Administration Center Equipment
Dual Asynchronous Communication Interface Adaptor
Discretionary Access-Control List
Data Communication Recovery Manager
Digital Access Crossconnect System
DARCW Active/Inactive Status
Distinctive Alerting/Call Waiting Number List
Datapac Adviser
Demand Assignment circuit Disestablishment
Destination Address Display
Divert AdC
Dial Administration
Delayed Call Database Administration
Directory Assistance Database Service
Data Access Evolution
Delimitation, Alignment, Error Detection
Delimitation, Alignment, Error Detection
Detailed Application Form
Digital Audio File
Distributed Applications Framework
Distributed Architecture Framework
DQDB Access Functions
Distributor Architecture Focus Team
Data Address Hold Register
Data Abstraction Interface
Data Accumulation Interval
Deny All International
Digital Audio Interface
DPMS/Application System Interface
Data Access and Integration Services
Data Access Interface Session
Defense Automatic Integrated Switching System
Direct Access Intercept System
Database Administration Language
Direct Access Link
Distinctive Alerting
Distinctive Alerting Active/Inactive Status
Distinctive Alerting Access Codes
Distinctive Alerting List Editing Access Code
Distinctive Alerting Billing Records
Sistinctive Alerting Business Group Access Codes
DAta Line COncentrator/Deconcentrator
Distinctive Alerting List Editing
Distinctive Alerting Toggle
Distinctive Alerting Business Group List Editing Access Code
Distinctive Alerting Number List
Distinctive Alerting Number List Size
Distinctive Alerting Restricted Control
Distinctive Alerting Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
Duct Air Leakage Testing
Device Adapter Manager
Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System
Destination Address Number
Direct Automatic Number Identification
Database Access Object
Demand Access Protocol
Destination Access Point
Digital Access Point
Display Administration Process
Delaware Association of Professional Engineers
Destination Address Pointer Register
Differential Amplitude Phase-Shift Keying
Define Area Qualification
Data Address Register
Digital Audio Radio
Direct- and Alternate-Routed
Directional Alternate Routing
Dynamic Alternative Routing
Data Radio Channel
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
Distinctive Alerting/Ringing Call Waiting
Data Analysis and Representation Engine
Data Access and Reporting Tool
Debugger for Remote Target
Debugging, Analysis, and Run-time Tools
Direct Audio RouTines
Dump and Restore Table
Dallas Aeronautical Services
Dallas Animal Services
Data Auxiliary Set
Decimal Adjust after Subtraction
Demonstrator Access System
Digital Alarm Scanner
Digit Analysis Selector
Direct Analogue Synthesis
Direct Assessment Services
Directory Assistance Services
Directory Assistance Simulator
CCI Directory Assistance System
Daimler-Benz Aerospace AG
Daily Aggregate Service Events
Description of Architecture and Services Harmonisation
Direct Access Storage Handler
Direct Access Storage Media
Direct Access Secondary Storage
Directory Assistance Simulator
Digital implementation for Amplitude-Shift Keying
Display Agents Status Key
Display Agents Summary Key
Digital Adaptor for Subscriber Line
Drive Active/Slave Present
Demand Assignment Signalling and Switching
Digital Access Signalling System Number 2
Data File
Dedicated Access Trunk
Delay Alerting Timer
DOCSIS Set-top Gateway Address Table
DQDB Access Termination
Document Architecture Transfer And Manipulation
DMS Accounting and Traffic Analysis System
Dedicated Access to X.25 Transport Extension
DAta TELecommunication-DAta TELegraph-DAta TELephone
Digital Assistance for TV
Digitally Assisted TeleVision
Data Arithmetic Unit
Data Above Video
Data Valid
Date of AVailability
Delayed Automatic Volume Control
Digital Audio Visual Council
Data Above Voice Line Card
Data Block
deciBel relative to 775 mV
Device Buffer
Dual-Binary Vestigial Sideband
deciBel per kilometer
DataBase 2
Decibels of acoustical loudness, A-weighted
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
Data Base Access Method
Data BAT
dB relative to the carrier power
Decibel Referenced to the Carrier
Default Bearer Capability
Disability Benefits Centre
Downbanded Cellular
Dummy Bearer Control
Dynamic Beam Control
Database Control Point
Database Control System
Database Desktop
Disk Block Descriptor
Data Base Description Language
Double-Buffering Extension
Digital Beamformer
Direct Broadcasting to Home
Data Base Index
deciBel relative to an isotropic radiator
Daytona Beach International Airport
Data Enhanced Bus Interface Card
Data Buffer Interface
Data Bus In
Directed Beam Infrared
D Bit
DataBase Language
Database Management
Detailed Billing
Double Connection
dB relative to 1 milliwatt
deciBel milliwatt
Decibels relative to 1 milliwatt
Decibel milliVolt
Dial Backup Module
Double Balanced Mixer
Decibels relative to 1 milliwatt at the 0 TLP
deciBel relative to Origin Psophometrically weighted
deciBel relative to 1 milliwatt psophometrically weighted
Database Management Center
Dial by Name
Test Not Equal, Decrement, and Branch
Delete Bridged Night Number
Drop Build-Out
Drop Build-Out Capacitance
Drop Build-Out Resistance
dB below overload point
Database Processor
Deutsche Bundespost
Deutsche BundesPoste
Differential BiPhase Modulation
Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying
Deutsche Bundespost Telekom
deciBel, relative level
Relative Decibels
deciBel with reference to Noise
Decibels above reference noise level with C-message weighting
Decibels above reference noise level with C-message weighting at the 0 TLP
Database Server
Data Bridging Service
Direct Broadcasting Services
Direct Broadcast from Satellite
Direct Broadcast By Satellite
Direct Broadcast Satellite PC
Disclosure and Barring Service
Disclosure and Barring Services
Deutsche Bundespost Telekom
Digital Bit Timing Recovery
Decibels relative to 1 microwatt
Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization
deciBel relative to one Volt
deciBel relative to one Watt
Data Cncentrator
DDOC Completed
Define Constant
Delayed Call
Delete a child
Design Close
Design Complete
Destination Category
Destination Class
Device Context
Device Coordinates
Diagnostic Controller
Digit Collection
Direct Call
Dispersion Compensator
DRU Component
Dry Circuit
Physical D-Channel
United States postal code for District of Columbia
Data Cartridge 600
Data Center 2
Austrian DCM
Dallas Claims Association
Destination Connection Agent
Digital Cable Application
Digital Communications Architecture
Document Communications Architecture
Digit Collection Allocate
Direct Customer Access
Dynamic Context Addressing
Data Communications Application
Display CAPability
D-Channel Backup
Data Cache Block
Digital Channel Bank
Direct Carrier Billing
Directed Call Pick-Up with Barge-In
Directed Call Pick-Up Barge-In Exempt
D-Channel Controller
Data Carrier Detect
Data Communications Circuit
Destination Code Cancel
Device Cluster Controller
Device Color Characterization
Digital Country Code
Digital Compact Cassette
Digital Cross-Connect
Digit Collection
Digroup Control Card
Digroup Controller Card
Distributed Call Center
Flexible Calling Deactivate Conference Facility
Distributed Control Channel Allocation
Double Current Cable Code
Digital Cellular Common Equipment
Direct Current-Current Transformer
Design Change Document
Developmental Cognitive Disability
Dialed Category Digit
Disconnection Delay
Downstream Channel Descriptor
Direct Call Directory Number
Data Communications Equipment, or Distributed Computing Environment
Design Cost Estimation
Digital Carrier Equipment
Digit Collection Error
Dispatcher Control Entry
Drum Cable Engine
Data Conversion Facility
Data Count Field
DC Fuse Panel
Denied Call Forward
Denied Call Forwarding
Disengage Confirmation
Disengage Confirm
Direct Coupled Field Effect Transistor Logic
Dispersion Compensating Grating
D-Channel Handler
Delete Character
Signalling channel
D-Channel Handler Interface
D channel
Data Communication Interface
Delivery of Complementary Information
Digital Carrier Interface
Digit Collection Instruction
Dynamic Control Interface
Disallowed Card Issuer Code
Design Compatible Issue Lineup
Data Communication Interface Unit
Direct Common-Channel Interoffice Signaling
Data Channel Interface Unit
Department of Criminal Justice Service
A Derived Cipher Key
Data Connection Library
Delayed Call Limit
Direct Call Logical Channels Assigned to D-Channel
Direct Call Logical Channels On Nailed-Up B-Channels
Direct Call Logical Channels On On-Demand B-Channels
Dialable Calling Line Identification
Data Collection Management
Dial-Code Management
Digital Carrier Module-Basic
Digital Carrier Module-Remote
Digital Controller Module
Dynamic Connection Management
Data MMU/Cache Command Register
Data Circuit Multiplication Equipment
Differential Current Mode Logic
Digital Carrier Module Pretest and Cutover
D-Channel Message Performance Monitoring and Control
Digital Circuit Multiplication System
DTMP Calling Number Delivery
Data Central Office
Demand Continuity Outgoing
Data Central Office-End Point Number
Designated Control Office
Dial Central Office Management Information System
Digit Collection and Outpulsing
Digit Collection and Outpulsing Team
Draft Technical Corrigendum
Digital Central Office Terminal
D-Channel Processor
Direct Connect Partner
Directed Call Pickup
Drop and Continue on Protection
Distributed Call Processing Architecture
Double Channel Planar Buried Heterostructure
Data Collection or Production Centre
Directed Call Park
Directed Call Pickup
DCT Programming Language
Domestic Customer Premises Network
Data Communication Between Different Protocol Terminals
Directed Call Pick-Up Non-Barge-In
Directed Call Pick-Up with Barge-In
Directed Call Pickup Exempt
Data Conversion Receiver
DC Voltage On Ring
Degradation Category Rating
Design-Change Recommendation
Destination Call Routing
Destination Control Request signal
Digit Collection Resource
Directory Charge Recording
Dummy Call Reference
Dynamically Controlled Routing
Dynamic Conformance Requirement
Dynamic Context Reference
Direction Centrale du Renseignement Intérieur
Damage Cleanup Service
Data Collection Systems
Data Communications Synchronization
Digital Cellular Switch
Digital Channel System
Digital Control System
Digital Clock Source
Digital Command Signal
Document Control Standard
Dynamic Configuration Select
Digital Cellular System working at 1800 MHz
Digital Communications System- 1800 MHz
Digital Communications System- 1900 MHz
Data Customer Support Center
Digital Cell Site Monitor
Data Call Tester
Data Capture Tool
DC Voltage On Tip
Digital Call Tester
Digital Communications Test System
Digital Cross-Connect Trunk
Digit Collection Apply Tone
Dispatcher Control Table
Display Compression Technology
Digital Communications Test System-SPARCstation
Digital Cordless Telephone - United States
Disconnected, Call Being Taken By
Data MMU/Cache Control Register
Direct Coupled Transistor Logic
Destination Code Traffic Summary
Digital Cellular Time Switch
Directly Connected Test Unit
Digit Collection Utility
Dispersion Compaction Unit
Distribution and Control Unit
DMS Centrex Users Group
Data Code Word
Detailed Call Walkthrough
Detailed Call Walkthru
Dial Call Waiting
Display Call Waiting
Drop and Continue on Working
Division for Children, Youth & Families
Data Descriptor
Data Distributor
DDOC Section Design Description
Deferred Delivery
Definition List Description
Delay Dial
Digital Design
Diagnostic Driver
Direct Dial
Direct Dialed
Direct Dialing
Discriminating Digit
Double Dispatching
ISO country code for German Democratic Republic
Defined Display Area
Digital Directory Assistance
Domain-Defined Attribute
DSP Design Association
Direction Départementale des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales
Device-Dependent Bitmap
Display Data Block
Distributed Data Base
Distributed Data Base Management
DD/Billing-System Interface
Decimating Down Converter
Dependable Distribution Centers
Digital Data Channel
Digital Data Connectivity
Display Data Channel 1
Digital Downconversion
Disk Drive Controller
Distributed Database Coordinator
Display Data Channel 2B
Dynamic Distributed Channel Assignment
Digital Data Conversion Equipment
Digital Data Communication Message Protocol
Distributed Database Connection Services
Digital Diagnostic Disk
Direct-Distance Dialing
Direct Distance Dialling
Direct long Distance Dialing
Double-Diffused Drain
Distributed Debugging Environment
Direct Data Exchange System
Data Deviation File
Data Distribution Framework
Deputy Director Generals
Device Dependent Graphic Layer
Data Server/DPMS Interface
Direct Dialling In
Direct Digital Interface Equipment
Data Distributor
Dr. Dobb's Journal
Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software Tools
Derived Data Link
Digital-system Design Language
Drive and Directory List
Digital Data Line Card
Double-Density Linecard
Dual Data Link Controller
Data Distribution Manager
Data Distribution Model
Digital Data Multiplexer
Directional-Division Multiplexing
Direction Division Multiplexing
Distributed Data Management architecture
Distributed Data Model
Dual Direct Memory Access
Design Delivery Management Environment
DMS Data Management System
Data-Driven Network
Data Directory Number
Destination Directory Number
Dialable Directory Number
Dialable Number Delivery
Destination DNA
Dynamic Domain Naming Services
Denial Decision Object
Direct Dial Overseas
Dynamic Data Object
Design Document
Digital Data Receiver
Digital Distribution Rack
Digital Document Repository
Document Discrepancy Report
Data Distribution Standard
Digital Data Standard
Developmental Disabilities Services
Digital Data Systems
Digital Display Scope
Direct Digital Synthesis
DMS Debugging System
DMS Debug System
Donated Dental Service
DoS Defense System
Digital Data Storage-3
Duplex Dual-Serial Bus Selector
Developmental Disabilities Supports Division
Developmental Disabilities Services Division
Developmental Disabilities Service Office
Disability Determination Services
Default Distribution Tree
Delayed Dialing Tone
Detailed Design Team
Digital Data Transmitter
Digital Data Unit
Dynamic Debugging Tool
Dialogue Data Unit
Disk Drive Unit
Diskette Drive Unit
Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions
Digital Data Exchange
Digital Data Exchange Circuit-switched
Digital Data Exchange Packet-switched
Data Element
Data Entry
Designated Entity
Design Estimate
Destination Exchange
Deutsch English
Development Estimate
Digital Ecosystem
Directory Enquiries
Display Element
Display Enable
Display Equipment
Domain Expert
Domestic Environment
Draft European telecommunication standard
Internet country code for Germany
ISO country code for Germany
United States postal code for Delaware
Defence, Equipment and Support
Defence Equipment and Support
Delete Authcode
Droplet Execution Agent
Default Error Action Flag
Demand-Established B-Channel
Decrementer Register
Digital Exchange Controller
Digital Extended Command
Differentially Encoded Coherent Phase Shift Keying
Defeat Content Scrambling System
Distant End Disconnect
Data Encryption Equipment
Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
Destination Element Field
Module Definition File
Default Overload Messaging Limit
Draft ETSI Guide
Department of Environmental Health Services
Dansk Elektroteknisk Komite
Data-Encrypting Key
Delete line from hunt group
Direct Exchange Line
Delete Casual Feature
Delete Packet Handler Options
Dual Ended Loop Test
Development of European Learning through Technological Advance
Differential Electronic Module
Denmarks Elektriske MaterielKOntrol
Directory Enabled Networks
Digital Entertainment Networking Initiative
Delete Option
Delete Order
Digital End Office
Duty Exemption Pass Book
Dual Expanded Plastic Insulated Conductor
Dept of Environmental Quality
Differentially-Encoded Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Data Exception Report
Designated Employee Representative
Digital Extended Request
Diagnostic Energy Reserve Module
Data Exchange Service
Destination End Station
Diagnostic Error Signaling
Digital Echo Suppressor
Digital Extend Signal
Diver Emergency Service
Division of Environmental Services
Draft European Standard
Drilling Engineering Solutions
Dual Emergency Stand-Alone
Defense Electronic Supply Center
Design Environment Steering Committee
Development Environment Steering Committee
Development Environment Standards Committee
DES Chain Block Coding
DES Encryption Protocol
DES Electronic Code Book
Destination Separations Class
Defence Engineering & Science Group
Data Engineering Support System
Design Effectiveness Tools
ISO council DEVelopment COmmittee
Distant Early Warning system
Data Compression Format
Data Fanout
Designated Federal
Design File
Design Finished
Diagnostic Fault
Distribution Function
Don't Fragment flag
Dedicated File Area
Division of Financial Affairs
DXI Frame Address
Dual Facility Access Digroup
Defense Financial and Accounting Services
Dynamic Feedback Arrangement Scrambling Technique
Distributed Feedback
Design for Characterization
Destination Function Code
Detachment for Cause
Displaced Frame Difference
Design for Environment
Direct Forward Equalizer
Data Flow Function
Deutsche ForschungsGemeinschaft
Difference Frequency Generation
Design For Installability
Digital Fiber Interface
Direct Fiber Interface
Domain-Specific Format Identifier
Domain-Specific Part Format Identifier
Data Fill
Diffused Infrared
Definable Function Key
Default Source
Digital Frequency Modulation
Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference
Defining Instance
Digital Filter Processor
Defense Fire Protection Association
Default Rate
Document Filing and Retreival
Dell Financial Services
Discover Financial Services
Department of Family Services
Deterministic Finite State Automata
Decision Feedback Sequence Estimator
Direct Formed Supergroup
Deterministic Finite State Machine
Dispersion Flattened Single Mode
Diagnostic Function Test
Digital Facility Terminal
Digital Facilities Unit
Discrete Fourier Transform
Discrete Fourier Transformation
Display Focus Team
Distributed Functional Terminal
Distribution Functional Terminal
DPNSS Feature Transparency
DMOPRO File Transfer Interface
Distributed Foundation Wireless Media Access Control
Division for Youth
Division of Family and Youth Services
Differential Gain
Data General Unix
Device Group Actor
Directorate General of Air Communication
Digital Cellular
Dynamic GCRA
Dual Gradient Drilling
Directorate General III
Director General de Normas
Digital GrouND
Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
General Department of Post and Telecommunications
Digital Station
Direction générale des services
Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure
Direction générale des services extérieurs
Direction générale de la sécurité intérieure
Digital Graphic Terminal
Direccion General de Telecomunicaciones
Dependable Global Express
Directorate General XIII
Data Register High Half
Diffie-Hellman protocol
Directed Handoff
Double Heterostructure
Dialogue Handling
Direct Hardware Access
Dynamic Host Configuration
Domain Host Control Protocol
Docker Hub Enterprise
Document Handling Equipment
DigiCable Headend Expansion Interface
Department of Human and Health Services
Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Dual Host Interface
Dalsey, Hillblom, Lynn
Dalsey Hillblom Lynn
Digital Home Network
Dental Health Professional Shortage Area
Department of Human Resources
Dynamic Hierarchical Routing
20 bit sequence
Earth Wire
Essential user facility
Environment, Health, Safety, Security, and Business Ethics
Ear and Mouth
Ear and Mouth, or recEive and transMit
rEceive and transMit leads
rEceive & transMit
Evans and Sutherland
Enhanced emergency telephone number
Embedded Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
Enhanced Beacon Assisted Multiple Access
Extended Broadcast Control Channel
Encrypted E-KEY
Enhanced DRAM
Enhanced Digital Signal Processing Module
European Digital Subscriber Signaling System No. 1
Extended GSM
Extended TDMA
Enhanced IDE
Expected KEY
Extended Local Area Network
EXP-Inferred-PSC Label Switch Path
Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
Enhanced TDMA
Expanded Time Division Multiple Access
Extended Time Division Multiple Access
Employee Assistance Programs
Effective Radiated Power
Earth Station
switch between E-type and U-type MUltipleXes
European 1
European Coordination Committee for Certification
Excellence 6
Enhanced 800 Service
Enhanced 911 Emergency Service
Address Field Extension Bit
Early Assignment
Early Availability
Emergency Announcement
Employee Access
Erase in Area
Expedited data Acknowledgement
Expedited Data Acknowledgement Message
Extended Address field bit
Electro-Absorption Modulator Integrated Distributed Feedback Laser
Emergency Announcement 1
Emergency Announcement 2
Enterprise Application Builder
ESPRIT Advisory Board
Exchange Alternate Billing Service
Exchange Alternate Billing System
Effective-Address Calculation
Engineering Action Center
Export Assistance Centers
East Asian Character Code
Extended Acknowledgement
East Africa Common Services Organization
Engineering and Administration
Expert Agent Distribution
Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition
Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System/Network Management
Equipment Application Engineer
Ewert Ahrensburg Electronic
Efficient Algorithms Executing Every Aspect of Engineering for
Exchange Access End Office
Effective-Address Fetching
Equal Access Feature Group D
Emergency Action Interface
Emergency Administrative Interface
Equal Access Interexchange Carrier
Enhanced Asynchronous Interface Line Unit
Extended Answer Message
Enhanced Automatic Message Accounting
Equal Access Multifrequency
Expanded AMPS
Equal Access Network Trunk
Electronic Access Ordering
Equal Access/Operator Assist team
Equal Access and Operator Services
Equal Access Operator Services Signaling
Equal Access Operator Signaling System
Exchange Access Operator Services System
Emergency Action Program
Equal Access Plan
Extended Access Paging
External Address Plan
Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory
Early Access Release
Enhanced Adaptive Rate-Based
Extended Adaptive Rate-Based
Egle Air Service
Enhanced Alarm System
Envimet Analytical Systems
Exchange Access Signaling
Exchange Access System
External Architecture Specification
Equal Access Switching Point
EDNA Administration Tool
Emergency Administrative Terminal
Electro-Acoustic Transmission Measuring System
Equal Access Traffic Separation
Extended Accumulator Register
Electronic Bonding
End of Block
Environment Business
External Bit
Equipment Blockages and Failures
Electronic Bonding for Trouble Administration
Enhanced Bellcore AMA Format
Expanded Bellore AMA Format
Extended Bellcore AMA Format
Enhanced Billing and Access Services
Elektronische Bild Bearbeitung
Evolution Brown Bag Lunch
Egress Busy Crankback message
Employee Benefits Corporation
European Business Committee
Enhanced Booked Call Database
Enhanced Busy Call Return
External Behaviorial Expression
Equivalent Binary Error Rate
Electron Beam Exposure System
Equated Busy Hour Calls
End Bracket Indicator
Even Bit Inversion
Electronic Bonding Implementation Team
End of BIU
Electron Beam Lithography
Editing Boundary Mode
Error Correction and Burst Memory Controller
Extended Backus-Naur Form
Executive Busy Override
Executive Busy Override Basic
Executive Busy Override Tone
Executive Busy Override Exempt
Executive Busy Override on MADN
Executive Busy Overide Exempt
Extension Block Object Framework
European IP Backbone
Electronic Bill Presentment
Employee Benefit Plans
Extended Base Pointer
Electron-Beam Recording
Employee Benefit Solutions
Engineering and Business Systems Inc.
Ethiopian Broadcasting Service
European Bulk Services
Europe by Satellite
European Binary Signalling System
Electronic Benefit Transaction
European Backbone Telecommunications Network
European Broadcasters Union
Elektronische Bild Verarbeitung
Effective Bandwidth
Executive Busy Override Exempted
Extended Base Register
electronic business XML Consortium
Earth Calling
Echo Canceled
Echo Canceler
Echo Check
Echo Controller
Edition Code
Elastic Computing
Electrical Communication
Enforcement Committee
Engineering Complaint
Environmental Compatibility
Equivalent Capacity
Erase Character
Escape Character
Error Code
Every company
Exchange Classification
Extended Control
ISO country code for Republic of Ecuador
Ratio of energy per modulating bit to the noise spectral density
Echo Suppression Allowed
Element Control Application
Emergency Changeover Acknowledgement message
Engineering Change Announcement
Exchange Carrier Association
European Civial Aviation Conference
Echo Canceller
East Coast Amateur Radio Service
European Conference of Associations of Telecommunications Industries
Electrically Controlled Birefringence
European Citizen's Band Federation
Echo Canceller Burst Mode
Echo Canceller Control
Electrical Cross-Connect
Electronic Common Control
Embedded Communication Channel
Embedded Communications Channel
Emergency Communication Centre
Error-Correction Coding
Error Control Code
Error Correction Checking
Expanded Community Calling
Extended Call Condense Block
European Coordination Committee for Certification
Error Correction Coprocessor
Economic CCS
Enhanced Charge Card Validation
Echo Suppression Denied
Electronic Chart DataBase
Electronic Chart DIsplay Equipment
Electronic Chart DIsplay System
Enhanced Call Disposition
Enhanced Compact Disk
Eraseable Compact Disk
Equipment Configuration Data
Equipment Configuration Database
Error Correction Device
Error Correction / Data Compression
Electronic Community Dial Office
Expanded Call Detail Record
Echo Control Equipment
Echo Canceled Hybrid
Echo Cancellation
Echo Control Factor
Enhanced Call Forward
European Consultative Forum for Research Networking
Electro Cardio-Gram
Echo Canceler with Hybrid
Erase Character
Extended CHS
Echo Control Information
Egress Context Identifier
End Chain Indicator
Equipment Catalogue Identifier
Explicit Congestion Indication
Extended Call Interface
Electronic Communications Implementation Committee
Electronic Communications Implementors Committee
Equal-access Carrier Identification Code
Electronic Communications Implementation Forum
Embedded Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
European Committee on Iron and Steel Standardization
European Committee for Information Technology
Eddy-Current-Killed Oscillator
Effective Code Length
Eye Clinic Liaison Officers
External Code Linking Toolkit
Coordination Management
Electronic Contrast Modulation
Embedded Cable Modem
Emergency Changeover Message
Engineering Change Memorandum
Error Control Mode
Extended Call Management
Energy Conservation Measures
European Community Manufacturers Association
European Communications Manufacturers Association
European Computer Manufacturers' Association
have defined a set of QSIG standards.
Extended Change Management System
ERMES Code Number
Electron Coupled Oscillator
Electronic Central Office
Emergency Changeover Order message
Emergency Cutoff
Engineering Control Office
Enhanced Core
End-to-End Class of Service
Economic and Social Committee
European Common Proposal
Executive Control Program
Executive Cellular Processor Complex
Emergency Card Replacement
Explicit Cell Rate
Electrical Contractor Registration Agency
Executive Change Review Board
European Confederation of Radio and Electronic Equipment Associations
Echo Cancellation Resource Module
Earcap Reference Point
Enhanced CRTSIM
Electronic Check Service
Entrance Criteria Screener
Entropy-Coded Segment
European Cargo Services
Express Cargo Services
European Computing Services Association
Enhancement of High Speed Circuit Switched Data
Enterprise Computing Systems Data Systems
Entropy Constrained Scalar Quantization
Electrical Contractors Safety and Standards Association
Early Cut-Through
Eddy Current Testing
European Conference of Telecommunications and Professional Electronic Industries
European Telecommunications and Professional Electronics Industry
European Telecommunication and Professional Electronics Industry
Electronic Cargo Tracking Note
European Commission of Telecommunications Regulatory Authorities
European Committee for Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs
Echo Canceller Testing System
ENET Integrity Check Traffic Simulator
European Council of Telecommunications User Associations
Entropy Constrained Vector Quantization
Emergency Calls in Wireless
Even Control Word
Extended Count Register
Electric Dynamic
Electronic Design
Ending Delimiter
End Designation
End of Data
Energy Dispersal
Erase in Display
Error Detection
Export Declaration
Extra-high Density
Error Detection and Correction
Error Detection and Error Correction Code
Efficient Defect Analyzer
Event-Driven Architectures
Event Driven Architectures
Extended Data Availability and Protection
Embedded Database
ESTELLE Debugger
Exchange Database
Event-Driven Billing Architecture
Electronic Dispersion Compensator
Error Detecting Code
Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction
Enhanced D-Channel Handler
Event Driven Call Processing
Earliest Due Date
Electronic Document Delivery
Equipment Data Dump
Extended Disk Driver Interface
Enhanced Dynamic Data Sync
Earliest Deadline First
Erbium-Doped Fiber
Erbium-Doped Fluoride Fiber Amplifier
Event Driven Feature Processing
Encouraging Diversity Growth And Equity
Encouraging Diversity, Growth, & Equity
Electronic Data Handling
Echange de Données Informatise
Echanges de Données Informatisés
Electric Data Interchange
Electronic Data Interchanges
Electronic Data Inter-change
Electroni Document Interchange
Electronic Data Interchange Message
Enciphered Data Indicator
Environmental Dynamics Inc
Exchange Data International
Extended Destination Index Register
Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport
EDI Forum for the Electronics Industry
Electronic Document Image Processing
Error Deletion by Iterative Transmission
Encapsulator Description Language
Embedded Delta Modulation
Employee Development Model
Enhanced Data Message Switch
EDN Magazine
EKTS Display With No Alerting
Environment Distribution Network Administration
Emergency Directory Number Route
Emergency Directory Number Routing
Emergency Dynamic Number Routing
Enterprise-Defined Network Services
Extended Data Out RAM
Ermium-Doped Optical Amplifier
Embedded Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specifications
Extended Data Out SRAM
Extended Data Out VRAM
Encrypted Data Processor
Enhanced Datagram Protocol
Extended Datagram Protocol
Event Detection Point- Notification
Event Detection Point- Request
Early Developer Release
Electronic Data Reporting
Engineering Data Reporter
Event Data Records
Enhanced Digital Recorded Announcement Machine
Electronic Document Record Management
Energy Demand Research Project
Electronic Data Switching system
Extended Data Services
Equipment Drawing System
Exchangeable Disk Storage
Enhanced Display Station Emulation Adapter
Erbium-Doped Silica Fiber Amplifier
Extended Digital Subscriber Line
Energie Data Services Nederland
Electronic Digital Signal Cross-Connect
Eastern daylight-saving time
Electronic Design Transfer
Enhanced Data Transfer
Enhanced Digital Trunk Controller
Electronic Data Traffic Control Computer
Event Driven Trunk Call Processing
Electrical Time-Division Multiplexing
Enhanced Digital Test Unit
Enhanced-Definition Television
Educational institutions domain
Energy Dispersion Waveform
Enhanced Digital Switch
Extended Data Register
Entity End
Environmental Evaluation
Extended Edition
ISO country code for Estonia
Environment, Ethics & Quality
Electronic Engineering Association
The Association of the Electronics, Telecommunications
Electrical Echo Canceler
Environmental Emergencies Center
Escrow Encryption Chip
European Electronic Component Manufacturers' Association
Education Engineering Department
Electronic Equipment Enclosure
End-to-End Encryption
External Event Information
Edge-Emitting Laser
End to End Message
Enhanced Expanded Measurements
Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association of Canada
Electrical Echo Path
Equal Error Protection
Electrically Erasable programmable POTentiometer
Electronically Erasable Programmable Read-Only-Memory
Electronically Erasable Read-Only Memory
Electrically Erasable PROM
Europese Economische Ruimte
Event Error Rate
Emitac Enterprise Solutions
End-to-End Signaling
Earth Exploration Satellite Service
End-to-End Signaling via Speed Calling
Equipment Engaged Tone
End-to-End Transit Delay
European Electronic Toll Service
European Electronic Tolling Service
Electrical Equipment Upgrading
End-to-End Virtual Path
End-to-End Virtual Private Network
Enhanced Exchange Wide Dial
Elementary Function
Enhanced Functions
Enhancement Factor
Envelope Function
Erase in Field
engineer, furnish, and install
Engineering, Furnishing and Installation
Emergency Food Bank
Error Free Block
Explicit Forward Congestion Notification
Endpoint Format Descriptor
Event-Forwarding Discriminator
Error Free DeciSeconds
ElectronikFabrikant Foreningen
Extended Frame Format
Engineer, Furnish and Install
Errored Frame Indicator
Expedited Flow Indicator
Extended Facility Information Element
Electronic File Interchange Organization
External Financing Limit
Eight-to-Fourteen Modulation
European Foundation for Management and Development
Error Free Milliseconds
European Feature Patch Team
European Forum for Quality Management
Enhanced Fluid Recovery
Enhanced Frame Relay Access Processor
Emergency Fire Service
External File Service
Error-Free Seconds
Error Free Signal
Enterprise Financial Services Corp
European Federation for Services to Individuals
Extended Finite State Machine
Electronic Filing Service Provider
Electrical Fast Transient
Electric Funds Transfer
Extended Fundamental Types
Enable Full Time Transmission
AN ETSI Guide Access Network
Equipment Ground
ETSI Guide
Executive Group
External Gateway
ISO country code for Arab Republic of Egypt
PAC Expert Group 5
Education General Administration Database
Equal Gain Combining
Expert Group in Conformance Testing
Expert Group DIRectory system
Early Growth Financial Services
European Geo-stationary Navigation Overlay Service
Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists
Event Handler
Exception Handling
Explicit Hierarchies
External Host
ISO country code for Western Sahara
Exchange Hosted Archive
Electrical Hazards Awareness Program
Extra Half Bright
Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
Error Handling Category
Expected High Day
Extended Header
Ergonomie et Harmonisation des Dialogues Vocaux
Extremly High Frequency
Einheitliche Hohere Kommunikations Protokolle Ebene 4
Einheitliche Hohere Kommunikations Protokolle Ebene 5
Emulator High-Level Language API
Extended Home Living Services
Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications
Early Head Start
European Home Standards
Exception Handling System
Exception Handling Team
Extremely High Temperature
Extremly High Tension
Einhangezeichen des A-Tln
Emergency Indication
Employer's Identification
Enable Interrupt
Enhancement Intra
Error Indication
Event Information
Expected Integrity
External Interface
Equality Impact Assessment
EIA Japan
Ethernet Interface Board
Early Intensive Behavior Intervention
Electrical Installation Certificate
Electronic Instrument Cluster
Entertainment, Information, and Communications
Equipment Installer's Code
Equipment Installers Code
Ethernet Interface Card
European Information and Communications Technology Industry Association
ENET Integrity Check Traffic Simulator
Endpoint Identifier
Equipment Identifier
Error Insertion Device
extended internet fax
Error Interrupt Handler
Early Industry Interaction
Electronic Image Industry
Enterprise Innovation Management
Errored Interval Monitor
Ethernet Inverse Multiplexer
External Interface Module
Ethernet Interface Node
European Informatics Network
Enhanced Input/Output Controller
Enhanced International Operator Position
Early Intervention Programs
Electronic Image Processing
Eliminating Interference Patterns
Enterprise Imaging Platform
Enterprise Integration Patterns
Equipment installation procedure
Ethernet Interface Paddle Board
Engineering Information Report
Equipment Interchange Receipt
Excessive Information Rate
Early Intervening Services
Electronic Ignition Switch
Emulator Interface Specification
Event Information Scheduler/SimulCrypt Synchronizer
Enhanced ISDN Signaling Preprocessor
Executive Information Systems Steering Council
European ISDN Users Forum
Encryption Initialization Vector
Electronic Journalism
European Joint Optical Bistability Project
EKTS Bridged Call Exclusion Billing Records
EKTS Directory Number Bridging Billing Records
End System Key Exchange
EKTS Intercom Calling Billing Records
EKTS Station Ringing Transfer Billing Records
Electronic Key Telephone Set
EKTS Analog Member
EKTS User Bridging Billing Records
Electro Luminescence
Electronic Library
Encode Level
Engineering Letter
Erase in Line
Erase Line
External Links
Exchange Line
Executive Level
Executive Level 2
Establishment License Application
Ethernet Line Aggregation
European Local Area Network
EMC Laboratories Accreditation Working Group
Elastic Load Balancers
Exchange Line Capacity
Enhanced Line Concentrating Module
Electrical Communication
Emulated Loop Control Protocol
Electro-Luminiscent Display
Enhanced Line Drawer
Entry Leadership Forum
Error Logging Facility
Extensible Linking Format
Extension Language Facility
Equal Level Far-End Crosstalk
Enhanced Logical Link Control
Element Layer Management System
Essential Line
Events, Logs, OMs, Billing, Alarms
Encode Level Point
Endorsed Local Provider
Essential Lifestyle Planning
Essential Lifestyle Plan
Enhanced Link Peripheral Processor
Earth Loop Recall
Environmental Liability Risk Assessment
Electrolux Laundry Systems
Elite Line Services
Entertainment Lighting Services
Entry Level Solution
Extra Large Scale Integration
Electronic Lien & Title
Emergency-Load-Transfer signal
Emergency Locating Transmitter
Extension Load Tape
English Language Testing Service
Edit Level Video
Electrical Low-Voltage
Editable List Widget
Evangelical Lutheran Worship
Edit Message
Electronics Marketing
Electronic Mailing
Element Management
Emulate Coprocessor
Engineering Manual
Environment Monitor
Excellence Maturity Assessment
Extensible Macro-Customizable Self-Documenting Editor
ETSI MIS Advisory Group
East Midlands Business Services
Engineering Materials Advisory Service
Ethernet Media Access Unit
Embedded Maintenance Channel
Enhanced Multipurpose Cabinet
Equipment Manufacture Code
European Monitoring Centre on Change
Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
Edelmetall Motor Drenwahler
Electronic Money Directive
Earth-Moon-Earth radio path
Electromagnetic Emissions
Europe, Middle East Africa
Europe, Middle-East, Africa
Europe-Middle East-Africa
Europe Middle East Africa
Europe, Middle East and Asia
Europe, the Middle East, Africa
Europe, the Middle East & Africa
Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia
Europe, Middle East, India and Africa
Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa
Enhanced Measurement for Early Risk Assessment of Latent Defects
Enhanced Metafile Format
Environment Manager Function
Environment Manager Global
Electronic Money Institutions
Enable Manual Input
Exchange Message Interface
Exchange Message Interface (Bellcore standard for data transmission between RBOC/LEC
ESTU Module Interface Card
Education Management Information Exchange
Emirates Telecommunications Corporation
Emergency Key
Estimated Maximum Loss
Externally Modulated Laser
Element Management Layer/ Element Management Service
Enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption
ESTU Master Module
Event Measurement Mapping
Electronic Mail and Messaging Systems
Express Mail Military Service
Enterprise Meeting Notice
Electro-Magnetic Pulse
Equivalence Management Platform
Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing
Enhanced Multiprotocol Controller
Enhanced Multi-Purpose Controller
Elastic Map Reduce
ElectroMechanical Relay
Exchange Message Record
Emergency Recovery Log Database
Effective Monopole-Radiated Power
Eagle Marine Services
Educational Media Services
Eitzen Maritime Services
Electronic Manufacturing Services
Electronic Manufacturing Service
Electronic Manufacturer Services
Electronic Manufacturing Solutions
Electronic Messaging Service
Final character
Fixed length
Forward Compatibility
FTAM Service
Fully Associated
Facilities and Equipment System
Facilities & Operations
Finance & Technology Research Centre
Fast Broadcast Control Channel
Frame Transport Bus
Fixed End System
Final Operators to Required Operators
Fuse Block
Fiber Remote Switching Center
Facility/Service Selective Signaling
Frequency 1
Frequency 2
Facility Agent
Factory Automation
Fast Acting
Fast Answer
Fax Adapter
Feature Activation
Feature Activation information element
Feature Activator
Feature Activators
File Administrator
First Available
Forwarding Agent
Frame Address
Framework Technical Advisory
Facility Accepted Message
Forced Agent Availability
Fixed Automatic Alternative Routing
Facilities Administration Center
FACility message
Family Adoption Consultants
Fan Alarm Card
Facility Number Bearer Capabilities
Fast Associated Control Channel/Full rate
Full rate Fast Associated Control CHannel
Fast Associated Control Channel/Half Rate
Half rate Fast Associated Control CHannel
Facility Accepted message
Foreign Area Customer Dialing
Field-Alterable Control Element
Flexible Advanced Capacity Engineering Tool
Facility Indicator
Facility Number
Facility Information Indicator
Facilities Request
Facility Administration Control System
Facility Number/Simulated Facility Groups Association
BRI Feature Activator Indicator Trigger
First Application Conformance Test
Functional Auditable Combined Testing
Facility Access Digroup
Facility Deactivated Message
Feature Activators Per DNCT
Force Administration Data System
FADS Hotel Administration Data System
Facility Failure
Family Assessment Form
Feature Activator/Feature Indicator
Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators
Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators Per DNCT
Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators Per Hunt
Paired Feature Activators-Feature Indicators Per Stop Hunt Application Set
Feature Activators Per Hunt Make Busy Application Set
Facility Information Message
FAFI Generic Dialog
Frameworks with Architectural Implementations
FAFI Programming Outside the Context of a Call
FAFI Recognition and Starter Service
FAFI Status Update
Frame Alignment Loss
Fast Access Memory
File Access Method
Final Address Message
Forward Address Message
Facility Agent MAE
Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers
Fast Multiphase Excitation
Floating-Gate Avalanche Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Floating-gate Avalanche MetalOxide Semiconductor
Future Advanced Mobile Universal System
Family Advisory Network
Flexible Access Network
Flexible Automatic Number Identification
Feature Alteration Point
Feature Appearance
Format And Protocol
Foires Aux Questions
Frequesntly Asked Questions
Find answers to your questions
Frequent Asked Questions
Facility Request message
False Alarm Rate
Family Assessment Response
Flash during Audible Ringing Utility
False Answer Supervision
Federal Anti-trust Service
File Access Subsystem
Frame Alignment Symbol
Feature Activators Per Stop Hunt Application Set
Function- and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma
Fairchild Advanced Schottky TTL
Fast Automated Securities Transfer
Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas
Frequency Agile Sharing Technology
Fast Automatic Restoration
Fast Ethernet
FAST Programmable Logic Array
Foreign Area Toll
Foreign Area Translation
Foreign Area Translator
Framework Architecture Team
Frame Alignment Word
Facsimile over Internet Protocol
Full Armor Zero AdMinistration
Free Basics
Fuse Block
Call Forward Busy Allowed
Fair Buffer Allocation
Farbart, Bildinhalt, Austast, Synchron
Facilities-Based Carrier
Facility Bearer Channel
Fellowship Bible Church
Call Forward Busy Denied
Full Business Day
Frame Bonding Equaliser
Farm Bureau Financial Services
Foreign Battery or Ground
FEXT Bit Map mode
Fixed Block Pool Store Manager
F-Bus Terminator/Repeater
File Based Service Management
Full Band Spread Spectrum
Frame Bus
Frame Transport Bus
Fabric Controller
Facility Code
Facility Component
Fast Channel
Fast Class
Feature Close
Feature Control
Final Compile
First Call
Flex Call
Flexible Calling
Flexible Call 3
Frame Control, or Fiber Channel
Frame Count
Functional Call
Functional Capability
Functional Configuration
Type of commercial fiber optic connector
Failure Condition
Feature Code Access
Fellow Chartered Accountants
Forestry Contracting Association
Fault, Configuration, Accounts, Performance, Security
Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security Management
Feature Control Block
Flexible Calling Billing Records
Frequency Coordination Board
Flexible Call Conference
Flow Control Consortium
Framework Capabilities Capture
Flexible Calling Consultation Hold
Frequency Correction Channel
Federal Coordinating Committee for Science, Engineering, and Technology
Facsimile Coded Data
Flexible Call Drop
Public Feature Code Trigger
Feature Control Data Base
Front End Control Element
Fixed Cellular
Fast Control Field
Flexible Call Forwarding
Public Feature Code Trigger and BRI Feature Activator Indicator Trigger
Flexible Calling and ISDN Hold Display
FP Change Sign
Flexible Calling Feature Interactions
Flux Changes per Inch
Forward Congestion Indication
Flexible Computer Interface Format
Flexible Calling Invoke from Idle
Forward Call Indication Parameter
Fixed Channel List
Fabric Control Message
Functional Call Management
Signaling Traffic Flow Control Messages
Functional Component Management Plan
FiberCenter OM Acquisition
Formation Continue Obligatoire
Ferry Control Protocol
First-Class Package International Service
Flow Control Parameter Negotiation
Function Code Register
Fragment Cyclic Redundancy Check
Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics
Facsimile Communications System
Federation of Communications Services
Fibre Channel Standard
File Control Services
First Customer Shipped
Flexible Charging System
Fraport Cargo Services
Field-Controlled Thyristor
First Canadian Title
Flexible Call Transfer
Ferry Clip Based Test System
Floating-Point Conversion Unit
Flow Controlled Virtual Channel
Flexible Calling Transfer
Free Commercial Zones
Flag Detected
Family of Documents
Fault Display
Feature Description
File Descriptor
File Directory
Finished Dialing
Floppy Disk
Formal Description
Format Discriminator
Formation à distance
Fault Detection and Recovery
Frequency-Differential/Phase Shift Keyed
Feature Data Area
Feature Data Block
Feature Database
Functional Description Block
Feature Data Block Queue
Floppy-Disk Controller
Forward Discrete Cosine Transform
Fault Detection Driver
Fibre-Distributed Data Interface
Fddi Ii
Fibre Distributed Data Interface Dual Attach
Field Direction-Delay-Spread Function
Facility Deactivated message
Feature Designer Environment
Feature Development Environment
Frame Development Environment
Field Data Entry Rules
Fiber Distributing Frame
Fibre Distribution Frame
Full-Duplex Handshake
Full-Duplex Handshaking Protocol
Fiber Distribution Interface
Functional Description Inspection
Frame Developer's Kit
FDL Control Register
Feature Description Manual
Frequency Division Multiplexed
Frequency Division Multiple Access-множественный
Frequency Division Multiplexing Multiple Access
Features Denied
Fiber Distribution Network
Fixed Dialing Number
Foreign Directory Name
Forward-to Directory Number
Frequency-Dependent Negative Resistor
First Digit Not Zero
Feature Document
Focused Destination Overload Control
Floppy-Disk Operated System
Font Development and Promotion Center
Fully-Digital Phase-Locked Loop
Frequency Dependent Rejection
Fiche de données de sécurité
Fundamental Data Structure
Formal Design Technique
Framework Design Team
Framework Development Team
Full Digitone
Finite Difference Time-Domain
Floppy Disk Unit
Full DupleX operation
Family of Equipment
Field Examiner
Format Effector
Formation Evaluation
Frame Erasure
Framing Error
Function Element
Nominal Channel Centre Frequency
Far End Alarm Channel
Fast Encipherment Algorithm
Format Effector Action Mode
Functional Entity Access Manager
Feature Simulation
Feature Simulator
Foetal Electro Cardio Gram
Far-End Code Violation
Field-Emitter Display
Field Emission Display
Federal Information Exchange
FEDeral government STanDard
Freshman Essay Evaluation
Flat Equalized FEXT
Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
Frame Erasure Indication
Federal Employee Identification Number
Far-End Loopback
Far-End Loop Test
Finite Element Methode
Foreign Electromotive Force
Forsythe-Edwards Notation
Front End Optimization
Far-End Office
Far End Processor Outage
Far End Point Code
Fault Event Processing System
Federation of Engine Re-Manufacturers
Frame Erasure Ratio
Ferro Electric Random Access Memory
Ferroelectric RAM
Foreign Exchange Routine Evaluation Testing System
Far-end Receive Failure Message
Frequency Encoding Signal
Frequency Exchange Signalling
Forced Emergency Stand Alone
Federal Excise Tax
Field Engineering Terminal
Functionally Equivalent To
Format Effector Transfer Mode
Floating-Point Execution Unit
Feature Event
Foreign Exchange
Far-End Crosstalk
Far End Cross Talk
Fast Feature
Fast Forward
Federation Framework
Field Function
Freight forwarder
Freight forwarder's
Features, Functions, and Performance
Fire Fighting Apparatus
File Format Applications Programming Interface
Free Format Coding
Fort Financial Credit Union
FDDI Full-Duplex Technology
For further instructions
Freight Forwarding International
Future Forum II
Famous Four Media
First Failure to Match
Functional Feature Management
FDDI Follow-On LAN
Features, Functions & Performance
Fitness for Purpose
Full-Mode Facsimile Profile of Internet Mail
Fluid-Flow Queuing
Firm Frequency Response
Field Failure Review Board
Federally Funded R&D Center
Four-Fiber Ring Node
Free-Flow Speed
Free Flow Speed
Fast Frequency-Shift Keying
Friends and Family Test
Feature Group A
Feature Group B
Feature Group C
Feature Group D
Feature Group E
Fire Guard
Focus Group
Framework Ground
Feature Group F
Feature Group A
Feature Group B
Feature Group C
Feature Group D
Feature Group E
Feature Group F
Feature Group A Serving Office
Feature Group B Area
Feature Group B End Office Type 1
Feature Group B End Office Type 2
Feature Group B End Office Type 3
Feature Group B Tandem Switch
Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform
Forth Generation Language
Flash Game & Online Game
FEC, Guard time, Preamble, Stuffing bytes
Frame Ground Reference
Fine Granularity Scalability
First Great Western
Floor Ground Window
Frame Handler
Frame Handler function
Funeral Home
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Flexible Hose Assembly
Fragment Header Check Sequence
Fixed Nonhierarchical Routing
Fractional Horse Power
Fixed Hierarchical Routing
Family Health Services Appeal Authority
Fabric Interface
Facility Information
FACT Identified
Fault Insertion
Feature Indication
Feature Indicator
Feature Indication Information Element
Financial Intermediary
Function Index
Internet country code for Finland
ISO country code for Republic of Finland
Financial Institutions Act
Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme
Functional Interactive Asynchronous Transaction
Fast Input Buffering
Financial Investigation Bureau
Front-In Back-Out
Forward Indicator Bit Received
Forward Indicator Bit Transmitted
Forward Indicator Bit Expected
F-Bus Interface Controller
FBus Interface Controller
Federal Identification Code
Fraternal Insurance Counselor Fellow
FIber CONnection
Feature Identifier
Feature Interaction Detection
Federation International de Documentation
Fixed station IDentity
Format Identification
Frame Identification
Feature Information DataBase
FIbre Distributed Data Interface
Feature Indicators Per DNCT
Facility Information Element
Fellow of Institution of Electrical Engineers
Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Fellow of Institution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers
File Interchange Format
First-in, First-out
First-in First-out
First In First Served
Flash Ignore
Floating Figure
File Separator
Feature Indicators Per Hunt Make Busy Application Set
Feature Indication Lamp
Feature Indication Lamp Refresh
Feature Interaction Management
Facing Identification Mark Courtesy Reply Mark
Facing Identification Mark Business Reply Mark
FedEx International Mail Service
Framework for Interoperable Media Services
Feature Indication Message Waiting Notification
Facility Information Message
Feature ID Number
Fleet Identification Number
Fingerprint Identification Number
Finish flag
Factory Information Protocol
Family Investment Program
Fetch Instruction Pointer
Flourescent Indicator Panel
Functional Integration Point
Federation for Intelligent Physical Agents
Fast Infrared
Fault Indication Register
Full Intra-frame Request
Full Intra Request
Feature Interaction Rule Distribution
Feature Interaction Rule/Guidelines Generation
Forum of Incident Response Teams
Federal Inspection Service
Financial Intelligence Service
Foreign Intelligence Services
Floating Instruction Set
Foundation for International Services
Front Impact Sensor
Functional Interface Specification
Fellowship for International Service and Health
Feature Indicators Per Stop Hunt Application Set
Failure Intensity Trend
Failure in Time
Failures in 10+9 component hours
Fault Insertion Testing
Focused Improvement Team
Framework Integration Team
Fully-Initializing Terminal
Fully Initializing Terminal
Function Integrity Test
Federation of the Telecommunication Engineers of the EC
Forward Interworking Telephone Event
Farmers Information Technology Services
Facilities Interface Unit
Facsimile Interface Unit
ISO country code for Fiji
Family Justice Services
French kissing
ISO country code for Falkland Islands
Feature Key Management
False Key Pulse
Facilities List
Fast Letter
Field Locators
Feature List
Foreign Listing
Free Lance
Fully-Restricted Line
ISDN Fully Restricted Line
United States postal code for Florida
Fiber Loop Central Unit
Fiber Loop Distribution Unit
Fiber Loop Line Amplifier
Florida Limousine Association
Fiber optic Link Around the Globe
Fault Location and Alarm Reporting
Foreign Language Achievement Testing Services
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
Fixed Length Codeword
Fixed Length Code
Flexible Channel Allocation
Functional Line Card Code
Fibreoptic Low-cost Connector System
Full Length Drift
Frame LENgth
Flexible Direct Inward Dialing
Flexible Intercept
Fiber Link Interface Chip
Fiber Link Interface Controller
Fiberized Link Interface Shelf
Fiber Link Interface Shelf
Future Land Mobile Telephony Systems
Family Liaison Officers
Fixed Link Option
Fully-Restricted Originating Line
ISDN Fully-Restricted Originating Line
Flexure Lift-Off Contact
Floating Point Operation
Floating Point Operations Per Second
Florida-Puerto Rico Submarine Cable
Flow Through Provisioning
FLuorescent Panel
Free Library of Philadelphia
Further Leave to Remain
Foreign Location Routing Number
Flash Utility
Free Line Signal
Free Terminating Line Service
Float Voltage
Fully-Restricted Terminating Line
ISDN Fully-Restricted Terminating Line
Fiber Loop Access
Fabric Management
Focused Maintenance
Facility Monitoring
Fault Monitor
Failure to Match
Frame Memory
ISO country code for Federated States of Micronesia
Frequency Modulated-Frequency Division Multiplexed
Fast Matrix Architecture
Financial Markets Authority
Financial Market Authority
First Market Application
FRAMES Multiple Access
Fused Multiply-Add
Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians
Facility Maintenance and Administration Center
Floating-Point Multiply-and-Accumulate
Facility Management System
Fabric Motherboard
Functional Message Block
Frame-Mode Bearer Services
Fixed/Mobile Convergence
Fixed Message Cycle
Force Management Center
Force Management CRT
Formal Methods in Conformance Testing
Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave
Flooded Member Detection
Fault Modes and Effects Analysis
Failure Mode, Effects & Criticality Analysis
Failure Mode Effects Criticality Analysis
Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis
Fault Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis
Frequency Modulation Feedback
First Media Group
Flexible Material-Handling System
Fixed part MAC Identity
Frame Mode Information Field
FMI Protocol
Functional Multiprocessing Kernel
Finite Message Machine
Full Mobile Number Portability
Facilities Maintenance Operations
For Members Only
Future method of operation
Feature Message Processor
Functional Multiprocessing
Field Management Reporting
Follow Me Roaming
Frequency Modulation Receiver
Facility Management & Safety
Federation of Music Services
Fiji Meteorological Service
Fraud Management System
Fault Management Switch Agent
Feature Management Service Logic Program
Feature Manager Service Logic Program
Fault Management Summarization Manager
Fiber Multiplex Terminal
Filtered MultiTone
Frequency Modulation Transmitter
Frequency Modulated TeleVision
Fan Management Unit
Fan Mount Unit
Foreign Market Value
Frequency Modulation Voice Frequency Telegraphy
Florida Movers and Warehousemen's Association
Facility Number
Feature Node
Fiber Node
Finding Name
Forwarding Number
Functional Description
Functional Specification
Call Forward No Answer Allowed
Financial Needs Analysis
Financial Need Analysis
FLAG Network Architecture
Functional Network Architecture
Feature Not Allowed Treatment
Forced Name Privacy
Function Block
FTS Node Controller
Fédération nationale des collectivités concédantes et régies
Call Forward No Answer Denied
Final Treatment
Fleet Numerical Meteorology Oceanography Center
Free Number Origination
FLAG Network Operations Center
Further Notice of Inquiry
First Notice of Loss
Fixed Night Service
Fujitsu Network Switching
Feature Node/Service Interface
Font Selection
Free Number Terminating
Floatingt-Point Normalization Unit
Field Not Valid
Frame Not Valid
Future Network View
Extended Function Block
Final Order
Fixed Output
Flash Override
ISO country code for Faroe Islands
Fag og Arbejde
First Office Application
Flexible Origination Authorization
Fibre Optic Active Component
Fixed Filter Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer
Free On Boards
Fibre Optic Back Pointer
Flexible Call Observing
Fiber Optic Connector
Fiber Optic Crossconnect
Fiber Optics Communications
Firm Order Confirmation
Flow of Control
Follow-On Call
Forward Control Channel
Fiber Optic Communication Systems
Freeze-Out Fraction
First Order Fire Effects Model
Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action
Factor of Merit
Fiber Optic Multi-Media Access System
Fiber Optic Medium Dependent Interface
Font file
Federation of National Association of Ship Brokers and Agents
Force Out of Service
Framework for Object Oriented Testing
Forced Output Rate
Free On Rail
Forced Registration Flag
FOR Further Study
FORmal TEchniques
Fiber Organizing System
Financial Ombudsman Services
Freedom of Services
Fiber Optic Splice Closure
Fiber Optic Transmission
Forward-Transfer Message
Forward-Transfer signal
Frequence Optimale de Travail
Fiber Optic TAG
Fiber Optic Technical Advisory Group
Front of the House
Fiber Optic Test Procedure
Fiber Optic Terminal System
Federal Operations Unit
Federal Operation Unit
Four-Character Code
Fiber Optic Extender
Field Oxide
Fox Network
Facilities Processor
Facility Processor
Family Preservation
Fast Paging
Feature Processing
Feature Processor
Federation Provider
Field Patch
File Pointer
Frame Pointer
File Processing
File Processor
Fixed Part
Flat Pack
Flat Package
Floating Point
Functional Processor
Function Processor
Florida Polygraph Association
Funeral Planning Authority
Facsimile Packet Assembly/Disassembly
Fabric Power and Alarm Module
Fan Power Control
Financial Planning Certificate
First Presbyterian Church
Foundation Peripheral Controller
Functional Progression Chart
Floating Point Co-Processor
Floating-Point Control Register
Field Programmable Devices
File Processor Device
Flat Panel Display
Foreign Potential Detector
Final Proposed Draft Amendment
Front Panel Data Port
Federal Procurement Data Systems
Feature Processing Environment
Floating-Point Exception Cause Register
Floating-Point Exception Envelope
Feature Processing Framework
Feature Planning Guide
Functional Parameter Group
Free Phone
Freephone Indicators
Floating-Point Source 1 Operand High Register
Floating-Point Source 2 Operand High Register
Family Programming Interface
Fixed Price Incentive
Foreign Policy Instruments
Floating-Point Instruction Address Register
Floating-Point Imprecise Operation Type Register
Field Programmable Logic Family
Future Public Land Mobile Telephone Systems
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications Services
Future Public Logic System/Sequencer
Floating-Point Source 1 Operand Low Register
Floating-Point Source 2 Operand Low Register
Fast Packet Multiplexing
Fiber Peripheral Module
Failures Per Million Hours
Freephone Number
Frame Pointer Optimization
Frequency Planning Organisation
Feature Processing Off-Site Meeting
FPE Offsite Meeting
Gravitational Force
Guard time
GNU C++ Compiler
Generalized polling protocol - Packet Assembly/Disaaembly
Gigabit Passive Optical Network
Graphic Read-Only Memory
Global Simulation Testbed
Gain to noise-Temperature ratio
Gate 0
Gate 0A
Gate 0B
Gate 1
Gate 2
Generation to Generation
Gate 3
technology, telecommunication, network, service
Geographical Area
Group Alerting
ISO country code for Gabonese Republic
United States postal code for Georgia
GSF Applications Architecture Forum
GAlium ArSenide
GAlium ArSenide Phosphide
GSF Architecture Council
Group AdC
Group Automatic Gain Regulator
Global Advanced Intelligent Network
Graphic Access Method
Generic AIN Message Encoder
Generic AIN Messaging Environment
Gallium Nitride
Group Answer Occasional
GSF Agent Object Team
Call Gapping
Grandparents As Parents
Ground-to-Air Paging
Groupe Analyse et Previsions
Groupe d'Analyse et Prognose
GSF Agent Productization
GSM Automation Platform
Guaranteed Access Providers
Gateway Application Programming Interface
Geometric Arithmetic Parallel-Processor
Group Address Resolution Protocol
Graphics Address Relocation Table
Group Alerting System
Gsbt, Adf, Saft
General Application Template
Globalization Architecture Team
GSF Architecture Team
General Access to X.25 Transport Extension
Guarded-Area Transfer Mode
GATT Services Agreement
GSF Activity Tracking System
Graphics Address Translation Table
General Block
Group Busy
ISO country code for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Gigabit Per Second
Gigabits per second
GISDN Basic Call Prototype
GISDN Basic Call Prototype Team
Global Business Communications Systems
Gigabit Ethernet
Green Building Education Services
geschlossene Benutzergruppe
Group Busy Hour
Generic Billing Interface
Gigabit Interface Converter
Gigabits per second
Generic Business Object
Gain-Bandwidth Product
Generic Bridging Service
Grantham Book Services
Gain BandWidth
Garbage Collection
Garbage Collector
Government Contract
Global c-plane
Global Coverage
Graphics Context
Grid Coverages
Group Center
Guard Channel
Garena Cybercafe Alliance
Generic CAC
GSM Capacity Automation Package
Global Component Administration System
General Conference Control
Generic Conference Control
Global Cable Conveyance
GNU C Compiler
Ground Communications Equipment
Gatekeeper Confirm
Gatekeeper Confirmation
Graphic Communications Group
Government Communications HeadQuarters
General Circuit Interface
Global Customer Interface
Generic Control Language
Global Control and Locate
GNA Global C++ Library
Greater California Livery Association
Generalized Control Model
GENIE Communication Manager
Generic Communication Package
Generic C Mobility Management
Group Chief Operator
Generic Communication Protocol
Generic Communications Package
Global Call Recording
Global Call Reference
Group Coding Recording
GENIE Communications System
Global Cache Service
Global Carrier Switch
Global Corporate Services
General Cluster Server Process
GSF Call Setup Team
ISO country code for Grenada
Global Directory Access
GNU Source-Level Debugger
Gnu DataBase Manager
Graphic Display Controller
Global Data Collection Company
Generic Data Dictionary
Global Data Distribution Manager
Global Data Download Manager
GSF Data Distribution Model
Group Delay Equalizer
Group Distribution Frame
Generating System/Data Server Interface
Generic Design Layout Record
Generic Device Magazine
Generic Data Model for Objects
Guidelines for Defined Managed Objects
Guandong Nortel
Grid Dip Oscillator
Generic Digit Parameter
Generic Digital Services
Global Data Service
Global Dialing Scheme
Granite Data Services
Graphic Design Standard
Graphics Data Syntax for a multiple workstation interface
Global Digital Services Unit
Graphic Display Terminal
Guaranteed Dial Tone
GISDN Development Testing Environment
Group Delay Variation
Gated Dielectric Crosspoint
Gated Diode Crosspoint
General Electric Corporation
Generic Element
Greater Than or Equal To
ISO country code for Georgia
Global Enhanced BAF
Gestion électronique des documents
Gaz et Electricité de Grenoble
Globally Executable MHP
GSM Element Manager
Generic Environment for Messaging on the Switch
Girls Educational and Mentoring Services
Global Electronic Messaging Services
Generalized Expert Maintenance system Trunk Trouble Analyser
Global European Network
Generic Address
Generic Common Signalling Channel
General Electric Network for Information Interchange
Generic Interactive Protocol Engine
Generic Time-Slot Management Channel
Generic Number
Generic Notification Indicator
Geostationary Orbit Communications Satellite
Generic Envelope Parameter
Generic Event Processor
Generic Event Recorder
Guam Environmental Protection Agency
General Entity Relational Model
Global Enqueue Services
Global Enqueue Service
GSF Emergency Stand-Alone
GSF Exceptions, Tones, Announcements and Routing
GSF End-To-End Delivery
Georgia Enterprise Technology Services
Giga Electron-Volt
General Formatter
Generic Function
Higher layer information control channel
ISO country code for French Guiana
Generic Fairness Configuration
Generic Fairness Configuration 1
General Feature Description
Girl Friend Experince
Graphical Front End
GSF Framework Evolution Team
Global Financial Institutions
Ground-Fault Indicator
Ground-Fault Interruptor
GOB frame identification
Graphic Font ID
Giga-Floating-Point Operations Per Second
Generalized Framing Procedure
Generic Framing Procedure-Framed
Generic Functional Protocol
Generic Framing Procedure-Transparent
Transparent Generalized Framing Procedure
Generic File System
Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying
Graphical File System Manager
Generic Flow Transport
Generic Function Transport
Georgia Federation of Women's Clubs
Global Ground Automation
Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District
Gateway to Gateway Interworking
Geology, Geophysics and Reservoir
Gateway GSN
ISO country code for Republic of Ghana
General Instrument Corporation
Generic Identifier
Group Identifier
Global Interface
ISO country code for Gibraltar
Guam International Airport Authority
Group Intercom All Calls
Generic Interface Controller
Group Intercom
Gateway Identifier
General Information and Definitions
Global IP telephony Database Service
Global Intermodal Equipment Registry
Government Interoperability Frameworks
GSF Independent Framework Testing
Gigabit Ethernet
Global Information Highway
Global Integrated Logistics
Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation
Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation
Global Information Movement and Management
Global Interrupt Mode Register
German Intelligent Network
Global Intelligent Network Architecture
Global Information Network Services
Group Interface Profile
GSM Interworking access Profile
Garantie individuelle du pouvoir d'achat
Gigabit IP Router
Billions of Instructions Per Second
Global Integrated Project Support Environment
Global Industry Response Group
AT&T Global Information Solutions
Gallaudet Interpreting Services
General Information Session
Generalised Information System
Geopolitical Information Service
Groupe d'Intervention Spécial
Global ISDN
Global IP-Telephony Subscriber Number
GSF Intra-Subnetwork Protocol
Government Interrogating Spending Tool
GSF Inter-Session Team
Generic Information Transport
Global Identifier Tracker
Gainesville Independent Testing Service
Gateway Interface Unit
Graphic Java Toolkit
Group Key Management Protocol
Gold Key Service
Global Lines
Group Length
ISO country code for Greenland
Global 100
Generic Layering Architecture
Great Lakes Area Regional Resource Center
General Lighthouse Authorities
Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services
Graphics and Languages Agreement group for Testing and Certification
Gram-Leach-Bliley Act
Gram Leach Bliley Act
Gramm-Leach-Billey Act
Global Leadership Forum
Global Lines
Greenwich Leisure Limited
General Location
Global Telecommunications Conference
Generic Load Segment
German Language Service
Global Land Survey
Global Land Surveys
Ground Loop Test Cancel
Ground-referenced, Low-Voltage Differential Signal
GL's Extension to X
Generator Manager
Group Mode
Guaranteed Minimum
ISO country code for Republic of the Gambia
Gated Mode Acquisition
Group Make-Busy
Group Make Busy Point
GSF Meridian Business Set
Global Motion Compensation
Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches
Global Maritime Distress and Safety Service
Group Modulating Equipment
Global Markets Entity Identifier
Global Market Entity Identifier
Global Memory
Generalized Monitoring Facility
Generic Maintenance Framework
Global Modeling Forum
Graphic Monitoring Facility
Greater Minnesota Family Services
Generic Maintenance Interface
Graphical Management Interface
Gigabit Media Independent Interface
Geographic Mark-up Language
Global Memory Manager
Global Multimedia Mobility Co-ordination Group
Generic Managed Object
GSF Modifier Trace Tool
Group Manager-Operator Services
Global Messaging Process
Global Mobile Personal Communications by Satellite-Глобальная
Generalized MultiProtocol Label Switching
General Mobile Radio Service
General Mobile Radio Services
General Mobile System
Generic Multiplexer Service
Global Mapping Satellite
Global Merchant Services
Gulf Marine Services
Gateway Mobile services Switching Centre
Gaussian Minimum Shift-Keyed
Global Mobile Satellite Services
Generic Multiplexer Service Team
General Mobile Telephone System
Global Motion Vector Coding
Generic Name
Geographic Number
GOB Number
Group Number
ISO country code for Revolutionary People's Republic of Guinea
Great North Air Ambulance
Generalized No Circuit Treatment
Ground Start
Group Do Not Disturb
Group Number Feature Control
Generic Internet/Subnet Interface
Greater New Orleans Community Health Connection
Graphical Network Browser
Global Name Registry
Global Name Resolver
Global NetWork
Green Number Service
Ghana National Service Scheme
Global aeronautical Navigation Satellite System
Great Northern Telegraph Co.
Global Options
GSF OMs, Alarms, and Logs
Government Owned and Maintained
Global Operations Centre
Game on Demand
Games on Demand
Guaranteed Overnight Delivery
Generic Object Execution Environment
General Organization for Export and Import Control
Geosynchronous Orbiting Environmental Satellite
Glass Optical Fiber
Garment on Hanger
Garment On Hangers
Garments on Hangers
Garments on Hanger
Greater Orlando Limousine Association
GSM One-Chip Logical Device
Generic Object Model
Group OMMO
ETSI NA Task Force, Managed by European Projuction Information Infrastructure Coordination
GSF Object Oriented Development
Group of Pictures
General Operational Sanity
Generic Operator Services
Generic Object Services
Global Operator Services
Government OSI Profile
Global Operator Services Signaling 7
State Committee for Standardization
Government institutions domain
Georgia Onsite Wastewater Association
General Product
Ground Plane antenna
ISO country code for Guadeloupe
General Polynomial Answer mode modem
Generating Polynomial- Answer modem
Global Presence Alliance
Government Property Agency
Global Performance Analysis and Reporting System
GSF Public, Business and Translations Environment
General Polynomial Call mode modem
Generating Polynomial- Call modem
GRPS Packet Channel
Generic Process Framework
Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority
Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority
Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Globalization Partners International
Global Patent Index
General Purpose Interface Adapter
General Purpose Instruments Bus
General-Purpose Input/Output
Group Primary Interexchange Carrier
Per-Group Primary InterLATA Carrier
General Price List
Generic Performance Language
Global Price List
Georgia Public Library Service
General Page Message
Generic Peripheral Maintenance
Georgia Procurement Manual
Global Priority Mail
Grand Prairie Municipal
Green Paper on Mobile Communications
GSF Private Networks Team
Global Power Network Services
General-Purpose Processor
Global Peripheral Platform
General-Purpose Register
Ground-Penetrating Radar
Ground Penetrating Radar
Global Product Rules Development
General Packet Data Radio Service
Generic Practices
Generic Presentation Service
Global Positioning Sistem
Global Positioning Service
Global Positioning Satellites
Global Position Sensing
Government Procurement Services
Government Professional Services
Graduate Professional Student Council
Global Packing, Shipping, and Marshalling
GEC Plessey Telecommunications
Goungdong Post and Telecommunication Authority
Global Product Verification
Greyhound Package Express
ISO country code for Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Graphical Query By Example
Generic Quality of Service
Guaranteed Quality of Service
Geographic Restriction
Gigabit Router
Graceful Close
Graphical Form
Graphical Representation/Rendition
Graphical SDL Representation
ISO country code for Hellenic Republic
Circuit Group Reset Acknowledgment message
Group Reset Acknowledgement Signal
Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly
Graphical System for Presentation
Gotta Register All Your Shareware
Group Recall
Generalized Regular Expression
Generalized Regular Expression Print
Ground Run-up Enclosure
Gelman, Rosenberg & Freedman
General Register File
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Greater Rochester International Airport
Global Resource Identifier
Graded Index
Graded Refractive INdex
Gravis Interface Protocol
Gatekeeper Reject
Circuit Group Supervision Message
Generic Resource Manager
Generic Resource Manager Proxy
Group Reset Message
Generic Resource Manager Database
GNU Remote Operations Web
Generalized Routing Procedures
Group Reference Pilot
Program Manager Group file
Group Close
Group Open
Gatekeeper Discovery Request
Gatekeeper Request
General Request message
Circuit Group Reset message
Generic Record Syntax
Global Recruitment Solutions
Global Regulatory Services
Graves Registration Service
Group Reset Signal
Georgia Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous
Global Registration Tool
Gross Receipt Tax
Gambia Radio & Television Service
Gambia Radio and Television Services
Gambia Radio and Television Service
Generic Services
Generic Services-4
General Specification
Generic Session
Getting Started
Ground Start
Group Selector
G Segment
ISO country code for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
GSM System Area
General Services Acquisition Manual
GSF System Architecture Model
Green Star Accredited Professional
GSF System Architecture Team
General Service Board
Generic Services Base
GSF Services Base Team
CCS Group Signaling Congestion
General Services Commission
Global Surveillance Center
GOB Start Code
Group Switching Center
Group Speed Calling 2-Digit
Group Speed Calling 2-Digit Number List
Global Supplier Corrective Action Request
Ground Segment Coordination Body
General Social Care Council
Generic Service Communication Protocol
Generic Services Connection Protocol
Generic Service Control Protocol
General Services Division
Generic Structure Diagram
Global Service Directory
Generic Services Design Environment
Global Software Development Environment
Global Software Defined Network
Generic Service Design Tool
GSF Services Design Tool
General Services Enterprise
General Systems Engineer
Ground Service Equipment
Generic Services Execution Environment
Generic Session End Point
GSM Service Evaluation Platform
Generic Services Framework
GSF Facility Maintenance
GSF Architecture
GSF Agent Interworking
Generic Services Framework Agent Interworking Protocol
GSFAIP Alerting message
GSFAIP Answer Message
GSFAIP Connection Control Message
GSFAIP Call Progress message
GSFAIP End of Outpulsing message
GSFAIP End of Selection message
GSFAIP Final Address Message
GSFAIP Initial Address Message
GSFAIP Resume message
GSFAIP Release message