Popular Software acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Advanced Media Library
Advanced Multimedia Library
Advanced Audio Compressor
Activities and Priorities
Amplified Bible
Amber BlackBerry Converter
Acid base equilibrium for Windows
Altair Binary Format
Acute Batch Image Processor
Agile Business Process Platform
Atom-Based Software Engineering
Absolut Chess
Audio Coding
Auto Clicker
Advanced Computer Concepts
Aptech Certified Computer Professional
Association of Copyright for Computer Software
Automated Call Distributors
Automatic Call Distributors
Advanced Chart Pattern Recognition
Adobe Content Server
Advanced Checkout Solution
Automated Characterization Suite
Artemis Comparison Tool
Activity Diagram
Architecture Description
Amiga Demoscene Archive
Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems
Advanced Direct Connect
Advanced Data Dictionary Architect
Adobe Digital Experience Protection Technology
Application Data Integrity
Amateur Data Interchange Format
Astronomy Digital Image Library
Advanced Data Link
Advanced Desktop Locker
Architectural Description Languages
ActiveX Database Objects
ActiveX Database Object
Active Directory Reporter
Advanced Direct Remailer
Adroit Data Recovery Centre
ARC Digitized Raster Graphic
Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment
Advanced Design Suite
Architecture Description Standard
Amplifier Design Wizard
Advanced Edition
Alarms and Events
Analyst Edition
Authoring Environment
Arquitetura, Engenharia e Construção
Advanced Excel Repair
Adaptive Feed Control
Advanced Farming Systems
Automatic Forecasting Systems
Advanced Gamma Corrector
American Gas Cooling Center
Anti-Grain Geometry
Analytical Graphics, Inc
American Health Information and Management Association
Analisis Harga Satuan
Analisa Harga Satuan Pekerjaan
Action Items
Application Identifiers
Aplicaciones en Informática Avanzada
Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis
Advanced Inventory Management
Application Infrastructure and Middleware
Advanced Instant Messengers Password Recovery
Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server
Application Intelligence Platform
Automated Image Registration
Adeptia Integration Suite
Adeptia Integration Server
Advanced InfoData Systems
Aviation InterTec Service
Aviation InterTec Services
Astronomical Institute of the University of Bern
Ada-Java Interfacing Suite
Account Ledger
Associação Latino Americana de Teste de Software
Application Life Cycle
Application-Level Events
Application Level Events
Avid Log Exchange
Automated Linux From Scratch
Ableton Live Set
Atlanta Linux Showcase
Axis Manager
Avid Media Access
Astrophysics Multi-spectral Archive Search Engine
Atlas Metadata Interface
Amide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner
Amiga Music Preservation
Assessment Management Platform
Asymmetric Multi-Processing
Asymmetric Multi Processing
Audio Magic Ring
Advanced Mass Sender
Advance Mass Sender
American Medical Software
Auto Mail Sender Birthday Edition
Automatic Message Translation
Advanced Maillist Verify
Alarit Net Serial Driver
Advanced Normalization Tools
Advanced Optical Disk
Analysis Object Data
Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover
Accurate Outlook Express Mail Expert
Adaptive Object-Model
Automation Object Model
Advanced Office Password Recovery
Advanced and Predictive Analytics
Advanced Physics Engine
Application Express
Acrobat plug-ins
Application Program Interfaces
Application Programm Interface
Application Programming Interface for Windows
Advanced Process Manipulation
Assessment Practices Manual
Audio Processing Object
Accelerated Parallel Processing
Application Processing Platform
Automated Post Processing
Automatic Precise Positioning Service
Advanced Pattern Recognition
Association pour la Promotion et la Recherche en Informatique Libre
Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Advanced Planning & Scheduling
Advanced Planning Scheduling
Advance Planning and Scheduling
Advanced Process Termination
Astro Photography Tool
Attached Proton Test
Ancestral Quest
Atlanta Quality Assurance Association
Advanced Registry
Audio Random Access
Author Resource Center
Advanced Registry Expert
Asynchronous Remote Interface
Admin Report Kit for Active Directory
Active Registry Monitor
Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability
Applied Reliability Symposium
Adoption Readiness Tool
Active Serial
Advanced Scheduling
Application Service
Application Sharing
Advanced Source Analysis
Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring
Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring
As Simple As Photoshop
As Simple As Possible
Academy Soccer Coach
Active Server Components
Application Security Center
Applied Seismology Consultants
Astrophysics Source Code Library
Auto Stereoscopic Display
Abstract Syntax Description Language
Adaptive Server Enterprise
All-Seeing Eye
All Seeing Eye
Active Streaming File
Alaska Satellite Facility
Applied Science Fiction
Application Specific Full Use
Application Systems Heidelberg
Active Spam Killer
Adobe Source Libraries
Advanced Simulation Library
Apache Software Licence
Application-Specific Licensing
Application Specific License
Application Switcher Menu
Autodesk Shape Manager
Advanced Shipment Notification
Application Service Providers
Application Server Provider
Application Service Provision
Application Service Provisioning
Applications Service Provider
Application Services Provider
Application Service Providers
Application Service Providers
Applications Service Providers
Application Services Providers
Agent-oriented Software Process for Engineering Complex Systems
ArtistScope Site Protection System
Advanced Site Recovery
Automatic Service Requests
Arc Standard Raster Product
Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team
Application Security Testing
Automated Storage Tiering
Automata Standard Template Library
Abstract Syntax Tree Metamodel
Arfa Software Technology Park
American Software Testing Qualifications Board
Action Script Viewer
Adobe SVG Viewer
Active Server Watcher
Absolute Time
Accelerator Toolbox
Access Terminals
Aerial Triangulation
Atomic Time
Autoridade Tributária
Airport Tycoon 3
Auto Time Adjuster
Architectural Tradeoff Analysis Method
Accountants Trial Balance
Authorised Training Centre
Authorised Training Center
Authorized Training Centers
Authorized Training Centre
Authorised Training Centres
Automated Test Designer
Anti Trojan Elite
Automated Test Procedures
Automatic Test File Generator
Asociacion de Tecnicos de Informatica
Active Template Library
Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software
Application Threat Modeling
Automated Test and Re-Test
Anti-Trojan Shield
Applicant Tracking Service
Application Tracking Systems
Association Technology Solutions
Atomic Time Synchronizer
Automotive Test Solutions
Atomic Time Zone
Audio Unit
Adaptive Use Musical Instruments
Annual Upgrade Protection
Arch User Repository
Application Under Test
Address Validation
Anti Virus
Ausschreibung, Vergabe, Abrechnung
Advance Video Coding
Application View Controller
Advanced Video Codec High Definition
Anti-Virus Grisoft
Anti Virus Grisoft
Anti-Virus Guard
Audio-Video Interface
Audio-Video Interlaced
Audio Video Interface
Athena Vortex Lattice
Automatic Vehicle Locators
Adobe Virtual Network
Advanced Visual Systems
Advanced Visualization Studio
Audio-Visual Stimulation
Audio Workflow Engine
Associative Word List Generator
Animation Works Movie
Advanced Windows Password Recovery
Backup Assist
Binary Analysis Platform
Bar Bending Schedules
Business Continuity Maturity Model
Basic Command Set
Block Diagram
Blu-ray disks
Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video
Borland Data Provider
The BergDB database.
BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
Brain Extraction Tool
Bits From Bytes
Back Face Culling
Backgammon Game
Blak Hole
Business Interoperability
Business Intelligence Data Management
Business Integration Engine
Bersoft Image Measurement
Binarization Image Processor
Business Intelligence Reporting Tools
Brother's Keeper
Bug Life Cycle
Business Leaders Network
Bowling League Secretary
Beep Media Player
Business Object Documents
Business Oriented Framework
Baseband Processor
Business Productivity
Better Portable Graphics
Beginners Programming Language
Bits Per Minute
Best Pass Recovery
Business Rule Engines
Business Rules Extraction
Backup & Restore Utility
Backup and Restore Utility
Borland Resource Workshop
Business Systems
British Software Alliance
Basic Support for Collaborative Work
Berkeley Software Distributions
Berkeley Standard Distribution
Berkeley Systems Distribution
Berkley Software Distribution
Berkeley Systems Design
Broadcast Software International
Business Systems Integration
Biometric Service Provider
Business Solutions for Services
Board for Software Standardisation and Control
Board for Software Standardization and Control
Brazilian Software Testing Qualifications Board
Binary Terrain
Binary Translation
Bit Torrent
Bioinformatics Template Library
Business Technology Optimization
Business Technology Optimisation
Behind Tape Readers
Behind the Reader
Behind the Tape Reader
Battlefield Telecommunications Systems
BlackBerry Technology Solutions
Built-in users
Binary Universal Form for the Representation
Boundary Value Analysis
Bosch Video Client
Build Verification Test
Chapter & Verse
Concepts for Future
Continuous Availability Architecture
Computer Assisted Audit Tools
Control And Display
Converter is a dwg
Customized Application Development
Computer Assisted Data Entry
Common Astronomy Software Applications
Center for Advanced Software Engineering
Computer Assisted Structure Elucidation
Computer Algebra Systems
Computer-Aided Transcription
Computer Aided Translation
Computer Aided Training
Computer Applications Training
Computer Assisted Test
Computer Assisted Translation
Computer Based Assessment
Copy Bad Disk
Corporate Banking Interbancario
Configurational Bias Monte Carlo
Coupling between object
Coupling Between Objects
Computer Based Trainings
Computer Based Trainers
Cyclomatic Complexity
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
Cambridge Crystallographic Data Center
Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Cyclomatic Complexity Number
Cloud Copy on Write
Cut, Copy and Paste
Call Center Solution
Comodo Cloud Scanner
Contact Center Solutions
Certified Collaborative Support Provider
Common Criteria Test Lab
Connected Components Workbench
Calibration Data
Call Direction
Call Distribution
Clock Driver
Clone Download
Codec Data
Computational Dynamics
Concept Design
Configuration Data
Converter Download
Copy Download
Cover Download
Copier Deluxe
Cover Description
Cover Disk
Created Date
Creator Deluxe
Creator Disk
Creator Download
Customized Device
Compact Disc Audio
Climate Data Analysis Tool
Cultural Diversity Focus Group
Character Description Language
Chemical Descriptors Library
Controls and Data Management
Climate Data Operators
Continous Data Protection
Call Data Record
Call Data Records
Call Detail Recorder
Creative Digital Research
Chromatography Data Systems
Climate Data Exchange
Channel Equipment
Cheat Engine
Classification Entity
Competitive Engineering
Computer Expertise
Corporate Edition
Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association
Colour Enable Package
Controle Estatístico de Processos
Computer Entertainment Software Association
Card Format
Card Formatted
Certified Fair Gambling
Command File Interpreter
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics
Constant Frame Rate
Code Generation
Code Generator
Carrier Grade Edition
Computer Graphics Metafiles
Computer Generated Solutions
Compiled Help Manual
Creator, Help Maker
Concurrent Hierarchical State Machine
Confidence Interval Analysis
Chandra Interactive Analysis of Observations
Cryptographic Implementations Analysis Toolkit
Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing
Competitive Intelligence Calculator
Common Industry Format
Camera Image FIle Format
Common Image Generator Interface
Computation Independent Models
Computer & Information Services
Constituent Likelihood Automatic Word-tagging System
Chinese Linux Extension
Combined Log Format
Command Level Interface
Common Layer Interface
Class Library for Numbers
Chemnitzer Linux-Tage
Capability Model
Comprehensive Meta-Analysis
Customer Management Add-on
Collaborative Master Data Management
Case Management Framework
Creative Music Files
Client Management Interface
Client Management License
Configuration Menu Language
Capabilities Maturity Model
Capability Maturity Modeling
Capacity Maturity Model
Capability Maturity Models
Color Management Modules
Contextual Menu Module
Coordinate Measuring Machine
Coordinate Measurement Machines
Coordinate Measuring Machine's
Coordinate Measuring Machining
Capability Maturity Model-Integrated
Capability Maturity Model for Integration
Computerised Maintenance Management Systems
Computerised Maintenance Management Software
Computerized Maintenance Management Software
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems
Cloud Management Platforms
Configuration Management Process Improvement Center
Center for Magnetic Recording Research
Call Management Systems
Case Management Systems
Call Management Services
Campus Management Solution
Central Management Systems
Central Management Software
Central Monitoring Software
Central Monitoring Station
Central Monitoring Stations
Clinical Management Systems
Church Management Software
Claims Management Solutions
Client Management Suite
Content Management Systeme
Content Management & Social
Content management, social
Contract Management Systems
Continuity Management Solution
Course Management Software
Credit Monitoring Service
Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
Certified Manager of Software Quality
Certified Manager in Software Quality
Church Management Software Solutions Free Sample Front End
Certified Manager of Software Testing
Certified Manager in Software Testing
Content Management Utility
Compact Media Extension
Credit Note
Comfort Noise Generator
Commander Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command
Change Orders
Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy
Clear Output Data Register
Computer Output to Laser Disc
Customer Oriented Manufacturing Management Systems
Common Operational Modeling, Planning and Simulation Strategy
Cost of Non-Quality
Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology
Context-oriented Programming
Centralized Online Real-time Exchange
Crypto Operating System
Cloud Object Store
Consortium for Open Source in the Public Administration
Commercial Open Source Software
Centre for Object Technology Applications and Research
Commercial Of The Shelf
Commercial Off-The-Shelf systems
Commerical Off-the-Shelf
Cell Pointer
Classification Program
Conversion Programme
Computer Programming for Everybody
Clean Process Advisory System
Computer Prompting and Captioning
Computer Program Change Instituteuction
CPC Software Solutions
Corel Print House
Cambridge Programming Language
Common Pipeline Library
Common Public License
Characters Per Minute
Corporate Performance Management
Customer Process Management
Color Pick Pro
Customer Preview Program
Configure, Price, Quote
Configure, Price, and Quote
Configure, Price and Quote
Candlestick Pattern Recognition
Controlled Pattern Release
Central Point Software
Customer Programming Software
Check Point Security Gateway
Check Point Security Management
Certified Professional for Secure Software Engineering
Call Progress Tone
Call Progress Tones
Computer Program Tape
Computer Professionals Union
Cost Per Unit
Check Point Experience
Certified Quality Analyst
Certified Quantitative Software Process Engineer
Character Recognition
Client Registry
Code Related
Component Repository
Control Register 2
Charles River Analytics
Center for Research on Bangla Language Processing
Class, Responsibility, Collaborators
Class, Responsibility, Collaborator
Cyclical Redundancy Checksum
Cycling Redundancy Check
Cambridge Research Lab
Cash Register Machine
Change Request Management
Citizen Relationship Management
Client Relationship Management
Citizen Request Management
Client Relations Management
Client Relation Management
Constituency Relationship Management
Constituent Relationship Management
Contact Relationship Management
Contacts Relationship Management
Costumer Relationship Management
Customer Realtionship Management
Customer Relationships Management
Customer Relationship Manager
Customer Relationsship Management
Customer Relationship Managment
Customer Relationship Managements
Contact Relation Management
Customer Relations Management
Customer Relation Management
Customer Relationship Module
Customer Relationship Mgt
Customer Request Management
Customer Retention Management
Customers Relations Management
Customers Relationship Management
Custom Relationship Management
Capacity Requirement Planning
Center for Risk and Reliability
Central Reservation Systems
Content Repository Extreme
Cart Software
Client Solutions
Clock Selector
Codec Solution
Coding Speed
Collaboration Server
Color Statistics
Computer & Service
Computer Systems
Compute Shader
Configuration Service
contacts Subscriptions
Cloud Service Automation
Customer Service Application
Certified Software Asset Manager
Certified Software Business Analyst
Computer Science Company
Computer Software Configuration
Configuration Software Computer Item
Certifed Supply Chain Professional
Center for Secure Design
Custom Software Development
Consolidated Service Desk
Controlled Single Document Interface
Customer Service Delivery Platform
Cost and Software Data Reporting
Computational Science Education Project
Community Scheduler Framework
Content Sealed Format
Crowd-Sourced Formal Verification
Crowd Sourced Formal Verification
Code Sequence Identification
Corporate Software Inspector
Customer Service Inquiry
Computer Software Integration Review
Center for Spoken Language Research
Certified Software Manager
Customer Service Management
Chemical Style Markup Language
Character Shape Player
Combat Simulator Project
Competitive Service Provider
Crypto Service Provider
Certified Software Process Engineer
Certified Software Project Manager
Certified Software Quality Engineer
Certified Software Quality Engineers
Certified Software Quality Analyst
Character Shape Recorder
Computer Systems Research
Computer Science Research Group
Computer and Software Review Panel
Color Separation Software
Computer Systems Support
Computer Systems
Computing and Software Systems
Customer Service and Support
Customer Service & Support
Customer Services and Support
Customer Service Support
Customer Service Software
Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional
Certified Software Tester
Crew Software Trainer
Certified Software Test Analyst
Certified Software Test Engineer
Certified Software Testing Engineer
Certified Software Test Manager
Certified Software Testing Manager
Certified Software Test Professional
Command Separated Value
Comma Seperated Values
Common Separated Values
Chipcard Terminal
Communication Telephony
Computer Training Center
Computational Tree Logic
Certified Test Manager
Clinical Trial Management Software
Creative Technology Management Solutions
Configure to Order
Certified Training Provider
Cisco TelePresence Recording Server
China Taiwan Time
Convergence Training Viewer
Charity Technology Exchange
Computers Unlimited
Current User
Composite User Interface
Console User Interface
Cisco Unified Mobility Advantage
Command View
Common Vision Blox
Code Verification Certificate
Calamus Vector Graphic
Coherent Virtual Machine
Collaborative Virtual Prototyping
Data Access
Domain Aliasing
Data Access Components
Direct Access Framework
Data Access Library
Debug Access Port
Digitial Audio Workstation
Define Babe
Darik's Boot and Nuke
Data Base File
Data Base Files
Data Backup & Recovery
Decision Coverage
Digital Camera
Disk Change
Dynamic Compoenents
Database Consultants Australia
Disk Copy Fast
Daily Call Reporting
Daily Call Reports
Digital Camera Raw
DeChant Consulting Services
Development Components
Diversified Check Solutions
Direct Connect Text Client
Dynamic Designer
Digital Down Conversion
Domain-Driven Development
Disk Drive Format
Direct Download Link
Desktop Deployment Planning Services
Data & Device Security
Dataloy Distance Table
Digital Data Technologies, Inc
Digital Dental Exchange
Data Encryption
Data Engine
Data Extraction
Digital Engineering
Digital Earth Model
Digitial Elevation Model
Data Encryption Software
Data Entry Software
Data Element Type
Data Field
Definition File
Delphi Form
Download Format
Diagramas de Flujos de Datos
Digital Forensics Framework
Device Family Pack
Digital Fault Recorders
Debian Free Software Guidelines
Distributed Genetic Programming Framework
David Heinemeier Hansson
Digital Height Model
Data Input
Data Integration
Digital Imaging
Device Independent Bitmaps
Defence INFOSEC Product Co-Operation Group
Depth of Inheritance Tree
Description In Zipfile
Digital Jukebox
Denver Java Users Group
Data Links
Data Loader
Data Logic
Direct Link
Direct Letter Access
Drive Letter Access
Digital Log Interchange Standard
Digital Language Lab
Data Leakage Prevention
Data Loss Protection
Digital Learning Sciences
Digital Library eXtension Service
Data Master
Data Matrix
Data Modeler
Design Modified
Diagnostic Monitor
Diagnostic Monitoring
Dial Mode
Database and Middleware Automation
Digital Menu Board
Data Matrix Code
Distributed Multiplatform Framework
DivX Media Format
Dimensional Measuring Interface Standard
Dynamic Markup Language
Database Migration Option
Digital Microprocessor Plotter Language
Duncan's Multiple Range Test
Dead Man's Switch
Dokumenten Management Systeme
Data Migration Tool
Direct Note Access
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Domain Name Search Software
Darby's New Translation
Data Obfuscation
Digital Office
Data Package
Delivery Point
Draw Poker
Data Protection Advisor
Data Prefetch Logic
Digital Peak Meter
Digital Privacy Manager
Data Protection Unit
Digital Picture Exchange
Data Received
Data Recovery
Data Reduction
Digital Room Correction
Defect Removal Effectiveness
Distributed Real-time Embedded
Digital Rights Managemet
Distributed Resource Managers
DameWare Remote Support
Data Retrieval Service
Discrepancy Reports
Dassault Systиmes
Data Security
Data Systems
Davis Software
Digital Studio
Digital Space Convergence
Direct Store Delivery
Driver Scanning Engine
Delivered Source Instructions
Domain-Specific Modeling Language
Delivery Service Partner
Driver Software Package
Daily Status Report
Digital Systems Resources
Data Science Studio
Digital Sound Studio
Digital Speech Standard
Disposable Soft Synth Interface
Diploma in Software Testing
Data Test
Digital Talking Books
Digital Talking Book
Date Time Counter
Digital Terrain Mapping
Digital Terrain Models
Digital Terrain Map
Digital Terrain Models
Digital Terrain Models
Do The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work
Distance to Waypoint
Digital Up Converter
Dynamic Update Client
Detect Unintended Memory Access
Digital Voice
Digital Video Device
Digital Video Effect
Digital Voice Keyer
Damn Vulnerable Linux
Digital Vinyl Systems
Dynamic Visual Technologies
Digital Watermarking
Designing with Freescale
Debian Weekly News
Dr. Web Newsletter
Document Exchange Format
Drawing Exchange Format
Encryption for the Masses
Encryption Algorithm
Exact Audio Copy
Enterprise Application Environment
Evaluated Assurance Level
Easy Approach to Requirements Syntax
Extensible Binary Meta-Language
Error Code Modeler
Equivalence Class Partitioning
Embedded Computer Systems
Enhanced Compressed Wavelet
Enhanced Compression Wavelet
Employee Data Base
European Data Format
Electronic Document Interface
External Device Interface
Emergency Department Integration Software
Exchange Deployment Planning Services
Excel Database Tasks
Enrollment for Education Solution
Enrolment for Education Solutions
Electronic Folder
Electronic Filer Identification Number
Elektronisk Forpost Norge
Enhanced File Transfer
Error Guessing
Entropy Gathering Daemon
Enterprise Interaction Center
European Interoperability Framework
Employee Internet Monitoring
Extensible Interface Platform
Emirates Intellectual Property Association
Enterprise Java Application Server
Execution Layer
Easy Language Documents
Extended Log Format
Evolution of Large-Scale Industrial Software Applications
Electronic Laboratory Notebook
Electronic Laboratory Notebooks
Electronic Lab Notebook
Enterprise Library Software
Extreme Loading for Structures
Easy Media Creator
Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
Enhanced Meta File
Enhanced Meta Files
Enterprise Management Portal
European Multilaterally Secure Computing Base
Emergency Nutrition Assessment
Electronic Navigation Charts
Electronic Nautical Charts
European Networking Center
End of the Day
Enterprise Output Manager
Equivalence Partitioning
Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit
Electronic Parts Catalogue
Electronic Parts Catalog
Electronic Parts Catalogues
Electronisch Patienten Dossier
Encapsulated Portable Document Format
Eclipse Public Licence
Electronic Piece Of Cheese
Electronic Point-of-Sale
Electronic Points of Sale
Endpoint Protection Platform
Elite Proxy Switcher
Equipment Performance Tracking
Entity Relation Diagram
Enterprice Resource Planning
Electronic Remittance Notice
Enterprise Resouces Planning
Enterprises Resource Planning
Enterprises Resources Planning
Embedded Real Time Software
Embedded Real-Time Software
Elementary Stream
Employee Setup
Enterprise Search
Election Systems & Software
Election Systems and Software
Electronic Shop Assistance
European Space Agengy
Enterprise Social Collaboration
Environmental Systems Corporation
Earth Science Data Systems Working Group
Enterprise Server Edition
External Services Interface
Enghouse Systems Limited
Earth Systems Modeling Framework
Extra-Sensory Perceptions
Entertainment Software Ratings Board
Easy Subtitles Synchronizer
Enhanced Synchronous Serial Interface
Emergent Social Software Platforms
Electronic Service Tools
edit times
Electronic Technician
Electronic Technicians
Event Tree
Exploratory Testing
Engineering Technology Associates
Effective Training Inc
Evolutionary Technologies International
Event Trace Log
Extract Transfer Load
Embedded Trace Macrocell
Efforts to Outcomes
Engineered to Order
Engineering To Order
Enterprise Transaction Systems
Enterprise Tracing for Windows
End User License
End User's Licence Agreement
European Union Public Licence
Evaluation Version
Entorno Virtual de Aprendizaje
Electric Vehicle Control Unit
Encryption Wizard
Expert Witness Format
First Article Inspection Reports
Free Art License
Find and Replace
Future Audio Workshop
Fiction Book 2
File Based Loader
Field Clock
File Catalog
File Compare
Final Draft
Full Disk
Free Documentation License
Frequency Division Multiplex Digital Voice
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture
Finite Elemente Methode
Finite Element Mesh
Finite Element Meshing
Finite Element Method Magnetics
File Format
Fast Folder Eraser
File and Folder Encryption
Fast Floating Fractal Fun
Förderverein für eine Freie Informationelle Infrastruktur
Fastest File Splitter and Joiner
Fast File Transfer
Fast Fourier Transfer
Free Field Technologies
Finished Goods Series
Fault Injection
First-In, Last-Out
Flexible Image Transport System
File Integrity Verification and Encryption
Fast Light Tool Kit
Flash Live Video
Focus Magic
Flash Media Encoder
Formal Methods Europe
Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis
Flash Media Gateway
Free Music Instrument Tuner
Facilities Management Express
Fast Nonlinear Analysis
Foreign Object
Formatting Object
Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting
Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa
Firmware Over-the-Air
Firmware Over The Air
Field of Use
FileMaker Pro
Final Page
FileMaker Pro 7
Fedora Project Contributor Agreement
Feature Request
Framework for Risk Analysis in Multimedia Environmental Systems
Frame Rate Conversion
Financial Reporting Instance Standards
Free Software
Free Software Daily
Free Software Foundation Europe
Free Software, Free Society
Fax Service Provider
File Sharing and Synchronization
Fast Software Upgrade
Functional Testing
Fault Tree Analyses
Free Technology Academy
File Transfer Command Line
Family Tree Builder
Freedom to Innovate South Africa
Family Tree Maker
Family Tree Maker for Mac 2
File-Transfer-Software für Profis
File Transfer Profile
File Transfer Process
File Types Referenced
Formal Technical Review
Formal Technical Reviews
Follow the Sun
Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance, Supportability
Game Audio Player
Global Conference on Open Source
Garmin Communicator Plugin
Generics Data Access
Global Day of Code Retreat
Geographic Data Format
Geometric Description Language
Google Desktop Search
Geometry Engine Open Source
Ghost File Eradicator
Grand Green
Great Gateway Generator
Graphic Image File
Graphic Interchange File
Graphics Interchange File
Gnu Interpreter for Java
Globalization, Internationalization and Localization
Graphics Library
Graphics Layout Engine
Greenstone Librarian Interface
Gestion Libre de Parc Informatique
General Mission Analysis Tool
Geometric Modelling Library
Gateway Mediation Server
Generic Mapping Tool
GNU is Not Unix
Gestionale Open
Grid Operation Centre
Generative Programming
Great Plains
Grid Protection Alliance
Gamer Picture Injector
Garmin Point of Interest
Garmin Points of Interest
General Public Licence
General Pulic License
General Purpose Licence
GNU Public Licence
General Public License version 2
General Public License, version 3
General Purpose Processors
Gesellschaft für professionelle Satellitennavigation
Global Positioning Systems
goal, question, metric
Goal-oriented Requirement Language
General Reuse Markup Language
Gesture Recognition Toolkit
Global Server
Gene set analysis
General System Characteristics
Generative Software Development
Generic Station Description
Generic Sensor Format
Greenstone Support Organisation for Africa
Global Software Solutions
Ghost Solution Suite
Ground Truth
Google Translate for Translators
Gerber Top Layer
Global Transport Label
General Text Parser
Get The Picture
GNU Triangulated Surface
Gnome Time Tracker
Generated User Interface
Geographical User Interface
Hardware Agnostic Log-structured Objects
Hardware Against Software Piracy
Highly Adaptable and Trustworthy Software
Home of the Brave Ada Programmers
Hanzi Bitmap Font
Health Business Systems
Home Computer
Heatsoft Clone Cleaner
Highway Capacity Software
Haitian Creole Version
Historical Data Access
Hierarchical Data Format 4
Historical Data Server
Hard Disk ToolKit
Home Edition
Hardware and Firmware
Huge Integer Math and Encryption
Host Intrusion Prevention Systems
Hotel Information Systems
High Level Petri Nets
High Level Requirements
Home Media Center
Human Machine Interfaces
Hospitality Management Systems
Hyper Media Player
Home Media Server
Hotel Management Systems
Huawei Modem Software
Hawaii Open Source Education Foundation
Homeland Open Security Technology
Hands On Technology Transfer
Helion Partner
Help Page
Health Professional Cards
High Performance Controller
Hewlett Packard Graphic Language
Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 2
Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging and Printing
Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer
HotKey Resolution Changer
High-resolution Picture Transmission
High Resolution Picture Transmission
High Resolution Picture Transmissions
Host Software Component
Hibernate Spring Echo2
High Speed Machining
Hardware Support Packages
High Speed Serial Bus
Hyper Text Application
Hungarian Testing Board
Harbor Transportation Club
High Tech Computing
Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning
Hyper Text Markup
Haifa Verification Conference
Hard Ware
Interactive Structure Analysis of Amorphous and Crystalline Systems
In-Store Announcement Player
Inter Business Automated Transaction System
Inspection by Modularization
Image Copy
Immo Code Calculator
Integration and Certification Center
Irvine Compiler Corporation
International Conference on Creative Industry
In-Circuit Emulation
Image Colour Matching
International Congress of Mathematical Software
International Community for Project Managers
Image Cytometry Standard
Infor Consulting Services
Internode Communication Subsystem
Introduction to Computer Systems
Integrated Developement Environment
Informatica Data Explorer
Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis
Initiating, Diagnosing, Establishing, Acting, Learning
Initial Developer's Public License
Integrated Data Solutions
Integrated Diagnostics Software
Integrated Diagnostic Software
Intelligent Data Systems
Innovative Defense Technologies
Integrated Data Viewer
Interactive Data Visualization
Integrated Exploration Systems
Integrated Export Systems
Integral Enterprise Viewer
Ideas From the Deep
Image File Header
Instant File-Level Recovery
Instant File Name Search
Irish Free Software Organisation
Interactive Functional Test
Image Generation
Integrated Genome Browser
Initial Graphics Exchange Specifications
Interactive geometry software
In House Digital Publishing
International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science
Introduction to JUNOS Software
Insert Lines
Intermediate Language Distributed Just-In-Time
Instrumentation Library for Oracle
Insight Mobile
Interrupt Mode
Installs, Moves, Adds, and Changes
id Music File
Interoperability Matrix Tool
International Online Soccer
Implementation Partner
Intentional Programming
Interactive Physics
Infor Process Automation
Ingenuity Pathways Analysis
Intelligent Personal Assistants
Illustrated Part Catalog
Internal Process Improvement
InterBase Public License
Integrated Production Modelling
Interactive Policy Making
Integrated Performance Modelling Environment
Integrated Performance Modeling Environment
Integrated Point of Sale
Integrated Performance Primitives
Interactive Photorealistic Renderer
Interactive Photorealistic Rendering
International Press and Telecommunications Council
International Press and Telecommunication Council
Interactive Query
Image Quality Analysis
Innovative Quality Software
Instant Recovery
Image Reduction and Analisys Facility
Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
Implicitly Restarted Arnoldi Method
Identity Resolution Engine
International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard
Integriertes Ressourcen Management
Internet Relationship Management
Industry Specific
Integration Server
Interlinear Scripture Analyzer
Integrated Service Access Point
Initiative for Software Choice
Inverse Symbolic Calculator
Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
International Software Certification Board
International Software Certifications Board
Information Systems Designated Procurement
Information Systems Examination Board
Interactive Software Federation of Europe
Integrated Systems Inc
Institute for Software Integrated Systems
Institutetute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
Industry Structure Model
Integrated Structural Modeling
Integrated Services Management
Intelligent Storage Management
Integrated Services Platform
Intelligente Schadensprüfung
International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems & Software
Integral Scientist Periodic Table
Institute for Software Research
Institute for Software Research International
Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, Picking
Inventory Shipping Receiving Picking
INTEGRITY Security Services
Inno Setup Script Includes
Institutetute for Software and Systems Engineering
Institute for Software Technology
Integrated Search Technologies
Integrated Security Technologies
International Software Testing Qualifications Board
International Software Testing Qualification Board
Independant Software Vendor
Independant Software Vendors
Independent Service Vendor
Independant Software Vendors
Independent Software Vendors
Integrated Software Vendors
Internet Service Vendors
Impulse Tracker
Informations Technologie
Indian Testing Board
IBM Tivoli Directory Server
Integrated Testing Environment
Interleaved Two of Five
Information Technologies, Inc
Independent Test Organization
Integration Test Plan
Incompatible Time Sharing
Information Technology Supply
Innovative Technology Solutions
Interactive Test Sequence Generator
In The Wild
In The Word
Informatics Unit
Independent Verification
Independent Validation & Verification
International Voice Association
Interchangeable Virtual Instruments
Installation Verification Procedure
Interactive Voice Response
Interactive Voice Responce
Interactive Voice Responses
Internet Voice Response
Interactive Voice Response Systems
Intelligent Video Software
Interactive Video System
Interactive Visualization Systems
Informitis Virtual Serial Driver
Independent Verification Validation
International Workshop on Empirical Software Engineering in Practice
Java Aspect Components
JackLab Audio Distribution
Java Application Description
Just Another Flasher
Jet Accounts Manager
Java Analysis Studio
Java Audio Synthesis System
Java Bytecode Editor
Java Data Processing Framework
Java Expressions Library
Job Entry Subsystem 2
Jens File Editor
JAWS for Windows
Just-In-Time Compiler
Java Multi-Meter
Java Multi Meter
Java Modelling Tools
Joe's Own Editor
Java Statistical Classes
Java Software Development Kit
Java Topology Suite
Japanese Word Processor
Key Board
Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia
Knowledge Books and Software
Keyword Driven Testing
Kaspersky Endpoint Security
Kettle Reboiler Design
Light Alloy
Logic Analyzer
Lossless Audio
LucasArts AdLib Audio
Life Cycle Costing Calculator
Lazarus, is the class library
Lazarus Component Library
Lazarus Components Library
Life Cycle Objectives
Life Cycle Objective
Local Civil Time
Ladder Diagram
Lite Edition
Local Executable
Linux Embedded Appliance Framework
Lexham English Bible
Latent Energy Environments
Learning English Electronically
Labor Estimating Manual
Log File Analysis
Logitech Gaming Software
Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count
Lembar Jawaban Komputer
Language Lab
List & Label
Load Linked
Lazy Mofo
Linux Mark Institute
Linear mixed model
Light & Medium Truck
Lecture Notes Computer Science
Linux On A Floppy
Line Of Code
Loan-Origination Systems
Logic Programming Associates
License Plate Detection
Lunar Planetary Imager
Limited Permissive License
Limited Public License
LaTeX Project Public License
Leica Photogrammetry Suite
Linux Portable Security
Limited Reciprocal License
Linbox Rescue Server
Lenovo Service Engine
Line Spread Function
Lyrics & Subtitle File Converter
Licensing Solution Providers
Licensing Solutions Providers
Licensing Solution Providers
Licensing Solution Partners
Linux Support Package
Lua Server Pages
Linux Screen Reader
Line Sweep Tools
Long Term Release
Labeled Transition Systems
Labelled Transition Systems
Library and Tape Tools
Language User Interface
Local Update Publisher
Mozilla Archive Format
Maximo Asset Management
Merrick Advanced Remote Sensing
Measurement and Automation Explorer
Macro Block
Magic Book
Magic Burning
Malware bytes
Mark Baldwin
Media Browser
Master Boot Recorder
Model-Based Software and Data Integration
Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers
Mobile Client
Modified Condition / Decision Coverage
Machine Code Data
Matlab Compiler Runtime
Multivariate Curve Resolution
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Music Conversion Suite
Maginatics Cloud Storage Platform
Master Directory Block
Model Driven Architectures
Meta Data Base
Manufacturing Data Collection
Math Description Engine
Measurement Data Format
Media Descriptor File
Module Dependency Graph
Menu Directed Inspection
Microsoft Document Imaging
Model Driven Integration
Multiple Diagnostic Interface
Madison Digital Image Database
Membership Development Kit
Molecular Design Limited
Maritime Domain Management
Mobile Data Monitoring Application
Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction
Music Editor Free
Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
Manufacturing Execution and Quality Inspection System
Manufacturing Execution Systems
MeldaProduction Envelope System
Movie File Merger
Multi Functional Peripheral
Multi Function Peripherals
Multiplayer First Person
Managed File Transfer
Message Generator
Managing Gigabytes for Java
Mascot Generic File
Mascot Generic Format
Modular Gateway Interface
Masyarakat Indonesia Anti Pemalsuan
My Instant Communicator
Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac
Multi-year Interactive Computer Almanac
MapInfo Interchange File
Made in Japan Software
Multiple Independent Level of Security
Multichannel Image Reconstruction, Image Analysis and Display
Material Inspection Receiving Report
Management Intelligenter Technologien
Modified Julian Day
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Math Kernal Library
Math Kernel Library
Mortice Kern Systems
Mean Kinetic Temperature
Maintenance Level
Maintenance Levels
Markup Language
Microchip Libraries for Applications
Monthly License Charge
Monthly License Charges
Mobile Learning Engine
Media-less License Kit
Multi-Language Pack
Mobile Location Services
Magic Lantern Video
Mailing List Wizard
Multi Media Builder
Meet-Me Conference
Multi-Media Commands
Multi-Media Command
Multimedia Memory Card
Made My Day
Microsoft Media Foundation
Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game
Mean Magnitude of Relative Error
Majestic Media Server
Mitrais Medical Suite
Microsoft Office Document Imaging
Modem on Hold
Multiscale Object-Oriented Simulation Environment
Microsoft Office Smart Tag List
Magic Packet
Maintenance Partition
Media Protection
Medium Priority
Mobile Phone
Monitor Processor
Multiple Processor
Media Player 2
Max Payne 2 Mod
Mapsource Product Creator
Media Player Classic
Music Production Controller
Moving Picture Experts Group 4
Mathematical Programming Language
Microsoft Public License
Mozilla Public Licence
Multi-Picture Object
Multi Picture Object
Microsoft Project Plan
Multi Password Recovery
Model Progression Specification
Manycore Platform Software Stack
Mobile Phone Tools
Model Quality Assurance
Mercury Quality Center
Maintenance Releases
Memory Register
Model-Based Reasoning
Magnitude of Relative Error
Medicare Remit Easy Print
Musculoskeletal Research Laboratories
Management Resource Planning
Medical Reality Markup Language
Manufacturing Requirement Planning
Material Requirements Planning
Material Requirements Plan
Material Resources Planning
Materials Resource Planning
Materials Resources Planning
Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit
Maintenance Releases
Media Server
Malicious Software
Malware Scan
Message Sender
Mobile Systems
Money, supports
Motion Simulation
Music Speech
Message Sequence Charts
Message Sequence Chart
Map Service Definition
Microsoft Solution Developer Network
Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Software Installation
Multi-Simulation Interface
Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer
Military Shipping Label
Microsoft Software License Terms
Mobile Serial Number
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus
Mensuration Services Program
Mobility Software Platform
Medium Screen Rendering
Messen Steuern Regeln
Master of Software Systems
Media Servers
Master Software Tools
Malaysian Software Testing Board
Millions of Service Units
Memory Stick Voice
Merge Table
Moveable Type
Mail Transfer Agents
Mean Time Between Critical Failure
Maintenance Training Devices
Making the Grade
Multi Tone Generator
Multi-Task Machining
Multi Tracker Module
Magic User Interface
Multi-User Shared Habitat
Module Under Test
Multi-View Coding
Multi View Coding
Magick Vector Graphics
Multichannel Visible and Infrared Scan Radiometer
Microsoft Volume License Services
Mean What I Play
MicroWorld Winsock Layer
Mobile Wallet Service
Mobile Web Server
Message Exchange
Mind Your Business
Managing Your Money
Norton Anti Virus
Non-Backwards Compatible
Norton Change Directory
Nexus Class Library
National Data Conversion, Inc
Net Display Systems
NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database
Nastran Embedded Fatigue
Nikon Electronic Format
Nikon Electronic File
National Flood Frequency
Nokia Fault Finder
Non Functional Properties
Non Functional Requirements
Not For Resale
Nethack General Public License
Next Generation Volume Licensing
Non Homogeneous Poisson Process
National Instrument
Notation Interchange File Format
National Institute of Standard Time
News Industry Text Format
Norman Internet Update
Natural Language Software Registry
Notes Migrator for Exchange
Number of Children
Number of Classes
Not On File
Nokia Operator Logo
New Out Of Box Software
New Out Of the Box Software
Nonprofit Open Source Initiative
Nokia Picture Message
No Risk
Non-Roman Script Initiative
Not-So-Bad Distribution
Nassi-Schneiderman Diagrams
Nassi-Shneiderman Diagrams
Nassi-Shneiderman Diagram
North State Framework
Nemesis Service Suite
Novell Storage System
Nokia Software Updater
No Time
Natural Language Toolkit
Norton Utilities
Now Up-to-Date
Natural User Interaction
Non Uniform Rational Basis Spline
Non-visual Desktop Access
Option Authorization File
Object Action Language
Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy
Optical Brightener Correction
On Board Diagnose
Open Broadcaster Software
On-Chip Debugging
Oesterreichisches Computer Gesellschaft
Oracle Class Library
Object Character Recognition
Optical Character Recogntion
Optical Character Readers
Optical Character Read
Oxford Dictionary of English
Open Document Formaat
Open Document File
On-Demand Scan
OpenLink Data Spaces
Offshore Development Team
Open Document Text
Open Graph Drawing Framework
Open Graphics Library
Open Host Interface Objects
Organizational Innovation and Deployment
On-Line Analysis Processing
On-Line Service
Oracle License and Services Agreement
Opportunity Management
Office Management Systems
Optical Marks Recognition
Optical Mark Read
Open Mass Spectrometry Search Algorithm
Online Monitoring Tool
Operations Orchestration
Orientação a Objetos
Optimizing Oberon-2 Compiler
Object-oriented Dynamic Language
Open Optimization Library
Object-Oriented Programming Systems, Languages and Applications
Object Oriented Structured Design
Open Platform
Open Phone Abstraction Library
Organization Process Definition
Open Packaging Format
Official Pattern Release
Open Participation Software for Java
Olympus Raw Format
Oracle Real-Time Scheduler
Object Storage
Observation Software
Opera Software
Office Software
Office suite
OnCore Systems
Operating Sysytem
Other Service
Optional Software
Office of Secret Actions
Open Solutions Alliance
Open Source Automation
Open Source Business Foundation
Open Source Business Resource
Online Service Center
Open Source Definition
Open Source Developers Network
Open Source Iniative
Open Source Initiative's
Open Source Investigations
Open Source Image Velocimetry
Oficina de Software Libre
Open Subscription License
Open Source Management
Open Source Media Center
Open Source Observatory and Repository
On-Screen Phone
On-Screen Programming
Operating System Release 2
Open Software Service Definition
Offline Storage Table
Open Source University Meetup
Open Sound World
On the Fly Encryption
Open Tool Kit
Oracle Transport Management
Operator Training Simulation
OpenDocument Text Template
Oracle Universal Installer
Oracle Virtual Desktop Client
Open Virtualization File
Open Virtual Platforms
Open Value Subscription
Portable Executable
Play Announcement
Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt
Payment Application Best Practice
Public Access Computer
Portable Application Descriptions
Personal Ancestral File
Product Activation Keys
Python Anti-Spam Proxy
Persistent Applications Toolkit
Portuguese, Brazilian
Personal Backup Appliance
Partition Bad Disk
Physical Block Devices
Patterns-Based Engineering
Pirate Bay Proxy List
Page Control
Password Cracker
Perconal Computer
Phone Connections
Phonetic Coding
Printing code
Phrozen Crew
Ports Configuration
Prior Converted
Problems, Computer
Producer Company
Protocol Code
Perfect Clarity Audio
Password Cracking Library
Patran Command Language
Palladio Component Model
Platform Configuration Registers
Personal Computer Support
Personal Computer eXchange
Pitch Diameter
Pure Data
Production Data Acquisition
Packet Dump Decode
Page Description Format
Portable Data File
Portable Data Format
Portable Document Formats
Portable Document Form
Personal Data Interchange
Perl Dev Kit
Perl Data Language
Print Directory Listing
Pathology Data Systems
Personal Digital Server
Planetary Data Systems
Portable Diagnostic Software
Personal Edition
Professional Edition
Protein Explorer
Protocol encryption
Pathology Education Consortium
Pentax Electronic File
Parameter Estimation by Sequential Testing
Personal Files
Problem Frames
Protein Family Alignment Annotation Tool
Personal Filing Cabinet
Programmer's File Editor
Portable Float Map
Public Folder Watcher
Portable Game Coding
Portable Game Notation
Personal Home Library
Presentation Interface
Pegasus Imaging Corporation
Professional Identification Cards
Phonetically Intuitive English
Package Interchange File
Process Interchange Format
Platform Independent Graphical User Interface
platform-independent models
Platform-Independent Models
Personal Identifier Number
Phil Katz
Philips Kommunikations Industrie
Public Key Server
Permissive License
Public Licence
Public License
Personal Learning Edition
Pigeon Loft Organizer
Pakistan Lahore Time
Production Line Tool Set
Philadelphia Linux Users Group
Preventative Maintenance
Program Module
Pando Media Booster
Programmable Message Display
Programming Mistake Detector
Published Map File
Piccole e Medie Imprese
Panda Managed Office Protection
Performance Monitoring Protocol
Preventive Maintenance Systems
Pole Mounted Transformer
Petri Net Kernel
Petri Net Markup Language
Poker Office
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
Plain Old Documentation
Planet Of Death
Proof Of Delivery
Process Oriented Enterprise Modelling
Purchase Order Processing
Point-of Sale
Point-of-Sale Systems
Point of Sales
Point of Sells
Points of Sale
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture
Petrotechnical Open Software Corporation
Portlet Open Source Trading
Personal Package Archives
Pocket Personal Computer
Password Policy Enforcer
Personal Progress File
Payment Processing Inc
Parma Polyhedra Library
Personalized Print Markup Language
Paragon Protect & Restore
Problem Reports
Processing Resource
Processing Resources
Performance Routing Engine 4
Press Release Monster
Programmer's Reference Manual
Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
Problem Reports
Print Studio
Production Scheduling
Property Sequence Chart
Public Sector Credit Framework
Program Support Data
Process Systems Enterprise
Print Service Facility
Proteomics Standards Initiative
Proteomics Standard Initiative
Public Software Library
Protocol State Machine
Processor Serial Number
Player, Smart Phone
Premium Service Plan
Preventive Service Planning
Problem Solving Process
Process Stack Pointer
Product Support Program
Project Scheduling & Planning
Publish-Subscribe Protocol
Picture Slide Show
Performance Testing
Poker Tracker
Pro Tools
Personal Trust Agent
Partition Table Doctor
Phantom Test Driver
Periodic Table of Elements
Prime Time Freeware
Problem Tracking Report
Premium Tech Tool
Planung Transport Verkehr
Potentially Unwanted Application
Potentially Undesirable Program
Parameter Value Language
Process Virtual Machine
Personal Video Recorders
Profesol Virtual Serial Driver
Position, Velocity and Time
Processor Value Unit
Processor Value Units
Processor Value Units
Programming Without Coding Technology
Quality Assurance Life Cycle
Quality First Software
Quick Image Viewer
Quality Positioning Services
Quadrature Sampling Detector
Recycle Bi
Raster to Vector
Revision 4
Real Audio
Remote Agent
Resource Access
Rapid Action Development
Rational Application Development
Rapid Application Development Framework
Random Acses Memory
Real Asset Management
Remote Application Programming Interface
RenderMan Artist Tools
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List
Roof Builder Tools
Release Candidate 2
Resource Compiler
Restricted code
Region Code Enhanced
Remote Desktop Mobile
Raster Document Object
Rich Editor
Refined ElliottWave Trader
Response for Class
Request for Package
Request For Packaging
Ready For Re-Review
Report Generator
RealArcade Game Package
Remote Graphics Software
Report Generation Software
Rorke Global Solutions
Raster Image Processing
Raster Image Process
Raster Image Prozessor
Raster Imaging Processor
Raster Image Processors
root key
Reciprocal License
Read Modified
Registration Manager
Risk Management Technology
Raster Nautical Chart
Raster Navigation Charts
Radio Operations Center
Radio Optical Reference Frame
Rainbow Painter
Recibo de Pagamento a Autônomo
Renoise Phrase Generator
Remote Product Service
Risk-based Planning and Scheduling
Rational Performance Tester
Return Preparation Utility
Relative Rev Backup
Rapid Response Manufacturing
Realistic Robot Simulation
Round Robin Scheduling
Remove Restrictions Tool
Recipe Set
Reference Store
Rogue Spear Bitmap
Reusable Software Component
Rational Systems Developer
Relational Software, Inc
Reference Source License
Router Software Loader
Rational Software Modeler
Resource Standard Metrics
Requirements State Machine Language
Radar Signal Processor
Radio Spectrum Processor
Rich Site Syndication
Rapid Software Testing
Reliable Software Technologies
Rapid Serial Visual Presentation
Relationship Suggested Volume Price
Run Time
Real-Time Analyzer
Real Time Analyzer
Real Time Analyzing
Real Time Composition
Robotic Technology Component
Requirements and Technical Concepts for Aviation
Real-Time Data Server
Real Time Data Server
Real Time Flight Planner
Real Time Gaming
Real Time Integration
Real Time Monitor
Release to Manufacturer
Requirements Traceability Matrices
Resort Technology Partners
Ready Theatre Systems
Real Time Server
Real-Time Executive
Registry Usage
Sound Analyzer
Software Audio Console
Software Architecture Design
Simulation, Analysis and Forecasting
Skype Answering Machine
Sistemas, Aplicaciones y Productos
Streamlined Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
Software Assurance Reference Dataset
Software Assurance Technology Center
Symantec Anti-Virus
Software Audio Workshop
Software Bus
Search Based Applications
Secure Back Door
Small Business Edition
Specification by Example
Status Bar Javascript Magic
Shooting and Bouncing Rays
Server Backup Software
Small Business Software
Status Blocks
Systems Biology Software Infrastructure
Search Based Software Testing
Software-Based Self-Test
Semantic Business Vocabulary and Rules
Semantics for Business Vocabulary and Rules
Source Code
Statement Coverage
Source Code Analyzer
Static Code Analyzer
Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller
Shipping Container Code
Southern California Computer Society
Selective Color Editing
Server & Cloud Enrolment
Server and Cloud Enrollment
Statistical Computing Environment
Smart Common Input Method
Software Compatibility List
Software Craftsmanship North America
Synchronization and Concurrency in Object-Oriented Languages
Source Code Project
Super Check Partial
Swipe Card Reader
Spherical Coordinate Remapping and Interpolation Package
Security Consulting Services
Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol
Self-Certification Test
Self Certification Test
Screened Data
Secure Disk
Security Dialogue
Structured Data
Software Defined Availability
Statistical Data Analysis
Server Data Access Components
Self-Decrypting Archives
Secure Download Cabinet
Self Describing Data Sets
Single Drive Edition
Spatial Database Engine
Software Development Engineers in Test
Space Delimited File
Spatial Data Format
Structure Data Files
Spatial Data Integrator
Specification & Description Language
Simple Direct Layer
simple direct-media layer
Software Development Laboratories
Systems Design Laboratory
Signed Differential Mapping
SoftPaq Download Manager
Software Defined Modem
Service Dialing Numbers
Service Dialing Number
Service Dialling Numbers
Super Dance Online
Scientific Data Processor
Software-defined Protection
Software Defined Protection
SharePoint Deployment Planning Services
Software-Defined Radio
Software-Defined Radios
Software Defined Radios
Software Defined Receiver
Software Define Radios
Software Defined Radio Direction Finding
Scientific Data Set
Scientific Data Sets
Strategic Decision Support
San Diego Software Industry Council
Spatial Data Transfer Standards
Shared Data Warehouse
Server Edition
Shared Edition
Site Edition
Sistema Experto
Student Edition
Support Environment
System Extensions
Self-Evident Applications
Software Engineers Association
Software Enhancement Associates
South East Asia Regional Computer Confideration
Symantec Endpoint Encryption
Secure E-Mail Gateway
Standard Electric Lorenz
Software Engineering Methods and Theory
Support Entitlement Number
Silver Efex Pro
Simple Encryption Platform
Software Engineering Professional
Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool
Software Font
Structured Fax File
Structure from Motion
Spatial Frequency Response
Shell File Transfer Protocol
Simple File Verification
Security, Government & Infrastructure
Security, Government and Infrastructure
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems
Software Generated Interrupt
Software Guard Extensions
standard hash algorithm
Software House International
Sales Invoice
Semantic Integrator
Simple Interface
Sistema de Informação
Sistemas de Informação
Solution Implementation
System Integrators
Systems Integrators
Sistema de Informacion Academica
Sound In Depth
Standard Image Format
Sistema de Información Geográfica
Sistema Integrado de Gestão
Sarasoft Integrated Imaging System
Sistem Informasi Manajemen
Sistem Informasi Manajemen Rumah Sakit
Simple Invoice Management System
Simple Interactive Object Extraction
SaaS Integration Platform
Software-based Input Panel
Standard Interchange Protocol
Software Industry Promotion Agency
SaaS Integration Platforms
Simple Image Resizer
Single-Image Random Dot Stereogram
Single Image Random Dot Stereogram
Single Image Stereogram
Single Image Stereograms
Software Installation Script
Software Implementation Stage of Integration
Simulation Interface Toolkit
System Integration Test
System Integration Testing
System Integration Tests
Scilab Image and Video Processing
Separation Kernel Protection Profile
Synchronizing Key Server
Sales Ledger
Simple Lossless Ad-hoc Protocol
Symantec License File
Software Licensing Internal Code
Simple Light Interception Model
Source Line of Code
Software Licensing and Protection Services
Software License Terms
Service Maintenance Agreement
Service Maintenance Agreements
Simplified Method for the Atmospheric Correction
Self-Monitoring Analysis Reporting Technology
Small Midsized Businesses
Solibri Model Checker
Soft Magic Dice
Software Metrics Metamodel
Streaming Media Processor
Scholarship Management System
Short Massage Service
Short Messages Services
Smart Message Service
Smart Messaging Service
Swing Modulo Scheduling
Small Molecule Subgraph Detector
Smith Micro Software, Inc
Scar Mark & Tattoo
Software Maintenance Updates
Sigmatel Motion Video
Simply Network Time Protocol
Secure Oracle Auditor
Short Oligonucleotide Analysis Package
Steward Observatory Asteroid Relational Database
Stage of Involvement
Server optimized Linux
Sales Order Processing
Shared Object Repository
Special Operations Room
Support Operating System
Son of Service
Simple Operating System for Smartcard Education
Start of Text
Small Object Viewer
Select Pen
Shift Planning
Simple Profile
Start Point
Service Pack 5
Service Pack 6
Software Publisher Certificate
Software Publishing Certificate
Software Público Brasileiro
Socks Proxy Checker
Software Publisher's Certificate
Sorted Pulse Data
Software Package Data Exchange
Service Provider Edition
Stani's Python Editor
Systems Process Engineering Metamodel
Sygate Personal Firewall
Software Protection Initiative
Scanning Probe Image Processor
Simple Programming Language
Service Provider License Agreement
Service Provider Licensing Agreement
Service Provider Licence Agreement
Service Provider License Agreements
Service Providers License Agreement
Services Provider License Agreement
Services Provider Licensing Agreement
Software Performance Monitor
Statistical parametric mapping
Storage Performance Management
Software Project Plan
Service Provider Name
Stochastic Petri Net Package
Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge
Service Pack for ProLiant
Service Pack for ProLiants
Service Pack for Prolient
Software Protection Platform
Special Purpose Processor
Surat Perintah Perjalanan Dinas
Super Packed Restaurant
System Problem Report
Service Programming System
SharePoint Portal Server
Software Productivity Solution
Spy Structure
Support Package Stack
Statistical Package for Social Sciences
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
Statistical Package for Social Science
Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences
Statistical Package for the Social Science
Schedulability, Performance and Time
System Planning Tool
Software Project Tracking and Oversight
Service Provider Use Rights
Statistical Quality Assurance
Software Quality Evaluation
Structural Query Language
System Query Language
Spatial Query Server
Search and Retrieve
Speech Recognition
Service Release 2
Service Request Catalog
Symantec Recovery Disk
Site Reliability Engineers
Software Requirements Methodology
Software Reliability Growth Model
Service Request Management
Service Request Management System
System Resource Management
Sales Resource Planning
Services Resource Planning
Services Resources Planning
Software Restriction Policy
Software Restriction Policies
Service Requests
Simlock Remote Server
Software Resource & Services
Spaced Repetition Software
Spaced Repetition System
Shuttle Radar Topology Mission
Scan Start
Screen Saver
Software Systems
System Scanner
System Streams
Software Safety Analysis
Software Support Agency
Static Security Analysis
Sub Station Alpha
Software System Analysis Document
Structured Systems Analysis & Design Method
Secure Source Backup
Security Subsystem Class
Software Security Center
Software Support Center
Serial Shipping Containter Code
Support Software Change Request
Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool
Standalone Solution Configuration Tool
Set Sound Device
Software Solutions and Designs
Spacecraft Software Divisionsion
Supercomputer Systems Division
Social Science Data and Software
Secondary Structure Elements
Secondary Structure Element
Simple Sharing Extensions
Software Support Environment
Software Support Equipment
Software System Environment System
Software Support Environment Development Facility
Software Security Group
Simple Scene Graph
Scientific Software International
ShipConstructor Software Inc
Systems Spyware Interrogator
System Software Interface Processing
Secure System Integration and Reliability Improvement
Soft Solutions Ltd
Sales and Service Management
System Software Manager
Systems Software Office
Software System Requirements
Software Support Online
Spectrum Survey Office
System Sign On
Scientific Subroutine Package
Surat Setoran Pajak
Space Shuttle Programming Facility
Software Standards and Procedures Manual
Small-Screen Rendering
Small Screen Rendering
Software Specification Review
System Software Release
Software Service System
Spacecraft Software System
Security Systems Standards and Certification Act
Samsung Smart Signage Platform
Saitek Smart Technology
Solomon Standard Time
Synchronous System Trap
System Software Update
Schneider Schiffer Weihermüller
Scream Tracker
Security Test
Software trap
Special Text
Space Trajectory Analysis
Software Test Automation Framework
Standard Test and Programming Language
Self-Defining Text Archive and Retrieval
Shareware Trade Association and Resources
Software, Translation, Artwork, Recording
Software Technical Assistance Recognition
Software Testing Analysis and Review
Software Tools And Requirements
Software Tools for Academics and Researchers
Software Technology for Adaptable and Reliable Systems
Software Technology Branch
Squid Traffic Counter
Symphony Teleca Corporation
Software Test Documentation
Software Testing Institute
State-Transition Diagrams
State Transition Diagram
Swift To-Do List
Science, Tech, Eng and Maths
Software Technology, Inc
Security Technical Implementation Guidelines
Speech Transmission Index for Public Address
Satellite Tool Kit
Systems Tool Kit
Software Tool Library
Standard Template Library
Software Top-Level Design Document
Scream Tracker Module
Software Transactional Memory
Support Team Member
STack Oriented Interactive Compiler Adapted to Linux
Scalable Test Platform
Software Technology Program
Software Test Plans
Software Test Procedure
Software Testing Professional
Software through Pictures
System Test Plans
Software Techniques Parsing Tool
Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Software Trouble Report
Software Trouble Reports
Software Technology Research Laboratory
Space Telecommunications Radio System
Software Training for Students
Space Telescope Science Data Analysis System
Standard Type Services Framework
Senior Technical Staff Member
Software Testing, Verification & Reliability
Single User
Software Usage Analysis
Swinburne University Centre for Computing and Engineering Software Systems
Security Update Inventory Tool
Software Utilization List
Software Update Management
Symantec Utilities For Macintosh
Software Update Point
Software Update Packet
Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer
Software Update Services
Software Update Service
Software Update Server
System Under Test
Sony Vegas
Subscription Version
System Vertrieb Alexander
Storage, Virtualization, Cloud
Schema Version Control for Oracle
Smith Van Dyke
Simple Vector Format
Super Video Graphics Adaptor
Software Ventures International
Scholastic Versatile Integration Center
Scholastic Versatile Integration Center from INDIA
Software Verification Procedure
Sound and Vision Platform
System V Release 4
Software Verification Readiness Review
System Verification Test
Software Verification and Validation
Signed Word
Secure Windows Auditor
Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment
Software Critical Design Review
Time and Expense
Tecnologias da Informação
Target Address
Tax Apportionment Calculator
Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out
Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software
Tor Browser Bundle
Trunk Code
Toolkit for Conceptual Modelling
Trust Computing Platform Alliance
The Core Pocket Media Player
Test Descriptions
Test Data Generator
Thomson Digital Image
Tcl Dev Kit
The Digital Office
Tibbo Device Server Toolkit
Terminal Emulator
Terminal Emulation
The Electronic Alveary
Torrent Episode Downloader
Time and Expense Management System
Tidal Enterprise Scheduler
Tucson Embedded Systems
Transcription Element Search Software
The European Software Testing Awards
Temporary File Cleaner
Targa Graphics Adaptor
Trimble Geomatics Office
The Great Unattended Project
The Hessling Editor
Tecnologia da Informa
Tecnologias de Informação
Tecnologías de Información
Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones
Tagged Image File
Tag Image Format
Tagged Image Format File
Tagged Interchange File
Technisches Informations System
The Imaging Source
Tool Interface Standard
Truncated Julian Date
Tes Karakter Pribadi
True Launch Bar
Transactional License Program
Tool Location System
Template messages
Terminal Mode
Test Model
Test Modem
Time and Material
Traceability Matrix
Transactional Memory
Total Media Extreme
The Master Genealogist
Test Maturity Model Integration
Thies Media Project
Tile Map Server
Topic Modeling Toolbox
The Next Coming
Transport Neutral Encoding Format
Time-of-Check and Time-of-Use
Technology On-Line
Tutorial On-Line
Take-off and Landing Data
The Operation System
Tool for Organizing Your Schemas
Test plans
Translation Project
Transport Protocol 4
Test Point Analysis
Total Power Control
Test Pattern Generator
Test Process Improvement
Trouble Reports
Test Responsibility Matrix
True Random Number Generator
True Random Number Generators
Trading Systems
The stream
TechSmith Screen Capture Codec
Technical Support Engineer
The Semware Editor
The Search Engine Project
Technical Sales International
Test Scripting Language
Test Script Language
Tajikistan Support Project
Time and Space Partitioning
Time Series Processor
Transport Stream Packet Editor
Touch Sensing Software
Transport Simulation Systems
Tab-Separated Values
Tab Separated Value
True Type
True Type Collection
True Type Font
Test Tone Generator
Tennis Tournament Planner
The Users Group
Test Ver
Tuner and Video
Tuner or Video
Tuners and Video
Tuners Video
Tuner Vista
Unix Amiga Emulator
Unidade de Alimentação e Nutrição
Use Case Map
Unidade Central de Processamento
Universal Data Format
Universal Data Interface
Universal Disk Image Format
Unified Emulator Format
Universal File System
Ultimate Family Tree
Universal Ground Control Software
Universal Hardware Driver
Unabhängigen Landeszentrums für Datenschutz
Unified Markup Language
Unified Model Language
Universal Media Server
Uniform Office Format
User operation prohibition
Ultima Prime
Universal Real-time Behavior Interface
Universal Registration Client
User Requirements Notation
Undelete Recover and Rescue
Ubuntu Software Center
United Soil Classification System
User-centred Software-Engineering
Uppsala Software Factory
Universal Tracking System
Version 6
Version 8
Virtual Audio Cable
Virtual Audio Cables
Voice Activation Detection
validated acceptance testing
Virtual Basic
Virtual Buildings
VistA Blood Establishment Computer Software
Vizyon Bilgi Teknolojileri
Visual Chart
Value Change Dump
Virtual Card File
Virtual Drives
Video Display Adapter
Virus Definition File
Virtual Disk Image
Virtual Disk Images
Variable Data Print
Video Disc Recorder
Video Disk Recorder
Vehicle Distributed eXecutive
Visual Engineering Environment
Video Elementary Stream
Virtual Floppy Disk
Virtual Floppy Drive
Virtual Instruments
Visualization Image File Format
Video Jockeys
Visual Jockey
Virtual Machine Extension
Virtual Machine eXtensions
Visual Objects
Virtual Orchestra Studio
Vantage Point
Visual Paradigm
Vulnerability Protection
Visual Protocol Simulator
Virtual Plastic Surgery Software
Vector Quantized Animation
Video Quality Analyzer
Visual Routes
Voice Recognition
Voice Recorder
Virtual Re-Scan
Voice Recognition System
Voice Response Units
Vendor specific
Vector Signal Analysis
Virtual Storage Array
Virtual Storage Appliances
Voice Stress Analysis
Virtual Sound Card
Virtual Sound Canvas
Very Small Enterprises
Virus Scan Enterprise
Virtual Steganographic Laboratory
Virtual System Load Sharing
Virtual System Modelling
Virtual Serial Port
Virtual Serial Ports Driver
Vectorworks Service Select
Very Simple Syndication
Visual Software Solution
Vector Signal Transceiver
Visual Studio Team System
Visual Studio Team Suite
Virtual Technology
Virtual Training Company
Visual Tools Markup Language
Vehicle Tracking System
Version Upgrade Package
Vehicle Utility Software
Windows 8
Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform
Web Accessibility Tools
Windows Azure Training Kit
White Box Cryptography
Wipe Bad Disk
Widget Creation Library
Willies Computer Software Co
Web Curator Tool
Web Directory Generator
Wiring Diagram System
Workflow Engine
Workshop on Ecosystem Architectures
Windows Essentials Codec Pack
Wavelet Image Codec
Windows Imaging Component
Web Integrated Development Environment
Windows Installer Service
Westminster Leningrad Codex
Windows Live Photo Gallery
Windows Media 9
Windows Media Encoder
Windows Media File
Win Mail Backup
Weighted Methods per Class
Windows Media Download
Windows Media Format
Windows Meta File
Windows Meta Files
Windows Movie Maker
World Magnetic Model
Windows Media Photo
Watershed Modeling System
Web Mapping Servers
Web Map Server
Web Map Servers
Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile
Webserver On Stick
World Of Wisdom
Wire Protocol
Word Processor
Windows Platform Binary Table
Ward Picture Directory
Windows Post-Install
World Programming Limited
Wireless Point of Sale
While Playing Screen
Wise Package Studio
World Programming System
Work Place Shell
Windows Performance Tools
Web Server
Windows Script File
Weak Signal Propagation Reporter
Wavelet Scalar Quantization
Windows SharePoint Server
Windows Software Update Services
Work Time Counter
Extended Copy Protection
Xoreax Grid Engine
Xilisoft iPod Video
Extensible Mark up Language
Extended Module Player
Exchange Point
Extended Profile
Xml Pull Parser
Yet Another Avi Information
Yet Another CSO Compressor
Yet Another Dynamic Engine
Yet Another PHP Image Gallery
Yet Another Port Scanner
Zero Assumption Recovery
Zone Key Tool
Zero Unscheduled Downtime
Zeus Web Server
Zero Waiting Time