Popular Space acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Above and Beyond
Axe Apollo Space Academy
Agencia Bolivariana para Actividades Espaciales
Agencia Boliviana Espacial
Airborne Interceptor Experiment - Target Launch Vehicle
Advanced Ballistic Re-Entry Systems
Address Circular
Active Common Berthing Mechanism
Aft Cargo Carrier
Attitude Control, Determination & Navigation
Advance Composition Explorer
Altimeter Corrected Elevation Model
Advanced Common Evolved Stage
Advanced Crew Escape Suit
Advanced Crew Escape System
Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space
Aeronautical Chart and Information Center
Astronomical Contributions from the University of Manchester
Atmospheric Correction Processor
Attitude Controlled Platform
Anomalous cosmic ray
Anomalous Cosmic Rays
Active Cavity Radiometric Irridiance Monitor Satellite
Astronaut Crew Rescue Vehicle
Assembly and Command Ship
Advanced Communication Test Satellite
Analog to Digital
Applicable Document
Architectural Design Review
Attitude Determination & Control
Attitude Determination, Control & Navigation
Advanced Earth Observing Satellite
Auxiliary Data File
Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility
Atmospheric Dynamics Mission
Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center
Active Debris Removal
Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator
Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerators
Airbus Defense and Space
Applied Defense Solutions
Auxiliary Data Set
Automated Directional Solidification Furnace
Atmospheric Explorer
Atmospheric Explorer / Aeronomy Explorer
Agência Espacial Brasileira
Aerospace Electrical Divisionsion
ASEAN Experts Group on Remote Sensing
Advanced Extreme High Frequency Satellite
Agencia Espacial Mexicana
Application Explorer Mission
Autonomous Extravehicular Activity Robot Camera
Analysis & Evaluation Segment
Aerospace Education Services Project
Almost Full
Air Force Cambridge research Laboratory
Advanced Flexible Materials
Air Force Project
Announcement for Proposals
Air Force Space Divisionsion
Air Force Space Systems Divisionsion
Abort Flight Test
Astrophysics Focused Telescope Assets
Adventure Game Interpreter
Astro-rivelatore Gamma ad Immagini Leggero
Active Galactic Nucleus
Acoustic Gravity Wave
Astronaut Hall of Fame
American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics
Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment
Asteroid Impact & Deflection Assessment
Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment
Action Item List
Asteroid Impact Mission
Asteroid Impact Monitor
Anchored Interplanetary Monitoring Platform
Automatic Identification Service
Assembly, Integration And Testing
Assembly, Integration and Test
Assembly, Integration, and Testing
Assembly, Integration, and Test
Assembly Integration and Test
Assembly Integration Test
Assembly Integration & Testing
Astronomical Institute University of Bern
Assembly, Integration, and Verification
Assembly, Integration and Verification Plan
Auroral Kilometric Radiation
Along Track
Advanced eLectrical Bus
African Leadership Conference
Advanced Launch Development Program
Attack and Launch Early Reporting to Theater
Autonomous Landing Hazard Avoidance Technology
Atacama Large Millimeter Array
Alma Mater Satellite
Advanced Land Observing Satellite
Advanced Land Observation Satellite
Algerian Satellite
Apollo Lunar Surface Drill
Apollo Lunar Sounder Experiment
Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package
Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package
Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Packages
Anomalous Long Term Effects in Astronauts
Approach and Landing Test Vehicle
Astrobiology Magazine
Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition
Absolute Measurement Error
Astronauts Memorial Foundation
Auroral Microphysics and Ion Conics Investigation of Space and Time
Assimilative Mapping of Ionospheric Electrodynamics
Affordable Modular Optimized Satellite
Active Magnetosphere and Planetary Electrodynamics Response Experiment
Atmosphere, Magnetosphere & Plasmas in Space
Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorers
Advanced Meteorological Satellite
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2
Alpha Magnet Spectrometer
Asynchronous Messaging Service
Amateur Satellite
Atmospheric Neutral Density Experiment
Atmospheric Neutral Drag Experiment
Ad-Hoc Network Demonstration for Extended Satellite-Based Inquiry and Other Team Endeavors
Army, Navy , NASA, Air Force
Astronomical Netherlands Satellite
Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet
Ascending Node Crossing
Amsat Oscar
Announcements of Opportunity
Announcement of Opportunities
Arsene Oscar
Atomic Oxygen
Advance Operational Capability
Atlantic Ocean region-west
Acousto-Optical Spectrometer
Acousto Optical Spectrometer
Advanced Orbiting Systems
Asteroid Origins Satellite
Advanced Orbiting Solar Observatory
Astronomical Observation Template
Astrophysical Journal
Advanced Protein Crystallization Facility
Advanced Protein Crystallisation Facility
Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers
Auroral Photography Experiment
Advanced Photovoltaic & Electronic Experiment
Active Plasma Experiment Interkosmos
Annotated Pratchett File
Articulating Portable Foot Restraint
Application Identification number
Asteroid Provided In-Situ Supplies
Antenna Pointing Mechanism
Attached Pressurized Module
Attached Pressurised Module
Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications
Astronomy Pictures of the Day
Academy of Program/Project and Engineering Leadership
Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment
Asia-Pacific Space Centre
Asia Pacific Satellite Communications Council
Asia Pacific Star
Astronomer's Proposal Tools
Astronomer's Proposal Tool
Access Register
Access Registers
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Automated rendezvous and docking
Application for RSO Automated Proximity Analysis and Imaging
Anomaly Review Board
Advanced Research & Global Observation Satellite
Alliance to Rescue Civilization
Asociatia Romana pentru Cosmonautica si Aeronautica
Absolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission
Argon Release for Controlled Studies
pacific environment
Advanced Research and Conventional Technology Utilization Spacecraft
Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator
Advanced Resistive Exercise Device
Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey
Applied Research in Geomatics, Atmosphere, Nature and Space
Advanced Research & Global Observation Satellite
Amateur Radio High Altitude Ballooning
Atmospheric Remote-Sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey
Australian Resource Information and Environment Satellite
Aeronautical Radio, INC
Advanced Radio Interferometry between Space and Earth
Applications and Research Involving Space Technologies Observing the Earth's Field from Low Earth Orbiting Satellite
Applications and Research Involving Space Technologies Observing the Earth's Field from Low Earth Or
Akansas Satellite
Amalgamated Regional Militia
Asteroid Redirect Mission
Asteroid Redirection Mission
Asteroid Retrieval Mission
Andoya Rocket Range
Andøya Rocket Range
Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission
Ariane Radio-Amateur Satellite Enseignement Espace
Absolute Reference Time
Acceleration, Reconnection, Turbulence and Electrodynamics of the Moon’s Interaction with the Sun
Advanced Relay Technology Mission
Advanced Relay And Technology Mission
Advanced Responsive Tactically Effective Military Imaging Spectrometer
Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems
Artificial Satellite
Asteroid Retrieval and Utilization
Advanced Re-entry Vehicle
Advanced Reentry Vehicle
Apollo Saturn
Apollo Spacecraft
Adaptive Sensor Array Processing
Anti-Satellite Simulation
Advanced Stellar Compass
American Satellite Corporationration
American Satellite Company
Astro Space Center
Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics
Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astronomy
Address Space Control Element
Arab Satellite Communications Organization
Arab Space Communications Organization
Attitude Set/Control Panel
Automatic Stabilization and Control System
Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship
Agence spatiale européenne
Association of Space Explorers
Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment
Aluminium Space Frame
Audi Space Frame
Astronaut Scholarship Foundation
Agenzia Spaziale Italiano
Academia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics
Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor
Atmosphere-Space Interaction Monitor
Airbus Safran Launchers
Address Space Layout Randomisation
Anti-Satellite Missile
Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association
Air Space and Missile Defense Association
Address Space Number
Astrotech Space Operations
Astronaut Support Personnel
Active Spacecraft Potential Control
Application Specific Qualification Facility
ASQF Requirements Document
Alien Space Ship
Astronomical Society of South Africa
Aerothermodynamic / Elastic Structural System Test - Aerothermoelastic Vehicle
Aerothermodynamic / Elastic Structural System Test - Aerothermodynamic Structural Vehicle
Astrophysics and Space Science Library
Autonomous Star Tracker
Advanced Space Technology Divisionsion
Advanced Space Technology Experiment
Apollo Soyuz Test Project
Apollo Soyuz Test Project - Docking Module
Astronomy Satellite
Advanced Space Technologies for Robotics and Automation
Advanced Star Tracker
Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates
Autonomous Space Transport Robotic Operations
Autonomous Space Transfer and Robotic Orbiter
Autonomous Space Transport Robotic Operations satellite
Arizona State University Satellite
Auxiliary Telescopes
Auxiliary Telescope
Assault Terminators
Ammonia Tank Assembly
Applied Technology Associates
Abort Test Booster
Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Document
Atmospheric Composition Satellite
Augmented Target Docking Adaptor
Advanced Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
Advanced Tether Experiment - Lower End Body
Advanced Tether Experiment - Upper End Body
Advanced Telescope for High-Energy Astrophysics
Athene Noctua Experimental Satellite
Advanced Technology Large Aperture Space Telescope
Advanced Technologies Large Aperture Space Telescope
Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations
Assembly Test and Launch Operations
Acquisition, Tracking, Pointing
Access to Space
Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd
And They Shall Know No Fear
ATS Providers
Ariane Transfer Vehicle
Automated Transfer Vehicles
Automatic Transfer Vehicle
Autonomous Transfer Vehicle
Atmospheric Test Vehicle
Automated Transport Vehicle
Automated Transfer Vehicles
Aerospace Technology Working Group
Automated Unit Development Folder
Authorized User File
Ames Unitary Plan
Automatic Body Flap
Automatic Pitch Control Mode
Automatic Yaw Roll Mode
Average Value
Antelope Valley Board of Trade
Automatic Vapor Crystal Growth
Attitude and Velocity Control System
Air Vehicle Detection
Aerospace Vehicle Equipment
Airborne vehicle equipment
Atmospheric Variability Experiment
Automatic Volume Expansion
Advanced Video Guidance Sensor
Automated Verification Information Data Base
Archiving, Validation and Interpretation of Satellites Oceanographic data
Address Validity
Advanced Very Large Scale Integration
Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer
Avoid Verbal Orders
Attitude, Velocity, Reaction Control System
Attitude Velocity Reaction Control System
Availability and Reliability Program
Auxiliary Video Switch Matrix
American Association of Variable Stars Observers Abstracts
American Association of Variable Stars Observers Reports
American Association of Variable Stars Observers Monographs
American Association of Variable Stars Observers Quarterly Reports
Acceptance Vibration Testing
Beijing Aerospace Control Center
Base Address Registers
Bounding Box
Brockmann Consult GmbH
Binary Colloidal Alloy Tests
Basic Envisat AATSR and MERIS Toolbox
BEAM Visualisation and Analysis Tool
Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket
Berkeley Extreme UV Airglow Rocket Spectrometer
Booster Engine Cut-Off
Basic Envisat SAR Toolbox
Big Falcon Rocket
Black Generation
Boost Glide Reentry Vehicle
Ben Gurion University Satellite
Barium Ion Cloud
Business Incubation Center
Business Incubation Centre
Business Incubation Centres
Bureau International de l’Heure
Berkeley Illinois Maryland Array
Biological Investigations of Space
Biological Satellite
Biological Satellite
Bispectral Infra-Red Detection
Bispectral Infra-Red Optical System
Belgian Institutetute for Space Aeronomy
Boundary Layer Transition
Basic Low Earth Orbit University of New South Wales Experiment Satellite
Ballistic Missile Defence Organisation
Ballistic Missile Defense Test Target Program
Body Mass Measurement Device
Blue Marble Next Generation
British National Space Centre Satellite
Bottom of Atmosphere
Becpilotniye Orbitalniye Raketoplan
Background Optical Radiation Experiment
Boiler Plate
Blok Perspektivnoy Avioniki
Band Pass Filter
Bit Per Second
Bipolar Phase Shift Key
Ballistically Reinforced Communication Satellite
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Satellite
British Rocketry Oral History Programme
Body Restraint Tether
Back Space
British Sky Broadcasting
Baseline System Design Review
Consolidated BSDR
Broadcasting Satellite Experiment
Beijing Space Eye Innovation
Binary Space Partition
Binary Space Partioning
Boeing Satellite Systems
Board for Software Standardization & Control
Basic Space Technology Initiative
Brightness Temperature
Baltimore Under Ground Science Space
Beihang University Satellite
Control & Monitoring
Centre for Advanced Aviation System Development
Controller/Attitude Direct Electronics
Configuration and Data Management
Canadian experiment
Cleft Accelerated Plasma Experiment Rocket
Complete Active Space
Canadian Aeronautics & Space Institute
Center for Advancement of Science in Space
China Academy of Space Technology
Chinese Academy of Space Technology
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation
Capsule Ariane Technologique
Category 1 Precision Approach Phase of Flight
Category 2 Precision Approach Phase of Flight
Cheap Access To Space
Cooperative Astrophysics & Technology Satellite
Common Aero-Vehicle
Common Aero Vehicle
Common Booster Cores
Cell Biology Experiment Facility
China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
China-Brazil Earth Resource Satellite
China Brazil Earth Resource Satellite
China Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
Common Berthing Mechanism
Common Berthing Mechanisms
Common Berthing Mechanisms
Cellular Biotechnology Operations Support System
Configuration Control
Core Computer
Center for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics
Change Configuration Board
Common Core Booster
Charged Coupled Detectors
Capillary Channel Flow
Communications Control Interface
Colorado Center for Lunar Dust and Atmospheric Studies
Chrysler Corporationration Space Divisionsion
Crew Compartment Trainer
Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
Cosmic Dust Analyzer
Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop
Cyber Defence Centre
Control and Data Handling
Control and Data Handling Subsystem
netCDF Common Data Language
Cold Dark Matter
Coloured Dissolved Matter
Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter
Centre de Donnees de la Physique des Plasmas
Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly
Capability Demonstration Satellite
Coordinated Data access System
Coronal Diagnostics Spectrometer
CDS Core Infrastructure
CDS Post Processing Element
CDS Services Coordinated Interface
CDS System Performance and Reporting
Communication Equipment
Common Extensible Cryogenic Engine
Cost Estimating Handbook
CERN Latchup Experiment Student satellite
CubeSat Enhanced Locator Transponder Evaluation Experiment
Crew Earth Observations
Crew Earth Observation
Committee for Earth Observation Satellites
Committee on Earth Observing Satellites
Committee on Earth Observing Satellite
Cylindrical Electrostatic Probe
Central European Regional Satellite
Compact Radiation Belt Explorer
Common Economic Space
Chile Satellite for Amateur Radio
Centre d'Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements Mars exploration
Crew & Equipment Translation Aid
Crew and Equipment Translation Aids
Crew Equipment Translation Aid
Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation System
Cycle Ergometer with Vibration Isolation and Stabilization
Climate Format
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Capillary Flow Experiment
Capillary Flow Experiments
Cibola Flight Experiment Satellite
Columbus Free Flyer
Customer Furnished Item
Child Friendly Spaces
Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory
Channel of High Accuracy
Challenging Minisatellite Payload
Challenging Mini-Satellite Payload
Cooperative High Altitude Rocket Gun Experiments
Charge Control in Geostationary Orbit
CubeSat Hydrometric Atmospheric Radiometer Mission
Compact High Energy Capacitor Module Advanced Technology Experiment
Characterising Exoplanets Satellite
Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory
Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer
Cosmic Hot Interstellar Spectrometer
Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload
CubeSat VHF pulse transmitter to study the Ionospheric dispersion Radio Pulses
CubeSat Handling Of Multisystem Precision Time Transfer
Community Initiative for Cellular Earth Remote Observation
Coverglass Interconnected Cells
Computing, Information and Communications Technology
Comet and Interstellar Dust Analyzer
Configuration Items Data List
Commission Internationale d'Eclairage
Commission International de l'Eclairage
Configuration Items List
Critical Item List
Coupled Ion-Neutral Dynamics Investigation
Coupled Ion-Neutral Dynamics Investigations
CubeSat for Ions, Neutrals, Electrons, & Magnetic fields
Conventional International Origin
Combustion Integrated Rack
Corotating Interaction Region
Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali
CubeSat Infrared Atmospheric Sounder
Confusion-limited Infrared Cosmology Explorer
Compact Infrared Radiometer in Space
Cryogenic InfraRed Radiance Instituteument for Shuttle
Cryogenic Infrared Radiance Instituteumentation for Shuttle
Cryogenic Infrared Radiance Instrument for Shuttle
Co-rotating Interaction Regions
Corotating Interaction Regions
Circumstellar Imaging Telescope
Critical Ionization Velocity
Comet Infrared and Visible Analyser
Client representative
Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara
Cloud Logic to Optimize Use of Defense Systems
Collecte Localisation Satellites
Crew Launch Vehicle
Compliant Multiple
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Central Mission Control Centre
Color Matching Methods
Colour Matching Module
Conceptual Models of the Mission Space
Crew Medical Officer
Crew Medical Officers
Command Module Pilot
China Manned Space Agency
China Manned Space Engineering
Centre de Mission et Traitement
Commissioning and Maintenance Terminal
Centre Nationale D’Etudes Spatiale
Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales
Communication Network Management System
Communications Navigation & Surveillance
China National Space Administration
China National Space Agency
Chinese National Space Administration
Chinese National Space Agency
California Near Space Project
Comet Nucleus Sample Return
Chungnam National University Sail
Cooperative Ocean/Atmosphere Research Data Service
Cosmic Background Radiation Anisotropy Satellite / Satellite for Measurement of Background Anisotropies
Certification of Conformance
Center for Orbital Debris Education and Research
Council of Defense and Space Industry Association
Committee on the Origins and Evolution of Life
Columbus Orbital Facility
Columbus Orbital Facility - Attached Pressurized Module
Centre of Gravity
Combined Operational Load-Bearing External Resistance Treadmill
Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill
Commercial Experiment Transporter
Communication Engineering Test Satellite
Complex Orbital Magneto-Plasma Autonomous Small Satellite
Compton Telescope
Argentina’s National Committee of Space Activities
Comet Nucleus Tour
Cooperative Observations of Polar Electrodynamics
Close Orbiting Propellant Plume and Elemental Recognition
Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space
Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space
Certification of Qualification
Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies
Central Operation of Resources for Educators
Comprehensive ORbital Near-earth Observations of the Active Sun
COnvection, ROtation & Planetary Transits
Cosmic Radiation Satellite
Celestial Observation Satellite
Continuity of Service
Cosmic Origins Spectrograph
Cosmic Origin Spectrograph
Camera Optical Sub Assembly
Complex SAR
Constellation Observing System for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate
Constellation Observing System for Meteorology Ionosphere and Climate
Constellation of Small Satellites for Mediterranean basin observation
Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement
Contributions - University of Arizona Steward Observatory
OSTP interagency Committee on STEM Education
Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence
Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defence
Commercial Orbital Transportation System
Commercial Orbital Transportation Service
Commercial Orbital Transportation Systems
Coefficient Of Variation
Cal Poly Picosatellite
Certification Products Contracts
Chopped Photometric Channel
Commercial Protein Crystal Growth
Charged Particle Lunar Environment Experiment
Cubesat Proximity Operations Demonstration
Center for Planetary Science
Coarse Pointing System
Cross-Power Spectral Density
Core Propulsion Test Article
Coordinated Quality Control
Configuration and Quality Information Management
Cathode Ray
Certification Review
Certification Request
Change Record
Communication And Radar
Commutation Rate
Customer's Request
Centralized Routing Authentication and Authorisation Service
Comet Rendezvous/Asteroid Fly-by
Comet Rendezvous Asteroid Flyby
Comet Rendezvous / Asteroid Flyby
CNES Radar Altimeter
Concept Review Board
Configuration Review Board
Correspondence Review Board
Contractor-Recommended Code
Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems
Certification Requirements Document
Certification Review Data Package
Computer Resource Development Plan
Cosmic Ray Experiment
Cosmic Radiation Effects and Activation Monitor
Cosmic Ray Effects and Activation Monitor
Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass
Crew Rescue and Equipment Retrieval System
Corrosion Resistance Steel
Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science and Technology
Certification Requirements Index
Connector Removal And Installation Sheet
Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer
Computer Resource Integration Support Document
Computer Resources Integrated Support Document
Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometer Telescope for Atmosphere
Cryogenic Infrared Spectrometers & Telescopes for the Atmosphere Shuttle Palette Satellite
Cambridge Research Laboratory Satellite
Cable Routing Notation
Change Review Notice
Cathode-ray Oscilloscope
Chemical Release Observation
Cargo Compatibility Review
Cargo Readiness Review
Computing Resources Requirements
Combined Release / Radiation Effects Satellite
Combined Release & Radiation Effects Satellite
Commercial Resupply Service
Commercial Resupply Services-6
Commercial Resupply Services 2
Commercial Remote Sensing
Computer Resources Support
Cosmic-Ray Subsystem
Crew Rescue System
Center for Radiophysics and Space Research
Computer Response Time
Cryogenic Radiator Test Unit
Crew Rescue Vehicle
Crew Return Vehicle
Control Readwrite
Center Section
Contractor Share Of Variance From Target Cost
Crew Simulator
Cryogenic Stage
Channel of Standard Accuracy
Color Space Array
Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Control System Analysis Program
Configuration Status Accounting Report
Change Schedule Board
Closely Spaced Basing
Complex Support Building
Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
Colorado Space Business Roundtable
Conical-Shaped Charge
Costschedule Control
Cost Schedule And Control
Costschedule Control System
Control System Command Decoder
Central Security Control System
Cost and Schedule Control System Criteria
Costschedule Control Systems Criteria
Computer System Director
Computer System Diagnostic Manual
Computer Software Data Tape
Cryostat Servicing Equipment
China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite
Crew Storage Facility
Combined Subsystem Functional Test
Centre Spatial Guyanais
Concept Synthesis Group
Center for Space and Habitability
Containment Surface Incident
Control and Structural Integrity
Customer Source Inspection
Computer Systems Integration Review
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
CAP System Integration Test
Computer Status Light
Critical Sequence List
Coarsening in Solid-Liquid Mixtures
Continuous Space Language Model
Cargo System Manual
Command & Service Module
Command-and-Service Module
Command-Service Module
Command and Service Module
Command and Service Modules
Carrier Sense Multiple Accesscollision Dlot
Control System Modeling Program
Customer Source Number
Closely-Spaced Objects
Closely Spaced Object
Complex Safety Office
Czech Space Office
Colorado Student Atmospheric Rocket
Consolidated Support Operations Center
Consolidated Space Operations Contract
Computer System Operator's Manual
Crew Systems Operating Procedure
Certified Special Processor
Certified Special Processor List
Combat Space Patrol
Costschedule Report
Critical Single-Point Failure
Control Systems Procurement Office
Core Segment Processing Unit
Center for Space Research
Check Status Report
Check Status Register
Cost Schedule And Risk
Center for Space Studies
Chinese Space Station
Commercial Space Station
Crew Safety System
Center for Space Science and Applied Research
Chabot Space & Science Center
Chabot Space and Science Center
Center for Space Standards & Innovation
Center for Space Standards and Innovation
Costschedule Status Report
Centre for Space Science and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific
Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment
Capsule Systems Test
Commercial Space Transportation
Crew Space Transportation
Crew Space Transportation-100
Complex Safety Technician
Crew Space Transportation 100
Continuous Stellar-Tracking Attitude Reference
Commercial Space Transportation Study
Combined Systems Test Unit
Central Switching Unit
California State University Northirdge Satellite
Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars
Civilian Space eXploration Team
Compact Tension
Contact Table
Control and Timing
Crawler Transporter -2
Canadian Target Assembly
Command and Telemetry Assembly
Cryogenic Telescope Assembly
Cargo Transfer Bag
Cargo Transfer Bags
Camera Timing And Control
Cargo Transport Container
Configuration Test Change Period
Central Thermal Control System
Cross-Link Transponder Data Unit
Central Training Group
Commonality Task Group
Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
Crawler-Transporter Intercom System
Canoga Test Laboratory
Component Test Laboratory
Combat Training Launch
Controller Tape Location
Critical To Launch
Canton Island
Certification Test Requirement
Certification Test Review
Component Test Requirements Specification
Communication Technology Satellite
Change Tracking System
Command and Telemetry Subsystem
Console Test Set
Contractor Technical Service
Coordinate Transformation System
Command Transfer Tape
Command and Telemetry Unit
Command Telemetry Unit
Crew Transfer Vehicle
Crew Transport Vehicle
Diffusive and Radiative Transport controlled fire
Display and Analysis Tool
Display & Control Unit
Delta Clipper Experimental Advanced
DD Review
DD Document
Design Definition File
DD Key Point
Deployable Boom & Umbrella Test
dual-engine Centaur
Dual Engine Centaur
Data Entity Dictionary Specification Language
Dual-space Expansion for Estimating Penetration
Detection of Electro-Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions
Deutsche Orbitale Servicing Mission
Deep Space Amateur Troubadour’s Challenge
Direct Field Acoustic
Dong Fang Hong
Dong Fang Hung
Developmental Flight Instrumentation
Development Flight Satellite
Double Focusing Mass Spectrometer
Deutscher Fernmelde Satellit
Distributed Ground Station Network
Data Handling Subsystem
Diamant Allemagne - Mini Kapsel
Diamant Allemagne - Wissenschafts Kapsel
Dynamic Ionosphere CubeSat Experiment
Deliverable Item Status List
Dropping In a Microgravity Environment
Discovery Museum Satellite
Double Interferometer for Visual Astrometry
Design Justification File
Design Justification File
Delay Lock Loop
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt
Germany's national research centre for aeronautics and space
Descent Module
Direct Measurement Explorer
Database Managed Storage
Canadian Department of National Defence
DOVE Oscar
Depth of Coverage
Department of Defense Gravity Gradient Experiment
Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite
Doppler Orbitography and Radio-positioning Integrated by Satellite
Dolgovremennaya Orbitalnaya Stanziya
Differential Optical Shadow Sensor
Department of Transport
Dynamic Onboard Ubiquitous Graphics
Digital Orbiting Voice Encoder
Dual Polarisation
Detailed Processing Model document
Division of Planetary Sciences
Division of Planetary Science
Da Qi
Data Recording Analysis and Corrective Action System
Differential RAIM
Document Requirements Description
Dynamic Radiation Environment Assimilation Model
Delta Redundant Inertial Measurement System
Documentation Requirements List
Design Reference Missions
Distant Retrograde Orbit
Distributions and Role Particle in the Polar Summer Mesosphere using Co-ordinated Rocket, Radar and Lidar techniques
Direct Receiving Station
Data Relay & Tracking Satellite
Data Relay Test Satellite
Data Replaceable Unit
Deep Space
Dneprovskiy Sputnik
Deep Space 2
Deep Space 9
Deep Space Surveillance System
Deep Space Nine
Deep Space Antenna
Deployable Sunshield Assembly
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
Defense Space Communication System
Deep Space Expeditions
Distributed Sensing Experiment
Deep-Space Instituteumentation Facility
Deep-Space Instituteumentation Facility Equipment
Deep Space Maneuver
Docking and Stowage Module
Deep sky object
Detailed Supplementary Objectives
Digital Signal Processing Unit
Deep Space Program Science Experiment
Deep Space Program Science Experiment - Interstage Adaptor
Doubly Special Relativity
Design Simulation Segment
Deep Space Station Complex
Demonstration and Science Experiments
Development Test Objective
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Satellite
Drop Test Vehicle
Dummy Satellite
Down Under Early Warning Experiment
Dark Universe Observatory
Data User Programme
Dust Sounder and Temperature Imager Experiment
Democritus University of Thrace Satellite
Diffuse Ultra Violett Experiment
Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite
Digital Vortex Heater
Design and Verification Plan
Development Verification Platform Platform
DVP Requirements Document
Data Warehouse
Digital Wave Processor
Earth Centered Earth Fixed
European Component Initiative
Engine Cut-Off
Engine Cut Off
External Change Review Board
European Co-operation for Space Standardisation
Essential Climate Variables
NASA Education
Extended Duration Orbiter
EGNOS ILD Documentation Plan
European Drawer Rack
Experiment Data Record
Extended Data Space
Education Satellite
Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical
Electrical, Electronic and Electromechanical
Electrical Electronic Electromechanical
Electrical Electronic and Electromechanical
Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory
EGNOS End To End Simulation
Exposed Facility
External Facility
Electric Field Instrument
ESA Furnished Property
Electric Fields and Waves
Earth Gravity Assist
re-Entry satellite with Gossamer aeroshell and Gps/Iridium
Electronic & Geodetic Ranging Satellite
Experimental Geodetic Satellite
External Hydrogen/Oxygen Tank
Emirates Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
Extreme-Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope
Extreme UV Imaging Telescope Calibration Rocket
Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic
Eksperimentalniy Kosmichesky Apparat
Edinaya Kosmicheskaya Sistema
Ensemble de Lancement Ariane
Express Logistics Carriers
European Launch Development Organisation
Enhanced Low Dose Rate Sensitivity
Extreme Low Earth Orbit Satellite
Electron Losses and Fields Investigation
Experiment Logistics Module
Experiment Logistics Module, Pressurized Section
Ensemble de Lancement Soyouz
Extravehicular Life Support System
Extremely Large Telescope
Expendable Launch Vehicles
Expendable Launch Vehicles
Environmental Morale Leave
Environmental and Morale Leave
EGNOS Maintenance Plan
Extra-vehicular Mobility Unit
Extravehicular Mobility Units
Extravehicular Mobility Units
Energetic Neutral Atom
Energetic Neutral Atoms
Ente Nationale di Assistenze al Volo
EGNOS Network Management Application
EGNOS Network Monitoring & Control
EGNOS Network Time
ENVIronment SATellite
Earth Observing
Earth Orbiter
Earth Observation Envelope Programme
EGNOS Operators and Infrastructure Group
Energia Overseas Limited
Earth Observation Quality Control
Earth, Oceans, and Space
Earth, Oceans and Space
Earth Observing Systems
Earth Observing Satellite
Earth Observation System - Altimetry
Earth Observation System - At Morning
Earth Observation System - Past Morning
Earth Observation System - Chemistry
Earth Observation System - Laser Altimetry Mission
Edge of Space Sciences
Electric Propulsion
Equivalence Principle
Exposed Pallet
External Platform
Electron, Proton, and Alpha Monitor
Electron, Proton, and Alpha-particle Monitor
Etage Principal Cryotechnique
Energetic Particles Detector
Energetic Particle Detector
Energetic Particles Explorer
External Payload Facility
European Photon Imaging Cameras
European Photon Imaging Camera
Earth Pointing Mode
European Physiology Modules
European Physiology Module
Earth Parking Orbit
EGNOS Project Office
Evpatoria Planetary Radar
Erasable and Programmable Read Memory Only
EGNOS Prototype User Equipment
EPUE Requirements Document
Equatorial Atmosphere Research Satellite
Equilibrium Lunar-Earth point 6U Spacecraft
European Robotic Arm
EGNOS Requirements Allocation Matrix
Educator Resource Center
European Rover Challenge
Emergency Rocket Communication System
Exospheric Radiation Experiment
European RadioNavigation Plan
Early Release Observations
Early Release Observation
Earth Resources Observations System
Earth Resources Observation Systems
E-Region Rocket radar Instability Study
European Remote Sensing
European Remote Sensing satellite
Earth Resources Technological Satellite
Electron spectrometer
Eclipse Sol-Air
Enhanced Situational Awareness
European Space Agency's
European Space Agency-x
European Space Camp
European Space Astronomy
European Space Astronomy Centre
European Space Astronomy Center
ESA Centre Spatial de Toulouse
Electronic Still Camera
Executive Support Center
Earth Science CubeSat for Advanced Payload Experiments
Early System Demonstration & Verification
European Student Earth Orbiter
European Space Education Resource Office
ESA Space Information Systems
Expert Support Laboratories
Electronics Support Measures
Electrically Scanning Microwave Radiometer
European Satellite Navigation Competition
European Satellite Navigation Programme
European Space Operations Centre
European Space Operation Centre
European Space Operation Center
European Space Propulsion
External Stowage Platform
External Stowage Platforms
External Stowage Platforms
European Space Policy Institutetute
Emergency Sun Reacquisition
ESA Centre for Earth Observation
EGNOS Standard Receiver Document
Environmental Science Research Satellite
Earth and Space Science
Environmental Science Services Administration
EGNOS System Simulation Facility
Earth System Science Pathfinders
Egnos System Test Bed
Earth Science Technology Conference
European Space Research & Technology Centre
EGNOS Service Volume Simulator
Exhaustive Testing
European Transport Carrier
Exposure Time Calculators
Environmental Test Facility
Early Trials Final Meeting
European Tripartite Group
EGNOS Transport Management System
European Telephony Numbering Space
e-Travel Services
Early Test System
European Test Services
External Tanks
Extreme Ultraviolet Imager
European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
European Crew Personal Dosimeter
EURopean Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
European Union Satellite Centre
European Telecommunications Satellite Organization
European Telecomunication Satellite
Extreme Ultra-Violet Explorer
Extreme Ultra Violett Explorer
Extra-vehicular Activities
Extra Vehicular Activities
Extra-Vehicular Activities
Extra Vehicular Activities
Extravehicular Visor Assembly
European Venus Explorer
Earth Venture Class Instruments for orbital missions of opportunity
EGNOS Verification Plan
Earth Venture Class Sub-orbital projects
Extra-Wide Swath
EGNOS Wide Area Network
European Week of Astronomy and Space Science
Experimental Albertan
Excitation by Electron Deposition
Energetic X-ray Imaging Survey Telescope
Exospheric Satellite
European X-ray Observatory Satellite
Experiment Re-entry Space System
Falcon 9
Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporationration
Fluid Acquisition and Resupply Equipment
Flexible Dynamic Block Adaptive Quantization
Fibber Distributed Data Interface
Failure Detection and Exclusion
Failure Detection , Isolation and Recovery
Front End Communication Processor
French Echocardiograph Experiment
Front End Equipment
Fine Guidance Sensors
Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
Fantasy Games Unlimited
Frequency Generation Unit
Falcon Heavy
Fixed-Head Star Tracker
Fixed Head Star Trackers
Future Imagery Architecture
Field Imaging Far-Infrared Line Spectrometer
Far Infrared
Fluids Integrated Rack
Flight Investigation of Re-Entry
Focused Investigations of Relativistic Electron Burst, Intensity, Range, and Dynamics
Far Infra Red Space Telescope
Far-Infrared Surveyor
Fields in Trust
Factory Integration Validation Plan
Fluorescence Explorer
Future Launchers Preparatory Programme
First Look Survey
Fleet Satellite Communication
Flight Module
Failure during Miss Approach Procedure
Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis
Follow On
Fuji Oscar
Forward Osmosis Bag
Faint Object Camera
Full Operational Capacity
FOC Transition File
Federally-Owned LANDSAT Data
Faint Object InfrRed CAmera for the SOFIA Telescope
Fast On Orbit Recording of Transient Events
Faint-Object Spectrograph
Faint Object Spectrograph
Flight Operations Segment
Focal Plane Assemblies
Focal Plane Electronics
French Pocket Experiment
Fluid Physics Experiment Facility
Floating Potential Measurement Unit
Focal Plane Package
Fan Pump Separator
Factory Qualification Plan
Factory Qualification Review
Foundational Questions Institute
Foundational Questions Institutetute
Full Resolution
Flight Releasable Attachment Mechanism
Failure Review Boards
Facility Responsible Centre
Fast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science, Technology, Applications and Research
Flight Releasable Grapple Fixture
Flight-Readiness Review
Flight Readiness Reviews
Free Space
Federal Space Agency
Florida Space Grant Consortium
Fluid Science Laboratory
Fluid Science Lab
Free Space Map
Functional Service Module
Florida Space Research Institute
Fixed Service Structures
Fanhui Shi Weixing
Faulkes Telescope
From the Earth to the Moon
Fusion Technology Institute
Factory Test Readiness Review
Fast Track Service
Framework for User-Space Devices
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
Far Ultra Violet Spectroscopic Explorer
Fixed Umbilical Tower
Far Ultra Violet
Geostationary-Satellite Based Augmentation Systems
Ground Segment
GMES Harmonisation in a Multi Mission Environment
Government Aerospace Systems Divisionsion
Geostationary Broadcast Area
GMES Contributing Missions
General Electric Aerospace Electronics Systems
Geo Electrodynamics and Electro Optical Detection of Electron and Suprathermal Ion Currents
Geographic Tagged Image File Format
GEOSAT Follow-On
Geosat Follow On
Geo Forschungs Zentrum
Goddard Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory
Gravity Gradient Stabilisation Experiment
Gravity Gradient Test Satellite
Gradient Heating Furnace
Goddard High-Resolution Spectrograph
Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph
Goddard High Resolution Spectrometer
GODAE High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature
Grain Impact Analyser and Dust Accumulator
Ground Integrity Channel
Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer - Indian Ocean METOC Imager
Generic IPF Interface Guidelines
Geocoded Incidence angle Mask
Global Ionospheric Maps
Galileo In-Orbit Validation Element
Galileo In Orbit Validation Element
GEO Imaging Satellite
Goddard Institutetute for Space Studies
Grid Ionospheric Vertical Delay
Grid Ionospheric Vertical Error
Ground Level Event
Ground Level Events
Global Orbiting Navigation Satellite System
GLObalnaya NAvigationnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema
Gross Lift Off Weight
Giant Molecular Cloud
Galileo Mission Segment
Geostationary Meterological Satellite
Generic Nanosatellite Bus
Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
Global Navigation Satellite Services
GNSS First Generation
GNNS Panel
Geostationary Orbit
Gurwin Oscar
Global Ocean Circulation Explorer
Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellite
Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellites
Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-R
Geostationary Operational Environemental Satellite
Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellites
Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk
Gossamer Orbit Lowering Device
Global Oscillations at Low Frequencies
Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey
Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite
Gaseous Oxygen
Gravity Probe
Graph Processing Framework
Green Propellant Infusion Mission
Generic Product Model
Global Precipitation Mission
Global Precipitation Monitoring
Gemini Project Office
Navigation System using Timing And Ranging
Great Plains Super Launch
General Relativity
Ground RAIM
Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory-A
Gravity Research for Advanced Space Propulsion
Gamma-Ray Bursts
Gamma Ray Burster
Ground Range Detected
Ground Range Detected Multilooked
Galactic Radiation Energy Background
GEO-CAPE ROIC In-Flight Performance Experiment
Griffith Observer
Gamma-Ray Observatory
GPS Radio Occultation and Ultraviolet Photometer on a Cubesat
German Research Probe
Geophysical Research Satellite
German Research Satellite
Geostationary Ranging Stations
Geostationary Ranging System
Great Red Spot
Gravity Science
Ground Segment
Geostationary Satellite Based Augmentation System
Garvey Spacecraft Corporation
GMES Space Component
Guiana Space Centre
Guiana Space Center
Guide Star Catalog
Guide Star Catalogue
GMES Space Component Data Access
Ground Segment Communication Network
GMES Service Element
Goddard Space Flight Center's
Godddard Space Flight Center
Geocentric Solar Magnetospheric
Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation
Geo-stationary orbit
Geo Synchronous Orbit
German Space Operations Center
GMES Service Projects
Ground Segment Requirements Document
Ghana Space Science and Technology Center
Ground Segment Verification Plan
Geostationary Transfer Orbit
Geostationary Transfer Orbits
Geosynchronous Transfer Orbits
Global Trajectory Optimization Competition
Global Transmission Services
Geiger Tube Telescope
Global Village Idiot
Gabaritno-Vesovoi Maket
Games Workshop
Gravity Well
George Washington Satellite
Government Wide Acquisition Contracts
Gravitational Wave Experiment
Ground Winds Tower
Galaxy Express
High Altitude Drop Test
Horizontal Alarm Limit
High Altitude Program
Hypersonic Airplane Space Tether Orbital Launch
Hosting Entity
Human Exploration Research Analog
High-Frequency Instrument
High Frequency Instrument
Horizontal transmit
Heliospheric Imager
Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators
Hyperspectral Imaging, Aeronautical Kinematic Analysis Satellite
Hazardous Invalid Data
Herschel-Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared
Heterodyne Instrument for the Far-Infrared
Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared
High Latitude Reseach Satellite
High Precision Paralax Collecting Satellite
High Resolution Airglow / Aurora Spectroscopy Experiment
Hokkaido Institute of Technology Satellite
Hubble Legacy Archive
Heavy Lift Capability
Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle
Hue, lightness and saturation
Hue, Lightness, and Saturation
Hue Lightness Saturation
Heavy-lift Launch Vehicle
Halley Multicolor Camera
Halley Multicolour Camera
High Altitude Ozone Measuring and Educational Rocket
Hubble Origins Probe
H-2 Orbital Plane Experiment
Protection Level
HOrizontal TakeOff and Landing
High Pressure Gas Tank
High Performance Green Propulsion
Heliospheric Physics Laboratory
High Precision Landing or
NASA Headquarters
High-Resolution Camera
High Resolution Camera
High-Resolution Imager
High Resolution Imager
High Rate Information Transmission
High Resolution Microwave Survey
High Resolution Spectrograph
High-Resolution Stereo Camera
High Resolution Stereo Camera
Herschel Science Centre
Human Space Flight
Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory
hue, saturation, and intensity
Hue Saturation Intensity
Hue, Saturation, Luminance
Hue Saturation Luminance
Human Spaceflight and Operations
High-Speed Photometer
High Speed Photometer
Hubble Space Telescope, Guide Catalog
Hue, Saturation, Value
Hue Saturation Value
Horizontal Takeoff Horizontal Landing
Vertical Takeoff
Horizontal Take-Off and Landing
Hydroxyl Terminated Poly Butadiene
High Time Resolution Astrophysics
H-2 Transfer Vehicle
Horizontal Takeoff Vertical Landing
Hubble Ultra-Deep Field
Hubble Ultra Deep Field
Highly Unusual Geophysical Obeservations
Humanitarian Satellite - Demonstrator
Horizontal User Navigation Error
Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
Hubble Uzay Teleskobu
Helsinki University of Technology Satellite
Hvar Observatory Bulletin
Hardware Engineer
High-Water Mark
High Water Marks
Hard X-ray Detector
Hard X-ray Imager
Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope
Hard X-ray Telescope
Interference / Signal
International Astronautical Congresses
Interoperability Action Plan
International Committee Against Mars Sample Return
International Council of Aeronautical Sciences
Interface Control Board
Inventions and Contributions Board
Integrated Cargo Carrier
International Comet Explorer
Integrated Communications Extension Capability
Ionospheric Scintilation Experiment Cubesat
Ice, Cloud & Land Elevation Satellite
Impacts of Climate change on the Eco-Systems and chemistry of the
International Committee on GNSS
Ice Cloud Imager
Interim Command Module
Interim Control Module
Interna Change Review Board
International Celestial Reference Frame
International Docking Adapter
International Docking Adapters
Initial Defense Communication Satellite Program
Instrument Data Quality Evaluation and Analysis Service
Integrated Design Functional model
Isothermal Dendritic Growth Experiment
Indefinite Date/Indefinite Quantity
Interplanetary Dust Particle
Instrument Data Processing Unit
Investigation Definition Team
Ionospheric Explorer
Institute of Engineering Surveying and Space Geodesy
Identifier Friend
In Flight Maintenance
Initial Flight Test
Integrated Flight Experiment
Inter-Galactic Medium
Intergalactic Medium
Integral Gamma-Ray
Intelligence Gathering Satellite
International Heliophysical Year
Indian Institute of Astrophysics Newsletter
Indonesian inter-university satellite
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences
Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation Of the Sun
In Kind Delivery
International Lunar Observatory Association
Integrated Launch and Re-entry Vehicle
Instrument Landing System or
Integrated Launch Vehicle
Issledovatel'ny Modul'
Imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration
Institute of Medical and Biological Problems
Integrated Missile Defense
International Mars Exploration Working Group
Integrated Missile Early Warning Satellite
Inner Magnetosphere Explorer
Inspiration Mars Foundation
Interplanetary Magnetic Field
International Maritime Organisation
Innovative Media Research and Commercialization
Inmarsat Navigation Center
Ionospheric Neutron Content Analyzer
Inovative Technology Demonstration Experiment
Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espacias
Interplanetary NanoSpacecraft Pathfinder In a Relevant Environment
Institutetuto Nacional de Tecnica Aeroespacial
Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial
International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory
International Gamma Ray Astrophysics Laboratory
Logistics Support
International Telecommunication Satellite
Interactive satellite for Art and Design Experimental Research
Italian Oscar
In Ocean By Mistake
In-Orbit Checkout and Calibration
In-Orbit Checkout
In Orbit Checkout
Initial Operation Capability
Initial Operations Capability
Integrated Optical Communications and Proximity Sensors
In Orbit Commissioning Review
In-Orbit Demonstration
Issue Of Data or Issuance Of Data
Issuance Of Data PRN
Issuance Of Data Clock
Input Output Data Definition Document
Issuance Of Data Ephemeris
Issuance Of Data Ionosphere
Illinois Observing Nanosatellite
Initial Operations Phase
Intelligent Optical Systems
Integrated Overhead SIGINT Architecture
Inflatable Optical Sphere System
In-Orbit Test
In-Orbit Testing
In Orbit Testing
Infrared-Optical Telescope Array
In-Orbit Validation
In-Orbit Verification
In Orbit Validation
Ionospheric Occultation Experiment
Integrated Powerhead Demonstrator
Intelligent Payload Experiment
Instrument Processing Facility
Ionospheric Pierce Point
Inertial Pointing System
International Project Space
Infra-Red Astronomy Satellite
Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite
Infra Red Astronomical Satellite
Infra-Red Calibration Balloon
Interface Requirement Document
Inflatable Re-Entry and Descent Technology
Interim Resistive Exercise Device
Inhibited Red Fuming Nitric Acid
Infra-Red Imaging Surveyor
International Radiation Investigation Satellite
Ion Release Module
Institute of Remote Sensing
NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive
Iranian Remote Sensing Center
Independent Review Teams
Integrated Rendezvous Target
Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment
Istrebitel Sputnikov
Istrebitel Sputnik
International Space Agency
Inter Stage Adapter
Iran's Space Agency
Iranian Space Agency
Iran Space Agency
Israeli Space Agency
Italian Space and Astronautics
Israeli Space Agency Investigation About Hornets
Infrared SST Autonomous Radiometer
Integrated Solar Array and Reflectarray Antenna
Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science
Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences
Innovative Spacebased radar Antenna Technology
Iodine Satellite
Inertial Stellar Compass
International Space Company
International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project
Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space
Industry Space Days
Institute for Space and Defense Electronics
International Space Elevator Consortium
International Sun-Earth Explorer-C
International Sun Earth Explorer
International Sun-Earth Explorer-3
Integrated Space Experiment System
Iowa Space Grant Consortium
Image Space Incorporated
International Space Innovation Centre
Infrared Spectral Imaging Radiometer
Innovative Solutions In Space
International Satellite for Ionosphere Studies
In-Suit Light Exercise
International Spaceflight Museum
Interstellar Medium
International Satellite Navigation System
Imaging Spectrometric Observatory
Infra-red Space Observatory
International Organisation for Standard
International Scientific Optical Network
In Service Operations Phase
Instrument Source Packet
In-Situ Propellant Production
In Situ Propellant Production
International Standard Payloads Rack
International Standard Payload Racks
International Standard Payload Racks
International Standard Payloads Racks
Institute for Space Research
In Situ Resource Utilization
Information Satellite Systems
Institute of Space Science
Integrated Space Systems
International Space Station's
International Space Stations
Internatonal Space Station
International Space Station Alpha
Ionosphere Sounding Satellite
International Space Station Agricultural Camera
International Space Science Institute
Institute of Space Technology
Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics
International Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Integrated Space Transportation Plan
International Solar Terrestrial Program
International Solar Terrestrial Physics program
Institute for Space and Terrestrial Science
Institutetute for Space and Terrestrial Science
International Space Universityrsity
Independent Software Verification and Validation
International Space Year
Integration and Test
Integration Testing
Instrumentation Technology Associates
Italian Amateur Satellite
Innovation Triangle Initiative
Integrated Thermal/Micrometeoroid Garment
Integrated Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment
Improved TIROS Operational Satellite
Integrated Truss Structure
Integrated Truss Structure - Port
Integrated Truss Structure - Zenith
International Temperature Scale of 1990
Integrated Truss Structure - Starboard
International Time Unit
Instrumented Target Vehicle
International UV Explorer
Interim Upper Stage
Intra Vehicular
Integrated Vehicle Fluids
Ion Velocity Meter
Institutentaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
Interferometric Wideswath
In Work
Indirect Work Breakdown Structure
Inter-Work-Package Distributed System
Inhibited White Fuming Nitric Acid
Integrated Waste Fluid System
Interface Working Group
Investigators Working Group
Investigator Working Group
International Workshop on Greenhouse Gas Measurements from Space
Indirect Work Package
Integrated Water System
International Workplace Studies Program
In the exploration
Indian X-ray Astronomy Experiment
International X-ray Observatory
Japanese Advanced Meteorological Imager
Java archive file
Joint Airworthiness Requirement
Joint Communications Board
JSC Payload Operations Center
JSC Manual
Joint Science Operations Centre
Joint Science Operations Center
Ji Shu Shiyan Weixing
Joint Tripartite Committee
KSC Automated Payloads Notice
KSC Automated Payloads Project Specification
Korea Aerospace Research Institute
Korea Aerospace Research Institutetute
Kennedy Booster Assembly Contractor
KSC Change Request
KSC Notice
KSC Operation Instituteuction
KO Meeting
Kennedy Operations Support Center
KSC Shuttle Project Notice
KSC Shuttle Project Specification
Launch and Landing Site
L1-GPS frequency
L2-GPS frequency
Low Power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment
Local Area Differential
Low-Altitude Mission
Longitude of Ascending Node
Link Access Procedure for Balanced circuits
Launch Abort System Facility
Lunar Architecture Team
Langmuir Turbulence Rocket
Launch Base Test Plan
Launch Base Test Plan/Procedure
Launch Center
Launch Control and Checkout
Launch Complex Equipment
Launch Complex Engineer
Liquid Cooling Garment
Low-Cost Modular Spacecraft
Low Cost X-Ray Telescope
Launch Director
Launch Detection Satellite
Launch/Entry Helmet
Launch and Entry Helmet
Lunar Excursion Module
Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector
Low Earth Orbital
Low Earth Orbiting Nanosatellite Integrated Defense Autonomous System
Launch and Early Orbit Phase
Launch and Early Operations Phase
Lunar Electric Rover
Launch-Entry Suit
Large Earth-based Solar Telescope
Launch Escape Tower
Lunar Excursion Vehicle
Length Field
Low Frequency Instrument
List of Frequently Seen Acronyms
Lunar Flying Vehicle
Low-Gain Antenna
Low Gain Antennas
Landing Gear Subsystem
Landing Gear Test Article
Liquid Hydrogen
Left Hand Circular Position
Laser Image Detection And Ranging
Large Inclination Doppler Only Satellite
Living Interplanetary Flight Experiment
Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory
Little Intelligent Nanosatellite of KAIST
Living Plume Shield
Lightning Imaging Sensors
Lost In Space
Laser Interferometry Space Antenna
Lidar In Space Technology Experiment
Little Joe
Lunnyi Korabl
Lunar Laser Ranging Instrument
Lockheed Launch Vehicle
Lunar Landing Vehicle
Landing Module
Lunar Mapping and Scientific Survey
Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Large Magellanic Cloud
Lightweight Multi-Purpose Carrier
Lunar Module Descent Engine
Lockheed Martin Intersputnik
Lunar Mars Life Support Test Project
Lockheed-Martin Launch Vehicle
Lockheed Martin Launch Vehicle
Light Microscopy Module
Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space
Low Mars Orbit
Logistic Management Plan
Lunar Module Pilot
Linear Mode Photon-counting CubeSat
Low Mass Radio Science Transponder
Low Mass Radio Science Transponder Satellite
Life and Microgravity Spacelab
Lunar Modules
Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory
Lockheed Martin Space Operations
Land Mobile Satellite System
Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Lunar Mapping and Survey System
Liquid Mirror Telescope
liquid N2
Lecture Notes and Supplements in Physics
Low Altitude Density Satellite
Launch Operations Building
Launch Operations Contractor
Launch Operations Directorate
Launch Operations Control BUilding
Launch on Demand
Launch Operations Divisionsion
Launch Order Document
Low Frequency Trans Ionospheric Satellite
Low Gravity Accelerometer Calibration System
Lunar Orbiter Image Recovery Project
Lunnyi Orbitalnyi Korabl
Lunar Orbit and Landing Approach
Loss of Mission
Launch on Need
Launch Operations Orders
Launch Operations Panel
lunar-orbit rendezvous
Large Orbital Research Laboratory
Low Altitude Satellite Experiment
Lunar Orbital Space Station
Lowell Observatory Bulletin
Lunar Prospector
Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie de l'Environnement
Launch Preparation Document
liquid-propellant gun
Lunar and Planetary Lab
Launch Package Integration Facility
La Palma Observatory
Long Period Variable
Langmuir Probe and Waves
Laser Retro-reflector Array
Liquid Rocket Booster
Launch Recovery Divisionsion
Launch Requirements Document
Laser Ranging Equipment
Liquid Rocket Engine Stability
Lunar Receiving Laboratory
Low Resolution Mode
Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbital Camera
Laser Retro-Reflector
Laser Retro Reflector
Living Reviews in Solar Physics
Lenticular Reentry Vehicle
Lunar Rover Vehicle
Left Rendezvous Window
Landing Site
Launch Site
Launch Site PAyload Processing Facility
Light Shield/Star Tracker
Lunar Surface Access Module
Large Solid Booster
Launch Support Integration Contractor
Launch System Integration Contractor
Launch Support Operations Contractor
Life Support Module
Lockheed Space Operations Company
Lumpy Space Princess
Life Science Payload Development Facility
Launch Support Request
Local Standard of Rest
Laboratory for Space System
Landing and Separation Simulator
Large Space Structure
Launch Site Test Set
Launch Team
Lunar Module Test Article
Lunar Transfer Orbit
Lunar Transient Phenomenon
Lunar Transfer Vehicle
Launch Umbilical Tower
Look up table
Lunar Ultraviolet Telescope
Launch Vehicle Adapter
Light Vehicle Driver
Local Vertical Local Horizontal
Launch Vehicle System
Mission Configuration Control Board
Mercury-Atlas 9
Modular Attitude Control System
modular attitude determination and control system
Multi Anode Microchannel Array
Manned Astronautical Research Station
Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospheric Sounding
Manned Spaceflight Support Project Office
Maneuverable Ballistic Reentry Vehicle
Multilateral Coordination Board
Mission Control Centres
Mid Course Correction
MCC Requirements Document
Multi-mission Consolidated Equipment
Mars Climate Orbiter
Mission Control Station
Mars Colonial Transporter
Management & Control Unit
Miss Detection
Multi-user Droplet Combustion Apparatus
Mate-Demate Device
Mate Demate Device
Mars Desert Research Station
Mission Demonstration Satellite
MSX Dedicated Target
Mid-life Evolution
Midlife Evolution
Multipath error
Malaysia East Asia Satellite
Making Earth System data records for Use in Research Environments
Main Engine Cut Off
Main Engine Cut-Off
Mission Equipment Cargo Shuttle Launch Site
Multipath Estimating Delay Lock Loop
Multifunction Electronic Display System
Mir Environmental Effects Payload
Meggiorin Satellite
Mars Excursion Module
Meteoroid Environment Office
MEMS-based PICOSAT Inspector
Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
Methane Remote Sensing Lidar Mission
Montana Earth Orbiting Pico-Explorer
Marine Environment and Security for the European Area Integrated project
Mission Extension Support Equipment Launch Site
Mission Extension Shuttle Equipment Launch Site
Matter, Energy, Space and Time
Modularized Equipment Transporter
Multiple Experiment Transport to Earth Orbit & Return
Mesosphere - Thermosphere Emissions for Ozone Remote Sensing
Multi-purpose End-To-End Robotic Operations Network
Meteorological Satellite
Mars Excursion Vehicle
Mission Extension Vehicle
Magnetic Field Architecture
Manipulator Flight Demonstration
Mission from Planet Earth
Minimum Flyout Time For Orbital Interception
Medium-Gain Antenna
Medium Gain Antenna
Mars Global Mapper
Mars Global Surveyor
MERIS Global Vegetation Index
Multi-hundred Watt
Multiband imager
University of Michigan Observatory Reprints
Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System
Military Defense Alarm System
Mid-Sized Explorer
Midcourse Exoatmospheric Event-Based Simulator
Michelson Interferometer for Global High-resolution Thermospheric Imaging
Military Strategic & Tactical Relay
Maliy Issledovatel'ny Modul'
Micro Measurements Of Satellite Acceleration
Modern Instrumentation and Measurements in Physics and Engineering
Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit
Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer
Mutual Impedance Probe
Multiband Imaging Photometer for Spitzer
Microwave Radiometer Technology Acceleration
Monitor e Imageador de Raios-X
Micro Reentry Capsule
Mid-Infra-Red Instrument
Mid Infra-Red Instrument
Mid Infra Red Instrument
Microwave Instrument for the Rosetta Orbiter
Microwave Instrument for Rosetta Orbiter
Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles
Microsatellite in-situ Space Technologies
Mini-Satellite Italiano a Tecnologia Avanzata
Mobile Igor Tracking Telescope System
Mercury Imaging X-ray Spectrometer
Mariner Jupiter-Saturn
Miniature Kill Vehicle
Mercury Laser Altimeter
Mesoscale Lightning Experiment
MDM Launch Forward
Multi-Layered Insulation
Multi-Layer Insulation
Multi Layer Insulation
Multi-purpose Laboratory Module
Multipurpose Laboratory Module / Mnogozelewoi Laboratorny Modul
Multipurpose Laboratory Module - Usovershenstvovanny / Mnogozelewoi Laboratorny Modul - Upgrade
Mobile Launcher Platforms
Mobile Launch Platforms
Mobile Launcher Platforms
Matera Laser Ranging Observatory
Mauna Loa Solar Observatory
Magnetic Local Time
Medium Lift Vehicle
Moon and Mars Analog Mission Activities
Master MEL
Mono-Methyl Hydrazine
Mono Methyl Hydrazine
Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter
Micro-Meteoroid Orbital Debris
Micro Meteoroid Orbital Debris
Micrometeoroid / Orbital Debris
Magnetospheric Multi-Scale
Manned Maneuvering System
mission Modular Spacecraft
Multi-mission Modular Spacecraft
Multimission Spacecraft
Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group
Mars Moon Space Photo Zoom Club
Multi Mirror Telescope
Multiple Mirror Telescope
Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory
Manned Maneuvering Units
Manned Manuevering Unit
Manned Maneuvering Units
Manned Maneuvering Units
Mercury Network Test Vehicle
Malaysian Oscar
Manned Orbiter
Mars Orbiter
Mars Observer
Mexican Oscar
Mission Operations and Data Analysis
Mars Observer Camera
Mission Operations Centre
Mission Operation Center
Mission Operation Centre
Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
Museum of Flight
Multiplayer Online Games
Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance
Membrane Optic Imager Real-Time Exploitation
Membrane Optical Imager for Real-Time Exploitation
Manned Orbiting Laboratory
Manned Orbital Laboratory - Heat Shield Qualification Test
Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter
Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen
Mission of Opportunity
Marine Observation Satellite-1
Microvariability and Oscillation of Stars
Mystery Of Time And Space
Manned Orbital Transfer Vehicle
Minor Planets Circular
Mission Performance Centres
Monitor Proportional Counter
Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle
Minor Planets Electronic Circular
Mission Peculiar Equipment Support Structures
Microlensing Planet Finder
Main Product Header
Mars Polar Lander
Maximum Probable Loss
Mini-Pressurized Logistics Module
Mini Pressurized Logistics Module
Mini Pressurised Logistics Module
Multi-Purpose Logistics Module
Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules
Multi-Purpose Logistic Module
Multi Purpose Logistics Module
Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules
Multi-Purpose Pressurised Logistics Module
Multi Purpose Module
Mercury Planetary Orbiter
Mission Performance Requirements
Material Processing Satellite
Morelos Payload Specialist Experiments
Mobile Quarantine Facility
Mars Relay
Medium Resolution
Mercury Redstone
Mercury Redstone - Booster Development
Medium-Resolution Camera
Medium Resolution Camera
mini Redundant Strapdown Inertial Navigation System
Mini Research Module
Mini-Research Module 2
Mini Research Module 2
Mars Rover and Sample Return
Mars Rover Sample Return
Mars Rover and Sample Return Mission
Mercury Scout
Mission Success
Multi-transport Satellite-based Augmentation System
Mobile Communication Satellite
Microwave Scan-Beam Landing System Ground Station
Manned Spacecraft Center's
Multi Satellite Dispenser
Manned Spaceflight Engineer
Manned Spaceflight Engineers
Mercury Surface Element
Manager for in-SERvice phase
Marshal Space Flight Center
Manned Space Flight Support Group
Meteosat Second Generation
Microgravity Science Glovebox
Microgravity Sciences Glovebox
Multi-Spectral Imager
Multi-Spectral imaging Instrument
Multi spectral instrument
Mass Spectrometer Incoherent Scatter
Material Science Laboratory
Mars Science Lander
Microgravity Science Laboratory
Multi-purpose Small Payload Rack
Mars Sample Return
Mean Sea Surface
Mobile Service Structure
Mars Surface-Sample Return Vehicle
Malin Space Science Systems
Maui Space Surveillance Site
Multispectral Solar Telescope Array
Miniature Sensor Technology Integration
Midcourse Space Experiment
Mobile Transporter
Multifunctional Transport Satellite
Mediterranean Test Bed
Man Tended Capability
MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index
Memory Test CubeSat
Man-Tended Free Flyer
Man-Tended Free-Flyer
Moving Target Indication
Multispectral Thermal Imager
Mission Timeline
Mars Telecommunications Orbiter
Meteosat Transition Programme
Mission to Planet Earth
Mobile Transporter Relay Assembly
Meteoroid Technology Satellite
Multi Transport SATellite
Mean Time To Restore an outage
Mars Transfer Vehicle
Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatory Annual Report
Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatory Reprints
Multiple Path Beyond Line of Sight Communication
Mu Satellite
Microgravity User Support Centre
Multi-User System for Earth Sensing
Mu Space Engineering Satellite
Note Applicable
National Airspace System or National Air Space
Need Another Seven Astronauts
NAVigation sub-system
Navigation and Attitude
NASA Altimeter Verification Telemetry
No Break
Non Compliant
NASA Communications Control
Network Control Management
netCDF Markup Language
National Commission on Space
Non-conformance Review Board
Norwegian Cubesat
Normalised Difference Snow Index
Normalised Difference Vegetation Index
NASP Derived Vehicle
Near-Earth Asteroid
near-Earth asteroids
Near Earth Asteroids
Non-Explosive Actuator
North East Astronomy Forum
Near Earth Asteroid Prospector
Near Earth Asteroid Rendevous
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous
Near-Earth asteroids
Near Earth Asteroids
NASA's Cloud Computing Platform
Noise Equivalent Differential Luminance
Noise Equivalent Differential Temperature
Naval Earth Map Observer
Near-Earth Objects
Near Earth Object
Near Earth Objects
Near Earth Orbit
Near-Earth Objects
Near Earth Objects
Near-Earth Objects
Near Earth Objects
Near-Earth Object Mission Advisory Panel
Near-Earth Object Observation
Near Earth Object Observation
Near Earth Object Observations
Near-Earth Object Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer
Nucno-Energeticeskaya Platforma
Nuclear Emulsion Recovery Vehicle
Naval Extremely high frequency Satellite Program
Next ESA SAR Toolbox
NASA Employee Team
Network Common Data Form
NASA Equipment Visibility System
Next Generation Satellite and Commodities Spacecraft
Natural Form
Near Field Infrared Experiment
New General Catalog
Next-Generation Launch System
Next Generation Launch System
New Gravitational-wave Observatory
Next Generation Satellite Laser Ranging
Next Generation Sky survey
Next-Generation Space Telescope
Next Generation Space Telescope
Next Generation Telescope
NASA Ground Terminal
New Horizons
NASA Handbook
Non Integrity
Near-Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer
Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrograph
Near Infrared Camera and Multi Object Spectrometer
Near Infrared Camera Multi-Object Spectrometer
Near Infrared Camera / Multi Object Spectrometer
Non-Integrity Hazardous Invalid Data
Near-Infrared Mapping Spectrometer
Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer
National Institute of Standards and Technology Advanced Radiometer
New Jersey Space Grant Consortium
National Launch Development Program
Navigation Land Earth Station
Backup to NLES-R
Backup to NLES-A
NLES - Aussagel France
NLES - Riesting Germany
NLES Requirements Document
National Launch System
Non Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium
Normalised Water-leaving Radiance
Network Management Facility
New Mexico Tech Satellite
National Nanotechnology Manufacturing Center
Navy Navigation Satellite
Naval Oscar
New Outer Blanket Layer
New Outer Blanket Layers
Network Operation Control Centre
Network & Operation Demonstration Satellite
NASA Bio-optical Marine Algorithm Data Set
NORth American aerospace Defense
Navy Ocean Surveillance Satellite
Navy Ocean Surveilance Satellite
Navy Ocean Surveilance Satellite - Multi Satellite Dispenser
Navy Ocean Surveilance Satellite - Titan Launch Dispenser
Nederlandse Onderzoekschool Voor Astronomie
Non Precision Approach
NASA Procurement Circular
National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite
National Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite System
National Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellite System
National Polar-orbiting Partnership
NPOESS Preparatory Project
Naval Postgraduate School Solar Cell Array Tester
Naval Postgraduate School Satellite
NASA Packet Switching System
NASA Radar Altimeter
Nuclear Rocket Development Station
Naval Research Laboratory Payload
National Reconnaissance Organization
National Reconaissance Office
National Reconnaisance Office
National Reconnaissance Office Launch
Non-Reimbursable Space Act Agreement
National Remote Sensing Center of China
National Remote Sensing Centre of China
Neutron Star
Nuclear Shuttle
National Space Agency
Navigation Service Availability
National Space Agency of Ukraine
National Space and Biomedical Research Institute
Naval Space Command
Navigational Star Catalog
NASA Standard Initiator
National Space Exploration Administration
Net Square Feet
Near-Space Instrumentation Facility
Near-Space Instituteumentation Facility
NASA Shuttle Logistics Depot
National Satellite Meteorological Center
National Satellite Meteorological Centre
National Space Program Office
National Space Symposium
New Skies Satellite
National Space Science Data Center's
National Space Science Data Centre
NASA Simulation Traffic Interface
Nitrogen Tank Assembly
Non Time Critical
NASA Test Director
Neo Terran Front
Nuclear Thermal Rocket
Nuclear Thermal Rockets
Nuclear Thermal Rocket Element Environmental Simulator
New Technology Telescope
Network Requirements Document
National University of Defense Technology Satellite
North Utah Satellite
Observational Azimuth Angle
Orbiter Aft Flight Deck
Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System
Orbital Attitude and Maneuvering Electronics
Operations And Service Infrastructure for Space
Onboard Inert Gas Generating System
Ocean Colour
Orbiter Capability Assessment
Orbiter Capability Analysis
Orbiter Cabin Air Cleaner
Operation Concept Document
Operational & Certification Requirement
Orbit Designation
Orbital Design Integration System
Orbiter Disconnect Mechanism
Orbital Express Capture System
Observation of Electric Field Distributions in the Ionospheric Plasma - a Unique Strategy
Orbiter Engineering and Test
OLCI Electronic Unit
Orbiter Experiment
Orbiter Flight Dynamic Simulator
Orbital Flight Training
OLCI Global Vegetation Index
Operating Hazard Analysis
orbital horizontal ground vibration test
Orbiter Insertion
Orbiter Instituteumentation
Orbital Integrated Checkout
Orbiter Integration Engineering
Orbiter Instituteumentation Systems
Orbit Injection Subsystem
Orbit Inserting System
Orbit Insertion Subsystem
Orbiter Integration Test
Orbiter Interface Test
Orbiter Interface Verification Set
Ocean and Land Colour Instrument
orbiter landing emergency rescue data
Orbiter Lifting Frame
ORbiter Landing Instituteumentation Facility
Over Land Transporter
Orbital Module
Orbiter Main Engine
Orbiter Mission Kit
Orbiter Major Modification
Orbiter Maintenance Man-Hour
Outstanding Moon exploration Technologies demonstrated by Nano Semi-Hard Impactor
Ozone Mapper Profiler Suite
Orbiter Maintenance and Refurbishment Facility
Orbital Maneuvering Subsystem
Office National d'Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales
Opal Oscar
Orbiter On Dock
Orbital Operations Handbook
On-Orbit Review
On-Orbit Station
Orbit-to-Orbit Shuttle
Orbit-to-Orbit Stage
Office for Outer Space Affairs
Office of Outer Space Affairs
On-Orbit Support Document
Orbital Operations Support Document
On-Orbit Support System
Orbiting Picosat Automatic Launcher
Oxygen Photometry of the Atmospheric Limb
Orbiter Payload Bay Simulator
Open Prototype for Educational NanoSats
Orbiter Processing Facilities
Open Packaging Format 2
Optical Properties Monitor
Outer Planet Mission
Office of Public Outreach
Orbiter Payload Recorder
Orbitalnaya Pilotiruemaya Stanziya
Orbiter Project Schedule
Osaka Prefecture University Satellite
Orbital Payload Work Station
Orbital Communication
Orbiting Radio Beacon Ionospheric Satellite
Orbiting Radio Beacon Ionospheric Satellite Calibration
orbital recording capability and update system
Orbital Reentry Experiment
Oregon Satellite
Orbital Re-entry Experiment
Orbiting and Retrievable Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Orbiting Retrievable Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Orbiting Retrievable Far and Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometers
Orbiting & Retrievable Far & Extreme UV Spectrometer - Shuttle Palette Satellite
Organization of research Group on Advanced deployable Membrane structures for Innovative space science Satellite
Octahedral Research Satellite
Operationally Responsive Space
Operationally Responsive Space-3
Operational Responsive Space
Operationally Responsive Space -3
Orbital Reservicing System
Orbital Resupply System
Operationally Responsive Space Enabler Satellite
Operationally Responsive Space - Technology
Orbital Replacement Unit
Orbital Replaceable Unit
Orbital Replacement Units
Orbital Replacement Units
Orbital Replacement Units
Orbital Research Vehicle
On-Orbit Station
OpenSpace service
Orbiting Sample
Orbital Sciences Corporationration
Orbital Sciences Corp
Orbital Science Corporation
Orbiter Specification Change Notice
Orbital Spacecraft Consumables Resupply System
Orbital Support Equipment
Orbiter Simulation Facility
Oregon Space Grant Consortium
Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security
Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith
Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith
Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security
Origins Spectral Interpretation Resource Identification Security-Regolith
Orbital Satellite for Investigating the Response of the Ionosphere to Stimulation and Space Weather - 3 Unit Cubesat
Orbiting Solar Laboratory
Orbiter Service Module
Open Space Network Satellite
Onsala Space Observatory
Orbiting Solar Observatories
Orbiter Systems Operating Procedure
Orbiting Space Station
Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment
Orbiter-Space Station Interface Unit
Open Space Technology
Office of Space and Terrestrial Applications
Orthogonal Space-Time Block Codes
Ocean SWell spectra
Operational Tiros
Orbital Test Bed
OLCI Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index
Orbital Transfer Equipment
Orbiter Time Line Constraint
Orbit Trim Maneuver
Orbital Test System
Orbital Test Satellite
Orbital Transfer System
Orbital Test Vehicle
Orbit Test Vehicle
Orbital Vehicle
Orbiting Vehicle
Orbital Transfer Vehicles
Orbit Transfer Vehicle
Orbital Utility For Telecommunications / Technology Innovations
Orbiter Utility Tray
Orbiter Vehicle End Item
Off-site Vertical Integration
Ocean Vector Winds Science Team
One-Way Doppler
One-Way Doppler Extraction
Optimum Working Frequency
Ocean WInd field
One-Way Light Time
Processing and Control
Programme Configuration Control Board
University of Pittsburg Airglow Ion Chemistry Experiment
Performance Assessment and Check-out Platform
Precision Attitude Determination Simulation
PA Engineer
Planetary Athmosphere Entry Test
Producer-Archive Interface Methodology Abstract Standard
PA Manager
Pulsating Aurora Rocke Experiment
Pima Air & Space Museum
Programme Board-Navigation
Performance Budget Management File
Product Confidence Data
Protein Crystallization Diagnostics Facility
Protein Crystallization Facility
Prototype Communication Satellite
Plasma Contactor Unit
Publications of the Department of Astronomy, University of Chile
Payload Deployment Device
Power and Data Grapple Fixture
Power Data Grapple Fixture
Power Data Grapple Fixtures
Power Data Grapple Fixtures
Payload Data Ground Segment
Parameters Data List
Pathfinder Demonstration Satellite
Payload Data Segment
Product Data Units
Personal Egress Air Packs
Piezo Electric Assisted Smart Satellite Structure
Passive Experiment Container
Passive Experiment Carrier
Passive Experiment Containers
Potentially Environmentally Detrimental Activities in Space
Pegasus Satellite
Peak of Eternal Light
Preliminaire Eole
Pairwise Error Probability
Plasma Experiment for Planetary Exploration
Pluto Energetic Particle Spectrometer Science Investigation
Plasma Experiment Satellite Test
Plasma Enhancements in The Ionosphere-Thermosphere Satellite
Processing Facility
Processing Facility - Stand-alone Chain
Probability Of False Alarm
Pluto Fast Flyby
Proto-Flight Model
Particles & Field Subsatellite
Partitioned Global Address Space
Plant Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
Pistol Grip Tool
Product Handbook
Particle Higgs Acceleration
Physics and Astronomy
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
Potentially Hazardous Asteroid
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
Personal Hazards Associated with Space Radiation
Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury
Physics of Auroral Zone Electrons
Project History Document
Perfect Hash Function
Passive Hydrogen Maser
Potentially hazardous object
Potentially Hazardous Objects
Potentially Hazardous Objects
Planetary Horizontal Platform
Packing, Handling, Storage & Transport Plan
Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator
PICosatellite for Atmospheric and Space Science Observations
Pathfinder Instrument for Cloud and Aerosol Spaceborne Obeservation - Climatologie Etendue des Nuages et des Aerosols
Polymer Battery Experiment / Ionospheric Occulation Experiment / Coherent Electro Magnetic Radio Tomography / Optical Precision Platform Experiment - Satellite
Passive Inspection CubeSat
Photoionisation Mass Spectrometer
PESIT Imaging Satellite
Plasma Interface Unit
Plasma Interaction Experiment
Pluto-Kuiper Belt
Propellant Loading
Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars
Pressurized Logistics Carrier
Propellant Loading Console
Propellant-Level Indicator
Propellant Linear Insulation Matrix
Propellant Loading and Pressurization System
Postlaunch Service Review
Photonic Laser Thruster
Payload Launch Vehicle
Payload Module
Pressurized Module
Primary Mirror
Progress Meeting
Propulsion Module
Pressurized Mating Adapters
Pressurized Mating Adapter
Pressurized Mating Adaptor
Pressurised Mating Adapters
Pressurized Mating Adapters
Permanently Manned Capability
Polar Mesospheric Clouds
Polar Mesospheric Cloud
Polar Mesospheric Clouds
Probability of Missed Detection
Propellant Management Device
Plasma Motor-Generator
Plasma Motor Generator
Pressure Modulated InfraRed Radiometer
Permanent Multipurpose Module
Permanent Multi-purpose Module
Planetary Mission Module
Photomultiplier Tube
Permanent Manned Vehicle
Planetary Nebula
Position, Navigation, and Timing
Position, Navigation and Timing
Positioning, Navigation & Timing
Position Navigation Timing
Position Navigation and Timing
Precision Navigation and Timing
Pansat Oscar
Polar orbit
Portugese Oscar
Private Office
Payload Operations Center
Payload Operations Control Centre
Payload Operations Director
Payload Orbital Delivery
Picosatellite Orbital Deployer
Poly-Picosatellite Orbital Deployer
Picosatellite Orbital Deployers
Precise Orbit Determination
Precision Orbit Determination Task Group
Polar Orbiting Earth Mission
Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites
Polar-Orbiting Environmental Satellites
Polar Operational Environmental Satellite
Polar Operational Environmental Satellites
Polar-Orbiting Geomagnetic Survey
Polar Orbiting Geomagnetic Survey & Solid State Recorder
Payload Operations Integration Center
Payload Operations and Integration Center
Payload Operation Integration Center
Polar Beacon Experiment & Auroral Research
Publications of the Astronomical Observatory University of Minnesota
Proximity Operations Nano-Satellite Flight Demonstration
Position On Orbit
Partial-Order Planning
Perpendicular to Orbit Plane
Polar-Orbiting Platform
Preliminary Operations Phase
Polar Orbiting Passive Atmospheric Calibration Sphere
Privately Owned Public Spaces
Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference
Post-landing Orion Recovery Test
Portugese Satellite
Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment Presidential Initiative
Payload Orbital Working Group
Permittivity Probe
Planetary Protection
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Councils
Personal Preference Kit
Positions and Proper Motions
Partial-Pressure Suit
Pulsed Plasma Thrusters
Pulsed Plasma Thruster
Prospective Piloted Transport System
Propellant Quantity Gauging System
Planetary Radio Astronomy
Panel on Radiation Belt Environment Modelling
Pseudo-Range Error
Program for Reusable In-orbit Demonstrator in Europe
Programme for Reusable In-orbit Demonstrator in Europe
Precision Recovery Including Maneuvering Entry
Panchromatic Remote-sensing Instrument of Stereo Mapping
Picosatellite for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions
Prototype Research Instruments and Space Mission technology Advancement
Posigrade Rocket Motor
Project for On-Board Autonomy
Proximate Object Close flyby with Optical Navigation
Passive Radio Frequency Interference Location Experiment
Propulsive Small Expendable Deployer System
Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium
Planetary and Solar
Prostreishiy Sputnik
Project/System Configuration Control Board
Personal Satellite Assistant
Planetary Science Archive
President's Scientific Advisory Committee
Presidential Science Advisory Committee
Permanent Space-Based Logistics System
Planetary Spacecraft
Project Safety Concern
Photon Stimulated Desorption
Payload and Spacecraft Development and Experimentation
Passive Seismic Experiment
Passive Seismic Experiments Package
Point Spread Function
Propellant Servicing Facility
Project Science Group
Planetary Scan Probe
Planetary Scan Platform
Position Sensitive Proportional Counters
Pre-Ship Review
Procedures, Standards and Specifications
Product Tree
Propulsion Test Control Center
Pathfinder Technology Demonstrator
Persistent TT&C using LEO Satcom
Project Tracking Team
Public Telephone and Telegraph authority
Propellant Utilization and Gauging System
Pulsating Aurora
Pioneer Venus
Propellant Vent and Drain System
Pioneer Venus Multiprobe
Procedure Verification Matrix
Pioneer Venus Orbiter
Publications of Variable Star Section
Position, Velocity, Time
Physical Vapor Transport of Organic Solids
Quality Assurance for Earth Observation
Qualification Load
Qualification Model Spacecraft
Qualification Review
technology, space, astronomy , science
Ranging via GEO satellites
Regional area augmentation system
Rocket Auroral Correlator Experiment
Rubidium Atomic Frequency Standards
Roll Attitude Indicator
Radio Attenuation Measurement
Reliability Availability, Maintainability and Safety
Region Absorption Predictions
Range Ambiguity Ratio
Requirement Baseline
Review Board
Ranging Control Facility
Reentry Control System
Rocket Engine Assembly
Rocket Engine Assembly Module
Re-entry Breakup Recorder
Range Error Correction
Reconnaissance of Space Objects
Retro-reflector Ensemble For Laser Experiments, Calibration, Testing & Optical Research
Reaction Engines Limited
Rat Enclosure Module
Rocket Engine Module
Radar Evaluation Pod
Rendezvous Evaluation Pod
Regolith and Environment Science and Oxygen and Lunar Volatiles Extraction
Research on Electrodynamic Tether Effects
Radiation Experiment
Radiation Experiments SatelliteRadar Imaging Satellite
Reference Frames
RF Conversion
Reentry Flight Demonstration
RF Down Converter
RF front End
RF measurement LABoratory
Red Fuming Nitric Acid
Russian Federal Space Agency
Radio Frequency Tag Satellitee
Ranging and Ground Integrity Channel
Ranging Ground Segment
Reflection Grating Spectrometers
Reflection Grating Spectrometer
Rodent Habitat
Radiation Hardness Assurance
Right Hand Circularly polarised
Right Hand Circular Polarisation
Random Indexing
Remote Infrared Atmospheric Profiling System
Roma International Conference on Astroparticle Physics
Remote Imaging Group
Remote Integrity Monitoring Station
RIMS Requirements Document
Rockwell International modular satellite system
Radar Imaging Satellite
Rockwell International Shuttle Equipment Cradle
Re-usable Launch Vehicle
Reusable Launch Vehicles
Reusable Launch Vehicles
Radiation Meteoroid
Remote Memory Access Protocol
Radiation Monitoring Experiment
Radiation Monitoring Equipment
Relay Mirror Experiment
Risk Mitigation Experiment
Radiation Meteoroid Satellite
Registration Of Money Services Business
Revised New General Catalog
Required Navigation Parameters
Rotation, Nutation and Precession
Radio Navigation Satellite Service
Radiation on Bipolar Test for University Satellite Application
ranger orbiter crew escape system
Republic of China Satellite
Remotely Operated Electrical Umbilical
Reference Output Medium Metric
Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
Russian Orbital Segment
Radio Occultation Sounder for Atmosphere
Roll-Out Solar Array
Romanian Space Agency
Roentgen Satellite
Roentgen Satellit
Russian Federal Space Agency
Returnable Orbital Transfer Vehicle
Rodents of Unusual Size
Rosetta Plasma Consortium
Relative Pointing Error
R-bar Pitch Maneuver
Rendezvous and Proximity Operations
Receiver Processing Unit
Radio and Plasma Wave Science
Radio and Plasma Wave Spectrometer
Range-rate corrections
Radio Receiver Instrument
Robotic Refueling Mission
Robotic Refuelling Mission
Robotics Refueling Mission
Retro-Rocket System
Reference Rendering Transform
Rendezvous Radar Transfer
Radio Science
Radio Sputnik
Rohini satellite
Core Stage Engine
Range Standardization and Automation
Rocket and Space Corporation
Rentable Square Feet
Rentable Square Footage
Radio Science Investigation
Remote Sensing Instrument
Reference Slant Range
Redundant Set Launch Sequence
Reciprocal Space Mapping
Radio Supernova
Resident Space Object
Resident Space Objects
Rockwell Space Operations Company
Redesigned Solid Rocket Booster
Redesigned Solid Rocket Motor
Reusable Solid Rocket Motors
Radio Science Subsystem
Responsive Small Spacelift
Reference System Time
RADARSAT-2 Toolbox
Rate Sensor Unit
Rate Sensor Units
Rate Sensing Units
Rate Sensor Units
A field programmable gate array on RSBP
Remote Terminal Controller
Radio Technical Committee of America
Real Time Computer Complex
Radar Tracking Density Satellite
Real Time Kinematics
Ready to Latch
Return-to-Launch Site
Round-Trip Light Time
Rohini Test Payload
Remote Tracking Stations
Real-Time Simulation Segment
Real-Time Solar-Wind
Real-Time Solar Wind
Real Time Solar Wind
Rapid Unplanned Disassembly
Reentry Vehicle Associated Object
Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics
surface Radial VeLocity
Reviews in Modern Astronomy
Radial-Velocity Spectrometer
Radial Velocity Spectrometer
Reaction Wheel
Satellite and Space Electronics Divisionsion
Solar Array
Sample Acquisition, Processing, and Handling
Sun Azimuth Angle
Shuttle Aerospace Actuator Simulator
Satellite Assembly Building
Shuttle Assembly Building
Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine
Space Applications Corporationration
Shuttle Authorized Document
Spacecraft Attitude Display
Support to Aviation Control Service
Structure Analysis and Design Technical
Standard Archive Format for Europe
Shuttle Authorized Item Document
Satellite Interceptor Program
Spread Around Liquid
Shuttle Activation Monitor
Shuttle Automated Mass Properties
Shuttle Altitude Measuring System
Shuttle Attached Manipulator System
Space Acceleration Measurement System
NASA’s Core Financial System
Search And Rescue Repeater
Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
Satellite Connectivity Simulation
Satellite Target Sensing Simulation
Satellite Attack Warning
Satellite Attack Warning/Verification
Space-Based Augmentation Systems
Space Based Augmentation Systems
Solar Blind Channel
Special Bus Design
Space Businesses Financial Services
Space Based Infra Red Sensor - High Altitude
Space Based Infra Red Sensor - Low Altitude
Space-Based Battle Manager Satellite
Space-Based OTV
Scientific Business Satellite
Skylab Boost System
Sistema Brasilero de Telecomunicacoes por Satellite
Software Component
Sudden Commencement
Spacecraft Systems Monitor
Spacecraft Test Conductor
Space Coordinating Authority
Shuttle Connector Analysis Network
Shuttle Configuration Analysis Program
Software Component Acceptance Review
Self Compensating All Reflection Interferometer
Solar Concentrator Array of Refractive Linear Element Technologies
Special Category I
Spacecraft Charging at High Altitudes
Space Communications Corporation
Spacecraft Command and Control Center
Satélites de Coleta de Dados
Space Transportation System Cargo Element
Store & Forward Selective Communication Experiment
Several Compatible Experiments using Rocket-borne Accelerator
Space Competitiveness Index
Souding of the Cleft Ion Fountain Energization Region
Shuttle Cargo Integration Manager
Shuttle Cargo Integration Plan
Science Satellite
Station de Connexion et Localisation
Soft-Capture Mechanism
Software Change Order
Spacecraft Operator
Solution Crystallization Observation Facility
Signal Communication Orbit Relay Experiment
Subcommittee on Space Technology and Applications
Space Canine Patrol Agents
Software Component Qualification Readiness Review
Space-Constructible Radiator
Station Crew Return Alternative Module
Small Communication Satellite
Spacecraft Control System
Strategic Commands
Satellite Control Simulation System
Sea-Cure Satellite System
Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
Spacecraft Central Timing Equipment
Shuttle Configuration Unit
Spacecraft Vicinity Equipment
Shuttle Derived
Space Divisionsion
Space Divisionsion/Air Force Systems Command
Space Divisionsion/Intelligence
Space Divisionsion Directorate of Security
Solar Data Analysis Center
Shuttle Descent Analysis Program
Spacecraft Data Analysis Team
Science Data Center
Space Data Center
Space Data Corporationration
Student Dust Counter
Space Divisionsion Evaluator
Science Data Formatter
Shuttle Development Facility
Space Dream Factory
Shuttle Definition Manual
Shuttle Discrepancy Management Board
Shuttle Data Management System
Solar Dynamic Observatory
Special Defense Program
Shuttle-Derived-Propellant Launch Vehicle
Space Divisionsion Quality Assurance
Shuttle Dynamic Simulator
Small Demonstration Satellite
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Space Divisionsion Shuttle Simulator
Science Definition Team
Satellite Data Transmission System
Solar Explorer
Subsystem Element
Space Exploration Analog and Simulation
Sea-viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor
single-engine Centaur
Single Engine Centaur
Sun-Earth Connection
Sun-Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation
Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation
Shanghai Engineering Center for Microsatellites
Sequential Collation of Range
Shuttle Events Control Subsystem
Special Experimental Communication System
System Engineering Core Team
Space Engineering Document
Small Expendable Deployer System
Students for the Exploration & Development of Space Satellite
single-event effect
Single Event Effect
Space Environment Exploration
Space Experience Economy
Space Engineering Educational Satellite
Space Enabled Effects for Military Engagements
Space Environmental Facility
Single-event functional interrupt
Shuttle Experiments Integration Support
Spacelab Experiments Integration Support
Shuttle Exhaust Ion Turbulence Experiments
Set Kick Off
Single-Event Latchup
Single Event Latchup
Selenological & Engineering Explorer
Shuttle Experiment Module
Space Experiment Module
Space Environmental Monitor
Space Environmental NanoSat Experiment
Satellite for Earth Observation
Shuttle Electronics Package
Space Electronics Package
Societe Europeene de Propulsion
Société Européenne de Propulsion
Support Equipment Plan
Solar Energetic Particle Ionic Charge Analyzer
Satellite Emission Range Infrared Earth Sent
Shuttle Enhanced Reconfiguration System
Space Electrical Rocket Test
Space Electric Rocket Test
Solar EUV Rocket Telescope and Spectrograph
Space Environment Reliability Verification Integrated System
Satellite Earth Stations & Systems
Shuttle Engineering Simulator
Single Economic Space
Societe Europeenne des Satellites
Societe Europeene des Satellites
Surface Electric Sounding and Acoustic Monitoring Experiments
Sibirian European Satellite
Space Environment Services Center
Space Experiment to Support Program
Space Experiment Support Program
Swedish ESO Submillimeter Telescope
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence
Structure and Evolution of the Universe
Scout Evaluation Vehicle
Skylab Extravehicular Visor Assembly
Shared Early Warning
Space & Electronic Warfare
Small Fine Arm
Sun-Finder Assembly
Space-Frequency Block Code
Space frequency block code
Space Flight Center
Standard Formatted Data Unit
Space Flight Operations Facility
Space Flight Operations Plan
Space Flight Operations Contract
Solid Fuel Oxygen Generation
Solid Fuel Oxygen Generator
Space Flight Operations Memorandum
Space Flyer Unit
Support Facility Verification Plan
Space Generation Congress
Stabilized Ground Cloud
Space-Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
Spacecraft/GOSS Interface Test System
Space-Ground Link Station
Satellite Ground Link System
Shuttle Ground Operations Simulator
Soviet Geocentric System
Soviet Geodetic System
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies
Space Heater Arctic
Stellar Horizon Atmospheric Dispersion
Stellar Horizon Attitude Determination
Stellar Horizon Atmospheric Refraction
Satellite for High Accuracy Radar Calibration
Slender Hypervelocity Aerothermodynamic Research Probe
Superfluid Helium On Orbit Transfer
Scientific Investigation
Shuttle Integration
Systeme International
Satellite Industry Association's
Sistema Italiano per Comunicazioni Riservate ed Allarmi
Solar Influences Data Center
Suprathermal Ion Detector Experiment
Signal Identification Experiment
Summer Institute in Engineering and Computer Applications
Solar Irradiance Gap Filler
Scientific cubesat with Instruments for Global magnetic field and radiation
Solar Interplanetary Gamma Ray Neutron Experiment
Shuttle Infrared Lee-Side Temperature Sensing
Science Instrument Module
Scientific Instrument Module
Simulate Observations Using Space Catalog
Smallsat Intercept Missions to Objects Near Earth
Satlet Initial-Mission Proofs and Lessons
Simulated Satellite
SRI International NanoSat Orbital Demonstration
Staged in Orbit
Space Interceptor Program
Shuttle Imaging Radar-B
Solar Imaging Radio Array
Satellite Italiano ricerca industriale orientato
Shuttle InfraRed Telescope Facility
Space Infra Red Telescope Facility
Space Inertial Reference Unit
Shuttle Information System
Shuttle Information Service
Shuttle Integration Schedule
Signal In Space
Space Infrastructure Servicing
Signal-In-Space Accuracy
Scanning Infrared Sea surface Temperature Radiometer
Spacecraft Instituteumentation Test Equipment
Standard Interface Vehicle
Spacelab Interface Verification Equipment
Site Integration Validation Plan
Shi Jian
Spacecraft Jettison Controller
Space Launch
Station de Localisation
Spacelab - Astronomy
Spacelab - Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications & Science
Spacelab - Deutschland
Spacelab - International Microgravity Laboratory
Spacelab - Japan
Spacelab - Life & Material Science
Spacelab - Mir
Spacelab - Material Science Laboratory
Spacelab - Space Life Science
Spacelab - United States Microgravity Laboratory
Shuttle Laser Altimeter
Space-Based Laser Engagement
Space Laser Mission Analysis Program
Space Link Access Protocol
Single Look Complex
Space Launch Complex-37
Spacelab Contract Administration
Spacelab Configuration Management
Submarine Laser Communications Satellite
Satellite Launch Dispenser Communication
Space Laser Experiment Definition
Structural Launch Enclosure to Effectively Protect Robonaut
Spacecraft Life Extension System
Smart Lander for Investigating Moon
Spacelab Operational Data Book
Sloshsat Facility for Liquid Experimentation and Verification in Orbit
SL Requirements Document
System Level Requirements Document
Space Launch Systems
Space Launch System's
Space Life Sciences
Space Life Sciences Directorate
Spacelab Subsystem
Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Sea Land Surface Temperature Radiometer
Spacelab Utility Kit
Satellite Launching Vehicle
Servicing Mission
Shuttle Management
Standard Model
Servicing Mission 4
Space Mission Analysis Branch
Soil Moisture Active and Passive
Soil Moisture Active/Passive
Sensible, Modular, Autonomous Return Technology
Sensible Modular Autonomous Return Technology
Small Missions for Advanced Research in Technology
Small Missions for Advanced Research and Technology
Shape Memory Alloy Research Technology Satellite
Satellite Materials And Target Hardening
Small Magellanic Cloud
Space and Mission Command/Test and Evaluation Directorate
Shuttle Mission Control Center
Space and Missile Defense Command's
Space Missile Defense Command - Operational Nanosatellite Effect
Space Missile Defense Command - Technology Satellite
Small to Medium sized Enterprise
Skylab Medical Experiments Altitude Test
Skylab Medical Experiment Altitude Test
Shuttle Mission Engineering Simulator
Small Explorers
Space Flight Meteorology Group
Shuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer
Space Maintainers Laboratory
Small Multi-Mission Satellite
Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity
Servicing Mission Observatory Verification
Space Mission Planning Advisory Group
Space Missions Planning Advisory Group
Software Modification Report
Shuttle Mission Simulators
Solar Maximum Satellite
Synchroneous Meteorological Satellite
Synchronous Meteorological Satellites
Shuttle Maintenance Steering Group
Shuttle Modal Test and Analysis System
Shuttle MIssion Trainer Facility
Space Missile Tracking System
Satellite Management Unit
Satellite Navigation Application
Surrey Nanosatellite Applications Platform
Space Nuclear Auxiliary Power Shot
Satellite Navigation Performance Analysis Software
Stanford Nano Picture Satellite
Sierra Nevada Corp
Sierra Nevada Corporation's
Space Nanotechnology Laboratory
Supernova Remnant
Shuttle Network System
Swedish National Space Board
Satellite Navigation Transponder
Solar Neutrino Units
Satellite Operations
Saudisat Oscar
Sunsat Oscar
SEDS Oscar
Shuttle Operations
Space Opera
Space Operations
Starshine Oscar
Stikovchnoy Otsek
Space Operations and Scientific Investigation
Science Operations Center
Shuttle Operations Center
Spacecraft Operation Centre
Statement of Capability
Statement of Capabilities
Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space
Signal of Opportunity Cubesat Ranging and Timing Experiments
Space Optical Communications Research Advanced Technology Satellite
Structures of Flame Balls at Low Lewis-number
Solid Oxyd Fuel Cell
Suborbit Flight Test
Space Oriented Higashiosaka Leading Association
Saturn Orbit Insertion
Space Object Identification Calibration
Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services
Solar Maximum Mission
Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun
Solar Radiation
Shuttle Ozone Limb Sounding Experiment
Solar Stellar Irradiance Comparison Experiment
Solar Wind
Spacecraft Operations Manager
Suborbital Mission
Stacked Oscars on Scout
Spacecraft Operations Plan
System Operation Plan
Stable Orbit Rendezvous
Starfire Optical Range
Scintillation Observations and Response of The Ionosphere to Electrodynamics
Synchronous-Orbit Satellite
Slovak Organisation for Space Activities
Space Operations Simulation Center
Space Operations Scientific Investigation
Space Operations System Manifesting Program
Strap-On Solid Rocket Motor
Solar Optical Telescope
Solid Propellant
Space Pod
Star Patrol
Space Physics and Aeronomy
Space Plug-and-Play Architecture
Science Program Around Communication Engineering with High Achieving Undergraduate Cadres
Space Exploration and Technology
Simplified Position Accuracy Calculation Software
Solar Perturbation of Atmospheric Density Experiment Satellite
Spacecraft Analysis
Space Physics and Analysis Network
Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research
Space Processing Application Rocket
Space Readiness Coherent Lidar Experiment
Space Precision Attitude Reference System
Space Research and Technology
Special Anti-Missile Research Tests, Australia
Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy
Shuttle Palette Satellite
Shuttle Pallet Applications System
Space Pallet Satellite
Small Payload Access to Space Experiment
Satellite Performance Analysis Team
Science Programme Committee
Shuttle Processing Contract
Solar Physics Divisionsion
Space Physics Data Facility
Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator
Solar Particle Event
Solar Particle Events
Solar Proton Event
Solar Proton Events
Solar Proton Events
Space Power Experiment aboard Rocket
Spectroscopy of Plasma Evolution from Astrophysical Radiation
Student Run Program for Exoatmospheric Collection Technologies Rocket Experiment
Specific Product Header
Space Plasma High-Voltage Interaction Experiment
Space Partnership International
Shuttle Payload Integration Cargo Evaluation
Survey Probe Infrared Celestial Experiment
Survey Program of Infrared Celestial Experiments
Spectroscopy and Photometry of the Intergalactic Medium's Diffuse Radiation
Shuttle Plume Impingement Experiment
Shuttle Processing Interface Facility
Shuttle Program Implementation Instituteuction
Spectrograph for Photometric Imaging with Numeric Reconstruction
SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis where Stars Precede Inflation, Redshift Attests to Lagging Light
Spectral Infrared Rocket Experiment
Space Infra-Red Imaging Telescope
Spatial Infrared Telescope
Student Project Involving Rocket Investigation Techniques
Sredstvo Peredvizheniya Kosmonavtov
System Project Management
System Project Management Plan
Shuttle Program Office
Spacecraft Program Office
Shuttle Payload Operations Contract
Shuttle Portable On-Board Computer
Scintillation Prediction Observations Research Task
Simplified Payload/Orbiter Thermal Simulator
Satellite Probatoire de l'Observation de la Terre
Space Station Proximity Operations Trainer
Systeme Pour l'Observation de la Terre
Systeme Probatoire d'Observation de la Terre
Science Power Platform
Solar Power Platform
Scientific Passenger Pod
South Polar Region
Spartan Packet Radio Experiment
Shuttle Potential and Return Electron Experiment
Space Physics Research Lab
Space Research On Unique Technology
Service Propulsion System
Shuttle Processing Site
System Performance Simulator
South Pole Telescope
Stationnary Plasma Thruster
Shuttle Payload VeErtical Processing Facility
Satellite Quick-Look Interactive Display System
System Qualification Plan
System Qualification Review
Satellite Quick Research Testbed
Special Relativity
Standard Receiver
Sun Ray
Software Requirements Review
Shuttle Radar Assembly Demonstration
Space Radiator Assembly Demonstration
Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimeter
Short Range Air Launch Target
Solar Radiation and Thermospheric Satellite
Software Review Board
Solid Rocket Boosters
Solid Rocket Boosters
Solid Rocket Boosters
Storage Resource Broker
SRB Assembly Building
SRB Assembly And Refurbishment Facility
SRB Disassembly Facility
Sample Return Canister
Spacecraft Research Divisionsion
Spectral Region Distribution Function
Space Capsule Recovery Experiment
Satellite des Recherches et d'Etudes Technologiques
Shuttle Radar Laboratory
Solid-propellant Rocket Motor
Solid Rocket Motors
Solid Rocket Motors
Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Satellite
Stichting Ruimteonderzoek Nederland
Streched Rohini Satellite Series
Space Radio Project
Safety, Reliability, and Quality
Space Resources Roundtable
Stellar Radiation Sensor
Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
Space Radar Topography Mission
Space Replaceable Unit
Scientific Satellite
State Space
Sun Sensor
Spatial Sampling Angle
Space Systems Automated Integration and Assembly Facility
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Sub System Acceptance Review
Sub System Acceptance Test Review
State Space Agency of Ukraine
Sea State Bias
Space-Based Radar
Shuttle Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet
Shuttle System Contractor
Space Science Center
Spitzer Science Center
Station Support Computer
Station Support Computers
Swedish Space Corporation
Swedish Space Corporation's
Space Station Control Board
Space Station Control Center
Sub System CDR
Solid Surface Combustion Experiment
Space Station Control Facility
Space Services Department
Space Systems Divisionsion
Spatial Sampling Distance
Space Station Data Acquisition and Control
System Segment Design Document
Space Science Development Facility
Space Station Data System Architecture Study
Spacecraft Simulation Equipment
Space shuttle engine
Space Support Equipment
Space Science Engineering Center
Space Station External Operations Simulator
Student Space Exploration and Technology Initiative - Express
Time After Burst
Tactical Communication Satellite
Tactical Communication Satellite
Trans-Atlantic Abort Landing
Time After Lift-Off
Technology for Autonomous Operational Satellite
Time And Relative Dimension In Space
Time And Relative Dimentions In Space
Thales Alenia Space - France
Test and Training Satellite
Thor Agena Vibration Experiment
Thermal Balance
To Be Clarified
Time Between Outages
To Be Studied
Thermal Convection Module
Target Docking Adaptor
Test Definition Document
Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-K
Test Data Set
Taenaria Derivia Zallus Kitara
Technology education Experiment Added To MAQSat
Tender Evaluation Board
Technical and Educational Satellite
Technology Satellite
Technology Satellites for the 21st Century
Thales Electron Devices
Trans Earth Injection
Telespazio Micro Satellite
Temporal Experiment for Storms and Tropical Systems - Demonstrator
Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter
Tether Electrodynamics Propulsion CubeSat Experiment
Topographic Experiment using Radiative Recombinative Ionospheric EUV and Radio Sources
Thermal Emission Spectrometer
Triennial Earth-Sun Summit
Trajectory Events Time Line
Test and Training Satellite
Terminal Tracking Telescope
Transceiver Experiment
Triplex Flight Control Subsystem
Tunable Filter Imager
Tuneable Filter Imager
Teenagers From Outer Space
Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flash
Terrestrial Gamma Flashes
Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
Trace Gas Orbiter
Transient Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Thunder Hammer
Telescopic High-definition Earth Imaging Apparatus
Thermal Emission Imaging System
Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Sunstorms
Thai Earth Observation System
Thematic Realtime Environmental Distributed Data Service
Telecommunications and Integrated Applications
Target Indicator Experiment
TOPEX Interfacility Data Link
Time Navigation
Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Energetics and Dynamics
Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere Energetics & Dynamics Mission
Tactical Imaging Nanosat Yielding Small-Cost Operations for Persistent Earth-coverage
Tethers in Space Physics Satellite
Thruster Institutebility Protection System
Television & Infra-Red Observation Satellite
Television and Infra-Red Observation Satellite
Thomas Jefferson Cube Satellite
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Research and Education Vehicle for Evaluating Radio Broadcasts
Transportnaya Korabl Snabsheniya
Tsukuba Space Center
Titan Launch Dispenser
Two-Line Element
Two-Line Elements
Two Line Elements
Two Line Element
Two-Line Elements
Trans Lunar Injection
Translunar Injection
Target Launch Vehicle
Technique Management Area
Tycho Magnetic Anomaly
Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1
Terrain Mapping Camera
Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment
Trans-Mars Injection
Trans Mars Injection
Transmars Injection
Thermal Mathematical Model
Table Mountain Observatory
Thai Microsatellite
Trans-Neptunian Object
Thai Oscar
Thrust Oscillation
Top of Atmosphere
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer
Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer - Earth Probe
Tether Optical Phenomena
The Ocean Topography Experiment
Topographic Position Satellite
Toward Other Planetary Systems
Transfer Orbit Perigee Stage
Transfer Orbit Stage
Terrain Observation with Progressive Scans SAR
Tactical Optical Satellite
TIROS Operational Satellite
Test and Operations Support Contract
Teide Observatory Tenerife Asteroid Survey
Time Of Week
Transactions of the Astronomical Observatory of Yale University
Test Procedures Document
Terrestrial Planet Finder
Time of Propagation
Transpacific Landing
Third Party Mission
Thunderbolts Picture of the Day
Thermal Protection Systems
Teleoperator Retrieval
Teleoperator Retrieval/Skylab Boost System
Transit Research and Attitude Control
Traceability Report
Transitional Region and Coronal Explorer
Transfer Stage
Teal Ruby Data Documentation System
Teal Ruby Data Formatter
Teal Ruby Experiment
Teal Ruby Experiment/Infrared Telescope Unit
Terrestrial Reference Frame
Time to Restore an Outage
temperature reference point
Thermal Radiator Rotary Joint
Teal Ruby Spacecraft
Tetrahedral Research Satellite
Terrestrial Return Vehicle
Terrestrial Rays Analysis and Detection
Termination Shock
Training Segment
Temporary Stowage Bag
The Spaceship Company
Test and Simulation Facilities
Texas Space Grant Consortium
Targeted Search System
Tethered Satellite System
The She Space
Tromsø Satellite Station
two-stage to orbit
Two Stage To Orbit
Tri-Service Experiment
Tracking, Telemetry
Telemetry, Tracking, and Command
Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding
Telemetry, Tracking, & Command
Telemetry Tracking and Command
Telemetry, Tracking and Command
Telemetry, Tracking & Command
Telemetry Tracking Command
Telemetry, Telecommand and Control
Tracking, Telemetry, Command and Voice
Technology Transfer Programme
Technology Transfer Programme Office
Test & Training Satellite
Tokyo University Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science Bulletin
Tokyo Universityrsity Institutetute of Space and Aeronautical Science Bulletin
Tokyo University Institute of Space and Aeronautical Science Report
Tokyo Universityrsity Institutetute of Space and Aeronautical Science Report
Test User Equipment
Toughened Uni-Piece Fibrous Insulation
Tethers Unlimited Inc
Trailing Umbilical System
Test Vehicle
Thrusted Vector Experiment
Transport Wide Area Network
Urine Collection Devices
University College London Satellite
Uniform Chromaticity Scale
User Differential Range Error
User Equipment Error
Ultra High Frequency Follow On
Ultra High Frequency Follow On
User Ionospheric Vertical Delay
User Ionospheric Vertical Error
UK Met Office
United Kingdom Subsatellite
Unmanned Orbital
University International Formation Mission
University Satellite
Undergraduate Nano Ionospheric Temperature Explorer
Undergraduate Orbital Student Satellite
United Nations Programme on Space Applications
UoSat Oscar
University of Southampton Small Satellite
University of Surrey Satellite
Universityrsity of Surrey Satellite
Urine Processor Assembly
Urine Processing Assembly
UUniversity of Patras Satellite
User Requirements Review
User Requirement Document
User Range Error
Universal Rocket Module
University of Rome la Sapienza Micro Attitude In Orbit testing
United Rocket and Space Corporation
Undo Segment
User Segment
Upper Stage
Upravlenniye Sputnik Aktivny
Upravlenniye Sputnik Passivny
Upravlenniye Sputnik Passivny Modifikirovanny
Agency for International Development
Ultra-Small Aperture Terminal
United Space Booster, Incorporated
Uchinoura Space Center
Global Change Research Program
Universalny Stikovochny Modul'
United States Microgravity Payload
Ultra Stable Oscillator
Unified System Orbit Computation
User Support and Operations Centres
On-orbit Segment
United States Orbital Segment
Participating Investigators
User Segment Requirements Document
Unmanned Space Satellite
Unit Telescopes
Utility Transfer Assembly
Universal Co-ordinated Time
Uniform Transformation Format
Vozvrachaemaya Apparat
Vertical Alarm Limit
Video Acquisition Module
Virtual Art Space
Verification Control Board
Virtual Channel Identifier
Viking Dynamic Simulator
Vehicle Equipment Bay
VEnera GAllei
Visible-Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite
Visible and IR Thermal Imaging Spectrometer
Visible Calibration
Vehicle for Interplanetary Space Transport Application
Volunteers in Technical Assistance Satellite
Vozdushno Kosmicheskiy Korabl
Vandenberg Launch Site
Vandenberg launch site support team
Virtual Memory Area
Virgin Mother Ship
Visible and Near Infra-Red
Vietnam Natural Resources, Environment and Disaster monitoring Satellite
Vertical Navigation System Error
Volcanic Ash Mission
VHF Omnidirectional Ranging
Vapor Phase Compression
Vertical Protection Level
Vehicle Propellant Loading Control Center
Verification Requirements Document
Vector Space Model
Very Large Baseline Interferometry Space Observatory Programme
Variable Star Section Circulars
Variable Star Section Reprints
Variable Star Section Special Circulars
Vandenberg Shuttle Turnaround Assessment Report
VHF Spectrum Utilization Measurement Experiment
Vertical Tropospheric compensation Error
Vertical Takeoff, Horizontal Landing
Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing
Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing
Vertical takeoff, vertical landing
Verification Text Reports
Vehicle Test Plan
Verification Test Plan
Verification Test Program
Vertical Test Site
Vertical Test System
View The Space
Wide Area Correction
Wide Area Differential
Wide Area Differential Correction
Weightless Analysis Sounding Probe
Whale Ecology Observation Satellite
Wide-beam European Satellite Telecominication
Western Pacific Laser Tracking Network Satellite
World Environmental Watching & Investigation from Space Height
World Geodesic System
Windows Icons Mouse Pointer
Wideband InterNetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite
Wide Field Infra Red Explorer
Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer
Wisconsin Imaging Survey Polarimeter
Word Joiner
White Light Coronagraph
Western Launch Site
Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe
Week Number
Weber Oscar
Wavelength-Oriented Microwave Background Analysis Team
Water Processor Assembly
WorkPackage Description
Weapons Research Establishment Satellite
Wake Shield Facility
Wilcox Solar Observatory
World Space Observatory
World Space Week
X-factor Investigator
X-Ray Multi Mirror Observatory
X-ray Quantum Calorimeter
Exceptional Satellite
Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Young Engineer's Satellite
Zero-Gravity Trainer
Zero Width Space