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List of acronyms

Precursor to Status Hispanicus
Another Asshole Looking For Drugs
Ask Chief Everything
All Day I Dream About Soccer
Ain’t Doing Right
Adjustment Factor
That’s all for now
all fucked up & beyond repair
Ain't Gonna Make It
Acute Hissy Fit
a la casa
Adelaide's Largest Fucking Idiot
Absolute Loss of Sanity
Derogatory term for America Online (AOL)
All Officers Meeting
Acute Prozac Deficiency
Assuming the Q Position: deteriorating or dying with tongue hanging out
Ain't Quite Right
AF Rejected Me Yesterday
Assuming/Approaching Room Temperature
Assuming Room Temperature
money for signing a cremation form
where you collect the Ash Cash
Assuming Seasonal Temperature
(US) Acute Tylenol Deficiency
Asked To Fuck Off
Acute Thespian Syndrome
Away Without Leave
Being Annoyed By You
part of male anatomy
be back later but not to soon because of...
best girlfriend
Beautiful Individual That Corrects Hoes
Boastful Individual That Creates Haters
Boys, I'm Taking Charge Here
but in the meantime
Basically Lazy Obnoxious Knobs Everything
Being On Ships Sucks
Built On Self Success
be right back *****
be right over
bull ****
beats the **** out of me
Big Ugly Fucking Forklift
chuckle and grin
code 9 - parents are around
can't remember a ******* thing
Cranial-Rectal Insertion
can't remember ****
Can’t Remember Shit
Can't Really Treat
Cannot Stop Investigating
see you too
Civilian Under Navel Training
cover your ***
Death and Donuts
Divorced and Desperate
Drunk And Disorderly
Drunk as Cooter Brown
Don’t even go there
Don't Expect Help
Don't Even Know I Am Lying
don't give a rats ***
dead in cage or death is coming
Did I Eat That
Do I Eat Today
Don't Indulge Every Time
Daringly Inserting Large Disgusting Objects
Doctor I'd Like to Fuck
Dumb Retards Asking for More Attention
Drug-Seeking Behaviour
Dumb Sh*t Profile
Darn this computer
Don't Transfer to Me Again.
Danger To Shipping
Damn Ugly Baby
Death/Dying With Paramedic Assistance
don't you just hate it when...
Do your own homework
Do your own research
Did You See The Size Of That Thing
Do You See What I See
Don't You Think
Did you talk to her
Did you talk to him
Do You Want to White Board
Do You Want Something
Exam Credibility
Eternal Care Unit: heaven
Eating Drinking Defecating Urinating
Elevator Doesn't Go All The Way To The Top Floor
patient with a foreign object in the rectum
Evil Little Fuckers
Earn Money Sleeping
Extraordinary Masochistic Tendencies
Emergency Retrograde Clerking of Patient, an emergency procedure before the consultant rounds
Engine Running, No One Behind the Wheel
Eat s**t and Bark At the Moon
Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks
Felt Awful But I'm Allright Now Syndrome
Fucking Awkward Client
Folk, are, dumb, where, I, come, from
Fellow of the College of Bystander Physicians i.e. doctor having a look-see
Fucking drunk
Fall Down, Go Boom
Found Dead Stayed That Way
measure of flakiness
care for vegetative patients in "the garden"
a quiet district hospital
Found Face Down In Ditch
Found Face Down In Gutter
Fat, Fair, Female, Forty
Female Hispanic Hysterical Syndrome
Fucking Illinois Bastard
Fit In or Fuck Off
Fuck it, let's take a break
Fuck, I Never Actually Learned Shit
Fucked up , insecure, neurotic & emotional
Failed Impact Resistance Test
Fuck It, Shit Happens
Fart In Transit
to insult someone
Funny Little Bumps (unexplained skin bumps)
those "Funky Looking Beats" found on an EKG that no one can figure out
(US) internists, (UK) ethnic nurses (used in 1970s during an influx of imported healthcare staff) i.e. "they get everywhere"
Funny Looking Kid (sometimes suggests rural inbreeding)
Funny Looking Kid But Check Out The Parents
Funny Looking Kid, Okay For Sunderland (one of many regional variants of NFN [Normal For Norfolk])
Funny Looking Kid with a Good Looking Mother
how ghosts (i.e. med students) get from "here" to "there."
flowers at a bedside, denotes patient has a supportive family and might be candidate for early discharge
Funny Looking Parents (hereditary cause suspected for FLK)
Fluids Leaking Unstoppably
Funny Little Ugly F*cker
Patient faking unconsciousness
Fluff My Pillow Syndrome
fall out
**** off and die
F*ck Off And Let Someone Not Extremely Incompetent Get Here
**** off *****
Found on Bench
Falling On Deaf Ears
Fart Out Loud
Found On Ortho Barely Alive
Fall Onto Outstretched Hand
Flat Out On Tarmac
For Only Retarded Drivers
Found On Street: unidentified dead homeless person
For practice only
Fucking Retard Extra Dumb
Fuck This, Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks
Failed to Fly
****** up
****** up beyond all recognition
F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition
Fucked up beyond all repair/recognition
“Fouled” up beyond repair
Fuck You Buddy, I'm Leaving
Fornicate Under Command of the King
Failed Under Continuous Testing
Funny, Unusual, Rectal Blockage
For what it’s worth
Fasten Your SeatBelts It's Going To Be A Bumpy Night
grin & bear it
Great big huh and kisses
Grinning, ducking and running
Grin, Duck and Wave
Gonna die anyway
good game you too
good morning / good move / good match
giggling my *** off
Gurnicht Mit Gurnicht; Yiddish for "nothing with nothing"
get naked on cam (webcam)
Get Really Excited About Today
Guardian Reader Of Low Intellect In Ethnic Skirt
Gone To Meet Jesus, Ain't Coming Back
Gomer Tip Over
Gone To The Light
Genito-Urinary Clinc, Chlamydial Infection
hug and kiss
Hugs & Kisses
Hate (H1 - H9 indicating levels of hate)
Hit And Left Standing
Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
hanging myself
How Old Are You
Hold On, Pain Ends
have sx with me
heard through (gen. used to mean hear in real life, not over Twitter)
Heard, Understood, and Acknowledged
Head Up Ones Ass
Hold Your Horses
I’m back
I'll Be Waiting
I Don't Give Away Food
I don't give a rat's ***
I don’t think so
I hate this ******* place
in my ******* arrogant opinion
In my, not so humble opinion
Intent to Package
Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
Insert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
If You've Got It Flaunt It
If You Know What I Mean
If You Know What
If You Know What I Mean And I Think You Do
If You Like
In Your Opinion
Just Another Fat, Fucking Administrator
Just Doesn't Feel Right
Jesus is calling
Kind Bud
Knock the Fucker Out
Korean Imported Abortion
Korean Industrial Accident
keep it simple (stupid)
later gator
life's a *****
Like All Damaged Youths, Great At Getting Attention
Laughable And Mildly Entertaining
Lying Down Fit
Long Distance Lover
let's get butt nkd and f---
Looks Good From Door
Looks Good From The Corridor
Little Girls Room
Learning Is Fun & Exciting
Living Is Freaking Entertaining
Living Isn't Freaking Easy
Living It Fully Everyday
Love Is For Everyone
Love Is In The Air
Learning Important Values Everyday
Live Long & Prosper
Lost Like a Mother Fucker
laughing my *** back on
laughing my *** off
laughing my fat *** off
Left Out of Battle Order
light of my life (or love of my life)
Looking Over Strange Terrain
Low Pain Threshold
Luck Ran Out
Less Talk, More Action
Long Time No Talk
Low Wallet Syndrome
Love Ya Like A Brother
Love You and Leave You
Love You So Much
Mother Actually In Disguise
Meaningless A**hole Needlessly Activating General Employee Resentment
Mental Abuse To Humans
Making Children Diners Order Nuggets And Large Drinks
Measure For Box
Measure For Coffin
Measure For Box, Call For Dirt
very large myocardial infarction
mother I'd like to ****
Money Over Everything (Common gang tattoo)
Meals Rejected by the Enemy
Meals Rejected by Ethiopians
never mind / nothing much
no ****
Non-Committal Make Out
no ******* idea
never mind / nothing much
None Of Your Damn Business
none of your ******* business
New Parent Syndrome
Not Quite Right In the Head
Non-Standard Appearance
abbreviation of oll korrect (all correct)
old lady (wife, girlfriend)
The old lady
old man (husband, boyfriend)
The old man
oh my god / gosh / goodness
Oh my gosh, oh my god
10-point pain score
One Really Great Arousing Sexual Moments
Off topic / other topic
parent emergency
Parents are in the room
Perfect Ass(ed) White Girl
Phat Ass White Girl
Palayan Bung Yanna
pulled directly out of my ***
Pointless Exercise Not Involving Soldiers
Proud Fucking Civilian
Post-Harmless Accident Lawsuit Syndrome
Pakistani Healing Dance
Pain In the Ass
PIssed as a fart
Pray Long and Hard
Practice Limited To Dead People
pardon my jumping in (Another way for PMFJI)
Potential Murder Suspect
Psychotic Mood Shift
Punish Men Severly
Purchase More Shoes
Purely Outright Lies Intended To Infect Common Sense
Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly
Person Of Restricted/Retarded Growth
large amount of pornographic content
Parents over the shoulder
parents over the shoulder - (My parents are watching, I can't really talk)
Practicing Professional Alcoholic
Piss Poor Protoplasm
piss poor protoplasm poorly put-together
People Really Only Make It Sound Extra Simple
Practice What You Preach
Queen in distress
remote(ly) activated Trojan
hi again (same as re's)
rot in h--- and die
Received In Swap
Real life (versus online)
Relax One Corner
Rolls On Floor, Laughing
rolling on floor laughing my *** off
ReTweet (Repeat or forwardingfor Twitters instead of emails)
Story Credibility
Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Life
Sucks Children's Happiness Out Of Life
Sit Down Shut Up
Silently giggling to myself
So Happy I Could Pee My Pants
Smashed House In Tornado
Special High-Intensity Training
Sub-Human Piece of Shit
Sullen, Hostile, Stupid
as if
sh*t, it's Monday
Stress Is Now Gone, Life's Easier
situation normal, all ****** up
Sick Nigh Unto Death
Silly Old Bugger
siam one corner
Standing On Corner Minding Own Business
Some Other Doctor Did It
Same old “stuff”
Status Post Ass Kicking
Seriously, Poor Advertising Method
Some Place Fucking Off
Stupid People I Talk To
Something Wrong Inside
Serious business
same **** different day
Soon-To-Be Ex
shut the **** up
Straight (as in sexuality)
Seemingly Uncool Crappy Kid
Suggestive or erotic picture of self
Short Ugly Girls Are Really Yucky
Something Very Wrong Inside
Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
Stupid Wild-Ass Guess
Secretly Weird And Gay
She Wants A Gentleman
Showing the World All your Greatness
Sold Without A Guarantee
Someone Without A Genital
Stolen Without A Gun
Something We Africans Got
Studies in Women and Gender
Successful Woman Accepting Greatness
Success With A Goal
Something Wrong Inside
Sick, wet and whiny
Save Your Breath
Shut Your Face
That’s all for now
Thick As Pig Shit
Talks All The Time
Total Body Crunch: multiple injuries
total body dolor i.e. complains of pain everywhere
Total Body Pain
Taking and Driving Away
Terminal Deceleration Syndrome
Transfer to Eternal Care
Training Exercise Without Troops
Three hots and a co
The Hammer's Over Rated
The Kitchen Never Sleeps
Too long; didn’t read
Tube, Lavage & Charcoal
Two Legged Guinea Pig, patient undergoing experimental or extreme treatments
Two Legged Rat, refers to a patient undergoing experimental or extreme treatments
Too Many Birthdays: person dying of old age
Three Meaningless Initials
That’s pretty stupid
Touching Sensitive Areas
To Stupid to Live
Toxic Sock Syndrome
Transfer To Jesus
Talk to Me Later
Take Them Out and Shoot Them
Tattoo-to-Tooth Ratio
Trainee Under Rigid Discipline
Tried Vancomycin, Try Prayer
Third World Assassins
Thought you might be interested
Then You Marry One
you're a pain in the ***
Unidentified Frozen Object: unidentified dead homeless person in the winter
you is a hoe
'intimate' partner
Uncle Sam Ain't Released Me Yet
Used, Screwed, And Released My Ass, Yep
Ultral Small Balls
Ultral Small Boobs
Uncle Sam's Confused Group
Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
University of Science, Music, and Culture
U Suckers Missed Christmas
Very Overpowering Drink, Killing Agony
weak and dizzy and hurt all over
Wonderful Exciting Interesting Real Different
What’s eating you
Work Force Reduction
Washing, Ironing, Feeding, Etc
Worries Invited Forever & Ever
Why Is This Patient On My Service
Want One Man Every Night
what/who the ****
What The Hell Is That
what/where you at
What Would Chuck Norris Do
What’s Your Real Name
What you see is What you want
Where's Your Sense Of Humor
You’ll be sorry
You Know You Love Me
you 'll live
You've made my day
Your Medical Records Are Screwed Up
you're very welcom
You’re welcome
two wise for you