Popular Teaching acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Amateur Swimming Association
American Council for Collaboration in Education and Language Study
Accrediting Council for Continuing Educational Training
Association of College Educators
Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services
Ateneo Center for English Language Teaching
Arizona Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of Teachers
Anybody Can Get It
Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schoolsasters
American Council on Immersion Education
Annual Conference on Teaching
Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine
American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages
American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages
American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages
American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages
American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language
American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages
American Council for Teachers of Foreign Language
Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Association of Christians Teaching Sociology
Association of College and University Biology Educators
American Council of Vedic Astrology
Adult, Career, and Vocational Education
Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals
Association of Directors of Children’s Services
Apple Distinguished Educator
Apple Distinguished Educators
Association of Departments of English
Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder
Argument-Driven Inquiry
Astronomy Diagnostic Test
Anchorage Education Association
Area Education Agencies
Art Education Australia
Asia-Europe Classroom
Accounting Education Change Commission
Alabama Educator Certification Testing Program
Art Educators of Iowa
Additional Educational Need
American English Programs
Association of Education Publishers
Academic Exchange Quarterly
Assessment Experience Questionnaire
Association for the Education of Teachers of Science
Australian Flexible Learning Framework
Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Associations
Aims, Goals, Objectives
Australian Golf Teachers Federation
Association of Geography Teachers of Ireland
Association of German Teachers of Victoria
American History Association
Assistant Head Teacher
Association of Islamic Charitable Projects
Alliance for Investor Education
All instructional materials
Assessment in Mathematics
Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington
Ag in the Classroom
Agriculture in the Classroom
Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
Association for Language Awareness
Active Learning Classroom
Advanced Level Certificate in English
Adaptive Learning Environments Model
Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers
Apple Learning Interchange
Accessible Literacy Learning
Autonomous Language Learning
Alliance for Language Learning and Educational Exchange
Audio-Lingual Method
Audio lingual method
Active Learning in Optics and Photonics
Arabic Language Proficiency Test
Adult Learning Resource Center
Adult Literacy Resource Institute
Academic Literacy Skills Test
Assistant Language Teacher
Academic Language Therapy Association
Assistant Language Teachers
Association of Mexican-American Educators
Academy of Music for the Blind
Academy of Medical Educators
Alaska Music Educators Association
Adult Migrant Education Program
Academies Maintenance Fund
Alliance for a Media Literate America
Applied Math and Science Education Repository
American Modeling Teachers Association
Association of Mathematics Teachers of New York State
Assessment Only
Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators
Alternative Provision
Alternatives, Possibilities, Choices
Adaptive Physical Education
Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana
Ambulatory Phonation Monitor
Arkansas Professional Pathway to Educator Licensure
Administrative, Professional and Technical
Assessment of Professional Teaching
Administrative, Professional, Technical and Clerical Grades
Australian Professional Teachers Association
Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program
Assessment of Performance Unit
Abstract Random
Annual Review
Alien Resident Card
Alien Resident Certificate
Alien Residence Certificate
Alien Residence Card
Adult Reading Components Study
Age-Related Expectations
Access to Research Resources for Teachers
A2 syllabus
Abstract Sequential
Amateur Swimming Association
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Assessing Special Education Students
Albert Shanker Institute
Australian Second Language Proficiency Ratings
Aligned Standards of Learning
Achieving Student Success through Excellence in Teaching
Arizona School Services through Educational Technology
Arts and Sciences Support of Education Through Technology
Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics
American String Teachers Association
Arkansas State Teachers Association
Association of Science Teacher Education
Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland
American Teachers Association
Autonomous Technology-Assisted Language Learning
Arts Teacher Diploma
Academic Teaching Excellence
Association for Teacher Educators
Association of Teacher Education
Association of Transformational Leaders
Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools
Association of Teachers of Mathematics
Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Maine
Association of Theatre Movement Educators
Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts
Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut
Alaska Teacher Placement
Association of Texas Professional Educators
Academic Technology Specialist
Agreement to Serve
Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada
Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences
American University Duhok Kurdistan
Association of University Language Centres
Association of University Staff
Association of University Teachers
Audio Visual Aids.
Applied Verbal Behavior
Australian Vice Chancellors Committee
American Viniyoga Institute
Apprehended Violence Order
American Viola Society
Australia-Vietnam School of English
Arab World English Journal
Army Welfare Education Society
Area Wide Inspection.
Age-Weighted Pupil Unit.
Age Weighted Pupil Unit
Astronomy With a Stick
Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium
Behaviour and Attendance Collaborative
Business Educators Australasia
British Education Centre
Bureau of Educator Certification
Business Education Compact
Business English Cambridge
Behavioural Emotional & Social Difficulties
Board of Election Tellers
Bright Futures Educational Trust
Basic Global English
Basic Interpersonal Communication
Beijing Institute of Education
Behavior Improvement Plan
Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series
Blended Learning
Business Letter Corpus
Blended Learning Environment
Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers
Blended Learning Open Source Science or Math Studies
Blended Online Learning
Board of Teaching
Board on Testing and Assessment
Basic Per Pupil Entitlement
Board for Professional Teachers
Baptiste Power Yoga Institute
Best Qualified
Block Resource Centres
Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test
Contrastive Analysis
Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Calderdale Adult Learning
Content Area Special Education
Calderdale Association of Secondary Heads
Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Center for Academic Technology
Classroom Assessment Techniques
Computer Assisted Teaching
Credit Accumulation & Transfer
Classroom Assessment Techniques
Cognitive Ability Tests
Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing
Coalition on the Academic Workforce
Curriculum-Based Assessment
Concerns-Based Adoption Model
Concerns Based Adoption Model
Content-Based Instruction
Content Based Instruction
Computer Based Learning in Science
Center for BioMolecular Modeling
Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences
Children’s Centre
Council for Children with Behavior Disorders
Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Children for Change Cambodia
Computer Curriculum Corporation
Committee on Chemistry Education
Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
Common Core Georgia Performance Standards
Common Core Learning Standards
Couple to Couple League
Center for Curriculum Materials in Science
Columbia Center for New Media Teaching & Learning
Common Core Resource
Common Core Standards Initiative
Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Common Core State Standards in Mathematics
Common Core State Standards of Mathematics
Chief Council of State School Officers
Common Core of Teaching
Career Connection to Teaching with Technology
Council for College and University English
Childhood Development Associate
Creative Dance Center
Chung Dahm Institute
Course Design Institute
Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning
College of Education
Chemistry Education Association
Council Exceptional Children
Council of Exceptional Children
Connecticut Educators Computer Association
Centre for Educational Development and Interactive Resources
Center for Education Data and Research
Conference on English Education
Center for Equity for English Learners
Cambridge Examination in English for Language Teachers
Central & Eastern European Schools Association
Common European Framework
Common European Framework Reference
College of Education & Human Development
China Education Initiative
Certificate in English for International Business and Trade
Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing
Centro de EnseƱanza de Lenguas Extranjeras
Computer-Enhanced Language Learning
Certificates in English Language Skills
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
Certificate in English Language Teaching to Young Learners
Connected Educator Month
Claim Evidence Reasoning
Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy
Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language, and Literacy
Center for Educator Recruitment, Retention, & Advancement
Collaborative for Educational Services
Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation
Council for Elementary Science International
Center for Excellence in Teaching
Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning
California Educational Technology Collaborative
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Collaboratives for Excellence in Teacher Preparation
Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Center for Faculty Excellence
Common Funding Formula
Center for Faculty Innovation
Center for Mindfulness
Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning
Calderdale Governors’ Association
Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
Canadian Geoscience Education Network
Cognitively Guided Instruction
Cultural-Historical Activity Theory
Comprehensible Input
Cable in the Classroom
Certified Interview Coach
Current Issues in Comparative Education
Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research
Center for Instructional Development and Research
Center for Instructional Excellence
Chemical Industry Education Centre
Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement
Center for Instructional Innovation
Cochin International Language Academy
Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences
Center for Innovative Learning Technologies
centre for innovation in learning and teaching
Comprehensive Intervention Model
Center for Intercultural and Multilingual Advocacy
Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching
Certified Infant Massage Teacher
Child in Need
Center for Image Processing in Education
Coordinator of International Relations
Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition
Center for Integrative Research on Cognition, Learning, and Education
Critical Incident Response Team
Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning
Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning
Career in Teaching
Center for Instructional Technology
Centre for Instructional Technology
Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy
Content Knowledge
Center for Learning
Chapter Leaders
Collaborative Learning
Competency Levels
Children's Literature Assembly
Collegiate Learning Assessment
Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development
Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development
Crosscultural Language and Academic Development
Colorado Language Arts Society
Council for Learning Disabilities
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
Culturally Linguistically Diverse
Complex Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
Center for Language Education and Research
Center of Language Education and Research
Content & Language Integrated Learning
Content and Language Integrated Learning
Content Language Integrated Learning
Centre for Leadership in Learning
Competent Learner Model
Center for Learning and Teaching
Centers for Learning and Teaching
Centre for Learning and Teaching
Communicative Language Teaching
Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
Children's Literature Web Guide
Certificate of Merit
Canadian Music Competition
Computer Managed Learning
Center for Multilingual, Multicultural Research
Connected Mathematics Project
Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance
Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice
Canadian Mathematics Society
Course Management Systems
Center for Mathematics and Science Education
Center for Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery
Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship
Certificate for Online Adjunct Teaching
Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor
Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning
Certified Online Instructor
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Creation of Material
Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics
Country's Outstanding Policemen in Service
Central Operations of Resources for Educators
Consortium on Reading Excellence
Council on Rehabilitation Education
Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction
Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence
Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence
Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence
Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals
Classroom of the Future
Critical Pedagogy
Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics
Continuous Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development Units
Contemporary Physics Education Project
Calderdale Primary Head Teachers Association
Centre for Pedagogical Innovation
Child Protection Plan
Contemporary Popular Music
Core-Plus Mathematics Project
Child Protection Review.
Classroom Teachers Pay Spine
Common Pay Spine
Contingency Plans
Crown Prosecution Service
Certificate in Pre-School Teaching
Center for Proficiency in Teaching Mathematics
Curiosity Quotient
Communication and Quantitative Skills Test
Concrete Random
Careers Research and Advisory Centre.
Creative Arts and Media
Criminal Records Bureau
Criminal Record Checks
Co-operative Research Centres
Curriculum Research and Development Division
Consortium for Research on Educational Accountability and Teacher Evaluation
Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellence
Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence
Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence
Center for Research on Education, Diversity, & Excellence
Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment
Center for Research on Learning
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education
Course Resources on the Web
Content Review Panel
Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice
Conners Rating Scales
Casual Relief Teacher
Culturally Responsive Teaching
Concrete Sequential
Curriculum Search
Center for Spiritual Awareness
Children's Services Authority.
Computer Skills Assessment
Computer Sciences Accreditation Board
Competency Standards Body
Calderdale Safeguarding Children Board
The Commission for Social Care Inspection
Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
Computer Supported Cooperative Learning
Center for Science Education
Center for the Study of Evaluation
Certificate of Secondary Education
Child Sexual Exploitation
Committee for Special Education
Computer Science Education
Centre for Science Education and Communication
Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education
Center to Support Excellence in Teaching
Center for the Study of Higher Education
Community Services, Health, Tourism & Recreation Curriculum Centre
Class Size Initiative.
Cognitive Style Index
Continuous School Improvement
Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education.
Chemical Safety in Schools
Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance
Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education
Colorado State Music Teachers Association
Chief Schools Officer
Chief State School Officer
Content Standards and Objectives
Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools
Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education
Children’s Service plan
Co-ordinated Support Plan
Class-Size Reduction
Class Size Reduction
Continuous Student Record.
Calgary Science School
Canadian Society for Studies in Education
Cultural Studies of Science Education
Council of State Science Supervisors
Catholic Social Teaching
Content Specialty Test
Content Specialty Tests
Content Specialty Tests
Curriculum Support Team
Curriculum Support Teachers.
Connecticut Science Teachers Association
Center for Science Teaching and Learning
Calfornia State University
Charles Sturt University
Council on Social Work Education
Certificate of Sixth Year Studies
Certificate of Teaching
Critical Thinking
Computing Technology for Math Excellence
Change To Contract
City Technical College
Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Center For Teaching Excellence
Centre for Teaching Excellence
Certificate in Teaching English
Certificate in Teaching of English
Council on Teacher Education
Concurrent Teacher Education Program
Curriculum, Technology, and Education Reform
Central Teacher Eligibility Test
Central Teachers Eligibility Test
Central Teaching Eligibility Test
Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners
Canadian Teachers Federation
Common Transfer File
Center for Teaching and Faculty Development
Computers in Teaching Initiative
Casa Thomas Jefferson
Center for Teaching & Learning
Center for Teaching and Learning
Centre for Teaching & Learning
Centre for Teaching and Learning
Center for Technology in Learning
Center on Teaching and Learning
Contextual Teaching and Learning
Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Centre for Teaching and Learning Research
Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Center for Teaching, Learning, & Technology
Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching
Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning
Center for Teaching Quality
Center for Teacher Quality
Critical Thinking Skills
Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation
Collaborative Team Teaching
Council on Technology Teacher Education
Chicago Teachers Union
Catholics United for the Faith
Concordia University Faculty Association
Central University of Haryana
Central University of Himachal Pradesh
College and University Professional Association for Human Resources
Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics
Centre for the Use of Research and Evidence in Education
Centre for Use of Research and Evidence in Education
Caribbean Union of Teachers
Centre for University Teaching
Discipline-Based Arts Education
Design-Based Learning
Dukhan English School
Data Feedback Report
Deputy Headteacher
Differentiated Instruction
Direct Interactive Instruction
Department of Integrated Studies in Education
Diploma in Special Education
Division for Learning Disabilities
Distance Learning Foundation
Divine Light Mission
Distance Learning Resource Network
Direct Method
Developing Mathematical Ideas
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Depth of Knowledge
Daily Oral Language
Dimensions of Learning
Directorate of Primary Education
Derek Prince Ministries
Developmental Reading Assessment
Diagnostic Reading Assessment
Directed Reading-Thinking Activity
Dedicated School Grant
Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Delhi Subordinate Services Selection Board
Demonstration Teaching
Design Technology
Defence Trade Controls Act
Diploma in Teaching English
Distinguished Teaching Scholars
English Language Learners
Essential Academic Skills
Educational Computing Association of Western Australia
European Council for International Schools
European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education
Education Data Surveys
Experiential Education
Earth Exploration Toolbook
Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
English Fist
Education Funding Agency
English As Foreign Language
English Foreign Language
English as a Global Language
Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching
English as a Foreign or Second Language
Electronic Field Trip
English for General Academic Purposes
English for General Purposes
National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council
Education, Health and Care Plans
Education, Health and Care Plans
Electively Home Educated
Electronic Health Needs Assessment
Executive Headteacher
Emotionally Impaired
English in Action
English as an International Language
Early Intervention Panel
Education Improvement Partnership
Early Intervention Single Assessment
Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
English Language
English-Language Arts
English Language Arts
English Language Education
Education for Life Foundation
English as a Lingua Franca
EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
English-Language Learner
English Language Learners
English Language & Linguistics
English Language Learners
English-language learners
Early Language and Literacy Classroom Observation
English Language Learners
English Learners
English Language Teaching
English language teacher
English Language Testing
Educator Licensing Online
European Language Portfolio
English Language Proficiency Standards
English Language Resource Center
English Language Teaching Centre
Enhancing Learning through Technology
Everyday Math
English as a Medium of Instruction
English as Medium of Instruction
English Medium Instruction
Elementary Mathematics Laboratory
Elementary Mathematics Specialist
English as a Native Language
English Only
Establishing Operation
English For Occupational Purposes
English Phonetic Alphabet
European Prison Education Association
European Profiling Grid
Educator Preparation Institute
English Programme in Korea
Educator Preparation Institutes
English for Professional Purposes
Educational Professional Standards Board
Education Professional Standards Board
Extensive Reading
Education Resources Awards
Equivalent Record Form
Extensive Reading Foundation
European Researchers in Didactics of Biology
Early Retirement Option
Expository Reading and Writing Course
English for Specific Academic Purposes
Educational Software Components of Tomorrow
English as a second dialect
Elementary and Secondary Education
Education Service Grant
Engish as a Second Language
English Second Language
English for Speakers of Other Languages
Earth Science Literacy Initiative
Educationally Sub-Normal
Education Supervision Order
English for Students of Other Languages
English of Speakers of Other Languages
English Speakers of Other Languages
English to speakers of other languages
English for Specific Purposes
English for Special Purposes
English for Specific Purpose
Extra Special Person
Education Sector Reform
Elementary Science Study
Education for Strong Sustainability and Agency
English for Science and Technology
English Teaching Assistants
English Teachers Association of Switzerland
Educational Technology Center
Educational Technology Division
English Teachers in Japan
Educational Technology Review
Educational Technology Resources
Educational Technology Service
Education Technology Services
Effective Teaching Strategies
Excellent Teacher Scheme
Ed Tech Teacher
Elementary Teachers Training
Educational Technology Training Center
European Trade Union Committee for Education
Electronic Village
Educational Value-Added Assessment System
Electronic Village Online
English Vocabulary Profile
European Writing Centers Association
Educators Website for Information Technology
Executive Peer Tool
Early Years
Florida Alliance for Arts Education
Family, Community and Career Leaders of America
Full Governing Body
First Important Priorities
Foundation for Inner Peace
Family Intervention Team
Foreign Language
Foreign Languages
Foreign Language Education
First Language Acquisition
Foreign Language Across the Curriculum
Foreign Language Assessment Directory
Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide
Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey
Foreign Language Teaching
Forced Marriage
From Now On
Foundations of Reading Test
Federal Registry for Educational Excellence
Faculty Summer Institute
Find Someone Who
Foreign Trainer
Florida Teacher Certification Examination
General Annual Grant
God Help Me
Google Hangout On Air
God's Learning Channel
Gods Learning Channel
General Learning Disabilities
Gay, Lesbian and Straight Educators Network
Georgia Performance Standards
Georgia Professional Standards Commission
Gujarat State Education Board
Gujarat State Examination Board
Gujarat Secondary Education Recruitment Board
Graduate Students Employee Union
Georgia Student Growth Model
Graduate Student Instructors
Graduate Teaching Assistants
General Teaching Council for Scotland
Graduate Teaching Fellow
Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation
Getting to Know You
Get To Know You
Go Teaching Ladder
Grammar Translation Method
Great Teacher Onizuka
Grace to You
Gulf University for Science & Technology
His Holiness
Home Language International
Humanising Language Teaching
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector
Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools
Her Majesty’s Stationery Office now TSO
Head of the Department
Habits of Mind
High, Objective, Uniform State Standard of Evaluation
Highly Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation
High Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation
High Objective Uniform State Standards of Evaluation
Head of Year
History and Pedagogy of Mathematics
Highly Qualified
Human Resources Development Department
Historical Scene Investigation
Information Advice and Guidance
Indian Association of Teachers of Library and Information Science
Inquiry-Based Instruction
Individual Behaviour Plan
International Council of Association for Science Education
International Choreographed Ballroom Dance Association
International Conference on Languages, Literature and Linguistics
Initial Child Protection Case Conference
Interactive Communications & Simulations
Information and Communication Technology for Education
Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Iowa Council of Teachers of Mathematics
International Development Programme
International Dance Supplies
Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education
Illinois Early Learning and Development Standards
Individual Education Programs
Individualized Education Plan-Program
Improving Educational Quality
Institute for Inquiry
Illinois Future Teacher Corps
Irish Federation of University Teachers
International GCSE
infinite Gaussian mixture model
Icon Group Thailand
Intermediate High
International House
International History, Philosophy, and Science Teaching
International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa
International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa
International Institute for Communication & Development
Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education
International Journal of Research in Teacher Education
International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Institute of Liver and Biliary Science
Innovative Learning Center
International Legal English
Intended Learning Outcomes
Intended Learning Outcomes
Irish Learning Support Association
Institute of Learning and Teaching
Instructional Leadership Team
Integrated Language Teaching
Integrating Mathematics and Pedagogy
International Mind, Brain, and Education Society
Instructional Materials Council Secretariat
Interactive Media and Learning
Irish Mathematics Teachers Association
Irish Maths Teachers Association
Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje
International New Thought Alliance
Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium
Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium
İlköğretim Online
Institute of Swimming
International Organization for Science and Technology Education
International Organization of Women and Mathematics Education
International Organisation of Women and Mathematics Education
Instituto de Profesores Artigas
Integrated Performance Assessment
Institut Pendidikan Guru
Individually Prescribed Instruction
Informal Reading Inventory
Interactive Radio Instruction
Integrated Resource Package
International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching
International Study Association on Teacher Thinking
Information for School and College Governors
Idaho State Department of Education
Inclusive and Supportive Education Congress
International Society for the Improvement and Teaching of Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Investigative Science Learning Environment
Internet School Library Media Center
International Second Language Proficiency Ratings
International Society of Music Education
Illinois State Music Teachers Association
Inclusive Schools Network
International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
Irish Science Teachers Association
Indiana State Teachers Association
International Society for Technology Education
Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital
Instructional Techniques
Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning
Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning
Initial Teaching Alphabet
International Teaching Assistants
International Teaching Assistants
International Trombone Association
Instructional Technology Coordinator
International Teacher Identity Card
International Teachers Identity Card
Instructional Technology and Distance Education
International Technology and Engineering Education Association
Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers
Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers
Islamic Teaching Institute
Instructional Theory Into Practice
Institute of Teaching and Learning
Instructional Technology Lab
Infinite Thinking Machine
Improving Teacher Quality
Instructional Technology Resource Center
Instructional Technology Resource Centre
Index of Teaching Stress
Instructional Technology Specialist
Integrative Teaching Strategies
Interactive Teaching Skills
Independent Travel Trainer
Key Stages
Key Stage Manager
Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music
Looked After Children’s Education
Local Authority Special Equivalent Grant
Local Authority Central Spend Equivalent Grant
Licensure Examination for Teacher
Local Governing Body
Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment
Language Learning
Language, Literacy and Culture
Literacy, Language, and Culture
Leadership Learning Group
Leveled Literacy Intervention
Lifelong Learning Sector
Learning Media Assessment
Language Materials Project
Linguistic Minority Research Institute
Language Minority Student
Learning Objectives
Language of Dance
Love of Literacy
Learning Object Repositories
Learning Plan
Lesson Plan
Lesson Planner
Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers
Language Proficiency Interview
Louisiana Resource Center for Educators
Language Resource Centers
Louisiana Retired Teachers Association
Learning Strategies
Local Safeguarding Children’s Board
Learning Style Inventory
Language for Specific Purposes
Languages for Special Purposes
Languages for Specific Purposes
Learning Style Profile
Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Learning and Teaching Academic Standards
Learning Technology Center
London Tests of English
Language Testing International
Learning and Teaching Scotland
Learning Technologies Special Interest Group
Learning to Teach Online
Lagos University Teaching Hospital
Maine Arts Assessment Initiative
Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction
Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Mind Detox Method
Midday Supervisor
Montana Environmental Education Association
Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support
Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments
Mathematics Enhancement Programme
Module Evaluation Questionnaires
Multimedia Education Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning & Online Teaching
Multimedia Education Resources for Learning and Online Teaching
Mathematics Education Trust
Measures of Effective Teaching
Michigan English Test
Master Funding Agreement
Milken Family Foundation
Multiple Intelligences
Messianic Israel Alliance
Manual of Internal Financial Procedures
Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role
Merlin John Online
Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching
Mastery Learning
Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments
Michigan Literacy Progress Profile
Music Learning Theory
Maricopa Learning eXchange
Middle-school Mathematics through Applications Project
Mild Mental Disability
Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance
Master Mathematics Teacher
Massive Online Course
Massively Open Online Course
Ministry of Education, Science and Sports
Massive Open Online English Course
Master Online Teacher
Mississippi Professional Educators
Monthly Payment Order
Monthly Pay Order
Mizoram Public Service Commission
Multimedia in Physics Teaching and Learning
Medical health assessment/referral
Math Reasoning Inventory
Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education
Multiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers
Mathematical Sciences Education Board
Measures of Student Learning
Math Science Partnership
Mathematics and Science Teaching
Mathematics, Science and Technology
Michigan Science Teachers Association
Mother Tongue
Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines
Minority Teacher Education Scholarship
Madison Teachers Inc
Modeling for Understanding in Science Education
National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education
National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Language
National Art Education Foundation
National Association for Music Education
National Association of Multicultural Educators
National Association of School Business Managers
National Association of Schools and Music
National Career Academy Coalition
North Carolina Association of Educators
North Central Association of Colleges and School
National Community College Benchmark Project
National Council for Educational Technology
National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics
National Council for Geographic Education
National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education
National Center to Improve the Tools of Educators
National Center for Literacy Education
National Council for Languages and International Studies
National Capitol Language Resource Center
Nanotechnology Center for Learning and Teaching
National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities
National Center on Performance Incentives
National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
North Central Regional Education Laboratory
National Computer Saksharta Mission
National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
National Center on Student Progress Monitoring
National Council of State Supervisors for Languages
National Co-ordination Team
National Commission on Teaching and America's Future
National Council of Teachers of English
National Council of the Teachers of English
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
National Council of Teachers in Mathematics
National Council for Teachers of Mathematics
National Council for the Teaching of Mathematics
National Digital Learning Resources
National Digital Learning Repository
North Delhi Municipal Corporation
New Directions for Teaching and Learning
North Education
National Educators Association
New England Association of Teachers of English
National East Asian Languages Resource Center
National Elementary Achievement Test
National Early Literacy Panel
New England Literature Program
National Executive Officers
Non-English Proficient
Native English Speaker
native English speakers
Nebraska Earth Science Education Network
Native English Speaking Teacher
native English speaking teachers
Native English Teacher
Natural Environment Training
Northwest Educational Technology Consortium
National Educational Technology Plan
National Foreign Language Center
National Foreign Language Resource Center
National Federation of Music Clubs
New Faculty Orientation
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
National Governors’ Association
National Governors Council
Next Generation of Science Standards
Next Generation Yoga
National Heritage Language Resource Center
National Institute for Consumer Education
Newspaper in Education
National Induction Programme for Teachers
New Jersey Association for Educational Technology
New Jersey Educational Association
New Jersey Science Teachers Association
New Kadampa Tradition
National Leaders of Governance
National Learning Infrastructure Initiative
National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
National Mathematics Advisory Panel
National Middle East Language Resource Center
National Network for Early Language Learning
Non-Native English Speaking Teacher
National Opera Association
Notification Of Appointment
Notification Of Leave
Nano Open Online Courses
Number (of pupils) on Roll
Nature of Science
National Professional Diploma in Education
National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals
National Recreation and Park Association
National Right to Read Foundation
National Reading Styles Institute
National Science
Native Speaker
National Spanish Examinations
National Science Education Standards
National Support Services
New South Wales Teachers Federation
National Teachers Enhancement Network
National Teaching Fellowship
National Teaching Fellow
National Teaching Fellowship Scheme
National Teaching Fellows
National Technology Leadership Coalition
National Technology Leadership Initiative
Non-Tenure Track
National Teacher Training Institute
National University of Educational Planning & Administration
National Union of General Workers
Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti
National Writing Project
New York State Association for Bilingual Education
New York State Dance Education Association
New York State Art Teachers Association
New York State Education Department's
Ohio Assessments for Educators
Office of Academic Innovation
Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Register
Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills
Occupational Health Service
Opening Minds through the Arts
Oregon Music Teachers Association
Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development
Ohio Principal Evaluation System
Office of Public Instruction
Oral Proficiency Interview
Oral Proficiency Interviews
Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examinations
Ohio Resource Center
Occupational Supply Demand System
Open Source Portfolio
Office of School Personnel Review and Accountability
Ontario School Record
Oregon Science Teachers Association
Online Teaching Conference
Oregon Technology in Education Council
Odisha Teacher Eligibility Test
Office of Teaching Initiatives
Outstanding Teaching and Instructional Creativity Award
Online Teaching & Learning
Progress Answer
Pennsylvania Art Education Association
Published Admissions Number
Paired Comparison Analysis
Personal Device
Professional Development & Community Engagement
Professional Development Service for Teachers
Professional Eligibility Certificate
Professional Educators of Iowa
Peace Education Programme
Physics Education Research Group
Performance Expectations
Physical Education and Sports Science
Professional Educators of Tennessee
Primary English Teaching Association Australia
Post Graduate Certificate in Education
Professional Graduate Certificate in Education
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education
Professional Growth Plans
Parent Governor Representative
Post-Graduate Teachers
Post Graduate Teacher
Post Graduate Teachers
Peer Instruction
Pre-Inspection Context and School Indicators
Project to Increase Mastery of Mathematics and Science
Parent Involvement Project
Performance Information Reference Group in Education.
Programme for International Student Assessment.
Pool of Inactive Teachers.
Performance and Innovation Unit.
Performance Indicators for Value Added Target Setting.
Pedagogical Knowledge
Principal Lecturer
Professional Leadership
Programme Leader
Pupil Level Annual Schools Census
Personal Learning Community
Professional Learning Exchange
Professional Learning & Leadership Development Directorate
Public Liaison Officer
Primary Leadership Programme
Professional Learning Series
Professional Learning Plan
Partial Lump-Sum Option
Personal Education Learning & Thinking
Personal Learning & Thinking.
Pi Lambda Theta
Principles of Learning and Teaching
Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
Professional Learning Unit
Professional Learning Units
Professional Learning Units
Pilates Method Alliance
Professional Masters in Education
Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers
Personnel Master File
Primary Modern Foreign Languages
Progressive Mathematics Initiative
Peer-Mediated Instruction and Intervention
Profound and Multiple Learning Disability
Profound and multiple learning disabilities
Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties
Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.
Professional Music Teachers of New Mexico
Pacific Northwest Council for Languages
Primary National Strategy
Philippine Normal University
Post Ofsted Action Plan
Professional and Organization Development
Professional Oklahoma Educators
Provincial Office of Education
Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning
Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning
Person of Interest
Program on Noncollegiate Sponsored Instruction
Programmes of Study
Programmes of Study.
Present Perfect
Pupil Premium
Pre-school Playgroups Association.
Primary Principals' Association
Postgraduate Professional Development
Practitioner Professional Development.
Post Graduate Professional Development.
Public Performance Indicator.
Principal Preparation Program
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities
Parent Partnership Scheme.
Pre-Professional Skills Tests
Pen-and-Paper Testing
Pupil Referral Centre
Partnership for Research and Education in Plants
Pupil Retention Grants
Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies
Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics
Promotional Logistics
Personal Response Systems
Pupil Referral Unit.
Partially sighted.
Person Specification
Public Service Agreement
Potential Schools Budget.
Personal, Social, Citizenship & Health Education
Personal, Social and Health Education.
Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education
Personal and Social Education.
Progressive Science Initiative
Public Sector Industry Training Advisory Body
Pastoral Support Programme.
Pastoral Support Programme
Planning of School Places
Primary Science Programme
Priority Schools Program
Priority School Building Programme.
Parent School Partnership Initiative
Paraprofessionals and School-Related Personnel
Pupil and Student Services Group
Public Schools Sport Association
Physical Science Study Committee
Process Skills Test
Palmetto State Teachers Association
Parent & Teachers Association
Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association
Pre-Service Teacher Education
Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Test
Performance Task
Principal Teacher
Parent Teacher Association.
Primary Teachers Certificate
Primary Teaching Certificate
Professional Teaching Knowledge
Parent Teacher Organisation.
Pupil/Teacher Ratio
Pupil Teacher Ratio.
Physics Teaching Resource Agents
Parent, Teacher, and Student Association
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe
Part Time Work Agreement
Quality Assurance Mechanism
Qualification Accreditation Number
Qualifications Data Collection Steering Group.
Religious Education
Regional Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer
Raising Attainment Plan
Rural Area Relief
Recommending Bodies
Roman Catholic Church
Regional Community Employment Councils
Religious Education.
Racial Equality and Diversity Service
Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty
Register of Educational Establishments.
Race Employment and Education Forum
Resource and Event Management System
Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years
Relief from Face to Face
Registered Inspector
Royal Irish Academy of Music
Rochester Independent College
Reading Instruction Competence Assessment
Reading Instruction Competency Assessment
Rewards and Incentives Group
Review of International Geographical Education Online
Rhode Island Music Educators Association
Register of Independent Schools.
Reciprocal Imitation Training
Rhode Island Technology Enhanced Science
Reading and Language Arts
Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Abhijan
Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan
Regional Office
Record of Visit
Reflective Practice
Risk Protection Arrangement for Academies
Regional Professional Development Program
Recently Qualified Teacher
Reading Recovery
Regional Subject Advisor.
Royal Society of Arts Examination Board
Royal Society of Arts Examination Board
Religious Science International
Regional SASS Reference Group
Raising School Standards Initiative
Research and Statistics Unit
Rural Training Council of Australia
Regional Technology in Education Consortium
Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test
Rajasthan Teachers Eligibility Test
Response To Intervention
Response to Interventions
Responsiveness to Instruction
Registered Teacher Programme
Read The Question
Registered Teacher Scheme
Reacting to the Past
Read to write
Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation
School to school secure data transfer system
Scratch for Second Life
School Action Plus
Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education
Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education.
Schools Access Initiative.
Student Achievement Leader.
Student Administration and Learning Management
School Administrative Manager
School Administrative Officer
School Attendance Order.
Students As Researchers
Special Agreement School
Student Administrative Systems
Student Associates Scheme
State Authorities Super Scheme
School Administrative and Support Staff Professional Association
School Administrative and Support staff
Standard Assessment Task
Standard Assesment Test
Scenario Based Learning
School Building Leadership
School Business Manager
Site Based Management
School Based Police Officer.
Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity
Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
Secretarys Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
Social Competence and Behavior Evaluation
School Causing Concern
South Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Severe Communication Difficulties
Service Children's Education.
State Continuing Education Clock Hours
State Continuing Education Clock Hours
State Consortium on Educator Effectiveness
Scottish College for Educational Leadership
State Council for Education Research and Training
Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers
Schoolwide Cluster Grouping Model
Student Course Information
Student Course Information System
Southwest Consortium for the Improvement of Mathematics and Science Teaching
Science Curriculum Improvement Study
Scottish Council of Independent Schools.
Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access
Suffolk County Music Educators Association
Support Centre for Open Resources in Education
Scottish Vocational Educational Qualification
Scottish Exchange of Educational Data.
Serious Case Review
Single Central Record
Scottish Council for Research in Education.
Standing Council for School Education and Early Childhood
Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
San Diego Area Writing Project
Socratic Dialogue Inducing
Self-Directed Learning
Self Directed Learning
Student Directed Learning
South Delhi Municipal Corporation
Schools Division Superintendent
Student Experiment
School Education Area
Special Education Administrators of County Offices
Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.
Society for Effective Affective Learning
South East Asian Ministers of Education Organisation
Student Education Association of Nebraska
Special Education Assistive Technology
Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.
Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association
Survey of Enacted Curriculum
Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
Science Education Council of Ohio
School Education Director
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Social Equality Educators
Scottish Executive Education Department.
Supporting Effective Educator Development
School self-evaluation form issued by Ofsted
Self Evaluation Form
Student Evaluation of Faculty
Southern Examining Group
Science Education Initiative
Science Education International
Sheltered English Immersion
Structured English Immersion
Student Evaluation of Instruction
Special Education Itinerant Teachers
School Emergency Management Team
SEN Co-ordinator
Special Educational Needs Database.
Special Education Needs Co-ordinator
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Special Educational Needs & Disability.
Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
Special Educational Needs Discrimination Act
Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal
Special Educational Needs Tribunal.
Special Educational Needs in Mainstream Schools.
Special Educational Needs Joint Initiative for Training.
Special Educational Needs Support Service.
Society of Education Officers.
Science Education Programme
Single Education Plan
Single Education Plan.
Satellite Educational Resources Consortium
State Education Resource Center
Special Education Resource Facility
Scottish electronic Staff Development Library
Spoken English Test
Student Evaluation of Teaching
Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
Special Education Teacher Support Services
Standards and Effectiveness Unit
Supplementary Funding Agreement
Scottish Further Education Funding Council.
Scottish Further Education Unit.
School Facilities Maintenance System
Self Fulfilling Prophecies
Standard for Full Registration
Standard Grade
Speak Good English Movement
Small-Group Instructional Diagnosis
Small Group Instructional Diagnosis
Student Growth Measures
Student Growth Objectives
Student Growth Percentiles
Secondary Heads Association
Secondary Heads Association.
Strategic Health Authority.
Scottish Higher Education Funding Council.
Schools Health Education Unit.
School Holistic Initial Teacher Education
Society of Headmasters and Headmistresses of Independent Schools
Strategic Human Resources Plan
School Improvement.
Scientific Inquiry
Science in Context
Statement of Internal Control
Schools Industry Liaison Officer.
Strategic Instruction Model
Strategic Instructional Model
Secondary Integration of Modeling in Math and Science
School Information Management System.
Schools Information and Management System
Students International Meditation Society
School Improvement Officer
School Improvement Plan.
Sheltered Immersion Observation Protocol
Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol
School Improvement Partner
School Improvement Partners
Schools in Partnership
School Improvement Professionals
School Inclusion: Pupil Support.
Second International Technology in Education Study
Senior Lecturer
Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Science Learning Center
Student Loans Company.
Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties.
Speech, Language and Communication Needs.
Severe Learning Difficulties
Severe Learning Difficulty
Severe Learning Difficulties.
Specific Learning Disability
Students with Learning Difficulty and/or Disability.
Subject Leader Development Material.
Speech and language impairment.
Student Learning Objectives
Student Learning Objectives
School Liaison Police Officers
School Leadership System
School Library Service.
Speech Level Singing
School Learning Support Officer
Second Language Teaching
Second Language Writing
Senior Leadership Team
Speech and Language Therapy.
Student Learning Targets
Sermon on the Mount
Special Measures
School Measurement, Assessment and Reporting Toolkit
Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-scaled targets
Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timed.
Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching
Science and Mathematics Education Conference
Science, Mathematics and Technology
Science & Math Investigative Learning Experiences
Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement
Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment
Standards of Mathematical Practice
School meal supervisory assistants.
Spiritual Moral Social Cultural
Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural
Science and Mathematics Teacher Imperative
Staff Management Utility
Special Needs.
Standard Number
Special Needs Assistant.
Secondary Numeracy Assessment Program
Supporting New Academic Staff
Swaziland National Association of Teachers
Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers
Special Needs Improvement Plan.
Special Needs Opportunity Windows
Secondary National Strategy.
Spanish for Native Speakers
Standard National Scale
State Office
School Organisation Committee
Scheme of Delegation
Statement of Eligibility
Sharing One Language
School Organisation Plan
School Organisation Plan.
Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview
Study of Religion
Secretary of State
Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
Scheme of Work
Scheme of Work.
Stake President
Specialized Professional Associations
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Spelling and Grammar
Spelling Punctuation and Grammar
Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators
School Performance Award Scheme
Secondary Principals' Council
Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit
Sharing Practice in Enhancing and Assuring Quality
School Progress Index
Student Performance Indicators
Specific Learning Difficulty
Specific Learning Difficulty.
Specific Learning Difficulties
Syllabus Plus
Strategic planning meeting.
Student Perceptions of Teaching
Student Perception of Teaching
Scottish Public Pensions Agency
Statistics Package for Social Science
Scottish Parent Teacher Council.
Scottish Qualifications Agency.
Scottish Qualification for Headship
Safer Recruitment
Supplementary Recurrent Assistance
Single Regeneration Budget.
School Reform Commission
Southern Regional Committee
Student Representative Council
Schools Renewal Challenge Fund.
Staff Review and Development
Sex and Relationship Education.
Special Religious Education
Southeast Regional Education Board
Sport & Recreation Industry Training Advisory Body Inc.
Student Registration Number
Safer Routes to Schools
Safer Routes to School
Student Response Systems
Sport Recreation Training Australia
Single Subject
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan
Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan
School Staffing Area
Standard Spending Assessment
Standard Spending Assessment.
Student Support Assistant.
Schools, Students and Teachers
Specialist Schools and Academies Trust
Scottish School Board Association.
Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders
School Social Behavior Scales
Social Science Citation Index.
School Sport Co-ordinator
School Support Coordinators
Social Services Department.
Strategic School Development Plan
Solomon Schechter Day School Association
School Self-Evaluation
School Self Evaluation
Smithsonian Science Education Center
Social Science Education Consortium
School Standards Fund
School Standards Fund.
School Standards and Framework Act 1998
School Standards and Framework Act.
Social Services Inspectorate.
Specialist Schools Initiative.
Statewide Systemic Initiatives
Statewide Systemic Initiative
Strategic Support Managers
School Support Officer
Student Services Officer
Safer School Partnership.
School for Specific Purposes
Speech Sound Pics
Starting salary point.
Systematic Synthetic Phonics
Staff-Student Ratio
Sustained Silent Reading
Social Skills Rating Scale
School Safety and Response Unit
Senior Secondary School
Secondary School Teachers
Staff Sickness Scheme
State Superannuation Scheme
Secondary Subject Shortage Scheme.
School Support Team
Specialist Schools Trust
Strategic Science Teaching
Student Study Team
Student Study Teams
Student Success Team
Student Support Teams
Scottish Secondary Teachers Association
Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association.
School Student Transport Scheme
Support Teacher
Special Teacher Assistant
Standards and Testing Agency
State Boarding School Information Service
Science Teachers Association of Nigeria
School Technology and Readiness
Sit Together and Read
Specialist Teacher Assistants Record
Student Teacher Achievement Recognition
Siemens Teachers as Researchers
Science Teachers Association of Texas
State Training Centres
School of Teacher Education
Schools Transition Enterprise Management System
Scottish Traveller Education Programme.
Stanford Teacher Education Program
State Teacher Education Program
Structured Training and Employment Projects
School Teachers Eligibility Test
Support Teacher Learning Assistance
Special Transport Management System
Statutory Transfer Order
Science Teachers of Missouri
School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document
School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document.
School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document
School Teachers’ Review Body
School Teachers' Review Body
Simply The Story
Students Teaching Students
Student Talking Time
Support Teacher Transition
School to Work
State Universal Basic Education Board
Technology for Learning
Teaching Assessment
Teaching Agency.
TAFE NSW Library Network Catalogue
Teaching As Leadership
Teaching and Learning Exchange
Training for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program
Teacher Academy for Preparation and Pedagogy
TAFE Applications Processing System
Teacher assessment and reporting arrangements.
Teacher Assessment and Review Schedule
Teacher's Aide Special
Technical and Applied Studies
True Blue Mormon
Thanks Be To God
Technology College.
Technology College Trust.
Test of developed ability
Training and Development Agency for Schools
Teacher Education and Mentoring
Technology-Enabled Active Learning
Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships
Training and Enterprise Council.
Teaching of English as a Foreign Language.
The Education Network.
Teaching Enterprise Project
Technology Enhancement Project.
Teacher Employment Priority Scheme
Times Educational Supplement.
Traveller Education Service.
Teaching English as a Second or Other Language
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
Teachers Federation New South Wales
Teaching From Space
Teachers Guide
Times Higher Education Supplement
Teachers Insurance and Annuity
Technology Integration in Education
Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology
TAFE Integrated Financial System
Teachers Improving Learning with Technology
The Institute for Learning and Teaching
Technology Integration Matrix
Texas Institute for Measurement, Evaluation, and Statistics
Teacher Information Management System
Third International Mathematics and Science Study
Third International Math and Science Study
Trends in International Math and Science Study
Trends in International Mathematics and Science Survey
TAFE Institute Planning Application
TAFE Integrated Property System
Teaching in the Psychological Sciences
The International Research Foundation
Teacher in Space Project
Technological Knowledge
Teacher Knowledge Test
Teaching Knowledge Test
Target Language
Teacher Librarianship
Teaching and Learning
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Teacher Leadership Initiative
Teaching and Learning Center
Teaching and Learning Centre
Teaching, Learning, and Computing
Technology and Livelihood Education
Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund
Teaching & Learning Laboratory
Teaching and Learning Laboratory
Teaching and Learning Services
Teaching and Learning Responsibility
Teaching and Learning Research Programme.
Teaching and Learning Responsibility Payment.
Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Teaching, Learning & Technology
Teaching and Learning with Technology
Teaching and Learning Technologies
Teaching and Learning Technology
Teaching, Learning & Technology Roundtable
Teaching and Learning Unit
Teachers Mutual Bank
The Mathematics Educator
Teach Mississippi Institute
Teacher Mentor Program
Teach North Texas
Tamil Nadu Teacher Eligibility Test
Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University
Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University
Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland
Teaching of English as a Foreign Language
Test of Oral Proficiency
Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository
The Old Schoolhouse
Teachers on the Estuary
Teachers’ Pensions
Teaching Practice
Teacher Performance Assessment
technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge
Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge
Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge
Technology, Pedagogy, and Content Knowledge
Technological Pedagogical Knowledge
Teacher Professional Continuum
Tertiary Preparation Certificate
Teacher Preparation and Certification Program
TAFE Peak Executive Group
Teaching Perspectives Inventory
Teachable Point of View
Teachers' Pension Scheme.
Total Physical Response
Total Physical Response Storytelling
Teachers' Pay Spine.
The Physics Teacher
Teaching Quality Assessment
Teacher Quality Institute
Total Quality Management.
Teacher Quality Partnership
Australian Training Information Network
Teacher Recruitment Board
Teacher Registration Board
Teachers Recruitment Board
Teachers Registration Board
Teaching Resources Center
Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
Teacher's Report Form
Teacher's Retirement Fund
Teacher Report Form
Teachers Retirement Fund
Tower Records and Information Management
Teacher Resource Link
Teacher's reference number
Teacher Relief Scheme
Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment
Teacher Shortage Area
Teacher Shortage Areas
Teaching Service Commission
Training Standards Council.
Transactional Services Centre
Teacher of Speech and Hearing Handicapped
Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped
Technology Schools Initiative.
Teachers for Social Justice
Teaching English as a Second Language
TAFE Selection Operation Centre
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
Trident Trust
Tenure-Track Faculty
Teacher Training Initiative for Sub-Saharan Africa
Thinking Through a Lesson Protocol
Teacher Training Resource Bank
Teacher Talking Time
The Technology Teacher
Teachers Union of Ireland
Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment.
Transfer of Undertaking Protection of Employment
Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System
Tennessee Value Added Assessment System
Technical and Vocational Educational Initiative
Technical and Vocational Education Initiative.
TAFE-delivered Vocational Education and Training
Temporary Visa Holders
Unitary Authority.
User Alert Management
Unit Based Enrolment
University and Colleges Admissions Service
University Center for the Advancement of Teaching
University Council for the Education of Teachers.
University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.
University of the First Age.
Universities Funding Council.
University for Industry.
UK Council for Overseas Student Affairs.
Unique Learner Number.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.
Union of Public Sector Employees
Unit of Study
University Professor
Unique Pupil Number.
Upper Pay Scale
Urban Systemic Initiatives
United States Professional Tennis Registry
Universities Statistical Record
University of Sydney
University Teaching Center
Value Added.
Value Added Analysis
Value Added Assessment
Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic
Visual, Aural, Read/Write, Kinesthetic
Village College.
Vocational Certificate of Education.
Voluntary Competitive Tendering.
Vocational Education Dual Accreditation Committee
Vocational and Educational Guidance Assistance Scheme
Vocational and Educational Training.
Vocational Education & Training Advisory Committee
Vocational Education and Training Network
Verbal Reasoning Quotient.
Virtual Staff College.
Virtual School Head
What Are We Learning Today
Workforce Agreement Monitoring Group
Wider Benefits of Learning
World Conference on Educational Technology Researches
Workers Compensation Resolution Service
Worker's Educational Association
Workers' educational Association.
Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education
Women in Educational Leadership
Women in German
When I Kissed the Teacher
What I am Looking For
World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education
Welsh Joint Education Committee.
Welsh Language Board.
Welsh Local Government Association.
Workforce Management & Systems Improvement
Wilton Method Instructor
Webinars on Wednesdays
Writing Proficiency Test
Written Proficiency Test
Work Related Activities.
Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services Industry Training Council
Work Related Curriculum.
Youth Access Centres
Young Artist Guild
Youth Award Scheme.
Year 11 Indicator System
Youth Justice Board.
Yayasan Guru Malaysia Berhad
Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning
Youth Inclusion and Support Team
Youth Liaison Officer
Zhejiang University City College