Popular Telecommunications acronyms and abbreviations list

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List of acronyms

Alarm, Status and Control
Automatic Answering Equipment
Administration and Billing Center
Australian Broadcasting Corporationration
Absent Subscriber
Alerting Base Station
Amplitude Divisionsion Multiple Access
Additional Period
Astra Digital Radio
Automatic Destination Redirection
Automatic Destination Redirect
Accès Distant Sécurisé
Automatic Electric Company
Address Extension Field
Additional Equipment Interface
Application-Entity Invocation
Analogue Extension Module
Answer Emergency Key
Asynchronous Event Notification
Asociacion Espanola de NORmalizacion
Acoustic Echo Path
Application Event Recording
Application Event Recorder
Application Event Record
Application Environment Specific
Asynchronous Event Scheduler
ATM End System
Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcast Union
ATM End Station Address
ATM End System Address
Automatic Electronic Switching Center
Architecture Evolution Team
Access Facility
Access Fault
Adjust Flag
Applications Framework
Assured Forwarding
Auxiliary carry Flag
Automatic Force Administration Data System
Additional Functional Call
Alternate Function Code
Automatic Fee Collection
Adaptive File Distribution Protocol
Active Feature Element
Advanced Filtering Facility
Access Feature Grouping
Automated Fault Insertion Testing
Application Framework Library
Adobe Font Metric
Audio Frequency Modulation
Access Feeder Node
All Figure Number
Automatic Floating Point
Advanced File and Print Services
Automatic Facility Protection Switching
AFR Trigger
Annualised Failure Rate
Automatic Field Recognition
Automatic Format Recognition
Automatic Flexible Routing
Awaiting Forward Release
Automatic Flexible Routing Dialing Plan
Advanced Freephone Service
Audit File Switch
Analog Facility Terminal
Authentication Firewall Traversal
Automatic Frequency Tuning
African Virtual University
African Virtual Universityrsity
Address Generation
Associated Group
Aktien Gesellschaft
Try Again
Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosure
Associated Group Assignments
Associated Group Assignment
Access Group Controller
Advanced Graphic Controller
Automatic Gapping Controls
AG Communication Systems
Absolute Global Data Segment
Automation Generic Environment
Agent Extensibility
Address Generation/Execute Cycle
Address Generation Interlock
Associated Group Indicators
Analogue GrouND
Aggregate Network Evolution Simulator
Adaptive Grooming Router
Associated Group
Assignable Grade of Service
Authorized GSA Scheduler Representative
Active Generations Table
Alberta Government Telephone
Application Generator Tool Kit
Automatic Guided Vehicle
Acceptance Handshake
Ad Hoc
Artech House
Average Hour
Automated Headset Adapter Box
Automatic Headset Adapter Box
Average Hour Call Attempt
Absolute Humidity Control Module
ATM-attached Host Functional Group
Additional High Layer Function
A Hardware Programming Language
Address Hold Register
Average Holding Time
Active Indication
Adapter Interface
Agent Information
Alerting Indication
Antenna Interface
Aspect Interface
Auto Inserted
Automatic Identification
Automatic Intercept
Action Item Assignment
Automatic Internal Administration
Automative Industry Action Group
Alarm Indication Bit
Automatic Intercept Bureau
Access Interface Card
Asian ISDN Council
Awaiting Incoming Continuity
Access Identifier
Access Point Identifier
Agent ID
Agent Interworking Data Access Framework
Automatic Inventory Directory System
Agence International de l'Energie Atomique
Additional Information Field
Application Interface
Audio Interchange Format
AIFF With Built-In Compression
Additional Information Indicator
Asynchronous Interface Line Card
Asynchronous Interface Line Unit
Agent Interworking Mechanism
Application Integration Module
Architectural Improvement of the Month
Automatic Inspect Mode
Awaiting Incoming Message
Advanced Image Management System
ATM Inverse Multiplexing
Additional Information Number
Additional Information Octet
Advanced Intelligent Network DN
Attribute Identification Number
AIN Application Protocol
Advanced Intelligent Network Generic Requirements
ATM Internetwork Interface
AIN Release
Automatic In-Service
Adjacent Intermediate Node Translator
Automatic Intercept Service Call Completion
Automatic Intercept Call Completion
Automatic Identified Outward Dialing
Automatic Identification Outward Dialing
Additional Information Presentation
Agent Interworking Protocol
Air Interface Protocol
Action Item Resolution
Additive Increase to Rate
Allowed Information Rate
Additive Increase Rate Factor
Automatic Image Retrieval System
Automatic Intercept Retrieval System
Alarm Indication Signalling
Alarm Inhibit Signal
Atria Information Switchboard
Automatic Intercept Signaling
Automatic Intercept Service
Advanced ISP
Australian ISUP
Additional Information Type
Architecture Integration Team
Average Instituteuction Time
Average Instruction Time
Access Interface Unit
Alarm Interface Unit
Architecture Integration and Verification
APPN Implementors' Workgroup
All Junky Pages Intentionally Illogical & Inconsistent
Attendant Key
Data Acknowledgment
Add Key Option
Access Link
Analog Link
Analog Loopback
Adaptation Layer 1
Adaptation Layer 2
Adaptation Layer 3
Association Link Block
Automatic Line Build-Out
Airlines Line Control
Alcatel Intelligent Network
Austrian Line Concentrating Module
Architecture Level Design
Asymmetric Life Dependency
Attribute List Display
Automated Logic Diagram
ACI Long Distance Operations System
Address Latch Enable
Address Lifetime Expectancy
ALERT function for different types of alert
Alerting message
Automatic Laser-Fiber Assembly
Alert Logic Filter Editor
Austrian Line Group Controller
Algorithmic Oriented Language
Application Level Interface
ATM Link Interconnect
Automatic Line Identification
Automatic Line Insulation Testing System
Alarm Line Interface Unit
Automatic Logical Link Connection
Additional Low Layer Function
Association Link Manager
ATM Layer Manager
Alarm Status
Alarm/Status Settings Group Identifier
AMA Line Number
Association Link Object
Application Layer Program
Automated Language Processing
Automated Learning Process
Adaptive Linear Predictive Coding
Active Line Rotation
Alerting Signal
Application Layer Service
Automatic Laser Shutdown
Alternate Line Screening Code
Accelerated Life Test
Alerting message
Automatic Line Test
Automatic Line Testing
Automatic Line Test Set
Alternate Announcements
Alternative Local Transport Supplier
Abbreviated Line-Up
Average Line Utilization
Average Line Usage
Address Marker
Address Modifier
Agency Model
Airline Mileage
ASCII Mediation
Association Manager
Audio Monitor
Amplitude Modulated-Frequency Division Multiplexed
Amplitude Modulated-Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexed
Amplitude Modulation-Vestigial Sideband
Amplitude Modulation/Phase Shift Keying
Automatic Message Accounting Buffer
Automatic Message Accounting Billing
AMA Collection Center
Automatic Message Accounting Collecting System
Automatic Message Accounting Data Networking System
Atlantech Management Application Framework
AMA International
Adaptive Mobile Access Protocol
Automatic Message Accounting Recording System
AMA Structure Code
Automatic Message Accounting Transaction Processor
Activation of Manual Bridging Call Exclusion
Access Multiplexer for CaTV
Adjunct Mobility Control Point
Amplitude Modulation Data System
Access Mechanism
Active-matrix Electroluminescent
ATM Mobility Extension Service
Alternate Master Format
Application Messaging Framework
Association Manager Framework
Advanced Measurement Head
American Microsystems International
Automatic Modem Insertion
Autonomous Message Interface
AM Interconnect Paddle Card
Agricultural Market Intelligence System
Actual Measured Loss
Applications Module Link
Active-Matrix LCD
Active Matrix Liquid-Crystal Displays
Advanced Memory Management
Answer Mode Modem
Acknowledgement of Mcu Number
ATM Monitoring
Acknowledge Mode Protocol
Agent Meeting Point
AIN Maintenance Parameter
Amplitude Modulation Phase Shift Keying
Automatic Message Routing
Automatic Message Recording
Automatic Message Recording 5
Amplitude Modulation Suppression
AT&T Message Service
ATM Main Switch
Audiovisual and Multimedia Service
Audiovisual Multimedia Service
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
Radio Amateur Satellite Corporationration
AMateur Telex Over Radio
American Mobile Satellite Corporationration
Advanced Manufacturing Technique
Advanced Mobile Traffic-Information Communications System
Automatic Mobile Telephone System
Antenna Matching Unit
Amplitude Modulation Voice Frequency Telegraphy
Automatic Message Waiting
Audible Message Waiting Notification
ATM Multiplexer
America's Network
Announcement Machine
Power Level
AN Frame Relay Function
Assigned Night Answer
Automatic Number Announcer
Analysis of Automatic Line Insulation Tests
Adaptive Narrow-Band FM Modem
Active Noise Cancelation
Area Number Calling
Answer, Charge signal
Answer Charge message
ANswer signal, Charge
Answer Complete
Access Node Configuration Manager
Abbreviated Number Delivery
Logical AND
Logical AND Immediate
Asynchronous Network
Access Network Function
Additional Network Features
Advanced Networking Group
Animated Cursor file
Automatic Number Identification 7
Automatic Number Identification Failed
Automatic Number Identification Fail
Active Network Interface Device
Adjacent Network Identifier
Associación Nacional de Industria Electronica
Analoger Teilnehmeranschluss an ISDN
Advanced NM
ATM Network Management System
Alcatel Network Systems
ANswer signal, No charge
Automatic Notification
AAL2 Negotiation Protocol
Awaiting Number Received
Advanced Networking Services
Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
Answer Message
Answer signal
ATM Name Server
Automated Notification System
Advanced Network System Architecture
Answer Timing
Application of New Technologies
Analogue Network Termination Unit
Answer Unqualified message
AMA Network User Identification
Access Node Express
Australia-New Zealand-Canada submarine cable
Abort Output
Acceptor Operable
Alternate Operator
Answer Only
Application Object
Automated Office
Always On/Dynamic ISDN
Agents Object System
Automatic Overload Control
Awaiting Outgoing Continuity
Advice of Charge During the Call
Advice of Charge- During call
Advice of Charge at the End of the Call
Advice of Charge
Advice of Charge
Automatic Out-of-Chain Routing
Always On/Dynamic ISDN
Always On Dynamic ISDN
Alternative Operators Group
Application Oriented Language
All-Optical Networking
Attendant Overflow Position
Average Occupied Positions
Application-Oriented Parsing Language
Automated Office Protocol Standard
Application-Owning Region
Auto Originate
Agents Object System
Area of Service
Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystem
Auxiliary Operator Services System
Auxiliary Operator Services System with Voice Response
Australian and Overseas Telecommunication Corporation
Australian and Overseas Telecommunication Corporationration
Acousto-Optical Tunable Fiber
Acoustooptic Tunable Filter
Advanced Orbital Test Satellite
Automatic Outgoing Trunk Test
Asia-Oceania Workshop
Abstract Protocol
Access Priority
Access Privilege
Access Protocol
Action Point
Active Approval
Adjunct Processor
Administration Processor
Administrative Processor
Administrative Point
Agency Protocol
Agent Process
Agent Profile
Alerting Pattern
Alternating Projection
Application Part
Argument Pointer
Assemblée Plénière
Automated Prompt and Response
Active Position Addressing
All-point Addressable
All Points Adressable
Advanced Public Access Solutions
Adaptive Prediction Backwards
Adaptive-Predictive Coder
All Paths Busy
All Positions Busy
Access Processor Card
Aeronautical Public Correspondence
Alarm and Power Control
Average Power Control
American Personal Communications
Analog Private Circuits
Application Processor Cabinet
Asia Pacific Committee
Automated Process Control
Adaptive Predictive Coding with Adaptive Bit allocation
Association Potocol Control Information
Association of Public Safety Communications Officials International
Automatic Phase Detector
Automatic Power-Down
Avalanche Photo Detector
Apple Programmers' and Developers' Association
Algorithmic Processor Description Language
Abgesetzte Pheriphaere Einheit
Adaptive Prediction Forward
Application Programming Guide
Abbreviated Page Index
Advanced Product Information
Application-Process Invocation
Application Programming Interface Association
Asynchronous Pollable Interface
Asynchronous Polling Interface
Attached Processor Interface
API/Communication Services
API Association for X.400
Alternate Preferred InterLATA Carrier
Alternate Preferred InterLATA Carrier Indicator
Alternate Preferred IC Indicator
Amplitude Phase Keying
Advanced Parts List
Advanced Programming Language
Advisory Processor Lock
Analog Private Line
Additional Packet Mode bearer service
Antenna to Partition Mapping
Application Processor Module
Audio Processing Module
Application Transport Message
Application Transport Mechanism
Auxiliary Processing Machine
Application Penetration Monitoring System
Alcatel PMT
Audio Processing Node
All-Primary/No Backup
Advanced Paging Operations Code
Advanced POCSAG
Atlantic Provinces Optical Cable System
Advanced Programming Object Kit
APON Line Termination
Asynchronous Passive Optical Network
ATM over Passive Optical Network
APON Network Termination
Application Program
Application Transport Parameter
Ascend Password Protocol
Applications milestone
Advanced Peripheral Processing Solution
Advanced Pay-Per-View
Additional Period Rate
Alarm Processing Remote
Alternate Path Retry
Automatic Position Reporting
Average Power Return Loss
Administrative Processor System
Attached Processor System
Advanced Printing Services
Alarm Processing Subsystem
Alternate Path Selection
American Protective Services
Application Server
Attendant Pay Station
Attended Pay Station
Automatic Protection Switch
Automatic Protection Switching with Diverse Protection
Automatic Protection Switching with Divisionrse Protection
All-Primary/Some Backup
Audio Precision System One
Automated Procedures Scheduling System
Address Partition Terminator
Advanced Parallel Technology
Application Process Title
Application Processing Unit
Application Systems
Automatic Progression Testing
African Postal and Telecommunication Union
Arithmetic Processor Unit
Audio Presentation Unit
AppExpert Source File
Control System
Annual Quality Congress
Advanced Query Feature
Abstract Quality System Element
Adaptive Quantized Update Algorithm
A Query And Retrieval Intractive Utility System
Access Rule
Action Register
Action Request
Allocated Rate
Alternate Routing
Alternate Routed
Analysis Report
Archive Library
Audible Ringing
Automatic Recall
Awaiting Reply
Alignment Range 1
Alignment Range 2
Agents for Remote Access
Alerting/Registration Area
Automatic Recall Activate
Automatic Resource Assignment
Arab Satellite Communications Organization
Audio RAM
Automatic Room Authorization Number
All Routes Busy
Access Request Channel
Access Rights Class
Action Request Command
Adaptive Rate Conversion
Administrative Radio Conference
Alternate Route Cancel
Army Reuse Center
Automatic Reception Control
Austrian Remote Cluster Controller
Access Response Channel
Architecture Identifier
AMA Remote Channel
Access Rights Details
Adaptive RAKE Diversity
Adaptive RAKE Divisionrsity
Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Automatic Recall Deactivate
Automatic Recall Dialable Directory Number
AT&T Reference Distribution System
Automated Radio Deployment Tool
Automatic Recall Date and Time
Asynchronous Ready
All Routes Explore
Abort, Retry, Fail
Alternative Routing From
Analog Receiver Filter
AT&T Reference Frequency
Automatic Rate Fallback
Allied Radio Frequency Agency
Access Rule Index
Airborne Radio Instrument
Airborne Radio Instituteument
Automatic Room Identification
Address Recognized Indicator/Frame Copied Indicator
Automatic Recall Invalid Action
Association of Radio Industries and Broadcasting
Agent Related Interaction Enhancements for Services
Aggregate Route-Based IP Switching
Admission Reject
Acceptable Reliability Level
Acoustic Reference Level
Audio Reference Level
Average Running Length
AMA Remote Logical Channel Number
Advanced Run-Length-Limited
Annotated C++ Reference Manual
Applications Reference Model
Architecture Reference Manual
Availability, Reliability, Maintainability
Automatic Recall Maximum Allowed
Adaptive Reservation Multiple Access Protocol
Automated Reporting of Mechanized Information Systems
Automatic Recording Management Information System
Additional Redirection Number
Alternate Route Number
Authentication Random Number
Alternate Route on Overflow
Audio Receive Only
Autonomous Reuse Partitioning
Adjust RPL Field
Admission Request
Automatic ReQuest for repeat
Automatic Request for Retransmission
Automatic Retransmission reQuest
Action Request Report
Attributes for Representing Relationship
Automatic Rerouting
Advanced Radiodata Research Centre
Alarm Receiving and Reporting Equipment
Action Response System
Active Root Service
Alarm Reporting System
Ameritech Reconfiguration Service
Automatic Route Selector
Automatic Route Selection Queuing
Automatic Route Selection-Deluxe
Automatic Route Selection Pattern
Alternative Routing To
Amplitude Radio Transmission
Audit Report Task
Automatic Recall Toggle
Automatic Reporting Telephone
Alpha Run Time Environment
Advanced Research and Technology Mission
A Real-Time Interface Coprocessor
Automatic Recall Time Out
Amateur Radio Transponder On Balloon
Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications et des Postes
Autorité de régulation des télécommunications et des postes
AIN Response Translation Simplification
American Radio Telephone System
ARSnet Router Traffic Statistics
Analog Radio Unit
Application Resource Unit
Automated Response Unit
Action Request View
Automatic Roaming Wide
Abstract Service
Access Signaling
Address Signal
Active Service
Address Strobe
Alignment Signal
Analog Signal
Application Selection
Application Supervisor
Area Selection
Bidirectional Logical Channel Signaling Entity
Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instituteuction Code
BBG Digit Collection, Translations and Routing
Backbone Core Bridge
Bellcore Corporationrate Data Contract
Bonding Conductor for Telecommunications
Barring of Incoming
Billing Instituteuctions
BISDN Inter Carrier Interface
Belgium Institutetute for Posts and Telecommunications
Blocking Acknowledgment signal
Burst Mode Link Analyzer
Burst Mode Protocol
Bundesministerium für Post und Telekommunikation
Battery Power Distribution Unit
Business Performance Incentive
Borland Presentation Manager Custom Control
Bipolar Return to Zero
British Post Office
Buffered Pipe Protocol
Backplane Receive
Background Processing State
Binary Phase-shift Keying
Broadband Packet-Switched Network
Bidirectional Path-Switched Ring
Basic Packet Switched System
Broadband Packet Exchange
Broadcast Quality
Burst Qualified
Broadcast Quality Applications
Block Queries for Private Numbers
Bellcore Quality Registration Services
Base Register
Byte Register
Base Register 0
Base Register 1
Base Register 2
Base Register 3
Basic Rate Access
Battery Return
Battery Reversal
Billing Report
Bus Request
Line Break
Radiocommunications Bureau
Basic Rate Area
Basic Rate Agency
Brazil-Canary Islands submarine cable
Basic Rate Access Functional Set
Basic Rate Access Key Set
Basic Rate Access Meridian Feature Transparency
Basic Rate Boundary
Bit Rate Converter
Broadband Restoration Control Office
Business and Residence Custom Services
Business and Residential Customer Services
Basic Regular Expression
Bridge Relay Encapsulation
Base Relation Evolution
Bandwidth Request Field
Bell Rings Faintly
Bit Rate Generator
Basic Rate Interface- U-Interface
Basic Rate ISDN
Basic Rate Interface Communications Module
BRI Diagnostics Task
Basic Rate Interface Functional Signalling
BRI Maintenance Task
BNR Reduced Instruction Set Computing
BNR Reduced Instruction Set Computer
BNR Reduced Instituteuction Set Computer
BNR Reduced Instituteuction Set Computing
BRI Signaling Processor
BRI Service Supervisor
Basic Rate Interface Trunk
Basic Rate Interface Verification
Basic Rate Interface Transmission Extension
Basic Research in Industrial Technologies for Europe
Bandwidth Change Reject
Bandwidth Reject
Balance Return Loss
Broadband Remote Line Concentrator
Backward RM-cell
Bipolar Read-Only Memory
Bridge and ROUTER combination
Bandwidth Change Request
Bandwidth Request
Base Radio Stack
Block Received Signal
Buried Ridge Structure
Broadband Remote Switch Unit
BIC Relay Test
Business Remote Terminal
Backup Recovery Vector
Backing Store
Back Shift
Backward Signaling
Basic Service
Basic Session
Busy Season
Block Start
Brush Style
Button Style
Base Station Address
Broadband Services Amplifier
Broadcasting Spectrum Advisory Committee
Base Station Application Part
Banctec Service Corp
Binary Synchronous Communication Adapter
Bluetooth Smart Card
Broadband Service Controller
Browser Information file
Base Station Controller- Operation System
Busy Second Call Attempt
Bell System Common Language
Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
BSD Log-Structured File System
Business Services Database
Boundary-Scan Description Language
Byte Stream Element
Bachelor of Science and Electrical Engineering
Business Set
BackSpace File
British Standard Guage
Branch Systems General License
Bourne shell
Bidirectional Self-Healing Ring
Backward Status Information
Backward Status Indicators
Binary Synchronous Interface
Bit-Stream Information
Bit Sequence Independence
British Standard Institutetute
Base Station Identity Code
British Sky Satellite Broadcasting
Broadband Subscriber Line Terminal
Backward Set-Up Message
Billing Services Management
Billing Systems Management
Broadband Switching Module
Bidirectional Symmetric Multipoint-to-Multipoint
Bidirectional Symmetric Point-to-Multipoint
Bidirectional Symmetric Point-to-Point
Base Site Management System
Broadband Service Managent System
Business Service Monitoring System
Backward Sequence Number Received
Backward Sequence Number Transmitted
Bootstrap Processor
BackSpace Record
Branch to SubRoutine
Broadband Services Receiver
Basic Synchronization Reference Frequency
Bell System Reference Frequency
Bell System Reference Frequency Network
Base Station Radio Part
Bell System Repair Specification
Basic Session Service
Block Started by a Symbol
Business Service System
Base Station System Application Part
Base Station Subsystem Mobile Application Part
Basic Service State Machine
BSS Management Part
Base Station System Operation and Maintenance Application Part
Binary Search Tree
Busy Tone
Basic String
Broadband Series Test System
Baseband Switching Unit
Broadcast SVC
Broadcast Signaling Virtual Channel Identifier
Broadcast Services for Windows
Bandwidth Time product
Base Transceiver
Begin Of Tape
Bridge Tap
Bureau Technique
Busy Test
Beijing Telecommunications Administration
Broadband Terminal Adaptor
Broadcasting Technology Association
Broadcasting Technical Association
BellSouth Technical Assessment Center
Branch Target Address Cache
Beginning Tag
Basic Telecommuniactions Access Method
Broadcast Translation Circuit
Business Telecommunications
Basic Transit Control Function
Bit Transparent Data Service
Base Terminating Equipment
Business Terminal Equipment
British Telecom International
Bellcore Technical Forum
Binary Transversal Filters
Bulk Transfer Function
Business Telecom Inc.
BT Laboratories
Bus Transceiver Logic
Boot-Time Loadable Driver
Bell Telephone Manufacturing
British Telecom Network Requirement
British Telecom Requirement
Bulk Translations Output
Buffer of Transit Packets
Burst Time Plan
Bus Termination Paddle Card
Billing Trigger Receiver
Bit Timing Recovery
Blind Transfer Recall
Blind Transfer Recall Identification
British Telecom Research Laboratories
Burst Time Synchronisation
Broadcast Television Systems Committee
Background Telephone Traffic
Broadband To The Home
BT Technology Journal
British Telecom User Part
Branching Unit
Bundler, Unbundler and Distributor
Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
Binary Universityrsal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
Bilingual User Interface
Blocking/Unblocking of Incoming Calls
Bus Unit ID
Broadband User/Network Interface
Beijing Universityrsity of Posts and Telecommunications
Broadcast/Unknown Server
Blocking of User-to-User Signaling Interswitch
Blocking of User-to-User Signaling to an IXC
Backscatter Ultraviolet Spectrometer
Behaviour Valid
Busy Verification
Billing Validation Authority
Billing Validation Administration
Billing Validation File
Billing Verification Check
Broadcast Virtual Channel Identifier
Billing Validation Gateway
Busy Verification, Lines
Busy Verification, Trunks
Busy Verification Tone
Busy Verification Tone
Business Voice Messaging Service
Broadband Virtual Private Network
Basic Version Receiver
Busy Verification, Stations
Borland Visual Solutions Pack
Backward Volume Wave
Buried Wire
Borland Windows Custom Controls
B-Word Facility
Birmingham Wire Guage
Bandwidth Manager
Bandwidth Ratio
BATC Write Port
Broadband Wireless Switching Center
Bandwidth Test Set
Base register
Bureau of Export Administration
Bipolar xth Zero Substitution
Call Divisionrsion Information
Community Architectures for Network Information Systems
CTM Access Profile
Corporationrate Component Engineering
Comité Consultatif International de Radiocommunications
Call Center Operations Department
Customized Call Routing with Private Network
Customized Call Routing with Public Network
Centrex Customer Rearrangement Service
100 Call Seconds
C Compilation System
Cent Call Seconds
Centi-Call Seconds
Channel Change Status
Chip Carrier Socket
Common Communications Subsystem
Common Control Style
Connection Successful
Continuous Composite Servo
Continuous Color Sequence
Cross Connect System
Cutover Conversion Services
Common Channel Signaling System No. 7
Common Channel Signaling System No. 7
Corporate Computer Systems C
Corporationrate Computer Systems C
Common-Control-Switching Arrangement
Command Complete Status Block
Customer Changeable Speed Calling
Common Channel Signaling Failure
Compatible Current-Sinking Logic
Calling Card Service Node
Customer Contact Service Node
Common Channel Signaling Network Interface Specification
Common Chanel Signalling System
Common Channel Signaling Switching Office
Call Control Service User Application
Call Classification Terminal
Card Configuration Table
Carrier Connect Time
Carrier Current Transceiver
Complex Call Topology
Computerized Communication Terminal
Connection Type
Consortium for Communication Testing
Consultative Committee on Telecommunications
Continuity Check Transceiver
Control Concentrator Terminal
Cross Connect Type
Call Completion with Trunk Optimization
Cable Control Unit
Controller Coax Unit
Canadian Centrex Users Group
Customer Communication Update Package
Charge Card Validation
Credit Card Validation
Cancel Call Waiting
Cache Disable
Call Disposition
Call Distributor
Circle Digit
Circuit Description
Code Diversion
Code Division
Code Divisionrsion
Code Divisionsion
Command Data
Command Dictionary
Committee Document
Component Description
Computer Design
Critical Dimension
Audio Compact Disc
Compact Disk-Digital Audio
Compaft Disk-Erasable
Compact Disk-Rewritable
Compact Disk- Interactive
Interactive Compact Disc
Compact disk-recordable
Commodore Dynamic Total Vision
Compact Disk-Video
Compact Disk Write-Once
Compact Disc-Extended Architecture
Call Deflection Alerting
Call Delivery Activatable
Call Disposition Analyzer
Call Distribution to Attendant
Call Diversion to Announcement
Call Divisionrsion to Announcement
Call Duration Advice
CD Audio Track file
Customer Data Access
Call Deflection After Answer
Concurrent Data Access Architecture
Control and Diagnostic Access Link
Committee Draft Amendment
Call Data Block
Call Diversion on Busy
Call Divisionrsion on Busy
Channel Data Byte
Class Descriptor Block
Command Descriptor Block
Component Data Base
Communications Device Buffer
Configuration Data Base
Call Data Block Manager
Call Direct Code
Call Directing Character
Certificate Distribution Center
Characteristic Distortion Compensation
Coin Detection Circuit
Command Document Continue
Conditioned Diphase Code
Control Delay Channel
Customer Data Change
CDC Control Data Procedure
Command Document Capability List
Client Device Driver
Cable Distributed Data Interface
Customer Design Engineering
Charge Determination
Call Diversion Fixed
Call Divisionrsion Fixed
Carrier Distribution Frame
Communications Data Field
Context-Dependent File
Cutoff Decrease Factor
Cabinetized Direct Fiber Interface
Call Delivery Global
Corporate Design Group
Corporationrate Design Group
Cooperative Document Handling
Call Detail Information
Change Direction Indicator
Collector-Diffused Isolation
Concentrating DASS2 Interface
Conventional Defence Initiative
Copper Distribution Interface
Cable Data Instrumentation System
Cable Data Instituteumentation System
Call Diversion
Call Divisionrsion
Carrier Detect Level
Comite De Lecture
Customer Defined Location
Cellular Data Link Control
Cornerstone Distance Learning Network
Class Data Manager
Code Divisionsion Multiplexing
Common Domain Model
Companded Delta Modulation
Configuration Data Manager
Consumer Digital Modem
Curo Document Manager
Customer Data Modification
Composite Downstream Mapping Element
Call Detail Maintenance Record
Cluster Data Management System
Called Party Number
Call Processing Database Node
Change Directory Number
Control Directory Number
Customer Defined Network
Call Diversion No Answer
Call Divisionrsion No Answer
Cabinetized Digital Network Interconnect
Call Diversion to Operator
Call Divisionrsion to Operator
Connect Data Overflow
Customer Documentation
Customer Dialed, Operator Serviced
Customer Dialed Operator Service
Cache Data Port
Communications Data Processor
Component Development Plan
Customized Dialing Plan
Called Party Address
Command Document Page Boundary
Called Party Number
Convert Doubleword to Quadword
Call Detail Reporting
Common Data Rate
Connected Digit Recognition
CorelDraw File
Current Differential Relaying
Cached DRAM
Cross-Domain Resource Manager
Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
Call Detail Recording and Reporting
Compact Disk Real Time Operating System
Cadmium Sulfide
Call Data Store
Call Deflection Selection
Call Diversion to Subscriber
Call Divisionrsion to Subscriber
Command Document Start
Companion Diagnostic Software
Cabinetized Dual Shelf Network
Call Data Transmitter
Carrier Detect Threshold
Carrier Dial Tone
Companion Deployment Tool
Concrete Data Type
Connectionless Data Transmission
Credit allocation
Cabinetized Digital Trunk Equipment
Conventional Definition Television
Call Distribution Unit
Clock Distribution Unit
Chargeable DURation
Call Deflection Variable
Constant Delay Value
Coded Digital Verification Color Code
Call Diversion to Voice Mail
Call Divisionrsion to Voice Mail
Call Delivery Wide
Compact Digital Exchange
Collision Enforcement
Connectable Entity
Conseil de l'Europe
Consumer Electronics Bus
Council of Europe
Code Excited Linear Predictive Coding
Common Equipment/Peripheral Equipment
Canadian Electric Association
Circuit Emulation Bearer Service
Cell Error Check
Connection Endpoint Control Block
Confederation of European Computer Users Association
Called Station Identifier
CallEd station identification
Capacitive Electronic Disk
Compiled Encapsulator Description Language
Call Extension Element
Communauté Economique Européenne
Cause Effect Graphing
Continuous-Edge Graphics
Call Establishment Information
Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano
Comparably Efficient Interconnect
Connection Element Identifier
Cellular Telephone Radio Exchange
Code-Excited Linear Predictive Coding
Code Excitation Linear Prediction
Code Excited Linear Prediction
Enhanced CELP
Cellular Equipment Manager
Common Equipment Module
Canadian Electrical Manufacturers Association
Counter Electromotive Force
Conference Europeenne de Ministres des Transports
CEN CERtification
European Committe for Electrotechnical Standardization
CENTre d'Assistance aux Utilisateurs du REseau
Centrex Trouble Reporting Analysis Control System
Centralized Exchange
Comprehensive Electronic Office
Cepstral Data
Common Employee Password Registry
Corporate Employee Password Repository
Corporate Employee Password Registry
Corporationrate Employee Password Registry
Corporationrate Employee Password Repository
Conference Europeenne des Postes et Telecommunications
Conférence Européenne des Administrations des Postes et des Télécommunications
Customer Equipment
Call Event Recording
Call Event Record
Character Error Ratio
Ceramic Dual In-line Package
California Education and Research Foundation
Centre Européen de Recherche Nucleaire
C++ Error Output Stream
Captive Engineering Services
Carrier Entity Set
Circuit Emulated Services
Comite Electrotechnique Suisse
Circuit Emulation Service Interoperability Specification
Composite External Symbol Dictionary
Capability Exchange Signalling Entity
Communication and Electronic Security Group
China Electronics Standardization Institute
China Electronics Standardization Institutetute
Caller's Emergency Service Identification
Coax Elimination and Switching System
Common Equipment Unit
Cabinetized Extension Module
Call Forwarding
Clipboard Format
Content Freeze
Convergence Function
Call Forwarding- Busy Line
Call Forwarding- Don't Answer
Call Forward Allowed
Call Forward All Calls
Capital Funds Appropriation
Concurrent Features Activation with Bi-Control
Call Forwarding Access Code
Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forward Busy Group
Call Forward Busy Line
Call Forwarding Busy Line 2
Call Forwarding Busy 2, Multiple Forwarding Limit
Call Forwarding Busy Inhibit Line Busy
Call Forwarding Busy Line-Inhibit Line Busy
Call Forwarding Busy 2 Remote Code Restriction
Call Forwarding Busy Customer Activation Control
CFBL Customer Controlled
Call Forwarding Busy, Establish Courtesy Call
Call Forward Busy Group Treatment
Call Forwarding Busy Inhibit Make Busy
Call Forwarding Busy Line-Inhibit Make Busy
CFBL2 Restricted Control
Call Forwarding Busy Line-Incoming Only
CFBL Restricted Control
CFBL Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
Call Forwarding Busy Make Busy Treatment
Call Forwarding Busy Remote Make Busy
Call Forwarding Busy Multiple Forwarding Limit
Call Forwarding Busy Remote Code Restriction
Call Forwarding Cancellation
Call Forward Denied
Coin and Fee Check
Call Forwarding of Call Waiting
Call Forward Don't Answer
Call Forward No Answer
Call Forward Don't Answer
Coin Free Dialing
Connection Format Descriptor
Call Forwarding Don't Answer
Call Forwarding Don't Answer 2
Call Forward Group, Don't Answer
Call Forwarding Group, Don't Answer
CFDA2 Restricted Control
CFDA Restricted Control
Call Forwarding-Don't Answer-Incoming Only
Combined Free/Demand Assignment Multiple Access
CFDA Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
Compounded Frequency Division Multiplex
Compounded Frequency Divisionsion Multiplex
Call Forward, Fixed
Call Forwarding Fixed
Call Forward Fraud Prevention
Call Forwarding Group Only
Call Failure Indication
Call Forward Intragroup
Call Forwarding Intragroup
Channel Frame Interface
Connection Failure Information
Cross-Function Index
Call Forwarding Interface Busy
Call Forwarding Interval
Call Forwarding-Incoming Only
Call Failure signal
Communications Framework Library
Call Forward Late-Late Release
Call Forward Late Release
Companding and Frequency Modulation
Compounded Frequency Modulation
Call Forward- No Answer
Call Forward No Answer-Late Release
Call Forwarding Not Found
Call Forwarding Outside
Call Forwarding No Reply
Contextual Feature Operator
Call Forward Programming
Channel Frame Processor
Cordless Fixed Part
Call Forward Prevention Enhancements
Confirmation to Receive
Call Forwarding- Remote Access
Call Forward Remote Access
Call Forward Remote Activation
Call Forwarding Restrictions
Call Forward Station
Cross-Function Selector
Complete Feedback Shift Register
Channel Function Select Register 0
Channel Function Select Register 1
Channel Function Select Register 2
Channel Function Select Register 3
Cold Fluorescent Tube
Call Forwarding Universal
Call Forward Universal
Call Forwarding Universityrsal
Call Forward Universityrsal
Call Forwarding on User Busy
Call Forwarding Usage Sensitive Denial
Call Forwarding Usage Sensitive Pricing
Call Forwarding Variable
Call Forward Validation
Call Forwarding Variable 2
Call Forwarding Variable 2, Establish Courtesy Call
Call Forwarding Variable, Establish Courtesy Call
Call Forwarding Variable 2, Multiple Forwarding Limit
Call Forwarding Variable, Multiple Forwarding Limit
Call Forwarding Variable, Usage Sensitive
CFV2 Restricted Control
CFV Restricted Control
Call Forwarding Variable 2, Remote Code Restriction
Call Forwarding Variable, Remote Code Restriction
CFV Restricted Control for Analog Member of EKTS
Call Forward
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding
Command Generator
Computer Generated
Computer Graphic
Connection Graph
Customer Group
Computer Graphics Virtual Device Interface
Carrier Group Alarm
Call Gapping
Circuit Group Blocking message
Circuit Group Congestion signal
Congestion Control
Common Graphics Environment
Chung, Graham and Hwang
Computer Generations Inc.
Console Graphics Module
CGM Application Profile
CGM Device Driver
CGM Interchange Format
Calling Party Number
Call Global Procedure
Channel Group Processor
Calling Party Address
Calling Party Number
Circuit Group
Circuit Group Set
Circuit Group Reset Reception
Circuit Group Reset Sending
Continuous-Grain Silicon
Circuit Group Supervision Message Type Indicator
Circuit Group Unblocking message
Cellular Gateway
Call History
Can't Hear
Connection Handle
Consultation Hold
Call Hold with Announcement
Cursor Horizontal Absolute
CHAnnel Number
Channel Number Register
Challenge-Handshake Authorization Protocol
Change Packet Handler Parameters
Character Information Element
CHip Assembler
Call Handler Block
Call Header Block
Class Hierarchy Browser
Call Hold
Compatible High Density Bipolar
Change Hunt Directory Number
Change Feature Information
Charge message
Charging Message
Charge Number
Charging Information message
Class Hierarchy Graph
Charging Extended message
Charging Extended Acknowledgement message
Charging Information
Charged Party Information
ITU-T High Level Language
Charge Injection Transistor
Chunk Integration Point
Constraint Handling In Prolog
Call History Information Process System
Change List
Changeover and Changeback Messages
Channel Manager
High-Performance CMOS
Charge Number
Charge Number
Channel Type
Characters Per Second
Cylinder, Head and Sector
Cylinder Head Selector
Charged Party Station Type
Call History Table
Call Hold and Trace
Charging Treatment For Origination
Cursor Horizontal Tab
Channel Unit
Call Identities
Capability Indicator
Cell Insertion
Chain Index
Changeover Indicator
Circular Hunt
Code Inspections
Command Identifier
Connection Identifier
Command Increment
Command Interface
Complete Indicator
Components Integration
Continuity Information
Continuity Indicator
Control In
Customer Interface
Creation Initiation
Critical Indicator
CUG Index
Customer Information
Channel Interface Adapter
Computer Installation Assistance
Current Instituteuction Address
Current Instruction Address
Card Information Base
Centralized Intercept Bureau
Class Information Block
CRC32 Identification Bit
Cellular Inter-carrier Billing Exchange Record
Circuit Identification Code
Classification Information Center
Customer Information Center
Codec Identity Code
Common Interface Circuit
Contention for Incoming Calls
Customer Initiated Call
Chengdu Institute of Computer Application
Chengdu Institutetute of Computer Application
Computer Industry Coalition for Advanced Television Service
Cancel In-Chain Return
Compact Integrated Communications System
Channel Identification
Conference Identifier
Call Instance Data
Call Institutence Data
Channel Identifier
Character Identification
Connection Identification
Content Identifier
Communications ID
Communication Identifier
Configuration, Installation and Distribution
Customer ID
Customer Identifier
Customer Information Development
Customer Interactive Dialing
Cabinetized International Digital Controller
Caller Identification on Call Waiting
Caller ID with Call Waiting
Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting
Call Instance Data Field Pointer
Call Institutence Data Field Pointer
Customer International Data Number
Calling Identity Delivery and Suppression
Calling Identification Delivery and Suppression
CIDS Billing Records
Calling Identity Suppression
Commission Internationale L'Eclairage
Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineers
Chinese Institutetute of Electrical Engineers
Channel Interrupt Enable Register
Caltech Interchange Format
Cells In Flight
Common Image Format
Calling subscriber Identification
Cell Interconnection Gateway
Club Informatique des Grandes Enterprises Francais
Class Inheritance Hierarchy
Code for Information Interchange
Common Interoffice Interface
Continuing Industry Interaction
Card Issuer Identifier
Card Issuer Identification Code
Control Intermediate Interface Language
Call Information Locator
Call Instituteuction List
Call Instruction List
Communication Identification Line
Compatible Issue Lineup
Component Integration Laboratories
CPE Industry Liaison Subcommittee
Compaq, Intel and Microsoft
CompuServe Information Manager
Corporate Information Model
Corporationrate Information Model
Cryptographic Information Management
Curo Image Manager
Circuit Identification Maintenance Administration Position
Customer Installation Maintenance Entity
Centro Italiano Metodologie di Controllo
Customer Installation Management Function
Crescendo IPC Messaging Interface Tool
C++ Input Stream
Compiler Information
Channel Input/Output
Counter/Timer and Parallel I/O
Classical IP over ATM
Classical IP over ATM
Cabinetized Input/Output Equipment
CDMA Interface Peripheral
Central Interested Party
Classical IP
Classifier Interface Program
Customer Interaction Program
Command Interpreter Prompting
Command Interpreter Preprocessor
Common Image Part
Critical Indicator Panel
Cabinetized International Peripheral Equipment
Commercial IPSO
Compressing IPX
Channel-to-Interference Ratio
Circular Hunt
Clock Interrupt Register
Coprocessor Interface Register
Cross Interleave Reed-solomon Code
Comité International Radio-Maritime
CDMA Interconnect System
Center for Integrated Systems
Communications Interim Standard
Content Information System
Creation Interface Selection
Complete Instituteuction Set Computer
Change ISDN Service Group
Cabinetized Integrated Services Module
Comite International Special Des Perturbations Radioelectrique
Comite International Special des Peturbations Radioelectriques
Channel Interrupt Status Register
Call-Independent Supplementary Services
Compagnie Industrielle des Telecommunications
Craft Interface Unit
Comison Interamericana de Telecommunicaciones
Inter-American Telecommunications Commission
CDMA Interface Unit
Complete Interface Unit
Control and Indication Unit
California ISDN Users Group
Cell Interarrival Variation
Conversation Interface Verb
Call Information Window
Container Identification Word
Compulink Information eXchange
Coin Junctor
Committee of Justice
Chinese/Japanese/Korean Joint Research Group
Check Bit
Check Bits
Count, Key, Data
Count Key Data
Commercial Key Escrow
Commercial Key Recovery
Cipher Key Sequence Number
Call Leg
Cell Loss
Circuit Layout
Computer Language
Congestion Level
Congestion Level 1
Congestion Level 2
Congestion Level 3
Control Leader
Carrier Local Agent
Carry Look-Ahead
Competitive Local Access
Coin Line Activity Monitoring
Called Line Address Modification Notification
Called Line Address Modified Notification
Connectionless Local Area Network
Cordless Local Area Network
Custom Local Area Signaling Services
Custom Local Area Signalling Services
Crisp and Linguistic Analysis of Structured Scenarios
Communication Line Adapter for Teletype
CLear-Back signal
Clear Back
Carrier Liaison Committee
Corporate Lab Council
Corporationrate Lab Council
Clear Confirmation Delay
Cabinetized Line Concentrating Equipment
Close Logical Channel Signalling Entity
Called Number
Called Party
Corporate Logic Data Model
Corporationrate Logic Data Model
Common Language Equipment Identifier
Common Language Equipment Identification
Common Language Equipment Order
Calling Line Flash
Carrier Line Failure
CLear-Forward signal
Clear Forward message
Common Language Facility Identifier
Calling Number
Calling Party
Cabinetized Line Group Equipment
Cache, Line-Holding Register
Call-Level Interface
Callable Level Interface
Calling Line Information
Clear Indication
CLear Interrupt mask
Compression Labs Inc.
Calling Line Identity Delivery
Calling Line Identification Display
Calling Line Identification with Flash
Cabinetized Link Interface Module
Cellular Logic Image Processor
Command List
Commands List
Congested-Link Method
ConnectionLess Message Service
Connectionless-mode Network Service
Customer Located Network Equipment
Connectionless Network Interface Protocol
Call Logging
Central Location On-Line Entry System
Clear Call
CLear Request
Clock Recovery
Combined Line and Recording
Compensation Log Record
Circuit Layout Record Card
Clear Request Delay
Circuit Loudness Rating, Receive
Circuit Loudness Rating, Send
Combined Link Set
Combined Link Set Routing
Connectionless Service
Custom Large-Scale Integration
Class ID
Dense-Wavelength Divisionsion Multiplexer
Divisionrt AdC
Direct current distribution unit
Digit Collection Instituteuction
Digital Central Office Systems of the World
DCP Control Protocol
Directional-Divisionsion Multiplexing
Direction Divisionsion Multiplexing
Draft European
Digital Equipment Corporationration Network
Data Enrollment Online Server
Defining Institutence
Direction Generale des Telecommunications
Define Huffman Table
Diversity Handover Trunk
Divisionrsity Handover Trunk
Dynamic High Usage Group
Data In
Data Interface
Data Inverted
Draft Interface
Deactivate Indication
Decrementer Interrupt
Design Inspection
Design Interpretive
Dielectric Insulation
Dielectric Isolation
Direct Index
Dielectric Isolation Field Effect Transistor
Document Interchange Format
DSP Interface ASIC
DIAGnostic element
Diagnostic Output System
Diagnostic Responder
DMS Integrated Access Local Area Network
Direct Information Access Network for Europe
Device-Independent Bitmap
Drain-induced Barrier Lowering
DEC Business Oriented Language
Delay Interval Compensation
Digital Concentrator
Direct InterLATA Connecting
Direct InterLATA Connecting Trunk
Digital Customer Access Network
Digital Circuit Emulation
Digital Integrated Cellular Peripheral
Data Identifier
Design Intent Document
Direct Inward Dial
Directory Identifier
Deny International Direct Dial
DID Directory Numbers Range
DID Route Index
Advisory Committee on Telecommunications for Disabled and Elderly People
Digital Interface
Distributed Coordination Function Interframe Space
Digit Collection
Digit Collection
Digital 4-Wire Trunk
Device Independent Graphics Service
Direct Inward Mobile Access
Direct Inward Network Access
Denied Incoming
Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.
Deutsches Institutetut für Normung e. V.
Distributed Information-Processing Network Architecture
Denied Incoming Exempt
Data In/Out
Device Input/Output
Direct Input/Output
Discrete Input/Output
Distributed Interoperable and Operable Computing Environments and Systems
Distributed Office Support System
Data Interface Process
Directory List
Directory Maintenance
Device Independent Recording Package
Design Inspection Reporting Tool
Digital Interface System
Distributed Interactive Simulation
Dynamic Impedance Stabilization
The Disney Channel
Device for Integrated Surveillance and Control
Digital International Switching Center
Disconnect message
Disconnect Timeout
Discrimination Digit
Data Interchange in Shipping
DISPlay Information Element
Distinctive Ringing
Display Text
Digital International Switching Unit
Department of Inheritance Tree
Digital Input Terminal
DIgital Television EnCoding
Deutsche ISDN Unit
Digital Interworking Unit
Document Interchange Unit
Digitales Vermittlungssystem
Digitale Vermittlungstechnik
Digitale Vermittlungsstelle
Digital Interactive Video
Data Inquiry-Voice Answer
Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fuer den Auslandsferndienst
Digital Input-Voice Answerback
Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fuer den Ferndienst
Digital Video Narrowband Emission
Digitale Ortsvermittlungsstelle
Digitale Vermittlungstechnik fur den Ortsdurchgang
DIgital to VOice Translator
Dow Jones News/Retrieval
Deutsche Elektrotechnische Kommission im DIN und VDE
Driver-Kernel Interface
Delete Key Option
Digital Key System
Data Link Layer Service
Decode Level
Delete Line
Digital Line
Dial Level
Digital Link
Discrete Listening
Data Layer Building Block
Data Line Card
Data Link Control protocol
Datapath Line Card
Digital Channel
Digital Link Control
Dynamic Load Control
Data Link Control Block
Data Link Control Chip
Data Link Connection Endpoint Identifier
Digital Loop Carrier Interface
Data Line CLock
Direct Link Connection Management Interface
Dynamic Loader
Data Latch Enable
Data Link Entity
Data Link Event
Data Link Identifier
Digital Local Exchange
Digital Loop Electronics
Direct Line Equipment
Dynamic Lightpath Establishment
Data Link Endpoint Identifier
Dialog File
Data Link Handler
Distributed Line Hunt
Digital Line Interface
Dual Link Interface
Delay-Locked Loop
Digital Local Line
Digital Line Module
Dynamically-Linked Library
DLL & C Connect
Data Line Module
Data Line Protector
Data Link Connection Order Message
Data Link Map
Data Line Module Key Set
Disk Logs
Decode Level Point
Design Layout Report
Digital Locate Receiver
Digital Loop Replacement Radio
Data Load Segment
Digital Line System
Distance Learning Service
DownLoadable Sample
Data Link Service Access Point
Digital Local Switching Center
Data Link Service Data Unit
Dial Line Service Evaluation
Dial Line Service Observing
Data Linkage Table
Digital Line Termination
Digital Loop Transceiver
Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy
Direct Line Telephone System
Digital Line and Trunk Unit
Digital Line Trunk Unit
Dialog Unit
Dependent Logical Unit Server
Distal Metastases
Data Mark
Data Memory
Data Modem
Data Modification
Data Multiplexer
Design Manager
Desirability Measure
Desktop Management
Deutsche Mark
Diagnostic Manager
Digital Milliwatt
Digital Modem
Direct Mode
Distribution Manager
Domain Model
Derived MAC Protocol Data Unit
Deferred Maintenance Alarm
Direct Memory Access Interface
Disconnect and Make Busy
DMS Maintenance Controller
Dual Modem Card
Dynamic Memory Controller
Device Media Control Language
Denied Malicious Call Termination
Deny Malicious Call Termination
Development Management Document
Differential Mode Delay
Digital Micromirror Display
Dot-Mapped Display
DPN Management Data Router
Data Modem Extension
Direct Memory Execution
Dual Multi-Environment Real Time
Duplex Multi-Environment Real Time
DAT Management Function
Display Management Format
Data Message Handling
Data Management Interface
Data Mode Idle
Disable Manual Input
Directory Management Information System
Device Maintenance Manager
Digital Multi-Meter
Data Memory Management Unit
Data Modification Order
Data Modification
Digital Modem
Data Modification Orders Process
Data Modification Order Processor
Degradation Mean Opinion Score
Development Management Process
Document Management Procedure
Digital Microwave Radio
Domain Management System
DMS Network Management System
DMS-Network Services System
DMS Packet Handler
DMS-100 Packet Handler
DMS Evolution
DMS Expert System
DMS Expert System
DMS Product Library
Default MSRID
Digital Main Switching Unit
Digital Multiplex Terminal
Dynamic Matrix Testing
Data Management and Transmission Module
Data Memory Unit
Dynamically Managed Voice
Delivery Notification
Developer Network
Dialing Number
Directory Number Bridging
Directory Number/Call Type
Deutschen Normenausschuss
Dynamic Network Architecture
Directory Number Appearance ID
DN Bridging for Analog Member of EKTS
Deutsches Network Broadcasting Delivery
Digital Node Controller
Directory Number Contention
Directory Number Check
Directory Number Dependent
Dynamic Network Control
Directory Number/Call Appearance
Directory Number/Call Type
Data Network Division
Data Network Divisionsion
Dialable Number Delivery
Do Not Disturb- Group
Do Not Disturb- Individual
Digital Network Echo Control
Disjunctive Normal Form
Dynamic Network Gateway
Directory Number Hunt
Directory Number High and Dry
Data Network Interface
Digital Network Interface
Digital Network Interconnect
Digital Non Interpolation
Directory Number Independent
Differential Non-Linearity
Data Network Number
Directory Number Profile
Data Numbering Plan Area
Dual Network Packaged Core
Directory Number Primary InterLATA Carrier
Data Network System
Directory Number Reference
Distributed Name Service
DN Set
Defense Network Secure Information Exchange
Distributed Networked Services Platform
DN Screening Set Option
Dialed Number Trigger
Digital Network Terminating Unit
Digital Networking Unit
Digital Networking Unit-SONET
Digital Network Unit-SONET
Directory Number User Interface
Database Owner
Data Out
Denied Origination
Derived Object
Design Objective
Disallowed Operation
Derived Object Identifier
Date of Announcement
Direction Of Arrival
Dial Out Attribute Selector
District Operations Center
Document File
Drop-Out Compensation
Direct Outward Dial
Demonstration of Equivalence
Data Order File
Department of Inheritance
Depth of Inheritance
Distributed Operational Measurements
Distributed Object Management Environment
Default Overload Messaging Limit
Digital Overlay Network
Dependent Out-of-Service
Date of Publication
Direction of Projection
Directory Operational binding management Protocol
Differential Offset Phase Shift Keying
Date of Ratification
Dead Office Recovery
Denied Origination Treatment
Denied Origination
Division of Revenue
Divisionsion of Revenue
Denied Origination
Dial Out Routing Server
Directory & Operator Services
Disk Operating System/Virtual Storage
Distributed Office Support Facility
DOS Extender
Document Template File
Digit Outpulser Utility Service
Date of Withdrawal
Data Partitioning
Delivery Process
Designer Productivity
Diagnostic Port
Dialing Plan
Dialled Pulse
Dial Pulsing
Dialog Processor
Differential Phase
Digital Potentiometer
Digital Press
Diversely Protected
Diverse Protection
Divisionrsely Protected
Divisionrse Protection
Document Parameters
Data Port Extender
Destination Physical Address
Dial Pulse Access
Dual Power Amplifier
Data Path
Data Packet Collector
Digital Port Card
Digital Private Circuits
Distributed Persistent Cache
Double Purpose Connector
Dynamic Power Control
Defect Prevention and Corrective Action
Dual Plane Combined Core
Dual Plane Core Cabinet
Dual Plane Combined Cabinet
Dynamic Power Control Threshold-High
Dynamic Power Control Threshold-Low
Differential Phase Detector
Direct Plate Exposure
Distributed Programming Environment
Dynamic Pool Extender
Digital Phone Interface
Descriptor Privilege Level
Digital PowerLine
Digital Phase-Locked Loop
Digital Phase Modulation
Domestic Public Land Mobile
Domestic Public Land Mobile Radio Service
Defects Per Million
Documents Per Minute
Downtime Performance Measurement
Dual Port Message Controller
DOS Protected-Mode Interface
Data Processing and Management System
Data Packet Network
Digital Packet Network
Digital Path Not provided signal
Digital Private Network Signaling
Digital Private Network Signalling System
Data Path Object
Data Processing Peripheral
Defect Prevention Process
Distributed Processing Peripheral
Data Packets Per Second
Data Post-Processing System
Detailed Privacy Recording
Digit Present
Dual Port RAM
Data Population Rule Generation
Delay Priority
Design and Prototyping Services
Display PostScript
Different Premises Telephone
Drive Parameter Tracking
Dual Processor Terminal Controller
Direct Pick-Up
DPU Notification
Deluxe Queuing
Display Queued Calls
Directory Query Display
Distributed Queue Double Bus
Dual Queue Dual Bus
Detective Quantum Efficiency
Departmental Quality Index
Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
Distributed Queuing Request Update Multiple Access
Display Queue Status
Document Quality System
Define Quantization Table
Display Queue Threshold
Data Rate
Deactivation Request
Dead Reckoning position
Debug Register
Derived Requirements
Design Requirements
Designated Receivers
Diagnostic Request
Digit Receiver
Direct Route
Direct Routed
Discount Request
Distinctive Ringing
Digital Recorded Announcement
Digital Recorded Announcement Machine
Digital Recorded Announcement Module
Distributed Restoration Algorithm
Dynamic Random-Access Memory Controller
Direct Read After Write
Destination Route Builder
Data Recovery Component
Data Recovery Center
Dual Remote Cluster Controller
Dual Remote Cluster Controller 2
Dynamically Redefinable Character Set
Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
Data Rule Distribution
Directional Reservation Equipment
DMA Request
Data Route Expert System
Digital Radio Frequency Module
Developer Relations Group
Direction de la Réglementation Générale
Defence Research Internet
Define Restart Interval
Digital Research Inc.
Dual Ring Interworking
Distinctive Ring
Dedicated Road Infrastructure for Vehicle safety in Europe
Disengage Reject
Data Retrieval Language
Denied Roamer Log
Data Request Message
Distributed Recording Manager
Domain Resource Manager
Dynamic Resource Management System
Destructive Read Operation
Destrutive Read-Out
Dielectric-Resonator Oscillator
Data Receive Only Earth Stations
Directional Radiated Power
Data Request
DMA Request
Disengage Request
Data and Reports System
Data and Report System
Data Retreival System
Delayed Release Signal
Digital Radio System
Digital Reference Signal
Digital Reference Sequence
Dedicated Short Range Communications
Dual Remote Switching Center
Data Recording Terminal
Diagnostic Rhyme Test
Digit Reception Test
Design Ready To Manufacture
Distributed Real-Time System
Digital Remote Test Unit
Deliverable Release Unit
Delivery Release Unit
Design Release Unit
Design Releasable Unit
Development Release Unit
DualMode Radio Unit
Demonstrational Rapid User Interface Development
Design Requirements Utility- Multisite
DualMode Radio Unit Monitor
Device Driver File
Definite Response x indicator
Danske Standardiseringsrad
Dansk Standardiseringsraad
Data Schema
Data Set
Data Signaling
Data Stream
Data Strobe
Engineer, Furnish and Install
Europäische Gemeinschaft
Enabling Grid for E-science in Europe
Emirates Telecommunications Corporationration
Element Management Unit
Engineering Modelling System
Enhanced Maintenance Server
Enterprise Messaging Server
Equivalent Series Resistance
Event Management Service
Extended Memory Standard
EUTELSAT Multiservice Systems Operations Guide
Electronic Message Service System
Emulator Trap
Environment Manager Type
European MAP Users' Group
Executive Message Waiting
European Microsoft Windows nt Academic Centre
Edit Notification
European Standard
Exchange Node
Engineering Network Administration Center
European Network and Application Center
Enhanced Network Administration System
Effective Noise Bandwidth
Electronic Navigational Chart
ENET Cabinet
Enhanced Network Central Processor
ENET Database Audit
Enterprise Network Event
Enhanced Network
Exchange and Network Features
Exchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
Enhanced Call Waiting
Enable Interrupts
Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer
Enterprise Networks Management Center
Enable Output
Emergency Number Routing
Enterprise Network Roundtable
Enterprise Network Switch
Event Notification Server
ETSI National Standardization Organization
European Navigation Satellite System
Exterior Nodal Switching Subsystem
Electronic Number Mapping
European Pre-Standard
Elementary Objectives
End Of Bus
Engineering and Operations in the Bell System
End Of Card
End Of Contents
End of Dialing
End Office Display
End-of-Data Set
End Of Form
End of Facsimile Block
End Of Heading
End of Image
End Of Identity
End of Information
End Of Letter
Electrical Objective Loudness Rating
Electro-Optical Module
End of Optional Parameters
End Of Process
End of Pulsing
End of Run
Enhanced Operator Position System
Extended Operator Position Service
End Of Record
End of Recording
End Of Reel
End Of Scan
End of Statement
Enhanced Operator Services
Expanded Operator Services Record
End Office Tandem
End of Tone
End Of Trace
Engineering Orderwire
Enhanced Outward WATS
End Point
Equipment Practice
ESA Processor
Estimated Position
ETSI Project
Europäisches Parlament
External Priority
Equilibrium Point Analysis
Electronic Private Branch Exchange
Energy-Pulse Bonding
Earth Potential Compensation
Electronic Power Conditioner
Ethernet Paddle Card
Embedded PDF
Error Power Indicator
Emulating and Programmable Intergrated Circuits
Extended PCM Interface Controller
Echo Path Loss
Effective Privilege Level
Electronic Price Label
Electrically Programmable Logic Device
End Point Number
Expanded Private Network Record
Error Performance Objective
Embedded Protected Operations Channel
Electronic Publishing: Origination, Dissemination and Design
Expanded Private Operator Services Record
Enhanced POTS
ETSI Partnership Project
European Public Paging Association
Enhanced Pay-Per-View
Electronic Publishing Services Ltd.
Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
EPS Interchange
Experimental Packet-Switching Service
Engineering/Provisioning Tool
Entry Point Vector
Equal Access
Equipment Class
Equalization Enable
Equipment Identifier
ETSI Quality Index
ETSI Quality Management
Equipment Product Engineering Code
Electronics Quality Registry
Equal Access
Equippage, Wrong Type
Echo Replica
Electronic Radiology
Engineering Route
Equipment Register
Ericsson Review
Event Register
Explicitly Routed Label-Switched Path
Error Transport Data Protocol Unit
Egress RAM
Electrical Rule Checking
European Radio Commission
European Radiocommunication Committee
Explicit Rate Control
Explicit Route Control
Error Checking and Correction
Entry Rules Control Object
Emergency Recovery Display
Extended Regular Expression
Event Reporting Function
Electro RetinoGram
Exception Response Indicator
ERror Line
Extended Range Line Card
Echo Return Loss Enhancement
EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
Erasure Mode
Explicit Rate Marking
Explicit Rate Manager
European Radio Messaging System
European Radio Message System
European Radio Messaging Service
Explicit Route Number
Entity Reference Open
European Radio Office
Emitter-Receiver for Optical Systems
European Ranging Observations to Satellites
Executive Right of Way
Error Recovery Procedure
Estimated Retail Price
Error Data Protocol Unit
Protocol Data Unit Error
Error message
Electronic Register-Sender
Event Reporting System
Engineering Requirement Specification
Existential Refusal Set
Extended Ring Search
Enhanced Remote Thumbwheel
Estimated Repair Time
Event Register Temporary
Error Rate Test Set
Enhanced Roamer Validation
Expensive Route Warning Message
Expensive Route Warning Tone
Earth Station
Echo Suppressor
Edit Style
ETSI Secretariat
Exception Summary
Expanded Spectrum
End System to Intermediate System protocol
EFTA Surveillance Authority
Emergency Services Adjunct
Enterprise System Architecture
European Statistics Administration
Extended System Architecture
Electronic Surveillance Analysis Center
Electronic Switching Assistance Center
Electronic Systems Assistance Center
Emergency Stand-Alone Circuit
Employee Satisfaction Team
Employee Satisfaction Action Team
Employee Satisfaction
European Standardization Board
Emergency Services Bureau Compatibility
Emergency Services Bureau Capability
Enhanced Single-Board Computer
Emergency Services Bureau Terminability
Echo Suppressor Control
Emergency Services for China
Engineering Service Circuit
Enhanced Services Complex
Escape List
Emergency Service Central Office
Elementary Stream Clock Reference
End System Designator
European Standards Database
Extended State Diagram
Enhanced Secondary Directory Number
Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive
Encapsulated Software Entities
Electronic Shelf Edge Labelling
Emergency Services Group
Emergency Service Group
Embedded Shell
Extended Soft Hand-Off
Enhanced Service Initiative
Environment Science Index
Equivalent Step Index
External Synchronization Interface
External Synchronisation Input
Effective Segment ID
Environment-Specific Inter-ORB Protocol
Essential-Service Line
Essential Line
Essential Line for Analog Member of EKTS
Enhanced Subscriber Line Interface Circuit
External Short Message Entity
Extended Specialized Mobile Radio
Echo Suppressor Measuring Set
Extended SMTP
Extensions to SMTP
Emergency Service Order
Enhanced Services Network
Echo Suppressor, Originating
European Space Observatory
European Space Organization
External Synchronisation Output
EUTELSAT Systems Operations Guide
Employee Services Portfolio
End of Speaker Identification
Engineering Services Practices
Enhanced Services Provider
Enhanced Services Protocol
Essential Service Protection
Estimated Sale Price
Extended Stack Pointer
Equipment Space Planning Algorithm
European Selective Paging Association
Equipment Space Planning Guideline
Enhanced Service Provisioning Plarform
European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
Equivalent Series Resistance
Errored Second Ratio
Extended Spectral-Response
Efficient Short Remote Operations
Enhanced Surveillance Services
Embedded Systems Software Environment
Echo Suppressor Terminal
Echo Suppressor, Terminating
Enhanced Service Testing
Enhanced Services Test Unit
Environmental Stress Testing
Echo Suppressor Testing System
Empty Signal Unit
Exhange Signaling Unit
European Smalltalk User's Group
Extended State Variable
Embedded Software
Extracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy
Eject Tape
Electrical Typewriter
End Terminal
Engaged Tone
Ephemeris Time
Enhanced Terminal Access
Electronic Technical Assistance Center
Extended Total Access System
End Tag
Emergency Technical Assistance Service
Elektronisches TelefonBuch
Eligible Telecommunications Carrier
Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation
Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation
Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation
European Testing and Certification Coordination Council
European Testing & Certification for Office and Manufacturing
Electronic Traffic Data Converter
Electrical Time Division Multiplexing
Electrical Time Divisionsion Multiplexing
Extended Time Division Multiple Access
Extended Time Divisionsion Multiple Access
Equivalent Telephone Erlangs
Elapsed Time From Carrier Connect
Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule
Ethernet within IP
External Traffic Indicator
Effective Testing Loss
Element Test and Maintenance
Enhanced TOPS Message Switch
Ericsson Transport Network Architecture
European Telecom Numbering Forum
European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association
Equalized Transmission Only
Event Transition Procedure
Expertise Training Plan
Enhanced Toll Position System
Enhanced Tip/Ring
Estimated Time to Restore
Estimated Time of Restoral
European Technical Report
Electronic Tandem Switched
Electronic Tandem Switch
Electronic Telephone Set
Electronic Translator System
Enhanced Time Switch
Equivalent Time Sampling
European Telecommunications Standards Awareness Group
European Teleprocessing Systems
Electronic Tandem Switch-4 Wire
European Telecommunication Services Association
European Trade Union Confederation
Educational Television
Elektronisches Telefon Verzeichnis
External Testcase Verification
External Update
End-User Control
EUropean Conference of Associations of TELecommunication industries
End User Common Line
EUropean METeorological SATellite system
External Update Notification
End User's Presubscribed Interexchage Carrier
End User Role
EURopean initiative for collaborative research
European Research Coordination Agency
Europäische Forschungskoordinationsagentur
European Institute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications
European Institutetute for Research and Strategic Studies in Telecommunications
European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
European Association of Information Services
European Telecommunication Satellite Organization
Extreme Ultra Violet
Encoding Variation
Environment Variable
Equipment View
European Videoconference Experiment
Event Information
Evaluation Kit
Evolution Rule Language
Event Management Layer
Event Services
Expense Vouchering System
Exception Vector Table
European Virtual Private Network Users Association
Electronic Voice eXchange
Enhanced WATS Access Line
ETAS Warning Bulletin
Engineering Workstation Environment
Europäische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft
E-mail Waiting Indication
Exchange Work List
Electronic White Pages
ETSI Work Programme
Extended Warranty Plan
Electronic Work Station
ESTELLE Work Station
Elektronisches Wahlsystem Digital
Estimated Work Time
Eternal Word Television Network
Exit Notification
Expedited Data
Instituteuction Execution
Instruction Execution
Extension Bridging
Exchangable Card Architecture
Exchangeable Card Architecture
Expand and Concentrate
Executable File
Exports file
Exit Message
External Node
Exponential Function
Exception Request
External Request
Exception Rate Line
Extension File
Extension Shelf
External Alarms
Exchange and Trunk Identity
Extend Call message
Flow Attribute Notification Protocol
Family-oriented Abstraction, Specification and Translation
Flow Based Queueing
Frequency Divisionsion
Frequency Divisionsion Duplexing
Frequency Divisionsion Duplex
Frequency Divisionsion Multiplex
Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexed
Far EasTone Telecommunications
Features, Functions and Performance
Film, Funk und Fernsehen
Fellow of Institutetution of Electrical Engineers
Fellow of Institutetute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Fetch Instituteuction Pointer
Floating Instituteuction Set
Florida International Universityrsity
Florida-puerto Rico
Frequency Modulated-Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexed
Follow-Me Divisionrsion
Floating-Point Instituteuction Address Register
Favorite Picture Selection
Feature Plan Specification
Framing Pattern Sequence
Framing Pulse Synchronization-Framing Extended
Floating Point Support Package
Forced Perfect
Floating Point Value
Field Product Validation
Failures Per Year
Failure Rate
Family of Requirements
Feature Reviewed
Flashing Recall
FN Release
Force Release
Frame Relaying
Frame Reset
Frequency Response
Functionality Review
First Report and Order
Frame Relaying Service-Specific Convergence Sublayer
Flat Rate Area
Ferroelectric RAM
Ferroelectronic Random Access Memory
Future Radio Wideband Multiple Access Systems
Frame Relay Access Processor
FBUS Rate Adapter and Repeater
Fault Reporting Center
Final Routing Center
Functional Reference Configuration
Functional Redundancy-Checking
Failure Resistant Disk System
Fully Restricted
Frame Editor
Fast-Reverse Epitaxal Diode Field-Effect Transistor
Feature Release
Forecast Release
Frame Relay Frame Handler
Frame Relaying Information
Frame Relay Interface Unit
Facility Reject Message
Frequently Requested Listing
Fast Resource Management
FrameMaker File
Functional Reference Model
File Reference Number
Fragmentation Reference Number
Frame Number
frame O
Fusable Read-Only Memory
Fault Report Point
Final Redirecting Party
Frame-Relay Protocol Handler
Frame Position
Frame position
Frame Retransmission Rate
Fire Reporting System
Forward Ready Signal
Frame Relay Switch
Fully Restricted Station
Fiber Remote Switching Center
Frame Relay Service Function
Frame Relay Switching System
Frame Relay Terminating Equipment
FACT Started
Fast Store
Failed Screening
Failed Seconds
Fast Select
Feature Specification
Field Separator
Fixed Service
Field Support
Figure Shift
Fixed Subscriber
Frame Signaling
Frame Switching
Frequency Shift
F Segment
Functional Signaling
Function Selector
Fast Select Acceptance
Fiber Serving Area
Finite State Automata
Formatter/Storage Agent
Feature State Block
Functional Signaling Block
Functional Specification Block
Frame Supervisory Controller
Freephone Service Centre
FTS Subnetwork Controller
Feature-Specific Document
Feature Specification Document
Frame Selection and Distribution
Feature Store Data Base
Feature Specification Document Review
Fading Safety Factor
Finite State Grammar
Full Steering Group
Facility Subsystem Identifier
Forward Status Information
Forward Status Indicators
Frequency Subset Indicator
File System Layout
Flexible Service Logic
Fractionally Spaced Linear Equalizer
Feature Service Logic Program
Function State Model
Field Specification Notation
File Sequence Number
Fixed System Number
Forward Sequence Number Received
Forward Sequence Number Expected
Frequency Subset Number
Forward Sequence Number Transmitted
Foreign Service Office
Formatting, Storage and Output
Facility Services Profile
Flexible Service Profile
Frame Supervisory Panel
Frame Supervision Panel
Frequency Shift Pulsing
Frequency Shift Ratio
Flat SQuare screen
Frequency Selective Ringing
Frequency Spectrum Requirement
Full-Scale Range
Facility/Service Selective
Facility Selective Service
Fair Share Scheduler
File System Switch
Frame Support Subscription
Frame Synchronous Scrambling
Facility/Service Selective Signaling
Fiber Services Terminal
Full Service Terminal
Flexible Signaling Trunk
Force State Transition
Four-Square Transform
FP Store Real
Film Super-Twisted Nematic
Fast Select Type
Fabric Sub-Unit
Field Support Unit
Final Signal Unit
Frame Supervisory Unit
Frame Synchronisation Word
FACT Tested
Feature Test
Feature Tested
Fiber Transmission
Frame Transfer
First Time
Fixed radio Termination
Forward Transfer
Fractal Transform
Fractional T1
Fractional T3
Fractional T3
Transit Frequency
File-Transfer Access
Flexible Terination Authorization
Frame Transport Address
Free Trade Association
FAST Technical Advisory Council
Forms Translation and Mapping
Functional Test Case
Field Type Descriptor
Frame Transfer Delay
Failure Tolerant Disk System
Force Transition Event
Force Transition Failure Event
Fault Tolerant File System
Feature Testplan Inspection
Function-Tester Language
Feature Testing Methodology
Flat Tension Mask
Frequency Translation Module
France Telecom Mobiles International
Ferry Transfer Medium Protocol
Fixed Telecommunications Network Service
Federal Telecommunications Services
Fast Turn-Off
Feature Tone Receiver
Full-Text Search
File Transfer
FAX-Thru Service
Feeder Transmission Section
File Transfer Server
Frame Transport System
Federal Telecom Standard Committee
Final Translation Signalling Point
Failure To Train
Fiber to the Cabinet
Fiber To The Cabinet
Fiber to the Extension
Fiber to the Feeder
Fiber To The Floor
Fiber To the Kerb
Fiber To The Last Amplifier
File Transfer Utility
Facility Test Vehicle
Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
Fan unit
Functional Unit
Feature Use Charging
Functional Unit Deployment
Functional Message Protocol
Frame User Network
Functional Design System
Frame Based User-to-Network Interface
Framebased UNI
First Virtual Corporationration
Floating Virtual Connection
Frequency to Voltage Converter
Fully Variable Demand Access
Flexible Vocabulary Recognition
Flexible Vocabulary Speaker-Independent Recognition
Forward Volume Wave
Frame Word
Full Word
Flow and Wavelength Assignment
First-Window Fibre
Full-width Half-maximum
Four-wave Mixing
Four-Wave Multiplexing
Finer World Process
Future Wireless Personal Communications
Future Wireless Personal Communications System
Filter Wedge Spectrometer
Federal Wireless Users Forum
Foreign Exchange Service
Foreign Exchange-Common Control Switching Arrangement
Foreig Exchange 2-Way Traffic
Foreign Exchange with Battery
Group Autonome Spécialisé
Google Books Search
General Electric Corporationration
Gigabit Fiber Channel
General Instituteument Corporationration
GSM Interworking Profile
Billions of Instituteuctions Per Second
GSF OMs, Alarms and Logs
Global Packing, Shipping and Marshalling
Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages
GPRS Session Management
GTE Service Corporationration
Grand Universityrsal Debugger
Harris & Jeffries, Inc.
Hummingbird Communications Ltd.
Home e-Node B
Fly to the Sky
High Performance Routing Advanced Peer to Peer Network
Hue, Saturation and Luminosity
Hardware Technology Divisionsion
Hue, Value and Chroma
Impairment Aware Routing and Wavelength Assignment
Information Access Corporationration
Instituteuction Address Generation
Institutetutional Area Network
Instituteuction BAT
International Broadcasting Institutetute
Institutetut Belge de Normalisation
Instituteuction Fetch Cycle
Interconnect Clearing House
Institutent Change Order
International Conference on Universityrsal Personal Communications
MIDI Instituteument Definition file
Institutetution of Electronics and Electrical Incorporated Engineers
Institutetute of Electronics, Information and Communications Engineers
Information Engineering Institutetute
Institutetute of Electronics and Radio Engineers
Institutetution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers
Instituteuction Execution Unit
Instituteuction Fetching
International Gateway
Intermediate Hub
ISDN Hold Capability
Integrated Help Desk
Incoming Half Echo Control Device
Incremental High Usage Threshold
Internal Information Base
IEEE Internet Computing
Integrated Interface Circuit
International Institutetute of Communications
Internet Interactive Collaboration Environment
Independently Identically Distributed
Is-Is Hello
Institutetute for Information Industry
Information Industry Liaison Committee
ISO Internet Management Coexistence
Integer Immediate Multiply
Infinite Impulse Response Echo Canceller
Institutetute for Industrial Research and Standards
Indian Institutetute of Science
Input, Invalid Syntax or Punctuation
Interim Inter-Switch Protocol
Incoming Intercept Trunk
Information Infrastructure and Technology Act
Internetwork Interoperability Testing Council
Internetwork-Interoperability Test Plan
Information Infrastructure Task Force+B2843
ISDN Implementors' Workshop
International Japan
Independent JPEG Group
Intergrated Key Telephone System
Information Letter
Insert Line
International Line
Interswitch Link
Iterative Logic Array
Industrial Local Area Network
Intelligent Loop Administration System
Inhibit Line Busy
IFF Interleaved Bitmap
Inter-Layer Controller
ISDN Link Controller
International Line Concentrating Module
Implementation Level Design
Individual Line Downtime
Integrated Large Deviation
Interface Level Design
ISDN Line Drawer
ISDN Line Drawer for Remotes
Interactive Laser-Disk System
In-Line Encryptor
Infra Low Frequency
International Line Group Controller
International Line Group Equipment
Internal Logical Link Connection
Inter Link to Link Protocol
Integrated Link Maintenance
Integrated Local Management Interface
Insertion Loss Measurement Test
Instituteuction-Level Parallelism
Integer Linear Program
IntraLATA Presubscription
Information and Learning, Products and Services
Independant Local Radio
International Line Restrictions
International Line Restriction
Internetworking Location Register
Issues List Report
Individual Line Service
Input Limiting Scheme
Inter-LAN Switching
Integrated Listing Services Platform
Interactive Listing Services Peripheral
International Line Trunk Controller
International Leased Telegraph Message Switching
Intermediate Line Unit
In call Modification
Increment Manager
Information Model
Initialization Mode
Input Message
Input Method
Installation Manual
Integrated Maintenance
Inverse Multiplexer
Inverse Multiplexing ATM
Inverse Multiplexed ATM
Information Movement and Management
Information Management and Movement
Intensity-Modulated Direct-Detection
Initial MAC Protocol Data Unit
Ineffective Machine Attempt
Input Message Acknowledgement
Integrity Management Agent
Inverse Mux ATM
Isochronous MAC
Intelligent Mapping Accounting and Provisioning
Internet Message Access Protocol, Version 4
Internetwork Mass Calling
Integrated Multiple Access Switched Services
Intelligent Multiple Access Spectrum Sharing
Incoming Message Buffer
Input Message Buffer
Inhibit Make Busy
Improved Multiband Excitation
Integrated Measurement Card
Inter-Mate Communication
Inter-Module Communication
International Maintenance Center
ISDN Management and Coordination Committee
Increment Manager Command Interpreter
Inter-MCU Connection Restored
Information Model Details
Intercepted Message Dispatcher
InterModulation Distortion
Integrated Manufacturing Data Base
Intelligent Multiple-Disk Controller
Interface Management Entity
International Mobile Station Equipment Identity
International Metering
Integrated Modeling Framework
Inline Image
ISDN Method Handler
Integral Message Indicator
Integrated Motions, Inc.
International Memories Inc.
Internet Management Information Base
Internet MIB
Integrated Motorist Information System
Incoming Matching Loss
Intermediate Language
Incoming Mate Mismatch
Information Movement and Management
International Maritime Mobile
Instituteuction Memory Management Unit
Intelligent Management Network
IBM Managed Network Services
Inbound Modem Pooling
Integrated Multiprotocol Processor
Impact Ionization Avalanche Transit Time
Initial MAC PDU
Internal Mobile Power Level
Interface Message Receiver
Individual Message Register
Individual Message Service
Interactive Multimedia Retrieval
Isolation-Mode Rejection Ratio
If Modified Since
Incoming Memory Slot
Instituteuctional Management System
Inter MAN System Interface
Inter Message Switch Link
Improved Modular Square Root
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Research Program
Installation and Maintenance Terminal
Intermachine Trunk
International Mobile Telecommunications-2000
International Multimedia Teleconferencing Council
International Mobile Terminal Identity
International Mobile User Identity
Improved Mobile Telephone System
Interactive Multimedia Television
Instituteuction Memory Unit
Instruction Memory Unit
International Motif Users Group
Signed Multiply
Impulse Video On Demand
IEEE Network
Input from Port
Intelligent Node
Intelligent Network 1
Intelligent Network 1
Intelligent Network 2
International Number
Interrogating Node
IN-Switching State Model
Ineffective Network Attempt
Integrated Network Architecture
Intelligent Network Access Function
IN Application Protocol
IN Application Part
Intelligent Network Access Protocol
Inverse ATMARP
Installation Busy
ISDN National Billing Team
INcoming Call
Industry Numbering Committee
Information Character Collection
International Network Controlling Center
Intelligent Network CdPA
Intelligent Network CdPNo
Intelligent Network Data Base
International Number Dialing
Interrupt Disable
Intercept Database
Intelligent Network Data Base Management System
International No Double Connect
Informations- und Dialogdienste
Integrated Network Design Tools
Intelligent Network Element
Institutetutional Network
Institutional Network
Device Information file
Information File
INFormation message
Information message
Setup Information File
INFormation Oriented Language
Information Network
Information via Telex
Integrated Ground
Inhibit In Progress
Initialization File
ISDN Network Identification Code
International Non-Ionising Radiation Committee
Integrated Networks' Integrated Services
INitialisation Information Element
Inactive Network Layer Protocol
Integrated Network Monitoring
Integrated Network Management Services
Integrated Node Maintenance
International Maritime Satellite Organization
International Mobile Satellite Organization
Integrated Network Management and Control
International Network Management Center
In-Service Non-Intrusive Measurement Device
Integrated NMS
Incoming Message
Intelligent Network News
Interconnecting Network Node
Intermediate Network Node
Internal Network Number
Intelligent Network Network Operator
Index Node
Integrated Node
Interactive Network Optimization System
Indium Phosphide
Indium Phosphide
Initial Period
Integrated Node Processor
Internodal Processor
Intranode Policing
Inside the Base NPA
Interchangeable Numbering Plan Area
Integrated Network Planning System
Integrated Network System
Illinois Number Portability Workshop
Inventory Notification and Query
INformation Request message
Inter-Network Rate Indicator
Inter-Network Rate Indicator, Forward
Inter-Network Rate Indicator, Backward
The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control
The French National Institutetute for Research in Computer Science and Control
Internal Request
Input String from Port
Intelligent Network Service Operator
INterinstitutional Service for Electronic Mail
Incoming Separations Class
Inter-Network Service Identification
INterinstitutional integrated Services Information System
Intelligent Network Service Provider
Inspect Billing Records
Integrated Network Support System
Intelligent Network Service Subscriber
In Service
call INTrusion
International organizations domain
Interrupt Acknowledge
Internal Aggregate Calls
Intercom Calls
Intercom Dialing
INTerrupt Confirmation
Intercom Dialing Plan
Intercom Dialing Plan for Packet-Mode Data
Intercom Dialing for Packet Mode Data
INTerrupt Enable
InterLATA Dialing Sequences
Internet Network Information Center
Interactive OCTAVE
Interface Type
Internal Intercom Calls
International Transport Information System
Internal Miscellaneous Connections
Interrupt on Overflow
Internal Private Facilities
Interrupt Request
IntraLATA Dialing Sequences
IntraLATA Competition
IntraLATA Competition for PRI
INTernational TRansit exchange
International Telecommunications User Group
International Telecommunications Users Group
International Trade and User Groups
Internetworking Unit
INValid indication
Inverse ARP
Inward Wide Area Telephone Service
Intelligent Networks WG
International Networks WG
InterNetwork Working Group
Image Orthicon
Ineffective Other
Input/Output Audit
Independent Operating Company
International Operating Center
Input/Output Channel
Input/Output Control System
Integrated Optical Circuit
Inter-Office Communication
Interoffice Facility
ISDN Ordering Code
I/O ConTroL
Input/Output Device
Input/Output Equipment
I/O Gate
Inter Orbit Link
Inventory On Loan
Input/Output Multiplexer
ISDN-Oriented Modular
ISDN-Oriented Modular-interface
Input/Output Message Manual
Integrated On-demand Network
Internal Organization of Network Layer
International Operator Position
Input/Output Processor Controller
I/O Privilege Level
International Outside Plant Module
Internet Operators
Input Output Register
Integrated Office Systems
In Orbit Test
Input/Output Trap
Interend Office Trunk
International Originating Toll Center
Input/Output Utility Interface
Implementation Profile
Information Provision
Information Publication
Initial Permutation
Instituteuction Prefetching
Instruction Prefetching
Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures
Interexchange Plant
Interface Point
Intermodulation Product
Interrupt Process
Information Processing and Storage Platform
Internet Protocol Version 6
Image Power Amplifier
Information Processing Architecture
Interface and Protocol Adaptor
Intermediate Power Amplifier
ISDN Performance Analyser
Internet Public Access Catalogue
Integrated PAD
Internet Protocol Address Encapsulation
Intelligent Public Access Platform
International Passenger Airline Reservation System
IEEE Personal Communications
Inter-Personal Computer
Incoming Peg Count
Inter-Process Control
Input Port Controller
Interactive Personal Computer
InterProcess Communications
Interprocessor Communications
IP over Cable Data Networks
Internet Packet Core Utility
Incident Power Density
Inductive Potential Divider
Inductive Potential Divisionder
Installed Product Database
International Public Data Network
Intelligent Peripheral Equipment Column
Intelligent Peripheral Equipment Cabinet
Input, Parameter, Extra
ISDN Parameter Group
Integrated Packet Handler
IP Header Compression
Integrated Product Introduction
Interprocessor Interrupt
ISDN Preference Indicator
IP Interface over Frame Relay
ILL Protocol Implementers Group
IP within IP
IP Interface over VC
Incoming Parallel Junctor
Interface Processing Level
Intermediate Printer Language
Internet Protocol Local Loop
IntraLATA Private Line Service
Inches Per Minute
Interpersonal Message
IP Multicast Initiative
Input, Parameter, Missing
Input, Parameter, Not Consistent
Internet Protocol Network Control Protocol
Integrated Private Network-to-Network Interface
ISDN PABX Networking Specifications
ISDN PBX Networking Specification
Input, Parameter, Not Valid
IP over ATM
Internet Point of Presence
Inductive Potentiometer
Independent Payphone Provider
Interrupted Poisson Process
IP Payload Compression Protocol
In-Process Quality Metrics
Initial Period Rate
Inferences Per Second
Incoming Packet Size
Initial Position Seizure
Integrated Pricing System
Interactive Prompting System
ISDN Professional Services
Interface Parallel System Bus
Integrated Protection Switching Controller
IP Security Protocols
IP Security Protocol
International Portable Subscriber Identity
IP Security Option
International PSS
Interdepartmental Project Scope Team
Interactive Protocol Tester
Interrupt Pointer Table
ISDN Protocol Testhead
Improved Public Telephone Service
Integer Processor Unit
IPv6 PPP Control Protocol
Internetwork Protocol Exchange
Interwork Packet Exchange
Interwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
IPX PPP Control Protocol
Internet Packet Exchange for Wide-Area Networks
In-phase and Quadrature
Inverse Quantizer
Intelligent Query Manager
Inter Quartile Range
Inquiry Response
Instituteuction Register
Insulation Resistance
Integration Robust
Interoffice Receiver
Interagency Radio Advisory Committee
Intelligent RAM
Intuity Response Application Programming Interface
Instituteuction Reorder Buffer
Instituteumentation Request Broker
Instrumentation Request Broker
Instruction Reorder Buffer
Idle Receiver Control
Interference Rejection Combining
Intermediate Routing Center
Inter-Repeater Cable Segment
Integrated Receiver/Descrambler
Interference Reduction Device
Interrogation and Response Device
International Research & Development Operations
Institutetute of Radio Engineers
Infrared Emitting Diode
Information Request Failure
Information Request Indicator
Interrogation Recurrence Frequency
Inter-record Gap
Incoming Route Information
Internationalized Resource Identifier
Inter Range Instituteumentation Group
Intended Recipient Identity Presentation
Interactive Recorded Information Service
Information Retrieval Language
Infrared Link-Access Protocol
International Remote Line Concentrating Module
Infrared Light Emitting Diode
Infrared Link Management Protocol
Information Request Message
Insert/Replace Mode
Interrupt Mask Register
Immediate Ring Notification
Information Resource Network
Inhibit Receiver Off Hook
Internal Rate of Return
Intelligent Robots and Systems
I/O request packet
Interface for Remote Platforms
Internal Reference Point
International Routing Plan
Information Reporting Program Bulletin Board System
Information Returns Program Bulletin Board System
Idle Repeat Request
Information Request
Interrupt Request Level
Immediate Reroute
Inhibit Ring Reminder
Information Record Separator
Initial Receive Sequence Number
Intermediate Reference System
ITS Radio System
Interface Root Service Proxy
Increment Registration Table
Institutetut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH
Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH
Interrupted Ring Tone
I2O Real-Time OS
Internet Reliable Transport Protocol
Immediate Start
Initialisation Sequence
Interim Specification
Interference Subtraction
Intermediate System to Intermediate System
Interrupt Set
Intraconnect Schematic
ISDN State
Intermediate System to Intermediate System Protocol
Inter System Network Node Interface
Information Separator 1
Information Separator 2
Information Separator 3
Information Separator 4
In-Session Activation
Instituteuction Set Architecture
Intelligent Services Architecture
International Smalltalk Association
International Service Analysis
Indexed Sequential Access Method
Instituteuction Supervisor Area Pointer
Instruction Supervisor Area Pointer
Instituteuction System Address Register
Instruction System Address Register
ISDN Smart Attendant Service
Independent Sideband
Individual Station Billing
Information Service Brokerage
Intelligent Signalling Bus
International Satellite Business Network
Information Systems Council
Installation Service Center
International Services Center
Instituteuction Set Computer
Inter-Nation Switching Center
Intercompany Services Coordination
Intermediate System Confirm
International Service Carrier
Intersystem Communication
International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
Intelligent Synchronous Communications Adapter
Intelligent Systems Control Console
International Service Coordination Center
Internet Security Courseware Consortium
Inter-System Control Facility
International Standard Code for Information Interchange
Integrated Signaling and Control Part
ISDN Signaling Control Part
Incoming Service Desk
Incremental Service Delivery
Independent Segment Decoding
Instituteuctional Systems Design
International Subscriber Dialing
Incoming Start-to-Dial Delay
Incoming Start Delay to Dial
Integrated Services Digital Line Card
Integrated Services Digital Network Profile
ISDN User Part
ISDN User Part
ISDN Application Protocol
ISDN Application Protocol
ISDN Customer Solutions
Integrated Services Digital Network Family of Requirements
ISDN Class I Equipment
ISDN Class II Equipment
ISDN Office Equipment
In-Sequence Delivery Option
IntelliLight Shared Dual Path
Integrated Switched Data Service
Integrated Services Digital Terminal
Integrated Services Digital eXchange
Intelligent Services Environment
International Subscriber Feature
Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor
Information Systems Gateway
ISDN Service Group
ISDN Signaling Group
Isolated System Grounding
Isolated System Ground
Industry Support Interface
Information Sciences Institutetute
Institutetute of Scientific Information
Instituteuction Storage Interrupt
Instruction Storage Interrupt
Integrated Systems Inc.
Intelligent Services Interface
Intersymbol Interference
InterSystem Interface
Isolation Shunt Interface Adapter
International Student Intern Program
Image and Scanner Interface Specification
Integrated Standardisation Information System
Investigative Support Information System
Integrated Services Link
Internal Surge Limiter
Internetworking Switch Link
InterSatellite Link
Information Systems Learning Center
ISDN Line Card
Integrated Services Line Module
In-Service Measurement
Information Service Management
Integrated Services Model
Integrated Synchronous Multiplexer
Intelligent Synchronous Multiplexer
Invocation State Machine
ISDN State Machine
ISDN Stanadards Management
ISDN Standards Management
Inhibit Sense Multiple Access
International Switch Maintenance Center
International Switching Maintenance Center
Internet-Standard Management Framework
Information Storage Node
Integrated Services Node
Intelligent Services Node
Integrated Systems Network
Internet Society News
The Internet Society
Intelligent Services Network Application Processor
Intermediate Signaling Network Identification
Intermediate Signaling Network Identifier
Intelligent Switched Network Management System
Isolated Fully Recessed Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
International Organization for Standardization Central Secretariat
International Organization for Standardization Central Secretariat
Interactive Service on Demand
International Organization for Standardization Development Environment
ISO Development Environment
INTELSAT Signatories and Operators Group
ISO information NETwork
Increment Specific Override Object
International Organization for Standardization Reference Model
International Symposium on Object Technologies for Advanced Software
ISO Transport Protocol
In-Store Processor
In-System Programming
Independent Software Vendors
Information Service Provision
Information Services Provider
Instituteuction-Set Processor
Instruction-Set Processor
Intelligent Services Peripheral
Interface Service Profile
Japan Advanced Institutetute of Science and Technology
Joint Research Institutetute
Thousands of Instituteuctions per Second
Knowledge Systems Corporationration
Korea Standards Institutetute
Swedish Royal Institutetute of Technology
Kilobyte Virtual Machine
K Virtual Machine
LAN Extensible Simulator
Link Access Procedure, Balanced
Link Access Procedure F
Linear Divisionder and Combiner
Link Divisionrsion Transactor
Network Protocol
Limited Instituteuctions Set Processor
Low Noise Block Converter
Local On-Line Network System
Local Point of Contact
Low Speed Data Unit
Line Signalling Equipment
Loop Signaling Equipment
Line Severe Errored Second
Line Spectral Frequency
Line Switch Frame
Line Side Interface
Load Status Information
Low Speed Interface
Local Session Identification
Linux System Labs
Load Segment Limit
Local Serial Link
Limited Size Messaging
Line Switch Marker
Link Set Management
Link Status Message
Line Signalling Oscillator
Local Service Order Administration
Link-State PDU
Listing Services Platform
Logical Service Port
Loudspeaker Paging
Local Service Provider Identification
Local Service Provider ID
Local Service Provider Portability
Low-Speed Paper Tape Reader
Limited Size Remote Operation Services
Laboratory Support System
Link Status Signal
LATA Switching Systems Generic Requirements
Local Switching Systems General Requirements
Laplace-Stieltjes Transform
Listing File
Local Symbol Table
Local Signal Transfer Point
Leading Signal Unit
Lone Signal Unit
Line Shelf Unit
Line Sub-Unit
Local Support Unit
Local Switching Unit
Low Speed Variant
Least Significant Word
Lab Trial
LATA Tandem
Local Tandem
Logical Tuple
Low Tone
Lucent Technologies
Liberia Telecommunications Authority
Line Test Access
Local Transport Address
Long Term Architecture
Logical Terminal Access Privileges
Last Trunk CCS
Line/Trunk Controller
Longitudinal Time Code
Lowest Two-way Channel
Lower Tester Control Function
Logical Terminal Class
Line/Trunk Controller Offshore
Lower Tester Communication Point
LATA Tandem Connection Trunk
Licensed-In Technology Directory
Local Telecom Division
Local Telecom Divisionsion
Linear Transversal Equalizer
Line Trunk Equipment
Lite Terminating Equipment
Line/Trunk Group
Long-Term Failure
Loop Testing Frame
Line Treatment Group
Logical Terminal Group
Logical Terminal Group
Line and Trunk Hunting
Local Trunk Identification
Long-Term Investment Plan
Lunch Time Learning Session
Line and Trunk Maintenance
Line and Trunk Peripherals
Logical Terminal Number
Less Than One Minute
Less Than One Second
Line Test Position
Local Test Position
Line Trunk Peripheral
Long Term Prediction
Load-Transfer signal
Load Transfer
Load Task Register
Laboratory Test System
Library of Test Specification
Lightwave Telecommunication System
Line Traffic Simulator
Line Trunk Server
Long-Term Storage
Loop Testing System
Loop Test System
Line Termination Type
Line Test Unit
Lower Test Unit
Line Unit
Line Test Unit, Analog
Line Test Unit, Digital
Loss of TU Multiframe
Linux Universe
Linux Universityrse
Living Unit
Logical Unit Handler
Line Unit Failed
Lowest Usable Frequency
Linux User's Group
Locally Unique Identifier
Line Unit/Line Termination
Link Uninhibit message
LAN Emulation User-Network Interface
Lane Uni
Line Unit/Network Termination
Line Unit Network Termination
Location Update Protocol
Logical User Port
Lookup Table
Line Unit T Interface
Locked-Up Trunk Scan
List Volumes
List Viterbi Algorithm
Logical Virtual Circuit
Leave Message
Low Voltage Relay
Low Voltage Reconnect
Layout vs. Schematic
Local Video Server
Link Verification Transactor
Leave Word
Long Wave
Light Wire Armor
Light Wire Armored
Lower Window Edge
Logical Work Item
Library for WWW Access in Perl
LightWeight Process
Logical Work Processor
Moves, Adds and Changes
Multiple Access Protocol Over SONET
Mobile Corporationrate Access
Mobile Communications Divisionsion
Community Care Access Centre
Mosaic Communications Corporationration
Mentor Graphics Corporationration
Maintenance Interface Card
Manufacturer Identity Code
Message Interface Card
Modem Interface Card
Microwave Integrated Circuit
Mode Indicate Common
Mode Indicator Common
Management of Information as a Corporate Asset
Management of Information as a Corporationrate Asset
Microtek In-Circuit Emulator
Mobile Internetworking Control Protocol
Maintenance Inventory Control System
Message Interface and Clock Unit
Manual Incoming Denied
Maritime Identification Digit
Mean Interruption Duration
Message Identified
MIDI Sequence file
Mobility Incall Delivery
Module Identifier
Multiplexing IDentification
Multiplexing Identifier
Message Interchange Distributed Application
Multiple Integrated Digital Access
Multitier Distributed Application Services
Message Intercept and Dispatch Control
Member of Institution of Electrical Engineers
Member of Institutetution of Electrical Engineers
Member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers
Member of the Institutetute of Electrical Engineers
Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Member of Institutetute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Maintenance Interface
Maker Interchange Format
Machine Independent File Format
Master International Frequency Register
Mobile Information Infrastructure
1/1000 of an Inch
Maintenance Interface Layer
Military groups domain
Military Standard
Management Information Message
Modifier Information Manager
Management Inhibiting Messages
Metal Insulator Metal
Module Information Memory
Multiple Instituteuction Multiple Data
Messaging, Information and Media Sector
Management Intelligent Network Conceptual Model
Microbial Information Network for Europe
Minimum Interference Threshold
Multistationary Inclined Orbits
Maintenance Interface Protocol
Maintenance in Progress
MCI ISN Platform
Micro Integrated Project Planning System
Management Information Protocol Specification
Mega Instituteuctions Per Second
Management Information Repository
Machine Instituteuction Set
Microinstruction Register
Machine Instruction Set
May I Send
Mechanized Interface Specification
Metal Insulator Silicon
Microcode Instruction Sequencer
Microcode Instituteuction Sequencer
Miscellaneous Equipment Frame
Multimedia Information Service
Management Information Service Definition
Multiple-Instruction Single-Data
Multiple-Instituteuction Single-Data
Multiple Instituteuctions Single Data
Metal, Insulator, Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
Modem Interface to Ethernet
Massachusetts Information Turnpike Initiative
Macintosh ISDN Terminal Simulator
Maintenance Interface Unit
Memory Interface Unit
Multistation Interface Unit
Mimimum Investment Unit
Mime Internet X.400 Enhanced Relay
Modified Julian Date
Motion JPEG
Mouse Key
Metre, Kilogram, Second
Maintenance Limit
Managed Links
Message Link
Matching Loss
Maximum Latency
Maximum Likelihood
Message Length
Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
Microprocessor Language Assembler
Microwave Link Analyser
Multiline Addressing
MAC Level Access Protocol
Metallic Line Access Port
Multi-Line Business
Multi-Line Card
Multi-Layer Ceramic
Mean Logistic Delay
Median Lethal Dose
Multiple Listing Directory Assistance
Medium Local Exchange
Message-List Editing
Microprocessor Language Editor
Mobile Link Entity
Management Leadership Forum
Multiline Hunt
Message Link Interface
Mega Logical Inferences Per Second
Mode-Locked Laser
Medium Large Local Exchange
Multi-Level Metal
Multi-Longitudinal Mode
Maximum Likelihood Multiuser Receiver
Motorola Lab Non Res
Multiple Locations Resource Finder
Multilayer Protocol
Multilink Procedure
Multiple License Pack
Multiple Line Printing
Multiple Line Reading
Multiple Link Procedure
Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption
Multilink PPP
Message Length Qualifier
Mechanized Line Record
Modified Long Route Design
Modulated Light Source
Multilayer Switching
MultiLevel Security
MultiLevel Secure
Multilingual Listing Services
Maintenance Loop Signalling Entity
Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation
Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimator
Mechanized Line Testing
Mechanized Loop Tester
Median Lethal Time
Multi Line Unit
Marne La Vallee
Man Machine
Mapping Mode
Mate Manager
Meetingless Meeting
Meeting Minutes
Meet Me
Memory Manager
Message Mode
Messaging Manager
Multi Mode
MIDI Manufacturers Association
Multiple Message Alerting
Man Made Busy
Man-Machine Communication
Microwave/Millimeterwave Components
Mobile Multimedia Communications
MultiMedia Communications Forum
MultiMedia Communications Exchange
Monolithic Multicomponents Ceramic
Monopolies and Mergers Commission
Multimedia Collaboration
Multimedia Multiparty Conferencing
Multichannel, Multipoint Distribution System
Multichannel Microwave Distribution Service
Multi-Modal Estimation
Management to Managed Element Interface
Maritime Mobile Earth Station
Magneto-Motive Force
Microsoft Mail File
MSS Management Function
Manufacturing Messaging Format Standard
Motorola Multimedia Group
Maintenance Man-Hours
Machine-to-Machine Interface
Monolithic Millimeter-wave IC
Multimedia I/O
Multimedia Mail
Multimedia Module Library
Multi Media Multiplexer
Multimedia Network
Maintenance Modem Pool
Memory Management Process
Mobility Management Protocol
Module Message Processor
Multichassis Multilink PPP
MultiMedia Presentation Manager
MultiMedia Presentation Manager/2
Markov Modulated Poisson Process
Modified Modified Reed
Manufacturing Messaging Service
Manufacturing Message Services
MMCS Management System
Message Management Subsystem
Mini-Micro Systems
Modified Monitoring State
Modified Monitoring State 4B/3T
Minimum-Mean-Squared Error
Maritime Mobile Satellite Service
Modular Metallic Services Unit
Mobile Management Task Force
Manual Mobile Telephone System
Metered Message Unit
Multi-Message Unit
Multi Media User Interface
Miscellaneous Multiunit Message
MMU Status Register
Multimedia Video File
Matched Node
Microwave Network
Multiple Network Appearance
Message Network Access Code
Meridian Network Control
Meridian Network Control Centre
Multiplicative Noise Compensator
Maintenance NCL
Mobile Network Identification Code
Maintenance Noise Limit
Mobile Network Location Protocol
Metal-nitride-oxide Semiconductor
Microcomputer Networking Protocol
Multi-Network Protocol
Multicontrol Networking Platform
Mobile Network Registration Protocol
Modulated Noise Reference Unit
Message Objectizer
Message Object
Memorandum Opinion and Order
Managed Object Agent
Manager of Object Adapters
Manual Outgoing Allowed
Mobitex Operators Association
Memory-Order Buffer
Maintenance and Operations Console
Managed Object Classe
Mobile-Originated Call
Multiproduct Operations Controller
Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Manual Outgoing Denied
Movies on Demand
MOdulation-Doped Field-Effect Transistor
Module Designers Workbench
Maximum Observed Frequency
Music On Hold
Music On Hold Source
Maximum Output Level
Microsoft Open License
Maintenance and Operations Manual
Mini Object Manager
Meridian Off-Net Access
Mobile Networks
Multiwavelength Optical Network
Maintenance Out-of-Service
Manual Out-of-Service
Metrics for Object-Oriented Software Engineering
Mailbox Observer Proxy
Maintenance Observer Proxy
Management Operations per Second
Mega Operations Per Second
Manager-Operator Services
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Multi-Wavelength Optical Repeater
Maintenance Out-of-Service
Metal-oxide Semiconductor
Mux Out-of-Sync
Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
Master Out / Slave In
MIME Object Security Service
Managed Object Syntax-Compiler
MOS Timing Simulator
Minutes Of Use
Metal-Oxide Varistor
Move Instituteuction
Move Instruction
Multi Open Via Chip Carrier
Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy
Machine Processable Form
Management process
Management Platform
Master Position
Master Processor
Math Present
Memory Protect
Metallised Paper
Modem Pool
Modulation de Phase
Modulation Parameter
Monitor Coprocessor
Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
Multilink PPP
Multipurpose Position
Multilink Protocol Plus
Magellan Passport Access
Modular Power Adapter
Modulating Power Amplifier
Multi-PTN Attendant
Multichannel PAC
Multi-Party Bridging
Multiple Port Bus Access Circuit
Modem Pool Busy Time
Maintenance Processing Control
Maintenance Process Control
Message-Passing Coprocessor
Message Protocol Circuit
Message Protocol Card
Multi-Protocol Client
Multimedia Planning and Coordination
Multiple Protocol Capability
Multi Purpose Controller
Multi-Part Class Manager
Multi-Protocol Controller Network
Message Processing and Dispatch
Midnights Passed Digit
Miniport Driver
Multiple Path Detector
Meridian Programmable Data Adapter
Meridian Power Distribution Center
Multi-Point Extension
Multiprotocol Encapsulation
ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group
Motion/Moving Picture Experts Group
Motion Picture Experts Group 1
Motion Picture Experts Group 2
Motion Picture Experts Group 3
Motion Picture Experts Group 4
Maintenance Procedural Error Rate
Mapping Field
Managing Personal Growth
Multiplayer Games
Multi-Players Games Network
Management- PHysical
Multi-Position Hunt
Multiple Position Hunt
Modem Pool Holding Time
Minimum Picture Interval
MultiProcessing Kernel
Multischedule Private Line
Modem Pool Line Card
Multiple Port Link Handler
Master Processor Memory
Meta-Phone Markup Language
Managed Private Network Service
Multi-Protocol Over LANs
Message Posting Protocol
Microsoft Project file
Multichannel Point-to-Point Protocol
Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol
Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression
Multi-Processor Queue
Modular Power Rectifier
MultiProtocol Router
Multi-Purpose Riser
Mechanized Power Room Operations Monitor
Master Primary Reference Terminal
Modem Pool Reservation Time
Medium Power Satellite
Minimal Part Set
Model/Policy Split
Modular Power Shelf
Multi-Processor Specification
Multiple Priority System
Multi Protocol Serial Controller
Multiple Phase Shift Keying
Marketing/Product Strategic Plan
Mechanical Product Status Review
Multipath Self-Routing
Ministry of Post and Telegraph
Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
Multiple PIN Table
Multipoint to Point Tree
Multiport Protocol Tester
Myanmar Post and Telecommunication
Multi-Party Test Method
Multiprotocol Transport Networking
Message Protocol Version
Machine-Prepared Wiring Data
Multiple Queue Assignment
Metric Quad Flat Pack
Managed Queueing Interface
Multi-Quantum Well
Multiple Quantum Well
Multi Quantum Well
Magnetic Resonance
Mandatory Requirement
Manual Request
Measured Rate
Message Rate
Meeting Room
Message Receiver
Mobile Router
Message Rate Area
Mutually Restricted Access
Management Request Broker
Maximum Receive Buffer Length Register
Maximal Ratio Combining
Most Recent Common Ancestor
Meeting Reservation and Control System
Manual Ring Down
Master Recognition Database
Message Rate Detailed
Message Retrieval Display
Modified Resistance Design
Machine-Readable Data Files
Message Register
MADN Release
MADN Ring Forward
Maintenance Restart Function
Message-Refusal signal
Master Reference Frequency Frame
MADN Ring Forward Manual
Modification Request in Generic
Machine-Readable Imaging
Microtec Research Inc.
Mac OS Runtime for Java
Match Recognition Latch
Match Recognition Latch Enable
Mate Remote Line Module
Message Receiver Manager
Message Resource Monitor
Mobile Routing Number
Materials and Resource Planning
Mobile Radio Resource Control
Magneto-Resistive Sensor
Maintainable Resource Surrogate
Message Rate Service
Mobile Radio Stack
Mobile Radio System
Module Resident Software
Message Rate Serving Area
Microwave Remote Sensing Experiment
Mode Request Signalling Entity
Mobile Radio Study Group
Magnetic Resonance Tomography
Message Rate Timed
Message Routing Table
Model Reference Testing
Maximum Resolvable Temperature Difference
Message Rate Timed/Detailed
Maximum Relative Time Interval Error
Memory Reference Time Out
Mobile Radio Transmit Receive
Mobile Radio Training Trust
Maximimum Receive Unit
Media Resource Unit
Modular Recording Unit
Mobile Radio Users Association
MTP Routing Verification
MTP Routeing Verification Test
MTP Routing Verification Test
MTP Routing Verification Acknowledgement
MTP Routing Verification Result
Message Routing Exchange
Main Station
Management Service
Message Service
Message System
Measured Service
Measurement Signal
Media Sensor
Memory System
Message Switch
Message Switching
Mission Slice
Mobile Service
Mode Sifter
Mode Sifting
Most Significant
Multiplex Session
Multiplex Section AIS
Multiplex Section FERF
Micro-Soft Disk Operating System
Microsoft Networks
Multiplexer Section Shared Protection Ring
Message Switching 6 Equipment
Message Switching 7 Equipment
Message Status Area
Message System Agent
Mobile Serving Area
Meridian Services Attendant Console
Microsoft Audio Compression Manager
Media Services Access Layer
Multimedia Service Access Layer
Mini-Slotted Alternating Priority
Mobile Services Application Part
Multi-Services Application Platform
Multistation Access Unit
Make Set Busy
Message Switch and Buffer
Message Switch and Buffer 6
Message Switch and Buffer 7
Make Set Busy Intragroup
Magnetostatic Backward Volume Wave
Main Switching Centre
Maintenance Service Charge
Management Service Component
Marked Section Close
Message Switching Concentration
Message Switch
MicroSoft C
Mobile Services Switching Center
Modem Shelf Controller
Most Significant Character
Mouse Systems Corporation
Mouse Systems Corporationration
Visited MSC
Microsoft CD-ROM Extension
Mean Spherical Candle Power
Mobile Service Control Point
Microsoft Clustering Server
Message Switch Control Unit
Mass Storage Device
Microsoft Diagnostics
Modifier Service Directory
Multi Standard Decoder
Microsoft Developer Studio
Microsoft Download Service
Master-Slave Dynamic Rate Access
Maritime Satellite Data Switching Exchange
Mobile Satellite Data Switching Exchange
Master Slave Determination Signalling Entity
Multi-Services Distant Terminal
Message Services Data Transmission Protocol
Maintenance Sub-Entity
Mean Squared Error
Minimum Signal Element Duration
Master of Science and Electronic Engineering
Message Store and Forward
Mobile Serving Function
Mobile Storage Function
Municipal, State and Federal Tax
Magnetostatic Forward Volume Wave
Monitoring Service of Great Britain
Message Switch
Multi-Service Hub
Medium-scale Integration
Mobile Subscriber Identity
Mobile Station Identity
Mobile Station International ISDN Number
Maintenance System Interaction Protocol
The Main Street Journal
Mean-Squared Loss
Meridian SL-100
Meridian Stored Logic
Module Structure List
Meridian SL-1
Most Significant-Least Significant
Market Segment Manager
Microwave Switching-Matrix
Media Stimulated Mass Calling
MicroSoft Message Queue
Meridian Switched Network
Message Switch Network
The Microsoft Network
Mobility Support Network
Most Significant Nibble
Multi-Service Network
Microsoft NDS
Multi-System Networking Facility
Management Support Object
Multiplex Section Overhead
Master Service Processor
Master Stack Pointer
Message Switch Processor
Microsoft Paint
Microsoft Solution Provider
Modifier Service Participant
Modular Supervisory Panel
Multichassis Synchronization Protocol
Multiplex Shared Protection
Message Switch Peripheral Processor
Message Switch Peripheral Unit
Mean Square
Management System Review
Message Send and Receive
Message Storage and Retrieval
Message Storage and Retrieval System
Microsoft Research
Mobile Service Region
Mobile Serving Region
Modular Square Root
Maintenance Spare Storage
N11 Trigger
Network Access Corporationration
Non-Broadcast Multiple Access Network
Nonbroadcast Multiple Access Network
Network Communications Corporationration
Network Call Forwarding Universityrsal
North Carolina State Universityrsity
Network Diagnostic Divisionsion
Network Distribution Service
Nebraska Educational Telecommunications
NetRemote Procedure Call
Networking Hardware Divisionsion
Network Layer Header
New Instituteuctions
Near-Institutentaneous Companding
Nearly Institutentaneous Companding
Near-Institutentaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
Nearly-Institutentaneous Companded Audio Multiplex
National Institutetutes of Health Class Library
Network Identification Plan
Network Integrated Processing
Network Intelligence Platform
Next Instituteuction Pointer
Next Instruction Pointer
Name Information Service
Network Information Services Plus
Network Information Service Center
Network Interface Specification
Narrowband ISDN
National ISDN
Network Information Service Infrastructure
National Internet Service Provider
National Institutetute for Standards and Technology
Network Interoffice Transmission
Non-Initializing Terminal
Northern Ireland Telecommunications Engineering Center
National ISDN Technical Subcommittee
National ISDN Users' Forum
National IGES User Group
Network Interworking
Node Identifier Exchange
Notification of Incoming X.25 Call Request
Network Junctor Connecting
Network Job Processing
Nederlands Keuringsinstituut voor Telecommunicatieapparatuur
Native Language
Network Link
Noise Limiter
Non Listed
Non-Linear Amplified
Negative Low Current
Number of Logical Channels
Network Link Control Block
Normalized Logical Data Model
Non Linear Fabry-Perot Resonator
Network Level Management
Network Link Module
Number of Local Methods
New Licensed Operator
Nonlinear Program
Nonlinear Processor
Network Listener Protocol Service
Near Letter-Quality Printer
Network Layer Relay
Noise Load Ratio
Non Linear Resistor
Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
Non-Locally Switched Special
Network Load Test System
Notification Message
Notification Manager
Network Management Application Service Element
Network Message Analyzer
Network Monitoring and Administration
Network Management System
Network Management Busy
Network Management Equipment
Number of Macroblocks
Networked Multimedia Connection
Network Message Controller
Network Module Controller
Network Model Coverage
New Media Center
Nortel Matra Cellular
Network Management and Control System
Network Media Engine
Norton Mobile Essentials
Network Management Functional Area
Network Management Functional Unit Deployment
Network Measurements Group
Network Management Interface System
Noise Maintenance Limit
Native Mode LAN Interconnection Service
Near Millimeter Wave
Network Managed Object
Network Management Position
N-channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Network Management and Operations Support
No Modem Pool
NUC Management Process
NM Productivity Facility
Network Module Port
NetWare Management Services
Noise-to-Mask Ratio
Networked Multimedia System
Network Management Services
Network Management Signal
Network Message Service
Noise Measuring Set
Number of Message Sends
National Mobile Station Identification
National Mobile Station Identity
NetWare Management System Software Development Kit
National Mobile Telecommunications
Nordic Mobile Telecommunications
National Message Type Indicator
Nordic Mobile Telephone System
Network Management Vector
NM Vector Transport
Network Message Waiting Indicator
National Number
Nearest Neighbor
Next Name 1
Next Name 2
National Network Dialing
Number of New Methods
National Number Routed
NetWare Naming Service
NSFnet Network Services Center
Neural Networks Traffic Enforcement Mechanism
Number of Attributes
Network Operations Analyzer and Assistant
Narrowband over ATM Products
Network Operator Byte
Nature of Connection
Nature of Connection Indicator
Network Operations Domain
Network Outward Dialing
Noise-Operated Device for Anti-Noise
Network Operations Education and Training
Node Operator Facility
Normal Operational Frames
Network Operators Group
Network Operations Layer
Noise-Operated Gain Adjusting Device
Network Operator Interface
Network Order Management
Network Operations Management Services
NON-Geo Stationary Orbit
Network Operations Plan
Network Operations Protocol
Number Of Packet
No Packet Mode Data
not or
Network Operators Research Committee
Network Operators RACE Committee
No Record
Northern Telecom
Network Operations System
Next On Stack
No Service Circuit
No Software Resource Treatment
Notify message
Network Operations Trouble Information System
Not Ready
No Terminal Responding
Network Operations Unit
Network Port
News Overview
Non Volatile Random Access Memory
NAV Operations Workstation
National Parameter
Network Pause
Network Peripheral
Network Provided
New Page
No Prefix
No Pulse
Notification Point
Not Planned
Numbering Plan
Number Privacy
Number Private
Network Protection and Power
Number Portability Administration Center
Network Protocol Control Information
Network Protocol Control
Narrowband Personal Communications Services
Network Protection Device
Network-Protection Equipment
Numbering Plan Digit
Numbering Plan Evolution
Network Product Group
Network Protocol Indicator
Null Pointer Indication
Numbering Plan Indication
Number Plan Identification
Number Plan Indicator
Network Plug-In Administration Center
Network Planning Letter
New Peripheral Module
New Product Module
Network Provider Network
Negative/POsitive zero
Netwrok Planning and optimization
New Product Opportunity
Network Programming Platform
Non-Primary Residential
Non-Processor Request
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Non-Polarized Return-to-Zero
Network Processing System
Network Provisioning System
Network Provided Tones
Non-Payer Screening
Non-Prioritized Scheme
Northern Procurement Specification
NUI Profile Screening
National Protocol Support Center
Network Packet Switching Interface
NPC Packet-Switched Interconnect
New Product Summary Report
Non Programmable Terminal
Nortel Post and Telecommunications
Numeric Processor Extension
Niveau de Qualite Acceptable
Network Ready
Network Resume
Nibble Register
Non-Reproducible CD
Non-Reserved 0
Non-Reserved 1
Non-Reserved 2
Non-Reserved 3
Network Remote Access
Network Routing Address
Non-Resident Area
Network Ring Again
Nonvolatile Random Access Memory
Network Research Corporation
Network Research Corporationration
Network Routing Centre
Non-Recurring Charge
Nashville Repair and Distribution Center
Not Ready
National Reference Exchange
Negative Resistance Elements
Nonrecurring Engineering Cost
Number Restrictions
Not Ready For Data
Network Resource Information Model
Negotiated Rule Making
Number of Refined Methods
Network Reference and Monitor Station
National Radiological Protection Board
Network Reconfiguration Service
Network Resource Selector
Network Resource Selection
No Restart Swact
Nonreal Time
Non-Real-Time Variable Bit Rate
Nationally-Recognized Testing Lab
Named Return Value
Non-Return-to-Zero recording,
Non-Return-to-Zero Change recording
Non-Return-to-Zero Mark recording
Nonreturn to Zero-Level
AT&T Network Systems
Network Series
Network Signaling
Network Software
New Signal
No Screening
Not Screened
Network Surveillance and Control
Network Service/Control Centre
National Security/Emergency Preparedness
Network Service Agent
Network Signaling Agent
Network Switched Access
Network Service Attachment Point Address
Network Services Complex
Network Signaling Channel
Network Specialized Center
Network Switching Center
Network Speed Calling
Network Speed Call
Network Systems Corporationration
Non-Standard Facilities Command
Number Services Code
Number Service Code
Network Services Complex
Network Services Divisionsion
Network Systems Division
Network Systems Divisionsion
Network and Services Data Base
Night Service Directory Number
Non-Signaling Data Protocol
Network Switching Element
Nortel Standard English
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Network Switching Education and Training
Norges StandardiseringsForbund
Network Systems Generic Requirements
Network Surveillance Interface
Not In Service For Incoming Call
Norsk Standard Krypto
Net Switching Loss
Network Speech Link
Number of Signaling Links
Narrowband Subscriber Line Terminal
Netscape Server Manager
NetWare Services Manager
Network Services Management
Network Service Module for ISDN
National Significant Number
Network Switch Number
National Standards Organization
Notification Subscription Option
National Signaling Point
Network Service Point
Network Service Participant
New Services Prototyping
Not Sent-Paid
National Sound-Program Center
Network Systems Release
Network Services System
Network Simulation System
Network Statistics System
National Standard System
Network Services Software
Network Service Solutions
Network Subscriber Service
Nodal Switching Subsystem
Non-Standard Set-up
Network Services and Software Applications
Network Services Surveillance Center
NSS Carrier Dial Tone
Network Support Systems Division
Network Support Systems Divisionsion
Network Security Standards Oversight Group
Non-Standard Telephone Number
Network Services Test System
Network-Terminating Equipment
Network Tailoring
Network Testing
Non Transparent
Nortel Networks
Network Termination- Type 1
Network Termination- Type 2
Network Termination- Type 1
Network Termination- Type 2
Network Termination 1 Broadband
Network Terminal Adapter
NT1 Power Status Change
National Telecommunications Alliance
Network Termination Analog
Network Transport Address
Narrowband TACS
Windows NT Advanced Server
New Technology Building
Network Termination Basic Access
Null-Terminated Byte String
National Telesystems Conference
National Television Center
NEAT Test Centre
Network Terminating Circuit
New Table Control
National Telecommunication Cooperative Association
Network Technology Development
Network Toll Denied
Network Tone Detector
Network Topological Design
Network Terminal Emulator
Network Test Environment
Network Transport Element
Windows NT-Embedded
Northern Telecom Federal Systems
Network Transformation Group
Noise Transmission Impairment
Network Termination Maintenance
Network Tone Module
Network Traffic Management Forum
NT1 Test Mode
Null-Terminated Multibyte String
NT Meridian Feature Transparency
Network Traffic Management Operations System
Network Tone Module Service Supervisor
National Telecommunications Network
Network Terminating Number
Northern Telecom North American Primary Rate Interface
Northern Telecom Object Center
National Transparent Optical Network
National Transparent Optical Network Consortium
Network Trouble Patterning
Normal Transmitted Power
Northern Telecom Practice
National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
Norwegian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission
New Technical Regulations Approval Committee
New Technology Remote Access Services
NetWare Telephony Services
Network and Telecommunication Services
Network Time Synchronization
Nodal Timing Supply
Non-Traffic Sensitive
Novell Telephony Services
National Technical Supply Center
Network Test System Controller
North american Television Standards Committee
Northern Telecom Signature
No Test Trunk
Network Terminating and Testing Apparatus
Network trunk transmission measurement plan
Network Test and Termination Point
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporationration
NT Bellcore TR-Compliant Functional
National Technological University
National Technological Universityrsity
NEAT Test Unit
Network Test Vehicle
Null-Terminated Wide-Character String
Nailed Up
Number Unavailable
Number Unobtainable
Number Unavailable/Number Private
Network User Group
Network Utility Box
Nailed Up Connection
Non-Upward Compatible
Network User Interface
Network User Identity
NTELPAC User Identification
Nodal User Interface
Notebook User Interface
NUI AP Address
NUI Backup PQH Address
Network User Identification Override Permission
NUI Primary PQH Address
NUI Selection on Call Acceptance
NUI Supplemental User Identification Acceptance
NUI TO Time Interval
NUI T1 Interval Timer
NUI TA Time Interval
NUI Valid Card Issuer Codes
Number of Calls Allowed
Nailed Up
Network Unification Project
Nailed Up B Channels
Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Number Search
Number Unobtainable Tone
Non-Usage Trunk Scan
Network Voice Activated Services
Network Virtual File System
Name-Value Pair
Non Volatile Storage
Not Write-Through
Native Window Control
Network Layer
Network Management
National Weights and Measurements Laboratory
Nationwide Wireless Network
Novell Web Server
NetWare for SAA
National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway
Network Technology
Network Technologies
New World Telecommunications
Norstar, Wireless and Terminals
Nortel World Trade
Number Exchange Identification
Optical Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexing
Operation, Administration and Maintenance Centre
Optical Code Divisionsion Multiplexing
Optical Divisionrse Protection
Optical Frequency Divisionsion Multiplexing
Orthogonal Frequency-Divisionsion Multiple Access
Organisation internationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision
Operations, Maintenance and Administration Protocol
Operator Service Center
Office Shortcut Bar
Optical Switch Board
Output Signal Balance
Operator Services Basic Call Model
Object Server Connectivity
Operator Services Client
Operator Service Call
Operator Services Complex
Open Systems Cabling Architecture
Operations System Computing Architecture
Orbit Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
Open Service Control Interface
Optical Scanning Device
OSI Session Driver
On-Site Data Evolution
Operations Systems Demonstration Tools
Offset Field
Operations Systems Functions
Operation System Functions
OS' Functional Block
Open Switching Interval
OSI Application Layer Structure
Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model
Open Systems Interconnection-Transaction Protocol
Open Systems Interconnection/Network Management Forum
Operation System Impact Analysis
OSI Architecture
OSI Management Information System
OSI Management Information Service
OSI Network Layer Control Protocol
Open Systems Interconnection Technical and Office Protocol
OSI Technology and Office Protocols
Operations Service Logic Program
On Site Message
Organization Structure Manager
Originating State Machine
OS-Specific Module
Operations System Modifications for the Integration of Network Elements
Observational Standard Number
Operating System Nucleus
Operations System Network
Open Service Network Architecture
Operating System Nucleus Language
Operator Services Node-Maintenance
Open Systems Network Support
Originating Screening Office
Open Services Platform
Open Signal Processor
Originating Service Provider
Other Service Provider
OSPF Version 1
Object-oriented Structured Query Language
OEM Service Release 1
OEM Service Release 2
Operator Services Record
Operation Subsystem
Operator Services Switch
Operator Service Signaling
Operator Services Steering Committee