Popular Study acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Analog Signal
Advertise and Award
Access & General Education Curriculum Centre
Airframe and Power Plant
Attitude and Pointing
Application and Resource Control
Alignment and Stabilization
Alignment and Stabilization Subsystem
Accelerometer Assembly
Angular Accelerometer
Active Acquisition Aid
Allocations Assessments And Analysis
Astronaut-Actuated Abort
Airplane Avionicsautoland
Automatic Approachautoland
Attitude and Antenna Control System
Applications Approval Design Review
Ascent Air Data System
Advanced Automated Directional Solidification Furnace
Abort Advisory Equipment
Aerospace Auxiliary Equipment
Astronaut Activities Office
Affirmative Action Program
Airlock Adapter Plate
Analog Autopilot
Assemble At Pad
Australian Association for Research in Education
Abort Advisory System
Asian American Student Alliance
African-American Study of Kidney
American Academy for the Study of Liver Diseases
Adapter Booster
Air Bearing
Dc Amplifier Buffer And Attenuator
Ada Browse Capability
As-Built Configuration List
As-Built Configuration Record
Air-Based Electronics
Australian Business Limited Apprenticeship Centre
Antiballistic Missile Office
Air-Breathing Propulsion System
Antiballistic Reentry System
Air-Break Switch
Ammonia Boiler System
Air-Bearing Table
active baseplate thermal control unit
Aboriginal Coordinator
Advanced Composite
Application Controller
Audio Center
Annunciator Control Assembly
Associate Contractor Administration
Attitude Controller Assembly
Auxiliary Crew Compartment
Australasian Curriculum Assessment and Certification Authorities
Azithromycin in Coronary Artery Disease Elimination of Myocardial Infection with Chlamydia
Australian Council for Adult Literacy Inc
Asymptomatic Carotid Artery Progression Study
Ateneo Center for Asian Studies
Audio Computer Assisted Self-Interviewing
Air-Cushion Barge
Alberta Cancer Board
Advanced Carbon-Carbon
advanced colorectal cancer
Aft Cargo Compartment
Association of Clinical Cytogeneticists
Automatic Control Console
Auxiliary Crew Compartment
Qualifications Curriculum and Assessment Authority for Wales
Augmented Continuous Control Evaluator
Advanced Computational and Civil Engineering Structural Studies
Assembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space
Audit Central Control Network
Audio Central Control Unit
Adaptive Communication Control Subsystem
Accuracy Control Document
Architectural Control Document
Anti-Carryover Device
Advisory Committee on Degree Awarding Powers
Attitude Control Determination And Navigation
Attitude Control and Determination System
Aboriginal Communities Development Program
African Centre for Disaster Studies
Apprenticeship Child Development Specialist
Acceleration Challenge Exam
Acceptance Checkout Equipment
Actual Average Cost Per Successful Mission
Addiction Counseling Exam
Akershus Cardiac Examination
Assessment, Certification and Examination
Assessment, Certification and Examination Manual
Assessment Certification Examination
Automatic Checkout Equipment
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
Association of Colleges of Education in New Zealand
Association of Chief Education Officers
Advanced Certificate of Educational Research
Acceptance Checkout and Evaluation System
Acceptance Control Equipment Section
Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study
Automatic Checkout Equipment Sequencer
Adult Continuing Education and Training
Age-Controlled Item
Allocated Configuration Identification
Automatic Controlled Instrument Landing
Aerodynamic Coefficient Identification Package
Aerodynamic Coefficient Instrumentation Package
Academy of Contemporary Islamic Studies
American Conference for Irish Studies
Adjective Check List
Allowable Container Load
Ascent Closed Loop
Adaptive Communication Live Controller
Adult and Community Learning Fund.
Automated Control and Landing System
Acquisition Control Module
Actual Average Cost Per Successful Mission
Army Class Managing Activity
Applications Configuration Management Board
Applied Computing
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Arizona Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies
App & Comp Math Sci
Automated Configuration Management System
Acceptance Change Notice
Ascension Island
Acceptance Checkout
Assembly Checkout
Astronaut Control Panel
Area Child Protection Committee
Area Child Protection Committee.
Australian Council for Private Education & Training
Association of Chinese Political Studies
Attitude Control Propulsion System
Assured Crew Return Capability
automated change request and evaluation system
Activity Card Sort
Admission Counseling Services
Admissions Counseling Services
Alternating Current Synchronous
Attitude Control and Stabilization
Atmosphere Control System
Attitude Control System
Automated Control System
Australian Careers Service
Average Class Size.
Assessment Centre Study Group
Advance Change Schedule Notice
Advance Changestudy Notice
Alternating-Current Switching Unit
Acquisition Coarse Tracker
Acquisition Control And Test
Alteplase Clinical Trial
Audio Center Transmission
Activate Test Article
Australian Council of TESOL Associations
Association of Career and Technical Education
Acquisition Coarse Tracker Subsystem
Anti-Clot Treatment Scale
Annunciator Control Unit
Vocational Education and Assessment Centre formerly Assessment Centre for Vocational Education
Advisory Committee for Vocational Training
Administrative Operations And Support Service Ksc
Advanced Development
Air Density
Adaptive Diagnostic Authoring
Azimuth Drive Assembly
Dod High-Level Programming Language
Airborne Demonstration Advanced Beam Extraction Am
Attitude Determination and Control
Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis
advanced data assessment expert system
Automated Distributed Architecture Model
Aerodynamic Data Book
Auxiliary Memory Data Output Bus
Alcohol & Drug Counselors
Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Amperes Direct Current
Attitude Determination and Control
Advanced Diploma in Children’s Care and Education
Attitude Determination Control And Navigation
Attitude Determinate Control System
Anti Discrimination Contact Officer
Air Defense Command
Advance Diploma in Computer Studies
Accumulated Degree Days
Attention Deficit Disorder.
Adolescent Dissociative Experiences Scale
Association of Directors of Education in Wales.
Automatic Display Finder
Amesdryden Flight Research Facility
Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium
Advanced Development Hardware
Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder
Acute Decompensated Heart Failure
Analytic and Design Investigation
Attitude Direction Indicator
Air Defense Intelligence Center
Ada-Based Design Language
Air Data Management
Assistant Director Of Learning.
Air Data Package
Acceptance Documentation Package
Air Data Probe
Automated Data Processing Facility
Air Data Probe Assembly
As-Designed Parts List
Army Doctrine Publications
Adp System Security Monitor
Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders Association
Automatic Drawing Release List
Army Doctrine Reference Publications
Air Data Sensor
Angular Displacement Sensor
Ascent Design System
Associate Degree Studies
Attitude Determination Subsystem
Alternate Demonstration Structural Article
Automatic Directional Solidification Furnace
Air Data Transfer
Air Data Transducer Assembly
Annunciator Display Unit
Ascent Driver Unit
Adult Education.
Adverse Experience
Alternative Education
Architectural and Engineering
Audio Exams
Aboriginal Studies Association
Advanced Extension Award.
Aft Equipment Bay
Associated Examining Board
Aft End Cone
Aft Events Controller
American Engineering Council
Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc.
Area Entry Control System
Automated Entry Control System
Aerospace Electrical Division
Analog Event Distributor
Analog Event Distribution System
Access Employment & Education Training Framework
Africa-Europe Group for Interdisciplinary Studies
Australian Education International - National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition
Accreditation of Experiential Learning
Appalachian Educational Laboratory
Arsenal Exchange Model
Assembly and External Maintenance
Additional Educational Needs.
Aramaic English New Testament
Adaptive Electro-Optical Processor
Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments
Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment
Anticipated Enrolment Return
Aeronautical Engineering
Atrial Effective Refractory Period
Aboriginal Education Resource Teacher
Advanced Electrical Schematic
American Electroplaters Society
American Ethnic Studies
Analog Event System
Apollo Extension System
Atmosphere Exchange System
American Educational Studies Association
Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova
An Easy System Of Programming
Alumina-Enhanced Thermal Barrier
Aboriginal Education and Training Policy
Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy
Aboriginal Education Worker
Association for Education Welfare Management.
Admissions Forum
Aft Fuselage
Air-To-Fuel Ratio
Award Fee
Air Force Acquisition Logistics Division
Areal Fluid Data Base System
Applied Field Experience
Award Fee Evaluation Board
Award Fee Evaluation Committee
Air Force Eastern Test Range Manual
Air Force Experiment Vehicle
Acceptance and Ferry Flight
Air Force Flight Test Centerrocket Propulsion
Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society
Automatic Fault Isolation
Air Forceintelligence
Assessment for Learning
Assessment for learning.
Arm Firing Mechanism
Armfiring Mechanism
Abort From Orbit
Air Force Occupational Safety and Health
Advanced Flexible Processor
Air Force Plant
Ariane-Furnished Property
Designation For P80-1 Spacecraft
Air Force Program Control
Authorization for Program Development
Air Force Program Manager
Air Force Plant Representative
Afro-American Studies
Advanced Flexible Reusable Surface Insulation
Air Force Standard
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Air Force Study And Analysis
Air Force Satellite Communication
Air Force Systems Command Facility
Air Force Space Command Facility
Air Force Space Command network
Air Force Satellite Communications System
Air Force Satellite Test Center
Air Force Space Division
Air Force standard items and equipment
Air Force space launch vehicle
Air Force Space Systems Division
Air Force Space Technology Command
Active Fine Tracker
Air Force Test and Evaluation Center
Air Force Tactical Operations Center
Air Force Test Procedure
Aft Fuselage Thrust Structure
Association of Foundation and Voluntary Aided Schools
Air Force Wright Aeronautical Lals Laboratory
Air Force Western Test Range
Attitude Gyro
Attitude Gyro Accelerometer Assembly
Attitude Gyro Accelerometer Package
Aerojet General Corporation
Automatic Ground-Controlled Approach
Automatic Ground Control Station
Airground Cooling Unit
Attitude Gyro Coupling Unit
Automatic Ground Equipment
Airground Equipment
Asian Genetic Epidemiology Network
Agreement Item
Advanced Glaucoma Intervention Study
Above-Ground Link
Absolute Ground Level
Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center
Advanced Guidance Navigation And Control
Santiago Chile
Advanced Geosynchronous Observation Environment
Australian Government Quality Teacher Indigenous Program
Australian Government Quality Teacher Program
Advisory Group in Reliability of Electronic Equipment
Abort Guidance System
Antigravity Suit
ASPS Gimbal System
Adaptive Guidance Throttling
Aichi Gakuin University
Arts & Humanities
Attitude Hold
Advanced Helicopter Control System
Alternate Healthy Eating Index
Association of Hispanists of Great Britain and Ireland
Apnea Hypopnea Index
Artificial Horizon Indicator
Automatic Hold Mode
Analytical Hierarchy Process
Pitch Axis Attitude Hold
Roll Axis Attitude Hold
Ablative Heat Rate
Arts and Humanities Research Board.
Aboriginal Human Resource Development Plan
Australian Hospitality and Tourism Training Review Panels
Aft Heat Shield
Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Activity Interrupt
Airspeed Indicator
Altimeter Indicator
Altitude Indicator
Ambulation Index
Assigned Inspector
Asymmetry Index
Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
Australian Imaging, Biomarkers and Lifestyle
Australian Imaging Biomarkers Lifestyle
American Institute of Buddhist Studies
Action Item Control Card
Aerodynamic Instrumental Coefficient Package
Action Item Closeout Sheet
Abbreviated Item Description
Action Item Disposition
Audit Item Disposition
Analog Input Differential
Award in Digital Applications
Australian International Education
Association of International Education Japan
Artificial Intelligenceexpert System
American Institute of Iranian Studies
Automatic Instrument Landing Approach System
Automatic Instrument Landing System
Automatic Information Management
Ascent Insertion On-Orbit Deorbit
Aircraft Instrumented Payload
Avionics Integration Plan
Action Item Report
Action Item Sheet
Adaptive Intercommunication Requirement
Acute Infarction Ramipril Efficacy
Airlock Illumination Subassembly
Analog-In Single-Ended
Apollo Instrumentation Ship
Association for Israel Studies
Association for Integrative Studies
The Association of Independent Schools
Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour
Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior
Autonetics Icbm Systems Division
Atsumi International Scholarship Foundation
American Indian Studies Program
Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies
Abbreviated Integration System Test
Advanced Interferometric System Technology
advanced interferometric system technology requirement
Allergy Immunotherapy Tablet
Autoignition Test
Assembly Jig
Automated Job Card System
Association for Japanese Literary Studies
Association of Jewish Studies
American Journal of Theology
Active Keel Actuator
Anterior Knee Pain Scale
Academy of Korean Studies
Advanced Level
Associate Lecturer.
Aluminum Lithium
Airport Local Air Quality Studies
Approachlanding Autopilot Subsystem
Air-Launched Antisatellite
Alternate Low-Altitude Surveillance System
Acceptance Log Book
Aft Load Controller
Audio Load Compensator
Aft Load Controller Assembly
Automatic Level-Control Assembly
Aluminum Corporation Of America
Automatic Load and Drive Control
Activity-Level-Dependent Operation
Airborne Laser Experiment
Airport Lighting Equipment
Acute Launch Emergency Restraint Tip
Activity-Led Funding.
Air-Lubricated Free Attitude
Approach and Landing Flight Test
Association of Local Government.
Adult Learning Inspectorate
Adult Learning Inspectorate.
Activity-Level-Independent Operation
Advanced Level Information System.
Adult Literacy and Life Skills.
Aspreva Lupus Management Study
Asynchronous Learning Networks.
Adult Learning Online
Advanced Level Performance System
Advanced Level Performance Systems
Advanced Liquid Propulsion System
Approach and Landing Procedures Simulator
Aerojet Liquid Rocket Company
Agricultural Land Reform Office
Additional Literacy Support.
Airlock System
Approachlanding System
Astronaut Life Support Assembly
At-Large Study Committee
Astronaut Life Support Equipment
ALS Engineering Management Plan
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Functional Rating Scale
ALS Global Evaluation Module
Airlock Support System
ALS System Security Working Group
Als Model
Arithmeticlogic Unit
Advanced Launch Vehicle
Advanced Logistics Vehicle
Actuator Mechanism
Administration And Management Operations Ksc
Agricultural Mechanization
Airlock Module
Alpha Meter
Antenna Management
Area To Mass
Assurance Management
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics: Advanced Data Sci
Automated Maintenance Data Base
Aft Motor Controller
Automatic Manual Control
ADL Master Control Console
Automated Master Change Record
assurance management document control system
Advanced Missions Docking System
Abort Maneuver Evaluator
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Alphamach Indicator Electronic Unit
Abort Motor Facility
Apogee Memory Image
Activation Management Group
Angle of the Middle Gimbal
Association for Modern German Studies
Airspeedmach Indicator
Alphamach Indicator
Apogee Memory Image
Automated Management Information Center
Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources
Acquisition Management Information System
Approved Materials List
Asynchronous Multiline Controller
Advanced Manned Launch System
Autonomous Magnetic Momentum Management
Advanced Maneuvering Orbit-to-Orbit Shuttle
Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
Air Force Maui Optical Site
Adolescent Master Protocol
Applied Materials Physics Division
American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention
Atmosphere Magnetosphere And Plasmas In Space
Atmospheric Magnetospheric Plasma System
Active Magnetospheric Particle Tracer Explorer
Area-to-Mass Ratio
Amr Operations
Astronaut Maneuvering Vehicle
Actuation Mechanism Subsystem
Amplifier Subsystem
Attached Manipulator System
Automated Material System
Advanced Military Space Flight Capability
Autonetics Marine Systems Division
Advanced Mathematical Thinking.
Auxiliary Master Tape
Automatic Modal Tuning And Analysis System
Automatic Magnetic Tape Dissemination
Access Management Utility
Asia Metropolitan University
Attitude Match Update
Angular Momentum Wheel
AM Transmitter-Receiver
ADA Management Yield
Account Name
Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin
Autonomous Navigation and Attitude Reference System
Attitudes to Noise from Aviation Sources in England
Australian National Blood Pressure
Active Nutation Control
Air Force-Navy-Civil
Air Force-Navy Design
Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Design Standard
Ancient Near Eastern Studies
Authorized Not Implemented
Air Navigation Radio Aid
Association of Norwegian Students Abroad
Antigua Island
Anthropology: Anth of Globalization
Anthropology: Archaeological Sciences
Anthropology: Human Evolutionary Biology
Anthropology: Medical Anth & Global Hlth
Anthropology,Evening Degree Program
Cad Tool
Assessment Objective.
Aula Orientalis
Awarding Organisation.
Analysis of Alternatives
Application Oriented Courses
Association of Colleges.
Ac On-Board Computer Program
Acceptance And Operational Checkout Requirements
Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem
Advanced Object Data
Analog Output Differential
Assistant Operations Director
Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse
Advanced Orbit Ephemeris System
advanced orbiter flight evaluation experiment
Automatic Optical Inspection System
Area Of Launch
Assembly Operations Plan
Advance Order Parts List
Airline Operations Planning Model
Average Outgoing Quality
Average Outgoing Quality Limit
Adjusted Odds Ratios
ACTS Optical System
Airborne Optical System
Area of Study
Areas of Study
Advanced On-board Signal Processor
Actual Operating Time
Adult other than Teacher.
Alignment Optical Telescope
Accelerometer Package
Air Pressure
Assistant Principal
Atmospheric And Space Physics
Procurement Supply And Transportation Ksc
Advanced Plans And Programs
Allowance for Program Adjustment
Attached Payload Accommodations Equipment
Aerodynamic Performance and Sizing Program
Asia-Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver
Asian Pacific Associaton for the Study of the Liver
Asia Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver
Advanced Propulsion Comparison
Aft Power Controller
Airborne Particle Counter
Automatic Phase Control
Aft Power Controller Assembly
Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies
Asia Pacific Centre for Security Studies
Arabic Papyrology Database
Area Passive Dosimeter
Avalanche Photo Diode
Arithmetic Processing Extension
Accreditation of Prior Experience and Learning.
Advanced Processor Emulator System
American Politics Group
Assistant Principal Hearing
Authorized Procurement Information Requirements
Authorized Procurement Information Requirements List
Accelerometer Package
Accreditation Of Prior Learning
Approved Provider Listing
Analysis Program Linear Active Circuit
Automated Payload Icd System
Ascent Particle Monitor
Associate Program Manager
Andhra Pradesh Mahila Abhivruddhi Society
Assembly Phase Maintenance Simulation Model
ACE Problem Notice
Adv Practice Nurs
Graduate Certificate
Automated Purchase Order
Advance Procurement Package
Assessing Pupils Progress
Assessing Pupils’ Progress.
Assessment of Pupil Performance
Astrophysics Payload
Automated Payload Processing Facility
Advanced Propulsion Payload Effect
Auxiliary Payload Power System
Alabama Parenting Questionnaire
Advance Parts Release
Army Pulse Radiation Facility
Admission Point Score
Aft Propulsion System
Attitude Propulsion System
Alliance of Parents and Schools.
Applications Processing System
Automatic Processing System
Asia Pacific Studies
Automated Planning System
Auxiliary Power Subsystem
Auxiliary Propulsion System Aft Pod
Auxiliary Propulsion Unit
American Portuguese Studies Association
Americans Promoting Study Abroad
Antisocial Process Screening Device
Angina Prognosis Study in Stockholm
Atmospheric Pressure Supply Subsystem
Airborne Pointer Tracker
Assistant Principal Teacher
Astronaut Preference Test
Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical
Automated Production Test Equipment
Actions Per Time Interval
Auxiliary Power Unit Subsystem
Auxiliary Power Unit Test
Assistant Principal Vision
Automatically Processed Wire List
American Quarterly
Assessment & Qualifications Alliance
Assessment and Qualifications Alliance
Acceptance Quality Level
Attachment Q-Sort
Acceptance Readiness
Acceptance Review
Active Replication
Atmospheric Revitalization
Attributable risk
Autoland Roll-Out
Assessment and reporting arrangements
Attitude Reference Assembly
Auxiliary Recovery Antenna
Saudi Arabian Communications Satellite
Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton
Astronaut Rescue Air Pack
Accident Risk Assessment Report
Aggregation Of Red Blood Cells
Assessment Resource Centre
Assessment Resource Center
Automatic Responsivity Correction
Architecture History and Theory
Architecture: Design Computing
Architectural Design
Architectural Studies
Anti Racism Contact Officer
Arab League communications satellite
Aft Reaction Control Subsystem
Arctic Studies
Abort Region Determinator
Age-Related Eye Disease Study
Age Related Eye Disease Study
Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2
Age Related Eye Disease Study 2
Advanced Railroad Electronic System
Acute Respiratory Failure
Automatic Reentry Flight Dynamics Simulator
Absolute Risk Increase
Astronomical Radio Interferometric Earth Surveying
Aircraft Radio Incorporated
ALS Requirements Information System
Assessing Revolutionary and Insurgent Strategies
Accumulator-Reservoir Manifold Assembly
Automated Requirements Management System
Action And Reply Notice
Additional Reference Number
Additional Responsibility Points
As-Run Procedure
Atmosphere revitalization pressure control system
Atmospheric Revitalization Pressure Control System
Accurate and Reliable Prototype Earth Sensor Head
Automatic Request
Annualized Relapse Rate
Air Recovery and Rescue Service
Air Revitalization System
ALS Release System
Atmosphere Revitalization Subsystem
Atmospheric Revitalization Section
Atmospheric Revitalization System
Advanced Radiation Space Defense Application
Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative
Animal Research Technician
Interaction Design
Interdisciplinary Visual Arts
Art History
Advanced Radiation Technology Office
Advanced Radiation Technology Office Optical Support
Advanced Remote Tracking Station
Automated Restricted Tracking System
Automated Retrieval and Tracking System
ADA Run-Time Support Environment
Attitude Reference Unit
Angle Resolved X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
A2 studies
Acquisition Sensor
Adult Studies
Aerospace Leadership Studies
Aerospace Studies
Anxiety Sensitivity
Applied Sciences
Ascent Stage
Assyriological Studies
Attractiveness Scores
Auxiliary Stage
Autonetics Sensors And Aircraft Systems Division
Australian and New Zealand International Standard Organisation
Aboriginal Studies Association
Abort Sensor Assembly
Adapter Service Area
American Society of Anaesthesiologists
American Studies Association's
Aerodynamic Surfaces Assembly and Checkout
American Studies Association of Korea
ACE Shuttle Application Processing
Advanced Sensor Analysis Program
Automated Scheduling And Product Tracking System
Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies
American Studies Association of Turkey
Antisatellite Simulation
African Studies Association of the United Kingdom
Actual Schools Budget
Aggregated Schools Budget
Aggregated Schools Budget.
Airlock Stowage Bag
African Studies Centre
African Studies Center
Asian Studies Center
Airlock Support Component
American Satellite Corporation
Arctic Studies Center
Array Stowage Container
Ascension Island
Australian Studies Centre
Auxiliary Switch Normally Closed
Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations
Aft Station Command and Data System
Airlock Signal Conditioning Electronics
Annual Student Contact Hours
Association for Studies in the Conservation of Historic Buildings
Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea
Applied Science Corporation of Princeton
Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study
Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study
Attitude Setcontrol Panel
Attitude Set Control Panel
Atmosphere Storage and Control Subsystem
Atmospheric Storage and Control Section
Attitude Stabilization and Control System
Association for the Study of Dreams
Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network
Aerosurface Drivermonitor
Assessment Subsidy for Overseas Trained Professionals
Advanced Space Engine
Aerospace Support Equipment
Automatic Support Equipment
Association for Science Education.
American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies
American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies
Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies
Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
Atmospheric Science Facility
Abbreviated System Functional Test
Auxiliary System Function Test Stand
Area School Group
American Society of Greek and Latin Epigraphy
Attitude Set and Gimbal Position Display
Association for Studies in International Education
Amended Shipping Instructions
Anxiety Sensitivity Index
Augmented Spark Igniter
Augmented Spark Indicator
Augmented System Ignition
Asian Lang & Lit
Asian Langages & Lit
Asian Languages and Literature
Application-Specific Integration Circuit
Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification
Association for the Study of Internal Fixation
Avans School of International Studies
Automatic System for Kinematic Analysis
American Sign Language
Approved Source List
Aboriginal Student Liaison Officer
Association for Scottish Literary Studies
Antenna Select Logic Unit
American Studies Network
Association for the Studies of Nationalities
Average Sample Number
Auxiliary Switch Normally Open
Academic & Scientific Publishers
American Society of Papyrologists
Australian Secondary Principals Association Inc
Association of Professionals in Education and Children’s Trusts
Association of Professionals in Education and Children's Trusts
Atmospheric and Space Plasma Physics
Armed Service Procurement Regulation
Annular Suspension and Pointing System
Association for the Study of Persianate Societies
Aspp Sortie Laboratory
African Studies Quarterly
Attachment Style Questionnaire
Air-sea rescue
Annual School Report
Association for the Sociology of Religion
American Society of Refrigerating Engineers
Abort Solid Rocket Motor
Advanced Solid Rocket Motor
Automated Shuttle Requirement System
Australasian Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour
Autonetics Strategic Systems Division
American Society of Sanitary Engineers
Airborne Science Shuttle Experiments System Simulation
Anglo-Scandinavian Study of Early Thrombolysis
Advanced Space Systems Hardening
Aboriginal Student Support Officer
Assistant System Security Officer
Arab Social Science Research
American Society for Steel Treating
Advanced Skills Teacher.
All-Systems Test
Atlantic Standard Time
AGN&C Simulation Test Bed
Advanced Space Technology Division
Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East
Annual of the Swedish Theological Institute
Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
Astronomy: Advanced Data Science
Astronomy and Astrobiology
Advanced Tracker
Aleksandras Stulginskis University
Association of Social Work Boards
Association of Social Work Board
Access Tower
Action Time
Acute Treatment
Advisory Teacher.
Assembly Truss
Acceptance Test And Logistics
American Telephone & Telegraph
Abort Time Assembly
Aft Test Article
Assembly Test Article
Automotive Training Australia Ltd
Antihypertensive Treatment of Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage
Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills
Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta-Carotene
Alpha-Tocopherol, Beta Carotene
Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer
Ablative Thrust Control
Assistant Test Conductor
ATE Computer
Attitude Translation Control Assembly
Air Training Commandfield Training Detachment
Ambient Temperature Catalytic Oxidizer
Aerothermal Data Book
Aerothermodynamic Data Book
Automated Test Development Folder
Acceptance Test Data Package
Aircraft Target Data Reduction Program
American Theatre and Drama Society
Aerospace Training Equipment
Airborne Test Equipment
Authority to Enrol
Automatic Test Engineer
Advanced Tactical Fighter
Automated Time Line Generator
Above The Horizon
Antidepressant Treatment History Form
Average Total Inspection
Automatic Terminal Information System
American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association
Advanced Technology Laboratories
Aero-Thermal Lab
Association Of Teachers And Lecturers
Association of Teachers and Lecturers.
Attitude to learning
Abbreviated Test Language for Avionic Systems
Analysis Of Thrust Structure Loads And Stresses
Advanced Technology Large-Aperture Space Telescope
Apollo Telescope Mount
Ascent Trajectory Model
Atmospheric Sciences
Atmospheric Sciences: Chemistry
Atmospheric Sciences: Climate
Atmospheric Sciences: Meteorology
Automatic Turn-On
Acceptance Test of Launch Language
ADA Technology Operational Planning
Automated Technical Order System
Acceptance Test Program
Activation Test Program
According To Protocol
Acquisition Tracking and Pointing
Airborne Tracking and Pointing
Advanced Technical Payroll
Association for Transpersonal Psychology
Australian Training Products Ltd
Authority to Proceed
Acquisition Tracking And Pointing Fire Control
Alpha Temperature Probe Assembly
Acquisition Tracking And Pointing System Emulator
Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire
Antidepressant Treatment Response Questionnaire
Automated Training Records System
Acceptance Test Specification
Accounting Technicians Scheme
Administrative Telephone System
Analog Tone Signal
Animal Transfer Station
Assembly Trusses and Structure
Asynchronous Task Storage
Atlantic Tracking Station
Atlantic Tracking Ship
Automatic Terminal System
Automatic Test Set
Automatic Transcribing System
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Accounting Technician Scheme West Africa
Acceptance Thermal Testing
Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults
Advanced Threat Technology Attack Coordination And
Accelerated Teacher Training Program
Automatic Telemetry Tracking System
Audio Terminal Unit
Audiothermal Unit
Ascent Thrust Vector Control
Automatic Thrust Vector Control
Ascent Thrust Vector Control Driver
Automatic Thrust Vector Control System
Association of Third World Studies
Aarhus University
Aston University
Annual Update for Animal Protocols
Automatic Aimpoint Selection And Maintenance
American University Center of Provence
Advanced Unmanned Cargo Vehicle
Alcohol Use Disorder and Associated Disabilities Interview Schedule
Alcohol Use Disorders and Associated Disabilities Interview Schedule
Behaviour and attendance.
Bill Of Lading
Bachelor of Business Studies
Business, Arts & Information Technology Curriculum Centre
Behavior and Attendance Collaborative
Board of Adult Community Education NSW
Barnes Absorption Filter
Boys and Girls Education
Baroset Correction
Body Appreciation Scale
Breathing Air System
Base Activation Test Equipment
battlefield artillery tactical engagement system
British Association of Teachers of the Deaf.
before-business clearance
Dec All-In-One Bulletin Board System
Broadband X-Ray Telescope
Base Construction
Baseline Configuration
Battery Charge
Battery Conditioner
Bell Cord
Bench Check
Beta cloth
Between Centers
Bolt Center
Black Children's Achievement
Berean Christian Bible Study Resources
Beacon Control Console
Break Control Command Transducer
Baseline Concept Definition
Budget Change Document
Burn Control Element
Base Chaudhuri-Hocquenghen
Baseline Configuration Identification
Baseline Candidate Item Data Base
Booster Cutoff
British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group
Buffalo Clinical Research Center
Beam Control System
Burst Detection Dosimeter
Burst Detector Dosimeter
Budget Data and Integration
Burst Detection Processor
Burst Detector Processor
Bachelor of Development Studies
Booster Phase Detection System
Burst Detector Emp Sensor
Burst Detection X-Ray Sensor
Burst Detector X-Ray Sensor
Burst Detector Optical Sensor
Emp Sensor
Beam Expander
Bell End
Beam Expander Alignment Function
Backup Event Controller
Board Endorsed Course
Business Environment Concepts
Ecological Restoration
British Educational Communications Technology Agency
Bachelor of Education
Educational St: Elementary Education
Educational Studies
Education and Society
Teaching and Learning
Education: Educational Leader
Education: Secondary Endorsement
Education: Secondary/Mid Lvl End
Electrical Engineering
Behavioral Neuroscience
British Educational Leadership and Administration Society
Business Excellence Network
Bachelor of Engineering
Environmental Science Bothell Campus
Environmental Studies
Business Education Partnership
Building Education Revolution
Body Esteem Scale
British Epigraphy Society
Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.
Behaviour and Education Support Team.
Booster Exhaust Study Test
Best-Estimate Trajectory
Ballistic Exploitation and Target Acquisition
Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium
Betaferon Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose
Back Feed
Beat Frequency
Body Flap
Byzantinische Forschungen
Body Flap Control
Bendix Field Engineering Corporation
Brief Fatigue Inventory
Bachelor of Financial Investment and Analysis
Bachelor of Finance
Back Focal Length
Beam-Forming Feed Network
Buyer-Furnished Part
Boron Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
BFS Payload Preprocessor
Beijing Foreign Studies University
Beijing Forestry University
Nursing Direct Entry
Back Gear
Board of Graduate Studies
Global Studies
Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Bioethics and Humanities
Health Studies
Bayesian Hierarchical Model
Breather Hosemouthpiece
Brinell hardness number
Human Rights
Base Heat Shield
Biblica Hebraica Stuttgartensia
Black History Studies
Bulletin of Hispanic Studies
Bachelor of Health Science
Barthel Index
Booster Insertion and Abort
Interdisciplinary Arts
Blocked Impurity Band
Back-Illuminated Blocked Impurity Band
Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism
Bandung Institute of Governance Studies
Bayreuth International Graduate School of African Studies
Biomedical History
Bangladesh Institute of Labour Studies
Interactive Media Design
Individualized Study
Applied Bioengineering
Bioen: Nanoscience & Molecular Engr
Biology: Advanced Data Science
Biomedical Regulatory Affairs
Biostatistics: Statistical Genetics
Biology Teaching
Behaviour Improvement Programme.
Bachelor of International Relations
Interdisciplinary Studies
Barratt Impulsiveness Scale
Bergen Insomnia Scale
Biocide Injection System
Government department for Business Innovation & Skills
Biomedical Instrumentation Scientific And Crew
Business in the Community.
Budget Impact Tracking System
Baltic Journal of Economics
Blockhouse Junction Rack
Brown Judaic Studies
Bible Knowledge Commentary
Boron-Potassium Nitrate
Beijing Language and Culture University
Law, Economics & Public Policy
Black Studies
Bradford Learning Network
Booster Lift-Off Weight
Buried Long-Period Grating
Blended Learning Solution
Liberal Studies
Balance Master
Bench Maintenance
Ballistic Missile Tactical Warningattack
Bachelor of Musical Arts
Body-Mounted Accelerometer System
Biomathematics (Biostat Quntitative Ecol
Bench Maintenance Building
Business Admin: Leadership
Business Admin: Technology
Business Administration (Bothell Campus
Battle Management And Command Control And
Battle Management Communications
Bryn Mawr Classical Review
Media & Communication Studies
Black and Minority Ethnic.
Mechanical Engineering
Basic Medical Science
Bachelor of Medical Sciences
German D-1 Spacelab Payload
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
Bachelor of Midwifery
Bharata Mata Institute of Management
body-mass measuring device
Basic Military Requirements
British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan
Biomolecular Structure and Design
Bench Maintenance Test Set
Mathematical Thinking and Visualization
Bachelor of Music
Ballistic Missile View
Basic Need
Britain-Nepal Academic Council
Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center
Bothell Non Matriculated Student
Bomb Navigation System
Bulletin of Nabataean Studies
Bachelor of Nursing
Beating Oscillator
Blowout Coil
Bright-Object Detector
Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease
Basic Overall Polarity
Bleeding on probing
Bachelor of Clinical Optometry
Best Overall Response Rate
bright-object sensor
Board of Studies Liaison Officer
Ballistic Orbital Support Operations
Bachelor of Osteopathy
Bulletin for Old Testament Studies in Africa
Bid And Proposal
Budgetary And Planning
Buttock Plane
Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire
Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire
Backpressure Control
Boost Protective Cover
Baseline Program Document
Performing Arts
Boost Phase Intercept
Policy Studies
Pre Professional
Bimonthly Progress Report
Pre Business Administration
Pre Major in Business Admin
Pre Computing & Software Sys
Pre Nursing
Boost Propulsion System
Biological Physics, Structure and Design
Biphase Shift Key
Biphase Shift Keying
Birth Registry
Retal Management
Band Rejection Filter
Budget Receiptissuance Log
Baseline Reference Mission
Backup Subsystem
Bangladesh Studies
Basic Skills
Beam Splitter
Behavioral Studies
Business Studies
Basic Skills Computer Education
Basic Skills Agency
Basic Skills Agency.
Battery Bus Solar Array
Bulgarian Studies Association
Bus Statusalternate Bus Table
Brakeskid Control
Bachelor of Economics
Biological Science Curriculum Study
Booster-Stage Discharge Pressure
Bioresource Science and Engineering
Bioresource Science and Engr: Business
Society, Ethics, & Human Behavior
Bachelor Of Science Degree In Electrical Engineering
Bachelor Of Science Degree In General Engineering
Bible Study Fellowship
Building Schools for the Future.
Basic Shipping Instruction
Boeing Services International
Booster Situation Indicator
Beam-Steering Mechanism
Bachelor Of Science Degree In Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Social Science
Behavior Support Plan
Behaviour Support Plans.
Brief Social Phobia Scale
Behavioral and Social Science
Behavior Support Service
Biological Structure
Boost Surveillance Tracking System
Science, Technology, and Society
Bfs Software
Biblical Studies on the Web
Beginning Teacher.
Behaviour Therapy
Building Technology and Administration
Bi-lingual teaching assistant.
Bench Test Equipment
Business & Technician Education Council
Business and Technology Education Council
Bachelor of Technological Education
Bachelor of Theology
Balanced Turbo Field Echo
Below The Horizon
Bachelor in Tourism Studies
Broadband Transport Specialist
Buildup And Checkout
Bureau of Aeronautics
Backup Flight Controller
Backup Interceptor Control
BITE Update Notice
Bureau of Ordnance
Business Administration
Bussin Generator
Bureau of Ships
Balanced Voltage
Bleed Valve
Booster Vehicle
Boost Vehicle
Bachelor of Visual Art
Bermond-Vorst Alexithymia Questionnaire
Boost Voltage Converter
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine
Best Value for Money
Bothell Visiting Student
Visual and Media Arts
Brief Visuospatial Memory Test
Bridge Wire
Command And Control
Communication and Control
Command And Control Subsystem
Communication And Data
Command And Data Handling
Control And Data Processor
Command and Data Simulator
Communication And Data Subsystem
Communication And Instrumentation
Control and Monitoring
Communications And Tracking System
Communication And Tracking Subsystem
Classified Baseline Accounting And Reporting System
Complete Delivery
C-Band Rf Electronics
Command Control And Intelligence
Command Control Communications And Intelligence
Command And Control Subsystem
Command Control And Communications
Coarse Acquisition
Code Standard Positioning Service
Critical Analysis
Composite Audio Amplifier
Computer Assisted Assessment.
Computer Aided Design.
Computer-Aided Design Costing For Operations
Computer Graphics Augmented Design And Manufacturing
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting System
Controllerattitude Direct Electronics
Computation And Data Flow Integrated Subsystem
Communication and Data Systems Integration
Consultant, Aboriginal Education
Corrective Action Engineer
Community Adult Education Centres
Common Assessment Framework.
Chanute Air Force Base
Computer Aided Instruction.
Canister Airlock
Certificate of Administrative Leadership
California Occupational Safety And Health Act
Central Asia Monitor
control and monitoring equipment resource allocation
Central Aortic Pressure
Child Action Project
Common Application Process
Country Areas Program
Circadian Anti-ischemia Program in Europe
Capacitance Rate Integrator
Clopidogrel versus Aspirin in Patients at Risk of Ischemic Events
Clopidogrel vs Aspirin in Patients at Risk of Ischemic Events
Certified Automation Professionals
Crew Activity Planning System
Crew Altitude Protection Suit
Certification Analysis Requirements
Corrective Action Record
Cumulative Abnormal Returns
Customer Acceptance Review
Central Acquisition Review Board
customer acceptance report item disposition
Customer Accommodation Requirement Model
Customer Accommodation Requirement Representative
Center for American Studies
Centre of Advanced Studies
Centre of Advanced Study
Certificate of Acceptance to Study
Certificates of Advanced Studies
CITE Augmentation System
Clinical Anxiety Scale
Computer Airspeed
Cooperative Application Satellite
Crew Accommodation System
Cas Pitch Control Mode
Cas Yaw Roll Control Mode
Center of Advanced Studies on Contemporary China
Campaign for the Advancement of State Education.
Care Application Service Element
control and structures experiments for space
Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index
Cognitive Ability Screening Instrument
Change Assessment Summary Package
Child and Adolescent Scale of Participation
Cost And Schedule Reporting System
Capability Assessment Toolkit.
Cognitive Ability Test
Computer Aided Teaching
Control Attenuator Timer
Curriculum Attainment Target
Communications And Tracking Comprehensive Analysis Tool
Center for Asymmetric Threat Studies
Change Action Tracking System
Coordinated and Thematic Science
Correspondence Action Tracking System
Credit Accumulation Transfer System
Computer Assisted Tools for Septuagint Studies
College of Architecture & Urban Planning
Canadian Association of University Teachers of German
Center for Advanced Visual Studies
Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies
Customer Accommodation Working Group
Coax Interface Bracket
Consumer Behavior
Crossing Boundaries
Cambridge Bible Commentary
Change Board Commitment
Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease
Child Behavior Check List
Child Behaviour Check List
Child Behavior Check-List
Cognitively Based Compassion Training
Connector Bracket Experiment
Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges.
Certifying Board of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates
Cognitive Behavioural Intervention
Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies
Cargo Bay Stowage Assembly
Core Body Temperature
Closing Coil
Combustion Chamber
Commercial Control
Compatibility Change
Corner Cube
Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
command communications and telemetry system
Control Change Board Directive
Command Control Console
Communication Control Center
Consolidated Controls Corporation
Consultative Council on the Curriculum
Crew Compartment Configuration Drawing
Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist
Continuous Control Evaluator
Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
Centre for Co-operation with the Economies in Transition
Community Consortia for Education and Training
Controlled Current Feedback Transformer
Crew Compartment Heat Shield
Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician
Charlson Comorbidity Index
Consortium for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies
Closed-circuit loop
Critical Characteristics List
Crewcargo Module
Contract Change Mass Estimate
Centrale Commissie Mensgebonden Onderzoek
Checkout Control and Monitor Subsystem
Central China Normal University
Certified Corrections Officer
Current-Controlled Oscillator
Corrosive Contaminants Oxygen And Humidity
Change Control Panel
Change Control Package
Configuration Control Point
Configuration Control Record
Contamination Control Plan
Controlled Components Program
Corrosion Control Plan
common center processing and display system replacement
Communications Center Processing And Display System
Cargo Compatibility Review
Conventional Care Regimens
Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies
Center for Chinese Studies
Centre for Computer Studies
Certificates of Competence.
Chicana and Chicano Studies
College of Continuing Studies
Cross Cultural Studies
Сommon Code System
Chrysler Corporation Space Division
Collins Communications Systems Division
Cognitive Capacity Screening Examination
Canadian Corporation for Studies in Religion
Carbon-Carbon Survivable Radiator
Crew Compartment Stowage Review
Center for Civil Society Studies
Commandcontrol Transmitter
Compulsory Competitive Tendering
Cross Cultural Training
City College for the Technology of the Arts
communication circuit technical control facility
Communications Carrier Unit
Coupling Control Unit
Crew Compartment Umbilical
Command and Control Zone
Call Director
Coin Dimple
Command Decoder Mdm
Components Demonstration
Course Download
Current Density
Communications Distribution and Switching Center
Centre for Developing-Area Studies
Configuration Design Analysis Simulation
Configuration Development Analysis and Simulation
Configurations Development Analysis Simulation
Core Design Analysis Simulation
Classified Document Control
Curriculum Development Centre.
Cargo Design Control Drawing
Coupling Display Manual Control Imu
Coupling Display Manual Control Optics
Command Decoding and Distribution
Common Diagnostic Data Base
Circuit Design Fabrication And Test Data
Concept Development Group
Constant Differential Height
Communications Data Manager
Configuration Design Module
Clinically Definite Multiple Sclerosis
Chief Draftsman Office Memorandum
Computational Data Processing
Computer Data Processing
Confidence Development Program
Critical Design Parameter
Classified Data Preparation Area
Costdesign Performance Management
Certificate Of Qualification
Cleaning Decontamination Request
Command Destruct Receiver
Configuration Design Review
Corsi di Dottorato di Ricerca
Children's Depression Rating Scale, Revised
Career Decision Scale
Cavity Digitizing System
Center for Documentary Studies
Center on Disability Studies
Centre for Disaster Studies
Configuration Design System
Configuration Development System
Consolidated Direct Support
Coupling Display System
Controller Select Direction
Canadian Disability Studies Association
Communication Distribution and Switching Center
Coupling-Display Scanning-Telescope Manual Control
Commercially Developed Space Facility
Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia
Cadmium Telluride
Craft, Design and Technology
Coupling Display Unit Imu
Coupling Display Unit Optics
Concept Definition and Validation
Control Data Word
Cargo Element
Change Engineer
Crew Equipment
Certified Enterprise Architect
Circular Error Average
Council on East Asian Libraries
Council on East Asian Library
Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies
Center for East Asian Studies
Centre for East Asian Studies
Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer
Centre for Euro-Asian Studies
Council on East Asian Studies
Common English Bible
Child Eating Behaviour Questionnaire
Children's Eating Behaviour Questionnaire
Clinical Endpoint Committee
Consolidated Electronics Corporation
Content Endorsed Course
Control Electronics Container
Computer Entrycontrol Keyboard
Career Entry and Development Profile
Conjugated Equine Estrogen
Central and East European Online Library
Composite Entry Evaluation Program
Center for European and Eurasian Studies
Comsec Equipment Facility
Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan
Careers Education and Guidance.
Certified Ethical Hacker Version 8
Centre for Economic and International Studies
Combined Elements and Integrated Systems
Cargo Equipment Integrated Test
Commercial Expendable Launch Vehicle
Centre for Education Management
Counterelectromotive Force
Chief Education Officer.
Chief Engineer's Office
Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators
Circle of Equal Probability
Community, Environment, and Planning
Community and Environmental Planning
Comsec Equipment Program
Configuration Evaluation Plan
Centre for Educational Policy Studies
CITS Expert Parameter System
Career Education Quality Framework
Community Education and Regeneration.
Ceramic Engineering
Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland.
Certificate of Higher Education
Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Center for Epidemiological Studies
Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies
Certificate in Environmental Studies
Combined Earth Sensor
Conical Earth Sensor
Concept Evaluation Study
Control Electronics Section
Corporate Employee Service Centre
Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry
Centre for Economic and Social Studies
Centre for European Union Studies
Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit
Clutter Equivalent Target
Combined Element Test
Continuing Education and Training.
Crew and Equipment Translation Aid
Critical Evaluation Task Force
Control Electronics Unit
Center Frequency
Center of Flotation
Challenge Funding.
Completion Form
Consequence of Failure
Corner Fitting
Constant False Alarm Rate
China Foreign Affairs University
Change from Baseline
Center for Business Studies
Centre for British Teachers
Central Fire Control
Converter Frequency To Dc Voltage
Cumulative Frequency Distribution
Central Framework Executive
College of Further Education.
Consolidated Front End
Customer-Furnished Equipment
Countryside Foundation for Education
Critical Function Equipment
Certificate in Further Education and Training
Customer-Furnished Material
Cognitive Failures Questionnaire
Computational Fin & Risk Mgt: Computing
Comput Fin & Risk Mgt: Risk Management
Computational Finance & Risk Management
Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
Child and Family Studies
Schedule Factor
Council for Subject Associations
Critical-Function Sequence Diagram
Contract Funds Status Review
Cross-Functional Team
Culture Fair Test
Collins General Aviation Division
Child Global Assessment Scale
Childrens Global Assessment Scale
Centre for German and European Studies
Command Generation Function
Clinical Global Impressions-Improvement
Clinical Global Impressions Scale
Conners Global Index
Clinical Global Impression of Change
Center for Government and International Studies
Comprehensive General Liability
City and Guilds of London Institute.
Consortium for Graduate Study in Management
Centre for Geopolitics & Security in Realism Studies
Cryogenic Gas Storage System
Case hardening
Control House
Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies
Composite High-Altitude Radiation Model
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
College of Higher Education
Canadian History of Education Association
Cambridge Handbook of Educational Abbreviations and Terms
Chemical Engr: Advanced Data Science
Chemical Engr: Nanosci & Molecular Engr
Comprehensive Health Education Network
Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
Center for Humanistic Inquiry
The Support Society for Children of Higher Intelligence
Comparative History of Ideas
College Hire Indoctrination Program
Certified Hospice and Palliative Licensed Nurse
Center for Health Research
Center for Human Resource Management
Chromosome and Plant Cell Division in Space
Centre for Historical Studies
Cargo Hydrazine Service Facility
Certified Hardwaresoftware List
NSW Combined High Schools Sports Association
Certified Hemodialysis Technologist
Command Header Word
Condensing Heat Exchanger
Center of Impact
Common Interpretations
Cone Index
Course Invalid
China and Inner Asia Council
Cargo Integration Contractor
Critical Item Consolidation
configuration information control center requirement
College of International Cultural Exchange
Cybernetics International College of Technology
Cable Interconnect Diagram
Certificate in Digital Applications
Course Information Documents Online
Canadian Implantable Defibrillator Study
Contractor In-House Data Support Capability
Cargo Integration Equipment
Council for International Education Exchange
Central Information Facility
Common Inspection Framework
Cultural Integration Fellowship
Compound Interlace Grating
Connector Integration Group
Connector Integrity Group
Collaborative Initial Glaucoma Treatment Study
Council for Industry and Higher Education.
Change Installation Instruction
Configuration Item Identifier
California Institute for Integral Studies
Cradle Interface Junction Box
Current Issues in Linguistic Theory
Consolidated Information Management System
Constraint Induced Movement Therapy
Center Information Network
Change Identifier Number
Children in need
Commander-In-Chief Air Defense
Commander-in-Chief Network
Commander-In-Chief North American Aerospace
Commander-In-Chief Strategic Air Command
Commander-In-Chief Space-Based Laser
Cinema and Media Studies
Critical Information Needs
cast-iron pipe
Change Implementation Plan
Class 1 Integration Plan
Centre for International Politics, Organization and Disarmament
Center for Integrated Plasma Studies
Center for International Peace and Security Studies
Centre for International Peace and Security Studies
Centre for International Relations
Critical Item Report
Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts
Center for Iranian Research and Analysis
Cargo Integration Review Dry Run
Celestial Infrared Mapping
Celestial Infrared Measurements
Cryogenic Infrared Radiance Instrumentation for Shuttle
Center for International and Regional Studies
Canadian Incidence Study
Cargo Integration Schedule
Centre of Islamic Studies
Checklist Individual Strength
Children’s Information Service.
Clinically Isolated Syndrome
Comparative and International Studies
Controlled Integrated School
Centre for Indian Studies in Africa
Certificate in International Business
Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Environment and Development
Computers in Schools Program
Center for International Security Studies
Centre for International Security Studies
Centre for Islamic Shi'a Studies
Convergence Insufficiency Symptom Survey
CAP Initialization Tape
Critical Incident Technique
Critical Incidents Technique
Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
Central Integrated Test System
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Cargo Integration Verification Unit
Cargo Integration Working Group
Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies
Cambridge Journal of Education.
Center for Japanese Religions and Culture
Center for Japanese Studies
Center for Jewish Studies
Centre for Jewish Studies
Center of Jewish Studies Shanghai
Center for Khmer Studies
Center for Korean Studies
Certified Legal Assistant
Center for Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Center of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Computer Literacy and Information Technology.
Centre for Latin American Studies
Cholesterol-Lowering Atherosclerosis Study
Computerized Loads Analysis System
Connected Learning Advisory Service
Collaborative Low-dose Aspirin Study in Pregnancy
Celecoxib Long-term Arthritis Safety Study
Chronic Low Back Pain
Clinical Dietetics
Certified Linux Engineer
Compelling Learning Experience.
Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Ethnicity and Refractive Error
Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Keratoconus
Clear Lake Facility
Controller Load Forward
Classics and Ancient History
Centre for Learning Innovation Centre
Content and Language Integrated Learning.
Climate Science
C-Language Inferencing For Production Systems
Communication Language and Literacy Development.
Circumlunar Mission
Combined Loads Orbiter Test
Community Language Other Than English
Cloud Cover Statistical Analysis Program
Certificate in Literacy Programme
Community Languages Program
Centre for Language in Primary Education.
Contact Lens Registry Examination
Center for Labor Studies
Center for Lao Studies
Centre for Language Studies
Centre for Longitudinal Studies
Curriculum and Learning Support
Customer Loyalty Specialist
Classical Studies
Cargo Manager
Circular Mil
Command Module
Consumable Management
Configuration Monitor
Control Mode
Colloquial Moroccan Arabic
Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor
Compound Motor Action Potential
Configuration Management Action Request
Compatible Material
Computational Molecular Biology
Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies
Controller Main Display
Configuration Management Data Base
Control Multiplexerdemultiplexer
Commercial Measuring Equipment
Comparative Medicine
Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Center for Marine & Environmental Studies
Center of Middle Eastern Studies
Controller Motor Forward
Cell Mediated Immune
Common Module Integration Facility
Common Module Integration Simulator
Control Monitor Isolation Subsystem
Count Me In Too
Commands and Measurement List
Cm Manual
Condition-Monitored Maintenance
Controller Motor Midbody
Coordinate Measurement Machine
Class Mix Option
Configuration Management Panel
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductorsilicon
Computer Engineering
Configuration Management Program Plan
Conflict Management and Peace Science
Civil Military Relations
Common Mode Rejection
Configuration Management Representative
Certified Materials & Resources Professional
Certified Materials & Resource Professional
Configuration Management Requirements Plan
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Configuration Management Requirements Standard
Center for Millennial Studies
Centre for Medieval Studies
Centre for Migration Studies
Centre for Military Studies
Certificate in Mining Studies
Comparative Media Studies
Component Mode Synthesis
Conventional Monitoring System
Critical Management Studies
College Management Team
Critical Military Target
Control and Monitor Unit
Communications,Evening Degree Program
Communication/Information Tech & Society
Compartmented Mode Work Station
Center for Nepal and Asian Studies
Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies
Canadian National Breast Screening Study
Cannot Duplicate
Center for Near Eastern Studies
Classical and Near Eastern Studies
Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure
Center for Neurologic Study
Certified Nephrology Nurse
Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies
Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse
Center for Natural Resource Studies
Center for Nationalist Studies
Center for Non-proliferation Studies
Collaborative Normal Tension Glaucoma Study
Capital Normal University
Copy number variations
Conservation of Wildland Resources
Certified Orthodontic Assistant
Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies
Council of British Independent Schools in the European Community
Changing Our Council
Crack Opening Displacement
Construction Facility
Center Of Gravity Of Payload Manifest
Council on Government Relations
Connected Outcome Groups
Careers and Occupational Information Centre
Covered Outdoor Learning Area
College of Law, Government and International Studies
College Studies
Computer Output Microfiche
Computer Output Microfilm
Common Mode
Communication, Evening Degree Program
Communication: Communities and Networks
Computer Engineering
Computational Finance
Concept Mission Performance Simulation
Collaborative Ocular Melanoma Study
Conus Defense
Conservation Biology
Construction Management
Construction Management,Evening Deg Prog
Central Operations Program
Change of Protocol Application
Co-Orbiting Platform
Coefficients of Performance
Combined Operations Plan
Community Oriented Program for the Control of Rheumatic Diseases
Coping Orientation for Problem Experiences
Center on Philanthropy Panel Study
Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development
Contractors Operations Review
Coherent Optical Radar Amplifier
Core Speech-Language Pathology
Checkout Station
Computer Science
Checkout Servicing And Maintenance
Computer Software Management and Information Center
Costschedule Planning And Control
Chess on Stamp Study Unit
Canadian Oxygen Trial
Critical Optical Technology
Coefficient of Variance
Cutoff Value
Certified Paralegal
Child Protection
Comparative Politics
Computer Program
Coordinated Procurement
Credit Points
Cargo Projects Program Control Office
Change Proposal Analyst
Christian Palestinian Aramaic
Canadian Physical Activity, Fitness and Lifestyle Approach
Child Poverty Action Group.
Controlled Parts Approval
Career Programs Assessment Test
Child Protection Awareness Training
Cargo Processing Contract
Characteristic Properties Code
Child Protection Committee.
Common Proficiency Course
Control Pressure Conditioner
Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination
Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam
Crew Procedure Change Request
Center for Peace and Conflict Studies
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
Also Classroom Practitioner Development.
Computer Program Development Plan
Computer Program Development Program
Computer Program Detailed Specification
Common Professional Examination in Law
Crew Procedures Evaluator Simulator
Controller Power Forward
Cost Plus Fixed Feeincentive Fee
Cognitive and Physical Functioning Questionnaire
Clavis Patrum Graecorum
Coarse-Pointing Gimbal
Canadian Problem Gambling Index
Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management
Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality
Comparative Physiology
Child Protection Issue
Computer Program Integration Contract
Cost Plus Incentive Feeaward Fee
Certified in Production and Inventory Management
Centre for Professional Learning in Education
Cargo Propulsion Module
Cell Performance Monitor
Change Proposal Manager
California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
Certified Purchasing Management Expert
Crew Products Management Plan
Clinical Performance in Nursing Examination
Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies
Cost Per Person
Centre for Public Policy Studies
Computer Program Product Specification
Corporate Performance Reporting
Certified Park and Recreation Professional
Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner
Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners
Comprehensive Psychopathological Rating Scale
Carlson Psychological Survey
Center for Philippine Studies
Center for Political Studies
Center for Polymer Studies
Center for Population Studies
Center for Professional Studies
Center for Process Studies
Centre for Pacific Studies
Centre for Palestine Studies
Centre for Political Studies
Centre for Population Studies
Normalized Detectivity
Displays And Controls Subsystem
Design And Development
Design And Product Assurance
Digital to Analog
Decoder Activate
Dip Angle
Direct Ascent
Drive Actuator
Drive Assembly
Data Analysis and Evaluation
Distributed Architecture Analysis Tool
Docking and Berthing
Data Acquisition Control And Buffer
digital acquisition and control buffer unit
Data Acquisition And Control Processor
Data Acquisition Control And Processing
Due At Department
Deferred Acceptance Item
Data-Aided Loop
damping and metal matrix for precision structure
DAMP syndrome refers to Dyspraxia, Autism, Motor Control and Perception.
Direct-Ascent Nuclear ASAT
Decommutation And Processing System
Data-Aided Receiver
Digital Autopilot Requirement
Us Army Material Development And Readiness Command
Darpa Lincoln Laboratory
Director and Response Tester
Data Automation System
Design Analysis And Simulation
Dual Aerospace Servoamplifier
Disability Arm Shoulder Hand
Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale
Direct-Ascent Threat
Different-Alpha Zero-Strain E
Dead Band
Disposition Board
Discipline Based Art Education
Diameter Bolt Circle
Db With Respect To A Circular Polarized Antenna
Dead Band
Design Baseline Program
Disclosure and bring service
Design Change Authorization
Digital Command Assembly
Display and Control
Displays And Controls
Distribution Control Assembly
Double Contact
Documentation Control And Integration
Design Corrective Action Report
Defense Contract Administration Services Region Los Angeles
Drawing Configuration Baseline
Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Lexical Texts
Decommutator Conditioning Unit
Digital Cluster Control Unit
Digital Communication and Control Unit
Dual Command Decoder
Data and Control Electronics
Deployable Cargo Element
Dynamic contrast enhanced
Digital Control Electronics Assembly
Department of Culture Media & Sport.
Discontinued Component Notice
Detailed Checkout Procedure
Displays Controls And Operation Procedure
Data Communication Output Selector
Designated Child Protection Officer
DC Responsivity
Design Change Record
Design Change Requirement Record
Design Control Specification
Detailed Checkout Specification
Director of Children's Services.
Dedicated Display
Digital-Digital Converter
Document Director
Nsts Ops Deputy Director Of Nsts Operations
Data Display And Review
Data Display and Review Room
Design Development And Test
Dual Diversity Comparator
Data Definition Document
Display Decoder Driver Unit
Data Display Expert System
Difficulty Describing Feelings
Digital Data-Handling Assembly
Drug-Drug Interaction
Data Base Definition Language
Distributed Design Language
Distributed Design Methodology
Data Driven Marketing Economy
Department Of Defense Manager For Manned Spaceflight
Design Data Package
Department Directory Services
Descent Design System
Design Development Test And Engineering
Digital Display Unit
Diploma in Education
Display Electronics
Double End
Digital Electronics Assembly
Display Electronics Assembly
Department of Education and Communities
Displayagap Electronic Control Assembly
Deliverable Equipment Checklist
Digitally Enhanced Evaluation and Planning.
Development and Evaluation Facility
Data Engineering Incorporated
Deliverable End Item
Design Engineering Inspection
Design Engineering And Integration
Design Evaluation and Inspection Simulator
Deorbit Entry And Landing
Design Engineering Logistics
Detailed Labor and Time Analysis
Direct Emp
Demonstration of Electro-Optical Surveillance Sensor
Dedicated Experienced Processor
Display Electronics Package
distributed expert system hosting environment
Definition and selection of competencies
Digital Event Timer
Diethylene Triamine
Defensive Technology Evaluation Code
Defensive Technology Information Repository
Digital Electronics Unit
Display Electronics Unit Equivalent Inputs
Development Forward
Double Feeder
Drop Forge
Project Management
Shuttle Project Engineering Office
Double Flank Composite Inspection
Data Formatter And Command Monitor Bus
Direction-Finding Equipment
Distributed Framework Executive
The Department for Education and Skills
Diode Function Generator
Department for International Development.
Dfi Subsystem
Decommutator Format Load
Data Good
Display Generator Unit
Double Groove
District Guidance Officer
Digital Graphics Unit
Dominant Hand
Data Handling Equipment
Doctor of Health
Doctor of Health Psychology
Dizziness Handicap Inventory
Developed Horsepower
Dental Hygiene
Data Interpretation
Desk Instruction
Driving Issue
The Dyslexia Institute
Detection of Ischemia in Asymptomatic Diabetics
Diagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents
Diploma in Digital Applications
Difficulty Identifying Feelings
Diabetes in Germany
Digital Control Analysis Software
Diagnostic Interview for Genetic Studies
Drug Induced Liver Injury
Distributed Integrated Logistics Support Analysis
Design Impact Meeting
Detailed Integration Plan
Diploma in Art & Design
Diploma of Higher Education
Division of International Studies
Dispersive Spectrometer
Disability Studies
Dynamic Integrated Test
Display Index Table
Drive-In Theater Manufacturing Company's Wire Harness Insulation Analyzer
Development Integration Test And Mission Operations
Design Knowledge Capture
Deorbit And Landing
Developed length
Development Left
Distance Learning
Delay Line Control
Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies
Distance Learning Coordinating Council
Danish Lung Cancer Screening Trial
Direct Labor Hour
Doctor of Letters or Doctor of Literature
Desirable Learning Outcomes
Desirable Learning Outcomes.
Director of Launch Operations
Distance Learning Programme
Dermatology Life Quality Index
Doctor of Liberal Studies
Diwan Lugat at-Turk
Dose-Limiting Toxicity
Dose Limiting Toxicity
Data Manual
Detached Module
Design Margin
Docking Module
Data Management Administrator
Data Management Assembly
Drive Motor Assembly
Deservicing Maintenance And Checkout Facility
Double-Density Modular Core Memory
Dynamic Mission Equipment
Data Monitoring and Ethics Committee
Depot Maintenance Facility
Daily Mission Integration Control Board
Doctor of Ministry
Developmental Instrumentation Mdm Left
Developmental Instrumentation Mdm Mid
Direct Maintenance Man-Hours
Diffusive Mixing Of Organic Systems
Developmental Instrumentation Mdm Right
Data Base Management System
Drd Management System
Drl Management System
DMS Integration Facility
Dual MS Real Estate
DMS Simulation
Dalian Maritime University
Doctor of Music
Diabetic Neuropathy Examination
Descending-Node Orbit
Departure Nuclear Stage
Diabetic Neuropathy Symptom
Diploma in Nautical Studies
Dentistry/Health Services Concurrent
Dentistry/Oral Biology
Doctor of Nursing Science
Duty Officer
Distant-Object Attitude-Measuring System
Drift-Orbit Correction
Dimensional Obsessive-Compulsive Scale
Department Of Defense Standard Satellite
DOD Instruction
Direct Orbit Insertion
DET Other Identity System
Director of learning.
Development Operations Manager
Detailed Operating Procedure
Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study
Danish Osteoporosis Prevention Study
Determination of Orbit Radio Positioning Integrated from Shuttle
Department Of Supply
Digital Operation System
Director of Studies
Director Of Student Progress.
Dot Climatic Impact Assessment Program
Doppler Velocity and Position
Dash Pot
Data Pack
Deflection Plate
Deputy Principal
Diametral Pitch
Destructive Physical Analysis
Division Planning Authorization
Disability Programs Consultant
Dedicated Payload Communication Link
Distributed Process Construction System
Distributed Processing Design System
Differential Pulse-Duration Modulation
Delta Pressuredelta Time
Dual-Purpose Gyro
Detail Program Interrelationship
diagnostic problem-knowledge coupler
Data and Program Library Service
Deploymentpointing Panel
Doctor of Professional Studies
Docking Probe Retraction System
Department Of Defense Project Specification
Descent Propulsion System
Data Processing Systems Division
Diploma in Professional Studies
Doctor of Psychology
Doctor of Physical Therapy or Doctor of Practical Theology
Differential Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
Delayed Recall
Detection Rate
Development Right
Dispatch Reliability
Disposition Report
Disposition Record
Doctor of Public Health
Designated Recommending Bodies
Disability Rights Commission
Disability Rights Commission.
Data Requirements Description
Digital radio frequency
Dose Range Finding
Drafting Room Manual
Discrepancy Reportmaterial Review
Disposition Report On Mr
Destructive Readout
Data Recorder Reproducer
Design Requirements Review Disposition
Deployment Risk and Resilience Inventory
Delirium Rating Scale
Diabetic Retinopathy Study
Discrepancy Report Squawk
Donning and Recharge System
Dynamic Restringing
digital range safety command system
Directed Studies
Deployment Readiness Test
Design Reference Trajectory
Diabetic Retinopathy Vitrectomy Study
Descent Stage
Design Sheet
Digit Span
Docking System
Direct Support Real Property Installed Equipment
Deep-Space Surveillance System
Demonstration Structural Article
Daily Study Bible
Double Side-Band
Differential Scanning Calorimeter
District School Counsellor
Digital Computer Switching Unit
Development Support Equipment
Disability Studies in Education
Derogatis Sexual Functioning Inventory
Distributed System Fault Tolerance
Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank
Distributed System Integration
Deep-Space Instrumentation Facility
Dsif Equipment
Display Keyboard
Design Specification List
Diminishing Source Notice
Design Secondary Objective
Detailed Secondary Objective
Detailed Supplementary Objective
Designated Subsystem Project Manager
Disability Studies Quarterly
Digital Subtraction Radiography
Dcds Support System
Deep-Space Station
Defence & Strategic Studies
Defense and Strategic Studies
Deliverable Survival Shelter
Department Summary Schedule
Documentation Support Services
Dedicated Solar Sortie Mission
Dimensional Special Tooling
Delta Spin Test Facility
Dilute Solution Viscometry
Doctor of Security Risk Management
Delayed Time
Drop Tank
Development Test and Evaluation
Data Test And Operation
Daisy Testability Analyzer
Development Test Article
Diagnostic Test Accuracy
Differential Thermal Analyzer
Division of Technical and Adult Education Services
Divisionsion of Technical and Adult Education Services
Digital Test Command System
Deliverable Test Equipment
Digital Television Equipment
Development Test Facility
Doctor of Theology and Ministry
Development Test Instrumentation
Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector.
Development Test And Mission Operations
Development Test And Mission Support
Digital Test Measurement System
Digital Test Monitor System
Design Test Objective
Detailed Test Objective
Detailed Test Plan
Detailed Test Procedure
Development Test Plan
Development Test Sensor
Diploma in Tourism Studies
Design Test Tool
Development Test Unit
Diabetes Trials Unit
Developmental Test Vehicle
Development Test Verification And Integration
Display Use Chain
Department Users Database
Doctor of the University
Duration of Untreated Psychosis
Division of Undergraduate Studies
Dalian University of Technology
Design Verification Experiment
Datavoice Data
Digital Video Engineering Professional
Delta Velocity Onoff
Delta Velocity System
Digit Vigilance Test
Delta Velocity Ullage
Developed Width
Diffusion Weighted
Double Weight
Department of Work and Pensions
Delayed Word Recall Test
Dog Wags Tail
Diabetes Experience
Digital Arts and Experimental Media
Dynamic Braking
Elastic Modulus
Elevation angle
Evaluation and Development
Electro-Optical And Data Systems Group
Engineering And Lab
Electrical And Mechanical
End To End
Education Assets Board.
Examinations Appeals Board
Early Analysis Capability
Early Analysis Capability Enhanced
Employee Action Circle
Energy-Absorbing Capacity
Experimental Apparatus Canister
Engineering Analysis and Data Systems
Experiment Agency Data Tape
Education Action Forum.
Eglin Air Force Base
European Area of Higher Education
Electronics Associates Incorporated
Egyptian Association For International Medical Studies
Equipment Airlock
Ethnic Affairs Priority Statement
Environmental Analysis Report
External assessors
Electric Automatic Support Equipment
Expert Activity Scheduling Environment
Electronic Application to Teach
Extravehicular Assist Teleoperator Robot
Equipment Bay
Expendable Booster
English Baccalaureate
English Baccalaureate
Expositor's Bible Commentary
Extended Binary-Coded Decimal
Emotional and Behavioral Difficulty
Employment-Based Initial Teacher Training.
Exceptional Basic Need.
Employment based route
Elastic Center
Enabling Command
Encoder Coupler
Equipment Change
Establishment Control
Excellence Cluster
Excellence Cluster.
Electronic Control Assembly
electronic Common Assessment Framework
Every Child a Reader.
Every Child a Talker.
Every Child a Writer.
Event Controlled Block
Every Child Counts.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Circuit Analysis Program
Electromagnetic Compatibility Computerized Analysis
Emergency Command Control Communications System
Electronic counter-countermeasure
Experiment Configuration Control Panel
Entry Corridor Display
Estimate At Completion Change Document
Enterprise and Careers Education Foundation
Electroepitaxial Crystal Growth
Earth-centered inertia
Emergency Communication Key
Electromagnetic Countermeasure
Electronic Countermeasure
Error Correcting Memory
Every Child Matters.
Electronic Casual Pay Claims
Equipment Change Record
Experiment Change Record
Experiment Concept Review
Engineering Contract Requirements Committee
Exponentially Corrected Random Variable
Effective Cross Section
Electrical Control Station
Extendable Computer System Simulator
Electronics and Communications Technology
Experiment Command Tape
extreme closeup
Education of Children and Young People in Public Care.
Epidemiology of Diabetes Complications
Electrical Distribution and Control System
Doctor of Education.
Error Detection and Decision Feedback
Electronic Data Interfacing
Electronic Data Interchange.
Electrical Discharge Machining
Extended-Duration Orbiter
Education Development Plan.
Executive Data Base System
Explosive Device System
Early Deployment System Concept
Education Departments’ Superhighways Initiative.
Expanded Disability Status Score
Electronic Theodolite System
Electric Depressurization Valve
Emergency Engineering
Experimental Evaluation
Early Excellence Centre.
Environmental Education Centre
Electrical Environmental And Communications
Electrical Environmental Consumables And Mechanical
Electronic Electrical And Electromechanical
EMU Electrical Harness
Enabling Education Network
Eye Ear Nose and Throat
Electronic Equipment Package
Electrically Erasable Read-Only Memory
Emotional Eating Scale
Earth Science
Emergency Egress Severance System
Emergency Egress Slide System
Electronic Control Assembly Engine Thrust
Equivalent Exposure Time
Electronicelectrical Termination Building
Extravehicular Excursion Unit
Emergency Egress Window System
Electronic Field
Earth-Fixed Coordinate System
Electronic Field Experiment
Effective Focal Length
English as a Foreign Language
Equivalent Focal Length
Esa-Furnished Property
Education Formula Spending.
Enrolment & Fees System
Education Finance Strategy Group.
engine failure sensing and shutdown system
Equivalent Full Time Study Load
Electronic Gimbal Box
Electrical Grapple Fixture
Electrical General Instrumentation And Lighting
Eccentric Geophysical Observatory
Eccentric Geophysical Observation
Experiment Ground Operations Requirements Document
European Glaucoma Prevention Study
Eglin Gulf Test Range
Electrohydraulic Actuator
Health Education
Extension Hose Mouthpiece
External Hydrogenoxygen Tank
Early Headship Provision
Existing Hardwaresoftware Data Base
Environmental Horticulture
Environmental Horticulture & Urban For
Urban Forestry
Experiment-Dedicated Heat Exchanger
Eating Inventory
Electronics Interface
End Item
Equatorial Ionization Anomaly
End Item Acceptance Test
Engineering Information Center
Experiment Interface Control Document
Industrial Arts
Energy Industry Fundamentals
European Institute of Japanese Studies
Erasmus Intensive Language Course
Early Intervention Programme.
Education Improvement Partnerships
Experiment Integration Review
Entrepreneurship in Technology
End Item Workbook
Extended Kalmar Filter
End of Key Stage descriptions
Extended-Life Attitude Control System
Electronic Leave Application and Processing System
Education and Library Board
Electrical Load Bank
Earth Limb Clutter
Electronic Learning Credits
Earth Limb Experiment
Early Learning Goal.
Early Learning Initiative
English Language Instruction Course for Overseas Students
Electronic Intelligence Satellite
English Language and Literature
English Literacy and Language Assessment
Experimental Logistics Module
Elastic-Loop Mobility System
Digital Equipment Corporation's Real-Time Operating Sn
Education Liaison Officer
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Earth Limb Radiance
Early Literacy Support.
Education, Learning, and Society
English Language Studies
External Lighting System
English Language Teaching Management
European Liver Transplant Registry
Enhanced Launch Vehicle Imaging System
English Language Workshop
Education and Learning Wales
Escape Motor
European Master
Extensive metabolizers
Electromechanical And Integrated Avionics Subsystem
Education Maintenance Allowance.
Electromagnetic Capability
Engineering and Manufacturing Aid
Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant
European Meeting on Ancient Ceramics
Ethnic Minority Achievement Programme.
Ethnic Minorities Achievement Service
Ethnic Minority Achievement Service.
Business Administration
Executive MBA
Electromagnetic Control
Equivalent Mission Cycle
Electromechanical Control Diagram
Electromagnetic Compatibility Frequency Analysis
Enhanced Multiplexerdemultiplexer
Enhanced Master Events Controller
Electrical Mechanical And Environmental Systems
Electromagnetic interface
Electromagnetic Launcher
Education Management Information Exchange.
Electromagnetic Interference Safety Margin
Efficient Mixed-Model Association
Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East
European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations
Enhanced MDM Pallet
Public Administration
Engine Mix Ratio
Excimer Moderate Raman-Shifted Laser Device
Ethnic Minority Recruitment Officer.
Educational Measurement & School Accountability Directorate
Enhanced Modular Signal Processor
Electrical Metallic Tubing
Ethnic Minority and Travellers Achievement Grant.
Education for Mutual Understanding
The National Association for Gallery Education
Engineering/Business Administration
Doctor of Engineering
English,Evening Degree Program
Engineering Visiting
Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis
En Route Nuclear Shuttle
Natural Science
Doctor of Enterprise
Business Admin
Environmental Design
Env Hlth: Occup & Envir Exposure Science
Env Hlth Env & Occupational Hygiene
Environmental & Occupational Health
Environmental Health
Environmental Hlth
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Environmental Health Technology
Environmental Health-Envrnmtl Toxicology
Environmental Health-Industrial Hygiene
Environmental Health-Safety & Ergonomics
Environmental St: Ecology & Conservation
Environmental St: Internatl Perspectives
Environmental St: Population and Health
Environmental St: Resources
Environmental Studies
Space Natural Environment Model
Environmental Management
Environmental Studies
Education New Zealand
Education Officer.
Electronic Operations
Equal Opportunities.
Engineering Order Accountability System
Edge Of Coverage
Electro-Optical Center
Electro-Optical Countermeasure
Electromagneticoptical Countermeasure
End-of-Course Test
End of Course Test
Extent of Disease
Earth observation data retrieval system
External Oxygen and Hydrogen Tank
Earth Orbital Mission
Earth Orbit Launch
Engineering Order Request For Quotation
End Of Refresh
Electronic Ocean Reconstruction Satellite
Earth-orbit Shuttle
Economy of Scale
Electrophoretic Separation
Electro-Optical Sensor Hardening
Earth-Orbital Space Station
Extravehicular Activity Operational Slide-Wire System
End of Therapy
End of Treatment
Education Other Than At School
Education Other Than At School.
Engineering Order To Follow
Electro-Optical Threat Sensor
Every Other Week
Educational Psychologist
Educational Psychologist.
Equivalent Person
Equivalent Personnel
electrical power and pyrotechnics subsystem
Employee Performance and Conduct
Educational Performance Analysis System
Educational Performance Analysis Software.
Estrogen in the Prevention of Atherosclerosis Trial
Electronic Parts Control
Electrical Power Conditioning Distribution And Control
Electrical Power Distribution and Control
Early Professional Development.
electrical power distribution and control subsystem
Established Populations for the Epidemiologic Study of the Elderly
Established Population for the Epidemiologic Study of the Elderly
Electrical Power Generation And Control Subsystem
Electrical Power Generation Subsystem
Epidemiology Global Health
Epidemiology International Health
Epidemiology Maternal & Child Health
Epidemiology: Clinical Research
European Prospective Investigation into Cancer
Extended-Performance Infrared Search Set
Expected Power Level
Electronic Electrical And Electromechanical Parts List
Education Plan Monitoring
Enlisted Professional Military Education
Pre Major
Political Science
Educational Personnel Preparation Advisory Committee
Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre.
Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology
Electrical Powerpyro Sequential System
Etudes préliminaires aux religions orientales
Education Psychology Service
Educational Psychology Team
Evoked Potentials
Electrical Power System Test Facility
Environmental Proof Test
Explosive Powered Tool
European Peace University
Experiment Planning Working Group
Electronic Control Assembly Pitch And Yaw
Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an
Evangelical Quarterly
Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Established Reliability
Extended Reliability
Engine Receiving And Inspection
Education Reform Act
European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students.
Erb Action Item
Employee Recognition Center
Electrochemically Regenerable Co2 Absorber And
Energy Resources Control Board
Employee Relations Case System
Edwards rocket engine test site
Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration
Educational Resources Information Centre.
Exoatmospheric Reentry Vehicle Interceptor
Endoatmospheric Reentry Vehicle Interceptor System
Exoatmospheric Research Interceptor System
Electronic Registration Number
Entwicklungts Ring Nord Organization Space Division Of Eum Vfw-Fokker-Mannheim Germany
Education Reform Order
Educational Reimbursement Program
Elevator Reference Plane
Event-related potential
Event Related Potential
Electrical Resistance Requirement
Expendability Recoverability And Repair Capability
Equipment Replacement and Refurbishment Plan
Earth Resource Satellite
Experimental Reentry Vehicle
Earth Sensor
Educational Studies
Equal Section
Educated Spoken Arabic
European Studies Association
Education Strategy Committee
Employee Service Centre
European Studies Centre
Ethnicity, Social Class, Gender and Achievement.
Electronic Spacecraft Simulator
Air Force Electronic Systems Division
Electronics Systems Division
External Sensor Data Processing
EVA Support Equipment
Education and School Improvement Service
Elite Study in Taiwan
English as a second language.
Electronic Support Measure
Environmental Systems Monitor
Experiment Support Module
Air Force Eastern Space And Missile Center
Environmental And Special Measurements Systems
Education Supervision Order.
Society & Justice
English for Speakers of Other Languages
English for Speakers of Other Language
Education Strategic Plan (Wales).
Environmental Sensing Platform
European Strategy and Policy Analysis System
English-Swedish Parallel Corpus
Speech Communications
Speech and Hearing Therapy
Speech & Hearing Sciences
Early Support Pilot Programme.
Enhanced Score Report
Equipment Status Report
Economic and Social Research Council.
Early Space Station
Earth and Space Sciences
Education Standard Spending.
Emergency Survival System
Exercise & Sport Studies
Exercise and Sports Science
Electrically Steerable Spherical Array
Essential Secondary Science Assessment
European Society for Sexual and Impotence Research
European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism
Electronic System Test Facility
Eyepiece Storage Unit
Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source
Education Services for the Visually Impaired
Educational Social Worker.
Education Social Worker
Education Social Work Service
Element Test
Exposure Therapy
Educational Testing and Assessment Systems
Ethics Theology and Citizenship.
Greenbelt Maryland
Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory
Equipment Transferchange Order
Evolutionary Terminal Defense
Education and Training Development Agenda.
Early Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy Study
External Thermal Environment Data Base
End-To-End Engagement Model
Eglin Test Facility
Education & Training International
Education and Training Inspectorate
Elapsed-Time Indicator
Education and Training Information Services
Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses
Elapsed-Time Meter
Exam Timetable Management System
Estimated Time Of Correction
Enterprise Training Program
Environmental Test Plan
Electronic Control Assembly Thrust Vector Pitch And Yaw
Early Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity
Environmental Test Readiness Review
Excellent Teacher Scheme.
Estimated Time Of Track
External Tank Umbilical Disconnect
Electrical Test Vehicle
Endotoxin Units
European Union Center
European Union Center of Excellence
European University Institute
European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
General Studies:European Studies
International Studies: Europe
European Consortium Communications Satellite
Extreme Ultraviolet Experiment
Entry Vehicle
Expendable Vehicle
Experiment Version 88
Earned-Value Analysis
Extravehicular Activity System
External Visual Display Equipment
Humanities Evening
Earth-Viewing Module
Extravehicular Mobility Unit
Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory
European Value Survey
Evening Social Science
Extravehicular Suit Telecommunications
Energy-To-Weight Ratio
Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures
Engineering Wring-out Meeting
Electrode Wear Rate
Education Welfare Service
Extended Workweek
Exchange Business Administration
Exchange Electrical Engineering
Expert Cable
Echelon-Cross-Echelle Spectrograph
Exchange Hardware
Expert Drawing Matching System
Exploration Medical Capability
Public Administration
Experiment Operator
Extended Pre Business Administration
Extended Pre Engineering
Extended Pre Nursing
Expedite Processing of Experiments to the Space Station
Experiment Terminal
Ascent Trajectory
Exchange UW Bothell
Early Years.
Early Years and Childcare Service
Floating Point
Fabrication and Assembly
Fill and Drain
Facility and Environment
Further and Higher Education
Fluids and Propulsion
Fabrication And Assembly
Feedback Analysis
Final Approach
Final Assembly
First Approach And Landing Test
Flight-Critical Aft
Flight Acceptance
Fuel-To-Air Ratio
Fuel Additive Blender Unit
Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation
First-Article Configuration Inspection
First-Article Configuration Review
Final Assembly Closeout Systems Installation
Family & Community Services
First-Address Control Table
FDF Automated Control and Tracking System
Final Approach Equipment
Further and Adult Education Training Certificate
Final Assembly Fixture
Fabrication Assembly And Inspection Record
Fly-Along Infrared
Facility Area Layout
Formatting And Multiplexing Equipment
FDF Automated Monitoring System
Fuel Additive Moisture Unit
Fair Access Protocol
Forward Acquisition Sensor
Funding Agency for School
Field Bulletin
Fleet Broadcast
fixed-base crew station
Field-Base Visit
Facility Control
Field Change Analysis
Flow Control Assembly
Fracture Control Board
Federation of Children's Book Groups
Flexible Confined Detonating Cord
Final Critical Design Review
Fast-Cycle Executive
FCI Time Element
Feeder Control Logic
Fluid Coolant Loop
Flow Control Module
Facility Control and Monitor Console
Foot-Controlled Maneuvering Unit
Fuel Cell Propellant
Facility Change Request
Flight Display Crt
Front Crew System
Fuel Cell System Test Facility
Filament Center Tap
Format Control Word
Face of Drawing
Field Of Drawing
Foundation school.
Functional Designator
Facility Data Base
Fault Detectionfault Isolation
Fault Detection Isolation Identification And
Fault Detection Identification and Recovery
Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery
Fault Detectionisolation And Reconfiguration
Final Design Load Cycle
Frequency Domain Multiplexer
Foundation special school
fluid distribution system control unit
Final Design Status Review
Full-Duplex Teletype
Simultaneous Two-Way Full-Duplex Channel
Flight Execution
Flight Executive
Force Execution
Fourth Entry Battery
Further Education Competitiveness and Development Fund.
Further Education Collaboration Fund.
Further Education Funding Council.
Final Experiment Concept Review
Further Education Development Agency.
Failure Effects Evaluation
first-element launch
finite-element model
Facilities And Environmental Measurement Component Parts
Further Education National Training Organisation.
First Episode Psychosis
Further Education Sector Institution
Fixed Term Exclusions from school
Fair Funding
Flight-Critical Forward
Forecasting Funding
Free Flyer
Full Field
Full Functional
Fragile Families and Child Well-being Study
Final Factory Functional
Fat-Free Mass Index
fat free mass index
Farms for Schools
Fire and Fire Surrogate
Family-Focused Treatment
Frame Format Table
Focal Group Discussion
Fetal growth restriction
Failed Hardover
Fixed-Head Tracker
Fault Identification
Field Intensity
Familial Intracranial Aneurysm
Frequency, Intensity, and Burden of Side Effects Rating
Families in Cultural Transition
First Infirst Out
Family Interview for Genetic Studies
Federal Item Identification Number
Facility Integration And Installation Working Group
Feature Identification and Location Equipment
Field Instruction Memorandum
Business Administration
Family Investigation of Nephropathy and Diabetes
Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Revised
Fuel Indicator Reading
Far Infrared Sky Survey Experiment
Facility Interface Sheet
Fatigue Impact Scale
Flood Insurance Studies
Facility Inspection Shakedown Acceptance
Fisheries Visiting Student
Functional Integrated System Test
Freiburg Intervention Trial for Obese Children
Family Learning
Feed Line
Flow Line
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Foreign Language Annals
Flexible Assignment Generator
functional language articulated interactive resource
Foreign Language Area Studies
Flexible Delivery Service Agencies
Fatty Liver Improvement with Rosiglitazone Therapy
Frustum-Lifting Lug Kit
Family Literacy, Language and Numeracy
Flexible Linear-Shaped Charge
Financial Mathematics
First Mold
Fluid Module
Fracture Mechanics
Frequency Modulated
Fluid Management and Distribution
Final Mission Analysis Review
Forward Motor Controller
Forward Motor Controller Assembly
Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave
Fixed-Module Drive
Flight Mechanics Dynamics And Control
Flexible Multiplexerdemultiplexer
Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analysis
Frequency Modulationfrequency Multiplexing
Forest Management
Field Modification Kit
Fixed Multipurpose Application Console
Frequency Modulationphase Modulation
Faith Maturity Scale
Film and Media Studies
Food Management Subsystem
Fugl-Meyer Scale
Functional Master Schedule
FM Transmitter
Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies
Fear of Negative Evaluation
Fleet Numeric Oceanography Center
Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center
Fail Operating
Fast Operating
Flat Oval
Folia Orientalia
Fuel Oxidizer
Fail Operationalfail Operationalfail Safe
Fail Operationalfail Safe
Fundamentals of Accounting
Florida Obsessive Compulsive Inventory
Final Operational Concept Review
Fiber-Optic Demonstration System
First-order hold
Field Operations Installation
Field Operations Memorandum
Flight Operations Management Room
Facility Operations Plan
Follow-On Production
Follow-On Parts Production
Field Of Regard
Forest Engineering
Forest and Ecological Engineering
Doctor of Forensic Clinical Psychology
Doctor of Forensic Psychology Practice
Forest Resources:Forest Products
Forest Resources
Environmental & Forest Sc & Astrobiology
Environmental and Forest Sciences
Forest Res
Forest Sciences
Forestry Visiting Grad
Forestry Wood & Fiber Science
Federation of School Community Organisations
facility operation scheduling and monitoring system
Fine Pointer
Flat Panel
Focal Plane
Foundation Programme
Functional Path
Foreign Policy Analysis
Fundamental Payroll Certification
Focal Plane Drive Electronics
Fast-Pulse Electron Gun
Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination
Foot Posture Index
Fuel Pressure Indicator
Field Preinstallation Test
Fetch Pointer List
Future Projects Office
floating-point processor
Fixed Special-Purpose Radar
Focal Plane Signal Processor
Fine-Pointing Sun Sensor
Floating-Point Unit
FSD PLanning Working GRoup
Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area
Final Qualification Review
Formal Qualification Review
Fast Release
Final Review
Flared Rudder
Fully Reusable
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Failure Reporting Analysis And Corrective Action
Fixed Radio Control
Framework for Regional Employment and Skills Action
Foundation for Real Estate Students from Holland
Facility Requirements Manager
French Studies
Figure Rating Scale
Framingham Risk Score
Frequency Response Test
Functional Reach Test
Fixed Silo
Fluid System
Foundation Stage
Future Security Strategy Study
Final-Stage Acceptance
Frequency Standard Assembly
Fairchild Space Company
Film Study Center
Frequency Synthesizer and Distribution Unit
Flareshallow Glide Slope
Fixed Superhard
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
Foundation for the Study of Infant Death
Frequency Shift Key
First Sea-Level Test
Free School Meals
Free School Meals.
Free Standing Mathematics Qualification.
Facility Security Officer
Foundation Stage Profile
Foundation Stage Profile.
Free-Space-Path Loss
Final Systems Review
Flood Studies Report
Formula Spending Share
for Social Studies
Full-Scale Station
Future Strategic Systems Study
Family & Society Studies Worldwide
Frequency Standard Test Set
Facility Security Office
Factor of Safety Ultimate
Factor of Safety Yield
Frequency Synthesizer Unit
Flight Space Vehicle
Family Social Worker
Foreign Service Written Exam
Fast Track
Fine Tracker
Fault-Tree Analysis
Florida Teacher Certification Examinations
Florida Teacher Certification Exams
Florida Teacher Certification Exam
Foreign Technology Division Us Air Force
Full-Time Equivalent.
Full-Time Education and Training.
Field Test Force Director
Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence
Foreign Technology Office
full-throttle position
Functional Test Progress
Far-Term Study
Far-Term System
Functional Test Specification
Field Test Telescope
Functional Technology Validation Experiment
Federal Unemployment Insurance
Flight Unit Test
Flight Version
Incremental Change In Velocity
Fuel Vent And Drain System
Fuel Vapor Scrubber System
Flexible Work Arrangements
Filament-Wound Case
Ground Rules And Constraints
Guidance and Control Equipment Performance
Guidance and Control Integration
Guidance and Navigation System
Gifted & Talented.
Gulfstream II
Ground To Air
Ground To Ground
Gpc Memory
Gravity Acceleration Due To Gravity
Ground To Air To Ground
Groundairborne Igs Terminal
Guardian Ad Litem. An adult who is legally responsible
Government Aerospace Systems Division
General Ascent Trajectory And Sizing Program
Gimbal Angle Surface Position Indicator
Generic Automatic Test Equipment
Ground Acceptance Test Procedure
Ground Article Test Procedure
Gate-Assisted Turnoff Thyristor
Gn&C Annunciation Interface
Governing Bodies Association
Global Burst Detector
Ground-Based OTV
Ground-Based Surveillance System
Gyro Bias Calibration Value
Gimbal Case
Ground Contact
Ground Controller
Guidance and Control
Guidance Coupler Assembly
Greatest Common Divisor
Gyrocompass Desired Cluster Orientation
Ground Checkout Display And Control System
General Certificate of Education Advanced Level
GPS Cargo Element
General Certificate of Education Advanced Supplementary
Gird Change Notice
Ground Command Post
Group Command Post
General Dynamics Astronautics
Gimbal Drive Actuator
Gimbal Drive Assembly
Goldstone California
General Electric Aerospace Electronics Systems
General Electric Burroughs
Generic Electronics Module
Geometric Modeler
Geodetic Satellite In Polar Geosynchronous Orbit
Goddard Experiment Support System
Grants for Education, Support and Training.
Ground Equipment Test Set
Gauge Factor
Gases Fluids And Propellants
Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft
Generalized Filter Program
glass-fiber-reinforced plastic
Graphite-Fiber-Reinforced Plastic
Ground to Ground
Ground Half-Coupling
General-Purpose Computer Interface Adapter
Graphical Issue-Based Information System
GSE Interface Definition Document
Glucose Infusion Rate
Guided Independent Study
Great Lakes Air Deposition
Grade Level Content Expectations
Gifted Learning Disabled students
Good Level of Development
Ground Locator Laser Designator
Generalized Linear Mixed Models
Global Health
Good Laboratories Practice
Good Laboratory Practices
Ground Launch Sequencer
Gypsy Lore Society
Grade Lymphoma Study Group
Goddard Laser Tracking Network
Ground Motion
Global MBA
Ground Mobile Control Center
Ground Mobile Launch Control Center
Gimbal Module Electronics
Gpc Memory
Ground Module Force
Ksc Stdn Station
Grant Maintained Integrated Status
Ground Stdn Management Information System
General Measurement Loop
Geometrical Math Model
Grant Maintained Schools Advisory Committee.
Grant Maintained Schools Foundation.
Geometric Mean Titers
Geometric Mean Titers
Guidance and Navigation Control System
Guidance Navigation And Control Subsystem
GN&C Flight Test Station
GN&C Test Station
GN&C Integration Simulator
Gn&C Simulation
Guy's Neurological Disability Scale
Guidance and Navigational Electronics
G&N Indicator Control
Guidance And Navigation Simulator
Guidance Navigation System
Greek New Testament
Global Optimization
Ground Operations Control Area
Government-Owned Contractor-Operated
Ground Operating Equipment
Ground Outfitting Equipment
Geostationary Observational Environmental Satellite
Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index
Ksc Ground Operations Manager At Dfrf Wsmr
Ground Operations and Material Management System
Ground Operations Management System
Guild of One-Name Studies
Guild of One Name Studies
Ground Operations Panel
Ground Operations Plan
Ground Operations Review
Ground Operations System
Ground Operations Planning Group
Ground Operations Requirements Document
Ground Operations Review Panel
Ground Operations Requirements Plan
Ground Operation Readiness Review
Ground Observer RF System
Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended
Ground Operational Support Plan
ground operational support requirements plan
Ground Operational Support System
Government Office of Yorkshire and Humberside
General Publication
Grooved Pegboard
General-Purpose Buffer Interface Module
Gel Permeation Chromatography
Graduate Program Committee
Gyro Pulse Count
Grapheme-phoneme correspondences
Global Perspectives Inventory
General-Purpose Mission Equipment
Global Positioning And Nuclear Detection System
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Rx Gps User Receiver
General-Purpose Simulator System
general-purpose system simulator
General-Purpose Visual Simulator
Grooved Pegboard Test
General-purpose Test Equipment
Ground Rule
Governance, Risk and Ethics
Group for Research on Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Ground Radar Calibration Equipment
Bothell Graduate Visiting Student
Graduate Visiting
Tacoma Graduate Visiting Student
Goddard Range and Range Rate
Ground Detector
Government and Related Employees Appeals Tribunal
Grant Reduction of Infant Class Sizes
Group Not Counted
General Radiotelephone Operator License
General Radiotelephone Operators License
Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility
Government Records Repository
Graphical Representation of Relationships
Global Receiving System
Greek and Roman Studies
Gypsy/Roma Traveller.
Gypsy, Roma Traveller Achievement Programme.
Graduate and Registered Teacher Programme
Gro Remote Terminal System
Graduate Unassigned
Gender Studies
General Studies
Generalized System
Ii Generalized System Ii
Graduate Studies
Girls’ School Association
Governor's School for the Arts
Geosynchronous Satellite
General Schools Budget
General Schools Budget.
German, Scandinavian, and Dutch
Goldstone Duplicate Standard
Evening Degree Program, Humanities
Evening Degree Program, Social Science
Government Support Equipment
General Systems Engineering and Integration
Global Studies in Education Digest
Ground Support Equipment Recommendation Data
Global Studies Foundation
Gyro Scale Factor
Ground Systems Integration Group
Global Security and Intelligence Studies
Ground Station Link Survivability
Great Smoky Mountains Study
Graduate Studies Office
General Studies Programme
Ground Safety Plan
Guidance Signal Processor-Repeater
Ground Systems Project Office
Global Solar Radiation
Girl Scouts Research Institute
Geosynchronous Space Station
Global Seasonality Score
Government Systems Sector
Graduate Students Society
General Systems Simulation Center
General Service Stock Fund
ground support systems installation and checkout
group support systems integration and checkout
Saudi Arabian Communications Satellite
Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education
Ground System Test Procedure
Ground-Based Surveillance And Tracking Sagement
General Student Visa
Glove Stop Valve
ground station visibility of orbiting objects
General Scottish Vocational Qualification.
Gain Versus Temperature
Ratio Of Antenna Gain To Receiver Noise Temperature
Gas Tungsten Arc
Ground Test Assembly
Ground Test Facility
General Teaching Council
General Teaching Council for England
General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland.
General Teaching Council for Scotland.
General Teaching Council for Wales.
Get Through Guides
Government-Furnished Target Launch Vehicle
Generic Technical Order
Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit
General Test Plan
GraduateTraining Programme
Green tea polyphenols
GN&C Test Station
GNS Test Station
Guidance Test Station
Group Technology Time
Global Trade, Transportation & Logistics
Graduate Teacher Training Registry
Ground Test Vehicle
Ground Transport Vehicle
Gimbal Angle And Translational Velocity Indicator
Gazi University
Genital ulcer diseases
GSE Utilization List
Guided Unified S-Band
Global Urban Studies Program
General Work Area
Altitude Rate
Hardened and Dispersed
Homing and Kill
Health and Safety.
Horizontal Cargo Integration Test Equipment
Hamilton Standard
Horizon Scanner
Horizon Sensor
Hazardous Area
Higher Authority
Holistic Assessment
High-Altitude Abort
High-Altitude Attitude Determination System
High-Altitude Attitude Reference System
High-Altitude Burst
Hyperactive Children’s Support Group
Heat-Actuated Device
Hyperactivity Disorder.
High-Order Articulated Language
High-Altitude Large Optics
High-order Assembly Language for Shuttle
Handling and Moving Procedure
Higher attaining pupil
Honeywell Array Processor
Hazard Analysis Report
high-altitude Sensor
Hold-Down Alignment Support
High-Altitude Surveillance Concept
High-Altitude Supersonic Target
History of Art and Visual Culture
Health Action Zone.
Hierarchical Bayesian
Half-Beam Bandwidth
Henry Bradshaw Society
Heflex Bioengineering Test
High-Cycle Fatigue
hardness-critical item
Hard-Copy Module
High-Carbon Steel
Holman Christian Standard
High-Carbon Steel Heat-Treated
Hypertension Detection and Follow-up Program
Handbuch der Orientalistik
Hold-Down Post
Hydrogen Disposal System
High-Energy Astrophysics
High Explosive On Target
Health Education Authority.
Head Teachers Leadership and Management Programme
The Head teachers’ Leadership and Management Programme
High Energy Astronomy Observer
High-Energy Aimpoint
Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art & Architecture
High Endoatmospheric Defense System Simulator
High Endo Designation Sensor
High Endoatmospheric Event-Based Simulation
High Endo Simulation
Higher Education Funding Council for Northern Ireland.
Higher Education Funding Council for Scotland.
Helium Gauge
Helium Gauge Valve
Higher Education Institution.
High-Energy Laser Computerized Unmanned Space
High-Energy Laser Fluence
Hardware Evaluator Man In Loop
Honeywell Electro-Optical Operations
High Endo Designator Sensor
High-Efficiency Particle Accumulator
high-efficiency particle air
Higher Education Regional Development Fund
Higher Education Reach Out Fund.
Higher Education Register System
High-Energy Squib Simulator
Higher Education Web Enquiry
Developmental 6-Axis Imu
High-Frequency Accelerometer
Hydrogen Fluoride Continuous Wave
Hydrogen Fluoridedeuterium Fluoride
Human Factors Development Plan
High-Frequency Executive
Household Food Insecurity Access Scale
High-Fidelity Mockup
High-Fidelity Simulator
Hardened Focal Plane
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
High-Frequency Recovery Antenna
High-Frequency Resistance Welding
Hyperfine structure
High-Frequency Transceiver
High-Gain Antenna System
Hemophilia Growth and Development Study
Hand-Held Maneuvering Unit
Hearing Impairment
Honeywell Incorporated
Health Information Administration
High-Brightness Relay
Handbook of Instructions for Ground Equipment Designers
Health Informatics&Hlth Information Management
Human in the loop
Head teachers’ Induction Programme
Hot Isostatic Press
Hierarchy Plus Input Process And Output
Hadith and Islamic Studies
Hispanic Studies
History: Empire and Colonialism
History: Religion and Society
History: War and Society
History,Evening Degree Program
Hierarchical Integrated Test Simulator
High-Rate Multiplexer Input And Output Test System
Hyperkinetic disorder.
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies
Hit-To-Kill Vehicle
Hard Line
Hearing and Language Centre
Hybrid Load Controller
High-Level Control Module
Hypergolic Maintenance Area
Hard Mobile Basing
Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools.
Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector
Head-Mounted Device
Hybrid Mouse Diversity Panel
Home Economics Education
Her Majesty's Inspector
Her Majesty’s Inspector
Hardened Mobile Launcher
Healthy Minds Matter
Hydrazine Monopropellant
Helmet-Mounted Multipurpose Applications Control
Hazard Monitor System
Her Majesty’s Stationery Office
HUrricane Mesa Test Track
Higher National Certificate.
Hopkins-Nanjing Center
High-Precision Numerical-Controlled Oscillator
Head Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Hunan Normal University
Health Occupations Aptitude Exam
Heads of Departments
Homing Optical Experiment
Holographic Laboratory Brassboard
Hardened Optical Sensor Test Bed
Health Occupations Science Technology
Hebrew Old Testament
Handover Word
High Pass
Hydrogen Purge
Pressure Altitude
Handling and Positioning Aid
High-Power Amplifier Unit
High-power antenna
high payload baseline reference mission
Corrected Pressure Altitude
Highest Probable Frequency
High-Pressure Fuel Turbopump
High-pressure Gas
High-Pressure Gas System
High-Performance Insulation
Heat Pipe Instrumentation and COntrol System
High-Pressure Oxidizer Pump
High-Pressure Oxidizer Turbopump
Health Promoting School Project.
High Performing Specialist School.
High-Pressure Test
High-Pressure Valve
Hole Peg Test
High-Power Unit
Hydraulic Propulsion Unit
Uncorrected Pressure Altitude
Hazard Ratios
Hydrogen Relief
Heat Rejection and Transport
High-Rate Acquisition Assembly
Human Resources Development.
High-Rate Demultiplexer
Health Related Fitness
Hemispherical Resonating Gyro
Human Rights
High-Resolution Infrared Radiometer
Hand-Held Radiation Meter
Human Resources Management.
High-Resolution Mirror Assembly
Bus Admin
Heart Rate Recovery
Hazard ratios
High Risk Study
Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety
High-Resolution Solar Observatory
Hr&T System
Hard Silo
Heat Suppression
Hot Short
Haitian Studies Association
Heat Shield Abort
Heat Shield Boost
Home School Agreement
Health Services/Business Administration
House Spacecraft
Doctor of Health Science
High-Speed Communications Subsystem
Heat Shield Entry
Health Services
Health Services
Health Services Health Education
Health Services Community Practice
Health Services International Health
Health Services Maternal&Child Health
Health Services-Health & Policy Research
Health Services-Health Care&Pop Hlth Res
Health Services-Health Pol Anlys & Proc
Health Services-Health Systems & Policy
Health Services-Social & Behavioral Sci
Hypergolic Servicing Facility
Human Studies Film Archives
High-Speed Gear
High Sustained G's
Human Society and Its Environment
Hermetically Sealed Integrating Gyroscope
Hardware And Software Integration Review
Home School Liaison Officer
Harvard Semitic Monographs
Harvard Semitic Monograph
Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences
High-Speed Printer
Huygens Scholarship Programme
Heat-Shield Recovery
Heat-Source Reentry Vehicle
High Stressstrain
Hardened Space Sensor Model
Home Sleep Tests
History of Empire and Colonialism
Hypergolic System Test Facility
History of Religion and Scoiety
History of Race, Gender, and Power
History of Science
History of Science, Technology, Medicine
History of War and Society
Hypersonic Vehicle
Hadamard Transform
Hazardous Top-Level Event
High-Throughput Mission
Headship Training Plan
H-II Transfer Vehicle
Hunan University of Arts and Science
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Humanities, Evening Degree Program
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Hazardous Vapor Detection System
High-Voltage Electronics
High-Velocity Impact
Hydraulic Valve Module
Hypervelocity Missile
Honeywell Verification Simulation Facility
Holidays, Vacation, and Sick Leave
Holidays Vacation And Sick Leave
Half Word
Head wind
Hot Wire
Hammersmith and West London College
Hypersonic Wind Tunnel
Hyperfiltration Wash Water Recovery System
Heat Exchanger
Hard X-ray Imaging Spectrometer
Hydraulic Subsystem
Hybrid Programmable Attitude Control Electronics
Hyperspectral Infrared Imager
Hybrid Satellite
Hybrid Sensor Experimental Satellite
In Phase
Integer Valve
Integration And Checkout
Installation And Checkout
Instrumentation And Communication
Information And Electronics System
Inlet And Outlet
In Phase And Quadrature
Inspect And Review
Interchangeability And Replaceability
Instrumentation And Range Safety
Interchangeability and Substitutability
Initialization Load
Initial load
Isoplanar Integrated Injection Logic
Industrial Arts
Input Axis
Inverter Assembly
Issuing Agency
Integration Assembly And Test
IUS Assembly Building
Installation Assembly And Checkout
Interactive Facility
Indicated Admissions Limit.
Institutional Area Network
International Association of Near-Death Studies
Improved Auxiliary Power Unit
Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
Inverteratcs Support Structure
Inner Button
International Baccalaureate.
Impurity-Band Conductor
Individual Behaviour Plan.
Implementation Baseline Review
Industry Cases
Inertial Component
Initial Condition
Integration Cell
Interim Change
IOC Chamber
Interim Change Analysis
International Curriculum and Assessment Agency
Intelligent Cai
Increased-Capability Adaptive Payload Carrier
Initiated Corrective Action Report
IMAX Cargo Bay Camera
Indigenous Coordination Centre
Intensified Ccd
Intercenter Communication Working Group
Interstitial Cystitis Data Base
Instrumentationcommunication Equipment
Instrumentcommunication Equipment
Instrument Checkout Equipment
Intercommunicationemergency Station
Industry Curriculum Frameworks Information Package
Institute of Careers Guidance.
International Committee of Harmonization
Integrated Cargo Hazard Assessment
Interim Configuration Inspection
Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies
International Center for Language Studies
International Courtly Literature Society
Instrumentation And Communication Monitor
International Conference on Management of Infrastructure
ICFAI Center for Management Research
Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies
Intercomputer Network
Integrated-Communication Officer
Integrated Checkout
International Curricula Organization
ICS Control Program
Indicator Control Panel
Interface Control Panel
International Center for Prison Studies
Inductance Capacitance And Resistance
Interface Compatibility Record
International Conflict Resolution
Interface Change Review Board
International Council on Radiation Protection
Indonesia Consortium for Religious Studies
Institute of Computer Studies
Instrumentation Control System
Integrated Case Study
Integrated Children’s System
Intercommunication System
Interphone Control Station
Interpretive Computer Simulator
International Center for Studies in Creativity
Infant Class Size Plan.
International Center for the Study of Radicalisation
International Carotid Stenting Study
Influence Coefficient Test
Industrial and Commercial Training Council
Inertial Component Temperature Controller
Inertial Component Test Equipment
In-Flight Calibration Unit
International Centre for Vocational Education and Training
Integrated Diagnostic
Interactive Discrimination
Iron deficiency
Integrated Displays And Controls
Id&C Subsystem
Inspection Damage And Discrepancy
In-suit Drink Bag
International Diploma in Business
Interdivision Change Proposal
International Diploma in Computer Studies
Improvement and Development Agency.
International Space Station Downlink Enhancement Architecture
initial design and evaluation analysis system
Independent Design And Evaluation Of Advanced Spacecraft
Institut Dominicain d'Etudes Orientales
Italian Diabetes and Exercise Study
Instrumentation Data Item
Indentured Drawing List
Interactive Distance Learning
Identity Management
Intermediate Depot Maintenance Requirements
Intermediate And Depot Maintenance Requirements Document
Interdivisional Operation
I-Load Data Pack
Inclusion and Development Programme.
Integrated Data Processing
Intl Development Policy and Management
Interim Design Review
I-Load Data Set
Institute for Disability Studies
Integrated Design Support
International and Diplomatic Studies
Institute for Defense Security and Peace Studies
Initial Design Status Review
Interdivisional Support Request
Integrated Design Support System
Integrated Diagnostic Support System
Image Detector Tube
Image Dissector Tube
Independent External Adjudicator.
Indigenous Education Agreement
Industry Education Advisory Committee
Indigenous Employment Centre
Interfaith Education Centre
International Education Council
Induced-Environment Contamination Monitor
Igloo Environment Control Subsystem
Interacting Equipment Document
Indigenous Education Direct Assistance Program
International Education Expo
Incapacitated Emergency Egress Practice
International Education Financial Aid
International Education Fee Scholarship
Integrated Experiment Functional Test
International English Language Testing Systems
The International English Language Testing System
Intrasystem Electromagnetic Compatibility
Informal Economy Monitoring Study
Individual Education Programme
Individualised Education Program
Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies
Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies
Institute for Environmental Sciences
International Education Studies
International Education Strategy
Instrumentation and Electronic Systems Division
Internal Fault
International Forestry
Integrated Functions Assessment Steering Committee
International Foundation Certificate
International Foundation Courses and English Language Studies
Interfacility Data Link
Isoelectric Focusing Experiment
Identification Friend Foe
Intermediate Frequencyfrequency Division Multiplexer
Identification Friend Foe Neutral
Invasive Fungal Infection
Intergroupe Francophone du Myelome
Instrument Field of View
Increased Flexibility Programme.
International Foundation Programme
Impact and Flotation System
Institute of French Studies
Integrated FEP Simulator
Intermediate Forward Test Equipment
International Foundation Year
Internal Guidance
Inner Gimbal
Inscriptiones Graecae
Instrument Ground
Interactive Gaming Center
Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
Interim GDR
Interior Geophysical Data Record
Image Generating Equipment
Instrumentation Ground Equipment
Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies
Iterative Guidance Mode
Integrated Guidance Navigation And Control
Interlinear Greek New Testament
Instituteuctional Goals and Objectives
Instructional Goals and Objectives
Interactive Graphic Orbit System
Intergimbal Assembly
International Graduates Scheme
IONDS global segment
Instrument Ground Support Equipment
Inlet Guide Valve
Interface Hazard Analysis
Indigenous Higueer Education Units
Integrated Hardwaresoftware Review
Interim Hypersonic Test Vehicle
Identity & Interaction
Implementing Instruction
Intensive Intermediate
Investors in Children
International Institute for Education
International Institute for Political and Economic Studies
In-Orbit Plane
Inventory of Interpersonal Problems
Inspection Item Sheet
International Institute for Security Studies
Institute for International Studies and Training
Institute of Indology and Tamil Studies
International Journal of Educational Research and Technology
inner keel
Internal Letter
Individual Learning Accounts.
International Liver Congress
Institute for the Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
integrated launch checkout and control system
Intermediate-Level Maintenance Facility
Integrated Logistics Operations
Individual Learning Plan
Individual Learner Record
Integral Launch and Reentry Vehicle
Institute for Latino Studies
Integrated Liberal Studies
Integrated Logistics System And Logistics A
Integrated Logistics Support Analysis
Integrated Logistics Support Concept
Integrated Logistics Support Concept Plan
Integration Of Lethality Studies Into Model
Integrated Life Science Shuttle Experiment
Integrated Logistics Support Working Group
Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Imprecisely Located Targetrelocatable Target
Illinois Licensure Testing System
Imatinib Mesylate
Infrastructure Module
Ischemia-Modified Albumin
Ischemia Modified Albumin
Information Management Assimilation And Delivery System
Integrated Medicalbehavioral Laboratory Measurement
Integrated Mission Control Center
Integrated Master Control Record
Integrated Monitoring and Diagnostics System
International Migration and Ethnic Relations
Institute for Middle East Strategic Studies
Industrial Modernization Incentive Program
Inner Mold Line
Initial Mass in Low Earth Orbit
International Master in Management of Information Technology
Inflatable Micrometeoroid Paraglider
Interplanetary Monitoring Platform
Integrated Material Productivity Action
Interim Mission Reconfiguration Base
Inspection Modification And Repair Order
Inhibit Main Store
Institute for Marine Studies
Interactive Media Studies
International Medicine Studies
International Magnetospheric Study
Interplanetary Monitor Satellite
International Multiple Sclerosis Genetics Consortium
Institute of Management Studies and Research
In-Flight Medical Supply System
Integrated Mission Simulation Test
Injury Management Team
Integrated Manufacturing Test Facility
IMU Ground Support Equipment
Inertial Measurement Unit Prelaunch Monitor
Intelligent Machining Work Station
Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Studies
Input Bit
Installation Notice Card
Installation Notification Certificate
International Review of Curriculum and Assessment Frameworks
Inflammatory Neuropathy Cause and Treatment
Instrumentation and Communication Officer
Independent School
Institute for New Democracies
Incoming Data
Industrial Engineering
Individualized Studies
Integrated Near-Earth Network
Informatics: Human-Computer Interaction
Informatics: Information Assurance & Cybersec)
Informatics: Information Architecture
Initialization and Checkout
Inertial Reference
Inelastic Neutron Scattering
India Communications Satellite
Indium Antimonide
Information Science
In-Service Education and Training
In Service Training
Instituto Nacional De Tecnica Aerospacial
Spanish National Institute Of Aerospace Technology
Integrated Checkout
Inter Engineering Group
International Telecommunications Satellite
Interdisciplinary Engineering
Interim National Test Facility
Integrated Sciences
Industral Operations
Inputoutput Bus
Inputoutput Box
Institutional Official
Input Output Assembly
Inputoutput Adapter
Inputoutput Controller
Interagency Operations Advisory Group
Inputoutput Buffer
Inputoutput Box And Peripheral Simulator
Institute of Oriental Culture
Integrated Operations Configuration
Item of Concern
International Organization of Computer Evidence
Inputoutput Control Unit
Initial Orbit Determination
Inputoutput Error
Innovation Open House
Integrated Operating Hazard Analysis
Interoffice Letter
Inputoutput Module
Inputoutput Part
Integration Operations And Maintenance Instruction
integrated operational nuclear detonation system
Inboardoutboard Profile
InputOutput Processor
Integrated Open-Problem List
Inputoutput Parameter Table
Inputoutput Queue Element
Inputoutput Requirements Language
Inputoutput Relationships And Timing Diagram
Indian Ocean Ship
Initial Operational System
Inputoutput Supervisor
Israel Oriental Studies
Integrated Operations Support Complex
Inputoutput Test
Inputoutput Unit
Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
integration operational test and evaluation
Islamic Online University
Impact Predictor
Industrial Preparedness
in Plant
In Progress
Instrument Payload
Instrumentation Of Pulse Code Modulation Master Unit
Industrial Preparedness Action
Intermediate-Power Amplifier
Institute of Public Administration Australia
Irregular Parts Authorization Request
Integrated Problem Assessment System
Integrated Procurement Control
International Primary Curriculum.
Integrated Primary Care Information
Instrumentation Program And Components List
Instrument Program And Component List
Image Processing Facility
IUS Processing Facility
International Public Health
Individual PhD
Inferior Parietal Lobule
Infrastructure Planning and Management
Infr Planning and Management: Flood Risk
Integration Program Manager
Integrated Professional Master in Languages
Inertial Performance Measurement System
Industrial Preparedness Plan
Illustrated Provisioning Parts Breakdown
Ice-Point Reference
Initial teacher training Professional Resource Network
Independent Parental Supporter
Industrial Policy Studies
Institute for Palestine Studies
Institute for Postgraduate Studies
Institute of Postgraduate Studies
Institute of Pastoral Studies
Instrumentation Power System
Instrument Pointing System
International Political Sociology
International Pipe Standard
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Integrated Parts Statusing System
Integrated Project Scheduling System
In-Plant Transporter
Internal Parameter Table
Internal Pipe Thread
International Pipe Thread
Igloo Passive Thermal Control Section
Integrated Project Working Group
In Phasequadrature
Islamic Quarterly
Imagery Rescripting
Incidence Rate
Inclination Of The Ascending Return
Initial Review Application
Inner Roll
Inside Radius
International Relations
International Relation
International Rendezvous
Independent Research And Development
inertial reference alignment monitor system
Inspection and Repairs as Necessary
Iranian government communications satellite
Infrared Astronomical Satellite
Infrared reflection-absorption spectroscopy
Infrared Background Sensor
Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies
Intermediate-range Booster System
Infrared Communications Flight Experiment
Integrated Resource Control System
Information Requirements Description
Information Requirements Document
Initiating Reference Document
Integration Requirements Document
Islamophobia Research & Documentation Project
Its Rf And Digital Test Set
Integrating Research Ethics and Scholarship
Inertial Rate Gyro
Inertial Rate Integrating Gyroscope
Inertial Reference Integrating Gyroscope
Interrange Instrumentation Group
Infrared Instrumentation System
Italian Research Interim Stage
Initiating Reference List
Interface Requirements List
International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group
Integrated Range Mission
Initiator Resistance Measuring Equipment
Interface Revision Notice
Interim Revision Notice
Inertial Reference Package
Incidence rate ratio
Incidence rate ratios
Incident rate ratio
Independent Readiness Review
Integrated Readiness Review
Initial Requirements Review
Inspection Rejection Report
Integral Rocket Ramjet
Inter-rater reliability
Interface Requirements Review
Investigation and Referral Support Co-ordinators.
Infrared Search Track
Identification, Referral and Tracking.
The Identification, Referral and Tracking of children and young people at risk
Integrated Real-Time Contamination Monitor
Implementation Review Unit.
IVA Replaceable Unit
Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Business Administration
Index Information Sharing Index
Initial Studies
Infarct Size
Installation Of Systems
Integrated Community Schools
Integrated Satellite
Interconnecting Station
Independent Schools Association
Inertial Sensor Assembly
Information Sharing and Assessment
Institute for Social Anthropology
Instructional Systems Approach
Interim Stowage Assembly
International Student Advisors
International Society for Archaeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture
Irish Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand
Inverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar
International Student Advisory Service
International Students Advisory Service
integration spacecraft automated test system
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World
Independent Side Band
Individual Schools Budget
Individual Schools Budget.
International Studies/Business Admin
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia
Indira School of Business Studies
International Society for Bioengineering and the Skin
International Society for Biosemiotic Studies
Independent Schools Council.
Industrial Support Contractor
International Students Division
International Society for Comparative Adult Education
Internal Software Change Control Board
International Standard Classification of Education
Information for School and College Governors.
Institute for the Study of Culture and Language
Initial Software Configuration Map
Italian Study on Complications of Oral Anticoagulant Therapy
Inspection Supervision Disposition
Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
Instruction Sequence Diagram
Index of Self-Esteem
Integrated Summary of Efficacy
Institute of Senior Educational Administrators
Institute of South-East Asian Studies
Italian School of East Asian Studies
International Society for Environmental Ethics
International Student Exchange Programme
Interdisciplinary Studies Field
Investigator Site File
International Studies/Forest Resources
Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy
International Stroke Genetics Consortium
International Studies/Global Health
International Study Group of Liver Surgery
International Society for Humor Studies
Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis
Integrated System Hazard Analysis
Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge
International Society for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Biology
International Studies/Health Services
Independent Study in Idaho
Instrumentation Support Instruction
International Student Insurance
Interim Support Items List
Institute for the Study of International Migration
Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern
Independent Schools Information Service.
Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
Institute of Security and International Studies
Integrated Safety Information System
International Studies of Infarct Survival
Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa
International Studies/Law
International Studies/Marine Studies
Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise
Integration Shop and Lab Manager
International Second Language Proficiency Rating
Image Steering Mirror
Information Systems Management Review Board
Interactive Supply Management System
Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services
Internal Statement Number
International Standards for Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury
Infrared Space Observatory
International Studies Office
Independent Study Project
Integrated Service Plan
International Studies Perspectives
International Scholars Program
Specific Impulse
International St/Public Administration
Institute for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts
Interactive System Productive Facility
Istituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale
Institution for Social and Policy Studies
International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations
International Studies Quarterly
Individual School Range
Industrial Security Regulation
Institute for Survey Research
Integrated Safety Review
International Studies Review
Interim Shop Release
Integrated System Review Board
International Student Resource Center
Inertial Subsystem
Information Subsystem
Initial studies
Installation Support Services
Institute for Security Studies
Institute for Strategic Studies
Instruction Summary Sheet
Integrated Scheduling System
Integrated System Schematic
Intelligence Studies Section
Internal State Scale
International Student Support
Investigator Sponsored Studies
Integrated Software Safety Analysis
International Studies Student Association
International Society for the Study of Aging Male
International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life
Irish Social Science Data Archive
International Society for the Study of Individual Differences
International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy
Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad
International Symposium on Scale Insect Studies
International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine
Information Systems Security Office
Integrated Social Sciences, Online
International Security Studies Section
International Study on Syncope of Uncertain Etiology
International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
Initial System Test
Instrumentation Support Team
Itinerant Support Teacher Early Intervention
Itinerant Support Teacher Hearing
Itinerant Support Teacher Integration
International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Itinerant Support Teacher Vision
International System of Units
Institute for the Study of War
Integrated Support Working Group
Business Administration
Integrated Test and Verification
Integrated Truss Assembly
Italian Studies
Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme
Invitation to Bid
Industry Training Co-ordinator
Integrated Test Configuration
Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation
Informal Test Description
Integrated Test Documentation
Initial Teacher Education and Training.
Iti Sheet
Integrated Transport Launcher
Integrate Transfer And Launch
Integrated Thermalmicrometeoroid Garment
Initial Time-Out
Informal Test Procedure
Initial Teacher Preparation.
Innovative Training Place
Institute of Technology and Polytechnic
Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics
Integral Tile Part
Integrated training plan
Intervention Testing Program
Integrated Technology Requirements Review
Interim Technical Report
Integrated Technical Review Board
Integrated Test Requirements Document
Institute for Transport Studies
Institute of Transport Studies
Institute of Turkish Studies
Institute of Theological Studies
Integrated Transfer Subsystem
Intercept Trajectory Simulation
Industry Training Service Centre
Insulin Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire
Intention to treat
Intent To Treat
Interpreter and Translator Trainer
Initial Teacher Training Directorate.
Infrared Telescope Unit
Instituteuctional Television
Instructional Television
Instrumented Test Vehicle
Instrumentation Unit
Instrument Unit
International Union Against Cancer
Inter-University Center
Inter University Center
International University of Central Asia
Integrated Utilities Distribution System
Interface Unit Error
Integrated User Interface
Interunit Order
Inter-University Program for Latino Research
International User Resource Allocation Panel
Iqra University Research Center
Interim Use Sheet
International Union for Scientific Study of Population
Importance Value
Initial Velocity
Inlet Valve
Integrated Vehicle
Interface Volume
Independent Validation And Verification
Integrated Vehicle Baseline Characteristic
Integrated Vehicle Baseline Configuration
Intervehicular Communication
Interface Verification Equipr-Nent
Interface Verification Equipment
Interface Verification Test
Integrated Vocational Education and Training System
Institute of Visual Informatics
Integrated Vehicle Logic Network
Interface Verification Plan
Interface Verification Summary
Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator
Integrated Verification Test
Integration Verification And Training
Intervehicular Transfer
Joint Closed-Loop Operations Test
Joint Flight Acceptance Composite Test
Jobs and Course Explorer
Joint Army Navy Nasa Air Force
Joint Area Review.
Joint Anti-Truancy Operations
Jettison Controller Assembly
Job Card Control System
Joint-Endeavor Agreement
Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies
Julian Ephemeris Date
Ef Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies
Journal of Levantine Studies
Jettison Motor
Jobs Pathways Program
Junior Reserve Officer Training Corporation
Jammer-To-Signal Ratio
Journal of the Society for Armenian Studies
Jet Select Logic
Joint Spacelab Working GRoup
Jewish Studies Quarterly
Joint Systems Test
Joint Training Group
Joint Users Requirements Group
Kansas African Studies Center
End of Key Stage results
Kadir Has University
Korea Institute for Advanced Studies
Kousali Institute of Management Studies
Key Learning Area
Kilobits Per Second
Ku-band Single Access
Kongsberg Satellite Services
Kennedy Space Center Area Permit
Liberal Arts & Professional Studies
Looked After Children.
Local Achievement Partnership
Lower attaining pupil
Learner Achievement Tracker.
Learning Activity Wizards
Leave Balance Enquiry
Living Church of God
Learning, Development and Support Services
Local Education Authority Award System.
League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers.
Leadership for Learning.
Learning for Leadership.
Labour Force Survey.
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Teachers
Language Impairment
Liberal Arts
Library & Information Science
Local Industry Education Network Committee
Local Initiative Fund
Learning Is For Everyone
Lingnan Institute of Further Education
Leadership Incentive Grant
Computational Linguistics
Long-Term Intervention with Pravastatin in Ischemic Disease
Libr & Information Science
Libr & Information Science
Library & Information Science, Even Deg
Library & Information Science
Literature Interpretation Theory
Liverpool John Moores University
Linguistics and Languages
Language, Linguistics and Area Studies
Bachelor of Laws
Doctor of Laws
Learner with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities
Lifelong Learning Development Plan.
Late-Life Function and Disability Instrument
Master of Laws
Lower Limit Of Quantitation
Lower Limit of Quantification
Lifelong Learning Partnerships
Language Learning Strategies
Learning Mentor.
Lunar Module
Learning Management and Business Reform Program
Local Management in Community Education.
Local Management of Schools.
Logistics and Maritime Studies
Local Management of Special Schools
Local Management of Special Schools.
The Languages National Training Organisation
Learning Objectives
late-onset Alzheimer's disease
Legislative Oversight Commission on Education Accountability
Logging Engineering
Level of Processing
Late Onset Pompe Disease
Learning Outcome Statements
Learning Outcome Statement
Languages Other Than English
Late Onset Treatment Study
Langmuir Probe
Learning Partnership.
Learning Process
Late Positive Potential
Landscape Performance Series
Leadership Programme for Serving Head teachers
Leadership Programme for Serving Heads.
Lower Risk
Low Risk
Logistic Regression Analysis
Local Resource Management
Learning Reference Repository
Lunar Roving Vehicle
Labor Studies
Learning Support Assistant.
Language Sports and Arts College
Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale
Local Schools Budget
Local Schools Budget.
Learning and Skills Council.
Local Safeguarding Children's Board.
Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique
Learning and Skills Development Agency.
Learning Skills Development Agency
Library Services for Education
Local School Improvement Council
Law, Societies, and Justice
Land Surface Models
Living Standard Measurement Survey
Learning Schools Programme.
Learning and Skills Research Centre.
Lung Screening Study
Learning Support Team
Landscape Studies
Learning Support Unit.
Learning Support Workers
Long-Term Follow-Up
Learning and Teaching Scotland.
Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society
Loyola University Maryland
Lower Urinary Tract
Mission And Data Operations
Monitoring and Evaluation.
Master of Education
Master of Liberal Studies
Modern Apprenticeships
Modern Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship System
Multicentre Aneurysm Screening Study
Mean Annual Temperature
Multi-Agency Team.
Macroporous Biphasic Calcium Phosphate
Music and Ballet Schools Scheme.
Ministry for Children and Education
Management Charter Initiative.
Minimally Clinically Important Difference
Modern and Classical Languages
Master of Classical Studies
Master of Clinical Dentistry
Master of Clinical Education
Master of Clinical Research
Master of Clinical Research
Masters of Clinical Sciences
Master of Computing
Master of Computer Science and Philosophy
Master of Counselling
Media and Cultural Studies
Mayo Clinic Study of Aging
Maria Curie Sklodowska University
Media & Communications Technology
Multi-County Vocational Center
Master of Creative Writing
Mean Difference
Mid-day Assistant.
Multi-detector Computed Tomography
Master of Design
Master of Dental Public Health
Modified Diet in Renal Disease
Master of Dental Science
Midday supervisor.
Mandatory Exceptions
Minority Ethnic Achievement Programme.
Middle East Centre for Arab Studies
Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies
Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction & Transport Curriculum Centre
Master of Ecology
Master of Economics
Mobile Electronics Certified Professionals
Minority Ethnic Curriculum Support
Medicine Concurrent Degree Program
Medicinal Chemistry
Medical Engineering
Medical Speech-Language Pathology
Medical Technology
Medicine Visiting Student
Medex Oral Health Therapist Certificate
Master in Economics and Finance
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Michigan English Language Assessment Battery
Michigan English Language Arts Battery
Middle Eastern and North African Studies
Middle Eastern & North African Studies
Royal Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults
Master of Engineering
Master of Enterprise
Master of Environmental Science
Migrant Education Qualifications Board
Mechanical Embolus Removal in Cerebral Ischemia
Mathematics Education Reform Initiative for Teachers
Manufacturing ,Engineering and Related Services Industry Training Advisory Body Ltd
Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance
Middle East Student Association
Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly
Middle East Studies Center
Master of Earth Science
Middle East Studies Program
Motivational Enhancement Treatment
Metallurgical Engineering
Middle East University
Mainstream Enrolment via the Internet
Magnetic fields
Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory
Master of Finance
Modified Fatigue Impact Scale
Modern Foreign Languages.
Memory Functioning Questionnaire
Manned Flight Support
Minor Field Studies
Modern Fiction Studies
Multidimensional Fatigue Symptom Inventory
Master of Geography
Master of Geology
Master of Geophysics
Master of Geoscience
Main Grade Lecturer
McMurdo Ground Station
Matthew Henry's Commentary
Multicenter Hemophilia Cohort Study
Medical History & Ethics
Master of History
Master in Hotel Management
Maccabi Healthcare Services
Moving Image Archive Studies
Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit
Maths in Context
Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations
Minimal invasive direct coronary artery bypass
Middle Years Information System.
Multicenter Investigation of the Limitation of Infarct Size
National Association for Mental Health
Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview
Master of Innovation
Malaysian International Scholarship
Management Information Systems in Education
Motivational Interviewing Skills Code
Munich International Summer University
Marbella International University Centre
Magister Juris or Master of Jurisprudence
Modern King James Version
Business Administration
Medieval Latin
Modern Languages
Master of Linguistic Studies
Master of Law
Models for Life Contingencies
Moderate Learning Difficulty
Moderate Learning Difficulties.
Managed Learning Environment.
Master of Land Economy
Master of Legal Science
Master of Liberal Arts
Master of Letters
Murine Leukemia Viruses
Master of Marine Biology
Morisky Medication Adherence Scale
Master of Mathematics
Master of Computational Mathematics
Master of Mathematics and Philosophy
Master of Mathematics and Physics
Marine Mammal Council
Master of Medical Education
Master of Medical Science
Mixed Methods Education Sciences
Master of Advanced Metallurgy
Master of Meteorology
Making Middle Grades Matter
Master of Midwifery
Master of Marketing
Master of Marine Science
Minimal Mental State Examination
Master of Music
Master of Nutrition
Master of Natural Sciences
Master of Neuroscience
Master of Nursing Science
Multi-needs sensory impairment.
Moffatt, New Translation
Mode of Attendance
Modified Overt Aggression Scale
Mobile Laser Ranging System
Master of Oceanography
Maudsley Obsessive Compulsive Inventory
Margin of Exposure
More Open Enrolment.
Molecular Engineering
Molecular Medicine
Master of Clinical Optometry
Median Odds Ratio
Microsoft Office SharePoint
Master of Osteopathy
Maynard Operation Sequence Technique
Minitrack Optical Tracking System
Public Administration
Multi-Professional Assessment.
Public Admin
Master of Professional Accountancy
Master of Primary Care
Master of Performance
Main Professional Grade
Master of Pharmacy
Master of Pharmacology
Master of Philosophy
Master of Physics
Master of Planning
Master of Public Policy
Medication Possession Ratio
Master of Museum Practice
Master of Professional Practice
Macular Photocoagulation Study
Management Pay Spine.
Master of Pastoral Studies
Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale
Master of Psychology
Multicultural Programs Unit
Memory Quotient
Malaysian Quality Assurance
Mental Rotation
Mobile Range Control System
Master of Research
Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial
Maximum Recommended Human Dose
Medical Record Review
Mania Rating Scale
Middle Range Theory
Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies
Metabolic Syndrome
Microbiology Susceptibility
More studies
Mult Scler
Modern Studies Association
Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
Manned Spacecraft Center
Master of Science
Master of Science in Dentistry
Military Science
Military Science and Leadership
Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Multiple Sclerosis
Multiple Sclerosis Collaborative Research Group
Minimum Significant Difference
Mat Sci & Engineering
Mat Sci & Engr
Mature Student Entry Route
Multiple Sleep Latency Testing
Multiple Sleep Latency Tests
Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life-54
Maritime Security Strategies
Master of Studies
methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus
Master of Social Science
Medical Student Stressor Questionnaire
Moderated School Self Review.
Multiple Sclerosis Severity Score
Multiple Sclerosis Severity Scores
Making Schools Work
Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale
Maximum Tolerated Dose
Master of Teaching and Learning
Master of Technology degree
Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure
Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure
Medium Term Financial Strategy
Minnesota Twin Family Study
Master of Theology
Magnetization transfer imaging
Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations
Michigan Test for Teacher Certification
Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification
Mandalay Technological University
Mansour University College
Ministry of Urban Development and Housing
Macquarie University International Scholarship
Applied Music
Museology: Museum Evaluation
Multi-User Systems and Support
Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology
Main Valve Actuator
Megavolt Ampere
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Multipurpose Ventricular Actuating System
Maximal voluntary contraction
Maximum Voluntary Contraction
Master of Veterinary Physiotherapy
Master of Veterinary Surgery
Master of Veterinary Sciences
Master of Veterinary Medicine
Mated Vertical Ground Vibration Test
Misoprostol Vaginal Insert
Master Verification Plan
Master of Veterinary Public Health
Mission Verification Test
Microwave Radiometer
National Association of (Senior) School Improvement Professionals.
National Association of Advisers for Computers in Education.
National Advisory Council for Careers and Educational Guidance.
National Association for Able Children in Education.
National Advisory Council on Education and Training Targets.
National Association of Educational Inspectors Advisers and Consultants.
New Arrivals Excellence Programme.
National Association for Gifted Children.
National Association of Hospital and Home Teachers.
National Association of Head Teachers.
Non-Accidental Injury.
National Audit Learning Survey.
New Arrivals Program
National Association for Primary Education.
National Association for Primary Providers.
National Autistic Society.
New American Standard Bible with Exhaustive Concordance
National Association for SEN.
National Association of School Governors.
National Association of School Teachers/Union of Women Teachers
National Association of Social Workers in Education.
National Advisory for Tertiary Education Skills and Employment
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Day
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Week
National Challenge.
National Curriculum.
Neighbourhood Clusters
National Children’s Bureau
National Children's Bureau.
National Commission on Education.
National Consortium of Examination Results
National Consortium for Examination Results.
National Council for Educational Technology.
National Cooperative Growth Study
National Committee on the Investigation of Aerial Phenomena
Northern California Kaiser Permanente
National Curriculum Level
The National Centre for Languages
National Child-minding Association
National Coordinators of Government Support.
National Conference of Parent Teacher Associations
National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations.
National Care Standards.
National Childcare Strategy.
New Community School
National Center for Statistics and Economic Studies Republic of Congo
National College of School Leadership
National College for School Leadership.
National Council of Social Studies
National Council for Social Studies
National Curriculum Standards for Social
Nerve Conduction Studies
National Clinical Trial
National Curriculum Tests
National Curriculum Tests.
National Curriculum Year
Non-contact Time
Non Contact Time
National Consortium for Teaching about Asia
Nicolaus Copernicus University
New Century Version
National Council for Vocational Qualifications
National Curriculum Year.
Neutron Diffraction
National Database of Accredited Qualifications.
New Deal for Communities Pathfinder Partnerships.
Near Death Experiences
National Development Officer
National Diabetes Register
Nelson-Denny Reading Test
New Deal for Schools
New Deal for Schools.
National Design & Technology Education Foundation
Northern Examination and Assessment Board
National Educational Access Licence for Schools
Near Eastern Languages & Civilization
New England American Studies Association
National Education Business Partnership.
National Extension College. Provides education for adults through distance learning.
North East Doctoral Training Centre
Not in Education Employment or Training.
National Early Intervention Longitudinal Study
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
No Effect Level
Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
National Employers Organisation for School Teachers
National Employers' Organisation for School Teachers.
New Environmental Paradigm
National Educational Research Forum.
National Exclusions Reporting System.
National Election Study
National Evaluation Systems
National Evaluation Series
Near Eastern Studies
Netherlands Education Support Office
National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.
New English Translation
Nurse Entrance Test
Nursing Entrance Test
National Educational Technology Standards
New English Translation of the Septuagint
National Education and Training Targets.
National Education and Training Targets
Neurobiology & Behavior
Near edge X-ray absorption fine structure
National Financial Capability Study
National Federation for Educational Research
National Foundation for Educational Research.
New Family Structures Study
National Governors' Council.
National Council for Governing Bodies
Non-Government Schools Advisory Group
Nürtingen-Geislingen University
National Health, Lung and Blood Institute
Nine-Hole Peg Test
Parent & Child Nursing/Health Services
National Health Service Hospital Trust
National Health Service Partnership Trust
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education.
Northern Ireland Curriculum.
Northern Ireland Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment
National Institute of Careers and Education Counselling.
Northern Ireland Council for Integrated Education.
New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology & Exegesis
Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies
National Institue of Health
Northern Ireland Higher Education Council.
National Institutes for Public Administration
Norwegian Institute of Public Health
National Incidence Study
Non-Interventional Study
Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association
National Information System for Vocational Qualifications.
New Internation Version
New King James
New King James Versions
Non-verbal learning difficulties.
National Lesbian Longitudinal Family Study
National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study
New Learning Network.
National Literacy Project
National Literacy Project.
National Literacy Strategy.