Popular Student acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Admissions and Records
Asian American Dance Troupe
Academic Assistance and Resource Center
African-American Student Union
Andres Bonifacio College
Asian Business Club
Academic Co-operation Association
Academic and Career Advising Center
Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Achievement Centered Education
Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship
Association for Campus Entertainment
Academic Competitiveness Grant
Academic Competitiveness Grants
American Criminal Justice Association
Alternative Classroom Learning Experience
Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education
Area Coordinators
Association of Chinese Students
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale
Animals Deserve Absolute Protection Today and Tomorrow
Association of Dental Education in Europe
Abu Dhabi University
Adron Doran University Center
Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools
Academic English
Accredited Entities
Academic Excellence Award
Advanced Extension Award
Advanced Extension Awards
Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians
Accessible Education Center
Association for the Education of Gifted Underachieving Students
Alpha Epsilon Lambda
Advanced Entry Opportunity
Association for the Education and Rehabilitation
Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship
Administrative Failure
Athletic Financial Awards
Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values
American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education
Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Service
Alliance for Graduate Education and Professoriate
Association of Graduate Students Employed at McGill
Aoyama Gakuin University
American Humanics
Association of Higher Education and Disabilities
Association of Higher Education Campus Television Administrators
Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes
Advancing Hispanic Excellence in Technology, Engineering, Math and Science
Acting Internship
American Institute of Architectural Students
Association of International Credentials Evaluators
Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales
Academically Intellectually Gifted
Anesthesia Interest Group
Accessible Instructional Materials
Academic Improvement Plan
Australia Leadership Award
African, Latino, Asian and Native American
Auxiliary Loan to Assist Students
Academic Learning Centre
Achievement Level Descriptors
Access to Learning Fund
Approved Learning Partner
Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting
Alternative Media Access Center
Annual Measurable Achievement Objective
Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Applied Management and Decision Sciences
Arizona Minority Education Policy Analysis Center
Achievement Motivation Profile
Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History
Accessible Media Producers
Academic Management Services
American Music Therapy Association for Students
Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education
Academic Probation
Area Program
Applicant Portal
Atkinson Professional Accounting Association
American Psychological Association for Graduate Students
American Psychological Association Graduate Students
Asian-Pacific American Law Students Association
Asian Pacific American Student Success
Academic Policy Committee
Academic Progress Committee
Asian Pacific Coalition
Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning
American Podiatric Medical Student's Association
All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization
Alpha Psi Omega
Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Academic Progress Report
Academic Professionals
American Physician Scientist Association
Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculty
Asia Pacific Student Services Association
Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus
Autorisation Provisoire de Travail
Association of Professors of the University of Ottawa
Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students
Advisement Report
Academic Resource Center
Academic Resource Centre
Advice & Representation Centre
Athletic and Recreation Center
Associated Residential Community Housing
Association of Residence Halls
Association of Residence Hall Students
Alumni Relations Office
Anglia Ruskin University
A2 students
Arab Student Association
Arab Students Association
Academic Staff Association
African Student Association
African Students Association
Armenian Student Association
Armenian Students Association
Asian Students Alliance
Arab Student Aid International
Automated Student Access Program
Alternate Spring Break
Alternative Service Breaks
Alternative Spring Breaks
Alternative Student Break
Actuarial Science Club
Association for Student Conduct Administration
Australian Student Christian Movement
Association of Students of Commercial Studies
Academic Student Employee
Asian Students in America
American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation
Asian Students In Action
Associated Students of Idaho State University
Art Students League
Alaska Student Loan Corporation
Additional Student Numbers
Academy of Student Pharmacists
Academy of Students of Pharmacy
Aotearoa Student Press Association
Alaska Summer Research Academy
Association for Student Residential Accommodation
Additional Score Reports
Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante
Adama Science and Technology University
African Student Union
African Students Union
Afrikan Student Union
American Student Union
Arts Student Union
Applied Science University
Asian-American Student Union
Asian Students Union
Associated Students of the University of Hawaii
Associated Students of the University of Idaho
Associated Students of the University of Missouri
Associated Students of the University of Nevada
Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Association of Students of the University of Nebraska
Associated Students University of Idaho
Associated Students of the University of New Mexico
Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics
Associated Students of the University of Washington
Associated Students of Western Washington University
Academic Technology Center
Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking
Academic Technology Approval Scheme
Assistive Technology Center
Assistive Technology Centre
Athens Technical College
Association for the Tutoring Profession
Africa University
Aberystwyth University
American University
Andrews University
Australasian Union
Arts University Bournemouth
African University College of Communication
Available University Fund
Akhawayn University in Ifrane
American University in Kosovo
American University of Madaba
American University of Nigeria
American University of Paris
American University Sharjah
American University of Sharjah
Adamson University Student Government
Auckland University of Technology
Application and Verification Guide
Academic Vice President
Association of Veterinary Students
Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition
Administrative Withdrawal
Automotive Women's Alliance
Academic Writing Advisory Service
Arizona Western College
Academic Workers for a Democratic Union
Assessing Women in Engineering
Administrative Wage Garnishment
Analytical Writing Placement Exam
Black Alumni Association
Business Administration Building
Blackfeet Community College
Birmingham Community Charter High School
Business Careers in Entertainment Club
Bilateral Education Agreement
Business English Course
Basic Educational Opportunity Grants
Boiler Gold Rush
Breakthrough, Innovative, and Game-changing
Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-changing
Behavior Intervention Plans
Behavioral Intervention Teams
Bystander Intervention Training
Benson Idahosa University
Bayesian Knowledge Tracing
Business Law Association
Borough Manhattan Community College
Bukidnon National High School
Buckinghamshire New University
Bits On Our Minds
Business Plan Competition
Bachelor of Public Relation
Bruin Resource Center
Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education
Bangladeshi Student Association
Business Student Association
Business Students Association
Bindend Studie Advies
Brazilian Student Association
Brown Student Agencies
Baptist Student Ministries
Baptist Student Ministry
Black Student Movement
Basic Skills Tests
Baku State University
Benue State University
Bulacan State University
Back to Education Allowance
Beta Theta Pi
Babcock University
Brandon University
British Universities International Liaison Association
Bayero University Kano
Bindura University of Science Education
Community Affairs Board
College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Chicago Area Health and Medical Careers Program
Computer Assisted Notetaking
College of Advancing and Professional Studies
Campus Advocacy, Resources & Education
Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation
Center for Academic Retention & Enhancement
Chaldean American Student Association
Communication Arts Students Association
Canadian Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
Credit Accumulation and Transfer
Computer Based Education
Computer Based Exam
Computer Based Examinations
Credit by Examination
Credit by Exam
Coordinating Board for Higher Education
College Broadcasters, Inc
Curriculum-Based Measurement
Curriculum-Based Measures
Curriculum-based Measurements
College of Biological Science
Central Board of Secondary Examination
Core Curriculum
Course Coordinator
Cornell Council for the Arts
California's community college
Campus Crusade for Christ
Chinese Culture Club
Clatsop Community College
Columbia College Chicago
Campus Crusade for Christ Australia
California Community College Student Affairs Association
California Community Colleges Student Financial Aid Administrators Association
Centre for Community Engagement
Common Core Essential Elements
Christian Campus Fellowship
Course, Curriculum Laboratory Improvement
Center for Career Opportunities
Center for Career and Professional Development
Co-Curricular Record
Counseling and Consultation Service
Council of Commonwealth Student Governments
Co-Curricular Transcript
Cognitive Disability
Cognitive Disabilities
Carleton Disability Awareness Centre
Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Cohort Default Rate
Community Directors
Culminating Experience
College Events Board
Community Engagement Center
Co-operative Education & Career Services
Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships
Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship
Center for Educational Documentation
College of Education, Health & Human Services
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Coordinating, Early Intervening Services
Center for Engaged Learning
Center of English Language
Community Engaged Learning
Centre for English Language Education
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals
Comprehensive English Language Learning Assessment
Clean Energy Prize
Common Educational Proficiency Assessment
Concurrent Education Student Association
Centro de Ensenanza Tecnica y Superior
Career Education and Work
Conditional Firm
Campus Faculty Association
Campus Freethought Alliance
Common Final Exam
Campaign for the Future of Higher Education
Center for Leadership and Involvement
Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions
Cummulative Grade Point Average
Cumulative Grade Point Average
Cumulative Grade Points Average
Chestnut Hill College
Commission of Higher Education
Commission on Higher Education Department
China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center
Center for Human Performance
Colonial Inauguration
Career and Internship Connections
Centre for International Experience
Computer in Education
Council for Industry and Higher Education
College of Innovation and Industry Skills
Cleveland Institute of Music
Canadian Inter-University Sports
Clinical Instructors
Cultural Insurance Services International
Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Committee for Justice in Palestine
Campus Kitchens Project
Computer Literacy
Campus Learning Assistance Services
Colorado Learning Attitudes about Science Survey
Center for Leadership and Service
Claremont Lincoln University
Campus Management
Communication and Media Arts
Collegiate Music Educators National Conference
Center for Multicultural Education and Programs
Christian Medical Fellowship
College Mentors for Kids
Colorado Mesa University
Chancellor's Office
Cost of Attendance
Council of Organizations of the Ateneo
Committee on Diversity
Common Origination and Disbursement
Council of Graduate Students
Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations
Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate
College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Course on Research Ethics
Change of Status
Central Office of Student Affairs
Council of Ontario Universities
Campus Program Board
Campus Placement Cell
Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Chemistry Placement Exam
Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International
Cumulative Performance Index
Center for Public Interest Careers
Calibrated Peer Review
Center for Postsecondary Research
Central Processing System
Classroom Performance Systems
Center for the Public Trust
Completion Rate
Constructed Response
Curriculum Renewal Across the First Two Years
Campus Recreation Center
Career Resource Center
Curriculum Research and Development Group
Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology
Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing
Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards and Student Testing
Collaborative Research Experience for Undergraduates
Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students
Centre for Research in Lifelong Learning
Course Reference Numbers
Customer Reference Number
Centraal Register Opleidingen Hoger Onderwijs
Community Regional Planning
Criterion Referenced Test
Campus Solutions
Computer Science
Cambodian Student Association
Christian Student Association
Center for Study Abroad
Center for Student Activities
Council on Student Affairs
Center for Student Business
Campus Service Center
Career Services Center
Central Student Council
Chinese Students Club
Club Sports Council
Commonwealth Scholarship Commission
Computer Science Courses
Computer Science Department
Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs
Center for Student Development
Committee on Special Education
Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate
Career Skills Education Program
Caribbean Science Foundation
Christian Student Fellowship
Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan
Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan
Central Student Government
Canada Student Grants Program
Coordinated School Health
Coordinated School Health Program
Center for Student Involvement
Chi Sigma Iota
Council on Standards for International Educational Travel
Council on Standards for International Education Travel
Center for Student Involvement & Leadership
Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environment
Centre for the Study of Japanese Religions
Community Service-Learning
Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service
Colorado Student Loan Program
Center for Student Missions
Catholic Student Organization
Center for Social Organization of Schools
College Success Seminar
Commonwealth Supported Places
Commonwealth-supported place
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program
Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs
Center for Student Professional Development
Consolidated State Performance Report
Consolidated State Performance Reports
Center for Students in Recovery
Colorado Springs School
Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme
Commuter Student Services
College of Science Student Council
Computerised School Selection and Placement System
Computerized School Selection and Placement System
Center for Secondary School Redesign
Child Study Team
Clayton State University
Catholic Student Union
Chinese Student Union
Colorado State University
California State University-Monterey Bay
California State Universities
Cal State University, Northridge
California State University of San Bernardino
Council Tax
Career and Technical Academy
Career Technical and Agricultural Education
California Test of Basic Skills
Career and Technology Center
Career Technical Centre
Career & Technology Education
Career & Tech Ed
Career & Technical Ed
Career and Technology Education
Career and Tech Education
Career Technology Education
Career Tech Ed
China Three Gorges University
Career Technical Instruction
Central Ticket Office
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Centre for Talented Youth Ireland
Colorado University
Creighton University
Christian Union
Chulalongkorn University
Competency Unit
Coventry University
Credit Unit
Carleton University Academic Staff Association
College and University Business Officers
Concordia University College of Alberta
City University College of Science and Technology
Canadian University of Dubai
Center for Undergraduate Education
Commission for University Education
Commission of University Education
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology
Complete University Guide
Cornell University Glee Club
City University London
Concordia University Part-Time Faculty Association
Center for Undergraduate Research
Council on Undergraduate Research
Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities
Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences
Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics
Cornell United Religious Work
Commerce Undergraduate Society
Chinese Undergraduate Student Association
Columbia University School of Social Work
Central University of Technology
Chinhoyi University of Technology
Concordia University Wisconsin
Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals
Christian Veterinary Fellowship
Campus Violence Prevention Program
Creative Writing
Center for Writing Excellence
Cooperative Work Experience
Cooperative Work Experience Education
College of Western Idaho
Center for Women in Technology
Desk Attendant
Dakota College at Bottineau
Dual Degree Engineering Program
Dissertation House
Davis Honors Challenge
Delaware Higher Education Commission
Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing
Diversity Initiative
Division of International Programs Abroad
Diploma in Industrial Studies
Daffodil International University
Direct Lending
Direct Loan
Digital Learning Commons
Diverse Learning Environments
Dynamic Learning Maps
Dynamic Learning Map
Direct Loan Servicing Center
Disability Liaison Unit
Distinguished Military Student
Defense-wide Manufacturing Science and Technology
Days at De Montfort University
De Montfort University
Disabilities, Opportunities
Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology
Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking and Technology
Dean of Students
Delaware Occupational Therapy Association
Daily Pennsylvanian
Deferred Payment Plan
Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme
Daily Progress Report
Degree Progress Report
Degree Qualifications Profile
Disabilities Resource Center
Disability Resource Center
Disability Resource Centre
Disability Resources & Educational Services
Data Release Number
Disability Resources for Students
Dean of Students
Diploma Supplement
Disability Services
Dean of Student Affairs
Division of Student Affairs
Disabled Student Allowance
Disabled Students Allowance
Disabled Students Allowances
Disabled Student Allowances
Disabled Students Allowances
Disabled Student Allowances
Dominican Students Association
Dell Social Innovation Challenge
Disability Services for Students
Disabled Student Services
Downing Student Union
Dixie State Universities
Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme
Danforth University Center
Early Admission
External Affairs Vice President
East Coast Asian Student Union
Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Damping
Education Forum
Estimated Financial Assistance
Estimated financial contribution
Education Finance Partners
European Federation of Psychology Students Associations
European Federation of Psychology Student's Associations
Emergency First Response Team
Entomology Graduate Student Association
East Georgia State College
Excellence in Higher Education for Liberian Development
Experiential Learning
English Language Centre
English Language Assessment Exam
Education Licensure Commission
English Learning Centre
English Learning Center
English Language Foundations
English Language Proficiency
Early Language Listening and Oral Proficiency Assessment
Educational Leadership and Policy
English Language Proficiency Assessment
English Language Proficiency Exam
Equivalent or Lower Qualification
Eastern Mediterranean University
Erb Memorial Union
Every Nation Campus
Every Nation Campus Ministries
Educational Needs Index
Each One Reach One
End of Term
Ecole Polytechnique
English Proficient
Educational Policy Committee
Educational Policies Committee
Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship
Early Progress Reporting
English Placement Test
English Proficiency Test
Economic Research and Action Project
Educational Resource Center
Educational Resources Center
Ebony Reader's Onyx Theatre
European Student Association
Ethnic Student Center
Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination
Engineering Science and Mechanics
Educational Services for Overseas Students
Exercise and Sport Science
Eagle Student Services Center
Express TAP Application
English Testing Service
English Testing Services
Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyers de Camins, Canals i Ports de Barcelona
Electronic Transcript Exchange
English for University
Evangel University
European Universities Championships
European Union of Jewish Students
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
European University Sport Association
Financial Aid Advisor
Filipino Americans Coming Together
Freedom by Design
Florida Community College Activities Association
Federal Family Education Loans
Federal Graduation Rates
First-Year Interest Groups
Federal Insured Student Loans
Federal Insured Student Loan
Fund for Lesbian and Gay Scholarships
Florida Medallion Scholars
Failure for Non-Attendance
Financial Need
Friday Night Disco
First Nations, Metis, and Inuit
Foreign Policy Colloquium
Fall Program for Freshmen
Fee Protection Scheme
Faculty of Pharmacy Student Council
Full Range Test of Visual Motor Integration
Felles Studentsystem
Formula Student
Federal Student Aid
Filipino Students Association
Florida Student Assistance Grant
Formula Student Combustion
Formula Student Electric
Faculty Senate Executive Committee
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
Formula Student Germany
Freshman Summer Institute
Fraternity and Sorority Life
Free Standing Maths Qualification
Food Science and Technology
Fund for Theological Education
Full-Time Equivalent Faculty
First-Time Freshman
Freie Universität
Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo
Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia
Federal University of Technology
Federal University of Technology Akure
Federal University Of Technology Owerri
Functional Vision Assessment
First-year Writing-Intensive Seminar
Federal Way Public Schools
First-Year Composition
First Year Council
Freshman Year Experience
Final Year Project
Guaranty Agencies
Girls Exploring Math and Science
Guelph-Humber Student Association
Gamma Iota Sigma
Graduate Indian Student Association
Graduate Indian Students Association
Global Leadership Award
Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers
Gay & Lesbian Business Association
Graduate Leadership Council
Graduate Life Center
Global Learning Initiative
Gay, Lesbian & Straight Educators Network
Gay Lesbian Straight Educators Network
Graduate Marketing Association
Global Network University
Graduate Opportunities
Graduate Of Last Decade
Google Online Marketing Challenge
Grade Pending
Grade Point
Grade Points Average
Georgia Project for Assistive Technology
Grade Placement Committee
Global Poverty Initiative
Graduate and Professional Student Assembly
Graduate-Professional Student Center at Yale
Graduate & Professional Student Senate
General Revenue Corporation
Gamma Rho Lambda
Gifted Rating Scales
Graduation Rate Survey
Graduate Student Assembly
Government of the Student Body
Gender and Sexuality Center
Graduate Student Committee
Gregorc Style Delineator
Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition
Graduate Students in Electrical Engineering
Graduate Student Governance Association
Graduate Student Organizations
Graduate Students Organizing Committee
Graduate Student Research Assistants
Graduate Student Researchers
Graduate Student Senate
Graduation Success Rate
Graduate School of Science
Governors State University
Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology
Greenville Technical College
Gwinnett Technical College
Gamma Theta Upsilon
Gannon University
Georgetown University
Griggs University
Gallaudet University Alumni Association
Good Universities Guide
General Union of Palestinian Students
General Union of Palestine Students
General University Requirements
Glasgow University Union
Gregory University Uturu
Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair
General Weighted Average
Hispanic Association for Cultural Enrichment at Rice
Higher Achievement Program
Hall Directors
Homeless Education Program
Higher Education Mental Health Alliance
Hal Ehwal Pelajar
High-Impact Practices
High Impact Practices
Hong Kong University
Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hasan Kalyoncu University
Home Language Survey
House of Multiple Occupancy
Hanoi National University of Education
Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally
Helping One Student To Succeed
Health Profession Student Loans
Housing & Residence Life
Hotel & Restaurant Management
Human Right Working Group
Harvard Student Agencies
Hellenic Students Association
Hindu Students Association
Harvard Square Homeless Shelter
Harvard Summer School
Hilary Term
Highly Trusted Sponsor
Harrisburg University
Hiroshima University
Hartman Union Building
Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business
Home Work
Interim Assessment
Indiana Association for College Admission Counseling
Illinois Association of Environmental Professionals
Iowa College Access Network
International Conference for Healthcare and Medical Students
Income-Contingent Repayment
Income Contingent Repayment
Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling
Indiana Collegiate Press Association
International Cultural Service Program
Illinois Designated Account Purchase Program
Income-Driven Repayment
Indiana Daily Student
Integrative Experience
Intellectual Entrepreneurship
International Education Advisory Council
International English Center
International Exhibition & Conference on Higher Education
International Education Exchange Council
International Education Finance Corporation
International English Language Testing Service
International English Language Testing Services
International Education Mark
International Enrollment Management
Individual Education Plans
Individual Education Planning
Individualized Education Plans
International Earth Science Olympiad
International Education Week
Inter Fraternity Council
Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars
International Foodservice Editorial Council
International Fellowship of Evangelical Students
Insurance For Students
International Forestry Students Symposium
Inaugural General Meeting
Institute of Higher Education Policy
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
Irish International University
International Islamic University Islamabad
International Islamic University Malaysia
International Islamic University of Malaysia
International Junior Science Olympiad
Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba
Islami Jamiat Tulba
Islami Jamiat Taleba
Integrated Learning Center
Integrated Learning Centre
Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus Foundation
Individualized Learning Plans
Individualized Learning Plans
International Movement of Catholic Students
International Math Olympiad
Illinois Math & Science Academy
Intermediate National Contacts Meeting
Intermediate National Contact Meeting
Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service
Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service
Indian Natural Resources, Science and Engineering Program
Immigration New Zealand
Immigration New Zealand's
Instructor of Record
Intensive Programme
Income Protection Allowance
Integrated Planning and Advising Services
Inter Professional Education
International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarships
Initial Police Learning and Development Programme
Interdisciplinary Programs Office
Installment Payment Plan
Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Introductory Pharmacy Professional Experience
Identification Placement and Review Committee
International Placement Scheme
Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
Instructionally Related Activities
Instructionally Related Activity
Inter-Residence Council
International Relations Council
Inter Residence Council
International Resource Center
International Relations Department
Institutional Research and Reporting
Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration
International Research Scholarship
Integrated School
International Student Affairs Office
International Student Admissions Test
International Student Admission Test
International Students Admissions Test
International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education
International Student Barometer
International Student Badminton Tournament
International Student Club
International Students Club
International Student and Faculty Services
Insaaf Students Federation
International Student Identity Card
International Student Identification Card
International Student Identity Cards
Islamic School League of America
Iranian Student News Agency
Iranian Student's News Agency
Imamia Students Organization
Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg
Integrated Student Program
International Submarine Race
International Student Services
International Student Service
International Students & Scholars
International Students and Scholars
International Student and Scholar Institute
International Student & Scholar Institute
International Students and Scholars Office
International Students & Scholars Office
International Student and Scholar Office
International Scholar Services
International Student and Scholar Services
International Student & Scholar Services
International Students and Scholars Services
International Scholar and Student Services
International Support Team
International Student Travel Conference
International Students Union
International Student Union
Instructional Technology
Internetworking, and Technology
Internetworking and Technology
Institut Teknologi Brunei
Initial Test of Competence
International Test of English Proficiency
Institute for Transformational Learning
Individual Tax Number
Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics of New Zealand
Institute of Technology, Sligo
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Institute of Technology, Tralee
Institute of Technology Tallaght
Independent University Bangladesh
Inter-University Council
Islamic University Chittagong Trust
Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur
International Undergraduate Merit Scholarships
International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship
International University Of Malaya Wales
Indiana University Southeast
International Union of Students
International Union of Student
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Institutional Verification Form
Integrated Virtual Learning Environment
International Young Catholic Students
International Youth Fellowship
Immigrant Youth Justice League
Jones & Bartlett Learning
Jewish Law Student Association
Julia Richman Education Complex
Junior Science and Humanities Symposia
Junior Secondary Schools
Jeay Sindh Students Federation
Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley
Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation
Korean International Student Association
Latin American Students Association
Local Committees
Local Committee
Learning Disability Association of Ontario
Lower Division Transfer Pattern
Lloyd Hall Scholars Program
Leadership Identity Development
Low Incidence Disabilities
Leadership Institute at Harvard College
Lifetime Learning Credit
Living Learning Centers
Living Learning Center
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcome
Leaders on Fast Track
Letter Of Permission
Letters of Permission
Life Pacific College
Light's Retention Scale
Lao Student Association
London South Bank University
Learning Skills Center
Lecture Series Committee
Learning Styles Inventory
Lawrence University
Lamar University
Langston University
Lincoln University
Lehigh University
Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Learner Unique Identifier
La Unidad Latina Foundation
Lakehead University Student Union
Leeds University Union
Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students
Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel
Mount Allison Faculty Association
Mathematical Contest in Modeling
Minimum Course Requirements
Math Computer Science
Mathematics and Computer Science
Michigan Competitive Scholarship
Macalester College Student Government
Michigan Career & Technical Institute
Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation
Multiple Disabilities
Multiple Disability
Mechanical Engineering Club
Memorial Education Fund
Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association
Maine Educational Loan Authority
Math, Engineering & Science Achievement
Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement
Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement
Middle East Technical University
Major Field Test
Major Field Tests
Member and Geographic Activities
Mary Gates Hall
Music Industry Club
Mild Intellectual Disability
Murdoch International Postgraduate Studentship
Malaysia International Scholarship
Mount Kenya University
Mathematics Learning Center
Management Leadership Institute
Malaysia Multimedia University
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
Medicinal and Natural Products Chemistry
Michigan Nursing Students Association
Massively Open On-line Courses
Motivating Our Students Through Experience
Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship
Mathematical Practice
Master of Professional Accounting
Mathematics Placement Examination
Master Promissory Note
Master Promissory Notes
Master Promissory Notes
Multi-Purpose Room
Mathematics Placement Test
Malaysia Qualification Agency
Multicultural Resource Center
Multimedia Resources Center
Missouri Student Association
Mature Students Admissions Pathway
Medical Student Anesthesia Research Fellowship
MacEwan Student Centre
Michigan Student Data System
Muslim Students Federation
Motivational Strategies for Learning Questionnaire
Mustafavi Students Movement
Multicultural Student Organization
Muslim Students Organization
Microsoft Student Partners
Montserrat Secondary School
Master of Science and Technology Intelligence
Midlands State University
Minnesota State University
McMaster Students Union
Muslim Students Union
Master of Social Works
Maharashtra Talent Search Examination
Middle Tennesee State University
Mzumbe University
Memorial Union
Memorial Union Building
Modern University for Business and Science
Manipal University Dubai
More Uncommon Grounds
Manipal University Jaipur
Muslim University of Morogoro
Monash University Studies Online
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Mangosuthu University of Technology
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Military Withdrawal
Missouri Western State University
Mapping Your Future
Middle Year Program
National Alumni Association
National Association of Australian University Colleges
North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals
National Association of Ondo State Students
National Association of Student Financial Aid Administration
Normal Curve Equivalents
National College Fair
Nurses Christian Fellowship
National Center for Homeless Education
National Council of Higher Education Resources
National Chung Hsing University
National Center on Intensive Intervention
National Center on Intensive Interventions
National Center on Learning Disabilities
National Conference on Race and Ethnicity
National Center on Response to Intervention
National Catholic Student Coalition
National Center and State Collaborative
National Collegiate Sales Competition
National Council for Tertiary Education
National Conference of Undergraduate Research
National Conference for Undergraduate Research
National Centre for Work Based Learning Partnerships
National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education
National Distance Learning Week
Nelson Denny Reading Test
National Direct Student Loan Coalition
National Disabled Students Union
National Entrepreneurship Challenge
Nominations & Elections Committee
Non English Proficient
Near East University
No Grade
Ninth Grade Academy
National Hazing Prevention Week
National Hellenic Student Association
North-American Inter-Fraternity Conference
National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment
National Instructional Materials Access Center
National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard
National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standards
National Instructional Material Accessibility Standard
National Intramural Recreation Sports Association
National Infocomm Scholarship
New Jersey College Loans to Assist State Students
National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities
Namik Kemal University
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance
National Liaison Committee
Non-means-tested Loan Scheme
Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students
New Mexico Student Loans
National Network of Assessment Centres
National Network for Education Reform
National Officer
National Occupational Competency Testing Institute
National Open University of Nigeria
No Pass
Not Passed
National Poultry and Food Distributors Association
National Physical Science Consortium
Not recorded
Norm-Referenced Test
Nepalese Students Association
Nepali Student Association
Nigerian Students Association
National Student Council
National Student Clearinghouse
National Spanish Exam
New Student Enrollment
National Student Financial Aid Scheme
National Student Index
National Student League
National Student Loan Data Systems
National Student Loan Service Center
National Student Loans Service Centre
National Student Nursing Association
Nursing Student Organization
National Scholarship Programme
National Student Survey
National Students Survey
National Survey on Student Engagement
National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association
Nasarawa State University, Keffi
National Training for Counselors and Mentors
National Technical Assistance Center on Transition
National Talent Scholarship
National Talent Scholarships
Nottingham Trent University
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Northwestern University
Now Undergraduate
National University Commission
Nigerian University Commission
Northwestern University Dance Marathon
National Undergraduate Employability
National Union of Ghana Students
National Union of Students
National University Ireland
National University Ireland, Galway
National University of Ireland Maynooth
National Union of Nigerian Students
Newcastle University Student Association
National Union of South African Students
National Union of Students of the Philippines
National University Virtual High School
New York Language Learning Center
New York State Alternate Assessment
New York State Association of Veterinary Technicians
New York State Higher Education Services Corporation
New York State Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges
New York State Student Identification System
New York State Women's Collegiate Athletic Association
New York University Abu Dhabi
New Zealand Certificate in English Language
New Zealand Development Scholarship
Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives
Office of Community Standards
Ohio Christian University
Office of Graduate Education
Office of Multicultural Affairs
Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity
Office of Nationally Competitive Awards
Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance
Olabisi Onabanjo University
Office of the Registrar
Oral Reading Fluency
Office of Religious Life
Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship
Office of Student Assessment
Office of Student Activities
Office of Student Activities and Leadership
Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution
Objective Structured Clinical Exams
Office for Students with Disabilities
Office of Sports Development
Office of Student Engagement
Office of Student Involvement
Office for Special Education Programs
Office of Student Financial Services
Ohio Space Grant Consortium
Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group
Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund
Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Overseas Scholarship Scheme
One Stop Shopping Initiative
Office of Scholarships and Student Services
Ohio State University
Ohio State University's
Oregon State University's
Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
Opportunity to Learn
Opportunities to Respond
Ontario Trust for Student Support
Oklahoma University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Oslo University College
Ontario University Fair
Ohio University Police Department
Office of the University Registrar
Ohio University Southern
Oregon University System
Peer Academic Leaders
Project on Academic Success
Potomac and Chesapeake Association for College Admissions Counseling
Providing Education By Bringing Learning Environments to Students
Punjab Educational Endowment Fund
Practice Education Facilitator
Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme
Physical Education Majors
Postsecondary Education Network
Philanthropic and Educational Organization
Postgraduate Experience Project
Practical Experience Requirement
Practical Experience Requirements
Psychology Graduate Student Association
Penn Graduate Women in Science and Engineering
Piled Higher & Deeper
Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents
Planning for Higher Education
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency
Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Authority
Pasco Hernando State College
Pacific Islanders Club
Professionals in International Education
Professional Internship Program
Pacific Islander Student Association
Programme International Students Assessment
Parents Learning Allowance
Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kick-ass Students
Performance Level Descriptor
Performance Level Descriptors
Present Levels of Educational Performance
Present Level of Educational Performance
Present Level of Performance
Progressive Librarians Guild
Phi Lambda Sigma
Peer-Led Team Learning
Peer Led Team Learning
Parents Loan for Undergraduate Students
Parents Loans for Undergraduate Students
Practical Ministry
Penilaian Menengah Rendah
Post Matric Scholarship
Purdue North Central
Parent Orientation Program
Public Order Policing
Pre-Pharmacy Association
Pharmacy Profession Awareness Campaign
Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia
Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia
Physical Plant Services
Peer Review Board
Puerto Rican Bar Association
Personal Report of Communication Apprehension
Puerto Rican Student Association
Problem Solving
Pakistan Students Association
Philippine Student Association
Prescribing Safety Assessment
Progressive Students Alliance
Psychology Student Association
Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement
Public Service Department
Peoples Student Federation
Pukhtoon Students Federation
Professional Student Government
Purdue Student Government
Primary Spelling Inventory
Public Service and Outreach
Political Science Student Association
Portland State University's
Prince of Songkla University
Portland State University Student Union
Performance Tasks
Progress Test
Primary Trait Analysis
Provincial Training Allowance
Privacy Technical Assistance Center
Permission to Enter
Pi Theta Epsilon
Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey
Postgraduate Tuition Fee Loan
Purdue University
Pannasastra University of Cambodia
Queer Disability Anthology
Queen Mary's College
Queer Student Alliance
Queer Students and Allies
Resident Assistants
Redefining Investment Strategy Education
Research Assessment Excercise
Robotics Education and Competition
Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students
Residence Hall Coordinator
Royal Holloway, University of London
Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment
Residential Learning Community
Residence Life Coordinators
Regional Mathematics Olympiad
Real Newbie
Registrar's Office
Report in Progress
Republic Polytechnic
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Red Raider Orientation
Reading Room Project
Recreational Sports Center
Regional Student Group
Registered Student Organizations
Revolutionary Student Movement
Residential and Student Service Programs
Rivers State University of Science and Technology
Royal Thimphu College
Radford University
Rajasthan University
Rhodes University
Rowan University
Student Academic Administration
Student Activity Association
Student Alumni Ambassadors
Student Achievement Component
Superintendents Advisory Council
Student Assistance Fund
Student Administration Integration Pack
Student Activities and Leadership Development
Student Academic Mentors
Standards Based Assessments
School Based Feeding Program
Student Coalition Against Rape
Southeast Community College
Suffolk County Community
State Center Community College District
Student Center East
Student Council for Exceptional Children
Semester Credit Hour
Sustainable Campus International Competition
Students Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations
Standing Conference of Principals
Standing Committee on Public Health
Student Center for Professional Development
Staff Common Room
South Carolina Student Loan
School of Design
Student Development
Students with Disabilities
Student Development Complex
Significant Developmental Delay
School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies
Specially Designed Instruction
Studenti Demokristjani Maltin
Student Disability Resource Center
Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students
Student Disability Services
Student Disabilities Services
Special Entry Access Scheme
Student Entertainment Board
Students for the Exploration & Development of Space
Sustainable Energy Engineering
Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity and Sustainability
Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability
School for Ethics and Global Leadership
South Eastern Kenya University
Secure English Language Tests
Secure English Language Testing
Secure English Language Tests
Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Student Emergency Medical Services
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act
Special Educational Needs & Disability Act
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants
Sutter-Eyberg Student Behavior Inventory
Saudi Electronic University
Student Fashion Association
Student Financial Aid
Student Financial Affairs
Student Financial Aid Office
Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building
Students for Life
Student Financial Services
Sveriges Förenade Studentkårer
Student Government
Student Government Association's
Student Government Associations
Student Government Board
Student Governing Board
Semester Grade Point Average
South Georgia Technical College
Sir George Williams University
Student Health and Counseling Center
Sexual Harassment and Assault Reporting and Education
Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources & Education
Student Housing and Hospitality Services
Student Hands On Training
Sam Houston State University
Sheffield Hallam University
Student Involvement
Supplemental Instruction
Supplemental Instructors
Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen
Semester in Detroit
Student Information Form
Social Innovation Initiative
Students in Motion
Senior International Officer
Senior International Officers
Student Internship Programme
Society of Information Technology Enthusiasts
Students for Justice in Palestine
Student Judicial Services
Students for a Just and Stable Future
San Jose State University's
Student Learning Assistance Center
Shared Learning Collaborative
Student Learning Commons
Student Life Centre
Student Life Center
Special Learning Disabilities
State Longitudinal Database Systems
State Longitudinal Database System
Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems
Special Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership
Selective Living Groups
Shared Learning Infrastructure
Student Loan Interest Deduction
Student Life & Leadership
Service Learning Program
Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework
Student Leadership Symposium
Sri Lankan Student Association
Science & Mathematics Access to Retain Talent
School of Media and Communication
Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran
Social Mobility Foundation
Student Managed Farm
School Mental Health
Southwest Missouri State University
Student Nursing Association of Pennsylvania
Students and New Archives Professionals
Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee
Students Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
Student Nitric Oxide Explorer
Southern Nazarene University
Summer Orientation, Advising, and Registration
Student Outreach and Retention
Summer Orientation and Registration
Schedule of Classes
Students of Concern
Students of Caribbean Ancestry
Source Of Funds
System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment
Summary of Performance
Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
Supporting Our Staff
Student Outreach and Transition Office
Southern Oregon University
Student of the Year
Standardized Patient
Student Parents Association
Student Professionalism and Ethics Association
Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights
Semester Performance Index
Student Performance Level
Student Press Law Center
Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia
Student Professional Organizations
School Progress Report
School Performance Scores
Standardized Patients
Single Plans for Student Achievement
Student Physical Therapy Association
Scottish Qualifications Certificate
Student Records
Special Review Assessment
Scholarship Resource Center
Scholastic Reading Counts
Student Recreation Center
Student Recreation Centre
Student Recreation Complex
Student Recreational Center
Student Response Center
Student Registration Division
Southern Regional Education Board's
Student-Run Free Clinic
Student Recreation Fitness Center
Scholastic Reading Inventory
Student Radio Initiative
Socially Responsible Leadership Scale
Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist
Southern Regional Orientation Workshop
Sul Ross State University
Student Right-To-Know
Student Services
Saudi Student Association
Saudi Students Club
Saudi Student Club
Student Success Act
Student Services and Amenities Fee
Student Services Amenities Fee
Student Services & Amenities Fee
Student Services and Amenities Fees
Students Services and Amenities Fee
State Student Assessment Test
Self Service Banner
School Servicing Center
Schools Services Center
Self Service Carolina
Student Service Centre
Student Services Centre
Student Success Center
Student Support Centre
Staff Student Consultative Committee
Senior School Certificate Examination
Student Status Confirmation Report
Students for a Sensible Drug Policy
Stanford Student Enterprises
Student Science Enrichment Program
Student Space Exploration and Technology Initiative
Student Success Initiative
State Student Incentive Grants
Students for Social Justice
Spanish as a Second Language
Student Service Learning
Significant Support Needs
School Success Profile
Sigma Sigma Phi
Student Sponsor Partners
Student Sponsorship Programme
Student Success Plan
Student Support Plan
Student Styles Questionnaire
School and Student Services
School and Student Service
Singapore Sports School
Sunshine State Standards
Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination
School for Shan State Nationalities Youth
School of Science & Technology
Seacoast School of Technology
Student Solidarity Trust
Students Solidarity Trust
Student Support Team
Salem State University
Shawnee State University
Savannah State University
Services to Students with Disabilities
Socialized Tuition
Spoken Tutorial
State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness
State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
Student Technology Advisory Committee
Student Teams Achievement Divisions
Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System
Spatial Test Battery
Student Travel Bureau
Science & Technology Entry Program
Science and Technology Enrichment Program
Shell Technology Enterprise Programme
Short-Term Exchange Program
Short Term Exchange Programs
Student Test of Educational Progress
Student Tools for Emergency Planning
Success Through Education Program
Summer Transitional Enrichment Program
Student Technology Fee
Socialized Tuition and Financial Assistance Program
Short-Term Loans
Short Term Programs
Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia
Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia
Science and Technology Research Center
Student Tuition Recovery Fund
Science Talent Search
Socialized Tuition System
Student Travel Schools
Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region
Saxion Top Talent Scholarship
Students Team Up to Fight Hunger
Sabanci University
Shenandoah University
Sofia University
South University
Stanford University
Statens Uddannelsesstøtte
Stellenbosch University
Students Union
Student Union
Student Union Activities
Student Unmanned Air Systems
Student Unmanned Aerial Systems
State University of Bangladesh
Students Union Building
Student Union Building
Student Union Board
Student Union Board of Governors
Step Up For Students
State University Grant
State University Grants
Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships
Student Union Memorial Center
Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance
Student Union for Peace Action
Syracuse University Project Advance
Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights
Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
Student Union and Recreation Center
Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence
Student Undergraduate Research Experience
Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
Survey of Undergraduate Research Experiences
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
Strategic University Research Partnership
Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Singapore University Sports Council
Student Universal Support Ireland
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Sharif University of Technology
Student Veteran Alliance
Student Volunteering Bangor
Student Volunteer Connection
Student Volunteer Movement
Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative
Summer Venture in Management Program
Student Video Productions
Student Volunteer Program
Student Voice Reps
South Valley University
Social Welfare
Social Work
Students Working Against Tobacco
Students Working to Advance Technology
Student with a Testimony
Student Writing Center
Students with Disabilities
Student with a Disability
Student with Disabilities
Students Working for Equal Rights
Science Writing Heuristic
Stanford Women in Business
School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports
School wide Positive Behavior Supports
Student Watershed Research Project
Tertiary Admissions Centre
Transfer Admission Guarantees
Transfer Assurance Guide
Teddy Bear Hospital
Texas Catholic Conference Education Department
The Construction Institute of Canada
Tufts Community Union
The Education Resource Institute
Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust
Twente Graduate School
Total Instructional Alignment
Talent Incentive Program
Tom Joyner Foundation
Tutoring & Learning Center
The Learning Equation
Thaqalayn Muslim Association
Tutor Marked Assignment
Tutor Marked Assignments
Tuition Management Services
Tuition Management System
The New Hampshire
Test of Online Learning Success
Transcript of Records
Taiwanese Overseas Student Association
Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines
Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency
The Placement Exchange
Texas Public Education Grant
Transition Planning Form
Taxpayer Relief Act
Taiwanese Students Association
Thai Students Association
Turkish Students Association
Tennessee Student Assistance Award
Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
Technology Support Center
Transfer Student Orientation
Texas State University
Tennessee Tech University
Technical University
Technische Universitaet
Technical University of Berlin
Tangeman University Center
Trident University International
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
University Assessment Committee
University of Bath English Language Testing
University Cooperative Housing Association
Upper Division
University of Guanajuato
University Graphic Systems
University of Hawai
Umeå Institute of Design
University of Louisiana-Monroe
Undergraduate Marketing Association
Uniao Nacional dos Estudantes
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
University of Bahrain
University of Balamand
University of Bedfordshire
University of Nairobi
University of Phoenix
University of Sharjah
University of Westminster
Ungraded Pass
University of Pretoria
University of Palermo
Unsatisfactory Progress
University Park Allocation Committee
Unique Project Identifier
Universiti Pertanian Malaysia
University Putra Malaysia
University Quality Assurance International Board
Undergraduate Research Assistantship
Undergraduate Research Assistantships
University Rover Challenge
University of Rhode Island's
Undergraduate Research Programs
University Radio York
Universities should
United Student Aid
United States Army Student Detachment
Univeristy of Southern California
University Student Center
University of South Carolina Beaufort
University of Saint Francis
United Sorority and Fraternity Council
Undergraduate Student Government Association
University of Southern Indiana
University of Southern Mindanao
University Saint Joseph
University of South Pacific
University Scholars Programme
Undergraduate Summer Research Award
University Square Stratford
University Sports South Africa
University Sport South Africa
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
University of Tartu
University Theatre
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
University Tunku Abdul Rahman
University Testing Center
University Technical College Norfolk
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
University of Toronto Mississauga
University of Texas of the Permian Basin
University of Tokyo Research Internship Program
university of Texas in San Antonio
University of Texas, San Antonio
University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
University of Utah
University Union
Uppsala University
Utrecht University
Universiti Utara Malaysia
University Utara Malaysia
University of the United States
University of Virginia
University of the Virgin Islands
Union of Vietnamese Student Associations
University of Washington's
University of Washington Bothell
University of Washington, Bothell
University of Waterloo
University of Warsaw
University of Wisconsin-Stout
University of Winnipeg
Unofficial Withdrawal
University of Waterloo Accounting Conference
Undergraduate Writing Center
University of Western Cape
University of Wisconsin Colleges
University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin-Madison
University Writing Center
University of the West of England
University of West London
University of West England-Bristol
University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
University World News
University of Western Ontario
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
University Writing Program
University of Wisconsin River Falls
Vocational and Technical Education Act
Washington County Community College
Wisconsin College Personnel Association
Words Correct Per Minute
Withdrew, failing
Wells Mountain Foundation
Weekend of Welcome
Weeks of Welcome
World of Work
Widening Participation
Withdrawal Passing
Withdrawn Passing
Withdraw Pass
Western Piedmont Community College
Writing Proficiency Examination
Women's Resource Center
Western Student Association
Weinheimer Senioren-Convent
Walter Sisulu University
Washington State University's
Web Time Entry
Writing to Learn
Washburn University
Withdrawal Unauthorized
Western Undergraduate Exchange
World Union of Jewish Students
Warsaw University of Technology
West Virginia Community and Technical College System
West Virginia State University
Walla Walla Community College
Western Wyoming Community College
Will Work For Food
Yaba College of Technology
Young Gifted and Black