Popular Telecom acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Associated Account Number
Associated Account Number
Alternative Access Provider
Audio Application Programming Interface
Aeronautical Advisory Station
Authorized Application Specialist
Access Approval Test System
Access Approval Test System
Automated Address Verification
Automated Address Verification
Additional Bits
Additional Bits
Asynchronous Balanced
Asynchronous Balanced
Advanced Broadband Architecture for Internet Services
Advanced Broadband Architecture for Internet Services
Arbitration Bass Controller
Arbitration Bass Controller
Armored Brush Cable
Armored Brush Cable
Automated Brightness Control
Automated Brightness Control
Automated Business Connection
Automated Business Connection
Automatic Bias Compensation
Automatic Bill Calling
Advanced Business Communications via Satellite
Advanced Business Communications via Satellite
Attendant Blocking of Directory Number
Alternate Billing Entity Codes
Advanced Boolean Equation Language
Abortive END
Advanced Boolean Equation Language
Autonomous Built-In Self-Test
Apogee Booster Motor
Aeronautical Broadcast Station
Alternate Billing Services
Advanced Broadcast Television
Advanced Broadcast Television
Advanced Branch Exchange
Advanced Branch Exchange
Access Code
Acquisition Cycle
Acquisition Cycle
Alternating Current to Alternating Current
Alternating Current to Alternating Current
Alternating Current to Direct Current
Academic Research Network
Academic Research Network
Acquisition Card
Acquisition Card
Additional Cooperative Acceptance Testing
Architecture Control Board
ATM Cell Bus
Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies
Arthur C. Clarke Institutetute for Modern Technologies
Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies
Authorization Control Center
Associated Control Channel, L-Band
Associated Control Channel, L-Band
Associated Common-Channel Signaling
Associated Common-Channel Signaling
Association of C and CCC Users
Association of C and CCC Users
Automatic Cross-connection Equipment
Advisory Committee for Electronics and Communications
Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
Asian Cellular Satellite
ACF Network Control Program
ACF Virtual Terminal Access Method
Atomic, Consistent, Isolation, Durable
Andy, Charles, Ian's System
Automatic Caller/Customer Identification Service
Adaptive Communication Line Converter
Address Control Memory
Advanced Communications Function
Automatic Call Manager
Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna
Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna
Access Customer Name Abbreviation
Access Customer Name Abbreviation
Administrative Operating Company Number
Academic Computer Network
Activity Concentration Point
Activity Concentration Point
Association of Computing Professionals
Azimuth Change Pulse
Asymmetric Co-Planar Waveguide
Academic Computing Research Facility Network
Amplitute Compandored Single SideBand
Amplitute Compandored Single SideBand
Access Control and Signaling Equipment
Access Control and Signaling Equipment
Australian Computer Society national computer network
Australian Computer Society national computer network
Association of Computer Support Specialists
Association of Computer Support Specialists
Applied Computer Telephony
Applied Computer Telephony
Association of Communications Technicians
Association of Communications Technicians
Authorization Code Table
Association of Computer Telephone Integration and Users and Suppliers
Association of Computer Telephone Integration and Users and Suppliers
Association of Competitive Telecommunications Suppliers
Association of Competitive Telecommunications Suppliers
Access Customer Terminal Location
Access Customer Terminal Location
Association for Cooperation in Telecommunications Research In Switzerland
Association for Cooperation in Telecommunications Research In Switzerland
Automatic Coin Toll Service
Advanced Common View
Asymmetrical Coplanar Wave-Guide
Asymmetrical Coplanar Wave-Guide
Advanced Cordless Wireless Private Branch Exchange
ADA Lovelace Language
Average Delay to Abandon
Average Delay to Abandon
Automatic Dialing and Announcing Device
Advanced Design Array Radar
Advanced Design Array Radar
Asia DAB Committee
Asia DAB Committee
Automatic Data Capture Association
Automatic Data Collection Association
Above-Decks Equipment
All Dielectric Fiber-Optic Cable
All Dielectric Fiber-Optic Cable
Average Delay to Handle
Analog/Digital Input/Output
Application-Definable Keys
Application-Definable Keys
Advanced Distributed Learning Network
Advanced Distributed Learning Network
Add and Drop Multiplexer
Asymmetric Digital Microcell Link
Advanced Digital Network Trunking
Article Delivery Over Network Information Systems
Article Delivery Over Network Information Systems
Association for Data Processing and Computer Management
Association for Data Processing and Computer Management
Adaptive Prediction Encoder
Adaptive Prediction Encoder
Adaptive Prediction Decoder
Adaptive Prediction Decoder
Average Delay in Queue
Average Delay in Queue
Achievable Data Rate
Achievable Data Rate
Aggregate Data Rate
Aggregate Data Rate
Alternate Destination Routing
Alternate Destination Routing
Analog to Digital Recording
Analog to Digital Recording
Auto-Dialing Recorded Message Player
Auto-Dialing Recorded Message Player
Approximate Discrete Radon Transform
Approximate Discrete Radon Transform
AudioGram Delivery Services
AudioGram Delivery Services
Automatic Data System
Automatic Dependent Surveillance Unit
Automatic Data Speed Recognition
Automatic Data Speed Recognition
Automated Document Storage And Retrieval
ATM Digital Service Unit
ATM Digital Service Unit
Audio, Data and Teletext
Audio, Data and Teletext
Automatic Detection and Tracking
Automatic Detection and Tracking
Advanced Definition Television
Advanced Definition Television
Above-Deck Unit
Above-Deck Unit
Area Decision Unit
Area Decision Unit
Average Daily Use
Acoustic Emission
Automatic Cross-connection Equipment
Aerial Experimental Association
Aeronautical Emergency Communications System
Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Aircraft Emergency Frequency
Airborne Early-warning Ground Integration System
Automatic Electronic Management Information System
Advanced Edge Router
Aeronautical Satellite Communications System
Application Environment Standard
Aerospace and Electronics System Society
Aerospace and Electronics System Society
Airborne Early Warning
Airborne Early Warning
Aircraft Early Warning
Aircraft Early Warning
Aircraft Early Warning
Asia Electronic Union
Auxiliary Electronics Unit
Assigned Frame
Advanced Flyaway Satellite Terminal
Advanced Flyaway Satellite Terminal
Amplitude-to-Frequency Converter
Address and Format Identifier
Address and Format Identifier
Antiferromagnetic Resonance
Aeronautical Fixed Network
AFP Configuration
Armed Forces Radio Network
American Forces Radio and Television Services
Automation File Server
Automation File Server
Automatic Fine Tuning
Automatic Fine Tuning
Application Generator
Application Generator
Audio Graphic Conferencing
Agriculture's voice and data Communications Network
Access Grid Node (AGN)
AT&T Global Network (AGN)
Assisted GPS
Air-Ground Radiotelephone Service
Albera Government Telephone
Audio Graphics Terminal
Application Generator Toolkit
Address-Generation Unit
Automatic Ground Unit
Access Gateway
Air-Ground Worldwide Communications System
Audio High-Density
Alabama Home Educator's Network
Alberta Higher Education Network
Alternative Higher Education Network
Authentication Header Protocol
Ampere Hour
Average Handle Time
Access Identifier
Application Interface Adapter
Automatic Internet Administration
Automatic Incoming Call Connection
Australian Institutetute of Computer Ethics
Access Identifier System
Advanced Integrated Landing System
Access Intelligent Multiplexer
ATM Inverse Multiplexer
Aeronautical Interim Monitoring System
Applied Information Management Services
Auto Indexing Mass Storage
Arabic Internet Names Consortium
Automated Intercept Call Completion
Air-Incident Recording
Airborne Imaging Radar
Association of Independents in Radio
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
Atmospheric Infrared Sensor
Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo delle Telecomunicazioni
Atomic International Time
Advanced Information Technology Services
Associazione Italiana Tecnici del Suono
Australian Information Technology Society
Application Implementer's Workshop
Advanced Interactive
Anti Jamming
Aurora Kendrick James
Its the first alphabet of all our partners i.e. Ashutosh, Karim, Mukesh & Alok
Analog Loop-Back
Application Logic Element
Approvals Liaison Engineer
Algorithm Communications Company
ATM Line Interface
Access Line In Service
Analog Leased Line
Automated Loan Machine
Airport Land Mobile Radio Base Station
Airport Land Mobile Radio Station
Asynchronous Learning Networks
Asynchronous Learning Networks
Aluminum Nickel Cobalt
Aluminum Nickel Cobalt
Automatic Loop Protection Switching
Automatic Loop Protection Switching
Active Line State
Active Line State
Alternate Local Transport
Alternate Local Transport
Automated Loop Test
Automated Loop Test
Association of Long-distance Telephone
Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria
Association of Licensed Telecoms Operators of Nigeria
Association of Licensed Telecoms Operators of Nigeria
Alarm Management
Alarm Management
Amplitude-Modulation to Amplitude-Modulation
Amplitude-Modulation to Amplitude-Modulation
Apogee Motor
Apogee Motor
Amplitude-Modulation to Phase-Modulation
Amplitude-Modulation to Phase-Modulation
Active Matrix, Thin-Film Transistor
Active Matrix, Thin-Film Transistor
AM or FM
AM or FM
Amplitude-Modulation with Single SideBand
Amplitude-Modulation with Single SideBand
Amplitude-Modulation with Vestigial SideBand
Amplitude-Modulation with Vestigial SideBand
Automated Messaging And Directory Assistance
Advanced Multiband Excitation
Advanced Multiband Excitation
Allgon Mobile Communications
Adds, Moves and Changes
Adds, Moves and Changes
ATM Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
Active Matrix Electroluminescence
Aeronautical Mobile Earth Station
Apogee Motor Firing
Automated Module Fabrication
Active Microwave Instrument
Active Microwave Instituteument
Amplitude Modulated Link
Analog Microwave Link
Automatic Modulation Limiting
Advanced Metal Powder
Amplifier Dyne
Amateur Packet Radio Network
Automatic Message Processing System
Automatic Message Processing System Security Officer
Automatic Message Processing System
Adaptive Multi-Rate
Anisotropic Magneto Resistance
Anisotropic Magneto Resistance
Association Mondale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires
Attendant Management System
Aeronautical Mobile Service
Amsterdam Internet Exchange
Auxiliary Manual Select Keyboard
Airborne Multispectral Scanner
Amateur Teleprinting Over Radio
Asia-Pacific Mobile Telecommunications Satellite Pte. Ltd
Amateur Television
Automated Merchant Vessel Report
Analog multiplexer
AppleTalk Name-Binding Protocol
Advanced Networked Cities And Regions Association
Ambient Noise Level
Agence Nationale de Reglementation des Telecommunication
Advanced Network and Services
Alternate Network Service Agreement
A version of C programming language standardized by
ANSI Standards Planning And Requirements Committee
Access Network Termination
Alternate Number Translation
Antenna Noise Temperature
Anti-voice-Operated Transmission
Automative Network Exchange
Always On / Dynamic ISDN
Advice of Charge Indication
Administrative Operating Company Number
Altitude and Orbit Control System
Audio on Demand
America Online Hell
Acousto-optic Modulator
Administration, Operations and Maintenance
Atlantic Ocean region-east
Alternate Operator Services
Alternate Operator Service Provider
Auxiliary Operator Services System Voice Response
Acoustic Optical Tunable Filter
Applications Processor
Asynchronous Packet Assembler/Disassembler
Automated Packet Recognition/Translation
Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom
Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless
Aeronautical Passenger Communications
Aeronautical Public Correspondence Service
Avalanche Photodiode Coupler
Antenna Pointing Element Set
Application Exchange
Aggregate Power Flux Density
Advanced Publication of Information
Application Programming Interface and Communications Service
Array Programming Language
Automatic Program Load
APON Termination
Additional Point of Termination
Application Generator
American Public Radio
Asia-Pacific Space Center, Inc.
Asia-Pacific Satellite Industries Co., Ltd
Automatic Protection Switching Extendable
Amplitude PSK
All Purpose Software
Association of Public Television Stations
Bucket Brigade Device
Bulletin Board Error Rate
Baseband Expansion
Basic Business Group-ISDN
Broadband Intelligent Network
Baseband Interface Unit
Broadband Loop
Baseband Local Area Network
Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.
Big Brother Protects You from Little Brothers
Bridge-to-Bridge Station
Baseband Sub-System
Bit Block Transfer
Broadband Transmission
Beam-to-Beam Traffic Matrix
Backward Compatible
Beam Coupling
Binary Code
Broadcast Control Computer
Burst Channel Demodulator
Bandwidth-Control Element
Bose, Chaudhuri and Hocquenghem code
Broadcast Channels
Base-Controlled Hand-Off
Base general premises Cabling License
Block-Coded Modulation
Broadband Connection-Oriented Bearer
BCOB Class A
BCOB Class C
BCOB Class X
Batch Change Supplement
Binary Charge Regulator
Business Communications Review International
Bell Canada Relay Service
Basic Combined Set
Broadcast Control System
Basic Class Virtual Terminal
Broadband Digital Cross-connect
Binary Decision Diagram
Below-Decks Equipment
Block Data Format
Breaker Distribution Fuse Bay
Bearing Deviation Indicator
Broadband DSL
Below-Decks Unit
Burst Excess
Beam-associated MOS
Billing Exchange Account Record System
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency of United Kingdom
Burst Extended Data Output RAM
Behin Ertebat Mehr Company
Be Operating System
Bit Error Probability
Base Earth Station
Business Equipment Trade Association
Bandwidth Efficient Zero Suppression
British Facsimile Industry Consultative Committee
Buffered FET Logic
Brillouin Fiber Optic Gyroscope
Binary FSK
Best-Fit Straight Line
Batch File Transmission
Basic Group
BG Budget and Account Review Committee
BG Planning committee
BG Technical committee
Business Group ID
Business Group Elements-ISDN
Border Gateway Protocol version 4
Bandwidth Hog
Backbone to Horizontal Cross-connect
Busy Hour Call Rate
Busy Hour Minutes
Busy Hour Minutes of Capacity
Bounded Input, Bounded Output
Barring of Incoming Calls while Roaming
Broadband InterCarrier Interface
Bridge Identification Code
Bi-Doppler Scoring
Broadband Infrastructure for Digital TV and multimedia Services
Base station Interface Equipment
Bipolar FET
Binary Fiber-Optic Delay Line
Broadband Integrated Gateway
Bus Interface Gate Array
Bureau International del'Heure
Base Information Infrastructure
Berkley Internet Name Daemon
Bell Integrated Optical Device
Billing Interconnection Percentage
Bit Interleaved Parity-8
Bipolar-Return to Zero
Broadband Interactive System
Bits Per Second
Bit Block Transfer
Backward Interworking Telephony Event
Base Information Transport System
BIT Transparent
Bit Line
Binary Logarithmic Access Method
Basic Linear-Algebra Subprogram
Broadband Local Exchange Carrier
Block Error Rate Test/Tester
Bluetooth's Local Information Points
Broadband Lightwave Source System
Binary Large Objects
Block Loss Probability
Block Loss Ratio
Branch Level Revenue
Block Line Transfer
Balanced Modulator
Burst Modem
Broadband Management Controller
Business Management Computer
Batelco Middle East Company
Basic Mode Link Control
British Minicomputer Manufacturing Group
Bit Mis-delivery Ratio
Block Mis-delivery Ratio
Block Mode Terminal Interface
Background Noise
Broadband Network Access Point
Bayonet-coupling Nut Connector
Bayonet-coupling Navy Connector
British Naval Connector
Break-Out Box testing device
Business Office Code
Buffer Overflow Error
Business Operations Framework
BOIC except the Home Country
Broadband Optical Line Termination
Basic Operations Monitor
Broadband Optical Network using ATM PON Access facilities in Realistic Telecommunications Environment
Broadband Optical Network using ATM PON Access facilities in Realistic Telecommunications Environmen
Biocomputing Office Protocol
Bill Output Specifications
Beam Position
Block Pair
Body Part 14
Bisynchronous Packet Assembler/Disassembler
Broadband Personal Communications Standards
Band-pass Filter
Brokered Private Peering
B-Channel Packet-Switched
binary PSK
Boundary Processing Unit
Business Quality of Service
Back Reflection
Beacon Receiver
Bureau of Radiocommunications
Bell Rating Administrative Data System
Bus Repeater Card
Business and Residence Customer Service
Band-Rejection Filter
Basic Rate ISDN
Bellcore Rating Input Database System
Bell-Northern Research Reduced Instruction Set Computing
Bell-Northern Research Reduced Instituteuction Set Computing
Bus Repeater Module
Buried Ridge Stripe
Bus Repeater Terminating Card
Bus Repeater Terminating Module
Basic Switching Arrangement
Bit-Sliced Arithmetic Coding
Billing System ACE
Binary Symmetric Channel
Bell South Cellular Corporation
Bell South Cellular Corporationration
Boundary Scan Description Language
Berkeley Software Distribution UNIX
Backscattered Electrons
Basic Switching Element
Black Sea Fiber Optic Cable System
Byte Stream File Transfer
Branch Sales Information System
British Sky Broadcasting
Broadcast Short Message Service
Batch Simple Mail-Transfer Protocol
Bit Synchronous Operation
Battery State of Charge
Byte Stream Protocol
Band Sequential
Bit Scan Rate
Bit Scan Reverse
Basic Synchronized Set
Broadcast Satellite Services
Base Station Terminal Control Element
Beam Steering Unit
Burst Synchronization Unit
Broadcasting Television
Broadband Telecommunications Architecture
Broadband Terminal Adapter
Band-To-Band Tunneling
Boltzmann transport equation
Business Telecom Equipment
Bipolar Transistor Logic
British Telecommunications Laboratories
Broadband Transport Manager
Bit Transport Master Unit
Bandwidth Trading Organization
Bombing Through Overcast
Block Transfer Rate
Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
Base Terminal Station
Bit Test and Set
Bit Transport Slave Optical
Business Television
Baseband Unit
Broadband Urban Rural-Based Open Networks
Billing Validation Service
Backward Wave Amplifier
Beam Width, First Nulls
Code Abuse Detection System
Computer Abuse Detection System
Common Applications Environment
Computer-Aided Financial Analysis
Computer-Aided Graphics
Conditional Access Gateway
Customer Activation Group
Cumulative Annual Growth Rate
Configuration and Alarm Interface
Conditional Access Interface Server
CAN Application Layer
Combined Analog Locked-loop Universal Modulator
California Network
Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
Calendaring and Scheduling working group of the IETF
Call Accounting Manager
Call Application Manager
Carrier Module
Computer-assisted Makeup
CAMA Logical Automatic Message Accounting
CAMA-Operator Number Identification
Conditional Access Management Center
Customized Application for Mobile network Enhanced Logic
Channel Amplifier
Canadian ISDN
Computer-Assisted Ordering
Cellular Array Processor
Client Access Protocol
Competitive Access Provider Capacity
Conditional Access Packet
Cryptography Application Program Interface
Conditional Access Program Information Management System
Computer-Aide Process Planning
Capital Letters
Code Abuse Prevention System
Capitol Wireless Inc.
Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board
CARE Industry Standard Interface
Cable Television Relay Service
Communications Applications Specification
Conditional Access Segment
Communications Air Support Center
Computer-Assisted System Engineering
Computer-Assisted Software Testing
Call Accounting Terminal
Computer-aided Teaching
Council for Access Technologies
Category 3 UTP Cable
Category 5 UTP Cabling
Centralized Automatic Trouble-Locating and Analysis System
Controlled Avalanche Transit-time Triode
Connection Arrangement Unit
Conditional Access Uplink System
Check Bits
Citizens' Band
Compensation Buffer
Could Be Anything
Community Broadcasters Association of Australia
Cell Broadcast Center
China Broadcast Cybercast
Conductor-Backed Co-Planar Stripline
Conductor-Backed Co-Planar Waveguide
Common Basic Data Set
Computer-Based Fax
Computer and Business Equipment Manufacture Association
Communications and Broadcasting Engineering Test Satellite
Community Broadcasters Foundation Ltd.
Ceramic Ball Grid Array
Component Busy Hour
Color Burst Inversion
Communications By Line
Computer-Based Managing System
Continuous Bit Oriented
Coded Block Patterns
Class-Based Queuing
Carrier and Bit Timing Recovery
Carson Bandwidth Rule
Call Broadcast Services
Constant Bit rate Service
Cincinnati Bell Telephone
Canadian Business Telecommunication Alliance
Carrier and Bit Timing Recovery
Cross Connect
Cluster Control Bus
Customer Care and Billing
Came Clear By Magic
Customer Care and Billing System
Call Control Character
Center for Corporate Communications
Center for Corporationrate Communications
Clear-Channel Capability
Clear Coded Channel
Communications Competition Coalition
Credit Card Call
Committee on Computer-to-Computer Communications Protocol
Call Carrying Equipment
Combined Communications-“Electronics Board
Consumer Consultative Forum
Control Clock Generator
Connections Per Circuit Hour
Co-channel Interference
Center for Communication Interface Research
Comite' Consultatif des International Radiocommunications
Coordinating Committee for International Research Networks
Control Command Information System
Consultative Committee on International Telegraphy and Telephony
Carrier Common Line
Configuration Control Link
Cross Connection Management
Call Center Management Association
Computer-Controlled Microwave Tuner
Customer's Carrier Name Abbreviation
Cisco-Certified Network Engineer
Certificate of Computer Programming
Cluster Control Processor
Co-Channel Power Ratio
Carrier and Clock Recovery
Current Call Rate
Customer Control Routing
Centi Call Second
Clear Confirmation Signal
Common Channel Signaling No. 7
Compatible Current Sinking Logic
Calling Card Table
Consultative Committee of Telecommunications
Continuity Check Tone
Call Definition
Carrier Designation
Cell Delineation
Current Directory
Compact Disk - Erasable
Compact Disk - Video
Compact Disk Recordable and Erasable
CD-ROM Extended Architecture
Compact Disk - Write Once
Candela Per Square Meter
Commanding and Data Acquisition Station
Code Data Byte
Clock Distribution Board
Chromatic Dispersion Coefficient
Control and Delay Channel
Continuous Dynamic Channel Allocation
Custom Design Engineering
Control panel Device
Centrex Data Facility Pooling
Clock Distribution Interface
Coded Digital Locator
Confirming Design Layout Report Date
China Digital Media
Conditioned Diphase Modulation
Cellular Digital Messaging Protocol
Content Data Network
Certificate of Data Processing
Customized Dial Plan
Capture Division Packet Access
Capture Divisionsion Packet Access
Cellular Digital Packet Data Forum
Coherent Differential PSK
Clock/Data Recovery
Complete Document Recognition
Cache Dynamic RAM
Chromatic Dispersion Slope
Circuit Data Services
Code Download Table
Consumer/Disabilities Telecommunications Advisory Committee
Comodore Dynamic Total Vision
Call Delay Variation
Customer Experience Analytics
Centrum Buero Information Telekommunikation
Canadian Electric Code
China Electric Company
Cascade-Emitter Coupled Logic
Capacitance Electric Disk
Called Equipment Identification Tone
Canterbury Electronics Group
Comparable Efficient Interface
Connection Endpoint Identification
Centrex Electronic Key Set
Cellphones Etiquette
Cellular Telephone
Centro Esercizio de Manufenzione
Controlled Environment Man Hole
Comite' European pour la Normalisation en Electrotechnique
Committee On Earth Observation Satellite
CEOS International Directory Network
Color Electronic Prepress System
Centralized Emergency Reporting Bureau
Ceramic Dual Inline Package
Centre European des Recherche Nucle'aire
Ceramic Package
Circuit Emulation Switching
Caller Emergency Service ID
Center for the Exploitation of Science and Technology
Center for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards
Commercial End User
Critical Frequency
Commercial Frame Agreement
CompactFlash Association
Connecting Facility Arrangement
Cross-field Amplifier
Call Forwarding Address Modified Notification
Compact Flash Plus
Current-to-Frequency Converter
Call Forward Group Don't Answer
Coded File Format
Carrier Financial Management
Companded Frequency Modulation
Call Forwarding on mobile subscriber Not Reachable
Call Forwarding on mobile subscriber No Reply
Combined Fixed/Reservation Assignment
Call Forwarding System
Coherent FSK
Common Gateway Interface-binaries
Commercial Government and Industrial Solutions Sector
Centimeter gram second
Customer Gateway
Charge-Injected Transistor
Check Disk
Compact HTML
Certified Integrator
Clear Indication
Compliance & Information Bureau
Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Roamer Record
China Institutetute of Communications
Customer Interface Configuration
Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities
Caller ID
Charge-injection Device
Circuit Designator
Consecutive Identical Digits
Customer Identity
Calling line Identification Delivery Blocking
CID on Call Waiting
Common ICAO Data Interchange Network
Consumer-installable DSL
Commercial Internet Exchange
Computer Integrated Engineering
Cells in Frame
Cells In Frames-Attachment Device
Common Interest Group on Rating and Routing
Card Issuer Identifier Code
Canadian ISDN Interest Group
Certified Internet Professional
Computer Interface Program
Ciphered Telephony
Committed Information Range
Computer Integrated Railroading
Current Instituteuction Register
Co-channel Interference Reduction Factor
Computer Information Systems Company
China Information Service Association
Customer Information Control System
Collocation Interconnection Service Cross Connection
Computer and Information Science and Engineering
Communication & Information Technology Commission
Computer Integrated Telephone
Canadian Independent Telephone Association
China International Telecommunication Construction Corporation
Comision Inter-Americana de Telecommunicaciones
Dial Access Switching
Demand Assignment SCPC
Demand Assignment Signaling & Switching
Digital Access Signaling System No. 2
Data Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Duly Authorized Telecommunications Entity
Data Acquisition, Telecommand, And Tracking Station
Direct-Access Test Unit
Digital Audio-Visual
Data Burst
Decibels relative to reciprocal temperature
Decibels relative to 0TLP
dBa measured with HAI-receiver weighting
dBa measured with FIA-line weighting
Decibel Audio
Decibels Adjusted
Direct Broadcast Address
dBa measured at zero transmission level point
Decibels relative to unmodulated carrier power level
Dense Binary Code
Decibels relative to a Dipole antenna gain
Digital Bearing Discriminator
Decibels above one femtowatt
Digital Beam Forming Network
Decibels relative to one Hertz
Decibels relative to an isotropically radiated carrier
Decibels relative to an isotropic antenna gain
Delivery confirmation Bit
Decibels relative to one kilowatt
Decibels relative to one milliwatt
Decibels relative to one milliwatt at a point of zero
dBm0 measured with psophometric weighting
dBm measured with C-message weighting
dBmc measured at 0 Transmission Level Point
Decibels relative to one milliwatt using psophometric weighting
Database Management Systems
Decibels relative to one millivolt across a specific impedance
Decibels relative to one nanowatt
Decibels relative to one picowatt
Differential Binary PSK
Decibels referred to one picowatt
Decibels relative to digital speech codec Quality
Decibels referred to a given reference
Decibels relative to reference noise level
Decibels relative to reference noise using a type
Deutsche Bundespost Telecom
Direct Broadcast Television Satellite
Dial Backup
Decibels relative to one microVolt
Decibels relative to one microWatt
Decibels relative to one Volt
Decibels relative to one Watt
Decibels above the reference coupling
Disconnect Conform
Direct Current to Alternating Current
Direct_Current-to-Direct_Current converter
Directory Client Agent
Download Configuration Area
Direct Carrier Administration System
Digitally Controlled Analog Signal Processing
Digital Command Center
Digital Communications Center
Digital Communications Conference
Dynamically Configurable Device
Directional Correlation Deinterlacing
Dispersion Compensation Grating
Direct Coupled FET Logic
Data Communications Company of Iran
Digital Control Interface
Decoder and Control Module
Digital Circuit Multiplication
Dynamically Controllable Magnetic
Disconnect frame
Digital Content Network Receiver
Doubly Cladded Optical Fiber
Detailed Continuing Property Records
Differentially Coherent PSK
Direct Conversion Receiver
Down-Converting Receiver
Defense Communication System
Digital Communication System
Digital Coded Squelch
Digital Cellular System at 1800 MHz
Digital Carrier Termination
Digital Carrier Trunk Unit
Data Circuit Terminating Equipment
Desktop Computer Telephony Integration
Distribution Control Unit
Digital Compressed Video
DC Working Voltage
Digitally-Compensated Crystal Oscillator
Dotted Decimal
Digital Data Bank
Double Differential Coherent PSK
Data Dependent Jitter
Data Definition/Description Language
Defense Data Network-“Network Information Center
Disengagement Denial Ratio
Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM
Direct Dialing Service
Direct Digital Synthesizer
Direct Digital Synchronous
Distributed Data System
Delay Dial Start Dial
Digital Dirty Trick
Differentially Encoded
Differentially Encoded Binary Phase Shift Keying
Differentially Encoded Quaternary Phase Shift Keying
Differentially Encoded Baseband
Dynamic Electronic Bias System
Digital Electronics Control Assembly
Digital Equipment Corporation's proprietary Network
Digital Equipment Corporationration's proprietary Network
Differentially Enhanced Coherent PSK
Delete a file
Delete key
DEC Local Network Interface
Delay-Line Time Compression
Denmark Elektriske Materie Kontrol
Demodulation and Remodulation
DEC Multiport Repeater
Digital Electronic Management System
Directory Enabled Networking
Danish Ethernet Network
Degraded Error Performance
Departmental Entry Processing System
Differential Encoded PSK
Double-Ended Queue
Double-Ended Synchronization
Distress Frequency
Distribution Frame
Doped Fiber Amplifier
Digital Frequency Discriminator
Dispersive Fade Margin
Difference of Frequency of Arrival
Double FSK
Direct Facility Termination
Direct Graphics Interface Specification
Department of General Posts and Telecommunications, Vietnam
Direcsio' n Ge'ne'rale des Te'le'communicaciones
Dynamic Hyperinflation
Dynamic Host Automatic Configuration Protocol
Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
Dedicated Integrator
DIA Document Content Architecture
diode AC
Diagnostic Port
Digital Broadcasting Expert's Group
Di-Code-Non-Return to Zero
Detailed Interface Dossier
Directional Finding And Ranging
Differential Coder
Differential Decoder
Differential Ziv-“Lempel
Digital Cash
Digital Television Action Group
Direct In-Line
Dual Inline
Digital Interface Module
Document Image Management
Document Image Management System
Danish Informatics Network in the Agricultural Science
Direct Noise Amplification
Distributed Intelligent Network Architecture
Dynamic Intelligent Network Architecture
Dedicated Inside Plant
Data Interchange for Shipping
Digital Indoor Unit
D type Inside Wire
dose levels
Dead-Link Check
Direct Line Console
Dual-Layer Capacitor
Data Link Exchange Carrier
Donor lymphocytes infusion
Digital Leased Lines
Down Line Load
Double-Level Metal
Dual Loop Port Bypass Circuitry
Digital Loudspeaker
Data Link Switching Workgroup
Design Life Time
Data Link Trunk Unit
Detector Log Video Amplifier
Delay Modulation
Detection Module
Differential Modulation
Digital Modulation
Distress Message
DECT Multimedia Access Profile
Differential Mode Attenuation
Digital Multipoint Bridge
Dial Modem Backup Unit
Discrete Memory Channel
Dual voice grade Modem Card
Distress Message Generator
Digital Multiplexed Interface-Bit-Oriented Signaling
Declarative Markup Language
Data Mode Operation
Digital Modification Order
Direct Mode Operation
Double-diffused MOS
Dual-Mode Resonator
Digital Media Solutions
Digital Multiplexed Switch
Digital Multiplexed Trunk
Digital Microwave
Digital Network
DEC Network Architecture
Distributed Network Administration
Distributed Network Computing
Distributed Networking Computing
Dynamic Node Access
Dedicated Network Access Line
Directory Number Analysis Reporting
Directory Number Call Forwarding
Data Network Identification
Dynamic Non-Linearity
Divisional Network Product Support
Divisionsional Network Product Support
Dialed-number Recorder
Dynamic Network Reconfiguration
Distributed Network Service
Defense Network Security Information Exchange
Domain Name System Security Extensions
Do Not Transmit
Denial of Business
Document Object
Do Communications over the Mobile Network
Department of Defense Standard
Department of Defense Instructions
Department of Defense Instituteuctions
DoD Index of Specifications and Standards
Dedicated Outside Plant
Doppler ranging
Distributed Open Signaling Architecture
Data Parity
Deflate Protocol
Distribution Partner
Dearborn Protocol Adapter
Digital Performance Archive
Digital Port Adapter
Double-Pole, Back-Connected
Digital Port Cluster
Dedicated Physical Control Channel
Differential PCM
Digital Personal Communications Services
Double Pole, Double Throw
Double-Pole, Front-Connected
Double-heterojunction Pseudomorphic High-Electron Mobility Transistor
Data Processing Company of Iran
Dedicated Pair-In
Direct Pickup Interference
Digital Private Line Billing
Digital Panel Meter
Dual-Precedence Message
Digital Performance Monitoring System
Display Power Manager Signaling
Dedicated Pair Out
Digital Pulse Origination
Demand Priority Protocol
Digitally Programmable Potentiometer
Distributed Pipe Protocol
Distributed Programming Platform
Distributed Processing Peripherals
Digital Primary Patch Bay
Dual Port RAM
Domestic Public Radio Service
Differential Phase Shift
Digital Passage Service
Digital Protection Switch
Differential PSK
Double Pole, Single Throw
Digital Pulse Termination
Director of Public Utilities
Dynamic Path Update
Data Path loop Extension
Differential Quadrature PSK
Distribution Quality Television
Digital Radio
Dual Rate
Digital Radio Broadcasting
Elend zu Elend
East Anglian Electronics
Effective Bill Date
Embedded Base Equipment
Equated Busy Hour Call
Electron-Bombardment Induced Conductivity
Enhanced BIOS
Electron-beam Lithography
Embedded Base Organization
European network backbone
Electronic Beam Recorder
Electron-Bombarded Semiconductor
Electron Backscatter Diffraction
Electronic Branch Exchange
Energy Communications
Electro-optic Coefficient
Electronic Carrier
Element Controller
Equipment Clock
Enhanced Cellular Base Station
Error Correction Bit
Egypt Cyber Center
Electronically Controlled Coupling
Electronic Commerce Canada Inc.
Exchange Carrier Code
Exchange Company Circuit
Electromagnetic Counter-Countermeasure
Electronic Counter Countermeasure
Equatorial Constellation Communications Organization
Embedded Code Formatting
Enhanced Color Graphics Adapter
Echo-Cancelled Hybrid
Enhanced Call Handling
European Computer Industry research Center
European Committee for Information Technology and Certification
Echo Canceller Module
Electromagnetic Countermeasures
Enhanced Cellular Messaging Encryption Algorithm
Equal Cost Multiple Routing
Equal Cost Multipath Routing
Egyptian Company for Mobile Services
Emergency Call Network
E-Commerce Experts Group
Electronic Commerce Platform
Enhanced Call Processing
Embedded Customer-Premises Equipment
Electronic Commerce Service
Exalted Carrier SSB
Enterprise Caching Technology
European Council of Telecommunications Users Association
European Community Telework Forum
Electronic Directory
Enhanced Dynamic
Electronic Directory Assistance
Erbium-Doped Amplifier
Enhanced Digital Announcement Machine
European Digital Dealers Association
Electronic Data Gathering Archiving and Retrieval
Electronic Data Interchange of Dangerous Goods
EDI For Administration Commerce and Transport
Electronic Data Interchange of Maritime
Emergency Digital Information System/Service
Expansion Digital Interface Unit
Environment Data Link
Editor of Lines
Electronic Discharge Machining
Equipment Design Objectives
Exchange Delivery Point
Extended Data Service
Extended DSL
European Digital Signaling System No. 1
Effective Data Transfer Rate
Extended Definition Television
End-to-End signaling
Electromagnetic Emission Control
Error Checked and Corrected
Entry Emulator High-Level Language Applications Programming Interface
Enhanced Extended Link
Electromagnetic Emission Policy
Enhanced Electronic Program Guide
Effective Earth Radius
Earth Exploration Satellite
Expanded Electronic Serial Number
Engineer, Furnish, Install and Test
European Fiber Optics and Communications
Enhanced Full-rate Service
European Graphics Association
Equal Gain Combiner
Embedded Global Positioning Satellite Inertial Navigation System
Extended GSM
Edge Gateway
Error Hold File
Enhanced Half-Rate
Extremely High-Tension Power Supply
Error Interval
Emergency Integrated Communication System
European Information and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Association
European International Directory Enquiries
Electronic Information Group
Embedded Industrial Internet Appliance
Emirates Internet & Multimedia
Ethernet Inverse Mapper
European Interactive Media Federation
Early Implementers Program
Electronic Information and Communication for Pedagogical Academies
European Information Provider Association
European Integrated Railway Radio Enhanced Network
Effective Isotropically Radiated Power
Expanded Interconnection Service
European Information Technology Association
Enhanced JTAG
Electronic Key Exchange
Emulated LAN
Extremely Low-frequency Emission
Enterprise Local Exchange Carrier
Edge-emitting Light-Emitting Diode
Equal Lever For End Cross-Talk
European Launching Group
Electrical Line Interface Unit
Edge Label Switch Router
Electronic Skyscreen Equipment
Ethernet LAN Service Unit
Electronic Missile Acquisition
Electromechanical Dialing
Electromagnetic Environment
Electromagnetic Energy
Externally Mounted Equipment
Element Management Function
Enhanced Multimedia Architecture
European Multimedia Microprocessor Systems and Electronic Commerce
Equipment Management Operating System
Equilibrium Modal-Power Distribution
Electronic Mobile Payment Services
Effective Monopole Radiated Power
Electronic Message Services
European Mobile Satellite
European Manufacturing Technology User Group
Electromagnetic Unit
Electromagnetic Vulnerability
Electro-Magnetic Wave
European MAP Users Group
Enhanced Manpack Ultra-High Frequency Terminal
Electromagnetic Warfare
Equivalent Node
Enterprise Network Addressing
Estonian National Communication Board
Embedded Network Interface
Emergency News Network
Enterprise Network Operating System
Emergency Number Service
Excess Noise Ratio
École Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique pour l'Industrie et l'Entreprise
Equivalent Noise Temperature
Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association
Electronic Number
Erasable Optical
Electro-Optic Coefficient
Embedded Overhead Communication Channel
End-Of-Orbit life
End-Of-Procedure frame
Electro-Optical System
Electro-Optic Technology Center
European Parliament Digital Video Broadcasting
Electronic PABX
Enhanced Perceptual Audio Coder
Electric Power Conditioner
Electronic Payment Forum
Electronic Position-Fixing Device
Equivalent Power Flux Density
Electronic Position Indicator
European Project on Information infrastructure Co-ordination
European Project on Information Infrastructure Starter Group
Engineering, Planning and Analysis System
Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
Esteeman Paging Network
Effective perceived noise decibel
European Polar Platform
Expanded Plan-Position Indicator
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
Extended Partial Response/Maximum Likelihood
Encapsulated PostScript file
Endless Phase Shifter
Enhanced Private-Switched Network
Expanded Processing Unit
Equalizer, Equalization
Extended Quality Television
Error Ratio
Emergency Radio Beacon
Electromagnetic Radiation Control
European Regulatory Group
Electronic Recording Method, Accounting
Enhanced Radio Messaging System
Early Routing Node
European Remote Sensing Satellite
Enhanced Services
Exchange Service
Energy per symbol to Noise power spectral density
Electronic Spectrum Analyzer
Electronic Service Activation System
Epitaxial Schottky Barrier
Egyptian Space Communications
Engineering Service Circuits
Enterprise System Connectivity
Error Signal Degrade
Enhanced Synchronized Dynamic RAM
Extended Super-Frame Monitoring Unit
Event Schedule Guide
Enhanced Serial Interface
Environmental Sensing Instrument
Environmental Sensing Instituteument
Equivalent-Step Index
Equivalent Series
Equivalent Satellite Link Noise Temperature
Electronic Warfare Support Measure
Element and Subnetwork Manager
Extended Subscriber Module
Extended Subscriber Module-100 A
Extended Subscriber Module-100 URBAN
Emergency Services Number
Energy Science Network
E-mail Synopsis User Group
Earth Surface Potential
Ethernet Service Provider
Educational Software Publishers Association
Enhanced Switch Port Analyzer
End System Query
Electronic Spin Resonance
Errored Seconds Ratio
Event Synchronization System
Electronic Technicians Association
Extended TACS
Electronic Test Bed
Electronic Term Book
Engineers Tool Box
Earth Terminal Complex
Electronic Toll Collecting
Electrolytic Tough-pitch Copper
Extended TDMA
European Telecsonferencing Federation
Enhanced Trivial FTP
Ethernet Local Exchange Carrier
Electronic Telephone Interface
European Telecommunication Informatics Services
Electro-Technology Industry Training Organization
Embedded Transmission Line
Enhanced Thermic Mapper
European Telecommunications Network Operations Association
Emergency Telephone Number System
Eastern Telecommunications of Philippines Inc.
Effective Transmission Rate
Effective Transmission Speed
Estimated Time of Repairing
Egyptian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Electrically Tuned RF
Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institutetute
Electronic Technology Systems
European Technology Services
Ethernet Terminal Server
ETSI Technical Specification
European Telecommunications Standardization Institutetute
Electro Thermal Thruster
Educational TV
European Training Village
Extended Unique Identifier-48
Extended Unique Identifier-64
European Association of Business Machine Manufacturers and Information Technology
European ISDN
European Telecommunication Development
Enhanced Unshielded Twisted Pair
Electron Volt
European Videotelephony
Evolution Data Only
Evolution Data Voice
Electronic Value Added
Enhanced Video Connection
Error Vector Magnitude
Event Printer
Electronic Video Recording
Enhanced Variable Rate voice Coder
Elektronisches Wahl System Digital
Electronic Warfare Support Measure
European Waters Traffic Information System
Exchange Carrier Standards Association
Exclusive OR
Extension Outside
Fiber Bragg Grating
Facilities-Based Operator
Failed Before Utilization
Functional Business Unit
Forward Band Working
Fractional Bandwidth
Fujitsu Broadband Cross-connect Node
Fiber-optic Connector
Forecast Center Station
Fiber Channel level 0
Fiber Channel level 1
Fiber Channel level 2
Fiber Channel level 3
Fiber Channel level 4
Fiber Channel - Enhanced Loop
Fiber Channel Physical Standard
Flip-Chip Assembly
Face Contact and Point Contact
Flexible Control Cable
Federal Communications Commission Registration Program
Facility Completion Date
Fiber Channel Industry Association
Fiber Channel over IP
Fiber Channel Loop Community
Feature Class Of Service
Fiber Control Office Terminal
Facility Control System
Fiber Channel Specification
Fraud Control System
Fiber Channel Switch
Fast CMOS Technology
Fiber Cutoff Wavelength
Flight Dynamics and Commanding
Forward Control Channel
Forward Digital Control Channel
Floppy Diskette Drive
Frequency Domain Equalizer
Finite Difference Frequency Domain
Full Duration At Half Maximum
Full Duplex Handshaking Protocol
Fiber-optic Distribution Panel
Fractional Degradation of Performance
Foreign Data Processor Link
Frequency Domain Reflectometry
Frequency-Division Switching
Frequency-Divisionsion Switching
Field Emitter Array
Finite-Element Array
Far-End Cross
Flexible Etched Circuits
Future ECM Computer
FEC Encoder
FEC Decoder
Future Entitlement Control Message
Fire Emitting Diode
Frequency Error Detector
Feeder Echo Noise
Fujitsu-Enhanced Network Management System
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene-insulated wire
Far-End Remote Failure
Further Education Resource For Learning
Forward Explicit Rate Management
Field Emission Spectroscopy
Frequency Exchange Signaling
FET Amplifier
Foreign Exchange Trunk
Fast Fiber Data Interface
Front Focal Length
Flat Fade Margin
Fixed-Frequency Oscillator
Fiber Flow On LAN
Federation of Functional Processor
Flash File Standard
Fast FSK
Final-Form Text Document Content Architecture
Feature Group-D
Feature Group C and Equal Access
Feature Group D and Equal Access
Finite Groundplane Coplanar Waveguide
Fixed Gain Mode
Felicity Grounding System
Figure Shift
Field Inspection Notice
Functionally Integrated Resource Manager
Foreign Instituteumentation Signal Intelligence
Foreign Instrumentation Signal Intelligence
Fax a disk
Fast In, Slow Out
Forward Interworking Telephony Event
Function key
Fault Locating
Fiber Line
Facility Loop Back
Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display
Forward-Looking Economic Cost
Fleet Broad-Band
Flash and a Wink
Forward Looking Infrared
Fujitsu Lightwave Multiplexer
Full Modulation
Fixed-Mount Antenna
Facility Maintenance and Administration System
Frame Marker Bus
Forward Motion Compensator
Flexible MVIP Interface Circuit
FM Improvement Factor
First Make/Last Break
Fade Migration Technique
Further Notice of Proposed Rule-Making
Faculty Network Resources
Fixed Network Reconfiguration
Fiber Network Service
Fiber Network Systems
Fiber-Optic Association, Inc.
Fiber-Optic Amplifier
Fractional Out-of-Band Power
Fiber-Optic Combiner
Full Operational Compatibility
Fiber-Optic Cable Component
FIFO-Ordered Demand Assignment
Fiber-Optic Distribution Unit
Fiber-Optic Around the Golf
Freedom of Information Act
Fax over IP
Fiber Optic InterRepeater Link
Fiber Optic Link
Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computer
Fiber Optic Transmitter
Fiber-Optic Test Method
Fiber-Optic Telemedicine System
Fiber-Optic Well Monitoring
Fiber-Optic extender
Feature Package
Field Programmable Circuit Board
Full Page Display
Foreign Processor Data Link
Fine-Pitch Grid Array
Field Programmable Interconnect Chip
Field Programmable Interconnect Device
Forward Propagation Ionospheric Scatter
Fast Page Mode Dynamic
Floating-Point Number
Fixed Priority-Oriented Demand Assignment
Fabric Port
Fiber-optic Patch Panel
Fixed Path Protocol
Flexi Packet radio
Fault Protection Subsystem
First Person Shooter
Focus Projection and Scanning
Field-Programmable System-Level IC
Fine-pitch Quad Flat Pack
Flat Rate Service
Frame Relaying Bearer Service
Frame Relay Cable Interface Device
Fire Retardant
Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode
Free Berkeley Software/Standard Distribution
File request
Frequency Response Function
Forward and Return Link Pair
Fixed-Reference Modulation
Focus-“Rotation Mount
Frame Relay Network Device
Field Routing System
Flat Rate Service
Frame Relay Switching Equipment
Frame Relay Service Provider
Foundation for Research Science & Technology
Frame Relay Terminal Equipment
Field Strength
Fix Stuff
Full Screen Anti-Aliasing
Faculty of Scientific-Applied Post and Telecommunications
Frame Switching Bearer Service
Fiber-Switched Capable
Frequency Spectrum Congestion
Frequency-Selective Conducting Surface
Frequency Spectrum Designation
Filtered Symmetric Differential PSK
Field Sales Executive
Frequency Scaling Factor
Facsimile Signal Level
Fiber Subscriber Loop
Foreign Switching Office
Frequency Shift Offset Quadrature
Fiber-optic Splice Panel
File Service Protocol
Full Sheet Resonance
Fixed Satellite Service frequency band
Frequency-Shift Telegraphy
Federal Secure Telephone System
Functional T-1
Functional T-3
Foot Per Minute
Foot Per Second
Cubic Foot Per Minute
Frame Transport Bus
File Transfer, Access & Management
Facsimile Terminal Equipment
Fiber Transport Inside Plant
France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications
File Transfer Support
Finite Time Stability
Federal Telecommunication Standards Committee
Fault-Tracing Time
Fiber To The Loop
Filipino Tweets That Matter
Frame Unit
Frame-based User-“Network Interface
Fiber Under Test
Field Verification Office
Forward-Wave crossed-field Amplifier
Full Width At Half Maximum
Fixed Wireless Local Loop
Fixed Service
Global Certifications Forum
Graphic Character Internal
Global Climate Observation Mission
Grounded Coplanar Waveguide
Global Change Request
Generic Call Rate Algorithm
Global Communications Service
Governmental Communication Systems
Graceful Discard
Global Development Gateway
Ground Data Handling System
Global Data Marketing
Graphic Display Network
Geopolitical Entity
Gigabit European Academic Network
Gateway of Educational Materials
Generic Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Genius Almost-Automatic Computer
General Telex
Geoworks Operating System
Gain Equalizer
GSM-“Edge Radio Access Network
Gold Franc
Group Format Identifier
One billion Floating-point Operations Per Second
Graphics File Manager
Global Function Plane
Ground Fault Protector
Gaussian FSK
Ground start FXO
Ground start FXS
GSM Global Roaming Forum
Gordon-Hous Effect
GSM Hosted SMS Teleservices
Grade Index
General Instituteument Corporationration
General Instrument Corporation
Geomagnetically-Induced Current
Gigabit Interface Converter
GARP Information Declaration
Government and Industries Data Exchange Program
Gigabits per second
Gigahertz per second
Gigabit Ethernet
Gigabyte-class Magneto-Optical
Global Internet Library Campaign
Group Identification Mark
GARP Information Protocol
Graded-Index Profile
GSM/DECT Interworking Profile
Geeky Internal Stuff
General Information Sessions
Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative
Global Knowledge Partners
Global Location Register-”Local
Global Location Register-”Network
Gain maximum
Globe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation
Globe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporationration
Guaranteed Message Delivery
Global Managed Platform
Giant Magneto Resistance
Generic Maintenance System
Gaussian-filtered MSK
Gnu Object Model Environment
GNU's Not Unix Operating System
Global Organization for MVIP, Inc.
Geostationary Orbiting Earth Satellite
Global Online Directory
Global Ozone Monitoring System
One billion Operations Per Second
Greenhouse gas Observing Satellite
General Purpose Adapter
Gateway Protocol Converter
General Premises Cabling License
GammaFax Programmers Interface
Glide Path Indicator
GTI Physical Interface
Global Positioning/Inertial Reference System
Global Point of Presence
Global Position Spotting
General Post and Telecom Company
Guard-ring Quad Flat Pack
Ground Return Circuit
Group Reject
Generalized Regular Expression Parser
Global Resource Information Database
Generic Remote Switch Unit
Geographic Remote Switch Unit
Grand Scale Integration
Global Session Initiation Protocol
GSM at 900 MHz
GSM Standard for Railway Applications
GSM Association
GSM Public Land Mobile Network
Gateway Switching Node
Geostationary Orbit
Geostationary Satellite Orbit-”Fixed Satellite Service
Gigabit Switch Router
Group Switch Selector
Generic Security Service Application
Generic Security Service Application
Ground Start Trunk
Gain Transfer
Ghana Telecom
Golden Telecom
Government Telecommunications Association
Generic Traffic Interface
Global Tele-Systems Ltd
Gunning Transceiver Logic Plus
Gunning Transceiver Logic Plus
General Teleprocessing Monitor for OSI
Global Transaction Network
General Telephone Operating Company
Generalized Trunk Protocol
General Telemetry Processor
GNOME Translation Project
Government Telecommunications Program
Green Transport Plans
Government Telecommunications System
Global TeleSystems
Global Unique Identification
Global VSAT Forum
Hierarchical Computer Network
Hybrid Communications Network
High-Capacity Programmable-Logic Device
High Council of Space
Hundred Call Seconds
High-speed CMOS with TTL thresholds
High-Definition MAC
High-Density Bipolar three zeros Substitution
Hierarchical DataBase Management System
High-density Digital Tape
High-Density Fixed Satellite Service
Hardware Description Language C
Hearing Destination Order
Hybrid Difference PCM
high-bit-rate DSL
High-bit-rate DSL version 2
High-Density Technique MOS
Hyper Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Hyper Dense Wavelength-Divisionsion Multiplexing
Hong Kong Electric Company
Hughes Engineering Module
Hybrid Electromagnetic
Hybrid Electromagnetic wave
Helium-“Neon laser
High-Efficiency Particulate Arrester
High-Energy Physics Information Center
High Efficiency Red
Harbor Echo Ranging And Listening Device
Hall-Effect Transducer
Hexagonal FET
High Frequency Adaptive Antenna Receiving System
High Frequency Conditioned Power Network
Heterostructure FET
Hierarchical File System format for Compact Disk
Hands Free Unit
High Capacity
High Fidelity
Highly Interactive Optical Visual Information System
High-level Technology
High-tech Industries Center
High Latitude satellite
High-performance LAN
High Potential
High-Precision Shoran
High-resolution Infrared Sounder
Hawaiian Information Transfer System
Hawaiian Inter-islands Telecommunications System
High-Intensity Transient Signal
Host Interactive Voice Response
Hetero-Junction Bipolar Transistor
Hetero-Junction FET
Hook Switch
High-Level Dispatcher
Home Land Earth Station
High-Level Function
High-Level Language Applications Programming Interface
High-Level Protocol
Hitless Switch
Half Look-Up Table
Hyper Master Group
Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuit
hidden Markov method
Header Manipulation Rules (HMR)
High-performance Management System
Hydrological and Meteorological Station
High-performance Network Forum
Hand Over
Higher Order Interface
Human-Oriented Media Computing
Home Office Mobile Office
High-Order PCM
Higher Order Path Connection
Hardwire Order Processing System
Horizontal polarization
Handoff Tone
High-Order Virtual Container
Hi-vision Promotion Association
Host Packet Assembler/Disassembler
Half-Power Beam-Width
Hewlett Packard Interface Loop
High Performance International Internet Services
High-performance Option
High-Power Propulsion Module
High-order Path Termination
Host Processing Time
Hypothetical Reference Path
Hypothetical Reference Digital Section
Home RF Working Group
High-Resolution Stereo Color
High-Resolution Visible and Middle Infrared
Hot Standby
High Speed Channel
High-Speed Channel
High-Speed Communications Interface
High Speed Circuit Switched
High-Speed Data Unit
High-Speed Data Access
High-speed Subscriber Data Line
High-speed Synchronized Dynamic RAM
Heat-Sink Fan
Hierarchically Synchronized Network
High-power Small-Outline Package
High-Speed Packet Data
High Speed Packet Switched Data
Harmonic Suppression Reactor
High-Speed Switched Port
High-Speed Transceiver Logic
High-Speed Transistor Logic
Horizontal SYNC
High Tech Computer
High-Temperature Co-fiber Ceramic
Hyper Text Catching Protocol
Hunt Group
High-temperature Superconductor
Historical Traffic Search
Hosser Telecom Solutions
High-power Transistor-to-Transistor Logic
Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Next Generation
HTTP-Secure Connection
HDSL Terminal Unit-”Central
HDSL Terminal Unit-”Remote
High-Usage Trunk
High-Voltage AC
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
Hub Voice Port
Hierarchical Vector Quantization
Harmony Wireless Communications System
Height, Width, Department
International Amateur Radio League
Integrated AUTODIN System Architecture
Internetwork Address SubGroup
Intermediate Attitude Trim
International Atomic Time
International Accounting and Traffic Analysis Equipment
Initial Acquisition Unit
International Astronomical Unit
Information Bearer Channel
Initial Billing Company
Interface Buffer Controller
Internal Bus Controller
Integrated Broadband Communications Network
Inter-Burst Interference
Intergovernmental Bureau for Informatics
International Broadcast Institute
International Broadcast Institutetute
Interface Bus Interactive Control
Initial Binary Load
International Business Machines Corporationration
IBM Emergency Response Service
IBM Advanced Technology
IBM Personal Computer
Interim Billed Number Database
In-Band Noise Power Ratio
In-Band Power Difference
International Broadcasting Station
Isochronous Burst Transmission
Instantaneous BandWidth
Institutentaneous BandWidth
Integrated Business Exchange
Integrated Communications Adapter
Internet Calendaring and scheduling
Internet Calendaring and scheduling
Internet Community At Large
International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics
Integrated Conditional Access Module
Intellectual Capital
International Call API
International Calling Card
International Call Control API
Internet Channel Commerce Connectivity
Interexchange Carriers Compatibility Forum
International Civic Communication Forum
Interconnect Diagram
Integrated Circuit DRAM
Information Communications and Entertainment
Information Communication and Entertainment Age
Insulated Cable Engineers Associations, Inc.
Interchannel Interference
International Commission on Illumination
Information and Communications Industry Association, Ltd
Iranian Communication Industries Incorporation
International Center for Information Technology
Integrated Communications, Navigation and Identification
Institutetuto Colombiano de Normas Tecnicas
Instituto Colombiano de Normas Tecnicas
Independent Communications Provider
Intelligent Call Processor
Internet Connection Provider
In-Circuit Reconfiguration
Interactive Call Setup
Infrared Communication Systems Study Committee
Information, Communication and Space Technology Division
Information, Communication and Space Technology Divisionsion
Independent Cable & Telecommunications Association
International Computer-Telephony Association
Information and Communications Technology Center
ICT Standards Board
ICT Unified Submissions
Identification Digit
Input Device
Integrated Dispatch
Intermediate Device
Improved Digital Audio Broadcast
International Dedicated Access Line
Intermediate-rate Digital Carrier
Independent Data Communications Manufacturers Association
Integrated Digital Communications System
Installable Device Driver Server
Intelligent Derive Electronics
Integrated Defense Electronic Countermeasure
Intrusion Detection Exchange Format
Input Device
Interconnect Description Language
Isochronous Demodulation
Identification Number
Information Digit Node
International Domain Name
International Digital Network Exchange
Internetworking Datagram Protocol
Isochronous Distortion Ratio
Current of Drain-to-Source
Internal Data Services
Initial Defense Communication Satellite Program
Isdn Dsl
Saturated current of Drain-to-Source
Intelligent Data Service Unit
Inter-DXC Trunk
Inter-machine Digital Trunk
Interactive Data Transaction
Integrated Data Test System
Indefeasible Right of Use
Internet Exchange Center
Institute of Electronic and Communication Engineers of Japan
Institutetute of Electronic and Communication Engineers of Japan
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.
Institutetute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.
Iran Electronic Industries
Internet Experimental Note
Intelligent Electronic Program Guide
Inter-Enterprise Systems
Intelsat Earth Station Standard
Internet-interfaced Facsimile
Indirect Feedback
Information From Controller
Internet Fraud Compliant Center
Independent Flow Control Message
Incoming First Fail to Match
International Frequency Library
Instantaneous Frequency Measurement
Institutentaneous Frequency Measurement
Intermediate Frequency Module
Integrated Fiber Optic Circuit
Installable File System Manager
Ionospheric Forward Scatter
Incoherent FSK
Intermediate Frequency Sub-System
International Toll Free Service
Insertion Gain
Intermediate-Gain Antenna
Intelligent Graphics Controller
Insulated-Gate FET
Ispettorato Generale della Telcomunicazioni
International Gateway Switch
Inherited-Halt Flip-flop
Institutetute of High Fidelity
Internet Header Link
Internal High-order path Protection
Information Industry Index
Iran Informatics Association
Irish Internet Association
International Intellectual Capital Codes Association
International Intellectual Capital Codes Association
Is-IS Hellow
Integrated Internet Information Architecture
Internet Information Infrastructure Architecture
International Internet Industrial Association
Interactive Information Response
Interim Interface Signaling Protocol
ISDN Implementers Workshop
Intrinsic-Junction Transistor
Intelligent Knowledge Based System
Internet Keyed-payments Protocol
Injection-Locked Amplifier
Intermediate Light Amplification
Inline Amplifier Node
Interactive LAN
Improved Limb Atmospheric Sounder
International Least Cost Route
Integral Lens Light-Emitting Diode
Inter Link-to-Link Protocol
Interim Line Number Portability
Injection locked oscillator
I Love You
Internal Low-order path Protection
Input-buffer Limiting Scheme
International Launch Service
IPX Link State Router
Idle Line Termination
ILT stands for Integrated Local-cum-Transit switch
Institutetute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Isochronous Modulation
Induction Magnetometer
Intelligent Maintenance Administration System
I-”eye Maximum
Instituteument Meteorological Condition
Instrument Meteorological Condition
Interagency Management Council
ISDN Management Coordinating Committee
Intelligent Mobile Data Network
Integrated Maintenance Expert
Internally Mounted Equipment
International Mobile-station Equipment Identifier
IMEI plus a Software Version
Internally Matched FET
Incoming Mail Loss
Intermodulation Products
Impact Avalanche Transit-time
Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite
Intermodulation Ratio
Information Management System/Virtual System
International Mobile Telecommunications System
ISDN Memorandum of Understanding Implementation Management Group
Inverse Multiplexer
Intelligent Music Workstation
Inch Per Second
Intermode Alarm Transport
Incoming mails box
Internal Network Control Center
Intelligent Networks Call Model
Indian Ocean Region East
Indian Ocean Region West
Integrated Digital Overlay
International Network for Development Information Exchange
Information autobahn
Integrated Next Generation Electronic Commerce Environmental Project
ISDN Network Interface Module
Integral Non-Linearity
International Network Management Center
Integrated Network Manager Link Module
Inmarsat Monitoring System
International Neural Network Operator
Intelligent Network Operating System
Intelligent Network Product Support
Interim Number Portability
International Network Planning
Interchangeable Network Planning Area
Institutetuto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
Intelligent Networks
Ion neutralization spectroscopy
IN Service Provider
IN Service Subscriber
Induction Neutralizing Transformer
Interoperability Technology Association for Information Processing
Internet astronaut
International Network
Internet second generation
International Organization of Space Communications
International Transit Switch
Inward Wide-Area Telephone Services
Information Outlet
Interim Operating Authority
In-route/Out-route Controller
Input / Output Controller
Independent Operating Carrier
INTELSAT Operations Center
Intermediate Orbit Communications
Intelsat Operations Center TDMA Facility
Instantaneous Override Energy Function
Institutentaneous Override Energy Function
Inter-Office Facility
InterOperability Lab
Intelligent Optical Network
Input / Output Processor
Internet Operators Group
Index Of Refraction
Indian Ocean Satellite
Inter-Office Section
Inter-Office Section Adaptation
Inter-Office Section Termination
Inter-Operators Tariffs
InterOperability Testing
Ingress Protection
Intellectual Property Attorney
Installation Package
Input Power Back-Off
Inter-Personal Communications
Information Processing Center
ISDN to POTS Converter
Internet Protocol Contact Center
Interprocess Communication Environment
Initial Paging Channel
Integrated Personal Computer Interface
IP Payload Compression Protocol
IP Detail Records
Initial Pointing Error
International Portable Equipment Identities
Institutetute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand
International Private Line Circuits
Incremental Phase Modulation
Interference Prediction Model
Internal Polarization Modulation
Industrial Process Measurement and Control
Inter-Personal Messaging Service
Impulse Noise
IP Network Controller
Internet Protocol PBX
IP Next Generation Working Group
Internet Protocol over ATM
Internet Protocol phone over Data
Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand
Internet Protocol Routing Service
Internet Protocol Signaling 7
International Public-Switched Network
International Packet-Switched System
IP Telephony
IP Telephony solution for Carriers
IP Telephony Gateway
Internet Protocol TV
Interne Packet Exchange
Internet Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
IPX Control Protocol
IPX Wide-Area Network
Intrinsic Quality Factor
Impulse Radiating Antenna
Internet Resource Access
Infrared Array Camera
International Radiocommunications Advisory Committee
Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Council
Internal Review and Audit Compliance
Innovative Real-time Antenna Modeling System
Infrared Maser
Integrated Receiver
Inter-Regional Control Node
Integrated Receiver/decoder
Internal Resources Database
Intelligent Roaming Data-Base
Infrared Dome
Interrupt Request
Industrial Radio Frequency
Inmarsat Request For Business Plan
Integrated Radio Frequency Unit
Intensity Red Green Blue
Java and HTML
Japan Institute of Office Automation
Japan Institutetute of Office Automation
Japan Information Service Association
Joint Intelligence Virtual Network
Junction MOS
Jordanian Mobile Telephone System
Joint Multichannel Trunking and Switching System
Java Open Financial Exchange
Java Open Language Toolkit
Java Open Trading Protocol
Junior Officer's Version of an Incomprehensible Arithmetic Language
Joint Procurement Consortium
Just Perceptible Color Difference
Japan Internet Exchange
Joint Product Specification
Japan Personal Computer Software Association
Joint Rapporteur Group Global Information Infra-structure
Japan Satellite Systems
Justification Service Digit
Japan sky Broadcasting
Japan Solderless Terminal
Jordan Telecom
Japanese Total Access Communications
Japanese Total Access Communications System
Joint Technical Command, Control and Communications Agency
Joint Time-Frequency Analysis
Joint Technical Information Distribution System
Java Tool Kit
Junior Telecom Officers
Joint Telecommunications Standards Steering Group
Japan UNIX Network
Juniper Networks Operating System
Joint Uniform Telephone Communications Precedence System
Victor Company of Japan
Kangaroo Network product
Korea Multi-Purpose Satellite
Key Pulsing
Kearney System
Kilosymbols Per Second
Kilo Symbols Per Second
Keyboard Send and printer Receive
Boltzman's Constant-time Temperature
Kuwait Telecom Company
Key Telephone Interface
Key Voice
kilovolt Alternating Current
kilovolt Direct Current
Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
Keyboard Video Mouse Switch
L-Band Physical
Load-Balancing System
Lead Channel
Leased Circuit
Line Clock
Local Company
Line Conditioning Equipment
Line-Conducted Interference
Left Circularly Polarized
Low-Cost Pin-Grid Array
Level Crossing Rate
Line Concentrating Ratio
Large Capacity Trunk
Live Call Screening
Low-order Connection Supervision
Low-Delay Advanced Audio Compression
Low-Delay Code Excited Linear-Prediction
Long-Distance Alerting
Local Data Base
Long-Distance Bypass
Local Database Services
Limited Distance Dialing
Long-Distance Direct Current
Long-Delayed Echo
Lightwave Distribution Frame
Local Distribution Frame
Local Differential GPS
Long-Distance Line
Long-Distance Internet Provider
Loop Data Maintenance Center
laterally diffused MOS
Local Multipoint Distribution Service
Light Dependent Resistor
Line Director Unit
Local Distribution Utility
LAN Emulator
LAN Emulator Address Resolution Protocol
Longitudinally Excited Atmosphere
Long-term Equipment Anticipation Securities
Local Engineering Circuit
Loop Electronic Coordinator
Library-Exchange Format
Low-Emission Mobile System
Low-cost Exploration Operator Workstation
Large Electron Positron Collider
Left Elliptically Polarized
Label Edge Switch
Land Earth Station Signaling
Land Earth Station Assignment
Land Earth Station Data
Land Earth Station Interstation
Land Earth Station Voice
Light-weight Flow Admission Protocol
Look Ahead for Busy
Link Fragmentation and Interleave
Long File Name
Link Failed Signal State
Line Group
Line Group Controller ISDN
Loop and Ground start Exchange
Local Government Radio Service
Loop and Ground start Subscriber
Lempel-“Zive and Huffman data Archiving
Long-Haul Communications
Long-Haul Communications Network
Left-Hand Elliptical Polarization
Long-Haul Mileage Calculation
Long-Haul Optical Transmission Set
Lithium Ion
Light guide Interconnect Cable
Line Identification/Information Database
Laser Infrared radar
Logarithmic Intermediate Frequency
Last In/First Out
Light Synthetic Aperture Radar
Line-access Interface Module
Link Interface Module
Lotus Intel Microsoft-”Expanded Memory Specification
Legal Interception Management System
Laboratory INstruments Computer
Linked Compressor And Expander
Leased Interfaculty National Airspace Communications System
Logistic Information Network Enterprise
London Internet Exchange
Language Independent Program Subtitling Group
Linear Inferences Per Second
Label Interface Structure
Link Interface Shelf
Local Interconnection Service
Low-Incidence Support Network
Linear Imaging Self Scanner
Low-Imaging Sensing Satellite
List Server
Logic Integrity Test
Line Interface Unit for CCS 7
L-Band Link
Low-Level Amplifier
Line Loop Back
Local Loop-Back
Leadless Chip Carrier
Low-Level Dispatcher
Local Loop Demarcation Point
Low-Layer Function
Linear LIF
Low-level Protocol
Low-Level Wind-shear Alarm System
Line Monitor
Linear Modulation
Long-distance Marketer
Lumen Per Square Foot
Lumen Per Square Meter
lumen per Watt
Layer Management Entity Identifier
LAN Manager Hosts
Logical Modem Interface
Land Mobile Station
Least Mean Square Error
Loop Monitoring System
Lumen Second
Land Mobile-satellite Service
Lightweight Multiband Satellite Communications Terminal
Line Monitor Unit
Linear Network
Low-Noise Block Feed
LANE Network-to-Network Interface
Local Network Management Function
Low-Noise Receiver
Like New Repair and Update
Local Operator
Low-Order Far-End Receive Failure
Laser Opto-Acoustic Detection
Lead-On-Chip package
Launching Our Communities Access to Local
Launching Our Communities Access to Local Television
Letter Of Disconnect
Large Optics Demonstration Experiment
Lowest Operating Frequency
Low Frequency Array
Logarithmic Amplifier
Logarithmic Fast Time Constant
Line Over Head
List of Materials
Local Off Network Access Line
Loss Of Path
Low-Order Path
Long-Range Accuracy
Long Range Aid to Navigation
Large-size Organizations
Lobe On Receive Only
Launch On Schedule
Link Orderwire
Linear Polarization
Long Play
Lower order Path Adaptation
Lower order Path Connection
Line Pointer Daemon
Low-Power Distress Transmitter
Liquid Phase Epitaxy
Land Portable Earth Station
Low-Power FM
IntraLATA Primary Interexchange Carrier
Lars Pensjo Multiuser Dungeon
Logical port
Line Protection Switching
Low-Power Radio Frequency
Low Pulse Repetition Frequency
Lightning Protection Subsystem
Line Profile System
Lower order Path Termination
Least Reliable Bit
Lightwave Repeating Equipment
Line Regenerating Equipment
Low-Resolution Facsimile
Long-Range Identification and Tracking of ships
Line Route Map
Long-Range Radar
Linear Systems
Leased Space Agreement
Licensed Service Areas
Limited Spacecharge Accumulation
Local Service Agency
Lambda-Switched Capable
Licensed Small Cell
Local Switching Center
Low-Speed Channel
Light guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Equipment
Light guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Module
Light guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Terminal
Link Layer Service Data Unit
Line Supervisory Equipment
Local Support Element
Large Signal Gain
Line Status Identification
Large-Scale Integrated Circuit
Local Signal Network
Large-Scale Networking Group
Laser Shut Off
Local Service Office
Local Service Ordering Guidelines
Laser Shut Off Disable
Line Service Request
Local Service Request
Local Service Requests
Local Switching System
Lower Sideband Suppressed Carrier
LATA Switching System General Requirements
Low-Speed Switch
Linear Search & Track Processor
Loop-Start Trunk
Low-power Schottky Transistor-to-Transistor Logic
Line Switching Unit
Logical Storage Unit
Line Turn-Around
Lossless Transform Audio Coding
Line Trunk Controller
Longitudinal Transmission Check
Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic
Line Trunk Controller of ISDN
Logical Terminal Class
Long-Term Care Network
Label Traffic Control System
Line Terminator type DP
Line Timing Generator
Linear Time-invariant
Local Transport Network
Linear Tape-Open storage technology
List Transmission Path
Line Terminator type PA
Line Terminator type PB
Line Terminal Regenerator
Local Transport Restructuring
Letters Shift
Lightwave Transmission System
Linear Taper Slot Antenna
Linux Terminal Server Project
Line Terminator Test Board
Local Unit
Local Use
Logical Unit interface, Version 6.2
Lowest Usable High Frequency
Line Unit Line Termination
Line Utilization Monitor
Logical Unit Numbers
Local User Terminal
Luxemburg Packet-Switched Network
Low-Voltage Complementary MOS
Low-Voltage Differential Multipoint
Low-Voltage Transistor-to-Transistor Logic
LWAPP Encapsulated Packet
LWAP Control Message
LWAPP Layer 3 Packet
Local Wholesale Complete
Lightweight Encoding Rules
Listen While Talk
Local Exchange
Long-distance Carrier
Mobile Termination Rate
Marine Automatic Meteorological Station
Multitone Auxiliary Manual Select Keyboard
Maintenance And Administration Panel
Maximum Power
Measurement of Atmospheric Pollution from Satellite
Major Account Representative
Maritime Experimental Comsat System
Maritime Satellite Communications System
Mars Advanced Radar for Subsurface and Ionospher Sounding
Mis-Addressed or Routed Telepacket In A Network
Minimum Average Surcharge
Mobile Application Subsystem
Multi-administration Satellite System
Multi-agent Systems Laboratory
Major Accounts Service Center
Microwave Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation
Master Address Street Guide
Multi-agent Systems Laboratory
Mediated Attribute Store Protocol
Major Account Support Specialist
Minimal Access Surgery by Telecommunication and Robotics
Major Account Technical Consultant
Multiple Antenna Transmit Diversity
Multiple Antenna Transmit Divisionrsity
Multiplex Automatic Telephone
Mobile Automatic Telephone System-Europe
Master-Antenna TV
Math Acceleration Unit
Maximum Cell Rate
Megabit per Second
Megabyte per Second
Multibeam Antenna
Magnetic Blow-out Breaker
Mobile Broadcasting Corporation
Mobile Broadcasting Corporationration
Mark bit
Multi beam Phased Array
Megabit Per Second
Marine Broadcast Station
Multimedia Broadcasting Satellite
Mini BTS Sub-Rack
Micro Base Transceiver Station
Message bus
Multiprocessor bus
Main Cross-Connect
Matrix Controller
Multiserve Concept
Multichassis MVIP
Maximum Calling Area
Multichannel Access System
Media Control Board
Mobile Control Channel
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
Mobile Communications Company
Multiplex Control Computer
Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Manipulative Communications Deception
MicroCellular Data Network
Master Control and Display Unit
Maximum Call Delay Variance
Manufacturing Cycle Efficiency
Military Common Emergency Frequency
Message Confirmation Frame
Multimedia Communication Forum
Multipacket Command Handler
Mass Change
Mobile Communications Holdings Inc.
Mobile Controlled Hand-Off
Message Center Interface
Microwave Communications, Inc.
Miniature Card Implementers Forum
Microstrip Constrained Lens
Modifying Calling Line Disconnect
Master Customer Number
Monitoring and Control Network
Microelectronic Center of North Carolina
Microstrip Co-planar Waveguide
Multimedia Communications Research Laboratory
Maritime Communication System
Mobile Communications Technologies
MOS Controlled Thyristor
Multichannel Voice-Frequency
Multichannel Voice-Frequency Telegraph
Microcomputer-Compensated Crystal Oscillator
Manufacturer Discontinued
Message Display
Message Digest Version 5
Multiple Database Access System
Modified Duo-Binary
Multidrop Data Bridge
Multicast DHCP
Metadata Interchange Specification
MODEM Developers Kit
Modulation Division Multiplexing
Modulation Divisionsion Multiplexing
Managed Data Network Service
Market-Driven Quality
Mission Data Recorder
Multibank Dynamic RAM
Message Delivery Service Interoffice
Mobile Data Solutions, Inc.
Moderate-speed DSL
Microwave Digital Signal Processor
Manufacturer Delegated Testing
Message Display Unit
Medium-scale Data Utilization Station
Mobile Digital Voice Channel
Metropolitan Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Metropolitan Dense Wavelength-Divisionsion Multiplexing
Mediation Equipment
Messaging Enabled Applications
Metropolitan Economic Area
Megabit Erlang Bit
Middle East Broadcast and Satellite
Middle East Communications
Mobile E-Commerce
Master Event Calendar
Multiple Engineering Control Center Activity
Motorola Emitter Coupled Logic
Missile Error Data Integration Analysis
Mobile Energy Efficiency
Multiple Equipment Engineering
Mercury Exchange Limited Channel Associated Signaling
Macroencoded Message
Multimedia Environment for Mobiles
Micro Electromechanical Systems
Manufacturer's ENIDs
Multiple Equipment Provisioning
Merchant Ship Broadcast
Mobile Earth Station-Signaling
Molecular Equipment Subcommittee for Communications
MES Data channel
Metal-Epitaxial Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
Matn Ertebat Shabake Company
MES Response channel
MES Request channel
MES Voice channel
Metrological Area
Meterological Operational Polar-orbit
Megaelectron Volt
Missile Early Warning System
Mobile Extension Environment
Multi Frame
Multi Frequency
Multiframe Alignment Signal
Multifrequency Coding
Million Floating-point Operations Per Second
Magnetic Field Modulation
Metropolitan Fiber Network
Modem Fault Simulator
Multicast File Transport Protocol
Mehr Frequenz Verfahren
milli Gauss
MOS Gate Driver
Multiple Get
Message Generator Traffic Simulator
Magneto Hydro Dynamics
Midwestern Higher Education Commission
Metamorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor
Microwave Hybrid Integrated Circuit
Multiplexed Hierarchical Modeling
M-shaped hop
Message Handling System/Service
MIME encapsulation of aggregate HTML
Magnetohydrodynamic Wave
Micromodge Industries
Modulator Integrated-Distributed Feed-Back
Mile Per Hour
Square Mile
Media Interface Adapter
Module Interface Bus
Minimum In-Band Dispersion
Minimum BER Strategy
Mutual Interface Chart
Mobile Interworking Control Element
Magnetic-Ink Character Reading
Maritime Identification Digits
Minimum Dispersion
MES Identification Record
Minimum Interworking Functionality
Military Specification
Mechanically Induced Modulation
Multiple Instruction Multiple Data Stream
Multiple Instituteuction Multiple Data Stream
Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit
Messaging In One
Medium Interface Point
Microwave Impulse Radar
Multiplex Input Router
Missile Ranging
Mobile Internet Service
Metal-insulator-semiconductor Field-effect Transistor
Multilevel Information Systems Security Initiative
Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Multicasting International Exchange
Multinational Internet Exchange
Multijunction Unit
Make a new Directory
Microwave Link Analyzer
Monolithic Multilayer Capacitor
Multilevel Coding
Multilevel Coded Modulation
Multilevel Coded Modulation
Maximum Likelihood Decoding
Median Level Depressions
Maximum Level Error
Mail List Key
Monthly Leased Line
Multimedia Learning Lab
Meridian Link Module
Micro-leadframe Package
Multilevel Precedence
Multiple Low-Speed CSU
Minimum Line Scan Time
Mechanical Loop Test
Multilevel Transmit-3 levels
Multiple Language Text System
Mobile Locator Unit
Mobile Multimedia Communication
Mass Media Bureau
Millimetric Band
Multimaster Bus
Maintenance, Monitoring and Control
Man-“Machine Communication
Mobile Maritime Committee
Multimode Communications
Multimedia Card Association
MultiMedia Compact Disk
Multimedia Communication Forum
Multimedia Communication Exchange
Multimedia Colorful Identity
Massachusetts Microprocessor Design Center
Multimedia and Digital Communications
Multimedia Development Center
Multimedia Desktop Collaboration
Multimode Data Compression
Multiple Module Data Computer
Multiservice Multicarrier Distributed Communications
Multi-channel Multipoint Distribution Service
Microsoft Mobile Explorer
Mobile Meteorological Equipment
Multimedia Message Entity
Multimedia Expert Group
Magnetomotive Force
Maximum Modulating Frequency
Mobile Management Forum
Man-to-Machine Interface
Multimedia Interface
Modular, Multifunction Information Transfer System
Man-“Machine Language
Multi Media Mail
Multimedia Messaging
Multimedia Mail Service
Multimedia Mail Security
Man-“Machine Processor
MILSTAR Message Processing System
Mobile Marine Radio Inc.
Maritime Mobile Service
Meteorological Measurement System
Multiplex Management System
Minimum Mean Square Error
Multimedia Messaging Service Environment
Minimum Mean Square Error Reception
Manchester Museum of Science & Industry
Maritime Mobile Service Identity
Modified MSK
Modular Multisatellite Preprocessor
Maritime Mobile-satellite Service
Modular Metallic Service Unit
Multi-Media Terminal
Mean Mission Time to Failure
Multiparty Multimedia User Session Control
Multi-Media Extension
Multimedia Network Applications
Multiple CCS7 Network Addresses
Microcom Networking Protocol Class 10
Modified Non-Return-to-Zero
Mobility Management
Multiorder Cancellation Technique
Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Decompression
Modem And Codec
Modulator And Demodulator
Modulated-Doped FET
Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
Micro Optical-Electro-Mechanical Systems
Magneto-Optical Filter Development Group
Master Oscillator Module
Message Originated Middleware
Message Originated Middleware Association
Metal-organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
mobile Internet
Magneto Optical On Network
Ministry Of Post Telegraph and Telecommunications
Multiwavelength Optical Repeater
Multi-output Resonant Converter
Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Insulated Gate Transistor
Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Transistor
Mail Order/Telephone Order
Minutes of usage
Metal-organic Vapor-phase Epitaxy
Multipulse-Maximum Likelihood Quantization
Multitasking Program for Microcomputers
MPEG layer-1
MPEG layer-2
MPEG Layer 3
MPEG layer-4
Multilink Protocol Plus
Multiport Card
Multiport Cluster
Motion-Picture File Manager
Microwave Pulse Generator
Multiple-image Portable Graphics
Media Platform Interface
Multi Path Interface
Master Processor Module
Main Profile Main Level
Microwave Point to Multipoint
Manufacturer's Part Number
Mode-Partition Noise
Metropolitan Point Of Presence
Minimum Point Of Presence
Master port
Multi-Channel Point-to-Point Protocol
Maximum Pulse Rate
Mobile Positioning Service
MultiPage Signal
Multiprotocol Serial Controller
Message Processor Unit
Metric-pitch Quad Flat-Pack
Magnetic RAM
MF Receiver Card
Microwave Radio Communications
Master Reference Frequency Rack
Maritime Radio Navigation
Mobile Roaming Number
Maritime Radio Navigation Service
Native American Public Telecommunications, Inc.
Network Access Register
Network Audio Response System
National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation
Not A Telecom Issue
National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors
Network Access Usage and Cost System
Navigation and Ranging
Navigational Area
Navy Satellite
Navigation System using Time And Ranging
Network Faxing
Nominated Barring Authority
Network Bus Controller
Net BIOS Frame
Net BIOS Frame Format Protocol
Net BIOS Protocol
Narrow-Band Phase Modulation
Narrow-Band Radio Voice Bandwidth
Narrowband Radio Voice Frequency
Non-Breaking Space
Narrowband Secure Voice
No connection
Network Construction and Administration
National Convergence Alliance
Number of Calls Abandoned
Negative Cache
Non-Call-path Associated Signaling
New Commercial Billing System
National Communications Committee
Network Control Center System
Non-linear Control Design
Nomadic Computing Environment
Non-Compliant End Office
Number of Calls Handled
National Customer Help Desk
National Committee for Information Technology Standardization
National Center for Manufacturing Sciences
Neutral Central Office
Numerically-controlled oscillator
Network Configuration Process
National Customer Product Support
National Cellular Resellers Association
National Center for Supercomputing Applications Network
National Computer Security Associations
National Communications Security Center
Network Channel-Terminating Equipment
National Centrex Users Group
Neodymium-doped Yttrium-“Aluminum Garnet
National Database Administration Center
Network Data Control System
Network Data Control Station
Network Data-Delivery Service
Network Design Engineering
Nondispersive Infrared
Network Design Interface Specification
Norwegian Defense Logistic Organization-”Communications and Information Systems
Network Design Order
Negative Differential Resistance
News Datacom Research, Ltd
Non-Destructive Readout
Network Desired State
Non-Determination in Deductive Databases
Network Engineering and Implementation
Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Spacecraft
Network for Effective Collaboration Through Advanced Research
Network Equipment Craft Terminal Application Software
Noise-Equivalent Differential Temperature
Network Element Function Negatron Negative
Network Management and Administration System
Network Element Managment Server
Norges Elektriske Material Kontroll
Not Emanating from Main Office
Nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse
Noise Equivalent Signal
Network Equipment Technologies, Inc.
Normes Europe'enne de Te'le'communications
Network Command
Internet broadcast
Network Control Station
Network Information Table
Network Interprocess Communications
Network Etiquette
Network Citizen
Network Operations System
Network Point Of Presence
NetWare System Fault Tolerance
Network Extension Unit
Noiseless Feedback Amplifier
Network File Access Routine
No-Fuse Circuit-Breaker
National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Noise Figure Meter
National File Protection Association
Normal Frequency Reference
Netware File Service Protocol
Noise Gain Analyzer
Next-Generation Network
National Geographical Data Center
Non-Geographic Number Portability
New Generation Operating System and Software
Network Group
Non-Geostationary Orbit
Non-Geostationary Orbit-”Fixed Satellite Service
New Generation Transceiver
National High Altitude Photography
Nippon Hose Kyokai
Network Implementation
Near Instantaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
Near Institutentaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
National Information and Communications Infrastructure
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
National Institutetute of Information and Communications Technology
National Iranian ICT Agenda
Network Information Database
Network Interface Function
National Information Highway
National Instrumentation Module
National Instituteumentation Module
Negative Input Positive Output
Network Imaging Server
National ISP
National Image Transfer Format
North American ISDN Users Forum
Network Integration Verification Test
Non-Linear Directional Coupler
Navigational Land Earth Station
Non-linear Optical
Network Layer Protocol Identifier
Network Layer Protocol ID
Name Lookup Service
Natural Language Support
Non-Linear Schrodinger
Network Monitor And Control System
Network Management and Access Routine
Network Memory Bus
Network Management Communications Manager
Network Management Communications Network
Network Monitoring and Control
Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable
Network Management Command and Control Center
N-channel MOS
Normal Mode Rejection Ratio
Noise Measurement Unit
Network Management System Engineering
National Mobile Telecommunications Company
NetView Network Billing System
Nortel Networks Certified Design Expert
Nortel Networks Certified Network Architecture
National Number Group
Nearest Neighbor Interpolation
Neural Notwork Interface
National Network Management
National Network Management Center
National Network Surveillance Center
National Network Support
Network Node System
National Network Trouble Management
Network Object
No Operation
Network Operations Business Information System
Network Office Craft Terminal Application Software
Network Operator Facility
Near Obstacle Detection System
Network Operations Handbook
Netscape or acle, IBM and Sun Microsystems
New Order Processing System
Network Operations Research Committee
Naval Ocean Surveillance Center
NASA/ Office of Standards and Technology
Network Operations Trouble Handling System
Novin Comprehensive Communication Company
Network Planning and Design
National Pricing Agreement
Network Professionals Association
Number Portability Access Center
National Public Broadcasting Archives
Noise Power Density
Nordic Public Data Network
Network Product Implementation
Null Pointer Indicator
Network Planning
Network Process Monitor
Non-Penetrating Mount
Network Performance Objectives
New Product Return
Network Product Support
Number Portability Surcharge
Network Products and Systems Planning
Non Volatile RAM
Non-Redundant Common Equipment
Network Reconciliation Descriptor
National Routing and Database Administration
New Regulatory Framework
Network Reconfiguration System
Network Routing System
National Rural Telecommunication Cooperative
National Rolm User Group
Non Return to Zero-Mark
Non-Return-to-Zero Level
Non-Return-to-Zero level, one
Non-Return-to-Zero level, Change
Non-Return-to-Zero level, Inverted
Non Return to Zero-Space
Non-Standard Customer Premise Equipment
Network Service Address
Normalized Site Attenuation
New Site Build.
Non-Standard Command
Network System Development Electronic Transaction Processing
Non-Signaling Data Protocol for Billing and Settlements
Non-Signaling Data Protocol for Fraud
Network Surveillance Engineer
Network System Engineer
Network Support Element
Network Support Element and Operations Evaluation System
Network Systems Engineering Systems Support
National Science Foundation's Network
National Systems Group
NASA Science Internet
Network and Services Integration Forum
Name Server Lookup
Network Service Node
National Services Organization
National Switch Operations
Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
Network Supervisory Processor
Network Service Provider Internet Exchange Point
Network Status Record
Nyquist Sampling Rate
Network Software Support
Network Status Subsystem
Non-Standard Setup
National Standard System Network
Network Systems Technical Support
Network Synchronization Unit
Network Terminator type 1
Network Terminator type 2
Narrow TACS
Network Traffic Analysis System
National Telecoms Corporation
National Telecoms Corporationration
National Telecom Corporation
National Telecommunications Damage Prevention Council
National Television Design Standards
Network Transmission Elements
NetView Traffic Engineering Line Optimization System
Network Terminating Interface
Network Telecommunications and Information Administration
National Technical Information Service Technology Administration
National Transcommunications, Ltd.
National Television Standards Committee Standard
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporationration
National Transportable Telecommunications Capability
Nonlinear Thickness Variation
Network Unavailable
New Bus
Nuclear Detonation Evaluation Technique
Nuclear Radome
Network User Identifier
Network User Identification
Network Video
Normalized Vegetation Index
Near Vertical Incident Skywave
Novell Virtual Terminals
NetWare Administrator
New Wireline Access Technology
Narrow-Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Narrow-Wavelength-Divisionsion Multiplexing
National Wireless Resellers Association
Network Services
ONP - Optimal Network Performance
Overcoat Incident Recording
Office Code Location
Oven Controlled Oscillator
Optical Control Plane
Optically-Controlled Phase-Array Radar
Ottawa Center for Research and Innovation
On-board Communications Station
Originating - CAMEL Subscription Information
Office Craft Terminal
Order wire Control Unit
Office Channel Unit Data Port
Oscillator Control Word
Oven-Controlled/Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillator
Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator
Optical Demultiplexer
Object Definition Alliance
Oceanic Display and Planning System
Open Dual Bus
Object Data-Base Management Group
Open Development Consortium
Open Data Link Interface
Operational Data Integrator
Optical Digital Integrated Network
Open Data-link Interface/Network Support
Oceanographic Data Interrogating Station
Optimum Data-Link Control
Optical Document Recognition
Organic Electro-Luminescent
Overall Echo Loudness Rating
Optical-to-Electrical-to-Optical regeneration
Operations Evaluation System
Optical Fiber Bragg Grating
Optical Fiber, Conductive, Plenum
Optical Fiber, Conductive, Riser
Oxygen-free, High-conductivity
Operational Fixed Microwave
Optical Fiber, Nonconductive, Plenum
Optical Fiber, Nonconductive, Riser
Optical Fiber Network
Optical Fiber Network Riser
Optical Fiber Network Plenum
Out-of-Frame Seconds
Optical Fiber Cable and Solar Cell Fabrication Company
Office of Telecommunications
Out-Going Trunk
Overhead Access
Overhead Byte
Optical Hard Drive
One-Horn Interferometer
Overhead Interface
Off-Hook Queue
Optical Handwriting Recognition
Overhead Router
Off-Hook Voice Announce
Optical Integrated Circuit
Optical Interorbit Communications Engineering Test Satellite
Originating ID
Offset-Keyed QPSK
Open-Library Architecture
Originating Local Exchange Carrier
Optical Loop Interface
Other Licensed Operators
Outgoing Longwave Radiance
Optical Line Regenerating Unit
On-Line Services
Optical-Label Switching
Originating Line Screening
Optical Line Terminal Equipment
Optical Line Terminal Unit
Optical Line Terminal Controller
Optical Multiplexer
Open MPEG Consortium
Object Management Architecture Board
Optical Metropolitan Area Network
Oman Telecommunications Company
Operations and Maintenance Applications Part
Operational Measurement and Analysis Tool
Operations and Maintenance Center for Environment
Operations and Maintenance Center for Intelligent Network
Operations and Maintenance Center for Mobile
Operations and Maintenance Center for Miscellaneous
Operations and Maintenance Center for Radio
Operations and Maintenance Center for Switching
Operations and Maintenance Center for Transmission
Operations and Maintenance Center for Wide Area Network
Open Model Forum
Ortho-Mode Junction
Optimized Multipath
Operations and Maintenance Station
Output Multiplexer
Open-Network Management System
ONP - Optimal Network Performance
Office Nationale des Postes des Telecommunications
Office National de Te'le'diffusion
Open Network Terminal
Optical Network Tester
Open Networks Technology Consortium
Object-Oriented Call Model
On-“Off Keying
Optical-Oriented Operation
Optical-to-Optical-to-Optical regeneration
Open Outsourcing Policy Services
Out Of Region
Operations Order Review
Optical Power Budget
Output Power Back-Off
On-Premises Cabling
Optical Phase Conjugator
Operation Code
Optical Communication
Optical Radar
Open Graphics Language
Operational Evaluation
Operations expenditures
Optical Ground Wire
Output Power Intercept Point
Optical Pathlength
Operations Model
Object Push Profile
Order-ahead Pay Per View
Off-Premises Station
Operational Security Assessment
Operational Security Survey
Octal PSK
Overlapped Phase Trellis-code Interlocked Spectrum
Optically Coupled Isolator
On-Premises Wiring
Offset Quadrature PSK
Ocean Region
Optical Repeater
Outage Ratio
Orbital Communications Corporation
Orbital Communications Corporationration
Open Regional Dialog on Internet Governance
Optically Remote Module
Optical Repeater
Ocean Region Registration
Omni-directional Range Station
Optical Section
Operating System, Version 2
Orthogonal Sub Channel (OSC), that doubles the voice capacity of GSM radio network.
Out-band Signaling Channel
Onscreen Display
Optical Space-Division Multiplexing
Optical Space-Divisionsion Multiplexing
Optical Spatial-Division Multiplexing
Optical Spatial-Divisionsion Multiplexing
Operation Support Function
Open Software Foundation version 1
Open Systems Interconnection-System Management
Open Systems Interconnection - Reference Model
Open Systems Interconnection-Service Definition
Open Systems Interconnection-Transport Protocol
OSI Test Network
Operations Systems Modifications for the Integration of Network Elements
Open Systems Networking
Open Shortest Path First Internet Gateway Protocol
Optical Shared Protection Ring
Over Sampling Ratio
Originating Station Routing Indicator
Operations Sub-Systems
Operational Service State
Operator Services Signaling System Number 7
Originating Station Serial Number
Object Serialization Stream Protocol
Out-band Service Word
Orascom Telecom of Algeria
Over-The-Air activation of services
Over the Air Management
Optimum Transmission Frequency
Orascom Telecom Holding
Optical Translation Measurement
Orascom Telecom Media and Technology
Omam TradeNet
Operations Technical Support
Outgoing mails box
Outside Vapor Deposition
Outside Vapor-Phase Oxidation
Open Video System
Phase Alternation by Line - Modified
Pseudo-Automatic Location Identification
Precision Approach and Landing Radar
Phased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar
Palestine Telecommunications Company
Port Adapter Module
Pulse-Amplitude Modulation on Frequency- Modulation
Pulse-address Multiple Access
Public Access Network
Pan-American Satellite
Pretty Amazing New Service
Pre-assignment Access Plan
Public Access Provider
Packet-to-Average Ratio
Performance Analysis and Review
Positive Acknowledgement plus Retransmission
Parametric Amplifier
Playback And Recording System
Purchase of Accounts Receivables
Pars Telephone
Priority Access Service
Personal Accountability System
Private Aircraft Station
Perceptual Audio Sub-band Coding
Primary Area Switch Locator
Pan-African Telecommunication Union
Pay Telephone
Plesiochronous Buffer
Primary Body
Personalized Basic Service
Plastic Ball-Grid Array Multilayer
Polymorphic Buffer Overflow
Packet Burst Protocol
Petabits per second
Presence-based Routing
Push-Button Telephone
Personal Communications
Point Contact
Power Carrier
Primary Channel
Personal Computer AT
Personal Computer XT
Printed-Circuit Quad Flat Pack
Premises Cabling Association
Protection Channel Access
Protective Coupling Arrangement
Personal Communications Access System
Prepaid Calling Card
Product Control Center
Physical Control Field
Print Coordination Function
Paya Communication Industries
Pre-connection Inspection
PCI Special Interest Group
Product Computer-module Load
Packet Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Phase Conjugation Mirror
Pulse-Code Modulation-”Intensity-Modulation
Pulse-Code Modulation on Frequency-Modulation
PCM Controller
PCM Drop Insert
Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adapter
Private Communications
Post Call Processing
Predictor Compression Protocol
Private Carrier Paging
Processor Configuration Register
Proportional Control Rate Algorithm
Personal Computers
Personal Computing System Architecture
Palestine Commercial Services Company
Parallel Channel Signaling Rate
Personal Communications Technology
Portable Control Terminal
Program Comprehension Tool
Phase Detector
Product Distributor
pulsed Doppler
Packet-mode Data channel
PDA Industry Association
Product Document Archiving System
Pulse-Delay Binary Modulation
Personal Digital Cellular-Packet
Product Document Exchange
Pulse Duty Factor
Program Data Generator
Perspective Dark-field Imaging
Picture Description Instructions
Public-access Dial-up
P-CAD Data Interchange Format
Positioning Data Link
Polymer-dispersed Liquid-crystal
Personal Data Module
Plain-Dress Message
Pulse-Duration Modulation on Frequency-Modulation
Pulse-Duration Modulation on Pulse-Modulation
Packet Data Optimization
Portable Distributable Objects
Public Dispersion Parameter
Photographic Data Processing System
Primary Distribution System
Program Data Source
Position Determination Technology
Prototype Debug Tool
Public Data Transmission Service
Protocol Emulator
Perfect Electrical Conductor
Photo Electric Cell
Positive Emitter-Coupled-Logic
Plasma-enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Phase Error Detector
Pan European Digital Communications
Partial Element Equivalent Circuit
Partners Early Experience Kit
Public Educational or Government
Peripheral Equipment Module
Packet Error Probability
Partitioned Emulation Programming
Payment Extension Protocol
Peak-envelope Power
Primary Entry Point
Protocol for Exchange of Policy Information
Packet over Ethernet over SONET
Packet over Ethernet over WDM
Photo Electron Spectroscopy of Inner-Shell
Photo Electron Spectroscopy of Outer-Shell
Portable Earth Terminal
Packing Fraction
PBX Function
Pico Farad
Phase/Frequency Discriminator
Pending the Firm Order Commitment
Plate-Forme Service (= SDP = Service Delivery Platform)
Power Failure Transfer
Professional Graphics Display
Pulse-Gated Binary Modulation
Page Down
Primary Guard Station
Payam Gostar Telecom Company
Page Up
PBX-to-Host Interface
Philippine Global Communications Inc.
Photographic Intelligence
Photoelectric Cell
Photoelectric Tube
Protection Interval
PHS Internet Access Forum Standard
Photonic Integrated Circuit
Program Integration Control
Product Inventory Control System
Picture Format
Productivity, Information, Education, Creativity, Entertainment
Personal Communications Services Industry Forum
Public Inspection File
P-shaped Filter
Performance Implication of Link Characteristics
Pasive Intermodulation
Plug-in ISDN Module
Presence and Instant Messaging
Presence and Institutent Messaging
Parts in Metal Foil
Passive Inter-Modulation Product
Program Information Management System
PIN used on the User Interface Level
PIN used on the Base-Band Level
PN junction with Isolated region
Positive-doped/Intrinsic/Negative-doped diode
Procedure Interrupt Negative
Process-Improvement Networking Group
Path Independent Protocol
Procedural Interface Protocol
Positioning Inertial Reference System
Planned In-Service Data
Projection-Join Normal Form
Pointer Justification Count Minus
Pointer Justification Count Plus
Pointer Justification Seconds
Public-Key Encryption System
Programming Language 1
Physical Link Aggregation
Problem Logging Control
Phase Lock Detector
Pulsed Laser Deposition
Philippine Long-Distance Telephone
Programmable Language Interface
Professional Limited Liability Corporationration
Public Leased Lines Network
Perfectly Matched Layer
Power Line Modulation
Public Land Mobile
Private Line Network
Packet Level Procedure
Packet Loss Probability
Premises Lightwave System
Private Line Service Center
Power Line Telephony
Private Line Transport Service
Percent Local Usage
Police Mutual Aid Radio System
Perfect Magnetic Conductor
Public Mobile Carrier
Plastic Multichip Module
Property Management Interface
P-channel MOS
Poor Man's Routing
Private Mobile Radio System
Picturephone Meeting Service
Photo Multiplier Tube
Parametric Measurement Unit
Positive-Negative Junction
Perceived Noise level in dB
Planar Near-Field
Portable Network Frame
Physical Network Inventory
Public Network Management
Permanent Number Portability
Positive-Negative-Positive-Negative junction
Point of Origin
Post Office Code Standardization Advisory Group
Personal Operable Device
Point of Deployment
Processing Of Data
Priority-Oriented Demand Assignment
Polar-Orbit Earth Observing Mission
Private Operational Fixed Service
Post Office Goes Obsolete
Parallel Optic Interfaces
Polarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectance
Polarization Shift Keying
Port Out Number
Post Office Protocol-Secure
Pacific Ocean Satellite
Packet Over SONET-Physical
Promoting Conference for OSI
Profiles for Open Systems Internetworking Technology
Positive Electron
Plain Old Telephony
Point Of Train
Plain Old Telephone Service-Centralized
Plain Old Telephone Service-Remote
Plain Old TV
PC Performance Optimized With Enhanced RISK Personal Computer
Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISK
Production Photographic Area
Pulse-Polarization Binary Modulation
Provisionable Patchcord
PowerPC Platform
Pay Per Download
PLCP protocol data unit
Pulse Pattern Generator
PDH Physical Interface
Pioneer Preference Licensees
Periodic Permanent Magnet
Pseudo-Permanent Magnet
Pulse-phase Modulation
Peak Power Output
Phased Project Planning
Point to Point Protocol over ATM
Precision Plan Position Indicator
Path Protection Switch
Peripheral Power Supply
Path Protection Switched Ring
Positron Public Safety Systems
Public Packet-Switched Service
Precision Pad Technology
Path Quality Analysis
Plastic Quad-leaded Flat Pack
Power Quality SCADA
Quality Test Action Group
Quick Time Conference
Quad Tape Carrier Package
Quick Time Streaming Server
Quorum Associate Distributor
Quad Inside-Wire
QuakeWorld Network Protocol
Qualification Directive
Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation of North America
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporationration of North America
Radio Amplification By Stimulated Emission Of Radiation
Rapid Prototyping of Application-Specific Signal Processors
Real-time Audio/Visual Environment
Radar Without Line-of-sight
Raytheon Digital Automatic Computer
Radio Amateur Emergency Network
Reference Burst
Reference Burst 1
Reference Burst 2
Remote Bulletin Board System
Radiation Boundary Conditions
Radar Bind Range
Radar Bind Speed
Receive Burst Timing
Reverse Band Working
Residential Broadband Working Group
Rubidium-Crystal Oscillator
Reflection Coefficient
Resource Controller
Restricted Channel
Regional Calling Area
Remote Control Access
Radio Communications Analysis Test
Radiocommunications Consultative Council
Rectangular Chip Carrier
Reduced Complexity Computing
Regional Commonwealth in the field of Communications
Radio Chre'tiennes en France
Remote Call-forwarding
Remote Control Facility
Reverberation-Controlled Gain
Remote Card Identifier
Research Center Information Technology
Restrictive Cabling License
Runtime Control Library
Release Complete Message
Radar Communication Processor
Real-time Control Program
Radio Communications Service
Radio Corporationration of Singapore
Reduced Carrier Transmission
Remote Craft Terminal
Resistor-“Capacitor-“Transistor Logic
Remote Concentration Unit
Receive Only
Radiobeacon Directional
Reflection Density
Routing Directory
Routing Diagram
Random-access channel
Receive Data Buffer
Remote Database
Routing Database System
Remote Digital Concentrator
Reverse Digital Control Channel
Radio Direction Finder/Finding
Remote file Distribution Program
Receive Driver Module
Radio Data Network
Remote Data Port Card
Rambus Dynamic RAM
Radio Determination Service
Radiodetermination-satellite Service
Request Data Transfer
Romanian Domestic Telephony
Remote Cable Pair Switching System
Research Center for Communications and Information Technology
Resources, Equipment, Circuits and Other
Reflection Electron Diffraction
Restricted Edge-Emitting Diode
Range Extender with Grain
Registry Editor
Registration Notification
Residually Excited Linear Prediction
Relative URL
Resources Management On-Line System
Rename the current file
Removable, Erasable, Optical
Right-Elliptical Polarization
Roentgen Equivalent Physical
Remote Cable-Pair Cross-Connect System
Reprogrammable ROM
Regional Earth Station
Remote Earth Station
Residential Enhanced Service
Radio Electronics Television ManufacturersAssociation
Range Finder
Raster File
Rating Factor
Reference Frequency
Radio Frequency Allotment
Radio Frequency Board
Receive Frame Acquisition
Restricted Forced Authorization Code
Request For Business Plan
Required For Compliance
Radio Frequency Channel Allotment
Radio Frame Complementary Overhead
Radio France Internationale
RF Micro Devices
Radio Frequency Monitoring Unit
Reseaux France Outre-mer
Radio Fiber Optic Integration
Radio Fixed Part
Radio-Frequency Shift
Radio Frequency Simulator
Range Finding System
Real File Store
Receive Frame Synchronization
Receive Frame Timing
Revisable-Form-Text Document Content Architecture
Radio Frequency Test Set
Remote File Transfer System
Ring Generator
Route Guidance System
Reflected High-Energy Electron Diffraction
Right-Hand Elliptical Polarization
Resonant-tunneling Hot-Electron Transistor
Reconfigurable Hardware Products
Radar Horizon Range
Radio Horizon Range
Routing Indicator Allocation
Research Institutetute for Advanced Studies
Rafsanjan Industrial Complex
Raster Image File Format
Remote ISDN Line Drawer
Refractive Index Profile
Remote Intelligent Parallel Load
Remote Imaging Protocol
Revised Interconnection Protocol Security Option
Reduced Instituteuction Set Chip
Remote indoor Service Unit
Remote Interrupt Service Routine
Ring Interface Unit
Remote Job Entry Protocol
Rossiskaja Kosmitaska Agentura
Radio Locator
Rotating Linear
Radio LAN
Remote Loop-Back
Release Complete
Remote Line Concentrator
Remote Line Concentrate Equipment
Run Length Coding
Remote Live Call Screening
Regional Land Earth Station
Radio Location Land Station
Radio Location Mobile Station
Rate-Limiting Queues
Release Button
Remote Live Screening
Received Line Signal Detect
Resource Management Cell
Radio Manufacturers Association
Returned Merchandise Authorization Number
Remote Maintenance And Test System
Remote Mediation Equipment
Radio Magnetic Interference
Refractory Metal-oxide Semiconductor
Roving Monitor Port
Remote Measurement System Digital 1
Remote Mask Unit
Read Modify Write
Ring, No Answer
Regional Network Control Center
Radio Network Design
Railway Network Exchange
Radio Navigation Land Station
Radio Navigation Mobile Station
Radio Navigation Satellite
Restricted Numeric eXchange
Recovery Operation
Routing Organization
Robust Open Architecture Distributed Switching
Rate of Convergence
Ring Operations Center
Runtime Object Data Base
Return On Enquiry
Receiver Off Hook
Ringer Off Hook
Radio over IP
Read-Only Memory Basic Input/Output System
Routing Organization Number
Region Oriented Resource Allocation
Rotating Schedule
Rugged Off The Shelf
Remote Order-Wire
Radio Part
Range Processor
Remote Playout And Distribution
Response Protocol Data Unit
Radio Paging Equipment
Regular Pulse Excitation-”Long-Term Prediction
Radio Physical Interface
Repair Parts List
Red-hat Packet Manager
Remote Packet Module
Residual Phase Noise
Role Playing Online
Remote Post Office Protocol
Remote Printer
Radar Processing System
Radio Protection Switch
Repetitive Pattern Suppression
Ring Protection Switching
Repair and Quick Clean
Rate/Quote System
Radar Resolution Cell
Raised-Root Cosine
Remote Reconciliation Descriptor
Radar Range Equation
Radio-Relay Equipment Interface
Request Randomization Index
Radio Resource Management Entity
Routing Recording Number
Restricted Radio Operator's Certificate of Proficiency
Radio-Relay Physical Interface
Radio-Relay Regenerator
Radio-Relay Reference Point
Radio-Relay System
Remote Radar Station
RACF Remote Sharing Facility
Resource Reservation Setup Protocol
Radio Regenerator Section Termination
Radio-Relay Terminal
Radio Satellite
Read Solomon
Reduced Slope
Russian amateur Satellite 1
Reliable Service Area
Remote Storage Area
Repair Service Center
Radio Station Central
Russian Satellite Communication Company
Radio Service Channel Unit
Remote Specific Descriptor
Remote Single-layer Embedded test method
Remote Subscriber Equipment
Residential System Identifier
Request-and-Status Link
Radio Subsystem Management
Random-access channel for system management and control
Radio Station Nodal
Radio SDH Physical Interface
Received Signal Strength Intensity
Radio Station Terminal
Readability, Strength and Tone
Regenerator Section Termination for STM-1 Radio- Relay
Reliable SAP Update Protocol
Relative Spectral Width
Rotary Switch
Recorder Tone
Remote Termination
Rise Time
realtime Variable Bit Rate
Real-Time ANI
Regional Test Bed
Receive Timing Controller
Remote Tunable Combiner
Runtime Control
Runtime Code
Radio Technical Commission of Aeronautics
Requirements and Technical Characteristics for Aviation
Real-Time Conferencing Protocol
Resonant Tunneling Diode
Radio Telephone Distress Frequency
Real-Time Data Migration
Rough Terrain Diffusion Model
Real-Time Data System
Radar Target Data Processor
Registered Terminal Equipment
Recommended Technical Framework Document
Remote Throttled First Service
Radio Telegraphy
Radiation Transfer Index
Real-Time IP
Real-Time Kinematic Surveying
Radio Television Luxemburg
Relative Transmission Level
Resistor-“Transistor Logic
Runtime License
Standards Australia International Ltd.
Status Computer Application Interface
Speech Activated Intelligent Dialing
Section Alarm Indication Signal
Self-Administered Maintenance
Service Activation Manual
Serving Area Multiplex
Subscriber Access Management
Switched Access with Multiplexer
Spread ALOHA Multiple Access
Sama Communications Company
Satellite Access Provider
Standard Association of New Zealand
Secure Audio Path
Server Application Programming
Service Advertizing Protocol
Software Acquisition Planing
Service Access Processing System
Surface-Array Recording
Search and Rescue and Homing
Search And Rescue Beacon
Service Activation Request Manager
Standards And Recommended Practices and Procedures
Satellite Access Station
Severely errored frame/Alarm indication Signal
Silicon Asymmetrical Switch
Simple Attachment Scheme
Survivable Adaptive System
Special Autonomous Study Group
Syrian Arab Standardization and Metrology Organization
Seasat A satellite scatterometer
Stand-Alone Terminal
Subscriber Access Terminal
Satelites Mexicanos
Satellite Telephone
Satellite Video-On-Demand
Signaling Access Unit
Secondary Body
Signal Battery
Synchronous Burst
Sub-Band Adaptive Differential PCM
Services-oriented Building Area Network
Session Border Controler
Subsequent Bill Company
Single-Bit Cipher Feedback
Satellite-Based Cellular System
Smart Battery Data
Shared Bus Interface Controller
Shared Buffer Memory
Service-Based Operator
Spaceborne Radar
Subsystem Backup Routing
Satellite Base Station
Shift Bit Select
Sistema Brasilero de Telecomunicaceos por Satellite
Sun Microsystems data Bus
Solar Backscatter Ultra-Violet Experiment
Slot Connector 242
Slot Connector 330
Signal Communications Axis
Special Customer Arrangement
SubCarrier Adapter
Supplemental Communications Authority
Switch-to-Computer Applications Interface
SCSI Configured AutoMatically
Silicon Capacitive Absolute Pressure
SCSA Application Programming Interface
SCSA bus
Satellite Communications Control System
Saudi Communications Commission
Signal Channel Codec
Signal Communications Center
Smart-Card Chip
Space Communications Corporationration
System Control Computer
Service Circuits Control Element
Simple Client Control Protocol
Secure Code Control System
Switching Center Control System
Signaling Channel Descriptor
Source-Controlled Drawing
Synchronous CDMA
SCSA Device Programming Interface
Storage Control Element
Scientific, electronic and biological
Service Control Facility
Saturn-Compliant Interface-”Physical
Smart Card Industry Association
Supreme Council of ICT
Single-Chip Integration Module
Site Candidate information Package
Serial Clock
Space Charge Layer
Supervisory Control Language
Service Circuit Module
Serial Copyright Management System
Smart-Card Manufacturing System
Signal plus Noise-to-Noise
Signal plus Noise plus Distortion
Standing Communications Operating Instruction
Standing Communications Operating Instituteuction
Society of College, National and University Libraries
Society of College, National and Universityrsity Libraries
Sealed Chips On Tape
Switched Circuit-Oriented and Tracking System
Satellite Communications Processor
SCPC Frequency Modulation
SCPC Phase Shift Keying
Standard Commands for Programmable Instituteuments
SCSA Call Router
Signal Corporation Radio Laboratories
Signal Corps Radio Laboratories
Scrambled Non-Return-to-Zero
Scattering Cross-Section
Split Charging Service
SCSI version 3
Single Channel Signaling Rate
Supervisory, Control & Switching Unit
Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes
System Control Terminal
Serial Clock Transmit External
Society of Cable Television Engineers, Inc.
Simple Computer Telephony Protocol
Service Channel Unit
Signaling and Control Unit
Signaling Channel Unit
System Control Signal Unit
Single-Channel Voice Frequency
Spontaneous Call Waiting Display
Signal Conditioning Extension for Instrumentation
Signal Conditioning Extension for Instituteumentation
Satellite Digital Audio Receiver Service
Super-Dissipation Ball-Grid Array
Security Database Computer
Synchro-to-Digital Converter
Section Data Communication Channel
Serial Data Converter Modules
Specialized Database Functions
Sub-Distribution Frame
SDH physical Interface
Synchronization Distribution Interface
Shrink Dual Inline Package
Successive Detection Log Amplifier
Software Description Language C
Synchronous Data Logical Link Control
Super DLT
Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier
Sub-rate Data Multiplexing
Station Detail Message Accounting
Secondary Distribution Network
Sustainable Development Networking Program
SAR Data Provider
Severely Disturbed Period
Simple Discovery Protocol
Synchronous Data Port Cluster
Signal-to-distortion Ratio
Synchronized Dynamic RAM
SDH Data Sub-network
Service Domain Selection
Standards and Data Services Committee
Single-line DSL
Serial Data Transport Interface
Standard-definition Digital Television
Small-scale Data Utilization Station
Switched Digital Video Broadcasting
Synchronous Digital Cross Connect
Self-Extracting Application
Standard Eastern Automatic Computer
South East Asia-“Middle East-“West Europe
Security Encoding Computer
Service Entrance Cable
Small Exchange Carrier Access Billing Specifications
Sequential Color and Memory
Sequential Control
Secure Voice Cord Board
Semiconductor Equipment and Material International's Communications Standard
Secure Telephone
Smoke Emitting Diode
Surface-emitting Distributed Feedback
Secure Explicit Forwarding
Secondary Electron Imaging
Shiraz Electronics Industries
Surface Emitting Laser
Surface-Emitting Light-Emitting Diode
Synchronous Equipment Management
Standard Electronic Module E-type
Semiconductor Equipments and Materials International
Symbol Error Probability
Software Engineering for Parallel Processing
Signaling Endpoint Translator
Satellite Equipment Room
Software Engineering Research Network
Service Order
Secure Encryption Technology
Single Electron Transistor
Southeastern Telecommunications Association
System Engineering, Technical assistance And Management Services
Secure Voice Access System
Secondary Frequency
Shared Frequency
Shared Frame-Buffer Interface
Shannon-“Farro Coding
Switch Fabric Controller
Spurious-free Dynamic Range
Service for French INternet eXchange
Synthesizer Filter Module
Smart Flash ROM
Single-Frequency Tone
Standard Frequency and Time signal Satellite
Standard Frequency and Time Signal
Scalable Fault Tolerance Architecture
Store-and-Forward Unit
Super Group
Study Group 2
Solder-Grid Array
Shahid Ghandi Communication Cable Company
Space Ground Link System
Smartfren Gadget Specialist
Sample-and-Hold Amplifier
Single-pair High-bit-rate DSL
Second Harmonic Generator
Silicon Hybrids with Infrared Extrinsic Long-wavelength Detector
S-band High-accuracy Ranging
Scanning by Hydrographic Operational Airborne Lidar Survey
short-range Doppler
Short-range Aid To Navigation
Signaling Handoff Point
Sample and Hold Phase Detector
Short Hold Time
Suppressed High-level differential Transfer
Server-parsed HTML
Systeme' International D'unites
Silicon Avalanche Photo Diode
Silicon Nitride
Service Independent Building Blocks
Selectively Implanted Collector
Service Information Compiler
Service Initiation Charge
Silicon Carbide
System Interface Cluster
Security Industry Digital Network
SES ID Record
Signaling Information Fields
Special Interest Group on data Communications
System Integration Interface
Signal Intercept From Low Orbit
Single Interface Module
Single-Instituteuction Multiple-Data
Signal-to-Noise and Distortion
Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Systems
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd.
Sino Satellite Communications
Signal strength, Interference, Noise, Propagation and Overall
Scientific or Industrial Organization
Serial Input and Output
Silicon Oxide
SDMS Interface Protocol
Single Inline Pinned Package
Serial Infrared data transmission
Stepped Impedance Resonator
Substrate-Incident Recording
Soft Input-“Soft Output
Socie'te' Internationale de Te'le'communication Aeronautique
Towers and Infrastructure Providers Association
Total Accounting Rate
Towed Active Radar Device
Telegraph Automatic Relay Equipment
Target ID Address Resolution Protocol
Turn Around Ranging Station
Terminal Acquisition Support
Television Advisory Standards Organization
Trans Atlantic Telephone
Transverse Acoustic-wave Voltage
Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter and Receiver Interface
Traffic Burst
Traffic Burst 1
Terabyte per second
Transmit Burst Acquisition
Transnational Broadband Backbone
TBB Interconnecting Bonding Conductor
Traffic Burst n
Transparent Bit-Oriented Protocol
Telemetry Byte Oriented Serial
Timed Break
Transmit Burst Synchronization
Terrestrial Channel
Time Committed
Timing Clock
Transmission Coefficient
Telecom Certification & Filing, Inc.
Telemetry Command and Ranging
Tele-Communications Association
Threshold Crossing Alert
Trunk Carrier
Traffic Alert and Collision and Avoidance System
Temperature Coefficient Of Capacitance
Trunk Control Circuit
Tactical Communications Control Facility
Telephone Card Club of Great Britain
Total Country Connectivity Measure
Technical Computing Environment
Telecommunication & Computer Industries Consortium
Trunk Circuit Identification Code
Temperature Coefficient of Linear Expansion
Trellis-Coded Modulation 4-Dimensional
Table of Collective Numbers
Thomas Conrad Networking System
Tandem Connection Overhead
T-shaped Connector
Transaction Confirmation Report
Telecommunications and Customer Service Forum
Technical Committee, Special Mobile Group
Table of Closed User
Terminal Control Unit for A-interface
Table of Address Conversion
Temperature-Compensated Voltage-controlled Crystal Oscillator
Taping Command Word
Temperature-compensated Crystal Oscillator
Time Divisionsion CDMA
Time Division CDMA
Time Division Synchronous CDMA
Time Divisionsion Synchronous CDMA
Time Domain Alias Cancellation
Table of Dial Codes
Time Division Controller
Time Divisionsion Controller
Theater Deployable Communications System
Time Divisionsion Duplexed
Time Division Demultiplexed
Time Divisionsion Demultiplexed
Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act
Time Division Duplex System
Time Divisionsion Duplex System
Time Delay Equalizer
Technical Development and Evaluation Laboratory
Telediffusion de France
Transborder Data Flow
Trunk Distributing Frame
Time Domain Harmonic Scaling
Transmit Digital Intertie
Trunk Data Module
TDMA with Random Assignment
TDMA with Satellite Switching
Time Division Multiplex Quadrature PSK
Time Divisionsion Multiplex Quadrature PSK
Transmit Digital Processing
Temperature-Dependent Resistor
Terrestrial Digital Service
Terrestrial Data Service
Time-Division Switching
Time-Divisionsion Switching
Transmission Data Service
Televisão Digital Terrestre
Total Delay Time
Tape Drive Unit
Topology Database Update
Trunk Exchange
Transferred-electron Amplifier
Transversely-Excited Atmospheric-pressure laser
Telecommunications and Electronic Consortium
Thermal Electric Cooler
Total ionospheric Electron Content
Traffic Editor Control File
Transferred Electron Device
Transmission Electron-Diffraction contrast microscopy
Telecommunications Entrance Facility
Terminal Endpoint Functional Group
Two-dimensional Electron Gas FET
Telephone Companies
Telecom Engineering Center
Television Broadcast
Television Radar Air Navigation
Telecom Services Association
Teletypewriter Network
Transmission Electron Microscope
Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturing Company
Temperature Coefficient
Trans-European Telecommunications Network
Transformer Exciting Network
Texas Educational Network
Telephone Equipment Order
Transferred Electron Oscillator
Telegraph Error Rate Measuring
Terminal Mode
Tandem Accelerator for Environmental and Radar and Radiolocation Analysis
Technology Subcommittee
Telecommunications Electric Service Priority
Telegraph End Terminal
Terrestrial Trunked Radio
Trapped Electromagnetic Wave
Texture Element
Time signals and Frequency
Thin Film Detector
Thin Film Electroluminescent
Thin-Film Laser
Tera Floating-point Operations
Tamed Frequency Modulation
Thin-Film Optical Multiplexer
Thin-Film Optical Modulator
Thin-Film Optical Switch
Thin-Film Optical Waveguide
Time and Frequency Unit
Terminator Group
Terminator Group-”type E
Terminator Group-”type F
Through-Group Filter
Test-case Generation System
Theater High Altitude Area Defense
Temperature-Humidity Bias
Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise
Thermal Resistor
Telephone Handset Integrator
thick Ethernet coaxial cable
thin Ethernet coaxial cable
Trans Hybrid Loss
Telecom Italia
Terrestrial Interface
Time International Atomic
Time Interval Analyzer
Trunk Tandem InterLATA Connecting Trunk
Terminal International Center
Temperature-Induced Cable Loss
Telephone Interconnect Equipment
Terrestrial Interface Equipment
Trusted Information Environment
Telecom Information Equipment and Services
Tagged Image File Format-”Fax
Teletyper Input Method
Trace Identifier Mismatch
The Interactive Media Alliance
Telecom, Internet, Media & Entertainment
Thermal Imaging Navigation Set
TETRA Interoperability Profile
Telecommunications and IP Harmonization Over Networks
Telephone Industry Price Index
Telrate International Quotations
Total Indicated Reading
Trunks Integrated Records Keeping System
Technical Information Sheet
Telecom Industry Services Operating Center
Tester Independent Software Support System
Terminal Loop-Back
Test Loop-Back
Terminating Local Exchange Carrier
Transmission Line Matrix
Triple-Layer Metal
Telemetry Land Station
Token-Ring LAN Service Unit
Type - Length - Value
Terminating Multiplexer
Thematic Mapper
Tracking Module
Telemetry and Telecommand
Telecommunication Managers Association
Tracking Mode Coupler
Transfer Mode Converter
Tactical MAP Display
Telocator Message Entry
Telemanagement Forum
Traffic Message Interchange Bus
Telephony Markup Language
Traffic Management Network
Theoretical Mid-Point
Trunked Mobile Radio
Technology Marketing and Research Council
Teleport Monitoring System
Times Microwave Systems
Test and Measurement Systems Language
Technology, Media and Telecoms
Technology, Media & Telecom
Technology, Media & Telecoms
Telecom, Media & Technology
Telecoms, Media & Technology
Telecoms, Media and Technology
Terminal Make-Up
Twister Nematic
Telematics Network for Administrations
Treaded Naval Connector
Terrestrial Network Identification
Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display
Transmission Not Ready
Transparent Networking Transport
Tetra Node Exchange
Telecommunication Operator
Transmit Only
Technical Operating Center
Test Okay
Thin-film Optical Multiplexer
Thin-film Optical Modulator
Thin Outline Package
Transfer Orbit and Payload-testing Support
Thin-film Optical Switch
Telecommunications Office of Shovak Republic
Thin-film Optical Waveguide
Transmission Protocol 0
Transmission Protocol 4
Tunneling Protocol
Twisted Pair Distributed Data Interface
Twisted-Pair Media Interface Connector
Twisted Pair-Physical Media Dependent
Turbo Port Card
Transaction Processing Council Benchmark-D
Twisted-Pair Ethernet Transceiver
Twists Per Foot
Telephone Plant Index
Teleprocessing Monitor
Terminating Point Masterfile
Traffic Processor Module
Trunked Professional Mobile Radio
Totally Private Network
Telecommunications Private Operating Agency
Training, Planning & Operational Support
Test-Pad Quad Flat Pack
Technology Policy Working Group
Toll Quality
Total Quality of Management
tube Transmit-“Receive tube
Telcordia Routing Administration
Trace Route
Transimpedance Amplifier
Transputer RAM
Transmitter And Receiver
Transfer Resistor
Transmitter Responder
Transistor Computer
Tactical Receive Application Protocal
Trapped Plasma Avalanche Triggered Transitor
Transit Routing Control Table
Transverse Redundancy Check
Trouble Reporting Central Office
Tropical Ecosystems Environment observation by Satellite
Telecommunications Regulatory Email Grapevine
Transmission Expert
Tracking & Receiving Facility
Tri-Color Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Tri-Color Wavelength-Divisionsion Multiplexing
triode AC
Tri-Band Earth Station
Telephone Routing over IP
Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Service
Through Reflect Line
Transistor-“Resistor Logic
Transmission Line
Terminal Mode
Terminal Multiplexer
Universal Dialing Keyset
Universityrsal Dialing Keyset
Ultimate Dumb, Open Programmable
Unacknowledged Datagram Protocol
Universal Data Patch Unit
Universityrsal Data Patch Unit
Unidirectional High bit-rate DSL
Ultra-Definition Television
Ultra-Dense Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Ultra-Dense Wavelength-Divisionsion Multiplexing
Universal Encoding Conversion Technology
Universityrsal Encoding Conversion Technology
Universal Equipment Module
Universityrsal Equipment Module
Unit Eruptible Power Supply
Undeleted Error Ratio
Unattended Earth Terminal
Unfit for Broadcast
Unintentional Frequency Modulation On Pulse
UHF Follow-on
Unnumbered Frame
Upstream Failed Signal State
User Glossary Working Group
Unidirectional Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Universityrsal Integrated Circuit Card
Universityrsal International Freephone Number
Universityrsal Identity Module
Uniform Impedance Resonator
Upper Flight Information Region
United Kingdom Industrial Space Committee
University of Kentucky's campus Network
Universityrsity of Kentucky's campus Network
U.K Office for Library and Information Networking
Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc.
Unintentional Modulation
Utility Message Interchange Bus
Universal Messaging Interoperability Group
Universityrsal Messaging Interoperability Group
Universityrsal Messaging Service
Unified Memory Space Protocol
UMTS Forum
Unified Network Architecture
Unbundled Network Elements-”Platform
Unix version of COBOL
Universal Network Information Exchange
Universityrsal Network Information Exchange
Universal Network Management Architecture
Universityrsal Network Management Architecture
Universal Network Management Record
Universityrsal Network Management Record
Utilities Operating Instructions
Utilities Operating Instituteuctions
User Protocol Interface
User Plane
Ultra-Portable Multiplexer
Utility Processor Module
Universityrsal Personal Number
Universal Payment Preamble
Universityrsal Payment Preamble
Unidirectional Path-Protection Switched Ring
UPT Access Address
UPT Access Code
UPT Access Number
Up-link RF System
User Request Manager
Unidad Reguladora de Servicios de Comunicaciones
Universityrsal Service Administrative Company
U.S.A Standard Code of Information Interchange
Unites States Advanced Network
Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
Universityrsal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
Universal Synchronous Data
Universityrsal Synchronous Data
United States ISDN
Users Society for Electronic Design Automation
Users' Network
User Identification
Universal Service telephone Fee
Universityrsal Service telephone Fee
Universal Single Frequency
Universityrsal Single Frequency
United States Internet Industry Association
United States Internet Industry Association
UMTS Subscriber Identity Module
Union of Swiss Shortwave Amateurs
Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure
Universityrsal Service Obligations
Universityrsal Service Plan
User Service Order Profile
User Service Profile Identifier
Universal Service Plan
United States Potent and Trademark Office
Unilateral Synchronization System
Unstructured Supplementary Services
Unstructured Supplementary Subscriber Data
United States Suppliers Association
Upper Sideband Suppressed Carrier
Universal Synchronous Serial Interface
Universityrsal Synchronous Serial Interface
United States Telecommunications Training Institutetute
Utilities Telecommunications Association
Universal Trunk Data Record
Universityrsal Trunk Data Record
UCS Transformation Format-8
Universal Test and Operations Interface for ATM
Universityrsal Test and Operations Interface for ATM
Ultra-Thin Quad Flat-Pack
Universal Telephone Service
Universityrsal Telephone Service
Ultra Thin Small Outline Package
Unix to Unix Copy Protocol
Unix-To-Unix Decoding
Unix-To-Unix Decoding
Unix-To-Unix Encoding
UNIX-to-UNIX encoding
Unified User Interface
Unique User Identifier
Unified Voice
Ultra-Violet erasable PROM
Ultraviolet Alpha
Ultraviolet Beta
Undervoltage Lockout
Unique Word
Virtual Communications System
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser Diode
Virtual Channel Sub-Network
Virtual Channel Termination
Voltage-Controlled Variable Attenuator
Voltage-controlled Voltage Source
Virtual Circuit Cross-Connect
Voice and Data Access Point
Visitor Data Base
Voltage Drain Drain
VNET International Direct Distance Dialing
Video Decompression Engine
Visual Development Environment
Voice Distribution Frame
VESA Display Information Forum
Virtual Disk
Video Display Metafile
Voice Data Multiplexer
Voltage Drop-Out
Voice Data Port Card
Variable Data Rate Video
Very-high-data-rate DSL
Virtual Ethernet Network
Virtual Environment Software
Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm
Version Fast Class
Voice Frequency Carrier Telegraph
Voice Frequency Distribution Frame
Voice Frequency Directory Number
Vertical FET
Virtual Facilities Group
Videotex Gateway
Video Graphic Accelerator
Voice Grade Channel
Voice Grade Equivalent
Voice Grade Private Line
Visual Grep
Very High-bit-rate Asymmetric DSL
Very High-speed IC hardware Description Language
Very High Density Logic
Very High-bit-rate DSL
Virtual Host Interface
Video Home Systems
Very High Speed Data
Virtual Instituteument
Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access
Vertical Intermediate Distributing Frame
Visualizing Impacts of Earthquakes With Satellite
Vertical In-Line
Voice Interface Module
Virtual Networking Software
Virtual Internet Protocol Addressing
Virtual Internet Protocol Routing
Virtual Image Phased Array
Voice over IP Router
Visible and Infrared Radiometer
Virtual Instituteument Software Architecture
VXI System Alliance
Visible Calculator
VLSI Integrated Set Top Architecture
VME International Trade Association
Vehicle Location Detection
Visitor Local Number
Very Low Rate Encoding
Virtual LAN Link State
Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuit
Video Look up Table
versatile modular E-bus
Voice Messaging Educational Committee
Validation Message Fraud
Vehicle Management Information
V Series Modem Interface
Vertical MOS
Validation Monitoring and Removal
Virtual Messaging Service
Versatile Message Transaction Protection
Vertical Network Analyzer
Virtual private Network
Visible and Near-Infrared Radiometer
Voice News Network
Voice over Broad-Band
Virtual Operator's Console
Voice Coder
Voice-Operated Device Anti-Sing
Voice-Operation Demonstrator
Voice-Oriented Gain-Adjusting Device
Voice over HDLC
Voice over Internet Protocol Forum
Volume Control
Voice-Operated Loss-Control And Signaling
Voice-over-Multiservice Broadband Network
VHF omnidirectional range tacan
Voice-Operated Relay Circuit
VHF Omnidirectional Range and Distance-measuring equipment for Area Coverage
VOR collocated and/or combined with TACAN
VESA Open Set Top
VMS OSI Transport Service
Voice Operated Transmit
Volume Pixel
Voice Markup Language
Voice Port
Virtual Path Adaptation
Variable Power Attenuator
Voice Port Adapter
Voice Port Adapter Rack
Vertical Package
Voice Port Cluster
Vapor-Phase Dissolution
Variable Phase Divider
Variable Phase Divisionder
Virtual Private Data Service
Vapor-phase Epitaxy
Variable Path Identifier
Virtual Packet Identifier
Voice Processing Module
Virtual Path Sub-Network
Voltage Pinch-Off
Very Plain Old Telephone Service
VXI Plug-and-Play
Voice Port PBX
Vapor Phase Soldering
Variable Phase Shifter
Virtual Path Termination
Virtual Printer Technology
Virtual Private Trunking
Voice Port Telephone
Virtual Physical Unit
Virtual Path Cross-Connect
Very-fine-pitch Quad Flat Pack
Virtual Ring Down
Virtual Router Identifier
Volt Root Mean Square
Virtual Route Pacing Response in SNA
Vertical Synchronization
Voice Store and Forward
Very Small Aperture Check
Variable Speech Control
Voice Services Equipment
Virtual Surface Image Memory
Vestigial Sideband Modulation
Virtual SS7 Network
Videsh Sanchar Nigam, Ltd
Very Small Outline Package
VHDL System Simulator
Voice Server System
Voltage Source-Source
Voice Switcher
Verification Suite for X/open
Video Teleconferencing
Virtual Tributary-2
Virtual Tributary-6
Vermont Telecommunications Applications Center
Voltage-“Temperature Cut-Off
Virtual Timer Device
Variable-Time fuse
Voltage Timing Generator
Vietnam Telecom International
Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer
Voltage Transformation Module
Voltage Tunable Magnetron
Vendor Type Number
Virtual Telecommunications Network Services
Variable Term Pricing Plan
Vehicular Technology Society
Video To The Home
Video Teleconferencing Unit
Voucherless Top Up
VDSL Transmission Unit-”Central Office
VDSL Transmission Unit-”ONU
VDSL Transmission Unit-”Remote
Vacuum Tube Volt Meter
Voice User Group
Volume Unit Meter
Voltage Variable Attenuator
WIPO Copyright Treaty
Weighted Call Value
Wavelength Division
Wavelength Divisionsion
Withdrawn and Deleted
Wireless Digital Assistant
Windows Definition Function
Wireless Data Forum
Wide-area Differential GPS
Wavelength Divisionsion Multiple Access
Wavelength Demultiplexer
Winchester Drive Unit
World-Wide Web
Web digital video camera
World Wide Web Broadcast
Web-based seminar
Web Network File System
Internet telephone
Internet TV
Web-based magazine
Western Electric Company
Web-Enabled Contact Center
Western-states Air Resources Council
Winchester Floppy Controller
Wired For Management Baseline
Woodstock File Server
Windows For Work-Groups
Working Group on Digital Television Broadcasting
Working Group on Information Highway
Worldwide Geodetic System
Western Host
West Hemispheric
Wireless Fidelity at 5 GHz
Wireless LAN
Wireless Institutetute of Australia
Wireless Interface Device
Wireless Integration Device
Wide-Field Sensor
Wireless Interoperability Group
Wireless Local Loop
WAP Identity Module
Wireless Institutent Messaging
Windows Icons Menus Pointing
Windows 2000
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows CE
Windows Millennium Edition
Windows New Technology
Wideband Inter Networking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite
Wireless Information Networks Forum, Inc
Windows games
Windows ISDN
Windows Socket API
Washington Internet Project
Washington International Teleport
Washington Integrated Telecommunications System
Wireless Interface Telephone System
Wavelength Interchanging Cross-Connect
Wireless LAN Alliance
Wireless LAN Interoperability
Wireless LAN Research Laboratory
Wavelength Modulation
Wireless Master Antenna TV
Wireless Multimedia Forum
World's Most Powerful Network
Wavelength Multiplexer
Write Once, Read Never
Wholesale Operator Service
Wavelength-Agile Optical Transport and Access Network
Wireless Office Telecommunications System
Wire Photo
Working Party 8B
Wireless PABX
Wireless Protocols Group
Wearable Public Key Infrastructure
Weighted Qaudrature Amplitude Modulation
Withdrawn and Replaced
White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Violet
World Radio Communications Conference
Web Replication and Caching
Wireless Rural Loop
Western Region Switch Support
Wireless Subscriber-”Automatic Number Identification
Wireless Specialty Apparatus Company
Wireless Server Certificate
Wireless Switching Center
Wireless Security Group
Wireless Systems International
WAP Security Toolkit
Wall Street Telecommunications Association
Wavelength Selective Cross-Connect
Wireless Telephony
World Telecommunications Standardization Conference
Western Union-”Advanced Transmission Systems
Wafer Under Test
Working Voltage
Working Volts DC
Web Voice Integration
Wideband Video Tape Recorder
Wire Wound
World-Wide Direct Dialing
Wide Wavelength-Division Multiplexing
Wide Wavelength-Divisionsion Multiplexing
World Wide Digital System Architecture
Cross Connect Box