Popular Technology acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Acid Wash
Apature priority autoexposure
Aperture priority
Automatic flash
Automatic Cross-connection Equipment
Aerospace & Armament Experimental Establishment
Aircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment
Activation and Checkout
Adequacy and Compatibility
Approval and Clearance Notice
Architecture and Design
Assembly and Disassembly
Activation and Evaluation
Architects and Engineering
Armament and Electronics
Assembly and Equipment
Assembly and Erection
Azimuth and Elevation
Accounting and Finance
Arm and Fuse
Arm and Fuze
Arming and Fusing
Arming and Fuzing
Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics
Allen & Heath
Alteration & Improvement
Analysis and Integration
Assembly and Installation
Attack and Identification
Assembly and Maintenance
Assembly and Maintenance Verification
Assembly and Maintenance Integration
Aeronautical and Ordinance System
Abandonment & Recovery
Audit and Reimbursement
Avionics and Software
Application and Service Engineering
Architecture and Transport
Assembly & Test
Assembly and Testing
Assembly and test pit
Agency for Science, Technology And Research
Axial 6 cylinder A/C compressor
Aviation-binary Phase Shift Keying
Advanced/Data Collection System
Automatic depth of field
Arvin Echo
Aniline-Furfuryl Alcohol-Hydrazine
Aerojet-General Corporation
Aerojet-General Corporationration
Arresting Gear
Acid Lounge
Amplitude Modulation
Advanced Multifunction Controller
Aggregated Mac Protocol Data Unit
aeronautical quadrature phase shift keying
Aviation Quadrature Phase Shit Keying
Access - Resource and Admission Control Function
Advanced TDMA
Advanced Time Divisionsion Multiple Access
Absolute Time
Advanced through-the-lens flash
Advanced True White IPS
American Academy of Allergy
American Association of Anatomists
Area Agency on Aging
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Blood Banks
American Academy of Cerebral Palsy
American Academy of Denture Prosthetics
American Association of Dental Schools
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Academy of Physician Assistants
American Academy of General Practice
American Academy of Implant Dentures
American Association of Immunologists
American Association of Pathologists
American Association of Industrial Nurses
American Association of Medical Assistants
American Association of Medical Colleges
American Association of Medical Record Librarians
American Academy of Otolaryngology
American Academy of Oral Pathology
American Academy of Periodontology
American Association of Orthodontists
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Academy of Pedodontics
American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists
American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
American Association of Plastic Surgeons
American Association of Railroads
Association of American Railroads
American Bar Association
American Academy of Sciences
Associate of Arts and Science
American Board of Examiners in Professional Psychology
Advanced Certificate
American College of Angiology
American College of Apothecaries
American College of Gastroenterology
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians and Gynecologists
American College of Osteopathic Hospital Administrators
American College of Osteopathic Surgeons
American College of Pathologists
Academy of Cerebral Palsy
American College of Radiology
antireticular cytotoxic serum
American College of Sports Medicine
American Diabetic Association
American Dietetic Association
American Economic Association
Aerospace Design and Development
Automatic Data Processing
American Epidermological Society
American Geriatrics Society
Auditor Freight Accounts
auditor freight claims
Authorized Foreign Exchange Bank
auditor freight receipts
auditor freight traffic
Associazione Guide e Scout Cattolici Italiani
Assistant House Physician
assistant house surgeon
Alame International
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence-David
American Institutetute of Homeopathy
American Industrial Hygiene Association
Ambience Impacts Rhythms
Air Injector Reactor
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
Australian International Space School
American Laryngological Association
Aerospace Medical Association
American Medical Association
Association of Medical Assistants
Australian Medical Association
American Maritime Cases
Applied Mathematics and Computers Laboratory
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
Advertising Media Internet Center
Automated Manufacturing Research Facility
Aerospace Medical Research Laboratories
Association of Medical Record Librarians
American Meteorological Society
American Medical Women's Association
American Medical Writers' Association
American Neurological Association
American Nurses' Association
Asociacion Nacional Automovilistica
Administrative Orders
American Optometric Association
American Orthopaedic Association
American Osteopathic Association
American Orthopsychiatric Association
All Other Colors
Any Other Color
American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association
Album Oriented Rock
American Otological Society
American Pediatric Society
American Physiological Society
American Proctologic Society
American Psychological Society
American Occupational Therapy Association
All Other Varieties
Any Other Variety
All Points Bulletin
American Protestant Hospital Association
American Public Health Association
American Petroleum Institutetute
Automates Programmables Industriels
anterior pituitary like
Academy of Physical Medicine
Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine
American Psychosomatic Society
Association of Plastic Surgeons
American Railway Association
American Red Cross
anomalous retinal correspondence
Academy of Religion and Mental Health
Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease
Association for Research in Ophthalmology
American Roentgen Ray Society
American Radium Society
Accredited Record Technician
Accounting Specialist
American Society for Artificial Internal Organs
American Society for Clinical Investigation
American Society of Bacteriologists
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
American Society of Clinical Pathologists
American Society of Clinical Laboratory Technicians
American Society for Genetics
American Society for Hematology
American School Health Association
American Speech and Hearing Association
Association for the Study of Human Infertility
American Society of Hospital Pharmacists
Association of Surgeons of India
Automotoclub Storico Italiano
American Science Information Institutetute
American Society of Internal Medicine
amplitude shift keyed
American Society of Parasitologists
American Society of Radiologic Technologists
Atalantic Standard Time
atomized suspension technique
American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Automatic Transmission
Accelerator Test Facility
American Vocational Association
Audio Visual Interactive Scriptware
Amalgamated Wireless Australia
American Warehouse Association
American Wire Gauge
annual wage guarantee system
Air to Air
Associate Contractor
Analog-to-Digital or Digital-to-Analog
Analog to Digital Converter
Analogue to Digital Converter
Activity Elements
Architectural and Engineering
Air / Fuel
Air Fuel Ratio
Air Flight
Air Flow
Air Foil
Air France
Air Firing Mechanism
Airworthiness / Flight Operations
Arm and Fuse System
Air Handling
After Installation
Anti ice
Air Launch
Approach and landing
Ampere Per Meter
AT and T Novell Telephone Services
as of
Auto Pilot
Auto Personal Computer
Aspect Ratio
As Required
Autoland Rollout
Apple Realtime Operating System Environment
Air Supply
Air To Surface
Ascent Stage
Auxiliary Stage
Action Time
Air Test
Alignment Technique
Angle Tracker
Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
Automatic Transmission
Automatic Transaxle
Apple's UniX
Audio and Video
Antenne 2
Administration to Business
Anti-Two Block
Analogue to Digital
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Americal Association for Laboratory Accreditation
Annex 3
Airman Third Class
4-speed automatic transmission
Allroad Quattro
Airlines 4 America
Automatic Overdrive Electronic Wide Ration Transmission
Automatic Four-Wheel Drive
5-speed automatic transmission
6-speed automatic transmission
Alpha 7
Abbreviated Address
Academy Award
Accelerated Assemblies
Acceptable Alternative
Access Adapter
Accrediting Authorities
Acquisition Agent
Acquisition Agreement
Acta Astronomica
Active Alkali
Administration de l'Aeronautique
Advertisement Agent
Advertising Agent
Aeromedical analysis
Agile Alliance
Al alloy
Almeida Atualizada
Animal Assurance
Antenna Assembly
Anti Aliasing
Application Assurance
Approach Area
Approving Authority
Astronomical Almanac
Audio Active
Auswärtige Amt
Author's Alterations
Automatic Attendant
Auto Aperture
Automatic Absorption
Automatic aperture flash
Associate Administrator for Space Flight
Associate Administrator for Tracking and Data Acquisition
All-American Five
Access, Authentication and Accounting
Adjust after Addition
Administrative Appeal Authority
Advanced Antennas and Arrays
Advanced Architectures and Automation
Advanced Avionics Architecture
Agency Allegations Advisor
Ascii Adjust for Addition
Asp Application Aggregator
Association Auxiliaire de l'Automobile
Astronaut Actuated Abort
Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstract
ATM Access Adapter
Authentication, Authorization and
Avionics Air Assembly
Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Assinine Acronyms
Affirmative Action Advisory Committee
All Aluminum Alloy Cable
All Aluminum Alloy Conductors
All-Aspect Adversary Counter-Tactics
American Association for Artifical Intelligence
Associate of the Institute of Administrative Accountants
Authentication, Authorization and Accounting key
authentication, authorization, and accounting key
American Academy of Arts and Letters
American Association for the Accreditation of Lab Animal Care
American Association of Animal Laboratory Accreditation Council
American Association of Animal Laboratory Accreditation Coun
Advanced Air To Air Missile
Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa
American Assotiation for the Advancement of Science
Australian Advanced Air Traffic Services
Autonoma Assistenza al Volo Traffico Aereo Generale
Aircraft Accident Briefs
Airport Annual Burn
All-to-All Broadcast
Asociacion de Abogados de Buenos Aires
Automated Attendant Billing System
Abolitionist Action Committee
Access Authorization Certificate
Accurate Automation Corp
Advanced Audio Compression
Advanced Audio Codec/Coding
Advanced Activity Concept
Advanced Automation Corporationration
Aeronautical Administrative Communications
aeronautical administration communications
Aft Access Cone
Alarm Arbiter Card
All Aluminum Conductors
Allied Advisory Committee
alternate ac
Ameriprise Advisor Center
Apple Audio Codec
Army Aquisition Corporation
Articulated Animal Carrier
Asia Aerospace City
Associate Analysis Center
Automatic Account Creator
Automatic Amplitude Control
Automatic Aperture Control
Auxiliary Air Control Valve
Antique Automobile Club of America
American Academy of Child and Adolscent Psychiatry
Aeronautics and Astronautics Coordination Board
Airborne Air Command Center
Airborne Alternate Command Center
Airports Association Coordinating Council
American Association for Contamination Control
Arlington Annex Communications Center
Association of Associations of Certified and Corporationrate Accountants
American Associatin for Counseling and Development
Associação de Assistência à Criança Deficiente
Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education
Association for Advancement of Computing in Education
Attitude and Antenna Control Electronics
Army Air Corporation Enlisted Pilots Association
Antimicrobial Acquisition and Coordinating Facility
Asian-Australasian Association for Composite Materials
Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine
All America Cables and Radio, Inc.
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, 2
AACS Articulation Control Subsystem
Aircraft Approach Control System
Ann Arbor Computer Society
Army Acquisition Circulars
Associate and Advisory Committee to the Special Committee on Electronic Data Retrieval
Automatic Anechoic Chamber Test System
Advanced Avionics Crypto Unit
Additional Authenticated Data
Advanced Applications Database
Allowance Appendix Documentation
Analog Alignment Diskette
Ascii Adjust for Division
Ascii Adjust for Divisionsion
Attitude Anomaly Detector
Alaska Aerospace Development Corporationration
All Application Digital Computer
Allison Advanced Development Company
American Association of Disability Communicators
Area Air Defense Coordinator
Army Air Defense Command Posts
Avionics Architecture Design Change
American Airlines Data Network
Alternate Air Defense Operations Center
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Advanced Application Disaster Recovery
Advanced Air Defense System
Army Air Defense System
Aerospace Ancillary Equipment
Allgemeine AnschaltErlaubnis
Atlantic Automotive Enterprises
Automated Analytical Electrophoresis Apparatus
Algebraic Algorithms and Error Correcting Codes
Advanced Airborne Expendables Decoy
Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence Based Learning
Aquatic Animal Experiment Facility
Anywhere Anytime Email Proxy Server
Advanced Aircraft Electrical System
Automated Aircrew Escape Systems
Aquatic Animal Experiment Unit
American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena
Adaptive Active Filter
Advance Authoring Format
Advanced Authority Format
Afghanistan Air Force
Anti-Alias Filter
Anti-Aliasing Filter
Andersen AFB, Guam
Andrews AFB, MD
Allied Air Forces Central Europe
Alternate Air Force Command Post
Advanced Applications Flight Experiment
Autonomous Agent For Intrusion Detection
Advanced Audio Coding
Aircraft Arresting Gear
Army Auditor General
Antiaircraft Artillery and Guided Missile Center
Architecture Analysis Ground Rules and Assumptions
Annually Averaged Global Total Ozone
Automated Attitude Hold
ACTS ATM Internetwork
Administrative Authority Identifier
Advanced Audio Interface
Afro Asiatisches Institut
Air Aid tontercept
Air to Airdentification
Applications Alarms Infrastructure
Autodesk Approved Instructor
American Aftermarket Industry Association
Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association's
Accounting Authority Identification Codes
Active Addressing Integrated Circuit
Avionics Armament Integration Committee
Air Accident Investigation Institutetute
Alternate Abstract Interface Markup Language
An Analytical Information Management System
ACE ACCIS Implementation Plan
Allied command europe ACCIS Implementation Strategy
Association of Aerospace Industries Singapore
Automated Ammunition Information Systems
Assistant Administrator for Information Systems Management
Administrative Appeals Judge
All American Karate Federation
Above Aerodome Level
Academia Argentina de Letras
Additional Authorized List
Aero-Acoustic Levitator
Akademi Angkatan Laut
All Aluminum
Anatomical Automatic Labeling
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaption Layer
ATM Adaptation Layers 3 and 4
ATM Adaptation Layer 3/4
Applicants Against Lottery Abuse
African Association for Literacy and Adult Education
Asian American Librarians Caucus
Autonomous Airborne Landing Capability
Auxiliary Array Lower Guard Band
American Association of Legal Publishers
A-Darter Air-to-Air Missile
Active Appearance Model
Active Appearance Models
Adjust after Multiplication
Adjust after Multiply
Airborne Activity Monitor
American Axle Manufacturing
Ascii Adjust for Multiplication
Autopilot Attack Mode
American Apparel Manufacturers Association
American Architectural Manufacturer's Association
American Architectural Manufactures Association
Asian American Manufacturing Association
American Academy of Medical Colleges
Air-to-Air Missile Defense
Automated Air Movement Data
Bulb mode
Magnetic Flux Density
Billing and Collecting
Broadcasting & Cable
Bridges and Gateway
Bruel and Kjaer
bulletin and order
Business and Occupancy
bulletins and orders task force
Brown & Sharp
Brown and Sharpe
Basing and Shipboard Suitability
Boss and Tap
Babcock & Wilcox
Babcock and Wilcox Canada
Babcock and Wilcox Fuel Co.
Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Technologies
Babcock and Wilcox Owners Group
Babcock and Wilcox Standard Safety Analysis Report
Battery positive
Battery Positive Voltage
B-1 Division
B-1 Divisionsion
Broadband CDMA
Bearer Channel
BERKOM-FIRST Innovative Network Environment
B-ISDN Inter Carrier Interface
B-ICI Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network
Broadband Integrated Services Data Network
Broadband Line Termination
Broadband Master Antenna Control
Binary To Octal
Broadband Personal Communications Services
Bi-directionally predictive-coded Picture
Broadband ISDN Q-interface Signaling
Broadband Remote Access Server
Basic Area Navigation
Broadcasting Satellite
Broadcasting Satellite system Corporation
Broadcasting Satellite system Corporationration
Belgian Space Remote Operation Center
Belgian - Universityrsity Science Operation Center
Bidirectional Video Object Plane
Blood Alcohol Concentration
Ballistic Coefficient
Before Common Era
Both Days Inclusive
Broker's daily statement
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
Banking Information Technology
British Medical Association
British Paediatric Association
Break Mean Effective Pressure
Bachelor of Management Studies
Bachelor of Medical Science
Business Promotion Bereau
Before Personal Computers
British Railways
Brain Rehabilitation And Injury Network
Broker Regulatory Committee
British Roentgen Society
Building Science
Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health
Bow Thrust Unit
British Thermal Unit
Birmingham Wire Gauge
Bring Your Own Booze
Base Attack
Booster Adapter
Budget Authority
Bolt Circle
Bits Per Inch
Black Liquor
Bleach Loss
Barometric/Manifold Absolute Pressure
budget overlay
Blue Print
back Swept
Bits per Second
Board of Inspection and Survey
Broken up
Build Up
Build Up Parts List
Boeing/Vertol Company
Back Water
Basis Weight
Blue Metallic
Barbarossa to Berlin
Business to Business Relationship Management
Back-to-Back User Agents
Back to Back User Agents
Back to Karkand
Back to Reality
Binary To Hexadecimal
Binary 3-Zero Substitution
Binary 8 Zero Substitution
Bipolar with Eight Zero Substitution
Babylon 5
Battle of the Bulge
Bipolar Eight Zero Substitution
Balanced Annihilation
Balanced Assessment
Baloon Astronomy
base accelerometer
Beacon Antenna
Bill Acceptor
Biochemical Analyzer
Birds Australia
Blocking Activity
Booster Adapter
Brokering Agent
Building Authority
Bundle Adjustment
Burst Acquired
Business Address
Business Advocate
Balancing Authority Area
Bilateral Airworthiness Agreements
Blanket Authorization Agreement
Business Area Architecture
Bay Area Automated Mapping Assn
Binary Alpha Block
Booster Assembly Building
Birmingham Association of Black Journalists
Bell Atlantic Business Systems Service
Behind Armour Blunt Trauma
British Approved Board for Telecommunications
British Approvals Board for Telecommunication
Bangkok Aviation Center
Bell Aerospace Company
Biologically Active Carbon
Bistatic Anechoic Chamber
Board Advisory Committee
Boeing Aerospace Corporation
Boeing Aerospace Co.
Boeing Aerospace Corporationration
British Aerospace Corporationration
Boeing Aircraft Co.
Boric Acid Concentrator
Boston Architecture College
British Aircraft Corp
Broadband Access Center
Broadband Assurance Contact
Building Automation and Control
Bypass Air Control Valve
Boeing Airplane Company Algebraic Interpreter Coding
Beijing Aerospace Command and Control Centre
Basic Automatic Checkout Equipment
Bid Analysis Cost Evaluation System
BATSE Coordinates Distribution Network
Billing Account Cross Reference
Baseband Assembly Control Unit
By-Pass Air Control Valve
Banque Africaine de
Broadband Assurance Diagnostics
Binary Asymmetric Dependent Channel
Beijing Aerospace Directing and Controlling Centre
British Aerospace Dynamics Group
British Aerospace Dynamic Group
Base Drilled
Business A/C Engine Project Department
Business A/C Engine Project Dept.
Biological Aerated Filters
bottom of active fuel
Base Faced and Drilled
Bay Area Friends of Armenia
Best and Final Offers
British Air Forces South East Asia
British Academy Film and Television Artts
British Academy of Film & Television Arts
Bay Area FreeBSD Users Group
Baseline Advisory Group
Bathymetry Attributed Grid
Biotechnology Ambient Generic
Bullpup Automatic Guidance System
Bell and Howell
Belgian Aviation History Association Archaeology Team
Biological Aspects of the Hydrological Cycle
Battle Area Interdiction
Battlefield area Air Interdiction
Billing Availability Indicator
Böcherer Angewandte Informatik
Billing of All Incoming Calls
BIOS Aware IPL Device
Broadband Access Interface Unit
Binary Adaptation Kit
Badan Administrasi Kepegawaian Negara
BundesAmt für KOMmunikation
Basic Assembler Language
Business Access Layer
Ballistic design
Blueprint for an Advanced Learning Environment
Bus Address Latch Enable
Berliner ATM-LAN Interconnection
Ball Aerospace
Ball End
Balistic Missile
Balanced-input to unbalanced-output converter
Balanced To Unbalanced
Balanced Unbalanced
BALanced UNbalanced device
Back Administration Module
Batch Administration Manager
Beta Attenuation Mass
Bias Approach Monitor
Block Availability Map
Boyan Action Module
Brain and Motivation
Brock Activity Manager
Bundesanstalt fuer Materialpruefung
Business Acivity Monitoring
Boat Anchor Manual Archive
Boston-Atlanta Metropolitan Axis
Balistic Missile Boost Intercept
Bob And Mike's Big Investment
Binary Application Markup Language
Business Associates Markup Language
Bay Area Mac Lawyers User Group
Brown Associates Management Services, Inc.
Boric Acid Mix Tank
Bay Area Multimedia Technology Alliance
Broad Alliance for Multimedia Technology and Applications
Bay Area Macintosh Users Group
Baylor Angel Network
Biographische Artikel und Nekrologe, MMW
Border Access Node
Boundary Access Nodes
Barter Association National Currency
Boston Area Nursing Informatics Consortium
Bankers Communications
BRITE Alphanumeric System
Boeing Aerospace Operations
Broadband Access Operation
Bureau of Air Operations
Business Activities Office
Billing of All Outgoing Calls
Band Allocation Protocol
Band Amplitude Product
Bandwidth Adjustment Parameter
Barometric Absolute Pressure Sensor
Barometric Air Pressure
Barometric Atmosphere Pressure
Basic Assembly Program
Best Aquaculture Practice
Branch arm piping
Broadband Application Part
Business Applications Package
Bandwidth Allocation Protocol / Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
Business Application Performance Corporation
Business Application Performance Corporationration
Business Applications Performance Corporationration
Business Applications Performance Corporationration
British Association of Public-safety Communications Officials
Branch Arm Piping Enclosure
Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network
Business Application Programming
Berthing and Positioning System
Body Animation Parameters
Branch Arm Piping Shielding
Broadcast Advertising Producers Society of America
Basic Avionics Procedure Trainer
BundesAmt fuer Post und Telefon
Business Activity Query
Buffer Address Register
Beta Assistance Rooms
British American Racing
Broadcast Advertisers Report
Bluetooth Architecture Review Board
Board ARBiter
Broadcasters' Audience Research Board
British Automobile Racing Club
Budget and Reporting Code
Burned Area Reflectance Classification
Belgian-American Radio Corporation
Belgian-American Radio Corporationration
Braille and Audio Reading Download
Braille and Audio Reading Downloads
Barrel Exchange
Barrel Exchange
Barrel Exchange
Basic Access to Remote Files
Barium Field Line Tracing Experiment
Billing Administration and Roaming Group
Barrier Injection Transit Time
Block Acceptance Reporting Mechanism
Barometric Pressure
BAsic Recorder of Objects in C
Basic Alternate Route Selections
Baseline Accounting and Reporting System/Logistics Inventory Management System
Basic Application RunTime
Billing Accounts Receivable Tracking
Billing and Analysis Reporting Tool
Bootable Antivirus & Recovery Tools
Butterfly Analysis and Review Test
Bell Atlantic Regional Timesharing
Bell Atlantic Regional Timesharing System
Barons Leasing Corporation
Bank Angle Sensor
Basic Activity Subnet
Basic Language
Battlefield Automated System
Behavior Aggregates
Belt Alternator Starter
Biological Alarm Systems
Block Acquisition Sequence
Borland AppServer
Brake Apply Sensor
British Art Show
Broadband Access Switch
Broadcast Auxiliary Services
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Business Application Services
BASe CAPabilities Information Element
Bachelor of Accounting and Sustainable Business
Boeing Aerospace Support Center
Bus Architecture Standards Committee
Basic Scheduling
Broadcom Advanced Server Control System
British Accounting Software Developers Association
Business and Accounting Software Developers Association
Bank America Systems Engineering
Binary Alloy Solidification Experiment
Base communications
British Approval Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmosphere
Bird Air Strike Hazard
Bell Atlantic System, Inc.
Basic Automatic Stored Instruction Computer
Basic Contract Observing Station
Begginers All-Purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Beginners All Symbolic Instruction Code
Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Beginners All Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Bank Automated Service Information System
Battelle Automated Search Information System
Burroughs Applied Statistical Inquiry System
Business and Support Information Services
Binary Amplitude Shift Keying
Military Base Operations
Bay Area Software Professionals for Responsibility and Accountability
Buffered Automatic Send/Receive
Bleed Air Supply System
Boeing Autometric Station Sensor
Business Applications Support System
Business Aviation Safety Seminar
Branch and Save and Set Mode
Boric Acid Storage Tank
backup auxiliary transformer
Basic Assurance Test
Batch Processing
Battle Line
Battlemap Analysis Tool
Beat Auto Theft
Boresight Acquisition and Track
Boric Acid Tank
boric acid transfer
Business Acceptance Testing
Buster Air Traffic
Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional
British Association for Tissue Banking
Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporation
Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corporationration
Bridgerland Applied Technology College
Business Advanced Technology Centre
BIT Actuation Test Equipment
Bahrain Telecommunications Company
Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement Systems
Best Available True Heading
Blocks Adjacent to the Transmission Institutent
Better Alternative Trading System
Business Analysis of Train Services
Broadband Advanced Technology Satellite
Baseband Assembly Unit
Base Audio/Video
Basic Audio Video
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Business Analysis and Visualization
Bay Area World Trade Center
Bayern Online
Boston Area Youth Soccer
BundesAmt fur Zivilluftfahrt
Bad Brains
Bandwidth Balancing
Base Band
Baseband signal
Base on balls
Bases on Balls
Basic Block
Basic Blocks
Be Bold
Big Bad
Big Bolts
Billion Bytes
Bingo Bash
Bit Block
Blood Banking
Branch and bound
Bristol Babcock
Bunnies and Burrows
Baseplate Ballast Assembly
Broad-Band Anti-Reflection
Beige Box Advanced System
Bit By Bit
C Programming Language
C Source Code
Computers and Automation
Controls and Accessories
Compensation & Benefits
Caesar and Cleopatra
Command and Conquer
Constructive Criticism
Commands and Colors: Ancients
Cement & Concrete Institute
Corrosion and Cathodic Protection
Command And Control Stn Team Trnr
Command and Data
Control and Display Panel
Command and Data Handler
Command and Data Handling Unit
Command and Data Processing
Configuration and Data Management
Command and Display System
Customer and Employee Relations Directorate
Coating and Graphic Arts
chemistry and health physics
Control and Instituteumentation
Consultant and Information Systems Marketing
Cities and Knights
Cooper and Lybrand
Criticality and Maintainability Analysis
Communications and Networking
Compliance & Operational Risk Control
Costing and Pricing
Cut and paste
Core and Payload Control Centers
Circumvention and Recovery
Concepts and Studies
Control and Status
City & South London Railway
Construction and Use
Carriage and Wagon
Caution and Wiring
Control and Warning
Caution and Warning System
Calibrated Atomic Force Microscope
Candidate BootStrap Router
Center for Computer Assistance to the Disabled
Circuit-mode channel
Communications-Computer Systems
Communications-Computer System
Centre For Development Of Advanced Computing
Character mode DTE
Combustion Engineering, Inc.
Communications and Electronics
Complementary Heterostructure Field Effect Transistor
Compact HTML
Center Information Technology Security Manager
Cholesteric Liquid Cristal Display
Communications Link
Cupola MPAC
Coaxial Network
Combined Network and Mission Operations Support
Color - Resolution Enhancement Technology
Color Resolution Ehancement technology
Continuity - Rambus Inline Memory Module
Combat Search and Rescue
Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Display
Compensated Single Photoelectron Avalanche Detector
Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
Cluster-Single Point Of Control
Consortium for Speech Translation Advanced Research
Cable Television Administration and Marketing Society
C-band to L-band
Customer VLAN
Torrents CZone
Cold Air Intakes
Creator Audition Mash-up Project
College of American Pathologists
Computer Aided Production
Custom Automated Products
Californian Air Resources Board
Chemical Abstract Service
Committee of American Steamship Lines
Clean Ballast Tanks
Conference and Cultural Centre
China Commodity Inspection Bureau
Combo Cooler Option
Coefficient of Drag
Continuous Discharge Certificate
Closed Equilibrated Biological Aquatic System
Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology
Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Crystal Filter
Certified General Accountant
Cap Gemini Sogeti
Catholic Hospital Association
Confederate Intelligence Bureau
Central Instituteument Facility
Cost Insurance Freight
Certificate in Industrial Health
Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
Comunicazioni Internazionali Telefoniche
Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe
Canadian Medical Association
Canadian Nurses' Association
Comparative Market Analysis
Costruzioni Motori Diesel
Central Office
Canadian Orthopaedic Association
Coefficient of Friction
Canadian Ophthalmological Society
Clinical Orthopaedic Society
College of Osteopathic Surgeons
Certificate in Public Health
Customary Quick Despatch
Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure
Commune of Really Unscrupulous and Diabolical Evildoers
Continuous Stack Emission Monitor
Cardiac Society of Great Britain and Ireland
Certified Software Quality Engineer
Computer Software Services
Canadian Tuberculosis Association
Combined transport document
Combined Transport Operator
Corrosion Under Insulation
Confidential User Personal Information Delivery
Certified Welding Inspector
Clear and Acquisition Code
Coarse / Acquisition
Command Acknowledgement
Corrective Action
Course Acquisition
Coarse/Acquisition Code
Classification of Characteristics
Combustion Chamber
Command and Control
Command Destruct
Control Data
Customer Disability Telecommunications Advisory Committee
Compression and Expansion
Country End
Center Frequency
Carrier-to-interference Ratio
Carrier-to-Interference power
Carrier to co-channel Interference
Carrier-to-3rd Order Inter modulation Ratio
Carrier-to-Inter modulation noise density ratio
Characters Per Inch
Carrier-to-Interference power spectral density ratio
Construction/inspection procedure
Cement lined
Centre Line
Center Line
Closed Loop
Crew Lock
Comprehensive Low-Altitude Multiburst Phenomenology
Carrier-to-Multipath power
Command Module
Calibration/Measurements Summary
Carrier-to-Noise power
Carrier To Noise
Carrier / Noise
Construction Number
Carrier-to-Noise-Density Ratio
Carrier-to-noise Density Ratio
Carrier-to-Noise power spectral density
Communications/Navigation Outage Forecasting System
Change Over
Cold Plate
Controller/Pilot Data Link Communications
Cadre/Principal Investigator
Commutation Rate
Characters Per Second
Counts Per Second
Client Server
Color Scheme
Computer / Standards Coordinating Committee
Cost/Schedule Control System
Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria
Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria
communications/surveillance operational implementation team
Carrier-to-noise Temperature
Code/Unit Test
Cooperative Vehicle
Compass / Vertical Angle Measurement
Carrier Wave
Cellular One
Copper Metallic
Corvettes, 1953
Commodore 128
Coated One Side
Coated on one Side
Command and Control
Command Control and Information Unit
Honeywell PlantScape Controller
Consumer To Administration
Card to Card
Cloud to Cloud
Character To Decimal
Command and Control Information Systems
Close Complementary Logic
Click to Run
Coated Two Side
Cable Changing Technology
Character to Hexadecimal
Chicago Creative Coalition
Command, Control, Communications
Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence
Cinema 360
Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Information Systems
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Information Systems
Complementary Constant-Current Logic
Cisco 3 Port
Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter
Cause For Concern
Command, Control, Computer, Communications and Intelligence
Command, Control, Computers, Communication and Information
Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies
Center for New Music
Centre for Sustainability
Code for Sustainable Homes
Corvette 6
Commodore 64
Heavy Hydrocarbon Components
Cab to Axle
Call to Action
Candy Apple Red
Capacity Assignment
Case to Ambient
Cash Accounts
Cassette Adapter
Cell Array
Certificate Authorites
Certificate of Airworthiness
Change Agreement
channel adapter's
Channel Adpaters
Channel Adpater
Charge Amplifier
Chemical Abstracts
Chilling Armor
Chromatic abberation
Chromatic Aberration
Circular Aperture
Cited Author
Clear All
Close Approach
Cloud Analysis
Clutter Attenuation
Cockpit Assessment
Columbia Association
Commercial Assistant
Common Anode
Communications Architecture
Comparative Analysis
Complete Arcane
Component Architecture
Composition Aperture
Computer Assisted
Computer Associate's
Computer Associates, Inc.
Computers And Automation
Concurrent Aggregates
Conical Area
Connection Agreements
Constant Amplitude
Constituent Association
Construction authorization
Constructionman Apprentice
Contract Administrator
Contingent Allegiance
Contract Authorization
Contract Annex
Contracting Authority
Control Architecture
Control Attitude
Controller of Aircraft
Converter Agent
Core Analysis Log
Corporate Authors
Corporationrate Author
Corrected Average
Corriente alterna
Course to altitude
Course to an Altitude
Covert Attack
Crank Angle
Critical Assembly
Customer Accommodations
Customer Agreement
Management Conditional Access Management
Canada's Research and Engineering Network
Canada Networking, Inc.
Custodian Authorization/Custody Receipt Listing
Cambodia Angkor Air
Cargo Airlines Association
Cement Admixture Association
Center for Aerospace Analysis
Civil Aviation Administration
Civil Aircraft Agreement
Collinear Antenna Array
Conditional Access Authority
Constant Angular Acceleration
Course Assistant Agent
Cultural Awareness Assessment
Cargo Airline Association's
Canadian Association of Advertising Agencies
Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
Combat Aircraft Aerodynamics Design Advisory Group
Children Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups
Changi Airport Advisory Group
China Association of Artificial Intelligence
Computer Aided Action Information System
Computer-Aided Adult Learning
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics System
Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Communication Agencies Association of New Zealand
Current Awareness in Aging Research
Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Research Council
Cyprus American Archeological Research Institutetute
Conference for African American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences
Contract Administration Automated Records Retrieval System
Career Advancement Accounts
Contract Administration and Audit Services
Contracted Advisor and Assistance Services
Computer Aided Analysis Tool
Compact Airborne Automatic Tracking System
Computer Assisted Aircraft Trouble Shooting
Commonwealth Asia Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs
Canadian Accreditation Board
Central Address Book
Chamber Access Bay
Citizens' Advice Bureau
Civil Aviation Bureau
Common Avionics Baseline
Compressed Application Binary
Configurable Analogue Blocks
Consumers Association of Bangladesh
Controlled Atmosphere Brazing
Controller Antilock Brakes
Controller Anti-lock Brake
Cost Audit Branch
Customer Awareness Board
California Assembly Bill 1493
Climate Action Business Association
Context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding
Context Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding
Context Based Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coding
Customer Agreement Bulletin Board System
Capture Avoidance Binary Exponential Backoff
Computer Automatic Branch Exchange
Chip Array Ball Grid Array
Compare And Browse with Limited Editing
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
Cable Industry Political Action Committee
Carrier Access Bills
Central Africa Building Society
Carrier Access Billing System-Billing Output Specifications
California Apple Commission
Call Admission Controller
Calling All Cars
Caution Advisory Computer
Carrier Access Codes
Central Arbitration Control
Central Attachment Cabinet
Citizen Advisory Committees
Code Advisory Committee
Comelec Advisory Council
Complex Advisory Council
Connection Address Control
Connetiont Admission Control
Consumer Affairs Committee
Containment Atmosphere Control
Contract Awarding Committee
Contractors Approach to CALS
Cost Account Code
Cost At Completion
Cost Avoidance Case
Compagnie des Agents de Change 40 Index
Combined Arms Combat Development
Combined Arms Combat Developments Agency
Computer Assisted Circuit Engineering and Allocating System
Central Asia Centre for Engineering Education
Commonwealth Association for Corporationrate Governance
Can't Admit Computers hang Empty
Continuous Alternating Current Ignition System
Canadian Association of Children's Librarians
Center for Abortion and Copyright Law
Command-Line Access Control Lists
Corporate Administrative Contracting Officer
Corporationrate Administrative Contracting Officer
Cabin Area Control Panel
Center for Advanced Computer Research
Center for Advancement of Computational Research
Centralized Alarm Control System
Command and Control Squadron
Computer Access Control System
Computer Assisted Collection System
Containment Air Cooling System
core auxiliary cooling system
Computer Aided Control Systems Design
Computer Aided Control System Engineering
Change and Commitment Tracking Information System
Community Automated Counter Terrorism Intelligence System
Committee to Assure Complete and Timely Ulysses Support
Canadian Association of College and Universityrsity Student Services
Core Auxiliary Cooling Water
Core Auxiliary Cooling Water System
Call Authorized by Dispatcher
Central Administration Divisionsion
Central Alarm Display
Cisco Agent Desktop
Client Acceptor Daemon
Coherent Amplitude Detector
Cold Air Damming
College of Architecture and Design
Common Anode Display
Computed Aided Dispatch
Computer-applications Digest
Computer Access Device
Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing
Computer Aided/Assisted Design
Computer Applications Development
Condemnation At Depot
construction aid document
Containment Atmosphere Dilution
Controlled Access Design
Crown Assets Distribution
Ctrl Alt Del
Custom Application Developer
computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacture
CAD Second Acquisition
Comissão de Acesso aos Documentos Administrativos
Computer-aided Design And Analysis
Computer Assisted Design and Analysis
Computer Aided Design of Aerospace Concepts
Chinese America Digital Academy Library
Computer-Augmented Design and Manufacture
Catalogue of Apparent Diameters and Absolute Radii of Stars
Calling Area Database
Chemical Automatics Design Bureau
Canada Air Defense Command
Common Artemis Driving Cycle
Continental Air Defense Command
Control And Display Console
Computer Added Drafting And Design
Crown Assets Distribution Centres
Computer-Aided Design and Development
Computer Aided Design Device
Computer Assisted Design and Development
CAD/CAM Data Exchange Technical Centre
CAddress Type
Computer Aided Design and Drafting System
Client/server Application Development Environment
Combined Allied Defense Experiment
Computer-Aided Document Engineering
Controller/Attitude-Direct Electronics
Capacitive Density Condensator
Computer Aided Design Experimental Translator
Computer Aided Design of Electronic Products
Combined Arms Directed Energy Weapon System
Computer-aided Design Of Integrated Circuits
Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits
Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity
Can American Designers Invent Lovely Lines Apparently, Can't.
computer aided data integration management
Communication Architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation
Computer Aided Design Interactive System
C4ISR Architecture Data Model
Chlorine Dioxide
Difference Training
Digitally optimized coatings
Electrostatic Flux Density
Digital and Analog Design
Design and Construction
Dictionary and Completion Criteria
D and C Sub System
Documentation and Data
Drag and Drop
Design and Development Authority
Design and Development Report
Demonstration and Evaluation
Decomposition and Fusion
Documentation and Funding
Design and Implementation
Displays and Identification
Design and Implementation Authority
Description and Justification
Design and Modeling
Definition and Preliminary Design
Design and Performance Specification
Definition and Requirement
Definition and Requirements
Defense and Space Systems Group
Detection and Tracking
Development and Test
Development and Validation
Digital-to-analog converter
Digital Analogue Mobile Phone system
digital-Automatic Terminal Information Service
Data Channel
Digital Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Direct Flow
Depletion-mode FET
Digital Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier
Diagonal Link
Discrepancy Log
Maximun Density
Minimum Density
Default Maximum Transmission Unit
Device-Networked Architecture
Delta Quantizer
Digital Set-top Box
digital transfer of communications
Digital VHS
Digital Video Home System
Dense Wave Division Multiplexing
Dense Wave Divisionsion Multiplexing
Disordered Action of the Heart
Digital Audio Workstation
Diploma in Computer Application
Divisionsion of Cardiovascular Medicine
Diploma of the College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Dono Dedit Dedicavit
descent design system
Design Innovate Communicate Entertain
Diabolical Institutetute for Random Events
Digital Image Scaling Technology
Dissolved Oxygen
Distributed Objects Group
Director of Maintenance
Doctor of Surgical Chiropody
Differential Travel
Dynamic Video Memory Technology
Desk Accessory
Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Digital-to-Analog Converter
Digital/Analog Mixer
Delays and Cancellations
Delivery Date
Data Flow
Dioxins and Furans
Drop and Insert
Direct or Reverse
Distance to Reuse Ratio
Dhrystone Per Second
Directorate of Scientific Programmes
Directorate of Technical and Operational Support
d20 Future
d20 Modern
d20 license Fifth Element
Domestic Digital Bus
Decimal To Character
Developer to Developer
Disk To Disk
Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer
Decimal To Hexadecimal
Design-driven development
Direct3D Retained Mode
Digital 4th Generation Channel Bank
Designing for participatory learning
Digital 8
Differential 8-phase-shift Keying
Data Acceptance
Data Aided
Data Augmentation
David Allison
Days After Acceptance
Decision Altitude/Decision Height
Delegated Act
Dentalman Apprentice
Depressurization Assembly
Descriptor Address
Detector Amplifier
Detector Assembly
Development Aircraft
Development Authorization
Device Attachment
Dialysis apparatus
Dielectric Absorption
Difference Amplifier
Differential Attenuation
Digital autopilot
Direct Address
Direct Answer
Disc-Digital Audio
Discontinued Availability
Discrete Address
Display Active
Docking Adapter
Doesnt Answer
Don't Answer
Download Accelerator
Draft Agenda
Dynamic Actions
Dynamic Assigned
Dynamic Annotation
Data Array
Double Aging
Damkoehler Number
Data Acquisition/Data Distribution
Digital autopilot/flight director
Decision Altitude/Height
Demand-Assigned mode TDMA
Data Access Arrangements
Data Availability Acknowledgment
Decimal Adjust for Addition
Decimal Adjust after Addition
Decimal Adjust after
Defense Activation Authority
Defense Authority Agreement
Delegated Approval Authority
Depot Activity Anniston
Designated Accrediting Authorities
Designated Accreditation Authorities
Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie
Digital Access Arrangement
Direct Access Arrangement
Director of Academy Advancement
Driver Attention Alert
Data Access Application Block
Department of the Army Adjutant General
Department of the Army Avionics Master Plan
Destination Airport Analysis Program
Defense Activity Address System
Defense Automatic Addressing System Center
Designated Approval Authorities
Direct Ascent Anti-Satellite
Database Architecture and Application Technical Services
Data Access Board
Data Access Broker
Data Address Bus
Defence Artillery Brigade
Delayed Accessory Bus
Digital Audio Broadcast
Digital Audio Broadcasts
DoD Acquisition Board
Driver Airbag
Dynamic Address Book
Dynamically Allocatable Bandwidth
DITCO Automated Bulletin Board System
Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
Dayton Area Board of Realtors
Defense Acquisition Boards
Departmental Academic Boards
discrete addressable beacon system
Damage Assessment Center
Dansk Arkitektur Center
Data Analysis Central
Define arithmetic coding
Delayed Action Command
Depot Access Conditions
Design Acceptance Confirmation
Design Analysis Cycle
Detailed Attack Characterization
Digital-Analog Converter
Digital-to-Analogue Converter
Digital-to-Analog Conversion
Digital Access Controller
Digital Access Concentrator
Digital Audio Copy
Digital to Analog Conversion
Digital to Analogue Conversion
Digital to Analogue Converters
Digital to Audio Convertor
Dipole Acoustic Log
Direct Access Channel
Direction de l'Aviation Civile
Director Administration Console
Discriminating Attack Capability
Dissimilar Air Combat Training
Distance Amplitude Curve
Distribuidor Automático de Chamadas
Divide and Conquer
Douglas Aircraft Corporation
Douglas Aircraft Corporationration
Downhill-Assist Control
Dual-Attached Concentrator
Dual Attached Concentrators
Dual Address Cycles
Duty Air Controller
Data Acquisition and Control Assembly
Days After Contract Award
Digital Age Communications Act
Desktop Architecture Change Board
Distributed Architecture Control Board
Depot Activity Corporations Christi
Digital Access Cross-Connect
Direct Access Communication Channel
Desktop Architecture Configuration Change Board
Defence Area Communications control Centre
Digital Access Cross Connect System
Digital Automatic Call Distributor
Data Acquisition Distribution
Dutch Association of Cost Engineers
Direct Access Channel
Daca Ai Cap, Iei Altceva
Department of the Army Critical Items List
Dma Ack
Documentation and Configration Management Office
Divisional Administrative Contracting Officer
Divisionsional Administrative Contracting Officer
Data Communictions Corporation of Korea
Data Communictions Corp. of Korea
Data Controller
Data Controller Coordinator
Data Conference Playback
DoD Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
Data Acquisition and Control Subsystem
Data Acquisition and Contol System
Defence Acquisition Change Programme
Department of the Army Communications Resources Plan
Danbury Area Computer Society
Data Acquistion Control Software
Digital Access Carrier System
Directory Access Control System
Divert Attitude Control System
Divisionrt Attitude Control System
Dual Attached Concentrators
DACS for Windows
Disposable Absorbent Containment Trunk
Declarative Alvey Compiler Target Language
Deactive Logical Unit
DataAdapter Configuration Wizard
Distinctive Alerting Call Waiting Indication
Design Approval Document
Desktop Applications Director
Digital Audio Disk
Digital Audio Distribution
Digital Auto Drive
Distributed Architecture Decoy
Department of the Army Distribution Allocation Committee
Digital Air Data Computer
Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder
Data Distribution System
Data Acquisition and Distribution System
Data Acquisition and Disribution System
Dataswitch Access Data Set
Digital Air Data Systems
Digital Archive Directions
Digital Audio Distribution Systems
Divisionsion of Application Development Services
Digital Audio Disc Standards Conference
Direct Access Device Space Management
Direct Access Device Storage Manager
Direct Access Device Storage Management
Document Access Definition Extension
Digital Asset Exchange
Digital Audio Engine
Disk Array Enclosure
Dual Acquisition Equipment
Dump Analysis and Elimination
Dynamic Augmentation Experiment
Duane Arnold Energy Center
Delimitation Alignment and Error Detection Receiving
Delimitation Alignment and Error Detection Transmit
Disk And Extension MONitor
Department of the Army Equipment Publications
Directorate Aerospace Equipment Program Management
Digital Audio Entertainment System
Director of Aircraft Equipment and Systems
Data Administration Forum
Decrement All Frame
Dial Access Facility
Discriminator Amplifier Filter
Dual Access Facility
Dynamic Authentication Filter
Danish agriculture and Food council
Digital Authority Full Engine Control System
Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Diesel and Alternative Fuels Grants Scheme
Decision Academic Graphics
Design Advisory Group
Distress Alert Generator
Distributed Air Ground
Division Artillery Group
Divisionsion Artillery Group
Distributed Air Ground Traffic Management
Documentation for Action Groups in Asia
Dayton Area Graduate Studies Institutetute
Depot Activity Hawthorne
Design Approval Holder
Dowty Aerospace Hydraulics
Dual Axis Head Assembly
Dynamically Assigned Host Address
Data Acquisition, Handling and Analysis Plan
Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface
Damped Asymmetric Hex Laminate Isolation
Data Archive Ingest
Department of Air Intelligence
Director of Air Intelligence
Design and Industry
Detailed Architecture Inspection
Development Alternatives, Incorporated
Directors of Army Instituteuction
DMIF Application Interface
Dynamic ARP Inspection
Development Assembly Inventory Control Operation
Department of the Army In Progress Review
Dairy Accelerated Importer Retrieval and Information Exchange System
Data Acquisition from Industrial Systems
Data Avionic Instituteuction Sheet
Data Avionic Instruction Sheet
Digital Avionics Instituteuction Set
Digital Avionics Information System
Directory Assistance Intercept System
digital airborne intercommunication switching system
Dynamically Architected Instituteuction Set from Yorktown
Docked Audio Interface Unit
Digital Audio Jukeboxe
Developing Asia Journalism Awards
Deny All Knowledge
DirecPC Access Kit
Double-Aluminized Kapton
Data Communications Corporationration Korea Network
Daily Activity Log
Dallas District Office
Depot Activity Letterkenny
Desktop Architecture Labs
Detached Address Labels
Direct Applied Labor
Directory Assistance List
Directory Assistance Lists
Disk Access Lockout
Down Avoiding Lane
Download Accelerator List
Dynamic Augmented Living Environment
Digital Addressable Lighting Interface
Data Link for Intermediaries Markup Language
Database Access Libraries for PDAs
Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate
Development Assurance Levels
Data Address Mark
Database Access Manager
Debris Avoidance Maneuver
Deferred Action Message
Deputy Administrator for Management
Deutsches Architektur Museum
Digital Asset Mgmt
Distributed Associative Memory
DArk MAtter
Demand Assign Multi-Access
Demand Assinged Multiple Access
Directory Assignment Multiple Access
Direct Acting Mechanical Bucket
Display Aided Maintenance Control System
Digital Asset Management Database
Dark Avenger Mutation Engine
Data Acquisition And Monitoring Equipment
Distance Azimuth Measuring Equipment
Directory Access Markup Language
DARPA Agent Markup Language and Ontology Inference Layer
Dual Access Matrix Point
Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Digital Advance Mobile Phone Service
Digital AMPS
Design Authority Maintenance Schedules
Dialog Act Markup in Several Layers
Distributed Application Monitor Tool
Digital Airborne Moving Target Indicator
Data Management and User Services
Department of the Army modification work order
Department of the Army Material Work Order
Department of the Army Materiel Work Order
Data Analysis Network
Data Attribute Notation
Data Availability Notice
Deacon and Nike
DECT Access Node
Disk Area Network
Development Account Number
Direct Access North
Disposal Approval Number
Dual Attached Node
Data Application Network Adapter
Direct-Ascent Nuclear Anti-Satellite
Danish Bulletin Board System
Domestic Area Network Coordination Centre
Despun Active Nutation Damper
DLR-Archenhold Near-Earth Objects Precovery Survey
Documento Auxiliar da Nota Fiscal Eletrônica
Demand Adaptive Narrow Sector Antenna
Damage Assessment Officer
Data Administration Office
Defense Administration Office
Designated Agency Official
Director Air Operations
Directory Assistance Operators
digital attitude & orbit control electronics
Data Access Objects
Data Access Pages
Daily Activity Plan
Data Acceptance Program
Data Acquisition and Processing
Data Automation Proposal
Dedicated Array Processor
Delivered Algorithm Package
Demand-Assigned Processor
Demand Access Processor
Development Assurance Phase
Development Achievement for Production Release
Digital Auto Pilot
Directory Access Protolc
Disk Address Packet
Display Array Processor
District Assessment Program
Division Advisory Panel
Divisionsion Advisory Panel
Domain Account Profile
Donor-Acceptor Pair
Double Adapter Plate
Downlink of Aircraft Parameters
download of aircraft parameter
Dynamic Access Policy
Dynamic Alarm Processor
Dibasic Ammonium Phosphate
Digital Artists & Photography Associates
Department of the Army Pamphlet
Document Amendment Proposal Form
Document Application Processing in a Heterogenous Network Environment
Developers' Application Programming Interface Extensions
Developers Application Programming Interface Extensions
Direct Access Programming Library
Data Administration Program Management Office
Defense Acquisition and Processing Program
Defense Acquistion and Processing Program
Defense Acqusition and Processing Program
Draft Annual Possession Plan
Department of the Army Program Review
Development Achievement for Production Release
Digital Automatic Pattern Recognition
Data Access Pages
Data Access Processes
Data Acquisition and Processing System
Defense Automated Printing Service's
Digital Asset Protection Solution
Direct Access Programming System
Document Application Profiles
Differential Amplitude Phase Shift Keying
Denver Area Physics Teachers
Data Acquisition
Department of Air Quality
data access recorder
Data Acquisition and Reporting
Data Aided Review
Data Rate
Designated Account Representative
Designated Agency Representative
Designated Agency Representatives
Design Assurance Review
Designate Airworthiness Rep
Destination Address Register
Digital Access Recorder
Digital Audio Receiver
Dynamically Adaptive Routing
Defended Asset Risk Assessment
Defense Acquisition Regulation Council
Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council
Deutschen Amateur Radio Club
Division Alarm Recording Center
Darci Log
Department of Army Material Development and Readiness Command
Department for Agriculture and Rural Development
Dynamic Resource Allocation and Distribution
Doppler Automatic Reduction Equipment
Dynamic Automatic REconfiguration
Direct Aerosol Radiative Forcing
Database Access Routine Library
Doctor Andy's rule language
Defense Acquisition Regulation Management Information System
Digital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
Defense Air Reconnaissance Program
Dynamic Aircraft Route Planning
Defence Advanced Research Projects Administration
Defense Advance Research Project Administration
Defense Advanced Research Projekt Agency
Department Advanced Research Project Agencies
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
Defense ARPANet
Depot Activity Red River
Defense Architecture Registry System
Digital Audio Radio System
Daily Automatic Rescheduling Technique
Data Analysis and Reduction Tool
Data Access in Real Time
Data Acquisition Replay Tool
Data Analysis Recording Tape
Data Analysis and Reports for Toolkit Instruments
Detection Action Response Technique
Diagnostic And Reprogramming Tool
Diagnostic and Reporting Tool
Diagnostic AnyConnect Reporting Tool
Digital Advanced Radio for Trains
Digital Advanced Response Toolkit
Digital Audio Reconstruction Technology
Digital Audio Restoration Technology
Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting
Alkaline Extraction
Electric field strength
Electronic Version
Electronics and Control
Engineers and Consultants
Electronics and Equipment
Electrical and Instituteumentation
Engineering and Instituteumentation
Elektrotechnik and Informationstechnik
Earth and Mark
recEive and transMit
Engineering and Operations Development
Engineering and Operations Office
Engineering and Production
Engineering and Product Definition
Electronics and Software
Engineers and Scientists
Employment And Suitability Test
Engineering and Technology
Tigris and Euphrates
European format for digital transmission
Extended Abstract Data Type
Extended-Broadcast Control Channel
e-Business Intelligence
Electronic Book
Electronic Business
E-mail Bomb
European Carrier
Essential Connected Dominating Set
Electronic Check
Electronic Credit
Electronic Computer Originated Mail
Electronic Computer-Originated Mail
Enhanced Display Data Channel
Extended Display Data Channel
Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data
electronic Facsimile
Enhancement-mode FET
Electric Field
Electronic Form
Electronic Government
Electronic Government
Engine Generator
Extended Graphical User Interface
Ethernet Local Area Network
Electronic Law
Electronic Learning
Electronic Mall
European Learning Grid Infrastructure
Ethernet Line
Enhanced Local Management Interface
Electronic manual focusing
Engine Maintenance, Assembly and Disassembly
Electronic Money
Electronic Nose
Enhanced Observed Time Difference
Electronic Rate
Electronic Signatures in Global and National
Electronic Signature
Electronic Stamp
Extended Total Access Communication System
Extended Tape
Extended Time Divisionsion Multiple Access
Electronic Text
Execution time
evaluative through-the-lens
Environmental Awareness Report
Encyclopaedia Britannica
East coast coal port
Economic Commission for Europe
East coast of Great Britain
Export Credit Guarantee Department
East coast of Ireland
Economic Commission for Latin America
East Coast of United Kingdom
Each cargo voyage
European Go Database
European Institute for System Security
European Institutetute for System Security
Extinction Level Event
Estimated Maximum Loss
Estimated maximum probable loss
Effective Monopole Radiated Power
Equivalent Monopole Radiated Power
Emergency Medical Service
European Monetary System
Earned premium income
Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
Emergency position indicator radio beacon
Essential Protection System
Electroshock Research Assocation
Each round voyage
Esposizione Universale Roma
Esposizione Universityrsale Roma
Events and Alarms
Electric/Electronic Compartment
Electromagnetic/Electrothermal Launcher
End Item
Equipment Lock
Engineering Model
Escape Tower
Engine Speed
E/O-Information Management System
Electro pneumatic
Emergency Recovery
Earth Sensor
Energy-to-weight Ratio
Engine / Warning Display
Engine/Warning Display
European digital transmission format 1
European digital transmission format 2
Engine 2
Episode 2
Expression 2
Evolution of Engineering Admissions Task Force
Engineer to Engineer
Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
Electricaly Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
Electronically Erasable Programmable ROM
Electronic Entertainement Expo
Energy Efficient Engine
European 3
European digital transmission format 3
European digital transmission format 4
European digital transmission format 5
Electronic 4-Speed Overdrive
Earth Acquisition
Earth Ascent
East Anglia
East Asian
Edizioni Ambiente
Effect Andromeda
Effective Alkali
Effective Availability
Ejército del Aire
Electrical Anesthesia
Electricity Association
Electronics Appreciation
Engagement Authorization
Engine Assembly
Engineering Authority
Entitlement Agent
Environmental Authority
Environmental Affairs
Environmental Authorisation
Escrow Authenticator
Essential Arms
Expedited Acknowledge
Express Assist
Extended Addressing
Extended Adress
Extension Address
Earth Attitude Angle
Electronic Afzar Azma Company
European Arenas Association
European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association
East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership
European Association of Airline Pilots Schools
Earlobe Arterialised Blood
Embedded Array Block
Equipped Avionics Bay
Euro Area Business Cycle Network
Electrically Activated Bank Release Device
Embedded Array Blocks
Early Action Compact
Early Attack Characterization
Educational Affairs Committee
Electric Assist Choke
Electronic Air Cleaner
Enforcement Advisory Council
Engine/Airframe Compatibility
Engineering Analysis Capability
Engineering Assistance Contract
Enhanced Audio Coding
Enterprise Application Consulting
European Accreditation of Certification
European Airshow Council
European Astronaut Corporation
Executive Administrative Center
Experimental Airworthiness Certificate
Experimental Apparatus Container
Extended Arm Contract
enhanced ACARS
Electronic Asset Control Center
Improved electric accessories
European Association of Consumer Electronic Manufacturers
Embedded Air Combat Manoeuvring Instituteumentation
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff
EMU Audio Control Panel
European American Committee on Reactor Physics
Early Action Compacts
Equity Assistance Centers
Electric Air Control Valve
East Australian Daylight
Educational Activities Department
Educação à Distância
EFA Avionic Demonstrator
engine alert display
Engineering and Analysis Division
Engineering and Analysis Divisionsion
Equipment Acquisition Document
European AIS database
Echelon Above Divisionsion / Echelon Above Corporation
Engineering & Administrative Data Acquisition System
Engineering and administration data acquisition system
Engineering and Administrative Dta Acquisition System
Engineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System/Network Management
Emergency Authorities Data Base
Eastern Air Defense Command
European Air Defense Command
Extended Air Defence Ground Environment
Electrochemical Analysis and Diagnostics Laboratory
Enterprise Application Development Platform
European Association of Directory and database Publishers
Enabling Architecture Definition Requirements
Engineering Analysis and Data System
Extended Air Defense Simulator
East Australian Daylight Time
Extended Air Defence Test Bed
Eastern Atlantic Experiments
End Access End Office
Equivalent Availability Factor
Experimenter Analysis Facility
Ellsworth Air Force Base
Enhanced Automatic Frequency Control
Morgan Stanley Europe, Australia, Far East
East Africa Farmers Federation
Easier to Ask Forgiveness than Permission
Enhanced Airborne Flight Recorders
East Anatolian Fault Zone
Ecomomic Area Grouping
Economic Area Grouping
Economic Area Groupings
Equipment Advisory Group
Electrolytic Assisted Grinding
Electrical Aerospace Ground Equipment
Elevation Angle Guidance Landing Equipment
Enhanced Automated Graphical Logistics Environment
Environmental Audio Graphical Librarian Editor
European Association of Grey Literature Exploitation
Extended Area GPS Location Enhancement
Economic Area Groupings
European Architectural History Network
Electronic Advance Ignition
Electronics Associates, Inc.
Enterprise App Integ
Entrprise Application Integration
External Alarm Interface
External Alarm Indicator
Electronic Air Inlet Controllers
Experiment to Archive Interface Control Document
Exhaust Air Induce Control Valve
End Article Item Manager
Electronic Air Injection Reaction
Electronic Secondary Air Injection
EMU Audio Interface Unit
Expanded Access Interface Unit
Encrypted Application Key
Entry Access List
Evaluation Assurance Levels
East Africa Legislative Assembly
Electro Absorption Modulator
Electronic Aids to Maintenance
Engineering Access Manager
East Asia Meeting on Astronomy
Engineering Access Management Group
EVA Assembly and Maintenance Integration Plan
Engine Analytical Maintenance Program
Enhanced Application Module Redundancy
Educational Administrative Management System
European Association of Machine Translation
Enterprise Architecture Management View
Emergency Action Notification
Emergency Action Notifications
European Aerospace Network
European Article Numbering Association
European Article Numbers
Europaeischer Artikel-Nummern-Code
Exchange Access North American
European Advanced Network Management Facility
European Article Numbers
European Asteroidal Occultation Network
Exchange Access Operator Services Signaling
exchange access operator service signaling
Economic Analysis Program
Educator Astronaut Project
Electronic Air Pump
Emergency Audio Panel
Engine Alert Processor
Enterprise Asset Procurement
Entry Analysis Program
Environmental Accounting Project
Event-based Asynchronous Pattern
Equipment Alteration Proposal Form
Extended Appearance Potential Fine Structure
Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group
European Association of Petroleum Geologists
Extended Application Programming Interface
Engineering Assistance to Product and Service
East African Posts and Telecommunications Corporationration
Electrical Auxiliary Power Unit
Echo Attenuation Ratio
Ecological Acoustic Recorder
Economic Assessment Report
Equipment Authorisation Review Activity
Enhanced Adaptive Rage Based Algorithm
Extraordinary Administrative Radio Conference
Encoded Address Recognition Logic
Enhanced Address Recognition Logic
Evaluation and Report Language
Early Communications
electrically alterable ROM
Enterprise Application Resources Planning
Ethernet Address Resolution Protocol
Effective, Affordable, Reusable Speech-to-Text
Electronic Approval and Routing Systems
Electronic Authoring and Routing System
Enemy Airborne Recognition System
Enhanced Accident Response System
Explicit Archive and Retrieval System
Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle Schools
Enhancement Aircraft Radar Test Station
Early Admission Scheme
Earth Alliance Starship
East Australian Standard
Eastern Architectural Systems
Electric Acoustic Stimulation
Electronic Acquisition System
Electronic Accounting System
Electronic Air Switching
Electronic Articles Surveillance
Electrotechnical Assessment Scheme
Electrotechnical Assessment Specification
Engineering Analysis Support
Enhanced Alarm Service
Enterprise Acquisition Services
Enterprise Application Server
Enterprise Agreement for S/390
Equipment Acquisition Strategy
Ethiopian Authority for Standardization
European Acceptance Scheme
European Astonomical Society
European Attractions Show
Events and Alarms System
Express Advanced Switching
Extensive Area Service
Extended Attributes
European Aviation Safety Authority
European Aviation Safety Agency Frequently Asked Questions
Edwards Airfield Support Coordinators
Enhanced Apple Sound Chip
Equal Access Service Center
Exposure Assessment Strategies Committee
Emergency Arresting Systems Division
Emergency Arresting Systems Divisionsion
European Association of Share Dealers
Effectiveness Awards Search Engine
Electrical Automatic Support Equipment
Eletronic Assisted Solicitation Exchange
Electronic and Appliance Service Industry
Enterprise Application Security Integration
Equal Access to Software for Instituteuction
ETSI ATM Services Interoperability
EASX Corporation
Economic Alternative Selection for Outside Plant
European Atlantic Seaboard Project
East Australian Standard Time
Event Analysis of Systemic Teamwork
Examiners Automated Search Tool
East Pacific
European Advisory Service for Technology Transfer
ErmittlungsAbhaengiges SYstem
Eastern African Time
Effective Average Transmittance
Electronically Controlled Automatic Transaxle Or Transmission
Electronically Assisted Turbocharging
Electronic Automatic Transmission
Emergency Action Termination
End Around Test
Entering Air Temperature °F
Equivalent Average Transmission
Estimated Approach Time
Enhanced Advanced Technology bus Attachment
European Asphalt Technology Association
Electronic Air Temperature Controller
External Active Thermal Control
European Air Traffic Central Flow Management Unit
European ATC harmonization and integration program
External Active Thermal Control Subsystem
External Active Thermal Contol System Pump Module
European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning
Equipment and Assistive Technology Initiative
European Air Traffic Management Program
European ATM System
European Airlines Technical Publications Committee
European ATM Research and Development Association
Environmental Archaeology Unit
Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges
Electronic Age Verification
End Active Video
Extended Address Volumes
European Audio-Visual Association
Electricity at work act
Element Architecture Working Group
Environmental Audio Experience
Environmental Audio Expansion
Environment Audio Extensions
East Africa Yearly Meeting of Friends
East Anglia Zone
Easy Access Zonal Infrastructure Asset Log
Early Budget
East Breaks
Echt blöd
Electron Bean
End Block
Epidemiology and Biomarkers
Event Block
Expansion Buffer
Electronic Book - Read Only Memory
Energy per bit-to-Noise power spectral density
Emergency Brake Assistance
Emergency Braking Assistance
Engine Bleed Air
Escape Breathing Apparatus
Eventual Byzantine Agreement
European Business Aircraft Association
Effects Based Approach to Operations
Enterprise Backup And Recovery
East Bay Amateur Radio Club
Elektronisches teile-BestellAbwicklungsSystem
Enterprise Business Application Systems
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
Extended BASIC
Extended Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
Electronic Bill Book
Filament of tubes
Fixed service
Focal Length
Formamidine Sulfinic Acid
Financial and Administration Operation
Face and Drill
Forschung und Entwicklung
Fold and Gather
Functions and Operators
Friends and Partners
Front and Rear aspherical
Face and Tap
French Processing and Archiving Centre
Forward Action Spring Technology
Fully Adjustable Steering Technology
Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung
Families with Children from China
flight control operations handbook
Franchise Development
Finite Element Analysis
Federal Housing Authority
First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database
Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology
Federazione Italiana Sport Equestri
Forward Looking Infra Red
Flight Vibration
Failure Analysis
Final Assembly
Foot Bridge
Fit Check
Flight Controller
Fuel Cell
Fuel Cells
Focal Length-to-Diameter
First Flight
Front Frame
Flame Holder
Forward Link
First noted
Fiber Optics
Fuel/oxidizer Ratio
Fan Reverser
Final Run
Flared Rudder
Foiled Shielded Twisted Pair
Full Time
First visit
Frequency-to-Voltage or Voltage-to-Frequency
Frequency to Voltage Converter
Flat 12
Frequency - Double Frequency
Flash-Friendly File-System
Form, Fit and Interface
filtered three
Freestyle 3
Fleet 33
Fleet 55
Fleet 77
Full Time Four Wheel Drive
Fedora 7
Facial Animation
Factory Audits
Factory Auditing
Factory Assessment
Fairchild Aircraft
Fallen Angel
False Alarm
Fault Alarm
Fast Authentication
Fault Analyzer
Fax Adaptor
Feature Activity
Fiber Amplifier
Field Availability
Financial Analysis
Fix to an Altitude
Flexible Array
Flow Assignment
Forced Air
Forced Answer
Frame Aligner
Full Armor
Functionally Accurate / Cooperative
Functionally Accurate / Nearly Autonomous
Federal Aviaton Administration
Federal Aviation Act
Federal Aviation Adminsitration
Field Action Analysis
Fine Aggregate Angularity
Founders Achievement Awards
Frequency Assignment Authority
Federal Aviation Agency's
FAA/Eurocontrol R&D committee
FAA Aeronautical Center
Ford Amateur Astronomy Club
Freeware Advanced Audio Coder
FAA Communications Information System
Fleet Air Arm Information Technology Management
Fleet Air Arm Information Technology System
Field Artillery Acoustic Locating System
Forward Area Armored Logistic System
Florida Auto Auction of Orlando
Foreign Aircraft Air Operator's Certificate
Florida Association of Accredited Private Schools
Florida Ambient Air Quality Standards
Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit
FAA Technical Center
FAA Telecommunications Satellite
Fabrication Plant
Fee Administration Board
File Access Block
Forum for Accreditation Bodies
Fabrication Reporting System
Flexible Auto Body System
Facility Advisory Committee
Facilities Available Conference
Facility Anomaly Chief
Facility Modifications
Factual Report
Failure Analysis Committee
Family Advisory Committee
Fast Access Channel
Feature Access Code
File Access Codes
Federal Administrative Charge
Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives
Feminists Against Censorship
Films Appeal Committee
Flight Assembly Code
Financial Administrative Control
Financial and Administrative Committee
Flying Aces Club
Ford Aerospace Corporation
Ford Aerospace Corporationration
Foreign Advisory Committee
Formerly Abducted Children
Functional Account Code
Functional Array Calculator
Fuse Arming Computer
Forward Air Controller / Airborne
Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts
Florida Association of Court Clerks
Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation
Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporationration
Facility Changed Msg.
Field Alterable Control Element
Flint Area Computer Enthusiasts
Fresno Asthmatic Children's Environment Study
Fractal Approach for Clarifiying and Enabling Timely Support
Fellowship of American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons
Full Coverage Anti G Trousers
Four Arm Caliper Log
First Article Customer Inspection
Federal Acquisition Network
Fully Automatic Computer
Fixed ACPI Description Table
Feature Activation Counting & Reconciliation
Facilities Access Control System
Facilities Assignment Control System
Facility Assignment Control System
Facility fir Access Control and Security
Financial Accounting Code System
Financial and Contractual Status
Functional Area Chiefs
Fabrication And Continuity Test Program
Factory Vehicles
Fairchild Advanced CMOS Technology
Financial Assistance Coordination Team
Fully Automatic Compiling Technique
Fully Automatic Cataloging Technique
Federal Army Combat Training Centre
Fujitsu Access & Transport Equipment
Facility Access Customer Terminal Location
Facilities Administration Control and Time Schedule
Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services
Forward Air Control Vehicle
Festival de Arte Digital
Fighter Alert Detachment
Financial Accounting Datasheet
First Article Delivered
Flexible Adaptive Defense
Free air delivered
Frequency Activity Detector
Function Access Domain
Fleet Analysis Data Acquisition Program
Faraday Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter
Fast Amsterdam Distributed
Federal Automatic Data Processing Users Group
Foreign Animal Disease Research Unit
Federation of Arab Engineers
Functional Area Evaluator
Full Automatic Electronic Judging Device
Functional Area Evaluators
Fan Air Flow
Final Approach Fixes
Flexible Automated Factory
Fairchild AFB
Fairchild Air Force Base
Falcon AFB
Falcon AFS
Fresh And Full Of Life
Field Artillery Guided Missile
Field Army Guided Missile System-Sergeant
Federation For Astronomical and Geophysical Services
Fleet Air Gunnery Unit
Federation Aeronautic International
First Aircraft Institute
First Aircraft Institutetute
Fast Artificial Intelligence Language
Fabrication, Assembly and Inspection Record
Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act
Forum for African Investigative Reporters
Fully Automated Information Retrieval System
Fabrication, Assembly, Integration and Test
Final Assembly Jig
Fachnormenausschuss Kraftfahrzeugindustrie
Facilitation of international air transport
File Access Library
Flash Abstraction Layer
Field Artillery Lightweight Integrated Computer System
First Amendment Law Review
Floating-point Arithmetic Logic Unit
Food Aid Liaison Unit
Field Artillery Missile
File Alteration Monitor
Financial Audit Manual
Flight Assurance Manager
Force Analysis Model
Free Angular M-Mode
Frequency Agile Mode
Functional Area Map - Activity
Functional Area Map - Data
Functional Area Map - Object
Fixed-Assigned Multiple Access
Following Adaptive Moving Average
Financial And Management Accounting System
Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy
Frequency Agile Multiple Emitter Simulator
Field Assistance Management Information System
Finance and Accounting Management Information System
Fleet Automated Messaging Interface System
full aircraft management/inertial system
Feet Application of Meteorological Observations for Satellite
Floating gate Avalanche injection Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Floating Gate Avalanche MOS
Floating gate Avalanche Metal Oxide
Foreign Approved Maintenance Organizations
Frequency Analysis Mapping On Unusual Sampling
Fast Amsterdam MultiProcessor
Fixed Asset Mass Revaluation
Financial & Accounting Management System
Frequency Agility Modes
Fighter Accelerated Mission Test
Cooling Fan
Fabric Area Network
Far Area Network
File Area Networking
Forstliche Arbeitsgruppe Naturgefahren
Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza
Formation Analysis Sheet Log
Variable Speed Fan Duty Cycle
Flexible Access Network Element
Future Area Navigation System
Variable Speed Fan Output Fault
Field Audit Office
Flight Analysis Officer
Food and Agricultural Organization's
Ford Automotive Operations
Fighter Area Of Responsibility
Facial Animation Parameters
Facial Animation Parameter
Fax Application Processor
Field Activity Plan
Flight Activity Plan
File Access Protocol
Final Approach Point
Financial Advantage Program
Financial Analysis Program
Fische Air Publication
Foreign Assistance Program
Freedom Attached Payloads
Fuel Absolute Pressure
Fuse Alarm Panel
Fuse and Alarm Panel
Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthesis Active Radiation
Family Application Program Interface
Family Application Programming Interface
Federal Aviation Personnel Manual
FTS2000 Associate Program Manager
Fit and Proper Person
Federal Assistance Program Retrieval System
Facial Animation Parameters
Feldscher Accoucheur Posts
Florida Association of Private Schools
Functional Area Plans
Frequency Allocation Panel United States Military Communication Electronics Board
Find answers to questions
Frequently Asked Questiona
Ferquently Asked Questions
Facility Request
Failure Analysis Reporting
False Alarm Ratio
Fault Address Register
Federal Aircraft Requirements
Federal Aiviation Regulation
Field Alert Report
Flow Accounting Request
Flow Admit Request
Frequency Allocation Request
Friends of Amateur Rocketry
Fully Automatic Response
Far Ultraviolet Camera
False Alarm Rate/Nuisance Alarm Rate
Federal Acquisition Reform Act
Formula Air Racing Association
Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council
Federal Archives and Records Center
Film Automatic Retouching and
Fluid Acquisition and Resupply Experiment
Fluid Aquisition and Resupply Experiment
Farming and Agricultural
Food, Agribusiness, and Rural Markets
Federation of American Research Network
Flare Activated Radiological Observatory
Future AFSCN Requirements Review Working Group
Fully Anechoic Rooms
Friendship Amateur Radio Society Canada
Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
Facilities Administrative Services
Federal Air Surgeon
Fieldbus Access Layer
First and Seconds
Fixed Airlock Shroud
Flow Accounting Server
Flow Accounting Service
Force Analysis of Systems
Forced Auto Stop
Forward Acquisition Sensors
Frame Acquisition and Synchronization
Freight Assessment System
Full Adders
Franchise Association of South Africa
Federal Accounting Standards Advisoiy Board
FAA Aviation Safety Center
Fast Payback Capital Investment Program
Forward Acquisition System Centre Technology
Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer
Fundamental and Applied Studies of Emulsion Stability
Engine Fuel Temperature
Function and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
Fujitsu AMD Semiconductor, Ltd.
Facilitating Adminstrative Services for Mobile Europeans
Grenada Industrial Development Corporation
False Analysis of Shared Multidimensional Information
Firemen's Association of the State of New York
Finance And Service Operation
Fast Access Station Switching
Fast Area Search System
Forward Acquisition Sensor System
Forward Acquisition System Sensor Technology
Fuel Air Separation System
Functional Area Subsystem
Functional Advanced Satellite System for Evaluation and Test
Flexible Adaptive Spatial Signal Processor
Flexible Architecture Standard System Technology
Flexible Architecture for Subscriber Service Termination
Forum for the Advancement of Students in Science and Technology
Facilities Access and Shipment Tracking
Facility for Adsorption and Surface Tension
Facility for Accelerated Service Testing
Fast Access Storage Technology
Fast Assessment of Space Technology
Kansas Department of Transportation
Fast Application Scalability Tool
Fast Search and Transfer
Features from Accelerated Segment Test
Federal Acquisition Support for Technology
Federal Automated System for Travel
Field Assisted Sintering Technology
Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool
Flexible Ada Simulation Tool
Flexible Asymmetric Simulation Technologies
Flight Application of Spacecraft Technologies
Folding Articulated Square Truss
Fortran to Ada Source Translation
Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test
Framework for Advanced Simulation Technology
Fuel Air Spark Technology
Fully Accessible System Topology
Future Advanced Sequencer Technology
Future Assets of Student Talent
Fast Infrared Data Association
Force Analysis and Simulation of Theater Administrative and Logistic Support
Fast Access to System Technical Information
Fast Access to Systems Technical Information
Fast Signature Generation Code
Fibre Array Storage Technology
Factory Acceptance and Testing
Factory Approved Test
Fade Anything Technique
Far Approach Trajectory
Feature Attribute Table
Files Allocation Table
Final Acceptance Tests
Final Assembly Test
Flight Acceptance Tests
Forward Application Table
Frequency Allocation Table
Functional Area Team
File Allocation Table 12 bits
File Allocation Table 16 bits
File Allocation Table 32 bits
Fully Automatic Test Algebraic Language
File Application, Transfer, Access and Management
Florida Analysis Tool Born of Yearning
Female Acceleration Tolerance Enhancement
Functional Automatic Test Equipment
Future Aircraft Technology Enhancement
File Allocation Table File System
Fixed Azimuth Tape Guidance
Frequency And Time Multiple Access
Fabbrica Apparecchiatura Telefoniche & Materiale Elettro
Final Approach and Take Off area
field army tactical operations center
Forward Air Transport Operations Centre
Field Assembly and Test Point
First Article Test Procedure
File Allocation Tables
First Aid Technical Stores Outfit
Fracture Appearance Transition Temperature
Film Adapter Unit
Florida Atlantic Universityrsity
Florida Atlantic University National Alumni Association
Florida Atlantic Universityrsity National Alumni Association
Facilities Assessment Visit
Full Audio/Video
Full Audio Video
Forum of African Voluntary Development Organizations
Flight Assignments Working Group
Forward Area Water Point Supply Systems
Facsimile Equipment
Facsimile System
First All Zero Octet Indicator
Facilitair Bedrijf
Facilities Board
Fast Blanking
Fiber optic Backbone
Fixed background
Fixed Based
Fluidized Bed
Follow Blog
Forward Based
Fractional Bias
Frame Buffer
Framing Bit
Functional Baseline
Functional Block
Fundamental Biology
Fundamental Biology-cell Culture Research
Face and Body Animation
Fixed-Block Architecture
Fixed Block Architecture
Forms-Based Authentication
Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education
Facility Billing Account Number
Function Block Application Program
Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators
Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators
Force Balance Acceleration Transducer
Federal Bulletin Board
Fundação Banco do Brasil
Florida Business Brokers Association
Full Baud Bipolar Coding
Facility-Based Carrier
Feedback Carburetor
Feedback Carburettor
Find By Content
Electrical Conductance
Grid of tubes
General and Administration
Geophysics and Astronomy
Guidance and Command
Guidance and Control Coupler
Geodetic and Geophysical
Giddings & Lewis
Game & Watch
Grinning, ducking and running
General Destination
Gradient General Purpose Rocket Furnace
Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom
Glovebox Integrated Microgravity Isolation Technology
Gateway Mobile Switching Center
Good Agricultural Practice
Gospel Broadcasting Network
General Electric Company
Ground Elapsed Time
Gesellschaft für innovative Beschäftigungsförderung
Global Positioning System
Guide Share Europe
Guildhall School of Music
Generalized System of Preferences
General Subscriber Services Tariff
Greenwich Sidereal Time
Gooks Under American Management
Ground-to-Air communication
Ground-to-Ground communication
Guidance Amplifier
Guidance and Control System
Grams per Cylinder
Gas Generator
Ground Idle
General Ledger
Green Liquor
Grams per Second
Gain-to-noise Temperature
Gain To Temperature
Ground / Vehicular Laser Locator Designator
Green Metallic
Generation Two
Government to Business
Government to Businesses
Government to Government
G2 Simulated Live Transfer Agent
Grid to Vehicle
Generation Three
Group 3 Fax
Group 4 Fax
G3 FX Teleservice
Graduates 4 International Growth
Ghost for Linux
Gaussian Approximation
General Arrangements
General Audience
Generic Array
Gillian Anderson
Gimbal Angle
Global Advertisement
Government Agency
Government Agencies
Grants Accounting
Graphic Artist
Grapple Arm
Gravitational Acceleration
Gross Axle
Group Accounting
Guaranty Agency
Guest Additions
Guidance Associates
Gun Arrangement
Gate All Around
Golden Arm Associates
Georgia and Alabama Division South Carolina Central Railroad Company
General Aviation Awareness Campaign
Gallium Aluminium Arsenide
Gallium-“Arsenide FET
Gallium-“Arsenide Phosphide
Gas Adapter Beam
Group Access Bridging
Group Audio Bridging
Group Asynchronous Browsing
Gamaliel Audrey Cantika
General Applications Cultural
General Automation Contractor
General Aviation Center
Generalized arc consistency
Genetic-based Admission Control
Global Affairs Canada
Global Agenda Councils
Granular-Activated Carbon
Gross Available Capacity
Gulf Aluminium Council
Gust Alleviation Control
Global Area Coverage / Local Area Coverage
Guidance and Control Information Analysis Center
Gauge Caulk Joint
Gunner Accuracy Control Panel
genetic ATN communications service
Group Assembly Cost System
Generally Available Control Treatment
Global Application Delivery
Government Audit Division
Government Audit Divisionsion
Greater Arizona Development Authority
Gauge Dresser
Guided Air Defense Rocket
Generalized Algebraic Data Types
Galileo Application Environment
Google Application Engine
Gemeinsamer Ausschuss fuer Elektronik im Bauwesen
Group Advanced Engineering Divisionsion
Group Advanced Engineering Division
General Aviation Engine Projects Department
Geographical Adaptive Fidelity
Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon
Griffis Air Force Base
German AirForce Communication Network
German AirForce Digital Network
German Air Force Flying Training Center
Gauge Full Length
General Aviation Forecast
Gauge Fastite
Government Advisory Group
GPS And GEO Augmentated Navigation
Geospatial Analysis of Glaciated Environments
Gyrocompassing Attitude and Heading Reference System
Giustizia e affari interni
Global Anti-Incineration Alliance
General Administration for Industry and Commerce
Galley Insert
Gimballess Analytical Inertial Navigational System
Goodman Australia Industrial Partnership
Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst
Generic Array celL
Global Adress List
Gallium Experiment
GALlopping PATtern
Globally-Asynchronous Locally-Synchronous
Governed Architectures of Large Systems of Agents
General Audit Management
GPS-Aided Munitions
Graphics Access Method
Ground Avoidance Monitor
Guided Aircraft Missile
Graphics Assisted Management Application
Genetic Algorithm for Multipath Elimination
Game Software Development Kit
Gauge MJ
Generic Aircraft Maintenance Management System
Grant Application Management System
Grants Application Management System
General Aviation Manufacturers and Traders Association
General Aviation Manufacturers & Traders Association
General Aviation Manufacturers & Traders Associ
Gateway Area Macintosh User Group
GALloping PATtern
Generating And Analyzing Networks
Generic Access Network
General Alpha Numeric Direct Access Library Facility
Grain and Noise Elimination
Galileo Application NT Platform
General Accounting Officer
General Accounting Operation
Govenment Accounting Office
Government Accountability Offfice
General Accounting Office's
Geothermal Alliance of Illinois
Great Architect of the Universe
Great Architect of the Universityrse
Gallium Phosphide
Gamer Advisory Panel
Gateway Access Protocol
GBM Application Port
General Access Profile
General Assembly Program
Glaciology of the Antarctic Peninsula
Global Activity Plan
Glycidyl Azide Prepolymer
Good Animal Practice
Groove Analysis Program
Group Activation Pack
Group of Analysis and Provision
Guidance Applications Prograrn
Ground to Air Pilotless Aircraft
Ground and Auxiliary Power Control Unit
Ground Auxiliary Power Control Unit
Game Application Programming Interface
Geometric Arithmetic Parallel Processor
Geometric Arithmetric Parallel Processor
Georgia Association of Physical Plant Administrators
Government Agency Program Review
Graphical Analysis Procedures for System Simulation
Growth Analysis And Review
Guided Aircraft Rocket
Ground Acquisition Receiver / Interrogator
Global Array Reference Allocation
Gamma Radiation Detection
Gather Alarm Record Display & Evaluate
Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative
Graphics Art language with Raster Operations
Global Atmospheric Research Project
Graphics Address Relocation Table
Graphic Address Remapping Table
Geological Applications for Remote Sensing
GOES Archive and Retrieval System
Graphics Aperture Remapping Table
Graphics Aperture Re-map Table
Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in Europe
Gas Can Payload
Gas Log
Gear Acquisition Syndrome
General Accounting Status
Generic Addressing Structure
Genetic Algorithms Stuff
Ground Analysis Software
Gas Analysis Report
Get Away Special Canister
Geometrical Anti-Spring Filter
General Aviation Safety Information Leaflet
Gas Analyser System for Metabolic Analysis Physiology
Gas Analysis System for Metabolic Analysis of Physiology
Gas Analyzer System for Metabolic Analysis Physiology
Gas Analyzer System for Metabolic Analysis of Physiology
Gas Plasma Display
Generalized Academic Simulation Program
Geodetic Absolute Sequential Positioning
GPETE Asset Screening Program
Gravity and Sun Pointing
Globalism and Social Policy Programme
Guidance Analysis Study Report
Guided Air-to-Surface Rocket
Greenland Air Surveillance System
Gimbal Angle Sequencing Transformation Assembly
Gorno-Altaisk State University
Generic Addressing and Transport Protocol
German American Technologies
Global Action Theme
Go Ahead Tone
Greenwich Apparent Time
Graphical Articulated Total Body
Guild of Air Traffic Controllers of South Africa
Generalized Access Transport Extension
Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption
Get Away Tether Experiment
Government Acquisition Through Electronic Commerce
Global Air Transport Execution System
Guarder Area Transfer Mode
Global Air Traffic Operations Program Office
General Acceptance Test Procedures
Ground to Air Transmitter Receiver
General Agrrement on Trade in Services
Global Automotive Telematics Standard
GPS Aided Targeting Systems
Group Audio Teleconference Terminal
Gun, Automatic
Global as View
Guarenteed Annual Wage
Gyaranteed Annual Wage
Georgia Association on Young Children
Global Arizona E-Learning
Games back
Giga bits
Guo Biao
Giga-bits per second
Giga-Bytes per second
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advanced
Gas Bridge Assembly
Ground-Based Architecture
Great Battles of the American Civil War
Global Broadcast Authenticated Message
Ground-Based Augmentation Systems
Ground Based Augmentation Systems
Ground-Based Augmentation Systems
Green Business Bureau
GSM Baseband Codec
Ground Based Beam Control System
Grain Boundary Barrier Layer
Game Boy Color
Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral
Global Broadcast Coordinator
Green Business Council
Green Building China
Green Building Certification Institutetute
Global Broadband Connectivity Management
Geom Based Disk Encryption
Ground-Based Doppler LiDAR System
Golden Bridge Electronic Mail System
Ground Based Electronic Support Measures
Gravitational Biology Facility
Ground-based Free-electron Laser
Global Benchmarketing Group
Grids Between Glass
Grilles Between the Glass
General Board of Global Ministries
Ground-Based Hypervelocity Rail Gun
Global Broadband Internet
Grants for Business Investment
Graphical Business Intelligence
Ground Based Investigations
Gyro Bottoming Indicator
Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation
General Purpose Interface Bus
Generation Breakdown List
Global Battle Manager
Global Bulk Memory
Governing Board Meeting
Gradient Boosting Machines
Gospel Broadcasting Network
GPRS Backbone Network
Ground Based Observatories
Global Business of Biodiversity
Great Battles of History
Game Boy Player
Game Boy Pocket
Global Building Performance Network
Great Britain Passenger Rail Timetable
General Behavior Principles
Gigabyte per second
Giga bps
Giga Bytes Per Second
Gun, Bomb and Rocket
Ground-Based Radar Terminal
Ground-Based Rocket Interceptor
Gradient Boosted Regression Trees
Gas Bridge System
Group Battle Staff
Ground Based Scanning Antenna System
Ground-Based Software Tool
Ground Based Surveillance Tracking System
Ground-Based Tracking System
Gotthard Base Tunnel
Ground-based Test
Ground-Based Transceiver
Ground Based Transceiver
General Based Tactical Electronic Warfare System
Gross Book Value
Galvanized Before Welded
Ground-Based Weapon Architecture
Green Building XML
Galactic Centre
Games Convention
Garbled Circuit
Gas Carrier
Gathering Centers
Generator Contact
Generic Container
General Constants
Generic Conversion
Glass Cockpit
Global Constraint
Global Control
Golden code
Gradia Core
Graphics Capability
Graphics Controller
Graphs and Combinatorics
Gray Code
Greenland Contractors
Group Card
Group Commander
Group Coordinator
Growth Cell
Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer
Gas Chromatograph/Ion Mobility Spectrometery
Gas Chromatogrpah/Mass Spectrometer
Global C4 Assessment
Gain-Controlled Amplifier
Game Control Adapter
Gas Conditioning Assembly
Gas Control Assembly
Geophysics Corporation of America
Geophysics Corporationration of America
Georgia Council for the Arts
Global Challenge Authentication
Global Chipcard Alliance
Grand Canyon Airlines
Great Campaigns of the American Civil War
Ground Carrier Assembly
Group Control Approach
Guidance and Control Assembly
Gyro Compass Assembly
Geographical Computer Aided Design System
Global Conservation Agriculture Program
Graphic Communications Association Research Institute
Graphic Communications Association Research Institutetute
GFE Control Board
Grapheme Cluster Break
Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Ground Control Bombing System
Galileo Control Centre
Galileo Control Centers
Garden City College
Gene Codes Corporation
Gene Codes Corporationration
General Computer Corporationration
General Cinemas Companies
General Communications Channels
General Communication Channel
General Computer Corporation
Generalized Cross-Correlation
Global Chassis Control
GNU C-Compiler
Government Coordinating Council
Government Contracts Committee
Grand Council of the Crees
Graphic character composition
Green Cities California
Greenland Commanders' Conference
Ground Checkout Counter
ground cluster controller
Group Control Center
Glass-Passivated Ceramic Chip Diode
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Gas Containment Control System
Gateway Control Centers
Group Component Cost System
Gunner Centric Coordinate System
Generator Converter Control Units
Guidance and Control Coding Unit
Global Connectivity Demonstration
Grand Central Dispatch
Grand Comics Database
Greatest Common Divider
Ground Controlled Descent
Gambia Commercial and Development Bank
Geographic Coordinate Data Bases
Global Change Data Center
Gaia Common Data Management Working Group
Gunner's Control and Display Panel
General Consumer Electric
Generic Communication Environment
Graphics Control Extension
Horizontal Polarization
Hypo chlorite
Magnetic Field Strength
Planck's constant
Handling and Carriage
Hurter and Driffield
Hunters and Gatherers
Hexadecimal to Binary
High-Speed Channel
Hydrogen and fluorine
High-density MVIP
Home Network
Host Packet Assembler/Disassembler
Home Policy and Charging Rules Function
Horizontal Polarization
Horizontal synchronization
High Current Power Supply
Head Extreme Destruction Zone
High Energy Ignition
High Energy Stereoscopy System
Harare International School
House Information Systems
Hewlett Packard
hip pocket change
Housing and Urban Development
Hopper Barge
Hand Controller
High Compression
Heavy Duty
Heat Exchanger
Human Factors
Handed Over
High Pressure
Handheld Personal Computer
Hand Signaller
Humbucker/Single coil
Humbucker/Single coil/Single
Hard Wood
Header 1
Low speed Foundation Fieldbus
Header 2
Heading Two
Higher capacity to UMTS
Header 3
Header 4
Header 5
Header 6
High Performance Parallel Processing Project
Half Adder
Hard Anodized
Header Authentication
Heavy Aircraft
Helix angle
High Aspect
History Archiver
Holding to an Altitude
Horizontal Array
Horn Alert
Horn Alert of car
Hour Angle
Hyper Advance
Hour angle-“Declination
Hard anodize 3
Height of Apogee/Height of Perigee
Helicopter Association of America
Holston Army Ammunition Plant
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
High Altitude Auroral Research Project
Height Above the Average Terrain
High Altitude Air Traffic Control
Houston Area Air Traffic System
Houston Area Apple Users Group
Habitation Module
Habitation-A Module
Hazard Abatement Board
Host Adapter Board
Host Attachment Board
Hot Axle Box Detector
Housing Authority of the Birmingham District
Historic American Building Survey
Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record
Habitability Technology
Harvard Announcement Card
Heading Adjustment Cylinder
Heading Alignment Center
Hearing Aid Capability
Hearing Aid Compliant
Heating/Air Conditioning
Hershey Apple Core
Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation Consistent
High Altitude Compensator
High Altitude Compensation
Higher Authority Communications
Hill Assist Control
Hillstart Assist Control
Hose Appropriations Committee
Hughes Aircraft Corporation
Hughes Aircraft Co.
Hughes Aircraft Company 32-bit processor
Homestead and Community Broadcasting Satellite Service
Housing Authority of the County of Cook
Housing Authority of County of Cook
Hardware Architecture Configuration Document
Home Area Customer Dialing
Hellenic Association for the Cogeneration of Heat and Power
Hacking And Computer Krashing
Host Access Class Libraries
High-Availability Cluster MultiProcessing
High Availability Concentration Multi Processor
High Availability Cluster Management Protocol
Home Agent Control Node
Human Adaptation Countermeasures Office
Half-amplitude Duration
Hardware Allocation Document
hardware architecture document
Heat Acquisition Devices
Heli Air Design
High-Availability Daemon
Helmet Airborne Display and Sight
Holloman Air Development Center
Hypersonic Air Data Entry System
High Assurancy Direction Finding
High-Altitude Debris Gamma
Hydrographic Automatic Data Logging And Processing System
High-Altitude Defense System
Honeywell Ada Development System
High Accuracy Data Transmission System
Hawaiian Telco
High Altitude Fuzing
Historical Archives of the European Communities
Hispanic Access Foundation
Holloman AFB, NM
Hellenic Air Force Command
Hydrogen Assist Fuel Cell
Howitzer Advanced Fire Control System
Headquarters Air Force Manpower Data System
High Altitude High Speed Target
Hellenic Aircraft Industries
Help Age International
Host Application Interface
High Accuracy Inertial Navigation System
High-Accuracy Instituteumentation Radar
Heated Air Intake System
Hughes Aircraft International Service Company
Hack's Memo
Hardwired Array Logic
Hardware Abstraction Langugae
Hardware Access Layer
Headers and libraries
Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer
Heuristically Programmed Algorithmic
Honeywell Actuator Linkage
House-Programmed Array Logic
HTML Auto Layout
Hypervisor Abstraction Layer
Halogen Lamp Experiment
Horizontal Alignment
High Agility Low Observability
Huawei Authorized Learning Partner
Huawei Authorized Learning Partners
Hybrid Arcless Limiting Technology
Handbook of Analytical Methods
Harness Adapter Modules
Helping All Mankind
Home Amateur
Home Amature Mechanic
Horizontal Access Modules
Host Adapter Module
Humid Air Motors
Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
Hierarchical Adaptive Mesh Refinement
Home Amateur Radio
Hamilton Standard
High-Availability Network
Handicapped Transport
Highly-Available Network File System
Hawaiian Air National Guard
Head and Neck Support
Hydrocephalus Association of North Texas
High Accuracy Navigation User
Hercules Automatic Operator
Home Address Option
Host Automation Object
Humanitarian Affairs Officers
Hawaiian Airborne Optical Site
High Altitude Orbital Space Station
Harald's Archiver Programm
Hardness Assurance Plan
Hazardous Air Pollution
Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme
High Altitude Platforms for Communications and Other Services
Halifax Area Personal Computer Society
Hard-Point Demonstration Array Radar
Harrier Approach Precision Indicator
Helicopter Approach Path Indicator
High Altitude Plasma Instrument
High Altitude Plasma Instituteument
Home Application Programming Interface
High Altitude Powered Platform
Helicopter Acoustic Processing System
High-altitude Platform Station
HOSC Advanced Planning System
Harris Ada Programming Support Environment
Hardware Acceptance Review
High Aspect Ration
Highway Advisory Radios
High Assurance Remote Access
Helicopter Automatic Rescue Control System
Hardware Manpower
High Accuracy Radar Data Transmission System
Harmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate
High Angular Resolution Laser Irradiation Detectors
High speed Anti Radiation Missile
Horizontal Arm
High Accuracy Reference Networks
Hackerman Advanced Research Program
Hardware Architecture Reference Platform
High-Altitude Research Probe
High-Altitude Relay Point
High Adventure Role Playing
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Home Audio Reference Platform
Hotspots Analysis and Reporting Program
hybrid automated reliability predictor output
Hyperbolic Analyzer Retarding Potential
Harmonic Phase MRI
Hazard and Requirements Review Board
Hardware Acceptance Reviews
Hazard Analysis Reports
Heading Attitude Reference System
Honeywell Avionics Reporting Tool
Honolulu Area Rapid Transit
Human Awareness Response Team
Hardware Authentication Server
Heading and Attitude Sensor
Home Agents
Hover Augmentation System
Hybrid Access System
Handheld Audio Spectrum Analyzer
High Accuracy Satellite Drag Model
High Assurance Software Engineering
Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument
Huygens Atmosphere Structure Instituteument
Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instituteument
Huygens Atomosphere Structure Instituteument
Hot Air Solder Level
High-Altitude Sounding Probe
High Altitude Sounding Projectile
HMS Ancillary Support Pack
Houston Automatic Spooling Priority System
Hearing-Aid Speech Quality Index
Hearing Aid Speech Quality Index
High Accuracy Sun Sensor
Highly Accelerate Stress Screening
HOSC Activity Scheduling System
Hydrologic Analysis Software Section
High-Accuracy Spacecraft Separation System
High Accelerated Stress Test
Highly Acelerated Stress Testing
Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory
Hardware Acceptance Test
Heap Analysis Tool
Help Authoring Tool
High-Altitude Test
Hungarian Automated Telescope Network
High Altitude Test Facility
High Altitude Theater Missile Defense
Hawaiian Area Tracking System
Helicopter Attack System
High-Altitude Test Stand
Highly Accelerated Thermal Shock
Host Access Transformation Server
Huntsville Area Technical Society
Hybrid Automatic Test System
Hardware-Assisted Virtualization
Hardware Assisted Virtualization
Hash Assist Value
Help American Vote Act
Home Audio-“Video Interoperability
Home Audio Visual Interoperatibility
Hybrid Adaptive Voltage Scaling
Hardwire Administration Workshop
Hawaii Monitor Station
House Air Waybill
Hostile Activity Watch Kernel
Horizontal-axis wind turbines
Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines
Haystack Observatory
HAZardous CHEMical
Hazard Communications
Hazardous Communication
Hazard Identification
Hazardous Material Control Program
HAZard OPerability study
Hazard and Operability Studies
Head Box
Heat Budget
Hilda Bastian
hit a batter
Hit batsman
Hit Batsmen
Host Bridge
House Breaking
High Beam Assist
Highway Beautification Act
Host-Based Authentication
Host Bus Adaptors
Hydraulic Brake Assist
Hydraulic Brake Assistant
Home Builders Association of Jackson County
Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion
High-overtone Bulk Acoustic Resonator
Home Based Business
Half-band Bipolar Coding
Hawker Beechcraft Corporationration
High Bandwidth Cellular Data Channel
Homebanking Computer Interface
Historically Black Colleges and Universityrsities
Historically Black College and Universityrsity
Historically Black Colleges and Universityrsities
Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions
Historically Black Colleges and Universityrsities/Minority Institutetutions
Honeywell Brain Damage
Hot Bearing Detector
Hot Box Detector
High Byte Enable
Historically Black Engineering Colleges
Heinrich Böll Foundation
Hydraulic Brake Fade Assist
Hnedak Bobo Group
Human Based Genetic Algorithm
High Bandwidth Interface
High Bandwidth Interface Module
Host Bus Interface
Hot-briquetted iron
Historic Building Information Modelling
Half-Byte Loader
Half Byte Loader
Horizontal Blanking
Hydrostatically Balanced Loading
Hydrostatic Balanced Loading
High Brightness Light Emitting Diode
Her British Majesty
His British Majesty
High Bandwith Memory
Hybrid Brain-Machine Interface
Hazard beacon
Harvard Broadband Networks Laboratory
Houston Business Roundtable's
Human Behaviour Representation
High Bit Rate 3
Hagener Brailleschrift System
HPNA Bandpass Splitter
Hybrid Braking System
Housing Benefit Strategy Division
Housing Benefit Strategy Divisionsion
Historic Buildings Sites & Monuments Record
Hetero-junction bipolar transistor
Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors
Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Holy Bible Trivia
Housing Bank for Trade & Finance
Houston Business and Tax Law Journal
Human Behavior Technology Working Group
Heater Blower Voltage
Het Belang van Limburg
Handling Capacity
Headers Compression
Heavy Commercial
Heritage Cherry
High Speed CMOS
Honey Comb
Horizontal Carousel
Horizontal coordinate
Hot Carrier
Hydro Carbons
Headed Concrete Anchors
Heads of Contracting Activities
Headset Coupling Adapter
Health Care Analysis
Heating Cycle Active
hepatic cell adenomas
Hepatocellular Adenoma
Hich-Contrast Addressing
High Contrast Addressing
Hollow Cathode Assembly
Host Channel Adpater
Hawaii Center for Advanced Communications
Home Caregivers Accreditation Of America
Harvard College in Asia Program
High Capacity Carriers
Histoplasma capsulatum
High Consequence Areas
Hard Chrome Alternatives Team
Hidroelectrica de Cahora Bassa
Hardware Configuration Control
Health Care Compliance
Hercules Color Card
High Capacity Centrifuge
High Confidence Computing
Host Control Component
Huntsville Computing Center
Huntsville Computer Complex
Huntsville Communications Control
Hybrid Columnar Compressed
Hyperbaric Compression Chamber
Host Controller Communications Area
Hybrid Coordination Function Controlled Channel Access
Hardware Configuration Control Item
HOSC Communications Control Document
Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition
Human Centered Computational Intelligence
Health Care Code Maintenance Committee
Healy Clean Coal Project
Hardware Command Decoder
Hardware Configuration Dialog
Host Column Descriptor
Hot Carrier Diode
Host Controller Driver Interface
High Clutch Drum Speed
Health Care Equipment
Heater Control Electronics
Heater Control Equipment
Housing, Community, and Economic Development
Host Controlled Family
Hydrogen Calibration Facility
Hydrogen Cold Flow
High-Contrast Addressing
Honda Civic Hybrid
Huntington's Chorea
High-Capacity Heat Pipe
Hardness Critical Items
Hardware Configuration Item
Health Care on the Internet
Heavy and Chemical Industry
Hereditary Cancer Institute
High Council of Informatics
Hughes Communications Inc.
Hughes Communications, Inc
Honeywell Communications Interface
Host Command Interface
Host Control Interface
Hot Compact & Imports
Human and Computer Interface
Human to Computer Interaction
Health Cost Index Database
Human-Computer Interface Guidelines
Honda Cars India Ltd
Human Computer Interface Laboratory
Hiway Cable Interface Module
Health Insurance Claim Number
Health Cost Index Report
Hardware Configuration Items
High Council of Information Technology
Headset Control Interface Unit
Hamilton County Job and Family Services
Hardware Compability List
Horizontal Component of Lift
Host Control Links
Houston Cricket League
Hyperchannel Communications Link
Health Care Liability Alliance
Human Capital Leadership and Merit System Accountability
High Confidence in Low Probability of Failure
Halifax Class Modernization
Hand Controller Module
Heating Control Module
Health Care Manager
Hiway Coupler Module
Hosted Collaboration Mediation
Human Crafts Mobility
Hybrid Control Module
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association
Humanities Computing and Media Centre
Heat Capacity Mapping Mission/Applications Explorer Mission
Hardware Configuration Management Plan
Identification and Authentication
Integration and Assembly
Investigation and Analysis
Innovation and Commercialization
Instituteumentation and Controls
Instrumentation and Controls
Integration and Certification
Industrial & Commercial Power Systems
Integrate and Dump
Instituteumentation and Data Systems
Installation and Engineering
Improvements and Modernization
Inspection and Maintenance
Institutetutional and Program Support
Institutional and Program Support
Instituteument and Range Safety
Instrument and Range Safety
Interchangeability and Suitability
integration and test engineering
Integration and Verification
Indications and Warning Center
Intelligent Control Interactive Technology
Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering
Integrated Computer Aided Software Engineering
ISDN Call Forwarding Intra-Group
ISDN Call Forwarding Variable facilities for Customer Group
Integrated Cable Modem Termination System
ISDN Calling Number Information Service
Internet Commerce
Interrogating-Call State/Session Control Function
Integrated Design Engineering Analysis Software
Internet-based Electronic Data Interchange
Intelligent Field Emitting Display
Information frame
Intra-coded frame
Isothermal General Purpose Rocket Furnace
Inverse Multiplexer
Institutetutional Network
Integrated Network Layer Security Protocol
Installation Order
Intra-coded picture
Implementation Plan
Internet Pod
Injection-Timing Electronic Control
Instituteuction time
Instruction time
Information Highway
Information Superhighway
Indoor Air Quality
Innovative Concepts
Integrated Circuits
International Civil Aeronautical Organisation
Inmate Call Engine
Instant Capacity Expansion
Institutent Capacity Expansion
Imperial Chinese Post
Id Est
Intermediate Frequency
Image Intensifiers
Intelligent Information Systems
Industrial Marine Products
International Mars Patrol
Intelligent Network
Islamic Republic of Iran
Infinitum Research Intercept Squad
Interpersonal Sensitivity
International Standard Atmosphere
International Software Consulting Network
Integrated Telecom Solutions
Instituteuctional airframe
Instructional Airframe
Interface Adapter
International AFSS
Installation and Checkout
Input Electronics
Industrial/Government Open System
Inspection / Maintenance
Inspection Maintenance
Intermediate Maintenance
Input Output
Input/Output Bus
Input/Output Controller
Input/output Multiplexer
Input/Output Module
Integration/Operations and Maintenance Instruction
Integration/Operations and Maintenance Instituteuction
Input/Outboard Profile
Input / Output Port Origination Device
Input/Output Test
Input/Output Unit
Impact Predictor
In Progress
Instituteument Panel
Instrument Panel
In-phase and quadrature
Installation and Repair
Internal / Rear group focusing
Ignition and Separation Assembly
In service
Instituteumentation Unit
Inlet Valve
Integer 16
Internet 2-Distributed Storage Infrastructure
Internet 2-Digital Video Network
Internet 2-Land Speed Record
Integrated InterConnect
Intelligent Interface Controller
Industrial to Grid
Integrated Instrumentation and InCircuit Emulation
Integrated Instituteumentation and InCircuit Emulation
Integrated Injection Logic
Intelligent Information Management
Intelligent Input Output
International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
International Information Security Foundation
Innovation In Infrastructure
Integer 32
International Imaging Industry Association
Interface, Inheritance, Implementation, Installation Definition Language
ISDN for Linux
Inline Six
Illustrated Audio
Individual Action
Industry Activities
Industrial Associates
Information Agency
Information Alert
Information Automation
Inherent Availability
Initial Alignment
Installing Activity
Instant Access
Integrating Accelerometer
Integration Agreement
Intelligent Access
Intelsat Americas
Interactive Agent
Inter Area
Interim Agreement
Interface Address
Interference Aware
International Associate
International Telegraph Alphabet
Inventory Accounting
Investment Authority
Intel Architecture 32 bit
Intel Architecture, 64-bit
Internal Audio and Video
International telegraph Alphabet No. 2
International telegraph Alphabet No. 5
International Alphabet 5
Intra Asia 7
Idle Air Adjuster
Industrial Automation Award
Intel's Application Accelerator
Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile
Interagency Agreement Amendment
Internal Antenna Assembly
Internationalen Automobil Ausstellung
Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung
Intravehicular Antenna Assembly
Irrigation Association of Australia
Institutetute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Indian Association of Aquatic Biologists
International Association of Agricultural Libraries and Documentalists
International Association of Advanced Materials
Indiana Army Ammunition Plant
International Association of African Palynology
Integrated Avionics Architecture, Requirements and Design
Interagency Agreement Amendments
Instituteuction Address Bus
Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil
Instituut der Accountants en Belastingadvizeurs
Integrated Architecture Builder
Internet Activites Board
Investments Approvals Board
Instituto Adventista Brasil Central
International Association Business Communicators
Industrieanlagen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Integrated AirBag Module
Integrated Air Bag Module
Internet Architecture Board Minutes
International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam
Integrated Access Billing Systems
Integrated Apogee Boost System
Immediate Action Checklist
Incident Advisory Council
Industrial Applications Center
Institute for Advanced Commerce
Institutetute for Advanced Commerce
Institute of Amateur Cinematographers
Institutetute of Amateur Cinematographers
Instituteument Approach Chart
Integrated Analysis Capability
Integrated Assembly and Checkout
Intelligence Analysis Cell
Inter-Active Controller
Inter Application Communications
Inter Application Communication
Interactive Asynchronous Controller
Interactive Synchronous Communications
Interagent Communication
Interconnection Access Code
Interexchange Access Customer
Interference Absorption Circuit
Internal Assistance Capability
Internal Audio Controller
International AVS Centre
International Aeromodeling Center
Internet Access Coalition
Internet Access Control
Internet Application Component
Issuer Action Codes
Issuer Action Code
Intel Architecture Code Analyzer
Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce
Interface Adjustment Capability Descriptor
International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers
Industrial Airborne Computing Forum
Iranian AirCraft Industry
Instituto de Auditores-Censores Jurados de Cuentas
Information Assurance Compliance Maturity Model Index
Inter Agency Committee on Marine Science and Technology
Integration and Checkout Operations
Internet Application Component Object Receiver
Integrated Assembly and Configuration Panel
International Association for China Planning
International Association of Cryptographic Research
Integrated Attitude Control Simulator
Intermediate Altitude Communication Satellite
International Agriculture Control System
international aeronautical communications service provider
International Aeronautical Communications Service Providers
International Aeronautical Communication Service Provider
International Association for Computer Systems Security
Institutetutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Inter Area Criteria Used Object
Information Access Divisionsion
Integrated Acces Device
Integrated Augmentation Displays
Intelligence Agency Developments
Intelligent Assist Device
Interface Association Descriptor
Internet Applications Division
Internet Applications Divisionsion
Intrusion-Aware Design
International Association of Directional Drilling
Interim Air Defense Control Facility
International Advance Diploma in Computer Studies
ICP Architecture Description Document
Interagency Data Exchange Group
Internet America, Dallas, Fort Worth
Indian Air Defence Ground Environment System
Intra-Domain Interface
Internet Application Distribution Management
Institutetutional Automated Data Processing
Institutional Automated Data Processing
Integrated Avionics Development Program
International Assistance & Development Program
Integrated Appointment Data System
Incoming Alignment Error
Information Analysis and Evaluation
International Association of Engineers
ISDN AnschlussEinheit
International Atomic Energy Commission
Independent Assessment Executive Committee
International Address Element Code
International Association for Energy Economists
Iranian Association of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
International Aviation Exhibition Services
Initial Approach Fixes
International Astronomical Federation
International Astronautical Foundation
International Automobile Festival
International Arrivals Facility
Internet Anonymous Ftp Archives
International Australian Football Confederation
International Air Forces Field Team
Integrated Automoated Fingerprint Identification System
Integrated Air Fuel Module
Integrated Air-Fuel Module
Integrated Air Fuel System
Instituto de Astronomia, Geofísica
Intel Architecture Group
Inter-Agency Agreement
Interactive Application Generator
Inter Active Graphics
Interagency Agreement
International Audio Group
International Antarctic Glaciology Program
integrated ARINC ground station
Industrial Application of Gas Turbines
Inertial Attitude Hold
Interent Assignment Hierarchy Coalition
Internet International Ad Hoc Committee
Information Architecture Institutetute
Initialize Address Information
Intelligent Automation Incorporated
Internet Application Integration
Islamic Army in Iraq
Improved Avionics Intermediate Shop
International Association of Intercultural Studies
Internet Access Kit / 2
Internet Access Kit / 2
Instituteument approach landing
I Am Laughing At The Funny Thing That Just Happend
International Association for the Leisure & Entertainment Industry
Irish Air Line Pilots Association
Incoming Address Message
Initial Access Message
Initiative Address Message
Integrated Assessment Modelling
Intel Active Management
Interactive Algebraic Manipulation
Intermediate Access Memory
International Association Machinists
Internet Answering Machine
Inter-Association Mobility Agreement
Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation
International Aerospace Management Company
International Association of Maritime Economist
Imagery Analyst Memorandums
Initial Address Messages
Integrated Asset Management System
International Association of Money Transfer Networks
Internet Advertising Network
International Article Numbering Association
Internet Assigned Numbers Authoruty
Internet Address and Naming Association
Instituteument and Communication
Instituteumentation and Communication
Irwin Allen News Network
ISDN Access Nodal Processor
Intel Advanced Network Reseller
International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa
Integrated Air Navigation System
International Academic Networkshops
Independent Assessment Office
Instituteumentation Application Operation
Instrumentation Application Operation
Intra-Office SONET signal
Indicated Angle Of Attack
Individual Air Outlet Panel
International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Associations
Inmate Automated Operator Services
Immediate Action Plan
Industrial Affiliates Programs
Information Access Protocol
Information As Product
Initial Accumulation Point
Initial Alignment Procedure
Injection Actuation Pressure
Institutetution of Analysts and Programmers
Instituto Adventista Paranaense
Instituto Ambiental do Parana
Integrated Array Processor
Intelligent Access Project
Intelligent Analog Peripheral
International Association of Planetology
Internet Access Policy
Internet Attachment Provider
Initial Acquisition Phase 1 code
Initial Acquisition Phase 2 code
Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal
International Air Passenger Association
Institutently Available PC
Internet Anti-Piracy Campaign
International Association for Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women
iMpower Application Programming Interface
International Associationof Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
International Academic Programmes Office
Institute of Applied Photo Physics
Institutetute of Applied Photo Physics
Internet Access Point Protocol
International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Impact Aid Payment System
Justification and Approval
J-shaped hook connector
Joint-modeling And Simulation System
Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
Joint Cargo Committee
Joint Common Risks Agreement
Joint Hull Committee
Joint Hull Formula
Japanses Hull Insurers' Union
Joint Hull Understandings
Jizoji Ohrin Club
Junction Block
JSF/Integrated Subsystem Technology
Jam-to-Signal Ratio
J/eXtensions for Financial Services
Regeneration section trace byte
Path trace byte
Path overhead byte
Java 2 Foundation Edition
Java 2 Micro
Japan Architect
Jitter Attenuation
Jitter Attenuator
Jump if Above
Jupiter Approach
Justiça Ambiental
JSF Avionics Architecture Definition
Job Area Acceptance Range
Java Applets for Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Joint Administrative Committee
Joint Airworthiness Committee
Joint Allocation Committee Civil Intelligence
Joint Accommodation Configuration Document
Joint Architectural Control Document
Japanese-American Cooperative Emulsion Experiment
Joint Aeronautical Commander's Group
JACK Audio Connection Kit
Joint Airworthiness Committee Materials Sub Committee
Japan Computer Usage Development Institute
JApan Computer Usage Development Institutetute
Jeremy's Acronym Database
Joint Assembly Demonstration
Java Addition to the Default System
Judgemental Analysis and Decision Evaluation
Java Applet Environment
Jump if Above or Equal
Japan Atomic Energy Committee
Japanese Aero Engines Corporationration
Japanese Aero Engine Corporation
Japan Atomic Energy Insurance Pool
Just Another Friendly Observer
Joel Andrew Glovier
Joint Air to Ground Munition
Just Another Gibbs Sampler
Jerks Are Giving Unasked Advice Regularly
Journal of Applied Horticulture
John Adams Institute
Just An Idea
Java APIs for Integrated Networks
Java for the Advanced Intelligent Network
Java in Advanced Intelligent Networks
Japan Internet Providers Association
Japanese Association of International Women's Rights
Jump And Link
Joint Airborne Lidar Bathymetric Technical Center of Expertise
Japan Academy of Labor and Management
Jump And Link Register
JavaGen Ant Modules
Jini Technology Access Module
Journal of Applied Meteorology
Java Model Driven Architecture
Joint Asset Management Engineering Solution
Joint Audio Media Education Services
Joint Audio Media Education Support
Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Joint Angle and Muscle Signature
Japanese affiliate of AMSAT
Japanese Article Numbers
Joint Army-Navy-NASA-Air Force
Joint Academic NET
Joint Academic Network Using Satellites
Jointly Agreed Objectives Trials
Joint Audit Planning Committee
Java Annotation Patterns Engine
Joint Air Photographic Intelligence Board
Joint Aviation Regulation
JAR classification for Very Light Aircraft
Joint Aviation Requirements Flight Crew Licensing
Japan Automotive Research Institutetute
Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc.
Japan Resources Observation System
Japan Association for Radiation Research on Polymers
Japanese Amateur Radio Teleprinter Society
Jabatan Alam Sekitar
Japanese Agriculture Standards
Japan Air Society
Japan Air Systems
Japan Amateur Satellite
Joint Airborne Sigint
Jugend Architektur Stadt
Journal of the Acoustic Society of America
Journal of Agricultural Science and Applications
Japan Sea Cable
Janes Advanced Strike Fighter
Joint Airborne Sigint Family
Joint Air-Sea Interaction experiment
Japan Automobile Service Promotion Association
Joint Acquisition Sustainment Pollution Prevention Activity
Japan Ship Reporting
Job Assessment Software Systems
Joint Air to Surface Stand off Missile
Joint Advance Strike Technology
Joint Attack Strike Technology
Joint Airborne Sigint Technical Architecture
Japanese Association for the Study of Taste and Smell
Joint Avionics Team
Jugoslovenski Aero Transport
Jupiter Aerobatic Team
Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipments
Japan Approvals Institutetute for Telecommunications Equipments
Japan Automobile Tire Manufacturers Association
JSC Authority to Proceed
Joint Architecture for Unmanned System
Java Printer
Joint Avionic Team
Joint Airmiss Working Group
Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Calls
Java API for XML-based Remote Pprocedure Calls
Java API for XML-based Web Services
Java XML Binding
Java API for XHTML
Java API for XML-based Remote Procedure Calls
Java API for XML-based Remote Pprocedure Calls
Java API for XML Transformations
Java API for XML-based Web Services
Jail Break
Jitter Buffer
Jump if Below
Junk Basket
Jam Bit 7
Java Business Benchmark
Jam Byte-Code
Java Byte Code
Joint Building Contracts Committee
Java Beans Component Library
Journal Block Device
Journaling Block Device
Jazz Build Engine
Jump if Below or Equal
Joint Board for Engineering Management
Joint Bitonal Image Group
Java Business Logic
Japanese Business Machine Makers Association
Just a Bunch of Disk
Just a Bunch of Drives
Joint Base Operations Support Contract
Junction Box
Jules Bianchi Photography
Jean-Baptiste Queru
Jettisonable Body Solar Arrays
Jitter Buffer Valid Bit
Jettison Controllers
Job Costing
Joint compound
Jump if Carry
Jump if Carry set
Roland Jazz Chorus
J2EE Connector Architecture
Java Connect Architecture
Java Card Assembly
Java Communications API
National Hockey League Players' Association
Java Cryptographic Architecture
Jewelry Crafts Association
Jitendra Chartered Accountants
Joint Cooperative Agreement
Japan Civil Airworthiness Board
Joint Civil Affairs Committee
Joint Combat Advanced Display and Debriefing System
Joint Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support
Joint Computer Aided Logistics System
Joint Committee on Avionics Systems Research
Java Coordination and Transactions
Jab Control Block
Joint Call-back Center
Japan Construction Consultants Association
Joint Change Control Board
Joint Computer Conference Board
Journal of Computing in Childhood Education
Java Callable Data Wrapper
Java Cryptography Extensions
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Joint Communications-Electronics Operating Instituteuction
Joint Communications Electronics Operation Instituteuction
Joint Council On Educational Television
Johnson Controls Institute
Joint Cotton Industry Bale Packaging Committee
Japan Camera Inspection Institute
Japan Camera Inspection Institutetute
Jakarta Commons Logging
Japanese Calling Line Identity Presentation
Joint CALS Management Office
Japan Cryptographic Module Validation Program
Job Cost Number
Joint Committee on Nuclear Power Standards
Joint CSA/NASA Simulation Panel
Justification for Continued Operations
Jewish Congregation of Oak Ridge
Job Control Processor
Japan's Consumer Product Safety Association
Journal of Cryptology
Job Control Statements
Japan Computer Security Association
Japan Communications Satellite
Japanese Communications SATellite
Joburg Centre for Software Engineering
Joint Command Systems Initiative
Joint Construction Trades
Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding
Java Card Virtual Machine
Java Callable Wrapper
Job Control Words
John Cooper Works
Joint Community Warfighter
Java Card Workstation Development Environment
Java Decompiler
Julian Days
Joined Direct Attack Munition
Joint Direct Attack Munitions
Java Directory Access Protocol
Joint Dynamic Airbreathing Propulsion Simulations
Java standard DataBase Connectivity
Japanese Digital Cellular System
Japanese Digital Carrier
Jet Deflection Control
Job Description Card
Joint Doctrine and Concepts Centre
Java Development Environment for Emacs
Joint Demonstration & Evaluation Facility
Job Description File
Joint Defense Force
Joint Defense Force Nurrungar
Japan Development Institute
Java Debug Interface
JDesktop Integration Components
Job Development Investment Grants
Java Developer Kit
Java Development Kit Java Foundation Classes
Job Descriptor Library
Job Drawing List
Journal of Data Management
Joint Depot Maintenance Analysis Group
Joint Depot Maintenance Activities Group
Java Data Mining Package
Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel
Julian Day Numbers
Java Desktop Network Components
Java Data Objects Query Language
John Deere Power Systems
Japanese Digital Standard
Job Data Sheet
Jordanian Directorate of Standards
Java Desktop System 2
Java Data Structures Library
JDS Uniphase Corporation
Japanese Daylight Time
Japanese Data Tracking and Relay Satellite
Java Debug Wire Protocol
Joint Damping Experiment
Johnson Engineering
Junior Engineers
Jump if Equal
Japan Environment Agency
Japan Environmental Agency
Japanese Economic Association
Japanese Environment Agency
Job Execution Authorisation
Joint Endeavor Agreement
Joint Engineering Analysis Board
Jet Engine Base Maintenance
Jahan Electronic Company
Jizan Economic City
Joint Engine Company
Joint Engineering Council
Jones Education Company
Japan Electronic Computer Center
Joint Electronic Components Conference
Job-by-Email Control System
John. E. Davis
Joint Epicenter Determination
Joint Electrical Device Engineering Committee
Joint Electron Device Engineering Councils
Joint Electron Devices Engineering Councils
Joint Electronic Device Engineering Counsel
Joint Education Initiative Project
Joint Electronic Document Interchange
Joint Environment for Digital Imaging
Japan Electronic Data Interchange Council
Japan Electronics Data Interchange Council
Joint Enterprise Directory Services
Joint Evaluation of Emergency Assistance to Rwanda
Joint ECMA-ETSI Committee
Joint Energy and Environment Projects
Just Expect Excessive Problems
Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology
Jeddah Economic Forum
Jet Engine Field Maintenance
Japan Export Information Center
Japan Electronic Industries Development Association
Japan Electronics Industry Department Association
Japanese Electronics Industrial Development Association
Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association's
JICST Electronic Information Processing Automatic Computer
Japanese Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Java Education and Learning Community
Java Event List Daemon
Japanese Experiment Logistics Module
Japan Experiment Module
Japanese Element Module
Japan Experimental Module
Java Eclipse Modeling Framework Model
Japanese Experiment Module-Exposed Facility
Japanese Experiment Module-Pressurized Module
Japanese Experiment Module-Remote Manipulator System
Japan Electrical Manufacturer's Association
Japan Electronic Messaging Association
Joint Engineering Management Conference
Japan Electric Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Association
Japan Electric Measuring Instituteuments Manufacturers Association
Japanese experiment module information system
Japheth's Expanded Memory Manager
Japanese Experiment Module Robotic Manipulator System
JEM Remote Manipulator System
JBoss Enterprise Middleware System
Jet Engine Maintenance Task Oriented System
Jones Education Network
Joint Establishment for Nuclear Energy Research
Joint Educational Opportunities for Minorities
John Eagle Photography
Joint Electronics Payments Initiative
Japan Electronic Parts Industry Association
Japan Electric Power Information Center
Jabber Enhancements Proposals
Joint Electronic Research Committee
Jini Extensible Remote Invocation
Japan Earth Resources Satellite
Japanese Earth Resource Satellite
Japenese Earth Resources Satellite
Japanese Earth Remote Sensing
John Ericsson Society
Joint Environment Simulators
Joint Environment Simulator
Joint Environmental Statement
Japan Engineering Standard Association
Job Entry Subsystem Communication Table
Java Edge Side Include
JSC Engineering Sciences Network
Jobs and Employment and Supportive Services
Joint European Semiconductor Silicon Initiative
Joint European Silicon Semiconductor Initiative
Joint European Silicon Submicron Initiative
Java Emitter Template
Joint Engine Technologies
Jones Electronic Technologies
Jpeg Enhancement Technology
Joint European Telescope for X-Rays
Joint Electronic Type Designator
Joint Electron Tube Engineering Council
Joint Expendable Turbine Engine Concepts
Jet Propelled
Japan Engineering Test Reactor
Joint Electronic Type System
Joint Electronic-Type System
Joint Electronic Unit
Joint Electronic Units
Joint Electronics Unit
Joint Expedited Undocking and Separation
Journal Entry Voucher
Jour Fixe
Junction Frequency
Joint Factor Analysis
Joint Funding Agreements
Jindalee Facility Alice Springs
Joint Faculty Education Conference
Junction Field Effect Transistors
Junction Field Efected transistor
Junction Field-Effect Transistors
Joint File Interchange Format
JPG file interchange format
Joint Frequency List
Joint Flight Operations
Joint Frequency Management
Japanese Feature Package
Joint Federal Project
Java Forum Stuttgart
Joint Feasibility Studies
Invitation To Transmit
Kits and Enhancements
Kommunikation & Recht
KSC CITE Plan/Requirement
KSC DOD Plan/Requirement
KSC IUS Plan/Requirement
KSC IUS Notice
KSC IUS Project Specification
KSC MMSE Project Specification
KSC MMSE Plan/Requirement
KSC Shuttle Management Document
KSC STS Plan/Requirement
KSC STS Notice
KSC STS Project Specification
King's Royal Rifles
1000 ohms
Kindergarten through Grade 12
Klamath 5
Beginning of message
Keep Alive
Kill Assessment
Korrespondenz Abwasser
Korean Armored Amphibious Vehicle
Kansas Association of Broadcasters
Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority
Kansas Action for Children
Kyrgyz Accreditation Center
Korean Area Control Center
Knowledge Acquisition and Documentation System
Knowledge Analysis and Design System
Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives
Keystone Association for Educational Data System
Kenyan Air Force
Khelben Arcade Frontend
Kirkland Air Force Base
KARA Daniz Fiber Optic System
Kagoshima Space Center
Kennett Area Higher Education Center
Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna
Kongres Advokat Indonesia
Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd
Korea Aerospace Incorporated
Kurzweil Applied Intelligence
Kernel Asynchronous I/O
Korea Advanced Institutetute of Science & Technology
Korean Advanced Institutetute of Science and Technology Satellite
Kidsgrove ALGOL Digital Analog Simulation
Keep Alive Memory
Knowledge and Mind Amplification System
Korea Air Materiel Unit
Kuiper Astronomical Observatory
Killing As Organized Sport
Kerma Area Product
King Abdullah Port
Kuwait Action Plan
Knowles Atomic Power Lab
Kazan Aircraft Production Organisation
Kernel Ada Programming Support Environment
Kernel Ada Programming Support Environments
Kernel for APSE
Keep Alive Power
Kansas Amateur Radio
Keystone Architecture Required for European Networks
Kamra Avionics and Radar Factory
Korean Aerospace Research Institutetute
Kilojoule Advanced Research Laser
Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Language
Kiosk Authoring and Runtime System
Knowlede Areas
Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University
KDE Advanced Text Editor
Korean Association of Virtual Reality
Kaviar Babes
Keel Bending
Keith Black
Kilo bitss
Knowledge Based
Knowledge Builder
Kontrol Birimi
Kilobytes Per Second
Knowledge-Based/Structured Query Language
Knowledge-Based Audit
Knee-Brace Assembly Replacement
Keyboard Controller
Knowledge Based Computer Systems
Kaiser-Bessel derived
Knowledge Based Executive
Knowledge Based Enginnering
Kitchen Bath Industry Show
Knowledge Based Intelligence Tracking
Kilo-Bit pro Sekunde
Knowledge Based Log Analysis
Knowledge Base Management System
Knowledge Management System
Kahuzi-Biega National Park
Kilobyte per second
Knowledge Base Repositories
American Center for Law and Justice
Knowledge Bases Representation System
Knowledge Base Systems
Knowledge Based Software Engineering
Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menengah
Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Rendah
Ku-Band Transportable Satellite System
Key Certification Authority
Klein chemisch afval
Kern County Air Pollution Control District
Karim City College
Kawartha Computer Club
Keyboard Common Contact
KyoCera Graphic Language
Kerman Cable Industries
Key Confirmation Key
Kane Computing Ltd
Knock Control Module
Knowledge and Content Management
Knowledge Crunching Machine
Kauai Coffee Plantation
Key Code Qualifier
Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance
Keyboard Construction Set
Kansas City Security Coalition
Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation
Kansai Cellular Telephone
Kentucky Community and Technical College System
Key Check Value
Kanji Driver
Kay Dickersin
Kemampuan Dasar
Kernel Debugger
Keyword Density
Kiln Dried
Kiln Dried After Treatment
Kiln Dry After Treatment
Kernel Debugger
Kerberos Key Distribution Center
Key Distribution Centres
Key display call indicator
Keyboard Display Driver
Knowledge Discovery and Datamining
Kokusai Denshin Denwa Company, Ltd
Kokusai Denshin Denwa International
Keyboard Display Equipment
Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad
Knowledge and Data Engineering Group
Key-Derivation Function
Key derivation function
Key Driving Function
Kybernetical Data Facility
Korea Development Institutetute
Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives
Kick down Low Hold
K Display Manager
Key Decision Maker
Korean Domestic Market
Korg Diskette Manager
Ksc Data Management System
Kennedy Documented Process
Known Datum Point
Keyboard Data Recorder
Key display receive only printer
Karar Destek Sistemleri
Key Display System
Knowledge Dictionary System
Knowledge Discovery Server
Key Definition Table
Kneel Down Transporter
Key Distribution Task Force
Keyless Entry
Kinematic Envelope
Komisi Eropa
Kinetic Energy ASAT
Key Encryption Component
Kill Enhancement Device
Kitsap Economic Development Alliance
Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institutetute
Ketone Ethylene Ester
Key Findings Reporter
Kernel for ECRC Graphics Interface
Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company
Key Exchange Identifier
Kinetic Energy Intercept
Kinetic Energy Interactive
Key-encryption Key
Key Exchange Keys
Key Exchange Key
Kommission zur Ermittlung der Konzentration
Key-Exchange Keys
Kinetic Engineering Limited
Kellogg Executive Leadership Institute
Key Encapsulation Mechanism
Kayıtlı Elektronik Posta
keyboard emulation program
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Korea Electric Power Corporationration
Korea Environmental Program
Kode Etik Penilaian Indonesia
Key Engineering Performance Parameters
Kerberos Daemon
KI-10 Error-free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect over Tty lines
Kl-10 Error-free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect over Tty lines
Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web
Kinetic Energy Weapon, Orbital
Kinetic Energy Weapon, Chemical
Kinetic Energy Weapon, Electromagnetic
Kinetic Energy Weapon, Ground
Kalman Filter
Kalman Filters
Kalman filtering
Keaksaraan Fungsional
Korea Fighter
Korea First Bank
Korea Federation for Environmental Movements
Kourou, French Guiana
K File Manager
KKR Financial Corp.
King Fahad National Library
Korean Fighter Program
K-band Full Performance Antenna
Korea Food Research Institutetute
Kenya Forestry Service
Korea Federation of Small Business
KSC Fixation Tube
Korea Foreign Trade Association
Kentucky Fried Unix
Karl-Franzens-Universitaet Graz
Karl-Franzens-Universityrsitaet Graz
Kilograms Per Square Centimeter
Kilograms per hour
Kwajalein Ground Antenna
kinematic GPS landing system
Kearfott Guidance and Navigation
Key Generator Receiver
known geotheral resource area
Kommunales GebietsRechenzentrum Giessen
Key Generator Transmitter
Kennedy Handbook
Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende
Kernel Hacking Guide
KEW Hardware Integration Lab
Key Hole n
Koninklijke Horeca Nederland
KDE HTML-Parser-Modul
Kilo Hertz
Kemerdekaan Indonesia
Korean Idiot's Attempt
Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics
Keldysh Institutetute for Applied Mathematics
Keldysh Institutetute of Applied Mathematics
Knot Indicated Air Speed