Popular Standard acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

AA and AA
American Aerospace Quality Group
Annotated Ada Reference Manual
Auditing and Assurance Standards
Accreditation Bodies
Avalanche Breakdown Diode
Automated Content Access Protocol
Attribute Convention for Data Discovery
Academy Color Encoding Specification
Actual Cubic Feet
Actual Cubic Feet Per Minute
Assured Chicken Production
Air Diffusion Council
Accredited Dosimetry Calibration Laboratory
Audit Data Standards
Automotive Electronics Council
Advance Encryption Standard
Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm Validation Suite
Anti Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association
Arc Fault Circuit Breakers
Animation Framework eXtension
Architectural Graphic Standards
Airport Handling Manual
American Institute of Accountants
Association of Insurance Brokers
American Institute of Certified Public Accounting
Arabic Industrial Development and Mining Organization
Accountant International Study Group
Accountants International Study Group
Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium
American Lumber Standards Committee
Automotive Multimedia Interface
Advanced Mobile Phone Systems
Advanced Message Queuing Protocol
Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol
Advanced Message Queue Protocol
Article Numbering Association
Article Number Association
Asian Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles
Americal National Standards Institute
American National Standards Inst
Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
Assessment of Patients
Association of Operating Room Nurses
Accounting Principles Board
Accounting Practices Board
Accounting Principle Board
Auditing Practices Board
Accounting Principles Board Opinions
Asian Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
Asia Pacific Metrology Program
Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts
Archives, Personal Papers and Manuscripts
AccountAbility Principles Standard
Application Packaging Standard
Actual Quantity
Air Retarder
Ada Resource Association
Augmented Reality Application Format
Accounting Research Bulletins
Accounting Regulatory Committee
Ada Rapporteur Group
Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring and Distribution Networks for Europe
Alliance of Remote Instructional Authoring & Distribution Networks for Europe
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
Anti Radiation Missiles
Accounting and Review Services Committee
Advanced Real-Time Simple
Allowance Standard
Assurance Standard
Auditing Standards
Area Source
Advertising Standards Authority
Advertising Standards Agency
Advice Services Alliance
Authority of South Africa
Allied Standard Avionics Architecture Council
Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland
Actuarial Standards Board
Appraisal Standards Board
Appraisal Standard Board
Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises
Accounting Standards Board of Japan
Accounting Standards Codification
Accounting Standard Codification
Ad Standards Council
American Standards Committee
Auditing Standards Committee
American Standard Code
Aquaculture Stewardship Council
Administrative Simplification Compliance Act
Accounting Standards Committee of Germany
Accredited Standards Committees
Association Suisse des Electriciens
Asymptotic Standard Error
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers
Arbitrary Slice Ordering
Arbitrary slice order
Actuarial Standard of Practice
Accounting Series Release
Accounting Series Releases
American Systems Registrar
Accounting Standards Review Board
Auditing Standards
Alaskan Standard Time
Alaska Standard Time
Arabian Standard Time
Arabic Standard Time
Arab Standard Time
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
Armenia Summer Time
A370 Standard Test Methods
American Society Testing Materials
American Society of Testing Methods
American Standards for Testing of Materials
American Standards Testing and Materials
American Standard Testing Methods
American Standard Version
Automatic Test Markup Language
Advanced Television Standards Committee
Advanced Televisions Systems Committee
Advanced Television Systems Committee's
Advance Television Systems Committee
Access, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing
Audio Video Standard
Architectural Woodwork Standards
American Wood Preservers Association
American Wood-Preservers Association
Alliance for Water Stewardship
American Welding Standards
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
British Standard Whitworth
Body Animation Parameters
Business Collaboration Framework
Bluray Disc Association
Body Definition Parameters
Board of Ethics and Professional Standards
Brazil Eastern Time
Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards
Bilgi Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemi
Bureau of Indian Affairs Manual
Bit Interleaved Coding and Modulation
Basic Image Interchange Format
Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee
Bureau of Accreditation
Ball on Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator
British Pharmacopoeia Chemical Reference Substance
Best Practice Guidance
Business Process Model and Notation
Business Productivity Online Standard
Ballot Resolution Meeting
Bureau of Research and Standards
British Standards
British Standard Brass
British standard fine
British Standards Index
British Steel
Broadcast Specification
Broadcasting Standards Authority
Bitstream Syntax Description Language
British Standard Pipe
Beyond the Standard Model
Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspection
British Standard Pipe Parallel
British Standard Parallel Pipe
British Standard Pipe Taper
British Standard Pipe Tapered
Bangladesh Standard Time
Brazil Standard Time
British Standard Whitworth
Confidence Intervals
Copper-Clad Alloy Steel
Cost Accounting Standard Board
Corel Academic Site License
Canadian Auditing Standards
Codes and Standards Training, Inc
Certifications Bodies
Certifying Bodies
Coned Bullet
Cargo Bed Cover
Common Business Library
Common Business Language
Comic Book Markup Language
Constrained Baseline Profile
Core Business Vocabulary
Common Cartridge
Climate, Community & Biodiversity Alliance
Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
Criterion Continuous Concentration
Consultative Committee on International Radio
Core Components Library
College and Career Ready
Clearing Connectivity Standard
Coded Character Set
Coded Character Sets
Core Components Technical Specification
Core Component Technical Specification
Compact Disc-Digital
Compound Document Formats
Content Decryption Modules
Content Delivery Protocol
Content Delivery Protocols
Central Daylight Saving Time
Committee Draft for Vote
Canadian Electrical
Core Experiment
Character Encoding Form
Cycle Engineers Institute
Conveyor Equipment Manufactures Association
Comite Europeen de Normalization
Committee of European Normalization
Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency
Corpus Encoding Standard
Centre for Educational Technology, Interoperability and Standards
Climate and Forecast
Cubic Foot
Compound Feed Manufacturing
Color graphics adapters
Continuous Galvanizing Grade
Confidence Intervals
Common Intrusion Detection Signatures Standard
Chemical Industry Data eXchange
Common Interchange Format
Cross Industry Invoice
Cleaning Industry Management Standards
Confidence Intervals
Circular Letter
Common Logic
Collaborative Labelling and Appliance Standards Program
Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water
Costs Lawyer Standards Board
Clinical Laboratory and Standards Institute
Clinical Laboratory and Standard Institute
Central Limit Theorem
Capital Markets Advisory Committee
Calibration and Measurement Capabilities
Content Management Interoperability Services
Content Management Interoperability Standard
Content Management Interoperability Service
Case Management Process Modeling
Common Minimum Standards
Communications Management Standard
Core Manufacturing Simulation Data
Canada Newfoundland Time
Committee on Extension to the Standard Atmosphere
Cost of Resource Exchange
Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing
Commercial Payments
Collaboration Protocol Agreement
Collaboration-Protocol Agreement
Collaboration Protocol Agreements
Collaboration Protocol Agreements
Constrained Parameters Bitstream
Control Points and Compliance Criteria
Content Protection and Copy Management
Cumulative Progress Indicators
Cloud Portability and Interoperability Profiles
Continuous parametric monitoring system
Common Profiles for Presence
Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement
Construction Planning and Research Unit
Clinical Quality Framework
Contextual Query Language
Corporate Reporting Dialogue
Committee on Refinery Equipment
Content Reference Forum
Certified Reference Materials
Certified Reference Materials
Canadian Registration Numbers
Common Reporting Standard
Common Reporting Standards
Case Report Tabulation
Case Report Tabulations
Central Standard
Committee Specification
Centre de Stockage de l'Aube
Council on Sustainable Biomass Production
China State Bureau of Technical Supervision
Cloud Standards Coordination
Cloud Standards Customer Council
Committee Specification Draft
Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Customer Service Excellence
Canadian Standard Freeness
Customer Service Provider
Customer Service Providers
Customer Service Quality Standard
Command and Status Register
Chamorro Standard Time
Chinese Standard Time
Computer-Supported Telecommunications Applications
Computer Supported Telecommunications Application
Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
Catalogue Service for Web
Catalogue Service-Web
Controlled Terminology
Coding tree block
Coating Technical File
Container Terminal Quality Indicator
Common Terminology Services
Display Aspect Ratio
Device Clear
Data Category Registry
Description Definition Language
Document Definition Markup Language
Data Definition Specifications
Data Exchange Format
Decorrelated Fast Cipher
Digital Item Declaration
Directory Interchange Format
Derivative Implementation Group
Digital Item Identification
Deutsche Industrie Norme
Deutsche Industry Norm
Deutsche Institut für Normung
Deutsche Institut fuer Normung
Deutsches Institut for Normung
Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik
Discussion Memorandum
Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestrial
Data Module Code
Direct Microscopic Counting
Direct microscopic count
Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework
Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium
Display Monitor Timing
Display Monitor Timings
Diameter Nominal
Department of Defense Single Stock Point
Distribution Provider
Due Process Oversight Committee
Directorate of Professional Standards
Digital Packet Video Link
Defect Report
Digital Rights Expression Languages
Deutsches Rechnungslegungs Standards Committee
Dansk Standards
Data Standard
Decimal String
Decision Sheet
Description Scheme
Driving Standards Agency
Driving Standard Agency
Display Stream Compression
Document Schema Definition Language
Department of Standard Malaysia
Description Schemes
Document Style Semantics and Specifications Language
Double Transition
Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting
Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast
Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting
Dual Thrust Rocket Motor
Digital Transmission Systems
Digital Video Broadcast
Digital Video Broadcasting
Digital Video Broadcast-Handheld
Encoded Archival Context
End of Active Video
Embedded Block Coding with Optimal Truncation
European Citizen Card
Economic Community of Europe
European Colour Initiative
Eastern Cape Institute of Architects
Exposure Draft
Exposure Drafts
Exposure Drafts
Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport
Electronic Data Interchange For Administration Commerce and Transport
Extended Date Time Format
Embedded Enabling Features
Electronic Fee Collection
Extended Feature Set
Emission Guidelines
East Greenland Time
Electronic Industries Alliance
Electronics Industries Association of Japan
Expansion Joint Manufacturer's Association
English Language Proficiency Development
Evaluation of Latent Fingerprint Technologies
Early Learning Guidelines
Early Learning Standards
Europa Norm
European Number
Element of Performance
Elements of Performance
Equipment Protection Levels
European Public Sector Accounting Standards
Environmental Quality Standard
Environmental Quality Standards
Earth Rotation Angle
Extended Range Active Missile
Electronic Registration Identification
European Reference Materials
European Reference Material
Essential Requirements
Entry Standard
Ethical Standard
Environmental Site Assessments
Epson Standard Code
Estimated Standard Deviation
European Standardization Organization
European Standardization Organizations
European Standardisation Organisations
European Standards Organisations
Ethical Standards
Eastern Standart Time
English Standard Version
Enterprise Technical Reference Model
European Tire and Rim Technical Organization
European Tire and Rim Technical Organisation
European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation
European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization
Enterprise User Authentication
Equivalence Value
Electric Vehicles Standards Panel
Evolution Working Group
Free Position
Foreign Account Tax and Compliance Act
First Boot Agent
Flat Bottom Hole
Final Committee Draft
Flat Display Mounting Interface
Federal Geographic Data Committee's
Federal Geospatial Data Committee
File Hierarchy Standard
Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
Fast Infoset
Facility Identification Number
Free Joint Multi
Fairtrade Labelling Organizations
Functional Mock-up Interface
Fiber Optic Connector Intermateability Standards
Final permutation
Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory
fair, reasonable and non discriminatory
Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory
Fair Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory
Financial Reporting Exposure Draft
Financial Reporting Foundation
Financial Reporting Standards Council
Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities
Financial Reporting Standards for Smaller Entities
Financial Reporting Taxonomy Architecture
Geographic area code
Global Learning Consortium
Governance, Leadership and Direction
Grade Level Expectations
Grade Level Expectation
General Material Designations
Geographic Markup Language
Geography Markup Language 3
GEO-Mobile Radio
Groups of Blocks
General Purpose Financial Reports
General Requirements and Applications for Commercial Offset Lithography
Ghana Standard Board
Global Steering Committee
Georgia Standards of Excellence
Global Standards Symposium
Global Standard Stratigraphic Age
Global Standard Stratotype-section and Point
Host Controller Driver
Host Controller Device
Hydraulic Conductivity Ratio
Hydronics Institute
Healthcare Level 7
Horticultural Marketing Inspectorate
Horizontal Pull Slipmeter
High Quality Mobile Experience
Housing Quality Standard
Harmonized Standard
International Auditing & Assurance Standards Board
Instrument Bus
International Businesses Standards Organization
Integrated Chip Card
Image Configuration Editor
International Cooperation on Education about Standardization
International Committee for Standardization in Haematology
Interagency Committee on Seismic Safety in Construction
Initial Calibration Verification
International Electrotechnical Committee
International Electrotechnical Commission's
International Electronic Commission
International Electrotechnical Commissions
International Education Standard
International Education Standards
Intermediate Format
International Forum on Accountancy Development
Interim financial reports
International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation
International Financial Reporting Standards
International Food Safety & Quality Network
Implementation Guide
Implementation Guidelines
International Generic Indicators
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprises
Institution Identification Codes
Institution Identification Code
Isobutene-Isoprene Rubber
International Labor Standards
International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee
International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee
Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool
Interoperable Master Format
Interoperable Mastering Format
Implementing the Mathematical Practice Standards
Instituto Nacional de Normalización
International Organic Accreditation Service
International Organisation for Standardisation
Institute of Printed Circuits
International Planetary Data Alliance
International Prototype of the Kilogram
International Plant Protection Convention
International Professional Practice Framework
Interoperability Process Reference Manual
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board
International Public Sector Accounting Standards
Independent Press Standards Organisation
Integrated Public Sector Vocabulary
International Press Telecommunication Council
International Practical Temperature Scale
Indian Railway Conference Association
Internationalized Resource Identifiers
International Railway Industry Standard
Independent Reading Level Assessment
International Requirements for Organic Certification Bodies
Independent Regulatory Review Commission
International Reference Version
Interoperability Specifications
International Standards for Antibiotics
International Standards of Auditing
International Standards on Auditing
International Standard on Auditing
International Standards of Audit
International Standard of Auditing
International Standards Authority
International Standard Archival Description
International Standard Book Description
International Standard on Assurance Engagements
International Standards on Assurance Engagements
International Standards on Assurance Engagements
International Standard Audiovisual Number
Independence Standards Board
International Standard Bibliographic Description
International Standard for Bibliographic Description
International Standard Book Numbers
International Standard Book Numbering
International Standards Book Number
International Standard Book Numbers
International Standard Bibliographic Number
Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting
Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial
Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting
Integrated Services Digital Broadcast
International Standard for Describing Institutions with Archival Holdings
International Serial Data System
Ion-Selective Electrode
Ion-Specific Electrode
Ion Selective Electrode
International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labelling
International Social and Environmental Accreditation and Labeling
International Splined Interface Standard
Institution of Surveyors of Kenya
Import Standardization Mark
International Standard Music Number
International Standard Music Numbers
International Standard Music Numbers
International Standards Organization's
International Standards Organizations
International Standardized Organization
International Standards Office
International Standardized Profile
International Standardized Profiles
International Standards on Quality Control
Industry Standard Research
International Standard Recording Code
International Standard Recording Codes
International Standard Recording Codes
International Standard on Review Engagements
International Standards on Review Engagements
International Standards on Review Engagements
International Standard on Related Services
International Standards on Related Services
International Standards on Related Services
International Standard Serial Number
International Standard Serial Numbers
International Standard Serial Numbering
International Standard Serial Numbers
International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions
International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions
International Standard Text Code
International Standard Work Code
International Standard Version
Investors Technical Advisory Committee
International Temperature Scale
International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunications
International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication
International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication
International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunications
International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunications
International Telecommunications Union-Telecommunication
International Telecommunications Union -Telecommunication
International Telecommunication Union -Telecommunication
International Virtual Observatory Alliance
International Valuation Standards
International Valuation Standards
International Valuation Standards Council
International Valuation Standard Council
International Workshop Agreement
International Workshop Agreements
Joint Collaborative Team
Julian Date
Joint European Test Action Group
Job Productivity Measurement
Known Answer Tests
Key Length Value
Kodak Standard
Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards
Low Emission Zone
Language independent arithmetic
Language-Independent Procedure Calling
Localisation Industry Standards
Lower Limit Of Detection
Lexical Markup Framework
Learning Material Markup Language
Low Overhead Audio Stream
Learning Object Metadata
Learning Objects Metadata
Learning Object Meta-data
Les Paul
Lightning protection components
Level Probing Radar
Long Rifle High Velocity
Median of the Absolute Deviations
Multichannel Audio Digital Interface
Maryland Building Performance Standards
Mortgage Call Report
Measurement & Data
Method Detection Limit
Media Dispatch Protocol
Metadata for Education Group
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standards
Metamodel framework for interoperability
Marine Fuel Oil
Missile Homing Improvement Program
Meat Industry Guide
Message Implementation Guide
Message Implementation Guidelines
Ministry of Information and Industry
Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium
Mobile Industry Processor Interface
Motion Imagery Standards Board
Man in Simulant Testing
Midway Islands Time
Meta Language
Metadata for Learning Opportunities
Metadata for Learning Resources
Manual of Millwork
Multi Media Compact Disc
Market Model Typology
Metadata Object Description Standard
Maximum Permissible Concentrations
Model Performance Indicator
Model Performance Indicators
Manual of Petroleum Measurements Standards
Minimum Performance Specification
Mammography Quality Standards Act
Modern Standard Arabic
Mauritius Standard Bureau
Metabolomics Standards Initiative
Manufactures Standardization Society
Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
Media Standards Trust
Minimal Standard Terminology
Metrology, Standards, Testing and Quality
Medium Test Dust
Mandatory To Implement
Method Time Measurement
Module Test and Maintenance
Methods for Testing and Specification
Measurement Uncertainty
Medieval Unicode Font Initiative
Multi-view Video Coding
National Accounting Council
National Crime Recording Standards
National Competency Standards in Architecture
National Conference of Standards Laboratories International
Navigation Data Standard
New England Associated Press News Executives Association
Nederlands Elektrotechnisch-Comite
Normen Europäischer Modellbahnen
National Enquiry Point
National Environmental Standard
National Environmental Standards
National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants
National Gas Outlet
Non-Government Standards
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
Normal Hydrogen Electrode
Near Instantaneously Companded Audio Multiplex
National Institution of Justice
National Institutes of Standards and Technologies
National Low-Emission Vehicle
National Legislative Program Evaluation Society
National Map Accuracy Standard
National Map Accuracy Standards
National Mediator Accreditation Standards
National Mirror Committee
National Metrological Institutes
National Measurement Laboratory
National Metrology Laboratory
Non-Methane Organic Gases
Non-Methane Organic Gas
Non Methane Organic Gases
National Normative Aspects
Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut
National Occupational Standards
National Organic Standards Board
Non-Publicly Accountable Entities
Non-Purgable Organic Carbon
Nominal Pipe Size
National Pipe Taper
National Pipe Thread
National Pipe Tapered
National Pipe Threads
National Pipe Tapered Fuel
National Pipe Thread Fuel
National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications
National Radio Systems Committee
New Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
New Revised Standard Version Anglicised
Norsk Standard
Norwegian Standard
Non-Standard Ammunition
National Standards Authority Ireland
National Standardization Bodies
National Standards Organizations
National Standard Setters
National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy
North Sumatra Time
Normal Temperature & Pressure
National Trading Standards
National Television Standard Committee
National Television Standards Commitee
Never Twice The Same Color
Nephelometric Turbidity Unit
Nephelometric Turbidity Units
National Wood Pallet and Container Association
New York City Transit Authority
New Zealand Accounting Standards Board
New Zealand Government Locator Service
New Zealand Institute of Safety Management
New Zealand Qualification Framework
Operating Force
Oil Absorption Number
Open Container Format
One-Definition Rule
Organismo Italiano Contabilita
Organisation International de Métrologie Légale
Open Mobile Architecture
Open Lexicon Interchange Format
Observations and Measurements
Open Mobile Terminal Platform
Office of Traffic and Safety
Operational Pattern
Open Platform Initiative for Multimedia Access
Open Publication Structure
Observation Result Unsolicited
Organization of Scientific Area Committees
Perfection At Last
Phase-alternating line
Phase Altering Line
Phase Alternative Line
Phase Alternation Lines
Phase Alternating Lines
Phase Alternated Line
Picture Always Lousy
Priority Action Plans
Public Access Profile
Publically Available Specifications
Pressure Design Bases
Procurement Data Standard
Professional Ethics Executive Committee
Pipe Fabrication Institute
Philippine Financial Reporting Standards
Primary Financial Statements
Profile Implementation Conformance Statement
Part Identifying Number
Public Interest Oversight Board
Partner Interface Process
Partner Interface Processes
Partner Interface Processes
Process Industry Practices
Portable Job Ticket Format
Progressive Matrices
Polska Norma
Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water
Performance Presentation Standards
Proposed Recommendation
Professional Ropes Course Association
Performance Rating Method
Production Rule Representation
Production Rules Representation
Platinum Resistance Thermometers
Performance Specifications
Professional Services Agreements
Professional Standards Board
Professional Standards Committee
Professional Standards Council
Professional Standards Division
Public Sector Committee
Pattern Standard Deviation
Physical Storage Format
Published Subject Identifier
Persistent Stored Module
Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority
Pakistan Standard Time
Provisioning Services Technical Committee
Professional Standards Unit
Performance Test Codes
Proficiency Testing Scheme
Private Use 2
Qualitäts Management Center
Release Force
Revised Standard Version
Rabinowitz, Boudin, Standard, Krinsky & Lieberman
Regulations, Codes and Standards
Risk and Exposure Assessment
Recognized Environmental Condition
Recognized Environmental Conditions
Recognized Environmental Conditions
Response Factor
Reading Informational
Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine
Responsible Jewellery Council
Reading for Literature
Reading Literature
Relative Light Units
Reference Materials
Registration Management Group
Report on Proposals
Report on Observance of Standards and Codes
Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes
Reports on Observance of Standards and Codes
Remotely Operated Tool
Received Pronunciation
Recommended Practices
Raven Progressive Matrices
Real-time Platform Reference
Relative Response Factors
Reference Standard
Revised Standard
Russian Standard Bank
Reverse Standards Conversion
Relative Standard Deviation
Revised Standard Version
Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition
Radio Technical Commission for Maritime
Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic
Standard error
Standard Pretty Face
Standard Wire Gauge
Standard Atmosphere
Standard on Auditing
Standards on Auditing
Structured Audio
Standards Assessment Inventory
Spatial Audio Object Coding
Start of Active Video
Standard Bidding Document
Standard Bidding Documents
Standard Base Excess
Standard Book Numbering
Standard Book Number
Semantics of Business Vocabularies and Rules
Standards Catalogue
Standard Chartered Bank
Saturated Calomel Electrode
Substation Configuration Language
Standard Cost Model
Standard Cubic Meter
Standard Chart of Accounts
Shareable Content Object Reference Model
Structured Card Query Language
Standard Credit Support Annex
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money
Strength Design Basis
Serial-Digital Interface
Serial Digital Interface
Simple Digital Library Interoperability Protocol
Socketed Device Model
Standard Days Method
Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange
Standard Dimension Ratios
Standard Dynamic Range
Submission Data Standards
Standard Error
Standard errors
Standard Evaluation
Standard English
Symbology Encoding
Standard Entry Class
Standards for Efficient Cryptography
Standard error of estimation
Standard Error of the Estimate
Svenska Elektriska Kommissionen
Standard Elektrik Lorenz
Standard Error Of The Mean
Standard Error of the Means
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
Standard Essential Patent
Shared Electronic Resource Understanding
Schweizerischer Elektrotechnischer Verein
Standard Fiber
Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts
Statements of Financial Accounting Concepts
Statement of Financial Accounting Standard
Statements of Financial Accounting Standards
Standard Flowgram Format
Standard Format Marker
Singapore Financial Reporting Standards
Saybolt Furol Seconds
Standard Field Sobriety Tests
Standard Galactic Alphabet
Standard Genetic Algorithm
Standard Guru Malaysia
Standard Generalised Mark-up Language
Standard Graphic Markup Language
Standardized Generalized Markup Language
Standard Guided Projectile
Standard Hydrogen Electrode
Sistema internazionale
Standard Image
Standard Issue
Systeme Internationale
Syst me International
Standards Incorporated by Reference
Standard Industry Code
Standard Industry Codes
Standard Interpretation Committee
Standards Interpretation Committee
Standing Interpretations Committee
Standing Interpretation Committee
Standard Instrument Departures
Standart Instrument Departure
Standard Instrument Departures
Standard Instrument Depatures
Standards in Genomic Sciences
Standard Industri Indonesia
Standard Initial Margin Model
Standard Interface for Multiple Platform Link Evaluation
Standards in Public Office
Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm
Simulation Interoperability Workshops
Simple Knowledge Organisation Systems
Speaking and Listening
Standard Life
Standard Liters per Minute
Standard Liters Per Minute
Standard Methods
Standard Method
Standard Methods Agar
Standard missiles
Standard Missile 2
Servicing Mission 2
Standard Microsystems Corp
Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level
Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels
Small and Medium-sized Entity
Small and Medium Entities
Standard Media Index
Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries
Sensor Model Language
Standard Method of Measurement 7
Statement of Membership Obligations
Statements of Membership Obligations
Standard Mean Ocean Water
Standards for Mathematical Practice
Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Specifications for Newsprint Advertising Production
Standard Navy Distribution List
Standard Nasional Indonesia
Schweizerischen Normen-Vereinigung
Schweizerische Normen Vereinigung
Standards of Cover
Standard Occupational Classification Policy Committee
Standard Operating Instructions
Subcommittee on Materials
Standard Operationg Procedures
Standard Operations Procedure
Standing Operating Procedures
Standar Operasional Prosedur
Stard Operating Procedure
Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operation Procedures
Standard Operating Proceedures
Standard Operations Procedures
Statement of Principles
Statement of Responsibility
Support of Optimal Routeing
Sensor Observations Service
Standard & Poor's
Standard Pilot
Standard Play
Standard Price
Standard Passenger
Standard practice
Statistics and Probability
Steel Pipeline
Standard Plate Count
Standard Plate Counts
Standards Press of China
Standard Practice Guide
Software Process Improvement and Capability Evaluation
Service Providers Integrated Requirements for Information Technology
Standard Progressive Matrices
Standard Propagation Model
Standard Parallel Port
Safety and Performance Requirements
Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer
Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards
Sensor Planning Service
Sensor Planning Services
Standard Positioning Services
Standard Position Service
Standard Penetration Testing
Standard Quantity
Standard Rate
Staff Qualifications and Education
Standard Reference
Summary Records
Stock Record Account
Standard Requirement Code
Standard Road Cycle
Secondary Received Data
Short Range Devices
Standard Request for Proposals
Standard reference method
Standard Reference Sample
Search Retrieve Web
Segmentation Rules eXchange
Standard Score
Standard School Attire
Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements
Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review Services
Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services
Standards Setting Committee
Statements on Standards for Consulting Services
Seeing Structure in Expressions
Standard Singapore English
Sanitary Standards, Inc
Standard Settlement Instruction
State of Sustainability Initiatives
Standard Subject Identification Code
Standard Subject Identification Codes
Standard Setting Organisation
Standard Setting Organisations
Structural Steel Painting Council
Standard Schedule of Rates
Singapore Standard Time
Swedish Summer Time
Stub-Series Terminated Logic
Stub Series-Terminate Logic
Statements on Standards for Tax Services
Statements on Standards for Tax Services
Standard Time
Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail
Standard Terminal Arrival Routes
Standard Telephones & Cables
Standard Template Construct
Standard Trading Conditions
Standard Trading Condition
Sub-Technical Committee
Secondary Transmitted Data
Specialist Task Forces
Standard Time And Frequency Signal
Specific Technology Group
Standard Treatment Guidelines
Standard Treatment Guidelines
Smart Transducer Interface Module
Smart Transducer Interface Modules
Standard Template Libraries
Standard Test Procedure
Standard-Thesaurus Wirtschaft
Standard User Analyzer
Statewide Urban Design and Specifications
Super-Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
Super-Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle
Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle
Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle
Stackable Unified Module Interconnect Technology
Single UNIX Specification
Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative
Simple Unstructured Text Record Syntax
Standard Uptake Values
Standard Velocity
Scalable Video Coding
Super Video Compact Discs
Super Video Compact Disc
Super Video Graphic Array
Standard Volume Indicator
Standard Variable Rate
Target Analyzer Probe
Technical Corrigendum
Thermal Comfort
Target Detecting Device
Transducer Electronic Data Sheet
Transducer Electronic Data Sheets
Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications
Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association
Time and Frequency
The International Assets Valuation Standards Committee
Tag Image File Format / Electronic Photography
Transitional Low Emissions Vehicle
Test Method
Test Methods
Topic Map
Topic Maps
Topic Maps Constraint Language
Topic Map Data Model
Topic Maps Data Model
Terminological Markup Framework
Transducer Markup Language
Topic Maps Reference Model
Telecommunications Outlet
Threshold Odor Number
Test Operating Procedure
Test Operations Procedure
Transition Resource Group
Timing Reference Signal
Technical Specifications
Türk Standartları
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
Technical Specifications for Interoperability
Turkish Standards Institution
Trimble Standard Interface Protocol
Three-Step Method
Tourist Standard Open
Translation Service Provider
Total Ship Systems Engineering
Uluslararası Muhasebe Standartları Kurulu
United Nations Standard Message
Unified National Extra Fine
United National Fine
United Nations Trade Data Element Directory
Unit of Measurement
Uniform Plumbing Code
United States of American Standards Institute
Universal Stylus Initiative
United States Message Text Formatting
United State Pharmacopoeia
United States Pharmacopeial
United States Pharmacopeia's
Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
Uncorrected sum of squares
Unicode Technical Committee
Very High Throughput
Vocabulary Mapping Framework
Vietnam Standard Time
West Australian Daylight Time
Windows Embedded Standard
Web Integration Compound Document
World Metrology Day
Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards
Welding Procedure Specification
Welding Procedure Specifications
Weld Procedure Specification
Weld Procedure Specifications
Welding Procedure Specifications
World Standards Cooperation
Extended Attribute Records
extended Graphic Adapter
Extendable-Output Functions
Zone Standard Time